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\\April 18-iMay 2;Volume 15, Issue8

Kunuku Shimaruku, PO Box 407, Bonairei onae GNetherlands Anties hone 7908988 7906518 e-mail: reporter@bonairenews.com Since 1994bly
Kunuku Shimaruku, PO Box 407, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, Phone 790-8988, 790-6518, email: reporter@bonairenews.com Since 1994






I ,

t's official. The start date
for the revision of the po-
litical structure for the Nether-
lands Antilles of December 15,
2008, is not feasible. Kingdom
Relations State Secretary Ank
Bijleveld-Schouten traveled to the
Antilles earlier this month to try
to set a new date, expected to be
sometime in 2010.
However, for the three islands
of Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba,
the Dutch will replace many of
the functions of the Curagao-
based Central Government before
the official transition date. The
primary bottleneck is that Cura-
gao and St. Maarten did not ade-
quately implement the legislation
and plans required for the transi-
tion. But for the three "BES is-
lands" (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and
Saba), the multitude of legislation
in combination with the limited
"absorption capacity" is a risk for
a fast transition to the new politi-
cal situation.

D Last Tuesday the Dutch Sec-
ond Chamber accepted a motion
again opening the possibility of
sending troublesome Antillean
and Aruban youngsters back to
the islands. The Dutch parlia-
mentarians voted on a total of
seven motions, all related to deal-
ing with at-risk Antillean youths
in the Netherlands.

Bonaire just got its own
airline again. Ever since
BonairExel morphed into DAE no
plane has flown with the Bonaire
flag on its tail. Now EZ Air, under
the direction of long time Bonaire
pilot and Air Ambulance operator
Rene Winkel, will take to the
skies between the ABC islands
with a nine-passenger plane.
Oftentimes the demand exceeds
the supply for seats between the
islands and the new service
complements that offered by Divi
-Divi, DAE, Tiara and Insel Air.
Flights begin in two weeks. You
can reach them at 515-3939 or
D At least four flights were
diverted from Aruba as its air-
port fire fighters went on strike.
Last Tuesday one Continental
flight went to Curagao and one to

Air France-KLM walked
away from its planned takeover
of Alitalia after talks with the
near-bankrupt Italian carrier's
unions broke down last
Wednesday. Air France-KLM
said it regretted the breakdown in
talks but conditions did not exist
for further negotiations. "This
company is cursed: only an
exorcist can save it," outgoing
Alitalia President Prato was
quoted as saying.

As we go to press Delta Air
Lines and Northwest Airlines
announced an agreement in
which the two carriers will
combine in an all-stock
transaction with a combined
enterprise value of $17.7 billion,
creating the world's largest
airline. The new airline, which
will be called Delta. Delta flies to
Bonaire and Northwest is a KLM

D With the winding down of
the busy season, according to
many merchants the busiest in
Bonaire's history, Delta Airlines
cancelled its second weekly 757
flight on Thursdays. There is a
good possibility it will resume
when demand warrents. The
Saturday flight continues.

Lt. Governor Herbert Doma-
cass6 swore in Eugene Robert
Abdul as Deputy Lt. Governor
this week. Abdul will replace
Ubaldo Anthony who has been in
this position for more than four
years. Abdul was Lt. Governor of
St. Eustatius from 1997 till 2003,
and with his experience he wants
to contribute to this island.

There will be a recital by
Dutch pianist Hannes Minnaar
on Thursday, April 24, at the
Plaza Resort. On the program are
works of Bach, Beethoven and
Schubert. Minnaar is a well
known artist in Europe and is on
tour to Bonaire, Aruba and
Curagao, supported by the
"Consocium Martina," KLM and
Sun Alliance Insurance. Presale
tickets for the concert are NAf 30
at Flamingo Bookstore and NAf
40 at the door on the evening of

Bonaireans were surprised
by an approximate 2.5% jump in
fuel prices because the
governments press release didn't
arrive until the gas pump prices
were already changed. The new
prices are:
Gasoline 92 octane- NAf 2,02
per liter
Gasoline 95 octane- NAf 2,05
per liter
Kerosine- NAf .8037 per liter
Diesel (Gasoil)- NAf 127,04 per liter
LPG cylinder 100 pounds, domestic use- NAf 76,77
LPG cyilinder 20 pounds, domestic use- NAf 14,69
The price of regular gas is on Bonaire is equivalent to $4.32 per
gallon. The current average price for regular in the US is about
$3.60 according to Reuters. The gap between Bonaire and US gas
prices is narrowing.
The power company, WEB, also announced an increase in the
fuel surcharge (brandstofclausule) to NAf 0.41288 per kWh. Look
for ever higher electric bills as the price of oil hovers over $110 a

the performance. The price of the
ticket includes food and drinks
after the concert and the
opportunity to meet the artist and
other visitors. Coordinating the
concert on Bonaire is Hans
Faassen, telephone: 717-5767.

0 There is a scarcity of coins
on Bonaire. The Central Bank
(BNA- Bank of the Netherlands
Antilles) publicized this and re-
quests the public to turn in quanti-
ties of coins for paper money at
commercial banks. The BNA said
there is an international scarcity of
raw material to make coins. Nev-

ertheless, BNA expects to receive
enough coins in a few weeks.

) Rincon Day/Queen's Birth-
day (April 30), Labor Day and
Ascension Day (May 1 and 2)
will be public holidays offering
an extended vacation for many
Bonairean workers. Employers are
reminded that according to the
labor laws employees cannot be
forced to work those days and
those that do must be paid the
holiday wage.
Minister Elvis Tjin A Sjoe said
that May 2 will be an official holi-
day this year, based on two holi-
days coinciding, and has been
approved recently by the Council
of Ministers.

1 A free trade agreement
between Aruba and the Nether-
lands Antilles is nearing comple-
tion, announced the Antillean
Economic and Labor Affairs Min-
ister Elvis Tjin Asjoe after his
meeting with Aruban Finance
Minister Nilo Swaen last week in
Aruba. Both Ministers have final-
ized the protocol regulating agree-
ments on free trade of products of
the islands. The Ministers also
discussed lowering the unbalance
in airport departure taxes. The
Aruban departure tax to Bon-
(Continued on page 4)


Table of Contents

This Week's Stories
Flotsam & Jetsam, Fuel prices
New Film (The Value of
Coral) 3
IBC Moves 3
Lighthouse Renewal 8
Underwater Camera Repair
Contest di Fli (Kites) 10
JePoBon Bike Tour 10
Kuifje Kraze Kontinues 11
Envirowatch (Off-road sign) 13
Letters to the Editor (Hotel De-
velopment, Good Schools, New PO
Service?) 13
Caribbean Endemic Bird
Festival 15
Fishing Tourney Results 18

Flotsam & Jetsam 2
Profiles-Gross'Toensend 5
Bonairean Voices (Entertainment
part 1) 7
Clead Blue Water News
(Algae) 8
Soduko Puzzle 9
Picture Yourself (Belfast,
Kuifjeland, Bonaire 15
Dining and Shopping Guidel2
Tide Table 13
Reporter Masthead 13
Classifieds 14
What's Happening 16
Sky Park (Big Dipper) 17
Star Power 17
Soduko Answer 18
What's Coming Our Way
(Tourism Awareness Program)19

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t Peugeot, Krmco
-- loekie, Giant
SGazelle Brands
SParts and accessories for
S -- any brand scooter or bike
Bike Clothes for Everyone

SKaya Grandi #61
1 pc Across from INPO
VI n(3- Open: 8:30-12:30, 2:00-5:30
Owner Operated

freewieler@flamingotv. net

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008


Air conditioned or open air terrace

Lunch: Open Monday through Friday from 11am-3pm
Dinner: Open Monday through Saturday from 6pm-10pm

Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 46 Tel/Fax: 717-7070
e-mail: info@bistrodeparis.com website: www.bistrodeparis.com

Page 2

New Bonaire Film h;"Vlu DZZ iwo
OfC orFalcpw

I was inspired to make this short
film as I stood on the shore one
day here on Bonaire and witnessed
two divers coming out of the water
with gloves on. When I asked them
why they needed to wear gloves they
simply replied, "We need to protect
our hands because we use them in
our daily work!"
Being a free-lance videographer I
do meet lots of divers whom I film
during their diving experience, but
each time, over and over, divers
show a lack of respect for that very
thing that Bonaire stands for. Bon-
aire has always been the forerunner
of nature conservation, 46 years to
be exact, and well before any other
island in the Caribbean had any clue
of the importance of nature conser-
vation. This human action 46 years
ago is why Bonaire is today the last
haven for many people to still see a
natural paradise.
Bonaire used to be on the travel
map only for those who could en-
dure the long flights, knowing that
their destination had only a small
airport with little or no modem con-
veniences like plush hotels, smart
white-lined roads or discos. So for
many years Bonaire remained off the
tourist radar. Those people who did
come here respected and loved both
the island's nature and its warm
hearted inhabitants.
The tourism frenzy of the last dec-
ade has put both of these things in
danger, a danger that Bonaire has

not seen
since the
last Dutch
in 1663!
With the
new BES
that has
Bonaire to
be seen as a
safe finan-
cial invest-
ment, has
with it all the trimmings of the mod-
em world, accompanying this mod-
em day occupation. It would be both
unrealistic and unfair to expect the
island and its people to stay in the
As the price of real estate goes up
on a daily basis and the import of
cars challenges the durability of the
roads, the new hotels exceed the
ability of the island to absorb their
waste. It is time for all of us to reas-
sess the value of coral, the very thing
that inspired all this interest.
If you believe that the coral has a
value, think again. Watch this You-
tube film and see how our diving
freedom ideology has been degraded
by a lack of respect for life: htt://
and select: "The Value of Coral."
As an independent film maker one

of the things I can do to help is to
bring the whole situation to the at-
tention of the public. Youtube is a
powerful media form and can bring
about change. I made films about
waste water and the landfill. It is not
understandable to see how they can
get away with their waste water and
landfill pollution, knowing that all
these action are described as unac-
ceptable and totally illegal.
Films that bought about awareness
of these situations have been felt as
far away as the Dutch Government.
If you have an issue you would like
to bring up, contact me, Hendrik, at
info(iscubavision.info or call me at
717-2844. I will make your voice
heard. Show you care! Speak out!
Help Bonaire keep its heart. 0
Story and photo by Hendrik Wuyts

f you thought that big sign said "International Bible
Church" on the white pickup truck parked in front of
SGB High School (Scholengemeenschap Bonaire) last
weekend, you are right. As of April 6th, the International
Bible Church of Bonaire has moved its Sunday morning
worship services to the auditorium (aula) of the SGB High
School. For the past nine years they held their activities at
Trans World Radio. The IBC is planning to build its own
church building in the Hotel Row / southern Hato area. The
church has a building fund goal of NAf 200.000 for a user
friendly, but not elaborate, facility. The building fund
stands at about NAf30.000 right now.
The picture shows the church's new home at the audito-
rium of the high school, relative to other Bonaire land-
marks, like Cultimara and the big satellite dishes of Fla-
mingo TV. The Sunday morning service is at 9 am and visi-
tors are always welcome. The church lives up to its interna-
tional billing with a friendly congregation from all over the
Antilles, the Caribbean and the rest of the world.
On Fridays, the IBC Light and Life Club provides two
hours of fun and games, with songs, story time and Bible
verses in English and Papiamentu for children five to 12
years old. It's just a part of IBC's community presence.
The International Bible Church at SGB will be a positive
factor in the school's life, too, beginning with plans already
in the works for group clean-up. 0
Ditta Morrison Brad Swanson

* Located right above the beach

* Just steps away to great diving and snorkeling

* Unspoiled island views

* 3 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms

* Private pool and covered porch

* Luxurious fully equipped open kitchen

* Living area approx.154,30 m2 (1,657 ft2)

* Built on 608 m2 (approx. 6,530 ft2).
of owned land

For more detailed information contact our office.

Listed For: $1,100,000 USD

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

Beuiu cafon il aaec rw ig 1

Page 3

Flotsam and Jetsam (Continued from page 2)
aire is NAf 70 the Bonaire departure tax
is NAf 10.

1 Last week the LV (Agriculture
Dept) and the SSV (non-criminal police)
started to tackle the problems of stray
dogs. The actions began following several
attacks on local people and a meeting
between Commissioner Boy Clarenda and
officials of LVV, SSV, Selibon, the Animal
Shelter and the island attorney.
The Bonairean government's security
service, SSV is patrolling the countryside
where the kunukus with goats are. The
LVV dog catcher will patrol the streets
more often, especially in the evening. In
those neighborhoods with a lot of stray
dogs, the SSV will inform dog owners to
keep their dogs inside their yards. There
will be actions against those owners who
ignore the warning.

1 The Netherlands Antilles has been
accused of being a vacation destination
with a large amount of animal suffering.
By the Venezuelan-based Stichting Dieren-
hulp (Animal Aid Foundation).
At the top of the list is Greece, which took
over the first spot from Spain. The Nether-
lands Antilles now occupies the third place.
Reasons include the recent purchase of six
wild dolphins from Cuba for the dolphinar-
ium on Curagao, reports of animal abuse on
the streets, and the transport of wild don-
keys from Bonaire to Curagao to be served
as food for the zoo animals.
Stichting Dierenhulp has been active since
1996 in Venezuela.

1 The Catholic Church's leader in the
ABC islands, Bishop Luis Secco, recently
met with Pope Benedict XVI during the
quinquennial (every five years) meeting of
regional bishops and archbishops with the

Join in for


great fun
and help our schoolchildren
get a decent breakfast !

Get your tickets TODAY


Sunday April 20
First possible start 0900 am

Rally card NAf. 50,00 per car,
BBQ following NAf. 25,00 pp

Tickets are available at
Restaurant It Rains Fishes
Akkermans Auto Supplies N.V.
Sunbelt Realty N.V.
and Rotary members

Rotary Club Bonaire

Pope. Since the 16th century bishops have
been required to make a pilgrimage to
Rome every five years.

D The last two cruise ships of the season
are due this Sunday, April 20 and finally on
Wednesday, April 30. The off-season
replacement for the Cruise Ship Open
Market in Wilhelmina Plaza is currently
awaiting approval by the Bonaire
Government. According to some of the
market's vendors, even on cruise ship days,
local people are the best customers for their

1 There are several events leading up
to the 30th annual Rincon Day
celebration on April 30. A Children's
Festival will take place at the Rincon
Community Center (Centro di Bario) this
Saturday, April 19 and the Chichi and Bubi
Festival on the next Saturday, April 26.
Both will run from 7 to 11 at night.
Persons interested in having a stand
during Rincon Day are invited to pass by
the old Hulp Bestuurskantoor behind the
Sentro di Bario in Rincon between 5 and 7
pm. Contact Francisco Janga for more

I Youth for Christ of Rincon and
Playa (Hubentut pa Christu di Rincon i
Playa) will again have their second-hand
book stand beside the Protestant church on

Bonaire's Finest Facility for
Physiotherapy and Fitness
We Care For the People on Bonaire
1 Direct postoperative care
D Stroke and other neurological
D Developmental therapy for
D Care after amputation and
D Relaxation techniques
D Pulmonary therapy
D Medical fitness & sport guidance
D Diabetes care
D Heart-rehabilitation
D Lymph therapy

Starti~ngow Groups for weight
tarting N oss and
chronic tow back pain

Op rnIMondiayF ]dy7 'I12.0n
13.0 2100(Fidyclsat1.0

I During Dia di Rincon the Bonaire Bikers will have their third "Kareda Pa
Rincon." It's a trip with motocycyles to show affection and solidarity for the village of
Rincon and to bring more visitors to celebrate the day. To participate is NAf15 per
person which includes a T-shirt sponsored by Digicel for the first 150 people to sign up.
The Bikers appreciate the welcome they have been given by Rincon for the last nine
years as every Sunday the club has a parade and visit to Rincon. Photo: Bikers at Walkathon

Kaya Crestian during Rincon Day, May 30.
You can buy new and second-hand books in
many kinds of languages and a lot of
children books too.

D The 5th Annual Antique Bicycle
Parade will take place on May 2 in
Rincon. This year it's dedicated to Galen
Cicilia of Rincon. Bikes have traditionally
been used as transport in the Rincon area
and to this day many senior still ride

D The Punt Vierkant neighborhood
residents, Allerd Stikker and Lenor Linder
among others, who fought to block the
construction of high rise buildings in their

residential neighborhood were sucessful in
their first round. However, it is anticipated
that the developer, E.G.Vastgoed will

D On Tuesday, April 1st, Dive Friends
Bonaire officially opened their fourth
and newest location on Bonaire, at Dive
Inn. They are offering special prices as part
of their grand opening celebration. Go to
www.dive-friends-bonaire.com for more

D Remember please, dear readers, to tell
merchants and advertisers that you heard
about them in The Bonaire Reporter!
They keep us "still free."E G.D.





*Transport of Money *Vehicle patrols
and Valuables *Burglar Alarms
*Private Investigations *Fire Alarm Systems

Inl lJiesl

Ovr 4Yer

Kaya Nikiboko Nord 37A, PO Box 225 Tel: (599) 717- 8125
Fax (599) 717- 6125 E-mail sss@bonairelive.com

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

Page 4

ProfleS an Gross and Jane Townsend-

Pr ost fUsing Their Skiffs Tro He/p Bonaire

I met with Jane Townsend
and Alan Gross in their
wonderful house in the kunuku
where they live with their three
Dalmatians and two cats. The
couple came to Bonaire from
New York where they had a very
busy life running their own busi-
ness in advertising and public
relations. In the mid 80s they
came to Bonaire as divers and
did their first open water dive
here. They tried visiting other
dive destinations but came back
to Bonaire to dive five more
When in December 1992 Alan
was told he had a serious illness,
it gave them the impetus to leave
New York and move to Bonaire.
They sold their business and
found their first house in Re-
publiek. When they lived in New
York there was never any free
time to do volunteer work, so on
Bonaire they wanted to become
involved in their new commu-
Shortly after arriving, during a
visit to Alan's doctor, Giovanni
Frans, they were asked by him to
volunteer to help the Red Cross.
Using their advertising experi-
ence they produced a brochure
warning of the danger of burns
from fireworks. This led from
one volunteering activity to an-
other, and they became involved

in Tene Boneiru Limpi (TBL) in
1993. They joined Diana Gevers
and others in organizing a gen-
eral clean up of the island, from
popular barbeque places to the
roadsides. In a short time TBL
managed to get the cooperation
of churches and centro di barrios
(neighborhood centers). It was
estimated that some 25% of the
population contributed to the
clean up. It became a real aware-
ness call. SELIBON (waste man-
agement company) became very
active and placed trash cans in
numerous public places (like
Sorobon) and identified many
unofficial dumpsites. Carib Inn's
Bruce Bowker and his team of
volunteers were an instrumental
force in cleaning up those dump-
After about four years of com-
munity activities, Jane and Alan
could withdraw from the TBL
project because SELIBON and
members of the community had
taken over. Even the schools be-
came involved in keeping the
island clean. The hard work of
TBL, SELIBON and the Bo-
nairean people was so apparent
that it became hard to find areas
that needed extensive cleaning so
TBL went to sleep until about
three years ago when it was re-
vived by a new board of local

"So in the mid-90s," Jane says,
"it was time to find a new pro-
ject," which they did in the re-
building of Jong Bonaire. At that
time the crime rate was up so
they and two other pensionados,
Rene Hakkenberg and Wim Nag-
tegaal, decided to try to do some-
thing to prevent crime on Bon-
aire. They realized that after-
school activities for teenagers
were almost nonexistent, so get-
ting into trouble was the obvious
alternative to boredom. The
Foundation and buildings of Jong
Bonaire date from 1959, but by
1995 they were hardly used for
activities or for any other pur-
pose. The four retirees developed
a questionnaire for high school
students, distributed about 1,000
copies of a four-page- long sur-
vey, inviting the students and
their parents to write down their
needs and suggestions. More than
300 questionnaires came back
filled with needs and sugges-
tions! They wrote a proposal to
Sede Antila, the group then chan-
neling Dutch government money
to the Antilles, and received a
grant to repair the existing facili-
ties of the building, to build
sports fields and classrooms and
funding to get operations started
as well. Extra grants came from
the Maduro and Cruiel's Bank
(Continued on page 9)

i nven







n/ *

Also available: I
Ink Cartridges &
Glossy Photo Paper
/I N I 7

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

Page 5


The ultimate family home
Ocean view
4 beds, 3 baths
Situated on a double lot
Separate guesthouse
Large swimmingpool
with sundeck
Shaded roof terrace

Kaya Aleksandrit 25-27
US$ 675,000 Santa Barbara
Phone (599) 717 4686 www. caribbeanhomesbonaire.com Kaya Isla Riba (Next to Wattaburger)


Romantic Bonairean

Situated on a large lot

best breezes
Private Kunuku location
Must seel

Kaya Gurubu 18
US$ 440,000 Finca Verde
Phone (599) 717 4686 www. caribbeanhomesbonaire.com Kaya Isla Riba (Next to Wattaburger)
Page 6 Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008



Entertainment: the definitions can be
very broad. According to different
dictionaries, entertainment means some kind
of mental occupation and physical move-
ment. We can name all kinds of entertain-
ment: parties, sports, going on vacation,
dining out, visiting friends, watching televi-
sion and so on. Some people might think that
Bonaire is boring and there nothing to do.
But according to me and those whom I inter-
viewed, you have to make your own enter-
tainment sometimes. There is plenty to do,
but you have to motivate yourself. I inter-
viewed some people who are experienced in
entertaining themselves, and maybe you can
learn from them.
For instance there's this lady, 70 years old,
a member of the UPA (Union di Pensho-
nadonan di Antias Hulandes) and COMAK
(Commishon di Aktividad) who said, "All
my life I've liked to be active even though I
had a full time job. I like to be in different
social groups and to motivate people to get
out of their houses and do something for
themselves and the community. And now
since I've retired I don't want to stop being
in these groups because I realize that I've
learned a lot from them and I see some posi-
tive results. We started a swimming group
for the 60 pluses (ages 60 and above) every
Wednesday at 7:15 a.m. and Eddy Christiaan
is our swimming coach. We got money from
Holland to continue these lessons every
Wednesday and more people are joining the
group. I have a routine of walking 7 km in
the morning for at least an hour and 15 min-
utes. The group also has a painting project

Swim Coach Eddy Christian and his class
Aubrey Sealey composite photo

with painting lessons from Addy Figaroa on
Mondays. We take kwarta (a small krioyo
guitar) lessons in the Centro di Bario Niki-
boko. I also belong to some ladies' clubs. In
"Goldfinch" we have different outside ac-
tivities, for instance together with the ladies'
club, Rinfa, we are planning a Mother's Day
celebration. I think here in Bonaire the la-
dies' clubs should join together, break the
barriers, share their experience and thoughts
so together we can motivated the 60 pluses
to do more. So if we let go of what we are
holding so tightly we can get other people to
do what is good in entertaining themselves."
But what about you as a parent? Do you
ever hear your kids saying, "In Bonaire
there's nothing to do?" What do you do
about it? The next interview is with a house-
wife. You might think that housewives get
up in the morning, prepare the kids for
school, clean the house, do the laundry and
the cooking, and wait for the children to get

home from school, help them with home-
work, then watch a soap opera. What a bor-
ing, routine way of living! I interviewed this
wonderful woman of 42, a mother of two.
"I'm a housewife and I love the kitchen,"
she said. "Instead of using it only to prepare
meals for my family I took some lessons in
making cakes and snacks 23 years ago. It
started as a hobby and for fun, but then it
turned into in a business when people started
asking me to make cakes and snacks for
their parties. Then I learned how to do the
decorations for the parties. I'm always learn-
ing more techniques about making cakes,
snacks and decorating. I've learned how to
sew too. Now I have my aunt, who is very
talented in this area, as my associate. I in-
volve my children in all my activities, and
they've learned to do it well. They know
we're earning money to go on vacation, buy
new clothes, and enjoy recreational times.
Besides all this, my husband and I started a

karaoke business, so the whole family is
busy entertaining themselves and others. My
goal is to pass on my knowledge to the
youngsters and the grown ups. Sometimes
we invest money and time in giving
'information days or nights' and just a few
show up. But I learn not to give up and keep
on trying. I hope people get motivated to do
whatever it is and to enjoy their environment
like having some fun time in the kunuku (the
countryside), going to the beach etc., etc...."
Count the blessings you have on your is-
land and don't waste it. Get off your couch
and entertain yourself and others in a posi-
tive way. 0 Siomara E. Albertus

Send your comments to
The Bonaire Reporter, P.O.
Box 407, Bonaire, or email


Services N.V.

For AllTur ShiIpng-Needs

Kaya Indralendijk- Bon
717-8922 FAX 717-5791 Email:info@rocargo.com


Full service door to door by air
and by sea.
Customs clearance, transportation,

International and local relocation.
Packing material in stock.
Qualified and professional personnel.
Timely, accurate and reliable
ISO 9001: 2000 Certified


The World On Time


Offering DAILY
Express Services from
and to Bonaire

For shipment tracking

^ueA FeaFUV06, M

Amcar Freight, Inc.

The ONLY company
offering direct weekly
consolidation services
from Miami, USA
to Bonaire


7860 N.W. 80th Street
Medley,Florida 33166
Tel. (305) 599-8866
Fax (305) 599-2808

International F
The ONLY co
direct weekly
services from
to B
4761 RW Mo
Tel 31-(0)
Fax 31-(0)

Freight (Car) BV
mpany offering
1A (Ecopark)
erdijk, Holland
168-40-94 94

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008 Page 7

* /


~... i ...~ .~,,,.sl~ .. ~ .... ~ .. .~,.. ~ ..~, .~~,,,_~ ..~~, ~ _





Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

Page 7



Recent reports by well
known marine biologists
suggest that there are "serious
areas of concern" for the contin-
ued well-being of the shallow
water, fringing coral reef system
surrounding Bonaire and Klein
When humans feel sick or ab-
normal the first thing their doctor
asks is to get a blood test to deter-
mine their chemistry. In humans,
well balanced blood chemistry is
vital to their good health.
The good health of a coral reef
is totally dependent on well-
balanced sea water chemistry.
Every living organism in the sea -
fish, lobsters, crabs, sea urchins,
coral, sponges, every living thing
- is dependent on good water
quality. When the sea is contami-
nated by the continuous release of
unprocessed waste water contain-
ing excessive nutrients from hu-
man and land based activities, the
waste water promotes massive
growths of algae and seaweed
that smothers the coral reef sys-
tem. These conditions, left un-
checked, will poison the sea-
water, and all life underwater will
cease to exist.
The Light and Motion Sensor
Program (LMSP) is the first step
in the process needed on Bonaire
to prevent the scenario that has
happened on other Caribbean
Islands. We need your help to
continue. Your donations and
support as volunteers will make a
difference. This 10- year-long
project is entirely funded by pri-
vate donations from concerned
and interested individuals and
carried out by dedicated research
volunteers on the island. Addi-
tional full- time, on-island volun-
teers are needed now to help with
the continuation of the Program.
If you are interested in diving and
collecting the electronic data
from our shore-based sites please
contact Albert Bianculli at 791-
2214 for more details. The task
takes about 20 minutes, and then
you can continue your dive. All
your air is supplied by Yellow

Volunteer Reports
Here are more observations
concerning the algae growth from
several volunteers who visit their
assigned Rainbow Sensor Site
each week to clean and retrieve
the data:
Sunday, March 2 Site #1 The
5-meter sensors had almost 1" of
algae growing on them, along with
the float. Incredible that that
much growth can occur in one
week. The 12-meter sensors had
less, and the 20-meters very light
growth. Todd chipped away all
the pink scale from one sensor at
12 meters that was becoming en-
crusted. There was a school of
ballyhoo above the sensors, and
the school of southern sennet re-
mained below the array.
Lynn & Todd Fulks

Thursday, March 6- Site #12-
After cleaning the sensors I took a
look around and saw a large rain-
bow parrotfish. A large school of
boga swam by quickly. We saw
many harlequin bass, brown and

O Loose? O In Your

O Cracked?

O Missing

O Worn?

O Causing
Gum Pain?

blue chromis and Creole wrasse.
A doctorfish was being cleaned by
five juvenile blue head wrasse. I
disturbed an octopus that was
sitting out in the open. It changed
its color to black and sped into a
hole. Then it turned back to speck-
led brown. In the shallows there
was another octopus spread out on
star coral. It didn 't seem bothered
by me at all. Two chubs were
swimming in three feet of water as
we were finishing our dive.
Algae Growth: The growth of
algae is amazing at this site. This
week it was at least 2 to 3 cm. long
on the line and the
bottles. The sensors
were clean, but the
Marine Park tags
had some crusty pink
circles on them. I
also had to pick off a
white, hard growth
on the rope. It was \
about 1 cm. long. I
had a problem with
the deepest sensors. \
The top one at 20 r
meters signaled
failed. I did it twice.
The others were fine.
I then tried again
and it read the sen-
Cassandra and
Franklin NealE
Press Release


E.M. Rijswijk Denturist

Kaya J.G. Hernandez z/n
(Near Botika Korona)
New hours:
9 am-12 pm,
2pm-4 pm

Call For An Appointment 717-2248 or 786-3713

% I -



Les Galeries Shopping Center
(Bordering the parking lot)
Tel. 717-5890
Open M-F 8:30-12, 2-6 pm,
Sat. 9-12

Work is underway to
repair the major light-
houses of Bonaire to return
them to use as aids to naviga-
tion. The lighthouses are at
Spel6nk, Willemstoren and
Wecua. The lighthouse towers
will house modem automated
solar-powered lights that report
their status via satellite. In the
photo a Royal Marine helicopter
assists in the installation.
Most of the lighthouse in the
Antilles have been out of ser-
vice for over 10 years partially
because of a dispute over
whether their maintenance is the
responsibility of local or island
government. 0 G.D.

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

Money is needed to continue
this project. Donations ac-
cepted by Support Bonaire (US
tax deductible) or you are in-
vited to directly deposit your
donation to SEA MONITOR
Foundation accounts: Maduro
& Curiel's Bank (Bonaire)
USD Account # 116.735.09
NA Account # 116.736.07

Catamaran Kantika diAmor
Trips daily via resorts at 10 am, 12, 2 pm
Except Sunday at 10 am only

Tie up dockside
for $7/day -+tax
Water/115/220V & Cable TV
Dinghy tie-up at north-inside dock
US$10 weekly from Saturday to
Saturday. Pay at Kantika di Amor
water taxi daily 10 am, 12, 2 pm.
Sundays 10 am only.
Your boat name will be recorded.

At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399
www.bonairenauticomarina/VHF 68

Page 8

Profiles (Continued from page 5)
Bonaire, Radio Netherlands, Rocargo, City
Caf6 and Sabadeco. These groups and oth-
ers continue to provide support for the cen-
Jong Bonaire youth center began opera-
tion in 1999 and now gets one third of its
funding from the Dutch government, one
third from the island government and has to
find the last one third via fundraising and
local sponsors. Parts of the facility are
rented out to other organizations for private
programs. The staff and the teens organize
the Annual Swim to Klein Bonaire, a 20-
kilometer walk to Sorobon and back, mini
triathlons and much more. The teenagers
contribute financially with car washings
and barbeques. The students have to be
members of Jong Bonaire, and their parents
have to sign as well, with the membership
fee according to income. Currently there
are about 170 members and a professional
staff of eight leaders.
Every day the activities begin with home-
work time when volunteers and staff help
with the lessons. After the homework is
done it's time for sports, music, computers
and other programs. "Creative activities
are really encouraged," says Jane, "as a
means of individual expression. It's espe-
cially rewarding for the boys as they aren't
normally encouraged to do so." The various
activities help teens identify their interests
which could lead them toward future em-
Currently Jane and Alan are working hard
on the next project. Together with Michael
Gaynor of Chat 'n Browse and Trans
World Radio, Jong Bonaire will be publish-
ing a new edition of the Papiamentu/
English dictionary. Betty Ratzlaff-
Henriquez, the editor of the dictionary, is
adding missing words which will be incor-
porated along with a new cover design.
Michael Gaynor will take care of the distri-
bution and sales. The new dictionary will
be on the market in a couple of months
with much of the income going to Jong
Yet another fundraising project is coming
up, thanks to photographer Bart Landheer.
He and his wife, Jacqueline Bremmers, had
the idea of making a special calendar fea-
turing the teens of Jong Bonaire. Thirty
teens participated in writing a composition
about their plans for the future. Twelve of
them were selected to feature their stories,
including a picture of themselves, on each
of the 12 monthly pages. Four girls and
eight boys were selected to showcase their

dreams and ambitions and why they want
to achieve them. Alan gives some touching
examples: a boy who wants to become an
athlete, a girl who wants to become a law-
yer for kids, another girl's dream of becom-
ing a midwife all of them are full of ambi-
tion and dreams.
A very important aim of Jong Bonaire for
the teens is to develop their social skills and
opportunities for the future. In the program,
Club Sosial, they learn to do volunteer
work at the local hospital and old people's
home. They also learn to take care of ani-
mals at the riding stables and the animal
shelter. There are numerous activities
aimed at future jobs, like scuba diving in
cooperation with a number of dive shops on
the island, learning about nutrition, food
preparation and even manicuring, not only
as useful skills but also how to take care of
themselves. Computer and Internet training,
photography and website building are also
offered. There's a song festival and a
Papiamentu language competition where
teens present their own poetry, songs and
stories. The Jong Bonaire drum band was
introduced last year under the instruction of
Leroy Sedney. Sports competitions help
teens focus and teach them the importance
of teamwork. Ping pong, foosball, domi-
noes, volley ball, football and roller hockey
are all very popular.
The accomplishments of Jong Bonaire are
amazing, impressive and hopefully inspir-
ing. Most of the staff is local, one is Dutch.
Jane, Alan and Rene serve as the daily
board, responsible for guidance and fi-
nances .Other board members include
Glenda Bernabela, Selly Grotmoka-Pourier,
Alex Senchi and Kerenza Rannou-Franz.
The life philosophy of this lovely couple,
by which they live their lives, is: "If you
can dream it, you can do it. Look beyond
your self imposed limitations and you'll
discover an unlimited source of potential."
By using the skills they developed in
business planning, organizing and com-
munication Jane and Alan have been able
to contribute to the future of the island they
love so much. They encourage other retired
people to consider what skills they bring to
the island and to seek out ways to put them
to use for the benefit of Bonaire. 0 Story &
Photo by Louise Rood

For more information: Stichting
Jeugdwerk Jong Bonaire. Tel: 717-4303
Email: manageriAJongBonaire.ore
Website: http://www.JongBonaire.org

H ere's
the 1
first medium
difficulty 8 1 2 7
Sudoku puz-
zle we've
published. 3 2 5 1
And there's a
story behind 6 5 1 9
this one that
Molly Bar- 4 2
Kearney who 9 7 2 8
does this fea-
ture for us
related and 3 5 4 2
thought you
might enjoy: 2 4 8 9
"My 91
year old fa- 1 3
ther, RJ, in-
troduced me
to Sudoku, and got me hooked on them. The last time I visited him, he actu-
ally printed out two copies of the same puzzle to have a "race." My seven
older brothers and sisters and I bought him a computer about 10 years ago-
he pretty much just used it to read/respond to email (a pretty big feat some
might say) and to print out two Sudoku puzzles each day (his self im-
posed limit).
He led a happy life, but sadly passed away in his sleep just two weeks be-
fore his 92nd birthday. This puzzle is one that we found next his favorite
chair, all set to be solved the next day... so tell your reader's to sharpen their
pencils, and give the next difficulty level a try and clink a beer to RJ, after
they solve it!"E

S uDoku means "the digits must remain single" in Japanese.
To solve the puzzle, enter the numbers 1 through 9 to the
partially filled in puzzle without repeating a number in any row,
column or 3 x 3 region. For a tutorial visit the web site www. Su-
doku shack. com. Answer on page 18. Supplied by Molly Bar-
tikoski-Keamey (who solves all the puzzles first.)



Camera Repair
Dan Blodget is the owner and operator of
Sub-Aquatic Camera Repair Company
located near Monterey, California. Sub-Aquatic is
the largest underwater camera repair facility in
North America. They are the authorized service
center for Nikonos and Sea and Sea cameras. Dan Open:
is also the co-owner of Capture Photo here in Bon- Mon-Fri: 8-6
aire with 2 locations, one at the Divi Flamingo Sat. 8am-lpm
Resort and the second at Captain Don's Habitat. Dan Blodgett NONSTOP
Dan received his first camera at age 8 and has
been tinkering with camera's ever since. Dan has been a certified diver since 1986. H R LOUJS
While visiting in 1988 Dan had an idea to start a photo business here in Bonaire. With
Kathy Lapsys that dream was realized in February, 2007, when Capture Photo opened on O0 N A I R E
Bonaire. Their goal is to provide excellent service for novice to professional photogra-
Dan Blodget will be on Bonaire from the 28th of April thru to the 9th of May. Dur-
ing his stay he will be available for camera repairs at either location. His skills are not Kay Industria
limited to the Nikon and Sea and Sea line. If you have any camera concerns please call Tel.: +(59,9)I 787
Capture Photo at 717-6151 to book an appointment with Dan. 0 Press release
innfnawnrhna jcohnn1irv ra

- To iown


Lisa CasstLatio

Road to Airport-

Abraham Boulevard

24, Kralendijk, Bonaire
00 Fax: +(599) 7178785
nm wwwwnrarPhnophonnir.r-nm

Page 9


Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008


SJePoBo Beneit Bik Ride

F amily activities were held on the past two
Sundays: The 20th Annual Contest di Fli,
Kite Contest, and a leisurely bike tour in the
southern part of the island. I
Conditions were ideal for kite flying and the
entries were colorful, original and most flew
very well. It was an all day affair with lots of

Pmperty of the Year*
* Soa Calortrg Studea I & 2 bdrma! AX.
Fa. Coling Farm, Saes, Hot Water
I TrapicsI Lvdac-pingq BBQO AQreAPOOL
* tw ShowsStwty SlI' OriSlt.
* M aray ~W t Buffet wtef Gai & Loca
Iactil and (Cal tor doltes)
* CAiitrnfize OvBSnor kalPackages AvnlsIble
S(Dec 004 iuwe)

I nfo@goldenreefinn.com

.1 I > ; I k A IF I

." il

*Stop the silent destruction of

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

Page 10

Kuife Kraze Kontinues

K uifje fans g "
K uife fans The deserving winner of the Kuifje look-a-like contest
never grow
up and retired busi-
nessman Co deKon-
ing, journalist Boi
Antoin, and several
others on Bonaire are no excep- c
Working together they ar-
ranged for one of the most
popular Kuifje (Tintin in the
original French) stories to be
translated and published in
Papiamentu. Last month they
and their sponsors presented ,1 Marsha deKoning and Larry
10,000 copies of one of this Gerharts conducted the quiz
most-loved characters adven-
ture, named The SunflowerAf-
fair to the schoolchildren of
Bonaire and Curagao.
Last week deKoning hosted a
party at the Vespucci Restau-
rant for the island's young
Kuifje fans. The admission
ticket was that they dress as one
of the characters in the Kuifje
comic strip. A look-alike con-
test and Kuifje Quiz were high-
lights. There were a few
Kuifjes, Captain Haddocks,
Janssen & Janssen (Yanchi &
Yanshi for the Papiamentu ver-
sion), Bobbi the dog and even
an appearance by Bianca Casta-
fiore, all wildly enthusiastic.
Let's hope we can look for-
ward to a new Kuifje story in
Papiamentu soon. 0 G.D. The participants


IJ.... A

raya tA.
Emerenciana 4D
Next to China Nobo
Tel 717-8787

make It yours

eou RJ ns-

We B1rDln

0 I'::+ ra ++ o ,,,

Antillean AWne Company
(599) 09-560-7539
Fax (699) 717-2950
wneine ntileanwine.com

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

Kuifje stories didn't
feature many girls, so
these two dressed as the
characters Yanchi &
Yanshi in the album.

Caribbean a h. Hoimire W

The Friendliest
Restaurant on

In Bonaire's "hill country"
10 minutes north of town

Every Tuesday an all y u
can eat BBQ
for $15.-.

Page 11

D1IN I" I I"

4m L.9J I = I=

S 4c=:3 PM I 0p

"= m K3I a=

Divi Divi Air. Bonaire's "on time airline" with 16 flights a
day between Bonaire and Curagao. Your first choice for
inter-island travel. Now flying to Aruba.
City Shop, the mega store, has the island's widest selec-
tion of large and small home appliances, furniture, TV,
computers, cell phones and more. Fast service and in-store
financing too.
Maduro and Curiel's Bank provides the greatest number
of services, branches and ATMs of any Bonaire bank.
They also offer investments and insurance.
Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials, waxing
and professional nail care.
De Freewieler rents bikes, scooters and quads. Profes-
sional repairs on almost anything on two wheels. Sells top
brand bikes. Have your keys made here.
At last, a real book and toy store on Bonaire, Addos,
in downtown Kralendijk sell books in three languages and
has a variety of quality toys.
Mio offers by far the clearest, most phone reliable signal
on the island. And their personnel are trained and friendly.
Check out their unlimited calling plan.
Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with top-notch dive
shop and well stocked retail store. Best book trade on Bon-
aire. Good prices on regulator repair, dive computer H.Q.
Dive Inn-For your diving with a personal touch. Located
in town at Chacha cha Beach. Drop ins and cruise ship
passengers welcome
WannaDive They make diving fun while maintaining
the highest professional standards. In town at City Cafe
and at Eden Beach.

Fit For Life at the Plaza Resort Mall. Classes in Pilates,
Aerobics, TaeBo and more. Professional trainers, fitness
machines and classes for all levels.
Interiyours- New name, same owner and location. Has
lots of beautiful, often one-of-a-kind furniture, antiques,
crafts and accessories from mainland China and Indonesia.
Green Label has everything you need to start or maintain
your garden. They can design, install and maintain it and
offer plants, irrigation supplies and garden chemicals. Now
in new expanded location off Kaya Industria.
Bonfysiotherapie helps when you need physiotherapy for
any reason. It's professionals treat you with the most mod-
em equipment and techniques. Phone 717-7030/7850 Fax
Paradise Photo in the Galeries Shopping Center down-
town offers fast, fine processing for prints, slides, items
and services Full digital services.
Capture Photo at the Divi Flamingo. Photo classes, cam-
era rental, digital processing, all state of the art!
Caribbean Homes, "the Refreshing Realtor," specializing
in luxury homes, condos, lots, rentals and property man-
Re/Max Paradise Homes: Lots of Choices in real es-
tate-International/US connections. 5% of profits donated
to local community. List your house with them to sell fast.
Sunbelt Realty offers full real estate, rental, and insurance
services. If you want a home or to invest in Bonaire, stop
in and see them.
Buddy Dive Resort offers diving, Adventure Fun tours
including kayaking, mountain biking, cave snorkeling and

exploration. Full service dive shop and photo shop too.
Benetton, world famous designer clothes available now in
Bonaire at prices less than those in US. For men, women
and children.
Best Buddies and Pearls-Stunning fresh water pearl
jewelry, fashion, gifts, t shirts. Under new management.
Valerie's Airport Shops Convenient shopping for
unique items, magazines, gifts and more.
Special Security Services will provide that extra measure
of protection when you need it. Always reliable.
Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of Bon-
aire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient. FedEx
agent. What would we do without their services?
Warehouse Supermarket on Kaya Industria-Biggest
air conditioned market with the, largest selection and low-
est prices on the island.
Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di
Amor or Skiffy. Hotel pickup. Easiest landing on Klein

Antillean Wine Company. You've tried the rest; now try
the best: best prices, highest quality wines from around the
world, kept in a cooled warehouse. Free delivery. Shop at
Kaya Industria 23, Monday-Saturday 9 am-12 noon.

Fortnightly Advertisers in The Bonaire Re-
porter are included in the guides. Free!

Scuba Sales
Repair Replacement
New Gear Accessories

Check CARIB INN First.
Great Prices -Great Stock

? Scubapro R190
Octopus NOW
,rC 6 $99

Since 1980
717-8819 8 am to 5 pm daily
(next to Divi Flamingo Hotel)

Page 12

Sick of ads that

don't work?
Your advertisement can be
here and reach thousands of
people who are buyers

3,000 copies every issue
More than any other Bonaire

The Reporter Reaches
Residents, Tourists and
Internet viewers worldwide

Call Laura at 790-6518
Email: info@bonairereporter.com

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

Balashi Beach Bar Open every day On the beach
Bar and Beach Service 8am 8pm. Extensive snack/salad/burger menu
At the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort Waterfront Happy Hour, two for one, 6-7 pm. available daily from noon.
Bella Vista Restaurant, Buddy's Pool Bar Moderate. Breakfast daily 6:30-10 am Buddy's Magnificent Theme Nights: Sat. Steak Night; Mon. "Dive and
Sea Side at Buddy Dive Resort Lunch daily 11:30 Dine;" Wed. -"Live Cooking by the Chefs;" Fri. Free Rum Punch Party (5:30-
717-5080, ext. 538 Dinner on theme nights 6-10 pm 6:30 pm) and All-u-can-eat BBQ for $19.50 (7-10 pm)
Bistro de Paris Moderate Real French Cooking in an informal setting
Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 46 Lunch Monday Friday 11 am-3 pm Superb dishes prepared with care and love by a French chef
(half-way between hotel row and town) 717-7070 Dinner Monday Saturday, 6 to 10 pm Owner-operated Eat in or Take away
Calabas Restaurant &
Chibi Chibi Restaurant and Bar Bdkfst rate DinnrBiggest BBQ Buffet on Bonaire every Saturday
At the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort Waterfront Open 7 days from 6-9pm. Only NAf 28,50 or $16.
717-8285pn dys
Casablanca Argentinean Restaurant Moderate Indulge your whim-beef seafood, chicken, vegetarian
One block south of the Post Office Lunch Tues-Sat-11:30-2:30 Mondays-All you can eat and special slide shows starting at 6 pm
717-4433 Dinner 7 nights- starting at 6 pm Great value anytime.
Hilltop Restaurant Moderate Bar-Restaurant poolside -in Bonaire's hill country
At the Caribbean Club Bonaire-on the scenic Rincon Road Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Frequent Dinner Specials
717-7901 Happy hours 5 to 6 daily, to 7 on Tuesday BBQ night.
Pasa Bon Pizza Lo-Moderate Bonaire's best. The Real Thing! Freshly prepared pizzas made with the
On Kaya Gob. Debrot Open from 5-11 m Wdnesday-Sunday finest ingredients. Salads, desserts. Eat in or take away. Nice bar too.
2 mile north of town center. 780-1111O Call ahead to eat-in or take out 780-1111

Pasa Bon Pizza

& ar

Water Fnmt

To Tow *Kaya Gob. Debrot l Hotels
T n #42

Not Just Great Pizzas!

Call ahead

Pre Order

Open Wednesday to Sunday
5 PM to 11PM

"Tur kos pa bo fiesta bou di un dak!"

"Everythingfor parties
under one roof!"

Magic Ed entertains kids and
adults with magic, games and
Other services:DJ, Band,
Decor, Online Shop...
Ask for our Holy Communion specials!

For more information and reservations:
717-6401 / 785-9802

Dog Control

Dear Editor,
In recent weeks innocent people
have been attacked by vicious dogs
on Bonaire. I feel empathy for the
victim of the vicious dog attack
recently on Seru Largu. The infor-
mation I have read reveals the dogs
were NOT street dogs but dogs
owned by residents of Bonaire.
Recently I have learned (in the
Amigo newspaper) that there may
be a roundup of stray street dogs by
LVV (government agriculture and
fisheries department). I am vehe-
mently opposed to such a move.
Whilst it is a sad situation that there
are dogs living on the streets, in my
experience most are kind, docile
creatures harming no one. Some are
actually owned by people and roam
the barrios near their homes. The
owners do not put collars on these
dogs. Some are nursing litters of
puppies. Removing their mother
will kill innocent puppies. How
does the LVV discern which dog is
vicious and dangerous?
Vicious dogs that attack humans
must be euthanized. Owners whose
dogs attack should be responsible
and liable for any medical care for

the innocent victims. I also feel that
all dogs should be tagged and li-
censed. It is strongly recommended
that pets be spayed and neutered as
well. This is responsible pet owner-
ship. Dogs cannot live a life on
chains either. They are pack ani-
mals and need to be with their own-
ers. Walks daily or being allowed
to run in their enclosed yard is hu-
mane and correct animal care. Dogs
that are chained for life become
vicious and unpredictable. Once off
their chain their behavior may be
There are many solutions, includ-
ing education about animal welfare
for the young and old of Bonaire.
Sterilization is crucial. Breeding of
pit bulls, fighting dogs and aggres-
sive breeds should be banned.All
residents of Bonaire should license
and collar their dogs. These are my
opinions. I hope the government of
Bonaire takes time to think out a
plan that will benefit all.
A Concerned and Responsible
Pet Owner and Animal Lover

No Respect For
The Environment

Dear Editor:
I guide tourists from the cruise
ships. From the top of 1000 Steps
(dive site) I always look down at
the Parrot Fish in the water and
point them out to the tourists who
really enjoy that. I was noticing
that often there aren't any Parrot
Fish there at all. Nothing to point
out all of a sudden. And I noticed a
green line in the water that was not
there before.
I talked to the taxi drivers about
the Parrot Fish not being there and


I was told that Parrot Fish are very
good to eat and that they are also
being exported to Aruba as iced
fillets, flown over there. I immedi-
ately said: "Tell me who is doing
that and I will denounce them."
They stopped talking after that.
But what else they said before I
made my stupidly honest remark
was that the Dominicans have eaten
all the groupers, the Chinese are
taking out all the lobsters and the
Bonaireans are eating all the Conch
and Parrot Fish. Also one bus
driver said that he eats turtle and he
was angry that it was not allowed
to eat turtle because he said it is a
good medicine against asthma.
Last night I watched TV Channel
24 -Arthur Sealy's program- and
heard Uz Evertz say on TV that he
eats turtle. The taxi and bus drivers
tell me: "If you do not take the
conch home to eat, someone else
will take it." This is the mentality
some people have here.
Of course I read The Bonaire
Reporter every week and I have
read that you mentioned groupers
are almost not here anymore. I
thought I should pass on what I was
I am very shocked about people
not caring at all about animals be-
coming extinct and the destruction
of the Bonaire reefs because people
are eating all the algae eating fish.
I am sorry to say that I think the
population of Bonaire is a bigger
threat to the reefs than the cruise
Therese Rosier

utdoor Bonaire and the Mangrove Information Center, two
tourism-based enterprises known for their efforts in helping
to preserve Bonaire's nature, have put up a sign reminding motor-
ists to do the same.
Both companies have watched the explosive growth of numbers
of people taking normal vehicles as well as off-road vehicles
(quads, etc.), into the delicate mangrove area of Lac Bay, even
driving to the shoreline.
This area has many flamingos and other water birds and their
normal behaviors are disturbed by those trying to get a closer look.
Other ground dwelling plants and animals are also damaged. Last
week, vehicle tire tracks were found directly over new re-growth of
black mangrove trees.
To further educate and encourage those who are causing damage
and disturbance to Bonaire's flora and fauna, the companies have
joined together in posting a notice asking drivers to stay on the
road. Not only is the damage done to the island's flora and fauna,
but many vehicles get stranded in the mud of the tidal zone and
then need to be towed. Towing is expensive and causes further
damage to the environment.
Those touring in the Lac Bay area especially are asked to please
help by staying on the road. HE llyAlbers

I V Hair Affair
We do our best to make
your hair and make-up wishes come
You can also come in for
facials and waxing.
We use and sell L'Oreal products
Is your plan to marry on the island?
We can make you beautiful and stay
beautiful for your happiest day.
Personal attention by Janneke and Barbel
Appointment by tel: 717-5990
or just walk in.
Tues-Fri: 9-12 2-6 Sat: 9-2 non stop

16 Flights a day
Bonaire and

Divi Divi Air
24 hours a day
Call (5999 839-1515)
Call (5999 563-1913)

4-18 7:31
4-19 0:09
4-20 0:45
4-21 1:20
4-22 1:58
4-23 2:38
4-24 3:23
4-25 4:05
4-26 4:58
4-27 5:47
4-28 6:39
4-29 0:24
4-30 2:56
5-01 4:27
5-02 5:48

KRALENDIJK TIDES (Heights in feet, FT)

* Domain Registrations
* E-mail Hosting
* Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
* Web Site Design
* Web Site Hosting
* Marketing Consulting
" Internet Consulting
* Photographic Services
* Graphic Design

NetTech N.V.
Tel: 717-6773
Fax: 717-7854

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Letters Dog Control

the Editor No Respect For
^ the CThe Environment

Time Ht. COEF

Kaya Gloria 7, Bonaire Local Art, Art
Supplies, Framing, and Art Classes.
Open Tu.-We.-Th. & Sat 10 am- 5 pm Fri-
day 1- 7 pm; or phone 717-5246 for appt.

Make it more livable from the start.
Also interior or exterior design advice,
clearings, blessings, energy, healing,
China-trained. Experienced. Inexpensive.
Call Donna at 785-9332.

The leading consumer and business in-
formation source on Bonaire. Telephone
(599) 717-7160. For on-line yellow pages
directory information go to http://

Trees and plants, Bonaire grown.
8000m2 nursery. Specializing in garden/
septic pumps and irrigation. Kaminda La-
goen 103, Island Growers NV (Capt. Don
& Janet). 786-0956

Bonaire Images
Elegant greeting cards and beautiful
boxed note cards are now available at Chat
-N-Browse next to Lover's Ice Cream and
Sand Dollar Grocery. Photography by
Shelly Craig www.bonaireimages.com

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Starting from NAf5 per meal. Call
CHINA NOBO 717-8981.

The Island you love could use your help!
Support Bonaire, Inc. provides support to
Bonaire's non-profits. To learn more about
making a US tax deductible donation visit
www.supportbonaire.org and help make a

Are you interested
in Dutch conver-
sation lessons?
For information
please call:

Private yoga classes,
call Louise 717- 7021
or 700-9422.

silversmithing, stoneset-
ting and the art of bead-
ing. Call Louise at 717-
S 7021 or 700-9422.

4Want to build or mod-
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ous professional with ex-
perience, a good organi-
zation providing quick
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Phone 796-6550
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CLEANERS Call: 796-6550
We want to return to Holland, and
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Ta Buska Wanted Un dushi kas
pa hur =a nice rental house. Mini-
mum 3 bedrooms/ please email:
ericgietman( gmail.com

Looking for a 3-4 bedroom house
to rent max rental price is about NAf
2000=. to NAf 2500=. Kindly call
786 1592.

Nissan Sentra 80.000 km, 1.6 16v,
5dr, Airco, in very good condition
Asking NAf 7000 call Simon/Liz 788
-1268 or 717-8080

TOR 1998- 40 hp Yamaha Enduro
with electric starter. NAf2.500
tastic for fishermen and people out to
sea for long periods. Needs to be fixed
-piston ring issue. NAf 3.000
RESCUE BOAT 6 meter semi-rigid.
Needs work as the inflatable part has
leaks. The V-shaped hull is manufac-
tured with fire retardant polyester re-
inforced with fiber of 20 mm. thick.
The keel is reinforced all along with
triple polyester material and Kevlar
fiber to offer greater resistance to the
impacts and rubbing in the beaching.
This high performance boat, once
repaired will sell for 15,000 euros.
NAf 3.000
4hp gas motor, 225bar/3500 psi, 190
liters/minute, 6kW. NAf 3.500
COMPRESSOR With 220v/50hz
"monophas6" electric motor,
225bar/3500 psi, 140 liters/minute,
3kW. NAf 3.500
Call 786-3336 for serious inquiries
or by email at cathsalis(,aol.com


Just about everyone who visits Washington Park knows him. Nestor Janga, one of the
Washington Park Rangers you meet at the gate, just celebrated his 10th year with
STINAPA, the Park Authority. Congratulations.

Am Walk In The Wild
n Sunday, April 27, in connection with Earth Day (which is the 22nd but more peo-
ple can participate on the Sunday) STINAPA is promoting a nature walking tour.
The focus is on feeling, smelling, seeing and experiencing the beauty of the environment
around Rincon, under the professional guidance of Maria Koeks and her "crew." It will
start at 7 am. For more information and/or to join call STINAPA at 717 8444, or 717-
4163. Attendance is free, but you must register in advance U STINAPA Release

Earth Day Cleanup at Klein

ne of Bonaire's key Earth Day activities is to
clean up the beaches at Klein Bonaire in ad-
vance of the upcoming turtle nesting season. The
volunteer effort will be coordinated by Sea Turtle

Need a large sized wetsuit? Carib ti
Inn has a 5X in 3mm full suit. New (S
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FOR SALE: 2/3 bedroom 2 bath a
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5736 ne
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Two teachers with their two daugh- H,
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house to rent for NAf 1200,-. Please of
call 717-2912. K
The Bonaire Reporter is looking by
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to deal with deadlines, staff issues, In
have strong computer skills and pos- ne
ses strong English language ability. ra
Experience Required. This is a part- TI
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8988 if interested and qualified. dr
Have a story idea? The Reporter st
pays the going rate for stories and W
photos. Call 790-8988 if interested in b
joining our team. vi
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something? Find something or
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sive. 22
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)n Bonaire
TCB) and
lein Bon-
re is the
ea's most
)pular des-
nation for
:sting tur-
es. Of the
) turtle nests monitored by the STCB last year,
) were on Klein. Cleaning plastic and other
a borne debris from the beaches will make it
sier for the turtles to build nests and for the
aby turtles to get into the sea.
elp from as many volunteers as possible will
sure the best possible conditions for the start
fthe nesting season in May.
lein Bonaire is a protected and patrolled site.
here are no lights, camping is permitted only
y permit and access is solely by boat giving
e turtles the best possible conditions.
formation about the clean up is available in
:wspapers, posters in the markets and on the
here will be 60 T-shirts available for the vol-
iteers. If more than 60 show up there will be a
ake sure you bring or wear sun protection,
urdy footwear, gloves and a drinking cup.
'ater will be available but you might want to
ing your own. Transportation to klein pro-
e there to help. You can make a difference.
ocals and visitors welcome.
inday 20 April
ime: 7:30 am to 12:00 noon
[eet at: Harbor Village Marina
ontact numbers: 780-1225, 780-0433, 717-
225 0 Mabel Nava

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

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Picture Yourself With The Reporter

Belfast, N. Ireland I KuifieLand, Bonaire

Salba Nos Lora '7

Art Competition
p et...

H ere are Susan Hutchison and JP Richau
recently visiting Belfast, Northern Ire-
land. Couldn't resist the colorful fish, nearby
where the Titanic was constructed. They write, "It
wasn't just the cold that made us return to Bonaire
- but the anxiety to pick up the next issue of The
Bonaire Reporter!"

Jan-Aarout-Boer, the man who took on
Sthe task of negotiating the first
Papiamentu language version of Kuifje (Tin
Tin if you're not Dutch/Belgian) with the
copyright owners, dressed up in his Kuifje
outfit, the album and The Reporter.
For more on Kuifje mania turn to page 11.

Celebrate the wild graof Bonaire In art and you could win one of
these great prizes:
MP3 players, USB Memory sticks, Lessons In: Kite-surfing, Windsurfing, Diving, Rock
cimbing, Kayaking, Land-sailing, A Bird tour, A otorcycde tour, Pizzas and much more!!!
Prizes for 1 2" 3" In each category + Bonus prizes
Art Adult and Art Youth (16 years or younger)
- Any technique or medium, 2 dimensional "poster", maximum size A3
Photograph Adult and Photograph Youth (16 years or younger)
- Digital or printed Images of wild (ga, on CD, or emall to: salbanoslora@gmall.com
Bring your artwork to: fagafgit d Wge (RIncon), The Bonaire Museum (SKAL), or
Chat n' Browse (Sand Dollar) Deadline: 213 Aprl
ExhIbltln and award ceremony at the gjalt. Lora stand an R[ncon Day
Sponsors: Jv L MuTAIM01UWMRA


WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next trip or when
you return to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in hand. THE BEST
PHOTOS OF THE YEAR WILL WIN THE PRIZES. Mail photos to Bonaire Reporter, Box 407,
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles (AN). E-mail to: info@bonairereporter.com.

...eac 2008 BONAIRE

Outlet Mol is Bonaire's Retail

Swimwear shop offering hundreds of

bikinis and boardshorts for men and

women. Mix and match swim tops and

bottoms, colors and sizes.

Bikinis: NAf 70 /$40

Located on Kaya Grandi
On the second floor over Botica Bonaire
Hours: Tues.-Fri. 10-1, 3-6; Sat 10-12

T he Society for the Conservation and
Study of Caribbean Birds will cele-
brate the 7th Caribbean Endemic Bird Festi-
val from April 22nd to May 22nd. Here on
Bonaire a range of exciting activities will be
hosted by Salba Nos Lora and STINAPA.
The objective of these events is to raise pub-
lic awareness of our island's rich bird life.
The main events are the art competition and
the accompanying exhibition and prize giv-
ing on Rincon Day, May 30. Following will
be an art auction at Captain Don's Habitat
on Saturday May 3rd at 7 pm. This event will

start with an entertaining movie of parrot
love (and sex) and then progress to the auc-
tion. It's really not to be missed as there will
be free wine and beer.
The organizers are also planning some eve-
ning presentations on the birds of Bonaire
including, of course, a presentation on the
loras. The Oriole and Troupial count that
was a success last year will be repeated on
May 11th. Check the next issue of The Re-
porter, posters and Forum on Mega FM for
further details. 0 Sam Williams


Wanna do Bonaire
the Fun Way?
Our guests say, "If you
wanna dive, you gotta
do it here.

Kaya Dialma # 11,
Tel/fax: 599 717

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008


Page 15

S The popular SGB High School

restaurant, Chez Nous, is now open
to the public. Four-course dinners with
welcome cocktail on Tuesdays. Seat-
ing begins at 6 pm. Lunches on
Wednesday & Thursdays. Call 717-
8120, ask for Chez Nous or email:
HH 2 for 1 all beverages) 6-7
pm, Divi Flamingo Balashi Beach
* HH-50%off- Buddy Dive Re-
sort, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Divi Flamingo Casino open
daily for hot slot machines, roulette
and blackjack, Monday to Saturday
8 pm- 4 am; Sunday 7 pm- 3 am.
By appointment Rooi
$21 (includes tax). Discounts for
8489, 540-69800.
etau rian cmingoisino open
toe pubic. Faorune s dinnivers wa
welcomeacontail onTuePark Seat

pm89, Divi4Flamn-g8o4Ba0as

* Parke Publico children's play-
ground open every day into the eve-
ning hours.
Steak Night On the Beach (a la carte)
with live mariachi- Buddy Dive Re-
sort, 6-10pm
* Rincon Marsh-6 am-2 pm.
Enjoy a Bonairean breakfast while you
shop, fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts,
local sweets, snacks, arts, handicrafts,
candles, incense, drinks, music.
* All You Can Eat BBQ at Divi
Flamingo with live music, 6 to 9 pm.
Call for reservations 717-8285 ext.
Soldachi Tours-See the real
Bonaire and be transported back in
time. Learn about the history, culture
and nature by Bonaireans from Rin-
con. Call Maria Koeks for more infor-
Mountain Bike Training for
riders of all levels (also Tuesday) at
5pm. Bonaire Wellness Connexions,
Eden Beach, 785-0767, email
info @bonairewellness.com

* Live music 6-9 pm while enjoy-
ing a great dinner in colorful tropical
ambiance at the Chibi Chibi Restau-
rant & Bar, Divi Flamingo. Open
daily 5-10 pm.

* "Dive & Dine" Buddy Dive
Resort, 6:30 -9:30 pm
* Soldachi Tour of Rincon, the
heart ofBonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call
Maria 717-6435

* Margarita & Taco Tuesdays!
With $2.50 Margaritas and a Taco bar!
Plus Live music by the Flamingo
Rockers, 6-8pm Divi Flamingo,
Balashi Beach Bar


* "Live Cooking by the Chefs"
with live music by the Flamingo
Rockers Unplugged Buddy Dive
Resort, 6-10 pm

* Flamingo Rockers at
"Admiral's Hour" for yachtsmen
and others, Vespucci Restaurant,
Harbour Village Marina. HH drinks,
gratis tapas, 5-7
* Bonairiaan Restaurant, open 9
-10:30 am, run by teens in training.
Only on Thursdays and Fridays. Cof-
fee, tea, homemade baked goods.
Stichting Project. Kaya J.A. Abra-


* Bonairiaan Restaurant, open 9
-10:30 am, run by teens in training.
Only on Thursdays and Fridays. Cof-
fee, tea, homemade baked goods.
Stichting Project. Kaya J.A. Abra-
* Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7 10 pm. $10 per per-

son. Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth
Vos at 565-5225
Swim lessons for children by
Enith Brighitha, a Dutch Olympian, at
Sunrise Poolbar and Sportsclub, for
children 0 18.
* Manager's Bash-free Flamingo
Smash & snacks, Live music by Fla-
mingo Rockers, Divi Flamingo,
Balashi Beach Bar 6-7 pm
* Free Rum Punch Party (5:30-
6:30 pm) with Moogie Nation, fol-
lowed by all-u-can-eat BBQ, 7-10 pm,
Buddy Dive Resort

Sunday- Creature Feature- John
and Suzie Wall of Buddy's Digital
photo center present a multimedia
slide Presentation about Buddy's
House Reef pool bar Buddy Dive,
6:30-7 pm, 717-5080
Monday-Dee Scarr's Touch the Sea
Slide Presentation, Capt. Don's Habitat,
8:30 pm. 717-8529
Monday- Land & Ocean Bonaire
by Fish-Eye photo staff, 8 pm on the
big screen in front of Bonaire Dive &
Tuesday -Sea Turtle Conservation
Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles of
Bonaire Slide Show. Every 1st & 3rd
Tuesday, Buddy Dive Resort, 7 pm-
Tuesday-Diving Facts And Fiction
- An Evening with DIR slide/video
show by Caribbean Gas Training, 8
pm, Bonaire Dive & Adventure,786-
Wednesday- Sea Turtle Conserva-
tion Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles
ofBonaire Slide Show, every 2nd &
4th Wednesday at Bruce Bowker's
Carib Inn (717-8819) at 7pm.


Kas Kriyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's
past in this venerable old home that has
been restored and furnished so it appears the
family has just stepped out. Local ladies will
tell you the story. Open Monday thru Fri-
day, 9-12, 2-4. Weekends by appointment
Call 717-2445.
Mangasina di Rei, Rincon. Enjoy the
view from "The King's Storehouse." Learn
about Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from
the 17th century. Daily. Call 717-4060 /
Bonaire Museum onKaya J. v.d Ree,
behind the Catholic Church intown Open
weekdays from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel.
Washington-Slagbaai National
Park, Museum and Visitors' Center.
Open daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on
some holidays. 717-8444/785-0017


AA meetings every Wednesday at
7:00 PM-every Sunday at 5:00 PM.
Phone: 786-7699.
Al-Anon meetings every Monday
evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Weekly Bonaire Talker Gathering
and Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30
pm call 567-0655 for directions.
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7.30
pm at Old Inn (across the street from
Plaza) All levels, NAf2,50. Call Joop

717-5903 or be there by 7:15.
Darts Club plays every other Sun-
day at City Caf6. Registration at 4,
games at 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
JCI First Wednesday of the Month
- Junior Chamber International Bon-
aire (JCI Bonaire, formerly known as
Bonaire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO
building, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from
7:30 to 9:30 pm. Everyone is wel-
come. Contact: Renata Domacass6
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other
Tuesday, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595,
Jeannette Rodriguez.
Lions Club meets every 2"d and 4th
Thursday of the month at 8 pm at
Kaya Sabana #1. All Lions welcome.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday,
12 noon-2 pm 'Pirate House', above
Zeezicht Restaurant. All Rotarians
welcome. Tel. 717-8434
Toastmasters Club meets every
two weeks. For more information call
Crusita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia
Martinez Beck, at 786-2953.


Protestant Congregation of Bonaire:
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In
Papiamentu, Dutch, English, Sundays,
10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papia-
mentu, Sundays, 8:30 am.
Children's club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in
Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in
Rincon. Bible Study and Prayer meet-
ings, Thursdays, at 8 pm, Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church: Centro di
Bario Nord Salifia, Sundays, 10 am.
Services in Dutch. 717-7116.
International Bible Church of Bon-
aire, at SGB High School auditorium
(Kaya Frater Odulfinus, off Kaya
Korona.) Sunday services in English
at 9 am; Sunday evening prayer meet-
ing at Pastor's home, 7 pm. Fridays, 6
to 8 pm, Light & Life Club, children 5
to 12 yrs. Tel. 717-8332.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat-
ter Day Saints: Kaya Sabana #26,
Sundays 8:30 11:30am. In Papia-
mentu, Spanish and English.
Catholic: San Bernardus in Kral-
endijk Services, Sunday at 8 am and
7 pm in Papiamentu, 717-8304.
Our Lady ofCoromoto in Antriol,
Saturday at 6 pm in English. Mass in
Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6
pm. 717-4211.
Assembly of God (Asemblea di
Dios): Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In
English, Dutch & Papiamentu on Sun-
day at 10 am. Wednesday Prayer
Meeting at 7:30 pm. 717-2194
Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services
Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bon-
aire Youth Center in English, Dutch and
Papiamentu. Preaching the full gospel.
Contact: 786-2557.

Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Email reporter@~onairenews.com
Tel:790-6518 or 790-8988

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

Page 16


to finst lk uI I

*to fsk--k
*to find it... just look up

E very April I like to remind you of how you can have fun with the Big Dip-
per in early evening because it is positioned in such a way that it gives
credence to a very old folk saying. Plus it is so high above the horizon it can be
used to easily find two wonderful stars of spring.
On any night in April between the hours of 8 and 10 pm, look due north in the
Sky Park where you'll see the Big Dipper almost directly above and just to the
right of the North Star, its cup pointed down in such a way that if it were filled
full of water the water would be pouring out directly onto the ground below. This
gives a celestial significance to that old saying, "April showers bring May flow-
ers," because every April in early evening the biggest water dipper of the heavens
is indeed positioned so that it is pouring its imaginary water onto the Earth be-
low. Plus because it's so high above the horizon it makes it very easy to use the
three stars of the Dipper's handle as a finder to locate two wonderful stars of
spring which are also very high above the horizon.
Simply draw an imaginary line through the handle of the Big Dipper and extend
it in the same curve or arc as the handle and you'll "arc to Arcturus," the brightest
star of Bootes, the Herdsman. Then if you extend that curve, that "arc," on from
Arcturus you can speed on to Spica, the brightest star of Virgo, the Virgin. Once
again using the handle and its curve, arc to Arcturus, then speed on to Spica. What
could be easier? Now brighter Arcturus is relatively close, only 37 light years
away. That means we see the light that left it 37 years ago in 1971. Spica, how-
ever, is seven times farther away than Arcturus 260 light years. That means we
see the light that left it 260 years ago in 1748.
But to make finding Arcturus and Spica even more special just remind yourself
that when we look at them now we are really looking back in time, because when
I say that Arcturus is 37 light years away I really mean that when you look at Arc-
turus this month you are not seeing Arcturus as it actually exists now in the pre-
sent but as it actually existed 37 years ago. And when you speed on to Spica and
look at it this month you are really seeing Spica not as it exists now but as it actu-
ally existed 260 years ago. Wow! Which inevitably leads one to the question, "Is
it possible that some of the stars we now see are no longer in existence?" The an-
swer is, yes. Although we are quite sure Arcturus and Spica are still there.
So some time this April between 8 and 10pm find the Big Dipper as it rains
down April showers for May flowers, then arc to Arcturus 37 light years away and
speed on to Spica 260 light years beyond! 0 Jack Horkheimer

By Jenny

April 2008

ARIES: March 20th April 20th If your feelings could talk, they would probably tell you to
stop focusing on your outer life and spend more time getting in touch with the little ram within
you. Your emotional sensors are so finely tuned now that you will also be more sensitive to the
emotions and feelings of others as well. Most of all, you may find you have a great need to be-
long to someone. If you don't already have someone you feel a heartfelt connection with, you
should do everything in your power to find them!
TAURUS: April 20th May 21st If you are feeling psychologically weak right now, don't beat
yourself up. Take some time to relax and renew. You also need to remember that your mind is
your garden. Your thoughts are the seeds you plant, and the more positive they are, the more
successful you will become in the near future. You can't afford the luxury of self doubt another
GEMINI: May 21st June 21st You have a natural brilliant ability to bungee jump your ideas
and freely associate things with others, yet you may feel more inclined to keep your thoughts to
yourself right now. While you're out at a party, a complete stranger may inspire romantic fanta-
sies. You will be popular now, yet one of your friends may want to confide in you and make you
swear to their secret. They may also want you to share full disclosure on your new secret crush.
Don't be tempted by them, once they learn your secrets they won't hesitate to share them.
CANCER: June 21st July 22nd You may find it difficult to hide certain facts about yourself.
Still it's best if you have nothing to hide because everyone has got their eye on you at the mo-
ment. You could be tempted to make a public display of your emotions; even having a spat with
a loved one could cause unfortunate publicity now. Since you are so in tuned with others on an
emotional level, it's better if you work as a liaison to help them meet their goals and needs.
LEO: July 22nd August 23rd Forget about your personal concerns for the moment and get
together with your friends. If you find that your friends are too busy, you might need to circulate
to make new ones that share your hobbies or passions. This is a marvelous time to network your
talents with others so be sure to bring your calling cards with you once you leave the house.
VIRGO: August 23rd September 22nd You're in the mood to think big and there's no reason
not to. This is one of those times when you can really impress others with your well thought out
plans. Even though they may think you're a bit of an optimist, there's a good chance that they
will rally around you now. If you keep banging your drum, you'll soon find others dance to your
beat. Don't argue you points, allow others to step in tune and you will find great harmony now.
LIBRA: September 23rd October 23rd It will be easy to find balance in your relationships
now. If you don't already have a partner this is one of the best times to meet someone new. Any
problem you've been having with others may miraculously seem to clear. Still, you may have to
take on the role of a social director in your circle of friends to get them moving.
SCORPIO: October 23rd November 22nd Being in 'the zone' is something peak perform-
ers train for. Whether they are master musicians or sports competitors; the main goal is to get
into a space where they can mentally marry their talent with timing. You now also have that
same winning ability to perfectly perform in your daily life. You may not be looking for a medal
or to break a record; still you do have a rare opportunity to combine ambition with integrity and
make your mark.
SAGITTARIUS: November 22nd December 21st It's time to get rid of the old and worn
pages of your life; they've become too brittle and you need to update everything now including
your wardrobe! Once you rid yourself of clutter you will instantaneously find new opportunities
arise. This is one of those times when you shouldn't stop to ponder carefully before acting on
impulse. Something fortunate can come on suddenly. You just need to be ready for change
CAPRICORN: December 21st January 20th You might want to duck out of social plans
right now. Partners may be on edge about financial matters and if you have a mate, you'll find
they are not in the best of moods because they are worrying too much about the future now. It's
probably best you throw energies towards developing your artistic talents or just spend more
time pursuing your hobbies.
AQUARIUS: January 20th February 19th -You may feel torn between your home and family
commitments verses your desire to be out with your friends. If you have been working hard on a
project the good news is that you are about to see results. However, this is a time when you will
feel compromised because keeping true to yourself means that you may have to let others
down. In your heart of hearts you wish you could manage to do both, yet you will eventually
have to make a choice to either let them down, or much worst; let yourself down.
PISCES: February 19th March 20th If you could see what I see you would see your amaz-
ing unreleased potential falling to the wayside instead of catapulting you ahead. You don't have
to be a seer to tap into your vast resources; still you do have to listen to your dreams and that
little voice inside. I don't have to tell you that you have a strong voice inside, but I may have to
remind you of just how potent it is. If you can manage to take the time to amplify it by meditat-
ing, you will be able to work wonders through the power of prayer now. NJenny Lynch

O'o / MEDIATE, and

Phone: (599) 09 512-6375
Phone: (599) 717-2500 EXT. 8210





Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

ww visi.bikfo- ph: 71.2- 4 -edl: 776.144
Scuba Vision Films is Bonaire's premier video production facility.
We are available for your video imagig projects underwater and topside.

Nature Films Documentaries Trav Adventure Advertising -TV Broadcast
Underwater Stock footage HDV Digital Photo Wedings
DVD Reproductions DVD Mastering and Authoring
Course and Seminars.

info@scubavision.info Ph: (599) 717.2844 Cell:786.2844
Kaya Grandi #6 Photo Tours -

Page 17


institute for adult
education. Since
March 2006 Inge
Berben has been
the director of
FORMA and has
reorganized and
revitalized the

Forma has four departments: Liter-
acy, Social Cultural Duty (SVP), Voca-
tional Training Level 1 (SBO) and Up-
grading Courses.

Department of Literacy is for illiterate
or nearly illiterate adults. Although Bon-
aire has a 97% literacy rate, 20.8% can
read but can't under-
stand what they read and
are at a 4 S C grade ele-
mentary school level.
That's the reason
FORMA started this
department. Last year a
coordinator trained 20
teachers in FORMA's
methods of working,
developed curricula for
three levels, put together
20 packages of class material based on
themes, and created CDs and DVDs as
teaching materials.
Department of Social Cultural Duty
(SVP) is a project initiated by the Centra
Government and financed by USONA.
The focus of SVP is on young adults be-
tween 16 and 24 years old who do not
have an educational qualification and/or a
diploma. These young people dropped ou
after elementary school or high school for
various reasons: pregnancy, responsibili-
ties at home, behavioral problems, learn-

Making Tomorrow Better

ing methods at school. The majority are
young parents. Every one has a coach
from FORMA who follows the partici-
pant on a weekly basis to see how he or
she develops and checks to see that all
continues accordingly. FORMA also
has a social worker who guides those
who have difficult living circumstances.
All participants receive a small allow-
ance and child care to make it possible
for them to attend classes and appoint-
Vocational Training Level 1
(SBO) organizes a one-year
education program. If partici-
pants follow this education he or
she will earn a valid diploma at
the end of the year. In 2007
FORMA opened the Restaurant
and Bakery Assistant program.
With this diploma participants
can qualify for a job as assistant
waiter assistant cook or assistant
In June 2008 FORMA will begin
the Construction Assistant pro-
gram. With this diploma partici-
pants can get ajob as an assistant carpen-
ter, assistant bricklayer or assistant
Department of Upgrading courses fo-
cuses on the working population who
likes or needs to be upgraded. The courses
are on a higher level (MBO and HBO)
and at the moment are:



* Language classes (Papiamentu, Eng-
lish, Dutch, Spanish)
* Electro technician
* Bookkeeping
* Hobby courses
* Naturalization course
Upgrading courses are given on request
from companies and organizations.
For further questions or information:
Contact Fundashon FORMA, Kaya Koro-
na 13, Inge Berben, Director. Tel: 717-
6949 /fax: 717-6940. 0 Soraida Menschi
Website: www.fundashonforma.com; E-
mail: ingeberben @fundashonforma.com

Fishing Tournament Results
F ine weather greeted the fishermen of Bonaire's 20th International Fishing
Tournament last Sunday. While the catch of billfish and the turnout of boats
was disappointing to the organizers, the ambiance was great with a big BBQ and
live music. During Regatta time, October 3-5, there will be another fishing tourna-
ment organized by It Rains Fishes Restaurant at Club Nautico.
For more information about this event and the next one call Robur de Vries at






Largest Tuna
Largest Dorado
Largest Wahoo
Most Tuna
Most Dorado
Most Wahoo

Mojitofrom Curagao
Organizer photo

A Boekhoudt (AUA)

B Peretchentill (CUR)

A Boekhoudt (AUA)

B Peretchentill (CUR)

B Peretchentill (CUR)
A Mansur (AUA)
F Heyden (AUA)
B Peretchentill (CUR)
A Mansur (AUA)
F Heyden (AUA)


Y- Knot


Y- Knot

Y- Knot
Lady Sarah
Y- Knot
Lady Sarah


Puzzle on page 9

512 873 649
948 156 273
736 429 851
263 584 197
485 917 362
197 362 584
359 641 728
624 738 915
871 295 436


Dinner starting at 6:00P.M Open everyday


Website: www.restaurantcasablanca.com
Website: www. restaurantcasablanca.com

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

Page 18

Page 18


Anke'sThe Deep Purple motorcar experience
The FIAT 500D "Cinquecento"
The 28th of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J@n Brou-
wer, featuring some ofBonaire's interesting vehicles that are
"on wheels."

Anke's FIA T 500D. The car is spray-painted metallic purple.
The two-door coupe was manufactured in Italy in 1962 and is
known as the nuova FIAT cinquecento. (Pronounced as: "chin-
kwe-chen-to" by those inventive little Italian laborers from
Torino) Photograph: J@n Brouwer

Bonaire/Playa Pariba -
Anke, born in Indonesia, spent a couple of years on the island
of Aruba before she decided to live on our lovely Diver's
Paradise. Since June 2007 she and her son, Kalani (born on the 26th
of July 2006 in Aruba) live on Bonaire.
Anke's little purple painted treasure on wheels can regularly
been seen on and along the roads of Playa. Anke has two part time
jobs down town. She works at the Indonesian restaurant, Warung
Louise, on Kaya Grandi and at the barbershop, De Kapper, both in
Anke is the proud owner of a very well restored economy car or
city car, made in 1962 in Torino, Italy. In those days the car was
exported from Italy to the Netherlands. Small family cars were
very popular in Europe after World War II.
Anke bought her Italian beauty in The Netherlands. The car was
in more or less running condition but needed a lot of work. She
started the restoration in Europe and continued the job in Aruba.
Finally the car got its metal flaked color in Bonaire. It was Garage
Emanuel, along the unpaved road behind Warehouse Bonaire that
did the job. Now the little backpack (as this FIAT is nicknamed in
Holland) is in running condition. The purple jewel is a quick
starter and a good runner. It is very difficult to get to know the
location of the gasoline station by heart because of the very low
fuel consumption of this classic vehicle. Anke and her Cinque-
cento: two new little gems on our island.
The FIAT Nuovo 500 was designed by Dante Giacosa. The
model was produced from 1957 until 1975. The first models were
equipped with a small 479 cc two-cylinder four stroke engine with
overhead valves, producing 13 British horse power. This model
had a soft top from head to hips and two so called suicide doors.
It's length was only 2,97 meters (9 feet, 9 inches). The later mod-
els were fitted with an air
cooled twin of 499 cc/17 bhp.
Even a real 594 cc/23 bhp road
burner was produced. A very
cute model was the so called
FIAT, Jolly, an open two
seater. FIAT also created the so
called Cinquecento Giardiniera,
a three-door station wagon with
a soft top. Very cute! Thank
you, you Italians for using your
creative minds! U Jc/in Brou-

Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

This time for a change there won't be a visit to
a construction site. Instead, let's have a look
at something else coming our way right now on Bon-
aire: the Tourism Awareness Project (TAP). What is
Some may know it from the Mama Smile figure
(see photo) and the slogan "Boneiru ta dushi, sim-
ply meaning Bonaire is dushi. Dushi is that magical
Papiamentu word that's impossible to translate, but
for those who might not know it, if it's dushi, it's
positive! Mama Smile, with her natural laughter, is
the mascot of the program. In daily life many know
her as Poppy Rodriguez.
The TAP project was initiated by Tourism Corpo-
ration Bonaire (TCB) and aims to increase awareness
among the local community, emphasizing the impor-
tance of tourism by increasing knowledge and under-
standing of tourism. Financial support comes from
USONA, and it's all carried out by a consortium
between Bonairean based Match Consultancy and
The Hague Performance Management hotel school.
The project, relying as much as possible on local
talent and products, started in 2006 and is planned to
continue until 2009. Obviously it will be impossible
to reach each and every one, but the ambitious aim is
to have 2,800 people of various backgrounds and
ages go through a total of six' workshops of half a
day each on the subject. This is the theory. But what
does this mean in practice?
A fair reflection of the population will attend, or
have already attended, these workshops. It's not only
for people working in businesses directly related to
tourism like the hospitality industry, but also for
police officers, custom officers, civil servants, airport
employees, students from SGB (secondary school)
and many, many more groups.
The program follows the trip of a tourist visiting
Bonaire, beginning with making his plans while still
at home, arriving at the airport and getting a first
impression, doing the things he wants, visiting attrac-
tions, meeting local people, visiting shops and super-
markets, etc., etc. At the end of his trip he asks him-
self whether or not he had a good time, looks at how
much he spent and decides whether he might return
and recommend Bonaire to his friends and family.
Workshop attendees will learn different things each
The first workshop is about what Bonaire has to
offer tourists, while another deals with keeping the
balance between people, planet and profit in our
touristic developments. Another is about hospitality,
showing that tourism is not limited to people work-
ing in the hospitality industry, but that all others have
a very important role as well. Then it's about quality
of service, while the following is about flexibility,
the dynamic nature of tourism and that one thing is
certain in life: the world will continue to change. The
final one then draws the conclusion that tourism is


vital to the island and to our community.
To make things attractive to the participants there
are no endless theoretical presentations in these
workshops. Obviously some theory is presented, but
the program focuses on bringing up many topics in
playful ways to make things fun. Films, quizzes, role
playing, creating artwork, lotteries and much more
are all part of the game. The creative things like po-
ems, drawings, paintings, stories etc. we have seen
the attendants come up with are very impressive and
a first exposition was at the Kas di Arte some months
Last week 300 SGB students attended the program
in a special five-day project at the school. The last
day was dedicated to presentations from the students
on various topics related to tourism on Bonaire.
Creativity ruled! Who knows? Maybe some of the
rap songs about how dushi Bonaire is that we heard
there might make it into big hits on our local radio
stations. A Story & photo by Marcel Leurs

sm to



slide presentation
Captain Don's Habitat
8:30 pm Mondays
dive with Dee Scarr
Erkh,%n r Wotn divers 4,19
in Orin* islaw
rations 717-8 529 aine lanElsIn 1
Improve your reception by the underwater world

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CN ming Our

Why The Reporte?.
More copies than any print media distributed on
Bonaire-3,000 per issue. Low cost per copy.
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1 &.A lzu iff t1 M 01 1

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Bonaire Reporter April 18-May 2, 2008

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