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Title: STAR Newspaper
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Publisher: Alberto Orlando August
Place of Publication: Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize
Publication Date: February 24, 2009
Copyright Date: 2008
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February 16, 2009:
It was over two years ago, on
December 8, 2006 when a 12
member jury of his peers,
unanimously found him guilty of
murder and today, in a retrial, after
withdrawing the jury from the case,
and directing them to bring a not
guilty verdict, the new trial judge,
Justice Herbert Lord, told the
previously convicted murderer,
Dionicio "Life" Salazar Jr., that
he was free to go.

The Sudden
District, Saturday, February 21,
It is with profound sadness that
we record the passing of Kenneth
George "Kenny" Gibbs, 58, of
San Ignacio, Cayo, who passed
away suddenly in Corozal Town on
Monday, February 16, 2009
whilst on a business trip in that
northernmost municipality.
A relative of the deceased
informed that Kenny Gibbs left his
home on Blue Hole Street in the
Cahal Pech Area, San Ignacio
shortly after 5:00 am for the trip to
Corozal Town along with his
son-in-law, Fernando, to pick up a
vehicle for his daughter.
It was shortly after 2:00 p.m.
that evening when he called his
wife informing her that he was
getting ready to leave Corozal
Town on his way back home.
The relative informed that he was
getting into the vehicle to drive

It was four years and seven
months ago, during the afternoon
hours on June 28, 2004 when
Rodney Richard August, 22, the
eldest son of the Publisher of this
newspaper, and Janelle
Longsworth were sitting on
the San Ignacio bank of the
Macal River, when a lone man,
brandishing a machete sneaked up
from behind out of nearby bushes,
and with a single swing of the
machete chopped Rodney in the
back almost cutting him in half. He

Passing Of
back to San Ignacio,
when he reportedly
called out to
Fernando informing
him that he was
getting numb. Since
he is known to
be always joking,
at first Fernando
did not take
it seriously but
this soon changed
when Kenny Gibbs
collapsed to the
ground. He was
rushed to the _
Corozal hospital
and passed away
at 3:45 p.m.
whilst undergoing
emergency medical
treatment. Kennet
The relative SUN]
informed that at the SUNI
time of his passing,
he was on a strict diet as advised

held the machete to the girl's neck
and told her that if she ever squeals
on him, he would kill her.
Rodney passed away 8 hours
later whilst undergoing emergency
medical treatment at the Western
Regional Hospital in Belmopan but
not before, in a dying declaration,
separately telling a Justice of the
Peace, his mother and the police
that, "Life" was the person who
chopped him.
During the investigation,
statements were recorded from the

Kenny Gibbs

h George "Kenny" Gibbs, 58
RISE: December 31, 1950
ISET: February 16, 2009

Dionicio "Life" Salazar Jr.
eyewitness, Janelle Longsworth,
the Justice of the Peace, the mother
and the police. Three days after
the incident, on July 1, 2004,
an identification parade was
conducted at the Queen Street
Police Station in Belize City where
the eyewitness positively identified
Dionicio Salazar Jr., from among
eight others, as the person with the
machete who held it to her throat
and threatened to kill her if ever she
squealed on him. The case
file shows an immaculate
identification parade conducted by
then Inspector Oscar Puga.
When the case first went to
trial in November 2006, the
prosecutor did not tender the
police identification parade into
evidence but instead relied on a
dock identification of the accused
by the eyewitness. The dock
identification was admitted into
evidence but not before the learned
trial Judge, Justice Adolph Lucas,
advised the jury of the weakness of
this form of identification as
opposed to the police identification
parade where the accused is placed

mI-la --n ,o--geI1PlaeinmPg-5 --1

anta Elena


Now Open

S8 088 4 8 7
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I 1

A Very Bitter Taste In My Mouth
BY: Janel August, Student, San Francisco, USA
There comes a time in life when you look around and realize that
the picture painted, the facade put up, is just that a deflector to
curb the flow of how things ought to be rather than the way they
The scales of justice are supposed to be fair, equal, unbiased, and
free of corruption. If tipped in one direction, it fails to be balanced
and becomes a mere curtain, covering greed, self-centeredness,
malpractices and maybe even corruption.
Things are never as bad as they seem until the tide turns, and your
ship becomes the one being tossed back and forth by the rough
winds of injustice.
I was raised to believe that when someone does you wrong, you
put it in the hands of the law. If someone steals your car, you file a
report and let the law handle it. Do it any other way and vigilante
justice steps in. Justice should never be construed as a payback or
revenge; otherwise, it fails to live up to its true intentions and
Over four and a half years ago, on June 28th, 2004, my brother
Rodney Richard August, a young resident of Santa Elena Town
was killed when he was chopped almost in half as he was attacked
from behind by a coward who an eyewitness identified as "Life".
On December 8th, 2006, ironically on what should have been
Rodney's 24t birthday, the coward was found guilty, beyond all
reasonable doubt, of the heinous crime by a 12 member jury of his
peers and was sentenced to spend the rest of natural life in jail.
To the family who lost a loved one at the hands of a coward, this
seemed as fair a justice as can be expected. The law of the land
prevailed. The monster that decided he couldn't coexist with Rodney
was handed a punishment fit for the crime.
Under the laws of Belize, every citizen is given the right to an
appeal to which "Life" was no exception. In 2008, the defense
attorney filed an appeal and the court ordered a retrial.
During the period of the conviction and the appeal, situation
changed and the sole eyewitness, a female, now sits inside a jail in
Guatemala on a drug charge. She was ready and willing to take the
witness stand for a second time. The Guatemalan authorities
refused the request to have her transferred to Belize for the day or
two to testify in the retrial. Notwithstanding, her statements were
allowed to be read into evidence and it again points to one
perpetrator, "Life".
On February 16t 2009, the victims's family, and indeed the
close knitted community is slapped with the news that, in his
wisdom the trial judge, not a jury of his peers, sets this once
convicted murderer free. And what is his reason for setting this
person free, because he says, in the deposition the eyewitness failed
to link "Life" to the accused, although the evidence shows that
when he was placed in a police identification parade along with 8
persons of his choosing, the eyewitness in an instant positively
pointed him out from the police line up.
In his individual wisdom however, the trial judge came to the
determination that the eyewitness failed to make the connection
between "Life" and the accused. And with the single stroke of the
Judge's pen, a once convicted murderer was set free after serving a
measly four and a half years for depriving a young person of his
God given right to life.
Let me put myself in this man's shoes for a second. Here I am, a
previously convicted murderer, facing a life term in prison. I am
sitting in court, I hear my defense attorney going to great extremes
to strip me of the identity I grew up with while I sit in court with
these exact identifying words branded for life on my neck and on
my arm. I am known on the streets and in the hood as "Life" and
here is this man trying to take away my identity. To heck with that I
say, I do not care I say because if he succeeds in convincing the
judge that I am not "Life" then I will get a new lease on "Life'.
A tattoo is a distinguishing mark. The bearer is branded for life of
his own accord. That which is voluntarily etched into his skin is


e~e>-727 / oe>2-2e>

For Sale
188 ac / 1500ft River
800usd per acre

Long Term Rental
3br home
San Ignacio
Cahal Pech Area

what he believes in and what he claims. Bikers tattoo the name of
their cliques to identify them. Gangs use tattoos as a territorial mark
that divides, unites and distinguishes them. Wouldn't a tattoo
bearing the word "Life" be reason enough to establish the
As Dionicio Salazar Jr. a.k.a. "Life" sat in that courtroom,
looking down at his forearm at the very word "Life" etched deep
into his skin, his mind probably raced. Doesn't this support the fact
that "Life" and the accused are one and the same? It is amazing
how one can be who and what one wants to be when it is
convenient. On the streets they know me as "Life", but in a
courtroom, I bear no knowledge of who this "Life" could possibly
be. As he continues wearing this mark, he must realize that he is
doing so in shame as he has allowed total separation from it.
I am just a twenty two year old college student and sister of
the deceased. I am looking at questionable justice being served on
my still grieving family at loss of a loved one.
On February 16th, 2009 "Life's" defense attorney made a no
case submission on his behalf and the trial judge ruled that based
on defense's submission, the once, jury convicted, murderer had no
case to answer. The star witness was absent from the retrial as she is
held in Guatemala on an unrelated charge. According to her
evidence in the 2004 trail, she placed the accused on the scene of
the crime holding the machete and she knew him as life. In his
dying declaration, Rodney told a Justice of the Peace, his mother
and the police that "Life" was the one who chopped him.
In the police identification parade and on the dock inside the
courtroom, the eyewitness pointed him out as the person who crept
up from behind and fatally chopped Rodney Richard August across
the back as he sat with her in a secluded area on the banks of the
Macal River in San Ignacio Town on that June 28t 2004 afternoon.
With his identity successfully stripped, by his defense attorney, at
least in the eyes of the learned trial judge, what is Dionicio "Life"
Salazar Jr. now going to be? Perhaps "After Life", "Another Life"
"Pitiful Life"? Certainly not "No Life"because that one was forced
onto Rodney. I now await this coward's new alias.
Quite frankly, I never thought I would see the day when I fear
raising a family in Belize the land of my birth that supposed
"Beautiful Jewel Of Ours".
I fear for my yet unborn children walking the streets where
convicted murderers get off in these flippant ways.
I fear leaving my home knowing that the very person, hands
stained with someone else's blood, drenched in his own misery and
cowardly stripped of his alias, roams freely.
What messages are we sending to the citizens of Belize? The
"Life" of a fellow human being is worthless Take the law into
your hands By pass the justice system, use your machets and your
guns to settle differences Justice is best served when you take "an
eye for an eye" Kill and get off free by claiming you are not whom
they claim you are?
Has the Belizean life become so insignificant that our judicial
system fails to protect it? Maybe we should resort to living like
savages, in a Darwinian world. While I refuse to buy into the notion
that lady justice is peeping from behind her blindfold, this personal
brush with the system certainly leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth.

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Sunday Night Shooting In Santa Elena

District, Sunday, February 22,
The information reaching us is
still sketchy but police are tonight
reporting a shooting incident at the
intersection of Carmen Street and
Carillo Puerto Avenue in Santa
Elena Town, Cayo.
Reports indicate that it was
exactly 8:50 pm on Sunday night,
February 22, 2009 when they
received the report of the firing of
gunshots in the area.
Within five minutes of the report,
members of the Police Quick
Response Team were on the scene
followed shortly thereafter by the
regular elements on duty.
Upon arrival the police came
upon an injured man on the ground
near a drain on the side of the street.
He was placed in the police vehicle
and rushed across the wooden
bridge to the San Ignacio Town
Hospital where he was identified
as Osberto Alcaraz, 20, Belizean
unemployed, residing at #3
Teacher's Lane, Santa Elena -just
up the street from where the
shooting occurred.
The victim was found with what

appeared to be a gunshot wound to
the upper portion of the right thigh
with an exit wound on the other
side, between the legs. There were
also signs of a graze in the same
When his pants were removed in
the emergency room, the lead from
two bullets fell to the floor. One of
the lead was found to be smashed
while the other was almost intact
thereby leading police to suspect
that the smashed lead was the one
that penetrated the victim while
other could have been the one that
grazed him.
Despite a thorough search of the
crime scene, police did not find a
single expended shell which, when
combined with the lead that fell
from the victim's pants at the
hospital, is leading investigators to
suspect that the shots were fired
from a 38 revolver being the kind
of firearm that retains expended
casings in the chamber.
From the San Ignacio Hospital the
victim was transferred to La Loma
Luz hospital for x-ray but, upon
arrival, the medical personnel were
informed that the x-ray machine at
the Loma Luz Hospital was not

working and so the ambulance
continued on to the Western
Regional Hospital in Belmopan.
While the victim is reportedly
not fully cooperating with the
police during the preliminary
investigation, the reports indicate
that a lone gunman came riding a
bicycle up Carillo Puerto Avenue
from the direction of George
Price Avenue heading towards the
Western Highway and upon reach-
ing near the midway point, in the

area where Carmen Street crosses
Carillo Puerto Avenue, he came
upon three young men hanging out
at the intersection.
While the police are saying that
the gunman was unmasked, another
report indicates that the gunman's
face was covered by a red rag and
the hood of his jacket was pulled
over his head.
The gunman reportedly rode up
to the boys and pulled out a gun

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prodauIs nde ~crua8
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Thorsten Kahl 9

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Ten Mac Laptops For St. Barnabas

BY: Candace Willacey,
Marketing Officer Galen
University, Central Farm, Cayo,
Wednesday, February 18, 2009:
Galen University (GU) students
presented 10 Mac Laptop
computers and two routers to St.
Barnabas Anglican Primary School
in Central Farm, Cayo.
The generous donation was made
during a brief 4:30 pm. ceremony
at the school on Tuesday,
February 17.
The equipment will be used for
the setting up of a wireless
computer lab.
The Applications of Sustainable
Development course at Galen
University has a service learning
component. Groups of students
in this course develop a
community project and, in this
instance, this was one of their
The main goal of the four
students currently working on this

Mrs. Joyce Shaw, the principal
of St. Barnabas Anglican Primary
School, commented: "We are
grateful for such a donation. I
know my teachers will utilize these
laptops to the fullest and whatever
is being taught to them will be
passed down to the students ofSt.
Barnabas Primary School."
Galen University is a community
oriented university which strives to
promote sustainable development.

Photo left right: Dylan Gart, International Student; Raul
Martinez, GU Undergraduate Student; Inar Cayetano, GU
Undergraduate Student; Mrs. Joyce Shaw, Principal St Barnabas
Anglican Primary School; and Georgia Middleton,
GU Undergraduate Student

project is to educate the primary
school teachers, who have virtually
no experience with computers, on

Rotaract Says Thank You
Dear Ms. Elly Ruge, your kind donation of BZ $1,040
On behalf of the Rotaract Club to our Flood Relief Efforts.
of San Ignacio (District 4250), I We received the money through
wish to express our gratitude for Mr. John Acott, Rotarian from our

basic computer skills that they can
in turn use for their work and then
pass along to the children in their

To Elly Ruge
sponsoring Rotary Club.
In October and November,
following the devastating floods in
our country, our club executed
several Flood Relief projects.
Among those was one executed in
the Calla Creek Village in the Cayo
District one of the villages in
Belize most affected by the flood.
Through a clothes and food drive,
and sponsorship from 2 Rotary
Clubs in Belize our club distributed
a total of 56 family hampers
containing basic necessities such as
corn flour, beans, rice, canned food,
toilet paper, soap, mosquito
repellent and clothes including
sheets and blankets to the neediest
families in Calla Creek village.
With this additional money, we
will be able to help more people
who, due to the floods, have had a

difficult time in restoring their day
to day life back to normalcy.
Once the project is executed,
which we hope will be possible
this month, we will be sending you
a report and photographs.
Attached please find a small token
of our appreciation.
Thank you again.
Yours in Rotaract,
Emogene Habet
President (2008 2009)
Rotaract Club of San Ignacio
District 4250

An Open Invitation To Attend The Public

Forum On Guatemala's Claim To Belize

BY: Stephen Duncan
Methodist Menls Commission
BELIZE CITY, Wednesday,
February 18, 2009:
The Methodist Church Men's
Commission is organizing a
public forum on the Guatemalan
claim to Belize and the impending
The Commission is seeking to
pass on as much knowledge of the
topic to the general public in the
event that a referendum is held.
The Commission is therefore
extending an open invitation to
everyone to attend the forum which
will be held on Sunday, February

22, 2009 at Wesley Church on
Albert Street in Belize City,
commencing at 2:00 p.m.
There will be presentations from
a distinguished panel of Belizeans
including Ambassadors Fred
Martinez, Lisa Shoman, Eamon
Courtenay and James Murphy
as well as a presentation by the
Minister of Foreign Affairs and
Foreign Trade, the Honourable
Wilfred Elrington.
The forum will also include a
question and answer session.
Facilitator for the event will be
Mrs. Brenda Armstrong, Principal
of Westley Methodist College.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 5

The People Of Bradley's Bank Says Thank
You To Agriculture Minister Rene Montero

Lawyer Takes The Goods

Carlson was charged with
stealing a Mercedes Benz and with
a crafty lawyer defending him,
the judge acquitted him.
Later that day Carlson came back
to the judge who had presided at
the hearing.
"Your honour," he said, "I
wanna get out a warrant for that
A Sure Indicator Of
Mr. Thompson and Mr. Chuc
were sitting on a bench in the
Columbus Park when Mr.
Thompson striked up a
"It looks like a very heavy
north breeze is blowing down
because it was very cold this

dirty lawyer of mine."
"Why ?" asked the judge. "He
won the case for you. Why do you
now want to have him arrested? "
"Well, your honour," replied
Carlson, "I didn't have the money
to pay his fee, so he went to my
house and took the Mercedes
Benz I stole."
The Cold Weather
morning." says Mr. Thompson.
"How cold was it?" asked Mr.
"I do not know. All I know that
it was unusually cold because this
morning I saw a lawyer walking
down the street with his hands in
his own pockets."

Only The PUP Benefits
The PUP was having the surprised when th
launching of its manifesto bash at him back a dollar
the Macal River Park. "We are out of I
A man steps up to the bar and
orders a beer. "That will be two
dollars," says the bartender.
"Two dollars!" the customer
protests, "but at these policical
functions you usually sell Dalla
"Well," replies the bartender,
"it's a Dalla for the beer and a
Dalla for the PUP."
Reluctantly, the man gives the
bartender the two dollars, and is
The Wrong Patient
Mr. Castillo goes into a drugstore
on Burns Avenue in San Ignacio
Town and asks the pharmacist if he
can give him something for the
The pharmacist promptly reaches
over the counter and slaps Mr. '
Castillo in the face. iC
"What did you do that for?"
asks Mr. Castillo.
"Well, you don't have the
hiccups anymore, do you?" asks
the pharmacist.
After shaking off the slap Mr.
Castillo says, "No, but my wife
out in the car still does!"


24 Hour Tow Service

e bartender gives
change and says,


Submitted By: Orlando Pulido,
Santa Elena, Cayo

To Mr. Rene Montero
Minister of Agriculture and
Fisheries, Area Representative
of the Cayo Central Division
Dear Sir;
We the, the undersigned
residents of Bradley's Bank,
located behind the Novelos
Convention Centre in Santa Elena
A LJL ;1--e-

A~cy"<^-^ C r OL- iif
.-........ .

(A f/>^f )/
OA vJ' ro.^

Town, Cayo, would like to thank
you for the expansion of water
services in our area.
This milestone development will
bring great health benefits to our
We would appreciate if
electricity is also extended to
Bradley's Bank.
We thank you in advance for your
efforts in bringing energy to our
fk: -iyJ -f^^


__ _ __ _ d .

o meb y /14 to 4...

hlk for 14 minvts Ii an d

ill OHl ib to Telemedia & igEIllI numben

for that day ar


13 1 1c: I

Page 6 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Tuesday, February 22, 2009

"BNE Goes 1
CHANNEL 7, Belize City,
Monday, February 16, 2009:
In its TV newscast for Monday,
February 16, 2009, Tropical Vision,
Channel 7 reported on the
scheduled court appearance of
officials from the Belize Natural
Energy (BNE) Ltd. to answer a
charge in connection with the
alleged non-reporting of a minor
oil spill that took place on the
company's Iguana Creek Road
compound near the Mennonite
community of Spanish Lookout,
in the Cayo District

BNE Respond
Tuesday, February 17, 2009:
In response to Channel 7's
Newscast (above), Belize Natural
Energy (BNE) limited, this
morning, fired off the following
press release:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009:
"BNE's unwavering commitment
to its environmental and safety
responsibilities is soundly
demonstrated in its achievements
in not only operational matters
but also capacity building and
training. BNE has never tried
to "get over" anyone as this
would be irresponsible and

ro Court", says Channel 7

There was once a time when it
was widely felt that, as Belize's
only oil producer and a main
revenue source for government,
Belize Natural Energy could
"get over" on the Department of
the Environment (DOE).
Things have changed in
Belmopan and a sure sign of that
will come tomorrow when BNE is
made to appear in San Ignacio
Magistrate's Court chargedfor an
environmental offence.
It's not a major offence: the non

s To Channel
On 4th of February 2009, a
minor spill of an estimated 5 to 7
barrels of crude oil occurred
within the compound of Belize
Natural Energy's handling and
storage facility in Iguana Creek,
Cayo District.
BNE trained personnel
responded immediately to contain
the spill and implement proven
cleanup procedures to minimize
any adverse impact on the
surrounding environment.
The cleanup and restoration
was successfully concluded with
monitoring by the Department
of the Environment and the
Petroleum Department.

reporting of an oil spill... but it is
significant that it has gotten to
this stage without executive
intercession that's probably a
On February 12th the DOE
presented a summons for BNE to
appear Court.
According to our reports, the
spill happened in the first week of
February, when what the Depart-
ment of the Environment
estimates was 10 barrels of oil
spilled into a creek within BNE's
compound in the Iguana Creek

7's News Item
BNE has invested tremendous
amounts of resources in the
training and equipping of
personnel for the prevention of
spills, and for effective response
when spills do occur.
BNE has assisted the DOE in
incidents that were unrelated to
BNE's operations and worked
with the DOE in workshops such
as the recently held Spill Response
Workshop in which we provided
equipment and supplies.
BNE, under the
Environmental Compliance Plan
(ECP) signed with the Department
of the Environment (DOE), is
required to report all spills and
provide a written report on the
incident to the DOE within 72
BNE has carried through on
these reporting requirements on
all "Energy for Life" prior
incidents. A report on the spill
referred to by Channel 7 was
provided to the DOE in the
specified time.
The biggest weakness in the
reporting requirements which this
recent incident has highlighted
and which BNE and the DOE will
have to immediately address is the
matter of clear 24/7 access to a
reporting mechanism within the

According to Chief Environ-
mental Officer Martin Alegria,
the main concern is that the oil
could drain off into the Iguana
Creek proper which is a tributary
of the Belize River. He claims
that BNE did not report it to his
office and when DOE got there,
BNE staffers had already taken
measures to mop it up.
BNE has highly specialized
equipment to conduct oil spill
cleanups. Still, it's the law and the
requirements of their compliance
plan that it be reported to the
department. And they've been
using it because according to
Alegria, this is the third oil spill
since November.
The charge was read by
Magistrate Kathlene Lewis in
the presence of BNE's legal
representative and the matter was
adjourned for Tuesday, March 10,

54 Burns Avenue,
San Ignacio, Cayo
PHONE: 824-2572 or 824-3494
FAX: 824-3240

S n gnacit. Ulirn


"From Construction Start To Finish"

DOE along the lines of a manned
911 call.
At this time, the Department of
Environment has no reporting
system in place (i.e no hotline or
direct line for this purpose).

Boy Marries Dog To Ward Off Tiger Attacks

By Jatindra Dash
BHUBANESWAR, India (Reuters)
An infant boy was married off to his
neighbors' dog in eastern India by
villagers, who said it will stop the
groom from being killed by wild
animals, officials and witnesses said
on Wednesday.
Around 150 tribespeople performed
the ritual recently in a hamlet in the
state of Orissa's Jajpur district after
the boy, who is under two years old,
grew a tooth on his upper gum.
The Munda tribe see such a growth
in young children as a bad omen and
believe it makes them prone to attacks
by tigers and other animals. The tribal
god will bless the child and ward off
evil spirits after the marriage.
"We performed the marriage
because it will overcome any curse
that might fall on the child as well

on us," the boy's father, Sanarumala
Munda, was quoted as saying by a
local newspaper.
The groom, Sagula, was carried by
his family in a procession to the
village temple, where a priest
solemnized the marriage between
Sagula and his bride, Jyoti, by
chanting Sanskrit hymns, a witness said.
The dog belongs to the groom's
neighbors and was set free to roam
around the area after the ceremony. No
dowry was exchanged, the witness
said, and the boy will still be able to
marry a human bride in the future
without filing for divorce.
Indian law does not recognize
weddings between people and
animals, but the ritual survives in
rural and tribal areas of the country.
(Editing by Matthias Williams, Leslie


Tel:- 824-3108 666-3356
email:- maxheadquarters@btl.net

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21. Replace broken flex 30. We buy, sell, trade, unlock,
22. Replace ringer repair and activate cell phones.

Maximum Satisfaction

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 7

Dear Editor
I would like some space in your
much informational newspaper to
share my views and comments
on an article appearing in the
February 15, 2009 edition of your
newspaper under the heading
"Sacred Heart Junior College
School Support Program "
I have personally been involved
in this program and it is with great
pleasure that I applaud the students
who with great effort always "put
a smile on children's face".
I know Sacred Heart Junior
College students who have been
involved in the program from the
beginning and are always working
to make every fund raiser a great
I can recall waking up at 5 a.m to
prepare for a "market day" or a
bake sale, or asking for a dollar on
Saturdays up until 2:00 pm to raise
the money needed to make the so
long awaited trip to visit children
at the much needed rural schools.
Planning fundraising events
were always fun, as the ideas these
students bring to make the efforts
a success were always with high
expectations, and were always met!

The program is very dear to me,
and the students who are in the
program are always keeping me
updated with the program's
The experience of being a part of
the program is ever gratifying.The
smiles on children's face when they
receive the gifts make the members
work endlessly and with vigor to
fund raise.
The teachers who guide these
students to make the program a
success are hard at work trying to
get students together for meetings
to making the SSP help more
The program wouldn't be a
success without the business
sector. Students send letters to the
business community and the
response is always good. The
philosophy of the program,
"helping to educate our children "
is always welcomed by the
local businesses community.
I would like to express my
sincere gratitude to the following
people who make SSP the great
sucess that it is:
Marin Mendez, Mrs. Natalie

Williams, Mr. Keith Westbly,
Ms. Jan Throwsmith,
STUDENTS: Judy Vasquez,
Hugo Salazar, Delsie Pinelo,
Molly Paggett, and all the rest of
Principal Tun Is A
Dear Editor
I read with much interest the
Michael Hyde article on the
expulsion of his son in last week's
edition of the STAR Newspaper.
There are many things that
Mr. Hyde failed to bring to the
attention of your newspaper and
what he recounted to you is only
selected clips of that particular
I guess that he has good reasons
why he might not want STAR
readers to get the full story.
One of the persons who can shed
more light on the saga is Principal
Francisco Tun himself but this
might never be because Mr. Tun is
guided by the principles and rules

Please mark the date on your
calendar. It's the Winsom
Foundation Festival of Lights
to be held under the theme "KEEP
The event takes place on
Saturday, April 25, 2009.
For more information we invite

the students, present and past who
have made the SSP a great success.
You all have made me proud!
Thanks very much.
lan Segura
Reasonable Man
governing disclosure to the media.
I would also like to bring some of
this information to the forefront
but as a policeman, I too am
restricted by the rules governing
the department.
All I will confine myself in
saying is that Principal Tun is a
reasonable man and I trust that
he will do what is in the best
interest of maintaining discipline
and security at Mopan Technical
High School while also taking
into consideration the interest of
Mr. Hyde's son as well as those
of the students and staff at his
Please Do Not Publish My Name
Benque Viejo Town.

you to visit our website at
www. winsomfoundation. com.
We also ask you to kindly tell your
friends about the Festival. Tell all
your friends living in Belize as well
as those from abroad who might be
visiting around the time.
Thank You Winsom Foundation

THE BELIZE TOURISM BOARD has an opening for an experienced INTERNAL AUDIT MANAGER.
The successful candidate will be responsible for the design and implementation of an organizational internal audit strategy to cover the different
departments of the Board by obtaining an understanding of and documenting key business processes and internal controls and providing reports and risk
analyses of the functions carried out at the various work levels on a monthly basis.

The Auditor will work independently but closely with management to provide risk-based operational, financial and compliance reviews and appraisals of
the effectiveness of the policies, procedures and standards by which the resources of the various companies are being managed.

Duties: The Auditor will:-
To work with Board of Directors and management to ensure a system is in place which ensures that all major risks of the Board are Identified and
analyzed, on an annual basis.
To plan, organize and carry out the Internal audit function including the preparation of an audit plan which fulfils the responsibility of the department,
scheduling and assigning work and estimating resource needs.
To report to the Board on the policies, programs and activities of the department
To coordinate coverage with the external auditors and ensure that each party is aware of the other's work and also well briefed on areas of concern.
To make recommendations on the systems and procedures being reviewed, report on the findings and recommendations and monitor management's
response and implementation.
To review and report on the accuracy, timeless and relevance of the financial and other information that is provided for management.
To conduct any reviews or tasks requested by Board of Directors, provided that such reviews and task do not compromise the independence or
objectivity of the internal audit function.
To provide the Board of Directors with an opinion on the internal controls in the Board.
To support the development and maintenance of governance and risk management processes.
To challenge the Board's assessment of risk and the controls in place to manage the identified risks.
To evaluate and test the effectiveness of controls in place to manage the identified risks.

Minimum Bachelor's degree in Accounting and 4- 6 years experience in Auditing / Accounting
Detailed knowledge of business, financial operations, internal accounting and management controls, and audit processes
Knowledge of audit procedures, including planning, techniques, test and sampling methods involved in conducting audits
Knowledge of spreadsheet, word processing, business and accounting software
Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with all levels of management and staff
The ability to work with minimal supervision

Negotiable based on experience and qualification

CLOING DATE: March 6 t 2009

Interested person are asked to submit resume and salary requirements to:

You all have made me proud!

Winsom Foundation Festival OfLights




Page 8 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Tuesday, February 22, 2009

Jfter Many Years Of Negk ct

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 9

The Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez And The
Ministry Of Works Stepping Up To TheChallenge
The Ministry Of Works -
Turning Possiilities into reality

Minister of Works
Delivering The Goods And Services ni.t, oforks
Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez
The Government of Belize allocated the sum of 2.3 million Belize dollars for the
rehabilitation of some 9,900 feet of the Northern Highway, which was severely affected by
Tropical Depression #16, late last year.


The Ministry of Works is rehabilitating some 9,900 feet of the Northern Highway from
Chetumal Street located at Miles 2.2 to miles 4.6 on the Northern Highway. This includes
resurfacing, drainage and culverts along the highway.
Work on this project has commenced and is expected to be completed by the end of March,
long before the rainy season.
In the interim the cooperation and patience of the public is being sought as the Ministry of
Works improves this portion of the highway.

r 9,4


Slive Weeks In The US For Student Leaders

U.S. Embassy, Belmopan, Fri-
day, February 20, 2009:
A media release from the U.S.
Embassy in Belmopan today
informed of the offering of a
Summer Exchange Programs to
Student Leaders.
The release informs that the
Embassy of the United States of
America in Belmopan invites

young Belizeans to apply for a
five-week course from July 11 -
August 15, 2009 at a U.S.
institution to strengthen their
leadership skills, meet with their
American peers, engage in local
community and service activities,
and learn more about the U.S.
The Student Leaders course
offered through the Study of United
States Institutes (SUSI) is open to
student leaders from Belize, Costa
Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala,
Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Twenty students will be selected
from this region to participate in
four weeks of coursework and
classroom activities, one week of
domestic travel, and a 2-3 day
program in Washington, D.C.
The program covers participants'
costs including: international
and domestic travel, ground
transportation, books, cultural
events, mailing and incidental
allowances, housing, and
subsistence allowances.
Participants are expected to be

After Almost 4 Years, The Kriol Council
Will Be Holding It's Annual General Meeting

BY: Myrna Manzanares,
President, National Kriol
BELIZE CITY, Wednesday,
February 18, 2009:
The National Kriol Council is
conducting its Annual General
Meeting at the House of Culture
on Saturday February 28th
commencing at 10:30 a.m.
The Council last held a General
Meeting in 2005, and it is expected
that hereafter, the General
Meetings, held every two years,
will proceed as such.
Over the past few months, the

Kriol Council has been on a
membership drive, travelling to
various regions in the country
recruiting members. This has been
done with the kind support of SIF,
(Social Investment Fund). The
business of the General Meeting is
to receive and adopt the report of
the executive, to receive and adopt
the financial report, to select
officers to the executive and to
transact other business as may be
Kriol committees from the
various districts are submitting
nominations for the executive

posts, and nominations are being
accepted from interested persons.
This can be done in writing via
email to kriolk@yahoo.com or
dropped off at the Council's office
at the House of Culture on Regent
Street in Belize City, between the
hours of 9 am to 2 pm workdays,
or on the day of the meeting itself.
All Kriol Council members,
supporters and interested Belizeans
are invited to attend this year's
General Meeting.
Buses will be leaving from the
different districts and the Belize
River Valley.
Schedules of the times of
departure will be announced closer
to the date of the meeting.
For more information, interested
persons can contact the
Administrative Secretary Jamelia
at 602-5282 or the Council's
President Myrna Manzanares at
Since the last General meeting,
the Kriol Council has been active
in promoting the rich Kriol
language and culture, with
highlights being the publication of
a grammar book in 2005, the
Kriol-English dictionary in 2007,
a Traditional Games book also in
2007, and two ethno-music
workshops with resulting CDs of
music and Kriol lyrics in 2006 and
2008 respectively.
The Council is also a consistent
resource for Schools and students.
In other related news, the Kriol
Council was the 2006 recipient of
the Belize Tourism Board's
Cultural Tourism award. It has also
embarked on two funded projects
- the membership recruitment
drive with the assistance of the
Social Investment Fund and the
IDB for the preservation of the
Kriol traditional dance, and
brokdong music through the
training of a starter group of
teachers and students in five
upper elementary pilot schools
which is in its preliminary stages.

highly motivated first through third
year undergraduate students who
demonstrate leadership through
academic work, community
involvement, and extracurricular
This Exchange Program is
targeted at students between the
ages of 18 and 25 who have little
or no prior experience outside of
If you are interested in applying,
please fill out an application form
and return it to the U.S. Embassy,
Public Affairs Office, Floral Park
Road, Belmopan by 4:00 p.m.,
Friday, February 27.
The submission of a prescribed
three page application form is re-
quired which can be downloaded
from the Embassy's website at
Student leaders interested in
obtaining more information
about the program can do so
by writing the Embassy at:

Art's Mobile Service
#54 George Price Avenue,
Santa Elena, Cayo
Tel: 804-2659 & 675-6179




Guaranteed Services

We AMS To Please


"The Newspaper that cares and
dares to bring out the truth"
42A Western Highway,
Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America
Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
Tel: 626-8822 or 626- 3788

Why Settle For A Lot When

You Can Get An Acre
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40 feet exIS 5%.30 43.2m
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71.5m 58.8m 108.0m

* Bullet Tree Road

* Open Air With Trees
* Landscaped

* Electricity Next To Road

* Private Driveway

* Beautiful Location

Call: Rod Allen
824-3751 824-2060

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Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Tuesday, February 22, 2009 1

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 11

District, Friday, February 20,
Junior members of the San
Ignacio Humane Society are getting
active as they launched their
activities this week with the
setting up of a fundraising art
program at the San Ignacio Library
for children.
Twelve children from the San
Ignacio/Santa Elena area arrived to
paint t-shirts with themes related to
pets. They painted 22 t-shirts that
will be sold to raise funds for the
work of the humane society.
The t-shirt painting is a way to
raise awareness that stray, abused,
neglected and unhealthy animals
are a community problem that
needs community action to solve.

Many thanks are owed to
Librarian Ms. Terasita Ulloa ,
who offered the use of the San
Ignacio Library for use by Junior
Members. A special thank you is
also extended to Sophie Cohen,
the San Ignacio Humane Society
Vice President who organized the
The San Ignacio Humane
Society (SIHS) is a volunteer-run
organization that is dedicated to im-
proving the welfare of animals and
promoting the humane treatment of
The organization rehabilitates
strays and finds them safe, new
homes, assists owners in getting
treatment for animals with mange
and other health problems and
organizes activities that promote

responsible pet care.
The work of the organization is
carried out by the very few
active members and though the
membership is rising steadily, it is
rising slowly and there is a constant
need for new members from the
Led by Ms. Cohen, the new
junior members have already
proven to be a small, but active and
enterprising group. Jointly they
have helped to rehabilitate a puppy,
Penny, who now has a safe, new

home, off the streets and in a
spacious, fenced yard.
The recent t-shirt painting event
was such a hit with the members
and those that came toj oin the fun,
that they have decided to hold
another one.
Children are welcome to join the
group again on February 28, 2009
at the San Ignacio Library. The
activity is free, fun and for a good
Anyone wishing to become
active in the society should
contact the Vice President, Sophie
Cohen at 672-1011 or email
sihumanesociety@gmail. com.

The Sudden Passing Of Kenny Gibbs

by his doctor and that they began
getting hints of his medical
condition as over the past two
weeks he was often times

incoherent in his speech which
made it difficult for members of his
family to understand what he was
Kenneth George "Kenny"
Gibbs is originally from Belize
City. He lived for several years in
Dangriga before relocating to San
Ignacio Town where, along with his
wife, Joan Ritchie Gibbs and their
children, he began operating the
J&K Bar and Grill on Blue Hole
Street in San Ignacio.
His unique personality made it
hard for anyone to miss his
presence in any gathering making
him a well known person in the
Kenneth George "Kenny"
Gibbs was the only child born to
his parents George Gibbs and Eva
Wade of Belize City both of whom
passed away several years ago.
He is survived by his wife Joan
Ritchie Gibbs; sons, Kenneth
Charles and Kenneth Jr.; he is
also survived by two daughters:
Kendra and Kenberly as well as
several other relatives and many
A memorial mass was held at St.
Andrews Anglican Church, on
Burns Avenue in San Ignacio Town
on Thursday, February 19 at 3:00
In compliance with his wishes,
the family did not hold a big wake.
The body was brought in
from Belize City, on Thursday
evening for a couple hours at the
family home after which the
funeral procession led to the
Immediately after the memorial
mass the body was returned to
Belize City and taken to a remote
location where it was cremated, as
was his wish. The ashes were
returned to the family home in San
We take this opportunity to
express our sincerest sympathies to
Ms. Joan and the family at the
sudden passing of their loved one.
May the soul of Kenneth George
"Kenny" Gibbs rest in eternal




On St. George's Caye, Belize District

The Social Security Board (SSB) hereby informs the general public of its intention to
sell, and invites sealed bids to purchase the following property:


ALL THAT piece or parcel of land demised to the Social Security Board under a
Transfer Certificate of Title dated 6th April, 2000 and recorded in Volume 36 at folio
74. The property is situate at St. George's Caye being Lot Number 18 and known as
Egg Bouy Cottage measuring in width fronting the sea one hundred and twenty-six
feet or thereabouts and at the back thereon one hundred and eight feet or
thereabouts and in dept on the Northerly side adjoining Lot Number 17 now or
formerly in the possession of William Cadle Price two hundred and five feet or
thereabouts and on the Southerly side adjoining Crown land two hundred and fifteen
feet or thereabouts be the said several dimensions little more or less TOGETHER with
all buildings erections and developments standing and being thereon.

ALL offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing addressed to the
General Manager, Investment Services, Social Security Board, P. 0. Box 18,
Belmopan City, from whom full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained.
Potential buyers must submit bids by February 27, 2009. Late bids will not be
accepted. No preference shall be given to any individual or group.

The Social Security Board reserves all rights, including the right to refuse any or all
bid(s) or offer(s), to withdraw the property from the sale at any time before full
payment, and to consider the bid price and currency offered. Acceptance of a bid is
conditional upon full payment. Successful buyer(s) must pay the bid price in full
upon notification by SSB.

DATED the 9th day of February, 2009.

Page 12 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Tuesday, February 22, 2009

I I I I H o rostope &l Nrrmber I

ARIES (March 22 to
April 20)
SNew circumstances
enhance the outgoing
and sociable side of
your personality. You
get an opportunity to
widen your social contacts. This
brings admirers into your orbit and
possible partners to the heart free!
Good fortune forecast on:
Wednesday. Lucky Numbers: 19,
25, 56.
TAURUS (April 21 to May 21)
An old friendship is
about to be renewed
and it may be a
surprise change in
events that throws
you together. Using your initiative
at work gets good results. Good
day for luck: Thursday
Lucky Numbers: 5, 34, 72.

GEMINI (May 22 to June 21)
The Sun hits the top of your chart,
Mercury enters
your travel sector and
you're more con-
fident about making ben-
eficial changes that give
you a wider field of self
expression. Best day for luck:
Friday. Lucky Numbers: 24, 19,

CANCER (June 22 to July 23)
A recent financial
transaction will bring
." results you weren't
"even dreaming of. An
offer of some money
recently applied for,
may come your way sooner than
expected. Lucky day: Sunday.
Lucky Numbers:22, 67, 91.

LEO (July 24 to August 21)
Should you need to
Sask for a favour, this is
the time to do so. If
Someone owes you
money and they seem
to have forgotten about it, bring the

subject up 'tactfully' this week and
they will swiftly cough up!
Fortunate on: Wednesday. Lucky
Numbers: 18, 33, 75.

VIRGO (August 22 to September
Before you can
Achieve anything
special you must
know what you want.
/ This is a good week to
make firm long term
goals. It will be surprising how
swiftly you progress once you
focus on a specific target. Good day
for luck. Monday. Lucky
Numbers: 2, 45, 92.

LIRA (September 22 to
October 23)
A new creative
project is starting to
take up a lot of
your time. You're
discovering a talent
you hadn't previously
acknowledged and when you
realize your ability, all you will
want to do, is develop it. Expect
luck on: Sunday. Lucky Numbers:
7, 38, 49.

SCORPIO (October 24 to
November 21)
U With the Sun moving
S into a lucky area of
your chart, this could
." be a time for romance
--- and merrymaking.
Even so, practical matters must
also be considered, in particular
those relating to the family need
attention. Fortunate on: Tuesday.
Lucky Numbers: 13, 28, 42.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to
December 21)
Arrangements and
Deals made now
won't be minor ones.
You will need all your
wits about you. Don't
be in such a rush that you skim over
important details or you will miss

a crucial point. Good fortune
forecast on: Thursday. Lucky
Numbers: 16, 17, 44.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to
January 20)
You could get
to establish some
interesting new
contacts. Expect a
shift in the pattern of
your relationships these next few
weeks as new people enter your
life. Lucky day: Sunday. Lucky
Numbers: 15, 64, 83.

AQUA RUS (Janruary 21 to
You have good ideas
on how to bring
improvements into
your life; your plans

aren't small ones. There are
none of the objections you had
been expecting. People take to
your schemes like ducks to
water. Best day for luck:
Monday. Lucky Numbers: 21, 52,

PISCES (February 19 to March
There's an
assertiveness and
direct approach to
your dealings that
brooks no argument
or interference. The Sun moving
into your sign warrants a
fresh approach to issues
which weren't adequately solved in
the past. Expect luck on:
Friday. Lucky Numbers: 8, 76,

"My husband and I spent the first part
of our honeymoon at Chaa Creek, and
we are counting down the days until
a big anniversary so we can return.
It has been one year, and we still talk
about it every day."
-Trip Advisor Member, August 3, 2008

L4e, Adventure Centre and Sp

#31 Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio Town, Cayo
Tel: 824-2160
Visit us today for all your Grocery,

Hardware and Electrical Needs.


Where your $$$ have more sense.

Savannah Area, San Ignacio, Cayo
Bring the children and let them enjoy our
Game Room, Playground and Ice Cream Shop.

We have something for everyone! So Bring out
the entire Family and enjoy our clean, friendly
and secure atmosphere.

The food is absoLuteLy fanta5ticll

And We aLs deLiver,

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Em il rsevaios(d hacrekco CllBei ze 00 1 ) 824-2()'
^J^^^^ www^liaaceek^cml|jnlke^B

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 13

Promoting The Unity of Mankind

What is the Baha'i Faith all about? (Continuation)
BY: Mohsen Badiyan of 'Akki in the Holy Land. Although global society to flourish it must be
outwardly a captive, Bahi'u'llih based on certain fundamental
opened a new vision to men's hearts principles. They include, among
and minds through His writings. others, the elimination of all forms of
In September 1867, Baha'u'llah prejudice; equality wrights of woman
began writing a series of letters to the and man; recognition of the oneness
world leaders of His time, addressing, of the world's great religions the
among others, Emperor Napoleon security and progress of the family; the
III, Queen Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm elimination of extremes of poverty and
I, Tsar Alexander II of Russia, wealth; universal education; a high
Emperor Franz Joseph, Pope Pius standard of personal conduct; the
IX, Sultan-Aziz of Ottoman Empire, harmony of science and religion; a
the Persian ruler, Nasiri-Din Shah. sustainable balance between nature
In these letters, Bahi'u'lldh openly and technology; and the establishment
proclaimed His station. He spoke of of social justice. In over one hundred
the dawn of a new age. But first, He volumes of His writings, Bahi'u'llh
warned, there would be catastrophic addresses the spiritual and material
upheavals in the world's political and needs of the individual and society.
social order. He called for general In just over 100 years, the Bahi'i
In the Sunday January 18, 2009 efforts at disarmament, and urged the Faith has grown from an obscure
edition of your favorite STAR world's leaders to pursue justice and movement in the Middle East to the
Newspaper, you probably read an show forth compassion. Only by second most widespread of the
article, a brief explanation about the acting collectively, He said, could a independent world religions.
Bahi'i Faith and the Dawn of the New lasting peace be established. Embracing people from more than
Day. SPIRTUAL TEACHINGS 2,100 ethnic, racial and tribal groups,
This article today gives more The foremosttheme of Bahi'u'llh's it is quite likely the most diverse
information about the life of teachings is UNITY. He taught that organized body of people on the
Bahi'u'llih, the nineteenth-century there is only one God, that there is only planet. Its unity challenges prevailing
Prophet Founder of the Bahi'i Faith one human race, and that all the theories about human nature and the
and His teachings. world's religions have been stages in prospects for our common future.
With the new millennium upon us, the revelation of God's will and Out of the voluminous Writings of
the crucial need facing the nature of purpose for humanity. Bahi'u'llih, which were revealed over
man and society. Such avision unfolds Throughout history, God has aperiod of forty years, a few are cited
in the Writings of Bahi'u'llih. revealed Himself to humanity through here to give the reader a flavor of His
Throughout history, there has been a series of Divine Messengers-each of writings, and serve as a source of
a driving force to civilize human whom has founded a new religion, meditation and spiritual enrichment.
nature The challenge is to accentthat This succession of Divine Teachers PRAYER FOR HEALING

we are one people, to free ourselves
from the limited identities and creeds
of the past, and to build together the
foundations of global civilization.
Baha'u'llah (1817-1892), whose
name means "The Glory of God", was
born into a family descended from
Persia's imperial past. As a young man
He declined the ministerial career
open to Him in government to devote
His energies to a range of
philanthropies which had, by the early
1840s, earned Him widespread
renown as "Father of the Poor."
The early nineteenth century was a
period of messianic expectations on
many lands. People from various
religious backgrounds turned to the
scriptures of their faiths and expected
the fulfillment of prophecies about the
Promised One. Christians awaited the
return of Christ from passages like: "I
have yet many things to say to you,
but you cannot bear them now. When
the Spirit of truth comes, He will
guide you unto all truth; for He will
not speak on His own authority, but
whatever He hears He will speak, and
He will declare to you the things that
are to come" (John 16:12). Other
religions had similar expectations. In
1863 Bahi'u'llah proclaimed that He
was the One promised by all religions
and that God had entrusted Him with
a revelation addressing humanity's
present-day needs.
Opposed by the Muslim clergy and
the Persian government, Bahi'u'llah
suffered exile, imprisonment, and
persecution that climaxed with His
banishment to the Turkish prison city

reflects a single historic "plan of God"
for educating mankind about the
Creator and for cultivating the
spiritual, intellectual, and moral
capacities of humanity. The goal has
been to prepare the way for a
single, global and ever-advancing
The essential identity of each
person is defined by an invisible,
rational, and everlasting soul. It grows
and develops through the individual's
relationship with God, mediated by
His Messengers. This relationship is
fostered through prayer, knowledge of
the scriptures revealed by these
Teachers, love for God, moral
self-discipline, and service to
humanity. This process is what gives
meaning to life.
One of the extraordinary features of
the Writings of Bahi'u'llih is the
degree to which they accurately
forecast the increasing number of
critical issues that humanity has faced
in the twentieth century. Throughout
His writings, Bahi'u'llah called for a
complete restructuring of the global
social order. His vision of renewal
touches on all aspects of life, from
personal morality to economics
and governance, from community
development to religious practice.
Through an irresistible historical
process, the traditional barriers of race,
class, creed, faith and nation will break
down. These forces will give birth in
time to a new global civilization. Over
a century ago, Baha'u'llah said, for a

"Thy name is my healing, 0 my
god, and remembrance of Thee is my
remedy. Nearness to Thee is my hope,
and love for Thee is my companion.
Thy mercy to me is my healing...
Thou, verily, art the All-Bountiful,
the All Knowing, the All-Wise."
"Create in me a pure heart, 0 my
God, andrenew a tranquil conscience
within me, 0 my Hope... Through
the power of Thy transcendent might
lift me up unto the heaven of Thy
holiness, 0 source of my being, and
by the breezes of Thine eternity
gladden me, 0 Thou Who art my
God! Let Thine ever lasting melodies
breathe tranquility on me, 0 my
Companion, and let the riches of
Thine ancient countenance deliver
me from all except Thee, 0 my
"All praise, 0 my God, be to Thee
Who art the source of all glory and
majesty, of greatness and honor, of
sovereignty and dominion, of
loftiness and grace, of awe and
power... Illumine, 0 Lord, the faces
of Thy servants that they may turn
unto the court of Thy heavenly
favors... Verily, Thou art the Lord of
all worlds."
"Be generous in prosperity, and
thankful in adversity. Be worthy of
the trust of thy neighbor, and look
upon him with a bright and friendly
face. Be a treasure to the poor, and
admonisher to the rich, an answerer
to the cry of the needy... Be fair in

thy judgment, and guarded in thy
speech... Be as a lamp unto them
that walk in darkness, a joy to the
sorrowful, a sea for the thirsty, a
haven for the distressed, and
upholder and defender of the victim
of oppression. Let integrity and
uprightness distinguish all thine
The power that is awakening man's
spiritual consciousness throughout the
world is the universal Revelation of
God promised in all the scriptures of
mankind's past. Its spokesman is
Bahi'u'llah whose growing influence
is the greatest untold story of our time.
In this day, the driving force to
civilize man comes from the Writings
of Bahi'u'llih.
Baha'u'llah has revealed a system
of laws and institutions designed to
give practical effect to the principles
in His writings. At the heart of this
system is what Baha'u'llah termed a
new Covenant between God and
humanity. God has promised never to
leave man without His loving
guidance. Baha'u'llah is the fulfill-
ment of that promise for this day. The
life of Bahi'u'llih, the many volumes
of His writings, and the example of
the growing worldwide Bahi'i com-
munity support His claim to be the
Messenger of God for the coming of
age of the human race. As the people
of the world embrace the spiritual au-
thority inherent in the guidance of the
revelation of God for this age,
Baha'u'llah said, they will find in
themselves a spiritual enrichment
which human effort alone has proven
incapable of generating.
The Bahi'i community demonstrates
the power of Baha'u'lldh's Covenant
to heal the ills that divide the human
race. Although still in its infancy, the
Bahi'i community has already
unified many diverse elements of the
human family, from virtually every
nationality, religious background,
ethnic group and social class. The
emergence of this community offers
clear evidence of the far-reaching
effect Bahi'u'llih's teachings
eventually will have on humanity.
For more information, there are
some Bahi'i websites as follows:
Telephone contact in Belize,
San Ignacio is 604 4330; 674 1919;
or 824 3019
Email; suzi1844(&gmail.com

Visit Any

In San Ignacio &
Capital City Belmopan

For Best Prices

and Top Quality

Merchandise Always.

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BY: David Coombs,
avo Chess Coordinator

This week we take a look at
BISHOPS, they move at an angle,
Notice that for each side one
bishop starts on a white square and
one starts on a dark square, they
stay on the same colour squares

throughout the game.
They can move forwards and
backwards and as far as they are
able without jumping, remember
only the knight can jump.
Towards the end of the game if
your opponent has only one bishop
you can place your pieces on the
opposite colour squares and they
cannot be attacked by that bishop.
Now you know the bishops, knights
and pawns you can practice a game
with only these pieces just to get
used to how they move.
If you have missed a column or
have questions write to me at
lightningcoomb s@yahoo.com


We can introduce your
property to buyers
in Belize
and in America
, and the world.



Contact John on 678 2000

or stop by our office at: LISTING
30, Burns Avenue,
San Ignacio. Check c
824 0550 i.. i,



Our VV UIL. atU

Puzzle for those who know how to
play chess, SEE THE BOARD
BELOW. This is a tricky one.
White to move and checkmate in
one move.
If you work it out, send the answer

to lightningcoomb svyahoo.com
the first three to get it correct will
have their names in the next chess
If any business would like to
donate a prize please let me know!

a v c ti e 9 nu

Chavez Victorious In Venuzuela

CARACAS, Venezuela, Sunday,
February 15, 2009:
By a margin of 54.4% to 45.6%,
Venezuelans voted to eliminate
two-term limit on all elected
Venezuelans went to the polls on
Sunday, February 15 and supported
a constitutional amendment to
eliminate the two-term limit on all
elected offices.
By 9:30 on Sunday night, three
and a half hours after polls closed
and with nearly 95% of votes
counted, Venezuela's National
Electoral Council announced that
Venezuelans had voted nearly 55%
in favor of the constitutional
amendment to eliminate term
Chavez supporters took to the
streets, to celebrate the nearly
9-point victory margin with
enthusiasm, as it will allow
President Hugo Chavez to run for
a third full term in 2012.
Thousands descended on
Venezuela's presidencial palace,
Miraflores, where President
Chavez addressed the crowd.

President Hugo Chavez
According to the Electoral
Council, participation was
relatively high. Just under 70% of
the 16 million registered to vote,
cast their ballot on Sunday.
This is roughly two million more
voters than in 2007, during the
failed constitutional reform
referendum that would have altered
70 articles of Venezuela's
constitution. Chavez and his
supporters had argued that the
elimination of term limits is
necessary to allow Chavez to
govern for longer than the
four years remaining in his term,
in order to complete Venezuela's
transition to "Bolivarian
Socialism "


#6 Hudson Street, San gnacio Town Telephone #: 824-2 101[~ [

Your eadqurter in San Ignacio
*a*ri ,*,*



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among other persons of near
similar physical appearances.
The Court of Appeal ordered
a retrial on the basis that
although Justice Adolph Lucas
advised the jury of the weakness
of the dock identification, he

did not sufficiently emphasize
the point and a retrial was
The new trial began on February
2, 2009. The eyewitness, Janelle
Longsworth was unable to take the
witness stand as she is incarcerated
in a Guatemalan prison on a drug

Sunday Night Shooting In Santa Elena

which he aimed at the upper
section of the victim's body but
before he could pull off the first
shot, the victim fell to the ground
for cover, the gunman nevertheless
squeezed off about 4 or 6 shots as
he continued riding pass the group.
He then took into the first left street
off Carillo Puerto Avenue riding
pass the victim's house on
Teacher's Lane, before
disappearing into the darkness.
Since no
Police informed that an intensive

investigation is underway as the
search continues for the person
responsible for this most recent
breach of the peace.
The police is also issuing a
warning to those persons,
especially those young boys, who
habitually hang out on street
corners after sunset, to be ever
mindful of the dangers associated
with doing so as they run the risk
of being at the wrong place at the
wrong time and could become the
unfortunate innocent victims of
random shootings.

possession charge and despite
countless telephone calls to
Guatemala and a visit to the prison
in Santa Elena, Peten, combined
with the best efforts of the new
prosecuting Attorney, Cecil
Ramirez and by way of the
diplomatic channel through the
Embassy of Belize in Guatemala,
her transfer to take the witness
stand in the new trial could not be
Notwithstanding however, the
judge allowed for her deposition to
be read into evidence ultimately
resulting in the trial Judge, Justice
Herbert Lord, ruling that the
eyewitness did not make the link
between the person she referred to
as "Life" and the accused
murderer, Dionicio Salazar Jr. He
subsequently recalled the jury and
directed them to return a not guilty
verdict against the accused and
ordered him to walk free of the
capital charge.

The prosecution has indicated
its intention to appeal the
decision of the trial judge.

Notice is hereby be given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that
MARIA BOITON is applying for the
renewal of her SHOP LIQUOR
LICENSE for the year 2009 to operate
La Loma Boulevard, Santa Elena Town
in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby be given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that
BLANCAASCENCIO is applying for
the renewal of her PUBLICAN
the year 2009 to operate BL's COOL
SPOT located 23rd Street, San Ignacio
Town in the Cayo District.

SThe Choice Is Clear

On March 4, 2009






| I
Pag 16-SA e: 2-82&6638 mitrnwpprgal m-Tedy eray2,20

Despite suffering for 2 long years under a repressive, hostile and vindictive
PUP Central Government, Mayor John August and his Team were able to
accomplish much more than most Mayors who came before him.
"Let Progress and Development Continue on March 4th -Vote UDP 7!!!

The first phase of a new and modern farmers market, to serve the people of San Ignacio & Santa Elena and indeed the entire Cayo District,
is today a reality. No longer are we walking like pigs in the mud when it rains on market day. No longer are we buying our fruits and vegetables
from among the mud. The new market has attracted in excess of a 100% more fruit and vegetable vendors as well as other enterprising
Belizeans. The other phase of the development of the market must continue. Mayor John August kept his promise to build a new market and
today the new market is a testimony of a promise kept. He has promised to construct the other phase and when re-elected with his team on
March 4, 2009, he will continue the development of the market.

Many are the Mayors and Councillors before John August and his team who expected us to be satisfied with a little scraping and painting of
the outdated Columbus Park. But NOT John August and his team. When the Shell Gas Station requested an expansion, Mayor John August
successfully negotiated for the total demolition and upgrading of the Columbus Park and today the new park stands as another testimony of his
ability to bring progress to the residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. "You want to expand" said Mayor John August "Then build a park
for my people" and after much negotiation and hard work the park is yet another milestone in Mayor John August's vision for the community.

Injust a few months after a friendly UDP central government was elected, Mayor John August went to Belmopan and successfully negotiated
for the removal of the Cox Garbage Yoke from around our necks. Today the residents of the Twin Towns are free of that yoke.

Many are the Mayors before John August who sat in the Town Hall and never as much as painted it once during their term in office. Not so
with Mayor John August. He has not only painted the building but have consistently upgraded and improved it every single year. Today the
Town Hall is much more improved from when he inherited it in 2006.

No longer are street side cutters sharing machete and files to get the job done. In fact today, under the leadership of Mayor John August and
his team, machetes and files are tools of the pass for street side cutters. Today, street side cutters are using high powered weed cutters bought
and paid for by Mayor John August and his team. Council worker have no intention of returning to the days of machetes and the sharing of a

*In 2006 Mayor John August and his team inherited a Town Council in deep financial crisis. It was a Council that had a hard time to pay its
workers. A Council that could not get credit from local businesses. A council that could barely purchase fuel for the single vehicle it had.
Today, with the prudent management skills of Mayor John August and his team, the Council's financial head is now floating above the water.

Under the stewardship of Mayor John August and his team, the Council has moved from owning a single vehicle to now owning over ONE
MILLION DOLLARS worth of equipment from weed cutters, to tractors, trucks and more recently a FIRST EVER Compactor Truck and
a FIRST EVER Grader.

In one short term, Mayor John August and his team have paved and repaired more streets than any of his predecessors.

*Much, much more has been accomplished. Much, much more is left to be done. If Mayor John August and his team were able to achieve so
much under a HOSTILE PUP Central Government IMAGINE how much more he can achieve under a friendly UDP Central Government.

There Is No Turning Back To Those Days of Corruption and Thievery
Vote For Mayor John August and His RED Team

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