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Publication Date: February 2008
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The Toledo Howler

Newspaper of the Toledo Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association



Andy Palacio 1960-2008

The boy from Barranco who became a national hero

The sudden death of Andy Palacio
on January 19th shocked and sad-
dened everyone who knew him or of
him, and there were many. Andy
had just completed the




BTIA's distinctive octagonal Informa-
tion Center on Front street in Punta
Gorda. All you need to know about
Toledo is inside

Join BTIA and displayyour promotional
materials in the information center.

Join BTIA and make a difference.

imported sounds coming over the
radio from neighboring Honduras,
Guatemala, the Caribbean and the
United States. "Music was always a

most successful year of
his career and achieved
international recognition
with his album Watina.
Watina, released at the
beginning of 2007, be-
came one of the most
critically acclaimed re-
cordings of the year in
any genre. Perhaps the
most unanimously re-
vered world music album
in recent memory,
Watina appeared on
dozens of Best of the
Year lists in major media
outlets around the globe.
In November, 2007,
Palacio became the first
Caribbean and Central
American artist to be
designated a UNESCO
Artist for Peace. He also
received the prestigious
WOMEX Award in Octo- Andy Palacio in his hor
ber, 2007 which was co- receiving the UNESCO
awarded to Ivan Duran, Peace'. Photo by Marta H
friend and founder of
Stonetree Records. In September, part of
2007 Palacio was conferred the was th
Order of Meritorious Service by the to." Be
Prime Minister of Belize. Watina Andy's
was also nominated for the influen- tertain
tial BBC Radio 3 World Music with hi
Awards. Along
An astonishing year by any stan- joined
dard. Andy Palacio's passing has high sc
left a void which we hope will be his owl
filled by other aspiring young musi- popula
cians for whom Andy is the ultimate songs.
role model. By his own example, Howev
Andy Palacio has shown Belize's a litera
youth that a humble start in life 1980
does not have to stop them from funa la
accomplishing great things. steadil
Andy Vivien Palacio was born in the and An
small coastal village of Barranco in came
Toledo on December 2, 1960. had ha
Palacio grew up listeningto tradi- there c
tional Garifuna music as well as he said

nitely had to react to that reality."
His reaction took the form of diving
deeper into the language and
rhythms of the Garifuna, a unique
cultural blend of West African
and Indigenous Carib and Ara-
wak Indian language and heri-
tage. "It was a conscious strat-
egy. I felt that music was an
excellent medium to preserve
the culture. I saw it as a way of
maintaining cultural pride and
self esteem, especially in young

Palacio became a leading figure
in a growing renaissance of
young Garifuna intellectuals
who were writing poetry and
songs in their native language.
He saw the emergence of an
upbeat, popular dance form
based on Garifuna rhythms that
became known as punta rock
and enthusiastically took part in
developing the form. Andy be-
gan performing his own songs
and gained stature as a musi-
cian and energetic Garifuna
Palacio also brought his passion
for Garifuna culture into the pub-
lic sector. In December 2004,
Palacio was appointed Cultural
Ambassador and Deputy Adminis-
trator of the National Institute of
Culture and History of Belize.

Back in Barranco in November to
receive the UNESCO 'Artist for
Peace' award, Andy told the audi-
ence that his work was dedicated to
the next generation of Belizean
artists. The challenge is there-who
will take it up?
Andy Palacio: national hero of Be-
lize, cultural icon of the Garifuna
people, role model for the next gen-
eration. He will be missed.
Friends and supporters are invited
to post messages in memory of
Andy Palacio to his MySpace page
andypalacio) .and on the Cum-
bancha blog (http://
Read recent interview on page 10

Contact Toledo BTIA at the Tourism Information Center,
Front St., Punta Gorda Tel. 722-2531 E-mail btia-
toledo@btl.net Chair: Bruno Kuppinger, Secretary: Yvonne
Villoria, Treasurer: Leonie Requena

Contact The Howler Editorial Team
Tel. 722-2531 E-mail btiatoledo@btl.net
Features Editor: Marta Hirons 671-7172, Advertising Man-
ager: Juli Puryear, 722-2276 Production Manager: Rob Hirons
671-7172, Editorial Assistant Kimberly Williams 722-2531


ne village of Barranco, November 2007,
award naming him as an Artist For

daily life," said Palacio, "It
e soundtrack that we lived
ing musical ran in the family.
father, Reuben, used to en-
passengers on the bus to PG
s harmonica playing.
with some of his peers, Andy
local bands even while in
;hool and began developing
n voice, performing covers of
r Caribbean and Top 40

er, it was while working with
icy project in Nicaragua in
and discovering that the Gari-
inguage and culture was
y dying in that country, that a
cultural awareness took hold
dy's approach to music be-
more defined. "I saw what
ippened to my people in Nica-
The cultural erosion I saw
deeply affected my outlook,"
Sin late 2006, "and I defi-










I Wanna


In a brief ceremony held at Beya
Suites on Friday, December, 21st
2007, the Battle of the Drums
Secretariat Darius Avila donated
Wanaragua costumes and masks
to Subasity Wanaragua Dancers.

Battle of the Drums is a Garifuna
drumming competition and show
that is held in Punta Gorda Town ,
Toledo District, Belize in No-
vember of each year. This year it
was held on November 16, 2007,
and was a great show, with excit-
ing drumming and a professional
stage which included huge video
screens broadcasting the show.
The competition and show fea-
tures Garifuna groups from all
across Belize and will soon in-
clude groups from neighbouring
Guatemala and Honduras.

The Battle of the Drums Competi-
tion and Show is the brain-child
of Darius Avila, owner of Beya
Suites in Punta Gorda Town Its
proceeds are used to invest in
various Garifuna cultural revival

r 1

projects in Punta Gorda
Town This year the proceeds
have been used to finance three
projects: (1) the Re-enactment
ceremony (Urumein) on the 19th
day of November; (2) sponsored
the Subasity Wanaragua Danc-
ers; (3) commencing a Garifuna
Drumming in Schools program at
the St. Peter Claver Primary

For more information regarding
the Battle of the Drums initiative
and the cultural revival projects
you can contact Darius Avila at
email: info@bevasuites.com or
call: 501-621-0140. If you would
like to use the services of the
Subasity Wanaragua Dancers
please contact Darius Avila.
Don't miss Battle of the Drums
next year, November 15, at the
Punta Gorda Sports Auditorium.


--- -- --- -

SThe Uniq

: A people-t

;; prog

t Homestay
* Emr

ue Indigenous Experience

o-people cultural mutuality

ram. Learn about the

ola^r culture

!s in Aguacate, San Jose and
4a Luum Ca Villages.
act Yvonne at 722-2470
ail: demdatsdoin@btl.net

--- --- -- --- --- -- --- -- --- --- -- --- &

4&4& 4& 4&4& 4& 4& 4 4&4& & 4&4&-& 4& 4&. . *+++


honL 722-5005
I9 a,, 722-0051
H I LL 5 1;5, Punta o

at 7au,,a l7hin7r FaconzC R eserTfe

info wmachacahi. dom

_ lachaca -di1 ae sits high upt within the tainatest canopi. WOith an awe inspitring panorama and a view
oa ZqaatemaLa and a~mnatzas in the Distance, out wotd-ceass zesott is wheze qyo wid feed qyou thitt fzt aden-
tute ot tzeax in the ptioaciy o 12 elegant cabanas. Qh'Ie tesott is situated on an 11, 000 acte nature tesewe, and
is the ieaL pace fot waking out ttaids, expeziencing the zainopest canoip bq ttam, ot exfPotring the Rio
,Ztanki tivo by canoe.
QChe 4,rbot Restauitant featutes a baLanced menu o ftesh Pocal seafood and tegionat cuisine with many oo the
hezbs, egetabes and tZtpica z ftuits otganicaddq gzown at _fJlacaca tA -,~ dd ~ o out bZead and desserts ate
homemade. Out bat oAets a auM selection oo top-she diqmuots, wine and Pocal beet.

I ingt1 tis a a 20% isount on d inI,.
. . . . . . .

SUGAR., pMNcOA & wAPLE WVaU" CAnE MIDumE AND amrW $rNauS, PEIL uu ac

100% PumRE OR AND RA JuIC ", 00O1C1
Au-es -ocaIA11a1 -


Punta Gorda is now fortunate
enough to have the services of
Joyce Cal, certified masseuse and
licensed home care nurse. If you
are having physical problems,
are stressed out or just want to
give yourself a relaxing treat,
then Joyce is the one to call.
As soon as you meet Joyce, you
will begin to relax. Her huge
smile, delightful laugh and posi-
tive outlook on life are conta-
gious. Originally from Belize City,
Joyce has been living in PG for
about 7 years now. She loves to
travel, not only throughout Be-
lize, but to Israel, Bermuda and
points beyond. Her travels in-
clude regular visits to patients in

Chetumal and Veracruz, Mexico.
Joyce trained in occupational ther-
apy massage in Belize City. Her

training for home care nursing was
with HelpAge Belize, and also the
Red Cross, where she received her
Using aromatherapy massage oils
she makes herself, Joyce will give
you an excellent massage. You can
get foot, hand, back and neck or
full body massage. Neck and back
massage is $30BZ, and full body
massage is $60BZ. Joyce will come
to your hotel or home to give you a
massage, or you can go to her little
house 'to the back' of PG town (if
you can find it, that is). Nearly all
the hotels in PG have contact infor-
mation for Joyce and can arrange a
massage for you, or you can call
her directly at 601-6026.

Tours operated by:

Sum Creek Lodge

and IBTM Tours

2 722-0112 or 600-8773
E-mail: ToledoTravelCenter@gmail.com

@ @ 3

16 Themed Hotel Rooms
and 4 Apartments
A/C, cable TV,
private bath with
hot/cold water
Our Rainforest Restaurant
is open for breakfast daily
A Unique cultural experience
Wireless internet
-Reasonably priced-


Spotlight on Craft

The Way to San Jose

As you follow the winding dirt road west-
ward towards San Jose, you may start to
wonder whether the village exists at all.
The road curls around numerous jungle
covered hills, often sur-
prising in their sudden
steepness. Entering the
'suburbs' of San Jose,
you start to notice well
tended lawns and gar-
dens. After the wilder-
ness of the journey, the
village feels warm and

The group have developed some lovely
and unusual basket designs, more intri-
cate and striking then the usual basket-
work seen around the district. One de-
mmam -

lower price then sell 3 or 4 at the higher
price. Marketing is the most difficult
aspect of the business. The Howler is
happy to help by howling about it.

San Jose, population
about 780, is one of the A
more remote villages in
the hinterland of Toledo
and only ten miles from
the Guatemalan border.
Electricity has not yet
reached San Jose al-
though there is one vil-
lage telephone, powered
by solar energy. This is a
Mopan Mayan commu-
nity, one of the two Ma- Justa Cal, Cecelia Cal, Josephine Cho with daughter Marvina and Margarita Pop, some of the mem-
yan groups found in bers of the San Jose Sunshine Women's Group.

San Jose is also the home of the Sun-
shine Women's Group. This cooperative
of female craft makers got their start
about 4 years ago with the help of the
local Peace Corp volunteer, Bree Pryor.
With their relative isolation, these
women decided they would be better off
working together to earn money to help
pay for their children's education and
family medical expenses.
Many of the women are basket weavers
although some also make bead jewelry,
cuxtal bags, Maya dolls and carved cala-
bash. A member of the executive com-
mittee, Justa Cal, says their aim is to
make quality crafts for wholesale to
hotels and retail shops around the coun-
try. They already supply several lodges
in Cayo.

For more informa-
tion or to place an
order with the San
Jose Sunshine
Women's Group,
call the village
phone on 702-
2972 and ask for
Justa Cal or
Ersinia Ishim. You
will have to leave
your name and
number and one
of the ladies will
call you back. The
Toledo Informa-
tion Centre on
Front St in Punta
Gorda also carries
information and a
copy of the photo
price list. Times of
buses to San Jose
and info on places

to stay in the vil-
sign is a checkered pattern, using light large can also be obtained at the TIC.
and dark jippi jappa fibers. Another in-
Phone: 722-2531
teresting design has dark fibered, verti-
cal stripes running up and down the bas-
ket and over the lid (see photo). a

At the same time, the group are very
careful to maintain consistent quality
and each maker uses their particular
talents. If, for example, a basket is
priced BZ$10 wholesale, you can be
confident that purchasing 20 of this
design will mean 20 of equally high

The group understand the benefits of
selling in quantity at a lower price; that
is, wholesale. Its better to sell 20 at a

Jippijappa baskets made by members of the
group. The Lodge at Big Falls retails San Jose bas-
ket work. Call 671-7172

Where to get your copy of The Toledo Howler:

The Toledo Howler will normally be distributed at the Toledo Tourism Information Center on Front Street as well as other
shops, restaurants and places of business of BTIA members in Toledo (see list on Page 7). The paper can also be found at
Maya Island Air and Tropic Air terminals throughout Belize plus Tropic Air and Requena's Charters in Puerto Barrios, Guate-


Business Name Email Phone Contact Person
Beya Suites info@beyasuites.com 722-2188 Lisa Avila
Blue Belize Guest House & Tours info@bluebelize.com 722-2678 Dan Castellanos & Rachel Graham
Chris Crowell chris@cottontreelodge.com 670-0557 Chris Crowell
Coral House Inn ridarbelize@yahoo.com 722-2878 Rick & Darla Mallory
Cuxlin Ha Time Share cuxlinha@hotmail.com 501-614-2518 Dona Lee Scafe
Dem Dats Doin demdatsdoin@btl.net 501-722-2470 Yvonne Villoria
Fish & Fun Guiding Services bzdeepsouth@hotmail.com 671-0506 Ovel Leonardo
Garbutt's Marine Investment garbuttsmarine@yahoo.com 604-3548 Dennis Garbutt
Hickatee Cottages cottages@hickatee.com 662-4475 lan & Kate Morton
Juli Puryear julizeinbelize@yahoo.com 722-2276 Juli Puryear
Larry Smith larry@seafrontinn.com 722-2300 Larry & Carol Smith
The Lodge at Big Falls info@thelodgeatbigfalls.com 671-7172 Marta & Rob Hirons
Machaca Hill Lodge info@machacahill.com 722-0050 Ovel Leonardo
Obsession Bar & Grill stcharlespg@btl.net 722-0193 Carlo Wagner
Requena's Charter Service watertaxi@btl.net 722-2070 Julio Requena
Romero's Charter Service rcharters@btl.net 722-2625/2924 Frances Romero
Scotia Bank jose.chan@scotiabank.com 722-0098/0099 Jose Chan
Sun Creek Lodge suncreek@huges.net 600-8773/614-2080 Bruno & Melissa Kuppinger
TIDE Tours info@tidetour.org 722-2129 Delonie Foreman
Toledo Eco-Tourism Association 722-2531 Vicente Sackul
Tumul Kin Center of Learning tumulkindevelopment@yahoo.com 608-1070 Esther Sanchez Sho

Improvements Planned for Blue Creek Tourism

The Blue Creek Tourism Committee
(BCTC) has recently been established to
manage the development of facilities for
visitors to the area. They will be signing a
co-management agreement with the
Institute of Archaeology and be the body
charged with collection of entrance fees.
This agreement should be signed during
February 2008. The
Institute of Archae-
ology is responsible
for protection of all
caves in Belize, many
of which were used
by the ancient Maya
and still contain im-
portant artifacts.

A new fee of BZ$5
per person will now *- ,-
be charged and this
will be split between
the Institute of Ar-
chaeology and the
BCTC. The BCTC are applying for funding
from abroad, and their portion of en-
trance fees will help build the required
'matching funds'. So what added value
can visitors and tour operators expect
from the Blue Creek Tourism Commit-

The BCTC is planning a visitor's center

with toilets and changing facilities. There
will also be new interpretative signs of
archaeological and cultural interest plus
educational materials. The Institute of
Archaeology will provide training for
guides in the identification, interpreta-
tion and preservation of artifacts. Cave
safety training and the proper use of

Blue Creek cave entrance

equipment like helmets, headlamps and
life jackets is also planned. The Howler
will keep readers up to date on develop-
ments as they happen.

If you would like to eat while in Blue
Creek, you can stop at Miss Ofelia's and
order your lunch before you hike up to
the cave. She offers traditional Belizean

dishes. You can find her about 100
yards on the left after the Welcome to
Blue Creek sign. Her own sign says
"Tour Guides & Restaurant".

The Tumul K'in Center for Learning in
Blue Creek holds a Culture Night and
dance every second Saturday, which is
free and open to the public. This is a
great opportunity for visitors to hear
traditional music and see traditional
dancing, along with the fun skits and
songs that the students also include.
The school raises money by selling

Dates for Culture Nights up until
Easter Break are January 19th, Febru-
ary 2nd, February 16th, and March
1st. All of them begin at 7pm and go
until 9pm, with music and dancing
afterwards. For more information, you
can contact Tumul K'in at 608-1070,
Monday Friday, 8am 5pm.

Blue Creek Tourism Committee

Contact Details:

Blue Creek community phone: 6032133

Ask for Adriano Ack the village chairman
and member of the BCTC.

E-mail: bluecreektourism@gmail.com


Schedule of Flights from Punta Gorda To Belize City and from Belize City To Punta Gorda

Flights stop at Placencia & Dangriga
Depart Punta Gorda Arrive In Belize City Service Provider Depart Belize City Arrive In Punta Gorda Service Provider
6:45am 7:45am Maya Island Air 8:00am 9:00am Maya Island Air
7:00am 8:10am Tropic Air 8:30am 9:30am Tropic Air

9:30am 10:30am Maya Island Air 10:00am 11:00am Maya Island Air

9:40am 10:50am Tropic Air 10:30am 11:30am Tropic Air
11:30am 12:30pm Maya Island Air 12:30pm 1:30pm Tropic Air

11:35am 12:40pm Tropic Air 2:30pm 3:30pm Tropic Air

1:35pm 2:45pm Tropic Air 2:30pm 3:50pm Maya Island Air

4:00pm 5:00pm Maya Island Air 4:30pm 5:30pm Maya Island Air

4:00pm 5:00pm Tropic Air 4:50am 6:00pm Tropic Air

Schedule of Buses leaving Punta Gorda

Departs from Punta Gorda Arrives in Belize City Service Provider Type of Service
3:00am 10:30am National Transport Regular

4:00am 10:00am James Bus Une Regular

4:30 am 9:15am National Transport Regular

5:00am 11:00am James Bus and Usher's Bus Une Regular

6:00am 11:00am James Bus Une Express

6:00am 12:30pm James Bus Une Regular

8:00am 2:30pm James Bus Une Regular

10:00am 4:30pm James Bus line Regular

12noon 6:30pm James Bus Une Regular

1:30pm 7:30pm Usher's Bus Une Regular

2:00pm 7:30pm James Bus Line Regular

3:00pm 8:30pm James Bus Une Regular

Boats To Puerto Barrios and Livingston, Guatemala

Service Provider Dep. Punta Gorda Arrive in Puerto Barrios Dep. Puerto Barrios Arrive in Punta Gorda

Requena's Charter Service 9:30am 10:30am 2:00pm 3:00pm

Pichilingo 2:00pm 3:00pm 10:00am 11L00am

Marisol 4:00pm 5:00pm 2:00pm 3:00pm

Boats to Livingston depart on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 a.m.

Our jungle lodge is nestled between river & rainforest, be-
neath a towering cottonwood tree, not far from Punta
Gorda by river or road. We offer kayaking, caving, horse-
back riding, and waterfalls. Unique tours, from Mayan

Belizean Special: Horseback
ride, lunch and swim in the river.
Please call for price at 670-0557

Did you know...?
The national bird of Belize
is the Toucan, the national
animal of Belize is the
Tapir, the national flower is
the Black Orchid, and the
national motto, found on
the Belizean flag, is "Sub
Umbra Florero". Translated
from the Latin, it means,
"in the shade I flourish."


Yvonne & Alfredo Villoria have run the home stay program since 1990

There are no 400-thread count
sheets, no room keys, and definitely
no room service. Yet Maya Village
Homestay Network may be one of
the most unique, enriching travel
experiences you will have in your
The Homestay Network has been
run by Yvonne and Alfredo Villoria
since 1990. Participating villages
are Na Luum Ka, Aguacate and San
Jose, all located in the Toledo Dis-
trict. The Homestay Network is not
tourism, but rather a cultural ex-
change. The idea is to exchange
experiences; the Maya want to learn
about you just as much as you want
to learn about them.

You will be
treated as ex-
tended family.
As a visitor
you will inter-
act with the
Maya families
in the village
you stay in.
You will share
a room with
the family, and
often sleep in
a hammock.
You will bathe
where the
family and
bathe; most
often this is in

a nearby river or creek. Your meals
will be whatever the family is eating
that day; definitely corn tortilla at
every meal, along with eggs or
beans and hot pepper, sometimes
chicken or caldo (chicken soup) and
maybe game meat such as Gibnut if
the man of the family hunted the
previous day. You will participate in
family activities including making
corn tortillas, going to the milpa
farm, weaving baskets or washing
clothes in the river.
Most Maya families live in huts
thatched with cohune palm leaf.
Homes are usually one room and
very simple, with dirt floors. Never-
theless, they are spotlessly clean.
You will find most of the Maya to be
quiet and shy (at least until you get

to know them a bit), yet warm and
welcoming to outsiders. Many times
I have gone into a stranger's house
and been offered a cacao drink or
some of whatever is on the fire-
hearth. If there is only one chair in
the house, it will be given to the visi-
Individuals wishing to stay in the
Homestay Network will be person-
ally matched with their host family
by the village director. Groups are
given a one hour orientation before
going out to their village. Unless you
have rented a car, transportation
will be by village bus.
Alfredo and Yvonne are originally
from Oahu, Hawaii, and moved to
Belize in 1980.
Since then they have lived on their
farm, the Toledo Botanical Arbore-
tum, formerly 'Dem Dats Doin'. This
is a private tropical garden with
over a thousand species of exotic
plants and rainforest trees. One of
the 'must see' places in Belize!
Tours of the farm are available by
appointment by calling 722-2470 or
by Email at demdatsdoin@btl.net
For more information on Maya
Homestay Network or tours of the
farm, you can stop by their office on
Main Street in the ICB insurance
building, the Tourism Information
Center on Front Street, or Deja Brew
Caf6 on Front Street, upstairs from
the market.

Wat's Cookin?

It's lobster season, and lobster ceviche is a delicious way to enjoy this delicacy.
Please note that lobster season is from June 16-February 14.
Do not eat lobster out of season, so we can all continue to enjoy this treat!

Lobster Ceviche
Half pound lobster meat (or shrimp)
1/2 cup carrots, chopped small
1 cup onion, chopped
2 cups tomatoes, chopped
1 4 habanero peppers, minced (depending on the amount of heat
you want)
1 bunch cilantro, stemmed and chopped
2-3 limes, juiced
Salt and pepper

yum, yum....


Chop lobster meat. Combine lobster with all other ingredi-
ents, addingjuice of the limes one at a time, to taste. Let sit
at least 3 hours, preferably overnight, stirring occasionally.
The acid of the lime juice 'cooks' the lobster. Ceviche can
be kept refrigerated for about 1 week, and the flavors will
develop and improve each day. Serve with crisp tortilla
chips. Also try conch ceviche.


FKE~urim nmdnImk4
ua Irrep~aeiu~1d

*ligfi h and iqw
IrMati fioir S afl
ghm hydtMWa

IV m- ~U t L ~Ol~M

-- U~tB~


SMake easy, affordable connections to the


There are always magnificent sights for birders in Toledo but
once in a while a GREAT birding moment comes along. On
Christmas morning a group of guests from The Lodge at Big .
Falls were kayaking from San Miguel village down the Rio
Grande back to the lodge.
They were led by Steven Choco from Big Falls village and
George Alford from Punta Gorda. The picture was captured
by George on his trusty digital camera. The bird (Ornate
Hawk-eagle; pictured right) is holding a green iguana it has
just killed. The group and the eagle watched each other for
some twenty minutes.
Great picture, George. Congratulations! And remember,
folks, don't leave your camera at home and miss these once
in a lifetime moments.
If you take a digital photo which you think captures some
aspect of the tourism experience in Toledo then contact the
Howler team on 671-7172 and ask for Rob. We will aim to B -
publish one photo in each quarterly issue, giving credit to the Ornate Hawk-eagle with green iguana alongthe Rio Grande between San Miguel and Big Falls;
photographer. Photos will be printed in black & white. 25th December2008. CourtesyofGeorgeAlford.

Toledo Cacao Festival

May 23-25th 2008

This year's festival will take place during the weekend of May 23-25. Additions to the festival program this year include a spe-
cial performance of the Deer Dance held at the wonderful Maya site of Lubaantun, as well as a presentation on the Maya his-
tory of Toledo given by Dr Jaime Awe, the director of the Department of Archeology.

The Festival opens with a Wine & Chocolate evening, featuring local and international wines and chocolate based cocktails
and hors d'oeuvres. Saturday brings you the Taste of Toledo cookery and craft fair, with cookery and chocolate demonstrations
and a host of cacao-related and other craft produce, Cacao for Kids children's activities, Sea Toledo marine trips, and Culture
in Harmony musical performances.

Sunday's Cacao Trail takes you inland to Toledo's chocolate country to visit the cacao plantations and on to one of Toledo's
beautiful natural attractions, followed by a special performance of an excerpt from the Maya Deer Dance at Lubaantun's at-
mospheric plaza. Round off the weekend at the Festival Finale with music from some of Toledo's best-loved musicians, fol-
lowed by a spectacular firework display over the Bay of Honduras.
The committee is offering BTIA members a link to the web site for $25

Wan Lee Bit a Kriol
"Da gyal ahn she ma noh set haas ataal."
That girl and her m other don't sit horse at all, meaning; That
girl and her mother don't get along at all.

"Wahn stik brok eena ih ayz"
He has a stick broke in his ear, meaning; he is playing deaf to
warnings of others

Did you know...?
You can see scarlet macaws at Red Bank village from
around the end of December until the end of March.

Call Geronimo Sho at Red Bank village on 509-3110 or
608-7776 to find out if they have arrived or are still
around. If you get to the village at about dawn, you can
often see the birds right in the village. Otherwise, it is a
beautiful (uphill) walk of about 45 minutes.


Andy Palacio was interviewed by Juli Puryear
of the Howler just two weeks before his un-
timely passing on Saturday 19 January.

I talked with Andy one evening at Cotton-
Tree Lodge here in Toledo. The lodge is
only a few miles from his hometown of
Barranco, where he was headed the next
day. Barranco is a tiny village on the Car-
ibbean Sea, just south of Punta Gorda.
Although there are only a few hundred
residents, a number of them have be-
come musicians, artists and researchers
of great renown in Belize
and the rest of the world,
including artist Benjamin
"Watina," the latest album
from Andy Palacio & the
Garifuna Collective, has
been recognized as one of
the best albums of 2007 by
a growing number of inter-
national publications and
radio charts, including Na-
tional Public Radio, Global
Rhythms and National Geo-
graphic online magazines.
In radio, European DJs par-
ticipating in the prestigious
'World Music Charts Europe'
survey voted Watina the No. 1 album of
the year, beating out competition from
Angelique Kidjo, Ibrahim Ferrer, Youssou
N'Dour, and other major world music
figures who also released albums last
I asked Andy what he thinks of his huge
success. "2007 has been the best year.
It cannot get any better than this. Little
kids here pass me on the road, and they

roll down their windows and sing out,
'Watina, sitina.' I love it."
Palacio said he seeks to be ... an artist
second, a communicator first. A
teacher." I asked him what it is that he
wants to communicate. "Self esteem,"
he said.
It seems that Garifuna culture and lan-
guage are slowly dying out in Belize and
other coastal communities in Central
America, and Andy wants to stop this
from happening. Some lyrics from

"Amnnegu," the last song on the Watina
CD include, "Parents, please listen to
me. Teach the children our language and
our songs; our beliefs and our dances.
The time has come for it to be pre-
served." With the incredible worldwide
success of Watina, Andy is indeed pre-
serving Garifuna music and language,
and letting the world knowjust where
Belize is on the map.

Although we spoke fairly briefly, I can see
that Andy cares very deeply for his peo-
ple, the Garifuna in particular, and Beliz-
eans in general. Our conversation kept
returning to the children he wants to
influence, and the family and village
which influenced him. The place and
people of Barranco are very much a part
of Andy and his music. The songs on
Watina are all based on traditional Gari-
funa rhythms, and the lyrics are in the
Garifuna language. According to the CD's
producer, Ivan Duran, this is the "soulful
side of Garifuna music" not
the punta rock which you
hear much more often in
Belize. These are powerful,
beautiful songs, almost
haunting in their deceptive
My last question to Andy
was, "What would you like to
say to the people of Toledo?"
He answered, "I am an ordi-
nary man, not extraordinary. I
just want to be remembered
as the son of Cleofus and
Ruth." Andy was moved to
tears when he spoke of his
deceased father, and the
fact that he never witnessed
any of his son's incredible success. Now
Andy has been reunited with his ances-
The Watina CD and other fine selections
from Stonetree Records are available in
Punta Gorda at Deja Brew Cafe, The
Lodge at Big Falls, Hickatee Cottages,
the BTIA information center, Cottontree
Lodge and Coral House Inn.


5th Annual Sidewalk Arts Festival

DATE: February 9th and 10th

TIME: 10AM-6PM (Saturday)


EVENTS: Music by Carlos Perrote,

Dance Performances, The Belizeal's

and many more.

ARTISTS booths and tent space


Call: 626-0295 or 601-6919
Register online:

c, if" Cu-Alin Ha timeshare resort

U and retirement village

*Swimming pool with waterfall, lounge chairs and palapas to shade 'ou.
Pool open to public. Piver access for swimming g fishing.*
*Hot showers, A/C, meeting facilities, volleyball court.*
*Full Kitchen facilities in every unit; meals available*
*Inland and sea tours available with our licensed Maya guide*
Located at the end of Papishaw
Road, Eldridgeville.
Mail: cuslinha@hotmail.com.
ChecK us out at our website at:
Dona Scafe: ou1-So-(C14-2 51s

: 2001 special: $1iqqUSD+ tas
( For I weeK in a I bedroom :
: condo, sleeps 4 in 2 beds.



Punta Gorda
Puerto Barrios



'Responsibility is our Motto.'

Daily Runs

Leaves 9am

Returns 2pm

12 Front Street
Punta Gorda Town
Toledo. Belize C.A.

POBox: #18



8-10 Feb Grand opening of Reef Bar and Restaurant, with Deja Brew Coffee. Free dessert with every meal. The old Titanic Bar, upstairs from the market. All day
from 8.00am-9.00pm

2,16 Feb Cultural Night at Tumul Kin: Traditional Maya music and dancing, skits and songs, refreshments Tumul Kin Center of Learning, Blue Creek from 7-9pm

9-16 Feb Valentines Chocolate Week at Cottontree Lodge. Chocolate making and tasting. Cotton Tree Lodge. Call for events, reservations and
times; 670-0557

14 Feb Valentines Poetry Competition and Dinner at Machaca Hill Lodge. First Prize $200! Plus lots of give- Machaca Hill Lodge, 7 p.m.
aways. Dinner $25. Transportation provided if necessary, call 722-0050

1 Mar Cultural Night at Tumul Kin: Traditional Maya music and dancing, skits and songs, refreshments Tumul Kin Center of Learning, Blue Creek at 7-9pm

7 Mar Pueblo Viejo School and Village Fair: sponsored by Plenty Belize as part of their GATES program promoting Primary school in Pueblo Viejo
organic gardening and nutritious foods Mini-workshops on food preparation, organic gardening, sanita-
tion, environmental and health issues will go on throughout the day A nutritious lunch will be served 9am-noon
9 Mar Baron Bliss Day go fly a kite

21- 24 Easter Weekend: TIDE Compound, Hopeville, 9 am til dark.
23rd: TIDE Fish Fest: annual festival with activities including fishing tournament, kayak race, net casting
competition, eating and swimming contests and tug of war. Ethnic food booths, music fun and games.

27-29 Mar 3rd Annual Bellzean Flavor Craft Exhibition, Show and Sale Fr. Ring Parish Hall 9 a.m. 6 p.m.

1April Maya Day Opening Ceremony and Torch Run from Lubaantun to Tumul K in Lubaantun, near San Pedro Columbia village, 4 pm
5 April Marimba and Harp Playing Competition Punta Gorda town, location to be announced
11 April Toledo Food Fair 2008: part of the Toledo Schools Feeding Program; information booths, food, games and PG Sports Complex, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
more Local foods including cohune cabbage, dahl roti, cacao drink and more!

23-25 May Toledo Cacao Festival Central Park, Punta Gorda & Lubaantun

Coral House Inn

Step off of Main Street in Punta Gorda and
experience the intimate atmosphere of the
Coral House Inn, with spacious verandas
overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Amenities include Swimming pool, conti-
nental breakfast, wireless internet, poolside
bar and use of bicycles.



4th Annual Maya Day Celebrations

Beginning on the 1st of April Tumul Kin Center of
Learning will host the 4th Annual Maya Day. Events
will include:
Opening Ceremony and Torch Run will be on the 1st
of April at 4 p.m. This is from Lubaantun to Tumul
K'in. It involves the communities of San Pedro Co-
lumbia, San Miguel, Silver Creek, Big Falls, Dump,
Mafredi, Blue Creek and Tumul K'in. The torch is lit
during a short ceremony at Lubaantun and runners
bring it to Tumul K'in to start the series of events.

On the 5th of April there will be a Marimba and
Harp Playing Competition in Punta Gorda Town;
exact location to be announced. And on the 12th
April, Punta Gorda Cultural Morning will be happen-
ing. Women's groups and craftspeople will be dis-
playing their crafts at the PG Central Park. There
will be cultural presentations and the finalists of
the Marimba and Harp competitions will play for
the public. On the afternoon of the 12th, we are
hoping to have the Maya Ball Game (Chaj Chay)
played for the first time in Toledo. Location for Chaj
Chay is Union Field in PG Town.

On the 13th of April, Maya Day culminates with a
day of cultural competitions, displays, food,
dances, etc. Tumul Kin is hoping to have the Deer
dance, as they did last year. The Deer dance with
its colorful, mirrored costumes, elaborate masks
and traditional music is not to be missed. Don't
miss Maya Day 2008!

Orchid Online
Distribution System
OD) i a service which
provides automated product
distribution rvicew to Blze

The ODS Hotel's i entory and
dkecly by tranIethrough ow
member websites, numerous affiliate
partners orbytavel agents thatsubsaib
Ordhld ODS serves meet the needs of
hotels of all sizes and is affordable as
there ar no csts involved, you only pay
when yo receive a booing.

-l_ IIHr 71 C

T- 1
t .11 Nmm *
r ~ all :a' ... ..

I,- -

travel and is the fagshlp webite
of the Orchid Distribution System.
Weare Investing heavily In developing
new and targeted website porals to
increase our members' exposure to
bok instantly through the system.

Orchids S

Ta- 22 10 Fa. 22 50 U. m.I~~rhibl mo

One of the "must see" places in Belize
SMore than a thousand species of ornamentals, rainforest trees and
medicinal plants. Over Ioo varieties of exotic tropical fruits.
PicK up a brochure at the Toledo Info Center, pFequena
Charters or Deja Brew Cafe.

Call Yvonne 122-2410

E-mail: demdatsdoin@btl.net




Punta Gorda

A Texaco filling station
B James Bus Une
C Police Station 722-2022
D BTL office Public phones
E Post Office
F Customs & Immigration
G Belize Bank
H Tropic Air
I Maya Island Air
3 Hospital 722-2026 or 722-2161


BTIA Members in Punta Gorda
1. Beya suites
2. Garbutts Marine investment
3. Larry Smth
4. Toledo Ecotourism Associaton
5. Requenas Charter Service
6. Jull Puryear
7. Blue Belize Guest House & Tours
8. Coral House Inn
9. Hickatee Cottages im sou h of r
on Ex-ServimenIs Road
10. Scotia Bank

Join BTIA and Put Your Business on the Map
BTIA is businesses working together to promote Toledo
district as a tourism destination.
Join now and get a FREE blank copy of the PG town map
above. Use the map to produce your own promotional lit-
erature for your business.
The BTIA membership year runs from January to Decem-
ber so apply now to put your business on the map from
the beginning of 2008.

How Do I Join BTIA?
Visit www.btia.org to read about BTIA and all the other member-
ship benefits and to download an application form. Complete the
form and hand it in to Mrs Leonora Requena at Requena's char-
ters on Front St.
BTIA meets monthly on Wednesdays at the Tourism Information
Center on Front Street. Be a part of BTIA and make a practical
contribution to the economic development of Toledo District.

to GulamMla



0 -
OOnWV.W,..( -64 LAEArN



Puablo Cruz .tu Creek

k n f a =tToru
Agucale swtnr L
Sania Teriams

Pi uailha '
S OSan Benita PoitO
atoxha .
11 1 ~4.



wroon River .
/ -- ** b =

S .- a I -J

f a bo Ceye
settle Landing
'unta Gorda

Pklr t C YeaIcs
Snake Cayes


Water t~xl to


BTIA Members
1. The Lodge at Big Falls
2. Sun Creek Lodge
3. Dem Oat's Don'. San Pedro Columbia
4. Tumul K'in, Blue Creek village
5. Machaca Hill Lodge
6. Ronero's Charters, Forest Home
\ 7. Cotton Tree Lodge

Original map from "The Rough Guide to Belize" by Peter Eltringham, published by Rough Guides

Classified Ads

Dream Light Computer Center
Internet for .100 a minute, Student Discounts, Printing starting
at .300 per page, A/C, Repairs, International Phone calls start-
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For Sale, Nissan Frontier, 2004 dual cab 4 door 4wd model
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Beya Suites Award Winning, Belize's Small Hotel of the Year. 1
mile from the center of PG on the seafront. We are BIG in guest
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TV; internet/business center; restaurant and bar. Call 722-
2188/722-2956. www.bevasuites.com or info@beyasuites.com

Rough Guide to Belize New Edition! Available throughout Belize
including Carysha's, Punta Gorda, Cayeboard Connection, Caye
Caulker, Belize Zoo, the Book Center and Marine Terminal Be-
lize City, Caladium Restaurant, Belmopan, Orange (formerly
Caesar's) on the Western Highway and San Pedro

Great Value Advertising in The Howler

Promote your business or sale items in our classi-
fied section $25 for up to 21 words. Make sure
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Phone 722-2276

Iwt.t cC4

'I fell in love with the place the

second we drove up, the grounds
are gorgeous and relaxed.

Service was incredible our entire

stay, the food at the resort was

the best of our trip,. And our
early morning brd hike, the

butterfly house and the night
hike were all awsonwe'

- Trip Advisor Member, June 2007


II L r __ _ ~L ________

p Bight lIlage
* Whipray C ye
. *Placencia


Tor Owens Coye .


Sapadia NE apodilla Co
S Cayes '
Sealeyo "- Fr40k' Caye
Nicholas Caye v
Hunting Caya 2
Lime Caye

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