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October 2003

Natural History Delights in Cambridge

Want to discuss dinosaurs, explore
ancient civilizations, learn wild-
flower gardening, or study endangered
species? If variety is the spice of life, then
the twenty-one million specimens at the
Harvard Museum of Natural History show a
museum bursting with life, much of it unnat-
urally natural.
The museum will be the site of the opening
reception for the 2003 HSS annual meeting.
The reception begins at 7 p.m. Thursday, 20
November, and tickets will be available at the
meeting registration desk. Buses will run from
the host hotel to the museum.
The Harvard MNH is an ideal spot for his-
torians of science, since its vast collection
touches on many aspects of science history.
The museum's botanical galleries, for exam-
ple, feature the internationally acclaimed Ware
Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants.
Ranging from a Venus Flytrap to a spray of
autumn leaves, the extraordinary glass plants
were the work of Leopold Blaschka and his
son, Rudolph. Starting in 1887, the glass arti-
sans created over 4,000 models representing
more than 830 species.
The Blaschkas turned the then modem pas-
sion for natural history and collecting to use.
But Leopold Blaschka recognized the impor-
tance of tradition in what he did: "The only way

The Harvard Museum of Natural History
is located at 26 Oxford Street, Cambridge.
MA, a seven-minute walk across Harvard
Yard from the Harvard subway stop.
Hours: Daily 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
General admission $7.50; over 65 and stu-
dents with ID $6; ages 3-18, $5. The
HMNH is free to all every Sunday from
9:00 a.m. 12:00 noon Phone (617) 495-
3045. www.hmnh.harvard.edu

Bengal tiger in the museum's collection (Photo by
Charles Mayer)
to become a glass modeler of skill, I have often
said to people, is to get a good great-grandfather
who loved glass; then he is to have a son with
like tastes; he is to be your grandfather. He in
turn will have a son who must, as your father,
be passionately fond of glass."
Until the Blaschkas began their work most
plant models were fashioned by papier-mach6
or wax. The : b-. h li '. of heated glass and
the way it captures light made it the perfect
material to represent botanical specimens.
For those researchers who had previously
only seen a plant as a dried specimen or
drawing, the living glass gave them the clos-
est approximation to the real thing. And for

those with no interest in botany, the simple
beauty of the glass is enough.
From moder-life in glass to long-ago life,
it's only a short walk. The museum houses
microfossils of some of the Earth's earliest life
forms, as well as fossil fish and dinosaurs -
such as the second ever described Triceratops,
and the world's only mounted Kronosaurus, a
42-foot-long prehistoric marine reptile.
Among its 90,000 zoological specimens the
museum also has the pheasants once owned
by George Washington. And many of the
mammal collections were put together in the
19th century by "lions" in the history of sci-
ence, like Louis Agassiz.
Much of the museum's collection of rocks and
ores is the result of field work, but the museum
houses not i..i. ii ii i;1 ,.i 1 i been dug up, but
also that which has fallen out of the sky.
The Smith meteorite collection gives the
museum international standing in the study of
meteorites. Taken together, these various collec-
tions constitute an impressive sampling of what
resides above and below the surface of the earth.

The HSS would like to express its appreciation
to the MIT and Harvard history of science pro-
grams for their sponsorship of this reception.

News and Inquiries 3-6
The Uncertainty of Electronic Journals 7
A Moment with James Secord 8
The State of the Play 9
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Future Meetings 14-17
HSS Employment Survey 18-21
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2003 HSS Election

(Terms for Vice president and Council begin 1 Jan 2004. Terms
for Nominating Committee begin in July 2003)

The results of the 2003 HSS Election appear below. Our thanks
to all of those members who stood for election and to those who
voted. We would like to extend our deep appreciation to the mem-
bers of the nominating committee (Phil Pauly, chair; Keith
Benson, Caroline Hannaway, Margaret Schabas, Mary Terrall) for
their excellent work.

Joan Cadden (University of California, Davis)

Peter Dear (Comell University)
David Hollinger (University of California, Berkeley)
Bruce Hunt (University of Texas)
Naomi Oreskes (University of California, San Diego)
Andrea Rusnock (University of Rhode Island)

Tom Broman (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Mott Greene (University of Puget Sound)
Susan Lederer (Yale University)

Katharine Park (Harvard University)
Karen Parshall (University of Virginia)

Newsletter Redesign

The HSS Newsletter has appeared in its current format for over
10 years. We are now considering changing its look, not because
the Newsletter has remained unchanged for a decade, but
because we believe we can publish a more inviting and more
readable serial. We welcome your suggestions everything from
ideas on formatting to leads on articles for improving this
important part of the Society's publications. Please send your
ideas to newsletter@hssonline.org, or to PO Box 117360,
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611, 352.392.1677.

Reminder: The Isis Bibliography from 1975 to the present is
available online with the Research Libraries Group (RLG).
Members of the Society may access the RLG Web site and
the History of Science and Technology Database (HST)
through the HSS homepage at http://hssonline.org.
RLG has assigned us "Y6.G19" as a "User Name" and "HSS-
DEMO" as a "Password."

History of Science Society Executive Office
PO Box 117360 3310 Turlington Hall
University of Florida University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7360 Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: 352-392-1677
Fax: 352-392-2795
Email: info@hssonline.org
Web site: http://www.hssonline.org

Subscription Inquiries: ISIS and HSS Newsletter
Please contact the University of Chicago Press directly, at:
subscriptions@press.uchicago.edu; fax: 773-753-0811.
Or write University of Chicago Press, Subscription
Fulfillment Manager, PO Box 37005, Chicago, IL


Please notify both the HSS Executive Office and the
University of Chicago Press at the above addresses.

HSS Newsletter

Editorial Policies, Advertising, and Submissions

The History of Science Society Newsletter is published in
January, April, July, and October, and sent to all individual mem-
bers of the Society; those who reside outside of North America
pay an additional $5 annually to cover a portion of airmail
charges. The Newsletter is available to nonmembers and institu-
tions for $25 a year.
The Newsletter is edited and desktop published in the
Executive Office on an Apple system using Microsoft Word and
Quark. The format and editorial policies are determined by the
Executive Director in consultation with the Committee on
Publications. All advertising copy must be submitted camera-
ready. Advertisements are accepted on a space-available basis
only, and the Society reserves the right not to accept a submis-
sion. The rates are as follows: Full page (9 x 7.5"), $400;
Horizontal or Vertical Half page (4.5 x 7.5"), $220; Quarter page
(3 x 5"), $110. The deadline for insertion orders and camera-
ready copy is six weeks prior to the month of publication (e. g.,
20 November for the January Newsletter) and should be sent to
the attention of the HSS Executive Office at the above address.
HSS recommends that all camera-ready ads be sent via overnight
or 2-day mail to the physical address above.
The deadline for news, announcements, and job/fellowship/
prize listings is firm: The first of the month prior to the month of
publication. Long items (feature stories) should be submitted six
weeks prior to the month of publication as email file attachments
or on a 3.5" disk (along with a hard copy). Please send all mate-
rial to the attention of Michal Meyer at the HSS address above
(email or disk appreciated).

2003 by the History of Science Society


News and Inquiries

Proposals for Osiris, 2007

The Editorial Board of Osiris, a research journal devoted to the history of
science and its cultural influences, solicits proposals for Volume 22, to
appear in 2007. Osiris is a refereed journal of the History of Science Society
(USA) published by University of Chicago Press. The Osiris Advisory Board
will consider proposals for Volume 22 at the Society's annual meeting in
November 2003.
Proposals for broad themes that integrate issues in "mainstream" history with the
history of science are especially encouraged, as are contributors from the historical
discipline at large. Osiris volumes are designed to cast science in the framework of
larger issues prominent in the historical discipline but infrequently treated in history
of science, such as the development of civil society, urbanization, and the evolution
of international affairs. The aim is to open up new categories of analysis, to stimu-
late fresh areas of investigation, and to explore novel ways of synthesizing major
historical problems that demand consideration of the role science or the natural
world has played in them. Volumes that have appeared or are in preparation include:

17 (2002) SCIENCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY, guest edited by Lynn Nyhart and
Thomas Broman
18 (2003) SCIENCE AND THE CITY, guest edited by Sven Dierig, Jens
Lachmund, and Andrew Mendelsohn
19 (2004), on environment and health, guest edited by Gregg Mitman, Michelle
Murphy and Christopher Sellers
20 (2005), on science, war, and ideology, guest edited by Mark Walker and
Carola Sachse
21 (2006), on science, technology, and international affairs, guest edited by Kai
Barth and John Krige

Prospective guest editors should submit the following materials for consideration:
(1) a proposal of approximately 2000 words describing the topic and its rela-
tionship to the literature to date including, where appropriate, the literature in
mainstream history;
(2) a list of 12-15 contributors with the theme, topic, or title of contribution; and
(3) publication cv of guest editorss.
Guest editors and their contributors should be prepared to meet the Osiris publication
schedule. Volume 22 (2007) will go to press after refereeing, authors' revisions, and
copy editing in the fall of 2006. Guest editors must therefore choose contributors
who are able to submit their essays by the late fall of 2005. An Osiris volume is
approximately 160,000-170,000 words long, depending on the number of illustra-
tions. Volume submission and editing are done electronically.
Proposals are reviewed by the Osiris Advisory Board at the Society's annual
meeting. Announcement of the next volume of Osiris is made around the New
Year. Proposals and all supporting materials should be sent by November 1,
2003 to: Kathryn Olesko, Osiris Editor, BMW Center for German & European
Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, DC 20057-1022. (Materials may
also be submitted electronically.)
Preliminary inquiries can be addressed to Kathy Olesko at:

The e-journal Azogue (Journal for the
Historical-Critical Study of Alchemy)
stimulates research, theory, methodology, and
analytical strategies on history of alchemy. At
the same time it tries to approach alchemy from
a I ..... i. .l- historical and comparative per-
spective, emphasizing the rich diversity of the
alchemical tradition. This e-journal explores the
history of specific alchemical ideas or authors;
examines representative historical texts, figures
and topics; discusses the history of particular
movements and related currents (paracelsianism,
rosacrucianism, etc.); and studies comparatively
the underlying assumptions of J i! i c, i authors
and theoretical perspectives.
To assist contributors, the editors have pre-
pared research tools for historical studies,
including a new "research library." It is a list of
primary sources with all titles of listed books
available on the Internet. The "research library"
was proposed for its direct access to a large
library of electronic documents. The library
-iiri:,i. contains 134 original titles devoted to
alchemy, "chemical philosophy," and paracel-
sianism. Most of the works that had a relevant
impact on the development of alchemy are also
listed. All the works may be downloaded page
by page, as small JPEG or PDF files.
The digitalization of all titles has been sup-
ported and hosted by some institutions that
have ic,,ii.ll:. initiated digital edition pro-
grams of their early printed books:

- Gallica, a service of the BibliothBque
National de France (63 titles).
- Biblioteca Digital Dioscrides, a project of the
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (67 titles).
- Medic@, a project of the BibliothBque
interuniversitaire de M6decine, Paris (4 titles).

Azogue has prepared a synthesis with links and
descriptions of the digitized alchemical titles
on these three J.IIIccIi projects, but it is only
an intermediary. Authors wishing to use small
numbers of images from these works to
illustrate scholarly publications may do so
providing they write: "Courtesy of..." Gallica
or Biblioteca Digital Dioscrides or Medic@,
and cite the general URL of each project.
Documents may be copied, downloaded, and
printed for individual use. They may not be
used for commercial purposes.
Azogue. Revista Electr6nica Dedicada al
Estudio Hist6rico-Critico de la Alquimia.
ISSN: 1575-8184
URL: http://www.come.to/azogue
E-mail: revista azogue@hotmail.com.



New book series
offered by the University of Washington
Press, is an interdisciplinary series dedicat-
ed to studying the medical and life sciences
by concentrating on the practices and medi-
ums used to process data, to model
knowledge, and to communicate about bio-
medical science. The editors are interested
in interdisciplinary approaches combining
literary studies, film studies, new media,
art, art history, history, or social theory for
this exciting new venture.
For more information contact Phillip
Thurtle, pthurtle@ccs.carleton.ca or Robert
Mitchell, rmitch@duke.edu for more

I. Bernard Cohen, former president of the
History of Science Society and one of the
pioneering generation who established the
study of the history of science in America,
died at his home in Waltham,
Massachusetts on Friday, June 20, at the
age of 89. Cohen's research in the history
of science covered a wide range of topics,
but he was best known for his work on
Isaac Newton.
In conjunction with the HSS Annual
meeting, a memorial service for I. B.
Cohen will be held at Harvard Memorial
Church, on Wednesday, 19 November
2003 at 6:00 p.m. Directions to the
church, which is located in the center of
Harvard Yard, can be found at

Web site for Indian Society for
History of Mathematics
The Indian Society for History of
Mathematics (ISHM) announces its own
Web site. The site www.indianshm.com was
formally launched by Society's President
Prof. G. S. Pandey and was acclaimed by all
those present for its content. The site intends
to cover information on all aspects of the his-
tory of mathematical sciences and includes
links to other societies working in the area.
The next Conference of the Society will be
held at Pt. Ravi Shankar University at
Raipur, Chatisgarh, Dec. 4-6, 2003.

Biology's Most Beautiful
BioScience presents readers with an unusual
challenge: to nominate candidates for a short
list of the most beautiful biology experiments.
Essays on those judged most plausible will be
published in future issues of BioScience.
The editors plan to solicit and publish essays
of appreciation from qualified experts on those
nominated experiments that seem to be deserv-
ing candidates. There will be no ".1 onci "
Readers are encouraged to suggest beauteous
experiments from all fields of biology; experi-
ments from any period in history may be nom-
inated. The Meselson-Stahl experiment,
because it has already been authoritatively
honored and described, is the only biology
experiment that will not be considered in the
BioScience lineup.
Readers should submit their nominations
to bioscience@aibs.org by the end of 2003.
Nominations must include proper citations to
the experiment and a brief account (up to 500
words) of why it should be considered one of
the most beautiful experiments in biology.

Dibner Welcome
The Dibner Institute for the History of Science
and Technology and Burndy Library welcome
HSS to Cambridge and invite you to a one-
hour tour of the Burndy Library and the Dibner
Institute, Thursday, November 20 at 2:00 p.m.
or Friday, November 21 at noon.
Space is limited; to attend, please register by e-
mail to Carla Chrisfield at carlac@mit.edu and
indicate your preferred date. Light refresh-
ments will be served. If space is available,
HSS delegates may sign up for a tour at the
conference registration desk at the Hyatt
Regency, Cambridge.

Dibner Institute Tenth Year Fellows
Reunion, May 8-10, 2003, MIT's Endicott
House, Dedham, Massachusetts. The
center front row includes Frances K.
Dibner, Brent Dibner, and David Dibner.

Dibner Institute's Tenth-
Year Fellows Reunion

The year 2003 marked a decade since
the inauguration of the Fellows
Program at the Dibner Institute for the
History of Science and Technology.
To celebrate this anniversary, the
Dibner Institute hosted a Tenth-Year
Fellows Reunion, May 8-10, 2003, at
MIT's villa-turned-conference-center,
Endicott House, located just south of
Boston in Dedham, Massachusetts. Of
the over 200 former Dibner Institute
Fellows, more than half came to the
reunion from all over the United
States and from around the world -as
far away as Israel and New Zealand.
The event included a two-day infor-
mal workshop organized by George E.
Smith, Acting Director of the Dibner
Institute. The workshop centered on
the theme "The History of Science
and Technology: Where We Are."
Papers were presented, followed by
extensive discussion. Speakers
included David Bloor, Moti Feingold,
Kostas Gavroglu, Jeremy Gray, Alex
Jones, Trevor Levere, Jane
Maienschein, William Newman, Alex
Roland, Bruce Seely, Edith Sylla, and
Jed Buchwald, Director of the Dibner
Institute from 1992-2001.



Conference Report: Devices &
Designs: Medical Innovations in
Historical Perspective,
Manchester July 11-13, 2003
(By Catherine Will, University of Essex, with
thanks to Wendy Churchill, McMaster University)
The almost 80 contributions, spanning a
period from the sixteenth century to the
present, came from anthropologists, politi-
cal scientists, sociologists and health pro-
fessionals, as well as historians of science,
technology, and medicine.
The nature of evidence was not only debat-
ed among disciplines, but also used to map
developments in the history of medicine.
Many papers returned to questions about the
types of evidence used and tensions in the
practice of medicine between scientific, clin-
ical and experiential accounts.
There was comparatively little explicit
theorizing in the conference -although the
broad selection of "stories" told offered
some fascinating pointers for developing
broader questions and themes.
The fact that the conference worked, said
Ruth Schwartz Cowan, showed it was pos-
sible to tell stories that were recognized as
valid because they used qualitative and/or
quantitative evidence systematically and

In Memoriam
Lara J. Moore, 32, History Librarian at
Princeton University Library since 2000,
died July 20 of cancer. In addition to
collection development, faculty liaison,
and library instruction responsibilities at
Princeton in the fields of History and
History of Science, she was also an
active member of numerous professional

Wheeler Library Begins to Go
Users of the "Journal Article Listing," submit-
ted in regular installments to the mersenne list
since 1993, will be interested to know that a
searchable version of the Listing has now been
set up as part of the BSHS Wheeler Library
project. Go to http://www.bshs.org.uk/wheel-
This facility is freely available to all users
and allows text searching (including wild-
cards and phrase searches) to find articles
across the whole of the Listing. It's also pos-
sible to see a list of all issues of journals

included, or to download a complete zipped
archive of the original mersenne postings.
The journal's index is the first element of
the online Wheeler Library to be launched:
further developments will be announced in
the coming months. Please send any queries,
comments or bug reports to James Sumner at
phj1 ll, kJ !CC ,.1 uLik

Medicinal Plants in the Late
Middle Ages
The National Library of Medicine, History of
Medicine Division, presents a new "mini-
exhibit," "Hortus Sanitatis: The Universe of
Medicinal Plants in the Late Middle Ages."
The exhibit, curated by Alain Touwaide, visit-
ing scholar in the History of Medicine
Division, NLM, and Research Associate,
Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of
Natural History, introduces the world of
medicinal plants, from their mythological
origins to their preparation and administration
in medieval practice. Reproductions of
illustrations from Greek, Latin, and Arabic
manuscripts and early printed books illustrate
how knowledge was accumulated, both across
the centuries and from one culture to another
around the Mediterranean basin. The exhibit is
located in the lobby of the National Library of
Medicine (Bld. 38), National Institutes of
Health, Bethesda, MD. It will be on display
through December 19, 2003.

Conference Report: Women
Scholars and Institutions, June
8-11, 2003
(By Margaret W. Rossiter)
About 60 people from 14 countries gathered
in Prague to listen to 36 papers on a variety of
topics -about half with a Central and Eastern
European focus. Topics included women
researchers at Madame Curie's laboratory in
Paris, a Norwegian radiochemist, the roman-
tic image of radioactivity early in the 20th
century, gender issues, and current and future
needs for work in this area as well as the cur-
rent status of women in Czech institutions.
The topic is quite new in Central Europe,
where women's studies is still in its infancy.

University of Amsterdam study guide
The study guide of the new MA program of
STS at the University of Amsterdam (2003-
2004) is now on-line (pdf) at
http://www.fmg.uva.nl/ (follow the links).

The Francis Bacon Award in
The History and Philosophy
of Science and Technology

The California Institute of
Technology and the Francis Bacon
Foundation request nominations for
the first Francis Bacon Award in the
history of science, the history of
technology, or historically-engaged
philosophy of science. The award
consists of:

The Francis Bacon Prize
Offered biennially in the amount of
$20,000, the Prize will be awarded
to an outstanding junior or senior
scholar whose work continues to
have a substantial impact on any of
the three fields.

The Francis Bacon Visiting
Professorship at Caltech
The winner of the Bacon Prize will
be invited to spend one term (3
months) at Caltech, interacting with
students and faculty and delivering
two public lectures. Funds will be
provided to compensate the win-
ner's home institution for the period
of residence at Caltech, and the win-
ner for costs of transportation and
local housing.

The Francis Bacon Conference
A biennial conference will bring
together the best younger and estab-
lished scholars in the area of the
Bacon Visiting Professor's specific
interests, with the aim of producing
a volume on the subject to be con-
sidered for publication in the MIT

Please send nominations by
December 1, 2003 to:
Clare Brown
Secretary to the Bacon Committee
Baxter 228-77
Pasadena, CA 91125
Email: clare@hss.caltech.edu



Papers of Florence R. Sabin
Added to NLM Profiles in
Science Web Site

The National Library of Medicine's
"Profiles in Science" Web site has been
enriched by the addition of the papers of
Florence Rena Sabin, M.D. This brings to
11 the number of notable scientists who
have personal and professional records
included in "Profiles." The site is at
The online exhibition features correspon-
dence, published articles and reports, and
photographs from the Florence Sabin col-
lections at the American Philosophical
Society and the Sophia Smith Collection at
Smith College.
"Profiles in Science" was launched
September 1998 by the National Library of
Medicine, a part of the National Institutes
of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, a con-
stituent agency of the Department of Health
and Human Services.
For additional information, write to pro-

Distributed Full Text Search of
Math Books Now Available
The university libraries of Comell, G6ttingen,
and Michigan are pleased to announce the first
public availability of a significant body of
mathematical monographs with access provid-
ed through a distributed full text-search
protocol. The virtual collection, comprising
more than 2,000 volumes of significant histor-
ical mathematical material (nearly 600,000
pages), resides at the three separate institutions
and is provided through interfaces to the three
different software systems. Public interfaces to
the collection may be found at:
These two public interfaces reflect different
development efforts at Michigan and Comell,
each with their own perspective on how to best
mediate the search through the protocol, and
each based on the protocol.
More project information is available at
The collections at Comell and Michigan
are both fully searchable, and while the

G6ttingen collection currently includes bib-
liographic information and page images,
G6ttingen is actively seeking funding to
create full text for its volumes. Feedback is
welcome. Please send comments to cgm-
If interested in using the raw protocol mech-
anisms at Comell, G6ttingen and Michigan in
development efforts, please contact:
Andrea Rapp, G6ttingen
David Ruddy, Comell
dwr4@comell.edu, or
John P. Wilkin, Michigan
1i,' i 0l 11inl 1iUl!!iLh Cidu

Looking for Isis back issues
Prof. Dr. Aladine Lolah, Director of the
Institute for the History of Arabic Science
and President of the Syrian Society of
History of Science, would be pleased to
receive back issues of Isis, starting with vol-
ume 81 in 1990. His address is University of
Aleppo, Institute for the History of Arabic
Science, Aleppo, Syria.


History of Science / Environmental Studies

Applications are invited for a tenure-track faculty appointment at the Assistant Professor level in the Program
on Science, Technology and Society, to begin in August, 2004. The successful candidate will teach courses in
the history and philosophy of science (possibly including bioethics, health policy or the history of medicine)
and environmental studies. A Ph.D. in hand or near completion, an ongoing program of scholarly research,
and teaching experience are required. The successful candidate will be committed to undergraduate teaching,
research involving students, and active involvement in the support and development of interdisciplinary pro-
grams, including the College's general education "Foundations"courses. Please send a letter of application,
vita, graduate and under-graduate transcripts, and three letters of recommendation to: Roger D. K. Thomas,
Chair, Program on Science, Technology and Society, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA 17604-3003.

Application deadline: November 4, 2003.

Franklin & Marshall is a highly selective, private liberal arts college with a commitment to cultural pluralism
that is manifested in its hiring and promotion of women and minorities. EOE/AA



The Uncertainty of Electronic Journals

By Daniel Goldstein (University of California, Davis)

Electronic journal subscriptions are convenient, but they may
also put the integrity of research library collections at risk.
Electronic subscriptions were initially available as (low-cost or
free) adjuncts to the traditional print subscriptions, and some, like
Isis, are still offered this way. However a number of other sub-
scription models are emerging that change this relationship. In
recent years, some libraries access most or all of a publisher's
electronic output with a single license. To varying degrees, these
agreements make the print edition an optional adjunct to
the electronic version of a title. Still other jour-
nals are included in third-party electronic
packages that libraries subscribe to inde-
pendent of any subscription to a jour- WV J
nal itself. The Journal of the
History of Medicine and Allied
Sciences and Technology & 1
Culture, available in Johns
Hopkins University's Project
Muse, are both examples of
this type of electronic
access. When, as now,
research libraries must cut d 0 1
costs, these newer licensing
models press us to cancel
print versions of journals in
favor of their digital counter- S- 1
parts. After this year you will not
find current paper copies of The
Journal of the History of Medicine and
Allied Sciences, Technology & Culture or
many other history of science journals in my
library; they will be available only in electronic form.
So, why is this a problem? First, the electronic edition may not
be identical to the print "version of record." Many of the compo-
nents of a journal, including cover art, advertising, prefaces,
notes and so forth may not be included. Additionally, digitized
illustrations are frequently of much lower quality than their print-
ed counterparts. It's often much easier to read a printed journal
than a computer screen.
Second, when a library acquires a particular issue of a journal
on paper, it can put the journal on the shelf, and there it sits,
essentially a permanent, stable part of the collection. By con-
trast, the long-term availability of an electronic journal is more
uncertain. The most basic problem is that libraries lose control
over their collections. Electronic subscriptions provide access to
journals, but libraries are generally not allowed to, nor do they
want to, copy those journals onto their own computer servers.
Here at the University of California (and elsewhere, I am sure),
we sign licenses that guarantee perpetual access to our subscrip-
tions, but no one seems quite sure what exactly that entails. In
fact, a recent study sponsored by the Association of Learned and
Professional Society Publishers has found that only "52 per cent


of commercial and 45 per cent of not-for-profit publishers have
formal provisions for long-term preservation." In the best of cir-
cumstances, long-term access to electronic-only editions of jour-
nals is therefore dependent on an outside organization, a universi-
ty press, or a commercial publisher maintaining an archive.
Even if we assume that these varied institutions are really in it
for the long haul, we cannot assume that they will maintain these
archives unchanged. While Project Muse has a seemingly iron-
clad policy that any material once posted will
always be available, other organizations
on which we must depend make no
1 011 such guarantees. Elsevier offers
110 111 one example of particular
interest to historians of sci-
1 1 1 1 ence. The current policy
of this publisher of sci-
entific journals states
10 10 that it may, rarely,
|10010 remove articles
entirely from its
database. The bases
100 100 for such action
including article con-
tent that might be
defamatory or which
1 001 1 rr-"if acted upon, might
pose a serious health risk"
-may be responsible and
reasonable from a publisher's
point of view but they are clearly
not desirable for historians.
Libraries need to retain control of their col-
lections, whether on paper or in electronic form; but are they
ready for the job and what will it involve? Librarians and pub-
lishers are discussing these questions, but good, long-term solu-
tions will require the people at the heart of the matter -the writ-
ers and readers -to join in. Authors should talk with their pub-
lishers and insist that they produce truly identical print and elec-
tronic versions of their journals. Researchers should talk with
librarians about how we use journals and what our needs and
expectations are. Only in this way are we likely to survive this
"transition" to digital formats with our collections intact and our
ability to use them enhanced.

Documents cited: John Cox and Laura Cox, "Scholarly
Publishing Practice: The ALPSP report on Academic Journal
Publishers' Policies and Practices in Online Publishing, June
2003. Executive Summary at http://www.alpsp.org/news/sppsum-
mary0603.pdf (visited, July, 29, 2003). Elsevier Policy on Article
W withdraw al. -,iite i t '-a i ;,. ... ,' i it.. .....,. ,I y ',i. ,.
tors/newsitems/withdrawalpolicy.htm (visited July, 29, 2003).


A Moment with James Secord

Winner of the 2002 Pfizer Prize talks about his book

By Michal Meyer

James Secord lived every historian's
dream in researching his book, Victorian
Sensation, when he came across unpub-
lished letters that had barely been looked at
by other researchers.
The winner of the 2002 Pfizer Prize used
those letters in the book he spent 15 years
working on. Its popularity, both as an aca-
demic work and as a crossover book, repaid
all the labor put into it, says Dr. Secord. "If
the book is an argument for anything, it's an
argument against just thinking about books
taking a year or two to produce, which fel-
lowship applications often demand you do. I
was able to put a longer time span into it and
that I think is important. The kind of brute
empirical research would have to be handled
in a different way for a PhD candidate. It's
too risky; with this kind of strategy you can
spend three or four weeks and only find two
pages of information."
But the Cambridge University scholar was-
n't satisfied with just doing a thorough job of
research. "One of the things that's always
fascinated me is why some kinds of long
books are readable and other ones aren't."
Long biographies are a case in point, he
believes. His goal was to make his book, all
624 pages of it, as readable as a good biogra-
phy, but without an individual human being
as the subject.
Born in 1953 in Madison, Wisconsin,
Secord spent his undergraduate years at
Pomona College in Southern California,
where he majored in geology and English
literature, and his graduate years at
Princeton. This was followed by both a
Fulbright and a NATO fellowship. Since
1992, he has taught at Cambridge
University, and is currently Professor of
History and Philosophy of Science.
It was the typical approach taken towards
19th century science that dissatisfied Dr.
Secord and drove him to write the book.
The aim was to reformulate the "Darwinian
"I've always felt that the kind of single-
minded focus -especially in the public
domain -on Darwin has a lot of negative
effects. It creates a role model of heroic
genius which is quite hard for people who
are coming into the sciences to emulate.
That was one of my main goals, not so

much to dethrone Darwin but to make peo-
ple realize that Darwin's particular sort of
fame and reputation was only one kind and
we needed to look at other sorts."
Victorian Sensation does this by looking
at the main evolutionary book before the
Origin of Species, which was Vestiges of the
Natural History of Creation, published in
1844. Secord's original aim was simply to
look at the debate surrounding the book, but
what gradually became clear was that the
problems with the Darwinian Revolution
have less to do with the emphasis on precur-
sors, and more to do with notions of author-
ship and readership. He realized he had the
material to write a history of the reception
of the book from the point of view of its
readers, rather than an author-based view. "I
was able to cast the material into that mold
and hopefully come to a different way of
conceptualizing how you think about intel-
lectual debates, how you think about the
evolution revolution."
To do this, Dr. Secord went back to the
most basic kind of debates and sources.
"My experiences of researching the book
were a bit like the film Groundhog Day,
where a man has to live through one par-
ticular day over and over again. The idea
is that you learn about a way a world
works. Every day when I woke up to do
my research I'd start in October 1844 and
look through the next two years in detail."
"I've been trained in the history of science
and have been a member of the HSS since
the mid-Seventies, so winning a prize like
this from my friends and colleagues really
means a lot; that's what makes it the most
desirable prize the Society has, because it's
from people who are all trying to produce
the best work they can.
"The other reason I was particularly
pleased to win it was that I knew it meant a
lot to Susan Abrams [executive editor at the
University of Chicago Press], who died quite
recently. She was both a very good friend of
mine and a wonderful editor who had an
important part in the book."
Though based in the UK, Dr. Secord says
it would have been impossible to find a
British academic publisher for his book
"who would be willing to produce a book
that looked as nice as this for a price as

Photo courtesy of James Secord
low. I think that kind of willingness to take
risks on mid-level academic books is some-
thing that some of the American presses
are, at their best, very good at."
Response from outside the academic
community has also been positive. His
book has been reviewed by newspapers,
both daily and weekly, on both sides of the
Atlantic, which, he says, is unusual for a
book such as his.
But Dr. Secord's response to his own
book hasn't always been so positive.
"There was a point, before I started the
active writing, when I knew that if I didn't
get it done in the next two to three years
that it was never going to get done. That
was the most depressing moment." But it
was balanced by the final reshaping, when
the book came together at last. The book's
publishers were involved in that process.
They encouraged Dr. Secord to shorten it,
and he made significant changes to its
structure. Despite the effort it was worth it.
"Authors are often not given enough guid-
ance from publishers about what they can
do to really make their book into more than
just a revised thesis -so it's still basically
their work but does reach out to people."
Times have become tougher for book-
sellers since the publication of Victorian
Sensation in 2000. Books that are more
general and come up to the present day are
preferred, says Dr. Secord. "Historians have
to think hard in that kind of market; how to
make sure they do what they want to do but
also reach a bigger audience. You do want
to have an effect on public debate."

A paperback version of Victorian Sensation
will be coming out in November. Meanwhile
Dr Secord is already hard at work on his next
ii.; ,.;,_. i. which looks at how the reporting
of science and technology by the newspaper
press in the United States, Britain, and
France changed the ways that these activities
were practiced and perceived.

Anatomy of a Prize

Since 1959, the Pfizer Prize has been awarded annually to the best book in English on the history of science. Subjects have ranged
from an interpretation of human anatomy as understood by the ancient physician Galen, to the theories and politics of plant and ani-
mal breeding in the Soviet Union. The winner is selected by the History of Science Society, on the recommendation of a committee
of experts.
Dr. Frederick Gregory (University of Florida) has been on the three-person committee for the past two years, this year as chairman.
As to what makes a winner, he says substance is important. "Once you've read a Pfizer book, you've read a book whose author has
read everything on that subject. It's a book that has demonstrated mastery of all secondary and primary sources, and can speak author-
itatively and creatively. A book that is not so much guided by the material, but guides the material." He adds, half seriously: "A really
thin book is not likely to win the Pfizer prize." Though, he hastens to add, a well-argued and focused thin book on some classic issue
could be considered.
Selection goes in stages. Each committee member comes up with a top-10 list. If a book is on two lists, then it's an automatic con-
tender for the final top 10, says Dr. Gregory. Though the process is inclusive rather than exclusive, time does play a factor.
Committee members have a date by which they must come up with a top ten, and then a top five. Finalists, of course, are read by all
three members. It's a tough job, says Dr. Gregory. "You have to be realistic. At the beginning of the process it's almost necessary to
look for flaws to start paring down the list. In a paraphrase of Karl Popper, Dr. Gregory says "The best books are the ones that refuse
to let themselves be eliminated.
Since there are sometimes more than 80 books nominated, and each member reads half of them, committee members are kept busy.
"You're always reading a Pfizer book somewhere, and you can bet you've got four or five books in your briefcase."
Dr. Gregory does not regret the time spent on the prize. "It's a wonderful experience to have. Everyone should do it. You are
exposed to so many creative minds and historical scholarship -not to mention all the free books."
As both a Pfizer winner and a committee member, Dr. Joan Cadden (University of California, Davis) also enthusiastically recom-
mends service on the committee to anyone who wants to get a sense of the scope and quality of the discipline. "During my years of
service on the committee, I encountered first hand the enormous vitality of the History of Science. This richness is attested by both
the excellence and the variety of the Pfizer Prize winners."
Gregory does have some advice for new judges. "Keep an open mind. There are all kinds of possibilities; historiography changes."
And most of all: "This will be a book that will be a long-term contribution to our field."

The State of the Play

"Outlets" from Final Exams in Dr. Proctor's History of Science 122 Class, taught at Penn State University (by
Robert N. Proctor)

I realize the genre is a bit cliched, but the
temptation is so great and the confusions
so amusing, Ifind it hard to resist a compi-
lation of student test answers. Reproduced
below are extracts from actual exams writ-
ten by students in my introductory History
of Science class, which covers a time-span
from prehistory to the present. I have con-
joined here some of the juicier whoppers to
preserve a coherent narrative flow, but I
assure you that all of the separate elements
were presented innocently by non-wise-
cracking undergraduates -by which I
mean that none (to my knowledge) were
intended to be humorous. I have corrected
grammar and syntax for readability; I've
also corrected most misspellings, except
where the slip is the point of interest. The
fun of course is to find the hidden sense, or
transformation, or assimilation to common
knowledge. Enjoy!

The oldest tools are those found by the
Leakies, who called them the "Older Ones"
for the Valley in which flint was first
chipped in Africa. No one knows if the
Neanderthals were stooped or human, but
the theories are dispersed. One says that man
evolved straight from the Australians (literal-
ly '" .utIlki' apes"), the other says the oppo-
site. No one knows because ',C. rJlncL of
absence is not absence of evidence."
The transformation from the Ancient
world to the Modem did not happen
overnight. The shift from the two-sphere
universe to the one-sphere universe had to
do with the times, including the invention of
printable type. The Ptolemaic universe stated
that epic cycles exist for planets which orbit
in an ecliptical system, which required a lot
of circles and backtracking. In the two-
sphere universe of the Ancients, for exam-
ple, professors refused to believe that outer

space was made of matter. Plato had very
good communication skills, however, which
helped him with his dialogues, some of
which were written in caves.
A lot of early struggles occurred between
the Ancients and the Moderates. Kepler
showed that the planets revolve in an ellipti-
cal circle, while focusing on the sun. These
Moderates had difficulty convincing the old
order of this new way, especially the Fryers
and Priestocratics who still held sway. The
Copernican Revolution actually occurred
much earlier than the events that go by that
name. The Magi of Hereticus had insisted
that the sun was at the center of the earth,
for example. There were also cultural influ-
ences from various religions, races, and
creeds, which were claimed to be damaging
but they weren't.


Awards, Honors, and Appointments

The Archives of American Mathematics
(AAM), a unit of The University of Texas at
Austin's Center for American History, has
been awarded generous financial support
by the Mathematical Association of
America and the Legacy of R. L. Moore
Project. Persons who have general ques-
tions about the Archives of American
Mathematics should contact Kristy
Sorensen, k.sorensen@mail.utexas.edu,
(512) 495-4539. Web page:

Sarah E. Edwards (Centre of
Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy in the
School of Pharmacy at the University of
London) is the recipient of the 2003
Lawrence Memorial Award. For her dis-
sertation research, Ms. Edwards has under-
taken a study on the medical ethnobotany,
from plant systematics to indigenous taxon-
omy, of the Wik and Kugu people of Cape
York Peninsula. She will use the proceeds
of the award for travel in Australia to con-
duct field research.

Philippe Fontaine (Ecole normal
sup&rieure de Cachan), Professor of
Economics, has received the 2002 "Best
Article Award" from the History of
Economics Society, for his article "Blood,
Politics, and Social Science: Richard
Titmuss and the Institute of Economic
Affairs, 1957-1973," published in no. 3 of
volume 93 of Isis.

Anita Guerrini (University of California,
Santa Barbara), Professor of History and
Environmental Studies, has been awarded a
three-year grant from the Collaborative
Research Grants program of the National
Endowment for the Humanities. She is co-
PI with Dr. Jenifer Dugan of UCSB's
Marine Science Institute on a project enti-
tled "Historicizing Ecological Restoration"
which brings together historians and ecolo-
gists in a site-specific study.

Ronald R. Kline (Corell University) has been
elected as the Sue G. and Harry E. Bovay, Jr.,
Professor in the History and Ethics of Engineering.

The Program in the History of Science,
Technology and Medicine at the
University of California, Santa Barbara
has hired W. Patrick McCray and
Gabriela Soto Laveaga. Professor
McCray has authored books on
Renaissance glass making and on the his-
tory of large optical telescopes in post-
World War II America. Professor Laveaga,
a historian of modern Mexico and Latin
America, is currently completing a book
on "Jungle Laboratories: Mexicans and the
Global Quest for Hormones."

Anne Millbrooke and William Trimble
received the 2003 Gardner-Lasser Aerospace
History Literature Award from the American
Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
This prestigious award recognizes
Millbrooke's book Aviation History and
Trimbel's biography of Jerome C.
Hunsaker as the best original contributions
to the field of aeronautical or astronautical
historical non-fiction literature published in
the last five years.

William R. Newman (Indiana University)
has been awarded a three-year grant from
the National Science Foundation to study
Isaac Newton's researches in chymistry,
and to prepare an online edition of
Newton's chemical papers (the edition
will be included in the online series being
prepared by The Newton Project). The
project, "The 'Chymistry' of Isaac
Newton: A Proposal for STS 01-159 and
International Digital Libraries 02-085,"
will involve researching and editing
Newton's manuscripts, and recreating
some of his chemical experiments in a
modern laboratory.

Emily Thompson's book, The
Soundscape of Modernity: Architectural
Acoustics and the Culture of Listening in
America 1900-1933 (The MIT Press,
2002) has been awarded the 2003 Science
Writing Prize of the Acoustical Society of
America for Journalistic Writing on
Acoustics; and also the 2003 Lewis
Mumford Prize of the Media Ecology
Association, for Outstanding Scholarship
in the Ecology of Technics.

Alain Touwaide has received the
Washington Academy of Sciences award
for Behavioral and Social Science for his
contribution in the history of medicine,
particularly pharmacology. Now a
Research Associate at the Smithsonian
Institution (National Museum of Natural
History), he is currently preparing a
major reference work on plants in ancient
Greece and Rome (A Flora of Classical

The HSS congratulates the
following members who
were elected to the Society's
Council or Nominating

Joan Cadden (University of
California, Davis)

Peter Dear (Cornell University)
David Hollinger (University of
California, Berkeley)
Bruce Hunt (University of Texas)
Naomi Oreskes (University of
California, San Diego)
Andrea Rusnock (University of
Rhode Island)

Tom Broman (University of
Mott Greene (University of Puget
Susan Lederer (Yale University)

Katharine Park (Harvard
Karen Parshall (University of



Chemical Heritage Foundation
2004-2005 Fellowships
Applications must include a research proposal of no more than 1,000 words that
addresses the relevance of CHF resources. The proposal should also explain how the
work advances scholarship and how the outcome might be published. Include a c.v.
and arrange for two letters of reference to be sent directly to the Foundation. See
www.chemheritage.org for more information or email fellowships@chemheritage.org.

Academic Year 2004-2005 Opportunities
Deadline: January 15, 2004

Gordon Cain Fellowship
The Cain Fellowship is open to Ph.D. scholars who
plan to conduct historical research on the
development of the chemical industries. The
outcome of this research should further public
understanding of the relationship between
technology, policy, management, and
entrepreneurship and shed light on the complex
development of modem society and commerce.
Working with Beckman Center staff, the Cain
Fellow will also organize a one-day conference,
inviting scholars to discuss the subject of the
fellow's research. Minimum stipend: $43,000.

Edelstein International Fellowship
The Edelstein Fellowship is open to established
scholars in the history of the chemical sciences and
technology. Typically, the fellow's time is divided
between CHF and the Edelstein Center for History
and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and
Medicine in Jerusalem. Minimum stipend: $36,000.

Edelstein International Studentship
The Edelstein Studentship supports dissertation
research and writing. It is an academic year
fellowship open to a student in the history of the
chemical sciences and technology who has
completed all requirements for the Ph.D. except the
dissertation. Typically, the student's time is divided
between CHF and the Edelstein Center in
Jerusalem. Minimum stipend: $16,000.

John C. Haas Fellowship
The Haas Fellowship is open to Ph.D. scholars
whose projects will enhance public understanding
of the chemical industries in relation to
environmental, health, and safety issues. Minimum
stipend: $38,000.

Charles C. Price Fellowship
The Price Fellowship is open to scholars pursuing
research on the history of the chemical sciences and
technologies. Preference is given to applicants with
projects on the history of polymers. Scholars interested
in other fields are also encouraged to apply. The Charles
C. Price Fellowship was created by friends and admirers
of Professor Price. Minimum stipend: $20,000.

Summer 2004 Opportunities
Deadline: February 15, 2004

Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot Scholarship
The Ullyot Scholarship sponsors historical research that
promotes public understanding of the chemical sciences.
Applications are invited from scholars, graduate
students, science writers, and journalists. The fellow will
spend a minimum of two months in residence at CHF
during the summer of 2004. Minimum stipend: $4,500.

Soci6t6 de Chimie Industrielle (American Section)
The Soci6t6 Fellowship is designed to stimulate public
understanding of the chemical industries. Applications
are encouraged from writers, journalists, educators, and
historians of science, technology, or business. The
fellow will spend three months in residence at CHF
during the summer of 2004. Applicants must specify
how the outcomes of their project will reach a broad
audience. Competitive stipend.

Research Travel Grants
The Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry offers
travel grants for research in CHF's Othmer Library of
Chemical History. Applicants should submit a c.v., a
one-page statement of their research project and the
applicability of CHF's resources, a budget estimate and
arrange for a letter of reference to be sent directly to
CHF. Grants are in the $500 range for researchers within
the U.S. Individuals traveling internationally are
considered for grants in the $1,000 range. For deadlines,
see our website or contact travelgrants(,chemheritage.org.

I Send applications to: Fellowship Coordinator, Chemical Heritage Foundation, 315 Chestnut Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19106-2702 Fax: 215 925 1954 Email: fellowships@chemheritage.org. I



The following announcements have been edited for space. For full descriptions and for the latest announcements, please visit
Ihlp: r1r1rl:h%\onliine.org. The Society does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of any item, and interested persons should veriJy
all details. Those who wish to publish ajob announcement should send an electronic version of the posting to newsletter@hssonline.org.

The Liberal Studies Department at California State University,
Fullerton invites applications for a tenure-track position to begin fall
semester 2004. The department seeks applicants with specializations
in one of the natural sciences or in the history or philosophy of the
natural sciences, to teach in the interdisciplinary Liberal Studies core
program. The position is at the rank of Assistant Professor, tenure-
track. Appointment Date: August 19, 2004. Applications received by
November 14, 2003 are assured of full consideration. See
hssonline.org for more information.

The School of Analytic Studies and Information Technology,
Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies, York
University, invites applications for a one-year position at the assis-
tant professor level in science and technology studies effective July 1,
2004. This position has the potential for renewal. More information
on the School and its programs is available at www.yorku.ca/sasit/.
Applicants must have a Ph.D. in science and technology studies, his-
tory of science and technology, or a related field. The preferred area
of specialization is Twentieth Century or Recent Science and
Technology. The deadline for receipt of completed applications is
December 1, 2003. Please send a letter of application, cv, a statement
of research and teaching interests, three letters of reference (at least
one letter should address teaching), a writing sample and teaching
evaluations, to: Dr. E. Hamm, Coordinator, STS Program, SASIT,
Room 2005, TEL Building, York University, 4700 Keele Street,
Toronto, ON M3J 1P3. E-mail: ehamm@yorku.ca.

Northwestern University's Science in Human Culture Program
(SHC) invites applications for 2-year postdoctoral fellowships in the
contextual study of science, technology, and/or medicine, to run
September 2004-August 2006. Applicants in the history of
.- r- 'I J.;- 'I il..i...l.. i, the philosophy of science, and the soci-
ology/anthropology of science are sought. Fellows will pursue a pro-
gram of independent scholarship and will teach two one-quarter
courses a year: a seminar and a lecture course. Materials are due
January 15, 2004. Web site: http://www2.mmlc.nwu.edu/shc/.

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of
Medicine seeks an Historian of Medicine and/or Biomedical
Sciences. Area of specialization and period are open. Junior candi-
dates (Assistant Professors and ABDs) will only be considered if a
tenured, Associate or Full Professor is not hired. Applications must
be received by January 9th.

The Department of Science & Technology Studies at Cornell
University announces a position for a post-doctoral associate in the
social and ethical dimensions of nanotechnology. The position is
available immediately for a one- or two-year period (negotiable). A

Ph.D. or equivalent degree is required in a relevant field (e.g., sci-
ence & technology studies, history, sociology, communication, phi-
losophy, etc.). Applicants with a degree in nanotechnology or related
technical field and a record of achievement in analysis of social and
ethical issues will also be considered. Review of applications will
begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

The Humanities faculty at the California Institute of Technology
(Caltech) invites applications for a tenure-track position in the history
of biology (strong preference for an appointment at the assistant pro-
fessor level, although exceptionally well qualified applicants will be
considered at the associate or full professor level). The term of the
initial appointment is normally four years and is contingent upon
completion of the Ph.D. We are especially interested in applicants
who work on the history of molecular and/or developmental biology.
Application review will begin October 1 and continue until the posi-
tion is filled.

Cornell University invites applications for a tenure-track or tenured fac-
ulty position (with preference at the assistant professor level) in histori-
cal or social studies of biology, broadly construed to include biological
sciences, medicine, and biotechnology. A Ph.D., or equivalent degree, in
history of science, science & technology studies, anthropology, or a
closely related field is required. Candidates with a Ph.D. in biology and
a significant record of scholarly achievement in historical or social stud-
ies of biology will also be considered. Review of applications will begin
on November 1, 2003 and will continue until the position is filled.

The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus, invites applica-
tions for a tenure-track or tenured position beginning September
2004, with speciality in the history of modem biology. Appointment
at the Assistant or Associate Professor rank is preferred, but candi-
dates for Professor rank will be considered if warranted by their
teaching experience and research achievements. The deadline for
receipt of applications is December 1, 2003.

The University of Chicago Press seeks an experienced and energetic
acquisitions editor to maintain and develop its prestigious list in the
history, philosophy, and social studies of science, as well as the earth
sciences and physical sciences. Requirements for this position include
a bachelor's degree and at least three years in publishing, with expe-
rience acquiring scholarly or serious trade books. Advanced degree a
plus. Some travel to academic conferences and campuses required.
Applications must be made through the University of Chicago's
online employment site: lii ip j..h..pp.. I1,1,Ic, I ,1 I i p i C. cJi/.
Inquiries may be directed to Alan G. Thomas, Editorial Director,
Humanities and Sciences, University of Chicago Press, 1427 E. 60th
St., Chicago, IL 60637. Close 12/31/2003.



Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes

Thefollowing announcements have been editedfor space. Forfull descriptions and for the latest announcements, please visit our Web site
(http://hssonline.org). The Society does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of any item, and potential applicants should verify all
details, especially closing dates, with the organization or foundation of interest. Those who wish to publish a grant, fellowship, or prize
announcement should send an electronic version of the posting to newsletter@hssonline.org.

Roy Porter Student Essay Prize Competition
The Society for the Social History of Medicine (SSHM) invites
submissions to its 2003 Roy Porter Student Essay Prize
Competition. This prize will be awarded to the best original,
unpublished essay in the social history of medicine. The competi-
tion is open to undergraduate and post-graduate students in full or
part-time education. The winner will be awarded 500.00, and his
or her entry may also be published in the journal, Social History
of Medicine. Further details and entry forms can be down-loaded
from the SSHM's website http://www.sshm.org.

The Victor and Joy Wouk Grant-in-Aid Program

California Institute of Technology Grants-in-Aid. The Victor
and Joy Wouk Grant-in-Aid Program -new in 2003 -offers
research assistance up to $2000 for work in the Papers of Victor
Wouk in the Caltech Archives. The Maurice A. Biot Archives
Fund and other designated funds offer research assistance up to
$1500 to use the collections of the Caltech Archives. For all
funds, applications will be accepted from students -working
towards a graduate degree -or from established scholars. For fur-
ther information on holdings and online resources, please consult
the Archives' Web page: http://archives.caltech.edu. Applications
will be reviewed quarterly, on January 1, April 1, July 1 and
October 1 of each year.

Marc-Auguste Pictet Prize

The Societe de Physique et d'Histoire Naturelle (SPHN) de
Geneve invites applications for the the Marc-Auguste Pictet
Prize. This Prize, in principle intended for a young researcher,
will reward a significant contribution to the history of science,
which is as yet unpublished or has only recently appeared.
Application is open to both Swiss and foreign candidates at the
university level. Notification of candidature should be sent by
29th February 2004 to the following address: President de la
SPHN, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Case postal 6434, CH-
1211 GENEVE 6, Switzerland.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Research Fellowships

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Research Fellowships for US-based
scholars at the Needham Research Institute, Cambridge, UK. The
Needham Research Institute (NRI), home of the "Science and
Civilisation in China" project, provides scholars with excellent facili-
ties for research into the history of science, technology and medicine
in East Asia. Funds granted by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

make it possible for the NRI to offer a number of one-semester fellow-
ships (including the "Summer semester") tenable at the Institute for
US-based scholars and researchers working within the broad field of
the history of science, technology and medicine in East Asia. The
application deadline is 1 December 2003. Details of the NRI and
the fellowship program may be found at http://www.nri.org.uk.
National Science Foundation Fellowship

The National Science Foundation (NSF) offers a two-year postdoc-
toral research and training fellowship in the social and behavioral
sciences primarily for underrepresented minority scientists within
four years of receipt of their doctoral degree. Applicants must be
U.S. citizens, nationals, or lawfully admitted permanent residents.
The postdoctoral fellowships are designed to permit Fellows to
choose a sponsoring scientist and a research and training environ-
ment most beneficial to their scientific development. Applications
are due the 1st Monday of December. For additional information, see
the NSF Program Announcement 00-139 at http://www.nsf.gov/pub-
sys/ods/getpub.cfm?nsf00139. The contact for the program is John
Perhonis (ilihli .i.n,!! f'.,v) (703-292-7279).

The Francis A. Countway Library Fellowship in the History
of Medicine

The Francis A. Countway Library Fellowship in the History of
Medicine provides a stipend of up to $5,000 to support travel,
lodging, and incidental expenses for a flexible period between
June 1, 2004 and May 31, 2005. The fellowship proposal should
demonstrate that the Countway Library has resources central to
the research topic. The proposal is due by January 31, 2004. The
appointment will be announced by March 31, 2004. Applications
should be sent to: Thomas A. Horrocks, Associate Director for
Special Collections and Joseph Garland Librarian, Francis A.
Countway Library of Medicine, 10 Shattuck Street, Boston, MA
Bakken Fellowships and Grants
Each year, the Bakken Library and Museum in Minneapolis
offers Visiting Research Fellowships and Research Travel Grants
for the purpose of facilitating research in its collections. The
focus of the Bakken's collections is the history of electricity and
magnetism and their applications in the life sciences and medi-
cine. The deadline for all 2004 applications is 16 February 2004.
For more information, please contact: Elizabeth Ihrig, Librarian,
The Bakken Library and Museum, 3537 Zenith Avenue So.,
Minneapolis, MN., 55416 U.S.A. Tel 612-926-3878 ext. 227; Fax
(612) 927-7265; E-mail Ili ric. t1iKLb.,i, !!n ,.



Andrew W. Mellon Travel Fellowship Program

The University of Oklahoma announces the Andrew W. Mellon
Travel Fellowship Program for visitors to make use of the History of
Science Collections. Proposals from scholars at both predoctoral and
postdoctoral levels will be evaluated continuously upon receipt, and
funds awarded shortly after the decision is made. For information,
please contact: The University of Oklahoma, The Andrew W. Mellon
Travel Fellowship Program, Bizzell Library, 401 West Brooks, Room
521, Norman, OK 73019-0528. E-mail: kmagruder@ou.edu or
mogilvie@ou.edu. Web site: libraries.ou.edu/etc/histsci/mellon.asp.

Lawrence Memorial Award

The Award Committee of the Lawrence Memorial Fund
invites nominations for the 2004 Lawrence Memorial Award.
The annual award of $2,000 is given to support travel for doctoral
dissertation research in systematic botany or horticulture, or the
history of the plant sciences, including literature and exploration.
Major professors are urged to nominate outstanding doctoral stu-
dents who have achieved official candidacy for their degrees and
who will be conducting pertinent dissertation research that would
benefit significantly from travel enabled by the Award. The
Committee will not entertain direct applications. Letters of nomi-
nation and supporting materials, including secondary letters,
should be received by the Committee not later than 1 May 2004
and should be directed to: Dr. R. W. Kiger, Hunt Institute,
Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA
15213-3890, USA.Tel. (412) 268-2434

The American Philosophical Society Library Fellowships

The American Philosophical Society Library offers short-term res-
idential fellowships for conducting research in its collections. The
fellowships are intended to encourage research in the Library's col-
lections by scholars who reside beyond a 75-mile radius of
Philadelphia. The fellowships are open to both U.S. citizens and for-
eign nationals who are holders of the Ph.D. or the equivalent, Ph.D.
candidates who have passed their preliminary examinations, or inde-
pendent scholars. Applicants in any relevant field of scholarship may
apply. The stipend is $2,000 per month, and the term of the fellow-
ship is a minimum of one month and a maximum of three, taken
between June 1, 2004 and May 31, 2005. Applications should be
postmarked no later than March 1. For additional information call
215-440-3443 or send an email inquiry to ji.ii.I.h ,i' il.L i! I..'

Sidney M. Edelstein Award in the History of Chemistry

The Division of the History of Chemistry (HIST) of the American
Chemical Society (ACS) solicits nominations for the 2004 Sidney M.
Edelstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in the History of
Chemistry. This award honors the memory of the late Sidney M.
Edelstein, who established the Dexter Award in 1956, and it also con-
tinues the outstanding tradition of the Dexter Award, which ended in
2001. The Edelstein Award is sponsored by Ruth Edelstein Barish
and Family and is administered by HIST. In recognition of receiving
the Edelstein Award, the winner is presented with an engraved plaque
and the sum of $3500, usually at a symposium honoring the winner at
the Fall National Meeting of the ACS, which for 2004 will be held in


Philadelphia PA, August 22-26. The award is international in scope,
and nominations are welcome from anywhere in the world. All nomi-
nation material should be sent in triplicate to Professor John Sharkey,
Chair of the Edelstein Award Committee, Pace University, Office of
the Provost, One Pace Plaza, New York, New York 10038. (e-mail:
Jh.1u1,k-. .1..c cdt-Ju'. by 31 December 2003.

The following announcements have been edited for space. For
full descriptions and the latest announcements, please visit
our Web site (,ii1, /www.hssonline.org). The Society does not
assume responsibility for the accuracy of any item, and
interested persons should verify all details. Those who wish to
publish a future meeting announcement should send an elec-
tronic version of the posting to newsletter@hssonline.org.

Calls for Papers

Michigan Academy History of Science and Technology
Section Call for Papers. Grand Valley State University will host
the 2004 meeting of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts &
Letters on Friday and Saturday, March 5th and 6th at the Eberhard
Center in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. Abstracts for papers will
be accepted with the final deadline for receipt being November
21, 2003. Papers are welcome on any topic in science and tech-
nology history and do not need to have a connection to Michigan
History. There are specific guidelines for abstract submission and
an abstract form is required. Information is available through the
Academy Web page or from the section chair. For more informa-
tion, contact the section chair: Paul Buckingham, Dept. of History
and Social Sciences, University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne IN
46808; tel.: (260) 434-7678; email: pbuckingham@sf.edu. Visit
the Web site for more information, abstract forms, and guidelines:

The American Physical Society's Forum on the History of
Physics invites scholars to present papers at the APS annual
meeting which will be held May 1-4, 2004 in Denver, Colorado.
Graduate students, young scholars and non-APS members are
especially encouraged to attend; the APS meeting itself provides
an opportunity to meet notable scientists and science managers.
Funding may be available to defray costs of travel and registra-
tion fees, especially for graduate students. The deadline for
abstract submissions is January 9, 2004. Scholars who wish to
give papers that present the history of physics and its interaction
with culture, education, and physics research should contact
Patrick McCray (pmccray@history.ucsb.edu). This should be
done well before the January deadline to ensure proper submis-
sion of abstracts via the APS's new web-based system. Non-APS
members who wish to present papers are welcome and arrange-
ments will be made on an individual basis to help with the
abstract submission process. Additional information about the
APS and its meetings is at www.aps.org.


The Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of
Science (CSHPS) is holding its annual conference as part of
the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS)
in Winnipeg, Manitoba, between June 4 and June 6, 2004.
The program committee invites historians and philosophers of
science, as well as scholars from any field whose work
relates to history and philosophy of science, to submit
abstracts for individual papers or proposals for sessions.
Submissions may be in English or French. Individual paper
submissions should consist of a title, an abstract of 150-250
words, and complete contact information for the author.
Session proposals should consist of a session title, titles and
brief abstracts for each paper, and complete contact infor-
mation for the session organizer. Proposals must be received
by 31 December 2003 and must be sent by e-mail (rtf
attachment preferred). E-mail address for submissions:
cshps04@uottawa.ca. N.B. CSHPS offers a book prize
(Richard Hadden Award) for the best student paper present-
ed at the meeting. Information about Congress registration
and accommodation can be found at the Canadian
Federation for Humanities and Social Sciences Federation
(CFHSS) Web site: http://www.fedcan.ca/english/congress/
congress.html. Please note that the CSHPS meeting tradi-
tionally overlaps with the meeting dates of a number of
other member societies of the CFHSS, including the
Canadian Society for the History of Medicine, the Canadian
Philosophical Association, the Canadian Society for the
History and Philosophy of Math- ematics, and the Canadian
Historical Association. The CSHPS program committee wel-
comes suggestions for joint sessions with these and other

The Canadian Society for the History of Medicine is issu-
ing a call for papers for its annual conference at the Uni-
versity of Manitoba on June 4-June 6, 2004. The theme of
the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities will be
"Confluence: Ideas, Identity, Place." Abstracts on other top-
ics are also welcome. Please submit your abstract for consid-
eration by 14 November 2003 to: James Hanley, CSHM
Program Chair, Department of History, University of
Winnipeg, 515 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2E9 Ph:
(204) 786-9005, Fax: (204) 774-4134. Email:
j.hanley@uwinnipeg.ca. Abstracts must not exceed 350
words. Submissions by email are welcome. If submitting
abstracts by mail, please send one original and 3 copies,
typed single-spaced on one sheet of paper. The Committee
will notify applicants of its decision by January 16, 2004.
N.B. If invited to present at the meeting, the author must
undertake to provide a translation of the abstract for the
bilingual program book.

HOPOS, the International Society for the History of
Philosophy of Science will hold its fifth international con-
gress in San Francisco, California, 24-27 June 2004. The
University of San Francisco, in cooperation with Stanford
University and the University of California, Berkeley, will


host the conference, which is open to scholarly work on the
history of philosophy of science from any disciplinary per-
spective. Submissions of abstracts of papers of approximate-
ly 30 minutes' reading length, and of symposia of three to
four thematically related papers will be considered for the
program. Guidelines for Submissions: Abstracts of individual
paper submissions should be between 250 and 500 words in
length. Panel proposals should include one panel abstract,
names and addresses of all participants, and abstracts of 250
words for each of three to four papers. All submissions
should arrive by January 1, 2004. Notification of acceptance
of submissions will be provided by March 1, 2004. Preferred
format for all submissions is plain ASCII text or RTF attach-
ment submitted by electronic mail to
with "HOPOS 2004 Submission" in the subject line. Other
submissions should include one paper copy and one copy in
plain ASCII or RTF format on a 3.5" DOS diskette and be
sent to: Menachem Fisch, Co-Chair HOPOS 2004 Program
Committee, The Cohn Institute for the History and
Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University, Ramat
Aviv 61390, Israel.

British Society for the History of Science's 2004 annual
meeting will be held at Liverpool Hope University College
in Liverpool, 25-27 June 2004. Papers are invited on all
areas of the history of science, technology and medicine.
Suggestions for themed sessions are particularly welcome.
BSHS subsidies are available for student members of the
Society. Hope at Everton, a lively area of the city and home
to Hope's School of Creative and Performing Arts, will host
BSHS 2004. En-suite accommodation is available on-site at
Gerard Manley Hopkins Hall. The site is ten minutes' walk
from Liverpool city center. Abstracts of Papers (max 250
words) should be sent to Dr. Geoff Bunn, BSHS Programme
Secretary, Department of Psychology, Liverpool Hope
University College, Hope Park, Liverpool, L16 9JD or
bunng@hope.ac.uk. Deadline for submissions: 31 January
2004. Further details will be announced on the Society's
Web site at http://www.bshs.org.uk/conf/2004annual/.

Women, Health and Welfare. The regional Women's History
Network is celebrating its tenth annual conference at the
University of the West of England, Bristol, on Saturday, June
26th 2004. Individual papers or panels are invited from aca-
demics, postgraduate students and independent scholars.
Submissions on a wide range of topics related to women,
health, and welfare in any place or period are encouraged.
Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be sent to
Katherine Holden or Fiona Reid at the following address:
Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science,
University of the West of England, Bristol, St Matthias cam-
pus, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 2JP. Please e-mail abstracts to
Katherine.Holden@uwe.ac.uk or Fiona.Reid@uwe.ac.uk. The
deadline for abstracts is Friday, 12th March. When submitting
your abstract, please provide your name, preferred mailing
address, e-mail address and phone number.


The Life, Work and Legacy of John Ambrose Fleming. A
conference is to be held from 30th June 2004 to 1st July 2004
at University College, London. Papers on all aspects of
Fleming's life are requested, and short abstracts (c500 words)
in electronic form should be sent to: Dr. Colin A Hempstead,
colin.hempstead@ntlworld.com. Abstracts should be received
by 31st December 2003. Fleming was one of the first electron-
ic engineers and this conference, while "celebrating" his life
and work, is concerned more generally with the history of elec-

The Atomic Bomb and American Society. To mark the 60th
anniversary of the detonation of the first atomic bomb, this
three-day conference, to be held July 15-17, 2005, will assess
how nuclear weapons' development affected American society
and culture. This conference will convene in Oak Ridge,
Tennessee, a site which, together with Los Alamos, New
Mexico and Hanford, Washington played a pivotal role in the
development of the first atomic bomb detonated in
Alamogordo, New Mexico on July 16, 1945. The Conference
organizers, Professor G. Kurt Piehler and Captain Rosemary
Mariner (U.S. Navy, Retired), seek proposals for papers that
examine the political, economic, social, and cultural impact of
nuclear weapons on American society. Scholarship examining
the impact of public opinion on American nuclear weapons
developments and strategy (i.e., SANE, the Nuclear Freeze
Movement, etc.), public participation and opposition to civil
defense measures, and the impact of nuclear weapons research
on American science and education are all welcome.
Organizers are especially interested in new scholarship exam-
ining the unique roles of Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, and Hanford
in developing the atomic bomb and later generations of nuclear
weapons. Scholars and advanced graduate students interested
in participating in this conference should submit a cover letter,
2-3 page proposal and c.v. by April 1, 2004 to: Professor G.
Kurt Piehler, Director, Center for the Study of War and
Society, 220 Hoskins Library, University of Tennessee,
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-0128. E-Mail: gpiehler@utk.edu.

Fifth British-North American Joint Meeting of the BSHS,
CSHPS, and HSS: 5-7 August 2004, Halifax, Nova Scotia,
Canada. The program committee invites proposals on the
theme of "Circulating Knowledge." Proposals for complete
sessions are encouraged, but proposals for individual papers
will also be considered. Proposed sessions should include three
or four papers, and may also include a commentator. Proposals
may be in either French or English. Session organizers are
urged to include speakers from more than one country. To pro-
pose a session, please provide the following information: title
of session; names of session organizer, contributors of papers,
chair, and commentator; institutional affiliation for each partic-
ipant, and country of residence; an abstract (250 words maxi-
mum) for each paper; and contact information, including email
address, for the session organizer. Proposals must be submitted
by 15 December 2003. Organizers of sessions accepted for the
program will be notified by the end of February 2004. If you


require further information, please contact a member of the
program committee: Geoff Bunn (bunng@hope.ac.uk), Lesley
Cormack (lcormack@ualberta.ca), or Jan Golinski (jan.golins-

Alexander von Humboldt: From the Americas to the
Cosmos. In commemoration of a visit from Alexander von
Humboldt's visit to the United States in 1804, the Graduate
Center of the City University of New York will host an inter-
disciplinary conference devoted to Humboldt and his legacy
on October 14-16, 2004. The principal focus will be
Humboldt's activity in, relationship to, and impact on the
Americas, but all proposals will be considered. Areas of inter-
est include Humboldt's scientific work and publications, polit-
ical ideas and advocacy of human rights, paintings, travel
writing, friendships, as well as his fame, image and influence
in various parts of the Americas. Proposals for papers should
consist of: (a) a concise (300 words or less) abstract with
title, and (b) a cover letter indicating the author's professional
affiliations) and contact information. Proposals may be sent
to the Program Committee, Humboldt Conference by email to
humboldt@gc.cuny.edu, by post c/o the Bildner Center, The
Graduate Center/CUNY, 365 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5209; New
York, NY 10016-4309, or by fax at (212) 817-1540. Deadline
for receipt of proposals is February 1, 2004. Decisions will be
made by April 1, 2004. For more information, please visit:

2004 PSA Biennial Meeting: The Philosophy of Science
Association will hold its joint meeting with the HSS in Austin,
Texas, November 18th-21st, 2004. The meeting will be held at
the Austin Radisson, which is located just across the bridge
from the Hyatt, site of the History of Science Society meeting.
Web site: http://www.temple.edu/psa2004/.

Upcoming Conferences

The Foundations of Globalization. University of Manchester,
6-7 November 2003. http://les.man.ac.uk/government/founda-

The Ambiguities of Work: Controlling Knowledge,
Controlling Outcomes. Hagley Museum and Library,
Wilmington, Delaware, 7-8 November, 2003.

Information and Social Knowledge: From Gossip to the
Internet. The Fourteenth Annual Workshop of the Women's
Committee of the Economic History Society, 7-8 November
2003, Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, Malet
Street, London. http://wip.ehs.org.uk/society/women.asp.

Discovering the Concepts of Nature in Russia: Means for
Understanding Russian Culture and Environmental Policies,
7-8 November 2003, Finland. http://www.helsinki.fi/aleksanteri.


The 28th Annual Meeting Social Science History
Association. 13-16 November 2003, Baltimore, Maryland.

HSS 2003 Annual Meeting, 20-23 November 2003 at
Cambridge, Massachusetts. http://hssonline.org.

Rivers in History: Designing and Conceiving Waterways in
Europe and North America. 5-7 December 2003, German
Historical Institute, Washington, D.C.

New Approaches to Ancient Science A Three-Year
Colloquium of the American Philological Association: Earth
Science, January 2004, San Francisco. www.pitt.edu/-tmpst26/

Mapping the Past: Boundaries, Communications and
Transnational Exchanges (part of the Social History Society
Annual Conference), 8-10 January 2004, University of Rouen,
France. http://sochist.ntu.ac.uk.

Digital Scholarship: 'Doing History' with Technology.
American Association for History and Computing Conference
(AAHC), 8-11 January 2004, Washington DC.

The AMS Presidential History Symposium, sponsored by
the American Meteorological Society, 13 January 2004,
Seattle, Washington. http://www.ametsoc.org/AMS.

Twenty Second Annual MEPHISTOS Conference: An
International Graduate Student Conference on the History,
Philosophy, and Sociology of Science, Technology, and
Medicine, 30 January-1 February 2004, University of Western
Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada. http://publish.uwo.ca/

Natural Disasters and Cultural Strategies: Responses to
Catastrophe in Global Perspective. German Historical
Institute, Washington, D.C., 19-22 February 2004.

Sixth Annual Meeting of the Southern Association for the
History of Medicine and Science (SAHMS), 27-28 February
2004, Augusta, Georgia.

European Social Science History Conference, Humboldt
University, Berlin, 24-27 March 2004. http://www.iisg.nl/

Medicine in the Renaissance: Printing the Ancient Legacy.
Renaissance Society of America 50th Annual Meeting New
York City, 25-27 March 2004. http://www.r-s-a.org.

The annual conference of the American Society for
Environmental History, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada,
31 March-4 April 2004.


Joint Atlantic Seminar For the History of Biology: Yale
University, 3 April 2004. http://info.med.yale.edu/histmed.

Titan: From Discovery to Encounter (Christiaan
Huygens). International conference on the occasion of the
375t" birthday of Huygens, held 13-17 April 2004, at
ESTEC, Noordwijk, the Netherlands. http://sci.esa.int/huy-

The American Association for the History of Medicine, 77th
annual meeting, Madison, Wisconsin, 28 April-2 May 2004.

The Society for Ancient Medicine and Pharmacy is planning
a panel for the 2004 annual meeting of the American
Association for the History of Medicine, 28 April-2 May,
Madison, Wisconsin.

International Conference on the History of Drugs and
Alcohol, 13-16 May, 2004, Huron University College, London,
Ontario, Canada.

Scientific Knowledge and Cultural Diversity: The 8th PCST
conference will be held 3-6 June 2004, Barcelona, Spain.

The Seventh Oxford Conference on Archaeoastronomy, 20-
27 June 2004, Flagstaff, Arizona. http://www.lowell.edu/

Scientific Instrument Collections in the University (SICU),
an international symposium at Dartmouth College, Hanover,
NH, 24-27 June 2004. www.dartmouth.edu/-sicu.

The Making of European Contemporary Cities: An
Environmental History, 24-27 June 2004, University of
Siena, Italy. http://www.digips.unisi.it/ciscam/making.htm.

From Beaufort to Bjerknes and beyond: Critical
Perspectives on Observing, Analyzing and Predicting
Weather and Climate, 5-9 July 2004, Polling Monastery,
Weilheim, Germany. http://www.meteohistory.org.

The 10th International Conference on the History of
Science in China will be held at Harbin Institute of
Technology (HIT) from 4 to 7 August 2004. Theme is
Multiaspect Studies on the History of Science, Technology
and Medicine in China.

The 39th International Congress on the History of
Medicine, Bari, Italy, 5th-10th September 2004.

Health and Medicine in the U.S. in the Era of Lewis and
Clark, The Wood Institute for the History of Medicine at the
College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 4-6 November 2004.


by Amy Sue Bix, Iowa State University

This analysis reports on searches made during the 2002-2003
academic year for jobs commencing in or about autumn,
2003. The HSS office sent out approximately 150 questionnaires.
Of those, we received 55 responses from institutions in the
United States and other countries. We would like to thank all the
respondents for their assistance in helping the History of Science
Society monitor present employment trends.
The accompanying table summarizes data gathered from this
year's submitted surveys. As usual, the quality of input informa-
tion affects the strength of the conclusions we are able to draw.
The results are limited by the number of institutions that fail to
return our questionnaire, along with the possibility that some
searches may have been omitted from the survey process. Our
redesign of the questionnaire seems to have succeeded in reduc-
ing earlier problems with confused or incomplete responses.
Out of a total of 55 usable responses (several of which covered
multiple job openings) to this survey, 1 place indicated that the
History (and/or Philosophy) of Science, Technology, and/or
Medicine (HP/STM) ultimately did not play a role in its decision-
making. Another 10 positions either remained open with a search
ongoing at the end of August, 2003 or had closed without being
filled. One significant, though not surprising trend, is that three
respondents specifically cited institutional budget problems as a
cause of search cancellations.
Factoring this information into account, then, this report covers
a total of 49 filled searches relating (or potentially relating) to
HP/STM. Survey results have been organized according to
whether 1) History (and/or Philosophy) of Science, Technology,
and/or Medicine (HP/STM) represented the primary area of
expertise desired; 2) HP/STM as a desired secondary or support-
ing area of expertise; or 3) one of several possible areas of
Of the 42 job searches covered in category I (HP/STM primary
interest), 18 were permanent, 24 temporary. Out of the 13 perma-
nent positions actually filled, 12 slots (92%) went to male appli-
cants and 1 (8%) to a female candidate. Of the 21 temporary posi-
tions filled with 22 people, 11 men (50% of posts for which the
gender of the successful candidate was recorded) and 11 women
(50%) received jobs (the discrepancy in figures is accounted for
by the fact that one institution split its position). Of the 6 searches
in category 2 (HP/STM as a desired secondary specialty), the 4
permanent positions actually filled went to 1 male (25%) and 3
female candidates (75%). The 1 temporary post went to a man.
With 11 searches in category 3 (HP/STM as one possible area), 6
were permanent, 5 temporary. Out of the 5 permanent positions
actually filled, 4 slots (80%) went to male applicants and 1 (20%)
to a female candidate. Of the 5 temporary positions, two institu-
tions did not indicate the gender of the successful job candidate.
The remaining three positions were filled by 1 man (33%) and 2
women (66%).
In regard to concerns of the HSS Women's Caucus, these
tables record the total size and gender distribution of applicant
pools for at least some positions. Of a total of 50 permanent and

temporary jobs offered this year and covered in this survey, in
categories 1 through 3, at least 18 went to women (37.5% of the
48 posts for which the gender of the successful candidate was
recorded). For comparison purposes, this figure represents a
decrease in women's representation compared to last year's sur-
vey, when 44% of filled posts went to female candidates).
Moreover, it is worth noting that only one woman received a per-
manent-line job specializing in HP/STM, category I. Women
received a far greater share, indeed half, of the temporary catego-
ry I positions. As usual, in many job searches, the number of
male applicants outnumbered female (sometimes by a significant
margin); other pools, though, showed a roughly even gender
breakdown. Out of this year's 50 hires, none were indicated by
survey respondents as being "members of a 'minority' class as
defined by your institution." For comparisons, each of the last
four years' surveys have showed either two or three "minority"
hires per year. This question has always been particularly subject
to the interpretation of the person completing the form, however;
many respondents fail to answer it at all or (especially for non-
US institutions) say that it is not applicable to their case or that
they are not supposed to answer such queries.
When asked for comments on current employment conditions,
one search representative noted, "Three of those who won cam-
pus interviews had published quality books, and one had another
in press. These three also had completed post-doctoral research
fellowships. I'm astounded at the quality of our younger col-
leagues and saddened by graduate programs in HP/STM that
refused to exercise continence in the admissions process.
Narrowly trained candidates will find this job market to be a
tough one!" Another institution commented that they received
"an excellent pool of applicants for a search that... got a very
late start," while yet a third place was "surprised by the high
quality of the pool." A dissenting opinion, however, regarding a
search in which HP/STM was a desired secondary area of expert-
ise complained that "most of the candidates were not qualified on
paper and did not bother to clarify why someone with their spe-
cific background should be considered for the position. The cover
letter should give the search committee some indication the
applicant is aware of what he or she is applying for." Among
trends worth noting, this year's survey again reveals the
continued importance of web sites and newsgroups in today's
employment process; a large number of institutions advertised
openings primarily or even exclusively through electronic media.
We wish to continue improving the HSS survey mechanism to
increase the value of information collected. If participants or
readers have any suggestions, please send them to: Amy Bix, 633
Ross Hall, History, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011 or, via
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tion to Robert J. Malone, Roger Turner, Ali Hasan, and others in
the HSS Executive Office for maintaining the web site, assem-
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Thanks also to the HSS Women's Caucus for its ongoing support
of the annual survey project.



HSS Employment Survey Tables. 2002-2003


Job Description


Total # applicants:
I,,l I ml

Field Back- Advertising
Ground Media

Gender, "protected class,"
Degree, date, field

Cal State Univ. Chico
Cornell Univ.

Johns Hopkins Univ.
Utah State Univ.
Univ. Cal. Santa Barb.
Univ. Cal. Santa Barb.
Univ. of Central Ark.
Univ. of Notre Dame
Univ. of Notre Dame
Univ. of Pittsburgh
Univ. of Texas Austin
Univ. Wisc.
Yale Univ.
Univ. British Columbia
Univ. Queensland
York Univ.

Harvard Univ.
Iowa State Univ.

Johns Hopkins Univ.
Marquette Univ.
Michigan Tech. Univ.
Oregon Inst. Tech.
Univ. of Florida
Univ. of Notre Dame
Univ. of Wisc.Madison

Virginia Poly. Inst.
Concordia Univ.
Max Planck Inst.
Max Planck Inst.
Max Planck Inst.
Max Planck Inst.
Max Planck Inst.
Max Planck Inst.







D, T 1,6 Asst. prof
-1,2,3,4,5 Asst. prof

PH 5,6,7
D,T 1,3,6
D 8
D 3,6
D 1,3,4,5
D 1,3,4,5
D 5,8
D 3
D 8
D 3,4,5,8
D 3,8
D 2,5,6

Asst. prof.
Asst. prof.
Asst. prof.
Asst. prof.
Open rank
Open rank
Asst. prof.
Open rank
Asst. or Assoc.
Full prof.
Assoc. prof.
Asst. prof.
Project Hist.

D 2,3,4,5,6 Asst. orAssoc. 100: -
2,5,6,8 Temp.Lecturer 7: 5m,2f

PH 5,6,7
D,PH 2,4,5,6
D 4,5,8
D 4,5,6,7,8

D 4,5,8
D 5,8
D 5,6,8
D 5,6,8
D 5,6,8
D 5,6,8
D 5,6,8
D 5,6,8


Visiting fac.
Temp. fac.
Visiting fac.

Visitng fac.

54: 41m,13f search cancelled budget
30: 24m, 6f M, no; PhD not in
50: 27m, 23f M,no; Ph.D., 1994, HP/STM
27: M,no; PhD not inhand, HP/STM
70: 53m, 17f M,no; Ph.D., 1997, HP/STM
115: 102m, 13f M,no; Ph.D., 1997, HP/STM
34: 25m, 9f search cancelled budget
61: 41m, 19f M, no; Ph.D., 2003, HP/STM
61: 41m, 19f M, no; Ph.D., 1999, History
19: 17m, 2f M, no; Ph.D., 2002, HP/STM
42: 25m, 17f F, no; Ph.D., 1997, HP/STM
14: 8m, 6f search open at time of survey
30: search open at time of survey
- M,no; Ph.D., 1996, HP/STM
59: 40m, 19f M,no; Ph.D., 1981, HP/STM
6: 4m, 2f M,no; Ph.D., 1994, HP/STM
34: M,-; Ph.D., 2000, HP/STM
4: 2m, 2f search open at time of survey

position not filled
F, -; PhD not in
F, no; Ph.D., 2003, HP/STM
search cancelled, low enrollment
M,no; Ph.D., 2002, HP/STM
search scancelled
F, no; Ph.D., 2003, HP/STM
M, no; Ph.D., -
job split: M,no, PhD; -;
F,no, PhD; -; HP/STM

M,no; Ph.D., 1997, HP/STM
M, no; Ph.D., 1999, physics
M, -; Ph.D., -, HP/STM
M,-; Ph.D., --, philosophy
F,-; Ph.D., --, HP/STM
M,-; Ph.D., -, HP/STM
M,-; Ph.D., -, HP/STM
F,-; Ph.D., -, HP/STM
F,-; Ph.D., -, HP/STM

5: 3m, 2f
2: 2m, Of
4: 3m, If
6: 5m, If
10; 9m, If
14; 12m, 2f
4; 3m, If

15: 10m, 5f
25: -
1: 1m, Of
20: 12m, 8f
12: 8m, 4f
94: 59m, 35f
94: 59m, 35f
94: 59m, 35f
94: 59m, 35f


MU&- U E 1', 1& 1,E



McMaster Univ.
Univ.Brit. Columbia
Univ. College London
Wellcome Trust Ctr.


D 6,8
D 5,8
D 8
D 8
D 5,8

Temp. fac
Temp. fac
Temp. fac.
Research Assoc.
Temp. fac.
Temp. fac.

9: 4m, 5f
13: 10m, 3f
12: 5m, 7f
30: 12m, 18f
8: 6m, 2f
6: 2m, 4f


F,no; Ph.D., 1998, history
F,no; Ph.D., 2003. HP/STM
F,no; Ph.D.,
F,no; Ph.D.,
M, no; Ph.D., -, HP/STM
M,no; Ph.D., 1999, -


Job Description

nffr n1

Total # applicants:
male_ female

Back- Advertising
Ground Media

Gender, "protected class",
Degree: date, field

Cal. St.Univ. Hayward.
Duke Univ.
Western Mich. Univ.
Univ.Western Ontario

Univ.Cambridge Mus.

D,T 1,5
A 3
D 3,5
D 6,8
D 5,6,8

Asst. prof.
Archive Direct.
Asst. prof.
Assoc. prof.
Asst. prof.

39: 30m, 9f
15: 12m, 3f
17: 6m, 11f
27: 8m, 19f

M,A 5,8 Research staff 9: 4m, 5f

F,no; Ph.D., 2003, HP/STM
M,no; no., -, public records
F,no; Ph.D., 2003, sci. educ.
not filled yet
F, no; Ph.D., 2001, history

M, no; Ph.D., -, history, biol.


Job Description

nffr n1

Total # applicants:
male_ female

Back- Advertising
Ground Media

Gender, "protected class",
Degree: date, field

Calvin Coll.
MIT Museum
Univ. Cincinnati
Univ. Houston
Univ. Kansas
Amer.Philos. Soc.



1,3,6,8 Asst.Prof.
1,2,3,4,6,6,8 Director
1,3,6 Assoc.Prof.
1,3,5,6 Asst.Prof.
3,6 Asst.Prof.
1,3,8 Librarian

35: 32m, 3f
20: 10m,10f
20: 19m, If

M,no; Ph.D., 1999, history
search open at time of survey
M,no; Ph.D., -, history
F,no; Ph.D., -, history
M,no; Ph.D., 2003, history
M,no; Ph.D., -

George Mason Univ.
Ithaca Coll.
Amer.Antiquarian Soc.
SmithsonianJ.Henry Pap.
Univ. Nancy 2

S,T,M,PS M,A,PH 6,8
S,T T 1,6
D,A 3,5,6,8
- D 5

Research assoc. 100: -
Asst. Prof. 70: 53m, 17f
Historian 84: -

M,no; no,-, other
; Ph.D., -, history
F,no; no, -, history





male, female, candedate.

"'"' ""

maefe al, an edte

"'"' ""



Job Description

lffnrd A

Total # applicants:
male. female


Univ.Cal. Santa Cruz

Back- Advertising
Ground Media

D 3,8

Asst. Prof 61: 30m,31f

Gender, "protected class",
Degree: date, field

F, no; Ph.D., 2000, Geography

S Training in History of Science
T Training in History of Technology
M Training in History of Medicine
PS Training in Philosophy of Science
STS Training in Sci, Tech, and Society

D Ph.D. or equivalent in hand at
time of starting position
A Archival Training, Experience
M Museum Training, Experience
PH Public History
T Ability to Teach American or
Western History Survey
MD M.D. degree

1 AHA Perspectives
2 SHOT Newsletter
3 Chronicle of Higher Education
4 HSS Newsletter
5 HSS web site
6 H-Net, other electronic media
7 AAHM Newsletter
8 Other
No (clear) reply


The Mayans worshipped Venus, though
they didn't know that's what it was. Their
calendar was very accurate, but the person
who won the ball game got killed and their
heads were elongated by stretching. Diego de
Landa was a San Francisco Fryer who burned
the Mayan libraries, except for 3 Cotexes.
The Anastases had a sun dagger on a Beaut
and the first sculpture of a heart discovered
by a cardiologist. The Chinese never actually
had a scientific revolution, though they did
have one later. Earlier, they were hamstrung
by the absence of colonization and too much
red tape. They were basically a peace-loving
people, with no need for weapons apart from
guns, rockets, flame-throwers, and an early
version of a hand grenade.
Historians used to say the earth was never
flat, but that is now seen as a superstition.
Later, after the Renaissance was literally
'i cil!hin !!." the Europeans had a Scientific
Revolution, though no one knows whether it
really happened. Copernicus showed that the
earth was not geocentric, though not every-
one followed suit, which is why Bruno was
burned at the steak for upholding plurals.
Some held to the view that the solar system
was geocentric, but Galileo showed that the
sun is actually at the center of the earth, using
microscopes also to inspect the moon's
craters. Galileo's study of falling bodies at
Pizza then showed that meteors would fall
from the sky because of the gravitational pull

of the planets. In the new universe, time was
infinite and space was finite, or vice versa.
Bacon was a great writer, and some said he
wrote Shakespeare,
but the man by that name may actually
have been himself.
Newton is said to be the first genius,
though some said this was from lack of sleep
and sex. Some have pointed out that he was-
n't a deist, meaning that God abandoned the
earth soon after he made it. Others have said
that he worshipped God only on the week-
day rather than on the weekends. Robert
Boil's air pump was a controversial
Leviathan (which means 'g.nr"); he evacu-
ated ajar of mice, proving to observers that a
plenum was almost impossible. Hobbes was
also a Leviathan, though he maintained that
man was "nasty, brutish and short." All of
this produced consternation in certain quar-
ters, particularly for the Church, which was
increasingly Jesuitical, especially in China.
Many scientists joined a Royal Society,
where Nullius showed the power of verbs in
his motto nailed above the society's door.
Much of the science at this time involved
crafty experimentation. These changes
brought new heights of knowledge, so we
don't have to always look back over the
shoulders of giants.
The eighteenth century was the
Enlightenment, which means shining light
into dark comers. Women were barred from
study at universities, but they were eventually
given the opportunity to discuss natural phi-

losophy in French saloons. Platypus showed
why mammals are called mammals. Maria
Merian tried to find a new silkworm, but had
to travel to Viet Nam instead to work for the
Dutch, who later gave her a 500 Mark bill.
Darwin wasn't the naturalist on board the
Beagle, but his confinement with Fitzroy may
have caused him to go insane. His illness was
either very Victorian, or else caused by the
Benchuga bug which he let ram his finger
over and over again. Darwin became great
for his work with galloping turtles and a pen-
guin that loves warm water. The finches were
a mistake, though, since their beaks were not
what we think they are. Lamarck defended
evolution but got caught in a revolutionary
fight with Queviay, the founder of compara-
tive physiology. Lamarck was an evolutionist
but believed in the inheritance of applied
characteristics. Paley found a watch on a path
and said it explained natural theology.
Proctor in his Racial Hygiene shows that
the Nazi Sterilization Law was passed to pre-
vent the breeding of losers. His book clearly
tells the story, though he can sometimes go
off into details which may cloud the reader's
mind, in an effort to outlet his great knowl-
edge of the subject.
Rachel Carson's book, Silent Scream,
protested the use of pesticides and caused a
huge uproar. Recent scholars have disproved
the idea of scientific progress as very outdat-
ed. Cultural influences were once claimed to
be damaging to science, but science is also
helping us bring a better day.


maefe al, an edte

"'"' ""



Isis Books Received


Prior to the publication of each Newsletter, the HSS Executive office receives from the Isis Editorial Office a list of books received by that office
for potential review. This list appears here quarterly; it is not compiled from the annual Current Bibliography. You may also view this list and prior
lists online at http://www.hssonline.org/society/isis/mf isis.html.

Cronos: Cuadernos Valencianos de Historia de la
Medicine y de la Ciencia, Vol. 4, Num. 1-2. 270 pp.,
index. Valencia: Universidad de Valencia, 2001. E42
(institutional), 18 (individual).

Il Cadavere The Corpse. (Micrologus: Natura,
science e society medieval, VII) 552 pp., illus.,
index. Firenze: Sismel Edizioni del Galluzzo, 1999.

Influence of Geophysics, Time and Space Reference
Frames on Earth Rotation Studies. (Joum&es 2001:
Systemes de Rdference Spatio-Temporels.) 281 pp.
Paris: Observatoire de Paris, 2003. ISBN#: 2-

KOS: Rivista di medicine, cultural e science
umane. (N. 205 numero special il medioevo.)
62 pp., illus. Milan: Europa Scienze Umane
Editrice, 2002.

L economice, entire sciences humaines et sciences de
la nature. (Revue d'Histoire des Sciences
Humaines, 7.) 232 pp. Pas-de-Calais: Presses
Universitaires du Septentrion, 2002. E21.34 (paper).
ISBN#: 2-85939-762-0.

Mi, ilwzio View and Vision in the Middles Ages,
1,! IF (II and VI (II). 265 + 281 pp., illus., index.
Florence: Sismel Edizioni Del Galluzzo, 1997/1998.

Research Report, 2000-2001. 206 pp., illus., index.
Berlin: Max-Planck-Institut fur
Wissenschaftsgeschichte, 2001.

Science in the Provinces: A Descriptive Catalogue
of the 'Deventer' Collection. (Museum Boerhaave
Communication 296) 214 pp., illus., index. Leiden:
Museum Boerhaave, 2002. E50 (cloth). ISBN#: 90-

The Torner Collections of Sesse & Mocino:
F.'..-'...' Illustrations. CD-ROM. Pittsburgh: Hunt
I..1 11.. I1,, Botanical Studies, 1999. $40.

Amadae, S.M. P-...- ... : .- Capitalist
Democracy: The Cold iF.. .. of Rational
Choice Liberalism. xii + 401 pp., bibl., index.
Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003. 13.50,
$19 (paper). ISBN#: 0-226-01654-4.

Amouretti, M.-C1.; Comet, G., eds. Agriculture
Mediterraneenne: Variet& des Techniques
Anciennes. (Cahier di'Histoire des Techniques, 5)
Edited by M.-C1. Amouretti and G. Comet. 295 pp.,
illus. Aix-en-Provence: Universit& de Provence,
2002. E26 (paper). ISBN#: 2-85399-521-6.

Andrews, James, T. Science for the Masses: The
Bolshevik State, Public Science, and the Popular
....-... '*.... in Soviet Russia, 1917-1934. 256 pp.,
illus., bibl, index. College Station, TX: Texas A&M
University Press, 2003. $45 (cloth). ISBN#: 1-

Anonymous. Les alchimistes grecs, volume X:
L 'anonyme de Zuretti, or L'art sacred et divin de la
chrysopee par un anonyme. Edited and Translated
by Andre Colinet. Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 2000.
E82.32. ISBN#: 2-251-00478-5.

Ascani, Karen; Kermit, Hans; Skytte, Gunver,
eds. Niccolo Stenone (1638-1686). Anatomista,
geologo, vescovo. (Analecta Romana Instituti
Danici, XXXI) 87 pp., illus. Rome: 'L'Erma' di
Brettschneider, 2002. ISBN#: 88-8265-213-0.

Ashton, Anthony. Harmonograph: A Visual Guide

to the Mathematics of Music. (Wooden Books.) 64
pp., illus., apps. New York: Walker & Company,
2003. $10 (cloth). ISBN#: 0-8027-1409-9.

Atkins, Peter. Galileo's F .... The Ten Great
Ideas of Science. viii + 380 pp., illus., bibl., index.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003. $30 (cloth).
ISBN#: 0-19-860664-8.

Atkinson, William Illsey. Nanocosm:
Nanotechnology and the Big ( ....... Coming fom
the Inconceivably Small. 306 pp., index. New York:
American Management Association, 2003. $24.95
(cloth). ISBN#: 0-8144-7181-1.

Baake, Ken. Metaphor and I...."'...'.. T7".
C ... o. . f Writing Science. i s'.ii ... ... i.... iiii..
and Technical Communication.) Foreword by
Stephen A. Bernhardt. x + 245 pp., bibl., index.

Albany: State University of New York Press, 2003.
$65.50 (cloth); $21.95 (paper). ISBN#: 0-79145744-

Barnard, Toby. A New Anatomy of Ireland: The
Irish Protestants, 1649-1770. 489 pp., illus., index.
New Haven: Yale University Press, 2003. $45
(cloth). ISBN#: 0-300-09669-0.

Baron, David. The Beast in the Garden: Modern
Parable of Man and Nature. 320 pp., bibl. New
York: W.W. Norton, 2003. $24.95 (cloth). ISBN#: 0-

Barondes, Samuel H. Better Than Prozac:
Creating the Next Generation of Psychiatric
Drugs. xiv+219 pp., bibl., index. Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2003. $26 (cloth). ISBN#: 0-

Bazant, Zdenek P.; Luigi Cedolin. '.. of
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Theories. xxiv+1011 pp., index. Originally pub-
lished in 1991. Mineola, New York: Dover, 2003.
$49.95 (paper). ISBN#: 0-48642568-1.

Becchi, Antonio; Corradi, Massimo; Foce,
Federico; Pedemonte, Orietta, eds. Essays on the
History of Mechanics: In Memory of ( ......
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by Antonio Becchi, Massimo Corradi, Federico
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(cloth). ISBN#: 3-7643-1476-1.

Beckham, Stephen Dow; Erickson, Doug;
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Literature of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: A
S' .. and Essays. 315 pp., illus.
I',, il...l L .,.oln: Lewis & Clark
College/University of Nebraska Press, 2003. $75
(cloth). ISBN#: 0-9630866-1-8.

Bell, Hubertus P.; Feuerstein, Tim; Giintner,
Carlos E.; Holsken, Soren; Lohmann, J. Klass,
eds. What Cooking in Chemistry? How Leading
Chemists Succeed in the Kitchen. 229 pp., index.
Hoboken, NJ: John \\k .! ..nd Sons, 2003. A39.95
(cloth). ISBN#: 3-5 i -0.

Bellman, Richard. Dynamic Programming.
Models and Applications. Introduction by Eric V.
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1957. Mineola, New York: Dover, 2003. $19.95
(paper). ISBN#: 0-486-42810-9.

Benedetti, Alessandro. Historia corporis human
sive Anatomice. Introduced, translated, and edited by
Giovanna Ferarri. (Biblioteca della Scienza Italiana,

21) 365 pp., index. Rome: Giunti, 1998. L55,000
(paper). ISBN#: 88-09-21414-5.
Bennett, Jim; Cooper, Michael; Hunter,
Michael; Jardine, Lisa. London's Leonardo: The
Life and Work ofRobert Hooke. 224 pp., illus., bibl.,
index. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003. $35
(cloth). ISBN#: 0-19-852579-6.

Benzenhifer, Udo. Der Gute Tod? Euthanasie und
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Berson, Jerome A. Chemical Discovery and the
Logicians 'Program: A Problematir Pairin. xiii +
194 pp., illus., index. Weinhein. \\ .!. -\ I H, 2003.
$49.95 (paper). ISBN#: 3-527--' '"*--

Birkhead, Tim. A Brand-New Bird: How Two
Amateur Scientists Created the First Genetically
Engineered Animal. 288 pp., bibl., index. New York:
Basic Books, 2003. $26 (cloth). ISBN#: 0-465-

Blay, Michel. La naissance de la science classique
au XVIIe siecle. (Histoire des Sciences, 128.) 128
pp., figs., bibl. Paris: Nathan Universite, 1999. 8.08
(paper). ISBN#: 2-09-191046-5.
Blay, Michel. La science du movement: De Galilde
,: 1...- ...... -22 pp., bibl. Paris: Belin, 2002. 16.90
pp.'.. I ,hN- 2-7011-3076-X.

Boehm, Isabelle; Luccioni, Pascal, eds. Les cinq
sens dans la mndecine de l'poque imppriale:
Sources et diveloppements. Edited by Isabelle
Boehm and Pascal Luccioni. (Collection du Centre
d'...tudes et de Recherches sur 'Occident Romain,
new series 25.) 122 pp., index. Paris: Diffusion De
Boccard, 2003. E25 (paper). ISBN#: 2-904974-24-5.

Boewe, Charles, ed. Profiles of Rafinesque. xli +
411 pp., frontis., index. Knoxville: University of
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Bondeson, Jan. The Two-Headed Boy and Other
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University Press, 2000. $29.95 (cloth). ISBN#: 0-

Borley, Lester, ed. Celebrating the Life and
Times of Hugh Miller: Scotland in the Early 19th
Century, F -.. -... -. ..- -1 Folklore, Geology and
Natural i .* ... .. and Society. 352 pp.,
illus. Cromarty/Aberdeen: The Cromarty Arts
Trust/University of Aberdeen. 13.50 (paper).
ISBN#: 0-906265-33-9.

Borsay, Anne. Medicine and Charity in
Bath: A Social History of the General 1. *'...
c. 1739-1830. (The History of Medicine in
Context.) xii + 484 pp., bibl., index. Aldershot:
Ashgate, 1999. $99.95 (cloth). ISBN#: 0-7546-

Boyle, Robert. The Sceptical Chymist: The
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York: Dover, 2003. $14.95 (paper). ISBN#: 0-

Bi ldik Simon; Pevsner, Nikolaus. The i ..
of England: London 6. Westminster. i.
Architectural Guides.) 944 pp., illus., index. New
Haven: Yale University Press, .2003. $45 (cloth).
ISBN#: 0-300-09595-3.

Isis Books Received


Breard, Andrea. Re-Kreation eines mathematis-
chen Konzeptes im chinesischen Diskurs: "Reihen "
vom 1. bis zum 19. Jahrhundert. 461 pp., apps.
Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1999. ISBN#: 3-

Bredekamp, Horst; Werner, Gabriele, eds.
Bildwelten des Wissens: Kunsthistorisches
Jahrbuch fir Bildkritik 1.1. 124 pp., illus.
Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2003. ISBN#: 3-05-

Brock, Steen. Niels Bohr s Philosophy of Quantum
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Theoretical I. l"I pp., bibl. Berlin: Logos
Verlag, 2003. ISBN#: 3-8325-0200-9.

Burns, Chester R. Saving Lives, Training
C.... -'.. 1. ..'. Discoveries: A Centennial
li .., ** .'- University of Texas Medical Branch
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Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 2003.
$49.95 (cloth). ISBN#: 0-87611-187-8.

Caiazzo, Irene. Lectures mndidvales de Macrobe.
(...tudes de Philosophie Medidvale.) 352 pp., bibl.,
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Campbell, Mary Baine. Wonder and Science:
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366 pp., illus., bibl., index. Ithaca: Cornell
University Press, 1999. $36.50 (cloth). ISBN#: 0-

Carlino, Andrea. Paper Bodies: A Catalogue of
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(Medical History, Supplement No. 19.)
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tis., illus., app., bibl., index. London: Wellcome
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(cloth). ISBN#: 0-85484-069-9.

Casanova, Giacomo. Lana Caprina: Une con-
troverse midicale sur I'Uterus pensant d
I'Universitd de P.-.'...-. ... 1771-1772. (L'Age
des Lumieres, 4 ,i I .li. by Paul Mengal.
Translations by Roberto Poma. Paris: Honor&
Champion, 1999. A32.94 (cloth). ISBN#: 2-

Casella, Antonio; Lucchini, Guido. Graziado e
Mois& Ascoli: Scienza, cultural e political
nell'Italia liberal. iv+463 pp. Pavia: university
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Cerruti, Luigi. Bella e Potente: La chimica del
Novecento fia scienza e society. 507 pp., bibl.,
index. Rome: Editori Riuniti, 2003. 26 (paper).
ISBN#: 88-359-5396-0.

Chen, Heng-an. Die sexualitiitstheorie und "theo-
retische biologie" von max hartmann in der ersten
hilfte des :".... :' .. jahrhunderts. sudhoffs
archiv 46. 11rlpp -I Table. Bibl. Index. Franz
Steiner Verlag, 2003. 44.00(paper). ISBN#:

Cipolla, Carlo M. Clocks and Culture 1300-1700.
Introduction by Anthony Grafton. xix + 182 pp.,
illus., bibl., index. New York: W.W. Norton, 1978.
$12.95 (paper). ISBN#: 0-393-32443-5.

Clark, Andy. Natural-Born C '.... Minds,
Tpchnnlo~r;p and the Future of Human
1... ... .. +229 pp., illus., index. Oxford:
(I !..,1I i i.... 1 ,i Press, 2003. $26 (cloth). ISBN#:

Clark, Peter; Hawley, Katherine, eds.
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