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There is now a final ruling in
the Netherlands Antilles
confirming that US citizens in
the Antilles have the same status
as European Dutch citizens. This
is due to the Friendship Treaty
between the Netherlands and the
US, which determines that citizens
of the US in a part of the Dutch
Kingdom outside Europe enjoy the
same treatment as Dutch citizens
who were not born in that part. In
a final judgment, Judge Van Veen
recently confirmed his statement
of February in a interlocutory
judgment regarding a court case in
St. Maarten

The US non-immigrant visa
application fee for visitors and
business travelers will be $140, a
$9 increase over the current fee of
$131 as of June 4. The US Depart-
ment of State is increasing fees to
ensure sufficient resources to
cover the rising cost of processing
non-immigrant visas, according to
the US Embassy. Applicants for
petition-based visas, like work
visas, will now pay an application
fee of $150.

SInsel Air will institute legal
proceedings against the service
company that managed the of-
fice of the airline on Aruba. A
report of embezzlement also was
filed against the manager of the
company. All the personnel of
Insel Air's Aruba office were sent
home last week and replaced after
a media report that the company
had discovered fraud involving
about half a million guilders.

Last week Insel Air an-
nounced a 2009 profit of NAf
2.4 million, 0.4 million more than
the year before.
Revenues almost doubled from
NAf 53 million in 2008 to NAf
97 million last year. In 2007 it had
been NAf 26 million. 380,426
passengers were transported in
2009 up 70% from the year be-
fore. The airline's fleet and route
expansion resulted in NAf 44
million higher costs.
In all their years of operation
the state-run airlines, ALM or
DCA, never made a profit. At
one time they had more employ-
ees than the number of seats on

all their
com- lnsel
bined. Air
Insel Air RA'e: ;h H.M;1..'
has 214
employees and transported
380,426 passengers last year.

The TCB announced
that Expedia.com has just added
the full flight schedule of Insel Air
into their system. Effective imme-
diately, users of the website can
book and purchase Insel
Air flights to Bonaire. Insel Air
provides weekly non-stop service
from Miami to Bonaire and
back every Saturday. Insel Air
flight #908 departs Miami at 4 pm,
arriving into Bonaire at 7 pm. The
Bonaire-Miami flight is Insel Air
#907, departing Bonaire at 11:25
am, arriving into Miami at 2:40
pm. Insel Air flies an MD 82 jet
aircraft which carries 152 passen-
gers. Insel Air also offers daily
flights (Sunday through Friday)
from Miami to Curagao with con-
venient connections onward to
Bonaire. Fares start at $233 per
person including government taxes
and fuel charges. Departure taxes
are not included

SOn July 1st, Dutch Antilles
Express (DAE) will officially
introduce a frequent flyers pro-
gram under the name "DAE
V.I.P." Companies as well as pri-
vate persons may join, said sales
manager Steve Sloop. DAE flies
to Bonaire, Aruba, St. Maarten,
Sta. Domingo, Caracas, Valencia,
Bogota and Cartagena. Panama
will be added to this list shortly.

PARIS--Air France-KLM
posted record losses of 1.55 bil-
lion euros last week as a shocking
new book on its safety record
added to the problems facing
Europe's biggest airline.
The figures were released as the
company's safety record came
under harsh scrutiny with "The
Hidden Face ofAir France," an
investigation by journalist Fabrice
Amedeo into what he alleges are
failures in Air France's manage-
ment culture leading to a lax atti-
tude towards flight safety. The

) Consumer prices were up 0.4% in the last three months,
but overall Bonaire's rate of inflation is declining announced
the Central Bureau of Statistics last Friday.
Measured over the 12 months to February 2010, prices rose
2.7% over the same period a year earlier.
Most expenditure categories increased in price: Beverages and
Tobacco (+1.9%), Others (1.3%), Food (+0.8%), Housing
(+0.8%), Healthcare (0, 1%) and Transport and Communication
(+0.1%). The expenditure categories of Apparel and Footwear (-
1.2%) and Recreation, Development and Education (-0.3%) fell
in price, while Home Furnishings and Household spending re-
mained stable.
Within the Food category price changes were very diverse. Price
increases were steep for Edible fats and oils (5.7%) and Potatoes,
Vegetables and Fruit (+2.4%) with falling prices of other Dairy
products (-2%) and Sugar and Chocolate (-0.9%).
Housing costs for Energy were up (+2.2%) as well as Mainte-
nance (1.3%).
Household goods (-1.6%) were lower, but up on Household Ap-
pliances and Utensils (+1.6%) despite the fall in prices of Refrig-
erators and household Freezers by 4%.
Clothing and Footwear had two opposing price movements: first,
an increase of 8.9% for Shoes and a decrease of 3.3% for Cloth-
ing. Socks, Stockings and Scarves with a drop of 10% signifi-
cantly contributed to the latter.
Overall the
price of In- 7 Bonaire's
surance was 6 inflation rate
up by 1.7%. over 2 years
This is
caused by 4 --
the annual
price in-
crease of 2
Health insur-
ance, in this
case 8%. o
.@? ,0 ? .? 4@ .' .,<@ 40 .,> . ,
^ -^^o fP^^^^o

carrier rejects the allegations.
According to a tally compiled by
the Swiss-based website
"Aircraft Crashes Record Of-
fice," Air France has been the
second deadliest airline for pas-
sengers after Russia's Aeroflot.

THE HAGUE--The Dutch
government aircraft, KBX, the
Queen's plane, has been com-
pletely overhauled.
The job took nearly three years
and cost 4.3 million euros to
complete. KBX, is a Dutch acro-
nym for Queen Beatrix.
On May 25 Bonaire attorney

Michiel Bijkerk announced that
the political party he helped
found will participate in the Bon-
aire Island Council elections of
March 2011. The Party for Jus-
tice and Unity (Partido pro Hus-
tisia & Union -PHU) wrote to the
Island Governor with this infor-
mation and specified that their
party "color" will be white.

>THE HAGUE-- Municipali-
ties in the Netherlands will
soon not be allowed to charge
more than 36 euros ($44.28) for
a new driver's license, news
agency ANP reported last Tues-
day. At the moment, prices vary
from 23 euros to 65 euros. When
Bonaire becomes a municipal-
ity of the Netherlands on
(Continued on page 8)

Table of Contents
This Week's Stories

Consumer Prices/Inflation 2
Biodiversity Bonbshell-Salinja Viljt 3
Bondy on the Bali-World Cup 2 6
Elena (Helen Dovale Sargent) Exhibit 6
ThreeAnniversaries for Bonaire Law 6
'Cudas Win in Barbados 7
Letters to the Editor(Growth & Immigration,
Salinja Vlijt Threatened) 7
Police Raids Resume 8
Woman Bikers' Tour 8
Magical Jazz Festival 10
Julia Cup, Wndsurf Kids
Documentary 11
Biodiversity Bonaire Celebration 15
NOT an Oil Spill 17
New Reporter Staff (Ava Wuyts) 17
Olivero, by BoiAntoin 16
Rotary Supports Digitization 18
All That Jazz (Festival) 20

Flotsam & Jetsam 2
On The Island Since (Monique Degenaar&
GijsBorsten) 4
Sudoku Puzzle 7
Bon Qui #30 (Closed Chimneys) 8
Bonaire On Wheels- Ford Crown Vic 9
Whats Happening, Cruise Ship
Schedule 12
Reporter Masthead 12
Classifieds 13
Tide Table, Sunrise & sunset times, Moor
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SO~SS a IE 4 U FZ Fr"I
S9E FW I C: !
Me be:Ameia Scey-o n -ra SCrt



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SPeugeot, Kymco
e loekie, Giant
Gazelle Brands
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_ -- any brand scooter or bike
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Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010


Biodiversity Bombshel
While Bonaire's biodiversity is celebrated at Lac, endangered species are wiped out at Playa

Last week soil dumping and earthmoving
that is a precursor to construction by the
Harbour Village Resort destroyed a nesting
colony of Least Terns (Sternula antillarum). A
bulldozer destroyed 12 nests of this bird species
which is protected under Antillean Law. Ac-
cording to Bonaire Naturalist Sipke Stapert this
species has also been given an endangered/
threatened status by the National Audubon Soci-
ety, and the IUCN (International Union for Con-
servation of Nature) has this bird species on their
2010 red list of threatened species. Nests of three
other bird species were destroyed in the same area:
Wilson's Plover, Snowy Plover and Black-necked
Many other species of bird and crustacean are
threatened by the unchecked earthmoving in this
area of the salt pan/mud flat area of Salinja Vlijt.
This "Salinja" is one of the closest to the hotel
area of Bonaire and is home to 70 confirmed spe-
cies of birds and 20 types of crustaceans.
Specifically a 400 m2 area inside the north
side of the Salinja was covered with fill inside
of the high tide line, destroying 30% of inter-
tidal mudflat of unique fiddler crab habitat and
crab habitat in general. This is a vital feeding
ground for a large number of bird species. Lost
was a source of the crab larvae, which are an im-
portant planktonic basis of the food chain. It is an
essential factor in the marine ecosystem on Bon-
aire's lee side and a contributing factor to the
unique and very high fish diversity of two sites
located close to the Marina entrance known to
have the highest fish diversity on Bonaire and the
Caribbean: Something Special with 340 species
and Bari Reef with 388 species. Refer to
www.reef.org, for confirmation. Sites like these
are an important element in promoting Bonaire
as a dive and snorkel destination.

In addition an area around 25 m2 inside the
northwest side of the body of water closest to the
main road has been covered with blocks and
chunks of limestone. That destroyed an intertidal
piece of mudflat, home to a still unidentified spe-
cies of fiddler crab which appears to be unique to
Intertidal flow has been further obstructed by
limestone blocks and fill as well
as a plastic tarp in the entrance of
the canal leading to the Marina.

Biologists say that most sea life
on Bonaire has its start in the
mangroves, mud flats and salt
pans of the islands. And it's the
richness of the sea that brings the
visitors that provide the economic
support for the people who live on
the island. Unchecked activities
that destroy this chain of life can
threaten all living creatures on
So far this year the Harbour
Village Resort management has
blocked the ramp access to local
craft, evicted the local fishing
boats and now appears to have
begun a new development based
on a permit granted years ago
when environmental protection
requirements were not as strin-
Environmental activists on mental protection groups.
Bonaire are asking all who be- A YouTube video made by ScubaVi-
lieve this activity must be halted sion has been posted about this situation:
to contact, local Bonaire authori- http://www.voutube.com/watch?
ties, Dutch environmental organi- v=kuVsa dpobs&feature=digest U G.D./
zations and international environ- Sipke Stapert.


Charming villa with pool

Beautifully finished,
inside and out

3 beds, 2 baths

225m2 of living space

situated on a 1.096m2
size lot

Kaya Uranus 10


US$ 395,000

Phone (599) 717 4686 www.caribbeanhomesbonaire.com Kaya Isla Riba (Next to City Cafe)
Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010 Page 3


SIB before we moved to Bon-
_aire we'd come three
times for diving. We stayed at an
apartment which belonged to
some acquaintances of ours from
the city of Leiden, Holland, where
we were living. It was an eye-
opener. We thought, 'Hey, it's
possible a completely different
life!' And so, during our third
vacation we both had job inter-
views, then we went home.

In Holland I had a higher profes-
sional education to become a cer-
tified nurse, and after that middle
management training to become
an executive. I started working as
a district nurse and was also work-
ing at an infant welfare center.
After becoming an executive, I
worked as a ward manager at the
psycho-geriatric ward of a nursing
home, then as a ward manager at
an institution for physically and
mentally disabled people. At that
institution I also set up a new
ward for people who needed con-
tinuous artificial respiration.
Before I came to Bonaire I

worked as a manager of a shelter
home for the mentality disabled.
My partner Gijs was working at
the Directorate-General for public
works and water management."
She smiles: "It's kind of funny
because he is an art historian, but
he's never worked in that field.
Well, once we had 'tasted' life
on Bonaire we started thinking
what our life was all about at that
time. We came to the conclusion
that it was mainly about quantity -
more and more of everything- but,
it wasn't about quality. So, when
Gijs was offered a job at the audit
office on the island we sold every-
thing we had and moved to Bon-
One day after our arrival, Janu-
ary 6, 2005, we started taking
Papiamentu lessons with Therese
Rosier. I didn't have a job yet, but
if I wanted to work in the family
welfare field, Papiamentu would
be a first requisite. To practice, I
went to work as a volunteer at
FKPD (handicapped center) in
Rincon. In November 2005 I was
hired as a team leader for the

".. once we had 'tasted' life on Bonaire we
started thinking what our life was all about at
that time. We came to the conclusion that it was
mainly about quantity more and more of eve-
rything- but, it wasn't about quality."

FKPD's shelter home. It was fun
and above all very instructive,
especially because of the differ-
ence in health care between Bon-
aire and Holland. I worked there
for two years and spent some
very nice times with the clients as
well as with my colleagues.
Gijs whom by the way I've
known since I was a child as he
was a friend of my brother had
changed jobs too. Here on the
island you take whatever comes
your way. It's not about career. If
you like it, you do it. If not you
don't! He went to work for BoCar
as a mechanic. All his life he'd
been busy with his Harley and his
cars, so he was doing what he
liked best! Horseback riding had
always been a hobby of mine,
although" she laughs- "I'd
changed from horses to Harleys
gradually, so I started doing
horseback trail riding and I was
also part of a team that took care
of this fine and exceptional gentle-
man who was suffering from
Parkinson's disease.

In August 2007 I started work-
ing at the Bonaire Animal Shelter.
It's the best job I ever had! The
animals, my colleagues and the
volunteers it's just wonderful. I
can put my whole heart into it. I
love animals, every animal. We
have three dogs and six cats here
at home and I don't want my dog

to kill an iguana or my cat to kill a
I myself have been a vegetarian
for 10 years now. I don't want to
eat any living creature that was
killed because I chose to put it on
my menu. I don't eat meat and I
don't eat fish or seafood or
chicken either." She laughs.
"When you tell people you're a
vegetarian, they say, 'Oh, you
don't eat meat? But you do eat
chicken, don't you! I wasn't sure
if I could keep it up here, but it's
no problem. The only thing I
would like to see is that the restau-
rants on Bonaire offer a greater
variety of dishes on their menu for
vegetarians. In general they give

you some French fries, a salad and
a fried egg that's it! The only
exception is Bistro de Paris.
Patrice is unique in that sense!"
Monique is a wonderful lady and
a great professional. She's quite
private, but she always cares,
whether it's animals or people.
Her heart is into it.

"When you live here, you have
to have a job," Monique says.
"Even if I were a penshionado
(retired person) I would still be a
volunteer and do something use-
ful. You have to have a meaning
to your life, otherwise you won't
make it.
(Continued on page 5)

Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010


Gijs Borsten and Monique Degenaar

Ahk M AF%~a



Page 4


On the Island Since (Continued from page 4)
Gij s has his own car rental company
now, with his partner Rob Landman, and
they're doing well. They started off in
April 2008 with five cars and now they
have 25."
"We didn't suffer from the economic
crisis," Gijs grins. "On the contrary, we're
getting clients from countries I didn't know
existed. Most of the time it's a fairly quiet
existence. As long as you make sure all the
cars are in good shape and well serviced,
you have enough time left for yourself and
your hobbies. Nowadays we're renting a lot
of cars, long term, to people who are here
for business, people who are involved in
projects on the island. All in all, it's ideal -
enough to make life pleasant. If I had noth-
ing to do I would be bored stiff!"
"If everything goes the way it's going,
we'll stay here," Monique says. "I would
like to have a pied-a-terre in Leiden." Gijs
responds: "I lived there for 20 years and
we've been gone for six years now, but
whenever we're walking through Leiden
there's always someone yelling at us, 'Hey
guys, good to see you back!' Well, thinking
about it," he sighs, "it's only fun in sum-
mer because in winter everybody is rushing
back and forth from home to work. And I
would miss the colors of Bonaire: the blues
of the sea, the greens of the trees and all the
colors of all the different birds. Nine
months a year Holland is black and white,
or... it's grey really... So, yeah, no

"I live here," Monique says. "Holland is
no longer home. Whenever I go there -
mainly to visit our parents who are getting
older I can't stay longer than two weeks.
I feel alienated; I am homesick for my
house, my animals, for Bonaire..."

Gijs looks at her
and says,
"I don't mind going
now and then. I love
to roam the street
markets, to eat a
herring and to sim-
ply meet a thousand
acquaintances that
we've left behind,
but once or twice a
year is enough. You
know what I miss
here? To get into a
car or on the motor-
bike and drive all
day long on never-
ending roads which
lead you to all these
beautiful places.
There's always
enough land. When
we lived in Holland
we traveled all over
Europe on the mo-
torbike, from Great Moniqi
Britain to Greece,
from Poland to Portugal and to every coun-
try that's in between. Since we've been
here we've done two tours organized by
Orlando one to Costa Rica and one to
Curagao and... we rode 6,000 kilometers
in five years going around in circles on this
one island.
We don't travel that much anymore, but
we do miss it. Southern Europe is definitely
something you miss. I would like to pick it
up sometime, take the Harleys and explore
the US or South America."
"I agree with Gijs," Monique says. "But I
have my work, my household and our ani-
mals. In Leiden we had a garden of 45

ie demonstrates puppy washing techniques

square meters and here we have 1,200
square meters, so the garden has become a
hobby too. We still go diving, but most of
the time it's only when friends are visiting
us. But I do want to swim and snorkel as
often as possible. You see so many things -
it really is fun! I'm working part-time and
it's important to me to have time to go out
with my dogs. I take them to the fisher-
man's hut at Sorobon the beautiful colors,
the fresh breeze. Whenever I'm free I'm
there! On Sundays we go to the sea with
friends. We take food and drinks, do a bar-
becue, we chat and relax. Those are won-
derful days. Here I take life the way it

comes. I go with the flow and I'm satisfied,
I've found peace.
There are lots of things you don't have
here and there are plenty of things you
can't buy here and you know what? You
don't need them here. We can eat, we can
drink, and we have
a gorgeous place to
live and be out-
doors. What more is
there to life?" U

Story & photo by
Greta Kooistra A


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and by sea.
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Packing material in stock.
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International Freight (Car) BV
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I_ .,

Page 5

Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010

n nce again, Kon Tiki Restaurant at
S1 Lac Bai will host an exhibit of the
lBondy On Th B-O -l wood assemblages local artist Helen
GouF G. Dovale Sargent, who signs her work,
I I "Elena." She is a graduate of Pratt Institute
Netherlands ItalyBrazil Spain in New York City and has spent most of her
Denmark Paraguay North Korea Switzerland life in Curagao and Bonaire. Elena will open
her show at Kon Tiki on Saturday, June 19
at 5 pm. KonTiki will offer a welcome drink
Japan New Zealand Ivory Coast Honduras and snacks.
Cameroon Slovakia Portugal Chile With 20 years in the advertising business and
hundreds of layouts and brochures behind
OK. Put your hands up for Bonaire if you are excited yet! Only afew weeks remain her, les search for the artist withinas
her, Elena's search for the artist within was
before football's biggest prize is upfor grabs. Thatjust about gives you enough timefostered by the flotsam and jetsam collected
to stock up the fridge with Polar, Bright & Greenies. while beachcombing Bonaire's once bounti-
while beachcombing Bonaire's once bounti-
Thi~s week we will be looking atgroups E ;h, .i hH.ful shores. Her collages have a sculptural,

M onday, June 14th, will be the t II ctile quality which she attributes to many
day that Bonaire grinds to a halt .I! spent doing all those layouts for news-
as every bar with a TV will be tuned in to papers and magazines.
see the Netherlands take on Denmark. A "find" on the seashore, a sidewalk or a
The biggest surprise here is the exclusion parking lot plants the seed for a fun adven-
of Ruud van Nistelrooy from the squad. ture into the world of fantasy and whimsical
Even at 33, he is still a player who, given humor.
the opportunity, will get a goal. Holland Helen Dovale Sargent Exhibition Opening
as always has talent in spades, and with at the Kon Tiki Restaurant, Lac Bai
the return to fitness of van Persie, I back Saturday, June 19, 5pm.
them to finish top of this group. For my "Elena" with some of her work at a Exhibition will continue after the opening.
money, they will be joined by Cameroon past Kon Tiki exhibition 0 HDS/LD

who has reached a record 6th final. Look
out for Samuel Eto'o who will be a key
player for the Africans.
In group F we can sit back and watch
the game played as it should be Italian
style. Although it's fair to say that this
team has passed its peak, they still have
the ability to grind out results. Watch out
for goalkeeper extraordinaire, Gianluigi
Buffon, who will break the hearts of
strikers in every game. While others will
expect Slovakia to progress, my choice is
Paraguay. They have a great World Cup
pedigree as well as the Manchester City
Striker, Roque Santa Cruz, who is
looking to prove himself on the world
Group G next and probably the toughest
group of the lot. First, we have the mighty
Brazil. There is a saying in football that,
"The English invented it, the Brazilians
perfected it," and few would argue. They
look organized this year and deserve their
joint favourite status. Look out for mid-
fielder, Kaka, who is my candidate for
player of the tournament. The other big
name in this group of course is Portugal.
Ronaldo still holds the accolade of star
player for the team, but for me, they have
not looked too convincing in this cam-
paign. That said, dismiss them at your
peril! A surprise qualifier in this group
could be The Ivory Coast. Star striker,

Dider Drogba is on fire and holds the
Golden Boot award in England's Premier-
ship League. I am going out on a limb and
back them to qualify ahead of Portugal.
Finally Group H where we see the num-
ber one seeds, Spain. Their team has
strength in depth and have spanked all com-
ers in the qualifiers. The goal scoring ma-
chine that is Fernando Torres will scare
opponents to death. They will qualify with-
out question and I expect to see them in the
final. The second qualifier from this group
really is any one from three. Chile plays
great looking football and has grown in
confidence. For this reason, they are my tip
to join Spain.
So there you have it. Eight groups, 32
teams and the greatest prize in soccer. Who
could ask for more? Until next time, keep
the game beautiful..... U
Tony Bond

Antony Bond, currently
based in Scotland, is con-
templating a return to Bon-
aire. He will use his love of
the sport and international
perspective to report on this
year's World Cup.

David, Nicole, Lex and Carol Gromzales celebrate

L ex Gonzales, the principal attorney
for Honaire I.aw on Bonaire, cele-
brated the third year of the firm' s offices on r
the island, its 10Oth year of practice on Bon-
airc and Lex's 5? birthday at a grcat party
at Buddy i)ive last week. Iabien! Bonaire Of w eU&
I aw is located at Caribbean Court. 0G.D.
L.________ ____



Introducing the New Revolution in Construction

Complete house. Price includes: roof,
secure windows, doors, floor & bathroom
tiles, kitchen cup boards with Corian top
kitchen sink. Toilet bathroom with complete
fixtures. Electrical and plumbing fixtures.
- Home built within 2 months
- No hidden fees
* No drawing fees
* Free taxation report
* Finance available

smorlhi0eBAN K
qern, O a U
YIITII lum%%ta. Mlre JOF Fr4.l

Kaya Lib. Simon Bolivar 26 Tel (599) 717-4992 Fax (599) 717-4972
Cell (599) 786-1592 / 701-4050 Email info@bonairesunshinehomes.com

Real Estate with a local touch. Real affordable homes... building a bright future for the people.



Page 6

Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010

'udas @om a J IUn Baeaos

Ihe leam returns rom Barbados victorious: Diane, Alejandro, Astrubal, Ricky,
Coach Valarie Stimson, Bonaire's Commissioner for Sport Nolly Oleana, Sampson
andLuis. Not pictured Luigi

T he Bonaire Barracuda Swim Club
participated in the 19th Barbados
Olympic Association Aquatics Centre In-
ternational Invitational Swim Champion-
ships over the weekend of 21 23 May.
Competing were 342 swimmers including
three Olympians. Twenty-one teams from
Barbados, Bonaire, Antigua and Barbuda,
Grenada, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago
and Ontario, Canada, competed in a total
of 130 events over three days. Though
swimming is an individual effort, it is also
a team sport. The top eight finishers can
earn points towards team standings and the
individual High Point trophy. The Barra-
cuda team of Samson Evertsz, Luigi
Meriaan, Alejandro de Lima, Ricky
Hormechea, Asdrubal Marcano Bravo,
Luis Marcano Bravo and Diane Wer-
dath had a stunning finish as the 6th place
team overall and 4th place overall Boys
team with only seven swimmers.

Samson had the opportunity to swim
against Olympian and Barbados back-
stroke record holder, Nicholas Neckles,
and a member of the Canadian National
Swim Team in the 200 meter backstroke
event open to swimmers 11 years and
older. Samson finished an impressive 4th
with the fastest 200-meter backstroke time
swum by a 13 14 male Antillean swim-
mer so far this year. Samson had six indi-
vidual medals with gold in 100-meter
backstroke, a silver and four bronze.
Luigi earned seven individual medals with
two silver and five bronze. Samson and
Luigi tied in the 100-meter breaststroke
event with identical times. Luis consis-
tently finished in the top eight in Boys 11
- 12, earning team points that helped the
Barracuda team finish so well.
The Barracuda Boys 13 14 relay teams
took the gold in all three relay events, 4 x
100 meter medley relay, 4 x 100 meter
freestyle relay and 4 x 50 meter relay. The
team of Samson, Asdrubal, Alejandro
and Luigi set a meet record in the 4 x 100
medley relay which was held by the Mar-
lins team of Trinidad since 2004. Ricky
swam for the Barracudas in the other two
gold medal relay events. When the per-
sonal high point trophies were being an-
nounced, Sampson, hoping for 2nd looked
disappointed when his teammate Luigi
was announced for that place. As a sur-
prised Luigi approached the trophy stand,
and they began announcing first place,
Sampson was astounded to hear Bonaire
yet again and find out that he in fact was

Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010

first overall boys 13 -14 in the meet.
Sonia O'Neal, President of the Barbados
Amateur Swimming Association (BASA),
thanked the Barracudas for their participa-
tion noting that it raised the level of com-
petition at the event. The Barracuda team
and the parents who accompanied them to
Barbados also had the opportunity to tour
the island, visit some of its many museums
and even learn to surf. We look forward to
continued interaction between Bonaire and
Barbados and plan to return next year.
The team would like to thank the many
individuals and sponsors including Budget
Marine and Bureau Telecommunacatie
en Post for their help in making this ath-
letic and cultural experience possible.
The Barracuda 11 and older swimmers
are coached by Valarie Stimpson and the
10 and under swimmers by Pam Werdath
-Teitel. They look forward to all inter-
ested swimmers to visit on Mondays by
Kas de Arte at 5:15 to join.

The team is now looking forward to its
next event: June 13th the Barracuda
Budget Marine Open Water Swim &
Festival with 5km, 2.5km, 1.5km and
0.5km open water races at Kas de Regatta.
Please come down and swim, watch, cheer
and support our team. This is a fund raiser
for the floating pier project to provide a
safe pool-like environment in the sea for
training. See http://sites.google.com/site/
bonairebarracudaclub/home for details and
email bonairebarracudaski(hotmail.com for
local registration. U
Story & photo by Pam Werdath-Teitel

RParad ise


Les Galeries Shopping Center
(Bordering the parking lot)
1 717-5890
Open M-F 8:30-12, 2-6 pm, Sat. 9-12

6f__ -.7 I 4r w Er
ne Arm ,o


Dear Editor:
The number 50,000 is sym-
bolic. We do not know how
much more the population of
Bonaire can still grow. The
point is that Bonaire may soon
experience quite rapid growth.
Growth in itself is not bad. It
can be good or bad, depending
on how we manage it. The
world is full of people. Soon
there will be seven billion in the world.
They must all live and need space. Bonaire
can still absorb some of them. We still have

The people will mainly be from the Nether-
lands and Latin America. Some Bonaireans
will also return. The political party Pro
Hustisia & Union (PHU) is willing to ab-
sorb and welcome them all. We have no
fear of immigrants; we realize that we are
all immigrants in this world. We walk
around here a while and die. And we're all
human. Borders are not created by God.
During our lives we can treat each other
well or badly. We can help build a free,
humane and just society, or we can promote
inequality and oppression, actively or pas-
sively. That is all.
PHU sees Bonaire as part of the world.
For internal reasons, Bonaire may grow
rapidly. We simply need more trade, tour-
ism and industry. How can we build a pros-
perous society without economic activity?
How can one have work without new in-
vestment and job creation? Yes, we need an
environmentally sound way to grow, and
respect Nature. But we can and should still
grow considerably. Growth is necessary.
At the same time we must realize that the
world cannot grow. This growth should not
be stopped by large-scale abortion, but by
using contraceptive measures, ie, "birth
control." The world cannot grow, otherwise
there will be no more room. If the current
trends continue, we all will suffocate. Al-
though Bonaire can still can absorb a lot of
people, there is also a limit.
Rafael Santana andMichiel Bijkerk

According to Bevolking, the Civil Regis-
try, Bonaire is home to persons born in 106
different countries, up from 103 last year.
(In the entire world there are 195 coun-
tries). That's out of a total island popula-
tion of a bit more than 15,000.
As of the end ofAugust, 2009, of the total
population (15,414), 9,893 are Antillean
born. That leaves the number of immigrants
to be 5,521 or nearly 36% of the total
The Top Five nationalities represented in
Bonaire 's immigrant population are:

1. Dutch from Holland 1,531
2. Dominican Republic 801
3. Colombia 698
4. Peru 533
5. Venezuela 413
The greatest number of immigrants in
2009 were from Holland (226), followed by
the Netherlands Antilles (170), Peru (90),
Colombia (81), United States (71), Canada
(54), Dominican Republic (49) andAruba
The two most popular neighborhoods for
the new immigrants are Antriol Pariba (155
persons) and Nikiboko (144 persons). Many
thanks to the staff at Bevolking who pro-
vided this information to The Reporter.
Laura DeSalvo

(Ed.: See related article, "Biodiversity
Bombshell, on page 3)

Dear Editor,
I'm a little bit worried about things I see
happening around the Salina Vlijt (across
from the Harbour Village marina. Ed.) area.
Dump trucks and backhoes are busy with
backfill activities in and around the borders
of the Salina Vlijt.
As I understood, Salifia Vlijt is a very
important area for natural and environ-
mental reasons. It is one of the salifias of the
island Bonaire.
The nearby Harbour Village is the long-
lease owner of the whole (including the
salifia) area and responsible for these activi-
Is Harbour Village in possession of the
proper permits? Is there a MER investiga-
tion executed to examine the impact of
these activities and further developments
(houses, commercial buildings etc.)?
FYI, MER means in Dutch "Milieu Effect
Rapportage" or in English (Environmental
Impact Report). The Island Government
always said in official statements that for
this area this report was a essential exercise
before any development could even be
started.I have my doubts. Is this another
affront against nature? Or is this a big $
issue. On Bonaire everything is possible, as
we all know.
Johan Draaier


1 6 9
To solve the puzzle, enter the
8 5 3
numbers 1 through 9 to the par- I I -
tially filled in puzzle without re- 9 3 2 7
eating a number in any row, col- 1 4
umn or 3 x 3 region. Answer on
page 17. 8
5 4
3 1

Page 7

Flotsam and Jetsam (Continued from page 2)
10/10/10, will rules like this apply? Price
for a Bonaire driver's license is currently
around NAf 50.

I Commissioner for Health Marugia
Janga will visit various health facilities in
the Netherlands next month with a delega-
tion from Bonaire that includes advisor Pe-
ter Silberie; Selly Pourier, the head of the
Department of Health and Hygiene; and
quartermaster Marga Drewes.
The trip is in connection with the changes
in health care that will occur after Bonaire is
integrated into the Netherlands on 10/10/10.

0 The Curagao Island Executive Commit-
tee has accepted the business plan for con-
struction of a new hospital with 370 beds
by 2015 to replace the 155-year-old St.
Elizabeth Hospital (Sehos) in Otrobanda. St.
Elizabeth Hospital is Bonaire's regional
hospital equipped to handle all but the most
complex illnesses.
The price tag is NAf 430 million. The
hospital will be relocated more centrally at
Jan Noorduynweg in Groot Piscadera, next
to the University of the Netherlands campus
and the Nursing School. The Hospital Fun-
dashon Nobo (FHN), which is planning the
new facility, has as its board prominent citi-
zens like Curagao oncologist Professor Her-
bert "Bob" Pinedo who is currently the di-
rector of the Cancer Institute in Amsterdam.

0 The hurricane season runs from June 1
to November 30 and while Bonaire is south
of the "hurricane belt" secondary effects
like wind reversals and calms do affect the
island each year.
Forecasters predict a busy season, similar
to 2008 that had 16 named storms, of which
eight became hurricanes. However, with
the recent rapid decline in El Nino condi-
tions they are expected to upgrade their
This season's forecasts vary between 15
and 18 tropical storms, of which seven or

eight could become hurricanes and four or
five could develop into a major Category
Three or stronger.
Names for the 2010 Hurricane Season are
Alex, Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona,
Gaston, Hermine, Igor, Julia, Karl, Lisa,
Matthew, Nicole, Otto, Paula, Richard,
Shary, Tomas, Virginie and Walter.

) Invent a cocktail
based on Bonaire Ca-
dushy Liqueur and
win a sightseeing
flight for three from the
BonAeroClub. There
are already several
great recipes (check
them out at
but more are needed.
Cadushy of Bonaire
is looking for the per-
fect Green Bonaire
Cocktail recipe.
The recipe must meet the following condi-
tions: the cocktail must be green; it must
clearly contain Cadushy of Bonaire Liqueur:
and it must taste like... Green Bonaire.
The prize is sponsored by Warehouse
Bonaire, BonAeroClub and the Tempo em-
ployment agency.
You can send in your recipe (with a photo-
graph of the cocktail) until July 20, 2010 to
Look for the contest conditions on

) Correction: We would like to rectify
a recent story about Junella Nicolaas,
winner of Arte di Palabra who also pre-
sented her work during the Jazz Festival
Night of Jazz and Poetry. Junella wrote all
her own presentations. They were not
written by Sinaida Janga as previously re-

P The euro is dropping. This means
that the advantage that Dutch investors have

) The Public Prosecutor ordered
police raids of homes and businesses in
Bonaire and Curacao on Friday, May
22, as a follow-up to similar raids and
arrests of last September. The raids are
part of the "Fiji & Zambezi" corruption
investigation. No one was arrested, but
files and electronic media were confis-
cated in the latest action. The Prosecutor
is not releasing any information on the
progress of the case until the trial date
now set for August 2010. To date no evi-
dence has been made public. All but one
of the suspects, gold dealer A. de G., ar-
rested in September, have been released
pending trial.
The new searches were of homes and
office buildings on Bonaire and Curaqao.
The office of the accounting firm Price-
WaterhouseCoopers as well as the resi-

had on Bonaire in relation to the dollar-
based exchange rate is diminishing. When
the euro was introduced in January 1999 I
wasn't used in physical transactions until
2002) it was at roughly $1.15. After flirt.i.
with dollar parity a couple of times that
year, its value dropped below that of the
greenback just over a year later and stay,.I
there until mid-2002. From then on, the .i. u.
went on a long, more-or-less steady climb,
culminating in July 2008, when it peaked
around $1.60.
Bonaire travelers will find that hotel stays,
local transit and everything bought while
abroad will be 15% cheaper than it would
have been at the beginning of the year. Im-
ported foodstuffs have a fast turnaround
time; shoppers here could notice the de-
flated euro's impact in a month or less for
perishable items if the retailers pass on the
0 Don't forget to tell our advertisers, "I
heard about you in The Reporter." It's
their support that keeps The Reporter free.
U G./L. D.

JUNE 13, 2010

5 KM/2.5 KM/1.5 KM & 500
__ M


) When Harley Davidson named the month of May Women Rider's
month all around the world women got together to ride. Bonaire may be
small, but to those of us lucky enough to live here, she is so very spe-
cial. In support of Women Rider's Month, some of the girls" on
Bonaire got together on Sunday, May 24, to have a good ride and en-
joy the beautiful island.
The ride started at the Bonaire Motorcycle Shop on Kaya Grandi, where
Orlando and Anna, the gracious owners, surprised everyone with a light
breakfast. We toured up the coast road north, through Gotomeer, into Rin-
con, back down towards Playa, past Kontiki, and then back to town. (I'll
bet we were the only motorcycle group lucky enough to have a black
Cadillac stretch limousine as a support vehicle! Thank you, Orlando!) We
ended the ride at Amuse Bouche for a fantastic lunch, courtesy of chef
We will try it again next year and hope to have a lot more women on Bon-
aire join the ride. E Mary DiSanza


Ma.vDATnlOV 1-nM SA-TU 12" AT 300 AO SUN.v AT I e3a a.L
Ml* ram .b rND "AL m.L ..
j-wn ilmWP .p^Mjtir..aJa.,*uaf. l c

DCfunwB)t In w < l

MOCB &2 4ursau--
S*&.t*I LW *F*1 -

dence of one of the partners was searched.
The firm is not suspected of criminal ac-
tivities. The Bonaire raid was at Bonaire
real estate agent, Living Joya, said to be-
long to Senator Ramoncito Booi.
The searchers confiscated digital data,
records and documents related to compa-
nies that could be linked to suspects living
on Bonaire. The data was confiscated as
part of the investigation.
Ramonsito Booi and former Commis-
sioner Burney El Hage, who are named as
suspects, instituted summary proceedings
against the Prosecutor's office because it
is still not clear what they are exactly be-
ing suspected of although nine months
have passed. The judge will decide on
June 23 if the Prosecutor's actions are
justified or not. He will not rule on guilt
or innocence of the accused.

BonQuiz #30


wo features of older Bonaire
homes were especially important
and necessary. Since there was no desali-
nization plant, catching rain water was the
usual way to obtain fresh water. Therefore
a cistern and water catcher were manda-
tory for every home. The cistern did not
begin at ground level, but was dug by
hand deep into the ground to collect as
much water as possible, storing it for the
dry periods
Along with these cisterns, ovens were
also important. Cooking in the home was
done over an open charcoal fire. Even
today you can sometimes smell charcoal
burning, and often times this is from a fire
out in the yard, preparing something that
takes a long cooking time, like beans, salt
meat, pork tail, goat meat, to mention a
few local delicacies.

Q) Why do we see so many
chimneys sealed off at the top
these days?
Answer on page 17

BonQuiz appears regularly in The
Reporter. It's prepared by Christie
Dovale of Island Tours. To arrange a
tour, contact her via
her website:
naire.com Phone 717-
4435 or 795-3456
Email: christie-



Call for Information

717 49 89

gI Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18. 2010

wwP bnir-ffcesppis8o

Black and Chrome: Ford LTD Crown Victoria
The 71st of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J(n Brouwer, featuring some
ofBonaire's interesting vehicles that are "on wheels." On coursefor 100+

Nort Salina/Bonaire -
A couple of weeks have passed since
I drove the four-wheel-drive CF
Moto quad, lent to me for a day by Jack
from The Bikeshop. With this useful four-
stroke fun thing I discovered little parts of
the island of Bonaire. The single-cylinder
500 cc vehicle brought me also to the
paved and unpaved roads of Nort Salina
and Republiek, situated more or less in the
hilly centre of the island. And it was in
Nort Salina that I was able to peep over a
brick wall to discover a recently sprayed
orange metallic Ford Mustang, a black
sedan and some other interesting vehicles.
I made a stop, asked for attention. Nobody
there. Another mystery location and some
mystery cars. Time for an investigation!

In my old grey four-wheel-drive truck I
drove up the hills, trying to find the loca-
tion again. Now I was lucky! A man was
sanding the body of an Opel SUV to get
her as smooth as possible before giving
the car a paint job. I stopped my truck and
in Papiamentu asked for permission to
enter the gate. I introduced myself and
explained my plans. His name is Stephen
Lamidi. And soon we discover that Dutch
is easier than Papiamentu. Stephen was
born in Surinam and although he's already
lived for some 17 years on the island he
prefers to speak Dutch with me. (And the
vocabulary of my Srnangtongo, the lan-
guage from Surinam, exists of only about
15 words. Fah waka? Tanboe! So we
stick to the Dutch. What a relief!)

Stephen Lamidi and his wife and kid
live in a house at a comer of the Kaya
Caribe in Nort Salina. The house is sur-
rounded by cars under construction.
Some cars are almost completely disman-
tled, some cars are somewhere half way
and some cars are completely finished.
Stephen loves cars and he is a very good
painter. "Spraying cars is my hobby," he
informs me immediately. Stephen is the
owner of a neatly pimped Volkswagen
Golf and a Ford Mustang under construc-
tion. A very nice Toyota 4-Runner is
parked in the paint spray cabin. I have to
come back here later. Stephen has fully
documented histories about the pimped
Golf and the metallic orange Mustang.

For now I would like to know more
about the freshly sprayed and still smell-
ing black sedan. Stephen did a good job.
Later, at home, as I inspect the row of
pictures I have taken, I can see myself in
a pink shirt, taking photographs, mirrored
by the black paint of the car.

It appears to be a Ford. And no,
Stephen is not the owner. The car be-
longs to a client. It is a Ford LTD Crown
Victoria, and the size of the vehicle is as
stretched as its name. The car was built
in 1979 and the former owner was a
medical doctor who also had a job at the
Bonairean court house. Small world...
Five years ago I bought my house from

Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010

this same doctor and his wife. The LTD
Crown Victoria is almost in showroom
condition and Stephen did a very good
job. The vehicle is fully loaded and heavy.
The weight is over 2,000 kilograms. And
that is because fully loaded in this case
means very fully loaded. All the metal is
mounted on a full size Ford Panther plat-
form. Of course there is an impressive
American 5.2 liter V8 under the hood.
(Incidentally, the Ford "Crown Vic" has
always been the favorite ofAmerican po-
lice departments- ed.)
To move a vehicle like this forward (and
backwards) a six-cylinder would never be
able to supply the energy. And then, it
takes a huge V8 just to charge the battery
of the car because of all the electrics. This
LTD Crown Victoria has power brakes,
power steering, power windows, power
mirrors, power seats, air conditioning, a
four-speed automatic gearbox. The car has
an upper level trim package. What do we
miss? I have to be honest; I did not check
the power antenna.
Luxury all over. Nice seats, tinted win-
dows, an over-complete dashboard, wide
opening doors, a huge trunk. This four-
door saloon has a Targa-like chrome band
across the roof. Maybe the Ford was
equipped with a landau* vinyl roof before
Stephen resprayed the car.

Stephen Lamidifrom Nort Salina portrayed next to a just resprayed black Ford
LTD Crown Victoria.

Unfortunately we cannot start the Ford
and take it for a drive. There are no li-
cense plates on the vehicle. But I can
imagine the smooth drive of the powerful

I shoot some more pictures of the car as
material for my research. Then it is time
to go home again. We shake hands and I
jump behind the steering wheel of my
metallic grey-sprayed truck. Then Stephen
says, "That truck was owned by Rhonda! I
resprayed it a couple of years ago!" Small

One day I will be back to write articles
about the Volkswagen Golf and Stephen's
Ford Mustang. And then, one day, my
classic Range Rover will be technically
restored and ready for a respray... U
Story & photo by J n Brouwer

*A laundau is a special variety of coach-
work. The front part of
the cabin or coach is
closed by metal or wood;
the back part of the roof
can be opened, so it is a
kind of a 50% converti-
ble or cabriolet./jb


Page 9

A Ma


With all the broadcasts of possible
bad weather heading for Bonaire
before the Jazz Festival we were holding
our breath for the Jazz nights. We did
indeed have some lighting and powerful
thunder on Friday night, June 28, during
the performance of Manny Moreira and
the Equator, but no rain.
The real storm was onstage, beginning
Thursday, May 27, the Festival's official
opening night. You could experience the
feeling and expression of this storm, of
dazzling and super talented artists, actors,
musicians and singers who were able to
rock you off your chair.
After Commissioner Nolly Oleana's
speech he introduced Jeadon Crestian, a
young boy of nine, who played Mi Dushi
Bonaire on his kwarta, a four-stringed
instrument smaller than a guitar. He was
followed by the folkloric musical band
named Kaha Brabu, which means Wild
Cane, but actually is another name for
Wild Bamboo Trees. We had a cultural
The founder of this band, Kaha Brabu,
is Mr. Albert Crestian who is Jeadon's
father. He's been in the musical world for
25 years and is one of the famous "Back
to the 80s" DJs on Bonaire.
On this astonishing night we had the
pleasure of meeting Miss Junella Nicolaas
(17) who won the March, 27th ABC Island
literature competition, Arte di Palabra
(the art of words). She performed her
three winning stories. The third story she
dramatically presented was the fable, Fi-
esta Di Compa Warawara, a very intense
story about animals going to a party held
by Bonaire's majestic warawara bird. This
story earned her first place in the Arte di
Palabra competition.
This is Junella's last year at the SGB
high school. Next year she continues her
studies in Curaqao at the Art School. She
believes, as do we, that she is the best
young story teller and actress on the is-
land. She has a natural talented inspira-

E f heece'
of heaUhv

f -

iceal Jazz Festival

Jeadon Crestian-a future
Bonaire virtuoso

Seventeen year-old Junella Nicolaas
stole the show on opening night.

tional gift to write the stories herself,
guided by her coach, Zenaida Janga at
Jong Bonaire. To perform the way she
does has to come from the inside; every-

thing appears so natural and uncontrived.

She lamented, "It is sad for me to say
that I have to leave Bonaire to follow my
dreams. If Bonaire had an art school I
wouldn't have to leave. I know there's a
lot of talented young men and women
who need some push to succeed in their
performance. I love to help my school-
mates. When we were preparing for the
competition first at Jong Bonaire and then
in Curaqao I was helping everybody to do
their best. I feel sad that I have to leave
this group. I know that in Curaqao they
will be eager to have me compete in Cura-
qao for them, but I have a mixed feelings.
I can't compete against Bonaire and my
ex-schoolmates who work so hard to rep-
resent Bonaire. I have one wish, that
when I finish my art schooling I'd like to
open an art school here on Bonaire to help
the Bonairean kids. I'd like every young-
ster have an opportunity to develop their
art to develop their skills in acting, poetry
and fables."

What a way of thinking for a teenager.
She is jolly, happy and always likes to
make you laugh. But this is not enough,
for Miss Junella can make you have some
serious thoughts too.
During the performance of the two
Dutch musicians, Henk van Twillert and
Tjako van Schie, piano and saxophone
artists who played the most beautiful bal-
lads, Junella had to dramatize a poem in
English written by Henk van Twillert,
"The Prayer."

She said it was a privilege for her to
perform for the first time in English along
with Henk, Tjako and percussionist Lonte
Conradus. She added, "I was trembling
inside because I was so nervous. It was a
piece I learned just before the perform-
ance that night. I had to memorize the
lyrics over and over again until I knew
them by heart. On stage I felt the comfort
the audience was giving me so I gave
them my best. I felt it was important not
to let go of my talent and my dreams. I
say thanks to all who believe in me and
Zenaida who helped me so much."

After Junella's performance Mrs.
Merietza Haakmat, who was also the Mis-
tress of Ceremonies for the evening, sang
with her group: Mr. Hershel Rosario on
guitar and Lonte Conradus on percussion.

This stormy night emphasized what was
happening on the stage. Thanks to all the
evening's performers and especially the
talent of young Jeadon Crestian and the
powerful voice of Miss Junella Nicolaas.
Success to these Bonairean youngsters.
We know you will have great success if
you continue on the same track.

More Jazz Festival stories
and photos on the backpage



www.bestpea rls bonaire,com
Mkn Slreel Kayi Caadl 32. Bonakre Te.: 7987481
Page 10

* Very affordable rates
* Choose from 5 different sizes
* Monthy, yearly or long term
* Monitored access through
controlled entrance and exit
gates for privacy and
authorized access only

* Each unit has galvanized steel
walls and poured concrete floors
* Entire property has perimeter
* Dry clean storage space with
individual access doors
* 8 ft./ 2,5 m high ceilings

I ~~1Y ASNA1%

Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010

il i
,ac :=:

- m -~- --

li .III I I ..
I I .11 ,. .1..

Since Julia Martinus was a toddler
windsurfing's Julia Cup has been held
at Sorobon. Named after Julia (left in photo
above with Bjorn, Tati and Andrew) the
daughter of windsurfing pioneer Elvis Mar-
tinus and his partner, Susie Swygert, it is
usually the event that starts Bonaire young-
sters on windsurfing careers. Here are the
results of the event held on Sunday, May 16:
Baby Kids Slalom
1 place Koleta Abrahamsz
New Kids Girls B Slalom
1 place Natascha van Swoll
2 place Niadra Kock
3 place Manuela Perez
New Kids Boys B Slalom
1 place Gabriel Sweers
2 place Lars van Bekkum
3 place Serginho Finies
New Kids Boys A slalom

1 place Nathan Finies
2 place Oscar Etmon ( Curacao)
3 place Mitchell de Palm ( Curacao )
Kids Girls Slalom
1 place Chanel Vrieswijk
Kids Boys Slalom
1 place Aron Etmon ( Curacao )
2 place Jurgen Saragoza
3 place Rover Dullart
Teeners Slalom
1 place Amber Jasperse
2 place Maxime van Gent
3 place Daniela Simal
Juniors Slalom
1 place Amado Vrieswijk
2 place Dylan Robles
3 place Jeath Koeks
Women Slalom
1 place Beth Winkler USA
2 place Stephanie Todd ( USA. )

During the last few weeks afilm crew has been on island filming a documentary titled
"Children of the Winds" which relates the history of the sport of windsurfing on Bon-
aire and how Bonaire youngsters became some of the top windsurfers in the world today.
The film is being made by Peter Robinson who's worked on James Bond movies and with
top Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Roberts. They recently filmed a
segment where Bonaire's Governor explained the feelings of the government. Here, two
of Bonaire's stars, Taty Frans (left) and Amado Vrieswijk (right), receive awards from
the Bonaire Sports Queen and Governor Thodd.

3 place Iris Jasperse
Men Slalom
1 place Elton Taty" Frans
2 place Bjorn Saragoza
3 place Andrew Finies
Master slalom
1 place Constantino Saragoza
2 place Elvis Martinus
3 place Kenneth Abrahamsz
New kids Freestyle
1 place Oscar Etmon ( Curacao)
2 place Serginho Finies
Kids Freestyle
1 place Stephard Gustowski
2 place Rover Dullaart
3 place Jurgen Saragoza
Freestyle Girls

2 place Maxime van Gent
1 place Andrea Simal
Freestyle Junior
1 place Amado Vrieswijk
2 place Felix Martina ( Curacao)
3 place Youp Schmit
Freestyle Men
1 place Bjorn Saragoza
2 place Elton Taty Frans
3 place Andrew Finies
Compiled by Jessica SintJago

of UOht


'2E[flM EP

Al Fresco or Air Conditioned Dining
Between Downtown and Hotel Row
One street inland-Kaya Gob. Debrot 46
Reservations: 717-7070
* Open Monday -Saturday

Get A Better Payoff From Your Advertising

Advertise in The Reporter 3,000 copies every
issue- Delivered to Hotels and Shops

Thousands More Readers On the Internet
Call Laura at 790-6518
Email: Laura@bonairenews.com

Dp and

Page 11

Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010


5 IL

The Richter Al Gallery m1

Located in Belnem at Kaya R. Status van Eps 17, on the Road to Sorobon
Web: 6w RichlerArr corn E-Mail: nfo@RjchfteArt cor Phone 717-4112

Regular Open Hours: Tuesdays-Fridays from 2:00pm to 5:30pm
Private appointments available
P.l n mt llR re ~a 3 raS n-,Oa d on mte EwWd Ier, a c;e. r. y a nd c mrl siMrcas

Come l

and visit Gr eea

our new shDpti

UN(@ Om~[j al gm1 r


I CruiseShip Cals -Infrmationproiddy

Date Day

Ship name



Saturday June 5 Explorer 0800-2300 Not listed

Tuesday June 8 Ocean Dream 0800-1600 1000


*efl *g g* Ia

June I Bonaie D/Ive I ntorum-

Mage 2 s
Paednsas 12 ,9,1,2


Rooi Lamoenchi Kunuku
Park Tours $21 (includes tax). Dis-
counts for residents and local people.
Tel. 717-8489, 540-9800.
Parke Publico children's play-
ground open every day into the cooler
evening hours.
Rincon Marsh--6 am-2 pm.
Enjoy a Bonairean breakfast while you
shop, fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts,
local sweets, snacks, arts, handicrafts,
candles, incense, drinks, music. Big
March first Saturday of the month-
www.infobonaire. com/rincon.
Wine Tasting at Antillean Wine
Company's warehouse on Kaya Indus-
tria, second Saturday of the month, 7-
9 pm. Snacks and tasting of six wines
for $10 (NAf17,50) per person. Tel. 560
Soldachi Tours-See the real
Bonaire and be transported back in
time. Learn about the history, culture
and nature by Bonaireans from Rincon.
Call Maria Koeks for more informa-
* Soldachi Tours of Rincon, the
heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call
Maria, 717-6435-best island tour value
* Meet the Captain Night at Cap-
tain Don's Habitat Bar- Get up close
and personal with Bonaire's dive pio-
neer. The Captain's will autograph your
copy of his newest book Reef Windows.

* Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7-10 pm. $10 per person.
Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth Vos at

Sunday- Creature Feature- John and
Suzie Wall of Buddy's Digital photo
center present a multimedia slide presen-
tation about Buddy's House Reef pool
bar Buddy Dive, 6:30-7 pm, 717-5080
Monday-Dee Scarr's Touch the Sea
Slide Presentation, Capt. Don's Habi-
tat, 8:30 pm. 717-8529
Tuesday-- Bonaire Land and Ocean
presentation by Fish-Eye Photo staff,
7pm on the big screen inside the Sunset
Bar and Grill at Den Laman Condos.
Wednesday Sea Turtle Conservation
Bonaire (STCB) presents an informa-
tive slide show: Sea Turtles ofBon-
aire, at 7pm, every 2nd and 4th
Wednesday at Bruce Bowker's Carib
Inn (717-8819)

Kas Krioyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's
past inthis venerable old home that has been
restored and furnished so it appears the family
has just stepped out. Local ladies will tell you
the story. Open Monday thru Friday, 9 -12,2-

4. Weekends by appointment. Call 717-2445.
Mangasina di Rei, Rincon. Enjoy the view
from "The King's Storehouse." Learn about
Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from the 17th
century. Daily. Call 717-4060/ 790-2018
Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, be-
hind the Catholic Church in town. Open
weekdays from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel.
Washington-Slagbaai National Park,
Museum and Visitors' Center. Open
daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December
25th. and January 1st. Call 788 9015
or 796 -5681
AA meetings -every Wednesday at
7pm. Phone: 786-4651 or 786-7971
Al-Anon meetings every Monday
evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7:15
pm- All levels, NAf2,50, call Renata
at 796-5591 to find out the evening's
Darts Club plays every other Sunday
at City Cafe. Registration at 4, games at
5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
The Hash House Harriers running
and walking club meets every second
Wednesday for a one hour walk
throughout Bonaire. The location
changes each week. The contact number
is 700-4361

JCI First Wednesday of the Month-
Junior Chamber International Bonaire
(JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bon-
aire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO build-
ing, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30 to
9:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. Contact:
Renata Domacasse 516-4252.

Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other Tues-
day, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette
Lions Club meets every 2"d and 4h
Thursday of the month at 8 pm at Kaya
Sabana #1. All Lions welcome. For
more information call 510-0710.

Rotary lunch meetings Wednesdays, 12
noon-2 pm Divi Flamingo Beach Re-
sort upstairs in Peter Hughes meeting
room above the dive shop. All Rotarians
welcome. Tel. 717-2066

Toastmasters Club meets every two
weeks. For more information call Cru-
sita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Marti-
nez Beck, at 786-2953.


Protestant Congregation of Bonaire:
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papia-
mentu, Dutch, English, Sundays, 10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papia-
mentu, Sundays, 8:30 am.
Children's club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in
Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in Rin-
con. Bible Study and Prayer meetings,
Thursday, at 8 pm, Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church: Centro di
Bario Nord Salifia, Sundays, 10 am.
Services in Dutch. 700-0379.
International Bible Church of Bon-
aire, at SGB High School auditorium
(Kaya Frater Odulfinus, off Kaya
Korona.) Sunday services in English at
9 am; Sunday evening prayer meeting at
Por's home, 7 pm. Friday, 6 to 8 pm,
Light & Life Club, children 5 to 12
yrs. Tel. 717-8332.
Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendijk
- Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
Papiamentu, 717-8304.
Our Lady of Coromoto in Antriol, Sat-
urday at 6 pm in English. Mass in Papia-
mentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm. 717
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios):
Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10
am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30
pm. 717-2194
Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services
Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bonaire
Youth Center in English, Dutch and Papia-
mentu. Preaching the full gospel. Contact:

Prayer and Intercession Church, in
English. A full Gospel Church located
temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit # 20,
Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services are
held on Sunday mornings from 10am
until 11:30am. Bible studies in English
are on Monday nights from 7 to 8 pm.
Contact: 717-3322

The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat-
ter-day Saints: Kaya Sabana #26, Sun-
days: 9 am Sacrament Ser-
vices (Translation to English and
Papiamentu upon request) 10:20 Sun-
day School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/PH
Primary held from 10:20-12 noon Visi-
tors welcome: Call 701-9522 for Infor-

Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Tel:790-6518, 786-6125

Who's Who on The Bonaire Reporter
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Michael Thiessen, Pam Werdath-Titel.
Unattributed photos are by the editor or publisher.
Distribution: Yuchi Molina (Rincon), Elisabeth Silberie & Georgina Sanchez
(Playa), Divi-Divi Airline
Housekeeping: JRA. Printed by: DeStad Drukkerij, Curaqao
02010 The Bonaire Reporter

Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010

.1iJiArke it rere livable

..I., l' *.1 '. 1 .',l I .kI i ,' I- .,
L k. l[ i r. .-i I 'I, L L .' I' I ...' 1, LL I
I' !i. I l!,i .'dI 1 .- '1, [.%: '.. r !L' '.1"1 .'l'r L r .'
Call Donil at 795-9332

Cleaning Services
_ Apartments, Hotels,
Houses, Offices & More.
S .,, Efficient Work,
Good References.
Tel. 786-0019

Bonaire Images
Elegant greeting cards and beautiful
boxed note cards are now available at Chat
-N-Browse next to Lover's Ice Cream and
Sand Dollar Grocery. Photography by
Shelly Craig www.bonaireimages.com

For Quality House
and Office Cleaning
Serving Bonaire for more
than 15 years
Honest, Reliable, Efficient,
Thorough, Low rates, Ref-
erences. One time or many
Phone 785-9041 ... and relax.

Starting from NAf6,50 per meal.
Call CHINA NOBO 717-8981.
Web site:


Nice woman, Jean, is
looking for work to iron
Tel. 700-3829.

KATAK-INr' L AVNif. C.I I^lrIN(. lAI*I I N i"
Tel (599) 791-6272 '785-6272

Hatha Yoga
at Bonaire Basics
Thursday 6 till 7 pm
Friday 8 till 9 am
Call 786 3341
or private yoga classes
786 6416

Property Services Bonaire B.V.
Taking care of your properties
(while you are off island). Email for
information and prices: propertvser-

Kaya Gloria 7, Bonaire Local Art, Art
Supplies, Framing, and Art Classes.
Open Tu.-We.-Th. & Sat 10 am- 5 pm Fri-
day 1- 7 pm; or phone 717-5246 for appt.

Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010


*STUDIO Apartment for rent *
Nikiboko South. No pets, excl. utili-
ties. Call 795-3456

FOR RENT Comfortable 2 bed-
room apartment with private garden.
Quiet location in Belnem, including
TV + Internet. $ 800.-- excl. utilities.
Phone 717-8405

For rent cozy kunuku house safe!
View on Seru Largu & Seru Grandi.
Two bedrooms, bathroom, small size
living with kitchen and porch Down-
stairs large covered space. Electricity is
included (sun panels with wind
charger) Rent NAf 800,- per month
Two months deposit Tel: 717- 2427

room and a Loft for a second bed-
room or else, 1 Bathroom, Full Airco,
Furnished, Waterfront on a third floor.
Great views, very quiet. $850.00 Per
Month. Call 700-1052

Apartment For Rent Available Im-
mediately. Downtown Area (behind
Church of Playa): Kaya Madrid 8-A
One bedroom, Living room, bath-
room, Porch, Dining room, Garden,
Kitchen NAf 1075 p/m includes: Gar-
den Maintenance Ix p/m, Excludes:
Water & Electricity. Call 795-2022


For sale: Anton Heyboer painting -
'Boat' in yellow and black.
Size 1.22 x 0.93 meters. NAf 2.500.-
Phone 786-3117.
Note: Anton Heyboer 's t,,,,,,,; are
on exhibit at the Fine Arts Museums of
San Francisco, Harvard University Art
Museums, Massachusetts and the
Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede,

Antiques For Sale 795-9760

16 Flights a day
Bonaire and


Divi Divi Air
Reservations ..."
24 hours a day
(5999 839-1515)
Or (5999
KRALENDIJK-Sun Rise/Set, Moon Phase and Tides
Winds and weather can, ... the local tide's height and time

Day High Low High Low High Sunrise Sunset
2:35 AM / 5:55 AM / 2:01 PM / 9:07 PM /
Fri 4 0.44 m 0.45 m 0.30 m 0.46 m 6:07 AM 6:55 PM
4:01 AM / 6:53 AM / 1:44PM/ 9:06PM/
Sat 5 0.40 m 0.42 m 0.32 m 0.50 m 6:07 AM 6:55 PM
5:05 AM / 7:58 AM / 1:10PM / 9:25PM /
Sun 6 0.37 m 0.38 m 0.33 m 0.53 m 6:07 AM 6:56 PM
6:00AM/ 9:07AM/ 12:56PM/ 9:51PM/
Mon 7 0.33 m 0.35 m 0.32 m 0.56 m 6:07 AM 6:56 PM
6:49 AM / AM /0.32 12:54 PM / 10:21 PM /
Tue 8 0.30 m m 0.31 m 0.59 m 6:07 AM 6:56 PM
7:38 AM / 12:06 PM / 12:32 PM / 10:53 PM /
Wed 9 0.27 m 0.30 m 0.30 m 0.62 m 6:07 AM 6:57 PM
8:26 AM / 11:29PM /
Thu 10 0.24 m 0.64 m 6:07AM 6:57 PM
9:14 AM /
Fri 11 0.23 m 6:07AM 6:57PM

12:08 AM / 10:01 AM/
Sat 12 0.65 m 0.21 m New Moon 6:08 AM 6:57 PM

12:49 AM / 10:45 AM/
Sun 13 0.65 m 0.21 m 6:08 AM 6:58 PM

1:33AM / 11:24AM/
Mon 14 0.64 m 0.21 m 6:08 AM 6:58 PM

2:21 AM/ 11:57AM/
Tue 15 0.61 m 0.22 m 6:08 AM 6:58 PM
3:11AM / 12:24 PM /
Wed 16 M 246:08 AM 6:58PM
0.58 m 0.24 m
4:07 AM / 12:42 PM / 8:40 PM /
Thu 17 0.53 m 0.27 m 0.44 m 6:08 AM 6:59 PM

12:47AM/ 5:09AM / 12:53 PM / 8:02 PM /
Fri 18 0.44 m 0.47 m 0.29 m 0.49 m 6:09 AM 6:59 PM

FOR SALE Double bed 2 persons, mat-
tress + box spring + frame $ 250. Phone

FOR SALE All sizes PVC plumbing
fittings. Elbows, Tees, Socks, Y's, etc. All
sizes from 1" to 8".
Phone 717-8405

aire needs a new van so we are selling our
pickup to raise funds to buy one. 1997 Ford
Ranger XLT Super Cab pickup
(gasoline, 4WD automatic transmission,
heavy suspension, airco, no radio) in very
good condition. Never in accident, original
paint, only 86.000 Km Price: NAf 12,000.
Contact Bilha 717-4303 X11 or man-

FOR SALE:1 portable massage table
300 NAf, nice clothes size small, high
heel shoes and sport shoes size 36/37,
electric depilatory machine (maquina
electric para depilar las piernas) 100 NAf,
beautiful marine travel bag big size 70
NAf, 1 SAIL 4.2m NORTHSAIL 200

SION 200 NAY see at JIBE CITY Contact
Valerie 788-3423

2 drawer file cabinet. Call 788-7919


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if think you can do the job.

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Divi Divi Air. Bonaire's "on time airline" with 16
flights a day between Bonaire and Curaqao. Your first
choice for inter-island travel. Now flying to Aruba.

City Shop, the mega store, has the island's widest
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TV, computers, cell phones and more. F service and in-
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Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials and
facial waxing.

De Freewieler sells bikes and all kinds of bike acces-
sories. They do professional repairs on almost anything
on two wheels. Have your keys made here too.

Reef Windows is Captain Don's latest book and fea-
tures the true stories of the naming of many Bonaire
dive sites. A great souvenir as well.

All Denture Lab-for the best denture care by an ex-
perienced professional. Repairs while you wait. Next
to Botika Korona on Kaya J. G. Hernandez.

Bistro di Paris A real French restaurant with great
food, affordable prices and friendly Bonairean ambi-
Owned and operated by a French Chef
On Kaya Gob. Debrot 1/ mile north of town
Pasa Bon Pizza is Bonaire's best. Freshly prepared
pizzas made with the finest ingredients. Salads, desserts.
Eat in or take away. Nice bar too. 780-1111 Call ahead to
eat-in or take out, Next to Bistro (above)
Lunchroom de Bonairiaan-Breakfast & lunch
prepared and served by Stichting Project students under
professional guidance. Monday-Friday, 9-2. Kaya Gob.
N..Debrot, opposite Divi Flamingo.

Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with top-notch
dive shop and well stocked retail store. Best book trade
on Bonaire. Good prices on regulator repair, dive com-
puter H.Q.

ScubaVision Document your Bonaire vacation above
and below the water with a custom DVD by Bonaire's
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Green Label has everything you need to start or main-
tain your garden. They can design, install and maintain it
and offer plants, irrigation supplies and garden chemi-
cals. Now in new expanded location off Kaya Industria.

Captain Don's Plants, Trees and More sells genuine
acclimated Bonaire plants. Take a 30-inute tour too.
Strong plants for strong Bonaire gardens.

Harmony House-The herb and mineral center. Help
your body heal itself.

Natural Way Health Store-The place where all the
hard to find natural and healthy products are. Upstairs
from Botika Bonaire, on Kaya Grandi.

Bonaire Second Home Care can handle all the needs
of second home owners on Bonaire including inspec-
tion, management and cleaning.

MIO offers by far the clearest, most reliable phone
signal on the island PLUS WIRELESS HIGH-SPEED
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Taste a Cactus when you try Cadushy of Bonaire
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Professional Pest Control. Call Peter to get rid of all
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Paradise Photo in the Galeries Shopping Center
downtown offers fast, fine processing for prints, slides,
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Bonaire's creative video and still photographer
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Kaya Grandi 6, see website scubavision.info or You-

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Caribbean Homes, "the Refreshing Realtor," spe-
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Sunbelt Realty offers full real estate, rental, and insur-
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Benetton, world famous designer clothes available
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men, women and children.

Best Buddies and Pearls-Stunning fresh water
pearl jewelry, fashion, gifts, t shirts. Wonderful ser-
vice, free gift wrap.

The Storehouse (Mangazina in Papiamentu) offers
Secure Storage For Vehicles, Household Items, Diving
And Sporting Gear, Business Files or Inventory.
Across from the northern hotel row.

Special Security Services will provide that extra
measure of protection when you need it. Always reli-

Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of
Bonaire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient.
FedEx agent. What would we do without their su-
perb services?

Warehouse Supermarket on Kaya Industria-
Biggest air conditioned market with the, largest selec-
tion and lowest prices on the island.

Christie Dovale will personally take you on a fas-
cinating tour of the island. Contact her via her web-
site: IslandToursBonaire.com Phone 717-4435 or 795
-3456. You will remember it always.

Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di
Amor I or II. Hotel pickup. Easiest landing on Klein
Bonaire with built-in ramp

Antillean Wine Company. You've tried the rest;
now try the best: best prices, highest quality wines
from around the world, kept in a cooled warehouse.
Free delivery. Kaya Industria 23, Mon.-Sat. 9 am-noon.

To learn more about these businesses check their ad in
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Hair Affair

We do our best to
make your hair and make-
up wishes come true!!
You can also come in for facials and
facial waxing.
We use and sell L'Oreal products
Is your plan to marry on the island?
We can make you beautiful and stay
beautiful for your happiest day.

Personal attention by Janneke
Appointment by tel: 717-5990
or just walk in.
Downtown, near the waterfront
next to Little Havana

Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010

Scuba Sales
Repair Replacement
New Gear Accessories

Check CARIB INN First.
Great Prices -Great Stock

Always Great Values
Dive gear specials ,-

Since 1980
717-8819 8 am to 5 pm daily
(next to Divi Flamingo Hotel)

Pasa Bon Pizza

& Bar

Wl,,,kt wl

Not Just Great Pizzas!

Call ahead

Pre Order

Open Wednesday to Sunday
5 PM to 11 PM

I.- hr

On Saturday, May 22, STINAPA
organized a full day of activities at
Lac Bai to celebrate the International Day
of Biodiversity. All the Caribbean islands
that are part of the Dutch Carbibbean
Nature Alliance have environmentally
protected areas that contribute to the
biodiversity of the planet. To call
attention to the value of biodiversity a day
of celebration was held.

Artist Nochie Coffie's art
celebrates Nature

At the Lac celebration 623 people
participated in games, eating, drinking
and swimming. It was indeed a very sweet
day. Thanks go to a diverse group of
Bonaire orginazations for a successful
event: TCB for organizing the day; to
STCB for collecting a sack of many
kilometers of fishing line from under the
sea; to CIEE for motivating the visitors to
write in different languages, "No Entry"
on rocks to be placed around Lac where
vehicles are not allowed. The volleyball
group, Galaxia, organized volleyball
games and MCB gave a prize to the the
winning team.
Thanks to all who participated. U
Elsmarie Beukenboom

STCB's Mabel Nava points out the dan-
gers offishing line to turtles



Bonailr Home ni

Tmrd it tto ct h zly &7, dp BCe diL To nubz
iR pmfdd mimbOmMuM I fIweahkMyCqta Dim
md rbon depth pip m a W* bodnCmt &mg wth mn
ind km th Tw ties bhimldw .ofd Df divel l


Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010

Sunbelt Realty N.V.
Kaya L.D. Gerharts 8
717 65 60
info@sunbelt.an I www.sunbelt.an

' ".. _J

Page 15




E very day I see him and he sees me,
but he is not there anymore. In the
living room of my house there is a painting
on the wall, a gift from Manuela, a painter
who was also fascinated with Olivero,
"Robe," or "the man with the cardboard box
under his arm." It is as if he wants to speak
to me from this painting, tell me something,
share something with me, maybe just greet
me. I feel that he wants to tell me some-
thing. Every day he tries, and it wouldn't r 1
surprise me if one day I hear the sound of i'.,', i.l
his voice in my house.
Olivero is one of the persons who crossed Nene was a Venezuelan man who arrived
the path of my life. My work as a writer for on Bonaire around the year 1900. His trade
a newspaper and my passion for history and was cabinetmaker, fine carpentry as they
culture has thrown many remarkable and say, specialized in building beds, closets
strange characters in my lap. One of them is tables and other home furniture.
Olivero. He was born, lived and died in the Within a short time Nene was successful
village called Nort di Salifia, the son of at integrating himself into Nort di Salifia and
Nene and Belika. had mastered Papiamentu, but an accent in

harpen your Papiamentu and English lan-
guage skills with this puzzle from the creator of
Bonaire's top kids' website, Panchitobonaire.com.
Tony Angila, "Tio Tony."

Pantchio Kid'r Cornr(Parpanenltu)
Sw .rian,, Jitcton a re on
,nIor ana..ieple er corn







Panchito Kir's Corner(Engh, ih)
ain paolcrictiio.al. corn







his way of speaking always betrayed his
Venezuelan roots. He was a very proud
man. On Bonaire he married Belika and
from their union Elvia, Laura, Guillermo
and Olivero were born.
Olivero liked his alcoholic drinks and the
drinks liked him too. He didn't just have one
or two, but a series of drinks, whether it was
rum, gin, wine or simply beer. I even think
that he dared to dabble with Bayrum and
Alcolado (Glacial), because two of his close
friends were Yanshi Glacial and Marco
Bayrum, two persons in the Bonaire of the
past, who used to consume these liquids.
He used to move around in Nort di Salifia
and Antriol, but sometimes you also could
have seen him walking around in Playa with
a cardboard box under his arm. When he
drank too much, which happened almost
every day, you found him laying on the side
of the road with his cardboard box, like two
faithful friends next to each other.
My first contact with Olivero happened in
this way. One night I was informed that
there had been a car accident. The sirens of
the ambulance were blaring. The lights of
the ambulance were glaring all around. The
police arrived. A car had run over a man.
The victim was Olivero, by then an older
man already.
As it turned out, it wasn't that serious,
depending, however, on how you looked at
it. Only his wrist had been fractured. The
driver had not seen him lying on the side of
the road and drove over his right wrist. The
result was that Olivero had to walk around
for a few days with his wrist in a cast in
order for it to heal, because it is not pleasant
to have to walk around for the rest of your
life with a broken wrist.
A few days afterward he was drinking the
same way again or maybe even worse than
before. He hadn't learned a lesson. Drinks
containing alcohol were his life. He sailed
from bar to bar, snack to snack, always with
his cardboard box under his arm.
Late one Saturday afternoon, already dark,
Olivero staggered past my house totally
drunk headed in the direction of a pond,
which in the rainy season was flooded with
water. But that day the water had almost
dried up and the surface of the pond con-
sisted of black, stinking mud which smelled
horribly. He walked into the pond, but could
not successfully cross over to the other side;
just about half-way he got stuck in the mud.
Suddenly he fell into the mud and continued
to flounder just like how fish behave when
out of water in a pond that is drying up.
With much attention I watched from a
distance and observed the antics of Olivero,
without being able to do anything to help
him. I could only give him a few instruc-
tions. I could have left him there to sleep in
the mud. Then the following day, when he
was in his right mind again, he could use his
mental faculties and power to get out again.
But I didn't think this was fair, so I called
the police. Two police officers managed to
pull him to the side and lead him to my
house, where we used a hose to spray water
on him and try to purify his body from the
mud. We were not completely successful.
Even so, the police took him to the station,
gave him a free room, and the following day
they let him clean the police car that he had
dirtied with mud, as he himself told me af-
Of course I wrote about the happening in
the newspaper. Olivero loved the publicity
he received from it and started to visit me at
home regularly just to sit and chat. His regu-
lar visits caused me to always have a bottle
of rum or bols in the cupboard, so that I
could give him one or two glasses, as he
would say, to heat the veins.
This Olivero was a chatterbox. He could
talk for hours without taking a breath, but

Page 16

often repeating the same thing. "My father
is the daddy rooster, my mother is the
mommy rooster and I am the son rooster,"
he had a custom of saying.
He told me that once he chatted out his
mouth so much at a snack bar in Antriol that
one of the other patrons, totally disgusted,
turned and asked him if he never got tired of
talking. Olivero told me he answered that
idiot: "I don't get tired of talking the way
you get tired of listening."
To me Olivero was not merely a drunkard,
as many people saw him. To me he was a
philosopher. He was a poet. He also liked to
sing; a man with a kind of contagious
charm. In a few minutes he could fabricate a
rhyme or a song with his own words. Con-
tent was not very important to Olivero, as
long as his poem rhymed and his song was
heard. What a pity that I wasn't able to keep
any of them..... He took them to his grave.

I remember how one Sunday morning,
during a heavy rainfall, a friend of mine,
Yeshi, who also followed Olivero with
much interest, organized a visit to his house
for us to record something about him on
video. An upside-down house, full of card-
board boxes. I interviewed him while Yeshi
filmed, but as it turned out, Yeshi lost this
video cassette afterward. Even though
Olivero wasn't in a very good mood that
morning, he spoke to us for at least two
hours. Without taking a breath.
It was during that first and only visit to the
house of Olivero that I came to discover
what he had been carrying in his cardboard
box under his arm. In the box he had a very
beautiful hat stand, the work of a six-star
carpenter. He said it was his work. He had
learned the cabinetmaker trade from his
father Nene. But it seemed to me that this
hat stand was also the first and only thing
that Olivero had ever made. He did not want
to sell it, but he showed it to people. "This
is for me to show a 'demonstration' of what
I can do," he always stated. It was therefore
a type of 'traveling' exhibition. The box
also contained a cloth, which he used to
polish this hat stand almost every day so
that it would always shine. "At Shell they
refine oil and on Bonaire, Olivero refines
wood," he would boast, referring to his
At the time when I became close with
Olivero he was 74 years old and I was 30.
But he was strong on his feet and clear in
his mind, better than many his age. You
were almost inclined to think that alcohol,
instead of harming your body and mind,
conserved the human body and nourished
the human mind.
Death, like a thief in the night, stole
Olivero from me and from Bonaire. The
sirens of the ambulance are blowing, red
lights are flashing, a multitude of people on
the street, cameras are flashing lights, a car
with a shattered windshield. In front of the
car, laying in a pool of blood was my friend
Olivero. In one of his every-day carousings,
a car had struck him. The impact was fatal. I
could not take his picture. I became emo-
tional and tears started to flow from my
eyes.... Suddenly the man with the card-
board box under his arm wasn't there any-
more. BBi Antoin
This story was the entry ofjournalist B6i
Antoin of the extra
Papiamentu language
newspaper entered
last month in the
'Krusa La-
man' (literature festi-
val) in Curaqao. It's
a wonderful word p'P
portrait of a man now

Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010


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Bonaire Reporter. Ava will be helping in the
circulation department where she specializes in putting
the newspapers into envelopes for mailing to overseas
subscribers. If you want to subscribe to The Reporter
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PuZle SoluNions ALIC0
Puzzle on page 16
Panchlio Kil'sa Gor-e r(Papia it e ,It,
,aw p.- r il1otons, C*,i ,

C,,\.x., B I .y. y W aW t
EM D Z A i k 4 U i O
C W 0 ; r C D I F U
S u N t G E u I i W I U M-, r E
L. r CA..v V 4 0 S a I I t E 0 f V U

P HS1C W G M a R a U 0 L TE0E. K
SH 0 P 0 *

E N1 C C a S x 1 6 W O + a Y X 9X R l E P P a P


amtxf I RDC
W, %A


Paunchil* kicfd. CoPn&r(FnqIkhll~h)

M v 0 X W Ka I UC IF' 1 9 H 0 W 14 0' K A p L M Ka
f 0 V 6 3 1 R I S 0 C AiI-

C 0 urV'.U. .. i' PLurLW'
t L P 4 1 P A I R V U i L IKR N
V L 1 1 DIB C PA T 0n urF l *1 F St E
C. Iw I l T K r 5 d I T S I It .
1. 1 VI L U bt C I .a1.4 A j 1 0 10 V H
C. a' D L .J: B -a -,..F) *A V 13 Y A 0 W D r
C I Rr E 6 L; U F R Z 0
11 7
c c 0 0 0 5I v I D .1 U Ir bl
p "( c v a m *A J N' L I Jr I K E CE v
1 .0 D Uu 0 a T K Y 0 W V K V 2 T D~""
F "j U b Tj% I1* a
Vww 1aUG AWt FD; N TOWs
9 4J. LOW Lv* EO r f
SM WAN t m M

Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010

Q Z@iT A -n [Q-pQl

- -

W hen a slick was sighted along Bonaire's coasts last weekend
most people thought it was oil, perhaps even coming from the
oil well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico or leaking from BOPEC. The
phones and emails at The Reporter and Marine Park went mad.
"Do you smell oil?" asked Park Manager Ramon deLeon? "No? Then
it's something else."
CIEE biologist Caren Eckrich looked at it under the microscope and
identified it as cyanobacteria. "It is probably a species of Trichodes-
mium (see inset from Caren)- 'sawdust of the seas.' I always find it in
my plankton samples, but never in this concentration. I imagine it col-
lected near the shore due to the wind direction and shape of Bonaire. I
saw other plankton swimming around in the sample, so it's not toxic
when alive. When it decays, it will break down and smell and possibly
change the chemistry of the water." U G.D.

Picture Yourself With The Reporter...

On. an. IPad 1n.

Chicago, IL, USA

Joop van Galens, who runs Bonaire's fabulous Butterfly Farm,
flittered into Chicago for a visit to get an "overdose of culture,
go to museums, shops, check out the latest gadgets, lots of REAL
coffees and the Apple Store." While there he used an IPad to access
the latest edition of The Bonaire Reporter. Getting a photo of it was
a first for the "Picture Yourself with The Bonaire Reporter" section
of The Reporter. And he received it on-line even before it came off
the printing press in Curaqao.
Joop has lived on Bonaire since 2007. Part of his visit to Chicago
is work-related as he is visiting wholesalers and the big butterfly
exhibit in the animal museum.

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Bon Quiz (from page 8)

Q) Why do we see so many
chimneys sealed off at the top
these days?
A) As the old ovens have been
replaced by gas ranges, the
stove chimneys have been
sealed off to keep bats from fly-
ing into the house.

Sudoku Solution
Puzzle on page 7

2 3 5 9 1 8 7 4 6
4 1 8367925
946 8 3 1 2 5 7
351 4 7 2 6 9 8
1 73529864
5241 86379
869 7 4 3 5 1 2

Regular *

Water Taxi

From Bonaire Nautico Marina



-- Every

Catamaran Kantika diAmor
Up to 27 people and supported by
a brand new larger sister
Catamaran Kantika Too
Up to 50 people
Daily trips via resorts 10 am, 12, 2
pm Except Sundays at 10 am only
Also available for group trips

Tie up dockside
for min. $10/day+tax
(max 1.90 meter draft),
Water and 115/220 v.
Dinghy tie up at north-inside
dock at US$10 weekly up from
Monday till Monday.
At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399
www.bonairenauticomarina /VHF 68

Page 17


Pet of the Week

aire Animal
Shelter Vol-
unteer Hettie
Holian show-
ing off one of
the 15 ador-
able kittens
now available
for adoption.
(We think it's
What a choice
of beautiful
kittens right
now all
under three
months old.
As Shelter
Jane Madden
tells us, "It's
tells us,"t'sHettie Holian and "Gibby"
a supermarket
of kittens.
They come in all colors red, red and white, black, black and white and everything in be-
tween. And they're all wonderful!" All these robust little guys and girls are full of fun and
love to be cuddled. If you've been thinking about getting a kitten to love, now's the time to
make your choice. The NAf 75 cat adoption fee covers all: testing for feline leukemia, vet
exam, shots, worming and sterilization when they're old enough.
Meet these kittens and the other pets up for adoption at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road,
open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm, 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-4989.
You can help the Shelter by purchasing one of the most "in" tee shirts on the island a
Bonaire Animal Shelter tee shirt or tank top. Kids' shirts are $8, adults' are $12. See them
at Carib Inn, at the Shelter Gift Shop or at the "Meet the Captain" party on Mondays at
Capt. Don's Habitat. Also for sale are the ever useful Birthday Calendars by artist Anna
Marie Kroes who's created endearing sketches of some of the Shelter residents. Calendars
are only $6. UStory & photo by Laura DeSalvo

t L 2. 1

[(h ^ ip jiya1^

- [a6flto3: ajaiO.MiB S Yli

Rotary's Peter Groenwald presents a big check to Archivist Bbi Antoin

B onaire's Rotary Club gave sub-
stantial financial help to FuHi-
KuBo, the Bonaire Historic Cultural
Foundation, so that now this foundation
can start with the digitalization of a large
amount of audiocassettes containing in-
terviews conducted in the 1980s and 90s
with the elderly of Bonaire.

In the meantime many of these elderly
have passed away. These recordings were
in danger of getting lost but will be res-
cued and saved now with help of the digi-
talization technology.
During mid-1980 Arthur Sealy and B6i
Antoin started interviewing the elderly
people of Bonaire. The themes were
Navigation, Simadan and Maskarada, and
they provided a great amount of audiocas-
settes with recordings of stories about the
history and culture of Bonaire.
B6i Antoin continued this work with
Max Sint Jago. Max Sint Jago passed
away a few years ago, but B6i carried on.
Besides these interviews there are also
many audiocassettes with interviews that
other investigators have done with people
of Bonaire. Among these investigators
are Pater Brenneker, Ellis Juliana, Rose-
mary Allen together with Angel Salsbach
and other staff members of AAINA.
(Archeological Anthropological Institute
of the Netherlands Antilles) At the end of
the 1990s Els de Haan renewed a large
amount of these recordings and trans-

ferred them over to new audiocassettes.
The original cassettes were sent to the
National Archive in Curaqao. With the
advances in technology it was necessary
to digitalize these recordings so FuHi-
KuBo requested financing for this project
from the Bonaire Rotary Club.
Following the request, B6i Antoin was
asked to give a presentation to the mem-
bers of the Rotary Bonaire, where he ex-
plained why this project was so important
and how it would be carried out. Three
weeks after the presentation B6i received
an invitation and a check to buy the com-
puter and accessories to begin with digi-
talization of the many recordings of these
numerous audiocassettes. This work will
take about two years because of the vol-
ume of recordings.

On behalf of FuHiKuBo Antoin thanked
all the members of the Rotary Club Bon-
aire for the support of this important pro-
He also explained that he makes use of
volunteers and also people who have re-
ceived community service sentences to do
the work. Press release

of nutrUcV


*Stop the silent destruction of your homer.


Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010



Kaya Grandi 29, Kralendijk-Bonaire N.A. tel: 717 5107
Store hours Tuesday through Saturdays
from 9a.m.-12:30p.m. and 2:00p.m.-6:30 p.m.


Page 18

R -
*to find it... just look up

Awesome Arcturus: The Now You See It,
Now You Don't, Star

D o you know that when
we look up at the stars
at night we see the same star
patterns which our ancestors saw
thousands of years ago and
which our descendants will see
thousands of years from now?
Indeed, the star patterns we see
every night appear to be never-
changing and fixed in their posi-
tions relative to each other. But
in reality they're not. In fact all of
the stars we see are moving at
incredible speeds throughout
space in every conceivable direc-
tion. But because they are all so
incredibly far away it takes many
generations to notice even small changes in their positions relative to one another,
except, however, for a couple of them. And it was Edmond Halley for whom Hal-
ley's Comet is named who discovered this,* when almost 300 years ago he discov-
ered that the bright star Arcturus had changed its position from its location in ancient
star charts. This made him wonder if perhaps the stars were not as permanently fixed
as everyone thought. Of course, he was right, because we now know that all the stars
are moving and that Arcturus just happens to change its position among the stars
faster than any bright star except Alpha Centauri. And that's just one of the extraor-
dinary things about Arcturus. But before I tell you more, let me tell you how to find
Go outside any clear evening in spring, look north for the Big Dipper, then use it as
a guide, because to find Arcturus all you have to do is shoot an arrow through the
handle of the Big Dipper and that arrow will land on Arcturus, the brightest star in
the constellation, Bootes, the herdsman. And once you've found it, think of this:
while all the other stars are moving in different directions at different speeds, Arctu-
rus' direction and speed are very special. You see, Arcturus is moving almost 90
miles per second toward the constellation, Virgo, which causes it to change its posi-
tion among the stars one full Moon width every 900 years. That's fast!
So Bootes is the one constellation that's changing its shape faster than all the rest,
so fast I like to think of Arcturus as the star of a million years because it was only one
-half a million years ago that Arcturus first became visible. And although it's very
bright right now, in only one-half million years more it will no longer be visible to
the naked eye. In fact, although ancient records listed Arcturus as the 6th brightest
star in the heavens, it has moved so much closer in the past 2,000 years that it is now
the 4th brightest.
Indeed, we who walk this planet now are seeing Arcturus as bright as any humans
will ever see it because right now Arcturus is as close as it will ever come to our
planet Earth. In fact it will soon, cosmically speaking, pass us by and speed away
into the void forever. Think of it, Arcturus, one of the brightest
stars of our time, invisible to our ancestors only half a million
years ago, will be invisible once again half a million years from
now! Find Arcturus now while it's still there! U Jack Horkheimer
Arcturus was the first star discovered to have proper motion. In the
1600s, Halley was perusing the 1500-year-old star charts of Ptolemy and
noticed Arcturus was not in the same position. The only logical conclu-
sion was that Arcturus had moved over the eons.

AR d

Nature Films Documentaries Trav Adventure Advrtising TV Broadcams
Underwater Stock foolag HDV Digital Pholo Weddings
DVD Reproductions DVD Malernng and Authoring
Course and Seminars.
infoAcubavision.info Ph: 599 17 7 28444 Cell: 786,2844
Kaya Grandi #6 Photo Tours -
Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010

lBy Astrologer Michael Thiessen
For June 2010

Go over your finances and figure out a
ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Be aggres- solid budget. Deal with in-laws this
sive and colorful, and you will get your month. You will have the ability to cap-
way. Give everyone in the house a physi- ture the interest of others. Your luckiest
cal chore that will help bur off some of events this month will occur on a Satur-
the excess energy. Depression may result day.
if you don't get to do things your own SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22)
way. Look before you leap. Your luckiest Help elders in your family. Your part-
events this month will occur on a Mon- ner may be reluctant to tell you how they
day. feel. Make love, not war, and all will be
TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Your fine. Don't say things that could be dam-
mind will be on matters that deal with aging later on. Cut loose. Your luckiest
secret affairs. You will feel tired and run- events this month will occur on a Thurs-
down if you have allowed yourself to get day.
into a financial mess. Limitations at work SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21)
might set you back. Renovations or pur- Problems with your partner could be
chases made for your home will pay off. reaching a high level of concern. Try
Your luckiest events this month will oc- spending the day catching up on any re-
cur on a Friday. sponsibilities that need to be taken care
GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You of. Pamper yourself; the self esteem it
might have a problem juggling your time. brings you will be most gratifying. Get
Do something special for them. You have involved in jobs that require creative in-
more than enough on your plate already. put. You can win points with both peers
You can accomplish a lot if you deal with and superiors. Your luckiest events this
other people's money or possessions this month will occur on a Thursday.
month. Your luckiest events this month CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) In-
will occur on a Tuesday. vestments that deal with property will be
CANCER (June 22-July 22) Do not lucrative; however, upsets with family
make rash decisions about your personal members may be likely. Keep your
life. Your honesty will not only win you thoughts to yourself for the time being.
points but also respect. Romantic oppor- You can make excellent investments if
tunities will be plentiful if you go out you are in the right place at the right time.
with friends. Investments are best left Too much too fast will be the attitude
alone this month. Your luckiest events surrounding your home environment.
this month will occur on a Wednesday. Your luckiest events this month will oc-
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You can make cur on a Wednesday.
money if you are careful not to let it AOUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Travel
trickle through your fingers. You are best will stimulate your need to experience
to ask questions if you aren't certain about exciting new things. Your goals will be in
issues that are confronting you. False reach if you direct your energy wisely.
information is likely if you listen to idle Sudden good fortune will help you cover
chatter or gossip. Social events will be your debts. Put your efforts into making
rewarding. Your luckiest events this constructive improvements to your envi-
month will occur on a Tuesday. ronment and to your state of mind. Your
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Social luckiest events this month will occur on a
evenings at your place will be highly suc- Wednesday.
cessful. Abstain from getting involved PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Romance
with married individuals. Socializing will may be better than you ever thought pos-
be more than just entertaining. You may sible. You need to do more research be-
be torn between two possibilities. This fore you make your final decision. You
has left you in a confused and uncertain will be emotional about money matters.
state. Your luckiest events this month will Take care of matters involving institu-
occur on a Wednesday. tions or government agencies. Your lucki-
LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You need est events this month will occur on a
to do something that will make you feel Monday.
better about yourself.


slide presentation
Captain Don's Habitat
8:30 pm Mondays
dive with Dee Scarr
Enhl in divers j *982
la Interactions 717-8529 aine c 19
Improve your reception by the underwater world
Page 19


All That


What Is Jazz Anyway?
There are as many descriptions and
definitions of "jazz" as there are mu-
sicians and songs. And at Saturday eve-
ning's Jazz Festival, the audience was not
only moving and grooving to the sounds of
the Silver Bullet Band, Beku, and Arturo
Sandoval but also waxing poetic about what
is so special about jazz. The Reporter asked
a few of the people in the audience:
Carl Rienhart, who comes from Cura-
gao to attend Bonaire's festival
every year, says "It's the vocals,
the words, the combination of mu-
sicians that go straight to my
Vincia Phelipa, who has lived 30 years
on Bonaire, declares, "I just like
I1 1 1 I 1 a i 1 k i .I .J-.! 11 .

drawn into the world of music, and
you think only about that."
Tjako van Schie, a musician from the
Netherlands who performed at
Thursday evening's concert (with
Henk van Teillert), explains that
"Jazz is about sharing feelings.
Listen for the beauty, and if you
don't hear it, listen again."
For Corine Gerharts, a music aficio-
nado from Bonaire, jazz "gives
musicians the space and the free-
dom to play and to improvise."
For Michael Gaynor, of Chat 'N
Browse, "Jazz is fluid, eclectic,
and ecumenical. All colors, cul-
tures, and social backgrounds are
united by jazz."
...il lil ni li! .!i i l ,. l c II I c R un iand

Dawn Sewell, transplants to Bon-
aire from England, who are intent
on watching the musicians for
"the smiles on their faces. They
have so much fun playing."
Razia Mirza, medical student at St.
James, concludes jazz is about
background and history: "I'm from
Chicago, and
you've got to
love jazz

.4Irfro dllSamh'al lived iit /// his' r.ilaotimi
ias "htin .btl" triIIIItI /itlil','r i) t Iht 'Ioril. i" His
powe'r' imil ildiaind i/lormnim, ,es di:.led h'e
Boillil'T' IIIitl'liliii. His, 0o111pllli0i II orll tl iss
IIIsiciiIIs. in I'artic un/iI Ed ( al/le oni sa.. per-
forlled so hardi l it seIIemed Ilt /L''d expl/te.
Saindtoal surprised ius 'i i his abtili/ir on the
piItio ,il dhis ItlroHtr shi' i.g, vtoi e.

.-Ailillet an IItI II d 1 oe1s1 'l / I iII'. h lt'"r IliI II Ih ll 'lh 'tL'd
by tIheLJestival's lead-oJJ aclt, iKana Bj-rab (II ild Lane).
They featured young Jeadon Crestian the son of one of
the band members (seepage 10).

Some in the audience enioved dancing to the jazzv music Johannetta Gordiin photo

BEK U brought lgether incredibly talented m sician friends: Acoogie Stewart, Gaby
Was it the weather? The audience? Whatever? Bonaire's Silver Bullet Steel Mercera, and Carlos Jimenez from Bonaire with Americans Aaron Heick, Will Barrow
Band pulled out all the stops and brought the music to a towering level, and Leo Traversa. Appearances were made by Alfred Ronde and Manny Moreira. And the
audience was mesmerized by the spontaneous duet by Moogie and Merietza Haakman.



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Bonaire Reporter- June 4-18, 2010

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