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wt hNovember 24-December 1,2006 Volume 13, 1ssue45

PO ox 07 Emil Reortr~bnarenws-om (9 9)76-15/58 ICE19

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f; ; 8 ^ i ^^ g, .B"

.. ise Ship Season Begins ..
Wilna Groenenboom photo


Last week the Antillean Parlia-
ment voted unanimously to in-
crease the old age pension (AOV) by
NAf100 per month effective January 1,
2007. The basic monthly pension will
become NAf654 ($374) a month, with a
double payment in December. To fund
the increase the AOV premium will be
raised 3% in two phases: 1.5% in 2007
and another 1.5% in 2008.
This premium increase is the same for
both the employers and employees,
namely 0.75% in 2007 and the same in
2008. The current premium is 10%, of
which 5.5% is paid by the employer and
4.5% by the employee. Poor and indigent
people will get more, NAf754.

Flying out of Curagao? The depar-
ture tax for International flights has
been raised from $25 to $32 per person.
The rationale was that Curacao Airport
Partners, which run the airport, said they
would be short $7 million annually with-
out the increase. Charges for flights be-
tween Antillean destinations are
NAf14,50. There is also a $2 "transfer
fe ."

Curagao has the right to reject or
renegotiate the final agreement dissolving
the Antilles signed in The Hague on No-
vember 2, but it does not have the right
to hold back the constitutional reform
process for the other islands of the
Netherlands Antilles, says Constitutional
Affairs Minister Roland Duncan. Simply
said, Bonaire can proceed with cementing
its closer ties with Holland regardless of
what Curagao decides to do.

> Buoyed by the
Netherlands' highest
economic growth in five
years, Prime Minister
Jan Peter Balkenende
seems likely to retain
power when Dutch
voters go to the polls on
November 22, despite Prime
the resignation of two of Minister
his three governments in Balkenende
four years Internet photo

Dutch citizens with voting rights in
the Netherlands and living on the Antil-
lean islands are participating in the up-
coming Parliamentary elections. A total
of 595 persons living in the Netherlands
Antilles have been registered for par-
ticipation in the Second Chamber elec-
tions. The vast majority of the registered
voters live in Curacao. Most of the regis-
tered voters, 469, will cast their ballots
via the Internet. Only 124 persons will
vote by mail.

The noted hurricane forecasting
team led by Dr. William Gray has not
missed by this much in a long time.
Before the Atlantic 2006 hurricane season
started, they predicted it would be well
above average. Instead, it has been
slightly below average as the November
30 end of the season draws near. The
unexpected formation of the El Nifio phe-
nomenon in the eastern tropical Pacific
was probably a chief factor.

The Central Bureau of Statistics
(CBS) began surveying 178 companies
in Bonaire last week to obtain informa-
tion on the island's labor market. The
survey will also be conducted in Curacao
and St. Maarten. The survey started on
November 13 and will end on December
15. The last job survey was held in 1998.

I0- Parliament debated on
the draft law to formalize
the tax treaty signed re-
cently between the Nether-
lands Antilles and US so the
exchange of tax information between the
two countries can go into effect as soon as
possible. Approving the draft law will
open additional possibilities for trade with
the US, Antilles State Secretary of Fi-
nance, Alex Rosaria, stated in a press
release. He said the treaty would fortify
the Netherlands Antilles' position as a
high-quality international financial center.
He added exchanging tax information
with the US will prevent fraud and tax
evasion and is an instrument to combat
finnncrin nf terrnrisrm

Table of Contents
Astronaut to Announce
Contest Winners 3
Astronaut Schedule 3
Bonaire on Wheels (Rincon Fire Engines) 4
Guest Editorial (Pt.2. Aruba Example) 5
Dream Diving (Matt Johnston) 6
ArkeFlys Back to Rock'n'Roll 6
Career Day in Bonaire 6
Windsurf EFPT Finals- Croatia 7
Announcement (Evanthe Denou) 8
Cruise Ship Season 9
Antique Houses ("Tower" Houses) 13
Day of Thanks Brings Cheer 11
Tutti Fruiti In Curacao 13
SGB Stars (Dauri Jansen,
Tracy Lee Dimsoy) 18
Flotsam & Jetsam 2
Biologist's Bubbles (Octopus) 3
Snack Detectives (5 Top) 5
Picture Yourself (DEMA 2006) 8
Straight Talk 12
SuDoku Puzzle 12
Classifieds 12
Tutti Frutti in Curacao 13
Pet of the Week (Julia) 14
Tide Table 14
Reporter Masthead 14
What's Happening 15
Movieland Film Schedule 15
Shopping & Dining Guides 16
On the Island Since (Varenia Thomas) 17
Sky Park (Mercury, 3 Birds) 19
The Stars Have It 19

> The Netherlands Antilles still re-
mains on the financial blacklist of sev-
eral countries despite the fact that Antil-
lean tax laws have been thoroughly re-
vised. South American governments are
typically not aware that the Netherlands
Antilles has updated its tax laws and con-
sequently, these countries avoid doing
/(mfntiMudln o nn o 4

sporter iNovemoer z4 to vecemoer 1, zuuo

Astronaut to Announce Contest Winners
F ormer Astronaut Charles Bolden will land on Bonaire 25 November at 6 am,
especially to speak with students and award prizes in the space essay and
poster contests. He will be met at the airport by Governor Herbert Domacass6 and
officially welcomed to the island.
Monday evening, 27 November, at the Divi Flamingo Hotel, Astronaut Bolden
will announce the winners of the poster and essay contests and present the prizes to
the winners. Over 100 students from the 6th class, SGB, Pelikaan School and Uni-
College entered the poster and essay contests.
The schedule of official activities follows lower right. When he is not making a
presentation to one of the schools or the community, the former astronaut will try
to take in some of Bonaire's scuba diving and maybe try windsurfing. General
Bolden is a scuba diver and he will be visiting Bonaire for the first time.
Sponsors for the astronaut's visit are RE/MAX Paradise Homes, Support Bonaire
Foundation, Divi Flamingo Hotel, Hertz Car Rental, Jong Bonaire, The Pelikaan
School, Jake Richter family and Laura and Ben Buchbinder. Alan Gross

^Bl{^fB(^^^)[li] (ia DHf

Octopus Photo by Albert Bianculli

D id You Know... Octopuses are
among the most intelligent
Their intelligence is said to equal that of
a housecat. According to
many behavioral scien-ar
tists, an octopus can
learn difficult tasks and e'zi g
can also learn from dults dv
watching other octo-

puses. They can navigate mazes, open
jars, and distinguish different shapes and
patterns. If one octopus sees another open
ajar with prey inside, it will be able to
open jars in much less time than if it were
Another fun fact: two-thirds of an octo-
pus's neurons are in its arms. If an arm is
severed, it can continue to crawl, change
color, and even suck onto surfaces! Octo-
puses can regenerate an arm, but not its
head. For those of you lucky enough to
find an octopus out on the coral reef, be
extremely patient and calm and it may
reach out and interact with an outstretched
finger. Needless to say, I'm a big fan of
octopuses and haven't been able to eat
them for years! Caren Eckrich


Liftoff of the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1994 with Charles F. Bolden, Jr. as mission com-
mander. The eight-day mission was the first to carry a Russian cosmonaut. NASA photo

Date & Time Activity Location
Astronaut's Visit
25 Nov. Saturday Boldens arrive airport & are met Flamingo Airport
6 am at steps of plane by officials, tarmac
27 Nov. Monday 6th Grade students: Group 1. 9- Jong Bonaire
8:45 to 11:30 am 10am Group 2. 10:30-11:30am auditorium
27 Nov. Monday Press conference preparation Divi Flamingo
5 pm Calbas dining
27 Nov. Monday Press Conference and photos (50 Divi Flamingo
5:30 pm to 60 people)
28 Nov. Tuesday Presentation to Pelikaan stu- Unicollege
7:45 to 9 am dents and UniCollege
28 Nov. Tuesday Presentation to Jong Bonaire Jong Bonaire
4 to 5:30 pm and possibly FORMA auditorium
29 Nov. Wednesday Presentation to several groups at SGB high school
7:30 am to 12:30 SGB high school
29 Nov. Wednesday Lunch with Rotary
30 Nov. Thursday Presentation to public Jong Bonaire
6:45 to 8:30 pm

Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

Page 3

(Flotsam and Jetsam. Continued from page 2)
business with the Netherlands Antilles. The
Central Government is working to correct
the situation expeditiously.

Rude immigration officials and long
delays in processing visas have turned the
US into the world's most unfriendly coun-
try for international travelers, according
to a global survey released on Monday. The
survey showed that the US was ranked "the
worst" in terms of visas and immigration
procedures by twice the percentage of trav-
elers as the next destination regarded as
unfriendly-the Middle East and the Asian

The traditional holiday stamps from
Nieuwe Post N.V are out. The "December"
or "Discount Stamps," is a series of six
stamps which can be used to send holiday
cards at a discounted rate, Nieuwe Post N.V.
said in a press release.
The local and inter-island rate is NAf45
cents. For international destinations (US,
Canada and Europe) the fee is NAf2.15. For
Aruba the rate is NAf 1. For destinations in
the Caribbean and South and Central Amer-
ica the rate is NAf 1.49, and for Australia
and countries in Asia and Africa the rate is
Nieuwe Post said the discounted rates are
only valid to the end of the year for cards up
to 20 grams in an open (un-sealed) enve-
The stamps convey best wishes for a
happy holiday in five languages: Papia-
mentu, Dutch, English, Spanish and French.
First Day covers and all related philatelic
items are available at all post offices in the
Netherlands Antilles.

The Central Committee of the Antillean
Parliament debated the 2007 budget this
week. It did so against the background of
major debt. The debt problem of the Antil-
les gets bigger and more difficult to man-
age. The debt in 1996 was NAf2.8 billion,
57 % of the Gross National Product; in
1999, NAf3.3 billion, 66% of the GNP; in
2003, NAf4.4 billion, 81%; and now in
2006, NAf5.1 billion, 84%. Curagao offi-

cials hope the bulk of the debt will be re-
solved when Curagao acquires its new status
next year. Holland's debt is about 50% of its

Luti Balentin ABVO photos

ABVO photo

The Queen not only met with govern-
ment and social organizations while in Bon-
aire last week. Here she is with Hamoudy
Dabboussi of City Shop and his wife,

1 Sanikolas ar-
rives on Bonaire at
the North Pier this
Saturday. This long
awaited event held
every year at this
time offers some of
the best photo op-
portunities. Kids of
all ages and their
parents and guardi-
ans line the streets as
Sanikolas, together
with his helpers, Swarte Piet, pass through
the throngs. The Swarte Pieten entertain the
crowd by throwing candy and doing all sorts
of gymnastics and funny tricks.
Sanikolas and his group, it is said, sail into
Bonaire every year from Spain. They should
arrive around 10 am. Before that, however,
there will be all sorts of activities at Wilhel-
mina Park for the children starting at 9 am.
After his arrival there will be even more
entertainment and activities on the stage.
The event is sponsored by the hard working
members of the Fundashon Ata Sanikolas i
Zwartepiet and SEBIKI.

Bonaire recalled its slave days heritage last week with the Chapi di Lucha Awards
(Hoe of Light). The group that was founded in 1834 by Catalina Janga fought against
the maltreatment of slaves. This was commemorated on Monday last week with the
awarding of Chapi di Lucha to two Bonaireans: union leader Luti Balentin and educator
Mrs. M.D. Helmijr-Marsera (better known as Yufrou Yoi). There is also an exhibition in
the Kas di Arte where local artists reproduced the life of slaves in works of art.

Then on Sunday, November 26 from 4 to
7 pm, Sanikolas and Zwartepiet will be at
Parke Publico with more games and fun and
it's all free.

1 This Saturday, November 25, don't
miss the exciting activities of Surinam
Day "Brasa Dey." The group of Surinamese
living on Bonaire, about 320, know how to
throw a party and they put on a great event
every year with live music, dancing, native
dress, Surinamese food, and wonderful ca-
maraderie. Sale of the very succulent and
delicious foods begins at noon, then the
party begins at 4 pm until ? It's at the Sento
di Bario in Nord di Salina. It's a "don't
miss" opportunity and it happens only once
a year.

>It is now possible to dial US "800"
numbers from Bonaire via Telbo. Just dial
the 800 series number and accept the charge
for the International portion of the call

Every December, Caribbean Travel
and Life magazine publishes the hottest
deals available for the 2007 High Sea-
son. This year they only picked 26 deals,
chosen from thousands of resorts world-
wide. Golden Reef Inn was Bonaire's only
resort property to be chosen a "Hottest

Deal" with their Romantic Adventure
Package called "Pirates Adventure in
Paradise Special."
The special includes accommodations in a
one-bedroom suite for seven nights, a wel-
come basket with champagne, flowers, fruit
and chocolates. Each person then gets to
choose two activities from two different
categories including scuba courses, wind-
surfing, land sailing, sunset dinner cruises as
well as mangrove and kayak snorkeling.
Airport pickup and a vehicle are included in
the price of $2,400 per couple. Ad on pg. 18.

Don't let it happen here: Elfina Her-
manus (53), a Dutch woman living in
Curacao, was killed while snorkeling in
Curacao after being hit by the propeller of a
Coast Guard boat. The boat was originally a
"go-fast" boat confiscated because it was
used in drug smuggling. A team of police
and military officials are investigating the
The victim was snorkeling and diving with a
group of friends when hit by the propellers
of the speeding boat. Unconfirmed reports
said the dive instructor who guided the
group had not complied with regulations.
There is also a concern that the victim was
too far out at sea for safe snorkeling.
G./L. D.


The second of a new series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J@n Brower,
featuring some ofBonaire's interesting vehicles that are "on wheels."

The Fire
Engines of

T he Rincon
fire station
is located in the
center of the lovely
small village, just
opposite the monu-
mental Roman
Catholic Church.
The three firemen The three proud firemen of the village of Rincdn. L to R: E.
are very proud of Cicilia (Fire Chief-hoofdbrandwacht), S. Koeiman (Fireman in
their job and of their training-aspirant brandwacht) andP. Statia (Fireman Chief
fire engines. They First Class hoofdbrandwacht eerste klas). The men are pictured
know every detail of in front of their newest fire engine: an International, built in
their trucks and 1991, known as the AS17. (Picture: J.n Brouwer)
equipment and they
maintain the vehicles themselves.
Mr. Statia (Fire Chief First Class-hoofdbrandwacht eerste klas) is the head of the fire
brigade of Rinc6n. He has been a fireman for 28 years now. He's assisted by Mr. Cicilia
(Fireman- hoofdbrandwacht). Cicilia has been working for the fire brigade for 17 years.
They have been assisted by Mr. Koeiman (Fireman in training- aspirant brandwacht) for

almost a year now.
The firemen were very pleased to give all kinds of information about their
three fire engines. The oldest one, the AS 14 (AS stands for AutoSpuit), is
parked behind the fire station. The 30-year-old engine is "retired" now.
According to the firemen people often take pictures of this classic Intera-
tional Cargostar 1810B. The huge fire vehicle is equipped with a massive
V-8 engine. The truck was manufactured in Indiana USA in July 1976.
The other two fire engines are in mint condition and eager to work every day. The newest
one is an International V-8, built in 1991. The International is known as the AutoSpuit 17
and it is able to hold 3,800 litres of fire extinguishing water.
The third fire engine is a cute "little" GMC Sierra Grande 35, built in 1980. The GMC
can carry 1,000 litres of water and the vehicle is equipped with a nice and functional four-
wheel drive traction. The car can cope with all kinds of rough terrain and is able to extin-
guish fires in the most desolate areas of the island of Bonaire.
The fire station of Rincon is manned 24 hours a day. The phone number is 717- 8222.
J@n Brower

Another picture ofthe firemen with the "little" GMC Sierra Grande 35, built in 1980.
(Picture: J@n Brouwer)

Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

Page 4

I o O "* S "op *g o g o h


A moratorium on construction of
new hotels should be declared
by the government before it is too late.
On Aruba, after ignoring the rampant
situation for several years, the govern-
ment declared such a moratorium at the
beginning of the 90s. It went so far that
construction of two large hotels on the
famous Palm Beach was stopped and one
large, almost completed hotel (Ramada)
was demolished! However, after the elec-
tions, the new administration of the MEP
party, currently in power, has thrown out
the moratorium, and an uncontrolled ho-
tel construction started again on a much
larger scale than before.
A gigantic, new timeshare hotel com-
plex of four buildings, towering above
other hotels, seems to be transferred di-
rectly from Miami Beach. At the site of
the demolished Ramada a new, much
larger and higher hotel tower is planned
to be built. Another large hotel is being
constructed on the last pristine section of
the Palm Beach, which has been to Aruba
the same as Lac is to Bonaire, in spite of
fierce protests by the environmental fac-
tions. The windsurfing on Aruba, in ear-
lier years known for its famous annual
High Winds championship, is finished
and the main windsurfing company
moved to Bonaire.
The political status of the island has
proven to be crucial for the decisions on
new hotel development. Because Bonaire

still forms a part of the Netherlands An-
tilles, the Governor had the power to
suspend the permits for the Mangrove
Village Development.
If a similar situation arose on Aruba
with its Status Aparte, the Governor of
Aruba, a former minister in the MEP
government, would never take a similar
decision and nobody would even dare to
mention that a report on the environ-
mental impact of the land use should be
elaborated. Status Aparte currently gives
an absolute power on Aruba to the gov-
ernment party, and no restriction con-
cerning the island development can be
imposed by the Kingdom. MEP "owns"
the governor, the government and also
the parliament, in which the party has an
absolute majority.
The Status Aparte has been also re-
sponsible for paying exorbitant salaries
to 21 parliament members and pensions
to many more. It is evident that it is pure
money squandering because the parlia-
ment, being an extended arm of the gov-
ernment, has, during the 20-year exis-
tence of Status Aparte, never voted
against a government decision. I hope
that those among us, who voted for
Status Aparte for our island in the past
referendum, realize that a similar danger-
ous situation could also be created on
Bonaire. We do not need to go too far to
see that an absolute power of one politi-
cal party, having the presidency and a
majority in the both chambers of the con-
gress can be disastrous for a country.
Jiri Lausman

The Snack Bar Detectives
Their Mission: To seek out the mysteries behind the doors of Bonaire's snacks
This week: The Top Five Snacks of 2006.

s we are approaching the end of the year, we figured that we should review our
findings so far. During the week we collated our evidence and sat at our favour-
ite watering hole to cogitate, deliberate and ruminate over our findings.
We've taken many things into consideration including: quality of food, portion size,
price, coldness of beer, surroundings and the staff. Through many hours of debate (and
many bottles of Polar) we're ready to announce the Top Five Snack Bars of 2006.
In Fifth place we chose: Donde Papi Kushina Krioyo, on Kaya Libertado Siman
Bolivar 22. We loved the decor, friendly welcome and great local food. A great place to
sample the cuisine of Bonaire.
Fourth place took us to Kos Bon So in Rincon. This one we found by accident.
Only Big D's nose for food ensured that we didn't pass it by. As always in Rincon, a
great welcome and friendly locals. The food from the grill was superb with big portions
all at a good price.
OK. Top three time. In Third Place we found Mi Banana on Kaya Nikiboko Nord.
The food is mainly Latino in style, big grills, great fish and some of the best soup on
the island. Check out their Sopa de Dia, all homemade. The fish soup is superb.
Just missing out on the top spot was Sisys Bar in Rincon in Second Place. Once
again, Rincon welcomed us with open arms. This place had it all, excellent food, cold,
cold beer, great atmosphere, friendly staff and great prices. Some may remember that
four of us ate and drank all night for around NAf100. Not to be missed.

So, any guesses on the number one Snack Bar ofBonaire? There was really only
one choice for us: Spanhoek bar & Restaurant, Kaya LD Gerharts 15. Spanhoek
came out on top for a few reasons. Firstly the food, always consistently high quality,
very cheap and huge portions, you really couldn't make it for the money. Beers are
straight out of the freezer, with Amstel and Polar at NAf2 and Balashi at just NAf 1.75,
it won't break the bank. We have tried just about everything on the menu and never
been disappointed. Don't forget to try their Roti Night every Thursday; a great Surinam
dish with Chicken or Beef and as spicy as you like, but reserve in advance.
There we have it. Thanks to all of the Snack Bars on the island for keeping us well
fed and watered. Congratulations to Ema and De Guang from Spanhoek for beating off
very tough competition.
What now for the Snack Bar Detectives? Well, Big D and I will be taking a well
earned break from our culinary sleuthing. We hope to return in the New Year full of
vim and vigour to carry out our ongoing mission.
If you haven't already done so, check out our top Five. Don't be afraid to stray from
the beaten track. If anyone asks, tell them "The Snack Bar Detectives sent you"!
Story by SBD

Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

Page 5

Dream Diving on Bonaire

Matt Johnston is an explorer, pio-
neer and inspiration to many.
He is a man who has set out not to push
limits, but to define them.
At age 29, after a nearly three-year pur-
suit of his dream, Matt has become the
first ventilator dependent individual in
the world to go scuba diving. Beginning
at a very young age, Matt has defied the
odds of muscular dystrophy with more
than a will to live...as he pursued a dream
to one day experience a world that many
take for granted.

Liz Ginocchio, owner of The Golden
Reef Inn and a Registered Nurse, writes:
"I'm working with a very dear friend of
mine, Matt Johnston, who has Duchenne
MS, is totally paralyzed and was just
recently certified as a diver. The cool
thing is he is completely ventilator de-
pendant. He is 29 years old. (The typical
life span of a DMS patient is only
31). His ULTIMATE dream is to dive
on Bonaire. We have been phone and
email buddies for the last two and a half
years, and I finally got to meet him in
person at DEMA (Dive Equipment
Manufacturers Association).
Golden Reef is donating the rooms for
Matt and his crew and Wannadive will
be handling the diving. I am working
with TCB and Rolando on a form of
transportation while on island that can
accommodate his wheelchair and

Matt Johnston
vent. We are also seeing if we can get
some restaurants, etc. to kick in too!
Anyway, we need to raise funds for his
airfare. He is in Minneapolis, but he can
get to Chicago. He is going to be on the
Today Show in two weeks and we really
want to make the announcement then.
We need to get a couple of first class
seats and between six to eight coach
seats. We'd like to get him down here in
May. Check out his website at
www.divingadream.org and click on his
"personal" website too."

Attention Reporter readers! Maybe we
can generate somefundsfrom our
"unhandicapped divers." They can qual-
ify for tax free donations. Contact Liz at
(599) 717-5759 or email to
infok@goldentreefinn.com. G.D.

Career Day in Bonaire

W ant to be a
ranger, a banker, a
policeman? Want a
higher study in
health or teaching or
hotel management?
Last Saturday at
the Sport Hall more
than 500 students
from the SGB High
School were able to
really get a look at Heran vanLeeuwen photo
what different ca-
reers could hold for them. A number of schools and institutes were there with repre-
sentatives to answer questions and demonstrate what they had to offer. It was a fan-
tastic opportunity for young people to see what the future might hold for them. The
event, the third, was organized by Reynolds "Nolly" Oleana and Lilian Paula-
Crestian and coordinators of the SBM (Studie en Beroepen Markt) Bonaire 2006.
Not only were there soon-to-be graduates of SGB but also students who have two
more years to go.
Bonaire may be a small island but its opportunities for advancement for its young
people are unbounded. Pabien to the organizers.
Schools represented were: 1. Bonaire: SBO;
2. Curasao: Frater Aurelio MBO, RK. MTS, Instituto pa Formashon den Enfermeria, Maris Stella SBO,
Abel Tasman College, Universiteit van de Nederlandse Antillen, Cusises, Akademia Pedagogiko Korsou,
Openbare MBO "Ban Bria,"
3. Aruba: Edukashon Profeshonal Intermedio
4. Netherlands: Hogeschool Rotterdam, Saxion Hogescholen, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden,
Christelijke Hogeschool Nederland, Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim, Haagse Hogeschool, ROC
Amsterdam, Mondriaan International Hotel and Management School, YFUnl International Exchange

Companies and Institutes with representatives:
Fundashon Mariadal, Korps Politie Bonaire, STINAPA, Dienst Educatie en Cultuur, Britisch American
Books, Fundashon pa Planifikashon di Idioma, Maduro & Curiels Bank NV, Telbo NV, Dienst Econo-
mische Zaken en Arbeidsaangelegenheden, Cargill, Tourism Corporation Bonaire, FINEB (Study financ-
ing), Brandweer (Fire department), Fundashon Material Pa Skol
Herman van Leeuwen with L.D.

ovember 10th saw the first concert organized by the Fundashon Bonaire Entertain-
ment, a non-profit making organization whose aim is to "Bring people together
with music." Rene Shuman, Angel-Eye and band performed live at Plaza before hun-
dreds of people in the first of hopefully many such concerts.
The band hit the stage shortly after 10pm. Before that, the audience was kept well en-
tertained by the MC for the evening, Michiel (aka Shrek). As the live music started, Rene
and Angel-Eye were soon whipping the hungry audience into a frenzy with their own
blend of Rock'n'Roll.
The band was obviously accomplished musicians. Angels Rock'n'Roll piano playing
was effortless for her but spellbinding to watch. Rene's guitar playing came into its own
during the second set when he dazzled everyone with an acoustic piece on his Ovation.
During the interval, MC Michiel did a sterling job of upping the tempo in anticipation of
the band's second set.
Within a few minutes of the Band coming on stage for the second time, there was
hardly a still pair of feet on the beach. Their rendition of Suspicious Minds instantly
springs to mind as one of my favourites. Others must have agreed as they were urged to
play it twice! At one stage, the multi faceted Angel picked up a guitar in place of her
piano and went one to one with Rene.
The show ended much to the disappointment of the crowd. It was clear to see that the
majority could have danced all night. All in all, a good time was had by everyone. Big
thanks have to go to all the guys and girls behind the scenes. The drinks kept coming,
sound and lighting were superb and continuity seamless. Bert Poyck and Jo Bux from the
FBE deserve a special mention for their months of work to make this happen. Their re-
ward was a great show.
The FBE would like to thank everyone who turned up on the night for their enthusiasm
and support. Finally, a big "Masha Danki" to all of our sponsors whose generosity made
the whole event possible. In the next few weeks, we will report on the success of the
event from the Fundashon's point of view and what their plans are for the future.

Plaza Resort Bonaire RE/MAX Paradise Homes Mega FM Jody's Fashion & Music
Grand Palace Casino More for Less & de Slager Krioyo Paint Alubon
Amstel-Antillean Wine Company Auto City Bonaire Motorcycle Shop Bonaire Access Bonaire
Airservice Bonaire Gift Shop Bonaire Partners Bonaire Security Force BSC Painting Pool & Spa -
Caribbean Fasteners Caribbean Homes Caribbean Laundry Services City Cafe Duijn Bonaire nv -
Cultimara Duty General Construction Ennia Flamingo Communications Flamingo TV Koop
Tjuchem Lisa Gas Maduro & Curiels Bank Notaris Kantoor Maarten Maartense Plantation Furni-
ture RentoFun Drive The Bonaire Reporter Total rent a Car & BoCar Tropicana Apartments -
Tropical Habitat Development. Antony Bond

Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

Page 6

....M. sMk.

European Freestyle Pro Tour Finals Hallowind Premantura, Croatia

F inally, the last event of the 2006
EFPT season arrived with lots of ex-
citing riders ready to give it all they've got to
earn the needed points to raise their final
2006 rankings. There was a surprisingly big
entry list with over 40 riders registered.
Some new riders from countries such as
Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and France
showed up for the first time to give it a try
and to get a taste of the European riders'

I arrived at Slovenia's airport, Ljubljana,
about 300 km. from Premantura, Croatia. I
was picked up by Andrea from Reptile-
Masts, one of my main sponsors this year
who provides me with the right masts for my
sails. I was one of the early arrivals together
with German brainiac Andre Paskowski and
some other kids from Austria. Knowing that
the forecast was good two days before the
start of the event I decided to go early to
train and get used to the difficult conditions
- gusty winds and very choppy waters.
The wind started blowing on the second
day of the event. As we started at 10 am the
conditions were sunny and windy, 18-22
knots, temperature 120 C, water temperature
around the 20's. This water temperature was
extremely unusual for November in Croatia.

In my first heat on the water I faced a new
Exocet team rider, Loice Viandier from
France. I won the heat easily, performing an
easy routine. Then I was up against a Rus-
sian talent and a friend, Sergey. We both had
a great performance, but I managed to finish
my moves with a bit more style and speed
which eventually brought me victory in the
Next up was the tour leader, German An-
dre Paskowski, who was very nervous about
facing me, as he knew from day one that if
I'd win this heat it would be very difficult
for him to get the title this year. With Nor-
man Gunzlein out of the battle because of a
foot injury, the next rider on the line was
Matteo Guazzoni from Italy who also could
possibly win the title this year. We both did
our best. As I told him, may the best man
Andre took the victory and felt great. We
even went to the judges together to ask
about the results of our performance as it
was such a close one. Andre gave me a hug;
he was extremely happy. I was out of the
singles, stuck at 7th position.
The freestyle action went on with some
extreme freestyle battles.
The wind was still blowing enough to run
the double elimination on the same day.
Waiting for the start of my heat I took time
to stay warm and to watch the other riders'

performances. The wind
was getting more and
more unstable gusting
from 17 to 23 knots -
making it hard to
choose the right equip-
ment. Finally I knew
who I was going to
meet: another Exocet
team rider, Micheal
The first half of the
heat started off with
light gusty winds so I
could only perform safe
and easy maneuvers.
During the second half
the wind picked up and
made it difficult
to perform with the
wrong equipment. I
managed to do some
new school moves like
the punch, double flaka and some switch-
stance combinations. After a long silence the
judges pronounced me the winner of the
heat and I moved on to the next round, fac-
ing Slovenian freestyler, Tine Slabe. As Tine
was one of the riders I had to beat to gain
points to go higher up the rankings I took
this heat very seriously and gave it all I got.
Afterwards I felt really good and knew I'd
I moved on to the next round, facing the
latest and most talented freestyler of this
time, Mattia Pedrani from Italy. Seeing his
videos on most of the windsurfing websites
you can easily see how he could be a cham-
pion freestyler.
The wind was getting lighter and we
fought through the whole heat, pumping and
spinning, trying to get in as many moves as
we could. In the end he managed to make a
gozzada and some more difficult moves than
I. Even though I lost the heat I knew I beat
everyone I had to beat to be at least top 8 on
the European Freestyle Pro Tour.
It was getting darker and colder and the
final heats where still running until the
amazing final of Euro Tour between Andre
and Matteo, a heat full of action under the
full moonlight. What a romantic way to end
the last freestyle event of the 2006 season.
The results of the Hallowind event after
the double elimination:
1 Andre Paskowski G-2 F2/North
2 Matteo Guazzoni I-711 RRD/Simr
3 Andreas Olanderson S-66 JP/Pryde
4 Remko de Weerd H-23 Fantc/Gaastra
5 Mattia Pedrani 1-00 Mistral/North
6 Ruben Petrisie NB-50 Exocet/Loft

The slide

And thanks to: Elvis, Taty, my family, Ala-
cati surfparadise club, EFPT crew, Exocet,
Monty Splinder Reptile and friends.

Summing-up. This year's tour
started in Spain, moved to Austria, two
events in Italy, two in Greece, Turkey,
Belgium, Switzerland, Russia and ending
in Croatia. After 11 events and 120,000 E
prize money it ended with a lot of happy
faces full of higher expectations for the
next season.
It took the EFPT family nine months of
traveling, living and spending time to-
gether and of course windsurfing in great
places, with even some new destinations
for some of us this year. Without a doubt
you could say it's what keeps the magic of
the windsurfing sport alive: going to nice
places and spending great times with your
friends, in and out of the water. Ruben

Story by Ruben Petrisie and Damike
courtesy ofEFPTPictures by Reptile-Masts.
Ruben Petrisie ranked 7th in the
2006 EFPT top 10 Overall Rankings

Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

Ruben performs a one-handed spock

Page 7

Picture Yourself with The Re orter

fDemra 20;6

Where was everybody in the dive and resort business last week? They were
at DEMA (Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association) in Orlando, Flor-
ida, of course. At DEMA lots of business is done that prepares Bonaire's dive re-
sorts and shops for the coming seasons.
TCB and Sara Matera sent us photos of the crew.
WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next trip or when
you return to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in hand. THE BEST
PHOTOS OF THE YEAR WILL WIN THE PRIZES. Mail photos to Bonaire Reporter, Kaya Gob.
Debrot 200-6, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles (AN). E-mail to: picture@bonairereporter.com. (All
2006 photos are eligible.)

On November 24th, Evanthe Denou will be
one year-old! This beautiful princess re-
ceives many, many congratulations from her par-
ents, Sapphira Coffie and Tonky Frans, who love
her very, very much. Evanthe also receives lots of
pabien from her cousins Dion, Jaedan, Romy Ann,
Ian and Chanelle, together with their moms and
dads, Oma Linda and Opa Walter. They are all
preparing along with the rest of the family to sing
for Evanthe on her first birthday. Happy, Happy
Birthday and Hiep Hiep Hoera!
Readers are invited to send their announcements to
The Reporter.
The photo and text will be printed free of charge.



Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

Page 8

cover oCruise

T he Bonaire
cruise ship season
went into high gear
last weekend with
the arrival of the
Crown Princess,
the crown jewel of
the Princess fleet.
The 2006-2007
Cruise Ship Season
is set to be one of
the most active in
years with many of
the ships having a
passenger capacity
in the thousands.

A recent law
passed by the island government exempts
cruise ship passengers and crew from
paying the Marine Park daily fee. All
other Bonaire visitors and adult residents
are subject to the $2/day (or $10/year)
"Nature Fee."
The Crown Princess was launched just
this year. The 951-foot-long ship carries
3,110 passengers and 1,300 crew on her
19 decks. The Crown Princess has been
sailing from Red Hook, Brooklyn, New
York, since July to ports in the eastern
and western Caribbean. Her
"Godmother" is publisher, TV personal-
ity and ex-convict Martha Stewart.
She has already been in the news. On
July 18 at approximately 3:30 pm, one
hour after departing her last port of call
in Port Canaveral, Florida, the Crown
Princess reported "listing" or making
"heavy turns" to the port side, about 16-
19 degrees from the horizontal. A confi-
dential source from the Coast Guard al-
legedly told a Florida television station
that a junior officer "panicked," then took
the ship out of automatic pilot thinking a
meter was showing that the ship was
turning too sharply to one side. But in-
stead of turning the Crown Princess back
to the right, the junior officer acciden-
tally kept the ship in an even sharper left
hand turn similar to over-correcting in a
car. This caused the massive 113,000-ton
cruise ship to list severely, tumbling pas-
sengers, pool water and everything else
on board into the elevator shafts and ac-
commodations. Later 240 passengers
were treated onboard for various injuries
such as abrasions, bruises and fractures,
of which 94 were transferred to local
hospitals ashore for evaluation and treat-
ment, according to a press release.

Ship Season

Kipp-, m
I j p I.

The Holland America liner Rijndam
approaches port Internet photo

The matter was referred to the National
Transportation Safety Board and US
Coast Guard for investigation. With ap-
proval from the Coast Guard and the
Bermuda flag authorities, the vessel re-
turned to service. A full refund was given
to all passengers on the ill-fated cruise,
and a 50% refund to passengers on the
following cruise. Since then, Crown
Princess has resumed her normal sched-
This makes the incident the worst acci-
dent in the history of modem day cruis-
ing. The last severe incident affecting
hundreds on a cruise ship was the capsiz-
ing of the M.S. Estonia in the Baltic Sea
claiming 852 lives in 1994.
The Holland America liner Rijndam
tied up on Sunday. She will be followed
by the Amsterdam, Wind Star, Crystal
Symphony, Crystal Serenity and many
others. G.D.

tonaire Reporter NovemDer 24 to DecemDer 1, 2006

Page 9

-- ----,.

Houses of Bc
Wilna Gronenboom Preserving
.. ... .. ..^

^-^ssS j- .. ..

Most Antique Living Houses on
Bonaire have only one storey,
but in Kralendijk (Playa) we have some
beautiful examples of two-storey build-
ings. Three of the houses this week appear
at first as a two-storey house (photos left
and right below), but they are basically
one-floor houses accompanied by a nice
"tower." Two of the houses no longer
have people living in them, but a look at
all four of them together can give us an
idea of how they were built.

The three tower houses are concentrated
in the area of Kralendijk and Nikiboko.
(The "non-tower" house at upper left is in
Bacuna.) The people living in them don't
know much about their houses' history,
however. Each of the houses has a differ-
ent style, so they were probably built at
different times. But it appears that the
towers are all from the same period. We
can clearly see that by their similar style,
form and size. All are topped with a typi-
cally hipped roof (woldak). Two of them
are decorated with a cornice front
(fachada di leshi). As far as I know these
three antique living houses are the only
examples with this type of tower on Bon-

The photo (top right) is a house many
people know. It was probably built at the
beginning of the 20th century. Every year
more of the house disintegrates and falls.
Now it's at such a point that it's probably
is too late to be renovated. It is a Cas di
Hadrey with a square tower on its left
side. The tower is connected to the main
house by two inside doorways. Inside the

Oven detailfrom Cas di Hadrey,
House (photo lower right)
tower was a wooden stairway to the sec-
ond floor.

The photo below right is also a Cas di
Hadrey, but without a hadrey (porch) on
the front but with a tower on the right.
The house has had some extensions to
make it bigger. It appears that the old
kitchen isn't in its original place. Tradi-
tionally the chimney and kitchen are built
on the west side of the house, to allow the
smoke and cooking smells to blow di-
rectly outside. But this kitchen is not only
at the back of the house, but it's also on
the south side. The fact that there is a bak-
ing oven connected with afornu

(fireplace) makes me think that it must be
the traditionalfornu in its original place.
Normally the baking oven is behind the
fireplace. This is the first time I've seen a
house with the oven built on the right side
of the fireplace. Again, as in other houses,
the oven has been sealed. So thisfornu
combined with the baking oven gives the
impression that this house was probably
built before the time of professional bak-
eries. The photo in the center shows the
tower and the chimney from the back.
The house in the photo, left bottom, also
has a tower. The tin roof of the main
house and the style of the walls suggest
that the house was built in the 50s, so it's
possible that the tower is a good imitation
of the old ones. Or perhaps the house is
not the original one. This tower has lost a
little bit of its look because it's partly hid-
den behind a concrete extension on the
street side.

Each of the square bases of the towers
stand next to the house, connected by one
or two inside doors on the ground floor.
They have no inside windows
Bacuna (photo top left) looks similar to
the other three but it isn't. This is a Cas di
Hala with an "upstairs room" that is one
with the ground floor. The walls of the
ground floor have an open structure with
inside windows and doors. If you look
well you can see through the left window,
through the whole house, to the back to
the kunuku. The roof has a "saddle
roof' (dak di hefel), which is completely
different from the hipped roof. The
Bacuna house and the Papaya Moon Can-
tina (previously Croccantino house, men-

tioned two weeks ago) are in the same
family style.
It is sad to see that such striking, out-
standing houses sometimes can't survive
on Bonaire, like the house on the top right
which has the inscription, "1885 Pueblo
Novo." This house is also mentioned in
the government's list of "Historic Monu-
ments of Bonaire" (1987).
Photo montage and story by Wilma

Wilna Groenenboom is an artist
andphotographer who teaches
art at the SGB high school

Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

Page 10

Day of Thanks Brings Cheer

L ast Sunday's "Day of Thanks" at the St. Dominicus
School behind the church in Playa was a success, say the
organizers. Generous donors brought in clothing, baby items,
appliances, office and computer supplies tools, canned goods,
toys and more to give away, no strings attached, to those in
need. The event was organized by the New Creation Group
which counted this year's "Day" as the 4th annual. The spirit
was lively, thanks to the live music of "Mike and Friends" and
the BBQ and Stoba delights cooked up on the scene. L.D.

The committee sorts through some of
the donations

One of the organizers, Mamita Fox, with friends from Curagao: Ansley Nicaela
and International Chef and TV celebrity Broertje Maestall
who came for the event.

tonaire Reporter NovemDer 24 to UecemDer 1, 2006

Page 11

t's all about dating, love, sex, friendship, and marriage so let's
talk. Email your relationship questions to my attention:

S uDoku
means "the
digits must re-
main single" in
Japanese. To
solve the puzzle,
enter the numbers
1 through 9 to the
partially filled in
puzzle without
repeating a num-
ber in any row,
column or 3 x 3
region. For a
tutorial visit the
web site www.
Sudoku shack.
Supplied by
Molly Kearney
(who has to
solve all the
puzzles first)

Complete solution on page 19.

reporter(abonairenews. com.

9 5 6 8 4

3 7 2

1 5 9 3

8 4 7

6 2 1 9 5

7 2 9 3

4 1 7 6

2 5 8

3 8 7 2 4

Dating Dilemma!

"Dear Betty
I have been interested in this guy for
nearly two and a half years. He now
knows I like him. Recently, a friend and
co-worker of his told my friend that he
likes me a lot but is very shy. What will
it take for this guy to ask me out? We
have talked on the phone quite a lot. I
am too shy to ask him out; so don't tell
me to do that. Should I ask him, "When
are you going to ask me out?"
Dilemmett (Dilemma)"

Answer: If it has already been two and
a half years, by the time he gets over his
shyness, if ever, you may be too old to
remember what you wanted! Worse yet,
you may remember, and at that age, the
best method of birth control is nudity!
Shyness is hard to overcome, but it does
have a positive side. If he's too shy to
ask you out, it's highly unlikely he'll
ever cheat on you if you do enter a rela-
tionship with him.
If you really like him, and your only
obstacle right now is shyness, perhaps
you should take the lead. Ask him out
without it's being a "date." For exam-
ple, invite him and a few other friends
over for a cook-out. Another option is to
play games and I don't mean relation-

Kaya Gloria 7, Bonaire Local Art, Art
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ings, blessings, energy, healing, China-
trained. Experienced. Inexpensive. Call
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The leading consumer and business infor-
mation source on Bonaire. Telephone (599)
717-7160. For on-line yellow pages directory
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Trees and plants, Bonaire grown. 8000m2
nursery. Specializing in garden/septic pumps
and irrigation. Kaminda Lagoen 103, Island
Growers NV (Capt. Don & Janet). 786-0956

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Cozy guest cottage available
Studio with kitchen, airco, cable TV, two
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For Sale
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10ft. CARIBE inflatable dinghy and 8 HP YA-
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* Almost new, oversized, rigging, boom and
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scopic boom vang, LEWMAR winches, lifelines,
PROFURL roller furling, and DOYLE sails, wind
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speed log
* 12v/110v electrical system, 110v-12v con-
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Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

ship games. I'm talk-
ing about board games,
like Scrabble, and
maybe he will eventu-
ally get over his shy- Betty Wills
ness. Keep it simple.
Stay with group dates until you are both
comfortable enough with each other and
you slip into dating effortlessly. It takes
the pressure off both of you.

Joke of The

With the help of a
fertility specialist, a
65 year-old woman
has a baby. All her
relatives come to
visit and meet the newest member of
their family. When they ask to see the
baby, the 65 year-old mother says, "Not
yet." A little later they ask to see the
baby again. Again the mother says, "Not

Finally they say, "When can we see the
baby?" And the mother says, "When the
baby cries." So they ask, "Why do we
have to wait until the baby cries?" The
new mother says, "I forgot where I put
it." Betty Wills

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Page 12

Tutti Fri

B onaire displayed
itself to advantage
in Willemstad, Curaqao on
Wednesday the 15th of
November. Hosted aboard
the cruise ship MS Free-
winds, the Groupo Tutti
Fruiti entertained about
250 enthusiastic fans.
Visitors from the US, Hol-
land, France, India, Co-
lumbia and England lis-
tened or danced with the
people of Curaqao and
with some of the Bonaire-
ans who live on our sister
island. All declared it was
a wonderful evening.

Groupo Tutti Fruiti,
headed by Emma Sint
Jago of Rincon, is part of
the Fundashon Arte i Cul-
tura Bonaire. This assem-
blage of local professional musicians
donate their considerable time and
talent to support a youth choir, pro-
cure instruments and provide free
music lessons for the children of
Bonaire. Thru music and musical
contests, they are dedicated to pro-
mote and preserve both new talents
and old ways.


The newest CD, "Kortado di Sen-
tebibu" (Cutting the Aloe) may be
heard on local radio or purchased at
Flamingo Bookstore, Botique Vita,
or Rose Inn, Rincon. As on their
other four CD's, their original songs
in Papiamentu speak of the hard
work, traditional tasks and good
times, either remembered from child-
hood or passed down in family sto-

For more information concerning
needs, donations, or upcoming
events. Look in The Reporter, visit
Bonairetalk.com, e-mail artandcul-
ture65(ihotmail.com, or call Emma
at 786-6420. Story & photos by
Pamela Bowne

Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

Page 13

Pet of thi-e Week

P etite little "Julia" was found in
a garden in Nikiboko. When
she was first brought into the Bon-
aire Animal Shelter she was scared
and frightened of being alone. While
she was in quarantine (as are all the
new animals brought into the Shel-
ter) she cried and cried, so very sad
to be by herself. But, the good news
is, once she was put in with the other
dogs she acclimated immediately and
was so happy that she stopped her
crying. In fact now, she's enjoying
life so much that she's like a differ-
ent dog. Julia is about two months
old and a real darling. You may see
her at the Shelter on the Lagoen
Road, open Monday through Satur- "Julia"
day, 8 am to 1 pm. Tel. 717-4989.

As of Monday this week there have been 115 pet adoptions at the Shelter so far this
year. And the Shelter staff is very proud to say there have been 96 sterilizations,
thanks to the generous donations to the Shelter's Sterilization Fund That's an accom-
plishment when you think of all the poor female dogs that are on the street who give
birth year after year. This doesn't have to be, and you can help. By giving a donation
to the Sterilization Fund you can help turn the tide of unbridled continuous pregnan-
cies for Bonaire's female canine population. The Fund helps by augmenting the costs
for those who cannot afford it. You may donate to the "Sterilization Fund," MCB
Account #10616410 or through the Support "Bonaire. Inc. website:
WWW.SupportBonaire.org. Every little bit helps. L.D.

KRALENDIJK TIDES (Heights in feet, FT)
Remember: Winds and weather can further influence the local tides
DATE Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht. COEF
11-24 1:09 0.6FT. 14:44 2.OFT. 86
11-25 1:38 0.7FT. 15:37 1.9FT. 81
11-26 2:00 0.8FT. 16:34 1.8FT. 74
11-27 2:14 0.9FT. 17:39 1.7FT. 66
11-28 2:19 0.9FT. 9:22 1.5FT. 13:18 1.4FT. 18:42 1.6FT. 59
11-29 2:13 1.0FT. 9:13 1.6FT. 15:32 1.3FT. 19:52 1.4FT. 55
11-30 1:58 1.0FT. 9:34 1.8FT. 17:00 1.1FT. 21:06 1.3FT. 58
12-01 1:35 1.0FT. 10:02 1.9FT. 18:16 1.0FT. 22:28 1.1FT. 66

Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

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Late Show
Callo make sure (Usualy9 pm)
All The King's Men
(Sean Penn)
Early Show (Usually 7pm)
The Departed
(Leonardo DiCaprio)

Kaya Prinses Marie
Behind Exito Bakery
Tel. 717-2400
Tickets NAf14 (incl. Tax)
Children under 12 NAfl2
2 MOVIES 7 & 9PM

SATURDAY 4 PM November:
Open Season


Thursday, November 23-American
Thanksgiving. Special Thanksgiving
Dinners at Rum Runners (Capt. Don's
Habitat) and Buddy Dive. See their ads in
this issue for details.
Saturday, November 25-Sint
Nicholaas arrives in Bonaire, Wilhel-
mina Park. Sponsored by the Fundashon
Sanikolas. More on page 4.
Saturday, November 25 Surinam Day
Celebration at the Sentro di Bario in
Nord di Salina. Food service begins at
noon and goes on the rest of the day.
Celebration starts at 4 pm until ? More on
page 4.
Thursday, November 30-Meet Astro-
naut Charlie Bolden, Jong Bonaire, 7-
8:30 pm. Free. For other appearances of
Astronaut Bolden. See the story on page
Friday, December 1 Live from Cura-
cao "Caribbean Latina" music from
Colombia, Rep. Dominicana, Peru, Ecua-
dor, Venezuela, Antilles Salsa, Meren-
gue, Vallenato, Bachata. At Don Paranda
- 7 pm until ?? NAf 15P/P
Arts and Crafts Markets at Wilhel-
mina Park on Cruise Ship Visiting
Days starting around 10 am to early after-
noon: Nov. 28 Crystal Symphony;
Wednesday, Nov. 29 Crown Princess

Saturday, December 2-Big Monthly
Rincon Marshe-Stands selling gifts,
food, drinks, plants, produce, local food,
snacks and sweet things. 6 am to 2 pm. A
true Bonairean experience. Don't miss it!
Sunday, December 3- Portraits of Bon-
aire Vol. 2 Debut, Kas di Arte, 5 pm.
With portrait exhibition by Henk Roozen-
daal of portraits from the book. 5-7 pm.
Sunday, December 10 Comcabon Fun
Run 2, 4, 5km. 8 am. Info at 780-7225,
Sunday, Dec. 10-Great fashion show
organized by Bonaire Lions Club aboard
the Freewinds. Tickets NAf25 For info.
tel. 785-3902. Show will start at 7.15 pm.


Fashions from Benetton, Bamali and
Aquamarina; models Top's International
Agency Models. Dancing and songs by
Jules Andrew and Boy Thode.

Daily (more or less)
* HH 2 for 1 (all beverages) 5-7 pm,
Divi Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar
* HH-Buddy Dive, 5:30-6:30
* HH Cactus Blue (except Sun.) 5-7
* 2 for 1 appetizer with entree, Cactus
* Divi Flamingo Casino open daily
for hot slot machines, roulette and black
jack, Mon. to Sat. 8 pm- 4 am; Sun. 7
pm- 3 am.
* By appointment -Rooi Lamoenchi
Kunuku Park Tours $12 (NAf 12 for
residents). Tel 717-8489, 540-9800.
* Parke Publico children's play-
ground open everyday into the evening
* Grill Night on the Beach, Buddy
* Rincon Marsh6-6 am-2 pm. Enjoy
a Bonairean breakfast while you shop,
fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts, local
sweets, snacks, arts, handicrafts, candles,
incense, drinks, music.
www.infobonaire.com/rincon. Extra big
Marsh6 1st Saturday of the month, 6
am-2 pm.
* All You Can Eat BBQ at Divi Fla-
mingo with live music, 6 to 9 pm,
NAf26,50. Call for reservations 717-
8285 ext. 444.
Wine Tasting at AWC's ware-
house, 2nd Saturday of the month, 7 to 9
pm, Kaya Industria #23, across from
Warehouse Bonaire. Great wines. NAf20
per person for 6 to 8 wines.
Flea Market every first Saturday
of the month from 3 to 7 pm, Parke Pub-
lico. Everyone welcome to buy and to
sell. NAf5 per selling table. For more
information and reservations for a spot,
call 787-0466.
* Live music 6-9 pm while enjoying
a great dinner in colorful tropical ambi-
ance at the Chibi Chibi Restaurant &
Bar, Divi Flamingo. Open daily 5-10 pm
* Caribbean Night live local music-
Buddy Dive.
* Soldachi Tour of Rincon, the heart
of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call Maria
* Live music by the Flamingo Rock-
ers, 5-7 Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach
* Wine & Cheese/ $1 glass of wine,
5-7, Divi Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar
* Buy a Bucket of Beer & get free
chicken wings, 5-7, Cactus Blue
* Caribbean Gas Training free
"Beyond Gravity An Evening with
DIR," 6 pm, Bonaire Dive & Adventure

* Open Mike Night with Moogie, 7-9,
Cactus Blue.
* Beach BBQ 7-10 & Live music by
Flamingo Rockers -The Windsurf
Place at Sorobon

* Live music by Flamingo Rockers,
Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar 5-
* Movie Night at Buddy Dive

* Live music by the Flamingo Rock-
ers, Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar,
* "Admiral's Hour" for yachtsmen
and others, Vespucci Restaurant, Har-
bour Village Marina. HH drinks, gratis
tapas, 5-7
* Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7 to 10 pm. $10 per person.
Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth Vos at
* Live music by the "Flamingo
Rockers" Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach
Bar, 5-7
* Swim lessons for children by Enith
Brighitha, a Dutch Olympian, at Sorobon
from 13.00, for children 0 18.
* Manager's Bash-free Flamingo
Smash & snacks, Divi Flamingo, 5-7 pm
* Manager's Rum Punch Party,
Buddy Dive Resort, 5:30-6:30 pm, followed
by All You Can Eat BBQ
* 5-7 pm Social Event at JanArt
Gallery, Kaya Gloria 7. Meet artist
Janice Huckaby and Larry of Larry's
Wildside Diving. New original paintings
of Bonaire and diver stories of the East
Coast every week.

Saturday- "Discover Our Diversity"
slide show-pool bar Buddy Dive, 7 pm,
Sunday "Bonaire Holiday" -Multi-
media dual-projector production by Al-
bert Bianculli, 8.30 pm, Capt. Don's
Habitat. 717-8290
Monday-Dee Scarr's "Touch the Sea"
Slide Show, Capt. Don';s Habitat, 8:30
pm. Call 717-8290.
Wednesday (2nd and 4th) Turtle Conser-
vation (STCB) Slide Show by Bruce
Brabec. Carib Inn seaside veranda, 7
pm, 717-8819.

Kas Kriyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's past
in this venerable old home that has been re-
stored and furnished so it appears the family has
just stepped out. Local ladies will tell you the
story. Open Monday thru Friday, 9-12, 2-4.
Weekends by appointment. Call 717-2445.
Mangasina diRei, Rincon. Enjoy the view
from "The King's Storehouse." Learn about
Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from the 17th
century. Daily. Call 717-4060/ 790-2018
Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, behind
the Catholic Church intown Open weekdays
from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm Tel. 717-8868
Washington-Slagbaai National Park,
Museum and Visitors' Center. Open
daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on some holi-
days. 717-8444/785-0017

AA meetings every Wednesday; Phone
717-6105; 560-7267 or 717- 3902.
Al-Anon meetings every Monday eve-
ning at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Cancer Survivor Support Group Ma-
jestic Journeys Bonaire N.V. Lourdes
Shopping Center 2nd Level Kaya LD
Gerharts # 10. Call 717-2482/566-6093.
Weekly BonaireTalker Gathering and
Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30 pm -
call 567-0655 for directions.

Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7:30 pm at
the FORMA Building on Kaya Korona,
across from the RBTT Bank. All levels
invited NAf5 enty fee. Call Cathy 566-4056.
Darts Club plays every other Sunday at
City Cafe. Registration at 4, games at 5.
Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
JCI First Wednesday of the Month-
Junior Chamber International Bonaire
(JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bonaire
Jaycees) meets at the ABVO building,
Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30 to 9:30
pm. Everyone is welcome. Contact: Re-
nata Domacass6 516-4252.
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other Tues-
day, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette
Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th
Thursday of the month at 8 pm at Kaya
Sabana #1. All Lions welcome.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday, 12
noon-2 pm Now meeting at 'Pirate
House', above Zeezicht Restaurant. All
Rotarians welcome. Tel. 717-8434

Bonaire Arts & Crafts (Fundashon Arte
Industrial Bonaireano) 717-5246 or 7117
The Bonaire Swim Club- Contact Valarie
Stimpson at 785-3451; Valarie@elbonet.an
Bonaire National Marine Park- 717-8444.
Bonaire Animal Shelter -717-4989.
Donkey Sanctuary 560-7607.
Jong Bonaire (Youth Center) 717-4303.
Sister Maria Hoppner Home (Child
Care) Tel. 717-4181 fax 717-2844.
Special Olympics- Call Roosje 786-
Volunteers to train children in sports.
Contact Quick-Pro Track and Field Rik

Protestant Congregation of Bonaire.
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. Services in
Papiamentu, Dutch and English on Sun-
days at 10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, Services in
Papiamentu on Sundays at 8.30 am.
Children's club every Saturday at 5 pm in
Sunday School every Sunday at 4 pm in
Rincon. Bible Study and Prayer meetings,
every Thursday at 8 pm. in Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church, Meets at
Kaminda Santa Barbara #1, Sundays,
9:30 am. Services in Dutch. 717-7116.
International Bible Church of Bonaire-
Kaya Amsterdam 3 (near the traffic circle)
Sunday Services at 9 am; Sunday Prayer
Meeting at 7 pm in English. Tel. 717-8332
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints, Kaya Sabana #26 Sundays
8:30 11:30 am. Services in Papiamentu,
Spanish and English.
Catholic San Bernardus in Kralendijk -
Services on Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
Papiamentu 717-8304 Saturday at 6
pm at Our Lady ofCoromoto in Antriol,
in English. Mass in Papiamentu on Sun-
day at 9 am and 6 pm. 717-4211.
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios),
Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10
am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at
7:30 pm. 717-2194

Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Email reporter@bonairenews.com
Tel:786-6518 or 786-6125

Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

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-"-wes~ a vert~semaens i-mis issue

Bella Vista Restaurant Moderate. Breakfast and Lunch Magnificent Theme Nights: Saturday: Beach Grill; Monday: Caribbean
Sea Side Restaurant at Buddy Dive Resort Dinner during Theme nights only. Night; Fnday: Manager's Rum Punch Party
717-5080, ext. 538 Open every day and All-You-Can-Eat B.B.Q
Bistro de Paris Lunch Monday Friday 11 am-3 pm Real French Cooking in an informal setting
Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 46 Superb dishes prepared with care and love by a French chef
(half-way between hotel row and town) 717-7070 Dinner Monday -Saturday 6-10pm Owner-operated Eat in or Take away

Cactus Blue Moderate Trend Setting Menu
Blvd. J. A. Abraham 16 Dinner Bonaire's newest hot-spot to eat and drink. Margaritas a specialty
(half-way between town and Divi Flamingo) 717-4564 Closed Sunday Owner-operated for top service

Calabas Restaurant &
Chibi Chibi Restaurant and Bar Moderate-Expensive Get a view of the beach and turquoise sea while enjoying a breakfast buffet or
At the Divi Flamin BeachResort. Waterfront Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner a la carte lunch and dinner at the 'Chibi Chibi' restaurant & bar.
A17-8285 Open 7 days Inspiring vistas and the highest standard of cuisine.

The Great Escape Moderate Bar-Restaurant poolside -under the thatched roof.
EEG Blvd #97-across from Belmar Breaasts yBreakfast Buffet 7:30-10 am every day
717-7488 Happy hours 5 to 7 daily.

Pasa Bon Pizza Bonaire's best. The Real Thing! Freshly prepared pizzas made with the frnest ingre-
On Kaya Gob. Debrot Low-Moderate dients. Salads, desserts. Eat m or take away. Nice bar too.
12 mile north of town center. 780-1111 Open from 5-11 pm Wednesday-Sunday Call ahead to eat-in or take out 790-1111

The Bonaire Windsurfing Place Low-Moderate A genuine sandy beach restaurant cooled by the trade winds
At Sorobon Beach Open from 10am-6 pm daily, Top quality food and friendly service. Reserve for the Wednesday Beach BBQ.
Get away from it all.


S 1-1 I L IE SeeaverisemenEvery Week
S I 0 P1P I N M=, UL I D E See adverisementsinthis issue

Divi Divi Air. Bonaire's "on time airline" with 16
flights a day between Bonaire and Curaqao. Your first
choice for inter-island travel. Now flying to Aruba.
City Shop, the mega store, has the island's widest
selection of large and small home appliances, furni-
ture, tv, computers, cell phones and more. Fast service
and in-store financing too.
Maduro and Curiel's Bank provides the greatest
number of services, branches and ATMs of any Bon-
aire bank. They also offer investments and insurance.
Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials, wax-
ing and professional nail care.
De Freewieler rents scooters and quads; profession-
ally repairs almost anything on two wheels. Sells top
brand bikes. Have your keys made here.
Get accounting software to manage your payroll at
Cactus Accounting Services-717-6033
Bonaire Creations new 2007 Calendar available now
at shops around town. It makes a superb holiday gift.
Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with top-notch
dive shop and well stocked retail store. Best book trade
on Bonaire. Good prices on regulator repair, dive com-
puter H.Q.
Dive Friends Bonaire (Photo Tours Divers-Yellow
Submarine) -low prices on the seaside at Kralendijk,
at Caribbean Court and the Hamlet Oasis. Join their
monthly cleanup dives and BBQ.
WannaDive They make diving fun while maintain-
ing the highest professional standards. In town at City
Caf6 and at Eden Beach.
Fit For Life at the Plaza Resort Mall. Classes in
Pilates, Aerobics, TaeBo and more. Professional train-
ers, fitness machines and classes for all levels.
The Plantation Has lots of classy furniture and an-
tiques at very competitive prices. Stop in to see great
teak furniture and Indonesian crafts.
Green Label has everything you need to start or main-
tain your garden. They can design, install and maintain

it and offer plants, irrigation supplies and garden chemi-
cals. Incredible selection of pots.
The Bonaire Gift Shop has a wide selection of gifts,
souvenirs, liquor, dive watches, digital cameras, things
for the home, T-shirts all at low prices.
The Great Escape Under new management. Quiet and
tranquil setting with pool and luxuriant garden in Bel-
nem. Cyber Caf6, DVD rentals, restaurant and bar.
New! Spa!
b c b- Botterop Construction Bonaire N.V., offers
outstanding fabrication of all metal products, including
stainless. Complete machine shop too.
Outdoor Bonaire for individually guided kayaking,
hiking, biking, caving, rapelling/abseilen and more
reservations : 791-6272 or 785-6272 E-mail:
Paradise Photo in the Galeries Shopping Center offers
fast, fine processing for prints, slides, items and ser-
vices Full digital services.

Caribbean Homes, "the Refreshing Realtor, special-
izing in luxury homes, condos, lots, rentals and prop-
erty management.

Harbourtown Real Estate is Bonaire's most experi-
enced real estate agent. They specialize in profes-
sional customer service, top notch properties and home
owners insurance.

Re/Max Paradise Homes: Lots of Choices-
International/US connections. 5% of profits donated to
local community. List your house with them to sell

Sunbelt Realty offers full real estate, rental, and insur-
ance services. If you want a home or to invest in Bon-
aire, stop in and see them.

Bon Handyman is here if you need something fixed
or built. Ultra reliable, honest and experienced. Electri-
cal, plumbing, woodworking, etc. 717-2345

Buddy Dive Resort offers diving, Adventure Fun
tours including kayaking, mountain biking, cave snor-
keling and exploration.

Benetton, world famous designer clothes available
now in Bonaire at prices less than those in US. For
men, women and children.
Best Buddies and Pearls-Stunning fresh water pearl
jewelry, fashion, gifts, t shirts. Under new manage-
The Touch Skin & Body-Birkenstock shoes for men
and women. New styles
Special Security Services will provide that extra
measure of protection when you need it. Always reli-
Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of
Bonaire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient.
FedEx agent.

Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di
Amor or Skiffy. Hotel pickup. Easiest landing on Klein

The Bonaire Windsurfing Place can fulfill all your
windsurfing dreams and more. They offer expert in-
struction, superb equipment on a fine beach. Lunch
and drinks too. BBQ and windsurf videos Wednesday
Antillean Wine Company. You've tried the rest; now
try the best: best prices, highest quality wines from
around the world, kept in a cooled warehouse. Free
delivery. Shop at Kaya Industria 23, Monday-Saturday
9 am-12 noon.

Put your ad in The Bonaire Reporter.
Phone/Fax 717-8988, Cel 786-6518
Did you know that listing in the Guides is FREE
for weekly advertisers?


Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

Page 16

On the Island Since .


W S72u


4 was bor on Curaqao, but we
I moved to Bonaire when I was
two. My father, Ely Thomas, is Bo-
nairean. He's the butcher at Cultimara.
My mother, Yvonne Thomas-Evertsz, is
from Curaqao. Last year she celebrated 25
years with the MCB Bank. After high
school I went to study in Curaqao to be-
come an activity leader with the handi-
In 1996 I met my boyfriend on Bonaire
when I came to spend the Easter holidays
with my family. I saw him for the first
time on the roof of his Aunt Sula's house
in Nort di Salina where my family also
lives. I thought, 'He's nice, but I don't
know him at all!' The only one who
seemed to know him a little bit was my
baby sister Rhada, who'd pass by the
house he was working on her way to Papa
Comes School. All day long I thought
about him. His face was always on my
mind, and that's how I went back to Cura-
qao, without having spoken to him. When
I was in Curaqao I called my mom, then I
talked to Rhada and asked her, 'Did you
see him?' And she told me every day
when she came from school she'd chat
with him."
She laughs. "George always tells me
that by the end of their little conversations
Rhada would walk away saying, 'I've got
something to tell you!' But she would
never say what it was! Three months later
I came to Bonaire for the summer holi-
days. Rhada told me that this boy, George,
the one I liked so much, had a red car, so
all the time I'd be on the lookout for it.
When the holidays were almost over I still
hadn't done anything about it. One day
when I was going home in the car with my
cousins and Rhada I saw him standing at
the bus stop across from Dr. Lont's prac-
tice. My cousins said, 'Varenia now is the
Well, I was raised this way. A girl does-
n't go out looking for a boy. I felt
ashamed and also, what would he say? I
drove by the bus stop and went around
again and then I got some courage and... I
made my little sister talk to him through
the window of the car. You know what
she said? 'George, my sister Varenia is
asking if you want to come tonight to a
moonlight party at Lac.' I felt so embar-
rassed! And George's reaction was, 'Lac!
Not me!' He doesn't like parties and nei-
ther do I! Well, Rhada convinced him to
go and see me there and we set the time.
Magic Sound was playing and there was a
lot of noise, but it was the first time we
talked. He told me he'd been living in
Holland for quite some time and by the
end of the night he gave me a picture of
himself, then I had to go back to Curacao.

We couldn't call each other all the time,
but we did write long letters and his hand-
writing was much more beautiful than
mine and he used beautiful words. I read
those letters over and over again.
Then, one day, he wrote that he had
something to say to me, but he wanted to
tell me in person. I got scared and I didn't
know what to think and I rushed back to
Bonaire. He told me the reason he'd been
living in Holland for so long was because
he'd had kidney problems. When he was
12 he fell from a height and damaged his
kidney on the rim of a drum without
knowing. The doctor checked it out but
didn't find anything. Because he didn't
get any treatment the other kidney became
badly damaged because of his high blood
pressure, and by the time he got really
sick in 1989 it was too late. In 1990 he
went to Holland for the first time and in
1991 he went to live there because he had
to be on dialysis. In 1993 he got a kidney
transplant and in 1994 he came back to
Bonaire. He told me all this, but I didn't
realize what it meant. He also told me that
he'd never had a girlfriend because he'd
figured once he'd tell her all this she
wouldn't be interested anymore. That's
why he wanted to know my opinion, so he
knew where he stood. I told him it wasn't
important to me.

"I love my work (with
the FKPD); I feel for
the people like I feel
for my family."

And so, George Boezem and I began our
relationship. Every month he had to go for
a week to Curacao to do his check-ups
and I would accompany him to see all the
doctors and so I learned about his medical
condition. I also went to the library and
searched for more information about ir.
After I graduated in 1998 I wanted to
come back immediately and start my life
with George."
Varenia Thomas (31) is an exceptional
girl; she 's very bright and one of the
sweetest persons I've ever met in my life.
"Before I'd met George it was my inten-
tion to go to Holland for higher profes-
sional education, but then I had to choose
and I chose him.
On Bonaire I went to live with my fam-
ily and George was living with his sister. I
applied for ajob with the FKPD (center
for the handicapped in Rincon), but there

was no vacancy. During my studies I'd
been working every year as a trainee at
the Monsignor Verriet Foundation, a cen-
ter for the handicapped in Curacao, and it
was something I really enjoyed. So, the
FKPD was a logical choice and I wanted
to put my knowledge into practice very
badly. For a year I worked at the Jiwiri
playschool and had a part-time job as an
administrator at Consales as well. Then I
got pregnant and George was over-
whelmed with joy because in Holland
they'd told him that he would have only a
slight chance of ever becoming a father.
He wanted a boy and I wanted a girl but
as I figured that this child might be the
only one we'd ever have I prayed and
prayed that it would be a boy. November
25" 1999 our son, Georgeson, was born
on Curacao. It was the most beautiful
thing that ever happened to me in my life.
When we came back to Bonaire we
found a little one-room house, but it was
enough. We were together, the three of us.
I got a real job with a real salary as an
activity leader at Kas di Kuido, a home for
the elderly. It was a very nice job, but
when Georgeson was one year old George
had problems with his kidney. You see, a
kidney transplant is not forever. If you
maintain the kidney well it might last 10
years. That's the maximum, and George
had his for nine years. For weeks and
months I accompanied him during his
hospitalizations in Curacao, and the peo-
ple of Kas di Kuido have been of great
support to me.

In 2001 the FKPD had a vacancy and I
got the job. I love my work; I feel for the
people like I feel for my family. We can
talk about everything because their level
is high and they tell me exactly what they
like or don't like. The most important
thing for me is that I can help them to
become more and more independent so
they learn to count on themselves. I see
my future with the FKPD and I am happy
with my job.
George lost his kidney, and since No-
vember 2002 he has to be dialyzed three
times a week in Curacao while he's on the
waiting list for a new kidney. At home
George takes care of Georgeson. They're
very attached to each other.
We're living in an apartment that be-
longs to George's mother. His parents
have always helped us, but George has his
own land and we'd like to build our house
there in the future. I have a salary and
George has a small government allowance
as he cannot work, but the funny thing is
that he handles his money so well and I
am so bad at it! I think he is fantastic. I
am very happy I found such a wonderful
husband, and you know, when he intro-
duces me to someone he knows he always
tells that person,
'She loves me the
way I am,' and I
think that is so

Story & photo by
Greta Kooistra

Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

George, Georgeson and Varenia Thomas

Page 17

iDauri Jansen
(VWO/HAVO-8th grade)

My School! (SGB)

'll begin by introducing myself. My
name is Dauri and I go to a typical
high school which is quite fun. The SGB
may have a bad reputation but I think
that people give their opinion about
something without even knowing it. Bet-
ter said: people judge our school too
Of course it has got its bad parts, such
as violence and pupils who ruin every-
thing for everybody.
I, as an active pupil, want everybody to
know that I have a great time at the SGB.
Nice teachers, nice classmates and
schoolmates, and most importantly, a
good area. Okay, my idea is not to exag-
gerate, but to just tell you guys out there

POEM of the WEEK
by Tracy Lee Dimsoy
(Havo 3 B)

who think that SGB is only about bad
things and violence that you are pretty
SGB is our only high school on this
beautiful island. Let's lift its name on
high. Together we can make it! To-
gether! Dauri Jansen VH2b. (VWO/
HAVO-8t grade)
Series by Yvette van der Moolen; As-
sistant/photographer: Sue-Ann Mo
(T2B) Van der Moolen is an English
teacher at the SGB High School


I want it to be real
Not just a flirt with meaning-
less words
Not just a give-away hug
I want it to be real
Not just a kiss
That's a meeting of two lips
I want it to be real
Like a laugh when it's funny
A smile when you're cheered
I want it to be real
Like a baby's innocence
A warmth in your heart
I want it to be real
So I can feel the power
Of its true depth
Let your love be real. T.L.D.

Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

Page 18

Bl 4=> N/ I FZ E

*to find it... just look up

Mercury Begins a Super Show This Weekend
and Three Cosmic Birds for Thanksgiving
E very Thanksgiv- A ---
ing week I like
to point out that in ad-
dition to the bird on
American Thanksgiv-
ing tables there are
three cosmic birds in
the heavens. Plus this
year Mercury begins a
super show this
Thanksgiving weekend.
On any clear night -
this Thanksgiving week -1P Taj .e
just after dark, look -
towards the west. You r .
will see three bright i
stars which, if con-
nected by lines, make s m
up what is called the
Summer Triangle, but Aquila
which every November
I unofficially call the "Thanksgiving Poultry Triangle."
You see, historically these stars have always been associated with cosmic birds. The
highest star is Deneb; the bright tail star is Cygnus the Swan. So in addition to your
Thanksgiving turkey we have a heavenly swan to be thankful for. The star farthest to
the west, Altair, is the brightest star in Aquila the Eagle. But the brightest of the three
stars and closest to the northwest horizon is Vega, the premier star of Lyra the Harp,
which strange as it may sound, has had more feathery incarnations than the other two
put together.
You see, Lyra was not always a harp. In fact long ago before it became a lyre it was
a cosmic turtle, and strange as it may seem the association between a turtle and a lyre
is not far fetched because some musicologists believe that the first lyres were made
out of turtle shells with strings stretched across them. But even before Lyra was seen
as a cosmic turtle it was a bird of one sort or another. Ancient records tell us that
Lyra's association with birds goes back over 2,000 years. In ancient India Lyra was
seen as a cosmic vulture. But when Babylonian kings and queens strolled through the
hanging gardens of Babylon at night they looked up and saw Lyra as Urakhga, a
mythological bird who brought storms. And in ancient Arabia people often depicted
the stars of Lyra, depending upon what tribe they belonged to, as one of two birds,
either a desert eagle or would you believe, a cosmic goose. Lyra's stars were also once
known as a great osprey and even as a wood falcon. Anyone care for a wood falcon or
osprey drumstick?
In fact as recently as the American Revolution the stars of Lyra were depicted as a
great American eagle, but would you believe, with a lyre in his beak? Today, however,
all that remains of this proud eagle is the musical instrument of long, long ago, the
lyre/harp of ancient Greece. So this Thanksgiving week after you've had turkey up to
here why not step outside just after dark and look west for some birds of a different
feather. And thank heavens above you'll never get them in your leftovers. Plus this
Thanksgiving weekend 2006, we have a special added attraction. Look east about 45
minutes before sunrise and you'll see a bright pink light which is planet #1 out from
the Sun, 3,000 mile-wide Mercury, which is now officially the smallest planet since
Pluto got the boot. Please start your Mercury watch now because it is getting ready to
put on a super show with two other planets at the beginning of December! Jack




And the
solution is:
(puzzle and
on page 12)


if EL AV7E[ E1

Sunday, November 19 to
Saturday, November 25, 2006
By Astrologer Michael Thiessen
ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You will be popular and will easily attract members of
the opposite sex. Get involved in sports groups or hobbies that attract you. Catch up
on overdue phone calls and correspondence. You can come up with solutions to the
problems responsible for inefficiencies at work. Your lucky day this week will be
TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Spend time with friends or family. You may find that
getting together with colleagues after hours will be worthwhile. Be prepared to coun-
teract the damage that adversaries are about to create. Residential moves will be fa-
vorable, and larger quarters the most probable direction. Your lucky day this week
will be Thursday.
GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Don't forget to let your mate know how much you care.
Family outings or a quiet stroll through the park will lead to stimulating conversation
and a closer bond. Take care of any dealings with government agencies. You can be
sure that any dealing with large institutions should go well. Your lucky day this week
will be Saturday.
CANCER (June 22-July 22) Pleasure trips will be most enjoyable and should lead to
new and lasting friendships. You can solidify your relationship if you plan a special
evening with your mate. You will do well if you mingle with the brass this week. You
can change your living arrangements. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You will enjoy travel and getting together with peers. Your
added discipline will enable you to complete some of those unfinished projects. Do
your own thing. Your outgoing nature might work against you this week. Your lucky
day this week will be Wednesday.
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) You will feel tired and rundown if you have allowed
yourself to get into a financial mess. Try to stay calm and understand both sides of the
situation. Romance is likely if you participate in unusual forms of entertainment. You
can make gains if you look at long-term investments. Your lucky day this week will
be Thursday.
LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Family outings should include visiting friends or rela-
tives. Use your charm to get your own way. You don't owe anyone an explanation. Do
your own thing, you need time to yourself. Do not push your opinions or try to reform
your emotional partner this week. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) Real estate investments will payoff. You must be
careful not to trust just anyone. Your ability to be practical in business will help. It's
time to reconnect with some of the people you used to know. Your lucky day this
week will be Friday.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Take care when dealing with older relatives.
You can develop your creative talents if you take the time to practice your art. Interac-
tion with colleagues will only be upsetting. Use your creative talent in order to ac-
complish your goals. Your lucky day this week will be Monday.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) A need to express yourself may come out in crea-
tive ways. You can make a difference if you offer your help at functions that involve
children. Before you proceed be sure to talk your plans over with those they will af-
fect. You are best to be discreet. Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
AOUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Don't let your work and your personal life interfere
with each other. Stop those bad habits. Communication will be the source of your
knowledge and you must be sure to spend time with those who have more experience.
Don't make large purchases unless you have discussed your choices with your mate.
Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Speak of your future goals, intentions, and commitments.
Don't donate more than you can afford in order to impress others. Visitors may be
likely to drop by. You can make extra cash by moonlighting. Your lucky day this
week will be Thursday.

Bonaire Reporter November 24 to December 1, 2006

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