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Publisher: Alberto Orlando August
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Publication Date: July 30, 2008
Copyright Date: 2008
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"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"


District, Monday, July 28,2008:
He walked free from prison on July
1, 2008 after spending 3 years
remanded on a murder charge.
He went missing 11 days after his
release from prison.
He remained missing for 13 days
until his decomposed body was
found on Saturday, July 26,2008.
This is a summary of events in the
short life of Pedro "Junie" Guzman
Jr., 24, after he was released from
Pedro Guzman Jr. was only 20 years
of age in July 2004, when he, along
with Henry Baptist, was first
detained for the murder of Hershel
Brown who was found with a
slashed throat near the farmers
market in San Ignacio Town. He was
released shortly thereafter but a year
later he was rearrested and charged
for the murder.

He remained on remand for the next
three years until the case was
eventually dismissed on July 1, 2008
for want of prosecution after a key
witness was unable to recall the events
he related to the police in a statement
4 years earlier.
The sequence of events after he
went missing began on Monday, July
13 when the mother, Lorraine
Guzman, visited the San Ignacio
Police Station and reported her son
missing. She informed the police that
the last reported sighting of her son
was at the Sunday evening football
game the previous day, July 12.
She kept going back and forth
to the police and was growing
desperate as she was getting the
feeling that her request for a search
for her missing child was falling on
deaf ears.
It was not until around noon on
Saturday, July 26, when a team from

August & Woods Found With
District, Monday, July 28, 2008:
Two Santa Elena men are today
cooling their heels behind bars after
being caught with two 100 pound
sacks of stolen flour.
It was shortly after 11:00 p.m., on
Thursday, July 24 when a team of
alert patrolling policemen came upon
the driver and occupants of a blue taxi
cab acting suspiciously on Hospital
Street in San Ignacio Town.
The car was stopped and a search
yielded the suspected stolen merchan-
diseinsidethevehicle. Alsoinsidethe "Munus" August, 48, Belizean
car were passengers Ernest Woods, laborer of a George Price Avenue
49, Belizean laborer of a Santa address also in Santa Elena.
Elena Town address and Anthony The driver of the cab was released

Pedro "Junie" Guzman Jr., 24
the Police Special Patrol Unit (SPU) be human remains off a dirt road near
"stumbled" upon what appeared to the western village of Calla Creek.

Greedy's Flour

Ernest Woods, 49

after he told the police that he was
merely doing a job and that he was
not aware of the origin of the cargo.

Reports reaching us indicate that
the SPU, on operation in the Calla
Creek Area came first upon what
appeared to be human bones, about
15 feet off the edge of the dirt road in
an area about three miles from the
Police Substation in Bullet Tree
A further search was conducted and
the police came upon a human skull,
fitted with a black warm cap, perched
on a stick about 300 yards from the
area where the bones were found.
The team then alerted Crimes
Investigation Branch personnel from
the San Ignacio Police station who
arrived on the scene shortly
CIB personnel gathered and
transported it to the morgue at the San


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Patrick Owen Miller Laid To Rest
Delivered by: Alberto August

Are Our aws Truly ProtectingOu Children Heart Church San Ignacreo,
TadTa Tulh 22 2008:

By instinct we are naturally
programmed to protect our
An animal will instinctively
protect its young.
A mother hen is on constant
alert as it protects its chicks and
will launch into immediate
attack at the slightest sign of
A dog will bite if its young are
molested. And the list goes on.
It is for this reason therefore
that child protection laws are
enacted as we seek to legally
protect our children from
Recent events however should
make us seriously consider if
some aspects of the very laws
that have been enacted to
protect our children are not
being used to exploit the same
children they are designed and
intended to protect.
If lawmakers and those
keeping the statistics have not
by now come to the realization
that an increasing number of
crimes are being committed by
children then there is a strong
possibility that someone might
have fallen asleep at the wheel.
By law, the media is prohibited
from publishing the names and
photographs of children arrested
and charged for crimes. Could
seasoned criminals be using
our children to commit crimes
while hiding behind this legal
If we had published his name
and photograph instead of merely
providing a generic reporting,
would Mike and Donna Hill, for
example, have let down their
guard knowing that they had
on their workforce a boy who was
on bail for attempting to murder
a woman a few months earlier?
Would they have even consented
to having this person in their
midst any at all?
In gathering the news for this
edition of the newspaper we
visited the San Ignacio Police
station on Monday morning and
what a painful sight it was to see
no less than three young boys
sharing police hold cells with
grown men.
We could see the fear on their
young faces as they were getting
ready to enter the major leagues
while mentally preparing for life
behind bars.
One of the boys, only 15 years
of age and obviously devoid of

guidance, instantly pled guilty to
burglarizing a house in Santa
He made off with over $11,000
worth of jewelry along with 3
packs of chicken, 3 pounds of
pork and 8 bottles of soft drinks.
All the items were recovered as
the frightened child took the
police to every location where
the stolen items were.
Notwithstanding his willing
"cooperation" with the police,
he was sentenced to 2 years in
jail. He will be 17 years of age,
and maybe a more seasoned
criminal, when he is released
back into society in 2010. We
can only hope that he is
rehabilated instead of destroyed.
Another boy, also in the same
age range was being held in
connection with the attack and
stealing ofa watchman's shotgun.
What on earth could a 15 year
old boy possibly want with a
shotgun? Why would a 15 year
old boy be out of his bed at 1:00
a.m., scaling a fence to enter a
compound that is protected by
an armed guard?
Law making is a dynamic
process, laws must be adapted
to suit changing times and
circumstances. Is it therefore not
time for us to seriously rethink
the current policy of protecting
the identity those who are being
used to inflict the most damage
on the community?
This therefore begs the
question: As we see the prison
loading up each passing day with
young offenders, can we really
and truly say that our laws
are protecting our children?


"The Newspaper that
cares and dares to
bring out the truth "

42AWestern Highway,
Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America
Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
Tel: 626-8822
626- 3788

Good evening everyone.
We are gathered here today to say
goodbye to Patrick Owen Miller.
We all knew him as Pat. He was
born on the 25 day of July 1964, the
8th of 10 children born out of the union
ofAunty Ida and Uncle Jimmy Miller.
Pat was born, grew up and
attended primary school in Santa
Elena and High School in San Ignacio
Pat would have been celebrating
his 44th birth on Friday, and today,
we are gathered here to pay our
last respects and to show our
appreciation for the life of Patrick
Owen Miller.
Losing a loved one is one of the
most difficult stages in all our lives.
It is difficult for friends and distant
It is more difficult for Brothers and
Image how much, much more
difficult it is for a mother who has
devoted all her life to her children.
Pat fell ill a few months ago and
like any loving family, Aunty Ida,
Nora, Dolores, Patricia and the rest
of the family ensured that he received
the best medical treatment money
could buy.
But Pat had his own mind. Although
his life decisions often times caused
heartaches for the family, Pat had a
strong will. He spent his last moments
with his friends at the Bus stop located
at the intersection of the Western
Highway and George Price Avenue
in Santa Elena. There was where Pat
wanted to be.
One thing is for sure, wherever Pat
was Aunty Ida always made sure
that his clothes were neat and clean
and most of all that his bleached socks
were always as white as snow.
Pat knew that the call of his creator
was drawing near and I am told that
he made sure that he asked his
mother for forgiveness.
He made sure that he asked Nora
for forgiveness.
He made sure that he asked
Dolores for forgiveness.
And yes, he made sure that he was
right with the Lord.
Dolores tells me that he began
attending Sunday mass regularly and

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X ucbuay, a MY /vvo .-

Patrick Owen Miller, 43
Sunrise: July 25, 1964
Sunset: July 18, 2008
so when we saw him laying before us,
we saw a person at peace with
himself, at peace with his family and
most certainly at peace with his maker.
Let us therefore take comfort in t
he knowledge that Pat has gone to
He is now in that wonderful place
where pain and sorrows are no more.
Pat is survived by his mother Aunty
Ida, Six sisters Elvira, Nora,
Amirna, Amelia, Dolores and
He is also survived by one brother,
Herbert "Passy" Miller two sons
Patrick Jr. and Adrian and three
grandchildren as well as his common
law wife for the past six years,
Martha Garcia, several Nieces,
Nephews, Aunts, Uncles, other
relatives and countless friends.
Pat has now gone toj oin his father
Jimmy Miller, his sister Ruby and
his brother Albert. And so while are
bidding him goodbye, his father, his
brother and his sister are welcoming
him in that place that is prepared for
all ofus.
Apart from being gathered here
this evening to say goodbye to Pat.
We are also here to lend our support
to Aunty Ida and her children as well
as to Patrick Jr., Adrian, Martha and
the grandchildren in this their time of
bereavement. This is that time when
family must put aside their differences
and embrace each other as one.
On behalf of Aunty Ida and the
family, I take this opportunity to thank
all of you for being here with us
Pat you will forever be missed.
We saw that look on your face. You
are now resting in peace my cousin.
You have gone before us but rest
assured we will meet again some

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 3

The Belmopan City Council hereby advises all
property owners in the City of Belmopan who are in
arrears of property taxes of Five Hundred Dollars
($500) or more to make satisfactory arrangements for
the payment of such arrears not later than July 31,
2008. Failure to do so will result in the publication of
their names and further legal action to recover the

Property owners are also reminded that property taxes
are payable in quarterly installments on the first day
ofApril, July, October and January of each fiscal year.
Owners who have not paid their quarterly installments
for April and July of the 2008/2009 fiscal year are
advised that these payments are due and that the
Council will proceed to take legal action if these
installments are not paid.

City Administrator
July 15, 2008

Page 4 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Wednesday, July 30, 2008



In accordance with Section 13 of the Registered Land Act Chapter 194, Re-
vised Edition 2000, I, ETHEL EMELISA GLADDEN, Ag. Deputy Registrar of
Lands, hereby serve notice that within one month from the date hereof, I intend
to register the following parcels of land listed below for which application for
first registration have been received.
The attention of the general public is hereby drawn to this notice. Any person
whose rights and interest may be affected by the registering of these parcels
must get in touch with me before expiry date of this notice between Mondays
to Fridays at the Land Registry, Belmopan


This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PLACENTIA
NORTH, Block
No. 36 and being Parcel No, 1846, 1847,1848, 1849, 1850
This parcel of land is the subject of a Vesting Assent No.1509/1993 dated 29th
June, 1993 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 18 of 1993 at Folios 59-74 in

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PEMBROKE HALL,
Block No. 1 and being Parcel No. 175
This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No. 498 of 1979
dated 18th October, 1979 in favour of HECTOR CABB.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SANTA CLARA/
SAN ROMAN, Block No.1 and being Parcel No, 472
This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No. 664 of 2001
dated 10"' September, 2001 in favour of LUCAS MARIN & FEBE MARIN
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section PLACENTIA
NORTH, Block No. 36 and being Parcel No. 773
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No.1783/2003
dated 30" May, 2003 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 23 of 2003 at Folios
945-950 in favour of WILLIAM B. TAYLOR & ADRIANE TAYLOR

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section PLACENTIA
NORTH, Block No. 36 and being Parcel No. 706
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No.2171/1998
dated 18h August, 1998 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 26 of 1998 at
Folios 139-148 in favour of WILLIAM TAYLOR & ADRIANE TAYLOR

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, MILLER'S BIGHT,
Block No.4 and being Parcel No.590
This parcel of land is the subject of a Vesting Assent No.0697/200S dated 23rd
March, 2005 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 9 of 2005 at Folios 1175-
1184 in favour of BENEDICTA CARBALLO

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration WARREE BIGHT/FRESH-
WATER, Block No.3 and being Parcel No. 42
This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No. 459 of 2002
dated 6" July, 2002 in favour ofVILDO MARIN.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SARTENEJA Block
No.3 and being Parcel No. 631
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No.2711/1997
dated 29" October, 1997 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 29 of 1997 at
Folios 1317-1322 in favour of CAROLINA MOH & DAMASIO MOB

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PROGRESSO Block
No.1 and being Parcel No. 776
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Gift No.1789/2006 dated 13th
June, 2006 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 23 of 2006 at Folios 537-544
in favour of VERLA L. KERR-BIDOS & BERHIER BIDOS (Jointly).

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PLACENTIA
NORTH Block No. 36 and being Parcel No. 2587, 2588, 2589
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 1806 2004
dated 22nd July. 2004 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 24 of 2004 at Folios
589-608 in favour of JON L. LUDWIG & JUAN CORDERO CADUCIO

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PLACENTIA
NORTH Block No. 36 and being Parcels No. 2586 & 2591
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 1306/2005 dated
26th May, 2005 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 17 of 2005 at Folios 1241-

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN LAZARO
VILLAGE, Block No.4 and being Parcel No. 96
This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No. 590 of 1991
dated 2" December, 1991 in favour of OFELIO CARBALLO.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ALBERT/MESOP
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No.853
This'parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No.663/1989 dated
17'1 April, 1998 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 7 of 1989 at Folios 713-
720 in favour of GRETA MARIE NEAL

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, QUEEN SQUARE
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 266
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No.827/1975 dated
21st July, 1975 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 6 of 1975 at Folios 1335-
1344 in favour of NATHAN MCKENZIE.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PLACENTIA
NORTH Block No. 36 and being Parcel No. 2052
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance NO.336/1995 dated
29th January, 1995 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 4 of 1995 at Folios
1235-1240 in favour of JUAN CADUCIO & ALEX CADUCIO (Jointly).

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, CAROLINA/
CALCUTTA Block No.1 and being Parcel No.91
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No.2484/1999 dated
15th September, 1995 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 29 of 1999 at Folios
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SARTENEJA, Block
No.3 and beingParcel No. 680
This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No. 597 of 2004
dated 5A August, 2004 in favour of OROLIO BLANCO.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SARTENEJA, Block
No.3 being Parcel No. 681
This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No. 1397 of 2003
dated 161h August, 2004 in favour of OROLIO BLANCO.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, VISTA DEL MAR,
Block No. 16 and being Parcel No. 2202
This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No.1173/1975 dated 8th
October, 1975 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 9 of 1975 at Folios 709-710

This parcel of land are situated in the Registration Section, ALBERT/MESOP,
Block No. 45 and being Parcels No. 241 & 244
This parcel of land is the subject of a Vesting Assent No.2561/1993 dated 26"1
November, 1993 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 30 of 1993 at Folios
1163-1174 in favour of RUDOLPH COLEMAN, RANSFORD

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ALBERT/MESOP
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 596
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No.130/1983 dated
19'h January, 1983 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 3 of 1983 at Folios
365-374 in favour of JOHN JOSEPH QUAN.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PLACENTIA
NORTH, Block No.36 and being Parcel No. 1879
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No.690/1999 dated
26" February, 1999 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 8 of 1999 at Folios 5-
12 in favour of ANNA LESLIE.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, GUINEA GRASS,
(Continued on page 9)

I InsaJl 0 08-SA e: 2-82& 2-78-Ealsanwpprgalcm-Pg

District, Monday, July 28,2008:
Police have arrested and charged
two male persons and are looking for
a third suspect in connection with a
robbery at a butane gas outlet in San
Ignacio Town.
It was shortly after 8:00 p.m., on
Saturday, July 26, when Andy Eck,
27, Belizean Gas Attendant of aPhillip
Goldson address in San Ignacio Town
reported to police that a few minutes
earlier, three masked men armed with
knives emerged from the dark back
section of his house and proceeded
to rob him of the week's sale,
amounting to over $3,500.
Eck, who works as an agent for
Western Gas Company, informed that
he was inside the single bedroom of
his house counting the week's sale
when the men entered.
The first one to enter proceeded
to put out the light in the hall/kitchen
by pulling down the switch located on
the right side of the entrance door.
Just about that time his wife, Zaida
Vasquez, was exiting the single
bedroom when one of the men
grabbed her by the throat and shoved
her back into the bedroom where Eck
was sitting on abed counting the cash.
Although they were masked, and
with the heln ofthe briht liht inside

Two Arrested For Robbery

Leon Smith, 21 Charles Stevens, 18

Eck reportedly told them to take all
the money and leave. Two of the
2-T 1

charge. Prosecutor George Gomez
objected to the granting of bail on the
grounds of the prevalence of this
particular type of crime within the
community. They were subsequently
remanded to the Hattieville Prison and
are scheduled be brought back
before the court on Thursday,

September 25, 2008.
They can therefore kiss goodbye
the festivities leading up to
the September 10 St. George's
Caye Day and celebrations
commemorating the 27h Anniversary
of the Nation's Independence on

The Victims Zaida Vasquez (L) and Andy Eck (R)

the room, Eck was able to recognize
one of them as Leon Smith from the
teardrops tattoo on the left eye.
According to Eck, Smith had been
a customer for the past three years
and at first he thought that they were
pulling a prank but the situation
suddenly changed when two of them
began beating him and his wife in
the presence of their infant child
who was on a smaller bed inside the

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attackers continued struggling with
him and in the process Eck managed
to unmask one of them. He held on
to the stocking that the attacker was
wearing on the head and has since
handed it over to the police as
evidence along with a baseball bat
which he later found leaned across
the door of an adjacent outside
While two of them were busy
attacking Eck and his wife, the third
assailant hastily gathered the money
that was scattered across the floor in
the attack. They then ran out the house
and disappeared into the darkness.
The investigation led to the prompt
arrest of Leon Smith, 21, Belizean
labor of a nearby 18' Street address
and his brother-in-law Charles
Stevens, 18, of a Mile 44 Western
Highway, Cotton Tree Village address.
They appeared before
Magistrate Kathlene Lewis on
Monday, July 28 where they both
plead not guilty to thej oint robbery




Construction Tim6er7 Jouses

The Ministry of Works hereby invites contractors who are
interested in supplying or constructing Timber Houses
within Southside-Belize City under the Southside Poverty
Alleviation Project- Home Improvement.

The works consist of the construction of several timber
houses approximately 250 sq ft for residents in
Southside, Belize City. These houses should be comprised of
galvalum roofing or similar, approved hardwood
or treated pine walls and floor, ceiling, main doors,
stairs and reinforced concrete foundations.

Interested persons should register their interest on 31st July
2008 to the office of the Project Execution Unit, Ministry of
Works in Belmopan, at fax 822-0563; for additional
information with regards to specifications and for submitting
your particulars.

Belmopan, July 2008

I _

IWednesday, July 30, 2008

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Page 6 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Suicide Suspected In Soldier's Death

Cayo District, Monday, July 28,
The body of a young Belize
Defence Force (BDF) soldier today
lies inside the morgue at the San
Ignacio Town Hospital where it waits
the legally required post mortem
San Ignacio police reports that

acting upon information received at
around 7:30 p.m., on Sunday, July 27,
they visited a residence in the
western village of Santa Familia where
they were directed to the suspected
lifeless body ofBDF soldier, Samuel
Carrias, 18.
The body was found lying on the
ground with what appeared to be a
single gunshot wound to the left side

of the abdomen and with a 16 gauge
shotgun nearby.
The body was transported to the San
Ignacio Town Hospital where it was
officially pronounced dead by the
medical officer on duty and placed
inside the morgue.
Police reports that Mario Carrias,
brother of the deceased, informed that
earlier that day Samuel arrived at the

Two Guatemalan Watchmen Sent To Jail

District, Thursday, July 24,2008:
Two Guatemalan watchmen from
Buena Vista Village in the Cayo
District today pled guilty to theft and
handling stolen goods charges and
were sentenced to 12 months in jail.
San Ignacio police reports that
shortly after 8:00 a.m., on Monday,
July 21, Belizean Businessman, Eric
Tobar visited the police substation in
the Mennonite community of Spanish
Lookout and reported the loss of a

stock of lumber and 5 sheets of
celotex, valued at $2,169.25, from his
business place in Spanish Lookout.
Swift investigation led to the farm
of Alberto Moore in Buena Vista
Village where all the missing items
were recovered.
The investigation revealed that the
complainant's Guatemalan watchman,
Oscar Salazar, 54, along with
another accomplice, Rodolfo
Alvarez, 27, dishonestly removed the
items from the complainant's

warehouse and transported them to
Moore's farm for safekeeping.
They appeared before Magistrate
Kathlene Lewis where Oscar
Salazar pled guilty to charges of theft
and handling stolen goods while
Rodolfo Alvarez pled guilty to the
charge of handling stolen goods. They
were each sentenced to 12 months in

family home visibly upset.
He reportedly proceeded to arm
himself with a 16 gauge shotgun but it
was taken away from him.
He allegedly re-entered the house
and took possession of another 16
gauge shotgun and this time he ran out
the house before anyone could catch
Shortly thereafter, a single gunshot
blast broke the silence of the night and
Private Samuel Carrias was found
motionless on the ground a short
distance from the house, with a
gunshot wound to the left side of the
abdomen and the 16 gauge shotgun
at his side.
In the current absence of
contradictory information and
evidence, investigators are ruling the
incident as a case of suicide as they
await the post mortem examination
while the Carrias family are making
arrangements to lay Private Samuel
Carrias to rest in his home village of
Santa Familia.

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Progress Made In
Adapted from the BBC World
News, Tuesday, July 29, 2008:

There have been significant gains in
preventing new HIV infections in a
number of heavily-affected countries,
a United Nations programme report
says. However, UNAids warns the
Aids epidemic is not over in any part
of the world.
The report says prevention
programmes have seen changes in
sexual behaviour, and a drop in
infection rates in countries such as
Rwanda and Zimbabwe.
Condom use is also increasing
among young people with multiple
partners in many countries.
Another encouraging sign is that
young people are waiting longer to
have sexual intercourse, the report
This has been seen in seven of the
most affected countries: Burkina
Faso, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana,
Malawi, Uganda and Zambia.

HIV Prevention
In Cameroon the percentage of
young people having sex before the
age of 15 has decreased from 35%
to 14%.
UNAids reports that since 2005
there has been a tripling of HIV
prevention efforts, with a focus on sex
workers, men who have sex with men,
and injecting drug users.

The report also reveals that the
percentage ofHlIV-positive pregnant
women receiving antiretroviral drugs
to prevent transmission of the virus to
their child rose from 14% in 2005 to
33% in 2007. In the same period the
numbers of new infections among
children fell from 410,000 to 370,000.
Dr. Peter Piot, UNAIDS
executive director, welcomed the
progress. But he said: "Gains in
saving lives by preventing new
infections and providing
treatment to people living with

HIV must be sustained over the
long term. Short-term gains
should serve as a platform for
reinvigorating combination HIV
prevention and treatment efforts
and not spur complacency. "
Globally, the number of new HIV
infections has declined from 3 million
in 2001 to 2.7 million in 2007.
However, rates of infection are rising
in many countries.
There are now an estimated 33
million people living with HIV
worldwide, with two million estimated

Dog Taken To Court Foi
From: The BBC's Odd &
Surprising Stories from around
the world
By Amarnath Tewary, Tuesday,
July 29,2008:
A dog has appeared in court in the
eastern Indian state of Bihar accused
of breaching the peace.
Police demanded severe action
against the dog for biting people. Its
owner says it has only attacked

to have died from Aids last year.
Aids continues to be the leading
cause of death in Africa, which
accounts for 67% of the total number
of people living with HIV Six out of
ten of those living with HIV in Africa
are women.
The UNAids report stresses that
the fight against HIV requires
sustained long-term financing. Itwams
that as more people go on treatment
and live longer, budgets for HIV will
have to increase over the next few

Chhotu with his owner,
childless widow,
Rajkumari Devi.

The dog, named Chhotu, has been
in trouble with the law before. In
2003, a magistrate sentenced Chhotu
to death. Neighbours complained he
had gone mad and bitten several
people. But animal rights activists
managed to get the decision reversed.
Sole protector Chhotu made his
latest appearance in a crowded court
on Thursday in the town of Purnea.
"The court was compelled to
issue a summons to the dog since
the police found that it was a
threat to peace and feared that it
might create a law and order
problem," district official Rajiv
Ranjan said.
In court Chhotu appeared to have
been on best behaviour. "Despite the
presence of so many people in the
courtroom the dog did not bite or
bark at anyone," the canine's
lawyer Dilip Kumar Deepak said in
defence of his client.
The case continues and Chhotu has
been ordered to appear in court again
on 5 August, together with his owner,
childless widow, Rajkumari Devi.
Seven-year-old Chhotu was
picked up offthe streets by Rajkumari
Devi's mother, Janaki Devi.
Janaki Devi died six months ago and
since then Rajkumari Devi has kept
the dog as her pet in her one-room
thatched house.
"Chhotu is my sole protector
and I've brought him up as if he
was my own child, says Rajkumari
Devi who says the dog has only
bitten those who have tried to break
into her house.
Her lawyer says Raj kumari Devi's
jealous neighbours are trying to get
their hands on her property. "They
want to steal the land papers
which is why they have tried to
break into her house in the
night. But they had to give up
after being bitten by Chhotu," he

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Human Rights Commission Of Belize Re-organizes

Stann Creek District,
Wednesday, July 23,
Members of the Human
Rights Commission ofBelize
(HRCB) met on Saturday
July 19 to discuss the
reconstitution of the non A
governmental group and
also to elect an interim
Board of Directors for the
Maria Linda Gamero and
Simeon Sampson were chosen to


serve as interim
co-chairs of the 20
year old human rights
Anthony Lino is
the new treasurer and
Antoinette Moore
torney will serve as the
toinette secretary for the
ioore organization.
The new trustees
are Cynthia Pitts, Nikki Tillett,
LanaAhmad, Enrique August and
Alfredo Salazar.
The entire Board will meet on the

August 2, in Belmopan to make plans
for remainder of this year.
The interim Board will serve for the
next six months.
HRCB has been at the forefront of
the human rights efforts in Belize for
two decades.
For many years the words "human
rights" was associated almost
exclusively with this pioneering
organization. HRCB has been
inactive nationally for the last three
years, primarily as a result of loss of
international funding.
Despite the financial difficulties

experienced by HRCB, individual
members have attempted to keep the
organizational work alive in the
districts and maintained an ever
growing loose network of human
rights activists.
Although the organization says
they are proud and pleased that
others in Belize have taken up the
banner of human rights and carried
on the work in many different
respects, the work of HRCB as a
human rights organization is not
If you are interested in HRCB or
human rights generally contact
601-8484 in the evening or 522-2457
during the day.

#85 Benque Viejo Road,
San Ignacio, Cayo

Tel: 824-2959

Cell: 610-4391

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NyWu1od, eeotex, umhm, Maya &
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Electrical Supplies that you are
looking for then there is no need
to look any further.


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March 23, 2007

Belize City, Belize. July 21, 2008:
Belize Water Services Limited wishes through this medium to inform the
general public that BWS is not responsible for the Water and Sewer
systems in Mahogany Heights. BWS is aware that, due to theft or
vandalism, there have been some recent problems with that particular
system which have been aired in the media. BWS, as part of our social
commitment, will assist as much as possible within our financial constraints.

Recently, as part of our support after the flood disaster, BWS has
provided various assistance with the restoration of systems in the Stann
Creek District, including: Hope Creek, Sittee River, Valley Community,
Maya Mopan, Red Bank and Santa Cruz.

BWS prides itself on ensuring 24-hour supply to our customer base and
apologises to our customers in Hattieville who have had some water
interruption over the previous two weeks, primarily due to the theft of
electrical lines and equipment. These customers are hereby assured that
the Hattieville System is back to full 24 hour operation. The company
continues its normal monitoring of all systems to ensure adequate and
quality water supply.

BWS is requesting your kind assistance to report any incidence of
apparent theft of equipment or vandalism as these acts can seriously
inconvenience, and even endanger, the public.

Belize Water Services Ltd. delivering water and more...

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Violence- How
BY: Dra. Beatriz Coutinho, San
Ignacio Town Hospital, Friday,
July 18,2008:
In Belize, like in any other country
there are a lot of tragedies due to
violence. However since Belize is
such a small country the individual
tragedies become collective tragedies.
It does not only affect one person
but the whole society. Even if not,
directly touched, lots of people
seem to live in fear and begin acting
Fear can come in many ways.
Some are afraid of the atmosphere that
we live in or afraid of being robbed,
of getting hit by a car. Others fear
domestic violence or fear getting
raped, without speaking of many other
specific fears that some people have
to face every day (fear of the dark,
of heights etc...).
When an unknown person is
assassinated, people in general think
this is one more tragedy in life but
most of them are sure this drama will
finish as soon as the burial is done or
when we turn off our TVs.
However for the family and friends
of the deceased the drama is only
starting. To a lesser degree, the same
happens to people who suffer
"minor" aggressions, such as
having their house robbed or bearing
some other kind of violence. In many
instances, their lives may change
sometimes dramatically and many of
them will have to live with symptoms
of post traumatic stress. Some of
them will no longer have a sound
sleep, others will face difficulties in
concentrating at home or at work or
reengaging in normal activities. For
sure, these people will avoid coming
back to the places that will arouse their


PHONE: 824-2572 824-3494
FAX: 824-3240


"From Construction
start To F;n Lh"

To Deal With It?
fears of new acts of violence against
Now days, exposed to violence on
the news or in real life, many people
wonder if they already act as a post
traumatic stress victim. They may
question themselves if they deal with
violence in a normal or in a
pathological manner. For sure,
everyone has experienced fear at one
point in their lives. Fear is not a
pathological emotion. In fact, it is a
universal characteristic ofhumans and
superior animals.
In psychology, specialists consider
that there are six stages of fear. They
are prudence, caution, alarm, anxiety,
panic, and terror.
When your fear takes control and
leads you astray of your normal
activities, that's when you realize
thatyou have aproblem. Many people
ask how they can deal with fear.
There is no easy answer. If
necessary, you should consult with
your psychologist.
May be the first thing you should
do is to write down your fears and
the way that they affect your life. Also
in writing, make clear what you wish
you could do but you can't because
of your fears. When you are feeling
afraid, try to be always be positive
and, in a situation of fear, try to avoid
of thinking of phrases such as "I
can't" "Iwon 't" or "I will never".
You are what you think and say.
If you use those words your brain
will start to believe it. Always be
around people that are also positive
and that can give you support. And
most importantly try not to let your
past traumatic experiences define (or
redefine) your future. You can regain
your control and overcome your
fears. If necessary, ask for help.
Please do not let the fears of your past
interfere with the bright future you can

NOW Oflering 24 hours
Tow Service From Any
location In Belize.
We Are Located At The
San Ignacio Texaco
Service Station.
For Further Information
On The Services We Provide,
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Airport, Belize City watertaxi,
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(Continued from page 4)
Block No.4 and being Parcel No.659
This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No.0974/2007 dated 20'
March, 2007 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 12 of 2007 at Folios 797-804
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ALBERT/MESOP,
Block No 45 and being Parcel No.849.
This parcel of land is the subject of an Indenture dated 191' February, 1921 and
recorded in Deeds Book Volume 26 of 1921 at Folios 328 329 in favour of THE

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ALBERT/MESOPA
Block No.45 and being Parcel No.1494
This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No. 1213/1973 dated 3rd
December, 1973 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 11 of 1973 at Folios 1243-
1246 in favour of VICTOR E. USHER.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ALBERT/MESOP,
Block No.45 and being Parcel No.625
This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No.977/2002 dated 26th March,
2002 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 13 of 2002 at Folios 9-18 in favour of
PAT (Jointly)

These parcels of land are situated in the Registration Section, CARMELITA
Block No.4 and being Parcels No.935,936 & 937
This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No.143312005 dated 2nd
February, 2005 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 19 of 2005 at Folios 289-
300 in favour of JOHN EILEY & ANA MARIA EILEY (Jointly).

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, YO CREEK VIL-
LAGE, Block No.4 arid being Parcel No.228
This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No.251 of 1995 dated
3 1t October, 1995 in favour of SOTERO BLANCO.
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ALBERT/MESOP,
Block No. 45and being Parcel No. 689
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No 442 of 1985 dated
9'hApril, 1995 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 5 of 1985 at Folios 409- 432
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ALBERT/MESOP,
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 53
This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No 2337 of 2003
dated 24" August, 2003 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 31 of 2003 at
Folios 921 932 in favour of ATILIANA UK.
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ALBERT/MESOP,
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No.125
This parcel of land is the subject of a Indenture No. 351 of 1968 dated 28'
March, 1968 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 3 of 1968 at Folios 299-304 in
favour of SANTOS DIAZ.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, CARMELITA, Block
No. 44 and being Parcel No.1031
This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No.863 of 2005 dated
8'g September, 2005 in favour of ROGER TOLOZA.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, WARREE BIGHT/
FRESHWATER CREEK, Block No. and being Parcel No.779
This parcel of land is the Subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 1727 of 2006
dated 16'h June, 2006 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 22 of 2006 at Folios
1077 1086 in favour of GREGORY P. MILLER

This parcel of lnd is situated in the Registration Section, PLACENTIA NORTH,
Block No. 36 and being Parcel No. 102
This parce! of land is the subject of an Indenture No 1521 of 1994 dated 20th
May, 1994 and recorded in Deeds Bool: Volume 18 of 1994 at Folios 413 456
in favour ofDOUG OBERLINK.

ihis parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, GUINEA GRASS,
Block No. 4 and being arce No.24
Tirs parcel o land is the subject of a Minister s Fia Grant No. i75 of 2007 dated
4t Mar-h. 2007 in favour of THE APOSTOLIC PENTEZOSTAL CHURC I

n ese arcels of laei are :aed i' th. Registiraion Sectiot. PLACENTU
R I. "Bo D: No.3 : ing a re No.2495, 24< 24 &A 249-
il s :: lace -:- U- s. T ,2 : o -. P eN. .O N.
-:i ecd":'.;. ;L J ,. 198; :; recorded in Deeds lBoo.k, ,iume 5 ofI 9S2 at Fclios o,
95S in favur ou EL.AE SAE. PHF.N SO N.

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William met Cindy at the
Five Star Hotel and fell in love
with her.
It was like love at first sight. He
invited her for drinks and after
several hours at the bar William
decided that it was time to come
straight with Cindy..
"It's only fair to warn you,
Cindy," said William, "I'm a golf

nut. I live, eat, sleep and breathe
"Well, since you're being
honest, so will I," said Cindy. "I'm
a hooker."
"I see," said William. Then,
brightening, he smiled. "That's
probably because you're NOT
keeping your wrists straight
when you hit the ball."

A Real Golf Nut





Tel: 824.2207



FRIDAY, AUGUST 1st TO 8th, 2008

Always Maintain A Positive Mental Attitude
Once upon a time there was a top!
bunch of tiny frogs for whom a THEN all of the other tiny frogs
competition was arrange. naturally wanted to know how this one
The goal was to reach the top of a frog managed to do it?
very high tower. A contestant asked the tiny frog how
A big crowd had gathered around he had found the strength to succeed
the tower to see the race and cheer and reach the goal.
on the contestants. It turned out that the one little
The race began but honestly no one frog was DEAF!!!! It did not hear
in the crowd really believed that the none of the negative remarks that
tiny frogs would reach the top of the the others were hearing as they
tower. climed
There were statements such as: The lesson of this story is: Never
'Oh, WAY too difficult!! listen to other people's tendencies to
'They will NEVER make it to the be negative or pessimistic because
top. 'and they take your most wonderful
'Not a chance that they will dreams and wishes away from you,
succeed. The tower is too high!' the ones you have in your heart!
The tiny frogs began collapsing. Always think of the power words
One by one except for those, who in have. Proverbs 18:21. Tell us that
a fresh tempo, were climbing higher "There's life and death in the power
and higher. of the tongue" Because everything
The crowd continued to yell, you hear and read will affect your
'It is too difficult!!! actions! Therefore: ALWAYS be
"None ofthem will make it to the POSITIVE! And above all: Be
top!' DEAF when people tell YOU that
More tiny frogs got tired and gave you cannot fulfill your dreams!
up....But ONE little frog continued Always think: God and I can do
higher and higher and higher. this!
Thisonelittlefrogwouldn'tgiveup! Most people walk in and out
At the end everyone else had given of your life but FRIENDS leave
up climbing the tower. Except for the footprints in your heart.
one tiny frog who after a big effort, If you fall down 10 times, stand
was the only one who reached the up 10 times!!

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We are located in the heart of
downtown San Ignacio, Cayo



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Your Horoscope & Lucky Numbers

Aries (Mar 21 April 20)
You'd better cool it at the beginning
of the week! Better yet, take that
excess energy and go out of your way
to do something nice for someone.
The universe will recognize your
efforts, and on Wednesday and
Thursday the way will be clear for
you. It will definitely be prime time for
a push at work -- or some sweet
romantic moves! They'll love your
spirit. Around Friday and Saturday,
though, focus is key. Choose your
direction carefully, and don't try to do
too many things at once. You can go
all-out on Sunday if you like! 15,37,

Taurus (April 21 May 21)
Let 'all for one and one for all!' be
your motto as the week gets going.
Get together with a few of your
favorite people -- or maybejust one
certain someone -- and there's very
little you can't do. Then guide the rush
of energy coming your way around
Wednesday and Thursday carefully.
Apply yourself to an exciting new
project -- just one, not a bunch at
once -- and make sure it's well
thought-out and executed. On Friday
and over the weekend, you really
ought to apply yourself to more
romantic matters. You'll be undeniably
hot, whether you're the life of the party
or one-on-one! 16, 01, 87.

Gemini(May 22 June 21)
You might be dreaming about a
change at the beginning of the week,
but now's not necessarily the time to
take action. If you do make a move,
make it a clear one. Around
Wednesday and Thursday, how's your
network or community? Check in
with colleagues, family and friends --
they'll love hearing from you, and
somebody's got something to let you
in on, too. And unless you really want
to be all over the place on Friday
and over the weekend, make a
conscious effort to recognize what --
and who -- you want to spend
your time and thoughts on. Your
priorities and focus reflect on you.
05, 27, 69

Cancer (June 22- July 22)
You might be dreaming about
How does it all fit together on
Monday and Tuesday? Leave the
isolated tinkering to others -- you've
got a way with the connections, an
understanding of the glue. But on
Wednesday and Thursday, be aware
that things (and possibly people) may
not be what they appear to be.
Before you embrace or dismiss, do a
little background check or ask
an extra question or two. And just in
time forFriday and the weekend, the
flirtatious social butterfly inside
emerges into the sunlight (and twilight,
and moonlight)! Get festive, and
enjoy your own personal cosmic

Leo (July 23 Aug. 22)
Watch the drama factor at the
beginning of the week -- your own
as well as that of those around you!
Be the one to defuse a situation, and
watch things suddenly get a lot
sweeter. On Wednesday and
Thursday, you'll be happiest when
you're absorbing (and questioning!)
something -- or someone -- new.
Of course, delving into fresh aspects
of an old favorite and transforming it
for the better will workjust as well.
From Friday through the weekend,
you'll love getting attention, but
giving it may be even more gratify-
ing. Show them how very, very
interested you are. 10, 36, 41

Virgo(Aug 23 Sept. 23)
The start of the week seems like
a natural time to start something
new, but the stars suggest you
wait just a bit. Some energy that
centers on ideals will help you
align what's happening around you --
and what you want -- with your
personal value system around
Wednesday and Thursday. If this
involves a philosophical conflict
with a person or situation close to
your heart, that will be easier to
resolve on Friday or over the
weekend. Bring your good-faith
efforts together in meaningful,
long- lasting ways now -- the stars
are with you., 16, 63, 77

Libra (Sept.24 Oct. 23)
You're a natural-born Cupid or
coordinator at the beginning of the
week. Helping others get their affairs
in order may be easier than dealing
with your own now, but real
avoidance leads to real problems.
You'd better focus those attentions
closer to home on Wednesday and
Thursday; how you handle
interpersonal matters will really, well,
matter. Set the tone! And they
say that pretty is as pretty does --
and with the stars giving you a
hand, on Friday and over the
weekend you'll be looking good and
doing the right thing, too. It's a
super-hot combination! 52,75,96

Scorpio(Oct 24- Nov 22)
Exploring your options as the week
gets going reveals all sorts of stuffyou
haven't yet considered. Anyone else
would be confused, but for you, it's
just a whole new realm to play in. Just
rein yourself in a bit around
Wednesday and Thursday. What you
do at this juncture will require
thinking through -- the negative
repercussions or positive ripple effects
are magnified! And you'll love a
challenge around Friday and
Saturday, so give yourself a project
or a goal to work towards. If
competition is involved, be an
extra good sport when it's through.
On Sunday, downtime's in order.
12,32, 44

Sagittarius (Nov 23 -Dec 21)
You may start slow as the week
begins, but once you get started,
you keep going and going! Kick-start
the ol' brain with a little exercise and
some fresh input -- otherwise, the
getting-going part will eatup precious
time. Plan a hot date or fun with
friends for Wednesday or Thursday;
it'll be an extra fun and dynamic few
days for you. At work, you're
awesome with concepts, design,
strategy and other higher-level
stuff, but you'll need some method in
your madness on Friday and
over weekend. Have at least a
semblance of a plan -- and stick to
it! 18, 45, 93

Capricorn (Dec 22- Jan 20)
The stars are sending new ways to
connect with people -- maybe
a certain someone -- and live in
balance at the beginning of the week,
if only you're willing to embrace them!
Then if something's worrying you
around Wednesday and Thursday, it
will really help to share the burden.
Talk to a friend or get a boost from a
colleague -- they rely on you too, so
let them in. When Friday comes,
knock off early and get a head start
on some fun. Apply yourself to time
off like you would to a duty --
enjoying living, and loving, is in the
stars. You deserve it! 31, 47, 91



Aquarius(Jan 21- Feb 19)
You love stuff that's far out, but as
this week gets going, it's far too easy
to get off track. Be a little practical,
or at least run itby a pragmatic friend
or colleague. Once you've got the
basics in place, branching out will go
a lot better around Wednesday and
Thursday. Push yourself and those
around you in fascinating new
directions; you're very cutting-edge
now, and people will feel lucky to be
a part of it. But be proactive about
avoiding some doldrums around
Friday and Saturday. Mix up your
routine. Life's only as interesting as you
make it -- same with love, especially
on Sunday! 57, 78, 99

Pisces (Feb 20 March 20)
Get going while your personal
energy's flowing at the beginning of
the week! The changes you want to
make are easy to enact now,
especially because they involve
making things better for others, too.
But around Wednesday and
Thursday, a certain amount of
skepticism is healthy. Don'tjust take
things at face value; find out what's
behind the facade. And the cosmic
forecast for Friday and this
weekend? Dreamy days and hot
nights! All that's most appealing
about you will be accented now. Just
be aware of the impact you're
having, especially on Sunday. 03,26,





Pursuant to Section 37(3) of the Registered Land Act, Chap-
ter 194, Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, notice is
hereby given of the loss of the following Land and Lease

r T

ROBERT COYE 3635/2000 R697


ROBERT GODFREY 3145/1991 67

It is proposed to cancel the above Land Certificates after the
expiration of twenty-one (21) days from the appearance of
this notice. Any of the above-mentioned certificates is re-
quired to return it to the Belize Land Registry, Ministry of
Natural Resources & the Environment, Belmopan.


-------------- ------------------ ---- T-


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Reviving The Glory Days Of Cycling In Cayo

BY: Gilroy Spence, Executive
Member of the Twin Town Cycling
District, Monday, July 28,2008:
We introduce ourselves as the Twin
Town Cycling Club.
The Club consist of fifteen cyclists
from hailing from San Ignacio, Santa
Elena and Benque Viejo with ages
ranging from thirteen to seventeen.
The Club was formed during the
summer vacation of 2006 when we
saw the urgent need to keep our
young people off the streets while
simultaneously aiming towards
slowing down the rate of school
dropouts and at the same time
engaging the youths in a positive and
healthy sporting activity.
Since education is our main
concern, we make sure that every
cyclist is afforded a sound education
and earn good grades.
The 2007 -2008 season was a
rather successful one. The following
are some of the successes:
In the Labor Day Race our Club
captured First, Second and Third
place finishes.
In the Banana Classic we achieved
First and Third place.
Likewise in the Junior Cross
Country we placed First and Third.
In the Krem Classic we registered a
Third place finish.
The Dr. Rosado Race earned us
First and Second place honors.

Gilroy Spence
In the Piene Classic in Toledo we
were able to finish in Second and
Third place.
In the Father s Day Classic we
captured Third place.
We won Second place in the Zetina
Cycling Classic; Third in the
Valentines Day Classic and another
Third place in the recent Hydro
Cycling is a rather expensive sport
and so we are congizant that we
cannot do it alone. It is therefore with
this in mind that we are seeking
donations from individuals and
business establishments to meet the
operational costs and challenges of
the Cycling season which runs from
October 2008 October 2009.
Funds collected in this endeavor will
be utilized for the following:
a) Registration of the team
b) Procurement of team jersey and

c) Purchasing bicycle parts
d) Supplying snacks and
refreshments for all races
e) Fuel for support vehicles
accompanying races and
f) Other miscellaneous items such
as vitamins, nutritious drinks, etc.)
We take this opportunity to inform
that the team needs a total of
$30,000.00 for a full sponsorship.
Any partial contribution will be
greatly appreciated and gladly
accepted. Sponsors will be afforded
fair coverage by way of advertisement
on the team jersey.
Finally, we must advise you that

your contributions will not only
publicize your business but it will help
the community especially since our
Club's objective is based mainly on
teenagers. And as we are well
aware the youngsters are the group
more prone to be led astray.
Therefore as a whole, your
contributions will be helping the
youths of Cayo in their physically,
mentally and educational development
as they steer clear from a culture of
We thank you in advance for your
generous contribution in this
worthwhile community initiative. We
must always be mindful that it takes
an entire village to raise a child.

#6 Hudson Street, San Ignacio, Cayo.
Tel: 824-2101
We carry a wide assortment of ift JteNms
for every Season at B6ST Prices
Such as Cellular
Telephones, Gold Jewelry, Fashion Jew-
elry, Men and Ladies Watches, Music
CD's, DVD's, Game Controls,
Game Cartridges, Phone Accessories
and so much more to choose from.
Drop In Today And Take
Advantage Of Our Low Prices





The Ministry of Works hereby invites contractors
(carpenters) who are interested in carrying out
repairs to houses in Belize City under the
Southside Poverty Alleviation Project.

The works consist of general construction items such
as repairs to walls, floors, roofing, construction of
exterior bathrooms and plumbing installation.

Interested persons must register their personal
information and experiences at the Ministry of Works -
Belize City office on the 31st July 2008 or by
contacting the office of the Project Execution Unit,
Ministry of Works in Belmopan, at 822-0562.

Belmopan, July 2008




The Ministry of Works hereby invites suppliers
(contractors) for the supply of Septic and Soak Away
Systems to residential houses within Southside-Belize City
in connection with the Southside Poverty Alleviation
Project Home Improvement.

The works consist of the supply or construction of 1000
gallon (minimum) precast concrete or plastic septic system
and 1000 gal soak-away system. The specifications
for the precast concrete system will be made
available to interested parties upon request form the
Project Execution Unit, Ministry of Works in Belmopan,
at Ph#: 822-0562, Fax: 822-0563 on 31st July 2008.

Belmopan, July 2008

I _

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 13

STRESS MANAGEMENT: How to Rescue, Prevent and Cope with STRESS

If you're living with high levels of
stress, you're putting your entire
well-being at risk.
Stress wreaks havoc on your
emotional equilibrium, as well as your
physical health. It narrows your
ability to think clearly, function
effectively, and enjoy life.
The goal of stress management is
to bring your mind and body back
into balance. By adopting a positive
attitude, learning healthier ways to
cope, and changing the way you deal
with stress, you can reduce its hold
on your life.
Taking charge of stress
Dealing with Stressful
In our frenetic, fast-paced world,
many people deal with frequent or
even constant stress.
The overextended working mother,
the hard-charging "Type A"
personality, the self-critical
perfectionist, the chronic worrier:
they're always wound up, always
stretched to the breaking point,
always rushing around in a frenzy or
juggling too many demands.
Operating on daily red alert comes
at the high price of your health,
vitality, and peace of mind. But while
it may seem that there's nothing you
can do about your stress level-the
bills aren't going to stop coming,

there will never be more hours in the
day for all your errands, your career
will always be demanding-you have
a lot more control than you might
think. In fact, the simple realization that
you're in control of your life is the
foundation of stress management.
Managing stress is all about taking
charge: taking charge of your
thoughts, your emotions, your
schedule, your environment, and the
way you deal with problems.
The ultimate goal is a balanced life,
with time for work, relationships,
relaxation, and fun-and the resilience
to hold up under pressure and meet
challenges head on.
Stress management
strategy # 1: Avoid
unnecessary stress
Not all stress can be avoided, and
it's not healthy to avoid a situation that
needs to be addressed. You may be
surprised, however, by the number of
stressors in your life that you can
Learn how to say "no"
Know your limits and stick to
them. Whether in your personal
or professional life, refuse to
accept added responsibilities
when you're close to reaching
them. Taking on more than you can
handle is a surefire recipe for

Avoid people who stress you out
If someone consistently causes
stress in your life and you can't turn
the relationship around, limit the
amount of time you spend with that
person or end the relationship entirely.
Take control of your
If the evening news makes you
anxious, turn the TV off. Iftraffic's
got you tense, take a longer but
less-traveled route. If going to the
market is an unpleasant chore, do your
grocery shopping online.
Avoid hot-button topics
If you get upset over religion or
politics, cross them off your
conversation list. If you repeatedly
argue about the same subject with the
same people, stop bringing it up or
excuse yourself when it's the topic of
Pare down your to-do list
Analyze your schedule,
responsibilities, and daily tasks. If
you've got too much on your plate,
distinguish between the "shoulds"
and the "musts. Drop tasks that
aren't truly necessary to the bottom
of the list or eliminate them entirely.
How Resilient Are You?
Your ability to handle and bounce
back from stress depends on many
factors, including a: Sense of control
Optimistic attitude Strong support

system Healthy body Ability to
adapt to change- Ability to handle
unpleasant emotions Belief in a higher
power or purpose Confidence in
yourself and Sense of humor
Stress management
strategy #2:
Alter the situation
If you can't avoid a stressful
situation, try to alter it. Figure out what
you can do to change things so the
problem is avoided in the future.
Often, this involves changing the way
you communicate and operate in your
daily life.
Express your feelings instead
of bottling them up
If something or someone is
bothering you, communicate your
concerns in an open and respectful
way. If you don't voice your feelings,
resentment will build and the situation
will likely remain the same.
Be willing to compromise
When you ask someone to change
their behavior, be willing to do the
same. If you both are willing to bend
at least a little, you'll have a good
chance of finding a happy middle
Be more assertive
Don't take a backseat in your own
life. Deal with problems head on,
doing your best to anticipate and



Belize Tourism Board Announces

Tourism Training Opportunity

Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza

DATE: August 4th 8th 2008 (9:00 am 4:00 pm)
FOOD & BEVERAGE Kitchen Supervision & Management
Cost: $250.00 BZ* Food Presentation
Inclusive of daily coffee break and lunch. Kitchen Hygiene & Sanitation

DATE: August 11th 15th 2008 (9:00 am 4:00 pm)
Importance of Service

Cost: $250.008Z
Inclusive of daily coffee break and lunch.

* Steps to Achieving Superior Performance
* Organizational Factors that Impact Guest Service
* Internal & External Guests
* Building in a Service Culture
* Handling Complaints

DATE: August 4th 15th 2008 (9:00 am 4:00 pm)
Inclusive of daily coffee break and lunch.

DATE: Saturday, August 16th 2008 (10:00 am)

Deadline for Registration Thursday, July 31st 2008. LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE!

For-oeinformatii-i UiolrrgsrtioMui
Teehoe 27240Ex.25 -mi: eshtiaebeie^r


IPage 14 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com


prevent them. Ifyou've got an exam
to study for and your chatty
roommate just got home, say up
front that you only have five minutes
to talk.
Manage your time better
Poor time management can cause
a lot of stress. When you're stretched
too thin and running behind, it's hard
to stay calm and focused. But if you
plan ahead, you can avoid these
stress-inducing pitfalls.
Time management tips
to reduce stress
Create a balanced
All work and no play is a recipe
for burnout. Try to find a balance
between work and family life, social
activities and solitary pursuits, daily
responsibilities and downtime.
Don't over-commit yourself
Avoid scheduling things back-to-
back or trying to fit too much into one
day. All too often, we underestimate
how long things will take.
Prioritize tasks
Make a list of tasks you have to do,
and tackle them in order of
importance. Do the high-priority
items first. If you have something
particularly unpleasant to do, get it
over with early. The rest of your day
will be more pleasant as a result.
Break projects into small steps
If a large project seems o
verwhelming, make a step-by-step
plan. Focus on one manageable step
at a time, rather than taking on
everything at once.
Delegate responsibility
You don't have to do it all yourself,
whether at home, school, or on the
job. If other people can take care of
the task, why not let them? Let go of
the desire to control or oversee
every little step. You'll be letting go of
unnecessary stress in the process.
Stress management
strategy #3:
Accept the things you
can't change
Some sources of stress are
unavoidable. You can't prevent or
change stressors such as the death of
a loved one, a serious illness, or a
national recession. In such cases, the
best way to cope with stress is to
accept things as they are. Acceptance
may be difficult, but in the long run,
it's easier than railing against a
situation you can't change.
Don't try to control the
Many things in life are beyond our
control- particularly the behavior of
other people. Rather than stressing out
over them, focus on the things you can
control such as the way you choose
to react to problems.
Look for the upside
As the saying goes, "What doesn't
kill us makes us stronger. When
facing major challenges, try to look
at them as opportunities for personal
growth. If your own poor choices

contributed to a stressful situation,
reflect on them and learn from your
Share your feelings
Talk to a trusted friend or make an
appointment with a therapist.
Expressing what you're going
through can be very cathartic, even if
there's nothing you can do to alter the
stressful situation.
Learn to forgive
Accept the fact that we live in an
imperfect world and that people make
mistakes. Let go of anger and
resentments. Free yourself from
negative energy by forgiving and
moving on.
Stress management
strategy #4:
Adapt to the stressor
If you can't change the stressor,
change yourself. You can adapt to
stressful situations and regain your
sense of control by changing your
expectations and attitude.
Reframe problems.
Try to view stressful situations
from a more positive
Rather than fuming about a traffic
jam, look at it as an opportunity to
pause and regroup, listen to your
favorite radio station, or enjoy some
alone time.
Look at the big picture
Take perspective of the stressful
situation. Ask yourself how important
it will be in the long run. Will it matter
in a month? Ayear? Is it really worth
getting upset over? If the answer is
no, focus your time and energy
Adjust your standards
Perfectionism is a maj or source of
avoidable stress. Stop setting
yourself up for failure by demanding
perfection. Set reasonable standards
for yourself and others, and learn to
be okay with "good enough. "
Focus on the positive
When stress is getting you down,
take a moment to reflect on all the
things you appreciate in your life,
including your own positive qualities
and gifts. This simple strategy can help
you keep things in perspective.
Adjusting Your Attitude
How you think can have a profound
affect on your emotional and physical
well-being. Each time you think a
negative thought about yourself, your
body reacts as if it were in the throes
of a tension-filled situation. Ifyou see
good things about yourself, you are
more likely to feel good; the reverse
is also true. Eliminate words such as
"always," "never," "should," and
"must. These are telltale marks of
self-defeating thoughts.
Beyond a take-charge approach
and a positive attitude, you can
reduce stress in your life by making
healthy lifestyle choices and taking
care ofyourself. Ifyou regularly make
time for rest and relaxation, you'll be
in a better place to handle life's
stressors when they inevitably come.

Nurture yourself
Don't get so caught up in the hustle
and bustle of life that you forget to
take care of your own needs.
Nurturing yourself is a necessity, not
Set aside relaxation time
Include rest and relaxation in your
daily schedule. Don't allow other
obligations to encroach. This is your
time to take a break from all respon-
sibilities and recharge your batteries.
Connect with others
Spend time with positive people
who enhance your life. A strong
support system will buffer you from
the negative effects of stress.
Do something you enjoy every
Make time for leisure activities that
bring you joy, whether it be
stargazing, playing the piano, or
working on your bike.
Keep your sense of humor
This includes the ability to laugh at
yourself. The act of laughing helps
your body fight stress in a number of
Healthy stress reducers
Go for a walk *Spend time in
nature *Talk to a supportive friend
Sweat out tension with a good work-
out *Do something for someone else
*Write in yourjoumal *Take along
bath *Play with apet Work in your
garden *Get a massage *Curl up
with a good book *Take a yoga class
*Listen to music. *Watch a comedy.
*Adopt a healthy lifestyle
Exercise regularly
Physical activity plays a key role in
reducing and preventing the effects of
stress. Make time for at least 30
minutes of exercise, three times per
week. Nothing beats aerobic
exercise for releasing pent-up stress
and tension.
Eat a healthy diet
Well-nourished bodies are better
prepared to cope with stress, so be
mindful of what you eat. Start your
day right with breakfast, and keep
your energy up and your mind clear
with balanced, nutritious meals
throughout the day.
Reduce caffeine and sugar
The temporary "highs" caffeine
and sugar provide often end in with a
crash in mood and energy. By
reducing the amount of coffee, soft
drinks, chocolate, and sugar snacks
in your diet, you'll feel more relaxed
and you'll sleep better.
Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and
Self-medicating with alcohol or
drugs may provide an easy escape
from stress, but the relief is only tem-
porary. Don't avoid or mask the is-
sue at hand; deal with problems head
on and with a clear mind.
Get enough sleep
Adequate sleep fuels your mind, as
well as your body. Feeling tired will
increase your stress because it may
cause you to think irrationally.
Stress Relief Techniques
You can control your stress levels
with relaxation techniques that evoke

the body's relaxation response, a state
of restfulness that is the opposite of
the stress response. As you learn and
practice these techniques, your stress
levels will decrease and your mind and
body will become calm and centered.

Making a stress management plan
Stress management starts with
identifying the sources of stress in
your life.
This isn't as easy as it sounds
Your true sources of stress aren't
always obvious, and it's all too easy
to overlook your own stress-
inducing thoughts, feelings, and
behaviors. Sure, you may know that
you're constantly worried about work
deadlines. But maybe it's your
procrastination, rather than the actual
job demands, that leads to deadline
Look closely at your habits,
attitude, and excuses.
Do you explain away stress as
temporary ("Ijust have a million
things going on right now") even
though you can't remember the last
time you took a breather? Do you
define stress as an integral part of your
work or home life ("Things are
always crazy around here") or as
a part of your personality ("I have a
lot of nervous energy, that's all").
Do you blame your stress on other
people or outside events, or view it
as entirely normal and unexceptional?
Until you accept responsibility for
the role you play in creating or
maintaining it, your stress level will
remain outside your control.
Start a stress journal
A stress journal can help you
identify the regular stressors in your
life and the way you deal with them.
Each time you feel stressed, keep track
of it in yourj oumal.
Write down:
*What caused your stress (make a
guess if you're unsure).
*How you felt, both physically and
*How you acted in response.
*What you did to cope or feel
Putting your worries on paper
has a marvelous way of
clarifying things
As you keep a daily log, you will
begin to see patterns and common
themes. Yourj ournal may help you
see that you don't really have that
much to worry about, or it may bring
overlooked problems to light.
Whatever your discoveries, your
stress journal should help you
establish a plan for moving forward.
Evaluate your coping strategies
Think about the ways you cope
with stress. Your stress journal can
help you identify them. Are your
coping strategies healthy or
unhealthy, helpful or unproductive?
Unfortunately, many people cope with
stress in ways that compound the
These coping strategies may
temporarily reduce stress, but they
cause more damage in the long run.

I _

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 15


Ignacio Town Hospital where it
remained for two full days.
It was not until around mid morning
on Monday, July 28 that the mother,
Lorraine Guzman, was invited to the
police station and later to the morgue
where she identified the long blue
jeans pants and the blue and white
Nike tennis shoes that her son wore
at the time of his disappearance.
She also identified the texture of the
hair on the skull as being consistent
with that of her missing child.
That same Monday morning the

remains, accompanied by the mother,
was transported by San Ignacio
Police to the morgue at the Karl
Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize
City for further examination by
forensic specialist Dr. Mario
Estradaban. His final pronouncement
is being withheld as further
examination is reportedly required
to determine the actual cause of
As in most instances we knew the
child. He grew up with our children
the same neighborhood. We can
therefore say that life had not been

August 0 Woods Found With Greedy's Flour

Woods and August were detained
and transported to the police station.
About three hours later Jonathan
Cariddi visited the station and
reported that at around 7:00 p.m., that
night he parked his green pickup truck
through the West Street back entrance
to his Greedy's Too Restaurant
located on Burns Avenue in San
Ignacio Town. Cariddi informed that
when it came time for him to leave at
around 2:00 a.m., he immediately
noted that the two sacks of four,
valued at $172, were missing from
inside the back of the truck.
Woods and August were

subsequently arrested and charged for
handling stolen goods. They spentthe
weekend inj ail and appeared before
Magistrate Kathlene Lewis in San
Ignacio's Magistrate Court on
Monday, July 28.
They pleased guilty to the charge
and were given different sentences.
Woods received an instant 12 months
jail sentence because of prior theft
convictions while August was fined
$1,000 to be paid by September 15,
2008 in default 12 months in jail.
However, the court was advised that
August has an outstanding $100.00
court fine. He consequently remanded
to prison until the fine is paid.

easy for Pedro Guzman Jr.
He was first shot in the leg during a
brief stint in Los Angeles. After this
incident he returned to Belize and in
March 2004 he was shot in the hand
allegedly by a police corporal. This
injury landed him in the hospital for
many weeks.
Less than four months after this
narrow brush with death, he was
briefly detained as a main suspect in
a murder investigation.
One year later he was formally
arrested and charged for the murder

and he spent the next three years in
the maximum security section of the
He spent less than a dozen days in
freedom before going missing and by
all indication thus far he might have
been tortured before being executed
and decapitated.
Saturday morning's discovery
brings to a sad closure the case of her
missing child as Lorraine Guzman is
making arrangements to lay her fourth
of six children to his final resting

me&d6 S3teace

Savannah Area, San Ignacio Town, Cayo

Bring out your Family and Friends
to Hode's Place
Where the atmosphere is clean,
comfortable, friendly and secure.

The food i5 absoluteLy fantatic!!!
And we aLo deliver, just caLL 804-2522

Bring the ks andekt them checkout our
qame Spom, PnaygroundandIce-Cream Shop.
There is something for everyone, ring out the
entire family.

Belize Tourism Board, 64 Regent Street, P.O. Box 325, Belize City
Tel: 227-2420/Fax: 227-2423 E-mail: info@travelbelize.org Web: www.travelbelize.org, wwwbelizetourism.org


Tourism Management Programs
The Belize Tourism Board is offering tuition scholarships to interested applicants for
Tourism Management Programs to commence August 2008 for the following degrees:

1.) Associate Degree in Tourism Management
Requirements: Applicants must have a minimum of a High School Diploma and have been accepted into the
Tourism Management Program at ANY of the following institutions:
San Pedro Junior College Sacred heart Junior College
Ecumenical Junior College St. John's Junior College
2.) Bachelor Degree in Tourism Management
Requirements: Applicants must have a minimum of an Associate's Degree in Tourism Management and have
been accepted into Galen University Bachelor Program in Tourism Management.

3.) Jean Shaw Tourism Scholarship (Two Year)
Requirements: Applicants must be a female Belizean citizen who has a minimum of an Associate's Degree who
has been accepted into the Tourism Management Program at the University of Belize (UB) and wishes to pursue a
bachelor's degree in Tourism Management.

The Jean Shaw Tourism Scholarship has been established in memory of the late Jean Ursilla Shaw, a renowned
female tourism pioneer who played an integral part in the development of Belize's tourism industry in her lifetime.
The Fund was established by the BTB in collaboration with its private sector counterparts to support the
development of qualified Belizeans pursuing a career in tourism.

Application Deadline: Friday, August 8th, 2008
For more information, please contact: Ms. Keesha Young (Public Awareness & Training Officer)
Telephone: 227-2420 Ext. 259 E-mail: keesha@travelbelize.org


Page 16 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Savannah Area & #3 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town, Cayo
Telephone #'s 824-3271 or 824-0500

La test Arriva Fs



Boxer Shorts

Under Shirts

Computer Tables

Student Desk & Chair

We also have a wide variety of Party Supplies, Speakers & Speaker Accessories,
A huge selection of Light Bulbs, Mosquito Nets
and many, many more items too numerous to mention.
6m6&mt" 0& eme0" /* 0" Zaamwa ee

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