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LFelping Bonaire Grow Responsibly










Amoss!93-27209@ Y@ar97Issm@90

W v
lit a @*

There has
been a
proposal to
postpone the
Bonaire refer-
endum from
September 3
until October 1 because there
has been insufficient time to pre-
pare an information program.
The educational campaign is needs
to run five to six weeks. Because
the necessary Island Council mem-
bers were of f-island no decision
has yet been made. The cost of the
referendum is expected to be be-
tween NAF 350.000 and NAF

> CURAQAO--Timothy Dunn,
Consul-General of the US for the
Netherlands Antilles is returning
to Washmgton to await his next
posting. His replacement has not
been named. Prime Minister Emily
De Jongh-Elhage thanked him for
his efforts over the past three years
in the Netherlands Antilles. "I
appreciated your efforts."
Mr. Dunn, in tum, thanked the
Prime Minister for her words and
the good cooperation of the Neth-
erlands Antilles, the Kingdom with
the US. He called the cooperation
that currently exists "excellent."

>Competing forecasts?:
MIAMI--US government scien-
tists on Thursday reduced their
forecast for the 2010 Atlantic-
Caribbean hurricane season but
said they were still predicting a
very active year of eight to 12
hurricanes. The National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA) said it now expects 14 to
20 tropical storms, with eight to 12
of those strengthening into hurri-
canes. It forecast that four to six
of them would become "major"
hurricanes, which are ranked at
Category 3 or above on the five-
step Saffir-Simpson scale of inten-
sity and have top winds of more
than 110 miles per hour (177 km
per hour).
DENVER-- US Colorado State
University (CSU) hurricane fore-
casting team last Wednesday
maintained its 2010 Atlantic hurri-
cane season forecast at 10 hurri-
canes, five of them expected to
be major. The leading storm re-

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I**I OW to contact US

Letters to the Editor:
Story tip or idea:
n @bonia eenews.com
Box 407, Bonaire,
Neth. Antilles.
/ 786-6518
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Printed Every Fortnight,
On-line Every day, 24/7
Next edition printing on
August 24 2010

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ThHealth R& 1-itnes MII oh ter oar

search team, founded by hurricane
forecast pioneer William Gray,
said the six-month season that
began on June I would likely see
18 named tropical storms, un-.
changed from its June 2 prediction.
So far the season had produced
three tropical storms, one of which
grew to hurricane strength. While
hurricanes do not hit Bonaire
the island can be affected by
reverse winds and sea swells.

>Air France-KLM had called in
the Curaqao airline company
Insel Air to transport passengers
to Curacao who were stranded
on St. Maarten due to a techni-
cal defect of the KLM-aircraft in
question. The local general man-
ager for KLM, Simone Wickenha-
gen, states this was done to get
passengers to their final destina-
tion quickly under the circum-
The KLM executive denies that
the made choice was because Insel
Air was the only one with the
white listing amongst the airline
companies in the Caribbean part of
the Kingdom.

Space Experience B.V., founded
in 2003, signed a letter of intent
with Curagao Airport Holding.
The letter of intent is a first step
for commercial space travel from
the Hato Intemational airport on
Curacao. A flight would cost well
over 100.000 guilders and last
around 30 minutes, the passenger
experiencing zero gravity for 10
minutes. The hope is that the
flights will be possible in 2014.

>THE HAGUE--It's been re-
vealed that Bonaire, St. Eusta-
tius and Saba will not fall under
NATO's protection after Octo-
ber 10. This is based on a North
Atlantic Treaty Organization
(NATO) geographical exclusion
Dutch caretaker Prime Minister
Jan Peter Balkenende told BNR
News Radio last Tuesday that al-
though the BES Islands (Bonaire,
Statia and Saba) will become an
integral part of the Netherlands as
"special municipalities" as of Oc-
tober 10, they cannot count on the
(Continued on page 8)

Table of Conltenlts

The Warriors and their partners about to go on their first boat
dive following their certryication at Habitat

or the fifth consecutive year Bonaire welcomed a group of
Wounded Warriors, American soldiers who suffered both
psychological and physical injuries during the performance of
their duties in Iraq and Afghanistan. They will spend from Au-
gust 7 to 14 with their partners diving and touring the island.
The group is staying and diving at Captain Don's Habitat. Besides
the staff of the resort, representatives of the "Be-A-Diver Program of
the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) and the
North American office of the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB)
are on hand to assist.
The soldiers took the basic SCUBA course before arriving on island
and did the required dives last Saturday and Sunday allowing them
to eam the Open Water Certification.
During the rest of the time they will continue to enjoy diving Bon-
aire and Klein Bonaire, do some sightseeing, shopping and will at-
tend a Texas-style barbecue. The highlight of the week was to be a
reception hosted by Island Govemor Glenn Thod6.
Sponsors include: 9Line LLC, Adams Unlimited Public Relations
& Marketing, AERIS, Bikers Bonaire, Bonaire KFC, Bonaire-
Talk.com, Bonaire Quad Tours, Bonaire Guided Motorcycle Tours,
Bonaire Tours & Vacations, Budget Rent A Car, Captain Don's
Habitat, Caradonna Dive Adventures, Inc., Care Coalition, Carib-
bean Travel & Life Magazine, Chat & Browse Bonaire DEMA/Be a
Diver, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine, Dive
Training Magazine, Henderson, H.S.A. International Training Cen-
ter of New Jersey, Islands Magazine, Jack Chalk & Family, Jewel
Of Bonaire, NetTech, N.V., OCEANIC, PADI, Paradise Moon Bar
& Restaurant, Patagonia Restaurant, Princeton Tec, Rum Runners,
Sport Diver Magazine, Tourism Corporation Bonaire, and Wounded
Warrior Disabled Sports Project.M

Tmlidmiol~llanding~aadscdquof Boardrmpla

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010



lubmalories are pursuing the same goal -
to produce algae as a source of, literally,
green energy. And many of them are us-
my genate engineering or other biologi-
al Weliniques, like chemically induced
nintasons to improve how algae func-
-Thele are probably well over 100 aca-
denue ellorts to use genetic engineering
to opunive biofuel production from al-
l one said Matthew C. Posewitz, an assis-
tant professor of chemist at the Colo-
rado School of Mines, who has written a
review of the field.

Algae are attracting attention because
the strains can potentially produce 10 or
more times more fuel per acre than the
corn used to make ethanol or the soybeans
used to make biodiesel. Moreover, algae
can be grown in brackish water so that
fuel production would not compete with
food production. Besides they do not need
the fresh water and acreage that other
biofuel sources like switchgrass do. In
addition algae are voracious consumers of
carbon dioxide, potentially helping to
keep some of this greenhouse gas from
contributing to global warming.

The labs are working to create superal-
gae, highly efficient at converting sunlight
and carbon dioxide into lipids and oils
that can be sent to a refined and made
into diesel or jet fuel.
Mike Mendez, a co-founder and vice
president for technology at Sapphire En-
ergy, in New Mexico says, "My whole
goal here at Sapphire is to domesticate

algae, to make it a crop.
His company has tried
and tested over 4,000
varieties of algae. For-
eign genes are being
spliced into algae and
native genes are being
Different strains of
algae are pitted against
one another in survival-
of-the-fittest contests in
an effort to accelerate
the evolution of fast-
growing, hardy strains.

i... .ne. ....iq.

Life on Bonaire primarily requires
two things: tourism and electricity.
Both depend, for the most part, on im-
ports. People from other places provide
the economic basis for most people on the
island. They are attracted by Bonaire's
clear water and relatively unspoiled envi-
ronment thanks to a small population and
non-commercial history. Electricity pro-
vides the power and water (via desalina-
tion) to support both visitors and resi-

Except for salt, Bonaire has no exploit-
able natural resources and no manufactur-

With the advent of wind power Bonaire
can become partially self-sustaining for
electricity. And there is serious discus-
sion of growing algae in unused salt
works ponds, harvesting it and processing
it into biodiesel. If this is accomplished
the island can supply itself with all the
power it needs.

Dozens of companies and academic

But efforts to geneti-
cally engineer algae,
which usually means to
splice in genes from other organisms,
wory some experts because algae play a
vital role in the environment. The single-
celled photosynthetic organisms produce
much of the oxygen on earth and are the
base of the marine food chain. "About
40% of the oxygen that you and I are
breathing right now comes from the algae
in the oceans," the genetic scientist J.
Craig Venter said at a US Congressional
hearing in May.

Gerald H. Groenewold, director of the
University of North Dakota's Energy and
Environmental Research Center, is to ing
to organize a study of the risks. He says,
"We must do this with the knowledge of
the implications and how to safeguard
what we are doing."

But many scientists, particularly those
in the algae business, say the fears of ge-
netically modified escaping and multiply-
ing are overblown. Just as food crops can-
not thrive without a farmer to nourish
them and fend off pests, algae modified to
be energy crops would be uncompetitive
against wild algae if they were to escape,
and even inside their own ponds.
If the algae escaped and flourished, then
what? Allison A. Snow, an ecologist at
Ohio State University, testified that a
"worst-case hypothetical scenario" would
be that algae engineered to be extremely
hardy might escape into the environment,
displace other species and cause algal
overgrowths that deprive waters of oxy-
gen, killing fish and marine life. And if
that happens in Bonaire it can kill tour-
ism as well as our living reef. O G.D.

Page 3

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010


www.gla ssbo~ttomb onai re.co m / Ca ll: +( 9 9) 7959-1826

"When you work in special education you have to
go to the level of that particular child so the child
can understand what you mean and when there's
that moment that the child looks at you and sayS
'Aha... I get it!' That makes up for everything! "

Ka Internationate#36-Bonair~K~e-KrolandI k: 717 4630/7173666 IFamn71746501' Ernalk in~ocitvshopndulgenac~L~cor


4 Of was bom in the middle of
nature. Like everybody
else in those days my mom was
planning on giving birth at home,
but when things didn't go
smoothly they decided it would be
better to go to the hospital in
Playa. However, on the way to
Playa, at Puerto Spanjo, I decided
it was time to come out, so I was
bom in the mondi and from that
time on nature has always been a
part of me. It's inside me.
When I was growing up, my
mom would take us walking eve-
rywhere. We would go to Karpata
to swim, we would walk to Playa,
we collected wood for the stove
and picked fruits of the kenepa and
shimaruku. Those years were won-
drous and adventurous, lovely
childhood days.
After I finished primary school -
I was 11 there was no follow-up
in education available on the is-
land so I went to the St. Martins
Boarding School on Curagao. My
dad was working on a tanker like
so many other Bonairean men at
the time and he would come to
see me whenever he had the

chance. I stayed there for three
years, then my dad retired and I
came back to Bonaire where they
had just started with the Lourdes
Mulo high school.'
She smiles "It has been quite a
life. When I'd finished high
school I wanted to become a stew-
ardess so badly, but it wasn't pos-
sible in those days so I went to
Curacao to study to become a kin-
dergarten teacher. I stayed there
for two years. From 1965 until
1967 I worked as a kindergarten
teacher in Playa. In 1967 I went to
Holland to get my headmaster's
certificate. Another two years later
I came back, on a ship. I went
from Holland to Paris, from Paris
to Lisbon and there I boarded a
ship called the Santa Maria. It was
an adventurous 14 days at sea. I
felt like I was on top of the world.
After I worked for five years in
Rincon as head of the kindergar-
ten, it started itching again. It had-
n't been enough. I was still not
ready. There had to be more and
so I decided to go back to Holland
and to start a higher professional
education in child care, health care

and art. It was a four-year study
and when I graduated I was 32. I
came back to Bonaire to stay in
I started working at SGB high
school and it was great. I also got
married. My husband, Wilby
Koeks, was a friend from my
youth. We'd been corresponding
for years while he was at sea. He
was a seaman with KNSM. We
married in 1979. He had also been
in Holland for two years and so we
came back together.
In Holland another important
event happened when we were
there. Wilby and I were both
raised Catholic, but in Holland we
began to study the Bible and when
we resumed to Bonaire both of us
were baptized and became Jeho-
vah's Witnesses.
So, Wilby started working for
the salt company. He's still at Car-
gill Salt. And I worked at SGB at
all levels for almost 20 years.
When you think about it it's quite
a time!
Then I trained in special educa-
tion and started teaching at the
Watapana School for special edu-
cation in Rincon and... if I may
say so...it has been the absolute
highlight of my career! When you
work in special education you
have to go to the level of that par-
ticular child so the child can un-
derstand whatyoumean and when
(Continued on page 5)

Maria relaxing in her lush garden

Page 4

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

an Banr~k~k~k~k~k~k~k~k~k~k~k~k~k~k~k~k~k~k 11946 -



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uper Special 0Ker On BackTo School
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_~ _~ ~ ~

Born On Bonaire (Conanued fo>n page 4)
there's that moment that the child looks at
you and says 'Aha... I get it!' that makes up
for everything! That is just a fabulous feel-
ing, and when I think back on it," She
laughs with tears in her eyes, "I get very
In 2001 I stopped teaching. I rvas 55 and
had 30 years of service. I could choose -
retire or go on and I chose to stop. There
were so many other things I granted to do.
During my years at school I took some
tourist courses as well. In those days few
cruise ships came to Bonaire, but I did
make several trips with tourists, mostly
during the holidays.
Ten years ago, the ladies club in Rincon,
'Rinfa' (Rincon feinenina), was setting up a
market every first Saturday of the month.
They asked me if I wanted to join them and
I said, 'Yes, but not with a booth. I rvant to
Organize a tour in Rincon.' I had a col-
league, Miss Carmita, with whom I had
taken the tourist course and she and I
composed' the tourist walking tour in Rin-
con. We're still using it it's our main vil-
lage tour. Can you imagine my first tours,
with my school English, using hands and
feet? It was really interesting! Ha, ha!
When I took the tourist course I'd become
friends with an American couple, Doris and
Tony Kool, so when I needed to upgrade
my English, Doris and I and another friend,
Agaath, would go swimming every Friday
and we would speak only English. That's
holy I took my English to a higher level-
by making friends and talking with them.
And that's what I tell everybody who wants
to learn Papiamentu: Make friends and
After doing the walking tours for a while I
started thinking of expanding the tour, to
show the people more of Rincon's sur-

rounding. I bought a van and went on sev-
eral trips with our elderly so they could see
the product and test it. On one of those trips
at the entrance to Washington Park we met
George 'Cultura' who was breeding and
collecting a whole bunch of hermit crabs,
which ive call soldachi in Papiamentu. Then
it struck me and I said, This is going to be
the name of my tours Soldachi Tours!
The thing I like very much is that the local
people identify themselves with the Solda-
chi Tours. I really like that! It's a business/
hobby/fan club! The business has grown,
but what I find very positive is that I've
grown too..."
Maria Koeks feet are deeply rooted in
the soil ofRincon, but her inind is open to
the whole wide world. She's tinv and slen-
der, a vivacious and daring woman with
great charm and intelligence.
*It's my passion. First it was Broertje
Janga who put Rincon on the map by orga-
nizing Dia di Rincon. Then the women of
Rincon started with the market to give the
reputation of the village a lift and to bring it
to a higher level. I did my part, but I could-
n't have done it all by myself. The people
of Rincon made it all happen and it was a
struggle, because tourism was and still is
for the most part something that was con-
nected to Playa. There's always been a kind
of rivalry between Rincon and Playa. They
see Rincon as a somewhat underdeveloped
area. I am glad that it is underdeveloped,
but the problem is that our youth are lear-
ing a world-wide phenomenon. Children
turn their backs on the villages and leave
for the cities, so what's left in the villages
are the elderly.
Rincon's beauty is the silence, the tran-
quility, the nature and... the people. Here
the people are still very much involved with
each other they care for each other. I

wouldn't want to change
Rincon for any other
place. I love Rincon and
the passion I feel for it I
want to pass on to others
and maybe they will feel
the same.
In the old days the peo-
ple here would eat what
the soil would give them.
Six years ago we started
brainstorming with five
people and Rocky of
LVV about holy to grow
our own vegetables and to
become 100 years old! .
Everybody started plant-
ing at their own house
and we Trent to visit each -.
Other to see holy thmgs
were growing. Now our 4.
club, Mi Hofito (My little <-
kitchen garden) has 40
members and every sec-
ond Wednesday of the
month ive come together.
We're also trying to con-
nect the youngsters to the
kunuku again. Those are
the things I'm doing now. Maria said, "I
Last night Wilby and I the highlight of
were talking about holy was founded by
we'd started and holy we will be celebrate
grew together and about
all the things we experi-
enced and lived through on Bonaire but also
in Holland and all the trips he made as a
seaman. I've traveled a lot myself, but some
parts of the world I've seen through his
eyes the way he described them in his
letters to me. I still have to see more places.
Ecuador and the Galapagos are on my list.
But in case it doesn t happen I didn't miss

want ny' photo taken at the Sababa Rock,
ny' village tour, where it says thatRincon
the Spanish in 1527. So, in 2027Rincon
ing its 500th anniversary and then I want
#9' picture taken again!"

an lhily I am really
happy and content, .
that's holy it is..
MStozy & photos by
Greta Kooistra

For more mfo: soldachi-rinconrcrhotmail.com

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Customs clearance, transportation,

International and local relocation.
Packing material in stock.
Qualified and professional personnel.
Timely, accurate and reliable
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The ONLY company offering
direct weekly consolidation
services from Europe/Holland
to Bonaire

Jupiterweg 1A (Ecopark)
4761 RW Moerdijk, Holland
Tel 31-(0) 168-40-94 94
Fax 31-(0) 168-40 94 70

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Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

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me, HCO

monitoring to

the feathers on
the ground out-
side. On closer
inspection we
noticed a wing,
and then a head
of one of the

I 1 es t nse st
/ of four was
empty, and it
was quite obvi-
ous to us what
was the cause. A
cat had found
the nest and
had probably
removed the
chicks one by one over the past week.
Fortunately, the next nest, being 10 feet
off the ground was safe, and we finally got
to carry out our work as normal. We
weighed and measured the chick and put
rings on it so that it could be identified it in
the future.
We set off to the third nest, which I was
fairly certain would be poached. It's loca-
tion and position is easy pickings for any-
One inclined to do so. Last year I wrote
about my disappointment when someone
had cut a new hole in this nest tree with
a machete to take the chicks. It was just a
matter of time before the same people
would retum to take the chicks this year. I
hoped that I would be proven wrong this
year, but the nest was empty.
We were bitterly disappointed after our
aftemoon's work. Two out of the three
nests we went to were empty because of
introduced predators and man. Four
chicks had been killed, and two stolen
which left one chick remaining out of
seven. It was a nasty example of the reality
that faces the Lora chicks before they even
leave the nest all condensed in to one after-
noon in the
field. 5 Stozy
& photo by
Rhian Evans .

Evans is
leading the
Parrotwatch ,

August is upon us already, and for the
Lora chicks, this means that it's
almost time to fledge. In many of the nests
that we monitor, the chicks are no longer
being fed by their parents and it's now up
to them to leave the nest if they want to
have another meal! We have watched some
of the chicks peering out of the nests
checking out the world outside the darkness
they've lived in since they hatched nearly
two months ago.
Sadly, very few will have the privilege.
The chicks face one more big obstacle, and
that is poaching. At this time of year, when
the chicks are almost ready to leave the
nest, poachers take the chicks to sell to the
illegal pet trade. Taking Loras from the
wild has been illegal on Bonaire since
1952. However, this law wasn't enforced
until 2002 when every pet Lora had to be
brought forward to be registered and
ringed. Every pet Lora found after that date
was regarded as illegally caught and could
be confiscated and the owners fined. De-
spite this, the practice of poaching Loras
continues, and it is thought that some are
taken off the island to Curagao. Of the
nests that we have been monitoring over
the past five years, around 30% are lost
each year to poaching.
Last week, we spent an aftemoon in
Washington-Slagbaai National Park to visit
three nests that we have been monitoring
over the past few vears.
The first nest had four healthy chicks. It
was the only nest this year that we were

Nadine Rubin writes Americans who are Bonaire neighbors flew from all over the
east coast to dive in the Georgia Aquarium, and of course we brought along The
Reporter, but they would not let us bring it into the tank! We dove with 30' whale
sharks, 12' manta rays, black tip reef sharks, hammerheads, 10' giant groupers and
many other varieties of sharks, rays and fish. The Georgia Aquarium is the largest
aquarium in the US. Divers are Nadine and Murray Rubin, Joel and Terri Frazier, An-
gela Anderson, Bill Mulvey, Larry Weber and Mary Gerdes and Mary Lepry.
WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next trip or
when you retum to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in hand. THE
BEST PHOTOS OF THE YEAR WILL WIN THE PRIZES. Mail photos to Bonaire Reporter,
Box 407, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles (AN). E-mail to:

Open House every first Saturday of the month from 9 am ?12 noon

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Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010


@ooenia Aunamium. Atlanta. @ooenia

This structure in the open air museum
at the Washington Slagbaai National
Park entrance is an example of an "oven.
If you look carefully, you 11 see that
the bottom is layered with a different ma-
terial from that on the top.
In the center, an almost paper-fine wood
is placed and lit to start the ignition proc-
ess. When this flambeau is lit it allows the
bottom material to catch fire, heating the
top rows which eventually crumble from
the high temperature.
After the oven has cooled, water is added,
creating a lime whitewash which was
used to paint buildings and for other con-

Q) What are the natural products
shown in the photo that were used
to build the oven?

Answer on page 17
Quiz & photo by Christie Dovale

BonQuiz appears regularly in The
Reporter. It's prepared by Christie
Dovale of Island Tours. To arrange a
tour, contact her via
her website:
naire.com Phone 717- -
4435 or 795-3456
Email: christie-
dovale@hotmail.com. .
L 4

island Hopper Vacation Packages
to Anguilla and Saba
Anguilla is best known for its 33
beaches, gourmet and West Indian
Cuisine, snorkeling and romantic honey-
Saba is a tranquil island best known for

hikirng nd sp ctacul divitng The tropi-
fauna for the nature lover to behold.
Leave Bonaire at 8 AM and arrive on
either island by lunch time. Choose from
casual bungalows to lovely villas.
Contact the Anguilla and Saba special-
ists at 800-219-0118 (US Toll Free),
On Bonaire call786-3134 or email
ann@antiguacaribbean.com today!

Page 7

8 4 2
5 6
4 3 7
8 1 3

1 5 3 4 8
3 7
3 1 5

Thank '
vou J
very 4/
the letters to the editor from BB and Mrs.
Terray Sherman in your Bonaire Reporter
(Issue 14). I think that those are only two
of a huge number of unsatisfied Bonaire
dive tourists nowadays.
A lot of tourists have had tremendous
crime problems in Bonaire but it's not
always so apparent. The reasons could be
language problems and often they are not
willing to invest a day at the police sta-
tion. They simply will never came to
Bonaire again, like a couple of German
friends of ours. We also think in this di-

Since 1996 my wife and I and friends
have come regularly every year to Bon-
aire, staying for five to six weeks, to dive
by car.
The last three years it was only a remem-
brance of a friendly, open and especially
safe Bonaire. In these last three years we
were hit by burglars in our rented house
in St. Barbara/Republiek twice, and we
had enormous problems with people
breaking into our car while we were div-
ing. In 2009 every second day we missed
something (T-shirt, sunglasses, caps,
Swimming trunks). It is terrible what goes
on in Bonaire and I feel that will soon kill
Bonaire's dive tourism. During this time
we were told by nearly every dive tourist
that they had the same crime problems
and they were deeply shocked about this.

It seems to us that Bonaire has lost con-
trol over these criminal groups. It seems
also that these criminals are well known
on Bonaire, but nothing has happened.
Despite this we booked for 2011 in hopes
of finding our old Bonaire again. We con-
sidered cancelling because we realize it
is getting worse than ever. We are really
frustrated, feel deeply uncomfortable und
If the island would really like to have a
realistic view of this situation give tour-
ists the opportunity to tell in a simple way
(e.g. multiple choice) what they have
experienced (e.g. airport).




Les Galeries Shopping Center
(Bordering the parking lot)
g yzygg9,
Open M-F 8:30-12, 2-6 pm, Sat. 9-12





if the restaurants that I sell to can put these
fish on their menus without the fear of be-
ing berated by misinformed diners with
good intentions! So please, educate yourself
about the different species of deep water
groupers and, of course, you are free to
decide not to eat them or any seafood for
that matter. If you want to boycott restau-
rants serving grouper caught on Bonaire's
reefs, that is another matter.

Some deep water grouper info...
In the westem Atlantic Ocean, Snolly
Grouper and Misty Grouper occur from
Massachusetts to southeastern Brazil, in-
cluding the Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda and
the Caribbean. Populations are also numer .

ePea ern Pac 'ic, m ce ral'oC Id
offshore in depths of at least 400 feet, and
they are not commonly encountered by an-
glers. One must be skilled in the practice of
deep-dropping, an increasingly popular
technique used by professionals and skilled
charter captains.
Yellowedge Grouper are caught infre-
quently throughout their range by commer-
cial and recreational fishermen. Most are
landed from waters 450 to 850 feet deep,
where the bottom is very irregular. Depth
recorders and Loran are required to locate
good fishing grounds.
The Queen Snapper (Etelis oculatus) is
among the deepest dwelling species of the
family Lutjanidae, and the only Atlantic
species of Etelis. Its distribution covers the
tropical western Atlantic Ocean, from North
Carolina to the eastem tip of Brazil, at
depths of 130 to 450 m (Allen, 1985).

-,4 Concemed and Conscientious Bonairean


Dear Editor

I am a local Bonairean fisherman who sup-
ports his family and makes an honest liv-
ing, doing one of the toughest and most
dangerous jobs on the planet. Lately, there
have been a lot of conversations on the
intemet and recommendations not to eat
grouper and to boycott local restaurants that
sell grouper. This is done by people with
the best of intentions and the admira-
ble desire to protect endangered species. I
agree that the population of shallow water
groupers that live on Bonaire's reefs have
been seriously depleted and need manage-
ment to make a recovery.

Most of the year I fish for Wahoo, Tuna and
Dorado (Mahi Mahi) but, especially in
the summer months. when those fish are not
running, I fish deep waters, usually around
600 feet, for deep water groupers and snap-
pers. These are not fish that divers
will ever likely see on the reef, as most live
below 400 feet. At these deep depths, I
catch mostly Snowy Groupers but also
some Yellowedge, Misty Groupers, and
Queen Snapper. These fish are not endan-
gered on Bonaire because they require spe-
cialized equipment to catch them that
most of the local boats don't have. A
Google search will turn up a lot more infor-
mation and photos of these fish. Yes,
there may be certain areas of the US where
they are endangered, but we are talking
about Bonaire, where destructive fishing
techniques such as long-lining, driftnets and
bottom trawling (that destroys entire sea-
floor habitats) are not practiced by lo-
cals. When I retum from fishing with my
catch of Snowy Groupers, it would be nice

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

g-- 7

0 0

To solve the puzzle, enter the num-
bers 1 through 9 to the partially
filled in puzzle without repeating a
number in any row, column or 3 x
3 region. Answer on page 17.

and has successfully
completed a survival
course. The judge in
the District Court in the
southem Dutch city of
Middelburg said it was
up to her parents to
decide whether she
should sail solo around
the world.
To set a new record as
the youngest person ever to sail solo must
complete the estimated tivo-year voyage
before she turns 17 on September 20, 2012.
In December 2009, the Dutch teenager also
made headlines in the Antilles after she had
left home without consent and was found in
St. Maarten. But she was intercepted and
police and Immigration officials escorted
her to the airport, leaving her in the hands of
the Royal DutchMarechaussees, who flew
her back to Holland via Curagao.
Currently, Bonaire is her first stop fol-
lowing a non-stop 385 mile sail from Gra-
nada. The route can be treacherous with
the low-lying Venezuelan islands directly
along her course and the swift currents east
of Bonaire waiting to snag a careless single-
handed sailor. Bonaire needs to greet this
girl in a special way and make sure her
stop here is helpful and memorable. Ac-
cording to her route plan her family plans to
rendezvous here with her.

)Remember Friday, August 13 when
the Classical Music Board of Bonaire
presents a Three Generations Recital at 8
pm in the Plaza Resort at the Cacique Hall:
-Willem Statius Muller,
-Annette Statius Muller, his daughter, a
gifted and experienced pianist and
-Alexander Kraft van Ermel, his grandson,
winner of the international piano festival of
Aruba. Email to:
hansfaassentligmail.com for more informa-
tion. Tickets at Books &Toys, Flamingo
Book Store, Plaza and via website:

>Welcome to our new advertisers: The
Glass Bottom Boat (page 3), and the
Health and Fitness Center, (pages 2 and
11) exclusive distributors of Nike clothes
and footwear and the only Les Mills Health
Center in the Caribbean.
Reports from passengers aboard the Glass
Bottom Boat report a smooth ride even in
choppy seas, incredible viewing of the un-
dersea life and a friendly, knowledgeable
boat captain.
Based on our experience, we consider the
conditions and equipment at the Health and
Fitness Center tops. If you want to get fit
and get the clothes you need to work out
give them a try.

Flotsam and Jetsam (Contmued from page 2)
same support of NATO troops as regular
Dutch municipalities.
Balkenende said the Dutch government is
currently involved in talks with authorities
in the Netherlands Antilles concerning the
future safety of the islands.

>If reports coming out of Willemstad are
correct, the future countries St. Maarten and
Curacao will share a new currency to be
called "Caribbean guilder" in six to nine
months. While this is directly related to the
constitutional changes and dismantling of
the Netherlands Antilles, it won't be possi-
ble on 10-10-10, when the new relations
within the Dutch Kingdom are to take ef-
However, nobody seems to be able to ex-
plain why a new joint currency is needed
in the first place. After all, the intention is
to peg the -Caribbean guilder" to the US
dollar in exactly the same manner as the
Antillean guilder, as also was done with the
Aruba florin when that island gained its
separate status.

>THE HAGUE--Talks on forming a right
-wing Dutch coalition government will
take two to three weeks and will take
place out of the public eye, negotiator Ivo
Opstelten said on Thursday afternoon.
Queen Beatrix has charged Opstelten with
forming a "stable cabinet" which can count
on a "fruitful" relationship with parliament.
The negotiator is focusing on a cabinet
made up of the People's Party for Freedom
and Democracy (VVD) and Christian De-
mocrat CDA which will be supported by the
Party for Freedom (PVV) in parliament.
The talks will involve working out a formal
coalition accord, which will be signed by
the VVD and CDA, and a separate agree-
ment which ivill also be signed by PVV.
The formal talks will include dividing up
the ministerial portfolios, Opstelten said.
The three parties have agreed to take auster-
ity measures aimed at saving 18 billion.
The right-wing combination will have 76
out of 150 seats in the lower house ofparlia-
ment but will not hold a majority in the

>THE HAGUE-Raymond Labad of the
Movement for the Advancement of Antil-
lean and Aruban Participation (MAAPP) is
afraid of a hostile approach towards for-
eigners if the Netherlands will be ruled by
a Liberal, VVD and Christian Democrat
CDA cabinet with the support of Party
for Freedom, PVV, as described above.
Even now the climate is already unpleas-
ant, but it will become even more unpleas-
ant. This will not only be felt by Antilleans
and Arubans, but also by Moroccans, Turks
and all the other non-Dutch residents."
The MAAPP chairman is afraid that the
Mark Rutte cabinet which is currently
under construction" will quickly imple-
ment a pejorative admission policy for An-
tilleans and Arubans.

>THE HAGUE--A delegation from the
Antillean government is scheduled to travel
to the Netherlands this week to bring Antil-
leans living in The Netherlands up to date
with the constitutional reform process
now underway in the Netherlands Antil-
les. On the agenda will be the dismantling
of the Netherlands Antilles and the creation
of the new countries of St. Maarten and
Curacao and the public entities of Bonaire,
St. Eustatius and Saba.

>Joel Gustav, head of the Dengue Preven-
tion Unit from the French.4gence Rdgionale
de la Santi (ARS), said that
80% of mosquito breeding sites are lo-

cated around the home and yard, where
there is human activity, and these could be
eliminated if the public cooperated. This has
shown not to be the case despite the annual
awareness campaigns that give specific
guidelines on recognizing and destroying
breeding sites, he said. See the Body Talk
column on page 16 for some realistic ad-
vice on preventing the spread of Dengue

) In our last edition we showed you a
photo of one of Sunshine Homes'
"affordable houses." Last week there was
an open house and party at the first of the
homes which appears almost complete
(above). See the Sunshine Homes ad on
page 6 for more information and take ad-
vantage of their summer special

> You have until Friday, August 13 to
sign your high-schooler up to join Jong
Bonaire. Visit the center between 9am to
4:30 pm. Call 717-4303 for more

) Big Flea Market this Saturday,
August 14, at the Bonaire Animal Shelter
on the Lagoen Road, 11am-5 pm. All
proceeds go to keeping the Shelter open for
umvanted dogs and cats. 717-4989.

)Five youngsters from Bonaire will
travel to the Netherlands on Sunday to
participate in the theatre festival
"Boulevard" in Den Bosch from August 9
to 14 named "Move Your Art." They will
join youths from Holland, Belgium, Aruba
and Curagao. It's the first time Bonaire is
participating and the theme of their per-
formance will be "10-10-10." Children
from Holland, Belgium, Aruba, Bonaire and
Curacao are involved as well. The Bonaire
youngsters Diorella Cicilia, Loudina
Soliana, Merleny Soleana and Semariel
Marten are chaperoned by Robert Sances.

) In the -
last issue of -
The Bonaire
Reporter we
published an
article about
the Animal ; ?
Friends . ". -' q ...
Foundation 1-, ed.- ;*
at .1 . "
Washikemba -E "i .. .1-
and a new born filly. Bregie Zijlstra and
Marc van Breen sent some additions and
corrections to that story:
"l.The mother horse (Marvbell) is owned
by Bregie Zijlstra and not by the Founda-
2. The filly now has a name. Sophia First of
3. Both horses are temporarily stabled at
Gielmon "Funchi" Egbreghts' nearby
4. Both horses are being taken care of by
Bregje and Marc van Breen.
5. Do not give Marvbell any apples as we
mentioned previously. Horses love apples
but Marvbell is on a strict diet since the
beginning of this year.

)Jiri Lausman pointed out that this month,
August 2010 has:
5 Sunday
5 Monday
5 Tuesday all in one month. This only
happens once in 823 years.

VMiddleburg, The Netherlands-- Laura
Dekker, the 14-year-old girl who hopes to
become the youngest person to sail solo
round the world, left for Portugal with
her father last Wednesday. After a shake-
down cruise with her father, Dekker will
then start her solo trip, according the girl's
blog. She was made a ward of the court last
year when judges said the trip would be too
dangerous and a risk to her emotional and
social development. But last month a Dutch
court lifted the court's supervision order.
Her lawyer said now she is well prepared

) Thinking about 2011 yet? Get started
by ordering another one of those in-
credibly poignant and beautiful Kids
of Jong Bonaire calendars. Jong Bon-
aire is accepting orders. Contact them at

) Remember to say to our advertisers, "I
heard about you in The Reporter." It's
their support that keeps The Reporter
free. If you have a favorite shop that does
not advertise remind them that they can
improve their business if they do. HG. L. D.

Page 8

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

.... 0 j,'ffN


*Transport of Money *eil arl




play krioyo instruments. They partici-
pated in the Youth Cultural Festival in
Bonaire and won second place. Again the
song was composed by Mrs. Veronica
Mercer. The name, 'Kara KorA,' comes
from the hill in Washington Park, 'Seru
Grandi' where Indians liked to do their
ceremonies. Kara Kord is a name that the
youngsters can identify themselves with
as being strong, firm and steady as a rock.
A goal of Kafia Bribu, by our master
kwarta player, Mr. Daniel van Arneman,
is to pass folkloric music down to all our
generations. Spend time with children,
giving lessons on how to play our krioyo
We have a group of 10 children. Mr.
Albert Crestian is the coach and coordina-
tor of this group. And of course we are
setting goals for the band itself that has
hits like 'Flamingo Djiente

Oro ('Flamingo with Golden Teeth ') and
'Laganan' ('Let Them Talk and Don't
Bother About It'). These songs were in
the top 100 songs of the past years. We
are happy with the success we've
achieved and we're focused on more pro-
gress. In one word we can tell Bonaire-
ans to love and support their culture and
you will see that your offspring will do
that too."
Mr. Crestian's son is part of the cultural
band, 'Kara KorA' and most of us remem-
ber his performance at the opening of the
Jazz Festival. 5

Send your comments to
The Bonaire Reporter,
P.O. Box 407, Bonaire, or
email r



We don't have any bamboo grow-
ing here on Bonaire (except the
sugar cane in some people's garden or
Kunuku). But for sure we have the Kaha
Bribu ( Wild Bamboo) Group which
was born here in Bonaire on March 8 ,
2004. Mr. Albert Crestian (42), an all-
round musician, general manager and
president of Kafia Bribu, together with
some friends, Lucio Molina and Riley
Molina (from Rinconbut who lives in
Playa) put together this band to partici-
pate in cultural festivals. The first year,
2004, they were the absolute winner of
the cultural festival with a song about the
stone that is used to grind maishi chikitu

m ng T en p f emsuo g as
Mrs. Veronica Mercera, one of the best
folkloric music composers in Bonaire.
The Kafia Bribu group still exists today,
continuing to provide good performances.

I Fe am 2 dO a Bribuibeccahmee

the name Kaha Bribu, named for the
wild bamboo that is washed up and col-
lected on the beaches of Bonaire and
which kriovo musical instruments are
made of. Some of this bamboo was used
in the past to make roofs for houses on
the island. There are so many uses that
Bonaireans have found for this washed up
bamboo that it's become a cultural icon'
making it totally appropriate as a name
for the band

This year Kafia Bribu again won a cul-
tural festival with a piece composed by
Mr. Riley Molina, "Un Bes, Dos
Bes" (One time. Two times). Then in
June they participated in a cultural party,
the Celebration of Saint JohnBirthdar
Festival, in Aruba. In 2005 they made
their first CD and Kafia Bribu Award was
given to Mrs. Veronica Mercera for doing
so much for Bonairean culture.
'In 2006," as Mr. Albert Crestian con-
tinues telling us, "Kafia Bribu joined with
another cultural music group, 'Nos
Kosecha,' and we had an interchange of
cultural music for the end of the year fes-
tival in Curagao. In 2007 we opened the
Tumba Festival in Curagao and in 2008
we participated in a cultural festival in

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

Aruba. In 2008 we launched our second
CD about life in Rincon and were very
creative inbaptizing that CD. In 2009 we
opened the Regatta Festival and in 2010
we opened the Bonaire Heineken Jazz

We as a cultural group try to promote
cultural music among our youth. We
give guitar lessons and the four-string
guitar (lararta) lessons too. We created a
young cultural band, 'Kara KorA,' (Red
Face) with children we ve taught how to

KayaNikbokoNor 37, POBox225Tel: (5899)717- 8125

PICKUP Bonaire's Largest and Best Stocked supermarket

A SERVICE Alwa s: Fresh Fruit, Ve etables5
TRIPS Dairy, Bread and Meat
- .
-- Day
- ..-
WALKON / WALK OFF r ~.. as
Catamaran Kantika di Amor ...dmap-
Up to 27 people and supported by -
a brand new larger sister -
Catamaran)Ka i'ka Too -''

Daily trips via resorts 10 am, 12 2 .. 4,
pm Except Sundays at 10 am only
Also available for group trips
Tie up dockside WAREHOUSE
for rnin. $101day+tax ONAIRE
f Gawinson
(max 1.90 meter draft),
Water and 115/220 v. AREHOUSE
Dingh tie up at north-inside
dock a US$10 week up from ONAl RE
Monday till Mon y.
At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399 Kaya industrial 24. Kralend jk, Bonaire
www.bonairenauticomanna /FHF 68
info@bonairenauticomarina.com tel (+599) 717- 8700 www.warehousebonaire.com

Page 9



ev i 1 tSIBM

I 1.. I 1/ 1 1.
From Bonaire Nautico Marina

BABY KIDS GIRLS 3 La even, Alima Aruba
2 Abrahamsz, Koleta Bonaire
1 Halank, Elli Australia
BABY KIDS BOYS 3 Sint lago, Zacher Curagao
lenkins, Harley
2 David Bonaire
1 Dullaart, Storm Bonaire
FLOW STYLE U11 3 Cur 211 Etmon, Oscar Curagao
2 NB 34 Finies, Nathan Bonaire
1 AUS-E Halank, Alex Australia
FLOW STYLE U13 3 Cur 2 Etmon, Aron Curagao
2 NB 33 Gustowski, Stepherd Bonaire
1 A 888 Max, Steven Aruba
FLOW STYLE U15 3 NB 20 Vriesik Amado Bonaire
2 Aru 20 Veroe, Mathias Aruba
1 GBR 700 Hibdiche,Nicolas Englnd
FLOW STYLE U17 BOYS 3 Aru 47 Pronk Berend Aruba
2 ARU 39 Cicilia, Richard Aruba
1 NB 20 Vriesik Amado Bonaire
FLOW STYLE U17 GIRL 1 NB 54 Simal, Daniela Bonaire
FLOW STYLE U20 3 NB 52 Balentien, Hendrck Bonaire
2 NB 106 Heymns, Ezri Bonaire
1 Ned 120 lendrusch, Rick Nederland
SLALOM U 11 3 B 1 Buedts, Tuur Belgium
2 Cur 211 Etmon, Oscar Curagao
1 AUS-E Halank, Alex Australia
SLALOM U 13 3 Cur 777 Stomp, Noa Curagao
2 NB 33 Gustowski, Stepherd Bonaire
1 Cur 2 Etmon, Aron Curagao
SLALOM U 15 Boy 3 NB 117 Saraoza, lurgen Bonaire
2 Aru 20 Veroe, Mathias Aruba
1 ARU 4 Westera, Ethan Aruba
SLALOM U 15 Girls 3 NB 22 van Gent, Maxime Bonaire
2 NB 21 Vriesik Chanel Bonaire
1 ARU 23 Westera, Amanda Aruba
SLALOM U 17 3 CUR 28 Gielingh Milan Curaga
2 ARU 39 Cicilia, Richard Aruba
1 NB 20 Vriesik Amado Bonaire
SLALOM U 20 3- Koeks, leath Bonaire
2 111 Hibdie, Sam Englnd
1 NB 52 Balentien, Hendrck Bonaire
SLALOM MEN 3 111 Hibdige Sam Englnd
2 ARU 39 Cicilia, Richard Aruba
1 107 Sint]ago, leader Bonaire
FREESTYLE U 11 3 B 1 Buedts, Tuur Belgium
2 Cur 211 Etmon, Oscar Curagao
1 AUS-E Halank, Alex Australia
FREESTYLE U 13 3 Cur 2 Etmon, Aron Curagao
2 NB 33 Gustowski, Stepherd Bonaire
1 A 888 Max, Steven Aruba
FREESTYLE U 15 3 A 888 Max, Steven Aruba
2 GBR 700 Hibdiche,Nicolas Englnd
1 NB 20 Vrieswlk, Amado Bonaire
FREESTYLE U 17 3 NB 20 Vriesik Amado Bonaire
2 Cur 45 de Windt, Rafael Curagao
1 NB 19 Robles, Dyln Bonaire
FREESTYLE U 20 3 Heyans, Ezri Bonaire
2 Ned 120 lendrusch, Rick Nederland
1 NB 52 Balentien, Hendrck Bonaire

n mn a
5 am Z H 5 MMM manu Z
Pack-up SIJU

ast week's (July 29-August 1)
Prokids Windsurfing event at Soro-
bon hosting the IFCA (International Fun-
board Class Association) World Champi-
onship was a great success even though
the trade winds were fickle resulting in
cancelled sailing events. It was a true
international event with participants from
the ABC islands, Australia, Belgium, Eng-
land, Estonia and Holland. In the absence
of wind numerous activities were devised
to satisfy the demands of the young, high

energy competitors volleyball, island
tours, music and many more. Cae-
sar Finies, master light wind free-
style artist and stunt-bike rider, provided
much entertainment. Nevertheless Free-
style, Slalom and Flowstyle competitions
were completed. Participants in the cham-
pionship events ranged between 9 and 19
years old and matched by age, but kids as
young as three were out on the water.
Results of the sailing events are listed at
left, M G.D.






B 0 11ST HIA 4 II

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

*, (




-. --s

. -
Kiri Slides



If We Don 1 Have In Stock What You Want, We Can Order 11.

e .* * *

00aDDDo P

AI Fresco or Air Conditioned Dining

On s t I yaa bRroo 46

Open Monday -Saturday

Kaya industna 28 end, you find our new shop and
Tet?178310,greentabe@leIbonet.an parking behind the greenhouses

until the semi-finals where he
got beaten by cousin Kiri.
It was a solid event for Kiri.
He beat every rider he met and
being in the finals has become
a habit for him. After a great
show of action he took 2nd
the first rounds and had to
spend a lot of time waiting to
defend his position in the sec-
ond elimination rounds.
Kiri was fresh and ready and
prepared to face the current
PWA leader, Gollito, once
more. Kiri won his heats while
Gollito was struggling big
time. The heat was filled with
tension and Gollito actually
got out of the water before the
heat was finished, knowing he
had already lost. However, in
order for Kiri to take victory
he had to beat Gollito twice
more to claim his number one
spot. Yes, he did beat Gollito
twice more.
Following his victory Kiri
said, "It was a great feeling
knowing I can do it and I was
really into it and I said to my-
self, 'Kiri, go for it,' and then
I won twice which gave me a
special feeling. The competi-
tion at Sy1t is next and I will
try to do my best. We will see
what happens there and I'm so
looking so forward to it!" 5
Ruben Petrisie
(Ruben is cur-
rently in Tur- ,gp
key preparing 1
for the PWA ,
Slalom world
cup off-water
activities.) v

ive wind-
surf rid-
ers from Bon-
aire domi-
nated the
third stop
(PWA) Tour.
The event was Windsurf cha
held in Fuerte- the World Fre
ventura in the top officials a
Canary Is- his mother, D
lands, only
100 km. from
Riding for Bonaire were
the Frans brothers, Taty
and Tonky, their cousin Kiri
Thode, and relative new-
comer to the tour, Bjorn
Saragoza. The newest Bon-
aire competitor, Youp
Schmit, had his first tour ex-
perience. With a repertoire
full of slick flakes, shakes,
konos, and sliders, the 15-
year-old did a good job and
went home inl7th spot.
Bjorn Saragoza, who already
earned his reputation as a rider
to watch out for this year,
performed well in the double
eliminations after being
beaten by Tonky Frans in the
first single elimination. He
made it from overall 9th to 7m
position by passing through
three difficult heats and was
only stopped by Belgium

I photo

mpion Kiri Thode, currently ranked as the second in the race for
style Championships, was honored at a reception by the island's
t the Executive Council offices (BC). Kiri was accompanied by
ella. On hand to greet him were Bonaire Governor Glenn Thodd,
oners Nolly Oleana, and Marugia Janga. Jona Chirino (led)
represented Anthony Nicolaas.

champion, Van Broekhoven.
Taty Frans, fully motivated,
triumphed in all heats until the
semi-finals where he lost
against the current world
champion, Jose Gollito, and
was left to face off with his
own brother for a battle for 3rd
place. Tonky is more on the
heavy side which gave him
the advantage to perform with
his radical controlled style.
Taty took 4m and came back in
the double elimination to face
Tonky again, only this time he
stepped up his game and
pulled out the hottest tricks,
even nailing a bonka (a Bon-
aire trademark move invented
by his brother Tonky Frans). It
was an amazing showdown to
see both brothers competing
and having fun busting the
most advance freestyle tricks.
Taty took 3rd place and was

left with a big smile on his
face. Taty said, "Sometimes
you lose and sometimes you
win... actually I am pretty
happy with my results. At
many stages I've found myself
competing against my rela-
tives who are among the best.
It's something we can't deny,
even though it sucks, but it's
competition. After the event
I'll be traveling back home for
one and half months. I'll get
back on the water and train as
much as I possibly can and
hopefully look forward to
having a top podium finish in
the last freestyle grand slam in
Sy1t Westerland. A thanks to
all my supporters."
Tonky had another good
event as he earned recognition
as one of the most stylish free-
stylers around on tour. He
passed through heats easily


Tonky Style

Youp throws a "reptile"

Page 11

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

I&l~r IkF#t~ &rro I)riRryp~

Date Da.uy Ship mroname Time PAX


Rooi Lamoenchi Kunuku Park
Tours $21 (includes tax). Discounts
for residents and local people. Tel. 717
-8489, 540-9800.
Parke Publico children's play-
ground open every day into the cooler
evening hours.
Rincon Marsh64 am-2 pm.
Enjoy a Bonairean breakfast while you
shop, fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts,
local sweets, snacks, arts, handicrafts,
candles, incense, drinks, music. Big
March first Saturday of the
Wine Tasting at Antillean Wine
Company's warehouse on Kaya In-
dustria, second Saturday of the
month, 7-9 pm. Snacks and tasting of
six wines for $10 (NAf 17,50) per per-
son. Tel. 560-7539.
Soldachi Tours-See the real
Bonaire and be transported back in
time. Learn about the history, culture
and nature by Bonaireans from Rincon.
Call Maria Koeks for more informa-
* Soldachi Tours of Rincon, the
heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call
Maria, 717-6435-best island tour value
* Meet the Captain Night at Cap-
tain Don's Habitat Bar- Get up close
and personal with Bonaire's dive pio-
neer. The Captain will autograph your
copy of his newest book Reef Win-

* Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7-10 pm. $10 per person.
Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth Vos
at 565-5225

Sunday- Creature Feature- John and
Suzie Wall ofBuddy's Digital photo
center present a multimedia slide pres-
entation about Buddy's House Reef -
pool bar Buddy Dive, 6:30-7 pm, 717-
Wednesday Sea Turtle Conserva-
tion Bonaire (STCB) presents an infor-
mative slide show: Sea Turtles ofBon-
aire, at 7pm, every 2nd and 4th
Wednesday at Bruce Bowker's Carib
Inn (717-8819)

Kas Krioyo Rincon-Step into Bonaile's
pastinthisvenerable oldhometbathasbeen
restored and famished so it appeals the fam-
ily has just stepped out. Local ladies will teH
you the story. Open Monday thruFriday, 9 _
12, 2-4. Weekendsby appointment. Call717

Mangasina di Rei, Rincon. Enjoy the
viewfrom"TheKing's Storehouse." Learn
aboutBonaile's culture.Visithomesfrom

Who's Who on The Bonaire Reporter
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Distribution: Yuchi Molina (Rincon), Elisabeth Silberie & Georgina Sanchez
(Playa), Divi-Divi Airline
Housekeeping: JRA. Printed by: DeStad Drukkenj, Curagao
02010 TheBonaireReporter

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

the 17thcentury.Daily. Call 717-4060 / 790
Bonaire Museum onKaya J. v.d. Ree, be-
hindtheCatholic Churchintown.Open
Washington-Slagbaai National Park,
Museum and Visitors' Center. Open
daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December
25th. and January 1st. Call 788 9015
or 796 5681

AA meetings -every Wednesday at
7pm. Phone: 786-4651 or 786-7971
Al-Anon meetings every Monday
evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7:15
pm-- All levels, NAf2,50, call Renata
at 796-5591 to find out the evening's
Darts Club plays every other Sunday
at City Caf6. Registration at 4, games at
5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
The Hash House Harriers running and
walking club meets every second
Wednesday for a one hour walk
throughout Bonaire. The location
changes each week. The contact num-
ber is 700-4361
JCI First Wednesday of the Month-
Junior Chamber Intemational Bonaire
(JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bon-
aire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO build-
ing, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30
to 9:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. Con-
tact Renata Domacasse 516-4252
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza'
Kaya Intemational, every other Tues-
day, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette
Lions Club meets every 2"* and 4.
Thursday of the month at 8 pm at
Kaya Sabana #1. All Lions welcome.
For more information call 510-0710.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesdays,
12 noon-2 pm Divi Flamingo Beach
Resort upstairs in Peter Hughes meeting
room above the dive shop. All Rotari-
ans welcome. Tel. 717-2066

Toastmasters Club meets every two
weeks. For more information call Cru-

sitazdelPahn at7 6-3827 or Lucia Mar-

Protestant Congregation of Bonaire:
Kralendifk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papia-
mentu, Dutch, English, Sundays, 10
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papia-
mentu, Sundays, 8:30 am.
Children's club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in
Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in Rin-
con. Bible Study and Prayer meetings,
Thursday, at 8 pm, Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church: Centro di
Bario Nord Salifia, Sundays, 10 am.
Services in Dutch.700-0379.
International Bible Church of Bon-
aire, at SGB High School auditorium
(Kaya Frater Odulfinus, off Kaya
Korona.) Sunday services in English at
9 am; Sunday evening prayer meeting
at Por's home, 7 pm. Friday, 6 to 8
pm, Light & Life Club, children 5 to 12
Tel. 717-8332
yrs. .
Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendifk
- Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
Papiamentu, 717-8304.
Our Lady of Coromoto in Antriol, Sat-
urday at 6 pm in English. Mass in
Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6
pm. 717-4211.
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios):
Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10
am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at
7:30 pm. 717-2194
Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services
Sunday momings at 10 am at Jong Bon-
aire Youth Center in English, Dutch and
Papiamentu. Preaching the full gospel.
Contact: 786-2557.
Prayer and Intercession Church, in
English. A full Gospel Church located
temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit # 20,
Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services are
held on Sunday mornings from 10am
until 11:30am. Bible studies in English
are on Monday nights from7 to 8 pm.
Contact: 717-3322
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
-day Saints: Kaya Sabana #26, Sun-
days: 9 am Sacrament Ser-
vices (Translation to English and
Papiamentu upon request) 10:20
Sunday School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/PH
Primary held from 10:20-12 noon Visi-
tors welcome: Call 701-9522 for Infor-
Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Tel:790-6518, 786-6125

rrr~ r

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.11ake it strary Unable
K. ,,,,,,,,se so,,,.
I .. Inles s- -I -1 e -.len- -I ..Ie son ....I see
le-= E no. 1.1, so, er.,r, 1.e..I no
<.1 0..-1.une..I I -4.ellence..I Ine-q.v. e
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For Quality House
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Bonaire Images
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,as mouaras ..mme ano a
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Kava Gloria 7, Bonaire Local Art, Art
Supplies, Framing, and Art Classes.
Open Tu.-We.-Th. & Sat 10 am- 5 pm Fri-
day 1- 7 pm, or phone 717-5246 for appt.

Rentals, PropertY

FOR SALE: Private lot past 1,000 m2
on excellent location near Kralendijk's
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ers costs. For further information:
TEL.09-5603734 TEL.09-5176774


For sale, 4x ob engines. Tohatsu
30HP. Brand new, 30 hours. S2000
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For sale, 4xcatamaranboats incl. ob
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For Sale Sherwood Profile Dive
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FOR SALE: 2002 MX-5 Mazda
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For Sale: LG 6.5 kg washer, queen
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For Sale: 2009 Cannondale F5
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For al AntonH bo painting-

Size 1.22 x 0.93 meters. NAf 2.500.-
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for stolen Yamaha 25Hp. Outboard
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Dive Dive Air -

24 :1 hours a day 16:2 34

(5999 891515) -171

L cBySun Rise/Set0.8 t, Moon Phas and3 Tides 1:

031 03:19 / 16:26 / 23:45 /- 93
Fri 13 .7f 0.09 ft 0.79 ft 0.04 t11 ft 6:24 18:56
042 /1:00 /- 17:15 / 34 02
Sat 14 .6f 0.07 ft 0.93 ft 01 .9 6:24 18:56
00:58 / 05:37 / 11:42 / -18:04 /
sun 15 0.05 ft 0.38 ft 0.06 ft 1.03 ft 6:24 18:55
Frt 02:02 / 06:41 / 12:24 / -18:51 /
Mon 16 Qare 0.12 ft 0.32 ft 0.04 ft 1.09 ft 6:24 18:55
063:0 / 07:40 / 13:05 / 1:38 /
STu 17 0.16 ft 0.28 ft 0.02 ft 1.11 ft 6:24 18:54
03:55 / 08:35 / 13:44 / 20:24 /
Wed 18 0.17 ft 0.24 ft 0.01 ft 1.09 ft 6:24 18:54
04:48 / 0:27 / 14:21 /210 /
Thu 19 0.15 ft 0.21 ft 0.04f 10 ft 6:24 18:53
0: 085:4 / -10:21 / 14:57 /215 /
Fri 2 0. f 0.11 ft 0.319f ft 0.ft .9 ft 6:24 18:53
0: 06:34 /- 151:2 / 15:30 /2:3/
Sat 21 .0f 0.07 ft 0.19 f ft 0.ft .9 ft 6:24 18:52
0: 07:25 / -12:28 / 16:05 /231/
Sun 22 .1f 0.03 ft 0.21 f ft 0.ft .8 ft 6:24 18:52

00:04 / 08:51 / 14:43 / 18:23 /

Thu 26 0.51 ft 0.15 ft 0.46 ft 0.27 ft 6:25 18:49

03:02~~~ugs / 959/160 /2:3

Wriers Teortrs l Th onaire Rporer ato

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A business

ad here can

cost as

l ittie as

NA f 27.
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Tel. 790-6518, 786-6125

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Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

16 Flights a day

()(qj I)I

Divi Divi Air. Bonaire's "on time airline" with 16
flights a day between Bonaire and Curagao. Your
first choice for inter-island travel. Now flying to

City Shop, the mega store, has the island's widest
selection of large and small home appliances, fumi-
ture, TV, computers, cell phones and more. F service
and in-store fmancing too.
The Richter Art Gallery, located in Belnem, is
Bonaire's only fine art gallery, and features original
paintings, limited edition archival art prints, and
hand made jewelry created by long-time residents
Linda, Jake, and Krystyana Richter.
Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials and
facial waxing.

Benetton, world famous designer clothes available
now in Bonaire at prices less than those in US. For
men, women and children.
The Health & Fitness Center Bonaire is the offi-
cial Nike outfitter on the island. Footwear and gym
wear is available.
The Storehouse (Mangazina in Papiamentu) offers
Secure Storage For Vehi-
cles, Household Items, Div-
.,, Ing And Sporting Gear,
4" Business Files or Inventory.
Ad Across from the northem
47MGASINA hotel row.

Special Security Services will provide that extra
measure of protection when you need it. Always

RO CARGO ..................
Services N.V.

Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of
Bonaire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient.
FedEx agent. What would we do without their
superb services?
Warehouse Supermarket
Kaya on Kaya Industria-
Biggest air conditioned
market with the, largest
ARSHOUSE selection and lowest prices
ONAl RE on the island.

Caribbean Wind and Sun Vacations-Island Hop-
per Vacation Packages to Anguilla, BWI call 786-
3134 or email ann@antiguacaribbean.com today!

Christie Dovale will personally take you on a fas-
cinating tour of the island. Contact her via her
website: IslandToursBonaire.com Phone 717-4435
or 795-3456. You will remember it always.
Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika
di Amor lor II. Hotel pickup. Easiest landing on
Klein Bonaire with built-in ramp
Antillean Wine Company. You've tried the rest;
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Keep in shape at The Health & Fitness Center
Bonaire. It is the only Real Les Mills Health Center
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Green Label has everything you need to start or
maintain your garden. They can design, install and
maintain it and offer plants, irrigation supplies and
garden chemicals. Now in new expanded location off
Kaya Industria.
Captain Don's Plants, Trees and More sells genu-
ine acclimated Bonaire plants. Take a 30-inute tour
too. Strong plants for strong Bonaire gardens.

Sunbelt Realty offers full
real estate, rental, and insur-
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Sunbelt Realty

Harmony House-Usmg
science to fmd the prob-
lem. Using natural prod-
ucts to correct the prob-

Also our Essence range
of herbal teas & hand-
made soaps. At Kaya
Papa Comes 2



Reef Windows is Captain Don's latest book and
features the true stories of the naming of many Bon-
aire dive sites. A great souvenir as well.
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maintenance and mechanical and body repair for
your car no matter what brand.
De Freewieler sells bikes and all kinds of bike ac-
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All Denture Lab-for the best denture care by an
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Next to Botika Korona on Kaya J. G. Hemandez.
Bistro di Paris A real French restaurant with great
food, affordable prices and friendly Bonairean ambi-
ance. Owned and operated by a French Chef
On Kaya Gob. Debrot % mile north of town
Pasa Bon Pizza is Bonaire's best. Freshly prepared
pEizz s ma e with theN sbt mtgadi7e8n .d d8 les
to eat-in or take out, Next to Bistro (above)
Lunchroom de Bonairiaan-Breakfast & lunch
prepared and served by Stichting Project students
under professional guidance. Monday-Friday, 9-2.
Kaya Gob. N..Debrot, opposite Divi Flamingo.

Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with top-notch
dive shop and well stocked retail store. Best book
trade on Bonaire. Good prices on regulator repair,
dive computer H.Q.

Natural Way Health Store-The place where all
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Upstairs from Botika Bonaire, on Kaya Grandi.
Bonaire Second Home Care can handle all the
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MIO offers by far the clearest, most reliable phone
signal on the island PLUS WIRELESS HIGH-
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Professional Pest Control. Call Peter to get rid of
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Paradise Photo in the Galeries Shopping Center
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Bonaire's creative video and still photographer
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your life. ScubaVision, Kaya Grandi 6, see website
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Bonaire Sunshine Homes is
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Get a glimpse of Bonaire
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Caribbean Homes, "the Re-
freshing Realtor," specializing
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rentals and property manage-
AN HOMES ment. And now Yachts!

Page 14

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010



. .

New & Improved
Two years ago, STCB together with Pro-
gressive Environmental Solutions and the
support of STINAPA, installed a series of
buoys and lines to protect vulnerable sea
grass beds in the Sorobon area of Lac Bay.
The crew soon discovered that the mainte-
nance of keeping the buoys and ropes free
of algae and seaweed was significant.
Recently, lines were replaced with a hose
material that is much easier to clean, re-
ducing maintenance time and increasing
their life span. Additionally, "Keep Off"
signs were installed to discourage the pub-
lic from entering the sea grass beds in this
high-use recreation area. 5 Press release

b N sh a

Andilean Wine Company
(5992 09-660-7539
Fax (5991 87-292
aggggag RalMfine.CDrn

an integrated, regional capacity that en-
sures the recovery and sustainable man-
agement of depleted sea turtle popula-

Sea Turtle Conservation Update==- b ovse D and
course combed hands-on fieldwork with

S ea Turtle Con- Be careful barbecuing. Make sure classroom sessions on sea turtle surveying
servation Bon- no charcoal is left behind, espe- methods. The two, week-long workshops
aire (STCB) has been .. .. cially in the sand were funded by the Dutch Caribbean Na-
kept busy protecting .- -.------^=- Don't leave your dog(s) unat- ture Alliance (DCNA). STCB is an active
the island's turtle - tended or better yet leave them at member of WIDECAST (Wider Carib-
population. se home bean Sea Turtle Network), "an expert net-
If you see any destructive activi- work of biologists, managers, community
Leatherbacks -- .< ties inform the local authorities leaders and educators in more than 40
On June 7th an / immediately. nations and territories that is committed to

STCB field crew
found a fresh leather-
back turtle nest on
Klein Bonaire. The
nest was relocated to
a safe area of the
beach because it was
laid to close to the
water line and eggs
flooded. "These
animals are retum-
ing now from their
nesting grounds to
their feeding homes
and sometimes they
have the urge to lay
one last nest," states
STCB manager
Mabel Nava. "They
look for the nearest

Protective rocks along the beach. Please leave in plac .

Volunteers Leo Hoogenboom and
Zsuzsanna Pusztai

On Stage
For years, STCB board member Bruce
Brabec has been entertaining and enlight-
ening the public about sea turtles on a
monthly basis. These bi-monthly presenta-
tions at the Carib Inn will continue but are
now given by two new volunteers who
joined the organization. Our new present-
ers are Leo Hoogenboom and his wife,
Zsuzsanna Pusztai. They bring their pas-
sion for sea turtles to the stage. They have
received rave reviews from tourists attend-
ing the presentations.
Bruce Brabec gave one presentation to
college students at the CIEE Research
Center on Bonaire on April 8th. Over 35
people attended. The following month
STCB's manager Mabel Nava and scien-
tific advisor Robert van Dam resumed to
CIEE to present "The Origin and Migra-
tions of Bonaire's Sea Turtles: a Case for
International Protection." The two offered
results from transmitter monitoring work
with breeding turtles and DNA analysis of
Bonaire's foraging turtles to an audience
of over 50 people.

Second Regional Course on Sea Turtle
Biology & Conservation Hosted by
National park staff from five Dutch Carib-
bean islands gathered on Bonaire in May
for a sea turtle monitoring field course
designed for managers. STCB's Gielmon

Turtle tracks on the beach.

beach and try their
best to deposit their eggs. Klein Bonaire is
not an optimal nest site for leatherbacks."
Most often Hawksbill and Loggerhead
turtles favor Klein Bonaire.

major threat for sea turtle nests. Vehicles
compact the sand and not only destroy
nests but create poor conditions for the
turtle to even attempt nesting. This dimin-
ishes their chance of successful reproduc-
tion and survival. In addition, vehicles
parked near the sea are disruptive to the
sensitive vegetation and nesting grounds
of some sea birds.
To protect sea turtles nests, prevent fur-
ther damage to these natural areas and to
enhance the aesthetics of our beaches,
STCB and DROB (the Island Govem-
ment's Environmental Department) re-
cently replaced the rocks at Donkey Beach
and at other potential nesting sites on the
southem end of the island.
This initiative is the beginning of a joint
effort to preserve our beaches for turtles,
birds, plants as well as humans. Each of us
can make a difference by joining STCB
and DROB with this initiative. Here is
what you can do to help improve our
Park in the designated areas only
Avoid parking on sandy areas
Take your litter home
Pick up any trash you see


Collecting turtle eggs for transfer.

Parking Problems
The STCB staff has noticed an increased
number of vehicles parking on the sand of
the public beaches. The rocks placed to
restrict cars from driving on the sand were
moved in order to park closer to the water.
Parking and driving on the beach poses a

Narnre Films Documentaries Travel Adventure Advers ing TV Broadcast
Underwater Scock foolage HDV DiBital Phoro Weddings
DYD Reproductions DYD Mastering and Authoring
Courses and Seminars.
info@scubavision.into Ph: (599) 717.2844 Cell: 786.2844
Kays Granda #6 Photo Tours -

Page 15

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

silent destruction of your home *

Termite Treatme
Fleas & Tich
70 pureasons e.... Tream
52 EST CONTROL NV Ant Treatme
Aruba Bonaire Curacao


anC O d & COPht.F hg 8

Y Z F NI 1 0 0 1 2 0 sAR L W UW T Z NTUTP
H Q L W L W Y V 8 O T E 0 X K A T J W A N T I M K
Z H G U K Y E L K A R G 2 K O J L V R M L L A B S
D D F N W R X F E O J G Y Z O 0 E O E P E N E A A
A H O 0 T W 1 PW Y V R T R 8 A V B R Y S M T L H
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Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

T8lephon~er 788 0030


k)mentu and English language skills with this puzzle
from the creator of Bonaire's top kids' website, Panchitobo- .
naire.com. Tony Angila, "Tio Tony.

Pancideo Mid's Corner Waplemened W
K O N (" N C H I L G L O W A C I H Y C X W E P M P
B D A X V W Z Y X Y T U N T A P B F C K M Cl P U X
L I E M J N G H L V A H A K A M I N D A A U 8 I H
D 0 W P Q I L Z J A Z I P N G V L I V Q V C S W M






Author Stephanie Bennett was born in Cape
Town, South Africa, where she studied herbs,
minerals and nutrition. Before moving to Bon-
aire she continued her studies in UK, and now
researches Bonaire health issues. She is the
owner of the Essence Nutritional Center

*High Blood pressure'
810 LINK "Cholesterol problerns'
"Always tned carriottope?
p p "Indagestionmakingyoumiserabid
*Does your body have a problem
handitag sugar?
These are just sorne of the many symptoms of the intemal chemistry
of your body being outof balances
Blo-Link is a noninvasive data gathering process of measurements
Which Will establish the exact cause of these -symproms"and how
they can be corrected without medication
YOU Can t I'nanat]G VIthat }{OU CBD't meaSUfe








Page 16

Body Talk

The issue whether to spray for
mosquitoes or not has always
been and will always be a hot topic for
discussion. Whether there is pressure
put on the government 'to do some-
thing' about the over-population of
mosquitoes at the moment, or whether
it is just sheer ignorance, spraying for
mosquitoes DOES NOT WORK.
As advertised, spraying has begun, and by now the area you live in
has probably been done. Have you noticed a drop in the mosquito
population? No, I am pretty sure that there is no noticeable change,
and in fact, I will bet my last dollar that the mosquitoes have quadru-
pled in number.
Having been fortunate enough to have followed the spraying in the
Antriol area, I noticed a few 'strange' things. Firstly, the spraying
was done mostly when passing trees and shrubs. Secondly we had
no puddles of water anywhere, and thirdly, the two gentlemen operat-
ing the spraying were not wearing any protective gear, masks or
Let's start with how the spraying was done. Firstly, the poison
used Biomist, aerially applied to trees and shrubs -has almost
no effect. Why? Because trees and shrubs are not where mosquitoes
will be found overnight. The mosquito lives in or near water and very
close to its food source (you!). Your back yard or garden could be
host to generations of mosquitoes. Because Biomist, applied aerially,
drifts (up to 800 feet) very little if any poison will get to the breeding
sites on your property.
Stop putting pressure on the authorities and take responsibility
for mosquito control into your own hands. Make sure there are no
containers where water can collect, and empty containers after each
rainfall. If a container cannot be emptied, put a handful of sea salt in
and no mosquitoes will breed. Our own salt is much more environ-
mental friendly than any chemical you could buy.
Most long-time Bonaireans remember the old system and thank-
fully are still checking their own properties. If you see your neighbor
'breeding' mosquitoes, help them please.
Secondly, puddles of water standmg do not contain mosquitoes.
The mosquito is intelligent enough to know that the puddle will dry
out within the approximate seven days it will take for larvae to hatch,
and secondly, thanks to our frog population on the island who will
eat the larvae. Of the four types of mosquitoes on Bonaire, the Den-
gue mosquito (Ae. Aegypti) is the easiest to control. It will only lay
its eggs in CLEAN water and close to a food source, namely you and
egy gail
Thirdly, Biomist contains a synthetic chemical called perme-
thrin, highly toxic to bees, cats, dogs, frogs, fish and birds. What
is resting in the trees and shrubs at night? Yes, birds, not mosquitoes.
Exposure to permethrin can cause nausea, headache, muscle weak-
ness, shortness of breath and seizures. Surely it is negligent of the
authorities to not supply the 'sprayers' with the correct protective
gear. The detrimental environmental effects of Biomist are many,
and the benefits very few, if any. You decide for yourself.
For more information go to: www.dengueinfo.net
Biomist Material Safety Data Sheet www.clarke.com
blip ..It'...co-m/poisons-pesticides/permethrin.5
Stephanie Bennett

Opening Hours



Q) What P
are the -
natral .23
shown ini
the4 96
that .37

The Reporter recently discovered that
Sandie Covey from Spring, Texas,
wrote, illustrated and just released a chil-
dren's book, "The Road To Rincon." We
approached Ms. Covey, with the question,
'What was the inspiration for your de-
lightful tale about our island, particularly
the village of Rincon?"
Sandie replied, "During 2008, I lost
many important people in my life. Cop-
ing took on a life of its own. Needing to
escape all the sadness, a trip was ideal.
Where better to escape than to the Carib-
bean. As an avid diver, I easily get lost in
the peace of the ocean. Therefore, plan-
ning the trip of a lifetime to Bonaire, I set
out on September 25 2009 to explore a
place I'd only dreamed about.

My trip from the US to Bonaire was
challenging. My flight took me over 36
hours. This included spending one night
in Quito's airport. I would leam during
my flight from Panama to Quito that it
was during the Fall Equinox. A friendly
passenger sitting next to me on my flight
explained what this meant. I was told, the
Fall Equinox would mean a nets begin-
ning." As of today, it has been.
Alvin Clemencia, a Divi Flamingo dive
master and instructor, was my inspiration
marking him as local historian, tour guide
and overall gentleman for my book.
One day while exploring the island
with my friend, we came upon many
beautiful and interesting sites. We met
and fed donkeys, saw roaming goats,
beautiful flamingos and historic buildings.
Along our way around the island we saw

in my heart appeared.
THE R OA D While taking a short drive around the is-
land that day with my good friend, Rick,
we encountered a wild donkey who was
L.- perfect to be the book's main character,
Mr. Alvin.' The mission to keep alive
7 my brother and his Godly works after his
passing took on a whole new meaning for
----- Food For Words,' my little mission and
ministry to help hungry and needy chil-
-' / dren, has partnered with 'Feed The Chil-
dren Network' to help with donations
from each book purchased. Hoping to
bring awareness, my illustrated adventure
/ SK Covey .. includes Buddy the Butterfly, wild goats
and best friends, Chase and Parker, Ms.
Grace, the graceful flamingo, Iggy the
-- Tel ., Iguana, Williamstoren Lighthouse, old
salt flats, your flag honoring land and
children playing and swimming in the people, as well other related history.
ocean. I found the people extremely wel- I named my favorite spot in Bonaire in the
coming and generally warm and friendly. book. You must read it to find out where
Time seemed to stop. While the ocean it is. Your ocean is great and mighty, but
and diving was some of the best, it was your people and the future of your island,
the people that made my trip, people who the children, are an example to the entire
in many ways have been untouched by world.
modem times. Laughing and smiling My dream, to introduce your oldest
faces adom this small area of the world. village, Rincon, completed its joumey on
No doubt, I could easily see why every- July 11, 2010. God Bless." 5

; st

The American Heart Association, which
trained 13 million people in CPR last
year, is developing new guidelines for re-
suscitation that will be released in October.
The current guidelines encourage bystand-
ers to do chest compression and rescue
breathing. Many SCUBA divers follow
their Open Water Certification with the
Medic-First Aid course and learn CPR
It's been discovered that in adults with
cardiac arrest, rescue breathing might not
be necessary because when the heart stops
suddenly (usually as the result of an abnor-
mal rhythm), the lungs are inflated with
oxygen-rich air. and rescue breathing isn't
needed. This does NOT apply to children
and rescue breathing is still indicated for
them, .
Not interrupting chest compressions with
rescue breaths might ultimately deliver
more oxygen than standard CPR in the
crucial seven or eight minutes before para-
medics arrive. And persons too squeamish
to do rescue breathing will be more amena-
ble to help people. HPress release/G.D.

one wants to go to Bonaire.
One coming, while I was sitting out-
side eating breakfast with the cool trade
winds blowing and the beauty of the
ocean splashing against the shore, a ques-
tion came to mind. What, if anything, can
I do to give back to this wonderful land
and people? 'The Road To Rincon' was
birthed. Easily, words came and pictures

The Road To Rincon
0 Written and Illus-
trated by SK Covey
4929-8. Soon to be
available at Books &
Toys and other island

PathiMov ..

'--' ***
Puzzle on page 16
Panchite IGJ's CorneriPapsiarsenes)

e . .- . 1 .. . ,- . (
' " " '
.. .. .. .- . . ... ., .. .. : ., f .
-- ' '--' ' <' '
. oa e. . 7. .. . . ., .. .. ...
sour o a . .: 4 no
s. I E M J N * 5* A I I s a
wroox , , <, .. .. .- " '

. vw vuan . eno an as .. u *





P~ancalo Kid's GOrnerif ngilsh)

... .


. .. .. ....,,.
:..re.;<, .co*-
.... -m.**

. .: .


Im nu

MisBniecnetns eairB "lsadAaMce,


Nalr Y

0* I



Page 17

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

C@fgg'ge~n Bor M ~e~

Revised CPR

Miss Bonaire

Competition Continues

On Sunday, August 1, the Miss Bonaire Organization arranged
a Fashion Show and After Party at City Cafe. The MC for
the evening was Abigail Arends from Aruba. The models, Miss
Bonaire contestants, wore fashions from Hippie Chic and Image.
Miss Ana Maciel, took the title of Miss Jogging and a surprise
award for best hairstyle. Miss Benazir B. Charles was named Miss
Popular and also Miss City Cafe. Contestant Sharitee Rosalia
was not able to participate because of sickness. The final Miss
Bonaire event will be on September 4 at the Plaza Resort when
Miss Bonaire will be crowned. 5 Press release

Pet of the Week
ere's "Terra" cuddling --- 1
Hup with visitor Colton -- W,
Reed, 9. Colton, who lives -
in Cobb, California, was
here on a visit to his Bon-
aire family and of course
wouldn't miss a trip to the
Animal Shelter. He's COSt!RHIC1110ft10a VAftileWI 0 05)
shown with Terra, one of
the most outstanding dogs .
at the Shelter right now. 4,
Although she isn't a strik-
ing beauty, her inner char-
acter shines through and
makes us fall in love with 6 g
her. She comes highly rated a .
by the Shelter staff and gets 3 -
along well with kids, other
dogs and even cats. She's
about a year and a half old Terra and Colton
with frizzy fur and short but efficient legs. She's sterilized and healthy and very social. (
And she's enjoying being hugged by Colton.
Colton remarked that he thought it was great that the animals get to be together here at NAF 1 worth of
the Shelter and that he could actually go in and play with them. The Shelter he visited Advertising in
in the States wouldn't allow that, he said. They are all kept in separate cages. Another other media NAF 1 worth of Advertising in
kudo for our Shelter. The Reporter
The Shelter is on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm and
from 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-4989. Website: WWW.BonaireAnimalShelter.com. It's If you thought you were saving money by advertising
an amazing website and is kept up to date with all the latest Shelter news, including elsewhere, think again. Your advertising cost per reader
the Bonny, Superdog Sterilization Program. would be considerably higher
Don't forget The Big Flea Market at the Animal Shelter on the Lagun Road on
Saturday, August 14, 11 am to 5 pm. All sorts of stuff books, games, clothes,
kitchen items, carpets, bric-a-brac, and more! Drinks and snacks during the mar- COntact Laura 790-6518/786-6518
ket. All proceeds go towards keeping the Bonaire Animal Shelter open for home- email: laura@bonairereporter.com
less dogs and cats. You may contribute by dropping off your unused and/or un-
wanted items now until Friday, August 13. 5 Laura DeSalvo

High Quality, Healthy,
Natural Products

SLi '..ill. 11. ,1|" bLi II I.. .. I. ,d
l in-,..II. .I II. n.- II III 1 .ILil.) Lil* *
I III. ..I 11Lill" 'll *j IIId 10.
Cholesterol lice & n ,al.,L
CILill in* II.DI DILI II....n. .Vegaffordablerates *Eacturuthangalvanstedsteel
Choose Warn 5 different sizes walls and poured concrete floors
La Terassa, Ka \aG ra nd i 23N Months yearly or long term E muse property reas penmeter
(Floor abot e Both a Bona ire) Monstored access through tenong
W 717-3353, 510-2318 controlled entrance and exit ory essan storage space s.m
Open luondal- Saturday gainsforpnvacyand individualaccessdoors
authonzed access only 8 ft 1 2,5 m high ceilengs ..... or -.. e s
10am-3 pm nonstop
Plants, Trees,

Tours and More
v' "Almost a solid hectare of growing
potted plants and trees. Thirty minute
tours. 80naire born and raised,
L strong plants for beauti-
ful Bonaire gardens.
Reasonable prices starting from NAf
-1 5. Landscaping designs, graphically
assisted." C4Dtain Don

Open from Friday thru Sunday and all
holidays. 10 am till 4 pm nonstop

Captain Don's Island Grower NV
103 Kaminda Lagun (road to Lagun)
2 (Look for the blue rock and dive flag)
sons.re morne n' lab at For mors Wireless Phone: 786-0956
-- aa ..Emers ciana 4D k formation gypyjgg A part of Plantation Guatemala

Page 18

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

Thursday, August 12th, is a very spe-
cial night for stargazing. Hopefully,
The Reporter will be "on the street" by
then. But even if it's not, you can see
almost as good a show on the following
The show begins at sundown, August 12,
when Venus, Saturn, Mars and the cres-
cent Moon pop out of the western twi-
light in tight conjunction. All four hear-
enly objects will fit within a circle about
10 degrees in diameter, beaming together
through the dusky colors of sunset. No
telescope is required to enjoy this naked-
eye event.
The planets will hang together in the
western sky until 10 pm or so. When they
leave, following the Sun below the hori-
zon, you should stay, because that is
when the Perseid meteor shower begins.
From 10 pm until dawn, meteors will flit
across the starry sky in a display that's
even more exciting than a planetary get-
The Perseld meteor shower is caused by
debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle. Every
133 years the huge comet swings through
the inner solar system and leaves behind
a trail of dust and gravel. When Earth
passes through the debris, specks of

Scuba Sales

Repair Replacement
New Gear Accessories

Check CARIB INN First.
Great Prices -Great Stock

Always Great Values
Dive gear specials

Since 1980
717-8819 8 am to 5 pm daily
(next to Divi Flamingo Hotel)
Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

comet-stuffhit the atmosphere at 140,000
mph and disintegrate in flashes of light.
These meteors are called Perseids be-
cause they fly out of the Constellation
Swift-Tuttle's debris zone is so wide,
Earth spends weeks inside it. Indeed, we
are in the outskirts now, and sky watchers
are already reporting a trickle of late-
night Perseids. The trickle could turn into
a torrent between August 11th and 13th
when Earth passes through the heart of
the debris trail.
2010 is a good year for Perseids be-
cause the Moon won't be up during the
midnight-to-dawn, hours of greatest ac-
tivity. Lunar glare can wipe out a good
meteor shower, but that won't be the case
this time.
As Perseus rises and the night deepens,
meteor rates will increase. For sheer
numbers, the best time to look is dur-
ing the darkest hours
before dawn on Fri-
day morning, August
13th, when most ob-
servers will see doz-
ens of Perseids per
hour. 5
Jack Horkheimer

Pasa Bon Pizza

& g gy


ar.,,. g g b.v.ca one. T Hark
M "

Not Just Great PizzaS.

Pre Order

Open Wednesday to Sunday
5 PM to 11 PM

want to go. It is important that you stick
to that plan. It is easy to reach your goals
through the invitations you get in the last
half of the month Discipline and dedica-
tion, however, are the kers to success for

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) Scorpio,
planetary influences promote your com-
munication skills now. You can use this
to advantage when it comes to resolving a
debate between family members. They
feel romantic at the end of the month,
You will have enough money to act on

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec.
21) Sagittarius, you are now excited
about a pet project, but there is a danger
that you will break a promise to someone,
therefore, be committed. This is not a
great month for business deals. Ensure
that you keep your word. The last week
of the month brings unexpected luck.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Cap-
ricorn, you relaxed at the start of the
month but now feel there may be a risk
within a new relationship. Think twice, as
all may not be what it seems. Finance is
favorable this month. You should seri-
ously consider taking a vacation, even if
the idea seems illogical.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Now is
the time to put a new plan in action, espe-
cially when it relates to your professional
aspirations or desires. You will recover
from stumbles over relationships made
early in the month. If you are prepared to
take second place for a while, trouble-
some matters will quickly disappear.

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You will
feel the need for a change of scene this
month. This restlessness is best satisfied
by taking a short vacation. It should give
an opportunity to show off your creative
skills. Bring along a friend to explore
vour surroundings. Money matters now
and you must consider a savings plan .

;g Hair Affair
We do our best to
make your hair and make-
up wishes come true!!
You can also come in for facials and
facial waxing.
We use and sell L'Oreal products
Is your plan to marry on the island?
We can make you beautiful and stay
beautiful for your happiest day.

Personal attention by Janneke
Appointment by tel: 717-5990
or just walk in.
Downtown, near the waterfront
next to Little Havana
Tues-Fri: 9-12, 2-6 Sat: 9-2 non stop

age 19

to find it... Just look up

Sky Show Spectacular

ARIES (Mar. 21- Apr. 20) Aries an
over flow of stamina is needed now. The
planets indicate that this is a month of
major changes in all aspects of your life.
Take bold action but you must also try to
turn your thoughts to love. It is possible
that you have taken love for granted

TAURUS (Apr. 21- August 21)
Sometimes there is a gap between our
understanding of a situation and the actu-
ality of those things. In the middle of this
month you have to make sure the to re-
solve communication problems with a
loved one. Nothing can dampen your op-
timism though .

GEMINI (August 22-June 21) August
is all about inner harmony for you. You
are in need of warm lights, that of feeling
at home with your family. It is important
that you let your guard down emotionally
now. Do not take any financial risks this

CANCER (June 22-July 22) Travel is
Very much on your mind now and it
would do you the world of good to have
an extended break this month. Someone
close to you feels that you are sure they
are behaving. You get news of a friend
you may be jealous of, but they know that
you are happy for them.

LEO July 23-Aug 22) Emotional Leo,
this is a frustrating month. It seems that
someone close to you is being deliber-
ately difficult no matter what. On the plus
side there will be is a lot of luck for you
when it comes to business and finance.
Be ready to take an opportunity now!

VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Financially,
this is the highpoint of the year for you
and it is important that you have time to
give when the hard work begins again in
September. Treat friends well. This
would be an ideal time to consider im-
provmg your home

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You know
where you are in life now and where you


Domain Registrations
E-mail Hosting
Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
Web Site Design
Web Site Hosting
Marketing Consulting
Internet Consultin
Photographic Services
Graphic Design

Net Tech N.V.
few.NeH 3an
Fax: 717-7854

By Derek

July (end)-2010

200 Gr ine swee 19* F
a 1 604 681 4111
m 1 so4 so 0849

PRIM OCENFROT DEELOPENT ORAJESTD, AUBA or r;nreoFormation. please contact risingg agent:

Mark Lester


This rare offering is for a
predominantly completed six-storey
building. The development concept
consists of retail on the first and
second levels, condominiums on
levels three to six, and a fitne55
facility and lounge on the rooftop.

511,950,000 USD

* Commercial/retail/residential mixed-use
* Net area of 12,000 m (129,163 P)
* Adjacent to cruise ship terminal
* Downtown waterfront location
* Potential to reconfigure or complete project as is

Offers considered q#er September 15, 20$0

Page 20

Bonaire Reporter- August 13-27, 2010

Perfectly Located seafont vula wlth, access to stal lagoon.

.... ..... .....-- -- --- Belnern, Punt Vierkant 32
This property, located at the nice and
quiet Punt Viedent, is one of a kind.
The speclaus lot is seafront with
speducular views and has an easy entry
into a salt water lagoon. From the wide
' -- covered porch a walk-way gives access
to an uncovered terrace for stargazing
at night. Lay out entrance via walk way
1 into main home, IMng room with dining
area and open kitchen. Three bedrooms
(of which one has sliding doors to
... covered path), two bathrooms.
1- -- - . v -. . Sepen studo apannient wth pdvate
bathroom, storage. Corport at roadside.
- -- Rainwater dstern ad]acent to carport.
Lot size 13,988 ft (1.300 n9). Living
area: 2,797 ft (260 m2)

-. Asking price US$ 1,450,000

Sunbelt Realty Kaya LD. Gerharts 3 & 8 Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles T +599 717 65 60 F +599 717 65 70 info@sunbelt.an www.sunbeltbonaire.com

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