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July 2006

Force Equals Mass Times Acceleration:
Give This Great Body a Push

G rants for graduate student travel, on-line access to a 'hilh. .-i il1,i,: ii data base,
the i,,. i .. :., sections in tis, and a responsive Executive Office these are
i1.11 i .. I 11 I ii, ."i- of Science Society's most valued functions. According to a recent
survey, members want HSS core functions, such as our publications and the annu-
al meeting, kept in orbit, and new ones launched. You have, for example, conveyed
to us ideas for supporting new-comers to the field, speaking more accessibly and
meaningfully to each other and to those outside the discipline, and fulfilling the
potential of our international character. The enthusiasm manifested for the field
and the Society along with the profusion of positive suggestions for the future,
assured a delighted Executive Committee that HSS has the commitment and ener-
gy to enhance significantly what it does for its members and the history of science.
The online survey is one way individual members are participating in shap-
ing the future of the Society and the discipline. Many thanks to those who partic-
ipated. (To those who did not,, 1.1 I II r. ,..: a second chance when the Committee
on Research and the Profession produces a more detailed survey.) We will be using
the survey results, il. ,,- .,ili deliberations by the Council and various commit-
tees, as the basis for imagining the future of HSS. In the coming months we will
draw up a list of ambitious but practical goals and a set of plans for achieving
them. For example, should we be .''' '"' .i.. r-.. i i 1.1. li i.: among our sub-dis-
ciplines or with our sister disciplines? If so, how?
The impetus t ,i ...-i the medieval physics) for enhancing the ways we serve
the discipline and our members must come first and foremost from you, in the
form of ideas, participation, and financial support. NEH is ready to give us
$1':. Ia'iI i, 1',, 1 i,, 'I I .-,theworkthatgoesinto theCurrent ..:'. ./i
the electronic data base but only if we chip in ourselves (to donate go to
birl .%, i,-i, ,ii... .. i. It's not all about money, of course. If we decide we
want news media or textbook publishers or political leaders to appreciate the sig-
nificance of the history of science, some of us will need to commit ourselves to
making our research accessible to them.
In short, if the History of Science Society is to exert force to serve its mem-
bers, to advance scholarship in the field, and, more generally, to foster interest in
the history of science and its social and cultural relations we need to decide on
a direction and give it a push. I am delighted to announce that Marc Rothenberg,
who, after a decade of service to HSS as Treasurer, will be stepping down from that
role, has agreed to lead us in this undertaking. The new campaign for the history
of science will enable us to meet the goals we define. Please join in the effort.
Joan Cadden, HSS President




What You Think: HSS Publications and Services

,' Excellent
''" -. .d

~7 /

Reading the HSS Survey

The recent survey of HSS members represents an ongoing conversation.
Responses not only give us vital information about you, your experiences
with the Society also give us a measure of how well we are doing our jobs.
The many thoughtful suggestions and ideas show the commitment of our
members to making the Society as useful and responsive as possible to its
members and to the wider community.
Members rate our flagship journal, Isis, highly More than 85% of respon-
dents rate it as good or excellent. Comments showed that the book-review sec-
tion is especially valuable to members. Broad questions about who we are and
what we want to be as a Society filled the comments section, not only on Isis,
but also on the rest of our publications and the annual meeting.
(Continued on page 20)
News and Inquiries 3 Preliminary Program (Insert) I-X
Behind the Scenes: Future Meetings 11
Stephen Weldon 7 Dissertations 12
Awards, Honors, Isis Books Received 13
and Appointments 8 Bucculentus Revisited 16
Jobs 9 NEH Donors 18
Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes 9 History of Science in Bulgaria 19
HSS Conference Election Results 22
Registration Form 10

d. abase ste

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

The American
Society Library

Library Resident :
Research Fellowships

The American Philosophical Society Library offers
short-term residential fellowships for conducting research
in its collections. The Society's Library is a leading interna-
tional center for historical and anthropological research
with over 8 million manuscripts, 250,000 printed volumes,
and thousands of maps and prints. Among its more
prominent collections are the papers of Benjamin Franklin,
Charles Darwin, Charles Davenport, and Franz Boas; and
is noted for the depth and importance of its collections in:
History of science, technology, and medicine;
Anthropology, particularly American Indian history, cul-
ture, and languages; Early American history and culture to
1840. The Library does not hold materials on philosophy
in the modern sense.
The fellowships, funded by a number of generous
benefactors, are intended to encourage research in the
Library's collections by scholars who reside beyond a 75-
mile radius of Philadelphia. The fellowships are open to
both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals who are holders of
the Ph.D. or the equivalent, Ph.D. candidates who have
passed their preliminary examinations, and independent
scholars. Applicants in any relevant field of scholarship
may apply.
The stipend is $2,000 per month, and the term of the
fellowship is a minimum of one month and a maximum of
three. Fellowships are usually of one month in duration,
and seldom exceed two months. Fellows are expected to
be in residence at the Library for four to twelve consecu-
tive weeks, depending upon the length of their award.
Complete application information and forms are avail-
able at our website: http://www.amphilsoc.org/
grants/resident.htm. The receipt deadline is March 1, 2007.

Address applications or inquiries to:
Library Resident Research Fellowships
American Philosophical Society Library
105 South Fifth St., Philadelphia, PA 19106-3386.
Telephone: (215) 440-3400.
For information on this and other fellowship
opportunities, visit our web site:

History of Science Society Executive Office

Postal Address
PO Box 117360
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7360

Physical Address
3310 Turlington Hall
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611

Phone: 352-392-1677
Fax: 352-392-2795
E-m ail: iiif.- l li.. ,,ili ..P;.-
W eb site: lll1. I.. . 1..... lin. ,,r /

Subscription Inquiries: ISIS and HSS Newsletter
Please contact the University of Chicago Press directly, at:
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Or write University of Chicago Press, Subscription
Fulfillment Manager, PO Box 37005, Chicago, IL


Please notify both the HSS Executive Office and the
University of Chicago Press at the above addresses.

HSS Newsletter

Editorial Policies, Advertising, and Submissions

The History of Science Society Newsletter is published in January, April,
July, and October, and sent to all individual members of the Society; those
who reside outside of North America pay an additional $5 annually to cover
a portion of airmail charges. The Newsletter is available to nonmembers
and institutions for $25 a year.
TheNewsletter is edited and desktop published in the Executive Office on an
Apple system using Microsoft Word and Quark. The format and editorial policies
are determined by the Executive Director in consultation with the Committee on
Publications and the Society Editor. All 1i,. ri .nIr, copy must be submitted in
electronic form. Advertisements are accepted on a space- ,i ii i I ..h i,,i iI i
the Society reserves the right not to accept a submission. The rates are as follows:
Full page (9 x 7.5"), $400; Horizontal or Vertical Half page (4.5 x 7.5"), $220;
Quarter page (3 x 5"), $110. The deadline for insertion orders and camera-ready
copy is six weeks prior to the month of publication (e.g., 20 November for the
January Newsletter) and should be sent to the attention of the HSS Executive
Office at the above address. The deadline for news, announcements, and job/fel-
lowship/ prize listings is firm: The first of the month prior to the month of pub-
11.: 111ii i i,,. i.ii.,i (feature stories) should be submitted six weeks prior to the
month of publication as e-mail file attachments or on a 3.5" disk l., ,.. : ,,1i a
hard copy). Please send all material to the attention of Michal Meyer at the HSS
address above (e-mail or disk appreciated).

2006 by the History of Science Society

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

News and Inquiries

Beijing Congress: General Assembly Summary of
Activities, 27, 29 July 2005: Cc

* Creation of the '.:..il. I iI ,i..y ofScience (IIii. I ,l i i ...i ..f h.. I1.i i,,,i: A
and Archival Sources" (WHSO) in collaboration with the President of the
Commission (.I, i..hii,.' i ,li. and Documentation. For further information:
* 1.1 11i1ii_, of DHS Bylaws: The word .:iI...i..- 'was added to the name of
the Division in order to recognize the importance and professional value of the
history f I...:1 1..l.- The DHST Council acknowledged the need to include
gender balance and cultural diversity amongst the members.
* Prof. Eva Vamos delivered a speech on Hungary's application to host the next
Congress.(The 2009 Congress will be held in Budapest.)
* A proposal to create a new commission on Science and Religion was not
* The members of the Assembly also agreed by majority that the maximum
term for one individual to work as the President is eight years (two terms).
* Ronald Numbers was elected President of the DHST
* Efthymios Nicolaidis was elected Secretary General.

The IUHPS/DHST Council 2005-2009

commission Presidents
ncient andMedievalAstronomy: S.M.
Razaullah Ansari
..:.. , 1i' and Documentation: Peter
astAsia: Christopher Cullen
S Jamil Ragep
',..'. I Cornelia Ludecke
Modern Physics: Christoph Meinel
Modern I/ j Helge Kragh and
Roger Stuewer
oceanography : Keith Benson
Pacific Circle: Roy McLeod
.. Instruments: Paolo Brenni
science and Empire: Michael Osborne
Teaching: Jaroslav Folta

Women in Scence: Annette Vogt
ICOHTEC: HansJ. Braun
IASCUD: Wesley Stevens
History ofAstronomy C41/ICHA (with
IAU): Alexander Gurshtein
History of 6.. *, (with IGU): Hector
History of (...'... . .. 1 ITUGS):
Philippe Tacquet
International Commissionfor the History
of Mathematics (with IMU): Karen V. H.
History of Soil Science: Benno Warkentin
International Committee for the History
of i1 -,'. i (ICHM): Jean-Claude Hocquet

President: Ronald Numbers (USA)
First Vice President: Liu Dun
Second Vice President: Fabio
Bevilacqua (Italy)
Secretary General: Efthymios
Nicolaidis (Greece)
Assistant Secretary General: Eva
Vamos (Hungary)

Treasurer: Ida Stamhuis
Assessors: Lesley Cormack
Ubiratan d'Ambrosio (Brazil)
Abdul Hafiz Mohamot *I* .' it
Michio Yano (apan)
Catherine Jami (France)
Alexey Postnikov (Russia)

Future HSS Meetings

Vancouver, BC
(Joint Meeting with PSA & 4S, 2-5 Nov. 2006)

Washington, DC
(1-4 Nov. 2007)

Pittsburgh, PA
(Joint Meeting with PSA, 6-9 Nov. 2008)

New Public Server at the University of Chicago
Press to Improve Access to HSS Material

In February, the University of Chicago Press replaced its main public
server. This is the machine which helps make available all of UCP's pub-
lic Web resources online journals, online mailing lists, and online
directories for HSS and other scholarly society clients. The previous
server was replaced with a much faster machine, and as a result down-
load time for Press content has improved. If you have any questions
about this server upgrade, please write to Mitchell Szczepanczyk at the
University of Chicago Press: mszczepanczyk@press.uchicago.edu.

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Lone Star Historians of Science


Elizabeth Green Musselman, Brandon Marsh, Adrian Howkins, Kimberly
Hamlin, Angela Smith, Alberto Martinez, Bruce Hunt, Steve Kirkpatrick, loanna
Semendeferi, Frank Benn, and Anthony Stranges
nte Lone Star History of Science Group held its nineteenth annual meeting on 21
SApril 2006 at Southwestern University in iC.....i. .i, .,11 Texas. The gathering was
hosted by Professor Elizabeth Green Musselman of Southwestern, and the speaker was
Dr. Alberto Martinez, who served this past year as a visiting lecturer in the University
of Texas Department of History
Dr. Martinez earned his Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota and held postdoc-
toral positions at MIT and Caltech before coming to Texas. His book Negative Math:
How Mathematical Rules Can Be Positively Bent has recently been published by
Princeton University Press, and he has written extensively on the origins and signifi-
cance of Einstein's special theory of relativity In his Lone Star talk, entitled
"Subtractive History: Writing about Einstein in 1905 (after the 2005 Commotion has
Finally I ,..1 i .. i... and delivered in a characteristically lively fashion, Dr. Martinez
surveyed some of the many attempts that have been made to explain the origins of
Einstein's theory and examined why no clear consensus on the question has yet been
reached or, given current scholarly trends, is likely to be reached. Dr. Martinez illus-
trated his points with I i ...... I: '.. i .-.iii.ni 1.. i1..: role a concem with develop-
mental psychology may have played in Einstein's thinking, and offered some sugges-
tions on how Einstein scholarship might best move forward in the future.
Each spring, the Lone Star Group draws together historians of science, technolo-
y, and medicine from around Texas and the Southwest to discuss their shared inter-
ests and enjoy a friendly dinner. The next Lone Star meeting will be held at Texas A&M
University in College Station, Texas, in April 2007. Anyone interested in attending
should contact Prof. Tony Stranges of the Texas A&M History Department at a-
l .:,. ,,- ',",,uii .' i

In Memoriam: Joan Warnow-Blewett
Joan ii'. III%, -1.!,... iI died on 30 May, 2006. A good friend and an extraordi-
nary colleague, Joan was a forceful voice for change in the archival profession.
Her work at the AIP History Center, along with her many publications and pre-
sentations, helped shape modern archival practice. Joan retired in 1997 and
moved to North Carolina with her husband, physicist John Blewett. She main-
tained her ties with the AIP History Center, first as an occasional consultant
and later as a member of its Development Committee. John died in 2000, and
Joan married noted Yale historian Martin Klein in 2005.
Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics

Correction: The April Newsletter gave the mistaken impression that Pam Long
is currently ittil i1...1 I i. the University If' I I i ll.l She is an independent schol-
ar; Maryland is where she received her Ph.D.

i The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online
: A three-year grant by the Arts and Humanities Research Council of Great
Britain has been awarded to ProfessorJames Secord (Department of History
and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, U.K.) and Professor
Janet Browne (Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, University
College London, U.K.) to create a comprehensive scholarly collection of
Charles Darwin's published and unpublished writings, except for correspon-
dence, on the World Wide Web. N', i' i ,1 -, ...in. .. i.
New Blog for the Forum for the History of Science in
A blog has been set up for the Forum for the History of Science in America.
The goal is to provide a place to post short essays and comments for discus-
sion items more substantial than a listserv note but short of a publishable
article. The blog is available at: irr l i.i, l ... I.. ., 1 i,, ,,/.

German Society for History of Geophysics and Cosmical
A commission for the history of geophysics and cosmical physics has been
founded under the leadership of Professor Dr. Hans-Jiirgen Treder, formerly
director of the Einstein-Laboratory for theoretical physics of the Academy of
Sciences. Thecommission publishes journal El ,ii,.i .. ... ..i for
the History of Geophysics and Cosmical Physics, open to all authors. For
more information: http://verplant. .;1i --.... 11i. ,i':,/Wiechert.htm.
Robert Hooke Folio to be Returned to Royal Society
The Royal Society reached a private agreement for the return of the Robert
Hooke folio, which was due to be auctioned in March 2006. The documents
include notes of minutes that were taken by Hooke as part of his duties as
Secretary to the Society in the late seventeenth century, and Hooke's private
notes of the Society's meetings.
Chymistry of Newton Online
With the support of the National Science Foundation, The Chymistry of Isaac
Newton is producing a scholarly online edition of Newton's alchemical manu-
scripts integrated with new research on Newton's 'chymistry' To date, about

Call for Submissions:
The Encyclopedia of the History of Invention and Technology
Contributors are needed for an encyclopedia on the social history of technol-
ogy and invention. The encyclopedia is intended for general audiences. For
more information, please contact DavidJ. Staley at staley3@osu.edu.
Interdisciplinary Essays on Science in 19th-Century Britain
Papers are being sought for a collection of essays on Science in Nineteenth-
Century Britain. Edited by Amanda Mordavsky Caleb, the collection will be
printed by Cambridge Scholars Press in Spring/Summer 2007. Deadline for
submissions: 10 August 2006. Essays are to be 5,000-6,000 words in length
and follow the author/date system (Chicago style). Inquiries and submissions
to: iiii11 .: .1,.i ,. i t .h._ : ...... ,
New Essays on Art and Science in the 18th and 19th Centuries
A new volume exploring the relationship among the arts (fine and decorative)
and sciences (or more '." i 11 l i. I ir., li I pi .i. II..t.il p il.i,.pli in the
eighteenth and nineteenth centuries is under contract with I ,i.,h,,i.-,:
Scholars Press, Ltd. Send cover letter essay manuscript (approx. 3040 pp,
double spaced, 12pt, letter or A4), abstract (two pages max.), and c.v, post-
marked by August 15, 2006 to: Andrew Graciano, Editor Dept. of Art,
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208,USA. E-mail questions to:
(. ,, i,, ,, ._, .I ,,i,,i ,.,I1

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

seven hundred pages have been transcribed and encoded in TEI/XML. Of these, rough-
ly six hundred have been edited and are available online, including Newton's Most
Complete Laboratory Notebook. For more information: http /webappl.dlib.
Special Subscription Offer for HSS Members: 'Historical
Records of Australian Science'
CSIRO Publishing offers HSS members a special 2006 subscription to Historical
Records ofAustralian Science. To obtain the discount rate for society membership, e-
mail publishing.sales@csiro.au. Or visit: http//www.publish.csiro.au/joumals/hras.
New Ph.D. Program at the University of Vienna
The University of Vienna offers Ph.D.'s on 'Naturwissenschaften im historischen
Kontext/The Sciences in Historical Context.' Up to 12 d. :l I 1'1 i. il. .ii.. 111 P rI ...Il -.i1,-i
ning 1 October 2006. Information can be found at one of the f. 11 ,. i %.i '.I:h sites:
http//univie.ac.at/geschichte/ash/initiativkolleg, http//intemational.univie.ac.at/
.1 1.- .11. 11 1 11 11 .1.- .11 1- 1 '.II II'
Burndy Library Donated to the Huntington Library
The entire Bumdy Library has been presented as a gift to the Huntington Library Art
Collections, and Botanical Gardens. The collection includes such treasures as a 1544
edition of Archimedes' Philosophiae Geometrae, a first edition of Boyle's

Physics: Thinking Back and Forward
As the American Institute of Physics (AIP) celebrates its 75th anniversary this
year, physicists will be thinking about how much their science has evolved
and how far it has expanded into new territory.
What have been the most important events in physics during this relatively
short period of time? AIP senior historian, physicist and HSS member Spencer
Weart suggests two discoveries. Quantum mechanics and Einstein's general theo-
ry f .1 iir. ir he says, have laid down the ii p, i of our age.
Quantum mechanics has led to the development of lasers, atomic clocks,
magnetic resonance imaging, the electron microscope, transistors, computer
chips and high-speed communications with fiber optics. Whereas general rela-
tivity has enabled us to predict, with incredible precision, the position of the
planets and other objects in space.
For example, in order for Global I [',r,. .1 11.;, Systems (GPS) to work, a net-
work of satellites, each of which contains atomic clocks to synchronize their
signals with one another, must take into account Einstein's general theory that
gravity slows time down for an observer bound to the Earth compared to a

Experiments andNotes on the Mechanical Origine or Production ofElectricity,
and the scientific library of Louis Pasteur. For more information, please visit
http /www.huntington.org.

In Memoriam: David L. Cowen
David L. Cowen died on Friday, 16 April 2006. He was 96. Dr. Cowen was a
highly-respected teacher, researcher, and author, whose work in the history of
pharmacy earned him world-renown. A Rutgers alumnus, he taught history at
Rutgers from 1933 to 1974. In 1994, he received the Continuing Lifetime
Achievement Award of the American Association for the History of Medicine.
In1989, in honor of his accomplishments, the Rutgers College of Pharmacy
established the annual David L. Cowen Lecture on the History of Pharmacy.
In 2001, the Medical History Society of NewJersey established the David L.
Cowen Award for Achievement in the History of Medicine. Dr. Cowen was also
a prolific writer. For NewJersey's Bicentennial Celebration in 1964, he penned
Medicine and Health in New Jersey: A History. He also produced numerous
other books and scholarly articles, including (with retired Merck and Co.
executive .II. I .ll I. ii 1.1) Pharmacy: An ..'History.

satellite less encumbered by gravity. Through his special theory of relativity,
Einstein showed that time moves slower for a moving object such as a satellite
relative to one at rest such as a GPS user on Earth. Both effects must be consid-
ered in order for GPS to work accurately
Ironically, these two theories (general relativity and quantum mechanics)
are incompatible with one another although they are both used to great effec-
tiveness. But they fail when scientists combine them to explain behavior inside
black holes, for example.
Combining these two pictures of the universe into a "unified" theory is one
of the major challenges still facing physicists, says Judy Franz, Executive Officer
of the American Physical Society.
"Science," says Jim Gates, a professor of physics at the University of
Maryland, is "a determined flight from fantasy. Physics is not about the truth, it
is about making our systems of beliefs less false."

(adapted from an article furnished by the American Institute of Physics)
a rs sD "

At left: In the early 1930's, particle accelerators took up the space of a room in a lab. Today, the largest accelerator forms an underground 17-mile (27-km) loop.
Photos courtesy of Center for the History of Physics, American Institute of Physics

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Free Online Access to Nearly 200 Years of
Medical Research
Back issues covering nearly 200 years of biomedical journals are being made
available online as a result of a Wellcome Trust project. The archive is avail-
able at http://www.pubmedcentral.gov/. Further information: http://library
Careers in Academic Librarianship
Members of the Western European Studies Section (WESS) of the Association of
College and Research Libraries (ACRL) have formed a committee to address
the current and long-term shortage of academic librarians. They are particu-
larly interested in advising scholars and teachers with foreign language train-
ing and advanced degrees that careers in academic librarianship provide addi-
tional options for using their training in an academic setting. For more infor-
mation, please visit the Web site for the WESS Committee on Recruitment to
the Profession: http://www.columbia.edu/ klgl9/WESS/.

Executive Secretary Needed at the Philosophy of Science Association
The Philosophy of Science Association seeks applications for the post of
Executive Secretary, service to begin in June 2008. Qualified applicants are
requested to send c.v to psa-essearch@listservumkc.edu. The PSA reserves the
right to hold the search open until a satisfactory candidate has been found.
Successful : 11111 i. ... I .....i :- .: knowledgeable in the field, and possess
i.i.. ,I '.. i ..i i .. 1 ...i 1.,. i l.. .. I .. ..I. .:.. The office of Executive Secretary
is unpaid, althou-li i I i... ... i .i..to : ..i ..i.. funding for a course release.

Special subscription offer for HSS members

to present members of the
History of Science Society with
a special 2006 subscription offer
to Historical Records of
Australian Science.

Historical Records ofAustralian r
Science is the journal of record
for the history of science, pure and
applied, in Australia and the southwest Pacific.
Print subscription prices include air delivery
worldwide. To obtain the discount rate for society
membership, please e-mail us at

Australia & NZ Rest of the world

Society members
Print + Online
Print + Online

G.. www.publish.csiro.au/journals/hras






Annual Midwest Junto Report
The 49th annual MidwestJunto for the History of Science took place dur-
ing the weekend of 28-30 April, 2006 at the University of Wisconsin,
Madison. After a Friday-night reception at the Rare Books room of
S.,,i.ii ii ilil ii the Junto formally began on Saturday morning, when
participants heard 23 papers in six sections by faculty, graduate students
and two undergraduates in six sessions on various topics, including
SI,,. I of poison, Jefferson's gardening, and cadavers in American medical educa-
tion. At the Sunday morning business meeting, President David Robinson
(Truman State University) announced that Alan Shapiro (University of
Minnesota) was chosen President-elect by acclamation.
The highlight of the meeting was the first Stuart Pierson Memorial
Presentation, given at the Saturday-evening banquet by William
Ashworth (University of Missouri-Kansas City). After introductions by
Alan Shapiro and David Lindberg, Ashworth gave a richly illustrated
presentation of the unfortunate but very amusing career of the hapless
seventeenth century natural philosopher Bucculentus in "Bucculentus
Revisited: The Underside of the Scientific Revolution." (See page 16 for
Bucculentus' career.)
The 50th annual Junto will take place at Iowa State University in Ames,
Iowa in the spring of 2007. Plans are underway for a celebration of the 50th
anniversary of the Junto, and afull announcement will appear in an upcom-
ii,- .7- Newsletter. For the complete 2006 program and more information
on the Junto or on 1 ii. 111ii.-- to the Pierson Fund, contact the Secretary-
Treasurer Peter Ramberg I il' I.r. l, iiii in...') or see the Junto Website
at http://wwwpublic.iastate.edu/ history info/hots/junto/junto.htm
-Peter Ramberg

In Memoriam: Ferenc Szabadvary

Ferenc Szabadvary died 21 May 2006. A member of the Hungarian
Academy of Sciences, former Director-General of the Hungarian
Museum for Science and Technology, and Editor-in-Chief of
.' Szemle (Review of the History of Technology), he
gained fame with his book History of Analytical Chemistry. The book
was awarded the Dexter Prize in 1970, making him the first Continental
European to win the award. Besides books and book chapters, Szabadvary
published 382 papers in domestic and foreign journals. In 1971 he joined
the Group for Registration and Collection of Technical Monuments, later
organized as the Hungarian Museum for Science and Technology under
his leadership. Szabadvary founded a school in technical museology and
launched many young curators and researchers in this interdisciplinary
branch of science. In Hungary, his work in history of science was recog-
nized by the Szechenyi Prize, awarded by the first democratically-elected
government in 1991. He was elected corresponding member of the
Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1995 and regular member in 2002. He
was a founding member of the Complex Committee for History of Science
and Technology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and of the
Committee for History of Science and Technology of the Federation of
Technical and Scientific Societies. He served as president of the Hungarian
IUHPS/DHL Committee for three decades.

(News continued on page 17)

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Behind the Scenes: Stephen Weldon, HSS Bibliographer

yinen Stephen 1:;.1.1 1. work as the History of Science Society Information
W i.1i ., .i i 1.,. 1 11. the summer of 2002, his first job was to produce the 2002
Current /7.'.. I- ((C) ... in under eight months. After clearing that hurdle, he immedi-
ately jumped into compiling the 2003 '-i-, ''; '11i'.i Since then, he has been pmducing yearly
-.,i 11i'1i i1... ,1, f.n i, nri ,n ,data from 2000 and 2001 making it computer friendly for
the Research Libraries Group (RLG), publishers of the electronic History of Science,
Technology, and Medicine (HST) database. "I've been juggling quite a bit of data here," he
says. "In December of last year (2005) I finally got up to date, submitting over 12,000 records
and filling in gaps fr'i ,n 2 11111 t 12005. All of those records have just recently been incorporated
into the HST database. I urge users to start exploring."
Weldon received his Ph.D. (1997) from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the
same university at which the HSS's previous '.i* i, 1. ..-i i,. [ohn Neu, worked for over 30
years. Writing a dissertation on science and secular humanism in the U.S., Weldon would go to Neu
for help finding citations. "He was an important figure on campus for all of us in the history of sci-
ence department," says Weldon.
According to Weldon, the classification and ordering of bibliographic entries was standardized in the
Fifties by a committee of historians of science. Neu maintained that system until he retired. When Weldoi
took the job, he knewhe wanted to make some changes. "I had the historical ti linii-,: i .'1 f.ll 11,. 1.
make decisions about the classification scheme. For example, there was a category called pseudo-science,
which had seemed like a perfectly legitimate category for historians of science in an age dominated by
positivism. Since the late 1960s, however the growth of social constructivism led to an expansion of the
purview of history of science and reevaluations of knowledge systems in general. It became clear to me
that pseudo-science was not a good category I eliminated it and added categories such as alchemy
astrology and occult sciences."
Weldon spent a lot of time talking with people about this problem. "While it was clear to me that
certain parts needed changes, I did not see that a wholesale i ,.:, ,.f. r,., ii.I'i, .. i,.i..I I'l. ,,- warranted.
After the first yean I called a special session at HSS to discuss the changes, and still people periodically
tell me whether it is working for them or not. I keep notes. One of the things that has always struck me
ib i.,ii l i,. ii, i .li i, how central it is, not just to the HSS, but to the larger community of histori-
ans of science around world. I want to preserve its uniqueness and its functionality."
Weldon inherited pre-digital methods and developed, with the help of graduate student
.... Sylwester Ratowt, a computerized system sophisticated enough for quick
Sinput and easy proofreading that produces data suitable for both print
and electronic publication. He also faced challenges in getting software
flexible enough to work on different computers, software that could be coor-
dinated with a central server that would periodically update all the
machines with the newest data. !i ,i .ii.ii1rii: he says.
I I p, b ,1 m tl1,1 i I,rm s, the D -c.. h ,,.il, b I,. i 1 .1 n l.. ,,, ,1 .. :,- l 1,1,,, .1
i,, ,,,, ,,,.l, ', eldon's two graduate student assistants enter most of
I Ii,., .. ,. I, I,. ir,: egorizes it. Some of the sources for citations include
si,, ,, 111I Ii. 111 Il ,tory of science journals, major university press cata-
I, ,. 11.1 Il IIIsition slips. Authors alsosend information about new
,11:,., ,,11.1,,1 ,i "I'm always look-
i I. ..11. I, i find relevant
Ib .-l: isin. a hesays.Tothatend,he
,.. ,, II I.!-,kl to send him c.v's or other
n iutatialuno published work, especially
if the publications have appeared in obscure
places. "We uncover a:I i .11 i f iii i1 through
ulunteer contributions."
Fifty percent of Weldon's time is devoted to li .. hi, --
raphy and fifty percent to teaching at the University of Oklahoma.
Pulling together 2 :., r i, -. 1 1a r ir... ..-year is challenging. "Iplan
to make it larger. Neu ended his career producing 4,000 entries a year
I have yet to achieve that, but I'm getting closer"

Scholars publishing or knowing of articles and books pertinent to the
scope of the CB should notify the Isis Current 7.-'.. ./i- office.
Send all contributions to Stephen P. Weldon, Department of History of
Science, 601 Elm St., Room 618, University of Oklahoma, Norman,
Oklahoma 73019-3106; email: isiscb@ou.edu; web page:
http://www.ou.edu/cas/hsci/isis/index.htm For those wishing to con-
tribute an entry or entries, please send as much information about the
items as possible, using the entries in the CB to guide you. Descriptive
remarks of under 50 words are encouraged but not necessary

Reminder: The is. -'. /i fi.-ii 1975 to the present
n is available online with the Research Libraries Group (RLG).
Members of the Society may access the RLG Web site and the History
of Science and Technology Database (HST) through the HSS home-
page at http//hssonline.org. RLG 1, ., i ii ..Iii i' as a "User
Name" and "HSSDEMO" as a I i... i"



The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced
Study at Harvard University awards 45
funded residential fellowships each year
designed to support scholars, scientists,
artists, and writers of exceptional prom-
ise and demonstrated accomplishment.

For more information, please contact:
Radcliffe Application Office
34 Concord Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

or Contributors [

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Awards, Honors, and


Peder Anker joined the Department of History, University of Oslo, as a Senior
Researcher on a four-year program starting in the spring of 2006.
David Cantor has been appointed series editor for Studies in the Social History of
Medicine published by Routledge for the Society for the Social History of Medicine.
T... i- Reading Weekly named Robert Marc Friedman's The Politics of
Excellence: Behind the Nobel Prize in Science as "one of the ten best books of :" I
The Office of NIH History sponsored a two-day conference this past year on the theme
'Biomedicine in the Twentieth Century: Practices, Policies, and Politics,' in honor of
Victoria A. Harden, the director of the Office of NIH History, on her retirement.
John L. Heilbron, Professor Emeritus of History and History of Science at the
University of iliiiii I .... l. ,. i i been awarded the 2006 Pais Prize for History of
Among the ACLS Fellows chosen for 2005-06 were three HSS members: Hunter
Crowther-Heyck (Ryskamp Fellow); E Jamil Ragep (Digital Innovation Fellow);
Michael Weintroub (ACLS Fellowship program I 1:.. 1. 1"' "11 "")).
The Office of NIH History and Stetten Museum at the National Institutes of Health
announces the appointment of Joseph A. November as the next DeWitt Stetten, Jr,
Memorial Fellow in the History of Biomedical Sciences and Technology. He will spend
his fellowship year (2007-2008) at the NIH conducting research sponsored by the

Center for Information Technology. His project is titled: "Planting the Seeds: How the
NIH Cultivated Biomedical ( ..ii1 i l"I.."
Science and Religion, 1450-1900: From Copernicus to Darwin, by Richard G.
Olson, professor of history at Harvey Mudd College, has been named to the annual
Best Books List for 2005 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science's
(AAAS) Science Books & Film (SB&F) magazine.
Don Opitz has been appointed assistant professor in the School for New Learning,
DePaul University (Chicago, IL), effective 1 July 2006.
Karen A. Rader andJohn C. Powers have accepted positions at Virginia
Commonwealth University (VCU), in Richmond, beginning fall 2006. Rader will be
an associate professor in the Department of History and director of the new STS
Initiative. Powers will be a collateral assistant professor in the Department of History,
and the Assistant Director of the STS Initiative.
E Jamil Ragep has been appointed to a Canada Research Chair at the Institute of
Islamic Studies, McGill University, Montreal. Sally P. Ragep has been appointed as
a Research Associate at the Institute of Islamic Studies at McGill University
Nancy G. Siraisi has been awarded the Council of the American Historical
Association's Award for Scholarly Distinction. She has been a prolific and leading
scholar in the history of medicine and science of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
Pamela H. Smith i ..1i.,i1i11I iI ii,. ir ) has been awarded the Leo Gershoy Award
for The Body of theArtisan: Art andExperience in ... .. Revolution (Univ
of Chicago Press, -'1111,
John Harley Warner has been named Avalon Professor of the History of Medicine
at Yale University

The Roy G. Neville Historical Chemical Library:
An' Anmiated Catalog-we o Priated BSks orie Alchemy,
cf mbsiy. C kaf7echio&g lad Related Siltsects

This mLich-antiepaled bibliography oM CHPr Ray G. Ne8ileHI1ta1ical
Chemical Ubrary is slated for pubicatic ,n in fall 200&. The tridily
bouud and Illusirateid tWo-toyumni, 1,54N)-page set Inclwudes tm
1G-page color Inrerts from this aarwirdinarf colledtioi,
ThRe fRtyU Nchille Hjutoriiuv CIhemCicalibrLiryr a cill~etior in CHFs
Othnl'qr Libriury ol CIIemIica I HiSinry, rprew'tvis o(e of Mhe richest
!ingle deposits Of booksorn tie Iiflry -of Chrermistryi ii tile rwoir,
Thu biblioagriph incldu(I m~iriy u the rmftt important irks in Ithe
history -uf wi',ce a nd ouh nolojyy From [lie Iat 15tI ceIiury lo ieh
to ir 20th ceiitury.
This complete gulde is a inrtt-hian fr mMw
iiterested In ths rFfniarkable story wt diwmrnshry
Reserve your copy today!
2Mi, 15 pp, Iip. apperili B
Qubah, ILIS xK 11. ISBN 0-941M.404bl

A P4,tP hmu C01"H M&I.Or aMa rliefrd Lerve& i. t n 1 UnM pnIte SIr
Pictnrd PNI11p1 and Go B2 M Fmmth1e Rq P Mrp ir Htlp,*wWVic4 G1mmT Utbiry. B WI#(*JEE1
at CIW.

rII 1

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

b The .. announcements have been edited for space. For
o S full descriptions and for the latest announcements,
J please visit http://hssonline.org. -T. .. I -does not
for :. ... .. I, ofany item, andinterestedpersons should
S'.' details. Those who wish to publish a job announcement should send an
electronic version t. o. to
Director Needed at the Tsongas Industrial History Center
The University of Massachusetts Lowell and the Lowell National Historic Park seek an
experienced educator as director of the I i.... .. Industrial History Ci....i i .. ..I I .I .
Candidates for the position should have an earned doctorate in history, education or relat-
ed field and at least ten years of relevant experience. For additional information, see:
Tenure-Track Position in the History of Chemistry or Astronomy at Caltech
The Humanities faculty at the California i riiii.i. -I I...:I I.. ... ,:. (Caltech) invites appli-
cations for a tenure-track position in the history of chemistry or astronomy (17th through
the 19th centuries). Appointment at the assistant professor level preferred, 111l ...1 -:1
exceptionally w ell 1.1p lh... 1 i l,, : 1.i ii 11 ill I, I .., .. I I I ..:I I. i i t IIll professor
level .. .. .II begin 1 October 2006 and continue until the position is filled. For more
information, contact Sanja Ilic: phone: 626.395.1724; e-mail: sanja@HSS.caltech.edu.
Naval Research Laboratory Seeking Historian
The NRL in -. 1, ii :..,, D. C. is seeking a Historian to perform all duties related to the
f.11l I,,,i 1 i till and conduct of the NRL History I ..: 11I I Candidates :~.I I i- ..ii,:1i-,i.. for
a Non-Critical Sensitive Security Clearance. Deadline 1 September. Contact: Cindy Stiles,
NRL Human Resources Office. Phone: 202.767.7878, E-mail: cstiles@hro.nrl.navymil.

Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes
Sspace. For .' rthe lat

S' 'for the accuracy of any item, andpotential applicant should verify all details,
especially closing dates, '. interest. Those who wish topub
fellowship, orprize announcementshouldsendan electronic
ing ,' .
Bakken Library
The Bakken Library and Museum offers ', iri,: I .. iI.:l ili owships and Research
Travel Grants foi i.. .. *i.: i..... ii l..ii.. ..I.... ..ii Iir to the history of .1...:irI.:,r. .J1 I I I ...
ism F o l fl.i Il ..I. t...... ,II I I...... I,.r I II :, r I !I 1 .1 1 1 1- II.II Ii I I ,,I : I 1 .i. 11 I I ...... : W eb
site: 'iii | . 1. i -11ii ... .. clickon "Library" or "Research."
The Victor andJoy Wouk Grant-in-Aid Program
California Institute of Technology Grants-in-Aid offers research assistance of up to
$2000 for work in the Papers of Victor Wouk in the Caltech Archives. The Maurice A. Biot
Archives Fund and other cl. I, I... t.II t, t.. .I ..,it .. . I,.:1, I I I I ,.:..p up to $1500 to use the
collections of the Caltech Archives. Please visit: http://archives.caltech.edu. Applications are
reviewed on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 of each year
The University of Oklahoma Travel Fellowship Program
The Andrew W. Mellon Travel Fellowship Program helps visitors to make use of
the University's History of Science Collections. Proposals from scholars at both predoctoral
and postdoctoral levels are evaluated continuously upon receipt, and funds awarded shortly
after the decision is m ade. E-m ail: 'I, 1 :i i .i...i -.. i.1 i ..:. 1 ... .....i. Web site:
Grants in Aid for History of Modern Physics
The Center for History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics has a
program of grants-in-aid for research in the history of modem physics and allied sciences
and their social interactions. Grants can be up to $2,000 and will be given only to reimburse
expenses for travel and subsistence to use the resources of the Center's Niels Bohr Library in
'.. II.. :-.. Park, Maryland, or expenses to tape-record oral history interviews or microfilm
archival materials. Apply to: Spencer Weart, Center for History of Physics, American Institute
of Physics, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740. E-mail: sweart@ aip.org. Phone:

-., 1) 209-3174. Fax 1) 209-0882. Deadlines for applications:15 April and 15 November
of each year. 'ii| i! .- i : i, ',-.
INA Grant-in-Aid Program
The International Neuropsychopharmacology Archives (INA) announces the
availability of grants of up to $1,500 to support research at the INA at the Vanderbilt
University Medical Center Archives, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. Applications must include
a hard copy of: a I ..- i- : '.1.. .:I I!.i.... of the project, with specific reference to the
archival collections to be consulted; i. i ,i. i.. i-i.,l i:.. applicant's c.v; one letter of recom-
mendation from a scholar familiar with the applicant's work. Grants will be given four
times a year Deadlines are:l March, 1June, 1 Septembei 1 December. Completed appli-
cations should be sent by the deadline to: INA Grant-in-Aid I ... i ,, c/o CINP Central.
Office, 1608 17th Avenue South, Nashville, TN, 37212, U.S.
Why Should Anyone Need to Know about the History of Science?
The British Society for the History of Science is offering a prize of250 for the
best 500-word answer to this question: Why should anyone need to know about the history
of science? The winning entry will be made available on the BSHS Web site:
"i!. i-. i 1 ... : I I Essays should be written for a general audience; footnotes
should be avoided. Anyone wishing to submit essays should contact
.,.iii.. i.:1,._ I 1I ...i I for an entry identification number. Deadline is -. ..i:.i I '
2007 NEH Summer Stipends Awards
The NEH -.1111111 i "...i .11 ii' :' '1... '! I; two months of full-time research on a
project in the humanities. The award is $5,000; deadline is 2 October 2006. For applica-
tions and further details visit i ,. i ....i, :.. ii. i, r :.i .ii ..... i,|....,i iii,,,
Residencies at the Institute for Advanced Study
The School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, welcomes
applications in economics, political science, law, psychology, sociology 111,1 ,1 i.1 ..1..:.
For 2007-2008 the focus will be The Rule of Law Under Pressure. Application deadline is 15
November 2006. For more information: http://www.sss.ias.edu/applications.
The BSHS Singer Prize 2006
The Singer Prize, of up to 300, is awarded by the BSHS every two years to the writer of
an unpublished essay based in original research into any aspect of the history of science,
technology or medicine. The Prize is intended for younger scholars or recent entrants into
theprofession. ,in ...tt..... l l n...i I,... iiil... The deadline is 15 December
2006. Enquiries only by e-m ail -. 1 ,.:,.r ,,-.._ 1, I ,i I Visit: ',rr. i, i I
Memberships in the School of Historical Studies at the
Institute for Advanced Study
Candidates of any nationality may apply for one or two terms at the Institute for
Advanced Studies. Residence in Princeton during term time is required. The only
ii .... i.hiI : i..... of Members is to pursue their own research. Ph.D. (or equivalent) and
substantial publications are required. For further information: http://www.hs.ias.edu.
American Geographical Society Library Fellowships for 2007
The AGS Library itt,. r,,. I. 1t. I..- i.., 1 1 l .. 1 .1 .i T I:. 1 1 I , . 1,:
Pi .. II l... III, is for those who wish to communicate their research results to a broad
audience. Awards of -. t'.. t. 1..i-. .....1 1.. 11.. I p .II be provided to support residencies
that make direct use of the Library The Helen and John S. Best Research Fellowships
include stipends of $375 per week, for periods up to four weeks, for residencies that make
direct use of the Library For further information: http://www.uwm.edu/Libraries/AGSL/fel-
2007 Jerry Stannard Memorial Award
The : |iii jIl :jven by the University of Kansas for ,I I.... I ,,,I 1,,,: i i i1 1...i ..r
unpublished scholarly study in the pre-1700 fields of material medical, medicinal botany,
.li,,,,, I I ,. I . I, ...f 1,.1,: 1,. ,. i .1 iii. i .. i: .iii, ... these areas. The com petition is
open to graduate students and to recent recipients of a doctoral degree. Manuscripts must
be in English, French or German, and should include a one-page abstract in English, a
current c.v, and a letter of recommendation from an established scholar in the field.
Deadline 15 February 2007. Address manuscripts and correspondence to: The Stannard
Award Committee, Attn: Prof. 7 ,:1.. I Ii... )ept. I I ..i. University of Kansas, Wescoe
Hall, 1445 Jayhawk Blvd. Room 3001, Lawrence, KS 66045-7590, USA.

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

HSS Conference Registration Form

02 ~ 05 November 2006, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Electronic Registration is strongly encouraged http://www.hssonline.org/ (click on 2006 Annual Meeting)
Please, only one form per registrant

E HSS Member

Name: [For Name Badge] (First)

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Institution: [For Name Badge]

*** If paying by credit card, address must match account billing inrii natli., ***






Early Registration Regular Registration (after 3 Oct.)
HSS Member: $90.00 $110.00
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Low-Income or Retired $65.00 $80.00
Banquet: $45.00 $45.00
Please circle your choice of one: Beef Chicken Vegetarian
Name of Guest at Banquet B C V

Donation to subsidize graduate student costs........................................................................ .................................... ...............
Donation to Bibliographer's Fund (NEH )............................................... .........................................................................................

" To help us assign session rooms, please indicate which sessions you plan to attend, e.g. Total:
F3, Sa2, Su8, etc. (See preliminary program for session codes.)

Conference Registration Form and payment by check, money order, or credit card Payment Information
must be received by 3 October 2006 to take advantage of early registration rates. Credit Card: Amex Visa MC
Return to:
HSS Executive Office Credit Card #_
University of Florida
P.O. Box 117360 Exp. Date:
3310 Turlington Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611-7360 Card Verification Value:
Fax: (352) 392-2795 or E-mail: info@hssonline.org
Note: Full refund if requested by 14 October 2006. Signature:

Hyatt Hotel
I. .;,.. reservations are /..,'..', encouraged:
http://www.hssonline.org/ (click on 2006 Annual Meeting) or call
Single -$154 Can. Double $154 Can.
Triple $189 Can. Quadruple $224 Can.
Graduate student discount available online limited room numbers

* Room rates are subject to taxes, currently 10% plus 6% G.S.T.
* Check-in time is 4:00 p.m. and check-out is 12:00 p.m. Early check-in
and late check-out are subject to availability.
* Cancellation notice for refunds is required 24 hours prior to scheduled arrival.

* Special requests honored on a space-available basis.
* Maximum of four persons per room.
* Business-Level is an additional charge of $35.00 Can. per room, subject to
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* Regency Club is an additional $65.00 Can. Free 1-800 and local calls,
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* Early departure fee of $75 Can. will be charged if a guest departs earli-
er than scheduled unless the reservation is changed before you check in.
* Guest parking at the hotel is $24 Can.per day or overnight for valet or
self parking .
* Wireless Internet connection available for $9.95 Can. per 24-hour



I mle

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Preliminary HSS Meeting Program HSS, PSA and 4S Co-Located Meeting

Vancouver, British Columbia, 2-5 November

This :* .. is i. to change. For the most up-to-date program,
http://philsci. ` -.I ':and for 4S . .. see http:/www.

Thursday, 2 November
1:00 p.m. 5:00p.m.
HSS Council Meeting

5:30p.m. 7:00p.m.
Plenary Session

7:00p.m. 8:00p.m.
Welcome Orientation for First-Time Attendees

7:00p.m. 8:30p.m.

7:30p.m. 9:30p.m.
Chemical Interest Group Dinner (check www.chemheritage.org)

9:00 p.m. ll:00p.m.
Graduate Student Party (tentative)

Friday, 3 November
(* indicates session organizer)
7:30 a.m. 8:45a.m.
Women's Caucus Meeting

9:00a.m. 11:45a.m.
(Coffee Break 10:00 a.m. 10:15 a.m.)
Putting the World in Order: Collecting in the Eighteenth Century (Fl)
James Del hi urgo i .. University, I i '. I Collect the World, and Why? by
Hans Sloane"
Beth Fowkes Tobin,Arizona State Uniersity, "The Duchess's South Pacific Shells: Gift
Exchanges, Commercial Networks, and Regimes of Value in Natural History I .ii...;rn ..
Matthew D. Eddy, Durham University, "Symbolic Specimens. Or, Teaching
University Students to Be Collectors, 1770-1800"
*Daniela Bleichmar, University ofSouthern t.'f' i,.', ..ii,.- Owning, and
Knowing: Training the Expert Eyes of Naturalists and Art Connoisseurs"
Chair and Commentator: Paula Findlen, Stanford University

Cells, Ants, Apes, and Angels in Natural and Human Economies (F2)
Margaret Schabas, Uniersi ofBritih Columba, "More Like Apes Than Angels: Natur-
al Historical Modes of Thinking in the Political Economy of David Hume andAdam Smith"
Andrew Stuart Reynolds, Cape Breton University, "The Power of Metaphor:
The Cell as Metaphorical and Literal Factory"
*Abigail Lustig .' ) .. I "AntEconomics and Cold':. 1, ..:i-,i. ....
Commentator: Mary Morgan, London School of Economic
Chair: Thomas Artlibald, Fraser University

In the Legacy of Vannevar Bush's "As We May Think": Interactivity,
Representation and the Archive in an Electronic Age (F3)
Orit Halpern, Duke University, "Screen-Memories: T. 1 r"'' .1 ir Perception and
the Archive in Cybernetic Ti, ._.r-i 1i

visit our Web site at http://www.hssonline.org. For PSA 7. . visit

Thierry Bardini, Universit de Montreal, "Bush and the Nexus: Towards the
Hypertextual Interface"
Jean-Frangois Blanchette, University of i i'. i,. LosAngeles, "From
Enigma Machines to the Word Wide Web: Public-key I I *..**- iI .1i and the Promise
of Electronic Authenticity"
Bruno J. Strasser, University of ausanne, "Banking DNA Sequences:
Physicists, tI... .-.i, i..i the Electronic Management of Biomedical Data"
Commentator: Timothy Lenoir, Duke University
*Chair: Nancy Anderson, Dartmouth College

History of Evolutionary Theory (F4)
Ana Barahona, UniversidadNacionalAutonoma de Mexico, "The Rhetorical
Construction of Eldredge and Gould's Article on the Theory of Punctuated
Equilibria in 1972"
Raf De Bont, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, "Fighting on Two Fronts:
Spiritualist Thinking and Evolutionary Theory in Fin de Sidcle Belgium."
William deJong-Lambert, "Szczepan Pieniazek: Polish Lysenkoist"
Kathryn S. Plaisance, University ofMinnesota, "Fisher v Fisher: The Origins of
Analysis of Variance in the I.. .- i:: ii and Behavioral Sciences"
Robert H. Silliman, Emory University, I i.1-,ii Progress: Leo Lesquereux
(1806-1889) and the Rise of Palaeobotany in America"

Instruments of Music, Instruments of Science: Negotiating Two
Worlds through Practice and Performance, 1850-1910 (F5)
Erwin Hiebert, Harvard University, "The Physics and Mathematics of Just
Intonation in the History of Fixed-Tone Keyboard Construction"
Elfrieda Hiebert, Harvard University, I 1p.i1..ni 1 -~ mlBetween Science and
Piano Pedagogy During the Late 19th Century"
*Alexandra Hui, University of i 'f' i.:, Los Angeles, "Musical Instruments,
Psychophysical Instruments: The Sound Sensation Studies of Hermann Helmholtz
and Ernst Mach"
Gustavo Garza, University of 'i, i t.; i, LosAngeles, "The Objective Preservation of
Subjective Expression: The Use of the Phonograph in Ethnographic Fieldwork at the
mTu of the 20th Century"
Chair and Commentator: Emily Thompson, University of '
San Diego

Theoretical Physics Up Close: Editing the Papers of Einstein,
Hilbert, Lorentz, Poincarn (F6)
Jeroen van Dongen, j;T. i . .- ....; '. i "German Reactionaries
and Einstein's Fame: The Anti-Relativity Campaign of 1920."
Anne J. Kox, University ofAmsterdam, "Hendrik Antoon Lorentz's Scientific
Correspondence: New Insights into His Thinking and His Personality"
*Tilman Sauer, <.' i.i. .- ....I I "David Hilbert's Lectures on
the FoundationsW I. ii, ,
Scott Walter, University ofNancy, "Henri Poincare's Correspondence with
Physicists, Chemists, and Engineers"
Commentator: TBD
Chair: Diana Kormos Buchwald, if ./':. .i... ; I

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Friday, 3 November
9:00a.m. 11:45a.m. (continued)

Interpreting Nature and Scripture: History of a Dialogue (F7)
Maurice A. Finocchiaro, University ofNevada, Las Vegas, "Critiques of the
Biblical Argument Against Copemicanism: Ingoli, Foscarini, Galileo, Campanella"
Richard Oosterhoff, Redeemer University College, "Did Literalization in
Theology Affect Natural Philosophy? Testing Harrison's f I ,dlip .i.
*Jitse Vandermeer, Redeemer University College, ..... ..., Cuvier and the Use
of Scripture in I.... i ..-.
James Matthew Ashley, Uniersity ofNotre Dame, I ., ii. .rn ,'The Universe Stolr':
Theistic and Atheistic Interpretations of 'Deep History' at the End of the 20th Century'
Chair: Jitse Vandermeer, Redeemer University College

19th and 20th Century Traditions: Negotiating Medicine in Pre-
Colonial, Colonial, and Post-Colonial Vietnam (F8)
*Michele Thompson, .,' i.'h i Connecticut State University, "The Natural
Laws of Reproduction and Inheritance in Nguyen Dynasty Vietnam, 1802-1945"
Laurence Monnais, Universit de Montreal, "Can Traditional Medicine Be
'...:i ..iil: ii Trustworthy? Colonial Views of Vietnamese Medicine in the First Half
of the Twentieth Century"
Michitake Aso, University of Wsconsin, Madison, "Race, Science, and
Nationalism in Colonial and Post-Colonial Vietnam"
Ayo Wahlberg, BIOS Centre, London School of Economics, "Caught in
Transition: Traditional Medicine and the Emerging Problem of 'unhealthy lifestyles'
in Vietnam"

Race and Racism: Studying Humans in
Twentieth-Century America (F9)
Juliet Burba, Science Museum ofMinnesota, "Discerning the Original Type: Ales
Hrdlicka's Reconciliation of Race and Prehistoric Migration"
*Margot Iverson, University ofMinnesota, "The Influence of Native American
l.i,..i- I I p., on William C. Boyd's Genetic Theory of Race"
Paul Lawrence Farber,. '. University, "Science and Race-mixing in
20th Century America"
Melinda Gormley, '. . University, "Undermining Scientific Racism:
Politics and Science at Columbia University"
Chair and Commentator: John Jackson, University of Colorado

In Memory of Marshall Clagett (F10)
*A. Mark Smith, University ofMissouri, "How Should We Interpret 'Experiment'
inAlhacen's ('1i: 1 i I i ni
Edith Dudley Sylla, North Carolina State University, "The Place of Jacob
Bernoulli's he Art of '.. in the History of, I .
Bruce Eastwood, University of Kentucky, "From Computus to Astronomy in the
( 111iilili iI I I1 11- 111.,
Sabetai Unguru, University .. i Israel, "Interpretation and
Overinterpretation of Apollonius's Conica"
Chair: David Lindberg, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Chemistry and Society (F11)
Jacob Stegenga, University of i j.' i,.' San Diego, "The Chemical
Characterization il... i ... .. .:n,,2l. : ,1 n i of Scientific Reception"
Debasmita Patra, University ofHyderabad, "History of Institutionalization of
Solid State Chemistry in India: Deriving From a Particular Case"
Martha Harris, University ...... .., "Chemical Reductionism Revisited: The
Physico-Chemical Nature of the Chemical Bond"
Donald Cotter, Mount Holyoke College, "Unconditional Surrender: The

Herty/Smith Feud of 1917, and the Triumph of Nationalist Rhetoric in the American
Chemical Society"
Lissa Roberts, University .. . "Re-.. ,1 il.i r.- the i ... ,..li. ..i': Chemistry
and the Divide Between Science and T:i.... i. ..-
Chair: TBD

Psychology and Madness (F12)
Christopher D. Green, York University, "The Historical Impact for
Experimental Psychology of Johns Hopkins U. (1 ...I ,, G. S. Hall Rather than C. S.
Peirce for Its Philosophy Professorship in 1883."
Sultana Banulescu, Princeton University, !. :..i ,..1 ., 11 and Italian
I :ii,, 11 ii !, ,
Jennifer L. Bazar, York University, "The Toronto Asylum as Seen by Society"
Kathryn lit Ka Fraser University, "Before the Cuckoo's Nest:
Accusations of Madness and First Nations':.. l.I i..
Henderikus J. Stam, University of I "Instruments of Intelligence:
Animals in Early Twentieth-Century I :i ,i. .I-
Chair: TBD

Art, Performance, and Science (F13)
Hanna Rose Shell, Harvard University, "Productive Mimesis and the Art of
Disappearance: Abbott H. Thayer, Protective Coloration in Nature, and the Modeling
.f -\ iit ..:w Invisibility rI .' I -'.I '
Cornelius Bort k i ... University, "The Posthumanism of the Avantgarde:
Artistic Experiments in Prosthetic Vision"
Cecelia A. Watson, University of i'.. ~.. "'And my picture, of course, has not
altered': John La Farge's Influence on the Psychology and Philosophy .1 ':. illi ,I II l.;"
Sofie Lachapelle, University ofGuelph, "Science on Stage: 1 .1... . 11
'Amusing Physics' in Nineteenth-Century Paris"
LauraJ. Snyder, University ofPittsburgh 2006), "'Connexion and Unity'
in William Whewell's Science of Architecture"
Chair: TBD

12:00p.m. 1:00p.m.
Organization Meeting of the Society for the Philosophy of Science in
Practice (SPSP)
Open to all, please bring your lunch

12:00p.m. 12:30p.m.
Forum for the History of Science in America (FHSA) Business

12:30p.m. 1:15p.m.
FHSA Distinguished Scientist Lecture:
Jill Morawski, Wesleyan University

1:30p.m. 3:10p.m.
Agricultural Science (F14)
Seung-joon Lee, University of Wiconsin, Whitewater, "Taste in Numbers:
Agricultural Science and the Rice Control Policy in Guomindang China, 19 !' -.
Micah Rueber, Mississgpi State University, "In One End and Out the Udder:
Vitamins, Oleo Margarine, and American Dairy Science"
Bert Theunissen, Utrecht University, "The 'Holsteinisation of the Dutch Dairy
Cattle Breeds in the 1970s and 1' -.i,
TheodoreJames Varno, Univmrsi of i'f ,/. Berkeley, "SewallWright at the
Bureau of Animal Industy: Inbreeding and the Agricultural Roots of the Modem Synthesis"
Chair: TBD

The Newtonian Revolution (F15)
Ari Belenkiy, Bar Ilan University, .,,i'1"', Toward Linear Regression Analysis:
Newton's Analysis of Hipparchus' Equinox Observations"
Massimo Mazzotti, University ofExeter, "The Catholic Newton"
Joel Kenton Press, University ofArizona, "What Leibniz Failed to See in
Locke's Conception of Space"
Edward T. Richards, Jr., University of Tennessee, "Securing the Conceptual
Foundations of Newton's Mechanics: The Case for a Post-Princtia1 '. ...
Chair: TBD

Cultures of Alchemy in Early Modern Europe (F16)
Dane Thor Daniel, WrJ- J . University, Lake Campus, "Alchemical Aspects
of Paracelsus' T I,.. i. ..-
Cesare Pastorino, Indiana University, Bloomington, "The Alchemical
Background to Bacon's Proteus"
Kevin Chang,Academia Sinica, "Balsamic Pills: The Alchemical Background
and Commercial Value of the Stahlian Equivalent of Universal Medicine"
*John C. Powers, Sarah Lawrence College, "Alchemy at the University: Herman
Boerhaave's Lectures ;i i,. ii..
Chair: TBD

History of Science and Pedagogy (F17)
Michelle D. Hoffman, University *..... I i,:i,,iii.- Ii i'i,,i ,,ithe
Equation: History of Science in Ontario D-1, -..:1 ,. ,1 I 1 :; Textbooks, 1911-Present"
Trevor J. Owens, University of Wisconsin, Madison, "A Child's Eye View of Life
as a Scientist: Science, Society, and Gender in the History of Children's I.,'i 11,...,
of Marie Curie and Albert Einstein"
Sage Ross, Yale University, "Natural Philosophy Images: Pedagogy and Popular
Science in America"
Steve Sturdy, University ofEdinburgh, "Scientific Method for Medical Practitioners:
The Case Method of Teaching I il. .- II ,11. I 1ventieth-century Iiiil.,i.i -i.i
Chair: TBD

History of Modern Astronomy (F18)
Matthew C. Aberman, University of '.- Santa Barbara, "The Politics
of Pure Speculation"
Francesca Bavuso, College Miericordia, "Figures in Obsolescence: Changes to
Constellation Imagery in Nineteenth-Century Europe"
David Michael Gossman, Texas Tech University, "The Scientist and the
Craftsmen Traditions in the Twentieth Century: George Ellery Hale and George W
Ritchey at Mount Wilson Observatory"
Woodruff T. Sullivan, University of Washington, "Radio Astronomy after World
War II: A New Way of Doi- ..i.uii. i
Chair: TBD

The Science of the Mind (F19)
Howard Hsueh Hao Chiang, Columbia University, "Effecting Science, Affecting
Medicine: Hf,,,, ... ., il r the Kinsey Reports, and the Contested Boundaries of
I, ,1 ,ii, l ,1, ,.I. II the United States, 1948-65"
Ziv Eisenberg, Yale University, "Old Ideas, New Science: Mental Health and the
Medical Care of Pregnant Women in Mid-Tventieth-Century America"
Alexandra Rutherford, York University, "Inside the Human Skinner Box"
Martin Staum, University of I. "Nature and Nurture in French Psychology
;a111 -.,.,,I ,,,..- 1873-1914"
Chair: TBD

Science and Society in the Cold War (F20)
Ellen Bales, University of /i', ,it.i,' Berkeley, "From Calamity Mesa to

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Boyertown, Pennsylvania: Risk, Radon, and Regulation in Cold War America"
Patrick David Slaney, University ofBritish Columbia, 'James B. Conant on
Science Education: Science, Security and the Institutions of Social Order in the Early
Cold War"
Alex Wellerstein, Harvard University, "Patenting the Bomb: Nuclear Weapons,
Intellectual Property, and Technological Control"
Roland Wittje, Norwegian University ofScience and i.. . '. "Nuclear
Physics Instrumentation in Norway: 1933-1955"
Chair: TBD

The Spaces of Science (F21)
Talitha Bolton, University ofKent at Canterbury "Mapping British Institutions
of Science: The Spatial Characteristics of the Common Cold Unit and Porton Down's
Chemical Defence Experimental Establishment"
Eric Brown, Princeton University, "The Lab and the Field in 19th-century
I,,,,.ii Ii 0 ,,,,,,,,i...i.ii
Dmitry Valerievich Efremenko, Institute for ... .. Information on Social
Sciences, Russian Academy ofSciences, "Societal and Historical Background of V
I. Vemadsky's Theory 1,1 ..o i... i,.
Sarah Grossman, University ofNew Mexico, "Extending the Area of Freedom:
Categorical Differentiation,Topographical Analysis, and the New Mexico Territory"
Chair: TBD

The Imperial Context of Science (F22)
Kuang-chi Hung, Harvard University, "When the Green Archipelago
Encountered Formosa: Colonial Governance, Capitalism and the Emergence of
Modem Forestry in Colonial Taiwan (1895- !' -.I 1
Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen, Steno Institute, University ofAarhus, "Postcolonial
Partnership: Science, State and Media in the Galathea Deep Sea Expedition 1950-52"
Brian Schefke, University of Washington, "The Hudson's Bay Company as a
Context for Science in the ( i."1i, I ,'l I 1p 1I ll1. 1 '.
Rajive Tiwari, BelmontAbbey College, "Astronomy Education and Religion in
Colonial India"
Chair: TBD

Studies in Molecular Biology (F23)
Elena A. Aronova, Salk Institute & University of D'i Diego,
I1.ii, 1 ,11. ii-':' i ..l,..:il I .I.. i.. .-. Programs in the Humanities and Social
Sciences at the Salk Institute f. l..,,,i. : il .rii.,, 1963-1979"
Heiko Stoff Technische Universitdt ..;- "Active Substances as
Precarious Substances: Institutionalizing Research on Enzymes, Vitamins and
Hormones in Germany, 19211 I'-,
Justin Suran, University of ilf t.' i, San Francisco, "Colin M. MacLeod &
Cold W ar' ,:. i,,.i. ,i..
Edna Suirez, .' I I' I Planck Institutefor History ofScience, "'Information'
as 'History': Metaphor and Politics in the Early Days 41' i ,i,. ,:.,Ii , ,ii.,i I,,

Science and Society (F24)
Lino Camprubi, Cornell University, "Transforming Regimes: Continuity of
Scientific Institutions in Spain (1960-1980)"
Yulia Egorova, (, i /'n University, "Science and Culture: Conversations with
Brigit Ramsingh, University ...... ., 'i- il Iir I i.i,, i ii I, avidson
and the Story of the Canadian Food a l i I,.,- i i,.,:1 ,, 1.
Frank W. Stahnisch,Johannes Gutenberg University ofMainz, "German-
Speaking Neuroscientists in North-America after 1933: The Issue oif 1 ni ili. ,. I-
Induced Scientific ii I..
Chair: TBD

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Friday, 3 November
1:30p.m. 3:10p.m. (continued)
Physics and Physicists (F25)
Paul Arpaia, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, "Radium as a Cultural
Phenomenon in late-19th-century Italy"
Deepanwita Dasgupta, University ofMinnesota, I ,,,,,- science from a
Colony: S.N. Bose and His Communications with Einstein"
Christina Turner, University ofNotre Dame, "The Early History of Gravitational
Kelley Wilder, IL. : Planck Institute for the History of Science, "Trusting the
Photochemical Trace: Creating Quantitative Data from a Photographic Plate."
Chair: TBD

Race and Science (F26)
Conor Burns, University ..... ii ii .i il. i|r n a New Light:
DanielWilson's 1858 Critique o. ...nii 11,,, iI I iii. .. .:
Andrea Patterson, University Fullerton, "The Medicalization
of Racism: Public Health Policies in the Early-20th-Century ,. I.i: ,I '... .,'i i'
Jessica Weaver, University ofNotre Dame, "The British Bathing Ritual in India:
Environmental Determinism and the Nineteenth-century Case for Cold Bathing in
Warm Climates"
Samuel Talcott, DePaul University, "Kant's Concept of Race and the Science of
Living Things"
Chair: TBD

(Coffee Break 3:10p.m. 3:30p.m.)

3:30p.m. 5:00p.m. (F27)
Mathematics Before the 'Arts and Sciences'
Carla Mazzio, University of 1' .. ., "God's Arithmetic"
J.B. Shank, University ofMinnesota, "Courtly Mathematics? Evangelista
Torricelli's Finite Volume Infinite Solid in Cultural Context"
*Jacqueline Wernimont, Brown University, "Refiguring the Literary Family
Tree: Recognizing the Place of Mathematics in a History of Literature"
Commentator: TBA
Chair: Niccolo Guicciardini, UniversitO di Siena

Are Mountains Necessary? Working with Altitude in European
Science, 1840-1920 (F28)
*Michael S. Reid\ I,. University, "Joseph Dalton Hooker and
Verticality in the Mid-Nineteenth Century"
Robert Marc Friedman, University of Oslo, "Geophysical Science for Tough
Guys: Polar Heroics and Norwegian Auroral Research"
Bruce Hevly, University of Washington, "Does Up Equal North? Travelogue, Local
Knowledge and Natural Law in James David Forbes's Norway and Its Glaciers"
Chair and Commentator: Bernard Lightman, York University

Science, Technology, Morality, and Community: 20th-Century African-
American Commitments and Ideals (F29)
*Helena Pycior, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, "The Pioneering African-
American Research Scientists: Superimposed illin,-, i. Research, T. i.:i.ii. i, li i ...I.;:,
Ronald Elbert Mickens, ClarkAtlanta University, "1i :' '..:. nri: .:. ii i Irii ir
Rayvon Fouche, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, "Facing the Challenge of a
New Age: Martin Luther King, Jr, Science, and Morality"
Commentator: Kenneth Manning, MIT
Chair: Helena Pycior, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Humanists, Artisans, and Laboratories: A Session in Memory of
Owen Hannaway (F30)
Simon Schaffer, University of Cambridge, "Laboratory Work and the Spaces of
the '.:, . i.
Mary Henninger-Voss, Independent Scholar, "Mathematicians and the':.., i
Pamela H. Smith, Columbia University, "Butter and Mercury, Lizards and
Vermilion: Artisanal Views of Nature in Early Modem Europe"
Commentator: Barbara Becker, University of i!f' ., Irvine
Chair: John Servos, Amherst College
(Organized by Sharon Kingsland,John Hopkins University)

The Grande Dame of Enlightenment Science: Celebrating Imilie du
Chatelet's 300th Birthday (1706-2006) (F31)
Matthew Jones, Columbia University, "From Sociability to Vis-Viva: lmilie du
Chatelet on Social and Natural .I Ii.
Judith P. Zinsser, Miami i. I '. "Mme Du Chatelet and the Historians"
*Jean-Francois Gauvin, Harvard University, "Experience, Luxury, and Natural
Philosophy: Du Chatelet and Scientific Instruments at Cirey"
Chair and Commentator: Mary Terrall, University of i!, 'i/./, Los Angeles

Medicine and the Modern City (F32)
*Suzanne M. Fischer, University ofMinnesota,' -... Ihi.-. scientific Medicine:
'For Men Only' Advertising Medical Institutes, Immigrants and Scientific
Popularization in Early Twentieth-Century I i.h: i.:,
Rachel Ponce, University of 1-.. ., "Murder, Passion, and Insanity:
Rationalization and I al i.l ,..-i iii,. I i ii,.-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth
Century France and the United States."
Joseph M. Gabriel, University of f" SanDiego, I ,,,ii..-:., Habit:
Drugs, Addiction, and Metaphors of Infection, 1-. I- II I
Halle Lewis, "Risk, Health, and Disability in Working-Class Cleveland, 1880-1895"
Chair: Michael Sappol, National 7:- j ofMedicine

Scientific Transfer Across the Seas (F33)
Vera Schwach, Norwegian Institute for Studies in Research and Higher
Education Centre for Innovation Research, "Seek a Field of Science and Find
Fishes. Johan Hjort and the Emergence of Oceanography 1 i- .' 11'
Jennifer M. Hubbard, Ryerson University, "The Canadian Fisheries Expedition
1914-1915: Johan Hjort and the Birth of a Scientific Program in Canada"
*Mary Carmel Finley, University of t i'f', .: i, San Diego, "The l'. f .. il.
Pacific Explorer: Oceanographic Research, Catching Fish and Making Money, 1946-48"
Chair: Helen Rozwadowski, University of Connecticut

Situating Newton in Philosophical Context (F34)
Andrew Janiak, Duke University, "Newton as a Critic of Descartes"
*Mary Domski, University ofNew Mexico, "Locke and Newton on the
Mathematical Nature li 1II., i i ii ..plh
Eric Schliesser, Syracuse University & Leiden University, "Hume's Attack on
Newton's I inII.., 'lh
Chair and Commentator: Daniel Garber, Princeton University

Circulation of Knowledge in Postwar Japan (F35)
*Hyungsub Choi,Johns Hopkins University, "Replicating the Transistor in
OccupiedJapan, 1948-1954"
Kenji Ito, The University of Tbkyo, "Transmission Iof.. I. Ii I, i-i iii, fil..ii the
United States to Japan: A Case of a Resonance of Scientific Practice"
Chigusa Kita, Kansai I apan, "Transistor Computer on Campus since 1960"
Commentator: Sharon Traweek, University of L-. ,Los Angeles
Chair: TBD

Talking about the Birds and the Bees: Popularizing Behavioral
Biology in the 20th Century (F36)
Amanda Rees, University ofYork, :'.. 1i-..i .11, l.. i, .iii ii Societies in 20th
Century Popular Culture"
Graeme Beale, University ofEdinburgh, "One for the Birds? The Tinbergen
School's Presentation of in ,,1,l, -: as the Behavioral Science i l ii. i ,::
Tania Munz, Princeton University, "Famous Scientists, Popular Beasts: Teaching
the Public about Animals in the Works of Karl von Frisch and Konrad Lorenz"
*Mark E. Borrello, University ofMinnesota, "Lessons from Nature?
Conservation, Overpopulation and a World Out of Balance"
Chair: Mark Borrello, University ofMinnesota

Medicine to WWI (F37)
Henry B. Kreuzman, .."' f Wooster, "Where, When, Who, and What: The
Empirical Nature of Alexander Gordon's Arguments that Childbed Fever is Infectious"
Anna Geltzer, Cornell University, "Penicillin as an Emerging 1. J:i I ..i. .*
Angela D. Seaworth, Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis,
i...i i.- II, i ih. r Women's Use of Science in WWI International Relief"
Chair: TBD

Contextualizing the Cognitive Revolution (F38)
Tara H. Abraham, York University, "Warren S. McCulloch's Mechanization of
the Brain and Mind"
*Gregory Radick, University of Leeds, "The Reactionary Origins of the
Chomskyan Revolution: The Unmaking of a Modem Synthesis"
Hunter Crowther-Heyck, University of. '; ;... I in..I ,f the Revolution:
Ideals and Institutions in Postwar Behavioral Science"
Jamie Cohen-Cole, I ,i 1111.,: Science and the Politics of Autonomy in Cold War
Chair: Ellen Herman, University of Oregon

On the Origins of Pragmatism (F39)
*Paul Jerome Croce, Stetson University, "Rejected Science: ... Ii ml.l I .ii., Use
of His Father's Beliefs"
David E. Leary, University of Richmond, "Between Peirce (1877) andJames
(1898): G. Stanley Hall and the Origins if I -iii ir,,'i
Francesca Bordogna, Northwestern University, "Enchanted Pragmatism: G.
Papini and G. Prezzolini's Variety of I 1 -.iii ini i, and its Uses"
Chair and Commentator: James Gilbert, University of Maryland

7:00p.m. 9:30pm
Teaching with Harmonics: Integrating History of Science Content into
the Non-History-of-Science Course ((F40)
*Julie Newell, Southern Polytechnic State University
Daniel Kevles, Yale University
Edward B. Davis, Messiah College
Chair: Robert DeKosky, University ofKansas

Coping with Exceptional Circumstances Natural Disasters (F41)
Sarah Dry, University of Cambridge, "S I. ii ir.,, I i1 I i, lI.I Prevention
in mid-Victorian Britain"
Jordan Kellman, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, "Highly Mutable Mobiles:
Guillaume Le Gentil's Passage to Brahmanic Astronomy as a Response to Disaster"
Matthias Dorries, Universit Louis Pasteur, I .I'-..i' ii', to Natural Hazards:
Felix Driver, University ofLondon, "Disaster in the Tropics: The Wreck and
Salvage of HMS Thetis, 18:., ,-1 i. .4
Chair: TRD

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Natural Knowledge: Roundtable on the Histories of Science
and the Environment (F42)
*Carolyn Merchant, University of /, t.'.i, Berkeley
Gregg Mittman, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Edmund Russell, University of Virginia
Ron Doel, '. "-. .- University
Chair: Michael Egan, McMaster University

Teaching Women, Gender and Science:
Extending the Limits (F43)
Monica H. Green, "The Whole Enchilada: On the Virtues of Teaching I I..ii, i! ,I..
Mara Mills, Harvard University, "Teaching Feminist Science Studies After the
I... . i Turn"
Susan Rensing, Mississippi State University, "Teaching Women, Gender, and
Science at Mississippi State"
Grace Sirju-Charran, University of the West Indies, "Content and Pedagogy of a
Course on Gender and Science"
Chair: Sally Gregory Kohlstedt, University ofMinnesota
(Organized by Elizabeth Green Musselman, Southwestern University)

Saturday, November 4th
7:30a.m. 8:45a.m.
Osiris Breakfast

9:00a.m. ll:45am
(Coffee Break 10:00a.m.- 10:15a.m.)
Probing the World with Waves (Sal)

George E. Smith, Dibner Institute/Tufts University, 't 1 i., ir.,,,i the Inside
of the Earth"
Edward Jones-Imhotep, York University, !iii i-.. and the Enemy: Ionosondes
and ti, . 1. ,, I,
Claire Calcagno, Dibner Institute, ... i'd1. i, the Past: The Development of
Sonar Surveying in t i .1. 1 i.. i :ii i,...._.
Jeremiah Jamnei -'. Institute, .ii,.i.-., and Mimesis in Early X-Ray
i ,i. ii ,.i il,l
*Chen-Pang Yeang I,. I ...... ., "How Much Wave Theory Did
Radio Ionospheric Sensors Need?"
Chair: Conevery Bolton Valencius, Harvard University

Making Knowledge Travel: The Circulation of Skills and Instruments
in Early Modern Science (Sa2)
Jessica G. Riskin, Stanford University, "Mechanical Christs, Hydraulic Brutes
and the Invention of I .Ii:, i. ...-
Stephane Van Damme, Centre National de la J... .. I ...
"Philosophical Mobility within European Capital Cities Between Scientific Practices
and Sociability :A Comparative Study"
*Koen Vermeir, Harvard University, "Divination and the Circulation of
Contested Knowledge Claims (1690-1720)"
Nicholas De-. I ... University, "Baroque Metrology and the Travels of the
Seconds Pendulum, 1672-1726"
Chair: Bronwen\ il-on, I ... r University

The Impact of the Great War on Science and Scientists (Sa3)
*Matthew Stanley, Iowa State University, '.:. -11 of National Importance: British
Science, A.S. Eddington, and Conscription in the Great War"
Stefan Wolff, Deutsches Museum, "German Physicists in World War I The Role
of Wilhelm'.. ii.
Charlotte Bigg, Max Planck Institutefor the History of Science, "From the Belle-

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Saturday, 4 November
9:00a.m. 11:45a.m. (continued)
Epoque to the Ann6es Folles: What Was the Impact of the First World War on the
French Physical Sciences?"
Ole Molvig, Yale University, "The First World War and the I .,,.- i., i. Irl.1 of
Scientific Communication"
Chair: TBD

Observation and Experiment in the Early Modern Period (Sa4)
Wilbur Applehaum,, i . ., ./ r. "Copemicanism, Precision
and Causality at the Watershed of the Scientific I i...i -.,' .
Paolo Palmieri, Universty ofPitsburgh, "Replicating Galileo's Pendulum Experiments"
Michael Nauenberg, University of i f, i ti, Santa Cruz, II. i..l;.u 'anom-
alous suspension' Revisited"
Yaakov Zik, University of Haifa, "Laying Bare the Sources of Errors: Kepler's
Optical Part of Astronomy"
Renee Jennifer Raphael, Princeton University, "Accepted by Mathematicians
and Confirmed by Experiments: An Investigation of 17th-Century Attempts to Verify
Galileo's Science of Motion through Experiment"
Chair: TBD

Medicine and Public Health (Sa5)
Mary Frances Chicorelli, he State Uniersity ofNewJersey Rutgers, "The Pain Pa-
radigm:John Bonica, Ronald Melzack and PatrickWall's Quest to Conquer Chronic Pain"
Aryn Martin, Cornell University, "Nature's Experiment: A '...... II -.: of Chimeras
Made and Found in 20th-Century Clinical Medicine"
Robert N. Proctor, Stanford University, "Why Have So Many Medical Historians
Been Working For the Tobacco Industry As Expert Witnesses? And How Does Defense
Expert Testimony Differ from that of Plaintiff's '.. .in.'.
Daniel Schneider, . 3 ,:" Urba na 1 "Public vs. Private
S.::.,.:,,. i .i..1 ._i.: il .-. ., I:. Treatment and the Struggle Over Patents, 1 .' I '.-' -.
Nicolas Rasmussen, University ofNew South Wales, Australia, "Amphetamine
and the Reinvention of Depression, 1935-1955"
Chair: TBD

On the Trail of Wildlife Migration Studies (Sa6)
Joseph E. Taylor III, Simon Fraser University, "Peeking into the Black Box:
The Science and Politics f1' 'l ippii; : I i.. 11 i ii. rii Patterns"
*Dan Bouk, Princeton University, "The 1i-v1 ii,,-. jerseyy Bird: The Study and
Control of Salt Marsh Mosquitoes"
Robert M. W iIson, yi. i/.,- University, 1.111i i Eye View of North America:
' ni in, il.- i ln,. .1 1 Z.l l.,] an d '',: l..i f. % l -I li. I. n i, nil 19:( I- I', ," 11
D. Graham Burnett, Princeton University, "'The Stalk of the Louse': Whale
Marking, Migration Research, and Stock Analysis in the Twentieth Century"
Chair and Commentator: Jane Maienschein, Arizona State University

Cold War Astronomy (Sa7)
*David H. DeVorkin, Smithsonian Institution NationalAir and Space
Museum, "Leo Goldberg and the Two Chinas"
Teasel Muir-Harmony, University ofNotre Dame, I -I i. ii ,- 111 The
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory's Satellite Tracking Station in India"
John Krige, Georgia Tech, "Why Did the Ford Foundation Support the Creation of
the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in the Early 1960s?"
Patrick McCray, University of ( / i/.f i, a, Santa Barbara, "The Global Science-
Sport of Satellite Tracking during the IGY'
Commentator: Robert Smith, University of. I
Chair: Ron Doel,' "- .- University

Nuclear Peripheries: Challenging Geographic, Institutional and
Disciplinary Narratives in Nuclear History (Sa8)
*Jacob Darwin Hamblin, .. University, "The Other Atomic Scientists:
Oceanographers and Radioactive Waste in the Fifties"
Gabrielle Hecht, University ofMichigan, "Scenes from the Nuclear Life of
Radon, Set in South Africa, Australia, and other Peripheries"
Jahnavi Phalkey, Georgia . ..:.. . i. "Urgent and Highly
Important: The I ,-, 11.1 iin. i, of Nuclear Research in Postwar India (1946 -1948)"
Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, UniversidadNacinal de San Martin, "Promise
and Peril of Nuclear Ambitions: Argentina during the 1976-1983 Military Regime"
Commentator: Roy MacLeod, University ofSydney
Chair: Morris Low, The Johns Hopkins University

Local Knowledge at the Margins of Science and Empire (Sa9)
Theodore Binnema, University ofNorthern British Columbia, "Peter Fidler
and Enlightenment Science in the Hudson's Bay Company Territories, 1788-1822"
Marianne Gosztonyi Ainley, University of Victoria, 1i i..iii, Landscapes of
Science? Gender, Environments, and Colonial Encounters in Nineteenth-century
Australia, Canada, and New Zealand"
Julie Cruikshank, University ofBritish Columbia, "Melting Glaciers and
Emerging Histories in America's Far .1 ii i,%. i
*Suzanne Zeller, i 'j;. 'Laurier University, '.:. li.i i. The Animal Stories of Emest
Thompson Seton (1860-1946), the Canadian North, and Po~.,-! 1i. 11',11 111.1 i i..-

At the Edge of Instrument Studies: Alternate Practices and
Interpretations in the History of Instruments in Science (SalO)
Catherine Eagleton, British Museum, "Did You Hear the One About the Student
and the Astrolabe?: Learned Humour in 142:1, iL ,,,.i
*Janet Vertesi, Cornell University, "Images of Instruments: The Visual Rhetoric
of Virtual Witnessing in Hevelius' i i1 .- Ii .-i 11iI I
Boris Jardine, University of Cambridge, I' r ..i,' Microscopes: Theory, Practice
and Reputation"
Chitra Ramalingam, Harvard University, "Sparks, Striations, and Radiant
Matter Inside the Early Vacuum Tube"
Chair: Janet Vertesi, Cornell University

Watches and Apples, Examiners and Genes: Intersections in the
History of Science, Technology, and Intellectual Property (Sail)
*Daniel Kevles, Yale University, I i i:. Intellectual Property in New Fruits:
The Case of the Golden Delicious Apple"
Kara Swanson, Harvard University, "Scientific Men, "..': 1-1I'7 i. .,1 and the
Inventive Community in the Antebellum United States Patent Office"
Brendan Alexander Matz, Yale University, "Hybrid Cor and Transgenic
Plants: A Comparative Analysis of Intellectual Property I .- I i ..,
Mario Biagioli, Harvard University, "From Ciphers to Patents: Registering
Priority Claims in Early Modem Europe"
Prakash Kumar, Colorado State University, !-n. -111,.. i !.1 Cotton: The Principle
of 'Biological and Intellectual Commons' in the Anti-GMO Movement in India"
Chair: TBD

Understanding Other Natures: Colonial Natural History in Spanish
Peru, French Egypt and British India (1737-1947) (Sal2)
Jane H. Murphy, Princeton University, "Eighteenth-Century Colonies, Natural
History, and Old v...iIi 1. li...i iir...
MatthewJames Crawford, Uni~rsty oft: i3f'' .i:,,, '/ Diego, "The Case of Quina:
Trans-Atlantic Institutions and Natural History in the Spanish Colonial Empire, 1737-1792"
Minakshi Menon, University of ')- San Diego, "Colonialism and Its

Forms of Knowledge: British Natural History in Late Eighteenth and Early
Nineteenth-Century Colonial India"
*John Mathew, Harvard University, I iiii .iiI -, a Regional Natural History:
The Fauna of British India Series"
Chair and Commentator: Everett Mendelsohn, Harvard University

Women and People of Color in the Profession: Problems and
Prospects (Sponsored by the Women's Caucus) (Sal3)
Jane R. Camerini, !iii .-. iii,, of Independent Scholars in the HSS"
Evelynn Hammonds, Harvard University
Sharrona Pearl, Harvard University, '..,,11,. and People of Colour in the
Profession: A Graduate Student/Junior Scholar Perspective"
Londa Schiebinger, Stanford University
Chair: Marsha Richmond, Wayne State University
(Organized by Elizabeth Green Musselman, Southwestern University)

1:30p.m. 3:10pm
Popularizing the Human Sciences in Twentieth Century America
(Sponsored by the Forum for the History of Human Science) (Sal4)
Benjamin Harris, University ofNew Hampshire, I, c,:i, ,i..* I i. i1- Masses:
John B. Watson and I :ii,.I..- Today" on the Radio (19 !i- !''-
Tracy Teslow, University of .. "Reveries of Race Mixing: Travelogues,
Potboilers, and Po l.,ui .I ,ili i 1,..,i..._.-
*Nadine Weidman, Harvard University Extension School, I ',ii.,i iI ii,, the
Ancestry of Man: Dart, Ardrey, and the Killer Instinct"
Chair and Commentator: John Burnham, 0.* State University

Early Modern Science and Medicine (Sal5)
Lesley B. Cormack, University of. i'.I'. "From De Sphera to De Globis:
Mathematical Practice and Concepts of the Earth"
Louise Curth, Bath Spa University, Bath, ii,,..: ii.i: in Early Modem
English Almanacs"
Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis, University . "The Visible World. Knowledge
of Things Optical in the Dutch Republic"
Dana Jalobeanu, Warburg Institute, London, "Francis Bacon's Brotherhood and
Its Classical Sources: Yates Thesis Revisited"
Chair: TBD

Science and Race in the Twentieth Century (Sal6)
Michelle Braiain ..i.. 'State University, "Redefining Race in the Post-World War
I! iI 1 .11 ll,,| .-.. Genetics, and the UNESCO Effort to Re-educate the Public on Race"
Alex Csiszar, Harvard University, "Joseph Deniker and the Classification of Race
and of the Sciences at the Fin de Siecle"
Lisa Gannett, Saint Mary's University, "Theodosius Dobzhansky, the Typological-
Population Distinction, and the Question of Race"
Cheryl A. Logan, University ofNorth Carolina, Greensboro, "Heredity and Race
in Paul Kammerer's Endocrine Hypothesis of Somatic Induction"
Chair: TBD

Eighteenth-Century Science and Technology (Sal7)
Warren Alexander Dym, "Scholars and Miners: Prospecting, Divining, and the
Freiberg Mining Academy"
Michael J. Sauter, Centro de Investgacidn y Docencia Econmicas, A. C,
"Germans in Space: Astronomy ;,,1 nil l".1. 1....: in the Eighteenth Century"
James Sumner, University ofManchester, "Liquid Assets: Beer as a Chemically-
M managed i .., ..- -,.iir 17I, -..:,,
Jeffrey R. Wigelsworth, I' Institutefor the Humanities, "The Natural
Philosophy of Thomas Morgan (d. 1743): Deist and Overlooked Newtonian"

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Science and Religion (Sal8)
Taner Edis, Truman State University, "Islamic Creationism in Turkey: Historical
and Intellectual Perspectives"
Ab Flipse, UniversiteitAmsterdam, ., Ii i ,I, of Unbelief: Dutch Calvinist
and Roman-Catholic Scientists About Science-Religion Issues in the Early 20th Century"
Ernst Hamm, York University, "Science, Dissenters and the Dutch Enlightenment"
John Stenhouse, University of' ... Dunedin, "'True Knowledge' the 'Handmaid
of True Religion': Christian Missions and the Spread of Science, 17911- '1 'I I
Chair: TBD

Physics and Physicists in the Twentieth Century (Sal9)
Kai-Henrik Barth, Georgetown University, "Scientists, Clerics, and Nuclear
De :.iin 'I 1 .1i.1- ii 11I
Aant Elzinga, University ofG .,, Sweden, "Einstein's Nobel Prize. Some
New Light on an Old .r. ,ii, I
Marijn Johannes Hollestelle, Leiden Institute ofPhysics, "Paul Ehrenfest as
a Mediator"
Jaume Navarro, University of Cambridge, "From Father to Son. The Electron
and the Thomsons"
Chair: TBD

Measurement, Computers, and Technology (Sa20)
Daniel Eric Crosby, University of ,,id iu, LosAngeles, "The Logician and
the Cash Register: Alan Turing's' Iik ,.i i1 FpIii .'1. ..- of Minds and Machines"
Brian R. Gaines, University of i, "A Critical Period in the History of the
World Wide Web"
Takushi Otani, Kibi International University, "Replication and Redesign of
Transistor Manufacturing through Visual Images in Japan During the 1950s"
Frans van Lunteren, Utrecht : i i Universiteit, "Individualism and
Bureaucracy in Science: Opposing the Metric Convention"
Chair: TBD

Collecting, Representation, and Science (Sa21)
Maura C. Flannery, St. John's University, N, "The Work of Art: Agnes Arber as
[.,,,h. :,,1 1Ihi i l.. i '.
Taika Helola, University :. ( .', "The Truth of the Matter:
I.i,,,l Iplh,., ,,t _, I ...I.. : ,I Specim ens"
Marianne Klemun, University of Vienna, "Space, State, Territory and Habitat:
Alpine Gardens in the Habsburg Countries"
Nicola Pezolet, Universite aval, "Anti-Functionalism and .,,, il,: ..,:i,.iI:": Asger
Jom and the "Mouvement International pour un Bauhaus Imaginiste" (1954-57)"
Chair: TBD

Genetics and Heredity in the 20th Century (Sa22)
Ted Everson, Chemical Heritage Foundation, "Genome Research Funding and
the Construction of Genetic Disease"
Jeffrey William Lewis,, 'I. State University, "Scientific Fundamentalism and
the Gene as Secular Soul"
Gail Schmitt, Princeton University, 1. i.i,. .- Cytoplasmic Inheritance: The
Debate between Ruth Sager and Nicholas Gillham"
William C. Wimsatt, Uniersity of .. ,'. "Did Punnett Invnt the Punnett Square?"
Chair: TBD

Science in Victorian England (Sa23)
lan Hesketh, York University, "The Sobel Effect, Froude's Disease, and the
Making of Un-Popular History in Mid-' I,:i,, 1 in I -i ii,,i
Rebecca Brookfleld Kinraide, Independent Scholar, "Converging Concepts of
Utility: A New Look at Intention and Reception in the Useful Knowledge Movement"

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Saturday, 4 November
1:30p.m. 3:10p.m. (continued)

Iwan Rhys Morus, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, "Philosophical Reflections:
Optical Illusions and Knowledge-Making in Early Nineteenth Century Britain"
K (Kenneth) G. Valente, Colgate University, '.:. i Will Explain the
Explanation?': Higher Dimensional Spaces and Spiritualism in Britain, 1875-90"
Chair: TBD

Clinical Medicine and Medical Science (Sa24)
Colin L. Talle\ /.. School ofPublic Health at Emory University, "Public
Health Science and Smoking in Atlanta, 1964-2006"
Loes Anne Knaapen, I... University, I Il!i..i ...i I Clinical Ti' 1 i, ilh, ir,.-,
Science 1 1i ..ii- .,
Paul Dimeo, University .. Scotland, "The History of Science, Drugs and
Sporting Performance, 1921:'1- !1'i
Chair: TBD

Gender and Sex (Sa25)
Kimberly A. Hamlin, The University j.. I atAustin, "Plumed Peacocks, Coy
Females, and Pugnacious Men: Scientific and Popular Responses to Darwin's Theory
of Sexual Selection, 1871-1910"
Mioara Deac, University ofNotre Dame, USA, "Sciences of the Mind, Automatic
DiF i i I.- and Feminism in' .. i. n I i i i, i ,,1
Paul Burnett, University ofPennsylvania, "Pregnant Men and Extra Breasts in
Women!:. .... 1..: ;.. ii ....I.,:.- Magazine, 1933-60"
Carla Bittel, Loyola Marymount University, "The 'Sexual Science' of Mary
Pu III I I i,. 11
Chair: TBD

Renaissance Natural Philosophy and the Occult (Sa26)
Darin Hayton, Haverford College, "Comets, Horoscopes and Politics at the Court
coi ,'I Ii l II, I -- I I 11.1,
Allison Kavey,John Jay College, I .l .i,- Subjects: The Place of Desire and
I, ri i. 11h ,'i, The Three Books of Occult Philosophy"
*SheilaJ. Rabin, St. Peters College, "Giovanni Pico (. ii I 1i. 11 i, ,!i.i 111. I. il, il i
Chair and Commentator: Irving Kelter, University ofSt. Thomas

(Coffee Break 3:10p.m. 3:30p.m.)

3:30p.m. 5:30p.m.
Astrology: Art, Science and Medicine in Early Modern Culture (Sa27)
Mary Quinlan-McGrath, Northern University, "The Visual Arts and
/ ,l ,i, ,',,] ii I i i.ii,.'
Tayra Maricarmen Lanuza-Navarro, Instituto de Historiade la . y.
Documentacion 'ZLpez Piero", Universitatde Valencia, 'I ..iii: i ,l.. i..-/in
Spain during the Seventeenth Century"
Ana Cecilia Avalos, European University Institute, rn. i. .- and Other Occult
Sciences in Seventeenth-Century New Spain"
*H. Darrel Rutkin, ,I Tatt, The Harvard University Centerfor Italian
Renaissance Studies, "Why Newton Rejected Astrology: A Reconstruction"
Chair: H. Darrel Rutkin, I Tatti

Comparative Perspectives on the History of Ecology and
Conservation Biology (Sa28)
*Stephen Bocking, Trent University, I I:.i..., 'rII i. the Transformation of
Canadian Environmental and Resource Politics, 19511- I-,i I
James Turner, Wellesley College, "Thinking Big: I ,.i~ -. iiir.. i i. ....I-- iand U.S.

Public Lands Advocacy, 1975-2000"
Peter S. Alagona, Haarard University, "The Mojave Desert Tortoise Industry:
From Wildlife Management to i i ..i.. ..-i- intheNew '.. .,i, .I.,i
Libby Robin, Australian National University, "Science for a Country in Crisis:
i .,,, I ir HI.. !. i.I ,. I :i in Australia 1950-2006"
Chair: Stephen Bocking, Trent University

Language, Logic and the Structure of the Universe (Sa29)
Kevin Lambert Cornell University, I 1. .. ..il..II iiI !...I. il._.- OrWhy
George Boole's Logic was Important forJames Clerk Maxwell's Theoretical Practice."
Michael E. Hobart, Western Washington University, i i. i ,: .the
Syllogism: Symbol and Meaning in the World of Augustus De ,, .-. 11
*Joan L. Richards, "From Matter to Spirit: Language and Meaning in the World
of Sophia De I -.. in
Commentator: Norton Wise, University oft i ,f.':/, LosAngeles

Microbiology, General Biology, and Mass Production Around 1900 (Sa30)
Christina Brandt, Max Planck Institutefor the History of Science, "From Plant
Breeding to the Laboratory: Clones, Pure Lines and Mass Production in early 20th-
Century Botany E. Ii I..11. ....i..l..
Andrew Mendelsohn, Imperial College London, "Manufacturing Variation,
Fixing Heredity: Microbial Nature and the Business of Vaccines"
Maureen O'Malley, Egenis, University of Exeter, "Everything is everywhere:
Beijerinck, Baas-Becking a I .:,,i ., i i .: ,i. ..
*Staffan Mueller-Wille, ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society, University of
Exeter, "Plant Breeding, Microbiology, and Biochemistry at the Carlsberg Laboratory
(Copenhagen): WilhelmJohannsen's Formative Years 1 -. -- I -. 2:
Chair: John Dupre, ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society, University of Exeter

The Relations of Natural Philosophy, Medicine and Engineering: A New
Look at Boundaries and Practice in the First Industrial Revolution (Sa31)
*David Philip Miller, The University ofNew South Wales, "Seeing the Chemical
Steamfor the Historical Fog: James ill I,, i .nii
Trevor Levere, University .... "Dr Thomas Beddoes, James Watt, and
Their Collaboration in Pneumatic Medicine"
Larry Stewart, University ofSaskatchewan, "Industrialists and Instruments in
the Late Eighteenth Century"

Disciplining the Plant Sciences: Specialization and
its Consequences (Sa32)
David Brownstein, University ofBritish Columbia, "'Spasmodic Research as
Executive Duties Permit': Practice and Authority in the British Columbia Forest
Branch, 1912-1925."
Katie R. Zimmerman,. '.. University, "A Comparative Reception of
Darwin: The Botanical ,l1 .1 ..-: 11 Work of Lester I i m.:. i
*Christina Matta, University of WisconsinMadison, "Boundary Zones and
Disciplinary Divides: The Fischer-Smith Debate and its Multiple Contexts"
Chair and Commentator: Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis, University ofFlorida

Useful Knowledge, 1750-1850: From Speculation to Evaluation
Fredric Graber, .. I .. Koyre 'iP.), i .ai, i. iI, i.:i asaDecision-
Making Tool Leveling in France at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century"
*Anna Maerker, Max Planck Institutefor the History of Science, i ii.'-,
Natural Philosophy Useful: The Case of Kant's Natural History of the Heavens"
CarstenReinhardt, Unersity of-. .'. i..,l I..., .. 1 I. I. TheInteractive
Development of Analytical Chemistry and the Juridical System in Germany ca. I -. 1
Commentator: Peter Dear, Cornell University

Artificial Radiation, "Natural" Laboratories (Sa34)
*Alistair Sponsel, Princeton University, "The Greatest Laboratory in the World:
The 1947 Scientific Resurvey of Bikini Atoll"
Soraya de Chadarevian, University of Cambridge, "Biology under the Cloud:
'Unplanned' Experiments and Strategic Implications"
Judy Johns Schloegel, "Nuclear Fear, the Atomic Energy Commission, and
Environmental Research atArgonne 11-, 11 11] i h. r ..1 1 1955-1975"
Ronald Rainger .. ..Foundation, "Radioactivity and
Experimentation in Southern California"
Chair: Alistair Sponsel, Princeton University

Setting, Sex, and Scandal in the Origins of Psychoanalysis (Sa35)
Andreas Mayer, University of Cambridge, I :i,. .r: II the Boudoir. The
Libertine Origins of the Psychoanalytic ( .,,,:i i
Lydia Marinelli .' FreudFoundation Vienna, "Bed and Couch as
Instruments of the Mental Cure"
*Elizabeth Lunbeck, Vanderbilt University, '.. i, itop With a Kiss?': Freud,
Ferenczi, and Maternal Tenderness in the Analytic Setting"
Chair: Andrew Lakoff, University of( i- i,/., San Diego

Anatomy in Context (Sa36)
Domenico Bertoloni Meli, Indiana University, "Anatomists and Mathematicians"
Lucia Dacome, University of ;.. Los Angeles, "Bodies and Blood in
Eighteenth-Century Naples"
*Anita Guerrini, University of i History: Perrault, Duvemey, and the 'Histoire des animaux'"
Lucia M. Tanassi, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, "Anatomy Biopolitics:
Plastination between Dismemberment and Performance"
Chair: Jole Shackelford, University ofMinnesota

Science Pedagogy (Sa37)
Adam R Shapiro, University of I .. ,. "The American Textbook Industry and
the Roots of the Anti-E,'. .l.Ii .. I .. ..i..i I
Catherine I ange- University of New York at :, "Iconic Science
Heroes as Models for the Pedagogical Use of the History of Science: Thomas Edison
and Wilson Greatbatch"
Johan Hendrik De Klerk,NoAthest ,. I .:, s .
"Histoly of Mathematics and Technology as Motivational Tools in I. iI,,,, i. I ,ii iri.\ :
Margaret Ursula Chmiel, University of Wsconsin Madison, "When Science
Became a Sputnik: The Crises and Criticism of Secondary Science Educators 1 '.-'.,
Chair: TBD

Science in the Marketplace: Scientists, Business, and the American
Public (Sa38)
*Megan Barnhart, University of ;.. Los Angeles, "Selling the
International Control of Atomic Energy: The Scientist's Movement, the Advertising
Council, and the Public"
Matthew Howard Hersch, University ofPennsylvania, "Geeks in Space:
Selling America's Scientist-Astronauts, 1965-1982"
Katie Proctor, Cornell University, "Selling American Optics: Clark Telescopes
and the Uses of Science"
Commentator: John Carson, University ofMichigan
Chair: Sarah Igo, University of Pennsylvania

Historicizing 'Pseudoscience' (Sa39)
Christina Wessely, Max Planck Institutefor the History of Science, "Fictional
(i iip..:. ir The 'cosmic ice theory' 1894-1945"
Veronika Lipphardt, Humboldt University Berlin, "The 'Black Sheep' of Bio

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Sciences: 1 1.- iii11. irii.i i .1 1 ,.1i ild.ilii... of Race Science"
Achim Trunk, University of Cologne, Germany, "A Triple Pseudo Project? Non-
Existent Enzymes as Tools in Racial Research Conducted on Auschwitz Inmates"
Chair and Commentator: *Mitchell Ash, University of Vienna

6:30p.m. 7:30p.m.
History of Science Society Distinguished Lecture
Richard Burkhardt, University of-" "The Leopard in the Garden: Life in
Close Quarters at the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle"
Introduction by Garland Alien, Washington University, St. Louis

8:30p.m. 10:00p.m.
History of Science Society Awards Banquet

Sunday, 5 November
9:00a.m. 11:45a.m.
(Coffee Break 10:00a.m.- 10:15a.m.)
Medicine, Matter-Theory, and Astronomy before 1650 (Sul)
Arianna Borrelli, Max Planck Institute for the History ofScience, "Non-verbal
Modes of Communication in Latin High Medieval Mathematics"
Frederick W. Gibbs, University of Wiconsin, Madison, "The Natural Philosophy
of Poison: New Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Toxins in the Latin West"
David P.D. Munns, Dreel Universty, "The Challenge of Variations: The Observational
Traditions of Ptolemy and Aristotle, and Copemicus's Heliocentric Solution."
Abdelhamid I. Sabra, Harvard University, "The Simple Ontology of Islamic
Kalam Atomism"

Cooperation, Competition, and Emulation:
Nineteenth-Century French Observatory Sciences
in International Context (Su2)
Fabien Locher, Institut National de la Recherche Pedagogique, "The Landed
Ship and the Crusade: International Cooperation and I ...l ri. .nt, i. 'I ..I i.. ..,i...
and Geomagnetism (18:.1 1-i I ',
Laetitia Maison, Natural Hitory Museum (Lyon, France), ". i flr
r,... ii,,i ii,.: i, l. :1 'li. CI, ...- 'Alfred Angot's Tour of U.S. Observatories in 1875"
J&rme Lamy, . .'. Paris, I ...,ii,, ll,,. and Adjusting Astronomical
Practices: The 'Carte du Ciel' Undertaking at the Turn of the 20th Century"
Arnaud Saint-Martin, UniversiteParisSorbonne, "The New Astronomical
Eldorado: The French Look at American Astrophysics, 19,1" I':1
Chair & Commentator: *David Aubin, UniversitePierre et Marie Curie

Cognition and History: Three Responses to The Cognitive Structure
of Scientific Revolutions (Su3)
Robert Westman, University of i/!f'.; i,. San Diego, .-ii Illi-,the
Copemican Revolution"
William Bechtel, University of i fr i.;/, San Diego, "Concepts, Perceptual
Symbols, and the (I i..* i. .- History of Science"
N ancy N -r e. ian .... , , ..;. ,/. 1|. i, ..., ,,; ri ..i. I .rt.. 1 ..I r
Peter Barker, University of'* ; "Historical Themes in the ( ....-.,
Structure of Scientific Revolutions: A Response to Westman, Bechtel a..1i ... .. i 11
Hanne Andersen, University I, I iini. .,' .: i Themes in The I ...mr..:
Structure of Scientific Revolutions: A Response to Westman, Bechtel and Nersessian"
Chair: *Xiang Chen, (<,fli' .'/ Lutheran University

Made in Japan? A Constructivist Inquiry into
East Asian Science (Su4)
*Alexander R. Bay, Stanford: .' j I University, "Beriberi, Barley,
and Tools of Empire: Military Medicine in China and Korea"

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Sunday, 5 November
9:00a.m. 11:45a.m. (continued)

Sumiko Otsubo, Metropolitan State University, "Emperor, Family, and
Modernity: The Passage of the National Eugenics Law in 1940"
James Bartholomew,, 'I* State University, "Uniqueness or Particularity in
Modern Japanese Science: Two Examples"
Akihito Suzuki, Keio University, "Medicine, Climate, and C.l' 1 !i....... i III....
in the Japanese Empire 1930-1945"
Commentator: Brett Walker, Montana State University
Chair: James Bartholomew, '. 0 State University

Beyond Excellent Adventures: Perspectives on the Construction of
Scientific Exploration (Su5)
*Matthew Shindell, University of i i',.i' San Diego, "To Hell with the
Moon: Harold Urey, Expertise, and Scientific Exploration"
Peder Roberts, Stanford University, "The Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic
Expedition and the Making of Modem Scientific Internationalism"
John G. Cloud, NOAA Central .*'i j, "'The Far Away Nearby': Situating
Exoticism in 20th Century Ocean Exploration"
Rachel Koroloflf ".- .- Universty, "Descriptions of Kamchatka: Stepan Krash-
eninnikov, Georg Wilhelm Steller and Russia's Eighteenth-Century Naturalist Tradition"
Chair and Commentator: Naomi Oreskes, University ofI i(ft i /. i, San Diego

Exploring Biography: Approaches to 'Lives in Science' (Su6)
*Lloyd Ackert, Yale University, "Parallel Biography: Ferdinand Cohn Versus
Louis Pasteur on Bacterial Speciation, 185 ,- I .- I
Michael D. Gordin, Princeton University, -.... ,i !..i.. I .i 1. The Life and
Death of a Journal and the Birth of National Styles"
Neeraja Sankaran, University of Wisconsin, Eau ., 11...11..' i 11,
Insights from EM. Burnet's Ego-Documents in Reconstructing His Ii '. r.i-: ii..,
I Ih.. ii i.i'.. -pl i: Research, 1 I:-i- I-.-
Nathaniel Comfort,Johns Hopkins University, !-I I ,i ..... of the Living and
Near-I,- ii.-:
Commentator: Thomas Siderqvist, University of Copenhagen

The Control of a Healthy Society: Institutionalizing Statistics in the
19th Century (Su7)
*Ida H. Stamhuis, Free University Amsterdam, "Why No Dutch Statistical
Society after the Establishment of Central Official Statistics?"
Gabriel K. Wolfenstein, University of -.' Los Angeles, "Recounting
the Nation: The General Register Office and Victorian Bureaucracies"
Andrea Rusnock, University of Rhode Island, "Counting in the Clinic: Medical
Statistics and Hospital Medicine"
Morgane Labb4, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, "Prussian Census
and the Statistical Office in the 19th Century: Global Construct '.., i. I.. : i :ii
Chair and Commentator: Theodore Porter, Uniersity oft.~; ,.:i Lh i,. .,

Science Friction? Physics Meets Astronomy Over the Longue Durne (Su8)
Richard Staley, University of Wisconsin, Madison, "Relative Measures, Absolute
Standards and the Perfect Laboratory"
Peter Susalla, University of Wisconsin, Madison, "Conflict or Consensus? The
Neglected Middle Ground Between 'Old' and 'New' Astronomy, 1890-1910"
Daniel Kennefick, University ofArkansas, "Pushing the Limits: Looking for
Gravitational Waves in the Post-Newtonian Approximation, 1945-1965"
David Kaiser, MI, "When Fields Collide:: Training and the Birth o.f I I tn,:i, .i ., .1. i..
Commentator: Cathryn Carson, University of '.- ,Berkeley
Chair: Suman Seth, Cornell University

Globalizing Knowledge: The South-North
Scientific Relations (Su9)
*Alexis De Greiff, UniversidadNacional de Colombia, "A Critical Appraisal of
the Historiography of the North-South Technoscientific Relations"
Shawn Mullet, Harvard University, "Institutionalizing Brazilian Science: North
American Models and the Formation of the CNPq"
M6nica Garcia, University ofEdinburgh, "Finitism and Medical Knowledge:
Reconfiguration of French Theories of Fevers in I ....ih I i, 1860-1900"
Juan Andr&s Le6n, Harvard University, '....i ..ii,. The Snake Venom
Specificity Debates, 1 .'I- !i'I 2
Commentator: Thomas Glick, Boston University
Chair: Alexis De Greiff, UniversidadNacional de Colombia

Mobilizing Youth for Science in the Twentieth-Century U.S. and
Socialist China (SulO)
Aaron Alcorn, Case Western Reserve University/NationalAir and Space
Museum, "Educating for the Air Age: Toys, Technology, and 1.. i...i.1-,
Larry Owens, University ofMassachusetts, Amherst, "Science Fiction and the
Mobilization of Youth in the Cold War"
*Sigrid Schmalzer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, "Youth and the
'Great Revolutionary Movement' of Scientific Experiment in Socialist China"
Ralph Richard Hamerla, University of, '*; ,'. "The Historian of Science
and Political Realities"
Commentator: David Rhees, The Bakken ,' ,j' and Museum
Chair: Sigrid Schmalzer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

(Re)producing "Monsters": Old and New World Interpretations of
Abnormal Births During the Late Seventeenth to
Early Nineteenth Centuries (Sull)
Margaret D. Garber, ;. .- University Fullerton, "Terror and
Fantasy: Generating Facts of 'Monstrous' Births in -I.i. '. rnal of theAcademy of
the Investigators ofNature (1670-1700)"
Adam Warren, University of Washington, "'Monsters' and Their Meanings in
Colonial Peru: An Examination of the Birth of Conjoined Twins in 1694"
Sean M. Quinlan, University of Idaho, I..,,i,..i.i Births, Medical Networks,
and Obstetrical Authority in France, ca. 17 i- 1 -.I Il

Objects, Images, and Constructs in
Life Sciences Pedagogy (Sul2)
SaraT. Scharf, IHPST, University .". .. 11' ii" -, the mind's eye with
I i'..I.i.iii 11 ii ..I I
Dawn Mooney Digrius, Drew University, iii, i- l ,ii.-, Paleobotany: The
Internal Structure Debates, 1868-1895"
*Ruthanna Dyer, York University, "The Blaschkas' Glass Invertebrates in Early
.,.,.I.i: Education"
John L. Rudolph, University of Wsconsin, Madison, i1 'pi. i i,. i i ..... Conflict:
Scientific Supply Companies and the I., I, -1i.: ..ii ii .. I ii, of the 1960s"

Lies, Damn Lies, and Their Characteristics (Sul3)
*Ken Alder, Northwestern University, "Placebo Technologies: Of Atom Bombs
and I ..i.: ,i,
Londa Sliiebinger ':..' University, .I....i..i- and Colonial Science"
Laura Stark, Northwestern University, I i,.1 ii-.;, and Deceiving: The Science
and Ethics of Research Methods, 19(,'- I':.
Alison Winter, University of i-.. "A Science of Expectation: Martin Ome and the
Invention of "Demand Characteristics" in the Design .f I :i ..i... i.: li 1...1 i- ,
Commentator: Matt Wisnioski, Washington University, St. Louis

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Future Meetings

The following announcements have been edited for space. For full descriptions and the latest announce
ments,please visit our Web I The Society does '
accuracy of any item; interestedpersons should p all details. Those who wish to publish future meet
ing announcement should send an electronic version I,%. ,' to newsletter@hssonline.org.

"The Documentary Trad-
ition" at the 2006 Film and
History League Conference.
To be held 8-12 November 2006 in
the Dolce Conference Center near
the :'II i -!..11 Worth airport.
Proposal deadline: 15 August. Send
proposals to Dr Tim Boon, Head of
Collections, The Science Museum,
London SW7 2DD. E-mail:
iIt .l.l,, hh ...ll IC. :
Energy and Culture. To be held
7-8 February 2007 in Esbjerg,
Denmark. Proposal deadline 1
September 2006. Send it to rudi-
ger@ihis.aau.dk. http:/Aww.CES-
epiSTEME-2 Conference to
review research in Science,
l.:i,..i..:.- and Mathematics
Education. To be held at the Homi
Bhabha Centre for Science
Education (TIFR), Mumbai, India
12-15 February 2007. http://
Medicine and Culture:
Chinese-Western Medical
Exchange from the Late
Imperial to Modern
Periods. To be held at the
University of San Francisco on 9
March 2007. Deadline for pro-
posals is 18 September 2006.
Submit to: Melissa Dale, Assistant
Director for Research, The Ricci
Institute, University of San
Francisco, 2130 Fulton Street, LM
280, San Francisco, CA 94117-
1080; fax 415.422.2591; e-mail
Perspectives on Mathemati-
cal Practices. To be held 26- 28
March 2007, Vrije Universiteit
Brussel, -.1 1.'i.I Proposal dead-
line 15 November 2006.
http://www.vub. ac.be/
Securing the Ultimate
Victory Exploring the
History of Military Med-

icine and Health Care. To be
held at the Army Medical Museum,
:...-:1, Barracks, Mytchett, Surrey
on 12-13 April 2007. Abstract dead-
line 1 August 2006. Submit to:
Curator, Army Medical Services
Museum, :..,,:i Barracks, Ash
Vale, Aldershot GU12 5RQ. E-mail
armymedicalmuseum @btinter-
The American Association
for the History of Medicine
invites abstracts for papers in any
area of medical history for its 80th
annual :,....rii,: to be held in
Montreal, Quebec, 3-6 May 2007.
Submissions from all eras and
:. : 11 i .... .. 111 .. welcome e.
Besides single-paper proposals,
the program committee accepts
abstracts for three-paper sessions
and for luncheon workshops.
Please alert the : i..,,i J
Committee chair (pteigen
Si,,1i, :.. 1 if you are planning a
session proposal. Submit to
'I!, ii in ii..l..i Deadline 15
September 2006. For further
information, contact Philip M.

Cultivating the 'Next'
Agricultural History. i,.,.-,, :
of the .:'iI:..1 11i History Society
, 11 .1 , .. 1. I 1t l I I I I I II ..I r ,
Ames, 21-23 June 2007. Deadline
for submissions: 15 October 2006.
,I t : l.:,:11 , ll I ., -, I,,, I .I ,
akedu/ upcomingevents.html.
Sexual Histories: Bodies and
Desires Uncovered. To be held
23-25 July 2007, Xfl Centre,
University of Exeter Deadline 31
October 2006. Send title and
abstract to Sarah Toulalan at the
History Department, University of
Exetei Rennes Drive, Exetei EX4
4RJ; e-mail: S.D.Toulalan
European Association for the
History of Medicine and
Health: Enviromnent, Health
and History. To be held in London,
12-15 September 2007. Submissions
to Ingrid James by 17 November

20 0 6 ; 1:,, .1 I 1.... 1 1,111 ,.:- I
http:/Avww Ishtm.ac.U.K/history


International Conference
on the History of Alchemy
and Chymistry. Philadelphia,
19-22 July 2006; http://www.
1 .. 1,,, , . . . 1 ,...-
my/index html.
The Science and History of
Evolutionary Theory. Univer-
sity of Malta, 24-29 July 2006;
International Commission
on the History of Geological
Sciences. Symposium in Vilnius,
i iI,,to4
Contact Prof Dr Hab. .i- ii, I .
. ,, 11 1 ,1 ,. _. ,, ,
Knowledge in the 17th
Century: Centres and
Peripheries in the Re-
public of Letters. University
of Bucharest, FME Seminar on
Early Modern Philosophy. To be
held 30 July-4 August 2006,
Bran, Romania.
Centre for Portuguese
Nautical Studies: Maritime
Archaeology and History
Conference. To be held from 7-9
August 2006 in Mossel I. South
Africa;' iri . :! II : i
10th North Atlantic Fisheries
History Association will be held
in Bremerhaven, 7-11 ..,1 -. 1 1 11 l,'
Contact Dr Ingo Heidbrink at heid-
Society for the History of
Psychology's 114th Annual
Meeting will be held 10-13
August 2006, in New Orleans,
Louisiana; Ir i .i ..i
The International Commit-
tee for the History of
Technology's 33rd Sym-
posium in Leicestei U.K., 15 20
,t~I 1111,

Design and Evolution. To be
held 31 August-2 September 2006
at Delft University of I...:in,.....-
Faculty of '.. : i .11 ....i.....
History of the Food Chain -
from Agriculture to
Consumption and Waste.
Szent Istvan u ll ... r. Gbdbllb,
near Budapest, 31 August 3
September 2006; http://www.
Second European Society for
the History of Science
International Conference.
Cracow, 6-9 September 2006;

Electrifying Cultures:
Standardization vs. Diversity
in Histories of Artefact and
Experiment To be held 10-12
September 2006, Devonshire Hall,
University of Leeds. http:/Aww.hps.
.. i ,: I I I .. I l ultures.htm.
Locating Engineers: Edu-
cation, Knowledge, Desire.
INES workshop at Virginia Tech,
I: ,I i1..1: Virginia, 10-13
September 2006. http//www.
Mediated Bodies. To be held at
Maastricht I ..... iI. the
Netherlands, 14-16 September
2006. Contact Renee van de Vail at
Scientists and Social
Commitment To be held 15-17
September 2006, at the Science
Museum, London, U. K. Contact
Chris Chilvers at chc@dtvdk
Society for the History of
Natural History's Natural
Science in the New World:
The Descriptive Enterprise.
21-24 September 2006, Montreal,
Canada; :i,. .- i i.:: I/.:1 /
The Commerce and Politics
of Science. 21-24 September
2006, University of Notre Dame;
http:/A m .l . .. I ..i. ; 1

Rocky Mountain Interdis-
ciplinary History Confer-
ence. 22-23 September 2006 at
the University of Colorado, Boulder
Endangered Species in Glass:
The Blaschka Models. The
Dublin Blaschka' ....ii. ..ill take
place 28-30 September 2006;
Fourth Annual Joint Atlantic
Seminar for the History of
Medicine will be held 29-30
September, 2006 at Yale University

22nd Baltic Conference on
the History of Science. 5-7
October 2006, Vilnius, Lithuania;
h ttp ://x , I t,,,, 1 ,1 1 .11 , t 1.I-, 1 .
(Re)Configurations: Arts,
Humanities, and Technology
in the Urban Environment

College, 5-8 October 2006. http://
www.bmcc. cuny. edu/
WHEATS 2006. 6-8 October
2006, London, Ontario. http://his-
toryuwo.ca/ events/wheats2006/
Conference of the Inter-
national EcoHealth Assoc-
iation. To be held 7-10 October
2006, University of Wisconsin-
Madison. http://www.ecohealth.
SHOT 2006 will be will be held in
Las Wgas, Nevada, 12-16 October
2006; http://www.shot.jhu.edu/
Annual_ l.,.iii i .......1 il_ l....,,, :
_Main_ i:. Iiii1
Technology, Environment
and Work. Wayne State
-11 ..i. r. 19-21 October 2006.
Contact Professor Janine Lanza, e-
mail: aol605@wayne.edu.
On Responsibility in the
Human Sciences. 11,.: 1:.. 20-
21 October 2006. ( : ......11 .. il,..
University of' 11,,: I :. i. I.1 1l. i,
Planck Institute for the History of

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Geological Society of
America Convention. Phil-
adelphia, PA, 22-25 October
2006. i 1 . ... ..: .

Benjamin Franklin's World
1706-2006. Milan (23 October
2006) and Rome (24 October
2006). Contact Marco Sioli at
marco.sioli@unimi.it or Daniele
Fiorentino at daniele.fiorenti-
Conference on African
Science. 24 October 2006.
S..... 11J... -. 1 .. .: l .= 4- 7 14 .
Negotiating the Sacred III.
2-3 November 2006. Canberra,
Australia. http://www.anu.edu.

BSHM 2006. Health and
Medicine in History: East-West
.: 1,,,1.. 2-4 November,
2006, Jawaharlal Nehru
i...... .ii New Delhi. Contact
D. Kumar at ashm2006@red-
History of Science Society.Joint
:,..ii..:., with PSA and 4S, 2-5
November 2006. Vancouver B.C.,

2006 PSA Biennial Meeting.
,,,, ...,, ,liii ,, l i will be held
2-5 November 2006 in Vancouver
British Columbia; http://philsci.
4S Conference. 2-5 November
2006, Vancouver. http://www.

Food Chains: Provisioning,
Technology, and Science. 3-4
November 2006. Contact Carol
Lockm an: .. :1 ..., m._' 1 i:1 .....i
Inventing America: The
Interplay of Technology
and Democracy in Shap-
ing American Identity.
University of Virginia, 3-4
November 2006. i.i il I: i:,...
Dennis: 202.633.3441, den-
Science within the State. Berlin,
9-11 November 2006. Contact Axel
C. Huentelmann (axel.huentel-
mann@charite.de), Michael C.
Schneider (Michael.Schneider
Historicide and Reiteration:
Innovation in the Sciences,

Humanities and the Arts. 9-
10 February 2007, Maastricht
F. ... r. the Netherlands.
Contact Lies ... .ii. at lies.wes-

Living on the Edge: Human
Desires and Environmental
Realities. ASEH's 2007 :...... ill:
Baton I..-.:.. Louisiana, 1-7
N i,,.: h, i i- i,-,.ir.i -/-env-
Rethinking Health, Culture
and Society Physician-
Scholars in the Social Sciences
and Medical Humanities.
Tentatively scheduled 21-22 April
2007, University of 1',: i :.. http://
ESEH Conference: Environ-
mental Connections Europe

and the Wider World.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 5-8
June 2007. in, i .... ,.i ,
The Legacy of Ramon y
Cajal. Chestnut Hill ..1.. ..
Philadelphia, PA, 5-7 October
2007. E-mail Cajal@chc.edu.
Bicentenary of the
Geological Society (of
London). 12-13 November
2007. "I l :.... ...
Fifteenth International
Conference on the Origin of
Life. Florence, Italy August 24-
29, 2008. ip. ,

Dissertations List einstd.d)
Anderson, Clifford Blake. "The Crisis of Ti ...1.._,. 11 Ghent Universi
Science: A Contextual Study of the Development of Karl Dym, Warre
Barth's( ..... ..1 ii ... as Science from 1901 to 1923." I,,,,,,1 and
Princeton ,...1.. _. 1 Seminary, 2005, 567 pp. 3184349. University of C
Belk, Alan Frederick. "The Semantic View of Scientific Ellenbogen
Theories: An Alternative to Realism/Instrumentalism." Imperceptible:
University of Guelph, 2005, 193 pp. NR04705. ,-1. .. 2005
Black, Jeffrey James Stewart. "Rousseau's Critique of Evangelist,
Science: A Commentary on the 'Discourse on the Sciences and Relationship I
the Arts."' Boston I..l. -. 2005, 423 pp. 3176656. Truth in the
Bouchard, Frederic. "Evolution, Fitness and 1. 1111.. 1. ...1 ,I .0 200
for Persistence." Duke University 2004, 214 pp. 3177860. Franklin, Co
Browne, Meredith. "The Currency of the Clinical of Captaine
1,..1.._ |1,. Science, 1. ..ii._, ,. and the Dream of the Publication ar
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Byrne, David. "Anne Conway: An Intellectual Portrait of Gaycken, O
a Seventeenth Century Viscountess." The Claremont Cinema and tl
Graduate ..i. 1 2005, 163 pp. 3175048. 1..'. ... 2005,
Carter, Christopher Ray. "Imperialism and Godefroy, Ai
Empiricism: Science and State in the Age of Empire." National .....
Duke ... i. 2004, 240 pp. 3174110. and Space ,..
Clary, Renee M. I n ... i.. Strata: An I. .... into Canada, 2004,
the Graphic Innovations of Geologist Henry T De la Beche." Haber, Ma
Louisiana State i .. 1. 2003, 480 pp. 3182879. l, 1... ,. ,.
Cook, Steven W. I ..... i ........ and .... 1-..... Abram 2005, 111 pp.
Kardiner: His Life and Legacy in the Shadow of Freud's Hollibaugh,
Influence." Emo ini. ,. 1 2005, 395 pp. 3176012. Science, 1.
Cunningham, Michael Doucette. "Seashells on the Literature betw
Mountains: Antonio Vallisneri, Fossils, and the Republic of 2005, 214 pp.
Letters." University of Connecticut, 2005, 215 pp. 3180195. Koehl, Laur
deJong-Lambert, William. "Tl . I ,..... i .. from the Oral
in Poland." C. .1,n,1.., 1 .1, i 1 .1 2005, 246 pp. 3174774. Cincinnati, 20(
Ducheyne, Steffen. "Virtuosi at Work: Historical La Nave, Fec
Philosophical Essays on Causality and i' 1..1 ..1... in the Geometry to
Natural Philosophy of Galileo, ...... and Newton." 2005, 168 pp.

provided by Dr Jonathon Erlen (only dissertation titles placed in Dissertation Abstracts are

ty Ii ........ 2006, 236pp.
n Alexander. ........-. Science: Treasure
the Saxon Mining Industry, 1500-1800."
alifornia, Davis, 2005, 293 pp. 3182482.
Josh. 1i..i.. .1 and the
Bertillon, Galton, Marey" The University of
385 pp. 3181333.
Caery A. "Medieval I,.. 1iii. lii, The
between Mind, World and Transcendental
Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas." Duke
4, 324 pp 3177297.
lleen. "'TI-. .n .. .1 F .,. .11Voyage
Thomas James': A New Edition and a
id Reception History" University of Ottawa,
liver Alexander "Devices of Curiosity:
he Scientific Vernacular." The University of
279 pp. 3181341.
drew B. "Defence and Discovery: Science,
,, and the Origins of the Canadian Rocket
i. ... 1945-1974." Royal Military ..I ... of
338 pp. NR02033.
itthew Horace. "The Centrality of
Thinking." University of California, Davis,
Lisa Kathleen. "Southern Crossroads:
..... and Gender in Southern Women's
green the World Wars." Columbia ,
a Ann. i....... Science: Lessons Learned
Histories of Women Scientists." University of
05, 152 pp. 3176749.
erica. "Belief without Proof from Ancient
Renaissance Algebra." Harvard ,

,i missing titles ,,
Monaldi, Daniela. "The Fate of the Mesotron. The Rome
Experiment on the Nuclear Absorption of Hard Cosmic Rays."
University of Toronto, 2005, 311 pp. NR02625.
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Alchemy and the Matter of Souls in the Age of Milton."
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I ..... ... Environment, and Field Work in the United
States Central Plains and Rocky Mountains, 1860-1920."
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Hermeneutic of Evolutionary :..i... Texts." California
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Yudell, Zanja Chanka. "Scientific Realism and
Inconsistency: A Model-Based Approach." Columbia
i .i .. 1 2005, 192 pp. 3174933.

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

ISIS BS CE IV D Prior to the publication of each Newsletter, the HSS Executive Office receives from the Isis Editorial Office a list of books
Isis BO O KS R ECEIVED received by that office for potential review. This list appears here quarterly; it is not compiled from the annual Current

S:i. You may also view this list and prior lists online 1I ih!,

I -. 11 -1.. I. I I I id isis.htnl.

Anger, Gottfried; Helmut Moritz,
Joachim Auth, Rainer Burghardt, et
al. Wssenschafliches Kolloquium zum
75. Geburtsag on I' I Treder
Band 61. Sitzungberichte Der Leibniz-
Sozietit, Herbert Hirz, Prisident. 266 pp.,
apps., Berlin: Verlag Irena Regener 2003.
Eurol7.80 (paper). :...':.-2': I
Arag6n, Santiago. El Zoolgico del

Mariano delaPaz Graells (1809 1898),
la Sociedad de Aclimatacion y los
Animals es. i .. . 235 pp.,
I" -1' Mi I didi. b.i.,Nacionalde
Ciencias Naturales, 2005. (paper).
.,-1 II II I,"-..","
Arnold, David. The Tropics and the
Trawling Gaze: India, Landscape, and
Scenc, 1800 1856 xiv + 298 pp., illus.,
fig., bible, index. Seattle: University of
*" .ihil,,, Press, 2005. $50 (cloth).
Astore, William J. God.
Thomas Dick, Evangelicalism and
Popular Sciene in ictorian Britain and
America. ix + 304 pp, app., bibl., index.
I....f.if.iid Ashgate Publishing I ..i.i'
2001. Cloth $79.95.754602028.
Atkinson-Grosjean, Janet Public
Scienc Private Interests. Culture and
Commerce in Canadas Networks of
Centres ofExcellence. xviii + 269 pp. figs.,
tables, apps., bibl., index. Toronto:
University of Toronto Press, 2006. $55.
(cloth). 802080057.
Auyang, Sunny Y. Engineering an
Endless Frontier 344 pp., apps, index.
I Ilih.l,. MA: Harvard University Press,
: I' 15 (paper). 674019784.
Aveni, Anthony. Uncommon Sense:
Understanding Nature's uths across
Time and Culture. xxii + 250 pp., figs.,
index. Boulder: University Press of
1 ... ., ,i,, ', ,. '. E', *. l i,) . .. -.2 ".7.
Ballenger, Jesse F. Senility, and
I. '. Disease in Modem Amerca:
A History xvii + 236 pp., app., index.
Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University
Press, 2006. $43 (cloth). 801882761.
Baraldi, Enrico; Hjalmar Fors;
Anders Houltz (Editors.) Taking
Place: The Spatial Contexts of Science,

.' ... y andBusinss. xxi + 402 pp.,
figs., index. Sagun, ,i Beach, MA: Science
History Publications, 2006. $49.95 (cloth).
Barnes, David S. The Great Stink of
Paris and the Nineteenth Century
FFith and Germs xiv +
314 pp., figs., index. Baltimore: The Johns
Hopkins University Press, 2006. $35
(cloth)..-a l-.-..i.4 '
Barnes, Linda L. Neeles, Herbs, Gods,
,. ,/ ., Ithe West
to 1848. 458 pp., illus., bibl., index.
I I,,,ii. _.,. ,l l....ii Harvard University
Press, 2005. $49.95 (cloth). 674018729.
Barrera-Osorio, Antonio. Experience
ing Nature. The Spanish American
Empire and the Early
Revolution. xi + 211 pp., illus., apps., bibl.,
index. University of Texas Press, 2006. $45
(cloth). 292709811.
Battaglia, Debbora (Editor). E.T
SI . . - I in Outerspaces. ix
+ 281 pp., illus., index. Durham: Duke
University Press, 2005. $79.95 (cloth).
Bechtel, William. Discovering Cell
Mechanisms: The Creation ofModern Cell
..... i i i ,,,,i ,,,.: Studies in
Philosophy and t. I .lI.- xii + 323 pp.,
figs., app., index. New York: I Ilhili.u:
University Press, 2005. $75 (cloth).
Beidleman, Richard G. lf';, .','
Frontier Naturalists xii + 484 pp., illus.,
bibl., index. Berkeley/Los Angeles:
University of California Press, 2006. $39.95
(cloth). 520230108.
Bellamy, Matthew J. ; ...- the
Crown: Canadas Polymer Coporation,
1942-1990. xiii + 303 pp., illus., figs.,
bibl., index. Montreal: McGill-Queen's
University Press, 2005. $65 (cloth).
Beretta, Marco; Giovanni
DiPasquale (Editors). Le Verre dans
IEmpireRomain. (ArtsetScience) (Based
on the papers presented atIstituto e Museo di
Storia dellaScienza, 27 March to 31 October
2004, Museo degli Argenti, Florence) 359
pp., figs., app., bibl. Florence-Milan: Giunti
Editor, 2006. 39 (paper). 271185163X.

Bertomeu-SAinchez, Jose Ram6n;
Agusti Nieto-Galan, (Editors).
/ I 1. Medicine and Crime. Mateu
J.B. Of,/i (17871853) and His ies.
xxv + 306 pp., figs.,apps., index. Sagamore
Beach, MA: Science History Publi-
cations/USA, 2006. $52 (cloth). 881352756.
Biagioli, Mario. (i,/,'. Instruments
of Credit-.. ... . ,.. xi +
302 pp., figs., app., index. Clhi: .-., The
University of Chicago Press. $35 (cloth).
Blackmore, John T.; Ryoichi
Itagaki; Setsuko Tanaka (Editors).
Ernst Machs Scence: Its d ... and
Influence on Einstein and Others. 304
pp., index. Kanagawa: Tokai University
Press, 2006. (cloth). 44i 131',l1
Blackwell, Alan; David Mackay
(Editors). Power (The Darwin College
Lectures.) 139 pp., illus., figs., index. New
York: I li,,hi..: University Press, 2005.
$60 (cloth). 521823773.
Bourdelais, Patrice. Epemics Laid
Low A History of hat Happened in Rich
Countries. Translated by Bart K. Holland.
xiv + 176 pp., figs., app., bibl., index.
Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University
Press, 2006. $19.95 'i". .ii .l ..-. i .-.
Bowker, Geoffrey. Memory Practises
in the Sciences. xi + 261 pp.,illus., figs.,
index. Cambridge/London: The MIT Press.
$34.95 (cloth). 26252295.
Busard, H. L. L. Campanus ofNovara
and Euclids Elements. (Boethuis, Band
51, 1 + 2.) 768 pp., figs., bibl. Stuttgart:
Franz Steiner Verlag, 2005. Euro 115
(cloth). 3315086455.
Cadeddu, Antonio. Les Vrites de la
Science: Pratique, Redt, Histoire: La Cas
Pasteur Biblioteca di Nuncius, vol. 57.)
xviii + 282 pp., apps., bibl., index. Florence:
Leo S. Olschki, 2005. Euro30 (cloth).

Caffey, David LI ; ,. &New
Mexico: From the Colfax County War to
the ..... f Modem Santa Fe. xvii
+ 261 pp., figs., app., bibl., index. College
Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2006.
$34.95 (cloth). 1.-.-. 42--:
Callahan, Daniel; Angela A.
Wasunna. Medicine and the Market:

Equity v. Choice. xii + 320 pp., index.
Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University
Pe,,, 2116 $15 (cloth). 801883393.
Chekin, L. S. Northern Eurasia in
Medieval . I i Inventory, Txts,
Translation, and Commentary 498 pp.,
illus., bibl. Index. Tumhout: Brepols
Publishers, 2005. Euro75 (cloth).
Chris, Cynthia. Watching Wdfe. xxii
+ 269 pp., figs., app., index. Minneapolis:
University of Minnesota Press, 2006. $19.95
(paper). 816645477.
Clancey Gregory. EarthquakeNation.
The Cultural Politics of Japanese
1. 1868-1930. xii + 331 pp.,
illus., app., bibl., index. Berkeley: University
of California Press, 2006. $49.95. (cloth).
Clarke, Desmond M. Descartes: A
; .;.~ xi + 507 pp., apps., figs., bibl.,
index, i Ilihi,. i Ili.inl.: University
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Cooper, Michael; Michale Hunter
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History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

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History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

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copies received)
(Continued page 22)

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Bucculentus Revisited

The Underside of the Scientific Revolution

Despite my best efforts, Bucculentus remains one of the least recognized
and most unappreciated giants of the scientific revolution. Known in
his heyday as the Wizard of Wiltshire and the Sage of Salisbury, a friend of
Hobbes, Wallis, and Descartes, he affected everyone and everything he
touched. He was most famous for his testudino-centric cosmology, which
he introduced into European intellectual circles from the land of the
Incas, as well as his theory of the circulation of the black-bile. Most con-
temporaries rejected his turtle-centered cosmos, and his bilious physiology,
but his other new-world discovery was much more popular the pimento.
He brought the pimento back from Ecuador and soon discovered that
olives became much more palatable when stuffed with this sweet red pep-
per. Wallis, Boyle, and Bucculentus used to sit around, stuffing olives, and
talking natural 1i1i .....pli and out of that grew the world's first scientific
society: the Pimento Academy. Co-incidentally, Sylvius de la Boe, in
Holland, that very same year, invented gin. Modern science was on its way.
I first introduced Bucculentus to the history of science community at a
Junto meeting in 1976, several years after I had discovered a major horde
of Bucculentus papers and manuscripts in the archives of the Whistling

-. 4:L

Butt llt IVnh'I

II %ii,. i I li. ** I Ii' Ii Ii i il l I1 i. 1111 1 i
11 : I d I il I11111 iii iii' Iii.11 .i '. 1 -..11ii liii Ii ii

Ih III ..t kdn [...I

'.1, I 1I ,


I. hu iii ilhii I 11511 i I*I. ,II11ii ~III ii Iii iii liii II I 1I1i.iii 1 III

iii 11.1 i 11.. 1 1 1ii ,iiiI Iii iii..,I ii iii iii~i..* II.. i0i.Ii I
111 1 11 .. % I, ..III 1.- 11' 1 1---, i .lilli 1. 1 I

I'' III h- 1. 1 In I III ', liii,,Iiu.1 III'. J 'l.. i I [.. IiI' 1.111h.1
II II, ii ii ii Ii' Iii~ iii ii~~ I..1 i~u 1 ~ ~i iii ',I~i'i I illii~ II Ili il I'~ ~ ~ I

l I I ii Iii I i i I iii 1 II iii uhuu111 ''I, 1 II I ..,I hr uuuul'uil

Wallis's Line

kw 4


;~P~:. d

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

(News continued from page 6)
Natural History: The New York Times Web site features a video on the
The U.K.'s National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Akeley Hall of Mammals at the American Museum of Natural History. To
Contemporary Scientists (NCUACS) reports on the four latest of its col- locate the video, type 'Akeley Hall of Mammals' in the Timessearch box. The
elections to be processed: chemical engineer Sir Frederick Wamer, geologist 'lNH Web site also features multimedia on the diorama at
D.FW. Baden-Powell, molecular biologist and Nobel Laureate Cesarh tp://,, .... I ,,, '.
Milstein, and biochemical engineer E.M. Crook. The report is at Public Health: A new collection of seminal public health articles has been
http:/wwwbath.acI.U.K/ncuacs. I ".blished by Public Health Reports. To order Public Health Reports: Historical
collectionn 1878 2005, download an order form from: http://www.pub-
A new Web site on the Automobile in American Life and Society chealthreports.org. Or contact Asha Tobing at atobing@asph.org or
can be found at http://ww.autolife.umd.umich.edu. 202.296.1099.
The Smithsonian Institution Archives will be relocating to new i Botany and Medicine: The "Historia Plantarum Collection" is now open
offices at Capital Gallery (7th and Maryland Ave., SW) in Summer 2006. to Smithsonian and external scientists. Devoted to the History of Botany and
For further information: httpl/siarchives.si.edu. Medicine, the collection focuses on the Old World and medicinal plants. For
The Rutherford Journal, the New Zealand Journal for the more information: http://www.sil.si.edu/digitalcollections/herbals/.
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology is rf., I.. i. i- Psychology: The New York Academy of Medicine will be hosting the exhibit
able online at http /www.rutherfordjoumal.org. l ..Il.:,.,,',I Freud's Neurological Drawings and III i i i,, of the Mind: From
A new Web site with digital links for teachers and students can Neurology to Psychoanalysis." In addition, the exhibit will feature several orig-
be found at http//wwwuniversityhistoryorg final drawings from Freud's own hand on loan from the Freud Museum in
A new issue, IX.1 (Spring-Summer 2006) of the HOPOS Newsletter ondon. For further information: "lr1 ". .. './initiatives/im-
may be found at: http://cas.umkc.edu/scistud/hopos. histe.shtml
With the publication of volume V, Oceanography and Exhibitions: The Museum of the History of Science in Oxford has opened
With the publication of volume VI, Oceanography and Hydrograph 'Wireless World: Marconi and the Making of Radio.' Visit
the edited works of Hans Ertel (19-!- I ) are nowcomplete. http://wwwmhs.ox.ac.U.K.. A permanent Marconi homepage is at
The most recent batch of recent doctoral dissertations concerning http//wwwmhs.ox.ac.U.K/marconi/.
biomedical ethics and humanities has been downloaded to: There will be a special installation devoted to the materials and techniques of the
htp/wwwvhsls.pitt.edu/ides/histmed/researchresources/dissertations/index html. at t of thp ,hihitinn "Pllini ainminno Titian and the Rnaiano nf

Venetian Painting." AtNational Gallery of Art,"'.:, Idl i,. -i D ir until 17 September
2006, then Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, 17 October 2006 7January 2007.
Exhibitions in two Harvard venues commemorate the 300th anniversary of the
birth of Benjamin Franklin. "The Circulation of Knowledge," H b.,l. -l1ii. .i1 i 1-
until 23 Sep-
tember 2006 and
"Science and
Collection of
Instruments, until
22 December
2006. ,,

Harvard University commemorating the 300th anniversary of
Benjamin Franklin's birth. (Courtesy of Harvard University)

Report on HSS Council and Business Meetings in
Minneapolis November 2005

At the HSS Council and Business Meetings in Minneapolis, in November 2005,
President Sokal reported on the progress we have made in raising money to match
the NEH Challenge Grant, aimed at endowing the position of the Society
.i-.iA. i 1.l...i To date, we have not met the match and are actively engaged in
development activities. A Development Committee is being established and will be
seeking major donors to the fund. President Sokal reminded Council of the impor-
tance of getting strong support from the Society membership. He also announced
the establishment of a fund established in memory of David Dibner who died in
late September 2005. David Dibner and the Dibner family have been major patrons
of the History of Science Society The Council approved the Executive Committee's
nomination of Rachel Ankeny as the new Society Treasurer. She will assume her
position on 1 January 2007, replacing Marc Rothenberg who will have served as
Treasurer for the past ten years. The Council also approved a change to the statutes,
designed to facilitate the review of the Society Editor. The revised statute reads as
follows: "Statute 19b. When needed the Committee on Publications shall, when
directed by the Executive Committee, prepare a recommendation for the appoint-
ment of a new Society Editor. The Editor shall be elected by Council for a five-year
term. The Editor's performance will be evaluated by the Committee on
Publications at the end of the third year of his/her term, and the committee will
recommend to Council either that the Editor be reappointed for a second term
(which may be extended for a period of from one to five years by mutual agree-
ment of the Council and Editor) or that the search for a new Editor should be
undertaken by the Committee. If necessary, the Editor's second term may be
extended by one year to facilitate the transition to a new Editor" President Sokal
reported these developments to the Business Meeting on Sunday morning.

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

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History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

A New Society in Bulgaria Links Hard and Soft Science

with Education

Birth of the Bulgarian Society for the Chemistry Education and History and Philosophy of Chemistry (CE&HPC)

By B.V. Toshev

T he 29th of September 2005 marked the
birthday of the Bulgarian Society for the
Chemistry Education and History and
Philosophy of Chemistry (CE&HPC). Our goals
- to foster interest in chemistry education and
in the history and philosophy of chemistry with
their social and cultural dimensions and influ-
ences are met by publication of
1. .) Bulgarian Journal of
Chemical Education ISSN 0861-9255, by the
support of other forms of scholarly publica-
tion, by the .1- 1111 iii.., of scientific and pub-
lic meetings, by fostering members' career
development, and by cooperation with other
learned societies and research units. .
Today CE&HPC has 170 members; 114
are from Bulgaria and the rest come from
throughout the rest of Europe, Australia,
South America, North America, Africa, and
Asia. The Bulgarian Society for the Chemistry Meeting of the Bulgarian Society for the Chemistry Education and History and Philosophy of Chemistry.
Education and History and Philosophy of

Chemistry is off to a strong beginning. What is behind that success? Part of the
answer can be traced to the state of science education.
Everywhere in the world science education is under threat. The number of
students in natural sciences and technology programs has fallen in many coun-
tries, including ones with high levels of industrial development. This leads not
only to a reduction in the number of researchers, but also to a decrease in sci-
entific and economic competitiveness. With increasing lJ; .1 ii ii.ii. this is a
dangerous trend.
Chemistry education, in particular, is an essential part of science education,
but it is extremely difficult for pupils to master its three different levels of think-
ing: The micro-level (atoms, molecules, ions, other particles), the macro-level
(mathematical description of different chemical and physicochemical process-
es), and the semiotic level (signs, symbols). Such an amalgam of abstract
approaches and definitions is usually unattainable for most people, leading to
widespread ignorance of the field. Can we imagine people queuing in the street
to hear a public lecture on chemistry today? It happened in Bulgaria in the
1920's when large crowds entered the lecture halls to enjoy talks delivered by
Professor Assen Zlatarov from the University of Sofia, an eminent organic and
bioorganic chemist.
At the same time there exists a strong trend in mass higher education to
exclude marginal students. These students need special attention in order to
find a proper niche. The history and philosophy of chemistry can excite their
interest in chemistry, helping them to find their place within the chemists' com-
munity. And though there is an increasing demand for an interdisciplinary
approach to teaching science, providing inspiring and achievable lessons is not
an easy task.

in Bulgana tese trends in euucauon accompany me long-term attempt to
reform the national educational system. It is a rather complicated knit of prob-
lems, approaches, techniques, and theories that must be carefully discussed by
educators, scholars, parents, and local education authorities. The scholarly
societies seem to offer the most appropriate forums for this kind of community
discourse, and the Bulgarian Society for the Chemistry Education and History
and Philosophy of Chemistry will contribute in that direction.
For us it is extremely important that we study the international context of
these problems. That is why our Society is internationally oriented. At one point,
isolationism was a state policy in Bulgaria, and this limited outlook created a
vulgar modeling of freethinking in a narrow zone with solid boundaries of var-
ious dogmas. Hard science and, especially, soft science, were damaged by this
policy. Although we are entering a new chapter for the history and philosophy of
science, it is not easy to utilize them to their full extent because the old way of
thinking and writing cannot easily be changed. The Bulgarian Society for the
Chemistry Education and History and Philosophy of Chemistry will help nurture
a new generation of social scientists.
Those who join the Bulgarian Society will become members of an active,
stimulating group that welcomes newcomers. Members come from all back-
grounds, from Bulgaria and beyond. For citizens outside of Bulgaria, the mem-
bership is free. For further information, please go to larl., Iiii ii -, or

Professor B.V. Toshev is the President of the Bulgarian Society for the
Chemistry Education and History and Philosophy of Chemistry (CE&HPC), at
the University of Sofia, 1 James Bourchier Blvd., 1164 Sofia, BULGARIA, E-
Mail: toshev@chem.uni-sofia.bg.

.... && ..... & & .

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

(Continued from page 1)
Two broad approaches stood out, and members gave exciting sugges-
tions for both. One encourages a greater outward focus for HSS, such as
"actively channeling the fruits of some of its scholarly research to a much
wider audience in a timely, critical and relatively unbiased way;" greater
involvement in developing high school curricula; building bridges to work-

ing scientists; and annual meeting panels that
address issues such as the 1,1-. ili hiii.i of science.
The other approach focuses on the role the HSS
could play within academia. ..1-.'. 'ii,,, ranged
from cultivating job opportunities in science
departments to a listserv to provide a voice for the
The two main approaches underpinning the
comments are important building up our aca-
demic foundations and finding a greater role for
the history of science are not mutually exclusive.
Some of your suggestions are new (and welcome),
whereas other ideas are already under considera-
tion. For example the Executive Office is currently
working on an online forum a discussion page
to pose topics and encourage conversation on the
history of science among our members.
The Current .:... ,i remains a vital
resource for our members. Ninety-three percent of
respondents indicate that they use the CB. Of
those, 95% rated the service as good or excellent.

respondents listed it as not applicable). More than 87% rated the Newsletter
as good or excellent. In this digital age, comments suggest that parts of the
Newsletter, such as jobs and other time sensitive material, would be better
limited to our Web pages. To answer commenters' stated desire for more
outreach (and taking into account positive comments on the upgrade to the
British Society for the History of Science Newsletter now called Viewpoint

What's Changing?

*HSS Web site redesign to upgrade
graphics and links

*Newsletter redesign

*Easy way to renew and update
membership details online

*Online Donations

oHSS Quality Assurance Mark for
history-of-science-related Web sites

One person wrote that the i.ll..i Ilph (especially the cumulative volume
and online database) are the best of any ".c":"i:. S".,-:.:. 'ir.,, included
updating the CB more regularly and including more citations on the
ancient and medieval period. (For the current state of play on the CB, see
the interview with Stephen Weldon on his work as '.,iHi I,.I pl.ii. on page 7.)
The CB is especially important to those members who live outside North
America and Europe. One such member wrote: "Our universities are not
connected to large databases and have very limited funds.... I wish to
express here in the most explicit terms how important this benefit is to his-
torians of science who reside [outside North America and western Europe]."
Because we understand the value of the CB, we have won a National
Endowment for the Humanities matching grant, and we are soliciting your
support to endow its future. Donations are now possible online; simply fol-
low the donation link from the HSS home page.
Ninety-one percent of Osiris readers rate it as good or excellent (211

- and its greater focus on outreach), we plan to
overhaul the Newsletter. The October Newsletter
will embody many of your suggestions both to keep
members connected and to provide an avenue to
reach a more general audience interested in the
history of science.
Most of those who attend the annual meeting
(35% listed this as non-applicable) rate it highly -
,-".. rated it as good and 27% consider it excellent.
No obvious themes emerged from members' com-
ments, but several made suggestions regarding
location. Some wistfully requested more exciting
and/or cheaper locations or warmer climates
(though there was a general i... :.i..-ii of the
costs involved). Some of the 25% of our member-
ship who do not live in the U.S. suggested holding
an occasional meeting outside North America. The
Executive Office is examining all possible locations
for our annual meetings, including international
locations (meetings through 2009 are already set.)
Several things should be kept in mind when sug-

gesting locations: our November dates have traditionally been chosen for a
time when hotel rates are cheaper; warmer climates such as California are
expensive, whereas the U.S. South has few historians of science, meaning
more travel for greater numbers of people. Since meetings are organized by
the Executive Office (currently in Florida), holding meetings outside of
North America is 1.. **i .: 11. complicated. The Executive Office would wel-
come hearing from members who would like to help organize a non-U.S.
More than 70% of users rated our Web site as good or excellent. A number
of commenters emphasize the importance of the online membership list and
suggested more frequent updates. On this point, members will now find updat-
ing their information much easier. Effective immediately, HSS members can
use a new Web tool, "My Accounts," at https://subfill.uchicago.edu/MyAcccount
to update contact information, renew membership, and much more.

-Primary Employment of Survey Respondents

'1%-- ji~
2%8- V

I*W- 4-ita ai 2-vi-ta L.LIr.-,t
o 2Y -K-32 tI-cleukiak eedcatn
3%i BLuwLtiZidiAn
1* F' F4rial 1r 0bw0 ti-'in-rnl
4I, N.z fi6 prcit .n'o |,,ri pr:m oirgtit iziaaou

1 1Q.* rfl-,w'rT n.-1.' Ih la iw healtkicce)

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Some More Survey Thoughts
Our last Web site upgrade was five years ago,
and we appreciate suggestions for improvement.
This summer, the HSS Web site, hssonline.org, is
undergoing renovation. r ,: iir.I. will be made
easier and graphics and text better integrated
and streamlined. Expect our new Web site to be
up and running early in September. Other Web
improvements include the development of a
Committee on Education quality mark for histo-
ry-of-science-related Web sites. Sites that meet
certain standards may place this quality mark on
their Web site, indicating that the information
is reliable.
As mentioned earlier, you have told us that
there are two areas of critical concern to you -
connecting beyond the community of histori-
ans of science and academia and strengthening
history of science within academia. ..1,:.,. ,i,,,,,
such as "experts" willing to be called on topics of
public interest as a way to guide journalists,
strengthening links with scientists, traveling
exhibits in libraries, all are welcome. The HSS
will continue to enhance what members feel
works well. Your responses to this survey will
drive the HSS's planning. To best serve the inter-
ests of our members, we ask for your continued
,..-.-:..ii...i, responses, and participation as we
ponder and act on your concerns.
-Michal Meyer and Adrian Morse _

TA 0.0---r. %~ "P------ -i .1_.,40t- V ,

By the Numbers

Almost a third of Society members (756) we contacted via e-mail
responded to the online survey, a wonderful response rate. (Readers should
remember that this was a self-selected survey when reviewing the results.) More
than 50% of respondents have joined the Society since 1990, with the biggest
cohort (23.8%) joining in the 2000-2004 period. Many respondents reported
membership in more than one society, with the AHA, AAAS, the BSHS, and SHOT
the most common societies in descending order.
An overview of our members' education shows that the majority (1 .".., of
respondents with Ph.D.s earned their degree in history of science. Interestingly,
16% of Ph.D.s qualified in the natural sciences and mathematics, a greater
number than have their Ph.D.s in history (14%). Six percent received their
Ph.D.s in HPS or philosophy; smaller numbers received their degrees in the
social sciences (4%) and education (2%). Eight percent listed lil.i
Sixty-five percent of respondents are employed full-time, 11% are retired, and
11% are students. For comparison, the University of Chicago Press lists 16% of our
total membership as retired and 16% as students. Eight percent work part time, :."..
are self-employed, and 2% are unemployed. Of the employed, the vast majority
(73%) work for a university, 8% work for a 4-year college, and small percentages
(under 5%) work in business, pre-collegiate education, government, museums or
archives, not-for-profits, healthcare, and private foundations.
Sixty five percent of respondents are male, 34.1% female, with 0.9% prefer-
ring not to respond.

What We Do (In Case You Were Wondering)

Survey results indicate that some of our members consid-
4 er themselves subscribers, more than members. We would like
p our members to see themselves more as members of a profes-
sional society than just subscribers to HSS journals. Indeed,
membership of the HSS is much more than a subscription to
Isis, Osiris, and the CB. Publication costs of those journals far
exceed membership fees for retirees, graduate students, and
sponsored scholars three groups that our regular members
staunchly support. Our members, with the support of our
endowment, subsidize rooms for graduate students at the
annual meeting, cover the costs of administering travel
grants to the annual meeting, and pay for a '.ll._.j Ipl,,.l
executive director, managing editor, copy editors, information
manager, and six graduate research assistants.
In addition to organizing the annual meeting, the HSS
Executive Office produces the quarterly Newsletter, coordi-
nates development efforts, handles the governance of our
many standing committees and prize committees, and orches-
trates the HSS Web site, the sponsor-a-scholar program, inter-
society relationships, the annual employment survey, and
Many other activities.

Volkswagen Foundation Grant Concludes

Under its program "key themes in the humanities" the
Volkswagen Foundation in Hanover has sponsored a three-
year collaborative research project under the title "Mysticism
,ii.i 'i. ,,.l.,, The project concludes this August with a con-
ference on "Experience and Image in Mysticism and Science"
in Tuibingen.
Four professors and four postdoctoral fellows at Siegen
University in Germany and the University of Florida have been
exploring ways in which enduring mystical themes have exist-
ed historically in the western scientific tradition and continue
to do so even in areas of contemporary natural science. With
individual projects and through regular workshops and con-
ferences, participants have investigated three areas in which
historical concerns with mystical themes have been evident in
natural science in the general flourishing of nature mysti-
cism, and in the contemporary fields of the life sciences and
the cyber world. First fruits of research associated with the
grant are available in Klaus Vondung and Ludwig Pfeiffer,
eds., Jenseits der entzauberten Welt: Naturwissenschaft
und i', ;- in der Moderne (Paderborn: Wilhelm Fink
Verlag, 2006), with more volumes planned in the future.

History of Science Society Newsletter July 2006

Sunder Rajan, Kaushik. Biocapital he
Constitution of Postgenomic Life. xi + 343 pp.,
bibl., index. Durham: Duke University Press, 2006.
$84.95 (cloth); $23.95 (paper). 822337088.
Suzuki, Akihito. Madness at Home. The
Psychiatrist, the Patent, and the Family in
England, 1820 1860. (Medicine and Society.)
xii + 260 pp., illus., tables, app., bibl., index.
Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006.
$49.95 (cloth). 520245806.
Swedin, Erin G. Science in the Contemporary
World (History of Science.) xxv + 381 pp., figs.,
apps., bibl., index. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO,
2005. $85 (cloth). 1851095241.
Travis, Anthony S. Dyes Made in Ameria,
1915 1980: The Calco I .. Company
American Cyanamidandthe Raritan Rier xiv
+ 582 pp., fig., app., index. Jerusalem: Sidney M.
Edelstein Center and Hexagon Press, 2004. 60
(cloth). 9655551490.
Tuchman, Arleen Marcia. Science Has No
Sex: The Life of Marie Zakrzewska, M.D. 336
pp., illus., bibl., index. Chapel Hill: University of
North Carolina Press, 2006. $34.95 (cloth).
Turner, Henry S. The English Renaissance
., .. . i. Poetics, and the Practical
Spatial Arts, 1580 1630. xv + 326 pp., figs.,

index. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006.
(cloth). 199287384.
Ugaglia, Monica (Editor). Leonardo
Garzoni Trattati Della Calamita. (FilosophiaE
Scienza Nell'Eta Modema.) 352 pp., app., bible,
indexes. ii I i ,,,, .. .- 1 h .10 .1 -.-.-H' 71326.
Wailoo, Keith; Stephen Pemberton. The
Troubled Dream of Genetic Medicine: Ethniity
and Innovation in Tay Sachs, Cystic Fibrosis,
and Sickle Cell Disease. x + 249 pp., app., index.
Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press,
2006. $21.95 (paper). 801883261.
Waldby, Catherine; Mitchell, Robert. Yssue
Economies: Blood, Organs, and Cell Lines in
Late Capitalism. (Science and Cultural Theory.)
viii + 232 pp., apps., bibl., index. Durham, NC:
Duke University Press, 2006. $74.95 (cloth).
Williams, Kim (Editor). Two Cultures:
Essays in Honour ofDavidSpeiser 200 pp., figs.,
bibl. Basel: BirkhWuser Verlag, 2006. Euro72.76
(cloth). 3764371862.
Zinsser, Judith P.; Julie Candler Hayes
(Editors). Emilie Du Chitelet: Rewriting
EnlightenmentPhilosophyandScience. (Studies
on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century 2ii '. 1, !
Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 2006. xi + 325 pp.,
"I. I1'l'. li 1,1.'i $60 (paper). 729408728.

The University of Chicago Press
P.O. Box 37005
Chicago, IL 60637
Forwarding Service Requested

PERMIT No. 6784





HSS Election Results

The results of the 2006 election appear below. We extend a warm thank
you to all the candidates and congratulate those who will be serving the
HSS. We also wish to thank the members of the .iii..ai nr,.-:
Committee (Robert Kohler Pamela Mack (chair), Lawrence Principe,
Bruce Hunt, and Diane Paul). Their efforts are much appreciated.

HSS Council
(Term: 1 Jan. 2007 to 31 Dec. 2009)
John Beatty, University of British Columbia
David Kaiser, MIT
Pamela A. Il.. i . I 'Scholar
Karen Rader, Virginia Commonwealth University .
Sarah Lawrence College)
Spencer Weart, Center for History of Physics, American
Institute of Physics

Nominating Committee at large
(Term: 1 July 2006 to 30June 2007)
Garland E. Allen, Washington University in St. Louis
MaryJo Nye,' '-. .. .' University
John Harley Warner, Yale University

Nominating Committee from Council
(Term: 1 July 2006 to 30June 2007)
Robin E. Rider, University of Wisconsin Madison
Alan Rocke, Case Western Reserve University

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