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Title: STAR Newspaper
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Language: English
Publisher: Alberto Orlando August
Place of Publication: Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize
Publication Date: August 20, 2008
Copyright Date: 2008
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"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"



BELIZE'S WESTERN BORDER few weeks ago, dep
STATION, Benque Viejo Town, San Ignacio at abc
Cayo, Wednesday, August 13, Wednesday, August
2008: trip to neighborir
A retiring sergeant with almost 29 Menco, Guatemala
years of service in the Belize Police 71 year old moth
Department is today thankful for the father and two brott
intervention of his elderly parents At his pa
when he was attacked by an angry Sgt. Patt agreed to
mob of Guatemalans in front of the transporting them a
Guatemalan border station in Melchor to purchase med
De Mencos Guatemala. supplies.
Police Sergeant #170 Francisco "This was an id
Patt who was posted at the Benque for me to find
Viejo Police sub-formation before purchase a suspe
proceeding on pre-retirement leave a two bushings for m

Mayor Lopez

arted his home in
out 9:00 am on
13, for a planned
ig Melchor De
a along with his
er, 76 year old
drive the vehicle
Cross the border
lical and food

'eal opportunity
out if I could
nsion arm and
my vehicle" said

Sgt. Patt.
According to
Sgt. Patt, he
arrived at Belize's
Western Border
Station and drove
the vehicle across
the border point
while his parents
took in his
passport for the
necessary depar-
ture stamp. He
circled around the
chain link fence
and parked the Police

& His Team

Victorious In Belmopan

August 17,2008:
Almost 1/3 of the over 6,000
registered voters in the Belmopan
constituency turned out on Sunday,
August 17, to vote in the municipal
convention of the United Democratic
Party (UDP) to select a mayoral and
six councilor candidates to contest the
March 4,2009 Municipal Election on
the party ticket.
The voting process, under the
guidance of UDP Secretary General
Phillipa Griffith Bailey, began on
schedule at 9:00 am. The stream of
voters remained constant right up to
the 4:00 pm close of the polls.
There were three mayoral
candidates each with their individual
6-member slate all for a total of 21
candidates on the single ballot.
Incumbent Mayor Simeon
Lopez led a slate consisting of 4

serving council-
ors and 2
The second
slate of new
candidates was
led by newcomer
Khalid Belisle
and the third
set of candidates
was led by
After seven
hours of voting
and five hours
of counting, the
results were
announced by UDP National
Executive Committee Chairman,
Douglas Singh with Mayor Simeon

Mayor Simeon Lopez

Lopez and all members of his team
pulling through with the majority ofthe


vehicle facing the Belize Border
Station on Belizean soil as he had no
intention of taking the vehicle into
"Iparked the vehicle and got out
while waiting for my parents to
exit the Belize Border Station
with my passport. In the right
hand I had the stabilizer bar and
in the other hand I was holding a
plastic bag with the two bushings.
I was taking these old parts to
match them with the new ones.
I was standing up in the middle
of the roadway facing Belize's
Border Station looking for my
parents to exit the building. They
were taking a bit longer than
usual this was when I saw a
handcuffed male person running
towards me with some fellow
policemen in pursuit. They were
shouting at me to detain the
person as he was escaping. The
person continued heading directly
in my path. When he was a few
yards in front me, I raised my two
hands, with the bar and the bag

kIT 1 i

I Please Turn To Page 4 M Please Turn To Page 15 1

Page 2 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Wednesday, August 20, 2008

With Zero Seats In The March 4, 2009 Municipal Elections, This
Could Be The Final Straw That Will Break Johnny Bricefio's Back

Realizing that the People's
United Party (PUP) stands a very,
very slim chance of winning any
seat in the March 4, 2009
municipal elections, many are
the numbers of persons seeking
to enter the race on the United
Democratic Party (UDP) ticket.
Applications currently before
the UDP national screening
committee are many in numbers.
In some municipalities as
many as 40 persons have
submitted applications to contest
conventions on UDP slates.
UDP conventions in the weeks
and months ahead will therefore
be fierce and furious as most of
the prospective candidates
realize that a victory at the
convention is almost tantamount
to a seat on the new municipal
Contrary to the mass rush to be
identified with the UDP, very
few are those who are willing to
step forward as sacrificial lambs
for the PUP especially realizing
that the leadership is now
expecting them to come forward
at a time when that very same
leadership is largely responsible
for bringing the party to its knees
by their corrupt wheelings and
secret dealings over the past ten
Just this past weekend in
Belmopan for example, there
were 3 full slates of candidates
seeking election in the UDP
convention, while it is common
knowledge that in this same
constituency, the PUP are having
a very hard time finding anyone
who is even willing to be
nominated, not elected, as a


"The Newspaper that
cares and dares to
bring out the truth "
42AWestern Highway,
Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America
Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
Tel: 626-8822
626- 3788

candidate on their ticket.
The recent PUP divisional
convention in Cayo Central
should serve as a classic
example. The PUP's initial
intention was to hold a big show
to elect a full slate for their
divisional committee.
The big guns of the PUP like
National Campaign Manager,
Carolyn Trench-Sandiford and
Secretary General, Servulo
Baeza, came to town for the
show. However the turnout was
not surprisingly very, very low. In
an effort to save faces, it was
agreed that the field to select
credible candidates was severely
limited, and so they were forced
to proceeded with merely
electing a divisional chairman.
The turnout was so shamefully
low that the PUP organ, the
Belize Times, did not even care
to mention the number of votes
obtained by each of the two
candidates both of whom are
virtually unknown politically
within the community. The
"elected" chairman was charged
with the responsibility to appoint
a committee whenever he can
find credible persons who will be
willing to step forward.
The constant reminder and
exposure in the House of
Representatives regarding secret
land deals is making the situation
even more difficult for PUP
leader Johnny Bricefio. His
intervention on any matter
brought before the House of
Representatives will continue to
be overshadowed and ridiculed
by the mountain of questionable
land and other natural resources
deals perpetuated under his watch
in the Ministry of Natural
This situation is further
compounded by the fact that
Johnny Bricenio was serving as
the deputy prime minister of
Belize at the material time when
Said Musa and Ralph Fonseca
were wreaking havoc with the
national economy and the
finances of the nation yet he
stood idly by and did nothing to
protect the interest of the people
of Belize.
While the PUP might have
captured only 3 of the 67 seats
in the March 2006 municipal
elections, despite the advantage
of being in the seat of
government with a full 2 years
before the general elections

pt4 1,1 'J ) A MlS

Land Sales

Buy- Sell

John C. Roberson
Beth Roberson

I BeiVzAgen [ec]

were constitutionally due, this
time around it will be much more
difficult especially given that
several of their corrupt deals have
now been brought to light of day.
It could therefore be safe to
predict that the PUP, under the
leadership of Johnny Bricefio,
will not even capture a single seat
in the March 4, 2009 municipal
There is a strong possibility

therefore that this could very
well be the final straw that will
break Johnny Bricefio's back
as it will create fertile grounds
for yet another leadership crisis
within the PUP as other
ambitious officials of the party,
who are waiting in the shadows
like hungry tigers for the first
opportunity to pounce, will be
making that long awaited move
to unseat him.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com -Page 3
I I -

Coastal Zone Management Authority'& Institute

The mission of the Coastal Zone Management-Authority &Institute (CZMAl) is to support the allocation, sustainable use.and.
planned development of Belize's coastal resources through increased knowledge and the building of alliances for the benefit of
all B elizeans and the global community. This mission is accomplished through several programmes including policy develop-
ment, coastal area planning, water quality, coral reef health and endangered species monitoring. With continued growth in
tourism, fisheries and petroleum sectors as well as growth in our coastal urban centeriBelize needs to further strengthen its'
efforts at integrated coastal resources management.


POST:Chief Executive Officer

LOCATION: Belize City, Belize.

Duties and Responsibility
Reporting directly to the CZM Board'ofDirectors, the CEO
will have the opportunity to spearhead the revitalization of
theAuthority and Institute. He/She will administer the imple-
mentation of the Act, function as Secretary to the Board,
advise the Minister on the formation of policies regarding the
coastal zone, and will oversee the finalization and implemen-
tntinn nf their Rlelie fonstal Zone Management Plan (includ-
ing the zoning of coastal and marine areas). In the longer
term he/she will help ensure that the results of the CZMI's
research and monitoring programmes translate into continual
improvement of Government policies relevant to the marine
and coastal environment, and resulting in sustainable devel-
Sopment of coastal resources. The CEO will cooperate with
government departments, statutory boards, non-governmen-
tal organizations and the private sector on matters that are
likely to have an impact on the ecology of the coastal zone.
He/ she will prepare the budget and work programme of the
CZMAI and will assist in identifying and mobilizing addi-
tional finances for the Authority and Institute. Of key impor-
tance will be the promotion and building ofpublic awareness
of the unique nature of the Belize coastal resources and the
importance of its effective conservation and sustainable man-
agement and utilization for the benefit of present and future
Generations ofBelizeans.

Basic Requirements
The successful candidate will have at least a Masters degree
in marine sciences, natural resources management, social sci-
ences or related field and five years relevant experience. Ex-
cellent diplomatic, analytical, facilitating, negotiation and com-
munication skills are essential as is the ability to work quickly,
without close supervision and efficiently to build consensus.
Fluency in English is required and Spanish would be an asset
as would an interest in regional affairs. Maturity, and a good
sense of humor will be key.

To apply please send your Curriculum Vitae, cover letter,
and a brief (-three page) sample of your technical writing to


POST: Director

LOCATION: Belize City, Belize.

Duties and Responsibility
Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer, the Director
will be responsible for:
1) Providing information and advice to the CEO and Board in
the formulation of policies relating to the coastal resources;
2) Convening the CZM Advisory Council established to facili-
tate and encourage the sharing of information among govern-
ment agencies, non-governmental, organizations and
educational institutions with regard to coastal zone matters;
3) Instituting a public outreach programme to raise awareness
generally of the importance of the coastal zone to Belize's eco-
logical and economical well being;
4) Providing advice on development activities within the coastal
zone, including participation on the NEAC;
5) Coordinating marine and coastal research and use the results
to minimize possible conflicts over resource use and promote
sustainable use;
6) Collaborating in the maintenance of a centralized accessible
centre for information and research related to the coastal zone;
7) Providing support to the University of Belize in providing
training courses and educational programmes related to the coastal
8) Managing of research projects and consultancy services of
the Institute effectively;
9) Overseeing the staff of the Institute;
10)Administering the affairs of the Institute efficiently and
economically, including the programming of its activities; and
the control and use of its equipment, vessels and vehicles;
11)Securing additional financing from local, regional and inter-
national sources to support the programmes of the Institute;
12)Responding to technical enquiries and questions made by
policy-making organs of the Government, private sector organi-
zations and individuals.

Basic Requirements
The successful candidate will have at least a Masters degree in
marine sciences, natural resources management, or related field
and a minimum of three years relevant working experience. Ex-
cellent analytical, management, facilitating, research, and com-
munication skills are essential as is the ability to work quickly,
and efficiently. Fluency in English is required and Spanish would
be an asset. Must be willing to perform both administrative and
field-based duties.
To apply please send your Curriculum Vitae, cover letter, and a
brief (-three page) sample of your technical writing to


Deadline for submission for both positions is August 18th 2008. Competitive salary based
on qualifications and experience. Please no telephone calls or faxes.

Page 4 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mayor Lopez & His Team

Victorious In Belmopan

votes cast.
In the mayoral contest, Mayor
Simeon Lopez received 898 votes
in comparison to 767 for Khalid
Belisle and 196 for Eugene
Michael Brown.
The six top ranking candidates all
from Mayor Lopez' team in order of
the highest number of votes
received is: Victor Perdomo 945;
Shanna Banner 886; Olga
Myers 883; Pedro Carrillo -
841; Amilcar Umana 827 and
Tita Balona 798.
The two new candidates on Mayor
Lopez' slate were Shanna Banner
and Amilcar Umana replacing Celso
Carcamo who did not seek
reelection and Eugene Brown who
was challenging for the mayoral spot.
On Khalid Belisle's team votes
received by individual candidates are
as follows: Jacklyn Burns 778;
Anthony Lewis 763; Norma
Zetina 755, Bernard Ozaeta -
687; Donny Quiroz 643 and
Emma Ramirez 596.

The ranking of candidates on
Eugene Brown's slate were as
follows: Ana Guy 345; Ramon
Aleman 205; Nelson Link 186;
Miguel Pop 185; Adolfo Romero
- 168 and Climaco Oh 155.
It was no secret that Belmopan's
Area Representative, Hon. John
Saldivar, was fully supporting the
candidacy of newcomer Khalid
Belisle. There was also support for
Belisle from Education Minister
Patrick Faber and Works Minister,
Anthony "Boots" Martinez
(mostly out of ministerial loyalty
to Hon. Saldivar).
In the end, Minister Saldivar
raised Mayor Lopez' hand in
victory as they both made a public
pledged to work in partnership for
the greater good of the residents
In congratulating Mayor Lopez on
today's victory, Khalid Belisle
pledged to work with Mayor Lopez
to secure a victory for the UDP in the
March 2009 municipal elections.
Belisle also urged his supporters and

campaign team to begin focusing and
working towards a big victory for the
UDP in 2009.
The convention, no doubt, divided
the party especially during the final
three weeks leading up to today's
convention. However, in a subsequent
interview with the STAR
Newspaper, Minister of the Public
Service, Governance Improvement
and Elections & Boundaries, Hon

John Saldivar informed that he will be
actively seeking to work along with
Mayor Lopez first to mend political
wounds in the constituency resulting
from the fierce campaign over the past
several weeks and then moving on
with the planned developmental
programs and projects aimed at
improving the lives of the people
of Belmopan as outlined in their
individual manifesto pledges.

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"We must now put our differences aside and begin to work with
Mayor Lopez and his team to ensure victory for the UDP in 2009"
said Khalid Belisle


"The work towards victory 2009 has only just begun"
said Mayor Lopez (L), Hon. John Saldivar (R)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com -Page 5


In accordance with Section 13 of the Registered Land Act Chapter 194,
Revised Edition 2000, I, ETHEL EMELISA GLADDEN, Ag. Deputy
Registrar of Lands, hereby serve notice that within one month from the date
hereof, I intend to register the following parcels of land listed below forwhich
application for first registration have been received.

The attention of the general public is hereby drawn to this notice. Any person
whose rights and interest may be affected by the registering of these parcels
must get in touch with me before expiry date of this notice between
Mondays to Fridays at the Land Registry, Belmopan.


This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, WARREE BIGHT/
FRESHWATER CREEK, Block No. 3 and being Parcel No. 58

This parcel of land is the subj ect of a Deed of Conveyance No. 1591/2005
dated 19th July, 2005 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 21 of 2005 at
Folios 683-690 in favour of CELINA CROSSLAND.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, BELIZE RURAL
NORTH II, Block No. 11 and being Parcel No. 1017

This parcel of land is the subject of a Indenture dated 18th March, 1969 and
recorded in Deeds Book Volume 3 of 1969 at Folios 643 648 in favour of

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SARTENEJA,
Block No. 3 and being Parcel No. 503

This parcel of land is the subj ect of a Deed of Conveyance No. 1219/1998
dated 20th April, 1998 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 14 of 1998 at
Folios 1437-1442 in favour of ARIEL DURANTES.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, TOWER HILL,
Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 650

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance dated 17th
November, 1975 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 10 of 1975 atFolios
1071-1086 in favour of LEOPOLDO BRICENO, ELIGIO E.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PLACENCIA
NORTH, Block No. 36 and being Parcel No. 1761

This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat GrantNo. 82 of 1999
dated 26th June, 1999 in favour of CARLTON B. YOUNG

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN JOSE/SAN
PABLO, Block No. 1 and being Parcel No. 1117

This parcel of land is the subj ect of a Deed of Conveyance No. 451/2004
dated 19th February, 2004 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 6 of 2004
at Folios 835-842 in favour of IGNACIO GERMAN VEGA & KAREN
VEGA (Jointly)

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, CHAN PINE
RIDGE VILLAGE, Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 15

This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No. 546 of 1998
dated 30th June, 1998 in favour of MATEO TZUL.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section ALBERT/MESOP,
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 1495

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Gift No. 205/1982 dated
12th March, 1982 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 2 of 1982 at
Folios 1011-1018 in favour of IRIS TASHER

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section ALBERT/MESOP,
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 638

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 1
187/1998 dated 23rd April, 1998 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume
14 of 1998 at Folios 1029-1046 in favour of CEDRIC D. FLOWERS

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
ALBERT/MESOP, Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 1486

This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No. 660/1977 dated
20th May, 1977 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 8 of 1977 at Folios
97-104 in favour of EDNA SMITH.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
ALBERT/MESOP Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 398

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Assent No. 835/1988
dated 3rd June, 1988 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 10 of 1988 at
Folios 519-522 in favour of GIRLDINE USHER

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
ALBERT/MESOP Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 121

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No.
1540/1978 dated 27th November, 1978 and recorded in Deeds Book
Volume 14 of 1978 at Folios 57-64 in favour of ELVIRA ATHERLEY.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
ALBERT/MESOP, Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 1316 & 1317

This parcel of land is the subject of a Indenture dated 24th March, 1965
and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 2 of 1965 at Folios 671 678

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
ALBERT/MESOP Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 1319

This parcel of land is the subject of a Vesting Assent No. 1633/2006
dated 19th June, 2006 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 21 of 2006
at Folios 759-766 in favour of VICTORIA CUNNINGHAM.

This parcel of land are situated in the Registration Section,
ALBERT/MESOP Block No. 45 and being Parcels No. 510

This parcel of land is the subject of a Indenture dated 29th October, 1957
and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 1 of 1957 at Folios 1370-1375 in
favour of RUDOLPH MCDONALD as executor of the Estate of
Ireney Slusher.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
ALBERT/MESOP Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 138

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Indenture dated 28th
February, 1947 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 36 of 1947 at
Folios 728-729 in favour of NEVILLE THOMAS Sr.

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Page 6 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BY" Al Eastmond, Bermuda, WI.
I recently wrote a letter to the
editor here about children getting in
trouble with the law and ending up
in court to answer for their
I noticed that in every case the child
was in court alone, without any kind
of representation or support.
Parents/guardians are, by law,
responsible for the minor children in
their charge, and when these children
end up in court the parents/guardians
have a duty/responsibility, under the
law, to be there with them.
I am pleased to report that the
Minister responsible for such things
read the letter and made a big thing
about it; actually going much too
far with it, suggesting that the

Outstanding Contributor To
Exclusive to the STAR Newspaper
By: Ray Auxillou, August 15th,
John August, telephone 607 2642
was the most outstanding contributor
to tourism in the CAYO WEST
venue, for our 8 month tourist season
John is a tour guide and specializes
in the Mountain Pine Ridge day trip.
He doesn't seem to have his own car,
but manages to find a vehicle when

parent/guardian should be charged
along with the child.
The final outcome is that whenever
a minor has to appear before the
courts their parent/guardian must be
present and acknowledged by the
court and have to answer certain
questions, like, why was this child out
wandering the streets at 1.30 in the
If the parent/guardian is not there
the judge will summon them to
I do not think that Parents/
Guardians should be charged with the
crimes of their children but they
should be there to explain why they
think the child has gone off the track
and give some indication of what they
intend to do to remedy the situation.

Tourism In The Cayo West
we call.
While the trip is advertised by John
and others as the Mountain Pine
Ridge, we ourselves call it the Belize
Alps Foothills day trip.
Last season and a few before that,
the day trip had fallen into negative,
bad karma territory. Partly because
of the bad roads and partly because
of the gasoline prices, when tour
operators had raised the price to
$60 usa a person and were actually
cutting back the number of places they
visited, to a 4 or 5 hour day trip.

As a low budget accomodation,
we were unhappy and so were our
We tried John early this year while
looking for better tour guides, after
outlining the places we wanted our
guests to visit. Since we deal with
University age people and they are
very energetic, we wanted to
physically tire them out, in an all day
strenuous trip.
Visits are usually to Big Rock Falls,
Seven Sisters time permitting, Rio On
Rapids, Rio Frio Cave and Thousand
Foot Fall.
Particularly we wanted included,
Cooma Cairn Lookout, on the high
mountain ridge overlooking the
We tried John for the first
time this year and have been extremely
happy. He takes off early around 8
a.m. and does not get back sometimes

Parents/Guardians Must Be Present

Our guests swim at Big Rock Falls,
they take a dip in the pools of the Rio
On Rapids, do the botany trail at the
Rio Frio Cave and so on.
For booking directly with John, our
low budget guests knock US$20 off
the Tour Operator prices and get the
trip for $40 usa a head.
Considering sometimes, only one
or two people want to go, the
gasoline is a big part of the trip cost.
John also supplies free lunch and we
feed them breakfast (FREE).
Anyway as long as John August
keeps running this trip, we will con-
tinue using him, and recommend him
to other low budget and mid budget
accommodations around Cayo West.
Our feed back guest surveys have
been GREAT for this Belize Alps
Foothills day trip! Lots of praise for
John. Guests felt they got their
money's worth and that is what it is
all about.

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This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PLACENCIA
NORTH Block No. 36 and being Parcel No. 2590

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 0447/
2005 dated 29th December, 2004 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume
6 of 2005 at Folios 1347-1364 in favour of JOHN MULLARKEY

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, TOWER HILL,
Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 358

This parcel of land is the subj ect of a Minister's Fiat Grant No. 265 of
1974 dated 28th September, 1974 in favour FELIPE COWO

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SARTENEJA,
Block No. 3 and being Parcel No. 319

This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No. 43 of
1988 dated 10th May, 1988 in favour of ELVIA VERDE.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PLACENCIA
NORTH Block No. 36 and being Parcel No. 1839 & 1842

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Indenture dated 18th July,
1950 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 38 of 1950 at Folios
351-352 in favour of ANASTACIO E. USHER as Administrator of
the Estate Emma Louise Harris

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com -Page 7


Pursuant to Section 37(3) of the Registered Land Act, Chapter 194, Laws ofBelize, Revised Edition 2000,
notice is hereby given of the loss of the following Land and Lease Certificates:-

It is proposed to cancel the above Land Certificates after the expiration of twenty-one (21) days from the
appearance of this notice. Any of the above-mentioned certificates is required to return it to the Belize Land
Registry, Ministry ofNatural Resources & the Environment, Belmopan.


Registered Land Act
Chapter 194-Revised Edition 2000
Section 140 (1)


Name of Applicant
Ida Bain

Registration Section

Block No.

Parcel No.

The attention of the General public is hereby drawn to this notice. Any person whose rights and interest may be
affected by the registration of Ida Bain as proprietor with absolute title for Parcel No. 1200 Albert/Mesop
Registration Section containing 201.5 square meters is hereby requested to show cause on or within one month from
the date thereof, why ownership should not be granted to Ida Bain.


Registered Land Act
Chapter 194-Revised Edition 2000
Section 140 (1)


Name of Applicant

Registration Section

Block No.

Parcel No.

Application for ownership by prescription for the above mentioned parcel situate in Albert/Mesop Registration
Section has been received from MiguelArmando Valencia, being Parcel No. 832 containing 595.2 S.M.

The attention of the General public is hereby drawn to this notice. Any person whose rights and interest may be
affected by the registration of Miguel Armando Valencia as proprietor with absolute title for Parcel No. 832
Albert/Mesop Registration Section containing 595.2 square meters is hereby requested to show cause on or
within one month from the date thereof, why ownership should not be granted to Miguel Armando Valencia.


Art's Mobile Service
#54 George Price Avenue,
Santa Elena, Cayo
Tel: 804-2659 & 675-6179




Guaranteed Services
We AMS To Please

I .


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Instant Recognition

A man entered Scotiabank on
Burs Avenue in San Ignacio Town
with intention to pull off a discreet
He got a withdrawal slip, pulled out
a pen and pretending to be writing a
withdrawal, he wrote: "This iz a
stikup. Put a stak of $100 in dis
Then he stood in line. But he got
nervous thinking that someone might
have seen him write the note.
So he got out of the line, left
Scotiabank, walked across the street
and into Atlantic Bank.
This time he made sure that he had

A soldier ran up to
of breath he asked, "
hide under your skill
The Nun agreed.
A moment later
Policemen ran up
"Sister, have you se
"He went that w
After the MPs ran (
crawled out from und

the note properly concealed. He
joined the line and when his turn
came he handed the withdrawal slip
to the teller.
After reading the note, the teller
realizing that the man was not very
bright, said to him "Sir, I cannot
honor this request because this is
Scotiabank withdrawal. You will
need to go back to Scotiabank to
make this withdrawal."
Looking somewhat confused the
man said, "OK," and returned to
Scotiabank where the police pulled
up on him a few minutes later as he
was waiting his turn in the line.

Running From The War
a Nun and out said, "I can't thank you enough
Please, may I Sister You see, I don't want to go
rt. I'll explain to Iraq."
The Nun said, "I understand
two Military The soldier added, "Ihope I'm not
and asked, rude, but you have a great pair of
en a soldier? legs. "

ray", the Nun

off, the soldier
er her skirt and





S- --^ T 1- ... ... A ']70

The Nun replied, "If you had
looked a little higher, you would
have seen I don't want to go to
Iraq either.


We can introduce your
property to buyers
in Belize
and in America
and the world.



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Mrs. Mary Jones went to a pet
shop on Hydes Lane where she
spotted a large, beautiful parrot. The
price on the cage indicated that the
bird was going for $50.00.
"Why are you selling the parrot
so cheap," asked Mrs. Jones.
The owner looked at her and said,
"I should tell you first, that
this bird used to live at Raul's
Rose Garden, that infamous
prostituion house on the
Northern Highway, and it has a
tendency to sometimes say some
really vulgar things."
Mrs. Jones thought about this, but
decided she would buy the bird
anyway. She took it home and no
sooner had she hung the cage up in
her living room when the bird looked

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around the room and said, "New
house, new madam." Mrs. Jones
was a bit shocked at the implication,
but then thought "that's really not
so bad."
An hour later her two teenage
daughters arrived from school.
Immediately upon spotting them the
bird said, "New house, new
madam, new girls."
Mrs. Jones and the girls were a bit
offended but then began to laugh
about the situation considering
how and where the parrot had been
Shortly thereafter, Mrs. Jones'
husband, Keith came home from
work and burst into the living room.
The bird took one look at him and
said "Hi Keith!"

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Chema Gets Life Imprisonment For

Killing his Common-Law-Wife

BELIZE CITY, Monday, August
11, 2008:
After spending the last 44 months
inj ail remanded on a murder charge
Police Constable #395 Jose Maria
"Chema" Zetina was, on July 11,
2008 found guilty of the capital charge
and today, one month later, he was
sentenced to spend the rest of his life
The STAR was a relatively
new newspaper in Cayo, in fact
our records show we had produced
only 17 previous editions of the
newspaper when, during the early
hours on that fateful Monday
morning, November 29, 2004, word
began spreading like wild fire of the
gruesome chopping murder of Rosa
Isabel Mejia at the hands of her
policeman common-law-husband, in
the Hillview area of Santa Elena
When San Ignacio Police arrived
on the scene they came upon the
horrible sight of the victim drenched
in blood on the floor inside the
bedroom of their small bungalow
wooden house. Also at the scene was
PC Zetina who at the time of the
incident was posted to the Benque
Police Sub-station.
Mejia was found with a large cut
would in the center of the head,
another large cut wound from the
lower lip to the bottom of the chin,
herleft arm cut off atthe wrist, alarge
cut on the left arm midway between
her wrist and elbow, a large cut wound
on the left side of the face from the
edge of the eye to the temple and a
large cut wound on the right arm.
Police also found a 10 inch kitchen
knife with a 7 inch blade stuck almost
5 inches into her throat. In a nutshell,
the scene was horrific.
The post mortem examination also
revealed that the victim was about five
weeks pregnant at the time of her
violent death.
Also inside the house at the time of
the incident was the couple's 1 year
old daughter along with Zetina's four
other children from a previous
relationship (an 8 year old girl and
three boys ages 7, 3, and 2 at the
Although the couple had been living
together for less than two years, the
relationship was described as a
troubled one.
The victim was celebrating her 19th
birthday the day before with a little
social event at their home.
It is alleged that an argument erupted
when the victim got up early that
Monday morning and told Zetina that
she was leaving him for a second time
and that she was returning to her live
with her parents in Maskall Village.
The argument got out of control and
this was when Zetina armed himself
with sharp machete he kept in the

bedroom and knife from the kitchen
and went about chopping and
stabbing Mejia while she cried out in
vain for help.
The incident took place with seven
children inside the house including the
victim's 7 and 2 year old brothers.
The case, before Justice Herbert
Lord was prosecuted by Crown
Counsel Trenia Young while the
accused was defended by Attorney
Leo Bradley.
Just before passing the life
sentence, Justice Herbert Lord
heard mitigation pleas from Leo
Bradley as well as from two
character witnesses, Maria Moh,
sister of the convicted murderer and
Eduardo Alvarez a Justice of the
Peace from Santa Elena Town.
Maria, testified that her brother
took care of their eighty-five year old
father and seventy year old mother
and asked for the court to be lenient

with the sentence. Alvarez, a family
friend, testified that Zetina was the

provider for his nine children and
for his elderly parents. After listening
to mitigation pleas Justice Lord
ordered a sentence of life
The victim was buried on her family
farm in Maskall Village on December
1, 2004

Jose Maria "Chema" Zetina, 45, serving life imprisonment



The Government of the Republic of Cuba, under the Belize/Cuba Government Scholarship Programme, is
once again awarding scholarships to the Government of Belize for the Academic year 2008-2009. Qualifying
Belizean students would pursue a medical degree.

Tenure of Scholarships

The Scholarship is normally for the duration of the programme of studies and requires the scholarship holder
to maintain above average passing grades at the aforementioned University.


Applicants must:

1) Be a citizen ofBelize
2) Must be between the ages of 18 and 25
3) Complete a Scholarship Application Form (in triplicate) which can be obtained at the Ministry of
Education in Belmopan or District Education offices in the six districts.
4) Present certified copies ofAssociate Degree and Diploma as well as Transcript from Junior College and
Secondary level studies. These documents are to be authenticated by the Ministry of Education, the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, and the Embassy of Cuba in Belize City.
5) Present a recent (not older them 6 months) Medical Certificate indicating good health, including the
results of an HIV/AIDS test.
6) Present an updated police record.
7) Provide CXC and/or other equivalency examination results.
8) Provide 3 recent passport size photographs.

The Ministry of Education, has established a Selection Committee, which includes representatives of the
Cuban Embassy in Belize, Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. The
process of selection will include a programme of orientation for the successful applicants.

Completed application forms and other documents MUST be submitted to the attention of the Chief
Education Officer in the Ministry of Education no later than August 22nd, 2008. It is anticipated that selected
applicants will be invited for an interview in August 2008.

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God Versus Science

EVIL is the absence of GOOD -
EVIL is therefore the absence of GOD
Reproduced Courtesy MdMlrA ~ivar i( fea

The student stands quietly for a
moment, before asking a question of
his own.
"Professor, is there such thing
as heat?"
"Yes," the professor replies.
"There's heat."
"And is there such a thing as
"Yes, son, there's cold too."
"No sir, there isn't."
The professor turns to face the
student, obviously interested. The
room suddenly becomes very quiet.
The student begins to explain.
"You can have lots of heat, even
more heat, super-heat, mega-heat,
unlimited heat, white heat, a little
heat or no heat, but we don't have
anything called 'cold'.We can hit
up to 458 degrees below zero,
which is no heat, but we can't go
any further after that. There is no
such thing as cold; otherwise we
would be able to go colder than the
lowest -458 degrees. Every body
or object is susceptible to study
when it has or transmits energy,
and heat is what makes a body or
matter have or transmit energy.
Absolute zero (-458 F) is the total
absence of heat. You see, sir, cold
is only a word we use to describe
the absence of heat. We cannot
measure cold. Heat we can
measure in thermal units because
heat is energy. Cold is not the
opposite of heat, sir, just the
absence of it."
Silence across the room. A pen
drops somewhere in the classroom,
sounding like a hammer.
"What about darkness,


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FAX: 824-3240


"From Construction
Start To Finish"

professor? Is there such a thing
as darkness?"
"Yes," the professor replies
without hesitation. "What is night
if it isn't darkness?"
"You're wrong again, sir.
Darkness is not something; it is
the absence of something. You can
have low light, normal light, bright
light, flashing light, but if you have
no light constantly you have
nothing and it's called darkness,
isn't it? That's the meaning we
use to define the word. In reality,
darkness isn't. If it were, you
would be able to make darkness
darker, wouldn't you?"
The professor begins to smile at the
student in front of him. This will be a
good semester. "So what's the
point are you making, young
"Yes, professor. My point is,
your philosophical premise is
flawed to start with, and so your
conclusion must also be flawed."
The professor's face cannot hide
his surprise this time. "Flawed? Can
you explain how?"
"You are working on the
premise of duality," the student
explains. You argue that there is
life and then there's death; a
good God and a bad God. You are
viewing the concept of God as
something finite, something we
can measure. Sir, science can't
even explain a thought. It uses
electricity and magnetism, but has
never seen, much less fully
understood either one. To view
death as the opposite of life is to
be ignorant of the fact that death

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cannot exist as a substantive one appears to have done so. So,
thing. Death is not the opposite according to the established rules
of life, just the absence of it. Now of empirical, stable, demonstrable
tell me, professor. Do you teach protocol, science says that you
your students that they evolved have no brain with all due respect,
from monkey?" sir." "So if science says you have
"If you are referring to the no brain, how can we trust your
natural evolutionary process, lectures, sir?"
young man, yes, of course I do." Now the room is silent. The
"Have you ever observed professor just stares at the student,
evolution with your own eyes, his face unreadable. Finally, afterwhat
sir?" seems an eternity, the old man
The professor begins to shake his answers. "I guess you '11 have to
head, still smiling, as he realizes take them on faith."
where the argument is going. Avery "Now, you accept that there is
good semester, indeed, faith, and, in fact, faith exists with
"Let me tell you sir No one has life," the student continues. "Now,
ever observed the process of sir, is there such a thing as evil?"
evolution at work and cannot even Now uncertain, the professor
prove that this process is an responds, "Of course, there is. We
on-going endeavor. Are you see it everyday. It is in the daily
therefore then not teaching your example of man's inhumanity to
opinion, sir? Are you now not a man. It is in the multitude of
scientist, but rather a preacher?" crime and violence everywhere in
The class is in uproar. The student the world. These manifestations
remains silent until the commotion has are nothing else but evil."
subsided. To this the student replied, "Evil
"To continue the point you were does not exist sir, or at least it
making earlier to the other does not exist unto itself. Evil is
student, let me give you an simply the absence of God. It is
example of what I mean."The just like darkness and cold, a
student looks around the room. "Is word that man has created to
there anyone in the class who has describe the absence of God. God
ever seen the professor's brain?" did not create evil. Evil is the
The class breaks out into result of what happens when man
laughter, does not have God's love present
"Is there anyone here who has in his heart. It's like the cold
ever heard the professor's brain, that comes when there is no heat
felt the professor's brain, touched or the darkness that comes when
or smelt the professor's brain? No there is no light."

1 hereBiS No Ligh
On The Hawksworth Bridge There is Fear When Crossin At Niht
This concern is being expressed by concerned residents via this petition
which when it reached our office this Wednesday morning already had over
50 signatures. We trust that the relevant authorities will take appropriate
action to rectify this troubling condition.
There is a great fear when crossing the Hawkesworth bridge in the twin towns of San
Ignacio and Santa Elena. As the lights has been out since two months ago. This matter
was reported to the Cayo Police Department and the Officer in the Town Council's
office responsible for parks and amenities, who then called B.E.L Customer Service
Department, where two often lights were lit. We are still presently faced with the
problem where all lights are not functioning. A new report of this same issue was
made today at the Town Council's office where told that four letters has been written
and sent to the Ministry of Works, as it falls under their jurisdiction. Too much
i protocol concerning a serious matter of public safety. We the public would not like
to anticipate hearing something drastic and outrageous such as; RAPE MUGGING
S, ? -MURDER -or of one being thrown off the bridge into the river, imagining the

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Belize Tourism Board Enagage

New Marketing Agencies

BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, August
12th, 2008:
In a continued effort to increase the
efficiency and the growing needs of
Belize's industry stakeholders and
potential visitors, the Belize Tourism
Board is pleased to announce it's
new marketing suppliers BVK
Advertising & Public Relations Firm

and L&E International, it's new
fulfillment house.
BVK has a staff of over 234
professionals in Miami, Cape Coral,
Chicago, Kansas City, Little Rock,
Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New
Orleans, Phoenix, Sacramento, San
Diego, and Tampa offices. BVK
prides itself in developing integrated

communications campaigns for their
clients. BVK has won local, regional
national and international awards
for excellence and outstanding
achievement in public relations,
marketing and advertising.
L & E International Service Inc. is
a 19 year old freight forwarder and
procurement entity which services a
wide range of US and foreign
customers in the trade, promotional
and shipping industries. The mission
of L&E is to become partners with

Stroke Killed Singer Isaac Hayes

According the death certificate, Soul
legend Isaac Hayes, died from a
stroke on Sunday, August 10. He was
65 years of age.
His medical history indicate that
the 1971 OscarAward Soul Legend
was was undergoing treatment for a
high blood pressure stroke he suffered
in 2006.
Members of his family found him
at his Memphis home lying next to a
treadmill which was still switched on.
Several Police officers were
amoung the first set of emergency
service personnel responding to the
call. He was rushed to the hospital
where he was officially pronounced
According to an official from the
Sheriff's office the medical report
certifies that the artist suffered no head
injuries or any other trauma in the
Amemorial service for the late Isaac
Hayes was held at the Hope
Presbyterian Church in Cordova,
Tennessee on Monday.
His family issued a statement on
Tuesday which said: "While he was
an iconic figure to many, to us he
was husband, father and friend.
"We will ever miss his love,
wisdom, humour and the
familiar comfort of his voice."
The great Isaac Hayes, won an
Oscar in 1971 for the theme from the
film Shaft.
He was inducted into the US Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.
He provided the voice of Chef in
South Park.
He was married four times and is

Jode' o

9 e ace

The food i5
asotely fantastic! !
And We also JeLier,
Just caL 804-2522

MV th iadat tkm out our

g uwewowtirafnamiay.,Io

the father of dozen children.
The passing of this
international musical icon
prompted a wave of
tributes from fellow
musicians, including
singer Gloria Gaynor,
who refered to him as
"a gentleman and an
extremely warm and
talented artist".

the companies they represent and as
such are fully committed to customer
satisfaction and excellence in service.
"We are confident that our new
Marketing & PR Agency, BVK
and our Fulfillment House, L&E,
will both serve to compliment the
industry's goals of building a
strong relationship with the
tourism private sector in an effort
to achieve greater efficiency in the
continued development of this
vibrant industry," comments
Tourism Director, Mrs. Tracy
Panton. "We welcome BVK and
L&E as our new partners in
tourism and look forward to
working with them in
accomplishing the objectives
and goals of the Board," Panton
For more information on the
developments and events in Belize's
Tourism Industry, please contact the
Marketing Department at the Belize
Tourism Board at (501)-227-2420,
via email: btbbabtl.net or visit our
web site www. belizetourism. org.


I -S mWiU 1 ItKl I

The Legendary Isaac Hayes during the
2002 ceremony when he was inducted into
the US Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (photo AP)

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BYoTIT Hoocp &~ ~b1i]~~ Lucky Numbrsr I

ij March 21 April 20
People are impressed by your
charm; Friendship activities are fun.
Purchase jewelry and antiques as a
form of investment. Pay extra
attention to everyday chores as the
week draws to a close. Your lucky
day is Tuesday and your lucky
niimhprr are 14, 47, 59.
April 21 May 21
Despite a few problems early in
the week, things should work out
better than you expected. You could
meet with some interesting money
making opportunities while out
visiting friends. Your lucky day is
Wednesday and your lucky numbers
are 30, 63, 87.

4f Y May 22 June 21
Pleasing news should come via
a telephone call, text message, email
or letter. Deceptive trends
suggest you should exercise care
when mixing with people you've only
recently met. Your lucky day is
Monday and your lucky numbers are
22.37. 93.

,' June 22 July 22
Some dreams do come through
and by the end of the week you will
feel you have moved a step closer to
achieving a special goal. Achange in
plans could turn out to be lucky for
you now. Your lucky day is Thursday
and your lucky numbers are 18, 25,
64. .

c* '* July 23 Aug. 23
You might pull out of social
arrangements to devote more time to
a personal project or you just want
to put the finishing touches to aj ob
that is almost completed. Your lucky
day is Friday and your lucky numbers
are 19, 31, 83.

A Aug. 24 Sept. 22
Be assertive! Don't hold back on
making new moves and new doors
will open up for you. Romance is
highly favored this week. Your
intuitive powers are especially high in
the evenings. Your lucky day is
Wednesday and your lucky numbers
are 07. 34. 80.

Sepl 23 Oc 23
You might help others through
doing some voluntary work or
fund-raising. Your generosity and big
heartedness is likely to attract good
fortune and this will come about in a
strange way. Your lucky day is
Tuesday and your lucky numbers are
28, 43, 52.

,. Oct. 24 Nov. 22
A turning point is reached and all
of a sudden your financial or job
situation seems so much stable than it
did a little while ago. Agreements are
easily reached with others. Your lucky
day is Friday and your lucky numbers
are 05, 17, 23.

i(t Nov. 23 Dec 21
This is a very good time to catch up
on a backlog of work. This should
lead the way clearforyou to go after
what you really and truly want.
Dealings with your supervisors and
other higherups in the organization are
favored now. Your lucky day is
Monday and your lucky numbers are
08.26. 41.

Dec. 22 Jan. 20
You will get through a huge
amount as your energy is high
but take care you don't overtire
yourself by the weekend. Joint
efforts are successful now and
mixed trends affect your social
picture. Your lucky day is
Wednesday and your lucky numbers
are 00, 55, 72.

Jan. 21 Feb. 18
Someone you need to talk to
may be hard to pin down. This is
likely to be a busy week socially; you
still intend to make time for
personal interest. If you are looking
for romance, you radiate charm!
Your lucky day is Tuesday and
your lucky numbers are 03, 21,

Feb. 19 Mar. 20
The key to furthering your
progress and getting more out of life
is by developing the skills you already
or learning new ones. In being
willing to advance your personal
development you will attract luck and
success your way. Your lucky day is
Thursday and your lucky numbers are
16.39. 91.

T LUi4 Qat 4a CreeK

"My husband and I spent the first part
of our honeymoon at Chaa Creek, and
we are counting down the days until
a big anniversary so we can return,
It has been one year, and we still talk
about it every day."
STrip Advisor Member, August 3, 008

Lode, Adntur Centre and Spa



* Bullet Tree Road

* Open Air With Trees

* Landscaped

* Electricity Next To Road

* Private Driveway

* Beautiful Location

Call: Rod Allen
824-3751 -824-2060

Emai: reervalon i-- harekcmCll BelKize501) 2

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Come Join The Neighborhood Watch Group he goals of the Neighborhood
BY: Cynthia Reece If you live in the area and would like Watch Group are to:
We are in the process of forming to be a part of the group, please feel a) reduce the incident of crime in the
the Aguada Zone Neighborhood free to contact us at: Society and increase the level ofsafety
Watch Group. cynthiarainforest@gmail.com and comfort of all citizens.
How To Organize A Neighborhood Watch Group

Submitted By: Cynthia Reece
An active Neighborhood Watch
program can effectively reduce crime
to homes and improve safety in

We are located
on Burns Avenue
in the heart of
San Ignacio Town,
Please Call us at:

Neighborhood crime facts:
Ways to keep your Neighborhood
Watch active:
Burglary, auto theft, domestic
violence, theft, and graffiti are the most
prevalent neighborhood crimes.
Household burglary is a crime
of opportunity, the easiest to prevent
but the hardest to solve.
Residential burglary is one of
the most increasing crimes in the
Most burglars are either
juveniles or young adults who need
to support a drug habit.
Half of all home burglaries
occur during the day.
A majority of residential
burglaries occur because someone
has left a door or window unlocked.
People who interrupt a burglar
are aptto be seriously injured and risk
Organizing a Neighborhood
Step #1 First ask your neighbors.
Visit your neighbors and ask for their
support and participation in forming
the neighborhood watch.
Step #2: Register your

Neighborhood Watch Group with the
local Police Head Station.
Step #3: Distribute invitations
to your neighbors requesting they
attend and participate in the next
scheduled Neighborhood Watch
(NW) training workshop. All
households, and residents in the
proposed NW area should be invited
to attend the NW workshop training.
Step #4: Attend training
workshop. The Neighborhood
Watch workshop trains all
participants in areas of Watch
techniques, complete NW forms,
prevent home burglary and ID theft.
Step #5: After the training
schedule your first NW meeting and
complete the forms presented at the
Step #6: After evaluating
strengths and weaknesses of
members of the group make the
selection for leadership roles in the
group. Every NW must have a Block
Captain. You may also consider
having a Co-Captain, or an assistant
Block Captain.
Step #7: Install NW signs at the
entrance of your NW area.

b) provide a community service
which earns the respect, confidence
and active support of the community.
c) Help develop strong, vibrant and
wholesome communities.
The main objectives of the
Neighborhood Watch group is to:
a) promote a better understanding
of the role of the police in the
b) develop closer working
relationship with the police.
c) maintain open lines of
communication between the Police
Department and citizens.
d) help develop and maintain a
positive police/citizens relationship.
e) collaborate with members of the
f) to work with educational
organizations to improve relations
with youths in the community.


.#4 Far West Street, San Ignacio, Cayo
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Employer Awards Ceremony

BELIZE CITY, Thursday, August
14, 2008:
On Friday, August 15, 2008,
Rotary Belize along with Belize
Chamber of Commerce and Industry
will host the 1 st Annual Employer of
the Year Awards Ceremony at the
Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza.
The Employer of the Year
Competition was launched in
March 2008 and employees were
encouraged to nominate their
employers for the prestigious
Paul J. Harris Award.
There were four categories, Most
Environmentally Concious Employer,

Best Tourism Employer, Best
Industry Employer and Best Overall
Employer of the Year. Ten companies
made the final cut and will be
introduced at the gala tomorrow night.
Both Rotary Belize and the BCCI
agreed that all proceeds from the
Awards Ceremony would benefit
Youth Business TrustBelize, an IADB
funded program offering young
persons between the ages of 18 and
35 assistance in starting their own
businesses. The program offers loan
financing, training and the valued
component, mentoring, which guides
the young persons' businesses on the


of bushings, and I shouted an
order for him to stop but the
Hispanic man continued heading
towards me. Just as he was about
to collide into me I stepped aside
and struck him with the bar. He
fell to the ground. Ijumped on top
of him and pinned him to the
ground. The Belizean policemen
ran up to the spot where I had the
man on the ground I then released
him into the custody of the police.
They placed him a vehicle and
drove off. By this time my parents
had already exited the building
and we walked towards the
Guatemalan border. My parents
took the passports to be checked
by the Guatemalans and I

boarded the front passenger seat
ofa Guatemalan taxi. My parents
hopped into the back seat and my
two brother-in-laws were well on
the way walking into Melchor.
Before the taxi could move off a
mob of about 15 to 20 angry
Guatemalan male persons, armed
with sticks, stones and pieces of
board stormed the taxi and began
attacking me. Two of them
punched me in the face and they
began ordering me to get out of
the vehicle. My mother rushed out
from the back seat and placed
herself between the angry mob
and myself still seated in the front
passenger seat. She told them that
if they were going to kill her son
they will have to kill her too. An

road to success.
The sponsors for the night's event
are Belize Tourism Board, Protected
Areas Conservations Trust, Belize
Biltmore Plaza Hotel, Rotary Belize,
Raul Villanueva and the Belize
Chamber of Commerce and
Industry. Thanks for their vision and
Thank you Rotary Belize and

Belize Chamber of Commerce and
Industry for your generous
contribution to Youth Business Trust
Belize and for those who attend to
support us.
Tickets are being Sold at Rotary,
the Chamber or at Youth Business
Trust Offices for a contribution of
$50.00 each. Come out and support
youth enterprise in Belize!

Business or private to Int.
Airport, Belize City watertaxi,
Corozal or Placencia Compfy,
safe and on time.
min. 1 up to 6 people max.
TEL: 620-3055
belizel 1l22000 ahoocomrn

acquaintance told me to stay in
the car because they would kill me
if Igot out Some of the angry mob
began threatening to set the car
on fire ifI did not come out. This
was when I realized that the
individual I had assisted to detain
was not a Belizean from Benque
but actually a Guatemalan from
Melchor and a relative of several
of the persons who were attack-
ing me. I learnt that one of them
was his brother and another
was his uncle. They were joined
by other relatives, several
Guatemalan coyotes (those
engaged in crossing illegal
immigrants) as well as a few
peseros (Guatemalan money
My father was hit with a stick
on the hand as he attempted to
shield me from the attack. While
the attack was in full swing, two
Guatemalan policemen arrived on
the scene and they took command
of the situation. They escorted me
to the nearby police station. The
angry mob followed still armed
with sticks, stones and pieces of
board. They began demanding
the release of the individual whom
I had earlier assisted the Belize
Police to detain on Belizean
territory in exchange for my
release. Although I was bleeding
and those responsible for the
injury were right there, the
Guatemalan policemen were not
interested in the injuries nor in
the persons responsible for
injuring me, instead they were
threatening to take me to their
head station in Santa Elena,
Peten. They were unable to tell
me on what charge I was being
held but insisted that all they
needed was for only one from the
angry mob to file a report against
me. Despite my request, they were
not interested in recording a
statementfrom me."
Sgt Patt informed that he was
locked up in a cell at the police
station where he was kept for about
10 minutes until a policeman who
appeared to be the person in charge
arrived and ordered that he be taken
out of the cell.

"By this time Inspector Orlando
Mai, Belize's Border Liaison
Officer arrived on the scene along
with the Guatemalan Consul
residing in Benque.
Assistant Commissioner Crispin
Jefferies at Police Headquarters
in Belmopan was apprised of the
situation by Inspector Mai and
the instruction was issued for the
exchange to take place. I was
brought from the police station to
the Guatemalan Border Station.
The Guatemalan detainee was
brought from the Benque Station
to the border point and the
exchange was made.
I later found out that the
Guatemalan was carrying several
suspected fraudulent traveling
documents hence the reason for
his initial detention.
My parents and I returned to
San Ignacio without food,
medicine or vehicle parts.
This was an experience of a
lifetime. In my almost 29 years of
service in the Belize Police
Department I have never
experienced something like this.
Vigilante Justice appears to be
very much alive andprospering in
that land immediately west of our
border. As Belizeans, we must not
fool ourselves; we enter that
foreign land at our own risk. Our
rights evaporate into thin air the
moment we lift ourfeet off the soil
of our blessed Belizean land.
Guatemala, at least Melchor, will
not see me again in a very long
time, "concluded Sgt. Patt.
Immediately upon returning from
the border, Sgt. Patt obtained a pair
of police medico legal forms and
visited the San Ignacio Town
Hospital where he was treated for
injuries to the face and both arms. The
injuries were irrelevantly classified as
harm. "Irrelevantly classified as
harm" we say because since the
attack took place in Guatemalan
jurisdiction, a related trial cannot be
held in Belize. Secondly, arresting and
charging fellow Guatemalans for an
act committed on Guatemalan soil
appears to be the furthest thing,
according to Sgt. Francisco, from the
minds of Guatemalan officials.

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