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Publication Date: September 23, 2007
Copyright Date: 2007
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"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth" ^^^^^^^^ |
No. 128
Sunday, September 23, 2007
Price $1.00
SANTA ELENA, Cayo District, Thursday, September 20,2007:
We have always been thought that in life there is no greater love than the love of a mother and so it concerns us greatly when we see a mother desperately walking the streets of Santa Elena and San Ignacio in search of much needed help for her mentally challenged son.
NO, she is not asking for a hands out. NO, she is not coming to us with a paper in her hand begging for money.
All this humble mother is asking is simply for the relevant authorities to do their jobs.
The relevant authorities in this case are the psychiatric unit of the San Ignacio hospital and the San Ignacio police detachment. All she is asking is for the Hospital and the Police to commit her son to the instution where the professionals
Mrs. Rita Flowers Wiltshire
can assist with the administration of Themother's concern is first for the
his medication.
The mother in this case is Mrs. Rita Flowers Wiltshire and the son in question is Ernest "Di Di Wiltshire Jr.
safety and well-being of her child as he continues to aimlessly roam the streets of San Ignacio and Santa Elena during daytime as well as nighttime hours often times
The Sudden Death Of Praxedes Coc
SANTA ELENA, Cayo District, Monday, September 17,2007:
Family and friends described her as a healthy woman right up to the time, last Thursday, September 13,2007, at around 8:00 a.m., when she entered La Loma Luz Hospital for what she was led to believe would have been a simple gall stone removal operation.
Three days later this 27 year old mother of a 29-month old son was DEAD as her family prepares for the burial. This is the brief story of Praxedes Coc, 27.
Out of respect for and at the request of her common-law husband,
Carlos Avella, we are refraining from publishing the details of what actually transpired as we proceed to record the sudden and shocking passing of this young mother.
Thursday, 20 September 2007: Twenty seven year old Praxedes Coc of San Antonio, Toledoisthe daughter of Utemia Coc and Juan Coc.
She is survived by 5 sisters and 5 brothers. She met Carlos Avella 3 years ago while she was on a visit to Santa Elena.
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Wishing Everyone, Especially The Residents of San Ignacio, Santa Elena And Surrounding Communities, A HAPPY SEPTEMBER CELEBRATIONS!!!
Praxedes Coc, 27 SUNRISE:-July 21,1980 SUNSET:- September 16,2007
"Di Di" Wiltshire Jr.
dangerously walking smack in the middle of the highway and byways.
Her concern also is that being outside a controlled environment, he is not getting the required medication on time. She is concerned that this latest lapse is stretching for much too long and could result in more permanent damage to her son.
She continues to hope for urgent assistance to get him into an institution where adequate medication can be administered in the hope of avoiding further permanent damage to his mental status.
This mother is comforted by the knowledge that the publication of the "Tuchiman" article a few months ago prompted the authorities to take action and today, after being released from the mental institution "Tuchiman" is said to be doing very well at home in Georgeville Village.
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Thank you From All Of Us At COCOPELE BAR
Located Directly Next To La Loma Luz Hospital In Santa Elena Cayo

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Ernest "Di Di" Wiltshire is a
mechanic by profession having worked for many years in that capacity with the Forestry Department.
However, due to his mental condition he was retired on medical grounds a few years ago. Notwithstanding, he continues to draw a monthly pension cheque from the Government of Belize.
The mother informed, that he is therefore in a position to finance his own institutional treatment if only the police and health authorities could assist her in getting her son institutionalized.
We trust that those with the authority will listen to the cries of this humble mother as she continues to spend many sleepless nights worrying about what evil mightbefall her wondering child.
PHONE: 824 -2512 or 824-3494 FAX: 824-3240
_54 Bans Avenue, San laando. Caw_
The Sudden Death Of Praxedes Coc
Continued From Front Page
Immediately they fell in love and were united. From that union, a son, Ashton Avella, was born.
She was a quiet and humble person, especially to her in laws and also to her friends.
She was a devoted wife and mother. She dedicated her entire time to being a good wife and mother to her common law husband and infant son. Neighbours testify seeing her walking and running behind baby Ashton on the Cristo Rey Road every evening.
Praxedes was diagnosed with gall bladder stones about a year ago. She
had pain on occasions but it was not a serious threat.
She made attempts to be operated but she always put it off. They heard about these surgeons coming from the USA to the Loma Luz Hospital in Santa Elena, Cayo. Shegrapsedthe opportunity because the medical team was providing services free of cost.
She was operated and died of complications after the operation. Apart from her parents, she is survived by her baby boy "Ashton", 2 years and 5 months and her common law husband Carlos Avella. May her soul rest in eternal peace.
Happy Independence Day From The STAR Newspaper
>elebr(\fcivnsl Troiw,
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(\,ndjtsi%mts on 6e^ttvy^per iOtk frn({ Zfst, ZO07f
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Wish ALL our many valuable Customers & Friends A Happy & Safe Independence Day 2007!!!
Happy 26th Anniversary of our Independence Belize!!!

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Eli jS
In The Absence Of Human Rights Advocacy, Citizens Are Routinely Abused With Impunity
The Constitution is the supreme law of Belize and whereas every person in Belize is entitled to certain basic constitutional rights and freedoms, the enjoyment of these rights and freedoms is subjected to one fundamental limitation being that, in enjoying these rights and freedoms, the individual does not prejudice the rights and freedoms of others or the public interest.
In a nutshell, anyone who has not broken the law, should be able to depend on it for protection.
On the other hand, if an individual runs afoul of the law that person must be prepared to pay the price for such infraction but at all times within the limits of the law.
Why are we going through this you might ask? The reason is because we are human beings and as such, we are ALL entitled to some basic human rights.
With the prevailing increase in violent crimes, this might hardly be the time to be discussing human rights issues especially when victims of crimes are increasingly asking for harsher punishments and even the re-instatement of the death penalty. Notwithstanding however, we must know our constitutional rights and we must jealously protect them at all times.
Surprising as it may seem, there is not an independent Human Rights Commission in this the 21st century Belize. And how do we know this? While working in the Capital City Belmopan, a few weeks ago, we knocked on a door one Saturday afternoon and when it was opened, we came face to face with the familiar face of Mrs. Maria Gamero. There are a few persons in this country who, from the time you see them, you see human rights. These are people like the very same Mrs. Maria Gamero and others like Godsman Ellis in San Ignacio and the late William "Bill" Heusner who was a pioneer in the establishment of the Human Rights Commission of Belize in the 1980's.
So when Mrs. Gamero answered the door, of course the natural icebreaker was the status of the human rights situation in Belize. Imagine the shock when Mrs. Gamero informed that the Human Rights Commission of Belize was closed down over two years ago, the primary reason being due to lack of funding and governmental support.
In hindsight, however, Bill Heusner's Human Rights Commission ofBelize was ironically never intended to survive. We can still remember how Bill Heusner was high on the list of Special Branch targets when he established the Human Rights
Commission ofBelize and opened an office on New Road in Belize City. It's ironic, we say because one would think that any government or politician would automatically embrace any individual or organization that is dedicated to protecting the fundamental rights of its citizens.
The Human Rights Commission has now been relegated to the history books of the nation and so in the absence of a credible and independent human rights advocacy structure, the door remains open for abuse to enter. This could very well be the reason, for example, why EVERY SINGLE PERSON in San Ignacio Police custody, regardless of the circumstance, is held incommunicado.
This could be the reason why minors are routinely questioned and detained without their parents being notified and when these parents become aware of the detention of their children, they are denied access to them in blatant violation of their constitutional right "to communicate
without delay and in private.....,
in the case of a minor, with his parents or guardian" as enshrined in Chapter II, Section 5, Subsection 2 (a) of the supreme law of the land. In those rare cases when a parent or guardian is allowed to communicate with their child, the police INSIST on always being present and in hearing distance, if not right up there in the face of the parent/guardian. In fact it goes even further where the police INSIST on being a part of the communication between minor and parent/guardian.
In the absence of human rights intervention, this could very well be the reason why San Ignacio Police, investigating the robbery of phone cards and cash from a gas station, could enter into the private home of a citizen and arbitrarily remove there from a guitar, an old bicycle and an old weed cutter, none of which was reported stolen in the matter under investigation and none of which could be linked to any reported incident. They then turn around and shift the onus onto the owner to produce proof of ownership to reclaim the property.
Instead of going through all that stress, there are many persons who just simply leave their properties with the police and write them off as losses. What has happened to the basic principle in law which mandates that "he who alleges must prove"? This lady does not have to prove anything to the police? The onus is actually upon the police to prove that they are legally entitled to hold on to this lady's property. In this particular case, not being aware of her basic rights, this lady is scrambling around trying to
come up with some proof of ownership to secure the release of her property to which the police is illegally holding onto. All of this is taking place while the very same Constitution at Chapter II, Section 3 (a) tells us that "every person in Belize is entitled to the protection from arbitrary deprivation of property."
The absence of human rights advocacy could very well be the reason why escaped prisoner, Joel Sierra, 17, who was captured 3 days after escaping, was MERCILESSLY beaten after he was recaptured. He could not tell anyone, not even his parents, about the terrible beating he endured all because YOU GOT IT RIGHT -he was held incommunicado by San Ignacio Police. We congratulate the police for recapturing Joel Sierra. But we condemn them for beating him even after he was taken into custody. Especially given that Chapter II, Section 7 of the Constitution ofBelize expressly states that "No person shall be subjected to torture or to inhumane or degrading punishment or other treatment." Only the courts of the land can impose punishment. For escaping from police custody, the court legally punished Sierra with 6 months imprisonment but even before he was punished by the court, he was unconstitutionally punished with a terrible beating at the hands of a few rogue cops. These are the kinds of human rights violations that MUST come to an end.
It would be remiss of us not to congratulate Police Commissioner Gerald Westby as well as the Officer Commanding the Stann Creek (Police) District, ASP Russel Blacket and the Police Internal Affairs Department for taking swift and decisive action, this week, against that police constable accused of
brutalizing a detainee. Why did this abuse come to light? It came to light because the detainee obviously had the opportunity to relate the brutality to someone.
Therefore, as long as San Ignacio police continue to hold ALL detainees incommunicado, regardless of the circumstances, the police will continue to hide their unconstitutional actions behind this irregular policy.
While our friend Brian Babineau, in Canada might write "Iknow that you are always fighting for justice" We feel like we are falling way, way short of fighting for justice when all we can do is just write about these violations of citizens' basic human rights.
In fact, just this past week, a detainee was trying to tell us something from a prison cell when WPC Shelmadine Pandy, obviously enforcing the universally entrenched incommunicado policy, arrogantly told us to GET OUT of the station, despite the fact that we were there to meet with her boss, Of course we stood our grounds and did not GET OUT but we have witnessed that this is the way they routinely threat "civilians" as they call us.
As in every situation we continue to look for the silver lining in dark clouds like these and so we were encouraged this week to have received separate invitations from Mr. Godsman Ellis, Winsome Winsome and Lenny Pitts, all asking us to sit down and talk about matters of national interest.
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Publisher: Alberto August Editor: Nyani Azueta-August Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
"The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth"

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Action Lam
DANGRIGA TOWN, Stann Creek District, Monday, September 17,2007:
The abuse must have been severe for a policemen to be arrested and charged in a single day for causing grevious harm to a detainee.
The police press office informed that on Monday, September 17, 2007 a policeman, attached to the Dangriga Police Formation was arrested and charged for causing harm to a prisoner.
The report informs that detainee Anthony Garnett reported that while in police custody, on Monday, September 17, he was severly beaten by PC # 482 Godfrey Moreira
PC # 482 Godfrey Moreira
Garnett was issued with a pair of Medico-Legal form on which the
iceman In Court
attending physician classifed the injuries he sustained as grievous harm. That very same Monday, September 17, PC Moreira appeared before Dangriga's Magistrate Clive Lino where he pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was granted and met bail in the sum of $2,000 and ordered to re-appear in court on Wednesday, October 17, 2007.
PC Moreira has subsequently been interdicted from active duty on half pay pending the outcome of the case.
The case is a further confirmation of the Commissioner's zero tolerance when it comes to use of force by police officers.
Can Make The Investigation 60 Away For $400.00
HATTIE VILLE VILLAGE, Belize District, Monday, September 17, 2007:
The police press office reports the arrest of a 41 year old Corporal on a single charge of extortion.
The report informs that Police Internal Affairs personnel arrested Corporal # 783 Francis Ogaldez, who was posted at the Ladyville Sub- Formation with the crime of Extortion.
The arrest of Cpl. Ogaldez stems from a report made by a Ladyville resident, who told the police that Ogaldez was extorting money from
him. According to the complainant, Ogaldez claimed that he was involved in a traffic accident, which he, Ogaldez, was investigating and demanded $400.00 for the investigation to go away. As a result of the complaint, four $100 marked notes were made available to the complainant for a sting operation.
It was at around 6:00 pm on Friday, September 14, when the transaction took place with the tape showing Ogaldez receiving the money.
He was immediately apprehended. A search of the red Nissan pickup
truck he was in led to the discovery of the marked bills.
In addition to internal disciplinary charges, Ogaldez also faces criminal charges.
The report ends by informing that Commissioner of Police, Gerald Westby assures the general public that criminal activities and wrong doings within and outside the department will not be tolerated and that appropriate action will be taken against all those found to be involved in these kinds of irregualar practices.
This should serve as an example to other policemen with similar intent.
Cpl # 783 Francis Ogaldez, 41
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With Best Wishes
BY: A. Nigel August,
Santa Elena, Cayo, Monday,
September 17,2007:
We have sat around for long enough and watched the senseless crime wave sweeping across our nation. It is moving worse than a plague of locusts from biblical days.
It pains my heart to see young men my age going around stealing, fighting, raping and even murdering. I am not one for violence. I believe that there are other ways to settle our differences.
Then I ask, who should be blamed for this situation? Should we blame these disturbed teens? Should we cast blame on the failure of the education system or should we be blaming parents for not living their lives as a proper examples to their children? In reality it's hard to tell who should be blamed but then why engage in the "Blame Game"?
My theory is this; first and foremost it's not totally the fault of the parents mainly because each individual has their own mind and should be able to decide what path in life they choose. I made the choice, a long time ago, to lead an alcohol and drug free life not by force but by my own personal conviction and the burning desire to make something worthwhile out of myself
There are those who believe that the government could do more when it comes to programs for children who lack the opportunity to go to school.
I have always been a strong believer in the proper discipline that formal education provides. It teaches us a way to keep our eyes on the ball, and the ball in this case is the betterment of ourselves, our community and our nation.
As Belizeans, we need to realize that we are living in challeng<" times and this is not the time for
differences to draw us apart regardless of who we are or what color we represent.
The nation as a whole is going through turbulent times especially as it pertains to the senseless wave of crime and violence, I personally lost a dear brother and many friends to this senseless situation. Each and every time it hurts more and more. Why is it that we are throwing away our lives? I often ask.
The reality of the situation in Cayo frightens me. Will we ever return to the days when we could walk down the street at any hour of the night or day without constantly looking over our shoulders for fear of being the next victim of a violent crime and making it to the evening's TV newscast or weekend Newspaper headline? Honestly, I am beginning to miss that feeling of security that once dominated our communities.
I frequently ask myself as I watch the news, "how could this be, what
has become of our community and country?" It seems like our political leaders have taken their eyes off the ball as they continue to waste millions of dollars on senseless projects that never benefit neither Belize nor Belizeans. Do they not realize that in order to build a strong and better Nation we need to first develop a strong, educated and healthy generation. The time to begin investing in the people is always.
I challenge each and everyone who read this article to go out and do a small good deed today and you will see how good it feels to know that you have made a difference in someone's life.
May God bless you and your family and may he bring you j oy as he protects you from all evil.
Happy Independence Day To All From STAR Newspaper
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On September 10,1992 a baby girl was born to proud parents Mr. Alfred Torres and Ms. Fern Marie Flowers.
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Then, her mom reminded Fern Petrice that in the year 1992 when she was born that, her mother had traveled to the U. S A. for the first time being 81/2 months pregnant with her. Her mother told her that she was hoping for her to be born in the U.S.A. but nothing happened. Fifteen days later upon returning to Belize Fern Petrice was born. And now fifteen years later she returns to celebrate her fifteenth birthday in Belize on September 15, coincidence? I think not.
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Elbert Flowers and Mrs. Mirna Mendez.
We also thank all those persons who came from the U.S. to attend this event.
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Please Speak To Us About The New Market
Dear Editor,
A new market is being built for San Ignacio, Santa Elena and surrounding communities. Finally, a wonderful idea is coming true! Years of anticipation has passed for such a proj ect. But now that it's a reality, lets think about the many more years of future service that we expect from the market.
It would be commendable for the STAR newspaper, as an eye for the public, to keep track of the progress of this important public facility. Basic questions should be asked like: Is enough steel being put into the foundation? Is the cement being mixed to recognized standards for strength? Is the electrical installation being done by a reputable company? Who will certify the worthiness of the structure after completion? Who will ensure that the building is properly maintained after completion? How much money
will each stall be rented for?
These questions and others may seem obvious to some people but if they are not answered publicly, and if the project is not held in check by some public watchdog such as the local newspaper, then the public's money may well be on its way to being wasted on another "incomplete" and "below standard and badly maintained" structure that may last through the next election and then start to crumble. Is this the case? Yes? No? We need to know.
The people of Cayo deserve the reassurance that this important project will serve the community for generations to come. I hope the STAR will make it a priority to interview the persons who can answer these questions. Sincerely, Agnes Gonzalez
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Ms. Gonzalez,
I take well your comments expressed as to the Market Plaza. It is important for the public to know what is happening.
The ongoing construction is Phase 1 of three expected phases for the Cayo Farmer's Market. This will provide concrete pavement for over 90 temporary market vendors and permanent stalls for some 16 full time vendors. Phase 2 and three are still underway of seeking financing.
Overall planning was done by my firm: DIEMA: Consulting Architects feEngineers.
All works planned and constructed are done to engineering standards with consideration to budget constraints.
This particular project is funded partially by a grant and by the San Ignacio-Santa Elena Town council.
The procurement of funds was done by the present Mayor and his council as to the best of my knowledge.
Rest assure that the project will be done properly and all available resources will be properly invested in the same under my supervision.
The good thing about this proj ect is that all parties concerned are from our town, hence the contractor and consultant will do their best for a good outcome.
Additionally no public structure can be planned or supervised if not by a regi stered Architect or Engineer.
I am registered as 02-2001 in the Association of Professional Architects
Us On The New Market
ofBelize and was one of the founding members of this Association.
I also believe that it is only through our local newspapers that our public can be better aware of what is transpiring in our towns and I applaud the Star Newspaper for that.
Should you need any further information, please feel free to consult. Respectfully,
Juan A. Polanco, Consultant.
Ed Note:
We thank Mr. Polanco for his timely response.
Unfortunately we did not get a response from the Mayor and so the question about the cost of renting a stall remains yet unanswered. As soon as this information becomes available, we will pass it on.
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Sunday, September 23, 2007 STAR Tel: 667-7827 Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com
Young Mother Raped & Strangled To Death 4 Arrested
The incidents began to unfold last Wednesday, September 12, 2007, when a few minutes after midnight, a three year old male child was found wondering in the darkness on the Southern Highway.
Police reports that at about 1:30 a.m., on Wednesday, September 12, 2007, Carlos Estrada, Guatemalan national of Santa Cruz, Peten, Guatemala, arrived at the Independence police station with the male child.
Cruz informed the police that at around 12:15 a.m., whilsttraveling on the Southern Highway between the Kanantik junction and the village of Mayan King, he came upon the child wondering alone on the highway and so he stopped his vehicle, picked up the child and transported him to the Independence police station.
The police conducted fruitless checks for the parents/guardian within the South Stann Creek area. The child was subsequently identified as Alejandro Damien Gonzalez, 3, who was living with his 19 year old Salvadoran mother, Myrna Figueroa, in Silk Grass Village, Stann Creek District. However, when the police went looking for the mother they found out that she was missing.
Four days later, on Sunday, September 16, at around 4:00 p.m., Dangriga Police were directed to an area about 2 miles into the Hopkins
Norris Kelly, 29, Belizean truck driver, all residents of Silk Grass Village along with Lucio Herrera, 18, who lives in the nearby village of Kendal.
Police investigations revealed that
Miguel "Mike" Herrera Sr., 45
Road from its junction with the Southern Highway, where they found the lifeless, nude body of the child's mother. The body was found in an advanced state of decomposition.
The gruesome discovery led to the arrest, on murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges, of fours male persons as follows: Miguel "Mike" Herrera Sr., 45, Belizean businessman; Miguel Herrera Jr. 20, Belizean laborer and
Miguel Herrera Jr., 20 the young mother, who resided on the northern end of Silk Grass Village, was lured out of her house, by Kelly, on Tuesday night, when she and her son were abducted, forced into a blue pickup truck and taken to the area
where the body was later found. She was reportedly raped and killed. The intention to also kill the child was changed and so he was left sleeping under a bus stop on the Southern Highway.
A post mortem examination conducted by Forensic Specialist, Dr. Mario Estradabran, on Tuesday, September 18 revealed that Myrna Figueroa died as a result of strangulation asphyxia. Apiece of vine "Tit-Tie" about 24 inches in length was extracted from around the neck.
Norris Kelly, 29
The blue pickup truck at the Dangriga Police Station Compound
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Pre-Schoolers September Parade
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Santa Elena Community Pre-School in
SANTA ELENA TOWN, Cayo, Wednesday, September 19,2007:
As part of the program of events for this year's September Celebrations, students, parents and teachers from six pre-schools in the area participated in their Annual September Parade.
The program started at 9:00 a.m., on the compound of Santa Elena Community Pre-School located on Carillo Puerto Avenue in Santa Elena, with the usual singing of the National Anthem, a prayer and a brief speech by Cayo Central's Area Representative, Hon. Mario Castellanos.
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the parade
Preschoolers, parents and teachers lined up in front of the school for the parade on to the Western Highway, over the Hawksworth Bridge, into San Ignacio Town, down Burns Avenue culminating at the Macal River Park where the children each received treats, organized by their respective schools, before dispersing to their various homes.
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Sunday, September 23, 2007 STAR Tel: 667-7827 Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com
Page 13
Another Western Taxi Driver Is Dead
SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo District, Thursday, September 20,2007:
San Ignacio police is tonight reporting the death of another taxi driver, this one from the nation's western most town of Benque Viej o Del Carmen.
Apreliminary report issued by the Police Press Office informed that shortly after 8:00 p.m on Thursday
night, San Ignacio Police were actually responding to a reported traffic accident between miles 68 and 69 on the Western Highway between the western municipalities of San Ignacio and Benque Del Carmen
Upon arrival, the police came upon a red Toyota Corolla, 4-door car with taxi license plates CY-D-2529.
The car appeared to have
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collided into an electricity pole on the right side of the highway when traveling from Benque Viej o to San Ignacio.
Upon checking the vehicle, police encountered the motionless body of a male persons of Hispanic decent lying in the back section of the car with what appeared to be stab wounds to the throat, chin, chest and arms. The police also recovered two blood stained knives inside the car which they suspect could be weapons used in the death of this taxi driver.
The body was removed from the vehicle and taken to the San Ignacio hospital where it was officially
pronounced dead and placed inside the morgue.
The body was subsequently confirmed to be that of the owner of the car, Alfredo Howe, 40, Belizean taxi driver of a Benque Viej o Town address. It now awaits the legally required post mortem examination.
Police are now actively seeking suspects and a motive behind this latest incident and are asking anyone with information to please call the nearest police station or 0800- 9220- tips.
With the August 31, brutal murder of San Ignacio taxi driver, Leopoldo "Polo" Waight, this latest incident is the second death of a western taxi driver in the preceding three weeks.
Company in San Ignacio/Benque is seeking the services of an
Experience with Diesel and Petrol Engines Experience with all types of farm machinery Have a valid Driver's Permit Bilingual
Two letters of reference Clean Police Record
Call 670-4032 to arrange for an interview on or before
Friday, October 5, 2007 during normal working hours.
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We trust that everyone will celebrate this joyous ocassion in a safe and responsible manner.
fm i\\e ^nagem nt 5 5taff

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