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July 6 20, 2007 Volume 14, Issue 26

PO Box 407, Kralendijk, Bonaire Eal eote oarnw.c -(59)76-12161 SNC 19

19~"~i~L~ i"A

--;-- 1,

New Government Takes Office

or- Ab S

A round 7 pm last Sunday Fla-
mingo Airport was closed for
approximately four hours when a Tran-
saven Airlines Cessna 402 originating in
Caracas blocked the runway following
landing gear failure. The pilot brought
the plane to a halt as soon as possible
after he noticed the problem upon land-
ing. There were no injuries among the
six passengers. Following a quick medi-
cal check-up the passengers continued
to their destinations. There was minimal
damage to the aircraft.
American Eagle, DAE and Insel Air
flights were delayed until after the air-
port reopened around 11:15 pm.

0 On July 4 DAE airlines an-
nounced significant schedule changes
brought about by their new aircraft and
to better synchronize arrivals and depar-
tures to their new international routes.
Most changes involve flights to places
other than ABC islands. Call DAE at
717-0808 or visit their website:
www.flydae.com for details.

1 Delta Airlines will begin twice-
weekly Atlanta-Curacao flights this
coming December. Although Delta
shows the flights in its schedule they are
still awaiting a Curaqao government
sign-off. They will be flying a Boeing
737-800 with 150 seats, of which 16 are
business class. The flight departs At-
lanta at 9:45am and arrives in Curaqao
at 3:10pm. It leaves Curaqao at 4pm and
arrives back in Atlanta at 7:40pm. The
first flight is scheduled for three days
before Christmas. To celebrate the new
service Delta is offering a round-trip
special fare of $338, plus taxes, for pur-
chase by July 12, for travel completed
by April 26, 2008.

P Barrington Irving, a Jamaican
living in Florida, became the world's
first man of African descent and the
youngest pilot to fly solo around the
globe, taking 97 days. The 23-year-old
Jamaican flew a Lancair Columbia 400
At 21, Irving founded Experience
Aviation Inc., a non-profit organization
designed to motivate youth and address
the shortage of younger, technically
skilled professionals in aviation, aero-
space, and other related career fields.
(by Janet Silvera)

At the inter-parliamentary meeting
of the Netherlands, the Antilles and
Aruba, the Antillean delegation said that
there was a perception in the Antilles
that naturalization requests from the
islands take much longer than those
submitted by the Netherlands.
Dutch Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch
Ballin explained that the problem with
the documentation received by the Im-

D As a result of the elections last spring the island of Bonaire has a new Executive
Council. The new members, all appointed by the UPB (green) majority party, are
Francisco Godfried "Boy" Clarenda, Maritza Silberie, Anthony Nicolaas and
Burney el Hage. The Island Governor, Herbert Domacass6, and Island Secretary,
Neery Gonzales, are permanent. Members.
The Executive Council governs the island and its members head the island's depart-
ments that provide government services. Following the swearing in of the new elected
officials the following portfolios were assigned:

Deputy Francisco G. "Boy" Clarenda
*Health and Hygiene
*Living and Social Services including FCB (Public Housing)
*Agriculture, Animal Husbandary and Fisheries (LVV)
Deputy Burney F. El Hage
*Government Services
*Economics and Labor, including Tourism
*Goverment Corporations except for Selibon (Waste Management)
*Traffic and Telecom, including the airport and harbor
*Information and Protocol
Deputy Anthony T.C. Nicolaas
*Public Works Construction and Environment
*Environment and nature, including Selibon (Waste Management)
*Personnel Services, Organization and Information
*Census and Population
Deputy Maritza D. Silberie
*Education and Culture
*Land Management
*Mail and Archives
*Fire Department
*Bonaire Lottery
Lt. Governor H.F. Domacasse (replaced by Ubaldo Anthony in the Governor's
absence)... Specific Executive Council Duties in addition to leadership duties
* Elections
* Non Criminal Police (SSV)
* Disaster Management

migration and Naturalization Service
from the islands cannot always be
trusted and are more comprehensively
inspected. Because of this, the process
tales longer. Bonaire's Anthony Nico-
laas is pushing to continue the five-year
residency requirement rather than up-
ping it to 10 years as some delegations
want. Nicolaas said that five years is
sufficient for a person to integrate in
At the meeting it was also decided
that the naturalization ceremony is
now mandated to take place only once
a year, August 24, the anniversary of
the signing of the Dutch constitution in

> The Netherlands had the third
largest per capita gross national prod-

uct (GNP) in
the EU in
2006, accord-
ing to figures
published last
Thursday by
Eurostat, the
EU's statisti-
cal agency.
topped the
list, followed
by Ireland.
The Netherlands came in third with 31%
higher than average income. The eastern
European countries that joined the Un-
ion over the past years scored below
average. Romania and Bulgaria were at
the bottom of the list.
The number of millionaires in the


Table of Contents

This Week's Stories
New Island Government-BC
(Executive Council) 2
The Smolkng Gun: Bonaire Reefs, part 2 3
City Caf6 Boosts Jong Bonaire 4
Home Building Watch-minhouseonbonaire.nl 4
SGB High School Tops 5
New Island Coundl 6
Bonaire Sweeps Aruba Hiwinds 7
New Nudibranch 8
Where Bonaireans Live 9
DiadiArte 10
Biologists Bubbles (Green Morays) 13
Fire at Habitat Villa 13
Happy Birthday (Josselien Bernabela) 18
Tennis Ends photo
Flotsam & Jetsam 2
Parrot Watch
Risks for Young Loras 8
Ask Olivia (Lora food) 8
Sudoku 9
Classifieds 12
Sudoku solution 12
Pet of the Week (John) 12
Tide Table 14
Reporter Masthead 14
What's Happening 15
Movieland Film Schedule 15
Shopping & Dining Guides 16
Sky Park (Planets, Earth Aphelion) 17
The Stars Have It 17
Picture Yourself With the Reporter 18
(Molly Kearney in Stillwater, Minnesota)
On The Island Since (Petrie Hausmann) 18

Netherlands rose sharply last year, by
8.7% to a total of 117,400 at the end of
2006. In 2006, 0.7 % of the Dutch
population were millionaires, compared
to 1% of the population in the US, more
than 2.6% of the population in Switzer-

1 There has been no solution to the
mystery of the dead troupials and doves
as reported in this column last week. A
biologist who briefly examined some of
the birds did not see any source of injury

Join Ann Phelan and Bonaire Wind-
surf Place for an exciting Learn To Wind-
surf Clinic for Women from July 16-18.
Lac Bay is one of the world's best places
to learn to sail or improve skills. The shal-
low depths and gin-clear water make it
windsurf heaven. Bonaire Windsurf Place
has state-of-the-art 2007 gear and top level
instruction. There is plenty of shade and
sun so bring your friends or family and
join the fun. Please email Ann at
ann@bonairewindsurfing.com for more
details. The cost is $150 for the 3-day
clinic. Gear rental is additional.

1 Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB)
announced the line-up of activities for
Scuba Diving Magazine Week coming up
July 7 to 14, as part of Bonaire Dive
Into Summer 2007. Participants will
receive a free ReefFish in a Pocket book
by Ned Deloach & Paul Humann, a chance
to win a Caribbean REEF Fish ID book,
and prizes from Divegear including cloth-
ing, accessories, swimwear and rash-
guards. All events during Scuba Diving
Magazine Week are free to anyone wish-
ing to participate.
Monday, July 9: Join Scuba Diving
Magazine staffers at Captain Don's Habi-
tat during the weekly "Meet the Captain"
party for a chance to win prizes, from 6 to
7 pm.
(Continued on page 6)

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

Page 2

The Smoking Gun Irrefutable Evidence of
Human Waste Pollution
"Careful policy and management are required now or conditions will worsen and the corals will not survive...." Coral Researcher Brian LaPointe

Part I, in the previous issue, signaled an alert to the probable doom of Bonaire
reefs unless measures are taken to stop pollution from human waste. In this
segment the "smoking gun "proving the allegations is revealed.

On June 12 participants in the workshop, "Nutrient Levels in the Coastal Wa-
ters of Bonaire, Curaqao and St. Lucia and the Relationship to Waste Water,"
toured several sites on Bonaire that had been tested during the first four months of
the nutrient monitoring program. At each site, international expert Brian LaPointe
provided interpretation and analysis of the data from the monitoring program as well
as for what participants were seeing with their own eyes.
Toxic Ponds
The first stop was LVV where canals of sewage, sludge, oil, etc. make for a foul
and toxic mess. Here is where all the septic tanks on Bonaire get emptied by Selibon
trucks. Even the cruise ship Free-
winds disposes of its waste here,
although LaPointe contends that
this act is in violation of interna-
tional maritime law. Exactly
how much of this toxic stew is
seeping through the ground and
into the sea remains to be seen.
The participants from St. Lucia,
St. Maarten, Martinique and
Curaqao are all shocked to find
that Bonaire is "so behind" in
sewage treatment, especially
given the island's progressive
environmental image. Patricio
Oleana, tactical manager for the
Department of Public Works in
Curacao, calls the dumping in the
canals "totally unacceptable."
Wrinkling his nose at the stink,
La Pointe discusses the toxic canals Arthur Rodriguez, environmental
technologist also at the Denart-

-, - .A

Smelly, oil-slicked sewage canals at the Agricultural Service (L VI "back lot"
may be responsiblefor the appalling nutrient pollution at Lagoen (see cover).

ment of Public Works in Curacao, argues that "these problems are easy to address;
the technology is there for a full sewer system" that will remove virtually everything.
Frank van Slobbe of Bonaire's environmental section at DROB says more research
needs to be done to determine how quickly seepage is occurring and which direction
the groundwater from LVV is flowing: Is it flowing into Lagoen Bay or some other
At Lagun Bay, on Bonaire's windward side, LaPointe wades in and immediately
finds evidence of high nutrient content: first hypnea, a red seaweed that is fast-
growing and causing major problems in Maui (Hawaii), fouling beaches where sew-
age nutrients are high; next, cyanobacteria, a blue-green algae that is causing major
(Continued on page 6)

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

Page 3

City Cafe Boosts

aJog Booa ire

City Cafd owner Huub Groot (center) hands the NAf 10.000 check to the mem-
bers of the Jong Bonaire Board of Directors

"JT think we will be able to buy the
I new sound system for Jong Bon-
aire with this money. I'm not sure it will
be enough, but it's a good step in the
right direction for sure," says Jong Bon-
aire board director Rene Hakkenberg
after receiving the check for NAf10.000
City Caf6 owner Huub Groot.
During the 10 days spent celebrating
its 10-year anniversary last month, City
Caf6 was also raising money for Jong
Bonaire. It was the idea of Huub Groot,
and sponsor JC Herrera.
Because of his good work the Jong
Bonaire Board of Directors crowned
Huub as the "adopted fundraising father

of Jong Bonaire." Huub gladly accepted
this title, saying, "In my opinion Jong
Bonaire is the best non-profit organiza-
tion on the island, so it's an honor to be
able to give this money to it."
After a lunch for all the employees of
Jong Bonaire, Huub surprised them by
handing over the check. He said that it
would not be a one-time-only fundrais-
ing action by City Caf6. "Next year
we'll celebrate our 11th anniversary, and
we'll try to collect NAf 11.000. But we
won't have an 11-day long celebration
however, he joked. O
Story & photo by DavidRadomisli

Home Building Watch
H ow would you like
to follow the con-
struction of your house on
Would you like to show
photos of your future home
to friends, family and col-
Do you have questions
about living on Bonaire, or
are you looking for relevant
addresses, for real estate
agents, construction compa-
nies, project developers or
If you answered yes to one or all of the questions above, the website
www.mijnhuisopbonaire.nl (My Home on Bonaire) is for you! This website offers a
unique service: photos of your future Bonaire home are taken on a regular basis and
put on the internet for you, your friends and your family to see. It is also full of very
useful information about living on Bonaire with a wide range of important contact
details. Last but not least, a forum to share knowledge and experience with others in
your situation means that you will always have someone to seek advice from. The
website is available in Dutch and English.
Take advantage of their introductory offer now; mijnhuisopbonaire.nl offers new
customers the first four photos for free. O Press Release

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

Page 4

The 94% of the
students who
passed their aca-
demic exams
made Bonaire's
high school once
again the top is-
land in the Carib-
bean in the stan-
dardized Dutch
Kingdom tests.
This is the best
result in the 20
years of educa-
tional testing in
the Antilles and
Aruba. In the
(Academic) Social and Economics sec-
tion all 18 students passed. In the Envi-
ronmental/Technical track, 13 of the 15
students passed. The VWO university
preparatory level will not have students
ready for graduation until 2009 so the
current HAVO classes have Bonaire's
best students.

The faces of the graduating students
showed relief and pride last Thursday
night when they received their diplomas
in the auditorium of the SGB (Bonaire's
community high school that combines
academic and vocational education).
Relief, for passing the exams and not
having to go back to school next year,
and pride, for achieving their goals and
being able to move to the next step on
their career ladder.
The graduation ceremony was some-
thing special and probably will be re-
membered by the students for the rest of
their lives. It took about four hours. All
the students were dressed in their most
glamorous clothing, and speeches were
given by important officials including
Lt. Governor Herbert Domacass6. In
addition to the students receiving their
diplomas, the teachers entertained with a
dancing and singing show. They exhib-
ited quite a bit of rhythm and showed a
face quite different from what students
probably were used to seeing during
classes. The students clearly loved it.
In the vocational studies (VSBO) sec-
tion, the percentage of graduates was
quite high. In the TKL track 70% of the
students graduated; in PKL, 68%; in
PBL, 77%; and in AGO, 100% gradu-
Because there are so many levels in
the high school system (AGO, PBL,
PKL, TKL, and HAVO) and so many
graduates this year, the director of the
school, Nolly Oleana, decided to split

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

TKL Economics:
Veronica Silberie
PKL Hospitality:
Varenia Richards
PBL Hospitality:
Angela Albertus
PBL PKL Motor tech-
Rigmar Lugo
PBL/ PKL Metaltech-
Ryan Sint Jago
PBL Hospitality:
Roderick Serberie
PKL Care and Wellbe-

PKL Admin & Commerce graduates

the groups in two. The HAVO graduates
got their diplomas in the school audito-
rium; the vocational graduates in other
areas of the school. It's something
Oleana won't repeat next year, he said.
"Next year we will hand out diplomas to
all the students in the auditorium. The
students who got their diplomas in the
other area left the
school after receiving
it instead of going
back to the audito-
rium where the cere-
mony was taking
place." He empha-
sized his point by
looking at all the
empty seats in the
auditorium which
were completely full
at the start of the eve-
e) graduates ning. "It's a pity, be-
1~l la tll cause we had a pro-
gram planned for all
the graduates."
For some students it was easy to pass
the exams; others had to give their all to
graduate. Their efforts were recognized
with special prizes on graduation night.
For every section prizes were awarded
by sponsors of the school. Recognized
were top graduates, most motivated,
most hardworking as well as for stu-
dents with the most perseverance. After
the ceremony ended the graduates had a
graduation party at E Wowo. There all
the stress of the year was danced and
partied away. EO Story by David Ra-
domisli, photos by Greta Kooistra

Earlier in the week The Advanced
Secondary Education section of
the High School, the SBO, graduated 29
students: 18 in Economics level 2 and 3,
and 11 in Health Care level 2 and 3.
According to SBO director, Rob van
Lier, this is the first time that there are
level 2 and level 3 graduations at the
same time. The school is also planning
level 4 in Administration and Health
Education for next school year. Despite
less than adequate facilities the gradua-
tion rate was a respectable 75%. Ol
SGB Graduation Awards
Top graduates
HAVO Social and Economics:
Lisa Schut
HAVO Culture and Society:
Carmen Beatrix Richardson
HAVO Science:
Itza Perez Gomez

Page 5

Bonaire Reefs... (Continued from page 3)

problems in Florida, including tumors in
sea turtles; third, sargassum, a brown
seaweed that has overgrown many coral
reefs in the Caribbean, including Martin-
ique and Jamaica. Van Slobbe points to
the trash-laden beach and laments that,
"the sea turtles used to nest here but not
anymore I think." LaPointe, van Slobbe,
and Paul Hoetjes, Senior Policy Advisor
for the Department of the Environment,
all agree that the primary culprit for these
killer algae is the high nutrients percolat-
ing down from the landfill and perhaps
the LVV sewage canals. Recalling the
data for Lagoen from the monitoring
program, LaPointe confirms that dis-
solved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) and
phosphates are very high here, beyond
the threshold of what is acceptable for a
healthy reef system, so "dilution is no
longer an option." Instead he begs,
"Stop adding more!"
More Proof in Town
At Playa Lechi in Kralendijk, La-
Pointe finds more proof of extremely
high nutrients: acanthophora spicifera,
very dark brown and red, which means
that it is "loaded with nitrogen." Nor-
mally found in mangroves, it can over-
grow harbors and bays with high nutrient
waters. At Playa Lechi the nutrients are
pouring in from the storm water inlet on
one side and the cesspits discharging
from the houses, condos, and resorts lin-
ing the shore. In Hawaii, this algae is
everywhere, causing major, costly prob-
lems and ruining tourism. A closer look
reveals laurencia papillosa, another red
seaweed that also thrives on high nutrient
wastewater. While the group is examin-
ing LaPointe's evidence, a woman with a
boat anchored in a nearby marina wan-
ders past and mentions that officials told
her she didn't need a sewage holding
tank on her boat since "it all ends up in
the sea anyway."

A New Pollution Source
The Salt Works
Next stop is the Salt Company
where preliminary monitoring results
indicate high phosphates and ammonia in
the Cargill channel and pond as well as
at major nearby dive sites, like Red Slave
and Angel City. Bret Schuttpelz, Salt
Works Manager at Cargill, and Jan
Gielen, retired Works Manager and Con-
sultant for Cargill, are in disbelief over

the high numbers and advocate further
testing to determine whether or not they
are accurate. After LaPointe explains that
the probable sources of the ammonia and
phosphate are Cargill's unlined ponds
and discharge channel into the sea, Hoet-
jes reveals that lots of blue-green algae is
growing on the southern dive sites, indi-
cating that "something bad is happening
here." According to LaPointe, this is
new information that surprised everyone,
and although he too suggests further test-
ing to confirm the numbers, he also
points out that only "containment" of the
ponds (with liners) and "zero discharge"
of the ponds into the sea will eradicate
the problem.
At Red Slave, LaPointe discovers more
macroalgae proof of nutrient-rich water
even though this dive site is considered
to be among the most pristine on Bon-
aire. High ammonia levels both at Red
Slave and Angel City infer that there is a
direct connection to the Salt Company,
with Hoetjes theorizing that it is perco-
lating from groundwater seeping from
Cargill ponds. Sitting on a rock at Red
Slave, Rikke Speetjens, of Ocean Care
on St. Maarten, says what many of the
participants are probably thinking: "I
wouldn't expect these problems here on
Bonaire; in St. Maarten, yes, because of
all the development. So what will happen
when Bonaire really starts to develop? It
seems like the numbers will just get
worse, which is too bad because of all
the beautiful reefs here." l Story & pho-
tos by Professor Pauline Kayes, Bonaire
and Champaign, Illinois

Part III-What's Next?-What
this all means for the Reefs of Bonaire?
Coming up in the next issue.


The new Island Council, the legislative part of the Island Government, sworn in
were: James Kroon (out ofphoto), Reginald "Jonchi" Dortalina, Ramonsito Booi,
Anthony Nicolaas, Maritza Silberie, Marugia Janga, Jopi Abraham, Anthony
Nicolaas and Reynold "Nolly" Oleana. An indication of the decling importance of
the Central Government is that the top politicians have eschewed jobs in the
national parliament for Island Councilpositions. Following the ceremony the
Democratic Alliance members walked out in protest of past decisions of the UPB-

dominated Council
Flotsam and Jetsam (Continued from page 2)
Wednesday, July 11: Participate in a
Fish ID dive with Bonaire's resident natu-
ralist Jerry Ligon, Scuba Diving Maga-
zine 's Executive Editor Keith Phillips and
STINAPA volunteers. Participants should
arrive at Bonaire Dive and Adventure
(adjacent to Sand Dollar Condominiums)
at 8:30 am with their C-cards. After the
dive there will be a fish quiz with prizes.
Friday, July 13: Grand Finale Party at
Buddy Dive's Rum Punch Happy Hour
from 5:30 to 7:30pm. Meet other divers,
participate in fish id games, Bonaire trivia
and win prizes!
Other events scheduled to take place
later this summer include the 3rd Annual
Pro Kids Windsurfing Competition Au-
gust 1-5, Love Our Planet Week Septem-
ber 15-22 and Bonaire's signature event
"A Taste of Bonaire" taking place on Sun-
day, July 8, August 5 and September 9.
For more information, visit the event's

official website at www. bonairediveinto-

This Sunday, July 8, enjoy the
"Taste of Bonaire" at Wilhelmina Park
from 6 to 9pm. Selected restaurants will
be offering some of their mouth watering
specialties; there will be stands selling
gifts, arts and crafts and there will be live
music and entertainment. Stroll the park
and soak up the ambiance of the balmy
breezes and the warm hospitality of the
Bonairean people. Normally this is a once
-a-year event, but this year the TCB
(Tourist Corporation Bonaire) thought it
would be especially nice to offer "Taste of
Bonaire" once a month during July, Au-
gust and September so more people can
come and enjoy it. O L./G.D.

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

Page 6

Scenes from the Event

L ast week a large delagation of Bonaire windsurfers headed to Aruba for one
of the seminal events of the windsurfing world, the Aruba Hiwinds
competition. Although excelling in all windsurfing events they are without peer in
the freestyle competition. Choko Frans and Jeager St. Jago showed their superiority

King of the Huts Choko Frans and Prince of the Huts Jaeger St. Jago
during their triumphant motorcade in Aruba.

by winning their respective classesa and earning the titles of King of the Huts~an
Prince of the Huts respectively. (The "huts" are the old fishermen's huts that serve
as a center for the events. ) More details inupcoming issues of The Reporter. O
Thanks to Robby Sancesfor information and to Els Kroon for the photos

In theforeground Youp Schmit (NB 12), winner of the Superkids slalom in the
21" edition of the Aruba Hi-Winds. The races were from June 27th till July 2nd.

The strong wind gave plenty of
chances to see real windsurfing

Some of the other Bonaire sail-
ors who either won their class or
finished in the top three spots:

Scene from the long distance kite surfing competition.

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

Page 7


Dead Lora Baby: He'll never get toflyfree

T his week we have sad news. We
have lost all the chicks from
three separate nests. It is extremely frus-
trating because for two of the nests we
cannot know for sure what has killed
the little loras. The first loss was pecu-
liar because the tiny bodies of the dead
chicks remained in the nest. The preda-
tor was probably not a rat because a rat
would have eaten the chicks. To inspect
the second nest members of the parrot
team use one of the parrotwatch night
vision cameras on a pole so they can
probe deep into the cavity which would
otherwise remain secret. Without this
technology we would not be able to see
anything, but the reason this nest has
failed again remains unknown.

The third nest, which had four chicks,
failed due to poachers. I visited the nest
on Monday 25h and the four chicks

were in good health. When I visited
again later in the week I was shocked to
see someone had damaged the nest tree
and my heart dropped as I knew imme-
diately we'd lost them.

These four chicks were still feather-
less. The youngest of the chicks was so
young it had not even opened it's eyes
yet and weighed only 20grams. Poach-
ers typically wait until the chicks are
close to fledging as this means there is
less work for them. It is unlikely that
any human can provide such a tiny baby
with the nutrients it will need to develop
into a strong and healthy bird. Sadly,
these four chicks are only the first of
many that will not get to fledge their
nests and follow their parents and fly
free in the wild. O Sam Williams

New Nudibranch
A brand new
species of
nudibranch has
been discovered in
Bonaire. Local resi-
dent and avid diver/
naturalist, Ellen Mul-
ler, found an unusual
nudibranch on a night
dive on June 1st. Not
knowing what it was
she sent photos of it to
Angel Valdes, Associ-
ate Curator of Mala-
cology at the Natural
History Museum of
Los Angeles County
and co-author of the
book, Caribbean Sea Slugs. Valdes excit-
edly commented that he has never seen this spe-
cies of nudibranch before and mentioned
that he and his colleagues reviewed everything
known from the Caribbean in preparation for their
book. These nudibranchs, of the genus Tra-
pania, are very tiny; two that were found were
about the size of a grain of rice, so if you want to
go hunting for them, bring along a magnifying
glass! Ol Story & photos by Ellen Muller

Many Risks For

Young Loras

A component of the parrot
team's research is to investi-
gate how many loras attempt to breed
in a given year and how many of
those are successful at raising chicks
through to fledging. We count the
number of eggs laid in every lora
nest we know of. We do this care-
fully so as to not disturb the parrots
who are breeding.

Not all eggs are fertile and any egg
could be eaten by a rat or may be
damaged by pearly-eyed thrashers,
which are nest site competitors. We
check the lora nests as often as possi-
ble but it is still very difficult to de-
termine the predators. There are sev-
eral sources of mortality for chicks.
Likely culprits are rats, cats, cam
caras, barn owls and maybe even
troupials. We know from other stud-
ies that introduced mammals such as
rats and cats can be a major problem
for endangered island species such as
the lora. Whether or not the bird spe-
cies mentioned kill lora chicks is to
be confirmed and we must be clear
that they remain innocent until
proven guilty! Again the aggressive
pearly-eyed thrasher may kill chicks
in order to take over the nest, but in
this case they do not eat the chick.
They are competitors rather than

Humans have been the most sig-
nificant source of chick loss in recent
years, and this continues despite the
fact the lora is globally recognised as
endangered and is protected by law
here on Bonaire. It is illegal to take
lora chicks from the nest. If you see
any suspicious activity in the mondi
and you suspect a lora nest is in dan-
ger of being poached by an unscru-
pulous individual please do not hesi-
tate to contact STINAPA (717-8444)
or the Police. O Sam Williams

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

Page 8

Ask Olivia
Dear Olivia,
I have been
very interested to read
about your life rearing
chicks and gathering
food to feed them, but
so far you have not
mentioned what it is
that you loras eat? I would also be inter-
ested to know how easy it is for you to
gather food on Bonaire.

Dear Natalia,
That is an interesting question.
We loras are generally vegetarian and
have always eaten a variety of fruits pro-
duced by the plants here on Bonaire,
ranging from those of the cacti to trees
such as the mesquite andpalu di sia. We
also eat leaves from the trees and the
flesh of the cacti. Collecting food has
always been rather dependent on the
weather. In a wet year food may be plen-
tiful and rearing chicks is relatively easy.
If the rainfall is low then it can be diffi-
cult to find enough food and many
chicks die of starvation. Since people
came to the island in large numbers the
mondi has been changing and some ar-
eas, particularly where the most food
grew, have been cleared of all of our
food plants, making it more difficult to
feed our chicks. When the plants grow
back in these cleared areas though, there
are some extremely tasty ones that we
have not come across before with big
fruits that are very nutritious for our
growing chicks.
Thanks again for your questions.
Keep them coming. Olivia



S uDoku means "the digits must remain single" in Japanese. To solve the puzzle,
enter the numbers 1 through 9 to the partially filled in puzzle without repeating
a number in any row, column or 3 x 3 region. For a tutorial visit the web site www.
Sudoku shack. com. Answer on page 12.
Supplied by Molly Kearney (who has to solve all the puzzles first)

5 1 7 6 4 9

8 3 2

7 4 5 6 3

6 9 7

4 8 6 1
--- ^- -^*^ _-----

9 1 2

4 8 1

7 8 9 5 1 3
- -

here are 21 different "official" neighborhoods where people live on Bon-
aire. Bevolking, the island's census department, provided us with these fig-
ures which, as of December 31, 2006, list the population for each area, broken down
into men and women. We've listed them in order of Most Populated to Least
Populated. Those living on kunukus are listed under the area that is closest to them.
Where does your neighborhood rank?
Notice the Total Population figure at the end. This is the first time we've ever seen
numbers showing more males on the island than females! There are 274 more
men. For each neighborhood we've highlighted the higher number, men or women,
in bold type.l L.D.

Population Ranking

Nei hborhoods

Antriol Pariba (East)
Tera Kora
Playa Pabou (West)
Rincon Zuid ((South)
Antriol Pabou (West)
Noord Salina
Rincon Noord (North)
Playa Pariba (East)
Santa Barbara
Nawati Zuid (South)
Nawati Noord (North)
Lagun Hill

Total Population

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007




Femal es






1'4'Zlrll. lluu3x iZ U 3L

Page 9


You had to bring your family and be in Wilhelmina Park all day to really enjoy all that Dia di Arte had to offer this year.
The Park was crammed with artists, craftspeople and stands, more than 80 of them, so that everywhere you turned
there was something to see. It was one of the best ever with 10 new artist participating. During the day youngsters at Janice
Huckaby's stand, JanArt, spent hours drawing and painting. Six young artists won prizes for the best work.
This was the 15th annual Dia di Art, sponsored by the Foundation for Bonaire Art and Culture, and this year the Bonairean
government made it official with a letter delivered by Education Commission Geraldine Dammers: "Dia di Arte will occur
every year on the first Sunday in July."
On the stage were entertainers and events. Geraldine Dammers and SKAL's Hubert Vis spoke. Magic Ed performed for the
kids and the adults too. Head of the Foundation and spearhead, Emma St. Jago, gave special awards to the "Shining Stars:" 16
year olds Syphard Willem and Gilberto Martis, who were the First Finalists in the Duofest and who won "Best Popular Song"
in the Caribbean Gospel Festival in Curacao.
The Sebari group of youngsters sang, the elders, Nos Kosecha, sang and danced, wearing old time clothing. DuoFest win-
ner, Martina Geerling, played guitar. Tutti Fruitti closed the show at 11 pm.
Congratulations to all the tireless volunteers of the Foundation who made this happen! We look forward to next year's Offi-
cial Dia di Arte. O L.D.

Paul Pelgrim showed the authentic wood or charcoal-fired oven that he builds
from a variety of different colored Bonaire clays.

JanArt sponsored an art contest at the
15th Annual Dia Di Arte Festival.
All children, and children at heart,
were invited to make a small picture for
the contest. There were several cata-
gories to consider: Best Underwater,
Landscape, Flowers, Animals and Peo-
ple. The winners were David Kevin,
Deidre, Sigourney, Julia andAlex.

Popular Bonaire artist Ady Figuroa
shows some of the colors ofBonaire
clay that is usefulfor many projects.

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

a rwi-Iiii^kidK'^I

Page 10

Zia TIT Ilpsk


Photo Artist Fer de Wit and his wife traditionally brighten up Dia di Arte

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

iKW.1 **-
W I__

Page 11


Emma St. Jago
(left) receives the
tion from Commis-
sioner of Education
& Culture, Gerald-
ine Dammers, mak-
ing Dia di Arte an
official event to be
celebrated annu-
ally. Emma has
been the force be-
hind Dia di Art for
15 years.

Kaya Gloria 7, Bonaire Local Art, Art
Supplies, Framing, and Art Classes.
Open Tu.-We.-Th. & Sat 10 am- 5 pm Fri-
day 1- 7 pm; or phone 717-5246 for appt.

Make it more livable from the start.
Also interior or exterior design advice,
clearings, blessings, energy, healing, China
-trained. Experienced. Inexpensive. Call
Donna at 785-9332.

The leading consumer and business in-
formation source on Bonaire. Telephone
(599) 717-7160. For on-line yellow pages
directory information go to http://

Trees and plants, Bonaire grown. 8000m2
nursery. Specializing in garden/septic
pumps and irrigation. Kaminda Lagoen
103, Island Growers NV (Capt. Don &
Janet). 786-0956

Bonaire Images
Elegant greeting cards and beautiful boxed
note cards are now available at Chat-N-
Browse next to Lover's Ice Cream and
Sand Dollar Grocery. Photography by
Shelly Craig www.bonaireimages.com

Searching For GOOD
Maid Service?
For Quality House Cleaning
Serving Bonaire for more than 14 years
Honest, Reliable, Efficient, Thorough,
Low rates, References. One time or many
Phone 785-9041 ... and relax.

Starting from NAf5 per meal. Call
CHINA NOBO 717-8981


Rock climbing/Rapelling/
Abseilen Every Saturday.
Call Outdoor Bonaire 791-
6272 / 785-6272

Pet boarding / Dierenpension
Day and night care. Phone 786-4651

Fen ta I
Cozy guest cottage available
with kitchen,
airco, cable
TV, two sin-
gle beds (or
king) pull-out
sofa, porch,
yard and
private entrance. Five minute walk to sea-
side promenade; 10 minute walk to town.
Contact: bonairecottage@aol.com

The Island you love could use your help!
Support Bonaire, Inc. provides support
to Bonaire's non-profits. To learn more
about making a US tax deductible dona-
tion visit www.supportbonaire.org and
help make a difference!

For ale
For Sale: Sony Digital Camcorder,
boxed and unused, Model DCR HC96E
in PAL format, takes Mini DV tapes has
Widescreen, 3 Mega pixel still camera,
Carl Zeiss Lens, 2 Years guarantee, in-
cludes new case, tapes etc. Unwanted gift
$720, Call: 717-2675

MARES, H.U.B. fully integrated
medium, BCD, 3-yrs,old,100 dives,
includes: 1st Stage, 2nd stage octopus,
inflation/deflation control, all hoses,
Gauges, console and weight system,
black & gray. New $1,999, E-Bay
$1,124. Bonaire $500. Phone, 791-

Ca rs a
Scoote rs

2002 PT Cruiser 4 cyj. 2.0L
DOHC. Aut. Trans. A/C. Pwr. Win-
dows, Radio AM/FM CD Low miles.
Very fuel efficient. Very good condi-
tion, (owned by fanatic car technician).
Clean Title. Naf. 18,000.00 o.b.o.
Call: 786-2953 or 717-2953

1988 Toyota Supra Turbo (unique
on Bonaire). 6 cyl. inline, 3.0L DOHC.
5 spd. Manual Trans., with Turbo.
Intercooler very low miles. AM/FM
CD very good sound. Kept clean, all
original. (owned by fanatic car techni-
cian). Naf. 12,500.00 o.b.o. Cool car
for fast drivers. Call: 527-7520

Pro pe rty

Harbour Village Marina Front Condo
For Sale-
Large one
bedroom, 2
bath apart-
ment lo-
cated in a
secluded all condo building away from
the hotel traffic. Full kitchen and laundry,
tons of storage space, large patio with
walkout to marina dock. Private owner
sale. www.luxurybonaire.

1-ouse sitting
Reporter staff member wishes to house
sit long-term starting now. Call David 700-
7536, email: dradomisli@hotmail.com.

Looking for table model fridge, tap,
bicycle store, kitchen sink, Monique,
Tel. 717-2529.

Page 12

Rento-Fun Scooter & Car Hire are
looking for a person with technical/
mechanical knowledge to be re-
sponsible for the maintenance and
repair of scooters, motorcycles and
bicycles and the checking of motor
vehicles for rental. The applicant
must have a license to drive a car
and motorcycle. Please apply to:
Rento-Fun Drive, Kaya Grande 47.
Or call: 717-2408

The Bonaire Reporter is seeking a
person experienced in newspaper
layout using Microsoft Publisher.
Part-time, good pay. Call George

Reporters and feature writers
wanted for The Reporter. Get paid
by the word and for your photos.
Call George 786-6125

For lSa Ie
Tae kwondo jr.uniforms belts,
various colors, helmet, protective
arm, leg and chest gear- NAfl
300,00; Two custom built windsurf
boards, sails, booms, accesso-
ries :NAfl 1000,00
2nd hand small frig- Nafl 150,00 ;
2nd hand single bed- Nafl 150,00;
National Geographics, make me an
offer! Black Argentinean leather
pants, make me an offer. Call after
6pm 795- 3456.





Puzzle on page

Pet of

The Week
d nJu 41

M eet kitten "John" who's prac-
ticing to be a scary witch's cat
for Halloween. He's only seven weeks
old now but by the time Halloween rolls
around he'll be full grown and ready to
hop upon the witch's broomstick. This
little guy was brought into the Bonaire
Animal Shelter when he was just five
weeks old. He's been growing slowly,
but he has tons of energy. What a fun
cat; he's always playing and running.
And in the looks department he's a win-
ner with his amber colored eyes and
longish black fur. He was examined by
the vet to make sure he has no feline
leukemia. He's had his shots, been
wormed and is ready to go. The cat
adoption fee of NAf75 even includes
sterilization when he's old enough.
Check him out at the Shelter on the La-
goen Road, open Monday through Sat-
urday, 8 am to 1 pm. Tel. 717-4989.
We are happy to announce that last
week's Pet of the Week, "Julio," has
been adopted. Congratulations to all
and may you have wonderful lives to-
Did you know that you can board
your dog at the Shelter? They have
"guest" accommodations on the prop-
erty with private, individual kennels and
a nice yard and run. Large dogs are
NAf15 per day; smaller ones, NAf10 to
NA1f2 per day. There are lower rates
for longer periods.
Want to learn more about the Shelter?
See their website hosted by volunteer
Bea Jones of Colorado. Thanks so much
for keeping us up to date, Bea.
elive.com. O L.D.

8 7 4 9 1 3 5 6 2

6 2 9 5 4 8 3 7 1

2 9 7 4 5 1 6 3 8

1 5 6 3 8 9 7 2 4

3 4 8 2 7 6 1 9 5

9 6 5 1 3 4 2 8 7

4 3 1 8 2 7 9 5 6

7 8 2 6 9 5 4 1 3
Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

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Commercial Ads only NAf0.80 per word, per week.
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KI0O Q 000Q Qo00

Did You Know...

Green moray eels aren't
really green. The eel's
skin is actually blue/gray and it's
covered with a layer of yellow
mucus. I've heard from fishermen
that the slime is toxic, but the mo-
ray is edible. A few more fun
facts about morays: poor eye-
sight, but excellent sense of smell.
Take a look at his nares (nostrils).
There is a set of tubes near the
front of his face where the water
enters and a set of holes near the
eyes where the water exits. As the
water passes through this nasal
apparatus, the eel can detect the presence of prey items (fish, octopus, etc.) and
other eels. Many animals, particularly marine animals, communicate within their
own species by smells, especially when it's time to mate. And when it is time to
find a mate, it's a good thing their eyesight is poor, because those big nasal tubes
may not be such a turn-on! 1O Caren Eckrich

T he moon illuminates this scene of a fire in shorefront Villa 12 at Captain Caren EIkich teaches Coral Reef Ecology ani SCienti ic Diving to American
Don's Habitat. No one was injured in the blaze which burned for two days. University students at the CE11 Reerch Station Bl ae. shes ako the Di-
That's the full moon in the sky. Photo taken by Wilna Gronenboom, the Bonaire rctor of Sea & Discover a marine education center o fearing interactive learn-
Reporter Art Editor, who returned to Holland after seven years on Bonaire this .In programs to kids and adults. You can reach her at 717-53I 2 I.
week. We will miss her.

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

Page 13

KRALENDIJK TIDES (Heights in feet, FT)
Remember: Winds and weather can further influence the local tides
DATE Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht. COEF
7-06 1:48 1.3FT. 5:18 1.4FT. 12:19 1.OFT. 19:44 1.5FT. 71
7-07 3:49 1.2FT. 6:32 1.3FT. 12:01 1.1FT. 19:56 1.7FT. 63
7-08 4:59 1.OFT. 8:15 1.1FT. 11:37 1.OFT. 20:22 1.8FT. 57
7-09 6:04 0.9FT. 21:00 2.0FT. 57
7-10 6:54 0.8FT. 21:44 2.1FT. 62
7-11 7:50 0.7FT. 22:23 2.2FT. 72
7-12 8:34 0.7FT. 23:06 2.2FT. 81
7-13 9:23 0.6FT. 23:55 2.2FT. 89
7-14 0:32 2.2FT. 10:05 0.7FT. 94

Who's Who on The Bonaire Reporter

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02007 The Bonaire Reporter

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

Page 14

Sm nPnmwNIeMG



Late Show (Usually 9pm)
Cal 717-2400
To Be Announced

Call 717-2400

Early Show (Usually 7pm)
To Be Announced

Kaya Prinses Marie
Behind Exito Bakery
Tel. 717-2400
Tickets NAfl4 (incl. Tax)



To Be Announced


July 7 to 14-Scuba Diving Magazine
Week, as part of Bonaire Dive into Sum-
mer 2007-Free. Details and schedule on
page 6.

Saturday, July 7- Big Monthly
Rincon Marsh3, now a Bonairean
tradition. Stands selling gifts, fruits and
vegetables, candles, drinks, BBQW,
local foods and sweets, music, friendly
people. 6 am to 2 pm. In the center of
Rincon. www.infobonaire.com/rincon

Saturday, July 7- Monthly Flea
Market at Parke Publico, 3 to 7 pm.
Everyone welcome to buy and to sell.
NAf5 per selling table. More info and
reservations for a spot call 787-0466

Saturday, July 7 Kick-off event for
(GAFC) Great Annual Fish Count,
Dive Friends/Yellow Submarine on
9:30 am. For more information call 791
Sunday, July 8 "Taste of Bon-
aire" at Wilhelmina Park, 6 to 9 pm.
Sample dishes from selected Bonaire
restaurants. Stands selling gifts, arts
and crafts. Music, entertainment. Fun
for all. Sponsored by the Tourist Cor-
poration Bonaire (TCB). More on page

Saturday, July 14-Third Quar-
terly Underwater Cleanup Dive.
Meet at yellow Submarine, 1 pm.
July 16-18-Learn to Windsurf
Clinic for Women by Ann Phelan and
Windsurf Place. Details on page 6.
July 15-18-Women's Kitesurf
July 23-30- ABK Jibe City Summer
Camp of Fun


* HH 2 for 1 (all beverages) 6-7 pm,
Divi Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar
* HH-50% off- Buddy Dive Re-
sort, 5:30-6:30
Divi Flamingo Casino open daily
for hot slot machines, roulette and black
jack, Mon. to Sat. 8 pm- 4 am; Sun. 7
pm- 3 am.
*By appointment Rooi Lamoenchi
Kunuku Park Tours $21 (includes
tax). Discounts for residents and local
people. Tel. 717-8489, 540-9800.
Parke Publico children's play-
ground open every day into the evening
* Steak Night On the Beach (a la
carte) Buddy Dive Resort, 6-10 pm
* Rincon Marsh--6 am-2 pm. Enjoy
a Bonairean breakfast while you shop,
fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts, local
sweets, snacks, arts, handicrafts, candles,
incense, drinks, music.
www.infobonaire.com/rincon. Extra big
Marsh6 1st Saturday of the month, 6
am-2 pm.
* All You Can Eat BBQ at Divi
Flamingo with live music, 6 to 9 pm,
NAf26,50. Call for reservations 717-
8285 ext. 444.
Wine Tasting at AWC's ware-
house, 2nd Saturday of the month, 7 to
9 pm, Kaya Industria #23, across from
Warehouse Bonaire. Great wines. NAf20
per person for 6 to 8 wines.
Flea Market every first Satur-
day of the month from 3 to 7 pm, Parke
Publico. Everyone welcome to buy and
to sell. NAf5 per selling table. For more
information and reservations for a spot,
call 787-0466.

* Live music 6-9 pm while enjoying
a great dinner in colorful tropical ambi-
ance at the Chibi Chibi Restaurant &
Bar, Divi Flamingo. Open daily 5-10 pm

* Fish or Meat Dinner Special for
only $10. Buddy Dive Resort, 6 -9:30
* Reporter writer Albert Bianculli
presents his Multi-Image Production
"Bonaire Holiday" at 6:30pm, 7:30 pm
& 8:30pm,. Casablanca Argentinean Grill
* Soldachi Tour of Rincon, the heart
of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call Maria

* Live music by the Flamingo Rock-
ers, 5-7 Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach
* Wine & Cheese/ $1 glass of wine, 5
-7, Divi Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar
* Caribbean Gas Training free
"Beyond Gravity An Evening with
DIR," 6 pm, Bonaire Dive & Adventure

* Live music by Flamingo Rockers,
Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar 5-
* Caribbean Night A la Carte -
Buddy Dive Resort, 6-10 pm


Live music by the Flamingo Rockers,
Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar, 5-7
"Admiral's Hour" for yachtsmen
and others, Vespucci Restaurant, Harbour
Village Marina. HH drinks, gratis tapas, 5-7
Buddy's Bingo Show Buddy Dive
Resort, 8- 9:30 pm


Mixed Level Yoga 8:30am, Buddy
Dive 786-6416
Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7 10 pm. $10 per person.
Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth Vos at
*Friday Weekly Market at Wilhelmina
Park with local art, music and food; sum-
mer fashions, jewelry, glasswork, Bonaire
pictures, driftwood art, paintings and all
kinds of Bonaire souvenirs, 9 am to 2 pm..
Live music by the "Flamingo Rock-
ers" Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar, 5-
7 pm
Swim lessons for children by Enith
Brighitha, a Dutch Olympian, at Sunrise
Poolbar and Sportsclub, for children 0 18.
Manager's Bash-free Flamingo
Smash & snacks, Divi Flamingo, 5-7 pm
Free Rum Punch Party (5:30 pm -
6:30 pm) & All-u-can-eat BBQ, 7-10 pm,
Buddy Dive Resort

Saturday- "Discover Our Diversity" slide
show-pool bar Buddy Dive, 7 pm, 717-
Tuesdays & Wednesdays-Sea Turtle
Conservation Bonaire presents the Sea
Turtles ofBonaire Slide Show. Every 1st &
3rd Tuesday at Buddy Dive Resort (717-
3802) at 7m. Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday
at the Bruce Bowker's Carib Inn (717-8817)
at 7pm.
Monday- "Land & Ocean Bonaire,"
by Fish-Eye photo staff, 8 pm on the
big screen in front of their facility at
Bonaire Dive & Adventure.
Tuesday "Diving Facts And Fiction
An Evening with DIR" slide/video
show by Caribbean Gas Training, 8
pm, Bonaire Dive & Adventure

Kas Kriyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's past
in this venerable old home that has been re-
stored and fumished so it appears the family
has just stepped out. Local ladies will tell you
the story. Open Monday thru Friday, 9 -12, 2-
4. Weekends by appointment. Call 717-2445.
Mangasinadi Rei,Rincon. Enjoy the view
from "The King's Storehouse." Learn about
Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from the 17th
century. Daily. Call 717-4060 / 790-2018
Bonaire Museum on Kaya J v.d. Ree, behind
the Catholic Church in town. Open weekdays
from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pmi Tel. 717-8868
Washington-Slagbaai National Park,
Museum and Visitors' Center. Open
daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on some holi-
days. 717-8444/785-0017

AA meetings every Wednesday; Phone :
560-7267 or 717- 3902.
Al-Anon meetings every Monday eve-
ning at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Cancer Survivor Support Group Ma-
jestic Journeys Bonaire N.V. Lourdes
Shopping Center 2nd Level Kaya LD
Gerharts # 10. Call 717-2482/566-6093.
Weekly BonaireTalker Gathering and
Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30 pm -
call 567-0655 for directions.
Bridge Club Wednesdays, Bridge

Club: Wednesday 7.30 p.m. at Flamingo
Airport (Technobar), airco, all levels,
NAf2,50. Call Joop 717-5903, or be
there in time (7.15 p.m.)
Darts Club plays every other Sunday
at City Cafe. Registration at 4, games at
5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
JCI First Wednesday of the Month-
Junior Chamber International Bonaire
(JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bonaire
Jaycees) meets at the ABVO building,
Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30 to 9:30
pm. Everyone is welcome. Contact: Re-
nata Domacasse 516-4252.
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other Tues-
day, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette
Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Thurs-
day of the month at 8 pm at Kaya Sabana
#1. All Lions welcome.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday, 12
noon-2 pm Now meeting at 'Pirate House',
above Zeezicht Restaurant. All Rotarians
welcome. Tel. 717-8434
Toastmasters Club meets every two
weeks. For more information call Cru-
sita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Mar-
tinez Beck, at 786-2953.

Bonaire Arts & Crafts (Fundashon Arte
Industrial Bonaireano) 717-5246 or 7117
The Bonaire Swim Club- Contact Valarie
Stimpson at 785-3451; Valarie@telbonet.an
Bonaire National Marine Park- 717-8444.
Bonaire Animal Shelter -717-4989.
Donkey Sanctuary 560-7607.
Jong Bonaire (Youth Center) -717-4303.
Sister Maria Hoppner Home (Child
Care) Tel. 717-4181 fax 717-2844.
Special Olympics- Call Claire 717-8290
Volunteers to train children in sports.
Contact Quick-Pro Track and Field Rik

Protestant Congregation of Bonaire.
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papia-
mentu, Dutch, English on Sundays 10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, Services in
Papiamentu on Sundays at 8.30 am.
Children's club Saturday 5 pm in Kral-
Sunday School every Sunday at 4 pm in
Rincon. Bible Study and Prayer meetings,
every Thursday at 8 pm. in Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church, Meets at Kaminda
Santa Barbara #1, Sundays, 9:30 am. Ser-
vices in Dutch. 717-7116.
International Bible Church of Bonaire-
Kaya Amsterdam 3 (near the traffic circle)
Sunday Services at 9 am; Sunday Prayer Meet-
ing at 7 pm in English. Tel. 717-8332
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints, Kaya Sabana #26 Sundays
8:30 11:30am. In Papiamentu, Spanish
and English.
Catholic San Bernardus in Kralendijk -
Services on Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
Papiamentu 717-8304. Saturday at 6 pm
at Our Lady of Coromoto in Antriol, in
English. Mass in Papiamentu on Sunday
at 9 am and 6 pm. 717-4211.
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios),
Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10 am.
Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30 pm.

Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Email reporter@bonairenews.com
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Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

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See advertisements in this issue

Balashi Beach Bar Open every day
Bar and Beach Service 8am- 8pm. Extensive snack/salad/burger menu
At the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort Waterfront Happy Hour, two for one, 6-7 pm. available daily from noon.

Bella Vista Restaurant Moderate. Breakfast daily 6:30-10 am Buddy's Magnificent Theme Nights: Sat. Steak Night A la Carte; Mon. Fish
Sea Side Restaurant at Buddy Dive Resort Lunch daily 11:30 or Meat Dinner Special ($10,-); Wed. Caribbean Night a la Carte; Fri. Free
717-5080, ext. 538 Dinner on theme nights 6-10 pm Rum Punch Party (5:30- 6:30 pm) and All-u-can-eat BBQ for $ 19.50 (7-10 pm)

Bistro de Paris ModeReal French Cooking in an informal setting
Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 46 Lunch Monday Friday 11 am-3 pm Superb dishes prepared with care and love by a French chef
(half-way between hotel row and town) 717-7070 Dinner Monday Saturday, 6 to 10 pm Owner-operated Eat in or Take away

Calabas Restaurant &Moderate pensive
Chibi Chibi Restaurant and Bar Moderate-E pensive Biggest BBQ Buffet on Bonaire every Saturday
At the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort Waterfront Breakfa, and Dinner from 6-9p. Only NA 28 or $15.75.
717-8285 Open 7 days

Casablanca Argentinean Restaurant Moderate Indulge your whim-beef seafood, chicken, vegetarian
One block south of the Post Office Lunch Tues-Sat-ll 30-2 30 Indulge your whim-beef seafood, chicken, vegetarian
Oneblocksouth of7-4433 Dinnerthe Post Office Lunch Tues- starting at 6pm Mondays-All you can eat and special slide shows starting at 6 pm

Hilltop Restaurant Moderate Bar-Restaurant poolside -in Bonaire's hill country
At the Caribbean Club Bonaire-on the scenic Rincon Road Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Frequent Dinner Specials
717-7901 Happy hours 5 to 6 daily, to 7 on Tuesday BBQ night.

The Last Bite Bakery Low-Moderate NAfl0 take out lunch Tuesday through Friday
Kaya Grandi 70 Open Tuesday through Saturday Main dish with 2 side dishes.
717-3293 7:30am-5:30pm; Sat. 9am-2pm Special on Tuesday and Thursday: Lasagna.

Pasa Bon PizzaLow-Moderate Bonaire's best. The Real Thing! Freshly prepared pizzas made with the finest ingre-
On Kaya Gob. Debrot o 11 m WednesdaySunddients. Salads, desserts. Eat m or take away. Nice bar too.
2 mile north of town center. 780-1111 Open from 5-11 pm Wednesday-Sunday Call ahead to eat-in or take out 780-1111

Patagonia Argentinean Restaurant Moderate Authentic Argentinean Cuisine
At the lighthouse, Harbour Village Marina Lunch Tuesday-Friday Owned and operated by the Pablo Palacios Family from Argentina
717-7725 Dinner Tuesday-Sunday The beef is here and more.

The Bonaire Windsurfing Place Low-Moderate A genuine sandy beach restaurant cooled by the trade winds
At Sorobon Beach Open from 10am-6 pm daily, Top quality food and friendly service. Reserve for the Wednesday Beach BBQ.
Get away from it all.

S -H F PF I N 0 0 LU I D E Seeadvertisementsinthisissue 3

Divi Divi Air. Bonaire's "on time airline" with 16 flights
a day between Bonaire and Curagao. Your first choice for
inter-island travel. Now flying to Aruba.
City Shop, the mega store, has the island's widest selec-
tion of large and small home appliances, furniture, TV,
computers, cell phones and more. Fast service and in-
store financing too.
Maduro and Curiel's Bank provides the greatest num-
ber of services, branches and ATMs of any Bonaire bank.
They also offer investments and insurance.
Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials, waxing
and professional nail care.
De Freewieler rents bikes, scooters and quads. Profes-
sional repairs on almost anything on two wheels. Sells top
brand bikes. Have your keys made here.
Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with top-notch dive
shop and well stocked retail store. Best book trade on Bon-
aire. Good prices on regulator repair, dive computer H.Q.

Dive Friends Bonaire (Photo Tours Divers-Yellow
Submarine) -low prices on the seaside at Kralendijk, at
Caribbean Court and the Hamlet Oasis. Join their
monthly cleanup dives and BBQ.

WannaDive They make diving fun while maintaining
the highest professional standards. In town at City Cafe
and at Eden Beach.
Fit For Life at the Plaza Resort Mall. Classes in Pi-
lates, Aerobics, TaeBo and more. Professional trainers,
fitness machines and classes for all levels.
The Plantation Has lots of classy furniture and antiques
at very competitive prices. Stop in to see great teak furni-
ture and Indonesian crafts.

Green Label has everything you need to start or maintain

your garden. They can design, install and maintain it and
offer plants, irrigation supplies and garden chemicals. In-
credible selection of pots.

The Bonaire Gift Shop has a wide selection of gifts,
souvenirs, liquor, dive watches, digital cameras, things for
the home, T-shirts all at low prices.

Outdoor Bonaire for individually guided kayaking, hik-
ing, biking, caving, rapelling/abseilen and more
reservations : 791-6272 or 785-6272 E-mail:
Paradise Photo in the Galeries Shopping Center down-
town offers fast, fine processing for prints, slides, items
and services. Full digital services.
Capture Photo at the Divi Flamingo. Photo classes, cam-
era rental, digital processing, all state of the art!
Caribbean Homes, "the Refreshing Realtor, specializ-
ing in luxury homes, condos, lots, rentals and property
Harbourtown Real Estate is Bonaire's most experienced
real estate agent. They specialize in professional cus-
tomer service, top notch properties and home owners in-

Re/Max Paradise Homes: Lots of Choices-
International/US connections. 5% of profits donated to
local community. List your house with them to sell fast.

Sunbelt Realty offers full real estate, rental, and insur-
ance services. If you want a home or to invest in Bonaire,
stop in and see them.

Buddy Dive Resort offers diving, Adventure Fun tours
including kayaking, mountain biking, cave snorkeling and
exploration. Full service dive shop and photo shop too.

m m
Page 16 Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

Benetton, world famous designer clothes available now
in Bonaire at prices less than those in US. For men,
women and children.
Best Buddies and Pearls-Stunning fresh water pearl
jewelry, fashion, gifts, t shirts. Under new management.
The Touch Skin & Body-Birkenstock shoes for men
and women.
Valeries Airport Shops Convenient shopping for
unique items, magazines, gifts and more.
Special Security Services will provide that extra measure
of protection when you need it. Always reliable.
Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of Bon-
aire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient. FedEx
Warehouse Supermarket on Kaya Industria-Biggest
air conditioned market with the, largest selection and
lowest prices on the island.
Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di
Amor or Skiffy. Hotel pickup. Easiest landing on Klein
The Bonaire Windsurfing Place can fulfill all your
windsurfing dreams and more. They offer expert instruc-
tion, superb equipment on a fine beach. Lunch and drinks
too. BBQ and windsurf videos Wednesday nights.
Antillean Wine Company. You've tried the rest; now try
the best: best prices, highest quality wines from around
the world, kept in a cooled warehouse. Free delivery.
Shop at Kaya Industria 23, Monday-Saturday 9 am-12

Put your ad in The Bonaire Reporter.
Tel. 786-6518, 786-6125
Email: reporter@bonairenews.com

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Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

*to find it... just look up

Three Planets and Our Earth at Aphelion

B elieve it or not,
even though
it's summer time in
the northern hemi-
sphere, this week on
Friday the 6th our Planet at
Earth is officially at 4 aphelion
aphelion, which ...........
translated means that
it is at its most distant
point from the Sun.
Plus we have three
beautiful planets for
your independent
viewing just after it
gets dark out.
Just after sunset any A planet in an elliptical orbit around the Sun
night this week and isfurthestfrom the Sun at aphelion.
next, face west where you will be absolutely dazzled by the second planet from the
Sun our so-called sister planet because it is almost the same size as our Earth, 8,000-
mile-wide Venus. And it is at greatest brilliancy for the entire first three weeks of
this July 2007. Believe me it is absolutely dazzling! And if you have a small tele-
scope you will see that it looks like a tiny crescent Moon because it goes through
phases just like our Moon.
Now throughout history whenever Venus has appeared in the evening skies just
after sunset it has always been called the Evening Star. But whenever it has ap-
peared in morning skies just before sunrise it has always been called the Morning
Star. And Venus is seen as a Morning Star and an Evening Star at least once every
year. In fact long, long ago many people believed that the Evening Star and the
Morning Star were two entirely different objects. Of course today we know that
Venus is not a star at all but a planet. And the reason it changes its position from
Evening Star to Morning Star is simply because it changes its place in its orbit in
respect to our Earth, thus our Earth sees it from different viewpoints during the
course of the year.
Now look slightly below Venus, about eight full Moon widths away, and you'll
see a much dimmer light, which is the most beautiful planet in our solar system,
75,000-mile-wide ringed Saturn. And if you have a small telescope please use it
now before Saturn disappears below the horizon because it is absolutely spectacular!
To find our third Independence Week planet just look south east and the brightest
thing you'll see will be the king of the planets, 88,000-mile-wide Jupiter. Now even
though it is 11 times the diameter of brilliant Venus, nevertheless it takes second
place in brightness to Venus because it is hundreds of millions of miles farther
away. Even so, through a small telescope you can see its weather systems and watch
its four largest moons change position hour after hour as they orbit the planet king.
And now on to aphelion!
Okay, if we could go out into space and look back at our Earth and our Sun we
would see that this Friday, July 6, our Earth is at its farthest distance from the Sun,
3.1 million miles farther away from the Sun than it was on January 3rd. So why isn't
it colder rather than warmer? Well it is in the southern hemisphere. It's all due to the
fact that our Earth is tilted to the plane of its orbit. Something to think about as you
keep looking up in the Bonaire Sky Park. O Jack Horkheimer


SSunday July 1 to Saturday July 7, 2007
By Astrologer Michael Thiessen

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Opportunities to meet new lovers will I come through
pleasure trips or social events. Be sure to take care of the needs of youngsters. You
will have the discipline to make changes you feel are necessary. Your lucky day this
week will be Wednesday.
TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Avoid any erratic behavior or it could cause isola-
tion at home. Try to join groups of interest such as ballroom dance classes or per-
haps an internet organization. Get help setting up a reasonable budget. Look into
ways of making extra cash. Make residential changes that will lift your spirits. Your
lucky day this week will be Monday.
GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Social events will be plentiful. You're not your usual
self this week. You can offer your help to others but back off if they appear to be
offended by your persistence. Avoid any confrontations with colleagues. Your lucky
day will be Saturday.
CANCER (June 22-July 22) Home improvement projects will enhance your resi-
dence and bring the family closer together. Responsibilities with respect to older
relatives may be a burden. You might be overly emotional concerning situations at
work. Be sure to look into travel opportunities that will provide you with mental
stimulation. Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You may want to stay in the background this week. You
need adventure and excitement in your life. You may feel a need to make changes to
your legal documents. You need to take a long, hard look at yourself and your per-
sonal situation. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Don't overspend to impress someone who interests
you. Disputes on the home front may be hard to avoid. The locks, stove, gas, or elec-
tric wires may not be secure. You can come up with ways of earning extra cash.
Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.
LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Your creative input will be appreciated by your boss.
You will attract new love interests. Moves will be hectic but favorable in the end.
Take precautions while traveling; you don't have to get anywhere that fast.
Your lucky day this week will be Monday.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) Opportunities for romance may develop through
dealing with groups that have a purpose. Be cautious while traveling to foreign
countries. Think twice before you say something you might regret later. Don't lend
or borrow. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Balance is required if you want stability.
You can raise your standard of living if you pick up some freelance work on the
side. You are exceptional at presenting your ideas. Take care when dealing with
older relatives. Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Avoid any confrontations with colleagues. Ex-
tend an invitation to clients you enjoy spending time with. Do not sign contracts or
get involved in any uncertain financial deals. Try to be there for someone if they
need assistance. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.
AOUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Don't expect new acquaintances to be completely
honest about themselves. Don't evade important issues; you may find yourself
backed into a corer. You really can't do anything to change matters this week. In
return, the satisfaction you get is enough for you. Your lucky day will be Wednes-
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Problems with large corporations or institutions are
apparent. Try to get others to stand behind your good judgment. Be sure that you lay
your cards on the table. You should look into making some physical changes, such
as new hair color or toning up your body. Your lucky day this week will be Monday.

tonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2UUz

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Elisabeth Vos' tennis school is over for the season so the students decided to let
off some steam by tossing all the balls in the air. Wilna Groenenboom photo

Picture Yourself

With The Reporter

Stillwater, Minnesota, USA

H ere's soon-to-be Bon-
aire resident, "Outlet
Mol's" Molly Kearney
(center), with her sisters,
Lizz Ostrand and Dede Ley- A
lek, taken on the St. Croix
river in the quaint town of
Stillwater, MN. They were
having lunch there, after a
fun day of shopping for
Molly's wedding gown!

copy of The Bonaire Reporter with
you on your next trip or when you
return to your home. Then take a
photo of yourself with the newspa-
per in hand. THE BEST PHOTOS

H*-*appy Birthday
This Saturday 07-07-2007, Josselien
Bernabela will turn 15 years old.
Her mother Lientje, father Pacheco,
sisters, and grandparents send her lots of
love and blessings.
Also her friends and especially her
little sweethearts, Richenelly and Made-
lief, wish her a nice day, and we all hope
Jossy will stay as sweet as she is.
Hiep Hiep Hoera! !

Bonaire Reporter July 6-20, 2007

Page 18

On The Island Since...l 9T7

Pfi tional arrange-
ments. It was in-
credible. As fast as

M / y mom was a very adventur-
V ous lady and my dad went
along with her he loved it and so they
got here in the early 60s and fell in love
with Bonaire. They saw a house on Kaya
Hellmund, oceanfront at the time, and on a
whim decided to buy it and restore it. It
wasn't easy; they needed about 70 signa-
tures from all the family members to
whom it belonged and the petition circu-
lated in Europe and the Antilles for at least
two years. Around 1965 the sale was le-
At the time we were living in Wisconsin.
My father was a well-known forensic sur-
geon and my mother was an incredible
naturalist, gardener and interior designer. I
was finishing college and busy getting
married for the first time. So, when my
mother started disappearing from the first
snowfall until the first tulip came up I
became curious as to what was happening.
In 1967 I came down to Bonaire. The
population was just 5,000; Captain Don
was rolling at the Flamingo Beach the
big hangout. Main Street was two way;
there were two rental cars and Hotel Bon-
aire had just opened. There was no tourist
road and no Washington Park, but if you
wanted to visit the area you could get the
key from Nikki Tromp. That was it... and
I loved it, so I started returning every year.

My first husband was a social worker
and I started working in a mental hospital
in Illinois and I absolutely loved the ca-
reer. I specialized in working with chil-
dren so mentally abused they were in
placement. I went back to school and got
my master's in social work in psychiatrics.
Then my husband and I grew apart and we
got divorced peacefully. I was going to
take some time off for myself, and of
course where did I head? Bonaire! I de-
cided I would clear my head, learn scuba -
something I'd been fascinated with -
and... the rest is history. I came and went
until November, 1975. In 1976 America
celebrated its 200 years of independence
and that year for me was my celebration of
I went to live in the family home,
'Hausmann's Folly.' When people ask me
'How did it happen?' I say, 'Serendipity.'
It just went like that. I hadn't really made
any concrete decision to stay, I was just
Well, being one of the first and very
visible Americans on the island, I became
very good friends with the Bemsteins, the
American partner of BOPEC, and I got
involved with BOPEC in its beginning
stages. Then, in July 1976 they delivered
the American tugboats and I met an engi-
neer from one of the boats, Ray Gingrich."

She laughs: "Conveniently, he was di-
vorced, an American. He was promoted to
port engineer and then marine manager for
BOPEC. He stayed with the company until
they sold it to Venezuela's PDVSA. We
married in 1979 and my son Willy was
born in 1981 in Curagao. After BOPEC
closed Willy was a couple of years old -
we were in the process of moving to Statia
where my husband had a job with Statia
Terminals, but in the 11th and half hour an
engineer from the US came to our house
and asked my husband what he knew
about producing water. That was the be-
ginning of Aqua Design at WEB. Ray
stayed with the water company until he
became ill; then he decided to retire.
We had sent Willy to Venezuela when
he was 12 to continue his education, and
as Ray missed his only child, he decided
to spend more time in Venezuela. Ray
loved it there so much that we ended up
buying a coffee plantation, and he dedi-
cated most of his life to producing coffee.
My son and I called him 'Raymundo
Gringo.' He really learned how to grow
and produce coffee, and he did it until the
day he died. It will be eight years in Octo-
ber that Ray passed away in Venezuela
with his coffee and his son happy as can

"Bonaire has a spe-

cial rhythm and

when you catch the

rhythm you have to

dance and just keep


I was working here in tourism with Bon-
aire Tours, but never full time. When my
husband died my brother told me to have a
physical because I was the only parent my
son had then. So two months after my
husband died, I found out I had an ex-
tremely aggressive cancer and a 35%
chance of survival during the first year.
At the same time my son and his fiancee
were getting married. Then my grand-
daughter Raychel was born during my
chemo treatments. I was miserable in the
States; I was so lonely far from Willy in
Venezuela and far from Bonaire. I called
Dick van der Vaart he's so much more
than just a doctor and I explained my
misery and... one, two, three, Dick called
Dr. Scheper, a famous oncologist in Cura-
gao, and immediately they made interna-

I could pack I was
back on Bonaire,
happy and com-
muting to Curagao
for my treatments.
I've always been
working and when
I was sick my bus
driver would hold
my wig on my
head. I had no
eyebrows or
lashes, nothing, but
I was working oh
yeah always
something to do!
It's been eight
years now and I'm
fine -I survived
and I am still me.
As a result of the illness and my hus-
band's death I decided the coffee planta-
tion would go to my son and his wife,
Karina. So, they are living there, produc-
ing a lot of coffee. After Raychel, who's
seven, my second granddaughter Rayanna
was born and she's five now. They're cute
- my chicas, grandma's babies. Karina's
uncles were in trucking and my son got
into their family business. He started with
one small truck, then a medium truck, then
an 18-wheeler we call 'Mr. Ray.' And
now he has a second 18-wheeler. Willy is
only 25; he's got his own really big truck-
ing business and he speaks six languages,
so mom doesn't have to worry about him
at all I'm proud.
When we started getting Holland-
American cruise ships in the mid 70s
hardly anybody spoke English. Famous
Sue Felix and her tour guide mission
found her last recruit me. We always
laugh and say it's going to be our last tour,
but it never is, as long as I can get up
those bus steps... ha! ha! I actually was
hired by L.D. Gerharts and inherited by
Hugo, then Larry and now it's Corinne.
When Sue and the original gang started
we knew absolutely nothing; we were all
new arrivals. We went bird watching with
Friar Candidus, stalking flamingos. One of
the Felix's uncles made trips with us to
various parts of the mundi and Frans Booi
was 'victimized' by us. After collecting
everything and more, Sue put it together in
this tour guide course, evolved from a
bunch of crazy girls.
I've always done cruise ships, special
groups and VIPs. My most exciting tours
recently have been with the wounded war-
riors, and I guided Bill Gates and Peter
Petri Hausmann is afirst class enter-
tainer. She has a great disposition to-
wards life and she's a lovely personality.
"After my illness and the death of my par-

ents it became impossible for my brother,
my sister and me to maintain the 'Folly' in
its glory, having had five beautiful years
as Lucille's Restaurant. It was bought by
two Dutch brothers who assured us they
were going to put a restaurant there. We
were betrayed, and we're still sad. When
we heard that the new owners were going
to knock it down, we called B6i Antoin
before it happened. He got some of the
Bonairean family members who had lived
there and did a beautiful documentary
about the house, the yard, its people and
its history. Then we made an announce-
ment and said, 'Come to the house and
take what you want,' and oh boy, they
came and took and... the 'Folly' lives;
everywhere on the island there's a bit of
the house.
When it was sold I was going to Vene-
zuela, but my brother Scott, for some
reason I have no idea why retired and
bought a house here. He said I could rent
it from him and in his absence I was paid
to watch his house! So, when Scott is here
I go to Venezuela and he takes care of my
pets. That's our grand plan. We get along
beautifully. But... the frosting on the cake
is that my sister Pahle bought a house here
and she's coming in December to start her
life on Bonaire. We always joke that we
couldn't stand each other as kids and now
we're going to stick to each other till the
very end!
I should have known I was in trouble the
first time I set foot on the island... Bon-
aire has a special rhythm and when you
catch the rhythm
you have to dance
and just keep danc-
ing..." F \

Story & photo by
Greta Kooistra

tonaire Reporter July b-20, 2UU0

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