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\ Sept, 19Oct, 10 2008olum 15, Issue 19
][HIlpking ]Bnaire Grow Respopnsiby
Kunuku Shimaruku, P.O. Box 407, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, Phone 790-6518, 786-6125, email: reporter@bonairenews.com Since 1994

. . ......

T he Netherlands Antilles
has partnered with In-
terpol to enhance border secu-
rity in a move to prevent entry
of trans-national criminals and
other threats.
David Dick, Netherlands Antil-
les Minister of Justice, an-
nounced that border security au-
thorities in the Netherlands Antil-
les will have access to Interpol's
Stolen and Lost Travel Docu-
ments international database be-
ginning in early 2009.
With access to the database,
which contains security informa-
tion from 137 countries, border
security and other law enforce-
ment officials will be able to
better prevent the movement of
trans-national criminal networks
and other illicit organizations that
officials say will enhance re-
gional security.

Parliament handled 103
bills (law proposals) dating
back to the 1960s in the 2007-
2008 parliamentary year that
came to an end recently. Of this
number, 52 are still relevant to
today's situation. The rest have
been withdrawn by government
or have been deemed antiquated.
Twenty-two interim/final re-
ports comprising questions from
parliamentarians on law propos-
als have been submitted to gov-
ernment for answers to further
complete the procedures to ratify
them as laws. "This means that at
the present time Parliament has
no law proposals of government
pending and is waiting on gov-
ernment to answer questions on
proposals. This is a big accom-
plishment for Parliament," said
Parliament President Pedro Ata-

Bonaire's Marine Envi-
ronment Committee has issued
its 2007 annual report. It covers
the environmental aspects of
Bonaire's territorial waters. A
section mentioned that it appears
that more wastewater is finding
its way to the sea, and among
other things the number of re-
quests for piers, especially for
private homes, in Bonaire has
doubled. Pressure on the island's

famous coral reefs is increasing,
says the report, but the establish-
ment of no fishing zones and the
Island Council's adopting of the
Nature Management Ordinance
are steps in the right direction.

Bonaire's diving is unbeatable

- Grenada's new government
said it will be paying more at-
tention to the dive, sport and
eco-tourism markets of the
tourism industry because the
economic prospects for the island
in the foreseeable future will be
heavily influenced by the devel-
opment in the tourism sector.
"Our focus in the medium term
would be to establish Grenada as
the dive capital of the Eastern
Caribbean, and to position Gre-
nada as a preferred cruise desti-
nation," said Governor General
Sir Daniel.

- Beginning next month, if the
licensing process goes well,
Insel Air will begin non-stop
service from Curacao to Mi-
ami. American Airlines recently
cancelled its second daily flight
on the route. Curagao-based
Insel Air wants to fly four times
per week to Miami using its MD-
82 and MD-83 jets. Service can
begin as early as October 3 with
the new line service. Insel Air
negotiated with South American
carriers concerning a cooperation
after a partnership with Surinam
Airways failed. Last month it

celebrated its second anniversary.
Insel Air began operation be-
tween Curagao and Aruba. Its
network has grown to 10 destina-
tions in the Caribbean and South
America. Its fleet exists of two
Embraer 110s, an MD-82 and

P Four divers went missing
off Klein Curacao when an
unusual current caused by the
weather systems in the Caribbean
pulled them away from the unin-
habited island. After a massive
air and sea search all through the
evening and night, the Coast
Guard patrol plane found the four
about two miles east of Klein
Curagao. "We knew it. They are
definitely going to find us at day-
break," said Coert Smits, one of
the divers, as he walked ashore
the next morning.

) Animals can also display
humanlike social intelligence.
Dolphins have been known to
care for another injured pod
member (displaying empathy),
and a whale or porpoise may
recognize itself in the mirror.
But even some reef fish ex-
hibit subtle kinds of social
skills. Behavioral ecologist Re-
douan Bshary of the University
of Neuchitel in Switzerland, and
his colleagues described one such
case. Bony fish such as the so-
called cleaner wrasse (Labroides
dimidiatus) cooperate and re-
move parasites from the skin of
other fish or feed on their mucus.
Bshary's team found that by-
stander fish spent more time next
to cleaners, the bystanders had
observed, being cooperative than
to other fish. Humans, the au-
thors note, tend to notice altruis-
tic behavior and are more willing
to help do-gooders whom they
have observed doing favors for
others. Similarly, cleaner wrasses
observe and evaluate the behav-
ior of other finned ocean deni-
zens and are more willing to help
fish that they have seen assisting
third parties. (fromSciAm.com)
) African dust has been im-
plicated in various negative
effects on coral reefs; it is bring-
ing in iron, which may be driving

an increase in algae growth. It
may also be bringing pesticide
dust and other airborne pollution
or even new diseases. It has al-
ways been around, forming an
important source of fertile soil in
the Caribbean. But with increas-
ing desertification in Africa, as
well as increasing use of pesti-
cides and herbicides in agricul-
ture, it certainly bears attention.
(Paul Hoetjes)

0 Next week Monday, Septem-
ber 22 at 11:44 am, Sky Park
Time, the Autumnal Equinox
will occur. The word equinox
comes from the Latin equi which
means equal and nox which
means night, equal night. And
there are only two days of the
year when the hours of night and
day are equal, the Autumnal
Equinox, the first day of Autumn,
and the Vernal Equinox, the first
day of Spring. These are the two
days when the Sun on its yearly
journey against the background
of stars crosses an imaginary line
we call the Celestial Equator.
Thus only on these two days of
the year will the Sun rise exactly
due east and set exactly due west.
Every other day of the year it will
rise and set at a different point
along the horizon.

- It's time for kunukeros
(farmers) to attend to their
kunukus. Because of the recent
rains the L.V.V. (Agricultural
and Fisheries Department) rec-
ommends that the Bonairean
farmers dedicate their attention
to their farms (kunukus). They
should focus on pastures and
fields, cleaning, plowing and
repairing fencing.
L.V.V. says that even though
there was a lot of rainfall in years
past there were not enough crops
planted and also a scarcity of
animal food. This year can be
good, they say, when the farmer
works more productively.
Farmers should prepare for sea-
sons of drought. They should
select those animals that are
healthy and robust and slaughter
unproductive animals. Also they
should administer worm pills
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Ayo, Mangrove Village! 3
Swimto Klein Bonaire 3
Get ready for Regatta 5
The Orange Balll 6
Windsurfing- Fuerteventura 8
The Death Wish of Bonaire's Male
Parrotfish 10
Capturing Dreams 11
Letters: (Pollution Solution?) 13
Where to Find The Bonaire Reporter
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) Peugeof, Kymco
loekie, Giant
----- Gazelle Brands
Parts and accessories for
any brand scooter or bike
- Bike Clothes for Everyone

Kaya Grandi #61
Across from INPO
/ R Open: 8:30-12:30,2:00-5:30
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freewieler@flamingotv. net






*Transport of Money *Vehicle patrols
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Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct.10, 2008


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Entry Fee: NAF 25,-
In N %IF 15,-
Indudes hd, dnk
and a T4rt

8th Swim to Klein Bonaire
Sunday 05 October from Eden Beach Reso
Be there at 7 AM

Tickets at Jong Bonaire,
Bonfysiotherapie, Frewieler

T he Jong Bonaire Youth Center is organizing its 8th Annual Swim to Klein Bonaire
fundraising event. This year it will take place on Sunday, October 5, at the begin-
ning of the Bonaire International Sailing Regatta. This sport and social event brings
together families and individuals of all ages to support Jong Bonaire.
Jong Bonaire has one of the largest programs in the Antilles dealing with teenagers and
serves hundreds of high school students on island. The programs include homework
support, computers, music and art lessons, sports and many other activities, all super-
vised by a professional staff and local volunteers.
The swim is held as every year at Eden Beach Resort (starting point).
The participating fee is NAf 25 for adults and NAf 15 for children. For it you get the
safety-patrolled swim, a free meal, a drink, fruit and a T-shirt.
Last year, almost 400 people swam to Klein Bonaire and most of them swam back as
well. This time, again a record-breaking number of participants are expected. The dis-
tance to Klein Bonaire is about 600 meters and can easily be managed by almost any-
one who can swim.
For those who do not wish to swim back, there will be many boats available to pick up
people and return them to Eden Beach Resort. Participants can use fins, masks or even
flotation devices. Everyone, young and old, is invited to participate in order to turn the
8th Swim to Klein Bonaire into a huge success! 0 Press releaase

Flotsam... (Continued from page 2)
which are available at the veterinarian's
on Kaminda Lagun.
This is also a good time to prepare the
land to plant buffalo grass and maishi
(sorghum). Buffalo grass doesn't have to
be planted every year because the mo-
ment it rains the buffalo grass sprouts
automatically, giving the animals extra
L.V.V. offers agricultural and fishery
service to the community and in particu-
lar to the farmer. They sell several kinds
of maishi (sorghum) and buffalo grass
Information about prices of plowing and
equipment is available during office
hours. There's a possibility that the gov-
ernment will subsidize 50% of the work.
L.V.V. is open 7 am to noon and 1 to 4
pm weekdays. Telephone 717-8836.

) "Well above-average" Atlantic hur-
ricane activity is expected in Septem-
ber with four hurricanes, including
two that will become major storms, Colo-
rado State University research team noted
recently. "We predict that September will
be quite active based on climate signals
through August," said hurricane season
forecasting pioneer Dr. Bill Gray.

) There's a new free rum punch party
with live music by the Flamingo Rockers
every Friday from 5:30-6:30 pm at the
Sunset Bar and Grill on the waterfront
at the Den Laman resort. It's followed by
a BBQ. Check it out

) Beginning in August, "Extreme Ad-
ventures Bonaire" opened a paintball
park at its Rancho Don Paranda location.
Paintball is a sport in which players

eliminate opponents from play by hitting
them with paint filled, breakable, gelatin
paintballs usually shot from a carbon
dioxide or compressed air powered
"paintball marker" gun. Players 15 years
old and older are welcome.
The paint used is environmentally safe
and is sometimes used by farmers to
mark their livestock and trees. To arrange
to play call Shandro Susana at 717-2858
or 700-8308.

During the unsettled weather earlier
this month a small tornado touched
down at the edge of the Bolivia Planta-
tion. An eyewitness said a kunuku there
lost its roof and live stock was blown
around. The week before two tornados
were reported in Curagao.

0 Look for the next edition of The Re-
porter on October 9. It will include cov-
erage of the 2008 Regatta. The Reporter
is on vacation until October 1. U

* Sweeping panoramic views

* Waterfront balcony with private Jacuzzi

* Two Bedrooms, each with private bathroom,
walkin closets and private balcony with view.

* Includes; flag stone patio floors, stainless
steel kitchen appliances, in room safe,
air conditioning, all the modern amenities
and more...

* Private pier with fabulous diving and snorkeling

* Fully furnished and professionally decorated

Listed For: $995,000 USD

Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct. 10, 2008

A Jong Bo
tor anyone^


3 onai re f u n dra i ser
ne who can swirn!

Page 3

Profiles:Riet Seay,A Woman O( Talents, Dedication, Passion, With An Ongoing Mission,

Riet Sealy came to Bonaire
in 1982 with her husband
Arthur and their two young chil-
dren. Arthur, originally from
Bonaire, was offered a job on the
island. In Holland, Riet was a
kindergarten teacher and held a
degree in the Dutch language.
Riet knew that she wanted to
use her talent on the island to
benefit children and families. She
started her career teaching at the
MAVO high school level for
adults and young people during
the evenings. It was meant as a
second chance for women and for
youngsters who hadn't been able
to finish their secondary educa-
tion. She remembers them as a
very motivated group of students.
She started to give courses for
public servants, developing her
own method. Dutch was one of
the most popular courses. About
the same time she was offered a
chance to participate in an educa-
tional course being given on Bon-
aire by teachers from Curagao.
Riet loves to study and learn new
things, so she jumped at the op-
portunity to participate. In 1986
she received her degree in social
Her children were going to a
pre-school creche during those
years, but there were few means
to operate the creche profession-
ally. Riet was asked to give her

input and suggestions on how to
improve the situation and how to
get more finances to purchase the
necessary teaching equipment.
The creche, Bon Kwido, was the
largest on Bonaire with over 100
children, ranging from babies to
after school students. When she
became a board member she be-
gan to upgrade the training of the
staff and make further improve-
ments, thanks to her professional
Her former mentor from the
social education course was al-
ready working with various
creches on Curagao that had fi-
nancial support from the Van
Leer Foundation. That Founda-
tion believes that in order to con-
tribute to the community one has
to start at the very foundation,
with the youngest and most mal-
leable group the children.
First an organization had to be
founded on Bonaire: the Stitcht-
ing Sebiki. Its aim was and is to
raise the awareness in the local
community of the importance of
responsible childcare and a solid
upbringing for the youngest
members of our society. A new
idea began to take shape, devel-
oping the program, Opstap Op-
nieuw (to start again, to take a
new step). Internationally this
approach has proven to be very
successful. Sebiki recruited so-

called barrio mothers
(buurtmoeders). These are moth-
ers who live in the barrio and
thus can quickly gain a family's
confidence because they are
neighbors. The mothers receive
training and go to workshops.
They have a monitoring function
and are backed up by profes-
sional and educational help from
other Sebiki staff if needed. A
situation is never approached as
"being wrong." They may make
suggestions to improve a domes-
tic situation if they're asked to do
In 1999 a special program was
introduced involving the barrio
mothers: one in Rincon and one
in cooperation with the Reina
Beatrix School. It's a very inten-
sive program aimed at children
from four to six years and their
parents. The barrio mothers visit
the parents at home and offer
them a package with instruction
material. They work with the
children, teach the parents neces-
sary skills to become aware of the
role they can play themselves in
the education and development of
their child. The barrio mothers
work for Sebiki and receive fi-
nancial compensation.
The cooperation with the school
works very much the same way.
Teachers and parents are more
involved in the development of

the child, and there are regular
meetings to evaluate the practical
results. Riet emphasizes that
there have been and still are
many ups and downs and not
everything runs smoothly all the
time, but the overall results are
very encouraging.
The beauty of Sebiki's function
is that they can offer practical
solutions. If the barrio mothers,
teachers, or the staff of the creche
believe a particular domestic

situation is serious they will con-
tact the appropriate authority with
whom Sebiki works closely. The
first step is a consultation be-
tween the parents and a Sebiki
coordinator. Sometimes the child
welfare board (voogdijraad) or a
social worker needs to be con-
tacted, but this is the last step.
Sebiki considers itself the me-
dium through which an alarming
situation can be transformed with
(Continued on page 5)




Page 4

U U ...




Les Galeries Shopping Center
(Bordering the parking lot)
Tel. 717-5890
Open M-F 8:30-12, 2-6 pm,
Sat. 9-12

Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-ct.1

From Bonaire Nautico Marina



Catamaran Kantika di Amor
Trips daily via resorts at 10 am, 12, 2 pm
Except Sunday at 10 am only

Tie up dockside
for $7/day +-tax
Water/115/220V & Cable TV
Dinghy tie-up at north-inside dock
US$10 weekly from Saturday to
Saturday. Pay at Kantika di Amor
water taxi daily 10 am, 12, 2 pm.
Sundays 10 am only.
Your boat name will be recorded.

At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399
www.bonairenauticomarina /VHF 68


Profiles (Continued from page 4)
the help of the linked professional organiza-
The support for parents will continue
through the years, as children grow up and
become teenagers. If parents are confronted
with their daughter's unwanted pregnancy
Sebiki can help them further with informa-
tion on adoption or name registration and
other legal and practical options. Informa-
tion about contraceptives and AIDS preven-
tion is provided as well.
Riet Sealy is a contented woman, fulfilled
by what has been achieved so far. "You just
have to keep your focus on what is needed,
on what we aim for and what has to be done
to reach this," she says, "and one way or the
other, results will come. Practice and ex-
perience taught me to believe in this princi-
ple because it works. If something doesn't
really go smoothly at a certain point in
time, you just have to let go for the mo-
ment. But you always keep it stored some-
where in your mind. One day the opportu-
nity will present itself. The more I live this,
the more it proves itself."
The Sebiki Stichting became a showpiece
for the government because of its success
and professionalism. Minister Ank Bi-
jleveld was one of the most recent visitors
to be shown around. Every official visitor is
informed by Riet about Sebiki's function,
its efficient and practical approach, and the
results which are numerous and visible.
Riet notices a very positive change in
parents. For example fathers are much more
involved in the upbringing of their children
now than in past years. She also mentions
that the fathers often come to the pregnancy
workshops, which was unthinkable 20 years
ago. Even if parents divorce some fathers
continue to stay involved and interested in

what Sebiki offers.
There is another noticeable shift in men-
tality, according to Riet. She notices that
parents, more often now than before, are
living under job related pressure and re-
sponsibilities. Drugs and relationship prob-
lems are on the rise and thus more families
are being referred to Sebiki.
Sebiki volunteers organize activities and
special celebrations like those for Easter,
Sinterklaas, Jump up, Book Week, Read
Aloud Sessions in different languages and
more. Many of these activities take place in
Wilhelmina Park and in Rincon and are
sponsored by local businesses.
Riet admits that she always possessed a
rebellious nature, although at the beginning
of her career she had to be careful when to
open her mouth and whom she confronted.
Today, after more than 25 years, she has
gained considerable influence and she is
listened to without resistance.
Riet realizes that Sebiki should be able to
continue one day without her. Gradually
she is delegating assignments to other mem-
bers of her team. Her strategy is aimed at
the future but also at her personal future. In
another four years she will retire and there
are more passions to be explored like her
creative and artistic talents. She knows that
she still has to work on letting go. "Sebiki is
like my baby," she says "I want to leave it
in good hands, when the time comes to let
It is well known by now that Riet works
for a better Bonaire,
starting with the chil-
dren, guiding them and
their parents all the way
to adulthood.
Louise Rood

G et ready for
the 41wst edi-
tion of the Interna-
tional Sailing Re-
gatta of Bonaire.
Preparations are in
full swing.
The Bonaire Re-
gatta is an annual
sailing event with
many races along the
coast of Bonaire and
Klein Bonaire. All
kinds of boats, hail-
ing from all over the
world, participate in
this sailing competi-
tion. Added to this
are windsurfing and
freestyle competi-
tions. Daily races in
various categories
are scheduled during
the day; the evenings
are filled with a vari-
ety of cultural and folkloric shows and band performances. The races are held
close to the shore so spectators can easily follow them.
The Bonaire Regatta Festival takes place on the waterfront promenade and on
the streets of Kralendijk. Stands with local criollo food, souvenirs and handicrafts
attract locals as well as visitors; they throng the normally so quiet streets during
this time. International and local bands perform on stage every day.
Numerous events run concurrently during the week: swim to Klein Bonaire, bike
and foot races, softball games, volleyball, parades, and much more. Schools are
Be part of a super week of fun. If you have a sailing boat or windsurfer be sure
to sign up on Sunday, October 5, at Regatta House (Kas di Regatta). A full sched-
ule will be in our next edition. U G.D.

CaS o

re Linksys Wireles -G
Broadband R ter

Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct. 10, 2008

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SDias~ira 20 september 2008

Diasabra 20 september 2008
(Lugar di reuni ta LA SONRISA of RINCON TUSNARA,
Bus ta hiba SOROBON pa kana bin LA SONRISA)

Karchinan obtenibel na:
Flamingo Bookstore
Gas Express
Tusnara Supermarket Rincon
Miembronan di Fundashon Nrd Braves
Of amasel.:786-4132
Oflama sel.:786-9790
Prijs ta A. 1000 inkluiendo kaminata,pa ku s
galinja, soft drinks iawa \
Ore: Start na Sorobon 7:30 p.m. [anochil
Diasabra 20 september 2008
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Put us to the



onaire's newest hot spot offers magnificent seaside
views, fabulous food, drinks and great hospitality all in a
relaxing open air tropical ambiance. Whether you are dining
on the terrace or just chilling at the bar you are sure to have
an unforgettable experience. The restaurants casual
Caribbean elegance boasts an open kitchen concept where
you can see all the cooking live".
Our Bar offers a new and different bar atmosphere to
Bonaire serving a hot and cold snack menu with a full bar
service including coffees, smoothies and cocktails. Daily
happy hour.
Spej-i -1 prra kLtly C 0900 cml YLri+id
At the Traffic Circle On the Seaside at Den Laman Apartments
Phone 788-2698 Email: lions@Telbonet.an

Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct.10, 2008

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CT3 We keep making things
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IOM E With 4 branches and 10 ATMs located
throughout the island and our
Internet Banking, MCB@Home, at your
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x A rc 30 4rI F 4C


f you go and look around you can see a
lot of young mothers. What is going on
in Bonaire? Don't these girls get enough
information about protection or safe sex?
Do they understand how life will be having
a child, having to finish school, get a job
and raise that child? Married couples com-
plain that raising children is hard. Imagine if
you have to do it as a young single mother.
I asked a young mother how she gets
along. She (18), a mother of two, said, "It's
hard when things I have to buy are so ex-
pensive. I miss not having information
about where to go and what to do. I do get
support from most of the people around me,
my family and friends. I miss having a care
center where young mothers can get infor-
mation or, if it does exist, I don't know
where to find it. To get a job is hard without
having enough schooling. Nothing is as
easy as it's pictured before you get preg-
nant. The hard experience comes after-
But there are others who got pregnant
during their teenage years and had to sur-
vive with the guidance of trusted organiza-
tions. People have helped them to make the
right steps. They made a mistake by getting
pregnant when they were very young, but if
they get the right information they can suc-
ceed in life.
Like a young mother (23) said, "It was
like yesterday. Four years ago I got preg-
nant. I love babies, but when you have the
experience of having one of your own it's
not easy at all. I didn't know where to turn.
Thanks to my parents who helped me to be
very patient with myself. They urged me to
finish school and get a job. I learned to be
independent and self-supporting. In the long
run I got to know a lot of people from dif-
ferent organizations and foundations.
I finished my education through a founda-
tion they call FORMA (Fundashon For-
mashon pa Mayan). It's a foundation that
gives everyone the opportunity if they want
to finish their schooling, especially for
young people who can't afford to pay too

much money for their schooling. Now I'm
working with my father in his own business
and have time to take care of things.
Remember, being pregnant is not an easy
task, but different organizations can provide
guidance for you and the baby. A consul-
tancy for pregnant woman at the hospital
gives you parental guidance. SEBIKI
(Sentro Boneiriano di Informashon-
edukativo pa Kuido Infantil) is an educa-
tional center for every mother, to prepare
them how they must treat their child from
the womb until the day the baby born.
If you have a social problem at home and
don't have any money, SASO (Sentro pa
Ayudo Sosial), an office for social attention
for the young and old, can help for what
ever is needed: doctor's card, work, housing
and food. So you are never alone."
As you can see if you get the right infor-
mation you will succeed. Don't get de-
pressed about your situation. Seek an easy
way to get through your pregnancy. As you
can see from my story, the information tells
you about an educational course for preg-
nant women and how to prevent getting
pregnant again, especially if you're a young
So get up and start today. Be someone

who wants to succeed in life.
A famous parliamentary woman once
said, "All young women must develop
themselves, primarily through their studies."
Is this what you as a young mother are do-
ing? If you need help go to the different
organizations that can help.
A single mother of two summed it up. "If
you have a job, you are at the right begin-
ning to make yourself a better person and

mother." Remember getting pregnant is not
the end but the beginning. 0
Siomara E. Albertus

Send your com-
ments to The Bonaire
Reporter, P.O. Box
407, Bonaire, or email
a Ybonairenews.com.

Catncr Foundation Bonaire
is looking for


For her collecting campaign
during the month of Septembr

.t Please call 717-4267
Cancer Foundatian 1nurin:

Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct. 10, 2008

Class for exnectant mothers at SERIKI

Reunion of no-longer-expectant mothers and dads at SEBIKI


Pick-ups for diving,

lowest prices on the islandr r=r ~ r I

00il o 17= 75

78 69



IPW\ /SSQ WSD^W ^ __

n July the windsurfing tour
continued at the beaches of
Sotavento in Fuerteventura, Ca-
nary Islands. Fuerteventura is
known for its sandy strand and
strong summer breezes. Also is it
one of the oldest tour stops today
for windsurfing the slalom, free-
style end speed disciplines and
for kite boarding speed, freestyle
and superx.
The morning after the slalom
awards ceremony the freestylers
were ready to style it up. The
conditions looked super with
winds over 35 knots and some
ground swell on the inside sec-
tion of the competition area.
Riders representing the island
of Bonaire were Tonky and Taty
Frans and their cousin Kir
Thode who flew in just a few
days before the event came off.
In the first single elimination
final we saw Marcilio Browne
versus Jose Estredo. Marcillo
took the win after some solid
landing of very stylish tricks.
He'd have to wait for his chal-
lenger to arrive in the double
In the losers' final, Norman
Giinzlein challenged Tonky
Frans (F2, Gaastra, Fiberspar,
JibeCity, Choko Fins). Tonky put
down a spectacular show with
some clean moves close to the

In the double elimination it was
Ricardo Campello who came all
the way up to meet with Marcilio
Browne. He advanced through
six heats, beating Kiri Thode
(Starboard, Gaastra), Tonky
Frans, Estredo and Giinzlein be-
fore he finally got his chance at
Back on form, Browne
launched a full-scale attack,
which included a crazy air fun-
nel, a huge ponch, and a monu-
mental 10-foot-high air flaka.
Campello rose to the challenge
with a routine that included a
misty flip and a push-loop. It was
always going to be a close call,
but Browne's technical and con-
sistent run ultimately earned him
the double elimination.
Elimination 2: The single
elimination was quickly nar-
rowed down to a semi final of
Estredo versus Browne and
Tonky Frans versus Campello.
Advancing into the final,
Browne defeated Estredo to take
the victory, leaving Estredo in
second. And in the losers' final,
Campello beat Tonky Frans to
take third, leaving Tonky in
In the Men's 2nd Double,
Otaegui made the most impres-
sive comeback, rising through

four heats before he finally fell at
the hands of Kiri Thode who's
run was short lived, as he then
departed courtesy of Tonky
Frans. Frans went on to battle
with Campello, and despite land-
ing a super clean air chachoo,
couldn't match Campello's crazy
shuvit spock and pushloop. With
the stakes getting higher, Cam-
pello advanced to duel with
Estredo. The awesome heat saw
air flakas from both sailors, a
backloop from Campello, and a
one handed air funnel from
Estredo. It was a tough call to
make, but Campello was ulti-
mately rewarded with victory,
meaning he'd go on to battle with
Browne in a repeat of the first
double elimination.
Dropping off the boil, Browne
made the mistake of giving Cam-
pello a bit of breathing space.
Campello seized the opportunity,
landing a shuvit spock, and an air
funnel to defeat Browne.
To take the elimination, Cam-
pello then had to overthrow
Browne one more time. Both
sailors hit the water again, but
this time it was Campello who
had slacked off.
This was Browne's second
successive elimination victory
and claimed him the overall
event winner.

Men's Final Elimination: High
caliber moves provided an action
packed backdrop to the final
elimination of the competition.
Advancing through to the semi
finals, Estredo challenged Cam-
pello, and Frans squared up

against Browne in a clash that
would decide who would ad-
vance into the final.
After a tense few minutes in
the judging tower, the winners
were announced. Browne and
(Continued on page 9)


Services N.V.

For Allour ShiIpng-Needs -

Kaya In Kralendijk- Bon l
717-8922 FAX 717-5791 Email:info@rocargo.com


Full service door to door by air
and by sea.
Customs clearance, transportation,

International and local relocation.
Packing material in stock.
Qualified and professional personnel.
Timely, accurate and reliable
ISO 9001: 2000 Certified


The World On Time


Offering DAILY
Express Services from
and to Bonaire

For shipment tracking

^ueA FeaFUV06, M

Amcar Freight, Inc.

The ONLY company
offering direct weekly
consolidation services
from Miami, USA
to Bonaire


7860 N.W. 80th Street
Medley,Florida 33166
Tel. (305) 599-8866
Fax (305) 599-2808

International F
The ONLY co
direct weekly
services from
to B
4761 RW Mo
Tel 31-(0)
Fax 31-(0)

Freight (Car) BV
mpany offering
1A (Ecopark)
erdijk, Holland
168-40-94 94

Page 8 Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct.10, 2008

* /


~... i ...~ .~,,,.sl~ .. ~ .... ~ .. .~,.. ~ ..~, .~~,,,_~ ..~~, ~ _





Page 8

Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct.10, 2008

(Continued from page 8)
Estredo plowed on through to the
final, leaving Campello and
Frans to duel in the losers' final.
Fighting for third position,
Campello threw everything he
had at Frans, including a back-
loop, and a pushloop. Calm and
collected, Frans bided his time
and was eventually rewarded
with a steep ramp to throw a
towering air chachoo. This, com-
bined with some polished sliding
moves on the inside, was eventu-
ally enough to defeat Campello,
who'd lost his rhythm from pre-
vious days.
In the winners' final, Browne
sailed a solid heat, but had noth-
ing on rival Estredo. More deter-
mined that ever, the Venezuelan
threw down the biggest, and
without a doubt, the best air
chachoo seen in all competition.
Also landing a spock 900, a sky-
high air flaka and a pushloop,
Browne was eventually con-
demned to second position.
In the double elimination, Kiri
Thode looked threatening after
advancing through four tough
heats but was stopped by a dev-
astating performance from
Tonky Frans, leaving Frans to
challenge Browne, just one step
away from the final.
The heat was off the scale, as
the fiercely competitive duo
threw all they had at each other.
Frans' downfall would come
when his concentration lapsed,
and he left his score sheet one
move short. The error was pun-
ished by Browne, who pro-
gressed to line up against
Estredo in the decisive last heat
of the day.
Final time, and Estredo drew
the first blood with a towering
air flaka, accompanied by a co-
lossal air chachoo. Browne didn't
let Estredo's aerial antics distract
him, throwing down an assertive
mix of an air chachoo, a misty
flip, and a burner. Defiant
Estredo shunned Brown's attack,
nailing a perfectly rotated air
funnel 540, alongside a mix of
freestyles most explosive moves.
A spate of falls from Browne
towards the end of the heat
proved to be critical. All too
aware of the implications,

Browne left the water with his
head down. Estredo knew he'd
done enough to win the heat and
claim second place overall for
the event. Despite Browne's
loss, he still topped the event
standings, and sits second over-
all for the 2008 season.
The 2008 Fuerteventura PWA
Grand Slam Men's Freestyle
1st Marcilio Browne
2nd Jose Estredo
3rd Ricardo Campello
4th Tonky Frans
5th Kiri Thode
8th Taty Frans

The 2008 Fuerteventura PWA
Grand Slam Women's Freestyle
1st Sarah-Quita Offringa
2nd Daida Moreno
3rd Laure Treboux
4th Yolanda De Brendt
5th Junko Nagoshi

O Loose? O In Your

O Cracked?

0 Missing

Call For An Appointment 717-2248 or 786-3714

Support the campaign
to build a new Recom-
pression Chamber and
donate to
MCB Bank Bonaire
account 868384-00

Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct. 10, 2008


Nafl.140.00 *

7:30 8:15
9:15 11:00
13:30 14:15
15:00 15:45
17:15 18:00

Tel.: 796 3939

Cel.: 515 3939
* Sin arport tax. Mester paga e biahe dentro
di 24 hora ku a hasie reservashon

Page 9


E.M. Rijswijk Denturist

Kaya J.G. Hernandez z/n
(Near Botika Korona)
New hours:
9 am-12 pm,
2pm-4 pm

O Worn?

O Causing
Gum Pain?

The Death Wish of Bonaire's Male Parrotfish

One of many interesting things
about parrotfish is their behavior
that leads to the death of the males. Any-
time a behavior leads to the death of one
of the breeding adults, time after time, it
is a behavior that is so striking that it to-
tally occupies biologists' minds to try to
find out why. Do the males have a
"Death Wish?"
If my observations and deductions were
contained solely within the mind of a
marine biologist, then I would know that
all parrotfish are born female but have the
ability to change their sex into males.
Biologists call this hermaphroditism. But
the question goes begging: Why would
this behavior have evolved?
If, on the other hand, my observations
and deductions were of a dedicated bird
watcher, then I would know that Ospreys
are especially adapted to securing fish
and male parrotfish are especially
snatched out of the shallow water by the
birds where they come in to feed. In the
excellent book "Birds of the Netherlands
Antilles," printed in 1983 by Prof. Dr. K.
H. Voous, there is a documentation of a
blue parrotfish being captured in Curaqao,
and on its back were the talons of an Os-
prey. The fish was so large that it had
dragged the Osprey into the ocean where
it drowned. However, the Osprey could-
n't release its talons because they are
adapted with grooves along the bottom of
each claw, and the Osprey has trouble
letting go when a fish has been captured.
But the question goes begging: Why do
male parrotfish risk death by feeding in
such shallow water?


Bu anw. -h *on efor
1 ,a g AN

crdi n rpadPhn
cards. *

Low rice Fo
Ineratonl alin.

Comin son

Emerenciana 4D
Next to China Nobo
I Tel 717-8787

Male Stoplight Parrotfish in shallow
water along Bonaire's waterfront.

But put the two different views to-
gether, and with some time spent analyz-
ing the factors, some patterns begin to
develop. Something drives the males to
have a much higher mortality rate than
the females. This factor would cause an
adaptation within parrotfish to develop in
which females could transition into males
when the male was killed, thus assuring
that reproduction could continue, despite
this death wish by the males.
Competition among the numerous algae
feeders on the reef is keen, leading to
many special survival adaptations among
the species. Competition is what drives
evolution. Without competition there
would be no need for a species to change.
Parrotfish have a peculiar arrangement
in the jaws allowing them to secure as
much energy as possible from the algae
that they eat. There is a second pair of
jaws called the pharyngeal mill which can

Cari7bbeat n l~r I3 lontire A

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Restaurant on


In Bonaire's "hill country"
10 minutes north of town

Every Tuesday an all you
can eat BBQ
for $15.-.
-On Friday Creole buff(
ftr $15.-.

make ft yours

be thought of as a special parrotfish pestle
-and-mortar arrangement. The larger
chunks of substrate (containing bits of
algae material that help hold the algae on
the bits of coral rubble) are bitten off by
the fused teeth of the primary jaw, and
the mill grinds up these fairly large
chunks into smaller pieces, allowing a
larger surface area for digestion within
the stomach. Divers see the release of
these plumes of fine sand from parrotfish
but do not realize the size differences of
the fine sand being pooped as being much
different than the size of the substrate
when it was ingested.
This is a great adaptation that has al-
lowed parrotfish to survive in a highly
competitive world. So where is the prob-
lem that accounts for the death wish of
the male parrotfish? Male and females
require different volumes of algae in or-
der to secure enough energy during a day
of grazing. Females are able to secure
enough energy by grazing in the deeper
reef rubble zones and do so by grazing
almost constantly all day long. This algae
is eaten by a large number of other algae
feeders and is being constantly nipped
off, but because of the intensity of
sunlight it re-grows, and is almost imme-
diately again nipped off. This food source
never gets to develop into larger volumes,
thereby acquiring more nutritious energy-
laden elements. Thus the need for special-
ized jaw adaptations in order to secure as
much energy from the algae as possible.
Now, lets look at the life of the male
parrotfish. It almost goes without too
much thought that males require larger
volumes of the not-so-nutritious algae out
on the reef where every algae grazer
feeds. And in the amount of time that
they have to feed, they must look for
more nutritious algae somewhere where
the other grazers are not feeding. Besides
the normal energy requirements, males'
larger body size requires more energy
than the females, and males must defend
their harems from always opportunistic
free males trying to acquire their own
You see the males chasing other males
on almost every dive on Bonaire, but only
if you are aware of what is going on.
Also, males must acquire more energy
because they must reproduce with the
females in their harem whenever they are
gravid with mature eggs. This behavior
you also see on almost every dive on
Bonaire but, again, you must be aware of
what is going on or otherwise you totally

miss the male up high in the water col-
umn, with an arched tail, swimming over
the backs of his harem, perhaps 10 to 15
feet below. Then one of the females be-
gins to rise up to the male, and in a coor-
dinated, side-by-side rush toward the sur-
face, they both slap their tails together
and separate. That is the precise moment
when sperm and egg are released into a
cloud of gametes. I am alerted to the
spawning of the parrotfish on my dives
whenever I see a tight cluster of Sergeant
Majors who are feeding on these nutri-
tious bundles of energy, even before fer-
tilization has had an opportunity to take
place. On a dive one August I saw one
male Stoplight Parrot, up high in the wa-
ter column, and knew to watch and was
amazed to see him mate with that spawn-
ing rush toward the surface with seven
different females, all within 40 seconds.
So the male is forced to acquire his
algae in shallow water where his body
length determines how close he can feed
to shore depending on the effects of the
tides. The changing tide depths assures
that the males do not overeat at just one
depth but acquire more nutritious algae
that has had periods of changing tides that
allow for the algae to recover from the
As you observe male Stoplights, male
Queen and often Yellowtail and Redtail
Parrotfish up in the shallow waters along
the waterfront here on Bonaire, you now
have an idea what they are doing, that
they are at a high risk of being a meal for
an observant Osprey. This behavior is
occurring all along Bonaire's coastline
and along the coasts of all the islands in
the Caribbean. Unless you put all the
aforementioned details together and look
through the eyes of both marine biologist
and bird-watcher, never will you arrive at
the reason behind the death wish of the
male parrotfish. Jerry Ligon
Ligon is the Naturalist at Bonaire Dive and
Adventure where he conducts above and be-
low the water tours. Phone 791-6079.

Author's Note: The preceding is my original
observations and
deductions, and per-
haps a new discovery
on this unique adapta- 1
tion and the reasons
behind it. I hope to
put together a video
that can be seen on
YouTube later.

Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct.10, 2008

Page 10


Jong Bonaire had the assistance of acclaimed photogra-
pher Bart Landheer in coming up with a fund raising
project for the end of the year. The members of the after-
school center were asked to describe their dream jobs. The
winners had their dreams captured on film and made into a
2009 calendar. Take my word for it, this is not an ordinary
calendar. We've seen a sample; the images are inspiring. You
can get a preview by going to the Bart Landheer Photography
website http://www.bartlandheer.nl/index.html.
The calendars will be offered for sale in about a month and
make a perfect gift or yourself or others. We'll let you know
when you can get them. Quantities are limited. To reserve
contact Jong Bonaire. 0 G.D

h urny little
"Flo" is
the star of a
happy ending to
a very hard luck
story. She was
found on the -
street and was
totally infested
with ticks and
fleas. Flo might
have just with-
ered away and
died a long,
slow, agonizing
death had not
someone caught
her and brought
her into the Bon- F
aire Animal
Shelter. It was
quite a tedious, lengthy and tir- Are you starved for pet com-
ing job for the staff to rid her of pany but can't have a pet of your
all the vermin. But look at her own? Why not become a volun-
now. She's gorgeous, and she's teer at the Shelter where you
healthy and lots of fun to have will be very much appreciated
around. The experts believe she by not only the staff but the pets
was born around the beginning themselves. You may choose
of April but certainly not an your own hours and times.
April Fool! Because she is such They're pretty flexible there.
a fine dog with good character is One of the reasons the adoptable
why the Shelter staff decided to pets are so social and love peo-
work with her and bring her into ple is because there are people
good health. like you who spend time just
You may meet Flo at the Shel- "socializing" with them. There
ter on the Lagoen Road, open are numerous other volunteer
Monday through Saturday, 9 am jobs too. Give them a call and
to 1 pm. 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717- find out more. 0 L.D.



Very private, enchanting

Built on a double lot

Brand new kitchen

4 beds, 2V2 baths

Large mature garden
with a gazebo

Swimming pool

Kaya Krisolito 73

US$ 815,000 Santa Barbara

Phone (599) 717 4686 www.caribbeanhomesbonaire.com Kaya Isla Riba (Next to City Cafe)
Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct. 10, 2008 Page 11

New Stock
New Styles
Men, Women and Children



A Finlandian Lady Enjoying the Tropical Sunshine of Bonaire
The 36h of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by Jen Brouwer, featuring some ofBonaire's
interesting vehicles that are "on wheels."

Picture Yourself With

The Reporter

New York, USA

Bonaire/Antriol Pabao -
S ince May 2007 the hum-
ble collection of special
cars on Bonaire has been en-
riched by an iguana-droppings-
color sprayed flat bed Toyota
Land Cruiser BJ 45, built in
1979, imported to the island by
Jan Okhuijsen. Jan freely admits
that he does not really like the
color of one of his vehicles. One
of his vehicles, because this
aficionado is also the owner of a
red Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 73
straight six in line powered
gasoline vehicle built in 1992.
Some guys have all the luck!
Jan already knew our beloved
island. He spent some five years
of his life on Bonaire from 1993
until 1998. Paradise revisited.
So, the vegetative dropping-
colored BJ 45 is the subject of
this small article.
In 1941 Japan obtained a US
Jeep and the military authorities
commanded Toyota to make a
similar vehicle. The result was
the AK10, a half ton prototype
jeep, powered by a 2259 four-
cylinder four stroke in line en-
In 1954 the name "Land
Cruiser" was created by the
technical director, Hanji Ume-
hara. "In England we had an-
other competitor Land Rover. I
had to come up with a name for
our car that would not sound
less dignified than those of our
competitors. That is why I de-
cided to call it 'Land Cruiser',"
Umehara recalls.
The four wheel drive short
wheel base vehicle was built in
1979 in Japan by the Toyota
Motor Corporation and then
shipped to Finland where she
spent most of her life earning
her fuel as a working horse.
Then she was exported to the
Netherlands where she was
partly restored.
The original colors of the
Land Cruiser were red and/or
blue. An unknown person de-
cided to spray the jeep in a kind
of green color, maybe inspired
by some kind of army vehicle.
The little red accents also point
in that direction. (Army employ-
ees for some reason love to
paint the oil inlets and oil caps
of their vehicles red. Of course
the outlets become black finally/
The former owner of this vehi-
cle wanted to use it as a towing
station for glider planes. A huge
winch had to be mounted on the
flat bed of the Land Cruiser.
Plans changed and Jan fell in

love with the spurring four cyl-
inder diesel.
"I was searching the Internet
for a vehicle that would suit
Bonaire," Jan says. "I found this
lovely eccentric BJ 45, bought it
and shipped it to the Antilles.
My Land Cruiser is equipped
with a solid 3.4 liter four cylin-
der diesel engine. No turbo
charger, no intercooler, just a
naturally aspirated four lunger
with a huge air filter. The car is
fitted with a 24 volt alternator
that supplies the energy to two
batteries to crank up the engine
in the barbarian cold of Finland.
This system works perfectly, but
the problem is that 24 Volt bulbs
are hard to find on Bonaire."
Jan's Land Cruiser is fitted
with a heavy custom-built flat
bed (to carry the winch for the
glider planes/jb). Jan has all
kinds of ideas about pimping up
his love. He intends to convert
the rear end: new lights, built-in
license plate, custom made rear
bumper. He already enriched the
car with an impressive winch in
front of the car, able to tow an
average of 9,500 pounds. "I
never had to use this winch to
recover my own vehicle," Jan
continues. "I drove it all over
the island but I never got stuck
thanks to the reliable diesel en-
gine and the brutal 15 inch
Goodrich mud and terrain tires.
And the booster cables also are a
service to the other participants
of the Bonairean traffic!"
Jan is really proud of his 150
Watt beam light mounted on top
of the cabin of the jeep. "Of
course it is 24 Volts," Jan ex-
plains. "It can turn almost 360
degrees and is controlled by a
small independent device. Nice,
cute and handy!"
We open the door to inspect
the vehicle. Some brownish ma-
terial drops in the sand. (A Land
Rover needs oil, a Land Cruiser

needs paint. In 1979 the Irish
Army took delivery of the first
FJ45 Land Cruisers. Although
fast, reliable and with good off-
road performance the type
tended to rust excessively in the
wet Irish climate. (jb.) Four-
speed gearbox, high speed, low
speed, two-wheel drive, four-
wheel drive, no power steering
(turning the steering wheel is
only possible when the vehicle
is rolling backwards or for-
ward), old fashioned radio, built
before the cassette deck was
invented. No nonsense interior.
Poor man's airco by roll down
windows and fancy side vents to
prevent feet from sweating. The
instruction manual informs the
owner about these vents as fol-
lows: "They allow fresh outside
air to flow directly into the vehi-
cle. The amount of air entering
the vehicle through these vents
depends on vehicle
speed." (Weird guys, those
Japanese..) Free wheel hubs in
the front, leaf springs all around,
heavy duty shock absorbers,
side steps.
Then Jan starts the Toyota's
engine to hit the road for a photo
session. The car rattles, shakes
and bounces, no matter whether
the roads are paved or unpaved.
Some rocks in the back might
improve the road holding. Steer-
ing appears to be a real work-out
exercise. Cornering is fun. The
car smells like it looks: brutal
and unshaven, muddy and wet.
A real man handler. This car has
a lot of potential. When we stop
the vehicle for the photo session
a nice pattern is left in the sand
behind the
tires... f

Story &
photo by
J(n Brouwer

"4 4 y name is Timmy Vaseur. I live on Bonaire. Here
I I'm sending you a photo from my recent trip to
New York.
I went to take a picture with the 'Statue of Liberty. But
while holding The Reporter, one way or the other, it grabbed
it from my hands and held it over my head, as you can see
in the photo."
WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter
with you on your next trip or when you return to your home.
Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in hand. THE
Mail photos to Bonaire Reporter, Box 407, Bonaire, Nether-
lands Antilles (AN). E-mail to: info tbonairereporter.com.

Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct.10, 2008


:11w-m- I~rlarann~n1
UijI --

^^^K -- B- a a cvBBfl^Pf'i^^

Page 12

J! Letters
to the Editor
Pollution Solution?

Dear Editor:
In the last three issues of The
Reporter there was a lot of con-
troversy about conservation and
development on Bonaire. It seems
that each viewpoint has a portion
of the truth but neither has the
whole truth. I think we must put a
bit of perspective on both ideas
before starting to look for solu-

Conservation: It seems that
many people think we protect
nature because nature needs it,
because nature begs us to do it.
This is more an anthropocentric
point of view than the truth. Na-
ture was here before human be-
ings appeared on earth and will be
here after we leave earth; maybe

not as we witness it today but it
still will be nature.
Nature is bigger than Earth and
goes beyond Earth. In Earth's
specific case nature has gone
through several mass extinctions -
around seven that in many cases
destroyed 95% of the species in
existence at that time, and as a
whole survived them. Last but not
least, human beings are part of
nature and are not over nature.
We protect nature and in the spe-
cific case of Bonaire, the coral
reef, because both are important
to our survival, we need its water,
its air, its resources and its beauty
for our survival; so any effort to
protect nature is serious business
and must be considered very care-
fully and thoughtfully.

Development: Many people
think that development and
growth are the same and it is not
true. A country can grow and
never develop or progress. You
can see many examples in the

third world. You can even see it
in China. 25 years ago they kept
growing but its progress was too
low. Now, after China has joined
the World Trade Organization,
it's progress is amazing. The
same is happening to India. What
Bonaire needs is progress, a sus-
tainable progress. It means a
steady growth, not only in our
economy; it must be in many
other sectors including health,
education, communication, power
supply, etc.
We need a diversified economy
to avoid dependence on only one
product and to be more independ-
ent. Bonaire has an economy that
relies on only one product and
that is tourism, which depends
directly on our coral reef, so any
progress in Bonaire must take in
consideration the health of the
Coral Reef.
So I read carefully Ramon De
Leon's letter and I think that it is
a very good warning for all of us
on Bonaire. See what happened at

Negril in Jamaica. After 40 years
they are still trying to deal with
their dying coral reef The reef
dying was related to a large
amount of nutrients, above the
ecologically acceptable water
quality standards for coral reefs,
coming into the reef from: over-
population, out of control Tour-
ism, uncontrolled coastal develop-
ment, and a badly designed terti-
ary water treatment system, reef
over fishing was part of the prob-
lem too. Human health water
quality standards are deadly to
coral reefs; healthy coral reef
standards are one hundred times
It looks like our water treatment
system is well designed. I hope it
has a biological tertiary sewage
treatment with standards way
above human health water quality
standards, but the main problem is
the time that will elapse until its
implementation. Maybe we can
find alternative solutions that
(Continued on page 18)

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3 7 9
6 4 7
2 7 1 9
1 9 6 2
1 2
9 2 8 4
7 4 1 6
83 9
7 5 8

To solve the puzzle, enter the numbers 1
through 9 to the partially filled in puzzle
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(a bit of information about
corals presented by natural- t ad
ist Dee Scarr)

E ven with the polyps
contracted, the
mouths of these corals are
visible photo by Dee Scarr

Did You
march in for-
The Caribbean Spiny Lobster, Panulirus argus, migrates to deeper waters late in
the year. Groups of up to 65 individuals have been observed marching along in
formation, antennae to tail, towards deeper waters. They've been observed to
march over seven miles per day! Scientists believe that these lobsters are migrat-
ing to deeper, calmer (and often warmer) waters to wait out the storm season. The
migrations are usually associated with a drop in water temperature that is often
associated with the onset of storms. Diminishing daylight hours could also be an-
other factor that influences the timing of the migrations. Has anyone seen a lobster
parade in Bonaire? If so, I would like to know!
Story by Carin Eckrich; photo courtesy ofManuel Mola

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vpou RJ lng-

we Brinf
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Balashi Beach Bar Open every day Authentic on the beach ambiance
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At the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort Waterfront y ourwo or one -available daily from noon.

Bella Vista Restaurant, Buddy's Pool Bar Moderate. Breakfast daily 6:30-10 am Buddy's Magnificent Theme Nights: Sat. Steak Night; Mon. "Dive and
Sea Side at Buddy Dive Resort Lunch daily 11:30 Dine;" Wed.-"Live Cooking by the Chefs;" Fri. Free Rum Punch Party (5:30-
717-5080, ext. 538 Dinner on theme nights 6-10 pm :30 pm) and All-u-can-eat BBQ for $19.50 (7-10 pm)
Calabas Restaurant &
Chibi Chibi Restaurant and Bar Br Moderate n innBiggest BBQ Buffet on Bonaire every Saturday
At the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort Waterfront Open 7 daysfrom 6-9pm. Only NA 28,50 or $16.
Casablanca Argentinean Restaurant Moderate Indulge your whim-beef seafood, chicken, vegetarian
One block south of the Post Office Lunch Tues-Sat-11:30-2:30 Bonaire's first Argentine grill
717-4433 Dinner 7 nights- starting at 6 pm Great value anytime.
Hilltop Restaurant Moderate Bar-Restaurant poolside -in Bonaire's hill country
At the Caribbean Club Bonaire-on the scenic Rincon Road Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Frequent Dinner Specials
717-7901 Happy hours 5 to 6 daily, to 7 on Tuesday BBQ night.

It Rains Fishes breakfast Dinne r Bonaire's in-town hot spot
A Bonaire "Must" -On the oceanfront on the Boulevard Breakst, uncDinner. Best waterfront/harbor view combined with an inspired
at the Club Nautico Marina pier-717-8780 lose una Menu, skillful staff and superb chef

Sunset Bar & Grill Moderate, Magnificent Seaside Views
At the Traffic Circle, Seaside, at Den Laman Apartments Dinner, Bar Menu Seafood, steaks, vegetarian and more. Hot and cold snack
788-2698 Closed Monday menu at the bar

Pasa Bon Pizza L -Moderate Bonaire's best. The Real Thing! Freshly prepared pizzas made with the
On Kaya Gob. Debrot Low-Mode e finest ingredients. Salads, desserts. Eat in or take away. Nice bar too.
1/2 mile north of town center. 780-1111 Open rom 5-11 pm Wednesday-Sunday Call ahead to eat-in or take out 780-1111

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EZ Air Daily flights between Bonaire and Curacao,
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Buddy Dive Resort offers diving, Adventure Fun tours
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Benetton, world famous designer clothes available now
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Best Buddies and Pearls-Stunning fresh water pearl
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The Salt Shop offers uniquely special Bonaire sea-salt
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Special Security Services will provide that extra meas-
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Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of Bon-
aire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient. FedEx
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The Island Supplier (TIS)-Enjoy shopping the
"Caribbean Way' fresh, open air feeling with reasona-
bly priced produce, frozen meats, canned goods, wide
selection of beverages and juices. Good rum selection.

Warehouse Supermarket on Kaya Industria-
Biggest air conditioned market with the, largest selec-
tion and lowest prices on the island.

Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di
Amor or Skiffy. Hotel pickup. Easiest landing on Klein
Bonaire with built-in ramp

Antillean Wine Company. You've tried the rest; now
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Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct.10, 2008

Page 16




I '


- aEfloac al month


iJ [fI S" I l ,I J
longat Bddy ive g~ fivihng

i to~,NUr II

>~'?17'1 _, 1111,, nl','

foHH 2 for 1 (allbeverages) 6-7
crft adal thns o

pr, Divi Flamingo Balashi Bar
.HH-50% off- Buddy Dive
ISeptmbe202 *. LveSu


pmlin DtveFlainoBlashEduBar

Tusdy HHe500tff-buddy3 Div

Resort, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Divi Flamingo Casino open
daily for hot slot machines, roulette
and blackjack, Monday to Saturday
8 pm- 4 am; Sunday 7 pm- 3 am.
By appointment Rooi
Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours
$21 (includes tax). Discounts for
residents and local people. Tel. 717-
8489, 540-9800.
Parke Publico children's play-
ground open every day into the eve-
ning hours.

Steak Night On the Beach (a la carte)
with live mariachi- Buddy Dive Re-
sort, 6-10pm
* Rincon Marsh-6 am-2 pm.
Enjoy a Bonairean breakfast while you
shop, fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts,
local sweets, snacks, arts, handicrafts,
candles, incense, drinks, music. Big
March first Saturday of the
* All You Can Eat BBQ at Divi
Flamingo with live music, 6 to 9 pm.
Call for reservations 717-8285 ext.
Soldachi Tours-See the real
Bonaire and be transported back in
time. Learn about the history, culture
and nature by Bonaireans from Rin-
con. Call Maria Koeks for more infor-
Mountain Bike Training for
riders of all levels (also Tuesday) at
5pm. Bonaire Wellness Connexions,
Eden Beach, 785-0767, email
info @bonairewellness.com

* Enjoy a great dinner in colorful
tropical ambiance at the Chibi Chibi
Restaurant & Bar, Divi Flamingo.
Open daily 5-10 pm.
* "Dive & Dine" Buddy Dive
Resort, 6:30 -9:30 pm
* Soldachi Tour of Rincon, the
heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call
Maria 717-6435

* Margarita & Taco Tuesdays!
With $2.50 Margaritas and a Taco bar!
Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar

* "Live Cooking by the Chefs"
with live music by the Flamingo
Rockers Unplugged Buddy Dive
Resort, 6-10 pm

* Flamingo Rockers at
"Admiral's Hour" for yachtsmen
and others, Vespucci Restaurant,
Harbour Village Marina. HH drinks,
gratis tapas, 5-7 pm

* Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7-10 pm. $10 per per-
son. Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth
Vos at 565-5225
* Free Rum Punch Party (5:30-
6:30 pm) with Moogie Nation, fol-
lowed by all-u-can-eat BBQ, 7-10 pm,

Buddy Dive Resort
Flamingo Rockers playing at
Sunset Bar and Grill, from 6 -
8pm. FREE Rum Punch goes from
5:30 6:30pm. BBQ starting at
6:30pm. Den Laman Resort


Sunday- Creature Feature- John
and Suzie Wall of Buddy's Digital
photo center present a multimedia
slide presentation about Buddy's
House Reef pool bar Buddy Dive,
6:30-7 pm, 717-5080
Monday- Land & Ocean Bonaire
by Fish-Eye photo staff, 8 pm on the
big screen in front of Bonaire Dive &
Tuesday -Sea Turtle Conservation
Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles of
Bonaire Slide Show. Every 1st & 3rd
Tuesday, Buddy Dive Resort, 7 pm-
Tuesday-Diving Facts And Fiction
- An Evening with DIR slide/video
show by Caribbean Gas Training, 8
pm, Bonaire Dive & Adventure,786-
Wednesday- Sea Turtle Conserva-
tion Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles
ofBonaire Slide Show, every 2nd &
4th Wednesday at Bruce Bowker's
Carib Inn (717-8819) at 7pm.


Kas Kriyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's
past in this venerable old home that has
been restored and furnished so it appears the
family has just stepped out. Local ladies will
tell you the story. Open Monday thm Fri-
day, 9-12, 2-4. Weekends by appointment
Call 717-2445.
Mangasina di Rei, Rincon. Enjoy the
view from "The King's Storehouse." Learn
about Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from
the 17th century. Daily. Call 717-4060 /
Bonaire Museum onKaya J. v.d Ree,
behind the Catholic Church intown Open
weekdays from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm Tel.
Washington-Slagbaai National
Park, Museum and Visitors' Center.
Open daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on
some holidays. 717-8444/785-0017


AA meetings every Wednesday at
7pm; every Sunday at 5pm. Phone:
Al-Anon meetings every Monday
evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Weekly Bonaire Talker Gathering
and Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30
pm call 567-0655 for directions.
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7.30
pm) All levels, NAf2,50. Call Joop
717-5903 for venue.
Darts Club plays every other Sun-
day at City Caf6. Registration at 4,
games at 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
JCI First Wednesday of the Month
- Junior Chamber International Bon-
aire (JCI Bonaire, formerly known as
Bonaire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO
building, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from
7:30 to 9:30 pm. Everyone is wel-

come. Contact: Renata Domacass6
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other
Tuesday, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595,
Jeannette Rodriguez.
Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th
Thursday of the month at 8 pm at
Kaya Sabana #1. All Lions welcome.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday,
12 noon-2 pm 'Pirate House', above
ZeeZicht Restaurant. All Rotarians
welcome. Tel. 717-8434
Toastmasters Club meets every
two weeks. For more information call
Crusita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia
Martinez Beck, at 786-2953.


Protestant Congregation of Bonaire:
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In
Papiamentu, Dutch, English, Sundays,
10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papia-
mentu, Sundays, 8:30 am.
Children's club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in
Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in
Rincon. Bible Study and Prayer meet-
ings, Thursdays, at 8 pm, Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church: Centro di
Bario Nord Salifia, Sundays, 10 am.
Services in Dutch. 700-0379.
International Bible Church of Bon-
aire, at SGB High School auditorium
(Kaya Frater Odulfinus, off Kaya
Korona.) Sunday services in English
at 9 am; Sunday evening prayer meet-
ing at Pastor's home, 7 pm. Fridays, 6
to 8 pm, Light & Life Club, children 5
to 12 yrs. Tel. 717-8332.
Catholic: San Bernardus in Kral-
endijk Services, Sunday at 8 am and
7 pm in Papiamentu, 717-8304.
Our Lady of Coromoto in Antriol,
Saturday at 6 pm in English. Mass in
Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6
pm. 717-4211.
Assembly of God (Asemblea di
Dios): Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In
English, Dutch & Papiamentu on Sun-
day at 10 am. Wednesday Prayer
Meeting at 7:30 pm. 717-2194
Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services
Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bon-
aire Youth Center in English, Dutch and
Papiamentu. Preaching the full gospel.
Contact: 786-2557.
Prayer and Intercession Church,
in English. A full Gospel Church
located temporarily at Kaya Alexan-
drit # 20, Santa Barbara, Republiek.
Services are held on Sunday mornings
from 10am until 11:30am. Bible stud-
ies in English are on Monday nights
from 7 to 8 pm.
Contact: 717-3322
The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints: Kaya Sabana #26,
Sundays: 9 am Sacrament Ser-
vices (Translation to English and
Papiamentu upon request) 10:20
Sunday School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/
PH Primary held from 10:20-12 noon
Visitors Welcome: 701-9522 for In-
Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Email reporter@bonairenews.com
Tel:790-6518, 786-6125

Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct. 10, 2008

Page 17

I vA!R4E1NIavG

CD Baptism

ALU3s p

t's a unique Bonaire tradi-
tion: The baptism or chris-
tening of something new and
special. We know of no other
place where CDs in particular
get baptized with champagne, or
in this case, coconut milk!

The San Luis Bertran choir has
a new CD, "E Paraiso di Nos
Kreador, (Our Creator's Para-
dise) and it was in an environ-
ment of excitement and happi-
ness that it made its debut re-
cently at the Mangazina di Rei
living museum in Rincon.
And there are always godpar-
ents. Padrino (godfather) is DJ
Juan Danger and Madrina
(godmother) is Bebe Sint Jago.

The title song, composed by
Goswin Bernabela, describes the
beauty and enchantment of the
island of Bonaire and gives
thanks to God for this marvelous
gift. The pure voices of the choir
describe it beautifully.

The choir was originally set up
in 1981 in Rincon as the Kor
Hubenil (youth choir) in Rincon.

Ceril Janga, one of the musi-
cal arrangers, doesn't let the
baptismal coconut milk go to

Later, in 1999, the name was
changed to the San Luis Bertram

Some of the original voices are
still with them: Tico Balentine

and Dwight Leonetta. Dwight
was the winner of the Curaqao
Tumba Fetival.

It was a particular emotional
time for composer Goswin Bern-
abela. He too was one of the
original members in 1981. After
living in Holland for a number of
years, he's back on the island,
thanks to the program, Bin
Boneiru Bek (come back to Bon-
aire), which seeks to find jobs so
that Bonaireans may return to
their island.
This is the choir's second CD;
the first was Kumpli Ku E
Mishon (Complete the Mission),
which came out in April 2006.
The choir performs at gospel
shows in Curamao and Aruba as
well as in church.

This CD would make a fine
addition to someone's collection
of unique Bonairean music. It's
sold for only NAf 15 at the Fla-
mingo Book store on Kaya
Grandi or from choir members.
The CD was recorded at Jom
Recording Studio in Rincon. 0

Letters (Continued from page 13)
work parallel and faster and at the
same time allow Bonaire to progress
and to diversify our economy and
reduce our dependence on external
There is an aquatic plant named
Eichhornia crassipes or Water Hya-
cinth. 25 years ago it was a pest in
Florida because it grew so fast that it
almost closed the water channels of
Florida. Today, however, after many
years of research we discover that it
can be used as a fast and cheap way
to treat water. It can take out of the
wastewater a lot of nutrients that can
damage the coral reef and toxic
elements such as lead, mercury,
chromium, etc... and we can use the
treated water for irrigation.
A water treatment system based
on Eichhornia can be built in 1 year,
can help to reduce the amount of the
organic compounds to a safe level
for the reef, keep them out of the sea
water, and can be used to diversify

or improve our economy: we can
usehe sludge, gas, and biomass to
produce a variety of byproducts
such as fuel, food and fertilizer. For
example: a septic tank water collec-
tion system plus a two stage poly-
culture waste water treatment sys-
tem, using water hyacinth in the first
stage and Azolla (another aquatic
plan), plus freshwater prawns or fish
in the second stage can deal with the
wastewater and at the same time
produce food for our internal con-
sumption. By harvesting Eichhornia
and its byproducts we can have or-
ganic fertilizers for agriculture, food
for cattle and goats, and if we couple
the system with a digestion facility
we can produce biogas. Last but not
least it will create work places.
So for Bonaire we must start
thinking out of the box and imple-
ment new technologies that will
allow us to wisely use our natural
resources to progress.
Luis Gorrin

The Island Supplier Kaya Industria I Wholesale and Retail
28A. Tel # 717-6446 or 717-6448 T.I.S. delivers to homes, marinas
Fax # 717-6447 Email: tis@telbonet.an restaurants, supermarkets and tokos.

Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct.10, 2008

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4=>r"I ALI FNE

*to find it... just look up

The Super Bright Star Which Shines Overhead
Every Year on the Autumnal Equinox

Next Monday, Septem-
ber 22nd is the au-
tumnal equinox. But did you
know that if you go outside
any night during the first
week of autumn of any year
and look straight up you will
see one of the brightest stars
in the heavens almost over-
head? And that our Sun and
Earth are actually flying
toward it and getting closer Vega and its neighborhood
every day?
On any clear night during
the first week of autumn
between the hours of 8 and 9
pm Sky Park time look straight up almost overhead and you will see an extremely
bright star right next to four dimmer stars which if connected by lines would
make a lopsided rectangle which is more properly called a parallelogram. These
stars plus a handful of others make up the ancient constellation Lyra the Harp.
But Lyra's brightest star, Vega, is the real attention grabber. It is the fifth bright-
est star and compared to our Sun it's a doozy. For starters while our Sun is 865
thousand miles wide, Vega is over twice as wide, two million miles. And Vega's
blue-white color tells us that it is a super hot star, much hotter than our own yel-
low-orange Sun. In fact our Sun's surface temperature is a mere 10,000 degrees
Fahrenheit whereas Vega's is a blistering 17,000 degrees. So because Vega is
much bigger and hotter it is 60 times brighter! But one of the really nifty things
about Vega is that it once was and will again be our North Star, a much brighter
one than our current North Star, which is the end star of the handle of the Little
Dipper. You see the North Star is simply the star directly above our Earth's north
pole, the one towards which our Earth's axis points. But because of a regular,
very slow wobbling motion of our Earth, like a top slowing down, our Earth's
axis doesn't always point to the same spot in the heavens. In fact our Earth's axis
traces out a great circle in the sky. Right now our Earth's axis is pointed to a spot
on that circle very close to our current North Star.
But the Earth's axis slowly drifts, constantly changing where it points in that
circle. A hundred years from now it will point even closer to our current North
Star but a thousand years from now it will be well past it. And once every 26,000
years it points to Vega. So 14 1/2 thousand years ago Vega was the North Star of
our cave man ancestors and Vega will be our North Star once again eleven and a
half thousand years from now.
But what I really love about Vega is that it marks the direction our Sun and
Earth are headed. In fact our Sun and Earth are racing towards Vega at the in-
credible speed of 12 miles per second. But Vega is so far away it would take our
Sun almost 500 million years to reach it. And unfortunately by the time we get
there Vega will have already moved. So don't pack your bags for Vega yet.
Just go out any night next week the first week of autumn between 8 and 9 pm,
look overhead and contemplate the incredible beauty of this brilliant blue-white
star. 0 Jack Horkheimer

By Jenny
September (end)

Aries-Relationships are a strong focus for you in September, dear Aries. Tending to a part-
ner's needs is important now, and it would be wise to put some of your own personal projects
on the back burner in order to focus on a significant partnership. Past efforts on the job pay off
this month. Some of you may find that your career is moving towards a more service-oriented
direction. Increased public recognition and professional success can be had now.
Taurus-In September, there is a scurry of activity surrounding work and health matters, dear
Taurus. Nevertheless, romantic matters are strong, and might be found on the job. Income from
foreign sources could also figure this month. While your work demands a lot of attention in
September, you are also more able to get away from the daily routine--more transportation op-
tions open, for example, or you have (or create) more free time to do so.
Gemini-Romantic and creative energy runs very high this month, dear Gemini. Financial
gains may come through a partnership or there may be an increase in a partner's income in Sep-
tember. A partnership benefits from more expansive, warm, and intimate energy. A friend
comes to you in the first week of the month, whether this is a new friend or one from your past.
Important decision making and presentations should be scheduled before the 24th.
Cancer-A busy home life figures strongly this month, dear Cancer. Entertaining in your
home is especially successful now. Relationships and partnerships benefit from expansive,
warm energy, or successful new ones are entered in September. The lines of communication
open up between you and a special someone. Sharing daily events and goings-on with one an-
other gives you much pleasure. Income from work activities is strong and could increase.
Leo-Practical matters and communications are a big focus for you in September, dear Leo.
More security in your job is likely to boost your confidence. Your natural talents are more
likely to be appreciated by others, particularly on the job. You have a stronger desire than usual
to communicate your ideas, and siblings, relatives, and neighbors tend to play a stronger role in
your life this month. Be tricky when it comes to relating with a significant other.
Virgo-Finances are in focus and strong in September, dear Virgo. You might find that ex-
pressing yourself creatively really helps to define yourself and to understand yourself better,
and it could lead to some profits as well! You have a stronger ability to hold the attention of an
audience in September. Children and romance thrive this month. Love, love affairs, and other
social activities help to enhance a healthy self image. You are feeling less private and more
open about your opinions and experiences now.
Libra-A very busy month is in store for you, dear Libra. Opportunities seem to fall into your
lap this month, particularly involving education, travel, and relationships. Material profits come
from communications projects. Home improvements, such as real estate or renovation pur-
chases, are favored, as is moving to a new dwelling if applicable. The 22-23 is strong for per-
sonal finances, gifts, and acquiring new possessions.
Scorpio-Although you may find yourself in demand socially from time to time in September,
dear Scorpio, most of your activities are behind the scenes. Relationships with a partner and
with friends are low-key and private. A scurry of activity surrounding romance or children oc-
curs around the 25th. Chances are excellent that you will find a lovely confidante this month--
someone to share your daily activities and thoughts with. Gifts or opportunities may come
through visits, short trips, messages, emails, or they could come through contacts with siblings,
classmates, and neighbors.
Sagittarius-Stimulating friendships and group activities, as well as increased energy, figure
strongly for you in September, dear Sagittarius. Personal projects bear fruit, and practical mat-
ters are especially favorable. It's an excellent period in which to ask for a raise, before the 24th.
You may have more resources to invest into your career or business. Being in a position of
responsibility or authority is something you place a high value on this month. Partnerships are
friendly, and singles are more likely to find romance in group settings or through friends.
Capricorn-Others are likely to turn to you for advice this month, dear Capricorn, as all eyes
turn to you. If you feel that others are judging you for what you have and haven't done this
month, you're probably correct! Trips could be especially rewarding for you right now--they
can provide a pleasant breather from pressures in your life. You are feeling especially proud
and even buoyant in September, and this confidence enhances all areas of life. Romance may be
found through your career and business activities. A private project can pay off now.
Aquarius-A spirit for adventure and intrigue takes hold in September, dear Aquarius, when
the humdrum simply doesn't satisfy! Friendships move forward, and you may be repaid if
you're waiting on a friend. A partner is craving more intimacy this month. Singles will find
romance when they are out and about, away from home and typical activities. Help seems to be
magically there when you need it, and your own awesome strength always there to draw upon.
Pisces-Career matters moves forward this month, and the focus is on increasing business
income. Success is indicated. Money from other sources than personal income, such as through
a partner or bank loan, is also strong. A partnership is especially intimate in September. Stellar
days on the 19-22 offer opportunities in the areas of relationships, negotiations, personal in-
come, and family. Partnering with a friend in some tangible way can be part of the picture this
month. 0

,O^ 3 MEDIATE, and

Phone: (599) 09 512-6375
Phone: (599) 717-2500 EXT. 8210





Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct. 10, 2008

wwscubaJisioiflnfO -h: p7]7.284 c 786.2M4
Scuba Vision Films is Bonaire's premier video production facility.
We are available for your video imaging projects underwater and topside.

Nature Films Documentaries Travel Adventure Advertising TV Broadcast
Underwater Stock footage HDV Digital Photo Weddings
DVD Reproductions DVD Mastering and Authoring
Courses and Seminars.

info@scubavision.info Ph: (599) 717.2844 Cell: 786.2844
Kaya Grandi #6 Photo Tours -

Page 19

with roads and utilities

Bonaire Reporter Sept. 19-Oct.10, 2008

Modern style villa wLth ocean views Sabade, Crown Court 22
Spadous modem, comfortable and luxury
tropical iving.
Lay out carport, entrance into spacious
IMng area with fully equipped open
kitchen. Pantry/ftorage area. Half bath.
From the living area French doors open
to a covered porch, adjacent to the pool
deck wth pool and ocean view. Two
bedrooms, each with en suite bathrooms.
Staircase to the second floor. Second
floor: two bedrooms each with en suite
bathrooms. Covered balcony. Separate
roof terrac with ocean view, stairs to an
addition rod terrace with 360" wonder
Island and ocean views. Total ground
area: 16,323 It/1-517 mn2. ving area:
7,188 ft2/ 688 m2. Porches and terrace:
2,927 ft2 / 272 m2. Private property.

Asking price: US$ 795,000

Sunbet Reaty Kaya LD. Gerharts 3 & 8 Bonaire, Netherlands Antiles T +5997176560 F +5997176570 Info@sunbelt.an www.suibeltbona re.com


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