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SMay 22 June 5, 2009; Volume 16, Issue 11

]fHfefpiinzg B aiiire Gmow Respopsibly
Kunuku Shimaruku, P.O. Box 407, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, Phone 790-6518, 786-6518, email: reporter()bonairenews.com Since 1994
Printed every fortnight On-line every day. 24/7

Also in this issue:
Mama Modelo -F
Parrot Watch Returns -F
The Reporter's Life Story -F
First Mooring Field -F

Freestylers in Europe
Captain Don's 47th
pg. 3 Back In Time 1997-
pg. 3 Name That Jellyfish
pg. 4 Lost Islands-the BES'
pg. 6 ... and much more

-pg. 10
-pg. 12
-pg. 14
-pg. 15

II nse

0 InselAir Airlines reported
they concluded 2008 with a
profit of NAf 2 million. Par-
tially due to this favorable re-
sult, they decided to invest fur-
ther by purchasing two more
airplanes, acquiring additional
routes and personnel. The seat
occupancy of more than 70%
for the flights to Miami and
Surinam has strengthened this
Even the flight to Puerto Rico,
which started on April 3 is
above expectation with an aver-
age occupancy of more than
55%, excellent for a new route.
A third MD-83 will be added to
the fleet in July, and on Novem-
ber 15, a fourth MD-82 will be
included in the flight schedule.
These two new airplanes will
offer business class. The
InselAir fleet will grow to four
MD8Xs and two Embraer-
Bandeirante airplanes.
Last season InselAir success-
fully passed the European
(Dutch) audit and the airline

I The last cruise ship of this
season has departed. Accord-
ing to TCB figures 115 cruise
ships called at Bonaire. They
brought a record number of
229,000 passengers, 90,000 more
than the previous season.
TCB director Ronella Tjin Asjoe
-Croes gave a short speech on O
Wilhelminaplein to summarize
the season. She thanked every-
one for the cooperation and the
service to the passengers. Felix
"Papi" Cecilia, the white-
uniformed Dispatcher (general
coordinator) can now relax and
However, between 13 June and
13 October, two cruise ships will
make port calls here, Pacific Dream and the Ocean Dream, bringing 55,000 additional passengers dur-
ing those months, affording additional opportunities for the vendors at the cruise ship market on Wil-
For next season (2009/2010) 125 ships are expected. They should bring 220,000 day tourists to the is-
land. The previous cruising season earned Bonaire between NAJ 14 and NAJ 19 million said Econom-
ics Commissioner Jeffery Levenstone. Commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe added that the "headtax" for the
cruising tourists will rise to $2 per person which will mean an extra NAJ 1 million to the government.
Compared to Curaqao, Saint Martin and Aruba it is a pittance, but Bonaire is a relatively new player in
cruising tourism and feels it must make improvements before a higher head tax can be introduced. 0

has now been placed on the
"white list" of the airline com-
panies in Europe. This is the
second important international
audit completed by InselAir
following the audit by the
American Federal Aviation
Administration whereby Inse-
lAir received the rights to fly
to the US.

P This weekend, on May 31,
there will be a big celebration
of the 40th Anniversary of
Washington Slagbaai National
Park right in the Park. Entrance
and activities are all FREE.
There's too much going on to
list here so turn to page 15 to
get the full story.

P The supervision of the
safety of Aruban and Antil-
lean aviation is satisfactory,
the International Civil Avia-
tion Organization (ICAO)
reported in April. The cover
letter and report was forwarded
to the Second Chamber of Par-
liament by Dutch Minister of
Transport and Construction,

Camiel Eurlings.

0 The US Congress will most
likely lift 50-year-old embargo
on Cuba before the end of 2010.
Ways and Means Committee
Chairman Charles Rangel told
reporters he believes the current
Congress, which goes through
next year, would lift the trade ban.
This would have significant impli-
cations for Caribbean tourism. A
consultant's report issued earlier
this year felt that Bonaire might
benefit, rather than suffer, from
this development because of its
relatively upscale product.

ISome 85 new community pro-
jects worth 126 million guilders
were financed in the Nether-
lands Antilles last year. An addi-
tional 99.5 million guilders was
paid out for ongoing projects.
Development Foundation Nether-
lands Antilles (SONA) Governing
Board Chairman Jaime Saleh pre-
sented the 2008 SONA Annual
Report to State Secretary for Inte-
rior and Kingdom Relations Ank
Bijleveld-Schouten last week in

The Hague.

) Bonaire's Immigration De-
partment announced that begin-
ning May 25 it will be open to
the public only in the afternoons
between 13.30 and 16.00
) Bonaire hotels encourage
their guests to not buy bottled
water. Now, for the same reason.
New York state government of-
fices will stop buying bottled wa-
ter in a move to cut costs and fight
global warming, Governor David
Paterson said on Tuesday. In the
US, plastic water bottle manufac-
turing uses 17 million barrels of
oil every year, producing over 2.5
million metric tons of carbon di-
oxide pollution, the Governor's
office said. (Reporting by Edith

1 The island will soon have its
first full service international
law firm. The law firm, VanEps
Kunneman VanDoorne, will
open an office in June 2009 to
provide the BES Islands with lo-
cal, intra-insular, and international
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Table of Contents
This Week's Stories

Last Cruise Ship 2
Mama Modelo 3
Parrotwatch-Breeding Season 3
Final Mooring-1997 6
Magic Ed Says Thanks 7
New Piano (cover story) 9
Freestylers in Austria 1C
Shelter Steriliation Campaign 11
On Whether Life is Quantum 12
Going Backto 1997 14
Name That Jellyfish 15
Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival 2C

Weekly Features

Flotsam& Jetsam 2
Born On Bonaire (Port Call/Reporter) 4
Bonairean Voices (Bonairean Chef) 7
Sudoku Puzzle 8
Bon Quiz #7 Flamingo Eggs 9
Pet of the Week (Madroes) 9
Sudoku Solution 12
Picture Yourself (The Netherlands) 13
Classifieds 13
Tide Table 13
Going Backto 1997 14
Bubbles-Did You Know(Flying Fish) 15
BonQuiz Answer 16
Whafs Happening 16
Dining, Shopping Guides 17
Bonaire On Wheels (Porsche) 18
Island View (Lost) 18
Sky Park (Kingof Planets) 19
Star Power (Astrobgy) 19

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Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

Runner-up Mirnalyn Soliana and Mama Modelo Winner Ruthaily Cicilia
On Friday, May 8, the "Mama Modelo 2009" Pageant took over the audito-
rium of Jong Bonaire. The hall was filled to capacity and there was an am-
biance of elegance and excitement.
Six competing mothers had to give three formal presentations: first a speech about
what it means to them to be a mother. After that they presented their own fashion
design, which incorporated the theme of the night, which was "Zebra." And last, but
not least, they appeared in beautiful eveningwear, and in this round there were ques-
tions too. All candidates presented themselves with a lot of energy, poise and cha-
risma. The crowd motivated their favorite moms by yelling, whistling and giving
the show that much more excitement.
An inter-Antillean professional jury had to make the very difficult decision as to
who would be named Mama Modelo 2009. When all was said and done Ruthaily
Cicilia was presented with the crown and was elected Mama Modelo 2009. Runner
up was "our girl" (The Reporter sponsored her elegant gown), Mirnalyn Soliana,
who also did a fabulous job.
During the show there were presentations by the extraordinary dance group, "The
New Generation Dancers," rappers "Bollers" and Sir Gaby Simon with his
"unforgettable songs."
Congratulations to the winning moms, and we hope to see more of these profes-
sional and exciting shows on the island. Again this year the contest was beautifully
organized by Angelo Domacass6's AD Productions. 0 Fleurtje Veldkamp

At last, the 2009 parrot breeding season
is upon us, and the ParrotWatch team
has returned to the island to keep an eye on
things and to report its findings.
At this time of year it is common to see pairs
of loving Loras flying together at dawn and
dusk as they spend more time together, feeding
and prospecting for potential nest sites. Over
the past few weeks we have been observing
the behavior of the parrots in some nesting
areas and checking the nests that were active
last year for any sign of eggs.
It's always very exciting finding the first egg
of the season, and from that point onwards, the
eggs just start appearing everywhere. It's a bit
like a big Easter egg hunt (but it's a good thing
the eggs are not chocolate). So far we have
found six nests with eggs, and they haven't
finished laying yet. he female parrot will lay
up to four eggs in a clutch, and this only hap-
pens once a year.
After laying her first egg, the female will
give herself a day or two off to recover from
what looks like a terribly uncomfortable ex-
perience. We know this from watching the
goings on inside the nest through the eyes of
some infrared cameras that we have hidden
there. Over that past few years we have gath-
ered some great footage of wild parrots laying
eggs, hatching and even the young chicks
playing inside the nest before they fledge.
They appear to be quite oblivious to the cam-
era, and it doesn't deter them from going about
their day-to-day activities in the nest.
Not every egg in a clutch hatches, and this
year we are hoping to find the cause of this.
Maybe the egg that didn't hatch wasn't fertil-

Maybe it
failed to
If so, at
point in
its devel-
did it fail?
With ParrotCam inside a nest;
some Notice the eggs in circle
laboratory technology, we are now able to
answer these kinds of questions and under-
stand more about the Lora's biology.
Soon enough, Mrs Parrot will be sitting on
her clutch of up to four eggs and depending
entirely on her faithful partner to feed her
while she incubates. At dawn, he will visit the
nest and call to her from a nearby perch. Only
then does Mrs Parrot get a chance to stretch
her legs (and wings) and get some fresh air.
This behavior will continue until the chicks
hatch and until they are capable of regulating
their own body temperature.
Keeping track of these busy little birdies
is tough work, but the parrot watch team has a
great time with it all. You can keep up to date
with our adventures in the field and watch
videos of parrot behavior from inside the nests
on www.parrotwatch.org .
Story & photo by Rhian Evans

Nest-Check bicycle provided
by DeFreewieler Scooter and
bike sales and repair

Kaya Berilo 38

Santa Barbara

Phone (599) 717 4686 www.caribbeanhomesbonaire.com Kaya Isla Riba (Next to City Cafe)

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009 Page 3

US$ 335,000




e e r e e t t r a l
A 1^ 7The Reporter celebrated its 15th birthday last month

*- was born on aboat
I named Wind Song. My
mom was Jan Smimow and she
named me Port Call. One day she
left for Las Aves and as she
couldn't take me with her, she
gave me to Laura and George De
Salvo who were in the anchorage
living on a boat called the
My mom came back several
times to see me but she never
came to fetch me really and so it
was decided that I would stay
with my adoptive parents. I grew
up the old fashioned way; I had to
go to work at an early age and
every week I would bring home
one guilder. It wasn't that hard
though, because I had a lot of
help from friends and volunteers.
A lot of the sailors would provide
me with stories and they also in-
troduced me to newcomers who
were more than willing to do the
In many ways it was a laid back
childhood, but I grew up fast,
because nobody saw me as a
child. I was present at all the par-
ties and I was never excluded
from any adult conversation. Al-
though I never left the anchorage
I learned many aspects of sailing
around the world and the emo-
tions it evokes: freedom, fear and
joy and comradeship... Then,

some business people and several
restaurant owners on Bonaire
started helping to support me, so I
didn't have to ask for money any-
more and from December 1994 I
became quite independent. Also
my life changed in many ways
because the stories I was told
went from boat issues to a
broader context; I became in-
volved in what was going on on
the island and in nature.
In 1996 everyone around me
became occupied with saving
Klein Bonaire from the hands of
developers who wanted to build a
resort there. It got me so angry
because Klein Bonaire was the
home of sea turtles, lots of fish

the island it was owned by de-
velopers and it shocked them.
The government and the tourist
office were getting letters and
calls and international scuba div-
ing magazines picked it up and
started writing about it, World
Wildlife Foundation was con-
cerned and the Dutch Crown
Prince Willem Alexander came to
the island and said, 'I don't ever
want this island to be developed!'
So, what I had started up, to-
gether with good people like
Bruce Bowker, Kitty Handschuh,
Bart Snelder, Dee Scar, Eric
Newton and Winfred Dania, the
famous artist who made the Save
Klein Bonaire poster, and many,

".. my life changed in many ways because the
stories I was told went from boat issues to a
broader context; I became involved in what was
going on on the island and in nature."

and beautiful reefs where every-
body did the best diving... I
wanted to do something to pre-
vent that from happening and so,
every time I came out I told a
story about Klein Bonaire. People
became aware of the fact that
Klein Bonaire didn't belong to

many other qualified people.
It became a movement and fi-
nally, four years later, Senator
Ramonsito Booi called us and
said, 'Come to this meeting.' At
the meeting he told us that the
Dutch government was ready to
buy the island from the owners.

And... the best thing about it was
that they made the rule that it was
going to be undeveloped and pro-
tected! It was the end of Decem-
ber 1999.
The way I am telling you this
now it may seem that Klein Bon-
aire was the only thing I was in-
volved in during those years, but
in fact I spoke out for many other
good purposes as well, like boost-
ing the Bonairean culinary team
and the SGB culinary school, and
I also used my voice to help the
Turtle Club, now the STCB,
who'd begun with research into
the life cycle of Bonaire's differ-
ent sea turtles. And already in

those days there was a lot of con-
cern about the reefs and the sew-
age problem... It's sad to say that
nothing much has been done
about it so far and I'm really wor-
ried now, because to me it seems
like we've come to a point of no
return, and what will become of
the island and its people once the
reefs are gone?"
The Bonaire Reporter has many
faces and many different voices,
but it all comes down to one love
-the love for the island, the peo-
ple, the sea, the nature and cul-
ture and the animals. And al-
though its voice is strong and
(Continued on page 5)



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80 MIN./ 52X
700MB ""
* Music
* Video
* Photo 1. O
*Game R Lo
~ ~o~o~ "F f~ i ffift s

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Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

I~t% /tc~,

The Reporter started out as the Port Call newssheet


Page 4

Born on Bonaire
(Continued from page 4)
persistent it will never scream or
behave badly, because The Bon-
aire Reporter knows it's a guest -
it's born here, but not from
"I'm born here, but I feel I'm a
citizen of the world, a child of
nature. My father was the wind,
my mother the sea and my star is
the Southern Cross. My language
is English and here it's like neu-
tral; it's also the universal lan-
guage of business and bargains.
I'm not taking sides I'm reflect-
ing everybody's opinions and
because I am a guest I focus on
positive things and present the
negative only when something
better can come from it." The
wind turns over the pages as we
move on: 'I love animals because
they give unconditional love and
they're better than people some-
When I noticed that Bonaire
had a lot of homeless dogs and
cats I started the 'Pet of the
Week' column in 1997 and as a
result of that hundreds of animals
have been adopted and that
makes me very happy. Another
thing I'm interested in are the
local artists; there's so much art
here and I feel that people have to
get to know the artists and their
work and so I profiled them in
almost every issue.
I'm very passionate about the
environment, animals, food, cul-
ture and especially the people of
Bonaire. They are unique in

Pastissues of Port Call and The Reporter

many ways. Money was never the
number one thing on this island.
Family was important and hon-
esty and a wonderful sense of
humor and a great passion for the
kunuku and the sea. I grew up
with those stories stories about
love and passion: Regatta, Karna-
val, Dia di Rincon, Maskarada,
Simidan, the music of Nemencio
and Glenn I Su Gang and every-
thing in between. I've traveled
with the people of the FKPD to
Dublin, Ireland, and to Kingston,
Jamaica, where they participated
in the Special Olympics and I've
felt their pride and joy... it was
unforgettable. I've seen Elvis
Martinus and Patun Saragosa
coach incredibly talented children
who would later become world
champions in windsurfing. I've
witnessed the eclipse of the sun at
Malmok in 1999 when everything
turned dark, the birds stopped
singing and the people were si-
lenced when the sun disappeared

and strange shadows flickered
over the ground... there will
never be a solar eclipse on Bon-
aire for over 1000 years...
In 2000 my name was changed
from Port Call into The Bonaire
Reporter, and in 2001 I popped
from an A4 size to a full tabloid
size and I expanded from 300
copies every issue to 1,500. I
appeared in almost every restau-
rant, hotel and shop on the island
and all this time I've been sup-
ported by these sponsors who
made it possible for me to stay
independent. I want to mention
Rocargo, Hair Affair, SSS, the
Antillean Wine Company, Benet-
ton, Bonaire Nautico, City Shop,
Green Label, De Freewieler,
Carib Inn, MCB, Paradise Photo,
Pasa Bon Pizza and Sunbelt Re-
alty these are the ones that have
been supporting me ever since I
started and ever since they started
and they are very special to me.
But the ones that have joined me

up until now have become as dear
to me. I wouldn't be who I am
without them.
Another thing I appreciate very
much is that over the years so
many people have taken me all
over the world, from the top of
Mt. Everest to freezing Antarc-
tica, and they've sent me the pic-
tures and when I see them I feel
proud, yeah... you can say I've
seen the world...
I've met so many people
who've touched me and changed
me; I've grown into what other
people added to me. I grew up
from experience of all these peo-
ple who filled my life. They gave
me their passion, their concern,
their hopes and their views. And
of course I am 'kaweta', I'm
nosy, I have to admit it, but... it
helps a lot when you're doing
what I'm doing!
Before we end this conversa-
tion, I want to mention the 2004
referendum. I knew it was going

to make a big change in Bonaire.
So I gathered as much informa-
tion as I could, to inform the peo-
ple of Bonaire about the choices
they had. Now we're getting
close to realizing the conse-
quences of the choice the people
made and I wonder what will
I'm 15 years old and I've
grown up. I've always told the
truth, at least how I saw it, and
I've always wanted to make peo-
ple aware of what was happening
on the island. I love the island too
much, my name says it all; I am
The Bonaire Reporter and I have
to deal with the future whatever

will." U

Story by



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I I.i


~ ~ I ........................................


Page 5

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

1997 Bonaire's Final Permanent Moori

Dee Scarr has kept a dive log, fairly
obsessively, since her first SCUBA dive in
1972. In celebration of the 15th anniver-
sary of The Bonaire Reporter, Dee went
through her logs considering The Re-
porter's anniversaries, and is writing
about some of the differences between
then and now.

n general, Nature on our planet is
getting more battered as a result of
the passing of time.
One of the most distressing things I
read, repeatedly, in my dive logs from
1994, '95, and '96, is that the "reef was
battered again" or that "we saw some
freshly broken coral today." These dives
were all between the marina and the Old
Pier, and the coral damage was from yacht
anchors (and chains); although it was pro-
hibited to anchor almost everywhere
around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire long
before the 1990s, vessels were permitted
to anchor in that area.
There had been a beautiful, perfect brain
coral head at Boy Scout. It was four to
five feet in diameter (more than 300 years
old, I now know), resting at the edge of
the dropoff in only about 30' of water.
One night a sailboat anchored; the next
day I saw that their second anchor chain --
which was draped from the bow of the
boat across the reef and down the dropoff
-- was hooked under the edge of the per-
fect brain coral. I contacted the owner of
the sailboat, told him that his anchor chain
was hooked under a coral head, told him
I'd be happy to help him get it out when
he was ready to leave, and gave him my
phone number. He barked at me that he
wouldn't need any help, and he certainly
didn't take any. When he left, he left the
perfect brain coral upside down. It was
much too big to be turned upright again.
Its first polyps to die were, of course, the
ones which were crushed and smothered
under the weight of the coral head itself.
Later, many of those which were turned
upside-down expired. Upside-down, they
didn't get enough sunlight to satisfy their
internal algae, which they need for sur-
vival. But there's one lovely little penin-
sula of living coral left of this cruelly
damaged formation, and that peninsula is
slowly getting into more sun. (Go, Pol-
yps, Go! Clone and grow!)
Since that perfect coral head was
flipped, perfectly legally, by an anchor
chain, a wonderful thing happened:
Around 1997, in celebration of the Year of

Sunbelt Realty N.V.
Kaya L.D. Gerharts 8
717 65 60
info@sunbelt.an I www.sunbelt.an

Page 6

the Reef, the Bonaire National Marine
Park placed moorings for yachts in the
harbor area. Naturally the yacht owners
were much happier with sturdy, secure
moorings than they were with anchoring
on those difficult coral reef surfaces.
"Battered reef' reports disappear from my
dive logs.
Shortly thereafter, I began to log some-
thing new: notes on the creatures in-
cluding stony corals! -- beginning to live
on the new mooring blocks. The corals on
the mooring blocks are great examples of
the growth rates of coral; the fastest-
growing of them reached soccer ball size
in about 10 years! The corals growing on
the mooring blocks also display how coral
colonies of the same species compete for
space without hurting each other, while
colonies of different species will have a
dead zone between them. Most of the
yacht moorings consist of three concrete
cubes measuring one meter to each side,
with a 4" PVC pipe through the middle.
In addition to being an excellent base for

Moray peering from a mooring pipe

larval stony corals to settle, the outer sides
of the mooring blocks offer good locations
for Christmas tree worm and blenny tubes,
fire corals, and sergeant major nests. The
enclosures created between the three
blocks, and the pipe tunnels through the
blocks, provide sanctuary to blackbar sol-
dierfish, small groupers, cardinalfish, mo-
rays, crabs, shrimp, and tunicates. Juvenile
French angelfish and gobies often estab-
lish cleaner stations near the mooring
blocks, attracting clients from both the
reef and the blue water.
The mooring blocks protect the natu-
ral coral reef. They themselves are becom-

ing artificial reefs and they host real
corals. A win, win, win situation: rare in
the world, gloriously less rare on Bonaire.
SDee Scarr
Underwater naturalist
Dee Scarr is the
recipient of numerous
awards for her coral
reef conservation ef-
forts. Her "Touch the
Sea guided dives are
legendary. Catch her
multimedia show at Captain Don's Habi-
tat Resort Mondays at 8:30pm.

New Stock

New Styles
Men, Women and Children

Ii e

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

The mooring blocks are gathering places for critters of many types


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2 0%#k GA.

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L ast April 30 at the Rincon Day fes-
tival you had the chance to taste the
best food of Bonaire-inspired versions of.
all kinds of local food. You had the privi-
lege of meeting with different Bonairean
Bonaire is full of talented and creative
chefs like Sharlon "Galan" Melaan (38)
father of four children: Shalina (15), Raigil
(12), Luiginio (11) and Sharlonson (10).
Sharlon started in the kitchen at a very
young age, peeling potatoes and preparing
other vegetables together with his mother.
By the time he got to high school, although
he was enrolled in the technical school, his
mother, Jacoba Melaan-Thomas, realized
that he was more interested in the kitchen
than in becoming a carpenter. So in 1981
she decided to send him to Hotelvakschool
(a culinary school). It was a basic course
school year: six months of serving and six
months of studying cuisine.
Sharlon explains, "I learned a lot in that
year, even how to become a coordinator
for my own classroom. We didn't have the
privileges that the kids today have where
they can go to Italy to learn more about
cuisine. I learned outside the classroom, by
catering with Nel Nicolaas and Frank
Goeloe, people who helped and pushed
me to make cuisine my art. Frank Goeloe
was always there to help me at any time.
When I finished school at 18 I started
working as a waiter at the Green Parrot
restaurant with Mr. Jim Hough (now de-
ceased) and Ms. Sara Matera, a very kind
couple. I can say that the Green Parrot was
the real foundation of my career. We were
busy every day. We had good team work,
a good salary and everybody gave their
input. The Green Parrot produced good
workers and chefs. Some of them own
their own businesses today like Mr. Jimmy
Frans, owner of the J&J local restaurant in
the heart of Kralendijk.
I had a career of 12 years at the Green
Parrot, first as waiter, then as a chef when
I got more responsibility. When the restau-
rant needed someone to manage it because
the work was getting more intense they
hired Kirk Gosden (today owner of Lion's
Den and Sunrise Restaurants) as general
manager. I learned a lot from Kirk and I
have a lot of respect for him.
After one of those hurricane surges de-
stroyed the Green Parrot, the restaurant
could no longer function and everyone had
to go their own way. After that I worked at
Flamingo Beach as a waiter, at Sonesta as
a bartender/cashier, at Donna and Gior-
gio's, and at City Caf6 where I instructed
the staff. At Capt. Don's Habitat/Rum
Runners I was honored as the "Worker of
the Year" and got the culinary nickname,
"Master G," by owner-managers, Floris
and Isidoor. Now I work with Vernon
Martijn in catering.
Nowadays most of the Bonairean chefs

Alan Gross, Magic Ed with his mom, Lulu, his brother, Giovanni

have grown old. The small group that we
have is diminishing. The younger ones
who are finishing culinary school must
keep their interest in the local cuisine.
More competitions should be held so Bo-
naireans can show their talent in Bonairean
cuisine. A Bonairean food festival should
be held for everyone who would like to
have a taste of local food. Unfortunately,
the local cuisine business doesn't pay so
much money, so some of these good chefs
have deviated from their art and have gone
into the construction business to make
more money.
It's my opinion that we have to create
more jobs in the hotels for our Bonairean
chefs with fewer foreigners to occupy
these jobs. Most Bonaireans with their
own businesses don't have the means to
grow easily. Small business courses have
to continue, but our local banks also have
to be more flexible. Give the Bonairean
chef his chance to grow.
My main goal is to open a restaurant
serving local cuisine at a beach hut to-
gether with my family and a staff in local
dress and local live music. My son Shar-
lonson has already started peeling vegeta-
bles. So I hope my dream will come true."
Sharlon mentioned also that there was
an article about him in Port Call (original
name of The Bonaire Reporter) in Febru-
ary 1997 when he worked at the Green
Parrot. We can learn a lot from these chefs
although most of you are chefs in your
own kitchen. 0
Siomara E. Albertus

Send your com-
ments to The Bonaire
Reporter, P.O. Box
407, Bonaire, or
email reporter

adults and
children showed up for the festivities
which included games, snacks, drinks
and music by Giovanni Mercera (Ed's
brother) and his group, Ritmo Latino.
Magic Ed, an accredited member of the
International Brotherhood of Magicians,



From Bonaire Nautico Marina

.. Day
Catamaran Kantika di Amor
Trips daily via resorts at 10 am, 12, 2 pm
Except Sunday at 10 am only
Tie up dockside
for $7/day --tax
Water/115/220V & Cable TV
Dinghy tie-up at north-inside dock
US$10 weekly from Saturday to
Saturday. Pay at Kantika di Amor
water taxi daily 10 am, 12, 2 pm.
Sundays 10 am only.
Your boat name will be recorded.
At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399
www.bonairenauticomarina VHF 68

puts on all kinds of parties with enter-
tainment for kids and adults of all ages.
For more information check out his web-
site: WWW.Magic-Ed.com. Or call him
at 717-6401 or 785-9802 or MagicEd
(,hotmail.com. U L.D.

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

Page 7

Flotsam andjetsam (Continued from page 2)
legal services. The firm also has offices in
Curaqao and Aruba, and claims to be the
largest law firm in the region.

0 Have you tried lunch at the ma-
rina side Patagonia restaurant yet? It's
just been recently reopened during the
lunch hours, 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, Tues-
day through Friday. Known for their Ar-
gentinean specialties the family- run res-
taurant offers a relaxed atmosphere, yacht
gazing, homemade soups and salads and
some of the best French fries on the is-
land. They're open for dinner every day
except Monday.

1 Hard on the heels of Bonaire's
first classical music concert (this week's
cover story) is news of another. Here
are some details of the June 13 concert
organized by the Classical Music Board
Bonaire at Plaza Resort, 8 pm, in Cacique
First there will be a presentation of a CD
by Hans Odin Faassen: "Bonairean Inspi-
rations," all compositions played by Hans
Faassen himself.
The theme of the evening will be Classi-
cal Local- a classical concert with local
musicians and composers.
The artists:
Hans Odin Faassen (piano and violin)
Linda Anthony (soprano)
Erik van Silfhout (tenor and violin)
Krusa Musika, a classical Trio
Quartet Gebby Saleh
Young talent Radjwant Gonesh,
(17) playing Antillean composers on pi-
Nancy Vrieswijk playing quatremain
(four hands) with her mother, perform-
ing works of Beethoven
Other works are compositions of Pergo-
lesi, Bach, Schubert, Haydn, Cho-
pin, Gabriel Faure, Jacques Delcroze
Hans Odin Faassen, and Gebby Saleh.
Tickets: NAf 25 children up to
14 years NAf 10.- Presale at Addo s
Bookstore, Plaza Resort and Flamingo

Feeling stressed and looking for a
tranquil little shop to browse through?
"Follow your heart" to Eveline for
Body, Mind and Spirit on Kaya Korona
#47, in the Bonaire Basics complex of
old Bonairean buildings. Eveline carries
organic sun tan lotions and body scrubs,
organic candles and incense. She has
herbal teas for cleansing and detoxing.
There are some gorgeous cards and jour-
nals, featuring the words of Buddha and
Rumi, a 13th century sage. There's lots
more for you to discover for yourself.
Eveline is open 10 to 3, Tuesday through
Friday. On Saturdays, 10 to 1. Telephone

1 DeFreewieler Bike Shop is in the
news a lot this week. They've been
awarded the "Mi Va Bo" sticker because
they are now handicapped accessible.
Owner Frank Bohm is also proud to say
the shop now has a brand new key cut-
ting machine. It's quicker and easier and

there's hardly a key on the planet that it
cannot copy. And there's more. The gen-
erous owner has donated a bicycle to
the Parrot Watch project so the staff can
more easily check the parrot (Lora) nests
in Washington Park.
) Work has begun on a small resto-

ration of Bonaire's historic Island
Council building, the Passangrahan
(pictured above), on Wilhelmina Plaza.
Sixty-nine thousand guilders has been
budgeted. The company, StreefTec N.V.,
will do the work.

0 Congratulations to Mick Schmit
(above left, shown being honored at lunch
at Antillean House in The Hague) and his
Stichting Project for being awarded the
Appeltje van Oranje (Apple of Orange),
from the Oranje Fonds (Orange Fund), the
largest socially oriented social charitable
fund in The Netherlands. It's adminis-
tered by Crown Prince Willem Alexander
and his wife, Princess Maxima.
The Stichting Project helps young peo-
ple with behavioral problems. Their cli-
ents are often identified in school situa-
tions. Once part of the Project they follow
intensive group-specific training to cor-
rect anti-social behavior. The aim is bring
about behavioral change and offer a
wholesome structure. After every phase
the youngster is examined to see if he or
she can return to their school or remain
with the Project. The aim is to keep young
people from getting into trouble with the
Each year the Oranje Fund donates ap-
proximately e 22 million to organizations
in the Netherlands, on Aruba and the
Netherlands Antilles that are concerned
with improving social conditions.

) Do you enjoy reading The Re-
porter? It aims for a clear layout, no ad-
vertising on the front page, local news and
authors, emphasis on environmental pres-
ervation and island issues. You can help
The Reporter keep doing its job by en-
couraging the store and restaurants that
you frequent to advertise in its pages.
Remember readers, The Reporter is
brought to you FREE through the sup-
port of its loyal advertisers. When you
visit them say, "The Reporter sent me." If
they are not advertisers let them know
they will get even more business by plac-
ing an ad in The Reporter. 0 G./L.D.

0 Bonaire visitor, former astronaut and deco-
rated military man, Charles Bolden is report-
edly atop the list to head NASA, an agency
nearing four months without an administrator.
NBC and the Wall Street Journal report that
Bolden, 62, will head to the White House Mon-
day to meet with President Barack Obama and
will likely be nominated to lead the space
Bolden, who retired from military service in
2003 as a major general in the US Marine
Corps, would be the first African-American to
run NASA.
On November 25, 1996, Charles "Charlie"
Bolden visited Bonaire to speak at the SGB
High school, Jong Bonaire, UniCollege and the
Pelikaan School, plus all 6th grade school children and the community about his ex-
periences and his belief in setting and meeting personal goals. He answered questions
from children and adults during his inspirational visit which was arranged by Bonaire
residents Ben and Laura Buchbinder.

1 Curacao voted YES, to accept the financial bailout
from Holland and the regulations to supervise them
within a new governmental structure. Approximately
52% of the Curacao voters who voted last Friday chose
yes in the referendum; 48% voted no. There were 79,761
votes cast; 41,398 people voted YES. That was 3,035 more
than chose NO.
Earlier in the week on Bonaire the results of an unofficial
survey of 300 people done by a group called Awoawo2009 (Nownow2009) revealed
that 89% of the Bonaireans polled were aware of the Curaqao referendum and if they
had to choose would vote YES by a margin of 3 to 1.
Of those Bonaireans polled only 18% wanted an analogous referendum in Bon-
aire; 82% did not want a Bonaire referendum. A rally organized by theAwor T'e
Ora movement on the previous weekend to promote a Bonaire referendum attracted
300 people at Wilhelmina Park.
Statistics from the Bonaire neighborhoods who wanted a Bonaire referendum (si) or
(no) are listed below:
Rincon (si) 9% (no) 91%
Nort'i Salifia (si) 16% (no) 84%
Antriol (si) 23% (no) 77%
Nikiboko (si) 28% (no) 72%
Tera Cora (si) 24% (no) 76%
Playa (si) 8% (no) 92%

) Buchi Frans, a true son of Bon-
aire, celebrated his 79th birthday last
week, looking as always, like a much
younger man who's in incredible physi-
cal and mental shape. He's known to
many as the "Governor of Bolivia" be-
cause for nearly his whole life he's had a
loving relationship with the area and has
been its guardian. "In fact," he says, "I
was 'made' in Bolivia, or as my wife
says, 'made in the bush! "' He's also the
paternal grandfather of windsurfing stars,
Tonky and Tati Frans. Family and friends
gathered to wish this dynamic guy a
healthful and happy year.
Buchi poses with three of his beauti-
ful granddaughters at his kunuku4



To solve the puzzle,
enter the numbers 1
through 9 to the partially
filled in puzzle without
repeating a number in any 8
row, column or 3 x 3 re-
gion. Answer on page
12. Supplied by Molly

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

24 1


7 3 9 2

4 6 2 8 9

3 8

3 1 7 6

8 5 9 3


5 9 4
-- - --

Page 8

Bonaire's Own Grand Piano Makes Its Debut iTest your knowledge of Bonaire

O n Saturday, May 9, Bonaire's very
own grand piano made its debut to
a sold out audience at the Plaza. There was a
sense of excitement and anticipation as the
audience entered to find their seats. The fea-
tured artist was pianist Livio Hermans per-
forming Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin,
then a series of classical Antillean musical
pieces. Hermans, born in Curagao, is a spe-
cialist in the performance of this classical
Antillean music which includes mazurkas,
waltzes, pasillos, dances and tumba. The
artist performed without music and amazed
the audience with his repertoire.
After the concert there was an informal

Pet of th
f there were a popularity contest at
the Bonaire Animal Shelter,
"Marloes" would be one of the winners
because she is such a people dog and is so
friendly. She gets along fine with her ken-
nel mates but what she really prefers and
loves are people! Her previous owner had
no time for her; that's why she's here at
the Shelter, looking for just the right ap-
preciative new owner. An added bonus is
that she'd be a great watch dog. She
would say, "I love my owners and I want
to protect them as best I can." Well said,
Marloes is one and a half years old.
She's a medium sized dog with easy-to-
care-for short, integrated black and brown
fur. She has a hint of dark eyeliner around
her alert brown eyes. And of course she's
been checked out by the vet, given her
shots, worming, sterilized and pronounced
in perfect health. The dog adoption fee of
NAf 105 includes all this.
Did you know that every pet you adopt
from the Bonaire Animal Shelter has been
tested not only for its health but for its
sociability? Every pet is well known to
the staff as to its personality. Does it like
children? Does it prefer adults? How
about other pets in the household? Will it
get along with them? Is it a good watch
dog? So often those animals that are so
highly bred have "racial weaknesses"-
weaknesses of the breed. One thing you
can be sure of with the pets in Bonaire,
and that is that there is a huge gene pool -
with new ones entering the island all the
time, brought by their owners! Just about
every dog and cat here is one of a kind.
You don't have to go through its geneal-
ogy to determine who it is -just get to
know him or her. That will tell you if he
or she is the one for you. Isn't that simple

with the
in the
foyer of
hotel where the members of the audience
gathered and socialized with the artist. The
program was the first presented by the Clas-
sical Music Board Bonaire, showcasing the
island's new grand piano. 0 L.D.

le Week

BonQuiz appears regularly in The Reporter. It's prepared by Christie
Dovale of Christie Dovale Island Tours. Contact her to arrange a tour,
Phone 717-4435 or 795-3456 or email: christiedovale4@hotmail.com.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

and nice? If you don't believe me just pay
a visit to the Shelter on the Lagoen Road
and meet some of the adorable personali-
ties there. The Shelter is open Monday
through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm and 3 to 5
pm. Telephone 717-4989.
We were told that "Evo," our pup of the
week in the April 24 edition has been
adopted by a very fine pet-loving family.
Happy life to Evo and his new owners. 0

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

Kaya industria 24, Kralendijk, Bonaire
tel: (+599) 717- 8700 www.warehousebonaire.com

Page 9

wwfcusviolHifo pi 7174M4 cell: 786.2844
Scuba Vision Films is Bonaire's premier video production facility.
We are available for your video imaging projects underwater and topside.
Nature Films Documentaries Travel Adventure Advertising TV Broadcast
Underwater Stock footage HDV Digital Photo Weddings
DVD Reproductions DVD Mastering and Authoring
Courses and Seminars.

info@scubavision.info Ph: (599) 717.2844 Cell: 786.2844
Kaya Grandi #6 Photo Tours -

How many eggs does a
Bonaire flamingo
(Phoenicopterus ruber) lay
at a time?

Sometimes we can get so caught up
in an event or story or even the
daily sights we see, and not even know
what truly lies behind them. A little bit of
research and love for that subject or ob-
ject allows you to enjoy or love and re-
spect and protect it even more.
The flamingo that roams this island has
been around for 30million years, before
any other avian order had evolved! It
thrives in colonies, and the crbches (the
many baby chicks that flock together after
they are born) are taken care of by a small
number of adults. The incubation period
is about 27 to 31 days, and both parents are present during this period. The eggs
size is 78 by 49mm. After about the fifth day following it hatching the chick starts
to move around.
The nest is built by both parents, and old nests are often reused. If the water intake
into the sanctuary in the Pekelmeer is not controlled, like it has been for years, the
flamingo cannot build a nest, a mud mound about 30cm high. Not enough water,
the mud is too dry, and the nest cannot be built. If an egg is lost in early incubation
a second one may replace the first. So how many eggs does a flamingo lay at a
time? 0 Story & photo by Christie Dovale
Find the answer on page 16.

Bonaire Freestylers
The Dwarf8 Freestyle I heard a funny
Windsurf Classix 2009, noise. It was that same noise I've
Podersdorf, Austria heard before but thought it was
only possible to hear in Bonaire. It
T his event was the kickoff was that crazy loud noise that Ce-
freestyle event of the 2009 sar Fines makes when calling his
season. The idea came from the beginners at Sorobon while teach-
main event organizer who earlier ing, "Poow woop." After looking
this season said, in his own words, around for a few minutes I finally
that windsurfing needed a change. spotted him with a big smile and
With this new freestyle format he seconds later spotted another Bon-
wanted to get more out of his aire dude, Tonky Frans, with a
w i event. bigger smile. We were all three
windsurfing event.
The Idea: together as some of the first riders
h de a who arrived at the event site. After
Each rider has the chance to pre-
sent moves from three categories: organizing our equipment we spent
sail tricks, aerial tricks and planeing a mellow sunny afternoon together
tricks. The moves are limited in in Podersdorf Am See. The next
difficulty, which gives many riders a day was the signup followed by
chance to fight for the title. This the riders' presentation and a
kind of more classical freestyle be- sound check for my evening per-
gins with a Heli Tack or a Carving formance which is mainly why I
3600 and ends with a Spock or was invited. Later, after the riders'
Wymaroo. The freestyle level presentation I
reached its limit and amazing new got into my
school freestyle tricks were per- rapping mode
formed by a smaller group of stylers. and per-
New School Freestyle windsurfing is formed two
way too specialized... according to tracks for the
the event organizer. crowd of I
I guess New School or Classic 8 pp
8,000 people.
doesn't matter for me; I would The sound
participate anyway. I have been was amazing
traveling to this event for four and the Aus- .\.
years now. I like the vans, atmos- trian crowd Rapper Rube
phere and the organization crew; it wa per onnen
S.- ... ...]. -... ... .. . was super. Continentseven photo

is one ot mte places where I got to
hit the stage for the first time two
years ago.
On my arrival day at Podersdorf

Day 1
A Skippers Meeting at 9am with
the first guys in the water around

Excel in
9:30am. Conditions: sunny,
winds 15-22 knots, air tem-
perature, 23 C and water
temperature, 15 C.
As the heats went by
Tonky and I found our-
selves in a bit of a waiting
period as we both entered
the event with a higher
seeding than other sailors
from the previous year.
Cesar, who was in one of
the first heats of the first
rounds, faced Josh Angulo from
Cabo Verde who is currently lead-
ing the waves rankings this season.
Cesar explained, "My first heat
was against Josh Angulo. It started
off pretty well but they decided to
re run our heat because of the lack
of stable winds. In the end Josh
Angulo won because I actually
used all of my energy before in the
first run."
Finally it was time for me and
Tonky to hit the water. We were
placed in the same heat but facing
different riders. I was against
Roberto Hoffman while Tonky
faced a local kid from Austria. The
heat was interesting for me be-
cause the event's classic trick list
was very limited and every rider
could do all the moves on that list.
So to be able to win I had to add
style and power to those classic
moves with a smooth variety of
combinations out of the three cate-
gories of tricks that we were al-

Ruben Petrisie wows the crowd in Podersdorf

lowed to do.
We both advanced and would
face each other in the next round.
A bit funny as we both do not care
so much about winning and basi-
cally just stick to the fun part of
windsurfing. When it was time to
battle each other we both just
smiled and planned to go out and
put on a show. Tonky managed to
get really, really close to the
crowds, sliding through some clas-
sic moves next so that not even my
planeing loops could beat Tonky's
crowd pleasing flat water spin
loops. Tonky wins and moves on
with a smile.
He made it to the finals and got
to face the Italian freestyle master,
classic hero, Raymondo Casperini,
and got stuck with a 3rd position
while I was in 9th position after the
single elimination rounds.
The double elimination involved
another long waiting period for us
as we had to wait for others to

work their way to the top of the
ladder. The wind surprisingly kept
blowing as the sun set down in the
late afternoon. They even managed
to run a few more heats.

Day 2
A beautiful morning, with partly
cloudy skies, a nice 18-25-knot
lake breeze and mellow spring
temperatures. After a power break-
fast provided by the organization I
headed towards the equipment tent
and prepared my 5.2 sail for the
morning action. I was up against
an Austrian rider.
I basically just did every move
he did but a bit faster, and when he
wasn't looking at me I'd add some
small tricks such as upwind 360s
and body drags just to keep a nice
routine going. I advanced to the
next round where I had to defend
my 9th position. The wind kept
(Continued on page 12)

t O6Moil

Bikini's & Surfwear


Special shipment of BRA'S and

From the largest lingerie store-
F in the WORLD


shop early, OP = OP

Les Galerles mall,
Phone # 786-4445
-" a- -

Page 10

Owned and operated by
Pablo Palacios and family
Creators of Argentine cuisine
on Bonaire

Open for Dinner every day except Monday
Open for Lunch Tuesday through Friday
in the Lighthouse at The Harbour Village Marina
Call 717-7725 for reservations www. patagoniarestaurant.com

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009



Animal Shelter Sterilization

4 Y bou canjudge a society
by how they treat
their dogs." At the Shelter Ster-
ilization Campaign Kickoff last
Friday, Lt. Governor Glenn
Thod6 began with that quote
from Mahatma Gandhi.
We can be proud of the work
that's done by Bonaire's Animal
Shelter as every day they take in
and care for cats and dogs that
have been abandoned, born in
the wild or cannot be taken care
of by their owners. But their
numbers are staggering and not
all can be placed in homes.
About 350 to 1,000 animals a
year have to be humanely eutha-
nized because they are sick or
too far gone to be considered for
One of the reasons that there
are too many dogs on Bonaire is
that many dogs are allowed to
run loose and cause pregnancies
at a young age. The resulting
puppies way too many of
them have no future. They
roam around, have no food and
become sick, either dying a
painful lingering death, or be-
come aggressive and cause
But now the Shelter is offering
free dog sterilization. It's the
best way to keep your dog
healthy and prevent it from
roaming around. Female dogs
are more alert after being
spayed. Male dogs tend to stay
around the house more since
they are not interested in pursu-
ing female dogs in heat.

Have you something to say?
Then write a Letter to the
Editor for the next edition

LVV Deputy James Kroon, Lt. Governor Glenn Thod6, Shel-
ter Board President Paul Wichers and "Charlie"

Posters will go up in local gro-
cery stories, in snacks and WEB
will distribute information with
their water bills.
Call the Shelter at 717-4989 or
stop by to make an appointment
for your dog's sterilization. You
will receive a form that you take
to the vet. If you cannot bring
your dog to the vet or pick it up
the Shelter can arrange for pick
up and drop off at your home.
The Shelter is on the Lagoen
Road, open Monday through

Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm and 3 to
5 pm.
Stop by the Shelter and pick
up a free "Bonny Superdog"
bumper sticker. And to raise
funds "Bonny Superdog" Tee-
shirts are being sold for NA 15.
0 L.D.

"Sterilized Dogs Are
Better for Bonaire and
for Everybody"

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009









Pa mas informashon 6f un sita yama
Bel voor info of afspraak
Call for Information or appointment

717 49 89


Page 11

Janet Thibault photo

Bonaire, May 21, 2009 : Commemmo-
rating the 47th Anniversary of Captain
Don's Arrival in Bonaire

Last night my girlfriend Belkis and I
dropped over for dinner at Captain
Don and Janet's kunuku. Glad to say, the
Captain is looking good as ever; his spirit,
feisty as always, with that peg leg and all.
Pushing the middle 80s, he is really con-
cemed about getting published. "Be damned
if I'm going into my pyramid without being
read!" He pushed two huge loose-leaf
manuscripts across the casino roulette table
on his garden dining veranda: "Reef Win-
dows" and "Books, Yams, and Fairytales."
His novel, "Living The Script," another of
the dozen or so novels he has spun, is about
his affair with the schooner Valerie Queen
which was to be to be part of a swash-
buckling sea adventure film. When the film
project failed, he asked "What the hell am I
gonna do with this rig?"
Living the script of the swashbuckling-
film-that-never-was led Captain Don and
his First Mate, Aruban Percy Sweetnam to
Bonaire on May 21, 1962, 47 years ago.
His schooner Valerie Queen sank in front of
the Hotel Zee Bad (now the Divi Flamingo
Beach Resort) a year later.
On a previous dinner visit to the self sus-
taining kunuku where the Captain and Janet
have nested, surrounded by their Island
Grower's plants, two dogs, a cat, a duck,
some chickens, hundreds of lizards, the cool
Bonairean breeze blowing, we discussed
Don's story, "Questions Concerning God,"
where he point blank asks the question IF
GOD EXISTS? I had fired off a hand-
written 'smoking gun ricochet' to that one
two months before.
Tonight, he slaps my hand-written reply
on the roulette "00" square and proceeds to
clean dirt from under his fingernails with
the sharp tip of a knife that he later tucked
into a holster fastened to his wheel chair.
"Read it to me, Jaguar!" I figured he either
couldn't read my handwriting, or didn't get
the message, or both. Reading out loud
meant almost yelling, because Don's hard-
After I finished Don lifted his left eye-
brow. "This stuff goes beyond the Arm-
strong Opinion, hum?" ( Which says: Once
a person becomes certified and has some
experience, a dive guide is not expected to
make the basic go/no go decisions when the
diver has all the facts. The ultimate decision
is left up to the diver's own good judg-
"Precisely, Captain," buddy breathing

now. "You're getting the big picture, think-
ing out of the mold, not like flat-land crea-
tures struggling to understand the 3-D cube.
The Armstrong Opinion is for divers what
"Free-Will" and "Living The Present" is for
quantum physics. We are co-creators of
reality. Look at the universe as a giant com-
puter and us as the programmers of the soft-
ware that's run by the operating system
"Consciousness." The quality that's going
in is what's getting printed out. Eastern
philosophy calls it illusory, at least most of
it, because there is truth in it, too."
Don looked squarely at me. "So what
you're saying is that Walter Mitty is real
and speaks the truth to me."
"Yep, and that your life is an on-going
story... "Living The Script"... I winked,
looked squarely back and added, "We can
move on to cooler stuff. Are we in sync,
"God, as I understand it... is an intelli-
gent, living force field of energy and infor-
mation that has an absolute resonance that's
not localized in space-time, which manifests
itself as consciousness and has been around
since day one of the big bang."
Alluding to Don's book on Bonaire, "To
get the drift... on "An Island Adrift"..." I
continued, "Know what, Captain? We are at
this moment in evolution, in time and space,
making one of the most dramatic quantum
leaps ever! It's the end of the Mayan 5100
year calendar: December 21, 2012. End of
this creation cycle and beginning of a new
era, our cosmic destiny... The Galactic
Ecliptic! A Quantum Leap. You're quan-
tum. You know where the Living The
Script next adventure is going to take you,
Don takes a deliberate deep breath, feign-
ing his I'm exhausted look. "Yep, got one
foot in there already. See my pyramid yet?
Got some sphinxes to place there also."
"Nooo. Since there's no death in quantum
terms, your next high seas escapade will be
in the vastness of the universe, on that siz-
zling sea of dynamic energy. High sailing,
Mate! Yesirree, you'll be in good company,
sir, with all them rogue seafaring souls like
yourself. That's your immortal pirate's
Don stabs the roulette table with his knife,
right on the double "00" square. "Hoh! The
green punch did it to you this time! Or the
nitrox. By God! It was the lamachaca fly
that got ya for sure on one of those jungle
trips to Angel Falls. It's a fly, no bigger
than that..." The Captain presses his index
finger to his green thumb. "And you didn't
have sex within the hour." 0
John E. Ashford, PADI Instructor/Chopra
Center Instructor

Bonaire Freestylers (Continued from page 10)
increasing and in my next heat I would face
a local hero, Mr Chris Sammer, who knew
all the classic moves by heart.
The heat started off smoothly with me just
repeating all his moves until I lost track and
saw him performing tricks in front of a
screaming crowd. The wind at the beach is
slightly lighter than where I was sailing. I
have to say that the guy pulled out some
tricks I never really knew about- so classic
that I never even saw them before. I felt that
it was a close call even though he advanced
and actually did beat up everybody on his
path all the way to the top four riders until
he faced Mr Style himself, Tonky Frans,
who performed a nice heat almost as if he
were just entertaining the crowd. Tonky
advanced to face the Italian old school mas-
ter, and then Tonky, hungry and on fire,
taught the teacher, the Old Guy, a lesson by
nailing some one-handed spocks, long slid-
ing willy skippers and of course some clas-
sical sail tricks. Moving to the finals Mr
Tonky Frans is now one step away from
winning this event.
The final heat was between Tonky Frans,
Mr Style, and the French Mr Fashion, Nico-
las Akgazciyan.
Tonky performed with a smoother style
while Nico just hectically exploded and
managed to do more moves than Tonky. It
took a long time before the judges could
decide the winner of that final heat.
Tonky had to beat Nico twice to claim his
victory and if Nico won then Tonky would
be stuck in second position. After about 10
minutes the race director finally announced
the winner.
Later that afternoon they went straight
into a super session as the wind kept blow-
ing and the sun kept shining, a crowd of
3,000 people just awaiting more action.
With just 10 minutes to go suddenly every-
one looked at a windsurfer who had his sail
in his arm on top of his head while standing
on a wide style board. The light wind master
of the world himself showed up with tons of
sail spins and light wind trick combinations.
It was the first time for many spectators to
see such a performance on a windsurf set...
Its hard to think of a name to describe what
that kid, Cesar Fines, is doing but it defi-
nitely impressed everybody including the
The night was packed with live concerts
and tons of people. I was invited for a spe-
cial performance on the event's VIP Boat
for sponsors and media. It was actually my
first time performing on a boat.
We made a two-hour cruise on the Nue-
siedlersee. Food and drinks were served
and the DJ was rocking the deck. After an
hour I performed in front of sponsors and
the media who did enjoyed the sounds.
Shortly after I was contacted by a Slove-
nian event organizer who invited me to
Slovenia in September to rock his event.
Performing to such a crowd on a boat was
totally a great opportunity and experience.

Mr. St r ,.ion F ;-rans "

The super session prize giving was held
later that night on the main event stage. Ce-
sar definitely got credits for showing the
crowd something special and took the
3rd prize that day.

Day 3
Bright sun shines, but no wind on this
final day. Later that afternoon the prize giv-
ing took place at 1700.
1. Nicolas Akgazciyan FRA
2. Tonky Frans BON
3. Raimondo Casperini ITA
13. Ruben Petrisie BON
33. Caesar Finies BON
A few words from Tonky Frans:
"The classic freestyle was a good idea. It's
actually the basics of freestyle and I think
it's not a bad idea to have some of these
events. In one way it is bad and in another
way it is good. For me it was a good experi-
ence. I am happy with my results, but I also
know I could have done better."
Thanks for reading. U Ruben Petrisie
Sponsored by : Loft Sails, Unifiber, Reptile-
Masts, Kamoana Clothing

Sudoku Answer

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6-02 5:39 1.0FT. 9:39 1.2FT. 13:54 1.1FT. 21:47 1.8FT. 52
6-03 6:45 0.9FT. 11:21 1.1FT. 12:35 1.1FT. 22:13 1.9FT. 58
6-04 7:58 0.9FT. 22:42 2.0FT. 65
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Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

The Reporter In...

O n Easter
Gordijn and Her-
man van Leeuwen
were in The Neth-
erlands and met
their old friend
and history
teacher, Ben Vri-
ezema, and his
wife Mima at a
Landall resort
near Apeldoorm.
Unexpected! Ben
was a history
teacher for two
years at the SGB.
So you can see
even The Nether-
lands is as small
as Bonaire some-
times is.

Page 13

The Bonaire Reporter Back In Time To 1997
Commemorating 15 Years

1997 12 YEARS AGO.

ort Call (The Reporter's
original name) continued to
grow, from 8 to 10 pages. Some
new columns that came along in
1997 were: "Antarctic Adventures
by R. Dale Stokes," "Chefs of
Bonaire," "Pet of the Week,"
"Cooking Column by Nora," "The
Literary Comer," "Who's Who on
the Waterfront"
Stories centered on the fight for
Klein Bonaire, the environment -
above and below the sea, the har-
bor pilots, Selibon, Bonaire's
Yacht Tourists, Letters to the Edi-
tor and more.
Some of the top stories in 1997
were: Save Klein Bonaire for the
People of Bonaire, Special (single-
handed) Sailors, BonaireNet Goes
On-Line, Mystery Ruins Uncov-
ered at Fort Oranje, The Coral
(disease) Crisis, Reef Census,
Capt. Don's 35th Anniversary,
artist Winfred Dania Honored,
Controversy over Mooring
Charges, Bonaire on the Tube
(TAVA), 30th Bonaire Regatta,
Tourism Decline, 1997 Culinary
Olympics, International Year of
the Reef festival, New Mooring
System Plans, Klein Bonaire Mu-
sic CD Released.

Here's a retrospective of some of
the news as it appeared in Port
Call/The Reporter in 1997.

Jan. 1
-A Prediction made in 1996 for
1997 "Under intense pressure
from the Netherlands and the Ma-
rine Park the government will give
the go-ahead for b (Although Seli-
bon, the waste disposal municipal
agency, was named the leader in
getting the work done, no solid
plans were in place until the end of
Jan. 10
-Food price increases 2.4%
-Klein Bonaire Development Co.
owes NAf 64.358 in back taxes on
Klein Bonaire
-Lisa Gas station opens
-EU places quotas on rice im-
ports from the Caribbean to protect
Spanish and Italian rice farmers.
This may affect Antillean Rice
Mills which mills and cleans rice
produced elsewhere, allowing the
rice to enter the EU duty free. (The
Antillean Rice Mill closed later in
the year)
-Nitrox Diving is Here
-Cooking Columns begin with
Nora van Neil Indonesian food
-Solo sailers arrive: Pat Henry,
American, oldest woman to com-
plete a solo circumnavigation.
Serge Testa Single handedly
sailed around the word in the
smallest boat, 12 feet (3.6meters)
-Curacao sports fisherman,
Arturo I, crew arrested. Set illegal
nets across entrance to Harbour

Village Marina and became bellig-
Feb. 14
-BonaireNet Goes on Line next
week phone lines extended to
seven which should handle more
than 50 clients. State of the art
speed of up to 28.8 Kbps. Cost $5
to $6 per hour
-Pet of the Week column begins
on a regular basis
-Tall Ship, Sail Training Vessel,
Eye of the Wind, visits
-New column series by Laura
DeSalvo Chefs of Bonaire -

-Winfred Dania's poster, Preserv
Bonaire, is presented. Proceeds of
the poster will go towards the presi
of Klein Bonaire

Chef Sharlon Melaan of the
Green Parrot is the first (see this
week's Bonaire Voices, pg. 7, for
an update on Sharlon).
Feb. 28
-Pleas for Klein Bonaire from
Hans Hass who dove and photo-
graphed Klein underwater in 1939
-ReefKeeper International has
offered to do a reef survey at Klein
to provide a benchmark reference
of the reef's condition
-13 new public yacht moorings
added to the 27 already in place
(See Dee Scarr's retrospective on
the moorings in this issue)
Mar. 7
-Archeologist Dr. Jay Haviser
probes the ruins buried under Ft.
Oranje before work begins to con-
vert Bonaire's waterfront fort and
harbor office into buildings for a
judiciary complex.
-Construction of the sea prome-
nade begins
-New kennels at the animal shel-
ter, thanks to Island Government
and TechnoConsult
Mar. 21
-Cruise ship Statendam aids ani-
mal shelter. Thru a 30-day fund-
raiser onboard ship they bought
supplies (medicines, animal food,
etc.) and transported it free of
-Bonaire's tourism grew last year
April 4
-Canaries in the Mine? The
Coral Crisis. Researcher James
Corvino of the Coral Reef Alliance
says man's works are killing the
April 11
-Wave Challenge Races with
windsurfers, sunfish

April 18
-Marine Park seeks skilled vol-
unteer researchers to do data col-
lection for reef (sponsored by
ReefCare International)
-Some supermarkets are no
longer providing grocery bags.
You may buy one for .25
-KFC Bonaire celebrates third
April 25
-ALM labor dispute cancels
flights for more than 3 days. Ex-
cept for a few Air Aruba and
Avensa flights and the KLM
transcontinental flight there was no
scheduled air service to
May 2
-Dog licenses are re-
quired beginning May
1 for NAf 5 at the Ont-
vanger's office (after
1997dog licenses were
no longer available
from the Ontvanger)
May 9
-Reef census begins
-Preserve Klein Bon-
e Klein aire Poster goes on sale
sale of -Signs of the Times:
ervation Cultimara supermarket
no longer closes during
the noon hour
May 16
-Executive Council of the island
considering a plan to further pro-
tect the natural environment
May 23
-ReefKeeper International
checks reefs with help of volunteer
divers. (Their report was late and
-Crown Prince Willem Alexan-
der, on a state visit to Bonaire,
takes a boat trip to Klein and says
he wants it kept undeveloped.
-BOPEC tugs assisted 45 ships
in April, a record number
-Best Bartender on Bonaire is
Liz Rijna of Den Laman Restau-
rant. Liz will be part of the Bon-
aire Culinary team that goes to
Puerto Rico to compete in the
Taste of the Caribbean Culinary
June 6
-Contract signed to renovate the
existing Jong Bonaire Center, add
a new classroom building, equip
them and partially fund the center
for the first three years. Construc-
tion is expected to begin almost
-Artist Winfred Dania honored
by FPKB to mark 1st anniversary.
The artist painted the mythic repre-
sentation of the island that was
produced as a poster to be used
both to increase worldwide aware-
ness as well as to raise funds.
June 13
hires Conser-
vation Educa-
tion Officer
Enit Schol-
tens thanks to
a grant from
WWF. Her
goal: "I want
to make the
Bonaireans enthusiastic about their

environment." She'll start with an
education campaign to protect the
native Bonaire parrot, the Lora and
its habitat. She'll revive the young-
sters' snorkeling program, the Tor-
tugunan di Boneiru. (See this is-
sue's Parrot Watch story for a
Lora update.)
-Negative effects of ALM's
strike, says TCB number of
passengers transported dropped by
a third as compared to April 1996.
Overall tourist arrivals dropped by
June 20
-A fully accredited sea school set
up to train future licensed captain/
engineers of an ocean going ves-
sel. Organized by Pilot Capt. Rob-
bie St. Jago, funds from Sede An-
tillas, under the auspices of
-Central Bureau of Statistics
(CBS) says consumer price index
for Bonaire rose by 3% in the 12
months ending in April 1997
-Port Call is now available on
the Intemet
-Too many cars in Bonaire!
July 11
-Two American divers lost after
a night dive at Pink Beach last
week. One of the BCs was washed
ashore in Curagao with Bonaire
Marine Park tag attached
-One of the reasons for the new
sea school set up is that three new
Antillean Coast Guard cutters will
be provided to the Antilles in 1998
-Mooring Controversy Rages -
Discussion over possible Marine
Park fees for moorings
-TCB has a new Marketing Di-
rector Burney Felix el Hage
Aug. 1
-Bonaire's Organic Farmer -
Popo Morales featured
Aug. 29
-Bonaire filmed for TV
-Bevolking says Bonaire now has
40 nationalities resident here
Sept. 5
-Island Government issues reso-
lutions reinforcing their stand on a
total development ban on Klein
Bonaire. Offer to owners by FPKB
in behalf of the people of Bonaire
- NAf 4.2M, the independently
appraised value of the island re-
jected. Negotiations in Aruba con-
tinue. (Klein eventually was
bought in 1999for $5 million)
-WEB to contract to study set-
ting up a wind power park.
Sept. 12
-ABC English language school
to open' (It was discontinued the
following year)
-Tourism numbers falling 3.49%
compared to 1996
Oct. 10
-Culinary Team wins big at
Puerto Rico: Liz Rijna wins gold
& bartender of the Caribbean,
chefs win bronze
Oct. 17
-Shacks on Klein Threaten Tur-
-MCB begins offering Money-
Gram service
-Record number of visiting
yachts- 135

-Record for tanker arrivals for
September, 1997 65
Oct. 31

ShackLh, o
-A'A ..

-Shacks on Klein removed
Nov. 14
-CURO offers short diving or
snorkeling course for the politi-
cians and the press
-BONHATA presented the po-
lice dept. with four brand new
Yamaha motorcycles, two for
Kralendijk, two for Rincon. (Little
was seen of them after the first few
-Many events for Year of the
Dec. 5-
DOEN, the
Dutch Na-
tional Lot-
tery, fund-
ing the
of new
CD Debut:
Ban Kuid'e
(Let's Pre-
serve it) -
by Piedra
di Boneiru

series by
Dr. Dale Stokes begins -research
diving with famous underwater
photographer Norbert Wu.
Dec. 12
-TCB says another decline in
tourism, down 11.1% from last
October and 5% for the year to
-Capt. Don installed in the Div-
ing Hall of Fame at DEMA
Dec. 19
-Red Cross simulated emergency
exercise at airport what to do if a
plane crashes
-Ground breaking for Jong Bon-
aire building
Dec. 26
-Preparations for the Eclipse next
year, February 26, 1998. U Com-
piled by Laura DeSalvo.

Readers are invited to add
their recollections and perspec-
tive for this "look back." Send a
letter to the editor:

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

Page 14


Did You Know...fish can fly? Well
they are not actually flying, but fish in the
Family Exocoetidae can glide above the water
for distances up to 400 meters. That is approxi-
mately four soccer fields long! Not only do
they soar very far, but they can also soar up to
1.2 meters high. That's so high that they are
often found on the decks of sailors' ships. Fly-
ing fish are able to do this by building up to speeds of 60 kilometers per hour underwa-
ter. This gives them a boost to break the surface of the water. Then they flap their
forked tails back and forth very rapidly on the surface of the water to push their bodies
upward. Their pectoral fins are very large and shaped like wings to help them glide
through the air. It is thought that flying fish use this ability to escape from their preda-
tors, such as tuna, swordfish and other larger fish. There are about 40 species of flying
fish found in all of the major oceans, especially in warm tropical
and subtropical areas. You can spot flying fish right off the coast
of Bonaire! 0 Michelle von Sternberg (National Geographic)

Von Sternberg is majoring in Marine Biology at Eckerd Col-
lege in St. Petersburg, FL. She is currently studying at the CIEE
Research Center in Bonaire.


Take part in the Species Naming Contest for the Bonaire Banded Box Jellyfish.
Join a scientific team and help give the Bonaire Banded Box Jellyfish a species
name! This new name will become the official scientific name and appear in several scien-
tific publications. (Bonaire Reporter writer Pauline Kayes was one of the first people to
capture the stinging jellyfish alive. She stored it in an empty coke bottle! Ed.)
Here is how to name the jellyfish:
1. Learn about the Bonaire Banded Box Jellyfish (BBBJ).. Go to the Internet site:
2. Meet the scientific team that you could become a part of. Check them out at http://
www.yearofscience2009.org/themes_oceanwater/general/meet-bbbj -scientists.html
3. Learn the Do's and Don'ts of species naming. Every organism has a unique scientific
name a Genus name and a species name. Once we got a specimen, the BBBJ's features
told us that it belongs to the genus Tamoya. But until now, no one has given it a species
name. Check out these rules before you create
your own at http://www.yearofscience2009.org/
themes ocean water/neneral/hhhi-mles html B e

4. Submit a species name. Come up with a name
for the BBBJ. Submit your species name and your
reasons why before June 14th. Submit Here:
themes ocean water/general/jellyfish-contest-
5. Vote on the top 5 names submitted.
Check back June 19th to 21st to see if your name
made the scientists' top 5 favorites, then vote for
your favorite. Check back after June 23rd to see
what name won and the actual paper the new
name is published in. 0 Bud Gillan via Brad

y'ou "RJ nr-

We 'Bring

W*@ nAreah

Antillean Wine Company
(599) 09-660-7639
Fax (599) 717-2950
wine antillearwine.com

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

*ISTINAPA May 31a,0



All these activities wl start at 8 30am and will be guitced
* "Lagadishi Walking Trail" estimated time 2 hours)
S"Kasikunda Climbing Trail (estimated time 1 hour)
. Climb the Brandars (estimated time 2 hours)
* Cycle the park (15 or 34 KMJ
* Kayaking
10:00-12:00 Treasure hunt
10:00-15:00 handcraft possibility
All morning Painting and coloring project

"Marsh Rincon" will take place at the entrance of the
Washington Park and will be open from 8am serving
breakfast. There will also be stands of different kinds of
local food, barbeque, snacks and sweets and also local
products and local art


DATE: Sunday, May 31, 2009
PLACE: Washington Park
TIME: Sam 5pm


STNAPA Bonai TOe 717-8444163. Fax: 717-7318
E-mail: Info@stJnaporg www.stinapaorg


The Island Supplier, Kaya Industria | Wholesale and Retail
28A. Tel # 717-6446 or 717-6448 T.I.S. delivers to homes, marinas
Fax # 717-6447 Email: tis@telbonet.an restaurants, supermarkets and tokos.
1 i~~ UW ii~ LlaS~iUr~



FPURK ORGANIC candles and
incense, beautiful cards for special
occasions, journals, crystals, music and

Follow your heart to

Kaga Korona #7 788-1058 amstl @aol.com

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Dominique Sel [ini at the'Bitro det

Pan! s for the ope ning ofhis3une

and iWinjmmeir. Rum punch, 3-D~t~tq ~


By appointment Rooi
Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours
$21 (includes tax). Discounts for
residents and local people. Tel. 717-
8489, 540-9800.
Parke Publico children's play-
ground open every day into the cooler
evening hours.

* Rincon Marsh&--6 am-2 pm.
Enjoy a Bonairean breakfast while
you shop, fresh fruits and vegetables,
gifts, local sweets, snacks, arts, handi-
crafts, candles, incense, drinks, mu-
sic. Big March6 first Saturday of
the Month-www.infobonaire.com/
Flea Market at Parke Publico
every first Saturday of the month, 3
to 7 pm. Everyone welcome to buy

and to sell. NAf10 per selling table.
(NAf 5 goes to up-keep the park).
NGOs can have a free table. More in-
formation and reservations for a spot
call Vicky Bissessar 786 1592.
* Wine Tasting at Antillean Wine
Company's warehouse on Kaya In-
dustria, second Saturday of the
month, 7-9 pm. Snacks and tasting of
six wines for $10 (NAf17,50) per per-
son. Tel. 560-7539.
Soldachi Tours-See the real
Bonaire and be transported back in
time. Learn about the history, culture
and nature by Bonaireans from Rincon.
Call Maria Koeks for more informa-

* Soldachi Tours of Rincon, the
heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call
Maria, 717-6435-best island tour value

* Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7-10 pm. $10 per person.
Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth Vos
at 565-5225

Sunday- Creature Feature- John and
Suzie Wall of Buddy's Digital photo
center present a multimedia slide pres-
entation about Buddy's House Reef -
pool bar Buddy Dive, 6:30-7 pm, 717-
Monday-Dee Scarr's Touch the Sea
Slide Presentation, Capt. Don's Habi-
tat, 8:30 pm. 717-8529
Tuesday -Sea Turtle Conserva-
tion Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles
ofBonaire Slide Show. Every 1st &
3rd Tuesday, Buddy Dive Resort,
Tuesday-- Bonaire Land and Ocean
presentation by Fish-Eye Photo staff,
7pm on the big screen inside the Sun-
set Bar and Grill at Den Laman Condo-
Wednesday- Sea Turtle Conserva-
tion Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles
ofBonaire Slide Show, every 2nd &
4th Wednesday at Bruce Bowker's
Carib Inn (717-8819) at 7pm.

Kas Krioyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's
past in this venerable old home that has
been restored and furnished so it appears the
family has just stepped out Local ladies will
tell you the story. Open Monday thru Friday,

9 -12,2-4. Weekends by appointment. Call
Mangasina di Rei, Rincon. Enjoy the
view from "The King's Storehouse." Learn
about Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from
the 17thcentury. Daily. Call 717-4060 /
Bonaire Museum onKaya J. v.d. Ree,
behind the Catholic Church in town Open
weekdays from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel.
Washington-Slagbaai National Park,
Museum and Visitors' Center. Open
daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December
25th. and January 1st. Call 788 9015
or 796 5681

AA meetings every Wednesday at
7pm. Phone: 786-4651 or 786-7971
Al-Anon meetings every Monday
evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Weekly Bonaire Talker Gathering
and Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30
pm call 567-0655 for directions.
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7:15
pm- All levels, NAf2,50, at ZeeZicht
Restaurant upstairs.
Darts Club plays every other Sun-
day at City Caf6. Registration at 4,
games at 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
JCI First Wednesday of the Month-
Junior Chamber International Bonaire
(JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bon-
aire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO
building, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from
7:30 to 9:30 pm. Everyone is welcome.
Contact: Renata Domacass6 516-4252.
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other Tues-
day, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette
Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th
Thursday of the month at 8 pm at
Kaya Sabana #1. All Lions welcome.
For more information call 510-0710.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday,
12 noon-2 pm 'Pirate House', above
ZeeZicht Restaurant. All Rotarians
welcome. Tel. 717-2066
Toastmasters Club meets every two
weeks. For more information call Cru-
sita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Mar-
tinez Beck, at 786-2953.

Protestant Congregation of Bonaire:
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papia-
mentu, Dutch, English, Sundays, 10
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papia-

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mentu, Sundays, 8:30 am.
Children's club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in
Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in Rin-
con. Bible Study and Prayer meetings,
Thursdays, at 8 pm, Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church: Centro di
Bario Nord Salifia, Sundays, 10 am.
Services in Dutch. 700-0379.
International Bible Church of Bon-
aire, at SGB High School auditorium
(Kaya Frater Odulfinus, off Kaya
Korona.) Sunday services in English
at 9 am; Sunday evening prayer meet-
ing at Pastor's home, 7 pm. Fridays, 6
to 8 pm, Light & Life Club, children 5
to 12 yrs. Tel. 717-8332.
Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendijk
Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
Papiamentu, 717-8304.
Our Lady ofCoromoto in Antriol,
Saturday at 6 pm in English. Mass in
Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6
pm. 717-4211.
Assembly of God (Asemblea di
Dios): Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In
English, Dutch & Papiamentu on Sun-
day at 10 am. Wednesday Prayer
Meeting at 7:30 pm. 717-2194
Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services
Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bon-
aire Youth Center in English, Dutch and
Papiamentu. Preaching the full gospel.
Contact: 786-2557.
Prayer and Intercession Church, in
English. A full Gospel Church lo-
cated temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit #
20, Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services
are held on Sunday mornings from
10am until 11:30am. Bible studies in
English are on Monday nights from 7
to 8 pm. Contact: 717-3322
The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat-
ter-day Saints: Kaya Sabana #26,
Sundays: 9 am Sacrament Ser-
vices (Translation to English and
Papiamentu upon request) 10:20
Sunday School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/PH
Primary held from 10:20-12 noon Visi-
tors Welcome: 701-9522 for Informa-

Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
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A fla-
most often,
lays just a sin-
gle egg,. How-
ever, they have
been known to
lay two, but
the second
rarely hatches
if the first is

Question on Page 9

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

Page 16

Ir A A -1:0) )z it v )z c


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De Bonairiaan Restaurant-is a unique restaurant run
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sors. Each day a different menu.
Kaya J. A. Abraham Blvd., #21
(nearly across from Divi Resort)
717-6921, 786-6816
Inexpensive: Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
9 am-2 pm for Breakfast, Coffee and Lunch
Pasa Bon Pizza is Bonaire's best. Freshly prepared piz-
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Now open for lunch.
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Page 17

I ost

Ralph Nolen and His Howling Air-Cooled Porsche

The 47th of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by Jjn Brouwer, featuring
some ofBonaire's interesting vehicles that are "on wheels."

Bonaire/Hato -

A very long time ago... back in the
year 1978, Ralph Nolen came to
the island of Bonaire. Those days he had
to deliver a tug boat from the US. Ralph,
as a training captain or tug master, stayed
on the island to give tug boat handling
training. And after this period of instruct-
ing he stayed on the island and he will
stay on the island forever. And Ralph does
not have one single intention of passing
away so forever here really means forever.
Since March 2009 Ralph has been the
owner of a real Porsche. Until recently the
car was parked next to one of Ralph's
other classic cars, a DAF YA 126, a so-
called wapendrager (translated, something
like a weapon carrier/jb). The silver col-
ored, all-wheel drive Dutch-made truck
will be the subject in one of the Wheels
articles in the future. And then there are
also a nice Chevrolet El Camino, built in
1958, and a Datsun 240Z, built in 1972,
making up part of his Bonairean veteran,
vintage and classic collection. And there
are some nice and special cars stored in
the US. Ralph was once the owner of a
1948 V12 Ford Lincoln Sedan. A V12!
And there was a range of Model A Fords.
So Ralph really knows about nuts, bolts
and pistons.
It is a bit of a pity that I did not really
take the right picture at the right moment.
For some time the Porsche was parked
next to her Dutch family member. But the
cars were parked on private property and I
was too shy and too humble to go there.
And then suddenly the lemon colored rec-
tangular flying saucer was parked in front
of the house with the guns along the Kaya
Gobernador Nicolaas Debrot. And later
on, when I finally was prepared with my
camera, the sports car was parked in the
caves of the pirate. And I could only ad-
mire her hips and her rear.
Ralph says, "This is an original VW-
Porsche 914, built in, more or less, 1971.
It is a co-production car made by Volks-
wagen and Porsche. (The first Volks-
wagen was designed by Ferdinand Por-
sche/jb.) This very lean and sleek car is
powered by an air cooled mid engine. This
is the first Porsche with a little computer

and with fuel injection. Just a few days
ago I was slightly irritated because the
former owner of this beauty had left the
little bonnet in the center of the body open
and salt and rainwater were able to get
into the engine by the exposed air cleaner.
I had some rings of the pistons stuck so I
poured thin oil on top of the pistons to
soak the rust and to free the pistons. I have
had a lot of cars but I have never owned a
bad car. I never had to overhaul a com-
plete engine."
Then Ralph informs me about his other
metal beauties on the island, about his
completely water-tight DAF truck, about
the Marshall plan, the prices of the new
military DAFs and the very low mileage
of the truck. The VW-Porsche he bought
was owned by an Englishman, Steve
Thuell. The VW-Porsche 914 Targa is
said to be mounted with a four-cylinder,
air cooled engine on a six-cylinder frame.
The car had been used for races, those
Then Ralph opens the little bonnet and
connects some wires. He creeps into the
very tight cockpit of the car and starts the
engine. Four stroke. Four cylinders, howl-
ing air cooling and steady revs. The car
idles nice. A little bit high. Oil pressure
builds up and the sound produced by the
engine becomes more and more regular.
Every part is getting greased, oiled and
soaked. Ralph presses the pedal. The en-
gine screams up to some 6,000 revs per
minute. Sounds good and healthy. Ralph's
light irritation of some days before is
completely gone now. He fell in love with
a German lady! There are twinkles in his
eyes. This Porsche stole his heart. Soon
this car will be on the road again!
Of course there are still dreams in man's
mind. Ralph dreams of being the owner of
a Ford 1932 Coupe Deuce once: "A street
dragster, motor cycle wheels in the front,
thick rubbers at the rear, a big bore V-
eight, a cast away bonnet.
A nice dragster: chopped
and channeled!"
Story & photo by J@in '

Stranded on an island, not knowing
where you are. You are completely
lost in this world and nobody is able to
find you. Unfortunately the message in the
bottle would not work because there is no
way to explain how anybody can find this
Sound familiar? Well, that is the feeling
that keeps creeping up on me lately. The
only thing that remains a constant is the
fact we are still on Bonaire, but everything
else is about to change. The Netherlands
Antilles will cease to exist, Curagao and St
Maarten will no longer be a part of our
island group, and we will become a bijzon-
dere gemeente -Special Municipality. But
nobody knows what that is. So here we are
in this no-man's land without a compass.
Bonaire will be closely tied to a country
in Europe. The culture and the people from
the Netherlands are so very different when
compared to Bonaire. What if our differ-
ences are so big that we will be squabbling
siblings for generations to come? First we
must know what our differences are.
Let's start easy: food. Beside the fact that
the ingredients are different in the respec-
tive menus, the time to eat a warm meal is
different. On Bonaire people can go home
to eat their warm meal during their lunch
break. In the Netherlands the distances to
your job are mostly too great to hop back
home on your lunch break, so a lunch ex-
ists of a sandwich. Take a bunch of Bo-
nairean kids to the Netherlands and they
will comment on the amount of bread (and
milk) that is consumed each day. To com-
pensate for the fact they cannot have a
warm meal in the middle of the day, they
will take anything warm from the cafete-
ria: croquet, sausage roll, croissants, nice,
warm and fat.
The music played here has a history
which goes back all the way to Africa.
European music had to accommodate the
movements women could make while
wearing corsets in the olden days. Now the
Dutch are known for their stiff dancing,
and the Bonaireans seem to have very
loose bone connections. Luckily for us
music also is getting more and more inter-
national. The way the Bonairean youth and
Dutch ypimgsters dance becomes very
Those are very obvious differences and
not hard to overcome. Let's move on to
some more difficult ones: governing and
rules. A very long time ago some very
wise people decided that government and
religion don't mix. While you are thinking

up rules to make living in a country safe
and smooth for everyone, you cannot be
religious about it. Rules have to be made
for the benefit of everyone and not just for
a group of people who are lucky enough to
believe in the same things as the people
who make the rules. In the Netherlands
that divide is very clear and very few peo-
ple dare to cross it. On Bonaire I some-
times get confused whether I hear a minis-
ter talking or a representative chosen by
the people to govern.
While we are talking about the rules,
let's explore further. Bonaire seems to
have fewer rules when compared to the
Netherlands. Not only are there a lot more
people living in the Netherlands, but also
the population density is 10 times that of
Bonaire (500 people per km2 in Holland
compared to 50 people per km on Bon-
aire). For everybody to live safely and
peacefully you need rules. The Dutch, like
no other, know what it is like to live in an
overcrowded country. You can pretend
you don't need those rules on Bonaire, but
we are growing fast. There may come a
time when you cannot avoid those rules
(seatbelts, noise nuisance, nature preserva-
tion, etc.) from entering the borders of this
So, now we have established that there
are differences, some fundamental. But
still we are trying to make some connec-
tion, without the loss of our own identity.
In this situation Bonaire is not an equal
partner of the Netherlands. For starters we
asked the Netherlands for this arrange-
ment. Secondly a lot of Bonaireans have
chosen this arrangement because of all the
money that the Bonairean government
promised would come. The hand that re-
ceives is always below the one that gives.
So we need to think really hard what our
identity is and what we are willing to
change. Changes are coming because of
this arrangement. Better be prepared.
If I'd have a say in something that has to
change, that would definitely be the name:
BES-island. BES, who thought of that? It
means "berry" in Dutch. And where the
heck does the "E" come from? It is Bon-
aire, Statia, Saba; no "E" in sight. Let's
call it: Bonaire, Statia and Saba are the
BOSS-islands. A nice strong name; we
need it. E MaryAnn Koops

Koops is Antillean
and a biology teacher
at the SGB high

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

Page 18

*to find it... just look up

How to Find the Last of the Planets Using
the King of the Planets

T his week iN
and next pht
you can use the
King of the Plan-
ets to find the
last of the plan-
ets. And, sorry
folks, I'm not
talking about
Pluto because it
got bumped from
the planet regis-
ter. So by last
planet I mean the
planet named for
the Roman god
of the sea, Nep- theu ompr
tune. It's invisi-
ble to the naked eye, but if you have a pair of binoculars or a small telescope you
will be able to find it right beside Jupiter for the next two weeks.
About one hour before sunrise face southeast where the two brightest objects
you'll see will be the star called Fomalhaut in the constellation, Piscis Austrinus,
the southern fish. And almost directly above it, much brighter, the king of the plan-
ets, 88,000-mile-wide Jupiter, which is always wonderful to view with the naked
eye and which through even the cheapest telescope is magnificent because you can
always see its vast bands of horizontal atmosphere which continually encircle the
planet. Plus you can be entertained almost hourly by the ever changing positions of
Jupiter's four largest moons, three of which are larger than our own Moon and
which constantly change position in relation to the planet as they continually orbit
around it.
Indeed these are perhaps the four most important moons in our solar system re-
garding man's intellectual development because it was the observation of these four
moons 400 years ago by Galileo Galilei which signaled the beginning of the scien-
tific revolution and which we are celebrating this year with the International Year
of Astronomy commemorating Galileo's discovery of these four Jovian Moons
which are still called to this day the Four Galilean Satellites.
But while you've got your telescope trained on Jupiter and its moon ballet you
will notice a tiny greenish-blue light off to the side. And that, dear friends, is 31,000
-mile-wide Neptune. And since I always like to do comparisons with our Earth
think of it this way. Since our Earth is 8,000 miles wide we could fit almost four
Earths side by side across Neptune But almost three Neptunes could fit across
Jupiter. Wow! And talk about distant! While our Earth is approximately 93 million
miles away from the Sun, Jupiter is approximately 500 million miles away. Nep-
tune, however, is a super whopping six times farther away than Jupiter, 2.8 billion
miles. And if you remember that the farther away a planet is from the Sun the
slower it moves think of this. Whereas it takes Earth only 365 1/4 Earth days to
make one trip around the Sun, Jupiter is so far away it takes it 12 Earth years to
make one trip around the Sun. But you ain't seen nothing yet because Neptune is so
far away it makes one trip around the Sun only once every 165 Earth years. Talk
about a slow poke! So get out some time next week to find the last planet using the
king planet. 0 Jack Horkheimer


slide presentation
Captain Don's Habitat
8:30 pm Mondays
dive with Daee Scar

Enh e n dlver 1 H n8 12
SiriteractionJs 717-852g9 'i re r
Improve your reception by the underwater world

March 20th April 20th
You'll feel more passionate and ready for
fun now that Venus and Mars are in your
sign! If single; it will be easy to find
somebody new to love! Mercury retro-
grade in your 3rd house of communication
could cause misunderstandings. Think
twice before you speak or sign off on im-
portant documents!
April 20th -May 21st
Money is a biggie this month. With a new
Moon and Mercury retrograde in your
house of cash you could find new ways to
earn more. But finance isn't the only thing
on your mind. While ruler Venus hooks
up with sexy Mars you may uncover a
mystery about a loved one.
May 21st June 21st
A new Moon in your sign has you brim-
ming with new ideas; yet since your ruler
Mercury is retrograde it might be better to
keep some things to yourself. Venus and
Mars in your house of friendship send a
flurry of social invitations your way.
This is also a time when a friend may in-
troduce you to someone new or even be-
come a new love!
June 21st July 22nd
A Scorpio full Moon in your 5th house of
creativity and romance makes you more
passionate; but it can also bring jealous
tendencies to the fore. It's best to avoid
love entanglements and focus on career
intentions. With Venus and Mars in your
house of honors you could develop a fan
base for one of your talents. If single, you
find romance with a higher up!
July 22nd -August 23rd
While Mercury retrogrades your career
sector, you may feel the grass is greener
elsewhere yet this is not a time to be
overly optimistic! Jupiter in harsh aspect
to your ruler (the Sun) at the time of the
full Moon; suggests you think twice about
jumping ship or even changing lanes. Ro-
mance can be found.
August 23rd September 22nd
That sudden flash of light you see at the
end of the tunnel causes you to feel more
hopeful about your future! And a new
Moon in your career sector could certainly
bring a real opportunity your way. Yet -
ruler Mercury retrograde (in practical Tau-
rus) suggests you review your possibili-
ties, take a study course or investigate
before you make a new move!

By Jenny


September 23rd October 23rd
Ruler Venus with Mars in your house of
partners puts you in a mood to have
fun! If single you will enjoy ardent oth-
ers or actively pursue someone new! You
may also uncover some secrets while Mer-
cury retrogrades your house of myster-
ies. It's a good time to study something
esoteric or enhance your psychic ability!
October 23rd November 22nd
A full Moon in your sign could bring rela-
tionship tension. Disagreements may
arise over shared money or resources
while Mercury back pedals into your part-
nership house. On a more positive note -
singles may find a new relationship brew-
ing on the work front, thru everyday ac-
tivities or while exercising!
November 22nd December 21st
Venus and Mars in your house of love
promises much romantic pleasure! If sin-
gle, you have a good chance of meeting
someone new when you least expect it!
A combination (of the Full Moon at odds
with ruler Jupiter and Mercury going ret-
rograde) in your work sector demands
some fast action and new solutions to a
work related crisis!
December 21st January 20th
A new Moon in your house of health
marks a perfect time to begin a new re-
gime. You can use this Mercury retro-
grade best by getting checkups or chang-
ing your diet around. With Venus and
Mars at the bottom of your chart; your
organizational talents can work wonders
by making home improvements or your
personal life more meaningful!
January 20th February 19th
Love planets Venus and Mars in your
house travel marks a perfect time for a
quick get away. Because you're in a mood
to chat things up you'll enjoy conversing
more than usual. If single; a new Moon in
your house of romance is a good time to
join an Internet dating site.
February 19th -March 20th
Venus and Mars in your money house
makes you more confident about your
spending and earning power. Because
you're in the flow; you might also receive
a gift from someone! While Mercury ret-
rogrades in your house of thinking you
may change your mind more than
once. Singles enjoy hearing from some in
their past. It's a good time to catch up
with others! 0


maw Morning r -



:atf ^/ -7J~z~


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ercising in a responsible way is guaranteed. The 75-minute program is adequate for
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like back- and knee pain, Fit & Health is right for you. Special attention to a correct
posture. What makes Fit & Healthy different from aerobic sessions is that there isn't
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Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009 Page 19

Page 19

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

or the fifth consecu-
tive year the Bonaire
Jazz Foundation will host
the Bonaire Heineken Jazz
Festival 2009, which, con-
sidering the quality of the
participating musicians,
promises to be another big
success. The Festival will
take place from 4 to 7 June.

Mr. Edward Thielman, acting
Lt. governor of the island will
open the Festival at the first
concert at Fort Oranje where a
traditional, varied program of
"Jazz and Poetry" will be pre-
sented. The evening will start
with a presentation by Gebby
Saleh Quartet, well known on
Bonaire for their quality light
classical and Antillean music.
This is followed by the Cabaco
Trio, also from Bonaire and
featuring jazz singer Andreina
Marcano. Finally, jazz singer
Denise Jannah, of Surinamese/
Dutch descent will perform
together with musicians from
Curagao Hershel Rosario and
Marlon Conradus. All quality
artists, together with the roman-
tic setting under the stars at Fort
Oranje will assure a very enjoy-
able evening.

The second evening (Friday,
June 5) which will be held at
the Tipsy Seagull of the Plaza
Resort, starts with a perform-
ance by the Silver Bullet Steel-
band of Bonaire. This will be
followed by Denise Jannah with
a different program from the
opening evening, together with
Ronchi Matthews, Pierre
Dunker and Marlon Conradus.
Finally the Venezuelan salsa
band Alfredo Naranjo y El Gua-
jeo will delight the crowd with
their Latin jazz and salsa danc-
ing type music. For those of us
who just cannot get enough
there will be a jam session with
festival musicians starting
around midnight and going un-
til the early morning hours at
Sense, located right across from
the main entrance of the Plaza

The third evening of the Fes-
tival will also be held at the
Plaza Resort and promises to be
the real smash. Well known
Bonaire Jazz Band Dikazz will
open the evening, followed by
Hans Dulfer and his band from
the Netherlands. Hans has per-
formed on Bonaire before and
needs no further introduction.
The main act of the evening

will be none other than the
Monty Alexander Quartet, from
the US. Monty has performed
in just about every jazz festival
in this world and has made such
a name that surely many jazz
fanatics from Bonaire and
abroad will come to see and
hear him. Again the evening
will be crowned with jam ses-
sions after midnight at Sense.

On the fourth and final day
the Festival, Sunday June 7,
will conclude with a Jazz
Brunch at the Divi Flamingo
Resort, where festival musi-
cians who are still on the island
together with local musicians
will present a rousing jam ses-
sion while guests can enjoy a
wonderful brunch. This too was
a big success last year and as
tickets will be sold out you
should get your tickets early.

Starting times on Thursday,
Friday and Saturday will be at
7:30 pm and the concerts will
continue until about midnight.
The Jazz Brunch at Divi Resort
starts at 11:30 am and will go
on until at least 1 pm. Thanks to
the support of our sponsors the
entrance fees have been held
relatively low. For the Jazz and
Poetry evening the ticket price
is NAfl. 15 (available at the
gate at Fort Oranje) and for the
main concerts on Friday and
Saturday it will be NAf 35 for
each (or NAf 60 for both eve-
nings). Tickets will be available
at Plaza Resort, Divi Flamingo
Resort, It Rains Fishes, Kontiki
Beach Club, Flamingo Book-
store, Addo's Books & Toys,
Hotel Rochaline and TCB. The
Jazz Brunch costs $27.50, and
tickets will be available at the
Divi Flamingo Resort.

The main sponsors of the
Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival
2009 are: Heineken, Littman's,
Rocargo IFC, MCB, Plaza Re-
sort, Divi Flamingo, Restaurant
It Rains Fishes, Kontiki Beach
Resort, Telbo/MITV, Notaris-
kantoor Maartense, Breathe-IT,
Bonaire Fun Travel and Carib-
bean Homes and Sense.

More information about the
Festival, the program, sponsors,
locations and especially the
artists, including their music
and recordings can be obtained
on web site:
Press release

June 4th, Jn & Poetry at Fort O0ra June 6th, Main Concert Plaza Resort Ba
Cebby Saeh WmaetCabu o o.DeniseJanah D azz Hans Durer lSd Mo MAleander Quartet
awamconpeaed by Itania Co and Heshal Rosar
npJbyL Co nHah June 5th & 6th, After Prtles at See
une 5th, Main Cfncet at Plaza Resort Bonaire J esion of different wis rm tlhe z nFe
vr fBul SteelbWd* n~blMe jIM aircmpiVmd by Jun 7thJm Brh atDvi Flain Resrt
RwochliMathfews, LnteConradus&andPFlneODunk.er
AJfido tN m y ElCuj )m ss ion afdmt from the jazz Fusti
Tkab w9l be Msld atWA okStemrnM Fbminp asoFt, li son Bcaem HoWd i~ t" I ls l ies,
KMd BeaKhclub, PlHI Re Bs. Snms nd iTCL

-gi i&Z. i_

,< V ^lar. p~aareisortbonaire 7lr

Ai-JOnCoCLW.UmA.LAtTa. J uJMMsa .M .. CAm tA Ckadne. m LMI.
AN-, ANCiUO nmaTInON1iHOTELnoCaum-WGAfom 0 uManI crs-PMcru=m acDomsRUSSELn.m01 -Tn3

Bonaire Reporter- May 22-June 5, 2009

Page 20

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