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No. 137 Sunday, November 25, 2007 Price $1.00
SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo District, Wednesday, November 21,2007:
A San Ignacio youth was today sentenced to spend the next three years in jail after he pleaded guilty in court on two counts of burglary.
San Ignacio police reports that on August 11, 2007, Jose Miguel Pinelo, Belizean Park Ranger in charge of the Cahal Pech Museum, visited the station and reported that sometime between the hours of 6:00 p.m., on Friday, August 10 and 6:00 a.m., on Saturday, August 11, 2007, someone broke into the museum making off with 2,765 Belize dollars in cash along with three checks valued at 650 Belize dollars, all for a total value of 3,415 dollars.
Police investigations led to the arrest of Abraham Bernard Guerra, 17, Belizean unemployed of a Hummingbird Street address in San Ignacio Town, Cayo. Park Ranger Pinelo informed that immediately after the first incident the accounting system at the museum was changed with absolutely no money being left inside the building at closing time and with other precautionary measures instituted to secure other property of value housed inside the building.
Pinelo additionally informed that one week after the burglary, another attempt was made to break into the building. The attempt was unsuccessful however as those trying to pull it off were unable to pry open
the back window located right next to the one that was forced open on the first occasion. When he first appeared in Magistrate's Court on Friday, October 21, the accused Abraham Guerra pleaded not guilty to the charge.
However, when he reappeared in court, one month later, on Wednesday, November 21, he requested that the plea be changed to guilty. He also took the opportunity to plea guilty to burglary charge.
In the second incident
Deputy Chief Of Prison Found With 3 High Profile Prisoners In His Vehicle
BELIZE CITY, Monday, Nov., 26, 2007:
A report from the Police Press Office today informed that at about 9:45 p.m., on Saturday, November 24, Police officers at the 4 miles Vehicle Check Point (VCP) on the Western Highway stopped a green Chevrolet Jimmy with Belize City license plates C- 28427 as it approached the VCP.
The vehicle was found to be driven by Taejon Bennett, 27, who is remanded at the Belize Central Prison in Hattieville for the double murder of the Brannon brothers.
In the front passenger seat was the owner of the vehicle in the person of Deputy Chief Prison Officer Oscar Puga, 32
Deputy Chief, Oscar Puga, 32
Further inspection of the vehicle turned up two other passengers being Harry Trapp, 32, who is serving a 25 year sentence for manslaughter and Joseph Kee, 29, who is also remanded for the murder
of the Brannon brothers.
All persons and the vehicle were taken to the Queen Street Police Station where they are presently detained.
The Commissioner of Police has directed that a full investigation be conducted into how these persons were out of the prison at the time.
The police investigation is headed by Officer Commanding Crimes Investigation Branch, Supt. Aaron Guzman. Consultations will also be done with the Director of Public Prosecutions prior to any charges being levied. Shortly after being taken to the Queen Street Police Station, Attorney- At- Law Michael Peyrefitte arrived and indicated that he is representing all four men.
Abraham Bernard Guerra, 17
another charged with the Monday, October 17, burglary of the home of his he was next door neighbor, Mabilia Castellanos, Belizean business woman of #17 Hummingbird Street, Cahal Pech Area, San Ignacio.
Police reports indicate that sometime during the night of Monday, October 17, Mabilia Castellanos' home was broken into and the property stolen therefrom were listed as: two gold rings valued at $700, two gold bracelets $1,000, three gold chains $700, one gold watch -$1,300, two pairs of tennis shoes -$250, one male watch $150, one Timex watch $150, one CD Player with two speakers $150, all for a total value of $4,400.
Reports reaching us indicate that at the time of the incident Mabilia Castellanos was house sitting for her mother-in-law on Thornley Street in San Ignacio when at around 7:00
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Page 2 STAR Tel:- 667-7827 & 626-3788 -Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, November 25, 2007
E8 <^%wr jS
We Are Advocating For A Change 0! Government
Over the past seven years in this business, we have never failed to realize that those readers who spend their $1.00 every week to buy and read the STAR Newspaper are intelligent people. There should therefore be no doubt in readers' minds that we are advocating for a change of government.
We are encouraged in this endeavor as we listen to the voices of the people in their homes, in their work places, in the banks, on the street corners, on the taxi stands and everywhere else in between, as they continue to speak intelligently on the issues.
This heightened sense of awareness stems from two primary sources; firstly, it comes from the realization that the people are feeling the effects in the area where it hurts them most in their pockets, and secondly, the level of intelligent discussions is derived from the increased instant access to information and by extension, knowledge.
Of course there still exists a small number of hard-core, "Que Hvfl"PUP's of the George Price era, those who will tell you that they will vote for the PUP even if the PUP sells the clothes they have on their backs and privatize the slippers they are wearing on their feet.
Then there are those persons who are known supporters of the PUP who make no secret that they are ready for a change.
It is difficult for us to support an administration that has been the subject of so many blatant acts of corruption while they continue to shamelessly pass off their corrupt activities as "mistakes." And they have the gall to tell us that "The more mistakes we make, the harder the (foolish) Belizean people will work to get us out of trouble." These are the words of the man believed by many to be the architect of the financial mess that this nation is currently in.
Do they not realize that their "mistakes" are costing the taxpayers of Belize hundreds of millions of dollars?
Some of these "mistakes" include the mega-million dollar failed Intelco project the $30 million failed transportation deal the $400 million bankrupt DFC the $35 million Univer-
sal Health Services deal the millions of dollars that went down the drain on the Mahogany Heights deal among many others.
How on earth can we ever support an administration that continues to disregard the outcry of the people for its rightful share of the revenue derived from the nation's new found oil industry?
How can we support an administration that takes us for fools at every available opportunity? We can still recall the announcement of the 100% increase in the cost of our 10-year passports, from $30 to $60. The people said that they would have none of that. Then the minister with responsibility for immigration "revoked" the statutory instrument and informed that the cost of the passport would remain at $30 with the only change being that the life of the passport would be reduced from 10 to 5 years. And there were some who clapped and said "Thank you minister." When in actual fact, 10 years worth of passport will still end up costing us $60. It becomes even more expensive and senseless when the US Embassy issues a non-transferable 10 year visa in a passport that has a life span of only 5 years.
How can we support an administration that tried to raise the environmental tax by 200% -from 1 to 3% and when the people vented their opposition by marching upon the seat of government in Belmopan in violent protest only for the government to tell the nation that they made a mistake and that they will be "reducing" the tax to 2%. Then there were those who clapped and said "Thankyou for reducing the tax" when in real terms the tax was not reduced but rather increased by a full 100%. Then there was the announcement that funds from the environmental tax would be used for solid waste management purposes while very single UDP city and town councils are still waiting for a single cent to address their garbage collection and disposal needs.
How can we support an administration that the people told, again by way of a violent protest, that their taxes should not be used to repay the private debt of Universal Health
Services, only to find out that their money is still being channeled to Universal Health Services under the disguise of paying for medical services for needy citizens?
How can we support an administration that has presided over the sale, for ten dollars, of a prime piece of property, parcel #788, at the northern border station in Santa Elena, Corozal to Florencio Marin's Corozal Free Zone Management Agency, then less than 48 hours later the same Management Agency turns around and sells that very same $ 10 parcel of land to Monte Carlo Investments Limited for a whopping ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Why did the government not sell the land directly to Monte Carlo thereby allowing the one million dollars to go into the national treasury where it rightfully belongs? Who was the middle man in this deal?
How can we support an administration that gave away a million dollars in less than 48 hours while they preside over a Fire Service that is forced to organize Bar-B-Que sales and other fund raising activities to come up with the five thousand dollars needed to put a small extension onto the fire station in order to enhance their working environment. A Fire Department that had to sell Bar-B-Q in order to raise money needed to fund their trip to participate in the Fire Department Annual Olympiad.
They gave away a million dollars in less than 48 hours while our police department must regularly stand in the middle of the streets and at check points with a bucket in their hands on one of those now frequent "dollar days" as they continue to solicit funds to build a booth or to buy uniforms for the cadet corp.
They gave away a million dollars in less than 48 hours while the police in the geographically largest district in the nation must perform their demanding role with only ONE vehicle.
They gave away a million dollars in less than 48 hours while their NEMO officials, like the police, are also taking to the check points, buckets in hand, soliciting money to fund their workshops and other activities.
They gave away a million dollars in less than 48 hours while a senior public officer, like
a magistrate, does not have access to an unrestricted telephone on the desk in the office.
How can we support an administration whose leader promised the nation that he would tackle corruption at its root and that he would take action against even the smell of corruption only to surface as being unable or incompetent in taking decisive action against at least one instance of corruption.
In the absence of outcast former PUP ministers Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde, stepping forward to form a formidable third party, except probably for veteran public officer Hipolito Bautista, none of those in leadership of any of the third parties have any tested track record in public life. A third party, at least, at this time, is not a viable option.
The nation is therefore hinging its collective hope squarely upon the leadership of Dean Barrow and the United Democratic Party.
As Belize's undisputed best constitutional attorney, former Deputy Prime Minister and one of the most respected Foreign Ministers in the region, Dean Barrow, is the best hope that the nation currently has to right the path of the national ship.
With the nation in the worst financial crisis ever, Barrow and the new UDP government will have the unique opportunity to go down in history as the party that rescued the nation from the brink of total collapse.
Like a SENIOR PUP official recently said "Dean Barrow has the oil revenue to bring back the economy. Our party is unable to use this natural resource because their hands are too deep in side the cookie jar."
Let there be no doubt also, that there are those, even within the UDP, who fear a Dean Barrow leadership for the sole reason that he is not one to condone corruption as the nation is witnessing under the PUP. Those within the UDP who are in it with intent to get rich quick have every reason to fear a Dean Barrow leadership.
The future of the nation therefore rests squarely on the shoulders of the Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow when he is elected as the new prime minister of Belize. Will he continue to maintain that same hard-line policy against official corruption or will he allow his colleagues in government and their cronies to replace the outgoing ones thereby continuing the cycle? If this should be the case then all we can do is to pray for the Lord have mercy on Belize.

Sunday, November 25, 2007 STAR Tel:- 667-7827 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 3
The More I See Their Blue.... I Am Going To Vote Red
Dear Editor, chosen few.
The Condition Is Being Addressed Says Principal Chris Aird
If there is any indication that general elections might be called earlier than the due date, then the activities of the PUP are hinting to that possibility.
With BEL announcing that they do not want political signs nailed to their light poles, it looks like a new phenomenon is taking place with the birth of the painting of political messages on BEL poles and the PUP have started in San Ignacio.
For me it does not matter what kind of blue signs the PUP paint. They can paint the light poles. They can paint the streets. They can paint the trees. They can paint the garbage drums. They can even paint the stray dogs blue. If it is their desire, they can even erect a sign reaching to the moon and paint it BLUE. To me it DOES NOT MATER.
The more I see their blue, the more it reminds me of their corruption.
The more I see their blue, the more it reminds me of the suffering that they have brought upon all of us living in Belize.
The more I see their blue, the more it reminds me how their burdensome new taxes has driven the cost of every food item to the sky.
The more I see their blue, the more it reminds me of the high cost of light, water and telephone.
The more I see their blue, the more it reminds me of the revenue from the sale of our oil that is going straight into their pockets and the pockets of their
The more I see their blue, the more it reminds me of the sale and give away of ALL our national assets to themselves, their relatives, their friends and their cronies.
The more I see their blue, the more it reminds me of their raping of our Development Finance Corporation.
The more I see their blue, the more it reminds me of the abuse that they continue to perpetuate against our social security funds.
The more I see their blue, the more it reminds me of the 100% increase in environmental tax which continues to drive the cost of living through the roof.
The more I see their blue, the more it reminds me of their 100% increase in the cost for us to get a passport.
The more I see their blue, the more it reminds me that they continue to pay the private Universal Health Service debt to the Belize Bank while the people have made it abundantly clear that they should not use our money to pay this private debt.
Come Election Day, whenever they call it, I am going to the polls and I am going to vote RED, the true color of my heart and the life blood that runs through my veins.
I will vote red for the love of my country. I will vote red for the love of my children.
I will vote red for the love of my children's children and the Belizean generation yet unborn. B.FLopez, San Ignacio^
Saying Thank You To The Police
Dear Editor,
Please allow me the opportunity to join the STAR Newspaper in congratulating the San Ignacio Police for aggressively enforcing the law as it pertains to the closing of restaurants in my neighborhood at the legally stipulated time.
This situation has brought peace and quiet to our neighborhood. This is a condition that we have not experienced in quite a long time.
We are also getting the feeling like the crime situation and late night drunken lawlessness in the area has been reduced and for this we thank the police.
We have also noted a visible decrease in the number of those bicycle riding boys on the streets after midnight and the number of those ones who once assembled outside
these establishments begging for a dollar, a beer or for something to eat.
We sincerely hope that the police will maintain the situation in its present form.
R Castillo, Santa Elena, Cayofc
Ed Note: We are likewise getting the feeling, at least over the past several weeks, that crimes in the Santa Elena area has been reduced.
During the period, we have specifically been asking the police to provide us with information in this regard. On every occasion they tell us that there is nothing to report. In the absence of information to the contrary, we are only hoping that the police are not misleading us, only time will tell, -fr
PHONE: 824-2572 3494 FAX: 824-3240
Ed Note: To those students who sent us the letter this week about the condition on the campus at Sacred Heart College, please be informed that your letter was shared with Principal Christopher Aird.
Principal Aird informed that the condition is being addressed by the competent authority. At Mr. Aird's request we will be holding off publishing the letter in light of
the fact that publishing the concern is secondary to getting the situation addressed.
At the STAR Newspaper, positive actions always supercedes publicity and as such, we will be holding back the letter in order to afford unimpeded rectification of this condition which we believe is the primary objective of those who took time out to send the letter to us."&
Coke Delivery Trucks Cut Off Hillview
Dear Editor;
Betty, the lady who owns and operates the local general store in Hillview, says Coca Cola trucks have not been delivering it products in the area for several weeks. This situation is causing Coca cola addicts to go beserk. Local speculation has it that the
Coca Cola delivery trucks are too big and top heavy and drivers are afraid of turning over, in trying to enter the village, because all the major corners to navigate are impassable due to deep washouts in the area.
R. Auxillou, Hillview, Santa Elena -fr
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Page 4 STAR Tel:- 667-7827 & 626-3788 -Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, November 25, 2007
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Contact: Miguel Hernandez,
Marketing Administrator
San Ignacio, Cayo District, 20 Nov, 2007:
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following criteria: education, sustainability, quality of service, and spirit of adventure. Chaa Creek scored 88.3%.
The Lodge at Chaa Creek is the leading destination for natural history travel in Belize since 1981 and is Belize's premier destination for a wide range of adventures.
Chaa Creek's 365- acre private reserve has provided a unique and unforgettable experience for thousands of guests while maintaining an unspoiled ambience and is very grateful to them for having rated it as the number one resort in Central and South America. Likewise, it is proud to be voted by National Geographic as one of the World's
uompieiiensive suivey anu weie ueograpnic as one oi scored from 1 to 100 on the Best Travel companies
Inspired By The Haad Times
By: K. Y. Fernandez, Santa Elena Cayo, Tuesday, November, 20, 2007:
I got some inspiration a few days ago so I decided to write this poem. I believe that many people today share this view about the crisis we are now faced with.
I hope you can include it in the next edition of the STAR Newspaper. ENJOY! Thanks, K.Y. Fernandez
Things haad out ya! Rice- gaanup, Bred gaanup Egg gaanup Gas gaanup But wi salaries no di go up!
Da whe di happen ina dis country? Piple di bawl caz dis da suffering!
Yu get yu digree, but yu can't get wagoodjob Caz di economi really bad! But Prime Mni ster Musa and hi s cronies dem seh welcome to the paati
Da whe kinda paati dis whe piple di suffa?
Di pay noh even nuff fu buy we li bred and buta!
Di youths dem di kill each adda instead a working fu mek wha lee dolla.
Den we hear bout all dis govanment corruption But wi no di get no satisfaction.
We need som justice ina dis land So wi all hafu tek wa stand.
Things hafu change We must get togeda And get rid a dis dictaeta. Wi fewcha look real grim While Musa, pan TV, di grin
No more a dis ya suffering!
Get up! Weh haffu rise and shine! Wi can't kip submissive no moe Dis ya paati hafu go.
Dis ya election wi ALL wa mek wa change
Because YU DUN SAY IT di
govament haffu change! So mek sure yu exacise yu rights And vote so wi can mek we future real bright!

Sunday, November 25, 2007 STAR Tel:- 667-7827 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 5
US National Found In Possession Of Gun and Bullets
Dangriga police reports that shortly after 4:00 p.m., on Friday, November, 23, whilst on mobile patrol between miles 21 and 22 on the Hummingbird Highway, they came upon a male person acting in a suspicious manner and dressed in a camouflage outfit.
The male person was detained and a search on his person led to the discovery of a 9 mm Beretta brand pistol bearing serial number BER247820 along with 73 live rounds of 9mm ammunition.
The person was later identified as Elijah Samuel Gill, 30, US National residing at mile 21 V2 on the Hummimbird Highway.
He was transported to the Dangriga Police Station where he is expected to be arrested and formally charged for keeping unlicensed firearm and for keeping unlicenced ammunition.
He is expected to appear in the courtroom of Dangriga's Magistrate Clive Lino, on Monday November 26, where he will answer to the charges against him.
Mennonite, residing in the village, lying face up with multiple wounds.
Initial investigation revealed at 12:10 p.m. whilst he was welding the tank from a crude oil truck, it exploded causing the injuries.
At the time of the incident Enns' 6 and 4 year old sons who were around emerged with burns to various parts of their bodies.
Enns' body was removed from the scene and transported to the Orange Walk Hospital where it was officialy pronounced dead. The two sons remain hospitalize in stable condition at the Northern Medical Plaza.
The legally required post mortem examination certified that Enns died as a result of Craneo Encephalic Trauma produced by the explosion.-w-
BEL Vehicle And Employee Involved In Traffic fatality
Another Northern Highway Traffic Fatality
A report coming out of Orange Walk police informs that shortly after 6:00 p.m. on Friday, November 23, they were summoned to the municipality's Northern Regional Hospital where they encountered Clinton Banner, 52, from the village of Carmelita suffering from head and body injuries.
Initial investigation revealed that at around 5:45 that evening, Anthony Lanza, 37, Belizean businessman also from the village of Carmelita, was
driving his Toyota pickup truck bearing license plates OW-C-10295 on Northern Highway heading towards Orange Walk Town when upon reaching between miles 48 and 49 he collided into Banner who was riding a bicycle in the same direction.
Banner received head and body injuries and later died whilst undergoing treatment.
Lanza is presently in police custody at the Orange Walk station while the incident is being investigated. &
Accidental Explosion Claims The Life Of Orange Walk Welder
Orange Walk police reports that at around 12:50 p.m. on Friday, November 23, they were called out to Camp 13 in the Mennonite
community of Shipyard Village in the Orange Walk District where they came upon the apparent lifeless body Abram Enns, 38, Belizean
In the absence of an official report from the Police Press Office this Sunday night, preliminary information reaching us indicate that at around 5:50 p.m. on Saturday November 24, Punta Gorda police were called out to the scene of a traffic accident on the San Antonio/ Punta Gorda Town road.
On arrival, the police came upon a Belize Electricity Limited white toyota Hilux pickup truck, with license plates BZ-C-28092, in the middle of the road and with the body of a male person, who was later identified as Juan Choc, Guatemalan, on the ground in front of the vehicle near San Marcos Village.
The vehicle, with extensive damage to its front portion, was reportedly travelling from San Antonio Village towards the Dump when the accident occurred.
The apparent lifeless body of Juan Choc was transported to the local poly clinic in Punta Gorda Town where it was officially pronounced dead.
The driver of the BEL vehicle, identified as Henry Archer, 33, of an mdianville address in Punta Gorda Town, was detained pending the usual traffic related charges of
a) Manslaughter by negligence,
b) Driving without due care and attention and c) Causing death by careless conduct.
Archer is slated to be transported to the Magistrate court in Dangriga where he will be formally charged.
In expressing "Deepest Sympathies" to the bereaved family, a BEL press release issued by the electricity company informed that "an on-duty employee of the Belize Electricity Company Limited (BEL) was involved in a traffic accident which resulted in the death of Jose Choc."
The BEL release additionally informed that "The Police Department is currently investigating this incident and BEL is also carrying out an investigation in line with its Safety Policy. 'Yr
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Page 6 STAR Tel:- 667-7827 & 626-3788 -Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, November 25, 2007
Firewood Farming Family
By: Ray Auxillou, Hillview Community, Santa Elena, Cayo, Saturday, November 24, 2007:
I enjoyed the Amandala huge section on nation state evolvement of Belize and the alternatives. How we came about and are changing. It was a huge section. It didn't come to any conclusions or suggest anything, but it was thought provoking.
One of the port town items I have thought about was the mention that nobody in the port town cooks with firewood anymore and cannot even buy it. Yet out here in Cayo West towns, firewood is still the majority cooking method. At least with the people I know? Who earn between $300 and $600 Bz per month. The modernization of life style in Belize is thought provoking. We have gone to a cash economy and no longer use
plantations to support the family. The rich today are the same as in colonial days. The civil servants and merchants. These are our middle class, or upper middle class. There are more producers today though in rural areas who are seasonal middle class at least. When it comes to poverty, the inability to cook with firewood by the port town city dwellers only indicates the changes we have in how we live.
Today just calculating basic utilities and necessities for a 400 sq. ft house, butane, electricity, telephone, running water, flush toilet, you need $ 1400 Bz a month just to break even with your living costs for a family of five. I would say this is break even poverty level. Below that is poverty, below $600 Bz a month is extra deep poverty and below $300 Bz a month is super poverty. There are many, many, many rural families living on a lot less cash flow than that, who use firewood to cook, hole in the ground outhouse and might have access to water, or rain barrels.
Plantations no longer are practical for most people for many different reasons, but thieving of their produce is the most common reason.
In that sense, the Amandala article pointed out how the PUP had evolved into a Capitalist political party, for self enrichment mostly of elected representatives.
I do hope a lot of electoral divisions
Notice is hereby given that under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Chapter 150 of the laws of Belize. Revised Edition 2000, that GEOVANNI DAWSON is applying for the renewal of his PUBLICAN SPECIAL LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2008 to operate LA PASADITA BAR located on La Loma Luz Boulevard, Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District.
Notice is hereby given that under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Chapter 150 of the laws of Belize, Revised Edition2000, that LEONARD FLOWERS is applying for the renewal of his PUBLICAN SPECIAL LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2008 to operate TOUCH OF CLASS COMFORT INN located onPerez Street, Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District.
Notice is hereby given that under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Chapter 150 of the laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that LUIS MARTINEZ is applying for the renewal of his MALT & CD3ER LIQUOR LICENSEfor the year 2008 to operate TRY IT located in Esperanza Village in the Cayo District.
Notice is hereby given that under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Chapter 150 of the laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that FENG YING TANG is applying for the renewal of his CONVENIENT STORE LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2008 to operate THREE FLAGS located on the Western Highway in Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District.
Notice is hereby given that under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Chapter 150 of the laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that FRED ROTH applying for the renewal of his PUBLICAN SPECIAL LIQUOR LICENSEfortheyear 2008 to operate HAPPY'S RESTAURANT & BAR located at Mile 66 Western Highway, Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District.
Notice is hereby given that under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Chapter 150 of the laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that SHAO BIAO LI is applying for the renewal of his RESTAURANT LIQUOR LICENSEfor the year 2008 to operate ALLAN'S RESTAURANT located on George Price Boulevard, Benque Viejo Towninthe Cayo District.
Notice is hereby given that under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Chapter 150 of the laws of Belize, Revised Edition2000, that ARMANDO CANTO is applying for the renewal of his MALT & CD3ER LIQUOR LICENSE for theyear2008 to operate MANDY'S STORE located in at the Augustine Forest Station Mountain Pine Ridge Cayo District.
Notice is hereby given that under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Chapter 150 of the laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that DELMY RAMIREZ is applying for the renewal of her RESTAURANT LIQUOR LICENSEfor the year 2008 to operate DELMY'S RESTAURATN located in the Kontiki Area, San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District.
have the sense to elect a third party candidate to break the monopoly on political power from the two main parties and make them at least share the future and perhaps return to dealing with the maj ority of people who are actually poor by local standards and certainly by foreign industrial standards.
The changes have also broadened the middle class in this country. Most of which are still civil servants, but that cannot go much further for another 15 years until the PUP debt is reconciled.
The upper strata of middle class are very comfortable though. There seems to be more wealth today. The poor are managing by jamming two
and three families in a small house. You don't see community groups erecting palmeto houses anymore and thatching same. Most houses are wood or cement and are usually owned by a bank, or the DFC.
Families have fragmented like North America. The nuclear family is common. This is more seen by ethnic lines. The Creoles from the coast would more likely be in a dog-eat-dog/on-your-own, survival basis, than say the white Belizean Mennonite groups or the true Mayans. The Mestizos are still working together as families, but not so much in community relationships of self help though, -fr
Belizean Students In Jamaica Promote Garifuna Culture
MONA CAMPUS, University of The West Indies, Jamaica, Monday, November 19,2007:
The Belize Students'Association of Jamaica (BSAJ) has mounted a library display at the University of the West Indies Main Library at the Mona Campus in celebration of Garifuna Settlement Day. The display highlights the history, dance, music, language and artifacts of the Garinagu. It also showcases several books written by or about Garifuna people. The exhibit will remain on display until Monday, November 26,2007.
The Association in collaboration with the Vincentian Students' Association also conducted a Garifuna Cultural Expo on Saturday, November 17 at the Undercroft of the Senate Building on UWI Mona Campus. The expo highlighted various aspects of Garifuna culture include the music, dances, and the Garifuna language.
Guest speaker for the expo was Mss Donna McFarlane, Director of the Liberty Hall and Marcus Garvey Multimedia Museum. Miss McFarlane focused her presentation on the findings of a research she
conducted on cassava-baking in the Caribbean including the Garifuna communities of Belize.
McFarlane gave insight into the presence of Africans in this region long before Columbus and the introduction of cassava to the African diet. She also shared the differences and similarities in cassava-baking in Belize, Jamaica, Suriname and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The expo ended with sampling of hudut, and Vincentian cassava-bread and saltfish.
The Belize and Vincentian Students Associations express much appreciation and gratitude to the History Department, the Institute of Caribbean Studies, the Literatures in English Department, the Guild Council, the Office of the Campus Registrar, and the Department of Language, Linguistics and Philosophy for supporting this event.
The B SAJ extends warm wishes for an enjoyable Garifuna Settlement Day and the continued preservation of the Garifuna culture.
For further information, you may contact the BSAJ at belizestudentsj a@yahoo.com.-w'
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Notice is hereby given that under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Chapter 150 of the laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that RONG KUN LIANG is applying for the renewal of his CONVENDZNT STORE LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2008 to operate TAI SAN STORE located on Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District.

[Sunday, November 25, 2007 STAR Tel:- 667-7827 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 7
Catellanosf Hypocricy At Its Best
BY: El Valiente
Santa Elena, Cayo, Thursday, November 22,2007:
The recent visit of the Prime Minister to Cayo Central was the weakest show of support for the outgoing, Said Musa led People's United Party (PUP) government.
What we saw was a case of the PUP continuing to abuse our school children for political gains on every leg of the recently concluded tour.
It seems that this is the only way they are certain that they will be able to secure an audience to listen to their blatant lies and false promises as they seek the almost impossible task of remaining in the seat of government.
One would have thought that after forcing a set of mediocre and inferior quality textbooks on our children, they would have given them some breathing space.
During the tour, there was also the case of the incompetent PUP Cayo Central area representative, Mario Castellanos. What was this character thinking when he admitted to the media that nothing has been done in Cayo Central for the past several years?
After all these years, has this outgoing character not realized that he is the primary person who should make things happen in Cayo Central?
It therefore becomes obvious that this character is not only a do-nothing- individual but it is now apparent that he has been sleeping on the job for all these years. There is now hardly any doubt why his colleagues publicly refer to him as the non-performing politician who does not even speak in the House of Representatives on behalf of the people he is supposed to represent.
How To Recognize A Strobe It Could Save The Life Of A Loved One
Over the past several months we have been hearing of an increasing number of persons suffering from stroke and so we decided to republish this article submitted by Amini Galvez-Romero, Health Care Pharmacy, San Ignacio, Cayo. I was first published 2 years ago in the Sunday, November 27, 2005, Edition #58 of the STAR Newspaper
During a Bar-B-Q party, a friend stumbled and took a little fall. Although they offered to take her to the hospital, she assured everyone that she was just fine and that it was just a little stumble cause primarily due to her new shoes.
She go up, was brushed off and given a new plate of food while she appeared a bit shake up Ingrid went about enj oying herself for the rest of the evening.
Later that evening Ingrid's husband called to tell friends that she was taken to the hospital three hours later, Ingrid was DEAD! She had suffered a stroke at the Bar-B-Q. Had anyone know how to identify the sign of a stroke, perhaps Ingrid would be alive today.
Aneurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within three hours, he can TOTALLY reverse the effects
of a stroke. He said the trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed and getting the correct attention to the patient within three hours.
Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.
Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by going through the following three simple procedures:
1. Ask the individual to SMILE. A red flag must immediately go up if the individual produces a distorted facial expression for a smile.
2. Ask the individual to raise both arms. Another red flag must immediately go up if the individual is experiencing difficulties in performing this simple exercise.
3. Ask the individual to SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE coherently. Again a red flag must go up if the individual is incoherent in speaking a simple sentence.
If the individual has trouble with any of the above tasks, it's time to rush the person to the nearest health facility and advise the attending medical personal of the symptoms observed.^
Do you have property to sell*.*
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and the world.
Call John on 605 8082 I: j acott6r/ Does he not know that his PUP government is squeezing the people of the division by vindictively withholding due subvention from the town council to pay for garbage collection and instead his government has resorted to providing "loans" to the council ALL of which has been going directly to Raymond Cox with not a word is coming out of Mario Castellanos.
People have given up money for land and there is no sign of neither money nor land and not a word from Castellanos.
The Nepalese are taking away hundreds of j obs from the people of Cayo Central and Mario Castellanos continues to remain silent.
One quarter of a million gallons of petroleum is leaving Belize every single month through the Benque Viejo Border and Castellanos could care less that this new found wealth is slipping out of the hands of the Belizean people.
How out of place he now sounds as he goes about complaining about Government paying Raymond Cox to collect garbage in the Twin Towns.
The truth of the matter Mario, is that when the UDP came to office in the Town Council in 2003, that portion of the subvention that was used to pay COX was instantly cancelled.
The council has since been straining to pay Cox for the j ob that he is barely performing. In fact just last month one of these "loans" was obtained and all $175,000.00 of it went straight into Raymond Cox's deep pocket.
Now that he has been duly educated on the issues at hand, we trust that Mario Castellanos will refrain from making a fool of himself in trying to criticize the town council for all the ills committed by his government and by himself through way of omission for not doing what he was elected and paid to do.^
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Con Amor En Memoria De Nuestro Querido Padre El Senor
JUAN GUERRA Sr. Con Lagrimas,_
dolor y tristeza 23
recordamos quien en vida I fuera el Senor I Juan Guerra. Nos cuidastes I con amor. Nos I
llenastes de
alegria. Nos
contastes tis trostezas. Nos
dejastes para siempre.
El dia 22 de Noviembre el Senor abrio las puertas y tu tntrastes al gran paraiso. Eres tristemente recordado
por tus hijos, hijas, nietos, bisnietos yo tatara nietos.
Maria Gomez y La Familia Guerra
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Sunday, November 25, 2007 STAR Tel:- 667-7827 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 9
Critical Elections In Cuba Set For January 20
By ANITA SNOW, Associated Press Writer HAVANA (AP):
Cuba announced Tuesday it has set January 20, 2008 for national elections that are part of the process of determining whether ailing leader Fidel Castro continues as president.
The ruling, signed by interim leader Raul Castro and read on state television, set the date for elections to provincial and national assemblies voting that is held every five years. There was no explicit mention of Fidel Castro, but the 81-year-old leader of the Cuban Revolution must be re-elected to the national parliament before he could repeat as president of the Council of State to remain in full power.
Raul, 76, is the council's first vice president
The January elections come almost 18 months after the elder Castro stepped aside on July 31, 2006, because of emergency intestinal surgery, provisionally ceding his functions to his brother and a team of other top leaders.
He has not been seen in public since, appearing only in official photographs and videos and regularly writing essays with mostly international themes.
The parliament, known in Cuba as the National Assembly, elects a new council every five years, several weeks after deputies are elected. It was not announced when the new National Assembly would meet for the first time to renew the top council members.
Cuba's constitution calls for the council's first vice president, currently Raul Castro, to fill the presidential slot when vacated. Fidel, Cuba's unchallenged leader since 1959, held the council presidency since its 1976 creation.
Phil Peters, a Cuba analyst with the pro-democracy Lexington think tank outside Washington, said January's vote would be "an election with real suspense."
"If (Fidel) doesn'tput his name on the ballot he is effectively resigning, Peters said.
However, even if Castro relinquishes the presidency, he could still play a key role in the nation's leadership in his current position as Communist Party general secretary arguably a more politically powerful j ob or in a new emeritus position.
Vicki Huddleston, America's top diplomat in Cuba from 1999-2001, said it seemed likely Raul Castro would be Cuba's next Council of State president.
"Very few people imagine that Fidel will return to power in an active position," said Huddleston.
Cuba recently held the first round of its election process, with more than 8.1 million voters 95 percent of those
registered casting ballots in late October to elect more than 12,000 delegates to 169 municipal assemblies across the island.
Those assemblies are now choosing candidates for provincial and national assembly seats.
Anyone 16 or older can vote in Cuba and casting a ballot is not mandatory. Membership in the Communist Party the only legal political party on the island also is not required.
Small dissident groups which are tolerated but dismissed by Cuba's
Raul Castro (L) and brother Fidel Castro (R)
government as mercenaries of the United States boycotted the municipal elections.
Detractors of Cuba's electoral process complain the country's president is not directly elected by citizens and say voters feel heavy pressure to support pro-government candidates.
L" The current Electoral Law, marked by a totalitarian character, does not guarantee the elemental right of citizens to freely elect people who represent programs or proposals that differ from those of the only party that has governed for more than four decades," dissident Vladimiro Roca wrote earlier this week in a declaration from the opposition coalition Todos Unidos.
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Putting Two & Two Together
To stop her 4-year old daughter from biting her nails, Mrs. Gonzalez tells her it'll make her fat.
"I won't do it any more, Mom," says little Annie.
The next day they are walking on Burns Avenue in San Ignacio when they meet a very fat man.
"If I bite my fingernails, I'll be as fat as that, won't I Mom?" asked Annie
"You'll be fatter than that," responds Mrs. Gonzalez.
They get on a bus for the ride to Belmopan, and sitting opposite them is a very pregnant lady.
Little Annie can't take her eyes off the woman's belly.
The pregnant lady feels increasingly uncomfortable under Annie's stare, and finally leans forward and says to Annie, "Excuse me, but do you know me?"
"No", responds little Annie, "but I know exactly what you've been doing..."
Unbelievable But True
Mrs. Garcia lives right on the edge inside my closet? asked an angry
of the Western Highway in Santa Elena, Cayo.
About a week ago she began having problems with the door of her closet. Everytime a bus passed on the highway the door would fall off. So she called a repairman.
The repairman came and sure enough the door was on the floor inside Mrs. Garcia's bedroom.
"OK", said the repairman "I will need to find out exactly what's going on here. I am going inside the closet, just close the door behind me" he said to Mrs. Jones. The repairman was not sitting in the closet for no more than 5 minutes when Mr. Garcia returned home to change his shirt.
He opens the closet and there was the repairman.
"What the hell are you doing
Mr. Jones.
The trembling repairman responded "Well, you are not going to believe it, but I am actually waiting for a bus!"
Adapted from a submission by Angel Manzanero:
Bob walked into Evas Restaurant on Burns Avenue in San Ignacio and satatthebarjustasthe 10:00 p.m, Channel 5 News repeat was coming on.
Next to him, also tuned in to the newscast, was Simple Simon.
The news crew was covering a story of a man who had climed to the top of the BTL tower on St. Thomas Street in Belize City as he was threatening to jump. Simon looked at Bob and said, "Do you think he'll j ump? "
Bob says, "I bet he'll jump."
Simon replied, "Want to bet he won't."
Bob Meets Simon
"/ bet you 20 bucks that he will Jump challenged Bob
"You're on!" said Simon as he placed his 20 bucks on the bar
It did not take long after the bet was sealed for the guy to dive off the tower, falling to his death below.
Simon was very upset, but conceeded that he had lost the bet, "Fair is fair, you win, take the money" he said
"/ can't take your money ", said Bob. "It's not fair, I saw the news earlier at 6:30 and I knew he would jump."
"I also saw the 6:30 news" said Simon "the money is all yours because quite frakly I didn't think he'd do it again."
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December 3rd, 2007.
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Saturday wrm^i 8:30 am to 11:00 am
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[Sunday, November 25, 2007 STAR Tel:- 667-7827 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 11
Eulogy For Mrs. Irene Juan nee Ochoa
+SUNRISE: April 5,1920 SUNSET: November 7,2007 87 yrs.+
BY: Elias A. Awe November 10,2007
"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away." Revelation: 21:4
This evening we are gathered here together as a family of believers to celebrate and pay homage to whom in life was, Mrs. Irene Juan formerly Ochoa. We are saddened by her passing on that fateful 7th day of November 2007, when she left this life to meet her Creator.
It is therefore with a heavy heart that we extend our profound sympathies to Elias, Lucy and f amily to Don Rodi, her brother and his family, to her adopted daughters Annette Martinez and Judith Fuller and indeed to the extended family which includes 12 grand and 15 great grand children.
"Miss Irene" as she was respectfully known, was born on the 5th of April, 1920 in the picturesque town of San Ignacio to Ingracia and Jose Maria Ochoa. She was married to Juan Elias Juan, now deceased. This marriage conceived two sons: Elias and Nairn and two adopted daughters Annette and Judith.
Miss Irene was predeceased by her siblings: Edelmira, Carlota, Erlinda, Sofia, Teodocio and Jose. Mr. Rodolfo "Rodi" Ochoa is the
only surviving brother in the family.
The life of Miss Irene can best be described as a woman of unbreakable faith and sterling resilience. Her strong faith gave her access to unravel the truth in the mystery of life and death in away only she understood. She cherished and embraced every minute of her life till the glorious end. She had the fortitude to cope, without complaining, with the suffering and pain brought about by her illness. Even at her dying bed, she still found the last ounce of strength to make those around her smile with her ever witty jokes.
Her brother, Rodi, shares with us that as a young man he partly grew up with her. He claims that she was the historian in the family who always kept them informed of family ties and events that occurred in earlier times in their hometown San Ignacio.
She had a good sense of humor and would make adversities take a different meaning after countering them with her ever clever remarks.
Dancing was her delight and she did not miss a beat at the then Abdo's Building in downtown San Ignacio. Above all, says Don Rodi: "My sister was a very industrious woman who from a very young age knew how to tackle the challenges of life head on! She did
Mrs. Irene Juan Ochoa, 87,
"She was an ambitious and astute woman, a person with good business acumen." says her son Elias Juan
so as a milpa farmer, a farm girl and later on as an exceptional companion to her dear husband of a lifetime."
Elias, for his part, says his Mom was an ambitious and astute woman, a person with good business acumen. Elias recalls that at an earlier age in our history, his mom would wake up at the very wee hours of the morning to cook and feed a number of "chicleros" during the "temporada" when chicle was a mainstay in Cayo's economy. He considers her as a woman who did "go through the mill" of life. It was only when she had to do hip replacement surgery that she eased from her ever busy chores. He is eternally thankful for her believing in the power of education and making sure that her children received the best possible education there was at the time.
Lucy, her daughter in law, who accompanied Miss Irene for seventeen years, speaks of her as a lovely person of great heart and good character. She regarded Miss Irene as a second mother a person she was proud to call "suegra". Her reflections of her were that even though Miss Irene was going through severe pain, she displayed a sense of humor while in her sick bed and did not want her care givers to become victims of her suffering. "Miss Irene", says Lucy, "was a person who loved life but because of her strong and firm faith she was also very much prepared to meet her Creator when the time called."
Her grandchildren, Yashmin, Yancy, Kathian, Jennifer and Jacqueline, in a collective way, share that they will miss her DEARLY as she was a person with a lovely personality who went through pains to keep them laughing and sharing endless fabricated stories. They respected her as a lead model, and she always provided guidance and
sound advice. She was an exemplary grandma.
Allow me at this juncture, to express on behalf of the Juan and Ochoa family, our deepest appreciation to all those that accompanied the family throughout the years of Miss Irene's illness and much more so on this their time of bereavement. They are eternally grateful to all of you who were "out there" for them. In particular, the Juan and Ochoa family in a very special way wish to recognize and thank the Adventist Mssion, Mrs. Eloisa August, Mrs. Letty August and the Loma Luz Hospital staff.
Also, thanks to Nurse Dulce Cabrera and Dr. Juan Carlos from the Cuban medical team.
Likewise, their appreciation goes out to Miss Aida Moro, Mrs. Maria Guzman, Lucy (Elias' wife) and his children, for all the good things they did for Miss Irene.
It is also noteworthy to mention here that one of her outstanding friends and at the same time sister-in-law was Mrs. Irene Ochoa. The two Irene's did not only share the same name and surname but were indeed lifetime friends and supporters of one another.
Mrs. Irene Ochoa the sister-in-law, in her own quiet and dignified way, was as "constant as the northern star" in accompanying
and showing affection to Mrs. Irene Juan through her trials and tribulations in life. Elias and Don Rodi say de todo corazon: "Thank You, Dona Irene".
And so my friends, as I come to the end of this eulogy, let us not be sad, as Miss Irene has moved unto a greater existence, for death is not an end, but a re-birth into a perfect world that God has promised us. Therefore, let us not be sorrowful, but joyful that our beloved mother, sister, grandmother, great grandmother and friend Mss Irene, is walking with her Creator in a paradise beyond comprehension to us mortals. Her memories will never fade and as time marches on, we will all be reunited. She is truly in a better place today. May her soul rest in peace!
Western Highway, Santa Elena Town, Cayo
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Clavez Freezes Ties Will Cilimbia And Spain
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he has frozen his country's bilateral ties with neighbouring Colombia.
The move follows the decision by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to end Mr Chavez's role as a hostage negotiator with Colombia's Fare rebels.
Mr Chavez said that the decision to end his mediation role was "a spit in the face" and denounced Mr Uribe as a liar.
He also said he had frozen relations with Spain over a remark made by King Juan Carlos earlier this month.
The king told Mr Chavez to "shut up" after the Venezuelan leader repeatedly interrupted the Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, during the final session of Ibero-American summit in Santiago.
Mr Chavez later said the matter would be settled only if he received an apology from the king, whom
"They have spat brutally
in our face when we worked heart and soul to try to get them on the road to peace" Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez
he accused of "arrogance" and "impotence".
The Spanish government has not yet responded to Mr Chavez's announcement.
The harsh exchange of words between Venezuela and Colombia began on Saturday, when President Uribe insisted he had ended Mr
From Front Page
am, on the morning after the incident, Abraham Guerra, visited her and reported that during the course of the previous night he observed two male persons of dark complexion inside her yard on Hummingbird Street. He additionally told her that he came to inform her the night before but that no one answered the doorbell.
The Castellanos family became suspicious of Guerra's involvement when their investigation revealed that the sensor from their exterior motion detector light was shifted in a passion to become ineffective. They suspected, that the shifting of the sensor was done by Guerra or a male friend who was along with him during the course of the day as they were engaged in constructing a house in the yard for the family dog.
Abraham Guerra's guilty plea was accepted on both counts and he was sentence to three years imprisonment on each count. The sentences are to run concurrently. He will therefore only serve three years in jail.
Notwithstanding Guerra taking the rap, San Ignacio police informs that they are still looking for a least two other persons that are strongly suspected to have been involved in both incidents.
In the Cahal Pech Museum case, none of the stolen cash or checks has been recovered. In the Castellanos incident, there are reports that the police might have recovered some of the stole jewelry but the family is yet to receive official notification regarding the items reportedly recovered.
Chavez's involvement in the negotiations for speaking directly to Colombia's army chief despite being told not to do so. "They have spat brutally in our face when we worked heart and soul to try to get them on the road to peace" Hugo Chavez Venezuelan President
"They issued a statement yesterday filled with lies, and that is serious, very serious," Mr Chavez responded in marked contrast to his reluctant acceptance of the initial announcement.
"President Uribe is lying, and he's lying in a shameless way," he said.
The Venezuelan leader said Mr Uribe had lied about the reason for the failure of the talks in order to avoid seeking a peaceful solution to the 40-y ear-long armed conflict with the Fare.
"They have spat brutally in our face when we worked heart and soul to try to get them on the road to peace,''he said.
Colombians react to the end of Hugo Chavez's mediation efforts
Mr Chavez said he had therefore decided to freeze Venezuela's relations with its neighbour and second-largest trading partner.
"/ declare before the world that I'm putting relations with Colombia in the freezer because I've completely lost confidence with everyone in the Colombian government," he said.
"Everyone should be on alert with respect to Colombia," he added.
"The companies that Colombians have here, the companies we have over there, commercial relations all of that will be damaged It's lamentable."
"It's like the case of Spain -until the king of Spain apologises, I'm freezing relations with
"Your words, your attitudes, give the impression that you are not interested in peace in Colombia, but rather that Colombia be a victim of a Fare terrorist government," Colombian President Alvaro Uribe
President Uribe wasted no time in responding to the onslaught from his Venezuelan counterpart.
His attack on Mr Chavez was less personal but equally devastating.
"Your words, your attitudes, give the impression that you are not interested in peace in Colombia, but rather that Colombia be a victim of a Fare terrorist government"said Colombian President Alvaro Uribe
Mr Uribe accused the Venezuelan leader of not being interested in promoting peace in Colombia and insisted that Venezuela had expansionist plans that Colombia would resist.
"The truth is, President Chavez, we need mediation against terrorism, not one that legitimises terrorism, "he said.
"Your words, your attitudes, give the impression that you are not interested in peace in Colombia, but rather that Colombia be a victim of a Fare terrorist government," he added.
"If you are spreading an expansionist project in the continent, in Colombia this project will make no headway.
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