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\ SSept .18Oct. 2,2009; Volume 16,Issue 19


Hfelpirzg fonaire CrC w Responsibly




A China India
1% 1%

Birth Countries of Bonaire's Legal Residents

Who Lives On Bonaire?
Bonaire is now home to persons born
in 106 different countries. Last year
103 countries were represented. (In the
entire world there are 195 countries).
That's out of a total island population of
As an explanation some were born in
countries that no longer exist and/or they
may have changed their nationality.
As it was in 2008, men continue to out-
number women: 8,152 men to 7,262
These are figures according to Bevolk-
ing, the Civil Registry census office as of
the end of August, 2009.
Bonaire's population has increased by
313 persons-2% in eight months (from
15,101 as of December 31, 2008)
Of the total population (15,414), 9,893
are Antillean born. That leaves the num-
ber of immigrants to be 5,521 or nearly
36% of the total population.

The Top 10 nationalities represented in
our immigrant population are: Figures
for 2008 are in brackets.
1.Dutch from Holland 1,531 (1,515)
2. Dominican Republic 801 (751)
3. Colombia 698 (627)
4. Peru 533 (454)
5. Venezuela 413 (417)
6. United States 295 (333)
7. Surinam 224 (223)
8. China 141 (144)
9. India 80 (77)
10. Haiti 58 (56)
Other double digit countries in order of
numbers are:
Aruba (52), Canada (46), Ecuador (42),
Portugal (40), Germany (39), Jamaica
(38), Lebanon (35), Great Britain (28),
Nigeria (26), Italy (23), Belgium (22),
Guyana (22), Spain (19), Trinidad & To-
bago (18), British Guyana (17), Cuba
(15), Netherlands Indies (13), Pakistan
(11), Switzerland (10).

Other countries represented with single
digit numbers are from A to Z:
Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Aus-
tria, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bermuda,
German Federal Republic, Brazil, British
West Indies, Brunei, Cameroon, Chile,
Costa Rica, Czech, Czechoslovakia, Den-
mark, Dominica, Dutch New Guinea,
Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, France,
French Guyana, Gambia, Ghana, Guade-
loupe, Guatemala, Hawaiian Islands, Hon-
duras, Hungary, Ireland, Indonesia, Iraq,
Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Ko-
rea, Madeira Islands, Malacca, Malaysia,
Mexico, Montserrat, Morocco, Nambia,
Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama,
Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Rumania,
Saint Kitts-Nevis, Saint Vincent, Salva-
dor, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South
Korea, Soviet Union, Sri Lanka, Sweden,
Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand,
Turkey, Turks and Caicos, United Arab
Emirates, Uruguay, Vietnam, Yugoslavia,
Zambia, and Zimbabwe

At the beginning of 2009 our population
was 15,101. There were 108 births and
866 immigrations (adding 974). But
there were 50 deaths and 611 persons
emigrated (subtracting 661), leaving the
total at the end of August 2009 to be
Greatest number of immigrants this
year is from The Netherlands (226),
followed by the Netherlands Antilles
(170), Peru (90), Colombia (81), United
States (71), Canada (54), Dominican Re-
public (49) and Aruba (44).
The two most popular neighborhoods
for the new immigrants are Antriol
Pariba (155 persons) and Nikiboko (144
Many thanks to the staff at Bevolking
who provided this information to The
Reporter. U Laura DeSalvo



Colombia 3% All Others

-ninican 6%

. .... ........
.EU" O.ean'DOtch

ves HeIeD

Dutch Antillean

It has been decided that
the Antilles national
(Parliamentary) elections will
be held in January 2010 even
though the "country" of the Neth-
erlands Antilles will be in dissolu-
tion and set to be completely dif-
ferent by the end of 2010.
The decision prompted Saba
to try to secede from the Neth-
erlands Antilles. The island does
not see any other way to shake off
the yoke of Curagao and the An-
tilles. However, it is legally im-
possible for Saba to immediately
secede from the Netherlands An-
tilles according to Kingdom Rela-
tions Secretary Ank Bijleveld-

D The Antillean Central Gov-
ernment has introduced a new
entry permit system for inves-
tors. It's called an "Investor Per-
mit" and is geared towards what
government describes as "bona
fide powerfully wealthy foreign-
ers" who would like to stay in the
Netherlands Antilles without
choosing to take up residence
here or do business here.
The most important condition is
that the investor is obligated to
make a business investment and/
or real estate investment with a
total minimum value of
NAf650.000 within 18 months of
What this new system will
mean to the BES islands once the
Antillean government is replaced
by the Dutch is uncertain.

D For the first time in its his-
tory, Bonaire has a resident
court and judge. Franciscus J.P.
Veenhof was installed as a new
member of the Common Court of
the Netherlands Antilles and
Aruba and was sworn in by
Bonaire's Governor Thode.
Veenhof was born in Amsterdam
in 1949. Between 1992 and 1995
he was Judge of the Court in
Cura9ao, during which period he
held court in Bonaire. He also
worked previously as a judge in
Alkmaar and Haarlem.
Veenhof is appointed for a pe-
riod of 1 to 11/2 years and will
also serve in Curagao. Having its
own court is a further step to-
wards the empowerment of Bon-

ihtle I eentho/ h mr IThoei |

aire. Until recently a judge flew
weekly from Curagao or Aruba to
Bonaire to hold court.

As is becoming to be ex-
pected by many Bonairean resi-
dents, electrical power failed just
after noon on Monday, September
7. Only this time WEB said it
was not their fault but due to
sabotage. WEB customers were
totally blacked-out until 4 pm.
(The Bonaire Reporter office was
uNAffected as it operates exclu-
sively on renewable sun and wind
power). Eventually the problem
was localized to the Finka Verde
area on Kaminda Gurubu (the
main road to Rincon). After warn-
ing that sabotage like this affects
not only WEB but all Bonaire, the
company apologized for the in-
convenience caused by the power

D Bonaire's wire line phone
company, Telbo N.V., has
named Gilbert de Bree, an ex-
perienced telecom executive who
served as COO and CTO with
Scarlet, NV, as its new director.
The post has been vacant since
Edsel Winklaar resigned and relo-
cated to The Netherlands.

D A Dutch Justice Ministry
investigation has concluded the
royal family was indeed the
target of the attack in Apeldoorn
on Queen's Day, April 30. The
attacker, Karst T., in his last
words, called Crown Prince Wil-
lem-Alexander a fascist and a
racist. Seven people were killed
when Karst T. drove his car into a
crowd of on-lookers who had
come to greet the royal family.
The attacker himself died from
his injuries, hours after his car
(Continued on page 8)


Last week Bonaire became
the epicenter of a drug traffick-
ing, money laundering and gold
smuggling investigation. On
Tuesday there were massive multi-
national police raids to make ar-
rests and uncover evidence.
The previous Bonaire Govern-
ment, which fell a few months
ago, is under tight scrutiny from
judicial authorities. The Prosecu-
tor's Office of the Netherlands
Antilles is coordinating the in-
vestigation and described the
motives for the raids as
"presumptions of fraud-related
offenses committed by people
within the public administration
in Bonaire."
The home of UPB (green party)
leader Ramonsito Booi and the
home and office of Burney Elhage,
currently the Director of Flamingo
International Airport, as well as
others, were raided in the early
morning hours on Tuesday, Sep-
tember 8, by Dutch detectives in
cooperation with Antillean and
Bonaire police. They are not sus-
pects, said an official press release.
Booi was reportedly near his son
in the US (see related item on page
8). It was reported that Elhage
cooperated with the investigators
and said he was innocent of any
wrongdoing. The Bonaire Blue
Lagoon project was involved.
Confiscated in the raids were
documents, computers, three cars,
a Cessna aircraft, lots of cash,
gold, firearms including a Kalash-
nikov assault rifle, ammunition,
cell phones and valuable goods.
Authorities in Holland and the

Netherlands Antilles arrested five
suspects simultaneously, two on
Bonaire*. One of the men arrested
in Curagao, a 39-year-old Dutch-
man, is a Bonaire resident and
"advisor to the Bonaire Govern-
ment." His Bonaire home was
simultaneously searched by gov-
ernment agents and boxes of docu-
ments and computers confiscated.
More than $8 billion was said to
have gone through the US ac-
counts one of the suspects was
managing. Two of those arrested
were the sons of a former Aruban
On Tuesday, 18 searches were
conducted in Bonaire: eight
homes, four government agencies
and six company premises. Within
the scope of this coordinated inter-
national criminal investigation,
confiscations took place in Cura-
gao, Aruba, in several European
countries, including Holland, Bel-
gium and Austria as well as Bon-
aire. On Friday, four more Bonaire
locations were raided and docu-
ments were taken from the Notary
and Kadaster (Land Registry)
The investigation is still under-
way and other searches and arrests
are anticipated. These crimes
were discovered during a year-
long money-laundering investi-
gation in the Antilles, US, and
*It is the policy of The Reporter
and an ethical guideline in the Antil-
les, that the names of non-public
figures detained by the police not be
reported until they are formally
charged with a crime.


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This Week's Stories

Who Lives Here (Populaion) 1
Investigations 2
Action at Jong Bonaire (Calendar,
Logo, Troubled family project) 6
Tutti Frutti to Holland 9
Library in Action 9
Bonaire Day-2009 10
5 Honored (Popo Ricardo, Boi Antoin,
Rocky Emers, Nochi Coffie, Danib
Christiaan) 11
Walkers Talk (Nazario & Roy) 11
Cactus Drink (Cadushi of Bonaire) 11
Delno Tromp Hall of Fame 12
Letters to the Editor-Trash
Cycling Team Wins 17
Chasing the Wind-Turkey (Ruben
Petrisie) 17
Bonaire Shakes (earthquake) 18

Weekly Features

Flotsam & Jetsam 2
On the Island Since (Papa Lucia) 4
Bonairean Voices (Animal Farm) 7
Sudoku Puzzle 7
Bon Quiz #14-(bats) 7
Body Talk -Soy 12
Picture Yourself (Pike;'s Peak) 13
Classfieds 13
Tide Table 13
Reporter Masthead 14
What's Happening 14
Bubbles (Stingray Stress) 15
BonQuiz Answer 15
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Sudoku Answer 17
Pet of the Week (Cor) 16
Sky Park (False Dawn) 19
Star Power (Astrobgy) 19

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Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009





Page 3

W VI7 hen I was a year old I
V V came to Bonaire to
live with my grandmother, Yuchi
Eersteling, in Antriol. My mom
stayed in Curaqao, where I was
I had a perfect childhood; my
grandmother was very sweet but
also strict. She was a baker. We
got up at four in the morning. I
had to light the wood that was in
the oven and she started baking
bread. At six the people would
come to the house to buy the
bread and I had to go to the tanki
abou, a dam in Antriol, to collect
water, which we used to wash
clothes and to bathe in and for
everything else, except for drink-
ing water. Drinking water we
would buy from people who had
a rain cistern. At seven I went to
school and after school, in the
afternoon, my grandfather and I
would walk from Antriol to
where the airport is now with a
small handcart to collect wood
for the oven.
I also had two bicycles: one I'd
use to go around with, to sell
cakes and cookies, and the other
one I fixed up completely very
flashy, very cool. That was the
bike I only used on Sundays. So,
that's how my life began and
those are the things children
don't learn at school; that kind of

upbringing starts at home. It
taught me never to stop, never to
give up, and all my life I've told
myself, 'I have to do it it has to
be done!' The way you start your
life defines who you will be-
After I'd finished Polytechnic
school, I became an apprentice of
Abdul, the tailor, then I learned
the trade from Mr. Tjin a Tsjoe. I
worked for 14 years at Cambes, a
ready-made clothing factory.
During those years I was also the
president of the Sentro di Bario
of Antriol where we organized
sports events and courses for
children and adults.
Then I moved to Curaqao
where I set up several businesses.
Seven years later I returned to
Bonaire to set up a hardware
store, a stationery shop and other
businesses; all this in the years
between 1979 and 1999. That's
what I did in the beginning of my
life and then I called it a day.
All my life I wanted to have a
plantation, but I never had the
time. So, eight years ago I found
this lot of land, almost one hec-
tare. It was a wild mondi and I
told myself, 'This is where I
want to spend the rest of my
days.' I cleaned the terrain and
started poco, poco. First I put up
the fence, which took me more

M19 451

f.. ,q


~p 9~Wbm

'Papa' Lucia

than a year, then I started plant-
ing and I built a greenhouse and
after that my own house, little by

little. I've planted fruit trees like
guayaba, mango, papaya,
lamoenchi, coco and sugar apple,

"I think that for many people life has become
very complicated and it gets more complicated
every day. To me, the future of Bonaire seems
uncertain. I don't have any insight in what's
coming and where we're going."

and now they're all bearing fruit.
After that I started with the vege-
tables warmoes, celery, sweet
peppers, hot peppers, spinach,
red beets, sweet potatoes, okra,
tomatoes and eggplant. I also
planted watermelon, yucca, sugar
melon and pumpkin and maishi.
The first time I harvested the
(Continued on page 5)

C~l ^^

IL L^T m l( N^

friwcgch~ ftrfri~

Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

Page 4

On the Island Since (Continued from page 4)
maishi I got a thousand kilos but the
work was tremendous, too much for one
person. We did well though and the plan
is also to grow lettuce, which is difficult,
but...we'll see!
It's a lot of work for us. Virma Marga-
rita, my partner, and I, also because
Virma has a job. She's creative and she
takes all kinds of courses, so, there's room
for a volunteer or an interim. A few
months ago we also bought eight goats
and just now a little kid was bom. We
don't sell them, we don't eat them, we're
just keeping them for pleasure. Virma
always wanted goats and so did I. We eat
what we grow and what we can't use our-
selves, we give away to our friends or we
sell it.
I think everyone should do something
like this for themselves. We're depending
too much on Venezuela and the other is-
lands. We produce about half of what we
use. The only things we buy is meat
(fishing I do myself), bananas (they won't
grow here) and rice. The costs are covered
- more or less. My water comes by truck
from WEB. Water is really the most im-
portant thing. I also changed the dirt -
took away the diabass and put new soil,
fertile soil from the mondi.
We're living without running water and
without electricity, but at night we run the
generator for four hours. This new life has
made me tremendously happy; I feel like
a 14 year old schoolboy. There are no
worries, and you know, that's what kills
you: worries.
But, if you're not a go-getter, you can't
work with plants, because all of a sudden
you get a pest and then you have to throw
away everything and start all over." He

laughs. "That's where I am now! We had
to throw away 120 pepper plants and if I
would have had a different mentality it
would have meant the end, but you can't
stop me! I don't want to use pesticides I
want the natural thing!" Papa Lucia is a
0.114:.' man. He looks fragile, but I am
astonished to see what he has accom-
plished in such a short period of time.
He's one of those extraordinary people
who made his dream come true, solely by
perseverance and hard work.
"I've traveled a lot in my life, but nature
as it is on Bonaire, you don't find any-
where else.
Before, I used to go to Washington
Slagbaai for four or five days, to fish, to
drive around and I also lived at Lac for a
while I still have a little cabin there so,
the reason I live on a kunuku is that I
wanted to live in nature. I'm here most of
the time and I don't see a lot of people,
except for the ones who come to pick up
fruit and vegetables. The only person I see
every day, besides Virna, is my friend
Leo, and my friend Don Miguel comes to
visit too.
When I wake up, I go and see my plants
first and when I smell the aroma of those
plants I feel totally happy. I work all day
long, accompanied by my dog and two
cats, which follow me everywhere, and
then it's dark and it seems there was never
enough time. But I stay in good shape. I
can do it for another five years or so!
I think that for many people life has
become very complicated and it gets more
complicated every day. The other day I
had to go to Bevolking and I found there
was a new machine which tells you what
counter you should go to. While I was
waiting for my turn, a man came in and he

just stood there, '' I
not knowing what
to do. In the 20
minutes I was
sitting there, I
helped four people I
who didn't know
how to operate the ,
machine. They
should put some-
body there to ex-
plain how to work
that machine!
It's just an ex-
ample, but you
see, not every-
body here can
read and plenty of
people still don't
know how to
work a computer. I
To me, the fu- Pap
ture of Bonaire
seems uncertain; it's like I don't have any
insight in what's coming and where we're
going. I think there should be another
referendum to find out whether we want
to go on with BES, yes or no. Till that
time we have to wait and see and thus I
can't say anything now.
I'm also a tour guide. I do private tours
and it's real fun. You get to know a lot of
different people and you learn from them
the same way they learn things from you.
For three or four hours you're in the car
together and there's so much to talk
about, so much to see and explain and to
show and people really like it. The first
thing tourists always tell me is how clean
the island is, the cleanest place in the re-
gion. I'm proud of that, yes, very proud!

u '

7a and Virma Margarita
I don't do it for the money I'm retired
- I do it because I love doing it! I don't go
on vacation anymore. I went once, four
years ago, and I had paid someone to take
care of my plants while I was gone. When
I came back everything had died and I had
to start all over again. You see, someone
else doesn't have the same heart for your
plants as you do.
Anyway, I've enjoyed the world al-
ready. Here I'm safe; we're like one fam-
ily. The people of Bonaire are warm and
it's this warmth which ,
means everything to
me to me that's what
Bonaire is. Greta


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Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009


Page 5

Jong Bonaire Culture
Calendar Launched

S upla Karko, a large photo from the
2010 Jong Bonaire Calendar, was
unveiled during Dia di Boneiru symbolizing
the official launch of the new calendar
which focuses on Bonaire's cultural heri-
tage. Gezaghebber Glenn Thode and
Deputy of Culture Nolly Oleana partici-
pated in the unveiling along with Jong
Bonaire manager Jona Chirino (see
photo). The calendar is perfect for gift
giving and personal use.
This year the calendar features 12 teenag-
ers from the Jong Bonaire youth center pho-
tographed with 12 grandinan (elders) who
taught the teens about the cultural history
and traditions of the island. Professional
photographer Bart Landheer went on loca-
tion with the teens and the experts to create
another exceptionally beautiful Bonaire
Supla Karko, for instance, was photo-
graphed at Lac Cai and features Hubert
Mercera teaching Charlton Christiaan how
to play the conch horn. Other photos show
popular traditions such as building a cactus
fence, making charcoal and boat building.
For the 2010 calendar there are two pages

in English describing the arts and crafts that
are featured on the calendar; then on each
page there is a brief summary of the cultural
event in three languages: English, Dutch
and Papiamentu. All proceeds from sales of
the calendar go to the Jong Bonaire after
school program for teens.
Calendars will be on sale in a number of
locations around the island starting in late
September or can be purchased directly
from Jong Bonaire for orders over 10 units.
Many companies on the island have pur-
chased the calendar as a year-end gift for
their employees and clients while helping to
donate to Jong Bonaire.
Quantities of the calendar can be pur-
chased via e-mail at jongbo-
naire(al)sunspotsbonaire.com Those inter-
ested can also make contact via phone at
786-1357 if they wish to purchase 10 or
more calendars.
Starting in October it will also be avail-
able to purchase on-line at http://
where there is more information about the
youth center and its many projects
"The culture calendar also makes a
terrific souvenir for visitors to the island
and a handy Christmas gift as well," said
Alan Gross, treasurer of the Jong Bonaire
foundation. "We have found that selling a

useful product like this creates a win-win runs a greater risk of losing its cultural
situation. We get donations and donors get identity. For this reason the youth center
something nice for their money." hosted a Culture Month last March and the
The calendars measure 12 x 12 inches (30 teens with the best projects were selected to
x 30 cm) when closed and come individu- appear on the calendar.
ally wrapped with a cardboard support for Jong Bonaire serves the island's teenagers
easy mailing or gift wrapping. each weekday after school and provides a
The 2010 Culture Calendar is especially safe, supervised, and caring environment for
important as the island begins its transi- the youth--the most valuable resource for
tion into a municipality of Holland and the future of Bonaire. U Press release

Jong Bonaire Introduces Logo for Anniversary Celebration

The after school program Jong Bon-
aire has introduced a commemorative
logo for the big 10-year anniversary which
will take place the first weekend of October.
The logo was developed by Juliandro
Soree, a former member of the youth center
who is helping plan the celebration activi-
Juliandro adapted the existing Jong Bon-
aire logo to include the celebration informa-
tion and also the three words: Responsibil-
ity, Friendship & Respect. These three

New Project For Troubled
Youngsters And Families

As of August 1 st Jong Bonaire has
been offering counseling for fami-
lies with a variety of problems. The pro-

^ Jok iovtaLre 9

words have been the most frequent ones
used in a survey of former members about
what Jong Bonaire meant to them. So far
almost 120 former members have completed

ject is aimed at families as a whole, includ-
ing parents and children. The Project Fam-
ily Development will be in its experimental
phase until December 2009 and, if the re-
sults are favorable, the project will become
a permanent offering at the youth center.

At times families on Bonaire encounter
various kinds of problems: financial, work
related, housing, school attendance related,
lack of communication, police or the jus-
tice system.
Help and guidance will be offered by this
new project, specifically aimed at those
families experiencing these types of prob-
lems. At Jong Bonaire an experienced fam-

the on-line survey.
"We are very proud that our former mem-
bers have taken the time to answer the sur-
vey and also that what they are saying is
exactly what the goals of the youth center
are. They are the most important things for
our youth to learn," said Jona Chirino, man-
ager of Jong Bonaire.
The anniversary celebration includes a
registration party on Friday, 2 October,
followed by an all-day Youth Conference
on Saturday. Then on Sunday, 4 Octo-
ber, the teens will join the community in
the annual Swim to Klein Bonaire, which

ily coach will work with parents and their
children to suggest appropriate steps to put
into action.
Coach Jan Arnold welcomes every fam-
ily who is motivated to find solutions with
the possibilities that are available. There
are many effective options to help in the
situations described.
To be eligible to participate in the Family
Project, families need to contact the coach
for an interview.
For registration and information call:
Jong Bonaire. Tel: 717-4303.E Press

was developed nine years ago as a fund-
raising event for the youth center.
Other former members of the planning
commission for the celebration include:
Zuli Marchena, July Wanga, Nilson Morillo,
Jonathan Clarinda, Farley Marcera, Echo
Chirino and Reagan Nicolaas. U
Press release

destruction of your home. .

Shop TIS for a large variety of foods, products, frozen items, meats, s.
liquors, wines and much more. Come and ihae .1 look in our bi2 market
on Kaya Industria and Shop the Caribbean way. TIS is for everybody!

The Island Supplier Kaya Industria Wholesale and Retail
28A. Tel # 717-6446 or 717-6448 j T.I.S. delivers to homes, marinas
Fax # 717-6447 Email: tis@telbonet.an restaurants, supermarkets and tokos.

Page 6

Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

L(D3 (bvjj(2t27DD jjl jDj9w DDWDIVo

Bonairean Voices is sponsored by

Kaya L.D. Gerharts 1 Phone: +(599) 715-5520
Website: www.mcbbonaire.com Emailii info@mcbbonaire.com

M any caring parents are asking today where
they can bring their children for recreation
besides all the places they already know here in Bonaire.
Well animal lovers, we have good news for you. Gielmon
"Funchi" Egbrechts (50), owner and manager of the Ani-
mal Farm, and Josie Cieremans (57) give you the oppor-
tunity to get to know your island and the farm life. When
I asked them why they started an animal farm, Josie says,
"We don't want children to forget their culture."
Gielmon 'Funchi' continues, "Farm life has been mod-
ernized. Our ancestors used to have the patience for this
kind of life. They lived from what they produced. A lot
of people don't have that today. You don't have young
people going to the farm anymore. Young people don't
want to work hard, but they do want to earn a lot of
money. They don't have the initiative to start with some-
thing. In fact the whole world is the same. People want a
lot of money for less work. I love farm life and nature.
I've lived on a farm for 27 years now, and I don't want
people to forget about farm life and the nature we own
here in Bonaire.
I've owned this farm for long as I've lived here and I
wanted to do something. So Josie and I started this Ani-
mal Farm on April 1, 2008, to help youngsters under-
stand what farm life is all about, to have love for animals
and their culture. I know it's not an easy task, but you
have to educate the young people. We've had different
groups of school boys and girls visiting the farm during
vacation times, and it's a matter of instilling this thought
in them. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to tell them the
same thing over and over again, but it is worth it."

"When I drive on the road," Josie says, "and I see chil-
dren throwing stones at the animals I feel shame. In my
opinion a lot of people here in Bonaire are missing love
for the animals and nature itself. Some people are so
careless about nature and we are being awakened by na-

Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009


ture every day. Funchi and I have different plans and
projects to get people to come to the farm. We have bro-
chures to hand out. We visit the schools with our pro-
jects. We have the television program, 'Pachito,' to show
the children the farm. We sent out emails to different
places. We have vacation plan and vacation stay projects
coming soon. We keep the entrance free. At the end of
every month we have a radio program on Voz di Bonaire
with Mamita Fox. I will participate in the Children's
Animal Farm Day in The Netherlands on the 24th of Sep-
tember, with the purpose of connecting with all the State
Farms in The Netherlands and so we can get a subsidy
for food for the animals.
On Animal Day, the 4th of October we'll have an
open day for children between 0 to 13 years old. We
have a lot of games for children. It will be from 10 am
to 12 noon. We will announce a gathering point where a
bus will pick up the children and drive them to the farm
in Washikemba. The entrance is free. Everyone can bring
food for the animals. The Children's Animal Farm needs
your help. We have a Blue Jeep in Kaya Neerlandia
across from the Gas Express Station waiting for you to
put your scraps bags (veggies or old bread) in the back of
the Jeep. Every day we take the food to the animals.
Every Saturday we have volunteers' day from 10 am
to 12 noon where children and their parents can come to
feed the animals, bathe them and pet them.
In the near future we will open an after school session
for children who love animals and can stay after school
while their parents are working. In this way we can en-
courage the youngsters to love their nature and culture."
For any questions Send your corn-
you might have ments to The Bon-
about the Animal aire Reporter, P.O.
Farm you can call Box 407, Bonaire,
"Funchi" at 780- or email reported
1225 or Josie at 796- dbonairenews.
7303. today. U Sio- com.
mara E. Albertus

3 We keep making things
convenient for you!
E With 4 branches and 10 ATMs located
throughout the island and our
Internet Banking, MCB@Home, at your
service anytime, any day, anywhere.

To solve the puzzle, enter the numbers 1 through 9
to the partially filled in puzzle without repeating a
number in any row, column or 3 x 3 region. Answer
on page 17. Supplied by Molly Bartikoski-Kearney

3 8 2 7

7 93

4 6 3

3 6 5 7 1 4

1 7 8

26 9

94 65

S7 9

BonQuiz #14

B onaire's only native mammal is a tiny crea-
ture but has the HUGE job of maintaining
nature's balance on the island of Bonaire. Besides
consuming vast numbers of mosquitoes, it pollinates
the flowers of the cactus and disperses their seeds.
The cactuses hold the soil of Bonaire together and
provide a home and food for birds, iguanas and liz-
These high-energy mammals need to rest and
breed. The caves on Bonaire provide an important
haven for them. The females give birth to only one
pup a year, and if there is too much disturbance in
the cave the mothers may abandon their young. The
long tongued variety is classified as a "Keystone
species" which means without them other species
cannot survive. Nectar, fruit and fish eating types all
appear on Bonaire.
Q) Who is it? Answer onpage 15

BonQuiz appears regularly in
The Reporter. It's prepared by
Christie Dovale of Christie
Dovale Island Tours. Contact
her to arrange a tour, Phone 717
-4435 or 795-3456 or email:
christiedovale thotmail.com.

Page 7

fl0E--.AvM Wk
tr, oA m C EzC i

Flotsam & Jetsam (Continued from page 2)
had crashed into a monument at a speed of
112 km./h.

Economists and consumers are feel-
ing better about the economy a year after
the most frightening moments of the fi-
nancial crisis. The Associated Press re-
ported that according to a new government
survey US economic activity is stabilizing
or improving in the vast majority of the
country adding to evidence that the worst
recession since the 1930s is over. What does
this mean for Bonaire's economics?
The downturn in Bonaire has lagged the
worldwide crisis and the recovery is lagging
as well. This may be the opportune time to
make offers and invest in island real estate
and business before they surge.

Dutch State Secretary of Economic
Affairs Frank Heemskerk stated that
Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius will most
probably be able to get funds from the
budget of the Dutch Bureau for Tourism
and Congresses (NBTC).
Heemskerk said he would look into the
possibilities of the three BES islands mak-
ing use of the millions of euros that he is
making available for Holland Promotion
abroad. For the period 2008-2010,
Heemskerk has reserved 50 million for
NBTC. The bureau uses this money to at-
tract foreign tourists to The Netherlands.
NBTC also promotes vacations for Dutch
citizens in their own country.

D Member of the Dutch Parliament, Hero
Brinkman, of the Dutch Party for Freedom
failed to secure sufficient votes to carry
his motion to have the Dutch National
Ombudsman of the Netherlands investi-
gate the integrity of government in Bon-
aire, Saba and St. Eustatius.

D The Social Insurance Bank (SVB)
has announced that citizens over 60 years
old will be covered by its medical insur-
ance effective October 2010. What this
will mean to Bonaire senior citizens is
uncertain because by that time the BES
Islands, including Bonaire, should be
part of the Dutch health insurance sys-
Until now, seniors had been excluded
from SVB medical insurance upon reaching
the retirement age, as the insurance was
linked to employment. Any senior citizen
with a pension income above the pp ("poor
person") card level of NAf 1.500 per month
(and not being a government pensioned
person) was dependent on expensive pri-
vate insurance. If such could be found, the
premium amounted to somewhere between
NAf 400 and NAf 600 per month.
On human considerations, these uninsured
senior citizens generally received a "limited
pp-card." This allowed for payment of spe-
cialist treatment with the relevant expensive
laboratory tests and costly medication but
not the relatively cheaper primary health
care from the family doctors. As these sen-
ior citizens could not afford to pay for the
family doctor and the prescribed medica-
tion, the family doctors referred them to the
specialist, which was, after all, covered by
the limited pp-card.
Minister Omayra Leeflang (Public Health
and Social Development), who took the
opportunity to further clarify this matter
during the weekly press conference of the
Council of Ministers, said this was an exam-
ple of the British expression "Penny wise
and pound foolish.

"Neglecting certain health care matters -
in view of economy measures will only
cost more, as the bill will still be presented

Kaya industrial 24, Kralendijk, Bonaire
tel: (+599) 717- 8700 www.warehousebonaire.com

Page 8

1 Ramon Booi,
number 95, the
son of Bonaire's
UPB (green)
party leader
Ramonsito Booi,
has earned a posi-
tion as nose guard
on the Wake For- ,
est University7
football team.
Just 19 years old, Rivals.com
at 6'6" (1.98 m.)
tall and 300 lbs (136 kg.) he will be a
hard man to face on the line.
He was recruited from Neese High
School in Jacksonville, FL, where he was
an outstanding player and helped Nease to
three straight Class 4A state championship
games including a state title.
Wake Forest football coach McCartney is
excited about freshman Ramon Booi when
later on. By not insuring the over-60 citi-
zens the community was saddled with the
higher costs of pp- and limited pp-cards.
The Minister further remarked that health
insurance for senior citizens is also a matter
of right, as laid down in the International
Treaty regarding Civil Rights and Political
Rights (IVBPR or Bupo Treaty) and applies
for the Antilles as well.
"Tolerating a situation where senior citi-
zens cannot be insured at the retirement age
just when they probably require more care
than before, puts a slur on the Antilles."
Leeflang mentioned that when the Antilles
expanded the SVB coverage of employees
in 1996 so that family members of the card-
holders could also be insured, that non-
insured pensioners should have simultane-
ously been included.

0 Dutch Prince Willem-Alexander and

Regular *

Water Taxi

From Bonaire Nautico Marina




Catamaran Kantika di Amor
Up to 27 people and supported by
a brand new larger sister
Catamaran Kantika Too
Up to 50 people
Daily trips via resorts 10 am, 12, 2
pm Except Sundays at 10 am only
Also available for group trips
Tie up dockside
for min. $10/day+tax
(max 1.90 meter draft),
Water and 115/220 v.
Dinghy tie up at north-inside
dock atUS$10 weekly up from
Monday till Monday.
At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399
www.bonairenauticomarina /VHF 68

he reported to training camp this fall. "I'm
very impressed with him," McCartney
said. "We're hopefully going to redshirt*
him this season, and we're really excited
about him. He had a ton of offers and he
chose to come with us."
Success in American college football is
unheard of for a Bonairean. Congratula-
tions, pabien, Ramon.

*A redshirt freshman is a player who sits
out their first year of attendance at a col-
lege. In NCAA rules you can only play
four years. So if a team has a position al-
ready filled a player will redshirt for a year
in order to maintain the full four years of
eligibility when the position opens up.
When a player redshirts he is able to prac-
tice with the team and even participate in a
minimal number of plays .2. 1 minutes
maximum) during the season.

his wife,
Mixima, r
visited the
US Military
Academy at
West Point,
NY, on the
River Tues- r-
day, as part
of celebra-
tions mark- a
ing the Maxima, Willem &, Hillary
400th anni-
versary of the river's discovery by Dutch
explorer Henry Hudson

D As part of the "Clean up the World"
worldwide action
(Continued on page 9)




Les Galeries Shopping Center
(Bordering the parking lot)
Tel. 717-5890
Open M-F 8:30-12, 2-6 pm,
Sat. 9-12

Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

n September 3 the cultural-folkloric Group "Tutti Frutti" left for
SHolland to perform in connection with the Dia di Boneimr cele-
bration in Rijswijk, Den Haag.
Deputy of Culture, Nolly Oleana was present at Flamingo Airport before
the group boarded the plane to wish them well. The group will be perform-
M ing in other cities as well, where they'll spread the unique musical culture
of Bonaire and Rincon throughout the country. Their music is lively with a
danceable beat, and the lyrics in tell stories of Rincon and everyday life.
"Tutti Fmrutti refers to the different kind of fruits we use in our cakes,"
says Emma Sint Jago, president of the folkloric group. "We're composed
of people who come from different groups and bands who join together to
be the Tutti Fmrutti. This year is their 16th anniversary.
The group, which varies from 14 to 19 people, sing, play the
kuarta, guitar, maracas, wiri and other traditional instruments. The group
is unique because all its songs are original, mostly composed by one of
their group, Veronica Mercera. Other composers such as Emma herself,
Richinel Anthony and Augustin Kroon have contributed to their repertoire.
Their songs in Papiamentu speak of the hard work, traditional tasks and
good times, either remembered from childhood or passed down in family
stories. U Laura DeSalvo

Bonaire Library In Action

B onaire's Public Library
announced several ini-
tiatives aimed at better service
to the community. Launched
on the International Day of
Literacy, September 8, the
Free Library Card project aims
to put a library card into the
hands of all Bonaire school-

Free Library Card Project
On September 8 all Bonaire
elementary and SGB high
school students received a free
membership card for the li-
brary, sponsored by the Rotary
Club of Bonaire. The kids re-
ceived a bookmark first and
with this bookmark they can
collect their membership card
at the library by November 6.
Through this initiative the Li-
brary and Rotary hope to
stimulate reading among chil-
dren. Reading helps develop
language skills and broadens
horizons. And books are not
just for retrieving information;
they're full of excitement, sus-
pense, fantasy and humor. In
other words reading is fun!

Cooperation with FORMA
On the same day FORMA
students visited the library.
FORMA and Biblioteka
Puibliko are working together
to make sure that participants
of FORMA's literacy program
will receive support from the
library periodically.

More Books
The library is working hard
to add to their collection. Re-
cently 500 new children's
books arrived and are ready to
be loaned out. Another large
quantity of books is expected
to arrive before the end of the

Read To Me
"Lesa ku mi promt mi
drumi" (Read With Me Before
I Go to Sleep) is a program
begun in July of this year in
conjunction with JePoBon
(N r,,. ihin r i,g. hi,.l a,. en
Poppenspel Bonaire). The goal
is to stimulate parents to read
to their children. The turnout
has been great and kids really
show an interest in reading.

q \A.

Expanding Services
In order to be of better ser-
vice to its community the li-
brary has developed the fol-
lowing activities and services:
Kids Books Festival
Dictation for children
Reading to the elderly
(Kas di Mimina, Kas di
Photo contest for teens
*After school program activi-
Internet caf6
Printing and copying
Through these efforts the
library hopes to attract new

The Island Executive Coun-
cil received a request for ex-
pansion of the opening hours,
to offer the public more possi-
bilities to visit the library.
In the meantime the opening
hours of the library are:
Mon. AM closed 13.00 17.00
Tues. 8.00 12.00 13.00 18.00
Wed. 8.00 12.00 13.00 17.00
Thurs.8.00 12.00 13.00 18.00
Fri. 8.00 12.00 13.00 16.30
U Sharon Bol

Flotsam and Jetsam (Continued from page 8)
(wwv v .....ilh, .*i1 ..ll !,_ the Tera
Kora neighborhood was cleaned by
the island's waste management
company, SELIBON NV, joined with
volunteers from the Tene Boneiru
Limpi Foundation. Even old cars were
removed. The action will continue in
other neighborhoods in the coming
weeks. SELIBON hopes all of
Bonaire's residents will join in the
cleanup and maintain "Paradise
Bonaire" as we know it. Lucia Beck

According to the the website of
Nathalie Bluiminck Misset Hotel
(missethoreca.nl) $46 million has
been invested in Bonaire
development so far this year, the
largest investment in its history. Most
money is invested in expanding the
number of hotel rooms and
apartments, renovations, installation of
new hotels, facilities and meeting
rooms as well as training. Next year
should surpass even these figures. The
planned Divi All Inclusive Sunset
Resort, the tatty "canvas Quonset hut"
eyesore at the traffic circle, already
years past its scheduled completion
date, would contribute to next year's
total of 75 euros according to the
site .


D Following an on-island visit the
new Antilles Minister of Justice,
Magali Jacoba, said she is "very
satisfied" with the operation of
Bonaire's justice system. She
mentioned that there is currently a
backlog of 10 weeks to obtain a

residence permit but that the
department is working hard to reduce
it to six weeks.

D Bonaire Travel will turn 10
years old on December 3rd and they
are celebrating in a big way... with a
giveaway raffle. To enter just buy a
ticket between September 14th and
December 3rd 2009, and you are in the
They will be raffling 10 airline tick-
ets as well as a cash prize of NAf
1000,00, a two-night stay at the How-
ard Johnson in Curagao, a gift certifi-
cate from Arkefly of NAf 250 and gift
certificates from different stores and
The prizes include air tickets to
Aruba with Tiara Air,
to Amsterdam with KLM,
to Ecuador with KLM, to Suriname
with SLM, to Lima, Peru with Avi-
anca, to any destination
within Colombia with Avianca, two
tickets to Miami with Insel Air and
two tickets to St. Maarten with DEA
If you have any questions call Na-
tasja at 717-4343

D Paradise Photo at Les Galeries
Shopping Center (bordering the park-
ing lot) has a great new selection of
wedding and baby photo albums. Very
pretty indeed. And, for those with less
patience to stick photos in a book,
there are boxes to house your photos
safely. Paradise Photo also has an out-
standing choice of greeting cards in
Dutch, English and Papiamentu, many
from Hallmark. Of course they're
headquarters for full digital services.

D Welcome to new Bonaire Re-
porter advertiser, Bona Bista Estates.
If you want to live or invest in a beau-
tiful home site surrounded by nature,
but equipped with modem infrastruc-
ture, fine roads and walking paths then
check out Bona Bista Estates on the
Rincon road. It's just minutes from the
sea, the airport and downtown. See
their ad on the back page and say,
"The Reporter sent me." t G./L. D.

Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

Page 9

.......... ........ ..... .... ....

r mrn.1 -K1M

TV personality Magic Ed's Kiddy
Bouncer was popular with the youngsters


Bicycle mounted police were able to mix easily with
the crowd yet be very mobile

'Gr 6"e'- nt

*Petunias abe,

Green Label Garden Center::
Knya Irrkstr 28 B erd T.S
Tet 7178310, gertabel@ oxxan

Page 10


For morse
clana 4D Information
In" fo@mlo.an



Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

Five IH-onored

Culture Commissioner Nolly Oleana with four of Bonaire's honored.

F ive of Bonaire's outstanding cultural
figures were honored during the Dia
di Boneiru ceremony in Rincon on 6 Sep-
tember. The five men, ranging in age from
37 to 89, were named "Citizens of Honor"
by Nolly Oleana, Deputy of Culture, and
Hubert Vis, head of the SKAL foundation
for art and culture.

T1, ..11, st, Re-
pnrdtl Antonio
MNnclin (Popo)
Ricaird o, was
honored for his
many years of
contribution to the
music of Bonaire,
not only singing
but also writing
songs. He was
especially popular in the 50s and 60s, per-
forming on the radio and at cultural events.

Dominico (B6i)
Antoin was
Ii.iIic..l for his
c 11 iIutions to
IIc LL future, his-
i, ..ind environ-
incnt ,of Bonaire.
In addition to his news reporting he has writ-
ten over 30 books, created the TV program
Herensia which features elders in the com-
munity, and devel-
oped four TV
on the historical
barrios of Bonaire.

culture department, LVV, was cited for his
commitment to giving agricultural informa-
tion in schools, barios and to many organi-
zations. He was also a member of the first
board of directors for Mangazina di Rei.

Artist Juan Gui- .
llermo Norwin
(Nochi) Coffie was
honored for his
contributions to
both painting and
song writing, both
of which promote -
the culture and na-
ture of the island. .
His paintings have
been exhibited throughout the Antilles and
in Holland, and many of his songs are per-
formed during Karnival, the Tumba Festival
and Dia di Rincon.

Danilo Amaro
Christiaan, the
youngest of the
five, is the manager
of Mangazina di
Rei, the open air
museum and bo-
tanical garden.
Danilo has brought
many new projects *'
to the museum and
dramatically increased the number of exhib-
its as well as visitors to the site. He has
worked to involve young people in the cul-
ture and has played a role in the manage-
ment and promotion of culture in Rincon. U

Story & photos by
Jane Townsend

Raymond An-
thony (Rocky)
Emers, who heads
the island's agri-

New arrivals

1 nr /..

^ '3 l

Nazario ("The Bon-
aire Roadrunner" )
Alberto and Roy Martines
were interviewed by
Maritsa San Pedro at the
Saturday Rincon Marshe's
Bou di Ramada. These
amazing fit fellows have
participated multiple times
in the grueling Four Days
of Nijmegen (4 Daagse di -.- .
Nijmegen) in Holland:
Nazario six times, Roy,
five times. Actually add a Walking Champs Roy and Nazario interviewed at
yiveaimn to etall as d oy i Marshe Rincon "Bou di Ramada"
year on to each as one
year (2006) they arrived to find the race cancelled after one day due to extreme heat.
The pair is very appreciative of the help they've gotten from family and supporters to
make it possible for them to show the flag at the event.

The Four Days of Nijmegen, considered the Walk of the World, draws over 40,000
participants worldwide, including about 5,000 military. Since 1916 it's been based at
Nijmegen and was originally a walk for the military. This year it was from July 21 to
24 with participants walking 30-40-50 kilometers per day for the four days.

Listening to Nazario and Roy is to realize it's never too late to get in shape.
Nazario, now 61, decided to change his life at the age of 54 when he gave up smok-
ing and caffeine and started walking. Roy, now 50, was a soccer player, but when his
twin brother Rolly recovered from a serious illness and was told to start walking,
Roy decided to join him. (At the time of their interview brother Rolly was in Holland
on tour with the Tutti Frutti group.)
Nearly the entire island has felt Nazario's and Roy's footsteps. They've walked
tower to tower. They've walked with B6i Antoin, Marcel Nahr and the Pia Pia
Kunuku Bieu group.
To help celebrate Bonaire Day this year in Rincon the next day the two left at mid-
night, Saturday, September 5, from Red Pan at the Slave Huts and made the trek to
Rincon, arriving during the celebration the following day, Sunday, between 2 and 3
pm. U Laura DeSalvo

A new liqueur made its debut on Bonaire Day in
Rincon last weekend. It' s Cadushy of Bonaire
and is made in Holland of genuine Bonaire cadushy
(kadushi) cactus, lime (lamunchi) juice and some other
secret ingredients. It is a cool lime color and is quite re-
freshing but powerful. As it says on their brochure:
"Please drink responsible. Cactus can be very activating.
You are at risk of experiencing a very stimulating and
pleasant experience." Sound interesting yet? A portion of
the sale of the product goes to the Bonaire Heritage Foun-
dation (WWW.BonaireHeritage.com web site in
Cadushy of Bonaire is sold at shops all over the island
as well as at the Mangazina di Rei in Rincon. They have a
well done website that includes recipes and some beauti-
ful photos: WWW.Cadushy.com. U Laura DeSalvo.



Kaya Grandi 29, Kralendijk-Bonaire N.A. tel: 717 5107
Store hours Tuesday through Saturdays
from 9a.m.-12:30p.m. and 2:00p.m.-6:30 p.m.



:2i, ,.:.,i 5 9 v .),,' J -

Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009


- .
I .

S ec- c

Page 11

DeCno Tromp Named to Hall offaami

O n Wednesday, September 2, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dr. Delno
Tromp Muller received an award and recognition from the Uni-
versity of Sagrado Corazon (originally part of Cornell University). The
award was presented to Delno as a former graduate in recognition of his
work in the area of tourism and his major accomplishments as a hu-
manitarian in many places in the world. The award was presented by the \'.
President of the University, Dr. Jose J. Rivera. The recognition places
Delno in the "Hall of Fame" of this prestigious university. Every year
the University chooses one or more of its outstanding graduates who
have brought honor to the University.
On Bonaire Delno has been an active and faithful supporter of both
Special Olympics Bonaire and the Maria Hoppner Home, among others.
He was selected twice as BONHATA's Person of the Year and Man of
the Year by the newspapers Nobo and AD. *pot
Delno has a number of books to his credit: Marketing Dictionary,
Portraits from a Palaver (Poems), Proposal and Thesis ,, i i. the series: Recipes for Goals, Friend-
ship, Leadership, Success. Profits from the sale of the last book, Recipes for Success, went to Special
Olympics Bonaire. Present at the ceremony were members of his family and friends. U L.D.

& V tr e-uo r
7 @"'1 1MEE"


Dear Editor:
A few weeks ago my hus-
band, Jim, and I started going
on a morning walk along Kayi
Gob. Debrot north to the Web
plant or south to the Kas de
Regatta (sailing center). Our
intention was to get a little exc i-
cise, but as we did our walks w c
started picking up some of the
garbage along the road. We
started carrying garbage sacks
and our 30 to 40 minute walks
became 60 to 90 minutes. We
thought we would eventually
get that stretch of road clean,
but found each morning there
was plenty of new garbage to
pick up. The majority of the
garbage consists of plastic bot-
tles and cups, beer bottles and
cans, plastic bags, paper boxes
and bags, Styrofoam, and
things of that nature, but we've
also found money (NAf10),
several good T-shirts, and an
inflatable water mat.
What is so frustrating is that
we frequently find bottles that
have been thrown out within 5
to 10 meters of a trash can. The
area around the harbor is a
perfect example of that.
In a perfect world, Bonaire
would either pass strict anti-
litter laws or would have paid
personnel to routinely pick up
the litter along the roads. Since
that is not likely to happen in


Dear Editor:
Plastic is so prevalent in our
oceans now that an area larger
than Texas is floating out in the
Pacific filled with litter includ-
ing a huge portion of plastic.
This plastic breaks down into
miniature pieces that are barely
visible but are still there and
won't disappear. A lot of this is
consumed accidentally by ma-
rine animals.
On Bonaire's east coast, in-
stead of creating "art" from
plastic bottles stuck on wood,

the near future, I would like to
organize a group of people to
"sponsor" a stretch of road and
volunteer to routinely (at least
once a week) pick up litter
along that stretch of road. If you

Marge Lawson

which is more like
graffiti, why don't
these people spend
that same amount
of time cleaning
this up? It may not
solve a world prob-
lem but it would
help. Plastic in the
landfill is not good,
but it is better than
letting it break
down along the
coast and wash
back to sea.


Body alk


W ow, thank you all for the
comments, criticism and
encouragement regarding whether
soy is really that bad. I am afraid
that in this issue the news does not
get any better.

Most (but not all) soybeans pro-
duced since 1996 are resistant to
the pesticide glyphosate, commonly
known as Roundup, yes the same
Roundup available here on Bonaire
to kill unwanted weeds! Roundup-
Ready soybeans account for most
of today's soybean production in
the US, with countries like Argen-
tina, Brazil and China also produc-
ing genetically modified soy beans.
So what does 'genetically modi-
fied' mean when we talk about soy
beans? Soybeans have a gene in-
serted that makes them resistant to
herbicides. This way, more herbi-
cides can be sprayed around them
to kill the weeds and other plants -
farming efficiency, less weeding.
Talk about economics the same
company that has the patent for this
particular soy bean, also has the
patent for Roundup herbicide! An-
other major problem is that
Roundup is making agricultural
workers sick, being the third most
common cause of illness in Califor-
nia agricultural workers.

In the previous issue we spoke
about the process the soybean un-
dergoes to produce soybean oil. An
added process (yes, another one!) is
hydrogenating (to harden) the soy-
bean oil into a perfectly engineered
non-food margarine. Scientists
found that when hydrogen gas, in
the presence of a metallic catalyst
(aluminium) is forced through the
oil for hours, the product they end
up with is closer to plastic than a
food margarine. How dead can a
product be? Did you know that the
reason potato chips last so long
(shelf life and an opened bag) is
that the potato chips have been
soaked in hydrogenated soybean oil
to protect them from the external
environment? Yes, the same soy-
bean oil used as a base for paint,
varnish and linoleum as well as
printer's ink.

The Tainted Triangle

brella with the FDA's current
stance that genetically modified
food and non-genetically modified
food is "equivalent."

Unfortunately for us, this totally un
-digestible product is found in vari-
ous forms in almost everything that
is manufactured. Oh, it is very clev-
erly disguised as natural flavorings,
vegetable shortening, hydrolyzed
protein and textured vegetable pro-
tein. Start reading those labels.
Remember, the print is very small
for a reason the food manufactur-
ers do not want you to be able to
read those labels. I assume
(possibly incorrectly) that people
who do not eat meat (and I include
myself) do so for better health.
Why then do so many non-meat
eaters switch to such a highly toxic
waste product that not only has NO
nutritional value but is actually
dangerous for human consumption?
Surely common sense dictates that
one should eat simple and natural.
Get rid of all those manufactured
(and expensive) processed foods.
So, to answer the original question
whether it is better to eat soy than
insist on eating meat!) MStephanie

Next issue I will answer as many
of your questions about dairy, re-
fined sugar and meat as possible.

Author Stephanie Bennett was born
in Cape Town, South Africa, where
she studied herbs, minerals and nutri-
tion. Before moving to Bonaire she
continued her studies in UK, and now
researches health
issues that par-
ticularly affect
people on Bonaire
and other Carih-

S ..... I r_' I I,i I l!i. i i' .11 /,,, ,
.i iii, I iii. . ..l. ,_ I it. I it.. i ii I. -
|i..l ......I ,.iii.k'i lt ,,ii_'t. I .| urI 1 'r

Your health is your ONLY wealth.

Nutrition for Energy
S* Food Combining
Nutrition and Diabetes
Mineral Deficiencies
Stress Relief

Mineral Therapy: Helping the body to heal itself
Opening Hours Tel 788 0030 For an appointment
Monday Friday Harmony House
9am 1pm Stephanie Bennett
By appointment Kaya Papa Comes #2, Antriol
only nwww.harmonyhousebonaire.com

Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

Page 12

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Picture Yourself With The Reporter In... Pike's Peak
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"Picture Yourself' last week. Here is Ingrid Pols (left), formerly the Rooms and
Division Manager at
Sand Dollar, who
visited Judy and Jim
Kewley, condo own-
ers at Sand Dollar,
in Colorado Springs,
Colorado, on a re
cent trip to the US
from Holland with
her friend Sonja (not
Ingrid and Sonja
enjoyed a trip with
Judy and Jim to the
top of Pikes Peak,

(4,300 m.).

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9-20 3:27 1.3FT. 5:42 1.2FT. 13:52 1.7FT. 22:02 1.0FT. 98
9-21 14:43 1.8FT. 23:39 1.0FT. 93
9-22 1:04 0.9FT. 15:44 1.8FT. 85
9-23 2:08 0.8FT. 16:39 1.8FT. 74
9-24 2:54 0.8FT. 17:40 1.8FT. 62
9-25 3:37 0.8FT. 18:29 1.8FT. 50
9-26 4:07 0.8FT. 19:21 1.8FT. 40
9-27 4:33 0.8FT. 20:03 1.8FT. 33
9-28 4:58 0.9FT. 20:42 1.8FT. 32
9-29 5:17 0.9FT. 11:43 1.3FT. 14:03 1.3FT. 21:26 1.7FT. 37
9-30 5:24 1.0FT. 11:25 1.4FT. 15:32 1.3FT. 22:03 1.6FT. 45
10-01 5:20 1.1FT. 11:32 1.5FT. 16:42 1.2FT. 22:39 1.5FT. 55
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~~Z f

int Smme. eeT 0Boryou hte

ThrdaO ctbe :0,00:0

2: 0 Eeto Msso eat 09

Registraion Party -Seenpage 7
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Dm i IITunaet(inl)a
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By appointment Rooi
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tation about Buddy's House Reef pool
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Tuesday-- Bonaire Land and Ocean
presentation by Fish-Eye Photo staff,
7pm on the big screen inside the Sunset
Bar and Grill at Den Laman Condomini-

Wednesday- Sea Turtle Conservation
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aire Slide vi ..., every 2nd & 4th
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Contact: 717-3322
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Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

Page 14

Q0)Bubbles from the Biologist BonQuiz
.. M

w 1
_ ~~ *

H At> I

Question (from page 7):
k. What is the name of the Bonaire keystone spe-
. Answer: The Bat

Did You Know...
T hat stingrays feel
streSS? The effects of eco-
tourism on animal stress levels have been
well-studied for many marine animals,
including dolphins, turtles, and seabirds,
but researchers have only recently learned
that ecotourism can negatively affect the
health of stingrays. At stingray ecotourism
hotspots, boat charters and cruise ships
offer visitors the opportunity to observe
and stroke stingrays by enticing the ani-
mals to within touching distance using
pieces of squid and fish.

To investigate what effect all of this
touching, feeding, and boating has on the
health of the stingrays, a team of research-
ers compared blood samples collected from
southern stingrays (Dasyatis americana)
present at a popular stingray tourism site in
Grand Cayman to samples from rays not
exposed to tourism (Semenuik et al, 2009).
Blood tests revealed that stingrays exposed
to tourists had weaker immune systems
than rays that did not interact with tourists.
A compromised immune system might
make them more vulnerable to disease or
parasitic infections. Stingrays with injuries
caused by boats were also frequently seen
in this study. Although common sense
would suggest that stressed-out stingrays
would simply avoid areas with intense
tourist activity, the high availability of
food at these ecotourism sites likely moti-
vates some rays to use these areas in spite
of the added stress. Currently, there are no
regulations on the stingray ecotourism in-
dustry, but new legislation was recently
introduced in the Cayman Islands to better
protect marine wildlife from stresses re-
lated to ecotourism.

While not all interactions that marine
animals have with people are stressful, it is
important to remember that animals need

their "personal space" and can become ill
if fed foods that are not a part of their natu-
ral diet. Rays are not abundant in Bonaire
compared to other areas of the Caribbean,
but whenever you are fortunate enough to
see a spotted eagle ray gliding over a reef,
reitin imbE slhud, and I% poptillions ai,.
untdI [lIC itCIdoISL l SSl' 10111 Of Ncim lli -
in,_" lubIiul loss ,iand ccoloiitiiint and
withoutH llcfIIflC colitnClo tiri%1011 qSitS
the oppoilltuiiilniS lc t I C. to SCC lihscc
gIaccilult aniluts tnal bccominc K ItI: si'l
raic U f li o1

Author Kate Jirik (above) recently com-
pleted her graduate studies on the habitat
use ofii, i-., .1 and sea turtles in southern
California, U.S.A. She is currently teach-
ing and c-. In.,, i,,i. research at CIEE Re-
search Station Bonaire
(www. cieebonaire. org).

References and further reading may be available for
this article. To view references and further reading
you must purchase this article from Science Direct.
_ob=ArticleURL& udi-B6V5X-4W4S374-
2&_user-10& coverDate-08002F3100
2F2009& rdoc-1& fmt=full& orig-search&_cdi=5
798& sorted& docanchor=&view=c& searchStrld=
1009861962& rerunOrigin-google&_acct-C000050
221& version=1& urlVersion=0& userid=10&md5

C.A.D. Semeniuk, S. Bourgeon, S. L. Smith and K.
D. Rothley. 2009. Hematological differences between
stingrays at tourist and non-visited sites suggest
physiological costs of wildlife tourism. Biol. Cons.


www. bestpearlsbonai
Main Suroi Eay Grandl 32. Bonaia 1


TELE 717 -3527 FAX 717-3528 -
CELL 701-3527
TlI:h 798 4S1 On time <> Done Right

Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

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Hair Affair

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Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

Page 16

Cycling Team Bonaire Sweeps the National Bicycle Championships

Innire Welne- Cnne inn phnfn
.. .. .. , .. ... .... .. .. .. ..,. .,.

1imi II'I Eris Frimssi%'iI wid RIdim EsimEsII

C uraqao competitors were con-
founded by Bonaire's cyclists in
the National Championship. During an
amazing weekend of racing, August 29
and 30, Erik Franssen and Rhian Evans
won the Antillean Mountain Bike Na-
tional Championship in Curacao.
Cycling Team Bonaire's (CTB) Erik
Franssen (#322) and Rhian Evans (#492)
were convincing frontrunners. Each of
them displayed championship perform-
ance and proved a valuable asset to the
team. The new CTB team members, Erik
and Rhian, flew to Curacao with their
teammates to represent Bonaire with pride
in the Nationals.

Rhian's day job was studying Bonaire's
endangered Amazon parrot, the Lora, and
has written the series, "2009 Parrot
Watch" in The Reporter. Sadly, she has
returned to the UK. Eric helps Dr. van der
Vaart in the Centro Medico Clinic.
"At the last flat section of the course,"
Erik said after winning the race, "I gave it
everything I had as I thought that I had a
good chance to be first, and that was ex-
actly what happened.," Other teammates
racing this weekend were Maynard Cicilia
and Junhua Fang in the kid's categories.
Frank Bohm, Floris Dullaart, Amanda
Hollebone, and team director Miguel An-
gel Brito raced in the elite, sub-master and

master categories.
On the fast and challenging course in
the area of Koraal Tabak, nobody could
follow Rhian who was up front through-
out the race. "I felt really good today; my
highest heart rate was 171 bpm. At the
very first lap, I could move up front real
quick and pushed hard until the finish
line," Rhian said after beating Gerda Fok-
ker by over five minutes. Rhian is a com-
petitive fell-runner in her native Great
However, Fokker received the gold
medal as Rhian wasn't a Dutch citizen.
Results of the race are online on the web-
site www.bon irewellness.com

Team director Miguel Angel Brito ex-
plains, "I am very proud of our team. We
are training really hard as we want to
move the CTB into a new level. We did
an amazing performance that weekend
and now we have to keep training for the
last two races of the season, the BWC
Challenge Race on Bonaire in November
and the Xtreme Race in Curacao in De-
Bonaire Wellness Connexions congratu-
lates all of Team Bonaire for their fine
Netherlands Antilles National Champion-
ship. Pa Bien! U Miguel Angel Brito

Chasing the Wind

Bonaire's Ruben Petrisie gives us glimpses of the life of a pro windsurfer.
He's a "rapper" as well as a rider. He reports from Turkey:

F irst thing the morning
after my last perform-
ance at the Austria Free
Style classic windsurfing -
event I jumped on a Turkish .... .' /". ....
flight going towards the
Mediterranean Sea, south of
After a three-hour flight I'
arrived at Dalamans airport.
It took another three hours'

perched on the peninsula
that juts into the Aegean Sea
beyond Marmaris. The mod-
ern city of Datca is located
at its half-way point. The '
ancient city of Knidos was
originally located near ...
Data, but moved to the:
western tip in about 360 BC. .
Datca is known now for its
long hot summers and strong .... "
thermal winds that blow ."
over huge mountains. It's .
hosted the Turkish windsurf- .
ing championship races for
several years now. There are ... .. -it
two fully equipped windsurf -- m ..l
centers, traditional Turkish ...... .........
restaurants and cute bunga- .......
lows near the beach. us for training. Our car was packed with
I was invited by the Turkish freestyle equipment and we were all ready for the
windsurfing Champion Berk Yalgin action to begin.
who's held the freestyle title in Turkey for The funny part was that the forecast
three years. On schedule we had freestyle was turning into something we didn't
training and a filming project for the first want to see: shifting winds, some cloud
windsurfing instructional DVD in Turkish cover and rain for the next few days, mak-
for the Turkish windsurf industry. A few ing us all nervous. We ended up playing
days later the Danish female freestyle soccer, ping pong, biking and swimming.
champion, Xenia Kessler, came by to join As soon as there was a bit of breeze

we'd drive down to the beach to check,
but conditions seemed to be unsuitable on
every single attempt. Locals would smile
and say that the winds were playing tricks
on us. Oh well, it was funny to hear it.
I've been coming to Turkey for training
for three years now and have never ex-
perienced such conditions at this time of
After about 12 days Xenia and I de-
cided to chase the wind and went on a trip
a bit up north where the forecast looked a
little more stable. We decided to take a
five-hour bus trip to Izmir followed by a
one-hour drive to Cesme, Alacati, where
windsurfing in Turkey originally started
years ago.
We arrived at 9am, dropped our bags at
the Shaka Bar and Pension and went
straight to the water.
It almost felt like we'd not been sailing
for months. Conditions were sunny with
gusty winds up to 25 knots, No way we
could go and miss this one. We sailed for
three hours, non-stop, until the wind itself
started to take a break. We went for a late
breakfast/lunch combination, or as some
folks may say, "brunch."
After a power nap we were back out on
the water for a couple of hours and sailed
until we were destroyed. The forecast
looked good for the coming days and we
were happy about our decision to come all
the way up to Alacati.
The rest of the weeks we will be train-
ing together on improving our freestyle
skills for upcoming events, at the same
time shooting footage and photos for pro-
motional material for our sponsors.
On my next trips I'll probably be com-
peting in the European Freestyle Pro

Ivano photo

Tour. Stay tuned for the next event re-
Thanks for reading. Ruben Petrisie
Sponsors Loft sails, Unifiber, Reptile-
Masts, Kamoana c. ',,ii.

Sudoku Solution

642 587 391

938 641 275

751 932 846

487 165 923


1 129 374 568

573 426 189

294 813 657

816 759 432

Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

Page 17

!Mnd~29 t78
49ft 26!21 m 1i .I.AF1 5698fil BM flt
-436 f 239
Klein Bonaire672 i e2701
pr6.Fl ( 0. 9m Piz$B&

9l B.. lfll ..Is i 'Lu ai I o.. -
W e felt the earth move in The Reporter office last Saturday afternoon. It
was so slight, it might have been just our imagination. That was until we
read the next day's news from Venezuela.
The US Geological Survey reported that a strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake
shook the area, causing panic in Caracas and injuring at least seven people in
Venezuela when houses in the countryside collapsed.
The quake, the strongest in the region in years, hit at 3:40 pm (local time) authori-
ties said. Fortunately, there was no tsunami. If there was, there would have been no
warning as the wave would have taken just five or six minutes to hit Bonaire.
The US Geological Survey said the epicenter was 23 miles (36 km.) north-
northeast of Puerto Cabello. That's just 75 miles (120 km.) southeast of the south-
ern tip of Bonaire. It was below the sea at a depth of 6.2 miles (10 km). 0 G. D.

599 09-560-7539

Antillean Wine Company
(599) 09-660-7539
Fax (599) 717-2950
wine@ ntll learnvi ne .com

Page 18

Pet of the Week
44' or is a diiiii,
they sal at the
Bonaire Animal Sliclici
"He's just so s'cct Not
only that but he s o c n
handsome fellow too A
strong strain of SuiiincSc is
obvious in Cor's bciioiiiound
when you see him s bcntioiful
blue eyes and pale tIudc s of
beige on white coloiii, Hc
was found abandoned it Sa-
bal Palm and wlihn it aas
discovered that he jas _uici
a special cat he was In ncdli-
ately put up for adoption ii
Cor has been steili/cd iiiand
he's in top health li aln' Jii
had all his checkups tcsti
worming and shots Hc
about a year old. Yoiu ii\
see him and the oilic
adoptees at the Shlsich i on ith
Lagoen Road, opcn londii\
through Saturday, 10toI iid
3 to 5. Tel. 717-49\s
Did you know that theic
Shelter has a sellinii tablk at
the monthly Flea Nliikt i a
the Parke Publico c.cin % tfiit
Saturday of the monihii' .lIA
sorts of strange and ond.i- or
ful things are for sale at the
Shelter table and all the proceeds go to help keep the Shelter open. It's a win-win
situation: you find something you want for a low, low price, and the Shelter benefits.
The Flea market goes from 3 to 7 pm.
And, if you're moving or going through your things and want to make a clean
sweep of all the stuff you no longer need or want, give the Shelter a call and someone
will pick it up to go on the Shelter table at the Flea Market. Tel. 717-4989. 0
Laura DeSalvo

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All Bonaire Reporter Ads are in
the printed paper and on the
Internet too.

Your advertisement can be
here and reach thousands of
people who are buyers.

3,000 copies every issue, 2 x per month!

Call Laura at 790-6518
Email: info@bonairereporter.com

Premia otro
Inskribi pa Appeltji::. van OranjOI 2010

Oranje Fonds ta bu5ka inisiativa andandot
~'.s~ku ta trese diferente grupo di hende
huntu pa rnei' di deported, iEc, ta embolb den
0 bo s~ di on prc:yelto asinVI In~kr'h esaki e
ora el prome u dia 2s dii %r-pit-rribel'-.. c-L4j PO 1Ufl
Ar-ptlx e van --)r.; n ;t 2 0101

Oiranje Fonds ta e tcorijj rashonal mas Iranrid
Tnba tereno sosial, Tur an nos protektompirenses
Maxma, ta otorgA tires Appelties vtan Oranje.
E premio aki Wa konsisti d!; un suma di plaka di
C 1-, 000 1 un estatua (hilkirit dl bt~ns.

Pa mas informashon i e manera di insribi, konsulta www.oranjefands.nl/appeltjeLio. .f)arna e
I,tlL'i d ii konseho di Union di Fondonan riba bo isla: senior de heer J Soliano, (oo 599) 76 7422.

Laat Nederland van zijn beste kant zien. Oranje Fonds

Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

*to find it... just look up


years ago the
Persian poet
Omar Khay-
yam in his
book of po-
etry, "The
wrote his
most famous
line "A jug of
wine, a loaf
of bread and
thou beside ... ......
me singing in the wilderness." But elsewhere in "The Rubaiyat" Omar made a po-
etic allusion to a mysterious "false dawn" as opposed to the real dawn, which can
only be seen at a certain time of year. And this year the last two weeks of this Sep-
tember are your best chances to see it for 2009 because there will be no bright
moonlight to overpower this delicate astronomical phenomenon in the Sky Park.
Let me tell you all about it.
If we could go way out into space and look down on our solar system with super
human vision we would notice a faint, almost imperceptible vast cloud extending
outward from the Sun in the plane of the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth and
slightly beyond, an enormous cloud of cosmic dust. And while one would expect it
would be impossible to see this super faint cloud from Earth, nevertheless in Sep-
tember when the plane of our Earth's orbit is almost vertical to the horizon, we can,
under the right conditions. And those conditions require that there is no moonlight
and that you must be far away from city lights because even the faintest moonlight
or urban lighting will wipe out the extremely delicate, ethereal glow of the false
dawn. As a general rule if you can see the Milky Way from where you're observing
you'll have a good chance to see this too.
To find it look toward the east about two hours before sunrise, before the real
dawn. It will look like a wedge or cone-shaped dim patch of light about the same
brightness as the Milky Way. And it will extend from the horizon about one third to
half way up to the zenith--a ghostly, faintly glowing, rounded pyramid of light.
Now the scientific name of this phenomenon is the zodiacal light and it's caused by
sunlight scattering from all those trillions and trillions of dust particles which make
up the great cosmic cloud.
And although Omar didn't mention it, this "false dawn" also has an evening coun-
terpart- the "false dusk," the evening zodiacal light, which looks pretty much the
same except that it is visible two hours after sunset in the west in March when the
plane of our Earth's orbit is also almost vertical to the horizon.
Additionally, if you ever see a similar oval shaped glow directly overhead at mid-
night you would be seeing the zodiacal light's sister phenomenon called the gegen-
schein or counterglow. And I wonder whether any poet ever wrote about that.
At any rate, remember that September is the month to see the "false dawn" of
Omar Khayyam, the morning zodiacal light, which I admit is very elusive. But once
you've found it I think you'll know why it appeared in poetry centuries before it
appeared in scientific writings. So get outside before dawn during the last two
weeks of this month, be sure you're far from bright lights and see if you are as in-
spired as an ancient poet. U Jack Horkheimer


ARIES: March 20th -4April 20th The new
Virgo Moon in your house of health and work
brings your organizational skills to the fore. As
a result, you may delve madly into a workout
routine or become more exacting on the job.
While Mars is at the bottom of your chart, you
suddenly have more energy and need to find a
positive outlet for it. Tackle home improve-
ment projects, relocate or change your daily
schedule around. This is also a good time to
amuse yourself, so go to a concert, movie or
TAURUS: April 20th -May 21st Jupiter and
Neptune at the top of your chart makes you
hopeful that good things are coming, espe-
cially in your career. You may have an ever-
expanding need for public recognition. These
planets will help you get noticed, but they can
also blow things out of proportion, so keep
your goals real. The new Moon in your house
of romance encourages you to make positive
changes in your relationships. If you discover
someone's been dishonest with you, Pluto may
restore your faith in them.
GEMINI: May 21st June 21st Since things
are changing quickly you'll benefit most from
being flexible now. With crazy Uranus in your
career sector opposite retrograde Mercury -
even if your boss is acting erratic, you'll find
ways to work around them. Relationship prob-
lems may surface as well. Someone could be
lying to you or you could be fooling yourself.
It will be hard to feel sure about things while
the slope is so slippery.
CANCER: June 21st July 22nd This new
Moon highlights your communication skills.
Expect a continual thirst for knowledge and an
equal urge to let others know what you have
learned. Mentally you're alert and will enjoy
blogging or twitter now! Romantically, you're
more daring than usual. Because you're up for
fun and pleasure, others seek out your com-
pany and may even encourage you somehow!
LEO: July 22nd August 23rd This month
you'll be more sensitive the to emotional un-
dercurrents in situations and relationships. You
must trust yourself all the more, as your intui-
tion is remarkably strong now! Romance wise
- you're on the receiving end. With Venus in
your sign, you're ready for fun and to be show-
ered with attention! Others are not only lavish-
ing you with affection, but also looking up to
VIRGO: August 23rd September 22nd
Your relations crackle with tension now!
There's nothing easy about this month, it's like
growing out of an old pair of shoes! You may
have to show your forceful side in dealing with
others. You may feel more cranky, distant,
removed or at least you wish far away from
trouble makers. On a better note shortly after
the new Moon Venus enters your sign, giving
you an upper hand in the love department!

By Jenny r-00


LIBRA: September 23rd October 23rd
You'll find it rewarding to mix business with
pleasure now. While Venus tours your house
of friends and social affairs, you could even
hear of a professional opportunity through a
friend or a peer. Because Mercury is retrograde
in your sign, you may also hear from lost loved
ones or even a past lover. It's a wonderful time
to reconnect and catch up, yet somehow you're
more willing to listen than talk -enjoy!
SCORPIO: October 23rd November 22nd
Serious communication within friendships or
organizations is encouraged now. A new Moon
in your house of group activities could put you
in a power position with others they need
your practical insight and strength more than
ever. You find power in numbers and are
therefore attracted to meetings and groups
more than usual.
SAGITTARIUS: November 22nd December
21st The New Moon and Saturn in your pro-
fessional sector provides an excellent opportu-
nity for you to show others how valuable your
personal skills are. If you haven't already been
promoted, push a little harder until your effort
pays off. Mercury retrograde suggests you try
a quick study course that provides professional
advancement. Romance may be a little unsta-
ble, yet a vacation could be exhilarating and
revitalizing for the two of you!
CAPRICORN: December 21st January 20th
A new Moon in your house of far distance
traveling and learning is a good reason to jour-
ney for pleasure, work or study! You could
also learn something new over the Internet or
from a mentor. Uranus opposite Saturn, sug-
gests this is a revolutionary time when you'll
become more knowledgeable about relation-
ships and gain insight to the cyclical nature of
romantic attachments!
AQUARIUS: January 20th February 19th
Here's the good news no matter what goes on
around you you won't feel half as bad as eve-
ryone else! September promises to be a chal-
lenging month, but you have Jupiter and Nep-
tune in your sign and therefore will thrive in
your own blessed utopia. Your generosity is
key to keeping others positive! Romantically,
your standards are a bit high. Meaning that
while you may not find a perfect now, if you're
willing to compromise you won't be lonely!
PISCES: February 19th -March 20th Faith
and trust are your strong points. You're often
the last to learn something or someone is
working against your best interests, because
you rarely do it to others. However this month,
a full Moon in your sign along with Jupiter and
Neptune in your 12th house, may allow you to
discover more strength of character than
you've ever imagined. That little voice in your
head is becoming louder, follow your intui-
tion! U

ia ..i uI'.ii n Lin [f.,) pb. 71' 2844 cll: 782 4
Scuba Vision Films is Bonaire's premier video production facility.
We are available for your video imaging projects underwater and topside.

Nature Films Documentaries Travel Adventure Advertising TV Broadcast
Underwater Stock footage HDV Digital Photo Weddings
DVD Reproductions DVD Mastering and Authoring
Courses and Seminars.

info@scubavision.info Ph: (599) 717.2844 Cell: 786.2844
Kaya Grandi #6 Photo Tours -

Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

Ex-members of
Jong Bonaire
can win a free laptop

Jong Bonair i. ck.lubraling it- I Oth
anniversary and we an- %% ekinig all
ex-mernebers for the period
l-NJ through July 2009.
Youth Conference and
partv 2 & 3 October.
Spread Ihe word!

Fill out the form at
or at the office of Jong Bonaire

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RT is!


I ai*E^



Bonaire Reporter- September 18,-October 2, 2009

Page 20

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