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5Ti~~~~!+i++ +I+~ ii~~~lli~~i rjr
it.................. ..............



P The Bonaire Executive Council (known as the BC) forms the executive branch of the govern-
ment of Bonaire. The BC heads the departments that perform the governmental function for the citi-
zens. This new coalition government was formed following the defection of Councilman Anthony
Nicolaas from the ruling UPB Party.
It includes:
Island Secretary Neery Gonzalez is responsible for the administrative functions of the Island Gov-
Frensel Janga will manage DROB, the Department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, & Fisheries,
Fire, Internal Affairs, Post & Archive and Housing.
Marugia S.M. Janga will be covering the Structural Status of the island, Public Health and Hygiene,
Social Services, General and Legal affairs, and Information and Protocol.
Nolly Oleana will be responsible for Education, Sport & Culture, Domain Management, Environment,
and Transport (including Telbo, Bonaire International Airpor and the Harbor).
Pancrasio "Pancho" B. Cicilia will cover Finances, Personnel, Economic & Labor Affairs, and Public
Enterprises (excluding Telbo, SELIBON and Bonaire International Airport).
Governor Glenn A.E. Thod6 is responsible for the Civil Registry, Election Commission, Disaster
management and the non-criminal police force, the SSV. (Source: Island Government Release)



Saba and St. Eustatius educa-
tion commissioners signed
agreements for the eventual
transfer of Education Depart-
ment civil servants to the care of
the Netherlands.
Bonaire did not sign a similar
agreement because a new Ex-
ecutive Council had been in-
stalled just over a week ago and
requested time to become ac-
quainted with the constitutional
process from within, as its
members had been in the oppo-
sition for some time.

A Bonaire government leader
pointed out that the agreement
had not been reviewed by the
civil servants it affected, or
their union.

0 Dutch State Secretary of
Kingdom Relations Ank Bi-
jleveld-Schouten has de-
nounced the conduct of Bon-
aire's former Executive Coun-
cil when it violated regulations
by granting long lease land to
a family member of a former
island commissioner.

Bijleveld-Schouten was re-
sponding to questions posed by
Member of Dutch Parliament
Hero Brinkman who raised
questions in late May after re-
ports in the media that nepotism
was involved in the granting of
land on Bonaire to a company
that is said to be managed by a
relative of a former commis-
The media based the story on a
report by the General Audit
Chamber of the Netherlands
(Continued on page 3)

Table of Contents

This Week's Stories
Executive Council (BC) 2
Lions Club Board 3
Fire Jumping 6
Braves new Uniforms 7
Pelikaan School 9
Artist SummerSchool (KeesLeeman) 9
Entering SGB students 9
15 Years of Marine Life Changes 10
Parrot (Lora) Watch (Chicks Arrive) 11
Stichting Project Success 11
Warehouse Wnners 11
Going Backto 2000 14
Renatevd. BylArt Show 15

Weekly Features
Flotsam & Jetsam 2
On the Island Since (Jan Brouwer) 4
Bonairean Voices (Bon Business3) 7
Sudoku Puzzle 8
Bon Qui #10- Bonaire Flag 8
Body Talk ( Dairy Debate) 12
Sudoku Solution 12
PetofthevWeek(Timo) 12
Bubbles-Did You Know(Eels) 12
Picture Yourself (India) 13
Classifieds 13
Tide Table 13
BonQuiz Answer 16
Reporter Masthead 16
Whats Happening 16
Dining, Shopping Guides 17
Bonaire On Wheels (Honda 600) 18
Bonaire Bats Again Threatened 18
Sky Park (Favorite Constellation) 19
The Stars Have It(Astrology) 19

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Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

And progress the new WEB
Man Diesel biodiesel power
plant near BOPEC, located in
the north of the island, is on
schedule, Last week it had their
spantenbier highest point party.
(see photo above)

T here are numerous devel
opments as Bonaire and
the other BES Islands progress
towards closer ties with Hol-
land,. The arrangement is sched
uled to be formalized next year:

) Saba and St. Eustatius
moved ahead with their prepa
rations to become communi-
ties of the Netherlands withou


Flotsam and Jetsam (Continued from page 2)
The State Secretary said that the former
UPB Executive Council created "at least
the appearance of partiality and nepotism"
and therefore violated the conditions of
good governance.
Since then a new government has been
formed on Bonaire and the UPB is no
longer the governing party.

- Labor Party Member of Parliament
John Leerdam has posed several ques-
tions about the change of government
in Bonaire and the possible effect that
recent developments may have on rela-
tions with The Hague.
Leerdam posed five questions to State
Secretary of Kingdom Relations Ank Bi-
jleveld-Schouten asking what she
thought of the change of government in
Bonaire, where Jopie Abraham's Aliansa
Demokratico Bonairiano (ADB-Red)
(Bonaire Democratic Alliance) and inde-
pendent Island Council member Anthony
Nicolaas had switched places with
Ramonsito Booi's party Union Patriotico
Bonairiano (UPB-Green) (Bonaire Patri-
otic Union).

1 The Dutch Council of Ministers
will propose to the Second Chamber of
the Dutch legislature that the police
force and fire department on Bonaire,
Sint Eustatius and Saba each have a
single organization and administrator
who will report to the Dutch ministry. If
passed, the law will become effective
when the BES Islands become a Dutch
municipality. The Dutch royal military
police (the Marechaussee) will continue
to play a role. The proposal will ask to
permanently station Marechaussee to po-
lice Saint Eustatius and Saba and assist
Bonaire police as well. The three gover-
nors of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
remain responsible for maintaining the
public safety command concerning the
fire department.

1 The improvement of health care in
the BES islands Bonaire, St. Eustatius
and Saba was one of the main points of
discussion with Minister of Health
Omayra Leeflang, said Dutch Health Min-
ister Ab Klink last week.
Klink said that 2009 and 2010 are "action
years" during which the most urgent pro-
jects concerning the renovation and con-
struction of hospitals and nursing homes
are to be implemented.
Klink said that 26 projects are in prepa-
ration, ranging from new ambulances to a

new health care insurance plan for all
citizens of the BES islands.
The projects cost NAf 66 million and
will lead to 150 extra jobs in health care
by the end of 2011. "When all these pro-
jects are finished the level of health care
will really be a lot higher than now," the
minister said.
Starting in 2011, all citizens of the BES
islands will obtain health insurance simi-
lar to the one in the Netherlands. Due
to the small scale of the islands, the
AVBZ insurance for special medical as-
sistance will be administered by the Re-
gional Service Centers. No separate
taxes will be levied for health care and
social security, Klink said.
"The premiums will be incorporated into
the general flat tax which will be levied in
the BES islands," said Klink.

0 Political consultations were held
last week between the Antilles Central
Government and the BES islands of
Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. The dele-
gations discussed various subjects, includ-
ing the early transfer of tasks on the BES
islands by the Netherlands and the status
of civil servants.
Robby Beukenboom, Anthony Nicolaas,
Maruja Janga and Johan Afman, repre-
sented Bonaire (see photo above)

) Two infections of the "Mexican
Influenza" H1N1 on Curacao were con-
firmed after samples of seven suspected
cases came back from the Netherlands.
The new cases have nothing do to with
crew members whose samples were
taken when the Ocean Dream cruise ship
was in port there. No cases have yet been
reported on Bonaire

1 Venezuela and Aruba quarantined
the Spanish cruise ship Ocean Dream
last week after three crew members were
diagnosed with the H1N1 flu virus from
samples taken in Curaqao, while Barbados
and Grenada had earlier refused to allow
its passengers to disembark.

1 The Netherlands has taken an op-
tion on 34 million units of the vaccine
against the Mexican influenza, which is

0 On June 26 the Bonaire Lions
Club held their installation dinner at
the Divi Flamingo to present a variety
of awards and introduce the officers. In
addition they presented contributions to
the Foundations Saka man Yuda, Sosial
Edukativo Rincon, Dare to Care and the
airplane mechanics school. The new
Board of Directors consists of:
President: Oswin Cristina

currently developing. Two vaccines per
person (two vaccinations per person is
required) within the entire Kingdom,
which includes the Netherlands Antilles,
and Aruba. The Netherlands will bear the
Omayra Leeflang, Antillean Minister of
Public Health, was
pleased with the
prospect that the
Antilles will re-
ceive the vaccines.
"This is very good
news and also in-
dicates the signifi-
cance of the King- Kaya Grandi 29,
dom organiza- sre houmr TrIsy I'

> The Antilles
are not doing
enough to combat
human traffick-
ing stated an
American govern-
ment report. The
Antilles were
placed on a watch
list along with 51
other countries,
mainly in Africa
and Asia. Sanc-
tions will follow if
there is no im-
provement within POLf

Retiring President: Marlon Bermudez
First Vice President: Nelson Franco
Second Vice President: Riency Holder
Secretary: Balncaflor Nicolaas-Bakhuis
Treasurer: Rudsel Leito
Tailtwister: Calino Molina
Tamer: Hubert Nicolaas
Directors: Randolf Luciano, Francisco
Soleana, Rolando Pourier and Ronald

two years. If a country is placed on a list
by the US for two consecutive years, then
sanctions will follow, such as loan rejec-
tion from the IMF or the World Bank.
These sanctions are imminent for 17
countries, such as Cuba, Iran and North
Continued on page 8

, Krandijk -Bonaire NA. tl: 717 5107
It SUry ti-frm 9anA,m-1. 2 pjm and 2Op .Ma,-40o p m

New arrivals


Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

Page 3

Jan Brouwr

W V r hen I was studying
VV Dutch language and
literature my dad saw an ad in
the paper asking for a Dutch
teacher for the Roman Catholic
Central School Board in Cura-
qao. I'd never been there or in
any other part of the tropics, but I
went because all my life I'd
wanted to live somewhere be-
tween 40 degrees latitude North
and 40 degrees latitude South.
I arrived on Curaqao July 21st,
1982. I was 25. For more than
10 years I worked as a teacher at
the Radulphus College and at
the Maria Immaculata Lyceum.
Both my children my daughter
Amber and my son Victor -
were born during that period of
After 10 years I was a resident
admitted by law, and according
to that status I had Antillean
rights. And then I went back to
Holland. Why? Because of the
kids and the fact that all their
grandparents lived in Holland
and because 'people' told me
'you should change jobs now and
then.' And... also it comes to a
point that you have to make a
decision whether you're going to
stay on the island forever or not.
But I left with tears in my eyes
and I returned to Curaqao every
three years for vacation.

We lived in Holland for 12
years. I was teaching Dutch at
high schools and was involved in
adult education. I wrote about art
and culture in a newspaper and
organized art exhibitions. We
had a nice house by a river.
Then the mother of my children
applied for a job as an English
and Dutch teacher at high

schools on Curaqao and Bonaire.
She got a telephone call asking
that she confirm within 24 hours
that she would take the job on
Bonaire Everybody was happy,
but I thought I was going to have
a heart attack. I'd seen lots of
people drifting between the is-
lands and Holland and it seemed
they were lost between the conti-
nents. I didn't want that: feeling
that you are where you don't
want to be, always the romantic
agony happiness is there where
you're not. I had peace, knowing
I was from two countries living
in Holland but also belonging to

the islands. I wanted to live in
Holland. I didn't want a life in
between. That night the mother
of my children and I went out for
a walk, aimlessly roaming the
streets. I felt a lot of hesitation
and I didn't know what to decide.
We went to consult some friends
who'd also lived in the Antilles
and after four hours I decided

'Okay, let's go!'
It took me three months to
complete the emigration process
and once we were here it took me
four months to finalize the immi-
gration. The four of us were liv-
ing between carton boxes in a
very humble house at Seroe Suit,
Subi di Rincon, but the moment I
arrived here it felt immediately
right. Every day I went on and
off the hill on my motorbike to
arrange for all the papers and the
mortgage on the house in Hato
that we were going to buy and
where I still am. November 23rd,
2005 we got the house in Hato.

I threw myself into all the work
that had to be done. That's how I
am, I plunge into something and
I make progress. I want to make
it beautiful and functioning. I'm
doing my utmost best... within
my limitations." Jan Brouwer is
a sweet guy; he has his own phi-
losophy on life and that makes


him absolutely not 'the boy next
door.' He's a good man; outgo-
ing, caring, helpful and adven-
turous, but also a sensitive, ro-
mantic soul.
"Two years ago the mother of
my children and I separated. It
was a painful experience, but I
(Continued on page 5)


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Page 4

al, 4tcj aoa -

"I kiss the tarmac every time I land
on Bonaire. This island is the best of
all the six Dutch Antilles -

wh i.

Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

On the Island Since
(Continued from page 4)
stayed on the island, I remained in the
house and I survived. My daughter was
already studying in Holland and my son
stayed off and on with his mom and with
me. This month he's also leaving for Hol-
land and I feel he's ready for it. He's go-
ing to study space ship and airplane de-
sign in Delft. He's got his driver's license
and he's driving as many miles as possi-
ble now, to get experience. I am confident
about him and I know he's going to do
well. I trust my kids; they're good people,
I found my place in the community
again by starting to write for The Re-
porter, my own column, 'Bonaire on
Wheels,' and I see it as my contribution to
society. I am a burnt out teacher who had
a serious motor accident and I'm still
dealing with the consequences. I'm not a
macho man, but I do like men's stuff. I
own a sailboat and I love to dive, I have
an air rifle and I have a Land Rover which
I've owned since 1987. It was made in
England, and it sailed to Curacao and
back to the Old World and now it's on
Bonaire, so it crossed the ocean three
times. I also have an off-road motorcycle.
Those are my fun things, but I also work
with them. They're my work horses, not
spotless and shiny, they're a bit battered
but... good!" He laughs. "I'm not such a
tough guy, because if I was, I would have
a Harley!
The first time I came to Bonaire was in
1985. There was no marina and the boule-
vard was a simple road. I lived for a cou-
ple of weeks in the old Bonairean house
that's now part of 'Rains Fishes' restau-
rant and I drove my off road motor cycle

ton Park
when it
was still
And al-
though I
will al-
I kiss the
time I
land on Jan with his ocean-cre
This island is the best of all the six Dutch
Antilles absolutely! For the main part
it's still unspoiled and original. I love
wandering through the outback, and after
four years I still haven't seen everything. I
walk, I hike, I go on my mountain bike,
my motor bike or with my Land Rover
and I still haven't found all the caves or
climbed all the hills, but I did Mount
Brandaris in bare feet!
As I have an eye for detail, I see more
and I see it differently, so... I'm always
amazed... And although I am not a Bo-
nairean by birth, I feel completely com-
fortable and at home. I speak Papiamentu
fluently and I don't feel like a foreigner at
all. Many times people ask me with
doubt in their voice if I am a Makamba,
because they can't figure me out. I go
everywhere and I talk to everyone about
everything, and the older the people are
and the more remotely they live, the better
it gets!
I have a lust for life and I don't need

tossing Land Rover Jan and Willeke van Egmond

much, and because I don't need many
things I also don't need to make a lot of
money and that gives me oceans of time.
To me Bonaire feels like... it's perfect,
but terms like 'forever' or 'never' are
difficult for me. That's what life teaches
you." He smiles."
"In September 2008 I met Willeke van
Egmond here on Bonaire. We talked a lot
and for long hours and after 10 days we
decided to stay together for the next 48
years. I told you, I plunge into things...
and so does she! We're both 52 and we're
not going to waste our life and yes, we
will get to know each other along the way.
I want to live life to the fullest. Willeke
has more guts than I. She sold her house
in Holland, she sold her car, quit herjob,
packed her cats and left for Bonaire to be
with me, so... I feel she's superior to me
when it comes to being daring. I made the
decision from my custom-made Adiron-
dack chair and I didn't have to move or
change anything. She had the guts to do it.

I'm happy to share my life with her and
I'm okay with everything she wants to
change, because she moved into my life,
but it has to become her life too. We're
taking it slow. We get up in the morning
and have breakfast together and then we
take the day as it comes. Sometimes we
go to Rincon, sit down at a snack, we talk
to the old men, we eat a lumpia and we
have a beer and we go to the landfill to
bring something or to find something." He
"Yeah, for some people Bonaire can be
very boring because there's nothing to do
- you have to do it yourself. I've just en-
tered through the door of a new life and
both Willeke and I are
determined to make
the best of it. I'm go-
ing on, but I'm not in
a hurry..." U
Story & photos by
Greta Kooistra



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I I.i



Page 5

Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

t's an annual tradition in Bonaire every June: San
Juan and San Pedro Days. This year the festivities
for San Juan were celebrated at the house of artist No-
chi Coffie in Rincon last Wednesday, June 24. San
Pedro was celebrated at the home of Doei
Diaz last Sunday, June 28. There's always
music, dancing, food and drink and the
most exciting windup at the end of the
evening is the fire jumping. A cactus
wood tower is lit and the fire jumping
What started as a pagan ceremony for
the initiation of young boys before they
became men has now been incorporated
into the church calendar, according to
Hubert Vis, Director of SKAL. It is usu-
ally the men who jump the fire to show
their courage. However, a story goes that
once there was a woman called Dina Baro
who wanted to show that she could jump
as well as the men but unfortunately her
skirts caught on fire, Vis relates.
During the festivals musicians playing
traditional instruments like the kuarta, the
wiri and the guitar visit all their friends
named Juan or Pedro in the barrio singing,
"Open your door. It's your saint's day."

Juan or Pedro is expected to come out and offer every-
one rum. According to Hubert Vis, the singers start in
the evening and go around the clock. 0 L.D.

)ia di San Pedro at Doei Diaz's House in Playa On San Juan night Nochi Coffie clears the high flames I

Soqnstress zale Clister elpsSTCB

S ea Turtle
tion Bonaire
(STCB) is re-
leasing a series
of educational
radio announce-
ments that in-
form the public
about sea turtles and why their conser-
vation is important. Izaline Calister, a
renowned Antilleanjazz singer, has
volunteered her talent and voice for the
series, "Did You Know..."
Izaline's smash hit, "He Le Le pro-
vides the music background for the 30-
second announcements. She also an-
nounces the introduction and ending of
each spot. In between, announcer Chris
Richards from Curaqao delivers the spe-
cific message for each spot. Music
composer and sound recordist Jan de
Kruijf from Amsterdam directed Cal-



Page 6

ister's recording session in the Nether-
lands in March. All donated their talent,
time and energy to this important pro-
"We could not have done this series
without their gracious help," explains
STCB manager Mabel Nava. "We are
very thankful. These public service
announcements will be distributed in
Papiamentu and English."
Distribution begins this month to radio
stations in all five islands of the Nether-
lands Antilles and Aruba. The series is
designed to inform the island residents
of the importance of sea turtles to our
environment and economy. Special
thanks to these Bonaire stations for
agreeing to broadcast the series as a
public service: Bon FM and Mr. Bubui
Cicilia; Mega FM and Ron Gijzen and
Sean Patton; Voz Di Bonaire and Fe-
liciano Piloto. N Press release/Mabel

USi ITf 'aw41iw omCF.oNkEoQW WmuarmIMOiEMI~ noeo MoImjnr

o ~ EWNI

IV o


Auto City Bonaire
The Bikeshop Bonaire &
Boat Yard Bonaire
Bocar Bonaire
Bonaire Cool

Centre Body Car Polo NV
Rincon Service Center BV
Takivl Auto Parts & Garage
The Freeweler Bonaire
Bonaire Motorcycle Shop

Tio Habbo,
Masha Masha Pabien
riba bo dia djawe!
Ami, ku mami i oma ta
deseabo hopi anja mas di
Nos stimabo!

Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

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V O04] U C :E


Maybe you've been in Rincon a
number of times and visited
some of those snack bar-restaurants there.
But did you ever stop at the soda fountain
"Flamboyan Snack" on Kaya Rincon 74?
It's owned and managed by Mrs. Deogra-
cia Figaroa-Sint Jago (76), known as
"Gacha" or "Mama Gacha," mother of
six daughters and one son. Mama Gacha
started with the business in 1975, selling
the famous ice cream in the Antilles, Ritsz
ice cream. The quality of Ritsz ice cream
is the best. Ritsz was sold to Lovers ice
cream company which still maintains the
taste and high quality of this ice cream.
As it was the only snack in Rincon in
those early years they sold food too. In the
80s when BOPEC (Bonaire Petroleum
Company) started Mama Gacha had to
cook for the BOPEC workers. In this busi-
ness the whole family was involved be-
cause cooking for a company and for
other people beside this company was a
lot of work. She taught her children how
to cook so they could help her in the after-
noons and on weekends. "We were selling
food from 12 noon until 1 am," she said.
"Yes, we had some workers who, when
they finished work at the casino, came
straight to the 'Algenasharofa Snack' to
get their food. That name was made up
from the names of my six daughters who
were helping me in the snack. Because of
all the money we were earning we could
afford to do a little expansion.
We changed the name to 'Fabiola
Snack,' after my youngest daughter. We
rented films to people and we had a nice
sitting area at the house where customers
could sit and watch television, especially
the World Cup championships while they
were eating and drinking.
Those were good times. I was not work-
ing anotherjob and had no government
pension back then. But still I earned
enough money so I could go on vacation

Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

with my children to the Dominican Re-
public, Colombia, Venezuela, Aruba, Sint
Maarten and to Holland.
Back in the 80s, little by little, there
were more new snacks and things started
changing. In 2000 we changed the name
again to 'Flamboyan Snack' and we in-
vested in new appliances like new freez-
ers, etc.
Money management is very important.
Although I like to travel with my family I
must save money to invest in my business.
Today is not like the past. The children
have grown up and have their own jobs
and families. I still cook, but only on Sat-
urdays. During the week I still sell my ice
cream, jonny cakes and candies from 7 in
the morning to 3pm. After 3 I'm closed, to
take care of the household myself. Plus
everything is getting expensive. Thanks to
the government pension I have a little
more income.
The Ritsz ice cream products, today
Lovers, are changing their prices. From
some wholesalers you can get the products
and pay at the end of the month. But from
others you need to pay cash right away
otherwise you can't get the products. You
have to manage your money and buy
wisely. Look for where you can get it at a
lower price.
I built this snack with a lot of effort and
dedication. For 34 years I've fought to
keep and continue the business. I hope one
of my daughters will take it over. I just
renewed my business permit for five more
years. It's very hard to get permission for
businesses nowadays, so once you have it
you must keep it." 0
Story & photo by Siomara E. Albertus

Send your com-
ments to The Bonaire
Reporter, P.O. Box
407, Bonaire, or
email reporter

Fundashon Nrd Braves
Uniforms Baptism

On June 19 Leopold "Apo"
Melaan, co-founder with Mr.
Eddy Thielman of the Nrd
Braves softball team, spoke
at the baptism on the new
Braves uniform at the office
of their new sponsor,
NAGICO Insurance. He
explained why sponsorship,
like that provided by Nagico
and the team's other main
sponsors, JC Herrera and
MiTV, are so important, "... To start a
team is easy, but maintaining a team is a
challenge and a brings a lot of pressure,
especially a team that is at the top. To
keep a team you must meet the goals of
the players. They are the ones who make
the plays to win games and make the
team popular. That's why we have to
give back to the players. One way is to
make sure every year we travel with the
team on a social trip or a tournament. For
the last 10 years we participated in the
ABC cup tournament and the last five
years we got to different semi-finals and
in 2006 we became sub-champions of the
ABC cup in Aruba.



From Bonaire Nautico Marina


Catamaran Kantika di Amor
Trips daily via resorts at 10 am, 12, 2 pm
Except Sunday at 10 am only
Tie up dockside
for $7/day +tax
Water/115/220V & Cable TV
Dinghy tie-up at north-inside dock
US$10 weekly from Saturday to
Saturday. Pay at Kantika di Amor
water taxi daily 10 am, 12, 2 pm.
Sundays 10 am only.
Your boat name will be recorded.
At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399
www.bonairenauticomarina VHF 68

But also our organization or foundation
has expenses: Softball bags cost $30 each,
softball shoes $150 each, a complete uni-
form for 25 players is $2,300. Also we
hope the doors will open for more spon-
sors, companies and businesses who can
give the team a helping hand. We, as the
Board of the Foundation Nrd Braves,
appreciate and are more than happy that
you can give us a hand. And we will
make sure to give you as our sponsors
high visibility by doing our best on the
softball field. U Siomara Albertus

Want to help the team?
Call "Apo" Melaan at 526-0557

Page 7

Flotsam and jetsam (Continued from
page 3)
Korea, but also Saudi and Ku-
wait. The worst transgressors on
the list are countries such as Ma-
laysia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea and

> The US and Venezuela will
soon reinstate ambassadors
expelled in a diplomatic spat last
year, a sign of warmer relations
between President Hugo Chavez
and what he calls the US
"empire." Leftist Chavez has
toned down his strident criticism
of US foreign policy since
Barack Obama took office in
January, partly because the US
president is popular in Latin
America in contrast to his prede-
cessor George W. Bush. Obama,
in turn, has pledged to engage
with countries considered prob-
lematic by the US. Venezuela,
one of the US' top crude oil sup-
pliers, said its envoy would be
back in Washington this week. A
source at the US State Depart-
ment said Ambassador Patrick
Duddy will return to Caracas, but
did not say when. Along with his
close friend Fidel Castro of Cuba
and other Latin American lead-
ers, Chavez often says he re-
spects Obama.

1 News that the Valero Oil
Refinery in San Nicolas,
Aruba, is closing down for
three months due to expected
losses sent shockwaves through
the Aruba community last month.
Consumers in Aruba are seeking
alternate supplies. Valero pro-
vides the jet fuel to Bonaire's
Flamingo airport.

> TV network NBC's busi-
ness news channel said statis-
tics show low crime and vio-
lence on the Dutch ABC islands
(Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao),
putting them on a list of the
world's safest places to travel.
Crime rates on the three islands
are low; political unrest is virtu-
ally unknown; they're too far
south for hurricanes; and in 2008,
the trio ranked lowest in the Car-
ibbean in felonious incidents
against visiting yachts. It is un-
fortunate that some Caribbean
islands' reputation for violent

crime and the high-profile Na-
talee Holloway case in Aruba
give the general public the oppo-
site impression.
A recent World Health Organiza-
tion study named the Ireland the
least violent country in Europe.
Colombia, South Africa and
Jamaica almost always rank
among the world's most dan-
gerous destinations.
The US is the least safe of the big
Western nations.

0 The increase of tourism,
tourist accommodations and
luxury home construction is
threatening the existence of
bats living in the caves of Bon-
aire. There are fewer than 500
bats left of the three or four spe-
cies on the island. The colonies
are also being disturbed because
people visit the caves more fre-
quently. Anna Rojer of the Carib-
bean Research and Management
of Biodiversity, Carmabi on
Curaqao, stated this in a report
from 2008. Stinapa Bonaire is
very shocked about the report
and raised its concern. See more
about Bonaire's bats on page 18.

The Fundashon Kuidopa
Bista i Oido (Sight and Hearing

Care Foundation) would like to
thank all who contributed to
their recent fund raising
campaign. The proceeds will
enable the foundation to realize
various programs that assist
people with those problems. A
total of NAf 5.921 was raised.
Contributions put in collection
boxes in the following businesses
helped a great deal:
Maduro & Curiel's Bank
(Bonaire) N.V. Playa & Hato;
Fruteria Cache; Optica
Antilliana; Nos Orkon; Karibe
Supermarket; The Island
Supplier; Kerki Protestant; UTS/
Chippie; Carniceria Latino;
Manrique Capriles; Lovers Ice
Cream (next to Subway);
Panaderia Seruva; Caribbean
Laundry; More for Less
Supermarket and The Xavier

Medical School.
Fundashon Kuido pa
Oido has its office Kaya M
Nieuwindt # 3 (next to the
of Dr. Dorvil in Tera Cora
open for consultation from
11am or call 717-5765. Af
hours 785-0518 or 717-81

The price of fue
gone up effective July 1.
to pay more than before:
Gasoline 92 NAf 1,8
Gasoline 95 NAf 1,9
Kerosene NAf. 0,
Diesel NAf. 0,'
Propane 100 lbs. NAfl. 4:
Propane 20 lbs. NAfl. 9,

Correction to an ite
the previous Reporter (#13
The date the "The Guesth(
Accord" (Akuerdo di Pasai
han) was signed was Frid:
June 12, not July 13 as pri

1 Welcome advertiser
Brugman Kitchen and Bed
and Bonaire Second Home
If you want to know more
advertising in The Reporter
back page.

Thanks for reading
Reporter and visiting our a

Get on the list now for what is sure
to be the top Bonaire Calendar for
2010. It's the Jong Bonaire calendar fo-
cusing on the island's cultural heritage
and is titled: Treasures discovered by the
kids ofJong Bonaire. The price this year
is US$ 10 each and the calendars will be
available at the beginning of September.
To purchase calendars or to arrange a
meeting to see the full calendar, please
contact: jongbonaire@ sunspotsbo-
naire.com or call 786-1357. It's perfect
for yourself or a gift or for your clients.

ia ionQuiz #10
). It's
9 to

el has A symbol of a country's
Expect identity is shown proudly
in their flag. The idea of the flag
;8/lt. of Bonaire started out as a request
)2/ It. by the Executive Council of Bon-
96/ It. aire to the people of the Nether-
931 It. lands Antilles, and on January 2,
3,48 1979, a commission consisting
,67 of 12 persons was formed to
come up with a flag for the island
-m in of Bonaire. On December 11,
3): 1981, this design was accepted by
ouse the Lt. Governor of Bonaire.
ay, Question: Which flag symbol
inted. is also seen in the Bonaire Coat
of Arms?
rs Answer on page 16
rooms BonQuiz appears regularly in The
Care. Reporter. It's prepared by Christie
about Dovale of Christie Dovale Island
see the Tours. Contact her to
arrange a tour, Phone
717-4435 or 795-3456
The or email: christie-
idver- dovale iOhotmail.com.



To solve the puzzle,
enter the numbers 1
through 9 to the partially
filled in puzzle without
repeating a number in any
row, column or 3 x 3 re-
gion. Answer on page
12. Supplied by Molly

Page 8

7 4 3 8

8 2 1 4 3 6

-- - ----
6 5

2 3 4 9

2 8


7 5 2 3 8 4

Bon5 8R 1 9

Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009


E.M. Rijswijk Denturist

0 Loose? O In Your
Pocket? Kaya J.G. Hernandez z/n
M Cracked? (Near Botika Korona)
O Worn? New hours:
Missing 9 am-12 pm,
SMissing Causing 2 pm-4 pm
Teeth? Gum Pain? Monday-Friday

Call For An Appointment 717-2248 or 786-3714


Artist and teacher Kees Lee-
man is having a summer
camp for artists at his kunuku in
Rincon. This multi-talented artist
(he's an award winning chef as
well) is opening his kunuku and
open air studio on Sundays for
classes in many disciplines clay,
painting, wood carving, acrylics.
"The main thing," Kees says, "is
that we have fun with art." Stu-
dents spend the day from 10 am 6
pm with lunch which Kees will
prepare for the lucky students.
Kees, a teacher at the SGB hotel
school, has been on the island for
more than 20 years, and his work
can be found in many collections.

Kees demonstrates some techniques

and fellow artists to
please teach some classes
for them. He's finally
agreed. For NAf 100 you
may spend the day in a
magical place, get in-
spired, create something
special, have a wonderful
lunch alfresco and work
with a gifted and articu-
late artist.

For more information you
may email Kees at
@telbonet.an or call him
at 786-3846. U L.D.

T he Pelikaanschool, the first successful private primary school in Bonaire, cele-
brated its first lustrum on June 19"t with games at the playground, a drama by
teachers and parents and a great picnic with everyone together at Sunset Beach.
The children created art with driftwood as shown in the above photo.
Principal Wilma Bohm-Sandig, an educator with experience in Holland and Bonaire,
started in 2004 with 25 children. Now the school has 138 students of 10 different
The education system is child oriented and is related to Bonaire's 'foundation based
education.' But the difference is the instruction language is in Dutch rather than
The school is getting good results from its students and is a high quality operation
said education inspectors of Holland after a recent visit.
The school doesn't receive any subsidy from the local government. It appears unfair
since a few years ago they reached the number of students to qualify. That means
that the parents still have to pay a significant amount of money for tuition. At this
moment the Pelikaanschool has two locations along Kaya Amsterdam. Currently
there are plans underway to build a new school. Press Release


Bonaire's Largest and Best Stocked supermarket

Always: Fresh Fruit, Vegetables,
Dairy, Bread and Meat

Op Dine alfresco surrounded by
nature and art.

Kees shows his work in "The Sor-
cerer's Garden" 4

He's crafted lamps, mirrors, tables,
many from recycled materials. His
kunuku is a veritable gallery of his work.
He's been urged by many of his friends

Primary School Students Entering the SGB High School in August
I-,:1len nu VWIIAV() IK "IK. PkIll A(<.) T'ot I
SclIUHI L'*tt'st crl I I ".r -i SiribCui&E
9 R 12 12 6 1 40

WAIAPANA 0 0 0 6 6 12
A .i ri i 3 1I 1( 0 4
Pl5.ikmin 5 I I 0 0 7
K ilt4B.. I ,.> 4 6 I I 2 0 23
Iorl rmtA
Koleio Kriitu 12--- 20 1- 6 7 5S
li ki WN rdiudo r

TotnI 2009 66 5 59 9 41 X 233
Pr-nc.0ion 2 5_3.2 23S3 0 2S_ 3', 17_-6. 3 40/.
Total 21n19 6(>6 59 59 41 8 233
N? vw Ndtrd tn S'- I1j
Proportion 28K.3', 25.3%/. 25.3% 4 I 7.6/, 3.4"/u

Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

Mon-fri: 8am-6pm
sat. 8am-1pm


.-To town


Abraham Boulevard

Kaya industria 24, Kralendijk, Bonaire
tel: (+599) 717- 8700 www.warehousebonaire.com

Page 9

To Airport

The Pelikaanschool

Five Years Oldl

15 Years of Marine Life Changes


Going through my dive logs from the
mid-90s, I couldn't help but notice
the frogfish and seahorse situation back
then: I found frogfish and seahorses on
just about every dive, regardless of
whether I was diving the Pier or a reef.
My logs are filled with sentences like, "...
couldn't find Smoke the frogfish but
found Tangerine [another frogfish] in his
usual place," or "while we all looked at
the seahorse I found last week, we saw a
second one not too far away!"
During those years, a special part of my
dives was visiting "Captain Don," a big
spotted moray who resided in the same
pipe near the Pier for more than four
years. Another spotted moray friend lived
in an engine block mooring off the Boy
Scout house for several years. When those
morays left, in the late 1990s, other mo-
rays occasionally moved in, but they
never stayed for more than a day or two.
In fact, neither of those habitats has had a
moray resident in the last decade.
While I was paying close attention to
critters such as morays, I wasn't paying
much attention to the other fish until I
began taking fish surveys for REEF a few
years ago. Although I record coneys and
graysbys on almost every dive, it's rare
that I see any other groupers. When I first
came to Bonaire in 1980, a curious mar-
bled grouper lived around the wreck off
Habitat, posing for everyone's photos.
The marbled grouper shared the wreck
(and the modeling responsibilities) with at
least one tiger grouper, who always
seemed to be getting cleaned. I haven't
seen a marbled grouper or heard of one
being seen in more than 20 years.
Diving the tropical Pacific in the 1990s,
it tickled me that the cornetfish we saw
were so small, each less than a half-meter
in length. "On Bonaire," I'd tell fellow
divers on the liveaboard, "our cornetfish
are much bigger!" That was the 1990s.
I've been doing fish surveys since 2001,
and I've only seen one big cornetfish and
three small ones in those eight years.

Some of the invertebrates are fading
away, too. In the 80s, when I wanted to
find leathery nudibranchs, I simply
scanned the Pier pilings at night. It usu-
ally took less than half an hour to find a
pair of these glorious red-orange nudis.
Somewhere in the 90s I stopped seeing
them at all. There are fewer crinoids
(feather stars) than there used to be on
our, and all Caribbean, reefs. The olive
snail I saw last week was the first I've
seen in years.

We know that many morays on Bonaire's
reefs succumbed to disease last year. No
cause for the disease is yet known, al-
though Jerry Ligon, on the Bonaire Dive
and Adventure website
mentions that Bonaire had another bout of
moray disease in 1995. There's also a
possibility such a kill occurred on other
islands. Information is still being sought;
when the picture is complete a solution
may be possible.

Why are there
fewer big grou-
pers? One an-
swer to that
question begins
with reproduc-
tive biology:
Nassau grou-
pers congregate
in huge numbers
for group spawn-
ings, and modem
fishers know
where and when
the congrega-
tions take place.
It's horrible but
not surprising
that more than
one-third of
known Carib-
bean grouper
aggregation sites
are now inactive
(according to the
Grouper Moon
Project info on
REEF's website,
Also, groupers
change sex as
they grow,
changing from
females to
males. The lar-
ger ones are
more often
caught, which
means that the
males are more
likely to be
taken. A popula-
tion with few
individuals of
one sex can't
very well be a
breeding popula-

coral reefs have
been protected
longer than just
about any in the i
tastic beginning a
coral reef problem
that was coming)
be kept away. Fai
found traces of b
aire's waters, at t
remember correc
these poisons had
in our landfill. V
that trash ends up
much that's poison
work its way thro
into the sea.

To help keep ba
(and thus away fr
dive operators ha
batteries, then pa
ing guests who bi
own countries for
disposal. We need
this system until F
of dealing with h
also need to get a
with hazardous w

types of fishes, including "hardly any
really unusual fish anymore."
Whining clearly isn't working; what
else can we do about it?
The best solutions must be global ones,
because most of the problems -- overfish-
ing, overdevelopment, warming -- are
global. We can help with global solu-
tions by writing to legislators and others
in favor of pro-environmental action, by
voting in favor of environmental action,
and by donating cash and/or time to envi-
ronmental organizations.
But it's all so impersonal, isn't it?

PI'm a big believer in hands-on, proac-
"Captain Don" was very comfortable when I gently stroked hisjaw. tive, personal diving. I've been lucky
enough to see how people's attitudes
change when they're involved in physi-
cally, personally helping. The more time
we spend helping the reef creatures (or
any other creatures), the more special they
become to us.
If proactive diving appeals to you re-
member that this will change your life, so
it's not a decision you should make
lightly there are wonderful options on
There are ways you can help through
the Bonaire National Marine Park, includ-
ing ongoing projects as well as once- or
Sia. twice-a-year events. Contact them at
Dive instructor Sue Weller interacts with "Captain Don," the marinepark@stinapa.org to get on the
moray. Divers enjoyed visiting "Captain Don "for several years. volunteers contact list. Also contact the
Marine Park at 717-8444 if you find
something underwater that is damag-
ing or poisoning the environment, such
as a large piece of storm debris on a coral
head, or a newly discarded lead-acid bat-
Once a quarter on Bonaire, NetTech
and Dive Friends co-sponsor a clean-up
dive and barbecue afterwards, a great way
to begin proactive diving although, hap-
pily, there's never a whole lot of new de-
bris on Bonaire's reefs. You can keep
your eyes open for new debris on every
dive, by the way. Make sure no critter has
moved in, jam the debris into your BC
pocket, and bring it up for proper dis-
posal. I picked up a plastic cup yesterday,
Sponge crabs are seen less often than they used to be, also. and before I could take out the small net
bag I call my Pocket Cleaner Station, my
world, so we have a fan- There's a theory that last year's moray buddy Quila Bell brought out her own
at dealing with modem deaths were a result of human disease small net bag the first time, ever, that I
ms. However (you knew passed into the sea via sewerage, which found someone else prepared to carry
, modem problems can't Bonaire doesn't yet treat. Even if the trash!
irly recently, scientists theory about the source of the moray dis- STCB periodically schedules beach
attery chemicals in Bon- ease is incorrect, the following is true: we cleanups to help prepare our shorelines
he southern salt pans (if I have sewage leaching into the sea around for lady turtles coming ashore to nest.
tly). They concluded that Bonaire. Our resident human population Although the cleanups aren't underwater,
I leached from batteries is increasing and our visiting human the creatures who benefit include marine
ye need to remember population is increasing. All those people creatures, so we can't leave this out.
in the landfill, and deposit their diseases into our waters. I asked Linda if she could think of any
rnous about the trash will That can't be healthy for the fish and critters we see more of now, and she re-
,ugh this small island and other sea creatures heck, even if folks membered the spotted eagle rays. We're
don't care about the fishies, shouldn't seeing more of them, more often, these
they be concerned that our drinking water days. Will there be other critters we see
batteries out of our landfill is desalinated from that same sea water? more often? It's partly up to us. 0

-om our reefs) Bonaire
ve been collecting used
ssing them on to depart-
ring them back to their
r proper hazardous waste
d to remain faithful with
Bonaire has a better way
azardous waste. We
i better way of dealing

So, what changes have I seen? Fewer
types of fish. Fewer big fish. Fewer
nudibranchs, snails, crabs, anemones.
More bleached, diseased, and dead corals.
The Carib Inn's Linda Baker was the
first person ever to complete 1,000 fish
surveys for REEF, and thus was the first
member of REEF's Golden Hamlet Club,
which still has fewer than 10 members.
Linda said she's definitely seeing fewer

Page 10

Story & photos by
Dee Scarr.
Underwater natu-
ralist Dee Scarr is the
recipient of numerous
awardsfor her coral
reef conservation ef-
forts. Her "Touch the Sea guided dives
are legendary. Catch her multimedia
show at Captain Don's Habitat Resort
Mondays at 8:30pm.

Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009


L ast Friday the youngsters of Sticht- FORMA and some will move on to the
ing Project officially closed the next phase at Stichting Project.
school year 2008-2009. The kids received The night was closed with a group photo,
their certificates in front of many proud and a nice meal cooked by the kids them-
parents. Some of the youngsters will selves. Congratulations to all the kids, and
move on to continue their studies at the good luck in your further studies! U
SGB high school, others will move on to Press release

Time flies on Bonaire. A lot of
people have told me this and it is
true. It seems like yesterday that I was
writing about our newly hatched chicks
and sometime in the distant future they
would be so big there would be no space
for their mother in the nest as well. For
some of the nests, this has already hap-
pened. The defenceless little pink chicks
are now wide-eyed and feisty and are so
heavy that we are no longer able to
weigh them with our regular weighing
scales. When the chicks are small we are
able to put them in an ice cream or yo-
ghurt tub and weigh them on a set of
digital scales (a great excuse to eat
plenty of ice cream early in the season).
For some of the chicks, these tubs just
don't seem to cut it anymore. The chicks
are too big. Maybe it's time to "super-
size" the ice cream?

This is not the case for all of our nests.
In some areas there are still eggs waiting
to hatch. The onset of breeding tends to
be synchronised in different areas. For
example, pairs nesting in Washington-
Slagbaai National Park might lay their
eggs a week or so earlier or later than
pairs nesting outside the Park in a differ-
ent area. At the moment, we don't know
the reason for this, but as the research
continues into the biology of the Loras,
we hope to better understand these
The first chicks to hatch this year are
now entering their period of fastest
growth. When they first hatch they grow
slowly for a short while until they reach
a point after about two weeks when their
growth rate increases rapidly. This is
when their eyes and ears open, their
feathers begin to appear and soon
enough they will look like real Loras!
I can't write this article without at
least a mention of this year's record-
breaking nest where five fertile eggs

Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

were laid.
The good ph
news is that
all five eggs
hatched and
for a while
it was rather
crowded in
there to say
the least.
We kept a
close eye on
this nest to
make sure
that the
youngest Lora weighing
chick was being fed sufficiently, but the
mother seemed to be feeding the small-
est chicks more than the bigger ones.
This shows us that the adult parrots se-
lectively feed the chicks as opposed to
feeding the biggest who can compete
better than their weaker siblings for the
mother's attention. Sadly, on our previ-
ous visit to the nest, it appears that one
of the chicks has disappeared. There is
no evidence of what might have hap-
pened to this chick, and no sign of a
struggle. This has happened at a few
other nests this year and in the past three
years, but we've never been able to ex-
plain it. The mystery remains. We will
be monitoring the remaining four closely
in the next few weeks, as now they are at
the most vulnerable time of their lives. 0
Rhian Evans
Ms Evans is a
Biologist from Uni-
versity ofBirming-
ham UK. She is in
her secondyearof
studying the Loras
on Bonaire.

Over the last 12 years,
Warehouse Bonaire
has given away more then
1,200 Regatta T-shirts. This
year they invited all the SGB
students to compete in a T-
shirt design contest. The five
lucky ones won a 4GB media
player. The overall winner
Meralnev Bomba, will also
have her design on this
year's T-shirt.
The four runners up were:
Stephany Wilsoe / Vera
Ghazzouli / Eraim
Wanga and Christina.mpr

Lukas Besseling (Warehouse Bonaire supermarket manager)
awards the prizes to the winners.

Nest-Check bicycle provided
by DeFreewieler Scooter and
bike sales and repair

rage I

Actual in-nest camera photo

ooBubbles from the Biologist

Did You Know... There is a fish
that feeds like the monster in the movie
Do you recall the film where an alien has a
second pair of jaws inside its mouth? Can
you imagine one of Bonaire's fishes having a
very similar anatomy? The moray eel has a
second set of jaws behind their first set. Dr.
Rita Mehta from the University of California
found that the eel grabs its prey with its first
set of jaws, and the second set, called the
pharyngealjaw, shoots the prey into the e b
mouth and grabs it. The moray eel then
opens its front jaws while the pharyngealjaw
pulls the food back to the throat. The whole
thing only takes a few seconds. U Andrea
Burton I
Burton is a junior
at Juniata College,
PA and is currently
studying at the CIEE
Research Station DUAL ACTION- Morays have two sets of
Bonaire. She is ma- jaws, one for an initial bite and one mostly for pull-
Joring in marine
biology and plans on ingprey into the throat.
studying shark conservation.

Pet of t
M eet "Timo" who's just a love according
to the *cat specialist volunteers at the
Bonaire Animal Shelter. He's just about three
months old now and is so affectionate and smart
too. He was brought in with his sister because
there were just too many cats at his previous
home. Timo is well adjusted, a mellow fellow and
can fit in with other cats in a household. He's
been checked out by the vet, has had his inocula-
tions and tests and will be sterilized when he's
old enough. All this is included in the cat adop-
tion fee of NAf 75. You may see Timo and the
other social and healthy animals at the Shelter on
the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday
from 9 am to 1 pm and from 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-
Why do people love animals so much? Accord-
ing to Aaron Katcher, M.D., a psychiatrist and
professor emeritus at the University of Pennsyl-
vania who has pioneered the use of animals in
psychotherapy, "Animals don't care about the
things that usually make people beautiful, suc-
cessful, attractive and popular. If you've lost eve-
rything in the stock market, they don't care. Even if you're a beggar, as long as you scrounge
enough food for you and your animal and you don't mistreat it, it's going to be quite happy with
Want to help control the unwanted animal population on the island? Encourage your friends and
neighbors who own cats or dogs to have them sterilized. It's free right now at the Shelter. Call 717-
4989. Contribute to the Shelter's "Sterilization Fund," MCB Account 10616410. L L.D.
*Thanks to Jane Madden for inside information on Timo.

674 382 951
825 197 436

391 564 728
S946 835 217
238 671 549

517 249 863
189 426 375
752 913 684
463 758 192

Page 12



Call for information




M ost people be-
lieve we need
dairy in our diet, specifi-
cally the calcium. What
most people do not real-
ize is that we cannot
digest cow's milk, or any
product made from e
cow's milk, because we Su(
lack the proper digestive
enzymes to break down The
this milk.
Milk is good for you
from birth until about the age of
two, provided the milk is from your
MOTHER and is therefore FRESH,
Cow's milk tends to have at least
four times more protein and calcium
than human milk. This, along with
artificial growth hormones, is nec-
essary for a calf to grow to 300-500
pounds in one year!
Cow's milk also contains nearly
double the amount of Pantothenic
acid as human milk. Pantothenic
acid activates the adrenal glands,
one function of which is the produc-
tion of steroids which act as an anti-
inflammatory compound within the
body. Overstimulation of the adre-
nal glands by ingesting dairy often
leads to weak adrenal glands.
Heat (pasteurization of) milk
changes the chemistry, and instead
of raw milk being alkaline, it now
becomes acid forming. As our di-
gestive system is predominantly
alkaline, dairy products, which are
acidic, become highly toxic to the
body resulting in colds, flu or any
condition involving mucus.
I can hear the collective sigh and
the sheer panic of even thinking of
cutting down on dairy products,
including cheese! You can, and
should get your calcium from a
more natural source (no, not in tab-
let form!). For example, 10 dried
figs contain 269mg of calcium, or
okra 100mg per cup, or canned
sardines 317mg per cup and Tofu
set with calcium 516mg per cup.
Do your own test to see how con-
gested your internal system really
is. Facing a mirror, stick your
tongue out as far as possible. If the
surface of your tongue is clear (no
coating) and a pinkish color, you

lody Talk



e Tainted Triangle

However, if you have a coating on
the surface of your tongue that is
white, cream, yellow, brown, green
or black (or a combination of some
of these, with or without markings)
you need to re-consider your diet!
No amount of scrubbing will get rid
of this coating and the only thing
you will achieve is to ignore what
your body is clearly trying to tell
The Food and Nutrition Board of
the US National Academy of Sci-
ences recommend a daily intake of
calcium for children ages 4 8 of
800mg and for adults up to
1,200mg. I believe these figures
are grossly inflated, and it is NOT
the "recommended" daily amount
of calcium we need to be concerned
about, but the MAL-ABSORPTION
of calcium into the body caused by
dairy products. This is something a
well-balanced diet can correct,
without having to resort to calcium
Please feel free to contact me with
questions or comments, at stepha-
nie@harmonyhousebonaire.com. 0
Next issue: The most popular rec-
reational drug!
Stephanie Bennett

Stephanie Ben-
nett was born in
Cape Town,
South Africa,
where she stud-
ied herbs, min-
erals and nutri-
tion. Before moving to Bonaire she
continued her studies in UK, and
now researches health issues that
particularly affect people on Bon-
aire and other Caribbean Islands.

If your health problems include-
SStress Lack of energy
SIndigestion Forgetfulness

Let us show you the power of minerals
Tel. 788 0030 For an appointment
Opening Hours Mondays walk-in for assessment

Mon. 10am- 4pm
Wed. 10am- 7pm
Fri. 1Oam -4pm
Sat. 11am-1pm

Harmony House
The Herb and Mineral Center
Kaya Papa Comes #2, Antriol
www. harmonyhousebona ire.com

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Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

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per in hand. THE BEST PHO-
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lands Antilles (AN). E-mail
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KRALENDIJK TIDES (Heights in feet, FT)
Remember: Winds and weather can further influence the local tide's height and time
DATE Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht. COEF
7-03 8:00 0.8FT. 22:24 2.1FT. 56
7-04 8:41 0.7FT. 22:56 2.1FT. 63
7-05 9:26 0.7FT. 23:32 2.1FT. 69
7-06 0:01 2.1FT. 10:04 0.7FT. 73
7-07 0:36 2.0FT. 10:32 0.8FT. 76
7-08 1:06 1.9FT. 11:03 0.8FT. 77
7-09 1:34 1.8FT. 11:31 0.8FT. 77
7-10 1:59 1.7FT. 11:49 0.9FT. 75
7-11 2:17 1.6FT. 2:18 1.6FT. 11:56 1.0FT. 72
7-12 11:46 1.0FT. 23:35 1.5FT. 67
7-13 11:12 1.1FT. 19:55 1.5FT. 61
7-14 10:42 1.0FT. 19:46 1.6FT. 54
7-15 10:28 1.0FT. 20:02 1.8FT. 48
7-16 6:29 1.0FT. 8:26 1.0FT. 10:06 1.0FT. 20:28 1.9FT. 46
7-17 6:48 0.9FT. 21:08 2.0FT. 51

S FP CR3 nIrrkTL_
SS S F C U F- -

S1S I F=9 =F SE


*Transport of Money *Vehicle patrols
and Valuables .Burglar Alarms
*Private Investigations *Fire Alarm Systems

Kaya Nikiboko Nord 37A, PO Box 225 Tel: (599) 717- 8125
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Divi Divi Air
24 hours a day
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Or (5999

Page 13

The Bonaire Reporter Back In Time To 2000
Commemorating 15 Years

2000 9 YEARS AGO.
In January 2000 Port Call be-
came The Bonaire Reporter. The
paper grew to 14 pages and
added new columns: Ding Dong
Dutch, "Port Call News" (yachts
and water activities), Dive Gods
and Goddesses (later changed to
Dive Pros), Ban Kome (Let's
Eat) restaurant reviews, Bonaire
Happenings, Cooking Indone-
sian, The Turtle Log, Dive Log
of the Week, Insider's Bonaire,
Turtle Tales.
Some of the stories:
Venezuelan Institute of Cul-
ture, Drug dog at airport, Whales
Sharks, Rincon Market, Winfred
Dania, Kunuku Magic, Cindy
Lott on Lac, Harvest Time, LVV,
Butterfly Island, Karnaval time,
Trans World Radio, many dive
stories, Fundashon Cas Bo-
naireano, The Recovering Reef
(after Lenny), Diving on Gas,
Rincon Day festival, Bonaire
Artist Elena, Klein Bonaire
Foundation still trying to raise
rest of money for the purchase
price, Bonaire's educational sys-
tem, Kayaking, Dive Festival,
Chartering the Sea Witch, Talk
with the Lt. Governor every
Thursday, Culture Week, Inside
ALM, Budget Rent a Car Ladies,
Series on Bonaire's Endangered
Bats, Fontein-Bonaire's Oasis,
The New Cousteaus, the Magic
of Moogie, Vacation Plans for
Kids, Copa Cultimara, Semper-
florens Nursery, Jerry Ligon's
Nature articles, Changing Sea-
sons on Bonaire, Pieter Zweers-
master windsurfer, Meet the
Prosecutor- Ernst Wesselius, Our
very special Bonairean houses,
Diving in the Forbidden Zone to
survey the reef, Special homes
for children- Villa Candidus and
Villa Carlos- run by the Sister
Maria Hoppner Foundation,
Treasure Wrecks of Bonaire,
Another View of Bonaire's Sea-
sons, Artist Anna Marie Kroes,
SELIBON's Environmental Po-
lice, Mola Madness, Jong Bon-
aire, Sails of Bonaire (Avy and
Christelle Benhamron), Price
Comparisons by Annette Ros-
well, Sailing Women, The Party
Bus and even more.....
Here are some news highlights
from the following editions of
The Reporter, 2000.
Jan. 4
-Klein Bonaire to be a wilder-
ness national park. President of
FPKB Bruce Bowker: "When
Klein Bonaire soon becomes a
National Park, Bonaire can claim
to have one of the most pre-
served, natural and beautiful ar-
eas in the Caribbean, something
that more and more people of
this world are searching for."
Nature agreed because as the
water taxi returned to the big

Page 14

island with the dignitaries from
Klein Bonaire, a rainbow hung
over the island. Then after every-
one disembarked a rain shower
passed over Klein to "baptize" it.
-Auto registration goes up
25%; International Airport de-
parture tax to $20; trash pickup
from NAf 5 to NAf 10/month.
Jan. 11
-The final hour arrived no
miracles or angels to help so
Bonaire will not host the Sun-
fish Worlds 2000
-Soer Swinda Seraus and
Larry Gerharts named by Press
Association as "Persons of the

Jan. 18
-Whale Whacked by ship
Nieuw Amsterdam. Body of the
Tropical or Bryde's Whale taken
to salt company for storage.
(Years later Bonai students re-
constructed it and set it up at the
entrance to Washington Park)
-Four sea turtle poachers con-
-Port Call and Bonaire Re-
porter back issues are in ar-
chive room at Bonaire Commu-
nication Services
-Hollywood "heavies" visit
Bonaire aboard charted cruise
ship, Le Levant, including Fran-
cis Ford Coppola, Penny Mar-
shall, James Coburn
Feb. 1
-Cargill says more rain this
January than in the previous 30
Feb. 8
-Gas prices on Bonaire highest
in Netherlands Antilles (NAf
1,36 liter)
-September 1999 visitors de-
creased by 1.9%
Feb. 15
-Bonaire Government. and
Harbour Village sign agree-
ment on Sunset Beach Hotel -
tentatively named "Royal Bon-
aire Resort."(Didn 't happen)
-Air Aruba begins non-stop
service to Bonaire from NY area.
-St. Martin referendum
chooses status apart
-Health statistics say Nether-
lands Antilles people are among
the top three populations with a
need for kidney dialysis.
-Shon Ma Rijna passes -
owner of Den Laman Restaurant
Feb. 22
-Austrian yacht Hispanola
runs aground one mile north of
Willemstoren Light
-Regular police foot patrols in

neighborhood of Amboina
-Venezuelan airline, Avior,
will begin flying to Bonaire from
-Bonaire's businessmen want
a referendum
Mar. 1
-Residents along shoreline
road, Kaya Kachi Craane, won-
der if it will take a tragedy to
stop the cars from speeding on
that road. Residents are demand-
ing speed bumps.
Mar. 11
-Citizens petition against crime
-Dee Scarr inducted into 2000
Women Divers Hall of Fame
-World's first permanent un-
derwater camera (ReefCam)
now on line, thanks to efforts of
Jake and Linda Richter of Net-
Tech., N.V.
March 21
-Dutch Survey says 53% of
Antilleans polled want Antilles
to become a province of Hol-
April 18
-Crime continues; citizens
outraged. Anton Sieverding
robbed and shot in upper
thigh 4th armed robbery in last
10 days.
April 28
-KLM resumes its weekly
non-stop 747 flight from Am-
May 2
-Bonaire's Bats our pre-
cious native mammals. Bats
being disturbed in their caves by
people entering to explore, snor-
kel or dive
-Radio Nederlands transmit-
ter site destroyed in a fire and
explosion but recovers quickly

May 9
-Salt production at Cargill
down 50% from last season
-During a robbery Warehouse
Bonaire manager shot in the head
but is recovering.
-New Animal Shelter Manager
Jurrie Mellema
May 16
-Population falls 2%; number
of foreigners increased 7.5%
now 47 countries represented.
Shows exodus of native Antil-
-Holdup men who wounded
Warehouse Bonaire meat man-
ager have been caught
-Bruce Bowker's letter to edi-
tor: how people on the island
have pushed for and accom-
plished changes
-By year's end half of TWR
families will be transferred;
new technology permits program
production, transmission and
follow up to be done elsewhere.
May 23
-Research vessel Edmund Link
explores deep waters around
Bonaire to collect sponges and
other primitive marine life to
study to find a cure for cancer.

Chartered from Harbor Branch
Oceanographic Institution.
-46-foot yacht Bribone driven
ashore near Willemstoren Light-
-San Francisco Hospital will be
expanded and remodeled
May 30
-Venezuelan airline Avior Air
cancels daily service between
Bonaire and Caracas
-1999 was most successful year
in attracting cruise ships 70 port
June 13
-Sewer project for more
densely populated parts of Bon-
aire temporarily on hold until
costs for maintenance are re-
-KLM resumes two weekly non
-stop flights (return to Amster-
dam flights stop in Curaqao)
June 20
-Construction on new primary
school in Nikiboko
-New Public prosecutor Ernst
June 27

-Citizens march against
crime- largest public demon-
stration in history of the island.
On June 22 well known and re-
spected Bon Awa owner Alfons
Pleumeekers and his wife Maria
del Carmen Lopez-Pleumeekers
murdered at their home.
July 4
-More armed robberies Car-
ibbean Laundry Service, Liquor-
tique, contractor Tony Marchena
July 11
-ALM cuts cost to keep flying
-Pleumeekers killer suspects
July 18
-Three fishermen from St.
Lucia rescued by ketch Karrek
Ven and brought to Bonaire
-TCB opens new office at
head of Kaya Grandi
-Minister of Justice Rutsel
Martha reports 53 Antillean po-
lice officers implicated in
crimes or other wrongdoing. 20
were drug related and 7 of those
20 are from Bonaire
July 25
Caren Eckrich's Sea & Dis-
cover open for classes and dis-
covery activities for children and
adults, snorkelers and divers.
Aug. 1
-Historic Buildings in Peril.
Monument Foundation says no
legal ordinance enacted to pro-
tect these buildings.

Aug. 8
-STINAPA news: Spaniard
Fernanado Simal, a biologist,
will manage Washington-
Slagbaai National Park; Ca-
triona Glendenning new Marine
Park manager
-Thanks in part to Minister
Toon Abraham Bonaire will soon
have its own dialysis center in
San Francisco Hospital (It
never happened and patients still
have to fly to Curagao for treat-
-A developer has asked for
permission to develop 23 hec-
tares of government land in
Karpata area, currently desig-
nated as a nature preserve under
island's Nature Policy Plan. The
Plan does not have the force of
-No speed bumps yet for peo-
ple on waterfront along sea
promenade although promised by
the department of roads. (It did
take a fatal accident of a young
child in 2007 before the speed
bumps were put in)
Aug. 22
-Maritime Institute of Bon-
aire established to promote
general knowledge of maritime
affairs. An information center set
up in the harbor front buildings it
will share with the Bonaire Art
Foundation (Unfortunately, it
never happened. Two of its pro-
ponents, Steve Gustowski and
Jan Mol, passed away)
Aug. 29
-A large portion of this year's
generations of Loras wiped out
by poachers most of the nests
in the Palmita area below Mt.
Brandaris in Washington Park
cleaned out. Smuggling believed
to be centered in the area of
Playa Frans.

Aug. 22
-Sunset Beach Hotel burns
-Rocargo receives ISO 9002
certification. Awarded only to
companies with the highest stan-
dards of business practices, em-
ployee training, client support
and quality operation.
-2nd annual Bonaire Motorcy-
cle Rally with nearly 100 ma-
Oct. 3
-Citro (Citizens Rescue Ser-
vice) suspends their rescue life-
boat service. The nearest Antil-
lean Coast Guard base is in Cura-
gao, nearly 40 miles and three
(Continued on page 15)

Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

Back In Time (Continued from page 14)
hours away from Bonaire.
-Central Bank of the Netherlands
Antilles gets bailout money of NAf 72
million, based on an agreement with the
-WannaDive opens
Oct. 10
-All of prisoners in Bonaire's jail es-
cape on Friday night but by Saturday all
but two had surrendered or been recap-
tured. Jail was being guarded by volun-
teers from the militia since the regular
guards were on strike.
-Introduction of rental off-the-road
"quads" is causing problems for the envi-
ronment. They drive in bird sanctuaries,
on turtle nesting beaches and chase don-
Oct. 24
-5% of population has left (773 people
of whom 442 were Bonaireans). Eco-
nomic conditions and job opportunities
much better in Holland.
-American Consulate General will no
longer come to Bonaire for absentee
voting due to the resources now available
on the Internet.
-Preparations underway for a major
lengthening of the airport runway.
-Outcry against Karpata development
Oct. 31
-Bonaire Airlines to start next year,
serving Aruba, Bonaire, Curaao and Ca-
racas. (Never started)
-Executive Council gives order to ex-
tend the airport runway. DeAntillen and
BWM will do the job. Cost is over NAf 5
million. KLM says if runway is length-
ened it would consider expanding its
flight schedule, using Bonaire as a hub for
its Latin American flights. KLM also re-
quires a fueling depot. Departure hall will
have to be expanded. (KLM's twice a
day service sparked an economic recov-
ery in Bonaire)
-Jan Blonk Boatyard opens next to
Nov. 14
-Oceans 98 (a non-profit foundation
formed to help the UN and others pro-
mote the message of the 1998 Year of the
Ocean) wants to make Bonaire a world
center for conferences, symposia and
meetings. They'll renovate the Oranje
School at Wilhelmina Plaza. Headquarters
will relocate from The Hague to Bonaire.
(Ocean 98 turned out to be a penniless
shell bordering on fraudulent)
-Bonaire Nature Alliance president
speaks to ministers of Antilles and Aruba
citing issues: need for sewage disposal
system, a halt to longlining in Antillean
and Aruban waters, effects of the airport
runway extension, expanded research
program for sea turtles, spay neutering
program and the protection of Bonaire's
-TCB invites artists and craftsmen to
display and sell their works in Wil-
helmina Park during cruise ship visits.
(Now a very successful market)
Dec. 5
-Inflation rose in Netherlands An-
tilles to 3.4%. The highest is in Bon-
aire: 4.3% in the second quarter.
Dec. 12
-Democratic Party (PDB) pushing
for a referendum on the constitu-
tional status for the island.
-Rincon Market celebrates its one-
year anniversary with a big party
Dec. 19
-Fontein opens to the public as a
result of the work done by Alejandro
Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

-Bat Action Team (BAT) conducts
systematic mapping of the island's
caves and identifying native bat species,
hoping to ensure the future of Bonaire's
only native mammal, the valuable insect
eating and cactus pollinating bats. Caves
sensitive to human intrusion will be in-
dentified and hopefully protected. BAT
has no authority to close the caves but it
can advise the government through
DROB of those caves that should be pre-
served. It's an inspiring example of vol-
unteers, business and the government
working together.
-The first ALM trans-Atlantic flight
landed at Curaqao's Hato Airport last
Sunday, four hours later than scheduled
and with a different aircraft than ex-
pected. ALM's Belgian partner, City
Bird, told ALM that the MD-11 plane
scheduled to fly was out of service. But it
managed to charter a DC-10 from the
British operator Air Tours. Because of
logistics the DC-10 had to fly to Curaqao
via Manchester, England. The return
flight left a day late because the Air Tours
air crew required rest. "It's a start," said
ALM President Mario Evertsz."
Dec. 26
-Quads operated by Quarts Rentals
have been ordered off the road by the
Civil Court.
-Airlift news at the end of the year:
KLM began two non-stops from Holland.
Sobelair and Martinair continued
weekly schedules. Air Jamaica added a
second flight and ALM resumed its Mi-
ami non-stop. ALM recently began twice-
weekly flights to Amsterdam in partner-
ship with Belgian carrier, City Bird. 0
Compiled by Laura DeSalvo.

Readers are invited to write in their
recollections, and perspective for this
"look back." Send a letter to the edi-
tor: laura(Sibonairereporter.com

Showroom Kitchens
Coming Soon Our Grand Opening
Right now several showroom kitchens
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Renate Van der

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s many
believe and prac-
tice, "Art is a
good invest-
ment." But the
paintings of
Renate van der
Bijl's are not
only that but
vignettes of a
beautiful life on
Bonaire as seen
through the eyes
of a talented and
sensitive artist.
Van der Bijl's art
continues to
grow with new impressions of traditional subjects. You may never have seen donkeys
portrayed as this artist does but their expressions are totally familiar. Her "Seagulls"
in blue mirror the sky and the sea. And in the "Kibrahacha in bloom" she captures
that fantastic explosion of color that can take our breath away.
After a hiatus of many years beginning in her 20s when Renate ceased working as
an artist, she came to Bonaire where her talent came out of hiding and she, like the
flowering trees on the island, burst into bloom. Her work just gets better and better.
It's hanging in many of the homes on the island as well as in North American and
paintings are
now on display
in the lobby of
the Plaza Hotel
and you may
view them at
your leisure all
the time that
the lobby is
open. For more
you may call
Renate van der
Bijl at 717-
6500. 0 L.D.

Bud di
F rI'


MainStet "yS CraMdi s2. anai T 1:796M7481

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you PJ ng-

We 13ring


Antllean Wine Company
(599) 09-660-7639
Fax (599) 717.2950

*VW IS 44JI -J-4 V49f

mr nnsmmeZG


17e "Dia dJ ArlS"

6 Mre 6 m- pm
More nformtionand rscivtionsfor

sptcllVcyBissa 7619

By appointment Rooi
Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours $21
(includes tax). Discounts for residents
and local people. Tel. 717-8489, 540-

* Parke Publico children's play-
ground open every day into the cooler
evening hours.
* Rincon Marsh--6 am-2 pm.
Enjoy a Bonairean breakfast while you
shop, fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts,
local sweets, snacks, arts, handicrafts,
candles, incense, drinks, music. Big
March first Saturday of the month-
www.infobonaire. com/rincon.
* Flea Market at Parke Publico
every first Saturday of the month, 3 to
7 pm. Everyone welcome to buy and to
sell. NAfl0 per selling table.(NAf 5
goes to up-keep the park). NGOs can
have a free table. More information and
reservations for a spot call Vicky Bis-
sessar 786 1592.
* Wine Tasting at Antillean Wine
Company's warehouse on Kaya Indus-
tria, second Saturday of the month, 7-
9 pm. Snacks and tasting of six wines
for $10 (NAf17,50) per person. Tel. 560
Soldachi Tours-See the real
Bonaire and be transported back in time.
Learn about the history, culture and
nature by Bonaireans from Rincon. Call
Maria Koeks for more information-
* Soldachi Tours of Rincon, the
heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call
Maria, 717-6435-best island tour value
* Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7-10 pm. $10 per person.
Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth Vos
at 565-5225
Sunday- Creature Feature- John and
Suzie Wall of Buddy's Digital photo
center present a multimedia slide pres-
entation about Buddy's House Reef -
pool bar Buddy Dive, 6:30-7 pm, 717-
Monday-Dee Scarr's Touch the Sea
Slide Presentation, Capt. Don's Habi-
tat, 8:30 pm. 717-8529
Tuesday -Sea Turtle Conservation
Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles of
Bonaire Slide Show. Every 1st & 3rd
Tuesday, Buddy Dive Resort, 7pm-
Tuesday-- Bonaire Land and Ocean
presentation by Fish-Eye Photo staff,
7pm on the big screen inside the Sunset
Bar and Grill at Den Laman Condomini-
Wednesday- Sea Turtle Conservation

Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles of
Bonaire Slide Show, every 2nd & 4th
Wednesday at Bruce Bowker's Carib Inn
(717-8819) at 7pm.

Kas Krioyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's
past in this venerable old home that has been
restored and furnished so it appears the family
has just stepped out. Local ladies will tell you
the story. Open Monday thru Friday, 9-12, 2-
4. Weekendsby appointment. Call 717-2445.
Mangasina di Rei, Rincon. Enjoy the view
from "The King's Storehouse." Learn about
Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from the 17th
century. Daily. Call 717-4060/ 790-2018
Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, be-
hind the Catholic Church in town. Open
weekdays from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel.
Washington-Slagbaai National Park,
Museum and Visitors' Center. Open
daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December
25th. and January 1st. Call 788 9015
or 796 5681
AA meetings -every Wednesday at
7pm. Phone: 786-4651 or 786-7971
Al-Anon meetings every Monday
evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Weekly Bonaire Talker Gathering
and Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30
pm call 567-0655 for directions.
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7:15
pm- All levels, NAf2,50, call Joop at
786-6003 to find out the evening's loca-
Darts Club plays every other Sun-
day at City Cafe. Registration at 4,
games at 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
JCI First Wednesday of the Month-
Junior Chamber International Bonaire
(JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bon-
aire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO build-
ing, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30
to 9:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. Con-
tact: Renata Domacasse 516-4252.
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other Tues-
day, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette
Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th
Thursday of the month at 8 pm at Kaya
Sabana #1. All Lions welcome. For
more information call 510-0710.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday, 12
noon-2 pm 'Pirate House', above
ZeeZicht Restaurant. All Rotarians wel-
come. Tel. 717-2066
Toastmasters Club meets every two
weeks. For more information call Cru-
sita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Mar-

Page 16

tinez Beck, at 786-2953.
Protestant Congregation of Bonaire:
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papia-
mentu, Dutch, English, Sundays, 10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papia-
mentu, Sundays, 8:30 am.
Children's club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in
Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in Rin-
con. Bible Study and Prayer meetings,
Thursdays, at 8 pm, Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church: Centro di
Bario Nord Salifia, Sundays, 10 am.
Services in Dutch. 700-0379.
International Bible Church of Bon-
aire, at SGB High School auditorium
(Kaya Frater Odulfinus, off Kaya
Korona.) Sunday services in English at
9 am; Sunday evening prayer meeting
at Pastor's home, 7 pm. Fridays, 6 to 8
pm, Light & Life Club, children 5 to 12
yrs. Tel. 717-8332.
Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendijk
Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
Papiamentu, 717-8304.
Our Lady ofCoromoto in Antriol, Sat-
urday at 6 pm in English. Mass in Papia-
mentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm. 717
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios):
Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10
am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30
pm. 717-2194
Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services
Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bonaire
Youth Center in English, Dutch and Papia-
mentu. Preaching the full gospel. Contact:
Prayer and Intercession Church, in
English. A full Gospel Church located
temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit # 20,
Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services are
held on Sunday mornings from 10am
until 11:30am. Bible studies in English
are on Monday nights from 7 to 8 pm.
Contact: 717-3322
The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat-
ter-day Saints: Kaya Sabana #26, Sun-
days: 9 am Sacrament Ser-
vices (Translation to English and
Papiamentu upon request) 10:20 Sun-
day School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/PH
Primary held from 10:20-12 noon Visi-
tors Welcome: 701-9522 for Informa-

Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Email reporter(honairenews.com
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Q) Which symbol is also seen in the
Bonaire Coat of Arms
A) The seafarer's compass.
Question on Page 8

Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

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Hair Affair

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Personal attention by Janneke
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Jenne van den Ouden and His Old Honda 600 XLR
The 50t of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J@n Brouwer, featuring some ofBonaire's
interesting vehicles that are "on wheels."

T naire't d Ba

Threatened Again!

Bonaire/Republiek -
Jenne van den Ouden and his
wife Karin live on the island of
Bonaire since 2005. They found
jobs as dive instructors and they
bought their own house in the
neighborhood of Republiek. Jenne
has a job as dive instructor at Divi
Flamingo. He really likes the is-
land of Bonaire and the underwa-
ter world around it. Some two
times a day he jumps in the Carib-
bean Sea as an instructor or as a
dive guide. The vehicle Jenne and
Karen use for every day transpor-
tation is an old four-wheel drive
reliable Toyota Hilux. Because of
the influence of the climate the
car is getting lighter and lighter
every day because of the conver-
sion of iron into rust. After some
years Jenne decided to buy a pair
of extra wheels: a Honda 600
XLR, built way back in 1983.
Two persons, two jobs, two vehi-
cles. An ideal combination on the
hilly island with her curvy roads.

Jenne's first experience with
motorized two-wheelers goes
back to the early 80s in Europe.
His first sporty small motorcycle,
in fact it was a moped, was a red
sprayed Yamaha FS1. The 50 cc
two-stroke, four-speed moped
was very popular among young-
sters. Jenne had a special one
because his Yamaha single cylin-
der was water cooled. Maybe here
his love for water first started...
The next moped he bought was a
German made Ztindapp. The en-
gine size was 125 cc. For a person
without a driver's license it was
illegal to ride a bike of this engine
size so Jenne mounted a tank and
side panels of a legal 50 cc model
to mislead the police officers.
How smart can you be! And again
this fast 125 cc two-stroke single
cylinder was water cooled!
Jenne's third bike was a water
cooled (!) and very fast 125 cc
Yamaha cross bike.

Then the real stuff began. Jenne
got his official driver's license
and he got into real sizes: a 800cc
two-cylinder liquid-cooled Honda
Pacific Coast. Then he got a Ya-
maha XS 750, a rare triple engine
with a unique sound produced by
the exhaust system of the three
cylinder. Finally Jenne fell com-
pletely in love with a top of the
bill model made by die Bay-
erische Motor Werke: a BMW K
1100 RS. The "K" stands for four
cylinder and "RS" stands for
Rennsport (racing sport/jb). Jenne
thinks this is the best motor ever
made, as far as he knows... Then
he and Karin moved to Bonaire
and they shared one vehicle: the
color changing 4WD Toyota Hi-
lux, getting browner every day.

One of Jenne's friends is his old

neighbor from Hato, Eddie Faber.
Eddie is also a dive instructor.
One day Eddie was given a more
or less complete Honda motorcy-
cle in carton boxes. More less
than more a motorcycle. Eddie
collected all kinds of missing
parts and with the help of a work-
shop manual and a lot of time and
energy Eddie converted the four-
stroke jigsaw puzzle into a real
Honda 600 XLR. An overhead
camshaft multi-valve RFVC four-
stroke engine powered off-road
motorcycle, built in 1983 by
Honda, Japan and completely
rebuilt in 2007 by the one-man
Faber Factory in Bonaire, Nether-
lands Antilles. Eddie resprayed
the original red and white Honda.
Now the bike is completely flat
black. Two red scorpions mark
the fuel tank. Eddie fitted two
brand new rough motor cross tires
and the bike was ready for the
mud and the dirt. Eddie really
enjoyed his homemade bike but
then plans changed and another
world was attracting Eddie's at-
tention. Then Jenne grabbed his
chance and bought the bike. Jenne
was independent and moving on
two wheels again!

Jenne says, "Eddie did a very
good job! This Honda single cyl-
inder appears to be very reliable.
Everything works, even the lights
and the flashers. The shocks and
the brakes are ok and I only had
one flat tire once. Luckily it was
the tube of the front wheel. It is
really peanuts to drive this bike as
long as you are not wearing long
Starting the single cylinder 600
cc thumper engine of the Honda is
a kind of an art: a mixture of spirit
and skill, a blend of mind and
man power. Hard to explain, diffi-
cult to experience. Jenne contin-
ues, "The first thing you are not
allowed to forget is to open the
fuel tap. This allows the fuel to
flow free into the bowl of the
carburetor. Then you have to turn
on the ignition by the switch.
Then you have to adjust the choke

lever into the right position. It
takes a lot of experience to find
the real right position. Every 600
XLR has her own right position of
the lever. Then you turn out the
kick starter pedal. No, there is no
electric starter motor on this light
weight engine with her alloy and
magnesium parts. Then you have
to find the top death point of the
piston. There is a chance of one
out of two. I cannot explain this
exactly. Then you have to push
the kick starter pedal down with
your right hand foot to kick the
piston through the 10-to-one com-
pressed mixture of fuel and air.
And then the result is a nice and
deep rumble coming out of the
remains of the exhaust system:
boom boom boom boom. The
lovely sound of explosions inside
a huge single cylinder. First gear.
Off we go, down the hill! (...)
Most of the time... Sometimes the
will of the Honda soul differs
slightly from the intention of the
driver: no running engine and the
smell of completely not burned
fuel. This only happens some-
times. Then the wife has to keep
her mouth shut and the dogs have
to remain remote. A man needs
his time. Close the fuel tap, push
the kick starter, run the engine
dry, wait for some Bonairiaan
seconds and start allover again.
Jump! Thump! She picks up, idles
and runs! As I said, she is a very
reliable motorcycle. There is not a
single reason to sell her. Eddie did
a great job. And only if ever we
have to leave this island of Bon-
aire I will get myself another
BMW K1100 or K1200. This is
the ultimate. On the other hand I
know that a K-model BMW is
almost completely useless on
Bonaire. So for the next decades
of years I have the intention to
stick on my be-
loved Honda 600.
Thanks Eddie!"

Story & photo by
J@n Brouwer

Bats Seriously Endangered by
Increasing Construction

< |- he cave-dwelling bat colo-
Snies on Bonaire are under
increasing pressure. The increase
of tourism, tourism projects and
construction of luxury villas
threaten the survival of the cave-
dwelling bats. Of the three out of
the four cave-dwelling bat species,
fewer than 500 specimens are still
alive today. And the fact that more
and more people are visiting the
caves does not help in protecting
these diminishing colonies. They
are most affected in the Barcadera
and Colombia areas That is where
the Mormoops megalophylla
(phantom-face bat) is found, a sub-
species only in Bonaire. A large
colony of Leptonycteris curasoae
(long-snout bat) seems to have been
driven away already. Also found in
this area is the Natalus tumidirostris
(funnel-eared bat), close to extinc-
tion on Bonaire."
This came from a 2008 report by
Anna Rojer of the Scientific Institute
for Caribbean Research and Manage-
ment of Biodiversity (CARMABI) in
Curacao. STINAPA Bonaire was
shocked by the results and sounded
the alarm bells. Both caves and bats
urgently need protection. In areas
with many caves, like Barkadera,
Santa Barbara, Colombia and Lima,
there is construction planned where
there is a lack of consideration for the
bats' environment. By protecting the
caves and the surrounding areas, the
bat population may be saved. CARM-
ABI has pledged support to
STINAPA in developing a control
In 1991 the Barkadera area was
designated as a protected area due
to the presence of these caves and
their bats. Unfortunately the gov-
ernment lifted that protection in
2005 to allow construction.
STINAPA is pleading to reinstate
this protection before it's too late.
The same goes for the Colombia area,
which is also rich in caves and cave-
dwelling bats.
Many tropical bat species need

caves as a daytime hiding place as
well as a place where their young are
bor. Not every cave is suitable for
the bats. Most species have specific
requirements. It is known that the
Phantom-faced bat and Long-snout
bats will live only in caves that are
very warm. That is why it is incorrect
to think that bats will find another
cave if they are driven away. The rare
Funnel-eared bat also has high de-
mands for its living quarters. There
are only about 100 to 150 specimens
left on Bonaire. There was a large
colony that lived in a cave in Sa-
badeco until it collapsed when a
house was built on top of it. Not only
will the actual destruction of their
homes drive bats away. A whole
colony of Phantom-faced bats was
decimated in Curacao when hundreds
of meters away, construction was
taking place. Probably the bats were
driven away by vibrations or sounds
or the scraping of the earth by bull-
dozers. The Funnel-eared bat exists in
only one cave in Bonaire. Just by
people entering the cave could mean
the wholesale death of this species if
they have young. Due to the distur-
bance the babies can drop to the
ground and die of hunger.

Why Should We Care?

Bats are the only indigenous mam-
mals on Bonaire. All species that
exist on Bonaire are endemic subspe-
cies. This means that they only occur
on the Leeward Islands, and nowhere
else in the world. They are very
useful to man and nature because
they eat (thousands of) mosquitoes
and cross-pollinate the cacti. The
Long-tongue bat (Glossophaga
elongate) and the Long-snout bat
are nectar-eating bats that polli-
nate the flowers of the pillar cacti
which only bloom at night. That is
how fruits will grow which provide
food for birds and reptiles in the dry
season. (And it is the cacti that hold
the island together.) U Press
Release from STINAPA Bonaire,
Tel. 717-8444, email
Stinapa@Bonairelive. com

Bonaire Reporter- July 3-24, 2009

Page 18

*to find it... just look up

My Favorite and Almost Everyone's Favorite
Summer Constellation

had to pick
only one constella-
tion which I like
better than all the
rest in summer skies,
it would have to be
the ancient, gigantic
and dreaded Scor-
pius the Scorpion.
On any summer
night in June, July or
August face south
before midnight and
depending on what
month and hour you
look the scorpion
will either be southeast, due south or southwest. But you should have no trouble
finding it because it's huge and one of the few constellations which actually looks
like its name. Indeed if we connect each bright star in Scorpius with lines we can
see a very simple-line representation of a scorpion with his claws drawn in. Or if
you're afraid of scorpions you can imagine this constellation to be a giant fishhook
as seen by some ancient Polynesians or the capital letter 'J,' for Jack. Scorpius has
been around for thousands of years and was depicted by many cultures, including
the ancient Egyptians.
In ancient Greece and Rome, however, the scorpion was much big bigger than now
and its claws extended forward from it as if getting ready to grab whatever planets
or comets might come its way. And if you look closely you'll see two stars where
his claws used to be. They are named Zuben Elgenubi and Zuben Eschamali and
in Arabic, literally mean the northern claw and the southern claw. But Julius Caesar
and his megalomaniacal friends in the Roman Senate decided that Rome was so
special that it needed its own constellation as a form of ancient PR. So they did a
hatchet job on Scorpius' claws to make up the constellation, which they said stood
for the symbol of Roman justice, Libra. Talk about cosmic injustice!
At any rate once you've found Scorpius with his claws no longer outstretched, pay
particular attention to where the scorpion's heart should be. Because, believe it or
not, there, just by coincidence, a red star named Antares is right where his red heart
should be. And this star Antares is my very favorite summer star, hands down, be-
cause it is one of the three largest stars we can see with the naked eye.
Now I usually refer to our Sun as being a million miles wide to make it easy to re-
member, but in fact it is a bit short of that number being only 865,000 miles wide,
but which is still pretty huge compared to our 8,000-mile-wide Earth. In fact our
Sun is so huge we could fit over a million and a half of our Earths inside it. Antares,
however, puts our Sun to shame, because it is 700 times wider than our Sun, so
huge we could fit over 350 million Suns inside it! Or if you'd like to think of it this
way, if we placed one edge of it where our Sun is, it would reach out past the orbits
of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter! And it is so far away that it takes
520 years for its light to reach us. So whenever we look at Antares we see it not as
it exists now but as it existed 520 years ago.
So get thee out any summer night and marvel at the magnificent scorpion who
should fill you full of wonder instead of ancient dread.. 0 Jack Horkheimer


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ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Don't try to
deal with important issues or make
changes that will upset the apple cart. You
are best not to confide in anyone right
now. Digestive disorders will be a result
of family squabbles. Be careful that you
don't overextend yourself. Your luckiest
events this month will occur on a Friday.
TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Try to
compromise rather than having an all out
battle. Make alternate plans just in case
you need to make a career shift. You're
likely to encounter new partners if you
take short trips. Don't start a dispute
unless you're prepared to accept irreversi-
ble results. Your luckiest events this
month will occur on a Thursday.
GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You can
expect opposition from family as well as
colleagues. Build on friendship rather than
starting out in an intimate encounter. Pro-
fessionalism will be of utmost importance.
Your doubt could lead to insecurity. Your
luckiest events this month will occur on a
CANCER (June 22-July 22) You'll have
amazing ideas, but superiors may try to
block your attempts at implementing
them. Do not give your heart to someone
who may not live up to your standards.
You're in the mood to do things such as
competitive sports, or perhaps a night on
the town. A series of misunderstandings
may be at fault. Your luckiest events this
month will occur on a Sunday.
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You will be in a
high cycle regarding work. Insincere ges-
tures of friendliness are likely to occur.
Secret affairs may be brought out in the
open. Help elders get their personal papers
in order. Your luckiest events this month
will occur on a Wednesday.
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Observa-
tions will be far more productive. Use
your high energy and dynamic approach to
win favors from superiors. Unfortunately,
your personal life may suffer from a lack
spare time. Don't make any drastic
changes or begin new projects this month.
Your luckiest events this month will occur
on a Friday.
LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Keep your
thoughts to yourself for the time being.
Put your time and energy into home im-

For July 2009
provement. Recognition will be yours if
you meet your deadline. Be aware of de-
ception when it comes to your position,
and be sure not to jump to conclusions.
Your luckiest events this month will occur
on a Sunday.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) Older
family members may take advantage of
you by making you feel guilty. Control
your temper by getting immersed in your
work. Invite friends over rather than
spending money on lavish entertainment.
You will be in the mood to socialize. Your
luckiest events this month will occur on a
Dec.21) Abrupt changes concerning your
professional position are evident. Art in-
vestment will pay big dividends in the
long term. Don't hesitate to voice your
ideas and opinions. Take advantage of
your attributes and lure the mate of your
choice. Your luckiest events this month
will occur on a Friday.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) There
could be disappointment regarding invest-
ments. Deal with the needs of children and
get into groups that deal with self aware-
ness. Try to find another time to present
work or ideas this month. Work on legiti-
mate financial deals that may enable you
to bring in some extra cash. Your luckiest
events this month will occur on a Monday.
AOUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Business
trips might prove unproductive. Don't be
afraid to confront situations concerning
loved ones in order to solve any problems
that may exist. You can gain approval, get
kudos, and ask for help if you put a little
heart into your speech or request. You
need to be sure that you aren't in your pre-
sent relationship because it is convenient.
Your luckiest events this month will occur
on a Thursday.
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You are best
to be discreet. Unreliable people will be
negative about your ideas. Accept the in-
evitable and continue to do your job. You
may need to make a few alterations to
your living arrangements. Your luckiest
events this month will occur on a Tues-
day. 0

Aw Morning r -



7/i^ tt/3',uz


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