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P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, Phone 786-6518, 786-6125, www.bonairereporter.com email: reporter@bonairenews.com Since 1994


Page 2 Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 A ccording to a government press release, sand and stone are being excavated illegally in many places on Bonaire. These excavations are damaging the landscape and nature. A short airplane flight over Bonaire will reveal the large extent of these excavations. According to the Nature Island Ordinance (AB 2008, no.23) excavation is prohibited without a license from the Executive Council because of activities that may be harmful to nature, nature and landscape. The excavation of sand and stone without a permit is also considered theft. In late July 2011, the Executive Council took the position that it will no longer allow illegal excavation and, together with the police and the prosecutor, agreed to enforce these laws. In case of a violation the government will seize materials and equipment such as loaders and trucks. The warning applies not only to drivers of the trucks and loaders, but also to clients and customers. For more information contact Department of Environment and Development and Office of Enforcement and the Public Body Bonaire. Tourist TV has launched two new film segments for its popular programs. The first is “ Island Adrift,” a film honoring Captain Dons arrival in 1962. Captain Don Stewart has dedicated 50 years of passion to Bonaire’s nature and essentially invented recreational diving as we know it on Bonaire. Perhaps no one has put Bonaire on the map as has Captain Don. (See page 11 for photos of the party honoring the Captain.) This segment is a short version of the Island Adrift hour-long feature documentary film which was released in 2004 by Scuba Vision Films. The second segment is Spined Invaders." It focuses on Lionfish who are hunters that eat anything that moves. They are rapidly invading the waters of the Caribbean and tropical Atlantic, and still expanding their habitat. Their aggressive hunting and exploding numbers create the potential of the most disastrous marine invasion in history. You can find Tourist TV programming on Channel 1 from MiTV (Telbo) or Channel 60 from Flamingo TV. If you are not receiving these channe ls, use your remote TV controller and press the auto channel seeker to update your channel list. You’re probably buying off-island food because there is little alternative on Bonaire. Now that there are two Farmers’ Markets you may have another choice. Buying at the market is better for the environment for one thing. Choosing local over "conventional" means eliminating the shipping which creates an environmental woe—fossil fuel consumption. The food that has to travel thousands of miles to get to our supermarkets creates environmental damage. Before the advent of the large scale ocean and air freight, most Bonaire food was grown or raised on family farms, packaged or processed nearby and sold in local retail outlets. Today, this has become the exception to the rule, as the average Bonairean meal probably logs more than 3,000 km. from farm to table. Although this shift results in an exceptional selection at the grocery store, it causes a host of other problems. Taste, quality, freshness, and nutritional value all decrease, and the environmental burden balloons. So what’s the alternative? Buy local. Buying food that a kunukero (farmer) has grown or raised uses fa r less fossil fuels, and the benefits don’t stop there. Traditionally, farmers selected breeds of crops for their flavor and growing abilities and let them ripen until ready to eat. Now, more often than not, breeds are selected for their ability to withstand the rigors of cold storage and cross-country transport and are plucked from the vine far before their time. Buying local will yield food so fresh and ripe that your taste buds won’t know what hit them. The moment an item of produce parts from its mother plant, its nutritional value begins to decline. Produce at the supermarket has likely been in transit or sitting in the display case for days or weeks. Local produce was probably picked in the last 24 hours and is still in its nutrient prime. Thanks to modern supermarkets, we’ve become accustomed to having what we want when we want it. And Bonaire agriculture is just restarting so the selections are small and sell out fast. Several projects are underway that will provide more resources. The Kriabon farmers’ cooperative is rejuvenated and there has been a big upsurge in homeowners growing their own crops and selling the extra in the markets. Local food isn't just another passing trend. Remember that any amount of local food you can find and purchase will still benefit your health and the planet’s. Coming soon: a rare transit of Venus across the sun. The passage of Venus in front of the sun is among the rarest of astronomical events, rarer even than the return of Halley's Comet every 76 years. Only six transits of Venus are known to have been observed by humans before: in 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882 and, most recently, in 2004. The transit will be visible aboutm two hours before sunset. After June 5 the next one will occur in the year 2117. When Venus is in transit across the solar disk, the planet appears as a distinct, albeit tiny, round black spot with a diameter just 1/32nd of the sun. This size is large enough to readily perceive with the naked eye. HOWEVER ... prospective observers are warned to take special precautions (as with a solar eclipse) when attempting to view the silhouette of Venus against the blindingly brilliant solar disc. The beginning of the transit should be visible from Bonaire HILVERSUM-After 65 years, Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) has ended its broadcasts aimed at Dutch people abroad. However, although cut by 70%, RNW’s other nine language services supplying information via Internet, radio and partner stations abroad are going to be continued. The new RNW will concentrate on free speech, providing independent information to countries without press freedom in the Middle East, Africa, China and Latin America. Broadcasts in Dutch, though, will be a thing of the past. RNW has a shortwave broadcasting facility on Bonaire. THE HAGUE— Implementing euthanasia legislation in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba as of October 10, 2012 is a “complex assignment,” according to Dutch Minister of Public Health, Wellbeing and Sports, Edith Schippers. The regulations and meticulous application and reviewing of euthanasia are especially cumbersome when considering that there will only be an estimated two or three cases per year on the three islands. (Continued on page 3) Web: www.bonairefreewieler.com Email: freewieler@bonairefreewieler.com Parts and accessories for all brands of bikes and scooters Beautiful Bike Clothes All type of house and car keys duplicated Kaya Grandi #61 “The blue building” Call 717-8545 Open: 8:30-12:30, 2:00-5:30 Owner Operated Featuring Giant, Bikkel and Golden Lion bikes € Transport of Money and Valuables € Private Investigations € Vehicle patrols € Burglar Alarms € Fire Alarm Systems In Business Over 28 years Kaya Nikiboko Nord 37A, PO Box 225 Tel: (599) 7178125 Fax (599) 7176125 E-mail sss@bonairelive.com How to contact us Find Bonaire Reporter on Facebook. Press “like” Letters to the Editor: Reporter@bonairenews.com Story tip or idea: info@bonairenews.com The Publisher: George@bonairenews.com Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Phone 786-6125, 786-6518 Available on-line at: www.bonairereporter.com Printed Every Fortnight, On-line every day, 24/7 Next edition printing on Monday, June 4 Story and Ad deadline: Friday, June 1 This Week’s Stories Letters to the Editor: Death Trap 6 Elections 2012 6 The Flamingo and the Iguana 6 Happiness Is A Good Helmet 8 New Gold Ambassadors 8 MCB Anniversary Donation 8 Conch Killing Continues 8 Klein Bonaire Foundation Helps the Turtles 9 Mother’s Day Fashion Show 10 50 years For Capt. Don 11 ATM Bombers Quickly Caught 14 Reminder To All Politicians 14 The “Jutduikers” Treat Bonaire’s Elders 14 Recompression Chamber Training 14 Kibrahacha Explosion 15 Animal Shelter News 16 Jazz Fest Kickoff 18 BES TV On the way 19 Departments Flotsam & Jetsam 2 Born on Bonaire – Danique Tirza Zinia Winklaar 4 Picture Yourself (New Jersey) 7 Spotlight On: Leonard Domacasse 7 Bonaire On Wheels-Land Rover Pickup 8 Shopping & Dining Guides 12 Classifieds 13 Tide Table, Sunrise & Sunset Times, Moon Phase 13 Pet of the Week (Winona) 16 Did You Know-Jellyfish Bloom 16 Sky Park (Planets Around other Stars) 17 Sudoku, Sudoku Answer 18 Masthead 19 Horoscopes 2012 (Astrology) 19 Soil mine Government photo TCB photo


Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Page 3 Member of the Dutch Parliament’s Second Chamber, Cynthia Ortega-Martijn of the Christian Union (CU), is questioning whether it is all worth the effort. “Other things on the islands are more urgent. The Minister should take the time to implement this in a very careful way.” She pointed out that people on the islands have a different opinion on life and death than people in The Netherlands. Want to find a lawyer in the Dutch Caribbean? Last week the Dutch Caribbean Legal Portal (DCLP) went on line. Its press release says it includes all the law firms and services in the entire Dutch Caribbean, including Aruba, Curaao, St. Maarten Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. We did notice some we were familiar with on Bonaire were missing. The English language site includes law firms, legal institutions, notaries, in-house counsel, tax advisors, audit firms, trust companies and other organizations. The site is aimed at helping national and international organizations and individuals. Most of the laws and documents on the site are in Dutch. DCLP also offers a database of legal documents such as laws, regulations and treaties, as well as judgments and the docket of the Joint Court of Justice. DCLP aims to provide a complete database of Dutch Caribbean laws by the end of July. The URL address is www.dutchcaribbeanlegalportal.com Is it a sign of an uptick in the housing market? On May 11 Commissioner James Kroon laid the first stone at Antriol’s Flamingo Garden Estate, a new housing project on Kaminda Djabou. Following the installation of the roads and infrastructure it took several more years to get the necessary permissions. The Estate plans show beautiful landscaping, competent infrastructure, 24-hour security (interestingly, the first item that met our eye in the offering brochure was a flyer from a security firm offering a variety of services), a central recreation area with a deluxe swimming pool and a fitness center. Prices start at $170,000. Contact Flamingo Garden Estate at 5999 525-6053, or email at fge.sales@yahoo.com. A leading expert at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is urging the Caribbean’s 40 million people to be prepared for a Flotsam and Jetsam (Cont. from page 2) tsunami two years ahead of a planned early warning system for the region. Watson-Wright, assistant director-general and executive secretary of the UNESCOIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, has agreed with other leading tsunami experts that it is a case of “when, not if” the region would be struck by the giant waves triggered by earthquakes and volcanic activity, Watson-Wright noted. Bonaire is just south of where the Caribbean and South American Plate meet Since 1498 there have been at least 94 tsunamis with run-ups reported in the Caribbean region, causing 4,652 deaths, Watson-Wright said. “Sound science-based tsunami inundation modeling has been performed for all of Puerto Rico and several localities in the French Antilles and Venezuela, which demonstrates real tsunami threats for this region,” the UNESCO expert said. –source: Jamaica Observer provided by Benito Dirksz Here is some more news about the Tour D’Azul concert on Saturday, 26 May. (see poster on page 18 for details) There will be a nice after-party with Duo Maniscalco (guitar Benji and vocals Sylvi). They will play bossanovas and Portuguese songs after the concert outside the Cacique Hall where drinks and snacks will be available. Also the musicians are there to talk with and there is the opportunity to buy the triple CD, "A Bag of Music," for $25. The tickets for the concert are $25.including the after party and available at sales outlets and on the website: www.classicalmusicbonaire.com On May 29 there will be a school concert for 260 kids at Jong Bona ire. This is also organized by the CMBB. The housing market crisis in The Netherlands was further emphasized last month by the publication of new figures showing only 1,100 new homes are being bought every month, compared with 4,000 before the economic crisis began. The Dutch real estate agents association, NVM, added to the gloomy picture by saying house prices were down 6% in the first quarter of 2012, compared with 2011. The average price paid for a home is now €214,000, compared with over €228,000 a year ago. Quarter by quarter the drop was 3% and house prices are now back to the level of 2005, the NVM said. Some 170,000 houses are currently for sale, more than double the total before the credit crisis. DutchNews.nl You've read about the situation in Holland. Now h ave you questions about the Bonaire housing market? The Reporter will try to answer your questions with the help of real estate professionals in a new Reporter feature column. Email your queries today to reporter@bonairenews.com. A warm welcome to the Tung Fong store to the Bonaire family of advertisers. On Kaya Korona it is the quintessential “Chinese Store” with an incredible selection of merchandise backed by good and always helpful service. G./L.D. Marketer Eldrid Fos, Commissioner Kroon and developer Raymond Bentura Bonaire Have Questions About Bonaire Real Estate? Ask The Reporter –email: reporter@bonairereporter.com New Real Estate Column Begins in the Next Edition


Page 4 Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 “M ost of my life I’ve lived in a kunuku in the back of Nort di Salia. I have three brothers from my mother’s side and two from my father’s. My mom is Jeanette Thod; my dad is Errol Winklaar. I am the only child from my parents and also their only girl – hihihi – which makes me very happy! I was quite spoiled, but on the other hand, when I was little I had nobody to play with but boys. All of them were always too busy playing soccer except for my brother Calo who sacrificed himself now and then and played with me and the dolls. I would call him ‘Jaja’ and he would be my girlfriend. He was 10 years older than I and already a big boy, so that was really sweet of him! When I was five my niece, Radinka, was born. Her parents (her father is my brother) lived with us at the kunuku. I remember how exited I was and I would tell everyone ‘I am five years old and I am already an aunt!’ Throughout the years Radinka stayed with us and the way I see her now is like a sister. At school I did well. Dutch was my favorite subject and I was good at figures. Then I went to SGB high school where I did Mavo TKL. It was too easy but when they asked me if I wanted to do Havo, I didn’t go. After all I am happy with my choice because that’s how I ended up spending my period as a trainee in Holland. Otherwise I would still be at Havo. Three years ago, when I was 15, I finished Mavo. I didn’t know what I wanted to study, but I was fascinated by Judge Mathis, whose shows I always watched on TV. So I talked to Eugne Abdul – who studied law – and I told him that I was interested in doing a law study and what could I do with my Mavo diploma. He told me the kind of studies I needed to realize my dream. It wasn’t going to be easy, he said. I had to go step by step and after Mavo I should first do MBO (Middle Professional Education). I went on the internet to Google a study called Judicial Assistant. Everything I could possibly find was in Holland but I was too young to go there. It was Raisa Jesurun who recommended a school on Curaao so I wrote them a letter. After some days they called me for an interview, then I started a new chapter in my life. It was exciting! August 28th, 2009, I went to Curaao. Luckily my grandmother – my dad’s mom – lives there and she took me in. Both my parents accompanied me – not only because it was a big step, but to bring me lots of things I needed for school, for my room and myself. When they left my grandma took over and she treated me like a prin cess. She took care of everything and I wasn’t even allowed to take the bus. My aunt had to take me to school and pick me up again. My grandmother also made my breakfast and every day she asked me what I wanted for dinner, oh my! My mom and dad came to see me every weekend and there was nothing I needed to do except do well at school. And that’s what I did. I was a good student, and after some time I became more mature and did my own laundry and I cleaned my room. Ha!” Tirza is 18 and totally confident. Her makeup doesn’t take a minute. She still giggles but she’s comfortable with herself and her capacities. She is positive, mature, outspoken and bright, an outstanding person! “When I started the education I knew (Continued on page 5) Tirza at home


Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Page 5 there would be a time I had to work as a trainee. I was the only kid in my class who insisted on doing it in Holland. My classmates would tell me, ‘Keep on dreaming!’ For two years I was told it would never happen. It came to a point that I was about to believe that myself. Then I talked to a friend of mine, Britt Hofman. I knew Britt and her family from Bonaire where they would spend their vacation every year. Britt kept on telling me, ‘Danique, don’t listen to those kids! You have to come! We are going to help you!’ Then I bought my ticket for Holland and right at that time the situation at my parents’ house was not ideal. I was reluctant to go and thought about staying on Bonaire and finding a job as a trainee here. But Britt and her parents told me, ‘Come! Just come for vacation and then we’ll see…’ Holland was something special. Let me tell you this. Here and on Curaao people would tell me ‘Don’t go to Holland because you are going to be discriminated against. They don’t help the Antilleans with anything. And when you’re not so familiar with the Dutch language, there is nothing you can accomplish.’ Well, when I was in Holland, I never, ever and I am not going to lie about it had the feeling that I was discriminated against. I stayed with the Hofman family, and everyone tried to help me in every possible way. They all thought I was really cool to come all the way to Holland to fulfill my dream. The town where I lived was a small town called IJmuiden and,” she laughs, “I became some sort of a celebrity there. People would say ‘Look! There’s that Antillean girl who stays at the Hofman’s!’ After two weeks Mrs. Carin Hofman took me to London. Wow! Exciting! Such a big city! And so many people! So hectic! I thought I was dreaming and that I couldn’t wake up. The buildings were huge and the clothes the people were wearing… I thought I was watching a catwalk show. I rode on a double-decker bus, I saw the church of William and Kate. It was so special. I will never forget it. After exactly one month Mrs. Carin Hofman pulled my ear and said, ‘Now we’re going to sit at the table and discuss what we’re going to do.’ Then she asked me what it was I wanted and if she could help me and that she knew a lot of people. Carin works at the Ministry of Defense in The Hague and she talked to some of her colleagues. I wrote a letter of application and within a few days they invited me for an interview. I was hired to work at the Judicial Service Department of the Ministry of Defense for six months. During those six months I learned more than in two years at school. The most important thing was the Dutch language, which is spoken quite differently in Holland than on Bonaire. Secondly I learned to be punctual and to stand up for myself. I learned to be honest and to say what I feel. Here we don’t do that; we don’t say what we feel, we keep it to ourselves. In Holland I also got to know a different culture and the Dutch music. You know, ha-ha, it’s very strange, but Dutch music is more about playing with words than what I call music – like the tambu and the guitar, but…” She practically faints with laughter – “I got used to it – sort of. During my time in Holland I also visited my brothers who live there and my nieces and nephews. The Hofman family took me to Berlin and Luxembourg as well. In December 2011, I came back to Bonaire. The first week I practically died of the heat. How irritating. But then there was my family, my tranquility, my lovely quiet beaches and my friendly people and the food ha-ha! I won’t stay long anymore. At the moment I’m working at Gio’s making money so I can get my driver’s license. Then I am off to Holland where I will start in September with a higher professional education in Law. When I’ve finished I hope to come back and help Bonaire, not for the money but for the love I feel for my island and its people. I just hope Bonaire won’t change too much in the meantime. A little bit is okay, but no big buildings or luxurious places. I just want it to stay tranquil. All my life I’ve done what I said I would do and I am very grateful for all the help I’ve gotten. I’ve been very lucky, but now it’s time to stand on my own two feet and see where that takes me.” Story & photos by Greta Kooistra Born On Bonaire (continued from page 4) Don’t Gamble With Your Advertising Reach more readers than any other Bonaire paper– Delivered to Hotels and Shops plus Thousands More Readers On the Internet Call Laura at 786-6518 / 790-6518 Email: Laura@bonairenews.com From Bonaire Nautico Marina BONAIRE NAUTICO MARINA At It Rains Fishes Restaurant Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399 www.bonairenauticomarina /VHF 68 info@bonairenauticomarina.com THE ONLY WALKON / WALKOFF Catamaran Kantika di Amor Up to 27 people and supported by a brand new larger sister Catamaran Kantika Too Up to 50 people TRIPS Every Day (max 1.90 meter draft), Dinghy tie up at north-inside dock at US$10 weekly up from Monday till Monday. Water and 115/220 v. Daily trips via resorts 10 am, 12 2 pm Except Sundays at 10 am only Also available for group trips For the best in local meats, fish and groceries Traditional Charcoal BBQ Every Saturday Ribs and Chicken Voted Best On Island Call 717-8412 to ~Order ahead Kaya Corantijn #10, Nikiboko South Radinka, Tirza and her mom Jeanette. The Late Night Place To Be -Free Entrance, except Theme Nights -Dress Code casual, chic or classy -Air conditioned, smoke free, disco light and “smoke” effects Always Open 9 pm till 3 am Thursdays to Sundays. Kaya Hermandat # 1, the small street between Jong Bonaire and Telbo. Zazu Bar at the Harbour Village Marina Open:: Mon-Fri 3-10 pm, Sat: 5-10 pm Bar menu available Tel: 717-7070 email: info@bistrodeparis.com


Page 6 Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 DEATH TRAP Dear Editor: Believe it or not, but for over three months there has been a tremendous hole, or what should better be called a "Death Trap," on Kaya Maximiliano Rosario (Chiana), Tera Kora, at more or less 15 meters off the airport road. As a street warning for that immense hole, sometimes it has a drum next to it, at other times only a striped wood plank and also sometimes, both of them. In spite of all the work going on and around the airport road, there are times where you can see bobcats, bulldozers, cranes and other types of machinery parked right on the side of the hole where there is lots of rubble. But ironically, both the rubble and hole remain untouched. Consider this a warning and don't get trapped! Peggy Bakker Now On The Waterfront at The Harbour Village Marina — Air-conditioning and al fresco dining Owned and operated by a French Master Chef Eight years of fine dini ng now at a new location Reservations: Tel: 717-7070 email: info@bistrodeparis.com New location: Harbour Village Marina Opening hours: Mon Fri, Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Mon Sat, Dinner 6-10 pm TUNG FONG STORE N.V. “The Store With Almost Everything” Great Service Too Kaya Korona 52 Tel. 599 717 4224 FAX. 599 717 5224 Opening hours: 8.30 am 12. 30 pm, 2.30 pm 6.30 pm Open from Monday till Saturday. Sundays closed. Bulevar Gob. N. Debrot 74 (Across from Sand Dollar) Phone 717-7224 www.bonbida.com T his is our iguana at the airport where it represents the symbol for… eh, soup? And in the other photo, taken 10 years ago at the plaza of a Venezuelan town called Puerto Piritu, there is a flamingo. Around Puerto Piritu there are many lagoons and flamingos. That’s why they’ve put a flamingo in the center of town. On Bonaire there are many iguanas. So, in itself, a statue for the iguana feels completely right; they are beautiful ancient creatures. But… Bonaire is also famous for its flamingos. And our pretty little airport is even called “Flamingo International Airport.” So, wouldn’t it be nice to put a flamingo next to our iguana? Could that be a joint effort of our artists/schools/ government? Wouldn’t it be nice when people arrive at Flamingo International Airport that they see a giant flamingo? Wouldn’t that be a great start of a wonderful vacation, to have your picture taken next to the flamingo at Flamingo International Airport? Come on, wonderful creative people of Bonaire, let’s make it happen! Story & photos by Greta Kooistra This is the Death Trap. It's when you come from the airport and you take the road to Tera Kora, just around the corner. A s reported in the last issue of this paper, Parliamentary Dutch elections are set for this fall. For the first time voters in the BES Islands will be able to vote for candidates for parliament. In a press release Minister Spies said, “... Considering that the activities for the elections for the Dutch Parliament ( Tweede Kamer ) are almost identical to the island council elections in the public entities, I have reason to assume that the preparations and implementation of the parliamentary elections will not encounter any problems.” The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations will launch a separate information campaign focused at the elections for the Tweede Kamer (the Dutch equivalent of the US House of Representatives) in Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. In this information campaign, which will be conducted by the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN), attention will also be focused on the right to vote and stand for election and, in addition, political parties (including new parties) will be informed of the possibility to participate at the elections. As well, the necessary information will be made available. Press release


Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Page 7 ROCARGO SERVICES, N.V. International Freight (Car) BV The ONLY company offering direct weekly consolidation services from Europe/Holland to Bonaire www.ifc-consolidators.nl Jupiterweg 1A (Ecopark) 4761 RW Moerdijk, Holland Tel 31-(0) 168-40-94 94 Fax 31-(0) 168-40 94 70 Offering DAILY Express Services from and to Bonaire For shipment tracking www.fedex.com The World On Time Kaya Industria 12, KralendijkBonaire—N.A. 717-8922 FAX 717-5791 Email:info@rocargo.com For All Your Shipping Needs Full service door to door by air and by sea. Customs clearance, transportation, warehousing. International and local relocation. Packing material in stock. Qualified and professional personnel. Timely, accurate and reliable ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Amcar Freight, Inc. The ONLY company offering direct weekly consolidation services from Miami, USA to Bonaire www.amcarfreight.com Amcar Freight 12600 NW 25 Street Suite 107 Miami, Fl 33182 Tel. (305) 599-8866 Fax (305) 599-2808 Professional massage therapy, facials, reflexology, lymph drainage, Shiatsu, deep tissue massage and other body and facial treatments Massage Program Deep Massage For Divers (60 Min.) Great value! Neuromuscular Massage and Total Reflexology (90 min.) “Awesome experience!” Aroma Therapy (60 Min.) Soothing and spiritual Deep Tissue Massage (60 Min.) The ultimate Reflexology (50 Min.) Lymp h Drainage (60 Min.) Bonairean Salt Body Scrub (30 Min.) Unique And much more…. Facial Program Mini Facial (30 Min.) Hydrating Facial (60 Min.) For a New You Skin Fitness (60 Min. Recommended For Men) Peeling (30 min.) After-Sun Relief Mask (60 Min.) The Best Relief For A Burn Spa Packages too... Sand Dollar Plaza Kaya Gob. Debrot 79 Tel; 785-3398 or 717-2622 Email: o_nubia@hotmail.com www.dayspabynubia.com Spa hours: Monday Saturday 10.00 am 6.00 pm, by appointment only Other times available A lan and Joan Zale, who had just returned from their 32nd trip to Bonaire, always bring back a copy of The Bonaire Reporter and take it where ever they go. They are in front of the Battleship USS New Jersey (BB 62) in Camden, NJ on March 15, 2012. The USS New Jersey saw service in WWII, the Korean War and was the only battleship in its class to provide gun support during the Vietnam War. It was commissioned Dec. 7, 1942, one year after Pearl Harbor, and now serves as a museum and memorial in Camden, NJ. Joan and Alan asked a man fishing along the water’s edge to take the photo. It turns out he was a Vietnam War Veteran who saw the battleship in action. WE NEED PHOTOS! WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next trip or when you return to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in hand. THE BEST PHOTOS OF THE YEAR WILL WIN THE PRIZES. Mail photos to Bonaire Reporter Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. E-mail to: info@bonairereporter.com


Page 8 Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Bonaire/Kralendijk – S ome two years ago, in May 2010, Dino and Marianne arrived on the island of Bonaire. In a sea container they brought a second-hand Land Rover 130. Almost immediately, after the proud owners had covered their first tropical kilometers with the four-wheel drive vehicle, I spotted the speciallymade, extended Land Rover. How jealous I was! A modern Land Rover with comfortable coil springs and a smooth and strong diesel engine. (My Land Rover is small, has a slow petrol engine, solid leaf springs and a goat-like ride/ jb.) I stopped the car and I had a little talk with Marianne. They had just arrived on the island and yes, they were in for an interview. But not now as they were still very busy. On a regular basis I’ve spotted the metallic grey four-door Land Rover. We waved. We met at the gasoline station and at the White Slave obelisk. I kept the special vehicle in my mind. Then, after two years, I rode my bike to the house where the Land Rover lived. Marianne was at home and she invited me in and offered me a drink. A Belgian friend of Dino and Marianne was the first owner of the Land Rover Defender. Marianne liked the car and she thought the vehicle would do a good job on a rural island like Bonaire. Then Dino decided to buy the vehicle for her: an almost-new Land Rover, fitted with a reliable fourcylinder diesel engine, permanent fourwheel drive, special leather seats, a winch in the front and a hitch ball in the rear, four (!) spare wheels and protection bars on both sides of the chassis. Marianne says, “Yes, our Belgian friend pimped the Land Rover a little. He mounted special seats and a special steering wheel. The side bars are also extras and the vehicle is covered all over with aluminum diamond plate for extra body strength. There are also 17inch light alloy five-spoke rims so the car has some special extras. On the other hand there is no air conditioning in this Defender. So, yes, it has extras but only the basic and functional extras.” This Land Rover is some four years old now. It’s never had to go to a garage and problems never occurred. The only part that needed to be replaced was the windshield, because, during transport, a moped jumped through the window. A new windshield arrived by airplane within five days! Dino takes good care of the car and maintains it properly. Land Rovers are built stronger to last longer. This heavy duty truck can remain on and off the roads for decades and decades. Marianne continues, “A Land Rover is a rarity on this island. There is another green 130 Defender and once I saw an identical white one. Land Rover drivers wave at each other and a lot of Bonaireans like the vehicles. Once a lady inspected our Land Rover while it was parked in front of the house. I asked the lady if I could be of any help. Then she explained to me that her son would soon have his birthday party and she asked if some six boys would be allowed to stand next to the vehicle and sit behind the steering wheel. She would like to take some photographs. I thought, Why not? The boys really enjoyed the happening. Then the lady asked me to drive the boys to the party again. She lived just a couple of hundred meters from our house. And again I thought, Why not? The bunch of boys experienced the day of their lives: a trip in a real Land Rover!” Story & Photos by J@n Brouwer THE PERFECT BONAIRE LAND ROVER This is the 105th of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J@n Brouwer, featuring some of Bona ire’s interesting vehicles and persons that are “on wheels.” Up to at least 200 articles! This is the second of a series of Bonaire Reporter short articles by J@n Brouwer, about helmets and helmet awareness. Bonaire/Antriol – L ast week I rode my motorcycle along Kaya Korona in the direction of Playa. A red 49cc two-stroke Peugeot moped (in Dutch: scooter) was ahead of me doing some 30 miles an hour. The driver wore an integral helmet, the best type of helmet, with chin protection. After a couple of hundred yards the driver stopped his machine. I stopped my motorcycle too and we had a quick talk. I asked for permission to shoot a picture of the guy. His name appeared to be Rick Spoel and he protects his unique brains by a fashionable and efficient helmet. Good job! A lot of modern designed helmets are cool. Literally cool and cool by design. I found four shops selling helmets, and prices vary from $25 to $110. Some two weeks ago I found a bunch of ski helmets at Zeeko Auto, priced: $25. These helmets, colored flat black or white, are NOT motorcycle helmets, but they definitely protect your skull and brain and they are light and comfortable to wear. (When I am not on the road on my motorc ycle there are six helmets on the hat stand at home now. All black.) There are no less than 10 ventilation holes with aluminum mash wire. The helmets are equipped with a quick lock system. In the rear th ere is an easy-to-operate adjusting knob. I took out the two ear cushions because of the high temperat ure of our climate and for better airflow. This ski helmet feels sturdy and safe. It is not that heavy and has cool and tough looks. It is time for another trip. Helmet on the head and camera in the back pack! Story & Photo by J@n Brouwe r Rick Spoel extends his life, wearing a helmet! O n May 4 the Tourist Office honored Americans, Georgia Garnett and Judith Rosenthal, with gold Bonaire Ambassadors medals for 25 consecutive years visiting Bonaire. The awards were presented by TCB’s Helen Thode. Congratulations, ladies! M aduro & Curiel’s Bank (Bonaire) N.V., Bonaire’s Friendly Bank, is celebrating its 50th anniversary through September with various community-minded activities. This past week they donated a package of food stuffs for distribution by Bonaire’s International Bible Church to needy families. In the photo Robert Lassiter and Felicia Baran are accepting the donation in behalf of the church. Press release P oachers continue to illegally take kark (queen conch) in Bonaire, despite the prohibition to do so. STINAPA Director, Elsmarie Beukenboom, urged the public once again to leave these shellfish in peace. Beukenboom said STINAPA rangers are doing everything they can to protect the karks. Although STINAPA employees are at Lac Bay, where most queen conch are found, every day, the illegal activity simply continues. Researchers collect karks, mark and measure them and then return them to the water again. This enables the study of movements by these shellfish. “It’s sad to report that when the researchers go to look for these marked karks again, they only find the shells,” explained Beukenboom. That’s why STINAPA encourages people to leave the karks alone, so they can grow, breed and produce a next generation. STINAPA release Karko viscera and flesh Intact Karko or Conch


Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Page 9 D espite his busy schedule, up-andcoming MCB banker, Leonard Domacass made some time for me to interview him. For those who do not know Leonard, let me give you a brief summary. He was born in Curaao, his father a Bonairean and his mother from Curaao. When he was three his family moved to Bonaire where he completed his high school education. Following his SGB graduation he went to live in Curaao to fulfill his Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of the Netherlands Antilles (UNA) which he concluded in 1995. When the opportunity rose in the Financial Department of the Government of Bonaire for a Financial Administrative position, Leonard gratefully took advantage of it and happily moved back to Bonaire. When the ABN AMRO Bank in Curaao offered a Management Training course, Leonard applied and got in. After two years he left for the Netherlands to obtain his Master of Business Administration at the University of The Hague Haagse Hogeschool. This was a program in collaboration with the University of Louisville in the US. Upon graduation he was recruited by MCB at a career fair in Utrecht, the Netherlands. That is when his MCB career adventure started in 1999. He worked as a corporate account manager at MCB Curaao. After a couple of years Leonard missed his family and his island Bonaire, so he moved back to Bonaire in 2002 and continued his career at MCB Bonaire in the same position. One year later he became Senior Account Manager with more responsibilities and was the contact person for the larger corporate clients. Thanks to the extra mile that Leonard always went for his clients and the MCB Bank, it was not long before he was noticed and promoted in 2007 by being included in the management team of MCB Bonaire. Two years later, in 2009 he was promoted to Assistant Managing Director with many more responsibilities, a position he still holds today with a lot of enthusiasm and professionalism. After asking Leonard why he chose the bank industry he answered: “Actually my intention was to become an accountant so I applied to several accounting offices but no one hired me, but ABN AMRO Bank recruited me for their trainee program. Even though the banking industry wasn’t my first choice, after spending the majority of my entire professional career working for the MCB Bank, I really cannot picture myself working as an accountant or for any other bank which is not the MCB.” Leonard Domacass is currently happily married with kids and as a real Domacass has a passion for tennis. Leonard said: “A Domacass is born with a tennis racket in his or her hand. Almost all our family members play tennis and ever since we were kids, we were taken to the tennis court and started practicing with either an uncle, aunt or other relative.” Not only is Leonard a role model in the business world but he is also interested in charity associations. Leonard explained: “Bonaire has given me so much and I would love to give back to the community. There are a lot of Dutch funds for many social projects and Bonaire needs all the help it can get. So if I can help make it happen, why not do it?” What is his goal and/or dream for the future? He enthusiastically explained. “I would like to serve our community more and more as a responsible corporate citizen, on all fronts (social, business, economic, etc.). In addition, my goal regarding MCB Bonaire is to continue to serve the interests of our great bank, based on the very solid base created by our Managing Director Evert Piar and our excellent personnel. Therefore, all of us at MCB Bonaire should collaborate in keeping up the good work and improving our service to our clients at the highest level of integrity and responsibility.” If you are living on Bonaire or perhaps a tourist you most likely have noticed the price increase on a lot of products and even services on Bonaire. Everyone has a different opinion as to where and why this happened. Leonard explains his view. “It is not just this year, 2012, but the prices have been increasing for the last couple of years. In my opinion this is due to a number of factors. 1) Global price increases as a result of the financial crisis and also because Bonaire imports everythingwhich is reflected in the prices we pay. 2) The majority of the imported goods come from Curaao resulting in double taxation: the OB tax in Curaao and our ABB tax in Bonaire. 3) Some businesses took advantage of the currency conversion to the US dollar by increasing prices during this period.” After a short pause, he concluded, “The fact remains that this has considerably affected our local purchasing power, thus also our economy. This has become one of the main concerns of all affected parties. I truly hope that resolutions will be taking place soon as the need is becoming more and more overwhelming each day.” Last, but not least, Leonard Domacass would like to address a message to the youth. “I would be a liar if I tell you that I have always been persistent in my life. But in life I have learned that you NEED to be persistent and stay focused on your goals if you want to make a difference in this world. Praise does not come automatically but it will when you as an employee are willing to go the extra mile for your clients.” He continued, “When opportunities present themselves, do not hesitate long, but take a chance, gamble, grab it with both hands because they may not cross your path again. But in order to make good use of the opportunities, you must be prepared. Education and preparation are the fundamentals of a great rollercoaster ride. For instance, when a great job offer presents itself, everyone could apply but NOT everyone has the qualifications to meet the demands of the employer. So, youngsters, please do not take education lightly, but seriously, and always remember that knowledge is power!” I, Rose Feng, must say that I am glad and grateful to see that Bonaire has a very valuable citizen and professional like Leonard Domacass who is, so it seems, a great role model for those who need one closer to home other than a famous pop star or movie star who seem so far away. Leonard is in my opinion a respected and cherished inhabitant of Bonaire thanks to not only his great personality and outstanding work that he delivers at the MCB Bonaire but also in his involvement in the development of Bonaire. I see him as another local expert or financial guru as there are some others. It makes me smile and I truly hope that more locals take him as an excellent role model. Especially the youth nowadays should, in my opinion, go out there and make themselves noticeable and contribute to the evolution of Bonaire. And as for the concern regarding the price increases I truly hope that resolutions will come soon as crime has an ugly way of showing itself these past months. Photo & story by Rose Feng L L LEONARD EONARD EONARD D D DOMACASS OMACASS OMACASS IS ON Leonard Domacass Kitty Handschuh (Secretary, FPKB) and Bruce Bowker (President) claim Klein Bonaire for the turtles. Prophetic photo taken in 1999. T his month, FPKB treasurer Laura DeSalvo and secretary Kitty Hadschuh presented the Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) with a check for $16,000 to help them with their conservation efforts on the island of Klein Bonaire. In protecting Klein’s sea turtles, STCB staff regularly monitor the beaches, dunes, seagrass flats and reefs, clean the beaches, educate recreational users and more. STCB continues the legacy of keeping Klein’s nature preserved. Press Release


Page 10 Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Bonaire is a natural Benetton ad. Some of the spectator children at the Mother's Day Fashion Show Hosting the Mother’s Day Show were DJ Methorst and Annette van Rooijen A few of the many exuberant children who participated in the Fashion Show, H ippie Chique came to Sorobon Beach to celebrate Mothers’ Day in a big way! On a specially constructed runway the most enthusiastic young models we’ve ever seen danced and posed to show the trendy and fun clothes and accessories from the popular shop. They all loved doing it. In fact, after the “official” show the models kept coming, with hats, feather boa s, sunglasses and continued dancing to the hip music of DJ Shrek. Along the way they grabbed people from the audience to dance with them. The audience, made up of a lot of the mothers having a wonderful time, enjoyed a lunch of savory tapas in the sunshine and cool breezes. As a surprise everyone got glasses of champagne poured by the models themselves. To end the afternoon master guitarist Benji entertained the crowd. The hotel’s beach bar, open from noon to 6, is a perfect venue to enjoy the true waterfront charms of the island. Laura DeSalvo The show was here, in the Sorobon Beach restaurant


Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Page 11 L ast Friday night Bonaire honored the man who set the island on its course to become the planet’s diving Mecca, Captain Don Stewart. The specially scheduled “Taste of Bonaire” event as well as the Friday Night Happy Hour Crafts Market was jammed with locals and tourists. The spectacular Silver Bullet Steel Band and the fabulous New Generation Dancers entertained the guests. Commissioner of Tourism, Burney el Hage, acknowledged that the evening was inadequate to truly express the immense gratitude due to Captain. But the speech by the Head of the Tourism Corporation Bonaire, Lara Chirino, summarized the feeling: “Not only is it an honor and pleasure to pay tribute to the man whose name has become a Bonairean Living Legend here and beyond our shores but also to someone who has been a mentor to myself and countless others who love this island! Fifty years is but a blink of an eye when it comes to Father Time, but just think if Captain Don had not arrived in Kralendijk a half century ago. His vision to preserve the beauty of the reefs, its inhabitants and what they mean to the culture and the people is everlasting. Just try to imagine what it would be like for us if people had not listened to him and not taken the action to implemen t permanent moorings, bans on spear fishing, coral and shell collecting Tonight does not mark the end of an era, but the beginning of the second half of the century in which many will pick up the baton that Don has given us to continue to achieve and preserve his vision. If the coral and all the creatures of the sea could speak they would join us in our celebration tonight honoring the man we not only like to think of paternally as the “father” of the dive industry but a Bonairean through and through! Bless both you and Janet, who has been by your side for many of these past years, supporting you and Bonaire Dearest Captain... you told me that you left your home 50 yrs ago in search of your Shangri-La... The gods directed you to our island. Thank you for making us realize that Bonaire is our Shangri-La.. And thank you teaching us all to take care of her so one day it will be our children’s children’s ShangriLa.” G.D. TCB’s Lara Chirino The Captain with Miss Bonaire Tourism and Commissioner elHage. Don’s lower leg was amputated following a salvage accident and is buried on Bonaire. Don quips that he has one foot in the grave. The New Generation Dancers Free punch and rum punch provided by Rum Runners was served by Georgina Catania and the TCB’s Helen Thod and son. Dee Scarr, Percy Sweetnam, Commissioner el Hage, Lara Chirino, Janet Thibault, Thea, Miss Tourism, Liliane de Guis, and Papy Cici lia, in front, next to Don, Maria Goeloe.


Page 12 Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 ACCOMMODATIONS Villa Makoshi is a fully furnished home with central air; 2 BR; 2 Baths; 2 private & secured decks with a beautiful view; pool. www.Villamakoshi.com AIRLINES Divi Divi AirBonaire’s “on time airline” with 16 flights a day between Bonaire and Curaao. Your first choice fo r inter-island travel. Now flying to Aruba. APPLIANCES /TV/ ELECTRONICS/ COMPUTERS City Shop the mega store, has the island’s widest selection of large and small home appliances, furniture, TV, computers, cell phones and more. In-store financing too. BANK ORCO Bank offers one-on-one attention, pers onal banking. Each client is a person, not a number. Office in the historic building at Kaya Grandi 48. BARS Zazu Bar at the Harbour Village Marina is all you expect in a great bar. Super bartender, quality drinks and fri endly service. Plus Bonaire’s only Rum Bar– over 50! BEAUTY PARLOR Hair Affair Expert hair cutting, styling, facials and facial waxing. CARS AND BIKES De Freewieler sells bikes and all kinds of bike accessories. They do professional repairs on almost anything on two wheels. Have your keys made here too. DENTURE REPAIR All Denture Lab —for the best denture care by an experienced professional. Repairs while you wait. Next to Botika Korona on Kaya J. G. Hernandez. WANT A LISTING IN THIS DIRECTORY? It’s still free for regular advertisers in The Reporter. Call Laura at 786-6518 for more details. ON and IN the WATER Budget Marine has what anyone with a boat needs, and if its not in stock they can order it quickly. You can also fi nd special hardware for general use and components for solar and wind electric systems. Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with di ve shop and well stocked retail store. Best book trade on Bonaire. G ood prices on regulator repair, dive computer H.Q. Dive Friends has four dive schools and three retail shops so you always get the best deals and can be assured of top notch training. Remodeled shop open now. UNDERWATER VIDEO ScubaVision Pro video of your Bonaire vaca tion, above and/or below the water with a custom DVD by Bonaire’s top videographer, Hendrik Wuyts. GARDEN SUPPLIES AND SERVICES Green Label has everything you need to start or maintain your garden. They can design, install and maintain it and offer plants, irrigation supplies and garden chemicals. Off Kaya Industria, behind TIS. HOME CARE Bonaire Second Home Care can handle all the needs of second home owners on Bonaire including inspection, management and cleaning. PARTY PLACE Tropical Rancho is where you go if you want to dance to Latin rhythms in a friendly, safe atmosphere. It’s open late and in town PHOTOGRAPHER Bonaire’s creative video and still photographer for the wedding or other important events in your life. ScubaVision, Kaya Grandi 6, See website scubavision.info or ScubaVision on YouTube REAL ESTATE /RENTAL AGENTS Sunbelt Realty offers full real estate, rental, and insurance services. If you want a home or to invest in Bonaire, stop in and visit. RESTAURANTS Bistro de Paris— is back at a new location at the H.V. Marina. Superb menu, genuine French dishes in a waterfront ambiance. Pasa Bon Pizza —Bonaire’s quality pizza-Best ingredients, best baking and best taste. Great salads and lasagna too. Eat in or take away. RETAIL Benetton, world famous designer clothes available now in Bonaire at prices less than those in US. For men, women and children. SECURITY Special Security Services will provide that extra measure of protection when you need it. Always reliable. STORAGE The Storehouse ( Mangazina in Papiamentu ) offers Secure Storage for Vehicles, Household Items, Diving and Sporting Gear, Business Files or Inventory. Across from the northern hotel row. SHIPPING Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of Bonaire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient. FedEx agent. What would we do without their superb services? SPAS/GYM Bon Bida Spa & Gym World Class fitness and health facilityClasses, top notch machines, trainers. Day, monthly or annual rates. Face and Body Day Spa by Nubia. Professional massage therapy, facials, reflexology, lymph drainage, Shiatsu, deep tissu e massage and other body and facial treatments SUPERMARKETS Carniceria Latino— Best BBQ on Bonaire every Saturday. Plus an exceptionally well-stocked supermarket featuring local meats and fish TOP Supermarket— Conveniently located downtown at the old Cultimara location. Featuring a complete selection including fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. Warehouse Supermarket on Kaya Industria— Big air conditioned market with a friendly staff, the largest selection and lowest prices on the island. They stock what you need. MADE ON BONAIRE Semper Kontentu goat cheese. Ask for it at restaurants and look in the markets. Lovingly handmade. Mugs now available. VARIETY STORE The Tung Fung Store is a great asset to everyone on Bonaire because it stock so many thing we want: clothes, hardware, food, auto and bike supplies. If you don’t see it… ask for it. They probably have it. WATER TAXI Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di Amor. Hotel or downtown pickup The only water taxi to Klein Bonaire with an easy on/off builtin ramp A Directory listing is free for regular advertisers in The Reporter Call Rose at 795 0110 / 795 0318 or Laura at 786-6518 for information Sunbelt Realty RADIO STATION Mega FM— Radio entertainment all day 101.1, “Feel The Music” Sponsors of the Bonaire Jazz Festival


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Page 14 Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Hair Affair We do our best to make your hair and makeup wishes come true!! You can also come in for facials and facial waxing We use and sell L’Oreal products Is your plan to marry on the island? We can make you beautiful and stay beautiful for your happiest day. Personal attention by Janneke Appointment by tel: 717-5990 or just walk in. Downtown, near the waterfront next to Little Havana Tues-Fri: 9-12, 2-6 Sat: 9-2 non stop AFFORDABLE NetTech N.V.info@NetTech.an www.NetTech.an Tel:717-6773 Fax:717-7854Domain Registrations E-mail Hosting Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Web Site Design Web Site Hosting Marketing Consulting Internet Consulting Photographic Services Graphic Design Check CARIB INN First. Great Prices –Great Stock Scuba Sales Repair Replacement New Gear Accessories Always Great Values Dive gear specials CARIB INN Since 1980 PADI 5 STAR GOLD PALM 717-8819 8 am to 5 pm daily (next to Divi Flamingo Hotel) O n Friday, May 18, around 03.00 am the Police Central Control Room reported a burglary and destruction at the ATM cash dispenser of the Maduro & Curiel’s bank in Rincon. When the patrol arrived they found the Rincon MCB Bank ATM had been broken open and was spewing smoke. An investigation revealed that its safe had been blown open and the contents stolen. Around 11 am the same morning, the police dispatcher received a call that there was a man tied up in the bushes near La Sonrisa Ballpark. When the patrol arrived they found a 26-year-old Spanish-speaking man, initials J.M., still bound. The ambulance transported him to the hospital for medical checks. After the examination the man explained what had happened to him. His statement indicated possible involvement in the ATM Rincon case. He was arrested and held for further questioning. It is believed he had rented one of the cars used in the incident. Three hours later two Venezuelan men, Fernandez Lopez and Geomar Suarez Ramirez, were arrested at the airport trying to leave the island They were recognized by law enforcement officers from pictures taken by the bank’s security camera. About $90,000 was recovered. It had been strapped to both their bodies. Investigation continues and more arrests are possible. The event recalled the February 8, 1996, bank robbery when five heavily armed men entered the main branch of MCB in Playa. They told everyone to lie down and emptied the cashiers’ tills. A woman customer entered the bank and a gunman shot her in the leg. A security guard was hit over the head and knocked to the floor. The robbers got NAf 39.000 and $4,000 and escaped by speedboat to Venezuela. G.D. O n Saturday, April 22, some 75 elderly Bonaireans were treated to an afternoon of music, classic local food and drinks by the Jukduikers at City Caf. Brought by special busses from both Rincon and the Kas de Kuido, Bonaire’s seniors were quickly put in the mood by the music provided by the group, Watapana. Dancing was optional but no problem for these folks. The luncheon feast offered the seniors by Melfina (well known from Rincon’s Rose Inn) consisted of kabritu, galina, tut, funchi and other local favorites. For dessert, ice cream was provided by Gio’s. The Jukduikers’ aim, with financial support from both participants and sponsors, is to organize such afternoons for Bonaire’s elderly on an annual basis, providing a great afternoon for them while the Jutduikers enjoy serving the food and drinks. Thanks to the contributions of City Caf, Wanapena, Melfina and Gio’s, the Jutduikers report an upbeat and successful afternoon Rob van Lier D r T.A.M. (Dick) van der Vaart is teaching new volunteers theory and practice to operate the recompression chamber. Dr Van der Vaart and the Recompression Chamber Foundation have been working together for 26 years in order to provide treatment for those who have been diagnosed with decompression sickness. This can happen after surfacing from a dive too quickly. This new facility was built in 2008 and is one of the most modern recompression facilities and hyperbaric treatment centers in the Caribbean. The chamber is adjacent to San Francisco Hospital. Ruud Vermeulen Note: The Chamber is also used for patients who need wound management. (Editor) A s we approach election time, it behooves all of us to take note that Bonaire has many different types and age groups of voters. Individually, their votes are not always important, but in blocks with special interests or strong convictions to improve the living conditions on Bonaire can make a big difference. The truth is that I am growing tired of trying to navigate my way into some shop or bank or public building. I have started to use a walker instead of a cane but it is pretty frustrating to find barriers in my path, no hand rails to assist me, no ramps to use instead of stairs. I am also growing more and more agitated at all the promises that have been made by po liticians, regardless of the party. Every meeting has resulted in promises followed by inaction! I am acting as a private citizen with MS who has only been mildly affected but I have many friends who are challenged—all the way from a mild disability to those who have only the use of one hand and are being confined to a motorized wheel chair. A survey will be conducted over the next few weeks and the results will be published. Anyone wishing to help with the project, please contact me at Chat n Browse. 717 2281 or info@chatnbrowse.com Michael Gaynor Chamber volunteers in class with Dr. Dick van der Vaart van Lier photo Recompression Chamber Foundation photo


Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Page 15 Choose your size from 5’x5’ to 10’x20’. Prices from $29 to $147 per month. Call 700-1753 www.bonaireselfstorage.com O u t o f S p a c e ? Villa Makoshi – Upper Level Dive in Paradise – Stay in Luxury Fully furnished home with central airconditioning; 2 bedrooms; 2 baths; 2 private & secured decks with a beautiful view; swimming pool. www. Villamakoshi.com contact: info@villamakoshi.com Inge van Eps Caretaker Inspection, cleaning and management of your house on Bonaire Call: 00 599 700 11 39 www. Bonaire Second Home Care .nl Yorick and Linde van Blerk admire the kibrahacha blooms Kibrahacha foreground to the “Wekua Volcano” Johan van Blerk photos The hardwood kibrahacha tree blooms only after a heavy rain following a long dry period. Its display of blooms is one of the most spectacular on the planet. These magnificent photos taken from Seru Grandi are from last week’s event.


Page 16 Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 C all her name, she looks up, and with a silent meow says, "That's me!" Winona is a beautiful, voluptuous black and white "Tuxedo Cat," known for their intelligence and dedication to their owners. (Shakespeare, Beethoven and Sir Isaac Newton were Tuxedo Cat lovers.) Tuxedo Cats are not only always formally attired. ...they are also always special, and Winona is no exception. She has unusually soft fur that is a delight to stroke...but it also holds a secret. Brush her hair back in the opposite direction and you'll discover a beautiful SILVER undercoat! Winona is an extremely loving and affectionate cat, both with humans and other cats. She will sit in your lap for as long as you want her to and also willingly makes herself available to all the other cats at the Shelter to snuggle into her for a nap. Whether you are looking for a single, loving companion or an addition to your cat family....Winona is a truly special and beautiful cat that will fit the bill. She is about one and a half years old, sterilized, healthy and ready to grace your home with her beauty and her love. Jane Madden-Disko Y ou are invited to pay a visit to the Bonaire Animal Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm and 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-4989. For the latest news of the Shelter and to see all the Pets of the Week you may have missed in the last few weeks go to the website: www.Bonaireanimalshelter.com SHELTER NEWS A Special Event on Saturday, June 2 will be a fundraising Photo Shoot put on by The Bonaire Animal Shelter and Bon Photo. The professionals from BonPhoto Bonaire will be on site at Pakus di Pruga to photograph your pet. Is your pet destined for stardom? So if you want your dog or cat to be the next Naomi Campbell or Doutzen Kroes, please let BonPhoto take a picture of your pet and make your animal famous! And it helps support the Shelter to take in unwanted cats and dogs! The photoshoot will be at the Pakus di Pruga at Kaminda Lib. Simon Bolivar, in front of Brandaris Caf on Saturday June 2, from 10am to 5 pm More info on www.bonphotobonaire.com www.facebook.com/bonphoto and op www.animalshelterbonaire.com and www.facebook.com/ AnimalShelterBonaire Laura DeSalvo Winona Speaks At the Shelter Book Fair and Flea Mark et on May 5—Young readers check out the books for kids. All proceeds go towards keeping the Shelter open. T hat jellyfish blooms are changing the ocean’s food webs? These paininflicting creatures sometimes gather in groups of up to 100,000 individuals, called blooms, and when they do, they eat! Now, when jellyfish eat they consume incredible amounts of zooplankton (tiny marine creatures that assimilate carbon from their surroundings). After eating the zooplankton, jellyfish convert all of that energy (carbon) into their bodies (jellylike masses), blocking the carbon from traveling up through the various levels of marine ecosystem food webs. This occurs because few creatures prey on jellyfish due to their venomous nature. The problem is intensified because it is predicted that jellyfish population numbers will continue to rise. This is largely due to overfishing, which decreases the already limited number of predators of the species. Jellyfish blooms not only have the potential to be incredibly painful, but to alter the oceans forever. Clare Chisholm, Edited by Caren Eckrich Clare Chisholm is a junior at the University of Oregon, studying Environmental Science and Biology. She is studying at the CIEE Research Station in Bonaire for the spring of 2012. She has a passion for the marine sciences and hopes to continue her aquatic studies in the future. Jellyfish bloom


Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Page 17 *to find it... just look up May 2012 ARIES [March 21–April 19] On the one hand, you're facing a sticky dilemma that you might never be able to change no matter how hard you try. On the other hand, you are engaged with an interesting challenge that might very well be possible to resolve. Do you know which is which? Now w ould be an excellent time to make sure you do. It would be foolish to keep working on untying a hopelessly twisted knot when there is another puzzle that will respond to your love and intelligence. TAURUS [April 20–May 20] From an astrological perspective, it's the New Year season; you're beginning a fresh cycle. How would you like to celebrate? You could also invite the universe to show you what you don't even realize you need to know. What might also be interesting would be to compose a list of the good habits you will cultivate, and the breakthroughs you will work toward, and the shiny yet gritty dreams you will court. GEMINI [May 21–June 20] There is a wealth of other anecdotal evidence, as well as some scientific research, suggesting that dogs respond to unspoken commands. I happen to believe that the human animal is also capable of picking up thoughts that aren't said aloud. You're in a phase when it will be especially important to take that into account. CANCER [June 21–July 22] Your right brain and left brain have rarely been on such close speaking terms as they are right now. Even your past and your future are mostly in agreement about how you should proceed in the present. To what do we owe the pleasure of this rather dramatic movement toward integration? Here's one theory: You're being rewarded for the hard work you have done to take good care of yourself. LEO [July 23–August 22] I hope that in the coming weeks you will seek to feed yourself exclusively with the images, sounds, stories, and food that truly satisfy your primal hunger rather than the stuff that other people like or think you should like. VIRGO [August 23–September 22] There are only a very few people whose ancestors were not immigrants. They live in Africa, where homo sapiens got its start. As for the rest of us, our forebears wandered away from their original home and spread out over the rest of the planet. We all came from somewhere else! I invite you Virgos to get in touch with your inner immigrant this week. It's an excellent time to acknowledge and cel ebrate the fact that you are nowhere near where you started from, whether you gauge that psychologically, spiritually, or literally. LIBRA [September 23–October 22] Sarah Edelman says, "When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm batty, I'm better." Consider trying out both of these attitudes, Libra, as you navigate your way through the mysterious and sometimes unruly fun that's headed your way. SCORPIO [October 23–November 21] An archaeologist found the lost arms of the famous Venus de Milo statue. Since her discovery in 1820, the goddess of love and beauty has been incomplete. Will the Louvre in Paris, where she is displayed, allow her to be joined by her original appendages? Let's not concern ourselves now with that question. Instead, please turn your attention to the strong possibility that you will soon experience a comparable development: the rediscovery of and reunification with a missing part of you. SAGITTARIUS [November 22–December 21] Seventeenth-century physicians sometimes advised their patients to consume tobacco as a way to alleviate a number of different maladies, from toothaches to arthritis. This bit of history might be useful to keep in mind, Sagittarius. You're in a phase when you're likely to have success in hunting down remedies for complaints of both a physical and psychological nature. But you should be cautious about relying on conventional wisdom, just in case some of it resembles the idea that cigarettes are good for you. And always double check to make sure that the cures aren't worse than what they are supposed to fix. CAPRICORN [December 22–January 19] Outer space isn't really that far away. As astronomer Fred Hoyle used to say, you'd get there in an hour if you could drive a car straight up. I think there's a comparable situation in your own life, Capricorn. You've got an inflated notion of how distant a certain goal is, and that's inhibiting you from getting totally serious about achieving it. I'm not saying that the destination would be a breeze to get to. My point is that it's closer than it seems. AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] When most Westerners hear the word "milk," they surmise it has something to do with cows. But the fact is that humans drink milk collected from sheep, goats, camels, yaks, mares, llamas, and reindeer. Initia te a diversification, Aquarius. You shouldn't necessarily give up the primal sources of nourishment you have been depending on. Consider the possibility that it might be fun and healthy for you to seek sustenance from some unexpected sources. PISCES [February 19–March 20] Pisces, I suggest you closely examine any strategy you're considering to see if it has a built-in contradiction. Certain ideas being presented to you—perhaps even arising from your own subconscious mind—may be inherently impractical to use in the real world. Rob Brezsny Planets Around Other Stars T hroughout recorded history and perhaps before, we have wondered about the possible existence of other worlds, like or unlike our own. The earliest understanding of the Solar System showed us that there were indeed other worlds in orbit about our Sun and steadily growing understanding of their natures shows that all are dramatically different from Earth and mostly very different from one another. As we came to understand that the stars in the sky are other suns, and that the galaxies consist of billions of stars it appeared a near certainty that other planets must orbit other stars. And yet, it could not be proven, until the early 1990s. Then, radio and optical astronomers detected small changes in stellar emission which revealed the presence of first a few, and now many planetary systems around other stars. We call these planets “exoplanets” to distinguish them from our own solar system neighbors. However, the first detections of exoplanets revealed bodies which are utterly unlike any solar system planet – and subsequent discoveries have shown that many exoplanet systems are very dissimilar from ours. In some exosystems, planets as massive as Jupiter orbit so close to their star that they are heated to high temperature and their upper atmospheres are swept into space. In other systems, planets follow elongated orbits (in contrast to the nearly circular orbits of the solar system ). However, our studies of exoplanets are just beginning, and it is not possible to be sure what will prove to be “typical” planets among our neighboring stars. Some slim evidence is accumulating that exoplanet systems which resemble the solar system will be found. A recent discovery has shown that the star 55 Cancri 41 light years away, has a system of five planets, with distributions somewhat similar to the solar systems inner planets (though with much higher masses). As our measurements become sensitive to lower masses, some astronomers believe that we will find many such systems with a substantial complement of planets (perhaps even dynamically full – that is, containing as many planets as can coexist in orbital harmony). As of May 3, 2012, a total of 763 confirmed exoplanets are listed in the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia, including a few that were confirmations of controversial claims from the late 1980s.[1] That count includes 611 planets in planetary systems and 101 planets within multiple planetary systems. A system has been discovered in which a planet orbits around two stars, which orbit around each other. Estimates of the frequency of systems strongly suggest that more than 50% of Sun-like stars harbor at least one planet. In a 2012 study, each star of the 100 billion or so in our Milky Way galaxy is estimated to host "on average ... at least 1.6 planets."[3][4] Accordingly, at least 160 billion star-bound planets may exist in the Milky Way Galaxy alone. Because they are so far away no exoplanets are visible to Sky Park watchers… even with our telescopes. Research is furthering our understanding of how things like planets form and how stars form, but there is a long way to go before we can say there is life on any of these planets, and further to go before we get to civilization. G.D./NASA source


Page 18 Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Sudoku Solution Sudoku Puzzle E rrol Caprino is settling down on Bonaire. But he is a driven man, a man who among many other things worked with children who lived on the very edge of society and it had a big impact on his life and work. He says, “The way those children live, the situation they are in… it tells you everything about how civilized your country is…. or isn’t. I’ve seen children suffer, and as a director and producer there is only one thing I feel I can do – educate the people, make them stronger by giving them knowledge.” His Holland Caribbean Media Information, a Bonaire effort, wants to start BES TV as the public broadcasting station of the BES Islands. Caprino goes on, “There are three things we intend to do with BES TV: First, make one hour of professional TV about politics, the economy, social and cultural issues of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba, plus a one-hour talk show on Bonaire. Secondly, BESTV will also function as a ‘learning company’ for talented young adults, to make sure that they will be trained professionally. I am writing a soap series called ‘ Kas di Boneiru’ about the road that led to 10-10-10 up to now and all actors will be from Bonaire – training on the job! Our goal is to go from ‘ Kas di Boneiru’ to a ‘National Theatre Bonaire.’ So, our first task is educational, the second is to make people aware of the importance of the art of theatre. Our third activity is popularizing the folkloristic group from Rincon, ‘ Sababa. ’ The group has exited for 20 years, but the biggest problem in our part of the world is always continuity. I got in touch with someone who owns a Sport Theater Academy in the Black Forest in Germany (something like Cirque du Soleil). He wants to do something for the island and is willing to train three people from Sababa at the Academy. Those three people can train other people and later on the instructors from the Black Forest will come to Bonaire to take it a step further. I call it a ‘fight unemployment project.’ For 35 years I have been a traveling TV, theatre and radio show maker, directing and producing in different countries, growing the grass roots and then passing it on. That’s the way it always has been. I’ve spent my last 15 years on Curaao where I presented and produced a 60minute Dutch language talk show, a TV series of 150 broadcasts on TeleCuraao and Flamingo TV called ‘Insight Out’ ( BinnensteBuiten ). It was a weekly prime time event that kept almost everybody at home on Monday evenings for more than two and a half years. Themes were the actual, historical, social and political situations in the Netherlands Antilles, presented in an entertaining and positive way. What I did on Curaao I will do on Bonaire, and I will show how Bonaire’s heart is beating after 10-10-10 because I hear the barrios growling. People need time to adapt to changes, and too many times our people do not understand the essence of what The Hague preaches and is intending. The Hague also misunderstands too many times what our islands mean to say. Well, we’re now in the preparation phase. From August until November we will be starting up and 2013 will be the pilot year for BES TV. We will aim for ‘Television By The People, For The People,’ which will empower, emancipate and enrich. I love my profession and I love people and I think your work should always contribute to growth. I was born in Curaao, raised in Surinam. I am not Dutch in the sense that I am torn between the merchant and the minister. No, I was shaped in Amsterdam and people from Amsterdam have a big mouth, but they also have guts. I came to Bonaire to stay and to give the people a voice.” Story & photo by Greta Kooistra Errol Caprino T he first press conference for the 8th annual Bonaire Heineken Jazz festival was held last Saturday and enthusiasm is running hi gh. The dates are different this year—in July when more people can come—and there’s a mo re varied musical program to appeal to a broader audience. Please keep in mind that this awesome festiv al is a non-profit event. Getting good performers is expensive, and only a small amount comes from ticket sales. It is the sponsors who carry the bulk of the costs. It would be nice if the airlines – Insel Air, DAE, etc. – could offer special prices for the festival period. Jazz and Poetry opening night on Friday at historic Fort Oranje is dedicated to popular musicians from the ABC islands. Saturday’s artists include Rina Mushonga and her Band from Zimbabwe, Dutch saxophone player, Candy Dulfer, and Bachata King, Yoska “El Prabu” Sarante from the Dominican Republic. Sunday afternoon there’s a Jam Fest at Divi Flamingo. Fo r up to date information go to the website: www.BonaireJazz.com Tickets are available now. More in The Reporter in forthcoming editions. L.D. At the Plaza Bonaire Heineken Jazz press c onference Saturday: Some of the hard working people who make it happen: Robbie Swinkels, Ron Gijzen, Rene Hakkenberg, Max van Dortman, Marian Scholtes, Bous Sc hoults, Huub Groot, Frank Dubbelman


Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Page 19 REGULAR EVENTS € Rooi Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours $21 (includes tax). Discounts for residents and local people. Tel. 717 -8489, 540-9800. € We Dare to Care Park children’s playground open every day in the cooler afternoon-evening hours. €Kas di Arte—Ongoing exhibit and sale of work of different artists Open Wednesday-Sunday, 9 am-noon, 1-6 pm. On the sea promenade Saturdays € We Dare To Care Playground Bazaar 9am 1pm. Everything for sale: household items, plants, baby things, clothes & shoes, everything old & new. Food riot, BBQ. All funds go toward maintaining the Park. No entrance fee. Rent a table: monthly pass$25; weekly-$10 € Marshe di Kunukeru (Farmers’ Market ) 1st Saturday of the month at Kriabon, Kaminda Jatu Baco #55, next to Aquamarin School, 8 am to 12 noon. € Marshe di Kunukeru (Farmers’ Market ) Last Saturday of the month at Pakus di Pruga (Animal Shelter’s Garage Sale-see below), 8 am-noon € Bonaire Animal Shelter’s “Garage Sale” Pakus di Pruga—every Saturday 8am-5pm. At Kaminda Liberador Simon Bolivar, across from Brandaris Caf. Tel. 717-4989 € Wine Tasting at Antillean Wine Company’s warehouse on Kaya Industria, Second Saturday of the month 7-9 pm. ( Always call to make sure it’s on: Tel. 560-7539 ) Snacks and tasting of six wines for $10 per person. € Soldachi Tours—See the real Bonaire and be transported back in time. Learn about the history, culture and nature by Bonaireans from Rincon. Call Maria Koeks for more information—796-7870. €PetanqueJeu de Boules, Saturdays 2:30 pm Tera Cora ranch. info: 786-0150 Sundays Kunuku Arawak Music, drinks, local food, dancing, 10 am—6 pm. Live music starts at 4 pm. Tel.7867210 Mondays € Soldachi Tours of Rincon, the heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call Maria, 717-6435-best island tour value € Meet the Captain Night at Captain Don’s Habitat Bar– Get up close and personal with Bonaire’s dive pioneer. The Captain will autograph your copy of his newest book Reef Windows Tuesdays Chez Nous Restaurant— Multicourse dinner prepared by students, under direction of teachers, $20. At the high school. Reservations mandatory 700-4628 Wednesdays Chez Nous Restaurant – Multi-course lunch, about $12, at the high school. Reservations mandatory 700-4628. Ben & Harrie Acoustic Guitar Duo at Spice Beach Club, 6-9 pm, Eden Beach Fridays Happy Hour Crafts Market at Wilhelmina Park, sponsored by Bonaire Arts and Crafts As sociation. 5-9 pm. FREE SLIDE/VIDEO SHOWS Monday -Touch the Sea -Dee Scarr, honored as a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame conducts Bonaire's Touch the Sea programs of personalized dive guiding. She presents a unique perspective on critters and corals, plus an updated Bonaire lionfish report, every Monday when she's onisland at 8:30 pm in the Aquarius Conference Center at Captain Don's Habitat, Call 717-8290. Wednesday Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) presents an informative slide show: Sea Turtles of Bonaire, at 8pm, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the conference room at Captain Don's Habitat (717-8290) BONAIRE’S TRADITIONS Mangasina di Rei, Rincon Enjoy the view from “The King’s Storehouse.” Learn about Bonaire’s culture. Visit homes from the 17th century. Daily. Call 717-4060 / 790-2018 Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, behind the Catholic Church in town. Open weekdays from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel. 717-8868 Washington-Slagbaai National Park Museum and Visitors’ Center. Open daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December 25th and January 1st. Call 788 9015 or 796 5681 CLUBS and MEETINGS AA meetings every Wednesday at 7pm. Phone: 790-7001 and 796-4 931 Al-Anon meetings every Thursday evening at 7.30pm. Call 700-7751 or 701-8728 Darts Club plays every other Sunday at City Caf. Registration at 4, games at 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539. JCI First Wednesday of the MonthJunior Chamber International Bonaire (JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bonaire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO building, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Everyone welcome. Contact: Renata Domacass 516-4252. Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza, Kaya International, every other Tuesday, 7 pm Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette Rodriguez. Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 8 pm at Kaya Sabana #1. All Lions welcome. For more information call 510-0710. Rotary lunch meetings Wednesdays 12:15-2 pm Divi Flamingo Beach Resort in Peter Hughes meeting room upstairs above the dive shop. All Rotarians welcome. Tel. 785-0046. Toastmasters Club meets every two weeks. For more information call Crusita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Martinez Beck, at 786-2953. CHURCH SERVICES Protestant Congregation of Bonaire: ( VPGB ), Kralendijk, Plasa Wilhelmina; Sunday service; 10 a.m. in Dutch Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian; Sunday service; 8:30 am in Papiamentu/Dutch Children’s club, every Saturday from 4:30 till 6 pm in Kralendijk,(annex of the church.) Contact; Marytjin@gmail.com or Daisycoffie@hotmail.com International Bible Church, Kaya Papago 104, Hato, behind Bon Fysio/ Bon Bida Spa & Gym on Kaya Gob. N. Debrot. Sunday 9:00 am Worship service in English; 10:45 am Sunday school for all ages. Tuesday 7:30 pm Adult bible study class. 717-8377 for more info or ride bonaireibc@yahoo.com Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendijk – Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in Papiamentu, 717-8304. Our Lady of Coromoto in Antriol Saturday at 6 pm in English. Mass in Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm. 717-4211. Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios): Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English, Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10 am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30 pm 717-2194 Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bonaire Youth Center in English, Dutch and Papiamentu. Preaching the full gospel. Contact: 786-2557. Prayer and Intercession Church, in English. A full Gospel Church l ocated temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit # 20, Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services are held Sunday mornings10am to 11:30am. Bible studies in English on Monday nights from 7 to 8 pm. Contact: 717-3322 Who’s Who on The Bonaire Reporter Take The Reporter Home—1-year subscription: By mail to US $75; By mail to Europe $170. By Internet, Free (asking a $35 donation.) For information about subscriptions, stories or advertising in The Bonaire Reporter PO Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean; phone (599) 786-6518, 786-6125, E-mail: info@bonairereporter.com The Bonaire Reporter, George DeSalvo, Publisher. Laura DeSalvo, Editor in Chief. Address: P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. Available on-line at: www.bonairereporter.com Published every two weeks Reporters: Rob Brezsny, J@n Brouwer, Clare Chisholm, Benito Dirksz, Jane Madden-Disko, Caren Eckrich, Rose Feng, Michael Gaynor, Greta Kooistra, Johan van Bleik, Rob van Lier, Ruud Vermeulen Unattributed photos are by the editor or publisher. Distribution: Marlene & Co. (Playa), Yuchi Molina (Rincon), Divi-Divi Airline, Ava Rose Wuyts (mailing) Housekeeping: JRA. Printed by: DeStad Drukkerij, Curaao 2012 The Bonaire Reporter CLOSE-IN EVENTS Saturday, May 26 – Farmers’ Market at Pakus di Pruga (Animal Shelter’s Flea Market) 8 am –Noon, Kaminda Liberador Simon Bolivar, across from Brandaris Caf. Saturday, May 26 –Program of Fados, Tangos & Classical music of ABC islands & St. Martin See pages 3 and 18 -Miss Bonaire Pageant Rescheduled from April 21. Su nday, May 27 – Pentecost— Religious Holiday Tuesday, May 29 —School concert at Jong Bonaire. Organized by the Classical Music Board Bonaire Saturday, June 2 —Marshe di Kunukeru (Farmers’ Market ) at Kriabon, Kaminda Jatu Back #55, next to Aquamarin School, 8 am to 12 noon. Farm fresh produce, plants, preserves, jams, local food & drink Saturday, June 2 —Photo Shoot—You and your pet. Fundraiser for Bonaire Animal Shelter, 10 am to 5 pm at Pakus di Pruga (Shelter Flea Market), by BonPhoto. More on page 16 Sunday, June 24 –St. John’s Day Friday, June 29 —St. Peter’s Day Sunday, July 1 – Dia di Arte– Art Day July 27, 28, 29– Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival. See page 18 Have Questions About Bonaire Real Estate? Ask The Reporter –email: reporter@bonairereporter.com New Real Estate Column Begins in the Next Edition


Page 20 Bonaire ReporterMay 11-25, 2012 Fribble Soda 2L. $0.99 Apples Large Mix 10 pc. $7.95 Kellogg Corn Flakes 12.3 oz. $2.99 O p e n N o n S t o p M o n S a t 7 3 0 a m 8 p m S u n 8 a m 8 p m Downtown Kralendijk at the old Cultimara topsupermarketbonaire@gmail.com Phone 717– 9988 S a m e l o c a t i o n S a m e g r e a t s e r v i c e M u c h m o r e v a r i e t y B e t t e r p r i c e s L o ts o f F r e e p a rk i n g Super Specials on Fruits and Super Specials on Fruits and Super Specials on Fruits and Vegetables on the Last and First Vegetables on the Last and First Vegetables on the Last and First Sundays of Every Month Sundays of Every Month Sundays of Every Month TOP Supermarket keep s down food prices