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This statue of Christ, near the center of Kralendijk, was
dedicated on February 28, 1930. It is inscribed: Sacred Heart
of Jesus I Trust In You (H. Hart van Jesus ik vertrouw op U).

T he Bonaire Island Council
unanimously voted to confirm
the arrangement to become an inte-
gral part of The Netherlands, the deal
that was struck in Holland two weeks
ago by government leaders. Unless the
political climate in Holland takes a
turn, the "K-3" (Bonaire, Saba and
Statia) are on course for inclusion into
the Dutch mainstream in January 2008.
The two remaining Antillean islands,
St. Maarten and Curacao, are having a
lot more difficulty coming to an agree-
ment with the Dutch on their desired
status of a status-aparte, similar to
Aruba's. Dutch Kingdom Relations
Minister, Atzo Nicolai, told the islands,
"Seize that opportunity! The proposals
are real." He made this appeal to Cura-
cao and St. Maarten during a normal
general deliberation with the permanent
committee for the Netherlands Antil-
lean and Aruban Affairs (NAAZ) in the
Lower House of the Dutch Parliament.
Another Dutch Parliamentarian,
Klaas de Vries, suggested conducting a
new referendum in St. Maarten, asking
the population if perhaps they want to
become a municipality like the three
small islands

Beginning January 8, 2007, all
Caribbean air travelers will be re-
quired to present a passport to re-
enter the US. Cruise passengers have
been granted an extension until 2009
to comply with the new law. A top US
State Department official is refuting

claims that the
amended rules for
air travel to the
Caribbean under
th ( TxTT)

gt "" - -
1i .-.- .... *
vN: ,"

Western Hemi-
sphere Travel Ini-
tiative (passports -,b
required for US
citizens traveling
to the Caribbean) is in any way related
to Caribbean support for Venezuela in
its bid for a seat on the United Nations
Security Council. (See Flotsam and
Jetsam from last week.)
Derwood Staeben, the senior advisor
on the Western Hemisphere Travel
Initiative, says the measure is essen-
tially an effort to make travel safer,
stemming from concerns coming out of
the 9/11 Commission. Staeben says
while the US government recognizes
the economic issues that may emanate
from this major change, it is also their
intention to mitigate any potential fall-
out as far as possible. However, the
predictions from the Caribbean stand-
point remain dire. It has been estimated

between the US, Canada, Mexico, the
Caribbean and Bermuda. To meet the
documentary requirements of the
WHTI, the US Department of State, in
consultation with the Department of
Homeland Security (DHS), submitted
the draft law for the passport card for
public comments. The limited use pass-
port card will be adjudicated to the
same standards as a traditional passport
book but will cost a lot less. The rule
published Wednesday proposes a wal-
let-sized card that would cost US$10
for children and US$20 for adults, plus
a US$25 application fee.
The proposed passport card would
use long range, or vicinity, radio fre-
quency identification (RFID) technol-
ogy to link the card to a secure US gov-
ernment database containing biographi-
cal data and a photograph.

that the Caribbean could lose up to US > Caribbean Airlines, the succes-
$2.6 billion in revenue, and about sor to the 66-year-old BWIA, un- I
188,000 tourism industry employees veiled its new livery and logo on Oc- A340s and seven 737-800s, but Carib-
could lose jobs. tober 17 as it prepares for its inaugura- bean Airlines plans to cut two of the
tion on New Year's Day 2007. Its new 737s. Caribbean Airlines will service
> In an apparent reaction to Carib- livery is a green and blue hummingbird the former British Caribbean, as well as
bean complaints, US citizens may in mid-flight. Displayed beside the to Miami, New York, Toronto and
soon be able to get card-format pass- hummingbird is the carrier's name in London.
ports to use for international travel magenta and purple-hued lettering.
through land and sea ports of entry BWIA currently flies two Airbus (Continued on page 3)

Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006


Table of Contents

Contests for Astronaut's Visit 5
Letters (Mangrove Village Politics) 5
TCB Anniversary 6
ArkeFly's Back to Rock 'n' Roll 6
Antique Houses: Fundashon Mariadal 8-9
Reporter appears on stage (SGB) 10
Student Chefs in Italy 11
Wounded Warriors 13
Cowfish- Love or Reproduction? 18

Flotsam & Jetsam 2
Biologist's Bubbles (Slippery Dick) 3
SGB Stars (Angelica Julio) 6
Picture Yourself (Mt. Kenya, Africa) 6
Straight Talk 7
Snack Detectives (Divi Divi) 7
SuDoku Puzzle 12
Classifieds 12
Tide Table 12
Pet of the Week (Goldie) 14
SuDoku Answer 14
Reporter Masthead 14
What's Happening 15
Movieland Film Schedule 15
Shopping & Dining Guides 16
Born on Bonaire
(Raphael Benito Statie-Rodriguez) 17
Sky Park (Mercury & Jupiter) 19
The Stars Have It 19

Page 2

(Flotsam and Jetsam. Continued from page 2)
ozone hole
is the big-
gest ever,
US gov-
said Thurs-
day. The
so-called hole is a region where there is
severe depletion of the layer of ozone-a
form of oxygen-in the upper atmosphere
that protects life on Earth by blocking
the sun's ultraviolet rays.
Scientists say human-produced gases
such as bromine and chlorine damage the
layer, causing the hole. That's why many
compounds such as spray-can propel-
lants have been banned in recent years.
"From September 21 to 30 the average
area of the ozone hole was the largest
ever observed, at 10.6 million square

miles," said Paul Newman, atmospheric
scientist at NASA's Goddard Space
Flight Center. That's larger than the area
of North America.

1 Her
Beatrix, will
be visitng
Bonaire on
November 8
and 9. On
her schedule
to visit will
be the Reina
School, the
Centro di Bario in Nikiboko, The Wind-
surf Place at Sororbon, the town of Rin-
con, the new football field in Tera Cora,
FORMA, Klein Bonaire and the Kas di
Arte. Who says the life of royalty is

(Continued on page 4)

> They're beautiful; they're inno- /
vative and they're reader friendly! /
"They" are a series of new brochures
put out by STINAPA, the overseer
of Bonaire's parks. And the bro-
chures are now in racks at hotels, dive m-
shops and stores around town. They're
in full color with marvelous illustra-
tions by Dominique SRrafini. The bro- x
chures are full of information and K
facts, easy-to-read maps, highlights of "
the areas.
Sponsored by the World Wildlife r
and Prince Bernard funds the bro-
chures are a delight to read, especially
with the new maps. The areas covered
are Washington Slagbaai National
Park, Lac Bai, and the Visitor Center The entrance to Lac, as shown in the Lac
at Washington Slagbaai. The existing brochure, includes the new Lac mooring
brochure of the Bonaire National Ma-
rine Park (BNMP) will soon be replaced by a new one in the same style.
Thanks to additional sponsors for the brochure for the Visitors Center at Wash-
ington-Slagbaai Park: BONHATA, KNAP, Stichting Doen, Capt. Don's Habitat,
MCB, Linda and Jeff Goldman.
Karen van Dijk of STINAPA coordinated the project and Max van Dortman did
the layout. Bravo for ajob well done!

~C2tmoDn Ebh BDD@Got

D id You Know...certain fish mate
at certain times of the day?
Slippery Dicks are small reef fish that
are abundant in shallow reefs around
Bonaire. The males are about six inches
long and sport an abundance of pastel
colors. The females (and small males) are
much smaller and are white with a black
stripe running along their bodies. If you
know what to look for, you can find these
promiscuous, polygamous fish mating

daily between three and five in the after-
noon, every afternoon, at just about any
reef with shallow coral heads. Look for
males fighting with other similarly col-
ored males and keep your eyes on the
victor. He'll often be swimming up and
down above a coral head where several
hot-to-trot females are waiting for him
to prove his superiority over the other
males. When a female is ready, she
races upwards and he joins her in a

speedy 'spawning rise'. They only rise
about a foot above the coral head, release
their gametes (fertilization is external as it
is with most fish), then race back towards
cover. The 'spawning rise' lasts less than
a second. Perhaps that is why he is able
to mate with so many partners so often!

tonaire Reporter October 2/ to NovemDer 3, 2UUb

Slippery dick
Photo by Les Wilk, ReefNet.Inc

Page 3

(Flotsam and Jetsam. Continued from page 3)
> The request of Cura-
qao political leader, An-
thony Godett, jailed for
corrupt practices, to
exchange prison for
electronic surveillance
was denied last week.
Acting Justice Minister
Omayra Leeflang wrote
that contrary to what was
mentioned in Godett's
request, the electronic
surveillance program
(ankle bracelet) is not
used to reduce time served by six months.
No more than 15% of the sentence can be
involved. Godett's sentence amounts to
10 months or 300 days, minus 32 days
spent in pre-trial detention. If the regular
10% early release is applied, this leaves
238 days to be served. Since the prisoner
is already at the threshold of being re-
leased, he does not qualify for a sentence
reduction or electronic surveillance,"
Leeflang wrote.

> Seven persons were arrested in
Bonaire, Aruba and Curacao for drug
trafficking on board KLM flights from
the Netherlands Antilles to the Nether-
lands. Four of the seven persons detained
worked at Flamingo Airport in Bonaire as
cleaners, baggage handlers and security
personnel for a private company.
The Bonaire Prosecutor ordered the
arrests of (initials) S.F.M. (36), L.L.C.
(21), C. (29) and a woman, A.G.T. (30)
of the Dominican Republic. Two arrests
were made in Aruba; both N.P.L.R (44)
and P.L.C. (29) were Bonaire residents
who had traveled to Amnba The seventh

arrest was in Curamao, where R.A.N.E.
(27) was detained. Police are continuing
the investigation.

> In Curacao, press photographers and
journalists will receive e-mails with the
latest police news on their Blackberry
phones. When police introduced the new
"Chuchubi" communications system, the
local newspapers had great difficulty fol-
lowing the police news. In Bonaire police
scanners are of some use and formal po-
lice announcements are sent by email.

> The US population surpassed 300
million people, the US Census Bureau
said on Tuesday. The Census Bureau
keeps count of the estimated number of
Americans based on the birth rate, death
rate and immigration rate and says the US
adds another person to its population
every 11 seconds.
There currently are about 34.3 million
foreign-born people living in the US,
comprising about 12% of the country's
total population. Mexico is the leading
country of origin. In 1967, there were
about 9.7 million foreign-born people in
the US, comprising about 5% of the total
population. At the time, the largest num-
ber of foreign-born people came from
Americans now live an average of 77.8
years, compared to 70.5 years in 1967.
The population is also aging, with about
36.8 million people age 65 or older, com-
pared to 19.1 million in 1967.
There were 1,144 immigrants to Bon-
aire in 2005; Bonaire's population is esti-
mated close to 40% foreign born.

1 The carnival marchers ronmn. De

> Bonaire continues to gain popularity as a bicycling destination. Here are
Curacao's Off Road Valley Bikers enjoying Happy Hour at the Divi Flamingo
Balashi Beach Bar.

Jukduikers, will give away all the
money they collected from their spon-
sors and participants. The check will be
presented to the Foundation Project
(teens) and SEBIKI (children) at the E
Teras restaurant on Saturday, November
11, at 8 pm. Balashi will provide the beer.
All welcome.

> Lydia Duijn of the Bonaire Ani-
mal Shelter asked us to pass on the mes-
sage that the photos taken at the recent
dog wash are ready and that people can
pick them up at Warehouse Bonaire.

> If you like bicycling around Bon-
aire be sure to tell the councilman
(deputado) whom you elected in the last
Island Council election. He may be able
to expedite bicycle paths along Bonaire's
roads Now is a nerfect time while the

roadsides are torn up for cable installation

> This issue marks the first anniver-
sary of Wilna Groenenboom's series in
The Bonaire Reporter, "Antique Living
Houses of Bonaire," which has changed
the way many people view Bonaire's
traditional architecture. This week Sun-
belt Realty will celebrate its 12/2 year
Anniversary and present its new real es-
tate magazine which features her photo-
graphic work to set the themes for Bon-
aire's neighborhoods. Congratulations,
Wilna and congratulations, Sunbelt.
G./L. D.

Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

Page 4

Student Contests Launched for

Astronaut Visit
-U S^a

Astronaut Bolden at the controls NASA photo

T wo student contests an essay contest and a poster/exhibit competition -
were launched this week in conjunction with the planned landing (by plane)
of former Astronaut Charles Bolden on Bonaire on 25 November. The contests are
designed to encourage students to study and think about the challenges of space
exploration prior to General Bolden's visit. "Charlie" will visit Bonaire for a week
to meet with school children and will award prizes to the winners of the contests at
his press conference on Tuesday, 28 November.
For the Essay Contest students may write about one of the following topics: 1)
Why Space Exploration is Important; 2) Personal Characteristics Necessary for a
Career in Space Exploration; or 3) The Future of Space Exploration. Essays must
be between 500 and 750 words, in either Dutch or English, and submitted by 10
November, to include student's name, age, school and class at school, home address
and telephone number. Any student up to age 20 may enter. Depending on the num-
ber of entries, they may be divided into several age categories.
"The Future of Space Exploration" is the theme of the Poster/Exhibit Contest. It
is open for students of all ages with the deadline for entries also on 10 November.
The poster/exhibit entries will be divided into age categories with prizes awarded in
each group. All poster entries must also have the student's name, age, school, class
at school, home address and telephone number.
Winners of the contests will be notified by 20 November, and will be invited to
attend the astronaut's press conference on 28 November to receive their awards.
All contest entries must be submitted to the student's school so that they can be
delivered as a group to the judges. Information about the essay and poster contests
along with the rules will be available at each school.
Astronaut Bolden will spend a week on Bonaire where he will speak to all sixth
classes and many students from SGB, UniCollege and Pelikaan School, as well as
Jong Bonaire members. In addition there will be a special evening session for par-
ents and children on Thursday evening, 30 November. General Bolden is especially
interested in talking with students about his experiences and his ideas about setting
and meeting personal goals. He will answer any questions the children want to ask
Bolden commanded two space missions, including the first Space Laboratory mis-
sion dedicated to the study of Earth's atmosphere and the first US-Russian mission
with a Russian Cosmonaut as a crewmember. In addition, Astronaut Bolden flew
two other missions, one of them as the pilot of Space Shuttle Discovery when the
Hubble Space Telescope was launched into space. In May 2006 he was inducted
into the US Astronauts Hall of Fame.
The visit of the former astronaut has been arranged by Bonaire residents Ben and
Laura Buchbinder. Ben Buchbinder worked for NASA before retiring to Bonaire. It
was during his NASA work that he became friends with Bolden. Buchbinder has
also been a consultant to the Hubble Space Telescope project. During his volunteer
work at the Pelikaan School, Buchbinder discovered that a number of young people
were very interested in space, and he decided to invite the astronaut to talk with
Bonaire's youth.
General Bolden is also a scuba diver and he will be visiting Bonaire for the first
time. It is hoped that he will do some scuba diving, and also try the local windsurf-
ing since he loves to 'fly.' 1 Ben Buchbinder

Sponsors for the astronaut's visit are: ReMax Real Estate, Support Bonaire Founda-
tion, Divi Flamingo Hotel, Jake & Linda Richter, Hertz Car Rental, Jong Bonaire, The
Pelikaan School and Ben & Laura Buchbinder. The astronaut's visit has been endorsed
by the Board of Education, the RK Schoolbestuur and SGB.


Dear Editor:
After follow-
ing the discus-
sion in the last
weeks, I feel
that politics
haven taken
over the project
and the environ-
ment. If I like a
green Bonaire, I
can't vote green

The local gov-

Mangrove Village construction STINAPA Photo

ernment should
be more of a government of checks and
balances not a fight between "Green
and Red" (parties). If they want to use a
more Dutch system in the future, the
civil servants must make plans before-
hand and discussions should be between
the economic and environmental depart-
ments. When they have carefully laid
plans they can present them to the peo-
ple. Now it looks like an ad hoc decision
to let someone built in a natural area.
That makes people angry!

Where is the voice of the environ-
mental department in this discussion?
Now politicians have created an unnec-
essary opposition between government

and the nature organizations instead of
getting them to work together. They
should have the same goal a sustain-
able economic future for Bonaire.

So it was nice to hear the more realistic
voice of Mr. Bartikoski (Reporter letter
last week) instead of mud throwing poli-
ticians. Make realistic plans for the fu-
ture and do it for the long term (30 years
or more) and do the checks beforehand
in the environmental and economic de-
partments. Only 10% is build able area
on Bonaire so don't spoil the most at-
tractive and beautiful places with visu-
ally unattractive buildings. Even the
beauty of Bonaire is not endless .....

Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

Page 5

flTJDB EAjmimflBvrrc rinmcala

This week's star pupil:
Angelica Julio

H ow old are you Angelica?
I'm 14.
What's your star sign? Virgo
In what group are you? T2B
What do you want to become when you
grow up?
I want to become a bank manager. I love
doing the administration and bookkeep-
ing. I 'm really good at counting money
Where are you from?
I'm from Colombia. I have lived here for
11 12 years now.
What do you like about living
on Bonaire?
Bonaire is a quiet island. I like it, but
sometimes it's boring! There are no ac-
tivities for us. But I love the ocean, its
nature and the hotels. I love walking there
and checking out tourists!
What's your favorite subject?
What's your least favorite subject?
Math! It's very difficult.
What would you like to change at the
I think there should be more guards around,
for protection.
What do you like about the SGB?
I have great friends, we 're very close. I like
my teachers and I like my group.

ast Wednesday, at a warm recep-
tion complete with delicious food
and drinks at Donna and Georgio's Res-
taurant, four long-time employees of the
Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB)
were honored for their many years of
service: Evelain Marchena and Joanny

Sint Jago (15 years), Rolando Marin (12
years) and Robert Evertsz (10 years)
(2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th from left). Also in the
photo above are TCB officials and Com-
missioner of Tourism, Onnie Emerenci-
ana (far left). Congratulations everyone.
All on Bonaire value your work. 1

What are your hobbies?
Dancing, listening to music, gymnastics and

[ Interview by: Yvette van derMoolen;
Assistant photographer: Sue-Ann Mo
Van derMoolen is an English teacher at
the SGB High School

With only a few weeks to go before Bonaire's big Rock'n'Roll night, let's bring
the story of Rene Shuman up to date.

After various CD releases in the late 90s as well as worldwide tours with members of
Elvis Presley's original bands, Rene took a break. In 2000 he saw a TV special about a
girl named Angel-Eye, a great rock 'n' roll piano player who also played guitar and
saxophone. By the age of 20, she was writing songs for other artists which reach high in
the charts and also music for commercials. As a singer, piano player and guitar player
she toured Holland while also singing with popular Dutch band, Tiger Tiger. Angel-Eye
worked in 2001 as a co-producer on Rene's album, "Set the Clock on Rock," a pure
Rock 'n' Roll album.
Rene and Angel-Eye started composing and working on a lot of songs together, and in
2003 the remake of the Elvis song, "Don't Be Cruel," is released as their first joint ef-
fort. The song scores high in the Dutch Hit Parade and as Shuman & Angel-Eye, they
start touring together with a Real Rock 'n' Roll Show. In 2006 their single, "Magic
Ride," was adopted by the Tour de France as the official Tour Song.
After many years of hard work, success is there again for both of them with full sched-
ules through the years with many appearances on Dutch TV, in filled stadiums and
crowded festivals.
Now you have the chance to see them live at Plaza on November 10th and to support
Fundashon Bonaire Entertainment. The aim of the Fundashon is to help local youngsters
involved in music with equipment, costumes and traveling expenses etc. The recipients
will be chosen carefully to ensure that all funds will reach their source. After the con-
cert, the FBE will consult with their sponsors for advice and direction as to where the
funding will be most appropriate within that field.
Tickets will be available at Plaza Resort, City Cafe, Mona Lisa Restaurant and Ware-
house Bonaire: NAf20 in advance or NAf25 on the night. Once again, thanks to the
sponsors below.
Sponsors: Plaza Resort Bonaire RE/MAX Paradise Homes Grand Palace Casino-
More for Less & de Slager-Alubon- Jody's Fashion & Music Krioyo Paint
Mega FM Amstel-Antillean Wine Company Auto City Bonaire Motorcycle Shop Bonaire
Access Bonaire Airservice Bonaire Gift Shop Bonaire Partners Bonaire Security Force -
BSC Painting Pool & Spa Caribbean Fasteners Caribbean Homes Caribbean Laundry Ser-
vices City Caf6 Duijn Bonaire nv Cultimara Duty General Construction Ennia Fla-
mingo Communications Flamingo TV Koop Tjuchem Lisa Gas Maduro & Curiels Bank -
Notaris Kantoor Maarten Maartense Plantation Furniture RentoFun Drive The Bonaire
Reporter Total Rent a Car & BoCar Tropicana Apartments Tropical Habitat Development -
Wannadive Bonaire Warehouse Bonaire Wattaburger Waterplanet Images. O Antony Bond

B onaire Dive Instructor Linda Baker is somewhat of a world adventure traveler.
Previously she sent us her Reporter photo with Mt. Everest in the background.
This time it's with The Bonaire Reporter from the top of Mt. Kenya. On the cover
of the issue she's holding is Bonairean Delno Tromp, who is working in Africa and
who graced our cover a couple of weeks ago. O

WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next trip or when
you return to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in hand. THE BEST PHO-
TOS OF THE YEAR WILL WIN THE PRIZES. Mail photos to Bonaire Reporter, Kaya Gob. Debrot
200-6, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles (AN). E-mail to: picture@bonairereporter.com. (All 2006 photos
are eligible.) D

Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

Page 6


We've received very positive reactions from the first
column of Straight Talk by Betty Wills published last
week. We are pleased our readers enjoy it. Here's

t's all about dating, love, sex, friendship, and marriage so
let's talk. Email your relationship questions to my attention:

Question #1 from:
"Worried about a wandering eye." Betty Wills

Dear Betty My boyfriend has a wandering eye, and it really bothers me. Whenever
we're out together, he not only looks at other women, I've actually caught him flirting.
Is that a sign he's shopping for someone else?

ANSWER: Unless your man is visually handicapped, as in blind, he's going to look.
Women look, too. A glance, a smile all quite harmless, and nothing more than a pleas-
ant visual experience. For example, I love to see a full moon reflecting off the water, but
it doesn't mean I'll book a flight on the next spaceship to the moon. On the other hand,
it sounds like your boyfriend wants to be an astroNUT. Flirting takes looking to the
next level; if he's flirting with other women while in your presence, he is being rude,
and disrespectful to you.
Tell him how his flirtation makes you feel if you haven't already. If he contin-
ues, he may have a mental affliction, a sexual addiction, or he lacks conviction and just
doesn't care about you. Send him off on the next Apollo mission.

Question #2 from:
"Grandma with a guilty conscience."

Dear Betty I broke up with my children's father a few years ago. Last year I started
dating a guy who visits the island on a monthly basis for his job. The problem is, he is
married, but according to him the marriage has been on the rocks for a few years, and
they stay together for the children's sake. I really love him and haven't felt like this for a
long while, but there is the guilt as it feels like cheating on his wife. Should I give up
this chance of love just because of a guilty conscience?

ANSWER: He's committed, and I'm not talking insane asylum. I'm talking marriage,
which may lead some of us to an insane asylum. Your guy is married, and seeing you on
the side, which makes you a side dish instead of the main course.
We can't choose whom we fall in love with it just happens but we can
choose how we live our lives. Living with guilt is tough, unless a Jewish or Italian
mother raised you. If so, you're probably used to guilt by now. Did you call your
mother today? Are you wearing clean underwear? Did you brush your teeth? Sorry, I
Try to imagine how you would feel if his wife discovered what you were do-
ing, and confronted you. Think about how you would feel if it were the other way
Excuses like, "a marriage on the rocks," and "staying together for the kids"
are so old, they date back to when the Dead Sea was just sick. Cheaters will say just
about anything to get what they want. You already know he's a liar. He lied to his wife
to be with you.
Try this one on for size he's traveling, needs a little companionship, and you
fit the bill. He's probably staying at your house when he's on the island, so he's saving
money, getting a home-cooked meal AND free sex.
Step outside the relationship, think carefully about what he's doing, how the
situation makes you feel, and ask yourself if he's really the one for you.

Joke Of The Day
What is the difference between men and women?
A woman wants one man to satisfy her every need.
A man wants every woman to satisfy his one need. O Betty Wills

The Snack Bar Detectives
Their Mission: To seek out the mysteries that lie behind the
doors of Bonaire's snacks

This Week: Divi Divi, Kaya
Dr Jose G. Hernades 26

A s there are many local
snack bars that aren't
open during the evening, Big
D and I decided to risk an
appearance in daylight. On
the advice of others, we
planned to "Do lunch" as they
say in high society.
We knew exactly where we
would be heading. In the area known as
Antriol sits a place called Divi Divi that
has something of a reputation for good
food. Anyone unsure of the location will
find it easily on the road from Botica
Korona. With its blue and white facade and
spider's web window guards, it is easy to
We agreed to meet at noon, the snacking
hour. I was a little early so I took a seat at
the bar and ordered myself a Polar. There
is nothing like a little afternoon delight. In
no time at all I was chatting with one of the
locals. It turns out that my new friend Piet
is the singer at Lac Cai on Sunday after-
noons; I was in the presence of a star. We
chatted a while and took a few beers before
the rumble of Big D's car interrupted our
Our attention turned to the menu. There
were local favourites such as Baka Stoba
and Galinja Stoba as well as the less famil-
iar Rabu Stoba which I understood to be
Ox Tail. Unusually, there was a Suriname
dish, Bakijouw, which is Salt Mackerel.
My head was turned by the fish fillet

served with a choice or combination of
fries, rice or funchi.
Our meals arrived within 10 minutes.
Two fillets of fish, a plate of fries and salad
was set in front of me. Big D indulged
himself in Baka Stoba with rice and fries.
The meals were big by lunch standards and
top quality.
As we ate, it became apparent how good
this place is. A constant stream of custom-
ers came in and out, ordering food, while
others sat and chatted. The atmosphere was
friendly as ever with everyone having time
to bid you Bon Tardi. We sat a while and
drank a few more Polars. If this place were
open in the evening, we would never be
away. After just an hour it felt like Cheers:
the place where everyone knows your
As we left, Piet was the first one to wave
us goodbye. I think that a trip to Lac Cai is
in order to see him do his thing. I think that
maybe we will get the taste for this after-
noon dining. With NAf2 for Polar and
meals around NAf11, it's going to be hard
to stay away. O Story & photo by SBD


If you are a

patient with

To celebrate the "International
Day of Diabetes," Sosiedat Dia-
betico Boneriano in close col-
laboration with the Lions Club
Bonaire invites all Bonaireans to
come and participate in a "DAY

Date: Sunday, November 12
Time: 11 AM to 5PM
Place: Parking place behind the
Catholic Church in Playa
There will be:
Measuring and examination of feet
Testing blood glucose level
Testing of blood pressure
Testing of blood cholesterol level
Eye testing
Cooking with dieticians
Physiotherapeutics will teach us to
do gymnastics and... its all free
On top of this there will be various
stands with demonstrations and
health products for sale.
Participants: Lions Club Bonaire
Sosiedat Diabetico
Brokx Shoes, in combination
with pedo-therapist Kyra R6mer
Manrique Capriles
Balfran Agencies

tonaire Reporter October 2/ to November 3, 200U

Page 7


Lijvijng Housxeoes

of iBona ire

Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

Page 8

Antique Living Houses of Bonaire

Preserving Bonaire's Architectural Heritage by Wilna Groenenboom

This issue marks the first anniversary of Wilna Groenenboom series in
The Bonaire Reporter, "Antique Living Houses ofBonaire. "

T he Fundashon Mariadal com-
plex actually has three buildings
under its wings. On the right side is the
old former convent building, the middle
part is the chapel and church and on the
left side is the former hospital.
The biggest building in this complex
has its main entrance on Kaya L.D.
Gerharts and ends with a big water cis-
tern by Kaya Soeur Bartola, opposite the
entrance of the Cultimara. (photo oppo-
site, lower right) This part of the build-
ing was a hospital from 1947 till 1977,
then changed into a home for the elderly
from 1977 until 2003. Between October
and December 2003 the elderly were
moved to the new hospital with up-to-
date new rooms to serve them better.
So in the beginning of 2004 the renova-
tion of the first floor began and is now
being used by the St James Medical
School. The renovators tried to keep the
traditional interior and exterior as origi-
nal as possible to maintain the soul of the
building. So the old tiles were cleaned
and polished well so they look like new.
At the end of this story we see a few of
the different tiles that are in these build-
ings. The inside shutters in the windows
and doors are still there. With a new coat
of paint on them they look like new.
The ground floor of this part of the
building remains as it was three years
ago. If a new occupant can be found, the
renovation of this part will begin, with an
attempt to again keep it as original as
Before entering the church you pass the
statue of Jesus. It's been there since the
28 of February 1930. It says, "Sacred
Heart of Jesus I Trust in You (H. Hart
van Jesus ik vertrouw op U)." Behind it

we have a beautiful view of the church
with a little clock tower on top.
The chapel, built around 1957, stands
in the center of the Fundashon Mariadal
complex. It's used by people from the
Kas di Kuido (home for the elderly).
Before this church was built there was a
little chapel in the convent where the
nuns lived.
The interior of the church appears
bright, serene and peaceful, although
right now it's not as peaceful as it has
been. Some maintenance is being done
inside and outside the chapel. Shutters
and wooden floors have been renovated,
walls are being painted, trees trimmed
and more.
The chapel is built for this climate. The
largest windows are on the east and west
side so there's nearly always a fresh
breeze. The fixed, stained-glass windows
are only in the top of the windows and
tell the stories of the Bible. In the middle
section are horizontal wooden shutters.
The lower part has vertical shutters made
of glass. So light, wind and transparency
are in good balance. Everything is kept
in order by Sur (Sister) Crispina who
also told me a lot about this beautiful
The nuns used to live in the convent,
the building on the right (middle photo).
Now it houses the practices of four doc-
tors, a diabetic nurse, the offices for
Homecare and the management and ad-
ministration of the Fundashon Mariadal.
This building is closer to the street than
the other two buildings and not hidden
by big trees.
As you look at this building your eyes
are drawn to the monk above the door-
way in the middle of the building. He's
surrounded by white ornaments con-

nected with a "rope" or line (photo mid-
dle top). The same ornaments appear on
the doors inside and outside the building
(top right and left photos).
Six years ago the building underwent a
big maintenance and renovation project.
But we can see on the outside that it has
to be done again. The salt has invaded
the plaster of the building, so it must be
restored and painted again. During the
next renovation they will try to restore
the old style of the building by, for ex-
ample, replacing the glass windows we
see today with shutters probably not the
wooden ones, but ones that are a good
combination of ease and practical use.

This complex in the heart of Kralendijk
is very characteristic of Bonaire built
with materials that are having their prob-
lems. To keep it functional, attractive
and traditional is a very difficult and
expensive job. Felix Greving, Head of
Maintenance, and his group are doing a
great job. I hope that they can keep on
going with this because this is one of the
buildings that gives Kralendijk its soul.
Wilna Groenenboom

Wilna Groenenboom
is an artist and
photographer who
teaches art at the
SGB high school

tonaire Reporter October 2/ to NovemDer 3, 200U

Page 9

The Reporter appears "on

T his time The Reporter stayed on
the island. It was used in a play
performed by actors from the SBO-SPW
(high school) at Sorobon last Friday,
October 20, during a teambuilding com-
petition day.
Putting on the play was one of the as-
signments the groups of students had to
work on together.
The teams started early in the morning,
decorating the huts on Sorobon. Each
group had to bring its own materials and
the students took their jobs seriously.
One of the groups, in Hawaiian dress,
made a real Hawaiian hut decorated with
palm leaves and drinks were served in
"glasses" made of coconuts shells.
Other subjects they had to work on
were singing, a playback act, a spider
web game, building a human tower of
four levels with more than eight students
in the water and more. All the groups
worked very hard and played the games
seriously, with a lot of creativity, good
communication and strategies. Prizes
were awarded for best games and plays.
Story & photos by
Wilna Groenenboom

Taniuska Matthew with The Reporter

The best teamwork prize was won by SPWlevel three, who are in their last year.
They each received a telephone card sponsored by Telefonia Boneriano NV

Best Views on Bonaire
Steps from the sea on the northwest coast of
Bonaire. Superb home or income property. Adja-
cent to a small, full-service hotel making it perfect
for your full-time home, seasonal get-away or in-
come rental. It's a light, airy house with an atrium-
flowering inner garden The villa, exemplifying
both Caribbean and Antillean architecture, is nes-
tled into the hillside, designed for the tropics to
catch the trade wind breezes and pass them from
room to room.
Living room, modern kitchen, 3 bedrooms, air
conditioning, 3% baths, Travertine floors and
baths, luxury fittings, separate entrances, atrium,
two terraces, mature tropical gardens and much
Lot: 811 sq. m. (8730 sq. ft). House: 226 sq. m. (2433 sq. ft.)
Contact Sunbelt Realty N N .

Page 10

Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

Stac den t

Sara Matera reports from the Emilia
Romagna region of Italy where Bon-
aire's SGB Student Chefs are studying
cuisine, Italian style.

Sf' \ he purpose of the four past
1 years of this Cooking Train-
ing in the rich region of Emilia Ro-
magna in Italy is to unite students
from all over the globe in culture,
food and networking among different
cultures. It's a plus for all the students
Beginning with Horeca students
from Bonaire and now including stu-
dents from Curacao and Aruba, the an-
nual sessions last for four weeks.
The students travel to Italy, many for
the first time to Europe, and experience
not only cooking, but how to be away
from home, to experience strict discipline
in the daily school program and hours of
learning. They must dress and act as
young professionals, which they all are.
They share lunch and dinner with each
other as well as with the 250 other stu-
dents in the Nazareno School. Pasta is a
daily food item, and the students are en-
joying it very much.
Calling home and e mailing is an im-
portant part of the beginning days, as the
students are a bit "homesick."
This year the weather has been sunny
and in the 20sC, cool at night with au-
tumn colors beginning to show.

The first weekend off from school the
students went on an excursion with an
overnight stay in Rimini on the Adriatic
Ocean, and a visit to Dozza, a 15th Cen-
tury castle which is home to the Wines of
Emilia Romagna. They had play time in
Mirabilandia (Italy's Disney Land) and
shopping in San Marino.
Alexis Ramirez, a past SGB Bonaire
student, was the translator for the group
for the last 10 days. Thanks to Alexis for
his cooperation. Alexis, Felix Torres and
Yoan Lopez are all working in Italy since
their graduation from SGB. They are get-
ting valuable practical experiences in very
high end restaurants which they can bring
back to Bonaire.
Ciao from Italy, Sam" 1
Story & photos from Sara Matera

Girl chefs just like to have fun! On an outing with Sara.

Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

Page 11

Kaya Gloria 7, Bonaire Local Art, Art
Supplies, Framing, and Art Classes.
Open Tu-We-Th & Sat 10 am- 5 pm
Friday 1- 7 pm; or phone 717-5246 for

Make it more livable from the start.
Also interior or exterior design advice,
clearings, blessings, energy, healing,
China-trained. Experienced. Inexpen-
sive. Call Donna at 785-9332.

The leading consumer and business
information source on Bonaire. Tele-
phone (599) 717-7160. For on-line yel-
low pages directory information go to

Trees and plants, Bonaire grown.
8000m2 nursery. Specializing in garden/
septic pumps and irrigation. Kaminda
Lagoen 103, Island Growers NV (Capt.
Don and Janet). Phone: 786-0956

Bonaire Images
Elegant greeting cards and beautiful
boxed note cards are now available at
Chat-N-Browse next to
Lover's Ice Cream and
Sand Dollar Grocery. Photography by
Shelly Craig www.bonaireimages.com

Pet boarding / Dierenpension
Day and night cae. phone: 786-4651

The Island you love could use your help!
Support Bonaire, Inc. provides support
to Bonaire's non-profits.
To learn more about making a US tax
deductible donation visit
www.supportbonaire.org and help make
a difference!

Starting from NA/5 per meal. Call
CHINA NOBO 717-8981

Va -cati o n
Ren ta I
Cozy guest cottage available
Studio with kitchen, airco, cable TV,
two single beds (or king) pull-out sofa,
porch, yard and private entrance. Five
minute walk to seaside promenade; 10
minute walk to town. $50/night. Con-
tact: bonairecottage@aol.com

BMW 520i 4-door sedan, 1991,
white, excellent condition. Fast, beau-
tiful. A CLASSIC! Call 785-9041

Microcar Yamaha Newstreet has
scooter engine, low fuel &insurance
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For Sale
HP Toner Cartridges for Laserjet
1100 or 1100A laser printers. New,
unopened. NAf15 each, two for
NAf25. Call 717-8988, 786-6125.

Old Computer gear- scanners,
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takes all. NAf5 each. Call 717-8988,

Here's a steal for you! As is,
where is! Windsurf boards sails,
booms & miscellaneous for sale
Contact: Ernst at Jibe City

Two custom built windsurf boards-
3 sails- booms and accessories, for
more info call Ernst at Jibe City. Ask-
ing price NA1f.500.

Paintings by well known 20th cen-
tury Dutch artists like Jan Ri-
jlaarsdam, Harry Maas and Han
van Meegeren. Call 780-9972 to

MIO cell phone for sale, a steal!
NAf 75,00 call 785-3456.

Used scuba tanks NA1f25 Carib
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1 through 9 to the
partially filled in
puzzle without
repeating a num-
ber in any row,
column or 3 x 3
region. For a
tutorial visit the
web site www.
Sudoku shack.
1 Supplied by
Molly Kearney
(who has to
solve all the

Sro pe rty. ,
Sales &
Re M ta.s I

Harbour Village Marina Front
Condo For Sale
Large one-bedroom, two-bath apart-
ment located in a secluded all condo
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Full kitchen and laundry, tons of stor-
age space, large patio with walkout to
marina dock. Private owner.

2-bedroom furnished oceanfront
apartment for rent (NAf1300 per
month, exclusive) Call 717-8603

2 bedroom fully furnished upstairs
Apt. for rent Nikiboko. Cleaning
every other Monday, gas, Kliko
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House for rent per 1 January 2007
$ 400/ NAf700 PM, 3-bedroom in
Playa/Antriol. Let me know if you are
interested by sending me your email
b.antoin@telbonet.an. For more info.
you can call telephone: 790-6818

For SALE: Mitsubishi Galant
1995, automatic. Naf. 6.000 786-4014

W-a 1nted
Seeking experienced help to paint
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717-7223; 786-9000 1

Porch Sale and Christmas Bazaar -
Kaya Esmeralda # 5 Republiek ,Saturday,
Oct. 29, 10 am to 5 pm.

Porch sale: Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 4 &
5 Beautiful things some inexpensive,
some not so inexpensive. EEG Boulevard
12 (Belnem)

Porch sale: Sat. & Sun. Nov. 18 & 19 -
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rything must go!

Porch sale: Sat. Dec. 2., 8:30 am to 4p m


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Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

- ----- I -

8 4 9

2 7 r6

3 5 1 4

1 3 82

6 9 5

4 1 8

5 1 6 3

7 5 6

6 75 _
---U- U- - I-

Complete solution on page 14.

a- rs
For Sale

KRALENDIJK TIDES (Heights in feet, FT)
Remember: Winds and weather can further influence the local tides

DATE Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht. Time Ht. COEF
10-27 2:25 0.7FT. 16:11 1.9FT. 73
10-28 2:52 0.7FT. 17:14 1.9FT. 66
10-29 3:16 0.8FT. 18:10 1.8FT. 59
10-30 3:31 0.9FT. 19:15 1.8FT. 53
10-31 3:39 0.9FT. 9:58 1.4FT. 13:42 1.3FT. 20:09 1.7FT. 53
11-01 3:40 1.0FT. 9:59 1.5FT. 15:33 1.2FT. 21:14 1.5FT. 59
11-01 3:40 1.0FT. 9:59 1.5FT. 15:33 1.2FT. 21:14 1.5FT. 59
11-02 3:36 1.1FT. 10:18 1.7FT. 17:04 1.1FT. 22:16 1.4FT. 69
11-03 3:24 1.1FT. 10:52 1.8FT. 18:27 1.0FT. 23:22 1.3FT. 81

Page 12

Diving and Dining in Bonraire

Deputy Governor Ubaldo Anthony (right) and from left: First Lady Maria
Elena Domacasse, Ronella Croes, TCB Director, Tourism Commissioner Onnie
Emerenciana, and Marie Rosa of TCB NY/Adams Unlimited. In the foreground,
the Warriors (wearing Ambassador medals).

Also present but not pictured: Stewart Snyder, President of the Handicap Scuba
Association, David Reidendbach, DEMA (Diving and Equipment Marketing Asso-
ciation) representative at the Governor's House.

B onaire
to fete the
Wounded War-
rior dive group.
On Wednesday
evening, follow-
ing the success-
ful completion
of their dive
they were
treated to dinner
at the Cactus
Blue Restaurant Now, just what should I order?
by owners Cor-
rine and Hagen.
An additional treat was that this was also a celebration of the engagement of War-
rior Dean Schwartz and Emily Phillip. Dean popped the question earlier that day on
the dive dock at Divi.
Nadine Rubin presented all Warriors with a Bonaire Memory Bag (organized by
Scott and Sharon Barlass, whose son Jake has served two combat tours in Iraq), do-
nated anonymously by nine Bonaire residents from five different countries, as a token
of appreciation of their sacrifices. The contents included: A Watercolors Bonaire
book, ReefFish Identification book, 5 x 7 art from JanArt, boxed note cards from
Bonaire Images, gift certificate from Last Bite Bakery, Cargill GEM crystal with
Bonaire key ring, Bonaire cap, Bonaire playing cards, Bonaire Reef Creatures Chart,
I LOVE Bonaire, Diver's Paradise Bumper Sticker, a Bonaire pin (that was affixed to
tote bag), painted calabash by Barbara van Olphen, T-shirt and a tote bag to carry it

The next day they were given an escort to a reception at the Governor's Official
Residence by the Harleys of the Bonaire Motorcycle Club. There they were hosted by
Deputy Governor Ubaldo Anthony and First Lady Maria Elena Domacass6, Harlton
"Onnie" Emerenciana, Bonaire's Commissioner of Tourism, and TCB officials. The
Warriors were all named Bonaire Ambassadors, and were presented with the medals
that go along with the title. The group expressed their delight at the honor and all
facets of their Bonaire experience.

The Warriors and their group departed Saturday afternoon with sad goodbyes. We
hope they will soon return. O


Rubin also
presented the
Cactus Blue
hosts of the
Corrine and
Hagen, with
Warrior T-


Schwartz and
Emily Phillip
their engage-

Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

Page 13

Pet of the VVeek
T his short-tailed Golden Retriever look-alike
is a real favorite at the Bonaire Animal Shel-
ter. Young "Goldie" even retrieves like his name-
sake. Just look at that alert expression. And he's a
handsome one too with his longish golden colored
fur. He's about six months old, smart and feisty, and
turning into a nice dog. With training he'll be a
great watchdog. The adoption fee for dogs,
NAfl 05, includes vet exams, shots, worming and
assessment as to his scalability and health. And
when he's old enough he'll be sterilized. You may
see Goldie at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open
Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 1 pm. Tel. 717-
Want to become a regular donor to the Shelter?
Even with a donation as little as NAf10 a month
you can make a difference. Monies are used for
food, care and medicines, vet bills and for the main-
tenance and improvements of the Shelter accommo-
dations. Email: BonaireAnimalShel-
ter(a bonairelive.com for details on how.
Check out the Shelter website at
www.BonaireAnimalShelter.org. It's kept up to "Goldie"
date and current by generous volunteer Bea Jones.
Great photos too. OL.D.




And the
solution is:
(puzzle and
directions on page 12)

onaire Reporter ucitoer z/ to November 3, zuuo

5 1 9 8 4 6 3 2 7

Who's Who on The Bonaire Reporter
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Page 14




Late Show
Call tomakesure (Usually9pm)
The Covenant
(Stevn Strait)

Early Show (Usually 7pm)
Snakes On A Plane

Kaya Prinses Marie
Behind Exito Bakery
Tel. 717-2400
Tickets NAfl4 (incl. Tax)
2 MOVIES 7 & 9PM
SATURDAY 4 PM October:
Barnyard: The Original
Party Animals


October 27, 28, and 31 Friday,
Saturday, Tuesday "Nightmare
Crib" Haunted House at Capt. Don's
Habitat, 8 pm 11 pm. Entrance
NAf7 p/p. All proceeds to charities.
See page 4.
Saturday, November 4-Big
Monthly Rincon Marsh6, 6 am to 2
pm. A Real Bonairean Experience. Mu-
sic, local foods, drinks, stands selling
gifts, produce, crafts, plants. Special
guests discuss topics "bou di ra-
mada" (on the porch)

Arts and Crafts Markets at Wilhel-
mina Park on Cruise Ship Visiting
Days, starting around 10 am to early
afternoon: Wednesday, Nov. 1 Silver
Shadow (first call), Sunday, Nov. 5 -

Friday, November 10-Arke Fly's
"Back to Rock n Roll concert, Plaza.
See page 6.

Sunday, November 12 -International
Day of Diabetes parking lot behind
Catholic Church in Playa, free-11
am-5pm. See page 7.

Saturday, November 25-Sint
Nicholaas arrives in Bonaire, Wilhel-
mina Park. Sponsored by the Fun-
dashon Sanikolas. Call 717-8482 for
more information.

Daily (more or less)
* HH 2 for 1 ( on all beverages) 5-7
pm, Divi Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar
* HH-Buddy Dive, 5:30-6:30
* HH Cactus Blue (except Sun.) 5-7
* 2 for 1 appetizer with entree, Cac-
tus Blue


* Divi Flamingo Casino open daily
for hot slot machines, roulette and black
jack, Mon. to Sat. 8 pm- 4 am; Sun. 7
pm- 3 am.
* By appointment -Rooi Lamoenchi
Kunuku Park Tours $12 (NAf12 for
residents). Tel 717-8489, 540-9800.
* Parke Publico children's play-
ground open everyday into the evening
* Grill Night on the Beach, Buddy
* Rincon Marsh6-6 am-2 pm. En-
joy a Bonairean breakfast while you
shop, fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts,
local sweets, snacks, arts, handicrafts,
candles, incense, drinks, music.
www.infobonaire.com/rincon. Extra
big Marshe 1st Saturday of the
month, 6 am-2 pm.
* All You Can Eat BBQ at Divi
Flamingo with live music, 6 to 9 pm,
NAf26,50. Call for reservations 717-
8285 ext. 44.
Wine Tasting at AWC's ware-
house, 2nd Saturday of the month, 7 to
9 pm, Kaya Industria #23, across from
Warehouse Bonaire. Great wines.
NAf20 per person for 6 to 8 wines.
Flea Market every first Satur-
day of the month from 3 to 7 pm,
Parke Publico. Everyone welcome to
buy and to sell. NAf5 per selling table.
For more information and reservations
for a spot, call 787-0466.

* Live music 6-9 pm while enjoy-
ing a great dinner in colorful tropical
ambiance at the Chibi Chibi Restau-
rant & Bar, Divi Flamingo. Open
daily 5-10 pm

* Caribbean Night live local mu-
sic- Buddy Dive.
* Soldachi Tour of Rincon, the
heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call
Maria 717-6435

* Live music by the Flamingo
Rockers, 5-7 Divi Flamingo, Balashi
Beach Bar
* Wine & Cheese/ $1 glass of wine,
5-7, Divi Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar
* Buy a Bucket of Beer & get free
chicken wings, 5-7, Cactus Blue
* Caribbean Gas Training free
"Beyond Gravity An Evening with
DIR," 6 pm, Bonaire Dive & Adven-
ture 786-5073.
* Open Mike Night with Moogie, 7-
9, Cactus Blue.
* Live music by Flamingo Rockers,
Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar 5-
* Movie Night at Buddy Dive

* Live music by the Flamingo
Rockers, Divi Flamingo, Balashi
Beach Bar, 5-7
* "Admiral's Hour" for yachtsmen
and others, Vespucci Restaurant, Har-
bour Village Marina. HH drinks, gratis
tapas, 5-7

* Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7 to 10 pm. $10 per per-
son. Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth
Vos at 565-5225
* Live music by the "Flamingo
Rockers" Divi Flamingo, Balashi
Beach Bar, 5-7
* Swim lessons for children by Enith
Brighitha, a Dutch Olympian, at Soro-
bon from 13.00, for children 0 18.
* Manager's Bash-free Flamingo
Smash & snacks, Divi Flamingo, 5-7
* Manager's Rum Punch Party,
Buddy Dive Resort, 5:30-6:30 pm, followed
by All You Can Eat BBQ
* 5-7 pm Social Event at JanArt
Gallery, Kaya Gloria 7. Meet artist
Janice Huckaby and Larry of Larry's
Wildside Diving. New original paint-
ings of Bonaire and diver stories of the
East Coast every week

Saturday- "Discover Our Diversity"
slide show-pool bar Buddy Dive, 7 pm,
Sunday "Bonaire Holiday" -Multi-
media dual-projector production by
Albert Bianculli, 8.30 pm, Capt. Don's
Habitat. 717-8290.
Wednesday (2nd and 4th) Turtle Con-
servation (STCB) Slide Show by
Bruce Brabec. Carib Inn seaside ve-
randa, 7 pm, 717-8819.

Kas Kriyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's
past in this venerable old homethat has been
restored and furnished so it appears the fam-
ily has just stepped out. Local ladies will tell
you the story. Open Monday thru Friday, 9 -
12,2-4. Weekends by appointment. Call 717-
Mangasina di Rei, Rincon. Enjoy the view
from "The King's Storehouse." Learn about
Bonaire's culture. Visit homes from the 17th
century. Daily. Call 717-4060/ 790-2018
Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, be-
hind the Catholic Church in town. Open
weekdays from 8 am-noon, 1:30-5 pm. Tel.
Washington-Slagbaai National Park,
Museum and Visitors' Center. Open
daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on some holi-
days. 717-8444/785-0017

AA meetings every Wednesday; Phone
717-6105; 560-7267 or717- 3902.
Al-Anon meetings every Monday
evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Cancer Survivor Support Group Ma-
jestic Journeys Bonaire N.V. Lourdes
Shopping Center 2nd Level Kaya LD
Gerharts # 10. Call 717-2482/566-6093.
Weekly BonaireTalker Gathering and
Dinner at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30 pm
- call 567-0655 for directions.
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7:30 pm
at the FORMA Building on Kaya
Korona, across from the RBTT Bank.
All levels invited NAf5 enty fee. Call Cathy
Darts Club plays every other Sunday
at City Cafe. Registration at 4, games at
5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.

JCI First Wednesday of the Month-
Junior Chamber International Bonaire
(JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bon-
aire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO build-
ing, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30
to 9:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. Con-
tact: Renata Domacasse 516-4252.
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other Tues-
day, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette
Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th
Thursday of the month at 8 pm at
Kaya Sabana #1. All Lions welcome.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday, 12
noon-2 pm Now meeting at 'Pirate
House', above Zeezicht Restaurant. All
Rotarians welcome. Tel. 717-8434

Bonaire Arts & Crafts (Fundashon
Arte Industrial Bonaireano) 717-5246
or 7117
The Bonaire Swim Club- Contact Vala-
rie Stimpson at 785-3451; Vala-
Bonaire National Marine Park- 717-844.
Bonaire Animal Shelter -717-4989.
Donkey Sanctuary 560-7607.
Jong Bonaire (Youth Center) -717-4303.
Sister Maria Hoppner Home (Child
Care) Tel. 717-4181 fax 717-2844.
Special Olympics- Call Roosje 786-
Volunteers to train children in
sports. Contact Quick-Pro Track and
Field Rik 717-8051

Protestant Congregation of Bonaire.
Kralendijk, Wilhelminaplein. Services
in Papiamentu, Dutch and English on
Sundays at 10 am.
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, Services
in Papiamentu on Sundays at 8.30 am.
Children's club every Saturday at 5 pm
in Kralendijk.
Sunday School every Sunday at 4 pm in
Rincon. Bible Study and Prayer meet-
ings, every Thursday at 8 pm. in Kral-
New Apostolic Church, Meets at
Kaminda Santa Barbara #1, Sundays,
9:30 am. Services in Dutch. 717-7116.
International Bible Church of Bonaire -
Kaya Amsterdam 3 (near the traffic circle)
Sunday Services at 9 am; Sunday Prayer
Meeting at 7 pm in English. Tel. 717-8332
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints, Kaya Sabana #26 Sundays
8:30 11:30 am. Services in Papia-
mentu, Spanish and English.
Catholic San Bernardus in Kralendijk
- Services on Sunday at 8 am and 7
pm in Papiamentu 717-8304. Satur-
day at 6 pm at Our Lady ofCoromoto
in Antriol, in English. Mass in Papia-
mentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm.
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios),
Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10
am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at
7:30 pm. 717-2194

Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Email reporterhonairenews.com
Tel/Fax. 717-8988, Cell. 786-6518

Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

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See arvertisemensmississu

Bella Vista Restaurant Moderate. Breakfast and Lunch Magnificent Theme Nights: Saturday: Beach Grill; Monday: Caribbean
Sea Side Restaurant at Buddy Dive Resort Dinner during Theme nights only. Night; Fnday: Manager's Rum Punch Party
717-5080, ext. 538 Open every day and All-You-Can-Eat B.B.Q
Bistro de Paris Lunch Monday Friday 11 am-3 pm Real French Cooking in an informal setting
Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 46 Superb dishes prepared with care and love by a French chef
(half-way between hotel row and town) 717-7070 Dinner Monday -Saturday 6-10pm Owner-operated Eat in or Take away

Cactus Blue Moderate Trend Setting Menu
Blvd. J. A. Abraham 16 Dinner Bonaire's newest hot-spot to eat and drink. Margaritas a specialty
(half-way between town and Divi Flamingo) 717-4564 Closed Sunday Owner-operated for top service

Calabas Restaurant &
Chibi Chibi Restaurant andBar Moderate-Expensive Get a view of the beach and turquoise sea while enjoying a breakfast buffet or
At the Divi Flamin BeachResort. Waterfront Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner a la carte lunch and dinner at the 'Chibi Chibi' restaurant & bar.
A17-8285 Open 7 days Inspiring vistas and the highest standard of cuisine.
Croccantino Italian Restaurant Moderate Bonaire's Most Romantic Restaurant where dining is a delight! Tuscan
Croccantino Italiand Restaurant Moderate Chef David prepares exquisite dishes with authentic ingredients. Be served in a
Closed Monday garden setting under floating umbrellas or in air-conditioned comfort.
Take out too.

The Great Escape Moderate Bar-Restaurant poolside -under the thatched roof.
EEG Blvd #97-across from Belmar BreaMasts yBreakfast Buffet 7:30-10 am every day
717-7488 Happy hours 5 to 7 daily.
Pasa Bon Pizza Bonaire's best. The Real Thing! Freshly prepared pizzas made with the frnest ingre-
On Kaya Gob. Debrot Low-Moderate dients. Salads, desserts. Eat m or take away. Nice bar too.
12 mile north of town center. 780-1111 Open from 5-11 pm Wednesday-Sunday Call ahead to eat-in or take out 790-1111

The Bonaire Windsurfing Place Low-Moderate A genuine sandy beach restaurant cooled by the trade winds
At Sorobon Beach Open from 10am-6 pm daily, Top quality food and friendly service
Get away from it all.

S 1-1 P I N G C LU I D E Seeadvertsementsinthis issue

Divi Divi Air. Bonaire's "on time airline" with 16
flights a day between Bonaire and Curaqao. Your first
choice for inter-island travel.
City Shop, the mega store, has the island's widest
selection of large and small home appliances. Fast
service and in-store financing too.
Maduro and Curiel's Bank provides the greatest
number of services, branches and ATMs of any Bon-
aire bank. They also offer investments and insurance.
Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials, wax-
ing and professional nail care.
De Freewieler rents scooters and quads; profession-
ally repairs almost anything on two wheels. Sells top
brand bikes. Have your keys made here.
Bonaire Creations new 2007 Calendar available now
at shops around town.
Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with top-notch
dive shop and well stocked retail store. Best book trade
on Bonaire. Good prices on regulator repair, dive com-
puter H.Q.
Dive Friends Bonaire (Photo Tours Divers-Yellow
Submarine) -low prices on the seaside at Kralendijk,
at Caribbean Court and the Hamlet Oasis. Join their
monthly cleanup dives and BBQ.
WannaDive They make diving fun while maintain-
ing the highest professional standards. In town at City
Caf6 and at Eden Beach.
Fit For Life at the Plaza Resort Mall. Classes in
Pilates, Aerobics, TaeBo and more. Professional train-
ers, fitness machines and classes for all levels.
The Plantation Has lots of classy furniture and an-
tiques at very competitive prices. Stop in to see great
teak furniture and Indonesian crafts.

Green Label has everything you need to start or main-
tain your garden. They can design, install and maintain
it and offer plants, irrigation supplies and garden chemi-

cals. Incredible selection of pots.

The Bonaire Gift Shop has a wide selection of gifts,
souvenirs, liquor, dive watches, digital cameras, things
for the home, T-shirts all at low prices.
The Great Escape Under new management. Quiet and
tranquil setting with pool and luxuriant garden in Bel-
nem. Cyber Cafe, DVD rentals, restaurant and bar.
New! Spa!
b c b- Botterop Construction Bonaire N.V., offers
outstanding fabrication of all metal products, including
stainless. Complete machine shop too.
Nature Exploration
Outdoor Bonaire for individually guided kayaking,
hiking, biking, caving, rapelling/abseilen and more
reservations : 791-6272 or 785-6272 E-mail:
Paradise Photo in the Galeries Shopping Center offers
fast, fine processing for prints, slides, items and ser-
vices Full digital services.
Caribbean Homes, "the Refreshing Realtor, special-
izing in luxury homes, condos, lots, rentals and prop-
erty management.
Harbourtown Real Estate is Bonaire's most experi-
enced real estate agent. They specialize in profes-
sional customer service, top notch properties and home
owners insurance.
Re/Max Paradise Homes: Lots of Choices-
International/US connections. 5% of profits donated to
local community. List your house with them to sell
Sunbelt Realty offers full real estate, rental, and insur-
ance services. If you want a home or to invest in Bon-
aire, stop in and see them.
Bon Handyman is here if you need something fixed
or built. Ultra reliable, honest and experienced. Electri-
cal, plumbing, woodworking, etc. 717-2345

Buddy Dive Resort offers diving, Adventure Fun
tours including kayaking, mountain biking, cave snor-
keling and exploration.

Benetton, world famous designer clothes available
now in Bonaire at prices less than those in US. For
men, women and children.
Best Buddies and Pearls-Stunning fresh water pearl
jewelry, fashion, gifts, t shirts. Under new manage-
The Touch Skin & Body-Birkenstock shoes for men
and women. New styles
Special Security Services will provide that extra
measure of protection when you need it. Always reli-
Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of
Bonaire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient.
FedEx agent.

Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di
Amor or Skiffy. Hotel pickup.

The Bonaire Windsurfing Place can fulfill all your
windsurfing dreams and more. They offer expert in-
struction, superb equipment on a fine beach. Lunch
and drinks too. BBQ and windsurf videos Wednesday
Antillean Wine Company. You've tried the rest; now
try the best: best prices, highest quality wines from
around the world, kept in a cooled warehouse. Free
delivery. Shop at Kaya Industria 23, Tuesday-Saturday
9 am-12 noon.

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Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

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Raphlael Benito Statie-Rodriguez

-F ifty-five years ago my father
S sailed for the first time with his
fruit boat from Venezuela to Bonaire. My
grandmother used to buy fruit from him
to resell and so he met my mother, who
was the youngest of 11 children. A very
passionate romance started, but only on
paper, as they would send each other
notes hidden among the fruits or in the
baskets. On New Years Eve, December
31st 1953, my mother was allowed to go
on her first date with my father and the
outcome of that date was me! Everybody
was angry with my mom and she had to
find a place to live for us.
I was born October 8th, 1954. I lived
alone with my mother and we saw my
father once every six weeks for two
weeks as there were three Venezuelan
boats at the time and they took turns. My
mother had to work and so I was raised
by at least five or six 'stepmothers,' all
sweet women. Only one is still alive.
At school I was really pestered because
I had my mother's name and my dad was
never around, but my mom handled it
well, and I am still very grateful to her.
After me my mom and dad had a little
boy, but he died at birth. Then my sister
Poppy was born, my sister Nilda and my
brother Tico. June 1st 1985 my parents
got married. I was in Malaysia when my
mother called me, crying, 'Your dad and
I were walking on the beach when he
asked me to marry him... What am I go-
ing to do?' I answered, 'Mother, I've
been waiting for years to have my fa-
ther's name!' Both my parents, Cathalina
Rosalinda Statie de Rodriguez and Ob-
dulio Rafael Rodriguez, are still alive and
living in Antriol. They are the reason I've
come back to the island because I've
been away for a very long time.
When I was 10 years old it was my
dream to become a garbage man. I ad-
mired these enormous men, hanging on
the back of the truck, lifting up the drums
as if they weighed nothing. At 14 I
wanted to be the captain of a ship. During
high school I worked as a trainee in the
hotels. I talked a lot to Don Stewart and
Aubrey Sealy, people who gave me the
courage and confidence to go into the
hotel business. Once I'd made my choice
it was Nikki Tromp who coached me and
taught me all about marketing and the
tourism industry in his free time.
When I'd made my decision about my
future I knew I had the capability and the
potential to contribute a great deal to
Bonaire's tourism industry. I worked
with my heart, my soul and my head, and
I had days of 16 hours, eager to learn
everything. I became the assistant man-
ager at Hotel Bonaire. When they were
looking for a manager I asked them to
give me a chance, but they never did
even though they were having problems

finding a good manager. It finally got me
so angry that I resigned.
I went to the ALM travel agency Sep-
tember 28" 1982 and I talked to Mrs.
Carmen Bemabela, and together we
picked a destination on the world map:
Singapore. I bought a ticket and four days
later I arrived. It wasn't easy! No work,
no permits, no connections that was the
situation I'd gotten myself into! Then I
wrote 324 letters of application
(addresses from the phonebook) to hotels
in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thai-
land, Australia and Brunei. I got a lot of
answers, but the main difficulty was the

"I worked with my heart,
my soul and my head and
I had days of 16 hours,
eager to learn

Raphael Rodriguez (52) is halfLatin,
half Bonairean and a very attractive mix-
ture of a passionate professional and a
gentle soul. "December 11, 1982," he
continues, "I met a German guy, Sieg-
fried Beil, and he said, 'I am going to
give you a chance.' He sent me to Ma-
lacca to peel potatoes in the kitchen of his
hotel, the Malacca Village Resort. In
May '83 I was promoted and sent to Sa-
bah, a part of Borneo, to become the as-
sistant front office manager at the Tan-
jung Am Beach Hotel. That's what you
get when you work 16-18 hours a day! I
was ambitious, I wanted to prove myself.
In September of that year I became the
front office manager of the hotel, a hotel
with 14 royal suites, all of which were
occupied in October 1983 when all the
Sultans, the Kings of Malaysia, gathered
In May 1984 I went back to Malacca
where I became the second man, the
room division manager of the Malacca
Village Resort. I stayed at the hotel until
December 31st 1986, and by then I was
the executive assistant manager. Then
they sent me to the eastern part of Bor-
neo, to Balikpapan, to Hotel Benakutai
which had 220 rooms, where I became
the executive assistant manager.
There I met Herman Diener, the man-
ager of the hotel. October 31st 1987 Her-
man and I went to the notary to start a
hotel-management company. Our head-
quarters were in Singapore and the com-
pany was called Heritage International
Hotels. We started in Indonesia where I
became the general manager of two ho-
tels, the Mambruk Beach Resort on Java
and the Puri Ratih Beach Resort Resi-

dences on Bali. Then I became the direc-
tor of the company. I stayed in Asia from
1982 to 1991. Then I came back to Bon-
aire because my parents and Bonaire
were always on my mind.
I became the managing director of the
Sand Dollar Resort and stayed for two
years until I met a Dutch girl I was head
over heels for. She wanted to leave and
we ended up in Bali where I became the
director of operations at the Puri Kaman-
dalu Resort. In December, 1993, she
went home for Christmas and didn't
come back. To make a long story short, I
was in Amsterdam on Valentine's Day
1994, madly in love, but as it turned out,
it wasn't mutual. The relationship lasted
one year while she lived in Amsterdam
and I was living in Brielle, in the south-
west of Holland. I worked for the city
council as the general manager and also I
had my own company in hotel represen-
tation called QR International. I stayed
more than 12 years in Holland.
Do I have children? Yes, I have four
children from four different women. The
eldest is Roseline. She's nearly 26 and
lives in Holland where she graduated in
tourism. Then my son Joseph, 25, lives
on Bonaire and works for Special Secu-
rity Services. I have a son with an Indian
movie star. His name is Justin. He's go-
ing to be 19 soon and is studying to be-
come a pilot with Quantas Airlines in
Australia. My daughter Ella is 16. Her
mom is a singer in Indonesia. Ella is go-
ing to an international school in Band-
ung. All my children have my last name
and I see them at least once a year, but
we're on the phone once a month; we
have good relationships.
In 2005 I flew five times from Holland
to Bonaire because of my parents' health
problems. The same happened in
2006.Then I decided to stay and Septem-

ber 7" I started working as the manager
of Hertz Inter Island Car Rental Bonaire.
It's like I've never been away the
warmth the people in the street give you
when they see you and I see lots of
opportunities here.
I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't
gamble, but I do have other hobbies. I
bought the former car of the governor;
it's a lot of fun to drive. And I'm building
a studio at my parents' house in Antriol,
the Raphael Rodriguez Regal Recording
Studio. Twelve years ago I saw someone
who was throwing all his 45-records in
the sea like they were pebbles. I felt so
sorry, because that was very old Antil-
lean music, names you don't hear any-
more. I offered the man NA 150 for his
box full of records and he took the offer.
That was the beginning of my collection.
Now I have a collection of 12,000 re-
cords. Feliciano Piloto and Erik Hooi
helped me a lot. They've been very sup-
portive. My aim is to conserve all the old
Antillean records and put them on CDs.
I am very happy; I am healthy; I have
my parents who love me very much; and
I have a fulfilling and loving relationship
with my partner, Edelda de Jongh, and if
I can help someone in anyway, it will
make my happiness complete. I appreci-
ate everything I've been through. I vis-
ited 69 countries and I worked in 12 dif-
ferent ones and now I am home. I cer-
tainly will stay here as long as my parents
are alive. And I would
like to contribute to
the development of
my island because
this place is very
dear to me." 1

Story and photo
by Greta Kooistra

Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

Raphael Benito Statie-Rodriguez

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oo '111111W .0- N

Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

'qq-m q

. .

Page 18

*to find it... just look up

The Biggest Planet Dazzles and the Smallest Planet
Takes a Journey across the Face of the Sun

As you may know October
has not been a good month
for planet hunters. In fact Mars
and Venus are hidden in the glare
of the Sun and Saturn doesn't rise
until after midnight. That leaves us
with only two naked eye planets,
Jupiter, the largest, and Mercury,
once again the smallest since Pluto
got reclassified as a non-planet last
month. But Jupiter's still dazzling
just after sunset, and Mercury is
getting ready to put on a rare show,
which you'll be able to see.
This week about half an hour
after sunset face southwest and if

you've got a clear unob-
structed horizon you'll be
able to see Jupiter hover-
ing above it. To the na-
ked eye it will appear
very bright, and through
even the smallest tele-
scope you'll see several
bands of its atmospheric
storms and its four larg-
est moons which will
change position night
after night as they con-
stantly shuttle back and
forth in orbit about the
planet. Jupiter is 11 times
wider than our 8,000-
mile-wide Earth, 88,000
miles wide, which means
we could line up 11
Earths side by side
across its middle, so
huge we could fit over
1,300 Earths inside it!
And for the next couple
of weeks it will be ap-
proximately 900 million
miles away from us.
Now directly below it,
even closer to the hori-
zon, you'll see the first
planet out from the Sun
which next week will be
only 65 million miles
away. But even though
it's closer than Jupiter it's
much dimmer because it's
so much smaller, a mere

m.Irma. do Epc noiaw Mmtw s

**a ma Sn /s d

i. I 4aWl W
a ~em mct t Csl)fP7 or
Wt ar re -n Kw", 1,,C a i'1 tw tr

The geocentric circumstances of the transit are
shown in the diagram to the right. During the transit,
the diameter of the Sun is 1937.5 arc seconds and that
of Mercury is 10.0 arc seconds. In other words, the
diameter of Mercury is 0.005 that of the Sun, making
it look like a very small, rapidly moving sunspot. The
whole transit lasts just under five hours.
The minimum separation between the center of the
solar disc and Mercury is 422.9 arc seconds.

3,000 miles wide. That means we could line up almost 30 Mercurys across Jupiter's
Now even though it pales in size and significance with Jupiter, nevertheless it can
do a trick that Jupiter can never do. In fact only the two planets closer to the Sun
than our Earth, Mercury and Venus, can perform what we call a solar transit which
simply means that they can pass directly across the face of the Sun as seen from
Earth. Now the last time Mercury transited, that is passed across the face of the Sun
so we could see it from Earth, was May 7th, 2003. But only two weeks from now, on
Wednesday, November 8th everyone in North and South America will be able to
watch part or all of this Mercury/Sun-transit trek before sunset.
First, use Jupiter to find Mercury over the next few nights. Make sure to use solar
filters and understand how to observe this event safely through a small telescope
because under no circumstances should you observe this event with the naked
eye! You absolutely have to have protection to prevent blindness! But if you
miss it because it's rained out or cloudy, don't worry; it will happen again on May
9th, 2016. O Jack Horkheimer

if WLVE 1I

Sunday, October 22 to
Saturday, October 28, 2006
By Astrologer Michael Thiessen

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You have bent over backward trying to help them and
now it's time to let them stand on their own two feet. Personal problems may be
hanging over your head but don't confront the situation. Talking to those you trust
and respect will help you sort out any problems. Get together with friends and do
something entertaining but not too expensive. Your lucky day this week will be
TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) You may not have the same ideas when it comes to
what you both enjoy. Exercise programs will be effective. Be prepared to overcome
frustrations and obstacles at work. Work quietly on your own and you will forge
ahead. Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.
GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You'll find it difficult to control your emotions.
Close deals that have been up in the air and move on to new ones that appear to be
profitable. Problems with financial investments could make you nervous. Be pre-
pared to have relatives or close friends introduce you to new and exciting individu-
als. Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.
CANCER (June 22-July 22) Your mind may not be on the job. Unexpected bills
may set you back. Avoid being intimately involved with clients or colleagues. Mi-
nor accidents may occur if you don't concentrate on what you're doing. Your lucky
day this week will be Sunday.
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Do not let others exhaust you financially. You will have
opportunities to advance, but you may have to be willing to make some changes and
possibly a residential move. Your emotions may get the better of you. Emotional
upset at work will set you back. Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) You can make changes that will enhance your ap-
pearance. Don't be too quick to judge your position or surroundings at work. Uncer-
tainties about your living arrangements may be unnerving. Confronting a situation
will only result in indignation and misunderstandings. Your lucky day this week will
be Saturday.
LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Your emotional state could leave you vulnerable and
confused. You could experience unusual circumstances and meet eccentric individu-
als. Arguments with relatives may lead to a split in the family. You will get along
well in social situations. Your lucky day this week will be Monday.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) Be sure you get accurate information. You may
want to look into warm vacation spots. You will get upset over trivial matters. Resi-
dential moves are evident. Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Use your genuine warmth and compassion to
win hearts. Go out with friends or family. If you haven't already, don't be afraid to
start your own small business on the side. Don't be afraid of opposition; your sug-
gestions are valid. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Everything is moving quickly, just the way you
like it. Don't push your mate if you want to keep this union going. Love could de-
velop at social events that are work related. Try to mix business with pleasure while
traveling. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) You will be uncertain of your feelings. You can
find solutions if you are willing to communicate. Joining organizations will provide
you with stimulating romantic contacts. Travel may be confusing. Your lucky day
this week will be Thursday.
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You need to distance yourself from the situation for a
little while first. Toning, fitness, pampering should all be scheduled. Discover op-
portunities based on the individuals you mingle with this week. You can sort out any
differences you have in an amiable manner. Your lucky day this week is Sunday. 1

Bonaire Reporter October 27 to November 3, 2006

I 3)rrllC~rrllac~~l 9rrrd kuzw

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