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April 2006

Who Is the HSS?

O ne of the happy Ib i .11 .1:1,. f development work is
learning more about our members. The 2,500
individuals in the History of Science Society come from
around the globe, representing a wide variety of
research institutions, fields of education, and profes-
sions. A quarter live outside the United States, 1%'", are
students, with an equal percentage classified as retired.
The bulk of our members, .* '-,. i4-.., are regular
members, with the remaining percentages designated
as family members, sponsored scholars, or life mem-
bers (life memberships are no 1. .i ., ,i 1l iiL. I
But when we look closer at our group, more ques-
tions emerge than answers. We do not know how many
of us are on the cusp of retirement, we do not know
where many of us received our training, and we do not
know what many of our members think of HSS servic-
es. The major reason behind these gaps in knowledge
is that the HSS has a tendency to track its members
from the point of view of a subscription service, that is,
we look at individuals as subscribers to Isis rather than
as members of a professional society This outlook can
be traced back to the History of Science Society's estab-
lishment in 1924. In order to insure the viability of Isi,
which had struggled for survival since its inception in
1912, George Sarton and others founded the HSS. The
strategy worked -Lis is now the most-respected jour-
nal in our field but during its 82 years the HSS
evolved to provide its members with more than a copy
of Isi. We publish a separate Current 7' . '-' as
a fifth issue of Isi, an annual issue of Osiris, the quar-
terly Newsletter, and many occasional publications; we
host a Web site that lists information on jobs, confer-
ences, news, awards and prizes, graduate programs,
and other areas of interest in the field; we give mem-
bers access to the history of science, technology and
medicine '.ihil..- ..l.1 li .i1 I .'i we offer discount
subscriptions to history of science journals, such as
Annals ofScience; we host an annual meeting; we
provide members back issues of ;is a,1,' iIl,.i.. 1
JSTOR; we coordinate hundreds of volunteers who serve

on dozens of committees; we
award prizes for superior
scholarship and teaching; and,
1r.i, iIn ll-.i, m11l wefoster
interest in the history of sci-
ence. In short, the HSS is
much more than Isi.
But even with a wide
array of services, the HSS, like
many academic societies, has
experienced a gradual decline
in membership over the past
10 years (see graph). Most
humanities societies report

2 00 Al emer

HSS Membership

2500 2,--'-- --

0 1500
I 1000

-All Members
--- Regular


similar drops and the HSS is
actually doing better than
many other sister societies in retaining members. For
those who regularly attend the annual meetings, the
overall trend in membership numbers may come as a
surprise. Long-time members will remember annual
meetings where 350 attendees was the norm (older
members will remember conferences where everyone
fit in a modest-sized room). But the attendance trend
over the past ten years has been upward, with over
600 registrants for the 2005 meeting in Minneapolis,
a positive sign that an increasingly higher percentage
of members are coming to our conferences.
But we must do more to serve our whole member-
ship and to do that we need information from our
members. To that end, the HSS has launched a short
online survey of our group, and I hope that you will
take a few minutes to answer the questions (please
click on the survey link at hssonline.org). We want to
know when and where you received your degrees, when
you joined the HSS, where you work, and what the HSS
should be doing (or not doing). Our Committee on
Research and the Profession is working on a longer,
detailed survey, and we hope that the current quick
assessment will help us generate better questions for a
more expansive effort. As HSS PresidentJoan Cadden

stated in her piece in the last Newsletter, we are look-
ing to our members for specific ideas, and we have
instituted a long-range planning committee that will
consider these ideas for implementation. With this
new-found knowledge, with our eyes on development,
we hope to serve you better and provide the kinds of
programs that will help you in your own personal and
professional development.

Jay Malone

HSS Candidates 3
News and Inquiries 7
Jobs 8
Awards, Honors, and Appointments 8
Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes 9
Future Meetings 10
Dissertations 11
Donors 12
Isis Books Received 13
Ballot Form 16


History of Science Society Newsletter April 2006

The American
Philosophical .
Society Library '

Library Resident
Research Fellowships

The American Philosophical Society Library offers
short-term residential fellowships for conducting research
in its collections. The Society's Library is a leading interna-
tional center for historical and anthropological research
with over 8 million manuscripts, 250,000 printed volumes,
and thousands of maps and prints. Among its more
prominent collections are the papers of Benjamin Franklin,
Charles Darwin, Charles Davenport, and Franz Boas; and
is noted for the depth and importance of its collections in:
History of science, technology, and medicine;
Anthropology, particularly American Indian history, cul-
ture, and languages; Early American history and culture to
1840. The Library does not hold materials on philosophy
in the modern sense.
The fellowships, funded by a number of generous
benefactors, are intended to encourage research in the
Library's collections by scholars who reside beyond a 75-
mile radius of Philadelphia. The fellowships are open to
both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals who are holders of
the Ph.D. or the equivalent, Ph.D. candidates who have
passed their preliminary examinations, and independent
scholars. Applicants in any relevant field of scholarship
may apply.
The stipend is $2,000 per month, and the term of the
fellowship is a minimum of one month and a maximum of
three. Fellowships are usually of one month in duration,
and seldom exceed two months. Fellows are expected to
be in residence at the Library for four to twelve consecu-
tive weeks, depending upon the length of their award.
Complete application information and forms are avail-
able at our website: http://www.amphilsoc.org/
grants/resident.htm. The receipt deadline is March 1, 2007.

Address applications or inquiries to:
Library Resident Research Fellowships
American Philosophical Society Library
105 South Fifth St., Philadelphia, PA 19106-3386.
Telephone: (215) 440-3400.
For information on this and other fellowship
opportunities, visit our web site:

The History of Science Society would like to thank the Museu d'Hist6ria de
la Medicine de Catalunya for permission to use the image on page 5.

History of Science Society Executive Office

Postal Address
PO Box 117360
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7360

Physical Address
3310 Turlington Hall
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611

Phone: 352-392-1677
Fax: 352-392-2795
E-m ail: iiif. li- .... ili ,. .,.-
W eb site: lI, .. 1, .a. I d.. in .1 /

Subscription Inquiries: ISIS and HSS Newsletter
Please contact the University of Chicago Press directly, at:
,,.1,i1, Pih,. .:1" i ..i I ... 877-705-1878/877-705-1879
1i1.,,1,. fi toll free for U.S. and Canada.
Or write University of Chicago Press, Subscription
Fulfillment Manager, PO Box 37005, Chicago, IL


Please notify both the HSS Executive Office and the
University of Chicago Press at the above addresses.

HSS Newsletter

Editorial Policies, Advertising, and Submissions

The History of Science Society Newsletter is published in January, April,
July, and October, and sent to all individual members of the Society; those
who reside outside of North America pay an additional $5 annually to cover
a portion of airmail charges. The Newsletter is available to nonmembers
and institutions for $25 a year.
TheNewsletter is edited and desktop published in the Executive Office on an
Apple system using Microsoft Word and Quark. The format and editorial policies
are determined by the Executive Director in consultation with the Committee on
Publications and the Society Editor. All 1i,. ri .nIr, copy must be submitted in
electronic form. Advertisements are accepted on a space- ,i l, i ..I i ,,i II ii
the Society reserves the right not to accept a submission. The rates are as follows:
Full page (9 x 7.5"), $400; Horizontal or Vertical Half page (4.5 x 7.5"), $220;
Quarter page (3 x 5"), $110. The deadline for insertion orders and camera-ready
copy is six weeks prior to the month of publication (e.g., 20 November for the
January Newsletter) and should be sent to the attention of the HSS Executive
Office at the above address. The deadline for news, announcements, and job/fel-
lowship/ prize listings is firm: The first of the month prior to the month of pub-
11,: iii..11 i ,,i.. ii..im (feature stories) should be submitted six weeks prior to the
month of publication as e-mail file attachments or on a 3.5" disk 1, ,.. : ,,i a
hard copy). Please send all material to the attention of Michal Meyer at the HSS
address above (e-mail or disk appreciated).

2006 by the History of Science Society

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2006

Council and Nominating Committee Candidates 2006


Douglas Allchin, Program in History of Science
and Technology, University of Minnesota,
Minneapolis, MN. Ph.D., University of Chicago,
1991. HSS and Professional Activities:
Committee on Education (1993-95, 2003-2007);
Program Chair, ISHPSSB (2001); Editorial Board,
Science Education (2002-present); AAAS Section L
Member-at-Large (21,nll-i t)1111 Selected Pub-
lications: An Introduction to the History of
Science in Non Western , .- (co-editor,
1999); Doing '.. I (co-author, 1996); "Phlogiston After Oxygen," Ambix
39(1992): 110-116; "To Err and Win a Nobel Prize: Paul Boyer, ATP Synthase and
the Emergence of Bioenergetics,"Journal of the Hstory of- .'. 135(2002):
149-172; "Scientific Myth-Conceptions," Science]l. .. .. .-1,1-.,: 329-351;
"Efraim Racker," Dictionary of ... .. li ". ,;'i ,i,,ll ..I,

John Beatty, Professor i M1, ,,i .1I University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
Ph.D., History and Philosophy of Science, 1979, Indiana. HSS and Professional
Activities: HSS Council (1990-1992), Is Editorial Board (1991-1994), AAAS
Committee on Council Affairs (1998-2000), AAAS Council (1997-2000), AAAS Section
L Chair Elect/Chair/Retiring Chair 1'', ,1,- ', 115), NSF STS Panel (1994-1997), PSA
Governing Board (1994-1996), Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of
Science Advisory Board (2003-present), Co-Director Dibner Seminar in the History of
I.,.. I- y (1990-present). Selected Publications: Gigerenzer et al. The Empire of
...(Cambridge, 1989); I ,,i, i,,i- and the .,,I.....-lI ,f!I.1,. ,: in Adams
(ed), he Evolution ofheodosiusDobzansky (Princeton, 1994); a1'-;l,. ithe
U.S. Human Genome Project: Changing Relationships between Genetics and
N ,iii., ..I 11.:lr in Sloan (ed.), ... ,OurDestinies (Notre Dame, 2000);
"Historical Determinism, Evolution and Totalitarianism in the Works of Hannah
Arendt and Karl Popper," in Singh et al. (eds.), Thinking about Evolution:
Historical, Philosophical and Political Perspectives (Cambridge, 2001).

David Kaiser, Associate Professor, Program in
Science, Technology, aii d .. ,:. r MIT, and Lecturer,
Department of Physics, MIT. Ph.D., Harvard Uni-
versity, 2000. HSS and Professional Activities:
Isis Advisory Board (2005-present); HSS Committee
o,( I i.1-;, and Programs, 'I I '- i, ,,; local organ-
izer for annual meeting, 2003). Awards: Forum for
History of Science in America Prize (2005); Runner-
up BSHS Ivan Slade Prize (2000); American Physical
Society Leroy Apker Award (1993). Selected Pub-
lications: Drawing Theories Apart: The Dispersion ofFeynman Diagrams in
Postwar Physics (University of Chicago Press, 2005); (Editor), '. - and the
Practice of Science: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (MIT Press, 2005);
"The Atomic Secret in Red Hands? American Suspicions of Theoretical Physicists
during the Early Cold'.:. I, Representations vol. 90 (2005): 28-60; "The Postwar
Suburbanization of American Physics,"American ,, ', .,,1 56, 111-i, 851-
888; "Nuclear Democracy: Political Engagement, Pedagogical Reform, and Particle
Physics in Postwar America," Isis vol. 93 (2002): 229-268.

Pamela 0. Long, Independent Historian. Ph.D.
University fi i1 ii l1, 1979. HSS and Pro-
fessional Activities: Isis Editorial Board (1997-
99); Osiris Editorial Board (21114-2111 i- l Editorial
Advisory Board, Nuncius (2004-present); Executive
Council, SHOT, (2000-2003); Editorial Committee,
SHOT (1995-99). Awards: Getty Scholar, Getty
Research Institute (2005-06); Davis Fellow,
Princeton University (2005); Rome Prize Fellow,
American Academy in Rome (2004-05); Morris D.
Forkosch Prize for the best first book in intellectual history (2001); Abbort
Payson Usher Prize (T&C article Prize, 1993). Select Publications: Open
ness, Secrecy, Authorship: Technical Arts and the Culture of Knowledge from
Antiquity to the Renaissance (2001); 7.'. Society, and Culture in Late
Medieval and Renaissance Europe, 1300-1600 (2000); .. -.. '. .- and
Society in the Medieval Centuries: Byzantium, Islam and the West, 500
1600; (co-editor and co-director), The Book ofMichael of Rhodes: A .
Century Maritime Manuscript, 3 vols. h-1iih lo--1 .- I co-author, ;
History i hoii,',

Elizabeth Green Musselman, Associate Professor
of History and Chair of Feminist Studies, Southwestern
University, ..,-. .I.. TX. Ph.D., Indiana University,
1999. HSS and Professional Activities: Co-chair
of HSS Women's Caucus (2005-2006); Co-local
organizer of HSS Annual Meeting 1,'1111, I ...' ,-. ,,- -
er of North Eastern Workshops on Southern Africa
(2004-present). Awards: NEH Fellowship ,2,1 ,"-.
Community Project Grant, Texas Council for the
Humanities i, 1111, 1.F Graduate Fellowship (1995-
98). Selected Publications: Nervous Conditions: Science and the Body Politic
in Early Industrial Britain (SUNY Press, 2006); '.:. i.i, ill i ,1 i.. Projecting the
Celestial Environment from the Cape I Ii Kronos: Journal of Cape History 29
II-.11 164-85; i 1 i 1...i., : at the Cape: A Study in African and European
Collaboration," International Journal ofAfrican Historical Studies 36 1- l-. I
367-392; "Local Colour: John Dalton and the Politics of Colour Blindness," History
ofScience 38 (2000): 401-424.

Karen Rader, Marilyn Simpson Chair of Science and
Society, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY. Ph.D.,
Indiana University (History and Philosophy of Science),
1995. HSS and Professional Activities: sis
Editorial Advisory Board (21114-211117); Committee on
Meetings and Programs (21 111-21114, Chai; 2003-
2,- ,,,, I ,il ,.,'.r Visiting Historian of Science Committee
(1999-2001); 2002 HSS Workshop Participant: "History
of Science at Historically-Black I ,ii.-., I,,,i Universi-
ties [HBCE];" Co-Chair of the Women's Caucus (1996-
98); I ....i.ll i r.- Committee for the Forum on the History of Science in America

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2006
Awards: 2005 Visiting Professorship, Institute for Advanced Study, Lancaster
University; 2002-2007 NSF CAREER I.1 ,III f !.1 .... on Display: Museums and the
New Life Sciences in America." Selected Publitiaion-: I' ; Mie:
S 'forAmerican Biomedical Research (Princeton, -I a-,,
"Scientific Bio-Pics" and "Intelligent Design Causes Controversy at the Smithsonian:"
articles for "Science Cinemath6que," An on line exhibit for the Museum of the Moving
Image (New Ys 11'.. '. 1. Environment, and 'Big Science': An Annotated
i :' ; of the History ofEnvironmental Research atArgonne National
Laboratory, 1940-1985 (published asANI/Hist-4 i,.,, .... r. I i .i I I ; ,1. .i
Report, Dec 2005); "Revisiting Women, Feminism, and De' .i. .i p,,r.,i ii. 1..- (with
ScottGilbert, I.,, i'..- Swarthmore Cillege'. ,n \,.',, Medicine, T.I .'1 I The
PI.'Lw t. / Feminism Has Made (Chicago, 2001).

David Rhees, Executive Director, (1992-present),
The Bakken Library and Museum, Minneapolis, MN.
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1987. HSS and
Professional Activities: Chair, Committee on
Education (current); local arrangements for HSS/
SHOT Minneapolis meeting (2005); Visiting Com-
mittee, Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention
and Innovation, Smithsonian Institution, (1997-
a present); SHOT Advisory Council (1997-present).
Awards: Outstanding Paper Award, American
Chemical Society Division of History of Chemistry, 1995. Selected Publications:
"Earl Bakken's Little White Box: The (I ',.,1,i. I 1. II ..I.- of the First Transistorized
Cardiac Pacemaker" ( ..I. II l sp ,. it. I,. In Bernard Finn, ed., Exposing Electronics
(Amsterdam: Harwood Academic Publishers, 2000; "The Chemists' War: The
Impact of World War I on the American Chemical Profession," Bulletin for the
History of nI j, nos. 13-14( 2 -' .): 40-47. Co-editor with P Heering and
0. Hochadel, Taming the Electrical Fire:A Cultural History of the Lightning Rod
(submitted for publication).

Robert Smith, Professor of History, Department
of History and Classics, University of Alberta.
Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1979. HSS and
Professional Activities: Member NASA/
American Historical Association Fellowship
Committee; Member, Program Committee,
Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy
of Science; Member of Advisory Board, Center for
History of Physics (1993-1997); Member and
Chair of HSS Dibner Visiting Historians of Science
Committee (1991-1993). Awards: Charles A. Lindbergh Fellow, Smithsonian
Institution (2007); McCalla Professor University of Alberta (2005-2006);
National Humanities Center Fellow (1992-1993); HSS's Watson Davis Prize
(1990) for The Space Telescope: A Study ofNASA, Science, -..,- .. '. i- and
Politics. Selected Publications: "The History of Space ,ii,,,,,,,,, in The
New Astronomy (2005), 215-228; "Who Discovered the Expanding Universe?"
(with Helge Kragh) History of Science, 41(2003), 141-162; "The Remaking
of ,l,,,,,,,,, Cambridge History ofScience. Vol. 5. '2,1, ., 154-173; The
Cambridge Network in Action," Isis, 80(1989), 395-422. Smith also co-edited
Reconsidering ,y'.'.p l. (2000).

Spencer Weart, Director, Center for History of
Physics, American Institute of Physics, College Park,
MD. Ph.D., University of Colorado (physics & astro-
physics), 1968; postdoctoral studies, University of
California, Berkeley (history of science), 1971-1974.
S HSS and Professional Activities: Council
Member (1980-1983, 1990-1993); Treasurer (1984-
1987); Finance Committee and Fund-Raising
Committee (1987-1993); Development Committee
(2005-present); Committee on Honors and Prizes
(1997-2000); Publications Committee (2000-2005); Editor '.l. I' I i- ii, I C.Jacob),
The Control ofNature, history of science book series, Humanities Press, 1995-1999;
New Histories ... ... ..Ar ..'* andMedicine, Harvard University Press, 2001-
present. Selected Publications: "The Birth and Growth of Sunspot Regions,"
Astrophysical Journal, 162 (1970): ,'.-'I'"', .. : in Power Harvard University
Press (1979); Nuclear Fear: A History of Images, Harvard University Press (1988);
Out of the Crystal Maze: Chapters from the History ofSolid State Physics, ed. with
Lillian Hoddeson et al., Oxford University Press (1992); The Discovery of(. '
1T Harvard University Press, '11-, I (Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and
Spanish translations); The Discovery ofo. (. i . hypertext,
S.... 7 :. ' (2003-present); producer and editor, AlP History
I il 1 ,... .. :1 / '(1998-present).

David B. Wilson, Professor of History and
ti'l,,1, ,*1. !wa State University, Ames, IA. Ph.D.,
The Johns Hopkins University, 1968. HSS and
Professional Activities: Chair, HSS Visiting
Historians of Science Program (1989-91); Program
Co-Chair, HSS Annual Meeting (2001); President,
MidwestJunto (1985-86, 1994-95); S-.',, ,i . rnl ,, 11
Lecturer (1987-88). Awards: Fellow, Institute for
Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Edinburgh
University (1996-97); Senior Fellow, Dibner Institute
(1998, 2005-06). Selected Publications:Kelvin andStokes:A Comparative
Study in Victorian Physics (Bristol: Adam Hilger, 1987); "Galileo's Religion Versus
the Church's Science?" Physics in Pespective, 1 (1999), 65-84; "Enlightenment
Scotland's Philosophico-Chemical Physics," in Wolfgang Lefevre, ed., Between
Newton, Leiniz, andKant (Dordrecht: Kluwer, 2001), 129-145; "Arbiters of
Victorian Science: G. G. Stokes and, i ilii.." in Kevin Knox and Richard Noakes,
From Newton to Hawking I ,,,i. l.. Cambridge University Press, 2003), 295-
342; "G. G. Stokes, Scientist and Victorian," httpJ/wwwnewton.cam.ac.uk/


Beginning in 2006, the History of Science Society will add a new benefit to
all memberships: the latest volume of Osiris. Founded in 1936 by George
Sarton, and re-launched by the HSS in 1985, this annual thematic journal
highlights recent research on \.if il:. iia themes in the history of science.
The paper edition of Osiris, Volume 21, "Historical Perspectives on Science,
T i,:,11 r,. 1-. and International Affairs," will mail late summer 2006.

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2006

Nominating Committee at Large

Garland E. Allen, I i .i. .1 : A ,ii,;ic 1-i,
University in St. Louis, MO. PhD., Harvard University,
1966. HSS and Professional Activities: HSS
Council (1995-1998); Chairman, Committee on
Research in the Profession (1997-98); International
Societyforthe i i 1 Ii-1.5 .ji andSocial Studies of
1.,,,i..- President (2005-2007); NIH-ELSI Panel (1993;
HI I,- I 1,,; eEditorial Board, Hitory and Philosophy
of the Lf ..', ,. ,, Co-editor (with Jane Maienschein),
Journal of the History of- .., (1998-2005).
Selected Publications: "The I.,i ..: i i. ,i of Crime: An Historical and
' l..i i, J..-: ,i .i.r,.l i Historical Studies in the Physical and..... .. 31
(No. 2, 2001): 183-222; Scence, Hitory and SocialActivism:A I .:., to Everett
Mendelsoh, co-edited with Roy M. MacLeod (Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Press,
2002); "A Pact with the Embryo: Viktor Hamburger, Holistic and Mechanistic
Philosophy in the Development of Neuroembryology, 1927-1955,"Journal of the
History of .. 37 ,1'-' 14, 421-475; TheDepartment off -. .:- -' i atthe
Carnegie Institution of Washington, A History, Jane Maienschein, Marie Glitz and
Garland E. Allen, eds. (Cambridge, UK, Cambridge University Press, 2005).

Abigail Lustig, Assistant Professor; Department of History, University of Texas, Austin.
PhD., Unversityof( ,hfil,, Ii.i,. 1997. HSS and Professional Activities:
Member of Is editorialboard '-, 'Si 1i, 3. Selected Publications: AJ. Lustig, Robert
J. Richards and Michael Ruse, eds., Darwinian Heresies (Cambridge University Press:
2, ,,-',, "Ant Utopias and Human Dystopias around World War I," in Lorraine Daston and
Femando Vidal, eds., The MoralAuthorty ofNature (University of Chicago Press, : I-i,,

Mary Jo Nye, Homing Professor of the Humanities
and Professor of History, O,,.., ,, ..1 II.. University,
I hII, OR. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1970.
HSS and Professional Activities: President, HSS
(1988-1989); HSS Nominating Committee (1992,
1995); Sarton Memorial Lecture (1999); HSS Distin-
guished Lecture (2000); Chair, HSS CoRP (2004-
2005); Fellow, AAAS; Nominating Committee, Section
L, AAAS; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and
Sciences; Corresponding Member, Acad6mie Inter-
nationale d'Histoire des Sciences. Selected Publications: Blackett: Physics, War
and Politics in the 20th Century (Harvard University Press, 2 1-i, j. .j re Big
Science: The Pursuit of Modern Chemistry andPhysics, 1800-1940 (Harvard
University pbk., I I, 1 i1 ... rn Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 5 of
The Cambridge History ofScience ,,,ii,,, I.,- University Press, 2003).

Nancy G. Slack, Professor f i. ...-.: The Sage
Colleges, Troy, NY Ph.D., State University of New York,
Albany, 1971. HSS and Professional Activities:
Chair, Forum For the History of Science in America;
organized HSS sessions on Thomas Huxley; Women in
Science; Creative Couples in the Sciences;( I ..-... II, ...1
sessions for ISHPSB (Quinnipiac College, CT 2001)
and XIX International I -. ......-fI I Ir.,i of Science,)
Zaragosa, Spain, 1993; Selected Publications:

Helena M. Pycio; Nancy G. Slack, and Pnina Abir-Am, eds. Creative Couples in the
Sciences (Rutgers U. Press, 1995). "The Botanical Exploration of California from
Menzies to Muir (Il- ., 11111," pp.194-242 in S. Field, ed.,John Muir, Lf a.,/t,
Works (U. New Mexico Press, 1987). "Are Research Schools Necessary? I ',iii 11ur--,
Models of 20th-Century Research led by Ross Granville Harrison, Grace E. Pickford
and G. Evelyn Hutchinson."J History of-.. .' ..1 36:31 '2111 501-529. Recently
completed book: G. Evelyn Hutchinson and the Invention of Modern r.. '

Darwin H. Stapleton, Executive Director,
Rockefeller Archive Center; Sleepy Hollow, NY Ph.D.,
University of Delaware, 1975. Recent HSS and
Professional Activities: Member; HSS Finance
Committee I- -I , '1 I.i,,, li., I i.1; Development
S Committee (2003-5); Chair, Ad hoc Ferguson Prize
Committee, Society for the History I I.: i ..-i
(2004). Awards:John E Lewis book award, American
Philosophical Society (1987). Selected
Publications: (ed. and contrib.) Creating a
Tradition ofBiomedical Research: Contributions to the History of Rockefeller
University 1i 1',1, (co-author) I' I. Discourse and Destiny: The Lfe of
Courtney C. Smith '2-" -i, The Transfer ofEarly Industrial Technologies to America
(1987); (Editor) The Engineerig Drawings of-.. Henry Latrobe (1980).

John Harley Warner, Avalon Professor of the History
of Medicine, Professor of History, and Professor of
American Studies, Yale University Ph.D., History of
Science, Harvard University, 1984. HSS and
Professional Activities: HSS, Chair Pfizer Prize
Committee (2006), Co-Chair Program Committee
(2000), Chair Schuman Prize Committee (1992), past
member Iis and Osirh editorial boards; AAHM, Chair
Welch Medal Committee (2001, 1994), Chair Lifetime
Achievement Award Committee (2000), (l11111 I.. I i..-
Committee (1998); past editorial board member Bulletin of the History ofMedicine,
Social History of Medicine, Medical History I '.7 'History of Medicine.
Awards: HSS Derek Price Award (1993), AAHM Welch Medal (1991). Selected
Publications; The Therapeutic Perspective: Medical Practice, Knowledge, and
Identity in America (1986; 1997);Against the Spirit of System: The French Impulse in
Nineteenth CenturyAmerican Medicine (1998; 2003); c ..-... lit, : .r Problems in
the History ofAmerican Medicine andPublic Health (2001); co-editor, Locating
Medical History ,,, 1,1i"

Election Ballot on

page 16

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2006

Nominating Committee from Council

Peggy Aldrich Kidwell, Curator of Mathematics, National Museum of
American History, Smithsonian Institution, ". ',i- i-..;1- i D.C. Ph.D., Yale
University (1979). HSS and Professional Activities: HSS Council (1991-
1993, 2006-), Women's Committee Co-Chair (1996-1997), Editorial Board of Isis
(1997-1999), Committee on Honors and Prizes (2006-). Also on the advisory
board of the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing and a member of the
American Physical Society and the Mathematical Association of America.
Selected Publications: "Women Astronomers in Britain, 1780-1930," Isis,
September, 1984; (with Paul .,., .I .I'. in the History ofDigital
I Smithsonian Pictorial History (Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian
Institution Press, 1994); and (with Amy Ackerberg-Hastings and David L.
Roberts), Material to Learn: I Tools ofAmerican Mathematics
1800-2000 (in preparation).

Marsha Richmond, Associate Professor of Science
and Technology, Department of Interdisciplinary
Studies, Wayne State University Ph.D., Indiana
University, 1986. HSS and Professional
Activities: Advisory Committee, Correspondence of
f .*'. Darwin; Advisory Board: ATM, History and
Philosophy of theLf I,.:,. l,,, d1, I, -. ofthe
History of .: -' i Selected Publications: "The
'Domestication' of Heredity: The Familial 1 ,' of ,is,,I.
of Geneticists at I liIi .: University, 1895-1910,"
fi,,ll:.i,, i..: oftheHistory of .. i "The Cell as the Basis for Heredity,
Development, and Evolution: Richard Goldschmidt's Program of 11, U....1 i1. 11
Genetics," f ..d lliiiii...,,, ii 'rom ... 7 '- ,.' r. to Evo Devo, ed.Jane Maienschein
and Manfred D. Laubichler I ,sei.n I MITPress); '.:. I the Early
History of Genetics: l.: 1I I. I... ,I h, and the Newnham College Mendelians, 1900-
1910," tis, 92 (2001): 55-90; "T H. Huxley's Criticism of German Cell Theory: An
Epigenetic and Physiological Interpretation of Cell Structure,"Journal of the History
of .'. .1 33 (2000): 247-289; "'A Lab of One's Own': The I. iF Ii. !...I. i il
Laboratory for Women at Cambridge University, 1884-1914," Iis, 88 (1997): 422-455.

Robin E. Rider, Curator of Special Collections (in
the General Library System) and Senior Lecturer in
History of Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1980. HSS
and Professional Activities: Advisory board to
the Society .,Lh.; .'i ,p.1, (2002- present); Committee
on Publications (1995-2000, chair 1999-2000);
Council (1993-1996); Nominating Committee (1993-
1994); Committee on Research and the Profession
(1989-1991); Committee on Diversity (1989-1993,
chair 1990); Curator of Special Collections, General Library System, University of
Wisconsin, Madison (1996- present); teaching appointment in the Department of
History of Science (1996- present),; 'l,- li, I .'i ., f. ,, history of science (2000- pres-
ent); associate director for collection development, management, and preservation
,- 2 .; acting university archivist (2000-2002); Frances and Charles Field
Curator of Special Collections, with adjunct teaching appointment in the Program
for History and Philosophy of Science, Stanford University (1993-1996); Head,
History of Science and Technology Program, The 1. 4, ,:ii i, ihl iir University of
California, Berkeley (1981-1993). Selected Publications: Contribution to

Oxford Companion to the History of Modem Science, ed.J.L. Heilbron [et al.]
(Oxford and New York, 2003), 845-849 (with Henry E. Lowood); "The Scientific
Book as a Cultural 1,.i i!.,i...i. ,1ii.,: ii Object," in Thornton and Tully's .
Books, /; .. and Collectors: A Study of :''. ..' i and the Book Trade
in Relation to the History ofScience, ed. Andrew Hunter (Brookfield, Vermont,
1999), 1-25; "Shaping Information: Mathematics, I Ilil..ilI.-_ and 1**i I ,'I,
ii, .... Science: .. .. Texts and the Materiality of Communication,
ed. Timothy Lenoir (Stanford, California, 1998), 39-54; plus library publications.

Alan Rocke, Boume Professor and Chair, Depart-
ment of History, Case Western Reserve University; also
Director Program in History & Philosophy of Science.
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1975. HSS
and Professional Activities: Past service on
Council (1990-92), Local Arrangements, Program,
Pfizer and Derek Price Prize( i 111 ii.. i, : Advisory
Editor (1997-2000). Selected Publications:
,, ..' in the Nineteenth Century (Ohio
State University Press, 1984); 7.: '. Revolution
(University of Califomia Press, 199':. .. '. .. -'(MIT Press, 2001), "The
Reception of Chemical Atomism in I... 11 Ii s is, 70 (1979); "Research Groups and
Group Research in German Chemistry: Kolbe's Marburg and Leipzig Institutes," Osiris,
[2] 8 (1993), 51-79; "History and Science, History of Science: Adolphe Wurtz and the
Renovation of the Academic Professions in France,"Ambix, 41 (1994), 20-32;
S11 ,iIII, I,, 1.i.. .. i ii, the 'Giessen Model' in University Science, 1826-1876,"Ambi,
50 1:1-. 90-115; "Restaging Liebig: A Study in the Replication of Experiments,"
Annals ofScience, 62 (2005), 1-55 (with three co-authors).

Future HSS Meetings

Vancouver, BC
(Joint Meeting with PSA, 2-5 Nov. 2006)

Washington, DC
(1-4 Nov. 2007)

Pittsburgh, PA
(Joint Meeting with PSA, 6-9 Nov. 2008)

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2006

News and Inquiries

"History of Science in the United States" Web Site
A subject- i.:.:.,,,i. iiI I.l 'I. i i .1 of books and dissertations has been added covering
the colonial period to the 21st century Visit the site at: home.earthlink.net/~claelliott/.

The Wellcome Trust Centre New Web Site
Visit at httpl:/wwwucl.ac.uk/histmed.

New Book Notice: William Stimpson's Journal
TheC (... ..:, i .: ,1 ....:i..r of Japan has just published a hardcover book containing
:.II, iih -...m, .l, l i journal from the U. S. North Pacific Exploring Expedition 1853-
1856. The "....1 i,, il .. f.., -ll i.. h,, ,i the ( ii .:ii,,,,.,, i.l 1 .. ,,i..r ofJapan.
Fax: (81) 3-5463-0684 ore-ii ii ir.,II i..,". ,I i- -1 i 11i .

Biography of Anselm Windhausen Available Online
. ../i' i'pli of noted German-Argentine scientistAnselmWindhausen (1882-1932) is

New Interdisciplinary Program in IPS at Duke
Duke University has established a new interdisciplinary graduate certificate program in
History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine (HPSTM). For more
information: http//philosophyduke.edu/hpstm/.

Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital Collection Project
The Pennsylvania Hospital's Historic Collections has made accessible the materials in
the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital Collection, which provide a unique perspective
on the treatment of psychological disorders and mental illness. For further informa-
tion: http Avww.uphs.upenn.edu/paharc/collections/finding/arrangement.html.

New Address for HOPOS Web Site
HOPOS, the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science, can now be
found at http//cas.umkc.edu/scistud/hopos.

New Web Site History of Science on the Internet
Important Internet resources for the history of science can be found at

Neptune-Discovery Correspondence Database
An online database of correspondence on the discovery of Neptune is available at

Temporary Closure of the Royal Astronomical Society
Library and Archives
It is likely that the whole collection in the main part of Burlington House will
be moved out into storage in late 2006 for as long as a year. Staff will provide a
restricted service.

History of Science Dissertations Online
History of Science dissertations can be found at: http://www.hsls.pitt.edu/

The Social Medicine Reader
Duke University Press announces the second edition of 11.. I ,. ,.i.ll. ... 'Medicine
Reader. For more information, http//www.combinedacademic.demon.co.uk.

CFP: History of Meteorology 3
Papers on the history f li,. I... .. .1 .-: climatology and related sciences are now being
accepted for consideration in Hitory of i ]. --.. -'. 1 3 (2006). Articles should be
based on original research and should present a novel thesis. Deadline for submissions
for volume three is 1 September 2006. Queries or manuscripts should be directed to
James R. Fleming, e-mail H.. I I i..- .' .: .,l ... Ii.

History of Meteorology 2 Published
History of i]. -....'.- i 2, the peer-reviewed journal of the International
Commission on History fi i .... ,,,,i.i has just been published on the ICHM
home page larl -li..i-.. l,,il,,, ,. The URL for this issue of the journal

History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine Network
The purpose of the HPSM listserv is to create a network for researchers with links to the
north of England who are interested in topics broadly relevant to the history and phi-
losophy of science and medicine ,li.:.l.ll-,,,i hl .. I l.: 1..l . 11.- 1111 | .l l. ..I. .l. To
join, send an e-mail to Dr. Matthew D. Eddy (M.D.Eddy@durham.ac.uk).

In Memoriam: David E. Pingree
D avid E. Pingree, 72, chairman of the Department of the History of Mathematics
at Brown University, passed away 11 November 2005, in the Miriam Hospital.
Professor Pingree was a graduate of Phillips Academy Andover and Harvard
University, where he received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.
Following college, he became keenly interested in the transmission of scientific ideas
from one culture to another.
Professor Pingree had been a member of the faculty of the University of Chicago
and joined the faculty at Brown University in 1971, becoming Chairman of the
Department in 1986. He was widely published, including many Sanskrit astronomi-
cal tables, c ii. 1. l.. f il i ..i. .. 1 1, f ii,. ,I l.:1 a Census on the Exact Sciences in
Sanskrit, and the Latin translation .f il,.. i ii.: 1 ,.: irl I n, 1 1 ,.;, others. Some 43
.....1 1. .11 i ..-i. 1 111,, i1 l :i II n.:l.., hav appeared under his name.
He was the recipient of countless scholarly awards including a Guggenheim
Fellowship, a MacArthur Fellowship, and in 1992 he received an Honorary Degree of
Doctor of Humane Letters from the University of Chicago. He was elected a Fellow of
the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, was a member of both the American
Philosophical Society and the Institute for Advanced Study and was the co-founder of
the Association of Members of the Institute for Advanced Study. He established the
American Committee for South Asian Manuscripts in 1994 with the goal of catalogu-
ing all the Arabic, Persian and Indian manuscripts in North America and elsewhere.
In 2004 a volume was edited and published by some of his former students and
severalol. ..i...,irl... .7. the History of the Exact Sciences in Honor of
David Pingree.
A memorial service was held 17th March in Manning Chapel on the campus of
Brown University (Adapted from TheP.. ... .

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2006
WikiProject History of Science
WikiProject History of Science is an effort to organize and improve the history of sci-
ence, technology and medicine content on Wikipedia. Visit the project page at
lbrrl 1 ii l..- '-' II i ..I- ''I I '..i I 'I .. i .i_HistoryL of Science.

Courses on Religion and Science at Faraday Institute
The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at St. Edmund's College, Cambridge is
offering informed and intellectually rigorous courses on the relationship between sci-
ence and religion. For more details, including eligibility, application forms and details
about discounts and bursaries,1 1,i I % f , ii 1 -I 1.,rir..... ,.

Nuncius Project Completed
The project "Nuncius -Journal of the History of Science Online" grants access (full
text and images) to the "Annals of the Institute and Museum of History of Science"
(1976-1986), to its seven monographic issues, and to the whole collection of Nuncius
from 1986 until 2002 (2nd issue). Each issue will be fully available online three years
after its publishing date. Please see http/Avw.imss.fi.it/istituto/nuncius.

Call for Writers: History of Scientific Thought
Essays are requested for a new, three-volume guide to topics in the history of science to
be published by the Gale Group. The History y ... hj l i, ,,l.'-.'.1 Ihelp
high-school and early college-age students develop an understanding of the history
behind scientific concepts. The encyclopedia will contain approximately 120 signed
entries, ranging in length from 4 '.1 11.r I iI ,,.1,i Contact Tom and Sara
Pendergast at fullc@gte.net.

Stuart Pierson Memorial Fund Keynote Presentation


.. announcements have been editedfor space. For full descriptions
and for the latest announcements, please visit http//hssonline.org.
.. '- does not ... - for the accuracy of any item, and inter
estedpersons should ..' details. Those who wish to publish a job announce
ment should send an electronic.! .. .. ...
McGill University's Department of Social Studies of Medicine invites
applications for an assistant professor (tenure track) beginning 1 January 2007.
Deadline 31 May Send to Search Committee, Social Studies of Medicine, McGill
University, 3647 Peel St., Montreal, Qc. H3A 1X1, Canada. E-mail: "..ii. i- I.-i:.11: I
Phone: 514. -.' ,-. Fax: 514.398.1498.

Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) invites applications to the position of
Archivist in the Roy Eddleman Institute for Interpretation and Education. Require-
ments: M.A. in history or M.L.I.S. with emphasis in archival studies, Certified Archivist
status preferred; three years experience; experience with donors and moving of
archival collections. E-mail cover letter, c.v and contact information for three refer-
ences by 28 April to: Jennifer Landry, Head of Collections at jenniferl@chemher-
itage.org. For further information, see http//www.chemheritage.org.

The Appalachian State University Faculty Fellow Program offers tenure
track position. Qualifications include: terminal degree (Ph.D.), record of or evidence
of teaching potential, scholarship, service, and a strong commitment to 1p 'i 1.'"' r
diversity. Submit application, c.v, and five references by 28 April to: Ms. Darlene
Risk, B.B. Dougherty Administration Building, Appalachian State University Boone,
North Carolina 28608. For further information: http//www.historyappstate.edu.

Awards, Honors, and


Stephen G. Brush, Professor of the History of Science at the University of
Maryland, College Park, has been elected a member of the Academie Internationale
d'Histoire des Sciences.

Klaus Hentschel (Berne, currently substitute professor for history of science and
technology at the University of Stuttgart) was elected corresponding member of the
Acad6mie Internationale d'Histoire des Sciences.

Michelle Nijhuis of High Country News has won the 2006 Walter Sullivan
Award for Excellence in Science Journalism (Features) awarded by the American
Geophysical Union. Nijhuis is being recognized for a three-part series with the over-
all title, "Hot Times: Global Warming in the West."

Duncan M. Porter of 1.1 i.:1 l--i.I Virginia, professor of botany in the College of
Science at Virginia Tech, has been selected for a Lifetime Achievement in Science
.. :,1 f, ,1 i I i', the Science Museum of Virginia. One of Porter's most notable con-
tributions to science has been his leading role in the Darwin Correspondence Project.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists announces Carol Ann
Stamm, M.D., FACOG as the recipient of the year 2006 ACOG Fellowship in the
History of American Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her research project is, "Sharing the
Secret: The History of Emergency Contraception."

The Midwest Junto for the History of Science is pleased to announce the first
Stuart Pierson Memorial Fund keynote presentation. Bill Ashworth of the
University of Missouri at Kansas City will initiate the Memorial presentations at
the 2006 annual Junto meeting, to be held April 28-30 in Madison, Wisconsin.
Long time Junto member Stuart Pierson of Memorial University, St. Johns,
Newfoundland, distinguished himself to Junto members by his witty and stimu-
lating presentations of papers which combined unique approaches with histori-
cal insight. Original and creative, Stuart brought a spirit of fun to the meetings.
The MidwestJunto created the Stuart Pierson Memorial Fund to promote creative
and original participation at the annual Junto meetings in the spirit of Stuart's
presentations. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the fund,
please contact Bruce Bradley, Linda Hall Library, 5109 Cherry Si ,I ii, r it l.
64110-2498; '.1 ..ll. l,,li, l ,h 11.. ,,

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2006

Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes

The announcement have been edited for space. For full descriptions and for the latest announcements, please visit our Web site .,,'' /,, ...' ,.) . does not

: I If ,iof I andpotential applicants should
wish topublish a grant, fellowship, orprize announcementshouldsend an electronic

Bakken Library
The Bakken Library and Museum offersx. ii, 1 .: I I.. .. .:1 i .. .11 I- 11I.1 I .. 11.:1
Travel Grants fi .... I.. .. 11.:1 i ,1 ii l....I.. ...I I..1 i to the history of electricity and magnet-
ism. For further information: 1i i1 ...i iii, : .1i- 1 11 1 11 11 The Bakken Library and Museum,
3537 Zenith Avenue So., Minneapolis, MN., 55416, tel (612) 926-3878 ext. 227, fax (612)
927-7265,e-m ail ii i.- il l .. .... Website: 'i, i i... ...... clickon
"Library" or "Research."

The Victor and Joy Wouk Grant-in-Aid Program
California Institute of Technology Grants-in-Aid offers research assistance of
up to $2000 for work in the Papers of Victor Wouk in the Caltech Archives. The Maurice
A. Biot Archives Fund and .il ..... 1 I :11 i...1 funds offer research assistance up to $1500 to
use the collections of the ( il1...:1l .. :1 l .. .ppl.: I r.....i .II be accepted from students-
working towards a graduate degree or from established scholars. Please consult the
Archives' -..1 :.. http://archives.caltech.edu. Applications are reviewed quarterly: on
January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 of each year.

The University of Oklahoma Travel Fellowship Program
The Andrew W Mellon Travel Fellowship i .. : -' i ..11!.; visitors to make use of the
University's History of Science Collections. Proposals from scholars at both predoctoral and
po 1.. I. .1 .. .. I I.... II be evaluated continuously upon receipt, and funds awarded shortly
after the decision is made. For information, please contact: University of Oklahoma, The
Andrew W Mellon Travel Fellowship P,.. : I I .11 i 1.11.1 401 West Brooks, Room
521, Norman, OK73019-0528, e-mail:., :ii i. .i.....1. h..... ...:i i... ... ...i ,ii Web
site: http://libraries.ou.edu/etc/histsci/mellon.asp.

Grants in Aid for History of Modern Physics
The Center for History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics has
a program of grants-in-aid for research in the history of modem physics and allied sci-
ences and their social interactions. Grants can be up to $2,000 each i ,. I Ill be given
only to reimburse expenses for travel and subsistence to use the resources of the Center's
Niels Bohr Library in .. I..:.. Park, Maryland, or expenses including travel and subsis-
tence to tape-record oral history interviews or microfilm archival materials, with a copy
for deposit in the Library Applicants should ., il 1... .. .1 11 :, toward a graduate degree
in the history of science (please include a letter of reference from a thesis adviser), or
show a record of publication in the field. To apply, send a vitae, a letter of no more than
tw o 1.,:: 1.. .11,,,: .... .... :1. !...p..:1 1. .. 11 1 1 . ...l ... .... ... .. III ..... .. fo r
which support is requested to: Spencer Weart, Center for History of Physics, American
Institute of Physics, One Physics Ellipse, I.. I..- Park, MD 20740. E-mail: sweart@
aip.org. Phone: (301) 209-3174. Fax: (301) 209-0882. The deadlines for receipt of appli-
cations are 15 April and 15 November of each year. 'iii. l. : 1 i1 .. ,

INA Grant-in-Aid Program
The International Neuropsychopharmacology Archives (INA)
announces the availability of grants of up to $1,500 to support research at the INA
at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Archives, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
Applications must include a hard copy of: a one-page description of the project,
with specific reference to the archival collections to be consulted; detailed budget;
applicant's c.v; one letter of recommendation from a scholar familiar with the
applicant's work. Grants will be given four times a year. Deadlines are:l March, 1
June, 1 September, 1 December. Completed applications should be sent by the dead-
line to: INA Grant-in-Aid I i..:, ,,, c/o CINP Central. Office, 1608 17th Avenue
South, Nashville, TN, 37212, U.S.

., I dates, with :*

r r interest. Those who

American Meteorological Society Graduate Fellowships
The American Meteorological Society is offering an array of graduate fellow-
ships and undergraduate scholarships to help further the education of outstanding
students pursuing a career in the atmospheric and related oceanic or hydrologic sci-
ences. For more inform ation, please TII i,'ii ,i -. .... Ii .... i.. ..i. r.i.i..l ri f..'

Student Prize for an Essay in the History of Australian Science
The National Museum of Australia, the Australian Academy of
Science and its National Committee for History and Philosophy of
Science have established two essay prizes, to be known respectively as The National
Museum of Australia Student Prize for the History of Australian Science and The
National Museum of Australia Student Prize for Australian Environmental History.
Each prize will be a I:I.l i,: ifl. i..1i1 : -. I The prizes will be awarded for original
unpublished research undertaken whilst enrolled as a student (postgraduate or
undergraduate) at any tertiary educational institution. Essays must be written in
English and fully documented following the style specified for the Australian
Academy of Science's journal, Historical Record ofAustralian Science. The prizes
will be awarded in alternate years in May. Deadline for the initial prize, a history of
science prize, is 30 April 2006. Entries should be sent to: Librarian, Australian
Academy of Science, GPO Box 783, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia, to be received by
the closing date. Inquiries should be sent to: rosanne.walker@sci.org.au.

Lawrence Memorial Award
The Award Committee of the Lawrence Memorial Fund invites nomina-
tions for the 2006 Lawrence Memorial Award. The annual Award I: I 11 is given to
support travel for doctoral dissertation research in systematic botany or horticulture,
or the history of the plant sciences. Professors are urged to nominate outstanding
doctoral students who have achieved official candidacy for their degrees. The Com-
mittee will not entertain direct applications. Letters of nomination and supporting
materials, including seconding letters, should be received by the Committee by 1
May 2006. Send to: Dr. R. W. Kiger, Hunt Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000
Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890 USA. Tel. 1.412. 268.2434.

SHOT Seeks Nominations for the 2006 Dibner Award
The Society for the History of Technology invites nominations for its Dibner
Award 2006. This award is for excellence in museums and museum exhibits that
interpret the history f I,.:111 ..l. i iind.itr- and engineering to the general public. A
nomination form is available at http /shot.press.jhu.edu/Awards/Dibnemomform06.
htm. For more information, please i i- 1 p I, i ii ii... .,i-i,, inti ,iii i'p

John C. Burnham Early Career Award
The Forum for the History of Human Science invites submissions for itsJohn
C. Burnham Early Career Award for 2006. Submit manuscript and c.v by 30 April
2006. There is a $500 honorarium. The FHHS also invites submissions for its
Dissertation Award, awarded every other year for the best recent dissertation on some
aspect of the history of the human sciences. The monetary award is $100. Submit
three copies by 1 June 2006. For both awards, send to: Nadine Weidman, Secretary of
FHHS, 138 Wobum St., Medford, MA 02155. E-mail: Weidman@fas.harvard.edu. Web
site: http/wwwfhhs.org.

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2006

Future Meetings

The *. announcements have been edited for space. For, descriptions and the latest announcements, please visit our Web site ( .
The ... does not assume ., - ,for the accuracy of any item; interested persons should 1'..' details. Those who wish to publish a future
announcement should send an electronic version of the, to newsletter@hssonline.org.

Calls for Papers
Africa's Indigenous Science and Knowledge Systems. Second international confer
ence I. ..i .. i .. ..i........ . .. i .... 1 .... tobeheld 24 October 2006.
Abstract deadline: April 28; ',11 i .. .. ........... i.... 11. 148714.

"The Documentary Tradition" at the 2006 Film and History League
Conference. To be held 8-12 November 2006 in the Dolce Conference Center near the Dallas
Fort Worth airport. Proposal deadline: 15 .... I ..11 1 I...... ... i 1 I Tim Boon,
Head of Collections, The Science Museum, London SW7 2DD. Phone: (44) 20.7942.4207; fax:
(44) 20.7942.4103; e-mail: tim.boon@nmsi.ac.uk; iii. . i ,,,,, ...

Upcoming Conferences
Race, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Technolog y i i .. 1- I .Institute of
I In...L .. Boston, Massachusetts, 7-8 April 2006.

Call for Participation: Toward a History and Philosophy of Expertise.' The
C. ..... I. i ...'. Foundation will host a workshop, "Toward a History and Philosophy of
Expertise" on 7-8 April 2006, as part of the 2006 Cain Conference.

GGdel Centenary 2006 ii .. ... ... i i.1Ii i,.... I foundations of Mathematics, and the
Quest for Understanding 11, .. i I .... l,,. 7-29 April 2006, Festsaal of the University

Mephistos 2006. Graduate student conference in history, philosophy, and sociology of science,
technology and medicine. University of c ,1 ,. -, 7- 9/ ii _,, !. i .l ... o,,. ~i., i7.. i,. i ....,,

Con/texts of Invention: A Working Conference of the Society for Critical
Exchange, Case Western Reserve .i I i.. Cleveland, Ohio, 20-22 April 2006;
http://wwwcwru.edu/affil/sce/IPCA main.html.

49th Annual Meeting of the Midwest Junto of the History of Science Society.
University of Wisconsin Madison, 28-30 April 2006; http://www.histsci.wisc.edu/junto.

Archivists and Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences Annual
Meeiung Ill l.. held 3 May 2006, Halifax, Nova Scotia; 'i,1 .. i ......

Remaking Boston. The Massachusetts Historical Society conference on the environmental
history of Boston to be held 4-6 May 2006.

American Association for the History of Medicine Annual Meeting. Halifax,
Nova Scotia, Canada, 47 May 21,"., 111 i 11h -, i ....

Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and the Environment, May 4 7, 2006 at the German
Historical Institute, i .....li.... i 1i ,. ... ,i, .... ,I upcom ing.html.

9th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and
Technology (PCST-9). Seoul, Korea, 17-20 May 21 ,i i, 111. '".'.. I.

The Infinite Genealogy: Intercultural Approaches to New Media Art. Simon
Fraser University Harbour Centre Campus, Vancouver, BC, Canada 17-20 May 2006;
http://wwwsfu.ca/conferences/infinite genealogy

Technology and Rethinking European Borders. The Second Plenary Conference of
the Tensions of Europe Network and launch of the Tensions of Europe F ... I. I II... .1 .III
take place 25-28 May 2006 at Lappeenranta .1.... i I i. II.. I.... South Karelian
Institute, Lappeenranta, Finland; http://wwwlut.fi/eki/TOE2006/.

Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Science. York University, Toronto,
Ontario, 29-31 May 2006; http://wwwyorku.ca/cshpsl/ and http://wwwfedcan.ca/.

Linnaeus in Italy: The Spread of a Botanical Revolution. Botanical Garden,
University of Pisa 1l 1 6-9 June 2006; http://ww.imss.fi.it/news/elinnaeus.html.

Historical Perspectives on "Erkliiren" and "Verstehen." Max Planck Institute for the
History of Science, Berlin, 9 11 June 21 ",. 11ii .... i i . ...,i . .- ,1, i .... ..11
ects/DepIIIUljanaFeestErklaerenVerstehen/ index html.

Close Encounters, the Fourth European Biennial Conference of the Society
for Science, Literature and the Arts will be held 13-16 June 2006, Amsterdam. Contact
Manuela Rossini at rossini@slsa.nl; http://ww.slsa.nl.

Agrarian Societies Annual Meeting 2006. Massachusetts 11.ii,. ..I i.. I,,..I..
C ,1,,1. .1. i1 -. 1II 11 15 17 June 2006; ,,11 ....... 1- II, l ... ...hI

Sixth HOPOS/SPS Conference 2006. To be held Paris, France, 14-18 June 2006 at the
Ecole normal superieure, Paris; http://ww.umkc.edu/scistud/hopos/.

Society for the Social History of Medicine: Practices and Representations of
Health: Historical Perspectives will take place 28-30 June 2006 at the University of
Warwick; http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/arts/history/chm/activities/cnferences/sshm2006/.

Philosophies of Technology: Bacon and his Contemporaries will be held in
Frankfurt am Main, 7-8 July, 2006; http://web.uni frankfurt.de/ZFN/.

2006 BSHS Conference will take place at the University of Kent, Canterbury 7-9 July 2006;
,.1! .. Ih -1 11I ,,,, II l l. 1. 1, 1h ,1

International Conference on the History of Alchemy and Chymistry.
Philadelphia, 19-22 July 2006; : 11! .. 1, ,, 1., i. ., .. . .. i, i .... 'index.htm l.

The Science and History of Evolutionary Theory. A panel on the science and history
of evolutionary theory as part of the 10th conference of the International Society for the Study
of European Ideas, University of Malta, 24-29 July 2006; http://issei2006.haifa.ac.il.

31st Symposium of the International Commission on the History of
Geological Sciences will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania, i i1' to 4 1.. 1 I, I' Contact
P iI I II. ,h ,1 .. .. II

10th North Atlantic Fisheries History Association will be held in Bremerhaven
(Germany) 7-11 ... i, -i, Contact Dr. Ingo Heidbrink at heidbrink@dsm.de.

The International Committee for the History of Technology's 33rd
Symposium in Leicester, U.K., 15 i i i ,'

Society for the History of Psychology's 114th Annual Meeting will be held 1013
/ 1 ... 11. 0 1, ... I ..... . ... 1.11 .. I

History of the Food Chain from Agriculture to Consumption and Waste. Sent
Istvan ...- 1I G6odoll, near Budapest, 31 August 3 September 2006; http://wwweuchems

Second European Society for the History of Science International
Conference. Cracow, 6-9 September 2006 11. ... .. i ...

Society for the History of Natural History's Natural Science in the New World:
The Descriptive Enterprise, 21-24 September 2006, Montreal, Canada;

The Commerce and Politics of Science, 21-24 September 2006, Notre Dame;
http://wwwnd.edu/ reilly/compolsci.html.

Endangered Species in Glass: The Blaschka Models. The Dublin Blaschka
I ..Ii .ii take place 28-30 September; http://ww.ucd.ie/blaschka.

22nd Baltic Conference on the History of Science, 57 October 2006, Vilnius,
Lith u an ia; h ttp ://,. I I I, III .... -..., I ,l1...,,dI ,l1...,,I I,,,,,

SHOT 2006 will be will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, 12-16 October 2006;
http://wwwshot.jhu.edu/Annual i.. -1,-, 1111i, 1 i I.. i... Main_ ,i_. 1h11,

"Technology, Environment and Work" Twenty-Eighth Annual North
American Labor History Conference. Wayne State I... .1 19-21 October 2006.
CI 1. 11 i r..C ... T .......Lanza, email: aol605@wayne.edu.

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2006
Negotiating the Sacred III: Religion, Medicine and the Body, 23 November.
Canberra, Australia; http://ww.anu.edu.au/culture/Sacred%20in%20Medicine/index.php.

BSHM 2006. Health and Medicine in History: I 11 .1 ...... 24 November, 2006,
Jawaharlal Nehru Unive, ii . l. II., ContactD. Kumar at ashm2006@rediffmail.com.

History of Science Society, 12 -1 II.... I ..1l.. i 2-5 November 2006. Vancouver, B.C.,
C 111..1. i ,i 1 .. .. ... .

2006 PS\ liiennial M1eeln iiii ...i i'.... w.with HSS will be held 2-5 November 2006 in
Vancouver, British C.i.1 i.. i, i ,. 11 i, .. i I ./.

4S Conference, 25 November 2006, Vancouver, C .111 .1 i,,i. ... I .....

Food Chains: Provisioning, Technology, and Science, 34 November 2006. Contact
Carol Lockm an: ... ...... i ii i ....

Science within the State. Berlin, 9-11 November 2006. Contact organizers Axel C.
Huentelmann (axel.huentelmann@charite.de) or Dr. Michael C. Schneider

Dissertations List
'' Dr Jonathon Erlen (only dissertation titlesplaced in Dissertation Abstracts are included) and others and was current as of 1 October 2005.
i missing

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'Metaphysics' in Avicenna's 'Kitab al-Sifa': Textual and
Doctrinal Analysis." Yale 11 11. 2005, 493 pages.

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,liiI.. .1.,. and How Philosophy Bears on Physics." The
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Women's Role in Wartime Science, 1939-1945." The
Pennsylvania State ... I 11 2005, 264 pages. 3172978.

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Philosopher and T1i ...1.. ... as '. . Yale 1 1i. I
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.. ii... Il,,,. I 1898-1948." Purdue 1 .. 11 2004, 547
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'i 11 i ... Racial Science in American Literature and
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in C(.i.... ii i I. I 1i i .i TheUniversityof' i i.. .. 2005,
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Mathematics: Naturalism." Cornell 1 11. 2005, 202
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Colorado State .. 11.. 2005, 727 pages. 3173098.

Widders, Evan. "Science, Medicine, and Criollo Culture
in Late-Colonial New Spain (Mexico)." University of
California, Santa Barbara, 2005, 247 pages. 3161540.

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Prior to the publication of each Newsletter, the HSS Executive Office receives from the Isis Editorial Office a list of books received by that office for potential review. This list appears here

quarterly; it is not compiled from the annual Current
Altmann, Simon; Ortiz, Eduardo L. (Editors).
Mathematics and Social Utopias in France: Olinde Rodrigues
and His Times. (History of Mathematics, Volume 28.) xii + 168
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. i You may also view this list and prior lists online 1 1,11 i .. 1 i.. ... .ii. .. .. I. I ... isis.html.

Bernoulli, Jacob. The Art of Conjecturing, with
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History of Science Society Newsletter April 2006

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Amherst, NY Prometheus Books, 2005. $19 (paper). 1591023521.

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History of Science Society Newsletter April 2006

History of Science Society Election Ballot
(Must be returned in ft',.:'d envelope in your newsletter and received no later than 1 June 2006). See bios starting on page 3.

Council Nominees:
Three-year term:
1 January 2007 31 December 2009
Please vote fo .- of the ten candidates.

Douglas Allchin (University of Minnesota)
John Beatty (University of British ~. l.li. ili ,I
David Kaiser (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Pamela 0. Long (University 'I I i i 1,ii)
Elizabeth Green Musselman (Southwestern University,
I.I .,..i, 1I Texas)
Karen Rader (Sarah Lawrence College)
David Rhees (The Bakken Library and Museum)
- Robert Smith (University of Alberta)
Spencer Weart (American Institute of Physics)
David B. Wilson (Iowa State University, Ames)
write-in candidate:

Ballots are due in the HSS Executive Office
by 1 June 2006.
Photocopied ballots are acceptable, but
please use the enclosed envelope.
Thank you for your vote!

Nominating Committee: (At Large)
One-year term:
1 July 2006 30 June 2007
Please vote for three of the six candidates.

Garland E. Allen (Washington University in St. Louis)
Abigail Lustig (University of Texas, Austin)
Mary Jo Nye (Oregon State University)
Nancy G. Slack (The Sage Colleges, Troy, New York)
Darwin H. Stapleton (Rockefeller Archive Center)
John Harley Warner (Yale University)
write-in candidate:

Nominating Committee: (Council)
One-year term:
1 July 2006 30 June 2007
Please vote for two of the four candidates.

Peggy Aldrich Kidwell (National Museum of
American History, Smithsonian Institution)
Marsha Richmond (Wayne State University)
Robin E. Rider (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
- Alan Rocke (Case Western Reserve University)
write-in candidate:

The University of Chicago Press
P.O. Box 37005
Chicago, IL 60637
Forwarding Service Requested

PERMIT No. 6784





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