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Dec, 25, 2009 Jan, 8,2010; Volume 6,Issue26

~'- J~ar2~rry~ W'~ RI





1 i-



A Bonaire Reporter Answer
Reporter readers survey results say that releasing all the news
about Bonaire, good, bad or
indifferent is the best way to rrhSVe Poll
promote tourism on the island. q '
We hope Bonaire's private What type of news best pro-
sector and government mar- motes Bonaire?
keters take this to heart All
Their comments indicate that News 92%
because of the Internet and the
ability of individuals to post Good 4 %/
what's on their minds, suppress- News Only
ing unfavorable news only pro- C Good
motes suspicion and hostility

T he special-purpose ship Skandi Carla successfully raised
the Divi Divi Air Norman Islander aircraft PJ-SUN last
week. The plane appeared almost intact. The salvage was man-
aged by the Dutch Research Council for Safety and Smit Interna-
tional in close collaboration with authorities of the Netherlands
Antilles and Bonaire. The recovery was hindered because the
plane was resting atop a submarine telephone cable at a depth of
170 meters. Two previous attempts to salvage the plane had failed.
The remains of the pilot were taken to Curaqao by a special Coast
Guard boat.
After taking off from Curaqao on October 22, one of the air-
craft's two engines failed. There were nine passengers and the
pilot aboard. The pilot, Robert Mansell, tried to reach Bonaire but
had to ditch the plane in the sea about 2 km. from the airport. His
skill saved all the passengers but he himself perished when he was
knocked unconscious and couldn't be released from his seat. Avia-
tion accident experts from the Antilles and Holland will examine
the wreck of the plane to try to determine the cause of the tragedy.
(Voorlichting En Protocol photo)

At a meeting with leftist
groups in Copenhagen, which
was broadcast on Venezuelan
state television Venezuelan
President Chavez said the
ABC (Dutch) islands were
located in Venezuelan territo-
rial waters. Chavez, in the Dan-
ish capital to attend climate
talks, is embroiled in a dispute
with neighbor Colombia over a
deal to give the US more access
to its military bases. "I am ac-
cusing the Kingdom of the
Netherlands, along with the
Yankee empire, of preparing
aggression against Venezuela,"
he said.
The Dutch Embassy in Cara-
cas did not comment.
The US has long had a mili-
tary presence on Curaqao and
Aruba, with about 250 Air
Force crew and ground staff

USS George Washington

involved in counternarcotics and
surveillance operations over the
Caribbean. Fighter jets were
removed from the islands after
the US 4th Fleet was reorganized
and began patrols in the area in
July 2009.
About 11 vessels are currently
in the fleet, a number that is
expected to increase in the fu-
ture. The US Navy plans to
assign a nuclear-powered air
craft carrier, USS George Wash-
ington, to the force.

about a destination.
The poll was closed last week.
Responses were via a voting
web site (one vote per address),
email and verbal comments.
Ninety-six responses were re-

> Curacao based Insel Air
has had a fourth MD jet air-
craft delivered that will allow it
to conduct daily Miami-Haiti
flights at the request of the Hai-
tian Government. Insel Air will
soon be purchasing a third Em-
braer Bandeirante prop jet as
well. This will complete the fleet
with seven aircraft: four MD jets
and three Bandeirantes. The air-
line will have a fifth MD to use
for parts. Insel Air now has a
larger fleet than ALM had in its
heyday but with a fraction of the
personnel. Its operations are

> The Brooks Tower Ac-
cord's (BT) six-week
"application period" ended
last week. Antillean Justice
Minister Magali Jacoba will "not
be entertaining" extending the
program, which has been criti-
cized in Holland as too lenient,
to legalize undocumented resi-
dents. It's estimated that perhaps
10,000 persons have applied
since November 3, hoping to
obtain a temporary residence
permit under the BTA.
Carolyn Marshall, the Registry
Office BT Coordinator reported
that for Bonaire there were 13
BT applications: 6 applications
for category I; 5 for category

news and
ONLY the not-
that has been 2 %
okayedd" by
island tourism

II; and 2 for the Steering Com-

> Authorities in St. Maarten
on her
arrival Laura Dekker
at the
last Sunday. She had been re-
ported missing by her relatives
in Holland on Friday. St.
Maarten authorities were arrang-
ing her return home. Laura's
plans to sail singlehandedly
around the world, visiting Bon-
aire were in The Reporter and
was front page news in the
Netherlands when her departure
was blocked by a Dutch court
decision. The Court forbade
Laura to leave on her solo trip
and placed her under supervi-
sion, also because her father
supported her plans. The Court
in Utrecht extended that supervi-
sion late October until July 1,
2010, the end of the school year.
According to the Dutch news-
paper, NRC Handelsblad, Laura
left a farewell note for her father
(Continued on page 20)

Table of Contents
This Week's Stories
Bonaire ReporterAnswer 2
DMivi Plane Recovery 2
Kwartiermakers and Counterparts -
Healthcare 6
Jong Bonaire Wins Over Govt 7
Swimming with theChampions 8
Bonaireto Bid for 2011 Swimmer World
Cup 8
Guest Editorial- BES Tragedy 9
Wnner-Anjelica Cicilia 9
Reporter Holiday Greeting 10
Letters to the Editor- Dolphin Time,
Selibon Thanks 11
DMng Wth Dee- Lionfishing 12
Culture ofthe Indian Art Show (Booi,
Dania) 15
Fireworks and Pets 17
Affordable Homes First Sale 17
Klein Bonaire 10 years 19
Klein Bonaire Development Plan 19
4Sale By Owner 2C
Kayaking The Caribbean 2C
MCB-Bonaire Honors SEBIKI
and Island Press 21
Nature Protection 22
Flotsam & Jetsam 2
On the Island Since (Liesje Coffie) 4
Bonairean Voices (School Nutrition II) 7
Sudoku Puzzle 6
Bon Quiz #20- (Gutters) 7
Body Talk (Christmas Stress) 11
Pet of the Week (Lola) 17
Picture Yourself (Paris, France) 14
Classifieds 14
Tide Table 17
Reporter Masthead 17
What's Happening 16
Shopping & Service Guides 18
BonQuiz Answer 19
Sudoku Answer 19
Bubbles-Do You Know (Trunkfish) 22
Sky Park (Blue Moon) 23
Caf6 Astrology 23

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Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010






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Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010 Page 3

~u th w~ Iau~pt~mEL


"T was born on Curaqao,
1 February 15" 1984,
where I grew up with my two
brothers, my mom and my
grandma. There was no father. I
haven't seen much of him. When
I was six I left for Holland with
an aunt to live in The Hague. It
was a completely different life
and of course I missed my mom
a lot, but it was also fun.

At the age of 13 I moved back
to Curaqao and again it was quite
a change. I could still understand
Papiamentu but to write and to
speak it myself was difficult. I
went to BVO (professional pre-
paratory education) and then to
IFE, a school for nurses and
nursing auxiliaries and I gradu-
ated in 2007. From the time I
was very young I'd wanted to
become a maternity nurse. I
loved babies! But when I was at
BVO I worked as a trainee at a
creche, and the moment I saw
those 12 toddlers I started feeling
really tired! They also had an
after school care center at the

creche for children between
eight and 12 and I enjoyed being
with them so much more.
Well, when I'd finished my
education in 2007 I started look-
ing for a job. I wanted to stay on
Curaqao to be with my mom, but
on the other hand I was also
ready for a new challenge. At
home I was the only girl my
brothers were 18 and 26 and all
the work came down to me. The
boys were just sitting there and
not doing anything and so I
thought, 'I'm going!' I applied
for a job on Bonaire at the Kas di
Sosiego, the nursing home and
started working there September

She laughs "Of course I could-
n't find a house when I came
here so I moved in with Chelen-
dra for the time being. I knew
her from Curaqao as my mom
was living with Chelendra's un-
cle. Chelendra was working at
Stichting Project, a center for
children with behavioral prob-
lems. Every day when she came

"... It's very important whom you chose to be the father of
your children. He has to have a job and he has to be serious.
Otherwise he's of no use! "


home from work she would tell
me all the things she'd done with
'her' children, and I became very
interested in what she was doing.
One day she came home and
said, 'Hey, they need new people
at my school!' I immediately
jumped and was the first one to
apply. After a week Mick Smit
told me I got the job and I'm still
working there.

At Stichting Project we work
with youngsters between nine
and 16 with behavioral prob-
lems. This year we have 24 and
our goal is to give them structure
so they can eventually function
better and go back to the regular
schools or find a job in the com-
munity. Those who really want
to change are moving on and
most of them are. You see them
when they first come in and how
they change as the months pass
by. That's my motivation! But
it's very hard for them as many
of them have to cope with a dif-
ficult situation at home."
Liesje is a daring person and

she knows how to take care of
herself very well. She's mature,
fun and outspoken, but also
sweet, relaxed and understand-

"When our Stichting Project
restaurant, 'De Bonairiaan,' re-
opened after Abraham Boulevard
had been renovated I started
working as a group leader, guid-
ing and supervising the children
in the kitchen and at the restau-
rant. We teach them how to
serve tables and interact with
people, how to take the orders,
how to use the kitchen equip-
ment, how to make a sandwich, a
pancake, juice and fruit punch

and how to count. In the begin-
ning there was only one restau-
rant group. The youngsters
would come two or three times a
week to 'De Bonairiaan' and the
rest of the time they'd go to
school at Stichting, where we
teach them group dynamics, lan-
guages, math, reading and nature
and environment.

Now I'm working with my
colleague, Fleurtje, with the new
youngsters who've come in this
year. 'Our children' are those
who can't sit still. It's very hard
for them to concentrate and they
talk a lot in the classroom. But at
(Continued on page 5)


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Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010


Page 4

Lisiene "Liesje" Coffie Fleurtje Veldkamp photos

On the Island Since (Continued from
page 4)
the restaurant you see what they
are capable of and they like to be
on the move. Every day I get
three youngsters: one in the
kitchen and two on the floor.
The first group comes on Tues-
day and Wednesday, the second
on Thursday and Friday. On
Monday and during school holi-
days we're closed. Next year,
2010, we're opening again in
January' from Tuesday until Fri-
day from 9 am to 2 pm for
breakfast and lunch and with a
new menu. It has been very busy
at the restaurant lately. I guess
it's because of word of mouth.
People enjoy being with us and
they like the food and of course,
our prices are good.
We are a training center and
it's not our goal to make a profit.
That's almost impossible. With
the money we make, we do the
shopping and it helps, but our
sponsors are the ones who keep
us going. It's fun; I really love
my job and the team is abso-
lutely tops.

When I'm off, most of the time
I'm at home I found my own
apartment or I go swimming or
driving around to visit my
friends. Before I used to go to
Curacao every month, but as
everything has become so ex-
pensive, I can't afford to go that
often anymore. But this Christ-
mas holiday I am going to see

my mom and I will stay for two
weeks. I was never here for Dia
di Rincon, but now I'm planning
to see how it is. I want to spend
more time on Bonaire. I've
bought a car and I can go wher-
ever I want to. At home I mostly
watch TV or I'm on the phone. I
don't cook for myself, I do take
out. Life is good and because I
am still alone it's easy. It would
be more complicated if I had
children, although I do think that
children and a husband make a
life worth living... coming soon.
I really don't want to stay alone.

I don't think I am a person
who will stay in one place, but I
don't know where I'll be going
and I don't know when... Ha!
ha! My mom wants me to come
back to Curaqao, but I don't
fancy that idea. She won't like it,
but, yeah, children have to go
their own way.

I love to travel, but not alone.
I've gone with my family to
Mexico, Jamaica, Miami, Aruba,
Spain, France and Italy. Miami
would be a nice place to live."
She grins "It would be a change
- not many people I know, so I
can go my own way without
being criticized, because
whether I do it right or wrong -
let me be. I'll take care of it.
On Curaqao I feel freer. There
are more places to go and you
don't see the same faces over
and over again. Yeah" she

laughs "you
could ask 'what
are you doing on
Bonaire then?'
But it's still
good here and
the work I'm
doing here I
can't do on
I do want to
study again and
we're going to
have that oppor-
tunity at Sticht-
ing Project to
follow an HBO
(higher profes-
sional educa-
tion) And I defi- .
nitely want to
grab that chance
to grow.- I can
still do it.
There's nothing
stopping me.

Of course I want children and I
also feel it's about time as I am
25 now. I have a good job and I
am stable. I think I'll be a good
mom. But... it's very important
whom you chose to be the father
of your children. He has to have
a job and he has to be serious.
Otherwise he's of no use! I did-
n't grow up in a regular family -
my father wasn't there. But I do
feel it's important to have a fa-
ther. I always say and, I don't
know if I am right, I didn't miss

kfl *I . .-. -
Liesje at the Stichting Project Resta

my father, that's how I feel. But
maybe I should have had one, I
would have needed one. But
that's something deep inside of

Here, in the Antilles, most of
the children grow up at their
grandmother's, but I think it's
hard for many of them and for
boys it's even harder. A boy
who has no father you just feel
it, you see it boys have to have
a male role model whom they
respect and to whom they listen.


urant De Bonairiaan

I think it's a typical Antillean
thing- children growing up with-
out a daddy. But women have
their responsibility too. They
should know whom they're
sleeping with because it's the
woman who decides if and when
she gets
She knows -
the man



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Monitor de Pression

Ikaya internationale#36-kratendijk-bonaire/teh 717-4630/717-3666 fax:717-4650 Email: infocityshopnv-pgmail.com I

Page 5

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

The Second of a Series About Dutch-Bonairean Cooperation


For some time now, behind the scenes,
people have been working on improvements
and projects for the period after the transi-
tion date 10-10-10, when Bonaire may be-
come a public body (bijzondere gemeente)
within the Netherlands. In several areas of
policy, local government and local organi-
sations are working together with the peo-
ple from the Regional Service Centre
(RSC). In the coming months The Bonaire
Reporter will describe the activities of the
Dutch Ministry Representatives in the RSC
and their Bonairean counterparts as they
work together so that, at the planned
"transition time of 10-10-10, local people,
Bonaireans, will handle the tasks of that
department. In this issue we describe the
progression in the Healthcare scene.

H ealthcare is one of the areas that
affects the people of Bonaire di-
rectly. The organizations involved are
working hard at the improvements. Gio-
vanni Frans, General Practitioner (GP) and
president of Fundashon Mariadal, and
Maarten Stoffels, 'kwartiermaker' Health-
care, Welfare and Sports (in Dutch VWS),
explain about the planned improvements in
healthcare facilities on Bonaire.

Giovanni Frans: "On Bonaire (and Saba
and Statia, BES islands) we want to estab-
lish, as much as possible, the same quality
level of healthcare as in Holland. A special
committee from Bonaire, Saba and Statia
has researched the accommodation facili-
ties on the three islands and made a pro-
posal to the three Island Councils for a
multi annual accommodation plan. This
proposal was agreed on by VWS. At the
end of 2008 this resulted in a report in
which 26 projects were described. These
projects have to improve the accommoda-
tion of the healthcare institutes (hospital,
nursing homes, home caring, addiction
treatment). In the 'BES week' in November
2008 it was decided that these 26 projects
were going to be accomplished. For this
Holland allocated NAf 66,4 million for the
years 2009-2012. There will also be an

increase of personnel of 150. Bonaire can
employ medical specialists in the areas of
surgery, paediatrics, gynaecology, internal
medicine, anaesthesiology and psychiatry.
Furthermore VWS has made available NAf
5 million for the replacement of ambu-
lances and obsolete medical equipment. For
2010 we are talking with VWS about an-
other NAf 8 to 9 million to modernize ex-
isting structures. So there's a lot going on."

Maarten Stoffels: "Together we can im-
prove the quality of health care on the three
islands. Besides the improvements for the
hospital mentioned by Dr. Frans, for me
there are two areas of concern: the changes
in general practitioner (GP) care and the
creation of a GGD (Municipal Health Ser-
vice) on Bonaire. The nine general practi-
tioners are currently employed by the
eilandgebied (island territory). If Bonaire
becomes part of Holland, the general prac-
titioners have to be privatized. We want to
seize this moment to set up a few health-
care centers with bundled care facilities.
The GPs will be asked to cooperate in set-
ting up these centers and to help us make
the plans happen.
A GGD does preventive work to promote
health, like giving vaccinations, advising
about a healthy lifestyle and attending to
childcare via the consultatiebureau
(consulting office) and doctors who visit
the schools. A Dutch GGD from the Zuid-
Limburg area is cooperating to create a
GGD on Bonaire. The new GGD will have
a front office on Bonaire and a back office
in the Netherlands. In this way the Bo-
nairean workers can rely on their Dutch
colleagues for help and support.

Giovanni Frans: "Cooperation is a proc-
ess of trial and error. We are about 9,000
kilometers from from Holland and possess
a different culture and language. Still, in
this cooperation we have the will to suc-
ceed. It is the only way to get the healthcare
on the islands to a higher level. Our Bes-
tuurscollege (Executive Council) must be

Dr. Giovanni Frans

at the table with Holland, talking and
negotiating. Otherwise we won't get any
Maarten Stoffels: "The cooperation with
Fundashon Mariadal is going rather well.
Things are happening at a good pace and
meetings go smoothly. The other two pro-
jects in which I'm involved (the general
practitioners and the GGD) haven't started
yet. In the cooperation we'll keep the dif-
ferences in language, culture and medical
background in mind. As all processes, it
will need time."

Dr. Giovanni Frans was born and raised
on Bonaire. He attended high school in
Curagao and followed his medical educa-
tion at the University of Groningen
(Holland). After his return to Bonaire he
worked as a full time general practitioner
for five years. Since 1997 he's combined
this work with his management tasks as
director of Fundashon Mariadal. "We
would like to have a higher level of welfare
on Bonaire," he says. "With this, several
medical and care facilities are necessary
which Bonaire cannot pay for itself. Hol-
land is able and willing to finance improve-
ments: better accommodations, more per-
sonnel amongst them medical specialists,
better equipment, ICT systems, digital pa-
tient records, etc. These improvements are
possible only with the financial support of
Holland. Together we are on our way to

Dr. Maarten Stoffels

accomplish the projects one step at a time."

Dr. Maarten Stoffels worked in Holland
as a general practitioner for seven years.
Following that he worked for 10 years as a
director of a hospital and as a consultant in
the healthcare area. As a management advi-
sor he spent two years in Mongolia. In Feb-
ruary 2009 he arrived on Saba as kwartier-
maker Healthcare, Welfare and Sports. He
will be based in Bonaire next month.
"If everything proceeds as planned," he
says, "and Bonaire becomes a public body
within Holland, as are Saba and Statia, in
the area of healthcare there can be improve-
ments for the people in the short term. A lot
of things have been set up and several in-
vestments have already been made. We are
talking about millions of guilders. The peo-
ple of Bonaire can profit from this: better
health care facilities for everybody and
more jobs and educational opportunities in
the healthcare area.
Story & photos by Inge Vos

Inge Vos is a re-
cent arrival on Bon-
aire. She has ex-
perience in Commu-
nications and writes
for Dutch language

Bonaire's San Francisco Hospital .
Under the leadership of Dr. Frans there have been significant improve- I
ments in its services including a surgery, obstetrics and other depart-
ments. If integrated with Holland many more improvements can be ex-
pected. At the right is the old slave hospital, now Kas di Arte. 4 .

Page 6

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to the partially filled in puzzle without repeating a
number in any row, column or 3 x 3 region. Answer
on page 19.

7 8

2 4

6 3

5 6

9 8 2 4

5 3 9

2 8 6

6 9 7 1

4 3

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

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As is every other school, SGB
(Scholen Gemeenschap Bonaire) is
concerned about the physical and psycho-
logical welfare of its students. Mr. Serapio
Pop (54), a highly skilled chess player and
principal of SGB, has been in the education
field for 28 years at that school. He tells us
the plans they have at SGB, a complex of
junior and senior high schools"
Our slogan at school is 'Healthy Body-
Healthy Mind.' We have a program for our
students where we will work on five differ-
ent areas.
The first one is Life Style and that in-
1. Eating Habits
2. Sleeping Habits
3. Physical Movements

Photo 1 "Built-in" rain gutter

861- .(ILjeh.Sq.LHM4# Htrllfk!:. 3

4. Weight
5. Nutritional Foods
The second is Inner Person, which includes:
1. Mutual Respect
2. Communication
3. Life Purpose
4. Changes that influence them
The third is Lectures for Parents and Teachers, which
1. Management teams to give extra attention to basic
education and junior college
2. 12 teachers for 12 subjects for basic education and
junior college
3. Unit managers responsible to coordinate their unit

The fourth is Unit Meetings which includes:
1. Control of the neighborhood social welfare of the stu-
dents together with their teachers
2. Work teams made up of Unit Managers and School Co-
ordinators with the Education Departments of Bonaire and
3. Programs for teachers and parents on different topics
such as nutrition and food.

The fifth is Introduction of healthy products in the
school canteen :
1. Wheat bread sandwiches
2. Natural juices in plastic bottles or cartons
3. Crab, Tuna and Chicken Salads
4. Our famous Pastiche, Crocket and Loempia made of
wheat flour and not fried

5. Fresh Fruits
6. Soups

But for all this we need money in our budget to accom-
plish these programs. We realize that most children in
school don't take vitamins and don't even like to eat
healthy food. They prefer eating a burger with all that satu-
rated fat with mayonnaise and ketchup, without any fresh
salad. Recently in our canteen we've had a drop in selling
some of healthy products that we have. Most of the stu-
dents buy their breakfast somewhere else before they come
to school. Or they stuff their bag pack with all kinds of
chips and snacks because our canteen doesn't sell these
things so they can have it during their recess time. The
consequences are that the money that the canteen makes is
not enough to pay the expenses.
We want to make a difference in our school. We have a
plan that when the new building is ready that we move the
canteen to the new area and let our own HORECA (food
and beverage management) students or responsible high
school students manage the canteen. It takes a lot of effort,
time and money. We just need to do it for the sake of the
SGB students."
I wish you a
Warm and Joyful Send your com-
Christmas. Let it be ments to The Bon-
Christmas for you aire Reporter, P.O.
every day in 2010. Box 407, Bonaire,
Siomara or email reporter
Albertus. (abonairenews.

Jong Bonaire Over The 4
Friday 1 December, Jong Bonaire held its first 'Ban Midi ku nos Outoridat-
nan' competition between the teens of Jong Bonaire and employees of sev-
eral governmental organizations. Customs (Douane), RSC, prison and SASO
(Social Services) all sent teams to compete in ping pong, futsal (indoor soccer) and
More than 60 people participated in the contests. The members of Jong Bonaire
performed extremely well, winning three of the four competitions.
The winners were:
Ping Pong (9 teams) Winners First place Jeanclaude Clementina &
Percy Prudencia of Jong Bonaire;
Futsal (9 teams) Winners First place Jong Bonaire Team DX
(Gerritson Craane & Jurgen Rojer & Sigmar Celestijn & Edsel Martha);
Domino (10 teams) Winners First place Duane B: E. Beaumond & M.
After the competitions there was an opportunity for the government workers and
the teens to get to know each other over a snack of nasi and other good foods. The
next 'Ban midi' event will pit the teens of Jong Bonaire against the government
teams in kayak, swimming and beach volleyball. 0 Jane Townsend

oeconu plucejutsul- (KjC) nunsf or
& Bert van Dijck, Micharno de Palm
& Jull Clarenda

Photo 2 Modern rain gutter of plastic

Until about 75 years ago most homes built on
Bonaire had a way to catch and contain rain
water to supply the water needs for the household.
People had to catch and store water during the rainy
seasons: a small rainy period during June and July
and then the main rainy season which starts in the fall.
The Government could not supply water as is done
now, through pipe lines and truck delivery.
Building a cistern to store the rain water was man-
datory. The big square masonry bo\cs" seen next to
old homes served as cisterns. To fill the cisterns water
from the roof was captured by gutters and drainpipes
and diverted into the cistern.
Gutters were incorporated into the architecture of
homes by building an attractive molding of concrete,
adding value to the building and concealing the gutter
at the same time. See the first photo.
In less expensive homes the attached gutters were
made of tin (zink in Dutch, ziem in Papiamentu) and
later on, plastic pipes. See the second photo.

Q) Why is this technique not added to
most modern day homes?
Answer on page 19

BonQuiz appears regularly in
The Reporter. It's prepared by
Christie Dovale of Christie
Dovale Island Tours. Contact
her to arrange a tour, Phone 717
-4435 or 795-3456 or email:
christiedovale (Ohotmail.com.

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

Page 7


t~i P AIIZ


Bonaire to Make a Bid for World Cup

Swimmin Finals in 2011

I -

B onaire has the great privi-
lege of hosting Angela
Maurer (34) and Jennifer Bot-
tcher (26), world class swimmers
to our waters for their Open Wa-
ter Training Camp. Their stay is
sponsored by Buddy Dive Resort
and Bon Bida Spa & Gym.
Angela has been nine times
Champion in Germany, twice
European Champion, twice
World Champion (Rome) and
four times World Cup (16 races
of 10 to 88 km). She gave up
swimming for three years to have
a son, Maxim, however, when it

was announced that they would
add 10k marathon swimming to
the Olympics, she began training
again with the goal of an Olym-
pic medal. She missed the med-
als in the Beijing with a very
close 4th place. She is World
Champion this year and training
hard for more World Cups and of
course, the London Olympics.
Angela said she started long
distance swimming in 1996 when
she was 21. Before that she raced
in a pool, doing freestyle 2-4-800
meters. Why the switch to long
distance swimming? "I tried it
out and liked it. I don't like to

At the Curacao swim meet 13-year old Vera Ghazzouli won six
silver medals and three bronze medals. In addition Ryda Luz
Emer (13) wonl2 medals; Alejandro de Lima(12): 6 medals; Kaile
Finies(11): 4 medals; and Luis Marcano (10): 2 medals

make turns (like in a pool) and I
love being in nature. And I love
traveling around the world be-
cause in each place conditions
are different. And I'm successful
at it, so that inspires me too."
Jennifer is the 2nd in Germany
in 200m Butterfly and is just
experimenting with open water
training. Maybe we will see her
in some of the upcoming open
water marathon events as well.
The two are training four hours
per day, swimming 16 to 18 kilo-
meters in the sea. They train four
times a week at the Bon Bida
Spa, plus biking, kayaking and
running. Jennifer is studying
sports training, physiology and
Angela is European Swimmer
of the Year and is nominated for
International Open Water
Woman of the year, place your
votes at:htt
www. thewaterisopen. corn/
polls 2009 woman of the year
and help her win!
The two champions helped out
the Bonaire Barracuda swim club
with two training sessions. Not
only is the training excellent, but
it lets the kids see where they can
go with swimming. One training
session was hosted by Divi Fla-
mingo Beach and the other at
Buddy Dive.
We look forward to Angela and
Jennifer planning another train-
ing camp around the 3rd annual
Barracuda Open Water swim on
June 15, 2010, where we will
have 500m, 1.5km, 2.5km, 5km
and 10km competitions. This
event will take place front of Kas
di Regatta and is open to all
swimmers. Start training now to
participate. U Pam Werdath L.D

Page 8

Swim champions Angela Maurer and Jennifer Bottcher with
Commissioner Nolly Oleana

Champion swimmer An-
gela Maurer (34), says,
"Bonaire is perfect. It's warm
and good for training." Consid-
ering the fact that she has swum
in waters all over the world in
competition for the World Cup,
this is quite a statement. Accom-
panying her is Jennifer Bottcher
(26), one of the best butterfly
swimmers in Germany. Angela
continued, "Training at Buddy
Dive is great. It's the best place
I've ever seen."
Bonaire will be making a bid
to hold the final 2011 World
Cup race here in October 2011.

Sponsors of the event, an inter-
national swim organization
(FINA) will be invited to Bon-
aire soon to discuss the possibil-
The 2010 World Cup long dis-
tance swimming races begin in
January 2010 in Santo, Brazil.
About 70 participants come from
all over the world. Races in 2010
will be held in New Zealand,
Portugal, Long Beach
(California), Canada, Bulgaria,
France, Great Britain, Denmark,
New York City, China, Hong
Kong, and end in Dubai. U L.D.

Have you ever tried drinking a Cactus?

\ Cadushy of Bonaire

The Sunny Taste

of Bonaire


Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

Jennifer Bottcher and Angela Maurer with members of the Bonaire Barracuda Swim Club

Synopsis Of "The Constitutional Tragedy of The BES Islands," A |
speech delivered by Mr. Eugene R. Abdul, LLM* during a seminar
on independence held in Curavao on November 27, 2009. 1


After an analysis of the concepts
'self-determination' and 'people'
in international law, Mr. Abdul briefly
described the constitutional process on
the islands of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and
Saba (the so-called BES islands), starting
with the constitutional referendums held
in 2004/2005. He states that in accor-
dance with international law the right of
self-determination is a human right
and that only peoples and not their
elected representatives are holders of
the right of self-determination.
He is of the opinion that if the present
constitutional process continues un-
changed none of the three BES islands
will eventually obtain the constitutional
status their peoples really opted for in
referendums held in 2004 and 2005.
He states that during those referendums
Bonaire opted for direct links with Hol-
land; St. Eustatius for maintaining the
Netherlands Antilles; and Saba for be-
coming a 'Crown Island,' a constitutional
status comparable to Anguilla. In the Fi-
nal Declaration of October 2006, elected
representatives of the three Dutch Antil-
lean islands in an agreement with the
Netherlands decided that Bonaire, St.
Eustatius and Saba would become
'public entities' based on article 134 of
the Dutch Constitution, resulting in
integration, one of the three internation-
ally recognized forms of reaching a 'full
measure of self-government' described in

Bon bini! Welcome to
< the captain's gardens. /

Plants, Trees,

Tours and More
"Almost a solid hectare of growing
potted plants and trees. Thirty minute
tours. No, we don't specialize in palms
or fruit trees, but trees we got; Bonaire
born and raised, strong plants for
strong Bonaire gardens. Reasonable
prices starting from NAf 5. Landscap-
ing designs, graphically assisted."
captain Don

Open from Friday thru Sunday and all
holidays. 10 am till 4 pm nonstop

Captain Don's Island Grower NV
103 Kaminda Lagun
(Look for the blue rock and dive flag)
Phone: 786-0956
A part of Plantation Guatemala

U.N. Resolution 1541.
Mr. Abdul purports that in the 2004 and
2005 referendums none of the peoples
of the three islands opted for integra-
tion. He is of the opinion that the peoples
of the three islands should decide explic-
itly in new referendums whether they
want integration with the Netherlands
or not. That would be the only way to
comply with Principle IX of U.N. Resolu-
tion 1541, stating inter alia that "the inte-
gration should be the result of the freely
expressed wishes of the territory's peo-
ples acting with full knowledge of the
changes in their status, their wishes hav-
ing been expressed through informed and
democratic processes, impartially con-
ducted and based on adult suffrage...."

"... ratification of the
Final Declaration of Oc-
tober 2006 ... is not suffi-
cient to legitimize

He argues that ratification of the Final
Declaration of October 2006 in the re-
spective Island Councils of the three BES
islands based on international law is not
sufficient to legitimize integration. Mr.
Abdul concludes that dismantling of the
Netherlands Antilles should be post-

Gladys's Art



by experienced
Gladys Peereboom
Mark Roswell
Wide selection of
frames for every
canvas or photograph

Kaya Rotterdam 10
P Phones: 717-8050
\\ s 09 567-1143
., Jgladysfrits

Eugene R. Abdul

poned until the islands Bonaire, St.
Eustatius and Saba in a (new) referen-
dum explicitly opt for integration into
the Netherlands. He states that the Fed-
eral Government of the Netherlands An-
tilles, based on article 43 paragraph 1 of
the Charter of the Kingdom of the Neth-
erlands, must take care of realization of
fundamental rights and liberties, legal
security and good governance and that
the Federal Government cannot allow the
'annexation' of the three islands by the
Netherlands without complying with in-
ternational law. According to Mr. Abdul
also the Kingdom Government has an
obligation under article 43 paragraph 2 of
the same Charter to guarantee due com-
pliance with international law in this mat-
ter. U

*Mr. Eugene R. Abdul, LL.M. is former
Governor of St. Eustatius. He is a founder
of Awor T'E Ora, the movement for a
second Bonaire Referendum.

A njelica Cicilia, commercial director
of KOW Den Haag, the daughter of
Maria Cicilia-Rodriguez who owns La
Portuguesa produce shop and Customs
Officer Amado Cicilia, has been named the
winner of the Building Passion Woman of
the Year Award during a meeting in the
Lijm- en Cultuurfabriek in Delft. Cicilia
was born in Bonaire 1977 and studied Ar-
chitecture and Civil Engineering at the Uni-
versity in Curagao (1999), then went to the
Netherlands and graduated from TU Delft in
During her studies she worked at 3D Blue-
print Technologies on the construction of the
Railway museum in Utrecht. Beginning in
2006 she moved to KOW. As commercial
director Anjelica is responsible for the ac-
quisition and communication activities of
KOW. KOW is one of the largest independ-
ent architectural firms in the Netherlands
and is involved with architecture, engineer-
ing, sustainability, urban renewal and urban
planning. Simultaneously, a new book,
"Building Passion," by Laura Stevens was
introduced. This book portrays 101 women
who have passion for their work in construc-
tion and real estate. U Press release

Bonaire's Largest and Best Stocked supermarket

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

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k9 '.I!II LI I [*lTiTU!l!hl 111:1 I ~

BAR & GRILL Beach Bar & Restaurant

\,e Would Like to Wish All Our Customers a Very Merrn Christmas
And A H:ipp. le:ililih Nc% Year 201 n

h'o r hri.nia ii Eve Sunset- Lobster Night
i | Lions-" alo, l ,1, -in
Christmas [).n Traditional Menu
1 Iol \\ingI I 1).i- reat i',lec.a l.
Regular Menu Also served

New Years rF%-,- Spc.cial Three CourCMcinu


S ... \c Years Day- Our Chefs Creations
Regular Menu Also Served

Icaq 1-j_7-o. w- AS

LOCATED Sunset @ Den a ndos Lunch and Dinner
Lions @ Buddy Dive Dinner Only


December & January Introduction Offer
Complete house. Price includes: roof.
secure windows, doors, floor & bathroom
tiles., kitchen cup boards with Corian top
kitchen sink. Toilet bathroom with complete
fixtures. Electrical and plumbing fixtures.
S*Home built within 2 months
O n o-* No hidden fees
wmr ELNG o No drawing fees
"ROSIBATHROOM Firee taation report
17.500 Finance available X'

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Real Estate with a local touch.

suY 9 BANK
Homs l 0ca -in. inom 111!~raruuIm*

Real affordable homes... building a bright future for the people.

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

NAf. 91


Page 10

DOLPHIN TIME Bottlenose Dolphins swimming regularly and
continuously around our island for the next few
months while the pregnant ones are giving birth
and the juveniles are kept close to shore away
from predators.
Thank you for your past help.
Thank you in advance for your future help.
If you know of anyone else in or close to the
marine environment that might be able to make
reports for me, it would also be greatly appreci-
ated if you could pass this message to them as
Dear Dolphin observer, Have a good Christmas and a happy new year
todayy I recorded my first sighting of a group everyone.

of Bottlenose Dolphins for this December.
Would anybody seeing any groups of Bottle-
nose Dolphins during the rest of December
and early January, please let me have an
email report when you have time.
(In case any of you aren't certain, the bottle-
nose dolphins are the larger ones of the two spe-
cies commonly seen here. They tend to swim
from north to south continuously, usually close
to or inside the drop off, sometimes coming quite
The smaller dolphins that are seen playing
around boats or jumping in the air and swimming
at high speed are the Spinner Dolphins)
My records are all of the Bottle nose.
Next to February, December has the highest
number of total sightings since I have been keep-
ing records. February is the next highest month.
The lowest months are September, October and
I think and hope that it is safe to assume, judg-
ing by my records, that we should start to see

Regular *

Water Taxi r

From Bonaire Nautico Marina



7% C Every

Catamaran Kantika diAmor
Up to 27 people and supported by
a brand new larger sister
Catamaran Kantika Too
Up to 50 people
Daily trips via resorts 10 am, 12, 2 pm Ex-
cept Sundays at 10 am only
Also available for group trips

Tie up dockside
for min. $10/day-+-tax
(max 1.90 meter draft),
Water and 115/220 v.
Dinghy tie up at north-inside dock at
US$10 weekly up from Monday till
At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399
www.bonairenauticomarina /FHF 68

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

Ron Sewell
Bonaire Coastal Dolphin Project
Mobile: 795 3368
Home: 717 2458
Email: ron.sewell(tdiamond-waters.com


Dear Editor:
There are some companies on Bonaire that de-
serve a lot more recognition and thanks than they
receive. SELIBON is one. From the drivers of
the bulldozers at the landfill to the people at the
weigh station to the truck drivers to the office
staff in town to the people picking up trash along
the roads, they all deserve a huge THANK YOU!
They are all very friendly and helpful. And most
importantly, keeping Bonaire perhaps one of the
cleanest islands in the Caribbean.
Bruce Bowker




Les Galeries Shopping Center
(Bordering the parking lot)
Tel. 717-5890
Open M-F 8:30-12, 2-6 pm,
Sat. 9-12

Body Talk


We are about to enter (I
think some of you have
already started!) one of the busi-
est periods of the year, with par-
ties, family gatherings, and of
course Christmas day and New
Year's Eve itself, which so many
of us use as an excuse for over-
indulgence. No wonder so many
of us make those seldom-kept
New Year's resolutions, hoping,
praying and promising ourselves
that we will do better in the new
Apart from the over indul-
gence, even more stress is added
with disrupted routines due to
visiting family members or
friends, bored children, bursts of
fireworks in the middle of the
night and scared pets. The list
goes on and on!
If you are prone to over indul-
gence (like most of us) during this
period, you could expect to have
more aches and pains, certainly
the occasional headache, feeling
bloated after a meal, smelly gas,
tiredness and irritability. (Does
this sound familiar?) Do not
worry, I am not going to lecture
you on your eating and drinking
habits over the festive season.
However, I would like to give
you some simple guidelines to
follow that will greatly reduce the
negative effects of over indul-
gence. To some of you it may
mean you can party longer and
Let's start with breakfast. After
a 'heavy' night, start your day by
cleansing the body. Consume as
much raw fruit as possible (only
on an empty stomach), wait 30
minutes and then have your nor-
mal breakfast. Using fruit this
way has a wonderful effect on
counteracting the overload of acid
in your system.
Secondly, for every beer or
glass of wine you consume, drink
at least one glass of water. Alco-
hol is highly acidic, mucus form-
ing and dehydrating, and beer
adds to the yeast overgrowth in
people, which creates the desire
for more refined sugars. Alcohol
causes a huge Natrium Sulphate

(mineral) deficiency from liver
toxicity, and this is evident in the
yellowish/greenish coloring just
before a person vomits. Remem-
ber, the more alcohol you con-
sume, the more water you should
be drinking.
drink on an empty stomach.
Apart from the fact that you will
be intoxicated much quicker than
usual, the acid, in particular in red
wine, will eat away at your stom-
ach lining. Although as a naturo-
path I cannot condone greasy
foods, I am told by "experienced"
drinkers that it is best to line your
stomach with oily/greasy foods
before a drinking session.
Lastly, by following a few basic
rules, you will greatly cut down
on the (from a food and drink
point of view) negative stress on
the body during this Christmas
period. The results will amaze
you, and perhaps you too could
enjoy the real spirit of Christmas
for a change!
Before I forget, I know the law
regarding drinking and driving on
Bonaire is very slack, compared
to the rest of the world, but
people could get hurt.
Thank you for your encourage-
ment, criticism and for at least
reading my column, even though
you may not agree. I wish every
one of you a wonderful time filled
with all the good that should be.
Happy, happy Christmas! 0
Stephanie Bennett

Author Stephanie Bennett was
born in Cape Town, South Africa,
where she studied herbs, minerals
and nutrition. Before moving to
Bonaire she continued her studies
in UK, and now researches health
issues that particularly ou/n... t
people on Bonaire and other
Caribbean Islands.


Regain your Physical and Emotional Health
the way nature intended.
Herbs from all over the world
Mineral Supplements
Herbal painkillers
Natural anti-inflammatory creams
Dengue Fever prevention & treatment
Mosquito after-bite cream

Tel. 788 0030 for an appointment

Stephanie Bennett S.N.H.S Di
Kinesioogy & Diabetes Management
Kaya Papa Comes #2, Antriol
www harmornyhousebonainre com
Page 11


New Underwater Activity Began on Bonaire in October: Lionfishing

Today I experienced a moment I've been
dreading for more than a year: I saw my
first lionfish in Bonaire's waters.
Note I didn't say I found the lionfish. Another
diver found it, marked its location (more on this
later), and reported it to the Bonaire National Ma-
rine Park. Today my husband David and I accom-
panied BNMP Ranger Joi Jenkins on a lionfish
removal dive. The instructions were that the fish
was seen at 58', after the divers had swum casually
for 26 minutes from the Jeff Davis mooring. We
knew there was a marker but not what color.
My computer read 21 minutes (we couldn't help
but swim a little faster than "casually") when Joi
pointed out the marker, a lightweight yellow ribbon
tied to a branch of dead coral.
Joi had warned us that if the fish was spooked it
might be impossible to catch until another day, so I
stayed about five feet away from the coral forma-
tion as I searched for the lionfish (which I did not
find). Joi pointed to a cluster of spines, in the
shade, under a ledge, which at first my brain proc-
essed as a longspined urchin. Then I realized I was
looking at the dreaded lionfish. The critter was
born in the wrong ocean, it was hiding, and it was
small -- less than 6" long and maybe a little wider
than that with its pectoral fins extended. At first I
felt sorry for the poor fish.
When Joi let me carry the net with the lionfish as
we headed back to shore, I was amazed to see the
lionfish persistently aggressively, really -- bash-
ing into the plastic side of the net. Ranger Jenkins

pointed out the lionfish's bulging belly, and after
the dive she told us, "Congratulations! You've just
saved the lives of thousands of Bonaire's reef
We're unhappy that lionfish have invaded the
Caribbean and especially Bonaire. But, boy oh
boy, it sure feels good to do something to help
manage that situation.
The BNMP is leading Bonaire's battle against the
lionfish invasion, but there are some very real ways
each of us can help:
First, most important, and simplest: the BNMP
is depending on us divers to keep our eyes open for
lionfish. Carry a marker to facilitate their capture,
and give the BNMP the best possible directions to
the fish 's location and depth. One diver took some
photos of the area, which also helped the Rangers
find the fish more quickly.
The marker currently being used is a ribbon of
colorful, lightweight plastic material, with a cork
on one end for buoyancy. The ribbon is tied to
dead coral near the lionfish. (Note: If you can't
identify dead coral, ask your divemaster to teach
you! Tying the ribbon around living coral will
injure or kill the coral polyps.)
Second: Occasionally a diver who's not carrying
a marker will spot a lionfish. It's still very impor-
tant for them to report the sighting and location as
best they can to the BNMP, but lionfish collectors
would be likely to spend a lot of time finding the
fish. Here's a perfect opportunity for volunteers:
(Continued on page 17)

BNMP Ranger Joi Jenkins with the lionfish she collected on 4
December 09 at Jefferson Davis Reef

m or s l l- ng:
aU a --er6 nj
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You Can Yu

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

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f~ ..-.-~.. - -


Bona Bista Island Resort BV Tel: +599 7176386, +5999 514 5151of +599700 2950
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Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

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noon, Weekends by ap-
Phone: 786-6416
*** FOR SALE ***
Uwatec big display wrist mount bot-
tom timer 25$ Spare air 0.7 Itr 100 $ -
secondhand BCDs medium and small
110$ (only 30 dives )- secondhand
4/5mm BARE Velocity Full wetsuit
Black with dark blue 100$ (only 30
dives ) older type (all steel) scubapro
regset 50$ Black TUSA older type
Platina fins medium 20 $. hard plastic
kayak for two. only the plastic hull no
seats no paddles 50$.- DVD player
Panasonic 30 $- a brand new high qual-
ity blender Philips 600 watt for 40$ -
Life vest, Secumar 16 Itr with extra co2
cartridges 45$ a medium size NEW
European black motor helmet for 50
NAf also a rain and UV cover your mo-
torcycle or scooter 25 NAF- 17 inch
computer monitor 20$ small (2mtr)
house hold stairs 30$- send an e-mail to

Tel (599) 791-6272 / 785-6272

For sale: Painting of Anton Heyboer
- 'Boat' in black and yellow, framed, size
1.10 x .79 cm. NAf 5000.-
Hand embroidered antique Indian
tapestry, 1.25 x 1.65 cm, NAf 300.-
Phone 786-3117.

For rent at Hato, 2 studios for 1 per-
son. Minimum stay 4 months. no airco
Incl.; gas/water/electricity/internet/linen/
selibon/furnished/garden/parking place/
terrace/ Rent per month NAf 650,-- or
600,--Deposit NAf 750 or 600,-- 717
2529 or 796 2529

For rent at Hato, studio for 1 per-
son. Minimum stay 4 months, no airco.
Incl.; Gas/water/electricity/internet/
place/terrace/ Rent per month NAf
600,-- Deposit NAf 600,-- Call 717-
2529 or 796- 2529

1995 Nissan Sentra for sale asking
price 3.500 but will negotiate! call 795-

1/2 Container to USA. Need to send
something to the USA? I have half a
container going to the U.S. in Dec.
$1,300. Call 795-1277

Houses for sale 3 bedroom, 2 bath-
room, living room/kitchen, extra room
for office and 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom
living room/kitchen. Call for informa-
tion 796-0730 or 796-4080

For sale professional high quality
saw table cpl. with extra blade. Used
for the building of one garage. Now it
is over complete. only NAf 320. Call
for an offer to 786-5432

For sale- Mitsubishi Pick-up L200 4
-WD double-cabin, gasoline, 200.000
km, not diving car, not ex rental. Great
for towing your boat or driving in the
kunuku. No rust in a good condition
for 4750,- USD. Call for an offer to

Te koop grote collective, meer dan
120 stuks, DVD's (Europees system
en dus Nederlands ondertiteld.) Ge-
noeg voor een levenlang regenachtige
zondagen. Alle DVD's in 1 keer voor
160,- NAf en al onze muziek cd's (350
stuks) alle genres alles voor 250,- NAF
bel voor een aanbod 786-5432

Put your ad here and get results
Commercial ads are Inexpensive,
Non-commercial ads are free.

Aminah, Galil Kartodikromo and the family on a beautiful day in Paris in front of Sa-
cre Coeur in Aug 2009... with The Reporter, of course.
WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next trip or when you return
to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in hand. THE BEST PHOTOS OF THE
YEAR WILL WIN THE PRIZES. Mail photos to Bonaire Reporter, Box 407, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
(AN). E-mail to: info@bonairereporter.com.
KRALENDIJK TIDES (Heights in feet, FT)
Remember: Winds and weather can f ,, inlr...... the local tide's height and time


12-25 8:50
12-26 9:11
12-27 0:06
12-28 0:10
12-29 10:46
12-30 11:30
12-31 12:11
12-31 12:11
1-01 13:01
1-02 13:51
1-03 14:44
1-04 15:44
1-05 0:23
1-06 0:35
1-07 0:30

Htt Time Ht Time Ht.

1.9FT. 19:01
0.9FT. 9:38
0.9FT. 10:08
2.2FT. 20:31
2.2FT. 21:10
2.2FT. 21:54
2.2FT. 21:54
2.1FT. 22:30
2.0FT. 23:02
1.9FT. 23:34
1.0FT. 7:20
1.0FT. 7:37
1.1FT. 8:04

1.0FT. 19:49
2.0FT. 19:28
2.1FT. 20:00

1.4FT. 11:45
1.6FT. 14:10
1.7FT. 15:51

Time Htt


0.9FT. 22:23 1.0FT.
0.8FT. 23:52 0.9FT.

1.4FT. 16:48
1.2FT. 18:04
1.1FT. 19:37


If you have some or all of the following symptoms,
you may have Dengue Fever.

High Fever
Severe headache

Aching joints and muscles
Pain behind the eyes
Nausea with possible vomiting

For more information and advice on treatment &
prevention of Dengue Fever call the helpline.




+599 790 6500

Powered by IVIO

16 Flights a day
Bonaire and

Divi Divi Air
24 hours a day
(5999 839-1515)
Or (5999

Page 14

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

EDt)cma5i a s dli AFm[mran B3eooix
at ICas cl Arte

An exhibition featuring the art
works of Winfred Dania and Frans
Booi opened recently at the Kas di Arte.
The theme of the exhibition is "Culture of
the Indian of Bonaire."
Booi and Dania have known each other
for ages now. In the early days, Booi was
head of the Department of Culture and
Education, and Dania was his private
driver. Spending hours and hours with
each other, Winfred listening to the sto-
ries of Frans, they became close friends.
Booi is the artist/story teller, completely
captured by the history of Bonaire and the
Indians and the myths of Bonay. Dania,
although deaf at birth, listened and lis-
tened. At home he mixed the stories with
his fantasy and his skills and a lot of
paintings were produced over the years.
Now the series about the mythology of
Bonaire amounts to 173 works of art!
This exhibition shows some 30 pieces
from both artists. Fifteen pictures are
Dania, born on the 20th of January 1950,
originates from Oranjestad, Aruba. His
father is from Bonaire. Dania was born
deaf and at only five years old, he was
sent by his parents to Sint-Michielsgestel,
Brabant, the Netherlands, to learn lip
reading and sign language. So his lan-
guage is Dutch. In the meantime his par-
ents moved to Bonaire and when he was
17 Winfred joined them.
Winfred started painting when he was
only 13, but it was the stories told by
Booi that inspired Dania since 1986 to his

later and present work: visualization of
the mythology of Bonay, the first human
being on Bonaire.
Dania believes in the soul. He thinks
there is a soul in everything and in every
creature. Dania loves the mystery and the
mythology and uses his dreams as a
source of inspiration. Ever returning in his
work is the string of water, earth, fire and
air. Counting and numbers also inspires
him, making his work a unique mixture of
rational thoughts and expressions of pre-
sumably uncontrolled feelings. One series
of his pieces are titled: 53, 54, 55, 56, 57,
58, 58. The works are inspired by and
connected with the age of the artist. Come
to the exhibition in the Kas di Arte and
find out for yourself.
Dania works with oil paint on linen. Just
recently he started experimenting with
paint on jute, using to him- the surpris-
ing structure of the natural material.
His work is well known in the Antilles
and abroad. The Stedelijk Museum of
Amsterdam, Holland, bought four pieces
from his series about the mythology of
In daily life Winfred Dania is connected
to the Bonaire Museum as conservator-
until the 20th of January 2010. Then Dania
hopes to reach the age of 60. Then he can
spend all his time on art. There is still an
awful lot to do. The painting named "60"
is impatiently waiting in the artist's
The Dania-Booi exhibition will be open
until January 3, 2010, at the Kas di Arte,

AAl Fresco or Air Conditioned Dining
Between Downtown and Hotel Row
Reservations: 717-7070
4 info@bistrodeparis.com
Open Monday -Saturday


- .F .1 Ii''


% I

I I Ii'.1rI:I

Bonaire'- .. Home'.. -.nl



-- I


Main Snmt am iyaGidl 32 Bonuare



TELE 717 -3527 FAX 717-3528 -
Tare 77451 On time <> Done Right

Nai t ral
Health Sto

Wa y A

High Quality, Healthy,
Natural Produncts

Oy, 11n>l Prlodl>t Is
_ti',-l'rl,',s Tl'jis
Linajll.-d I llim
Prii-'d Fruils"

AM 11111%,'.

La Terassa. Ka% a Grandi 23N
(floorahbole Botica)
W 717-3353, 510-2318
Open Nlonda\- Saturda% 10
am-6 pm nonstop

you pRJn"-

We "Bring
rVot Ar10

-. -

A L -1

Antillean Wine Company
(599) 09-560-7539
Fax (599) 717-2950

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010


mdm LA

01 osphere

I 'Ir, 1, 1 t (, I C I I ( t

r y
i7g Kir 5th Ami'iversa I

Page 15


Date Day

Ship name



Thursday 24, 2009 Caribbean Princess 1100-1900 3100
Saturday 26, 2009 BRAEMAR 0800-1800 700
Sunday 27, 2009 Freewinds 0600 220
Monday 28, 2009 AidaAura 0800-1600 1260



Ocean Dream





January 4,







January 5, -
Tuesday 2010 Ocean Dream 0800-1600 1422
January 5,
Tuesday 2010 Ruby Princess 1100-1900 3100 =
January 7, C
Thursday 2010 Caribbean Princess 1100-1900 3100
January 8, 0700-
Friday 2010 Enchantment of the Seas 1530 2446


Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours $21
(includes tax). Discounts for residents
and local people. Tel. 717-8489, 540-
* Parke Publico children's play-
ground open every day into the cooler
evening hours.
* Rincon Marshe-6 am-2 pm.
Enjoy a Bonairean breakfast while you
shop, fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts,
local sweets, snacks, arts, handicrafts,
candles, incense, drinks, music. Big
March first Saturday of the month-
* Flea Market at Parke Publico
every first Saturday of the month, 3 to
7 pm. Everyone welcome to buy and to
sell. NAf 10 per selling table.(NAf 5
goes to up-keep the park). NGOs can
have a free table. More information and
reservations for a spot call Vicky Bisses-
sar 786-1592.
* Wine Tasting at Antillean Wine
Company's warehouse on Kaya Indus-
tria, second Saturday of the month, 7-9
pm. Snacks and tasting of six wines for
$10 (NAf17,50) per person. Tel. 560-
Soldachi Tours-See the real
Bonaire and be transported back in time.
Learn about the history, culture and na-
ture by Bonaireans from Rincon. Call
Maria Koeks for more information-796-
* Soldachi Tours of Rincon, the heart
of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call Maria,
717-6435-best island tour value

* Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7-10 pm. $10 per person.
Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth Vos at

Sunday- Creature Feature- John and
Suzie Wall of Buddy's Digital photo
center present a multimedia slide presen-
tation about Buddy's House Reef pool
bar Buddy Dive, 6:30-7 pm, 717-5080

"Cltre of' teJIndan-of onair" by

MoePeaile o pge16



Monday-Dee Scarr's Touch the Sea
Slide Presentation, Capt. Don's Habi-
tat, 8:30 pm. 717-8529

Tuesday-- Bonaire Land and Ocean
presentation by Fish-Eye Photo staff,
7pm on the big screen inside the Sunset
Bar and Grill at Den Laman Condos.

Kas Krioyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's past
in this venerable old home that has been re-
stored and furnished so it appears the family
has just stepped out. Local ladies will tell you
the story. Open Monday thmu Friday, 9 -12,2-
4. Weekends by appointment. Call 717-2445.
Mangasina diRei, Rincon. Enjoy the view
from "The King's Storehouse." Learn about
Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from the 17th
century. Daily. Call 7174060 / 790-2018
Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, behind
the Catholic Church in town. Open weekdays
from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel. 717-8868
Washington-Slagbaai National Park,
Museum and Visitors' Center. Open
daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December
25th. and January 1st. Call 788 9015 or
796 5681

AA meetings -every Wednesday at
7pm. Phone: 786-4651 or 786-7971
Al-Anon meetings every Monday
evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Weekly Bonaire Talker Gathering
and Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30
pm call 567-0655 for directions.
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7:15
pm- All levels, NAf2,50, call Renata at
796-5591 to find out the evening's loca-
Darts Club plays every other Sunday
at City Cafe. Registration at 4, games at
5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
JCI First Wednesday of the Month-
Junior Chamber International Bonaire
(JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bonaire
Jaycees) meets at the ABVO building,
Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30 to 9:30
pm. Everyone is welcome. Contact: Re-
nata Domacass6 516-4252.
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other Tues-
day, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette
Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th
Thursday of the month at 8 pm at Kaya
Sabana #1. All Lions welcome. For more
information call 510-0710.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesdays, 12
noon-2 pm Divi Flamingo Beach Re-
sort upstairs in Peter Hughes meeting
room above the dive shop. All Rotarians
welcome. Tel. 717-2066
Toastmasters Club meets every two

Who's Who on The Bonaire Reporter
Take The Reporter Home-1-year subscription: By mail to US $70; By mail to
Europe $150. By Internet $35 donation. For information about subscriptions, sto-
ries or advertising in The Bonaire Reporter, PO Box 407, Bonaire, Netherlands
Antilles; phone (599) 790-6518, 786-6125, E-mail: info@bonairereporter.com
The Bonaire Reporter, George DeSalvo, Publisher. Laura DeSalvo, Editor in
Chief. Address: P. 0. Box 407, Bonaire, Neth. Antilles. Available on-line at:
www.bonairereporter.com Published every two weeks
Reporters: Siomara E. Albertus, Stephanie Bennett, J@n Brouwer, CIEE, Flor-
ence Ditlow, Christie Dovale, Annie Heese, Jack Horkheimer, Greta Kooistra, Dee
Scarr, Aurora Schramm, Jane Townsend, Pam Werdath-Teitel, Inge Vos
Unattributed photos are by the editor or publisher.
Distribution: Yuchi Molina (Rincon), Elisabeth Silberie (Playa), Divi-Divi Air-
Housekeeping: JRA. Printed by: DeStad Drukkerij, Curaqao
2009 The Bonaire Reporter

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

weeks. For more information call Crusita
de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Martinez
Beck, at 786-2953.

Protestant Congregation of Bonaire:
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papia-
mentu, Dutch, English, Sundays, 10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papia-
mentu, Sundays, 8:30 am.
Children's club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in
Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in Rin-
con. Bible Study and Prayer meetings,
Thursday, at 8 pm, Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church: Centro di
Bario Nord Salifia, Sundays, 10 am.
Services in Dutch. 700-0379.
International Bible Church of Bonaire,
at SGB High School auditorium (Kaya
Frater Odulfinus, off Kaya
Korona.) Sunday services in English at 9
am; Sunday evening prayer meeting at
Pastor's home, 7 pm. Friday, 6 to 8 pm,
Light & Life Club, children 5 to 12
yrs. Tel. 717-8332.
Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendijk -
Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
Papiamentu, 717-8304.
Our Lady of Coromoto in Antriol, Satur-
day at 6 pm in English. Mass in Papia-
mentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm. 717-
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios):
Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10
am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30
pm. 717-2194
Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services
Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bonaire
Youth Center in English, Dutch and Papia-
mentu. Preaching the full gospel. Contact:
Prayer and Intercession Church, in
English. A full Gospel Church located
temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit # 20,
Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services are
held on Sunday mornings from 10am
until 11:30am. Bible studies in English
are on Monday nights from 7 to 8 pm.
Contact: 717-3322
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
-day Saints: Kaya Sabana #26, Sun-
days: 9 am Sacrament Ser-
vices (Translation to English and Papia-
mentu upon request) 10:20 Sunday
School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/PH Primary
held from 10:20-12 noon Visitors Wel-
come: 701-9522 for Information

Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Email reporter@bonairenews.com
Tel:790-6518, 786-6125
or 790-8988

the Week

pet who can discourage marauding .
lizards and iguanas from eating their i, Ai
plants! ii
Remember too that the dog adop- -
tion fee of NAJ 105 covers her vet I" '
exam, tests, worming, shots and
even sterilization. And you can be -
assured of getting a fine healthy and
social pet when you adopt from the Shelter. It's on the Lagoen Road, open Monday
through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm and 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-4989.
Looking for a worthwhile Christmas gift for someone who has everything? How
about a contribution in that person's name to the Shelter's "Bonny Superdog Ster-
ilization program."
Monetary donations can be made via bank transfer Account number Animal Shelter
Bonaire: 23.10.139,
RBTT Bank Antilles, Bonaire Branch, Address bank: Kaya Korona 15, Bonaire, Neth-
erlands Antilles. BIC: RBTTANCU; SWIFT: ABNANL2A Please tag your bank trans-
fer: Bonny Superdog.
Support Bonaire provides a way for US citizens to donate to their favorite Bonaire
causes and claim charitable deduction on their American income tax. The Support Bon-
aire website now accepts credit card donations for the Bonaire Animal Shelter. Of
course, cash donations are always appreciated. Look for the dog house donation boxes
in many shops and businesses or on the shelter on Bonaire. U Laura DeSalvo

Fireworks And Your Pets


mni ,, 1


Benefits Animal Shelter and Your Pet

Our New Year's celebration will be
festive when we ring in the year
with fireworks, but our pets react with
confusion due to the unusual noise. The
New Year period sees the loss of pets that
run away from these loud noises. Fortu-
nately, help is available in an inexpensive,
non-toxic form. It has helped many people
effectively for a variety stresses. It is
named "Rescue Remedy."
Rescue Remedy is a natural medicine
made from flowers. It was invented in
England by a physician named Dr. Ed-
ward Bach, who intended to relieve psy-
chological suffering of people. That was
in 1935. Since those years, people have
used Bach remedies and shared it with

This year Rescue Remedy will be avail-
able for pet owners to help their animal
companions through the New Year 2010,
thanks to The Pet Project. Follow the sim-
ple instructions on the label. The cost is
NAJ 3 which benefits the Animal Shelter.
You may pick up Rescue Remedy at the
Animal Shelter on Kaminda Lagoen, Bis-
tro de Paris, Chat and Browse, DA Store,
and at many groceries.
If you have more questions about Res-
cue Remedy, email fhumming-
bird(@vyahoo.com. U Florence Ditlow

Florence Ditlow is a Registered Nurse,
an herbalist certified in
the use of Bach Remedies
;i*,.',,.h the Bach Center.

Diving With Dee (Continued from page 12)
Get the description of the location of a
lionfish 'igliloiUfrom Joi, take a marker,
dive the site, find the fish, mark the loca-
tion, then report to the BNMP so the
rangers can collect the fish.
Are you thinking, "Gee, wouldn't it be
easier if, after we found the fish, we just
collected it rather than marking it for
someone else to collect?"
That's a great idea, and Bonaire's reefs
can use all the lionfishing help they can

So of course the third way you can
help is by learning correct, safe lionfish
collecting methods, and c. ,..ii,. inia
HOWEVER, always remember that
those beautiful long lionfish spines are
venomous! When we were swimming to
shore this afternoon, a spine or two of the
small one often protruded through the
netting; even collected lionfish can en-
venomate those who don't pay attention!
That's why collectors need to be trained
by the Bonaire National Marine Park (or
REEF), and collectors need special
gloves and nets. Also, of course, anyone
removing any living thing from the
BNMP must have special permission
from STINAPA. To find out more about
lionfish collecting here, contact the Bon-
aire National Marine Park at 717-8444.

The fourth way you can help is by
sponsoring lionfish c ,//.... ini, gear:
REEF sells the gear at www.reef.org in
the "Store" and then "Field Supplies"
sections. A kit for one collecting team
costs $138, which is a discounted price
on the individual items, all strongly rein-
forced against lionfish venomous spines:
a pair of gloves, two collecting nets, and
a collecting bag (for those awful days
when it'll be possible to collect more
than one fish on a dive). You can contact
REEF and purchase a kit for the BNMP,
or make a donation of any amount to the
BNMP via Support Bonaire.
And by the way, if you can figure
out a way to lower Caribbean lionfish
populations, speak up! 0
Story & photos by Dee Scarr.

Underwater natu-
ralist Dee Scarr is the
recipient of numerous
awards for her coral -
reef conservation ef-
forts. Her "Touch the
Sea" guided dives are
legendary. Catch her multimedia show at
Captain Don's Habitat Resort Mondays
at 8:30pm.

Pet of'
Her name is "Lola," and
maybe she is a dancer...
like the song says. This Lola came
into the Bonaire Animal Shelter
with her long black fur all matted
and dirty. What a mess. The staff
washed her, tried to comb her and
ended up having to cut nearly all her
fur off. But that was awhile ago and
now she's looking better every day.
Curly and cute and energetic and
sweet. Lola is about eight months
old and in perfect condition, both
inside and out. Not only that but she
is a good hunter too. That should
appeal to those people who want a

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

I nge Berben director
(Education for Adults)
with her family, signs up
for the first of the Afford-
able Homes. This program
allows young profession-
als who cannot afford to
lbuy or build with the cur-
rent conventional building
prices to build their own
home. Inge's new home
will be built on long lease
n land provided by the local
government. See the Bon-
aire Sunshine Homes Ad
onpage 10. e L.D.

They're really pretty; it's kind ofneat
to see such an exotic fish here! What's
the problem with lionfish, anyway?
Maybe that's what they thought when
lionfish first showed up in the Bahamas,
because at first nothing was done. Folks
didn't know that lionfish spawn all year,
that a female can release 30,000 eggs in a
single spawning, and that they spawn at
least monthly. I heard at DEMA last
month that they can spawn every four
days! In addition to their prolific na-
tures, they're voracious ambush preda-
tors who are able to eat fishes up to two-
thirds their size, and they'll eat just about
any fish and the occasional crustacean or
mollusk and Caribbean fish didn't
evolve with lionfish, so they don't recog-
nize them as predators, so they don't
know to avoid them. Oh yes, and if the
ambush predator business is slow, lion-
fish use their feathery pectoral fins to
herd smaller fishes into a comer so they
can gobble them down.
What about lionfish predators? Most
Caribbean predators, like the rest of our
fishes, didn't grow up with lionfish, so
they don't recognize lionfish as food. At
Stuart Cove's, in the Bahamas, they tried
using lionfish during their shark feeds.
The sharks would take the lionfish, then
spit them out.
What keeps lionfish populations bal-
anced in their native waters? The answer
to this logical question is not yet known.
* Dee Scarr

Please join
search Station. .
Bonaire in collect-
ing containers for
use in lionfish cap-
ture and control
As Bonaire's lionfish grow, the BNMP
and CIEE need larger containers in
which to keep them for further study. If
you have any screw-top plastic contain-
ers, at least 5" (13 cm.) high, with an
opening at least 2" (5 cm.) in diameter, it
would help the lionfish managing effort
if you could drop them off at the CIEE
headquarters on Kaya Gob. Debrot #26
during business hours. In addition, you
will be helping to recycle many of non-
biodegradable items. Contact CIEE at
info tcieebonaire.org, or 717-4140.E

1.- ,Y,'l

Page 17


Divi Divi Air. Bonaire's "on time airline" with 16
flights a day between Bonaire and Curagao. Your
first choice for inter-island travel. Now flying to

City Shop, the mega store, has the island's widest
selection of large and small home appliances, furni-
ture, TV, computers, cell phones and more. Fast ser-
vice and in-store financing too.

Maduro and Curiel's Bank provides the greatest
number of services, branches and ATMs of any Bon-
aire bank. They also offer investments and insur-

Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials and
facial waxing.

De Freewieler sells bikes and all kinds of bike ac-
cessories. They do professional repairs on almost
anything on two wheels. Have your keys made
here too.

Equinox Bonaire-A USA licensed contractor for
hotels, restaurants, residential. On Time-Done

Eli Deli -World Class delicatessen with 23 kinds of
cheeses, hams and salamis from around the world.
Have a sandwich or salad there or take it home.
Breakfast too. At the traffic circle at hotel row.

Bistro di Paris A real French restaurant with af-
fordable prices and friendly Bonairean ambiance
Owned and operated by a French Chef
On Kaya Gob. Debrot mile north of town

Pasa Bon Pizza is Bonaire's best. Freshly prepared
pizzas made with the finest ingredients. Salads, desserts.
Eat in or take away. Nice bar too. 780-1111 Call ahead
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Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

Page 18

Klein Bonaire -10 Years After Being Returned To the People of Bonaire

One of Bonaire's more suc-
cessful NGOs is the Foun-
dation to Preserve Klein Bonaire
(FPKB). It was started in 1996
when it appeared that Klein Bon-
aire was to be made over into a
huge private resort development.
After four years of getting the
attention of Bonaireans, the Dutch
and indeed the world, with the help
of Bonaire's Governor, Richard
Hart, and the Executive Council,
enough money was available to
buy the island from its private
owners. This month marks the 10th
anniversary of the purchase and
turnover of the island from the
FPKB to the people of Bonaire.
Today Klein Bonaire is much the
same as it was 10 years ago. There
has been no development, only the
replanting of native trees as part of
a STINAPA initiative and count-
less sea turtle births.
Looking back at some of the
stories offers a glimpse of the exu-
berance of that time.
Port Call News (former name of
The Bonaire Reporter) Dec. 28,
1999-Jan. 3, 2000).
After being in private hands for
131 years the small island ofKlein
Bonaire is back in the hands of the
people. At 10:30 am on December
21, 1999, the purchase contract
was signed between the Govern-
ment of Bonaire and Maurice
Neme of the Klein Bonaire Devel-
opment Company (KBDC). The
bulk of the money (Df19,3 million,
equivalent to US$4.26 million or
NAf 7,56 million) to payfor the
island came from the Department

Bon Quiz (from page 7):
Q) Why is this technique not
added to most modern day

A) For a time it was prohibited
by the water company in order to
build a rate base for the desalini-
zation plant and water distribution
system. Another reason is that it
adds to building cost and requires
maintenance. These days most
potable water is delivered by pipe.

of the Interior and Kingdom I. ,ii,
of the Netherlands. The asking
price was US$10 million. Last
week it all paid off when the three
governments involved (Dutch, An-
tillean and Bonairean) all agreed
with the purchase of the island.

The sun se

\~ .: ^

Bruce Bowker, the president of
FPKB said: (Port Call Dec. 21-27,
1999): "The purchase of Klein
Bonaire, with the intention of mak-
ing it a National Park, is the culmi-
nation ofyears of work by many
people. Now, as a National Park,
Klein Bonaire is guaranteed to be
saved from what would be ecologi-
cal disaster through development
for personal profit. As a National
Park, with no development and no
changes made to its natural beauty,
generations to come will be able to
enjoy what nature has given Bon-
aire. Now everyone can see one of
the last untouched islands in the
Caribbean both on land and under-
water. "

Sudoku Solution
Puzzle on page 6

2 7 9 3 1 6 8 5 4

3 8 5 2 7 4 6 1 9

1 4 6 8 5 9 2 3 7

7 2 4 5 9 1 3 8 6

9 3 8 7 6 2 1 4 5

6 5 1 4 3 8 9 7 2

5 9 2 1 8 7 4 6 3

8 6 3 9 4 5 7 2 1

4 1 7 6 2 3 5 9 8

ets on private ownership of Klein Bonaire

a .

FPKB Treasurer Laura DeSalvo and FPKB President Bruce
Bowker present a symbolic check to Maurice Neme, representing
the owners ofKlein Bonaire

(From The Bonaire Reporter,
Jan. 4-10-2000)

Klein Bonaire as a wilderness
National Park means a lot to Bon-
aire and its people. It means that
there -, ill always be a place for
sea turtles and birds to nest. It
means coral reefs forever free
from pollution. It means that all
Bonaireans, their children and
tourists will be able to make the
traditional walk barefoot from
boat to beach to enjoy a place
that has remained in a near to
natural state. After the signing the
group, accompanied by members
of the press made their way to
Klein Bonaire for a symbolic flag
raising ceremony on the Sea
Cow, dive boats from Photo Tours
Divers and Carib Inn, a Marine
Park patrol boat or in an assort-
ment of small boats. They were
escorted during the voyage by
several small island f.shiing boats
carrying large Bonairean flags,
tooting horns and sounding si-

Even Nature seemed delighted
with the event. As the water taxi
returned to Bonaire a rainbow
hung over the island. Then after
everyone disembarked a rain
shower passed over to "baptize"
Klein Bonaire, an omen of very
good luck. "

What's Happening Today?
Is Klein Bonaire a victim of its
own beauty and tranquility?
FPKB President Bruce Bowker
said at the ceremony on Thursday,
December 30, 1999, on Klein Bon-
aire "When Klein Bonaire soon
becomes a National Park, Bonaire
can claim to have one of the most
preserved, natural and beautiful
areas in the Caribbean, something
that more and more people of this
world are searching for."
But today, when the cruise ships
discharge their hundreds of passen-
gers, many of whom end up on
Klein, what happens to the "natural
and beautiful area?" Their numbers
overrun the island and it cannot
absorb them all. Trash is left as
well as human waste. The barbeque
pits spill over onto the sand. The
trash cans are overflowing. At this
moment there is no patrol or ranger
to explain what a special place this
is and how very fragile an environ-
ment it is to those hundreds of
tourists embarking from the boats.
As someone who cares for the
turtles says, "Klein Bonaire should
be a reserve and people should
enjoy nature AS IT IS." Volunteers
from the STCB (turtle club) have
to clean up the beach three times a
Will this pristine island turn into
a Coney Island with all sorts of
amenities just to satisfy the tour-
ists? E L. G. D.

D despite its value as an envi-
ronmental showplace and
rich reef system there are as yet no
comprehensive set of regulations to
enforce maintaining Klein Bonaire
as a wilderness zone. The regula-
tions exist solely as a plan. At-
tempts are made regularly to add
concession stands, sun shelters and
toilets. While all of these elements
would make it more comfortable
for its visitors, at the same time the
increased visitation, sewage, trash
and traffic would be detrimental to
the fragile nature of the island.
The Klein Bonaire "Development"
Plan is actually a NO DEVELOP-
MENT Plan. It describes the island
and protects it:
Klein Bonaire is completely sur-
rounded by coral reefs from the
shoreline to a depth of 70 meter and
more. The reef starts at the coast-
line and sea is in a gradual sloping
terrace to a depth of 10-12 meters,
about 100-150 meters of the coast.
This zone is dominated by coral
deer antlers, elk antlers coral and
soft corals. The zone at 25 to 55
meters is dominated by star corals,
brain corals and other hard coral
Its coral reefs are an exceptionally
high coverage, and have an excep-
tionally large population of preda-
tors. The importance of maintaining
healthy reefs cannot be overstated,
both for their own intrinsic value
and because their economic value
to Bonaire.
Some of the restrictions include:
It is forbidden in the caves on
the island for snorkeling or diving;
* It is prohibited without permis-
sion from STINAPA to be within
the mainland of Klein Bonaire
between sunset and sunrise;
* It is forbidden to bring pets;
* Klein Bonaire should not be
used in the following ways:
a) or as stand-berth accommoda-
tion for, except the mooring at the
government laid buoys at sea;
b) as the storage, landfill or reposi-
tory of natural and discarded ob-
jects, substances or products;
c) for agricultural purposes;
d) for the construction of quays,
piers, docks or other hard surfaces;
e) for the construction of fire or
barbecue places except the land-
scaped barbecue places on No
name beach;
f) for testing model aircraft and
g) by motor vehicles;
h) the installation of advertising;
i) the sea around the island should
not be used for other than water
sailing, swimming, diving / snor-
keling and fishing;
j) drilling for the extraction of
minerals and other soil material;
Klein Bonaire is one of the few
remaining breeding grounds in the
Caribbean for the Hawksbill and
the Loggerhead turtles. Also seen
are Green and Leatherbacks.
The island has a great diversity of
flora and fauna: 34 tree and shrub
species and 42 plant species. There
are also 33 (migratory) birds and 32
other species have been observed.E
L. G. D.

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

Page 19

Flotsam and Jetsam (Continued from page 2)
with whom she lives in Wijk bij Duurstede
before she disappeared on Thursday.
Laura, a HAVO student, had been regis-
tered internationally as a missing person
since Friday. According to the Dutch
Council of Youth Protection, she was
found in St. Maarten and placed under
supervision. Police spokesman Bernhard
Jens said, "She was in good health." Offi-
cials were deciding how and when to send
her back to Holland.

> A worldwide increase in the appli-
cation fees, from $131 to $140, for tour-
ist and business visitor visas to visit the
US is being proposed by the US Depart-
ment of State because the existing fee does
not cover the cost of processing the visa

> The Dutch Parliament asked the
government to indicate when Dutch
marriage legislation, which allows per-
sons of the same sex to marry, would
become applicable to the BES islands.
Parliament wants this legislation to go into
effect "as soon as possible."
Several Dutch Christian oriented political
parties voted against the motion.
Bonaire Government officials pointed
this proposal out as another example why
the integration of Bonaire into the Nether-
lands is inappropriate.

D- The Dutch economy is picking up
faster than had been expected, bolstered
by family spending and better-than-
expected employment figures, the govern-
ment's macro-economic think tank CPB
said last Tuesday. CPB said the economy
would grow 1.5% next year, compared
with a September forecast of zero growth
and a June forecast of a 0.5% contraction.
The Central Bank said last week it ex-
pected the economy to grow by 0.7% next

A growing number of Dutch people
have dual citizenship, according to fig-
ures released by Central Bureau for Statis-
tics (CBS). In spite of restrictive govern-
ment policies, 1.1 million Dutch nationals
now have at least two passports. The gov-
ernment introduced the rule in 1997 that
people who wanted to become Dutch
should renounce their previous citizenship,
but some exceptions to this rule still exist

> The new police forces of Curacao,
St. Maarten and the BES islands Bon-
aire, St. Eustatius and Saba will each
have a special crime-fighting unit to
tackle organized and cross-border crime.
The units will work together. This is one of
the 28 issues the Kingdom Political Steer-
ing Group (PSG) agreed to during its
marathon final meeting of the year.

The Clean Environment Founda-
tion On Curagao (SMOC) asked the
Dutch Minister Jacqueline Cramer to
strongly force the reduction of CO2
emissions in the Dutch kingdom. Ac-
cording to Arjan Linthorst, director of
SMOC, the Netherlands Antilles are at the
top of countries with high CO2 emissions.
The Isla Refinery on Curacao is a prime
contributor. Minister Cramer represented
the Netherlands at the recent UN climate
summit in Copenhagen.

This year Digicel Bonaire held their
Christmas dinner with their employees
at the Unbelievable Restaurant. "To
celebrate the success of Digicel, the
Digicel Management decided that this
year all employees of Digicel Bonaire are
Employees of the Year, and everyone
receives a gift," said General Manager
Jursi Marshall. After handing out the gifts
he wished all the employees a happy New
Year filled with good fortune and pros-
perity. Shown with Jursi is Petra Kruis.

> Bonaire's LMSP project has gone
worldwide. Two Rainbow Sensor arrays
that were developed and tested in Bonaire
were installed in Indonesia at the South
Salawesi dive resort, Wakatobi, while the
University of the Philippines is in the proc-
ess of installing nine Rainbow Sensor ar-
rays at six locations.
In August 2008 the LMSP Rainbow Sen-
sors were updated with new filter material
that promised better results than previ-
ously. As the date rolled past August 2009,
year-over-year comparisons become possi-
ble, meaning the direction of the water
quality can be seen at each location.
It's expected that LMSP will begin to
supply BNMP management with current,
reliable water quality in early 2010.

> In the last edition The Reporter series
Kwartiermakers and Counterparts
was to have been cancelled. However, the
series has been reinstated. The RSC has
set up the necessary interviews for our
reporter to continue the series. (see page

> The Sunset Bar & Grill, Lions Den
Restaurant, Rum Runners at Captain
Don's Habitat and other fine Bonaire res-
taurants will be offering seasonal menus on
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing
Day (December 26), New Year's Eve, and
New Year's Day. Take advantage of these
specials when dining out.

> Happy Holidays
to all our advertisers,
reporters, readers
and critics and may
all your dreams
come true in 2010. U
G./L. D.

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Kayaking The Cadbbean

C uraqaoan Ryan de Jongh is trying to raise aware-
ness of the environment by completing a chal-
lenge to himself. Ryan is kayaking from St Maarten to
Curaqao, a total of 1,606 km in about three weeks time.
He is paddling an average of 12 hours per day and has
encountered small craft warnings, with high seas Ryan de Jongh
throughout most of his trip. After reaching Grenada in
only 11 days, his chase boat has experienced some technical difficulties, but he is
still expected to arrive on Bonaire around the 26th of December. Check with
Budget Marine for updates on his arrival and help us make a warm welcome
for him. Visit www.natureislife.org to join Ryan in his efforts to help those that
help preserve our nature. Pam Werdath- Tietel

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

Page 20

MCB-Bonaire Honors SEBIKI and Island Press

MCB-Bonaire and SEBIKI staff at the presentation of the annual Community Award

M aduro & Curiel's Bank (Bonaire)
N.V. held their annual End of Year
Press Appreciation Gathering and Annual
Award to an organization that contributes
extraordinarily to Bonaire's community last
Friday, December 18, at the Sunset Restau-
This year the winner was SEBIKI (is SEn-
tro Boneriano di Informashon edukativo pa
Kuido Infantil (Bonairean Center of Educa-
tional Information for Infant Care) the or-
ganization that works for the optimization of
care and education of children between the
ages of 0 and 4. It is a foundation which has
been providing a very important service,
officially for 16 years and informally for 23
Assistant Managing Director, Orpha-
line Saleh explained that every year since

A according
to a pro-
gress report, titled
"Halfway," deliv-
ered by RSC
head, Queen's
Henk Kamp, to
the Executive
Councils of Bon-
aire, St. Eustatius and Saba and to the
Dutch Second Chamber last Thursday he
is making headway with preparations to
integrate the islands into Holland.
Kamp gave an overview of the efforts
that the different Dutch ministries are
putting into Bonaire, Saba and St. Eusta-

2002 the employees of Bo Banko Amigu,
Bonaire's Friendly Bank, nominate several
organizations, and then vote to elect a win-
ner. This year SEBIKI was elected.
SEBIKI's involvement with children starts
even while the child is still in the womb,
through their high-quality Pregnancy
Course. SEBIKI continues to provide sup-
port and guidance to parents, day care cen-
ters, playschools and all who participate in
the formation of children during the ages of
0 to 4 which are so crucial in a child's de-
velopment. SEBIKI offers at least 10 addi-
tional services for children, teens, parents,
day care leaders, teachers and is key in pro-
moting the importance of child care.
SEBIKI is a professionally structured and
responsibly managed organization. Aside
from an active Board, the Center employs

this, their achievements so far and what is
still pending.
Unfortunately, Bonaire is not included
in all the preparations, stated Kamp. The
Netherlands and Bonaire haven't reached
an agreement yet on the division of tasks.
Kamp spoke of a "less constructive coop-
eration" with Bonaire's new government.
Kamp pointed out that valuable time is
lost waiting for the upcoming Referen-
dum on the island. In that Referendum,
the people will decide on their future rela-
tionship with the Netherlands. Kamp said
the Referendum also leads to "great inse-
Since his appointment on January 1,
2009, Kamp and the staff at the Regional

two special-
ized, highly
trained coor-
dinators, who
are supported
by a team of
four well
prepared staff
members and
five 'bario'
success and
is affirmed
through the
numerous MCB Managing Direc-
recognitions tor Evert Piar addressed
its received the group
both locally
and from The Netherlands SEBIKI is a Bo-
nairean organization that we can all be very
proud of."

Mr. Evert L. Piar, the Managing Direc-
tor of MCB, greeted the press and award
winners, "We gather here, so we can, on
behalf of Your Friendly Bank, give you the
honor and appreciation that you deserve for
the important tasks that you fulfill, and all
you have done in the passing year.
It is an honor for our Bank to be part of
this community which, although small,
counts with many organizations and founda-
tions who mostly on a voluntary basis do an
excellent job in the fields of education, cul-
ture, sports, nature conservation, healthcare
and so on. As a Corporate Citizen it is also
our responsibility to help recognize those
who have excelled during the year and
thereby encourage others to continue with

Service Centers (RSC) on the three is-
lands have been acting as a conduit for
various Dutch ministries in preparation
for the islands themselves to perform du-
ties in conformance with Dutch regula-
tions and standards.
In the report, Kamp specified the actions
per ministry. There was far more to report
on Statia and Saba's progress than Bon-
However, The Dutch Ministry of Home
Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK),
which is in charge of police, will have the
police chief of Bonaire, currently a Kwar-
tiermaker, as the head of the new BES
police corps. The Kingdom Representa-
tive (i.',/. 1.. i i. .. .. ... i, ... w ill be the

the outstanding work."
Piar reflected on the economic and politi-
cal situation, "... last year I spoke of dark
clouds on the horizon, caused by the global
crisis which has not yet left us. Now we are
entering an election year, with a referendum
looming, ...
A year, my friends, in which we have to
prepare for the event, that which is now
called the Netherlands Antilles-whatever
the results will be- will cease to exist, and so
bring about drastic changes for all of us in
our way of life and of doing business.
It is my sincere call to you, to unite our-
selves, to try to find common ground, and
leave all personal interests, pride and parti-
sanship aside, so that in the negotiations that
await us we can achieve what is best for our
island and its people.
Friends of the Press, trust me, the year
2010 will be far from easy, and I appeal to
you to please fulfill your highly important
task even better, objectively and honestly.
Our people tend to be passive, but have
very good judgment and have proven to be
able to apply this well when it comes to its
own welfare, so let's let the year 2010 be
one of unity. My suggestion to you, is to
please make an extra effort to guide the
people in this, by keeping them objectively
well informed to be able to face all the chal-
lenges ahead.
We also have many opportunities now;
let's work on these together so that tomor-
row we can look back on a year 2010 in
which we gave our contribution to achieve
the best for our people.
I thank you all in advance for all your ef-
forts to realize this, and you can rest assured
our Bank will continue to give its contribu-
tion as well." G. L. D.

police corps manager after the October
10, 2010 transition.
The BES islands will get more police
officers and police stations. The Ministry
of Justice has been expanding and im-
proving Bonaire's jail and police station.
The Dutch Ministry of Education, Cul-
ture and Science tested students who will
be tested again to see what progress has
been made. Free school books were deliv-
ered to secondary schools in August 2009.
Investments were made in medical in-
frastructure and education for health care
For Saba and Statia progress in air lift,
garbage processing, tax collection, social
services and law were mentioned. U G.D.


A E.M. Rijswijk Denturist

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slide presentation
Captain Don's Habitat
8:30 pm Mondays
dive with Dee Scarr


Etlhni.r itwr n divers 1982
192teractlo 71745 an "t1
www.touchthesen rom
Improve your reception by the underwater world
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4 ? D(? I

--- I

Nature Protection Inadequate ,Ojubbles from the Blologist

Did You t IN. I H
.. ...,. Know... ..

The Bonaire Government plans to
expand and update its environmental
laws: The Island Resolution Marine Park
Bonaire, The Island Ordinance for the pro-
tection and conservation of nature and the
species of flora and fauna contained,
amending the Marine Environment Ordi-
nance as well as others

However, island environmentalists are
unhappy with the drafts of the laws.
They stress they don't protect the envi-
ronment sufficiently because of gaping
loopholes. A point can be made for the fact
they are somewhat an improvement for
what was. But, if it's proposed to com-
pletely overhaul the regulations, then it
ought to be done properly and completely.
The real problem, and at the same time the
solution, may be that the lawmakers
are completely understaffed and simply
unable to produce binding legislation. As
is, this legislation can be challenged and
will be challenged.
The fee proposals favor some users at the
expense of others.
Environmental rules for construction,
projects like fish farms or inappropriate
activities like oil refineries are not dealt
with adequately.
Klein Bonaire, an environmental jewel
because the conditions for its transfer to the
Bonairean people require it be a wilderness
forever, is not specifically included. It is
becoming a playground for hordes of cruise
ship passengers whose unsanitary activities
make it unpleasant for Bonaireans.
There are insufficient rules to protect the
island's fish stocks. As Sylvia Earle said:
"What's the point of preserving the envi-
ronment if you deplete its inhabitants?" It is

strange that the scuba dive orientations tell
people not to take, not to touch and not to
spear, while fishermen pull fish right off
the reef in front of them.
They ask, is Bonaire to be like the Seren-
geti where guests can visit under very strict
regulations, they can't touch the plants, are
not allowed to tie a rope to the trees, are
barely allowed to walk the grounds, etc. but
if you see an animal, any animal, you are
welcome to shoot it?
These new proposals are not even out-
lines for some of these points. These new
regulations do not solve our current prob-
lem which is protecting the environment,
starting with proper legislation. Proper
legislation is the basis for just about all our
environmental problems, including the
sewage problem.
The environmentalists who believe in
keeping Bonaire in the forefront of enlight-
ened protection for nature want people to
speak out in print, TV, radio and pressure
the elected officials to assign more money
and people to make comprehensive laws to
protect Bonaire U G.D.

T he smooth
trunkfish, Lac-
tophrys triqueter, has
bony plate- like scales
which are fused to-
gether to form its tri-
angular shape. Al- r
though the fish is not a
very brisk swimmer .a
few animals prey on it
because of its bony
outer protection. The
juveniles of this spe-
cies are black with
white spots and resem-
ble little hovering dice.
They don't have much
control over their movement so they
appear to be haphazardly tumbling their
way to their desired destination.
Smooth trunkfish can be found in
the waters off the Southeastern US
and are quite plentiful on the reefs
of Bonaire. Aurora Schramm

Schramm is a Marine Science
major in her junior year at Eckerd
College, in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Her main areas of interest include
shark conservation and fisheries
management. She is a student this
semester with CIEE and her favorite

Juvenile Trunkfish

part of Bonaire is living a block from the
water and being able to snorkel when-
ever she wants.

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Store hours Tuesday through Saturdays
from 9a.m.-12:30p.m. and 2:00p.m.-6:30 p.m.

W. www ru4#G04nwmbwflwrnE: Ooanlud4t~qetliacmc
T I soT) 717479 F; C 1 50% 7;7746a.
J C w r- vn dw P4@o ", K?4uJndlpk. Gwmk@

fLyNn. Ikea di. ink -nn. ~ esIA.flfl Unmn %Amnkns. NA

Bonaire Reporter- Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

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*to find it... just look up

A Blue Moon
and Finding
every 19
years there is a full
Moon on New Year's
Eve. And since the
last one occurred on
December 31st 1990,
it means that next
week's full Moon
will also occur on
December 31st and
I'd like you to cele-
brate it in a very spe-
cial way because
there will not be another full Moon on New Year's Eve until 2028.
Now twice a month our Earth, Moon and Sun line up in a row. When the Moon
is between our Earth and the Sun we can't see the Moon at all because its sunlit side
is facing away from us and we say the Moon is new. And about two weeks later the
Moon will have moved to the other side of our Earth and we then see the side of the
Moon that is fully lit up and we call this the full Moon. Now on average the full
Moon occurs every 29 1/2 days which means that usually there is only one full
Moon per month. But about every two and a half years we can have a month with
two full Moons, one at the very beginning of the month and one at the very end.
Folklore calls this second full Moon a 'blue' Moon although it has nothing to do
with the Moon's color. So since we had a full Moon on December 2nd we're also
going to have one December 31st which means that the full Moon this New Year's
Eve will be a blue' full Moon. Let me show you.
And you can use the Moon this coming Sunday and Monday to find Mars which
will be at its closest and brightest for all of 2010 and 2011 at the end of January.
On New Year's Eve, Thursday evening, December 31st, just after sunset face
east where you will see an exquisite full Moon rising. It will be the second full of
Moon of December (Blue Moon). But here is the really nifty part. As hour after
hour goes by the Moon will climb higher and higher and reach its highest point
above the horizon at midnight, the moment we ring in the New Year, wherever
you happen to be. And because it is a December full Moon it will be extremely high
at midnight. This won't happen again for 19 years, until 2028.
And now for you planet aficionados let me just say that the tiny 4,000-mile-wide
red planet Mars is racing toward Earth and will get steadily brighter every single
night until it reaches its brightest on Friday January 29th. And you can start your
Mars watch on New Year's Eve while you are out Moon howling. Just look east for
Leo the Lion who's marked by a sickle shaped group of stars followed by a trian-
gle. Just above the sickle, Leo's head, you'll see a rouge-gold light and that is Mars,
only 12 degrees away from Regulus, the star which marks Leo's heart. Watch Mars
get brighter and brighter every single night.
But if you're one of those who has a real hard time finding planets then go out at
midnight this Sunday the 3rd and you'll see the Moon just beneath it forming a tri-
angle with it and Regulus. And on Monday the 4th the Moon will be just past
Regulus making a nice curved arc with it and Mars. And think of this: on January
1st Mars will be 69 million miles away but by January 29th it will be 7 million
miles closer. 0 Jack Horkheimer

+t fai A Qtfv Ak mw

By Annie


ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You begin December with a strong, adventurous spirit, but
you should watch that you don't overdo, dear Aries. Make the best of your energy in the
first two weeks of the month, especially regarding professional matters, after which the
need to rethink your plans becomes apparent. A romance or creative project that has been
picking up speed in recent weeks could meet with some challenges. The 25-28 could bring
challenges and blockages.
TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Career matters strengthen in December, dear Taurus. Sup-
port and opportunities seem to come when you least expect them, but when you need them
most! Demands of family and your home life have been running high since October, and
you've been mostly happy keeping up with all of the activity.
GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Partnering, compromising, and negotiating are the primary
areas of focus for you this month, dear Gemini. Receiving good news about your career can
lift your spirits this month--things are moving forward now. Friendships could become
complicated in the last week of December
CANCER (June 22-July 22) This is not the best time of year for you to take the lead,
present your ideas, or to aggressively pursue personal plans. Instead, getting organized,
paying bills, and negotiating with others are important activities for you in December. De-
cember is good for travel, but it's also a more emotional time of year for you.
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) A partner or love interest may take special notice again, and sin-
gles could meet someone new. Romantic charm runs exceptionally high this month, particu-
larly in the first half of December. Chance meetings are very possible now. A partner's fi-
nances could increase. From the 19th forward, your energy levels may suffer a little, how-
ever. Plans or goals that have recently been fuelling your considerable enthusiasm may stall,
or you might lose interest in them for the time being.
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Many of you are also enjoying the renewal of interest from
a special someone in your life. Happily, this trend continues in December. Work opportuni-
ties, especially of the work-at-home variety, are strong. The last week of the month deman
is good timing for many who are enjoying holiday vacations.
LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You are certainly more serious these days, and you might
find that you benefit from more attention to practical matters as well as re-organization of
important structures in your life. A partner might begin to rethink matters or could be emo-
tionally distant from the 19th; but single Librans, on the other hand, might enjoy a renewed
and refreshed romance in December.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) You are also likely to be held in high esteem by superi-
ors, elders, and your partner in December. Gifts and bonuses coming your way may be more
generous than usual this year! Career matters, however, can become complicated from the
19th. Either you lose some interest in projects that have recently captured your attention, or
plans hit some snags and delays. Home life seems to be more rewarding for the time being
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Your charm is natural and easy with Venus, the
goddess of love, in your sign until the 25th. Singles should keep an eye out for love oppor-
tunities around the 16-17th. For the most part, you are getting exactly what you want this
month, and people are anxious to please you. However, a romance might develop some
complications from the 19th, and some of you might be rethinking your game plan regard-
ing travel or educational focus.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) This is probably a good thing as you recover from a
somewhat stressful November and prepare for an especially busy and attention-getting
January! Career matters continue to bring some level of pressure, as the cosmos are asking
you to structure your professional life in such a way that you are more effective in what you
do. Personal changes run deep as you explore your ambitions.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Love in December is connected with friends, online activi-
ties, or group associations. Relationships are mostly easygoing until mid-month, when a
partner might become uncommunicative, distant, or possibly reconsidering matters. Allow
others space and time to sort things out. Some of you might be reconnecting with people
from your past. December is a month of serendipity, coincidences, and hunches that come
to pass.
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Work brings its fair share of challenges and complications,
particularly from mid-month forward. Watch for worries about money, which can be allevi-
ated by cutting back on holiday spending as much as possible -- remember that your holi-
days won't suffer if you curb spending. You are experiencing inner revelations about your
goals. In December, support comes from behind the scenes, and when you least expect it! 0

h, L. ii'. in inf. l ,) pi. 71' 2844 -cdl: 78 4
Scuba Vision Films is Bonaire's premier video production facility.
We are available for your video imaging projects underwater and topside.
Nature Films Documentaries Travel Adventure Advertising TV Broadcast
Underwater Stock footage HDV Digital Photo Weddings
DVD Reproductions DVD Mastering and Authoring
Courses and Seminars.

info@scubavision.info Ph: (599) 717.2844 Cell: 786.2844
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D Worn?

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