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Page 2 Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 T wenty years after the release of his original landmark “Pourier Report” Miguel Pourier will provide a sequel to guide the island through 2025. In 1992, Pourier, under the direction of the then Executive Council of Bonaire, prepared and published a unique and visionary development plan for the island. Since its release, a goal was set to base social and economic development on this report to provide growth and retain culture and protect the environment. Work on the sequel began in 2008. Now four years later, the "Bonaire Master Plan 2025" will soon be presented to the Island Council and the public. It will include a "preface" written by Pourier. Bonaire, in comparison with the other islands of the former Netherlands Antilles, values culture, solidarity, security and tranquility as its valuable assets. Some History In 1992 economic interests threatened these values. There was a proposal to build a refinery on the island. There were public demonstrations against the project and the Dutch government expressed concern. The Pourier committee studied the economic situation and published its recommendations. Pourier went on to become the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles. Twenty years later the updated Bonaire 2025 Master Plan will reflect not only what has happened since 1992, but also look forward to the year 2025. The new plan is said to better guarantees the implementation and protection of the environment because the new constitutional structure of Bonaire can offset the inadequate implementation and lack of finance of the past. Under the judicial system people get fined for a variety of offenses. Now the police will begin a crackdown on those who don’t pay. After getting the judgment of the Court the Public Prosecutor will send the convicted person a letter saying how much he/she needs to pay and where. In the letter a deadline is set. The person has an average of two months to pay the fine. If he/ she is in default, they are placed on a list of non-paying persons. In order to ensure that these fines are indeed paid, the Public Prosecutor has “fine collecting actions” which will begin this week. The Public Prosecutor, accompanied by the police, will call on people who have outstanding fines. They will get an immediate opportunity to pay their fines. For the “convenience” of the citizen, an employee of the Belastingdienst (tax service) will accompany them, and the fine can be paid immediately. If the fine is not paid, the guilty person shall be taken to the jail where he/she will be imprisoned based on the sentence imposed on him/her by the judge. Soon immigration officials at the airport will check if an arriving and departing passenger has outstanding fines. If a person still has an outstanding fine, he may pay it there right away. If no payment is made, the person shall be taken to jail. Therefore the Public Ministry advises as follows: If you still have an outstanding fine, please pay this as soon as possible at the Collector ( Ontvanger ) of the tax service If you are in doubt whether you have an outstanding fine, and/or you do not have the “fine” letter, you may contact the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Tel 717-8626. The Prosecutor’s Office is located at the Bulevar J.A. Abraham #2. There are consulting hours on a daily basis, from 11.00 -12.00 hrs. and from 15.00-16.00 hrs. On March 26 the police launched the campaign "Do Not Park On The Sidewalk," in Playa (the center of town). Flyers were placed under the windshield wipers of vehicles parked on the sidewalk to alert the driver of the car that is parked illegally. According to the press release there is adequate parking in the center of Kralendijk near the “station” and behind the post office. More information call 717 2981 or via the general police number 717-8000 Peter Silberie was reappointed Acting Governor of Bonaire by Crown Representative Wilbert Stolte on March 23. At the request of the Executive Council of Bonaire, Stolte extended Silberie’s tenure. THE HAGUE-The Dutch Government has created a group of “working poor” among the civil servants in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba Crown Representative ( Rijksvertegenwoordiger ) Wilbert Stolte issued this warning in his second progress report, which was sent to the Dutch Parliament’s Second Chamber. In his report, Stolte said the low salaries of civil servants on the islands are a lot less than their colleagues in the European part of The Netherlands. Under the old Antillean law, a civil servant was allowed to have a side job. That is not allowed under the new Dutch regulations. “By simultaneously applying contradictory Antillean (lowsalary) and Dutch standards (no ancillary positions), the Dutch Government has unintentionally created a group of working poor among its own employees,” stated Stolte. THE HAGUE— Labor Party Member of the Dutch Parliament Ed Groot is seeking clarity on the high inflation in Bonaire Saba and St. Eustatius. He wants Minister of Social Affairs and (Continued on page 3) Web: www.bonairefreewieler.com Email: freewieler@bonairefreewieler.com Parts and accessories for all brands of bikes and scooters Beautiful Bike Clothes All type of house and car keys duplicated Kaya Grandi #61 “The blue building” Call 717-8545 Open: 8:30-12:30, 2:00-5:30 Owner Operated Featuring Giant, Bikkel and Golden Lion bikes € Transport of Money and Valuables € Private Investigations € Vehicle patrols € Burglar Alarms € Fire Alarm Systems In Business Over 28 years Kaya Nikiboko Nord 37A, PO Box 225 Tel: (599) 7178125 Fax (599) 7176125 E-mail sss@bonairelive.com This Week”s Stories Stop and Search 2 Great Food, Prices, CauseStitching Project Restaurant 6 SPOTLIGHT On Vocational Education 7 Family Day For Sailors 8 New Uniforms-Bon Bida /Nrd Braves 8 New Lions Club Board 8 Italy-bound Event at Chez Nous 8 Jr. Rangers 8 Letters -Insel Air. Coney Island, Te Amo Beach 9 Business That Helps-Link Develop. 9 Happy Birthday Kirsten 9 Sailors Who never Left-Patrick Hulsker 10 Safe Home Needed 11 Giel-Muller Musical Success 12 Coming Concert-Art Marshall plus 12 Venezuela Travel Warning 14 34th Annual Kite Contest 15 First Rincon International Food Festival 15 Farmers’ Market 16 Animal Shelter News & Farewell AwardsMelody Hamilton– Renata Sanders 18 Departments Flotsam & Jetsam 2 On the Island Since(Jan & Margreth Kloos) 4 Picture Yourself (Washington, DC ) 6 Sudoku, Sudoku Answer 12 Classifieds Ads 13 Tide Table, Sunrise & Sunset Times, Moon Phase 13 Shopping & Dining Guides 16 What’s Happening? 17 Masthead 17 Cruise Ship Schedule 17 Do You Know—Fish Can Hear? 18 Pet of the Week (Canella) 18 Sky Park (Ancient Drama in the Sky) 19 The Stars Have It (Astrology) 19 How to contact us Find Bonaire Reporter on Facebook. Press “like” Letters to the Editor: Reporter@bonairenews.com Story tip or idea: info@bonairenews.com The Publisher: George@bonairenews.com Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Phone 786-6125 Phone 786-6518 Available on-line at: www.bonairereporter.com Printed Every Fortnight, On-line Every day, 24/7 Next edition printing on April 23 Ad deadline: Friday, April 20. During the midnight hours of March 30/31 from 22.30 to 02.30 hours, the police, in collaboration with the Royal Military Police and the Public Ministry, made preventive searches of individuals in Kralendijk– a widespread stop and search action This action was aimed at discovering illegal (fire) arms partly in connection with the shooting and stabbings that have recently occurred. During this action approximately 400 people were searched and information leaflets issued. Quite a number of dangerous items were confiscated including pocket knives, machetes, baseball bats, scissors and narcotics. The flyer above, which was in three languages, explained the limits and purpose of the action and was handed out that same evening.


Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 Page 3 Labor Henk Kamp to take measures to prevent poverty as a result of the high consumer prices. Groot urged the Minister to act quickly after the investigation into the causes of the high inflation has been concluded to restore and maintain the purchasing power on the islands. Crown Representative William Stolte made a similar recommendation in his February report to Parliament. Groot asked Kamp when these measures would be taken, and if not, why. The Commissioners of Education, school boards and the teachers’ union of Bonaire recently signed an agreement for the harmonization and improvement of the salary structure for education personnel in Bonaire Similar agreements were also made with education counterparts in Saba and St. Eustatius. According to Bonaire’s Education Commissioner Sylvana Serfilia the move “is mainly a stimulus for the further development of the “standard working year… and as government we working together to improve the quality of the education here in Bonaire.” The standard working year is to be set at 1,659 hours. Dutch Education Minister Marja van Bijsterveldt had made this a precondition following her recent visit to the BES Islands. Within that standard working year, 10% of the working hours are dedicated to training and education of teachers. To attract teachers, schools in the Caribbean Netherlands will receive almost $6 million extra through 2015. This money, made available from State Secretary Halbe Zijlstra’s budget, is intended to make it more attractive for teachers to work in the islands. The extra money is intended for schools in primary and secondary education as well as for tertiary vocational education (MBO). Getting to Bonaire from the US... United operates two weekly round-trip non-stop flights to Bonaire from Houston, TX and Newark, NJ (seasonally). The Houston flight departs on Friday nights, arriving into Bonaire on Saturday mornings. The return flight departs on Saturday mornings arriving into Houston later the same day. The Newark flight departs Saturday nights, arriving into Bonaire on Sunday mornings. The return flight departs on Sunday morning arriving into Newark later the same day. Delta operates one weekly nonstop flight to/from Bonaire via Atlanta on Saturdays. Insel Air operates one weekly non -stop flight to/from Bonaire via Miami on Saturdays and one weekly direct flight to/from Bonaire via Charlotte on Saturdays. Other flights from North America generally arrive in Aruba or Curaao. Flights between Bonaire, Aruba and Curaao are available on Dutch Antilles Express (DAE), EZ Air, Insel Air and Tiara Air. Divi Divi Air flies between Bonaire and Curaao. Source: TCB EZ News Last weekend for a time Antillean airspace was too crowded with planes, according to Curaao air traffic control. As a result officials decided to halt airplanes from taking off. For a time no aircraft were allowed to leave Aruba, Curaao or Bonaire airports. As a result several international ights were delayed. The mosquito season will return in force when the rains begin, and with it a risk of dengue fever. The dengue virus depends on mosquitoes getting around and Bonaire is considering a serious mosquito eradication program. But the virus may have evolved a way to speed its spread—by manipulating the behavior of its mosquito hosts. It makes them more bloodthirsty and quicker to find a blood meal than their uninfected counterparts. A study in the journal, Public Library of Science Pathogens compared genes that were active in the salivary glands of infected and uninfected mosquitoes. They found that dengue infection flipped the switch on 147 genes. The virus turned on genes involved in odor detection and blood-feeding, which could make a mosquito better at sniffing out hosts and quicker to plunge its proboscis into the skin for a snack. Effective April 13, 2012, the US Department of State will adjust visa processing fees worldwide The fees for most nonimmigrant visa applications and Border Crossing Cards will increase, while all immigrant visa processing fees will decrease. Please note that the US Consulate General in Curaao does not process all Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV) applications. Those individuals applying for E, H, K, and L category visas must apply at the US Embassy in Caracas. The US Consulate General in Curaao does not process any Immigrant Visas or Border Crossing Cards. For detailed information, please visit our website at: http:// Curaao.usconsulate.gov/ GoGreen Shop organic and health-food shop has closed but you can still shop for your organic products a the Minimarket on Blv. Gob. N. Debrot 79. The Minimarket is open every day from 9am to 9pm. For dried fruits, brown rice, gluten-free flour call Tina at 700-5488. In this edition we welcome three new advertisers: Carniceria Latino (see page 7), The Bistro de Paris, Restaurant has opened in an exciting new location at the Harbour Village Marina (see page 6), and the adjacent Zazu Bar which holds promise of being a top happy hour and social meeting place. Please remember to tell shopkeepers “ The Reporter Sent Me.” Their ads in The Reporter keep it “still free.” Thanks. G./L.D. Flotsam and Jetsam (Cont. from page 2) Stew Chicken 2kg. $7.50 Green Cabbage per kg. $1.99 Del Prado Juice– 1 Liter 5 x 1 Liter $6.75 O p e n N o n S t o p M o n S a t 7 3 0 a m 8 p m S u n 8 a m 8 p m Downtown Kralendijk at the old Cultimara topsupermarketbonaire@gmail.com Phone 717– 9988 S a m e l o c a t i o n S a m e g r e a t s e r v i c e M u c h m o r e v a r i e t y B e t t e r p r i c e s L o ts o f F r e e p a rk i n g Bon Bida Spa & Gym announced the start of FitKids. This program is especially designed by physical therapists for children aged 7 to 11. Scientific research has proven that during these ages Bonairean children tend to start developing overweight tendencies. There were two kick-off clinics in early April where parents got some additional information while the children enjoyed one hour of group training. Sign up at Bon Bida Spa & Gym, Bulevar Gob. N. Debrot 74 or phone 717 7224 or info@bonbida.com


Page 4 Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 “I n December 1993 a friend of ours came by our house in Holland and he looked so relaxed and tanned that we asked him ‘Where have you been?’ ‘Bonaire!’ he answered and one month later we were here to check things out. We bought the land from Miguel Martis and started building. By the end of that year I retired,” says Jan “I had my own business and I could choose to do so and I wasn't planning on doing anything here. I grew up in the Netherlands East Indies where my father was an official. Then from 1976 to 1979 Margreth and I lived in Bangladesh for three years with our two daughters, Pat and Lorraine, who were 11 and 7 at the time. I was posted there by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist and advise: training the local people to restart and reopen a harbor.” “And I did everything else,” Margreth says. “We lived far away from the capital, Dhaka, and so, amongst other things, I was the family's hairdresser, nurse and also our children’s teacher.” “She had everything under control,” Jan laughs. “At 8:30 am she would be the mom who let the children out the front door, then the kids would walk around the house and Margreth would open the back door for them… In a split second she had become the teacher! To the children it made a lot of sense!” “Well, I did a good job!” Margreth laughs, “because when we went back to Holland they had no problem at their new schools. Back in Holland I worked for 121/2 years at the post office in Hoogvliet, near Rotterdam, but we always thought we would go back to Asia. Jan had become honorary consul of Bangladesh and there was really only one thing that bothered me when I thought of going back: the fact that I didn't speak the language – Bengali. So I started looking for a course or a place where I could take some classes and I ended up studying Indo-Iranian languages and cultures at the University of Leiden, where I graduated four years later.” She laughs “I was over 50 and when people asked me, ‘Why did you do it?’ I would tell them ‘because I was curious!’ In the end, however, we didn't go back to Asia because in the early 90s Muslim extremism started to rise and I would be allowed to live in Bangladesh, but being a woman, I wasn't allowed to work there. But Jan was and so I told him if he’d go there I’d come every three months to keep him company as I wasn't planning on sitting around idle for a whole year.” “That didn't seem like a good idea to me,” Jan says, “and so we turned our back on the East. And then our friend came for a visit…” Margreth continues. “We had told each other it's time to make up our minds. We had to make a decision about where to go because both of us insisted on going back to the tropics. Our deadline was 1995. That was the year Jan was going to retire and we wouldn't be living in Holland anymore.” “When I was young,” Jan says “I went to Nautical College and I was at sea from 1959 to 1970, going all through the ranks. Then I came on the board of the pilot service which became an independent company in Rotterdam. I was the chairman, then I worked for so me years as a consultant all over the world. So when we came to live here we thought we were on a permanent vacation, but the feeling lasted only for two months. We found out that doing nothing wasn't our thing!” “One night I went to a meeting of the turtle club,” Margreth says “then Jan and I became volunteers. Before we knew it Jan was on the board of the turtle club and several other foundations like Aliansa Naturalesa Bonaire, Tene Boneiru Limpi and Support Bonaire. By the end of the 90s he was involved in the preparations for considering the sewage project.” “And,” Jan says, “what I liked a lot was that I was asked by the harbormaster to help 25 adult men obtain their nautical diploma. Now they're sailing all over the world!” “I stayed with the turtle club as a volun-(Continued on page 5) ROCARGO SERVICES, N.V. International Freight (Car) BV The ONLY company offering direct weekly consolidation services from Europe/Holland to Bonaire www.ifc-consolidators.nl Jupiterweg 1A (Ecopark) 4761 RW Moerdijk, Holland Tel 31-(0) 168-40-94 94 Fax 31-(0) 168-40 94 70 Offering DAILY Express Services from and to Bonaire For shipment tracking www.fedex.com The World On Time Kaya Industria 12, KralendijkBonaire—N.A. 717-8922 FAX 717-5791 Email:info@rocargo.com For All Your Shipping Needs Full service door to door by air and by sea. Customs clearance, transportation, warehousing. International and local relocation. Packing material in stock. Qualified and professional personnel. Timely, accurate and reliable ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Amcar Freight, Inc. The ONLY company offering direct weekly consolidation services from Miami, USA to Bonaire www.amcarfreight.com Amcar Freight 12600 NW 25 Street Suite 107 Miami, Fl 33182 Tel. (305) 599-8866 Fax (305) 599-2808 Jan and Margreth at home in Bonaire “..we finally found time to do what we like best and so we traveled extensively between 2007 and 2009. In two years we went around the world three times …”


Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 Page 5 teer,” Margreth continues “and ‘played’ Jan's secretary. That was a tough job! We dove a lot and became members of a dive club and a couple of days a week we went to work out at Joe's gym at the Lourdes Shopping Mall.” Jan adds, “We dove at Eric and Danielle Groenhart’s Green Submarine and we were the best of friends until they broke up and Danielle went to Holland with the kids. Then Eric also left the island and asked us to help him sell the dive shop. During a visit to Holland – it's been 10 years now – we and my brother-in-law and his son decided to take over the dive shop. We named it Yellow Submarine. We started out with one manager and his wife. The four of us built up the whole business working almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It became a success and we took over two more dive shops. At this very moment we have four dive shops and three shops in Kaya Grandi. Now the whole company (except for Dushi Shoes) is called ‘Dive Friends Bonaire’ and we employ 27 people, but…. it's no longer up to us because five years ago we sold our share to my brother-in-law, his son and a nephew. As they all live in Holland they've asked me if I wanted to stay on as the director, but the management is in the hands of the present general manager and our input is minimal. Well, after we handed over the shares we finally found time to do what we like best and so we traveled extensively between 2007 and 2009. In two years we went around the world three times for one hundred days. We went to the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia, to Tibet, Nepal, India, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. We went to Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia and New Zeeland, to Thailand, the Philippines, Guam and Japan, to South Africa and Lesotho and to almost all the countries in South America, the islands in the Caribbean and to 47 states in the US.” They both laugh “We aren't done yet! But that will be next year, if everything goes according to plan.” “In the meantime,” Margreth says “we work out at Bon Fysio twice a week and when the sea gets warmer we will go swimming again. Now and then I ‘work’ as a tour guide for Sue Felix. I’m also involved in the ‘Heart for Bonaire’ foundation which is trying to make a defibrillator available in every facility and private company, just as it is in Holland. Our goal is that wherever you are, you can find an AED within six minutes. There's already one at the airport, there are some at the bigger resorts and at various dive shops. It's still early, but our chairman is quite driven! Yes, we are always busy and I think it will stay that way. I never read a book unless I am on vacation!” “Throughout the years,” Jan says “I've been a team member with the harbor master and during that time we've been busy making the harbor fit for cruise ships. Not long ago I was appointed chairman of the committee which had to advise the BC ( BestuurscollegeThe Executive Council ) where the new container pier should be built. And together with the future users of the pier, plus STINAPA and TCB it was unanimously decided that Te Amo Beach would be the best location. This advice has been passed on to the BC and what the BC wants to do with it is their business. The committee's work has been done. It's going to be a long road, because where will the money come from and also there could be some objections from the Dutch aviation inspection because of this particular spot. There's very little I can say about it. It is the cheapest place, but that wasn't what tipped the scales.” He smiles. “Like any other place in the world this island has changed. When we came here there were 10,000 people; now we are 17,000. Bonaire is our home and our social life takes place entirely on Bonaire. You know, I met Margreth when she was 14 and I was 19, so I can't imagine life without her; we're always together. The children and grandchildren are in Holland. They are older and they have their own lives and now there are very good means of communications. We don't worry about the future, we never did.” Story & photos by Greta KooistraOn the Island Since (continued from page 4) Jan and Margreth pointing out where they lived in Bangladesh


Page 6 Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 A fter consulting with the National Institute of Health in Washington, D.C. on diversifying the neuroscience workforce, Pauline Kayes, part-time resident of Bonaire, and her DiversityWorks Inc. partner, Y vonne Singley, dropped by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial to pay their respects and to share The Bonaire Reporter Dedicated in 1997 by President Bill Clinton, the 7.5 acre FDR Memorial celebrates the life, achievements, times and courage of President Roosevelt who was elected four times, serving from 1932-1945, when he died in office. Stricken with polio and paralyzed from the waist down, Roosevelt spent much of his presidency in a wheel chair. Beloved by Americans for his leadership during WWII and the Great Depression, Roosevelt accomplished much, including the New Deal, Social Security, the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Works Project Administration, and the United Nations. These two statues are iconic: Roosevelt with his ever-present cape accompanied by his loyal Scottish Terrier, Fala, who was forever at his side. One of Roosevelt's most famous quotes is, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” WE STILL NEED PHOTOS! WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next trip or when you return to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in hand. THE BEST PHOTOS OF THE YEAR WILL WIN THE PRIZES. Mail photos to Bonaire Reporter Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. E-mail to: info@bonairereporter.com Zazu Bar at the Harbour Village Marina Open:: Mon-Fri 3-10 pm, Sat: 5-10 pm Bar menu available Tel: 717-7070 email: info@bistrodeparis.com Now On The Waterfront at The Harbour Village Marina — Air-conditioning and al fresco dining Owned and operated by a French Master Chef Eight years of fine dini ng now at a new location Reservations: Tel: 717-7070 email: info@bistrodeparis.com New location: Harbour Village Marina Opening hours: Mon Fri, Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Mon Sat, Dinner 6-10 pm From Bonaire Nautico Marina BONAIRE NAUTICO MARINA At It Rains Fishes Restaurant Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399 www.bonairenauticomarina /VHF 68 info@bonairenauticomarina.com THE ONLY WALKON / WALKOFF Catamaran Kantika di Amor Up to 27 people and supported by a brand new larger sister Catamaran Kantika Too Up to 50 people TRIPS Every Day (max 1.90 meter draft), Dinghy tie up at north-inside dock at US$10 weekly up from Monday till Monday. Water and 115/220 v. Daily trips via resorts 10 am, 12 2 pm Except Sundays at 10 am only Also available for group trips I n January this year the training restaurant of Stichting Project's Rebound Center opened its doors at Kaya Korona, between Kooyman and the RBC (formerly RBTT) Bank. For years the Stichting Project had their training restaurant, ‘De Bonaireaan,’ on Abraham Boulevard, but when they opened their new Rebound Center at Kaya Korona, the restaurant moved with them. The purpose of the training restaurant is to give the youngsters of Stichting Project –kids with behavioral problems – a new experience and outlook on life and a possible future goal. Two young ladies are running the restaurant: Valerie Winklaar and Angelique De Lanoy. Valerie is a former student of the Stichting Project who worked for three years at ‘De Bonaireaan.’ Then she went back to the regular school system, became a trainee and now she has a steady job with the new restaurant. Valerie’s is a success story. “I like it,” she says, “‘but you have to have patience with the kids and I do have patience! Besides that I like to cook. This is a fun combination running a restaurant and interacting with the kids and the clients. And… I go for it when it’s busy. We are a good team!” Angelique is the group leader and supervisor. “Valerie and I are running the restaurant and the kids help us,” she explains. “Every day we have one youngster coming to work with us – each day another kid. The youngster sets the tables inside the building and outside on the terrace. They help us to cut and prepare the food and we teach them how to cook, how to serve the guests and most importantly, how to interact and converse with the guests. For me it’s not difficult to work with the kids. Each one of them has his or her own way of being. Some are difficult, others are easy and there are always kids who don’t want to listen. But I am confident – I know what I am capable of and… you always have to set your mind on success, never on failure otherwise it won’t work. It’s a fun job! To work in a kitchen is not always very easy. You can’t afford to be slow; you have to have high speed and pay attention to everything! Our opening hours are Tuesday through Friday from 9 am to 2 pm. Monday we’re open from 11 am to 2 pm because first we have to do our grocery shopping in the morning. This is our menu: € Tuna Sandwich $3.€ Chicken Salad Sandwich $3.50 € Hamburger $3.€ Chicken Caesar Salad $4.€ Fresh Fruit Salad $3.€ Apple turnover $2.€ Cup cake $1.50 Our lunch special is always local food. Our Special of the Day is chicken or stew or fish served with rice, potato and banana. For a small serving you pay $5. Larger portions are $8. We have an open kitchen so everybody can see what’s going on and diners may eat inside, sit outside or do take-out. The sign with the menu is outside and there’s lots of parking space. Already many people who work around here have found their way to our restaurant, but I really hope we will be getting more and more people because the more, the merrier! So,” she laughs, “come on people, we can handle it. The food is great, you’re supporting a good cause and you’re more than welcome!” For info and reservations call 700-3808. Story & photo by Greta Kooistra Angelique and Valerie on the terrace of the training restaurant of Rebound Center on Kaya Korona between Kooyman and the RBC Bank


Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 Page 7 K rea bo Futuro, or Create your Future, is the slogan of the new BES Islands’ eye-catching posters, promoting and boosting the interest of youngsters in vocational education. Its objective is to make everyone aware of the benefits that vocational education offers. This campaign was organized by the Department of Culture, Education & Science of the Dutch Caribbean Government RCN/OCW in close collaboration with the SGB and the FORMA Foundation. The vocational education route can even allow a student the flexibility to obtain a university degree while starting at a lower level like VMBO but obtaining more work experience since the focus is on the practical part of the study. According to John van ‘t Hoff, director of the SGB, the Vocational Education Program Plan could be illustrated as: VMBO ]MBO ] HBO ] University. Van ‘t Hoff continues. “The (vocational education) students will learn to work with their hands and gain a lot of work experience due to practice-oriented projects. They will face less frustration while studying at their own level with no more struggling for nice grades. Thanks to proper testing being done now, we can determine the right level for students. For example, a HAVO/VWO student who works so hard to obtain a poor grade of 5 (out of 10) can, if put in the vocational education program, easily score a 7, 8 or 9 grade for the same subject.” In general, people on Bonaire look down on vocational education, seeing it as a lower level of training as compared to a university degree. With the help of this campaign, Nolly Oleana, Project Leader of Vocational Education, and Elaine Marchena, Communication Advisor of RCN/OCW, hope to change that way of thinking on the island. Many parents hope their kids have the ability to qualify for HAVO/VWO after elementary school, but in real life, that is not always possible due to the abilities of each student. However, every student should be able to reach his or her goal by following the study plan appropriate to his/her abilities. This is where vocational education steps in. For example, a person can become a bank manager by studying finance starting at a VMBO level, then MBO, followed by an HBO level, and completing it with a university degree in finance. Currently, the BES islands are working hard to make changes in the educational system in order to keep up with the Netherlands. “Bonaire is the most advanced island so far, and since August 2011, there will be 23 study courses available at the MBO level!” stated Marchena cheerfully. “Another item that I would like to point out,” she says, “is that a lot of VMBO students start working right away after their MBO 2 qualification, which is enough to make it to the first step of the ladder in the labor market of that specific business sector.” She elaborated. “What they do not foresee at that moment is that they will be stuck in that position for the next 10 years or more. They only see the fast cash they can earn right away. They will not continue their studies in order to obtain a higher degree for a higher position and a better paid job.” At the moment, the Krea bo Futuro campaign offers six defined study courses with four more pending. For each of these courses there is a real stu-dent posing as a role model on the campaign poster. Mr. Nolly Oleana said, “It is amazing and such a great pleasure for me to see the pride reflected in the eyes of those youngsters.” He hopes that with the help of these posters the opinion of the Bonairean people will provide a better perspective on the vocational education system. “It is a major boost to the self-esteem of the students when they are getting ‘good’ results. This will increase their motivation, and the most beautiful thing of all is that the students get to study in the comfort of their own ‘home,’ in this case on our beautiful island of Bonaire,” he said. “The wonderful thing about an MBO course,” said Marchena, “is that it is NOT age-related. So, even if you are 50 years old, you can still fulfill your dream by completing the MBO course that you never had the chance to do before.” At the moment the SGB offers this opportunity while the FORMA Foundation only offers the first year of MBO courses. So, if you decide to finish the course, you will have to continue it at the SGB after completing the first year at the FORMA Foundation. Last, but not least, I would like to remind parents of the importance of letting your children choose their own study direction. Perhaps they will not become the professionals their parents hoped and wished for, but as for being a parent, aren’t the happiness and welfare of our children what counts the most? If not, well, I personally think, it should Unfortunately, there are always some kids who do not get to choose their own future, especially those whose parents own a business. Extremely sad I find it, but in those cases, some of those kids’ destinies were already written before the kids themselves had a chance to think about what they really want to achieve in life… Story & photo by Rose Feng ____________________________ Glossary: To better help understand the abbreviations used in this story After leaving elementary school students are enrolled in different types of secondary schools, according to their academic ability. HAVO – Hoger Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs – “Higher general continued education” A stream in the secondary educational system of the Netherlands. It has five grades and is generally attended from ages 12 to 17. A HAVO diploma provides access to the HBO-level (polytechnic) of tertiary education. VWO – Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs – “Preparatory science education” Pre-university secondary education, the highest variant in the secondary education system of the Netherlands. The VWO course is a six-year course and successful completion allows the candidate admission to a Dutch university. VMBO – Voorbereidend Middelbaar Beroepsonderwijs – “Preparatory middlelevel vocational education" A school track in the Netherlands. It lasts four years, from the ages of 12 to 16. It combines vocational training with theoretical education in languages, mathematics,mathematics, history, arts and sciences. 60% of students nationally are enrolled in VMBO. VMBO itself has four different levels, in each a different mix of practical vocational training and theoretical education combined. MBO – Middelbaar Beroeps Onderwijs – “Middle-level applied education” Education oriented towards vocational training. Many pupils with a VMBOdiploma attend MBO. The MBO lasts one to 4 years. After MBO (4 years), pupils can enroll in HBO or enter the job market. HBO – Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs – “Higher professional education” Education oriented towards higher learning and professional training. After HBO (typically 4–6 years), pupils can enroll in a (professional) master's program (1–2 years) or enter the job market. In some situations, students with an MBO or a VWO diploma receive exemptions for certain courses, so the student can do HBO in three years. The HBO is taught in vocational universities ( hogescholen ), of which there are over 60 in the Netherlands, each of which offers a broad variety of programs, with the exception of some that specialize in arts or agriculture. Note that the hogescholen are not allowed to call themselves “ university” in Dutch, but in English this is allowed. SGB – Scholen Gemeenschap Bonaire – Bonaire’s Community High School/ Secondary School RCN/OCW – Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland/Onderwijs, Cultuur & Wetenschap – Dutch Caribbean/Ministry of Education, Culture & Science” FORMA Foundation – Fundashon Formashon pa Mayan – Foundation for Education for Tomorrow provides continuing job-oriented education. Sources: local and Wikipedia V V VOCATIONAL OCATIONAL OCATIONAL E E EDUCATION DUCATION DUCATION IS ON Elaine Marchena, Communication Advisor of RCN/OCW, and Nolly Oleana, Project Leader of Vocational Education, in front of a photo montage of the posters promoting Vocational Education. For the best in local meats, fish and groceries Traditional Charcoal BBQ Every Saturday Ribs and Chicken Voted Best On Island Call 717-8412 to ~Order ahead Kaya Corantijn #10, Nikiboko South


Page 8 Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 Bonaire – L ast week a bunch of young certified Bonairean SCUBA divers dove in front of The Dive Inn, a location of Dive Friends of Bonaire. They received instructions from professional divers, and diving gear and air tanks were supplied by The Dive Inn. Martijn Whien instructed the group of six youngsters and Chris Verstappen took them down. The open water dive was part of their training to become a Junior Marine Park Ranger. Training is organized over six months by STINAPA ( Desiree Croes ) and Jong Bonaire ( William Evertsz ). During the training sessions the young Bonaireans learned about the flora and fauna of their island, the caves and the underwater world. They also received technical knowledge (nuts and bolts, changing oil) as it is a required part of the job. Supervised by Chris Verstappen the group of six enthusiastic Bonaireans explored the beautiful deep of the island. Jan Brouwer T wo weeks ago the softball teams Nrd. Braves and the Braves Queens celebrated the “baptism” of their new uniforms, donated by Bon Bida Spa & Gym. In the photo SPA/ GYM owner Robert Smaal pours the bubbly over a uniform. In the fun ceremony the teams expressed their thanks to Robert and his wife Marjolijn. Press release A t the recent monthly meeting the Bonaire Lions Club elected a new Board of Directors for the year 20122013. The new board is made up of: President: Carlos Eduardo Lopez Natera Past President: Randolf Luciano First Vice President : Oswin Cristina Second Vice President: Marlon R. Bermudez Secretary: Blancaflor Nicolaas-Bakhuis Treasurer: Nelson Franco Tamer : Jose Boekhoudt Tail Twister: Geritza Fermi Director 2 year : Rijnaldo Timp Director 2 year: Hubert Nicolaas Director 1 year: Edelmira Carolina Director 1 year: Ronald Schleper Membership Director : Riency Holder Marlon R. Bermudez T he Bonaire sailing club (BSSF) is very active. Recently they had a fun family day at near Klein Bonaire (photo) thanks to Agnes for her care and the Seacow for their hospitality. Then the Optimist sailors had their last lesson and got their sailing diplomas. On Easter Monday th ey tested their theory and practice On Saturday, April 7, the adult sailing classes began. Then there was a competition for the Club Championship and a selection contest for the Sunfish Worlds. The Parera Naval Base in Curaao gave the club four Sunfish sailboats. They are quite "sailed" but still quite good. The Marines transported them aboard their ship and Rocargo and Customs cooperated so there was no cost to the club. Press release O n Saturday March 31, third and fourth year Horeca student prepared a menu to top all menus. Seven (7) courses with wines started at 18.30 and went on till midnight....with a sell out crowd of 45 persons in the Chez Nous restaurant at the SGB High School. Orchestration for the meal was conducted by teachers Liz Rijn a, Vernon Martijn and Ezy Semeleer The event was supported by local businesse s and foodies and dedicated to the late Maarten Maartense for his years of support to these young chef/students. His widow, Solange, was present. A magnum of Elo Veni Negroamaro from Leone de Castris, Lecce Italia was raffled off and won by Nolly Oleana. The monies raised were promptly doubled by Steve Littman of Littman's jewelry. The funds go towards air tickets to take eight students to Italy in June for a three-week apprenticeship in the Emilia Romagna area of Italy’s dedicated cooking school. Story & photo by Sara Matera Carlos Eduardo Lopez Natera Jan Brouwer photo Bon Bida photo Lions Club photo BSSFl Club photo Certified Junior Rangers dive in front of The Dive Inn: Luigi Eybrecht (18), Gorgino Tokaay (14), Eliomar From (14), Marvin Molina (15), Xaviera Bernabela (14) and Nijandrew Pourier (15).


Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 Page 9 WITH GREAT SADNESS… Dear Editor, With great sadness I took notice of the fact that Te Amo Beach (above) has been selected as the location for the new container pier. The fact that STINAPA and TCB voted for this pristine and perfect little beach to be destroyed blew me away. Who are these people and what is it their eyes see? I just want to ask them something: Go and sit there, early in the morning, after Easter, when all the people who are enjoying this place so much, have gone. Sit there, by yourself, feel the sand and stick your feet into the ocean and listen to your heart and if you don’t feel anything, then what made you think you had a right to vote? Greta Kooistra INDIRECT FLIGHTS Dear Editor: When Insel Air put on the Saturday direct flights Bonaire to Miami and Curaao` to Charlotte it brought joy to the hearts and travel plans of many of us. Things ran smoothly for a while and then the problems began. A Saturday flight in October, instead of going directly from Curaao to Charlotte, N.C., had the passengers wait in Curaao for several hours then on to St. Maarten for several more hours. From there the passengers were put on flights that kinda/sorta got them where they were going but definitely not in a timely manner or as planned. Recently friends of mine who had booked the flight from Miami to Bonaire faced an unannounced schedule change which meant sitting in the Miami airport for MANY hours then going to Curaao, finally arriving in Bonaire after 10:30 pm. In this instance it is interesting to note that as I read the arrival board at Flamingo airport it said a) the flight from Curaao to Bonaire was scheduled to arrive on time, and b) showed that it had arrived at the proper time (8:20 pm) when, in fact, it didn’t arrive until after 10:30 pm. Go figure. The latest Insel disappointment happened a couple of weeks ago when a plane load of people scheduled for the Bonaire – Miami morning flight were told when they arrived at Flamingo airport that they were going instead to Curaao and must then wait for a 7 pm flight that evening for Miami. This, of course, meant that everyone missed their connections due to the late arrival. But wait – it gets better. Upon arriving in Miami around 10:30 pm there were no Insel personnel to assist these passengers to find a hotel, get a meal, reschedule a flight, or just to apologize for the situation. These unpleasant Insel travel stories are now happening all too often. I have two upcoming trips to America planned and was counting on that direct Miami flight. Unfortunately I don’t have the time, patience, or desire to roll the dice to see on what circuitous route Insel might send me. I hope that whomever is in charge at Insel and it doesn’t look like it’s anybody reads this they will take it as a very big hint about getting Insel’s act together. A Disgusted Former Insel Customer THANKS FOR CONEY ISLAND Dear Editor: First of all I want to take this opportunity from the bottom of my heart to say a big THANK YOU/ MASHA DANKI to all the sponsors and also the leaders who took the time to help me provide underprivileged children the chance to the recent Also thanks to "Sentro Hubentud y Famia" who provide me with the names of the children. And a big THANK YOU/MASHA DANKI to The Bonaire Reporter who was very nice write an article promoting our effort (March 2, 2012, page 3). Due to this article I got a lot of reactions and all who called to donate money were very happy to help realize this special project. Even though I am not a foundation or organization all of you have trusted my person. Every smile on the faces of the children was a huge gratification and I have no words to explain this feeling. Again a HUGE THANK YOU/MASHA DANKI to all the sponsors that made this dream for the children to visit the Coney Island. Our Dushi Island may look like we do not have families in need but we need to face the reality and accept that we do have families that are having a very hard time to make ends meet. Dalitza Victorina-Rijna L ink Development is a consultancy and resource business service for tourism, culture and downtown management policy making, strategic management and product development. The head of the firm is tourism professional Liliane de Geus. She focuses on tourism planning and development – with a focus on the human experience. Her company’s tagline is “It’s all about people.” Most recently she was Policy Adviser to the Commissioner of Economic Affairs for the Island Government of Bonaire. Prior to that she served for 8 years as Director for the Downtown Management Organiza tion in Willemstad, Curaao. Ms.de Geus worked at local and international firms and NGOs in the ABC islands including the TCB, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Bonaire Cruise Association, STINAPA and UNESCO. She holds a BFA in Dance from Florida State University, an MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy from New York University and an M.Sc in Tourism and Planning from the University of Surry. Link Development can help with project realization, interim management and translations. Currently several cultural and downtown development assignments are pending. Many small or medium size businesses can benefit by contacting Link Development for advice or consultation. The company offers translation services for documents, articles, reports and books from English to Dutch, Papiamentu, Spanish and also vice versa On a personal note de Geus said, “All my work experiences have made me stronger. As for the negative ones, they have been tough lessons from which I’ve learned the most. In my perception, success is something very personal. For me something will naturally go well when you prepare for it with great care and orchestrate the participation of all. Success for me is when the effect of what’s been done multiplies itself and at the same time positively influences a lot of people. It is not until then that I would feel great satisfaction and joy.” Rose Feng Liliane de Geus Internet photo For Kristen Marsman, Happy Birthday to a great mom and friend. You always have such fun birthdays; you should have one every year!


Page 10 Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 PATRICK HULSKER A Sailor Who Never Left After repeated visits to Bonaire, perhaps sailor Patrick Hulsker has finally found a way to remain on island. ——————————————— T alk to Patrick Hulsker and you soon discover a recurrent thread during his 43 years—sailing. It started at an early age while growing up in the small polder village of Zaandijk in North Holland. “When I was six years old, my father built me a Pirate. It’s like an Optimist (a small stubby boat used by the youth at the Bonaire Sailing Club) but with a sharp nose. I just hopped in and learned it the hard way in small canals, river style.” Hulsker was hooked on the wind. By age 11 he became one of the first windsurfers in the Netherlands as that sport was introduced in the early 1980s. Later, he progressed to a Dragon, a deep-keeled, 9-meter, international-class race boat with a crew of three. “I ended up on the bow (the front of the boat) handling the spinnaker (a large, colorful foresail used for downwind sailing). I was a young, light guy. It’s all about feeling, balance. When you are in the flow, it’s like a dance. It just goes. I love it.” Family pressure interrupted the dance and Hulsker was encouraged to enroll in the University of Amsterdam to study law. That lasted about six months. “I was not happy. A friend came to me with a newspaper ad. hey were looking for a charter boat captain in Aruba. I thought with my big mouth, I should give them a call. In three weeks, I was in Aruba sailing. We did day charters for tourists from the docks of the Harbor Village Casino downtown.” Soon, Hulsker met a Dutch guy who hired him to be his private captain and cruise the Caribbean aboard a 38-foot steel sloop named Iltshi Rob and Jeanette ter Borg (se Reporter article: Sailors Who Never Left #7) had built the boat. It wasn’t long before Patrick sailed Iltshi to Bonaire and met the couple aboard their charter boat, Sea Witch “That was a great time in 1992,” recalls Hulsker. “Bonaire was really quiet in those days. We were docked at Harbour Village Marina, living aboard. When I wasn’t working on Iltshi I hung out at the Sunset Beach Hotel or would go to Playa by dingy or bicycle. Everybody knew each other back then. I still see some of those people on island.” With the promised Caribbean cruise on hold, Hulsker’s attention moved elsewhere. He met a Dutch girl whom he followed back to Holland in the summer of 1993. Patrick got a job working as a PR liaison for a brewery. The girlfriend returned to Bonaire by that winter. The following year, Hulsker returned to the sea. He helped a couple sail from the Panama Canal down the west coast of South America. “We sailed in schools of humpbacked whales. We were in small villages. Everyone was so friendly. It was an amazing voyage.” By 1995, Hulsker was back in Holland and met his wife-to-be, Manon Cromheecke, who was studying medicine. Patrick also got serious about a career. “I worked in the financial sector during the ‘golden years’. I was an investment consultant for development groups. I made a hell of a lot of money and put much of it into the stock market. Later, I bought property in Zaandam. I lived there and rented out the rest. That move made me financially independent so I could sail again.” Hulsker joined the Dutch Commodores Cup team, sailing a Bashford Howison 41 Australian racer. From 2000 to 2005 he was crew on two of the top Dutch racing teams, sailing in World and European Championship competitions. One of his crews became Dutch champions in 2003. During this time Hulsker had the opportunity to teach one of the Dutch princes the finer points of competitive sailing. But the demanding racing schedule did not stop Manon and him from making repeated trips back to Bonaire. “I followed my heart. I liked the laziness of the island and I mean that in a positive way. When I walked down the street, people said ‘hi’. In those days, there was really a friendly atmosphere between the original Bonaireans and the people from the Netherlands.” It was on one of those visits in 2002 that the couple wed. “I love boats so we married on Rob and Jeanette ter Borg’s boat, Sea Witch, while moored off No Name Beach. We married barefoot. My wife was in a bikini. I was in old pants. That’s the first time I ended up in The Bonaire Reporter We made wedding rings to go around our necks from the silver and gold of old family jewelry because when you’re a captain and a surgeon, you can’t have rings on your fingers.” Bonaire had such a hold on the couple that they named their two sons Cai (now 9) after Lac Cai and Tiko (age 5), a common Bonairean name. After repeated trips to the island, Manon secured a job in early 2010 as a surgeon in the hospital. These days Patrick does occasional boat work and takes care of the two boys. Unlike other sailors in this series who came to the island and never left, Hulsker has had a difficult time remaining. Is this return permanent? “That’s a good question,” responds Patrick. “We might have to leave in the future due to the demands of Manon’s career. But we now have some property here. We bought some land. Bonaire is still in our hearts.” Patrick Holian Patrick Holian is a writer and film journalist living on Bonaire Professional massage therapy, facials, reflexology, lymph drainage, Shiatsu, deep tissue massage and other body and facial treatments Massage Program Deep Massage For Divers (60 Min.) $68.00 Neuromuscular Massage and Total Reflexology (90 min.) $135 Aroma Therapy (60 Min.) $75.00 Deep Tissue Massage (60 Min.) $75.00 Reflexology (50 Min.) $68.00 Lymph Drainage (60 Min.) $65.00 Bonairean Salt Body Scrub (30 Min.) $46.00 And much more…. Facial Program Mini Facial (30 Min.) $46.00 Hydrating Facial (60 Min.) $98.00 Skin Fitness (60 Min. Recommended For Men) $80.00 Peeling (30 min.) $100 After-Sun Relief Mask (60 Min.) $60.00 Spa Packages too... Sand Dollar Plaza Kaya Gob. Debrot 79 Tel; 785-3398 or 717-2622 Email: o_nubia@hotmail.com www.dayspabynubia.com Spa hours: Monday Saturday 10.00 am 6.00 pm, by appointment only Other times available Michael Gaynor (right), owner of the Chat ‘N’ Browse was Patrick Hulsker’s dive instructor in 1992. Iltshi under sail 1992 2012 Manon and Patrick on their wedding day. Patrick Hulsker photos


Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 Page 11 Upstairs Upstairs Above Above Botika Botika Bonaire on Bonaire on Kaya Kaya Grandi Grandi Regular hours 8 am-6 pm non-stop, Mon-Sat Call 717-4376 for reservations Rijsttafel Rijsttafel for early dinner on request by reservation only Minimum 2, Maximum 12 people “W hile working with the children all these years, we’ve noticed that for certain youngsters it would be so much better if they didn’t have to go back home again – and in many cases there wasn’t even such a thing as a ‘home.’ For years I’ve had this passionate wish that it would be possible for these youngsters to live in a home, a ‘safe house,’ which meets their needs until they are adults. We’re planning to have such a home with a very clear and strict structure which will use the Forsa method of training. The youngsters would attend the regular schools or the Rebound Center and once they come home they will attend a program and at night they will sleep in their new ‘home.’ There will be place for eight children who can stay there until they can stand on their own two feet. Eight group leaders will be working there. The home will be the complete responsibility of Stichting Project, but we are getting the subsidy from the Youth and Family Foundation. This coming August we’re open!” Mick Schmit, Director of Stichting Project explains: “Until now youngsters with behavior problems who are not doing well at the regular schools are placed at our Rebound Center by the EOZ (Expertise Center Education Care-See story in the last issue of The Reporter ). We try to improve their social behavior using the Forsa method. The problems we’re dealing with here are bonding defects which originate in the very early developmental stage of the child when many things went wrong. And as it is not possible to go back to the time of bonding or to the time of the school years – because there it went wrong as well. The only thing we can do is connect them to the social stage. For the first half year we have the youngsters work together as a group and the other six months we focus on the individual child. We work with a very clear structure and those rules are especially there for the safety of the child. In 2010-2011, Prof. Dr. I.A. van Berckelaer-Onnes and MSc. (Master of Science) M.F.H. Griffith-Lendering did a study about the effectiveness of our foundation, Stichting Project, a Rebound Center on Bonaire. Mrs. Berckelaer-Onnes is professor emeritus of remedial education studies at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. The outcome of the study was as follows.” Mick hands me the report and I read: “The conclusion is that Stichting Project is an effective program for these youngsters with behavioral problems on Bonaire, those who are likely to skip or quit school. By learning from experience the youngsters develop a positive self image and various social skills in one year’s time. At the same time there is a decrease in the behavioral problems and stress. After one year the greater part of the children’s group returns to the regular school system. And so, this way, dropping out of school and ending up in a negative spiral, has been prevented. Stichting Project has to work with a strictly limited budget but manages to use this very efficiently. An extremely important point is the constant nearness and accessibility of the director, the social worker and the group leaders, who all manage very professionally to keep the right balance between involvement and distance.” Mick Schmit continues: “This report has been very important to me because it proved that our method wasn’t just ‘my story.’ It confirms that what we are doing works! And based on this report we also wrote a manual about the Forsa method. The youngsters here learn from their group and from experience and these are the kids who otherwise could end up sitting under the tree, brooding on obscure plans. We use the group as well, but in a positive way. We use all their qualities and individual talents and it is important that they help each other but also that they learn to communicate and hold each other responsible when things don’t go the way they should. After or during every activity we get together for a short while and the participants have to comment on each other’s positive or negative behavior. The group leader makes sure that safety is guaranteed during those sessions. Another important issue – also mentioned in the report – and part of the Forsa method is that our social worker works just for the Rebound Center and doesn’t come from an outside facility. The fact that she is ‘always’ here means that we can react faster and more directly to a certain situation, and she is familiar with the child and the family’s circumstances. This year we have 11 youngsters, which is a small amount compared to the previous years when we would have about 20 kids. Before, we used to get them directly through the schools, but now, with the new Dutch system, there are some delays – which is a pity because we’ve got the space and it would be much better for the kids to come here instead of ending up in jail. I am also happy to mention that our method is going to be used as of this coming August at a similar facility on Curaao. We do have a subsidy and so the structural costs are being paid for and we also have funds from which we can buy materi-(Continued on page 13) Mick Schmit: “‘I am counting on this community”


Page 12 Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 Don’t Gamble With Your Advertising Reach more readers than any other Bonaire paper – Delivered to Hotels and Shops plus Thousands More Readers On the Internet Call Laura at 786-6518/ 786-6125 Email: Laura@bonairenews.com T o solve the puzzle, enter the numbers 1 through 9 to the partially filled in puzzle Sudoku Solution without repeating a number in any row, column or 3 x 3 region. TICA GIEL AND WIM STATIUS MULLER A ruban soprano Tica Giel and renowned Antillean pianist Wim Statius Muller combined their talents to score a resounding triumph in their classical vocal recital on Saturday evening, March 31, at Plaza Resort Bonaire. Organized by Bonaire’s Classical Music Board, the duo presented a varied program of operatic arias, cantatas and traditional Dutch and Antillean folk songs. From the outset, Ms. Giel’s bright and sensitive voice demonstrated unexpected power when required yet without a moment’s loss of control. Opening the concert w ith songs by Enrique Granados, the sophisticated rhythms and beautifully sung melodic lines were set off by an alternating role of the piano from accompaniment to solos. In “ Vergin tutto Amor ” by Francisco Durante, Ms. Giel touched her audience with highly sensitive passages, then demonstrated her versatility in a lustrous rendition of three selections from the opera “ La Sonnambula ” by Vincenzo Bellini. Bellini’s technically difficult passages, alternating from high to low register were sung by the soprano with ease and consummate control. These performances were met with thunderous applause, and multiple shouts of “Bravo,” creating an full operahouse atmosphere in Plaza Resort’s intimate Cacique Hall. Wim Statius Muller then surprised his audience with a pair of recently composed pieces: the waltz, “ Ora Caribense,” with a theme inspired by the Indian inhabitants of the island of Aruba, then by a beautifully melodic mazurka dedicated to his sister Bertha. Here the audi ence could enjoy the fabled gossamer touch of Maestro Statius Muller playing his own Antillean rhythms. The duo than followed with an exhibition of the beauty of traditional folk songs from the Netherlands, “ Klein Vogelijn,” “De Waldhoorn” and “De Kleinste,” demonstrating why many great composers have relied upon the themes from such songs. After a pause, Giel and Statius Muller received a friendly and enthusiastic response to their renditions of Antillean songs by by Hubert Booi and Rudolph and Jacobo Palm. Then again, thunderous applause rang out the for the last number of the program, “ Silencio di Naturalesa” by Lilia Luidens followed by “to the rafters” group renditions of “ Abo So ” and “ Boneiru” (the second national anthem) by Boeis Haile. At the close of the program, the Classical Music Board Bonaire announced its next two concerts: Saturday, April 21: Art Marshall (clarinet) and Friends consisting of Ilja Huang (piano), Monique Anderson (vocals) and Andrew Solomon (oboe), with a program entitled “From Vienna to Broadway.” Saturday, May 26: Henk van Twillert (saxophone), Tjako van Schief (piano), Inez Suares (Fado singer) and Lonte Conrades (percussion) with “Tour d’Azul,” a program of Fados, Tangos and classical Antillean music of Bonaire, Aruba, Curaao and St. Martin. For more information see: www.classicalmusicbonaire.com. Hans Faassen O rganized by Bonaire’s Classical Music Board, the ensemble, Art Marshall and Friends, will perform a live and in-concert musical review, spanning eras, continents, and styles at Plaza Resort’s Cacique Hall, Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 8 p.m. (see poster below) Clarinetist and arranger Art Marshall (stage name of Hein van Maarschalkerwaart), along with fri ends Andrew Solomon on oboe, singer Monique Andersen, and pianist Ilja Huang, will perform a medley of musical selections running the full gamut from European classical and operatic to contemporary tangos and Broadway and Hollywood tunes. You can expect familiar pieces from Mozart, Brahms, Puccini, Verdi and Bizet, Piazzolla, Gershwin, Marricone and Weill, Blake, Bechet and Jenkins. Don’t miss this classical and contemporary musical evening to remember! Tickets are on sale at Addo’s Bookstore and Flamingo Bookstore on Kaya Grandi, Chat ‘n’ Browse at the Sand Dollar Plaza and Plaza Resort Bonaire, Reception/Cacique Hall. Reservations may also be made on line at www.classicalmusicbonaire.com. The Classical Music Board Bonaire’s next concert will be held on May 26, also at Plaza Resort’s Cacique Hall, featuring Henk van Twillert (saxophone), Tjako van Schie (piano), Inez Suares (Fado singer) and Lonte Conrades (percussion) with “Tour d’Azul,” a program of Fados, Tangos and classical Antillean music of Bonaire, Aruba, Curaao and St. Martin. Bob Gilmour


Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 Page 13 Bonaire Reporter Classifieds— Are still free Got something to buy or sell? Non-Business Classified Ads (up to 4 lines/ 20 words are still FREE Commercial Ads only $0. 77 per word, for each two-week issue. Call 786-6518 or 786-6125 or email info@bonairereporter.com LIVING ACCOMMODATIONS Long term rental Belnem: 100 steps from the ocean (Bachelor’s Beach), comfortable villa with large mature garden (and tree hut) with drip system. Swimming pool with outside shower. Large porches. Modern concrete kitchen with all equipment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and small office. Storage space with washing machine. Modern furnishings. Available July 2012 Rental price $2,250 per month including garden maintenance. 1 month deposit. No agent fees. Tel. (599) 786 7440 or email marjolijn.eillebrecht@gmail.com ——————————————— Belnem,t.h. huis met 3 slkrs,2 porches v.a. begin Mei tot begin Aug,950 $ pm, OF in schoolvak 400$ pw. mail naar belnemzuid@live.nl ———————————————House and apartment for rent : The lovely decorated authentic Bonairean house (3 bedrooms ) and apartment (1 bedroom) at Bonaire Basics are for rent. Both are completely furnished and have a pleasant and cozy porch. All bedrooms are equipped with airco. Both have wireless internet and an alarm system. The house rent is $975,per month all incl, excl WEB. The apartment is $595,per month all incl, excl WEB. For more information: call Annemiek at 786-3341 ———————————————For RENT: Lovely spacious 2-BR apartment nearby the sea. Conveniently located in nice upscale area of Punt Vierkant in Belnem. Fully furnished, living + dining area and full kitchen. Patio and tropical garden to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Long term $890.00 per month. 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I don’t have money to organize a big fundraising campaign so I am counting on people who care. (Like readers of The Reporter – ed.) We need $20,000 to fix up the building. It’s right in town, within walking distance to the schools. This house would be for the for youngsters who cannot live at home anymore because their home is not a safe place or there is nobody there who cares. I am counting on the people who do care and I am counting on this community to make it happen. If you want you can make a donation to The Stichting Project account # 0180-37127 at the RBC Bank (formerly RBTT Bank) account name: ‘Stichting Project.” Story & photo by Greta Kooistra Special Home (Continued from page 11)


Page 14 Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 The US State Department issued the following notice last week regarding travel in Venezuela regarding threats to safety and security: V iolent crime in Venezuela is pervasive, both in the capital, Caracas, and in the interior. The country’s overall per capita murder rate is cited as one of the top five in the world. According to the nongovernmental organization, Venezuelan Violence Observat ory (VVO), 2011 was the most “violent in Venezuela’s history.” According to its data, there were 19,336 homicides in 2011, up from 13,080 murders in 2010, an increase of almost 30%. The Venezuelan National Counter Kidnapping Commission was created in 2006, and since then, official statistics have shown alarming increases in reported kidnappings throughout the country. According to the governmental Cuerpo de Investigaciones Cientficas, Penales, y Criminalsticas (CICPC) statistics, 1,150 individuals were kidnapped in Venezuela during 2011, with reported kidnapping incidents increasing 29% over 2010. However, surveys show that the overwhelming majority of kidnappings and other major crimes are not reported to the police. Police sources indicate that as many as 80% of kidnappings go unreported, meaning that the official figure of 1,150 kidnappings in 2011 is lower than actual numbers. Armed robberies take place throughout Caracas and other cities, including in areas generally presumed safe and frequented by tourists. Well-armed criminal gangs operate widely, often setting up fake police checkpoints. Only a very small percentage of crimes result in trials and convictions. The VVO estimates that less than 10% of homicides result in prosecutions. It attributes this impunity to be one of the major factors for the increase in crime. Travel to and from Maiqueta Airport, the international ai rport serving Caracas, can be dangerous and corruption at the airport itself is rampant. Both arriving and departing travelers, including foreigners, have been victims of personal property theft and muggings in the airport. The Embassy has received multiple, credible reports that individuals wearing what appear to be official uniforms or other credentials are involved in facilitating or perpetrating these crimes. For this reason, US citizen travelers should be wary of all strangers, even those in official uniform or carrying official identification, and should not pack valuable items or documents in checked luggage. Valuable documents and personal items should be kept in carry-on luggage. Numerous travelers have reported valuable gifts and other items being stolen from their checked luggage, especially around the holiday season. The Embassy has also received multiple, credible reports of victims of “express kidnappings” occurring at the door of the airport, in which individuals are kidnapped and taken to make purchases or to withdraw as much money as possible from ATMs, often at gunpoint. Furthermore, there are known drug trafficking groups working from the airport. Travelers should not accept packages from anyone and should keep their luggage with them at all times. The Embassy also has received reports of uniformed airport officials attempting to extort money from travelers including US citizens, as they go through the normal check-in and boarding process for departing flights. Other reports from US citizens and US government officials state that uniformed individuals have approached travelers immediately upon entering the terminal when exiting Venezuela through Maiqueta Airport. These uniformed individuals reportedly may ask travelers where they are traveling and then escort them to a separate area to inspect their bags for illegal drugs or money. In certain cases US citizens have reported that they were forced to sign documents in Spanish that they did not understand. Travelers should not sign documents that they do not understand, but if they feel they must, they should sign “I do not understand this document” or “I cannot read the above statement” as part of their signature. The road between Maiqueta Airport and Caracas is known to be particularly dangerous. Visitors traveling this route at night have been kidnapped and held captive for ransom in roadside huts that line the highway. Because of the frequency of robberies at gunpoint, travelers are encouraged to arrive and depart only during daylight hours. If not possi ble, travelers should use extra care both within and outside the airport. The Embassy strongly advises that all arriving passengers make advance plans for transportation from the airport to their place of lodging. If possible, travelers should arrange to be picked up at the airport by someone who is known to them or at least try to caravan in known groups en route to Caracas. Travelers should be aware of chokepoints inside tunnels and avoid obstacles in the road. The Embassy has recei ved frequent reports of armed robberi es in taxicabs and “express kidnappings” going to and from the airport at Maiqueta. There is no foolproof method of knowing whether a taxi driver at the ai rport is reliable. The fact that a taxi driver presents a credential or drives an automobile with official taxi license plates marked “libre” is no longer an indication of reliab ility. Incidents of taxi drivers in Caracas overcharging, robbing, and injuring passengers are common. Travelers should try to use radiodispatched taxis or those from reputable hotels. Travelers should call a 24-hour radio-dispatched taxi service from a public phone lobby or ask hotel, restaurant, or airline representatives to contact a licensed cab company for them. Ask the hotel concierge or other responsible individual to write down the license plate numbers of the cab that you entered. Avoid “libre” taxis or any taxis hailed on the street. When traveling by bus, visitors should travel only during daylight hours and only by first-class conveyance. There have been several reports of bus hijackings and armed robberies of entire busloads of passengers. The Embassy recommends avoiding the use of the metro (subway). Metro robber-ies are frequent in Caracas, especially during crowded rush hours. If riding the metro or the city bus system, travelers should take extreme care with valuables and belongings. While visiting Venezuela, US citizens are encouraged to carry as little US currency as possible and to avoid wearing expensive or flashy watches and jewelry Due to the poor security situation, the Embassy does not recommend changing money at the international airport. Visitors should bring a major credit card, but should be aware of wi despread pilfering of credit card data to make unauthorized transactions. Travelers’ checks are not recommended as they are honored in only a few locations. It is possible to exchange US currency at approved exchange offices near major hotel chains in Caracas (personal checks are not accepted) and at commercial banks with some restrictions. Due to currency regulations, hotels cannot provide currency exchange. There are ATMs throughout Venezuela. Malfunctions are common, however, and travelers should be careful to use only those in welllit public places. ATM da ta has also been hacked and used to make unauthorized withdrawals from user’s accounts. ATMs are also targeted by street gangs in order to rob people making withdrawals. Popular tourist attractions, such as the Avila National Park, are increasingly associated with violent crime US citizens planning to participate in outdoor activities in potentially isolated areas are strongly urged to travel in groups of five or more and to provide family or friends with their itineraries prior to departure. Cross-border violence, kidnapping, drug trafficking, smuggling, and cattle-rustling occur frequently in areas along the 1,000mile-long border between Venezuela and Colombia. Some kidnap victims have been released after ransom payments, while others have been murdered. In many cases, Colombian terrorists are believed to be the perpetrators. Colombia's National Liberation Army (ELN) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are active in kidnapping for ransom and have been known to operate with near impunity inside Venezuela. Common criminals are also increasingly i nvolved in kidnappings, either dealing with victim's families directly or selling the victim to terrorist groups. In-country travel by US Embassy employees, both official and private, within a 50-mile area along the entire Venezuela/Colombia border, is strongly discouraged. The State Department warns US citizens not to travel within a 50-mile area along the entire Venezuela/Colombia border. US citizens who elect to visit areas along the border region with Colombia despite this warning could encounter Venezuelan military-controlled areas and may be subject to search and arrest, in addition to encountering danger from the Colombian terrorist threat. The US Embassy must approve in advance the official travel to Venezuela of all US government personnel Private travel by US military personnel to Venezuela requires advance approval by the US Embassy’s Defense Attach Office. Please consult the Department of Defense Foreign Clearance Guide for further information. Non-military employees of the US government do not need Embassy approval for private travel. Political marches and demonstrations are frequent in Caracas and elsewhere in Venezuela. Travelers should be aware that violence, including exchanges of gunfire and tear gas, has occurred at political demonstrat ions in the past. Demonstrations tend to occur at or near university campuses, business centers, and gathering places such as public squares and plazas. Marches generally occur on busy thoroughfares, significantly affecting traffic. Most major tourist destinations, including coastal beach resorts and Margarita Island, have not in the past been generally affected by protest actions. The city of Merida, however, a major tourist destination in the Andes, has been the scene of frequent demonstrations, some of them violent, including the use of firearms and tear gas. Travelers should keep informed of local developments by fo llowing the local press, radio and television. Visitors should also consult their local hosts, including US and Venezuelan business contacts, hotels, tour guides, and travel organizers. As circumstances warrant, the Embassy sends out messages to US citizens who have registered online. These messages and demonstration notices are also posted on the US Embassy’s web site. US citizens traveling or residing in Venezuela are advised to take common-sense precautions and avoid large gatherings and demonstrations, no matter where or for what reason they occur. Official release For more on travel issues go to http:// travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/ cis_1059.html#safety Venezuela is Bonaire’s nearest non-Dutch neighbor


Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 Page 15 Choose your size from 5’x5’ to 10’x20’. Prices from $29 to $147 per month. Call 700-1753 www.bonaireselfstorage.com O u t o f S p a c e ? I t’s amazing. Every year the annual Kontest di Fli (Kite Contest) brings out the most incredible kites flown by the most avid flyers. And sometimes it takes the whole group to launch them. This year, the 34th, was no exception. Families got together to put up kites, friends came together as well as individuals. Groups from Curaao arrive with massive, intricately built kites. People are serious about this competition, and the winds cooperated. Groups of families and friends set up with tables and chairs, food and drink coolers and have a special good time while watching the spirited competition. A special thank you to Iris Semeleer of the Flamingo Book Store who organizes this very special event every year. Sponsors this year are Sabadeco, WEB, Bonaire Gift Shop and MCB. The contest was dedicated to J. C. Herrera N.V. Laura DeSalvo T he First Rincon International Food Festival presented by RIFNA, the Rincon Women’s Club, was a spectacular answer to many visitors’ pent up demand since the Rincon monthly Marchs were cancelled over a year ago. There were many familiar, smiling faces in the booths, selling local foods, snacks and sweets. It was so good to see them. This time they were joined by others from Colombia, Aruba, Curaao, Surinam and China. The fragrances emanating from the different dishes were enchanting and made it difficult to choose. The ambiance was like the old days with tables and chairs set up under a tent, local music and entertainment and the friendliest people on the island. We look forward to another food festival in the near future! Laura DeSalvo Shirley, Ronny, Jacquelin e—Bonaire Snacks & Cakes The Chinese stand was a family affair “Rincon Colombianas” Ansel s smallest kite won Ermen Weever and Sharmiron Pine do’s incredible train kite The Judges—all familiar faces every year!


Page 16 Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 ACCOMMODATIONS Villa Makoshi is a fully furnished home with central air; 2 BR; 2 Baths; 2 private & secured decks with a beautiful view; pool. www.Villamakoshi.com AIRLINES Divi Divi AirBonaire’s “on time airline” with 16 flights a day between Bonaire and Curaao. Your first choice for inter-island travel. Now flying to Aruba. APPLIANCES /TV/ ELECTRONICS/ COMPUTERS City Shop the mega store, has the island’s widest selection of large and small home appliances, furniture, TV, computer s, cell phones and more. In-store financing too. BANK ORCO Bank offers one-on-one attention, personal banking. Each client is a person, not a number. Office in the historic building at Kaya Grandi 48. BARS Zazu Bar at the Harbour Village Marina is all you expect in a great bar. Super bartender, quality drinks and friendly service. Plus Bonaire’s only Rum Bar– over 50! BEAUTY PARLOR Hair Affair Expert hair cutting, styling, facials and facial waxing. CARS AND BIKES De Freewieler sells bikes and all kinds of bike accessories. They do professional repairs on almost anything on two wheels. Have your keys made here too. DENTURE REPAIR All Denture Lab —for the best denture care by an experienced professional. Repairs while you wait. Next to Botika Korona on Kaya J. G. Hernandez. WANT A LISTING IN THIS DIRECTORY? It’s still free for regular advertisers in The Reporter. Call Laura at 786-6518 for more details. ON and IN the WATER Budget Marine has what anyone with a boat needs, and if its not in stock they can order it quickly. You can also find special hardware for general use and components for solar and wind electric systems. Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with dive shop and well stocked retail store. Best book trade on Bonaire. Good prices on regulator repair, dive computer H.Q. Dive Friends has four dive schools and three retail shops so you always get the best deals and can be assured of top notch training. Remodeled shop open now. UNDERWATER VIDEO ScubaVision Pro video of your Bonaire vacation, above and/or below the water with a custom DVD by Bonaire’s top videographer, Hendrik Wuyts. GARDEN SUPPLIES AND SERVICES Green Label has everything you need to start or maintain your garden. They can design, install and maintain it and offer plants, irrigation supplies and garden chemicals. Off Kaya Industria, behind TIS. HOME CARE Bonaire Second Home Care can handle all the needs of second home owners on Bonaire including inspection, management and cleaning. PHOTOGRAPHER Bonaire’s creative video and still photographer for the wedding or other importan t events in your life. ScubaVision, Kaya Grandi 6, See website scubavision.info or ScubaVision on YouTube REAL ESTATE / RENTAL AGENTS Sunbelt Realty offers full real estate, rental, and insurance services. If you want a home or to invest in Bonaire, stop in and visit. RESTAURANTS Bistro de Paris— is back at a new location at the H.V. Marina. Superb menu, genuine French dishes in a waterfront ambiance. Norca’s Deli Caf,Upstairs above Botika Bonaire on Kaya Grandi offers lunch plus a special “after hours” Rijsttafel dinner if you call ahead: 717-4376 Porto Deli Much more than a deli with tapas and a wine bar. Fresh-baked bread sandwiches, delicious soups & salads, big burgers, top ingredients. Pasa Bon Pizza —Bonaire’s quality pizza-Best ingredients, best baking and best taste. Great salads and lasagna too. Eat in or take away. RETAIL Benetton, world famous designer clothes available now in Bonaire at prices less than those in US. For men, women and children. SECURITY Special Security Services will provide that extra measure of protection when you need it. Always reliable. STORAGE The Storehouse ( Mangazina in Papiamentu ) offers Secure Storage for Vehicles, Household Items, Diving and Sporting Gear, Business Files or Inventory. Across from the northern hotel row. SHIPPING Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of Bonaire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient. FedEx agent. What would we do without their superb services? SPAS/GYM Bon Bida Spa & Gym World Class fitness and health facilityClasses, top notch machines, trainers. Day, monthly or annual rates. Face and Body Day Spa by Nubia. Professional massage therapy, facials, reflexology, lymph drainage, Shiatsu, deep tissue massage and other body and facial treatments SUPERMARKETS Carniceria Latino— Best BBQ on Bonaire every Saturday. Plus an exceptionally well-stocked supermarket featuring local meats and fish TOP Supermarket— Conveniently located downtown at the old Cultimara location. Featuring a complete selection including fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. Warehouse Supermarket on Kaya Industria— Biggest air conditioned market with a friendly staff, the largest selection and lowest prices on the island. MADE ON BONAIRE Semper Kontentu goat cheese. Ask for it at restaurants and look in the markets. Lovingly handmade. WATER TAXI Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di Amor. Hotel or downtown pickup The only water taxi to Klein Bonaire with an easy on/off built-in ramp WINES Antillean Wine Company. You’ve tried the rest; now try the best: best prices, highest quality wines kept in a cooled warehouse. Free delivery. Kaya Industria 23, Mon.-Sat. 9 am-1 pm. Sunbelt Realty L ooking for fresh fruits and vegetables, grown on the island? How about vegetable plants or ornamental plants? And maybe some preserves and chutneys made from local produce or muffins and cakes? Advice on how to plan ts, what to plant? Dirt mixtures? All that plus a stand selling absolutely mouth watering fish, cabrito, papapa stew, fungi and cold, cold drinks. All those wonderful things were at last Saturday’s Farmer s’ Market at Kriabon, (farmers’ cooperative) on the Nikiboko North Road. The market, sponsored by Kriabon happens every first Saturday of the month, starting at around 8 am until 1. But get there early as the stuff goes fast. It’s a good place to meet new and old friends, compare gardening stories and just have fun. Many of the stand holders have samples and it’s tough to pass them up. The Kriabon “store” is open too, selling feed for chickens, dogs, goats, horses, and other livestock. There is no charge to have a table to sell. Contact Kriabon at 717-4587. Laura DeSalvo


Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 Page 17 REGULAR EVENTS € Rooi Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours $21 (includes tax). Discounts for residents and local people. Tel. 717-8489, 540-9800. € We Dare to Care Park children’s playground open every day in the cooler afternoon-evening hours. €Kas di Arte—Ongoing exhibit and sale of work of different artists Open Wednesday-Sunday, 9 am-noon, 1-6 pm. On the sea promenade Saturdays € We Dare To Care Playground Bazaar 9am 1pm. Everything for sale: household items, plants, baby things, clothes & shoes, everything old & new. Food riot, BBQ. All funds go toward maintaining the Park. No entrance fee. Rent a table: monthly pass$25; weekly-$10 € Marshe di Kunukeru (Farmers’ Market ) 1st Saturday of the month at Kriabon, Kaminda Jatu Baco #55, next to Aquamarin School, 8 am to 12 noon. €Marshe di Kunukeru (Farmers’ Market ) Last Saturday of the month at Pakus di Pruga (Animal She lter’s Garage Sale-see below), 8 am-noon €Bonaire Animal Shelter’s “Garage Sale” Pakus di Pruga—every Saturday 8am-5pm. At Kaminda Liberador Simon Bolivar, across from Brandaris Caf. Lots of free parking. Tel. 717-4989 € Wine Tasting at Antillean Wine Company’s warehouse on Kaya Industria, second Saturday of the month 7-9 pm. ( Always call to make sure it’s on: Tel. 560 -7539 ) Snacks and tasting of six wines for $10 per person. € Soldachi Tours—See the real Bonaire and be transported back in time. Learn about the history, culture and nature by Bonaireans from Rincon. Call Maria Koeks for more information—796-7870. € Chess Training Children & adults. $5, 512-9660. Volunteers welcome €PetanqueJeu de Boules, Saturdays 2:30 pm Tera Cora ranch. info: 7860150 Sundays Kunuku Arawak Music, drinks, local food, dancing, 10 am—6 pm. Live music starts at 4 pm .Tel.786-7210 Mondays € Soldachi Tours of Rincon, the heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call Maria, 7176435-best island tour value € Meet the Captain Night at Captain Don’s Habitat Bar– Get up close and personal with Bonaire’s dive pioneer. The Captain will autograph your copy of his newest book Reef Windows Tuesdays Chez Nous Restaurant— Multi-course dinner prepared by students, under direction of teachers, $20. At the high school. Reservations mandatory 700-4628 Wednesdays Chez Nous Restaurant – Multi-course lunch, about $12, at the high school. Reservations mandatory 700-4628. Ben & Harrie Acoustic Guitar Duo at Spice Beach Club, 6-9 pm, Eden Beach Thursdays Bonaire Chess & Draughts (checkers) players get together on from 19.00 till 21.00 at the SGB-school: Kaya Frater Odulfinuz z/n Fridays Jong Bonaire Chess & Draughts players get together from 17.00 till 19.00 at the SGB-school. Kids can start at age six. Tourists are welcome. Contact Serapio Pop, at 701-9660. FREE SLIDE/VIDEO SHOWS Monday -Touch the Sea -Dee Scarr, honored as a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame conducts Bonaire's Touch the Sea programs of personalized dive guiding. She presents a unique perspective on critters and corals, plus an updated Bonaire lionfish report, every Monday when she's on-island at 8:30 pm in the Aquarius Conference Center at Captain Don's Habitat, Call 717-8290. Wednesday Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) presents an informative slide show: Sea Turtles of Bonaire, at 8pm, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the conference room at Captain Don's Habitat (717-8290) BONAIRE’S TRADITIONS Mangasina di Rei, Rincon Enjoy the view from “The King’s Storehouse.” Learn about Bonaire’s culture. Visit homes from the 17th century. Daily. Call 717-4060 / 790-2018 Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, behind the Catholic Church in town. Open weekdays from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel. 717-8868 Washington-Slagbaai National Park Museum and Visitors’ Center. Open daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December 25th and January 1st. Call 788 9015 or 796 5681 CLUBS and MEETINGS AA meetings every Wednesday at 7pm. Phone: 790-7001 and 796-4931 Al-Anon meetings every Thursday evening at 7.30pm. Call 700-7751 or 701-8728 Bridge Club Wednesdays 7:15 pm— All levels, cost is $1, call Renata at 7965591 to find out the evening’s location. Darts Club plays every other Sunday at City Caf. Registration at 4, games at 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539. JCI First Wednesday of the MonthJunior Chamber International Bonaire (JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bonaire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO building, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Everyone welcome. Contact: Renata Domacass 516-4252. Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza, Kaya International, every other Tuesday, 7 pm Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette Rodriguez. Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 8 pm at Kaya Sabana #1. All Lions welcome. For more information call 510-0710. Rotary lunch meetings Wednesdays 12:15-2 pm Divi Flamingo Beach Resort in Peter Hughes meeting room upstairs above the dive shop. All Rotarians welcome. Tel. 785-0046. Toastmasters Club meets every two weeks. For more information call Crusita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Martinez Beck, at 786-2953. CHURCH SERVICES Protestant Congregation of Bonaire: ( VPGB ), Kralendijk, Plasa Wilhelmina; Sunday service; 10 a.m. in Dutch Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian; Sunday service; 8:30 am in Papiamentu/Dutch Children’s club, every Saturday from 4:30 till 6 pm in Kralendijk,(annex of the church.) Contact; Marytjin@gmail.com or Daisycoffie@hotmail.com International Bible Church, Kaya Papago 104, Hato, behind Bon Fysio/Bon Bida Spa & Gym on Kaya Gob. N. Debrot. Sunday 9:00 am Worship service in English; 10:45 am Sunday school for all ages. Tuesday 7:30 pm Adult bible study class. 717-8377 for more info or ride bonaireibc@yahoo.com Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendijk – Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in Papiamentu, 717-8304. Our Lady of Coromoto in Antriol Saturday at 6 pm in English. Mass in Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm. 7174211. Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios): Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English, Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10 am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30 pm 717-2194 Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bonaire Youth Center in English, Dutch and Papiamentu. Preaching the full gospe l. Contact: 786-2557. Prayer and Intercession Church, in English. A full Gospel Church l ocated temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit # 20, Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services are held Sunday mornings10am to 11:30am. Bible studies in English on Monday nights from 7 to 8 pm. Contact: 717-3322 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints : Kaya Sabana #26, Sundays: 9 am Sacrament Services (Translation to English and Papiamentu upon request) 10:20 Sunday School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/ PH Primary held from 10:20-12 noon Visitors welcome: Information: Call 7019522 Foundation Fountain of Living Waters, Centro Fuente, Service Sunday at Kaya Aruaco 4 at 6 p.m. Papiamentu and Spanish. For Marriage Counseling, contact 7172161. Who’s Who on The Bonaire Reporter Take The Reporter Home—1-year subscription: By mail to US $75; By mail to Europe $170. By Internet, Free (asking a $35 donation.) 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Printed by: DeStad Drukke rij, Curaao 2012 The Bonaire Reporter CLOSE-IN EVENTS Monday, April 16 and Wednesday, April 18All is Mind: How to become more productive, balanced and successful-David Samuel, in English, 6:3010pm. $89 incl. coffee, tea, snack plus a free copy of David's successful ebook 'All is Mind' Friday, April 20 —Jim Gilmour and his full acoustic folk band (“Not your Daddy’s Folk Music”) with special Bonairean musician guests. Club Roomer, 6 pm, $10 pp. Fundraiser. Reservations: info@clubroomerbonaire.com Saturday, April 21 —“From Vienna to Broadway” Clarinetist Art Marshall & friends. Classical Music Board of Bonaire, 8 pm, Plaza Resort Cacique Hall, $20 or $25 at door. School children $20. More on page 12. WWW.Classicalmusicbonaire.com Saturday, April 21 -The Power of Attraction. Francis Pool, in Dutch, 10 am – 4pm, $99 includes lunch, drinks, snacks. $89 if registered before 4-11 Bonaire Basics 786-3341 Saturday, April 21 -Miss Bonaire Pageant at Jong Bonaire, 8:30-11pm, $25. VIP tickets, $50 Saturday, April 21 — Quarterly Clean up Dive, Dive Friends Bonaire, 7172929, Dive-friends -bonaire.com Sunday, April 22 —Earth Day -Beach Cleanup, sponsored by CIEE. Meet at lighthouse on south side of island, 10 am to 2 pm. More on page 16 Saturday, April 29 – Farmers’ Market at Pakus di Pruga, 8 am –5 pm, on Kaminda Liberador Simon Bolivar, across from Brandaris Caf. Monday, April 30 Rincon Day/ Queen’s Day Legal holiday Saturday May 5 –Book Fair & Flea Market at the Bonaire Animal Shelter, 11 am to 5 pm. Snacks, drinks, pets! More on page 18 Saturday, May 26 –Program of Fados, Tangos & Classical music of ABC islands & St. Martin Page 12. Day Date Ship Arrive/ Depart PAX Cap Line WED 4/11/ Grandeur of 08002446 Celebrity/ THU 4/12/ Caribbean Princess 12001900 3100 Princess Cruises FRI 4/13/ Zuiderdam 08001700 1918 HAL SAT 4/14/ Deutschland 08002000 620 FRI 4/20/ Emerald Princess 07001400 3100 Princess Cruises THU 4/26/ Caribbean Princess 12001900 3100 Princess Cruises Crafts Market at Wilhelmina Park on Fridays and Cruise Ship Visiting Days—usually 10 am until ship departure. Cruise Ship Calls -Information provided by the TCB


Page 18 Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 H ere’s “Canella,” the Smiling Dog of the Bonaire Animal Shelter. When she’s happy she not only wags her tail but pulls back her lips and truly smiles. Unfortunately we couldn’t capture that smile with the camera but we saw it for sure! And not only that but the mighty Canella recently delivered eight pups – four girls and four boysand she’s proved to be a perfect mother. Mom and pups were brought into the Shelter when the pups’ eyes were still closed. Now they are all alert and robust and Canella will soon be on to her own life when the pups are old enough and she has had her sterilization. This brown beauty is about one and a half years old. She’s healthy, sleek and of course has a happy, smiling face! You may meet Canella and the other cats and dogs up for adoption at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9 am – 1 pm and 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-4989. SHELTER NEWS: -The Shelter has a new email address: ShelterBonaire@FlamingoTV.net -There is a new video of the Shelter residents on the Shelter website homepage WWW.AnimalShelterBonaire.com As are all the other videos done by the people at Sea Element it’s adorable. This time it’s about “Any Kind of Baby.” Thanks to Keys Real Estate for sponsoring these inspiring and humorous videos. What do “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan and the Bonaire Animal Shelter have in common? They both appear in the official “Stray Animal Day,” April 4, video! Pretty impressive. The Bonaire Shelter is now famous! You may see it on the Shelter home page, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Help, Help! The cats at the Shelter are looking for volunteers as two of their darling volunteer caretakers will be leaving (see photo of Melody Hamilton). Volunteers are important to them not only for care but for socializing. And there are always a lot of laughs in the cat cage. You will be working with very appreciative kitties and cats. They would like someone on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings – in particular Wednesday mornings. It’s only about two or three hours work but the payback is worth a million! Call Marlies at the Shelter at 717-4989 if you’d like to join the group. -Coming up soon: a big Book Fair and Flea Market at the She lter on the Lagoen Road on Saturday, May 5. It’s from 11 am to 5 pm. Find bargains galore, enjoy the ambi ance, visit the cats and dogs and have drinks and snacks. If you have things to donate drop them off at the Shelter. All the funds raised from the event go towards keep the Shelter open for unwanted cats and dogs. Laura DeSalvo T hat juvenile coral reef fish can hear? In order to find their habitats in the dark of the night, juvenile coral reef fish have been found to listen to sounds distinct to certain habitats. You may be wondering, What? Different habitats have different sounds? Yes, that’s right. Different reef habitat types have been shown to have distinct underwater sound signals that correspond to their structure an d complexity. A study along the Great Barrier Reef at Lizard Island in Australia recorded the underwater sounds of a fringing reef and a lagoon. They then replayed those two sounds and a blank CD in one of three experimental patch reef sites at night to see if any fish would respond. The next morning, a greater variety of juvenile fish species were found in the site broadcasting fringing reef sound as compared to the other two sites. Different species of juvenile fish were also at the three different sites. This shows that juvenile fish respond to the sound signals of different habitats. Just think, the next time you’re diving or on a boat, the fish hear you coming before they see you! Catie Alves, Edited by Caren Eckrich Catie Alves is a biological science major from Connecticut College. She is studying in Bonaire for the spring at the CIEE Research Station. Reference: Radford CA, Stanley JA, Simpson SD, Jeffs AG (2011) Juvenile coral reef fish use sound to locate habitats. Coral Reefs 30:295-305 The top figure is from the reference listed above and shows the experimental set up for the study on sound. A t a party aboard the Good Return recently the staff and volunteers from the Shelter got together to say goodbye to two very important people who have done outstanding work with the Shelter while they’ve been on the island. Both will be sorely missed. (note: awards ideas came from Jane and Jim Madden) Melody Hamilton has been considered a “Queen of Cats” since she’s been a very faithful volunteer in the cat cage beginning in 1999, hardly missing a day. It was a very tearful Melody who received her aw ard, a golden poop er scooper, from Shelter Manager Marlies. Renata Sanders has been an inspiration for the Shelter in the five years she’s been living and working on the island. She came up with the idea and organized the very popular and lucrative book fairs and flea market. It was she also who put together the weekly Saturday Pakus di Pr uga (flea market) in Playa which has been a great moneymaker for the Shelter. Rena ta was awarded a golden cash box from chairman of the Shelter board, Paul Wicher s, for her devoted work. The next Book Fair/Flea Market at the Shelter on May 5 will be her last one before she leaves the island. Laura DeSalvo


Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 Page 19 Hair Affair We do our best to make your hair and makeup wishes come true!! You can also come in for facials and facial waxing We use and sell L’Oreal products Is your plan to marry on the island? We can make you beautiful and stay beautiful for your happiest day. Personal attention by Janneke Appointment by tel: 717-5990 or just walk in. Downtown, near the waterfront next to Little Havana Tues-Fri: 9-12, 2-6 Sat: 9-2 non stop Check CARIB INN First. Great Prices –Great Stock Scuba Sales Repair Replacement New Gear Accessories Always Great Values Dive gear specials CARIB INN Since 1980 PADI 5 STAR GOLD PALM 717-8819 8 am to 5 pm daily (next to Divi Flamingo Hotel) By Astrologer Michael Thiessen April 2012 O ver the next few weeks, just after sunset, you'll get to see an ancient drama played out in the night sky between two great constellations, Orion the hunter and Scorpius the scorpion. You'll also be witness to a tea party of cosmic proportions. Around 9:30 pm any night next week and in the southwestern sky you will see the constellation Orion. The three-in -line stars of his belt make him easy to spot. These three stars are named Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka From where we are in the galaxy those stars appear to be in a perfect line, however, space is 3-dimensional and the center star (Alnilam) is a blue supergiant star over 1,300 light years away. The two outer stars (Alnitak and Mintaka) are both multiple star systems and much closer to us, a mere 800 light years away for Alnitak and 900 light years away for Mintaka. Orion was a fearless hunter and he once boasted that he could hunt and kill all the creatures of the Earth Gaia, the goddess of Earth, was not pleased at his boasting so she sent Scorpius the scorpion to punish him with a deadly sting. So while Orion was out hunting, the scorpion stung Orion and he fell to Earth mortally wounded. So if you watch the night sky, you can see Orion gradually falling toward the western horizon, only to be followed a few hours later by the dreaded Scorpius the scorpion. Scorpius will be visible on the southeastern horizon shortly after midnight Sky Park time. Its bright star, Antares marks the heart of the fierce creature. Antares (also known as the "rival of Mars") is a red supergiant over 600 light years away. It's one of the largest stars in our part of the galaxy and if we were to put it in our solar system its outer edge would lie between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter! So, the legend has it that after Orion sets in the west, the scorpion is searching for him, starting in the southeast. All night the scorpion looks for him but cannot find him. The next night, however, Orion rises again, restored to full health, and this cosmic chase goes on night after night, year after year. Now, if you think that's exciting, there's yet another character to add to the mix, Sagittarius the centaur archer. He's visible just to the left of Scorpius the scorpion and he was sent to avenge the attack on Orion (his bow and arrow are aimed directly at the heart of the giant scorpion). If you look closely at Sagittarius, you'll see yet another star pattern we affectionately call The Teapot." And if you watch the sky long enough, you'll see that the teapot is gradually pouring tea on the scorpion's terrible tail. So either way, Orion gets his revenge on that nasty old scorpion. So the next time you're outside, remember, we have not one, not two, but three constellations involved in a cosmic drama that's played out for centuries. And that brings us just one step closer to being a part of that great universe we call home. Dean Regas & James Albury *to find it... just look up AN ANCIENT DRAMA IN THE NIGHT SKY AFFORDABLE NetTech N.V.info@NetTech.an www.NetTech.an Tel:717-6773 Fax:717-7854Domain Registrations E-mail Hosting Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Web Site Design Web Site Hosting Marketing Consulting Internet Consulting Photographic Services Graphic Design ARIES (Mar. 21April 20) Need some adventure in your life? Exotic destinations beckon you. Try not to make waves. Concentrate on your career and on making money. Accept the inevitable, and opportunities for advancement will follow. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday. TAURUS (Apr. 21May 21) You will need to spend extra time sorting through your work. Don't let your friends talk you into taking time off. Keep busy and let them fume while you're not around. You will find your vitality is lowered. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Check into art objects or precious stones. You can do well in group endeavors. Romance is likely if you participate in unusual forms of entertainment. Your contributions will be valued and helpful. You can come up with ways of earning extra cash. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Monday. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Social events will be plentiful. Don't go hog wild when it comes to entertainment or you could find yourself short of funds at the end of the month. Try to think things through. You can ask for favors or run your ideas by those who will be able to support your objectives. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Get motivated and follow up on some self-improvement resolutions. Take the initiative and go after your goals. Your attitudes are changing rapidly. You may not be able to help, but your support will be favorable. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Wednesday. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Difficulties relating to children will be stressful. Do your job and don't ask for favors. Discuss your problems and complaints if you wish to rectify them. Opportunities to pamper yourself may unfold. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday. LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Relatives may not be telling you the whole truth about a family situation. You will find travel and lectures most stimulating. Abstain from getting involved with married individuals. Go out with friends and avoid the situation on the home front. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) New friendships will develop through group events. Try to address the real issues in order to turn things around. You don't owe anyone an explanation. Do your own thing, you need time to yourself. You'll find travel or involvement in large groups gratifying. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Be careful when dealing with female members of your family. Try to understand their point of view. Your tendency to take on too much will end in fatigue. Do things that involve children. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Tuesday. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.Jan. 20) Limitations with females could lead to unfortunate circumstances. If you are not already, think about going into business for yourself. Don't let criticism upset you. Hassles will delay your plans. Romance will unfold through business trips. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Friday. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Look closely at motives and honesty in your personal encounters. You will be able to get your own way if you use your intellectual charm and know how. Don't hesitate to present your unique ideas. Travel could be in order. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Do not let others exhaust you financially. If you are in the midst of a financial deal, this is your lucky day. You need to look into ways to change your self-image. Verbal abuse may lead to walkouts; don't make any rash statements you may regret later. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Wednesday. Orion


Page 20 Bonaire ReporterApril 13-27, 2012 L e t T h e R e p o r t e r M a k e Y o u r B u s i n e s s M o r e S u c e s s f u l W i t h A S p e c i a l l y D e s i g n e d A d v e r t i s i n g P l a n Why The Reporter? € € Big formatyour ad is never “lost in the clutter as it is in some media.” Compare for yourself: € € Real stories, news and letters € € Balanced views and topics people want to read € € Low ad cost per copy. € € Aimed at Locals and Tourists in hotels and markets € € Your ads go Worldwide on the Internet … free € € In English– The language of bargains and business € € Free Directory listings for regular advertisers Money to spend for advertising is always hard to find, Contact us today to make your advertising budget REALLY WORK! Call Marion Wilson at 717-8454 or 785-1790 or Laura DeSalvo at The Bonaire Reporter PO Box 407, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles; Phones: (599) 790-6518, 786-6518, 786-6125, 709-8988 E-mail: Laura@bonairereporter.com