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"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"
No. 124
Sunday, 19th August 2007
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tnnuinn ibaviumiv vavviu hvdaiaav
SANIGNACIO TOWN,CAYO, Wednesday, 15th August 2007:
They are in Belize at their own expense. They came to impart new teaching skills to our primary school teachers, and a mere three days after their arrival in San Ignacio, the team of three Canadians educators had to defend themselves against a man who tried to steal from them.
After putting in their first day of work at Sacred Heart Junior College, volunteer Canadian teachers, Jeannette Wilson, Michelle Ann Haggerty and Stan Travnik were walking up West Street in San Ignacio on their way back to the hotel when they were approached by a man on a bicycle.
The man reportedly asked them for money and they told him that they had none to give him. He rode off and
Teachers (L-R)Stan Travnik, Jeannette Wilson, Michelle Ann Haggerty
about five minutes later he returned ground. He then snatched a black
but this time without the bicycle. He sling purse that Michelle was carrying
reportedly attacked from behind and and ran off. He did not get more than
in the process pushed Jeanette to the a few yards away when Stan, the
Mayor John August Signs Market Contract
SAN IGNACIO TOWN HALL, Tuesday, 14th August 2007:
A release from the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council informed of a brief official ceremony for the signing of the contract for the construction of Phase I of the Cayo Farmers Market in San Ignacio Town.
Signing on behalf of the main financing agency, the European Union, thru the Belize Rural Development Program (BRDP) was Karl Goeppert, Project Director; Mayor John August on behalf of the Town Council as the receiving client and supporting financial agency; and Rafael Marin, proprietor of Modern Construk Co. Ltd., on behalf of the behalf of the construction company.
All signatures were witnessed by Hugh O'Brien, Chief Executive
Mayor John August signing the contract
Officer in the Ministry of National Development and National Authorizing Officer for the European Union.
Today's ceremony was attended by Assad Magana, from BRDP; Deputy Mayor Eduardo Cano and Councilor George Herrera as well
as Juan Polanco from Diema Consulting in his capacity as consulting architect for the proj ect.
This first phase of the construction will be undertaken at a cost of $542,122.38 with $499,371.00 being provided as a grant aid from the European Union by way of the BRDP. The San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council will be financing the remaining $42,751.38 as well as an additional $17,000 for architectural design for a total of $59,751.38.
The construction which began immediately after today's signing ceremony is scheduled to be completed in 6 months.
The accused Mark David Robateau, 22
single male in the group, grabbed him, wrestled him to the ground, took away the purse and held him there for about ten minutes until the police arrived and took him into custody.
The attacker was subsequently identified as Mark David Robateau, 22, unemployed Belizean of no fixed address. The bag he tried to steal contained 105 US dollars, 245 Belize dollars, a Canadian driver's license, a Scotia Bank Card and a Master Card all for a total value of 535 Belize dollars being the property of Michelle Anne Haggerty.
Robateau was taken to the San Ignacio Police Station where he was formally arrested and charged for the crime of "Theft from the Person and "CommonAssault" committed against Jeanette Wilson who sustained lacerations to her left leg.
The accused was taken before San Ignacio's Magistrate Kathlene Lewis, on Wednesday, 15th August, where he pleaded not guilty to the charge. Prosecutor George Gomez objected to the granting of bail. Magistrate Lewis concurred with the prosecutor's request and the accused was remanded to the Hattieville prison
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Construction Of New Market Begins
SAN IGNACIO, Thursday, 16th August 2007:
Official ground breaking ceremony was held this Thursday morning on the site of the construction for the new Cayo Farmers Market in San Ignacio Town.
The program began at 10:30 a.m. with the singing of the National Anthem by Town Councilor Iliana Moreno. The opening prayer was delivered by former Mayor Elojio Cano. The welcome address was delivered by His Worship the Mayor of San Ignacio/Santa Elena, John F. August Jr.
The gathering was also addressed by the Hon. Dave Burgos, Minister of State in the Mnistry of Agriculture and Fisheries as well as by Karl Goeppert Project Director of the
Belize Rural Development Program.
The keynote address was delivered by Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Said Musa, in his capacity as Minister of National Development.
The vote of thanks was delivered by Hector David Silva. Master of ceremonies for the event was
Dr. Marcelino Avila, Technical Director with the Government of Belize.
Following the official ceremonies Prime Minister Said Musa accompanied Mayor John August for the ceremonial breaking of the ground.
Continued From Front Page:
and will reappear in court on Thursday, 27th September 2007.
We spoke to prosecutor George Gomez to get a better understanding as to why an individual would plea not guilty in a situation like this, given that he was caught, in broad daylight, actually committing the crime. Gomez informed that in his professional opinion, it could stem from ignorance to new provisions of the Evidence Act. He said that in the past, persons committing these crimes, especially against tourists, enter a not guilty plea and by the time the matter comes up
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for hearing, in most instances the virtual complainant would have long departed the country and in the absence of the virtual complainant the case would automatically be dismissed.
According to prosecutor George Gomez, this situation has changed. He informed that the Supplementary Provisions of the Evidence Act, Chapter 95, of the Laws of Belize Section 105 at Subsections 1 & 2 now makes provisions for the recording of statements from virtual complainants and witnesses in the presence of a Justice of the Peace. Therefore, not withstanding the absence of the virtual complainant and witnesses, all such statements can be legally tendered in evidence and become admissible in court.
"This supplementary provision"
said prosecutor Gomez "was specifically enacted to address the situation of crimes committed against visitors to our shores."
We caught up with Jeannette, Michelle Anne and Stan inside the San Ignacio Police Station as they entered to find out the status of the case. Despite the incident they all seemed jovial. Michelle said "This incident has not changed the way we feel about the good people of San Ignacio and Belize. In fact we are already looking forward to returning next year". For his part, Stan said that he would like to extend a special thank you to all those persons who rendered support while the incident was unfolding. He made specific mention of Mrs. Ruth Gutierrez from the pharmacy on West Street.
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Sunday, 19th August 2007
STAR Tel: 667-7827 Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com
Page 3
And For This, None Of
Belizeans, especially those of us living in communities where Channel 5 is the only source of television news, have generally come to rely on this television station to provide us with credible information.
We somehow feel cheated however, when for whatever reasons, those of us who witness the news unfolding in our communities, patiently wait to see how it would be played out on the evening newscast, only to be treated with a slanted version of the actual occurrence.
Under normal circumstances, we endeavor, as much as possible, to steer clear from all adverse comments as it pertains to colleagues in the media. However, we consider it a disservice to our readers if we were to just sit by and watch them being fed half truths.
In the majority of cases, field journalists are employees, they are answerable to a boss and as such, in these times where a good job is hard to come by, it is somewhat difficult to fault them for delivering anything less than that which is acceptable in the eyes of their bosses.
We have still not forgotten the case, for example, several years ago, when a senior media personality was instantly fired from the job because she dared to ask a politician a question which, in the opinion of her boss, was "unacceptable." We can still recall a few years ago, while covering a demonstration in Dangriga, when a radio reporter, with tears in her eyes and a cellular telephone in her hand, came begging us to tell her boss on the line that she was not involved in organizing the demonstration as he was threatening to instantly terminate her services. The focus of this editorial therefore is to provide readers with a true picture of what actually transpired during Thursday morning's ground breaking ceremony for the new Cayo Farmers' Market in San Ignacio Town.
Those viewers who were not present for the occasion and were treated to Channel 5's Thursday evening newscast are left with the impression that all was well as officials from the two maj or political parties were united as one for the occasion Nothing could be further from the truth.
The fact of the matter is that tensions were high from the time it was announced that the Leader of the Peoples' United Party in the person of Prime Minister Said Musa would have been in attendance to deliver the keynote address and to break ground with the town's UDP Mayor John August.
The Prime Minister entered the site to loud boos from obvious supporters of the United Democratic Party. The situation got even worse when, during his welcome address,
Us Should Apologize
Mayor John August announced that, of the total construction cost of 542 thousand dollars, 499 thousand was financed by way of a grant from the European Union through the Belize Rural DevelopmentProgramme, with the total balance of almost 43 thousand dollars being financed by the Town Council from its already meager financial resources, with not even a dime coming from the Said Musa government. Yet, here was the Prime Minister, getting ready to deliver "The Keynote Address and to break ground" for a community proj ect to which his government is not even contributing a single penny.
The boos grew even louder when this information was confirmed by the European Union's Representative Karl Geoppert. So that by the time the Prime Minister approached the podium to deliver the "keynote address" the microphone suddenly went dead as the power to the sound system was mysteriously terminated.
The boos continued as the Prime Minister tried to slant credit for the market to the defeated former PUP Mayor, now PUP Standard Bearer for the Cayo Northeast Division, Orlando Habet.
The situation was further embarrassing when the obviously ill-prepared PUP Minister of State, Dave Burgos, took to the podium and no less then seven times substituted the word "pooverty" for "poverty" as his party leader cringed in his seat with every single mispronunciation of the word. It got even more embarrassing when Burgos could not even pronounce the name of his colleague in the struggle and referred to him as Otto "Colleman instead of "Coleman ".
The public boos and snide remarks became so uncomfortable for the Prime Minister that he could not resist the temptation to deviate from his prepared speech to fire a shot at UDP Standard Bearer Salvador Fernandez.
If the truth is to be told, it is that the Prime Minister came into hostile territory and he departed in like fashion.
Then there were those PUP supporters and Special Branch operatives who were openly
STAR Newspaper, 42A Western Highway
Santa Elena Town, Cayo District, Belize,
Central America
Tel: 667-7827 (667-STAR)
Publisher: AlbertoAugust Editor: Nyani Azueta- August Circulation: Errol Gonzalez "The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth"
commenting about the "disrespect" shown to the leader of the nation.
This could very well be a truthful statement as quite frankly never before have we seen a Prime Minister so openly "disrespected" but then, what other treatment can be dished out to a political leader who in nine short years has grown the nation's debt from a manageable 500 million dollars, to a crippling almost 3 billion dollars with hardly anything to show for it thereby effectively saddling our children, their children and their children's children with this HUGE debt
What other kind of treatment should a leader expect when he has presided over the selling out of ALL the nation's assets including its major utility companies as is its electricity, water and telephone services as well as ALL major installation as is the nation's airport, seaport, printery among others?
What other kind of treatment should a leader expect when he is considered as the principal player in the charge to force all of us to pay the debt incurred by a private institution as is Universal Health Service to the tune of over 33 million dollars?
What other kind of treatment does a leader expect when he continues to preside over the un-metered extraction of the nation new found oil resources while the oil company continues the nonstop un-metered extraction of this finite natural resource?
What other kind of treatment does a leader expect from a people who were mi sled into believing that hi s new General Sales Tax was "revenue neutral" meaning that it would not bring in any additional revenue to government, then after its first year in operation, GST officials proudly announced that they have surpassed the collection by over 30 million dollars? And where do you think that the 30 million dollar came from? It came directly out of the pockets and paychecks of those same persons who "dared to disrespect"the Prime Minister.
Let this therefore serve as a lesson to the current Prime Minister and any future Prime Minister of Belize; If you insist on treating the people with disrespect and contempt, the people will treat you in like fashion, and for this, none of us should apologize.
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Sunday, 19th August 2007
With lO Gran At Stake, Will Money Decide The Next KTV Champion?
Dear Editor;
It is with much interest that I watch Channel 5's Live Ultimate KTV on Tuesday nights. I applaud the organizers of the event because it serves to bringing out a whole lot of talent in Belizean people, talent that otherwise would have probably remained hidden.
We are seeing singing talent like we have not seen in many years. It also provides a family night out for clean fun in a community still coming to grips with the crime situation.
Despite the glitter and glamour, the selection in these semi final and final rounds is of concern to many people especially when it comes to the decision of crowning the ultimate champion on the basis of the amount of paid text votes that persons receives.
It reminds me of popularity contests held during my school days whereby the selection of the ultimate winner had
nothing to do with popularity and everything to do with money.
As in this case, when it comes down to the final contest night and with $ 10,000 at stake it will be money that will do the talking.
At this point I want to be optimistic and hope that the contestant with the REAL talent will rise to the top instead of the person who can "invest a few thousand dollars"then share it among friends and relatives as they get busy behind those buttons of their digicel phone punching in those supporting text messages. If it turns out this way I can certainly guarantee that we will end up with a whole lot of angry KTV fans.
With that said, again nuff respect to the organizers of Ultimate KTV, Channel 5; Host William Neal and the distinguished panel of judges and most of all the talented participants. Angel Chun, Cayo
Police Officer Behaving Badly
Dear Editor:
I read with much interest the STAR's detailed report on last weekend's tragic incident which resulted in the unfortunate death of young Marvin Echeverria, the stabbing injury caused to Justin Gordon and the shooting injury of the Scenes of Crime Technician.
It is very unfortunate that the incident got so much out of control, precipitated or maybe even initiated by one group invading the fenced premises of the other group in an effort the settle a misunderstanding which, if I am reading correctly, was effectively dealt with by the police and was before a court of law.
I write on this matter because my family had a similar experience this past weekend, only this time, it was an Assistant Superintendent of police in the mix.
My brother was involved in a squabble with the son of this senior police officer in front of the Faya Watta Club on Burns Avenue in San Ignacio. The police arrived on the scene. They conducted the investigation and my brother was arrested and charged for causing harm to this police officer's son. In
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my view the matter was effectively dealt with by the police to be taken before a competent court.
Imagine our surprise when this senior police officer visited our house and began acting in a very unprofessional and degrading manner. He began shouting at my brother and threatening him with bodily harm telling him what he will do to my brother whenever he gets his hand on him.
We would have expected this police officer to be setting the example by being satisfied that San Ignacio police had acted on the report and that satisfaction would be derived from the decision of a court especially because this is the way the police expect ordinary citizens to behave.
Fortunately the incident did not progress any further as my brother reacted by totally ignoring the ranting and raving of this senior policeman. He eventually realized that he was making a fool of himself and after a while he left.
I believe that at the very least the Commissioner of Police would like to know the identity of this senior police commander, not to punish him, but at the very least to get his side of the incident and to provide him with the guidance necessary with a view to maybe avert a potentially embarrassing situation for the Police Department.
If it is the Commissioner's desire then I would be prepared to assist him in this endeavor. If it is not much bother, you people at the STAR Newspaper can make the contact with the Commissioner of Police or his designate representative. For my safety I do not wish for my name to be made public.
So I ask that you do not publish my name.
Come Clean" says Kent Pandy
BY: Kent Pandy, Host of The Pandy Show, Thursday, 16th August 2007:
When we are sharing information with the public we must give the people a true understanding of any given situation. I appreciate that the STAR spoke to the boss of Cayo Cable Vision, Adrian Lizarraga.
Mr. Lizarraga's explanation of his company's decision to pull the plug from my show sounds very convincing and if I did not know better, I would have believed it myself. After reading the article in the STAR, many of my fans told me that they could understand why the show was temporarily off the air for the past two weeks.
I want to put the record straight because Mr. Lizarraga is not telling the truth. He spoke about his company being upgraded and about valuable equipment sitting loosely around the place. Now I cannot confirm or deny this statement because it has been many years since I entered one of their buildings. He spoke about not having a problem with giving me a key to the place but that the problem is the amount of people who visit me. Why on earth would I need a key when I have no need to enter any of their buildings.
I want all my fans to understand that I have AB SOLUTLEY no need
to hold any key from the Lizarraga's because since I stopped working for them several years ago I have never set Kent Pandy foot into their place. I have ABSOLUTELY no need to enter any of the Cayo Cable Vision buildings to do my show. All I do is use a plug that is on the outside of the building. I connect my feed and the wire run about 150 feet away to the Chiclero Camp Restaurant. It is from the Chiclero Camp that the Pandy Show is aired every Wednesday night. I do not need to enter any of Cayo Cable Vision buildings to do my show therefore no Cayo Cable Vision "expensive equipment is at risk" because all I get from them is an external feed and I use my own equipment. I do not enter any of their buildings and this is the truth.
They allowed me to do the show this past Wednesday evening with no hassle. Their building was locked, I went over, connected my wire and moved back to Chiclero Camp and the show was on the air as normal.
For the benefit of my many fans Cayo Cable Vision should to come clean and tell the truth.
C ? M M
Announces its Official Media Launching
/ 'Ofthe September Celebrations
Calendar of Events and Playbill
The House of Culture on Wednesday* J August 22nd> 2007 commencing at
10:00 a.m.
All are invited to come and share the plans for this year*s celebrations including the 2007 theme.
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Sunday, 19th August 2007
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Page 5
ire Bo<
SAN IGNACIO, CAYO, Saturday, 11th August 2007:
The San Ignacio Branch of the Rotary Club today informed that, for the fourth consecutive year, a team of volunteer teachers from Canada are back in Belize for this summer.
As in previous years, this year's program is geared towards advancing the level of teaching at the primary school level.
The Canadian teachers in San Ignacio are Jeannette Wilson, Michelle Ann Haggerty and Stan Travnik.
This is Jeannette and Michelle second visit to Belize. Jeanette is a Math teacher while Mchelle and Stan are Language Arts and Science teachers respectively. They are in Belize at their own expense.
The teachers arrived in Belize on Friday, 3rd August and are schedule to return to Canada on Sunday, 19th August.
The team informed that they always look forward to spending
The class in session at the Junior Colh
and especially the desire displayed by Belizean teachers to acquire new skills.
The program, specifically designed for primary school teachers, is being conducted at Sacred Heart Junior College in San Ignacio Town.
The project is a joint venture between Rotary International and the Education Department of Alberta, Canada.
With 24 Canadian teachers currently involved in the project countrywide, organizers informed that, in its expanded version this year, the proj ect is expected to yield immense benefits for education in
time in Belize. They like the country Belize.
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Plywood, Cetatex, Maua Three Armed Masked Men Invade Sanker Bar
SAN IGNACIO, Cayo, Thursday, 16th August 2007:
Just as we were putting the final touches on the newspaper this Thursday night the report came in of a robbery at Sanker Bar located at the corner of Joseph Andrews Drive and 5th Street in San Ignacio.
The report indicates that it was shortly after 10:30 this Thursday night when three masked men of dark complexion, each armed with a handgun, entered the establishment through the front door and pulled off the robbery.
One of the gunmen reportedly took hold of the cashier, Claudia Esquivel, a naturalized Belizean Salvadoran. He reportedly pulled her by the hair and tried to slam her head against the metal cash register and when she resisted, he flung her to the ground, placed the gun to her neck and ordered her to hand over the key to the cash drawer. Fearing for her life, Esquivel promptly complied with the order. The gunman then proceeded to open the cash drawer and took possession of the almost 200 dollars that was in it. The gunman then proceeded to relive Esquivel of two gold rings that she was wearing.
Another of the armed attackers concentrated his attention on the Guatemalan barmaid, Seidi
Velasquez. He reportedly placed a handgun to her forehead and robbed her of a cellular telephone, 130 dollars that she had in the front pocket of the pant she was wearing. He also removed and took possession of two gold rings she had on her fingers after which he yanked a pair of gold earrings from her ears. The owner of the establishment, former Inspector of Police, Anthony Rosado, was not present at the time of the incident as he had left the bar a few minutes earlier to watch the television news.
There were four male customers in the bar who also became victims of the attack. They arrived a few minutes before the incident. Three of them were each having their first beer while the fourth customer was just settling down behind a flask of rum. They were reportedly roughed up and relieved of their cash and cellular telephones.
The attack lasted for about 10 minutes during which the night watchman was also violently assaulted and injured.
After pulling off the act, all three, Creole speaking, robbers rushed out of the building by way of the same front door through which they had previously entered. They quickly disappeared into the night. San Ignacio police are investigating.
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Immigration Department Gets High Marks
Immigration, very into Customer Service and satisfaction, immigration in Belmopan get high marks of 110% from me from my rare visit to Belmopan. The place was PACKED with people.
One of the nice things to see and make you proud was a handicapped person working in Immigration uniform.
You see this occasionally in the USA, or Canada, but in Belize it just seems more meaningful, how we look after the more unfortunate citizens. We have a social conscience as a nation.
I was always surprised in Northern Fishermen Cooperative how many times the membership voted money out of their own pockets to help others.
Stopped in a hardware store looking for paint, but didn't find any. I did find those cast iron butane stoves though that are made in China and have been out of stock in San Ignacio/ Santa Elena for months. Needed one for the apartment and snatched it up immediately. Best stove around those old cast iron types. Basically two burner type hot plates, but better than those with ovens. Need it to get the apartment I'm working on ready.
Stopped at the Taiwanese Vegetable Mission in Central Farm on
BY: Ray Auxillou, Hillview, Santa Elena, Cayo, Wednesday 15th August 2007:
Went to Xunantunich yesterday, or tried to. Ferry was locked down as the river was muddy and fast overflowing.
Went to Clarissa Falls and same thing. Couldn't even see the FALLS, the six foot ridge of rock that bridges the river. River was that high.
Went to Immigration this morning in Belmopan with Brother in law, Gustavo Pinzon, about the mandatory work permit. He isn't working, but you still have to have something, cause the government wants money.
Ms. Chaverria dealt with us and was very customer service friendly. The place was packed like sardines. We went on to some other guy in an office who explained the work permit procedures and required form Another top notch worker at
Savana Area, San Ignacio Town, Cayo
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comfortable, friendly and secure.
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entire family.
pmuEn r/AiiM i o
"FROM CONSTRUCTION START TO FINISH' PHONE: 824 2512 or 824 3494 FAX: 824 3240
54 Burns Avenue, San Igancio, Cayo
the way back. Lot of workers preparing new beds and plots. Saw some red sweet peppers, they were very small, twisted and unsatisfactory.
Looks like the Taiwanese Mission haven't figured out how to grow world competitive sweet bell peppers yet? If I ever find out the name of the guy at 7 mile, on the Clique Sey road that grows perfectly proportioned and
huge sweetbell peppers, will give his name to the Agronomist at Vegetable growing section at Central Farm. They need help bad.
Their tomatos were bad too, in a shaded enclosure. No bigger than mine at the nursery in Hillview. We got to solve the mystery about growing decent tomatoes in Belize. We need world competitive tomatos.
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Sunday, 19th August 2007 STAR Tel: 667-7827 Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com
Page 7
Osorio Drowns Under Mysterious Circumstances
SAN IGNACIO, Cayo, Thursday, 16th August 2007:
Although the postmortem examination conducted today revealed what appears to be a blow to the head, measuring about 3 centimeters, police forensic specialist Dr. Mario Estradaban concluded that the injury could not have caused the death of Jermaine Orosco, 24. The certificate therefore revealed the cause of death as asphyxia due to drowning.
It was three days ago, at about 7:00 a.m., on Monday 13th August, when the deceased reportedly left a camp near the Chalillo Dam, in a flat bottom aluminum skiff powered by a 40 HP outboard engine. He had reportedly gone to transport other co-workers to the worksite.
When he did not return on schedule, his employer David Penner became concerned. He began walking along the banks of the Macal looking for his employee. About five minutes from the campsite, Penner came upon the skiff with its single engine running on idle in the river. The discovery was reported to the police and a search party of Police, Belize Defense Force soldiers accompanied by several private citizen began the searchforthe missing man.
The search ended at around 7:00 a.m., on Thursday, 16th August when the partially decomposed body was found floating in the river less than 200 yards from the spot where the boat was found three days earlier.
The body, clad only in a green boxer shorts, was found floating face up in the river. Police were called to the scene, and at around 9:00 a.m., the body was retrieved from the river. It was loaded onto a private vehicle
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and transported to an area on the Boom/Hattieville road where the postmortem examination was conducted. After the examination, the body was subsequently handed over to the father Douglas Orosco and the common-law-wife, of eighteen months, Stephanie Garcia.
Our investigation revealed that it was only 12 days prior to the Monday morning disappearance that Orosco began working for contractor David Penner at the Chalillo Dam.
Although all media reports gave his age as 26, our investigation revealed that the Belizean boat captain celebrated his 24th birthday a mere 5 days, on August 8th, before the Monday morning disappearance. He was a resident of #8417 Raleigh Street, St. Martins De Porres Area, Belize City.
The Belize Electric Company Limited (BECOL), owners and
operators of the Chalillo Dam, the Mollejon Dam and the soon to be constructed Dam at Vaca Falls, all on the Macal River, today sent out a press release expressing "Condolences to the family of Jermaine Orosco." The BECOL release ends by informing that the company "is also investigating this incident."
George Price Avenue,
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Sunday, 19th August 2007
discussing the UHS guarantee with Indira, she turned to me, pointed at
my head and told me that I was missing something up here."
Since we are in the political season here we go with a bit of political humor. We Don't Even Have The Belts
Wrong Place At The Wrong Time
The Cuban President receives an urgent cable from the Prime Minister of Belize: DEAR COMRADE, BELIZEAN
The Cuban President responds:
Hot Tine To Hell
Belize's Prime Minister is touring a be $55 for the phone call."
top secret US military facility. As he is nearing the end of the tour, he spots a red door. "What's in there?" he asks the US President.
"Oh, that's top state secret," replied the President.
"But you promised to show me everything," whined the PM.
"Okay, Okay" agrees the President as he takes a key out of his pocket and opens the door. Inside is a red telephone.
"What's that?" asks the PM
"It's a hot-line to Hell," replies the President.
"No way," says the PM, "I don't believe you!"
"Try it," replies the President.
The PM picks up the phone, and a voice answers:
"Hi! The Devil speaking! This is Hell!"
The PM is shocked and instantly hangs up the phone, but as he's
leaving, the President says, "That'll
"$55!" exclaims the PM, "why so expensive? Anyway, here is your $55."
The PM returns to Belize and immediataely calls a meeting of his top Security Advisors. "You idiots! You know what the Americans have? They have a hot-line to hell! Why don't we have one of those?."
"But we do have one sir," replies the Chief Advisor.
"Where is it? Let me see it now", demands the PM.
He is shown a similar door also with a red phone inside the small room.
The PM picks up the receiver and sure enough he hears "Hi! The Devil speaking! This is Hell!"
As he hangs up, the adviser says. "That will be $2 for the call, Mr. PM."
"Why so cheap? In America, that same call costs $55!"
"That's because here it's a local call," responds the Security Advisor.
There Is Nothing Upstairs
The Prime Minister goes on a state visit to India and meets with Indira Ghandi. As usual, he confers the Order of Belize upon her. Although he did not return with the Order of India, he nevertheless returns with a dot
painted on his forehead, in true Indian tradition.
His cabinet asks him why he had the Indian dot on his forehead.
"Well," he replies, "I decided to put on the dot because at one point while
A senior Belizean politician is visiting Cuba. He meets with his Cuban counterpart and they have drinks and smoke cigars
The Belizean politician says "Comrade, I hear you have a lot of drunks in Cuba."
"Not so! That's capitalist propaganda!"responds the Cuban official
"No, I'm sure of it." says the Belizean politician "You have a lot of drunks here in Cuba!"
"Utter nonsense", countered the Cuban official "I'll prove it. You can go out on the streets of Havana at any hour of the night. I will give you a machine gun. If you see any drunk you can kill him!"
"Very good, Comrade. I will go out on the streets of Havana at 1:00 a.m. says the Belizean politician. The Cuban official phones the Commander of the Cuban Armed Forces and instructs him to get all the drunks off the streets of Havana by midnight.
At exactly 1:00 a.m., The Belizean and the Cuban official are cruising the streets of Havana with the Belizean politician carrying a machine gun in his lap. They drive for two hours and not a single drunk is spotted.
By now the Belizean politician is disappointed, and they are about to head back in, when he spots a lone drunk who escaped the dragnet. The drunk is staggering from one side to the next on a deserted street.
The Belizean politician rolls down the window and blows the guy away.
Three months later, the same Cuban official comes to Belize. He meets with
his counterpart and again they drink rum and smoke cigars.
"Comrade", says the Cuban official, "I hear you Beliceflos are a bunch of drunks."
"Not true Comrade," responds the Belizean politician "We're hard working people. Our hands work the mixed economy and our hearts beat with Social Justice."
"That's not what I heard" said the Cuban official. "If you will allow me to prove it, I want the same deal I gave you in Havana; machine gun and all."
So the Belizean politician instructs the Commissioner of Police and the Commandant of the BDF to get all the drunks off the streets of Belize City by 12:30 a.m. at the very latest.
The Cuban and the Belizean go cruising around Belize City. The Cuban with a machine gun on his lap. They circle for over three hours and find absolutely nothing.
The Cuban gets tired and says, "Okay, Comrade, you win. I'm tired. Let's call it a night."
Suddenly, as they're heading back to the Radisson Fort George Hotel, they see a group of 7 people staggering down the street and drunk out of their minds.
Somewhat relieved, the Cuban rolls down the window and blows them all away.
Headline next morning the Nation's Leading Newspaper:
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Sunday, 19th August 2007
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Ul till J WW vl v Ulll\stJ
BY: Devon Gabourel, Galen University's Library and Media Relations, Coordinator GALEN UNIVERSITY, Cayo Campus, Thursday, 16th August, 2007:
The Board of Trustees of Galen University met on Wednesday, 15th August 2007 at the University's San Ignacio area campus from which they emerged with the announcement of a new Board of Trustees.
Henry N. Anderson is now the new chair of Galen University's Board of Trustees. Mr. Anderson welcomed Maxine Goddard as the new vice chairperson.
Other members of the new Board are, Fred Shyu, and Judy Duplooy. They join Sylvia Cattouse who continues serving on the Board.
At their first meeting, the Trustees endorsed the university's student loans program, the study-abroad schemes, institutional-strengthening initiatives, and continued links with the University of Indianapolis and other academic partners.
The Galen University Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance, management, conduct, and control of the academic aspects of Galen University.
The Trustees highlighted the following areas as Galen's strategic focus for the next academic year: Quality Assurance:
The Trustees reviewed the past and present procedures to maintain high
(L to R) Sylvia Cattouse, Nancy Adamson (Galen's Provost), Henry
Anderson (Chairperson), Judy Duplooy, Fred Shyu. Absent from photograph is Maxine Goddard (Vice Chairperson).
levels of quality in academic programs and discussed what changes were needed to solve challenges that may arise in the upcoming academic year. The Galen University Student Loan Program: After evaluating its performance, the Trustees endorsed the low interest, student financing scheme. The student loan scheme is a cornerstone of the University's credit policy for Belizean students. Summer/ Study Abroad Programs: Trustees endorsed Galen's promotion of itself and Belize as an ideal destination for international academics, scholars, and students who seek study and research opportunities abroad.
Academic partnerships: Since 2004 the Board of Trustees has authorized Galen University
to enter into various academic agreements with a number of tertiary and professional training organizations. These agreements include articulation agreements with Belizean Junior Colleges and the University of Belize, academic alliances, and a dual degree agreement with the University of Indianapolis. The present Trustees reviewed these initiatives and authorized Galen University's Provost to continue the
University's objectives to increase academic opportunities and cultivate high academic standards at Galen University.
The Trustees acknowledged that Galen University faces the inevitable challenges that accompany institutional growth and the changing needs of the higher education market in Belize and communities it serves. The composition of the Board of Trustees and their corollary experience and expertise are a sign that Galen University is well positioned to respond to these strategic concerns.
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Tel: 607 4450
We take this opportunity to inform you that we are now accepting applications for enrollment of new students for the new school year which begins on Tuesday, 11th September 2007.
We must likewise remind you that space is limited and so we encourage you to register early in order to allow us adequate time to plan effectively so as to ensure that all students obtain maximum benefits from the training.

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Sunday, 19th August 2007
The following is yet another brief lesson in Cayo histroy as delivered by Don Hector David Silva during this past Thursday morning's ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the Cayo Farmers' Market in San Ignacio.
BY: Don Hector David Silva, Historian, Former Mayor of San Ignacio/Santa Elena and Former Minister of Government. SAN IGNACIO, Thursday, 16th August 2007:
The University of the People teaches us, that any ceremony, be it ground-breaking, an inauguration or a celebration, without a touch of history is like an orange without enoughjuice.
As the oldest living Mayor of our Beloved Twin Towns, it is an honor for me to address this distinguished gathering on such a great occasion as this.
As we all should know, A MARKET PLACE is one of the most important landmarks in any community. It is where one fills the historical "breadbasket".
It should be of interest to all here present to know, that almost one hundred and thirty years ago, on the 10th of August 1878, by Government Gazzette, Mr. Edgar Alexander August was appointed as the first Alcalde of the village of San Ignacio, also referred to in those days as "The Cay" or "El Cayo" How coincidental that today we have perhaps one of his descendants, in the person of, Mayor John August Jr., our present elected Alcalde.
It should be of interest to all here present to know, that the genesis or the beginning of this town was at a baccadier almost on this very spot. (A baccadier was a place where logs were dumped awaiting for the river floods to take them to Boom.)
Let it also be known, that these grounds where we stand have been almost sacred to this community. Besdies being the cradle of this town, it once served as the popular horse-race track, the airstrip, the football, cricket, and softball fields and the ever popular "Tennis Court" -where some of the major dances were held long ago. Also across that corner stood the Old Slaughter House, swept away by the floods of Hurricane Hattie.
Let it be declared therefore, that Cayoans demand that every square
Notice is hereby given that, under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordiance Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2000 that FRANCISCO CASTELLANOS is applying for the renewal of his Restaurant Liquor License for the year 2007 to operate CHULA VISTA located on Guerra Street, Benque Viej o Town, Cayo District.
Don Hector David Silva at the podium
inch of this savanah, be forever the property of this town and its people.
May I remind everyone here present, that the idea to build a proper market for the deserving fruit vendors and the consumers dates back fifty years ago, when I served
as Mayor, and every successive Town Board and Town Council toyed with the idea.
In those days there were only six vegetable suppliers, namely, Chindo de la Fuente from the Macaw Bank Area; The Russian, Christian Alvin, from the Trapiche Area; Nicasio Gonzalez from under Hawksworth Bridge; Don Huesito Carillo by Burns Avenue; Don Adolfo Sanz from Duffy Bank; Leon Brochin, from John Christmas produced mostly bananas and agucates in small quantities.
decision to build a market, come hell or high water.
I can recall him mentioning to me that he had approached a commercial bank that was willing to lend the money.
I say "wise"because our farmers, our vendors and consumers are very important people and they deserve a better Popular Market.
I say "bold" because despite all hardship and negativity your Town Council made every effort to acquire the finances and with the help of Central Government and our European Friends this proj ect will now be a reality.
In concluding, I say congratulations Town Council, thank you Mr. Prime Minister, thank you ambassador of the European Union and as a consumer I say thank you all. LONG LIVE OUR BELOVED CAYO. TOGETHER WE WILL STAND DIVIDED WE WILL FALL. MAY GOD BLESS BELIZE, THE LAND OF OUR BIRTH.
One lucky winner will walk away with $25,000 and six others will win FlatscreenTV's. Shop Now!
Certain conditions apply.
tk lowest mrxniME
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Centra Northern rWway Queen Viclotia Avsiue ConrtMion MM Si. mm Street to, Rent* North Street
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Sunday, 19th August 2007 STAR Tel: 667-7827 Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com
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Sunday, 19th August 2007
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