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Publication Date: August 22, 2008
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Kunuku Shimaruu, P.O. Box 407,naelpNetherlands Antilles, ir G row Phone76-6email:reporterspbonairenews.com
Kunuku Shimaruku, P.O. Box 407, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, Phone 790-6518, 786-6125, email: reporter@bonairenews.com
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T he Tourism Corpora-
tion Bonaire recently
released the tourist visitor
figures for the first quarter of
2008 which showed an in-
crease of 5.1% compared to
the same period last year. This
is especially significant since
tourism overall grew by 17% in
2007. A total of 20,834 visitors
were recorded.
The increase was led by the
US and Canada which sent
11.6% more tourists. The addi-
tion of scheduled weekly air
service by Delta from Atlanta
and a second Continental Hous-
ton flight during peak periods
were major factors.
European visitors dropped
3.8% following record arrivals
in 2007. However, In October
the charter airline, Arkefly, will
add a second flight to compli-
ment KLM's service.
South American tourism
climbed 22.23% but in absolute
numbers is small compared to
North America and Europe. For
more information and other
market results contact Rose-
Anne Rollan at 717-8322 /
email: asstdirector

0 Air France-KLM re-
ported that its July traffic rose
by 1.8% with capacity up 3.9%.
The load factor stood at 84.4%,
down 1.8 points. Air France-
KLM recorded good progress in
yield and unit revenue excluding
currency impact, driven by busi-
ness traffic. KLM is Bonaire's
prime link to Europe

1 AirOne Ventures Limited,
which bills its yet-to-be-named
airline as the Caribbean's first
low-budget carrier, says that
it will begin service to nine
regional and US destinations
from its hub in Barbados be-
tween March and April 2009.
Some look on it as a replace-
ment for the foundering Air
Jamaica. Curaqao, but not Bon-
aire, was named as a potential
destination. Fares are on aver-
age 40-70% cheaper than exist-

ing airlines, said AirOne Com-
mercial Director Tara Playfair
during an interview with the
Jamaica Business Observer.

0 The cost of airplane tickets
in Holland has gone up by
25.4% over the past year, ac-
cording to new calculations
from the Dutch Central Bureau
for Statistics (CBS). The bulk of
the increase is due to fuel sur-
charges, the CBS says. Accord-
ing to a story in the Telegraaf
newspaper last week, fuel sur-
charges on a KLM European
flight now amount to 41 ($61),
soaring to 147 ($219) for
flights longer than nine hours.

) The
fate of the
Ft. Orange
Museum at
the Court-
house is still
in jeopardy
as the Attor-
ney General in Curacao has
asked to take it over as the place
for storing their archives. Ac-
cording to some members of the
Island Council and others the
museum, set up by the Bonai
group, should remain at the Fort
where its artifacts were found in
thefirst place. The Bonaire)is-
land government owns the prop-
erty. Discussions are continuing.

peo The ABC islands are 'hot'
was a frequent comment at a
pre-show press conference last
week in Holland. Lots of inter-
est is anticipated at the 24th edi-
tion of the Second Home Inter-
national exhibition in the Trade
Fair Center in Utrecht from Oc-
tober 10-12. The B (Bonaire)
and the C (Curaqao) are favorite
destinations for a second home.
Several well-known Dutch
people, like interior and furni-
ture designer Jan des Bouvrie,
TV personality Henny Huisman
and designer Piet Boon have
homes there. Boon wrote in his
new book, Piet Boon 2,
"Bonaire is so wonderful, be-
cause on that island you can be

0 On Wednes-
day August 6th
JCI held its gen-
eral membership
meeting at the
ABVO building on
Kaminda Jato
Baco. Junior
Chamber Interna-
tional Bonaire is
part of the world-
wide federation of
young leaders and
entrepreneurs with JCI's Jennifer Martis and Gov. Domacass6
organizations in
more than 50 dif-
ferent countries all over the world.
President Jennifer Martis opened the meeting at 19.30 hours.
The special guest was Lt. Governor Domacass6. He gave an in-
spired motivational speech to the membership which included a lot
of new faces, mostly students from the SGB high school. Doma-
cass6 himself was once a member of the JCI but had to leave, with
regret, at the age of 40 years, like everyone else. At JCI he learned
that everyone is a born leader but that you must learn to become a
true leader. He is a walking example of where learning and train-
ing can lead to.
JCI is a growing organization with good contacts in the region.
The National Convention 2009 is going to be held on Bonaire. JCI
Bonaire needs money for that and has launched a Sticker Cam-
paign. By buying a sticker (below) from a JCI member for NAf 1
you can help the young new leaders to reach their goal.
The present board of directors includes: President, Jennifer Mar-
tis; IPP, Claire Sealy; VP, Ann Thielman; Treasurer, Mien Alee;
Secretary, Amelie Saleh; and Senator, Rignald Marchena. iStory
& photo by Wilna Groenenboom



anonymous and enjoy life undis-
turbed..." His unconventional
beach house is next to Bache-
lor's Beach.

0 The healthcare insurance
plan for Dutch retirees who
come to live in the Antilles will
most probably die a prema-
ture death because of a conflict
between the Dutch, who want it
to be mandatory, and the Antil-
leans who feel it should be vol-
untary. Antillean Public health

Minister Omayra Leeflang has
come up with another plan: "For
10% of their income, retired
persons in the Netherlands as
well as the 60-plussers in the
Antilles can get medical insur-
ance at SVB. The basic package
is for third class coverage, but
supplemental insurance is possi-
ble. Thus the problem is
solved." That plan has been pre-
sented to the Advisory Council
and will go on to Parliament.
(Continued on page 4)

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JCI Meeting 2
Ayo, Mangrove Village! 3
Wedding-DeJongh/Cicilia 3
Dee ScarrAwarded the NOGI 5
Artists In Bloom 6
Boat Sale/SOSAdvertisement 7
ReefWatch Followup 8
Snorkelers Notebook (Mask
ofthe Beholder) 9
Sea Monitoring Anniversary 9
Washakemba Walk 9
Free Animal Sterilization 10
Parrot Watch: Fledging Report 11
Letters: (Vlore Than Poo-poo,
Ease Up, Can I Help?, STINAPA
Disclaimer, Roadside Trash) 13
Artist-Anita Vader 15

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vFe -rcae &nSces.

SPeugeot, Kymco
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Kaya Grandi #61
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Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008


Overh25 Years

Page 2

Ayo, Mangrove Village
T he Mangrove Village project at Lac Bay wetlands was not done. The land in question is
near Sorobon is no more. Construction was close to the Lac lagoon which is protected by the
begun very soon after a permit was granted by the Treaty of Ramsar (Iran, 1971).
Executive Council of Bonaire. However, the per- The abandoned construction was a target for anti
mit was annulled by Antillean Governor Frits -development graffiti. Last week a large machine
Goedgedrag shortly thereafter following com- demolished the walls and foundations which were
plaints by STINAPA and private citizens that the trucked away while lawsuits are pending. 0
required environmental study to build on protected Story by G.D. /Photos by Herman van Leeuwen

August 8, 2008 (08/08/08) was considered an auspicious day
to marry and five weddings were held that day on Bonaire.
The most spectacular ceremony and following reception was the
marriage of Evelina Maria de Jongh (of the Don Andres Shipping
family) and Mouro Alvares Cicilia (La Portugesa family). Con-
gratulations and wishes for a long and happy life together. 0
Story & photo by Wilna Groenenboom

* Located across from Harbour Village Marina
* Close to downtown, Kralendijk
* 10 unit complex
* Office space and storage room
* All units feature: kitchen, iving area and porch
* Furnished with standard furnishings
* Generates good rental income
* Complex sits on two parcels of long leased land and
measures in total 3000 m2 (32 290 ft2)

Unit Summary:
3 units with 1 bedroom/1 bathroom
3 units with 1 bedroom/2 bathrooms and a loft
4 units with 2 bedrooms/1 bathroom plus attached
studio with 1 bathroom

Listed For: $1,500,000 USD Whole Property

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008

Page 3

Flotsam and Jetsam.. from page 2 of tax havens as soon as possi-
ble. Rosaria considers it incor-
t Interet rect that EU countries Poland,
photo Italy, Portugal, and Greece still
have the Antilles on their black

0 The Central Government
has decided to continue looking
for oil and gas in Antillean ter-
ritorial waters, Prime Minister
Emily de Jongh-Elhage (PAR)
announced during her weekly
press conference. More than
NAf315 million has been paid
for past and ongoing research by
the University of Texas for the
first phase of the search. Partici-
pation in the phase that runs until
2011 will cost another NAf315

N US oil demand during the
first half of 2008 fell by an av-
erage of 800,000 barrels per
day compared with the same
period a year ago, the biggest
volume decline in 26 years, the
US Energy Information Admini-
stration said last Tuesday. As a
result worldwide oil prices have
dropped from near $150 to $110
a barrel.

- Antillean State Secretary Alex
Rosaria urged the Taxation and
Customs Union Directorate-
General of the European Union
to take the Antilles off the list

) Prostitution is legal in Bon-
aire provided it is licensed by
the government and the place of
strict be-
and health
Place off the Nikiboko North
road is currently the only permit-
ted establishment. However,
there may soon be a second. The
company, Bonaire Paradise, NV,
has submitted an application to
do business. Whether to permit it
or not has raised concerns. There
have been published reports of
prostitutes operating out of late
night bars in the Kralendijk sub-

On August 4 the Fundashon
Tienda pa Konsumid6
(Consumer Store Foundation)
opened its office to the public
after receiving the necessary
funding. The office is open
Monday through Friday 9 am to
noon, 2 to 5 pm. The founda-
tion's goal is consumer welfare
and information, especially price

and quality of products and ser-
Anyone with a question may
contact the Foundation at Kaya
Korona #5 in the Fundashon Cas
Boneriano building. Tel: 717-
3569. Fax: 717-3529. E-mail:
tkbonldtelbonet.an. Directors of
the Foundation are: President.
Frensel Janga, Treasurer Remy
Djojopawiro, Secretary Solange
There are openings for two
more members. Those interested
may contact Frensel Janga at 786
-2155, e-mail
frensel ianga2(iiahoo.com, or
Solange Bomberg at 700-0225, e
-mail solange-

N i, Ter S /


v fA ^'^

0 Be prepared for a significant
detour if traveling on the Kaya
Korona/Kaya Guburubu road
to Rincon over the next weeks.

Extensive repairs are underway
to repair the catch basins and
roadside culverts in the Mentor
area. Follow the signs and save

0 Kirk Gosden's newly opened
Sunset Bar & Grill is a hit!
Kirk has added a twist to the
successful formula of his other
restaurant, Lion's Den at Buddy
Dive, to Den Laman's panoramic
terrace where food and service
continue foremost. For one thing
the bar offers a comprehensive
snack menu and is a perfect place
for sundowners. For another, you
can choose the side dishes that
come with the main course. Food
and drinks? Goes without saying
as it comes from a chef who's
competed in the big time and has
opened new eateries all over the
globe. Sunset Bar & Grill is open
every day except Monday for
dinner, from 5 to 10 pm. Tel. 788
-2698. Go, Kirk!

1 Outlet Mol, Bonaire's bikini
shop is moving! Outlet Mol will
open on Tuesday, August 26, at
Les Galeries Shopping Mall,
located next to Paradise Photo,
bordering the downtown parking
Molly Bartikoski, Outlet Mol's
Director, promises hundreds of
bikinis to choose from, with the
mix and match concept: pick a
top, pick a bottom, any size, any
color combination. But she didn't

neglect the guys. They will have
board shorts and t-shirts to
choose from, including surf
brands like Billabong, Quiksilver
and more
Shop early, as many items are
one of a kind! Outlet Mol is open
Monday Saturday 10-1, 3-6.

I Correction: The photo on
page 2 of our last issue, should
have been credited to Dee
Scarr. The diver is Bonaire resi-
dent, Donna Gassert. The reef is
off Richard's Restaurant. She's in
the "Reef Angel" position. The
reason it's called the Reef Angel
position is because it keeps fins
away from the reef.

1 Jong Bonaire has to sell a
few more Papiamentu-English
Dictionary copies to companies
to donate to schools to qualify
for a $20,000 matching grant
from an anonymous donor.
Jong Bonaire Treasurer Alan
Gross said, "So we ask all com-
panies and individuals who can
help donate books to schools to
please contact us so we can re-
ceive this grant."
Companies and individuals can
learn more about the dictionary
for schools program at
or can contact Jong Bonaire at
717-4303 ext 12, or e-mail to
papiamentudictionary.com. E







Les Galeries Shopping Center
(Bordering the parking lot)
Tel. 717-5890
Open M-F 8:30-12, 2-6 pm,
Sat. 9-12

Bonaire Reporter August

S .... I

From Bonaire Nautico Marina



Catamaran Kantika diAmor
Trips daily via resorts at 10 am, 12, 2 pm
Except Sunday at 10 am only

Tie up dockside
for $7/day +tax
Water/115/220V & Cable TV
Dinghy tie-up at north-inside dock
US$10 weekly from Saturday to
Saturday. Pay at Kantika di Amor
water taxi daily 10 am, 12, 2 pm.
Sundays 10 am only.
Your boat name will be recorded.

At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399
www.bonairenauticomarina VHF 68

Page 4


B onaire dive guide, lecturer
and writer, Dee Scarr is this
year's winner of The Academy of
Underwater Arts and Sciences
NOGI*, the dive industry's
Dee first came to Bonaire in
1980 and began the Touch the Sea
experience in 1982. Since then
she's logged thousands of dives
and introduced hundreds of divers
to dozens of marine animals. To
dive with her is to forever change
your underwater point of view.
Once introduced to Scarr's very
personal perspective on marine
animals, divers feel a sense of be-
longing in the sea rather than simply visit-
ing it. Their instinct to protect marine
ecosystems is enhanced. Her current pro-
ject is Action in Behalf of Coral. In 2005
she realized that dive training agencies
don't provide critical information about
living coral to their students: the informa-
tion that explains why coral is fragile.
Dee's website, www.touchthesea.com,
provides more information about the ABC
Project, as well as the Living with a Razor
Sharp Skeleton sticker and Coral
Between 1988 and 1991, Scarr and her
buddies tied more than 600 sponges back
onto pilings beneath Bonaire's Town Pier
in Touch the Sea's Sponge Reattachment
Project. In the mid-90s she was the first to
realize the danger to the environment if
Klein Bonaire was developed and was
part of the team that eventually got Klein

Bonaire designated a forever wildlife pre-
Dee has written three books: Touch the
Sea, about interactions with marine ani-
mals, The Gentle Sea, a personalized look
at the undersea creatures divers are likely
to encounter, and a children's book,
Coral's Reef about two children and what
they learn from snorkeling and from an
octopus named Oliver. Dee wrote
monthly about marine animals and their
behaviors for Dive Training magazine for
more than a decade, and currently writes
about marine animals for The Bonaire
Reporter. Dee was the photographer for
the original Guide to the Bonaire Marine
Park and contributed to the second edition
of the Guide. Her work has appeared in
numerous publications.
The first major recognition of Dee's work
was in 1991, when she was the second

recipient (after Jacques Yves Cousteau) of
the PADI/SeaSpace Environmental
Awareness Award. The NOGI from the
Academy of Underwater Arts and Sci-
ences for Distinguished Service is her
most recent recognition award. She's re-
ceived the Boston Sea Rovers Diver of the
Year Award, the Beneath the Sea Diver of
the Year Award, and the Underwater Club
of Boston's Paul Revere Spike (2007).
Dee was an inaugural member of the
Women Divers Hall of Fame and SSI's
Platinum Pro Divers (those with more
than 5,000 dives; Scarr has logged over
7,000 dives). She received Captain Don
Stewart's Accolade Award in 2006 for
"making knowledge of the sea fun and
spreading desire in others to learn and
become themselves part of our sea."
Scarr received Bachelor's and Master's
degrees in English and Rhetoric and Pub-

IRI we I

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008

Dee Scarr warded the N(GI

Page 5

lic Address from the University of Flor-
ida. She taught high school English, pub-
lic speaking, and debate before beginning
her diving career on the Bahamian island
of San Salvador. Dee became a SCUBA
instructor in 1974. In 1985, she married
David Batalsky; they adopted Sweetie
Pie, a very special Bichon Frise, in 2005.
Her award will be presented at this year's
DEMA show in October. 0
Story & photo A UAS/G.D.

*The NOGI is the oldest and most pres-
tigious award in the diving industry, dat-
ing back to 1960. The NOGI statuette was
modified from an award formerly be-
stowed at the renowned New Orleans
Grand Isle Fishing Tournament which had
an underwater division.
In 1993, The Academy of Underwater
Arts and Sciences (AUAS) was incorpo-
rated by the recipients of the past 33
years. AUAS took over administration of
the NOGI Award, which continues to be
presented annually, with ongoing sanction
and support from the Underwater Society
of America.
The roster of NOGI recipients is a
"Who's Who in the Ocean World," with
such legends as Capt. Jacques-Yves Cous-
teau, Dr. Robert Ballard, Capt. Albert
Behnke, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Lloyd Bridges
and Zale Parry.
Each year, AUAS invites Academy fel-
lows to recommend nominees for the
NOGI Awards. To recommend future
NOGI recipients, please consult the roster
of NOGI Fellows to determine a contact
person. U


Did You Know..
That Dori from the movie, "Finding
Nemo," can be found swimming
among the reefs of Bonaire? Ok, well,
not this specific Disney fish, but Dori B
is a Blue Tang, and thousands of these
fish inhabit the island's reefs.
Blue tangs are categorized as
surgeonfish due to the sharp spine they
have on each side of their tail that re-
sembles a surgeon's scalpel. A variety
of Blue tang exist throughout the
world, but the species specific to the
Caribbean is Acanthurus coeruleus.
The body is flat along its vertical axis
and a somewhat circular shape. When
it's an adult the dorsal, pelvic and anal
fins are a beautiful blue color and the
spine is a contrasting bright yellow. During the day the body appears to
be a solid dark blue/black color, but at night white stripes appear on the
body. As any other fish, the Blue tang goes through different stages as it
grows into an adult. However, one may not know when they are looking
at a Blue tang because during the juvenile stage the fish's entire body,
with the exception of the tips of the fins which are blue, is a bright yel-
low. The drastic change in color signals that the fish has reached sexual
Due to their eating habits, Blue tangs are imperative to the reef ecosys-
tem. These fish are herbivorous creatures and feed solely on algae mak-
ing them vital to the reef system of Bonaire. Without these magnificent
animals our reefs would become over popu-
lated with algae that overgrow existing corals
and make it difficult for coral larvae to settle
and grow. 0 Halley Cazort
The author is a rising senior studying Biology
and Hispanic Studies at Rice University in the US.
She was a student studying marine biology and
ecology as part of the CIEE Summer Bonaire

Adi Figaroa's young students show their work: Romy Marin, Tatiana Nicolaas,
Georgina Sanchez and Kendra Domacasse
ne of Bonaire's best artists, Adi Figaroa, has been teaching youngsters lately at the Kas di
Arte, at the Papa Comes and the Reina Beatrix schools. "You'd be surprised at what these
young kids can do," he says. "I want to teach them not how to draw an apple but to awaken in them the
spirit of art." Figaroa supplies his students with brushes and acrylic paints from Kooyman and sets
them off. "After I'm dead and gone, I want them to be able to say, 'That man was my master.'" Figa-
roa was also asked to teach the Bonai group of teens. "Those kids are on the science trail; I'm not a
scientist, but I can teach them art," he declares.
The youngsters in the photo above are 9 and 10 years old and have been studying with Adi once or
twice a week for two months.
Note: Georgina "Gina" Sanchez in the photo above helps her grandmother, Elisabeth Silberie, de-
liver The Bonaire Reporters twice a month. We are very proud of her! L L.D.

New location:

Les Galeries Mall
(next to Paradise Photo,
bordering downtown
parking lot)

New collection:

Mix and Match bikinis
Boardshorts (men's and

Tuesday, August 26





onaire's newest hot spot offers magnificent seaside
views, fabulous food, drinks and great hospitality all in a
relaxing open air tropical ambiance. Whether you are dining
on the terrace or just chilling at the bar you are sure to have
an unforgettable experience. The restaurants casual
Caribbean elegance boasts an open kitchen concept where
you can see all the cooking live'.
Our Bar offers a new and different bar atmosphre to
Bonaire serving a hot and cold snack menu with a full bar
service including coffees, smoothies and cocktails. Daily
happy hour.
pI -I1 -10 pjsm d. y Closd a V oiu y
At the Traffic Circle On the Seaside at Den Laman Apartments
Phone 788-2698 Email: lions@Telbonet.an

Page 6

Put us to the Ta,

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008


For Sale
~~~:I'~ ~ ~ ~ ";

Go anywhere / any sea conditions / any time
Available for Sale to Loving Home

Look it up on the internet figure what it would cost you
SUZUKI JEEP $35,000 Call: 717-3527


Services N.V.

For Allour ShiIpng-Needs

Kaya InKralendijk- Bon
717-8922 FAX 717-5791 Email:info@rocargo.com


Full service door to door by air
and by sea.
Customs clearance, transportation,
International and local relocation.
Packing material in stock.
Qualified and professional personnel.
Timely, accurate and reliable
ISO 9001: 2000 Certified


The World On Time


Offering DAILY
Express Services from
and to Bonaire
For shipment tracking

Amcar Freight, Inc.

The ONLYcompany
offering direct weekly
consolidation services
from Miami, USA
to Bonaire

7860 N.W. 80th Street
Medley,Florida 33166
Tel. (305) 599-8866
Fax (305) 599-2808

International F
The ONLY co
direct weekly
services from
to B
4761 RW Mo
Tel 31-(0)
Fax 31-(0)

Freight (Car) BV
mpany offering
1A (Ecopark)
erdijk, Holland
168-40-94 94

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008 Page 7

Stop Our Sewage Campaign To Save Bonaire's Reefs!
Attention Divers, Snorkelers, Visitors, and Residents: Bonaire's Reefs Will Die Soon If We
Don't Act To Stop All the Sewage Leaking and Spewing Into the Sea!
Take Action Now
1.-E-mail and/or call the following officials to lobby for an immediate halt to all the
sewage spilling into the sea from waterfront hotels, resorts, restaurants, and homes:
Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands website www.koninkliikhuis.nl/
english/content.isp?objectid=13874 has contact details
State Secretary for the Antilles, Ank Bijleveld-Schouten Tel.: +31 70 426 63 02
Contact via: www.minbzk.nl/algemene-onderdelen/serviceblok/contact
Lt. Governor of Bonaire, Hubert Domacass6 email- gezag@bonairelive.com
Bonaire Environment Commissioner Anthony Nicolaas, phone: (599) 785-3652
Email: anicolaas(abonairegov.com
2.- Investigate whether or not the waterfront hotels, resorts, restaurants, properties that you
patronize are polluting the reef. If so, pressure them to stop it immediately and work with the
government to truck the sewage away from the shoreline and to implement a sustainable sewage
management project THIS YEAR!
3.- Get others involved. If Bonaire's reefs die, so too will tourism and the economy. Spread
the word to all those who love and value Bonaire's reefs that urgent action is required now or
Highlights from "Wastewater Statement," issued by Ramon de Leon, Manager, Bonaire National
Marine Park, August 1, 2008:
1. Wastewater from tourist accommodations and other properties on the shoreline is being leached
from septic tanks directly into the sea, causing nitrogen loads to double and macroalgae to increase
every year.
2. Studies confirm that the reefs of Bonaire are in a serious decline and can not wait for the sewage
plant of 2011 to be built.
3. Action needs to be taken now! Bonaire's wastewater management practices are no longer sus-
tainable; they are killing the reef!

The Bonaire National Marine Park, 717-8444, email- marinepark@stinapa.org, website:
www.bmp.org The Park is the repository of the latest facts, scientific studies, and expert
analysis. Contact them for this type of information.
THE BMP is not a sponsor of this advertisement

Sponsored by the Friends of Bonaire's Reefs (long-time visitors, divers, snorkelers, and resi-
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Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008

Page 7

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Continuing interviews so you can under-
stand some of the concerns of the
Bonairean people.

About 2,300 Bonaireans came for-
ward to show their discontentment
on Saturday, August 9. They showed their
fear, anger, disappointment and disagree-
ment in a non-political march for peace
and freedom. The demonstration brought
forward many of the problems that con-
cern Bonaireans. People from different
races, cultures and social backgrounds
marched on the roads of Kralendijk.
The demonstration provided evidence for
a change as seen by the different placards
people carried.
That night I spoke with many partici-
pants who voiced their concerns. A middle
aged man said how he loves Bonaire and
hopes that the future will not have a nega-
tive impression on his children. A coura-
geous older lady stood up and spoke to the
audience in Wilhelmina Park. She talked
about our norms, dignity and values. And
what will happen in the coming years with
the Bonaire she knows so well and loves?
Will the pension money be improved or
will it stay the same as the living costs go
higher and higher?
Government employees such as school
teachers are disappointed with all the
promises that have been made but none of
them have been fulfilled. How much
longer must they wait? Young mothers
who got pregnant and had to leave school
are waiting for a better educational system
to upgrade themselves so they to can fit in
the new Bonaire.
Immigrants who are contributing to the
development of Bonaire asked if they will
fit into the new Bonaire. What will be bet-

ter for them to stay in a country where
they can help their family to grow safe and
sound or go back to their country of pov-
erty where the economic and government
system is unstable?
The leader of the march, Johan "Jopie"
Giskus, said they collected more than
2,000 signatures before the night of the
march and during the night of August 9,
they collected hundred more signature
from people showing their concern for the
future of this little island.
There were two pastors from different
churches present. Pastor Ramiro talked
about the law of justice and righteousness
in the book of Isaiah. He urges the govern-
ment to be as the prophet Isaiah, to fight
for what is good for Bonaire and its peo-
ple. And Pastor Cijntje said to pray for
God to enlighten us all to work for a better
This was a quick review of what hap-
pened at the August 9 demonstration. If
you remember in our past articles about
the government and what has to be done
the political parties had different points of
view about the situation in Bonaire. So
let's do whatever is good for Bonaire. We
look forward to more sessions like a forum
where the people of Bonaire's questions
can be answered.
To those in charge of this small commu-
nity: Don't pursue riches or development
as your main goal. Let the people of Bon-
aire be your main concern.
The people will continue expressing
themselves in the following articles of the
"Bonairean Voices."
U Siomara E. Albertus

Send your com-
ments to The Bonaire
Reporter, P.O. Box
407, Bonaire, or email

During the past two weeks The Re-
porter has spoken with visiting on-
island ocean scientists, BMP/
STINAPA, local government officials-
DROB and Justice, numerous hotel
managers, residents and tourists to
track developments following the Bon-
aire National Marine Park Manager's
letter to many of Bonaire's coastal re-
sorts. Here's what we uncovered.

R amon de Leon's August 1 letter
expressed his concern for the
viability of Bonaire's reefs if sewage con-
tinued to be dumped into "leach holes"
on the coast. It was based on undisputa-
ble scientific and visual evidence. Leach-
hole disposal of wastewater is no longer
sustainable in the light of the increased
algal reef growth.
The letter, leaked to the Internet, had a
major impact on Bonaire's reef preserva-
tion activists, who believe that the is-
land's reefs are an economic and ecologi-
cal asset, that they, along with Captain
Don Stewart, briefly considered the idea
of boycotting resorts on Bonaire that do
not take major steps to stop their pollut-
ing ways. They have since moderated
their approach. (See the SOS advertise-
ment in this issue on page 6.)

Our conversations with some individu-
als indicated that they felt that DeLeon
had not gone far enough. All coastal
businesses and property owners should
be required to pump out as well. There
was grave concern about the new waste
coming from the numerous new apart-
ment buildings soon to be occupied.
We were encouraged by the actions
Government already had underway: re-
questing subsidies for sewage removal
and modifications to the sewage sumps at
LVV to process the waste from USONA,
personal underwater inspection by the
environmental commissioner, the start of
the next phase of the sewage treatment
and removal plant, and the reaction of the
Justice department about new and exist-
ing environmental laws.
We were disappointed by the reactions
of the resort managers. The resorts are
stonewalling real action unless ALL pol-
luters are forced to take action and/or the
government forces them. Some pleaded
ignorance, however, that is not valid. The
2007 Commissie Marien Milieu Report
sent to the resort association, BON-
HATA, gives a warning about the state
of the reef.
Two resorts said they had already taken
steps: Captain Don's Habitat processes
some of its waste on-site in an innovative
treatment system and Divi Flamingo adds
nitrogen-destroying bacteria to its waste.
Park Manager DeLeon has a plan to
meet with the resorts and obtain their
cooperation to truck away all their waste-
water if appropriate. His target is before

the end of the month. If, after agree-
ments are reached, they do not comply,
he will consider punitive action. How-
ever, the STINAPA Director's letter (see
page 16) to The Reporter, disavowing the
SOS approach was a disappointment.
Dr Burt Jones, now on Bonaire, said
"It's not too late to save the reefs." Jones
is a respected oceanographer with wide
experience and excellent credentials con-
cerning the effect of sewage in the sea.
We will have the details of our interview
with him and Tom Reynolds in our next
edition. U G.D.



4 9 8 7
887 6
9 6 5
3 8 1 5
7 3
3 9 8 1
9 7 1
3 6 9
7 2 6 5

To solve the puzzle, enter the numbers 1
through 9 to the partially filled in puzzle
without repeating a number in any row,
column or 3 x 3 region. Answer on page 8.
Supplied by Molly Bartikoski-Kearney

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008


Page 8

Sno&eie' 'oAlete .& Sea Monitor Anniversary C

"in M ta&& MeJifwiMW


Last week I was sunning
myself on a rock at
Witches Hut after a delicious
snorkel when three divers
emerged from the deep. Their first
words to one another were, "Did
you see anything good? Did you
see anything big?" One re-
sponded, "Nah, just the same old
stuff." Hmm, I thought to myself,
what did he mean "the same old
stuff?" Before I got on my "high
and mighty horse," I had to laugh
because I have also felt the same
sense of disappointment, the same
sense of "I have seen this all be-
On every snorkel I count off the
typical sea creatures for Bonaire's
reefs: the chromis, the damselfish,
the blue tang, the grunts, the snap-
pers, the parrotfish, the bar jacks,
etc. If it is my first snorkel after a
long absence, I regard them like
old friends: "Hey so good to see
you again!" But if it is my 30th
snorkel after a month of snorkels,
I might think, "Oh you again;
isn't there anyone else?" I long
for the surprise large shape drift-
ing into my peripheral vision-
maybe a tarpon, a tiger grouper,
or a Cubera snapper. I pine for
something out of the ordinary: a
hogfish not just a Spanish hog-
fish, a Midnight Blue parrotfish
not just a Stoplight parrotfish, a
Fairy basslet not just a wrasse.
I guess it is all about expecta-
tions and desires-what we ex-
pect to see vs. what we fantasize
seeing. Ironically it is usually
when I head out for what I expect
will be an ordinary snorkel that I
am treated to the fantastic. For
example, just a few days ago, I
ran into Bachelor's Beach to es-
cape my crashed lap-top com-
puter; not caring who or what I
saw, I just wanted to snorkel off
some computer tension. And then
there she was-a young Hawks-
bill grazing the bottom at the drop
-off. I stayed with her as she
slowly rose to the top to breathe
and to float on the surface for at

IPOSIUM "" '-1.

least 10 minutes. I floated with
her, hypnotized by the sun glint-
ing off her mottled shell and
thrilled to the tips of my toes.
Then she was gone, diving fast
for the deep, and I had forgotten
all about my computer. "You just
never know," I reminded myself.
For some reason, 1000 Steps
and Ol'Blue always stimulate my
fantasies: I am always dreaming
of the Whale Shark or the Manta
Ray as I pull on my flippers. Af-
ter 15 years, they still have yet to
appear in the frame of my mask.
Still I believe they are out there
and some day I will glimpse
them. Something about the fan-
tasy itself adds electricity, and
even though I am seeing the
"same old stuff' for 1000 Steps
and Ol'Blue, I feel strangely ex-
hilarated after every snorkel.
To tweak the saying, "A good
snorkel (or dive) is all in the mask
of the be-
holder." a

O Loose? O In Your

0 Cracked?

O Missing

Call For An Appointment 717-2248 or 786-3714

he cover date of this issue
of The Bonaire Reporter
marks the first anniversary of the
LMSP (Light and Motion Sensor
Project) headed by Professor
Burt Jones, PhD and Tom Rey-
nolds of the University of Cali-
fornia (USC) under the auspices
of Bonaire's Parks Foundation,
STINAPA. Phase #1 started last
year when miniature arrays com-
prised of three "Rainbow Sen-
sors," at depths of five, 12 and
20 meters, were placed at inter-
vals along Bonaire's east coast
from Lighthouse Point to 1000
Steps on independent underwater
mooring lines. The sensors use a
low cost on-site sensor technol-
ogy to monitor the seawater.
Readings are continuously re-
corded by each sensor. Their data
is collected weekly by volunteer
divers and processed by com-
puters at USC with sophisticated

This technique keeps the moni-
toring cost effective and manage-
able using available resources.
The funding for the start of the
program has been entirely pro-
vided by donations. The raw data
is analyzed, returned and then
posted on the STINAPA website
as public information.
Recently Dr. Burt Jones pre-
sented the Light and Motion Sen-
sor Program at the 11th Interna-
tional Coral
Reef Sym-
This is an
event deal-
ing with all
aspect of
coral reefs.
The presen-

tation impressed the audience for
its innovation and results.

In his presentation Dr. Jones
reviewed almost a year's experi-
ence with the project that showed
that the LMSP approach is scien-
tifically sound and manageable.
There is no other program like
the Bonaire National Marine
Park/USC LMSP that collects
relevant information and man-
agement indicators in all three
areas- mechanical, fish popula-
tion and water quality. It was
also apparent to the audience that
the Bonaire Marine Park has the
best volunteer team on the
planet. They helped make the
project a success as well. LMSP
provides Bonaire the ability to
ensure the quality of the water
surrounding its economically
most important asset -its reefs.
The LMSP project plans a
Phase #2 to expand sensor sites,
provide finer details of water
quality and add new types of

To continue the deployment of
the sensor arrays, LMSP needs
additional volunteers and dona-
tions. For specific information
and to make a donation contact
Ramon de Leon at the Bonaire
National Marine Park (717-8444)
or Albert Bianculli at: directab
agmail.com. 0 G.D.


Puzzle on page 7




789 126 435

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008

Roi near Boca Washikemba

Last Sunday Top Health
Fitness Center sponsored a
fun and educational walk led by
historian and journalist, B6i An-
toin. Over 40 walkers joined the
two-hour trip. The route started at
Lagun, wound around the bay
below the Landfill. What must
have been a surreal spot during
the time of the Indians is now
rimmed with garbage having
come in from the sea. "Hecho en
Venezuela," B6i said.
Climbing out of a roi we
emerged on to the coastline of
Washikemba -a very African
scene with grazing goats and don-
keys. B6i pointed out a natural
bridge with spectacular wave
action and large coral rocks
thrown up onto the land by a tsu-
nami. Passing the "ghost house"
we traipsed through the Landfill
where more goats grazed. Tired
but exhilarated all of us walkers
were treated to a hot and tasty
homemade chicken soup. 0 L.D.


Nafl.1 40.00 *

7:30 8:15
9:15 11:00
13:30 14:15
15:00 15:45
17:15 18:00

Tel.: 796 3939

Cel.: 515 3939
* Sin airport tax. Mester paga e biahe dentro
di 24 hora ku a hasie reservashon

Page 9


E.M. Rijswijk Denturist

Kaya J.G. Hernandez z/n
(Near Botika Korona)
New hours:
9 am-12 pm,
2 pm-4 pm

O Worn?

O Causing
Gum Pain?

Free Animal Sterilization Campaign
Preventing Future Overpopulation Problems
0 5U

That Bonaire is a great place
to spend some time and to
relax is well known. But to make
sure that Bonaire stays like that
needs work and cooperation. Both
humans and animals have a right
to live. Both humans and animals
also have a right to a living space.
Sometimes people point fingers at
animals, saying they cause many
problems. But is this true?
When someone owns an animal
he or she has the responsibility for
this living creature. And having an
animal for safety around the house
must be worth something. There-
fore it's important that both hu-
mans and animals work together.
Many times we hear about new
litters being born, creating extra
mouths to feed. In most cases the
owner doesn't want any more ani-
mals around the house. They have
enough problems with those that
they have. But the answer to this
problem is easy. All one needs to
do is take some action, action like
neutering the animal so no more
future animals are born. It's that
And to make it even easier,
from now on this surgery is totally
free! The Dutch foundation, Dier-
enhulp Venezuela, is paying for
the cost of this surgery done by a
professional vet. All that the
owner needs to do is make a phone
call to 788-2949. Make an ap-
pointment for the surgery and help
your own animal in a correct way.


TE788 9 49

The payment will be taken care of
by the Dutch foundation.
The sterilization campaign will
prevent a lot of future problems as
well as preventing animals from
roaming the streets and into the
kunukus. It's proven to be work-
ing as the foundation has been
doing this work for more than 12
years in Venezuela.
Help your animal and also your
island by neutering your animal.
This way the people of Bonaire
show the rest of the world that
they do care for their animals and
their island. Call today and let's
make things better. U Mark E.
Vos, chairman andfounder
Stichting Dierenhulp Venezuela
Note: More than 30 animals
have been sterilized here in Bon-

Help," cries
the newest
dog in the
puppy com-
"Sage." She's
the taller,
pretty black
and tan dog in
the fore-
ground, beg-
ging to be
petted. Sage
was just put in
with the other
pups the day I
came to take
the photo and
she was get-
ting her
from the other
residents who
were not nec-
essarily more
dominant but who were exercising
their authority because they'd
been there longer. But Sage took
things with a good attitude al-
though she's chomping at the bit
to be adopted and have her very
own family. Sage was found all
alone, wandering around Antroil
and was brought into the Shelter
by a good Samaritan who wanted
to give her a chance at life. She's
about two months old and has
been checked out by the vet, given

' r" O' e -

her tests, worming, shots and will
be sterilized when she's old
You may see Sage and the other
healthy, social and well adjusted
dogs at the Shelter on the Lagoen
Road, open Monday through Sat-
urday, 9am to 1 pm and 3 to 5 pm.
Tel. 717-4989.
The Shelter has a new address
for their website:
com. U L.D.

y'ou RJ ng

Antillean Wine Company
(599) 09-660-7539
Fax (599) 717-2950
SQ *

Anteran ain Comany
w i reianlie aImne.corne

Kava A-

Emerenciana 4D
Next to China Nobo
STel 717-8787

Caribbrtiunr Clui n~+in ll ire 4c

The Friendliest
Restaurant on

In Bonaire's "hill country"
10 minutes north of town

Every Tuesday an all yu
can eat BBQ
for $15.-.

On Friday Creole bul
' l far $15.-.

make ft yours

I_______ I


L E&.ft aiwr-a i t I

Dinner starting at 6:00P.M Open everyday
Find us ONE Block South of Post Office

Website: www.restaurantcasablanca.com

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008

Vet Jan Laarakker ready to perform a sterilization
operation at his clinic in Nikiboko

Page 10


T here are now only a few crabby
young parrots left in their nests.
Many have fledged and joined the free
flying Loras in the Bonairean wilderness.
Sadly some have been stolen from their
families and now face a life in captivity.

Those youngsters who have so far re-
fused to jump from their cosy homes to
face the big wide world are getting crabby
because they are hungry. Approximately
two weeks prior to fledging, the young

parrots are at their heaviest, possibly reach-
ing a "big boned" 350g. At this point the
chicks weigh more than their parents, who
themselves weigh an "Olympic" 310g.

Mr. and Mrs. Lora refuse to feed their
chick during this time in an attempt to en-
courage him (or her) from the nest. They
will often spend time around their fragrant
home, basically teasing the chick with the
promise of a delicious feast once they
make the jump. The poor chick endures a
period of inner turmoil whilst processing

the difficult decision of whether to starve
or grasp the new challenges that lay ahead.
Eventually this young parrot, having
dropped to a positively "catwalk-ready"
250g, can bear it no longer and will fly in a
far-from-glamorous fashion only to crash
land on the nearest tree branch. Mr. and
Mrs. Lora are quick to the scene and gener-
ously offer much regurgitated food in re-
ward for the little daredevil's bravery. The
next few weeks and indeed the coming
years will be a journey of exploration for
this bird.

Unfortunately some baby Loras do not
get to experience the inner turmoil that is
fledging. They do not get to taste Kadushi
fruit or Wabi pods. Nor will they ever get
to stretch their wings and soar over a cliff
top. These poor youngsters face a life rela-
tively absent of physical activity, dietary
interest or social interaction. It is of course
illegal to take Loras from the wild but
sadly a considerable number of birds are
stolen in this way.

Find out exactly how significant the loss
of baby Loras is for the parrot population
of Bonaire in the next ParrotWatch article.
And don't forget you can see some amaz-
ing movies of wild loras at
www.parrotwtach.org.0 Photo & story by
Sam Williams

Williams is in his fifth year of studying
Bonaire 's endangered
parrot, the Lora. A6

Builder: Beneteau
Year: 1989

CARIBBEAN HOMES LOA: 15.25 m. / 50 ft.
Beam: 4.72m./15.5 ft
So, E c o M Cruising Speed: 7 knots

Listed for: US$ 140,000

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008


New Stock

New Styles
Men, Women and Children

Ka Grd* 29


Page 11

The Silver- Sprayed Jeep CJ-7 Wrangler With Girl-Power Steering

The 35th of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J@n Brouwer, featuring some ofBonaire's
interesting vehicles that are "on wheels."

Picture Yourself With

The Reporter

Grossvenediger, Austria

Eva Graf and Matthias Brandl from
Vienna, Austria, write, "After re-
turning home in April from our second
Bonaire trip, we decided to take this issue
of The Reporter to the Austrian alps. The
picture was made on the summit of Aus-
tria's fourth highest mountain, Gross-
venediger (3.674 meters; 12,054 feet).
Hope to be back to Bonaire soon."

WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of
The Bonaire Reporter with you on your
next trip or when you return to your
home. Then take a photo of yourself with
the newspaper in hand. THE BEST PHO-
PRIZES. Mail photos to Bonaire Re-
porter, Box 407, Bonaire, Netherlands
Antilles (AN). E-mail to:


r ^

Bonaire -
One day in July I was hitting the
unpaved roads of the north side of
our island. My 600 cc single-cylinder off -
road motorcycle and I really like to go off
the tarmac. On the back of the bike
Nicolien Bout, also a reporter, enjoyed the
trip. Then the face of a classic Jeep CJ7
Wrangler, right in front of us, was growing
bigger and bigger. The car was parked in
the middle of the road. A tourist? Problems
with the car? A blond female appeared to
take some pictures of the environment.
Blond? Jeep? I tried to think on a slightly
higher level: This was Wilna!
In the months of July and August a clas-
sic silver sprayed Jeep CJ7 Wrangler, built
in 1981, was bouncing around the island of
Bonaire. Behind the girl-powered steering
wheel was Wilna Groenenboom: tough,
blond, shorts, sunglasses, smile. Wilna was
connected to The Bonaire Reporter for
some years as Art Director. After a long
stay of more than seven years on the island
she left for the Old World in July 2007.
Now the power girl was back: taking pic-
tures and getting more information because
of a new book: Document Bonaire, with
photographs by Wilna Groenenboom,
Anne-Marie Steijl and Frodo Weidema.
The book will be released in 2009 and will
be available in the Netherlands and on the
five islands of the Netherlands Antilles and
Aruba. You will find more information
about the book on the web side:
www.bonaireboek.nl ("boek" is Dutch for
"book." Weird people, those Dutch./jb)

So this blond chick was on the island,
flashing around in the staff car of The Bon-
aire Reporter, powered by a long stroke,
six-cylinder cast iron 5.8 liters old fash-
ioned push rod engine.
The car, built in 1981 according to the
serial number, was manufactured in Day-
ton, Ohio, USA. The vehicle was brought
to Bonaire from Curagao by Rob van den
Burg, those days the manager of Rum Run-
ners. One day George DeSalvo noticed the
car in the parking lot of Captain Don's
Habitat. He had to have it so, luckily, he
was able to buy the car. That was in the
year 1996.
George: "I immediately liked the car.
Open air, fun to drive, no doors, just a
windshield. The perfect car for Bonaire! I
bought it and I kept it!" Laura, his wife:
"We've had that car for 12 years??"
George continues: "We got this car com-
pletely rebuilt. The late Jan Mestrum, a
former Triple A road assistant from the
Netherlands, and Allen St. Jago, who ran a
garage next to Flamingo Television, did a
very good job. The car was taken apart,
new metal was used for replacement and
reinforcement. Then they re-sprayed the
vehicle and protected it against the influ-
ences of the weather and the climate and
look: this car is still going strong! Built on
a chassis, built in 1981! This is one of the
rare models with the classic round head
lights in the front!"
When I start the vehicle and push the
pedal the Jeep CJ-7 Wrangler runs like
hell, thanks to the impressive size of the

engine and the long stroke. Low revs, high
torque. Wilna is one of the few persons
who is able to drive this car. George: "The
gearshift has always been a problem. You
just have to fiddle around a little with the
shift. The box really has four different
gears! A very small part is missing and a
Bonairean mechanic made a conversion of
a stainless steel Allen bolt. No worry. We
never found the part in the States, but they
are able to make it on our island. It just
gives this car a mystique shift. No burglar
alarm needed!
Laura and I have owned this car for some
12 years now and we were often asked to
sell the Jeep. Now and then I've had my
hesitations and insecurities, but a friend of
us convinced us. He said: 'Just buy the
insurance and pay the road tax for your
beloved vehicle. Do not park it behind the
last barn! The first flat tire will be followed
by the second and that is the beginning of
the end of this rural classic. Just keep it
rolling. Top it up with cooling fluid, brake
fluid, check the gearbox and the transmis-
sion for leaks, blow some wind in the five
tires and bum that single straight 50 engine
oil. Keep the darned thing rolling!' And he
convinced me. And Wilna enjoyed the gas
guzzling car, checking
the fluids every day."
An older car is like a
relationship: you have to
maintain it and take care .
of it! U Story &photo
by J@n Brouwer

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008

Page 12


the Editor

Dear Editor,
I am for the moment very con-
fused. I don't know what to think
anymore after reading The Re-
porter, Issue 15. One concern is
about the governing people's
mathematics skills.
On one hand is my conclusion
that my six year old daughter is
better skilled than those men-
tioned. When I ask her how
much poo-poo comes each day
from 250 waterfront condos, if
500 people live there, she says
It was to difficult for her to
count out the difference of poo-

More Than Poo-poo
Ease Up
Can I Help?
STINAPA Disclaimer
Roadside Trash

poo between the 250 condos and
the fact that in the past (just a
few years ago) on those water
front lots there were just around
28 low consuming local family
I cannot understand that a gov-
ernment cannot see that this ad-
ditional poo-poo won't affect the
coral reef, so for a moment it
was definitely clear for me that if
now some of our governing peo-
ple in the past were teachers,
than could it not be in mathemat-
But wait a minute, I just
turned the page in the paper and
can see that the same people can
easily count- 700 Peruvians,

must number about 400-500
votes in the next elections.
About the condos:
Those condo complexes also
have huge swimming pools and
daily cleaning service, items
which definitely are not on
Ramon's (Marine Park Manager)
favorite list.
I hope the methods of con-
structing swimming pools is bet-
ter developed than the methods
of making normal house walls,
where most walls will crack
sooner or later, but
"PROBABLY" not those walls
in the swimming pools, holding
thousands of liters of chlorine
polluted water. Set me right if I
am wrong.
When looking at cracking
house walls, I am not so sure that
those swimming pools are not
leaking chlorine polluted water
right on the waterfront.

Thirteen years ago I had a con-
versation with a condo owner at
Hamlet. I was standing on a high
ladder fixing his third floor win-
dow, and we were talking about
pollution etc.
I told him that I found it
strange that all the cleaning ser-
vices, every day at diving loca-
tions, are using chlorine (bleach)
in their cleaning water.
He said to me with confidence,
"No no, it's not possible that
people still (1995) are using
chlorine when doing normal
Well I think that still in 2008
most cleaning is still done with
cleaning aids containing chorine.
I would like the Marine Park
and nature organizations to make
a list and publish what cleaning
products are all right to use, and
which products contain chorine
and actually should be forbidden

to use in daily cleaning.
It's not always easy to read the
smallest letters on all products,
but try to read this: "content
To inform the public about
products would be an easy step
for the government for to try to
lower the amount of pollution in
to the sea, but maybe that comes
under a famous Bonairean say-
ing, "We cannot always think of
nature." The rest of this saying:
"We also have to think about the
Please can somebody help me
in my confusion and tell me the
definition of progress?
Is that ten more years with cor-
als, or five, or forever? Please

(Continued on page 14)

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Letters (Continuedfrom page 13)
Dear Editor,
It was with great concern
and annoyance that I read
the ad in The Reporter is-
sue, NR. 16 about the SOS
campaign to save Bonaire's
I completely agree with
the Bonaire Marine Park
Manager, Mr. Ramon de
Leon, that something needs
to be done about waste-
water management and
something needs to be done
But to go as far as to ask
people to stop patronizing
waterfront businesses I
think is very extreme.
Have the "Friends" of
Bonaire thought about what
will happen if people stop
going to our businesses on
the waterfront? Apparently
not........The local working
population will be out of
work, our economy in
shambles. Is this what the
"Friends" of Bonaire would
like to see happen to Bon-
It is these kinds of atti-
tudes that create resentment
by the local population
against these types of or-
ganizations. It is this atti-
tude that has made the
world we live in like it is at
this moment in time. Every-
thing has to be aggressive
and extreme.
It is very nice that we
have people that are con-
cerned about the reef and
the island. But we do not
need these kinds of extrem-
ist views. If you have
"friends" like this, who
needs enemies?
Why not come up with
real solutions, acknowledg-
ing the task to transform
existing setups and propos-
ing to work with these fa-
cilities together with gov-
ernment and other environ-
mental agencies to make
necessary adjustment and/or
Diana Sint Jago.


Dear Editor,
This is the reaction of a
reader of The Reporter and
a Bonaire devotee. This is
my third year on Bonaire
(for holiday) and I enjoy the
underwater world here.
Now I read an alarming bit
concerning water quality
and the damage which that
possibly does to the reef. As
a tourist I feel it is proper to
report on the sewerage
problem that I even I add to
in a small way. Indeed I get
so much pleasure here, but
I am worried about the terri-
ble state in which the reef is
going that I find that I

would like to return some-
thing. On Tuesday we fly
back to the Netherlands. I
want to come back again.
How can I support your
action? Success to Mayday
A concerned tourist,
Marit Otto


To The Editor:
I share your concern over
Bonaire's reef as part of the
overall Ocean Pollution but
I found your recent editorial
(August 8) on the matter to
have a narrow focus. From
what I have read in your
paper, there has been en-
tirely TOO much focus on
the waterfront resorts. This
has contributed to an envi-
ronment where groups are
advertising in your paper for
boycotts. Exactly
what have these resorts
done wrong? Did they not
follow existing practices
and regulations during their
construction? Are
their systems any less ef-
fective then those used by
the rest of the island? What
will these boycotts do ex-
cept hurt the people who
are employed there. The
pollution situation is an IS-
LAND issue not just a resort
issue. I am not a scientist
but I cannot believe that the
bio mass represented by the
land fill, which is within a
stone throw of a lagoon, has
no impact on water qual-
ity Exactly where does this
waste water go that is being
trucked off? All waste wa-
ter dumped on this porous
limestone island will even-
tually leach into the ocean.
I feel the island's focus
should NOT be on resort
bashing but on the develop-
ment of mandatory minimal
requirements for waste
treatment for all construc-
tion, new or modification/
addition. Practices should
be developed to ensure that
ALL new construction or
conversion complies to eco
-friendly standards for all
outflow. Waste treatment
plans should be a mandatory
part of applications to do
business or for the construc-
tion of ALL new buildings,
or the conversion of existing
buildings through out ALL
the island INCLUDING
water front properties, re-
gardless of their end use.
Your editorial and the
STINAPA report seems to
indicate Septic Systems
when functioning properly
have zero outflow. Simple
research online will show
that this is simply not the
case. ALL such systems
leech. That is how they

work unless they are a
sealed holding tank sys-
tem. In the Chesa-
peake Bay watershed in the
United States, what this has
done to the water quality
has been documented on the
If you paper wants to spon-
sor a rally, I would sug-
gest it be a call for an Is-
land wide waste AND trash
management plan, as we all
gather benefits from the reef
not just the resorts.
If there was not a reef out
there would there be a Bon-
aire Reporter?
Jason Hirsh
Editor's note: The Bonaire
Reporter began as a yacht
visitor's newssheet, Port
Call, not as an underwater

Dear Readers,
In the Bonaire Reporter of
August 8-22, volume 15 on
page 6 appeared an adver-
tisement with the heading;
'Stop Our Sewage, cam-
paign to save Bonaire's
STINAPA/Bonaire Na-
tional Marine Park hereby
states that our office in no
way contributed to or paid
to have this advertisement
published in any periodical.
Furthermore, the group who
placed it, used the telephone
number of our office with-
out our authorization.
STINAPA Bonaire,
C. Elsmarie F.
Beukenboom, Director

The Reporter has re-
ceived additional letters on
the subject of reef protec-
tion since the publication
of the last edition. We
hope to be able to include
them in upcoming issues

Dear Editor:
I can't help but notice the
growing accumulation of
trash along the side of the
main road from Playa to
It really distracts from the
beauty of the ride up north
and undermines Bonaire's
reputation as the Carib-
bean's cleanest island.
Will the careless people
who throw trash from their
cars please stop it and will
SELIBON please check and
clean the roadside more
I'd do it myself but are
afraid of being hit by a car
as most of the sushi is on a
blind turn and the autos
really speed trough the area.

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008

Page 14

Artist Anita Vader

A nita Vader is what is known as a
"Patchwork" artist. Trained as an
illustrator at art school the artist did
woodcuts, etchings and "was drawing
always," she says. Her artistic talent
brings another dimension to her manipu-
lation with fabrics, using them like they
were paint. Vader admits that she's
"hooked on this work."
She and her art were brought to our
attention when she made the winning
entry in the Lora Foundation's Art Com-
petition. Her home here in Bonaire is
filled with her quilts and wall hangings
that are just too special to be put on a
bed. Her house in Holland houses even
"I think it's wonderful," she explains
that in the US this art is passed down in
families. In Holland, I'm alone; the first
one in my family to pursue this." Vader
communicates via the Internet with a
number of fellow patchwork artists in the
US and around the world, and they trade
ideas, fabrics and even their own work
that might be incorporated into another's
"I love a challenge," she admits, and
has garnered a number of prizes from the
Dutch Quilters Guild, from fabric compa-
nies and from the Bernina sewing ma-
chine company. She's been in the Open
European Quilt Championship Show
(OEQC) which this year had 140 com-
One particular challenge where she was
a prize winner had as the theme,
"growth." She portrayed a Dutch water
bird from infancy to adulthood in its

Captur yEo

...." Frettu in Fink" ..

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Now Open At
Captain Don's habitat
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natural water environment. She's won
other prizes for a "water" theme
(depicting a reef and fish as seen in Bon-
aire). Another theme might be cows, or
bowties or baskets, even apple cores.
What can be done by painting or other
mediums, Vader can accomplish in
"In Holland the fabrics are so expen-
sive," Anita says, and most of them are
imported from the US. So when I had an
opportunity to shop for fabrics in the
States you can imagine my delight. I
came back with suitcases loaded!"
This very talented artist should exhibit
her work so that people may see, enjoy
and marvel over what can be done with a
palette of fabrics. 0 L.D.

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008


Page 15

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Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di
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Antillean Wine Company. You've tried the rest; now
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Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008

Page 16


HH 2 for 1 (all beverages) 6-7

* HH- 50% off- Buddy Dive Re-
Friday -Augustii 22 Fa

sort, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Divi Flamingo Casino open
daily for hot slot machines, roulette
and blackjack, Monday to Saturday
8 pm- 4 am; Sunday 7 pm- 3 am.
By appointment Rooi
Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours
$21 (includes tax). Discounts for
residents and local people. Tel. 717-

8489, 540-9800.
* Parke Publico children's play-
ground open every day into the eve-
ning hours.

Steak Night On the Beach (a la carte)
with live mariachi- Buddy Dive Re-
sort, 6-10pm
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Enjoy a Bonairean breakfast while you
shop, fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts,
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March first Saturday of the
* All You Can Eat BBQ at Divi
Flamingo with live music, 6 to 9 pm.
Call for reservations 717-8285 ext.
Soldachi Tours-See the real
Bonaire and be transported back in
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Mountain Bike Training for
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* Margarita & Taco Tuesdays!
With $2.50 Margaritas and a Taco bar!
Plus Live music by the Flamingo
Rockers, 6-8pm Divi Flamingo,
Balashi Beach Bar
* "Live Cooking by the Chefs"
with live music by the Flamingo
Rockers Unplugged Buddy Dive
Resort, 6-10 pm

* Flamingo Rockers at
"Admiral's Hour" for yachtsmen
and others, Vespucci Restaurant,
Harbour Village Marina. HH drinks,
gratis tapas, 5-7 pm

* Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7-10 pm. $10 per per-
son. Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth
Vos at 565-5225
* Free Rum Punch Party (5:30-
6:30 pm) with Moogie Nation, fol-
lowed by all-u-can-eat BBQ, 7-10 pm,
Buddy Dive Resort


Sunday- Creature Feature- John

and Suzie Wall of Buddy's Digital
photo center present a multimedia
slide presentation about Buddy's
House Reef pool bar Buddy Dive,
6:30-7 pm, 717-5080
Monday- Land & Ocean Bonaire
by Fish-Eye photo staff, 8 pm on the
big screen in front of Bonaire Dive &
Tuesday -Sea Turtle Conservation
Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles of
Bonaire Slide Show. Every 1st & 3rd
Tuesday, Buddy Dive Resort, 7 pm-
Tuesday-Diving Facts And Fiction
- An Evening with DIR slide/video
show by Caribbean Gas Training, 8
pm, Bonaire Dive & Adventure,786-
Wednesday- Sea Turtle Conserva-
tion Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles
ofBonaire Slide Show, every 2nd &
4th Wednesday at Bruce Bowker's
Carib Inn (717-8819) at 7pm.


Kas Kriyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's
past in this venerable old home that has
been restored and furnished so it appears the
family has just stepped out Local ladies will
tell you the story. Open Monday thm Fri-
day, 9 -12,2-4. Weekends by appointment
Call 717-2445.
MangasinadiRei, Rincon. Enjoy the
view from "The King's Storehouse." Learn
about Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from
the 17thcentuiy. Daily. Call 717-4060 /
Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree,
behind the Catholic Church in town Open
weekdays from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel.
Washington-Slagbaai National
Park, Museum and Visitors' Center.
Open daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on
some holidays. 717-8444/785-0017


AA meetings -every Wednesday at
7pm; every Sunday at 5pm. Phone:
Al-Anon meetings every Monday
evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Weekly Bonaire Talker Gathering
and Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30
pm call 567-0655 for directions.
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7.30
pm) All levels, NAf2,50. Call Joop
717-5903 for venue.
Darts Club plays every other Sun-
day at City Caf6. Registration at 4,
games at 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
JCI First Wednesday of the Month
- Junior Chamber International Bon-
aire (JCI Bonaire, formerly known as
Bonaire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO
building, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from
7:30 to 9:30 pm. Everyone is wel-
come. Contact: Renata Domacass6
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other
Tuesday, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595,
Jeannette Rodriguez.
Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th
Thursday of the month at 8 pm at
Kaya Sabana #1. All Lions welcome.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday,
12 noon-2 pm 'Pirate House', above

ZeeZicht Restaurant. All Rotarians
welcome. Tel. 717-8434
Toastmasters Club meets every
two weeks. For more information call
Crusita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia
Martinez Beck, at 786-2953.


Protestant Congregation of Bonaire:
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In
Papiamentu, Dutch, English, Sundays,
10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papia-
mentu, Sundays, 8:30 am.
Children's club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in
Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in
Rincon. Bible Study and Prayer meet-
ings, Thursdays, at 8 pm, Kralendijk.

New Apostolic Church: Centro di
Bario Nord Salifia, Sundays, 10 am.
Services in Dutch. 700-0379.
International Bible Church of Bon-
aire, at SGB High School auditorium
(Kaya Frater Odulfinus, off Kaya
Korona.) Sunday services in English
at 9 am; Sunday evening prayer meet-
ing at Pastor's home, 7 pm. Fridays, 6
to 8 pm, Light & Life Club, children 5
to 12 yrs. Tel. 717-8332.

Catholic: San Bernardus in Kral-
endijk Services, Sunday at 8 am and
7 pm in Papiamentu, 717-8304.
Our Lady of Coromoto in Antriol,
Saturday at 6 pm in English. Mass in
Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6
pm. 717-4211.

Assembly of God (Asemblea di
Dios): Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In
English, Dutch & Papiamentu on Sun-
day at 10 am. Wednesday Prayer
Meeting at 7:30 pm. 717-2194

Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services
Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bon-
aire Youth Center in English, Dutch and
Papiamentu. Preaching the full gospel.
Contact: 786-2557.

Prayer and Intercession Church,
in English. A full Gospel Church
located temporarily at Kaya Alexan-
drit # 20, Santa Barbara, Republiek.
Services are held on Sunday mornings
from 10am until 11:30am. Bible stud-
ies in English are on Monday nights
from 7 to 8 pm.
Contact: 717-3322

The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints: Kaya Sabana #26,
Sundays: 9 am Sacrament Ser-
vices (Translation to English and
Papiamentu upon request) 10:20
Sunday School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/
PH Primary held from 10:20-12 noon
Visitors Welcome: 701-9522 for In-

Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Email reporter@bonairenews.com
Tel:790-6518, 786-6125
or 790-8988

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008

Page 17

1w R -1 r MA K %

WIars Coming Our W
In the last couple of months we wrote MAX, Sun Rentals, and Sun-
about quite some developments shine Homes appeared on island. Other
"coming our way," and we're not even agencies opened up also, but aren't there
close to having seen all of 'em. We will anymore; Holland Realty, Home Sweet
continue, but still.. let's just hold here for Home, Inproject and Bonaire Partners
a while. Realty amongst them.
Some of the developments we wrote It seems we are heading into the next
about (Bamboo Bali, Country House, Jibe phase of the Bonairean real estate busi-
City Shop, Flamingo Airport parking, ness as we speak. Many of the current
Plaza Resort Marina, Solymar Earthships realtors are growing: Sunbelt opened an
and the Tourism Awareness Project) are additional office across the street (in the
obviously not second home develop- former "Rendez Vous" Restaurant loca-
ments, but Bona Bista, Elegancia del tion) from where they handle rental-
Caribe, El Pueblo, Regatta Residence, related business.
The Resort project near Hato and Water- RE/MAX moved from the Royal Palm
lands Village are! Gallery to a brand new office building on
A quick calculation shows that these Kaya Grandi next to Digicel. Caribbean
projects already account for over 300 Homes is currently creating a new and
homes and condos that are intended to be larger office space above the Capriccio
sold (or already have been sold) someday Restaurant and has also entered the mar-
to a new owner. That's where (in many ket of yacht brokerage.
cases) the island's realtors come in. It's Bonaire Sunshine Homes moved to
an understatement to say that it's getting larger office space in the former Xavier
harder not to note their sales signs and Medical School canteen. Harbourtown
ads while driving around the island, has given a new look to its office and
Until the 80s there was no real estate now manages the rental pool of Water-
agency on the island. What would you lands Village Resort as well.
need it for back then? There was virtually These realtors would definitely not in-
no market for second homes, and locals vest if they believed that the end of a
who wanted to sell their place would just good real estate market would be in sight
tell it in the streets and in the snackies. somewhere.
Norman Evertsz (Taxabon) appeared to The market is obviously not as booming
be the first official realtor on-island until now as it has been during the last two to
Hugo Gerharts opened Sunbelt Realty three years. This may be due to interna-
followed by Wim Hendriks who opened tional economic factors like the slower
Harbourtown Real Estate. Over time and growth of both American and European
as the market grew, new realtors like economies. Still, it doesn't seem to mean
Bonaire Realty, Caribbean Homes, RE/ that things will slow down in the long


We also heard about the opening of an
agency planned later this year enter-
ing the Bonairean real estate market that
will focus specifically on serving the
buyer's interests, as a logic reaction to the
idea that the traditional realtors would
have a tendency to first serve the seller's
Knowing all this, you might want to
have another good look at Bonaire as it is
right now (or as it was in previous days):
surroundings may and probably will
It's basically that one certainty we all
have in life: the globe
(and Bonaire there-
fore) will continue to
change. Let's just add
that it's hopefully in
the direction you and
me wanna see it!
Story & Photo
by Marcel Leurs

The1 4cily rwl, E so u ske(1401 of al:O

IsQs inr-i e ro 'c

1Tho SQ Shop
fl4QfwP~xiLA- LC ---IV

Awkn h oPr* Best Buddles
Ggrlnd na41e.

The Island Supplier, Kaya Industria I Wholesale and Retail
28A. Tel # 717-6446 or 717-6448 T.I.S. delivers to homes, marinas
Fax # 717-6447 Email: tis@telbonet.an restaurants, supermarkets and tokos.

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008

Page 18


*to find it... iust look uo

Week is the
Time to See
the Milky
Way in All

E veryone
heard of the
Milky Way
but most peo-
ple who live
in brightly lit
up urban areas have seldom seen it. So I'm suggesting that next week when there
will be no bright moonlight out that you head out far from city lights where it's
good and dark out in early evening to show your kids and yourself this wonderful
ribbon of light that has fascinated millions of human beings for thousands of
On a clear night next week far from lights between 9 and 10 pm, face north
where you'll see five bright stars, which if we connect with lines, trace out a
squashed out capital letter "w" or "m' on its side. This is the constellation Cassio-
peia named for an ancient Ethiopian queen. And next week you'll have no trouble
seeing what looks like a faint milky white cloud behind Cassiopeia. But this cloud
is different because if you look at it carefully you will notice that it continues up
beyond Cassiopeia to overhead where you'll see three much brighter stars, two in
front of the cloud and one just off to the side. Vega, Deneb and Altair. And if we
connect them with lines we trace out a great triangle, which is called the Summer
Triangle. And between 9 and 10 pm next week it will be almost directly over-
head, celebrating late summer.
Next, turn yourselves around so that you're facing south and you'll notice that
after this milky cloud arches across the top of the sky it continues downward to-
ward the southern horizon. And close to the southern horizon you'll notice that it
gets much thicker and wider. And several bright stars, which if connected by lines
make up the teapot portion of Sagittarius, are directly in front of this cloud.
You'll also see several more stars, which trace out the fish hook-shaped constella-
tion, Scorpius the scorpion. And his tail and stinger are also embedded within
this cloud. And it is this great cloud arching across the heavens from north to
south that is the fabled Milky Way.
But now that you know how to find it, do you know what it actually is? Well, if
you look at it closely with binoculars you will see thousands of tiny pinpoints of
light, each of which is a star so far away that their combined light fuzzes together
into this milky blur. Thus the name, the Milky Way, which many ancient peoples
believed was the heavenly pathway to the afterlife.
Today we know that when we look at the Milky Way we are looking at the plane
of our galaxy, the family of stars to which our Sun belongs, a family of over 200
billion stars, of which our Sun is just one. We are located about two-thirds of the
way out from the bulging center. And when we look at Sagittarius and Scorpius
we are actually looking toward the bulging center, which is why the Milky Way
looks wider here. Conversely, when we look toward Cassiopeia we are looking
out toward our galaxy's thinner edge. So see this wonder of the universe yourself
as it stretches from Cassiopeia up through the Summer Triangle then down
through Sagittarius and Scorpius.. 0 JackHorkheimer

By Jenny

August (end) 2008

ARIES: March 20th -April 20th This month's solar eclipse sent an SOS to Chiron
the wounded healer, while your ruler Mars gets busy in your house of work. Even
though you have a million things to do, investing some time and energy enhancing your
health would be your best bet now!
TAURUS: April 20th May 21st Powerful emotions could sweep you away while
your ruler Venus receives Pluto and Neptune. Whatever you're feeling right now is a
bit intense. Try to put off social and romantic commitments until after the Lunar
eclipse mid month. Right now you're a bit whimsical and under the influence of some
fairy dust!
GEMINI: May 21st June 21st Your thoughts about your current situation seem to
be right on. Although, once your ruler Mercury enters the critical sign of Virgo mid
month and hooks up with stem Saturn you'll be the first to see the flaws of your inten-
tions. Use this month to map out Plan B and C so you won't waste any time doubting
yourself if things don't work out the way you thought they would.
CANCER: June 21st July 22nd While you are totally focused on finances now, this
month could really shake things up! You'll need to be more creative than usual to man-
age your cash flow. However, you could also come up with great ideas about how to
make more. You can't afford to rely on promising others because ultimately they will
fail you. This is a good time to envision and plan new ventures.
LEO: July 22nd August 23rd This month promises to be a rocking marker in your
road! With two eclipses in your sign, its starts with a big bang and then fizzles like a
4th of July sparkler. But don't give up hope as you are being given a glimpse of your
finest future. Whatever shocks you, delights or inspires you now is certain to be a part
of your future. Engage yourself, but realize it may take sometime before your dreams
VIRGO: August 23rd September 22nd You are having a rough time, I know. With
Saturn in your sign conspiring with your ruler Mercury you might even feel
cursed! Add on two eclipses this month in your 12th house of reflecting: you may
spend lots of time wondering how you can escape your seemingly miserable
karma. It's hard to ask a Virgo not to fret; however, your mission is to challenge your
discomfort into something wonderful. Do this by channeling your current thoughts!
LIBRA: September 23rd October 23rd The solar eclipse in your house of friend-
ships and future goals could have your world spinning! Suddenly it seems that every
part of your life is up for change. This includes, people, friends, intentions and
dreams. Prepare yourself to release lots and go with the flow.
SCORPIO: October 23rd November 22nd Expect some change in your social
status! This month's solar and lunar eclipses will lead you closer to your goals and
dreams. With your ruler Mars activating your networking house, you'll find others that
can assist you. Success comes from embracing transformation.
SAGITTARIUS: November 22nd December 21st Your ruler Jupiter (in favorable
aspect to steady Saturn in your house of honors) will allow you new opportunities. If
you're already comfortable this could be a great month to travel. However, if you are
still climbing the ladder, this is a perfect time to go back to school to prepare for career
changes. If single; you'll meet someone delightful at a study course or on the road!
CAPRICORN: December 21st January 20th With lucky Jupiter in your sign and a
solar eclipse in your house of support you'll find benefits come easily now. This is a
time when the universe can easily underwrite your efforts. Loans, grants or even bene-
factors will be willing to assist you once you ask!
AQUARIUS: January 20th February 19th A solar eclipse in your house of part-
ners was a sure sign that someone new is about to enter your life. They could be quite
unusual or highly charismatic! The only snag this month is Mars opposing your ruler
in the house of money. Looks like someone needs yours or wants to tell you how to
spend it!
PISCES: February 19th -March 20th You'll be doing some of your best work this
month, as the solar eclipse pushes you towards greatness. A couple of things could
happen here. You could become healthier than ever, take on a leadership role at work
or simply enjoy watching the summer Olympics. This eclipse takes place in your house
of wellness, work and sports! 0

L04 0 MEDIATE, and
Phone: (599) 09 512-6375
Phone: (599) 717-2500 EXT. 8210





Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008

wwavisioi.kinfo-ph: 717.2844-cll: 786.2M44
Scuba Vision Films is Bonaire's premier video production facility.
We are available for your video imaging projects underwater and topside.
Nature Films Documentaries Travel Adventure Advertising TV Broadcast
Underwater Stock footage HDV Digital Photo Weddings
DVD Reproductions DVD Mastering and Authoring
Courses and Seminars.

info@scubavision.info Ph: (599) 717.2844 Cell:786.2844
Kaya Grandi #6 Photo Tours -

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with roads and utilities

Bonaire Reporter August 22-September 5, 2008

Spciaols, styLLsk, romantic watefont t via with pool and dock

3.A. Abraham Blvd. 110
Located at one of the most desired areas
of Bonaire, this villa combines luxurious
waterfront living with a comfortable and
spacous layout. Enoy the cong breezes
on the shaded porch at the poolside.
Lay out entrance via front garden and
porch, hallway, lvingroom with well
equpd open ten on platform, master
bedroom with en suite bathroom and
walk-in closet two bedrooms, bathroom,
half bath, pantry/utlity room, large shaded
porch with sundec and pool at waterfront.
Several handy extras such as outdoor
shower and rinse tanks. Total ground
area: 656 mZ (7.059 ft) Living area:
210 m2 (2.260 ftW). Long lease land.

Asking price: US$ 850,000

Sunbelt Realty Kaya LLD. Gerhar 3 & 8 Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles T +599 717 65 60 F +599 71765 70 infosunbeltan wwwsunbettbonaire-com

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