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tOct, 30MNov, 1 2009 Volume 16, Issue 22

S7/ 0 ~ i~2Oo' m^^jf a/ ^^"~o


1' i
p~:c t




II -










by Brinkman about selling prop-
erty to Dutch businesspeople by
"corrupt Bonaire politicians,"
the State Secretary said the Gen-
eral Audit Chamber had deter-
mined in May that Bonaire's
previous Executive Council had
granted long lease land against
the principles of good govern-

L ionfish have reached
Bonaire. Naturalist Jerry
Ligon sent two divers to Marine
Park Manager Ramon deLeon at
12:30 this Monday after they
related that they had seen a ju-
venile Lionfish at the Nukove
dive site. They showed him the
video that they had taken. At
5pm Ramon called Jerry to say
that they found it and it was
Lionfish are not native to the
Caribbean but have been
spreading south from Florida
where it is theorized they were
released from an aquarium.
They are considered harmful
to local species because they are
voracious eaters and decimate
some reef fish.

> THE HAGUE-- The new
status for the BES islands
Bonaire, St. Eustatius and
Saba undoubtedly has the
attention of the Dutch private
sector, but there are as yet no
figures projecting the possible
influx of Dutch real estate
agents, project developers and
food and beverage entrepre-
neurs. Dutch State Secretary for
Kingdom Relations Ank Bi-
jleveld-Schouten said this in
response to questions posed by
Member of the Dutch Parlia-
ment Hero Brinkman. Brinkman
had questioned media reports
that the Dutch real estate
"underworld" was "descending"
on Bonaire. Bijleveld-Schouten
said that she didn't have infor-
mation about a growing number
of Dutch companies heading to
the BES islands, as the registra-
tion of such data was an author-
ity of the Central Government
of the Netherlands Antilles.
Referring to another question


> THE HAGUE--For now,
Bonaire, St. Eustatius and
Saba (BES islands) will keep
the Antillean ID card, the
sedula, but the Netherlands is
looking at introducing a Dutch
ID card in the future. Dutch
State Secretary of Kingdom
Relations Ank Bijleveld-
Schouten stated this in a report
that she sent to Dutch Parlia-
ment's Second Chamber relat-
ing to the handling of the Adap-
tation Law (Aanpassingswet)
for the BES islands.
She explained that an inven-
tory would be made in 2010 of
the consequences of going over
to the Dutch system. "The aim
is to eliminate the s6dula and
introduce the Dutch ID card, the
NIK," she said.
There is a big difference be-
tween the s6dula and the NIK.
Persons with Dutch nationality
as well as non-nationals peo-
ple with foreign nationality -
can get a s6dula on the islands,
whereas the NIK is only granted
to persons with Dutch citizen-

Dutch Parliament's Sec-
ond Chamber and Secretary
Ank Bijleveld-Schouten agreed,
that Saba and St. Eustatius
would not become victims of
Bonaire's hesitant approach
in the process of integration into
the Netherlands.
Bijleveld-Schouten said that
Saba and St. Eustatius couldn't
be duped and assured Parlia-
ment that the process was se-
cured for the two smallest is-
lands of the Netherlands Antil-
les. "We continue with Saba and
St. Eustatius and we will await

Air Accidents Near Klein

A small plane blew up in
the air and flaming wreckage
fell into the sea just beyond
Klein Bonaire on Tuesday
night, October 13, around 9 pm.
The fireworks-like flare was
observed by dozens of people.
Rangers from the Marine Park
recovered the first mutilated
body still strapped in his seat
from the sea during the early
morning hours of the next day.
Later the rangers recovered a
second body after it had been
spotted by the coast guard.
More than 300 kilos of drugs, a
backpack and an empty gasoline
can were also found floating.
The aircraft was not in contact
with traffic controllers. First
news reports erroneously stated
it had taken off from the Bonaire
airport. The police could not say
anything about the identity of the
victims or where the aircraft had
come from or where it had been
heading. Pieces of the aircraft
were also recovered.
There is speculation the aircraft
originated in South America and
the people aboard were attempt-
ing to refuel while the plane was
in flight.

Bales of Drugs found aboard
blown up plane

the outcome of the referendum
in Bonaire."

According to a report in
the Antillean Dagblad, major
concerns about the Antillean
tax system are prompting the
Dutch government to con-
sider a whole new tax struc-
ture for Bonaire, Sint Eusta-
tius and Saba. The bill has yet
to be presented to Parliament.

(Continued on page 6)

> A Brit-
ish pilot has
been hailed
a hero after
he died
while saving
his nine pas-
sengers by ditching his plane
into the Caribbean sea.
Robert Mansell, 32, used his
skills as a "good pilot" to save
lives, said his employers at Divi
Divi Air.
All nine passengers escaped
the sinking plane, but the pilot's
body is missing. Recovery will
be attempted by the Dutch navy
ship, Pelikaan.
Captain Mansell was five min-
utes short of Bonaire when he
was forced to ditch the twin-
engine Britten-Norman Islander.
The passengers escaped the
sinking aircraft, but he was still
strapped into his seat as it disap-
peared into waters reported to be
150 meters deep.
Colleagues at Divi Divi Air are
devastated by his death, describ-
ing him as a highly respected
and qualified flyer.
Simon Janzen, from the com-
pany, said: "He's a hero. All the
passengers survived and he is the
only one missing. If he wasn't a
good pilot, he couldn't have
ditched it so everyone could be
"Other pilots wouldn't have
known what to do but he landed
the aircraft so that everyone
could get out safely."
The crash happened after the
right engine of the plane failed,
and Capt Mansell made a mayday
call before ditching, he added.
Divi Divi Air Managing Direc-
tor, Germaine Ritchie, said the
local civil aviation authority were
conducting a "thorough investi-
gation" into the accident.
She said passengers had in-
formed her that the pilot was
"performing beyond what is ex-
pected of a person," had been
"calm throughout the entire
flight" and was "doing his utmost
to save those onboard."

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Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009;

4ia Bonaire Chooses To Hold a Second Referendum

B onaire's second referendum
to determine its future gov-
ernment has a suggested question:
"Should the direct tie with the
Netherlands be a free association
instead of integration?"

Direct Tie vs. Free Association
The definition of "direct tie," so
obscure in the Referendum in
2004, has now been clearly de-
fined by the activities now under-
way by the RSC to make Bonaire,
as well as Saba and St. Eustatius,
to be integrated as a "public
body" into The Nether-
lands. Money is being spent and
expertise applied to make that
But that direction made many
people, as well as the new Bonaire
Government, uncomfortable
enough to ask for another Referen-
dum to offer a "free association"
as the alternative.
"Free association" has been de-
fined in United Nations resolutions
primarily to deal with post-
colonial situations. It can take dif-
ferent forms, but it has a funda-
mental core- comprehensive self
government. There are several
current examples of "free associa-
tion" governments (Marshall Is-
lands with the US and Niue with
New Zealand).

Former US Ambassador Fred M.
Zender who conducted negotia-
tions on the future political status
of the Trust Territory of the Pacific
Islands wrote: "The specific fea-
tures of free association and bal-
ance between autonomy and inter-
dependence can vary within well-
defined limits based on negotiated
terms to which both parties to the
arrangement have agreed.
Free association is essentially a
transitional status for peoples who
do not seek full integration, but
rather seek to maintain close po-
litical, economic and security rela-
tions with another nation during
the period after separate sover-
eignty is achieved. Thus, free
association is a form of separate
sovereignty that usually arises
from the relationship."

Referendum II Details
The special Referendum Com-
mittee in a 67-page report recom-
mended that on January 15, 2010,
just 10 days before a "lame duck"
parliamentary election, Bonaireans
should be asked to refine their
preference for the future of their
island. They suggested it be pre-
sented as the question, "Should
the direct tie with the Netherlands
be a free association instead of

Other suggested dates for the
Referendum were December 11,
2009, and March 19, 2010. The
comprehensive report to the Island
Council contained both majority
and minority opinions on the
wording of the question and other
Those who have been resident in
Bonaire for five consecutive years,
50 days before the date of the ref-
erendum, with Dutch citizenship,
at least 18 years of age on the date
of the referendum can vote as can
non-Dutch citizens if they are at
least 18 and have been resident in
Bonaire for 10 consecutive years.
Other recommendations of the
committee include a validity
threshold of 51% of the voting
public and establishing a Referen-
dum implementation committee
Bonaire 2010. They recommended
it have seven members, an inde-
pendent headquarters and a full
time secretariat, draw up a budget,
provide information, prepare the
referendum itself and arrange for
the approval of the United Nations.
The Island Council should also
qualify the referendum in a regula-
tion making it either "consultative"
or "mandatory." E G.D.

At a recent press confer-
ence at the Regional Ser-
vice Center (RSC) Queen's
Commissioner Henk Kamp made
clear his position about the com-
ing referendum. "Bonaire is free
to decide to have a referendum. It
can also choose the question the
population has to answer. How-
ever, the Netherlands and Bon-
aire agreed in 2006 that the is-
land become a 'public
body' (openbaar lichaam )
within the Netherlands. On the
basis of that agreement we have
been working for the past couple
of years to create laws and pro-
jects for Bonaire, Statia and
Saba. The process of dismantling
the Dutch Antilles is well on its
way. On Bonaire, improvement
projects have already started or
are about to start.
State Secretary Mrs. Ank Bi-
jleveld clearly defined the op-
tions for Bonaire on September
28th: To be a public body based
on Article 134 of the Constitu-
tional Law, or to gain independ-
ence outside of the Kingdom. To
say 'no' to the agreement of
2006 means starting all over

Henk Kamp, the Queen's
Commissioner, is overseeing
the transition ofBonaire

Because of the Referendum
question all improvements with
Dutch support are being unneces-
sarily postponed. Also, Social
Economic Initiative funds that
have not yet been spent (about
NAf 15 million) will become
invalid. I think that this is not
good for Bonaire. The thing that
is open for discussion and nego-
tiation is the future distribution
of empowerment between the
Dutch government and the Bo-
nairean government. Which tasks
will be executed by the Dutch
and which are better to be kept
under local influence and gov-
erned by the Bonaireans?"
Story & photo by Inge Vos



3 mIa. Fre-o THE ro SA



Bona Bista Island Resort BV Tel: + 599 71t7 6486. + 5999 514 5151 or +599 700 2950
i r nfo (uo bornablstabonaire. ni wvw, bona bistabonaire. n

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009

Page 3

on& Id
Same here with my wife at
I the time and our daughters,
Lisa and Tessa, who were four and
three and a half years old. I'd
fallen in love with the island in
1984 when I visited Bonaire for the
first time, and in the years that
followed I returned several times.
Every time I flew in and I saw the
familiar boomerang shape and the
extraordinary colors of the sea
surrounding it, my heart would
skip a beat. When the mother of
my children was offered a job here,
my fondest wish became reality
and we moved from Holland to
As our children's mother was the
breadwinner, I couldn't get a work
permit that's how the rules were
then. So, I became a 'house hus-
band.' I did the laundry, I cooked, I
mopped and cleaned the house, did
the shopping and took the kids to
Trinitaria Kindergarten at Papa
Comes on the bicycle. Ha! It was a
The first two years we lived in a
rental house in Mexico nice and
free in the kunuku and then we
bought our own place. It was a
small house which used to be a
snack, but we remodeled, reno-
vated and added another room, a
bathroom, a roof terrace, a car port
and an extra porch all throughout
the years. A good friend of mine,
Wilson, has helped me a lot. He's a
real nice guy and he always offered

Swm fW a95 scharut

very good advice. I don't know
much about construction very
little really. But what's important
to me is when people help you they
have to eat and drink, so I cooked
especially for him and there was
always plenty of beer and coffee
My children and their mom trav-
eled frequently, but I wasn't so
eager to leave Bonaire. I felt I fi-
nally was where I wanted to be. I
got to know a lot of people here
and most of them I met through
Amado Felix who became a very
good friend of mine. He and his
wife have always supported me.
In December 2005 I started
working for Ap at Green Label. By
then the children were perfectly
capable of looking after them-
selves. Lisa was in HAVO four
and Tessa in HAVO three. I want
to make it a point that I never had
one complaint about the school
system here. I really get annoyed
when I hear people talking nega-
tively about SGB high school.
When I look at my daughters -
they speak five languages fluently:
Spanish, Papiamentu, French, Eng-
lish and Dutch and both of them
are now studying in Holland do-
ing a Higher Professional Educa-
tion as I see it, it's what you
make of it and they did well.
I am very proud of my children
- I am really blessed with them.
Lisa has always helped me in each

and every possible way.
She's a very hard worker,
a great girl." He smiles:
"Tessa's tempo is on
island time even now
that she's in Holland
she's still thinking in
Papiamentu she's very
laconic, a sweet and cute
In 2006 the mother of
my children left for Hol-
land and I stayed here
with my daughters. I
bought myself a little
boat and started spending
Sunday on Klein Bon-
aire: going snorkeling,
seeing the turtles and the
stingrays it is a wonder-
ful place.
During the week I am
still with Green Label. It
gives you a good feeling
to work with plants. We
have a great team and
I've learned a lot from
Johan who knows every-
thing there is to know about the
business. In the beginning I didn't
know anything and the quantity

Rob Schut

and variety of plants was over-
whelming. I sold a plant and told
the people it could be inside the

"...I wasn't so eager to leave Bonaire;

I felt I finally was where

I wanted to be."

house. Two days later all the
leaves had dropped and the clients
were not so happy! I've learned,
but it wasn't easy at all! Ha! Ha!
We've just moved. We're still in
the same area, but the shop has
much more light and space. It's
much bigger and more beautiful;
an excellent location.

(Continued on page 5)

*,-- .

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Page 4

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009;

ar) BV




* "*


On the island Since (Continued from page 4)
Well, Lisa went to Holland in 2007 and
then it was only Tessa and me. I've missed
Lisa an awful lot.
Then a friend of mine told me, 'Why
don't you go on a dating site?' I said 'No,
no way! I won't go into that!' For me it's
not an option to meet somebody that way.
The fact was that I only knew how to open
my e-mail and that was it! Talk about com-
puter skills! But on the other hand, Bonaire
is a small island and I didn't have an eye for
anybody. So, this friend of mine, Harry,
arranged it all and gave me six months for
free on the dating site."
Rob Schut is i.. -lI, ., 1. helpful and
good natured. He 's a man who can take
care ofhimself and he's charming and a
hard working guy.
"At first I wasn't really looking for some-
one special; I talked to women from all over
the world and it was entertaining and fun.
But then I met Gloria and with her it was
the first and only time I immediately felt a
connection a connection which only has
become stronger over the months. On April
30th I went for the first time to Medellin,
Colombia, where she's from. Gloria picked
me up at the airport. I was terribly nervous -
mostly because of all the stories people tell
you about 'the dangers' of Colombia, but
everything went smoothly. Not a bad word
about Colombia. I think it's a marvelous
country, its nature... I've never seen such
beautiful plants and trees and the people are
gracious, charming and helpful.
Some weeks later Gloria came to Bonaire
and she loved it. She thought the island was
lovely and its sea spectacular. In July I took
my daughters to Colombia. It was the first
vacation we'd spent together, the three of
us. Gloria took us everywhere and we had a
fabulous time. We went to see this beautiful
ancient town of Santa Fe de Antioquia, and
there I was walking with these two tall, slim
blondes in their skinny jeans and their high
heels my daughters who made so many
heads turn around! It was very special. Glo-
ria is a gynecologist and has her own clinic
in Medellin and she owns an apartment on
the 11th floor.
I have my house on Bonaire, my job, but
my children are in Holland, although Lisa is
here now for three months, working as a
trainee. Before Tessa left I asked my chil-
dren if they wanted me to come and live in
Holland that I would do that for them if
they needed me." He laughs "They said,
'What? Are you crazy?' I guess they're
absolutely sure I would be very unhappy in
Holland, but... I would have done it for
them... with love.
So, the situation as it is now is that I'm
traveling back and forth and so is Gloria.
Her practice is doing very well. Her patients
are not only from Medellin, but she gets
people from all over the Caribbean, from St.
Martin, Aruba and Curagao as well. Gloria
would like to work here for let's say one
week per month, but she can't give up her
clinic altogether. That's no option. I've met
her parents. Her father is an ophthalmolo-
gist, very fine and kind people who live in a
penthouse overlooking the city of Medellin
- what a spectacular view at night! Gloria
has her children, an eight year old boy and
two girls of 16 and 20, so she's not in a
position to leave Colombia. In the meantime
we're thinking of solutions, but it's not easy
to find a way to be together. I am 48 now
and Gloria is 45, so hopefully one day we
will know what to do and for the time be-
ing... we're very much in love and life is
One thing is for sure I will never sell my
house here. This is such a sweet place, I
wouldn't want to change it with anybody. I
still love Bonaire although it has changed

and not for the better. The 'new' Dutch
people can be very irritating big
mouths negative attitude. I don't
understand what they're doing here.
It's sad.
You have to have respect for the
Bonaireans if not, why would you
stay here? I wouldn't be surprised if
there would be a referendum and eve-
rything would be turned back the way
it was. I think if we are really going to
be with Holland things could get better
for everyone eventually... But," he
smiles "I would love to keep Bonaire
the way it was. Of course it isn't like
that anymore, but I would love to have
the island like it was 25 years ago.
Really, it was the
most beautiful
thing I'd ever
Story &
Photos by Greta

,Aetetm Vi

De best


op plonaire

Roman En

iCing Si

Kaya International # 36
Tel: 7174630/ Fax: 7174650
E-mail: info@cityshopnv.com

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009

Page 5

Flotsam and Jetsam (Continued fom pg. 2)
In the past Kingdom Relations Secretary
Ank Bijleveld called the Antillean tax
system "obsolete" and allows excessive
discretionary powers for tax inspectors.
The system is, in the eyes of the Nether-
lands, too complex, hindering opportunity
for development of the small economies
of the islands.

I Senator Ramonsito
Booi, UPB political party
leader and advisor to the
previous Bonaire Gov-
ernment, confirmed that
he is retiring from active
politics and will not be a
candidate for the January 22 parliamen-
tary elections. "It's time to hang up the
gloves and pass the baton to the new gen-
eration," he said. Booi plans to remain in
the Bonaire Island Council until his four-
year term ends on July 1, 2011.
He was quoted as saying that his deci-
sion had nothing to do with the search of
his home and those of others as part of a
drug-money-laundering investigation six
weeks ago.
He's not planning to move to the US.
His son is a student and lineman on the
Wake Forest University football team. "I
was born in Bonaire and I will continue
living here until God takes me into His
Kingdom," he added.

r f l C 'L
-- .w


T STINAPA installed seven (7) new
small buoys at Klein Bonaire so more
small boats can tie up in front of the
beach. The rules for the use of the buoys
have remained the same with these extra
buoys, meaning a boat can only tie up for


pearls '.

Wyww.bestpearls bona Ire.ciom
Mam Wmai Kaye Gm" 321. Bomim TeL M 743
Page 6

case another boat arrives and there are no
more empty buoys available, the owner of
the boat that has been there for more than
two hours has to remove his boat to give
others a chance to use it.
"The beach at Klein Bonaire is one of
the few with white sand. These additional
buoys will give more people the opportu-
nity to take their boat to Klein Bonaire
and enjoy this unique spot," says

10All the teachers at the Pelikaan
School took a refresher course in CPR
Sand first aid and exam given by Caren
Eckrich of CIEE. The course was spon-
sored by CIEE as a community service.
It's a good example for all schools to fol-

1-The Board of Jong Bonaire wants
to thank everyone who helped in pro-
moting the Selehrashon 10 afia di Jong
Bonaire during the recent weeks. Around
250 people were at the Friday night event
and then an amazing 104 young people
showed up for the Konferensha Hubendl
on Saturday, in spite of the rain. Sunday
there were 330 people in the swim and
another 100 spectators. So everyone is
happy with the results.
If you want to see photos of the activi-
ties, go to http://www~jongbonaire.org and
click on the two large photos on the home

PO-On Friday, November 27, the Bon-
aire Animal Shelter Bonaire will again
present their well known event an
Indonesian Dinner and Art Auction.
Artists and others who want to help the
Animal Shelter by donating a piece for the
auction may contact Jan Kerklaan (tel.
786-3454), Paul Wichers (tel. 787-0466)
or the Shelter (tel. 717-4989). The Animal
Shelter will be very thankful.
All proceeds this time will go to the
"Bonny Superdog" spay and neuter cam-
paign, which is desperately in need of
funds. Tickets for the dinner are not avail-
able yet. More information will follow.

10Fuel prices keep rising. Now:
Gasoline NAJ 2,08 per liter
Kerosine NAJ 1,36 per liter
Diesel NAJ 1,27 cents per liter
100 lbs tank propane NAJ 56,83
20 lbs tank propane NAJ 13,28

1 Until now, the hurricane season
over the Atlantic Ocean has been the
calmest in years. During the past peak

October meteorologists had registered two
hurricanes and eight tropical storms.
According to Fred Capello, head of
weather reports at the meteorological sta-
tion on Curaqao, the last time that the area
had experienced a hurricane with devas-
tating force goes back to September 1876.
The entire hurricane season, which runs
from June until December I st, has never
been so calm since 1997. Experts attribute
the absence of hurricanes to the meteoro-
logical phenomenon El Nifto, a warm-
water stream in the Pacific Ocean which
could cause very bad weather there but
suppresses the hurricanes from develop-
ing over the Atlantic Ocean.

1 The government of Bonaire invites
citizens, companies and organizations to
comment on the draft-evaluation of the
Nature Policy Plan Bonaire. The Nature
Policy Plan Bonaire 1994-2004 and the
draft of the evaluation are open to the
public at the Department Environment
and Nature Policy of the Directorate Envi-
ronmental Planning and Management
(DROB) at Kaya Amsterdam 23. The
aforementioned can also be viewed on
and downloaded from the web site of the
government: www.bonairegov.an. The
opportunity for public comment runs from
October 12th up to November 30th.
Please submit your written comments in a
letter to DROB or e-mail to inspra-
aknatuurbelcidiai)bonaire gov. com

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10,n Europe the clocks were turned
back by an hour last weekend, heralding
winter time. In the US it happens next
weekend, on November 1. In March, the
clocks will be set forward again. There is
only about one hour difference in sunset/
sunrise time at Bonaire's latitude, so
clocks here always remain the same.

10A thank you to SELIBON who has
placed a large trash container at the
beach at Lagun so that visitors to the
beach can help keep the beach clean by
throwing the debris into the container.

~ t t ,r It it i f A

High Q~ualitv, He~althv,,
Natural ProdL[Cts

a maximum of two hours on a mooring. In period from the end of August up to mid- The beach has never looked so clean!

101on't miss this year's very scary
"Nightmare Crib" the Halloween
House of Horrors, at Capt. Don's Habi-
tat. It's open on Friday and Saturday,
October 30 and 31 from 8 to I I pm. En-
trance is NAf 7 and it all goes to charity.
This year it's for infant car seats for those
who cannot afford them. More on page

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G.1L. D.

q 4caing TourhhWarldvtidrFoundatiomlrwn

Coming Soon!
Energy Work Classes

By a top American Healing
Touch instructor
(http://www. htwfoundation~oorg)

I-Healing Touch (Level 1) Class on
Dec. 18, 2009
A one day intensive course for giving
you the skills to support good health and
heal yourself, loved ones and others.
Instructor: Susan Reed -DeSalvo, LVN,
HTCP/l, CMT- Susan Reed is a Wellness
Coach and Nurse of over 25 years experi-
ence and an Energy Medicine Instructor.
In the hospital environment Susan spe-
cializes in ICU, cardiology, cardiac rehab
fitness, behavioral health, dialysis and
wound care.
Tuition NAYF 150 ($85) in Bonaire
(USA fee $350) + $30 material fee

2- Energetic Touch Techniques
Class, Evenings, Dec. 22 and 29th,
2009 for advanced practitioners
Tuition NAYF 150 ($85) in Bonaire
(USA fee $350)

Register by mailing Susan at
blueskvz(&,.idiom.com 001 707 928-6565
Local contact George DeSalvo 790-8988

%eou TU Dig-

w~e 13ri no

**o ftV
el" ft"


Antillean Vdne Company
(599)1 09-NO-7639
Fax (5991 717-2950





ISti oirlvss Trv,ILs

AMI1~ 111111%,.

TELE 717 -3527 FAX 717-3528 -
CELL 701-3527
On time <> Done Right

La Tera,,a, Kaa Grandi 23N
Ifloor abol e Botical
2 717-3353, 510-2318
Open N loncia% Saturda%- 10
ani--6 Vni no nstoV

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-N~ov. 13, 2009;

Bonairean Voices is sponsored by CWe keep making things

CB convenient for you!

MB M E With 4 branches and 10 ATMs located
SMADL R(o & ( Iil[ I'S H \\k ()N \IR[i N,V throughout the island and our
Kaya L Ge harts. .1Phone : ,sig .'"520U Internet Banking, MCB@Home, at your
Wl.le ivw mcbbonaire.com Ema.l: nfrtncbbonaire.con wwwjmchb-home.com service anytime, any day, anywhere.

........... To solve the puzzle, enter the numbers 1 through 9
II to the partially filled in puzzle without repeating a

F E number in any row, column or 3 x 3 region. Answer
on page 17. Supplied by Molly Bartikoski-Kearney



Even though emotions are ris-
ing these days between politi-
cal parties and some people in our
community we must still face the real
world and decide how we are going
to solve some of our present prob-
lems. Let's think about our families
in the near future. We may not real-
ize that they might need special care
and have to be placed in a nursing
The nursing home in Bonaire, Kas
di Kuido, which literally means
"Home for Care," is not a home for
the elderly. It's a home for persons
from 16 years of age up to the elderly
who need special care. These persons
need a special insurance, the AVBZ,
which in the Papiamentu language is
known as Lei di Labizjan, a law
within an insurance policy. It covers
care for those with a chronic physical
illness, a physical or mental disabil-
ity, psychiatric illnesses and the eld-
erly. The funds are collected by the
administrative office of the Founda-
tion for Heath Care, which is the
governing body for this kind of insur-
ance. Funds come through three sec-
tors: the Central Government office
(Landsontvanger), each territorial
island in the Dutch Antilles and the
Central Government itself.
Beside the medical facilities like
the hospitals in Curacao, Sint Elisa-
beth Hospital, and the Sint Maarten
Medical Center and others, this insur-
ance takes care of five nursing
homes, one on each island of the
Dutch Antilles, which includes Bon-
aire's Kas di Sosiego, that has a ca-
pacity of 75 clients. Of course you
and I as the working class contribute

2% from our salaries every month,
which is paid to the Central Government. But do you
think that this is enough to cover all the costs? Health
care is getting expensive.

I had an interview with a very experienced and quali-
fied nurse who's been working in the field for more than
30 years, first at San Francisco Hospital and now at the
Fundashon Mariadal Hospital's nursing home section.
Her name is Mrs. Henna Winklaar (49), and she explains:
"The Nursing Home is divided into three sections: Hofi
Kayena, for care of those with cardiac disease, brain dis-
ease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Hofi Kibrahacha
and Tuturutu are two other departments for psychiatric
care like Alzheimers or other types of dementia and psy-
chosis. The clients of the nursing home are screened and
admitted only by the administration's admission commis-
When an elderly person is admitted and has an income,
for example, from a government (AOV) pension, then
this pension (NAf 823, paid by the Social Insurance
Bank-SVB) will go directly to the AVBZ insurance
funds. In turn, the AVBZ insurance office pays Kas di
Kuido according to the nursing home budget for each

Some cheerful residents

~~rTU nr


Henna Winklaar with some of the residents' artwork

patient or client: NAf 4.000 a month. This money is for
giving the patient or client the total care he or she needs.
The nursing home evaluates its health care contracts
every year, looking for more help. One of the projects we
have now is to expand with more departments, but we
don't know yet when this will happen. We need a depart-
ment for persons who aren't tranquil, who cannot control
their emotions. We are trying to treat them with a differ-
ent type of therapy. We try to help them focus on one
thing or a color, but this is a totally new experience. I
hope that soon we can accomplish the plans we have for
the future."
If we calculate the monthly budget for this nursing
home at about NAf 4.000 x 75 habitants = NAf 300.000
a month, and for a year, 12 X 300.000 = NAf 3.600.000.
That's for a year for only one nursing home in Bonaire.
The rest I leave it up
to you to make your Send your com-
own conclusion. ments to The Bon-
Story & s by aire Reporter, P.O.
Story & photos by Box 407, Bonaire,
Siomara Albertus. or e-mail rorte
( bonairenews.

5 3 1

4 3 8

4 9 5 3

7 5 1 8

1 7 6

9 6 8 7

5 3 8 1

3 5 1

6 2 3

BonQuiz #16
G ive an -
aloe .
plant five years
and its sugars ,

accharides) i
will have ma-
tured suffi-
ciently to give
this plant its
healing proper-
The leaf contains other therapeutic nutrients such as
amino acids, vitamins and minerals. As soon as the gel is
extracted from the leaf it can degrade quickly, especially
when factors like sunlight are involved.
To preserve its qualities the gel is heated or blanched to
temperatures of 80 tol00 C. A cold press technique is
also used. Some prefer this as the leaves are pressed and
On the island there is an aloe oven still standing, con-
necting our heritage to this medicinal, miraculous species
which still is prized throughout the world. There are those
who will speculate that it is not an aloe oven, but a prison
I believe it is an oven as this plantation harvested and
cooked aloe, and exported it right from its cliffs. A copper
cauldron brought from Europe was placed atop, and a
controlled fire was stoked underneath, and as the aloe
reached a certain consistency it was removed and placed in
lined boxes for export. The steps leading to the cauldron
were for those "stirring the pot," if you will, with a big
wooden paddle. There are still aloe ovens in buildings and
out in the open throughout Bonaire, remnants of a unique
past gone forever. U Quiz & photo by Christie Dovale
Q) Where can this oven be seen?
Answer on page 17
BonQuiz appears regularly in
The Reporter. It's prepared by
Christie Dovale of Christie
Dovale Island Tours. Contact
her to arrange a tour, Phone 717
-4435 or 795-3456 or e-mail:
christiedovale ~hotmail.com.

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009

Page 7

The RSC At Work Bonaire Update

T he Regional Service Center (RSC),
together with the Ministries in the
Netherlands and the Bonairean government,
is busy developing several laws and pro-
jects for Bonaire, Statia and Saba. This ef-
fort is a result of the agreements that were
made in 2006 by the Bonaire Island Council
with The Netherlands. The aim is to have
replacement laws ready for Bonaire, Statia
and Saba on October 10th 2010, the date set
for the dissolution of the Netherlands Antil-
les and the start of new forms of govern-
ment for all the Antillean islands. All po-
litical and executive tasks must be in place
at that time and the distribution of govern-
ing tasks between the Dutch and the islands
must be completely clear.
Presently, seven laws have been presented
to the Second Chamber in the Netherlands
and there are nine to come. In a press con-
ference last week, Henk Kamp, the Queen's
Commissioner for Bonaire, Statia and Saba,
said, "On Bonaire there are several projects
already in process with special funding
provided by the Netherlands. Additionally,
there are a numerous projects planned for
2010 (see list of improvement projects be-
Over the past years we have been working
very hard with the Bonairean government
and local organizations to decide what has
to be done in specific areas: Education,
Youth and Family, Infrastructure and Fi-
In the forthcoming period, the RSC will
try to inform the Bonairean people about
the plans and projects in various ways- via
the media and information meetings for the
people. "We've observed a great need for
information about the (transition) process
by the Bonairean people. That is logical.
What is the transition about and what are
the implications for the daily life of the
people who live here? Besides sharing in-
formation, we will also answer people's
questions and listen to their suggestions."

Improvement projects on Bonaire with
Dutch support
* Creation of a retirement fund and satis-
faction of the debts to APNA (at least
NAf60 million)
* Introduction of the dollar, January Ith,
* Introduction of new tax laws and reor-
ganisation of the Tax Organisation
* A support system (uitkeringen) ar-
ranged to satisfy the remaining debts of
* Education and Health (NAf40 million
in 2009 and 2010)
* Extra programs for language and
* New methods of teaching

* Free schoolbooks
* Education of teachers and managers
Improvement of buildings (amongst other
things the roofs of Papa Comes and San
Luis Bertran schools)
* Youth care and the building of a Cen-
ter for Youth and Family (NAf 5-7
million 2010 and forward)
* Advice and aid for parents about bring-
ing up kids up healthy and safely
* Improve Youth care: 5 extra profes-
sionals, 2 family houses and 2 homes for
small children
* More specialists
* Extra personnel at the Youth Protection
* Training for all Youth workers
* Creation of Health Insurance for all
* Extension of clinical help, doctors
help, help in the home, psychiatry, addic-
tion care
* Extension of sports and movement
* Building a new police corps and 24/7
emergency help
* Building a new police station in Kral-
endijk and rebuilding the police station in
* Doubling the number of detectives
Fire Department
* Building a new fire corps
* Improvement of the materials
* Education of the personnel
Building a new fire station
* Taking over the personnel who now
work for the Central Government (for Bon-
aire more than 200 persons)
* Completion of the new prison with
space for 100 prisoners
* The finance of the necessary renova-
tion of Bonaire International Airport and
the improvement in roads and other infra-
* The finance of the planned measures
(temporarily and permanent) for processing
waste water (amongst other things for pro-
tection of the coral reef and stimulation of
agriculture) Inge Vos

Inge Vos is a re-
cent arrival on Bon-
aire. She has ex-
perience in Commu-

Information meeting at Jong Bonaire. At the table are Celia Fernandes Pedra on
behalf of the Ban Boneiru Bek Foundation, Arthur Sealy, chairman of the evening,
Kwartiermaker Fleur Lagcher (RSC, Education, Culture and Science) and
Kwartiermaker Marga Drewes (RSC, Youth and Family).

n October 15th, the Ban Boneiru Bek Foundation invited the public to an in-
formation meeting at Jong Bonaire. Two kwartiermakers of the RSC, Marga
Drewes (Youth and Family) and Fleur Lagcher (Education, Culture and Science), ex-
plained about projects that are planned or already being executed on Bonaire (see list
of improvement projects).
About 100 people were present to hear the presentations, ask questions and make
observations. A successful initiative of the Ban Boneiru Bek Foundation.. 0 Story &
photo by Inge Vos

Still Smilina... But...

Queen's Commissioner Henk Kamp and Dutch State Secretary of Kingdom Re-
lations Ank Bijleveld-Schouten meet with ADB leader Jopie Abraham

he Dutch Government's decision to postpone the payment of Bonaire's out-
standing bills as part of the debt relief accompanying the process of constitu-
tional change in the Netherlands Antilles is being likened by some to blackmail. The
new ADB/Nicolaas coalition Bonaire Government Executive Council wants to devi-
ate from the agreements made with the former UPB led Executive Council. That
prompted The Hague to "close the money tap," beginning with stopping paying off
the government debt to the APNA Pension Fund.
The new Island Government coalition led by Jopie Abraham of "Aliansa Demok-
ratiko Boneriano" (ADB) wants to put proceedings towards integration with Holland
on hold until another Referendum is held. The Referendum is to specify weather the
direction Bonaire should take is integration overseas public entity of The Nether-
lands, as was happening, or a "free association." U G.D.

Kays Lib Simon Botivr 26* Tel (599) 717-4992 Fax i599) 717-4972
Introducing the new revolution in construction. aci599 78-1592 / 701-4050 *Email Infobonaresunshinchomes cor


Real affordable homes.. building a bright future for the people.

Exhibition date Nov. 28, 2009 -
8:30 am 5:00 pm. Workshop on the
building system. Prices starting under
NAf 100 000, built within 2 months.
Banco dl Carlbe will be there to
approve mortgages and loans on site.

Page 8

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009;

r' P I .;

-" t L I

Amnesty For (Some) Illegals

A ntillean Justice Minister Magali
Jacoba has finally set the standards
to implement the long delayed immigration
amnesty. The Brooks Tower Accord was
signed on March 2nd 2007 by the five Lt.
Governors of the Netherlands Antilles and
the Minister of Justice. It will give undocu-
mented workers illegally resident in the
Antilles the opportunity to become legal
residents. There are an estimated 5,000
illegal residents on Bonaire, up to 50,000 on
Curagao and 20,000 on St. Maarten.
Under the guidelines, undocumented for-
eigners working and living on the island
since before 2006 have six weeks, from
November 3 to December 15, to apply for
legal residence. Only those who qualify will
be able to obtain residence permits.
Category 1 is those who have lived in the
Netherlands Antilles from December 31,
2001, without interruption. They need docu-
ments to prove it, such as passport with arri-
val stamp, copies of residence permit re-
quest(s), proof of insurance from SVB, pa-
pers on their local employment history and
utility bills indicating residence.
Category 2 concerns those who arrived
between 2002 and 2005. Group A involves
those who work. The worker needs a guar-
antee letter from his or her employer and
must earn at least NAf 1.500 guilders
($834) a month. Group B involves those
who live together with someone of Dutch
Category 3 involves those who arrived
after January 1, 2006, and are thus not cov-
ered by the Brooks Tower Accord. They
will have to leave the island and can then
apply for residence permits from abroad.
They will not be penalized for their illegal

People cur-
rently following
the "regular"
immigration or
residency process
are unaffected.
The Minister of
Justice also
declared that after
the imple-
mentation of this
project much
stricter control
will be applied
and any person
who fails to make
use of this
opportunity will
bear the
consequence of
having to return
to his or her
country. No
persons can be
considered who
have failed to do
the right thing. A
comprehensive Min. Jacoba on a
information recent visit to Bonaire
campaign has
begun. Minister
Jacoba explained, "There will be
announcements in newspapers, on the radio
and television, brochures, posters, and
booklets will be published explaining all the
requirements to be met by undocumented
persons, and a website with all the necessary
information (currently available only in
Dutch). All this will be done in English,
Spanish, Papiamentu, Creole and Dutch." U

B onaire continues
working with the "
Dutch government to
come up with an emer-
gency solution to the ,
wastewater from water-
front resorts, restaurants
and residences. Under the
interim plan, wastewater
will be removed by vac-
uum trucks from the coast
and brought to a tempo-
rary treatment plant on the

r -.
C-a -' r-

Attending the seminar: Frensel Janga, Gracia
Frans, Anthony Emerenciana, Robby Beukenboom,
Nolly Oleana, Jan Jaap van Almenkerk, Ton Akker-
man, Rocky Emers, Ludo Nicolaas, Jozefvan Brussel

LVV property. The treated
wastewater will then be used for crop
irrigation and to grow vegetables.
The water treatment is necessary because
the official sewer project is delayed and
immediate intervention is necessary to
save the coral reefs. The temporary facility
should be operational in April next year.
The project for the construction of sewers
and a sewage treatment plant, which was
in place, has slowed. Expansion of its
coverage to Belnem and Hato and changes
in its design are being considered.
The problem of wastewater must be ad-
dressed as soon as possible for public
health as well as the health of the reef..
The BC has agreed on a temporary waste-
water treatment plant (WWTP) fed by
vacuum tank trucks. The WWTP is funded
by the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom
The Department of Environment and Na-
ture, DROB, is responsible for the imple-
mentation of the emergency solution. The
action group includes personnel from
LVV, Selibon, WEB and Kwartiermakers
of Environment, Agriculture, Nature and
Food Quality and Transport. There is tech-
nical assistance from the Water Brabant

The hope is that the water from the
WWTP can support sustainable agricul-
ture. Beginning in April 2010 a large part
of the processed water from the coast will
be used for this. The sewage removed will
cut the flow into the sea by 60 to 70%.
Every day 400 m3 of treated wastewater
will be then available for use in agricul-
ture. In addition to the standard water
treatment any remaining bacteria in the
water will be killed by UV radiation.
Last week at a seminar at Mangazina di
Rei Commissioners Frensel Janga and
Nolly Oleana met with personnel from
LVV, Robbie Beukenboom, Jan Jaap van
Almenkerk (project assistant) and the
Kwartiermakers Ton Akkerman
(Agriculture and Nature) and Joseph van
Brussels (Environment) to discuss the new
opportunities for agriculture. In the fields
of LVV a farming project to grow feed and
vegetables will be started. In this project,
young people are to be trained for new
jobs. The fresh feed will benefit the goats
and sheep and there are healthy vegetables
should soon be available. U Jan Jaap

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009

Job Opportunity

City Shop N.V. (Bonaire) leverancier van airconditioners (LG, Westpoint,
Lakers en Chigo), koel en vrieskasten (LG, Frigidaire), wasmachines en
wasdrogers (LG, AEG, Zanussi), is op zoek naar een:

1. koelmonteur

Binnen ons bedrijf is de koelmonteur verantwoordelijk voor onderhoud en
reparatie; zowel bij klanten als binnen het berdrijf, van airconditioners, koel
- en vrieskasten.

We verwachten van de monteur dat hij:
praktische ervaring heeft
een positive installing heeft
klant en service gericht is
stress-bestendig is

2. witgoedmonteur

Binnen ons bedrijf is de witgoedmonteur verantwoordelijk voor onderhoud
en reparatie; zowel bij klanten als binnen het berdrijf, van wasmachines en

We verwachten van de monteur dat hij:
praktische ervaring heeft met de merken AEG en Zanussi
een positive installing heeft
klant en service gericht is
stress-bestendig is

Indien je geinteresseerd bent kun je CV afgeven bij City Shop of versturen
via post, fax of e-mail.

City Shop N.V. Kaya International #36, P.O. Box 468, Bonaire (N.A.).
Tel: (599)717 4630, Fax: (599) 717 4650, e-mail: cityshop@telbonet.an

Page 9

First became familiar with
flamingo tongue snails
(Cyphoma gibbosum) as a student
in the Bahamas where I actively
searched for them during every
dive. These marine snails are a
cream-white color with orange
spots outlined in black. They can
be found in many coral reef habi-
tat types, attached to and feeding
on soft corals.
They proved to be a challenging
subject to photograph because I
tended to find them clinging to
the base of sea rods or along the
underside of sea fans, which
meant having to maintain buoy-
ancy and get into close proximity
without knocking the innocent
soft coral around with my fins.
In coming to Bonaire two and a
half months ago, the flamingo
tongues continued to be some of
my favorite marine organisms to
seek out. What was immediately
apparent was how easily I was
encountering them at different
dive sites. I thought to myself,
"How wonderful; I've become
quite successful at spotting these
beauties." What I didn't know
until recently is that perhaps my
"beauties" are, in fact, "beasts."
As was wonderfully outlined by
BNMP Manager, Ramon de
Leon, in a previous issue of The
Bonaire Reporter (see "1,000
cuts," Oct. 16-30 issue), there are
many factors currently threaten-
ing the status of our coral reefs.
One source of concern is the
loss of our large predators such as
groupers and sharks, likely due to
overfishing. As large predators
are removed from the ecosystem,
the number of smaller predators
increases or the number of algae-
eating fishes may go up, leading
to an imbalance in the ecosystem.
The unraveling of the natural food
web due to human activities can
completely change entire coral
reef communities from seaweed
to fish.
In addition to this troubling fact,
we are not only taking important
ingredients out of our coral reef
mixture; we are also possibly
adding ingredients that weren't in
the mix before, including chemi-



.mild- A*
BNMP photo showing the proliferation offlamingo tongues
on a soft coral

cals from sewage seepage and
sediments in runoff from con-
struction sites.
The seepage of chemicals such
as nitrogen and phosphorous from
leaking septic tanks can be an-
other means by which the number
of a particular type of species
might increase on the reef. For
example, these chemicals can
provide the "fuel" for increases in
algal growth (like fertilizer in
your garden) and possibly disease
-bearing pathogens such as the
fungus.. l ', ii. . sydowii.
Although it is believed that As-
pe'rgilii.\i. originated in soils of
the Sahara Desert (blown across
the Atlantic by the prevailing
winds), the fungus now attacks
sea fans and has caused mortality
of sea fans throughout the Carib-
bean. Surprisingly, flamingo
tongue snails prefer to live and
feed on sea fans that have the
disease and, in turn, may be carri-
ers of the disease through simple
digestion of food. These gregari-
ous snails follow each other
across the soft coral "landscape"
through chemical communication
in mucous trails they leave be-
hind, seeking out mates and suit-
able soft corals to live on. If par-
ticular species of soft corals are
targeted by both the snails and by
disease, like the sea fan example,

their numbers may begin to de-
cline. Any decline in coral cover
on the reef, opens up space for
new organisms to colonize. Thus,
in time we may witness a shift in
the types of organisms repre-
sented on the reef.
Summarizing: Why are fla-
mingo tongues a threat?
1) natural predators may no
longer be present in sufficient
numbers to keep the number of
flamingo tongues in check,
2) flamingo tongues prefer par-
ticular soft coral species leading
to changes in composition of the
reef, and
3) flamingo tongues are able to
ingest, excrete, and spread the
known disease-causing fungus
,l .., 1 '. P ,. which is one reason
why we should be concerned
about the snail's apparent popula-
tion boom currently occurring in
To determine whether flamingo
tongues are impacting our be-
loved marine ecosystems, the
Bonaire Marine Park in combina-
tion with CIEE (Council for Inter-
national Educational Exchange) is
asking divers to contribute to a
volunteer monitoring study. The
protocol is simple, efficient and
can easily be performed during
the last 10 min-
utes of your I

Coral. The flamingo tongue snail is a small, colorful snail about
one inch long. Snails are called gastropodss" (say, "GAS-tro-
PODS"), meaning stomach-footed, because they eat with their
feet. As this snail crawls along the branch of coral, it digests the
coral animals. To the lower right of the snail, you can see the bare
purple coral skeleton where the snail has been.
The Sea Rod Coral is one of several species of corals that have
soft skeletons. A Sea Rod is a colony of several thousand animals.
Each animal is called a coral polyp (say "PAH-lip"). Each polyp
lives in a small hole in the skeleton. The polyp has several small
arms, like a tiny octopus or squid, and can reach out into the
water to catch tiny plants and animals that it eats.
When it is being attacked by the snail, the polyps will curl their
arms and try to hide in their holes.

recreational dives. Between 30
and 10 feet, examine every soft
coral you encounter as you zig-
zag your way along the reef. At
each soft coral, identify the type
of coral and count the number of
flamingo tongues you can find
(remember, zero is a very impor-
tant number to record) and the
type. For those interested in par-
ticipating, CIEE and STINAPA
will provide a pre-printed data-
sheet for collecting this informa-
tion. On the sheet you will find
pictures of four representative
gorgonian structures and a table
of ranges of snail numbers
found. All you have to do is
place a tick mark in the appro-
priate box each time a particular
type of gorgonian with or with-
out flamingo tongues is encoun-
tered. We request that all data

collected be copied and submitted
to the Marine Park or CIEE of-
fices (Kaya Gob. Debrot. #26).
Datasheets will be printed on wa-
terproof paper that can be erased
and reused. To receive more in-
formation about this project or to
pick up your datasheet, please
contact Ramon de Leon
(marinepark()stinapa.org) or Dr.
Rita Peachey
Lauren Saulino
Lauren Saulino
is an intern at
CIEE and the re-
cent recipient of a
Master in Environ-
mental Sciences
with an area of
concentration in Environmental
Management from Miami Univer-
sity (Ohio).

anyywlhere, anytime

n~...iYi.-, -tu k;i

Kaya Grandi 29. Kralendijk -Bonaire N.A. tel: 717 5107
Store hours Tue sda through Saturdays
from 9am.-12:30p.m. and 2:00p.m.-6:30 p.m.

yIb t hFor more
.Iz Emeruicluna 4D Information


Page 10

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009;

New arrival



Rocargo Celebrates 27 Years With a Monster Cleanup

R ocargo celebrated its 27th birthday with a cleanup recognizing "World Cleanup
Day." On Saturday, September 19, the Rocargo team together with their families
and friends, big and small 45 in all performed a mighty cleanup on the island.
Early in the morning everyone assembled at Rocargo to go to the heavily trafficked
area of Kaya Gob. Debrot where many of the hotels and tourists are concentrated.
Afterwards they continued on Kaya Industria and at the La Sonrisa Ball Park, termi-
nating at Maiky Snack. There, very tired but satisfied, everyone had a delicious krioyo

The group collected more than 100 sacks of garbage, the majority of which was bot-
tles but there was also a lot of construction debris like cement sacks as well as lots of
used telephone cards. They even found a NAf10 note in one of the bottles!
Marisela Croes, director of Rocargo, gave a big thank you for the effort and work that
everyone did. She especially thanked the youngsters of the group who helped so well
by setting a good example of not throwing garbage on the roads or in the countryside
but taking it home to throw in garbage cans there. U press release/L.D.

SELIBON Cleanups in Barios --

The cleanup campaign accom-
plished by Fundashon Tene
Boneiru Limpi (TBL-Keep Bonaire
Clean Foundation) and SELIBON in the
bario of Tera K6ra was a rousing suc-
On September 13 the neighborhood cam-
paign began to stimulate the residents to
keep their gardens and neighborhoods
clean. SELIBON placed big garbage bins
in strategic areas in Tera Kora so the in-
habitants could use them, free of charge, to
deposit their debris.
The residents of Tera Kora made good
use of the special attention that they re-
ceived from SELIBON during the month.
There were many calls to SELIBON to ask
them to continue the cleanup. To honor
these requests SELIBON decided to con-
tinue the cleanup action in Tera Kora for
two more weeks.
On November 2 SELIBON and the TBL
will begin a clean up in Amboina. From
November 2 to 8 there will be big garbage
containers in the southern area of Ambo-
ina. During the week of November 9 to 15


there ... ..
will be
placed in
November 16 to 22 containers will be put
on the eastern side. And on November 23
to 29, on the western area.
On Saturday, November 7, SELIBON,
TBL and the Health Department will give
residents valuable information to keep
their gardens and neighborhood clean, to
prevent dengue and to stimulate people to
help clean up their bario take a photo
and share a prize.
Also SELIBON asks all residents if they
have an old auto in their garden to call
them for help to get rid of it. U
Lucia Beck/L.D.

HE I ArcnO


Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009


Page 11

.~ ~ 41t-JO I
7 j ,:Nr

Dear Editor:
I would like to thank you for publishing
Ramon's article in this issue (Oct. 16-30, 2009)
of The Reporter. I read it with great interest.
Very well written and informative and direct.
Hopefully this issue will continue to receive seri-
ous attention. Thanks again for being an impor-
tant part of the quest for a solution.
Blue McRight

To the Editor,
Applause, applause to The Reporter and
Ramon de Leon, Manager of the Bonaire Na-
tional Marine Park, for concisely articulating the
threats to Bonaire's reefs!
Although it would be almost impossible for
Bonaire to mitigate the global threats to the reef
(i.e. climate change, etc.), it is totally possible
and morally responsible for Bonaire to eliminate
local threats like overfishing and sewage. As
long as Bonaire's governmental and tourist lead-
ers allow these threats to persist, the island
should no longer claim the mantle of "green,
ecotourist" destination. What a joke! Collecting
batteries, banning gloves, etc. are not enough
when sewage is seeping from every septic tank
from every hotel and waterfront establishment
and "no fishing" zones aren't enforced.
As more divers and snorkelers realize that

greed and cynicism are in charge on this island
and not environmental good sense, they will take
their money elsewhere.
Pay attention, government, business, and tourist
leaders: the ship of Bonaire's reefs is sinking and
all that is being offered are band-aids that don't
stick anymore.
Pauline E. Kayes
Dear Editor:
I would like to thank you and the writer,
Ramon the Leon, for publishing the most lucid
article I've ever read about the threatened reefs
of Bonaire.
I hope all stakeholders will take good notice.
Bob Smits

6th Annual Market Study and Action Coming in November

T he Foundation Ban Boneiru Bek has or-
ganized its Sixth Annual Market Study
and Action (SBM) for Saturday, November 14,
from 3 to 8 pm at Jong Bonaire. The SBM com-
mittee is led by Lilian Paula-Crestian. The aim is
to offer scholastic and employment information
to students of Bonaire.
Participants will include schools from Aruba,
Bonaire, Curaqao and the Netherlands as well as
companies from Bonaire. For a full list of partici-
pants go to www.banboneirubek.com under
Sponsors this year are AMFO, Flamingo Com-
munications, Giro Bank, MCB, Telbo and WEB.
Last year the SBM Bonaire published a magazine
that includes information about study and educa-
tion. An evaluation survey was held among the
visitors and was very positive. Hence, this year
again a magazine will be offered to visitors. The
theme of the paper this year is: Huntu por nos,
p'esei, preparations ban pa nosfuturo! Together
for us, therefore, we'll make preparations for our


will be arranged
for visitors from
Rincon. There
will be a live
radio broadcast
provided by
BonFM. Like
last year, inter-
views will be
held among the
participants and
visitors to the
Market Study
and Action....
For more infor- Antilles Coast Guard re-
mation contact: cruited at one year's event
Ban Boneiru
Bek, Kaya Sibalo 13 PO Box 194, Bonaire
Tel: 717-4318 Fax: 717-4518
Bank: MCB 115.588.01 0 Press release/L.D.

Come and support the island's only
children's play ground.

You are invited to a Public Meeting
WE DARE TO CARE* Foundation
Action Group Volunteers to Keep Bonaire's only
Playground & Park open Anyone is eligible to
become a volunteer.

Date: 14th November, 2009.
Time: 7:00 8:30 PM Presentation/Cocktails.
Place: At Parke Publico Bonairiano, Kaya Souer Bartola

*WDTC Foundation: A non-profit NGO Grass Roots Group
For sign-up and information WDTC Foundation: Contact:




praying against mosquitoes
has begun. Perhaps you are
one of the thousands of people on
Bonaire who believe that spraying
achieves the desired effect to kill
mosquitoes, specifically the den-
gue mosquito (Aedes aegypti)
carrier of Dengue Fever.
Remember the breeding habits
of this mosquito? clean water in pink shrimp for our beautiful
man-made containers in or near flamingoes? I am not a scientist,
your home or in your garden and but if someone could enlighten us
always in the shade. These are the on the possible effect of these neu-
only places this mosquito will rotoxins on our shnmps and even-
breed no-where else! Now, how tually on our flamingoes, I would
many people read the article two be very interested.
weeks ago and laughed when I The only way to control this
said that this mosquito does not mosquito is to remove its breeding
breed in the puddles and areas of sites! A handful of course sea salt
water on the island? Were you in containers that cannot be emp-
one of them? Think logically tied will certainly stop any breed-
about what I am saying, ing and kill existing larvae and
I observed first-hand the spray- pupae.
ing truck in Antriol, on Wednes- Here is a challenge to every
day last week, going up and down one of you: check in and around
these roads, spraying against mos- your house or property every day
quitoes. The main problem I have for standing water and remove.
with the spraying goes back to Secondly take a clean, clear glass
where the mosquitoes live not jar and check the puddles of water
along the roadside, not in the in and on the side your road, under
bushes along the road and also not trees or bushes and, if you like, go
in the puddles on or at the side of to the large areas of water and take
the road. Refer back to the previ- a sample. If you think you have
ous paragraph! found mosquito larvae or pupae,
Another problem are the two label the jar and bring it to me.
sprays currently used here Te- Just make sure you know the dif-
mephos and Abate. Now Te- ference between mosquito larvae/
mephos is used on the larval pupae and tadpoles!
stages of the mosquito (you need Throughout the Dengue season
to find the breeding sites!) and we hope to keep you updated with
Abate is used to kill both larvae outbreaks, advice on treatments,
and adult mosquitoes. Both these the symptoms, most frequently
products contain various chemi- asked questions and whether you
cals like xylene and permethrin, may have Dengue or not.
both classified as wait for it DENGUE HELPLINE 790-
neurotoxins! Should you inhale 6500
these fumes, you could be in for a Website www.dengueinfo.net
very nasty surprise! Of course it for more in-depth information. 0
is also highly toxic to our frogs, Stephanie Bennett
dragonflies, bees and birds. We Author Stephanie Bennett was born
have 4 species of frogs and 9 spe- in Cape Town, South Africa, where
cies of dragon flies on Bonaire. she studied herbs, minerals and nutri-
We all know that frogs and their tion. Before moving to Bonaire she
tadpoles and dragonflies and their continued her
"*l ". ,,,, [ i 1. ,

I''Pi I% l .!! ci .llI. I. I ,,,,,
.1" .I' i ), . I. l l .. -. 1._. .1 1. . ., / .. .. .

/ .,, / ,.,,,. I

Do you have any fears or phobias?
Do you regularly have negative thoughts about
yourself, your family or work environment?
Do you find it difficult to achieve your full
The cause of all negative emotions is a
disruption in the body's energy system.
Emotional freedom is at your fingertips NOW

Opening Hours
Monday Friday
9am 1pm
By appointment

Harmony House
Stephanie Bennett
Kaya Papa Comes #2. Antnol
www harmonyhousebonaiire corn

Page 12

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009;

Trees and plants, Bonaire
8000m2 nursery. Specializ-
ing in garden/septic pumps and irrigation.
Kaminda Lagoen 103, Island Growers
NV (Capt. Don & Janet). 786-0956

Kaya Gloria 7, Bon-
Saire Local Art, Art
(t b Supplies, Framing,
and Art Classes.
\ ^ Open Tu.-We.-Th. &
Sat 10 am- 5 pm Fri-

Property Services Bonaire B.V.
Taking care of your properties
(while you are off island). Email for
information and prices:

Bonaire Images
Elegant greeting cards and beautiful
boxed note cards are now available at Chat
-N-Browse next to Lover's Ice Cream and
Sand Dollar Grocery. Photography by
Shelly Craig www.bonaireimages.com

For Quality House and Office
Cleaning ....... CALL JRA
Serving Bonaire for more than 15 years
Honest, Reliable, Efficient, Thorough,
Low rates, References. One time or many
Phone 785-9041 ... and relax.

Starting from NAf6 per meal.
SCall CHINA NOBO 717-8981.
Web site:

2 Bedroom Apartment unfurnished.
Kaya Huallaga 8B Tera Cora. 2 bath-
rooms, NAf.1.300 per month. 1 Month
deposit required. Utilities not included.
Inf. 717-2345 / 785-7500

A Unique Haircut experience at
U The Windsurf Place,

with Desiree.
Open weekdays from 12
noon, Weekends by appointment.

Private guitar lessons available! To
improve your technique, improvisation,
repertoire, music theory
and sight reading, call
Benji at 786-5073.


Make it more livable from the

Also interior or exterior design advice,
clearings, blessings, energy, healing,
China-trained. Experienced. Inexpensive.
Call Donna at 795-9332.

Tel (599) 791-6272 1785-6272

House or Large Apartment
Wanted for "Bonaire experienced"
family of four from December 11,
2009-January 9, 2010. Call 001 707
928-6565 or email

Looking for a two or three bed-
room, furnished, house, condo, or
apartment for three months, Feb. 1-
April 30, 2010. We can pay first
month now, to secure the lease. Prefer
something close to the coast, but will
consider all offers. Call Louis or Ei-
leen at 788-0382 or email: luet-

Wanted: Mature, responsible, sin-
gle woman to take of my house and
dog in Belnem in exchange for re-
duced rent (NAf 450 a month) for
separate, spacious guesthouse with
bedroom, kitchen, private bathroom,
and outside "gazebo" living room--all
situated in a beautiful, walled-in gar-
den. Cable TV and internet included;
utilities NAf 175 a month. Available
Dec. 15 for long-term. Contact
Pauline at
pkaves( diversitvworksinc.net.

Buy a House with 2 to 3 bedrooms, 2
baths, large kitchen and terrace. Call
Esther 524-4864.

1/2 Container to USA. Need to send
something to the USA? I have half a
container going to the U.S. in Dec.
$1,300. Call 795-1277

Put your ad here and get re-
sults Fast. Commercial ads
are Inexpensive, Non-
commercial ads are free.

:r 0 Wli T

Saturday, October 31
From 10 am- 2 pm

Bamt[lBDui(9Pod mq

Bonaire Reporter Classifieds-Are still free
Got something to buy or sell?
Non-Business Classified Ads (up to 4 lines/ 20 words): FREE
Commercial Ads only NAfl per word, for each two-week issue.
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DATE Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht.

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11-05 0:17
11-06 1:05
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11-08 2:14
11-09 2:39
11-10 2:58
11-11 3:09
11-12 3:03



1.7FT. 18:10
1.8FT. 19:22
1.9FT. 20:29
1.5FT. 13:54
1.6FT. 15:37
1.7FT. 16:58

Time Ht. COEF
1.2FT. 22:08 1.3FT. 50
1.1FT. 23:02 1.2FT. 62
1.OFT. 73


19:34 1.6FT.
20:32 1.5FT.
21:45 1.4FT.





*Transport of Money *Vehicle patrols
and Valuables *Burglar Alarms
*Private Investigations *Fire Alarm Systems


Kaya Nikiboko Nord 37A, PO Box 225 Tel: (599) 717- 8125
Fax (599) 717- 6125 E-mail sss@bonairelive.com

16 Flights a day
Bonaire and

Divi Divi Air
24 hours a day
(5999 839-1515)
Or (5999


Page 13

Picture Yourself With The Reporter... C u b

H ere's yearly Bonaire
visitor Josie Estill (who -
volunteers in the cat cage at the A ''
Shelter) during a visit to Cuba
several years ago with a study
group. "I loved the week in
Cuba, but my heart is in Bon-
aire, particularly at Bonaire -
Town Homes," she said. Josie
received her Bonaire Ambassa- H'
dor bronze medal in January,
2009, during her 12th visit to
dushi Bonaire. Ii.

copy of The Bonaire Reporter
with you on your next trip or
when you return to your home.
Then take a photo of yourself
with the newspaper in hand. THE .
photos to Bonaire Reporter, Box
407, Bonaire, Netherlands Antil-
les (AN). E-mail to:

KRALENDIJK TIDES (Heights in feet, FT)
Remember: Winds and weather canf, il, i... ,'.... the local tide's height and time

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-N~ov. 13, 2009

Ship name

October 29, 2009 Thursday Ruby Princess 140
November 1, 2009 Sunday Maasdam 170
November 3, 2009 Tuesday Ocean Dream 160
November 4, 2009 Wednesday Sea Princess 190
November 10, 2009 Tuesday Ocean Dream 160
November 12, 2009 Thursday Caribbean Princess 190
November 14, 2009 Saturday MSCPoesia 140
Crafts Markets at Wilhelmina Park on Cruise Ship Visiting Day
to early afternoon.


DROB ~ ~invts omet o h

Naur Poicy la aI' mser
darn 23. Sub mi ftecomnsn

- Ietrt DO remilt npa

Bonir Lios CubSt.o IncS

FriaySatray* cobr3S 1

of Horor Cap Dns ait.
7 (frcany.Pae1

SatrdyOctbe 3 -Haloee


Pagey 14 n ach n h cn

By appointme
Lamoenchi Kunuki
(includes tax). Disco
and local people. Tel
Parke Publico cl
ground open every da
evening hours.
* Rincon Marsh
Enjoy a Bonairean bre
shop, fresh fruits and
local sweets, snacks,
candles, incense, drinl
March first Saturd;
* Flea Market
every first Saturday
7 pm. Everyone welco
sell. NAf10 per selling
goes to up-keep the pi
have a free table. Mor
reservations for a spot
sar 786-1592.
* Wine Tasting
Company's warehou
tria, second Saturda
pm. Snacks and tasting
$10 (NAf17,50) per
Soldachi Tour
Bonaire and be transp
Learn about the history
ture by Bonaireans fro
Maria Koeks for more
* Soldachi Tours
of Bonaire, 9 am-nool
717-6435-best island

* Harbour Village
Round Robin 7-10 pi
Cash bar. All invited. (

Sunday- Creature Fe
Suzie Wall of Buddy'
center present a multii
station about Buddy's ]
bar Buddy Dive, 6:30

Tuesday-- Bonaire
presentation by Fish-I
7pm on the big screen
Bar and Grill at Den I

Wednesday- Sea Tu
Bonaire presents the


i S Ips- In aiI

tour value

STennis, Social
m. $10 per person.
Call Elisabeth Vos at

eature- John and
s Digital photo
media slide presen-
House Reef pool
)-7 pm, 717-5080

Land and Ocean
Eye Photo staff,
i inside the Sunset
Laman Condomini-

rtle Conservation
Sea Turtles ofBon-


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Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009;


m aire Slide \'i. ..., every 2nd & 4th
Wednesday at Bruce Bowker's Carib Inn
Time PAX (717-8819) at 7pm.
30 3100 Kas Krioyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's past
o0- in thisvenerable old home that has been re-
stored and furnished so it appears the family
has just stepped out. Local ladies will tell you
800- the story. Open Monday thru Friday, 9-12,2-
)0 1422 4. Weekends by appointment. Call 717-2445.
200- MangasinadiRei, Rincon. Enjoy the view
)0 2016 from"The King's Storehouse." Leam about
800- Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from the 17th
)0 1422 century. Daily. Call 7174060 / 790-2018
100- Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, behind
)0 3100 the Catholic Church in town. Open weekdays
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ys-usually 10am Museum and Visitors' Center. Open
daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December
25th. and January 1st. Call 788 9015 or
EVENTS 796-5681
u Park Tours $21 AA meetings every Wednesday at
)unts for residents 7pm. Phone: 786-4651 or 786-7971
1. 717-8489, 540-
717-8489, 540- Al-Anon meetings every Monday
evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
children's play- Weekly Bonaire Talker Gathering
y into the cooler and Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30
pm call 567-0655 for directions.
days Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7:15
hie-6 am-2 pm. pm- All levels, NAf2,50, call Renata at
eakfast while you 796-5591 to find out the evening's loca-
vegetables, gifts, tion.
irts, handicrafts, Darts Club plays every other Sunday
ks, music. Big at City Cafe. Registration at 4, games at
ay of the month- 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
/rincon. JCI First Wednesday of the Month-
at Parke Publico Junior Chamber International Bonaire
of the month, 3 to (JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bonaire
ome to buy and to Jaycees) meets at the ABVO building,
g table.(NAf 5 Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30 to 9:30
ark). NGOs can pm. Everyone is welcome. Contact: Re-
re information and nata Domacass6 516-4252.
Scall Vicky Bisses- Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other Tues-
at Antillean Wine day, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette
ise on Kaya Indus- Rodriguez.
y of the month, 7-9 Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th
ng of six wines for Thursday of the month at 8 pm at Kaya
person. Tel. 560- Sabana #1. All Lions welcome. For more
information call 510-0710.
s-See the real Rotary lunch meetings Wednesdays, 12
orted back in time. noon-2 pm Divi Flamingo Beach Re-
y, culture and na- sort upstairs in Peter Hughes meeting
)m Rincon. Call room above the dive shop. All Rotarians
Sinformation-796- welcome. Tel. 717-2066
Toastmasters Club meets every two
dlas weeks. For more information call Crusita
of Rincon, the heart de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Martinez
n. $20-Call Maria, Beck, at 786-2953.

Protestant Congregation of Bonaire:
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papia-
mentu, Dutch, English, Sundays, 10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papia-
mentu, Sundays, 8:30 am.
Children's club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in
Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in Rin-
con. Bible Study and Prayer meetings,
Thursday, at 8 pm, Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church: Centro di
Bario Nord Saliiia, Sundays, 10 am.
Services in Dutch. 700-0379.
International Bible Church of Bonaire,
at SGB High School auditorium (Kaya
Frater Odulfinus, off Kaya
Korona.) Sunday services in English at 9
am; Sunday evening prayer meeting at
Pastor's home, 7 pm. Friday, 6 to 8 pm,
Light & Life Club, children 5 to 12
yrs. Tel. 717-8332.
Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendijk -
Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
Papiamentu, 717-8304.
Our Lady ofCoromoto in Antriol, Satur-
day at 6 pm in English. Mass in Papia-
mentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm. 717-
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios):
Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10
am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30
pm. 717-2194
Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services
Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bonaire
Youth Center in English, Dutch and Papia-
mentu. Preaching the full gospel. Contact:
Prayer and Intercession Church, in
English. A full Gospel Church located
temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit # 20,
Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services are
held on Sunday mornings from 10am
until 11:30am. Bible studies in English
are on Monday nights from 7 to 8 pm.
Contact: 717-3322
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
-day Saints: Kaya Sabana #26, Sun-
days: 9 am Sacrament Ser-
vices (Translation to English and Papia-
mentu upon request) 10:20 Sunday
School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/PH Primary
held from 10:20-12 noon Visitors Wel-
come: 701-9522 for Information

Send event info to:
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Pet of the Week 0 bubbless from the Biologist

H ere's "Guus,"
our featured
pet, "on the move."
This is just to show you
that he's in terrific
shape after a very
shaky beginning to his
life. He got the dreaded
disease, Parvo, and he
nearly died, but this
spunky and clever dog
came through it all and
now he's in perfect
health and full of en-
ergy. Guus is a medium
sized dog with an inter-
esting combination of
fur design big spots u~
and little spots attrac-
tively placed, like he's been rained upon with black ink. He has the short haired
coat that makes him easy to care for. No expensive trips to the doggy hairdressers
for cuts and styling. He's about six months old and has had his tests, worming and
shots. And he'll be sterilized when he's old enough. The dog adoption fee of NAf
105 covers all of this medical work. As are all the adoptees at the Bonaire Animal
Shelter he is in top health and completely social with people and other dogs. You
may see him at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9
am to 1 pm, and 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-4989.
Looking for a fun evening and an opportunity to help the Shelter? On Friday,
November 27, the Shelter will again have their Indonesian Dinner and Art Auc-
tion. Artists and others who want to help the Animal Shelter by donating a piece
for the auction can contact Jan Kerklaan (tel. 786-3454), Paul Wichers (tel.
7870466) or the Shelter (tel. 7174989). The Animal Shelter will be very thankful.
All proceeds this time will go to the "Bonny Superdog" spay and neuter campaign,
which is desperately in need of funds. Tickets for the dinner will be available soon.
More information will follow. 0 Laura DeSalvo

Bonaire's Own Gastropol

(Greti hbeirrtLU/tid

Did You Know...
hat great barracuda, Sphyraena bar-
racuda, often attack prey that is too
large for them to swallow? Barracudas are
known to attack prey that is much larger
than the width of their jaws, while studies
have shown that the width of a fish's
mouth generally predicts and determines
the maximum size of prey a predator may
consume (Wainwright and Richard, 1995).
Great barracudas are the exception to this
rule. These fish have combined a rapid
striking attack with a powerful shearing
bite from the back of the lower jaw that
allows these predators to slice their prey
into pieces, making it easier to swallow
whole (Grubich et al. 2007). These fish
are literally capable of biting off more than
they can chew, so to speak! 0 Carolina

Yanson isfrom C Ih.. ., originally but is
currentlyy an undergraduate at Indiana

0 n July 5, 2007 we published an
article about a new nudibranch*
species discovered by Ellen Muller in
Bonaire. http://bonairereporter.com/
It is now officially a new and described
species. The paper on the new Tra-
pania species has been published in the
October 2009 issue of the Caribbean Jour-
nal of Science. The name of this new nudi-
branch is Trapania bonellenae, a combina-
tion of Bonaire and Ellen.
http://caribjsci.org/Oct09/45 8-14.pdf

University at Bloom-
ington, IN. She 's
;,,,. ,,- in Biology,
but has a passion for
the ocean. Marine
biology and marine
sciences interest her
the most. When she
saw CIEE's program
in Bonaire she knew
it was for her: SCUBA and biology focused
classes in the Caribbean? Right up her

Grubich, Justin R., Rice, Aaron N. and West-
neat, Mark W. (2007) Functional morphology
of bite mechanics in the great barracuda. Zool-
ogy 17: 16-29.
Wainwright, P. C. and Richard, B. A. (1995)
Predicting patterns of prey use from morphol-
ogy of fishes. Environmental Biology of Fishes
44: 97-113.

To date, these nudibranchs haven't
been reported anywhere else.
For more images of the Trapania nudi-
branch go to Ellen's Trapania bonellenae
lihp \ \ \ .pbase.com/imagine/trapania
Ellen Muller

A nudibranch is a member of one subor-
der of soft-bodied, shell-less marine opist-
hobranch gastropod mollusks, which are
noted for their often extraordinary colors
and striking forms.

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009

rage 10


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Page 16

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009;

Nightmare Crib Haunted House Again At Capt. Don's Habitat
Friday and Saturday, October 30 and 31, from 8 to 11 pm. Admission: NAf 7
A s many of you may already know, The Haunted working Sudoku Solution
Homies are preparing for their fourth annual closely with
Nightmare Crib Haunted House. They really enjoy SEBIKI to 539 827 164
doing this for Bonaire, and as always, all proceeds will ensure they
go to charity. This year the Nightmare Crib will bring are used 271 436 895
even more fright. They are requesting your support properly.
through donations. 4 1 17

For those of you who are not familiar with their or-
ganization they have an all-volunteer staff that gives
their time and talents to create an illusion of fright.
They do this to raise money for charities close to our
hearts to help the children of Bonaire. In 2007 they
were able to donate money to Sedrebo. With this
money they were able to refurbish the bus that takes
children to their sporting events. They also donated to
the school breakfast program and helped a baseball team
get to a tournament off island. In 2006, they wanted to
make the children's ward at the hospital more relaxing
for the kids and their parents. They donated cots for the
parents of sick children to sleep on and a DVD player
and DVDs and lots of toys. In addition to this, they also
donated money to FKPD for furniture to put in their
new building. In 2005, they donated money to the Spe-
cial Olympics to help send them to Curagao. They are
now working on starting a car seat project for the island.
They want to provide car seats for every child whose
family cannot afford one. They are using the money
collected last year and this year to do this. They are

i-j ".
mm f a~r% 1.

amount is
too small
or too
large. If
you en-
joyed the
House last
year, with
your help,it
will even be
better this

S467 513 982

182 974 356

S395 268 741

754 382 619

- 923 651 478

816 749 523

year and we can all have a fun frightful festival and help
a worthy cause on Bonaire all at the same time. A
heartfelt thank you from The Haunted Homies. If you
would like to donate funds, time, and/or frightful items
that can be used for props, contact either Karen Chalk or
Margaret Romijn at Habitat... 717-8290 or e-mail Karen
at Karen(-ahabitatdiveresorts.com. 0 Karen Chalk


Question (from page 7):
Q) Where can this aloe oven be seen?
A) In front of the Karpata Landhouse

On October 16 the Nederlands-
Antilliaanse Karate-Do
Bond" (NAKB) organized a Dutch Car-
ibbean Karate Championship at the In-
ternational School Curaqao. Participants
were from Aruba, Bonaire and Curaqao.
Stirinam was also to participate but can-
celled at the last moment.
The tournament was a high level one
and all participants fought strongly until
the end.
Six karate students from the karate
school, BonKarate, in Bonaire under
the guidance of Sensei Peter Silberie,
fought a good and hard battle.
Alex Heynen came in third place in
his category. In the feminine category,
Kia-San Silberie was number one.
The other Bonairean youngsters
missed their final by one point. Their
presentation was very good. Sensei Pe-
ter Silberie was very satisfied with the
presentation of his students and their
perseverance during the competition.

Medal Winners Alex Heynen and
Kia-San Silberie with their Sensei

Immediately after the awarding of the
prizes the organization invited Sensei
Silberie and his students to the follow-
ing tournament on November 7 in Cura-
gao, to celebrate the karate school's 20th
anniversary. U
Story & photos by Peter Silberie

Regular *

Water Taxi *

From Bonaire Nautico Marina

Catamaran Kantika diAmor
Up to 27 people and supported by
a brand new larger sister
Catamaran Kantika Too
Up to 50 people
Daily trips via resorts 10 am, 12, 2
pm Except Sundays at 10 am only
Also available for group trips
Tie up dockside
for min. $10/day+tax
(max 1.90 meter draft),
Water and 115/220 v.
Dinghy tie up at north-inside
dock atUS$10 weekly up from
Monday till Monday.
At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399
www.bonairenauticomarina VHF 68

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009




Les Galeries Shopping Center
(Bordering the parking lot)
Tel. 717-5890
Open M-F 8:30-12, 2-6 pm,
Sat. 9-12

Page 17

bt.ng~rL'*4.AEIEII' Ct.'ii

a ONA I e ON wneec S

The White, Low-Revving Bonaire Loaf of Bread Volkswagen

The 55th of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J@n Brouwer, featuring some of Bonaire's an
interesting vehicles that are "on wheels."

B onaire/Nikibokco .I.I -
Somewhere, hall .. I',i
the Kaya Nikiboko Zui..I. liic
Volkswagen Bread loa ....in I-
admired. Bread loaf or i .. -
window are some of thc .. mii n. ii
nicknames for this Vol! .,'ci
1600 Combi that was F -.I,.l..c,.I iii
Brazil in 1999. A Volk "i,_.i.
produced in Brazil? Ye .1 !!1 -
wagen produced in Bra i' I I.
words "Hecho in Brazil .11 'I -
ten, printed, stamped a:. m.l iii,! c..l
on almost all parts of thic i !i c.
Most people think all V .!! 11
are produced in German- i..1i Il!,
brand also had factories in the US
and in Latin America, for instance
in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

So to this microbus birth was
given in Brazil in the year 1999. In
Germany they stopped producing
the officially called T2-model in
1979 but in Mexico, Argentina and
Brazil they kept on producing the
"Bullys" with the panorama- front
This white colored creature once
started its job as a transporter of
fruit and vegetables for a Bo-
naireanfiuteria. Now the car is
owned by a Volkswagen lover who
wants to preserve the vehicle and
who want to convert it to a camper.
The Volkswagen 1600 Combi
body is mounted on a rugged and
rust free chassis. The car is fitted
with the well known Volkswagen

four-cylinder boxer engine that
started its life in the famous Volks-
wagen Beetle as a small and hum-
ble 1132 four lunger. It was the
Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben
Pon who made the first drawings
for the microbus on the back of a
cigar box. The chassis of a Beetle,
the rear mounted engine of a Bee-
tle and a new spacious body on top
of it. The T1 was born. The T1,
better known as Microbus, Split
screen or Splittie, was produced
from March 8 to the end of 1967 in
Wolfsburg and in Hannover, Ger-
many. The first split screens were
fitted with 1132 cc 25 horse pow-
ers boxer fours with a very low top

The last T2 model produced in
1979 in Germany was fitted with

engine of 1600 cc producing some
50 horse power. So power doubled,
but the top speed did not.

Today's Bonairean Bread loaf is
fitted with basically the same 1600
cc four-cylinder boxer engine. The
engine is air cooled and there are
eight old fashioned but reliable
push rods mounted to open the
eight valves of this
four cylinder. Power
and ccs increased the
last f 50 years but
basically the engine
remained the same. (
In Brazil the techni-
cians mounted an
extra oil cooler and
fuel injection. That
was all. The car still
does not have a car-

tridge as an oil filter and there are
still four speeds in the gearbox.

The present owner is very proud
of his Combi. Those days the price
of a brand new Bay-window was
only about NAf28.000. He bought
this particular car second hand
because it was the cheapest thing
on wheels you could get on the
market. And his love for the
Volkswagen developed and devel-
oped... Just minor repairs had to
be done to the vehicle: new ball
joints and another pair of mufflers.
It really is a pleasure to listen to
the low revving engine of the
panorama windowed panel van.
The original muffler had faded
away and just by accident the
owner found a pair of very useful
mufflers that had served on a trike.
There was only a little conversion
to the flanges necessary. Now the
pipes are producing a lovely
sound, especially when the bus is
doing some 50 kph.
This Volkswagen Combi is the
most spartan and simple vehicle
you can think of: no air-
conditioning, no power windows,
no air fan, no heater, and no radio.
Just two windows you can wind up
and wind down. And two small
ventilation windows, one in each
door. And then there is the after
market roof shutter. Nobody
knows why it's here. No martial or

army reasons. Just a hole in the

The engine gets 10 kilometers
out of a liter of injected fuel. Yes,
this old fashioned car is fitted with
fuel injection. This is the only
fancy part of the car. And there is
electronic ignition. That is all!
Normally the owner obeys the
speed limits on the island. "This
van just likes a speed of some 50
kilometers! Every now and then I
try the Bonairean Al, the road to
Sorobon. Then our speed is some
80 to 90 kilometers. The car can do
it, but it does not feel that comfort-

There is an almost open connec-
tion between the engine and the
mufflers and the ears of the driver
and the passenger. It is like flying
a Second World War bomber!"
There are enough plans for the
future. At NAPA the owner of the
T2 saw some really small and cute
aftermarket rear lights. And he
wants to change the color. And he
wants to install a bed and a small
kitchen. And he
wants to convert the
sliding door into two
small single doors...
And no, the car is
not for sale. J@n

O n September 30 the Bonaire
Rotary Club installed two
new members: Herbert Domacasse
(at right) and Addo Stuur (photo be-
low) seen with President Huub De-
This brings the membership to 29
including two honorary members, Lt
Gov Glen Thod6 and Sur Swinda.
Are you interested injoining? As a
new member, you'll get a chance to
become more involved in your com-
munity and to provide aid to other
parts of the world through the oppor- .
tunities that your Rotary Club and
Rotary International offer.
Longtime Rotarians agree that in-
volvement is the key to getting the
most out of membership.
The Rotary Club also gave a dona-
tion of NAf 1.000 to ,,. i,: -.
Prinses Wilhelmina Fonds Bonaire,
Morella Warner and Astrid Fran-
cisce, for all the good work they do ,
for the cancer patients of Bonaire.
This stichting celebrated its five-year
anniversary in September, and Ro-
tary, through its community efforts,
asked them to keep up their spirits in -
this difficult task. Money was not
the only gift as Rotary members offered help through their sectors of expertise and net-
work advice and ideas. U Story & photos by Rotarian Sara Matera


The Classical Music Board of Bonaire is proud to present, on Friday, November
13, a classical violin and piano concert of high caliber. For the first time they
will be offering a limited number of VIP tickets which includes a buffet with the musi-
cians after the main concert. Please buy the VIP tickets before November 11 so so that
they can plan the buffet properly.
A full house is expected again, for more musical pleasure and for the continuation of
these high quality concerts on Bonaire! More information will be forthcoming soon. 0

Page 18

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009;

board -tl
.r "
; ,i

EE 4z> ^ Id_ I _Z _-=+
R r.

*to find it... just look up

Mars and the Manger
Plus the God of War
Steps into a Cosmic

O n November 1 you Asellus B.
can walk outside and \ ? '
view something very special sells
which has to do with the Ael A o E
planet Mars and a wonderful res
star cluster. s Thel/ Ecliptic
On Sunday November 1st,
around 2 am Sky Park Time
face southeast. And if you
look about 1/3 of the way up Acubens
the sky you'll see the bright-
est star in the heavens Sirius,
which marks the eye of Canis
Major, Orion's bigger dog.
And if you look just to its left Sandwiched between the distinctive forms of
you'll see the less bright star, Leo, the lion, and Gemini, the twins, lies the faint
Procyon which marks the eye outline of the constellation Cancer (Latin for
of Canis Minor, Orion's crab). The Tropic of Cancer was given that name
smaller dog. Then if you look because that is where the Sun is directly overhead
just off to its left you'll see a at the moment of the summer solstice, June 22,
rouge gold light about the and 2,000 years ago when the line was named, the
same brightness as Procyon, Sun was in the constellation Cancer on that date.
our old friend, the planet
named for the god of war,
4,000-mile-wide Mars. And just coincidentally on the morning we all set our clocks
back, Mars steps into a cosmic object called Praesepe, which is Latin for The Man-
ger, but which is more popularly known as The Beehive.
Now if you have clear dark skies and are far from city lights, to the naked eye
Praesepe will look like a little cloud or a cloudy star, which is what the Greek as-
tronomer Hipparchus called it in his star catalog around 130 b.c. His predecessor,
Aratos, around 260 B.C., called it "the little mist." And to the naked eye this is ex-
actly what Praesepe looks like, a misty little cloud. So with the naked eye, you'll see
bright Mars embedded in a tiny faint cloud. But there's more to this than meets the
naked eye, because through a pair of binoculars you'll see that this misty little cloud
is actually a cluster of stars which looks like a swarm of celestial bees. You'll see
about 40 through binoculars, but through a telescope you can count at least 200. And
there are at least 5 red giant stars in this cluster similar to Orion's Betelgeuse and
Scorpius' Antares.
And if you want to see how fast objects in the sky move, here is your opportunity
because Mars is inside the Manger and Beehive for one night only. Just 24 hours
earlier on Halloween, October 31st it is just above the cluster and on November 2nd
has passed through it and is just below it. So November 1st when you set your
clocks back is the only time to see Mars buzzing with the bees. But may I remind
you once again that what you are seeing is an illusion. In fact the only reason Mars
appears to be inside The Beehive is because Mars and The Beehive are coinciden-
tally in the same line of sight on November 1st. In fact on November 1st Mars will
be only 110 million miles away while the stars of The Beehive will be 600 light
years away which means that Mars is so close that it will take less than 10 minutes
for its light to reach us while it takes 600 years for light from The Beehive to reach
us. Watch Mars visit The Beehive and The Manger. 0 JackHorkheimer

'. ,r.1', ]L Scuba Vision Films is Bonaire's premier video production facility.
We are avadable for your video imaging projects underwater and topside.

Nature Films Documentaries Travel Adventure Advertising TV Broadcast
Underwater Stock footage HDV Digital Photo Weddings
DVD Reproductions DVD Mastering and Authoring
Courses and Seminars.

info@scubavision.info Ph: (599) 717.2844 Cell: 786.2844
Kaya Grandi #6 Photo Tours -

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2009

ARIES: March 20th -April20h It's a time
for ridding yourself of excess baggage,
whether it's physical or emotional (or both).
Reaching inside of yourself and pulling out
your strength is necessary now. More energy
can be poured into professional matters, al-
though partnering matters are certainly de-
manding your attention and can be distracting.
TAURUS: April 20th May 21st November
is busy with negotiations, adjustments, and
socializing, especially after the 8th. Charm
comes naturally, and you want nothing more
than to find peace with a special someone. An
opportunity for a partnership or joint venture is
possible in the third week of the month. How-
ever, roadblocks are likely from the 16-23.
You're wearing your emotions on your sleeve
around the Full Moon on the 2nd, and the 3-4
is a good period for professional opportunities.
GEMINI: May 21st June 21st You'll find
that life is busy and perhaps hectic at times,
but the work you tackle now will certainly
allow you more freedom to enjoy yourself
later. Vacation plans move forward in Novem-
ber. Career matters are also strong, and the
roadblocks or delays you have been experienc-
ing recently are lifting. You have a strong
sense of what needs to be done, and you actu-
ally enjoy getting yourself back on track.
CANCER: June 21st July 22nd You might
not have the necessary focus for effectiveness
at work until after the 23rd, but your creativity
is strong. Romantic feelings run high, although
you are likely to feel somewhat entangled
emotionally, and this is a trend that you will
experience for many months. A friend needs a
helping hand in the first few days of the
month. Overspending might be an issue, as
you are prone to purchase impulsively.
LEO: July 22nd- August 23rd A sense that
you can tackle any project or problem that
comes your way is with you. Pressures in part-
nership are easing this month. Even if you
haven't been feeling stress in your relation-
ships, there may have been a feeling of stagna-
tion, and November brings a sense of moving
forward. The first few days of the month bring
career matters to a peak. Much of your focus,
however, is on your home and family until the
23rd, after which you are more sociable.
VIRGO: August 23rd September 22nd
There are a lot of errands to run and general
"catching up" work to do. While reorganizing
your finances is something that you'll be focus-
ing on for some time, November brings less
pressure in that area, and more interest in
building your skills, learning, and reaching out
to others. Family life is supportive and heart-
warming. Physically, you're inclined towards
taking it easy.
LIBRA: September 23rd- October 23rd
You are focusing on comfort, financial secu-
rity, and pleasure for the most part in Novem-

O Loose? O In Your
0 Cracked? Worn
O Worn?

O Missing

By Annie


ber, dear Libra. You are becoming increasingly
aware of your responsibilities and limitations,
and this is a trend that will last for a couple of
years. It's a time of "growing up", no matter
what your age, and learning to take better care
of yourself, your loved ones, and the major
structures in your life.
SCORPIO: October 23rd- November 22nd
November is a power month for you, dear
Scorpio. The spotlight is on you, and you are
feeling especially confident, focused, and am-
bitious. This is not to say that things are being
handed to you by any means. In fact, a feeling
of being blocked by others or by circumstances
is likely with you now. However, this only
serves to fuel your determination. Relationship
tests in the first days of the month are likely,
but a partner has your best interests at heart.
SAGITTARIUS: November 22nd- De-
cember 21st While you are confident and as-
sertive, you are also maintaining some distance
from others as you get the rest you so deserve
this month. Love feels especially private from
the 8th, but you are also enjoying a new sense
of adventure and even a taste of the exotic in
your love life these days. From the 16th, career
opportunities arise, and a partner has your best
interests at heart.
CAPRICORN: December 21st January
20th Group activities, friendships, and net-
working come into focus now. More altruistic
goals are occupying your thoughts. Neverthe-
less, a restructuring of your attitude towards
your professional responsibilities is a long-
term trend--it's simply not as urgent a matter to
you now. Romantic relationships are emotional
around the 2nd. After the 8th, however, love
matters are considerably lighter and easier.
More clarity with finances eases pressure in
that area of your life.
AQUARIUS: January 20th February
19th after which professional pressures ease.
While the spotlight is on your performance, it's
not altogether uncomfortable. In fact, others
are bound to find you especially attractive,
personable, and approachable on the job, par-
ticularly after the 8th. Partnership or social
opportunities through business are likely to
present themselves. New responsibilities are
welcome, as you are confident about meeting
them effectively.
PISCES: February 19th March 20th Pres-
sures are easing, your confidence is building,
and the important people in your life are sup-
portive. Work is especially dynamic, busy, and
possibly demanding of your time and energy.
It's also especially profitable! In the last week
of the month, professional responsibilities are
in focus, and you're expressing yourself in a
highly competent manner. Your ambitions are
building, and attention to practical matters
pays off. It's a good time to think in big terms,
and seize career opportunities as they arise. 0


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