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April 2005

Serving the Discipline and the Profession:

HSS Programs and the "Spirit of Volunteerism"
Michael M. Sokal, HSS President

For "Catching Up with the Vision" the 1999
prize-winning special issue of Isis conceived and
edited by Margaret W. Rossiter that celebrated the
Society's 75th anniversary I wrote an article trac-
ing the Society's history from 1970 with the subtitle,
"From Subscription Agency to Professional Society."
The article followed the Society's evolution through
a punctuated series of adaptations to changes (and
at times catastrophes) in its academic and social
environments. Through this development, the
Society grew from one serving its members largely
-in..i.,1h ; and its annual meetings to one that
"helps [its members] find jobs and place their stu-
dents, ... lobbies Congress and several federal
agencies, ... actively promotes education in its
field at all levels and in all sorts of institutions, and
... publishes (in print and on the World Wide Web)
a full range of professionally exciting and intellec-
tually stimulating materials." The last "Letter from

John Neu being honored for his decades of service at
the 75th anniversary HSS meeting at Pittsburgh.

the President," published in January 2004 with the
subtitle "Recent Successes and Exciting New Cha-
llenges," briefly outlined later changes in some of

these programs, and sketching
the further evolution of others
now seems appropriate.
The Society's primary pro-
grams of course remain its publi-
cations, includingIsis, Osiris, the
Isis Current /. '.. ,L and
the HSS Newsletter. In the
Newsletter's January 2005 issue
the Society's Editor Bernard V.

The revised classification scheme and new indices
first introduced in the 2003 CB represent only the
first in a series of innovative features that will

The revised classification scheme
and new indices first introduced in
the 2003 CB represent only the
first in a series of innovative fea-
tures that will emerge both in the
printed CB and in the on-line
HSTM Research Database during
the next few years.

Lightman most informatively reviewed Isis's current
condition ("ISIS One Year In: A Progress Report")
and the innovations, such as the new "Focus" sec-
tion, that he has introduced since he first became
editor inJanuary 2004. In that month, the
Newsletter presented Michal Meyer's insightful
interview with Osiris editor Kathryn M. Olesko,
which emphasized her .., 1 f.i i1i.. journal as pro-
moting "mediation between history and history of
science." The editors of the Society's major journals
have thus introduced new policies and features even
as they build on the successes of their predecessors.
In the meantime, the Society has arranged for all
HSS members not just individual subscribers to
receive Osiris as part of their regular memberships,
for only a minor dues increase. The University of
Chicago Press will soon make available additional
details about this new membership benefit, which
has excited all who've heard about it.
The Isis Current ..' .. i iv 11,i .... ..1. i.
as its editor Stephen M. Weldon looks to the achieve-
ments of John Neu's remarkable 30-year editorship
and Joan Harvey's miraculous two-year effort as CB
Interim Editor to recover from a near catastrophe.

emerge both in the printed CB and
in the on-line HSTM Research
Database during the next few years.
In the meantime, the HSS
Newsletter itself, in its past several
issues, has grown to reflect the
careful design attention and experi-
enced editorial eye of Michal Meyer,
a graduate student in the University
of Florida's History of Science

Program. She's interviewed (in addition to Kathryn
Olesko) a series of HSS prizewinners, science jour-
nalists and broadcasters, and others, and in doing
so has illustrated the breadth of (and interest of oth-
ers in) our discipline and profession.

(continued on p. 16)


HSS Candidates 3
News and Inquiries 8
Report on Council and
Business Meetings Austin 13
Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes 14
Awards, Honors, and Appointments 15
Future Meetings 17
Jobs 18
Isis Books Received 19
Dissertations List 21
Donors 2000-2004 22

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

Third Intcrnational Conference of th;h

"lNerpreting Noture and Suriprure:

History of a DOilogue"
An histocalf eliorarat.. of ie xintesaean betee
fii#cal t einrioes c and 'la lsri'awl ~hlmopr) y/ selce,
presantedMl cA wsgteonr with 30 scholars.

.JLY'ir JuL 23, 20'zO-
To re-gyi1ler vi$it www. C re rnem r.O1n.p3aScl0

Dr. Wayne D. Norman, Director
Or. Jitas van der Meer, Programme Chair
f Garner Road East
Ancas er, ON
L9K 1J4 Canada
9D5 648.2139 x4403
Fax 905.6-82134 r
pa scal redeemer .on .ca

REDEEMER lrir i ';
r I 'rrinl,, Lmtri L,"a" ,., '4-=i r. Carad,)



One-semester fellowships tenable at this Institute are
available for US-based scholars and researchers work-
ing within the broad field of the history of science,
technology and medicine in East Asia. Applications
may be made with a view to taking up fellowships dur-
ing 2006 and informal advance enquiries by e-mail to
Sue Bennett at sjb58@cam.ac.uk are encouraged. The
deadline for receipt of applications is 15 June 2005.

Details of the NRI and the full advertisement may be
found at http://www.nri.org.uk.

History of Science Society Executive Office

Postal Address Physical Address
PO Box 117360 3310 Turlington Hall
University of Florida University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7360 Gainesville, FL 32611

Phone: 352-392-1677
Fax: 352-392-2795
E-m ail: i ,f,.,- 1 ..... lh,,. .., -
W eb site: l *,1, l, .. 1 ..... .,.:/

Subscription Inquiries: ISIS and HSS Newsletter
Please contact the University of Chicago Press directly, at:
,,i.l li 1',i,,,.. P" i ..i. .... 1,,i 877-705-1878/877-705-1879
1.1,, 11. i toll free for U.S. and Canada.
Or write University of Chicago Press, Subscription
Fulfillment Manager, PO Box 37005, Chicago, IL


Please notify both the HSS Executive Office and the
University of Chicago Press at the above addresses.

HSS Newsletter

Editorial Policies, Advertising, and Submissions

The History of Science Society Newsletter is published in January, April,
July, and October, and sent to all individual members of the Society; those
who reside outside of North America pay an additional $5 annually to cover
a portion of airmail charges. The Newsletter is available to nonmembers
and institutions for $25 a year.
TheNewsletter is edited and desktop published in the Executive Office on an
Apple system using Micmsoft Word and Quark. The format and editorial policies
are determined by the Executive Director in consultation with the Committee on
Publications and the Society Editor. All 1il,. ri .nr. copy must be submitted in
electronic form. Advertisements are accepted on a space- ,i ,ll i, ii.,,ii ii1,i
the Society reserves the right not to accept a submission. The rates are as follows:
Full page (9 x 7.5"), $400; Horizontal or Vertical Half page (4.5 x 7.5"), $220;
Quarter page (3 x 5"), $110. The deadline for insertion orders and camera-ready
copy is six weeks prior to the month of publication (e.g., 20 November for the
January Newsletter) and should be sent to the attention of the HSS Executive
Office at the above address. The deadline for news, announcements, and job/fel-
lowship/ prize listings is firm: The first of the month prior to the month of pub-
11,: iiii. .1 i ,..- ii.., (feature stories) should be submitted six weeks prior to the
month of publication as e-mail file attachments or on a 3.5" disk A., ,1 .: 1, I a
hard copy). Please send all material to the attention of Michal Meyer at the HSS
address above (e-mail or disk appreciated).

2005 by the History of Science Society

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

HSS Vice Presidential, Council, and Nominating Committee Candidates 2005

Vice President

Jane Maienschein, Regents' Professor
and Parents Association Professor and
D irector; ,.li,.i f,,i !.,,,i,,. ai l ..,,, d ,.r
Arizona State University. Ph.D., Indiana
University, 1978. HSS and Professional
Activities: HSS: Research and the
Profession (1987-1989 & 1998-2000),
Council (1987-1989 & 1997-1999),
Nominating (1997-1998), HSS Lecturer
(1994-1995), Finance (1985-1993),
Planning (1988-1989), Watson Davis
Prize Chair (1987-1988), Prizes (1987-
1988), National Lecture Series (1985-
1987), Womens Committee (when it was
an informal group).AAS: Program (1996-2000), History (1996-1998), Council
(1991-1994 & 19951996), Council Affairs (1992-1994); Section L: Member at Large
r, -,,- ', II,,'i Section Chair Elect & Chair (1993-1995), Nominating chair (1986
1989); Association for Women in Science: National governing board (1i5'- ', ,
History of Science in America Governing Group (1985- '.. national Society
for the History Philosophy, and Social Studies of- '. I Operations (2003-2005),
Council e l11i I- ,i ,3 Nominating chair (1991-1993), President (1989-1991); PS4
governing board (1995-1998); Society ofIntegrative and Comparative ;.
Division Chair and Executive Council (1995- !' I i ..i ,...i ... e ,i.... In. (1986,
1989); member of many National Science Foundation and National Academy of
Sciences panels and advisory committees. Selected publications: Whose View of
Life?Embryos, .- and Stem Cells (Harvard University Press, -2, one of
two finalists for science books by Independent Publishers or IPPY Awards);
T I i.. .'. I at The Carnegie Institution of Washington Department of
I 7I.. .-. .' I I .7 .ry ofDevelopment, Reproduction, and Genetics, edited with
Marie Glitz and Garland Allen IIl ,i, I.i.: University Press, 2005); "Embryos at the
United Nations: Competing Science, ( ",,,1.-'''', Values," in John Krige and Kai-
Henrik Barth, editors, Science, ....4. '- and Inter .. !: r .rical
Perspectives, Osiris 1 111, li i "Understanding Science and its Implications,"
Kansas Law Review a ,'-.1 51: 303-306; .1i ,it,.l- Science P ,i;: -' 1i1--ii-: "Science
(2000) 290:1501 (read into I (,._., .. ..... i .,:,,,,i Senate of the 106th Congress,
December 15, 2 "Old Wine in New Bottles," Nature (2000) 407:21

Theodore M. Porter, Professor,
Department of History, University of
California, Los Angeles. Ph.D.
Princeton University, 1981. HSS and
Prof-essional Activities: HSS
Council, 1991-1993 and 2005-2007;
Committee on Meetings and Programs,
1992-94; program chair for Dec. 1992
annual meeting in Washington D.C.;
Nominating Co-mmittee 1999-2000;
Committee on Publications, 2000-2004
(Secretary, 2002-03; chair, 2003-04);
Member (also of two prize committees)
of Forum for History of Human

Sciences of HSS. Selected publications: The Rise of Statistical :
1820-1900 (Princeton University Press, 1986), translated into
Japanese and Italian; coauthor: The Empire of I- ... How Probability
...' Science and Everyday Life (Cambridge University Press, 1989),
translated into German; Trust in Numbers: The Pursuit of '.*-... I in
Science and Public Life (Princeton University Press, 1995); coeditor,
Cambridge History ofScience, volume 7: Modern Social Sciences
(Cambridge University Press, 2003); translation forthcoming into Chinese;
Karl Pearson: The ,:.. i.'f Life in a Statistical Age (Princeton University
Press, 2004).


Ken Alder, Professor of History and
Milton H. Wilson Professor in the
Humanities, Northwestern University, where
he directs the Science in Human Culture
Program. Ph.D., Harvard University, 1991.
HSS and Professional Activities:
Advisory editor at Li since 1999 and
t ;.; 7 & Culture since 1997. Panelist,
Session organizer, and commentator at HSS
conferences. Executive committee of SHOT
since 2004. Selected Publications: The
Measure I Things: The Seven Year
Odyssey and Hidden Error that Trans
formed the World (Free Press, 2002),
translated into 14 languages and winner of the 2003 Davis Prize, the 2003 Dingle Prize
from the British Society for the History of Science, and the 2004 Kagan Prize from The
h,,,,,,0 : ,1 ..I:] .r .. .j the Revolution:Arms andEnlightenment in France,
1763-1815 (Princeton University Press, 1997), winner of the 1998 Edelstein Prize from
SHOT "History's Greatest Forger: Science, Fiction, and Fraud along the Seine." Critical
Inquiry 30, a 1,4, 702-16. "A Social History of Untruth: Lie Detection and Trust in
vTentieth-Century America." _.. .. . A1 (2002): 1-33. Currently completing a
book on the lie detector in twentieth-century America.

Mark V. Barrow, Jr., Associate
Professor and Associate Chair, Department
of History, Virginia Tech, and Part-
icipating Faculty, STS Program. Ph.D.,
Harvard University, 1992. HSS and
Professional Activities: chair, com-
mentator, and presenter at numerous HSS
annual meetings; two 3-year terms as
steering committee member for Forum for
the History of Science in America; mem-
bership committee, International Society
for the History, I il, .1i1. and Social
C,,1.. ]h... f .I,1,..-: book-review editor and
member of .,1i,,I i 11 .1 ii.1 journal of the
History of. ;. '. .i Selected publications:A Passion for Birds: American
,, after Audubon (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1998); "Science,

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005
Sentiment, and the Specter of Extinction: Reconsidering Birds of Prey during
America's Interwar Years," Environmental History 7 (2002): 69-98; "The Specimen
Dealer: Entrepreneurial Natural History in America's Gilded Age,"Journal of the
History of- '.. 33 (Winter 1i 1 1, 1-42. Book in progress, tentatively titled: "The
Specter of Extinction: American Naturalists and Endangered Wildlife."

David Cahan, Charles Bessey
Professor of History, Department of
History, University of Nebraska. Ph.D.,
Johns Hopkins University, 1980. HSS
and Professional Activities: Past
member, Ad hoc Committee to Review
the Executive Secretary of the History of
Science Society; past member, Co-
mmittee on Meetings and Programs
(2000-3), and Chair (2002-3); Member,
Editorial Board, Annals ofScience.
Selected Publications: An Institute
for an Empire: The;. ;. ;j ..I
Technische Reichsanstalt, 1871 1918
(Cambridge University Press, 1989; paperback 2004); editor, Hermann von
Helmholtz and the Foundations ofNineteenth- century Science (University of
California Press, 1994); co-author, Science at the American Frontier: A Bio
graphy of DeWitt Bristol Brace (University of Nebraska Press, 2000); editor,
From Natural Philosophy to the Sciences: Writing the History of Nineteenth
Century Science (University of Chicago Press, 2003);"Helmholtz and the
Shaping of the American Physics Elite in the Gilded Age," HSPS 35:1 ,n-'14I 1-
34. Current activity: Senior Fellow, Dibner Institute for the History of Science and
Technology, MIT (2004-5), writing a biography of Helmholtz.

Fa-ti Fan, Associate Professor,
Department of History, State University
of New York at Binghamton. Ph.D.,
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1999.
HSS and Professional Activities:
Advisory editor, Isis, 2004- ; editorial
board member, Metascience, 2002-2004;
Secretary, International Society for the
History of East Asian Science, Tech-
nology, and Medicine, 2005- Selected
Publications: British Naturalists in
l Science, Empire, and
Cultural Encounter (Harvard
University Press, 2,,,,4, "Nature and
Nation in Chinese Political Thought: the National Essence Circle in Early
Twentieth-Century China," in Lorraine Daston and Fernando Vidal, eds., The
Moral Authority of Nature (University of Chicago Press, l 1 1,,, 409-37; "Science
in a Chinese Entrep6t: British Naturalists and Their Chinese Associates in Old
Canton, Osiris, 18 211 -. 60-78; "Victorian Naturalists in China: Science and
Informal Empire," British Journal for the History ofScience, 36 2:1 ,-. 1-26;
"Hybrid Discourse and Textual Practice: I..,,,,,,._ and Natural History in the
Nineteenth .,iii,., History ofScience, 38 (2000): 25-56.

John Krige, Kranzberg Professor, School
of History, Technology and Society,
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta,
GA. Ph.D., University of Pretoria (South
Africa), 1966; Ph.D., University of Sussex
(UK), 1978. HSS and Professional
Activities: Member of Isis Editorial
Board; Member, Program Committee, HSS
Annual Meeting, 2005; Member SHOT
International Scholars Committee, 2000-
3. Awards: Charles A. Lindbergh Fellow,
National Air and Space Museum, 2004-5.
Selected Publications: "Distrust and
Discovery. The Case of the Heavy Bosons
at CERN," Isis Vol. 92:3 (September 2001), 517-540; "The 1984 Nobel Physics Prize
for Heterogeneous Engineering," Minerva Vol. XXXIX:4 (December 2001), 425-443;
"The Birth of EMBO and the Difficult Road to EMBL," Studies in the History and
Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 33:3 (2002), 547-564. Krige is
also the co-editor, with Kai-Henrik Barth, of Osiris Vol. 21 (2006), "Science,
Technology and International Affairs."

Domenico Bertoloni Meli, Professor,
Department of History and Philosophy of
Science, Indiana University, ElB mingti in
Ph.D. Cambridge University, 1988. HSS
and Professional Activities: Regular
reviewer for Isis, book review editor for
Early Science of Medicine. Selected
Publications: Equivalence and
Priority: Newton versus L,.b.': (Oxford
University Press, 1993, paperback, 1997);
Marcello Malpighi Anatomist and
Physician (ed.) (Florence, Olschki,
1997); "Caroline, Leibniz, and Clarke,"
Journal of the History of Ideas, 60
(1999):469-86; "Authorship and Teamwork around the Cimento -: i.1..,,ll Early
Science andMedicine, 6 21" I, 1;5-95; "The Role of Numerical Tables in Galileo
and Mersenne," Perspectives on Science, 12 (2004):164-90. I ,.. 11 ,: I .. 1.. .1-
titled Thinking with .. .. The Transformation ofMechanics in the 17th cen-
tury, submitted for publication.

Katherine A. Pandora, Associate
Professor and Associates' Presidential
Professor (211111i-2I111 4), Department of the
History of Science, University of
Oklahoma; Fellow, Charles Warren Center
for Studies in American History, Harvard
University, 2001-2002. Ph.D., History/
Science Studies, University of California at
San T'iegii4. 1993. HSS and Prof-
essional Activities: sis, Advisory Editor
,Y 2- '11114, ,;Ethics( ,,,,,i,,,I,, ..C
Research Experiences for Under-graduates
Program (19' il ,111,4, Human-
Technology Interaction Center at the

University of Oklahoma; Development Award, the Center for History and New Media's
I ii in., and Collecting History Online: Science and T...:hiin i.: [ECHO]
Project. Selected Publications: i1.1, .i...:-.: Held in Common: The Tales of
Luther Burbank and Science in the American Vernacular," Isi, 2001, 92:484-516;
"Luther Burbank," inJohn A. Garraty and Mark C. Cames, eds.,American National
S.. .i;. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1999); 'I'pp "', the New Mental
World Created by Radio': Media Messages, Cultural Politics, and Cantril & Allport's
The r ,.. -' i ofRadio,"Journal ofSocial Issues, 1998, 54:7 27; Rebels within
the Ranks: I. i and Democratic Realities
in New DealAmerica iiiih i.k..: University Press, 1997).

Marsha Richmond, Associate Professor
of Science and T..:he,1 i, r .l .. tl., II.,I F
Interdisciplinary Studies, Wayne State
University. Ph.D., Indiana University,
1986. HSS and Professional
Activities: Advisory Committee,
Correspondence of Iu Darmin;
Advisory Board: NTM, History and
Philosophy ofthe Lyf ,. ,.. and
Journal of the Hitory of .
Selected Publications: "The
'Domestication' of Heredity: The Familial
(,1-: ,,111 i.iI, of Geneticists at Cambridge
University, 1895-1910," f. ,ll:. 1-l '._.
Journal of the History of -.'. "The Cell as the Basis for Heredity, Development,
and Evolution: Richard Goldschmidt's Program of r l. I,, .-,.i: 11 Genetics," forth-
oi linig in F 'a. F 7 Ito Evo Devo, ed. Jane Maienschein and Manfred D.
Laubichler (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press); i..'.i.., II, the Early History of Genetics:
:..' II Ii. ..... ii and the Newnham College Mendelians, 1900-1910," Isi, 92 (2001):
55-90; "T H. Huxley's Criticism of German Cell Theory: An Epigenetic and
PI. II,-.-_.,: 1 1 .'11..1 'i ii..i of Cell Structure,"Journal of the History of- -. '. I 33
(2000): 247-289; "'A Lab of One's Own': The I. Ilif.,, !.i.,..Ii: il i ,..i IIa.r.v for
Women at Cambridge University, 1884-1914," Isis, 88 (1997): 422-455.

Alan Rocke, Bourne Professor and
Chair, Department of History, Case
Western Reserve University; also
Director, Program in History &
Philosophy of Science. Ph.D.,
University of Wisconsin-Madison 1975.
HSS and Professional Activities:
Past service on Council (1990-92),
Local Arrangements, Program, and
Derek Price Prize Committees; Isis
Advisory Editor (1997-2000).
Selected Publications: Chemical
Atomism in the Nineteenth Century
(Ohio State University Press, 1984);
The Quiet Revolution (University of California Press, ','-. .. .
Science (MIT Press, 2001), "The Reception of Chemical Atomism in
i~.i. Iii, Isis, 70 (1979); "Research Groups and Group Research in German
Chemistry: Kolbe's Marburg and Leipzig Institutes," Osiris, [2] 8 (1993), 51-
79; "History and Science, History of Science: Adolphe Wurtz and the
Renovation of the Academic Professions in France," Ambix, 41 (1994), 20-32;

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005
1 ,-.iii, and Spread of the 'Giessen Model' in University Science, 1826-1876,"
Ambix, 50 1m '-. 90-115; "Restaging Liebig: A Study in the Replication of
Experiments," Annals ofScience, 62 (2005), 1-55 (with three co-authors).

James Strick, Assistant Professor,
Program in Science, Technology and
Society, Franklin and Marshall College.
Ph.D., Princeton University 1997. HSS
and Professional Activities:
( h.I : ,l2l* I i : P.0, Ill,,,,,ki ,
Archives Committee, American Society for
Microbiology; Sub-editor for "Evolution,"
Dictionary ofNineteenth Century British
Scientists, ed. Bernard Lightman
(Thoemmes Press, 2003); referee for is,
JHB; member AAAS Workshop on the
Social, Ethical and Philosophical
SIlli.n: .. i i,,f .ii.Ih.,*1 I co-organizer
of 2005 Dibner Inst. History ,.,i ,i k ,.:I 'I. i:,i. '' at MBL, Woods Hole (history of astro-
biology). Selected Publications: Edito; The Orngin ofLfe Debate: Molecules,
Cells, and Generation, a six volume series reissuing the primary sources of the doc-
trine of histologicall molecules," from Buffon and Needham (1748) through 1880
(Bristol, UK: Thoemmes Press, ,,-1,, With Steven Dick, The Living Universe: NASA
and the Development ofAstrobiology (Rutgers University. Press, 2,,-1,, i ,illi,
Evolution and the Spontaneous Generation Debate, a six volume series, reissuing
the primary works of Henry Charlton Bastian and a selection of his critics (Bristol, UK:
Thoemmes Press, 2001); Sparks of Lfe: Dartnnism and the Victorian Debates over
Spontaneous Generation I li,,l,._.,. I I ,, i University Press, Lia""
I, ir,, ni,,,ii ,i the Origin of Life: The Role of H.C. Bastian in the British
Spontaneous Generation Debates, 1868-1873,". Hist. Biol. 32 (1999): 51-92;
.. i, ,i-lli. ,, i1i the Tide: Adrianus Pijper and the Debate Over Bacterial Flagella,
1946-1956," .- (1996): 274-305.

Nominating Committee at Large

Otniel E. Dror, Assistant Professor
("Lecturer"), Head, Section for the History
of Medicine, Medical Faculty, and
Program in History and Philosophy of
Science, Faculty of the Humanities, The
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
M.D., Ben-Gurion University, 1989; PhD.,
Princeton University, 1999. HSS and
Professional Activities: Advisory
Editor Isis 1-' ---'" ~ ,, Editorial Boards:
Harefuah, Korot. Selected
Publications: "The Affect of
Experiment: The Tim to Emotions in
Anglo-/,i.,,,I: ,II Ii 1. ....,,_- 1900-1940,"
:" (1999): 205-237;, .ii.ii ii, the Affects: Discoursing in Numbers," Social
Research 68 (Summer 2001): 357-378; %,,..i, Death': Fantasy, Excitement, and
the Untenable Boundaries of Biomedical Science," in Robert D.Johnston (ed.), The
Politics of Healing: Essays in the Twentieth century History ofNorth American
J.,, .-Medicine (Routledge ,,,-i, lih,,- i-ii ,. I. tentatively titledThe
Sciences of Passion: Blush, Adrenaline, i ..., i. and Excitement, 1860 1940.

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005
James Evans, Professor Department of
Physics, University of Puget Sound, and Co-
Director of the Program in Science,
Technology and Society Ph.D., University of
i.rhI.:i. 1983. HSS and Pro-
fessional Activities: Committee for
Visiting Lecturers Program, Committee for
Watson Davis Prize, Associate Editor of
Journalfor the History ofAstronomy.
Selected publications: "Fraud and
Illusion in the Anti-Newtonian Rear Guard:
The Coultaud-Mercier Affair and Bertier's
Experiments, 1767-1777," .- (1996)
74-107. The History and Practice of
AncientAstronomy (Oxford University Press, 1998). "Gravity in the Century of Light:
Sources, Construction and Reception of Le Sage's Theory of Gravitation," in M. Edwards,
ed.,P -. I New Pepectis on Theory of Gravitation (Apeiron,
2002). "The Astrologer's Apparatus: A Picture of Professional Practice in Greco-Roman
I .- 1~. Journal for the history ofAstronomy 35 (2004) 1-44. (WithJ. L. Berggren),
Geminoss Introduction to the Phenomena:A Translation of and Commentary on a
Manual ofGreekAstronomy (Princeton University Press, forthcoming).

Robert Kohler, Professor, Department
of History a11.1 i. -:..l o1..: of Science,
University of Pennsylvania. Ph.D., Yale
University, 1965. HSS and Pro-
fessional Activities: Since 1973 has
served on HSS Committee on Publications
(1973-77), Local Arrangements chair
(1976), Nominating Committee (1984).
Editorial boards of tis, Social Studies of
..J... journal of History of-; .'. .
Served on Governing Council of
Rockefeller Archive Center (1995-2000).
Awarded 2004 Sarton Medal. Selected
publications: Lords of the Fly:
Drosophila Genetics and the Experimental Life (1 4 ,. ; and
Labscapes: Exploring the Lab Field Border in -. (' (2002); book in press i, I"
Creatures: Naturalists, Collectors, and Biodiversity, 1850 1950; "Place and
Practice ii. ,,..I..*- History ofScience 40 (2002): 189-210. "Labscapes:
Naturalizing the I i, .. ii. History of Science 40 (2002): 473-501.

Pamela E. Mack, Associate Professor,
Dept. of History, Clemson University.
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1983.
HSS and Professional Activities:
History of Science Society Treasurer
(anuary 1993-December 1996).
Member, Council (1991, 1992 and
1998-2000). Finance Committee (1997-
present), Co-chair, Committee on
Women, (1990, 1991 and 2001, 2002).
Listowner of the Internet mailing list
for the History of Science Society's
Women's Caucus (1998-present).

Selected publications: Editor, From Engineering Science to Big Science:
The NACA/NASA ." .. Trophy Research ... .. Winners, NASA SP-4219,
(Washington DC: Government Printing Office, 1998). Available on the Web at:
http://blI.'i 11 ,, i .. .1'-42 !I ..*... 429.htm; Viewing the Earth: The Social
Construction of the Landsat .System .iii.,,i.I-, MIT Press, 1990);
"What Difference Has Feminism Made to Engineering in the Tventieth Century"
in: Feminism in Twentieth Century Science, ... .'. -' and Medicine edited
by Angela N. H. Creager, Elizabeth Lunbeck, Catharine R. Stimpson, and Londa
Schiebinger (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001); Pamela E. Mack and
Gail Delicio, "The Authority of Experience: Assessing the Use of Information
Technology in the Classroom," The Journal of Electronic 7.'
September, 2000, Volume 6, Issue 1, Fall 2000. http://www.press.umich.edu/

Lawrence Principe, Professor of the
History of Science and Technology and
of Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University.
Ph.D., Indiana University, 1988; Ph.D.,
Johns Hopkins University, 1996. HSS
and Professional Activities: Isis
Editorial Board (1999-2002); Hazen
Prize Committee -'1ill- ull -.i.
Selected publications: TheAspiring
Adept: Robert Boyle and His
-I'... .. 'Quest (Princeton,1998);
I-.. i. Tried in the Fire: Starkey,
Boyle, and the Fate ofHelmontian
Chymistry (with W. R. Newman)
(Chicago, 2002); "Reflections of Newton's Alchemy in the Light of the New
Historiography .1 Mlii.,, inJ. E. Force and Sarah Hutton, Newton and
Newtonianism (Kluwer, 2,I,,4,

Alice N. Walters, Associate Professor
of History, University of Massachusetts
Lowell. Ph.D., University of California
Berkeley, 1992. HSS and
Professional Activities: Isis
Advisory Editor (2000-2002); Member
of the Committee on Honors and Prizes,
subcommittee on History of Women in
Science Prize (1997-1999, Chair, 1999);
Member of the Committee on Meetings
and Programs (1995-1997). Selected
Publications: !I'il..iij-i, Science in
the Early Republic: Union College's
'First purchase' of instruments and
books," Rittenhouse, 16 (2002), 85-107; "Ephemeral Events: English
Broadsides of Early Eighteenth-century Solar Eclipses," History of Science,
37(1999), 1-43; "Conversation Pieces: Science and Politeness in Eighteenth-
century England," History of Science, 35 (1997), 121-54. Forthcoming book
from University of Illinois Press is tentatively titled Science Commercialized:
Culture and Commodities in the British World, 1740 1810. A full c.v. is
available at: http://faculty.uml.edu/awalters/43.202/faculty htm.

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

Nominating Committee from Council

Bruce J. Hunt, Associate Professor,
Department of History, University of
Texas at Austin. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins
University, 1984. HSS and Pro-
fessional Activities: Member of
Council (2004-); Committee on
Publications (2001-); local arrange-
ments chair, 2004 Austin meeting;
Committee on Meetings and Programs
(1999-2001 and 2003- ), chair (2000-
2001); Pfizer Award Committee
(1998-2000), chair (2000). Selected
Publications: The I, ,
(Cornell University Press, 1991; reis-
sued, 2005); .Iii.;I, Science in a Global Empire: Cable Telegraphy and
Victorian Physics," in Bernard Lightman (ed.), Victorian Science in Context
(University of Chicago Press, 1997), pp. 312-33; "The Ohm is Where the Art Is:
British Telegraph Engineers and the Development of Electrical Standards,"
Osiris 9 (1994) 48-63; I1:i ,,.i 11 i Cable Telegraphy, and the Rise of
British Field Ti..,..i History ....I ..'.. 13 (1991) 1-19; "'Practice vs.
Theory': The British Electrical Debate, 1888-1891," Isis 74 (1983) 341-55.

Diane B. Paul, Professor Emerita,
1i lfUniversity of Massachusetts Boston.
r Ph.D., Brandeis University, 1975. HSS
and Professional Activities:
SCouncil, Member (2II ni 1-211, )
Price/Webster Prize Committee (2005-
0 r 2007); Mendel Newsletter, Editorial
an Board (1991-1992, 2001-present),
Editor (1992-2002);Journal of the
e Fl f History of '. ,. IEditorial Board
(1999-2002), Associate Editor (2002-
present). Selected Publications:
Human i . 1865
to the Present (Humanity Press,
1995); The Politics ofl :.. Essays on Eugenics, Biomedicine, and the
Nature Nurture Debate (SUNY Press, 1998); "The Failure of a Scientific
Critique: David Heron, Karl Pearson, and Mendelian Eugenics," British
Journal for the History of Science 31 (1998): 441-452 (co-authored with
Hamish Spencer); i ii-.i, Social Darwinism, and Eugenics," in The
Cambridge Companion to Darwin, Jonathan Hodge and Gregory Radick,
eds. (Cambridge University Press, 2003), 214-239; "Genetic Engineering and
Eugenics: The Uses of Diii., in Is Human Nature '7.. 'Harold Baillie
and Timothy Casey, eds. (MIT Press, 2005), 123-151.

Reminder: The Isis 7-.. i ..i from 1975 to the present is available
online with the Research Libraries Group (RLG). Members of the Society may
access the RLG Web site and the History of Science and Technology Database
(HST) through the HSS homepage at http://hssonline.org. RLG has assigned
us "Y6.G19" as a "User Name" and "HSSDEMO" as a I .... "

Andrea A. Rusnock, Associate Pro-
fessor of History, Director of Graduate
Studies, Department of History,
University of Rhode Island. Ph.D.,
Princeton University, 1990. HSS and
Professional Activities: Council
Member (-1114 -l 21111a Schuman Prize
Committee (1999-2002); Co-Chair,
Women's Caucus (1997-1999); as co-
chair solicited, collected, and edited syl
labi for Women, Gender, and the
History of Science Syllabus Sampler
(History of Science Society Publications,
1999); Session Organizer (1998, 1993,
1989). Selected Publications: Vital Accounts: e, Health and
Population in Eighteenth Century England and France (Cambridge
University Press, 2002); The Correspondence of ames urin (1684 1750)
(Rodopi, 1996); "Quantifying Infant Mortality in Eighteenth-Century England
and France," in Body Counts: Medical, ... .. in Historical and
'P .'.. medical, perspectives historiques
et sociologiques, ed. G6rard Jorland, Annick Opinel and George Weisz (Montreal:
McGill-Queen's University Press, in press). "Hippocrates, Bacon, and Medical
Meteorology at the Royal Society, 1700-1750," Reinventing Hppocrates, ed.
David Cantor (Ashgate Press, 2001), 144-161; "Correspondence Networks and the
Royal .:. r British Journal for the History of Science 32 (1999): 155-69.

Jole Shackelford, Assistant Professor,
Program in the History of Medicine,
University of Minnesota. Ph.D., University
of Wisconsin, 1989. HSS and Pro-
essional Activities: HSS Council mem-
ber and chair of the Committee on
Meetings and Programs, former member
of the HSS Subcommittee on Independent
Scholars, current member of the editorial
advisory committee for the Bulletin of the
History ofMedicine. Selected
Publications:A Philosophical Pathfor
Paracelsian Medicine. The Ideas,
Intellectual Context, and -.. -f
Petrus Severinus (1540/2 1602) (Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press,
University of Copenhagen, 1111,1, Paracelsianism and the Orthodox Lutheran
Rejection of Vital Philosophy in Early Seventeenth-Century Denmark," Early Science
and I -. .. ., 21111-.: 210-52; ...I, .,,i. a MechanicalPurpose: Severinus'
Semina and Seventeenth-Century Matter Til... I- in Allen G. Debus and Michael T
Walton (eds.), Reading the Book ofNature: The Other Side of ;I
Revolution, (Kirksville, Missouri: Sixteenth Century Journal Publishers, Inc., 1998),
pp. 15-44; "Tycho Brahe, Laboratory Design, and the Aim of Science: Reading Plans
in Context," Isis 84 (1993), pp. 211-230; "Documenting the Factual and the
Artifactual: Ole Worm and Public Knowledge," Endeavour 23 (1999), pp. 65-71.

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

News and Inquiries

Women and Medicine: Remedy Books 1533-1865 on
Among the best-known and most frequently consulted items in the Wellcome
Library's collections are the lay remedy books held in the Western Manuscripts
series. Two hundred and forty-seven of these books have now appeared in the
micropublication, '... ,i.. and Medicine: Remedy Books, 1533-1865," issued by
Primary Source Microfilm, running to 35 reels of film, each with a copy of the
introduction by Dr. Sara Pennell. See the Web site at: 1iii'p ..-.-i '1...p i.i:../

Reviewers Sought for Heartland Science Web Site
The Ohio Academy of Science is seeking volunteer peers to review historical
and scientific vignettes on the Heartland Science Web site: http://www.heart-
landscience.org/. Although the language is not technical, they need reviewers
for technical and historical accuracy. If you are interested and able, please sign
up to review at least one chapter by filling out and submitting the online form
at: http://www.heartlandscience.org/ HSReviewer.htm.

Linus Pauling Web Site
A new Web site has been launched by the Oregon State University Libraries.
"Linus Pauling and the Nature of the Chemical Bond: A Documentary History"
features over 800 documents, available at http://osulibrary oregonstate.edu/spe-
cialcollections/coll/ pauling/bond/index.html. More than 800 digitized letters,
manuscripts, photographs, audio-clips, and video excerpts form the heart of the
Chemical Bond Web site. They include a number of important and unique
items, such as the complete manuscript of Pauling's germinal first paper on the
nature of the chemical bond.

Marconi Collection Transferred to University of Oxford
Marconi Corporation and the University of Oxford announce an agreement to
transfer the historic Marconi Collection to The Boll ii. l '11 i1 11 and The
Museum of the History of Science, both part of the University of Oxford.
Marconi has agreed to gift the Collection to the University. A full-time archivist
will be appointed to catalogue the Collection over the next three years. Dating
from 1895, this is an unrivalled collection of Marconi artifacts, apparatus and
printed material, much of which formed the basis of early wireless communi-
cation. For more information, please visit http://wwwmarconicalling.com/.

New Index Online: 1800-1900, Royal Society
To commemorate the sixth year of 19th Century Masterfile, Paratext is pleased
to announce the inclusion of a major index, Catalogue of Scientific Papers,
1800-1900, Royal Society (Great Britain). The first installment three subject
indexes to Mathematics, Mechanics and Physics are now online for searching.
The additional 19-volume author/title i: II i .. IIl come online over the next
two months. If your library currently subscribes to 19th Century Masterfile,
please visit: http://poolesplus. odyssi.com/. For more information on 19th
Century Masterfile, please visit: http://www.paratext.com/19cmintro.htm.

Needham Research Institute
Colleagues may like to know that a new-look Needham Research Institute Web site
is now up at http://www.nri.org.uk/. The NRI's latest Newsletter (new series No.1) is
also available online as html or pdf at: http://www.nri.org.uk/newsletterhome.html.

19th Century Indiana Physicians Database
The 19th Century Indiana Physicians Database is r... 1i i,.ll in a database format.
It is now a fully searchable database, with information on over 15,000 Indiana physi-
cians. The r I .I 111 'IIl also be available to researchers. Enter the Database at
http /wwwmedlib.iupui.edu/hom/19thphysicians/.

History of Meteorology Proceedings Published Online
The first volume of the Proceedings of the International Commission on Hitory of
i .... has just been published online ai ii ,rp ,'- II, ..i. -... ..- '2004pro-

Bakken Library's New Online Database
The Bakken Library and Museum announces the availability of a new online
database of its collection of artifacts relating to the history of electricity and mag-
netism and their uses in medicine and the life sciences. Records for approximate-
ly 90% of the Bakken's unique collection of roughly 2,000 artifacts have been
entered into the database 1. ,, .- il images of almost every item. The informa-
tion provided typically includes description, remarks, and an image, as well as
materials, date, size and weight, and a list of accessories. The database is located
at: http://thebakken.org/artifacts/database/. A partial online catalogue of The
Bakken's extensive book collection has been available for a number of years at
http://www.thebakken.org/library/library.htm#BooksAndManuscrpts. Plans are
being made for an online public access catalog of the entire collection.

New Web Site: Physicians' Reflections on Fifty Years of
Patient Care
A new Web site, I ii, .:1 In,' Reflections on Fifty Years of Patient Care, 1954-2004,"
is now available. Sponsored by the Office of Alumni relations at the University of
Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, it consists of 26 narratives by physi-
cian graduates of the Class of 1954, including three by widows of classmates. Each
narrative responds to the question "How did the momentous changes in medical
knowledge and delivery of health care over the fifty years since -irI ,., ii.. 1 affect
your personal experiences with patient care and your relationships with patients?"
The Web site is available at: httpJ/www.urmc.rochesteredu/SMD/alumni/ mem-

Site Move for HSTM and the Wellcome Unit for the
History of Medicine
The Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine and Wellcome
Unit for the History of Medicine (CHSTM), University of Manchester, has now
completed its site move. Enquiries should no longer be addressed to the
Mathematics Tower. CHSTM's postal address is now as follows: CHSTM, 2nd Floor,
Simon Building, Brunswick Street, University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL,
U.K. Phone and fax lines are unchanged: phone: +44 (0)161-275-5850, fax +44
(0)161-275-5699. General e-mail enquiries may be directed to the Centre
Secretary: chstm@manchester.ac.uk. Details of CHSTM's research, teaching, out-
reach and other activities may be found via their Web site at http://wwwmanches-

Please join us in Minneapolis for the 2005
Meeting 3-6 November

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

HSS Executive Office Open House

at the University of Florida

21 September 2004

Global Health Archive Available Online
Access to almost 100 years of scientific research in public and international
health is now available electronically with the launch of Global Health Archive
from CABI Publishing. Global Health Archive is a modem, searchable, biblio-
graphic database containing literature from 1910 to 1983, charting the history of
public health. CABI Publishing has made available their print archive of biblio-
graphic records in a modern electronic format, a database equivalent to over 300
volumes of research. Topics covered including biological agents, anti-microbial
substances in the pre-antibiotic era, disease control, food security and the effects
of economic development on health. For more information, please see:
,lltl, .,-i.- 11..;1-1,,.11-1, h,.*.-,,I-.-

La Nature Available Online
Issues of La Nature: Revue des Sciences et de Leurs Applications aux arts et
a .- (68 vols from 1873-1905) are available online at: http://cnum.
cnam.fr/. This popular science magazine has many papers on astronomy

(written by Camille Flammarion and others) and is illustrated by delightful
engravings. Some of the other scanned items on the Web site of "Le
Conservatoire num6rique des Arts et Metiers" may also be of interest to some,
available at: http://cnum.cnam.fr/RUB/fcata.html.

The Stuart Pierson Memorial Fund
The Midwest Junto for the History of Science has recently inaugurated the
Stuart Pierson Memorial Fund to remember one of its most loyal members. The
Stuart Pierson Fund for the Midwest Junto will be used to support a keynote
presentation that promotes creative and original participation at the annual
meetings. Donations are needed to sustain the Fund, and the Junto welcomes
all contributions. Checks can be sent to: The Stuart Pierson Fund, Linda Hall
Library, 5109 Cherry St., Kansas City, MO 64110-2498. Please make checks
payable to: Linda Hall Library, Stuart Pierson Fund. For more information
please see the new MidwestJunto Web site at: http://www.public.iastate.edu/

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005
Works ofJ. Augustus Knapp
The Lloyd Library and Museum announces its Spring Exhibition, "Plates of
Fungi: Paintings byJ. Augustus Knapp Commissioned by Curtis Gates Lloyd,"
showing 1 March through 30 June 2005. "Plates of Fungi" demonstrates an
interesting combination of art in service of both science and literature. For more
information, please visit their Web site at: Ilirp II... .11 ii 11 ,,i

Workshops on the History of Environment and
Agriculture through Technology and Science

From L to R: Back Row: Lauren Nauta (University of Pennsylvania), John McNeill
(Georgetown University), Deborah Fitzgerald (MIT), Christine Wenc (Harvard University),
Anya Zilberstein (MIT), Brian Shillinglaw (Yale University), Jenny Smith (MIT), Richard
Mizelle (Rutgers University), John Staudenmaier (University of Detroit, Mercy). Middle
Row: Jeremy Vetter (University of Pennsylvania), Nick Buchanan (MIT), Jamie Pietruska
(MIT), Audra Wolfe (Rutgers University Press), Everett Mendelsohn (Harvard University),
Richa Kumar (MIT). Front Row: Xaq Frohlich (MIT), Peter Shulman (MIT), Etienne Benson
(MIT), Shane Hamilton (MIT), Jeanette Simmonds (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
On 1-3 October, 2004, students in MIT's graduate program in the History and
Social Study of Science and Technology hosted the first of what is hoped will
become a series of annual Workshops on the History of Environment and
Agriculture through Technology and Science. The goal of WHEATS is to provide a
forum for graduate students and other young scholars working on the intersecting
histories of agriculture, environment, science, and technology to discuss works-in-
progress with peers and established scholars. WHEATS was organized by graduate
students at MIT and Harvard with generous support from MIT's Program in
Science,T.,:li..l...I 1111 c..:.r Il1 Jthe DibnerInstitute for the History of Science
and Technology Next year's workshop will be hosted by the University of Virginia.

Special Issue on Victorian Natural History
Victorian Literature and Culture seeks articles for an upcoming special issue
on Victorian natural history. Essays should follow MLA guidelines and may
address any aspect of Victorian natural history. Send two copies of manuscripts to
Prof. Barbara T Gates, Department of English, University of Delaware, by
December 31, 2005. E-mail inquiries may be directed to bgates@udel.edu.

On Line Exhibition: Museum of the History of Science
The Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, has launched an online version of
its exhibition: "Drug Trade: Therapy, Pharmacy and Commerce in Early-modem
Europe," available at: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/drugtrade/index.htm.

New Chemistry Education Library at University of Sofia
The New Education Library has recently been established at the Department of
Chemistry Education, 'St. Kliment Ohridski' University of Sofia. The aim is to col-
lect journals and books that are hard to find in Bulgaria. For details please visit:
http://www.webspawner com/users/edulibrary

Science in the Nineteenth Century Periodical: An
Electronic Online Index
The SciPer Project of the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield announces the publi-
cation of the first installment of Science in the Nineteenth Century Periodical:
An Electronic Index, which is issued by hriOnline and is freely available at:
1irl '- %%', ':I..."i.- The SciPer Index provides a scholarly synopsis of the mate-
rial relating to science, technology, and medicine appearing in eight (soon to be
increased to sixteen) general periodicals published in Britain between 1800 and
1900. With entries describing around 7,500 articles (doubling to more than
15,000 when complete), and with references to over 5,500 individuals, 2,000 pub-
lications, and 1,000 institutions, it provides an invaluable research tool for schol-
ars interested in the representation of science and in the interpenetration of sci-
ence and literature in nineteenth-century Britain, as well as for all students of the
period. The second installment will be published in May For further details of the
SciPer Project, see the project Web site at: http://www.sciperleeds.ac.uk.

In Memoriam

Thomas M. Smith, professor emeritus of the history of science at the
University of Oklahoma, died in Norman on 9 February 2005 from
Parkinson's disease. He was 83 years of age. He had served on the
Oklahoma faculty for 32 years when he retired in 1991. Prior to his arrival
at OU in 1959, he had taught for three years at Cal Tech, and he had
worked for three years as a scientific historian with the U.S. Air Force Air
Research and Development I i,1111i 11,i Tom Smith was educated at UCLA
(BA. 1946, political science) and at the University of Wisconsin (MA. 1950,
Ph.D. 1955, history of science and history). In the Oklahoma history of sci-
ence program Tom Smith devoted a considerable part of his teaching effort
to courses in the history of science and technology in American culture.
He was particularly admired and respected for his mentorship of upper-
division undergraduate and graduate students in history of science, and
also of adult students in the College of Liberal Studies. Among many other
technical publications he was co-author, with Kent C. Redmond of
Fairleigh-Dickinson University, of f. -. hirlwind: The History of a
Pioneer Computer (Digital Press, 1980), and From Whirlwind to MITRE:
Thel. .,; j ". I.-' I rDefense Computer (MITPress, 2000).Tom
Smith is survived by his wife of 48 years, Elizabeth ('Libba'), and three chil-
dren Margaret, Malcolm, and Daniel and their families. The family
has suggested that memorial contributions may be made to the Thomas
M. Smith Fund, History of Science Collections. Checks should indicate
Fund no. 0032095 and be made payable to the OU Foundation, 100
Timberdell Road, Norman, OK 73019-0586.

University of British Columbia's History and Philosophy
of Science Program
The University of British Columbia's History of Philosophy and Science program
continues to grow. The addition of Bob Brain, Sylvia Berryman, and Keith Benson
to the faculty has expanded the core of science studies. The history and philosophy

of science undergraduate major became a reality this year, and a graduate pro-
gram may be in place in time for the 2006-07 academic year. In addition, two
more historians of science will be brought on board in the very near future.

New Book Reviews Editor for BJHS
On 10 February 2005 Dr. Ben Marsden handed over the duties of Book Reviews
Editor for the British Journal for the History of Science to: Dr Gregory
Radick, Division of History and Philosophy of Science, School of 1 iiL ,il.'il
University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, liiih,. ii i ..1.."i E-mail:
G.M.Radick@leeds.ac.uk. Publishers should please update their databases
accordingly, and especially take note that review copies and catalogues should
now be sent direct to Dr. Radick at the address above.

The New Dictionary of the History of Ideas
The New Dictionary of the History of deas (NDHI) was recently published by
Charles Scribner's Sons (an imprint of Thomson Gale). This is a six-volume ref-
erence work revising the original 1974 Dictionary of the History of Ideas, which
has long been admired as a landmark encapsulating the thinking of an era. The
I, 1....._ i.. 1 revised NDHI brings gender inclusive and global perspectives to bear
on the timeless questions about the individual and society. Under editor-in-chief
Maryanne Cline Horowitz, associate editor Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis (the biologi-
cal and life sciences) and advisor Kostas Gavroglu (the physical sciences), the
NDHI includes over 50 new entries in the history and philosophy of science rang-
ing from minor entries of 1,500-2000 words (eg. "Pseudoscience" and
"Consilience") to 8,000-10,000 (eg. I ..i.,iii.." and "Medicine, European").
The NDHI entries are especially useful for teaching as well as for research. For
information please consult: http://www.gale.com/servlet/ItemDetailServlet?
region=9&imprint=000&titleCode=S1 I... =r... ... = i =.... i 2.

European Society for the History of Science
The European Society for the History of Science held its first conference in
Maastricht from 4-6 November 2004. The conference, "Science in Europe -
Europe in Science: 1500-2000," brought together scholars from over a dozen
European countries and set the pattern for major international meetings every
two years, each organized in collaboration with a national society or other
national body. At the General Assembly of the ESHS, held during the Maastricht
conference, preliminary plans for the society's next major conference and
General Assembly were approved. This conference will take place in Cracow,
Poland, in September 2006. The annual membership fee for the society is 20
euros (14.50) for Individual Members, 100 euros (72.50) for Individual
Members and Friends, and 200 euros (145) for Supporting Members. The society
publishes an electronic newsletter three times a year. The newsletter's editor,
Simon Werrett, would be pleased to receive news and information about forth-
coming events relevant to the history of science in Europe. Contact:
,.,.11._ ., i. I li,,li..l.1,.i Information about the ESHS, its newsletter, and its
other activities, which are expected to include (,:.: 1,,, .,i 1 is'.' ,i.... in addition to
its main conferences, is available on its Web site at http://www.eshs.org.

ICHS-2005-Beijing: Visas
The Program for this summer's 22nd International Congress for History of
Science, to be held in Beijing, China, 23-30 July, promises to offer an interesting
and diverse combination of plenary lectures, special symposia, papers, and social
events not to be missed. Full details about the Congress are available on the
Congress Web site at: http://2005bj.ihns.ac.cn/ or http://www.conference.ac.cn/
ichs05.htm. Anyone wishing to attend the Congress should begin to make appro-
priate arrangements to obtain a visa as soon as possible. As soon as you have reg-
istered for the Congress (which can be completed easily online at:

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

George Sarton Lecture: Philip J. Pauly
"Fighting Invasive Species: Lessons from our Nation's PI i. \\.i r

4C11 11A1 % l !NH -1.I W i ** II.1

Philip J. Pauly delivered the 2005 George Sarton Lecture in History
and Philosophy of Science to the American Association for the
Advancement of Science. What follows is the abstract of the lecture he gave
at the AAAS Annual Meeting at ".: i;.-i. ii, DC on February 18, 2005.
Fights against invasive species have concerned American scientists
from the nation's beginnings up to the present. This historical lecture
examines responses to the first organism that invaded the United States
(the Hessian fly in the 1780s), the first organized and technologically
sophisticated defense of natural areas (the Massachusetts campaign
against the gypsy moth in the 1890s), and the most sweeping federal sci-
entific program against invasives (including destruction of?: '7l ,h;i-. J .1',
cherry trees in 1910 and the use of totalitarian methods to eradicate the
medfly in 1929). Invaders could be vanquished, but there were costs and
unintended consequences, for both the environment and for science.
Broader issues concern how particular species have come to be interpreted
as invaders of the United States, and the ways that Americans' foreign and
military relations have shaped behavior toward other species.

http://www.conference.ac.cn/ichs05/ichs.html), the Congress Secretariat will send
you an official invitation to help expedite the processing of your visa. Apply for an
F-class visa (business). This can be done in person at the Chinese Embassy in
'i J i i .i; ..i DC, or at any of the Chinese Consulates in New York, Chicago,
Houston, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. Download the visa application form and
obtain further information about the process from the Embassy website at:
http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/default.htm. Links to the Consulates may also
be found there. Alternatively, information about visas is available at:
http://wwwtravelchinaguide.com/embassy/unitedstates.htm. The visa applica-
tion must be made in person, but your passport with visa can be returned to you
by mail. If you cannot easily visit the Embassy or one of the Consulates, your
travel agent or a visa broker can make the application for you. It is best to allow
several months in advance of your expected date of entry into China to complete
the visa process. Any specific questions about the visa application process may
also be directed to the Congress Secretariat: Ms. Culling LAN, Secretariat of ICHS
2005 Beijing, Center for International Scientific Exchanges, Chinese Academy
of Sciences, No. 52, Sanlihe Road, Beijing 100864, China; Tel: +86-10-68597751;
Fax:+86-10-68597753; E-mail: cllan@cashq.ac.cn or cllan@yahoo.com. As well,
HSS Council memberJoe Dauben is currently in I... !"1 fi'.i the spring term at

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005
the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, CAS; any HSS members with
questions about the Congress may reach him at jdauben@att.net.

New M.A. Program at the University of Durham
The University's Department of I 1,l..i .. lI. Centre for the History of Medicine
and Disease, and School for Health announce a new Masters Program in the
History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine. This one-year (two years part-
time) program's primary aim is to show how the intellectual vibrancy of the
humanities is relevant to a deeper understanding of past and present medical
and scientific issues. The Wellcome Trust, London has recognized this program
for its masters awards funding scheme. For application procedures visit the
University Web page at: http://www.dur.ac.uk/postgraduate/apply/. Additional
information is available on the Internet at: http://www.dur.ac.uk/hpsm.ma. You
may also contact one of the Course Directors: Dr. Matthew D. Eddy, Department
of ,lii.. ..pi m.d.eddy@durham.ac.uk, or Dr. Lutz D. H. Sauerteig, School for
Health, CHMD, 1.d.sauerteig@durham.ac.uk

Scientific Revolution Symposium at
University of Florida

Organizer Robert A. Hatch welcoming symposium participants to the
University of Florida.
The 25th anniversary of the publication of Carolyn Merchant's influential
book The Death ofNature: Women, .'. .1 & '..... Revolution
marked a happy conjunction with a symposium titled "The Scientific
Revolution- Between Renaissance and Enlightenment early modem sci-
ence. Held at the University of Florida on 24-26 February the symposium
kicked off with an opening reception acknowledging Camlyn Merchant,
jointly i '- 111 I... il .. History of Science Society Executive Office and the
Center for Women's Study and Gender Research. i ii.. 11 ". ii, i. r .. 1 ,
speakers from England and the US spoke on optics, faith and reason in the
context of Blaise Pascal, the New Science and the Republic of Letters, Bacon
and the language of torture, the influence of Newton, the Enlightenment
reordering of the Scientific Revolution, Copernicus, and Kepler. The small
group of scholars, who ranged from those at the beginning of their careers
to those nearing retirement, covered much in the way of historiographical
real estate in their reappraisal of the Scientific Revolution. Speakers were
Carolyn Merchant, Brian P Dolan, Rob Iliffe, Robert A. Hatch (organizer),
A. Mark Smith, Wilbur Applebaum, Daniel T Julich, and PatrickJ. Boner.

Ernst Mayr (1904-2005)

Ernst Mayr at St. Augustine, Florida

Ernst Mayr, Alexander Agassiz Professor Emeritus of *..1...: at
Harvard, died on 3 February 2005. Dr. Mayr, who celebrated his 100th
birthday this past year, began his career as a naturalist, with a special
interest in bird watching. His many influential books, spanning a
career of some eight decades, helped establish the evolutionary synthe-
sis of the 20th century.

HSS Treasurer Search

After 10 years of exceptional service to the Society, Marc Rothenberg,
Editor of the Joseph Henry Papers at the Smithsonian Institution,
will be retiring as HSS Treasurer. The Society thus welcomes expres-
sions of interest in, and nominations for, this position. The Treasurer
oversees all HSS financial matters, and (as chair of the Committee
on Finance) manages all budget-making and investment decision-
making activity. The Treasurer is also a member of the HSS
Executive Committee. Potential candidates for the position are
urged to discuss their interest with Treasurer Rothenberg henr@aol.com> or any other member of the HSS Executive
Committee: Mike Sokal , Joan Cadden den@ucdavis.edu>, Bernie Lightman ,
Maggie Osler , orJay Malone line.org>. The Executive Committee will conduct interviews at the
2005 meeting in Minneapolis and hopes that the Treasurer Elect will
begin working with Treasurer Rothenberg in May 2006 and assume
full responsibilities on 1 January 2007.

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

Report on Council and Business Meetings in Austin November 2004
By MargaretJ. Osler, Society Secretary

W /e had a full agenda at last year's meeting. Major
W items dealt with included an interim report on the
present fund-raising campaign, a new proposal from the
University of Chicago Press for Osiris, and some proposals
concerning Society prizes.

Often large donors ask about the extent
of participation by the membership, and
an important point emerged from this in
the Council's discussion: we need a large
t V HSS m '1, b t ti-

Fund raising PVp 1 1 ,i
to the fund, even if
The National Endowment for the Humanities has to the fund, even if
tions are relatively
awarded the Society a grant to establish an endowment for
the Society I i., ..-l i ii.. who is responsible for producing
the annual Current l.'.. ..i il.i. ...i with Isis and available in a different
format to members via the HST Database. The terms of the grant stipulate that in
order to receive the NEH grant, HSS must raise money which the NEH will match
on a one-to-four basis. That is, for every four dollars we raise, NEH will match
one, up to a maximum of $125,000. In other words, we must raise a total of
$500,000 byJuly 2007. Meeting the match is a high priority for the Society.
President Sokal reported on progress to date. He noted that to meet our goals, we
must raise $160,000 byJuly 2005. The Executive
Committee has established a Development Committee that The number of sub
is seeking 1 ii 1... ii,.. h i -.. ,,,, fi,. i, ,., ii, i,,ii, and philan- dropped to a level t
thropic individuals. Often large donors ask about the unacceptably low. 1
extent of participation by the membership, and an impor- tion financially via
tant point emerged from this in the Council's discussion: different options ra
we need a large proportion of HSS members to contribute publish Osiris to pi
to the fund, even if individual contributions are relatively issue of Isis every y
small. The ideal scenario would be to get 100% of mem-
bers to contribute, even if some contributed only one dollar.

individual contribu-


Schuman Prize as the Nathan Reingold Prize. As back-
ground to this motion, the Committee noted that the
Schuman Prize had never been endowed, but has been sup-
ported by the HSS for many years. Marc Rothenberg spear-
headed a successful campaign to raise money to endow the
prize, honoring the late Nathan Reingold. This motion
passed after considerable discussion.


Council also addressed the new proposal for Osiris
presented by the University of Chicago Press. The number of subscriptions to
Osiris has dropped to a level that the Press considers unacceptably low. To make
its publication financially viable, it proposed several different options ranging
from ceasing to publish Osiris to publishing it as a sixth issue of Isis every year
(the Current .:.'.. ,I .I being the fifth). The Committee on Publications,
after lengthy consideration of the proposals, recommended to the Executive
Committee that Osiris be bundled with Isis. Bundling means that the two
publications will each continue to have individual ISSNs,
options to Osiris has but a subscription to .' ', I.. be included in the mem-
the Press considers bership package. This approach will save Osiris for a
ake its publica- modest increase in dues. After lengthy discussion of both
it proposed several the details of the proposed bundling and the editorial
ng from ceasing to policies of Osiris, Council approved the recommendation
;hing it as a sixth to bundle, as well as the new dues schedule.





The Committee on Honors and Prizes recommended establishing a new prize
in the f. dll .....- Il..i.. ii "The Suzanne J. Levinson Prize is to be awarded for a
book in the history of the life sciences or natural history. In establishing the prize,
Mark Levinson honors the memory of his wife Suzanne, who was especially inter-
ested in the history of .' ..h.1.11. -11 i11....r microbiology, botany, and natural his-
tory; nominations in these areas are particularly welcome." Mark Levinson has
donated the funds to endow the prize.
In a second recommendation, the Committee moved the renaming of the

(All amounts in US $)

The Business meeting on Sunday morning was better attended than usual,
possibly because coffee and muffins were supplied to the valiant few who were
present. The group approved the recommendations from Council. g

Future HSS Meetings

Minneapolis, MN
(co-located meeting with SHOT)
3-6 November 2005

Vancouver, BC
(joint meeting with PSA)
2-5 November 2006

Washington, DC
1-4 November 2007

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes

The announcements have been edited for space. For full descriptions andfor the latest announcements, please visit our Web site '.y ,". ...':., ... does not

: 'J :- i,'of I andpotential applicants should
wish to publish a grant, fellowship, or prize announcement should send an electronic

Bakken Library
Each year, the Bakken Library and Museum in Minneapolis offers Visiting
Research Fellowships and Research Travel Grants to facilitate research in its col-
lection of books, journals, manuscripts, and instruments. The subject of the
Bakken's collections is the history of electricity and magnetism with a focus on
their roles in the life sciences and medicine. Significant holdings include the
works of natural philosophers, scientists, physicians, electro-therapists, and elec-
trophysiologists of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. Related subjects and
materials include mesmerism, animal magnetism, and hypnotism, in addition
to works documenting the history .f '1 i '-1'. .:, i.1. .- psychical research, and
phrenology. Also of interest are collections of 19th-century medical and electro-
medical ephemera, miscellaneous scientists' letters, and trade catalogs. The
instrument collection includes electrostatic generators, magneto-electric genera-
tors, induction coils, physiological instruments, recording devices, and acces-
sories. Travel Grants up to a maximum of $500 (domestic) and $750 t..i..- :i
are to help defray the expenses of travel, subsistence, and other direct costs of
conducting research at The Bakken. The minimum period of residence is one
week. Application may be made at any time during the calendar year. For appli-
cation guidelines or further information, please contact: Elizabeth Ihrig,
Librarian, The Bakken Library and Museum, 3537 Zenith Avenue So., Minne-
apolis, MN., 55416, tel (612) 926-3878 ext. 227, fax (612) 927-7265, e-mail
IIl, .,. il., 11 .. il 'i W eb site: lrI .- b l.l l 1.. i' ,, click on "I ,il' i-
or "Research."

The Victor and Joy Wouk Grant-in-Aid Program
California Institute of Technology Grants-in-Aid offers research assis-
tance of up to $2000 for work in the Papers of Victor Wouk in the Caltech
Archives. The Maurice A. Biot Archives Fund and other designated funds offer
research assistance up to $1500 to use the collections of the Caltech Archives. For
all funds, applications will be accepted from students working towards a grad-
uate degree or from established scholars. For further information on holdings
and online resources, please consult the Archives' Web page: http://archives.-cal-
tech.edu. Applications will be reviewed quarterly: on January 1, April 1, July 1
and October 1 of each year.

Andrew W. Mellon Travel Fellowship Program
The University of Oklahoma announces the Andrew W Mellon Travel
Fellowship Pr,._-Ji i,, fi. i-i,.. I, to make use of the History of Science Collections.
Proposals from scholars at both predoctoral and postdoctoral levels will be evalu-
ated continuously upon receipt, and funds awarded shortly after the decision is
made. For information, please contact: University of Oklahoma, The Andrew W
Mellon Travel Fellowship Program, Bizzell Library, 401 West Brooks, Room 521,
Norman, OK 73019-0528, e-mail: kmagruder@ou.edu .iii..* ..,i. ,,.... .i,.ii Web
site: http://libraries.ou.edu/etc/histsci/mellon.asp.

2005 Lawrence Memorial Fund
The Award Committee of the Lawrence Memorial Fund invites nominations for
the 2005 Lawrence Memorial Award. The annual award of $2,000 is given to sup-
port travel for doctoral dissertation research in systematic botany or horticulture,

. dates, with :-

r;' interest. Those who

or the history of the plant sciences, including literature and exploration.
Professors are urged to nominate outstanding doctoral students who have
achieved official candidacy for their degrees and will be conducting dissertation
research that would benefit significantly from travel enabled by the Award. The
Committee will not entertain direct applications. A student who wishes to be con-
sidered should arrange for nomination by his/her major professor; this may take
the form of a letter which covers supporting materials prepared by the nominee.
Letters of nomination and supporting materials, including seconding letters,
should be received by the Committee no later than 1 May 2005 and should be
directed to: Dr. R. W. Kiger, Hunt Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000,
Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890. Tel: (412) 268.2434.

University of Sheffield Studentship Award
The University of Sheffield is funding a Ph.D. with the aim of .. il., .-the
scientific, historical and cultural significance of an unpublished 17th-century
French .,iin, l. 1....: 1i encyclopedia (992 pages): Trait des Oyseaux byJ.-B.
Faultrier (1660) recently discovered by Tim Birkhead. The Ph.D. is a novel, inter-
disciplinary project between the Departments of Animal and Plant Sciences and
French, and will be supervised by Prof. Tim Birkhead FR.S. and Dr. Emily But-ter-
worth. The studentship (Stlg. 12,000 in 2005-06, increasing incrementally) is
available to start in October 2005. The studentship is open to U.K. citizens and
members of the E.U., and is tenable for three years, subject to, 11S .:i,..1 P1.i..
Candidates should have a good first degree in French or fluency, an interest in the
French language, history, history of science and .,,, 11 1 . 11 enquiries should
be addressed to: Mrs. Sue Carter, Dept. of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of
Sheffield, Sheffield S10 2TN. E-mail: S.Carter@sheffield.ac.u. Please see Prof.
Birkhead's and Prof. Butterfield's respective Web sites: http://www.shef.ac.uk/aps/
stafftimbirkhead.htm and http://www.shef.ac.uk/french/ staff/butterworth.htm.

BSHS Singer Prize
Eligible subscribers are encouraged to submit entries for the BSHS Singer
Prize. Full details are given below. Please note the deadline, 15 December,
rather than the older October deadline. The Singer Prize, of up to 300, is
awarded by the BSHS every two years to the writer of an unpublished essay
based in original research into any aspect of the history of science, technology
or medicine. The Prize is intended for younger scholars or recent entrants into
the profession. The Prize may be awarded to the writer of one outstanding
essay, or may be divided between two or more entrants. The Prize will usually
be presented at the BSHS annual conference and publication in the British
Journal for the History of .. .... 11 be at the discretion of the Editor. Essays
on offer or in press will not be eligible. Candidates must be registered for a
postgraduate degree or have been awarded such in the two years prior to the
closing date. Entry is in no way limited to British nationals. Essays must not
exceed 8,000 words (including footnotes following the style guidelines in the
British Journal for the History of Science), must be fully documented, type-
written with double-line spacing, and submitted in English. Use of published
and unpublished primary material is strongly encouraged, and full and correct
use of scholarly apparatus (e. g. footnotes) is expected. Entries should be sent
to: BSHS Secretary, Dr. Sally Horrocks, School of Historical Studies, Leicester

University, Leicester, LE1 7RH. Enquiries only by e-mail to smh4@le.ac.uk. Do
not send essays as e-mail attachments. For more information, please visit

Anesthesia History Association's Tenth Annual Resident
Essay Contest
The Anesthesia History Association announces its Tenth Annual
Resident Essay Contest 2005. Entries must be received on or before 23 August
2005. This award, which has a $500 honorarium, will be presented at the
AHA's annual dinner meeting to be held in October 2005, in New Orleans.
This dinner is held during the annual meeting of the American Society of
Anesthesiologists. The second-place winner receives $200 and the third-place
winner receives $100. The entrant must have written the essay either during
his/her residency or within one year of completion of residency. Residents in
any nation are eligible, but the essay must be submitted in English. The win-
ning resident will be invited to present the essay in person at the annual
spring meeting of the Anesthesia History Association. All entries will be con-
sidered for publication in the AHA's quarterly Bulletin ofAnesthesia History.
Three typed copies of a 1,000-3,000 word essay written in English and related
to the history of anesthesia, pain management or critical care should be sub-
mitted to: .:. Ill ii ,11 ). Hammonds, M.D., M.P.H., Professor of Anesthesia,
Director of Pain Outcomes Research, Department of Anesthesia, University of
Iowa, 200 Hawkins Drive, 6JCP, Iowa City IA 52242-1079, U.S.A. E-mail: william-
hammonds@uiowa.edu. For more information: http://www.anes.uab.edu/

Forum for the History of Science in America
The Forum for the History of Science in America seeks nomina-
tions for the best article, published in English in 2002, 2'1,il. or 2004, by a
scholar who has received a Ph.D. within the last ten years (1995 or later).
The subject area the history of North American Science includes Canada,
Mexico, the Caribbean, and the United States. Authors may nominate them-
selves. Nominations are due 15 May 2005 and may be sent to: Daniel
Goldstein, University of California Davis Shields Library, Humanities and
Social Sciences Department, 100 NW Quad, Davis CA 95616-5292. E-mail:
dgoldstein@ucdavis.edu. The Forum Prize will be awarded at the general
meeting of the Forum to be held at the History of Science Society meeting in
Minneapolis, 3-6 November 2005.

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005
Accomodations Available for the Milano Workshop: Physical Sciences
in the Third World
Through a grant awarded by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia to com-
memorate the World Year of Physics 2005, we are pleased to offer accommodations to
participants in case of financial hardship. Thanks to an agreement between the
University and the Intercontinental Hotel Tequendama, participants will be accommo-
dated at this five-star hotel. To apply, contact: meeting05_bog@unal.edu.co. Deadline is
15 April 2005. For more information: http//www.fisica.unal.edu.co/milano/index.html.

Grants in Aid for History of Modern Physics
The Center for History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics
has a program of grants-in-aid for research in the history of modem physics and
allied sciences and their social interactions. Grants can be up to $2,000 each. They can
be used only to reimburse direct expenses connected with the work. Grants will be
given only to reimburse expenses for travel and subsistence to use the resources of the
Center's Niels Bohr Library in College Park, Maryland, or expenses including travel
and subsistence to tape-record oral history interviews or microfilm archival materials,
with a copy for deposit in the Library Applicants should suggest the persons they would
interview or papers they would microfilm, or the collections at the Library they need to
see; you can consult the online catalog at our Web sI rip, np' .. 1 .- 1'/
Applicants should either be working toward a graduate degree in the history of science
(in which case they should include a letter of reference from their thesis adviser), or
show a record of publication in the field. To 'ippl. ". .1 iii. letter of no more
than two pages describing your research project, and a brief budget showing the
expenses for which support is requested to: Spencer Weart, Center for History of Physics,
American Institute of Physics, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740. E-mail:
sweart@aip.org. Phone: (301) 209-3174. Fax: I .111)209-0882. The deadlines for
receipt of applications are 15 April and 15 November of each year For more informa-
tion, please ,. hi rr1p i.. 1** i.- .1. /.

2005 Roy Porter Student Essay Prize Competition
The Society for the Social History of Medicine (SSHM) invites submis-
sions to its 2005 Roy Porter Student Essay Prize Competition. This prize will be
awarded to the best original, unpublished essay in the social history of medicine. The
competition is open to undergraduate and post-graduate students in full or part-time
education. The winner will be awarded 500, and his or her entry may also be pub-
lishedinthe joumal,SocialHistory of A... I l. l..l. .i..i.l, ,,..ii.Tn forms can
be downloaded from the SSHM's Web site: bliq i..

Awards, Honors, and Appointments

Henrik Bruun has been appointed Chief Editor of Science Studies, an inter-
national, peer-reviewed journal for science and technology studies. Science
Studies is designed as an open forum for all perspectives on the study of sci-
ence and technology, whether philosophical, historical, sociological, psycho-
logical, cognitive, educational, or politico-economic.

Frank A. J. L. James has been appointed Professor of the History of Science
at the Royal Institution. This is the first time that such a position has been
created at the Institution.

William R. Newman has received an endowed chair, the Ruth N. Halls
Professorship, at Indiana University. Newman teaches the history of early mod-
ern and medieval science in the Department of History and Philosophy of

Science at IU.

The results of the 2004 Philosophy of Science Association election are in. The election
was held to determine the president of the Association, as well as four board members.
':;. .:..i ri I h.l I.: President-elect Lawrence Sklar (University If' Ii.:- Il and offi-
cers-elect Ellery Eells (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Noretta Koertge
(Emerita Indiana I i. r..,,r. .I. ..... i -.:. ii. Member of the Philosophy
Department and Honors College), Mary Morgan, (London School of Economics;
University of Amsterdam), and Wolfgang Spohn (University of Konstanz).

Mary Terrall was awarded the Gottschalk Prize for 2004 by the American
Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies for her book The Man Who Flattened
the Earth: Maupertuis and the Sciences in the Enlightenment.

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

(continued from p. 1)
The Society's annual meetings also continue to grow along many dimen-
sions, as our members employ novel formats to address all sorts of exciting
new intellectual questions and a continually widening range of topics. These

meetings attract attendees from all parts of
the world, including large numbers who iden-
tify themselves with other fields.
The quadrennial meetings the Society
sponsors with the British Society for the History
of Science and the Canadian Society for the
History & Philosophy of Science are equally
attractive. The most recent, hosted last summer
in Halifax, Nova Scotia, by CSHPS, proved a
real intellectual and i.I. iiiii" i1 success.
And looking ahead to this summer's
International Congress of History of Science in
Beijing, the Society has taken the lead in work-

Officers of other societies and
officials are most impressed
teerism" that pervades HSS
served the Society well. To be
full-time and part-time emp
the Society and its members -
and the editors of our major
tasks without HSS remunera
grateful admiration.

ing with cognate societies to resolve long-standing difficulties relating to
our fields' representation to the International Union of History & Philosophy
of Science. The resulting four-society consortium will work to ensure that
problems encountered in past years will not recur.
In the same way, the HSS program of honors and prizes has also taken
on a greater international presence than ever before. The 2004 roster of
prize winners (see "HSS Prizewinners," HSS Newsletter, January 2005)
includes scholars from Germany and England, and the program continues
to evolve in other ways. The Margaret W. Rossiter Prize for History of
Women in Science is now fully endowed and well established, succeeding
the previously unnamed award for work in the area. And as announced at
the Society's 2004 annual meeting in Austin
(and in the last Newsletter issue) the Henry
& Ida Schuman Prize for the best graduate- To date, we have raised
student essay (awarded since 1956 but previ- t.,l,...i.i Ipl. I Fund, with
ously unfunded) has been endowed in honor pledges ranging up to $5,0
of Nathan Reingold's mentoring of successive tions have given $5,000 to
student generations. In Austin the HSS Council foundations have made con
also voted to accept a major donation to estab-
lish the Suzanne J. Levinson Prize, a biennial
award that will honor a book in the "history of the life sciences or natural
li,,i.. Further details on this new prize will be forthcoming.
What's perhaps most impressive about this array of programs and activ-
ities is that it depends on and is made possible by the continued involve-
ment of scores of the Society's members. This report has mentioned the
names of many. But it has had to omit many more, such as the members of
our publications' advisory boards and the members of our several prize
committees. Officers of other societies and university and foundation offi-
cials are most impressed by the "spirit of volunteerism" that pervades HSS
activities and that has long served the Society well. To be sure, HSS does
have several full-time and part-time employees. But most who serve the
Society and its members including all of the officers and the editors of
our major journals carry out their tasks without HSS remuneration. They
all deserve our grateful admiration.
This HSS "spirit of volunteerism" also emerges in the voluntary finan-
cial contributions made by literally hundreds of members and friends of the
Society. This Newsletter issue (p. 22-23) lists more than 400 individuals and
institutions that have supported the Society's programs over the past five
years. Many have donated to the Sponsor-a-Scholar Program, which provides

HSS memberships to individuals in countries where currency inequities
effectively prevent them from joining the Society Numerous others have
helped endow the Rossiter and Reingold prizes, and have contributed to the
Hazen-Polsky Matching Fund, which supports HSS
educational initiatives developed by the Society's
1 university and foundation most active Committee on Education.
1 by the "spirit of volun- Most recently, however, the Society's efforts to
activities and that has long match its current Challenge Grant from the
sure, HSS does have several National Endowment for the Humanities has
loyees. But most who serve attracted significant contributions from many mem-
including all of the officers bers and friends. NEH made this grant of $125,000
journals carry out their to establish an HSS li.iih...I ipl...I < Fund as an
ition. They all deserve our endowment, the income from which will support the
annual creation of the Isis Current ... ,1 .*
and the HSTM Research Database. Just about all his-
torians of science throughout the world rely heavily
on these resources, and ensuring their future is a goal around which HSS
members and friends have begun to rally. But HSS will not meet NEH's chal-
lenge and get the full amount of this grant unless it matches it on a four-to-
one basis, so that to achieve full funding the Society must raise $500,000
by the end of July 2007.
To date, we have raised almost $100,000 for the it.H.i.i i ,Ili.I, Fund,
with individual donations and pledges ranging up to $5,000. Several family
foundations have given $5,000 to $10,000 each, and larger foundations have
made contributions of up to $30,000. As we discuss even larger grants with
several of the nation's leading foundations, their officers always ask, "How
has the Society's membership itself supported this effort?" We're fortunate that
we can cite the 400 plus recent contributors noted
earlier. The Society's elected leaders have been espe-
almost $100,000 for the cially liberal in their giving, as almost all living

individual donations and
00. Several family founda-
$10,000 each, and larger
tributions of up to $30,000.

past and current officers and editors responded
generously with cash donations and multi-year
pledges to Past President John W Servos's
Officers' Incentive Fund. So too have just about all

members of the Society's current elected Council.
For the most part, however, the L.,ii i.. .-i ,plh.i
Fund has grown as individual HSS members have written checks for (or used
our secure Web site to donate) $50 or $100 or $250 or even more. These mem-
bers' contributions are another reflection of the "spirit of volunteerism" that
all continue to praise, and they well illustrate just how much HSS members
value the Society's 'i.. I. pl,,.
Despite these successes, to match the NEH Challenge Grant the
L.ihil Il-i l... I Fund will have to continue to attract new donors and (if at all
possible) past contributors will have to maintain their earlier generosity. Even as
many members have contributed, the closer we get to 100 percent participation
the more evidence we can present to potential major donors that the Society and
its members see this campaign as crucial to the future of the field. In addition,
since NEH views pledges as the equivalent of cash donations, and since it expects
us to double the current balance of the .iih ..**.-.i lipl.. ; Fund by the end of July,
we hope that HSS members will consider making a multi-year commitment to
this effort, as others have done. The HSS Executive Office can send gentle pledge
reminders, can set up monthly credit card charges, or can help in other ways,
such 1 ..II.I.. %11. i, 1 potential contributors to establish legacy donations.
Only through such contributions can the Society match NEH's confidence in
our discipline and profession and fully endow these '.ii,..I .i p... .,

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

Future Meetings
Thefollowing announcements have been ..'for space. For full descriptions and the latest announcements, please visit our Web site ( .
S. The Society does not assume -. ... ; 9 for the accuracy of any item; interested persons should all details. Those who wish to publish a
future meeting announcement should send an electronic version of theposting to newsletter@hssonline.org.

Calls for Papers

The European Meteorological Societywill hold its all .... l il.-, ii, 12-16
September 2005 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. To propose a paper or register please visit
theEM SW eb site: 'i11. i i i. ... ., .i i. im i Tn l .I. .l i .... t. ..i I. 1 i of
abstracts is 27 May 2005. TI. ., I i,,1l t... .,pre-I. -. i. ii ... ..i 26June 2005.

Fifteenth Conference of the Canadian Science and Technology
Historical Association will be held 29 September to 2 October, 2005. Topics will
be: Canada's scientific and t, .1,.., -i]: 11i, I.'11 1 World Year of Physics 2005
,iirl. i _,,1.- I ,.othersubjects :1 nt 1 the historyofscience and tech-
I..1. W e 11 ... ni.. .' you ... i ..1 I ..... iI1 other :. il .:I. Proposals
must include a title, summary (75 to I'" ....i i ) and brief c.v Abstracts and papers
may be in either French or English. -,, 11II ...2 May 2005: Send proposals to Suzanne
Beauvais, Canada Science and I. ,:111,,,1.. Museum, 2380 Lancaster Road, PO. Box
9724, Station T, Ottawa ON K1G 5A3. Telephone: (.i 991-1429 Fax: ,! .1 .990-3636
or by e-mail at: CSTHA-AHSTC-2005@technomuses.ca.

The Role of Women in the History of Geology, a one-day conference, will be
held 28 November 2005 at the Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.
TI 1,,1,,, 1 1:..,,' I .i.. i .. ,i i ,i p ,: tof the role of women in the historyof geolo-
gy The submission (abstract) 1 I, i ..I. is 20June 2005. i1trl -, % .i -... i ii.

The European Social Science History Association Conference will be held in
Am sterdam 22-25 M arch 2006. .. . I ,i I 11, ..... 1 ,i l ..1 i11 ,I.1 ..
'iiri. 1- . :I .,1I i Proposals for panels or individual papers of any II 1.11:i. Ill1.
with the social history of health are invited. i-,: ii. ..i..i particularly Io: ..iI I 1 .. ..I
such topics as: H 1111, 11 .1..l1. :, Global Health; Colonial Health; Moral Health;
Occupational Health; Health I I .. 111 1.. ir '., 1 ..i I. i: ,i I, i ... .. i i| .I,,,: ,i 1. .1:
Nutrition as Health Factor Submission I. ll IIh. is 1 May 2005.

The Society for the Social History of Medicine invites submissions for its 2006
Annual Conference, I1 1I i.:1 i 11. I pl .' '' ,.,,i of Health: Historical Perspectives," to
be held at the University of Warwick on 28-30 June 2006. Abstracts must be submitted by
e-m ailby 1 May 2005 to .. I I.: 11,, .11 : I -' ,i % L-:11 ,,: III If you are unable
to submit electronically, 1.I I 1, I11 in ...I .. your abstract to: Molly Rogers, Centre
for the History of Medicine, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, U. IK

Upcoming Conferences

Utopian Visions and World's Fairs Symposium will be held 15 April 2005 at the
Hagley Museum and Library

Science for Sale? The Public Communication of Science in a Corporate
Worldwillbeheld 15-17April2005 atCornellUniversit;http://' t I ..... I I.Il'

Forum on History of Physics of the American Physical Society, 16-19 April
2005 at T i iil., i i ii tr. I .... ,,, ,, 1 1 i 5/.

Epistemic Spaces Annual Meeting of the Association of American

Geographers willbe held 5-9 April 2005 at Dei i l or. I I ...i ,,,,,,, ll i.
11 ,h _,, ,: I.II I I I I ll

The ri I..... ii i,,.. I,:.of the American Association for the History of
Medicine will be held in Birmingham, Alabama, 7-10 April 2005;
, r % % hIII I II, J.,I l.. II 111111

From Earthly Bowels into Light. A three-.11 1 .. I :.. the history of cave
. 11. III I .. 1,. I 11. I .. II 1 n 1, IJ ,.1 21-24 April 2005.

Heritage of Technology Gdansk Outlook 4. An Internationall i., ,...... 11
be held at Gdansk, Poland, 4-7 May 200' irl. .,,I r :,., ,i :, i|

The Second Stevens Institute Workshop on Science and Technology
Studies: The 'Applied Science Problem' willbe held at the Stevens Institute of
I ,.:,.1 i 6-8 M ay 2005; ',rrl. i i i,,,,,I i. I .1

Imaging Nanospace, 11-14 May 2005. For further information please contact:
;.: I ,.. I .I .... : i i I It I, II n I i, .. inordmann@ phil.tu-darmstadt.de.

2005 CSHM Annual Conference Paradoxes of Citizenship:
Environments, Exclusions, Equity will be held at the University of Western
Ontario, 3-5 June 2005.

The Physical Sciences in the Third World: A Social History of
Science and Development will be held iln .....i- i Colombia, 11-13 June 2005;
1,u % % I ll l,, , i,. ,,, ,,,, 11111h ,

The AAAS Pacific Division Meetingwill be held 12-16June 2005 at Souther
O region ,,, ,, ,r 11,,,, I 1 1111 i. I ll,: .-: 1

Fifth International Conference on the Inspiration of Astronomical
Phenomena (INSAP) willbe I I l I .II, I II I I, ,' &I & Astronomy Museum,
01I..: I:.. -26 June -1 July 2005.

The 20th International Congress of Historical Sciences, University of New
South Wales, 3-9 July 2005. Contact details: cish2005@incompass.com.au.

International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences. The 2005
INHIGEO meeting, N, 1 i ii l .. I I. i i 1. Ii, 1 1 4-11July 2005, ar i 1 .'
(Bohemia) and Mikulov (Moravia).

Tenth Annual Meeting of the International Society for the History of the
Neurosciences will be i I1 II i i11 St Andrew's University, St Andrew's, Scotland,
5-9July2005 iliri. In i...

Seventh Biennial History of Astronomy Workshop il I I I ithe
University of Notre Dame on 7-10July 2005, ilrl i J ,i, hi, I 11 1

International Society for History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology
meetingwillbe held in Guelph, Ontario, 13-17July, 2005i il rl. i- % i, 1 i. ...1

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005
Perspectives on 20th-century Pharmaceuticals will be held 14-16 July 2005 at
Oxford University

BSHS 2005 will be held 15-17 July 2005 at the University of Leeds, UK, in conjunction
with the Iii I ii.. 11 il ii i I, li ,,., ,i,i and Science i. i,:1ii,, Group's 2005
( ..i.. i :, il, lrI, 1~~l i. i ,; i ,:,. 1 _'")5an n u al/.

The Atomic Bomb and American Society. The three-, I i: .i ... I:. 111 II Iheld
15-17July 2005 at 0 1 I .,1: Tennessee.

22nd International Congress of History of Science Conference will be held
ill i., uii,: F, -1 .-4-30 July 2005, irl _i i':i.j iI .i. i

The 11th International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia will take
place in Munich, Germany, 15-20 ,:i, I I i :.

Islands and Science: History of Sciences and Techniques from the 16th-
20th Centuries will be held 5-10 September 2005.

History of Chemistry Conference: Chemistry, Technology and Societywill
be held in Lisbon and Estoril, il : 11 6-9 September 2005; http://5ichc-i., 1,,1,,11

A History of Medicine Conference will be held at Ministere de la Recherche,
Paris, France, 7-10 September 2005.

Conference on the Human Sciences and Religion, sponsored by the SFHSH,
, i11 1 i i place in Paris, 21-23 September 2005.

'Invisible Enemies': The Cultural Meaning of Infection and the
Politics of 'Plague' will be held at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, from 21-
24 September 2005.

First International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science
and Technologywill be i. I. 11. -'i" l' to 2 October 2005 at The Banff Centre,
( II rruI ,- ,i i i ... .

Symposium of the Centre for Research in Early Modern History, Culture
and Science: The Scientific Terminology of Space and Time in the
Academic Disciplines of the 17th and 18th Century, will be held 27-28
September 2005 at the Johann ;., .It: I,: Goethe-Universitat Frankfurt am Main.

Society for the History of Technology Annual Meeting will be held in
Minneapolis, MN 3-6 November 2005 i,|rl I- i .i .rl.,i II I.,I

HSS Annual Meetingwill convene in Minneapolis, MN, 3-6 November 2005;
, itr I i. .. il l .. .. ..

Remaking Boston: The City and Environmental Change Over the
Centuries. Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston on 4-6 May 2006.


The... announcements have been edited for space. For full descriptions and for the latest announcements, please visit http://hssonline.org.
T ... Does not *. ,* I for the accuracy of any item, and interestedpersons should 1'..' details. Those who wish to publish a job announcement
should send an electronic version -- to

The Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine,
Imperial College is seeking applicants for a Lecturer in the History of Medicine.
Applicant's research specialties should be post-1800, though there is some preference
for post-1900. A full job description and person specification is available online at:
http//wwwic.ac.uk/ employment/academic/ jobdescriptions /1103host.htm. Informal
enquiries may be directed to the Head of Centre, Professor Andrew Warwick at: a.war-
wick@imperial.ac.uk. Completed application forms (one hard copy and one electron-
ic copy to be submitted) should be sent, with a c.v, list of publications, research plan,
and the names and addresses of three referees to: Robert Powell, Departmental
Administrator, Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, Imperial
College, London, SW7 2AZ.

The Women's Studies Program of Hobart and William Smith Colleges
seeks feminist scholar of women's health for a two-year o r n ii.:l .,iiiiii-- i 2I .,
Ph.D. preferred. Our interest is in a scholar who can bridge Women's Studies to the
natural sciences (including environmental studies) and/or public policy. Candidates
with experience mentoring students of color are strongly encouraged. Candidates
should submit a letter of application, writing sample, c.v, and three letters of recom-
mendation. Applications should be directed to Betty M. Bayer, Chai; Women's Studies.
Review of applications will begin immediately, and continue until the position is

filled. Information on Women's Studies can be found on their Web site: http://aca-

The Legacy of R L. Moore Project, a nonprofit organization located in Austin,
TX, supporting mathematical education through inquiry-based learning, seeks a full-
time Executive Director. Applicants should have strong administrative or leadership
experience in academic societies or professional associations. In addition, some expe-
rience in entrepreneurial-type management is desirable. Strong i ,, i,-i. .1" manage-
rial leadership is essential. The Executive Director will :....%. 1 ii .. .I-tl,,, and assign
"priority" while working actively with a small staff and a large, diverse group of con-
sultants/volunteers/constituency members. The candidate should have exceptional
communication, i.. 11.1 .11 1 and executive skills as well as an ability to articulate
a mission-focused vision to diverse constituencies. Prefer advanced degree/M.B.A. with
extensive/educational/administrative/membership/association experience. The
prospective Executive Director must demonstrate accomplishment in combining lead-
ership with administrative controls and support, while sustaining entrepreneurial ini-
tiatives. Because of the objectives of this project, experience and familiarity with
inquiry based learning in science/mathematics is highly desired. Some research expe-
rience is also desirable. U. S. Citizenship required. E-mail cover letter and resume to:
personnel@ ..Ca l.- 1. - f...1.i. l iii.. ..._1-

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005


Prior to the publication of each Newsletter, the HSS Executive Office receives from the Isis Editorial Office a list of books received by that office for potential review. This list appears
here quarterly; it is not compiled from the annual Current i ,i. You may also view this list and prior lists online at . . 1. ... i ... i ..I. ...I isis.html.

Agostoni, Claudia. Monuments oj Modernization
and Public Health in Mexico City, 1876-1910. xvii+228 pp.
Illus., Tables, Intro., Notes, Biblio., Index. Calgary: University of
Calgary Press, 2004. $45.00 (hardcover). 1552380947

Ash, Eric H. Po
England viii + 265 pp., illus., bib., index. Baltimore: Johns
Hopkins University Press: 2004. $45 (cloth). 0801879922

Attis, David; Mollan, Charles (Editors). Science and
Irish Culture: I ,' the History of Science Matters in Ireland.
Volume 1, 2004. xvii+174 pp. Illus. Dublin: The Royal Dublin
Society, 2004. 0860270475

Baron, David. The Beast in the Garden: A Modem Parable of
Man and Nature. 277 pp., Table, notes, bibl. New York: W W
Norton and Company, 2004. $14.95 (paper). 0393326349.

Barona Vilar, Joseph Lluis. Salud, y Saber
Medico. 267 pp., bibl. Madrid: Editorial Universitaria Ramin
Areces, 2004. 8480046651.

Bender, Bert. Evolution and "the Sex Problem": American
Narratives during the Eclipse of Darwinism. xvi + 389 pp.,
Table, intro., notes, bibl., index. Kent/London: The Kent State
University Press, 2004. (cloth). 0873388097

Bender, John; Marrinan, Michael (Editors). r. .., of
Description: In theArchive of ry. xiv + 287
pp., Table, illus., intro., app., notes., bibl., index. Stanford,
California: Stanford University Press, 2005. $22.95 (paper).

Bensaude-Vincent, Bernadette. Faut-Il Avoir Peur de la
Chimie? 285 pp., Intro., bibl., index, table. Paris: Les Empecheurs
de Penser en Rond / Le Seuil, 2005. 20 (paper). 2846711267.

Benthien, Claudia. Skin: On the Cultural Border Between
and the World x+290 pp. Notes, Biblio., Index. New York:
Columbia University Press, 2004. 02311250387.

Beretta, Marco; Di Pasquale, Giovanni. Vitrum:II Vetrofra
Arte e Scienza nel Mondo Romano. Exhibition Catalogue from
the Museo degli Argenti, Palazzo Pitti, Firenze 359 pp., illus. Apps.,
biblio. Firenze: Giunti, 2004. $49.95 (paper). 880903662 X.

Boulter, Michael. Extinction: Man
xiv + 210 pp., index. .......II published in 2002. New York:
Columbia University Press, 2005. $17.95 (paper). 0231128371

Bowker, Geoffrey C.; Star, Susan Leigh.
Out 'Its Consequences. (Inside i.. Ii I
xii + 377 pp., bibl., indexes. Cambridge, Mass./London: The MIT
Press, 1999. $21 (cloth). 0262024616.

Camerota, Michele. Galileo Galilei e la
nell'eta della 704 pp. Index. Rome: Salerno
Editrice, 2004. 8884024315.

Carmen., Ira H. Politics in the Laboratory: The Constitution
ofHuman Genomis. xvii + 341 pp., bibl., index. Madison: The
University of Wisconsin Press, 2004. $35 (cloth). 0299202100.

Cassidy, David C. Einstein and Our World Second Edition.

162 pp., Table, illus., notes, bibl., index. Amherst, New York:
Humanity Books, 2004. $21.00 (paper). 1591022568.

Castonguay, St6phane; Limoges, Camille. Francois
Blanchet. Tome 1: L'tudiant et le Savant. Recherches sur la
Medecine, ou L'Application de la Chimie a la Medecine de
Francois Blanchet. 396 pp., Table, notes, bibl., index. Montreal,
Quebec: VLB Editeur, 2004. $29.95 (paper). 2890058840.

Cueto, Marcos. El Valor de la Salud Historia de la
Organizaci6n Panamericana de la Salud viii + 211 pp.,
Table, intro., notes, bibl., index. i i .... )C: .. ....
Panamericana de la Salud, 2004. $26.00 (cloth). 9275316007

Dardo, Mauro. Nobel Laureates and Twentieth-Century
, I xi + 533 pp., intro., table, app., notes, bibl., index. New
York: Cambridge University Press, 2004. $39.99 (paper).

Daston, Lorraine; Mitman, Gregg (Editors).
with Animals: New Perspectives on Anthropomorphism. vi +
230 pp., Table, intro., notes, index. New York: Columbia University
Press, 2005. $49.50 (cloth). 0231130384.

Dawson, Virginia P. Ideas into Hardware: A History of the
Rocket Engine Test -' at the NASA Glenn Research
Center. illus., apps., bible index. Cleveland: NASA Glenn
Research Center, 2004. 2004024041.

De Gandt, Frangois. Husserl et Galilee: Sur la Crise des
Sciences Europeennes. 240 pp., Intro., table, bibl., index. Paris:
Librarie I l.. ..i ..i.i I Vrin, 2004. 9 (paper). 2711617289.

Dias, N6lia. La measure des sens: Les anthropologues el le
corps human au XIXe siecle. xi + 357 pp., Intro., notes, bibl.,
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2004. 27 (paper). FV233904XI.

Droste., Peter Johannes. Wasserbau und Wassermuhlen
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FIikniti. liiIt t.
178 pp., Table, notes, bibl., index. Lanham, Maryland: University
Press of America, Inc., 2004. $28.00 (paper). 0761828443

Franklin, Julian H. Animal P. ..: and Moral I
xix + 151 pp., bibl., index. New York: Columbia University Press,
2005. $35 (cloth). 0231134223

Freund, Richard A. Secrets of the Cave of Letters:
Rediscovering a Dead Sea Mystery. 280 pp., illus., bibl., index.
Amherst, NY Humanity Books, 2004. $30 (cloth). 1591022053

Ghirardi, GianCarlo. Sneaking a Look at God's Cards:
the Mysteries of Quantum Mechanics. Revised
Edition. Translated by Gerald Malsbary xix +487 pp., illus.,
tables, bibl., index. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2004.
$35, 22.95 (cloth). 0691121397

Givens, Jean A. Observation and Image-Making in Gothic
Art. xiv + 231 -1. i. illus., bibl., index. New York: Cambridge
University Press, 2005. $80 (cloth). 0521830311.

Golden, Janet. Message in a Bottle: The Making of Fetal
Alcohol Syndrome. 232 pp. Table, notes, index. Cambridge,
Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2005. $2595 (cloth).

Grandin, Karl; Wormbs, Nina; Widmalm, Sven
(Editors). The Science-Industry Nexus: History, ,
Implications. (Nobel Symposium 123.) xvii + 457 pp., illus.,
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2005. $54.95 (cloth). 0881353655.

Grosz, Elizabeth. The Nick of Time: Politics, Evolution
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Guillemin, Jeanne. Weapons: From the
Invention of State Sponsored Programs to Contemporary
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Gumbrecht, Hans Ulrich; Marrinan, Michael J.
ii dtlor'I I *The I I tin the'.:,
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Gutting, Gary (Editor). Continental of Science.
Blackwell Readings in Continental Philosophy Xii + 332 pp.,
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Posterior i The New Synthese Historical Library Volume
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Academic Publishers, 2004. $119 (cloth). 1402027877

Hein, Laura. Reasonable Men Powerful Words: Political
Culture and Expertise in Twenthieth Century Japan.
xvii+328pp. Illus., Notes, Biblio., Index. Los Angeles: University
of California Press, 2004. 0520243471.

Herz-Fischler, Roger. Adolph Zeising (1810-1876): The
and Work of a German Intellectual. x+184 pp. Intro.,
Notes, Biblio., CD-ROM. Ottawa, Canada: Mzinhigan
.i-I.h IN .. 2004. 0969300263

Hoberman., John. Testosterone Dreams:
Aphrodisia, r'.-..,. 381 pp., Table, intro., notes, index.
Berkeley, California: University of California Press, 2005. $24.95
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Ingstad, Helge. The Apache Indians: In Search of the
Missing Tribe. Translated byJanine K. Stenehjem. Xvi+188 pp.,
Intro., Illus., Notes, Biblio. Nebraska: University of Nebraska
Press: 2004. $24.95 US (cloth). 0803235040.

Jacob, Margaret C.; Stewart, Larry. Practical Matter:
Newton's Science in the Service ofndustry and Empire. 1687
1851., 201 pp., Table, intro., notes, illus., index. Cambridge:
Harvard University Press, 2004. $35.00. 0674014979.

History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

Jay, Martin. Songs of Experience: Modem American and
European Variations on a Universal Theme. x+431 pp., Intro.,
index. Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2004. $34.95
(cloth). 0520242726.

Josephson, Paul R. Resources Under Regimes: Technology,
Environment, and the State. (New Histories of Science,
Technology, and Medicine.) 269 pp., index. Cambridge, Mass.:
Harvard University Press, 2005. $39.95 (cloth). 0674014995

Kerr, Rose; Wood, Nigel. Joseph Needham. Science and
Civilization in China: Volume 5: -' and Chemical
Technology: Part 12: Ceramic xlix+918 pp., Pref.,
illus., tables, index, biblio. NewYork: iii .. . i i i.
2004. $195.00 (hardcover). 0521838339.

King, David. In Synchrony with the Heavens: Studies in
Astronomical and Instrumentation in Medieval
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Levin, Miriam R. -' Women's Enterprise:
S' xiii +
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I II ryAntin. viii+ 484pp., Table,
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Melosi, Martin V. Garbage in the Cities: Refuse, Reform,
and the Environment. Revised Edition. xvi + 302 pp., Intro.,
tables, figs., notes, index. ill 11i., .i1 Pennsylvania: University
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Merrill Squier, Susan. Liminal Lives: Imagining the
Human at the Frontiers of Biomedicine. xvi+350 pp., Illus.,
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Varadarajan, Lotika (Editor). The Rahmani of M P
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History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

Dissertations List
The HSS Newsletter, in cooperation with Jonahon Eren (
edbyDr /

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Science: The Past, the East and the Circulation of Post
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. I .
I I .

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S attentiono. I
. f.. F December 2004.

I I i i

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History off i... I a journal of the
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History of Science Society Newsletter April 2005

History of Science Society Election Ballot
(Must be returned in. t.'. i. envelope in your newsletter and received no later than 1 June 2005). See bios starting on page 3.
Vice President Nominating Committee: (At Large)

Two-Year term II.. I.... I by two-year term as President:
1 January 2006 31 December 2007
Please vote for one of the two candidates.

Jane Maienschein (Arizona State University)
Theodore M. Porter (University of California, Los Angeles)

Council Nominees:
Three-year term:
1 January 2006 31 December 2008
Please vote f., -' of the ten candidates.

Ken Alder (Northwestern University)
Mark V. Barrow, Jr i'Vl, :i I Tech)
David Cahan (University of Nebraska)
Fa-ti-Fan (SUNY, i :i i,,ni ii
John I, :..I (Georgia Institute I....:l I,,I..
Domenico Bertoloni Meli (Indiana Univei ir, I I... :1 ..i i '
Katherine A. Pandora (University of Oklahoma)
Marsha Richmond (Wayne State I i ..i. II:'
Alan Rocke (Case Western Reserve University)
James Strick (Franklin and Marshall .'II .. :
write-in candidate:

One-year term:
1 July 2005 30 June 2006
Please vote for three of the six candidates.

Otniel E. Dror (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
James Evans (University 1.I:..i ..I.. i
Robert Kohler (University of Pennsylvania)
Pamela E. Mack (Clemson Ii ..I ii.'
Lawrence Principe (Johns Hopkins il ... ii I
Alice N. Walters (University of Massachusetts, Lowell)
write-in candidate:

Nominating Committee: (Council)
One-year term:
1 July 2005 30 June 2006
Please vote for two of thefour candidates.

Bruce J. Hunt (University of Texas at Austin)
Diane B. Paul (University of Massachusetts Boston)
Andrea A. Rusnock (University of Rhode Island)
Jole Shackelford (University of Minnesota)
write-in candidate:

Ballots are due in the HSS Execulite Office
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