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Suy 1 JFebruar 8, l 2Wl ; Volume 1 Issue

Helping Bonaire Grow Responsibly

Kunuku Shimaruku, PO Box 407, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, Phone 790-8988, 790-6518, email: reporter@bonairenews.com

Si maca

Map #3
tar Mr3p Onima

~TAr L C;L)


li 111W

`11 r.- -.o

e Alka Intaka
, nath

URSA MAJOR Pad Discovery!
Page 3

Since 1994



I r~U~T .

Progress towards Bonaire's
integration into The Neth-
erlands in December 2008 con-
tinues. The standard of living
will be the main topic of dis-
cussion in the BES (Bonaire,
St. Eustatius and Saba) during
an upcoming series of meet-
ings. At a previous meeting the
Dutch delegation was unpre-
pared to discuss it and the Bon-
aire and Saba delegations would
not proceed without it. The
meetings will take place January
28-31. Besides the standard of
living, other important points of
discussion will be public health,
social security, education and
youth, safety and finances. Be-
fore leaving for The Nether-
lands, the BES islands will meet
in Bonaire for preparation be-
fore engaging in new negotia-
tions with the Dutch.

0 The Netherlands Antilles,
Aruba and Surinam, all former
Dutch western hemisphere colo-
nies, will hold a three-party
Parliamentary meeting for the
first time in seven years. The
meeting will be hosted by Aruba
and is scheduled to take place
from January 30 until February
President of the Antillean Par-
liament, Pedro Atacho, said co-
operation on justice and eco-
nomic matters would be dis-

According to Bonaire's
Commissioner of Economic
Affairs, Burney el Hage, the
economic outlook for 2008 is
extremely good especially for
the construction sector with eve-
rything that comes with it, like
the sale of houses and condo-
He anticipates that tourism
will continue to grow in 2008.
He mentions new sectors, like
the production of alternative
energy, that will also contribute
to the economy of Bonaire.
There are also a number of new
activities that will possibly come
together in 2008 and become
new economic activities for the

island, like the production ofbio
fuel from algae and healthcare,
where foreigners can come to
Bonaire for their health.
The building sector is ex-
pected to remain active through
2012. He admitted that the gov-
ernment is still not totally pre-
pared for everything that needs
to be done in connection with
the economic growth.

The Curacao Hotel Asso-
ciation is asking the govern-
ment to reconsider its decision
to approve a 50% increase on
the tariff for airplanes that
traverse the Antillean air-
space. It fears that Curacao is
pricing herself out of the market
and will be bad for tourism, Cu-
racao's most important eco-
nomic sector.
In contrast to most other parts
of the world, the Caribbean is
made up of a hodgepodge of
fragmented airspaces. Curacao
is responsible for part of that
and is also one of the fragments.
Currently, the airspace fees
yield about NAfl0 million per
year. The standard tariff will rise
from NAf 31 to NAf 47 per mile
effective February 1. Local
airline companies like DAE and
Insel Air are significantly af-
fected because they mainly fly
in Antillean airspace.

Early in January the Central
Government Department of
Aviation stopped Dutch Antil-
les Express (DAE) planes from
taking off because their mainte-
nance permit had expired. Ac-
cording to DAE, they have sub-
mitted a petition to renew the
permit, but due to a
'misunderstanding,' the Avia-
tion Department didn't receive
the petition.
"It was actually an administra-
tive problem," says director Flo-
ris van Pallandt, when asked,
and said that, "The problem is
more theirs." The problem was
resolved in a few hours and
flights resumed.
All DAE aircraft are back in
service following their sched-

uled maintenance.

British airline Virgin Atlan-
tic said on Monday it would run
the world's first commercial
jet flight powered by biofuel
between London Heathrow and
Amsterdam next month. The
Boeing 747 will first fly without
passengers as part of efforts by
Virgin, Boeing Co and GE
Aviation to reduce CO2 emis-
sions from aviation. Cargill Cor-
poration plans to cultivate algae
in Bonaire to be converted into

biodiesel, a product related to
the jet bio-fuel.

0 Lt. Governor Herbert Do-
macass6 hosted the traditional
New Year's reception and again
emphasized the quality of
modesty that some Bonaireans
value and that is included in the
island's national anthem. He said
he felt that he was not well un-
derstood during his New Year
speech. He said, "Being modest
doesn't necessarily mean that
the Bonaire people be mute. It
(Continued on page 4)

Table of Contents
This Week's Stories
Cruise Ship Report 2
Ancient Star Map
Discovered 3
Study Abroad (U. of Del.)
On Wheels (Jeep Kodiak) 5
High Rise Opposition 5
Letters to the Editor
(Cruise Ships,/Empty Shelves,
Snorkel Fish, Airport Parking) 6
Bonaire Ambassadors (Horst,
Wunsch, Kloppenborg) 9
Keeping Bonaire Clean 9
Toys of the Rich & Famous
Art For Fun (Elmer's Glue) 10
Bonaire Gardener
(septic water) 11
Art Exhibit Andr6 Nagtegaal 11
Mass Cruise Tourism 18
Eat Cactus 18

Flotsam & Jetsam 2
Clear Blue Water News 8
Bonairean Voices (Traffic) 8
Pets of the Week ("Jack," Dog
walkers) 12
Classifieds 12
Coral Glimpses (Squid) 13
Do You Know (Anemones) 13
Dining & Shopping
Guides 14
Tide Table 15
Reporter Masthead 15
Picture Yourself with
The Reporter (Argentina, New
Hampshire) 15
What's Happening 16
Sky Park (Jupiter, Venus) 17
Caf6 Astrology 17
Island View (SGB explained) 19
What's Coming Our Way
(Waterlands Village) 19

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B We keep making things
CB convenient for you!

GM E With 4 branches and 6 ATM's located
throughout the island and our
internet banking MCB@Home, at your
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Main Branch Kaya L.D. Gerharts 1 Phone +(599) 715-5520
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SPeugeot, Kymco
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-. -any brand
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S0@ Kaya Grandi #61
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Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

Page 2

M n >-rU~ (VM n

cIcvemefty et oehwere

w M AbV em onmDeN
dM^^^^*^*^Bdk-KB^^^ -^B^ -JAL--H^^^^^i^^^^^^

In the last issue of The Bon-
aire Reporter we reported
that Indian Inscriptions at Onima
cave represented an ancient star
map from around 1054 AD when
the explosion of the Crab Nebula
Supernova was seen around the
On the cover are three maps
which detail why the Indian In-
scriptions are such a star map.

Map #1 Marca Indjan Onima
- Indian Inscriptions precise
representation by Dr. Pieter
Wagenaar Hummelinck.
Dr. Hummelinck was a scientist
who precisely depicted the Indian
Inscriptions at Onima Cave from
photographs he took in the ear-
ly1950s. He published them in
1972. These Inscriptions were
depicted previously by Father A.
J. van Koolwijk in 1875 and pub-
lished by Pastor P. A. Euwens in
Neerlandia News Bulletin #12 in
December of 1907.

Map #2 Planisphere Naked
Eye Star watching map
Miller Planisphere Naked
Eye Star watching map. The
lines on this map line up to the
lines on Map #3. In the year
1054 Polaris was about 6 degrees
above the North Pole and to the
right. Today the North Pole and

Polaris are almost together. The
rest of the map would be the

Map #3 Simacan Star Map -
Middle section of the original
Parts of the original Indian
Inscriptions at Marca Indjan
have been lifted up from the
whole to show the various stars
and constellations that make
up the map. It is the discovery
of the Bonaire historian Frans
Booi that they represent a pre-
cise naked eye planisphere star
map that the Simacan (ancient
astronomer) would have
painted in the Onima Cave at
Marca Indjan. You can see
that the three great parallel
horizontal lines match the stars
on the Planisphere map and
the Simacan Star Map.

The brightest star to the east is
represented by a double outlined
cross and is thought to be Rigel
of the Orion Constellation. The
next star cross to the left, which
is wound up in a thread, is of the
Taurus Constellation and repre-
sents the conjunction of the Su-
per Nova, Crab Nebula (Ml),
and the stars Aldebaran and Al-
heka. The Crab Nebula Super
Nova was a major explosion in

Onima Indian Inscriptions
the summer of 1054 that was so
bright it could be seen by day for
weeks and for over two years by
night. This was such a signifi-
cant event that it was registered
by the Chinese, Arabs and Ana-
sasi Indians in North America.
Frans Booi believes that this was
also registered by the Carib-
Arawak Indians in Bonaire at
Marca Indjan Onima.
The third outlined star cross to
the left of the North Pole is Vega
in the Lyra Constellation. The
Star Polaris is precisely in be-
tween Lyra and Auriga on this
map and on the Planisphere.
Alnath, the most eastern star in
Auriga, aligns with Polaris and
with Mintaka on the middle par-
allel horizontal line. The star
Hamal, in the Aries Constella-
tion, was aligned with Polaris
around 60 degrees from the hori-
zon in September of the year
1054.D Frans & Maggi Booi

* This Oceanfront town home is located in Belnem
and enjoys one of Bonaire's few sandy beaches.

* Just 30 steps from your porch to the ocean.

* First level offers an open floor plan with a
spacious kitchen (with breakfast bar) large living
room and dining room area.

* Second level offers two bedrooms; each with
private bathroom and shower.

* Master bedroom features balcony overlooking
the beach and beautiful Caribbean ocean.

* Shared swimming pool and sun deck facilities.

* Lot size measures 135 m2 of leased ground.

Listed For: $395,000 USD

Page 3

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

Oceafron Towhous ightHous Beah #

Flotsam and Jetsam (Cont. from pg. 2)
implies that we must respect and
be patient with one another. We
must not be arrogant, but care for
each other."

> The Central Bureau of
Statistics, CBS, will conduct
economic research on Bonaire,
Curaqao and St. Maarten in the
month of January. The aim of
this research is to get an update
on commercial and economic
development. The investigation
will be conducted with all com-
panies with 10 or more employ-
ees. Companies with fewer than
10 employees will be sampled. In
Bonaire 82 will participate; 814
in Curaqao; 254 in St. Maarten.

1 The risk of being infected
with dengue fever virus re-
mains high in Bonaire because
of the continued rains. Members
of the community are reminded
to eliminate any possible breed-
ing places, like standing water, of
the dengue mosquito, Aedes ae-
gypti, which bites by day. The
eggs of the insect can stay alive
for a year and can withstand the
dry season.
Use of long-sleeved shirts and
long pants as well as repellent are
recommended. For the most part
visitors are unaware of the situa-
tion although it is a major topic
of conversation for residents.
The health department em-
ployee who was most responsible
for mosquito control in past years

retired, and there has been little
spraying and no house-to-house
It is estimated that up to 900
people have been infected in the
past year by the rarely fatal, but
extremely painful, disease. Re-
portedly two cases of hemor-
rhagic dengue were registered.
These persons were sent to Cura-
cao for further medical treatment.
There is no specific treatment for
the usual dengue victim except
over-the-counter painkillers and
rest. The illness takes weeks or
more for recovery and gives the
victim immunity to the dengue
strain he or she was infected
with, but none of the other three
varieties. A vaccine is being
tested but will not be available
for some years. A press confer-
ence to update the situation is set
for later this week.

0 Bonaire's first university
preparatory high-school class
(VWO-5) is soon to graduate
on Bonaire. Previously, students
were required to go to Curacao,
Aruba or Holland for this level of
education. Nearly all the students
will continue on to a university
or college in The Netherlands. To
prepare for this next step the
class has booked a flight via
Arkefly for two weeks, begin-
ning March 8, to The Nether-
lands to visit some of the schools
they plan to attend. It is not a
vacation, as each day they will
visit universities and colleges and

become familiar with the Dutch
transportation systems.
The trip will be financed by
contributions from the students
themselves, local sponsors and
hopefully, contributions from the
public. If you wish to help sup-
port this initiative transfer your
gift to Standard Educated Dutch,
account number 531339610,
t.n.v. Foundation spell Boneiru
B&k, specifying class VWO-5.

0 A 45-year-old man was run
over and killed at Knip beach
in Curacao by an Ocean En-
counters dive boat while snorkel-
ing. The propeller hit Raymond
Mongen in the chest. He sank to
the bottom and died immediately.
The captain of the boat recovered
his body. He said he had seen
another man snorkeling in the
area, but not the victim. Please
take extra care while diving or

snorkeling around Bonaire and
keep aware of boats in the area.
) The Marine Mammal
Foundation received confirmed
information that yet another
accident occurred at the Cura-
cao Dolphin Academy. On Janu-
ary 11, 2008, the dolphin, "Tela,"

The first Bonaire baby of the year 2008 was born Thursday
afternoon, January 3rd in San Francisco Hospital. Klebertson
Johannes Romero, son of Raymond Francees and Marjin Romero
weighed 4,250 grams (9.4 lbs.) and was 53 centimeters (20.9") long
at birth. Also in the photo are the baby's brother, Jeferson, midwife
Marita Djodjopawiro and assistant nurse Ellen Ignacio.

Struck an employee, who was not
Seriously injured, in his back
several times with his tail fluke.
This is the third "captive born"
' dolphin accident indicating ag-
gressive behavior with humans at
the Dolphin Academy reaching
the press since April 2007.
All three were at the age of
being considered "sexually ac-
tive." It is common in the dolphin
captivity industry not to use
sexually active dolphins in Swim
with Dolphins programs because
they become difficult to handle
and aggressive with swimmers.
The Dolphin Academy blamed

the accident with "Tela" on the
victim just as it did with the acci-
dent with the dolphin, "Copan,"
in April 2007, when he bumped a
girl and bit her father who came
to her aid.
On January 1, 2008, dolphin,
"Annie," jumped on the heads of
three paying guests.
The dolphin exploiting opera-
tion has been experiencing diffi-
culties recently after Cuban-
captured dolphins were imported
by the Curaqao Sea Aquarium
and the owners fired their own
Director, Laetitia Lindgren, for
(Continued on page 7)

Advertentie / Aviso / Advertisement

From Bonaire Nautico Marina



Catamaran Kantika diAmor
Trips daily via resorts at 10 am, 12, 2 pm
Except Sunday at 10 am only

Tie up dockside
for $7/day +tax
Water/115/220V & Cable TV
Dinghy tie-up at north-inside dock
US$10 weekly from Saturday to
Saturday. Pay at Kantika di Amor
water taxi daily 10 am, 12, 2 pm.
Sundays 10 am only.
Your boat name will be recorded.

At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399
www.bonairenauticomarina VHF 68



Declaration of Room Tax Bonaire
The Executive Council has noticed that recently more and more commercial and private
accommodations, among others, apartments, rooms and houses, are being rented or provided
to tourists and visitors.
For this activity a room tax ofNAf 9,75 per person per night is levied. However, for tour-
ists or visitors who are residents of the Netherlands Antilles or Aruba, and for children under
the age of 13, no tax is due.
Some of the accountable persons have not yet made a declaration for this tax.
The Executive Council invites everyone who has not yet done this so far, and who have
rented out or provided accommodations in the years 2005, 2006 and/or 2007, to make the
declaration for these years and pay the accountable amount at the Tax Collectors office.
The last day to do so is February 20, 2008. After this date the tax is considered overdue,
with a penalty added and will be presented to those who fail to make the declaration.
Declaration forms can be collected at the Tax Collectors Office, (Ontvanger),
J.A. Abraham Boulevard 27.

0 \

Air conditioned or open air terrace

Lunch: Open Monday through Friday from 11am-3pm
Dinner: Open Monday through Saturday from 6pm-10pm

Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 46 TellFax: 717-7070
e-mail: info@bistrodeparis.com website: www.bistrodeparis.com

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

Page 4



Janneke and Ad Brom and their
Beloved 1995 Jeep Kodiak

The 25rd of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J@n Brou-
wer, featuring some ofBonaire's interesting vehicles that are
"on wheels."

The Jeep Kodiak (notice the single wiper) with its happy own-
ers, Janneke and Ad Brom from Antriol

It all started back in 1999
when Janneke and Ad
Brom got married and decided
to spend their honeymoon on the
tropical islands of Curacao and
Aruba. They really enjoyed their
holiday but when they returned
to the old world they were told
that they missed the loveliest
island of the Netherlands Lee-
wards Antilles, Bonaire! So they
started saving money with the
intention of visiting Bonaire as
soon as possible. In 2002 they
came to Bonaire for the first
time in their lives and they im-
mediately fell in love with it.
They learned to dive the deep
sea and got addicted to the di-
vers' paradise forever. Since
2002 Ad and Janneke visited
Bonaire frequently. In Decem-
ber 2007 they were here for the
10th time and they have the aim
of living here in the near future.

A few years ago they bought
an original Bonairean house in
Antriol along Kaya den Stachie.
The classic house must have
been built during the 20s of the
last century. It was in a deplor-
able state, but after a firm resto-
ration during a severe time it is
almost finished now.
In 2004 Ad and Janneke
started to look for a sturdy and
reliable Bonaire-proof vehicle.
Finally they found the Jeep Ko-
diak, slightly misnamed Wran-
gler. In the beginning the Ko-
diak appeared not to be as reli-
able as it looked. Now, after a
lot of improvements, the vehicle
is all right.
Ad explains, "It is very diffi-
cult to get information about this
type of car. We know that there
is another Kodiak on the island,
a red one. The Jeep Kodiaks are
a kind of a kit car (car in a kit).

They are manufactured by the
prisoners in a jail in Miami,
Florida. For our Kodiak they
used a six-cylinder in-line, two
point five engine fitted with a
three-speed automatic gearbox
from a Dodge truck. They short-
ened the chassis, took out all the
unnecessary parts and built the
fiberglass body on top. The
chassis is very sturdy; there are
mounted side bars and the front
bumper has a rigid bull bar."
"I really like our car," Janneke
says. Right now it is almost
maintenance free. The fiberglass
body is very easy to repair and
almost nothing can break down
because the car is fitted with
almost nothing! No side doors,
no back door, no side or rear
windows, no radio, no power
steering. Originally the car did-
n't even have wipers. Finally,
because of the rain, we added a
wiper with a motor like those
used in boats! And, last but not
least, the car originally was not
even equipped with a spare rim
and tire!
"Just recently we made a seri-
ous conversion to the body," Ad
continues. "The hood in the
front and the fenders were con-
structed as a unit. They tilted to
the front, like the hood of the
classic Jaguar E-type. After a
slight accident we glued the
fenders and the hood to the rest
of the fiberglass body and with a
grinder we cut a kind of more or
less normal bonnet. The wood
and the fiberglass of the body
are that easy to work on! We
think this car will last forever!"
Ad and Janneke: two happy
persons. They fell in love with
each other and they fell in love
with the island. Forever! Cheers!
OStory & Photo by J@n

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8, 2008


Page 5


Dear Editor:
Who is the person at TCB that
wants to stand up and take the
credit for ruining commerce on
Bonaire? The store shelves are
bare, no milk, little fruit and a
poor selection of meat.
Because we have two cruise
ships at the dock leaving no
room for our cargo carriers to
Makes even more sense
when, in watching the happy
cruise ship passengers re-board
their floating hotels, you notice
that few are carrying with them
anything purchased on our little
To further enhance the insult
to the residents of Bonaire, it's
become common to close down
Kaya Grandi and Kaya Charles
Heilmund while the cruise ships
are in port to allow more passen-
gers to roam empty-handed
through the main shopping dis-
Parking in the area continues
to worsen and is made virtually
impossible as the cruise passen-
gers idle away their shore time,
leaving with a few photos, a
sunburn and little else.
You needn't develop a large
study group to come to the con-
clusion that the cruise ship in-
dustry has done little for the is-
lands of the Caribbean.
The stampede of happy pas-
senger feet down the gang plank
brings nothing but unnecessary
pollution and congestion to
every port on the itinerary.
Well, thanks to the TCB
folks, we have an excellent ex-
ample of how not to do business.
Brian McCarley


Dear Editor:
Last week I saw about 60 mid-
sized and larger fish taken --
legally -- by four snorkelers. It
took only 1 1/2 hours and pretty

well wiped out the largest fish
between Cliff (dive site) and
WEB. One can imagine that the
four could remove 90% of the
largest fish between Belnem
and Sabedeco, easily, in 2008.
I observed their technique,
which is to drop weighted and
baited line down to a big fish,
yank it away from smaller fish,
and after catching a big fish sim-
ply tie it to a string attached to a
float (bottle). Cliff had two re-
maining large snappers, which
delighted divers. However, the
snorkel fishermen (two
were teens) spotted them, put the
bait in front of the mouths, and
hooked them both within min-
utes. It is, quite literally, like
shooting fish in a barrel, and
must be as bad for fish depletion
as spear fishing.
As a 15-year visitor to Bonaire
I've observed how the big fish
have disappeared. It's one of the
common reasons divers com-
plain that it isn't "worth it" to
visit Bonaire (and everyone
knows crime and sewage dam-
age are also major detrac-
tors). Of course the Antilleans
can do whatever they like with
or to their island, but surely pro-
hibiting snorkel fishing is in
their best interest.
Brad Smart


Dear Editor:
In reference to the Airport
Parking story in "What's Coming
Our Way' in the last issue... paid
parking at the airport is NOT a
totally new phenomena to Bon-
aire. Having been on Bonaire
nearly as long as Onima's arrival
I recall that when the new airport
was opened in the mid-70s paid
parking was in effect for quite
some time .. exact dates are
fuzzy but Bonaire surely had it


Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

Page 6

Flotsam and jetsam (Continued from
page 4)
calling the practice of capturing
wild dolphins "immoral;" one of
the new wild caught Cuban dol-
phins, "Rene," died; and two oth-
ers got in a vicious fight.
The Cabinet of the Antilles
Governor has started a prelimi-
nary investigation on the importa-
tion of the six captured dolphins
from Cuba and whether the deci-
sion of the Curacao government
is in conflict with international
treaties and national legislation.
The Dutch Parliament is also dis-
cussing the situation

One of the most popular
purebred dog breed on Bonaire is
the Dalmatian. Topping the list
of the most popular dogs in the
US is the Labrador Retriever-
top dog since 1991, followed by
the Yorkshire Terrier, the German
Shepherd, the Golden Retriever
and the Beagle, the American
Kennel Club said last week.

1 Bonaire's "Dive Into Sum-
mer 2008" promises to become
one of the most important ac-
tivities in the Caribbean this
summer. Together with Earth
Eco, STINAPA and CORAL, the
Tourism Corporation Bonaire
(TCB) is putting together a com-
prehensive program with lots of
activities for visitors. For exam-
ple, during the International Year
of the Reef Week (June 21-28),
Earth Eco's guest speakers for
that week will be Jan and Alexan-
dra Cousteau, who will also guide

tw 1tKW IA l"rt soir

1 This week the State of the
World's Sea Turtles magazine
headlines a story that describes
what is one of the longest re-
corded migrations of any verte-
brate, a leatherback sea turtle
(Dermochelys coriacea) that was
satellite-tagged in Jamursba-
Medi, Indonesia, and swam
across the Pacific to the coast of
Oregon in the US-a total dis-
tance of 20,558 kilometers

(12,774 miles) over 647 days.
The longest measured annual
migration of any animal, terres-
trial or marine, is the sooty shear-
water (Puffinus griseus) of nearly
64,000 kilometers (approximately
40,000 miles) between New Zea-
land and the North Pacific.

) Divi Flamingo Beach Re-
sort & Casino in Bonaire has
renovated all guest rooms with
new furniture, draperies, and bed-
ding. Studio suite renovations
will begin this year and will in-
clude new kitchen appliances,
granite countertops, new bath-
room fixtures, furnishings, and
bedding. Divi Flamingo has also
gone wireless, with free Internet
access now available throughout
the property.
Divi Resorts represents a group
of nine resorts on six Caribbean
islands. There is still no construc-
tion activity at the former Sunset
beach Hotel site off the traffic
circle that Divi said it planned to
build on last year.

now has 10 It'lMRM 3N
ATM sites spread over the is-
land from the airport to Rin-
con. Most US and European bank
cards are acceptable for transac-

Another r y y
sign of Bon-
aire's explod- '
ing economy is
the plan in the second half of
2008 for Orco Bank to open a
branch on Bonaire. Director
Kenny Canword expects in-
creased interest from business and
private investors on the island.
Orco bank is active on Curacao
and Aruba. The relatively small
Orco Bank saw its loan portfolio
grow 30% in 2007 and has 30

) Well-known Bonairean
captains of industry assisted by
local artists will make and sign
their works of art. The unique
works are to be auctioned and
revenues will be used to fund
several Bonaire Lion's Club pro-
jects amongst which are Drecha

Kas (renovation of houses of the
less fortunate in the Bonairean
society) and other pending pro-
Workshops are at the Bonaire
Lion's Club Den (parking place
behind church in Playa) on Janu-
ary 23, 26, 29, 30, starting at 5:30
pm. Artists may choose the date
(s) that suits them. The Exposi-
tion will be February 22-29 at the
Plaza Resort.
On Saturday, March 1, at the
Plaza Resort there will be a din-
ner from 5:30 to 7:30pm, fol-
lowed by the auction at 8pm.
Tickets are NAf65 for the dinner
and auction. For reservations call
717-3015, fax 717-3015, or e-
mail dickdisselbonaire

) The Bonaire Barracudas
Swim Team is preparing for a
busy year in 2008. Major compe-
titions this spring include the
CARIFTA Games, Inter-island
School Competition and the
Dutch Caribbean Invitational
Meet. Team members do Open
Water training every other Sun-
day in front of the Black Durgon

) The Bonaire Island Gov-
ernment announced this week
that Bonaire will get a E20 mil-
lion subsidy from the European
Union for the implementation of
the sewage project. The Reporter
detailed the plan and progress in
the last edition.
to Commis-
sioner An-
thony Nico-
laas it repre-
sents the cul-
mination of
attempts ex-
tending back
over 18 years BONAIRE'S
to get financ-
ing commit-
ted. I am
very satis-
fied," he said.
"The agree-
ment is signed
and the invita-
tion to bid can
Continued on
pg. 13





Kaya Industria 24, Kralendijk, Bonaire
Tel.: +(599) 7178700 Fax: +(599) 7178785
inpfnmrhamnroF Ico;nnni ra crm Awwwwar/A ohn uircohnnrsrio ,Tm


B onaire strives to maintain
its leadership role in the
conservation of coral reefs, its
precious natural resource, by
using modem technology to pro-
duce scientific data to study sea
water quality around the island to
be able to provide early warning
of ecologically threatening situa-
tions. This past August, the Bon-
aire National Marine Park, under
the advice and guidance of
Ramon de Leon, BNMP Man-
ager, "Stichting Nationale
Parken Bonaire" (STINAPA),
announced the launching of the
"Light and Motion Sensor Pro-
gram" (LMSP). With cooperation
of the Harbormaster, the battery
powered, optical sensor devices
are being deployed at selected
locations along the entire leeward
coast of Bonaire. Unseen from
the surface, the "Rainbow Moor-
ings" do not interfere with boat
traffic or the natural beauty of the
seacoast and are visited by a
team of on-island diver volun-
teers each week for service and
data retrieval.
This 10-year-long project is en-
tirely funded by private dona-
tions from concerned and inter-
ested individuals and is being
carried out by volunteers on Bon-
aire and in America at the Uni-
versity of Southern California

New donations for the first
weeks of January are: Joy John-
son, additional $150 added to her
original $300 to now name a full
"Rainbow Mooring" for recently
deceased, island resident and
LMSP volunteer, Chile Ridley.
Additionally, Tricia & Gary
Rowen, residents at the Sand
Dollar Resort, have donated $450
for a "Rainbow Mooring" to be
named later and deployed on the
north coast in February or March.
Another $150 was transferred to
the Sea Monitor Foundation ac-
count from an anonymous con-
tributor in the US, who also re-
sides on Bonaire on a part time
Recent Sensor Service Reports
have generated the following
comments by our team of Diver
Thursday, January 10, 2008 ...
Lots offish in the water around the
mooring, creole wrasse, brown
chromis, a school of silver-sides
went by near the surface. Also no-
ticed what looked like mucus floating
in small clumps through the water
column. Fish eggs? Later in the
dive, saw a school ofHorse-eyed
Jacks cruzin' by out in the blue water
at about 80feet. Saw many eels and
scorpion fish. Cindi observed an
aggressive confrontation between a
grouper and a spotted moray- after
the sand cloud cleared, the moray

Sswam away.- Cindi & John Jensen
I Tuesday, January 08, 2008, ..
Special day today! While cleaning
the top sensor set, two dolphins were
circling the mooring and checking
out the LMSP activities. After the
cleaning and data collection, we
proceeded on the dive. On the way
back at 12-14feet the dolphins re-
turned. They were very playful and
approached to within 5-feet. Too
bad no camera with us...- Mike &
Ellyn Bernhagen,

Albert Bianculli checks a sensor

Algae growth on a sensor at
20m (66') depth

Sunday, January 06, 2008.... The
line, bottles, and floats are all very
overgrown. We will undertake a
thorough cleaning of all next week.
The sensors themselves show a light
growth of algae each week. There
were eight large horseye jacks cruis-
ing past the array as we cleaned and
read.- Lynn & Todd Fulks
Friday, January 18, 2008...... Al-
gae Growth:... Interestingly, there
was quite a bit more algae growth at
the 12Mdepth than the 5Mdepthfor
a change. Water cooling
down. 79F. Nothing else particular
to report... except that I spotted a
juvenile fish that I can't iden-
tify. Guess I'll have to go back for a

better look. OH, a large Barracuda
was curious and came in for a closer
look while we were cleaning. The
Aida cruise ship was coming in and
docking during the dive. That made
it a particularly noisy dive. The fish
don't seem to mind it, but I do. Bill
Wednesday, January 09, 2008 ... a
couple ofyellowtailjacks were very
curious about the cleaning and data
collection process. They followed us
from the sensor array at 5m down to
the 20m array. We couldn't con-
vince them to help with the cleaning
though, but they were nice company.
Somewhere along the line between
5-10 m I noticed a small "worm"
swimming near the line. Took a
picture with Cindi 's hand as a back-
drop (attached). Looking at the pic-
ture, it looks like a baby eel, but I
don't know for sure. Also, I noticed
a single small slenderfilefish
(thumbnail-sized) on the mooring
line at about 1 Om. With no cur-

rent, Cindi's bubbles were
streaming past along the moor-
ing line and the small guy road
them upward and out ofsight
before I could get my camera to
take a decent picture. -
Cassandra Neal
For more information contact:
Ramon de Leon, Manager of the
marineparktistinapa.org. To
donate or to volunteer contact:
Albert Bianculli, SEA MONI-
TOR Foundation, di-
rectabA@gmail.com. O Albert

Bank donation information:
Maduro & Curiel's Bank
USD Account # 116.735.09
NAF Account # 116.736.07
Swift Transfer Bank ID:


Kaminda Lagoen

Phone (599) 717 4686 www.caribbeanhomesbonaire.com Kaya Isla Riba (Next to City Cafe)
Page 8 Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008



The reason for my column is to
let the Bonairean people express
themselves through The Bonaire
Reporter. There are many issues
that concern our people, but we
never stop for a moment to hear
their voices. With this column
they can express and educate
themselves. Questions and re-
marks can be sent to The Re-
porter. (info@bonairenews.com)


Our first topic is about
traffic. Nearly everybody
knows that at the end of the year
2007, traffic claimed two lives.
During my interview with differ-
ent people they all agreed that
our traffic is getting dangerous.
As an elderly lady of 79 said,
"In the past we didn't have so
many cars. In Rincon they had
the first, the one and only car
they called Kachipin. It helped
the people from Rincon to get
their provisions in Playa, al-

though some liked to walk from
Rincon to Playa rather then pay a
few cents to get the services
from the Kachipin. Life was
hard but there were few acci-
dents." She continued, saying,
"We are missing respect for each
other in traffic. A lot of young
people are getting their drivers'
licenses and the authorities have
to make more severe laws. Fix-
ing the roads is another option to
avoid more accidents. People are
concerned about the donkeys on
the road, but in the past people
raised donkeys at home and
there weren't a lot of donkeys
wandering loose, so things have
changed a lot."
And when I decided to go on
with my interviews, a young
man of 29 said, "Traffic has be-
come a horror. People are doing
whatever they want on the roads
by driving in crazy ways, going
wild and competing in races with
others on the road." In his opin-
ion, "The police have to give a
good example in this matter by
enforcing the laws, paying more
attention and controlling the
traffic. A lot of people take
chances driving in forbidden
areas; most of the traffic signs
are in bad shape; the white strips
are fading; the roads between
Playa and Rincon are in urgent
need of reflectors. Bonaire has a

lot of cars; all young people with
a driver's license want to get a
car; and our roads are pretty in
bad shape. So the authorities
should listen to what our people
have to say about this matter."
A 19-year-old school girl I
interviewed said, "Automobile
drivers don't give preferences
any more to others, causing traf-
fic jams. The police should con-
trol cars that are not in good
shape which can cause problems
in traffic. According to a 15-year
-old girl, "Traffic has its good
and bad sides. On the good side
you see the island increasing in
population, but what you see in
the peak hours, 7:30 am, 12noon
and 5 pm, is getting worse. Lots
of people don't take notice of the
most important things in traffic
like the zebra crossings, animals,
bicycles and motorcycles. Traf-
fic has its dangers and I wish
that in 2008 it would get better."
So those in authority, having
heard these comments, should
try to make
We don't
want our
traffic to
become like
that in other
countries. O]
E. Albertus

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Helping Bonaire Grow Responsibly

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The Bonaire Reporter,
PO Box 407,
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles;
phone s(599) 790-6518, 786-6125,
E-mail: info@bonairereporter.com

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008 Page 9

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

Page 9

Toys of the Rich and Famous AWro FV
Elmer's Glue

The rich andfamous are arriv-
ing from other parts of the world
to play in Bonaire waters for a
season. Here 's how we can tell.
January 1 saw Paul Allen's
Octopus arrive almost mid
island but some three to four
miles out. The dock was used by
the Octopus Zodiacs to transport
items needed by the guests
aboard, but the fine lady, as of
January 5, had not yet graced the
docks of Bonaire which she has
done in years past.
Octopus was the largest indi-
vidually owned yacht, launched in
2003, with a hull length of 214
feet, and still holds the prestigious
spot as the most luxurious yacht
afloat with its two helicopters, a
submarine that can take eight
people and stay submerged for
over two weeks, a full gym and a
remote ocean bottom crawler,
camera equipped to view the
ocean floor, and a glass bubble
mounted in the hull for guest to
witness the passing of fish, turtles
and other sea animals The yacht is
reported by Forbes magazine to
have a construction cost of $200
million and a yearly upkeep cost
of $20 million, provided the fuel
tanks with a 250,000-gallon ca-
pacity do not have to be topped
off too many times. With a crew
of 60, it will be hard to put a glass
down on a table and not have it
refilled and the spot wiped imme-
Saturday morning, January 5,
saw a few well fed guests leave
the offshore yacht (which was
seemingly drifting in the warm
currents controlled by thrusters
and GPS) via helicopter about
7:30 am and arrive at Flamingo
Airport in just minutes from their
take off in a Sikorsky S-76C. The
helicopter has a seating capacity
of 12 people and is owned by
Vulcan Aircraft in Seattle, Wash-
ington. The civilian version of
the helicopter was designed from
the military UH -60 Black Hawk
and has a top speed of 287 miles
per hour. The British Royal fam-
ily also uses the S-76C for their
After a long wait of five to six

Paul Allen's Octopus


minutes the guests strolled, at
their leisure, over to their jet that
will whisk them to any part of the
world. The BD-700 can easily be
purchased for a mere $40 million.
The range on the BD-700-1A10
jet is New York to Tokyo non-
stop and can transport 23 passen-
gers to the far parts of the world
with only one fuel stop. The flight
speed is 552 miles per hour with a
ceiling of 51,000 feet. It too is
owned by Vulcan Aircraft located
in Seattle, Washington. To a
lesser degree, but certainly be-
yond a poor man's dream, there
were other aircraft spotted on
Saturday. The Westwind 1125
was parked next to the BD-700 so
those present assumed some of
the guests of the Octopus were
using it for their transportation.
This aircraft is reported to now be
selling in the $3.5 to 4.5 million
range and was owned by British
Creek Air LLC stationed in Den-

ver, Colorado.
Other large yachts such as the
High Chaparral and the sail boat
Passe Partout were seen at the
docks this morning, but space will
not permit further de-
Bonaire is not only
the diving paradise of Op e
the world but it is also
the tropical playground nite
of the mega wealthy.

Story & photos by
Bob Lassiter

J ust recently I was reading
some fun facts from one
of my art publications and found
some items of interest that I
would like to share with you.
Maybe you can apply them to
everyday life in Bonaire. Here
they are:
Maybe we could help the
flamingos, parakeets or loras
with this one! "Elmer's Glue
isn't just for arts and crafts pro-
jects. In a joint effort with
Elmer's, Sea World of San An-
tonio used Elmer's Glue to save
the life of a baby penguin. A
quick-thinking penguin expert
covered an unhatched penguin's
cracked egg with Elmer's Glue-
All." The egg was successfully
incubated, and the result was a
baby penguin, named Elmer
after its savior"
"You never know how
Elmer's Glue might save the
day. When a potted cactus fell
on a six-year-old girl, emer-
gency room doctors came up
with a unique solution to re-
move the 600 hard -to-see
spines stuck in her arms. The
solution: Elmer's Glue. A pedia-
trician poured the glue on the
child's arms, dried it with a sur-
gical lamp and peeled away the
This article is part of a series by Janice
Huckaby ofJanArt. Call 599 717-5246
791-5246for information on art lesson
to view her artworks

Now there's a better way.

So now in Bonaire, if you
get a cactus stuck in your foot
or leg while out hiking, or
while repairing your 4-wheel
drive flat tire because of a
cactus, you can pour on the
glue (on yourself or
your tire?) sun-bake until the
glue dries and pull it off with
all the needles intact! Maybe
we should consider adding
Elmer's to our first aid kit. D
Janice Huckaby

Open non-stop
Tuesday- Friday i rs Intenyours
1 3 -- FUplWTUF4E
From 9-6, Sat. to 1 A.Mi.E.
New name
Same location = C

Kaya Induvria South
le 5S1) 717i5449


Phone: + 599-717-4433

Dinner starting at 6:00P.M
Lunch, Tue. Sat., 11:30 to 2:30P.M.

Find us ONE Block South of Post Office

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008


- B.tclim


SDes nation




Visit ourwebsite for
photos and more information


IPage 10
Page 10



Ehbt O |iz rn

The Bonaire Reporter welcomes
back the popular column, The
Bonaire Gardener. How we and
our gardens have missed it.
Here's Ap:

First of all, we from Green
Label wish all the people
in Bonaire a happy new year.
After a very busy year, I will
start again what I promised to
many readers to start my col-
umn again for The Bonaire Re-
porter and I will do so every
With all these new fellow Bo-
nairean inhabitants, maybe I have
to introduce myself again. My
name is Ap van Eldik and I'm the
owner of Green Label Landscap-
Last year we moved our garden
center from the cozy corner on
Kaya Nicolaas Debrot to Kaya
Industria, behind TIS (The Island
Trader) and that didn't leave me
too much time to write the col-
umn. But now we are more set-
tled and enjoying all that new
space to grow more and more of
our own plants. So now I have
more time, and with all the de-
velopment going on in Bonaire,
maybe we can add in a positive
way our thoughts and experi-
There has been something on
my mind for a long time that I

would like to write about. There
is a lot of discussion going on
about our septic tank water. Eve-
rybody agrees that the situation as
it is now with the dumping of the
water at Lagoen (at LVV) is not
good and a lot of people are
working very hard to solve this
problem. The solution will come
in the form of a sewage plant, but
it will take a lot of time before
this is completed. Thank God all
new construction will have septic
tanks and no more beerputs
(cesspools) are allowed.

But I've also read a lot of nega-
tive press about septic tank water
being used for irrigating the
plants in your garden. Of course,
I agree that no septic tank water
should be able to reach our beau-
tiful reefs, but with more and
more houses being built and the
other solutions being still far off,
the re-use of this water is still
much more preferable to dumping

Even on seashore properties,
with a good balance of the water
and the number of plants, this is a
good way of re-using the water.
With a well installed irrigation
system, with not too many big
drippers and, most importantly,
good maintenance, all of this
water can be absorbed by the
plants. We now sell a product in
our shop that reduces the number
of nutrients and takes away a lot
of the smell. Believe me, this is
not the best solution, but it sure
helps to find a good solution for
this waste water problem.
Next time I will write more
about this topic and how to create
a good balance between the water
you have and the number of
plants in your garden so you don't
overwater them or have to add a
lot of Web water. O Ap Van Eldik

constructs and maintains residential
and commercial gardens. The gar-
den shop carries all your gardening
needs plus terra cotta pots from
Mexico and South America. Tel.
717-8310, 566-6033.

Andre Nag-
tegaal, an
upcoming young
Antillean artist,
will have an exhi-
bition at Kas di
Arte February 4 to
29. His specialty is
recording the dis-
appearing culture
of our islands.
He says, I lived
on Curacao all my
life and adore the
island. When peo-
ple ask me where do you get your
inspiration from I tell them: if you
live for 40 years somewhere you
truly love, the stories get embed-
ded in you. Culture always fasci-
nated me, and being pretty nosy
and eager to learn, I got to know a
lot about this wonderful 'rock'
..... and still learn more and more
each day."
When you ask him when he
started painting, he answers, "I
was always painting, but nothing
serious until 2002. At the Peter
Stuyvesant College everybody
knew which table was mine: doo-
dles, sketches drawn with a pencil
all over the place. My true
'addiction' for painting started in
2002 when a friend of mine gave
me a canvas to paint on. I still
have that first one ....... my treas-
"My island's culture is slowly
fading away into oblivion and this

is my way of helping to preserve
it. My naive paintings shine with
the island's perception of daily life
(past and present). Proud, happy
people with long necks, depicting
poses in colorful bright contrasting
colors in which I try to 'record'
the traditional aspects that are
slowly fading away through time.
It's a journey that started in 2006
and has me floating in this sea of
amazement every day and I won-
der where it will take me next. It's
something like a dynamic re-
cording in motion, updated on a
daily basis." D Dick Dissel

Kas di Arte
Kaya J.N.E. Craane 34
Exhibit Open Daily
February 4 29
from 5 to 9 pm

Sunbelt Realty N.V.
Kaya L.D. Gerharts 8
717 65 60
info@sunbelt.an I www.sunbelt.an

2 -g


- A

r\aya At.
Emerenciana 4D
Next to China Nobo
Tel 717-8787

make It yours

Caribbean C1u IHmu ire

The Friendliest

Restaurant on


In Bonaire's "hill country"
10 minutes north of town

Every Tuesday an all y u
can eat BBQ
for $15.-.

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

Sou ng-

We Brin0


Antllean Wine Company
(599) 09-560-7639
Fax (599) 717.2950

Page 11



Kaya Gloria 7, Bonaire Local Art, Art
Supplies, Framing, and Art Classes.
Open Tu.-We.-Th. & Sat 10 am- 5 pm Fri-
day 1- 7 pm; or phone 717-5246 for appt.

Make it more livable from the start.
Also interior or exterior design advice,
clearings, blessings, energy, healing,
China-trained. Experienced. Inexpensive.
Call Donna at 785-9332.

The leading consumer and business in-
formation source on Bonaire. Telephone
(599) 717-7160. For on-line yellow pages
directory information go to http://

Trees and plants, Bonaire grown.
8000m2 nursery. Specializing in garden/
septic pumps and irrigation. Kaminda La-
goen 103, Island Growers NV (Capt. Don
& Janet). 786-0956

Bonaire Images
Elegant greeting cards and beautiful
boxed note cards are now available at Chat
-N-Browse next to Lover's Ice Cream and
Sand Dollar Grocery. Photography by
Shelly Craig www.bonaireimages.com

Searching For GOOD
Maid Service?
For Quality House Cleaning
Serving Bonaire for more than 14 years
Honest, Reliable, Efficient, Thorough,
Low rates, References. One time or many
Phone 785-9041 ... and relax.

Starting from NAf5 per meal. Call
CHINA NOBO 717-8981.

The Island you love could use your help!
Support Bonaire, Inc. provides support to
Bonaire's non-profits. To learn more about
making a US tax deductible donation visit
www.supportbonaire.org and help make a

4Want to build or mod-
ernize? Work with a seri-
ous professional with ex-
perience, a good organi-
zation providing quick
delivery and quality. Try us:
Quality On Time Construction NV.
We can do foundations, concrete,
plaster, brick, carpentry and more.
Phone 796-6550

Services : check out, deep
clean, retouch, ironing, washing,
garden cleaning, landscaping
CLEANERS Call: 796-6550

PRINTER- model Q2425a includes
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For Sale:
Mitsubishi L200 double cabin
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Dell Dimension 8300, Intel Pen-
tium 4, CPU 3.00 GHz 2.99 GHz, 1
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sional and Office 2003 loaded, Dell
Ultra-Sharp 17" Flat Panel Monitor,
keyboard, mouse, and small set of
speakers. FL 1300 Call 717-2848 if

Private yoga classes,
call Louise 717- 7021
or 700-9422.

CLASSES in silversmithing, stone-
setting and the art of beading. Call
Louise at 717-7021 or 700-9422

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Home Inspections

Know what you're buying

Over 25 years building

Frans Roefs 786-5329
Kaya P.N. Antonio Neumann #11

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

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Coral Glimpses

This group of young squid, hanging under a floating mooring line, watches
me curiously. -caption and photo by Dee Scarr

Dee Scarr is an environmentalist
and experienced naturalist whose
goal is to help you better understand
marine creatures through her writings
and slide presentations. She was hon-
ored for her contributions to the scuba
world by induction into the Women
Divers Hall of Fame in 2000.
A PADI scuba and specialty instructor,
Dee has published three books: Touch
the Sea, Coral's Reef and The Gentle
Sea, and her articles and photos appear

in The New Guide to the Bonaire Ma-
rine Park, Dive Training, Skin Diver,
The Bonaire Reporter and other publica-
Dee offers close
contact TOUCH
THE SEA dives
for all Bonaire
Call 717-8529 or
go to www. touch-
thesea.com. O

Did You Know...
T hat anenes at-
tach to the sub-
strate/ground by hydro-
static pressure, but when
conditions become unfa-
vorable they can move
Anemones are fascinat-
ing animals. Some spe-
cies swim using their
tentacles, others by con-
tracting the muscles in
their column and others
can walk! There is even
one, Sydney's Decorator crab adorned with an anemone.
'Swimming Anem-
one' (Phlyctenactis tuberculosa), that can bend and use its tentacles to help it
crawl 'inch-worm' fashion! It stays collapsed during the day and then crawls to the
tips of plants to feed at night.
There are some anemones that hitch a ride on the backs of other organisms (a
good example of this being the 'Cloak Anemone' which has a symbiotic relation-
ship with hermit crabs). Others can inflate their bodies and be carried away by the
tides. Anemones of one family (Minyadidae) are wholly pelagic and float upside-
down in the sea by means of a gas bubble enclosed in their base!
Finally, Liponema brevicornis found in the Bering Sea is capable of drawing
itself into a spherical form that can be rolled freely about the sea floor by currents!
Now how incredible is that?!?
Didn't I tell you anemones were amazing?
Here are some sites to find out more!
http://www.news.ucdavis.edu/search/news detail.lasso?id=7438
marine/cnidaria.html. 1 Claire Dell

Claire has an MS in aquatic bioscience and will be working at
CIEE Research Station until May.




PLEASE CALL 717-4100


Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

PD I r V N 0

........... L~ lrn

14i-6 wo

Page 13

Balashi Beach Bar Open every day On the beach
Bar and Beach Service 8am 8pm. Extensive snack/salad/burger menu
At the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort Waterfront Happy Hour, two for one, 6-7 pm. available daily from noon.
Bella Vista Restaurant, Buddy's Pool Bar Moderate. Breakfast daily 6:30-10 am Buddy's Magnificent Theme Nights: Sat. Steak Night; Mon. "Dive and
Sea Side at Buddy Dive Resort Lunch daily 11:30 Dine;" Wed. -"Live Cooking by the Chefs;" Fri. Free Rum Punch Party (5:30-
717-5080, ext. 538 Dinner on theme nights 6-10 pm 6:30 pm) and All-u-can-eat BBQ for $19.50 (7-10 pm)
Bistro de Paris Moderate Real French Cooking in an informal setting
Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 46 Lunch Monday Friday 11 am-3 pm Superb dishes prepared with care and love by a French chef
(half-way between hotel row and town) 717-7070 Dinner Monday Saturday, 6 to 10 pm Owner-operated Eat in or Take away
Calabas Restaurant &
Chibi Chibi Restaurant and Bar Moderate-Expensive Biggest BBQ Buffet on Bonaire every Saturday
At the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort Waterfront Open 7 days from 6-9pm. Only NAf 28,50 or $16.
717-8285 pen ay
Casablanca Argentinean Restaurant Moderate Indulge your whim-beef seafood, chicken, vegetarian
One block south of the Post Office Lunch Tues-Sat-11:30-2:30 Mondays-All you can eat and special slide shows starting at 6 pm
717-4433 Dinner 7 nights- starting at 6 pm Great value anytime.
Hilltop Restaurant Moderate Bar-Restaurant poolside -in Bonaire's hill country
At the Caribbean Club Bonaire-on the scenic Rincon Road Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Frequent Dinner Specials
717-7901 Happy hours 5 to 6 daily, to 7 on Tuesday BBQ night.
Pasa Bon Pizza L -Moderate Bonaire's best. The Real Thing! Freshly prepared pizzas made with the
On Kaya Gob. Debrot Oen from 5-11 m Wednesday-Sunday finest ingredients. Salads, desserts. Eat in or take away. Nice bar too.
2 mile north of town center. 780-1111 Call ahead to eat-in or take out 780-1111

AIRLINES machines and
Divi Divi Air. Bonaire's "on time airline" with 16 flights a
day between Bonaire and Curagao. Your first choice for FURNITURE,
inter-island travel. Now flying to Aruba. Interiyours-
owner and lo
City Shop, the mega store, has the island's widest selec- mainland Chi
tion of large and small home appliances, furniture, TV,
computers, cell phones and more. Fast service and in-store GARDEN SUF
financing too. Green Label
your garden.'
BANKS offer plants, i
Maduro and Curiel's Bank provides the greatest number in new expan
of services, branches and ATMs of any Bonaire bank.
They also offer investments and insurance. NATURE E
Outdoor Boi
BEAUTY PARLOR ing, biking, c
Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials, waxing reservations :
and professionalnail care. hans @outdo(
De Freewieler rents bikes, scooters and quads. Profes- Paradise Phi
sional repairs on almost anything on two wheels. Sells top town offers f
brand bikes. Have your keys made here. and services
Mio offers the clearest, most reliable signal on the island. Capture Pho
And their personnel are trained and friendly. Check out era rental, dig
their "rugged" phone.
DIVING Caribbean H
Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with top-notch dive in luxury hon
shop and well stocked retail store. Best book trade on Bon- agement.
aire. Good prices on regulator repair, dive computer H.Q.
Dive Inn-For your diving with a personal touch. Located real estate ag
in town at Chacha cha Beach. Drop ins and cruise ship service, top n
passengers welcome
Re/Max Para
WannaDive They make diving fun while maintaining Interational/
the highest professional standards. In town at City Cafe local commu
and at Eden Beach.
Sunbelt Rea
FITNESS services. If y
Fit For Life at the Plaza Resort Mall. Classes in Pilates, in and see the
Aerobics, TaeBo and more. Professional trainers, fitness

U K I *=

i classes for all levels.
-(formerly Plantation) New name, same
cation. Has lots of beautiful, often one-of-a-
e, antiques, crafts and accessories from
ina and Indonesia.
has everything you need to start or maintain
They can design, install and maintain it and
rrigation supplies and garden chemicals. Now
Aided location off Kaya Industria.
naire for individually guided kayaking, hik-
aving, rapelling/abseilen and more
791-6272 or 785-6272 E-mail :
oto in the Galeries Shopping Center down-
ast, fine processing for prints, slides, items
. Full digital services.
ito at the Divi Flamingo. Photo classes, cam-
gital processing, all state of the art!
Iomes, "the Refreshing Realtor," specializing
nes, condos, lots, rentals and property man-

n Real Estate is Bonaire's most experienced
ent. They specialize in professional customer
lotch properties and home owners insurance.
adise Homes: Lots of Choices-
/US connections. 5% of profits donated to
nity. List your house with them to sell fast.
lty offers full real estate, rental, and insurance
ou want a home or to invest in Bonaire, stop

Buddy Dive Resort offers diving, Adventure Fun tours
including kayaking, mountain biking, cave snorkeling and
exploration. Full service dive shop and photo shop too.
Benetton, world famous designer clothes available now in
Bonaire at prices less than those in US. For men, women
and children.
Best Buddies and Pearls-Stunning fresh water pearl
jewelry, fashion, gifts, t shirts. Under new management.
Valerie's Airport Shops Convenient shopping for
unique items, magazines, gifts and more.
Special Security Services will provide that extra measure
of protection when you need it. Always reliable.
Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of Bon-
aire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient. FedEx

Warehouse Supermarket on Kaya Industria-Biggest
air conditioned market with the, largest selection and low-
est prices on the island.
Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di
Amor or Skiffy. Hotel pickup. Easiest landing on Klein

Antillean Wine Company. You've tried the rest; now try
the best: best prices, highest quality wines from around the
world, kept in a cooled warehouse. Free delivery. Shop at
Kaya Industria 23, Monday-Saturday 9 am-12 noon.
Regular Advertisers in The Bonaire Reporter
are included in the guides. Free!

Scuba Sales
Repair Replacement
New Gear Accessories

Check CARIB INN First.
Great Prices -Great Stock

50% Off ALL

Since 1980
717-8819 8 am to 5 pm daily
(next to Divi Flamingo Hotel)

Federal Express Agent
In & Out Service
Weekly USA Seafreight
Regular European Seafreight
Agents for AMCAR FREIGHT, Miami
For all your shipping needs
Contact on VHF Channel 9
717-8922 /8033 FAX 717-5791
Kaya Industria 12, near Warehouse

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

Pasa Bon Pizza

& Bar


Water Fmnt

To Town Kaya Gob Debrot H otels

Not Just Great Pizzas!

Call ahead
Pre Order

Open Wednesday to Sunday
5 PM.to 11PM

It's NOW High Season.
Get your share
of island visitors- Be a
Reporter Advertiser

Remember: Advertising
doesn't cost- it pays
Call 790-6518
Email: info@bonairereporter.com

GI I I0I I03 *=:

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Picture Yourself With The Re porter
Buenos Aires. Areentia

The Bonaire Reporter is at more weddings than a priest these days. Santiago
Umashi, an Argentinean, and Stephanie Shepard, an American, decided to
marry in Buenos Aires because it's far easier for US citizens to travel to Argentina
than for Argentineans to visit the US. It was a typical boisterous Argentine wedding
with endless food and dancing. The couple will live in the Boston, MA area and
hope to honeymoon in Bonaire later this year. O

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c V,
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We do our best to make your hair and
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You can also come in for
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We use and sell L'Oreal products
Is your plan to marry on the island?
We can make you beautiful and stay
beautiful for your happiest day.
Personal attention by Janneke and Bfirbel
Appointment by tel: 717-5990
or just walk in. Tues-Fri: 9-12 2-6
Sat: 9-2 non stop

16 Flights a day
Bonaire and
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Divi Divi Air
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Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

M arsha and Fred Rutz with pup, "Rocky," on top of Mt. Crawford in the
White Mountains of New Hampshire with Mount Washington (which
boasts of having recorded the highest speed wind (231 mph-372 kph) ever re-
corded, in the background. They have been visiting Bonaire since 1986 and will
be coming this year on January 30th. [

KRALENDIJK TIDES (Heights in feet, FT)
Remember: Winds and weather can further influence the local tide's height and time

DATE Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht. COEF
1-24 14:01 1.8FT. 22:54 0.9FT. 94
1-25 14:44 1.7FT. 23:18 1.0FT. 88
1-26 7:30 1.4FT. 10:45 1.4FT. 15:32 1.5FT. 23:37 1.0FT. 79
1-27 7:05 1.5FT. 14:13 1.3FT. 16:10 1.3FT. 23:40 1.1FT. 68
1-28 7:28 1.6FT. 16:16 1.2FT. 17:44 1.2FT. 22:37 1.1FT. 56
1-29 7:55 1.8FT. 16:58 1.0FT. 45
1-30 8:21 1.8FT. 17:46 0.9FT. 35
1-31 8:49 1.9FT. 18:19 0.9FT. 31
2-01 9:22 2.0FT. 18:49 0.8FT. 32
2-02 9:51 2.0FT. 19:26 0.8FT. 39
2-03 10:20 2.0FT. 19:59 0.8FT. 49
2-04 10:55 2.0FT. 20:27 0.8FT. 59
2-05 11:32 2.0FT. 20:58 0.8FT. 70
2-06 12:05 1.9FT. 21:31 0.9FT. 79
2-07 12:45 1.9FT. 21:54 0.9FT. 87
2-08 13:30 1.7FT. 22:06 1.0FT. 92
2-09 3:57 1.3FT. 6:36 1.2FT. 14:13 1.6FT. 22:02 1.1FT. 93

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02008 The Bonaire Reporter

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Picture Yourself With The Reporter
Mt Crawford, New Hampshire, S

Coming in March-Special Soldachi Tour of Rincon, the heart days. 717-8444/785-0017
HAPPENING SOON Olympics Walk-a-Thon of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call Maria
717-6435 CLUBS and MEETINGS
---****** ****** Tuesdays AA meetings every Wednesday Phone:
KARNAVAL 2008 Margarita & Taco Tuesdays! 786-4651 or786-7699 .
SCHEDULE Arts & Crafts Markets at Wil- With $2.50 Margaritas and a Taco bar! Al-Anon meetings every Monday
helmina Park on Cruise Ship Plus Live music by the Flamingo Rock- evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Thanks to Fukabo Days, 10 am-2 pm: ers, 6-8pm Divi Flamingo, Balashi Cancer Survivor Support Group Ma-
Tues., Jan. 29-Sea Princess; Beach Bar jestic Journeys Bonaire N.V. Lourdes
I'ursday, January 24- Junip Wed., Jan 30-Summit; Wednesdays Shopping Center 2nd Level Kaya LD
p, Kolegio Kristu Bon Warda- Wed., Feb. 6-(2 ships) Cron "Live Cooking by the Chefs" with Gerharts # 10. Call 717-2482/566-6093.
dor 8 18:00 -2000 Princess, Summit; live music by the Flamingo Rockers Weekly Bonaire Talker Gathering and
Frida January 25 -Election s Unplugged Buddy Dive Resort, 6-10 Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30 pm -
Friday January 2 Eection Sun., Feb. 10-(2 ships)- Queen Unplugged- Buddy Dive Resort, 6-10 call 567-0655 for directions.
Queen, Prince and Pancho Mary 2, Emerald Princess Thursdays Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7.30 pm
( Adults), Jong Bonaire 20:00 at Sunrise Pool Bar. all levels, NAf2,50.
Flamingo Rockers at "Admiral's
Saturday, Januarry26- Chil- REGULAR EVENTS Hour" for yachtsmen and others, Call Joop 717-5903 or be there by 7:15.
S KDarts Club plays every other Sunday
dren's Karnaval Parade Rin- Vespucci Restaurant, Harbour Village Darts Club pa. e other 4 nay
con 15 00- 18 00 Marina. HH drinks, gratis tapas, 5-7 at C CfRestat 4 s at
ct-oil ijuu ioThe popular SGB High School Fri as 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
Sunday, January 27 Chil- restaurant, Chez Nous, has recently Le Boulevard Restaurant, open 9 Wednesday of the Month-
dren's Karnaval Parade Playa reopened to the public. Four-course din- 10:30 am. Only on Fridays. Coffee, tea, Junior Chamber International Bonaire
5 :00- 18:00 ners with welcome cocktail on Tuesdays. homemade baked goods. Stichting Pro- (JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bon-
Thursday, January 31 Karna- Seating begins at 6 pm. Lunches on ject. Kaya J.A. Abraham#27 aire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO build-
SPrt- Cit Caf 2000- Wednesday & Thursdays. Call 717- ing, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30 to
al8120, ask for Chez Nous or e-mail: Bud vel Yga 8:30a 9:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. Contact:
0 L 00 keesleeman@itelbonet.an Harbour Village Tennis, Social Domacass 516-4252.
Friday, Februay School k HH 2 for 1 (all beverages) 6-7 Round Robin 7- 10 pm. $10 per person. Kaya International, every other Tues-
Parade & Junip Up, Rincon pm, Divi Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth Vos at Kaya Te 1 7-5595, other Tues-
day, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette
Saturday, February 2 -Adults' HH-50% off- Buddy Dive Re- 565-5225 Rodriguez.
Karnaval Parade Rincon, sort, 5:30-6:30 p.m. Swim lessons for children by Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th
S15:00-18:00 Divi Flamingo Casino open Enith Brighitha, a Dutch Olympian, at Thursday of the month at 8 pm at Kaya
Sunda, February 3 Adults' daily for hot slot machines, roulette and Sunrise Poolbar and Sportsclub, for chil- Sabana # 1. All Lions welcome.
black jack, Monday to Saturday 8 pm- dren 0 18. Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday, 12
Karnaval Parade Plaia, 14 00- 4 am; Sunday 7 pm- 3 am. Manager's Bash-free Flamingo noon-2 pm 'Pirate House', above
18:00 By appointment Rooi Smash & snacks, Live music by Fla- Zeezicht Restaurant. All Rotarians wel-
Monday, February 4 Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours $21 mingo Rockers, Divi Flamingo, Balashi come. Tel. 717-8434
Children'S Farewell Parade (includes tax). Discounts for residents Beach Bar 6-7 pm Toastmasters Club meets every two
17 00-20 00 Party at Rincon and local people. Tel. 717-8489, 540- Free Rum Punch Party (5:30- 6:30 weeks. For more information call Crusita
Tuesday FPhrnuarr 5 Adults' 9800. pm) with Moogie Nation, followed by all de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Martinez
ues e ary Parke Publico children's play- -u-can-eat BBQ, 7-10 pm, Buddy Dive Beck, at 786-2953.
Farewell Parade, Plaa 19: 00- ground open every day into the evening Resort
24:00 hours. CHURCH SERVICES
Wednesday, February 6 Shin- FREE SLIDE/VIDEO SHOWS Protestant Congregation of Bonaire:
sh.i Burning of 10mo Saturday- Discover Our Diversity slide Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papia-
Saturdays show-pool bar Buddy Dive, 7 pm, 717- mentu, Dutch, English, Sundays, 10 am.
Steak Night On the Beach (a la carte) 5080 Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papia-
February 4-29 -Andre Nag- with live mariachi- Buddy Dive Resort, Monday-Dee Scarr's Touch the Sea mentu, Sundays, 8:30 am.
6-10pm Slide Presentation, Capt. Don's Habitat, Children's club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in
tegaal Art Exhibit, "My Gigis" Rincon Marshe-6 am-2 pm. En- 8:30 pm. 717-8529 Kralendijk
Kas di Arte, 5-9 pm (more on page joy a Bonairean breakfast while you Monday- Land & Ocean Bonaire by Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in Rin-
11) shop, fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts, Fish-Eye photo staff, 8 pm on the big con. Bible Study and Prayer meetings,
local sweets, snacks, arts, handicrafts, screen in front of Bonaire Dive & Ad- Thursdays, at 8 pm, Kralendijk.
Wednesday, February 6-Ash candles, incense, drinks, music. venture. New Apostolic Church: Kaminda Santa
Wednesday -- Lent begins www.infobonaire.com/rincon. Tuesday -Sea Turtle Conservation Barbara #1, Sundays, 9:30 am. Services
All You Can Eat BBQ at Divi Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles ofBon- in Dutch. 717-7116.
Saturday, February 9 Moun- Flamingo with live music, 6 to 9 pm. aire Slide Show. Every 1 st & 3rd Tues- International Bible Church of Bonaire:
tain Bike Tour for riders of all Call for reservations 717-8285 ext. 444. day, Buddy Dive Resort, 7 pm-717- Kaya Amsterdam 3 (near the traffic circle)
levels of experience, 3:45 pm. Soldachi Tours-See the real 3802. Sunday Services at 9 am; Sunday Prayer
Contact Bonaire Wellness Con- Bonaire and be transported back in time. Wednesday- Sea Turtle Conservation Meeting at 7 pm in English. Tel. 717-8332
ontact onaire Wellness Con- Learn about the history, culture and na- Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles ofBon- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
nexions BV; Kaya Gobernador ture by Bonaireans from Rincon. Call aire Slide Show, every 2nd & 4th Day Saints: Kaya Sabana #26, Sundays
N. Debrot 73 Maria Koeks for more information-796 Wednesday at Bruce Bowker's Carib Inn 8:30 11:30am. In Papiamentu, Spanish
-7870. (717-8819) at 7pm. and English.
Sunday, February 17-1st Jong Mountain Bike Training for Wednesday-Diving Facts And Fiction Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendijk -
Bonaire Fun Walk. Fundraiser, riders of all levels (also Tuesday) at An Evening with DIR slide/video Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
more details in the next issue. 5pm. Bonaire Wellness Connexions, show by Caribbean Gas Training, 8 pm, Papiamentu, 717-8304.
more details in the next issue. Eden Beach, 785-0767, email Bonaire Dive & Adventure,786-5073 Our Lady ofCoromoto in Antriol, Satur-
info @bonairewellness.com day at 6 pm in English. Mass in Papia-
February 22-29 -Art Show Ex- Sundays BONAIRE'S TRADITIONS mentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm. 717-
hibit by Bonaire's Captains of Live music 6-9 pm while enjoying Kas Kriyo Rincon-Step into Bonare's past 4211.
Industry, Plaza Hotel a great dinner in colorful tropical ambi- mthisvenerable oldhomethathasbeenre- Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios):
ance at the Chibi Chibi Restaurant & stored and furnished so it appears the family Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Bar, Divi Flamingo. Open daily 5-10 has just stepped out. Local ladies willtell you Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10
Saturday, March -Dinner & Bar D 5-10 the story. Open Monday thru Friday, 9-12,2- am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30
Auction, Captains of Industry pm. 4. Weekends by appointment. Call 717-2445. pm. 717-2194
Art Show. Dinner 5:30-7:30 pm, Mangasina di Rei, Rincon. Enjoy the view Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services
Auction 8 pm. NAf65. Phone/fax Argentinean Grill-Reorter writer from "The King's Storehouse." Leam about Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bonaire
717-3015, email dickdisselbo- Argentinean Grill--Reporter writer Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from the 17th Youth Center in English, Dutch and Papia-
717-3015, email dickdisselbo- Albert Bianculli presents his Multi- century. Daily. Call 717-4060 / 790-2018 mentu. Preaching the full gospel. Contact:
naire@flamingotv.net (More on Image Production "Bonaire Holiday" Bonaire Museum onKaya J.v.d. Ree, behind 786-2557.
page 7) at 6:30pm, 7:30 pm & 8:30pm the Catholic Church in town. Open weekdays Send event info to:
"Dive & Dine" Buddy Dive Re- from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel. 717-8868 The Bonaire Reporter
sort, 6:30 -9:30 pm Washington-Slagbaai National Park, Email reporter@bonairenews.com
Museum and Visitors' Center. Open Tel:790-6518 or 790-8988
daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on some holi-

Page 16 Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

*to find it... just look up

Venus and
Jupiter Meet

Please don't
miss next
week's super sen-
sational meeting
of the two bright-
est planets in our
solar system. Ear-
lier in the Sky
Park, on Monday
of this week Janu-
ary 21st, when
you faced south-
east with a clear
flat horizon you
saw two incredi-
bly bright lights,
so bright you
might mistake them for the landing lights of oncoming aircraft or two UFOs. The
brighter was the brightest planet in our solar system, 8,000-mile-wide, Earth-sized
Venus. And down to its left, the second brightest planet of them all and 11 times
the width of Venus, 88,000-mile-wide Jupiter. Then Venus and Jupiter were only
11 degrees apart from each other, which is pretty simple to visualize if you think
of a full Moon as being one half a degree wide, which means that we could fit 22
full Moons between them. But each morning from then on they move one degree
or two full Moons closer to each other which is really fast for heavenly objects. In
fact in only one week's time by Monday the 28th they will be only four degrees or
eight full Moons apart.

And from then on you should take a look every single morning because the
change from day to day will be very dramatic. On Tuesday the 29th they'll be only
three degrees or six full Moons apart. On Wednesday the 30th only two degrees or
four full Moons apart. And on Thursday January 31st, only one point 2 degrees or
little more than two full Moons apart. The day of super closeness arrives as we
welcome in the new month because on Friday February 1st these two brightest of
all the planets will be at their very closest, only six-tenths of one degree apart
which means we could just barely fit one full Moon between them. Believe me
seeing these two brilliant objects so close together will simply knock your socks

And please remember that although you don't need any optical aid to see this
wonderful sky show it's even more fun if you use a pair of binoculars or a small
telescope. So please, please start watching some time this week. And starting next
Monday the 28th watch every single morning as they close in on each other until
on February 1st they practically slam into each other, visually speaking of course.
And I say visually speaking because even though they'll look like they're super
close and side by side nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact on February
1st Venus will be 107 million miles away but Jupiter will be over five times far-
ther away than Venus a whopping 578 million miles. Wow! So start your Venus /
Jupiter watch now. It's fun, it's free, it's science and it's beautiful. l
Jack Horkheimer

,oo ~MEDIATE, and
Phone: (599) 09 512-6375
Phone: (599) 717-2500 EXT. 8210





For February 2008

Aires -This month your confidence and energy levels increase after a period of lull.
There is a long-term trend towards more detail work in your professional life, although
work this month is quite pleasurable. Love moves from business-like and practical to
friendly by mid-month, but overall more impersonal than you've been used to re-
cently. Super days for love and money occur on the 1-2 and 25-26.
Taurus In February, career and reputation matters take front stage for you. If
you're hoping to escape attention, this is not the month! Others notice you for what
you do--and for what you don't do--so keep it positive. It's a great time to earn recog-
nition for your past efforts. Love in February involves sharing philosophies and good
times, as well as professional goals, not only intimate moments.
Gemini While you may be feeling on the groggy side until the 18th, your confi-
dence builds in the last tend days of February and personal initiatives and projects get
a second wind. You are beginning to feel braver and more energetic towards the end
of February. Travel opportunities or other adventures that pull you out of your routine
figure strongly this month.
Cancer Although you are not moving forward quickly quite yet, events behind the
scenes are at play, conspiring to get you back into high gear. Career matters begin to
improve considerably, although career opportunities won't knock at your door until
March. Partnerships and one-to-one negotiations are powerful and revealing this
Leo Negotiations and diplomacy are highlighted in February, and it is a favorable
time to begin new relationships or to re-define existing ones. Disagreements with
friends or group connections clear up. Reassess your budget rather than jump prema-
turely into big purchases. Social opportunities arise on the job or through co-workers.
Reassess your budget rather than jump prematurely into big purchases. Social opportu-
nities arise on the job or through co-workers.
Virgo February brings the beginnings of significant personal changes for you, dear
Virgo. A solar eclipse stirs your need for more satisfaction from your work, and a lu-
nar eclipse activates an urge to change your personal image in a manner that reflects
the inner changes that have been in the works for the past six months. Re-assessing
your work figures until the 18th, after which you are more decisive.
Libra -Your creative juices are flowing, and any kind of celebratory, playful, and
just-for-fun endeavors are spotlighted in February for you. There is a strong sense of
moving forward and being "on the same page". Opportunity periods occur on the 1-2
and 6-7, when cosmic energy favors you, particularly on romantic and mental levels.
Family is a source of joy this month.
Scorpio February is a strong month for making long-range plans for the future,
doing any type of re-organizing or even re-modeling of the home or home environ-
ment, and for family-related activities. Home improvement is the focus. Work matters
that have been stalling improve considerably, and work projects move forward.
Sagittarius You are feeling very much at ease in the world of the mind this month,
as well as in social situations. A taste for comfort and the good life takes hold, and
you will need to watch your spending. A flurry of activity in the last week of the
month surrounds your career. You are required to keep on your toes.
Capricorn This month, you feel quite at ease expressing your more playful quali-
ties. Money matters are strong but your urge to spend is also great. Before then, job
matters could be frustrating and slow. A career opportunity could present itself on the
1-2, however.
Aquarius- A Solar Eclipse occurs on the 6th in your own sign, Aquarius, bringing
dramatic changes to your outlook, manner, and confidence level. February is a person-
ally busy time for you, when you are especially brave and ready to enjoy new experi-
ences. After the 18th, your relationship with a lover or a child will begin to improve.
Pisces -While it can be an especially busy and even tumultuous month for many,
you are more inclined to take it easy and enjoy some down time for the first few
weeks of February. Friendships are rewarding and comfortable. Pay attention to a
dream or your intuition on the 10th. A partner needs your attention around the 20th. O


S S sEc u FrI TY
a-EFZAf1C a



*Transport of Money *Vehicle patrols
and Valuables *Burglar Alarms
*Private Investigations *Fire Alarm Systems

Kaya Nikiboko Nord 37A, PO Box 225 Tel: (599) 717- 8125
Fax (599) 717- 6125 E-mail sss@bonairelive.com

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8, 2008

I s


Page 17

Mass Cruise Tourism

Reaches Bonaire


RPatio of island population to passengers

1000% *"



A lmost everyone
on Bonaire
e *rI- Pasenra per lorI olttrZnm arduously avoids the
"tuna" cactus, better
k known as prickly pear.
However, it is gaining
popularity as an exotic,
gourmet and healthy
2006 2007w addition to one's diet.
The prickly pear plant
has two different edi-

S0 0L grow wild throughout Bonaire. In
S2000 2007- the US you may find them de-
COzuu uift spined in the gourmet section for
$5/lb. But on Bonaire they are
free for the taking from the road-
side. The flavor of prickly pears
has sometimes been compared to
kiwi, but not as acidic.
Sct Find pads that are bright, green
d b a 4 ms and firm. Ifyou're harvesting
2007 2008 Othem yourself, wear gloves! Snap
Bonaire the pads off of the plant or cut at
the stem. Remove the spines from
S everal Bonaire government and tourism officials have often claimed Bonaire will never have the pad by ussing a vegetable
mass cruise tourism, but what they fail to realize is that it is already here. There is no number to peeler or a paring knife. Don't
describe what exactly mass cruise tourism is so let's look at the number of cruise tourists on Bonaire take off the gloves until the pads
and other Caribbean islands compared to the population mass of each island. are completely rinsed and the
With this comparison it is clear that Bonaire now leads the region, along with Cozumel, in mass of peeled remnants are cleared. The
cruise passengers compared to population. As a matter of fact, if cruise visitors increase to 254,000, as pads not only have large spines,
projected for next year, our cruise tourists will be almost double the ratio of other islands. This is but there are also tiny, invisible
and far more irritating spines
clearly mass cruise tourism. Here are the statistics. called oraing thtae
called glochids that are extremely
In this cruise season, only Cozumel, which is well known for its mass cruise tourism and depleted difficult to remve afrom the skin.
undersea environment, will have a slightly higher ratio of cruise visitors to local population. Co- Run the pad under cool water.
zumel's cruise tourists willbe 1,194% greater than its population while Bonaire's cruise visitors will
be just slightly less, with cruise visitors 1,119%
greater than the population. Bonaire, just like
Cozumel, will have over 11 cruise visitors for
every man, woman and child living on the
But as mentioned above, it gets worse next ,ls
year. The 254,000 cruise visitors planned for
Bonaire next year will mean that the island At the Dive Inn Bonaire we offer a full range of personalized div-
will have 1,814% more cruise visitors than ing and snorkelling services tailored to meet your individual needs
population, or a ratio of over 18 for every per- including complimentary daily tank drop-off and pick-up service to
son living on Bonaire. This will be by far the
highest level of cruise visitor density in the your front door. We are conveniently located on the ocean at Kaya
entire Caribbean. C.E.B. Hellmund 27, Kralendijk (right in front of the cruise ship
A look at the chart will show the numbers of pier). Please feel free to contact us or visit or website for more infor-
cruise visitors compared to population for the mation (email: info@diveinnbonaire.com; phone: (599) 717-8761)
Caribbean region. The chart also shows that
third place in the cruise visitor-to-population Dive Inn Bonaire. Dive into Paradise!!
comparison behind Bonaire is St. Maarten, also w w.de.
well known for its mass of cruise tourism and
wasted underwater scene.
It is also interesting to note that Aruba, well
known for mass cruise tourism, is actually de-
creasing its number of cruise passengers, and its
ratio of cruise visitors to population is lower
than Bonaire's. O Concerned Citizens

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

CuracBo St Dominica Aruba Cozumel

Jamaic Bljir

w~wksbvio-info p- 1 7172844 cdb 76.2844
Scuba Vision Films is Bonaire's premier video production facility.
We e a available for your video imaging projects underwater and topside.
Nature Films Documentaries Travel Adventure Advertising TV Broadcast
Underwater Stock footage HDV Digital Photo Weddings
DVD Reproductions DVD Mastering and Authoring
Courses and Seminars.

info@scubavision.info Ph: (599) 717.2844 Cell: 786.2844
Kaya Grandi #6 Photo Tours -


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different kind of tuna salad
Peel or cut off any discolorations
or bruises on the pad.
Slice or cut the pads, or leave
them whole, depending on what
you will be using the nopales for.
Cook the nopales. They can be
either boiled or grilled, as well as
mixed with other ingredients to
make unique, satisfying and
healthy dishes.
If you grill the nopales, coat
generously with pepper, salt, and
other spices. hey're ready when
they're tender and slightly
Grilled nopalitos strips can be
seasoned with fresh lime juice and
a little olive oil. You can also add
grilled Portobello mushrooms to
the mix. Try stirring the cooked
nopales into soup, mixing them
into a salad or omelet, pickling
them, or eating them alone. The
flesh of the prickly pear can even
be used to make jam, jelly, sorbet,
and "cactus candy." D G.D.


t t KL V


The different schools within the SGB.
except for the first 3 years of level 4 (SBO)

There is a Chinese saying:
Ifyou want one year ofpros-
perity, plant corn.
Ifyou want 10 years ofprosperity,
plant trees.
Ifyou want 100 years ofprosper-
ity, educate people.
If you take this to the ballot, every-
body would vote for 100 years. So,
let us take a look at the education on
Bonaire. Do you know what the
Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB
-Community of Schools) has to offer
for the children of this island? Be-
tween the reports of fighting and
fireworks going off on school prem-
ises, have you ever had information
about the school as a learning institu-
tion? If not, please take seat. Here is
a general overview.
The SGB is a school which offers
different paths. These paths all lead
to new highways, roads, cart tracks
and lanes. In other words, a diploma
of the SGB is an entry permit for the
continuation of education in order to
be able to pursue a profession.
In the secondary education the
SGB has six different paths. First,
Arbeidsgericht Onderwijs (AGO:
profession-directed education), and
then three paths which are together
called Voorbereidend Secundair
Beroepsonderwijs (VSBO: prepara-
tory secondary vocational educa-
tion). VSBO is divided into Prak-
tisch Basisgerichte Leerweg (PBL:
basic vocational program), Praktisch
Kadergerichte Leerweg (PKL: mid-
dle-management vocational pro-
gram) and Theoretisch Kader-
gerichte Leerweg (TKL: middle-
management theoretical program).
The two paths which are left are
Hoger Algemeen Voortgezet Onder-
wijs (HAVO: school of higher gen-
eral secondary education) and Voor-
bereidend Wetenschappelijk Onder-
wijs (VWO: pre-university educa-
VSBO takes four years to com-
plete. After the basisvorming (basic
education) of two years the student
can choose different directions in
which he or she will graduate. The
PBL student can choose between
construction, metal technology, mo-
tor vehicle technology, hospitality,
and care and health. The PKL stu-
dent can choose between all the for-
mer directions and also administra-
tion/commerce and electrical engi-
neering. The AGO student (although
not a part of the VSBO) has the same
choices as a PKL student, but instead
of care and health they can choose
AVMB (algemene vonning voor
maatschappij en beroep: general
training for society and profession).
The TKL student can choose be-
tween technology, economy and care
and health. Are you still with me
here? I am just getting started.
What happens after the VSBO?
The students can now enter the
Secundair Beroepsonderwijs (SBO:

secondary vocational educ
which, for some courses, c
completed at the SGB. Le
one year, Level 2, two yea
There are four levels in to
chart). With an AGO dipli
can start at Level 1 (at FO
The PBL student has the s
Level 2, the PKL student
Level 3, and (you may alr
guessed) the TKL student
4. (Actually the TKL stud
Level 3 first, and then con
a fourth year of Level 4.)
In theory, a student who
Level 1 can continue up to
The completion of one ye,
gives you access to the fir
Level 2. After Level 2 yoi
"flow" into the second yea
3. After that you follow th
a TKL student.
After the first three year
HAVO or VWO, the studt
choose between four proff
There is economy and soc
culture and society (CM),
technology (NT) and natu
health (NG). A profile det
what studies the student cE
after getting his or her dip
HAVO takes five years be
ing close to holding that d
This diploma is the ticket
Beroepsonderwijs (HBO:
higher education). The V\
has to persevere for six ye
after successfully ending 1
secondary education, he o
choose a study at the univ
The SBO, HBO and the
do not have to be the end
Completion of Level 4 at 1
gives you the right to ente
A diploma of the HBO op
doors to the universities. P
versity there are still the P
The SGB gives every ch
Bonaire a chance to comp
her secondary education r
on the island. That is a sta
100 years.
Do the teachers educate
years of prosperity? No, tl
for the children. Even thoi
students lie through their t
("Yes, I've done my home
wrote it in white ink"), cai
less ("Teacher, are you sic
look horrible. You cannot
this."), and have raised sle
an art form, a teacher goes
for the children. The stude
the school as children and
something happens. You
promise of their growing,
developing, and
hopefully blossom-
ing into prosperous
adults. E Mary
Ann Koops teaches
Biology at the SGB
High School.


Whafs Coming Our Way 7

ugh the
work; I
n be merci-
:k? You
teach like
eepiness to
s to work
ents enter
can see the

We are
told that the
project consists
of 24 cottages
inspired by In-
donesian archi-
tecture. Ah yes,
we see the
roofs, which
look different
indeed from
what we usually
see around on
the island, giv-
ing the homes
something of a
Far Eastern
touch. The cot-
tages will be

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008

on the study. T n
4 or 5 years his time, checking out
.1 what's coming our way,
we want to know more about the
complex that is being built oppo-
site the airport platform where
Basisvorming the KLM aircrafts always park
during passengers disembarka-
tion. Until recently there was a
large billboard on Kaya Interna-
shonal, saying it was to be Wa-
cation), terlands Village, but the sign was
can be taken away since they started
vel 1 takes erecting the wall that now sur-
ars, etc... rounds the complex.
tal (see The development is located on
oma you one of the 10 peninsulas that
kills to do were artificially created here
will start at over 20 years ago. At the time
eady have the Venezuelan investors wanted
does Level and got the permission to create
ent will do a village around waters similar to
itinue with one they had set up in Vene-
zuela. With the help of dynamite
starts at and a lot of digging over two to
SLevel 4.
ar Level 1 three years, a system of canals
st year of was created. All the rubble that
u can was excavated while digging
ar of Level was added to the peninsulas for
ie track of elevation. It must have been a
tremendous job at the time, and
rs of one wonders whether a project
ent can like this would have gotten ap-
files.' proval nowadays, as it must have
iety (EM), had its effects on the ecosystem
nature and
re and and nearby coral reefs.
ermines Just a few months ago we all
an pursue heard about the controlled explo-
loma. sions of the leftover dynamite
before com- that were still on the island and
iploma. had to be gotten rid of. The
to Hoger original village plan was never
college of realized. The developer went
WO student
aO student bankrupt, and as a result all the
-ars, and
his or her peninsulas, with the exception of
r she can two, where parts of the Plaza
ersity. Resort are now situated, were
university left deserted for years and years
stations. afterwards.
the SBO Now we suddenly see lots of
r the HBO. activity on almost all of them
ens the and big numbers of workers. We
After urn- hear and read names as
'hDs to do.
child on Saramaca, Bahia Waterfront
lete his or Villas, Azul Casitas, Hilton and
ight here others. These are all projects
rt on those appearing here now. We may be
back focusing on them later, but
for 100 for now let's just see what Wa-
hey do it terlands Village is all about.

vate- ample shower area. De-
signed nicely. We also see con-
crete benches in the living
rooms. Just put cushions on
them, and you'll have a couch
that will last forever. Simple and
strong. Kitchen cabinets and
headboards are made out of con-
crete as well.
The majority of the cottages
are on the waterfront while a few
others are located somewhat
closer to the main road. Some
may probably comment that the
latter is quite an understatement.
We are told that once the cot-
tages are finished a beach will be
created along the entire water-
front of the peninsula. We won-
der if people will be swimming
in these waters in a few months
from now. If so... watch the feet!
We once heard about lots of lob-
sters in the waters here.
Waterlands will be opening its
doors around May of this year.
From then on there will be trou-
ble for our taxi drivers! What on
earth is a reasonable fare to
charge tourists who hop into
your taxi at Flamingo Airport
saying they need a ride to Water-
lands Village?
D Marcel
Leurs is a
Lodge) ,



slide presentation
SCaptain Don's Habitat
8:30 pm Mondays
dive with Dee Scar

N oIfa i717-852o n cail "- 71 2
Improve your reception by the underwater world

Page 19

fully furnished, and lots of furni-
ture from Indonesia is currently
coming in on the island. Now,
furnished means fully furnished
here, and even plates, spoons,
knives and corkscrews are in-
cluded in the package. As a new
owner you don't need to bring
anything more than your
toothbrush and swimsuit, it
All cottages were sold 'from
the drawing board' by Harbour-
town Real Estate -mostly to
Dutch people plus a few from
the US- and they needed about
eight months to get the job done.
Some of the cottages have even
been re-sold before actually be-
ing finished. You can probably
imagine that the realtors don't
oppose this phenomena.
Our first impression when we
had a look around is that Water-
lands looks more like a resort
than just a collection of houses.
There's a swimming pool area
and an office being constructed,
and we are told that palms, trees
and plants for the lush gardens-to
-be are carefully being cultivated
elsewhere on the island. For al-
most all owners the cottages will
be their second home, and we
may expect that the accommoda-
tions will be rented out to tour-
ists anytime the owners will not
be there themselves.
Looking around we see some
funny details: all cottages have
their own outside -but still pri-

ZAt'a foV

This beautiful home is located in the residential area of
Santa Barbara, situated on a hill. This location guarantees
good breezes and views over the island and the
Caribbean Sea. The house is located in convenient
proximity to the center of Kratendijk.

Lay out:
Entrance to the home via the large porch adjacent the
spacious living room. Opening up the living room to the
porch one creates additional living area combining both
indoor and outdoor living. The living room and dining area
are adjacent the kitchen which comes with a pantry or laundry
facility. The living is divided into a lower and an upper part,
connected to each other by stairs. In the lower part one finds
two bedrooms with private bathroom as well as the guest toilet.
On the second floor two more bedrooms are located connected
by means of a landing. All upper rooms open up to the balcony
which offers a truly unbeatable view
Unique selling points:
The beautiful views and the breeze!
The large lot with many possibilities
Ample space to add a pool or guest house!
speciics Harb
Year of construction: 1993 /1994
Lot size: 1.040 m2 (11,190 ft2).
Building area: approx. 270 m2 (2,905 ft2).
Private land

ASKING PRICE: Nafl. 654.975,- I US$ 369,000

ouown Real Estate we do get it!
ourtown Real Estate we do get it!

Tel (599) 717 5539
Fax- (599) 717 5081
Kaya Grandl 34, Bonaire

Beach Cooding!

Located on the north hotel row


Check out ournew id's
nothing line!

"...capturing your memories,
one at a time"

Capture Photo
At Divi Flamingo
J.A. Abraham blvd. 40
Kralendijk 717-6 51
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Gob. N. Debrot blvd. 10

m 9]

New Stock
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Phone 17-510

Bonaire Reporter January 25- February 8,, 2008


real estate

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