Title: History of Water Management in Florida Digital Archives User’s Guide
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Title: History of Water Management in Florida Digital Archives User’s Guide
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Atkins, Andrew Z., III
Publisher: University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, FL
Publication Date: 2008
Copyright Date: 2008
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History of Water Management in Florida
Digital Archives: http://floridawaterhistory.com
User's Guide Summer 2008

Most documents on this site are in searchable PDF format. The main Web site screen provides
access to the digital archives as well as the Subject Matter Index and Keywords.

To access the Digital Archives, click the word "here," as shown below.

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History of Water Management in Florida Page 2
Digital Archives User's Guide

The main search page is shown below. For basic searching, type in the keywords in the
"Search Collection" box, and click the "Go" button. In this example, the keywords "peace river"
have been entered.

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History of Water Management in Florida
Diaital Archives User's Guide

Page 3

After typing in the keywords "peace river" and clicking the "Go" button, the Web site shows the
results of the search. In this example, there are 465 matches of documents that met the search
criteria. Note that #5 is titled, "Proposed Resolution Realigning the Boundaries of the Peace
River Basin." This is the example we will show in this tutorial.

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History of Water Management in Florida
Diaital Archives User's Guide

Page 4

Clicking on the selection, "Proposed Resolution Realigning the Boundaries of the Peace River
Basin," the site brings up the requested document. To see the full document image (page 1) in
this example shown below, you can click on the link to the document, "Proposed Resolution
Realigning the Boundaries of the Peace River Basin," [#1], or the thumbnail image, or the
"Page Image" tab [#2]. To view the bibliographic citation, click on the "Citation" tab [#3]. The
images on the following two pages show the details of the full page image and the citation

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History of Water Management in Florida Page 5

Digital Archives User's Guide

Full page image of the first page of the document: "Proposed Resolution Realigning the

Boundaries of the Peace River Basin." Note that you can search the entire document for

keywords. In this example below, I've typed in the keywords "peace river."

- .r) [ | ptww b iq.ntI^ ah*< EWeaa k h C t rrcr A kl

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History of Water Management in Florida
Diaital Archives User's Guide

Page 6

The image below shows the "Citation" of the document, including the publication date (if known
and entered), the location of document in the archives (tbd), and the number of pages in the
document. You can also return to the "Page Image" or Search the Document.

rsN M E 111111 1111 11 1 IBM n lilancllili I

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# # # End of Document # ##

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