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Singoremito with their "Bonaire Reporter" kite

of the Bonaire
Economic Founda-
tion Platform
(Stichting Econo-
misch, SEP),
warns against
missing out on tax Evert Piar
money for the is-
land. It's a total of
about NAf23 million in import and
excise tax on merchandise intended
for Bonaire, but landed first in Cura-
gao. The financial position of Bonaire
is seriously put at a disadvantage due
to this. According to Customs,
NAf156 million worth of goods are
involved. Considering an average of
15% in import taxes and excise, this
means Bonaire is owed NAf23 mil-
lion. The Foundation wants Bonaire's
elected officials to retroactively collect
the taxes for Bonaire for this year at
minimum. Don't let Bonaire become a
financial victim, says the SEP.

A Bongos Beach (Bar and Restau-
rant) is in danger of disappearing if
a contract dispute with its host resort,
Eden Beach, is not resolved. Bongos
was built using innovative concrete
techniques in the form of an African
hut in the spring of 2001. It has been
proven to be a popular gathering spot
especially on Fridays and for big con-
certs like the recent De Dijk show.
According to court reports Bongos
says it has a 20-year contract, renew-

40 Years of Thanks 5
Tourist Tax Debate Continues:
Will OB Appear? 5
Understanding the Tax 5
Boost for Small Business 6
Earth Day On Way 6
Simidan at LVV 7
Parke Publico Flea Market 7
A Bonaire Love Story
(Larry Thielgard) 8
Kite Contest Flies 10
Announcements: Joe Barker,
New TWR Director 12
Tai Chi Day 13
Art for Fun (Waves) 14
Antique Houses (Then & Now) 18

Flotsam & Jetsam 2
Coral Glimpses 9
Tide Table 9
Classifieds 12
Picture Yourself
(New York City, N.Y.)) 12
Pet of the Week
(Lisa with "Rocky") 13
Reporter Masthead 14
What's Happening 15
Movieland Film Schedule 15
Cruise Ship Schedule 15
Shopping & Dining Guides 16
On the Island Since
(Benito Dirksz ) 17
Sky Park (Venus & George,
Keck AO System) 19
The Stars Have It 19

Bon 2
Pasku 2

Page 2

able every five years.
Eden Beach says it can't
accept the terms of the
renewal and has in-
creased the rent from
NAf4.000 to NAf5.000
monthly. In addition it
listed grievances it had
with Bongos and wants
Bongos to pay a penalty
of $200/day as long as it en
continues to operate. Re- rent
cently Eden Bongo
Beach built
a two-story
adjacent to
Bongos to
use as a res- Eden Beach Resort
taurant. The
court is due to render its decision on
the dispute by April 26.

Photo: St I


s a 4

Naval officials from Venezuela and

A Venezuela has agreed to ac-
tively participate in the upcoming
regional Joint Caribbean Lion naval

exercise. The exercise involves mili-
tary units from the US, Holland, Great
Britain and other countries. Following
a visit by a top Venezuelan military
delegation to Curaqao it was also
agreed to hold an annual joint naval
exercise later this year between the
Dutch Kingdom and Venezuela.
Venezuelan President Chdvez is op-
posing the US on a regular basis and
said recently that he suspected the US
wanted to use the Antilles and Aruba
as military bases for an attack on
Venezuela. On March 9, the Dutch
press reported that Defense Minister
Kamp called Chavez a "bigoted popu-
list with a lot of money who has his
eyes on the Dutch Kingdom's scraps
(Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) off the
shores of Venezuela."

A Tiara Air got its Airline Operating
Certificate from the Antillean Central
Government and will begin flying
with a 36-seat Short 360-200 be-
tween Aruba and Curacao this week
The fare is NAf200. Another aircraft
will start flying in May and the net-
work of routes will gradually be ex-
panded to destinations in Venezuela.
Tiara is only the third (of the 13 busi-
nesses that have tried to start an airline
in the past four years) to get an okay
from the Curacao government.

A A broadly based permit for Insel
Air, a new Curacao-based airline,
was approved last week. It will be
permitted to fly regional routes, includ-
ing to Miami. According to Transpor-
tation Minister Kenneth Gijsbertha, a
lawsuit brought by the airline was
dropped. According to Insel Air Direc-
tor, Edward Heerenveen, "There is still
a lot of work to do before we start fly-

A Last week, following a tip, Bon-
aire Customs arrested five men and
confiscated 1.5 kilos of cocaine,
much of which was already prepared
in bolitas, from the Curacao registered
fishing boat Marisol, NC 847. The
Marisol is a familiar sight in Bonaire

A SELIBON, Bonaire's waste man-
agement company, will double the
rate it charges for home pickup of
trash effective with the April WEB
bill. When SELIBON first began its
excellent and efficient trash pickup it
was free. Then a charge of NAf5 was
imposed, then raised to NAf10 in the
(Continued on page 4)

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Who's Who on The Bonaire Reporter
Published weekly. For information about subscriptions, stories or
advertising in The Bonaire Reporter, phone (599) 717-8988, 786-
6518, fax 717-8988, E-mail to: Reporter@bonairenews.com The
Bonaire Reporter, George DeSalvo, Publisher. Laura DeSalvo,
Editor in Chief. Address: Kaya Gob. Debrot 200-6; Bonaire, Neth.
Antilles. Available on-line at: www.bonairereporter.com
Reporters: Tanneke Bartels, Wilna Groenenboom, Jack Hork-
heimer, Janice Huckaby, Greta Kooistra, Bob Lassiter, Sara Matera,
Linda Ridley, Dee Scarr, Ron Sewell, Larry Thielgard, Michael
Thiessen, Paul Wichers
Features Editor: Greta Kooistra Translations: Peggy Bakker,
Sue Ellen Felix
Production: Barbara Lockwood
Distribution: Yuchi Molina (Rincon), Elizabeth Silberie (Playa);
Housekeeping: Jaidy Rojas Acevedo. Printed by: DeStad Druk-
kerij, Curacao
2006 The Bonaire Reporter

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Page 3

(Flotsam and Jetsam. Continued from page 2)
mid-90s. Now it will be NAf20.
SELIBON collects three million kilo-
grams of trash annually. It recently be-
gan charging for commercial dumpers
at the island's landfill as well.
In keeping with the recent trend of
price and tax increases, The Bonaire
Reporter will double its newsstand
price effective with this issue.

A The Hr. Ms. Sbellius, one of two
recently built hydrographical meas-
urement vessels, is on station in the
Dutch Caribbean. Every member
country of the United Nations has the
responsibility for its own continental
plateau and maritime zone to map out
shallows, harbor entrances and areas
that can threaten shipping at least every
10 years. It arrived in St Maarten on
March 23 to start its work around the
islands that will continue until June 27.

A The Bonaire Rotary Club has
recently expanded its "Breakfast in
Schools" program to add additional
schools to the program, which has al-
ready been running successfully for the
past 18 months. Buddy Dive and Divi
Flamingo Beach already assist with
funding the program, but the Rotary
Club is looking for additional dona-

tions. If you can help, email rich-

A Divi Resorts is appointing
Maarten van Wijk as its new Execu-
tive Vice President. He had been the
acting General Manager of Bonaire's
Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino
from May 2005 to January 2006. Mr.
Van Wijk received his BA at the
School of Hotel Management and Ad-
ministration at The Hague, The Nether-
lands, and is fluent in four languages.
After living in the US for 25 years, he
became a US citizen in 2002.
Sara Matera follows Mr. van Wijk as
the Divi Flamingo General Manager

A View your new house from the
sky! Harbourtown Realty has come
up with a fun idea to help you in
choosing a Bonaire real estate invest-
ment. You can charter a small aircraft
and pilot, if necessary, and check out
the island. Bonaire has its own Aero
Club where you can charter a Cessna
172, the world's most popular training
plane. Are you not a pilot yet? No
problem! Bonaire has the ideal condi-
tions to learn how to fly: fair weather,
little air traffic and experienced FAA
licensed instructors. Call Harbourtown
Realty 717-5539 for more information.

A Last week Bonaire Affair an-
nounced the online launching of its
Bonaire Island Map. The map, desig-
nated as the Official 2006 Map of Bon-
aire by the Tourist Corporation Bon-
aire, was revised in January, 2006, in
its print version and now is also avail-

A The Bonaire
division of the po-
lice force of the
Netherlands An-
tilles is looking
for new officers.
Dutch nationality,
between 17 and 34
years old; at least
three years of high
school education,
good health with a
satisfactory behav-
ior record. If these
qualifications are
met a candidate
will be further Police offic
screened before
being selected.
For more information call 717-3503.

able online at http://www.

A Did you know that colors can
challenge you to ask yourself the
right questions? Your inventiveness,
creativity and your intuition can be
highly stimulated and activated by col-
ors. By studying the effects of different
colors you can learn to develop a to-
tally new perspective. To find out more
check out the training course offered
on page 8. Professional color therapists
Caroline Houthuyse and Lya Vros
from the Carly Color Institute will of-
fer this course on Bonaire in May in
Dutch. Sign up now. Contact Anne-
miek le Noble at

er Emanuel Libier at the high school
explaining police work

bonairebasics@telbonet.an or call 717-
2837 or 786-3341.

A Bonaire needs
more publicity like
this. The new Cactus
Blue restaurant was
recommended in tra kf"
prestigious Islands
magazine by senior
editor Ty Sawyer. The article called
attention to Bonaire. Cactus Blue was
the only island restaurant mentioned.
See their ad on page 10.

A You can do more thanjust get
away at The Great Escape resort.
(Continued on page 9)

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Page 4

Dear Editor:
Please allow me to take the occasion of the 40t anniversary of my first arrival
on Bonaire, representing the Antilles International Salt Co., to express my appre-
ciation and thanks to my friends and acquaintances on Bonaire for the 40 years of
warmth and cordiality during my long association with the people here. Espe-
cially, I want to thank the Bonaireans and ex-pats on my staff, including Deis
Schermer (my first employee), Amado Felix, Michael Tomaselli, Juana St.
Jago, Bruce Bertram, Rene Hakkenberg, Norman Evertsz, Ton Bassant, the three
Leonicia brothers, one of whom survives, Andres "Booboo" Josephia, Pablo
Winklaar, Nicho Nicholas and Jan Gielen, Poppy Rodriquez, and Gaby Felix
who came a bit later.
Also must be mentioned our friends and consultants from the French Salt Com-
pany, Salins du Midi of Montpelier, France, and the various Dutch, Antillean and
American contractors who undertook the construction of various portions of the
facility, especially Zenke-Smith, van der Kwast Construction, Kaiser Engineers,
Interbeton, and Hugo Gerharts of Bonaire Trading.
Also, thanks to my friends and mentors on the project, Curaqaoan Norman Chu-
manceiro of S. E. L. Maduro, Gezaghbber Elias Morkos and L. D. Gerharts of
Bonaire Trading Co., all of whom have passed on. Finally, my heartfelt thanks to
the officials on the island, especially, Toon Abraham, Rudy Ellis and Raymundo
Saleh, for their cooperation on the venture and their friendship. The many people
who stop me on the street to say "Bon Dia" are very gratifying (especially the
guys and gals from Cap'n Don's Flamingo Beach Club and Bill Miller's Hotel
I am grateful that I can return to Bonaire each winter to continue my friendships
with the people here.
Masha danki pa tur hende. (Many thanks to all.) (I hope to write a similar letter
10 years from now.) (Please forgive me if I neglected to mention anyone.)
Larry Theilgard
Playa Lechi
Read more of Larry Thielgard's reminiscences on page 8. Ed.


Dear Editor:
I am sure there will many more comments about the new "departure" tax. To
clarify one person's comment though, there is discussion about a $10 per day tax
that would benefit those staying less than eight days. After seven days then the
rate of $75 is applied. There is not a charge of $10 per day instead of the $75, and
the $10 would not, as an example, be charged to someone staying two weeks.
They would only pay the $75.
It was also suggested that using the immigration forms would be a good source
to check and collect. A few years ago this was done to audit room tax. When one
auditor was asked if they were also checking all apartments and smaller places,
the answer was, "No, we only are doing the major hotels!" This partly is what has
caused the problem we have today. Had they checked all the "black market"
places I am sure things would look better.
A second problem with the immigration cards is that they are far from accurate.
One hotel was being charged for an additional 8,500 room nights ($46,750). What
happens is that visitors will put down the first place they are staying without not-
ing it was only one night and then moving elsewhere for two weeks. Or write
down where they are diving or they may move from a hotel if they do not like it.
After proving this and the fact that one month had an occupancy rate, according to
the immigration cards of 130%, the auditor accepted that the 8,500 rooms nights
missing was a mistake.
The big question now is the fact that since rooms are no longer taxed by room
tax, they will fall under the OB tax and be subjected to 5%!


Dear Editor:
Was catching up on my reading of the BR this week (I forget to read it faithfully
without those nice weekly reminders you used to send out)... Saw the item about
the new departure tax.
Wanted to know if I am reading correctly. The tax was approved last year and is
set to go into effect June 1. Would impose a flat $75 fee on foreigners (like me,
US citizen) upon departure. Would replace the room tax, TII tax and $20 depar-
ture tax. The purpose is to allow the government to more easily collect all taxes
that are now not necessarily being sent in by some hotels and car rental compa-
Let me know if my math below is correct. This new plan seems to be more
beneficial to people who stay longer on the island for their vacations or visits. My
example will be based on me traveling with my husband.

For 2 people traveling together: $6.50 per person room tax and TII tax, multiplied
by 2 = $13 per day.
For one week, that's $13 times 7 =$91 per week in room tax and TII tax, for two
Add in the $20 per person departure tax at the airport for a total of $131 for two
For two weeks and two people it would be $182 room/TII taxes plus $40 depar-
ture tax = $222 total.

2 people for one week = $150
2 people for two weeks or more = $150 (since it's a one-time fee collected at de-
Is this correct? I'm coming with my husband in June and want to know what to
expect. Is it paid in cash (dollars or guilders) or are credit cards accepted? I'm also
trying the new Continental routing for the first time. I am attracted by the two-leg
aspect, rather than the three-leg routing on American.
Carolyne Zinko
San Francisco Chronicle
(Ms. Zinko has written stories about Bonaire that appear in US newspapers)

Ms. Zinko is correct. However, the TIL Tax is levied at the discretion of individ-
ual hotels and may or may not be removed. Ed.

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Page 5

Foundation board members

L ast week the Bo
Mes Negoshi Foun-
dation (Your Own Busi-
ness) started activities to
help the smallest entrepre-
neurs as well as new busi-
ness entrepreneurs on the
Otto Bartels, who has lived
on Bonaire for several years
and is an experienced advi-
sor to small and micro busi-
nesses, concluded that many
small, but potentially useful
businesses have insufficient
access to the lending institu-
To come up with a busi-
ness plan is hard and often
expensive, and some banks
are often reluctant to fi-

Oneil Martijn (r) receives the first check from
Fedde Pronk (center) and Otto Bartels

Earth Day On The Way

Saturday, April 22 is celebrated almost worldwide
as Earth Day. Linda Ridley sent us this informa-
tion to help us understand what it's all about:

When Is Earth Day?
arth Day is most often ob-
served by the media, hun-
dreds of local groups and noted
on calendars on April 22. Many
observe Earth Week and Earth
Month, and since most events and
festivals need to take place on a
weekend, ED is observed on the
weekends before and after. Others
also observe it on March 21, and
World Environment Day is on
June 6. As we go to press there
are not many events, planned in
Bonaire for Earth Day except for
the "What On Earth" activities
and parade for children. (For information call 717-4593)

Why Earth Day?
Because it works. Annual occasions throughout history and in all cultures provide
meaningful opportunities for celebration, education and action. Earth Day observations
and celebrations include all social sectors, nationalities and cultural groups. Earth Day
is a successful catalyst for ongoing environmental education, action and change. Earth
Day activities offer important points of entry to address worldwide environmental con-
cerns as well as the opportunities for individuals and communities to focus on their
local environmental problems. Local activities include clean-ups, restoration projects,
parades, fairs, conferences and concerts. Because Earth Day observances broaden the
base of support for environmental programs, rekindle public commitment and enroll
participation from every social and business sector, they can be used to implement
wide-scale programs that bring people together to act for the common good.

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Page 6

Simidan at LVVIP

Deputy Onnie Emerenciana with some L Wstaff and seniors.

Last Saturday the gates of the LVV
(agricultural department) were
thrown open and more than 100 of Bon-
aire's elders arrived in the morning to
participate in the Simidan events pick-
ing the maishi (sorghum) from the LVV
fields. Rincon groups were the 60 Plusers
and the Mi Hofi gardening group. After
toiling in the fields everyone had a big
meal of cabrito stoba (goat stew), sanger
di cabrito (a dish made of goat blood),
fish, boyo (maishi bread) and a delicious
vegetable soup made from the vegetables
grown by the Mi Hofi gardening group.

LVV is the farmers' and the gardeners'
friend. They sell not only goats and sheep
but hardy trees and plants, including
vegetable plants, vegetables seeds, insec-
ticides and fertilizers. They're on the La-
goen Road on the south side, just past the
animal shelter. LVV is open Monday The organizer: L W's Rocky Emers
through Friday, 7 am to noon, 1 to 4 pm.
Look for them on Rincon Day, April 30. They'll have a stand selling some of their
products. L.D.

T he Bonaire Animal Shelter con-
ducted another successful sale
at the Monthly Flea Market at Parke
Publico Bonairiano on March 25. It
was the second time the market was
held and attracted a much bigger
group. The stock of books increased
dramatically after the last publication
in the press and more people are still
donating. The Shelter thanks all these
people who are supporting it with their
donations and can still use more used
books, clothes, shoes, etc. So if you
have things that you don't use any-

more, you can call 787-0466, and
somebody from the Shelter will come
and pick them up. On Saturday, April
29, the next Flea Market will be held
at Parke Publico and on Sunday, April
30, the stand will be in Rincon during
the festivities of Dia di Rincon.
The Shelter is also looking for some
folding tables to hold the items that are
for sale. Story & Photo by Paul

SBTe n Apge to--
PaJ/.^ss on The Ieporter to a Friend

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Last Month's Flea Market at Parke Publico

Page 7


4 l- o you have
/ anyone on
your staff who might
want to go to a small
Dutch Caribbean island
to build a solar salt
works?" It was my boss,
Jack Ryon, on the
phone, calling from our
headquarters in Clarks
Summit, PA. At the
time I was plant man-
ager of our salt mine
under the city of De-
troit. The year was
1966. My knee jerk
reaction was, "I might
be interested."
He said, "If you're serious, why
don't you and your wife go down and
have a look." So later that month we
journeyed to Curaqao to visit the SEL
Maduro people to learn more about the
project. Norman Chumaceiro, who
eventually became my principal men-
tor on the project, received us and in-
troduced us to Willemstad and Cura-
The Fuller family controlled the In-
ternational Salt Company at the time
and Mortimer Fuller and his wife Bob-
bie had two daughters who attended
the Madeira School near Washington,
DC. At a parents' week end at the
school, the Fullers met Brim Maduro
who also had a daughter at the school.
The usual small talk ensued: "What do
you do?" "I'm in the salt business."

9Copyrighted Material
Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"

Larry Thielgard
"Have you heard of Bonaire? Salt has
been produced there for several centu-
ries." His interest piqued, Mortimer
visited the island, then returned and got
his board interested enough to pursue
matters. Extensive negotiations with
the Department of Finance of the Cen-
tral Netherlands Antillean Government
Welvaartzorg (Economic Develop-
ment) office in Curaqao, Toon Abra-
ham, the leading politico on Bonaire,
various ministries in the Dutch Gov-
ernment, and the Audubon Society in
the US, followed.
In April of 1966 the final agreements
were signed at the White Pan building
for a 60-year lease on 2,000 hectares
(5,000 acres). In addition, the com-
pany purchased outright 200 hectares
(500 acres) at four existing historic salt
pans: Blue pan, White Pan, Red Pan

a w

and Orange Pan (colors of the Dutch
flag and the House of Orange) and the
buildings and slave huts from the E & J
Maartijn Company in Curaqao.
It was after this signing was complete
that I received the phone call from my
boss in April of 1966.
After a couple of days in Curaqao,
we flew over to Bonaire and were re-
ceived by Cornelius Spruit, Manager of
the SEL Maduro office in Bonaire. The
same day we drove south on the dirt
road that led around the south end of
the island from the small airport. At the
White Pan, there was still about a thou-
sand tons of salt that had been har-
vested by pick, shovel and wheelbar-

row, the historic way of salt harvesting.
We were introduced to Gezaghbber
(Lt. Governor) Elias Morkos, Toon
Abraham, Rudy Ellis, Raymundo
Saleh, and L.D. Gerharts, head of Bon-
aire Trading. It took only the first few
hours of that fist day on Bonaire to feel
that a love affair was beginning. I
called my boss and said if he would
give me a year's leave of absence from
my Detroit position, I would be happy
to start the project and look for a suc-
cessor after my year was up.
In June of 1966 I moved to Bonaire
and began to buy houses, trucks, furni-
ture etc. I set up an office and hired
(Continued on page 9)

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Page 8

(A Bonaire Love Story. Continued from page 8)
some staff (Deis Schermer, Amado
Felix, Juana St. Jago, Poppy Martinez
and Norman Everts). We had hired a
team of engineers from a French solar
salt company (Salins du Midi) to pro-
vide the design and construction.
After a year or so, I hired Curacao-
born and civil engineer, Rene Hakken-
berg, from an engineering firm in
Montreal to help with construction ef-
forts. Also a Brit, John Atkins, came
on board to provide surveying ser-
vices, as did Ton Bassant for his con-
struction talents. Dutchman Jan Gielen
joined in towards the early days of op-
eration. The pier was designed by Kai-
ser Engineers of California.
I was relaxing in my house on Abra-
ham Boulevard one evening when our
neighbor, Cap'n Don Stewart, barged
in shouting, "Larry, you have just
bought half a sailboat!" "Which half?"
I figured that I was to be the owner of
the half with a gas guzzling engine,
but Don assured me that no engine
would be needed. The Sislin was ours!
That purchase led to the famous bar
bet at the Flamingo Beach Club.
Hubert "Ebo" Domacass6, owner of
the sail boat Velia was tending bar for
Cap'n Don and Cowboy Royce started
a lot of challenging talk, saying that
Ebo's boat was a better boat than our
boat the Sislin.
So a race was organized, the course
being around Klein Bonaire. Someone
asked "What are the rules?" The an-
swer from Cap'n Don was "There are
no rules!" The first boat to pick up a
line for its tender in front of the Fla-
mingo Beach Club would be declared
the winner.
Don's sailing skill, including a
whisker pole deploying the large jib,
put the Sislin well in front on the
downwind leg to the southwest corer
of Klein. The broad reach by the west
side of the island showed Sislin still
well in the lead. Rounding the north
side, the crew on the Sislin grew even
more confident. (Don's son, Kevin,
and my son, John, joined Don and my-
self as crew.) Tacking up wind showed
Velia creeping up. Could we race to
the finish before Velia crept by? In a
matter of a few seconds, the Velia's
crew, mainly Cowboy and Ebo,
grabbed their line, winning by at the
most five seconds. To the victors went
the 37 cases of Amstel.
Another interesting character on the
island during my first couple of years
was Bill Miller, holder of the conces-
sion at Bill Miller's Hotel Bonaire and
Casino. Bill was formerly the operator
of the Riviera Night Club, built on a

(Heights in feet, FT)
Remember: Vinds and weather can
further influence the local tides

4-14 1:09 1.8FT. 11:21 1.OFT. 81
4-15 1:44 1.8FT. 12:23 0.9FT. 84
4-16 2:28 1.9FT. 13:12 0.8FT. 84
4-17 3:21 1.9FT. 13:54 0.8FT. 81
4-18 4:15 1.9FT. 14:27 0.7FT. 76
4-19 5:20 1.9FT. 15:01 0.7FT. 68
4-20 6:16 1.9FT. 15:32 0.8FT. 61
4-21 7:21 1.9FT. 15:53 0.8FT. 55

bluff overlooking the Hudson River by
the George Washington Bridge. Frank
Sinatra was often a headliner there as
were Vic Damone and Eddie Fisher. It
was well known that the mob owned
all of the night clubs in New York, and
those in the know assumed that Bill,
because of his vaudeville and night
club experience, was their Kerkorian
in Las Vegas and he became known as
Mr. Entertainment. Weekly junkets
were flown down via the charter jets.
Another gentleman who was one of
my mentors was L.D. Gerharts. I tried
to meet with him often to fill him in on
our progress. He was especially inter-
ested in our plans to establish a fla-
mingo nesting sanctuary.
Every week or two, I'd meet with
another mentor, Gezaghbber Elias
Morkos. He would have his pre-
luncheon glass of whiskey i awa. I
swear that man had a hollow leg. He'd
put down a large glass of scotch and
walk away like he'd been drinking wa-
ter. It was at one of these noon en-
counters that we worked out a trade.
The island government would get the
slave huts and other old salt company
buildings in exchange for the salt com-
pany getting Pink Beach.
One of my more memorable experi-
ences was to participate in the forma-
tion of the Bonaire Flying Club. We
approached the major companies for
support and we were able to purchase
a brand new Cessna Skyhawk, We
hired an instructor from Curaqao and
within the first year we had about six
to eight licensed pilots. We also had
non-flying members who would be
flown from Bonaire to Curaqao or
Aruba for a fee. We also competed
with the flying clubs of Curaqao and
Aruba in such feats as landing as close
as possible to a stripe on the runway
without undershooting, toilet paper roll
cutting and bombing a target with pa-
per flour sacks.
I was transferred to headquarters in
Pennsylvania in 1971, but fortunately I
still had the Bonaire salt plant as a re-
sponsibility and so I was able to visit
at least several times a year for the rest
of my career.
I retired in 1989 and was able to pur-
chase a small beach house at Playa
Lechi where we stay every winter.
The love affair that began that April
of 1966 continues and I'm sure it will
continue until my final days. Larry

Larry Thielgard, former Salt Com-
pany head, drafted this story to com-
memorate the 40th anniversary of his
arrival on Bonaire. Ed.

(Flotsam and Jetsam. Continued from page 4)
A Dive Friends/Yellow
Submarine/Photo Tours/ /
Net Tech kicked off the
Earth Day activities with its
Quarterly Clean-up Dive
last Saturday near the Fish- i
ermen's Pier. The volun-
teers included divers
Phyllis, Laurien, Tim,
Frouke, Hans, John, Dick,
Linda, Kevin, Vanessa,
Licia, Maurizio, George,
Sara, Robert, Aat, Pierre,
Fenna, Philip, and non-
divers Janny and Chili the Volunteers Chili and John sort the trash.
boat captain. Around the Tourists look on.
pier the volunteers found a
lot of unusual things: a Nikonos Lens, an axle, engine and battery from cars, lots
of beer bottles and normal trash. Closer to the drop off there were fewer things to
clean up. The next cleanup will be held around the second Saturday in September,
probably in conjunction with International Clean Up Day. (Report & photo by
Wilna Groenenboom.)

You can also be pampered in their
new spa. Get a massage, skin or nail
care. See their ad on page 8. Call 717-
7468 for an appointment.

A The Last l
Bite Bakery, Bon-
aire's gourmet ca-
terer, is opening a
bakery shop this
Thursday, April 13, at Kaya Grandi 70,
next to Xerox, across from Bon Fysio.
For the last five years only available
by take-away or home delivery, An-
nette Roswell's delicious desserts,
quiches, lasagnas and more can now
also be bought over the counter. Stop
by and treat yourself. The phone num-
ber remains the same-717-3923.

AThere will be a sumptuous Easter
Brunch at the Calabas Restaurant at
Divi Flamingo on Easter Sunday from
11 am to 2 pm. Starting with a Mimosa
Cocktail you'll be offered assorted sal-
ads, made-to-order omelets, pancakes,
French toast, breads, pastry, bacon,
sausage, strip loin, coconut chicken,
grilled salmon, cakes, juices, coffee,
tea and even more. Are you hungry
yet? There will be live music too. Price
is NAf41,40 ($23.25). Kids up to 12
pay their age in $. Call for reserva-
tions: 717-8285, ext. 444 or 442. See
their ad on page 11. L./G.D.

coral glimpses
(a bit of information about corals presented
each week by naturalist Dee Scarr)

Whether the individual coral ani-
mals are extended away from their
skeleton or withdrawn into their
razor-sharp skeleton, there is con-
tinuous living coral tissue over the
surface of every coral head. That's
easy to see in this Great Star Coral.

.-- on e eL -

iBs S t oD tshe RpoiPter to ? P!tend

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Page 9

B onaire's 28" Kontest di Fli (kite contest) took place last Sunday at the field behind Kooy-
man's. Every year it's been sponsored by Iris Semeleer of the Flamingo Bookstore on Kaya
Grandi and every year it's a huge success. Families, friends all kinds of groups get together to
put together the most amazing kites, and often it takes a whole crowd to launch them. It's a wonder-
ful, wholesome atmosphere. Groups of families and friend set up with chairs and tables, food and
drink coolers, having a social good time and watching the spirited competition.
This year the contest was dedicated to Botica Bonaire. Thanks to the organizers Hubert Vis,
Archibald Martijn, Raynaldo Anthony, Gerald Victorina, Arthur Sealy and Giovany Williams.
A very big thank you too to all the sponsors, without whom the event wouldn't have happened.
Major sponsors were WEB NV, MCB, J. C. Herrera and Flamingo Bookstore, NV. The Grand
Prize Winner this year was Floyd Elizabeth. L.D.

Prize Winners:
Group 1 (7-8-9 years)
Biggest Djurgini Richardson
Smallest- Jurgen Saragosa
Most Beautiful, Most Original- Trivieletty
Strangest Jursley Jansen
Group 2 (7-8-9 years)
Biggest- Jeanaldo Domacass6
Smallest- Raul Alberto
Most Beautiful, Most Original Shandino
Strangest Rose Mary Martines
Group 3 (7-8-9 years)
Biggest, Most Original, Strangest Ryan
Smallest Michael Santaris
Most Beautiful Melissa Domacass6
Group 4 (10-11-12)
Biggest Daniel Drullard
Smallest Amel Chirino
Most Beautiful, Strangest Urdelson Ser-

Most Original Ricky Hormachea
Group 5 10-11-12
Smallest Kimberly Thielman
Biggest Sheugairo Raphaela
Strangest, Most Original Sharief Karti-
Most Beautiful Luizinho Gomez
Group 6 (10-11-12)
Biggest, Most Beautiful, Most Original -
Bernarol Abrahams
Smallest Larene Statia
Strangest Maryson (Happy Flyer Team)
Group 7
Biggest, Most Strange Frencil Martha
Smallest Hershell Wouter
Most Beautiful Angero Clement
Most Original Sheridian Winklaar
Group 8
Biggest Thursten Winklaar
Smallest Rayonell Lindenborg
Most Beautiful Lusandrick St. Jago

Strangest Martoni Hovi
Most Original Cristy Ann Rojer
Group 9 (13-14-15)
Largest, Most Original Francis Willmore
Smallest Robbyel Bernabela
Most Beautiful Caredine Sambre
Strangest Steward Consepshon
Group 10 (13-14-15)
Biggest Ivar Kohabir
Smallest Gilivan St. Jago
Most Beautiful, Strangest Crisje Kunst
Group 11 (16 & over)
Biggest, Most Beautiful, Strange, Original -
Floyd Elizabeth
Smallest Verney Agostien
Group 12 (16 & over)
Biggest Sigfried Paula
Smallest Mirna Cicilia
Most Beautiful, Strangest, Original Rayan
Group 13 (16 & over)
Biggest MSM

Smallest Patric Bernabela
Most Beautiful Mark Cijntje
Strangest Joshua Martina
Most Original Luclien Cicilia
Group 14 (16 & over)
Biggest Celcio Theilman
Smallest Mariska Singusemito
Most Beautiful, Strangest, Original Jayson
Group 15 (16 & over)
Biggest Jurivino Jansen
Smallest- Ryan Sanipoen
Most Beautiful Machael Romer
Strangest Jurivino Jansen
Most Original Renny Estatia
Group 16 (16 & over)
Biggest Andew Mercera
Smallest Julivienne Jones
Most Beautiful Jlumy Reinilla
Strangest, Most Original Allison Pieter

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Page 10

ayain 'iY
^^y~~~ry u (.^s

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006


/A -n /p


Page 11


New TWR Director

T he new Field Director, the 11t,
for Trans World Radio, arrived
this week to replace Rich Fuller who
returned to the US. Joe Barker was as-
signed this prestigious position and
brought with him his wife Ronda and
family from North Carolina where they
lived prior to this new assignment. Joe
lived on Bonaire in 1999 and 2000 and
has looked forward to returning to one
of his favorite places on earth. He is
excited about renewing old friendships The Barker Family
and meeting new friends on Bonaire.
Joe works for TWR, a Christian radio station, which was established on the is-
land 41 years ago by Dr. Paul E. Freed and was dedicated by then Crown Princess
Beatrix of the Netherlands. TWR Bonaire broadcasts more than 70 hours of pro-
gramming each week in six languages to northern South America and the Carib-
bean. Portuguese is used to transmit into Brazil; Creole to cover Haiti; Spanish to
Cuba, Venezuela and Columbia; and Baniua or Macuxi. Trans World Radio, as the
name implies, includes no less than the entire globe in the scope of its mission. All
told, TWR airs programs in more than 200 languages and dialects through short-
wave, AM, FM, and satellite radio. The station is on the air in more languages than
BBC, Voice of America, China Radio International and Voice of Russia combined.
Its international staff of over a thousand cooperates with Christian broadcasters,
program producers, mission agencies, local churches and individuals to proclaim
the Gospel.
Joe, Rhonda, and their children are eager to become an active part of the Bonaire
community. Story & Photo by Bob Lassiter

Readers are invited to send photos of anniversaries, births, etc. to The Reporter.
The photo and text will be printed free of charge.

Bonaire Reporter Classifieds- They are still free
Got something to buy or sell?
by advertising in THE BONAIRE REPORTER
Non-Commercial Classified Ads (up to 4 lines/ 20 words):
Commercial Ads only NAf0.70 per word, per week.
Free adds run for 2 weeks.
Call orfax 717-8988 or email ads@bonairereporter.com

Kaya Gloria 7, Bonaire Local Art, Art
Supplies, Framing, and Art Classes.
Open Tu-We-Th & Sat 10 am- 5 pm Fri-
day 1- 7 pm; or phone 717-5246 for

The leading consumer and business
information source on Bonaire. Tele-
phone (599) 717-7160. For on-line yel-
low pages directory information go to

Trees and plants, Bonaire grown.
8000m2 nursery. Specializing in garden/
septic pumps and irrigation. Kaminda
Lagoen 103, Island Growers NV (Capt.
Don and Janet). Phone: 786-0956

Bonaire Images
Elegant greeting cards and beautiful
boxed note cards are now available at
Chat-N-Browse next to Lover' s Ice
Cream and Sand Dollar Grocery.
Photography by Shelly Craig

Starting from NAf5 per meal. Call
CHINA NOBO 717-8981

100% natural body salts "Scrub Me"
100% natural Bath Salts available at
Chat-n-Browse, KonTiki and Jewel of
Bonaire or call 786-6416 for more infor-

Pet boarding / Dierenpension
Day and night care. phone: 7864651

Make it more livable from the start.
Also interior or exterior design advice,
clearings, blessings, energy, healing,
China-trained. Experienced. Inexpen-
sive. Call Donna at 785-9332.

For Sale

For Sale: 1995 Mitsubishi 4-door
pickup truck, diesel, 4-wheel drive, ask-
ing fl.6,000. e-mail... ellen@flamingotv.
net or call 717-5567 late evenings.

For sale: Sky kennel for large dog,
KLM-approved, size F, NAf 300, tel.

Refills! Do you have an empty 1.25 oz
container of SeaGold, SeaDrops or a 2-
oz. container of PSI 500 defog? Bring it

New York City,

ake Richter sent us this
photo from New York
City, taken at the Jing Fong
Restaurant, where all enjoyed
a great Dim Sum brunch. Ap-
propriately, they picked The
Reporter cover featuring
Bonaire's Gold Medal win-
ning student chefs to be pho-
tographed with them.

From left to right: Linda
Richter, Mary Wills (a Bon-
aire regular), Jake, Eva, Seb
Schulherr (Bonaire regular
and a BonaireTalk Modera-
tor), Ann Logan and Denise.

WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next
trip or when you return to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper
in hand. BEST PHOTOS OF THE YEAR WILL WIN PRIZES. Mail photos to Bonaire
Reporter, Kaya Gob. Debrot 200-6, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles (AN). E-mail to: pic-
ture @bonairereporter.com. (All 2006 photos are eligible.)

"Pass ODn The epoter a Iiod

in and the Carib Inn will fill for half
the price of a new bottle!! You must
have an original bottle though.

For Sale Daewoo Matiz 2002 +/- 30.000
km Airco, Radio, very good condition.
First Owner, Call 717-5632

For Sale: Ultra Classic Yoga Mats.
Color: Black; Price: NAf60. Call 786-

LADA NIVA (jeep) for sale
1991-4X4 drive 1.6 Cyl. 95.000km
NAf5.400 717-2844 or 786-2844

EE oats for

Hartley Rorc 39 Sailing Yacht for
sale. Ferro-cement ocean cruiser in good
shape with lots of equipment; new sails-
2005, GPS, solar panel etc. Presently
cruising the Netherlands Antilles. Ask-
ing price: $35,000 US.
Please email : Hilde for more info e-
mail: hmkvalhe(i),ahoo.com

FOR QUICK SALE: NAf 680 per item,
or best offer.
12-ft. collapsible 3-seat 4-person din-
ghy, with polypropylene coral-proof hull,
stows in 5-inches, great for fishing, towing,
motoring, even sailing.

10-ft. Walker Bay sailing dinghy, com-
plete & nearly new.
Trailer with hitch for transporting boats
14-ft. or less.
Email Mac at macamal@mac.com, or
phone 786-1119.

Why expensively import a sail boat
when you can own a fast Regatta win-
ner built right here? Classic 21' Bon-
aire Sail Fish-
ing boat re-
cently refur-
bished is for
sale for
NAf14,000 .
Call George

%~ -- to d

The Bonaire Reporter is
looking for a Partner or
Managing Editor

Join us to
"Publish in Paradise."
Working Partner or
Managing Editor with
journalism, writing/editing
skills, business sense and
energy desired.
Most important: Must Love Bonaire!
Call The Reporter at 717-8988, 786-
6518. Email qualifications to:

Wanted to buy: 4x4 vehicle in good
condition. Jeep, SUV or pickup. Call The
Reporter at 717-8988.

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Page 12

Pet of the VVeek
A s part of an SGB
school project Lisa
Schut (at right) volunteered
at the Bonaire Animal Shel-
ter for six weeks, but even
after her term expired she
has stayed on, volunteering
every Saturday to work and
play with the dogs and cats.
"She's a big help to us,"
says Shelter Manager Jurrie
Mellema. "It's great to have '
In Lisa's arms is
"Ranger," one of the most
popular young puppies at
the Shelter right now.
Ranger is about three
months old and is a darling.
She was found in Nikiboko
by an American couple who
fell in love with her but had
to return to the US. They've
been in email contact, ask-
ing about this great pup and
hoping she gets adopted by Lisa with "Ranger"
a good family. Ranger is
very social, feisty, with lots of energy. She has the softest fur that you just want to
stroke. She's healthy, has had her shots, been wormed and is ready to go!

Attention Puppy Owners: It's Parvo time
again, the period after the rain when the dry season sets
in. Parvo is a powerful and contagious disease that strikes
puppies and often results in death within a few days.
Make sure your puppies are vaccinated by the time
they're six weeks old, then at three week intervals after
that. Check with your veterinarian for more information.

W orld Tai Chi Qigong Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of April every
year, this year on April 29th.
Tai Chi and Qigong exercises are prac- ticed daily by millions of people
around the world, and everybody is proba- bly familiar with media scenes of hun-
dreds of people practicing together in Chi- nese parks and open spaces.
Up to now, there is no dedicated Tai Chi or Qigong facility on Bonaire. How-
ever, following the informal World Tai Chi Day presentation at City Cafe last
year, there are now over 30 students on Bonaire who are privately studying
and practicing this ancient health, exercise and healing art.
Full details of the benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong exercise can be found on
the Web Site www.worldtaichiday.org with English, Spanish, German and
Italian translations.
Anybody wishing to learn more about or talk about Tai Chi can contact
ron tcdiamond-waters.com Ron Sewell

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Page 13

Drawing WWW Moving Water
(Wavy, Wonderful, Wet)

Water moves! Water watching is enjoyed by many people who live close to the
ocean. Anyone in Bonaire can agree that it is wonderful to be able to explore
and watch water all around this island. Water moves in many different directions.
Wind, current and weather are some of the determining factors that change the shape
of the water.
A good drawing will give your viewer the impression that the water is moving.
Movement is the key to a good wavy, wonderful, wet, and moving water drawing. So
let's get moving on the techniques below!

rZ,~ "___

Fig. 1 People often draw these waves to repre-
sent water. This basic design is perfect for deco-
rating or as a graphic art image. We can use this
simple design to create impressionist waves as

Fig. 2 I've taken the waves apart and staggered
them in broken rows. I have also created a bit of
wind direction by drawing the arc on the left of
the peak shorter than the arc on the right.

Fig. 3 Now fill in a little shadow by using the
side of the pencil. Lay the pencil down on the
paper until the full edge of your pencil tip touches
the paper. Create a shadow under the peak. Try to
put more pressure on your pencil at the peak of the
wave and less pressure as you feather out of the

As the wind speed picks this time of year it is possible to see this type of wave pat-
tern between Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. The pattern represents steady wind and con-
sistent water movement. To learn more about water movement
and create better drawings, study the water with the idea of
drawing it! Enjoy the view and good luck with your drawings!
Janice Huckaby JanArt Gallery

This article is part ofa series by Janice Huckaby ofJanArt. Call
599 717-5246 or 791-5246for information on art lessons or to
iew her artworks

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Page 14




Late Show
Callto make sure (Usually9 pm)
(Samuel L. Jackson)
Early Show (Usually 7 pm)

Final Destination

Kaya Prinses Marie
Behind Exito Bakery
Tel. 717-2400
Tickets NAf14 (incl. Tax)

2 MOVIES 7 & 9PM
April: Curious George

April 13 17- 4th Annual MCB Tennis
Cup at Harbour Village Tennis Center
565-5225, 717-6907.
Friday, April 14-Good Friday-Banks
and many stores closed
Friday, April 14-Good Friday service at 7
pm at the International Bible Church with a
showing of the crucifixion musical drama
from the Holy Land Experience in Orlando,

Sunday, April 16-Easter Sunday Sun-
rise on Seru Largu Would you like a
unique Easter sunrise experience? You are
welcome to journey to the tomb with the
Marys as they reflect on Jesus' life. Ex-
perience the surprise as the guards realize
that their life is in jeopardy. The Interna-
tional Bible Church of Bonaire will be
holding their annual sunrise service, 6 am,
Seru Largu, next to the cross.
The normal Sunday morning service will
be held at the church at 9 am. The church
is located in the Trans World Radio build-
ing next to Playa Trading on Kaya Amster-
dam. Everyone is welcome at all of these
services, which are held in English.
Sunday, April 16-Easter Sunday
Brunch Buffet at Divi Flamingo, Calabas
Restaurant--1 am-2pm -$23.25
(NAf41,40). Kids pay age in $. See page
Sunday, April 16-Bonairean Night at
Divi Flamingo-with all the local special-
ties and live music-Tel. 717-8285, ext.

Monday, April 17-Easter Monday- Of-
ficial Holiday, banks & many shops
Monday, April 17 Easter Fiesta for
sponsored by SEBIKI- Lots of activities for
children with their parents: decorating
bags, egg hunts games, pho-
tos, rabbits, baby items for
sale, drinks and food. At ii
Kresh Bon Kuido from 10 am ti
to 1 pm, NAfJ5.
Until Sunday, April 16- Passion of Christ
Exposition by Bonaire Artists Jua Gui-
llermo and Nochi Coffie. St. Luis Beltran
Church, Rincon.
Until May 14- Fer and Rob de Wit Photo
Exhibition at Plaza Resort. Open 5-8 pm,
Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. Information
call 717-5398.
Arts and Crafts Markets at Wilhelmina

Park on Cruise Ship visiting days, starting
around 10 am to early afternoon. Great gift
ideas-many "made on Bonaire." See
Cruise Ship Schedule at right.


Saturday, April 22-Earth Day "What
on Earth" activities, parade for children.
Info 717-4593
Saturday, April 29 Balashi Beer Bar-
tenders' Competition Rincon, 7 pm-
Saturday, April 29 -Flea Market at Park
Publico. See page 7
Sunday, April 30-
Rincon Day,
Queen's Birthday,
Queen's Birthday Race,
Windsurfing Race (Tolo),
MCB 5 km, 17 km run
May 2006
Monday, May 1 Labor Day-Banks &
many stores closed
Friday, May 12 Big party and show for
'mom' at Don Paranda, from 8:30 pm to 2
am, entrance F1.35- Featuring Melania van
der Veen, Boy Thode, Romeo Heye, Denis
Cicilia, Wilbert Petronella and DJ HB
Disco. To benefit the FKPD (Handicapped
Foundation) Call 717-6210 for tickets.

Daily (more or less)
HH 2 for 1 (on ALL beverages ) from 5-7pm,
Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar
HH-5:30-6:30, Buddy Dive
HH 5 to 7 pm, Cactus Blue (except Sunday)
2 for 1 appetizer with every entr6e, Cactus
Divi Flamingo Casino open daily for hot slot
machines, roulette and blackjack, Mon. to Sat. 8
pm 4 am; Sun. 7 pm 3 am.
Daily by appointment -Rooi Lamoenchi
Kunuku Park Tours Bonairean kunuku. $12
(NAf12 for residents). Tel 717-8489, 540-9800.
Grill Night on the Beach, Buddy Dive
Rincon Marsh--6 am 2 pm. Enjoy a Bo-
nairean breakfast while you shop: fresh fruits
and vegetables, gifts, local sweets and snacks,
arts and handicrafts, candles, incense, drinks and
music. www.infobonaire.com/rincon
Mountain Bike Ride Everyone welcome. It's
free. Bring a bike and your own water. Fitness
trainer Miguel Angel Brito leads the pack. Tele-
phone him at 785-0767 for information.
Wine Tasting at AWC's warehouse, 6 to 8
pm, Kaya Industria #23. Great wines NAf2,50
a glass.
All You Can Eat BBQ at Divi Flamingo with
live music, 6 to 9 pm, NAf26,50. Call for reser-
vations 717-8285 ext. 444 .
Live music 6 to 9 pm while enjoying a great
dinner in colorful tropical ambiance at the Chibi
Chibi Restaurant & Bar. Open daily 5 to 10
pm, Divi Flamingo
Caribbean Night, live local music- Buddy
Soldachi Tour of Rincon, the heart of Bon-
aire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call Maria 717-6435
Kriyoyo Night BBQ Buffet featuring Chef Gibi
and Los Princes Mariachi, Golden Reef Inn.
Band 7 pm, BBQ at 7:30 pm. Reservations $20,
walk ins $25. Drinks available for purchase. Call
717-5759 or email info @goldenreefinn.com
Live music by the Flamingo Rockers 5-7 pm
Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar
Wine & Cheese/ $1 glass of wine, 5-7pm, Divi
Flamingo Balashi Beach Bar
Buy a Bucket of Beer & get free chicken
wings, 5 to 7 pm, Cactus Blue
BonaireTalker Dinner/Gathering at Gibi's,
known for great local food. 6:30pm Call Gibi at
567-0655 for details, or visit www.BonaireTalk.
com, and search for "Gibi."
Yoga Classes-Tel. 786-6416 (None in April)
Open Mike Night with Moogie, 7 to 9 pm,
Cactus Blue
Live music by Flamingo Rockers Divi Fla-

mingo, Balashi Beach Bar 5-6:30 pm
Live music by Flamingo Rockers The Wind-
surf Place at Sorobon 7:30- 9:30 pm
Movie Night at Buddy Dive
Yoga Classes-Tel. 786-6416 (None in April)
Live music by the "Flamingo Rockers" 5-
7pm-Divi Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar
Harbour Village Tennis, Social Round Robin
7 to 10 pm. $10 per person. Cash bar. All invited.
Call Elisabeth Vos at 565-5225
Live music by the "Flamingo Rockers" Divi
Flamingo, Balashi Beach Bar- 5-7 pm
Swim lessons for children by Enith Brighitha, a
Dutch Olympian, at Sorobon from 1330 to 1630
Manager's Bash-free Flamingo Smash &
snacks, Divi Flamingo, 5-7 pm
Manager's Rum Punch Party, Buddy Dive Re-
sort, 5:30-6:30 pm, followed by Al You Can Eat BBQ
5-7 pm Social Event at JanArt Gallery, Kaya
Gloria 7. Meet artist Janice Huckaby and Larry
of Larry's Wildside Diving. New original paint-
ings of Bonaire and diver stories of the East
Coast every week
Yoga Classes-Tel. 786-6416 (None in April)

Saturday- Discover Our Diversity Slides pool
bar Buddy Dive, 7 pm 717-5080
Sunday Bonaire Holiday -Multi-media dual-
projector production by Albert Bianculli, 8.30
pm, Capt. Don's Habitat.
Monday- Dee Scarr's Touch the Sea slide
Show at Captain Don's Habitat, 8:30 pm Call
717-8290 for info.
Wednesday (2nd and 4 ) Turtle Conservation
(STCB) Slide Show by Bruce Brabec. Carib
Inn seaside veranda, 7 pm
Wednesday -Buddy Dive Cocktail Video Show
by Martin Cecilia, pool bar Buddy Dive, 7 pm

Kas Kriyo Rincon-Step into Bonaire's past in this
venerable old home that has been restored and furnished
so it appears the family has just stepped out Local ladies
willtelll youthe story. Open Mondaythru Friday, 9 12,
2-4. Weekends by appointment Call 717-2445.
Mangasina di Rei, Rincon. Enjoy the view from The
King's Storehouse." Leam about Bonaire's culture. Visit
homes from the 17th century. Daily. Call 717-4060
Bonaire Museum on Kaya J. v.d. Ree, behind the
Catholic Chnuch intown. Open weekdays from 8 am-
noon, 1:30-5 pm Tel. 717-8868
Washington-Slagbaai National Park, Museum
and Visitors' Center. Open daily 8 am-5 pm.
Closed on some holidays. 717-8444/785-0017
Sunday at Cai- Live music and dancing starts
about 12 noon at Lac Cai. Dance to the music of
Bonaire's popular musicians.

AA meetings every Wednesday, Phone 717-6105;
560-7267 or 717- 3902.
Al-Anon meetings every Monday evening at 7
pm. Call 790-7272
Weekly BonaireTalker Gathering and Dinner
at Gibi's Tuesday 6:30 pm call 567-0655
for directions.
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7:30 pm at the
Union Building on Kaya Korona, across from
the RBTT Bank. All levels invitedNAf5 entyfee.
Call Cathy 566-4056.
Darts Club plays every other Sunday at City
Cafe. Registration at 4, games at 5. Tel. 717-
2950, 560-7539.
JCI First Wednesday of the Month- Junior
Chamber International Bonaire (JCI Bonaire,
formerly known as Bonaire Jaycees) meets at the
ABVO building, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from
7:30 to 9:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. Contact:
Renata Domacasse 516-4252.
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza, Kaya In-
ternational, every other Tuesday, 7 pm. Tel.
717-5595, Jeannette Rodriguez.
Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday
of the month at 8 pm at Kaya Sabana #1. All
Lions welcome.
Rotary lunch meetings Wednesday, 12 noon-2
pm Now meeting at 'Pirate House', above Res-
taurant Zeezicht. All Rotarians welcome. Tel.


Bonaire Arts & Crafts (Fundashon Arte Indus-
trial Bonaireano) 717-5246 or 7117
The Bonaire Swim Club- Contact Valarie Stimp-
son at 785-3451; Valrie@telbonet.an
Cinnamon Art Gallery Volunteers to help
staff gallery. 717-7103.
Bonaire National Marine Park 717-8444.
Bonaire Animal Shelter -717-4989.
Donkey Sanctuary 560-7607.
Jong Bonaire (Youth Center)- 717-4303.
Sister Maria Hoppner Home (Child Care)
Tel. 717-4181 fax 717-2844.
Special Olympics- Call Roosje 786-7984
Volunteers to train children in sports. Contact
Quick-Pro Track and Field Rik 717-8051

New Apostolic Church, Meets at Kaminda
Santa Barbara #1, Sundays, 9:30 am. Services in
Dutch. 717-7116.
International Bible Church of Bonaire- Kaya
Amsterdam 3 (nearthe traffic circle) Sunday Ser-
vices at 9 am; Sunday Prayer Meeting at 7:00 pm
in English. Tel. 717-8332
Protestant Congregation of Bonaire. Wil-
helminaplein. Services in Papiamentu, Dutch
and English on Sundays at 10 am. Thursday
Prayer Meeting and Bible Study at 8 pm. Rev.
Jonkman. 717-2006
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints, Kaya Sabana #26 Sundays 8:30 11:30
am. Services in Papiamentu, Spanish and Eng-
Catholic San Bernardus in Kralendijk- Ser-
vices on Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in Papia-
mentu 717-8304. Saturday at 6 pm at Our
Lady ofCoromoto in Antriol, in English. Mass
in Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm.
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios), Kaya
Triton (Den Cheffi). In English, Dutch & Papia-
mentu on Sunday at 10 am. Wednesday
Prayer Meeting at 7:30 pm. 717-2194

Send event info to:
The Bonaire Reporter
Email reporter@bonairenews.com
Tel/Fax. 717-8988, Cel. 786-6518

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Current Cruise Ship Schedule

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-See avertisemens in mis Aissue

S -I 0 I I I G LI I D E See aderisementsin issue E

Richter Art- By Jake and Linda: Digital paintings,
Giclees on canvas, limited edition and open prints.
Maduro and Curiel's Bank provides the greatest
number of services, branches and ATMs of any Bon-
aire bank. They also offer investments and insurance.
Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials,
waxing and professional nail care.
De Freewieler rents scooters and quads; profession-
ally repairs almost anything on two wheels. Sells top
brand bikes. Have your keys made here.

Carib Inn is the popular 10-room inn with top-notch
dive shop and well stocked retail store. Best book trade
on Bonaire. Good prices on regulator repair, dive com-
puter H.Q.
Dive Friends Bonaire (Photo Tours Divers-Yellow
Submarine) -low prices on the seaside at Kral-
endijk, at Caribbean Club, Caribbean Court and the
Hamlet Oasis. Join their cleanup dives and BBQ.
WannaDive They make diving fun while maintain-
ing the highest professional standards. In town at
City Caf6 and at Eden Beach.

Bonfysio offers comprehensive fitness programs to
suit your needs whether they be weight loss, sports or
just keeping in shape. Convenient schedule.
Fit For Life at the Plaza Resort Mall. Classes in
Pilates, Aerobics, TaeBo and more. Professional
trainers, fitness machines and classes for all levels.
The Plantation Has lots of classy furniture and an-
tiques at very competitive prices. Stop in to see great
teak furniture and Indonesian crafts.

Green Label has everything you need to start or main-
tain your garden. They can design, install and maintain
it and offer plants, irrigation supplies and garden
chemicals. Incredible selection of pots.

The Bonaire Gift Shop has an wide selection of
gifts, souvenirs, liquor, dive watches, digital cameras,
things for the home, T-shirts all at low prices.
The Great Escape Under new management. Quiet
and tranquil setting with pool and luxuriant garden in
Belnem. Cyber Caf6, DVD rentals, restaurant and
bar. New! Spa!
b c b- Botterop Construction Bonaire N.V., offers
outstanding fabrication of all metal products, includ-
ing stainless. Complete machine shop too.
Nature Exploration
Outdoor Bonaire for individually guided kayaking,
hiking, biking, caving, rapeling/abseilen and more
reservations : 791-6272 or 717-4555 E-mail:
Paradise Photo in the Galeries Shopping Center of-
fers fast, fine processing for prints, slides, items and
services Full digital services.
Harbourtown Real Estate is Bonaire's oldest real
estate agent. They specialize in professional cus-
tomer service, top notch properties and home owners
Re/Max Paradise Homes: Lots of Choices-
International/US connections. 5% of profits donated
to local community. List your house with them for
Sunbelt Realty offers full real estate, rental, and in-
surance services. If you want a home or to invest in
Bonaire, stop in and see them.
Bon Handyman is here if you need something fixed
or built. Ultra reliable, honest and experienced. Elec-
trical, plumbing, woodworking, etc. 717-2345
Buddy Dive Resort offers diving, Adventure Fun
tours including kayaking, mountain biking, cave snor-
keling and exploration.

Benetton, world famous designer clothes available
now in Bonaire at prices less than those in US. For
men, women and children.
Special Security Services will provide that extra
measure of protection when you need it. Always reli-
Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of
Bonaire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient.
FedEx agent.
CesMar-Local company offers top quality, fast ser-
vice for monogramming, silk screening, embroidery.
Visit Warehouse Bonaire to shop in a large, spotless
supermarket. You'll find American and European
brand products. THE market for provisioning.

Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di
Amor or Skiffy. Hotel pickup.
The Bonaire Windsurfing Place can fulfill all your
windsurfing dreams and more. They offer expert in-
struction, superb equipment on a fine beach. Lunch
and drinks too. BBQ and windsurf videos Wednesday
Antillean Wine Company. You've tried the rest;
now try the best: best prices, highest quality wines
from around the world, kept in a cooled warehouse.
Free delivery.
Yoga For You. Join certified instructors Desirde and
Don for a workout that will refresh mind and body.
Private lessons too.

Put your ad in The Bonaire Reporter.
Phone/Fax 717-8988, Cel 786-6518

Page 16 Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

Page 16

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006


Bella Vista Restaurant Moderate. Breakfast and Lunch Magnificent Theme Nights: Saturday: Beach Grill; Monday: Caribbean
Sea Side Restaurant at Buddy Dive Resort Dinner during Theme nights only. Night; Friday: Manager's Rum Punch Party
717-5080, ext. 538 Open every day and All-You-Can-Eat B.B.Q

Bistro de Paris Moderate Real French Cooking in an informal setting
Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 46 Lunch and Dinner Superb dishes prepared with care and love by a French chef
(half-way between hotel row and town) 717-7070 Closed Sunday Owner-operated Eat in or Take away
Cactus Blue Moderate Trend Setting Menu
Blvd. J. A. Abraham 16 Dinner Bonaire's newest hot-spot to eat and drink. Margaritas a specialty
(half-way between town and Divi Flamingo) 717-4564 Closed Sunday Owner-operated for top service

Calabas Restaurant & Moderate-Expensive Get a view of the beach and turquoise sea while enjoying a breakfast buffet
At th ii laig ea Resran an erfront Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or a la carte lunch and dinner at the 'Chibi Chibi' restaurant & bar.
At the D17-8285 Flamingo eac Resort. Waterfront Open 7 days Inspiring vistas and the highest standard of cuisine.

Croccantino Italian Restarant ModerateExpensive Bonaire's Most Romantic Restaurant where dining is a delight! Tuscan
Croccantino Italian Restaurant Moderate-Expensive Chef David prepares exquisite dishes with authentic ingredients.Be served in
oClosed Monday a garden setting under floating umbrellas or in air-conditioned comfort.
Take out too.
The Great Escape Moderate Bar-Restaurant poolside -under the thatched roof.
EEG Blvd #97-across from Belmar Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Cuban cuisine. New kitchen. New cook
717-7488 Breakfast every day; Lunch, Dinner Tues-Sun. Happy hours 5 to 7 every day.
The Last Bite Bakery Low-Moderate Enjoy a delicious dessert or savory baked meal in the comfort of your home
Home Delivery or Take Out Now in Playa-next to Xerox Orders taken 8 am-4 pm; Deliveries 6-7:30 or resort. This unique bakery offers gourmet class items -always from
717-3293 pm Closed Sunday scratch- for take out or delivery only.
The Lost Penguin Low-Moderate Watch the bustle of downtown from this street side Caribbean-style bistro
Across from MCB Bank in downtown Kralendijk Breakfast, Lunch, Early Dinner until 6 pm owned and run by a European educated Master Chef
Call 717-8003. Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays and his wife.
Pasa Bon Pizza Bonaire's best. The Real Thing! Freshly prepared pizzas made with the finest in-
On Kaya Gob. Debrot Low-Moderate gredients. Salads, desserts. at or take away. Nice bar too.
2 mile north of town center. 780-1111 Open from 5-11 pm Wednesday-Sunday Call ahead to eat-in or take out 790-1111

S am a self-made man and I love
I to work. The great thing about
my business is when people need your
help you're there as a professional to of-
fer them everything they need. Always
you have to be prepared and to be able to
make decisions immediately. To take ac-
tion you need factual knowledge and
know how when it comes to the point
there's no time to look it up in a book!
I was born on Aruba March 21st, 1960.
My mother is from Aruba and my father
was from St. Martin. I went to Martin
Luther King College and then to Poly-
technic School in Aruba. When I finished
I left for St. Martin where I worked as a
salesman at Promart, one of the biggest
home centers in Phillipsburg. Three years
later I was called up for military service,
and from 60 candidates I was chosen
with three others. It was great; I'd always
had a passion for uniformed service.
My detachment was on Curaqao and
Aruba, and after I was demobilized I ap-
plied for a job with the police on Cura-
qao. I took all the tests, but because I had
to wait such a long time before I could
start training I decided to join a security
service in the meantime. I started as a
supervisor, and then very soon I was the
assistant manager. I was sent to Bonaire
where the company had a branch." He
laughs: "Bonaire was too quiet! I stayed
at Hotel Rochaline and the only thing I
did was check on the E Wowo disco-
theque and Hugo Gerharts'company,
Bonaire Trading. There was hardly any
crime on the island!
While I was here I got the message
from the police training in Curamao that I
could start. I thought it over and decided
to stay as I loved my job. Eight months
later I'd fallen in love with Bonaire, so
when the management of the security
company called me back to Curaqao I
only went back to thank them. I went to
Aruba for a brief period, working in the
maintenance of a hotel until my brother
Franklin, who was living on Bonaire and
working in security, called me to come
immediately. He'd gotten an offer from
the salt company to work for them as the
company's workers were on strike and
they needed security because they were
afraid of sabotage. So I came back to
Bonaire, and after working for the salt
company I started my own company,
Special Security Services, on August 16th
In the beginning the company was me
and my brother, just the two of us. There
wasn't so much work so Franklin became
a bartender at Capt. Don's Habitat and I
stayed on. In fact," he grins, "I should
have given the whole thing up because
there was no crime whatsoever, but I was

holding on and could just make it.
I started at Cultimara, looking out for
shoplifters, and at WEB, then at the hos-
pital where I checked on people coming
in and out, etc, etc. That's how it grew. In
the meantime I did professional training
in Florida and in Portland, Oregon, and
became a specialist completely in secu-
So, from a company that started origi-
nally with two people we grew to a com-
pany that employs 75 people now. We do
physical security, money transport and
electronic security, and we've set up a
24-hour response system. Our first cus-
tomers were Littman Jewelers and WEB.
I worked hard those 22 years." Benito
Dirksz is a professional, addicted to the
job, but he's also a family man and he's
handsome with a great deal of boyish

"Bonaire was too quiet!

I stayed at Hotel
Rochaline and the only
thing I did was check
on the E Wowo

discotheque and Hugo
Bonaire Trading.
There was hardly any
crime on the island!

"The present situation on the island is
dreadful," he continues, "but undeniably
it's part of a worldwide problem, because
with economic growth crime grows just
as fast. Nevertheless, if we would have
more social concern here it could help a
lot. And also the parents should supervise
their children more thoroughly. When
crime began on the island everyone
thought it was by people from other is-
lands. However, it soon turned out that it
was local youth.

When I was the president of AKIB
(Bonaire's trade and industry association)
in 1999-2000 the police had a lot of prob-
lems because they didn't have enough
cars or a suitable building to operate
from some of the reasons why they
couldn't do their work properly. AKIB
started a campaign to help the police and
we've donated computers while BON-
HATA donated motorbikes to prevent
burglaries on tourist cars parked at the

dive sites. We
also put a lot of
pressure on the
Central Govern-
ment in Curaqao,
especially on the
Minister of Jus-
tice, to restore the
needs of the po-
lice force on
Bonaire. The
double murder of
the Pleumeekers
couple was the
last drop. We or-
ganized a big
and over 3,000
people joined the
march. These
days the police
are much better organized, but still crime
is growing, and a lot of it is drug-related.
It's very easy to get drugs and arms on
the island. We've been through a period
where robberies were almost daily busi-
ness. After the Warehouse robbery and a
confrontation with firearms in which one
of the suspects was shot by one of my
employees things have cooled off a little.
Luckily it has become less violent, but
still... there's enough work for us...
Although I am a workaholic, the most
important thing in life for me is family.
In total I have nine children, all on Bon-
aire. The first one was born in 1985 and
is now 20 years old and working in the
business with me. The youngest will be
one year old on May 6th.
On April 19th I will have been happily
married for nine years to Marisol
Winklaar. My mother is still alive and
lives on Bonaire, but my father passed
away in 2002 on St. Martin. Clearly my
work is my hobby, but I am also chair-
man of the disciplinary committee of the
FKPD (the handicapped center) not
only because we have a daughter there -
but because I think that one should al-
ways give something back to his commu-
nity. That's especially true in this case
where it concerns people who cannot
stand up for their rights. I am also a
member of the Chamber of Commerce
and the representative for Bonaire for the
Social Economic Board of the Chamber
of Commerce. I'm a member of the board
of the foundation, Economic Platform
Bonaire. Also I am a member of the
American Society for Industrial Security,
the ASIS. Every month they send us an
update about the new technology, and
once a year we attend seminars and
workshops in the States. I have been in-
volved in so many organizations that at a
certain point I had to let go of quite a

Benito Dirksz

few, but still... sometimes it seems like
the day is gone and I did so much, but
nothing I had planned for. I have always
been eager to learn and spontaneous
when it comes to helping other people
and when I do it I do it without any con-
I love people who are honest in their
relationships with other people. When I
am free? Jeez... I am hardly ever free...
Let me think... I love to swim, to listen
to music and I love to dance at E Terras,
a little restaurant I own in Kaya Nikiboko
Zuid. After the devastating fire there last
November we're almost ready to reopen.
And together with some other partners
we just opened a new fitness center, Top
Health Bonaire, in the new building on
Kaya Nikiboko Noord. We will also be
giving Latin-American dance classes
there, and I am really planning on using
the facilities quite frequently myself!
I think I will always stay here and I will
never retire unless God says: 'It has been
I came here in 1981 and now I have
spent 25 years on the island and that's
the biggest part of my life! Bonaire is in
my heart. Maybe I could have done good
business on another island as well, but I
decided to stay on Bonaire and I feel I
made the right choice there are no re-
grets, no
doubts. Bon-
aire is my first
home. I was
born Aruban
but now I am
Story and
photo by Greta

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

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Antique Living Houses of Bonaire

Then and Now

Preserving Bonaire's Architectural Heritage are not ruins; they are still being lived in or used. At the escalating rate that so many of
our old buildings and houses on Bonaire are being torn down we felt some sort ofpho-
F our months ago I started this bi-monthly feature column with this statement: "I tographic record should be made of these historical places and especially their interest-
noticed that on Bonaire there are some simple old buildings-the unsung heroes of ing details before it's too late. (Bonaire Reporter 27 October 2005)
the unique architecture ofBonaire-with very attractive details. These antique buildings

Bonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, 2006

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la* =0 fl FC I F NE

*to find it, just look up

Venus Visits a Planet
Named George, Three
Nights in a Row

enus will pay a su-
per close visit to a
planet named George on
Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday, April 17th, 18th
and 19th.
On Monday, April 17 an
hour before sunrise, face
east where right in front of
you you'll see a dazzling
bright object which is our
old friend, planet #2 from
the Sun, 8,000-mile-wide
Venus, which is often called
the twin sister of Earth be-
cause it's almost the same
size. It's the brightest planet The Power ofHawaii's Keck Observatory Adaptive
of them all, but if you look Optics system is demonstrated in two sets of exposures
down and to its left you'll that compare Keck AO system off (L) to Keck AO sys-
see a faint tiny blue-green tem (R.).
dot of light which is the UPPER: Uranus, its rings and moon Miranda at near
dimmest naked eye planet of infrared wavelengths of 2.2 microns.
all, the planet formerly LOWER: Uranus and its atmospheric details as seen
known, no kidding, as in near infrared wavelengths of 1.6 microns.
George. But if you can't find
George with the naked eye
don't feel too badly because I never can either. I always use a small pair of binoculars.
Then it's absolutely easy to find.
Now George is much bigger than Venus. It's 32,000 miles wide. It's so huge that we
could line up four Venuses, side by side, across its middle. The only reason it appears
so much dimmer than Venus is because it is so incredibly much farther away. Venus'
average distance from the Sun is only 67 million miles while George is a whopping 1.8
billion miles away!
And you may remember the old rule that states that "the closer a planet is to the Sun
the faster it travels, and the farther a planet is from the Sun the slower it travels." Venus
is so close that it makes one trip around the Sun once every 225 Earth days, whereas it
takes George 84 Earth years to make one trip around the Sun! And, unlike the other
planets, it circles the Sun tilted on its side. So for 42 years its north pole is pointed to-
ward the Sun and the other 42 years its south pole is pointed toward the Sun. Weird to
say the least, just like its former name.
So how did this lovely planet get the name George? Well, when it was discovered in
1781 by English astronomer Sir William Herschel he named it George's star after King
George the Third of England. Other astronomers, not in favor of this royal boot licking,
immediately renamed it Herschel. But later, in keeping with the mythological names of
the other planets, it was finally decided that it should be renamed for the Greek god of
the sky, Uranus, a name which has been abused and amused many ever since.
So get out those binoculars next week! Through them Venus will look like a brilliant
diamond. And only one degree away, which is the width of two full Moons placed side
by side, you'll see the bluish-green dot, which is Uranus. But the best is yet to come
because on the next day, Tuesday, the 18t, Venus and Uranus will be only 3/10 of one
degree apart, about the same width as a quarter Moon. Then on the next day, Wednes-
day, they'll once again be only one degree apart. Three days of Venus and George and
at their absolute closest! Dust off those binoculars and keep looking up!
Jack Horkheimer

tFor the week: April 9 to 15, 2006
By Astrologer Michael Thiessen

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Don't make a move; your confusion has caused this di-
lemma and you are best to back away and reassess the situation. Problems with your
partner are apparent. You will earn recognition for the work you are doing. Adven-
ture will result in added knowledge. Your lucky day this week is Saturday.
TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Family outings that aren't expensive will be enjoy-
able and help strengthen ties. Someone you work with may be emotional. Don't count
your chickens before they hatch. You can continue to make gains if you call a few
people who can help you close an important deal. Your lucky day this week will be
GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You can continue to make gains if you call a few peo-
ple who can help you close an important deal. You may find out that someone has not
been completely honest with you. Look into ways to better yourself through improv-
ing your dietary habits and daily routines. Get friends to help you with the prepara-
tions. Your lucky day this week will be Monday.
CANCER (June 22-July 22) You could be quite erratic regarding your personal
relationship. You could be drawn to events that concern children. Think before you
act if you wish to avoid friction. You can write beautiful love letters this week. Your
lucky day this week will be Sunday.
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Make sure that you make reservations early. Knowledge
can be acquired if you listen. You will learn valuable skills if you sign up for semi-
nars this week. Watch your weight gain due to water retention. Your lucky day this
week will be Saturday.
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Get involved in the activities of children. You need a
change and you need to earn more cash. Travel and learning should be on your
agenda this week. Don't be too quick to react. Your lucky day this week will be Fri-
LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Your dedication and fortitude when dealing with hu-
manitarian groups will enhance your reputation. Family get-togethers will be interest-
ing. Your high enthusiasm will be sure to inspire anybody around you. You can gain
approval, get kudos, and ask for help if you put a little heart into your speech or re-
quest. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) Follow through on some of the good ideas that
come up, and you could have a real winner of a deal. Travel will be favorable. Resist
overspending on luxury items. Romance will develop if you get involved in social
events that deal with children. Don't overspend to impress someone who interests
you. Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Things at home may be somewhat rocky. You
will meet new romantic partners through the company you keep. Your mate will en-
joy helping out. You can meet potential new mates if you socialize with friends. Your
lucky day this week will be Friday.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Channel your energy into passionate interludes
with your lover. Concentrate on home improvement. Small details will make a differ-
ence. Be sure to question any detail that you feel could leave you in a precarious posi-
tion at a later date. Try to curb your tongue and let others at least get a word in. Your
lucky day this week will be Sunday.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Someone you work with could try to undermine
you. Get help setting up a reasonable budget. Look into ways of making extra cash.
Changes could be overwhelming. You should want to feel good about yourself and
your goals. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Outings with relatives or good friends will provide you
with stimulating conversation. You could do extremely well in competitive sports
events. Get out and get active. Don't be angry, but be on your guard. Your lucky day
this week will be Wednesday.

tonaire Reporter April 14 to April 21, ZUUb


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