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January 2005

ISIS One Year In: A Progress Report

By Bernard Lightman 6

little over year ago, one snowy day late in
December 2-111 the truck from the I .. ',. 11, ;
offices arrived at York University The Yorklsi students,
Ian Slater, our new managing editor, and I waited for
the truck to pull up. We were heavily armed with dol-
lies, determined to move, as quickly as possible, the
boxes of files, office equipment, and books into the new
Isis offices on the second floor of Bethune College.
When the back door of the truck opened and we saw its
load, the full enormity of bringing Isis to York
University hit home. It was overwhelming. But then Ian
and the students sprang into action, and within an
hour everything was off the truck and piled in heaps in
the appropriate office. By the end of the day the boxes
were unpacked and the Manuscript office, the Book
Review office, and the I 1-, i- r. 1 ir.'.i office were all
set up physically.
That same teamwork helped us to deal with a
series oif 'i *1-.l. I,,, c.: i ifi, i ai i r-, us in January, whether it
be an uncooperative database or a complex office e-
mail system. Once we had mastered the office operation
by the end of January, I could focus my attention on the
journal's future. Over the next few months I gauged
where we were with the manuscripts and book reviews;
I worked with the University of Chicago Press on a sur-
vey of the readership; and I planned out the first of the
new Focus sections for the September and December
issues. I can now report on were we stand on all three.
We conducted the survey last winter to find out
what we could about current readership opinions on
the journal. Itwas sent out to 2,466 addresses and there
were 461 responses (a good return rate). Many thanks
to those of you who completed the survey On the
subject of the most useful section in Isi, those who
responded said that book reviews came first and then
articles. There was a moderate preference for articles on
the early modem and modem periods, and strong pref-

Office Staff atlsis. Front, left to right Victoria Spence (English Major, Undergraduate Arts), lan Slater (Managing Editor), Shannon Caulfield (M.A. student,
Graduate Humanities Program), lan Hesketh (Ph.D. student, Graduate History Program). Back: Steve Bunn (PhD. student, Graduate History Program)

erence for more articles on the biological sciences, fol-
lowed by a group that included science and politics, the
physical sciences, and popular science. When asked
about new formats, half of the respondents indicated a
strong interest in roundtable discussions on new histo-
rographic developments in the field and reviews of
important books by a series of scholars with a reply by
the author. The Isis Advisory Board met in Austin last
November to discuss the survey results, resulting in an
intense and wide-ranging discussion that will take time
to digest.
The idea behind the Focus section was to have
an article-length portion of the journal devoted to the
discussion of a theme of interest to all of our readers.
It would contain three or four short think pieces that
cut across chronological boundaries. I was trying to
re-create the intellectual excitement generated by a
good session at the annual conference. I needed to
come up with the concept behind the first few and
then I hoped that scholars in the field would begin
to make o.u..-.,.,ii..ii You may have seen the Focus
section on "Scientific Readers" in the September

issue already. I am indebted to Lorraine Daston for
helping me to conceptualize this Focus section.

(Continued on p. 2)

Call for Papers 2
News and Inquiries 4
Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes 6
Workspace: Margaret Osler 8
Request for Prize Nominations 9
Award Citation for HSS Special
Interest Groups 10
Jobs 11
Awards, Honors, and Appointments 11
Innovations in Education 12
Dissertation List 14

Future Meetings 16
Donors to NEH Challenge Fund 18
Isis Books Received 19

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

(Continued form p. 1)
In the December issue you will find an interesting Focus section, created in con-
sultation with Peter Galison, on Einstein as an illusive icon. As I had hoped, ideas for
the next few Focus sections have come from colleagues. For example, Londa
Schiebinger suggested that we look at colonial traditions in science, and she has done
a marvelous job selecting contributors and helping them to polish their papers. I look
forward to hearing how our readers respond to the upcoming Focus sections and invite
those of you with ideas to contact me.
Manuscripts have been pouring in. Keep them coming! We are particularly inter-
ested in manuscripts on the pre-1800 period since most of the manuscripts we receive
deal with the nineteenth or twentieth centuries, and we'd like a better balance. We are
prepared to consider manuscripts that emphasize the technical dimensions of science
or those that stress the social and cultural contexts of science, and everything that lies
in-between. We will publish those manuscripts of the highest scholarly quality, whatev-
I il 1,.1. ,1.. -:: 1i or historiographical approach they adopt. We are also on the look-
out for innovative scholarship. (Keep in mind that ti is a journal of first publication.)
We value work with chronological and thematic breadth narrow studies targeting a
small number of scholars may be more appropriate for other journals. My thanks to
our bs Advisory Board, who have read countless manuscripts without complaint.
Thanks also to the other referees for their advice and good counsel. The support and
encouragement of the HSS Executive Committee and the Committee on Publications
has been much appreciated over the past year Finally, I wish to acknowledge the huge
contributions of Katey Anderson !.... .- i ..I .. i .iii..i,,, Ian Slater I' I 11 r i i.. I .ii .,i
and the York students who have made it such a pleasure to work in the Isis office and
who make me look good.

HSS 2005 Annual Meeting: Call for Papers
Minneapolis, MN
3-6 November 2005
(co-located meeting with SHOT)

The History of Science Society will hold its 2005 Annual Meeting in
Minneapolis, Minnesota. Proposals for sessions and contributed papers must be
submitted by 1 April 2005 to the History of Science Society's Executive Office,
PO Box 117360, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-7360; phone: 352-
392-1677; fax: 352-392-2795; e-mail: I:,,.iii. 1 ...- .. 11 .l.... .-
Submissions on all topics are requested. All proposals must be submitted
on the HSS Web site I ,', ,I.i-I i.. 1. i..i or on the annual meeting pro-
posal forms that are available from the HSS Executive Office. We ', '
encourage electronic submissions from the link provided on the HSS Web
site. HSS members are asked to circulate this announcement to colleagues
who are not members of the HSS but who may be interested in presenting a
paper at the Annual Meeting. Particularly encouraged are session proposals
that include: a mix of men and women; diversity of institutional affiliations;
and/or a balance of professional ranks I.. ,_. i,, I ..I i. i ,:1. ,1 I ,i 1 grad-
uate students). Only one proposal per person may be submitted.
For additional information concerning the 2005 meeting, contact the HSS
Executive Office.
Before sending a proposal to the HSS Office, we ask that everyone
read the Committee on Meetings and Programs' "Guidelines
for Selecting Papers and Sessions" (on the HSS Web site); these will
be used in determining the acceptability of session and paper proposals for
the 2005 meeting.

History of Science Society Executive Office

Postal Address
PO Box 117360
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7360

Physical Address
3310 Turlington Hall
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611

Phone: 352-392-1677
Fax: 352-392-2795
E-m ail: iiif,-. ..li ..ilih. ..P.-
W eb site: I *,1 l. 1 .i.. .. ..,.I/

Subscription Inquiries: ISIS and HSS Newsletter
Please contact the University of Chicago Press directly, at:
1,.l,i ,,i,.' Ihi .... l ,,,i....., 877-705-1878/877-705-1879
11.,,i 11. i toll free for U.S. and Canada.
Or write University of Chicago Press, Subscription
Fulfillment Manager, PO Box 37005, Chicago, IL


Please notify both the HSS Executive Office and the
University of Chicago Press at the above addresses.

HSS Newsletter

Editorial Policies, Advertising, and Submissions

The History of Science Society Newsletter is published in January, April,
July, and October, and sent to all individual members of the Society; those
who reside outside of North America pay an additional $5 annually to cover
a portion of airmail charges. The Newsletter is available to nonmembers and
institutions for $25 a year.
The Newsletter is edited and desktop published in the Executive Office on an
Apple system using Microsoft Word and Quark. The format and editorial policies
are determined by the Executive Director in consultation with the Committee on
Publications and the Society Editor. All 1.,. rn,,.-, copy must be submitted in
electronic form. Advertisements are accepted on a space- i i ..i I ,,iii ,ii
the Society reserves the right not to accept a submission. The rates are as follows:
Full page (9 x 7.5"), $400; Horizontal or Vertical Half page (4.5 x 7.5"), $220;
Quarter page (3 x 5"), $110. The deadline for insertion orders and camera-ready
copy is six weeks prior to the month of publication (e. g., 20 November for the
January Newsletter) and should be sent to the attention of the HSS Executive
Office at the above address. The deadline for news, announcements, and job/fel-
lowship/ prize listings is firm: The first of the month prior to the month of pub-
11,: iii..11 i i ,,.i- ii.., (feature stories) should be submitted six weeks prior to the
month of publication as e-mail file attachments or on a 3.5" disk 1, ,.. : ,,i a
hard copy). Please send all material to the attention of Michal Meyer at the HSS
address above (e-mail or disk appreciated).

2005 by the History of Science Society

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

Council and Standing Committee Roster, 2005


Angela N. H.Creager
Diane Paul
Lynn K. Nyhart
Michael A. Osborne
Jole R. Shackelford

Michael Sokal, President
Marc Rothenberg, Treasurer

Committee on Education
Brian Dolan, (Chair)
David Rhees
Douglas Allchin
Julie Newell
Robert DeKosky
Margaret Osler, ex officio

Committee on Finances
Marc Rothenberg, (Chair)
Pamela E. Mack
Adam Apt
Ken Ludmerer
Darwin Stapleton

Committee on Honors and
James Secord, (Chair)
Steven Livesey
Mary Terrall
Peter Dear
Karin Wetmore

Elected at Large
Peter Dear
David Hollinger
Bruce Hunt
Naomi Oreskes
Andrea Rusnock

Executive Committee
Joan Cadden, Vice-President
Bernie Lightman, Editor

Past President
John W. Servos

Committee on Meetings and
Jole Shackleford, (Chair)
Bruce Hunt
David Kaiser
Mike Shank
Mary Terrall
Angela Creager
Adrian Johns
Liba Taub
John Krige

Nominating Committee
2005: Anita Guerrini, (Chair)
2005: Cathryn Carson
2005: James Fleming
2005: Lynn K. Nyhart
2005: Jim Secord

Committee on Publications
Spencer Weart, (Chair)
Bruce Hunt
Rima Apple
Karen Parshall

Joseph Dauben
Peggy Kidwell
Ted Porter
Robin Rider
Jessica Wang

Margaret Osler, Secretary
Robert J. Malone, Executive Director,
ex officio, non voting

Paul Farber
Joan Cadden, ex officio

Committee on Research and
the Profession
Mary Jo Nye, (Chair)
Michael Osborne
Joan Richards
Robin Rider
Amy Crumpton
Pam Henson (Women's
Caucus Co-chair)
Marc Rothenberg, (Washington
Nadine Weidman

Women's Caucus
Pam Henson, (Co-chair)
Elizabeth Green Musselman,

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

News and Inquiries

HSS Prizewinners

Front (L to R): Stuart (Bill) Leslie, Robert Kohler, Matthew Reingold
Back (L to R): Alistair Sponsel, Janet Browne, Jeff Hughes, Falk Riess

The History of Science Society awarded the following prizes at its annual meeting
on 20 November 2004 in Austin, Texas: Sarton Medal (for exceptional scholar-
ship over a lifetime) to Robert E. Kohler (University of Pennsylvania). Pfizer
Prize (for the best book aimed at a scholarly audience in the history of science)
to Janet Browne (Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine, London)
;. '. Darwin: The Power of Place. (Princeton University Press; 2003).
Watson Davis and Helen Miles Davis Prize (for the best book in the his-
tory of science intended for a broad audience) to Jeff Hughes (Centre for the
History of Science, Technology & Medicine, University of Manchester) The
Manhattan r- -.... Big Science and the Atomic .. 7' 'i, .,1 i.,Ihi i University
Press/Icon Books; 2003). Margaret W. Rossiter History of Women in
Science Prize (for the best article on women in the history of science) to Paula
Findlen (Stanford University) "The Scientist's Body: The Nature of a Woman
Philosopher in Enlightenment Italy" in The Faces ofNature in Enlightenment
Europe, eds. Lorraine Daston and Gianna Pomata (Berlin: Berliner
Wissenschafts-Verlag, 2003): 211-236. Derek Price/Rod Webster Award
(for the best article in sis) to Scott Knowles (JohnJay College) and Stuart W.
Leslie (Johns Hopkins University) "'Industrial Versailles': Eero Saarinen's
Corporate Campuses for GM, IBM, and AT&T" sis (March 2001). Henry and
Ida Schuman Prize (for the best graduate student essay) to Alistair Sponsel
(Princeton University) "Fathoming the Depth of Charles Darwin's Theory of Coral
Reef Formation: Humboldt, Hydrography, i 1. i ii ..i ii _.. .. .. .- Joseph H.
Hazen Education Prize (for exceptional educational activities in the history
of science) to Falk Riess, Institute of Physics, Carl von Ossietzky University.
The HSS also recognized the late Nathan Reingold for outstanding service to
the history of science.
To read the prize citations, go to http://hssonline.org/meeting/program/
2004 Prize Winners.htm.

New Web Sites from the University of Aberdeen

The sites are part of project LEMUR (Learning with Museum Resources), and con-
sist of a virtual museum and an online database that provides worldwide access to
thousands of the finest objects from the University's Marischal Museum, its Natural
Philosophy Collection, and items from other collections in the University. To look
at the LEMUR sites, please visit http://ww.abdn.ac.uk/virtualmuseum and

European Society for the History of Science Web site

The European Society for the History of Science (ESHS) now has its Web page at
the following address: 1lirp %, I.-i- ...-

Hagley Museum and Library Catalog

The Hagley Museum and Library has loaded over 150,000 c ii ..- i...-:... 1..f i1,
library holdings into the RLG Union Catalog. There will be quarterly updates. For
more information, please see their Web site at http://www.hagleylib.de.us/.

ECHO Announces Launch of Improved Research Center

Science, Technology, and Industry, a project of the Center for History and New
Media, announces the launch of its redesigned, expanded, and improved Research
Center, available at http://echo.gmu.edu. The Research Center is the most compre-
hensive portal for the history of science on the Web, and now includes a searchable
guide to more than 5,000 Web sites on the history of science, technology, and
industry, as well as Web site and annotations, and the latest science news. For
more information about any of Echo's projects and services, visit their Web site, or
e-m ail .:1 .,-- I ,, .: ,, .,.. ,.,

Manhattan Project National Historical Park Study Act

The sites to be studied include the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico,
the Hanford Site in the State .f'.. i,,1 ir... and the Oak Ridge Reservation in
Tennessee. A report will be submitted to I ,-i .... the findings of the study, includ-
ing conclusions and recommendations relating to a proposed national park unit.

Opening of the Bruno de Finetti Papers

The Archives of Scientific I i, ,l'i ,1 part of the University of Pittsburgh Library
System, will be making available the papers of Bruno de Finetti. De Finetti was an
Italian probabilist and statistician, noted for the "operational subjective" concep-
tion of probability. He provided significant contributions to the theory and the foun-
dations of probability, and his work laid the foundation for the modern subjectivist
interpretation of probability. The finding aid to the papers will soon be available
online at http://www.library.pitt.edu/libraries/special/asp/archive.html.

Web Site Available for Forum on Bioethics in Research

A Web site is available for the 5th Global Forum on Bioethics in Research, co-organ-
ized by INSERM with other partners, and held April 2004. Papers and presentations

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

the Austin Meeting

on the theme 'Sharing benefits from research in developing countries: equity and
intellectual property can be found at httpl/www.inserm.fr/Geneweb/
GlobalForum.nsf/Accueil?readform or httpl/www.inserm.fr/Geneweb/
GlobalForum .nsf!/-,' il.- iii' 1..Pi ,,,,. I,..,.1 ,= .

Workshop on the History of Environment and Agriculture
Through Technology and Science

On 1-3 October 2004, students in MIT's graduate program in the History and
Social Study of Science and Technology hosted the first of what is hoped will
become a series of annual Workshops on the History of Environment and
Agriculture through Technology and Science (WHEATS). The goal of WHEATS is to
provide a forum for graduate students and other young scholars working on the
intersecting histories of agriculture, environment, science, and technology to dis-
cuss works-in-progress with peers and established scholars. Next year's workshop
will be hosted by the University of Virginia.

Publication of 2004: Women Scholars and Institutions

Sona Strbmnovi, Ida H. Stamhuis and Katerina Mojsejovi (eds.), have published

2004: Women Scholars and Institutions, proceedings of the conference held June
8-11, 2003 in Prague. The work is 850 pp. in two volumes (Prague, Research
Centre for the History of Sciences and Humanities).

New Dictionary of Scientific Biography: An Appeal

Charles Scribners Sons is planning to publish eight new volumes of the
Dictionary of ,. F .'. .. i'. They also plan to issue an electronic ver-
sion of the .i;..II ,1 '.-- that will then be integrated with the electronic version
of the new volumes. The New 1' .ill influence future science studies, but the
editors need your expertise. Help them decide which scientists to include and
who should write about them. Though there will be brief commentaries to sup-
plement a limited number of older articles, the editors will concentrate on
adding new entries, both for scientists from the earlier period who had been
omitted (such as E. E. Just or Alfred Kinsey) and scientists from the last half of
the twentieth century (e.g., Richard Feynman or Barbara McClintock). Please
send '.... iI.i-:'.,Ii,, to either of the Web sites: li1l .--..: il.:-edit.com/or
http://www.indiana.edu/ -newdsb. You can also email the editorial office at:
newdsb@indiana.edu, or the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Noretta Koertge, at:

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

News From the History of Medicine Division of the
National Library of Medicine

Index-Catalogue Now on World Wide Web: The Index-CI i.,1.. ,., .. f 1 i
Library of the Surgeon-General's Office is now on the World Wide Web at
http://indexcat.nlm.nih.gov/. Published from 1880-1961, this mammoth work of
3.7 million references was one of the chief .,I, i.,i l' h ii tools for ..I .. iii. ., -,f
clinicians and laboratory scientists. Over time, the Index-Catalogue became one of
the pf 1 ii1' 1i i. il. ;'! I11'1 i: ii tools for medical historians and is now available in
digital form without charge to users.
Shell-Shock: ..nii ii. Hells Within the Minds War Made': War and Trauma in
the 20th I ..rIi an exhibit on shell-shock and post-traumatic stress syndrome,
opened in the History of Medicine Division on 9 November. 'Strange Hells' explores
shell-shock during WWI and the medical and cultural responses to it, especially in
literary accounts proliferating during and after the war The exhibit also traces shell-
shock's antecedents and its later manifestations in other twentieth-century wars. It
will be on display through 31 May, 2005 at: The N I. 1 il i I hi II of Medicine, 8600
Rockville Pike, Bethesda, Maryland, 20895.
Traveling Exhibit: The History of Medicine Exhibition Program has just pro-
duced a ten-panel exhibition entitled, 'An Odyssey of Knowledge: Medieval
Manuscripts and Early Printed Books from the N ir.. i, i I ,i II of Medicine.'
Premiered at the International Congress for the History of Medicine in Ban, Italy, in
September, it will tour libraries throughout the world. Contact: Kevin Schlesier:
h,. -i,_, i. i,, iil., ii.i i..,. Phone: 301.435.1518.
New Medical History Web sites: The History of Medicine Division has mount-
ed recently three new exhibition Web sites. The first is 'Francisco Goya Prints at
NLM,' available at http://www.nlm.nih,r. 1, i '1 -.. I i'1,. lihii, The second, 'So,
What's New in the Past?' is available at http//wwwnlm.nih.gov/hmd/sowhatsnew/
index.html. The third, 'Tempest in a Teapot: Tea & Politics & Health' is available at
http://ww.nlm.nih.gov/hmd/teapot/index.html. For more information, please con-
tact Phil Teigen at: 1'. i- "-i .,i **.

New Editors and Expanded Book Series on "Women,
Gender, and Health"

Announcing new editors and an expanded book series on ':..,.,i, ., Gender, and
Health" at Ohio State University Press. Under new co-editors Susan L. Smith
(University of Alberta, Canada) and Nancy Tomes (State University of New York,
Stony Brook), the series continues its longstanding focus on the history of women
and health, while expanding to include two additional areas: gender, masculinity,
and health; and race, ethnicity, and health. Works in the series examine the history
of sickness, health, and healing in relation to health workers, activists, and patients.
They also explore the ways in which issues of gender, race, ethnicity, and health
have reflected and shaped beliefs, values, and power dynamics in society Inquiries
should be directed to Heather Lee Miller at The Ohio State University Press, at:
m iller.l-i 14: ., ...1. ...- iu

Reminder: The Isis .'.. ,'/i from 1975 to the present is available
online with the Research Libraries Group (RLG). Members of the Society may
access the RLG Web site and the History of Science and Technology Database
(HST) through the HSS homepage at http://hssonline.org. RLG has assigned
us "Y6.G19" as a "User Name" and "HSSDEMO" as a I i, ... i"

Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes

r space. For r the
latestannouncements, please visit our I '* i' does not
rfor .. . of any item, andpotential applicants should veri
fall details, '' F interest. Those
who wish topublih a grant, fellowship, or prize announcement should send an electron-

Bakken Library
Each year the Bakken Library and Museum in Minneapolis offers Visiting
Research Fellowships and Research Travel Grants to facilitate research in its collection of
books, journals, manuscripts, and instruments. The subject of the Bakken's collections is
the history of electricity and magnetism with a focus on their roles in the life sciences
and medicine. Significant holdings include the works of natural philosophers, scientists,
physicians, electro-therapists, II..1 l...n..1.:r 1 ,,, i,, ..f 11 18th, 19th, and early 20th
centuries. Related subjects and materials include mesmerism, animal magnetism, and
1i i i. n ri 'l. 1 1 11 i..ii to works documenting the lil..,i- -,f ,' -I l, ':hlIl..' I ':lii: ,1
research, and phrenology Also of interest are collections of 19th-century medical and
electro-medical ephemera, miscellaneous scientists' letters, and trade catalogues. The
instrument collection indudes electrostatic generators, magneto-electric generators,
induction coils, physiological instruments, recording devices, and accessories. Visiting
Research Fellowships up to a maximum of $1 :.i ,i ,.. i., help defray the expenses of
travl, subsistence, and other direct costs of conducting research at The Bakken. The
minimum period of residence is two weeks. Preference is given to researchers who are
interested in collaborating with The Bakken I.1.. Mil d. I I,, Il.. 1PI.i"' in"' The deadline
for applications is 15 February 2005. Travel Grants up to a maximum of $500 (domes-
tic) and $750 t. i.,..-i, are to help defray the expenses of travel, subsistence, and other
direct costs of conducting research at The Bakken. The minimum period of residence is
one week. Application may be made at any time during the calendar year For applica-
tion guidelines or further information, please contact: Elizabeth Ihrig, Librarian, The
B i-i. li.,i Ir and Museum, 3537 Zenith Avenue So., Minneapolis, MN., 55416, tel 612-
926-3878 ext. 227, fax I 1) 927-7265, e-mail II,,11,11- .11. li.. 11-.1 .1 .. Web site:
tlrrt. il,,.i i-i.. I....._ click on i il iv; or "Research."

Best Article: North American Science
The Forum for the History of Science in America seeks nominations for the
best article, published in English in 2002, 21 I ,. or 2004, by a scholar who has received a
Ph.D. within the last ten years (1995 or later). The subject area- the history of North
American Science includes Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the United States.
Authors may nominate themselves. Nominations are due May 15, 2005 and may be sent
to: Daniel Goldstein; University of California; Davis; Shields Library; Humanities and
Social Sciences Department 100 NW Quad; Davis CA 95616-5292, or e-li I il..i i 1... ,...,i-
stein@ucdavis.edu. The Forum Prize will be awarded at the general meeting of the
Forum to be held at the History of Science Society meeting in Minneapolis, November 3-

The Victor and Joy Wouk Grant-in-Aid Program
California Institute of Technology Grants-in-Aid offers research assistance of
up to $2000 for work in the Papers of Victor Wouk in the Caltech Archives. The Maurice
A. Biot Archives Fund and other designated funds offer research assistance up to $1500 to
use the collections of the Caltech Archives. For all funds, applications will be accepted
from students working towards a graduate degree or from established scholars. For
further information on holdings and online resources, please consult the Archives' Web
page: http//archives.-caltech.edu. Applications will be reviewed quarterly: onJanuaiy 1,
April 1,July 1 and October 1 of each year

Andrew W. Mellon Travel Fellowship Program
The University of Oklahoma announces the Andrew W Mellon Trawl Fellowship
I., ...- l.ii f, ,* i ir..i I,, make use of the History of Science Collections. Proposals from
scholars at both predoctoral and postdoctoral levels will be evaluated continuously upon
receipt, and funds awarded shortly after the decision is made. For information, please
contact: University of Oklahoma, The Andrew W Mellon Travel Fellowship Program,
Bizzell Library, 401 West Brooks, Room 521, Norman, OK 73019-0528, e-mail: kmagrud-
(i, ,I, 1.1 ,.,i., i ,-.,. ,, ,1.1, i. Web site: http/libraries.ou.edu/etc/histsci/mellon.asp.

Wellcome Trusts Annual Master's Award and Doctoral Student
The Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge
invites applications from candidates with interests in all areas of history of medicine
who would like to be nominated for the Wellcome Trust's annual master's award and
doctoral studentship competitions. The Department also invites applications for two
doctoral studentships funded by a five-year Wellcome enhancement award in history of
medicine. We seek outstanding candidates whose research would fall in the field 'From
Generation to Reproduction', i.e.-l. ..... % 1 .i 1 I, 11 . .lii ii.. -i I,,. i fl .. 1.. ii,.' 1500,
our world of reproductive practice and controversy was created. For information about
the Department, see http://wwwhps.cam.ac.uk/. For details of the studentships, please
see httpA/vww.hps.cam.ac.uk/studying/funding.html. Click on 'Wellcome Trust
Awards.' Informal inquiries may be made to the teaching officer with the most relevant
interests. Applications should be submitted through the Board of Graduate Studies.

2005 Lawrence Memorial Fund
The Award Committee of the Lawrence Memorial Fund invites nominations for the 2005
Lawrence Memorial Award. The annual award of $2,000 is given to support travel for
doctoral dissertation research in systematic botany or horticulture, or the history of the
plant sciences, including literature and exploration. Professors are urged to nominate
outstanding doctoral students who have achieved official candidacy for their degrees and
will be conducting dissertation research that would benefit significantly from travel
enabled by the Award. The Committee will not entertain direct applications. A student
who wishes to be considered should arrange for nomination by his/her major professor;
this may take the form of a letter which covers supporting materials prepared by the
nominee. Letters of nomination and supporting materials, including seconding letters,
should be received by the Committee no later than 1 May 2005 and should be directed
to: Dr. R. W Kiger Hunt Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000, Forbes Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890. Tel: (1412) : -i. 2,4

2006 Smithsonian Institution Libraries Resident Scholar Programs
The Smithsonian Institution Libraries (SIL) ii. ii,.' ,1.1.: iri.. ii, f..I I1, r,. Ii..' I"''
designed for scholars to use SIL Special Collections for the calendar year 2006. Each pro-
"I ,,i I, ,11.1, iril..i1] if $'2 :1I11 II ..ll Ih fIr up to six months. Scholars mustbe in
residence at the Smithsonian. Dibner Library Resident Scholars will do research in the
Dibner Library of the History of Science and T.: l..l..m I. il1 .. r Resident Scholars
will do research in other SIL Special Collections located in" :' l..i .1i, ID and New
York( ir I ii. I IllhI. t, i 1,pl..: i r in. t .,, I lli, 1 '. iiii, 1 March 2005. For application
materials and further information visit our Web site at: httpA/www.sil.si.edu/. You may
also e-mail SILResidentScholars@si.edu, or write to: Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Resident Scholar Programs, PO. Box 37012, NMAH 1041, MRC 672,'.: ,l 111 i-ii. I D
20013-7012, USA. Phone: 202.63.3872; fax: 202.633.9102.

Alwyne Wheeler Bursary Travel
Those expecting to attend SHNH meetings are reminded about the Alwyne Wheeler
Bursary to support travel by young scholars to meetings of the Society The award
indudes up to GBP100 (or equivalent) for travel to the meeting, plus conference regis-
tration. One bursary will be awarded per year Preference will be for applicants who con-

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005
tribute a paper or other presentation at the annual Spring meeting of the Society Bursary
recipients will be invited to submit a paper to the Societys journal,Archives ofNatural
History, subject to normal review processes. The application deadline is thirty days prior
to the meeting. Applicants need not be members of the Society Application forms, notes
for guidance, and a diary ofi' I... r.1.-;, iil ii .. ii,, ..i;-i the Society's newsletter and
Webso,. larr,, J.. inii and from the SHNH Secetary c/o The Natural History
Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD, UK. I -i. i ...:.,IrI. ._ ,.il ,,I

The Nathan Reingold Prize

The Awards Banquet this year
I was a bittersweet experience
for the many friends of Nathan
Reingold. The o.. .. r I ..:
nized Nate, as he was known to
all of us, with a special citation
for his many years of service to
the discipline and to the Society,
his pioneering research in the
history of American science, and
S his mentoring of a generation of
historians. In addition, President
Michael Sokal announced that
the Henry and Ida Schuman
Prize, given annually for the best
Nathan Reingod, 19 4 graduate student essay, and pre-
viously unendowed, had been endowed and renamed the Nathan Reingold
Prize, effective in 2005. Unfortunately, Reingold did not live to see the honors
paid to him. He died October 30 at his home in Bethesda, Maryland, at the age
of 77. At the banquet he was represented by his eldest son, Matthew
The author or editor of six books, five volumes of The Papers ofJoseph
Henry, and dozens of essays, Reingold was instrumental in transforming the
history of American science into a major arena of historical research. He did so
while spending almost his entire career as a government employee. He came to
Washington, D.C. in 1951, with a Ph.D. in American Civilization from the
University of Pennsylvania, to work at the National Archives. Subsequently, he
moved to the Library of Congress (1959) and then to the Smithsonian
Institution (1966). After nineteen years as editor of the papers of Joseph Henry,
Reingold became senior historian at the National Museum of American History.
He retired in 1993.
His retirement was marred by a severe stroke which confined him to a
wheelchair. Nonetheless, he managed to attend colloquia and seminars at the
N I I., 11 ii ir ,i ,I- of Medicine, which was just a few blocks from his home, and
the Smithsonian. He was aware of, and quite touched by, the decision of the
Society to honor him and of the effort to raise the endowment for the Reingold
Prize. It was a sign of the great love and appreciation that many had for him
both inside and outside our discipline that the necessary endowment was raised
in less than nine months from historians of science and technology including
many of his former pre- and post-doctoral fellows at the Smithsonian -
archivists, librarians, and former staff at the Henry Papers.
Once, while reflecting on his career, he commented that "I have always
tried to arrange things so that I could always have fun." And he did.

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005


An Interview with Margaret Osler
By Michal Meyer

At her first HSS annual meeting Margaret Osler found herself hobnobbing with
familiar faces -faces she had seen on the bookjackets in her library "It was 1968.
There were no parallel sessions and very few people turned up because there was a flu
epidemic in New York. As a brand new Ph.D., I found myself in a mom having drinks
with all the big shots. In those years it was inclusive, not hierarchical."
Times have changed, she says. There are more members, greater professional-
ization, and a job market that collapsed at roughly the same time that Osler found
herself on the job market.
Since that time, she has worked at OC.. i-.. 1 i. University, Harvey Mudd College
in Claremont, California, Wake Forest in North Carolina, and for the past 30 years,
Canada's University of Calgary.
11 I. ..- i. fl new Ph.Ds. But there are jobs, and if you're willing to move any-
where and be broader than your specialization then there are options. I've been in
history departments, science departments, philosophy departments. I've taught phi-
losophy of science, history of science, ,i i. h, 1I
These days, Osler is herself a big shot in the HSS. As Secretary to -1I... ..:.. r she
is as dedicated a note-taker as she was in her student days. "I go to Executive
Committee meetings where I mostly take notes. I participate in all the discussions
about governing the society The Society has an endowment of over two million dol-
lars, the income of which funds much of what the Society does. We spend a lot of
time talking about different activities, funding, budgets, and preserving the endow-
ment." Right now, she adds, the HSS is renegotiating the Isis and Osiris contracts with
the University of Chicago Press and is running a big fundraising campaign to endow
the HSS I., Ai ii. -i ii, i, I 1 ,,
Recognizing the benefits given
by the Current i:7 I (CB)
is important to Osler. Her own con-
tribution was given as a pledge,
spread over a number of years,
though the whole amount goes
into the current,. 11 i::....i lin, .
"The fact that it's a matching
grant is a motivation, and that it's
for the CB. It's the major research
tool I use; I've used it forever and
now that it's available online it's
even more useful. It's a way of
finding things, seeing what is the
state of the scholarship, and for
training graduate students."
Osler first studied math, before
switching to philosophy in her
undergraduate years at Swarth-
more. She wanted to study philoso-
phy of science at the graduate level,
but in a program that also includ-
ed history of science. After exposure k
to Richard ':.. ,rt itI lectures and
E. A. Burtt's work she decided to I
approach early modem issues
through the history of science.

"I've never figured out whether I'm a philosopher or a historian. I'm a philo-
sophically informed historian. I deal with the philosophy of science ideas.
The old master narrative the Koyre, Westfall, Burtt view of the Scientific
Revolution has fragmented; it has been taken apart by social history of science, by
seeing the lingering Aristotelianism in the Early Modem period, and by looking at
alchemy and -I1., ,1 ._- which were previously despised because they were not 'sci-
entific.' Instead of looking at the roots of modem science we're looking at what peo-
ple at the time were doing. It's a less teleological approach."
Her graduate-school experiences were different from her current approach. In
the mid-Sixties, at Indiana University, the HPS program was positivistic. '.:.. I i/,
read Kuhn outside of class. I have a copy of the first edition [of Kuhn] with all sorts
of remarks in the margin. It was an 'oh wow' experience, an opening of my mind to
things, but also critical because I was coming from a very different tradition."
Osler's views changed over time, but she says i .. .1 -1. I I 1, .-i time to articu-
late just what had changed, though the new ideas were bubbling out in her teaching
and research. Betty Jo Dobbs's work on Newton was critical to Osler's reevaluation of
the early-modem period. "Newton was regarded as the culmination of the tradition-
al account of the Scientific Revolution, so if he was preoccupied with questions
1. ..1. i,., .1. ._.- and God's activity in the world and alchemy then it seemed we would
need to reexamine what his predecessors were doing."
Dobbs acted as Osler's mentor in the Eighties. It was, she says, almost like hav-
ing a graduate supervisor all over again. "Another person who expunged the last bit
of the old view was Andrew Cunningham. He emphasized what natural philosophy
was rather than what science is. I encountered his
stuff in the early Nineties, when I was ready for it.
From Westfall and Dobbs I got the habit of
careful scholarship. From Dobbs, that our charac-
ters were up to something very different from the
anachronistic view -f il,.. .1.1 Lhi,i- ,i i,. ,1 ,p That
was reinforced by Cunningham." Discussions with
Larry Principe at a 1996 workshop on late
medieval and early modem corpuscular matter
theory finally brought Osler's reevaluations into
the light of day.
During that time of reevaluation Osler wrote
Divine i and the Mechanical Philosophy:
Gassendi and Descartes on .. .. and
Necessity in the Created World 'I ,,i._..:
University Press, 1994). More recently she has edit-
ed Rethinking ; .. .. Revolution
,I ,ii.'N uI-, University Press, 2000). Currently,
Osler is working on a book that spans the period
1500 to 1700. It is an attempt to understand the
intellectual changes within the disciplines as they
were defined then, rather than as defined now. Her
regular research is about the interrelationships
between -I1..1._.: and natural philosophy in the
early modem period, especially regarding
Gassendi, Boyle, Newton, and Descartes. "I'm
interested in the way in which concepts in theolo-
gy become translated into concepts in science or

natural philosophy; for example, ideas about God's relation to creation turned into
different theories of matter and different approaches to howwe know the world."
Assumptions and how to recognize them and their effects on historiography is
another interest. "Gassendi, for example, is described as a libertine. I checked his
writings and they are permeated with -1I..,-1..*- He was a priest who had a reputa-
tion for piety I checked the histories and found that the word 'libertine' [in
describing Gassendi] first turns up in 1943 in Occupied France. The writer, Rene
Pintard, wrote about libertinism and skepticism as a refuge from Nazi tyranny.
Afterwards, the received wisdom was that Gassendi was a libertine and that the
-i .......: % just a ruse to cover up his libertinism. We need to understand how
we as historians acquire the assumptions that inform .1.11 ..,il
The mixing of science and religion has occasionally pushed Osler in front of a
sometimes unfriendly public eye. Last year, she was invited to speak to the combined
forces of the Alberta Skeptics and the Alberta Society of Secular Humanists. "I gave a
talk about how science and religion should not be considered enemies, and that his-
torically a 1 .1iiif 11..1.._.i : 11. 1.. i, have been transformed into scientific ideas. They
were very upset because I wasn't trashing religion."
And sometimes that public eye has been indifferent. An interviewer for the
.' i Herald once called to discuss new issues about the relationship between
science and religion, particularly the theory of intelligent design. Osler did not real-
ize she was being interviewed. "I told him that it was really the old argument from
design and, as we all know, that is 'j,., i i,:I ,:i . i. 1i I the reporter called back,
Osler asked him to remove the offending words. He refused, and the article appeared
in the religion page on Easter Sunday "I pulled down the blinds and ducked under
the windows. I got only one phone call from a fan. I was surprised. To put this in
context, the Herald, in conservative southern Alberta, frequently publishes a raft of
letters defending creationism over evolution."
Osler's home town is a big city a long way from anywhere. The remoteness does
come with advantages, she says. Because the city serves such a huge area it has a lot
more going on than a comparably sized city in the U.S.

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

All Canadian universities are public, provincially-funded institutions. Most
of them, says Osler, are like large state universities of the U.S. Unlike the U.S.,
however, most undergraduates stay at home and attend their local university.
"I've had some of the best students you could imagine and some of the worst.
It's a much less individualistic society and this attitude has an impact on the
way education works. Canadians talk ail,'. ,,:i ..:... ll.ir about education being
available without economic barriers, but there is a confusion between accessi-
bility in this sense and academic merit as a criterion for university admission. I
find that very frustrating."
Osler sees a decline of the liberal arts in universities and the rise of careerism.
One symptom is the decaying linguistic skills of students, due in part to the pressure
to turn out graduate students in a timely fashion. "Renaissance studies require
knowledge of at least Latin, Italian, and German. Most graduate students aren't will-
ing to take the time to learn all those languages. Few scholars can cross the
Channel, and that focus on English science distorts the field."
These days, granting agencies are swapping the humanistic model for the
science model, Osler believes. "They are asking for team research and are
emphasizing utility. What use is a historian of science? My parents were both
academics. As a child I used to say that my parents are both doctors and they've
never done anyone any good."
They did a good job for a daughter growing up in the Fifties. Osler describes
a dinner table that was a hive of debates, arguments, and questions. "The discus-
sions at home motivated the direction I took, even though the views I hold would
be anathema to my parents. If we really want to know what motivated our histor-
ical characters then we should look at what went on at their dinner tables while
they were growing up. Unfortunately, it's inaccessible in many cases."
From discussions at home, Oslers thoughts turn to HSS. "It's my professional
home. In addition to the intellectual benefits of keeping abreast of new developments
in the field, it's a place to keep in contact with old friends and also a place where I've
made new friends. It has been and continues to be an important focus for me." [

Request for Prize Nominations

Please nominate books (publication date 2002-2004) or individuals for the following prizes:
(Nominations can be made online at http://hssonline.org click on Society Awards)

Nathan Reingold Prize (formerly known as the Schuman Prize) for best graduate-student essay

Margaret W. Rossiter History of Women in Science Prize for the best book on women in the history of science
(Books published from 2001 to 2004 are eligible)

Derek Price/Rod Webster Prize for the best article in Isis

Joseph H. Hazen Education Prize for exceptional educational activities in the history of science

Watson Davis and Helen Miles Davis Prize for best book in history of science intended for a broad audience

Pfizer Award for best book aimed at a scholarly audience in history of science

Sarton Medal for exceptional scholarship over a lifetime

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

Award Citations for HSS Special Interest Groups
Forum for the History of Human Sciences

2004 Burnham Award
T he human sciences promise a better understanding of human behavior, human
thought, and human choice. Championing the predictive power of their objective
il: ii.... ,, ,.. the practitioners of human science offer forecasts of future develop-
ments, as well as informed analyses of past events. The winner of the 2004
FHHS/JHBS John C. Burnham Early Career Award addresses crucial issues in the
development of one area of human science that has played an important role in
American politics and culture since World War II, the public opinion poll.
In "Roper, Gallup, and the 'Man in the Street': Producing the Public Through
the Polls, 1936-1953," Sarah Ig, has given historical perspective to a scientific activity
that still demands attention and scrutiny.
Igo -.. 1- ..] il... 1 i ..r i n. ., .. f previous scholars that "social and political
polling ... was inextricably tied to commercial research" to a more intimate examina-
tion of just how t I...I .i ..,..nf i .i iiii.ii..ii.l..-I operated and developed in the first
three decades of its existence. Igo explains important shifts in -1I.. 1,. i,1. l ... -. for
example, from quota sampling to more random probability sampling as well as the
personal efforts of the Roper and Gallup interviewers, who were mostly middle-class
women. The author carefully documents how the assumptions and prejudices of the
1940s andl950s colored the "scientific data." She also indicates essential failures of the
social scientific community, who began to scrutinize the ii. ..l 1... -I only after the
pollsters' miscall of the 1948 presidential election threatened the reputation of their
fragile new industry Only a historian who understands the broad social and political
trends in the USA, as %,.11 i, ,i.ir,r, ..: ..:i 11 l :1 ,,..- and political theory, could ren-
der such a convincing account. The research is deep, broad, and complex. It draws on
popular press as well as technical literature and personal papers; it shows the intimate
connection that polling had with commercial advertising (its essential origin) and the
democratic and scientific ideals of the founders, whose names still grace the polling
results. The article is a cautionary tale about social and human sciences. It is ironic, for
example, that Roper, whose background was pure business, was actually more sensitive
to :-. il.11.. .._, : i1 lp.il l.l iI,, i,,l... .. of minority opinion, than was the famous Dr.
Gallup, with his Ph.D. i, ll li.!" ,1 .:1 ..1..-i The careful reader of this article is likely to
come up with more questions than answers, though the article explains much. What
seems clear is that the pollsters, with their good intentions to use science for democracy,
could not divert the very strong currents toward homogenization and corporatism in
American culture. Ultimately, they could only aid in the process and help create that
"man in the street."
The committee chose this winner well before the 2004 presidential election. So
we must note with some astonishment the predictive power in this historical analysis.
This time the exit polls showed that the president would not be re-elected, so another
failure of the pollsters has sent the experts scurrying to readjust their methods to
restore public confidence and corporate support for their "science." i 'i ..i ,.,i i r. ,,,,
Sarah Igo, you called this one pretty well!
David K Robinson, Truman State University

Forum for the History of Science in America 2004 Book Prize
(Note: This citation was edited for space.)
The Forum for the History of American Science has chosen PeterJ. Westwick, a
postdoctoral fellow at the California Institute of Technology, as the recipient for
this year's prize for his first book, The National Labs: Science in theAmerican
System, 1947 1974. Published in 2003 by Harvard University Press, and based on
his dissertation in the history of science at the University of ili .1 I .I i 1i. i,. I,
National Labs is a dynamic and highly readable account of the evolution and

expansion of Atomic Energy Commission related laboratories within the burgeoning
academic-military-industrial complex during the postwar period. The author draws
upon numerous unclassified archival sources to examine how scientists and govern-
ment officials capitalized on both wartime success and early postwar period chaos to
leverage new and existing economic, institutional, and political resources. In so doing
they were able to redraw and reshape the boundaries of science in the United States in
the period between World War II and end of the Vietnam War.
Through a case study approach of federal laboratories at Argonne, Berkeley,
Brookhaven, and Oak Ridge, the author analyzes the complex. 1 iii..l i, 1, 1i 1. .i
scientists, engineers, project managers, military officers, and government bureau-
crats as they struggled to build a series of separate yet interconnected laboratories. In
creating a historical lens that focuses as much on the science and technology as the
institutions and the funding streams that made them possible, Westwick builds upon
and often challenges our current historiographic understanding of both postwar sci-
entific practice and the phenomenon of "big science." He does this in a number of
ways not the least being his introduction of the term systemicity that he defines as
i.. .:..iIi....:ri.. 1111i i. 11 11 ll ii-. i l dl .1. 11 I ; and the ways in which interactions
among the labs influence their evolution."
Building upon this theme of connections and interactions, Westwick shows that
the laboratories, and the research that was carried out within their walls, were a
function of a complex and often tendentious series of i.. -ii..i i ....- i ..i i Iii ul.-: by
historical actors coming from academe, industry and government service. At the
same time, the mission of the national labs was unique, as it was driven by the
seemingly antithetical goals of carrying out basic research while simultaneously pro-
viding the weapons and systems needed for national security The success and failure
of various projects as diverse as the design and construction of particle accelerators,
bubble chambers, and operational thermonuclear weapons was coupled with work
on photosynthesis, radioisotopes, and magnetohydrodynamics. It was the diversity of
these types of projects, and the ability of project managers to anticipate or initiate
funding trends for both big and small scientific and engineering projects, that
allowed these increasingly large and ever more expensive facilities to survive and
often prosper as the US economy surged and hiccuped during the 1960s and 1970s.
Drawing upon models used by ,biI .ii ii ..f bi ...i i.. 1 I..:11 ..l.1.-. the author
shows that competition, .,:,..,.iii..: i 11.1I, ldr :iii] ..r. Ii ir..1, 1 utility were often as
vital to the success of these laboratories as was the completion of more complex
research and development projects. Through processes involving compartmentalization,
decentralization, and diversification these laboratories and their personnel became sur-
prisingly nimble, despite their large size, ii ,i1 i1pil -,; (if not quickly) to changing
national and international research agendas. In short, the author demonstrates that the
research priorities of these diverse and :unr.i ill .,. p11 1. 111.l1-1 I ,,..i... .were often
linked directly to larger trends in postwar science in both the physical and biomedical
sciences. Westwick allows readers to reconceptualize the national laboratory system.
Here we see that far from being monolithic entities, these laboratories each had unique
cultural and institutional identities. It was these unique research and project identities
that allowed them to compete successfully throughout the Cold War period. In describ-
ing this complex and often vibrant process, Westwick ultimately provides us with a cau-
tionary tale of scientific and institutional success. This is important as well as timely
since the war on terror may yet provide scientists and engineers with the kinds of politi-
cal and economic opportunities we now associate with the Cold War. Whatever the
future may hold, present-day historians will learn much from The National Labs. Peter
Westwick has shown us that the past we thought we knewwas more complex and much
more interesting than we imagined.
GerardJ. Fitzgerald Dibnerinstitutefor .. . ...... .i' ..; ..i. 'M f


The.. .. announcements have been edited for space. For full descrip-
tions and for the latest announcements, please visit
http//www.hssonline.org. T.-. does ... ..u r for the
accuracy of any item, and interestedpersons should 1'..' Those who
wish to publish a job announcement should send an electronic version of the
* to newsletter@hssonline.org.

The Department of Medical History and Bioethics at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison invites applications for a Visiting
Lecturer or Visiting Assistant/Associate Professor appointment for the 2005-06
academic year, to teach upper-division undergraduate courses and graduate
courses in history of medicine and to participate in the Department's Medical
School offerings. Application materials, including letter of application, c.v,
writing sample, a proposed syllabus, and three letters of recommendation,
are due January 31, 2005. Please send to: Warwick Anderson, Chair,
Department of Medical History and Bioethics, University of Wisconsin, 1300
University Ave, Madison, WI 53706.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Division
of Social Science seeks to appoint a Research Assistant Professor in the
field of Science, Technology, and Society (STS), to join them in Summer 2005
(pending budgetary approval). We invite applications from candidates with
appropriate teaching experience and an excellent research record in the
social studies of science and technology and/or innovation systems research.
We particularly welcome scholars who have a strong research program related
to development in the Asia-Pacific region. Appointments will be for a two-year
period beginning in July 2005, with the possibility of renewal. The appointee
will be required to teach three courses a year at both the undergraduate and
postgraduate levels. No administrative duties will be required. The successful
appointee will be expected to secure funding for a major research project in
Fall 2005. For more information please e-mail the Search Committee at
sosearch@ust.hk. For further information see http://www.ust.hk/-websosc/.
The deadline for application is 31 January 2005.

The University of California, Los Angeles is seeking to hire an
Assistant, Associate or Full Professor, specializing in history of genetics and
recent biology. For more information, please see http://www.hssonline.org/

The Program in Science, Technology and Society at Colby College
invites applications for a one-year replacement position in STS at the rank of
Instructor or Assistant Professor beginning September 1, 2005. Possibility of
renewal for a second year pending administrative approval. We are interested in
a specialist in the history of the modern life sciences in such areas as bioethics,
biotechnology, race and gender, and genomic research. Please send application
materials to: Prof. PaulJosephson, Chair, STS Program, Colby College, 5320
Mayflower Hill, Waterville, ME 04901. E-mail: prjoseph@colby.edu. Review
of applications will begin on December 15, 2004 and will continue until the
position is filled. For more information about the College, please visit the Colby
Web site at http://www.colby.edu/.

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

Awards, Honors, and


Barbara Becker's article "Celestial Spectroscopy: Making Reality Fit the Myth,"
published in the journal Science last year has been included in The BestAmerican
Science Writing 2004, edited by Dava Sobel (HarperCollins, ,I li which has just
appeared on bookshelves.

The Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of I 'I ,i.,.
U.K., has secured core funding in the history of medicine from the Wellcome Trust.
Funding for studentships, research leave, a Web site, seminars, workshops and confer-
ences has been awarded to Nick Hopwood (history of modem medicine and biolo-
gy), John Forrester (history and philosophy of psychoanalysis and psychiatry),
Lauren Kassell (early modem medicine), James Secord (history of life sci-
ences), and Nick Jardine (history of natural history and historiography of medi-
cine). The grant will be used specifically to build expertise in the area 'From genera-
tion to reproduction,' within which the award-holders will intensify efforts to show
how, since 1500, our world of reproductive practices and controversy was created.

Last August, the Mexican Society for the History of Science and Technology
(MSHST), awarded Juan Jos4 Saldaiia with the "Academic Gold Medal" for his
outstanding work as science historian, teacher and promoter of the discipline in
Mexico and the rest of Latin America during the last two decades. Other historians
fi'"' ,, '.p inJ' 1l -i .;, countries were also awarded "Academic Silver Medals" to
honor their work as historians of science and technology. These were Antonio
Lafuente from Spain, Luis Carlos Arboleda from I .1. i .i I 1 .,i the Mexican
researchers Fernando Martinez, Maria Luisa Rodriguez, Teresa Rojas,
Elias Trabulse, and Carlos Viesca.

Helga Satzinger will take up a Readership at UCL in the History of 20th-Century
Biomedicine inJanuary 2005. In addition to publishing numerous articles on the his-
tory of genetics, hormonal research, and other biomedical topics, she has taught on a
range of subjects from the consequence, -f il,.. 1, i...:11 i.. -..i: 11 i .. ... 1..11 n to political
ecology, women in science, and genetic engineering and reproductive technologies.

The Forum for the History of Science in America presented Peter J. Westwick
its 2004 Prize for his The National Labs: Science in an American System, 1947
1974. Harvard University Press, 2003.

Sarah Igo the winner of the 2004 FHHS/JHBSJohn C. Bumham Early Career
Award, addresses crucial issues in the development of one area of human science
that has played an important role in American politics and culture since World
War II, the public opinion poll. In "Roper, Gallup, and the 'Man in the Street':
Producing the Public Through the Polls, 1936-1953,"Sarah Igo has given histori-
cal perspective to a scientific activity that still demands attention and scrutiny.

Danica T. Harbaugh is the recipient of the 2004 Lawrence Memorial Award. For
her dissertation research, she has undertaken a study of Santalum (Santalaceae),
which includes the sandalwoods, and is constructing a phylogeny of the entire
genus. The proceeds of the Award will help support her travel to islands of the South
Pacific and to India for field research.

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

Innovations in Education (Series Editor Paul Lawrence Farber, Oregon State University)

Teaching the History of Sexuality
By Robert Nye, Oregon State University

tahe history of sexuality permits an instructor to accomplish a remarkably wide range of
tasks. Itis an ., II. ili 1, .....'. I ''i I'' i i .I from the history of science and medi-
cine to students in the humanities, and it is an opportunity to introduce science and pre-
med students to sophisticated analyses of science and medicine as forms of knowledge and
practice that have ... .... i :,,, ,i it .. i tim e I, i il, i :1. 11.:ii i.i ,, i iii of cul-
ture, t ,:1 1 ,1 -I.: i 1 ,:1, 11l -- and the constraints of law Though the field is young, it pos-
sesses a plethora of interdisciplinary secondary materials, reprinted primary sources, and
scholarly journals. Finally, the history of sexuality deals with subjects that interest most
individuals deeply and personally and that touch on issues of political and ethical curren-
cy of great im portance. One of -I. ,:1 I ll .. t 1 1. I,:l i:.111 11, 1 I ll I 11 in ,:
between these personal and contemporary concems and sound historical method.
Because they think they know their ii ii li. 11 i. i-i, 1 I 1 1i., 11i; assume -1 1. :11.
the history of sexualitywith a head start; in no subject I have- i' i 11, i l. I- a greater
temptation than this one, to draw conclusions about the past based on personal experience
and contemporary truisms. As a consequence, there is an incomparable- 1 ii' 1.. : 11 11.
faction in teaching students to historicize what they have taken to be "natural" and deter-
mined. Though some students may find this procedure unsettling, others are deeply trans-
formed by the experience of rethinking their own sexual desire and that of others, and by
.1 l, t1, ii i, III. I,,. Ii. that societies have made about sexuality have, within certain
limits, continued to evolve. Since the history of sexuality possesses a considerable potential
S,:l ill. 1 I. 11, i I undermine personal and religious beliefs, it must come with the proper
iiiI 11. II 1 1 I say to every new class: "This course is x-rated; if you look through the
reading materials and find anything that might offend you, this may not be for you." I
have received complaints from students in other courses 11.i .i ii,. l .. I. r, ,I ii,' i.: 1:
. i ii- ', 1 the texts, but this proviso has worked like a charm for the history of sexuality
I II I I i : :i i l l I 1, . 1 1111, i r. l ll 1 1111, 1 I I, 11- 11,1.Ill, i 19 8 8 .
Since then I have- I, I i iIi 111- 1 I /I year at the University of Oklahoma and Oregon
State University in several different formats: graduate seminar honors seminar, large and
small lecture classes. T i, 11111 ,I ,I I on this subject invariably oversubscribes, I have
found that it works best if numbers are kept fairly low and the focus is on discussion of
texts. This to :i i, 1.', ,1 I. l. I| :lI 11 in i.... 11 ... 1 an incentive for them to
be prepared to discuss the material. TIl Ii:l 11I 11 il ii, 11 I1 l ii r a newexperi-
ence for many students, but most of them quickly get the i ,11 -I 11I
Materials were scarce in 1988.. Itt. ; .',, I Peter Brown, KJ. Dover, ..g I I i., i II
,,ii 1, 1 11 1.1 ohnD'Emilio and Estelle Friedman and a few others had
ir. i ...n....1 .... 1 1.,iI 11.i 1 ...i ,:l i] i. J ili. iw asbest attained in those
daysll Ill.I .. .: .1 I .I i t '' .l.I .: l. .I t im I11i i visions of m photocopied
volume, in 1999 I published an 0 f,1, I 1. I ., I a collection of short passages
from prim ary and secondary sources (.i I 1 1, IIl I. I. : 11. Iin i,:i. i. ,.l"- 11111 1 1.
the present. T1.. ...... : .. 11, 1i texts now that cover broad swaths of time, but at this
writing the ( t. I I i 1.. I 111I the only comprehensive historical survey of sexuality in
the West./ :"' il. ii il Iir,, .. i iiir ....1.ii I i ili ambitious undertaking; apart
fromvariousr -r I.. ii h I ,,, ,. national studies, there is very little genuine compara-
tive history between the West and the rest of -I .... I '"'One hopes- 1, 1i i i..ii 11I I
......1 . , 1.. .. .... 1. ,,l/ ,i,, . i" 1 I, 'i .1 ,. ,. before; m meanwhile, let m e suggest
. b. 1 i, rII ,, i, i., 1,, : il. 1, 1,, I, Il of sexuality in the W est.
I begin the course by asking students to define the three central -. I l ill ,h .i. r 11
confront throughout the term: sex, :' ...1. II 1 sexuality This question has produced
more confusion than it once d I ld 1 i... I ..- Ii i my students confidently defined sex
i, 1i. I...1 I.:,: 11 .1i iif ,-, on which a compatible gender was socially constructed. With
some exceptions, sexual orientation and desire took a "normal" heterosexual direction as
:I, I, I 1 I, i.i, the body Nowadays, students are reluctant to use the term sex at all; in
S.... i. 1 :1, ,1. 1. 'subsumed sex and has become, in the process, the new foun-
dation of personal and sexual identity We speak now of i. ,II I tt.. i I 1, I enderr dis-

crimination when i.- i .. I, I -i we'd have used the term sex. Students today also
express the view that sexuality is not hardwired in the traditional heterosexual fashion
and is perhaps even elective, which is compatible with -1 I I I i i i 'i ..i ii. of homo-
. I I r. I! ii, 1 1 ..... i ,,11i.1 : ,:1 ii... J.., ,1, i 1.11 transgender and transsexual individu-
als, and with the indeterminism and uncertainty of our postmodem era.
The most important historical lesson to be wrung out of this change is not simply
that things have I il, I. I. :I, ll to1, 1:i -- after a few thousand years, but that the self-
contained isomorphism of sex, gender, and sexuality that is now being transformed was
an artifact of the science, medicine, and culture of the relatively brief historical period
between the 1 1 1 I.: r11, I f il r. ,-'l ii ,1l, century and the first few decades of the twen-
tieth. Prior to this period, the lingering influence of ancient medicine portrayed sexual
identity in terms of the dynamic interactions of quantities of humidity, temperature,
and vital fluids.v In the twenty-first century we portray the body as the site of interactive
processes that is fragmented by genes, chromosomes, and the fluctuations of hor-
mones. New surgical procedures and hormone therapy permit the external markers of
the body's sex to be enlarged, suppressed, reshaped,, i I... :1 1 11 1i i, i i i r, i, zI.,11.1
drugs, encouraging us to think of sex as infinitely malleable. Thus, in both earlier and
later periods sexuality was considered to be less firmly :1.,1..1 I,1 i the body, and sex
was not a reliable indicator of sexual desire. Scholars must rightly qualify such sweep-
I, -' 11 I il i..... but for pure pedagogical shock value, beginning the course by set-
ting out an interpretive framework with this counterintuitive power is very effective.vi
Students sit up and take notice, and they work to find exceptions.
Of course there are other important watersheds in the history of sexuality in the
West. The tolerance of pederastic relations in the C(. I 1. I 1. II. iii.: il i, I I., I, I with
the rise of Christianity; the pleasures of the flesh seemed directly at odds with the prospect
of salvation in the last days. The Western church was satisfied with the compromise of
priestly celibacy and lay procreation, but it took hundreds of years before the church was
able to fully subject 1-I 1, i i Il I IIn 1 ,.: to :1 i iill, i r. 1i ii ,i .: f .. ..... i, .I.. 1 .l 1 1,. I-
and condemn all non-procreative sexual practices to the realm of the sodomitic "unnat-
ural."" ii I i i ,- Christian princes completed the task of disciplining sexuality by
I .. .I i f Ii l I , I .. t rulers of their fam ilies, -I 1. 1. I. l I i.. l il 1, i I 11
authority to control the sexuality and procreation, II II .......i ii iItl i iil Ii i 1 Ii.
always enjoyed in custom.viii
The most influential explanation for how these externally-en f i.:1 i I l1 111r .
came to be interalized was provided by Michel Foucault in his Hitory i I
Introduction (19' i11 ll Iin i:i iii. I.i influential middle class made the sexual
i,. .1. i. fi,-, I I .1 I 1 .1i,: ii. .the cornerstone of its personal individuality and class
,:1 1, ,t., 1, -11 11 , 111 II, 11 1.1 ,1.:1: ; of aristocrats, peasants, in,,1 11il,. 1 I I I 1,
as r,.ii 11 i.1,11, 1 i 1,i : il I inl,,..1 :,. On this point Foucault's schem a is ill I i' ... -111 ili
Norbert Elias's socio-historical account of the refinement and expansion of manners in
civilization and with the findings of ii ,tl iii.l I( ,, ,,1..,, ., 11. 1 who have studied
urbanization and the population explosion of the i1. I I- .i i.,,: i ,ii 1i ..... that accom-
panied industrialization.ix For the theoretically inclined, this is the place to explore the
fruitfulness and shortcomings of :'i 1, 1 .:1, 11,-, 1 i the history of sexuality
There is an extraordinarily rich literature on these developments and on the histo-
ry of medicine in the eighteenth and nineteenth century that rationalized the bourgeois
conception of marriage and procreative health. Sexual I, t.. I. 11 Il I .. .. II i11,
.i..I..I: 1 111 .... 1, i ll. an ,ii 11.... I. 1, :.,: and departures from heterosexuality
w ere turned into ll11 ,,,, 1 : 11 1, i ii .... fi 1 .... 1, : 11 I i i .... T1i .... , i I.:, o of
,:, iiti, : , 1..- at the end of the nineteenth century completed these developments
.. ,r iiif.in,; i ii I "others" the prostitutes, masturbators, and perverts whose sex-
ual practices posed a bio-moral danger to the health of families, nations, and the
"race."x This is the pivotal moment in the modern history of sexuality when homo-
. ,i,. 1 l 1, 11 masochism, and the other perversions were invented. It was not a

simple medical conspiracy but a decisive cultural revolution that marks us still.xii
The history ,11.i. 1..., i .: I.:i i I part of the storywe tell about the constitution of
the twentieth-century sexual body The "rediscovery" of Mendelian genetics, the isolation
and synthesis of human "sex" hormones, the role these hormones play in human devel-
(~' ,11- i i i ,,, i, 11 111 1 I il I, l 11,, I l Hi II, It ,, I 'llih ll i;w e re ll ,111111 1 ,
in the first three decades of the century ". i.:. 11- 1 . .. 1 i .:11 as Alfred Kinsey
have drawn on m modern d11. I 1 ii i.1 .. 1 1. ii 1. I ... i 1 .. I l I : i i ... i II .1 varia-
tions in sexual orientation to reconfigure the landscape of sexual desire.xi" And new sur-
gical procedures and synthetic hormones have made transsexual' -. I i I Ii..... I i .
given us the contraceptive pill, and allowed us to intervene in a variety of ways in the
"natural" reproductive process. Nothing short of a scientific revolution in reproductive
science has occurred as a result of these developments; it is a rich new field for the history
of science and medicine.xiv
Many of these scientific breakthroughs had a profound influence on 1 ... 1
course of the cultural phenomenon' i. : 111 the sexual revolution. The cause of sexual
el, 11 i,:'I. i'' . l i. pI I. li the ranks of other protest movements in the 1960s. It nourished
a women's movement that was firmly based on the issue of reproductive rights, gay and
lesbian liberation : i .. ...III J.i, ,,, i. i ,,,,h,,.11: 1 11 1 -- :1,.' 'n 1 s ll : 11 ,, Il. .1...1 Il
Si i. i , i,1 ... 1 11 l... ......i ,. 111 ii- interests of transsexual, transgender and other
sexual minorities. i, ,I .. ...I ... I I .1., 1, i i also profited from the expansion of sex-
ual liberties. Finally , .:. .i.i : ii. it I. .1 1.I I.i'... 1.: 11 ii h .1-, of HIV/AIDS has more or less
. .l. m. I ,l I. 111, 1 1, ,:t l i, i , Il il l Il i 1 ,1 1 .111i % 1. 11 1 1, '.en rated a fascin at-
1,: 1 I 1i .1 1,. that bridges cultural history, science and medicine, and public policyxv
We have become accustomed to l ,,ini I.l'i I. I1 i.i .ii n I I.. i.iI l.i.:ll The
news is full of stories : 1 1111 I, it: gay marriage, ti. 1. i iliii i I ii i i J.. i i 1 ... I I-
al, itt. 1 I1, 1 1, i 1 1 1 p laws, reproductive technologies and rights, sex education and reli-
gion. The list goes on and on. I try to profit from the contemporary transparency of sexu-
ality by encouraging students to'.i' i; i ... I, ,i i ....i these issues to class and by person-
ally combing the news for current events we can clarify with historical perspective. I try to
act as a moderator and expert of last resort, but it is sometimes I IllI 1 to keep such
discussions f, ,ii, 11." ,:, i : 1 ,11 .i 1 Ii II, I~ iii I am, however convinced that students
learn from my course how the history of sexuality is able to illuminate issues I. I 11 -I,
withascitizensandhowto l. I iI. ,l I Il ii, 11i,11, il: iII, Reflectingthe demograph-
ic shifts in higher education, my classes these days are predominately female. The real
I: iI. l,:. now is to get the men to talk.

i There are at least four journals publishing material on the history of sexuality at this time: Journal of the History
of Sexuality (1990); GLO A Tournal of Gay and Lesbian Studies (1994); Seualities (1998); Studies in Gender and
Sexuality (2000).
Jeffrey W weeks, s sexuality( 1.I ., I ii i. I I..,I I. I, , I .... .. I ,l..I I ,, .I
Homosexuality: Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Fourteenth Centuir
(Chicago: University of Chicago Pres, 1980); Peter Brown, The Body and Society: Men, Women, and Sexual
Renunciation in Early Christianity (New York: Columbia University Pres, 1988); John D'Emilio and Estelle B.
Freedman, Intimate Matters: A History of Sexuality in America (NewYork: Harper and Row, 1988); KJ. Dover,
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(New York: Columbia University Press, 1982); Angus McLaren's A History of Contraception (London: Blackwell,
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I ... I i 1, ,I .II. 1 . ...i. .. i ...n n I n, .. (Baltimore: JohnsHopkins University Pres,
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iv See Dennis Altman, Global Sex (Chicago: University of Chicago Pres, 2001); for the modern colonial experi
ence see Sabine Fruhstuck - i........ - _i.. ....tI .... al ,i ...I L i... ,,,I ... I .. , Calif.:
University of California Pres, 2002); Ronald Hyamn Empire and Sexuality: The British Experience (Manchester:
Manchester University Pres, 1990); Ann Laura Stoler Race and the Education of Desire: Foucaults "Histoy of
Sexu ality" "...I I.. -,- I. I I..1 ",,I. l ..... I'Press).
v ... 'I i ,I ..i.. t i i i. ,.,., ..n .. .ii .1 .i .. ii competingGreekmedicaltraditionsisJoan Cadden,
.m .d i' i. h. t .. .. 1 ..1, .. . , ,11..b u m n' . n.. ..... t .
Press, 1993).
' i. i., .. i . i, .i,, 1 ;1, i the scholarly debates on the one body two body question in
early modern anatomy Michael Stolberg doubts the claims of Londa Schiebinger and Thomas Laqueur about the
. .1 I I. d I I- .t..t I I. ..I 1 l ,111 .., ,1 . 1 .I ,d' '
and two vey different sexed bodies. The works in question are Laqueur's, Making Sex Body and Gender from the
Greeks to Freud (Cambridge, MA.: Harvard University Press, 1990), and Londa Schiebinger's "Skeletons in the
Closet: The First Illustrations of the Female Skeleton In Eighteenth-Century Anatomy, Representations, 1986,14:

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

42-82. Stolbergs article is "A Woman Down to Her Bones: The Anatomy of Sexual Difference in the Sixteenth and
Early Sewnteenth Centuries," Isi, 94 #2 (June, 2003), 274-300. Laqueur and Schiebinger reply respectively in
"Sex in the Flesh" Isis 94 #2 (une, 2003), 300-306; "Skelettestreit" Isis 94 #2 (une, 2003), 307-314.
."l. 1I l .. ,,," 1,. .1., ,I ,,,.I I,. ,, I ..,,,... ,,I I, d I , -,. 11,,1,. ,,.- 1 ,. 1,." ,.h .1
Sexuality and Other Essays on Greek Low (London: Routledge, 1990); also Bswell, Christianity. Social Tolerance
and Homosexuality Brown, The Body and Society David E Noble, A World Without Women: The Christian Clerical
Culture of Westem Science (NewYork Oxford Unieisity Pres, 1993); Guido Ruggiero, The Boundaris of Eros:
Sex Crime and Sexuality in Renaisance Venice (Oxford: Oxford Uniersity Press, 1985).
, ., I I ,- , I ..I. I n. I -h I I. I .. I 1 I I I h ,,I.- I.I -,,', *, .,,I ,, I l I ,- I. . h
Augsburg (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1989); for a Catholic example see Jams R. Farr Authority and Sexuality in
Early Modem Burgundy 1550-1730 (NewYork: Oxford Uniersity Pres, 1995).
ix Fine historical studies of middle-class sexuality are Isabel V Hull, Sexuality State, and Civil Society in Germany
1700)1815 (Ithaca, N.Y: ComellUnivesity P.. I -. .. I. II.. .I I 1 ...i .. .. I I, I l. .... .
Sexuality Since 1800 (London: Longman, 1989); Michael Mason, The Making of Victorian Sexuality (NewYork
Oxford Uniersity Pres, 1994); on sexuality and the demographic transition of the industrial era some useful
sources are Simon Szreter, Fertility Clas, and Gender in Britain, 1860-1940 (New York: xford Univesity Press,
1996); Leslie A. Hall, Gert Hekma, and Franz Eder, (eds.), Sexual Cultures in Europe 2 vols (Manchester:
Manchester Uniersity Pres, 1999); see also a special issue "Before the Pill: Preventing Fertility in Western Europe
and Quebec," The ournal of Interdisciplinary History vol xxxiv No. 2 (Autumn, 2003)._
x The best place to begin theoretical investigations is with David Halperin, whose work is a crssroads of these
debates. See DavidJ. Halperin, Saint Foucault: Towards a Gay Historiography (New York: Oxford University Pres,
1997), and How to Do the History of Homcsexuality (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2002).
- ,,,,,,,' ,, *, '"'.I I,. , ,, , h ,,,, ,, I, ,, ll,.h,,,, ,, I,, ,,, ,,, ,G ilm an Difference and
,: ...".. "i. .. I .. l. ,,1 I ,,. ..In.. I, ,. CornellUniversityPress, 1985); Daniel Pick,
Faes of Degeneration: A European Disorder c 1848-c.1918 (Canbridge: Cambridge University Pres, 1989); Frank
Mort, Dangerous Sexualities: Medico-Moral Politics in England Since 1830 (London: Routledge, 1987); For a
thorough account of the pathologization of masturbation see Thomas Laqueur, Solitary Sex: A Cultural History of
Masturbation (NewYork Zone Books, 2003); a text that address the medicine and policing of prostitution in
Britain and the Empire is Philippa Levine, Prostitution, Race & Politics: Policing 'nereal Disease in the British
Emre (London: Routledge, 2003).
.. ,,,i1.. 1.. I, ... ..1 I i .. ,, ,,, ,,,, I ii,, ,,hI ,,,,, ..a I... ,, I, (New
York: Basic Books, 1994); seealsoHany i. i.... I' .1 1 I .1. I I I ... ... I, .1...
Idetity (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000); John K Noyes, The Mastery of Submission: Inmntions of
Masochism (Ithaca, NY. Comell University Press, 1997); on Freud see Arnold Davidson, The Emergence of
1I I 1..,, I I I , I ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, , , I .. -.. . I-- - '' I ,, ,,,, ,i P re ss ,
2001); George Chauncey points out the limits of sexological discourse in his splendid study Gay NewYork: Gender
Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World, 1890-1940 (NewYork: Basic Books, 1994).
'"' ..lJ I I1. / is excellent on this transition in the history of reproductive science in Gametes and Soores: Ideas
About Sexual Reproduction, 1750-1914 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1982); On the history of hor
m one synthesissee N elly i I .. ..... I .. .. I II. l I ...I II,- 1.. ..1 I I ...... ..... L I .. I.. .
Routledge, 1994); on the history of intersex rmdicine and research see Alice Dreger, Hermaohroditism and the
Medical Inention of Sex (Cambridge, MA.: Harvard University Press, 1998), and Ann Fausto-Sterling, Sexing the
Body: Gender Politics andtheConstructionof Sexuality I I.. i ', *** I ..... .1 i 11- i.
Kinsey isJames H. Jones, Alfred C. Kinsev: A Public/Private Life (New York: WW Norton, 1997); a good history of
sex surveys isJulia A Ericksen, Kiss and Tell: Surveing Sex in the Twentieth Century (Cambridge, MA.: Harvard
University Pres, 1999). The history of the science of homosexuality may be found in ernon Rosario, ed., Science
and Homosexualities (London: Routledge, 1997) and Henry Minton, Departing From Deviance: A History of
Homosexual Rights and Emancipatory Science in the United States (Chicago: Chicago University Pres, 2002).
xv A remarkable history of tranexuality is Anne Meyerowitz, How Sex Changed: A Histoy of Transsexualit in
the United States (Canbridge, MA: Harvard University Pre, 2002); recent works on the pill and reproductive sci
ence are Adele Clarke Disciplining Reproduction: Modernity American Life Sciences and the Problems of Sex
(Berkeley, CA.: University of California Press, 1998); LaraV Marks,
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Watkins, On the Pill: A Social History of Oral Contraemtives 195(01970 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University
Press, 1998).
xv A general introduction to the sexual revolution is David Allyn, Make Low, Not War. The Sexual Revolution: An
Unfettered Historv (London and New York: Routledge, 2001); an excellent local history is Beth Bailey, Sex in the
Heartland (Cambridge, MA.: Harvard University Pres, 1999); Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz has written on nineteenth
Century sex education in America in Rereading Sex Battles over Sexual Knowledge and Suppresion in
Nineteenth-CenturyAmerica (NewYork:' .... '" .... II i ., ,I ii. iii .. II,- i' Moran,Teaching
Sex' l I,'... i .I ,,, ..i... i... .., -,,il ,,,,,. (Cambridge, MA. HarvardUniversity Pres, 200; On the his
tory of reading pornography since 1700 see Julia Peakman, Mighty Lewd Books: The Devlopment of Porography
in Eighteenth-Century England (New York: Palgrave, 2003); for the same period in France and the continent see
Robert Darnton, The Forbidden Best Sellers of Pre-Revolutionary France (NewYork Norton, 1996) and Lynn
Hunt, ed., The Inention of Porograhy: Obscenity and the Origins of Modernity 1500-1800 (New York: Zone,
10* 1I... 11.. .. I l.,.. ..I In~,h 1, 11 dl i 11b, 1hi,,m, ...1. ,,mh . .l..II ,1 11d,
(New York: NewYork University Pres, 1998). On AIDS/HIV see Steen Epstein, Inmure Science: AIDS, Activism, and
thePolitics of Knowledge(Berkeley, CA.:University of Clii ...1 .. I I ... In i.. i .. ,,, ... .. II ..
the history of medicine, Virginia Berridge and Philip Strong, eds., AIDS and Contemporar Histor (Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 1993).

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

Dissertation List
The HSS Newsletter, in cooperation with Jonathon Erlen (University of Pittsburgh), publishes dissertation titles that have been brought to our attention. The list below
.. information provided by Dr Erlen (only dissertation titles placed in D . i. I .. . included) and others and was current as of September 2004.
Please send any missing titles to .

Ackert, Lloyd T., Jr. "From the Thermodynamics of Life to
., ,i, ,i I, ,1 ,, ,1 1. Sergei ,_I I i 1i. and the Cycle of
Life, 1850-1950." T 1i. I.l. I 1, ,i I-- 1 1... 4. 3130632.

Adler, Pierre. "Between Philosophy and Mathematics: A
study of his 1879 Concept-Script and its Modern Horizon." New
School ... 1 1114, i', ... 3118769.

Auger, Jean-Frangois. "La Recherche Utilitaire Dans les
Facultes de Genie Canadiennes: au Service de Lindustrie et du
Gouvernement, 1870-1950." Universite du Quebec a Montreal,
2004, ....

Azari, Nina P. I i....... Experience as TI,,,,1 ,1 i, i Feels
Like Something: A 1,,i1...1, i. 11 T,..1.._,. 11 Reflection on
Recent Neuroscientific 51,,i I I i I ...n i ...... The Iliff
School .i 1i ..I... 2004,285pages. 3121360.

Bardin, Gay Hsiao-Lin. "The 1 ..i-.. of Language: A
i .... of Boccaccio's 'Decameron' (Giovanni Boccaccio,
I 1 " University of California, Los Angeles, 2003, 239 pages.

Bowen, Dore. i1 .., Box: 1, .l..i..._, 1 and Martin
I, i...1 . ,. ,.... ..1... The University of Rochester,
2004, -!'. 3122225.

Cheu, Johnson Fan. i .1 i.-i. Cure in Twentieth-Century
,/ .. i I .1 i' ...... i i i1ii T J 11-,,, and Culture." The Ohio
I ,. I ,,, 0 '"3, 1 .. 3124049.

Choi, Tina Young. "The Sanitary Imagination: Narrative
and the Urban Condition in Nineteenth-Century Britain
(( ,,i. i n, i i, 1,, I ,. CharlesDickens)." University
of California,, I.,1.1. 2003, 235 pages. 3121438.

Cushman, Gregory Todd. "The Lords of Guano: Science and
the 1 ............ of Peru's Marine Environment, 1800-1973."
The University of Texas atAustin, 2003,- ,! .... 3119663.

Dearmont, Diane. "Automatic ,i,1. A History from
Mesmer to Breton" (Andre Breton, .... i I Frederic Myers,
Franz Anton Mesmer, France). University of 1,,, ... 2004,

DeVun, Leah. "John of Rupescissa and the States of Nature:
Science, Apocalypse, and Society in the Late Middle Ages."
(-..,1 1 ,, n ... ,1 1 :.04, *. 1 .. 3117910.

Dove, lan J. "Certainty and Error in Mathematics:
Deductivism and the Claims of Mathematical Fallibilism (W V
Quine, I. Lakatos, Bertrand Russell)." ,, ..... 1 i 4, 219
pages. 3122466.

Eddy, MarkAlan. "Architects of the Self: Social Scientists and
the Construction of the Individual in Postwar America (B. E

Si ..... i i... I i, .i, The University of Oklahoma, 2004,
467 pages. 3122296.

Elmore, Darrel Richard. "'From the Mud to the Stars':
Darwinism in the Novels of Penelope Lively" Arizona State
I.. . 1 2004, ', ... 1 I -

Falck, Zachary James Sopher. ...Iiill.... Urban
Weeds: People, Plants, and the . .1.. of American Cities,
1888-2003." Carnegie Mellon ... 2004, 398 pages.

Farooque, Mahmud. "The Evolution of I.. I..i, i
..... In... and Contemporary Policy Systems, 1935-1999."
..... i ,.. .- 1. 2004, .... 3121788.

Goodwin, William Mark "Kant's Philosophy of Geometry
(Immanuel Kant)." University of California, 1.1. 2003,
251 pages. 3121498.

Hamilton, Jennifer Duffield. "Sustained Public
Participation and Nuclear Weapons Cleanup: The Evolution of
Stakeholder Perspectives at the Fernald Nuclear Weapons
Site." University of Cincinnati, 2003, 352 pages. 3120885.

Hampton, David Robb. i, fi ....' Science for the Law of
Evidence: A Comprehensive Examination of the Philosophy
and Law I ......... to Scientific Testimony in Canadian
Courts." University of Alberta, 2003, 276 pages. NQ87985.

Harper, Kristine C. "Boundaries of Research: Civilian
Leadership, Military .....1 i... and the International Network
............ i n. the Development of Numerical Weather
Prediction in the United States." '1. .... i ii. .... ,1 14,
i' I, .. 3120758.

Hayton, Darin. I1.. i ..... I i.._ in Vienna during
the Era of Emperor Maximilian I (1493-1519)." University of
NotreDame, 2004, 1 .... 3121051.

Hill, Vicki Lynn. "Constantin Caratheodory: 1873-1950."
TheAmerican ..... .1 2003, -'' i .-. 3122176.

Johannson, Nsenga Lee. ....... African-American
History Tl.. .1 .1 the Lens of Health: Tl. .. ,1. ii .....'i and
African Americans in Detroit, 1916-1940 1i -i. -ii "
University I I. 1 i ..... 2004, .1'-, .... 3121957.

Kluchin, Rebecca M. "Fit to be Tied? Sterilization and
Reproductive .1- 1 -...... 1. 1960-1984."( .... ... Ill. ..
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Social Constructionist Analysis of the Professional Literature on
the i. .1..- of Bulimia (1950-1998). University of California,
- .1,1.. 2003, 325 pages. 3121378.

Lindquist, Malinda Alaine. "The Gender of Racial
Si ...... i1 .. .,,, i i, ., 1 .i iJ 1 .... 1890-2000."
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Michaelsen, Kaarin Leigh. ........... i..i, ,i Women':
British Female Physicians and the Politics of Professionalism,
1860-1933." University of California, .. 11. 2003, 259
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Mirza, Omar Aziz. "Naturalism and Darwin's Doubt: A
Study of 1 ..In . Evolutionary Argument Against
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Nakajima, Chieko. "Health, Medicine and Nation in
1. ..... 11 ca. 1900-1945." University I ii ... 2004, 309
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Osegueda, Mauricio E. "Scientific Research Productivity
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Patterson, Andrea. "The Health of Southern Blacks, 1890
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Perreault, Stephane-D. ii..1. i ... Discourses: Deaf
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of Identity in the 20th Century United States." University of
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SciencesofMindandBrain. ni .i.rIi l.b .1, :",13,342
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Zimmer, Mary E. "'Petty i... to Experiment': The
Seventeenth Century's Scientific Revolution and 1. I1. ....
of This World to the Next." Rice .... 1 2004, 1'''-! i...

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

The History of Science Society would like to thank the following
volunteers whose terms ended in 2004. Without their thousands of
hours of service, the Society could not possibly function.

Thank you!

(For a complete list of volunteers, please visit the HSS Web site)

William B. Ashworth
M. Susan Lindee
Joan L. Richards
James A. Secord
Michael H. Shank

Committee on Education
Bob Hatch, (Chair)

Committee on Finances
Amy Sue Bix

Committee on Honors and Prizes
Lynn K. Nyhart
Mitchell Ash
Daniel Kevles

Derek Price/Rod Webster
Emily Thompson, (Chair)

Henry and Ida Schuman Prize
Larry Badash, (Chair)

Margaret W. Rossiter History of Women
in Science Prize
Arlene Tuchman, (Chair)

Pfizer Award
Crosbie Smith, (Chair)

Watson Davis and Helen Miles
Davis Prize
Larry Owens, (Chair)

Joseph H. Hazen Education Prize
Lisa Rosner, (Chair)

Committee on Meetings and Programs
Karen Rader, (Chair)
Chris Young, 2002 Local Arrangements
Gregg Mitman, 2002 Program Co-chair
Katharine Park, 2002 Program Co-chair

2004 Nominating Committee
Katharine Park, Chair
Thomas Broman
Mott T Greene
Susan E. Lederer
Karen Parshall

Committee on Publications
Theodore Porter, (Chair)

Women's Caucus
Judith Johns Schloegel, (Co-chair)

AAAS. Section L, Paul L. Farber
AAAS. Section X, SaraJoan Miles

Future HSS Meetings

Minneapolis, MN
(co-located meeting with SHOT)
3-6 November 2005

Vancouver, BC
(joint meeting with PSA)
2-5 November 2006

Washington, DC
1-4 November 2007

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

Future Meetings

Thefollowing announcements have been edited for space. For full descriptions and the latest announcements, please visit our Web site (i'
S. The Society does not assume .. .. .:-' y for the accuracy of any item; interested persons should . all details. Those who wish to publish a
future meeting announcement should send an electronic version of the posting to newsletter@hssonline.org.

Calls for Papers

Beyond Imperial Centre and Colonial Periphery: Reconnecting the Global
and the Local. March 11-12, 2005, University of Cambridge, UK. This conference seeks to
explore .. i ..1 i11,,Ii I.I .Ii .ii. i, .. 1. 1 i ,,.)vement of ideas and information. Some
particular themes include: The limits of imperial reach (how ideas associated with empire
have been reshaped by the social and cultural practices of individual communities and how
ideas and knowledge move beyond national and imperial borders) and 'Trans-imperial'
ideas (the movement of ideas between different imperial systems, both within i ..
graphical area, and between Africa, Asia and the Atlantic). Deadline for abstracts was 15
November, 2004. Deadline for submissions is 31January 2005. Send inquiries to confer
ence2005 @world.history.britishlibrary.net.

From Earthly Bowels into Light A three ..... I,, .1 on the history of cave research will
be held in Torquay I.. ii I .11 -1 111) from 21-24 April 2005. The study of caves, their forma
tion and their contents, has attracted the interest of a variety of researchers over the past few
centuries. If anyone would like to .. ,I 11 ... the history of cave research, contact either
Anne O'Connor ,I i..-- .. ...- nIi .. .... or by post to the Department of Archaeology,
University of Durham, South Road, Durham DH13LE, with a brief title or outline.

The AAAS Pacific Division Meeting 12-16June 2005 at Southern Oregon 1 .ii
Ashland, OR. Members especially are invited to submit papers for the History of Science
Section i..... -i. I McGraw, chair, email: .-i i i ... i .......I ,' but submissions in a mul
titude of fields are accepted. Current information may be found on the Pacific Division Web
site, i,11. i. i. 1, ,

Seventh Biennial History of Astronomy Workshop will be held at the University of
Notre Dame on 7-10 July 2005. Ti,. i. i,..i ... chairs are issuing i ,.11 I... proposals for
work in progress papers, poster papers, and organized sessions. Those who wish to present
wol Ii '!i 1.i- 1 i h,,i, 11i1i Il ,i 11 1 abstract of not more than 250words. Poster paper
proposals should not be more than 250 words. Session proposals should state the theme of
the session, as well as who has been contacted : .- ... l I'.i 1 ii !' i .i..I1 the session.
Proposals for sessions and work in progress papers are due by 1 February 2005. Proposals for
poster papers are due by 1 April 2005. Proposals should be sent to each .11 i,. ,-i i.. 11I
chairs, preferably by e-mail, but hard copy is acceptable. Send abstracts to: David DeVorkin,
9611' I. i 1.111 ,I iie I n i........ 1) 20895. E-mail: David.DeVorkin@nasm.si.edu and
Mary Bolt, Director, History of Astronomy Department, Adler Planetarium & Astronomy
Museum, 1300 South Lake Shore Drive, Ci 1 i-. ,- II '-5. 1. 1ii i1 ,,..1i 1 11 .i and
Matt Dowd, University of Notre Dame Press, 317 Flanner, Notre Dame, IN 46556. E-mail:
mdowdl@nd.edu. For more information visit http//vww.nd.edu/-histast4.

International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences. The 2005
INHIGEO ...., I... with field excursions, will be held 4-11 July 2005, 11 II i. -' (Bohemia)
and Mikulov (Moravia), Czech Republic. There will be a preconference field excursion in
Western Bohemia, 2-3 July, and a post conference field excursion to visit mid-Bohemian
Karst localities, 12 July. Themes: History of Geophysics; History of Geology and 1i ...,,.1. i
in Central Europe I II, i .. .. ii 1 .. '. II .i of papers i I .Ii ll are due 1March 2005.
For information contact Dr. Jan T Kozak, Geophysical Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences,
Bocn II, c.p. 1401, 14131 1 i.... i, Czech Republic. E-mail:' 11 -. .

International Society for History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology
S1.. I iii. 11 1 -.. held in Guelph, Ontario, 13-17 July, 2005. Electronic forms for submission of
papers and sessions are available at i1, i -i I. I..... .. submit.php/. You may float
iid. I I, ,.. i 11 1i ii,. 11... ,.i I 1 i .. i Or, go to ourW eb site at
111i, i. t 1. ....' and click on the i.. iii 'or -.. i . 'links.

BSHS 2005 will be held 15-17July, 2005 at the University of Leeds, UK, in conjunction with
the Iii. i .i 11 ... iii I Ii.,. Philosophy and Science I. .1 1. 1 1.. I. )5 Conference. Papers
are invited on all areas of the history of science, technology and i. I. I. .. f..
themed sessions are particularly welcome. Abstracts of papers (max. 250 words) should be
sentto: Dr. Geoff Bunn, BSHS, ......i ii.i i i I, i I I ierpool Hope Univel i1 I. I,. Park,
Liverpool L16, 9JD, 1.,, i .. i,..I .. .. ,1 The deadline for abstract submission is 31
January 2005. For further information I 11 1 11. 1 I I. .... 111 /conf/2005annual/.

r i, ...I ..l. I .. i . i. I. .... i.. I 1 i1.... .i ii. 1. ,1 ..1 an international sem inar on Islands
and Science: History of Sciences and Techniques from the 16th-20th Centuries.
The seminar will take place 5-10 September 2005. All interested parties should contact CEHA at:
Rua dos Ferreiros, 165, 9004-520, Funchal, Madeira, I, 1. ii Tel: 291.274970, fax: 291
223002, e-mail: avieira@madinfo.pt, Albertovieira@madinfo.pt. Important Dates: January 31:
1, iii .1 1. 1 30: Due date for summary of paper; July 31: Due date for full text

The .1 I,- Party (WP) on History of Chemistry of the European Association for Chemical
and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS) will hold its bi-annual History of Chemistry
Conference in Lisbon and Estoril, i 1111. ii 6-9 September, 2005. With the theme
"Chemistry, i.. 1,. I .. and Society," the conference will focus on three topics: the material
culture of chemistry, applied chemistry and the popularization of chemistry. Special sessions
will also be devoted to h .. I. 1. ...... 1 .. I l .i i 1 .. i ii Deadline for submission is 1
February 2005. For more information, visit',ii,. ,.. ...1 ,iii,, .. ..1..

Fifteenth Conference of the Canadian Science and Technology Historical
Association will be held 29 September to 2 October, 2005. Topics will be: Canada's scientific
and 1. I....i.. -. ii. ii World Year of Physics 2005 (see ,l. .. ... -');
.i i i.. i. i I I 1., the history of science and technology i I ... . i.... to
,1 . i lli, other -.II. 1.... Proposals must include a title, summary (75 to 100
words) and brief c.v Abstracts and papers may be in either French or El, it i I, ., 111 .. 2
May 2005: Send proposals to Suzanne Beauvais, Canada Science and i.. ... ii ..
2380 Lancaster Road, P.O. Box 9724, Station T, Ottawa ON K1G 5A3. Telephone: 1 ., 991
1429 Fax: .. I., ''" 11 .1..36 or by e-mail at: CSTHA AHSTC-2005@technomuses.ca.

The European Social Science History Association Conference will be held in
Am sterdam 22-25 M arch 2006. ... . ii ii. 1 i 111.. .... .... ...1 .. 1 ,1 1....
i.! i i i i I ,. Proposals for panels or individual papers of any i1.-. i. 11. il I IilI
the social history of health ...i, II I, I.. -,. Ii 1. 1. 1 1i ii ,i iii encouraged on such topics
as: Health and Ideologies; Global Health; Colonial Health; Moral Health; Occupational Health;
Health as Ci..........1 ii i ,...i.... i i iii 1...... i, 1. ii topics; Nutrition as Health Factor.
Submission deadline is 1 i, 2005.

Upcoming Conferences

Society for Ancient Medicine will hold a conference on "Theories of Fetal Development
in the Ancient W orld" ii li, r.. i..1 i. ..... 1 of 11, ...... I 111..1.. Il ociation, 6-9
January 2005, ii, 1 I, i, l .. I

International workshop: A Cultural History of Heredity III: Nineteenth to Early
Twentieth Centuries will be held at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science,
Berlin, 13-16 January 2005.

The Third International ESEH Conference will take place 16-19 February 2005, in
Florence, Italy. The theme of the conference is "History and Sustainability" http://www.eseh

The Australian Institute of Physics' Congress, 31 January to 4 February 2005. One
session is dedicated to the History of Physics. Web site: il ii ........ . ii :..anu.edu.au/.

Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of the Physical Sciences Conference
(JHASHOPS): Images of Scientific Genius will be held at at the University of Notre
Dame4-6.i.iii 11 2005.

On 12 February 2005, the University of Pittsburgh will host a small conference com-
. i... ii. .11.i .. I. 11 11 of Einstein's annus mirabilis of 1905. http://www.pitt.edu/-pittc
:iii i .,,i ......... Special Events/Einstein/Einstein_program.htm.

The 16th Annual Symposium on Maritime Archaeology and History of
Hawai'i and the Pacific: "Pacific Connections Through the Ages." The con
ference will be held 19-21 February 2005 at Honolulu, Hawaii. :il ilin .. .../.

The Southern Association for History of Medicine and Science (SAHMS) will
hold its seventh :I ....i i. 111. i. ,on 25-26 February 2005 in Augusta, Georgia.

The :iii ii i .... 111.. of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters will be
held on I1. ..1.. 1 1 i ... 11 i I i ii.. .i. i1 4-5 M arch 2005.
http://vwwumich.edu/ michacad/.

The twenty-third annual Mephistos conference will be held on 5-6 March 2005.
http //ww.brown.edu/Students/Meps/ephistos.

German Physical Society's 11lth Meeting on History of Physics: "Pure Genius?
'Great' Discoveries and 'Everyday' Science'" will be held I I i ...... i l i .... i .... of the
German Physical Society in Berlin, 7-9 March 2005.

The i -.. i ii.. Committee for the American Society for Environmental History will
hold its 2005 :.. i,1 of the ASEH in Houston, Texas, 16-20 March.

OHMAR and SHFG Regional Conference: The Making of Moder American
Science and Oral History and the Federal Government. To be held at .. .11.
Park, Maryland, 17-19 March 2005.

'Nano Before There Was Nano: Historical Perspectives on the Constituent
Communities of Nanotechnology.' The Ci i..... 11 ii I. ii ... Foundation will host the
2005 Cain Conference on 18-19 March. i.! I li, i i I.,~ ...

There's Something in the Air: Environment, Sensibility and American and
British Culture will be held 19 March 2005 at the University .1 i .......i ...111
http://wwwd.umn.edu/ aroos/airconference.

Conference on the Spectacle of Technology will be held at the i .i'. i1 ,,,, and
I ii 19 March 2005.

Forum on History of Physics of the American Physical Society, March (21 25,
I.. '... . andApril (16-19, TampaFL) 2005. :ii1 .i.. meet/MAR05/and
,l I I' n l I,,, '1 '' :

Epistemic Spaces Annual Meeting of the Association of American
Geographers will be held 59 April 2005 at Denver ii,.!' i ..... .......i ii .... lii l.

The 78th...... 11 i ..... 111. of the American Association for the History of Medicine
w ill be held il, i II .......I i I I n i. 7-10 April 2005. :i11. ii, h .. .l... '

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005
Utopian Visions and World's Fairs Symposium will be held 15 April 2005 at the
i il. Ill. ,,i1, andLibrary

Science for Sale? The Public Communication of Science in a Corporate
world d iill I.. I. 1 15-17April 2005 at Cornell University. I' l ....... II ..

Heritage of Technology Gdansk Outlook 4. An International Conference will be
held at Gdansk, Poland, 4-7 May 2005. :i.1i I-... I mech.pg.gda.pl/.

The Second Stevens Institute Workshop on Science and Technology Studies:
The 'Applied Science Problem' will be held at the Stevens 11 11n. .I I ..i..l 6-8
May 2005. http://www.hum.stevens.edu.

Imaging Nanospace, 11-14 May 2005. For further information please contact:
... 1 1. n 1 1 11 - 11 1 11. .. I ll 1, .1 .... ..I. 1i il l.. @ phil.tu-darm stadtde.

2005 CSHM Annual Conference Paradoxes of Citizenship: Environments,
Exclusions, Equitywill be held at the University of Western Ontario, 3-5 June 2005.

Fifth International Conference on the Inspiration of Astronomical
Phenomenon (INSAP) will be held at Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum,
-1 .. ... .ii,, -.. 1 July 2005.

The 20th International Congress of Historical Sciences, University of New South
Wales, 3-9 July 2005. Contact details: cish2005@incompass.com.au.

Tenth Annual Meeting of the International Society for the History of the
Neurosciences will be held at New Hall, I 'i.I. I I ... I 1 i .Il. Cs, Scotland, 5-9
July 2005. ii I- .I -

Perspectives on 20th-century Pharmaceuticals will be held 14-16July 2005 at
Oxford University

The Atomic Bomb and American Society. The three-day conference will be held 15
17July at :i 1 I.i. Tennessee.

22nd International Congress of History of Science Conference will be held in
i. i 11 1I..- 1- 30 July 2005. http://2005bj.ihns.ac.cn/.

The llth International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia will take
place in Munich, Germany, 15 -, 1-ii 1 -. 5.

A History of Medicine Conference will be held at Ministere de la Recherche, Paris,
France, 7-10 September 2005.

Conference on the Human Sciences and Religion, sponsored by the SFHSH, will
take place in Paris, 21-23 September

First International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and
Technology will be held 28 September to 2 October 2005 at The Banff Centre, Canada.
.11I 1 I i ii'1, /.

Symposium of the Centre for Research in Early Moder History, Culture
and Science: The Scientific Terminology of Space and Time in the Academic
Disciplines of the 17th and 18th Century, will be held 27-28 September 2005 at the
Johann' II .1 ... Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main.

Remaking Boston: The City and Environmental Change Over the Centuries
will take place at the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston on 4-6 May 2006.

History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

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History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005


Prior to the publication of each Newsletter, the HSS Executive Office receives from the Isis Editorial Office a list of books received by that office for potential review.

This list appears here quarterly; it is not compiled from the annual Current .:' i ... ,.T. You

Anderson, Jr. John D. I The i ,I Brothers
and TeirPredeessors. viii+176pp. Apps., Notes, Index. Baltimore:
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004. 0801868750.

Baigrie, Brian S. Revolutions: / Texts in the
.. of Science xx + 419 pp., Table, illus., bible index. Upper
Saddle River, New Jersey Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2004.

Barber, Nigel. Kindness in a Cruel World The Evolution of
Altruim. 415 pp., illus., index. Amherst, NY Prometheus Books,
2004. $28 (cloth). 1591022282.

Ben-Chiam, Michael. Experimental 1 .. :- and the Birth
of Empirical Science: c i Locke, Newton., vii+222pp. Figs,
Biblio., Index. New' i i. i 1 1.... ." I 0754640914.

Bishop, J. Michael. How to Win the Nobel Prize: An
Unexpected in Science. xiii+271pp. Illus., notes., Index
Cambridge: Harvard University Press: 2004. $15 95 (paper).

Bourdieu, Pierre. Science of Science and .
Translated by Richard Nice. ix + 129 pp., Intro., table, bible, index.
I... .. University of 1i. .. Press, 2004. $22.50 (paper).

Bridson, Gavin D. R. (Compiler). BPH 2: Periodicals with
Botanical Content Edited by Scarlett T Townsend, Elizabeth A
Polen. Volume 1, A-M, xx + 819 pp., intro., table, bibl. Carnegie
Mellon ..... ii i.ll .i, Hunt Institute for Botanical
Documentation,2004 $130.00 (cloth). 0913196789

Bridson, Gavin D. R. (Compiler). BPH 2: Periodicals with
Botanical Content Edited by Scarlett T Townsend, Elizabeth A
Polen. Volume 2, NZ. 821 + 1470 pp. table., app. Carnegie Mellon
.1 I I I ii,,, .i, Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation,
2004. $130 (cloth). 0913196789.

Bueno, Antonio Gonzlez. Antonio Jose Cavanilles (1745
1804): Lapasionpor la Ciencia. 459 pp., Intro., notes, bibl., index,
t i.11. I i.i 1.1 .....1 I 1 ..Juan, 2004. (cloth) 8497440188.

Buhs, Joshua Blu. The Fire Ant Wars: Nature, Science, and
Public -I . i'America. x + 216 pp., illus.,
bibl., index. I . 1 J.i ,, The University of i,. i. Press,
2004. $22.50,16 (paper). 0226079821.

Burdman, Anita Feferman; Feferman, Solomon. I
Tarski and Logic vi + 425 pp., table, notes, bibl., index
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004. $35 (hardcover).

Burns, Russell W. Communications:An InternationalHitory
;. i. i I1, I i I i ,,, I .l ,.32x + 639
pp., table, apps., bibl., index. London: The Institution of Electrical
S.. i (paper). 0863413307

Campbell, John H.; DeNevi, Don. (Editors). ..
Leading Take You inside The Criminal Mind 377

pp., Intro., table. New York: Prometheus Books, 2004. $26. (hardcov
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History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

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History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

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History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

Due to database glitches some recently published books were not included in the January and April 2004 Newsletters.

Luxbacher, Giinther. Massenprodukton im globalen Iartell
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History of Science Society Newsletter January 2005

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