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Publication Date: October 7, 2007
Copyright Date: 2007
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No. 130 Sunday, October 7, 2007 Price $1.00
SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo, Thursday, October 4,2007:
It could quite possibly have included more place but from what the police have so far been able to ascertain, a weekend criminal activity spanned no less than three districts of Belize.
The crime started off sometime between the hours of 10:00 p.m. on Friday, September 28, and 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 29, 2007 being the period between
which Jose Montero, Belizean businessman, reported that his black 2001 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner valued at BZ$45,000 went missing from inside his yard located on San Francisco Farm at mile 66 on the Western Highway between San Ignacio and the village of Succotz.
Montero visited the San Ignacio police station shortly after 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 29, where he reported that when he went to bed at around 10:00 o'clock the
Bernz "Not In Politics Again
San Ignacio, Cayo, luesday, September 25,2007:
Through this medium I, Bernabel Salazar Jr. JP, would like to inform the residents of Cayo Central of my resignation from political life.
I have come to this decision in order that I may now move on with my life free from politics.
I must say that during the period of my active involvement in politics, I served in various capacities such as an Executive Member of the constituency committee, a former aspirant for the Standard Bearer position and also as an activist.
I have served well, if I may say so myself. I now believe that the time has come for me to move on and so I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all those who supported me in the Cayo Central Constituency during the period of my involvement in politics.
To all those persons with whom I had the honor and privilege to work,
Bernabel "Bernz"Salazar Jr. JP
I extend a heartfelt THANK YOU. Best wishes to all those who are now seeking to represent the constituency in the next general elections.
Once again, thank you to all the people of Cayo Central. May God continue to bless our Belize as I now officially retire from a life of politics. Signed
Bernabel Salazar Jr. JP.
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previous night, he left his vehicle parked in the yard adj acent to hi s house and when he woke up at 5:3 0 the following morning, he noticed that the vehicle was missing.
Montero acknowledges that, given the remoteness and privacy of the farm, he might have mistakenly miscalculated the security of his property by going to bed that night leaving his truck unlocked with the key in the ignition and the main access gate to the property open.
In his report to the police Montero additionally informed that his wife's Toyota Camry car was also entered into during that same period and her purse, containing credit cards, her Los Angles identification cards and their children insurance documents, was missing from inside the car.
After lodging the report at the San Ignacio police station Montero said that he volunteered to contact all district police stations to advise them to be on the lookout for his vehicle.
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Montero's Toyota cleaned and saSely in his yard
Located Directly Next To La Loma Luz Hospital In Santa Elena Cayo|

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Sunday, October 7, 2007
Presenting The Talent Of Students From St. Ignatius High School
We must apologize to St. Ignatius Literature Teacher, Ms. Nancy Waight for the delay in publishing these three poems, from her students. She personally brought them to us for publication several weeks ago during the Independence Celebration period. We promised Ms. Waight that we would have published the poems and despite the delay, here they are.
Done by: Vanna Morris 4B St. Ignatius High School Teacher: Nancy Waight
"Presha" (Pressure)
Done by: ShaniceWitlshire 2B St. Ignatius High School Teacher: Nancy Waight
Continued From Front Page
He was reportedly told that there was no need for him to do so as that is a function the police must undertake.
When he did not get any feedback from the police throughout the day on Saturday, he took it upon himself to contact several of the police stations in the maj or di strict towns on Sunday.
It was whilst he was in contact with the Dangriga police that he was surprised to have been informed firstly that the station had no information of the vehicle being reported stolen in San Ignacio the previous day, and secondly that a vehicle fitting that exact description was reported to have been used in a Saturday night robbery of a bus supervisor in that municipality. The supervisor was reportedly relieved of over $5,000 in cash.
Dangriga police additionally informed Montero that the vehicle without license plates was observed circling that town all day on Saturday and that it was not until it became implicated in the robbery that they began looking for it.
The police also told Montero that they suspected that his vehicle was still in the area. He then left San Ignacio en route to Dangriga to assist the police in the search.
When Montero asked why a vehicle driving around town without license plates did not spark some level of suspicion, the response he reportedly received was that the Transport Department is routinely without license plates making the occurrence a regular practice.
The search down south continued up to Tuesday and extended all the way down to Placencia but the vehicle was nowhere to be found.
While Montero was in southern Belize still searching for the vehicle, a relative in San Ignacio received the call from Belize City police at around 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 2, 2007 informing that the vehicle was found in the parking lot of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City.
The information reportedly came to the police from an anonymous caller who reportedly heard the announcement that Montero had placed on one of the radio stations.
The police visited the hospital parking lot, took possession of the vehicle and towed it to the Queen Street police station because they could not get it started since the key was not in the ignition.
Montero visited the Belize City Queen Street police station on Wednesday, October 3, where he positively identified the vehicle as his property. An inspection of the interior revealed that the back portion of the removable seat
- www-
coverings on both driver and passenger side front seats were ripped away leading police to believe that the stocking-like material was used by the robbers to mask their faces in pulling off the robbery in Dangriga.
Montero also came upon a knife and a pair pliers inside the vehicle, none of which he could identify as being his.
As further proof of his ownership he presented the police with a spare key which was used to get the vehicle started.
The muddy vehicle was subsequently released and driven to San Ignacio where it was cleaned and a more thorough search of its interior was conducted in the hope of retrieving the pair of CY-C-27287 license plates that were fitted to the vehicle before it went missing.
The plates were not found thereby leading Montero to suspect that they might have been removed and thrown away.
Despite a few scratches, an old battery and a missing bug shield, Montero is happy to have recovered his vehicle. He informed that it will be a long time if ever ,that he will leave the keys in any of his vehicles.
Although police are in posession of a description of at least two persons who were in the vehicle, to date they are yet to arrest annyone.
Red, White, and Blue, Our Nations colors, What brings us close together, A so draws us apart.
We may be small, But have a big heart, Creole, Chinese, Mestizo, And Garifuna,
Makes our country a whole, But yet we cannot live, Like a family is supposed to.
The beautiful flora and fauna, Attracts all the tourists, Whether near and far, They all come to our little Country, Belize.
That is why we must live Together in harmony, As the theme says Belize at 26, Independent, Strong and free, Belize fi all a wi!
Killing Stealing, Drug Abuse, "Da Presha."
Corruption, Rape,
Diseases of all sort, "Da Presha,"
Da we di Belize deh, weh dem cuda mi lef di front door open?
Da weh di Belize deh, weh we cuda mi walk bout without fear of gettin j acked or even killed?
If only dem days woulda come back cause nowadays, everything "DAPRESHA."
Independnece Day
Done by: Shadira Tzib 3bc St. Ignatius High School Teacher: Nancy Waight
Raise your flag
and cheer all the way
it's Independence Day
Freedom is our happiness And justice is for all no races no fighting
Come let's unite
and celebrate
it's our country's birthday.
Happy birthday Belize Happy birthday my country Happy birthday my nation Today is our celebration.
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Sunday, October 7, 2007
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fr^sj ^(Mmal fr^sj Rufus X Attacked Inside His Yard
30 Years From Now Might Be Too Late
We join all our colleagues in the media, and indeed all peace-loving Belizeans, in condemning this week's reported vandalism of the vehicle belonging to the host of Krem Radio's Wake Up Belize Morning Vibes talk show, Evan "Mose" Hyde Jr. and the violent physical attack, five days later, committed on the person of Rufus X, a shareholder of Krem Radio and a panelist on the Tuesday night Kremandala Show.
These incidents are of concern especially since both media personalities have, over the past several months, been consistently vocal in exposing the corrupt activities of those who govern.
While there is no hard evidence at this time indicating that these regrettable acts were committed by agents of those who govern or even encouraged by those who govern, the silence on the part of those who govern is terribly deafening.
It is indeed a sad day for Belize when we begin to venture down the dangerous and slippery road of attempting to suppress citizens' constitutional rights to freedom of speech by way of these blatant acts of intimidation through physical harm.
This week they came for Evan "Mose" Hyde and Rufus X and we must not remain silent. Next week they might come for us and if we don't speak up now, there might be no one left to speak up when they come for us.
These kinds of criminal attacks against vocal media personalities pose a direct threat to our democratic way of life.
The rule of law, in any democracy, provides for legal recourse to deal with anyone, including the media, who unlawfully cast aspersions on another citizen including politicians. However, when we deviate from using the justice
system and venture into the realm of launching these kinds of attacks, then it becomes time for much concern.
Let us be real, if these attacks were indeed encouraged by those who govern, then the probability of the police apprehending the perpetrator is slim. However, with the network of roots supporters that Kremandala is said to have, it should not be difficult for the organization, to independently get to the very bottom of these attacks if only for their personal safety.
If there was indeed political involvement in these attacks, then the time to expose the facts is NOW as it will hardly do the nation any good for our children to be reading, 27 or 30 years from now (in the year 2034 2037), that in 2007, politician "XY" sent "John Doe" to eliminate Rufus X. As in the case with Charlie Good who, 27-30 later is telling us that he received instructions from a senior politician to eliminate the Publisher of Amandala while the people continued to re-elect that very same politician to office at every subsequent general election. We must ask the question: what purpose does Charlie Good's exposure serve so many years later when today that politician is dead and gone?
If it is unearthed that any politician was involved in these recent attacks, then the time to deal with that individual is now as any such person is dangerous for our fragile democracy. Such individual is utterly unfit to govern and must be appropriately dealt with, if not through the legal system, then by means of the people's power, at the polls.
Let us again be reminded of the words of the late Phillip S.W Goldson: "The time to save our country is before we lose it."
STAR Newspaper, 42 A Western Highway
Santa Elena Town, Cayo District, Belize,
Central America
rel: 667-7827 "(667- STAR) & 626-3788
Publisher: Alberto August Editor: Nyani Azueta-August Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
"The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth"
BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, October 2, 2007:
Belize City businessman Rufus X is considered to be one of the most outspoken persons on talk radio/TV and tonight he was viciously attacked as he returned home after doing the usual Tuesday night Kremandala Show.
Rufus informed that he was assaulted, on the driveway inside his yard, by a male person with length of steel. He emerged from the attack with a compound fracture to his left hand.
According to Rufus X, he arrived at his home at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday October 2 and he drove through the remote controlled gate into his driveway. No sooner had he opened the front door of his vehicle when he heard someone asking if he was Rufus X. He looked up and saw a man of Arab/Hispanic descent. He reportedly nodded thereby indicating that was Rufus X. This was when he got the first blow from the length of steel rod.
The attack reportedly continued until Rufus X managed to close the mechanical gate with the attacker squeezing through to escape from being locked inside the enclosed yard.
He said that the attack was very sudden and that he did even have time to pull out the license firearm he carries.
In an interview with Tropical Vision Channel Seven's, Jules Vasquez, Rufus X said "My hands are broken in two places and badly bruised, badly disfigured.
In fact the doctor even commented about all the swelling.
I guess that right now it's very desperate in the political arena and we know where these attacks and threats are coming from
We have no doubt about that. We have no doubt where it's coming from and why, to silence us, because we are a people who conduct talk shows that address corrupt situations in this country especially now leading up to the election. There is a whole lot of corruption that needs to be kept under the mat and if you are unearthing it, then life in the city becomes more dangerous.
Rufus X
It is very clear because this guy that attacked me was definatley not one your typical Belizean youth who are getting themselves in trouble.
This guy was probably brought in from some other elite society. This guy is an Arab/Hispanic descent guy. He was well dressed in dark clothing and he didn't look like any thug off the street.
The things that I stand for, people in Belize respect me for that kind of outspokenness and this is why they cannot get any of these street wise black kids to come out and attack Rufus X.
I always challenge them. I always challenge the establishment. You try to get one of those street wise black kids to attack Rufus X and you will fail miserably.
This is a war they have started that they'll have to tell the nation they 're sorry about this war.
Intimidated? This is just getting started. You wouldn't expect Rufus to disclose his retaliation program but if a man attempted to take your life then you must try to secure it the best way you can." concluded Rufus X.
Five days earlier, during the night on Thursday, September 27, Evan "Mose" Hyde Jr., the host of Krem Radio's popular WUB morning talk show, woke up the sound of gunshots being fired in the neighborhood. When it appeared that the shots posed no immediate threat, he returned to bed. He woke up the following morning to find the passenger side window of his truck smashed. He also found two unlit molotov cocktails resting on the seat of the vehicle.
The matter was likewise reported to the police but so far no arrest has been made.
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Sunday, October 7, 2007
(Dr. Manzanero "Writes
Dear Editor;
I write in reference to the article regarding Ms. Seidy Rivera appearing in last weekend's edition of the STAR newspaper.
First of all, Mr. Rodel Beltran Perera works for Alliance Against AIDS, a NGO working out of Belize City and has nothing to do with the Ministry of Health, National AIDS Programme.
As for us at the National AIDS Programme, Ministry of Health, I am
currently the Director and there is only one other person working with us at headquarters.
It should be also stressed that at National Headquarters we only endorse HIV testing done at public facilities as we are unaware of what methods of HIV testing each private facility is doing across the country.
Hope this serves to clarify the issue as for us.
S/ Marvin Manzanero, MD, Belmopan, Cayo.
The Dear Editor;
I am very much concerned about the authority's continuing practice of blasting that toxic mosquito spay directly into the faces of those persons who are walking the street when the spray truck makes it rounds through the town which is usually around 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. when the streets are busy. Just this week, I witnessed many people on the streets coughing and choking on this toxic chemical as it was blasted directly into their faces by the spray truck as it made its rounds.
If the Malaria Unit of the Ministry of Health continues to insist on
spraying that toxic chemical in our midst, then I humbly suggest that the spraying be done after the midnight hour when there are far less of us on the streets. Yes the fumes will eventually find its way into our houses, but by the time it reaches our nostrils it would have at least been filtered by our curtains and walls instead of us getting that direct blast in our faces straight from the nuzzle of the dispensing machine. I pray that those with the authority will take heed of this concern and make the necessary adj ustment for the sake of all of us. S/ Rev. Joshua Skirvin, San Ignacio, Cayo.
Mrs. C Writes cTHe (Prime Minister
Dear Mr. Prime Minister;
We are aware of your 2003 manifesto promise to pave the road from San Ignacio Town to the village of Bullet Tree Falls and so when the works began, although at the tail end of your current term in office, we were happy to know that at least the promise was being converted into reality. What we were not prepared for however, is quality of the works being executed.
In an obvious haste to get the job completed before general election, it is clearly evident that we will end up with a poor excuse for a paved road. The thing will not hold up for too long as I see the numerous large areas of "soft spots" on the road surface are merely being fill and smoothen instead of being dug out and replaced with hard core material. Furthermore, Mr. Prime Mnister, the shaping of the road surface is very
poor and in the majority of place virtually undefined. Like the road leading to Jaguar Paw which was similarly paved in haste, today, a few months later, its condition is worse than before. I therefore foresee a waste of scarce taxpayers' money going down the drain on the Bullet Tree Road.
Mr. Prime Minister, I am one of those persons who believe that if we are going to do something, we need to do it right or don't do it any at all.
Fortunately Sir, it is still not too late to correct this situation. I am therefore recommending and appealing to you to please dispatch a qualified engineer for the Ministry of Works to take charge of the proj ect and in the process maybe doing some soil sampling/surface shaping and the likes before any asphalt is laid down on the road surface. Martha, C, Bullet Tree Village
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Jones Admits Doping Before 2000 Games
Track Star Marion Jones Admits Doping, Using 'The Clear/ Before 2000 Sydney Games
By The Associated Press Oct 4, 2007 (AP):
For years, Marion Jones angrily denied she was a drug cheat, swearing she was clean and daring anyone to prove otherwise.
Seven years after her triumphs at the 2000 Olympics, the three-time gold medalist has admitted in a recent letter to family and close friends that she used steroids before the Sydney Games, The Washington Post reported Thursday.
She's scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in White Plains, N. Y, on Friday to plead guilty to charges in connection with her steroid use, a federal law enforcement source told The Associated Press.
The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, and would not provide specific details about the plea.
Marion Jones Her Five Medals Could Be In Jeopardy
"I want to apologize for all of who received a copy and read it to this," the Post reported Jones the paper. "/ am sorry for saying in her letter, quoting a person disappointing you all in so many
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Jones said in her letter that she faced up to six months in jail and would be sentenced in three months, according to the newspaper.
The admission also could cost Jones the five medals she won in Sydney, where she was the most celebrated female athlete of the games. She didn't win the five golds she wanted, but she came away with three and two bronzes, and her bright smile and charming personality made her a star.
No one answered the door at her home in Austin, Texas, Thursday evening, and a message left by the AP for a phone number registered to her husband, Obadele Thompson, was not immediately returned. The triple gold medalist in Sydney said she took "the clear" for two years, beginning in 1999, and that she got it from former coach Trevor Graham, who told her it was flaxseed oil, the newspaper reported.
"The clear" is a performance-enhancing drug linked to B ALCO, the lab at the center of the steroids scandal in professional sports. Home run king Barry Bonds, New York Yankees slugger Jason Giambi and Detroit Tigers outfielder Gary Sheffield all have been linked to the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative and were among more than two dozen athletes who testified before a federal grand jury in 2003.
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Sunday, October 7, 2007
UDP Condemns Acts Of Violence Against Media Personalities
PRESS RELEASE BELIZE CITY, Thursday, October 4,2007:
The United Democratic Party condemns the recent acts of violence committed against prominent media personalities Evan "Mose" Hyde and Rufus X.
The acts, by themselves, are criminal and therefore reprehensible. But what is particularly troubling is that they appear to have been intended to intimidate the two gentlemen and by extension the
media organization with which they are associated, and to silence them as voices promoting social and political consciousness.
While, the UDP has no conclusive evidence as to who the perpetrators are, or on who's behalf they acted, it is understandable that fingers would be pointing at the present party in government, which of late has been the greatest target of criticism and condemnation by the two personalities who are the victims of the acts committed.
Besides issuing our condemnation of the acts committed, the UDP therefore calls on the PUP Government and Party to state its
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position on the matter and to address the question of any involvement on its part.
In conclusion, the UDP notes that if the acts committed were in fact intended to intimidate and silence the
media personalities in question, they constitute a flagrant assault on one of the most Fundamental Rights and Freedoms as enshrined in the Belize Constitution, that of Freedom of Speech.
PHONE: 824 2572 or 824 3494 FAX: 824 3240
54 Burns Avenue, San Igancio, Cayo
Dane&6/a Joanna civaeta
$Jty 29, 1983 6dJU 6, 2006
It's been a year since you so abruptly left us
Yet the pain is still as it was on that day We cannot comprehend and still fail to accept That the one we love so dearly Is no longer in our midst We miss your bright smile, your sparkling eyes Your loving nature, your gentle ways Oh Vanessa, without you The world seems an empty place We still see your face fleetingly in a crowd We still hear your sweet voice calling our names And feel your presence as we go about our days All that we have we would more that gladly give To have you back again, even if for a moment Our memories of you are treasures That no one can steal But as for these deep wounds We pray for time to heal
&oti (3Cew 64

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Page 9
I am NOT a doctor
John Smith was the only Baptist living in a large Catholic neighborhood.
Every year, during the Lenten season, his outdoor grilling of big juicy steaks was a temptation to his Catholic neighbors.
While, John Smith was grilling and eating juicy steaks, his neighbors were eating cold tuna fish for supper and this went on each Friday of Lent.
One particular year the neighbors could take it no more and so the men got together and decided that something had to be done about John.
He was tempting them to eat meat each Friday of Lent, and they couldn't take it anymore.
They decided to try and convert John to Catholicism and so they went over and talked to him.
John decided to give it a try. They took him to church, and the priest sprinkled some water over him, and said, "You were born a Baptist, you
were raised a Baptist, and now you are a Catholic."
The men were so relieved, now their biggest Lenten temptation was resolved.
The next year's Lenten season rolled around. The first Friday of Lent came, and, just at supper time, when the neighborhood was settling down to their cold tuna fish dinner, the smell of steak cooking on a grill came floating into their homes.
The neighborhood men could not believe their noses! WHAT WAS GOING ON? They called each other up and decided to meet over in John's yard to see if he had forgotten it was the first Friday of Lent.
The group arrived just in time to see John standing over his grill with a small pitcher of water. He was sprinkling some water over his steak on the grill, saying, "You were born a cow, you were raised a cow, and now you are a fish."
The powerful Japanese Emperor needed a new Chief Samurai. So he sent out a declaration throughout the entire world.
A year passed, and only three persons applied for the very demanding position: a Japanese samurai, a Chinese samurai, and a Jewish samurai.
The emperor asked the Japanese samurai to come in and demonstrate why he should be the chief samurai. The Japanese samurai opened a matchbox, and out popped a butterfly Whoosh! went his sword. The butterfly dropped dead, chopped in half.
"That is very impressive!" exclaimed the emperor.
The Chinese samurai came in and the same challenge was extended to him to demonstrate why he should be chosen. The Chinese samurai also
opened a matchbox and out buzzed a bumblebee. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! The bumblebee dropped dead, chopped into three small pieces.
"That is very impressive!" exclaimed the emperor.
Next the emperor turned to the Jewish samurai, and asked him to demonstrate why he should be the chief samurai.
The Jewish samurai opened a matchbox, and out flew a mosquito. His flashing sword went Whoosh! But the mosquito was still alive and flying around.
The emperor, obviously disappointed, said, "Very ambitious, but why is that mosquito not dead?"
The Jewish samurai just smiled and said, "Circumcision, Your Majesty, is not meant to kill."
Father James walks into Joe's Bar in Santa Elena and says to the first man he meets, "Do you want to go to heaven?"
The man said, "I do, Father."
"Then stand over there against that wall," said Father James.
He asked the second man, "Do you want to go to heaven?"
"Certainly, Father," was the man's reply.
"Then stand over there against the wall," said the priest.
Father James then walked up to O'Brien and said, "Do you want to go to heaven?"
O'Brien said, "No, I don't Father."
The priest said, "Idon't believe this. You mean to tell me that when you die you don't want to go to heaven?"
O'Brien said, "Oh, when I die, YES, but I thought you were getting a group together to go right now."_
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BY: Shalue Butcher, The Aguada Hotel, Santa Elena, Cayo, Tuesday, October 2,2007:
It was with great distress and sadness that I read about the death of Praxedes Coc in the 23rd September 2007 issue of The STAR.
As we all know, living in a small town, rumors had circulated concerning her death and her problems with gall stones. I felt obligated to share a simple home remedy that has been shared and passed on to many of our family and friends.
I am NOT a doctor and by no means would I ask anyone NOT to seek medical advice for the treatment
of gall stones. I am simply sharing a home remedy which was given to us by tourists visiting Belize.
Naturally, we were skeptical at first but it hasn't failed us to date. Most recently, an employee of ours was diagnosed with gall stones (over 20 of them). She had mentally and physically prepared herself to have an operation which was ordered by a physician.
She decided to try the home remedy and in less than 24 hours she passed all the stones.
The way I look at this remedy, all of its components are safe for your body to consume. It's not costly and if one life can be saved, then it was worth sharing this letter.
* 2 cups (16 oz) Olive Oil (Extra virgin or Organic is best)
* 1 cup of Lemon/Lime Juice
* Start at about 8:00 p.m.
* Drink 2 oz. of Olive Oil followed by 1 oz. of lemon Juice. *Wait 15 minutes and repeat, do this every 15
minutes until finished, (2 hours total).
* Go to bed and sleep on the RIGHT side of your body. You will pass the gall stones at the next couple of Bowel movements. They should be green in color and of various
It's Much More Than Addressing iolations Committed By The Police
BY: Godsman Ellis, San Ignacio, Cayo, Tuesday, October 2,2007:
Over this past weekend sixBelizeans joined eighteen Guatemalans at a Human Rights Workshop in Flores, Peten, Guatemala.
Those in attendance from Belize included representatives from San Ignacio's Cornerstone Foundation, Department of Human Services, Youth for the Future and the Human Rights Commission of Belize. Representation from Guatemala included Human Rights students from San Carlos University and indigenous community leaders.
Participants from both countries made presentations on human rights situation in their respective communities, which were found to be similar in many ways, crucial among which were Inequitable income distribution; High cost of health and medical services; Unjust practices against indigenous people; Unfair land distribution: Private control and use of water resources as well as abuse of authority by military and police.
The workshop also highlighted the fact that crime and violence has escalated in the Peten area of Guatemala, with 'maras' now posing a serious threat especially in the Community of San Benito ('Maras' are organized Central American deportees from the United States of America who are causing 'uncontrolled' havoc mainly in Guatemala, Salvador.)
Although the Guatemalan Peace Accord was signed eleven years ago, in 1996, many rural communities where the armed conflict was very intense are still suffering from its
residual effects. Exhumation of mass burials sites is ongoing, thus reminding the people of the atrocities they suffered to attain peace.
Presentations by the Belize participants brought out the need for greater cooperation between Government and Non-Governmental Organizations in terms of the use of human resources.
The participants learned that addressing human right issues means much more than addressing violations on the part the police.
The issue of indigent poverty is known to cause various human rights violations. We see this in our prison population, in acts of discrimination, and the loss of self esteem due to poverty.
The workshop was a part of the LX Project of the Organization of American States as part of the ongoing confidence building measures between Belize and Guatemala.
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Sunday, October 7, 2007
What Can We Do To Increase Tourist Numbers In Cayo?
By: Ray Auxillou, Monday, October 1,2007:
Only 6 % of the total overnight tourist statistics coming into the country visit Cayo as a holiday destination.
Cayo District itself is building more cabins and hotel rooms for a shrinking number of visitors.
The major economy of the Cayo District is agriculture. Tourism does add diversification and many self employed jobs for entrepreneurs. What if anything can we do about increasing our visitor numbers?
Most visitors coming from the USA for overnighting are staying at surrounding lodges in the mountains.
The number of transient tourists are actually believed to be lower in
Cayo than those coming through Punta Gorda by water taxi.
The transient backpacking tourist is often coming into, or out of Belize; viaFlores andTikal, from Guatemala, through the Benque border, or through Puerto Barrios and Punta Gorda. Some are now coming from the USA by way of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, (cheaper Spirit Airlines flight) via small shuttle airlines to Placencia and Belize City, thus by-passing Cayo.
The Puerto Barrios to Punta Gorda water taxi usually carries a steady trickle of young tourists, but they don't deviate to visit Cayo. They go straight to, Caye Caulker and San Pedro, two tourist islands off the barrier reef.
Most Europeans are coming from Guatemala City, viaFlores and Tikal into Western Belize but the numbers are very small and could only be described as a trickle.
The flow of transient bus tourists leaving our barrier reef islands and going to Guatemala, rarely stop in Cayo and those that do are often turned off by aggressive taxi drivers hustling in the central market area.
Overcharging is common for local trips and complaints by transient tourists read on the internet travel
forums are common. This affects our bus visitor statistics in the Twin Towns.
One thing we could do {San Jose Succotz and Benque Viejo with their culturalprograms have shown wonderful leadership with marching bands andparades) is to form some sort of re-enactment private companies of historical days like they do in Canada and the USA of old historic battles. What we need is costumed daily performances at Xununtanich and possibly Cahal Pech, of some sacrificial spiritual ceremony using the hilltop temple pyramids. It would take about three years to catch on worldwide as a major tourist attraction. Dress up a couple dozen salaried Mayan nosed college students during the six week Christmas to end of January break and have a re-enactment in full costumes of olden Mayan Empire days.
Re-enactments usually have seed money to train the performers during school holidays in costume and rituals. Then you invite the world press and do television documentaries. Send out flyers to all the airlines serving Central America and Mexico and about two years later, you would get crowds of new visitors coming to Cayo thereby boosting the
662 3553
local economy.
I wouldn't doubt a Cahal Pech ceremonial sacrifical re-enactment company would attract a 100,000 tourist visitors in a very few years time.
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Notice is hereby given that under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Chapter 150 of the laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that RAMON VARGAS is applying for a MALT & CIDER LIQUOR LICENCE for the year 2007 to operate MUNCHIES located in the Hillview Area of Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District.
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k A
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