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Title: Toledo Howler
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Language: English
Creator: Marta Hirons; Rob Hirons
Publisher: Toledo Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association
Place of Publication: Punta Gorda,Toledo District, Belize
Creation Date: May 2011
Edition: Rev.
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The Toledo Howler

Newspaper of the Toledo Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association

MAY 2011




Cacao Fest 2011

Full Schedule of Events inside

Cacao Fest

Lee Jones on


Wat's Cookin?

BTIA Members
Cacao Fest

Cacao Fest
Map of PG with
Festival venues

Cacao Fest
Transport sched-

Arzu on Medici-
nal Plants

Making Choco-
late in Toledo

Map of Toledo

We Love Chocolate!

1 It's that chocolaty time of year again. Yes the
Toledo Cacao Fest is fast approaching. The
2 dates for this year's event are the 20th-22nd
May and the festival celebrates its fifth year
The full schedule of events appears in the
centre of this issue. Make sure you have your
copy so you know what's going on and where.

4 In honor of this year's festival, The Toledo
Howler has some special chocolaty articles in
this issue.

Our 'Wat's Cooking' section on Page 3 has a
recipe for Chocolate Sticky Gooey Bars. This
is for the real chocoholics out there who may
need to get their fix before the festival starts.

8 You will also find an article on Making Choco-
late in Toledo, Page 11, which focuses on the
9 Cotton Tree Chocolate Factory in PG. They will

be open over the festival weekend, offering
demonstrations and chocolate goodies. The
factory is open the rest of the year too so
11 don't worry if you miss a visit this time.

There are some changes to festival
venues this year so be sure to refer to
the schedule inside for information.
The festival always launches with the
Wine & Chocolate Evening on Friday.
This year the event will be held at
Coral House Inn at the south end of
Front St. near the hospital. Another
special event will be the Cacao Fest
dinners being offered at The Lodge at
Big Falls on Saturday & Sunday eve-
nings. See ad on Page 11. Space is
limited so call in advance for reserva-

Don't miss the fireworks on Friday night at the Wine &
Chocolate Evening at Coral House Inn

tions. With mouth watering food, live music,
sea and jungle tours, art & archaeology exhib-
its and more, the Cacao Fest is not to be
See you there!

________________________________ II

BTIA's distinctive octagonal Informa-
tion Center on Front street in Punta
Gorda All you need to know about
Toledo is inside
Join BTIA and displayyour promotional
materials in the information center
Join BTIA and make a difference

Contact Toledo BTIA at the Tourism Information Center,
Front St., Punta Gorda Tel. 722-2531
E-mail btiatoledo@btl.net Chair: Chrisbel Perez
Secretary. Delonie Forman Treasurer: Dona Scafe

Contact The Howler Editorial Team
Tel. 722-2531 E-mail btiatoledo@btl.net. Features Editor: Marta
Hirons 671-7172 or marta@thelodgeaatbigfalls.com.
Advertising and Production Manager: Rob Hirons 671-7172 or
,OL," tI .,lo ^3,1 . 3L, ^ 11.'5. ,'O r

Cotton Tree Chocolate

tt2 F ro ii I S t ree 1. P I I ii ti C.o I- da
Complimenfmy fom-v mid Divctwey the rhocalah,
m akbig prod Vitigii t, eltveoltdo gpos. im Iinlingi
ioalp. 611-5-6

Lee Jones: Birding Adventure on the Rio Grande

Nothing illustrates my passion for bird-
ing more than the following.
9:00 a.m. Thursday, 24th February,
2011. Dreamlight Computer Center. I
am absorbed in an article on the nas-
cent Libyan uprising when I get a text
from Wilfred Mutrie: "Mystery bird at
Machaca Hill. Need your help. Come up
this afternoon."
I called Wilfred. He wouldn't give me
any details, just "Be here at three."
Why wait until three, I thought? Why not
now? What if the bird flies away? I puz-
zled over this most of the day but duti-
fully waited until three before arriving
at the lodge. The receptionist informed
me that Wilfred was down at the dock
waiting for me. Halfway down the 340
steps to the dock I was met by a gentle-
men sportingwhite hair and a robust
white mustache. I had seen that mus-
tache before. But where?
"It's a pleasure to meet you," the gen-
tleman said as we greeted each other.
"I'm John Fitzpatrick."
Then I remembered. Dr. Fitzpatrick was
director of the Cornell Lab or Ornithol-
ogy and one of the world's preeminent
ornithologists. I subscribed to the Lab's
biannual publication The Living Bird,
and his mug was right there, every is-
sue, on the editor's page. John and his
wife Molly were staying at Machaca Hill
while exploring the possibility of includ-
ingsouthern Belize in one of the Lab's
tour packages.
""Come on," Wilfred hollered from the
dock. "We have to leave."
At the dock, Wilfred told me that they
had seen a bird that morning a short
ways up the river that they believed
was a Great Potoo. Potoos are a group
of birds that look like a cross between
a pauraque (locally known as Hoo-You)
and an owl. They fly about at night
catching insects on the wing, and
spend the daylight hours perched mo-
tionless on the end of a nearly vertical
broken-off branch relying on their cryp-
tic coloration to blend in, looking every
bit like an extension of the branch. The
expected species in Belize is the North-
ern Potoo, small cousin of the Great
Potoo. If Wilfred and his guests that

morning had really seen a Great Potoo,
it would be a new bird for me and only
the third for the country. Now I under-
stood why Wilfred had been in no hurry
to show me the mystery bird-it was not
going anywhere before sundown.
.s � um - s t y

About a mile up the river we drifted to a
halt. "Over there," Wilfred said, pointing
to a distant tree. After about five min-
utes of Wilfred explaining to us where
the bird was, John and I finally made
out a distant bump on the end of a
short branch that looked more or less
like a bird. Only a speck to the unaided
eye, through a telescope we could
make out a few of its features: owl-like
aspect, gray plumage mottled with
black streaks and blotches, perfect
camouflage for the limb it was perched
While scanning the trees with binocu-
lars that morning, one of the guests at
the lodge had found the bird, an in-
credible feat considering that it was
several hundred meters away and
blended in perfectly with the branches
of the tree. After many minutes staring
through Wilfred's scope, they had de-
termined that it was a potoo, but it
looked too large to be a Northern.
That's when Wilfred had decided to text

After studying the distant bird for a few
minutes through the scope, I was still
not convinced. Why not a Northern Po-
too? John Fitzpatrick also studied the
bird, carefully weighing each feature.
He had just come from Pico Bonita
Lodge in Honduras where he had seen
several Great Potoos. "I don't know. It
kind of looks like a Great to me." We
compared the pictures of the two po-
toos in my book Birds of Belize. "The
picture in your book sucks," he said,
only half in jest. We looked at the lump
on the branch some more. After about
a half hour, I said, "I have to agree with
you. It may be a Great Potoo after all."
To my surprise John countered, "I don't
know. The pattern in the wings doesn't
look right. It could be a Northern."
We left the bird eager to learn more.
That night, John googled "Great Potoo"
and found several dozen photos posted
on the internet. I pored through my ref-
erence library at home. I compared
illustrations and photographs from
other sources with the one in my book.
Indeed, the picture in my book did
suck! My only excuse: I had never seen
the bird before, so how was I to know
what it looked like?
The next morningJohn and I compared
notes. Both of us had concluded that it
was probably a Great, but neither of us
was willing to declare it a Great.
"Someone needs to go there before
dawn and listen for it to call," John
said. He was right. While the two spe-
cies look very similar, their calls are
quite different. I looked at John. John
looked at me. We both looked at
Wilfred. "Tomorrow morning, 4 a.m.,"
Wilfred said. John and I both grimaced.
Looks like the "someone" John had
referred to was going to be the three of
4:50 a.m., Saturday, 26th February.
Somewhere on the Rio Grande. John,
Wilfred, yours truly, and three cold cups
of joe were parked at the spot where
we had seen the bird two afternoons
before. Silence. Long, insufferable si-
lence. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Continued on page 11

Coral House Inn

Step off of Main Street in Punta Gorda and
experience the intimate atmosphere of the
Coral House Inn, with spacious verandas
overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Amenities include - Swimming pool, conti-

nental breakfast, wireless internet, poolside

bar and use of bicycles.



Wat's Cookin?

Chocolate Sticky Gooey Bars
Brownie Crust:
. 4 eggs
*2 cups white sugar
SI stick margarine, melted & slightly cooled
* Pinch salt
* 1/2 cup flour
* 3/4 cup cocoa powder

Beat eggs and sugar until smooth and light yellow in
color. Stir in melted margarine. Add salt, flour and co-
coa and stir until just mixed. Do not over mix or crust
will be tough. Bake in a 8'x8' pan at 350 degrees ap-
proximately 25 minutes or until inserted toothpick
comes out clean.

Sticky Gooey Topping:
1.5 sticks margarine
* 1/2 cup sugar
SI can condensed milk
* 2 cups grated fresh coconut
* 1/2 cup walnuts or pecans

Cook first 3 ingredients over medium heat until bub-
bling and light amber in color. Remove from heat and
add coconut and nuts. For an extra chocolate boost,
sprinkle with chocolate chips. Pour mixture over cooled
brownie crust and freeze. Cut into squares and wrap in
wax paper, then store in freezer. Yummy!

Recipe donated by Juli Puryear of the Cotton Tree
Chocolate Factory, PG.

Garbutt's Marine & Fishirig Lodge,

Offers: World Class Fly Fishing
RJver and Mrine Tours

Sea side Cabins P

Fishing Charters
SCUBA- Dive Training & Diving

Ja. TaylorCreek
PuntA Cordia Trm~
Pb. netcSODMl-0m7
Ernadi Siabmtbruafnsfyakacvrnm


Cabin & C Qmping at Ume Caye

Snorkeling- Worll Heritage Site (Sapoilla Cayes) & Port Honduras Marine Reserve

Restaurant Guide

Name Address Cuisine Phone Opening Hours
Coleman's Cafe Big Falls Village, near the Belizean 720-2017 Daily: 11:30- 4pm & 6- 9pm [ Res-
rice mill ervations Preferred ]
Fajina Firehearth Food Front St, PG Local Mayan Food 666-6144 Mon-Sat: 7am-7:30pm. Closed on
Gomier's Restaurant and Alejandro Vernon St, near Local & international 722-2929 Mon-Sat: 8am-2pm & 6-9pm.
Soy Centre PG welcome sign vegetarian / Seafood Closed Sundays
Grace's Restaurant Main St. PG Belizean/ Interna- 702-2414 Daily: 6am-10pm, including holidays
The Lodge at Big Falls Big Falls Village, near the International/ Beliz- 671-7172 Daily: 11:30am - 2pm & 6:30 -
rice mill ean/ Middle Eastern 9pm [ Reservations Required ]
Machaca Hill Lodge Wilson's Road Pan Central Ameri- 722-0050 Lunch: noon-2:30pm. Dinner: 7:30-
can and International 10pm. [Reservations preferred]
Marian's Bay View Restau- Front St, south of the mar- East Indian/ Belizean 722-0129 Mon-Sat: 11am - 2pm & 6 - 10pm
rant ket by the sea Sun & Hols: noon - 2pm & 7 - 9pm
Martina's Kitchen BTL parking lot, PG Belizean 623-3330 Mon-Sat: 7am-3pm. Closed on Sun-
Rainbow Cafe Queen St, PG, by the park Belizean 631-2309 Mon-Sat: 7am-2pm. Closed on
Rainforest Cafe Big Falls, just south of the Belizean 669-0080 Daily: lOam-lOpm

The Snack Shack BTL parking lot, PG Breakfast & lunch/ 702-0020 Mon-Sat: 7am - 3pm. Closed Sun-
Snacks, shakes, days
_____ juices & pastries ___
A listing in the Restaurant Guide costs BZ$30 for a year (4 issues) or $10 per issue. Please contact the BTIATourism Informa-
tion Office on 722-2531 for more information and to let us know if any of the details in your listing change.

4Iw~u rant fir Bar


Business Name Email Phone Contact Person
Belize Crafts Ltd, Maya Bags belizeexecutivedirector@mayabags.org 722-2175 Desiree Arnold
Beya Suites info@beyasuites.com 722-2188 Lisa Avila
Blue Belize Guest House & Tours info@bluebelize.com 722-2678 Dan Castellanos & Rachel Graham
Coral House Inn coralhousebelize@yahoo.com 722-2878 Rick & Darla Mallory
Cotton Tree Lodge chris@cottontreelodge.com 670-0557 Chris Crowell
Chrisbel Perez cuxlinha@live.com 630-7673 Chris Perez
Cuxlin Ha Retirement Village cuxlinha@hotmail.com 614-2518 Dona Lee Scafe
Dem Dats Doin demdatsdoin@btl.net 722-2470 Yvonne Villoria
Dreamlight Computer Center dreamlightpg@yahoo.com 702-0113 Timothy Dami
Fajina Craft Center of Belize fajina.craft.center@gmail.com 666-6141 Candelaria Pop
Garbutt's Marine Investment Co. garbuttsmarine@yahoo.com 604-3548 Dennis Garbutt
Hickatee Cottages cottages@hickatee.com 662-4475 lan & Kate Morton
Las Faldas dehsino@yahoo.com 674-8368 Andrew Caliz
Lodge at Big Falls info@thelodgeatbigfalls.com 671-7172 / 614-2888 Marta & Rob Hirons
Machaca Hill Lodge info@machacahill.com 722-0050 Brian Gardiner
Maya Ant and Bee Group mayaantandbee@gmail.com 662-1139 Ofelia Cal
Requena's Charter Service watertaxi@btl.net 722-2070 Julio Requena
Romero's Charter Service rcharters@btl.net 722-2625/2924 Francis Romero
Scotia Bank roxanna.aleman@scotiabank.com 722-0098/0099 Roxanna Aleman
The Sea Front Inn larry@seafrontinn.com 722-2300 Larry & Carol Smith
Sun Creek Lodge suncreek@hughes.net 604-2124/ 665-6778 Bruno Kuppinger
TIDE Tours info@tidetours.org 722-2129 Delonie Foreman
Toledo Eco-Tourism Association teabelize@googlemail.com 702-2119 Vicente Sackul / Reyes Chun
Toledo Tour Guides Association ttgabze@gmail.com 660-3974 Dennis Garbutt
Tranquility Lodge info@tranquility-lodge.com 677-9921 Sheila & Rusty Nale
Tumul Kin Center of Learning tumulkin_tourism@yahoo.com 608-1070 Rosemary Salam



Contact us for travel information,

or to find out more about Belize's vibrant tourism industry.

Make tiwm

#64 Regent Street P.O. Box 325. Belize City
Toll Free: 1-800-624-0686 Tel: 227-2420 / 227-2417
Fax- 227-2423 E-mail: infoia'travelbelize.org
www.travelbelize.org or www.belizetourism.org


&A st~.i~ctllve ch'ocot&ate, Atverse ckLltL(es

it's time im stimulate
yur senses, and head
down ta Belize*s
beautiful deep south
for the fifah Walede
Cacao Festival.
Grown by Maya farmers, the Crlollo
and Triniario cacao species have,
over the years, naturally crossed to
produce new vartetes. These new
strains, along with Toledo's rich soil
and the organic farming methods

used by the frmna. have produced
a bean with a rich pungent
chocolate flavour which Is much
sought after by chocoladers.
Packed with activities for the
young and old alike,
CacaoFest pays tribute to the
organic cacao farmers and
Belizean chocolatiers, and is a
celebration of cacao, culture,
and the rich flavors of the
Toledo District,

Wine & Chocolate has fast become a
Festival favourie, with good food,
wine. music and, of course. great
chocolate made from our distinctive
Toledo cacao!
This year's signature opening
event will be held In the
seafront gardens of the lovely
Coral House Inn in Punta Gorda
Town, with music from the
fabulous Nelita Castillo, and
rounded off with a flrework
Nelita is one of Belize's best-loved
singers. having performed from an
savory finger food, and decadent And be s e to visit the SavorBtele
ey age n radio and at live shows, chocolate treacs from Belize's four booth to learn more about the new
before heading off to study and r
perform herain onll S b finest chocolatiers - Kakaw, Goss, "Flavors of Belize culinary
perform internaeonally. She'll be
Cotton Tree. and Cyrlia's Chocolate guideboaok! They'll be announcing the
singing a range of az and Ladno along with a selection of Premium winner of their chocolate recipe
Wines, and cacao and fruit liqueurs competition at the Taste of Toledo
To complement her smooth sounds, from Old Master, the Belizean on Saturdy4
there'I be a range of sweet md family-owned cistillers.

With chocolate and
�ccam exhibits, arts and
craftse Caico for Kids,
and burigln-priced
teurs you'll met a true
Taste of Teledel
Visit our Chocolate Centre on
Front Street to meet Belize's four
chocoladers, tour the factory, and
view cacan-related products,
Includg Jewellery and cacao soap.
TCGA is hosting an open day to
explain more aboum this Important
Belizean Industry. and you'll be able

to sample the iradidonal Kuklh Ukul
drink! Discover more about the links
between cacao and conservation
from Toledo's three major NGOs
Ya axche Suwralnable Harvest, and
TIDE, and take a free trip to the .
Dolomite plant to learn more about
the vital role this mineral plays in '
cacao farming. Athletes will love our new Cacao
There re fine r and olo Triahion. children can enloy the free
Therxhbit from rCH, a range of loc Cacao for Kids activities at the PG
exibs from ICH, a ranlteof local Library, and die whole family will
art d andafts, and Culture in
Hart ny cie music from morning delight In our Cacao Trail tours and
Harmony live music from morning S . i t
Ste Sea Toledo anorkelling trips.
untdl the small hours!
tell 722-253 I








PG is Tolede's gateway from TIDE Tours office on Front
to lush rainforest and Street at Sam and 2pm.
beautiful offshore
CBys. Simple same of Man Beizean farmers - Including our
the southern delights cK farmen- rely on Punta Gorda
with our special Festival Dolornite to Increase their crop
tours. production Meec at Central Park at
2pm to join Brian Holland and Ann
if you've always wanrd to make
Hrorsn for a tour of B lize Minera's

r::.." m

chocolatDE Tenurs Ca Tral dolomite plant and learn more about
drs vItal mineral.
v'1ius to Cyrila' cacao farm and Honduras Marine Reserve. Run by Garbtu E' Marie from
chocolate factory hi the lovely village Watr- babies wI love our Sa theIr bs at Joe Taylor Creek the aimanng price of BZ$45
of San Felpe, at a bargain price of Toledo noarkelling trips to can' bebeeacn. a sign Lip early for your dcketl
BZ$45 pp. Cacao Trail tou leave Frenchman's Caye In the Port . . A.i 40Q$4
^^ '*TIDE Taur 722 2f 29 out.6Bi aittfllw

4 am INI am Ip2 ' E r j
tChoclate Centre ftair/ fiouitm .cZofaZrn� , � a
r actoey four. facc sooap. led elr. n14 nwwra

s1avelr WBotX Anouncemeni of *e MwlE of Mhe Sowr
ffyBter 'fill aOdorvfo Disk in 8dzr" rrdpe wompruU.ia

TCCA p4odocton and proesdain. and leain to make the
rradonanl Icusfh dro&

IPaJin eMCrft ostarqe frn m ap cr*s and anammifag .

S NICH art & archaeology masppmL. &iing

4 ,.. NMVeo-Pelica .- Beats dramlnem
iok AltlDip dref O
SCacao Armiadilles
minusic d BNtf
Rosewood Studio

up Roets Rche Rigge Ba
lak* tipj -

Triathlon %Am ZsPmon:pt n de 6 minl
Land un 2 rmn. Tciwl daJl.

Scacao fo r

Swli, ll d f as Od N as c *r af
zel ""bry jr

J't.Sea Toledo
146 %aorkelng, Gortun'i

C"mae Trail tours
TIDE Tohan 245 spp
col 722-2 129 '
� 7a -- ;../Jj -- :,'S>
.,<- . .^ .-.-

Plant tour nw
P" &ren-sport rM
Ceuodal Park

Sea Toledo .e
nuiofkring fmn� GrbHu ff'
Maone, BZl4Spp

macae Trail
TE Towrs. r45 pp
cdl 722-2129

A Il--i .- 'j


r-pm A70i p.n I pmi

eOiym pit Bar DJ Fresh ad spedid
' * dinner mriw

@CeO1 VieW aQ wdAz aluk Iwn

SReef Bar p

SfwalucO's deu and
&UNAh uffe vWafmino�

Earth Runnins dinner and reggae
tPrud d tUArr W frnOfrr' Slri 'r r 1mm. fiMr SJQOpnm

r .*'c- r*-
^.< "%; .ir it^

W ofCae Laedasfjr karwoke b4sv wsted key'

lb**M '01 -',Wr FA
Chocolate dinner
Lodge at Big Falk (l 611-JI 72
6-- s-fl



Extra daytime activities
* Cacao and Conservaron r9m until noo]l
isr TIDE Yma1'2arS. wNJ S iiand.,c Hanwsr
Infrnoalonol t Imi ir, ntr oalmrut Ijeft uruk in
the Osmhr
* PC Fire House toau (Rairp tip Sfim
a Mor Bas nero lt irwaiJp |Iil9wp lu 4pmw1
* We Art Gllery on Fao Wesr Sn"i (9itm ro
nOm 4pmt ro Rpm. OlmninflwaZS)
* Gorlfumo Drummig Lessons by Ray

I � -

U- rolede CacaoFest is held i association with:

............YoiZ+ TOTEO n" _ U .. iAU.+....+....





DOnn jVwI (osfljr( Xjpe fonrw iickse Coj LI


'Srawrday 21st May

2 I st May

; 4 Rosewood -

PW. s bike
/. rentaft and
tourist Info


i. 2

i - -
i, l



*RetSlrumnat lst
AIg's Snacks. Main Street
Anaiicos Letty Market area
Chef WMy Cuisine. Main Street
E Cafe, North and Main Sreets
Grac 's Main Street
Gomner's Soy. Dollar sign
Inez Kitchen, Market area
Irene's Bakery Main Street
Jamal's Central Park
MIrian',s Front Streer
Mfartinrs Kitchen, Marke area
Miram ar .&a Front Street
Przza and Bakery 1~ W Street
Rainbow Cafe, Central Park
Snack Shack. Customs Wharf area
Walaco's. Hopevwlle area


- t -0-~~

'I L

- _ ^ �

Maagee mand eupunmeftre
Shae, Palley, tel 668-0314
Joyce Martinea, el 664-9031
Ted and Seiko, 66 S. 9031

Bochub. el 601-1694
ean View Rodney Bortamd, tel 629.3 761
o 'aw e Allan Hines, tel 626-6152
Isaac Senteno, tel 667-7794
Marlo Sanwno tal 623-8488
Janadthn Spaul, el 669-4823
Leroy Wianxs, tel 621-2203
Ngel Wilfams. tel 621-1663


=_-. , w "th neita CeOstiUie
Drum~La nnrew - d._-- ' osplay
Lance. � 1CEMETERY LANE I Friday 20th ay
r1y ii 7pm to O10pm
? Coral House Inn

�mi K AK A W jj House .

.: .4
- " - -- 7 -

- C-
I.. *~

_ / .. Reef Bar
"- I 9 mmjbhl


1| -t1pINi/

With its beautiful location at the
foothills of the Maya Mountains and
bordered by streams, the ancient
Maya site of Lubantun provides a
mystical setting for Sunday's Grand
CaaeoFest brings you a
day of Istery and
culture, fabulous steel
pan music and Maya
dance, along with great
local arts, crafts and
f-sd for sale.
Lubaancun Is a Late Classic Maya site,
disdncdtive for Is archliccural style
and "rounded corners', the many clay
figures found at the site, and the
mythical "Crystal Skull'.
join Dr John Morris, Research
Director at the Institute of

Archaeology to learn more about Man and Womman. Don't miss their
ancient Maya history, and for your performance at 3.30pm!
guided tour of Lubaatun.

Visiting from Chetumal. the Folkloric
Ballet of Quintana Roo continues the
CacaoFesc tradition of featuring Maya
dances, with their kicerpretaion of
the Maya legend of the creation of

Laboiontanevn VCIsJ sponsored by
Insiimt of Archoookgy lnsftut of
CredveI~ Arma Toledo Cacao Growers
Alsio-iaaim ond Son Pedto Coumbia
Yvasc Coni

!& 1 *m 4 PM 4pm

OPe.min Cultural guided Cultural Ardu091105 Steel Folkloric "NAME
IV 6110110nim mnule Tour miusi Tour Pn 111er11 f OCR
E� wrada Mn SMiNgs Cmc ad~ar jh oi

hd.. ' A- . Pl .

In 1992 a lecturer at University
College Belize formed a steel band,
made up of college jtudenct and
faculty staff. That lecturer was Dr
CnOill Young, now Sir Colville
YounL Governor General of Bel .
The UCB Steel band quickly made a
name for itself i the entertainment
world, but as the student pannitets OE
graduated they were no longer
eligible for membership, and so
formed the Pantempters Steel
Ordcestra. led by Lynn Young,
C i o iFet Ia delifhted One such example is the As well at producing a great sound.
that the Paitemptear Panerrifix Steel Band the Band has experienced first-hand
will be perfa rming at from Our Lady of Guadupe Schood in the positive influence of music on
I amInmtug mot ogly BelmopLn. their lives, with several members
entertal . gll the Formed in 200 under the direction excelling academically, and becoming
audiloeep b11t qIally of julieta Burrowes-Lewtl the Band role models for their friends. With
Imp=rta Yy lepi0nim has performed at several events, International performances In
f u t r y o IN U including Carnival and Independence Denver, Colorado. already under
maU lmmS. Day celebradon parades. their belt the Panerrifix are set to go
from strength to suengdh!

ILE FIeSamar is Praduced
with dpc ked wsog el
&he Iske At Repairt

Yo~ed. Cacao, Festival, Front Street, Pmuta Gorda
emmil: inFo@Toledo63uocolateecgni tel:722-2531

Mark your calendar for CacaoFest 20121
Commonwealth Day Holiday Weekend - 25th, 26th, 27th May 2012


Schedule of Flights from Punta Gorda To Belize City and from Belize City To Punta Gorda

Flights stop at Placencia & Dangriga
Depart Punta Gorda Arrive In Belize City Service Provider Depart Belize City Arrive In Punta Gorda Service Provider
6:45am 7:45am Maya Island Air 8:00am 9:00am Maya Island Air
7:00am 8:10am Tropic Air 8:30am 9:30am Tropic Air
9:30am 10:30am Maya Island Air 10:00am 11:00am Maya Island Air

9:40am 10:50am Tropic Air 10:30am 11:30am Tropic Air
11:30am 12:30pm Maya Island Air 12:30pm 1:30pm Tropic Air

11:35am 12:40pm Tropic Air 2:30pm 3:30pm Tropic Air

1:35pm 2:45pm Tropic Air 2:30pm 3:50pm Maya Island Air

4:00pm 5:00pm Maya Island Air 4:30pm 5:30pm Maya Island Air

4:00pm 5:00pm Tropic Air 4:50am 6:00pm Tropic Air

Schedule of Buses leaving Punta Gorda

Departs from Punta Gorda Arrives in Belize City Service Provider Type of Service
3:50am 10:30am James Bus Une Regular
4:50am 11:30am James Bus Une Regular

5:50am 12:30pm James Bus Line Regular
6:00am 10:45am James Bus Une Express
7:50am 2:30pm James Bus Une Regular
9:50am 4:30pm James Bus Une Regular
11:50am 6:30pm James Bus line Regular
1:50pm 8:30pm James Bus Une Regular

2:50pm 9:30pm James Bus Une Regular
3:50pm 9:15pm James Bus Line Regular

Boats To & From Puerto Barrios, Guatemala

Service Provider Dep. Punta Gorda Arrive in Puerto Barrios Dep. Puerto Barrios Arrive in Punta Gorda

Requena's Charter Service 9:30am 10:30am 2:00pm 3:00pm

Pichilingo 2:00pm 3:00pm 10:00am 11LOOam

Marisol 4:00pm 5:00pm 1:00pm 3:00pm

Memo's 1:00pm 2:00pm 3:15pm 4:15pm

Boats to Livingston depart on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 a.m.

Southern Realty
The Toledo real estate

High Speed Internet, Wireless, Printing, Cell
Phone & Camera Accessories, Internet Pi ,:'-
Rentals, Movies, Souvenirs, and a compl.-r- in,-
of computer hardware, software, rep ,ii
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We help our clients find M
the property of their 1 Dsu
We market acreage, house lots, homes, and farm Monday-Saturday730am-900pm
Make Southern Realty your Real Estate Agent We Sundays 9-3orner North
7 Main Street (Corner North & Main)
promise to find you your piece of paradise. Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District
Tel 501-702-0113/Cell 607-0033
Call or Email us at 732-4747, 630-7673
Fax 722-0113
southernrealtyIlhotmail corn e-mail dreamlightpg@yahoo com
www.southernrealty-belize corn

f www.pgbelize.com

that provides you with
information on all the
businesses and services
available to you in
Punta Gorda Town, Toledo

Arzu on Medicinal Plants: Herbs for Menopause

Menopause is technically the last men-
strual flow of a woman's life. Some
women stop menstruating at about
51.3 years of age, however, meno-
pause can begin any time around the
mid to late thirties. It is a time of com-
ing into wisdom, power, and knowledge
for a woman. Thousands of women will
reach menopause this year and no one
is exempt. This metamorphic event
awaits every woman, and can be
slightly different for each one. Your
cultural background, your diet, your
lifestyle, your genetics, and your knowl-
edge of the menopausal process play a
key role in how you will experience giv-
ing birth to your true Self.

Knowing the symptoms of the meno-
pausal process is the first defense
against a negative menopausal experi-
ence. Symptoms of menopause in-
clude: insomnia, palpitations, hot
flashes or night sweats associated with
headaches, itchy skin, dizziness,
weakness, numbness in arms or
hands, low libido; vaginal changes of
dryness, itchiness, infections or painful
sex, urinary infections or incontinence;
irregular bleeding, depression, anxiety,
irritability, weeping, mood swings, ver-
bal and episodic forgetfulness, acne,
hair loss, facial hair, and weight gain.
Menopausal remedies in indigenous
cultures rely exclusively on symptoms
to determine which plant medicine to
use. Three of the master plants used in
the Caribbean are Wild Yam, Neem,
and Horsetail.

Traditional herbalists believe God des-
ignated Wild Yam as the herb to allevi-
ate any ailment that affects women
because they are women. They use
Wild Yam infusions to treat imbalances
of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes,
and of the entire female reproductive
system. Wild Yam tincture serves as a
hormone balancer to address psycho-
logical symptoms like depression, anxi-
ety, irritability, weeping, mood swings,
and low libido. A weak Wild Yam tea

taken daily has proven helpful in verbal
and episodic forgetfulness, if you can
remember to take it.

Neem is good as a dietary supplement
for strengthening the immune system,
cleaning the blood, and removing tox-
ins from the liver. One capsule or cup
of Neem tea taken before bedtime will
alleviate menopausal symptoms like
insomnia, palpitations, hot flashes, or
night sweats associated with head-
aches, itchy skin, dizziness and weak-
ness, and numbness in arms or hands.
As an antibiotic, Neem treats vaginal
itchiness, urinary infections, and incon-

There is no herb better than Horsetail
for growing hair where it is supposed to
grow, and for discouraging the growth
of facial hair in women. Horsetail is
used in herbal remedies for growing
hair in proper places (not the face), to
strengthen bone, and clear skin condi-
tions like acne. It is the only herbal
source of sulfur; a mineral that helps
skin and hair stay healthy. Horsetail
also promotes the body's absorption of
calcium, speeds the healing of surface
injuries, and eliminates excess oil from
skin and hair. One cup of horsetail tea
taken three times daily for seven con-
secutive days will suffice. Traditionally,
Horsetail is not taken for more than
seven days in a row. The body must
rest/process for three weeks before
taking again.

Phytoestrogens are also found in food.
An estrogen found in brown rice, date
palms and licorice are identical to the
ones produced by your own body. In-
cluded in this class of plant estrogens
are isoflavones, two of which are flax-
seed iLina:a), and soy (tofu). Soy con-
tains ph, toestrogens that mimic the
affects of human estrogen. This makes
them useful in treating symptoms of
men,:,.'auie as well as protecting
against osteoporosis. Other sources of
these plant based estrogen mimickers
ncluIde Leans, lentils, and black-eyed

Other things you can do to deal with
menopausal symptoms include main-
taining a positive attitude. We are what
we think and a positive attitude helps
the physical body to heal. Think Sexy:
sexual activity provides physical bene-
fits for menopause. It is good exercise
and helps hormonal levels, vaginal
muscle tone, and lubrication. Get rid of
vaginal dryness once and for all!

Diet is one of the most important keys
in transforming menopause into a
pleasant experience. Research found
that women who eat a mostly vegetar-
ian high fiber, low fat diet, experience
fewer menopause symptoms. Their
diets include leafy green vegetables
and fatty acids, such as flaxseed. They
also avoid, eliminate, or reduce caf-
feine, refined sugar, refined flour and
grains, salt, alcohol, nicotine, dairy
products, spicy foods, artificial color-
ings, canned foods, flavorings and pre-

Since everyone's body is different, not
one method will work for everyone but
following the herbal and dietary sug-
gestions will certainly render some re-
lief. Menopause is not a disease or a
reason to run to the hospital. Meno-
pause is a sacred transition into wom-
anhood, where women of wisdom,
power, and knowledge begin.

Where to get your copy of The Toledo


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VV~'' tiVlVV - i 11


Small Hotel of the Year
Locally owned offering AMC,
cable TV, wireless internet,
private bathrooms, H&C water
& private balconies.

Making Chocolate in Toledo

Who doesn't like chocolate? Well, yes,
there are a few people who do not like
it and others, poor souls, who are aller-
gic to it. However during this season of
celebrating cacao in all its forms, we
will be speaking for those of us who
think life would be a little less interest-
ing without chocolate.
The Howler team recently visited the
Cotton Tree Chocolate Factory in Punta
Gorda Town to find out more about this
wonderful food. The Cotton Tree
Chocolate Factory has been operating
for 3 years in a small seaside building
on Front St in PG, formally occupied by
a bakery. There are several other
chocolate makers in Belize, all using
our local organic beans, but Cotton
Tree is the only chocolate factory
based here in Toledo.
The factory is run by Juli Puryear, a
native of California who settled in PG
six years ago. Juli works with 3 other
staff to produce a variety of bars and
decorative chocolates each week.
So how do they do it? The raw cocoa
beans are first roasted for 30 min-
utes and then ground down in a spe-
cial machine to make 'nibs'. These
small cocoa kernels are then put into
another machine which separates the
natural starch from the liqueur - a
key ingredient in chocolate.

Conch machine: velvety smooth
and rich but still not finished

The liqueur is then combined with co-

Juli Puryear shows off the chocolate factory's gir

coa butter (extracted through another
labor intensive process), milk powder,
sugar and vanilla bean in what is
called a conch machine. Other flavor-
ings are also added at this point. It is
then churned for 3 days.
After this comes the tempering ma-
chine, which both mixes and heats the
chocolate to stop the ingredients sepa-
rating at a later stage. Finally the mix-
ture is poured into molds which vibrate
to settle the contents properly. Refrig-
eration and packaging are the final
It is certainly a complicated and labor
intensive process and requires a sub-
stantial investment in machinery but
the final product makes it all worth-
while! We must thank the ancient
Maya for introducing cacao beans to
the world but we must also thank
Europeans (Swiss, Dutch or English
depending on who you ask) for tak-
ing it further and inventing the solid
treat we know and love as choco-

Free tours of Cotton Tree Choco-
late Factory are available on
Monday-Friday and Saturday
mornings. Phone: 621-8776 for
ft more information.

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Birding Adventure
continued from Page 2

Why had we been foolish enough to
think that the bird would have hung
around for two days and had the dispo-
sition to call? We had been there
nearly a half hour with, at best, maybe
a half dozen pauraques to our credit.
But no potoo.
"Over there!" John whispered. "Did you
hear that?" Wilfred and I both nodded.
"That sounded just like the birds I
heard in Honduras last week. Great

Potoo!" he declared. It did sound like
the recording I had heard over and
over on xeno-canto, the website dedi-
cated to audiotracks of bird sounds
from all over the world. But it was way
off in the distance and barely audible.
We heard a second bird on the oppo-
site side of the river, but it was even
farther away. Each bird had called only
After several more minutes of silence,
we went farther up the river. This time
we hit the jackpot. Almost immediately
a bird called from a nearby tree. Then a
second bird. "Grrraaawwww" they said
to each other in a language that could

only be appreciated by a Great Potoo-
and three exuberant birders!

Footnote: After several more trips up
the river in the following week, Wilfred
and his assistant found several more
Great Potoos, including two at a poten-
tial nest site in a hollowed out branch
not far from where we had first seen
the bird.
H. Lee Jones is based in Punta Gorda
and is the author of the very popular
'Birds of Belize' .

The Lodge at Big Falls

Cacao Fest Dinner Saturdaqy & Sunday 2l.st & 22nnd May
* Conch Fritters * Chicken Satay * Shrimp Tempura * Pork Tencerloin
* Mouth watering chocolate desserts

Happy Hour 4-6:30pm ~ Try our Chocolate Martinis

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Santa Teresa&


San Becn'ai POOt

Sani Felipe

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SchdulodPasener ervceCaro harer

0 y sdpodiila rill. ,,;� Ca
SPORT HOtOUPAS Seal Caye ra"'.
Nichola Cat y ' l
ending BTIA Members ,I.,
Gorda 1. The Lodge at Big Falls lle ca.e
2. Sun Creek Lodge
3. Dem Dat's Doin', San Pedro Columbia
4. Tumul K'In, Blue Creek village
Water taxi to 5. Machaca Hill Lodge
Guatemala 6. Romero's Charters, Forest Home
7. Cotton Tree Lodge
8. Cuxlin Ha
9. Tranquility Lodge

King's Texaco Punta Gorda

King Energy Big Falls

Proudly serving Toledo for 25 years
King's welcomes all visitors to the beautiful

Fuels, lubricants, tyres, batteries &c.
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