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:F 40
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T he last Bonaire Island Council
election will be held this Friday,
April 20. Once Bonaire links directly
with Holland the island government
structure is expected to change to more
closely match a Dutch village with an
elected mayor in charge. In contrast with
past years, bars will not be closed and
alcoholic beverages may be sold, but
island leaders are recommending mod-
eration, especially on the election day.
Look in this issue for additional election

The Jamaican Government will
guarantee Air Jamaica's efforts to
raise US$124 million this year to fi-
nance the struggling carrier's long-
term development, says Minister of
Finance and Planning Dr. Omar Davies.
It's an election year in Jamaica.

The problem of health insurance
for Dutch pensioners living in Nether-
lands Antilles has been resolved by an
agreement between the Dutch Ministry of
Public Health and the Netherlands Antil-
les Minister of Health. Now Dutch pen-
sioners will receive the right to medical
care according to the Antillean social
health insurance regulations, Dutch State
Secretary Ank Bijleveld-Schouten in-
formed the Dutch Parliament.
Dutch pensioners have to pay a health
insurance premium to the Central Gov-
ernment and their right to health insur-
ance will be the same as that of Central
Government civil servants. The law is
scheduled to go into effect on January 1,

As of May 1 Dutch borders could
be fully open to people from countries
that joined the EU in 2004, Social Af-
fairs Minister Piet Hein Donner told Par-
At the moment workers from Poland
and other Eastern European countries
must have work permits to be legally
employed in the Netherlands.

During a holiday visit with his
family to the Antilles and Aruba, Gen-
eral Luis Felipe Acosta Caries, Gover-
nor of the Venezuelan state of
Carabobo, promised that a new boat
line between Bonaire and his state will
start soon. In the past Carabobo signed
an agreement with the island regarding
tourism, health and finance. Carles:
"This agreement has been honored by
Bonaire and that satisfies me." Transpor-
tation should be the next step according
to the Governor. "In the future we
should begin discussions about shipping
between Puerto Cabello and the island.
For Carabobo, Bonaire is a very impor-
tant connection between the ABC is-
lands. However, Bonaire, becoming a
part of The European Union brings new
possibilities for the province." The gov-
ernor also says that there are plans to
place a distribution center in Bonaire for
products coming from Carabobo. Social-
ist entrepreneurs in Carabobo want to use
Bonaire as a port to bring products to
Aruba and Curagao. What is also impor-
tant for Carles are the contacts regarding
culture and sports between his state and

N Crown prince Willem-Alexander and
Princess Maxima of the Netherlands
welcomed a third daughter last week
The Crown Prince proudly showed off his
little girl to the press. She was born Tues-
day night at 10 pm. The little girl is an-
other sister for three year old Amalia and
Alexia, who turns turn two in June. Not
surprisingly the name of this third child
also starts with an A: Ariana Wilhelmina
Maxima Ines.

N Each year Bonaire produces about
330,000 liters of waste oil and other
hazardous material. That's about four
containers, 40 feet long, filled with oil.
This amount is increasing due to the
growing number of citizens, cars, boats
and machines. Of course if this oil goes
into the sea or the ground it will be catas-
trophic, not only for the environment, but
it will also cause health problems to peo-
ple living on the island. To make sure the
increasing amount of waste on Bonaire
will not flow into the sea or in the ground,
the Department of Development and Envi-
ronment, (Dienst Ruimtelijke Ontwik-
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Table of Contents
Guest Editorial (Save Our Bays) 5
2007 Island Council Election Debate 6
Bonaire on Wheels (Kunuku Vehicle) 7
Antique Houses (Tympanums) 8
Earth Day for All 10
Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival
in Bonaire 18

14E Y FE4 7T U
Flotsam & Jetsam 2
Biologist's Bubbles (Cowfish Courtship) 3
Picture Yourself (St. Maarten, N.A.) 3
Pets of the Week ("Alex, Felicia, Aaron ") 11
Classifieds 12
Sudoku Puzzle 14
Tide Table 14
Reporter Masthead 14
What's Happening 15
Movieland Film Schedule 15
Shopping & Dining Guides 16
Candidate's' Wife Speaks:
(Rianne Abraham-Jansen) 17
Sky Park (Earth, Gemini, Saturn, Leo) 19
The Stars Have It 19
Sudoku Answer 19

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

Page 2

ds o' Co Picture Yourself With The Reporter

id You Know... r :
Cowfish turn blue
when they're in love?
Well, it may not be true
love, but it's the closest
they're going to get to it.
When I teach about fish
courtship, I always include .
a quick explanation of
cowfish courtship, but
rarely get to see it when
I'm with a group in the
water. Well, on a beautiful
dive last year in front of
Yellow Submarine, I
pointed out a brown cowfish Cowfish courtship
to my group of three divers
and right when everyone saw the boxy, triangular-shaped cowfish with its two little
'horns', it turned bright blue and raced towards another cowfish a short distance
away. Needless to say, and quite shamelessly I admit, we followed and watched the
very arduous and determined mating ritual of the male cowfish. He prodded and
bumped the female until she also put on a glowing and gorgeous blue hue. They
circled around each other again and again and rose until they were just below the
surface. She released her eggs and he fertilized them with his milt (we assume, since
it's very difficult to see the milky evidence) and they both returned to the reef. They
separated and went their own ways and acted like nothing had happened. We, on the
other hand, were left with goofy grins stretching from ear to ear. The divers were
convinced that I had the reef animals acting on cue. If Mother Nature is generous
and you know a bit about how fish act and what to look for, just about any reef just
about anywhere will have the same daily dramas, just with different characters. So
when you're down and have the blues, think of what those frisky cowfish do when
they're blue, and perhaps it will cheer you up! D Photo & story by Caren Eckrich

Iraidha Coffie sent us this photo of her son, Naygel Coffie, taken with The Re-
porter in St. Maarten. Naygel traveled there in March as part of Bonaire's judo
team and won second place in his category. He returned to Bonaire with two silver
medals !

WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next trip or when
you return to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in hand. THE BEST PHO-
TOS OF THE YEAR WILL WIN THE PRIZES. Mail photos to Bonaire Reporter, Box 407, Bonaire,
Netherlands Antilles (AN). E-mail to: picture obonairereporter.com. (All 2007 photos are eligible.) E

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

Page 3

(Flotsam and Jetsam. Continued from page 2)
keling en Beheer- DROB) made a long-
term agreement with the environmental
service from the Province of Breda in Hol-
land. They will help to make sure the waste
will be collected properly and shipped off
the island.
Most of the used oil is already collected
and taken to BOPEC for processing. Yet,
for the smaller and bigger service stations
on the island, the chance for accidents can
be reduced with a few simple measures,
like putting barrels with used oil in an oil
Two employees from the Breda service
are on the island for the first project that
has started: safely collecting the waste com-
ing from service stations. The project is the
initiative of the Association of Netherlands
Communities (Nederlandse Gemeenten)
and SELIBON, Bonaire's waste manage-
ment company. Research made by the En-
vironmental Department and SELIBON
revealed that in auto repair shops other
waste is also created, such as from batter-
ies, brake oil, and gas used for air condi-
tioning. A solution for these is also needed.
SELIBON investigations showed that many
repair shops are willing to participate in the

Public Health Commissioner James
Kroon, the Renata Institute and the
Mariadal Foundation, which manages Bon-
aire's San Francisco Hospital, signed a
statement of intent last week to have car-
diac and lung patients treated on Bon-
aire. Currently, these patients have to go to
Curagao for treatment, which is inconven-
ient and expensive. The head of the
Mariadal Foundation, Dr. Giovanni Frans,
called this a historic moment for the island.

The High Court in The Hague has
concluded that same-sex marriages con-
ducted in the Netherlands must be recog-
nized in the Netherlands Antilles and
Aruba, in the case filed by two lesbians
who came to Aruba from Holland, but were
not allowed to register as being wed.
The women, one of them originally from
Aruba, have to be registered as married,
said the court, based on article 40 of the
Dutch Kingdom Charter.

Last week former Minister Sybilla
Dekker (left) visited Plenipotentiary Min-
ister of the Dutch Antilles, Paul Clemen-
cia (right). She was recently named presi-
dent of the Antilliaanse Medefinanciering-
sorganisatie (AMFO). AMFO finances
social-educative projects in The Antilles
out of the treasury of Kingdom relations.
The Netherlands have given NAf 23 mil-
lion to end serious poverty on the islands.
Readers might remember that several

years ago AMFO was based on Bonaire and
responsible for delivering financial aid to
many needy Bonaireans. It was shut down
because of so-called sloppy accounting

The village of Rincon has invited
politicians from all political parties to
talk at Rincon's community organiza-
tion. Rincon is known in Bonaire for its
very active community and structure and
may provide an example for other Bonaire
communities. The village has a very struc-
tured organization. The reason for this is
based on its location: remote from Kral-
Plataforma Rincon, the village's organiza-
tion, has a great influence on what happens
in the community. To make clear to all the
political parties what Plataforma Rincon
exactly is all about, the political parties
have been invited to Rincon to talk about
the future of this community. Not a coinci-
dence of course, with the island elections
coming on the 20th of April.
Plataforma Rincon wants to know from the
political parties what their plans are regard-
ing Rincon's future. But also what the
situation will be for Rincon when the island
becomes closer to Holland.

Rincon Day is coming up on the
30th of April, when the rest of the Dutch
Kingdom celebrates Queens Day. Rincon
Day is very popular with tourists as well.
Community leader Maritza Dan Pedro
writes,, "The authenticity of Rincon is
strong. Rinconeros want to live like they
have always lived. Tourists are attracted to
this." Of course, there are also disadvan-
tages to this isolated system according to
her "For example, courses are mainly given
in Kralendijk, far away from Rincon."

N Bonaire remains a very popular desti-
nation for Dutch people, according to
Minister Paul Clemencia. He says that
many tourists who arrive in Curagao take a
plane to hop over to Bonaire. But not only
are more tourists becoming interested in the
island. Increasingly, Dutch people wanting
to relocate chose for Bonaire as a destina-
tion. That's why next year Bonaire will
expand their stand in Utrecht during the

D On the eve-
ning of April 7,
over 40 people
gathered at Giel-
mon "Funchi" Eg-
brechts' kunuku
near Washikema to
honor Imre Esser,
former President
of Sea Turtle Con-
servation Bonaire
(STCB) and say
goodbye to him and
his family. They
will be leaving Bon- Janet Thibault and Captain Don Stewart (Accolade Foun-
aire and returning to dation), Imre Esser, Caren Eckrich (Accolade Foundation),
the Netherlands and Jan Kloos and Andy Uhr (STCB President)
around April 18.
The highlight of the evening was the awarding of the Accolade Award to Imre for
his work with STCB. Among its many goals, the Accolade Foundation strives to
encourage marine conservation by recognizing individuals who have made significant
contributions to protecting the oceans. OSTCB press release & photo

Emigration Show. Clemencia added, "We
will also encourage the other islands to take
part in this. For tourists as well as for peo-
ple looking for a second home Bonaire can
be a perfect alternative."

Barbara and Charles Birdsey,
founding members of the Pegasus Foun-
dation based in Concord, New Hamp-
shire (US), have donated $9,000 to Bon-
aire's Donkey Sanctuary. According to
Marina Melis, executive director of the
Donkey Sanctuary, the funds will be used
to purchase materials to fence in an addi-
tional 20 hectares of land in order to expand
the sanctuary and to take in more don-
keys. Currently the Donkey Sanctuary has

352 donkeys, but from May 13 to June
13, Dr. Thijs Flahou, a veterinarian who
formerly worked on Bonaire, will be assist-
ing Melis in rescuing more donkeys.
The non-profit Pegasus Foundation has
several focuses for funding: wildlife and
habitat protection; companion animal pro-
grams; and education and outreach primar-
ily in the Caribbean. In February, the Bird-
seys met with a number of key environ-
mental and animal organizations on Bon-
aire, including Sea Turtle Conservation, the
Animal Shelter, Animal Welfare, Aliansa
Naturalesa, the Dutch Caribbean Nature
Alliance, and Save the Loras. Hopefully
these organizations will also be receiving
(Continued on page 13)

> Once again
the Bonaire Ro-
tary's annual
RotaRally was
an unqualified
success. The
Rally started at
Seru Largo and
cruised the roads
from Santa Bar-
bara to Rincon,
ending at Man-
gazina di Rei. A
total of 71 auto-
mobiles and 200
people partici- At the start on Seru Larg Rotary photo
pated. A delicious
BBQ prepared by Bertje Diaz with music by the local reggae band, "Up Rising,"
followed. The winner of the rally was Aniek Schouten and Joyce Bosveld. Second
was the family team of Coffie/Lucia under the leadership of veteran Glenn Coffie,
and third was the De Jong couple. Winners received an MCB Kompa Leon Money-
Card sponsored by Sunbelt Realty. The Rotary thanks all who helped make the Ro-
taRally a success.

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

Page 4

4C='^LAP t FE^ t oftewie


n the April 6 14 issue of The Reporter
marine biologist Caren Eckrich wrote
about the importance of mangroves. Caren
mentioned many reasons for their impor-
tance to our environment, of course one of
them being the fact that they serve as a nurs-
ery and habitat for juvenile fish. She also
mentioned that it is a scientific fact that
reefs near mangroves have more fish than
reefs with no mangroves nearby. All this
becomes very clear when one snorkels in the
mangroves and outside of Lac Bay. Not
only are the juveniles plentiful, but so are
the large schools of full size snappers, barra-
cudas and other fish that find a refuge in the
mangroves. Also, the huge number of reef
fish on the reef separating Lac from the
ocean is proof of the importance of man-
groves for the general fish population of the
It is generally known that the number of
fish in our waters has been declining stead-
ily, mostly due to over fishing. Two small
"No Fish Zones" are now being proposed by
STINAPA in order to slow or halt this de-
cline. This measure may help some. How-
ever, there is no question that a significant
increase in the number of mangroves would
have a significant positive effect on the fish
population of the island.
In order to grow many more mangrove
trees and to really make a positive differ-
ence in our fish population it is suggested
that our closed-to-the sea bays (e.g. Go-
tomeer, Slagbaai, Wayaca, Bartool, Playa
Chikitu and others) be opened up to the sea
by the relatively easy job of removing the
coral dikes that separate the bays from the
sea. A bulldozer can do this in a day. If
there is a road, a simple pipe(s) will suffice
to allow traffic to pass.
Biologists may say: Blasphemy! Never!
Don't do it; never interfere with nature; the
present situation is the natural one; you
don't realize the negative effects this will
have," and "it will hurt the flamingos, it will
kill off the coral reefs outside the bay, etc,

Let's take a close and objective look at
these potential negatives:

Don't interfere with nature: It is highly
questionable whether the existence of the
coral dike separating these bays from the sea
is natural. The bays themselves were formed
by fresh water finding an escape route from
the inland to the sea. Therefore, the natural
condition of the bays would be open to the
sea. The fact that some are now closed off
by a coral dike, probably formed by coral
debris being thrown up into a dike during
storms, does not mean that the closed state
is the natural one. One could even argue that
the storms that closed off the bays may not
be natural as they may, at least to some ex-
tent, be an effect of human interference on
our climate. Removal of the separation dikes
brings the bay back to its natural state!

Opening up the bays would kill off the
coral reef by the deposition of silt. There
is plenty of evidence that this statement is
not correct. Look at the examples: Lac bay
is open to the sea and its boca has plenty of
corals. The huge bay of Spanish Water in
Curagao is open to the sea and coral right by
its boca are plentiful. Several years ago
Wayaca (in Washington Park) was tempo-
rarily opened to the sea. Six months later
only a very narrow band of corals right by

the opening had died, but the
number of fish inside and
outside the bay was simply
phenomenal! It is also be-
lieved that the corals would
return after the initial silt,
thrown on the coral upon the
opening the bay, had disap-
peared. Because of their abil-
ity to "dust" themselves off
corals have a high survivor-
ship to silt deposition if this
is periodic and not chronic.

Opening up the bays would
de detrimental to the fla-
mingos. (The author of this
article for many years man-
aged the flamingo sanctuary
in the salt works). Although
it is true that the highly saline
environment of the closed-off
bays, such as Gotomeer and Slagbaai, are
conducive to several species of flamingo
food such as brine shrimp and artemia, we
notice that in the salt works the flamingos
forage more in the Pekelmeer, which is at
or near sea salinity, than in the high salinit
ponds. This is strong evidence that flamin-
gos would simply change their diet in thesc
opened up areas from the high salt species
to larvae, small crabs, shells and other creek
tures that live in seawater. After all, such i:
also the case with flamingos that forage in
the Pekelmeer, Lac Bay and in the huge
Venezuelan area of Chichirivichi where on
flamingos regularly commute to. Note that
when Wayaca was opened to the sea, the
number of flamingos in the area went front
zero to a significant number.

Young mangroves United Nations photo

The author suggests that the advantages of
opening up our bays to the sea (mangrove
growth and the resulting huge increase in
our fish population, big and small) far out-
weigh the potential disadvantages. Experi-
ence in the Pekelmeer when it was opened
up to the sea (1969) shows how quickly the
mangroves will grow, especially if planted.
A discussion of pros and cons of the idea is
encouraged, hopefully leading to a consen-
If the pros outnumber the cons we could
consider doing a test by opening up one of
our bays and monitor the effects thereof. If
the test results were to be negative these
could easily be reversed by reclosing the
separating dike. Caren Eckrich points to the
importance of our mangroves... let's DO
something about it... let's grow more! 1
Rend Hakkenberg

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

CeFbraling uw
Ftry Cimlfb ol f w
'5uppart our Brarkfast
In Schools Program"

Rety oui m F4dampon
PO bi 24,. KrWn flaLon oNA
Am 114 2. 06 00w c*B B&afe

Page 5

2007 Island Council Election Debate

With the elections coming up on
Friday, April 20th, the debate held
last Sunday morning in City Cafe could be
considered as one of the most important to
win votes. In addition to the debate itself, it
was very interesting to see how citizens feel
about the welfare of their island. What will
be the future of Bonaire? Who knows?
There is a computer game that can be
played on a PC called "Tropico." In this
game you're a sort of Fidel Castro who
takes control of a tropical island and starts
from scratch with only a single fisherman's
wharf available. The main goal of the game
is to make sure you create a system that
works, such as building enough hotels to
keep the tourists coming. The start of the
game is easy, as there is enough capital to
use for building and creating the desired
structure. But as the island develops, also
the problems start, especially if you run out
of money. Decisions have to be made re-
garding the environment, where to place
schools and hotels. Sometimes wages have
to be cut to the minimum. If you make one
wrong decision, the paradise you have cre-
ated becomes a horror island.
The game might be talking about Bonaire.
In a two-hour-long debate held in City Cafe
last Sunday morning many subjects de-
scribed above were discussed. Are citizens
happy about what's happening on the island
and are the parties listening enough to the
voters? What will become of Bonaire in the
future, environmentally and socially? And
what will happen to Bonaire once it be-
comes a municipality of Holland? Many
questions that all had to be answered during
the debate.
The debate was between three of the four
political parties on the island: the currently
ruling party leader, Ramonsito Booi from
the Union Patriotiko Boneriano UPB
(green); Jopie Abraham from the Democ-
ratic Alliance party Bonaire ADB (red); and
Lucky Pop from the Partido Alerta Boneri-
ano (white). Absent was the party, Partido
Pro Desaroyo, PRO, (orange) with Benito
Dirksz as party leader. Moderator of the
debate was Jack Visser.

The debate was held early on Sunday
morning. The turnout wasn't huge; about 50
attended the debate and it was clear that
many people haven't decided which party to
vote for yet. Also their participation in the
debate was enthusiastic, as many audience
members asked very critical questions dur-
ing the discussions. The answers given by
the party leaders were not always satisfying
to the audience, as shown by raised eye-
brows and sometimes even shouting.
The main points discussed during the de-
bate were four propositions:
* Political structure of Bonaire,
* Economic policy,
* Environment
* Youth and crime.
Each party got five minutes to present his
or her opinions and afterwards the audience
got the opportunity to ask questions. Not
surprisingly, most questions raised by the
audience were about the environment and
the preservation of it. But what was obvious
was that all the three parties didn't really
offer clear answers to this issue, mostly
because they didn't know what was going to
happen after Bonaire becomes a municipal-
ity of Holland. Frequently the answers
given by the parties were that they need
time to come up with a structure and to in-
vestigate what the solutions should be.
Of course, the green party had the most
difficult job during the debate, as they have
been sitting with a majority in the Island
Council during the last two terms and had to
defend their policy. The opposition parties
had an easier job by telling what should be
done better and especially what the green
party did wrong.

A summary of the debate:

Political structure of Bonaire

as it will give more structure to Bonaire, and
many problems such as the huge debts Bon-
aire has will disappear, and many problems
on infrastructure and health care will im-
prove. He also says that the poverty status of
many citizens will be reduced in Bonaire
when it becomes part of Holland.
White Party: Lucky Pop also says that the
party is positive towards a closer link with
Holland, but also thinks that the decision
has been made too quickly. In her opinion
the negotiations have been settled too fast
and she thinks that it would have been better
if the council had waited to make the agree-
ments after the elections and that it would
have been better to have a time period to
discuss about it until December 2007.
Red Party:To Abraham it's not clear what
the agreement will mean for Bonaire. He
wants the Bonairean citizens to be able to
continue their lifestyle without interruption
from the Dutch government. He thinks it's
necessary to have a healthy representation
of the culture of Bonaire in the new consti-

As Bonaire will become a special mu-
nicipality of the Netherlands soon, the Economic policy
political structure of Bonaire is a very Red: Abraham says he wants the environ-
important subject during the election, ment to become a part of the economic pol-
Green Party: Mr. Booi explained that it's icy. He also wants the Bonairean culture to
very important that the decision has been be considered in reference to economics.
made to become closer to The Netherlands His concern is also poverty on the island as

20.5% of the population has wages below
1.000 Euros a month and 6.5% even lie be-
low 500 Euros. He thinks it's necessary to
have a better balance between rich and poor.
But economic growth should not mean that
the culture and nature should be harmed by
reaching that goal. He's afraid that the
chicken who lays the golden eggs will be
slaughtered that way.
White: Pop wants what is generated by the
island to be divided under the entire popula-
tion. Otherwise she thinks the rich will get
richer, and the poor poorer
Green: To the Green party the most im-
portant is to have trust in the economic pol-
icy. Investments need to help the citizens of
the island. That Bonaireans don't make
much money is not foreign to him. It has
always been like that. He thinks this prob-
lem will always exist. He also adds that:
"We need cruise ships to be able to dock,
for a flow of tourism, but that also presents
problems for supermarkets that aren't able
to fill their stocks because of that. He also
thinks these problems will always exist. He
hopes that by working together with Hol-
land a solution should be found for this and
many other problems regarding economics.

Green: To preserve the environment we
(Continued on page 7)

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.......... .

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

Ramonsito Booi, Lucky Popp and Jopie Abraham represented their
parties in Sunday's debate at City Cafj.

Page 6


A series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J@n Brower, featuring some of
Bonaire's interesting vehicles that are "on wheels."

The Multi-purpose
Kunuku Vehicle of
Jos and Astrid

Jos and Astrid live on
their huge kunuku on
Kaya Nieuw Amsterdam.
To find the kunuku you
only have to follow the
small signs with an arrow,
saying: "Jos." Every Sun-
day their "snack" is open
from 4 in the afternoon
until the last visitor is com- Jos and Astr
pletely satisfied and leaves
the area. Jos started his snack in 2002. Every-
thing is constructed from found materials.
Jos' Snack is permanently under construc-
tion. It's famous for its low prices and per-
fect grilled sate. Every Sunday a porch sale is
held and every Sunday evening there is a

Jos' vehicle was born, once upon a time, as
a Toyota Lite Ace. Jos: "It is a diesel pow-
ered, four-cylinder van, manufactured in
1980 or so, I guess. This lovely dependable
little van is also under permanent construc-
tion. We painted it more or less green and
brown. It's a driving picture, showing don-
keys, goats, trupial birds and cactus trees. My
car is fitted with original Nato tires. They're
perfect for the outback of the kunuku. I fitted
this van with a poor man's airco: when I turn
the ignition key on, a large fan mounted on
the dash board starts blowing. I presume this
is the only car with a hitch ball, fitted with a

radio. It still works. The hitch ball I mean.
The radio cassette could not cope with the
dust of the unpaved roads of Bonaire."

Then Jos tries to start the engine of his van.
It takes some time. The battery is OK but the
glow plugs are a bit slow. Clouds of un-
burned diesel fuel cover the van. Then, fi-
nally, the engine runs and Jos maneuvers his
car to the right location for some pictures.
Yes, he would like to be portrayed with his
partner Astrid and the reliable van. Jos and
Astrid are really happy. They love their life
on Bonaire, they love each other, they love

(Election Debate. Continued from page 6)
need money, which we don't have. For this
we shouldn't be asking Holland as well.
It's up to us, Bonaireans, to find a solution
to this and to work together. If we need to
sacrifice a small piece of the island by
building hotels, to preserve the other part,
so be it."
White: People who want to invest in our
island need to know that this can't be at the
cost of the environment. Our coastline is
already full of hotels; a solution could be
that we make the hotel buildings higher.
Red: We need to invest in tourism, that's
for sure, but not by having projects that are
doomed to fail. Parts of Bonaire are filled
with holes because of monster projects that
have failed because of bankruptcy, at the
cost of the environment. We don't believe
in these monster projects at all.
A remark from an audience member to
allparties: "You talk a lot, but the an-
swers you give to our questions even raise
more questions. You're not listening to us!
Everybody is talking about building more
and more, but that's completely the wrong
interpretation. Tourists are coming to this

island because there isn't anything. If you
build, the result will be that fewer tourists
will come!"

Youth and Crime
White: Our school system has many
loopholes in it. This should be improved.
Teachers who come from overseas don't
understand our culture; they should be
educated to know how to work with our
youth. A solution to criminal youth should
be sending them to boot camps.
Green: There is a shortage in housing for
youth in Bonaire. Together with Holland
we'll find a solution to this. They work
with a good system and should provide us
with information to make a change to the
problems we have with youth.
Red: Youth is the future of Bonaire.
There is a lack of youth policy. Youth
crime is up 18% so that's a big problem
that has to be changed.
Who the winner was of this debate is not
sure. But what is for sure is that there isn't
any certainty yet which party will win the
election on Friday. O DavidRadomisili,
photo by Wilna Gronenboom

bar for drinking on wheels -nicknamed the
B16 B16. And we also built a weird boat on
wheels." Then Astrid asks, "Don't you like
my car?" It's a greenish painted little van
with flowers on it; a good subject for a story
in the future.

their snack and all the organized activities in Then I order a grilled sate and another beer. I
and around the snack. start strolling around the large kunuku. All
kinds of small buildings, containers, found
Jos opens the hatch back of the B 3500 material, a definitely stranded American pick
registered van. Jos: "We also sleep in this up. No wheels anymore, fitted with small
little car. There is a bed in it for two adults bulbs supplied from a generator. The Ameri-
and a water supply and the car is fitted with a can flag is proudly waving in the wind. The
large sun screen. We also built a trailer a bonfire is waiting. The Jos kunuku is another

The unique radio trailer hitch

very nice place on the island of Bonaire to
spend some hours of our happy island life.[
Story & photos by J@n Brower

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

Page 7

Antique Living Houses of Bonaire
by Wilna Groenenboom

Preserving Bonaire's
Architectural Heritage

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007


Page 8

Tympanums in Architecture

A fter more than 30 Antique Living Houses ofBonaire articles this will be the last
in the series not that there isn 't anything more to write about, but there is a
time for coming and a time for going...........

Looking over the past articles you see in these antique houses many influences not
only from Africa but also from Western
Europe. In many old houses we see pil-
lars and "tympanums" which appear to
come from the old Greek and Roman
architectural period, 300BC to 200AD.
(According to Webster, a "tympanum is
the recessedface of a pediment within
the frame made by the upper and lower
cornices, being usually triangular) In
Greek temple architecture the tympa-
nums and pillars served more of a more
constructive rather than a decorative
function, but of course the decoration
was also important.
The decorative way in which the tym-
panums and pillars are used on Bonaire
shows that this style comes from a
younger architectural period, the Ba-
roque, which flourished in Western
Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.
The photo shows the facade of the He-
sius' Sint-Michielskerk in Leuven, Bel-
gium, constructed in 1650-1666. The
facade is called "The altar outside the
church." On top we see a tympanum. Be-
cause there are so many Greek and Roman
influences in it it's also called the "Classic"
Baroque. The name Baroque comes from the
Portuguese word, "Barroco" (irregular
formed/pearl shaped).
The Baroque style in The Netherlands was
completely different from that in the south-
ern European regions. The Dutch used the
Baroque style in a more formal, sober, Cal-
vinistic and less exuberant way, as we can

see in the photo of the former palace, "The Mauritshuis," in Den Hage. The tympanum
is placed in the middle of the roof and smaller tympanums appear above each window.
It was done in a similar way on the Herrera house in Kralendijk. It has no curls and
looks very sober, like the Dutch Baroque.
The door of the Ofisina Gobierno di Bon-
aire Bestuurskantoor (government office) is
very decorative and is typically Dutch Ba-
roque (top left photo). The same can be said
of the windows of the Maduro travel building
(top right photo). All these beautiful details
make the buildings interesting and worth a
second look.
The two tympanums (below left photos in
the collage) are also in the center of Kralendijk, on Kaya Gen. C.M. Piar and Kaya
Gob. Nicolaas Debrot. The Kas di Hadry is on the Kaya P.L. Brion. The tympanum is
hidden behind some banana trees. If you come from the parking lot by the shopping
mall, you will pass it on the right by going to the Kaya Simon Bolivar. It's a very
unique tympana, literally and figuratively, nearly hidden from view.

Probably everybody knows the photos showed in the collage. Some readers may pass
these buildings several times a day but not recognize them. As a reader wrote to me:
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having
new eyes." (Proust). I hope people can open their eyes to see the beautiful buildings
still on Bonaire because every month we are losing them some of them by neglect
and others because they are being torn down and replaced by new buildings.
How beautiful is the tympanum in the right photo below? From my point of view,
even for Bonaire it's unusual with the three Roman style arches. Look well at this beau-
tiful old building on the Boulevard Julio A. Abrahams because next week it can be
gone. As you may have heard, the old "Blue Moon" building will be replaced by a new
"Blue Moon" three stories high! Why not build the new and save the old facade? Are
the tourists interested in seeing all the same square-shaped buildings they can see on all
the other islands? I am afraid that in five years' time the whole coastline and center of
Bonaire will be rebuilt with these uninteresting buildings without character. Build for
the tourist and not for the residents of Bonaire and then where can we find the soul, the
history, of our old beautiful architectural houses of Bonaire?
Particularly in the area around The Blue Moon are some old houses with so much
character that they are worth saving and restoring to preserve for the next generation.
I hope that some people will realize that in the long term the historical value is
much more valuable than just money. O Story & photos by Wilna Groenenboom
Wilna Groenenboom is an
artist and photographer who
teaches art at the SGB high

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

Page 9


Earth Day for All of Us

Sunday, April 22nd is
Earth Day, the day we
celebrate the glory of our
There will be beach clean-
ups, shoreline cleanups and
possibly inland cleanups
scheduled on Bonaire.
There will be underwater
cleanups, for Dive In to
Earth Day. And yeah, by
the third or 10th cleanup,
maybe you're beginning to
wonder Why am I spending
time cleaning up areas that Through STINAPA 's educational programs, these
will be re-trashed in a kids created an interactive billboard about the vari-
month? ous times it takes different kinds of trash to degrade

Here's one answer: Re-
member that we're not cleaning up for the
people who trashed the place. We're clean-
ing up so we oldsters can remember how
whole shorelines used to be, and so the kids
can see how wonderful everything looks
when it's not covered with trash. Cleanups
are not as elegant a solution as educating
everyone on the planet so that trash is never
discarded into the natural world, but they're
much more achievable.
On Saturday, the 14th of April, Nettech/
Yellow Submarine's underwater cleanup
kicked off our Earth Day activities. (see
report elsewhere in The Reporter)
One can celebrate Earth Day and Dive In
to Earth Day on Bonaire in other ways be-
sides cleanups, of course. One example
was participating in the Critter Patrol for
the cleanup on the 14th. Underwater clean-
ups inevitably result in some creatures be-


ing accidentally brought up with the debris
they live in or upon. Critter Patrollers ex-
amine the collected debris for creatures,
such as shrimp and little crabs, and return
them to hospitable underwater habitats.
Another way to celebrate Earth Day is to
learn more about the Earth and how things
are changing on our planet. One way to do
this is to see the film An Inconvenient
Truth, which will be sponsored by
STINAPA Bonaire and available free to the
public on Sunday, April 22. (See Happen-
ings section on page 15)
Underwater, I'm organizing two Dive In
to Earth Day activities. One will be a line
removal dive at either the North or South
Pier, if we can schedule a date and time
with the Harbormaster's Office. Fishing
line ends up underwater because of the
nature of the activity, not the carelessness

of its practitioners, but once down it can be
fatal to sea turtles that become entangled in
it. A little turtle drowned in fishing line at
the pier a few years ago. Line collection is
meticulous work but doesn't entail carrying
much extra weight or bulk. If you'd like to
participate in a line collection dive, call
(717-8529) or e-mail me at
dee @touchthesea.com).

The sharp edges on the brain coral
can be seen in this photo. A parrot-
fish has munched on the coral, giving
us the view of the sharp blades and
the thin skin over them.
The second activity I think will be fun is
an underwater invertebrate survey. REEF
(the Reef Environmental Educational Foun-
dation; www.reeforg), best known for its
fish surveys, will be inaugurating an inver-
tebrate survey sometime soon but why
not celebrate Earth Day here on Bonaire by
getting a baseline for our underwater inver-
tebrates? It'll also be a way to help figure
out various ways the surveys might be
done. One could concentrate on a certain
group, such as shrimp, or just record every

one could posi-
tively identify,
or anywhere in
between. Par-
ticipating in the
survey requires
a good knowl-
edge of crea-
tures -- or an
camera to en-
able you to Sand Dollar's Reef
identify them Balls were placed in
later. On January of 2006, so
Monday, the they've been down for
23rd of April, 15 months. A snorkel or
I'll bring crit- scua dive around them
ter identifica- s d a them
ter identifica- will show you the won-
tion books to
io so derful "sea change"
my slide show t e e o
my slide show that they've undergone
(Captain since this photo was
Don's Habitat, taken
8:30 pm). Af-
ter the regular
show we can immerse ourselves in identi-
fying the "mystery creatures" in photos.

Bonaire has chosen to make nature its
life; many of us have chosen to live on
Bonaire for that very reason. On our rela-
tively "tiny" island we have all sorts of
ways to experience nature, and we probably
have more Earth Day activities scheduled
than cities with 10 times our population.
What will you do to celebrate Earth Day?
SStory & photos by Dee Scarr

Dee Scarr conducts "Touch the Sea dives. They will enhance your diving
forever. Call 717-8529. See her slide show "Touch the Sea at Capt. Don's
Habitat, Mondays, 8:30 pm.

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

Page 10

Pets of the WVeek

It's puppy season at the Bonaire Ani-
mal Shelter and there are 12 pups
ready to be adopted. During a visit to the
new arrivals cage we found three of the
cutest very interested in posing for us:
"Alex," "Felicia" and "Aaron." Alex and
Aaron are brothers who came in with their
sister Alice. They were found cuddled up
in a box dropped in front of the Shelter
gate one morning by the staff when they
came in to work. How fortunate for them
that they weren't just dropped off by the
side of the road or in the mondi where they
surely would have starved to death. Felicia
was brought in with her sister Franny by
the dogcatcher. Now all the pups are
happy, cuddly, well fed, peppy and fun. All
of them have been checked out by the vet,
given their shots, worming and pronounced
healthy and robust. You may see them at

the Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open
Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 1 pm.
Tel. 717-4989.
The Shelter reports that as of this week
there have been 45 adoptions since the
first of the year! Congratulations to all the
new owners and their pets!
Other good news is that there have been
30 sterilizations this year so far, thanks to
the contributions made to the Shelter Ster-
ilization Fund which helps to subsidize
sterilizations for those pet owners who
cannot afford the full price. Think of how
many unwanted puppies this has elimi-
nated! You can help this fine project. Any
amount will help. Donate to the Sterilza-
tion Fund," MCB Account #10616410 or
via Support Bonaire,
Inc.:www.supportbonaire.org. L.D.

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

"Alex," "Felicia" and "Aaron."

Page 11

Kaya Gloria 7, Bonaire Local Art, Art
Supplies, Framing, and Art Classes.
Open Tu-We-Th & Sat 10 am- 5 pm Friday
1- 7 pm; or phone 717-5246 for appt.

Make it more livable from the start.
Also interior or exterior design advice,
clearings, blessings, energy, healing,
China-trained. Experienced. Inexpensive.
Call Donna at 785-9332.

The leading consumer and business in-
formation source on Bonaire. Telephone
(599) 717-7160. For on-line yellow pages
directory information go to http://

Trees and plants, Bonaire grown. 8000m2
nursery. Specializing in garden/septic
pumps and irrigation. Kaminda Lagoen
103, Island Growers NV (Capt. Don &
Janet). 786-0956

Bonaire Images
Elegant greeting cards and beautiful boxed
note cards are now available at Chat-N-
Browse next to Lover's Ice Cream and
Sand Dollar Grocery. Photography by
Shelly Craig www.bonaireimages.com

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Starting from NAf5 per meal. Call
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Rock climbing/Rapelling/
Abseilen Every Saturday.
Call Outdoor Bonaire 791-
6272 / 785-6272

Pet boarding / Dierenpension
Day and night care. Phone 786-4651

V a c at i on f
Re n ta I
Cozy guest cottage available

cable TV,
two single
beds (or
king) pull-out sofa, porch, yard and private
entrance. Five minute walk to seaside
promenade; 10 minute walk to town. $50/
night. Contact: bonairecottage@aol.com

Page 12

The Island you love could use your help!
Support Bonaire, Inc. provides support
to Bonaire's non-profits. To learn more
about making a US tax deductible dona-
tion visit
www.supportbonaire.org and help make a

A beautiful natural stone floor? I
offer first class travertine tiles. Size: 18"
x 18"xl/2" (45 x45 cm)
Color: Walnut Price: NAf 85,
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For Sale

For sale due to departure.....
Furniture books, many books-surround
sound / tv glass cupboard hammocks-
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thingies -clothes- kitchen stuff- Big plant
pots dining table w chairs tools tank/
dive set tent- bag.......more. Just call:
786-3558 for appointment after 1800.

Moving Sale- Saturday, April 21,
10:00 to 2:00 Sabadeco Villas 11, 717-
2208 Framed pictures, queen and twin
bedspreads, bed sheets, VCR player, small
painted bench, potted plants, 4 (80 cu ft)
dive tanks, garden tools, 7' stepladder,
halogen floor lamp, miscellaneous items.

FOR SALE: Computer table Excel-
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Monitor with cables, etc. NAf 150.
Call anytime 786-4136
GE Side by Side Refrigerator/Freezer
w/icemaker Water and ice in the door, 4
years old Like new 110 127 V/60 Hz Sell
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26' CENTURY (Eduardono) Boat &
26'GalvanizedTrailer Year Manufacture:
1999/2000 Open Bow/center console,
Twin 200 HP Yamaha engines/Under 500
hours on engines, Anti foul painting, Porta-
potti, Fresh water sink and shower, strong
Bimini top, Stainless Steel ladder, Live-
well, Well maintained $60,000. 717-8876.

Real American pillowtop mattress set
for sale. Please see at J.A. Abraham #10
(behind Cactus Blue Restaurant)

Looking for a 1st stage regulator to
fill flat tires? Carib Inn has 2 now avail-
able at only $65 each. These are used but
rebuilt and include LP hose. These are not
to be used for diving. Call 717-8819 or
stop by the Carib Inn.

For Sale: Sony Digital Camcorder,
boxed and unused, Model DCR HC96E
in PAL format, takes Mini DV tapes has
widescreen, 3 Mega pixel still camera,
Carl Zeiss Lens, 2 Years guarantee, in-
cludes new case, tapes etc. Unwanted gift
$720, Call: 717-2675

Selling dive gear, printer/scanner,

Soap Stone Carving Class.
Four weeks, starts Friday, April 20.
Small classes of five to six students;
space for two more.. NAf 165, includes
materials. Call artist Edith Fox. Tel.

pots & pans, bed/bath linen, Benetton
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Fantastic Phantom bag-less cyclonic
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Sailing Yacht for sale-41 Ft. Hans
Christian, blue-water ready. Immaculate
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strumentation, etc. 2005-too much to list
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quires only please: captron-
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subject line.

era and Macro tube Set.
Still the best UW camera
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owner. NEVER been
flooded. Ideal back-up
camera. Complete NAf200. Call George

Cars a
Scoote rs
For sale 2003 red Chevrolet Celta.
In excellent condition, great mileage.
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For sale 1999 Nissan, 4 -door, diesel
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For Sale: Toyota Corolla 1995, 8 valves,
Insurance paid till December 2007. En-
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Possibility to lease. 25 euro a day; mini-
mum 7 days. Asking price; NAf 1.900, or
850 euro or $1000. Contact: 529-0119

rio, 1997, yellow, with hard-
top and windstop. Make an
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For Sale: Kia Spectra 2002, A/C, Radio,
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F ro pe= rty
Harbour Village Marina Front
Condo For Sale-
Large one bedroom,
2 bath apartment
located in a secluded
all condo building
away from the hotel
traffic. Full kitchen
and laundry, tons of storage space, large
patio with walkout to marina dock. Pri-
vate owner sale.

HOUSE FOR RENT: 3 bedrooms, 1

We want to

build a new one!

Support Dive Safety
Support The Chamber
MCB 868.384.0

Cha r Foundation
Since 16 January 19W
PO Box 335 Bonaire

bath, open kitchen-living room. Nikiboko-
Sabana. Call 717-7741 (9am-noon, 3-6 pm)
NAf1.000 per month plus deposit.

Historic home for rent, tastefully reno-
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See thecraanehouse.com for photos. Contact
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Wa n to- d
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PERFECT A sincere Bonairean expert is
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Wa n toe d
S taff
Part-time Administrator wanted. Must
be multilingual-English, Papiamentu,
Dutch. Call 512-6375. 1

'Wa-n to d
.Wanted: Second hand books for our
sale on Dia di Rincon. Special youth books
are very welcome, but we can use all books
in English and Dutch! The profit is for the
youth clubs ofHubentutpa Kristu of Rin-
con. You can give a call to Elly 717-3227 or
Carla 717-7256.

Reporter staff member wishes to house
sit long-term starting now. Call David 700-
7536, email=

Ev n ts
Holistic 3 day Retreat Planned June
2007 by visiting expert on Ayurveda, in-
volving yoga, massage & diet. Direct ques-

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

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Evening Classes start on May 14th, 2007 from Monday to Thursday.

For more information, please contact us.
Tel: 717-3966; Fax 717-3970
Email: Nataliaferreira_xusombonaire@yahoo.com

1 Workers installed "sleeping police-
men," also called speed bumps or drem-
pels on Kaya Korona to slow down traffic,
especially around the high school. However
they were just as quickly removed as driv-
ers complained. Be advised, the warning
sign is still there,

> On Saturday, April 28th at 8:30 pm,
the Randal Corsen Quartet will give a
concert at the Tipsy Seagull restaurant at
Plaza Resort Bonaire. The concert cele-
brates the release of Randal's newest CD
"Armonia" that was recorded in 2006. Ad-
mission to the concert on April 28 is
NAf25 per person. Also a VIP package is
available at a price ofNAf117.50, this
package include the entrance to the concert,
a 3 course dinner prior to the concert at the
Tipsy Seagull restaurant and 10 drink
vouchers. Tickets are now for sale at the
reception of Plaza Resort Bonaire.
"We are very proud to have Randal
Corsen perform at Plaza Resort Bonaire at
the end of this month" says Boudewijn
"Bous" Scholts, director of sales and mar-
keting of the resort. "This is a beautiful
prelude for the 3rd Bonaire Heineken Jazz
and Salsa Festival in May and we are look-
ing forward to a great event here on the

As in other places, World Tai Chi en
Qigong Day is now also an official day in
Bonaire. Last Friday, James Kroon, Com-
missioner of Health and Social Affairs,
signed a proclamation, offered by WTBA
Accredited Instructor Yang Style Tai Chi,
Ron Sewell (above with Commissioner
Kroon). World Tai Chi en Qigong Day
takes place every year on the last Saturday
of the month in cities all over the world,
and Kralendijk is now one of them. The
reason Sewell has introduced Tai Chi to
Bonaire is to try to make people more
aware of the advantages of Tai Chi and
Qigong. Tai Chi is an ancient exercise sys-
tem that is one of the world's most popular
exercises and is practiced by millions of
people of all ages. Finding new members is
not the main objective for Sewell. He par-
ticularly wants to get health and fitness
instructors interested in the life style and
include it in their work-out programs.
World Tai Chi and Qigong Day will be
celebrated with a demonstration and clinic
in the Parke Publiko (behind the hospital)
on Saturday, April 28th, starting at 10am.
Current Tai Chi practitioners on Bonaire
will be present to demonstrate Tai Chi.
Anyone interested tin seeing or learning
about Tai Chi for health and fitness of mind
and bodv will be welcome to come to the

> It was a welcome preview for next month's Jazz Festival. Famous Dutch saxo-
phonist Hans Dulfer put on a great show at City Cafe last week with a lot of dif-
ferent styles of music. According to reports it was really swinging; the roof was
coming off the place. Photo: Wilna Groenenboom

Park and watch. People will be available to
talk to and answer questions. Photographs
of last year's Bonaire event can be seen on
the web at the following address:

> This Sunday, April 22nd: The Dutch
Dixies are performing again at KonTiki
in co-operation with Rotary Bonaire start-
ing at 5 pm and playing until 9 pm. This
free benefit concert will support the project
Breakfast in Schools. From 6 pm on Kon-
Tiki will offer a special meal for $15 per
person including tax

key at its best."D D.R./G./L. D

We are a sponsor of

N Correction: last weeks advertisement
T l P-> Itll'.? 0 '-lfi l 1- T

r of Harbourtown Realty s exciting new
oceanfront development, El Pueblo, inad- www.bonaire jaz z.corn
vertently left out the last sentence "Turn

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

Page 13

F ESS' I F A L 0 0 7


S uDoku
means "the
digits must re-
main single" in
Japanese. To
solve the puzzle,
enter the numbers
1 through 9 to the
partially filled in
puzzle without
repeating a num-
ber in any row,
column or 3 x 3
region. For a
tutorial visit the
web site www.
Sudoku shack.
1 Supplied by
Molly Kearney
(who has to
solve all the
puzzles first)

Complete solution on page 19.

KRALENDIJK TIDES (Heights in feet, FT)
Remember: Winds and weather can further influence the local tides
DATE Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht. COEF
4-20 3:13 2.0FT. 12:42 0.7FT. 96
4-21 4:10 2.0FT. 13:40 0.6FT. 87
4-22 5:15 2.0FT. 14:22 0.6FT. 75
4-23 6:10 1.9FT. 15:02 0.7FT. 63
4-24 7:09 1.8FT. 15:38 0.7FT. 51
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Page 14



Late Show
Ca to make sure (Usually9pm)
(Eddie Murphy)
Early Show (Usually 7pm)
Ghost Rider
(Nicolas Cage)
Kaya Prinses Marie
Behind Exito Bakery
Tel. 717-2400
Tickets NAf14 (incl. Tax)
Children under 12 NAf12
2 MOVIES 7 & 9PM
March: Charlotte's Web


Friday, April 20 -Dutch Dixies at Buddy
Dive Resort to benefit the Bonaire Rotary
Club. 6:30-8 pm

Sunday, April 22-Dutch Dixies, Kontiki
5-9 pm, to benefit Bonaire Rotary Club's
"Breakfast in Schools" program. See page
Arts and Crafts Markets at Wilhelmina
Park on Cruise Ship Visiting Days start-
ing 10 am to early afternoon: Visiting Days
starting 10 am to early afternoon: Thurs-
day, April 26- Silver Wind; Wednesday,
May 2 Crown Princess (last ship of the
Earth Day events-See page 10

April 22-May22-Caribbean Endemic
Bird Festival-See list of activities on
page 18.

Sunday, April 22-Earth Day Free
Showing of "An Inconvenient Truth" Al
Gore's movie, sponsored by STINAPA,
BONHATA and Accolade Foundation. 8:30
pm, Movieland

Friday, April 27- Bonaire Rotary Club
25th Anniversary Fund Raising Auction
for Breakfast in Schools program, Plaza
Resort, 7 pm. Dress, tropical elegant. Price:
NAf 125, includes beverages and Carib-
bean buffet. Tickets or information call
Pieter Groenendal 786-6447, Marisela
Croes 560-7863, or any Rotary member.

Saturday, April28 World Tai Chi en
Qigong Day-Demonstration and clinic in
the Parke Publiko (behind the hospital) on
Saturday, April 28h, starting at 10am. Cur-
rent Tai Chi practitioners on Bonaire will be
present to demonstrate Tai Chi. See page 13

Saturday, April 28-Randal Corsin Quar-
tet concert, Tipsy Seagull, Plaza Hotel. See
page 13

April 30 Rincon Day-One of Bon-
aire's biggest parties!

Friday, May 11 -Mother's Day fund rais-
ing party at Don Paranda for the FKPD
(foundation that assists persons with
disabilities) 8 pm. Three musical groups
and a dance group will entertain. Bar,


snacks and salad are included in the NAf50
price. Tickets available from FKPD staff,
at Angelo's and the Bonaire Bookstore in
downtown Kralendijk.

May 17-20-3rd Annual Bonaire Hei-
neken Jazz Festival. More information:

Daily (more or less)
* HH 2 for 1 (all beverages) 5-7 pm,
Divi Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar
* HH-50% off Buddy Dive Resort,
* HH Cactus Blue (except Sun.) 5-6
* 2 for 1 appetizers with entree 6-7,
Cactus Blue
* Divi Flamingo Casino open daily for
hot slot machines, roulette and black jack,
Mon. to Sat. 8 pm- 4 am; Sun. 7 pm- 3
*By appointment Rooi Lamoenchi
Kunuku Park Tours $21 (includes tax).
Discounts for residents and local people.
Tel. 717-8489, 540-9800.
* Parke Publico children's playground
open every day into the evening hours.
* Steak Night On the Beach (a la carte)
- Buddy Dive Resort, 6-10 pm
* Rincon Marsh--6 am-2 pm. Enjoy a
Bonairean breakfast while you shop, fresh
fruits and vegetables, gifts, local sweets,
snacks, arts, handicrafts, candles, incense,
drinks, music. www.infobonaire.com/
rincon. Extra big Marsh6 1st Saturday of
the month, 6 am-2 pm.
* All You Can Eat BBQ at Divi Fla-
mingo with live music, 6 to 9 pm,
NAf26,50. Call for reservations 717-8285
ext. 444.
* Bike Trips-Meet at Eden Beach
Activity Center 4 pm. Free. Helmets man-
datory. 785-0767
Wine Tasting at AWC's ware-
house, 2nd Saturday of the month, 7 to 9
pm, Kaya Industria #23, across from Ware-
house Bonaire. Great wines. NAf20 per
person for 6 to 8 wines.
Flea Market every first Saturday
of the month from 3 to 7 pm, Parke Pub-
lico. Everyone welcome to buy and to sell.
NAf5 per selling table. For more informa-
tion and reservations for a spot, call 787-
* Live music 6-9 pm while enjoying a
great dinner in colorful tropical ambiance
at the Chibi Chibi Restaurant & Bar, Divi
Flamingo. Open daily 5-10 pm
* Fish or Meat Dinner Special for only
$10. Buddy Dive Resort, 6 -9:30 pm
* Reporter writer Albert Bianculli
presents his Multi-Image Production
"Bonaire Holiday" at 6:30pm 7:30 pm or
8:30pm,. Casablanca Argentinean Grill
* Soldachi Tour of Rincon, the heart of
Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call Maria 717-
* Live music by the Flamingo Rock-
ers, 5-7 Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach
* Wine & Cheese/ $1 glass of wine, 5-7,
Divi Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar
* Buy a Bucket of Beer & get free
chicken wings, 5-7, Cactus Blue
* Caribbean Gas Training free
"Beyond Gravity An Evening with DIR,"
6 pm, Bonaire Dive & Adventure 786-
* Open Mike Night with Moogie, 7-9,
Cactus Blue... usually a real blast

Saturday April 28 -World Tai Chi Qigong Day.
Bonaire will join the world wide event to promote health and
fitness at Parke Publico starting at 10 am.
Current Tai Chi practitioners will be present to receive further
instruction for their art and anyone interested to see or learn
about Tai Chi for health and fitness of mind and body is wel-
come. Photographs of last year's Bonaire event can be seen on
the web at the following address:

photos/2006WTCOD/2006Photos/BonaireCaribbean2006.html ORon Sewell

* Live music by Flamingo Rockers,
Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar 5-6:30.
* Caribbean Night A la Carte Buddy
Dive Resort, 6-10 pm
* Live music by the Flamingo Rock-
ers, Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar, 5-
* "Admiral's Hour" for yachtsmen
and others, Vespucci Restaurant, Harbour
Village Marina. HH drinks, gratis tapas, 5-7
* Buddy's Bingo Show Buddy Dive
Resort, 8- 9:30 pm
* Mixed Level Yoga 8:30am, Buddy
Dive 786-6416
* Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7 10 pm. $10 per person.
Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth Vos at
* Live music by the "Flamingo Rock-
ers" Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar, 5-
7 pm
* Swim lessons for children by Enith
Brighitha, a Dutch Olympian, at Sunrise
Poolbar and Sportsclub, for children 0 18.
* Manager's Bash-free Flamingo
Smash & snacks, Divi Flamingo, 5-7 pm
* Free Rum Punch Party (5:30 pm -
6:30 pm) & All-u-can-eat BBQ, 7-10 pm,
Buddy Dive Resort
Saturday- "Discover Our Diversity" slide
show-pool bar Buddy Dive, 7 pm, 717-
Monday-Dee Scarr's "Touch the Sea"
Slide Show, Capt. Don's Habitat, 8:30 pm.
Call 717-8290.
Tuesdays & Wednesdays-Sea Turtle
Conservation Bonaire presents the Sea
Turtles ofBonaire Slide Show. Every 1st &
3rd Tuesday at Buddy Dive Resort (717-
3802) at 7:00pm. Every 2nd & 4th
Wednesday at the Bruce Bowker's Carib
Inn (717-8817) at 7:00pm.
Kas Kriyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's past in
this venerable old home that hasbeen restored and
furnished so it appears the family hasjust stepped
out Local ladies will tell youthe story. OpenMon-
day thru Friday, 9-12,2-4. Weekends by appoint-
ment. Call 717-2445.
Mangasina diRei, Rincon. Enjoy the view from
'The King's Storehouse." Learn about Bonaire's
culture. Visit homes from the 17th century. Daily.
Call 7174060 / 790-2018
Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, behind the
Catholic Church in town. Openweekdays from 8
am-noon, 1:30-5 pm Tel. 717-8868
Washington-Slagbaai National Park,
Museum and Visitors' Center. Open daily
8 am-5 pm. Closed on some holidays. 717-
AA meetings -every Wednesday; Phone 717-
6105; 560-7267 or717- 3902.
Al-Anon meetings every Monday eve-
ning at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Cancer Survivor Support Group Majestic
Journeys Bonaire N.V. Lourdes Shopping
Center 2nd Level Kaya LD Gerharts # 10.
Call 717-2482/566-6093.
Weekly BonaireTalker Gathering and
Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30 pm -
call 567-0655 for directions.

Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7:30 pm at the
FORMA Building on Kaya Korona, across
from the RBTT Bank. All levels invited
NAf5 enty fee. Call Cathy 5664056.
Darts Club plays every other Sunday at
City Caf6. Registration at 4, games at 5.
Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
JCI First Wednesday of the Month-
Junior Chamber International Bonaire (JCI
Bonaire, formerly known as Bonaire Jay-
cees) meets at the ABVO building,
Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30 to 9:30
pm. Everyone is welcome. Contact: Renata
Domacasse 516-4252.
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza, Kaya
International, every other Tuesday, 7 pm.
Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette Rodriguez.
Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Thurs-
day of the month at 8 pm at Kaya Sabana
#1. All Lions welcome.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday, 12
noon-2 pm Now meeting at 'Pirate House',
above Zeezicht Restaurant. All Rotarians
welcome. Tel. 717-8434
Bonaire Arts & Crafts (Fundashon Arte
Industrial Bonaireano) 717-5246 or 7117
The Bonaire Swim Club- Contact Valarie
Stimpson at 785-3451; Valarie@telbonet.an
Bonaire National Marine Park 717-8444.
Bonaire Animal Shelter -7174989.
Donkey Sanctuary 560-7607.
Jong Bonaire (Youth Center) -717-4303.
Sister Maria Hoppner Home (Child
Care) Tel. 717-4181 fax 717-2844.
Special Olympics- Call Claire 717-8290
Volunteers to train children in sports.
Contact Quick-Pro Track and Field Rik
Protestant Congregation of Bonaire.
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papia-
mentu, Dutch, English on Sundays 10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, Services in
Papiamentu on Sundays at 8.30 am.
Children's club Saturday 5 pm in Kral-
Sunday School every Sunday at 4 pm in
Rincon. Bible Study and Prayer meetings,
every Thursday at 8 pm. in Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church, Meets at Kaminda
Santa Barbara #1, Sundays, 9:30 am. Ser-
vices in Dutch. 717-7116.
International Bible Church of Bonaire -
Kaya Amsterdam 3 (near the traffic circle)
Sunday Services at 9 am; Sunday Prayer Meet-
ing at 7 pm in English. Tel. 717-8332
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints, Kaya Sabana #26 Sundays 8:30
- 11:30am. In Papiamentu, Spanish and
Catholic San Bernardus in Kralendijk -
Services on Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
Papiamentu 717-8304. Saturday at 6 pm
at Our Lady ofCoromoto in Antriol, in
English. Mass in Papiamentu on Sunday
at 9 am and 6 pm. 717-4211.
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios),
Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10 am.
Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30 pm.
Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Email reportertibonairenews.com
Tel:786-6518 or 786-6125

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007


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Se avertimnts in tis iu

See advertisements in this issue

Balashi Beach Bar Open every day
Bar and Beach Service 8am 8pm. Extensive snack/salad/burger.
At the DiviFlamingo Beach Resort Waterfront Happy Hour, two for one, 6-7 pm. Menu available daily from noon.

Bella Vista Restaurant Moderate. Breakfast daily 6:30-10 am -. Buddy's Magnificent Theme Nights: Sat. Steak Night A la Carte; Mon. Fish
Sea Side Restaurant at Buddy Dive Resort Lunch daily 11:30 or Meat Dinner Special ($10,-); Wed. Caribbean Night A la Carte; Fri. Free
717-5080, ext. 538 Dinner on theme nights 6-10 pm Rum Punch Party (5:30- 6:30 pm) and All-u-can-eat BBQ for $ 19.50 (7-1 pm)

Bistro de Paris Moderate Real French Cooking in an informal setting
Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 46 Lunch Monday Friday 11 am-3 pm Superb dishes prepared with care and love by a French chef
(half-way between hotel row and town) 717-7070 Dinner Monday Saturday, 6 to 10 pm Owner-operated Eat in or Take away
Cactus Blue Moderate Trend Setting Menu
Blvd. J. A. Abraham 16 Dinner Bonaire's newest hot-spot to eat and drink. Margaritas a specialty
(half-way between town and Divi Flamingo) 717-4564 Closed Sunday Owner-operated for top service
Calabas Restaurant & M ratE niv
Chibi Chibi Restaurant and Bar Breaa t, n an e inner Biggest BBQ Buffet on Bonaire every Saturday
At the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort Waterfront s n and nn from 6-9pm. Only NAf 28 or $15.75.
717-8285 Open 7 days
Hilltop Restaurant Moderate Bar-Restaurant poolside -in Bonaire's hill country
At the Caribbean Club Bonaire-on the scenic Rincon Road Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Frequent Dinner Specials
717-7901 Happy hours 5 to 6 daily, to 7 on Tuesday BBQ night.

The Last Bite Bakery Low-Moderate NAf 10 take out lunch every day -
Kaya Grandi 70 Open Tuesday through Saturday main dish with 2 side dishes.
717-3293 7:30am-5:30pm; Sat. 9am-2pm Special on Tuesday and Thursday: Lasagna.

Papaya Moon Cantina Moderate Margaritas a Specialty
Downtown- Kaya Grandi 48 Open everyday except Tuesday 2 for 1 Happy Hour 6-7:30
717-5025 For Dinner Incredible Mexican Cuisine

Pasa Bon Pizza Low-Moderate Bonaire's best. The Real Thing! Freshly prepared pizzas made with the finest ingre-
On Kaa Gob. Debrot Open from 5-11 pm Wednesday-Sunday dients. Salads, desserts. Eat m or take away. Nice bar too.
Smile north of town center. 780-1111 from 5-11 Wednesday-Sunday Call ahead to eat-in or take out 780-1111
Patagonia Argentinean Restaurant Moderate Authentic Argentinean Cuisine
At the lighthouse, Harbour Village Marina Lunch Tuesday-Friday Owned and operated by the Pablo Palacios Family from Argentina
717-7725 Dinner Tuesday-Sunday The beef is here and more.
The Bonaire Windsurfing Place Low-Moderate A genuine sandy beach restaurant cooled by the trade winds
At Sorobon Beach Open from 10Oam-6 pm daily, Top quality food and friendly service. Reserve for the Wednesday Beach BBQ.
Get away from it all.

S H-IO F I N LI I D E Seeadvertisementsin thisissue i

Divi Divi Air. Bonaire's "on time airline" with 16 flights
a day between Bonaire and Curagao. Your first choice for
inter-island travel. Now flying to Aruba.
City Shop, the mega store, has the island's widest selec-
tion of large and small home appliances, furniture, TV,
computers, cell phones and more. Fast service and in-
store financing too.
Maduro and Curiel's Bank provides the greatest num-
ber of services, branches and ATMs of any Bonaire bank.
They also offer investments and insurance.
Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials, waxing
and professional nail care.
De Freewieler rents scooters and quads; professionally
repairs almost anything on two wheels. Sells top brand
bikes. Have your keys made here.
Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with top-notch dive
shop and well stocked retail store. Best book trade on Bon-
aire. Good prices on regulator repair, dive computer H.Q.

Dive Friends Bonaire (Photo Tours Divers-Yellow
Submarine) -low prices on the seaside at Kralendijk, at
Caribbean Court and the Hamlet Oasis. Join their
monthly cleanup dives and BBQ.

WannaDive They make diving fun while maintaining
the highest professional standards. In town at City Cafe
and at Eden Beach.
Fit For Life at the Plaza Resort Mall. Classes in Pi-
lates, Aerobics, TaeBo and more. Professional trainers,
fitness machines and classes for all levels.
The Plantation Has lots of classy furniture and antiques
at very competitive prices. Stop in to see great teak furni-
ture and Indonesian crafts.

Green Label has everything you need to start or maintain

your garden. They can design, install and maintain it and
offer plants, irrigation supplies and garden chemicals. In-
credible selection of pots.

The Bonaire Gift Shop has a wide selection of gifts,
souvenirs, liquor, dive watches, digital cameras, things for
the home, T-shirts all at low prices.

Outdoor Bonaire for individually guided kayaking, hik-
ing, biking, caving, rapelling/abseilen and more
reservations : 791-6272 or 785-6272 E-mail:
hans @outdoorbonaire. com
Paradise Photo in the Galeries Shopping Center offers
fast, fine processing for prints, slides, items and services .
Full digital services.
Capture Photo at the Divi Flamingo. Photo classes, cam-
era rental, digital processing, all state of the art!
Caribbean Homes, "the Refreshing Realtor, specializ-
ing in luxury homes, condos, lots, rentals and property
Harbourtown Real Estate is Bonaire's most experienced
real estate agent. They specialize in professional cus-
tomer service, top notch properties and home owners in-

Re/Max Paradise Homes: Lots of Choices-
Interational/US connections. 5% of profits donated to
local community. List your house with them to sell fast.

Sunbelt Realty offers full real estate, rental, and insur-
ance services. If you want a home or to invest in Bonaire,
stop in and see them.

Buddy Dive Resort offers diving, Adventure Fun tours
including kayaking, mountain biking, cave snorkeling and

m U
Page 16 Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

Benetton, world famous designer clothes available now
in Bonaire at prices less than those in US. For men,
women and children.
Best Buddies and Pearls-Stunning fresh water pearl
jewelry, fashion, gifts, t shirts. Under new management.
The Touch Skin & Body-Birkenstock shoes for men
and women.
Valeries Airport Shops Convenient shopping for
unique items, magazines, gifts and more.
Special Security Services will provide that extra measure
of protection when you need it. Always reliable.
Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of Bon-
aire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient. FedEx
Warehouse Supermarket on Kaya Industria-Biggest
air conditioned market with the, largest selection and
lowest prices on the island.
Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di
Amor or Skiffy. Hotel pickup. Easiest landing on Klein
The Bonaire Windsurfing Place can fulfill all your
windsurfing dreams and more. They offer expert instruc-
tion, superb equipment on a fine beach. Lunch and drinks
too. BBQ and windsurf videos Wednesday nights.
Antillean Wine Company. You've tried the rest; now try
the best: best prices, highest quality wines from around
the world, kept in a cooled warehouse. Free delivery.
Shop at Kaya Industria 23, Monday-Saturday 9 am-12

Put your ad in The Bonaire Reporter.
Tel. 786-6518, 786-6125
Email: reporter@bonairenews.com

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Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

Page 16

Rianne Abraham-Jansen

B orn in the Netherlands, January
22, 1971.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Education: "HAVO, Tourist Manage-
ment Education and during the last three
years I'm studying psychology at the
Open University. I have at least four more
years to go."
Career: "I came to Bonaire in 1989
when I was 18 and I worked in several
restaurants until I took over the Blue
Moon restaurant in 1999. I did that for
four years until 2003 and now I've picked
up my psychology study again."
Relationship with Jopi Abraham since:
"2001 and we got married February 14,
2005, here on Bonaire."
What made you fall for him? "He is
very charming. I've known him for a long
time, since 1989 when I worked at
Zeezicht restaurant. There has always
been some sort of tension between us."
What do you think made him fall for
you? "We always had a real good time
together; we could chat for hours. But
what it was that made him fall for me?
Good question I wouldn't know."
Children: "Our son, Dante Ernesto. He
was born November 15, 2006."
How much are you involved in your
husband's political work? "I am more in
the background, but we do talk a lot about
his work and we discuss what's happen-
ing and he also asks for my opinion and
of course I support him in every way.
However, I also think it's important not to
talk about politics all the time when we're
at home, especially now with the baby.
Quality time for the three of us is also
What is to you the most important
issue on DP's party program?
"Especially the issues considering youth
problems, education, crime and help and
support for victims of a crime in fact it's
all related."
What does the island mean to you?
"For me it's an island of charm and
friendliness and it's relaxed. The first day
I fell in love with it, head over heels, and
I hope that feeling will stay in spite of all
the changes. I hope the island won't lose
its character. I hope the Bonairean won't
become a second rate citizen on his own
island. I hope nature will be preserved
and that they won't develop the nature
areas. Development is okay, but with the
conservation of nature and culture. It's
also the island where I met my husband
and where Dante was bor, so I'm even
moored stronger here."
What would you like to change? "I
would like to see the government pay
more attention to people who can barely
make it, to youth unemployment, and we
also need better care for the elderly, a
better health care and social care system."
What would you not like to change?

"Culture and nature. And please, no high
rise hotels and other buildings."
What's your opinion about the situa-
tion of the Bonairean women? "I think
women here work very hard and they
carry a lot of responsibility; they're tak-
ing care of their family and sometimes
they even have two jobs. I think in many
cases their life is tougher than the men's
life. I find they should stand up for them-
selves more. Jopi has always encouraged
me to study and especially to do things to
develop myself and to do the things I like;
I think it's also important for a relation-
What's the most important thing in
your life? "My husband, my child, my
parents; family. Now that I have a baby I
see how important family really is and
also the fact that my parents came to live
here made my life super cozy."
How do you see your future? "Very
positive and for sure here on Bonaire. My
wish is to finish my studies, and by work-
ing as a psychologist I hope to contribute
something to the island."
How do you see the island's future?
"Kind of positive, especially when the

4 T think women here work
Very hard and they carry
a lot of responsibility; they're
taking care of their family and
sometimes they even have two
jobs. I think in many cases their
life is tougher than the men's

Democrats will win the elections because
I trust them to protect the island. It will be
developed but not at all costs. If we don't
want to be fully integrated I think it's
very important to vote for the Democratic
What's the best thing you want to see
when Holland takes over? "When Hol-
land takes over? That sounds very creepy!
It would be nice if Holland would help
and we need help in certain things, but it
is every country's ambition to be as
autonomous as possible, and I think it can
go together very well."
And the worst thing in your opinion?
"As I said before, that the Bonairean will
become a second rate citizen on his own
What's your strongest point? "I am
What's your husband's strongest
point? "He's got several, but the best
thing about him is that he always tries to
help everybody and always takes time to
listen to someone."
How do you spend your time to-
gether? "We go out for dinner and leave
the telephone at home and chat about all

the daily things in
Do you have girl-
friends whom you
know are not voting
for your husband?
"Probably they say
they're voting De-
mocrat! I'm joking,
but... you know I'm
not talking politics
with my girlfriends
all the time."
What's the influ-
ence of the negative
sides of your part-
ner's work on your
life? "That privacy
is being disrupted, 1
but it happens
mostly around elec-
tion time."
How do you see life? "Life is wonder-
ful and everyone is doing it his own way
and I think we should give each other the
space to do so."
What do you think about the situa-
tion of youth on Bonaire? "I think
FORMA is doing a great job with the
teenage moms. Further, I would like to
see the government do something about
youth unemployment and also that they
could find better care and guidance for
people who are released from prison."
What does your own life look like?
"At the moment it's all about the baby
(and the political campaign), but I am
enjoying it! Being a mom is wonderful
and great, but I really would like to do
something more in the future."
How important is the environment to
you? "Very important, because we live
with nature. Without nature we're nothing
and all of us should realize that a bit more
often and they should educate the chil-
dren at school much more about nature."
What do you think about develop-
ment and growth? "We have to put a
stop to the amount of cars on the island
and to the development of the rural areas.
Twenty thousand people is the maximum
for me and I hope that growth will occur
in harmony between all these different
How do you feel about foreigners
living here? "I think everyone who is
capable of giving a positive contribution
to the island is welcome, but foreigners
should always adjust to the local way of
life. When Antilleans move to Holland
they have to adjust themselves there, but
when Dutch people come to live here
they have to do the same."
What do you think about the situa-
tion of the elderly? "It could be im-
proved a great deal! AOW should be in-
creased and the facilities for the elderly
should be improved. I just think the old
people here are great! We can learn a lot

Rianne Abraham-Jansen

from them, especially the way they han-
dle the environment. The elderly deserve
better; we should pay them more re-
What is the Bonairean identity? "Lust
for life, warmth, the way they live with
What responsibilities do parents have
towards their children? "It's very im-
portant to raise them with warmth so that
they will know you will always be there.
You also have to be honest and you have
to teach them to share."
What would you like to have become?
"A tennis pro. I was going to go to a ten-
nis school to become a professional, but
because of problems with my shoulder it
was put off. Sports have always fasci-
nated me and they still do... I never
thought I would marry a politician!"
How do you cope with the fact that
your husband is a public figure? "As
relaxed as possible, but now and then it's
not so easy.
What are your hobbies? "Running and
swimming; sports in general. I love to
read, to eat nice things and to sleep...
something I am short of nowadays!"
What does friendship mean to you?
"Honesty and being always there for each
other and accepting each other the way
we are.
What was the best time you ever had
with your partner? "The delivery!
That's the most beautiful thing that hap-
pened in my life. Especially the moment
the baby was born and the fact that the
three of us were there in all togetherness."
Does your husband
give you the space to
do your own thing?
"Absolutely. He even
encourages me to do so
and everything I under-
take he thinks is

Story & photo by Greta Kooistra

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

Page 17

C',ardid ikate',= wVVife SDe

2 ohn bL Dn oEu DlU s Fl i caln o 0@02
y On ^ /"r r ^i^^ n^ i'n /' / (rin/^ i p J^ Q^n /
O^f flffW ~ lf ~f^


Did you know that the Prikichi is a
subspecies of a Conure that is
found on Bonaire and no where else? Or
that the Yellow Oriole, familiar to our
gardens, is restricted to the ABC islands?
Whether you did or not but want to find
out more about Bonaire's diverse bird life
there will be plenty of opportunity over
the next month as Bonaire participates in

the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival.
The festival runs from Earth Day on the
22nd of April until International migratory
bird day on the 22nd of May with events
coordinated across 13 Caribbean islands.
Over the month there will be a series of
talks in English and Papiamentu, Lora nest
finding trips and an Oriole count along-
side other events celebrating Bonaire's
bird life. For the schedule see below.
This year, particular emphasis will be
placed on the Lora, as Bonaire supports
one of the last strongholds of this globally
vulnerable species. To coincide with the
Festival 10 biologists will be visiting Bon-
aire to assist with an island-wide census of
the breeding activity of the Lora. This
effort will give us a really good idea of the
reproductive health of the Lora population
on Bonaire. Look out for the Parrot team
around the island throughout the month!
The festival kicks off with a talk on the
'Caribbean Parrot Crisis' by Sam Williams
at Captain Don's Habitat on Wednesday
25"t April. We look forward to seeing you
there! OStory by Rowan Martin,
Photos by Sam Williams

Lora Nest Finding
5" May meet at Washington-Slagbaai
National Park entrance at 5:45am

Captain Don's at 7pm:
25thApril 'The Caribbean Parrot crisis'
Sam Williams
2nd May 'Bonaire's birds' Jerry Li-
9"' May 'The Sex Lives of Parrots!'
Rowan Martin
Rose Inn at 7pm
7t May 'Lora di Boneiru' Odette Doest
Oriole Count
13th May Island wide details on

Yellow oriole

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007

Page 18

r arI I Fi


*to find it... just look up

Watch the Moon Visit Gemini, Saturn and Leo Next Week

T his Saturday,
April 21st, just
after sunset, face west -
where you'll see the T
brightest planet of *
them all, 8,000-mile- P '
wide, Earth-sized Ve-
nus which goes us
through phases just 1
like our Moon. And ~
this weekend it will emo ,t -,
look like a tiny gib-
bous Moon. And
speaking of the Moon "f
you'll also see a beauti-
ful, not-quite-first-
quarter Moon directly
above Venus. And if
you've never seen it Photo: Gemini
through a telescope when it's in this phase it will knock your socks off. Next, if you
look southwest you'll see another bright light which is the ringed planet, 75,000-
mile-wide Saturn.
Starting Saturday night you can watch the Moon pay a visit to several cosmic ob-
This Sunday, April 22nd, an almost-first-quarter Moon will be parked right under-
neath the two brightest stars of Gemini the Twins, Pollux and Castor, and will
make a wonderful cosmic triangle with them. And if you look closely at Pollux
you'll notice that it is a different color than blue-white Castor and that's because it's
a much cooler star and has a yellowish orange tinge.
Besides, on Monday, April 23rd, there will be a chance for excellent meteor show-
ers since the Moon should be out of the night sky during peak meteor shower obser-
vation time for observing the Lyrid swarm, the only springtime meteor shower.
On the next night Tuesday, the 24th, you can use the Moon as a Saturn finder be-
cause it will be parked just to the right of it. But as close as the Moon is to Saturn
on Tuesday, on Wednesday it will be even closer to the brightest star of Leo the
Lion, the very hot blue white star Regulus, which marks his heart.
So there you have it. Earth and the Moon in the west on Saturday night. And on
Sunday the Moon visits Castor and Pollux, on Tuesday it visits Saturn and on
Wednesday the heart of Leo the Lion. 0 Jack Horkheimer



And the
solution is:
(puzzle and
on page 14)


Sunday, April 22 to Saturday, April 28
By Astrologer Michael Thiessen

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Secret enemies will be eager to spread rumors about
you. Take a close look at any contracts you've signed in order to be sure exactly
where you stand. Problems with ear, nose, or the throat are likely. Visit friends you
don't get to see that often. Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.
TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Set a limit, or you'll wind up on a tight budget. You
may find yourself caught in a triangle. Opportunities for romance may develop
through dealing with groups that have a purpose. Your lucky day this week will be
GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Your creative input will be appreciated by your
boss. Losses could occur if you haven't been careful when dealing with joint finan-
cial ventures. Talking to those you trust and respect will help you sort out any prob-
lems. In return, the satisfaction you get is enough for you. Your lucky day this week
will be Friday.
CANCER (June 22-July 22) Listen, but don't make any rash decisions. You need
to be around friends and family. Don't fall into the trap. You should be looking at
ways to spoil yourself. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Look into career choices and courses being offered. You
can make new friends and get involved in new hobbies successfully. Put your
thoughts into action. Exercise discipline when it comes to controlling bad habits.
Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Be sure to think twice before you say something that
might hurt your partner's feelings. You'll find it easy to upgrade your environment
by redecorating or changing your residence. Satisfy your passionate mood. You
need to do your own thing and work on making yourself the best you can be. Your
lucky day this week will be Tuesday.
LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Look out for those wanting to push you into a dis-
agreement. You are ready to blow up and your stress level has gone into over drive.
Do whatever your mate wants; it really doesn't matter as long as you're together.
Unexpected bills will be impossible for you to pay. Your lucky day this week will
be Saturday.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) The key to feeling good about yourself will be to
do something about it. You are in a high cycle where travel, education, and creative
endeavors are concerned. You will need to finalize important deals this week. Edu-
cational courses will be stimulating and successful. Your lucky day this week will
be Monday.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) You can make money if you are careful not
to let it trickle through your fingers. Correspondence may not clear up issues. New
hair, new outfit, new you. Spend some time with the one you love. Pleasure trips
will be satisfying. Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Business trips might prove unproductive. Re-
strictions may be difficult for you to live with, but try to do things by the book.
Enlist the aid of family members and consider the feelings of your mate. Be honest
in your communication and don't lose your cool. Your lucky day this week will be
AOUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Exercise discipline when it comes to controlling
bad habits. Make changes to your home that will be pleasing to everyone involved.
Your greatest gains will come through your creative ideas. Be careful not to take on
other people's problems. You may find yourself in a financial bind. Your lucky day
this week will be Monday.
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You can easily impress others with your generous
nature. Think twice before you agree to take on any new projects. Try to be under-
standing. You need a change of pace. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.

Bonaire Reporter April 20 to April 27, 2007


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9 8 7 2 3 1 4 5 6
298 3 1 7 1 6 5 8 456 9

8 6 5 3 4 9 2 7 1

4 7 9 8 1 2 6 3 5

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