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Back In Time 1996- pg. 14
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II .

C7 5


F our of the Frisian Islands
Vlieland, Ameland,
Schiermonnikoog and Ter-
schelling- have agreed to in-
tensify cooperation. The fifth
and largest island, Texel, will
take a smaller role. The four
islands will also exchange infor-
mation and knowledge with the
BES islands of Bonaire, Saba
and St. Eustatius. Dutch State
Secretary of Home Affairs and
Kingdom Relations Ank Bi-
jleveld-Schouten signed an
agreement with the Friesland
Province and the four Frisian
Islands last week. The new co-
operation will take effect Janu-
ary 1, 2010.

Venezuelan President Hugo
Chavez said on Friday that
Barack Obama must prove he
wants to improve ties with
South America after the two
leaders shook hands at a sum-
mit last month. Chavez, a stri-
dent US critic, has reduced the
frequency of tirades against
what he calls the "empire" since
Obama took office as US presi-
dent in January, but he returned
to the theme in a speech at a
workers' march last Friday.
Chavez, who expelled the US
ambassador to Venezuela last
year, approached Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton at the sum-
mit to discuss restoring normal
ties between the two countries.
Chavez has proposed sending a
new ambassador to Washington.
Obama critics complained that
he is meeting with the leaders of
problematic countries with no
dramatic concessions to show
for it. But, according to
Obama's political analysts, they
are missing the point. Obama
believes direct diplomacy is a
tool in America's arsenal. The

0 Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander turned 42 last week, the utch Goement photo
Dutch Government photo
same age his mother Beatrix was when she ascended to the Dutch throne
in 1980. The Queen is now 71 and many are asking when she will retire
and let her son, his Argentinean wife, Maxima and their three daughters
move into the Huis ten Bosch palace in The Hague.
Rumors about Queen Beatrix's abdication typically surface in the month
of April, when Crown Prince Willem-Alexander has his birthday on the
27th and the Dutch celebrate Queen's Day on the 30th. But they have been
particularly persistent this year, with many in the media speculating that
the failed Queen's Day may motivate a succession soon. Peter
Rehwinkel, a senator for the PvdA party and a constitutional law expert,
was quoted as saying by NRC Handelsblad, "I have a feeling the abdica-
tion will be announced sooner rather than later."
Unlike some European monarchs, the Dutch royals tend to make room
for their successors well ahead of their own death. The Netherlands has
been a monarchy under the House of Orange-Nassau since the French
were driven out of the United Netherlands in 1815, but royal powers were limited to a parliamentary
constitutional monarchy in the 1848 Constitution. Still, Queen Beatrix has been deeply involved with
the running of government.

US and Venezuela are major
trading partners despite differ-
ences in political philosophy
and harsh rhetoric.

0 An HIV patient in the
Netherlands Antilles pays 33
times more for medication
than in the neighboring coun-
tries. This appears from re-
search done by the organization,
Doctors of the World. In Haiti,
for example, the treatment of a
patient for a year will cost a
little over $400. The same an-
nual treatment in the Nether-
lands Antilles will cost nearly

1 Her Royal Highness,
Princess Maxima of The Neth-
erlands, the Chairwoman of the
Oranje Fonds, a charitable trust,
announced that Bonaire's
Stichting Project which helps
disadvantaged youngsters, is
one of the recipients of the
Appeltje van Oranje award
for 2009. The award will be
turned over personally in the
Hague on May 12. For more
information call Jonne Boesjes,
030 2339344 or go to the
website: www.oranjefonds.nl

) Bonaire now has a bicycle
police team. The team is made
up of officers Edwin van der
Giessen, Luenshela Soliano,

James Mercera and Lionel
Winklaar. They have received
special training beyond what a
policeman usually receives. Bike
police can be especially effective
in many situations, as witness the
recent attempted assassination
attack on the Royal Family when
the bike police were first on the
scene. The team's first deploy-
ment was during the Rincon Day
festivities (photo above). For
more information contact the
police department's communica-
tion office at 717-8015 or 788-

Concerned over the rapidly
spreading swine flu, the World
Health Organization (WHO)
has upped the influenza pan-
demic alert to phase 5,just one
step short of declaring a bona fide
global pandemic. The situation in
Mexico, where the flu was first
reported, has been improving
with fewer and less serious cases
being reported.
"All countries should immedi-
ately activate their pandemic pre-

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Page 2

paredness plans,"
said WHO Direc-
tor-General Mar-

garet Chan, calling on govern-
ment ministries and manufactur-
ers of vaccines and antiviral meds
to mobilize resources immedi-
ately to deal with the rapidly
evolving swine flu outbreak.
As we go to press there have been
about 800 reported cases of swine
flu in 19 countries, not including
Mexico which has accumulated
as many as 2,400 cases, over 150
of them fatal.
The Netherlands Antilles and
Bonaire governments are keeping
a keen eye on the situation and
will offer the islands all essential
support with regard to the world-
wide expanding swine influenza
said Minister Omayra Leeflang
(Public Health, PAR).
Last year the Public Health Care
personnel of all island territories
followed a Rapid Response Team
Training in the Curaqao Hilton
Hotel on April 3rd and 4th, as
how to effectively intervene with
a possible expansion of viruses
such as the current H1N1-swine
influenza virus. The detection,
confirmation, research, preven-
tion, and reporting of (potential)
epidemics were discussed in de-

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Jong Bonaire Search 3
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Queen's Day/Rincon Day 10
First Hamburger Competition 11
Decorated bythe Queen 12
Missing Dog (Charlie) Missing Cat
(Zappa) 13
Going backto 1996 14
DMing Bonaire's Town Pier) 15

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Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009


Jong Bonaire Searches For Former Members

.glErAae i4 L4 v,2-

Queen Beatrix and others with then Gezaghebber Richard Hart

T he after-school program at Jong
Bonaire will be celebrating 10
years of operations later this year and is
planning a big reunion of former mem-
bers. As a result, Jong Bonaire is trying
to find all its former members to join in
the big celebration and reunion party.
"We want to find all the young people
who have ever been members at Jong
Bonaire so they can help us celebrate,"
says Bilha Thomas, who is organizing the
search. "We know there are many in Hol-
land, Curaqao, Aruba and other places.
And there are many who are here on Bon-
aire. We want to find them and find out
what they are doing, and invite them to
our party."
To accomplish the search, a special re-
union page has been added to the Jong
Bonaire website http://
www.iongbonaire.org/reunion.html At
the website, former members can sign in
and add their name to the list. The search
team will also be trying to find former
members via telephone, posters and word
of mouth. "This is an important point for
Jong Bonaire and we want everyone to be
a part of it," said manager Jona Chirino.
"There are over 1,000 people that we need
to find."
Chirino urges all former members or
their parents to use the website or to con-
tact Jong Bonaire at 717-4303 or stop by
the center and sign the register. Former
members are also urged to tell their
friends to register so the reunion will be
as nearly complete as possible.
Plans are now being made for the cele-
bration and Jong Bonaire would like to
have several ex-members participate in
the planning. Those who sign up first
could become members of the planning
"We want to know where these former
members are and how they are doing. We
also want to know how Jong Bonaire
helped them when they were in high
school," says Chirino. "Some of them
now have children of their own who will
soon be members at Jong Bonaire. It is a
very big job, but if we start now we think
we can find most of them."
The current Sentro pa Hubentut Jong

Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

MCB maki
room. They

Bonaire officially opened for activities in
Septemberl999. On August 23, just be-
fore the official opening, Dutch Secretary
of State at the time, R. v/d Ploeg, helped
Gezaghebber Interino Orphaline Saleh
and officials of Radio Nederlands and
Maduro & Curiels Bank Bonaire dedicate
the computer room.
Highlight of the opening year came in
November of 1999 when Her Majesty
Queen Beatrix and her entourage visited
the youth center and met the 200 mem-
bers, the staff and volunteers. Also during
the first year, a mural was painted on the
walls of the center by Tirzo Martha and
the teen members, celebrating 500 years
of Bonaire History
Before the official opening in August,
the youth center had a two-month trial
opening during May and June where teens
attended for free as the staff and volun-
teers tested their plans and programs. "So
there are members from that period who
must also be found," said manager Chir-
ino. "We have some of the names but not
all of them."
Efforts to start the youth center began
three years before the opening with fund-
raising, construction and renovation of the
existing buildings. Construction was not
even complete until January of 2000.
In addition to the 10-year celebration for
the Jong Bonaire after school program,
2009 marks the 50th Anniversary for the
existence of the Stichting. Originally
named Stichting Jeugdwerk Prinses
Beatrix, it later changed its name to
Stichting Jeugdwerk Jong Bonaire.
"This program has been important to
many young people over the years and we
hope that as many as possible can join us
for the celebration which will be held in
September or October," said Chirino. "It
would be nice if we could also find people
who used Jong Bonaire back in the 1960s
and 70s."
The original buildings of Jong Bonaire,
which are the gymnasium and sala
grande, were constructed in 1959 and
functioned as a youth center for a number
of years. But by the 1990s they were little
used and the roof on the gym had begun
to collapse. With the funding from Sede

Community support has continued
over the years with major funding from
the Island Government, AMFO, Samen-
ng their first donation for the computer werkende Fondsen and SNAYDP plus
have continued to sponsor over the years continued support from MCB, SA-
BADECO, Rocargo and many other local
companies and individuals. U
Antia these buildings were repaired and a Story by Jane Townsend andAlan Gross.
new classroom building and several sport Jong Bonaire archive photos
fields were added for the current youth
Primary funding to start the after school
program at Jong Bonaire came from Sede
Antia, but there were also large donations
from Maduro & Curiel's Bank, Radio
Nederlands, SABADECO, Stichting
Katholieke Noden, Juliana Welzijn Fonds,
JENA/FAJ, and Reda Social, along with
65 other companies and individuals.

moin sponsors:

Page 3


-v11,116IW JLLha-n

When I arrive at the
house at night the din-
ing table is beautifully set; there
areflowers and caviar, a great
white wine, grilled barracuda
and a delicious salad. Everyone
at the table is looking gorgeous
and happy: Katja, her husband
Kenneth, their little girl Koleta
and Katja's Russian girlfriend
who lives in Germany and who's
here on vacation. We make a
toast and Katja begins to tell her
"I was born in 1968 in Russia,
in Krasnodar, not far from the
Black Sea. The Olympic Winter
Games will be held there in 2014.
We were a very close-knit fam-
ily: me, my older brother and two
cousins. My mom was a teacher
at a music school. I played the
violin for five years and the piano
for five, then I studied to become
a children's choir conductor. I
passed and worked with a choir
for a year.
When I was 22 I went to St.
Petersburg to study at the conser-
vatory. However, the qualifica-
tion standard was so high our
country has such a tremendously
high standard when it comes to
music and we have so many mu-
sicians that I couldn't meet the
entry conditions. I was terribly
disappointed and depressed and

started working as a shop girl. I
stayed in St. Petersburg for some
years, then the era of Perestroika
began and it became very diffi-
cult to keep my job. All the peo-
ple who were not from St. Peters-
burg -like me had to go back to
where they came from and only
people who were originally from
St. Petersburg could stay. So,
what to do?
Well, a girlfriend of mine from
St. Petersburg had gone to Hol-
land two years earlier. She'd got-
ten married there. She told me
that a friend of her husband was
interested in meeting me so I
went to Holland in 1998. I was
30. I thought Holland was a
beautiful country: very clean, lots
of green and flowers I love
plants and I liked the Dutch
culture. In Holland I had a beau-

In Russia,
when I was
young, my
favorite sub-
ject at school
was geogra-
phy. When I
learned about
the tropics it
was something
I could only
dream of- 12
months of
weather. It
was unimagin-
able because
where I'm
from you have
four seasons.
So, one day I
came to Bon-
aire with three girlfriends.

SI stayed in St. Petersburg (Russia) for some
years, then the era of Perestroika began and
it became very difficult to keep my job.."

tiful time. I stayed single and
worked as a shop girl at a store
called Hema (something like Wal
-Mart) in The Hague. After five
years I got my Dutch passport.

We stayed at Van der Valk's
Plaza Hotel for two weeks. We
couldn't rent a car as it was too
expensive, so every day we
walked to town and went to the
snacks to buy whatever it was we

needed. But of course we wanted
to see the beautiful island and so
we called a taxi from the front
desk and then came Kenneth...
who's now my husband! It was
his otherjob because he also
worked at the Windsurf Place at
Sorobon as a windsurf instructor.
We went all around the island.
He took us to Sorobon a couple
of times, we went dancing at Ka-
rel's and we also went camping.
He charged us very little money
for the drives and did a lot of fun
stuff with us, like when we went

snorkeling at Sorobon. It was my
first time and I thought it was
scary all those fish and corals
and I hardly knew how to
breathe, so I asked him, 'Can I
please hold your hand?' So, with
his hand in mine I lost my fear
and I immediately had a good
feeling about him. When we left
we exchanged phone numbers
and addresses, and back in Hol-
land I send him a postcard to
thank him for the lovely time.
Then he wrote me back. If I
(Continued on page 5)

... Ta anunsia

Na tur nos fiel klientenan

SJuliana Crestiaan 76-0683
Lina Silberie 7 17-8826 / 786-6839
Ivy Gonzalez 795-375
Rosnalda Raven 735-0447
Flora Molina 717-7081 / 786-7748 .
Maria Coffie Molina 700-5781

Page 4 Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009--
PBona ire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009


On the Island Since
(Continued from page 4)
wanted to see him and Bonaire
again, he would be very happy to
pay half my ticket. Six months
later I came back to visit Kenneth
for three weeks. He'd arranged
everything and had taken a cou-
ple of days off and... we fell in
We had a wonderful time to-
gether as we both love nature.
We even went camping on Klein
Bonaire. It was just amazing. I
know it's not allowed, but," she
laughs, "it's hard to tell a Bo-
nairean not to do something. We
talked a lot about us his life,
my life and I told him 'I feel
like I've known you for a hun-
dred years.' He said it was ex-
actly the same way he felt. Three
weeks passed as if it were three
days and I had to go back to Hol-
land to work and make money.
But... it was terribly hard not
to be together. We phoned each
other every day, we wrote lots of
letters and sent many, many e-
mails, and after seven months I
wanted to come to Bonaire for
three months, but I couldn't work
it out with my job in Holland. So,
I asked him if he could come to
Holland for three months and if
not, I would come to Bonaire for
good. But, you know, my hus-
band is a pure, pure Bonairean
and he doesn't want to go any-
where, except for vacation. We
decided I would come to live
here. He'd rented an apartment

and he came with his belongings
and I with my little suitcase no
container, no money, no stress -
and we started a life together. In
May 2004 I started working at
Karel's Beach Bar at the Cappuc-
cino Bar.
Then I got pregnant and we
were absolutely delighted. Two
months before our baby was born
I stopped working and we got
married here on Bonaire on
March 10, 2005. Our daughter
Koleta was born April 2nd, 2005.
After she was born I stayed
home. I just couldn't leave her at
the creche; I felt so sorry for her
to be without her mama, such a
little baby. But six months later I
started working again at the Cap-
puccino Bar and every time I
thought of her I had to cry. I
showed her picture to all the
tourists. I was so proud of her
and I missed her so much."
She cuddles and kisses her pre-
cious four-year-old and looks at
her husband, all smiles and
shiny. Katja is sweet, laid back,
tranquil, open and warm-
hearted; she's gratefulfor every-
thing she has. She's a lovely per-
"As long as I've been here I've
only worked at Karel's. This
year, April 1st, I stopped working
there, but I miss my clients very,
very much and also my col-
leagues and my Cappuccino Bar.
I worked there for almost five
years; it gave me a lot of experi-
ence and I think Johan and Mady

(the owners) were happy with
me. I've met so many people
from all over the world, from so
many different cultures and
that's what made the job interest-
ing. For instance the Americans
are very friendly and open and
because of them my English has
improved so much and they've
always helped me.
To me, Bonaire is very special
and exotic and I instantly liked
the people. My husband Kenneth
is an extraordinary person. He
has lots of patience and a lot of
respect. Many of the tourists he
works with at Sorobon have be-
come our friends. We still go
camping. We have a beautiful big
tent and we camp at different
places on the island with Koleta,
snacks and a barbecue. Kenneth
and I are also planning on open-
ing a lunch caf6 at Lagun and as
soon as the paper work is ready
we will start there. And we're
building our dream house here in
the Mexico neighborhood. It will
take a while, but we'll make it.
So far, I've been to Russia
three times with Koleta for her
to meet her family there as my
parents are still alive." She
laughs. "When I was there and
showed them my pictures, my
brother's children told me when
they saw Kenneth's photos, 'We
saw him singing on TV; he sings
great!' They thought he was Bob
Marley! But every time I miss
Bonaire and I want to return as
soon as possible to be with my

husband and to be on Bonaire. Of
course I miss my family in Rus-
sia and my mom feels we're very
far away. But I have a big love
with my husband and my little
daughter and I am happy.
I will stay here forever. I've
come from this huge country,
Russia, and now I live here on
this tiny little island and I have
everything I've ever wished for. I
finally found my own place in

this world and Bonaire has set-
tled deep in my heart and to-
gether with my

my daughter
it's something I
never want to
lose, not ever."

Story & photos
by Greta Koois-


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Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009 Page 5


_ _i _Xii



Page 5

Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

Bonaire Windsurfers Take On Europe


SJT et's go. We leave for Italy in 10 min-
utes." Those are the exact words
they told me on a Thursday night. Of course it
took a bit more time to get ready. Then it took
us about five hours to drive from Munich, Ger-
many, to Lago di Garda with the Sofa Movie
Lab van which probably has all a surfer wants
inside a van.
Its music system was turned up to the max
while we enjoyed the nice nightly views of the
Alps on the way to that lake where the wind
actually starts to blow at 6am -yes, early in the
moring-from the north (peler). Then it takes a
break around 11 am, then turns around and
blows less strongly from the south (ora) for a
few more hours.
The next morning I of course had a bit of a
slow, mellow morning mood. The chilly tem-
peratures kept me under the blankets a bit
longer than everyone else. The parking place at
Malcesine started to look as busy as if there
was a World Cup going on. I just had to get out
after my morning mood was eased up as I
wanted to go and have a few spins on the new
chop chop fins from Unifiber.
I was always the last guy in the water but
sailing the couple of hours left with a bit of
sunshine from behind the huge mountains made
the temperatures a bit to my taste. Me, in a
thick wetsuit with booties on ... it could not be
funnier than that.
After the first five minutes struggling to get
used to not really feeling the board and after
some runs I was able to stun and pop out some
tricks. There were some good freestylers
around including World Cupper Mattia Pedrani.
We had a small session and some chat about
music and windsurfing.

At night we would go for either pizza or pasta
which are the specialties in most restaurants
around the lake. It was normal to see so many
tourists and surfers at this time of the year as
spring just started to kick in, with warm tem-
peratures up to 270C degrees.

The next day the peler blew up to 25 knots.
At 7am most of the windsurfers were already
out there. I again waited until it was after 9 am
so the sun would rise and temperatures would
not be as cold as in the morning. I went out

with a new mast I received the day before
from Reptile masts who are located in Italy.
The winds were super for some hard core
free styling except for the ice cold feeling
of the water.
Before this session, I could not really
understand how people could have so much
fun sailing all covered up in the cold. I
must admit that if I had no booties my ses-
sions would have been very, very short
though. Thanks to Martin from Sofa Movie
Lab for the nicely fitted booties.
The rest of the days were more or less
the same, waking up in the early mornings
and heading to Malcesine for a cold morn-
ing session. And if the ora blows we drive
to another spot called Pier, or else we chill
and have an Italian espresso, pizza and ....
Stay tuned for the next reports.
The kick off event of the year The
Dwarf8 PWA /EFPT classix @ Podersdorf,
Austria.. U Ruben Petrisie NB-50 spon-
sored by Loft sails, Reptile Masts, Unifiber
and Kamoana clothing


The 2009 European Professional
Freestyle Windsurfing Tour at
Podersdorf, Austria, took place from May
1st to May 3rd. Our Bonairean superstar,
Tonky Frans, sail number NB-7, currently
ranked 4th in the Freestyle world, com-
peted in this event. In perfect windsurfing
conditions he had to battle against profes-
sional windsurfers such as Rossmeier,

Simic and Akgazcyan. Akgazcyan was able
to win all his heats in a row until he met the
"Black Panther" (to use his own words),
Tonky Frans.
On the final day, the weather conditions
were not that good. In the final battle be-
tween the Frenchman Nicolas Akgazcyan
and Bonaire's Tonky Frans, Tonky per-
formed a repertoire of several kinds of
loops while Akgazcyan's was based on a
combination of several moves. The judges
decided that Akgazcyan would take first
place, Tonky, second and Italian Rai-
mondo Gasperini, third.
After the event a super-session of 20 min-
utes was organized. During this super ses-

sion all professional windsurfers could
show their moves. Again Tonky captured
the attention of the crowd with his unique
way of pulling off clean moves in a natural,
relaxed way.
The next stop for Tonky Frans is an
Austrian slalom PWA event. Stay tuned for
the report of this particular event. For eight
consecutive years Tonky has been ranked
in the top 10
of the world
in Freestyle.
* Sapphira

- .3.C-O

@,'E TT .,

USE! AT M 0emT FoC.ONTH1 WD VftlMTmAOEfOWRG*Titw Motif t

rzMEs a
16~-rar~rsF1 ~~W IMAEI3

Sign up for a MIO phone too-



Page 6

New Stock

New Styles
Men, Women and Children

Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

Top sailors at Podersorf Can you ID "The Black Panther," Tonky?

r O U E:; 4K Ai


D during the 80s the Bonairean social
infrastructure was set up by a
small group of social workers who fo-
cused on the needs of the community,
from all the covers of the island and from
an intensive feedback of networking with
volunteers. After their studies in Holland
these social workers came back to Bon-
aire with an intense motivation to rebuild
and enhance the social and cultural devel-
opment of the island. Networking with
people from all walks of life was begun,
and the team moved into all areas of Bon-
aire. Those families in need knew where
to go. Teachers and sport leaders worked
with each other to close the gaps in order
to spare the worst for Bonairean children
and teens.
Nereida "Nerry" Gonzalez (52, and born
in Bonaire) was one of the social-cultural
workers who studied in Holland from
1977-1982 and came back with the deter-
mination to contribute to a positive and
healthy community. She was based at the
Department of Social Affairs from 1982
until 1989.
The feminism movement, which high-
lighted the position of women, was also a
strong focal point during that time. Nerry
was a member of the UMA (Union Muhe-
nan Antiano), a feminist organization
based in Curaqao but with "wings" in all
the Dutch Caribbean islands. The needs in
the streets, especially of women, had to be
voiced. A monthly women's magazine
named BOSERO was sold for NAf 1.
Workshops, conferences, all kinds of
community projects and health issues
were brought up during the 80s. Even
through theater plays (teatro FORO) con-
sciousness was being raised. International
commemorative events such as Interna-
tional Women's Day and the Day of Non-
Violence Against Women were organized
and were enthusiastically attended in
The rights of women were brought up
and discussed, and mainly due to this and
after demonstrations and even court cases,
the Central Government abolished two
discriminatory laws against women. As a
result female Government workers were
allowed to keep their jobs after marriage.
Previously, female government workers
were dismissed after they married. The
other was equal pay for equal work. Up
until 1989 male government male workers
earned 25% more than female workers
doing the same job.
Bonairean women were very interested
in their "Women's Agenda," a UMA pro-
ject on which Nerry worked with a lot of
enthusiasm. The Bonairean contribution
to this project was substantial. Women
were photographed working in the Bo-
nairean textile factory, Cambes, women

Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

cooking on the Bonairean confo, women
working in the hospitals and the Kas di
Sosiegu, women selling fish, and more
were shown in these agendas. Nerry is
still getting requests every year from
some older women for such agendas. All
these projects strongly influenced
women's consciousness and their posi-
tion, and women were prepared to reveal
incidents of rape, violence and other
abuses. One could say that the silence
imposed by the rules, roles and restric-
tions, from both the cultural and religious
context was broken.

From 1984 to 1989 Nerry also studied at
the University of the Netherlands Antilles
established in Curaqao. The government
allowed her to travel twice a week to
Curaqao for the courses at the University.
After she graduated in 1989 she worked
as a legal advisor in the Legal Department
of the government until 1991. From Sep-
tember 1991 until April 1997 she worked
at the PDVSA oil Refinery in Curaqao as
a legal advisor but she was travelling back
and forth to Bonaire every weekend as her
life partner, Robby Beukenboom, was still
living in Bonaire and active in politics.

Since May 1997 Nerry has been the
General Island Secretary, a function
which requires one to have a law degree,
considering the general and multiple
scope of the work. She is administrative
head of all the department heads of the
Island Government. The Island Secretary
is the only civil servant whose tasks are
established in the Island Constitution and
is therefore appointed by the Island Coun-
cil. She is also the executive secretary of
the Island Council and heads the adminis-
trative services secretariat of the Island
Council. Nerry is a responsible and a hard
working woman who does her job with
great pleasure.

Reflecting on the past, and considering
the times that have changed, Nerry is now
of the opinion that a change of identity is
needed to create the peaceful life that we
want for ourselves, our families and our
world. Today we see the move to educate
communities and people in need in differ-
ent areas in a more "resource manage-
ment" way, teaching people to deal with
their own resources instead of giving ma-
terial aid. However, this shift is not
enough. "We all need to access the power
in ourselves and to recognize the virtues
within in order to impact the world out-
side. By discovering our inner strength we
can tap into our creativity, become fear-
less and will manage to solve our prob-
lems which we all will undoubtedly have
to encounter."
Nerry recommends using the world
around us as a mirror to check our pro-
gress. As we change our thinking and our
inner capacities, our world will change

accordingly. If our
intention is pure,
we will see this in
our physical envi-
ronment, in our
personal hygiene,
at home and in the
work place, in our
personal and pro-
fessional relation-
ships, even in our
physical health and
wellbeing, yes, in
our happiness and
our prosperity.
And from this po-
sition we will be
much more in-
spired to contribute
positively to children, to the youth, to
adults, to humanity. What we give, we
will receive. When we change, the world
will change.
Currently Nerry is a member of the
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual organi-
zation (B.K. Center) and continues to em-
power women and the community from a
more spiritual-educational approach. Pro-
jects that have been presented from the
Bonairean B.K. center have been: The
Four faces of Women, Self-Managing
Leadership and Positive Thinking.



From Bonaire Nautico Marina


.m 1 Day
Catamaran Kantika di Amor
Trips daily via resorts at 10 am, 12, 2 pm
Except Sunday at 10 am only
Tie up dockside
for $7/day +tax
Water/115/220V & Cable TV
Dinghy tie-up at north-inside dock
US$10 weekly from Saturday to
Saturday. Pay at Kantika di Amor
water taxi daily 10 am, 12, 2 pm.
Sundays 10 am only.
Your boat name will be recorded.
At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399
www.bonairenauticomarina VHF 68

Bonaire Information Service photo

E 0
Most words in this article were inspired
by Nerry Gonzalez herself as a member of
the Brahma Kumaris center. 0
Siomara E. Albertus

Send your com-
ments to The Bonaire
Reporter, P.O. Box
407, Bonaire, or
email reporter





Les Galeries Shopping Center
(Bordering the parking lot)
Tel. 717-5890
Open M-F 8:30-12, 2-6 pm,
Sat. 9-12

Page 7

Bonairean Voices is sponsored by ) We keep making things

MCBM convenient for you!

M CWE With 4 branches and 10 ATMs located
MADURO )& CL RIEL S BANK (BONAIREI N.'. throughout the island and our
ay, L lo GeBmrts Phoe: 599 715-5520 Internet Banking, MCB@Home, at your
Websile www rrmctb.bonairte.cm o fI1I infamcBboa t e corn www.jcbb-home.com service anytime, any day, anywhere.

0 Last week City Shop donated
an Aspire personal computer to the Pe-
likaan School. In the photo Hamoudy
Dabboussi and his daughter, Thaline,
hand it over to Mychel Cornelissen, the
teacher who handles Information Tech-
nology at the school. The computer will
be used in Thaline's classroom.

1 Bonaire Basics will host two, six-
week yoga classes which will consist of a
combination of Hatha Yoga and Power
Yoga, with the emphasis on Hatha, using
breathing techniques (pranayama) and
body exercises (asanas). Hailing from an
ancient tradition originated in India, Yoga
has long since provided people with a
refuge away from the everyday confusion,
entropy and stress. Mica Brouwer, a very
experienced instructor, will guide the
class. The first class began May 5, the
second will begin May 7. Each six-week
session (one day per week) costs NAf
105. Call 788-1058 for more details.

Marion Wilson and Sara Matera of BON-
IHATA (ends), present a check to Morela
Wanner and Ruth Domacassd.

Bonaire's Hotel and Tourism Asso-
ciation (BONHATA) held its quarterly
breakfast meeting at Kontiki. Along with
great ambience, networking and a fine
breakfast, they donated a check to the
Princess Wilhelmina Fonds Bonaire
(Cancer Society) for NAf1,600. This
was money raised at a fundraiser earlier
this year.

0 Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Ca-
sino celebrated their Employee "Give

0 Bonaire Sunshine Homes will
host its 3rd Annual "Open House" on
Saturday May 16th, from 9 am to 4:30
pm at their office on Kaya Libertador
Simon Bolivar 26, across from Scarlet's-
Flower Shop and Lee's Bar.
If you have a rental property, apart-
ment, storage space, business or land this
event offers free accurate and trustworthy
advice without any "obligation" for you to
get an idea how much you can rent your
Their clientele includes SELIBON,
WEB, the Regional Service Center, the
BC, Dutch Defense Force, FCB, SGB,
Bon Fysio, MNO, Mariadal Foundation
and many more.

1 The
Palacios Fam-
ily has an-
nounced that ,t.
their harbor- *.
side restau-
rant, Patagonia Argentinean Restau-
rant, will re-open for lunch beginning
Tuesday, May 5. The lunch menu will be
similar to the extensive offerings available
at dinner, along with some occasional
specials. The restaurant will be open
from 11:30am until 2:30pm every Tues-
day through Friday. For additional in-
formation, visit their web site at
www.patagoniarestaurant.com. Email
Patagoniarestaurant hotmail.com

) Don't forget the classical concert
this Saturday, May 9, performed on
Bonaire's new grand piano. The concert
will be at the Plaza Resort in the Cacique
Hall at 8 pm and is organized by the Clas-
sical Music Board Bonaire. The entrance
fee is NAf 35., which includes an inter-
mission drink.
If you want to at-
tend the concert

0 Remember
readers, The Reporter
is brought to you
FREE through the
support of our loyal
advertisers. Be sure to
visit them and say,
"The Reporter sent
me." H G./L.D.

0 As part of Earth Day (known as Dia
di Mama Tera in Bonaire) observances
there was a major tree planting in Wash-
ington Park under STINAPA's direction.
Commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe (at right) had
the honor of planting the first tree. Concur-
rent with Earth Day was the celebration of
the 30th anniversary of the Bonaire Marine
Park and the 40th of Washington Park. Go to
the website www.stinapa.org to see the
"anniversary" calendar, where you will find
additional festivities and their respective
Bonaire has numerous other organiza-
tions which are concerned about the environ-
ment. They include: L.V.V., DROB, Selibon,
STINAPA, Bonaire Sea Turtle Conservation
Bonaire, Bonaire Nature Alliance, Mangas-
ina di Rei Foundation, Donkeys Help, and the
parrot preservation organization, Salba Nos

) On May 2nd some of the current and past Bonaire Reporter staff members
(above) got together to celebrate your newspaper's 15th anniversary at Kunuku



To solve the puzzle,
enter the numbers 1
through 9 to the partially
filled in puzzle without
repeating a number in any
row, column or 3 x 3 re-
gion. Answer on page
12. Supplied by Molly

please call 717-4496 l ~ i:. m, I i'E ,r ,,, o l:
or 717-5767 or email,
se bonairelive.com Like to have a good income on your house?
or hansfaas-
sen,amail.com. Property management you can trust?
There are only 175
seats available.

We are in urgent need for quality houses
for both long term and holiday rental.

Please contact us for further details!

Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

S 1

3 4

6 4 1 5 2

7 1 9 2 5 4

8 3 7 2 6 9

2 1 8 9 6

6 3
5 8


Page 8

Pet of the Week

O ne of the manag-
ers of the Bon-
aire Animal Shelter,
Monique, is shown hold-
ing "Coco," an adorable V
cuddly pup. Not only is
his coloring an unusual
chocolate brown with
caramel accents but he
has gorgeous green eyes.
What a looker. He's only
about two months old.
He was brought into the
Shelter by a Good Sa-
maritan who brings in
pups who are unwanted
and/or abandoned. This
lady is known as "the
dog woman," an animal
lover. Lucky for Coco
that she found him be-
cause now he's in a safe
and loving place with
good food and tender
care. Coco is in perfect
health, having been ex-
amined by the vet. He's
been tested, wormed and
has had his shots. The
Shelter adoption fee of
NAf 105 for dogs in-
cludes all this as well as
sterilization when he's
old enough.
Stop by for a visit at the Shelter on the
Lagoen Road. They're open Monday

through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm and 3 to
5 pm. Telephone: 717-4989. 0 L.D.

BonQuiz #6

Test your knowledge of Bonaire

was this -.-
coral stone
:7 -
tion used

A long,
time ago, and
not so far away,
the southern
shores of Bon-
aire were hus-
tling and bus-' -
tling with trade. Salt was the product being exported. The southernmost parts of Bon-
aire were economically important for the island. And I'll tell you why. The Nether-
lands had been getting their salt from Portugal, but this ended when Spain went to war
with Portugal in the 1500s. The Dutch needed to find a place where they could find
salt again as it was vital in preserving and curing meat. The "pyramids" on the south
shore- red, white, blue (the Dutch flag's colors) and orange (the Royal family's color)
- were mainly used by the arriving ships to locate the salt pond where harvesting was
taking place at that time. Even though these pyramids were erected to be used as
markers, they were also used on occasion to tie the vessels to, and abrasions at the
bottom of the markers are still visible. The object in the photo is circular and is made
out of coral. There are two of these between orange and red pan. One of these lies in
the parking lot near the Skol di Musika in town and should be returned to its original
spot! Story & photo by Christie Dovale
Find the answer on page 16.

BonQuiz appears regularly in The Reporter. It's prepared by
Christie Dovale of Christie Dovale Island Tours. Contact her to
arrange a tour, Phone 717-4435 or 795-3456 or email: christie-
dovale@hotmail.com. Comments and suggestions are welcome. 0

The clinic is open from:
Klinika ta habri di: $ 1 S
De kliniek is geopened van: I

Consulting Monday, Wednesday and Friday 13:30-14:30
Hours Tuesday, Thursday 17:00-17:30; Saturday 11.00-12.00
or by appointment every day
available 24 hours a day, including weekends: Tel. 790-6001
Orario: djaluna, djarason i djabierne 13:30-14:30
djamars i djaweps 17:00-17:30; djasabra 11.00-12.00
of sigun sita tur dia
24 ora pa dia disponibel, tambe den wikent: Tel. 790-6001
Spreekuur: maandag, woensdag en vrijdag 13:30-14:30
dinsdag en donderdag 17:00-17:30; zaterdag 11.00-12.00
of volgens afspraak elke dag
24 uur per dag bereikbaar, ook in het weekend: Tel. 790-6001

Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

Kaya industria 24, Kralendijk, Bonaire
tel: (+599) 717- 8700 www.warehousebonaire.com

Page 9

Klinika Veterinaro Bonaire
lDierenartsen team:
An al H pital Drs. Arie Binksma
ADnim I I a Drs. Hans & Etty Lambeek
Drs. Seib Fietsma
Drs. Ytzen v.d. Werf

Kaminda Lagun 24A, Tel 717-4255
Next to the Animal Shelter
Banda di Dierenaisel
Naast het Dierenaisel



T his year's commemoration of
Queen's day was overshad-
owed by an attempt on the life of the
Dutch royals.
Seven persons died as a result of a
car attack during the Queen's Day cele-
brations in Apeldoorn last Thursday. A
disgruntled Dutchman, Karst Tates (38),
who deliberately drove his car at break-
neck speed through the crowd of specta-

tors in an admitted assassination attempt
on the royal family, died of his injuries in
the hospital the next day. Four Antilleans
were injured along with many Dutch peo-
ple. Wilfrido Plantijn from Curaqao, and
six other members of the Antillean folk-
loric dance group Eksploshon Kultural
(Cultural Explosion) from the city of
Almere were standing at the road barrier
through which the driver of the black Su-


zuki Swift crashed in an a
bus with the royal family
Queen's Day festivities. I
already dented apparently
ing bystanders into the aii
a few meters of the open-
rying Queen Beatrix and
a parade route, then smas
In a somber televised add


Marian Walthie photo

The friendly Caribbean Homes traveling sign was visited by its
young model Marian Walthie photo

Caribbean Homes ta desea
henter pueblo Boneriano
y tur bishitante un

The Lions roared and served great food
UP.~ Z

Marian Walthie photo

One of the essential spirits ofRincon, Emma Sint Jago arin Wie pot
and her group entertained with songs
Two young la

Page 10

dies in traditio

nal dresses I The end of a perfect day

Bonaire Reporter- May 8-

Day 2009
attempt to hit the day, following the deaths of the peo-
during the ple at the royal parade in Apeldoorn,
The speeding car, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands told the
y from catapult- Dutch people that she was "speechless
r, passed within that something so terrible could have hap-
topped bus car- pened." Queen's Day events were muted
her family down throughout the Dutch Kingdom as a re-
hed into a stone sult. Flags were flown at half-mast.
In Bonaire the activities were
ress on Thurs- slightly more subdued than usual. U G.D.


A lively group of competi-
tors, judges, and specta-
tors gathered at Roomer's Hotel
on Friday, May 1st for Bonaire's
First Annual Hamburger Compe-
Inspired by cook-off competi-
tions viewed on the Food Net-
work, it was the wish of organ-
izer and BBQ-aficionado, Ed-
ward "Eddie" Thielman, to
hold a similar event on Bonaire.
After he approached several
friends and family with the idea,
all were enthusiastic and eager to
Contestants were:
Pierro "Tio Pedo" Cicilia, with
his La Cubana burger
Marc "Karkey" Abdul, with
his Mc Abby burger
Mira "M&M" Mann, with her
Paradise Patty burger
Milka "Oma" Martis, with her
BES burger
Michele "Turtle" Celestijn,
with his Roomie burger

The day of competition the sun
was shining, the BBQ was hot,
and the atmosphere was vibrant
with the "Ozone Trio" chanting
customized songs for each con-
testant. Rivalry was fierce, but all
in fun as there was a great sense
of camaraderie amongst the par-

.. The judging panel had five
judges who evaluated the burgers
based on Appearance, Taste,
Doneness (properly cooked), Use
of Ingredients, and Originality/
Inventiveness. Upon presenting
their burger to the judging panel,
each contestant was asked to
describe the inspiration for their
burger. According to the judges,
all burgers were delicious, but
only one could be declared the
winner. After the scores were
tallied only six points separated
all burgers!
It was an honor to have Bon-
The Contestants aire's Lt. Governor in attendance
to announce the results and hand
over the prizes. The winner of
Bonaire's First Hamburger Com-
petition was Pierro Cicilia's "La
Cubana" burger with a total of 83
points. Inspired by his trips to
Cuba to visit the family of his
wife, he became appreciative of
the extraordinary way in which a
burger is served in Cuba. Since
it is a rare occasion that the aver-
age Cuban is able to afford to eat
a hamburger, both the burger and
the plate are adorned with as
many ingredients as possible to
make it an entire meal. Second
place went to Michele "Turtle"
Celestijn (81 points) and Third
place to Milka "Oma" Martis (79
The Ozone Trio pumped up the spirit ,points).

"La Cubana" winning burger

Immense thanks go to:
Roomer's Hotel for sponsoring
the location and runner-up prizes;
Bonaire Gift Shop for sponsor-
ing first, second and third place
Future Distributions for spon-
sorship of t-shirts for the organiz-
ers, judges and competitors;
Unbelievable Restaurant for
sponsoring dinner certificates for
the first, second and third place
BoTVand The Bonaire Re-
porter for their coverage.

Main Strue Laya Gunmdi 32. bonaulil6 H7451

Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

Owned and operated by
Pablo Palacios and family
Creators of Argentine cuisine
on Bonaire

Open for Dinner every day except Monday
Open for Lunch Tuesday through Friday
in the Lighthouse at The Harbour Village Marina
Call 717-7725 for reservations www. patagoniarestaurant.com

Page 11

'ou Jsng-

*We? BT0rlr

AntW.lean We Company
(599) 09-560-7539
Fax (599) 717-2950
wine@nlilea nline.com

F our Bonaire residents re-
ceived royal decorations
this year to help mark the occa-
sion of the Queen's Official
Birthday, April 30. They were
honored for their valuable con-
tributions to the island's commu-
nity and other outstanding
Lt. Governor Glenn Thode,
Queen Beatrix's representative
on Bonaire, made the awards at
a reception at his residence in
Playa on April 29. Honored

Walter Valentino Coffie -
Knight in the Order of Oranje
Walter Coffie was born on
Bonaire on October 2, 1943. Af-
ter serving for 16 years as a civil
servant with the police corps he
was named head of the Civil
Registry (Bevolking) a post he
held until his retirement.
From 1980 he served as a sup-
plementary official in the Public
Ministry and as a member of the
supervisory commission of the

House of Detention.
Mr. Coffie was always active in
the Bonaire community, serving
as Secretary of the Football
Board, Vice-president of the
Bonaire Protestant Community
and was instrumental in the res-
toration of the Protestant Church
in Playa, as well as many related
activities. His perseverance and
dedication are a model for all.
He is the father of Bonaire
Reporter author Sapphira Coffie.

Cecilia Evers-Fernandes
Pedra -Member in the Order of
Oranje Nassau
Cecilia Evers-Fernandes Pedra
was born on Aruba on November
22, 1948. Even though not born
on Bonaire, because of her hon-
esty, integrity and positivism she
is considered an inspiration to the
Bonairean community, especially
In 1997 she helped found the
Ban Boneiru Bek (Let's Return to
Bonaire) Foundation to stimulate
repatriation of Bonaireans living

overseas, especially in Holland,
to return to their roots. She's not
a stranger to Bonaire, having
served for 30 years in various
functions at the SGB High
In May, 1983, she became a
member of the Guardianship
Council and in July1991, its
President. She is involved in
many activities which improve
the opportunity, education and
ability of her fellow human be-
ings. She is the mother of Bon-
aire Reporter writer Mary Ann

Allerd Stikker-Member in
the Order of Oranje Nassau
Allerd Stikker was born on
April 15, 1928 in Noordwijker-
hout, Holland. During his life he
exhibited enthusiasm and dedica-
tion in helping people in third-
world countries, receiving high
marks at the national and inter-
national level. His organization,
The Ecological Management

jjjaaj~jj i j Aiiij

Ana Jolanda Domacass6-
Member in the Order of
Oranje Nassau
Ana Jolanda Domacass6 was
born July 26, 1941 on Bonaire.
In April 1967, without much
education or experience, she be-
gan working as a "care nurse"
under the rigorous guidance of
Sirnan di Roosendaal in the
Bonaire hospital. Over the years

Foundation (EMF) launched in
1990, was a non-profit effort to
support various projects of recon-
struction of historic monuments
in China, in addition to providing
sanitation and clean water.
In Bonaire beginning in 1990
Mr. Stikker provided financial
and practical support for various
projects to protect Bonaire's
natural environment. His support
for Sea Turtle Conservation Bon-
aire and initiatives to begin the
Bonaire Nature Alliance are still
fruitful. As a retiree he sets an
example for other pensionados to
use their experience to help Bon-











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548 137


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Ai SE rCU rI F r


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and Valuables *Burglar Alarms
*Private Investigations *Fire Alarm Systems

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Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

she gained valuable on-the-job
training in the hospital and col-
lected certification whenever
available. Finally in 1976, over-
coming many obstacles that were
out of her control she obtained
her "care nurse" diploma and
began working as a "district
nurse" for the Bonaire govern-
ment for the next 25 years.
In her work in Rincon Mrs.
Domacass6 especially focused on
those residents suffering from
problems with sight and hearing
and set up procedures to give
them necessary assistance. She
was a source of information for
Servisio pa Asuntunan Sosial
(SASO-Social Services) and
maintained close contact both
with the organization and her
patients. Her discreet and courte-
ous service maintained the dig-
nity of her patients.
In 1987 she was named
Woman of the Year.
Mrs Domacass6 is the prime
mover behind the Pasadia Co-
CaRi center and is currently on
the board. 0
Nominations are now
being solicited for next
year's round of Royal
Decorations and can be
sent by individuals or
organizations to the
Royal Decorations Ad-
visory Committee (RODAC).
Special forms are available from
the committee chairman, Robert
Sances, or any committee member.
Nominees must have carried out
voluntary activities that impacted the
community for an extended period of
time and must still be active at the
time of nomination. 0 G.D.

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Also interior or exterior design advice,
clearings, blessings, energy, healing,
China-trained. Experienced. Inexpensive.
Call Donna at 795-9332.

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Taking care of your properties
(while you are off island). Email for
information and prices: propertvser-

Trees and plants, Bonaire grown.
8000m2 nursery. Specializing in garden/
septic pumps and irrigation. Kaminda La-
goen 103, Island Growers NV (Capt. Don
& Janet). 786-0956

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Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

KAYAKl4 * CAHVIN C U M-P: ftANP. t1.

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bath. Large garden. Maids Room/bath.
$1700. 796-9559"

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Model '94, 4.0L, new Best Top, 4 new
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For Sale -3 TVs, Instant heater, iron,
lamp (board) ,microwave, gas cooker+
oven, pans, curtains, closets, sofa,
towels, 2 printers, blender, 3 pc's
(monitor+keyboard+mouse), kitchen
table+4 chairs, swimming pools, blan-
kets + sheet, floor mats (795-1868)

For rent apartment- 1 person NAf
700,--p.m. with electricity and water.
Four months or longer, no pets.
Furnished at Hato. Possibility for
internet, bike, linen, etc. 717 2529

full suit, worn twice, zippered lower
legs, LIKE NEW condition $200 USD
Phone 717-7691

For rent: Apartment in Hato.
One person, Ang 500 per month, ex-
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Wanted: Shop Manual and also a
hard top for Jeep Wrangler. J@n
Brouwer, 796 3637,
digitalis 1956(ihotmail.com

For sale- power saw, 110v. in case
NAfl00, dive tanks, wetsuits s-m-1-
shorty or long $75,--, lead blocks and
soft lead, LAN-cables from 1,5 to
40m long, Mattress 146x187 NAf 75,
seven window bars 2 cm thick, wheel-
barrow NAf 75,- 2 sliding doors size
123cm NAf 125,-- each.
-Monique 717 2529 // 796 2529

WANTED- Looking for
wooden table with chairs, toilet,
fridge in good condition, pillows, seat
cushion, Tel. 717 2529 // 796 2529

Brother Intellifax 770, 2 Canon
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KRALENDIJK TIDES (Heights in feet, FT)
Remember: Winds and weather can further influence the local tide's height and time

DATE Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht.

5-08 0:08
5-09 0:47
5-10 1:25
5-11 2:04
5-12 2:46
5-13 3:28
5-14 4:06
5-15 4:55
5-16 5:39
5-17 2:59
5-18 4:17
5-19 5:31
5-20 6:25
5-21 7:30
5-22 8:23



1.5FT. 14:32
1.4FT. 14:20
1.3FT. 14:04
1.2FT. 13:52
1.1FT. 13:40

Time Ht.





Reward: For in-
formation leading to the
return of Charlie, our Fila
Brasileiro, age 1. Missing
since April 7 from the
neighborhood of Kaya
Opal, Republiek. He wears
a black collar with studs.
He or she who brings him
back safely to us can count
on a good reward! Please
be good to him!
Please call us with any
information: 701-5539 or
786-3933 or717-3258

Missing Cat:
Missed dearly by us and
all five of our male
cats: our female calico cat
"Zappa". Zappa is about
one year old, dark with
ginger spots ("schildpad"),
she has a tail like a squirrel
and is very friendly. We
live in the area of Belnem.
Please call if you have
seen Zappa: 786-7440 or e

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The Reporter In...

H ere's a photo
of Howard
and Kim Harrison of t.
Ashland, Kentucky,
USA, and Sand Dollar 1
Resort, Bonaire, while K
standing in front of
the Greenbriar Resort,
located in White Sul-
fur Springs, West Vir-
ginia, USA.

Howard and Kim
are subscribers of the
printed edition of The
Bonaire Reporter that
gets mailed to them
every month.

The Bonaire Reporter Back In Time To 1996
Comemorating 15 Years

1996 13 YEARS AGO.

Some of the top stories in
1996 were the threat of de-
velopment to Klein Bonaire, the
bank robbery, the investigation
into the Parker Project-Point Ho-
tel scandal and problems as Bon-
aire's population reaches 14,000.
The Port Call newssheet grew as
the island did. It went from four
pages to six to eight pages by the
end of 1996. "Spot color" was
added to its printed edition in
January. It was available by sub-
scription: $25 for 12 issues mailed
anywhere in the world. In Febru-
ary the first actual photo (in black
in white) appeared. New columns
were introduced: "Dive Site of the
Week by The Crab; "Our Man off
Playa, Marine Park Roundup,"
"Bonaire's Yachting Tourists by
Carol Neymeyer, Dr. George
Buckley's series on "Little Known
Facts of Bonaire 's Marine Life
and Reef a series of stories by
Capt. Don and "Sea Scene with
Kralendijk Tides.
During the year the number of
yachts in port varied fom 41 to a
record 111 in October. Bonaire
became known as the place for
yachts to hide from hurricanes.
Here's a retrospective ofsome
of the news as it appeared in Port
Call (previous name of The Bon-
aire Reporter) in 1996.

Jan. 5
-Web lowers rates as of first of
year for hotels only: 22.7 NAf
cents per kilowatt hour for electric-
ity and 8.1 NAf per cubic meter of
water... significantly lower than
homeowners' rates.
Jan. 12
-"The Liners are Coming" -
Fastest cruise ship built in last 25
years, Oriana, will visit Bonaire.
Six luxury liners will make their
initial call, thanks to Bonaire
Cruise Association (shipping
agents, businessmen, TCB, BON-
HATA, Kralendijk Port Services &
Bonaire Tours). Bonaire Shipping
Manager Gustowski has two ships
a week as his goal.
-The Central Bank of the Neth-
erland Antilles is broke. (The
IMF bailed them out later)
-Bonaire's population is now
more than 14,000. (In 2008 the
Bonaire population has finally
returned to this level)
-1,435 people moved to Bonaire
in 1995. (1,652 arrived in 2008)
Jan. 19
A sales tax is in the works, the
room tax is set to rise, surcharges
on parcels arriving by sea or air.
Prices at gas stations are slightly
-BOPEC (oil terminal) and ARM
(Antillean Rice Mills) shipped
record amounts of their products.
-More foreigners than locals
married in Bonaire last year: 77
non-islanders (69 were Dutch cou-

ples) versus 73 locals
Coast Guard for the Nether-
lands Antilles set up, primarily for
the purpose of drug interdiction.
-Gas pump shock: prices rose
about 10% Per liter Unleaded-
NAf 1.173; Regular- NAf 1.148;
Diesel-NAf 0.453
-Bonaire rated #1 Diving from
shore in the world says Rodales
Scuba Diving Magagzine. Bruce
Bowker' s Carib Inn rated top dive
operation on Bonaire; Bon Bini
Divers managed by Susan Davis is
runner up.
Feb. 9
-Winners of "What Bonaire
Doesn't Have and Doesn't
Want" Contest Many of the
entries had a message: The rela-
tively unspoiled Bonaire environ-
ment must be preserved, protected
and improved. Several focused on
the negative impact of the automo-
bile on the island. Some entries: 24
hour convenience stores, 6 lanes of
anything, advertising from planes,
bridge to Klein Bonaire, commuter
traffic, gun shop, hurricanes,
iguana farm, jetski rentals, Marine-
land, McDonalds, parking meters,
parasailing, refineries, sales tax,
segregation, spearfishing, steel
mill, subways, the Marlboro Man,
topless bars, traffic lights, turtle
soup. Ann Joseph and associates
wins the contest
-Island Council says that the
NAf 120.000 in dive tag fees col-
lected by Stinapa will be for Ma-
rine Park use only. Money from
the diving fees had been diverted
for other uses, but legislation says
the $10 fee will be for the exclu-
sive use of the Marine Park.
-Newly paved tourist road
along the west coast
-TCB says 60,000 tourists (US-
45%; Europe-34%) took vacation
in Bonaire in 1995. ( It wasn't
until 2007 that tourist arrivals
again matched those figures)
-Big thanks to ZeeZicht and Ka-
rel's Beach Bar for providing din-
ghy tie up and trash disposal to
visiting yachts. (Stopped in 2008)
Feb. 16
-"Bank Robbers Escape by
Speedboat." On Thursday, Febru-
ary 8, shortly after 8 am, five heav-
ily armed men entered the main
branch of MCB in Playa, told eve-
ryone to lie down and emptied the
cashiers' tills. The vault time lock
hadn't opened yet. A woman cus-
tomer entered the bank and a gun-
man shot her in the leg. A security
guard was hit over the head and
knocked to the floor. An em-
ployee phoned police but manage-
ment was reluctant to call in
armed response because of the
possibility of a hostage situation
developing. They got NAf 39.000
and $4,000 plus the customers'
Feb. 23
-Klein Bonaire in Peril- Klein
Bonaire Development Company, a
consortium of unnamed investors,
has requested a permit for con-
struction of a resort on the east end
of the island. (This is the start of a

five-year long effo
Bonaire reserved a
area for the use of
-Complaints aboi
cars on Bonaire. 1
becoming common
and parking a prob

Port Callphoi
Christopher Ron
tion, "Get Klein
for Christ

Mar. 8
-Get Klein Back!
1, 1868, the Dutch
sold it to Angel Jes
since it's been in p
one of which is Ma
is the moral obliga
sent Dutch goverrm
the mistake of the
Mar. 15
-Saving Klein B
grows. Marine Parl
ports inquiries fror
servancy, World W
individuals sympat
vation. Minister of
Abraham opposed
ment on Klein. Ext
believes the Dutch
must buy it back an
the people of the A
ultimately occurred
-New taxes comi
crease in room tax
month. Being cons
Council are an incr
port departure and
tourists arriving by
-Interational Fis
ment will mark Bo
Tag and Release t
only required for b
-Bonaire Shippin
towski's aim of tw
in Bonaire a week
The Bonaire V
Place set to open
partnership of Patu
Elvis "Piskichi" M
Roger's Windsurfit
-Late season cold
swells, mild wind r
heavy rain, causing
smashed private pi
area and damaged
west side of Bonair
April 1
-First April Foo
Port Call. (last edi
-Another Englis
weekly, Arco, by 1

rt to have Klein begins.
s a wilderness April 19
Bonaireans. -Five convicts break out of Bon-
ut too many aire lockup, arm themselves and
Traffic jams are hotwire the fishing boat, Alslking,
i at peak hours to sail out of Lac Bay. They ran
lem. into shoals and went hard aground.
Leaving the engine running, they
7 jumped overboard and disap-
peared. The boat was severely
damaged but the convicts were
r May 10
"-TCB reports: In 1980- 4,700
S divers used Bonaire's reefs; in
1990, 16,500; then 1995, 25,000.
S "The government should control
the developers and make laws to
protect the underwater life. Bon-
aire's fringing reef is the keystone
of its economic life. A sewage
treatment plant must be built, lim-
its put on the number of motor
to shows baby vehicles, upgrade the Marine Park
iijn with cap- organization and more."
Bonaire back -Maritime
topher" Museum's
Board ofDi-
On September rectors got
government together to
;erun and ever revitalize the
rivate hands, campaign to
aurice Neme. It set up a mari-
tion of the pre- time museum
nent to correct for the island.
past (The campaign Perhaps the last
failed and the remaining part of
onaire -Support museum was the Eagle-a bow
k Manager re- never real- fitting from The
n Nature Con- ized.) Reporter me-
Vildlife, private May 24 mento box.
hetic to preser- -The sail-
Tourism Jopie fishing boat Eagle to be rebuilt as
to any develop- the first project of the Bonaire
ra newspaper Maritime Museum. (Unfortunately
government the money needed never material-
nd return it to ized and the Eagle continued to
ntilles. (Is what deteriorate and the scraps had to be
d in 1999.) hauled away.)
ing: 50% in- -A special team of investigators
will hit next on the island trying to get to the
idered by Island bottom of the Parker Project-
rease in the air- Point Hotel scandal. Five years
new taxes on ago the Government of the Antil-
boats. les, with the backing of Holland,
shing Tourna- guaranteed a loan to Robert
naire's first Parker, a hotelier from the US, to
ournament build a 5-star resort hotel near the
illfish under 200 airport in the area locally called
Flamingo Paradise. The project
.g's Steve Gus- was built by Stephany Construc-
o cruise ships tion, an Italian firm. An intema-
was been ex- tional staff was hired and brought
to the island. Training of local
Vindsurfing people was begun. But completion
next month a dragged on. Then, just before the
n Sarogosa, hotel was to open, Parker pulled
artinus and out, saying he'd run out of money
ng of Aruba. and had sold to new owners, who
i front causes turned out to be his cronies who
reversals and proceeded to shut the project
beach erosion, down. Large debts were left un-
ers in Belnem paid to local businesses, employ-
corals on the ees were owed salaries, and there
re and Klein seemed no way to collect. The
hotel, filled with furniture and
looking complete to a quick
Is edition of glance, remained closed for years
tion was in until it was purchased last year
(1995) at a fraction of its construc-
h language tion costs by the Dutch van der
Michiel Bijkerk, Valk hotel chain and opened as the

Plaza Resort. When Parker pulled
out the government was left having
to pay the loan to the lending
Swiss bankers approximately
NAf 18.000 a day. The new sales
tax is to pay off this debt.
-Bonaire's' new and only
movie theatre opens and will
show first run movies.
-Internet on Bonaire very ex-
pensive because voice line toll
charges apply: $24 per hour! Port
Call spearheads an effort to re-
duce toll charges to $1/hr or less.
They need an estimate of use to
convince Telbo.
June 21
-(Fundashon Preservashon
Klein Boneiru (FPKB) set up to
save the small island from devel-
opment. (In 1999 the FKPD pre-
vailed and "transferred" Klein
Bonaire to the Bonaire Govern-
ment with the proviso that it never
be developed)
-Permission has been given to
dredge and clean out Lagoen.
July 12
-New sales tax is law. For exam-
ple, tax on restaurant meal is 6%
-TCB petitions American Air-
lines to fly to Bonaire
July 19
-MCB bank introduces free
touch-tone banking and bill paying
by phone -Telebanking.
-Trouble in the streets of Cura-
9ao due to new sales tax
July 26
-New doctors resident surgeon
Dr. Bender, visiting surgeon from
Curacao, Dr. van der Veen, and
Dr. Trieste, resident anesthetist.
Operating room at San Fran-
cisco Hospital finally a reality.
August 16
-Klein Bonaire Video being
shot by Matt Sellars, news direc-
tor of WCIV-TV -Charleston,
N.C. ABC Network Affiliate. (The
video caught the attention of envi-
ronmental officials in Holland and
was considered key to obtaining
support from the WWF and the
Dutch government.)
-AKZO-Nobel of Arnhem, The
Netherlands, sells its salt indus-
tries to US company, Cargill.
Sept. 13
-Economist Theo Tijssen, one of
the original directors of BOPEC
and an executive with Bonaire
Trading, will begin working for
the Island Government as a con-
sultant. Mr. Tijssen favors eco-
nomic separation of Bonaire
from Curacao and operating
Bonaire on a US dollar standard.
(That is set to happen next year)
-New law passed to make busi-
ness of government more open to
the people: Lei di Gobernashon
Transparante. (Really?)
Sept. 27
-Thousands of comments con-
demning any plan to develop a
resort on Klein Bonaire are being
channeled to the TCB office by
Rodales Scuba Diving Magazine
Oct. 4
-Buddy Dive opens the island's
(Continued on page 16)

Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

L Klm m mrnw F uii .iW

Ct. Kei


Page 14

Bonaire's Increc


ible Pier
ISPS plan.
The regular presence of divers, who
can report conditions, gives multiple
underwater eyes to the Harbourmas-
ter's Office and to the BNMP. On at
least one occasion, evidence provided by
divers enabled the BNMP to fine a ship
that had dumped over 100 pounds of bro-
Sken glass and other trash while docked at
the Pier. Marine Park rangers and volun-
Steer divers removed the debris.
Taking those last two sections into ac-
count, it should be no surprise that I think
the time for action is wa-a-ay before the
renovations are completed. I think the
time for action is now.
We who want to dive the Pier must make
it clear we support the Harbormaster's
We must make it clear we are willing to


Open Letter to Bonaire Divers:

B onaire's Old Pier is one of the best
-known individual dive sites in the
world, for good reason. More than 200
pilings host flourishing communities of
attached life, all in water shallower than
35'. Resident sponges display colors
from purple through red and on to yellow
and green, and their shapes include single
and multiple tubes, flat encrustations, and
mini-volcanoes. Brilliantly-hued orange
cup coral clusters fill in much of the pil-
ing surfaces between sponges. Reef-
building corals, Christmas tree worms
and other critters take up the space that's
left. Residing in the nooks and crannies
of the encrusted pilings are the mobile
residents: arrow crabs and decorator
crabs, banded coral shrimp and red
backed cleaner shrimp. Four different
octopus species reside beneath the Pier,
along with more spotted drums than I
ever see on a reef. Fairy basslets flutter
alongside pilings in water as shallow as a
few feet.
I first dived the Pier on October 8th,
1980. The more unusual sights I've seen
there include a manta ray, a southern
stingray, and a spotted eagle ray, spotted
spoon-nosed eels, squid mating and the
female depositing her egg clusters. The
only black brotula I've ever seen in the
wild. The first umbrella snail I've ever
seen, and, a couple of years later, a pair
of them mating. A diver wearing a Hal-
loween mask over his scuba mask.
Pier diving supports its own mini-
economy: dive masters earn extra income
by guiding divers in this remarkable habi-
tat. In each of the past few years, thou-
sands of divers have explored the under-
water world of the Pier.
Pier diving has also caused unexpected
expenses for the Harbormaster's Office:
just the cost of paper and fax materials
for dive permits-required for interna-
tional security since 2005-actually
pushed the HMO out of budget last year!
Tropical Depression/Tropical Storm/
Hurricane Omar changed all that. Omar's
waves smashed into the underside of the
Pier, partly dislodging pipes and cables
that had carried utility lines to ships at the
Pier. After Omar, ships could no longer
get water, electricity, or telephone lines at
the Old Pier. Cables, wires, and even

Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

pipes dangle above the
bottom and/or rest on
the bottom. For safety
reasons, our Harbor-
master's Office closed
the Pier to recreational
diving after Omar,
until the area is
cleared. The decision
has been made to clear
the pipes and cables as
part of soon-to-begin
renovations, which are
expected to be com-
pleted next year.
I'm worried that this
could be a good time to prohibit divi
the Pier entirely. After all, from the
ernment's perspective, prohibiting a
diving at the Pier is easier than alloy
any diving there. No longer would e
ployee time or other expenses be in-
curred. A prohibition also eliminate
issues with divers distressed at not b
permitted to dive the Pier because ol
expected ship arrivals or other sched
My response to these (not-yet-heal
arguments is that allowing folks to d
the Pier has real value to Bonaire:
The Pier is an incredible dive, so i
hances the Bonaire experience for
dreds of divers a year.
Realizing that this incredible dive t
place beneath a functioning comm
cial Pier enhances people's opinion
the wonderful marine environment s
rounding our island, and of the won
work of the BNMP in protecting it.
The fact that permitting diving bei
this commercial Pier is part of Boi
aire's International Shipping and
Security Plan emphasizes Bonaire
commitment to divers. It would ha
been very easy for Bonaire to ban di
under its commercial piers as part of


A Flame lobster checking out divers.
ing at pay a fee to dive the Pier.
gov- We must make it clear we are willing to
11 act to maintain and protect the life
ving beneath the Pier.
m- Those of us who are interested in work-
ing toward these goals should work to-
s any gether, don't you think? We can combine
eing our ideas and talents and come up with a
fun- program that will help everyone.
[ule If you're interested in joining the cause
of keeping Pier diving open on Bonaire -
rd) regardless of whether you're a working
live instructor or guide, a resident of Bonaire,
or a visitor -- please contact me by e-mail
ten- by May 31,2009:
hun- dee(altouchthesea.com. Once we know
who we are we can begin preparing for
akes action.
ler- Hope to hear from you! U
of Dee Scarr
derful Underwater naturalist Dee Scarr is the
recipient ofnumerous awards for her
neath coral reef conservation
n- efforts. Her "Touch the
Port Sea"guided dives are
legendary. Catch her
s ultimedia show at
[ve Captain Don's Habitat
ving Resort Mondays at 8:30
f its pm.


To all of you New England snowbirds
out there: Did You Know...that the
same sea turtles that can be seen off the coast
of Bonaire travel thousands of miles each year
to feed in the frigid waters of the North Atlan-
tic? That's right, tropical climates are not the
only place you can go to enjoy these gentle
creatures. Of the four species of sea turtles that
visit Bonaire, the Leatherback sea turtle is by
far the largest and most hearty of them all.
They can grow up to 3 meters long (9 feet) and
weigh up to 700kg (1,5401bs.). That's as much
as three full-grown donkeys! After nesting in
the Caribbean, Atlantic Leatherbacks begin
their long journey north to the rich feeding
grounds off the coasts of places like Massa-
chusetts, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
They have even been spotted as far north as
the St. Lawrence River near Quebec. Leather-
back sea turtles are the only reptile that can
live in the cold temperatures found in those
regions. Although the turtles can withstand
these harsh environments, many do not survive
the nets of the North Atlantic fishing fleets.
That is why it is important for everyone to
know that turtles need to be protected in every
part of the ocean if we want to continue enjoy-
ing their presence on our tropical vacations. U
Marylou Hildebrand

Hildebrand is a senior
at the University of Cali-
fornia, San Diego, ma-
joring in ecology, be-
havior, and evolution.
She is currently studying
at the CIEE Research
Station and can be seen
snorkeling every
Wednesday with Sea Turtle Conservation Bon-
aire, looking for sea turtles of course.

Fresh OKGANIC body scrubs &
F(UKL cerin soaps beautiful
cards and stationary. yoga mats,
meditation music and more...

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mr nnsmmeZG

Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours $21
(includes tax). Discounts for residents
and local people. Tel. 717-8489, 540-
* Parke Publico children's play-
ground open every day into the evening
* Rincon Marsh-6 am-2 pm. En-
joy a Bonairean breakfast while you
shop, fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts,
local sweets, snacks, arts, handicrafts,
candles, incense, drinks, music. Big
March first Saturday of the
Flea Market at Parke Publico every
first Saturday of the month, 3 to 7
pm. Everyone welcome to buy and to
sell. NAfl0 per selling table.(NAf 5
goes to up-keep the park). NGOs can
have a free table. More information and
reservations for a spot call Vicky Bis-
sessar 786 1592.
* Wine Tasting at Antillean Wine
Company's warehouse on Kaya Indus-
tria, second Saturday of the month, 7-
9 pm. Snacks and tasting of six wines
for $10 (NAf17,50) per person. Tel. 560
Soldachi Tours-See the real
Bonaire and be transported back in time.
Learn about the history, culture and
nature by Bonaireans from Rincon. Call
Maria Koeks for more information-
* Soldachi Tours of Rincon, the
heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call
Maria, 717-6435-best island tour value

* Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7-10 pm. $10 per person.
Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth Vos
at 565-5225

Sunday- Creature Feature- John and
Suzie Wall of Buddy's Digital photo
center present a multimedia slide pres-
entation about Buddy's House Reef -
pool bar Buddy Dive, 6:30-7 pm, 717-
Monday-Dee Scarr's Touch the Sea
Slide Presentation, Capt. Don's Habi-
tat, 8:30 pm. 717-8529
Tuesday -Sea Turtle Conservation
Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles of
Bonaire Slide Show. Every 1st & 3rd
Tuesday, Buddy Dive Resort, 7pm-
Tuesday-- Bonaire Land and Ocean
presentation by Fish-Eye Photo staff,
7pm on the big screen inside the Sunset
Bar and Grill at Den Laman Condomini-
Wednesday- Sea Turtle Conservation
Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles of
Bonaire Slide Show, every 2nd & 4th
Wednesday at Bruce Bowker's Carib Inn
(717-8819) at 7pm.
Kas Krioyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's
past in this venerable old home that has been
restored and fumished so it appears the family
has just stepped out. Local ladies will tell you
the story. Open Monday thru Friday, 9 -12, 2-
4. Weekends by appointment. Call 717-2445.
Mangasina di Rei, Rincon. Enjoy the view
from "The King's Storehouse." Learn about
Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from the 17th
century. Daily. Call 717-4060/ 790-2018
Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, be-
hind the Catholic Church in town. Open
weekdays from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel.
Washington-Slagbaai National Park,
Museum and Visitors' Center. Open
daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December
25th. and January 1st. Call 788 9015
or 796 5681
AA meetings -every Wednesday at
7pm. Phone: 786-4651 or 786-7971
Al-Anon meetings every Monday
evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Weekly Bonaire Talker Gathering
and Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30
pm call 567-0655 for directions.
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7.30
pm- All levels, NAf2,50. Call Joop
717-5903 for venue.
Darts Club plays every other Sun-
day at City Cafe. Registration at 4,
games at 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
JCI First Wednesday of the Month-
Junior Chamber International Bonaire
(JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bon-
aire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO build-
ing, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30
to 9:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. Con-
tact: Renata Domacasse 516-4252.
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other Tues-
day, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette
Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th
Thursday of the month at 8 pm at Kaya
Sabana #1. All Lions welcome. For
more information call 510-0710.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday, 12
noon-2 pm 'Pirate House', above
ZeeZicht Restaurant. All Rotarians wel-
come. Tel. 717-2066
Toastmasters Club meets every two
weeks. For more information call Cru-
sita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Mar-
tinez Beck, at 786-2953.


Protestant Congregation of Bonaire:
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papia-
mentu, Dutch, English, Sundays, 10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papia-
mentu, Sundays, 8:30 am.
Children's club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in
Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in Rin-
con. Bible Study and Prayer meetings,
Thursdays, at 8 pm, Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church: Centro di
Bario Nord Salifia, Sundays, 10 am.
Services in Dutch. 700-0379.
International Bible Church of Bon-
aire, at SGB High School auditorium
(Kaya Frater Odulfinus, off Kaya
Korona.) Sunday services in English at
9 am; Sunday evening prayer meeting
at Pastor's home, 7 pm. Fridays, 6 to 8
pm, Light & Life Club, children 5 to 12
yrs. Tel. 717-8332.
Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendijk
- Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
Papiamentu, 717-8304.
Our Lady ofCoromoto in Antriol, Sat-
urday at 6 pm in English. Mass in Papia-
mentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm. 717
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios):
Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10
am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30
pm. 717-2194
Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services
Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bonaire
Youth Center in English, Dutch and Papia-
mentu. Preaching the full gospel. Contact:
Prayer and Intercession Church, in
English. A full Gospel Church located
temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit # 20,
Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services are
held on Sunday mornings from 10am
until 11:30am. Bible studies in English
are on Monday nights from 7 to 8 pm.
Contact: 717-3322
The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat-
ter-day Saints: Kaya Sabana #26, Sun-
days: 9 am Sacrament Ser-
vices (Translation to English and
Papiamentu upon request) 10:20 Sun-
day School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/PH
Primary held from 10:20-12 noon Visi-
tors Welcome: 701-9522 for Informa-
Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Email reporter@bonairenews.com
Tel:790-6518, 786-6125
or 790-8988



were origi-
nally used
as moor-
ings to
secure the
ships when
they were
loading the

Question on Page 9

(Look back to 1996 Continued from page 14)
first drive-through dive tank fill sta-
Nov. 1
-Animal Shelter
may be shut down
due to lack of money.
Massive fund raising:
BBQ, Port Call spon-
sors Batman to boost the Shelter at party
at Club Nautico, t-shirt sales, donations.
Nov. 15
-Animal Shelter reopens and is accept-
ing dogs once again.
Nov. 22
-Dutch Parliament members meet with
local conservation organizations and other
groups to hear their concerns. They espe-
cially focused on the problems of sew-
age discharge into the island's aquifer.
Bonaire Marine Park's goal is to en-
sure the island's coral reefs, sea grass
beds and mangrove stands are used in a
sustainable manner. At the top of the list
is the handling of waste disposal, particu-
larly sewage. It's imperative that proper
tertiary sewage treatment facilities are
put in place as soon as possible. (That
may become a reality in 2014 if current
plans hold)
Nov. 29
BonaireNet., N.V., licensed as the
first Internet Service Provider (ISP) on
Bonaire. Headed by Hans van den Ende
the company plans to start operating in
January 1997.
-Marine Park Concerns: More than
27,000 divers came to Bonaire in 1995.
Gross revenues from dive tourism in 1994
were $34 million. The reef can safely
handle 200,000 dives per year or 5,000
dives per site per year (1993 research
done by biologists Scura and van'tHof).
At Lac special pains must be taken to
protect it as Lac is the cradle of much of
Bonaire's marine life. Lac Bay and the
peninsulas of Kai and Sorobon should be
zoned as protected land as soon as possi-
Dec. 13
-This year the government granted
1,651 work permit petitions to people
from 37 countries. Leading were 343
Venezuelans, 338 Dutch, 328 Domini-
cans; 195 Colombians, 160 Peruvians.
Others from Guyana, US, Jamaica, Suri-
nam Switzerland and other countries. 100
petitions were rejected for various rea-
sons. 878 of the permits were for working
in the hotel sector.
Dec. 20
-Foundation to Preserve Klein Bonaire
(FPKB) to offer to buy Klein Bonaire,
funds to be provided by individual dona-
tions and contributions from nature con-
servancy organizations. The FPKB will
seek Island Government support.
-Crime on the rise in Bonaire. TCB
head Ronnie Pieters chaired a meeting
between business owners and a panel
made up of the Island Governor, the po-
lice chief and a government consultant.
On the job less than a year, the police
chief said he plans to hire an additional 20
policemen to augment the 50 already on
the force. The governor said he believes
rapid population growth was a factor and
that a lot of crime is drug related. E Com-
piled by Laura DeSalvo.

Readers are invited to add their
recollections and perspective for this
"look back." Send a letter to the edi-
tor: laura(,bonairereporter.com

Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

Page 16


Divi Divi Air. Bonaire's "on time airline" with 16
flights a day between Bonaire and Curaqao. Your first
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City Shop, the mega store, has the island's widest se-
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Maduro and Curiel's Bank provides the greatest
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aire bank. They also offer investments and insurance.

Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials and
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MIO offers by far the clearest, most reliable phone
signal on the island PLUS WIRELESS HIGH-SPEED
INTERNET almost everywhere on Bonaire.

De Bonairiaan Restaurant-is a unique restaurant run
by the students of the Stitchting Project with their advi-
sors. Each day a different menu.
Kaya J. A. Abraham Blvd., #21
(nearly across from Divi Resort)
717-6921, 786-6816
Inexpensive: Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
9 am-2 pm for Breakfast, Coffee and Lunch
Pasa Bon Pizza is Bonaire's best. Freshly prepared piz-
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/ mile north of town center. 780-1111
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and operated steakhouse and grill. Fabulous dining.
Now open for lunch.
Reservations 717-7725
Philips Cooking and Organizing is your personal
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Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with top-notch
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ScubaVision Document your Bonaire vacation above
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WannaDive They make diving fun. In town at City
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Fit For Life at the Plaza Resort Mall. Classes in
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Warehouse Supermarket on Kaya Industria-
Biggest air conditioned market with the, largest selec-
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Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di
Amor or Skiffy. Hotel pickup. Easiest landing on Klein
Bonaire with built-in ramp

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Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

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Let them know about your
business or
restaurant with an ad in
The Reporter.

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Pasa Bon Pizza


W,,It I w a

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Call ahead
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Open Wednesday to Sunday
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Hair Affair

We do our best to
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We use and sell L'Oreal products
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Personal attention by Janneke
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Downtown, near the waterfront
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Tues-Fri: 9-12, 2-6 Sat: 9-2 non stop

No W0 oiCO

Zach Antoni And His Fully Powered Dream Car

The 46th of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J@n Brouwer, featuring
some ofBonaire's interesting vehicles that are "on wheels."

Zach Antoni, next to his beloved property, the metallic gold sprayed Chrysler New
Yorker. Zach has been an employee at Sand Dollars for almost 20 years but is now
the owner of his independent maintenance business. Just recently Zach (telephone:
700 2824) started his own "eenmanszaak" (one-man business). He knows a lot
about working with wood, stones, paint, tiles. He is a welder and a pipe fitter too.

Bonaire/Antriol p'Abao -
Zach Antoni from Antriol p'Abao is
the very proud owner of a com-
pletely original and fully equipped Chrys-
ler New Yorker built in 1988. For almost
20 years Zach worked as a maintenance
employee at Sand Dollar. And for almost
20 years he also maintained the beautiful
Chrysler New Yorker. The car had been
imported by the owner of Sand Dollar,
Milton Wisberg, an American, a long
time ago from the United States of Amer-
ica. A badge on the rear of the car still
informs us: "Venice, Florida."

So because of the fact that Zach main-
tained his boss' car for years and years he
knew about every part of the car, about
almost every bolt and nut. He dreamed
about being the owner of the car and one
day he asked his boss whether the car was
for sale. Mr. Wisberg decided to sell the
car to his loyal employee!

Now Zach Antoni is the proud owner of
this unique Chrysler New Yorker. The car
is still in very good and completely origi-
nal condition. Of course the fluids have
been changed several times and also the
tires and the battery have been replaced,
but even after 68.000 kilometers all the
parts of the car are still the same parts as
in 1988, the year when the Chrysler left
the factory.

Zach's Chrysler was made in 1988, a
member of the ninth generation. The me-
tallic gold sprayed four-door, V8-engine
car is equipped with a distinctive Landau
vinyl roof. Zach's New Yorker is fully
loaded. All Chrysler New Yorkers are

very complete, but this one has all the
options a buyer can think of. Naturally
there is the impressive V8-power source.
The amount of cubic inches is unknown
and not important. The fuel system is
electronically controlled. Unleaded fuel
only. Then there are the power brakes, the
power steering, the power windows, the
power mirrors, the power seats and the
power antenna. ("power" stands for elec-
trically controlled and activated) And of
course there is the still very well function-
ing air conditioning. Four massive doors
give entrance to the interior of the vehi-
cle. Seats and suspension are very soft,
driving and automatic gear change are
smooth. Zach loves driving his luxury
vehicle. The dashboard is covered with
wood print. The steering wheel feels com-
fortable; the radio-cassette combo is
original and still functioning after some
21 years. No dents or scars on this well
maintained vehicle.

Zach maintains the car, the car gives a
lot of love back to the owner. Then he
slides the key in the ignition. The engine
starts immediately and runs very soft and
smoothly. We roll through the streets of
Bonaire. The whispering sound of the air
conditioning overrules the sound of the
engine and the super silent exhaust sys-
tem. This is the ultimate luxury. No music
from any radio station needed. Just add
fuel. a

Story & photo by S
J@n Brouwer

I lost my voice. I couldn't speak nor-
mally for about a week. If I still tried
to communicate verbally, I would suc-
cumb to fits of coughing. Do you know
how annoying that is? Nobody can under-
stand you on the phone; people start to
laugh at you because you try so hard to
make sense, but you fail utterly but very
comically in every attempt. Or people
start to finish your sentences because it
takes so long for you to finish one. Then
your doctor tells you that being quiet is
the best way to cure this ailment. That
would be the time you find out how much
you want to talk in a day.
Being human means being part of a
very verbal species. This is also how we
define other species: how do they com-
municate with each other and with us.
And as soon as they start to make noises,
we start to translate. Of course you have
to be a dolphin to understand dolphins,
but we like to think we understand some
of their language. That may be why we
like dolphins, monkeys, dogs, etc. so
much. But what if a species does not have
a voice? What about the plants, bacteria,
fungi, and all the animals who crawl on
this earth in absolute incomprehensible
What about nature, which does not have
a voice? Somebody has to speak up on its
behalf, because otherwise people will not
be able to make heads nor tails of that. So
that is what a lot of people are trying to
do when they try to preserve a piece of
nature on this earth. And that is what I
will do next.
When people first come to Bonaire their
impression might be that it is a desert
island with a lot of sand and rocks, but
underwater it is magnificent. Although
Bonaire is far from being a desert, even a
desert is nature with unexpected variety
and beauty. Maybe you have to look
harder but it is certainly there. There are a
few places on Bonaire which can develop
naturally and undisturbed. Those spots
represent the essence of Bonaire to me,
and I believe to a lot of people.
One of those places has already been
tampered with some years back. It is the
area between Hato and BOPEC. There
used to be a road all the way along the
coast with awesome rock formations with
caves full of bats on the right-hand side.
But now there is a horseshoe-like curve
in that road because of the villas that had
to be built in that particular spot. Maybe
the people who decided to sell that piece
of land did not realise the beauty of that
place. Or perhaps they did not know how
relaxing it is to drive, cycle or walk that
road (the old toeristenroute) and enjoy

Page 18

the nature you encounter. In the end they
did not value that environment enough to
preserve it.
Now some people want to add to that
eyesore. Land has been given to start
building a hotel and catering school along
the currently existing tourist road-
toeristenroute. It is a school where stu-
dents are taught about tourism and serv-
ing the tourists, who decide to visit the
island because of its protected natural
environment. That would be the very
environment that will be destroyed to
build the school.
It would be a good thing to have such a
school on this island. Students can learn
about the hotel business on the island,
and they do not have to leave anymore.
But why have a school on that spot, so far
away from Playa, from the hotels and
restaurants the students are learning
about? Would it not be wiser to have it
close to the centre where you can find
most tourists? Why have a school so far
away that every morning and afternoon
all the students and teachers have to com-
mute from Playa where most of them will
There must be a thousand reasons to
build a hotel and catering school close to
the hotels and restaurants. Why not com-
bine the practical with the beautiful?
There are a lot of other sites on Bonaire
where you can put a new school, without
having to destroy a pristine nature area.
Now that I have my voice back, I would
like to use it. In 10 years time it would be
wonderful to go along the toeristenroute
and still be able to enjoy nature as I have
known it for over 30 years. The environ-
mental and country planning is long over-
due. It is time to think about where and
how much you want to build, what roads
you need, and, most importantly, what
nature you want to preserve. And before
this planning is put on paper and ap-
proved by the people of Bonaire, do not
start any enterprises that will irreversibly
alter the image of Bonaire. Projects like
this are like rabbits: soon the area is filled
with them and we are left without nature.
And if you just start building without a
solid strategy in your mind, a lot of na-
ture areas will be lost unnecessarily and
there will be a lot of horseshoe-like
curves in the toeristenroute. I am getting
carsick just thinking about it. U Mary
Ann Koops

Mary Ann Koops is
Antillean and a biol-
ogy teacher at the
SGB high school.

Bonaire Reporter- May 8-22, 2009

*to find it... just look up
How to Find the Closest Star
to Earth (Other
than our Sun) and
the Fabled Southern Cross

T he Bonaire Sky Park is an
extra special treat for visi-
tors who come from the "north" at
this time of the year. That's be-
cause every year during May the
fabled Southern Cross and the
star closest to our Earth other than
the Sun are visible for a time after
Look south one hour after sunset
from now to the end of May. You
will see four stars, which if we
draw lines between them, make up
the legendary Crux Australis, the
Southern Cross. Just to its left and
extremely close to the horizon
you'll also see two very bright
stars, Beta Centauri and Alpha -
Centauri. But to see them really
well you'll have to wait a bit until the Southern Cross starts to set and Beta and Al-
pha Centauri replace the cross directly due south.
The star closest to the cross is Beta Centauri and it is a blue white double star,
each star about eight times the size of our Sun. But its companion to its left, Alpha
Centauri, is the real winner. Because in addition to its being the fourth brightest star
we can see with the naked eye it is also the closest star to Earth other than our Sun,
but it's still pretty far away. Indeed our Sun is only 93 million miles away, but Al-
pha Centauri is 26 trillion miles away!
Or think of it this way. It takes only 8 1/3 minutes for light to reach us from the
Sun, but it takes 4 1/3 years for light to reach us from Alpha Centauri, which be-
lieve it or not, astronomically speaking, is close. At any rate I do have to qualify
Alpha Centauri as the closest star other than our Sun because it is actually a triple
star system, three stars that look like one because they are so far away. Two of them
are about the same size as our Sun. The smallest however is really dinky. And in
fact if we could place it where our Sun is it would give only as much light as 45 full
Moons, not very bright! But this tiny component has the distinction of being just
slightly closer to us than its two sibling stars. So we call this small component
Proxima Centauri, Proxima meaning the closest. So in reality it is Proxima Cen-
tauri, one of the three stars which make up Alpha Centauri, that is really the closest.
Next week is a good one for all of you who get up with the chickens because you
can use the Moon to find three bright planets. On Sunday May 17th, 45 minutes
before Sunrise, face east where you will be absolutely dazzled and won't need any
Moon to find the second planet out from the Sun, the brightest planet of them all,
and the same size as our planet Earth, 8,000-mile-wide Venus. And just down to its
left and many, many times dimmer the rouge gold planet we call the red planet, half
the size of Earth and Venus, 4,000-mile-wide Mars. Then if you draw an imaginary
curved line from Mars through Venus and extend that line toward the southeast
you'll see the second brightest planet, the biggest of them all, 88,000-mile-wide
Jupiter. But in case you're not sure you've found it, you're in luck because an ex-
quisite 22-day-old, waning, that is shrinking, last quarter Moon is parked almost
beside it. 0 JackHorkheimer

J_ 2"#o 2,c =m

ylton~w C4-3

By Astrologer Michael Thiessen
For May 2009

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)Don't let
children hold you back from doing things
you enjoy. Your talents are likely to be
discovered. Don't count on others to cover
up for your shortcomings. If they're really
interested, they'll wait. Your luckiest
events this month will occur on a Tues-
TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Consider
selling your homemade crafts at the flea
market. You may be up for some changes
in your home. Minor accidents are likely
if you take risks. Your personal life will
still be experiencing difficulties and you
are best to avoid the issues for the time
being. Your luckiest events this month
will occur on a Monday.
GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You
should teach children some of your unique
creative talents. Invest wisely. Your per-
sonal life could have you tied up in knots.
You will have a problem holding on to
your cash this month. Do not sign con-
tracts or get involved in any uncertain
financial deals. Your luckiest events this
month will occur on a Wednesday.
CANCER (June 22-July 22) Chances
are you could get stuck with a colleague's
job unexpectedly. Try to join groups of
interest such as ballroom dance classes or
perhaps an internet organization. Try not
to get involved in other people's problems.
They will not be in the right frame of
mind to put up with tactless comments.
Your luckiest events this month will occur
on a Monday.
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You need to
spend some time getting to know this per-
son all over again. You can make gains if
you look at long-term investments. Resist
secret affairs that could be detrimental to
your reputation. You may want to take a
serious look at your goals and objectives.
Your luckiest events this month will occur
on a Sunday.
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Enlist co-
workers in order to get the job done on
time. Speak of your future goals, inten-
tions, and commitments. Try to be reason-
able. Your knowledge and good sense will
help more than you think.
Your luckiest events this month will occur
on a Wednesday.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Don't over-
spend on luxury items. Emotional decep-
tion will cause friction on the home front.
Your disciplined attention to jobs will
enhance your position. Take time to catch
up on overdue correspondence. Your
luckiest events this month will occur on a
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) You can
enjoy the company of others and come in
contact with an ideal mate, if you get out
and mingle. Your emotional partner may
make you angry this month. Changes at
home might come fast and furious. Avoid
scandals of any sort. Your luckiest events
this month will occur on a Saturday.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec.
21) Find ways to make extra cash. Start
making things or reusing rather than buy-
ing ready made. You will be able to dazzle
others with your obvious charm and your
outgoing nature. Be careful when dealing
with investments. Go over your finances
and figure out a solid budget. Your lucki-
est events this month will occur on a Mon-
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) You
can learn from those who have had similar
experiences. You will get bored quickly,
so make sure that you have scheduled
enough activity to hold your interest.
Don't overextend yourself in the process.
Minor health problems may lower your
vitality. Your luckiest events this month
will occur on a Friday.
AOUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Get rich
quick schemes will not be successful. Do
your own thing and everything will settle
down. Romance could develop through
social activities or short trips. Set a limit
on the amount you're willing to spend, and
be sure to stick to it. Your luckiest events
this month will occur on a Monday.
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Don't get so
wrapped up in being rich that you over-
look the fact that your plan may not be as
solid as you thought. You will be able to
catch up on overdue paper work. Expect
some flak. Be cautious not to get involved
in office chatter that will cause problems
for others. Your luckiest events this month
will occur on a Tuesday.


-- Ufrnina rlu'--""

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