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P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, Phone 786-6518, 786-6125, www.bonairereporter.com email: reporter@bonairenews.com Since 1994 Johannetta Gordijn photo


Page 2 Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 T HE HAGUE—The Dutch Government is drafting a constitutional amendment to legalize lower level benefits to Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba citizens as compared to Dutch citizens who live in the European part of The Netherlands. The proposal, which has been sent to the Dutch Parliament’s Second Chamber for handling, legitimizes the lower level of benefits, services and support on Bonaire, Statia and Saba. It states that “regulations may be set and other special measures taken for the public entities, considering their special circumstances that distinguish them from the European part of The Netherlands.” This would block residents of the islands from basing appeals on Article 1 of the Dutch Constitution, which states that everyone in The Netherlands has a right to equal treatment. In its advice to Parliament, the Council of State stated that, in principle, it supported differentiating between citizens in the Caribbean and Europe. It will take a few years before the amendment to the Constitution can go into force. The proposal first has to pass the Dutch Parliament’s Second and First Chambers. If Parliament approves, the proposal will still require a second reading, which can only take place after a new cabinet has been elected, following 2015 elections. A majority of two-thirds is required for it then to become law. The controversial Dutch PVV party head, Geert Wilders, spent a few days vacationing on Bonaire last week. He was kept isolated from the public by a contingent of burly plainclothesmen guards. He is provided with bodyguards at public expense because of threats to his life. Wilders visit was a contrast to the visit of Dutch Minister of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations, Liesbeth Spies, at the Children’s Karnaval Parade who informally mixed with the local crowd. Minister Spies blogged about her visit to Bonaire on the Internet site of her Ministry. She wrote that she was impressed by her visit to Bonaire and the meeting with Elsmarie Beukenboom, director of Stinapa. “What attracted attention is the ideal pragmatism with which Beukenboom sets to work and succeeds in bringing the interests of nature and tourism together; a special woman and a unique place. The nature around the Goto Lake is overwhelming. The Netherlands has become more beautiful since 10-10-10.” In conclusion, she writes that people on Bonaire have a certain view for positive developments but that people on the streets during the children’s parade also told her about matters requiring improvement, such as laying of drains and sewers and road maintenance. The Minister concluded her blog with a personal observation. “The connection costs to the newly installed sewerage and the lacking road maintenance were brought to my attention. I will discuss this with the Island Council tomorrow. We walk back to the hotel. The carnival music dies down, two black granny bikes with side carriers appear: Caribbean Netherlands.” The representative of the Dutch Central (Continued on page 12) Web: www.bonairefreewieler.com Email: freewieler@bonairefreewieler.com Parts and accessories for all brands of bikes and scooters Beautiful Bike Clothes All type of house and car keys duplicated Kaya Grandi #61 “The blue building” Call 717-8545 Open: 8:30-12:30, 2:00-5:30 Owner Operated Featuring Giant, Bikkel and Golden Lion bikes € Transport of Money and Valuables € Private Investigations € Vehicle patrols € Burglar Alarms € Fire Alarm Systems In Business Over 28 years Kaya Nikiboko Nord 37A, PO Box 225 Tel: (599) 7178125 Fax (599) 7176125 E-mail sss@bonairelive.com This Week’s Stories Cargo Port Alternatives 2 Walkathon Next Week, 3 Coney island On Bonaire 3 Anti Crime Initiative 6 Sign Studio Award 6 Adopt-A-Pothole 7 Nando Statia-10 Years of Fitness7 A Special Lady And A Unique Tradition-Maskarada 8 Who Lives Here? 9 Parrot Watch-Biscuit Plots 10 Elvis Sighted, R’n’R wall of Fame 10 Karnaval Parade Photos 11 Volunteer? BON DOET 13 Happy Birthday-Yuchi Molina 14 Josephine Ebing One Person Show opens 15 Departments Flotsam & Jetsam 2 On the Island Since(Ingrid Sealy) 4 Picture Yourself (Soviet Gulag) 6 Bonaire Voices– Endangered SpeciesHumans 8 Body Talk-Omega 3 and 6 9 Bonaire On WheelsCustomized British Raleigh bicycle 9 Sudoku, Sudoku Answer 12 Classifieds Ads 13 Tide Table, Sunrise & Sunset Times, Moon Phase 13 Real Estate Reflections (Info Update) 14 Shopping & Dining Guides 16 What’s Happening? 17 Masthead 17 Cruise Ship Schedule 17 Do You Know—Lauren Saulino 18 Pet s of the Week (Honey, Mini, Midi and Maxi) 18 Sky Park (Happy Leap Day) 19 Horoscope 2012 (Astrology) 19 How to contact us Find Bonaire Reporter on Facebook Letters to the Editor: Reporter@bonairenews.com Story tip or idea: info@bonairenews.com The Publisher: George@bonairenews.com Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Phone 786-6125 Phone 786-6518 Available on-line at: www.bonairereporter.com Printed Every Fortnight, On-line Every day, 24/7 Next edition printing on March 12. Story and Ad deadline: Friday, March 9. There are studies underway to decide on a new cargo port for Bonaire. Four sites are under consideration including the old WEB plant site, the Cargill salt pier, Point Vierkant, the area between the present airport fuel pier and Port Bonaire (sometimes called Donkey Beach/Playa Mangel) The present RORO ( Roll On-Roll Off ) pier to the south of Town Pier was inadequate to handle the expanding needs of the island even if critical shipping container storage space hadn’t been taken by the “cruise ship shopping mall” now under construction. Additionally, the port’s location in the heart Kr alendijk makes for traffic problems. The cost for the construction of a cargo port at the airport location is estimated at $15.6 million. Planning for the new harbor is based on a 2025 island population of 30,000 people about double today’s resident population. Bonaire Shipping Requirements 2025 (Royal Haskoning ReportFebruary, 2010) *TEU=20-foot container Equivalent Unit (cont ainers come in two lengths, 20 and 40 ft.) Cargo Type of Ship Packaging Per year Annual Calls Shipping Containers Roll On-Roll Off Containers 12,000 TEU* 240 Sand Stowage Large Sacks 50,000 tons 50 Cement RORO Palletized Sacks 35,000 tons 12 Vehicles Auto Carrier Cars and Trucks 1,200 25 Special Projects Variable e.g.: Wind turbines Variable infrequent Bonaire Harbor: View of the South Pier with RORO vessel Dona Luisa tied up. Cruise ship at north pier Google Earth photo


Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 Page 3 C oney Island is back on Bonaire after an absence of 14 years. It’s been thronged with youngsters and adults too during these school holiday weeks. But this fun is relatively expensive and not every family can afford to spend the day at Coney Island. Let’s make the children of Bonaire happy. Last week Delno Tromp had a conversation with Mrs. van Dongen of the Youth and Family services department to discuss giving less advantaged children a chance at the amusement park. Because of her job she is in a position to know the children whose parents cannot pay for them to go to Coney Island. This is the budget per child for one day. Unlimited pass$25 Drinks Cotton Candy Pop Corn Hotdog Total = $35 per kid There already are some volunteers who can pick up the children and take care of them at Coney Island. The children selected, between 5-10 years old, wil1 be visiting Coney Island on March 3 from 6 til1 8 pm. Are you ready to make one of these kids happy with a trip to Coney Island? If so sponsor one or more of the kids. About half already have sponsors so there is still room for more donations. You can cal1 anytime for more informati on: Dalitza Victorina Riina, mobile7860299. Delno says, “Just to make it clear to everyone I am not an organization. I just got an inspiration to make those children happy, so if you would like to cooperate please donate some cash. Press release/G.D. Villa Makoshi – Upper Level Dive in Paradise – Stay in Luxury Fully furnished home with central airconditioning; 2 bedrooms; 2 baths; 2 private & secured decks with a beautiful view; swimming pool. www. Villamakoshi.com contact: info@villamakoshi.com Upstairs Upstairs Above Above Botika Botika Bonaire on Bonaire on Kaya Kaya Grandi Grandi Regular hours 8 am-6 pm non-stop, Mon-Sat Call 717-4376 for reservations Rijsttafel Rijsttafel for early dinner on request by reservation only Minimum 2, Maximum 12 people A ll Bonaire is invited to participate for all or part of the Special Olympics Walkathon fundraiser this coming weekend. It was the original idea of Elizabeth Wigny and Delno Tromp who were in search of funds to support Bonaire’s Special Olympics team. Elizabeth Wigny explains. “More than 10 years ago Delno and I were doing our walks together. I had read about Bonaire’s history with the slaves having to walk from Rincon to the salt pans and got thinking we should try that walk sometime. We began by walking from the slave huts to Jibe City (for coffee and breakfast. In those days we didn’t even bring water with us!) Gradually we started walking further and further every Sunday, up to 32 kilometers. We were joined by Gabriella Hart (Bonaire’s First LadyGovernor Richard Hart’s wife) and we walked from the Governor’s house near Plaza to Rose Inn in Rincon. Then we thought, ‘Why not do a walk from the Slave huts to Pasa Dia in Rincon as a fundraiser for Special Olympics Bonaire.’” “Special Olympics Bonaire was established on Mar. 4, 1999, and it changed the attitude of the students,” Delno says. “They had to train like a ritual. They were enthused. They loved it. It was a chance to be special!” “Both of us were active in Special Olympics Bonaire,” Delno continues. “And that first year’s Walk-a-thon took a lot of organizing, but it was an outstanding success. The TV station from Curaao came. Nearly the whole island helped – by sponsoring the walkers, runners and bike riders, by donating money or goods, by volunteering to man the drink tables along the route, cooking the food. We got lots of sponsors – MCB, Bonaire Excel, customers of Elizabeth’s restaurant, Crocantino, and friends and families sponsored particular walkers and groups. It really caught on!” In that first Walk-a-Thon on January 2003, about 200 walkers, runners, and a handful of cyclists signed up to make the trek. 209 tickets were sold and many of the participants got sponsors. They earned about NAf 20.000, helping to finance Bonaire’s team to participate in the first international Special Olympics in Dublin, Ireland, in June 2003, the first games to be held outside the US. Last year, 2011, there were 150 walkers and 150 bike riders, with 630 tickets sold. This year they’re aiming for even more participants. “ You don’t need to be a participant to help,” Delno says. “You may buy tickets or sponsor a walker. Call 717-4496.” According to Delno there are 40 athletes actively training right now. They’ll send 10 to 20 to the next games. Elizabeth will be there to participate this year, but as she has been ill she cannot make the whole 34 kilometers but, she says, “I’ll try to make it as I did in the old days – at least partway!” “It’s a great organization,” both Elizabeth and Delno say “and we still count from Day 1 all those who supported us and we are very grateful.” Main sponsors: Digicel, Hitess, Fatum, MCB alinfg with Total Car Rental, Toshiba, Bonaire Motorcycle Shop, Hotel Rochaline For more information contact: Arlene MarseliaEngelhart (National Director) 525-8496; Chio Semeleer (Head Coach) 787-2306 L.D. Delno Tromp and Elizabeth Wigny – founders of the Walk-a-Thon 10 years ago. Back on the island again. Times & Dates Friday, March 2, 7 pm and Saturday, 4 pm at City Caf/Hotel Rochaline – Buy tickets and pick up t-shirt, water bottle Sunday, March 4, 2012, 5 am at the Slave Huts Walk-a-Thon begins – 5 am for walkers/runners, 7 am for bikers Herman van Leeuwen photo The Ferris Wheel may stop at the top for a great view Being scared can be fun


Page 4 Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 “I was one year old when I came here with my parents and my older brother Timothy. Of course I can’t remember anything about the time I lived in Holland and so, Bonaire is my home. My father, Arthur Sealy, is from Bonaire. He studied in Holland and couldn’t find a job there, but he did find my mom, Riet, and then they came to Bonaire with us. My childhood was nice and normal; there weren’t many activities.” She laughs. “ I was a member of the library and whenever I got the chance I was reading and I played with girlfriends. However, there was a chess club… and ballet, but never continuously. The teacher would leave and then someone else would pick it up and start all over again. I can’t remember being bored when I was a child, but as a teenager I was bored stiff! There was nothing to go to! The Fantasy Discotheque had a matinee once a month and then I could go to the disco from 5 to 7 in the afternoon! But as a family we went every year on trips to the US, Costa Rica, Barbados and all around the Caribbean. Great vacations we had and I still love to travel. I went to SGB, Havo, and after I graduated when I was 18 I thought ‘I am Dutch. I have my family in Holland.’ So I went to Deventer, a place in the east of Holland. It was more or less like Bonaire: lots of Antilleans and nothing to do! I went with the beursalen (the group of graduates from the Antilles) and went to live on my own in a student accommodation (it had all been arranged from Bonaire) with two Chinese and one person from Africa. The Chinese people had meat hanging on their balcony to dry – disgusting and the African was not very legal, but they all were very nice. I didn’t know what I wanted to study. That’s why I was in Deventer because they had a broad foundation course which made it possible to choose from all different subjects from different studies to see what it was I really wanted to do. I did economics and environmental studies, then I decided ‘I am going to be a teacher.’ I went to the academy but it was an illusion that only lasted for six months. It wasn’t for me! Compared to what I was used to on Bonaire it was completely different. The children in Holland were taught to be very assertive; they were encouraged to ask critical questions, not to accept things because the teachers said so. They also called you by your first name. On Bonaire I was used to the teachers being authoritarian so I felt a bit insecure. Then I went to study SPH, social work. I thought it would be fun. You see, I like people who are a little bit off – who are different from the majority. I think they’re interesting. I am also fascinated by people who go into crime or who become addicts: how come and why? I wanted to go deeper into the subject and with the SPH education I would get the chance to find out more. During my study I worked as a trainee in the psychiatric ward of an institution for children who couldn’t live at home. I liked it a lot, but I also found out that as a welfare worker in Holland your actions are very restricted. Everything has to go according to procedures and rules and regulations and there is very little space for creativity or initiative. There are way too many people involved in the wellbeing of the client – but at the same time it seems like the client is just a number. So,” she laughs, “I went to study criminology in Amsterdam and it was exactly what I was looking for! I loved it and I loved Amsterdam! I went out a lot and also I traveled all over Europe. (Continued on page 5) “I like people who are a little bit off – who are different from the majority. I think they’re interesting. ” ROCARGO SERVICES, N.V. International Freight (Car) BV The ONLY company offering direct weekly consolidation services from Europe/Holland to Bonaire www.ifc-consolidators.nl Jupiterweg 1A (Ecopark) 4761 RW Moerdijk, Holland Tel 31-(0) 168-40-94 94 Fax 31-(0) 168-40 94 70 Offering DAILY Express Services from and to Bonaire For shipment tracking www.fedex.com The World On Time Kaya Industria 12, KralendijkBonaire—N.A. 717-8922 FAX 717-5791 Email:info@rocargo.com For All Your Shipping Needs Full service door to door by air and by sea. Customs clearance, transportation, warehousing. International and local relocation. Packing material in stock. Qualified and professional personnel. Timely, accurate and reliable ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Amcar Freight, Inc. The ONLY company offering direct weekly consolidation services from Miami, USA to Bonaire www.amcarfreight.com Amcar Freight 12600 NW 25 Street Suite 107 Miami, Fl 33182 Tel. (305) 599-8866 Fax (305) 599-2808 Charlton and Ingrid at home


Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 Page 5 Before I got my Bachelors I did research considering domestic violence on Bonaire and what the police can do about it. Yeah… and then I was sold again. I didn’t want to go back to Holland anymore. I fell in love with Charlon and I fell in love with Bonaire all over again. My mom had to ‘kick’ me back to Holland to finish my education. I did my Bachelors and a couple of subjects for my Masters because I wanted to finish that too, but it didn’t work out. I still have to write my thesis.” Ingrid Sealy is an original, unconventional person. She’s smart and very witty and absolutely laid-back; she’s fun to be with. “In 2008 I came back to Bonaire and started working at the office for probation and after care services for discharged prisoners. I was 26. Some of my clients had been my classmates and others were much older than I. I’d expected it to be a tough job, but it was a real good time and I never, ever felt threatened. Compared to other places, there are a lot of young people involved in crime on Bonaire. I think it’s because of the fact that in most cases no attention is paid or no help is offered when the first signals show up, like skipping school, aggressive behavior, drugs and alcohol, no parental supervision and no structure – or maybe I have to say showed, because, in the meantime the situation has improved. There is Stichting Project, taking care of a special group of youngsters and there is HALT – alternative punishment for youngsters who for instance skip school frequently or who are involved in petty crime. HALT steps in at an early stage. And of course there’s Youth Care, where I’ve worked since 2010. And also nowadays there are psychologists and psychiatrists living on the island. At Youth Care I am a coordinator for visiting social workers. We are five social workers – that’s the team. We support parents who cannot handle the upbringing of their children. Our support and care considers the parents and the child(ren) – in fact the whole family in every possible way. The parents come in voluntarily, so the majority is motivated. Then, we also do foster care. We guide and help parents who’ve taken in a foster child. On Bonaire there are about 60 foster families who are taking care of one child or more. The sad thing is that every week there is a need for a new foster family, so there are way more children in the ages of 0 through 18 than there are families available. We really need more foster homes! So, if you’re interested, please contact us. I really like my job. It’s very challenging. Of course every day you’re plodding through other people’s problems, but I like it because you can help to make a difference. In fact I am doing the work I didn’t like to do in Holland because of all its restrictions. But I found out that here you can do so much more and you are allowed to do more. For instance, I go with the client for a job interview, I apply for food parcels, I help to find housing, together with the client we look for a possibility for the children to spend their day in a way that’s good for them. There are so many things you can do and I like it and it’s fun! Also, you see if it works or not pretty fast, because here the people are not a number! I am a homey person, a couch potato! I love to cook and even more to eat! I really am very lazy. It’s not very flattering, I do realize that, but it’s the real story! Ha! I don’t mind other people’s opinion about me. I used to be a bit insecure, but now I feel totally relaxed. I love my life. My household is well organized. That’s what Charlon and I like best. I am an impulsive person and Charlon, my partner, is more grounded, so there’s a good balance. Charlon works for RCN. He’s the chief of purchase and facilities and besides that he built our house with his own hands. In a couple of months our baby will be born and I think Bonaire is a good place to grow up. It is home. It’s about the people – it’s everything. You can do a lot here and that feels good. And in spite of its limitations and everything that’s wrong, you keep on loving Bonaire. I think the people who live here know what I am talking about. For now it’s enough for me and this is a base I can always come back to, but… last summer I was in New York and then I thought ‘hmm, I could live here too!’” Story & photos by Greta KooistraOn the Island Since (continued from page 4) Ingrid Sealy at work (the courtyard of Youth and Family Care)


Page 6 Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 W e b : m or ef or l e s s b o na i r e. c o m WE NEED MORE PHOTOS! WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next trip or when you return to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in hand. THE BEST PHOTOS OF THE YEAR WILL WIN THE PRIZES. Mail photos to Bonaire Reporter Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. E-mail to: info@bonairereporter.com D uring his trip through the Russian Far East, our sometime contributor, Jiri Lausman, traveled through the tajga in an allterrain vehicle with a driver and a guide with a gun against bears. They found the remains of one of numerous gulags. It was about 350 km from the port of Magadan and built by the political prisoners on the Sea of Ochotsk which is separated from the Pacific Ocean by the Kamchatka peninsula. These soviet work camps were built in the Kolyma region, the coldest area of the northern hemisphere where the temperature in winter drops to – 50 grades of Celsius. In the picture stands Lausman at a cemetery where the victims of extreme cold, hunger, diseases and brutality of th e guards were buried. The graves were marked by wooden poles. A small sign on the cross says it was erected by the Russian Orthodox Church in 2004, 10 years after president Boris Yelsin had ordered to release the last gulag prisoners. T he Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association (BONHATA), as part of their continued commitment to Bonaire and its tourism, is working closely with the Police Force Dutch Caribbean ( Politie Korps Caribisch Nederland ), location Bonaire. In the past months this collaboration has been very fruitful and is leading to new synergies in the areas of crime prevention. Collaboration between the private sector and the police department is essential to combat crime. The efforts at the moment are on two fronts, one is prevention and the other one is gathering statistics and documenting ongoing issues. In terms of prevention BONHATA together with Police Force is actively communicating to the private sector to remain vigilant and take the necessary steps to prevent crimes. The police department is also working on website which should be going live during the first quarter of the year. Aside from these efforts BONHATA together with other key players in the private sector will start working in gathering data of incidents on the island. This is an effort to quantify issues that go unreported and undocumented and will help aid the police department to better gauge the true scope of the crime situation on the island. BONHATA would like to thank the Police department for their support, and hopes to build on this relationship in the future. At the same time BONHATA would like to urge the community at large to remain vigilant and report suspicious activities. The organization extends an invitation to members of the tourism industry to contact the BONHATA office and inquire about how they can sign up to participate in the gathering of crime statistics on the island BONHATA Press release Bonaire: T he Bonaire Sign Studio has announced the winner of the Sign Studio Fellowship Award; it is the Echo Foundation who has worked to re-establish the endangered lora, the Bonaire Amazon parrots as well as suc cessfully releasing wild parrots that were confiscated by the police back into the natural environment. See photo above. “We want to give something back to businesses and the community that help support us each year,” says current manager Michael LaFortune. “Bonaire is changing and growing. This is our way of helping local busine sses, NGOs, and the people of Bonaire.” The Sign Studio Fellowship Award is given to any new or existing Company or Fundashon that is need of signage from the servic es they offer. $500 of services is awarded to an entrant who best explains why their business makes a positive difference to the people of Bonaire. Press release/G.D.


Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 Page 7 Don’t Gamble With Your Advertising Reach more readers than any other Bonaire paper – Delivered to Hotels and Shops plus Thousands More Readers On the Internet Call Laura at 786-6518/ 786-6125 Email: Laura@bonairenews.com I t’s hard enough for most people to get to the gym for exercise… but to do it for 10 years? This week Rolando “Nando” Statia celebrated working out at BonFysio/Bon Bida “officially” for 10 years. Joining in the celebration were Robert and Marjolein Smaal of the spa and some of Nando’s friends who share his early morning, 6 am, workout time. One of those friends calculated that he had worked out 1,040 times based on his twice-a-week schedule. Nando credits his fitness to the workoutS and says he is much stronger and more flexible. Pabien, Nando. G.D. T his is probably one of your best chances to leave your mark on Bonaire. As many residents, visitors, bike riders and pedestrians know, our island is suffering a pothole plague. We have had our share of mosquitoes, frogs, rains in biblical proportions and now we are in the throes of the mightiest one that threatens the tires, axles, bearings and kidneys of cars and drivers alike. Take this opportunity to ADOPT A POTHOLE! It’s really quite simple and should only take a few minutes to execute but will deliver hours pleasure as you watch your chosen pothole fill up and once again to re-join the level pavement. Here is how it works. Residents: Choose your favorite pothole or holes. Obtain its GPS coordinate ( The Bonaire Reporter can aid you here). Please measure its size and depths (prefer inches but will also convert from metric). Take a picture or two from different angles. We will build a web site once we have 10 adopted holes and post the information. Visitors to the site can make pledges to buy the aggregate that will be used for fill. In the event we can’t produce enough fill on island, we will arrange for a few pallets of cold patch material. The price will be by the pound (Kilo is 2.2lbs.) The product comes in 35 lb (15kg) sacks with an easy-carry handle. Visitors can also participate by selecting a hole and bringing a bag or two of cold patch on the plane and actually filling it themselves. Since many folks who visit have second homes here, they can check it as luggage and put their essentials in a carry on. Or better yet, some carriers allow an extra piece of luggage so they can bring two. It also comes in 50 lb. sacks for those who are a bit stronger. Once you arrive on island you can contact the Pot Hole Adoption Agency, located at Chat n Browse at the Sand Dollar Shopping Plaza (717 2281). Arrangements will be made for a viewing of Potholes so that you can select the ones that appeal to you. Of course, they will be added to the web site and your friends and neighbors back home will be able to contribute to the project. One of the side benefits to the program will be to rid the island of glass bottles. Once ground up and mixed with asphalt to become glassphalt, the potholes could be the answer to the disposal of the hundreds of thousand glass containers we deal with each year. Since the island will be heading toward an island-wide recycling program soon, it is a no brainer that there may be another way to use the aggregate once the holes are filled. Just a few basic guidelines for choosing your Potholes: Not larger than a VW Beetle Depth not to exceed 12 inches Must be a public road All proceeds over and above actual cost must be donated to a Bonaire non-profit program sponsored by the Tongue ‘n Cheek Club. Michael Gaynor Adopt me! Boulevard Gob. Debrot, Hato I am tired of reappearing after every rain. After all, I’ve been around for more than five years and the thousands of impressions I’ve made on the island’s cars and drivers are quite enough. Since I’m on the popular tourist route I’ve become famous world wide. But enough is enough. Fill me in so I can retire. G.D. Young Nando


Page 8 Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 H umans might have faced extinction 1 million years ago according the Scientific American Magazine, when a super volcano was thought to have nearly annihilated humans. Besides the super power of nature humans worldwide today are at the brink of extinction because of fighting each other. The endless Middle East wars, countries with their nuclear weapons, our waters, earth and air being polluted, the birth of all kind of diseases, not to mention the hatred, egotism, materialism, vengeance and lying. If these factors persist we don’t know how long we will exist. Still as individuals we can practice the power of love. Love is a word that mends and brings couples together for the best. And so it can be with a family, a nation and the world itself. We can learn from certain individuals what they are doing to share this unconditional love with other humans. Mrs. Roxanne Timp (49), is the management secretary of the Maduro and Curiel’s Bank (Bonaire) N.V., a volunteer in many organizations like Fundashon Kuido pa Bista i Oido Plataforma pa Patient, Komishon di Keho pa Patient, Komishon di Mayornan secretary for FKPD and assistant to the Special Olympics Team, Flamingo Kids Organization. And she is the mother of two girls, 19 and 22. Roxanne says: “When I finished school at 18 I felt the need to help people. So another friend and I decided to join the Female Jaycees in Curaao to prepare ourselves to become leaders for our community. Because we saw that people were really in need of attention, love and help, we founded a club to do voluntary work. That’s why when I came to Bonaire I wanted to join many organizations. My two girls at that time were still small and had been taken along and had been very cooperative till then. I had support from my neighbors to help me do whatever was necessary for the people. At the bank we workers have an organization called FASE ( Fondo pa Asistensha Sosial di Empleadonan di MCB ). The workers are motivated to contribute something every month which they deposit in a bank account of a needy organization in our community. We work fully in cooperation with the social workers and SASO (social assistance) to help those really in need. At the end of the year we help with packages of goods for those in need. The philosophy of the bank is to help the people. Humans are central. Lately we have trained young professionals to be leaders and motivate them to do volunteer work. We have learned that from the founder of the bank (The bank in Curaao has Paps Capriles Foundation.). ‘Humans are your main acquisitions. Without them you don’t have a bank. They have a financial role in your company.’ The young people have learned to appreciate their culture. Colleagues have learned to dedicate time to their company without any pay, to help their co-workers and clients. By doing this your company will be always in a positive spot. In our children we cultivate also the feeling of giving without expect ing anything back. To do volunteer work and spend quality time with your family you need a schedule and planning. By doing this you help your family see the important things in life. Today my elder daughter, Tina Jimenez (22), is working as a secretary at the Fundashon Kuido pa Bista i Oido, the organization for people who have vision and hearing problems. Her advice is to remember that human charms are not material or physical. For example if your house burns down completely, it’s material, but if you live with people and care for people, they will come to your assistance when you need it the most. Sentiment and love are the key factors, not the clothes and furniture. These are all material things. Humans need attention and if you do this you will neve r will feel empty or poor.” Roxanne Timp’s motto is “to live as if it were your last day. Forgive those who have caused you harm. Fix or repair what’s needed to be fixed and live with your fellow men in harmony. Do not despair; your help is on the way. Don’t only exist but live with people.” On this tiny island Bonaire we can take the example of certain groups of people who work for people. We can improve a lot in our economy and social life on a broader scale. It is important for us to see humans as central to our affairs. By doing this we can achieve a lot more, for example protecting our nature, avoid global warming, seeing the end of wars and hatred. Siomara Albertus ENDANGERED SPECIES– HUMANS A PLEA FOR CONTINUING MASKARADA “L ast year I came from Aruba to Bonaire especially to celebrate Maskarada. I had restored my parental home at Kaya Papa Cornes #5 and it all looked lovely and I told myself ‘from now on I’m going to participate in all the festivities on Bonaire again.’ My father, Mario Winklaar, was a passionate fan of Maskarada and several people from Maskarada, like Shon Boeboe Thielman, who plays the harmonica, and Papa Wijman, played with my father. Every year my dad would ‘beg’ my mom to let him go with the Maskarada. My mom didn’t like him going, but after the group visited our house you couldn’t stop my dad from going along with them, and he would play the guitar. Last year, Hubert Vis from SKAL (Cultural Department) gave his approval for the group to visit my family home. It was an exception because they had a very busy program. I joined the group there and we went all the way to Rincon to visit James Kroon. It became a tremendous party. It struck me that the whole Maskarada had changed since I had seen it 30 years ago. In the old days it was only men or men dressed up as women. Now I also saw women and very young children, and I thought it was a great development! It made me very happy to see young people involved because to me it was a guarantee for the continued existence of Maskarada and our culture. And then, this year, I’m getting my ticket, I made a special bandera (flag) for the governor and for the children and I was about to go when I heard that Maskarada was cancelled! It was a big, big blow! In a newspaper of December 30th they had put a black page: ‘ Maskarada Cancelled!’ Now, I don’t want to get into anybody’s personal problems, but together with Audy Flores – who also plays in Maskarada – I went to see Shon Boeboe. He was also very disappointed because nobody had informed him. Imagine! He’s the man who organized Maskarada on Aruba in the old days! Well, I went to visit Papa twice but he wasn’t home. What’s done is done and it doesn’t matter anymore, but I have great faith that Maskarada will return next year, especially after statements from the Deputy of Culture, Silvana Serfelia, and Mrs. Quancia Quant who has been a group leader of the Maskarada for years. Also, I’ve put (Continued on page 13, column 5) Munye Oduber-Winklaar pleads for the continuance of Maskarada Roxanne Timp


Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 Page 9 O ne should never underestimate the power of the omega propaganda machine that have brainwashed the public into believing that Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs), first omega 6, then omega 3, are essential to health! Unfortunately, PUFAs are responsible for the production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins (fatty acids found naturally in all people) – responsible for arthritis, allergies, migraines, menstrual and pre-menstrual miseries, and vascular disease. Let us consider the multiple mechanisms of damage caused by both omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, along with how and why they are being peddled as cures for the very pathologies they cause. SATURATED AND POLYUNSATURATED FATS A fatty acid is nothing more than a chain of carbon atom s with a carboxylic acid group attached to one end of the chain. Three of these fatty acid molecules bonded to a glycerol molecule form a triglyceride, the most common form in which fats are found in our foods and in our bodies. When there are single bonds between all the carbons in the fatty acid chain, the fatty acid is considered “saturated,” which means that the carbons have the maximum number of bonding sites available to hold hydrogen. If a carbon in the fatty acid chain forms a double bond with an adjacent carbon, it must surrender a hydrogen to do so. Thus the fatty acid with a double bond is termed “unsaturated.” A fatty acid with more than one double bond along the length of the carbon chain is called “polyunsaturated.” Omega 6 The most common omega 6 fatty acids are linoleic acid and gamma linolenic acid, primarily derived from seed oils – soy oil, corn oil, canola oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, etc. A problem developed back in the 1950s when Agri-business began to promote soy oil as a way to generate cash from soy beans. The competition with soy oil in the concentrated fat market was from butter and from palm and coconut oil. That competition was seemingly unbeatable. Every cracker, every loaf of bread, every bit of prepared food that required cooking fat was made from palm or coconut oil. Palm and coconut oil were flavorful and extraordinarily inexpensive. Meanwhile butter al so seemed unbeatable! This is where Agri-business came up with a brilliant strategy – they financed research “proving” that saturated fat causes cardiovascular disease. After funding this bogus research, they then spent a fortune promoting the results, effectively convincing us that not only were saturated fats killing us but that the fatty acids in soy oil were “essential” for our health! Take margarine – not only is it cheaper, but eating butter is dangerous! The seed oil industry got two other unexpected boosts to its popularity. The first booster came from the health food industry in the form of supplements, always prepared to hop on any pseudoscientific wagon it can ride for profits! The bigger boost came from the rapidly developing fast food industry. Nothing makes fast food faster than deep frying in a vat of soy oil, or slopping soy oil on the grill. Burgers and fries replaced the standard roast beef and mashed potatoes! Next issue: Why omega 3 & 6 supplements are so bad for us. Stephanie Bennett OMEGA 3 & 6 REVISITED Stephanie Bennett was born in Cape Town, South Africa, where she studied herbs, minerals and nutrition. Before moving to Bonaire she continued her studies in the UK and now researches Bonaire health Bonaire/Rincon – W ay back, in the year 2005 I lived in or near the village of Rincon. I rented a house with a view on Ser’i Suit for some four months from Mientje, a well known member of the well known Pourier family. Enough time to fall completely in love with this oldest and most northern village of Bonaire where, in those days, people made their own ice cream and on a Sunday you could fully unload a Sherman tank in the main street (Kaya Rincon/jb) because everybody was asleep, enjoying the more than well earned Sunday siesta. Then, I bought a beautiful old house in the lovely though dull and sleepy neighborhood of Hato. For personal reasons I’ve visited the admirable village of Rincon since the 24th of October on a more than regular basis. Because of its remote location Rincon is the best kept secret of Bonaire and I would be more than pleased to keep it that way. So two weeks ago I spotted a very nice converted traditional bike parked in the garden of a house in the center of Rincon. No single soul around. Shutters of the windows were open, but the doors remained closed. A couple of days later I drove an old lady from the Kaya Rsida to Tusnara, the supermarket of Rincon, and a young couple asked for a ride to Playa. They were Rincoeros and they knew who the owner of the bike was. The man lived in a house numbered “14”, near “Boys Grill”. The next day I spoke with the owner, Clinton Sint Jago, and yes, he was in for a portrait and an interview! Clinton Sint Jago, son of Tavio Sint Jago. Born and raised in the village of Rincon. Retired ( pensionado / jb ), worked at the water distribution of Bonaire for decades. Owner of the customized bike. Clinton: “I bought this bike some 35 years ago, around 1970. It was not brand new in those days. By the oval-shaped mud guards you can tell it is older. Probably it was made in Nottingham, England, in the very early 60s. Yes, you are right: it is a Raleigh. You can recognize an expensive Raleigh by the shape of the front fork and by the internal lo ck in the front fork. The British Humber and Rudge factories had more or less similar bikes, but this one has the hammered on copper Raleigh badge on the ball head! In those days the bike was equipped with old fashioned but reliable rim brakes, operated by metal levers and solid bars. The remains are still visible, but a long time ago I changed the rear wheel and now the bicycle can be stopped by activating the coaster back pedal brake. The frame, the mud guards, the steer, the brake le vers and the hand grips are still original!” Then Clinton walks inside and goes looking for some extra information about his bike. He returns with an article published earlier in Papiamentu in the Extra newspaper! (sic!/jb) This I did not know! However, my enthusiasm for the bicycle and Clinton grew… Clinton Sint Jago is the proud owner of a very special custom ized bicycle. In front, on both sides of the front fork there are two huge chrome headlamps with sun visors. On the luggage carrier in front there’s a black and white television plus radio installed, prewired for power and external antenna. There are a Bonairean flag and a flag of Rincon waving from the green carrier. For unknown reasons the green carrier is fitted with a multi switch from a ceiling fan. Indicator lights and retro reflectors are mounted all over this vehicle. A huge car mirror is installed. On the non-original chain case it says: “ Opa Fiets Buchi ” (Grandpa’s bicycle, Buchi/ jb). The removable center of the chain case, near the pedals is ornamented with a variety of used pre-paid telephone cards. On the rear carrier there’s an orange colored safety vest mounted under the rear led light. From the rear the Raleigh special looks like a twin cylinder as Clinton installed two exhaust systems made of pvc-pipes which originally were part of a water closet system. A very friendly man, an environment friendly bicycle. Happy traveling, Clinton! Photo & story by Jan Brouwer This is the 101st of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J@ n Brouwer, featuring some of Bonaire’s interesting vehicles an d persons that are “on wheels. ” Up to at least 200 articles! CLINTON SINT JAGO AND HIS CUSTOMIZED BRITISH RALEIGH A TV and more to entertain the rider Clinton, his Raleigh and granddaughter


Page 10 Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 I t was a perfect morning in parrot-topia. The sun was rising dependably. The songbirds welcomed the day and the delightful wild parrots chortled in the tree-tops. In another life Biscuit would have been perfecting the art of steaming milk to complete his morning cup of hand ground Kenyan coffee. Biscuit, however, was well and truly in this life. Like so many other vastly intelligent captive parrots he was once again coming to terms with the imperfect nature of his current existence. Biscuit was a prisoner and quite frankly he was sick of it. Unlike many of his companions in the old aviary Biscuit had fledged from a wild nest and he had flown in the wild. The other parrots of course, Dear Reader, had been taken from their families and from freedom, before they had even grown a full coat of feathers. Biscuit knew how perfect it could be to fly through a tree-lined valley and have his raucous calls echoing back at him. Without knowing how or why, Biscuit found himself whistling a perfect rendition of the theme tune to a classic movie he couldn’t name. Steve McQueen had always been a motorcycling hero of Biscuit’s but to find himself whistling away to “The Great Escape” as he was seemed rather improbable. And so it was in this perplexing position, as the sun rose in a perfect arc, that Biscuit had a brilliant idea. Biscuit was going to escape! Without a moment’s pause Biscuit quickly huddled together with the other six parrots to share the idea. His close companion, Perry, almost fell of his perch at its brilliance. This first reaction from the flock was reassuring, but how would the others react Biscuit wondered. Twiggy, who had once experienced starvation, wasn’t sure as she did not want to risk her food supply. As usual the two juveniles from the July rescue didn’t have much to say but they were not against it. Surprisingly it was Isla and Johan who threw a spanner in the works. They were more or less, in a round-about way, against the idea. They had already been free, and even produced an egg during their time on the old kunuku and they felt sure their day of freedom would not be far away. (Dear Reader, in case you missed the news: Isla and Johan were re-caught so that they could join the other parrots in parrot-topia). Biscuit felt a terrible sense of disappointment. It was like going out on a Friday night for the first time in months only to have your good friend stay at home on the couch. All hope was not lost, however, it was just that Isla and Johan wanted a perfect plan. The challenge only motivated Biscuit further. From that moment on his life changed. He had a purpose, and together with Perry they would study the feeding routine and the re-branching routine. They would time door openings and see which of the dedicated Echo team was most attentive with security and which was not. They would examine every inch of the aviary’s wire mesh and every screw in every frame until they had a clear plan. Feeling the musical tingle once again Biscuit happily led Perry and Twiggy in a perfect chorus “One way or another, I’m gonna find a way, I’m gonna get out, I’m gonna get out, get out, get out and be free, one way or another I’m gonna join the wild parrots and fly through the valleys once again.” Sadly, Dear Reader, there’s neither sufficient time nor space to share with you the outcome of Biscuit’s Great Escape right now. Caring of parrots is relentless and alas the hungry little devils beckon and so this all-too-brief moment of writing must draw to a close. Anyway if we did continue at this precise moment there would be no cliff hanger to this otherwise tantalizing tale. Be sure to check the next edition of The Reporter to find out what happens! If you’d like to find out the very latest news from the parrots and Echo team please do have a look at the Echo Facebook page www.facebook.com/echobonaire.org Dr. Sam Williams Inge van Eps Caretaker Inspection, cleaning and management of your house on Bonaire Call: 00 599 700 11 39 www. Bonaire Second Home Care .nl BISCUIT PLOTS Biscuit and co-conspirators O nce again you can find Elvis on Bonaire’s famous “Rock’n’Roll Wall Of Fame.” Do you remember the Wall Of Fame that guitarist and singer Bert Poyck made for Lee’s Bar? Well after being refurbished it has been reinstalled at the Tera Cora Ranch. It was a lot of work but the result is wonderful (everybody agrees on that). The photo at right shows one of the six “new” panels. There is also a new stage at the Tera Cora Ranch. And to kick it off on Sunday, March 4, there will be a show featuring two bands: Krioyo Pika at 5 pm and Back On Track at 7 pm Press release/ Bert Poyck/G.D.


Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 Page 11 Choose your size from 5’x5’ to 10’x20’. Prices from $29 to $147 per month. Call 700-1753 www.bonaireselfstorage.com O u t o f S p a c e ? POrtO Deli Open 8 am-8 pm On the Waterfront in Downtown Kralendijk– Next to Wattaburger Enjoy your meal in air conditioning or al fresco. Phone 717-3997 Wine Bar with Tapas Breakfast, Lunch, Early Dinner Homemade salads, Biggest burgers -250 g, Unique sandwiches Bread baked immediately before serving Top quality ingredients Healthy menu includes meat, cheeses and fish Premium coffee and beverages “Tapas and Wine” Ana Makaai’s new restaurant Calin and Ava wearing their Karnaval beads Marie, Margon, Aletta and Inga are in style! Amina and Paul Always in Karnaval best Philip’s costume sent a message of caution Children’s Parade Our pick for the most colorful group The Euphoria Brass Band joined the march. Julia and her friend– outstanding Bonairean Voices Reporter Siomara looked spectacular Nolly wore a diaper! T hirteen carnival groups and over 400 gaily decorated marchers danced down the streets of Rincon and Playa on February 18 and 19. They were cheered by hundreds of sp ectators lining the route. The police reported that the carnival weekend was without significant incident. G.D.


Page 12 Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 E.M. Rijswijk, Denturist ARE YOUR DENTURES: Loose? Cracked? Missing Teeth? In Your Pocket? Worn? Causing Gum Pain? Call For An Appointmen t 717-2248 or 786-3714 Kaya J.G. Hernandez z/n (Near Botika Korona) New hours: 9 am-12 pm, 2 pm—4 pm Monday-Friday Repairs while you wait. T o solve the puzzle, enter the numbers 1 through 9 to the partially filled in puzzle Sudoku Solution without repeating a number in any row, column or 3 x 3 region. Government ( Rijksvertegenwoordiger ), Wilbert Stolte, in February began an appointment hour for Bonaire citizens He considers it important that he is available for everyone. He would like to listen to the people of Bonaire. If possible he wants to make a contribution in finding solutions for problems. This month the session was on Thursday February 23rd. -if you want to make an appointment for the March meeting call 7178303. Rijksvertegenwoordiger Wilbert Stolte, at the request of the Island Council, approved the appointment of Willem Cecilia as Island Council Secretary ( griffer ) on logical and legal grounds. The approval was over the objections of opposition political parties. It was one of the first tests of Dutch overall supervision of Bonaire local government decisions. The Rijksvertegenwoordiger also called on the Island Council to carry out an investigation into the process surrounding the appointment of the registrar because it seems the privacy of the candidates was violated during the selection process. The program, Keda Inform (Stay Informed), of the RCN began this month. The program aims to inform Bonaireans about the policy areas the Dutch Government is responsible for: public health, security, social affairs and finances. It is a 15-minute program, in which head of RCN Communications, Lucia Beck (photo), has a conversation with her guests. At the beginning of each month the topic is announced. People are invited to submit questions. Each month a different subject will be covered. This past month it was the Belastingdienst Caribisch Nederland -Tax Service. The Dutch Caribbean Fire Brigade is exploring the possibility of introducing Search and Rescue teams on Bonaire St. Eustatius and Saba. Each island will have the possibility of forming a Search and Rescue team of up to 18 persons. Persons eligible to join this team can also come from both public and private sector agencies. The training course will last approximately five weeks and candidates will receive certification upon completion. The certification is equivalent to that of the UN standards which translates into our regions working along in assisting each other and if necessary with other professionals from Europe and other parts of the world. In the recent weeks, Customs ( Douane Caribisch Nederland ) conducted several drug busts. Last month 690 grams of cocaine, 1115 grams of hashish and 812.5 grams of marijuana with a total street value of approximately $120,000 were intercepted. The Flamingo Airport customs team arrested a woman who arrived on Bonaire from Curaao with 265 grams of cocaine, as well as a man who arrived on Bonaire from the Netherlands with 1115 grams of hashish. Also detained were a woman who arrived from Curaao with 260 grams of marijuana and a man who wanted to leave for the Netherlands with 425 grams of cocaine. Customs vows to remain vigilant on attempts to smuggle drugs. Bonaire’s new prison, with 70 cells and a maximum detention capacity of 140 persons, will be ready in 2015. Responding to a question about locking up juveniles in Bonaire, Justice Minister Opstelten explained that at the moment there were no minors in jail. There are a few young adults between the age of 19 and 22. Dutch Prince Johan Friso suffered ‘very serious’ brain damage during his skiing accident and it is uncertain if he will ever regain consciousness, the head of the medical team treating the prince told reporters last Friday. The prince, queen Beatrix' second son, was hit by an avalanche while skiing off piste with a friend a week ago. He was under the snow for at least 25 minutes. Dr. Wolfgang Koller told a short news conference Friso's heart stopped for 50 minutes leading to a shortage of oxygen to the brain. If the prince does regain consciousness, it could be months or even years before he recovers, Koller said. Doctors had hoped to limit the damage to Friso’s brain by maintaining a low body temperature. However, an MRI scan on Thursday revealed severe brain damage. Friso is not in the succession to the Dutch throne. He gave up his claim in 2003 by deciding to marry Mabel Wisse Smit without parliament’s permission. She had provided incomplete information to the government during a background check about her university-days relationship with drug baron Klaas Bruinsma who was later slain in a gangland killing No longer a member of the Royal House and having given up his status as Prince of the Netherlands, Friso is still part of the royal family and retains the title of Prince of Oranje. He and wife Mabel live in London with their two daughters, Luana, 6, and 5-year-old Zaria. SELIBON, Bonaire’s waste management company, has good news for islanders and the environment. Beginning in March Bonaire residents can dump their trash free on Saturdays at the landfill. The normal fee of $4.77/500kg will be temporarily waived as a test. The only requirement is that trash be separated. For example garden waste, metal, old refrigerators, wood, tires, etc. must be placed in the appropriate spot in the landfill. Many have observed that piles of trash were being dumped in the mondi presumably because of the landfill fee. This week marks the 50th anniversary of Bonaire’s Lions Club. Check out Happenings on page 17 for related events. Be sure to take part in the 10th Annual Special Olympics Walk-a-Thon this coming Sunday, March 4. G./L.D. Flotsam and Jetsam (Continued from page 2) Luciano Benneton’s 51-meter-long yacht, Tribu, tied up next to the Tres Hombres sailing ship at the town pier last week. Laura Dekker is writing her book with help from Bonaire’s Gerard van Erp, who has a long history of boating and manages the Plaza Resort Marina. Hopefully it can be sent to the publisher by early March. At that time Laura and Gerard will fly to Europe for the Amsterdam Boat Show and appear on several TV shows in Europe. In the meantime Laura is enjoying Bonaire, just as she did last year. Laura Dekker’s groundbreaking circumnavigation was an inspiration to youngsters living in a society where, in the words of commentator Gary E Brown, “Draconian laws protect people from themselves, coddle and control. It turns kids into nambypamby wimps whose only exercise is to lift the latest model cell phone to their ear or demand their parents buy them expensive and worthless designer training shoes. You will never see Laura Dekker lying drunk in the gutter in the freezing rain waving, showing her underwear while her “friends” take pictures with their cell phones to later share on YouTube. Dekker took on the establishment and won. She showed it what can be achieved by someone so young. Teenagers owe her a huge debt of gratitude. Sadly, too many of them are too ignorant to know it.” The visit of the pure sailing vessel Tres Hombres gave Bonaireans a glimpse of trading days long past. The ship sold European wines, oils and other items and will sail back to Europe with Caribbean goods like rum Dutch Prince Constantijn, Queen Beatrix, wife of Johan Friso, Princess Mabel and Prince Willem Alexander, from left, arrive at the main hospital in Innsbruck


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Call Donna at 795-9332 March Thu 01 00:38 0.02 ft 07:16 0.80 ft 15:36 0.11 ft 20:06 0.16 ft 6:50 18:45 Fri 02 01:08 0.00 ft 07:52 0.82 ft 16:14 0.11 ft 20:40 0.15 ft 6:50 18:45 Sat 03 01:43 0.01 ft 08:29 0.82 ft 16:51 0.10 ft 21:17 0.15 ft 6:49 18:45 Sun 04 02:24 0.01 ft 09:08 0.79 ft 17:26 0.09 ft 21:59 0.18 ft 6:49 18:45 Mon 05 03:14 0.01 ft 09:51 0.74 ft 18:00 0.07 ft 22:48 0.23 ft 6:48 18:45 Tue 06 04:19 0.04 ft 10:38 0.66 ft 18:34 0.05 ft 23:43 0.31 ft 6:48 18:45 Wed 07 05:40 0.06 ft 11:33 0.57 ft 19:08 0.04 ft 6:47 18:45 Thu 08 00:40 0.41 ft 07:16 0.06 ft 12:39 0.46 ft 19:45 0.02 ft Full Moon 6:47 18:45 Fri 09 01:37 0.53 ft 08:52 0.01 ft 13:54 0.37 ft 20:26 0.02 ft 6:46 18:45 Sat 10 02:33 0.66 ft 10:17 0.07 ft 15:11 0.30 ft 21:12 0.02 ft 6:45 18:46 Sun 11 03:27 0.78 ft 11:26 0.17 ft 16:23 0.27 ft 22:01 0.03 ft 6:45 18:46 Mon 12 04:20 0.88 ft 12:26 0.25 ft 17:26 0.25 ft 22:53 0.04 ft 6:44 18:46 Tue 13 05:11 0.95 ft 13:20 0.30 ft 18:22 0.25 ft 23:45 0.05 ft 6:43 18:46 Wed 14 06:03 0.99 ft 14:11 0.32 ft 19:14 0.26 ft L Quarter 6:43 18:46 Thu 15 00:38 0.06 ft 06:54 0.99 ft 14:59 0.32 ft 20:04 0.27 ft 6:42 18:46 Fri 16 01:32 0.05 ft 07:44 0.94 ft 15:46 0.28 ft 20:53 0.29 ft 6:42 18:46 Bring serenity Into your home With “Feng Shui” 2 person inflatable boat PVC, brand Sevylor, 2.00 x 1.22m., with pump and 2 paddles, brand new for $45. 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Floppy drive $12, CD $1,some electric things, LAN cables 20m each $3, and router in box (new $50) used $30, 2x1 p. bed box with mattresses (15060 or 190) See at K. Utrecht 25. Call 717-2529 —————————————— For Sale : Top Freezer/Refrigerator, brand Amana, 18 cu. ft., cream colored coating, 76 x 75 x 166 cm with trafo for $350 available as from March 1st. Tel. 717-5038 ———————————————my trust in Judy and Lienche who organized the Maskarada with all the children last year. Maskarada is unique for Bonaire. In the old days, when many men from Bonaire went to work at Lago in Aruba, it was also celebrated in San Nicholaas, but on Curaao it wasn’t known at all. That’s why it is so important that Maskarada will continue to exist because Bonaire is the only island that has it. That makes it so important and so special! When I was a child I was a bit scared of Maskarada because the people were all dressed up, wearing masks and they didn’t speak or sing. They only played their instruments and they made strange noises. The only thing they would sort of scream was ‘ Ainn Nob !’ ( Aa Nobo! –New Year) I was born here in August1953 and I lived here until I was eight. Then we moved to Aruba and after two years we came back. I went to Mulo high school on Bonaire and then to Havo on Curaao, and from Curaao I moved to Aruba where I got married and where I stayed. But almost every month I am on Bonaire. It’s pulling and calling me. I would love to come back here. You know, I am very nostalgic for the harmonious carefree life that we used to have in the old days. I realize that those days are gone, but something inside me always keeps longing and searching for those times and the people, but it’s a Utopia… I am a writer and a poet and perform drama That’s why I have to write, to put into words what other people cannot or dare not tell.’’ Greta Kooistra -Many thanks to Annette 'Magali' Sumter for introducing me to Munye Breaking news: Mrs Serfilia, the Commissioned of Culture has “guaranteed” that Maskarada will continue. Fruitful meetings have already been held. G.D. Continue Maskarada (Continued from page 8) FELMAR Cleaning Services Apartments, Hotels, Houses, Offices & More. Efficient Work, Good References. Tel. 786-0019


Page 14 Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 T he Bonaire Kadaster is responsible for the registration of all land titles on Bonaire. The Kadaster has many more registration duties, but land title and lien registration are the most important. Everything relating to land eventually finds its basis in the Office of the Kadaster. The Kadaster and his staff have been working very hard for the past several months updating all of the data and systems in the office. The goal is to have a 21st century electronic data retrieval system. Soon you will be able to sit at your computer and access information on every real estate parcel on Bonaire. In the past it was necessary to go to the Kadaster’s office and make a written application for information. Often it was very difficult and time consuming to get detailed information. All of that will change with the introduction of the new system. The new system will also link and bring together land data from different offices. This will insure consistent information between the Kadaster’s office, the land tax office, the Notary and others. In conjunction with the 10-10-10 plan between Bonaire and Holland the Kadaster’s office was receiving support from the Dutch Kadaster. Chairman Burnanje of the Dutch Kadaster (land registry), Inspector General Thunnissen, Bonaire’s managing director Holder of Kadaster Bonaire and Commissioner Burney El Hage of Bonaire have recently signed a Covenant of Cooperation. The Bonaire Kadaster and Kadasteral employees are now employees of the Kingdom Service Caribbean Netherlands, RCN. Since 10-10-10 there has been an increased exchange of information and support between Bonaire’s Kadaster and Holland. Now under the terms of the covenant the coordination of the offices will be increased. Eventually the Dutch Kadaster will be responsible for all land registry tasks on Bonaire. To facilitate the incorporation of Bonaire’s Kadaster office into the Dutch Kadasteral office the Kadaster General and Bonaire’s Kadaster, Holder, have established a series of working meetings to assure a smooth and orderly transition. The Kadasters have set the next meeting for mid-March. A goal of the transition is for Bonaire “to set an example for the Caribbean area.” It is anticipated that the covenant will result in technical improvements and information technology for Bonaire’s Kadaster office. Complete incorporation into the Dutch Kadaster system means that Bonaire will have the same system as in Holland. Currently in Holland and Bonaire a great deal of information collected by the Kadaster is considered private and privileged. In Holland and Bonaire you cannot ask the Kadaster for the price your neighbor paid for his home. Price and value imposed by the tax office are considered private, non-public information. In Holland there currently is a great deal of discussion suggesting this privacy policy should be changed. Many believe that the government already has too much information about property values and ownership. There is an equally vocal group that believes that such information should be a matter of public record as a matter of transparent government. One side says it is not my neighbor’s right or business to know how much I paid for my home or how big or small my mortgage may be. The other side argues that transparency is necessary to prevent fraud, corruption and improve tax collection and insure that taxes are fair and equitable. Their argument is that transparency is the only way to make sure that properties of equal value are taxed equally. They argue that transparency makes it easier to determine fair market value and helps stabilize real estate prices. It is clear that whatever happens in Holland will also happen on Bonaire. Anna & Art Kleimer The Kleimers are founding partners of Bonaire Island Real Estate, B.V. Email: Anna@Bonaireislandrealestate.com BONAIRE REAL ESTATE INFORMATION UPDATE On February 14 a covenant was sign ed by Island Commissioner Burney El Hage; Managing Director of the Bonaire Kadaster (land registry), R. Holder; the Chairman of the board, Mrs. Bu rmanje; Dutch Kadast er and Inspector General, Mrs. J. Thunnissen. The cove nant regulates cooperation and is the basis for further development of the Bonaire Kadaster. Professional massage therapy, facials, reflexology, lymph drainage, Shiatsu, deep tissue massage and other body and facial treatments Massage Program Neuromuscular Massage and Total Reflexology (90 min.) $135 Aroma Therapy (60 Min.) $75.00 Deep Massage For Divers (60 Min.) $68.00 Deep Tissue Massage (60 Min.) $75.00 Reflexology (50 Min.) $68.00 Lymph Drainage (60 Min.) $65.00 Bonairean Salt Body Scrub (30 Min.) $46.00 And much more…. Facial Program Mini Facial (30 Min.) $46.00 Hydrating Facial (60 Min.) $98.00 Skin Fitness (60 Min. Recommended For Men) $80.00 Peeling (30 min.) $100 After-Sun Relief Mask (60 Min.) $60.00 Spa Packages too... Sand Dollar Plaza Kaya Gob. Debrot 79 Tel; 785-3398 or 717-2622 Email: o_nubia@hotmail.com www.dayspabynubia.com Spa hours: Monday Saturday 10.00 am 6.00 pm, by appointment only Other times available H ave you always wanted to become a volunteer, but never knew where to start? This is your opportunity! Register now and become a volunteer for a day! Become a part of BON DOET. On March 16th and 17th, Bonaire’s NGO Platform, in cooperation with Oranje Fonds will organize BON DOET. BON DOET brings together needy organizations and volunteers, like you, together to do a chore/job or an activity. Everyone on Bonaire is invited to participate in BON DOET. BON DOET takes place on two days; however, you decide whether you want to participate one day, part of a day or two days. This way you can choose what suits you best and it remains fun and feasible. How can I register ? If you want to participate, you can register via telephone, email or our website. You can also send us a text message with your name, number and email and BON Doet will contact you. If you prefer a personal visit, you are most welcome to pass by Coffie & van der Hoek BV, Kaya Sabana 5 A, phone: 717-2834 or 7017984 or email bondoet@cvdhbv.com There are more than 40 chores/jobs listed for BON DOET like painting at FKPD or cleaning the garden at Kas di Arte or planting trees at a kresh, repairing things at a retirement home, for example. See page 18 for additional details, Sign up now! Press release/G.D. A big happy birthday to Yuchi Molina who celebrates her birthday on March 7. Yuchi is responsible for delivering The Bonaire Reporter to locations in Rincon. Thank you so much, Yuchi, for all the years you have helped The Reporter. We wish you the happiest of birthdays! Bon Doet photo Bonaire Government photo Princess Maxima and Prince Wi llem Alexander like Bon Doet


Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 Page 15 T he February 18 opening was a wonderful happening as many people from all different walks of life mingled and gathered and admired the work of Josephine Ebing. Alexander Cicilia, another longtime friend, serenaded her, singing and playing “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” Keep on shining Josephine! Greta Kooistra Bulevar Gob. N. Debrot 74 (Across from Sand Dollar) Phone 717-7224 www.bonbida.com One of the objects was sold right away Josephine and the lucky new owner Richard Berends and Josephine Ebing at the opening of Josephine's exhibition at Kas di Arte. Josephine's long time friend and great fan, Richard Berends, gave a speech in which he referred to the unique talent of sculptor Josephine, their long lasting friendship and the fact that he's been her muscle-man, pulling many tree trunks from the shore so she could give them their definite form and destination. Right: Josephine with one of her fantastic “lotus flowers” made of copper leaves and turquoise glass. With a light glowing inside they’re spectacular at night Below right: Hammered copper on driftwood creates a fantasy form


Page 16 Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 ACCOMMODATIONS Villa Makoshi is a fully furnished home with central air; 2 BR; 2 Baths; 2 private & secured decks with a beautiful view; pool. www.Villamakoshi.com AIRLINES Divi Divi AirBonaire’s “on time airline” with 16 flights a day between Bonaire and Curaao. Your first choice for inter-island travel. Now flying to Aruba. APPLIANCES /TV/ ELECTRONICS/ COMPUTERS City Shop the mega store, has the island’s widest selection of large and small home appliances, furniture, TV, computer s, cell phones and more. In-store financing too. BANK ORCO Bank offers one-on-one attention, personal banking. Each client is a person, not a number. Office in the historic building at Kaya Grandi 48. BEAUTY PARLOR Hair Affair Expert hair cutting, styling, facials and facial waxing. CARS AND BIKES De Freewieler sells bikes and all kinds of bike accessories. They do professional repairs on almost anything on two wheels. Have your keys made here too. DENTURE REPAIR All Denture Lab —for the best denture care by an experienced professional. Repairs while you wait. Next to Botika Korona on Kaya J. G. Hernandez. WANT A LISTING IN THIS DIRECTORY? It’s still free for regular advertisers in The Reporter. Call Laura at 786-6518 for more details. Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with dive shop and well stocked retail store. Best book trade on Bonaire. Good prices on regulator repair, dive computer H.Q. Dive Friends has four dive schools and three retail shops so you always get the best deals and can be assured of top notch training. Remodeled shop open now. UNDERWATER VIDEO ScubaVision Pro video of your Bonaire vacation, above and/or below the water with a custom DVD by Bonaire’s top videographer, Hendrik Wuyts. GARDEN SUPPLIES AND SERVICES Green Label has everything you need to start or maintain your garden. They can design, install and maintain it and offer plants, irrigation supplies and garden chemicals. Off Kaya Industria, behind TIS. HOME CARE Bonaire Second Home Care can handle all the needs of second home owners on Bonaire including inspection, management and cleaning. PHOTOGRAPHER Bonaire’s creative video and still photographer for the wedding or other importan t events in your life. ScubaVision, Kaya Grandi 6, see website scubavision.info or YouTube REAL ESTATE /RENTAL AGENTS Bonaire Island Real Estate, B.V. Brings personal attention, experience and integrity to property transactions. Sunbelt Realty offers full real estate, rental, and insurance services. If you want a home or to invest in Bonaire, stop in and visit. RESTAURANTS Norca’s Deli Caf,Upstairs above Botika Bonaire on Kaya Grandi offers lunch plus a special “after hours” Rijsttafel dinner if you call ahead: 717-4376 Porto Deli Much more than a deli with tapas and a wine bar. Fresh-baked bread sandwiches, delicious soups & salads, big burgers, top ingredients. Pasa Bon Pizza —Bonaire’s quality pizza-Best ingredients, best baking and best taste. Great salads and lasagna too. Eat in or take away. RETAIL Benetton, world famous designer clothes available now in Bonaire at prices less than those in US. For men, women and children. SECURITY Special Security Services will provide that extra measure of protection when you need it. Always reliable. STORAGE The Storehouse ( Mangazina in Papiamentu ) offers Secure Storage for Vehicles, Household Items, Diving and Sporting Gear, Business Files or Inventory. Across from the northern hotel row. SHIPPING Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of Bonaire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient. FedEx agent. What would we do without their superb services? SPAS/GYM Bon Bida Spa & Gym World Class fitness and health facilityClasses, top notch machines, trainers. Day, monthly or annual rates. Face and Body Day Spa by Nubia. Professional massage therapy, facials, reflexology, lymph drainage, Shiatsu, deep tissue massage and other body and facial treatments SUPERMARKETS Warehouse Supermarket on Kaya Industria— Biggest air conditioned market with a friendly staff, the largest selection and lowest prices on the island. More for Less Bonaire’s ‘boutique” supermarket with a wide selection, specializing in organic fruits and vegetables, unique products and fresh flowers from Ecuador. On the Nikiboko Road North WATER TAXI Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di Amor. Hotel or downtown pickup The only water taxi to Klein Bonaire with an easy on/off built-in ramp WINES Antillean Wine Company. You’ve tried the rest; now try the best: best prices, highest quality wines kept in a cooled warehouse. Free delivery. Kaya Industria 23, Mon.-Sat. 9 am-1 pm. Sunbelt Realty From Bonaire Nautico Marina BONAIRE NAUTICO MARINA At It Rains Fishes Restaurant Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399 www.bonairenauticomarina /VHF 68 info@bonairenauticomarina.com THE ONLY WALKON / WALKOFF Catamaran Kantika di Amor Up to 27 people and supported by a brand new larger sister Catamaran Kantika Too Up to 50 people TRIPS Every Day (max 1.90 meter draft), Dinghy tie up at north-inside dock at US$10 weekly up from Monday till Monday. Water and 115/220 v. Daily trips via resorts 10 am, 12 2 pm Except Sundays at 10 am only Also available for group trips If you are a regular advertiser in The Bonaire Reporter your business will appear in this directory free of charge


Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 Page 17 REGULAR EVENTS € Rooi Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours $21 (includes tax). Di scounts for residents and local people. Tel. 717-8489, 540-9800. € We Dare to Care Park children’s playground open every day in the cooler afternoon-evening hours. €Kas di Arte—Ongoing exhibit with different artists Open Wednesday-Sunday, 9 am-noon, 1-6 pm. On the sea promenade Saturdays € Marshe di Kunukeru (Farmers’ Market ) 1st Saturday of the month at Kriabon, Kaminda Jatu Baco #55, next to Aquamarin School, 8 am to 12 noon. €Marshe di Kunukeru (Farmers’ Market ) Last Saturday of the month at Pakus di Pruga (Animal Shelter’s Garage Sale-see below), 8 am-noon €Bonaire Animal Shelter’s “Garage Sale” Pakus di Pruga—every Saturday 8am-5pm. At Kaminda Liberador Simon Bolivar, across from Brandaris Caf. Lots of free parking. Tel. 717-4989 € Monthly flea market at "We Dare To Care” Playground, 1st Saturday of the month, 2– 6 pm. Rent a table for $10. Information: Marissa Jansen (Tel: 701-1103) or Kim de Raadt (Tel: 787-1475) € Wine Tasting at Antillean Wine Company’s warehouse on Kaya Industria, second Saturday of the month 7-9 pm. Snacks and tasting of six wines for $10 per person. Tel. 560-7539. € Soldachi Tours—See the real Bonaire and be transported back in time. Learn about the history, culture and nature by Bonaireans from Rincon. Call Maria Koeks for more information—796-7870. € Chess Training Children & adults. $5, 512-9660. Volunteers welcome €PetanqueJeu de Boules, Saturdays 2.30 pm Tera Cora ranch. info: 786-0150 Sundays Kunuku Arawak Music, drinks, local food, dancing, 10 am—6 pm. Live music starts at 4 pm .Tel.786-7210 Mondays € Soldachi Tours of Rincon, the heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call Maria, 7176435-best island tour value € Meet the Captain Night at Captain Don’s Habitat Bar– Get up close and personal with Bonaire’s dive pioneer. The Captain will autograph your copy of his newest book Reef Windows Tuesdays Chez Nous Restaurant— Multi course dinner, $20, at the high school. Reservations mandatory 700-4628 Wednesdays Chez Nous Restaurant – Multi-course lunch, about $12, at the high school. Reservations mandatory 700-4628. Ben & Harrie Acoustic Guitar Duo at Spice Beach Club, 6-9 pm, Eden Beach Thursdays Bonaire Chess & Draughts (checkers) players get together on from 19.00 till 21.00 at the SGB-school: Kaya Frater Odulfinuz z/n Fridays Jong Bonaire Chess & Draughts players get together from 17.00 till 19.00 at the SGB-school. Kids can star t at age six. Tourists are welcome. Cont act Serapio Pop, at 701-9660. FREE SLIDE/VIDEO SHOWS Monday -Touch the Sea -Dee Scarr, honored as a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame conducts Bonaire's Touch the Sea programs of personalized dive guiding. She presents a unique perspective on critters and corals, plus an updated Bonaire lionfish report, every Monday when she's on-island at 8:30 pm in the Aquarius Conference Center at Captain Don's Habitat, Call 717-8290. Wednesday Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) presents an informative slide show: Sea Turtles of Bonaire, at 8pm, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the conference room at Captain Don's Habitat (717-8290) BONAIRE’S TRADITIONS Mangasina di Rei, Rincon Enjoy the view from “The King’s Storehouse.” Learn about Bonaire’s culture. Visit homes from the 17th century. Daily. Call 717-4060 / 790-2018 Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, behind the Catholic Church in town. Open weekdays from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel. 717-8868 Washington-Slagbaai National Park, Museum and Visitors’ Center. Open daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December 25th. and January 1st. Call 788 9015 or 796 5681 CLUBS and MEETINGS AA meetings every Wednesday at 7pm. Phone: 790-7001 and 796-4931 Al-Anon meetings every Monday evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272 Bridge Club Wednesdays 7:15 pm— All levels, cost is $1, call Renata at 7965591 to find out the evening’s location. Darts Club plays every other Sunday at City Caf. Registration at 4, games at 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539. JCI First Wednesday of the MonthJunior Chamber International Bonaire (JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bonaire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO building, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Everyone is welcom e. Contact: Renata Domacass 516-4252. Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza, Kaya International, every other Tuesday, 7 pm Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette Rodriguez. Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 8 pm at Kaya Sabana #1. All Lions welcome. For more information call 510-0710. Rotary lunch meetings Wednesdays 12:15-2 pm Divi Flamingo Beach Resort in Peter Hughes meeting room upstairs above the dive shop. All Rotarians welcome. Tel. 701-1100. Toastmasters Club meets every two weeks. For more information call Crusita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Martinez Beck, at 786-2953. CHURCH SERVICES Protestant Congregation of Bonaire: Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papiamentu, Dutch, Englis h, Sundays, 10am. Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papiamentu, Sundays, 8:30 am. Children’s club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in Kralendijk Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in Rincon. Bible Study and Pray er meetings, Thursdays, at 8 pm, Kralendijk. New Apostolic Church: Centro di Bario Nord Salia, Sundays, 10 am. Services in Dutch. 700-0379 International Bible Church, Kaya Papago 104, Hato, behind Bon Fysio/Bon Bida Spa & Gym on Kaya Gob. N. Debrot. Sunday 9:00 am Worship service in English; 10:45 am Sunday school for all ages. Tuesday 7:30 pm Adult bible study class. 717-8377 for more info or ride bonaireibc@yahoo.com Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendijk – Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in Papiamentu, 717-8304. Our Lady of Coromoto in Antriol Saturday at 6 pm in English. Mass in Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm. 717-4211. Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios): Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English, Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10 am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30 pm 717-2194 Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bonaire Youth Center in English, Dutch and Papiamentu. Preaching the full gospel. Contact: 786-2557. Prayer and Intercession Church, in English. A full Gospel Church l ocated temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit # 20, Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services are held on Sunday mornings from 10am until 11:30am. Bible studies in English are on Monday nights from 7 to 8 pm. Contact: 717-3322 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints : Kaya Sabana #26, Sundays: 9 am Sacrament Services (Translation to English and Papiamentu upon request) 10:20 Sunday School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/ PH Primary held from 10:20-12 noon Visitors welcome: Inform ation: Call 701-9522 Foundation Fountain of Living Waters, Centro Fuente, Service Sunday at Kaya Aruaco 4 at 6 p.m. Preaching in Papiamentu and Spanish. For Marriage Counseling, contact 717-2161. Who’s Who on The Bonaire Reporter Take The Reporter Home—1-year subscription: By mail to US $75; By mail to Europe $170. By Internet, Free (asking a $35 donation.) For information about subscriptions, stories or advertising in The Bonaire Reporter PO Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean; phone (599) 786-6518, 786-6125, E-mail: info@bonairereporter.com The Bonaire Reporter, George DeSalvo, Publisher. Laura DeSalvo, Editor in Chief. Address: P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. Available on-line at: www.bonairereporter.com Published every two weeks Reporters: Annie, Siomara Albertus, James Albury, Stephanie Bennett, Jan Brouwer, Michael Gaynor, Anna & Art Kleimer, Greta Kooistra, Jane MaddenDisko, Bert Poyck, Dean Regas, Sam Williams Unattributed photos are by the editor or publisher. Distribution: Monica & Co. (Playa), Yuchi Molina (Rincon), Divi-Divi Airline, Ava Rose Wuyts (mailing) Housekeeping: JRA. Printed by: DeStad Drukke rij, Curaao 2012 The Bonaire Reporter CLOSE-IN EVENTS Josephine Ebings Sculpture Exhibit at Kas di Art. Exhibition continues through March 6. More on page 15. Monday, Feb. 27-Saturday, Mar. 3Celebration Week for the 50th Anniversary of the Bonaire Lion’s Club Charter See events below. Wednesday, February 27 Celebration of the 10th year of the Lions Time Capsule –at the plaza next to El Mundo restaurant. 6-7 pm Friday, March 2Cultural Night at Jong Bonaire 7:30-10:30 pm Saturday, March 3Award of Karnaval Prizes 8 pm-midnight at El Mundo Sunday, March 4 —Special Olympics Walk-a-Thon. Bonaire’s biggest fundraiser. All welcome. More on page 3 — Back on Track (rock ‘n roll band) & Krioyo Pika play at Tera Cora Ranch. More on page 10 Tuesday, March 6 Presentation at CIEE: “Jellyfish: On the path to ocean domination?” 78 pm by Lisa Young, Florida Institute of Technology Thursday, March 8 : Full Moon gathering. 7-9 pm. Meet at Bonaire Basics and leave from ther e for an inspiring location in nature. Costs: $ 6,pp Language: Dutch (English when requested). info: annemiek@bonairebasics.com Friday & Saturday, March 16-17 —Bon Doet Volunteer Even t. More on page 18 and the next edition. Wednesdays, March 21 and March 28 : Non Violent Communication, 7pm – 9.30 pm at Bonaire Basics. Language: Dutch (English when requested) Please info: annemiek@bonairebasics.com Saturday, March 31 — Wim Statius Muller and Tika Giel, Classic European and Antillean songs. Concert organized by Bonaire’s Classical Music Board at the Plaza Resort Day Date Ship Arrive/ Depart PAX Cap Line THU 3/1/ Caribbean Princess 12001900 3100 Princess Cruises FRI 3/2/ Zuiderdam 08001700 1918 HAL SUN 3/4/ Breamar 0800927 Fred OlTUE 3/6/ Island Sky 06001800 114 Noble Cal. WED 3/7/ Grandeur of the Seas 08001800 2446 Celebrity/ RCCL TUE 3/13/ Emerald Princess 12001900 3100 Princess Cruises WED 3/14/ Grandeur of 08002446 Celebrity THU 3/15/ Caribbean Princess 12001900 3100 Princess Cruises Crafts Market at Wilhelmina Park on Fridays and Cruise Ship Visiting Days—usually 10 am until ship departure. Cruise Ship Calls -Information provided by the TCB


Page 18 Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 T he look on her face says "Are you the one for me?" Honey is a gentle, beautiful calico cat just waiting for her forever family to come and get her. She is about two years old and one of the most affectionate residents at the Shelter cat compound. Honey quietly waits her turn while visitors "ooh" and "ahh" over the young kittens and then gently rubs against you asking if you'll hold her in your lap for awhile and let her snuggle in for some petting. If you are looking for a "no fuss" cat, she is the one for you. Ho ney is content to spend time alone napping or grooming (and not getting into "trouble"), but is more than willing to be there for you when you are in the mood from some cat love. She is a medium sized full grown cat with an over sized amount of love and affection to give to the person lucky enough to adopt her. “M ini” and her siblings, “Midi” and “Maxi” are three precious kittens rescued from the mondi, where they were abandoned without their mother at just barely three weeks old. Under the loving care of Shelter staffer Hanny Hoogerkamp, who raised them by hand since their rescue, they have blossomed into three healthy beautiful kittens. Two girls (one calic o and another rare red female) and one boy, the three fast growing k ittens will be ready for adoption in about two weeks. Vaccinations and wo rming medicines, vital to their continued health, cannot be administered until the kittens are at least six weeks of age. If you would like months of daily joy and laughter, consider adopting one, two or ALL THREE of these adorable kittens as soon as they are of age and vaccina ted. No need for entertainment from the television or internet when you can watch these little ones grow and play in your own home. All the pets up for adoption from the Bonaire Animal Shelter have been examined by the vet, gotten their shots, been wormed, sterilized and are healthy and “social.” Meet th em at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm and 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-4989. Website: WWW.Bonaireanimalshelter.com Jane Disko-Madden/Laura DeSalvo L auren Saulino ? Lauren Saulino wrote for The Bonaire Reporter and interned at the CIEE Research Station Bonaire in the summer of 2010 to assist with the dive program. Now she is in the Galapagos. She writes, “After leaving Bonaire, I took a few months off to travel in Italy, Germany and Austria before moving to the Galapagos Islands where I began work as the Academic Coordinator for a non-profit organization called Isabela Oceanographic Institute (IOI). IOI is locat ed on Isabela Island among a small fishing community of about 3,000 permanent residents. IOI’s mission is conservation through education using a two-pronged approach: 1) Certified English-as-a-Foreign-Language teachers are placed in the local elementary schools to give children of the island the opportunity to learn English as well as the places the teachers come from, and 2) International undergraduate and graduate students looking to focus on the specifics of the unique Galapagos marine, coastal and social environments have the opportunity to study and be immersed in the culture of the island. IOI programs emphasize cultural exchange and foreign language immersion, complimented by field-based and hands-on experiences in the unique natural and social environment of the Galapagos Islands where I currently coordinate and manage the latter of these two programs. I am grateful for my experience as an intern (twice) for CIEE in Bonaire as the training and professional development I received there have prepared me well for my current position. CIEE Report Lauren Hanny Hoogerkamp photo Honey Mini gets attention from young visitors at the Shelter


Bonaire ReporterMarch 2-16, 2012 Page 19 Hair Affair We do our best to make your hair and makeup wishes come true!! You can also come in for facials and facial waxing We use and sell L’Oreal products Is your plan to marry on the island? We can make you beautiful and stay beautiful for your happiest day. Personal attention by Janneke Appointment by tel: 717-5990 or just walk in. Downtown, near the waterfront next to Little Havana Tues-Fri: 9-12, 2-6 Sat: 9-2 non stop Check CARIB INN First. Great Prices –Great Stock Scuba Sales Repair Replacement New Gear Accessories Always Great Values Dive gear specials CARIB INN Since 1980 PADI 5 STAR GOLD PALM 717-8819 8 am to 5 pm daily (next to Divi Flamingo Hotel) Aries (March 21-April 20 ): A sort of transformation will begin to take place in your life. It has to do with your destiny. You may not be aware of it but it will still occur anyway. The shift has to do with how you look at money and how you share it. Also, how you view and take responsibility in relationships. Tests will come. You will pass. Taurus (April 21-May 21): A spiritual reality becomes more focused as you consider how to have a profession that is focus in Spirit of things, yet resources and needs are not denied. Instead they are insured and secured. Gemini (May 23-June 20): As others shift and shatter, you will be the one to take the lead in decisions. Duality is very prominent. Who else can explain it to everyone and help them make decisions? Try and provide a bit more depth than usual. Neptune calls for everyone to be refined. You're the spokesperson. Retreat later. Cancer (June 21-July 20): You may not have any patience if something feels drab and routine becomes tedious. If you labor under tiresome conditions your patience will flag and your discipline drop. You also may have headaches. It's important that exhaustion not enter into your every day. Communication now proceeds forward, though in slow motion. Things missing soon appear. Leo (July 21-Aug. 22): After much consultation and communication, which may continue for a year, you finally put yourself on pause and take yourself to the comforting shapes and shadows of home. And hide away awhile so you can decide which is most important now. Home or profession. Both are, yes. But one must be in the spotlight. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Things hidden within the daily life come out into the open and into the light of the Sun. Neptune, previously shrouding many things, no longer allows this to occur. Neptune can feel like it's dissolving things. But really it's just hiding them. Then it refines them. Be resourceful with resources. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Whereas you didn't know anything last month concerning your needs and wants, you definitely know now. Be careful, though. Everyone provides a lot to you always. This year, why don't you attempt to provide others who love you with recognition, praise, and gifts? Doing this builds and illumines your self-identity. Try it. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): A most important idea in the Mind of God takes root in yours. You are able to hold this idea, gestate it, and bring it into form at a later time. This is most important for Earth and for the United States (Gemini rising) in the tribulations to come. You are the messenger who brings the message of spirituality into the "world of men (mind)." You therefore carry the virtues of the world later to be dispersed. Carry them well. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 20): You'll need time alone to think, consider, contemplate, reason, and research which path to pursue in the future. Your head is filled with multiple choices, like a test you'd rather not take. But soon it will clear if you let it take its own good time to inform you. Careful with communication this coming month to self and others. You'll be tempted. Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 20): Beauty and balance will be wh at you seek out in the world because it will be what seems to define you. Partially, it will be. The other part is Right Human Relations, which when implemented, creates beauty and balance. And a new order of things. Do you need someone to help you with money, accounts, and business procedures? Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18): Some sort of public recognition and praise should occur and it could be rather unexpected. If the public doesn't recognize your gifts then your family will. If you family doesn't then your pets certainly do. Anyway, the stars call you to a vacation somewhere. Care to comply? Are you free? Money arrives. Pisces (Feb. 18-March 20): You will feel an internal pressure and search for your authentic working style for you need your life to feel fuller, more interesting, more worthwhile. This occurs automatically as you slow down a bit, downshift, so to speak, and live and work at a slower pace. You then fulfill yourself and seek not the "other." Annie E very four years, we get to experience something unique that became a part of our culture specifically because of the Earth's orbit around the Sun. And although this event seems to happen every four years, sometimes we skip a year. Now look at the night sky. You'll notice that the constellations that you saw last year at this time are in exactly the same place. And did you know that if you went outside at midnight on your birthday every year, you'd see exactly the same star patterns? The planets and Moon would all be in different positions each year, but the stars appear to be in the same place. And every four years, we have to add one whole day to our calendar to make sure that the star patterns you see on your birthday are exactly the same, year after year. This is because the time it takes for the Earth to travel around the Sun doesn't exactly match our calendar year. As you know it takes approximately 24 hours for the Earth to rotate once on its axis. That's one day. And it takes almost 28 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth. That's one month. But a year is how long it takes for a planet to travel all the way around the Sun and return to the same spot. It takes Earth approximately 365 days, 6 hours to travel around the Sun once. Over time, this extra six hours started causing problems for our calendar, because after a few decades, timekeepers noticed that we were almost a week behind in our journey around the Sun than where we should have been according to our calendar. So what did they do? They added extra time to the calendar to compensate. And since we're off by 6 hours a year, every 4 years we'd be almost an entire day behind where we should be (according to our calendar). Since 6 hours each year for 4 years adds up to 24 hours, it was decided that the simplest way to fix things was to add an extra day to the calendar every 4 years. Years when we do this are called Leap Years and the day which we add to our calendar count is called a Leap Day Now where should we put it? Well February has the least number of days. So let's add it to February and we'll come up with February 29th. We traditionally experience a Leap Year in years that are evenly divisible by 4; like 2008, 2012 and 2016. However, when a century ends, we skip a leap year. The exception is if the century ends on a year that is exactly divisible by 4. So, as I'm sure you remember, 1800 and 1900 weren't Leap Years, but 1600 and 2000 were Leap Years. Going forward in time, you'll notice that 2100, 2200 and 2300 won't have a Leap Day but 2400 will. The reason the “end of century” rule was introduced is because the correction is too big. The 6 hours is actually rounded up from 5 hours, 49 minutes and 16 seconds. But, hey, who's counting? What are the planets and our Moon doing this leap day week? If you go outside just after sunset any night this week, you'll be able to see our Moon, accompanied by four planets, all in the sky at the same time. Low on the horizon is the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury, and just above it, is the brightest planet visible from Earth, our sister planet, Venus If you look at Venus through a telescope you'll notice that it's in a waning gibbous phase, on its way around to our side of the solar system for its transit of the Sun in early June 2012. And, just above Venus is the largest planet in our solar system Jupiter And in just a few weeks, Jupiter and Venus will appear less than 3 degrees away from each other on March 12th. And lastly is our friend the red planet, Mars Mars is at opposition this week, so it'll be at its biggest and brightest over the next few days. So get outside and check it out! Enjoy your extra day this year. 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