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Title: Jubilee Catalogue FPI (english)
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: FPI
Publisher: FPI
Place of Publication: Curaçao
Publication Date: 2008
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Full Text

Fundashon pa
Planifikashon di

Jubilee Catalogue FPI


a.., -icawi

(t tui

*JJ ~-

buki di lesa



i i


~IIAC~~ T7

~si +



s i

Jubilee Catalogue FPI

A survey of products and activities
at the ten years of existence of

Fundashon pa Planifikashon di Idioma

Curacao 2008

Fundahon pa
Planifikahon di

Fundashon pa Planifikashon di Idioma
Stichting voor Taalplanning
Institute for Language Planning
Fundacin para la Planificacin de Idiomas

Jan Noorduynweg 32B
Curacao N.A.
Tel: +5999-8691166
E-mail: fpi@fpi.an
Website: www.fpi.an

ISBN 978-99904-259-7


MbR ~ .i

On April 24 2008 it is ten years ago that Fundashon pa
Planifikashon di Idioma, FPI, was incorporated as a public
foundation. Reaching a jubilee year is not the only reason
for celebration; board, management, staff and other
collaborators are especially happy with the achievements,
the quantity, but first of all with the quality that the
language institute has been able to produce.

In the past ten years the community has come to know
FPI as an important institute that regularly achieves
successes and demands attention for communication,
especially for languages. The language that receives
the most attention is Papiamentu, as the government's
policy is focused on giving the general language
of communication of the Leeward Islands a more
prominent role.

This jubilee catalogue contains the complete list of FPI's
publications, of both the new and former publications.
The setup of the catalogue is based on age in a rising
scale. It begins with baby dictionaries and ends with
relevant linguistic historical titles and a spell check.
Moreover, there is a survey of all kinds of services,
activities and the established network of relations
with people and institutes, which are of the utmost
importance for FPI.

FPI values the production of reliable, high quality
products. A country with relatively no means of
support has to produce long-lasting materials,
which is also a requirement by the financier. A
solid foundation based on planning and research is
therefore a must.
The annual returns show a growing curve in sale
figures and stock growth. This strengthens the
confidence that also in the long term a substantial
and valuable contribution may be expected of the

In brief, in this jubilee catalogue we wish to show,
with modest pride, what resources have been
achieved by FPI in the relatively young existence of
the language institute, for all those concerned and
especially for language users.
We hope that this survey will induce you to
confidently continue to give your support to the

Ronnie Severing
Manager FPI



The first dictionaries 4
Picture books 6
Trampolin 8
Lesa Bon 14
Salto 16
Readers 4+, Elementary Education 20
Mosaiko 26
Readers lo+, Secondary Education 30
Kadans 32
Spelling checker Papiamentu 34
Miscellany 35
Language conservation 36
Previous publications 38
Language planning 40
Language material development 41
Service provision 44
Activities 48
Ten years of FPI relations 52
Title survey 56

S-0 N



aff^s' ^wS

The first dictionaries

The books from the first series
Prome Pasonan contain a
treasure of pictures from the
world of the child Parents and
educators leaf through the
booklet together with the chlld
indicate. ask questions and ii
this way the child learns new
words effortlessly On each page
there are questions that can help
educators find their way about

' 9,

Kleuter su prom buki


n3 mesa


11 mil'

-~ *"' ''"'

.^ t,-.: Jlr* r*




galina i gal
* 1
u 04,

t~. SI

12- to 18-month babies
With Buki di beibi Palabra the
little ones learn words for toys,
clothes, foods and fruit. In Buki
di beibi Bestia all kinds of domestic
animals and their puppies are presE

18- to 24-month toddlers
In Buki di peuter Palabra the primary colors are presented
and the vocabulary of the toddler is expanded. With Buki
di peuter Bestia the toddler learns where the animals in his
environment live, what they eat and what kinds of sounds
they make.

24- to 36-month preschoolers
With Buki di kleuter Palabra the inquisitive preschooler
learns many new words that deal predominantly with objects
outside the house. The preschooler also learns how to position
himself with regard to objects in his environment. Buki di
kleuter Bestia abounds with animals: big, small, funny, but
also animals of prey.


? Ya^

* Buki di beibi Palabra
* Buki di beibi Bestia
* Buki di peuter Palabra
* Buki di peuter Bestia
* Buki di kleuter Palabra
* Buki di kleuter Bestia

Peufer su Prombuk Bestia
Bestia be tia.

(K..- xE^ '"

~t --

Q~li- r

,, i

i i ~ i- i ii




I, I1

Picture books

These picture books with their surprising stories and colorful Illustrations are
attractive to children from the age of four Preschoolers will listen breathlessly to
the adventures of the colorful story characters Adults too will love to read from
Slion Alorkoi (Old Turtle) about the old turtle with its timeless wisdom. Mimina,
the rnonkey, is hopelessly in love with Djosi, the rat, in DjosI Djaka ki Mimina
Makaku. Lola, the little hamster from Palabra dushi and Un sunchi so no ta basta
looks for nice words and kisses (one is not enough'i. Handa the African girl from
Handa su galia, has iost her chicken The man from Nochi di Strea doesn't like
the night at all and wants to bring about a change in this respect.




Djsi Djaka ku Mimina Makaku
Handa su galia
Nochi di strea
* Palabra dushi
Shon Morkoi
Un sunchi so no ta basta


e,~ u"ni

Who is more ingenious Djosi the rat.
Mimina the monkey, the African girl
Handa, the rnmn who doesn't IIke the
night, or Lola the haLmster> Just ask Shon
Morkoi' She knows the answers
to difficult question .

i -^
41,, .. .
1 >

-.*r ?
1' "~
... ', l: ..^
', i: "iy^
i -

-i f d 1<,


t I




A preschool program in Papiamentu

Trampolin is a Iively integrated publication in Papiamentu This program responds to the
development of the child and is suitable for preschoolers of the first cycle of Elemenmary Education
The four education areas are dealt with in a playful manner: Language. literacy and conlmunication:
Math, Man and community. Man, nature and technology

Manual and story book

[n four handbooks the material and
.... corresponding suggestions are presented. There
are ten themes annually. five in each handbook
With each theme the teacher draws from a
treasure of ideas for the several Iaily lesson
1. periods By means of original stories that belong
".' to the handbooks the environment of the child
is expanded while their interest in booksstories
and the expansion of their vocabulary
are also enhanced The themes c.f the
'S '--' second year constitute a deepening
f of the first year themes


Thematic wall charts

The colorful thematic wall charts of Trampoln can be
used during the daily circle discussions. These charts not
only offer visual support during the discussions; they also
stimulate the imagination and empathy. Besides, they
enhance the child's aesthetic development.

Flip-over with activity charts

The flip-over contains 60 different activity charts.
They are intended for activities in a small setting.
The activity charts are related to the themes.

* Manual i buki di kuenta 1
* Manual i buki di kuenta 2
* Manual i buki di kuenta 3
* Manual i buki di kuenta 4
* Flip-over pa mesa ku plachi di aktividat
* Maleta blou ku man
* Plachi di tema la, Mi kurpa
* Plachi di tema lb, Mi kurpa
* Plachi di tema 2, Bestia den nos ambiente di bida
* Plachi di tema 3a,Temporada
* Plachi di tema 3b, Temporada
* Plachi di tema 4, Fiesta
* Plachi di tema 5a,Telefn i karta
* Plachi di tema 5b,Telefn i karta
* Plachi di tema 6a, Mi famia
* Plachi di tema 6b, Mi famia
* Plachi di tema 7, Na skol
* Plachi di tema 8a, Nos bario i trfiko
* Plachi di tema 8b, Nos bario i trfiko
* Plachi di tema ga, Naturalesa
* Plachi di tema 9b, Naturalesa
* Plachi di tema lo, Tempu liber
* Plachi di tema nia, Sal i malu
* Plachi di tema iib, Salu i malu
* Plachi di tema 12, Bestia di tera leu
* Plachi di tema 12b, Bestia di tera leu
* Plachi di tema 13, Di tur tempu
* Plachi di tema 14a, Muzik i fiesta
* Plachi di tema 14b, Muzik i fiesta
* Plachi di tema 15, Komunikashon
* Plachi di tema i6a, Loke mi papi ku mami ta hasi
* Plachi di tema 16b, Loke mi papi ku mami ta hasi
* Plachi di tema 17a, Skol i arte
* Plachi di tema 17b, Skol i arte
* Plachi di tema i8a, Ban konos nos besindario
* Plachi di tema 18b, Ban konos nos besindario
* Plachi di tema 19, Amigu di naturalesa
* Plachi di tema 20, Fakansi



e SSoli

* Buki di prenchi 1 Kabouter Oreagrandi
* Buki di prenchi 2 Lisa i Bulibuli
* Buki di prenchi 3 Baile den awaseru
* Buki di prenchi 4 Fiesta di kabouter
* Buki di prenchi 5 Wana yuana i Lala lagadishi
* Buki di prenchi 6 Steven ta prde kaminda
* Buki di prenchi 7 Flora i su fli
* Buki di prenchi 8 Un dushi hasimentu di aa
* Buki di prenchi 9 Kompa Nanzi ta pusta subi seru
* Buki di prenchi 10 Rosita Flamingo ta bai ku fakansi
* Buki di prenchi 11 Di bishita serka tawela na hospital
* Buki di prenchi 12 Aventura di e makaku Doremi
* Buki di prenchi 13 E tesoro kant'i laman
* Buki di prenchi 14 E palu di pasku mas felis na mundu
* Buki di prenchi 15 Hks Tara ta sia traha ku kmpiuter
* Buki di prenchi 16 E tiendesita di Vincent i Jasmine
* Buki di prenchi 17 Polly, e piano super alegre
* Buki di prenchi 18 Ban serka shon sapat
* Buki di prenchi 19 Lucero, e kach sabi di Zegu
* Buki di prenchi 20 Famia Raton ta bai ku fakansi
Blachi di kopia
* Map di kopia ku 4 renchi
* 6o blachi di kopia ku tarea di diferensiashon

Picture books with CDs

With each theme there re re a number of theme stories in
the manual and story book Per theme a elected story is
presented in a picture book The children process the now
familiar stories by listering to the CD with the picture
book in their hands

Copy sheets

There is a folder with copy sheets for differentiation The
copy sheets contain attractive additional material for the
fast pupils While they are working independently on
their assignments. the teacher can spend more time with
pupils who need more attention

Apart from linguistic and didactic
experience the developers have
a thorough knowledge of the
Antillean community E'uring the
design.development and writing
of the preschool curriculum the
Papiamentu speaking preschooler
was continuously place at the
very center of his environment.



l'~i;: In
I: *?


II~~ ""

i ff-c~


e SS


The sound-CD contains
45 different sounds The
intention of this is to practice
and furtherdevelop hearing
capability and listening skills
during the listening program.

io puzzles in drawer for group 1

For the processing of a few stories froni handbooks i and 2 puzzles have beer

10 games in drawer for group 2

For group 2 attractive language and arithmetic games have
been developed The rate of difficulty increases slowly.


don.'..ll'-a---- l



Trampolin, kashi brde ku lachi
* Pzel 1, Kabouter Oreagrandi
* Pzel 2, Baile den waseru
* Pzel 3, E strea malamucha
* Pzel 4, E kolnan di kabouter Koko
* Puzel 5, Steven ta prd kaminda
* Pzel 6, Flora i su fli
* Pzel 7, Esta un bruashon
* Pzel 8, Pam Pampuna
* Pzel 9, Kompa Nanzi ta pusta subi seru
* Pzel lo, Un dia den parke di hunga

Trampolin, kashi hel ku lachi
* Wega 1, Pintura ku rima
* Wega 2, Pzel di 2 lter i pintura
* Wega 3, Pintura ku rima
* Wega 4, Wega di aritmtika (1-5)
* Wega 5, Wega di aritmtika (6-lo)
* Wega 6, Kahita di aritmtika
* Wega 7, Lter inisial
* Wega 8, Wega pa lesad prinsipiante
* Wega 9, Pzel di 3 Iter i pintura
* Wega lo, Kahita di palabra i imgen




dimPlanlHikashon dl


The method Lesa Bon is not new: children have been learning to read in Papiamentu with it
for thirty years But as Papiamentu has become the language of instruction at most schools
in Curacao and Bona i re since the introduction of the new Elementary Education, the existing
met hod by Rut h Zefr in has been slightly adapted and re-published by FPI on the government's

Wall charts

Lesa Bon is a method for initial reading
lessons in Papiamentu and is based
on oral language usage. There are wall
charts based on five themes from which
a number of basic words have been
selected that are to be found on the 45
basic word charts. The concrete words
that are presented contain practically
all the letters that occur in the
Papiamentu alphabet.

u' '~
L ~ '
1' '

* Lesa Bon, Manual
* Lesa Bon. Buki di kntrol
* Lesa Bon, plachi di palabra bsiko 45
Plachi di muraya
* Plachi di muraya i Nos kas
* Plachi di muraya 2 Nos skol
* Plachi di muraya 3 Ku gan na kas
* Plachi di muraya 4 Un mrdia den kur
* Plachi di muraya 5 Den hfi di bas fil

Buki di lesa
* Nivel di lesa 1: Lesa bon 1-3
* Nivel di lesa 2: Lesa bon 4-6
* Nivel di lesa 3: Lesa bon 7-8
* Nivel di lesa 4: Lesa bon 9-11
* Nivel di lesa 5: Lesa bon 12-13
* Nivel di lesa 6: Lesa bon 14-15

Buki di tarea
* Nivel 1: Man na obra 1-3
* Nivel 2: Man na obra 4-6
* Nivel 3: Man na obra 7-8
* Nivel 4: Mas trabou A
* Nivel 5: Mas trabou B
* Nivel 6: Mas trabou C



There is a concise manual and a control book in
which there are word lists that increase in
difficulty in accordance with the level. Thus
there are one-syllable words, words with front
and end letter clusters, words with two syllables,
and so on.

Reading levels

For the six reading levels that are distinguished, there are always two to
three books available. The levels have different colors. There are also two
series with work books offering exercises for each difficulty. There are
also folding strips to be used in the group.


To keep the survey visible there are two posters that can
be hung ai c.iss They clearly shcwi the reading lvce1I,
for the pupiIs. par( nts and teachers There is.
distinction betwe rn the preparatory prt E
Part t)eLaratitoa rj d the core section

Pa't Iar,11lL'I1



V, ; ai-o dj.t
- mi vas hak gai djt
i yen ham riel djip
p vais eieS dChup

wn fer zip dou shal
SOl 'antuari !e br n
tan 2
on a 1 2 3

kas p d':

kas up dy a^r

febr ari

1 2 3


b 0 s

": p


"'~~ B


Fundashon pa

IloimaPaaHlikashon d


Program for starting readers

Salto is an attractive language and reading
method for pupils in group three of the new
Elementary Education. All aspects of further
language acquisition and initial literacy are
dealt with integrally in ten themes: technical
reading, reading comprehension, listening and


speaking skills, story concept, vocabulary,
functional writing and spelling. By offering
lessons and material for processing at different
levels, Salto takes into account the differences
between the pupils and creates space for a
varied approach and differentiation.




Teacher's handbook
Salto's teacher's handbook consists of several parts, in which
worked out lesson plans are to be found, but also suggestions
for a development oriented approach. There is furthermore a
clear description of available material. Two story collections
offer lots of original stories with the ten themes. They are
richly illustrated.

Nine Giant Picture Books
The nine Giant Picture Books contain apart
from discussion, pictures for the big or
somewhat smaller discussion circles. The
pictures relate to the theme that is being
dealt with or a root word that presents itself .
at that moment. ; ..
-'V>-- 'E

Ten readers at corresponding level
The method comes with ten colorful readers at the
corresponding level. They contain short texts and word lists
for the application of the reading material. There are also
control assignments at the end of each book with which
the children's progress can be
established. ^


I 1

.<&Ib IM
-s .. -
>- ^ ,o f



Ib ~~ _Illlli

B ia, -L-:

Idln- 1

Ten workbooks with differentiation exercises
Each level is accompanied by a work book, in which there are
assignments with which the treated subject is practiced. The
level of difficulty is indicated.
Children who assimilate the subject matter faster can
immediately start with the assignments that are somewhat
more difficult. Pupils that need some more practice first start
with the easy assignments.

Letter combination folder
In the letter combination folder the letters
are hanging of a root word that the children
have just learned. As new letters are
constantly added and these letters can be
moved about, the children soon discover
that words consist of several letters and
that they can always make new words by
changing the letters. In this way numerous
words can be formed and the children
playfully practice reading and spelling.

Root word charts
Each root word has a root word chart.
These root word charts offer important
visual support when learning the new word.
The root word charts that have already been
dealt with remain on the wall so that the
children always see them. In this way they
remember the word and imperceptibly
learn the new letters.

18 ---- -


1,qop W---
. ... -': -.- ,! ,


~-~,"a' I~s~~C!

:~.~"ro:'~b "' :
~"' ~9,

-- rZ-

t;-~ -

: ..
''' '

* Manual nivel 1
* Manual nivel 2
* Manual nivel 3
* Manual nivel 4
* Manual nivel 5
* Manual nivel 6
* Manual nivel 7
* Manual nivel 8
* Manual nivel 9
* Manual nivel lo
* Guia pa aserkamentu dirigi riba desaroyo
di alumno nivel 1-5
* Guia pa aserkamentu dirig riba desaroyo
di alumno nivel 6-io
* Buki di kuenta nivel 1-5
* Buki di kuenta nivel 6-10
* Guia pa uzo di material
* Pakete di plachi di palabra bsiko
* Map di kombinashon di Iter
* Buki di prenchi gigante nivel 2
* Buki di prenchi gigante nivel 3
* Buki di prenchi gigante nivel 4
* Buki di prenchi gigante nivel 5
* Buki di prenchi gigante nivel 6
* Buki di prenchi gigante nivel 7
* Buki di prenchi gigante nivel 8
* Buki di prenchi gigante nivel 9
* Buki di prenchi gigante nivel io
* Buki di lesa nivel 1
* Buki di lesa nivel 2
* Buki di lesa nivel 3
* Buki di lesa nivel 4
* Buki di lesa nivel 5
* Buki di lesa nivel 6
* Buki di lesa nivel 7
* Buki di lesa nivel 8
* Buki di lesa nivel 9
* Buki di lesa nivel 1o
* Buki di tarea nivel 1
* Buki di tarea nivel 2
* Buki di tarea nivel 3
* Buki di tarea nivel 4
* Buki di tarea nivel 5
* Buki di tarea nivel 6
* Buki di tarea nivel 7
* Buki di tarea nivel 8
* Buki di tarea nivel 9
* Buki di tarea nivel 1o

I~il~lli il~ iI i1111



itl? !* ii


kVr .


Asina mi ke ta!

The title Asina mi ke tal (The Best Me I Can Be!) of this
series of eight readers playfully suggests the growing
awareness of own norms and values. The word'mi'
(me) indicates self reliance and responsibility.



x ''.~5F~;*
n-r~ '''"
~~~ciu'i "''L j i

-~ ~ *1 II UU' u V
D k

S .-

There is courage and self confidence in sentences
like: Mi mes ta disid! (I'm in Charge of me!), Mi ta
papia brdat! (I tell the truth!), Mi ta responsabel! (I
Am Responsible!). The tone is never pedantic. They are
meaningful texts and recognizable situations for initial
readers, parents and educators.

* Mi mes ta disid!
* Mi por koper!
* Mi ta asept bo manera bo ta!
* Mi ta duna rspt!
* Mi ta generoso!
* Mi ta papia brdat!
* Mi ta responsabel!
* Mi ta un bon amigu!

~ -1l- -- 7


,- r
1 ----st


'i E





_ -i=;~L~n~l?-


0O I,.-41 NET PA BO801

S, Nt pa bo!

"" The Csr ies Net l r bo~ lustt f r Ju' is for children who are, beginning to read and fc.r educator- and
parents whli help then with tisis. There are three reading leVes v.witl'h a glowing difficulty rate In
each book there is infor'ma3tioni about t[he autlhol arnd rtists .apart froi qiuetions and assigrments.

In the fellow books level il there are short te:ts and S ntencesl that often rhyime The subject- aie
vio clo.e te thie c 'hild' e perience 'Iou cani ha,,e a bad day. bu t at wi!l be al> right giin .ii i : t'ii i oi
f clo')i Being ill is no easv matter, buit Daddv will take care of yvou Al\ r i iii i tu i r tO ii i taiM, i l
On th1e uthe! r hard it s 1n e xtia trat to creep i!n bed wvitI Mommi y 'll oIl o i i at' ii i)-i oc to p!ay in
S the dark until yov i tali asleep (Kt hs p, '; Dailv sitilu t0ions and everits .:comn LIp VOu u.iarreI w rtl'
.ou VOLVir fraerid at :ch!oo INo di iil No (, l Uu yo i hi Ivc to huri Lir otyieit ie si (H i I ie' ') you i precio'L dog
1i..i 'A l h eas !i L eost (Al' stec, dl e K-'ocol> petil anrid yoiL] bLotihei ttache: V yo how tO tie Oufi r -o.hoe laces
L(.'11T, fete' F1io tIa fa iill

Iast !-. Feelings, arid e'perience; are treated more in depth in thie green book Ilevel 21 Hu-ow do Vui deai
with anger (Stop /LiL lo5 frio obLr 'ic : ', H'oew do ou.i experience tin-,:' A day out v.;itli \oiir daid i
much to -1hort, bit waiting tfo him takes so lIcrig ISO diia 1 fu pLpii Houv do youI g et all t he c horses
Done in one day (NLal kn '1o to7 k ,iiu k- i o iL t i i i L ) You I nl et e\ cus es not t t rker a bath
( A- o por baro L 0i 1 VOL invent d1e' ..ing ups. with yoLur friend- lgE UiuiChlWliii'l rt', '' Jr iclIl), yV'LL [ook iup
j'. B E ii awv at thi s tars: it night lStrea i ni mas tieal and you consider vour nioth',r voLur best friend

Nivel 1
Awe no ta mi dia!
Hasi lihe!
Ku lus paga'
Mami su kanma
Mara feter no ta fasil'
Mi no por wanta ora mi ta malu'
E0* Misterio di e kacho prdi
No dal mnii!


22 '
43i ~ lc
E IYdb~II~'i~~irP A811~leruIR '

a aeIa4&%iIt;CirjL *t -6

LBden too4 j fVnaka no por
1 Uan~_"~~ haa.
-a-li. 3*ii~~

Tn the purple books (level 3) customs and traditions. role patterns and rivalry play a role. The most
beautitfu] pre. ent fui volir ;.ister who i a bout to get married i -i decorated biooni over '.iih thke married
couple imu.t iump (Biia 'iiLsoral u feel tough among ill tihoe men it the barber sh.p' with their
hioptalk INo Biarbeiiar Wat the best day of the week (Djadrumiug e rriidia aiil. who is vouir best
fit end I Trs t.i di mail and who dare to climb in that tall tiee IMuchaf muhe ku briol' Y'o feel rotten
when a nerw hoy with the .arie narni conLms in- your class I T.i oi i T crin) or because you're not alloived
ti. um-p tope because? yvoi re a boy And thit's why you ptacti,-e eVry dav for the big match l(Proiibi .aL
F'rmlilG O b' 't\)

Nivel 2
* E muchanan den lonchi
* Mi mama. mi amiga
* Mi no por baa!
* Nunka no ta kaba, nunka no ta kla!
* Stop, laga los i fria kabes!
* Strea i mas strea
* Un dia ku papi

O -- .
= Kumbal I

I, .' '

MerIY. Alt

i:io, ke bai je

sts di riadoe

a hn
. i as

Ai~ 111111^ ^1 il


Besides the translated popular series
like those about Elmer. the patchwork
elephant and Frog (Sapu) there are
also classics to be found bv Curacao
authors which have now been given
a face-hft and embellished with color
illustrations. The books are meant for
several age groups. This is in keeping
with the philosophy of the new
Elementary Education

... .:\ .. '
1 om ke

^^ ^'*:' I HH ^ H

^ *91

N- d

The Elmer and Frog series have been translated in many
languages Childr, n from all kinds of countries are crazy about
them. Nanseli, unda bo ta kore bai? is a longer and exciting story
with a surprising end. Both the Venezuelan folk stories Bich'i
Kandela i Bshi Mora and Konnchi i Mapurite, as the Curacao
classics Dede Pikiiia, Ipo, orea grand, Koko ta un pal'i gai, Kumbai
and Yomi ke baiflt continue to fascinate many children. But
also the characters in Gabriela i e simianan difelisidat and Mi
amigu hundu i rond draw attention, because they find a creative
solution to a difficult problem.

sap ta sape

Bapu ara

Bich'i Kandela i Bshi Mora
Dede Pikia
Elmer i Tawela Eldo
Elmer riba staka
Gabriela i e simianan di felisidat
Ipo, orea grand
Koko ta un pal'i gai
Konenchi i Mapurite
Mi amigu hundu i rond
Nanseli, unda bo ta kore bai?
Sapui e para
Sapu ta un heroe
Sapu ta namora
Sapu ta Sapu
Sapu tin miedu
Yomi ke bai felt



!|. ll il .- I'I S ll"l 1 I i

With the inriovation.s iii the sec-indary education
In the basisvorming' Imddle school). To this end
the method Alosako Pap.arnientri pa E nsaiansa
S..: :. .:: Sekundaiio was developed and published Parts i
.and 2 are meant for the two grades of the middle
*%H school For the rest of the secondary education
-'0. there are vsbo and havo'vwo parts avai3lble The
books for havo 5 and vwo 6 are being prepared

b q t


0 ,


Mosaiko I

p.... t Mosaiko
'1" 2 **
Paplumentu o

Student books

This method fits seamlessly with the final attainment
levels of the Papiamentu examination curriculum. The
student's book is based on functional texts taken from
daily life situations. The method is strongly focused on
communication, so that Mosaiko can be considered as a
present day functional communicative method. Because
in each chapter the skills are presented within a theme, it
is also considered as a thematic-cursory method.


Mosaiko .,


Kko e ta -


0 I

~ '


* Mosaiko i, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario
* Mosaiko 2, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario
* Mosaiko 3 vsbo. Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario
* Mosaiko 3 havo/vwo, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario
* Mosaiko 4 vsbo, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario

-n u-!


i.u i OBi
SMosaiko "u

1 0 MoSa 1 ko Manual pa dosente

pa :n'.-ansa Sekundario

The appearance of Mosaiko is very
colorful and has a tropical feel, with
a modern and functional layout. The
students experience it as an attractive
Book, in which they like to leaf, because
there are many pictures of familiar
local persons and situations.

Mosaiko 1, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario, Manual pa Dosente
Mosaiko 2, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario, Manual pa Dosente d._
Mosaiko 3 vsbo, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario, Manual pa Dosente
Mosaiko 3 havo/vwo, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario, Manual pa Dosente
Mosaiko 4 vsbo, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario, Manual pa Dosente

Mosaiko 1, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario, cd
Mosaiko 2, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario, cd -
SMosaiko 3 vsbo, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario, cd
Mosaiko 3 havo/vwo, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario, cd
Mosaiko 3 vsbo/havo/vwo, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario, dvd I
0 Mosaiko 4 vsbo, Papiamentu pa Enseansa Sekundario, cd


-o Mosaiko

iko n. pa isen tu
gglnuel pa cdosent



Teacher's material

Next to each student's book Mosaiko offers a teacher's manual. There is furthermore a sound CD on
which all the texts have been recorded to bring uniformity in the pronunciation of Papiamentu. The
DVD is an aid for listening and observation skills. In the Mosaiko method there is also a literature
time line. Local authors are discussed, whereby the genres prose, poetry and drama are dealt with.


Aosaiko 2

.~mr r ,r


o?,,,o~ i*.1


Fo, ,,, Mosaiko .

sai ko o
3 ---
P 2
Papiamen u
i .i" .
m~ ~~ ~~ ...



kar nJ

Readers lo+,

Secondary Education

Since Papiamentu has been introduced as
a subject in the Secondary Education and
the students also o final examination
in it there i ., need fcr lesson material
for the students T-hat is why the FPi has
produced book packages with, relevant
titles for tie secondary schools There are
books by local iCuracaol authors regional
(Aruba.'Soutth-Americai and international
IThe Netherlands) wiiteis Some works
were written in Papiamentu. others were
translated froni SpanLsh and Dutch Of course
these books are also available for the general
public. both as packages ind in single copie-:

The first book package 120041 is meant foi
the brugkla' (middle schoCol level The
characters originate tiom Curacao Colombia
and Venezuela and face challenges like
withstanding the lure ot ea drig nionev.
realizing a life's dream in spite of abject
poverty and humorously dealing with every
day difficulties


coautn 5(1


I` I

i i'

Pakete di buki 1
* Caimin su sekreto
* Catalino Bocachica
* E biahenan di Miguel Vicente Pata
* Pako, e makaku baldadi/Shon Kalu, e
pushi Ilrdu

The second book package (2006/2007) is directed towards students of the second
and/or third grade of the secondary education. The first title is the well-known Anne
Frank's diary. The other two are juvenile books by regional/local authors which were
formeily pub'-lshe i in Dutch The characters struggle with far-ieaching problems like
wai teen piegnanry and death The waythev dal w th th i these difficulties gives tlhe
young reader hop, and rispiratio:'n

The third boco.k pa. kage iro8S i.s les.tined for pre- air
hfnal e.~amination gioupi: Fiour genTrrs have been
incllided. poetry : hort ;torie-... a nijvella and tw.:, plays.
Ali the four title *re original wcrrks Ithree re-istes eA
and one debut) bi top Culacao authors who are
mentioned in the Kadansi method L, ..

Pakete di buki 2
* E kas patras
* No yora kantu di laman
* Orkan i Mayra

Pakete di buki 3
* Bos di buriku
* Katibu di Shon
* Nos no ta hende mas/Den number di tata
* Wazo riba rndu




- | *

i~ r~'





/ O ..dal. I

Integrated literary education

SAt the beginning of this millennium literature education was renovated.

for the innovative concepts and the excellent presentation
for the innovative concepts anid the excellert presentaran

Kadans, Literary
and concepts
In the first part. Kadans, L.teratir
ontu ikkeling en hiteraire begrippen,
the students are offered subject matter
and assignments to learn t.i deal with
bterature in their own environrnent They
become literally socialize.d Besides that,
they become familiar with literary terms
that the examination currcuulum requires.

( e

14 u


Kadans, Literary history

The second part of Kadans, Literatuurgeschiedenis, contains
literary history of the six school languages: Dutch, English,
Papiamentu, Spanish, French, and German. This combination of
languages is unique. In each chapter literary period is discussed
and the most important authors are introduced. The books are
richly illustrated and have a modern and functional layout.

Kadans is a literature method for
havo/vwo and higher education.
Because of the ample attention for
art and culture the method fits well
with the subject cultural and artistic
education Studen s are confronted
with the several a tistic expiessions
Ilke literature. pla tic art. painting and
architecturee in tht ir interrelatiorn hip
through history PFriod surveys and
lists are included 'vith terrns as an aid
to the study of lite rature.

Supporting material

For teaching the new literary education there is also
supporting material available next to the textbooks
in the form of teacher's manuals. CDs and DVDs

* Kadans, Literaire ontwikkeling en literaire begrippen
* Kadans, Literaire ontwikkeling en literaire begrippen,
* Kadans, Literaire ontwikkeling en literaire begrippen,
Kadans in beeld. dvd voor docenten
* Kadans, Literaire ontwikkeling en literaire begrippen,
Literaire socialisatie, dvd voor docenten
* Kadans, Literatuurgeschiedenis
* Kadans, Literatuurgeschiedenis, Docentenhandleiding
* Kadans, Literatuurgeschiedenis, Secundaire literatuur,
cd-rom voor docenten
* Kadans, Literatuurgeschiedenis, cd-rom voor docenten,
Wim Rutgers, De brug van Paramaribo naar Willemstad




1 :_1




* Spelchk, Kontrografia di Papiamentu pa Microsoft Office 97 i 2000
* Spelchek, Kontrografia di Papiamentu pa Microsoft Office 2007 i mas abou

Spelling checker Papiamentu

It is estimated that there are 6000 languages in the world. Some
200 of them have a program for an electronic spelling control: a
spelling checker. It is therefore remarkable that there is a spelling
checker for Papiamentu for Microsoft Office. The 2001 version
worked on Windows 98, Windows XP and MS Office 2003. The 2007
version is suitable for Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2007 under
Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The control program, in Papiamentu kontrografia, and called
SplChk, contains about 33.000 words. Besides a CD-ROM for
the individual user, licenses are available for the government,
companies and institutions.

The three partners in the SplChk-project are the FPI,
Tr.iducciones Joubert NV and De Computerclub Polderland
Language & Speech Technology BV took care of the spelling and
breakdown program. In 2001 the Premio Ekselernsa (F Atitari) of the press association Prensa Un was avarcled to the
SplChek program

L, a "


In this section there are titles included
that do not fall under the other

Algun Fenmeno den Desaroyo di
In this book Enrique Muller discusses
linguistic issues of Papiamentu, mainly
phenomena on the word and sentence
level. The idea is to reach regulation of
the language.

Banko di Palabra
Throughout the years, the institute's
translation department under guidance
of Thelma Antonia has collected a
wealth of special words and expressions
and stored these in a databank. Since
2008 this databank is also available in
book form for the general public.

Bati kabes
In 1992, May Henriquez (t) published a
booklet with charada's (popular riddles)
and with illustrations by Elis Juliana.
The FPI will bring out a new edition of it.
Young and old will be delighted with this

Algun Fenmeno den Desaroyo di Papiami
Banko di Palabra
Bati kabes
Bibliography of the Papiamento Language
De brug van Paramaribo naar Willemstad
Un Momentu pa Papiamentu

Bibliography of the Papiamento
This posh publication with titles of
linguistic, historical and sociolinguistic
studies about Papiamentu is a tribute
to the compiler Maritza Coomans-
Eustatia (t). During her life, she was
the chairwoman of the Stichting Libri
Antilliani. She has worked for years on
this bibliography.

De brug van Paramaribo naar
In this book, Wim Rutgers discusses
Dutch literature in the Caribbean
between 1945 and 2005.


This journal with contributions about
Papiamentu, appeared three times a year
with a limited edition. Copies are still

Un Momentu pa Papiamentu
This book, with accompanying audio
CDs, is based on a FPI radio program with
the same name, in collaboration with
Radio Z 86. It has been composed by ex-
employee Etline Lourens (t) and revised
by Cathleen Giterson. The following
language areas, among others, come
up for discussion: literature, history,
word and language use, grammar and
reflection on Papiamentu. Everything is
presented in a popular manner.

DeIt3 jO1p, .~:0~~1

G1, t %1 -
1, Gt.




The FPI does not only work on the modernization
of Papiamentu, but also on its conservation. One of
the ways to do this, is by reproducing texts that are
hardly found: the so-called facsimileing. Thus they
will become accessible for research. When preparing
facsimile productions, the FPI can count on the
collaboration of the Stichting Libri Antilliani (SLA).
The Coomans-Eustatia collection forms a great basis
for this. As a sign of appreciation for her contributions
to cultural historical research of the Antilles, several
of the publications have been dedicated to Maritza
Coomans-Eustatia. Also the FPI has a collection of
about thirty original old books. These rare booklets
were saved by Frank Martinus Arion from the burning
bishop's palace on 30 May 1969.




prefecto ApostolicW
di Curagao.

9 937.

Language conservation


i^-~s- r t%2, ''

Aruba en Papiamento
This publication contains two early-Papiamento
protestant publications from Aruba by A. van Dragt
(1847) and Rev. N. Kuiperi (1864). Various contributions
have been included.

Catecismo corticu
Catecismo corticu is a facsimile from 2001 of the oldest
still existing catechism in Papiamentu from 1837 by
M J Newndt Ths 32- paged bok s the oldest printed
Aboak in Papiamentu

Ewanhelie di San Matheo
The Etanh7lieli d: San Matlieo by Reverend C Conradi
is the oldest potestant booked priy-Pted in Papamentu
and datesta fram 844 Thei facsmrle publicato n fro
2004 contain s a. p contributions b Henny Cooans about
have been included.

Protestanti-smo n Curacao at thfe fbegm 2n of the oldth

ce n Papatur

Kamiena di Kroes
The original booklet Kameona di Kroes overthe waC of

the cross' from i85o was written by J J Putrman Pesides
ithe s tory about the way of tohe cro.the bookiet apso
and dates from 1844 The facsmile publication frorn

contains nRedtatons and prayers PutCan r tebo
and prteinted textbooks and prayer books n Dutch and
Kamiena di Kroes
The original bookiet Kamena dr Kraes or *the way of
the cross'frorr1850 was wrten by Jji Putman Pesides
the srory about the way of the crois. the booklet aso
contains rnedtations and prayers Putnan wrote
and prntned teirbooks and prayer books in Dutch arid




-: '

"<' "

"' "'
"~' "~
'~' ~'
"'~"' '

''''~' "`
." ~ "
---- "~
~ ~"'
-"'-""' '


Katekismoe is a bookletfrom i86 2 bv reverend Kulperi

for the protestants in Aruba. Reverend Kuiperi was the

first person who took care ofbooklets in Papiamento

for Aruba. The facsimile-publicat ion from 2001

contains a postscript by Henny Cooman

Prefecto Apostolico di Curacao na Cristian di su


The first printed text in Papiamentu from 1833 has

the title Prefecto Apostolico di Curacao na Cristian di

su mission. It's a letter by the prefect M. Niewindt to

believers. Besides a translation in Dutch, the facsimile-

publication from 2002 also contains linguistic and

historical contributions.

Woordenlijst met Zamenspraken

This booklet was originally published by B. Frederiks

and J.J. Putman in 1859. Besides the oldest word lists

Papiamentu-Dutch and Dutch-Papiamentu, there is

an overview of idiomatic expressions. The facsimile,

published in 2004, contains a contribution by Henny

and Maritza Coomans-Eustatia about Papiamentu

dictionaries and word lists from the 19th century.


* Aruba en Papiamento, 1847/1864, Abraham van

Dragt/Ds Nicolaas A. Kuiperi

* Catecismo Corticu pa uso di catolicanan di

Curacao. 1837, M.J. Niewindt

* Ewanhelie di San Matheo 1844, C. Conradi, 2004

* Kamiena di Kroes, Koe historic, meditasjon i

orasjon kortiekoe, pa J.J. Putman,1849, Stichting

Libri Antilliani

* Katekismoe, N.A. Kuiperi, 1862, Bloemendaal, 2001

* Prefecto Apostolico di Curacao na Cristian di

su mission, E teksto imprim di mas bieu na

Papiamentu di 1833, M.J. Niewindt, Bloemendaal,


* Woordenlijst der in de landstaal van Curagao

meest gebruikelijke woorden met Zamenspraken,

Curacao, 1859, Bernardus Th. J. Frederiks/Jacobus

J. Putman, Facsimile-uitgave, H. Coomans en M.


! j' LI L

"""'"'"I"' ""~~

.. ~~
.._ ......
.- -
.~-I -
....... ---......
.....- .~.....~...
....... -- ;_.~~..I~I
......~^- -, _,...-
.... ...-
-I ,...~....-
,.~ ..1-
.. ~r
..~c. .. ..~I- ~~
... .Y-
.. -: _..... ~.I
.. .-.
... -. -
.. I... ., .1.
... .-





1 'UIbliiii4 i


hSntRoFk wdi

Buki di lesa 4+
* o1 dede enkant
* 3 Kuenta di Ada
* 8 Kuenta di Maravia
* Ai, mi dushi bunita kaptan
* Ai... bin tende un kuenta!
* Ata'ki mi boka 1
* Bestia por sia nos hopi kos
* Bfi, Bafi i Bfi
* Buskad
* Dede pikia (second edition)
* Dos wowo pa mi mira 3
* E fiesta di lter di Fabi
* Esta dushi! Karnaval di Kadushi!
* Flamboyan
* Ipo, orea grand (first edition)
* Kabesitu di Piskadera
* Komedia pa much
* Kompa Ber ta traha djm di apel
* Kuantu nan ta?
* Kumbai (first edition)
* Nanishi riba dje 2
* Nati a bula bai
* Nati vliegt weg
* Orea pa tende 4
* Pustamentu i dos otro aventura
* Rini 1,2.3,4
* Tres kuenta italiano
* Un deseo kumpli
* Un kouchi yen di galia
* Verso pa much (second edition)
* Yomi ke bai flt (first edition)

Buki di lesa 12+
* Ban, ban pasa un rndu
* Bos di Silensio
* Mari di Malpais
* Nashaira, Un Prueba i mas kuenta
* Un krenchi di mi mes
* Un mushi di haiku
* Wazo riba rondu no.1 (second edition)
Poster i tarheta
* Awe Mainta
* Desaroyo
* Inolvidabel
* Kaminda mi rais toka tera
* Luna
* Nochi
* Pinta Papiamentu
* 'Shon pader, no ta asina ku...'
* Sombra di luna
* Tati
* Tuma mi man


* Ortografia di Papiamentu
* Bon Uzo di Papiamentu
* Papiamentu, Kurso 1 pa prinsipiante di
abla ulandes
* Ekspreshon oral, Rekapasitashon di
papiamentu kurso IV
* Gramtika, Rekapasitashon di
papiamentu kurso II, III i IV
* Historia di Papiamentu, Rekapasitashon
di papiamentu kurso II
* Literature di much, Rekapasitashon di
papiamentu kurso II i IV
* Literature oral, Rekapasitashon di
papiamentu kurso II
* Literature, Rekapasitashon di papiamentu
kurso III i IV
* Papiamentu skib, Rekapasitashon di
papiamentu kurso IV
Mtodo Papiamentu, Nos Idioma
* Klas i tomo 1-3; Manual 1-3
* Klas 2 tomo 1-3; Manual 4-6
* Klas 3 tomo 1-3; Manual 7-9
* Klas 4 tomo 1-3; Manual 10-12
* Klas 5 tomo 1-3; Manual 13-15
* Klas 6 tomo 1-3; Manual 16-18
* Manual General di Papiamentu. Nos
* Les Modelo, Guia pa un mih struktura
didktiko pa PNI
* Lista di Palabra pa Papiamentu nos


Previous publications

The publications (1986-1997) of the former government department Sede di Papiamentu have been included
in the FPI collection.

- ~niilrrii--.--


Mtodo Papiamentu Funshonal
* Klas 1, Buki di Alumno
* Klas 1, Buki di Dosente
* Klas 2, Buki di Alumno
* Klas 2, Buki di Dosente
* Klas 3, Buki di Alumno
* Klas 3, Buki di Dosente
* Klas 4, Buki di Alumno
* Klas 4, Buki di Dosente
* Ortografia pa enseansa avans klas 1
* Ortografia pa enseansa avans klas 2
* Ortografia pa enseansa avansa klas 3

* Een peiling van taalvaardigheid
Papiamentu en Nederlands in de
bovenbouw van de basisschool op
Curacao ,
* Lista di buki di much i hben na 01 sh
* Opi ie Gran Kamuflahe IRapan
* Ortografia di papiamentu na man
* Vokabulario di uso Papiamentu-Hulandes :'.:.;i




'-mi j

i( ,

I .... 1. ..RA

.* 31
_ AL

I *'
'' .

"' rivl 1!

I .a


3'~ ;



Language in the community
One of the tasks of the language institute
Fundashon pa Planifikashon di Idioma, the
FPI, is to stimulate

Organizational structure language planning FPI
The representation below shows how the language planning
activities of the FPI are structured.

national unity by
realizing a good
command of the
official languages
and a good use of
language as a means of

Language politics and
language policy

Community, language
and media


To cover all the
attention areas in
language planning,
the FPI in its daily
activities makes a
distinction between
status, corpus and
distribution planning.
In status and corpus
planning, the institute
works on the place
of the languages in
the community and
the languages themselves respectively, for
example spelling, grammar, text perils, etc.
In distribution planning, the FPI considers
school as the most solid medium to distribute
language in the community. In accordance
with this viewpoint, a strong bond was built
with education and individual schools.

StatuS: planmltig -


t,~0rp~U5pfanniii1;r DiM*0 p$n1

Piy Grphoiggy .$.$cIaaI&

S...Reearch': : .M h o .Med

Syintax ..: .".lco

SDi scurse..,

:.. Pragm atlcs ,

Organizational structure language planning FPI

Language planning


Language material development

Upon restructuring primary education, preschool education
and the elementary school have been merged to the eight-year
Foundation-based Education, divided in two cycles. The schools
have the option to offer education in Papiamentu, Dutch or
bilingual Papiamentu-Dutch.

Language material for the
renewed education
The FPI has started with the
development of language
material and continues working
by order of the government
on its production, mainly with
USONA funding. The following
overviews give a schematic
presentation of the development
of language material by the FPI
for Papiamentu-language schools
and for Dutch-language schools
in Foundation-based Education.
The overview for secondary
education has also been included.


Language material for Papiamentu-language
The outline shown below gives an overview of the
development of language material for Papiamentu-
language schools in Foundation-based Education.

Fiesta di idioma: Mother language education

Salto ,
Reading Spanish
Taalballon: Dutch as a foreign language

Student dictionary
Papiamentu:Spelling book.

Paplamentu School grammar.book
Papiamentu Manual of style
Booklet Cood Papfainentu muage


ist cycle

2nd cycle

Spansh ~k! English

Language material Papiamentu school Foundation-based Education






Taalparasol:: Du language teaching

Zo lezen:
and Writing


Sia Papiamentu: Pap. as 2nd language


ist cycle

2nd cycle

Papiamentu Dutch

Spanish English

Language material Dutch-language school Foundation-based Education

Language material development

Language material for Dutch-language schools
A limited number of schools are allowed to use Dutch as
language of instruction in Foundation-based Education.
The outline shown below indicates what this means for the
development of language material for Dutch-language schools
in Foundation-based Education.

Language material development

Language material in Secondary Education
The FPI also develops textbooks for secondary and higher
education. The titles in the shaded squares are already available.
The support material is being developed. Even in higher
education, mainly the educational sector, they use the provided
textbooks and support material.

Papiamentu and literary education
The FPI gives priority to material that has to be developed locally.
We are talking here about resources for the subject Papiamentu
and local literary education.

Other languages
The FPI has also been requested to develop material for foreign
languages. Thus, the havo/vwo would like to have a Dutch
textbook that fits our students' interests.

Dutch 3 & 4
Dutch 1 & 2
Du language
teaching Spanish 3 & 4

> Mosaiko & 2

tJpdlcin 1 Sp.language

Mosaiko 3 & 4

Mosako 3 & 4 Mosaiko 5 & 6

Dutch 3 &4

Spanish 3 & 4

Dutch 5 & 6

Spanish 5 & 6

1 2 3 4 5 6

Other languages material in Secondary Education


Literary education

Studrit -dicti.o aiy -PapIu. .& DWIPap

Papsiarrlntu .Speitingia' boo

Papi..eritu:Schoolgr.a nrFnrbook

%poi P!Ofient Ml-kf st-4e

Buaiet QooPa pl~mne~~tu -usfge l

2 3 4 5 6


Papiamentu language teaching material and literary
education in Secondary Education


rI =ikdl

One of the tasks of the language institute is to
offer service to the public. This service can occur in
several ways. Thus, there is often personal contact in
case of requests for information. On the other hand
the FPI itself also makes sure that messages arrive
at the user through the media. Forms of service
provision that are in great demand are translations
to and from Papiamentu and revision of texts. There
is also a need for spelling courses, Papiamentu
lessons, guidance in writing articles and/or fiction,
information about existing publications and of
course there is a demand for FPI products.

SE -o.

Personal contact
On a daily basis, there is personal contact with
clients by phone, e-mail or fax, but there are also
those who personally visit the FPI for assistance.
The clientele is very diverse: teachers, students,
authorities, government officials, department
heads, business personnel, newspaper readers,
viewers, etc. In short, everybody who wants to
know if something is correct, if the FPI has found
a solution for a translation or spelling problem,
how to formulate something. The questions are
mostly about Papiamentu, but Dutch also comes up
and occasionally even Spanish, French or another

Using the media
Throughout the years, the institute has used the
media to provide information. For the radio it has
made contributions, such as the informative program
Un Momentu pa Papiamentu. Narrative programs
were broadcast in which stories, fables, poems and
riddles were presented. The institute was involved
in quiz parts and competitions in TV programs like
Nos Mundu, Skina Infantil, Proyekshon Hubenil,
Mru Bondia. When there are public, literary or
otherwise language-related events, the FPI takes
care of announcements in the media through
advertisements, press releases, interviews or articles.
The FPI also has a website with its own domain
name: www.fpi.an.

Service provision


~ ~ i

Translating and revising texts
Compa nes and go,.ernment 'iS tititio!n involve the
FPI to formni late te..ts. deliver a trans.lation or perform
corrections They cimne up with al3 kinds of tex:t: folders.
3an1uial r:Cpolt' les ons. speeclhe e:laraiination tedt: prFes
releases, questionr.naires website s Ind computer programs

Evaluating manuscripts and giving feedback
to writers
Local authors ottei, approach tlie FPi to get information
about thi publication process or they comt with- their
ni.SinLiscriptsi tfo f'tdback rid guidance During i
piiblicatioli proc ; the vw! ters airl cCntnltlnlallv consulted
institutiorns like s, hools and libraries also i. k the FPI for
iroiniation aboit this specific areac

Organizing courses
The FPI organize couis e; fo teaccher cmiipaiies and the
general public The irntitute can reiy on a regular group.
of enthu:.iastic Papianimntu teachers Dutch-,peak-ing
teachers receive Paplanimntu coursess tf:r lbeginnei. It
deCired the personnel of local iistituti[on and companies
can follow cc ors, -.i i S ri spellinng anrd language mastery The
FPi nionitors t!hc quality of l t!e tests and awards certificate
to participantS whov have succes SiiLllv firushed tle course

Sale and distribution of books and other
educational material
Of course the FPI h.is to mnak're ;u: for its pioduLlct teo .ar~ve
at the user The tma teiia] produced by the iiitittute is storlted
and distributed foi the benefit ot i scihols. bookstores
ilbialrei tnd other ii.titutiorii or companies Client.: also
come personailv to the institute to purcliase one on more


F oMi

Translating final exams
By order of the Central Examination board to Arrange
Questions (the Netherlands) and the Expertise Center
for Tests and Exams (Netherlands Antilles) final
exams, under supervision of the FPI, are translated
each year: in Papiamentu for the Papiamentu-
speaking secondary schools in Curacao and in
English for the Windward Islands. In this case new
words or word connections are often created for
certain concepts, which are then saved in a databank.

Databank of translated words and expressions
From the very beginning, the translation department
of the institute has been saving special words,
sentences and expressions in a databank. For many
years the internal employees have been gratefully
using it. As of 2008 this databank will also be
available in book form for the general public.

. -

Receiving and assisting guest
researchers and students
Countless guest researchers have appealed to
the institute in order to, with the assistance and
guidance of the FPI, execute their researches on
aspects of Papiamentu and write their research
papers. At universities in Belgium, Brazil, Canada,
Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Puerto
Rico, the U.S. and Switzerland there is much
interest for the development and special position of
Papiamentu. Local and regional language teachers
and students from, among others, Curacao, Aruba,
Bonaire, Haiti, Jamaica and the U.S. also visit the FPI

Offering trainee posts to local and
foreign students
The language institute FPI is a favorite place
for local and sometimes also foreign trainees. A
minimum of two students per year (mostly from
the administrative training of the Secondary
Vocational Education) are trained at the FPI. From the
Netherlands, Communication students have found
their wav to the institute.

Service provision

Information supply and service provision
during events
The FPI is often involved to give intornation about its
activities products and various language and language
polly issues at meetings. lectures, workshops. symrposia
international conf, rences festivals. expositions book
and Iob fairs Thu-.. several employees of the institute,
have presented papers, given workshop- and stood in
bookstands at loca regional iand international conferences
book markets and exhibitions. Prodtuctive contacts are
established during these meetings

Maintaining an internal library
The in titute ha: a library that is always accessible for its
employees The FPI is sub'-cribed to important professional
magazines and pu chases the latest publications of
local and regional writers Furthermore. the FPI follows
developmeri ts on relevant fields of study and co!Ilect
reference books ab.)ut linguistic and ltrary topics The
institute also own a collection of valuable documents.
whii:h includes the oldest printed text in Papiamenrtu

Internal service provision
The FPI has a small. yet enthusiastic team of support staff
and linguii.tic worker; Guests at the Institute are wvrmnly
received by the domestic worker and other employees The
receptionist speaks to the public and sends on message:
to colleagues in order to perform anrd communicate
optimally. the FPi ha: an efficient digital network
interiral and external experts make adjustments and
solve possible technical problems In this way it becomes
possible to communrii ate effectively with each othet by
phone interim. e-mail. intianet and intetnet Ey means
of minutes cf talks and meetings memos reports and an
internal newsletter. the FPI records resolutions and reports
its activiti-e o o it personnel board of directors and board



External projects
The FPI is often requested to participate in external
projects, such as quality control in exams, take
care of and record texts for educational computer
programs, edit and translate stories, poems or plays,
be a member of the jury and co-organize (cultural)

Kom in mijn boek & Dossier Korsou
In 2001 and 2002 the FPI collaborated in the reading
promotion project Kom in mijn Boek from the
Sentro pa Guia Edukashonal (SGE). The FPI was the
counterpart of teachers from the Writers' school in
Rotterdam. A lot of children's stories were written,
translated, edited and published. In 2002 and 2003
the stage project Dossier Korsou from Flying Bridge
International (Amsterdam) and the Stichting
Paradox (Curacao) followed. Writing workshops
were organized for youngsters and adults. These
workshops produced some educational stage plays
which were performed at practically every secondary
school in Curacao and Bonaire.

K6rsou ta lesa
The campaign Krsou ta lesa (Curacao reads) from
the public library took place for the first time in
November 2006, following Nederland leest. Members
of the library received a free copy of a special edition
of Dubbelspel, so everybody could read it and have
discussions about it. The campaign book of 2008 is
a classic from the Antillean literature. The FPI was
involved in the publication process of this book.

All kinds of local or international cultural
institutions have requested the FPI to organize
cultural and literary events with them or to
participate in projects.

Arte di Palabra
Since 2000 the FPI has been giving its support to the
annual Arte di Palabra, a wide-ranging presentation
and writing competition for secondary school
students in Curacao and Bonaire.


Siman di Kultura
Since 0oo4 the Kas di Kultura has been organizing the Siriian
Lli Kaltiuri.a. an ann al event that takes place in September.
The FPI participate, in it by c'rgani:ing open days or literary

Un siglo di poesi a na Papiamentu
in 1905 the poeni Ai ard by Josepli Sicknman Corsen was
published This poeii i: a benchmitrk for the Papiamentu
literature T comninemiorate this a grc'up of prominent artists
with thle collaborate on of the FPi organa ed the event Un SILol?
di posiLi nr Papion'entit ilA centirli of poetry) ir Papiiamenritul in
september 2005 Ti eie were presentations with music and songs

International conferences
The CurLcao Creole CoLIfer:riie (CCC 20041 was held from Aiguist
11 15 2004 Tihe FPi *ugani;ed it together with the UNESCO
Fiindashon Skoi Himianista. Assoclaco de Croulos de Base
Le:ical Portuguesa e Espanhola (ACBLPE .Society for Pidgirn
and Cieoie Lingui.-ics ISPCL) and the Society tor Caribbean
Linguistic' ISCL) 'Mre than a hundred linguists from many
different COLI uIt r p rticipated irn this conference

From November 6-9.2o008 there will be another international
conference in CuraLao the Eatern CailibLbern /jila,d CltLrs
CoJifErence with the following topic Lt#aiiiiiIie Literatuite
ind CUltute of the E-ist rn C-IbttlbeatL i Since 2004 the Leeward
islands have also been included in this The FPI is organizing
this conference together with the UNA. the UPR (Universidad de
Puerto Rico) and the UW1 IThe Liniversty of the West Indiesi

Since 2001 the FPI has been competing ainmo.t every year with
one of its products foi- the Innovation Award of the Innovatiori
Center Curacao The FPI was repeatedly among the nomrnnees
and on numerous occasions it ha i won a category award in
2001 with Alosaiko. nr 2003 with Kandan. Literaire ontwikkelting
en literoare begrippen and in 2004 with Tranipolin In 200
the institute landed the innovation Award with Kadilas.
Literatui lrgleschied nits
In aooi the Fapamnentu ;pelling checker won the Premio
di Ekselensla from the Prensa Un> On 21 February 2004. the
International Mother Language Day. the FPI was awarded the
Prenrlo Noslhonal d UNESCO-Aiita



Literary festivals
Since 2003, texts by international authors are
translated into Papiamentu and projected on a big
screen during the biennial literary festival Krusa
Laman, an initiative of the Stichting Winternachten
(The Hague). Since 2007 the FPI has been the
organization partner of Winternachten. In 2000
already, the FPI had organized workshops for
literary translators during the festival De Zee van
Verbeelding, a precursor of Krusa Laman. For the
festival in The Hague, the FPI has taken care of the
Great Papiamentu Dictation.

Symposium Language, Culture and Costume
In June 2007 a two-day symposium entitled
Language, Culture and Costume, was held. It was
organized by the Minister of Education and FPI. The
symposium also initiated further cooperation with
the Dutch Language association, represented by the
Netherlands, Belgium and Surinam.

Information meetings about the
Dutch spelling
In 2007 representatives from the Dutch Language
association gave information about the most recent
Dutch spelling to teachers, government officials
and the general public, on all the islands of the
Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. The meetings were

Tribute to authors and artists
In August 2007, the FPI acted as the organization
partner of the FMS, the Public Library, the Kas di
Kultura and the Gallery Alma Blou during a grand
celebration of the eightieth birthday of the national
artist, poet and writer Elis Juliana. In December of
the same year there was a tribute to several local
authors and artists who also turned eighty in 2007.


Own activities
Ofcoursethe inst' ute also take~ the initiative to orgarize

The FPI organizes lectureQ about important language and
literature topics. u tually irn cooperation with the UNA
Faculty of Art ;

Workshops and training courses
On a regular basis there are workshops and training
courses for teachers in foundation-based and secondary
education.They then learn how to work with programs and
textbooks like Trianpolin Lesa Bo'. Ao:alako and Kniaons
As part ofthe Liteary Tranrlation Project, the FPI ha- been
organizing works ops and meetings for litreary tra nsators
for manyyears Sc.metimes. groups of author: or translators
from Curacao. Ari ba and Bonaire get together to develop a
final product. sucd as languagee textbooks or readers There
are also training courses and workshops for employees of
the institute.

Book presentations
To b ng the institute's products to the attention of the pubiic.
it organizes press conferences presentations to authorities.
spectacular presentations or literary cafes

International Mother Language Day
Eveiv year the FPI celebrates the International Mother
Language Day on Februaiv 21. ofien witi open days for the
public and study packets for schools For some years now.
the FPi together with the UNA Faculty of Arts has been
organizing the popular National Papiamentu Dictation'
Since 2008, on the initiative of the public library there is also
a national dictation for children Other brother languages
spoken in Curacao :.iiich as Haitian Creole ivrt. Portuguese
and Sranan also receive attention on this day

Evaluation and teambuilding
Eveiy vear. the FPI personnel holds anr evaluation meeting under
the guidance of an external expert. This is usually followed by
a creative day with artistic workshops or excursions guided by
recognized artist-.i nd guides The prodiiced work. of art now
embellish the roon-m of the in-titute


The language institute FPI is very grateful that it could rely on the
collaboration and contribution of a growing number of persons
and institutions during the past ten years. The following list gives
insight in this constructed network of relations in the government,
business world, private institutions and individuals from home
and abroad. The names have been dassified as much as possible in
sections. Within the sections, where necessary, the names are ordered
inalphabeticalorder.Thebriefor1 I:.ng laist gig in.ritn ul iion o1 .ilj
mentioned and unmentioned relations, possibly due to an omission,
definitely forms an important part of the success of the FPI.

Authorities and friends of the FPI: governor Ren Rmer (t), drs.
Jacqueline Rmer-de Vreese, govemor Jaime Saleh, Marguerite Saleh-
Halabi, governor Frits Goedgedrag, Dulcie Goedgedrag-Terborg,
interim governor Rosemarie de Paula, interim governor Adle van der
Pluijm-Vrede, Prime Minister Etienne Ys, Prime Minister Emily de
Jongh-Elhage, minister Marta Dijkhoff, minister Philip (Fifi) Nieuw,
minister Stanley Lamp (t), minister Nolly Oleana, minister Herbert
Domacass, minister Maritza Silberie, minister Omayra Leeflang,
minister Edsel (Papy) Jesurun, minister Carel de Haseth, minister Paul
Comenencia, minister Norberto Ribeiro, Secretary General UNESCO
Netherlands Antilles, Executive Council Curacao, lieutenant governor
Lizanne Dindial, interim lieutenant govemor Maria Liberia-Peters,
commissioner Geraldine Dammers. Friends and sponsors ofFPI:
Maritza Coomans-Eustatia (t), dr. Henny Coomans, Lio Capriles, Helvig
van de Laarschot-Jonckheer, Miro Seferina RA, drs. Emy Maduro, Papy
Jesurun, mr. Ren Rmer jr., ir. Gilbert Wawoe, prof. dr. Ren Rmer (t),
dr. Frank Martinus Arion, drs. Paul van Bladel, Judith Capriles, Nader
Hammoud, Rene Henriquez, Stichting Libri Antilliani, Srkulo Ren
Rmer, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba,
APNA, Kas di Kultura, Maduro & Curiel's Bank, Giro Bank, Banco di
Caribe, Curacaos Museum, Fundashon Bon Intenshon, Moru Bondia,
Kooyman, Selikor. Former and current board members: drs. Magda
Rafael, Emily de Jongh-Elhage, drs. Leonard Coffi, Eduardo Cova, drs.
Dennis Jackson, Renfred Rojer, drs. Marilyn Alcal-Wall, mr. Johnny
Kleinmoedig, drs. Melinda Whyte, Idelfons Simon MBA, Hubert
Martha, dr. Jay Haviser, Harold Hollander, Marva Browne MA, Orlando
Cova (t), mr. Oscar Castillo, Erwin Wolfert, Ruthmila Martha, Clark de
Windt, Jennifer Blancheville. FPI-employees: dr. Ronnie Severing, drs.
Silvio Jonis, drs. Mariselle Bermdez, drs. Cathleen Giterson, drs.
Farienne Martis, dr. Enrique Muller, Ini Statia, drs. Christa Weijer,
Geraldine Bonifacio, Maris Francisco, June Leonora, Carla Martijn,
Donald Moron, Marwin Ricardo. Former and temporary employees
and trainees: Former employees: Thelma Anthonia, drs. Jackie
Balentin, Eveline Blijden, Shudari Brenet, Damaris Dorand, Astrid
Hoyer, drs. Anthony Jean-Pierre, Ligia Kirindongo, Louisa Koek,
Myrisha de Lima, Etline Lourens (t), Smyma Martinus, Marina Monte,
drs. Deborah Oosterveld, Imogene Rosario, drs. Wernher Suares, Ada
Tromp MBA, Wina Windster, Shuralys Wout, Rica Zalm. Temporary
workers: Monique Balentin, Shenon Balentien, Emely Bonafasia-La
Roche, Diana Bonifacio, Giovanca Bonifacio, Pablo Bonifacio, Lionella
Bonifacio, Terry Brenet, Marlisson Candelaria, Sharitee Constansia,
Shandra Corelia, Melania Daflaar, Jaydeon Elias, Solange Felicia,
Rosemary Franciscus, Eugemarry Isidora, Mirilys Kwidama, Nihayla
Kwidama, Sien-Marie Leito, Nelson Libiee, Mysharda de Lima,
Myshella de Lima, Solange Maal, Farizah Martha, Naomy Martijn,
Nelida Martijn, Anthony Martina jr., Esperanza Martina, Jennifer
Martina, Marelva Martina, Raghelli Martina, Ruthline Martina,

Crisma Martis, Faralice Martis, Lisette Martis, Rose-Mary Martis, Rhuella
Ogenia, Christopher Philips, Phydro Philips, Sonela Philips, Vanessa
Plati P.iiici r DPaiiel Ro-irj, NM Gita Sagredo, Emelaine Severing, Milaine Suares, Igmareylis Weyman.
Trainees: Vanessa Adelina, Xavier Albertus, Shamir Antonia, Liesje van
Arneman, Diyanira Bekeer, Muriel Bots, Saskia Cannister, Angelique
Capriles, Ruviency Castillo, Jessica van Dijk, Matsimela van Eiter,
Rachinela Elisa, Vidniola Emanuel, Angeline Esperanza, Lydison Fraay,
Romandy Gijsbertha, Sugaine Girigori, Shantly Girigoria, Jeanderlis
Isenia, Sarah de 1'Isle, Anne Kuyer, Danielle Kwik, Noymine Leopold,
Quincy Lopez, Mychenella Marceli, Jofraima Martina, Rachmine
Martina, Bjorna Mongen, Daisharina Offerman, Cindica Rouse, Jarienne
Rodrigues, Chariselle Sambo, Janice Slagveer, Giolivienne Stasia,
Sharelly Stefania, Zonairis Thielman, Vanessa Varlack, Joris Vollebergh,
Ron Wernet, Jordan West. Connections with managements and
officials: KEZ: drs. Anthony Jean-Pierre, Erich van der Hoeven, drs.
Henry Vijber, Richenel Ansano MA, Eunice Eisden, Stanley Heerenveen,
mr. Loekie Ezechiels, Carla Martina, Eric Isenia, SAE: Ren Jantji, drs.
Cesar Minguel, FIdE: Sigmund Montesant, BN: Eugene Berry, FMS: drs.
Suze Giskus, Myrtha Leetz-Cijntje, Irene Dick, SGE: drs. Gwenny
Kateman, drs. Solange Olaria, SOS: ir. Willy Juliana, FBPK: Peter
Steenbakkers, SSC: Jonathan Jukema, SKE: Moises Augusta, KdK: dr.
Ren Rosalia. School boards: Dienst Openbare Scholen, Sydney Marcus,
Sahaira Braun MBA, Rooms Katholiek Centraal Schoolbestuur, Vigdis
Jonckheer-Mensing (t), prof. dr. Ashley Duits, Ronnie Statia, Imro van
Wilgen, drs. Lisette van Lamoen-Garmers, Diana Maduro-Picus, Canisio
Wanga, Stichting Protestants Christelijk nrid r v.lj; signu, Wiel,
Fundashon Skol Humanista, drs. Gertrude Martinus-Guda, Direktiva
Skolnan Atventista, Henry Isenia, Stichting Christelijk Onderwijs New
Song, W. Esprit, Evangelische Broedergemeente, R. Riedel. Museums &
libraries: Diane Henriquez, Nicole Henriquez, Michle Russel-Capriles,
Ina Dankmeyer-Maduro, Biblioteka Mongui Maduro, Ppi Verboom,
NAAM: drs. Ieteke Witteveen, UNA: dr. Goretti Narain, prof. dr. Jeanne
de Bruijn, drs. Hugo de Franca, dr. Liesbeth Echteld, drs. Desi Manuela,
drs. Maxy Bak-Piard, drs. Gert Schaap, drs. Richard Hooi. Institutions and
companies: Kabinet van de Gouvereur va rn de rede.rlan ride Antdlerin
Universiteit van de Nederlandse Antillen (UNA), Algemene Faculteit
UNA, Expertisecentrum voor Toetsen & Examens (ETE), Servisio pa
Asuntunan di Enseansa (SAE), Fundashon pa Inovashon di Enseansa
(FIdE), Bureau Nascholing (BN), Fundashon Material pa '.:.l FM1,
Fundashon Sentro pa Guia Edukashonal (SGE), Stichting Onderhoud
S:holeni (rSO Fundashon Biblioteka Pbliko :c.rsCL F BPKi Sti bring
Studiefinanciering Curacao (SSC), Servisio di Edukashon i Kultura (SKE),
Kas di Kultura (KdK), Akademia Pedaggiko Krsou, Fundashon Pro
Alfa, Fundashon di Artista, Nationaal Archief, Nationaal Archeologisch
en Antropologisch Museum (NAAM), USONA, Bank van de Nederlandse
Antillen, Accountants Ernst & Young, Kamer van Koophandel,
Innovatiecentrum Curacao, Gallery Alma Blou, Landhuis Bloemhof,
Teatro Luna Blou, International Trade Center (ITC), Villa Maria, Kabinet
van de Gevolmachtigde Minister van de Nederlandse Antillen,
Antillenhuis, Vertegenwoordiging van Nederland in de Nederlandse
Antillen: Onno Koerten, Rob Vermaas, Marielle Capello, drs. Tesha Jung
drs. Helen Bader. National officials: Ingrid Rojer-Boom, Sherlon Hinkert
ing., mr. D van der Windt, drs. F. Kerkhoff, drs. Ph. Rbmer, I. Agnes, Caryll
Rijke, Shadira Nurse, drs. Mike Jacobs, Cor de Graaff, Wim Bakker,
Geraldine Gaari, mr. Lutson de Vries, mr. Rins Spinhoven, Jolanda Ng, dr.
Ignald Panneflek, Paul de Rooy, drs. Antonio Maria, Boy Doran, drs. G.
Faber-Melfor, Mirjam Anthonia-Lauffer, ir. Hans van der Straaten,

Ten years of FPI relations

Esther Bomberg, drs. Thea van Dale, drs. Marion Snetselaar, Richard Delfina,
Ronnie Lauffer, drs. Wim Rotman, drs. Gerda Fokker, Frank Elenburg, drs. Nolda
Romer-Kenepa, Modianne Cathalina, drs. F. Gibbes, prof. dr. Valdemar Marcha,
drs. Jeroen Tielemans, drs. Ruud Thuis, drs. Frans Versteeg. Advisors, developers,
authors, translators and editors: Mosaiko: dr. Ronnie Severing, drs. Ange
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Ruben Severina, Geraldine van Bueren-Prens, drs. Eligio Bonofacio, Silvia
Martinus Arion, Irene Schenker. Spelling checker: Sidney Joubert, ir. Winsel
Peney, dr. Ronnie Severing, Theo van den Heuvel, Thelma Anthonia, drs.
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Orman. Kas di Kultura: drs. Roxanne de Leeuw, Ninotszka Vicento,
Lisette Zimmerman. FMS: Irene Dick, Lizette Sambo, Jilma Yarzagaray.
Media contacts: Jos Mara Alvarez de la Campa, Arcusio Arruda Massa,

Hubert van der Biest, Dorthe Boerwinkel, Martha Catao, Josette
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Nederland Wereldomroep, Redactie Amigoe, Redactie Antilliaans
Dagblad, Redactie Bala, Redactie El Peridico, Redactie Extra, Redactie
La Prensa, Redactie Nobo, Redactie Ultimo Noticia, Redactie Vigilante,
Tele Curacao, Flamingo Broadcasting TV u. Institutions, business and
personal contacts: ABVO, AfriCari Foundation, Algemeen
Pensioenfonds van de Nederlandse Antillen (APNA), Amigu di Tera,
Antraco, Aqualectra, ARBO Consult, Asars, Breezes Curacao Resort,
Banco di Caribe, Better Deals, Bookstores: Boekplus, Bruna, Mensing's
Caminada, VanDorp-Eddine, Samsom; Bright Ideas & Services Inc,
Bureau Intellectuele Eigendom, Bureau Ziektekosten Voorzieningen
(BZV), Burgerlijke Stand Bevolkingsregister en Verkiezingen,
Caribbean Cargo Services, Carmabi, Car Rental 30+, Centraal Bureau
voor de Statistiek, Corpus Mysticum, Departamento Sal Hubenil,
DHL, Dienst LVV, Dienst Openbare Werken, Evolution Productions,
FedEx, Fiesta Tours, Fundashon pa Edukashon i Formashon di Fishi i
Kapasitashon (FEFFIK), Fundashon Maneho di Adikshon (FMA),
Fundashon Perspektiva i Sosten Integral, Fundashon Pro Bista,
Fundashon Strix, Giro Bank, HICC, Hfi Pachi Sprockel, Hf'i Pastor,
Hotel Otrobanda, Impacto Uitzendbureau, Inisiativa Partikular
Korsou, Firgos, Jimmy Electronics, Kas di Beibel, Kur Hulanda,
Landhuis Brakkeput, Landhuis Dokterstuin, Landhuis Granbeeuw,
Linguares, Maduro & Curiel's Bank, Maritime Museum Curacao,
Massive Productions, Memento Vivi, Millennium Communications,
Moo's Grocery, Orco Bank, Parke Tropikal, Productive Business
Solutions, RBTT Bank, Reda Sosial, Scarlet Curacao, Sedreko, Selikor,
SITEK, SouperExperience, Stichting Alzheimer, Stichting
Dierenbescherming, Stichting Kinderbescherming, Stichting Rotary
Curacao, Tapirama Computers, The Art & Nature Inn, Unique Flowers,
United Telecommunication Services (UTS), Valentino's, Watch Towers.
Evaluation and team building: Billy Hoogenbergen, Ashley Mauricia,
Ellen Spijkstra, Richard Doest, Vikto Bartholomeus, Genaro
Geertruida, Remouldo Geertruida, Morris Vrutaal. Other contacts:
Ronald Ignacio ABVO, Stanley Heerenveen, Sydney Justiana SITEK,
Maritza Adamus, sra. Anthony, Niels Augusta, drs. Eddy Baetens, dr.
W.L. Bakhuis, ir. Ed Bakhuis, Sheeylice Balentien, Miangelo Barbey, drs.
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Darwin Gregg, Charles Grootens, C.M. Grning, Edward Heerenveen,
F.irl. Heligter Ebrdrn tt Hltl igd gr.i-Halabi,drs.JeanneHenriquez,

Ten years of FPI relations

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Islands: Rhoda Arrindell, Camille Baly, Angela Dekker, Marcella Hazel, Will
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*In preparation

Title Survey


Edition: 0 2008 Fundashon pa Planifikashon di Idioma, Curacao

Texts: Ronnie Severing, Ini Statia, Christa Weijer, June Leonora

Translations: Clark de W rndt. Thelma Anthonia, Ini Statia, Silvio Jonis, Jopi Hart, Wernher Suares, Ithel Brute, Cathleen Giterson,
Olivia lvarez de la Campa

Images and photos: Marwin Ricardo, Farienne Martis, Ronnie Severing, Prince Victor, Frank Angelista, Lothar Kort, Jenny Coffi-Alberto,
Ariadne Faries, Ronny Lobo, Ton van de Langkruis, Francis de Souza, e.a.

Support: Employees FPI, Mariselle Bermdez, Geraldine Bonifacio, Maris Francisco, Carla Martijn, Enrique Muller

Design: Studio Imago, Henri van Santen

Realization: Paul Dijkstra, Wietske Linthorst-Dijkstra

ISBN: 978-99904-2-259-3


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