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Publication Date: June 22, 2008
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S"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"



Monday, June 16,2008:
It's now official, Ludin Najera,
21, Belizean taxi driver of a Santiago
Juan LayoutArea in San Ignacio was
today brought before the court on
charges of rape, robbery and maim.
Reports reaching us indicate that
acting upon information received
at around 1:45 on the morning of
Thursday, June 12, police visited
a residence in the Santiago Juan
Layout area of San Ignacio where
they encountered Lori Knepp, 22,
American volunteer on assignment
with ProBelize, suffering from at least
2 large cut wounds to the palm of
her left hand severly affecting all three
fingers except the thumb and little
She was transported by the

police to the San Ignacio Town
Hospital where only a few days
prior she began working as a
Investigations revealed that the
victim who is originally from Illinois,
USA had only arrived in Belize five
days before the incident.
It was around 10:30 pm on the
night of Wednesday, June 11, when
the victim and another female
volunteer exited the Faya WataNight
Club on Bums Avenue in San Ignacio.
They then walked over to the nearby
taxi stand in front of Courts Store.
Recognizing the taxi driver as one
who had taken them safely home
from the same location a few nights
earlier they agreed that it was safe to
ride the car to their separate homes.
The driver reportedly proceeded to

Five JP's On Honors

Saturday, June 14, 2008:
The Office of the Governor
General, on the occasion of the
Queen's Birthday Honors 2008,
today announced the names of five
Belizean Justices of the Peace (JP)
to be appointed as Ordinary
Members of Civil Division of the
Most Excellent Order of the British
Empire (MBE).
The awardees are: Mrs. Phillipa
Audrey Griffith-Bailey JP,
Mr. Diego Bol JP, Mr. Ruben
Ricardo Campos Sr. JP,
Mrs. Addy Castillo JP and
Ms. Myrna Manzanares JP.
In putting together this article, we
requested and received brief

Mrs. Phillipa Audrey
Griffith-Bailey, JP
biographies from Phillipa Bailey,
Ruben Campos and Myrna
Manzanares. We were unable to get
in touch with Mrs. Addy Castillo as
we were told that she is presently out

drop off the
first volunteer and
whilst heading to
the Santiago Juan
Layout Area for the
second dropoff, he
diverted to an area
near the unmanned
police check point on
the Bullet Tree
Road. After he
pulled into the
feeder road, the
sequence of events
began to appear
somewhat weird.
The first offence
he allegedly committed was maim as
he is reported to have first pulled out
a machete and when the victim raised
her left hand to defend herself the chop

List 2008
of the country and, with high schools
on summer vacation, we were
likewise unable to contact former
senator Diego Bol.
Mrs. PhillipaAudrey Griffith-Bailey
has been involved with the sport of
softball since the late 1950's when she
started playing with the famous
Dunrite Softball Team. She played
second base and captured the
prestigious Batting Average Crown in
1963. She retired from playing the
sport in 1967 but continued to serve
the sport in various capacities.
She was Secretary of the then
British Honduras Softball Association
for six consecutive years. She

Accused Ludin Najera, 21
wounds were inflicted. The accused
then reportedly proceeded to
rape the injured and bleeding victim

Ms. Myrna Manzanares, JP.
chaperoned the then British
Honduras Team that participated in
the Caribbean Games for the Herman
Spoerri Trophy in Jamaica in 1969.
Her steadfast commitment to the

|Ph:824-2857 or 668-2857
Ph# ~k~c
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T:11 P PI ZwU I"1 E N Vd U

Page 2 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, June 22, 2008


While land owners continue to
publicly oppose government's
efforts to amend the Constitution
of Belize to explicitly vest
petroleum and mineral rights
in the government; three of
the nation's most powerful
organizations are of the opinion
that petroleum and mineral
rights must be vested in the
Government of Belize (GOB).
Land owners disagree and are
of the opinion that they should
be the exclusive owners of these
1) The new United Democratic
Party (UDP) government is
leading the charge in amending
the Constitution to exclusively
vest the rights to petroleum,
mineral and accompanying
substance, in whatever physical
state, located on or under
the territory of Belize or the
exclusive economic zone of
Belize, in the Government of
2) The Bar Association of
Belize is quoted as saying that it
"does not offer any objection
to the vesting of petroleum
and mineral rights in the
government but it does not
support the denial of access to
the courts to determine the
existence of rights and interests
in relation thereto, and the
right, if any, to compensate
for acquisition of property
rights and interests relating to
petroleum and other minerals."
3) The opposition People's
United Party (PUP) is on record
indicating that: "The PUP
supports in principle the
vesting of petroleum and
mineral rights to the
Government of Belize, for and
on behalf of the people of
Belize. However," like the Bar
Association "the PUP believes
thatprivate land owners should
have access to the courts at
all times and should be
reasonably compensated for
compulsory acquisition of their
rights andproperty. "
By all indications therefore,
the group representing land
owners are faced with an uphill
battle. It is obvious that they
will be faced with extreme
difficulties to change the
proposed course of the vesting
of petroleum and mineral rights
in the GOB and that it will be next
to impossible for them to have
these rights vested in land

In light of the fact that the Bar
Association and the opposition
People's United Party are
opposed to the portions of the
proposed amendment as it
pertains to access to the courts
and reasonable compensation, the
group representing land owners
should therefore be focusing
attention at opposing these
two portions of the proposed
The fourth factor in the
equation is the people of Belize.
The masses of the people of
Belize certainly do not fall in that
small land owner category. They
will therefore be more inclined
to support their government
taking control of Belizean oil.
In terms of doing that
which appears to be politically
correct with the removal of all
ambiguity as to who is the
rightful owner of petroleum and
mineral rights in Belize, the
government therefore appears to
be on the right track.
When we chose not to
comment in the newspaper on
this specific aspect of the public
consultation held two weeks ago
by members of the Constitutional
House Committee we were
asked if we were "making the
STAR into a political rag of the
same ilk as Guardian and
Times?" The writer "couldNOT
believe that you had nothing
to report, especially when you
were so vocal at the meeting
We might be mistaken, but as
the meeting drew to a close, the
self interest was clear as crystal.
Those representing the Land
Owners Association were busy
several days before the meeting
handing out expensive color
flyers and hanging banners in an
effort to increase the turnout.
By the time the meeting got
started there were about a
hundred persons in attendance.
Those most vocal in the Land
Owners Association were sitting
in the front row.
The first topic on the agenda
was the petroleum and mineral
rights issue. When the Chairman
called for the discussion on this
topic to be closed, the gathering
almost instantly contracted to
less than half its original size.
Land owners were obviously
not interested in the other
21 proposed amendments.
They could care less if the
Constitution is being amended to

Are You Making The STAR Into A Political Rag?
Alberto, certainly showed the public was
Why would you ignore reporting concerned. Are you making the
on the contentious amendment STAR into a political rag ofthe same
hearing? ilk as Guardian and Times?
There are few things with I could NOT believe that you had
implications as far reaching and nothing to report, especially whenyou
serious as these proposed were so vocal at the meeting itself.
amendments and the meeting Jim Cavanaugh
The Community Is Better Off With An Aggresive Media

Dear Editor;
A taxi driver is charged last week
for rape. San Ignacio Police, Mr.
Fuentes in particular, is withholding
his picture from the media for fear; he
says that "its release will
jeopardize a fair trial for the
A few months ago Police Corporal
Joel Grinage was charged for
carnal knowledge and his photograph
was promptly released to the media.
Lady Justice is blind; all of us are
equal under the law. Why the
difference in handling a somewhat
similar situation?
The problem is that those in
the senior command, who are sworn
to uphold the law without fear, favor
ill will or affection, instead of doing
that which is right and following the
police standard operating procedure,
are more often than not allowing
personal conditions to interfere with
their law enforcement responsibilities.
Writing from the inside, these
personal conditions that interfere with
the better judgment of the police
comes in many forms such as: a) I
don't like Corporal Grinage and so I
will give all the information about him
to the media. b) This taxi man had
given me free ride a few weeks ago
and so I must shield him at any cost.
c) The STAR Newspaper was
critical of PC John Doe in the past
and PC John Doe is my runner, so
now that I am in command, I will let
the STAR get the sense.
A person is arrested and charged

limit the number of terms a
Prime Minister can serve. They
could care less if the Prime
Minister serves a hundred terms
in office or just one.
They could care less if our
Constitution is being amended to
make it mandatory for the
Auditor General to present an
annual report to the House of
Representatives on the spending
of our tax dollars.
They could care less if the
Auditor General could be fired if
the report is not tabled or that the
Auditor General could be given
extended time to present the
report which could take us right
back to days of old when the
report could be delayed for years.
All they apparently cared about
was getting "their oil" and when

for failure to display an insurance
sticker. Standard Operating
Procedure is that he is charged and
given police bail to appear in court
on the next available court day.
Instead, the police are indicating that
he will be locked away for the night.
Obviously having some knowledge of
his rights, the accused attempts to find
out why he is being locked up instead
of getting police bail. How dare this
man questions the police by seeking
his right? He should not even know
his rights. He is accused of being
disrespectful to the police and will be
locked away. It is only in dictatorship
societies that this kind of abuse is
perpetuated by a Gestapo police.
How do we stem this abuse?
A more level headed policeman
steps into the station and he questions
the reason for the detention of the
accused. He instructs us to grant him
police bail and fortunately the rights
of the accused is restored. How
often does a level headed policeman
appear to save the day? Not very
often and so abusive policemen
continue to employ their illegal ways
and a community becomes frustrated
with abusers hiding under the
clothing of agents oflaw enforcement.
An aggressive media is a threat to
these abusers disguised as officers of
the law. The community is better off
with an aggressive media as it serves
to minimize the actions of these
I rest my case, your honor.
Please do not disclose my name.

it looked like they were not
getting "their oil", they left the
meeting and in so doing sent a
clear message that anything else
was irrelevant to them. They came
for "their oil". They wanted
"their oil" and nothing less.
The one or two land owners
who remained for the rest of the
meeting removed themselves
from the front row and pulled
all the way to the back of the
building while the other
proposed amendments were
discussed. This is the reality of
the situation.
In the final analysis, a very
dangerous precedence is being
set when citizens are
constitutionally denied access
to the courts and reasonable
compensation for losses.


Sunday, June 22, 2008 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 3

June 19, 2008:

Jim Cavanaugh

Our politicians have made a terrible
mess out of running our government.
They were not only incompetent, but
recently they became so greedy and
corrupt they raped and plundered the
assets of our country.
We can blame the politicians we
elected for being ignorant, and there
is a lot of evidence to support that
conclusion... it appears though that
they were so busy stealing the wealth
of our struggling country they didn't
have time to tend to the business of
But let's face it folks, the ones to
blame for this mess is ourselves. We
not only elected those politicians, but
we stood by and watched as they
plundered everything they could grab,
and then rubbed our noses in the mess
as they lounged in luxury in their
overseas villas and hotels... which of
course were purchased with the funds
they stole from us Belizeans.
We stood by and watched while
they were caught illegally hauling
suitcases full of their looted money out
of our country, and nobody was ever
We stood by and watched our
politicians give away thousands of
valuable acres of our precious land
to their cronies.
We stood by and watched as
oil companies paid hundreds of
thousands of dollars in bribes to get
oil contracts.
And now we are asked to stand
by and watch as the new government
makes the biggest theft in our
history... the theft of our minerals
and petroleum... the theft of our
basic human rights.
The last government stole
everything that was not nailed down,
then proceeded to borrow enormous
sums of money... and embezzled or
misappropriated most of it. After 10
years we were left with two and a half
billion dollars of debt, but the only
thing we had to show for it was the
When our newly elected politicians
took over in February they quickly
understood there was nothing left to
steal... our tax sources were
limited... and we were unable to
support the government in the style
in which they wanted to become
accustomed. The options were
straightforward. They could
1) Reduce the size and cost of
government 2) Recover the stolen
money and assets from the theives
3) Control corruption or 4) Operate
government more efficiently
So what did Dean Barrow and
associates decide to do? Well...
none of the above. Instead Barrow

aeciaea mat oil money coula solve all
his government problems... if the
government could take all of the oil
money the politicians could still live
and loot in luxury.
A big problem though was the
government owns the mineral and oil
rights only to crown and national
lands, but not to private lands. They
attempted in 1991 and again in 2000
to expropriate mineral and oil rights
from private Belizean landowners...
but both attempts were clearly
unconstitutional because the
government tried to take valuable
property rights from Belizeans
without paying for them.
Lately government has tried to
bluff everyone by claiming they
owned all mineral and oil rights in
Belize because they had passed laws
to that effect, but they knew the Court
would not support their unconstitu-
tional acts. So... if the Constitution
stands in your way than the simple
solution is to change the Constitution!
And of course Barrow knew he had
enough votes to change both the laws
and the Constitution as he wished.
BUT... just change the Constitution?
Well "the devil is in the details", as
the saying goes.
Our constitution says no one can
take any personal property rights from
Belizeans without paying for them and
giving the people the right to go to
Court. This is a Fundament Right of
all Belizeans... in fact it is a Basic
Human Right covered in all kinds for
international human rights protocols to
which Belize subscribes. Barrow
decided that the best way was to be
devious.., the Constitutional provision
to protect private property rights
would remain, but that protection will
no longer include minerals and oil. A
clincher is added which states
Belizeans cannot go to Court to
challenge the confiscation of their
private property rights. And get this:
minerals can include anything the
government wants. Afinal slap in the
face is the same property rights they
take away from us can then be sold
or licensed to foreign companies and
Belizeans won't get a penny of that
money, and ifthe government then tries
to take these property rights from the
foreign companies, they will be
compensated. The Constitutional
rights which government plans to take
away from Belizeans will still exist for
foreigners or anyone the government
wants it to!
What this all means is that private
property will no longer exist in Belize.
We will only own that part of our
property that the government has no
use for.
This Amendment will steal the
benefits of private land from thousands
and thousands ofBelizeans, benefits
that are worth billions of dollars, and
the only ones who will profit are
politicians and foreigner business.
Taking our Fundamental Rights is
wrong wrong wrong!

Page 4 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, June 22, 2008

Juan Aguilar Facing Carnal Knowledge Charges
SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo, committed against a 10 year old
Wednesday, June 18,2008: female child.
The details are too disgusting to Reports reaching us indicate that at
recount and so we summarize by around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, June
saying that Juan Daniel Runi 16, a mother was returning home
Aguilar, 23, construction worker when she looked through the front
from the village ofUnitedville in the window of her house she saw the
Cayo District was today formally accused in a sexually compromising
charged with two counts of carnal position with her 10 year old
knowledge and one count of daughter on her bed inside her room.
aggravated assault reportedly After threatening to break down the

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Juan Daniel RuniAguilar, 23,
door, it was opened about five
minutes later by the accused.
Within half and hour the mother was
at the San Ignacio police station with
her child filing a report.
Amedical examination revealed that
the child was carnally known. Upon
objection by prosecutor George
Gomez the accused was denied bail
and remanded to the Hattieville
Prison until Thursday, July 24,2008.


The PACT Foundation, a legally recognized private, non-profit
organization, wasestablished in November 2004 and has funds
available through the Debt for Nature
Swamp Funds to be administered to community based and
non-gvernmentalorganizations through a grants process. The
Foundation's main objective is to promote the protection and
maintenance of Belize's protected areas.

The PACT Foundation Announces its


Priority Areas for Funding must be in relation to
terrestrial protected areas management including:
* Protected Areas Protection, Education, and Equipment
* Protected Areas Training
* Protected Areas Research

Maximum Grant: BZ$40,000.00 for one year projects

Past recipients may apply.
For Application Forms and General Information, contact
PACT'S Technical Programme Coordinator or email:
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Technical Programme Coordinator
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Belmopan, Cayo

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In an effort to provide assistance to families affected by the flash
floods resulting from Tropical Storm Arthur, the Belize Bank Limited
donated a cheque for BZ$10,000 to the Belize Red Cross on
Wednesday June 11th, 2008.

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San Ignacio,
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Bank, staff from Belize Bank branches countrywide made donations
of canned goods, baby items, hygiene products and clothing
to their local Red Cross offices.

Tbe Belize Bank Limited hopes that these contributions
will aid those affected in restoring their lives and communities.

Belize Bank Limited's Marketing Manager, Misty Michael presenting
cheque to Belize Red Cross General Manager, Lily Bowman
On Saturday June 14th, Belize Bank staff and Management volunteered
their time to assist the Red Cross in distributing food and supplies
to affected families in the North and South. Staff traveled to the
villages of Douglas, San Estevan and Carmelita in the North, and
to the village of Hope Creek in the Stann Creek District, and
distributed food and supplies to more than 125 families.

Page 6 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, June 22, 2008

BEL is asking for an increase in
electricity rates, the services of an
Independent expert is engaged and is
name is Dr. LESSER? In the end
Dr. Lesser recommends that BEL
should get MORE.
The nation must address the
crime situation, an overseas expert
is brought in his name is

Mr. Cano walks into the bank and
says to the teller, "Iwant to open a
@#%& account"
"I beg your pardon Sir," said the
lady behind the counter, "what did
you just say?"
"Listen up lady, I said I want
to open a @#%& account right
"Sir, I'm sorry but we do not
tolerate that kind of language in
this bank!"
The teller left the customer
standing at the counter and went over
to the bank manager and told him
about the situation. They both
returned and the manager asked,

So then what's next? The nation is
forced to import rice to address the
shortage. Will we soon see the
arrival of a relative of US Secretary
of State Condoleezza Rice to
advise us on the way forward with
this Belizean staple or maybe a
Dr. Fuels to advise us on the best
practices in dealing with the oil

"What seems to be the problem
"There's no darn problem," said
Mr. Cano, "I just won 50 million
in the state lottery and I want
to deposit it and so I am here
to open a @#%&*account in
this damn bank!"
"I see sir," the manager said,
"and am I right to assume that
this @#%&* teller is giving
you a hard time to open a
@#%&* account at this darn
bank. Come this way Sir, I am
going to @#%&*personally
open the @#%&*account for



Mexica TV Reporter's
PO Box 132
Tel: 226-4054 Fax: 226-4100
San Pedro Town

June 16, 2008

H.E. Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno
Mexican Ambassador to Belize
Belmopan City
Belize, Central America

Dear Mr. Moreno;
I would like to register my discon-
tent in regards to a comment made
on the television program called
Futishow conducted by comedian
Mr. Jorge Ortiz de Pineda, televised
on Televisa on Sunday June 15th in
In his comment, Mr. Pineda
insinuated that Belize's name is not
suitable for our country. Pineda also
made comments to the effect that the
name Belize sound too ugly and made
fun of our name disrespecting the
integrity of our country.
Belizean can accept criticism as to
Belize's level of football compared to
Mexico, but those offensive
comments made on an international
station in Mexico were uncalled for
and totally out of order. Mr. Pineda
also illustrated a picture ofa Belizean
girl in swim wear and stating that it
was the only good thing Belize has to
Mr. Pineda's comments about Belize
are highly offensive and disrespectful
to the integrity of Belize and must be
reprimanded for making such

Yrwidting. JlU WitA
Pu.AU. 4wzrduct6

3n Robing Alemorp of

Pud& Clwdelma Stumea
Sunrise: April 21st 1910 Sunset: June 23rd 2005

Grandma, yiou were a precious gift from God above,
so much beauty, grace and love.
You touched our hearts in so many ways,
Your smile so bright even on the sad days.
You heard God's whisper calling yon home,
You didn't want to go and leave us alone.
You loved us so much, you held on tight,
till all the strength was gone and you could no longer fight.
He had called your name twice before,
You knew y ou couldn't make him wait anymore.
So yiou gave your hand to God and slowly drifted away.
Now Daddy too is there with you, we dearly miss you hoth, but
know that with our love we will all be together again some day.

Deeplg missed bg The Aldana's Family, Santa Elena, Cayo.

disrespectful Remarks
comments about our country. The
names of Belize as well as Mexico
must not be a subject of comedy
especially on international television.
Belize and Mexico have both
enjoy a mutual relationship and I be-
lieve that our people must continue to
foster that good relationship. The
Belizean people have never brought
Mexico to public embarrassment on
national television.
Belizeans are very patriotic, full of
pride and dignity for all the good
things we have and can offer. I am
hopeful that Pineda's comment does
not reflect the views of the Mexican
people. Belizeans are disappointed
at the level the Mexican television
stations would go to entertain their
public, disrespecting integrity the
diplomatic relationship Belize has with
Mexico. The Belizean people would
like to know if your government
tolerates those types of comments.
Belize deserves an apology.
Belize and Mexico has been
respectful to each other, let us keep it
that way.

Respectfully yours
CC. Hon. Dean Barrow
Prime Minister of Belize

Hon. John Bricefio
Leader of the Opposition

Hon. Wilfred Elrington
Ministry of Foreign

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Mexico 2
C. Ramos,
June 16,
Belizean National Player and
Current Coach In New York City
On Sunday, June 15, 2008 about
fifty thousand fans packed the
Reliant Stadium in Houston Texas to
witness the football match between
the Mexican National Team and the
Belizean National Team.
This game should have been played
in Belize but due to the fact that the
country of Belize does no have a
stadium that meets F.I.F.A. standards
an alternate choice had to be chosen.
I have been informed through
reliable sources that the new UDP
Government is working diligently to
address this problem by upgrading the
Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga
Town and the Marion Jones Stadium
in Belize City.
When I was standing outside of
the stadium I observed hundreds of
Mexican fans waving their Mexican
flags cheering up their Mexican
comrades to look out for another
victory after defeating Peru last week
4 to 0. As I walked further towards
the gate I ran into my Belizean people
with their flags and other Belizean
displays cheering up their Belizean
brothers and sisters to support our
national team.
Upon entering the stadium I
observed that almost 98% of the
people who were inside the stadium
were Mexican Americans. With Texas
being a state where Mexicans live in
large numbers and borders the
country of Mexico that was
expected. The Mexicans and
Belizeans were very friendly to each
other and were laughing, joking and
taking pictures together.
At the start of the game some of the
Belizean players appeared to me to
be nervous and frightened. However,

- Belize 0 In Houston

after about ten minutes the Belizean
players settled down and started to
The first half was controlled by the
Mexicans with good ball control and
team work skills and a few
attempts at the Belizean goal but the
Belizean goalkeeper Shane Moody
displayed his superb skills by saving
the few shots they fired at him.
The Belizean team allowed too
many turnovers and the midfield was
a disaster because there was no
construction coming from the
midfielders to support the offense in
order to score goals. The offense was
not visible because the offensive
players had to go back and assist the
midfielders many times during the
game. A few offensive and defensive
Belizean players dribbled the ball too
much and at times dribbled the ball
off the field all by themselves.
At the start of the second half I
was expecting the Belize coaching
staff to repair the midfield and work

on an offensive strategy to get the
offensive players to start shooting
shots at the Mexican Goalkeeper to
get goals.
The second half continued and the
problem was not corrected so
eventually the Mexican team scored
after a beautiful save by the Belizean
goal keeper Shane Moody which
caused the ball to hit the post and went
to the Mexican striker who was all
by himself and tapped it in the goal. A
few minutes before the game ended,
the Mexican team was awarded a
penalty kick after a Belizean foul and
the game ended with Mexico 2 and
Belize 0.
The Belizean team has potential but
they need to improve on their team
work, ball control, shooting, passing
and less dribbling of the ball.
I have never seen this team playing
before but from my experience they
need to get more familiar with each
other and learn to communicate
better to develop that cohesiveness

among themselves to win.
The Belizean players appeared to
be strong and physically fit but the
Mexicans with their ball control, team
work and shooting had them running
around in confusion.
I hope they take my criticisms
constructively and that the team learn
their mistakes from this game as they
head into Monterrey Mexico this

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#54 George Price Avenue,
Santa Elena, Cayo
Tel: 804-2659 & 675-6179



Guaranteed Services
We AMS To Please

Now Offering 24 hours
Tow Service From Any
Location In Belize.

We Are Located At The
San Ignacio Texaco
Service Station.
For Further Information
On The Services We Provide,
Please Call: 625-5012
At Anytime.

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European Union Agrees To Lift 5-Year-Old Sanctions On Cuba

By JAN SLIVA The Associated
BRUSSELS, Belgium Friday,
June 20,2008(AP):
The European Union (EU) on
Thursday agreed to lift its diplomatic
sanctions against Cuba, but imposed
tough conditions on the communist
island to maintain sanction-free
relations, officials said.
The U.S., which has maintained a
decades-long trade embargo against
Cuba, criticized the move, saying
there were no significant signs the

Associated Press
LONDON, England (AP), Friday,
20 June 2008:
Doctors have long suspected that
people with herpes are more likely to
catch HIV.
So they thought that by treating
herpes, they could also cut a person's
HIV risk. But a new study that tested
this strategy found the assumption may
have been wrong.
"It's a significant, disappointing
finding," Francis Ndowa,
coordinator of the sexually
transmitted infections control team
at the World Health Organization, said
in an interview.
Ndowa was not connected to the
research, published Friday in the
medical joumal The Lancet.
The finding may spark a rethinking
ofHIV prevention strategies in Africa,
where controlling sexually transmitted
diseases such as herpes is usually part
of general AIDS prevention plans.
Researchers tracked more than
3,000 men and women infected with
herpes in Africa, Peru and the United
States. Roughly half were treated with
aciclovir, an antiviral that stops
herpes ulcers.
After a year and a half, the
scientists found that 75 people out of
the 1,581 who had been receiving
aciclovir were later infected with
HIV. Of the 1,591 people who
received placebo pills, 64 contracted
In the trial, researchers chose
participants who had herpes and who
faced similar risks of getting AIDS.
The study also questioned the
participants during monthly visits
about risky sexual behavior with their
recent partners.
The study was paid for by the
United States' National Institute of
Allergy and Infectious Diseases, other
U.S. government institutes, and by
GlaxoSmithKline PLC, which sells
aciclovir as Zovirax.
A small study in Tanzania last
year also suggested that treating
herpes didn't help reducing HIV
But that doesn't necessarily mean
that the theory of treating herpes to
avoid HIV is incorrect, experts said.
"It's probably likely that we need
considerably more potent
interventions than we have,"

communist island was easing a
dictatorship. An independent analyst
predicted it would have no affect on
U.S. policy toward the Caribbean
EU External Relations
Commissioner Benita Ferrero-
Waldner said the bloc felt it had to
encourage changes in Cuba after Raul
Castro took over as the head of the
country's government from his ailing
brother Fidel.
"There will be very clear
language also on what the Cubans

Connie Celum, a professor of
global health and medicine at the
University ofWashington who led the
Lancet study, told The Associated
Experts said there was a complex
relationship between the two viruses
that is still not entirely understood.
When herpes ulcers erupt, that
draws white blood cells to the skin to
fight the virus. Unfortunately, those
white blood cells also have receptors
for HIV.
.Ndowa said it was possible that
even without the telltale ulcers,
herpes might have lingered while
patients were taking the aciclovir,
allowing HIV to gain a foothold.
In an accompanying commentary in
the Lancet, Ronald H. Gray and
Maria J. Wawer of Johns Hopkins
University said it was questionable
whether controlling sexually
transmitted infectious could work to
prevent HIV.
"It is time to reassess the
hypothesis and to adjust
prevention policy accordingly,"
they wrote.
But Ndowa and Celum said the
strategy of fighting herpes to prevent
AIDS might work, if a different
dosage or more powerful drug was
"We don't exactly know why
this didn't work, but this
approach still has potential,"
Ndowa said. "Maybe it wasjust too
much to expectfrom a tablet taken
twice a day that it could be
effective against HIV."

"The Newspaper that cares
and dares to bring out the truth"

42AWestern Highway,
Santa Elena Town,
Cayo District,
Belize, Central America

Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez

Tel: 626-8822 or 626- 3788

still have to do ... releasing
prisoners, really working on
human rights questions," she told
reporters at an EU summit. "There
will be a sort of review to see
whether indeed something will
have happened."
The largely symbolic decision takes
effect Monday. The diplomatic
sanctions, which banned high-level
visits to EU nations by Cuban offi-
cials, have not been in force since
2005. They were imposed in 2003
following the arrests of dozens of
dissidents but suspended two years
In Havana, state television
mentioned the EU's decision briefly
but did not give any government
Leading Cuban dissident Oswaldo
Paya said he hopes the move does
not signify the EU' approval of Raul
Castro's government.
"This regime has not announced
any change that is significant for
rights or liberty, and we know we
have to conquer that ourselves,"
Paya said.
As part of its action, the EU
approved a set of conditions on Cuba
in return for sanction-free relations.
They include the release of all
political prisoners; access for Cubans
to the Internet; and a double-track
approach for all EU delegations
arriving in Cuba, allowing them to
meet both opposition figures and
members ofthe Cuban government.
Officials said the bloc will evaluate
Cuba's progress in a year's time and
could take new measures if human
rights do not improve.
The U.S. expressed its
"We're disappointed," White
House deputy press secretary
Gordon Johndroe said. "We think
the Castros need to take a
number of steps to improve the
human rights conditions for
ordinary Cubans before any
sanctions are lifted."
State Department Deputy
spokesman Tom Casey said the

United States has recently seen
"some very minor cosmetic
changes" in Cuba. "We certainly
don't see any kind of
fundamental break with the
Castro dictatorship that would
give us reason to believe that now
would be the time to lift sanctions
or otherwise fundamentally alter
our policies," he said.
Peter De Shazo, Americas
Program director at the Center for
Strategic and International Studies in
Washington, said the "decision will
not affect the U.S. position toward
Cuba"because the policy is largely
fixed by legislation with key changes
conditioned on a transition to
Czech Foreign Minister Karel
Schwarzenberg said it was well
known that certain circles in the United
States wanted the EU sanctions to be
maintained, but he said "we felt the
need to find our own solution."
Swedish Foreign Minister Carl
Bildt said the lifting of sanctions in no
way means the EU was getting weak
on Cuba.
"We haven't softened our
approach," Bildt said. "It's a
repressive regime. ...Now we are
very explicit on what we want. We
want democratic changes."
He said the EU would push
strongly for Cuban authorities to open
up their economy, liberate Internet
access, and release political
The EU sanctions were introduced
after Cuba's government rounded up
75 dissidents in 2003. Sixteen of those
arrested have been released on
medical parole and another four were
freed last month into forced exile in
Spain. But more than 200 dissidents
are still servingj ail terms.
Cuba has insisted the EU sanctions
be eliminated completely, and said
the unilateral action violated its
Asked if lifting EU sanctions would
weaken U.S. sanctions, Casey said
simply, "We'llsee, "but offered no
Associated Press writer Constant
Brand contributed to this report.

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- Sunday, June 22, 2008 |

Sunday, June 22, 2008 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 9

Today We Lost The Prize,

But We Won The Battle

By: George Gomez
Monday, June 16,2008:
As I listened to the commentators
on the Mexican Televisa TV Station
in the wake of Sunday football game
between Belize and Mexico, my heart
We were about to make history, but
a proper foundation would not be laid
to brighten our boys spirits because
of the commentators that we
ourselves did not have to support
our Belizean footballers our team.
As the commentators appraised
their team boasting of the confidence
and experience which Mexico
possessed, they lashed at us with the
same nasty tongue and crucified our
boys with tasteless mercy.
One commentator could not have

put it worst than saying "the
Belizean boys playing in this small
third world country was just
getting something like a hundred
dollars to play, they were not
being properly nourished and
did not get the top class training
that the Mexicans were getting".
He went on to say that Belize did
not even have a proper football
Stadium. After mentioning that we
were Negroes, he went on to create
the impression that our boys would
not last the first 15 minutes of the
After the coin toss the Mexican
expected a scared and frighten bunch
of Belizean boys who could not
handle the crowd or who they thought
could not organize, strategize, and
play a good game of football.
As the game started I began to
notice that our boys had structure, our
boys had discipline, they showed
team work, they were organize and
they were focused.
We went on to hold the fort in the
first half of the game playing a
defensive strategy that Mexicans
would never seem to break or
Our boys created a first hand
impenetrable fortress, which
experience could not defeat.
As the second half commenced and
the first goal was scored, a surge of

emotions ran through me. I felt
anger, frustration, and desperation.
As the game moved my emotions
tempered and it became clear then as
it is clear now. We are there; we did
what no one else thought that we
could do. We played like no one else
thought we could play and we showed
the world that Belize was alive,
preparing and ready.
We could have stopped playing
after the first half and it would have
been great. We had won that game
just after the start of the first 15
minutes of play time.
Many Belizeans must take this
game as a message of hope. For all
of those who believe that the dream
lies in other countries, in different
times, in different places, -
that dream is here and now.
We are no more less than
others, and we are far
greater than most. We are
Don't condemn the goal
keeper; his game was the
game of the day not the goal.
He reached in and save that
game. He did all he could TA
have done with expert skill
to stop that penalty shot,
and then in what the real
world would have called a
cheap shot, the Mexican
So let us welcome our
National Football Team
back home. Let us welcome

them with open arms, with our
Belizean flags, with the drums of our
culture, with the dance of our Mayan
ancestors, with the beat of the
Chinese drums, with exotic spices of
the Hindu roots within Belize.
Welcome our boys as if they returned
from war with salutes, with blazes of
glory. Let us parade them through
the cities and towns. Let us parade
them on the highway and byways and
lets us join hands and be proud
We are a nation of people who can
achieve anything and everything our
hearts desire.
We must stand up together and give
ourselves a round of applause. God
has Blessed Belize.

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after which he drove her to the
residence of her host family located
in his neighborhood Santiago Juan
Before dropping off the victim, the
accused reportedly demanded all the
money she had, the victim handed
over the fifteen Belize dollars in her
possession, this is the act constituting
the robbery charge.
The accused then reportedly told
her that his name is "Bling" and that
he was sorry for what he had done.
The accused was picked up by the
police a few hours later from his
residence in the Santiago Juan
Layout. He was escorted to the
police station where he was detained.
On Friday, June 13, he was
transported to Belize City to attend
an identification parade where he was
reportedly positively identified by the
victim and the other female
The accused was returned to San
Ignacio were he was remanded for
the weekend by a Justice of the
He was taken to court on Monday
morning, June 16, where all three
charges were read to him. He was
consequently advised that all three
matters will be heard on indictment in
the Supreme Court.
On the basis of strong objections
by Prosecutor George Gomez, the
accused was remanded to the

Hattieville prison and is scheduled to
return to court on Thursday, July 31,
The victim's father arrived in Belize
on Friday, June 13, and he departed
for the return trip home along with his
daughter on Sunday, June 15 where
she will be undergoing further
medical treatment.
ProBelize is a non-profit
organization operating in San
IgnacioTown only. The program
attracts vounteers from the United
States, Canada and Britain on two to
four weeks rotational stints in Belize.
Volunteers are required to pay a
tuition toj oin the program.
Upon arrival, they are posted in the
private or public sector comensorate
with their educational qualifications.
ProBelize is funded solely by tuition
it receives from volunteers.
The program has been operating in
the community since 2004. And
according to Jonathan Roman,
Country Direct for ProBelize, this is
the very first time that a volunteer has
been attacked in this manner.
Roman informed that prior to this
incident, the only other situation
experienced was the mugging of a
volunteer several years ago, but it was
nothing near as vicious and life
threatening as this incident.
He thanks all those many Belizeans
who have called in to express their
displeasure at this unfortunate and
irregular incident.

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Five JP's On Honors List 2008

sport earned her an Honorary Life
Member of the Softball Federation in
1972. Mrs. Bailey served for 11
consecutive years (1995-2006) as
the General Secretary of the Belize
Softball Federation and is currently
serving as the Federation's Treasurer
and Chairperson of the National
Selection Committee responsible for
the formulation of the program for the
development of the National Softball
In 1996 she represented the
Softball Federation as the nation's
Chief Delegate to the Central
American Qualifying Games in
Colombia and in 2003 she headed the
Belizean Contingent attending the 2nd
Central American Champion of
Champions Female Tournament in El
Salvador. She was honored in 2005
by the Belize Olympic and
Commonwealth Games Association
for outstanding contribution to the
development and growth of softball
In 2007 Mrs. Phillipa Griffith-Bailey
represented the Belize Softball
Federation at the XXIII World
Softball Congress in Manila,
Philippines. Also in 2007 she was
named to the Women in Sports
Commission of the Education
Commission of the International
Olympic Committee (IOC) and the
International Softball Federation (ISF)
by the President of the ISF.
Despite her dedication to softball,
Mrs. Bailey is considered an activist

in matters of the environment and
community development. She was
instrumental in lobbying government
for the inclusion of the village of Gales
Point in the rural electrification
program and the installation of an
upgraded water system for that
community. She also played a key
role in coordinating, along with the
Gales Point Village Council, the
activities which eventually resulted in
the creation of a 9,950 acre Wildlife
Sanctuary for manatees and
crocodiles in the community of Gales
In the political arena, Mrs. Phillipa
Griffith-Bailey has been serving for
almost 10 years as Secretary
General of the United Democratic
Party and was instrumental in
organizing the Party's activities and
functions countrywide before, during
and after the Party's landslide victory
at the general election polls on
February 7, 2008. She continues to
be the woman at the helm of the
United Democratic Party's
Secretariat. Mrs. Bailey is also a
Commissioner on the new Elections
and Boundaries Commission. She is
now being recognized with an MBE
for services to sport, the community
and the environment.

Mr. Diego Bol is a Mayan leader,
veteran educator/ teacher at the
Toledo Community College in Punta
Gorda and a former UDP senator
(03-08). He is being recognized for

Mr. Ruben Ricardo Campos,
Senior Justice of the Peace
services to education and the
preservation of indigenous cultures.

Sr. JP
Mr. Ruben Ricardo Campos, Sr. JP,
veteran politician, former minister of
government and current owner of
Orange Walk's Suga City Radio
Station, was born in Orange Walk
Town in 1952. Along with his wife
Sandra they are the parents of three
sons Ruben Ricardo Jr., Carlton
Joseph, and Jason Lee.
Ruben attended Orange Walk's La
Inmaculada Primary School and St.
ThomasAquinas High School in Fort
Lauderdale Florida, USA. After high
school he moved on to Broward
Community College also in Fort
Ruben first got a dose of politics at
the age of 24, in 1976, as a youth
leader for the United Democratic
Party (UDP) in Orange Walk Town.
Since then he has moved on to hold
posts in the UDP as National Youth
Director, National Chairman and
Assistant National Campaign
Although his party got only three of
the seven seats on the Town Board,
Ruben Campos was first elected to
serve as a member of the Orange
Walk Town Board in 1981. He
successfully contested the 1984
general elections for the UDP in the
Orange Walk East Division and was
appointed as Deputy Minister of
Health, Labour and Sports under the
first Manuel Esquivel UDP
government. Although he was
successful atthe polls in 1989 his party
lost the general elections that year and
so he served as an opposition
member in the House of
Representatives. Ruben was
reelected for a third term in 1993
under the second Manuel Esquivel
administration and was appointed as
Minister of Health and later, in a
cabinet shuffle, he was appointed
Minister of the newly created
Ministry of Mobilization and

Although no longer seeking election,
Ruben remains actively involved in
politics for the UDP. Most recently
he has been serving as the party's
coordinator for the four
constituencies in the Orange Walk
District. With almost 32 years of
service to the UDP, Ruben Campos
continues to be a driving force for the
Party in the Orange Walk District.
Mr. Ruben Ricardo Campos,
Senior Justice of the Peace, is
recognized for services to health and
public life.

Mrs. Addy Castillo, from the
Santiago Castillo Group of
Companies, is being recognized for
her many years of service to business
and the community. She is the wife of
the late Santiago Castillo Sr.

Ms. Myrna Manzanares is a
woman of many talents. She is an
educator, a counselor, a social
activist, a writer, a poet and a
storyteller among others. She was
born in Gales Point Manatee and
grew up in Belize City.
Over the years Myrna has worked
in the areas of drug prevention, drug
rehabilitation, drug education, cultural
development and HIV & AIDS. She
has developed different training
programs in these fields. She has
worked at the Belize Teachers
College, University of Belize, Pride
Belize and Peace Corps.
Myrna has also served as the
Chairperson of the National AIDS
Task Force; President of Addiction
Alert Rehabilitation Center; President
of the Belize Family Life Association;
Member of the Board of Directors of
the Youth Enhancement Services;
Member of the Board of Directors of
the Belize Social Security Board and
Member of the Board of Directors of
the Broadcasting Cooperation of
She is presently engaged as the
Counselor for the Belize Family Life
Association as well as the current
President of the National Kriol
Council. Myrna has a daughter
Shalini, a son Robert and a grandson
Ms. Myrna Manzanares JP is
being recognized for her many years
of service in the areas of education,
culture and social development.
An investiture ceremony for the five
recent MBE Awardees will be held
later this year.


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* Private Driveway

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Is inviting applications from qualified persons to
contest the upcoming City Council Elections
in positions as Mayor and Councilors
Application forms are available at THE UDP Headquarters at
the foot of the Bel-China Bridge Or from the UDP offices in
the various municipalities.
For more information call 227-2576 or 227-6440

Page 12 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, June 22, 2008

Savannah Area & #3 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town, Cayo
Telephone #'s 824-3271 or 824-0500

FLower Vases

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Floor Mats

Summer Slippers


Character Rugs

Water Shoes

Candy for Pifiatas


Cell Phones

Rechargable Lights

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