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T he Reporter begins its articles
leading up to the April 20 Is-
land Council elections this week with
the first interview with the wife of one
of the leading political parties (page
21) and a guest editorial examining the
environmental plank in the platforms
of the two front running parties (page
8). In upcoming weeks there will be
interviews of the other top candidates'
wives and more commentary. Readers
are invited to participate.



> In response to the soaring fuel
prices, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
has increased its fuel surcharge by 5
Euro (about NAfl2) to 55 Euro per
stretch on long-haul (intercontinental)
flights. This increase will be applicable
also on tickets issued in the Nether-
lands Antilles and Aruba. In the last
couple of months this surcharge was
reduced on a number of occasions. The
surcharge has also gone up on flights
within Europe.

Two weeks ago the DAE airline
began flying to Caracas. The Caracas
flight is twice a day during the week
from Curaqao and once a day on Satur-
day and Sunday. The flight will have
"seamless connections" with DAE's
Aruba and Bonaire flights.

low-cost carrier," said it lowered its
fares by as much as 40% in March, but
as of June 20 will begin charging pas-
sengers from $5 to $10 apiece for their
first two checked bags and $1 for juice,
soda, coffee and tea. The fee will be
jump to $100 for a third checked bag.
The checked bag fees are separate from
excess weight fees for checked bags
weighing more than 50 pounds. If suc-
cessful this will be an "atom bomb" to
the industry said an aviation insider.

> From March 20-24 officials of
the US Transportation Security Ad-
ministration (TSA) monitored secu-
rity arrangements at Bonaire's Fla-
mingo Airport. Airport operations,
catering, cargo and other operations
were scrutinized to ensure they met the
regulations involving airport security.
According to an airport press release
the results were hopi positive (most
positive) and the TSA officials were
hopi satisfecho (very satisfied).

offers, the need for new islands on the
cruise ships routes, TCB's good support
and the Harbor Office's service to the
cruise ship companies have played an
important part in this growth.
TCB also conducted a survey that
indicated that the average cruise ship
tourist spends $50 to $100 in Bonaire.
"Cruise tourism has direct revenue for
several sectors in our economy. A fee
per passenger will be introduced next
season. This means extra income for the
island," she added.
> We have received several reports
that there is significantly increased
interest in Bonaire from Dutch buy-
ers searching for a second home.
There was a considerable presence of
Bonaire realtors and developers at the
recent Utrecht Home Show. It seems
that with the prospect of closer links
with the mother country, Dutch buyers
are more comfortable with the prospect
of living abroad. A survey taken at the
show indicated that half of the persons
attending would consider relocation
outside of The Netherlands.
> On Monday, March 19, the Cus-
toms Service's only boat was set afire
by unknown persons while on a
trailer at the Harbour Village Marina
awaiting repairs and was a total loss.
The Central Government has been
asked to provide funds for a new boat.

(Continued on page 3)

Table of Contents
Fire Brigade at SGB 6
Bonaire on Wheels (Big Blue Buggy) 7
Guest Editorial (No Reef No Tourists
No Economy) 8
Windsurf Report (EFPT Toro Andaluz '07) 9
Crossing the Seas (Literature Festival) 10
Antique Houses (Kas di Hadrey-Rincon) 12
Kontest di Fli (Kites) 13
Shrink Studies SCUBA (Easter) 14
Concert Shares with Youthcare 17
Tennis for All 19
Diving with Dee (Snorkling) 22

14EE8 Y FF4 7T ES
Flotsam & Jetsam 2
Biologist's Bubbles (Mangroves & fish) 3
Straight Talk 6
Picture Yourself (Berlin, Germany) 7
Pet of the Week (Volunteer Amber
& "Queenie") 7
Tide Table 11
Classifieds 16
Sudoku Puzzle 18
Reporter Masthead 18
What's Happening 19
Movieland Film Schedule 19
Shopping & Dining Guides 20
Born on Bonaire (Candidates' Wives
Marison Dirksz-Winklaar) 21
Sky Park (Pleiades) 23
The Stars Have It 23
Sudoku Answer 23

Bonaire Reporter- April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 2

V p

The STCB showed the State Secretary Anke Bifleveld-Schouten and Prime
around Lac Bay Minister Emily de Jongh-Elhage
(Gov. Domacassd at right)
> Last week Bonaire hosted the new State Secretary for Antillean Affairs,
Anke Bijleveld-Schouten, who will be responsible for the Bonaire's transition from
an Antillean territory to a Dutch municipality. She participated in numerous meet-
ings with government officials about the new state structure, environmental organi-
zations and social organizations.
As the photos show she had a full agenda and met with everyone from the Prime
Minister to the sea turtles.

> In a joint press release the govern-
ments of the Netherlands Antilles and the
Consul General of the US to the Nether-
lands Antilles announced that diplomatic
notes have been exchanged that bring
into force the tax information ex-
change agreement between the Nether-
lands Antilles and the US. The Agree-
ment was effective on March 22, 2007.
The tax information exchange agree-
ment exemplifies the close and long-
standing relationship between the Neth-
erlands Antilles and the US. Alex Rosa-
ria, the State Secretary of the Nether-
lands Antilles, said, "With the signing of
these tax information agreements we
have made another step forward in our
joint efforts to implement the principles

of transparency and our commitment to
high international standards regarding the
global financial markets. These tax infor-
mation agreements are important instru-
ments to counter the abuse of the finan-
cial system such as tax fraud, money
laundering and the financing of terror-
> Wondering where the new Bon-
aire Reporter office is? Sam Williams,
who is studying Bonaire's loras, reports
that, according to his GPS, it is at latitude
120 11.281 North and longitude 680
14.809 West. You might also say it's a
kunuku about 3 km east of the Rincon
road in the Bolivia Plantation.

D id You
D Know...that
there are more fish
on reefs with man-
groves nearby than
reefs with no man-
groves nearby?
Scientists have be-
lieved this for a long
while, but it was fi-
nally investigated and
found to be true
(article in Nature
magazine, Mumby, et
al., 2004). Many of
you are familiar with
the importance of
mangroves, but many
of you are not and are
wondering what all
the fuss is about.
First of all, man- Mangrove Seedling
groves are trees that
grow in or near saltwater. They have all sorts of adaptations that allow them to tol-
erate salt, unlike most flowering plants. In a nutshell, mangroves are important be-
cause they: protect the shoreline from storms; protect the reefs from sediments and
nutrients that heavy rains bring from land; serve as habitat for many juvenile reef
fish; have very high species diversity; are very productive; are becoming more im-
portant for tourism in the form of kayak and snorkel tours; provide habitat for many
bird species; are also an excellent place for boaters to tie up to during hurricanes
(perhaps not so much here, but very much so in other locations); and I could go on
and on. Bonaire doesn't have extensive mangrove systems and so all the more im-
portant to protect what we have. O Story & Photo by Caren Eckrich

(Continued on page 4)

Bonaire Reporter April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 3

(Flotsam and Jetsam. Continued from page 3)

Landfill on fire SELIBON photo

> SELIBON, Bonaire's waste manage-
ment company, issued a release apolo-
gizing for the smoke coming from the
landfill off Lagoen Road. While there is
no danger from the fire to the surround-
ing neighborhood, they acknowledged
that the smoke was a bother. The fire
appeared to be deliberately set by persons
unknown. At press time there was no sign
of more smoke.

D Visiting tourist Paul Rueckert gave
us this photo of the wind generator at
Sorobon being dismantled. It has been
on the spot for about 10 years and never
functioned. It is to be replaced soon with
a much more powerful wind turbine.

> The Social Services Department
(SASO) reminds interested parties that
the PP cards issued to low income peo-
ple require renewal now. All cards ex-
pired on March 31. Cards are still avail-
able until April 5 from 8 am to noon at
SASO offices at Kaya Italia 18, Playa
Recently it was alleged that PP card
privileges were being used by residents
of SABEDECO, one of Bonaire's most
upscale neighborhoods.

> The Foundation that assists per-
sons with disabilities, the FKPD, is
planning a big Mother's Day fund rais-
ing party at Don Paranda. It's on Fri-
day, May 11, beginning at 8 pm. Three
musical groups and a dance group will
entertain and bar, snacks and salad are
included in the NAf50 price. Tickets are
now available from FKPD staff and at
Angelo's and the Bonaire Bookstore in
downtown Kralendijk. We will continue
to remind readers f this event on the Hap-
penings page.

> If you are using a first stage from a
scuba regulator to fill flat tires, like many
people on Bonaire do, and do not have a
2nd stage attached, it is possible, if the
first stage fails, to have the hose ex-
plode. Carib Inn has a limited number of
pressure relief valves at $10 each to pro-
tect both you and the hose. These are
small and simply screw into one of the
LP ports on the first stage. Carib Inn, just
south of the Divi resort, is open from 8
am to 5 pm every day.

> Last Friday the Board of
Foundation Bo Mes Nego-
shi met at Salsa restaurant
with Mr. Fedde Pronk, Man-
aging Director of Rabo-Bank
Heerenveen, The Netherlands, who is a
Board member of the Hessel De Vries
Mr. Pronk presented the Bonaire's
BNM foundation a check of Euro 25.000
(NAf59.000) from his foundation. These
funds will be used for the good work the
BMN Foundation does helping Bonaire's

> After riots broke out last week in
Curacao's Bon Futuro prison, manage-
ment invoked emergency measures. It
applies to all the cell blocks, but in cell
blocks 5 and 6 the prisoners are not al-
lowed to air, and they eat in their cells,
said prison warden Bartholomeus An-
drea. The measures will last for three
days but can be extended by Justice Min-
ister David Dick. The reason for the riots
was the decision of the prison manage-
ment to confiscate 38 laptops after they
learned that a video clip of the prisoners,
created within the walls of Bon Futuro by
the prisoners, was published on the Inter-
net. The prisoners demanded their
laptops back and started a protest.
During the protest, the prisoners of
block 2 broke doors and started fires.
The anti-riot squad of the prison used
teargas to suppress the riots. Pepper spray
had to be used the next day to keep the
prisoners in special cells under control.
Officials said that the laptops will not
be returned to the prisoners. The warden
says that the prisoners have abused his
confidence, while the Minister said that
under these circumstances, laptops will
no longer be tolerated in prison. He also
said he's going to investigate how the
prisoners had access to wireless Inter-


Chanelle Jansenfrom the Sabana
neighborhood, aged two, was the
youngest participant of the bicycle
tour, organized last Sunday by the
Sports Department of the Bonairean
Police. Chanelle was accompanied by
her parents. (Photo: J@n Brouwer)

> On Sunday, April 1, the SoDePo
(Sosiedat Deportivo Polisial) organized a
bicycle trip (Paseo riba baiskel) in and
around the city of Kralendijk. Some 40
bike riders joined the event. Food and
drinks were supplied by the organization.
The oldest participant was aged 68, the
youngest was only two. She sat on the
carrier of her father's bicycle. A dog also
joined the event. He did the distance on

After new paint job

Just two weeks later

Wilna Groenenboom photos
> On Sunday, March 18, Kaya Korona was closed to all traffic from 8 am to 2
pm so De Maan Schilders (Moon Painters) could paint new zebra crossing stripes on
the road. After just two weeks the stripes are disappearing. De Maan Schilders is
taking all responsibility and is investigating what went wrong.

tinus started the race but came home in
the chase boat. He said, "I took my rod
and reel on my board. I did get one strike
of a wahoo, but I lost it, so no new
(speed) record was set."

Denice Boelen-Keller is congratu-
lated by Governor Domacasse

> Recently Denice Boelen-Keller was
sworn in as an auxiliary policewoman
in the service of the environmental
NGO, STINAPA, the organization that
runs the Bonaire National Marine
Park and the Washington-Slagbaai
National Park.
She is the first female Assistant Ranger
and has had experience in the Antillean
Coast Guard. We wish her success in
enforcing Bonaire's environmental pro-
tection laws.

> Due to logistical problems the Bon-
aire National Marine Park postponed the
next round of the Nutrient Monitoring
Program until the end of April. The fifth
round will take place from Tuesday April
24 to Saturday April 29.

> The Aquaspeed Windsurfing Club
celebrated its 20th Anniversary by rac-
ing from Lac Bay around the southern tip
of Bonaire to Kralendijk. Nine sailors
including veterans Elvis Martinus and
Patun Saragoza participated. Freestyle
superstar Taty Frans finished first in
about 45 minutes. Following him was
Jaeger Sint Jago. In third was Choko
Frans, Taty's young brother. Elvis Mar-

> Don't miss this Saturday's (April
7) festive Rincon Marshe. It starts at 8
am with stands set up selling fresh pro-
duce, arts and crafts, local foods and
drinks. Special guests bou di ramada (on
the porch) at 10 am are musicians Jon
Hilgers and Martina Gerling, winners of
this year's DuoFest. And join the histori-
cal guided tours of central Rincon too.

> On April 30 Bonaire celebrates
the "Dia di Rincon" (Rincon Day), also.
known elsewhere in the Dutch Kingdom
as the Queen's Birthday. Dive Friends
Bonaire has some very special activities
to commemorate the event beginning
with a 9am departure for a two-tank boat
dive for the price of a one-tank boat dive.
Return about 1 pm, some free time will
be provided so divers can relax and have
lunch. At 4 pm, those who wish to travel
to Rincon to experience the culture, food,
and drinks that will be plentiful in the
(Continued on page 5)

Bonaire Reporter- April 6 to April 13, 2007

Th REPORTER has moved!

The Bonaire Reporter has moved its headquarters to the
Bolivia plantation area of Bonaire. Latitude 120 11.281 North
Longitude 680 14.809 West

The new address is Bonaire Reporter, Kunuku Shimaruku,
P.O. Box 407, Kralendijk, Bonaire, Neth. Antilles. (AN)

The telephone numbers are: 786-6518 and 786-6125.
Backup numbers are: 796-6125, 790-6518 and 790-8988
Email and website remain the same:

Page 4

N Richandro Emerenciana (first) and Timothy Bissessar (runner up) were
selected by a jury consisting of Johanetta Brouwer, Guno Gerling, Jeanne Emers
and. Maritsa Silberie to represent Bonaire in the UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris,
France, later this year. Gabriela Marchena and Ronald Coffy also participated in the
competition. The photo shows the four youngsters, the jury and Education Commis-
-*- r--M. n -.- 1 '- Tt... A1 T- --*-.- T TTNTPQ('n 0/~ -. .- ---l-^ T-^ i-. .-

The four finalists receive their prize from Rico Martis ofDigicel SKAL photo

ois ner Geraldine Dammers, and Bonaire UNESCO representative Jeaninne Wong > The finalists in the Art of Speech (4rte di Palabra) 2007 in Papiamentu
Loi Sing. were held in mid-March at Jong Bonaire. The competitors spoke from their hearts
and were most articulate. Bernice Ramos recited an original poem: Thiase Thoe-
dora another poem: Gavianca Frans told a story; and Bernaisha Ramos an
(Flotsam and Jetsam. Continued fom page 4) and 6 at 6 pm. original story. Gavianca Frans was declared the overall winner.

Bonaire Reporter April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 5

Fire Brigade Visits the SGB High SchoolI

On Friday, March 23, a crew of the
Kralendijk fire department, super-
vised by Mr. Frans Francees, visited SGB
with a big fire truck. They were invited as
part of the TKL3D and TKL4D chemistry
classes to give a demonstration of combus-
tion. The students had learned that there
are three important conditions for combus-
tion: fuel, oxygen and heat (also called the
ignition temperature).
First the firemen explained how to han-
dle different kinds of fires and how to ex-
tinguish them. For example when a house
is on fire, the fire can best be extinguished
with water in order to lower the tempera-
ture of the burning parts of the house (the
fuel). When the fuel is cooled down
enough, the fire will be stopped eventually.
It is a different story when one is dealing
with gasoline/oil types of combustion, for
instance when a frying pan is on fire. Try-
ing to extinguish the fire with water only
makes it worse and the opposite will occur.

It will give rise to giant flames that can
reach the ceiling and could result in the
house completely burning down. Just cut-
ting off the supply of oxygen by putting
the lid on the frying pan can extinguish the
fire. This was demonstrated by the Playa
firemen, setting a barrel with a mixture of
oil and gasoline on fire and then extin-
guishing it in two different ways. First,
foaming water was put into the barrel to
cut off the air supply. The same result was
achieved by suffocating the fire with a
carbon dioxide extinguisher.
At the end there was lot of opportunity
for the students to ask questions and to be
shown different firefighting equipment like
the breathing mask.
The students found the two hour demon-
stration very interesting and useful. Chem-
istry teacher William Pot organized the
visit. OStory & photo by Wilna Groenen-

t's all about dating, love, sex, friendship, and marriage so let's talk. Email
(betty@bonairenews.com) your relationship questions to my attention.
reporter@ibonairenews. com.

Question from: Doubting man friend Betty Wills
Dear Betty, I read your advice about dating, and I have a difficult
problem: Here comes this pretty girl asking me for sex. She knows that I as a
bachelor have several women friends because she comes with her young friends
often enough in my big yard to play with the swing and the hammock in the shade
and cool breeze under the big old tamarind tree. I told her go find a boy her own
age, but she said she tried some of the boys and they don't know how to have sex at
all, she wants a man with experience. Normally developed she said she is 17 going
18, but I have my doubts. She keeps trying to arouse me with her husky voice and
sexy moves although I think she is not even half my age. I am 32. She has seen the
condoms next to my bed when she goes to the bathroom and she knows that I did my
vasectomy, some time ago I explained her and her friends all they need to know
about family planning. Now Ifear she will get pregnant or worse when she goes
with any young boy ifl don't give it to her. She is eager, curious and naturally
ready for sex. What shall I do? What is the age of consent in the Caribbean? Nature
does not ask for age when the girl wants it. What can stop her?

ANSWER: Just say "no", then take two aspirins and a cold shower to reduce
swelling. You'll be just fine. It appears you recognize the girl is an adolescent, but
you sound a bit confused over your responsibilities. To begin, having a vasectomy
doesn't make you personally responsible for controlling the world's population, nor
is it your moral or social obligation to provide sex to adolescents or naive young
girls who try to seduce you, regardless of whether or not you use condoms, and
practice safe sex.
Sex is best served when shared between two people in love, and it deserves rever-
ence and respect. Granted, humans are "naturally ready for sex" as soon as they
reach puberty, but that doesn't mean you must act on it. Dying also comes natu-
rally, but most would rather mature first. ,

Ask any man, and he will tell you that any woman's ultimate fantasy is to
have two men at once. While this has been verified by a recent sociological
study, it appears that most men do not realize that in this fantasy, one is cook-
ing and the other is cleaning. O BW

Bonaire Reporter- April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 6

Picture Yourself

With The Reporter



L ong time Bonaire visi-
tors, Marina and
Reinhard Kowalke, sent this
photo to us months ago to
wish us a Merry Christmas .
and Happy New Year in
Papiamentu from Berlin's
Brandenburg Gate. They are
holding The Reporter issue
honouring them as Bonaire
Ambassadors sent by Bob and
Annemieke of Tropicana
Apartments where they stay.

Send in YOUR picture today.

Pet of the Week
Here's a happy pair: Amber, a vol-
unteer at the Bonaire Animal
Shelter, with a very contented dog,
"Queenie." One of the reasons the volun-
teers are so important is to play with and
"socialize" the cats and dogs. And if you
wonder whether it's appreciated just take
a look at the expression on Queenie's
face! ;
Queenie is about eight months old.
She's smart; she's energetic and she just
loves attention. She was brought into the
Shelter because her owner couldn't look
after her any more. Now Queenie is look-
ing forward to a new master or mistress
who has time for her. With the right train-
ing she will learn quickly and make a fine
watch dog too. She's a dog you can have Amber and "Queenie"
fun with. As are all the other pets at the
Shelter, Queenie has been examined by the vet, is in excellent health, had had her
tests and shots and is ready to go. You may see her at the Shelter on the Lagoen
Road, open Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 1 pm. Tel. 717-4989. O LD

A series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J@n Brower, featuring some of
Bonaire's interesting vehicles that are "on wheels."

The Big Blue Buggy

Claus' sky blue sprayed buggy can
often been seen parked along the
Julio Abrahams Boulevard, just opposite
The Old Inn restaurant. Claus H. Neu-
mann is the owner of The Old Inn, the
Tropical Inn hotel and the recently
opened Tropical Divers.
Claus is a passionate man: he loves
diving, he loves the island of Bonaire and
he loves his Porsche powered blue
painted buggy. "I bought this fun car on
our island. The chassis they used to build
this buggy is from a 1967 VW Kafer
(First lesson in German: VW Kifer, pro-
nounce as: Vow Way Kay Fur/jb) They
had to cut the chassis into two and
shorten it to fit the fiberglass body. My
buggy is powered by a two-liter, air-
cooled, four-stroke, four-cylinder boxer
engine. In an earlier life this engine pow-
ered a Volkswagen-Porsche 914, that
typical low rectangular shaped two seater
with the targa top, built in the 70s. My
Porsche engine is specially tuned and
fitted wit two huge carburetors, produc-
ing over 200 horsepower. Of course this
car has rear wheel traction. The light al-
loy rims are fitted with 275/16R15 inch
XP2000 General tires to cope with the
power plant. This car is really fun to
drive. I love the open air feeling and the
freedom of this car. I really enjoy the
sound produced by the four independent
exhausts. This is a very basic car. No
roof, no doors, just one window, no com-
fort at all!"
On Bonaire, Claus' buggy is one out of,
maybe, five. There is another blue one,
and a red one has been spotted. One
buggy is "under construction" at the SGB
high school. Claus' buggy is a real eye

The B-1 730 registered blue buggy,
owned by Claus Neumann. Within a
few weeks the car will change colors.
The new color will be "diving yellow."
Photo by: J@n Brouwer

catcher, fitted with an impressive spoiler,
a custom made state of the art aluminum
fuel tank, fat tires, funny winking original
Porsche head lamps and an attractive
mermaid sprayed on the front.
The Porsche power has always been in
the family. Claus' father and brother also
owned Porsches. And even Claus' Harley
Davidson, a Dyna Superglide built in
1994 and fitted with a 1340 V-twin evo-
lution engine, was remodeled by... Por-
Within a few weeks the blue thunder
will be re-sprayed. The new color will be
diving yellow, of course. The car will
carry the logo of Tropical Divers. The
ever lasting car will continue his life as a
rolling billboard. J J@n Brouwer

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Bonaire behind

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Bonaire Reporter April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 7

4C' A F it >-r -x .xpas.sth0oinon 0o ta ria


L. L

Oceanfront hotel construction, particularly on an island without beaches, like
Bonaire, results inevitably in serious damage to the surrounding coral reef. It is
impossible to prevent this damage, and in this editorial I hope to show a direct
correlation between the hotel construction and the reef health.

It is disappointing that the detailed Pourier Commission Report of 1992, which has
been a crucial instrument for forming the Bonaire development policy, is being practi-
cally ignored by the leaders of the both current main political forces on our island -
UPB and ADB, which, in spite of all their differences, are united in their conviction
that the construction of new hotels will be beneficial to our island. According to the
Pourier Commission Report: The local government's task is to protect Bonaire's
unique environment, mainly its 52 km long coral reef. Although the ADB Action
Program 2007 speaks also about the environment protection, you will not find the
word "reef' in it. The report emphasizes that an overwhelming majority of Bonaire's
inhabitants take the presence of the reef for granted, not realizing its importance for
the island.
However, the foreign investors and tourists must become aware of the enormous
value of the reef which is increasing every day. A considerable reimbursement can be
asked for the opportunity to enjoy this environment product in proportion to the gov-
ernment efforts to protect it. The report goes even so far as to recommend a limitation
of hotel rooms and diving. In no case, must mass tourism be promoted. Fortunately,
the absence of beaches on Bonaire is the best guarantee against mass tourism. The
report concludes that in case the reef is seriously damaged or disappears com-
pletely, it will inevitably mean the end of tourism on Bonaire.

During the current election campaign, UPB is already recruiting Latin American
labor for realization of its plans for hotel construction, as can be seen in a following
report on the Internet (translated from the Dutch and abbreviated):
03/17/2007: "Booi is Looking for Construction Workers"

Meeting with Latinos at the UPB HQ UPB photo

"Last week, the UPB's leader Ramonsito Booi met with a large group of Spanish-
speaking immigrants in the Antriol neighborhood center. The meeting was organized
to interest the foreigners in temporary work in the construction sector. The additional
foreign employees are necessary because in the near future the construction of a
number of hotel projects will be started. The purpose is to register the interested
persons in a databank so that they can be recruited from abroad at the given time."
As far as the word "temporary" is concerned, thousands of workers, living already
long years on Aruba, came there only for temporary work.
The opposition leader, ADB's Jopie Abraham, emphasized that the "registration" is
not an action of the government but of the UPB because the registration would take
place in the UPB party Headquarters and not in a government office.

It is clear that, without any development plan for Bonaire (!!!), UPB has firmly
decided to start the construction soon of a "number of hotels." Till now we have heard
only about the Divi Sunset all-inclusive and about a hotel school without any indica-
tion where this school is planned to be built. In my opinion, in case the government
really starts the construction of other hotels besides the Sunset Divi, the construction
of the Esmeralda Hotel on the south coast, shown, must be completed. In its present
condition it is an eyesore to everybody. However, without any doubt, when completed,
this very well and tastefully designed hotel building on an ideal location can become
the most beautiful resort on the island!

The fact that ADB has the same erroneous ideas about new hotel construction
like UPB is clear from the following statement in the "ADB Action Program 2007,"
Chapter 4, Economic Development, 4.1. Tourism (translated from the Dutch): "Action
Point 4: Expansion of the number of hotel rooms through bringing in the interna-
tional hotel chains with emphasis on ecotourism and 'convention' tourism."

The unfinished Esmeralda Hotel on Bonaire's southeast coast photo by Jiri Lausman

If the leaders of the UPB and ADB took time to compare all advantages with disad-
vantages of the new hotel construction for the Bonairean people, they would discover
that the whole effort will bring more problems than benefits. It seems that both party
leaders have closed eyes, not seeing that the current economy of Bonaire already now,
before the planned influx of foreigners in connection with the construction and opera-
tion of the new hotels, depends in its main sectors construction, tourism and hotel
industry for its main part on foreigners who just came to ease "temporarily" the local
labor shortage. Besides the often mentioned problems (pressure on infrastructure,
housing, schools, medical facilities and others), the influx of Spanish speaking immi-
grants will undercut the importance of Papiamentu like it is currently happening on
Aruba where Spanish is becoming the No.1 language on the island. The effect will be
much greater on Bonaire with its only about 10,000 Papiamentu speaking persons.

One of the few advantages of the hotel construction could be the received taxes (in
case the government will be so wise not to grant any tax holiday to the foreign hotel
chains). A limited number of local managers in lower positions will, like on Aruba,
get an opportunity to work in the new hotels. The top management will always stay in
the hands of foreigners (and the profits will be transferred abroad) and the overwhelm-
ing majority of the operating staff will be from various Latin American countries.
Even if, according to the ideas of the UPB and ADB, the hotel construction would
bring some advantages for the island, there is no doubt that it will bring serious
damage to our coral reef, Bonaire's main asset. A necessity for every new, high
standard hotel to be built on Bonaire is a good sandy beach. Although it will be an
extremely costly operation to construct such a beach, it is, according to my own pro-
fessional experience, technically feasible. Many thousands of cubic meters of sand,
dredged from the sea bottom, far from Bonaire, can be brought in and spread in a layer
of sufficient width and thickness on the coast in front of the planned hotels in order to
create an artificial beach. Unfortunately, after a shorter or longer time period, nature
restores its original balance, taking the sand away by wave action and sea current. In
order to maintain the beach, a so-called beach nourishment must be executed regu-
larly. It seems that the designers of the mentioned Esmeralda hotel had this fact in
mind by creating a sheltered lagoon in front of the hotel, instead of constructing a
beach directly on the exposed coast. You don't have to be a marine biologist to realize
that, not only during the beach construction but also during the subsequent beach
nourishment, loose, fine sand particles, suspended in the sea water, form a sedimen-
tary layer on the coral reef. It inevitably
leads to its death, certainly in the section
adjacent to the new beach.
We want to
The government should also not un-
derestimate the possible actions of en- build a new onel
vironmental groups which can prevent
an artificial beach construction like
happened on Curaqao in 1993, where a
joint effort of Reef Care, DefensaAmbi-
ental, Amigu di Tera and Pro Monu-
mento Foundation, all fiercely opposing
such a project, succeeded in halting the
work on the beach and in a definitive
abandonment of the Marichi hotel plans.
The hotel chain started a procedure
against the island government which Support Dive Safety
finally had to pay to it an amount of Support The Chambe
many millions for damages caused by not
fulfilling its commitment (For details see MCB 868.384.0
my article "Broken Promises can be Ex-
pensive" in the October 7, 2005, issue of pression
The Bonaire Reporter). O Jiri Lausman C~ arer FOUn ton
Sir~c 16 January 19~
PO aox 335 Bonaire

Bonaire Reporter- April 6 to April 13, 2007

^ <^

-I=5;~ir; Xi-L -II _---il.
fE1LSe~b i i -::~-k. L

Page 8

EFPT Toro Andaluz 2007

After about four months of lots of
training time in Turkey with no
competition at all, the time finally arrived
to hit the European Freestyle Pro Tour
(EFPT) again.
The European Freestyle Pro Tour kicked
off in the southeast part of Europe in Spain,
Andalucia-Tarifa, known as pretty warm,
windy and the windsurfing capital of
Europe. For many years people have trav-
eled to this windy spot to practice wind-
surfing. And yes, they still do today. Back
then it hosted many windsurfing champion-
ship events.

My sail sponsor's factory is also located
there. Actually it was a good time to visit
for some testing and work on some new
development skills and designs for
our slalom and freestyle sails. The freeride
sails and the wave sails have won several
magazine tests and so did the freestyle and
the slalom sails, and things are just getting
better and better at The Loft owned by
Monty Splinder, one of the most experi-
enced sail makers you can find nowadays.
(For more info surf to www.loftsails.com)

This year is the second year that we had
the first EFPT stop in Tarifa. All the riders
were happy to meet each other again. Eve-
rybody was super excited to battle out for
the first points at this event. Again we had
some new entrees on the EFPT which is
very positive and I am sure more will fol-
low in the next events.

Ruben awaiting the
award ceremony

Day 1
Skippers meeting at 10 o'clock and the
conditions did not look too promising for
this day.
Wind from the right (Poniente) 7-10
knots and sunny clear skies. The start was
postponed every hour until the end of the
day. It was a super relaxing day for all of
us. Some of the riders even organized a
happy hour at the end of the day where we
all sat down and chatted about our win-

Ruben executing a "Willyskipper" move
photos by Marci / courtesy The Loft

ter trips and off season experiences.

Day 2
Started off in the morning with a mellow
breeze which did not look too good for the
day. The sky was partly cloudy and tem-
perature was a bit chilly.
Everybody took it easy. After lunch time
the sky started to clear up and the wind
started to kick in. Some guys went out to
(Continued on page 17)

tonaire Reporter April b to April 13, 2Uz

Page 9

SKrusa Laman -The International Literature Festi-
aval of Sint Maarten, Aruba, Bonaire and Curagao

At the performance: (L to R): Hubert Vis, Ton van de Langkruis (director Win-
ternachten), Roland Colastica, Wilma Scheffers (editor Winternachten) and on
the extreme right, Jackie Bernabela

This third edition of the Interna-
tional Literature Festival, Krusa
Laman, is a celebration of languages.
Winternachten, which organizes it, is an
annual literature festival in The Hague,
the Netherlands.
Since 1995 the central aim of the festi-
val is to encourage the development of
intercultural relations between the his-
torically related countries: Indonesia,
South Africa, Aruba, The Netherlands
Antilles, Suriname and The Netherlands.
It brings together writers, poets, storytell-
ers and musicians from these six histori-
cally related countries. The group ofart-
ists traveled from Sint Maarten, Aruba,
Bonaire and Curagao. Nukila Amalfrom

Indonesia and Jit Narain ofSuriname
performed together with local writers and
musicians on each island. All writers read
in their mother tongue while their texts
were simultaneously projected in the local
language: English or Papiamentu.

The poetry, prose and stories on Bon-
aire were performed by Babeba Baderoon
(South Africa), Frans Booi, Monica
Clarinda, Annie Francees (Bonaire) and
Ramsey Nasr (Netherlands/Morocco)

Crossing the Seas is organized by Win-
ternachten (Winternights) in co-operation
with Zeus Foundation, the island Govern-
ment of Sint Maarten, and Philipsburg

Jubilee Library (Sint Maarten) Fundash-
ion pa Plannificashon di Idioma and Ro-
land Colastica (Curagao), Bibliotheca
Nacional Aruba and Wim Rutgers
(Aruba), Kas di Arte and SKAL (Bonaire)

The artists landed on Bonaire on March
26 and were welcomed by a group of stu-
dents from the SGB VWO 4 and Havo 4.
The evening at Kas di Arte began with a
performance of the musical group, Glenn
i su Geng. The evening's presentation was
hosted by Roland Colastica and Jacky
A star of the show, popular singer
Izaline Calister, was accompanied by Ed
Verhoeff on guitar and Pemell Saturnine.
DPhotos & story by Wilna Groenenboom

"Crossing the Seas," as seen by
an SGB high school student

On the 26th of March we went to
welcome the writers for the third
Crossing the Seas festival. They were
Ramsey Nasr from The Netherlands; local
writers Monica Clarinda, Annie Francees
and Frans Booi from The Netherlands
Antilles and Aruba; Jit Narain Bal-
dewsignh from Surinam; Nukila Amal
from Indonesia; Gabeba Badroon from
South Africa; and local singer Izaline
Calister from Curaqao. They were wel-
comed by the HAVO 4 and VWO 4
classes of the SGB high school and Dutch
teacher Helen Chan. I welcomed them
with a short poem, then after we all went
our separate ways.
On the 27t the writers came to the SGB
high school for a special presentation with

Izaline Calister performing

MCs Hipolita Stein, Lujairo Gomez and
Laurensz Hauer. The writers gave a short
presentation of their work and Izaline
sang two songs in Papiamentu. Then the
writers were led to separate classrooms so
that the students could have sessions with
them and ask questions.
I led Mr. Jit Narain Baldewsignh to a
classroom where we (four different
groups from different classes) could ask
him questions for a special project that
Miss Chang had given us. He read a few
pieces from one of his books and ex-
plained some of his poems.
On the 28h I and my group members,
Dariza Jansen and Judeska Ricado, gave
our presentations of how we found the
Crossing of the Seas and our session with
Mr. Jit Narain and a little about his work.
We found the festival to be great, fun, and
cool and we got to know a lot about Jit
Narain. We even got his autograph.
I would really like to be a part of this
festival again in 2009. DGideon Williams

Bonaire Reporter- April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 10

Who's Who on The Bonaire Reporter
Take The Reporter Home-Subscribe Yearly Mail to US $110;
On-line $35
Published weekly. For information about subscriptions, stories or
advertising in The Bonaire Reporter, phone (599) 786-6518, 786-
6125, E-mail:
The Bonaire Reporter, George DeSalvo, Publisher. Laura De-
Salvo, Editor in Chief. Address: P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Neth. An-
tilles. Available on-line at: www.bonairereporter.com
Reporters: Barbara Bianculli J@n Brouwers, David Colvard, Caren
Eckrich, Wilna Gronenboom, Jack Horkheimer, Molly Keamey,
Greta Kooistra, Jiri Lausman, Ruben Petrisie, Dee Scarr, Michael
Thiessen, Gideon Williams, Betty Wills.
Features Editor: Greta Kooistra Art Editor: Wilna Groenenboom
Translations: Peggy Bakker Production: Barbara Lockwood Dis-
tribution: Yuchi Molina (Rincon), Elizabeth Silberie (Playa);
Housekeeping: JRA. Printed by: DeStad Drukkerij, Curacao
2007 The Bonaire Reporter

Bonaire Reporter April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 11

Kas di Hadrey Antique Living Houses of Bonaire Preserving Bonaire's
by Wilna Groenenboom Architectural Heritage

L ocated in Rincon on the comer of
Kaya Rincon and Kaya Commerce,
this beautiful old house, a Kas di Hadrey
(house with porch), can be recognized by
the rain gutter around the house and the
roof decorations (dakpoppen) on the saddle
roof (dak di hefe). This is the first house in
Rincon in this series. At the moment it's not
inhabited, but because it has so many inte-
resting details it's impossible to ignore and
not write about it. The house needs some
massive restoration before people can live
in it again; probably this will happen in the
course of this year.
The house catches our attention by its
central place in the heart of Rincon at Plasa
Commerce, across from the post office,
literally a part of the Rincon Marsh6 every
first Saturday of the month.
As usual, determining the right age of a
house is difficult. The first record appears
with the
selling of
the property
on August
27, 1868.
"By deci-
sion of the
of Curagao"
the ground
was sold to
Mool. In
1915 the
house built
on the prop-
erty was
sold to Lourens Frederik Simon van der
In 1926 Johannes Vindicianus Schermer
(b. 1878) and his wife Maria Pitronella Ellis

(b. 1879) bought the house and rented it out
until 1934. For a period it even served as a
government office where civil marriages
took place. In 1934 their eldest son, Johan-
nes Facundo Schermer (b.1903) married
Antonia Ulpiana Martinus (b. 1912) and
they moved into the house. They had five
children: John Gerard, Richard Patricio,
Maria Ana, Emma Atanasia and Antonio
Humercindo. Because of an old Bonairean
Catholic tradition, each of the children's
second names was that of the saint's on the
day they were bor. The names could be
found in the Bristol Almanac which was
part of nearly every Bonairean household.
On their 25th wedding anniversary the
Schermer family had this photo (above)
taken in Curagao.
There are two main buildings and a barn
on the property. On the Kaya Commerce
side is a facadee" of a small wooden build-
ing (Kas di tabla). Emma Schermer knows
that it was always there so it must be more
than 70 years old. Throughout its life the

Kas di tabla has housed a medical practice,
health center, hairdresser, policeman's
home, a toko or mini market, and most re-
cently a kind of storehouse of one of the
Schermer sons who was an electrician. In
the facade we see holes where a little roof
on the street side used to be.
On the right side of the house there was a
storehouse and a garage where they parked
their Willys, a car made in Canada, im-
ported from the US, one of the first cars in
Rincon. In the storehouse was produce from
their kunukus: goat meat, goat skin, dried
watapana fruits, aloe, corn, pumpkins, wa-
termelons and beans which were sold in
the Kas di tabla -not only for the local mar-
ket but also for Curagao.
From this income, combined with Johan-
nes Facundo Schermer's salary as a light-
house keeper they could pay for their five
children to go to school in Curagao. In those
days there was no secondary education in

This is, in many ways, an unusual Kas di
Hadrey; its porch (hadrey) is at the back of
the house rather than the front. It also has
very beautiful white braces (decorations)
above each shuttered window and door,
which is also very unusual (photo middle
and right above). These braces also appear
on the wall of Johannes Facundo Scher-

mer's parental home in Rincon on Kaya
Kontento where he grew up and on a house
on the seaside of Playa Pabou in Kralendijk,
Kaya J.N.E. Craane.
The five half pillars on the facade of the
main house define each window and door.
But perhaps the most interesting feature is
the stone structure on the outside walls on
the left side of the main house. This section
is younger than the rest; it wasn't built of
coral like the main house but was made
from cement. Each layer of this "cement
stone" was made in a form like they use
today. Each form is one foot high. To con-
struct a two-meter wall you will need seven
forms. Afterwards the walls were decorated
with a fake stone pattern made with a metal
form with a certain relief on it. A small
layer of cement was put in the form and
placed on the wall. The wall of the Protes-
tant Congregation of Bonaire on the
Kaminda la Union 43 was built the same
way but with a different pattern (photo un-
der the Kas di tabla).
This side of the house is designed in a
"cubistic" style. Above the shutters we see
only a horizontal decoration; the white
braces are missing. The chimney has a sim-
ple cubistic look. And behind the checkered
window (photo right below) is the kitchen.
Because of all these different and unusual
details, this house is like a diamond in the
heart of Rincon, and because of its dignity
and worth, in my opinion it should be
placed on the list of architectural monu-
ments of Bonaire. OStory & photos by
Wilna Groenenboom

Wilna Groenenboom is an
artist and photographer who
teaches art at the SGB high

Bonaire Reporter- April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 12


A pisk winds


A t

Dragonfly kite

Memories of Willemstad

B onaire's 29th Kontest di Fli (kite
contest) took place last Sunday at
the field behind Kooymans'. Every year
it's been sponsored by Iris Semeleer of
the Flamingo Bookstore on Kaya Grandi
and every year it's a huge success. Fami-
lies, friends and all kinds of groups get

together to built the
most amazing kites, and often it takes a
whole crowd to launch them. It's a won-
derful, wholesome atmosphere. Groups
of families and friends set up with chairs
and tables, food and drink coolers, and
have a social good time while watching
the spirited competitions.

Competitors came from Aruba, Bonaire
and Curacao.
Thanks to the organizers, especially to
Iris Semeleer of the Flamingo Book
Store, and to all the sponsors without
whom the event wouldn't have hap-
pened. OL.D.

Bonaire Reporter April 6 to April 13, 2007


Page 13

A Shrink Studies SCUBA

YAVW.TV 1L~U ive s.VL ciiKoI l

Easter Underwater

According to my dive buddy Bob Mankoff, there are few proofs of the exis-
tence of God greater than the beauty and intricacy of the coral reef. For
Christians, the Easter holiday brings to mind some non-traditional symbols of the
crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, which can be
viewed underwater by scuba divers.

The soldiers led him away into the hall,
called Praetorium; and they call together
the whole band. They clothed him with
purple, and platted a crown of thorns,
and put it about his head, and began to
salute him, Hail, King of the Jews! They
smote him on the head with a reed, and
did spit upon him, and bowing their knees
worshipped him. When they had mocked
him, they took off the purple from him,
and put his own clothes on him, and led
him out to crucify him. (Mark 15:16-20;
King James Version)

The Legend of the Sand Dollar

There's a pretty little legend
That I would like to tell
Of the birth and death of Jesus
Found in this lowly shell.
If you examine closely,
You'll see that you find here
Four nail holes and a fifth one

Made by a Roman's spear.
On one side the Easter lily,
Its center is the star,
That appeared unto the shepherds
And led them from afar.

(Easter Monday)
The Monday after Easter

Crown-of-Thorns Sea Star
Copyright 2001-2006 John G. Shedd

David of Team Colvard holding an
underwater Easter egg collection bag
following an underwater Easter egg
hunt at Dive Inn

In a more secular vein Paas Maandag,
or Easter Monday, is a holiday for both
Dutch children and adults who celebrate
the occasion with many kinds of egg
games. Eierrapen, or hunting for col-
ored eggs hidden by their elders in house
or garden, is a favorite pastime of the
younger children, while eiertikken, or
hitting together hard-boiled Easter eggs,
is the day's real sport for boys and girls
of all ages." David Colvard, M.D.

The Christmas poinsettia,
Etched on the other side
Reminds us of His birthday,
Our happy Christmastide.
Now break the center open,
And here you will release
The five white doves awaiting
To spread Good will and peace.

This simple little symbol,
Christ left for you and me
To help us spread His Gospel
Through all eternity.

David F. Colvard, M.D., is a private psychiatrist and clinical investiga-
tor in Raleigh NC, and a divemaster. He hosts the website
www.DivePsych.com which provides evidence-based information for di-
vers on psychological and stress factors in scuba divers. O

Bonaire Reporter- April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 14

KRALENDIJK TIDES (Heights in feet, FT)
Remember: Winds and weather can further influence the local tides

DATE Time Ht.
4-04 1:57 1.7FT.
4-04 1:57 1.7FT.
4-05 2:37 1.8FT.
4-06 3:22 1.8FT.
4-07 4:07 1.8FT.
4-08 5:03 1.9FT.
4-09 5:54 1.9FT.
4-10 6:49 1.9FT.
4-11 7:44 1.8FT.
4-12 0:45 1.2FT.
4-13 2:43 1.2FT.
4-14 4:17 1.1FT.

Time Ht. Tim
12:22 1.OFT.
12:22 1.OFT.
13:22 0.9FT.
14:04 0.8FT.
14:37 0.8FT.
15:12 0.8FT.
15:42 0.8FT.
16:04 0.8FT.
16:21 0.9FT.
8:34 1.8FT. 16:33
9:32 1.7FT. 16:40
10:23 1.6FT. 16:41

e Ht.

0.9FT. 22:44 1.3FT.
1.OFT. 22:28 1.4FT.
1.1FT. 22:42 1.5FT.

We are a sponsor of

www.bonaire iazz.com

Bonaire Reporter April 6 to April 13, 2007

Time Ht. COEF

Page 15

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HOUSE FOR RENT: 3 bedrooms, 1
bath, open kitchen-living room. Nikiboko-
Sabana. Call 717-7741 (9am-noon, 3-6 pm)
NAf 1.000 per month plus deposit.

Lost &4 FouLnd
Lost: Chanel sunglasses, brown with
black, left hanging on a tree near by the oil
tanker pier. It was given to me by a dearest
friend! Call Marion 701-0505 email
w selfhout@flamingotv.net

We n ted
Jo b
Cleaning lady (speaking Spanish and
Papiamentu) is looking for part-time
work. Please call Jn Brouwer: 796 3637
digitalisl956(@hotmail. com

PERFECT A sincere Bonairean expert is
offering you his services in maintenance,
house, roof and framework painting. Just
call 560-6287. We are at your service.

Wa I r ted
Part-time Administrator wanted. Must
be multilingual-English, Papiamentu, Dutch.
Call 512-6375. O

W^a -n ted
Experienced Pet/House Sitter available
Experienced Bonaire visitor (20 years) avail-
able to take care of your pets and watch your
house water plants etc. In exchange for place
to stay and use of vehicle for shore diving, I
will pay my own air-food-diving etc. Refer-
ences upon request. Contact by email:

Rental Wanted: SGB teacher looking to
rent as of the 1st of August or the 1st of
July an unfurnished or furnished APART-
MENT for one person, one or two rooms.
Rent will be paid automatically through the
bank. Please call 529-0118. No problem
paying a month guarantee.

Holistic 3 day Retreat Planned June 2007
by visiting expert on Ayurveda, involving
yoga, massage & diet. Direct questions to
email fhummingbird(ivahoo.com 1

Evening Classes start on
May 14th 2007 From Monday to
For more information, please contact
us. Tel: 717-3966 Fax: 717-3970
E-mail: nataliaferreiraxusombonaire





EDt 786-6875 OR


Page 16

(WindsurfReports. Continued from page 9)
try out the conditions and it seemed to be
getting better and better. The event organiz-
ers and judges got ready and fixed up the
competition area. At the same time I was
being interviewed by the EFPT Tour Man-
ager. See www.efpt.net / news: Black Pearl
interviewed another nickname invented by
the EFPT crew.

After I finished my interview I went to the
beach to check out the elimination ladder
because the wind was kicking in. I was auto-
matically advanced through the first
round to the next round because of a good
seeding this year. So I had to wait a little bit
longer before I could start.
Finally my heat arrived and I was facing
Fabian Webber from Germany (G-999; the
wind was not super strong. I used my Rep-
tile-Mast Python in my Loft 360Free 5.2 on
the I-style 104liter board, one of my favorite
combinations. I performed a smooth routine
and tried to impress the judges more.
I took the victory over Mr. Webber and
moved on to the next round facing another
German trickster Norman Gunzlein (G-186)
this time. I tried to pull out more technical
maneuvers, but I was struggling a
bit because of the wavy conditions here in
Tarifa. Norman took the win and moved on
to the next round, the quarter finals, leaving
me stuck in 5th position on the single elimi-
nation ladder.
The final heats were sailed at a very high
level, with the surprising performance of
Polish Champion Jakub Kosmowski (POL-
288) who is definitely hungry for the title
this year. But Andre Paskowski (G-2) kept it
on the safe side and completed more moves
than his Polish opponent. It was a day full
of freestyle action at the Tore de La Pena
camping event site. It was followed by
an invitational party downtown.

Day 3
A relaxing morning and the wind was not
enough to start the double elimination.
After lunch time the wind started to pick
up a little bit, but the event organizer de-
cided to run a super session for the media
and press. The guys were showing off some
of their best moves on 5.7 and 6.0 square
meter sails. In the late afternoon the award
ceremony was held on the beach, followed
by a little celebration and happy hour.

Final results of the EFPT Toro Andaluz
1 Andre Paskowski (G-2, F2/North)
2 Jakub Kosmowski (Pol-288, Tabou/Gaastra)
3 Cheo Diaz (V-34, Fanatic/North)
4 Norman Gunzlein (G-186, JP/Pryde
5 Ruben Petrisie (NB-50,Exocet/Loft)

Next up is the first Slalom event of the
Euro Cup down in the south of France, Leu-
cate. This will be my first slalom event after
I stopped back around 2002. Now I am get-
ting back into it. This season I will compete
in some slalom and freestyle events around
Slalom Racing is where different rounds
of eight sailors start together, cruising
through the start line at the same time. Sla-
lom racing can have different course for-
mats. Nowadays the downwind slalom for-
mat is mostly used. Sailors have to turn/jibe
around four marks (buoys) and the four fast-
est ones who make it to the finish line ad-
vance to the next round until we have the
final of eight winners.

Thanks for reading. Look out for the next
one. 1
Ruben Petrisie, NB-50. Sponsored by
Exocet, The Loft, Reptile-Masts, Gsport,


The Reporter is

still FREE for

our island readers

Keep it that way

:by shopping and

'dining with our


SBe sure to say, "The Reporter sent me."
L - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


B JZ, Bonairiaanse Jeugdzorg
(Bonaire Youth care) had a fund-
raising concert aboard the cruise ship
Freewinds. BJZ is the organization
which oversees needs of children ages 6-
13, similar to SEBIKI for ages 0-6 and
Jong Bonaire for 12-18 year olds.

Traditional Bonairean costumes, instru-
ments and musical folklore filled the
stage when the first performers, SE-
BARI, a group of 17 colorfully dressed
children and young adults from Sentro di
Bario Rincon, started singing. Their de-
lightful music explains why they won at
the Krioyo Festival and even performed
for Queen Beatrix. These musicians are
not only talented, they are motivated.
They want to get their own sound equip-
ment and make a CD.

The next group, Duo Shining Stars,
Gilberto Martis and Syphard Willem,
may only be 16 and 17 years old, but
their voices are full-
grown. These talented
young artists began per- S
forming when they were
very young. They were
awarded first finalists at
the recent Duo Fest and
Their wish is to promote
Bonaire internationally J
and to become profes-
sional musicians.
"Freddy G.," a surprise
guest brought in by
Shirley Martis of the xtra newspaper,
kept the audience in high gear. He lives
in Holland, but he has a very special
Bonaire connection: he married the
daughter of Mrs. Cecilia "Chichi"
Evertsz, a well-known poetess on Bon-
aire. "Freddy G" and his group spirited
the audience to participation in his gospel

For Jon Hilgers, teacher at SGB, a wish
has come true! "This is so great! It's the
first time I've gotten to perform my com-
positions with a professional band!" He
and Duo Lotus partner, Martina Gerling,
were winners at the DuoFest where she
was the youngest performer. They will
also attend the Caribbean Gospel Festival
in Curaqao this May. Dressed in white
and wearing their signature straw hats,
they serenaded the audience with their
winning song, "Silent Place," after be-
ginning their set with the beautiful,
"When I Change into a Star." Through-
out the concert, MC Lupe Uranie ener-
gized the cheering audience.

Besides the talented performers and
Freewinds personnel, many people and
businesses contributed to this successful
fundraiser for BJZ. A big "thank you"
goes out to sponsors Scarlet's Flower
Shop, Donna & Giorgio's, extra newspa-

per, Movie-
land, MCB bank, Sedrebo bus, and Insel
"I am very happy with the concert," ex-
claimed Suitberta Romero, BJZ coordi-
nator who organized the event. "I had
hoped the audience would enjoy our mu-
sic and they loved it! Tonight we raised
almost NAf4.000 for our activities. We
do get some money from the govern-
ment, but we have to fund raise the rest."
1 Barbara Bianculli

About BJZ

BJZ's job is to stimulate, motivate, and
educate youngsters between the ages of
6-13 years. Right now, Suitberta and her
administrator, Irene Winklaar, do the
work, but in April a much needed addi-
tion will start. Mientje letswaart will join
the BJZ and coordinate activities like
Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, School Va-
cation Week and others.

BJZ has presented sexual
education courses to
t some 6-11 year olds.
S Many parents are
pleased to have this as an
opening for discussions
with their children. In
o September 2006, BJZ
and GVI (Guia di
r Famia) sponsored "E
Herencia" ("The Leg-
acy"), an educational
musical comedy performed by a group
from Aruba. Children from the elemen-
tary schools came to watch this perform-
ance and to learn the ways of avoiding
sexual abuse. They memorized a great
song about saying "No!" running away,
and telling a trusted adult. Many children
still sing this song and remember the

Sometimes BJZ works directly with the
children, but other times they assist
adults. Suitberta Romero envisions BJZ
as an information center for parents or
others who work with children. BJZ also
adapts existing training programs for
parents to enhance and support them in
the education of the children. BJZ has a
website for information and an email for
preguntanan (questions) about raising
and educating a child. One initiative, a
website link to FAQs should assist peo-
ple in getting help. O Barbara Bianculli

Visit www.bonieugd.org or email
Or go to Bonairiaanse Jeugdzorg on
Kaya Nikiboko 79B, 717-7316

Bonaire Reporter April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 17



S uDoku
means "the
digits must re-
main single" in
Japanese. To
solve the puzzle,
enter the numbers
1 through 9 to the
partially filled in
puzzle without
repeating a num-
ber in any row,
column or 3 x 3
region. For a
tutorial visit the
web site www.
Sudoku shack.
O Supplied by
Molly Kearney
(who has to
solve all the
puzzles first)

Complete solution on

Bonaire Reporter- April 6 to April 13, 2007

37 51 8

9 4 2

697 5

8 6 1 4

23 8 79

5 2 3

9 5 7 8

6 9 3

72 3 9 5
U U U U- U1

Page 18




Late Show
Call to make sure (Usually9pm)
Ghost Rider
(Nicolas Cage)
Early Show (Usually 7pm)
The Number 23
(Jim Carrey)

Kaya Prinses Marie
Behind Exito Bakery
Tel. 717-2400
Tickets NAf14 (incl. Tax)
Children under 12 NAf12
2 MOVIES 7 & 9PM
March: Charlotte's Web

April 5 9 MCB International Ten-
nis Tournament See this page.

Friday, April 6- Good Friday
Saturday, April 7-Big Rincon Marshe,
8am-4 pm, in the center of Rincon-stands
selling fresh produce, gifts & crafts, local
foods & drinks. 10 am- "Bou di Ramada"
with special guests, musicians Martina Ger-
ling & Jon Hilgers, winners of DuoFest.
Historical guided tours of central Rincon.
Don't miss it!
Saturday, April 7-Mountain Bike Tour,
4 pm. Meet at Bonaire Wellness Center,
Eden Beach, NAf15
Sunday, April 8 Easter
Arts and Crafts Markets at Wilhelmina
Park on Cruise Ship Visiting Days start-
ing 10 am to early afternoon: Tuesday,
April 10-Lily Marlene, Sea Princess;
Thursday, April 12 Silver Wind.
Friday, April 20 -Dutch Dixies at
Buddy Dive Resort to benefit the
Bonaire Rotary Club. 6:30-8 pm
Sunday, April 22-Earth Day
Saturday, April 28 World Tai Chi
Qigong Day
April 30 Rincon Day-One of Bon-
aire's biggest parties!
Friday, May 11 -Mother's Day fund rais-
ing party at Don Paranda for the FKPD
(foundation that assists persons with
disabilities) 8 pm. Three musical groups
and a dance group will entertain. Bar,
snacks and salad are included in the NAf50
price. Tickets available from FKPD staff,
at Angelo's and the Bonaire Bookstore in
downtown Kralendijk.
Arts and Crafts Markets at Wilhelmina
Park on Cruise Ship Visiting Days start-
ing 10 am to early afternoon: Wednesday,
May 2 Crown Princess (last ship of the

Daily (more or less)
* HH 2 for 1 (all beverages) 5-7 pm, Divi
Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar
* HH-50% off Buddy Dive Resort, 5:30-
* HH Cactus Blue (except Sun.) 5-6
* 2 for 1 appetizers with entree 6-7, Cac-
tus Blue

* Divi Flamingo Casino open daily for hot
slot machines, roulette and black jack, Mon.
to Sat. 8 pm 4 am; Sun. 7 pm 3 am.
*By appointment- Rooi Lamoenchi
Kunuku Park Tours $21 (includes tax).
Discounts for residents and local people. Tel.
717-8489, 540-9800.
* Parke Publico children's playground
open every day into the evening hours.
* Steak Night On the Beach (a la carte) -
Buddy Dive Resort, 6-10 pm
* Rincon Marsh-6 am-2 pm. Enjoy a
Bonairean breakfast while you shop, fresh
fruits and vegetables, gifts, local sweets,
snacks, arts, handicrafts, candles, incense,
drinks, music. www.infobonaire.com/rincon.
Extra big Marsh6 1st Saturday of the
month, 6 am-2 pm.
* All You Can Eat BBQ at Divi Fla-
mingo with live music, 6 to 9 pm, NAf26,50.
Call for reservations 717-8285 ext. 444.
* Bike Trips-Meet at Eden Beach Activ-
ity Center 4 pm. Free. Helmets mandatory.
Wine Tasting at AWC's warehouse,
2nd Saturday of the month, 7 to 9 pm, Kaya
Industria #23, across from Warehouse Bon-
aire. Great wines. NAf20 per person for 6 to 8
Flea Market every first Saturday of
the month from 3 to 7 pm, Parke Publico.
Everyone welcome to buy and to sell. NAf5
per selling table. For more information and
reservations for a spot, call 787-0466.
* Live music 6-9 pm while enjoying a
great dinner in colorful tropical ambiance at
the Chibi Chibi Restaurant & Bar, Divi
Flamingo. Open daily 5-10 pm
* Fish or Meat Dinner Special for only
$10. Buddy Dive Resort, 6 9:30 pm
* Soldachi Tour of Rincon, the heart of
Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call Maria 717-6435
* Live music by the Flamingo Rockers,
5-7 Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar
* Wine & Cheese/ $1 glass of wine, 5-7,
Divi Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar
* Buy a Bucket of Beer & get free
chicken wings, 5-7, Cactus Blue
* Caribbean Gas Training free "Beyond
Gravity An Evening with DIR," 6 pm, Bon-
aire Dive & Adventure 786-5073.
* Open Mike Night with Moogie, 7-9,
Cactus Blue... usually a real blast
* Live music by Flamingo Rockers, Divi
Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar 5-6:30.
* Beach BBQ 7-10 & Live music by Fla-
mingo Rockers -The Windsurf Place at
Sorobon Reserve. 717-5091, 717-2288
* Caribbean Night A la Carte Buddy
Dive Resort, 6-10 pm
* Live music by the Flamingo Rockers,
Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar, 5-7
* "Admiral's Hour" for yachtsmen and
others, Vespucci Restaurant, Harbour Village
Marina. HH drinks, gratis tapas, 5-7
* Buddy's Bingo Show Buddy Dive
Resort, 8- 9:30 pm
* Mixed Level Yoga 8:30am, Buddy
Dive 786-6416
* Harbour Village Tennis, Social Round
Robin 7 10 pm. $10 per person. Cash bar. All
invited. Call Elisabeth Vos at 565-5225
* Live music by the "Flamingo Rockers"
Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar, 5-7 pm
* Swim lessons for children by Enith
Brighitha, a Dutch Olympian, at Sunrise Pool-
bar and Sportsclub, for children 0 18.
* Manager's Bash-free Flamingo Smash
& snacks, Divi Flamingo, 5-7 pm
* Free Rum Punch Party (5:30 pm 6:30
pm) & All-u-can-eat BBQ, 7-10 pm, Buddy
Dive Resort
Saturday- "Discover Our Diversity" slide

MCB Tennis Tournament for All O
B onaire will be the host of the Annual MCB Inter-
national Tennis Tournament from April 5 to April
9. This is the fifth anniversary of this popular tournament,
which started in 2003. The tournament has grown rapidly,
becoming the largest tennis tournament to be held on Bon-
aire. Participants come from Aruba, Curacao Bonaire, US and
Europe. Curacao A-Class players have already started to regis- ter,
while the Aruba Racquet Club and Aruba Champs have also an-
nounced their participation.
The categories are:
Men's: Single A, B, C, doubles A, B, C;
Female: Single A, B, C, doubles A, B ,C and Mixed Doubles A, B, C.
The A-Class category is open for juniors as well as 40+.
B-class will be split in 18+ and 40+. C-class category is for 18+, 40+ i 50+. Registration
forms are available at MCB (Bonaire) branches and at the Harbour Village Tennis Center
from Mrs. Elisabeth Vos, tournament director, Tel. 700-8282 or 565-5225. Registration fee
is US$30 for one category and US$40 for participation in 2 categories. The tournament is
open to the public.
The schedule is:
Thursday, April 5: registration 5 pm and Opening Ceremonies 6:30 pm, after which the
matches will start and continue until approximately midnight.
Friday, April 6, until Sunday, April 8: Matches start at 8 am until around midnight.
Monday, April 9: Continuation of matches from 8 am until finals. Prize ceremony will be
approximately at 5 pm.
In addition to the matches, participants can enjoy special activities, such as Friday night
BBQ (tickets $10 for non-participants) and dinner buffet Sunday with DJ entertainment. Lo-
cal musicians will provide entertainment throughout the weekend. Visitors can purchase local
food at the site for lunch and dinner, and there is also a bar.
A special invitation goes out to tennis aficionados to come watch the matches, which
are guaranteed to be of high standard judging by the level of the participants, especially the
men's A-Class.
The tournament's title sponsor is local bank Maduro & Curiel's Bank (Bonaire) N.V. Co-
sponsors are Littman's, Budget Car Rental, Heineken, Telbo, Jibe City, Babolat, Harbour
Village Beach Club, Gatorade and Tennisschool Sport Bonaire. The venue is the Harbour
Village Tennis Center, Bonaire. [Elisabeth Vos

show-pool bar Buddy Dive, 7 pm, 717-5080
Monday-Dee Scarr's "Touch the Sea"
Slide Show, Capt. Don's Habitat, 8:30 pm.
Call 717-8290.
Tuesdays & Wednesdays-Sea Turtle Con-
servation Bonaire presents the Sea Turtles of
Bonaire Slide Show. Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday
at Buddy Dive Resort (717-3802) at 7:00pm.
Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday at the Bruce
Bowker's Carib Inn (717-8817) at 7:00pm.
Kas Kriyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's past in this
venerable old home that has been restored and fur-
nished so it appears the family hasjust stepped out
Local ladies will tell you the story. Open Monday thu
Friday, 9 12,2-4. Weekends by appointment Call
MangasinadiRei, Rincon. Enjoy the view from
"The King's Storehouse." Learn about Bonaire's
culture. Visit homes from the 17th century. Daily.
Call 7174060 790-2018
Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, behind the
Catholic Church in town. Open weekdays from 8 am-
noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel. 717-8868
Washington-Slagbaai National Park, Mu-
seum and Visitors' Center. Open daily 8 am-
5 pm. Closed on some holidays. 717-
AAmeetings -every Wednesday; Phone 717-
6105; 560-7267 or717-3902.
Al-Anon meetings every Monday evening
at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Cancer Survivor Support Group Majestic
Journeys Bonaire N.V. Lourdes Shopping
Center 2nd Level Kaya LD Gerharts # 10. Call
Weekly BonaireTalker Gathering and Din-
ner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30 pm call 567-
0655 for directions.
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7:30 pm at the
FORMA Building on Kaya Korona, across
from the RBTT Bank. All levels invited.NAf5
entry fee. Call Cathy 5664056.
Darts Club plays every other Sunday at City
Caf6. Registration at 4, games at 5. Tel. 717-
2950, 560-7539.
JCI First Wednesday of the Month- Junior
Chamber International Bonaire (JCI Bonaire,
formerly known as Bonaire Jaycees) meets at
the ABVO building, Kaminda Jato Baco 36
from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Everyone is welcome.
Contact: Renata Domacass6 516-4252.
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza, Kaya
International, every other Tuesday, 7 pm.
Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette Rodriguez.

Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Thurs-
day of the month at 8 pm at Kaya Sabana #1.
All Lions welcome.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday, 12 noon-
2 pm Now meeting at 'Pirate House', above
Zeezicht Restaurant. All Rotarians welcome.
Tel. 717-8434
Bonaire Arts & Crafts (Fundashon Arte
Industrial Bonaireano) 717-5246 or 7117
The Bonaire Swim Club- Contact Valarie
Stimpson at 785-3451; Valarie@telbonet.an
Bonaire National Marine Park 717-8444.
Bonaire Animal Shelter -717-4989.
Donkey Sanctuary 560-7607.
Jong Bonaire (Youth Center)- 7174303.
Sister Maria Hoppner Home (Child Care)
Tel. 717-4181 fax 717-2844.
Special Olympics- Call Claire 717-8290
Volunteers to train children in sports. Con-
tact Quick-Pro Track and Field Rik 717-8051
Protestant Congregation of Bonaire.
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papiamentu,
Dutch, English on Sundays 10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, Services in
Papiamentu on Sundays at 8.30 am.
Children's club Saturday 5 pm in Kralendijk.
Sunday School every Sunday at 4 pm in Rin-
con. Bible Study and Prayer meetings, every
Thursday at 8 pm. in Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church, Meets at Kaminda
Santa Barbara #1, Sundays, 9:30 am. Services
in Dutch. 717-7116.
International Bible Church of Bonaire- Kaya
Amsterdam 3 (near the traffic circle) Sunday Ser-
vices at 9 am; Sunday Prayer Meeting at 7 pm in
English. Tel. 717-8332
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints, Kaya Sabana #26 Sundays 8:30 -
11:30am. In Papiamentu, Spanish and English.
Catholic San Bernardus in Kralendijk Ser-
vices on Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in Papia-
mentu 717-8304. Saturday at 6 pm at Our
Lady of Coromoto in Antriol, in English.
Mass in Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6
pm. 717-4211.
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios), Kaya
Triton (Den Cheffi). In English, Dutch &
Papiamentu on Sunday at 10 am. Wednesday
Prayer Meeting at 7:30 pm. 717-2194
Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Email reportertibonairenews.com
Tel:786-6518 or 786-6125

Bonaire Reporter April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 19


See advertisements in this issue

Balashi Beach Bar Open every day
Bar and Beach Service 8am 8pm. Extensive snack/salad/burger.
At the DiviFlamingo Beach Resort Waterfront Happy Hour, two for one, 6-7 pm. Menu available daily from noon.

Bella Vista Restaurant Moderate. Breakfast daily 6:30-10 am -. Buddy's Magnificent Theme Nights: Sat. Steak Night A la Carte; Mon. Fish
Sea Side Restaurant at Buddy Dive Resort Lunch daily 11:30 or Meat Dinner Special ($10,-); Wed. Caribbean Night A la Carte; Fri. Free
717-5080, ext. 538 Dinner on theme nights 6-10 pm Rum Punch Party (5:30- 6:30 pm) and All-u-can-eat BBQ for $ 19.50 (7-1 pm)

Bistro de Paris Moderate Real French Cooking in an informal setting
Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 46 Lunch Monday Friday 11 am-3 pm Superb dishes prepared with care and love by a French chef
(half-way between hotel row and town) 717-7070 Dinner Monday Saturday, 6 to 10 pm Owner-operated Eat in or Take away
Cactus Blue Moderate Trend Setting Menu
Blvd. J. A. Abraham 16 Dinner Bonaire's newest hot-spot to eat and drink. Margaritas a specialty
(half-way between town and Divi Flamingo) 717-4564 Closed Sunday Owner-operated for top service
Calabas Restaurant & M ratE niv
Chibi Chibi Restaurant and Bar Breaa t, n an e inner Biggest BBQ Buffet on Bonaire every Saturday
At the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort Waterfront s n and nn from 6-9pm. Only NAf 28 or $15.75.
717-8285 Open 7 days
The Great Escape Moderate Bar-Restaurant poolside -under the thatched roof.
EEG Blvd #97-across from Belmar Breakfast Breakfast Buffet 7:30-10 am every day
717-7488 Sandwich Lunch 10 am-12 noon Super beer selection-Happy hours 5 to 7 daily.

The Last Bite Bakery Low-Moderate NAf 10 take out lunch every day -
Kaya Grandi 70 Open Tuesday through Saturday main dish with 2 side dishes.
717-3293 7:30am-5:30pm; Sat. 9am-2pm Special on Tuesday and Thursday: Lasagna.

Papaya Moon Cantina Moderate Margaritas a Specialty
Downtown-- Kaya Grandi 48 Open everyday except Tuesday 2 for 1 Happy Hour 6-7:30
717-5025 For Dinner Incredible Mexican Cuisine

Pasa Bon Pizza Low-Moderate Bonaire's best. The Real Thing! Freshly prepared pizzas made with the finest ingre-
On Kaa Gob. Debrot Open from 5-11 pm Wednesday-Sunday dients. Salads, desserts. Eat m or take away. Nice bar too.
Smile north of town center. 780-1111 from 5-11 Wednesday-Sunday Call ahead to eat-in or take out 780-1111
Patagonia Argentinean Restaurant Moderate Authentic Argentinean Cuisine
At the lighthouse, Harbour Village Marina Lunch Tuesday-Friday Owned and operated by the Pablo Palacios Family from Argentina
717-7725 Dinner Tuesday-Sunday The beef is here and more.
The Bonaire Windsurfing Place Low-Moderate A genuine sandy beach restaurant cooled by the trade winds
At Sorobon Beach Open from 10Oam-6 pm daily, Top quality food and friendly service. Reserve for the Wednesday Beach BBQ.
Get away from it all.

S -I P I N LM I D E Seeadvertsementsin thisissue E

Divi Divi Air. Bonaire's "on time airline" with 16 flights a
day between Bonaire and Curacao. Your first choice for in-
ter-island travel. Now flying to Aruba.
City Shop, the mega store, has the island's widest selection
of large and small home appliances, furniture, TV, com-
puters, cell phones and more. Fast service and in-store fi-
nancing too.
Maduro and Curiel's Bank provides the greatest number of
services, branches and ATMs of any Bonaire bank. They also
offer investments and insurance.
Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials, waxing and
professional nail care.
De Freewieler rents scooters and quads; professionally re-
pairs almost anything on two wheels. Sells top brand bikes.
Have your keys made here.
Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with top-notch dive shop
and well stocked retail store. Best book trade on Bonaire. Good
prices on regulator repair, dive computer H.Q.

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m U
Page 20 Bonaire Reporter April 6 to April 13, 2007

Bonaire Reporter- April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 20

C-aniclideoates' D i -Wiv es S pa

Marisol Cleopatra Petra Dirksz-Winklaar lo L

Beginning this week are interviews of the woman behind the man of the
party leaders of Bonaire's three contending parties: PRO headed by Benito
Dirksz; UPB, led by Ramonsito Booi and the PDB's Jopie Abraham.
All the women will be asked similar questions. Elections take place
following the publication of the last interview.

Born April 27th, 1975.
Religion: Catholic.
Education: MBO (Middle Professional
Education) accountancy employee.
Career: "I moved with my parents from
Bonaire to Holland in 1977 when I was
two. During my school years I worked all
kinds of jobs; I delivered newspapers and I
also cleaned buildings. I came back to
Bonaire alone in 1994 when I was 19 and
started working for Playa Trading. Then I
worked for a construction company, and by
the end of 1995 I began working for Spe-
cial Security Services as a clerk and I am
still working there. When Benito isn't here,
I am the manager."
Relationship with Benito Dirksz since:
"Eleven and a half years and coming April
19th we'll be married for 10 years."
What made you fall for him? "He has
tons of energy and shows a lot of interest.
He's also a man of detail and little atten-
tions like sending flowers now and then or
calling: "I was thinking of you..."
What do you think made him fall for
you? "I never really thought about that...
One time he told me: "When I got to know
you better, I wanted to go on with you."
Children: "I have three children; Berna-
dette, better known as Beneatha, is eight
years old and she is mentally handicapped.
Then there is Benedict who's going to be
seven this month and Elijah who's going to
be two in May."
How much are you involved in your
husband's political work? "I am present
everywhere; I organize meetings, gather-
ings I mostly do the organizing part of
the party."
What is to you the most important
issue on PRO's party program? "The
new structure we're heading for a direct
tie with Holland is no problem for me,
but the negotiations should be done well.
There has to be a balance and everyone
should be able to live with it."
What does the island mean to you?
"Peace and tranquility. In spite of the fact
that we're leading a hectic life here never-
theless it's so much quieter compared to
Holland or the US."
What would you like to change?
"There should be more activities for chil-
dren, for youth, something like Jong Bon-
aire, but accessible for everyone. And more
education possibilities. I think it's time
they should change the government. Fur-
ther, I don't think Bonaire should change
so much."
What would you not like to change? "I
don't want the traffic to increase. I cer-
tainly would not want us to be driving here
in a year or two, bumper to bumper, like

they do on St. Martin. And another thing I
would not want to change is the free access
the people have to their beaches, to the
What's your opinion about the situa-
tion of the Bonairean women? "They
should become more emancipated; they're
too dependent on their man. I can take
myself as an example. Sometimes I have to
ask Benito five times before he does a cer-
tain thing, but by that time I've done it
already myself. The Bonairean women
should be more in control and stand up for
themselves more often and when violence
is used against them, they should report it."
What's the most important thing in
your life? "My children."
How do you see your future? "Since
Benito has taken the first step, I think we'll
be staying in the political arena and per-
sonally I would like to become more pro-
fessional in the security field. All in all, I
see it rosy."
How do you see the island's future? "I
don't know what the future looks like; we
don't know what's waiting for us after all

"What's your opinion
about the situation of the
Bonairean women? "

"They should become
more emancipated; they're
too dependent on their

these reorganizations."
What's the best thing you want to see
when Holland takes over? "That welfare
facilities and social laws on the island will
be improved."
And the worst thing in your opinion?
"When tax laws will be interpreted the
same way as they are in Holland. In that
case I fear everything that's going to hap-
pen. Also I am afraid they will introduce
the EURO the same way they did in Hol-
land what used to cost one guilder sud-
denly became one EURO but one's
monthly salary of 2.000 guilders was all of
a sudden worth half."
What's your strongest point? "I am a
go-getter. I don't give up and when I've set
myself a goal, I'll reach it, whatever it
costs. Sometimes Benito is annoyed by it,
but that's his problem."
What's your husband strongest point?
"He's a go-getter. He goes for the full
100%. He doesn't give up easily."
How do you spend your time together?

"If we are home together
by coincidence, we
watch a movie or we're
busy with the children.
Sometimes we go out for
dinner or we just don't
do a thing, but those are
rare moments, especially
Do you have girl-
friends of whom you
know that they are not
voting for your hus-
band? "Yes, I've got
one; her father is Papy
What's the influence

of the negative sides of
your husband's work
on your life? "Your private life is put un-
der a microscope and is being discussed in
public. That's the most annoying thing
about sharing your life with a political
How do you see life? "Life in itself is a
wonderful thing, but you have to learn how
to fill in your time and also you have to
make time for yourself."
What do you think about the situation
of youth on Bonaire? "It's alarming; so
many kids who don't finish their educa-
tion, teenager pregnancies, criminal youth,
broken families, mothers who have to take
care of the children all alone and while
they are working all day long nobody is
looking after the children. I think the main
thing they're missing is, first of all, their
parent's guidance and after that guidance at
school. There used to be social control, but
not anymore. There should be well-trained
professionals who know how to handle
youngsters at the sentros di bario and more
facilities for youth to go to and it should be
subsidized by the government."
What does your own life look like?
"Now it's very busy. I have three small
children and I'm working full-time at SSS.
I am on the board of the athletics federa-
tion and I'm on the board of FUDEBO (a
foundation that's going to produce school
materials in Papiamentu for Bonaire in the
future). I am in the parent's council of
Kristu Bon Wardador elementary school
and I represent the parents in the education
How important is the environment to
you? "Important; especially here on this
little island. I really admire what SELI-
BON is doing on Bonaire and I also think
their campaign to make the people aware
to keep the island clean is very good."
What do you think about development
and growth? "The island could grow a bit
more, but 20,000 people would be the
maximum for me. I would like to see more
work possibilities, but factories for in-
stance would also bring pollution and I
don't want to go that far. The more pollu-
tion, the more corals will die and then we
won't be a diver's paradise anymore."
How do you feel about foreigners liv-

MarisolDirksz-Winklaar and Benedict

ing here? "I have no comment about for-
eigners and makambas (Dutch people) as
long as they stick to the rules. Some
makambas, especially those who come
with their pockets full of money, like to
belittle the Bonaireans. Until now I person-
ally never experienced that with Ameri-
What do you think about the situation
of the elderly? "Some live in a deplorable
situation. We need more homes for the
elderly. And how can someone live on
NAf550 per month, what is supposed to be
the old age pension? No, the care for the
elderly people should be strongly im-
What is the Bonairean identity? "Real
Bonaireans are humble people, but there
aren't that many anymore. The true Bo-
nairean is very hospitable. They're not
envious, and there's no neighbor rivalry
like on Curagao."
What responsibilities do parents have
towards their children? "They have to
feed them, dress them and give them the
right norms and values. You have to give
them lots of love and attention and make
sure they get a good education."
What would you like to have become?
"A singer, if... I would have had a good
voice! Benito always says that if I would
have to make a living as a singer I would
starve to death!"
How do you cope with the fact that
your husband is a public figure? "I am
used to it."
What are your hobbies? "I like to read,
to swim and to sing even though it's out of
What does friendship mean to you?
"Friendship means that I can trust someone
blindly, through thick and thin."
What was the best time you ever had
with your husband? "A
cruise we went on. We've
gone twice, but once it
was just the two of us and
that was fun."
Does your husband
give you the space to do

Story & photo by Greta Kooistra

Bonaire Reporter April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 21


"Just" a Snorkeler

It is much easier to take photographs when on scuba than when snorkeling, at least
for me. This young spotted moray is being cleaned by a shrimp on his underside.

I enjoy talking to the people who
come to my slide shows, and of
course we often talk about marine animals.
One thing I've noticed: if people are not
scuba divers, they almost always describe
themselves as "just snorkelers." And they
always act a little sheepish, as if they ex-
pect me to think less of them because
they're merely snorkelers, not scuba di-

At first I didn't understand why they
thought I'd think less of them if they were
"just" snorkelers, but since I began swim-
ming using mask and snorkel but not fins
three or four times a week, the answer
became clear. On the dock, me in bathing
suit and with mask and snorkel, the divers
in wetsuits and with all their gear, the di-
vers almost always treated me like they'd
treat, say, a seven year old. As they dis-
cussed what they'd seen, a polite one
might ask me, "Did you have a nice snor-

Heh heh. Twice in the last six months,

I've seen a stingray as I swam on the sur-
face. One was a spotted eagle ray, forag-
ing in the shallow sand not far from the
mooring at Cliff, completely undisturbed
by my presence. The other, a Southern
stingray, was near town. It swam from the
shallows to the dropoff, passing no more
than 15' behind two scuba divers who
never saw it, and never looked up to see
me excitedly gesturing. Oh yes Ma'am, I
had a very nice snorkel!

From the surface with my mask and
snorkel, I once saw a gray snapper zoom
up and gobble down a sergeant-major.
I've watched a batfish stalk prey. Sea
turtles are unconcerned by my presence, as
are spawning parrotfish and wrasses. The
surface is the perfect vantage point from
which to watch a school of mas bangu
(bigeye scad) flow around a gang of hor-
seye jacks.

In water too shallow for a person wear-
ing a tank, I've had tarpon brush up
against my fingers, and watched mating

octopuses (in the
interest of science, of
course). Once I saw
two chain morays
pulling on opposite
sides of a dead fish,
like puppies with a
rope toy.

Just because I saw
these things snorkel-
ing doesn't mean that 0
I wouldn't have seen
some of them if I was
diving, of course.
But on scuba you're .
down there with most
of the creatures, close I noticed this little
to the reef. The two 10' ofwater. Turns
divers the stingray moray. I snorkeled
passed behind were proachedfrom above
just below the dro- why the eel is mostly
poff, and the ray was
swimming close to the bottom, inshore of
the dropoff. Even if the divers had looked
toward the ray, the reef would have
blocked their view of it until it came to the
dropoff. From the surface I saw it all.

On the other hand, sometimes it's much
better to be on scuba and closer to the reef.
I sure don't have the breath-holding skill
to be a cleaner station client (always being
careful not to make contact with the reef at
all) when I'm snorkeling! It's easier for
me to do fish or coral bleaching surveys
when I'm scuba diving. And swimming
through tight schools of scad, with them
all around you, is wonderful in a different
way from when they're below you.

Last month I met Fred Calhoun, a gen-
tleman from Massachusetts who reminds
me very much of Captain Don Stewart.
Fred tells his students, "It's not how deep
you dive that makes you a good diver, it's
how often you dive. "
About critter watching, I'd paraphrase
Fred and say, "It's not that you watch un-
derwater animals, it's how much time you
spend watching". And then I'd add, "It's
also nice to watch from different perspec-

Seel peeking out of a bottom crevice in about
out it's a color variation of the goldentail
down to get the photo, which meant I ap-
'e, which is disconcerting for morays; that's
V in the crevice.

tives. Scientists have been studying
tropical rain forests from the ground for
decades but are delighted to have come up
with ways to observe forest animals from
the treetops. As scuba divers, we should
appreciate how easy it is for us to get that
So feel sorry for the people who are
"just" snorkelers in the same way you feel
sorry for those who are "just" scuba divers
because neither can see the underwater
world from the other's perspective. Rather
than being one or the other, expand your
horizons and appreciate both.* Story &
photo by Dee Scarr

As I wrote this last paragraph, I
thought about all the places I've been in
the Caribbean and the Pacific -- where the
scuba diving is fine but the shallow waters
are relatively barren, or where the waters
are too rough for comfortable snorkeling.
We are fortunate to enjoy Bonaire's
healthy reefs and protected shorelines! O

Dee Scarr conducts "Touch the
Sea" dives. They will enhance
your diving forever. Call 717-
8529. See her slide show
"Touch the Sea" at Capt. Don's
Habitat, Mondays, 8:30pm.

Bonaire Reporter- April 6 to April 13, 2007

Page 22

ral 4= N/fkI FSE E

*to find it... just look up

The Goddess of Love Visits the Seven Sisters

O n Wednesday
April llth the planet
named for the Ro-
man goddess of
love, will pay a very
close visit to one of
the loveliest star
clusters of them all,
The Pleiades, the
Seven Sisters. And
you can start watch-
ing them get closer
each night beginning
this weekend. Let
me show you.
This Saturday
April 7th, about one The Pleiades
hour after sunset
face west where you will see super bright 8,000-mile-wide Venus, aptly named for
the goddess of love because it is the brightest and most beautiful of all the naked-
eye planets. It's the brightest because in addition to it's being so close it is the most
reflective of all the planets because it is enshrouded in a perpetual cloud cover
which acts like a gigantic mirror reflecting sunlight back to Earth. But besides be-
ing beautiful to the naked eye, if you have a small telescope you will notice that
Venus appears to go through phases just like our Moon.
But something special has been added this Saturday because if you have fairly
dark skies you will see a tiny cluster of stars called The Seven Sisters, although
most people can only count six with the naked eye. Some people think this cluster
looks like a tiny dipper or a cluster of grapes, but in western tradition they are
known as the seven daughters of Atlas who ride across the sky on the shoulder of
Taurus the Bull and whose bright red eye, Aldebaran, can be seen up and to their
left. Now on Saturday the sisters will be only five degrees away from Venus. On
Wednesday night the 11th, they will be at their very closest, only two and a half de-
grees or five full Moons apart, which astronomically speaking is close!
And good luck abounds because if you're clouded out on Wednesday, on Thursday
they'll still be only two and 3% degrees apart. And on Friday the 13th, only three de-
grees apart. But the best night is Wednesday night! And to add to your viewing
pleasure also use a pair of binoculars because you'll be able to see a lot more than
seven sisters here. In fact we now know there are really about 100 stars here in a
sphere 14 light years in diameter, 400 light years away, wow! Unlike our five-
billion-year-old Sun these stars are extremely young, only 70 million years old.
That means they were born only five million years before the dinosaurs got wiped
out by a giant asteroid. So get out this weekend and start watching Venus and the
Seven Sisters as they move closer and closer to each other each night.
And now if you want to be underwhelmed by a full Moon: the full Moon on Tues-
day night next week will be the farthest and thus the smallest and least bright full
Moon of the entire year. In fact it will be 252,481 miles away from Earth at 5 am,
which is over 30,000 miles farther away than the closest full Moon of the year on
October 26th. Even so it will still be pretty bright. Finally, please note that on
Easter Sunday morning April 8th, people attending sunrise services will see a beau-
tiful gibbous Moon forming a wonderful triangle with Jupiter and Antares. 1
Jack Horkheimer




And the
solution is:
(puzzle and
on page 18)

98541 3627

21 6978534

798631 245


654792 318

34 91 57862



Sunday, April 1 to Saturday, April 7
By Astrologer Michael Thiessen
ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You have your own family to consider as well. Go
after your professional goals. You can make money through your own creative ef-
forts. Your temper could be short if someone criticizes your efforts. You can make
major decisions regarding your professional direction. Your lucky day this week will
be Monday.
TAURUS Apr. 21- May 21) You have a real need to be vocal. Try not to use
emotional blackmail; it will only make matters worse. You probably aren't getting
straight answers to your questions. Problems with fire, gas, or oil may cause disrup-
tions and annoyances. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.
GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You may have the opportunity to get involved in
some interesting conversations. Try to address the real issues in order to turn things
around. You will have to be careful not to let others find out about your intentions.
There could be opposition or temper tantrums on the home front. Your lucky day
this week will be Saturday.
CANCER (June 22-July 22) Stress may cause minor health ailments. Do things
that involve children. You may be emotionally unstable if you let someone you care
about get away with verbal abuse. You may need to make a choice. Your lucky day
this week will be Tuesday.
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Your mate, however, may not be too pleased with you.
Get down to business. You've been in a rut and you need to do something that will
help you break the pattern you've fallen into. Don't overextend yourself in the proc-
ess. You need to take a good look at all sides of an issue before making a decision.
Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Take a short business trip if possible. Property pur-
chases should be on your mind. Romantic opportunities will be plentiful if you go
out with friends. Moves or the possibility of having someone different living with
you may be difficult at first. Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Control those desires to cast your fate to the wind.
Secret affairs may be tempting. Upgrading at this point is not a bad plan. Losses are
likely if you have left your financial affairs in other people's hands. Your lucky day
this week will be Tuesday.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) You must make sure that all your personal docu-
ments are in order. You have the ability to motivate others. Look into joining groups
that can give you hands-on advice about business. You'll look guilty if you don't lay
your cards on the table. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Travel could bring you the adventure and
excitement you require. You will be emotional about your personal life. You are best
to tuck your money away where no one will be able to touch it, including yourself.
Family outings or a quiet stroll through the park will lead to stimulating conversa-
tion and a closer bond. Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Opportunities for financial gains through in-
vestments and games of chance are likely. You have more energy than the rest of the
people you live with anyway. A change in position could be better than you thought.
Catch up on overdue phone calls and correspondence. Your lucky day this week will
be Thursday.
AOUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) You will be able to work in fine detail and present
the best possible proposal. Relatives will not agree with the way you are dealing
with your personal problems. You're best not to get involved injoint financial ven-
tures. Complete those hobbies you started a long time ago. Your lucky day this week
will be Monday.
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Take care of any medical problems if they've been
troubling you. You can work in conjunction with those in the know in order to get to
the bottom of any pending issue. You're best to channel your energy into work. Your
emotional state could leave you vulnerable and confused. Your lucky day this week
will be Friday. 1

Bonaire Reporter April 6 to April 13, 2007

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