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David & Kathleen Ralph
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Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
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David & Kathleen Ralph
Place of Publication:
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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PRST STD US POSTAGE PAID Permit #2438 MIAMI FL 331 Renew your subscription before the expiration date shown in the label below. The Abaconian 9945 NW 88th Ave Medley, FL 33178 Forward and Address Correction VOLUME 15, NUMBER 6, MID-MARCH 2007Hope Town re-enacts its originsBy Jennifer Hudson Hope Town came alive with pageantry and history during the celebration of its Heritage Day on March 2 and 3. Although Heritage Day is celebrated every year by the Hope Town residents, this year was a special year since this year three very important events took place: The re-enactment of the Loyalist Landing; Dedication of the Elbow Reef Monument and Dedication of the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum complex. On arrival at Hope Towns upper dock one immediately felt the sense of being transported back in time to the 1700s on seeing many women and children and even some men dressed in Loyalist costume, all expectedly awaiting the Loyalist Landing. Crowds gathered under trees and along the dock at Wyannies Landing to witness the reenactment of the first Loyalist Landing in 1785. It is believed that on that small beach adjacent to The Jib Wyannie Malone and her children first landed. To set the scene for this significant event, the schoolchildren of the Hope Town School, all dressed in loyalist costumes, lined the adjacent dock and sang the hymn Oh, God, Our Help in Ages Past their young voices soaring into the air with this great hymn providing a The original landing on Elbow Cay was re-created for Hope Towns Heritage Day. Costumed children and adults took liberty to wear their finest holiday clothes which was likely in marked contrast to Wyannie and her childrens original arrival.Artifacts astound scientistsAuction aids scholarships Arizona resort and Italian villa bring over $75,000Abaco Pathfinders founding member, co-director and auctioneer JimBlumberg, right, confers with Secretary Joan Blumberg and volunteer Harry Weldon after the successful auction March 10 at Abaco Beach Resort. Well over $100,000 was raised in a two-hour conventional auction as Mr. Blumberg skillfully worked his audience. Additional money was raised through a silent auction. See story on page 6 Diver Brian Kakuk surfaces with another tortoise shell believed to be 2,500 3,000 years old as carbon dating proved for other fossils found at the site. The recovery team, front, left to right, David Steadman and Gary Morgan, back, Michael Pateman, Richard Franz, Shelley Franz, Nancy Albury, Kenneth Broad and Brian Kakuk in the water. Their roles are explained in the story.Extinct tortoises dated at almost 3000 years old Please see Artifacts Page 4 Please see Hope Town Page 2 Please see Fishing Page 5Min. Miller addresses fishermen By Mirella Santillo Paleontologists visited Abaco to witness the retrieval of another tortoise shell from the Saw Mill Sink Hole. Richard Franz, Associate Scientist; Shelley Franz, HerpeBy Mirella Santillo The Minister is here to explain the new laws and regulations on sportfishing, announced Administrator Revis Rolle as he introduced the Hon. Leslie Miller, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, to an audience consisting mostly of fishermen. The Minister made a one-day trip to Abaco on February 21st to hold the meeting. In his very outspoken way, Mr. Miller tologist; David Steadman, Paleo-ornithologist with the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida; GaryWyannie Malone came to a bare beach without the help of these descendents


Page 2 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 BAHAMAS ADDRESS BAHAMAS ADDRESS BAHAMAS ADDRESS BAHAMAS ADDRESS BAHAMAS ADDRESS P.O. 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REMEMBERABACO SHIPPING ABACO SHIPPING ABACO SHIPPING ABACO SHIPPING ABACO SHIPPING Hope TownFrom Page 1Residents dressed in period clothing add to atmospheremoving background to the pageantry to come. Adding to the atmosphere was the playing on the violin of the haunting theme Ashoken Farewell from the Civil War television miniseries by Wyannie Malone descendent, Anna Cox, who is the granddaughter of Chester Thompson. A ripple of excitement ran through the crowd as two boats, sculled by local men, came into sight carrying women and children all dressed in Loyalist costumes. The women and children on the boats were all from different families representing all the first families of Hope Town. As the boats ran up onto the beach, the women and children were helped out and one young girl placed a large Union Jack flag firmly into the sand. Amanda Bethel, a seventh generation descendant of Wyannie Malone, was re-enacting the part of Wyannie Malone for the day. She was the only one stepping ashore who had also stepped off the boat during the first re-enactment 22 years ago when she was just five years old and was the girl in the pink dress planting the Union Jack into the sand painted by Alton Lowe in his famous Loyalist Landing picture. Following this re-enactment everyone moved along to the Cholera Cemetery for the dedication of the Elbow Reef Monument which has been erected atop a hill facing the Atlantic Ocean. It was here on March A monument to three seamen who drowned off Elbow Cay during World War II was dedicated to them and others lost at sea. 17, 1942, that David W. Firth, Harold Jones and William Proctor lost their lives at sea off the Elbow Cay Reef when the M/V Athel Queen was sunk during World War II. The monument is dedicated to these three men who drowned while trying to swim ashore; the rest of the crew was able to swim ashore and arrived on the beach behind the monument. The 37 survivors were taken to Nassau, then on to New York and finally back to England. These three souls from Hope Town joined the 35,000 other Allied seamen who died in the Battle of the Atlantic, stated Mr. Chester Thompson in the short history he presented explaining the significance of the monument. Rev. Carla Culmer, former Minister of the Methodist Churches on Abaco, returned to Hope Town for this special occasion and offered a prayer in remembrance of the people who lost their lives in the war. Stilts were a skill most schoolboys had mastered 200 years ago. Modern newcomers find that it is not so easy. This monument was conceived by Museum Curator, Tony Bennett, to whom the community is most grateful, stated Suzanne Bethell, Director of the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum and who acted as Mistress of Ceremonies for the day. On commenting upon the rich history of Hope Town she entreated the residents, Lets continue to try and find out what happened here years ago. The dedication of the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum complex was a proud moment for the many people who have worked so hard in putting together this firstclass project and especially Tony and Elaine Bennett, who were described by Suzanne Bethell as the heartbeat of the Wyannie Malone museum. Dr. Gail Saunders, Director of Heritage and Department of Archives in the Bahamas, was a guest for the occasion and she praised the Wyannie Malone descendants and worldwide friends who assisted in the completion of the museum. The Wyannie Malone Historical Museum is completed and we are here today to celebrate, she stated. Also in attendance was Mr. Robert Sweeting, Parliamentary Representative for South Abaco who himself is married to a Hope Town descendant of Wyannie Malone. Another guest was the daughter of Col. John McAleer and his wife, Virginia, who became residents of Hope town over 20 years ago and became very involved in the island and its heritage. After all the formal proceedings were over there was time to browse the interesting displays of crafts and childrens games from Loyalist days. The Hope Town schoolchildren were enjoying trying out the leisurely crafts and games from those olden days which were certainly a far cry from the fast paced computer games they are used to today. There were rag rugs made by plaiting scraps of leftover cloth since in those days people had to be very thrifty, palm thatch dolls (which were actually a Bahamian substitute for corn husk dolls since corn husks are less readily available here), stenciling, weaving, and horn book quill pen writing. The girls seemed to be enjoying these ladylike activities, especially the painstaking quill pen writing, while the boys were having more energetic fun trying to master the old art of stilt walking. The Hope Town schoolchildren gave an excellent display of Maypole dancing for which they should be congratulated for managing skillfully to complete without any entanglement of the ribbons. Several people, including myself, took Please see Residents Page 6


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 3Kerry Sullivan t 242.366.0163 h 242.366.0717 Jane Patterson t 242.366.0035 c 242.375.8117 Laurie Schreiner t. 242.367.5046 h. 242.366.3143 c: 242.359.6216 Stan Sawyer t 242.365.8198 c 242.577.0298BB BB B AHAMA PAHAMA P AHAMA PAHAMA P AHAMA P ALM SHORES ALM SHORES ALM SHORES ALM SHORES ALM SHORES SECTION THREE Block 14, Lot 20 $40,000. Contact Laurie Schreiner: 242.367.5046 TILLTILL TILLTILL TILL OO OO O O CAO CA O CAO CA O CA YY YY Y TILLOO BEACH SUBDIVISION #1836 Hillside interior lots with shared dock starting at $150,000. OCEANFRONT LOT #3120 Docking on the Sea of Abaco Spectacular Sunrise! 100x190. $248,000. Beachfront lot in protected cove with high elevation and community dock. $250,000 LL LL L UBBERS QUBBERS Q UBBERS QUBBERS Q UBBERS Q UU UU U ARAR ARAR AR TERSTERS TERSTERS TERS INTERIOR LOTS from $52,500. BEACHFRONT LOT #3357North end of Lubbers. 1 acre with spectacular sunsets. $299,000. 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Page 4 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 Sometimes Mother Nature can subject your home to her fury. With JELD-WENs wind load and impact resistance testing at our R & D lab, we put our windows and doors to the test everyday. We also design our windows and doors to provide reliable energy efficiency, security, and most of all, peace of mind. Because we keep our promises, you can keep yours. To learn more, call us today.ABACO HARDWARE LTDIf you think the new building codes are tough, youre right. But new LifeGuard windows and doors from Weather Shield are even tougher. Theyre certified to withstand winds up to 150mph with a combination of strength and beauty that no other impact resistant products can offer. New LifeGuard windows and doors are available in a multitude of sizes. With styles, shapes, colors and options to complement any home, theyre engineered to blow you away. To learn more, call us today.Don MacKay Blvd, Marsh Harbour, AbacoTel: 367.2170 Fax: 367.2928 Sawmill Sinks extinct species will redefine Abacos past ArtifactsFrom Page 1 Another tortoise shell with crocodile bite marks sees daylight for the first time in over 2500 years. Remains of reptiles, animals and birds, even preserved plant specimins, are adding new knowledge to The Bahamas past history, and giving Abaco a new historical dimension. Morgan, Curator of Paleontology, New Mexicos Museum of Natural History specializing in bats and crocodiles; and Kenny Broad, Anthropolgist at the University of Miami; all flew to Abaco to witness the bringing to the surface of yet another tortoise shell recovered from the Saw Mill Sink Hole. Michael Pateman, anthropologist with the Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation, came from Nassau for the event. The group, led by Nancy Albury, Project Coordinator with Antiquities, Monuments and Museums for the Saw Mill Sink Hole fossil study, drove to the blue hole site on the morning of February 16th. Mr. Brian Kakuk, the cave diver who discovered the first tortoise shell, was waiting in the water, ready to bring up the shell that was earlier moved into a closed container and left in the water where it had originally been found. Everybody watched in excitement as the plastic box containing the remains was brought to the surface and opened. Mrs. Albury took notes of Brian Kakuks dive. It is going to be difficult to look for bones in that area, he said, referring to where the tortoise was originally found. He explained that the cave was cramped and full of accumulated sediments, impairing sight and making it nearly impossible to find anything. The shell he brought up was a mature tortoise shell showing several crocodile bite marks which had healed. From this fact, one of the scientists deducted that there was a lot of interaction between tortoises and crocodiles at the particular time the animal was living. They mentioned that two of the previously found tortoise shells had been carbon dated to be between 2500 to 3000 years old, a fact that was to be made public that same day and another reason for their visit. They seemed to think by looking at it that it could be assumed that the retrieved shell was of the same period. They all were fascinated by the way the shell was preserved, absolutely intact, especially Dr. Richard Franz who commented saying how exciting it was to find such a complete and well preserved specimen. Sometimes you have to work with a tooth or a bone and reconstruct the animal from very little evidence. The way these animals were preserved is unique. Approximately 40 crocodiles, various birds bones including caracaras, herons, rose breasted parrots and song birds and several tortoises were found at Saw Mill Sink Hole, all in extremely good condition. The exceptional preservation at this site may may be partly due to the decaying vegetation in the bottom sediment that creates a water chemistry, unusually low in oxygen content. One of the tortoises was found with its shell still with fruit, important information not only on the diet of the reptile but also on the vegetation of the island at that time. Shelley Franz noticed that the palate bone in the tortoise mouth was curved and sized to fit the fruits. These tortoises belong to an extinct species, but the scientists feel confident that they are related to South American species and that, apart from their size, they offer many similarities with the Galapagos tortoises. Bags of sediments containing more bones including the skull of a sea turtle and vegetation remains were also brought up. Dr. David Steadman suggested to carbon date the vegetal contents. The results could prove useful in reconstructing the island flora and help follow the evolution of the vegetation and the climate since that time. Three thousand years is relatively recent in the history of the planet as far as change is concerned, but the arrival of man on the islands, presumably 800 to 900 years ago, is assumed to have contributed to the extinction of some animal species and to changes in vegetation. Support the Cancer SocietyDonate Used Items to Be Sold in Their Thrift Shop Call 367-3744 for info


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 5 FishingFrom Page 1Min. Miller presents new fishing rules to fishermen The Hon. Leslie Miller, right, with Administrator Revis Rolle addresses fishermen on the new fishing rules. Please see Fishing Page 28 demonstrated with statistics the reasons for cutting sport fishing as drastically as we did, hinting that it was not only the foreigners that abused the natural resource but that Bahamians, too, should abide by the new regulations. After stating that in 2002, 539,536 pounds of crawfish and more than a million pounds of wahoo and dolphin each were taken by sport fishermen, he complained, The Department of Fisheries has not yet posted the new sign about the new regulations. He proceeded to outline these new regulations. He insisted that the Ministry did not have any problem with visitors fishing for their own consumption while in The Bahamas, but that foreigners were absolutely prohibited to engage in commercial fishing, hence the limit on the number of fish and crawfish that they could take back home. The limits are, No more expressed in quantity per person, but per vessel, he stressed. The law also applies to vessels taking persons fishing, he reminded the audience. While complaining that what these people leave in The Bahamas is much less than what they take out, he also speared at the second home owners. What benefits do we get from these second home owners? who, he thought, make a business out of renting these homes. What God has given us, we should preserve, protect and keep for future generations. He mentioned receiving a call from the United States Embassy asking the Ministry to monitor what was taken out of The Bahamas. How much are we prepared to give for this thing called tourism? he asked, adding that The excessive is what we are concerned about. After reviewing all the major changes, the Minister invited the audience to ask question and give suggestions. We came here to find out how best can we enforce these regulations. What problems are you facing? he asked, so we can deal with them. Who is authorized to inspect my catch? was a question which was answered with members of the Defense Force, members of the Royal Police Force and officers of the Department of Marine Resources, are authorized. Can a permanent resident with the right to work fish from his boat without a license? asked one in the audience. Yes, as long as it is for his own consumption. That same gentleman also raised the issue of Big Bill Fishing Tournaments. He was upset that the fish caught were killed for prize money. He suggested that a fee be charged by the Department of Marine Resources to enter such tournaments. The Minister was very interested in the subject, apparently unaware of how many fish (among them dolphin and wahoo) were taken during each tournaments. Fisheries does not know whats going on, he complained, what tournaments are taking place. The issue of how to enforce the regulations was discussed at length. We have to hire more people. It is a great problem to monitor the coasts. Mr. Miller said, citing the fact that 10 officers of the Department of Fisheries in Nassau had never been at sea, pretending that it was dangerous, and boats bought by the Department of Fisheries at great expense, had never been used. He also complained of the lack of communication between the various departments saying that the right hand does not know what the left is doing. Another issue was that fishing licenses and permits were being issued by the Department of Transportation. Marine resources should be issuing licenses and permits, not transport, he said. We are destroying our future by outsmarting ourselves, he continued, stating that charter boats can go to Transport or Tourism for their licenses, telling about the many cases whereby boats were confiscated for poaching. But nobody showed up at the trial to prove it. He reminded fishermen that compressors could be used only by Bahamians but only to catch crawfish. He mentioned that although airboats were prohibited in The Bahamas, people still brought them in because Customs does not know what an airboat is, they only collect duty. Fishermen in the audience complained On the left are Cherokee residents Joanne and Peter Bradley, bonefishing guide Buddy Pinder and his wife Cindy.


Page 6 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 Marsh Harbour Contact Ph: (242) 367-2653 367-0364 367-5642 Fax Government Dock Marsh Harbour, Abaco Palm Beach Contact Ph: (561) 844-5387 M/V Legacy c/o Palm Beach Steamship 158 B East Port Road Riviera Beach, FL 33404 Nassau Contact (242) 393-4371 393-3829 394-7529 Fax 394-0057 Western End Potters Cay Dock Nassau, New ProvidenceServing Marsh Harbour Weekly with Freight Service from Nassau and Palm BeachLEGEND Loading Monday in Palm Beach Arriving Tuesday in Marsh Harbour LEGACY Loading Tuesday in Nassau Arriving Wednesday in Marsh Harbour Leaving Thursday for Nassau Both ships serving Green Turtle Cay Charter freight stops en route on requestDeans Shipping CoDeans Shipping office at the Marsh Harbour dock M/V LEGEND M/V LEGACY By Jennifer Hudson Once again this year, the Abaco Pathfinders Fundraising Auction Night, held on March 10 in the pavilion of Abaco Beach Resort, was not only one of Abacos most anticipated social events, it was more importantly, amajor fund raiser for an extremely worthy cause. The Abaco Pathfinders Association raises funds to provide scholarships for deserving students to continue their education after graduating from Abaco high schools. In addition to academic scholarships, the association offers vocational scholarships, as they recognize the need for skilled workers in the islands. Since the inception of Pathfinders in 2001, the organisation has provided scholarships for students studying both in Nassau and abroad for many deserving students. Twelve new students were selected for the academic year 2006-2007 to join the ranks of the other 66, who have already benefited since 2001. Applications for scholarships for the academic year 2007 2008 closed on February 1st and this years recipients will be announced soon. This year the gross sale was in excess of $200,000 as a result of the generous bidding of the large crowd who assembled not only to enjoy the evening and procure some excellent bargains but whose prime purpose was to assist deserving students. There is no one who can coax money out of people like Jim Blumberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who serves as auctioneer every year. The experience he gained as a professional auctioneer in the United States has given him just the right touch he needs to work the crowd in his own inimitable and affable style to encourage the bidding to go higher and higher for this cause which is dear to his heart. The final net figure is expected to equal the record amount raised at last years auction. The number of people who attended this years auction appeared to be even greater than last year. It was estimated that approximately 350 persons turned out from all over Abaco for this charity event. It was shoulder to shoulder people as they made their way around the tables to peruse the more than 100 items which had been donated for the silent auction which ranged from original paintings, jewellery and household furnishings to nautical paraphernalia and gift certificates donatedOver 300 attend scholarship auctionby various Marsh Harbour businesses. Following the silent auction came the live auction with all the excitement of seeing just how high the bids would go. There were some tremendous and unusual items for auction including airline and ferry tickets, antiques, original paintings, a set of oriental wooden gate doors, a 12foot-tall replica model of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and a weeks stay at the choice of several locations both on Abaco and abroad. The two items which raised the largest amounts were a one-week stay at the Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa in either Tucson or the Berkshires and a 10-day stay in a restored monastery in Rasina, Tuscany, Italy. These two items alone raised between them approximately $78,000. Interest was so great in these two destinations that after each had been auctioned once Mr. Blumberg was able to get a wink and a nod from the generous donors who offered them over again for further bidding. Overseeing the auction administration this year was Mrs. Judy Saul-Fortenberry, whom Mr. Blumberg praised as having done a wonderful job. Many remember Judy as past Manager of the Abaco Inn and though she now resides in Gautier, Mississippi, she continues the strong connection she has always enjoyed with the Abaco Pathfinders. She was instrumental in procuring auction items from many people in the United States as well as Abaco and was assisted by approximately 20 volunteers from all over Abaco many of whom were previMarine antiques, a 12-foot lighthouse in the background, exotic villas and other items ar auctioned by Pathfinders for scholarship funding. A brass searchlight is in the foreground. ResidentsFrom Page 2 the opportunity to tour the expanded Wyannie Malone Museum. The exhibits are all encompassing and include displays of nautical and marine life, shells (with a beautiful wall display by Teleri Jones), genealogy charts, pottery artifacts and a sponging diorama in addition to several rooms laid out depicting a very realistic picture of life in Loyalist times. Groups of schoolchildren from Man-OWar Cay and Marsh Harbour traveled to Hope Town to benefit from this important historical day which was well attended by persons from all over Abaco. ous scholarship awardees. Guests at this fifth Annual Pathfinders Auction Sale enjoyed cocktails, hors doeuvres and live music throughout the evening.


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Page 8 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 Dave RalphThe Editor Says Local input is ignoredThe AbaconianDavid & Kathleen Ralph Editors & Publishers P O Box AB 20551 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Photo credit: Tuppy Weatherford for parrot & lighthouse on page 1 Graphic Artist: Kelli-Ann Sands Reporters/Writers: Samantha Evans, Jennifer Hudson, Julian Lockhart, Vernique Russell, Mirella Santillo Contributors: Annabelle Cross, Tonia Ferguson, Lee Pinder Phone 242-367-2677 FAX 242-367-3677 Email: davralph@batelnet.bs Subscribe NOW Order form on Page 9Abacos most complete newspaper Inquire for advertising rates (U.S. address) 990 Old Dixie Hwy #14 Lake Park, FL 334037,500 copies Published twice monthly Free at over 100 Abaco locations from Grand Cay to Moores Is. Subscription rate $20.00 Abaco$25 other Bahamas (One Year) $45.00 USA$50 Canada airmail $95.00 UK, Europe & Caribbean surface By Vernique Russell I recently visited the Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation Branch at Marsh Harbour on two separate occasions within the last month, and I must say that am I was surprise by the level of attention that employees give to telephone callers. While launching the VIBE services on Abaco, BTC hosted meetings to gather the opinions and concerns of their consumers. Among cocerns that arose was the torture of speaking to a machine, then being directed to an agent who never answered the phone or only redirected the call again. Thus the call is never intercepted by anyone who can offer assistance. It was stated at that the meeting that this problem was not only on Abaco but throughout the islands of The Bahamas and that a new system would be introduced that would allow BTC operators to intecept call from any location in The Bahamas. However, I am fully convinced that the new system is not needed. Instead, BTC employees should do their part and just answer the phone. While waiting for services by an agent at BTC, I had the privilege to observe the behaviour of some of the employees who were at work on both occasions. It was bad enough that there were only two or three employees available to assist customers, but just when I thought it couldnt get any worse, it did. The telephones rang and rang and rang and rang and out of all the employees who appeared to be nothing, nobody saw it fitting to answer the telephone, forcing the lady who served me and most of the customers to take her attention away from the consumers present and to the telephones. I was amazed and couldnt believe that all these people were standing around doing absolutely nothing constructive and couldnt stretch their hands to pick up the phone. A new system is definitely not needed.VV VV V iewpointiewpoint iewpointiewpoint iewpoint Frustrated with BTCBetter employees and customer services are what BTC needs. I am wondering what is the government, no, the people of The Bahamas, are paying these folks to do? Government-operated agencies in The Bahamas must step up their services and force these people to provide professional, committed and quality services. BTC, please get it together. Bahamians deserve better service than what they are receiving now and you can provide better service. Your latest slogan is BTC has done it again! My question is Done what? It one thing to introduce new products but its another thing to provide reliable and dependable services. What good are the new products if theres no one to grant the new user assistance when needed? By Vernique Russell Being raised in the North Abaco community for the vast majority of my life has afforded me the privilege to observe the peoples mentality, traits and behavior and after all these years I have concluded that North Abaconians are extremely relaxed, passive and lackadaisical people. This job that I currently hold as writer for The Abaconian has given me the opportunity to attend meetings and forums and from my observations we are too relaxed. North Abaco, we must become involved and more concerned about issues that we are faced with and forced to live with. Some things can and need to be changed. We are punishing ourselves and our children, grandchildren and future generations when we sit and do nothing and just allow things to happen. Recently, a series of town meetings was held to address problems that our communities are facing and, indeed, I must say the attendance was extremely poor. How can we as a people cry for change if we do nothing or if we dont get involved or attend these town meetings? Do we not realize that the sole purpose of these meetings is to inform and educate while collecting concerns to find the best solutions to deal with them? These town meetings are put into place for our good and we must be a part of them. Education is power; the only way to know is to be there. Let your voices be heard and speak up. We dont have to live with whatever they throw us; we can make changes. North Abaconians, please be more concerned and get involved. Together lets work with our local leaders and authority figures. Put aside political differences because at the end of the day, we have to live with whatever decisions are made. Why cry afterwards when you could have been a part of the decision process. Get Involved!VV VV V iewpoint iewpoint iewpoint iewpoint iewpoint Get Involved One of the reasons given when local government was established in 1996 was to give local people a say in local affairs. In limited measures, this has been successful. Central government generously gave local responsibilities which were previously handled through various departments in Nassau. Local councils and town committees now have the authority to mow and clean roadsides, to fix broken windows and repair plugged toilets in public buildings and to arrange for domestic garbage collection. However, the funding required to provide these services is often marginal. Without requiring operating funds, authority was given that allows local decisions for licensing and matters related to the issuing of routine building permits. Even large projects which must get Nassau approval are supposed to be initially reviewed at the local level. The larger projects have learned how to avoid local review and get their approvals directly from Nassau. This is a routine local irritant. One of the things local authorities was to do was to advise on the disposal and use of government lands as requests were received in Nassau. No authority was given locally, only a request for advice. Requests sometimes do come to local councils but whether their suggestions have any weight in the Nassau decision-making process is unknown. However, there are many instances where land is allocated with either no local consultation or perhaps a request is handled in a minimal way which excludes a broad participation of input. For minor items, it is probably sufficient that the council members give their input. When the last available acreage in a community is under consideration, community approval should be sought. Two recent Abaco examples come to mind. Crown Land was assigned to the Winding Bay development without consulting Cherokee. The residents there had eyes on a small portion of it for a public beach park. A similar situation on Guana Cay saw the last of the government land assigned to the Bakers Bay development to the dismay of many on Guana Cay. The governments final argument is that the greater public good was served in each case in terms of area development and growth, jobs, increased tax revenues and the future economy of the island. Time will tell. Bahamians are now asking that they have a larger voice in land and other planning matters for their communities sometimes quite vocally. A resistence group on Guana Cay went to the expense of obtaining an injunction against further development. After a long period of restraint by the developers, the courts dismissed the injunction, allowing work to proceed. The objectors say they are going to court again. Other measures have been undertaken on other islands. Bimini residents blocked the entrance to a massive development on their island with heavy equipment. This brought politicians and upper level civil servants to Bimini to mediate the situation. Harbour Island residents are debating a massive marina development. Other islands have developments announced which are being debated locally. Since Nassau holds the key to public lands, the projects will probably go ahead as announced. Back on Abaco, recent progress on a longawaited garbage landfill has brought fresh outbursts by residents against the heavyhanded approach Nassau continues to use. Mild rumblings were heard over the landfill site in the hills on the road to Snake Cay. The site was chosen and excavated without much in the way of local consultation. The two main points of contention are whether the water table is sufficiently protected and if more buffer could have remained to keep it out of sight. It is presently the main attraction on a drive to Snake Cay. This is not an issue at the moment but Snake Cay has tremendous potential for development and having the biggest landfill of all the Family Islands alongside the access highway cant be considered an asset. However, the landfill site choice was insignificant when compared to the next two moves in the new garbage-handling scheme. Acreage was quietly and quickly cleared in January on the Cherokee road and in the virgin forest on Little Abaco for garbage transfer stations. The Cherokee transfer site is not far from the well field supplying Winding Bay and soon to supply Cherokee Sound with water. It is adjacent to a goat farm and questions arise over the water quality for the farm animals. The northern site was bulldozed out of virgin pine forest, the last remaining stand in The Bahamas. Add to to this irritant, the transfer site is not far from a historic sisal plantation dating from the late 1800s or early 1900s. It was bulldozed not far from an existing dump site that could have been used. There are nearby areas that would have been less invasive, but no one locally was asked. It was thought sufficient to ask the administrator. Further disdain for Abaco was shown when the land clearing for both sites was given to a contractor from another island. Appeals were made to stop work to consider other options, but the project seems to be too far advanced for serious changes. A team came from Nassau to mollify those concerned but was forced to admit they did not do all their homework. North Abacos Chief Councillor Steve Pedican read the riot act to the team which came from Nassau. They explained they had consulted administrators on their project. Mr. Pedican was quick to point out that administrators are transferred regularly and know little about local values, historic sites, geology, plant life or the other factors which local people would know about. Not only was Mr. Pedican incensed at the wanton destruction in the forest, but he was put out that as the elected representative of the North Abaco local government, no one thought to inform him or any of his council members of the project. This is typical of much of what Nassau has planned for the Family Islands. Local government was put in place to empower local people in the administration of local affairs. It is an imperfect system with changes needed. The various Nassau government departments are not particular adept at keeping the Family Island local government districts well informed on events which will impact them and their island residents. The local government system is evolving and given time will become a viable institution. It has a long way to go. One of the problems, which Nassau capitalizes on, is the lack of continuity as the elected officials are replaced by local elections every three years. A new group must learn the rules, often guided by a new administrator whose job is to seek conformity with Nassaus objectives. The larger districts, such as Abaco with a thriving economy, should have a dedicated senior staff member working for the council or perhaps several councils. The system needs a stronger and more dedicated local voice speaking for local interests. At the same time, the various government departments in Nassau must learn to consult and interact with local communities in a meaningful way. One of local governments prime reason for existence was to empower local persons. The least Nassau should do is to listen to them.


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 9Order The Abaconian Today Apr 2006Name Address Address City St. Postal code + Country E-mail (or Fax) (for renewal) 24 issues US$ or B$ Above subscription is a gift from: $45 USA via 3 rd Class $25 Bahamas via surface $20 to Abaco US$50 Canada via Airmail US$95 UK, Europe Surface Mail to: 990 Old Dixie Hwy, #14, Lake Park, FL 33403 or: P.O. Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas If you want to renew this gift next year, please give us your address below Why subscribeReceiving the Abaconian regularly will keep you informed on issues such as: Resort & hotel development Improvements to roads, airport, docks, schools, etc. Phone and electric company changes Fishing, boating & sporting activities Immigration, taxes or duty changes Changes to laws and regulations Community events New business ventures Changes in airline service Actions by local governmentLetters to the Editor Dear Editor, In the February 1st issue of The Abaconian one of the headlines reads as follows: New Fishing Regulations Are in Effect. This certainly makes good reading, but I would like to ask the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, the Hon. Leslie Miller, Is this an early April Fools joke because who do we have on Abaco, and the rest of the Bahamas for that matter, to enforce such laws? Such a statement is actually laughable, but probably more politically correct to say, Just another so-called gesture to make the unassuming Bahamian public think that this government really has the Bahamian people at heart. Now before you start condemning me, let me clarify what I am saying! First of all, I do agree that some new regulations needed to be instituted, but one needs to be realistic. In saying that foreigners are not allowed to remove any conchs from our waters is absolutely ridiculous, at least in my opinion! We presently have laws that prohibit both Bahamians and foreigners from removing undersized conchs, and I just wonder how many times one has been prosecuted for such an act! Therefore, if we can not enforce the laws that we already have in effect, it is laughable to introduce new laws! Once again, this is just another ploy to put the blame on our visitors for our depleted conch beds. However, in reality, we need to blame ourselves for the depleted conch beds, because no effort is being made to enforce old laws.Skip making worthless laws, just enforce the present onesNow lets move on to another marine issue! If the present Bahamian government is so interested in trying to preserve our marine resources, why on earth do we still see the oil rig or whatever it might be, sitting on our reef between Elbow Cay and Man-O-War Cay? This vessel has been lodged on our reef, destroying it, since Hurricane Wilma visited in 2005. Now, I consider that an absolute disgrace and embarrassment to our government which now claims that they are now instituting new fishing regulations in the best interest of preserving that which we now have for generations to come. Why dont you sit down and write a comic book or a situation comedy, Mr. Leslie Miller! I just wonder how much time America would grant to a Bahamian vessel if it found itself lodged on a reef in the Florida Keys! I would also like to know how America would react to such an event. Mr. Miller, maybe you can do a little research and give a response so that the Bahamian public, particularly Abaconians, could be made a little wiser on the situation. Mr. Miller, please make an effort to see that the oil rig is removed! It seems that at the present rate of action, we will have to wait for another hurricane to remove it and God forbid that should be the case! We would like to preserve our reefs for generations to come! Infuriated with inefficiency! Jeff Key Dear Editor, We write this out of pure amazement and disgust for the hypocrisy which we read recently in the Abaconian. The concerns for the environment are a most important issue and we should all be environmentally friendly, but when statements like which we read come from people who dumped numerous truck loads of dredged material in several different areas around Cherokee including destroying a few mangroves in the process, thus the blind can see the hypocrisy. We wonder if some individuals who have moved into our beloved community over the last couple of years have come with the attitude of trying to dictate what does and does not go on in our community. We are not the dumb, small minded island people that some city folks think we are. We agree most of us have not had the exposure, education and opportunity like city folks but most of us do have common sense and can smell a rat when one is near. There has been a few incidents happen in our community over the last couple years that common sense tells us that it was not someone from our community who was involved. If we were to move into your community editor and within months claim, or purchase by some unorthodox means, a piece of community land, the only piece we might add, that was set aside for our children and grand children for maybe a little park at some point in time, take this overgrown piece of land and turn it into our own private driveway without consulting community leaders or anyone else, how would you feel? If you moved into our community editor do you think you have the right to destroy another mans property (fence) just because he will not sell you the property? Whether there was an issue with property boundaries or not, that still does not give you the right to destroy a $5000 fence does it? If you came into our community editor and immediately started purchasing all available property, erecting numerous rental units on property with intent to build more, thus cutting out locals who rent or may have ambitions to build rentals, how do you think you would be viewed by the community especially if you were already a wealthy person? We have no problem with progress, competition or investments but when greed is in the air it sure has a distinct odor. Not long after arriving in our community editor, if you were to try and pull a slick deal by spending a few dollars in order to get control of another mans dock for you own personal use and projects, how do you think that man will feel? Also editor if you had moved into our community, had lots of dollars, bought much land, was in the rental business, then all of a sudden others with dollars puts up rentals in and around the community (Yellowwood area), and you tried to stop the project or make life difficult for others by not wanting them to enhance their property to their liking, how do you think the community will view your motive? Editor, we as a group came together to write this and to beg the rest of our citizens to beware. We have been known as a fishing village in the past so let us not forget how to catch fish, especially LAND SHARKS. We may only have one or two in our midst now but rest assured others will be coming especially with the smell of money in the air. Let us use our common sense, be on the alert and not let these people take advantage of us dumb, small-minded island folks. Thank you, Concerned Citizens of CherokeeNew resident is not conforming to town standardsDear Editor, How long must they take our profits while we stand aside and look! As a Bahamian commercial fisherman I would like to address the comments of the unhappy foreigners with regards to the new fishing regulations. First I would like to commend the Hon Leslie O. Miller, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries for implementing these regulations. Many think that because they spend thousands of dollars it gives them the right to dictate what the Bahamians do to protect their marine resources. While many of us have to abide by the regulations put forth on Bahamians, such as the grouper ban, they think in the name of tourism they are entitled to do whatever they please. Do we go to America and question or break the rules or regulations there? Not without being fined or thrown in jail. I would think that if they are capable of spending thousands of dollars then they are capable of purchasing fish or lobster from a Bahamian that has a family to support and a mortgage to pay. If you are a sport fish enthusiast according to the new rules you can boat and keep six migratory fish. This is what that means to you. A migratory fish is 20 to 30 lbs. minimum as a whole fish. That one fish filleted gives you 10 to 15 lbs of filleted fish. Multiply that times the six fish you are allowed to get and you get 60 to 90 1bs of filleted fish. Thats 120 to 180 meals. Thats if you dont catch some of the monster Dolphin and Wahoo that are out there. Some of the big ones can leave you with 20 to 30 lbs of filleted fish per fish. Is that not enough for you? If you are a sport fish enthusiast then why not catch and release. Its for the sport isnt it? What your complaints are telling me is that you are either selling the fish or taking hundreds to thousands of pounds of fish out of the Bahamas which is illegal. Bahamian fishermen have spent thousands of dollars on crawfish traps only to see them poached by foreigners. Conch have been over-fished in Florida so there is a moratorium on them there. Why then shouldnt we protect the conch population? Dont try to bamboozle the Bahamian people into thinking they are destroying the tourism because of the new regulations. What the new regulations are doing is %removing the potential to deplete the marine resources of the Bahamas like they have been depleted from the entire East Coast of the United States to Mexico. Just because Bahamians are humble people and havent expressed our outrage in the past does not make us greedy. It makes us realize how fast we are losing control of OUR land and sea. Why do Bahamians have an attitude? Because we have been dealing with foreigners thinking that a Bahamian owes them something because they spend the almighty dollars. For every single individual that is upset over the new regulations there are 10 individuals who support them. So if we are graced with the presence of happy visitors and loose unhappy ones, so be it. If you are not abusing our marine resources then there is no logical reason for you to be upset. I think I can speak for most Bahamians that a heartfelt thank you goes out to the visitors who have been coming here for years and for the new ones that love to just be here and are interested in the welfare of the Bahamas and the Bahamian people. Finally this goes out to my fellow BahamiansStand up for your Bahamaland. Dont let anyone intimidate you or make you think you own them something because of the almighty dollar. Remember We bred here-We born hereAnd we gonna be here long after they gone. Michael Schreiner Please see Letters Page 20New fishing rules are OK


Page 10 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 Check out our large selection of fine wines & spirits in downtown Marsh Harbour... Check out our large selection of fine wines & spirits in downtown Marsh Harbour ...Queen Elizabeth Dr. Marsh Harbour & Treasure Cay Shopping Centre, Treasure CayPh : (242) 367-2180 / Fax : (242) 367-5241By Jennifer Hudson. Recent fossil finds on Abaco are really placing the island in the spotlight as far as natural history is concerned since these finds have been termed the most amazing fossils ever encountered, by Dick Frantz, an associate scientist at the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida in Gainesville. No fossils anywhere in the Caribbean are as good as the incredible fossils found on Abaco and all fossils in the West Indies will be judged by these, stated Mr. Frantz. Dick Frantz was one of a team of herpetologists and paleontologists recently on Abaco for further explorations into the Saw Mill Sink Hole, a blue hole located on South Abaco, and a subsequent talk presented at the Friends of the Environment office on February 17. Earlier in the day professional cave diver, Brian Kakuk, had been down in the blue hole digging out and bringing up further material.Mr. Kakuk first came to Abaco in December 2004 to guide someone in cave diving and whilst exploring the Sawmill Sink and slowly decompressing for the journey back up Kakuk discovered a piece of turtle shell with a strange curvature. This was unusual because there are no tortoises in the Bahamas so I knew that I needed to go back and take another look, he stated. Upon carefully moving the sediment on the bottom of the Blue Hole he saw a land tortoise. This was a very exciting find so he immediately contacted Nancy Albury who is the branch manager for The Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation of the Bahamas here on Abaco and they brought in a team of experts from Florida. Dick Frantz told the very interested group of people present at the meeting that mostly only fragments are found which have to be carefully reconstructed using imaging techniques but a tortoise found at the Saw Mill Sink Hole is unique in that it is whole. In total ten tortoises have been found here so far and carbon dating results recently received on two of the tortoises show that they are between 2,580 and 2,720 years old. The shells and all the body parts were found including the skulls; it is the skulls that tell all the story, informed Dr. Frantz. These tortoises have unusual mouths and strangely angled eyes which are similar to tortoises still living today in South America including the Galapagos tortoise. They are very different from the North American tortoise, thus leading us to believe that these Abaco tortoises were related to the tortoises of South America and the Galapagos Islands. Some giant tortoises have been found in the sink hole which Dr.Discoveries are revising our natural historyAmazing artifacts lead scientists to wonder what other surprises are waiting to be found Please see History Page 29 Recent discoveries show that the Cuban crocodile once inhabited Abaco. Part of the science team, l to r, are Brian Kakuk, diver; Nancy Albury, coordinator; Gary Morgan and Richard Franz, scientists. They gave a short summary of their findings at Friends of the Environments office on February 17. Recent discoveries show that the Cuban corcodile once inhabited Abaco Gary Morgan, paleontologist with the New Mexixo Museum of Natural History, holds a crocodile skull,which is one of his specialiies. Franz believes may be as much as 10,000 to 12,000 years old, but no skull has been found yet from these. One female was found with its body cavity still full of fruits indicating that it was probably a good seed disperser. Mr. Gary Morgan, invertebrate paleontologist at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, stated that 40 crocodiles have been found here including 10 skulls. On commenting on the fragility of the fossil bones collected he praised Nancy Albury for the painstaking work she has done in helping to preserve them by gradually leaching out the salt water, drying them out and then coating them with a polymer resin. Mr. Morgan showed the skull of an 8to 10foot crocodile found in the Saw Mill Sink


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 11 Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Beautify Your Home & Garden With... Beautify Your Home & Garden With... Beautify Your Home & Garden With... Beautify Your Home & Garden With... Beautify Your Home & Garden With..... .. LOCALLY GROWN SOD Annuals Orchids Bromeliads Flowering Shrubs Silk Flowers Baskets Beautiful Gift Items Pets & Garden Supplies MondayFriday : 9-5 Saturday: 9-3 Ph (242) 367-2674 Fax (242) 367-4755Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport THE OUTBOARD SHOPMarsh Harbour, Abaco Tel 242.367.2703 Fax 242.367.3709 E-mail: theoutboardshop@abacoinet.com THE OUTBOARD SHOPMarsh Harbour, Abaco Tel 242.367.2703 Fax 242.367.3709 E-mail-outboardshop@abacoinet.com Full range of Johnson two stroke and four stroke Evinrude outboard engines from 2hp to 250hp at lower than US prices Up to three year warranty Extensive parts Inventory Factory trained mechanics Dry boat storageAssociated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Dolphin MarineGreen Turtle Cay242.365.4262 Island MarineParrot Cay242.366.0282 Roberts MarineGreen Turtle Cay242.365.4249 Sea Horse MarineHope Town242.365.0023 Fishermans MarineLong Island242.337.6226 Minns WatersportsExuma242.336.2604 OBS MarineFreeport242.3529246 Authorized Distributor By Mirella Santillo The Department of Environmental Health Services, together with the Inter-American Development Bank, which is financing the project, are presently constructing three trash handling facilities to serve Abaco and to ensure a clean, safe environment. The Great Abaco Regional Landfill, inland of Snake Cay in the ridge of hills The Little Harbour Transfer Station on the road into Cherokee east of the farm allotments The Cedar Harbour Transfer Station in the virgin forest west of the causeway The second garbage transfer station was started in th virgin forest near Cedar Harbour to the dismay of North Abaco residents. This was discovered shortly after the first transfer station came to light in January on the Cherokee Road. A request for information by indignant Abaco residents brought a team from the Ministry of Energy and Environment to Abaco to extol the virtues of the new system and quiet the contentious nature of certain aspects of the project. At the February 28 meeting were the Assistant Director of Environmental Health Services, Mr. Andrew Thompson; a member from the Ministry of Works, Ms. Natasha Morris; and a civil engineer with the Ministry of Energy and the Environment, Mr. Henry Moxey, who is in charge of the project. The meeting was held at the Central Abaco Primary School. The evening unfolded like a boxing match. Mr. Moxey, gave a presentation to show the effort that had gone into planning the sites and answer questions. Our objectives, he said, are to inform and educate the Abconians, the administrators, the chief councillors and council members, private and government officials, about the new waste facilities. He said that the construction of the Great Abaco Regional Landfill would resolve the problems of indiscriminate dumping, dumping in wetlands and would address the unhealthy situation of the present Marsh Harbour dump. It would ensure the disposal of waste without impacting the environment. Mr. Moxey came well prepared, and it was not necessary to dwell on the pollution that is already taking place on Abaco. Indiscriminate dumping bolstered the need for a better system. He said the present dump is too close to the airport. Birds foraging at the dump could create a possible danger to planes. But he was brought down later by Mr. Chris Roberts, who pointed out that the future dumps location is nearly as close to the airport. Mr. Moxey went on explaining that the proposed landfill meets all the criteria as the best location. It is distant from the airport, offers ground water separation, is easily accessible and is far from dwellings. It is designed to accommodate 13,540 tons of garbage per year. The anatomy of a landfill and the working of the transfer stations were given. Mr.Three came to explain new garbage schemeResidents are not impressed with engineering charts, statistics and a disrespect for local input and knowledge Please see Garbage Page 27 Chief Councillor for North Abaco, Steve Pedican, expressed his displeasure at Nassaus insistence on ignoring local government and refusing to consult with local residents. He was not satisfied that consulting an island administrator constitues local consultation. After the two-hour meeting, engineer Henry Moxey, left, of the Ministry of Energy and the Environment discusses the issues with Mr. Edison Key. Mr. Moxey defended governments position admirable but was overwhelmed by the hostility of the responses from the audience. He returned to Nassau with a deeper appreciation for Abacos concern of its environment and other issues affecting the local quality of life. Moxey itemized the waste that will be accepted and the hazardous material that will be rejected here but forwarded to Nassau. The transfer stations will be temporary storage areas, he explained. Everything will be in closed containers. If everything is self-


Page 12 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 Rules allow sportfishing from rental and duty paid boatsSpearfishing is allowed on request and Bahamian-registered but U.S. owned boats need a fishing license Quality Star Auto Service Station And GarageDon MacKay Blvd., Marsh HarbourTHE PLACE FOR YOUR ENTIRE AUTOMOBILE AND TRUCK NEEDSWe stock a wide variety of parts and tyres. If you need an item that is not in stock, we will quickly import it for you Open7 am 7 pm Monday thru Thursday 7 am 8 pm Friday and Saturday Tel: (242) 367-2979 By Julian Lockhart Visitors to Abaco as well as residents affected by fishing from a boat, either foreign owned or from a local rental boat are still in an uproar over the recent fishing regulations and its possible impact on the local economy, short and long term. A number of people have written to the Abaconian expressing their disapproval of The Bahamas Governments new regulations stating they are including the innocent in with the guilty and are going to chase a number of long time visitors to the Abacos away. Abaco receives 10 percent of its tourism dollars from boaters and boating related activities. However, the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources Leslie Miller said this new law will not affect tourism, but a lot of people within the business feel differently. Scott Swetish, from Cape Cod, Massachusetts said, I have been coming down to the Bahamas for years just to fish and especially spear fish. However, these new fishing regulations leave me with the decision of not wanting to come anymore. I can fish anywhere but it is the spear fishing (Hawaiian slings) that really attracts me to fishing in the Bahamas. It is not only me, but a lot of my friends who are concerned about these new laws who are considering not coming anymore, he added. All visitors coming into the Bahamas on a private boatare issued a fishing license for the boat on arrival which restricts fishing to rod and reel, and hand lines A person wanting to spear lobster may request an endorsement to the fishing license to use a Hawaiian sling or spear pole. Spear guns are not allowed by anyone in The Bahamas. This request applies to foreign persons on their own boat. Since spearing is the only practical way a foreigner can catch spiny lobster, they must have this endorsement on their license. A foreigner is allowed six spiny lobster on their boat at one time and are not allowed to use a net or trap. The old sport fishing bag limits applied to a foreign individual, whereas the new bag limits apply to foreign owned boats. However, a visitor who rents a Bahamian owned boat or goes out with a guide can spear fish. Since the boat is Bahamian, a fishing license is not required. A hand line or rod and reel can be used to fish with. Whether sport fishing or spear fishing, the bag limits still apply. Assistant Fisheries Superintendent Jeremy Saunders said, Visitors arriving in the Abacos by boat can come to the Department of Marine Resources to apply for a sports fisherman license or to have an existing license amended. If they want to use the Hawaiian sling a notation is made on their license authorizing the use of spear fishing apparatus; a Hawaiian sling or a spear pole. They can spear any form of marine resource which is not prohibited, but foreigners are not allowed to have conch on a boat. No vessel shall have on board any conch. I have already prepared a handout concerning these new regulations. It has frequently asked questions. Mr. Saunders said. Whether intentional or overlooked, there are unstated exceptions in the new regulations. Foreigners can pick up a conch if there is no foreign owned boat involved. Bahamian owned boats, including rental boats, do not need fishing licenses so foreigners in those boats can fish with a rod and reel or spearfish. In all these instances, bag limits still apply. Sport fishing has the restrictive bag limits which apply to foreigners. The bag limit for Bahamians is 250 pounds of fish. Exceeding these limits is considered commercial fishing which requires a commercial license, is restricted to Bahamians and different rules apply. The bag limits also apply to individuals or boats returning to Florida. Legally purchasing larger quantities at a fish market than the bag limit allows may be considered a commercial transaction. Bahamians taking fish, whether bought or caught, to friends in Florida fall within this category and can be charged with commercially exporting fish if the appropriate documents are not in hand. Boats brought into The Bahamas and which have had the duty paid are now Bahamian registered but still may be foreign owned. It is the foreign owned aspect which requires the fishing license. Conch is an endangered species worldwide and may not be exported (taken into the U. S.) by anyone, either by boat or by air, without a CITES permit which is issued in Nassau. It Pays toAdvertise


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 13 News from the CaysMan-O-WarFlea Market benefits schoolBy Mirella Santillo Early Saturday morning on February 17th bargain hunters reached Man-O-War by ferry loads in the hope of finding at the annual flea market that particular treasure that someone else had discarded. Additional ferries had been added, leaving from the Union Jack Dock, Hope Town and Great Guana Cay to accommodate residents of Marsh Harbour and these other settlements. It was a cool, sunny day, perfect to stroll around and browse among the many tables of bric-a-brac, clothing, jewelry, art work, photos, books, games, electronics, hand-made baskets and bags, toys and more; one could even find the perfect fishing rod or pick up scuba diving equipment for a few dollars. And lets not forget the plants which are always plentiful at that flea market. It was not any different this year; a gardener could go home with yellow elders, hibiscus, cherry trees, palms, mangoes, horse radish trees or potted herbs. There was no set age for the table attendants; they ranged from young to middle age to very young such as ten-year-old Yael Sawyer, Sienna Albury and Hannah Hayworth, who were selling toys no longer loved or the ones they were winning at the game of pegs. The bouncing castle and a crab race kept the little ones happy. There was a large food tent catering to everyones taste; an array of Bahamian dishes such as conch fritters, macaroni and cheese, chicken, salads and a large variety of pies and pastries, all homemade. That tent was very well frequented with people lining up long before the official opening time. A pastry salesperson said, Food was not supposed to be sold until 11 o clock, but we have been selling like crazy since 10:30. A separate grill offered hamburgers and hot dogs. The flea market was not only an occasion to look for bargains but also to renew acquaintances with old friends and catch up with their latest news. People ate and socialized while waiting for the drawings of the raffle and the silent auction at the end of the event. The market was supposed to be over at 1:30. One hour prior to the end, table attendants offered the deal of the day: $2 each for shopping bags or boxes that could be filled with anything left on display. It was a mad rush and by the time the raffle was drawn, most tables were empty. People made trips to the ferry dock to unload their purchases and went back for more. Finally, the raffle was drawn. The first prize was a half-hull model from Emerson Alburys shop. Others included a round trip to Fort Lauderdale with BahamasAir, a stay at Schooner Bay and more. Man-O-War residents were very lucky, winning several of the prizes. Four ferries to the main island, one to Hope Town and one to Guana Cay, were waiting on the dock to take people back. On the way to the ferry dock, many stopped for homemade ice cream, struggling to carry bags or boxes and eat the delicious treat at the same time. The profits of the flea market are to benefit the Man-O-War School. People sold directly for the school or gave a percentage of their receipts if selling for themselves. According to one seller, it had been a very profitable event.Hope TownWriters hold readingThe fifth annual Writers Read, Hope Towns annual literary event, was held on February 15th and 16th at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge. The Read was so successful in the past that this years event was extended to two nights. Featuring 13 members of the Writers Circle reading from their original works, both evenings were totally sold out. One hundred complimentary tickets were distributed with additional standing room only by show time. Moderator Kitty Donnan welcomed the audience and explained that the Hope Town Writers Circle meets each Thursday morning at 10 at the Hope Town Sailing Club. Anyone who writes or wants to write is welcome to attend. Participants write poems, prose, travelogues, essays, memoirs and the occasional song. The 13 different readings displayed amazing variety from memories of World War II to attending a rock concert from a proud parents perspective. At times there was hushed silence as the audience waited to hear a conclusion that would bring quiet awe or gales of laughter, often with tears evident in either circumstance. The crowd was treated to poetry, prose and songs. One of the evenings highlights were readings by Adelaide Cummings, author of several well known books of poetry. The appreciative audience thanked the readers with resounding applause at the evenings end. Special guest, Vera Chase of the Commonwealth Writers of Nassau, who traveled to Hope Town especially for the Writers Read, summed up the evening with her accolade, There is so much to learn from all the amazing writers here. A great variety of items was available at the Man-OWar Annual Flea Market. Even youngsters had booths. Art work along with more practical items were offered at the Flea Market. The event also allows friends to renew ties.


Page 14 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 M M A A R R C C H H 1 1 5 5 2 2 0 0 0 0 7 7 The Bahamas Telecomm-unications Company Limited, (BTC) is pleased to inform our valued customers and the general public that wireless services such as new applications, ESN changes and adding features can now be done at the following locations; BTC Mall at Marathon, BTC Fox Hill Multi Service Centre and BTC JFK. BTC encourages the public to use any of the convenient locations for their wireless needs. BTC is working hard to keep our customers connected to the world. WIRELESS SERVICES MSc. Human Resources Management MSc. Human Resources Management MSc. Human Resources Management BSc. Professional Management MSc. Human Resources Management Master of Business Administration/Finance BSc. Professional Management/FinanceMSc. Human Resources Management MSc. Human Resources Management Master of Business Administration/FinanceThe following employees of BTC are congratulated for successfully achieving Masters and Bachelors Degrees from Nova Southeastern UniversityBSc. Accounting Master of Business Administration


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 15 By Mirella Santillo Molded upon the United States program Keep America Beautiful, the Abaconian counterpart is aimed at restoring the island to its natural beauty by getting rid of trash on coastal areas and roads and by landscaping and beautifying public places. To implement that program, the Ministry of Tourism is launching a campaign through the schools, the media and various government agencies to educate students and the general public on how to achieve that goal. Ms. Bernadette Hall, in charge of environment for the Office of Tourism on Abaco, has scheduled a series of meetings to outline the agenda planned for that purpose and to recruit a task force. She advises that Coastal Awareness month is April. A project between S.C. Bootle High School and Friends of the Environment regarding the clean up of the north public beach, located north of the Treasure Cay airport is being organized. At the site are the remains of an old sisal mill which is adjacent to a blue hole that had been used as a dumping site. The intention is to transform that area into a recreation destination with parking, playground and picnic area and to restore the beach which has been depleted of sand for construction. Teachers from S.C. Bootle have offered to hold a sand watch to prevent people taking anymore sand. Other focus areas for the local chapter of KAB are recycling and contacting a Nassau firm on car crushing. By Julian Lockhart Abaco has a budding tourist business that has enormous affects on the small island economy and community alike. However, Abaco is not just a pristine beach with crystal clear blue waters; but an island where people live, work and create a life for themselves. Because of this the island has its setbacks with litter, derelict vehicles, unpainted and dilapidated buildings and stray dogs. In an attempt to create the immaculate environment that The Bahamas advertises, the Abaco Tourism Office has joined the Keep America Beautiful program. The Director of Training of that organization, Sue Smith, came on February 5th to help create a local chapter, Keep Abaco Beautiful. Keep America Beautiful has branches all over the United States, Caribbean and Europe and helps communities take the necessary steps of assessing their needs, educating the public and creating viable long term plans to keep the communities litter free. The first order of business for KAB was to introduce those interested in being registered to the program and bring them up to speed on what exactly they do. Mrs. Smith did the basic training and pre-certification for Abaco to become an affiliate. A working board will have to be formed to carry out the different responsibilities. Bernadette Hall of the Abaco Tourist Office is currently in charge of the local program and is the direct link with the headquarters of the organization. The newly elected board will have to do an impact assessment where they will start with Marsh Harbour and the surrounding communities and assess the amount of litter and give it a number, 1 4, as to how bad the area is. Mrs. Smith said they dont want to make anyone feel guilty but want to encourage and award the businesses and individuals who are doing a great job of keeping their surroundings clean. For those who need help Keep Abaco Beautiful will work with them to try and find a solution to their problems. After this is done and presented to Keep America Beautiful, Ms. Smith Will return to certify Abaco and bring it on stream as a full affiliate. Ms. Hall said, We hope it will provide some sustainability and we may not being seeing the effects today on our dollar but we will be seeing the effects in the very near future. If we dont have a clean environment, we may only be getting 10 percent from tourism. This is something we want to be proactive and prevent instead of finding the cure. The long term effects and impacts we will have is enormous. The visitors wont come if they dont enjoy their environment. We have had support from the community in our clean ups in the past so I am sure we will have support in cleaning our environment, Ms. Harding added. The Bahamas is depicted on television and in magazines in the United States as paradise. When tourists get off the plane, they expect an exceptional island paradise where they can escape. However, once they leave the plane that expectation is quickly diminished, especially on their ride to their resort. The drive for visitors from the Marsh Harbour airport to Treasure Cay leaves a lot to be desired as the road is littered with abandoned vehicles and litter along the S.C. Bootle Highway.Abaco chapter of Keep America Beautiful is formedCoastal Awareness clean-up is during April, boating volunteers and civic organizations will help North Abaco will work on a beach and playground Hope Town relived their origins at Heritage DayFor those who missed Hope Towns Heritage Day, a similar pagent will be staged in New Plymouth in early May. Everyone interested in Abacos history should be there.


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Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 17 Offering the Islands Most Exclusive Listings One Purple Porpoise Place, Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas ph 242.366.0216 fax 242.366.0223www.ChrisThompsonRealEstate.com Chris Thompson, Broker Greg Roberts, Broker* Private Islands Investment Property Waterfront Homes and Land Acreage Project/Property Management ***** Exclusive Agents for Matt Lowes Cay ***** South End, Elbow Cay Oceanfront Lot 1/2+ acre, suitable for main and guest cottage, adjacent to private Dorros Cove community at south end of Elbow Cay, close to restaurant and marina $750,000 Exclusive Listings White Sound Hilltop lot adjacent to Aunt Pats Bay in White Sound. 1/3 acre with private dock slip and views of the Sea of Abaco and Atlantic $355,000 CONCH QUEST Ocean front villa, 2 bedroom, 1 bath with room to expand. Open deck overlooks excellent surfing location. Just steps from marina and restaurant, rental history available. $795,000 High Hopes, North End, Elbow Cay Oceanfront home 3 bed/3 bath, large deck overlooking the Atlantic, fully furnished and excellent rental history $1,450,000 OCEAN FRONT WHITE SOUND Lots #13 & #14 with dockage on White Sound Bay $495,000 each. DORROS COVE Lot #18 with dock slip and ocean views $362,000 and Lot #21 with dock slip and panaramic views $425,000 and Lot #43 with dock slip and ocean/sea view $365,00 LYNARD CAY 3 acres on Sea of Abaco, north of pond $730,000. 1 acre north of pond on Sea of Abaco $365,000 .TranquilityLittle Orchard, Marsh Harbour 2 bedroom/2 bath house, perfect family home or excellent rental potential. Located close to restaurants, marina and beach $236,000Chris Thompson Real EstateFAR NIENTE,North End, Elbow Cay 4 bed / 4 bath on the Sea of Abaco North End, Elbow Cay. Large open oor plan, fully furnished, beautiful beach $3,900,000 BLEST NEST,North End, Elbow Cay High on ocean dune at North End. 3 bed / 3 bath (detached guest cottage) panoramic views, excellent rental history $1,425,000MAY HOUSE,North End, Elbow Cay Ocean front North End Elbow Cay large 1.5 acre property, 2 bed / 2bath villa, generator room, can be subdivided. Reduced price $3,900,000 TOWN BREAK,Hope Town 5 bed / 4 bath oceanfront turn key home on beautiful sandy beach, located at the north of historic Hope Town settlement. Open decking, beautiful decor and exellent rental history. $2,300,000 KIWI HOUSE,White Sound, Elbow CayNewly custom built Bahamian style home, 2-story, 3 bed, 2.5 bath. Expansive decking Pool, central AC, generator. Spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean $897,000SUMBLIME, Hope Town Settlement Historic Hope Town house with dockage. Main house 4 bed 2.5 bath with detached dock house. Rental history available. $1,600,000 MARNIES LANDING Private waterfront marina community of 1/2 acre lots. Lot #2B reduced to $399,000. Lot #2 Oceanfront $895,000. SOLDSerenity, White Sound, Elbow Cay private paradise peninsular home, 667ft. of waterfront. 4 bed/2 bath, detached gazebos, pool, bbq, outdoor showers, generator, watermaker and private dock. Shown by appointment $4,600,000 SOLDph 242.366.0216 fax 242.366.022315th December 2006


Page 18 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 B & V Plaza Don MacKay Blvd Tel: 367.2798Fax: 367.5098White Sound, Elbow CayFULL SERVICE MARINA 60 Deepwater Slips Fuel/Oil/Bait/Ice Fresh Water Garbonzo Reef Bar WATERFRONT VILLAS One, two & three bedroom units On the ocean & harbour Full kitchen/air cond/sat TVFor local transporation to Sea Spray call VHF 16 or 366-0065email : seasprayres@abacoinet.com www.seasprayresort.comBoat House Boat House Boat House Boat House Boat House RR RR R eses eses es tt tt t auraur auraur aur antant antant antBahamian Breakfast Sat. & Sun. Enjoy a delicious dinner with usSea Spray will pick up from Hope Town Live Music by the Hope Town IslandersEvery Saturday Night 7 pm untilExtended Happy Hour on Band Nights 5 pm to 7 pm South Abaco NewsCherokee SoundBy Lee PinderSand Bar Is Still ClosedDue to health reasons the Sand Bar in Cherokee will not be open for business this season and will probably not be open for again until next year. It certainly will be a big miss this summer. But we hope management will overcome the health issue and we look forward to their being open again in 2008.Road WorkWatch out for workmen on the road. Cherokee is finally getting water lines installed along the main road leading into town, so water service can not be far off, hopefully. Thanks to the Abaco Club at Winding Bay that we understand is arranging for the trenching and laying of the new piping. Of course, Mr. Bradley Roberts, Minister of Works, promised us piped in water by last December, and we understand that sometimes the wheels of progress grind a little slower than expected. But we will still be glad to get it whenever it arrives.Sign of the TimesIf you have traveled south through Abaco lately, you may have notices some new road signs. They are small green and white signs strategically placed near the turnoff to the various outlying settlements. They are rather small for road signs, which means that if you want to read them, you must stop your car. But, not only that, they are incorrect. The mileage distances between the various settlements are not the correct mileage. Sandy PointBy Tonia FergusonSports day for studentsParents and teachers huddled over judges as they tallied scores during the South Abaco Inter-House Sports Meet held February 22, in Crossing Rocks. The schools competing were Crossing Rocks Primary and James A. Pinder Primary. Due to its size, James A. Pinder Primary School was able to divide its school into two teams Courageous Soldiers and Mighty Warriors while Crossing Rocks Primary had one team Deep Seas. The event kicked off with a prayer and the national anthem. Mr. Frank Hepburn gathered coaches and teachers and discussed rules and point allocation. After the formalities, the students were handed the baton and the day was in their hands. Cheers rang out steadily throughout the day for each team. The students competed in various track and field events long jump, short putt, relays, 400, 800, and 1,200 metres. Coaches, teachers, and parents were thrilled by the students performances. At the end of the day, it would be Deep Seas who were victorious overall. Mighty Warriors and Courageous Soldiers placed second and third respectively. The students were commended for their endurance and good sportsmanship. Outstanding athletes from this meet will compete in the Abaco District Sports Meet.Unknown Porpoise deathsAn early afternoon caller on Saturday, March 4, informed Diane Claridge, one of the principal investigators at the Bahamas Marine Mammal Survey based in Sandy Point, that dolphins were stranded in Treasure Cay. The Bahamas Marine Mammal Survey is a long term study which documents the occurrence, distribution and abundance of marine mammals in the Bahamas to contribute towards the conservation of these species both locally and globally. Ms. Claridge along with her assistants, Kiya Gornik and Edward Adderley arrived at the northern end of an isolated beach in Treasure Cay to discover two male dolphins. Ms. Claridge noted that the dolphins had been dead approximately 12 hours. Their bodies showed no indications to the cause of death. However, it was peculiar that both their bodies were lean. To determine the cause of death, each animal underwent a necropsy an examination and dissection of an animal after death to determine the cause of death. Call da Fire Engine Tell em ComeWhile responding to a broken water pipe, a Water and Sewage worker noticed a bush burning close to a home which is located in The New Sub as SSandy Point residents refer to it.The call for the fire engine came some time after 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 12. This extinguishing marked the first use of the fire truck which was donated to the settlement the latter part of 2006. Volunteers were able to extinguish the burning bushes in less that an hour despite havThe Crossing Rocks sports field was full of competitors as a team from Crossing Rocks and two teams from Sandy Point challanged each other in a South Abaco primary school sports meet on February 22. ing to stop a few times to refill the trucks tank with water from a nearby hydrant. The tanks capacity is between 250 and 300 gallons.New Year New BuildingIt is expected that the new school year, September 2007 June 2008, students of the James A. Pinder Primary will be entering the walls of the newly refurbished school building in Sandy Point. Construction got underway on the school August 21, 2006. Mills Construction Company was awarded the contract. Work included demolishing a wooden building at the rear of the school, repairs to windows, the roof, and doors. Additions made to the structure included an administrators block which includes the principals office, a teachers lounge, reception area, students bathrooms and eating area, a classroom which would bring the total classroom count to five, vendor stations and an all-around walkway. It is expected that the refurbished building will also include a computer lab. A new sign at the Cherokee turn-off gives some strange distances. It Pays toAdvertise


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 19 Central Abaco NewsDean Shipping expands with a new office and an additional freighter Dundas TownBoat ramp is repairedBy Julian Lockhart Cay Mills is putting his money where his mouth is by paying to fix the public boat By Mirella Santillo Deans Shipping recently moved from a rented office to the brand new building near the port that its owners just finished building. But a new location was not the companys only new acquisition, In October 2006 it added to its float a brand new, 180-foot, a Lloyds class boat, the M/V Legend You can see her every Tuesday at the dock on her way back from West Palm Beach. The main factors to success are usually a vision, hard work, a wise business sense and inspiration. A review of Mr. Ernest Dean Jr.s life, the owner of Deans Shipping with his wife Cecilia, showed that it was not any different for him, except that perhaps inspiration came first. Trying to follow in my fathers footsteps was my goal in life, he stated during a conversation. I was inspired by his life as a great seaman. Mr. Deans father, Capt. Earnest Dean, was a mail boat captain for 65 years. As young as nine years old, recalled Mr. Dean Jr., I worked on the boat with my father. During every school break, every summer, I would work with him. At 18 I became a captain myself. However, working for someone else was not something young Ernest Jr. wanted to The boat ramp in Dundas Town, close to Bayview Restaurant, had accumulated silt removed to restore its use. Capt. Ernest Dean, Jr. The new freighter M/V LEGEND now serves Green Turtle Cay, Marsh Harbour and North Eleuthera from West Palm Beach. do all his life, and at 22, just after getting married, he bought his first fishing boat that he named Cecilia for his wife. For 15 years, he reminisced, I fished around The Bahamas. About three years after buying the first boat, I bought another one that I called Ernelia for my daughter and four or five years later, the Vashti, named after another daughter, became the third one. However, after 15 years of fishing, I sold the fishing boats and went into the mail boat business. I realized that I had little control in the fishing business. There was no guaranty that it would be a good trip. I depended on the weather and on the crew. It was very unpredictable, he explained. So I sold the boats and bought the Captain Gurth Dean, named after my late brother, in partnership with my father and another brother. After four years of family business, I sold them my share and bought the M/V Legacy ; that was in 2003. Mr. Dean, a native of Sandy Point, grew up on Abaco, but approximately 20 years ago, he moved to Nassau, where he still lives. He runs the business from there but makes a point of visiting Marsh Harbour for several days each month. Deans Shipping has over 45 employees between Nassau, Abaco, West Palm Beach and North Eleuthera, he proudly stated. Dont forget to mention my wife, he reminded me. She is my business partner; she is my right hand person; it would be very difficult to do without her help. He described the Legend with admiration: she is a fully Lloyds class, explaining that to belong to that class, the boat had to be inspected every week during her construction in Bayou La Batre, Alabama, and she will be inspected yearly after that to make sure that she still meets the required standards. She has a lounge that sits 12 with satellite television, originally intended for passengers, but because of the new security requirements from the United States, the Legend does not carry passengers; the lounge area is very much appreciated by the nine crew members, though. The Legacy however, still takes passengers from Marsh Harbour to Nassau. She can accommodate 30 passengers in five cabins with six bunks each and a sitting area for 20. It takes about ten hours to reach Nassau on the mail boat and the cost is $50 one way. Mr. Dean is very pleased with his decision to go into shipping and feels good to be in a business that is keeping with family tradition. ramp in Dundas Town on March 13. Instead of waiting around for the Town Committee to fix the ramp, Mr. Mills, who is an independent candidate for North Abaco, said he had to get the job done himself. The ramp has been damaged since 2004 after Hurricanes Jeanne and Francis hit Abaco. Because of the silt build-up after the hurricanes, it was difficult for boaters to launch and haul their boats on to their trailers. With a working ramp local fisherman will not have to drive into Marsh Harbour to launch their boats. Mr. Mills said, We have been trying to get this done since the hurricanes. I am paying to have it done because the Town Committee looks like they are not active. We have asked them to help with it, but no one is doing anything. All the fisherman in the area this is the only place for them to put their boat in and out of the water rather than going to Marsh Harbour and using another ramp. We feel every community should have a ramp for the local fisherman. This will make it easier especially for them breaking up their vehicles going to far into the water, he added. Mr. Mills is running in the 2007 elections and some may say that he is only doing this current project in an attempt to get votes like any other potential politician. However, he said they can talk all they want because his track record speaks for itself as Mr. Mills feels he has proven over the years that his heart is in helping the community.


Page 20 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 FOR YOUR VALENTINE...Located next to Sapodillys in Marsh Harbour, AbacoTel: 367-2936/7 or 375-8717SEE YOU THERE! NEW Soft Serve & Milkshakes on the menu:NEWOpen Mon Thur 10am 7pm ll ll l Fri & Sat 10 am 9pm Open Mon Thur 10am 7pm ll ll l Fri & Sat 10 am 9pm Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Potato Wedges Fish Sandwiches A commercial wharf was constructed by American Bridge for the Bakers Bay developers when the original injunction was lifted. This will be used for incoming freight and outgoing garbage removal for the entire island. Being on pilings, the structure does not impede the waterflow or sand migratrion as opposed to the solid ramp at Sandy Point which is apperently causing severe beach erosion. Please see Letters Page 23Save Guana Cay Reef Association Opposes Building Permit ApplicationsGuana Cay residents continue to fight for the right to be heard. They claim that as citizens in their own home they have a right to be consulted. Bahamian citizens continue to fight for their rights as Bakers Bay and government continue to mash them up. Save Guana Cay opposes applications by Bakers Bay to the Hope Town District Council for six permit applications for projects each ranging from $600,000 to $1.6 million for buildings at Great Guana Cay. Save Guana Cay Association continues to wage war on the Bakers Bay developers. They have discovered that the developers have applied to build millions of dollars worth of buildings on Guana Cay. Counsel to the Association, Fred Smith, has written today to the Hope Town District Council asking them to give the people of Guana Cay their right to be heard. The text of the letter is set out below. We act on behalf of Save Guana Cay Reef Association Limited, as well as Mr. Anthony Roberts, Mr. Aubrey Clarke, Mr. Stephen Jenkins, Troy and Maria Albury, various other residents and landowners and citizens of Great Guana Cay. As you are aware, the Association and Mr. Aubrey Clarke are currently plaintiffs in litigation against the Bakers Bay/Passerine Group of Companies proposing to develop the northwestern portion of Great Guana Cay. The Prime Minister and various other government agencies are also defendants. Our clients have challenged the legalities of the Heads of Agreement. More particularly, our clients have also vigorously complained that throughout this process they have not been provided with an opportunity for proper consultation and participation as stakeholders in the decision-making process of any central and/or local government person or agency having responsibility for consideration of applications. Central to our clients complaints is the fact that our clients consider that it is the local governments authority, specifically the district council, which has the duty and responsibility under the Local Government Act to consider the many different applications which will need to be made under the Local Government Act. Apparently, many applications have somehow been made directly to central government agencies in Nassau, thus bypassing the local district council. In addition, apparently in between the recent elections of new members to the district council, the administrator to the Council apparently issued certain permits. Despite our many requests to central government, to the Attorney General and to the administrator, no one has seen fit to provide the citizens of Great Guana Cay with copies of either the applications or the permits issued. The reason for this is that our clients were not given an opportunity to be heard on any such applications and the persons to whom we have written are anxious and fearful that if we are provided with copies of the applications and/or the permits, we would then seek to challenge them in court. We are able to confirm that this is indeed the case. Once our clients do find out what permits have been issued, they will take appropriate action to seek to quash those decisions. We should also refer you to the several letters written by the previous Chief Councillor, Mr. Walter Sweeting, complaining that the district council has been bypassed in the consideration of applications and the issuance of permits. Again, this is a matter which we intend to continue to pursue as soon as we discover the relevant information. We therefore take this opportunity to ask you to please provide us with copies of any applications and/or permits that have previously been made of which your council or the administrator is aware, either to the central government and its agencies and/or to the district council and/or such as may have been issued by the administrator to the Council. We have previously requested this of Mr.More Letters to the Editor LettersFrom Page 20


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 21 First Commercially Grown Turfgrass in The Bahamas ORDER ONE PALLET OR BY THE TRUCKLOAD SIXTY PALLETS PER DAY CAPABILITY Deliveries arranged to Nassau and other islandsABACO SOD FARMZOYSIA ST. AUGUSTINE SOD NATIVE PASPALUMBuy DirBuy Dir Buy DirBuy Dir Buy Dir ect &ect & ect &ect & ect & Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa vv vv v e on:e on: e on:e on: e on: F F F F F rr rr r eighteight eighteight eight Duty Duty Duty Duty Duty Customs Br Customs Br Customs Br Customs Br Customs Br okok okok ok erer erer erAcclimated to our WEATHER and SOILAvoid Transplant Shock with our quickSAME-DAY DELIVERY FIELD TO YOUR ABACO HOMEAbacoAbaco AbacoAbaco Abaco GrGr GrGr Gr oo oo o wnwn wnwn wn (242) 357-6975 More News of the CaysGreen Turtle CayMin. Gray speaks to GT CayBy Annabelle Cross The Minister of Local Government, Hon. Alfred Grey spoke at a town meeting on Green Turtle Cay on Thursday, March 1st. Also present at the meeting were Mr. Rufus Johnson, head of Local Government, Mr. Revis Rolle, Island Administrator for Central Abaco, Mr. Theophilus Cox, Island Administrator for North Abaco and members of the local district council. Mr. Grey started by telling the audience that this was not a political meeting and he represented all the people and he hoped that no one would try to make the meeting political. Mr. Grey spoke fondly of his time in Green Turtle Cay, which was his first post as an out island commissioner. He then spoke of the importance of the integrity of local government members, how they should avoid compromising themselves and their responsibility to be fair when awarding contracts. Mr. Grey announced that the government was embarking on new initiatives and Green Turtle Cay would be included. He gave verbal permission to Volunteer Fire Chief Junior Roberts to construct a 40x40' shed to house the fire truck on the property where the Ministry of Educations teachers residence is located. This news was welcomed by Mr. Roberts who has been trying for a few years to secure public property to store fire fighting/ rescue equipment and the fire truck. A volunteer firefighter voiced concern that with nothing in writing, how could they be assured that after a time they would not be asked to vacate the property. Mr. Grey assured them that this would not happen! Mr. Grey announced that a team of engineers would visit shortly to inspect the public docks and see to any necessary repairs. The same would be done to public roads. Mr. Grey suggested that the cement roads in town may not be strong enough to accommodate the heavier vehicles and this would be checked into. A contract is being finalized at this time to complete work at the softball field. Some concern was voiced because this property is also designated as a future burial ground. The government plans to send surveyors to survey and divide public land outside New Plymouth to sell at a low cost to young Bahamians. Mr. Greys final announcement was his intent to make Green Turtle Cay its own district with its own Administrator. When this comes into effect the administrator would be in office daily and all the necessary government departments would have a representative on GTC. Mr. Grey then opened the floor to the audience and gave each person an opportunity to voice their concerns. The main concern of many is water. Even though the Minister of Works, Hon. Bradley Roberts, had been to GTC last year and promised a reverse osmosis system to be in place by the end of 2006, this has not yet happened. The district council had reported in a previous meeting that storage tanks were being built. However, Mr. Grey did not seem to know anything about the need for water or what the status on the system is at this time. Another major concern is the public dump. Our community has grown and indiscriminate dumping makes it next to impossible to maintain the dump. Mr. Grey suggested that some one invest in heavy equipment to push the dump and offer their services to the local council. This already happens, but it is still difficult to maintain. The development of the park at settlement point was briefly mentioned and there is concern that the General Election will be called during the week of The Island Roots Heritage Festival. Mr. Grey assured those concerned that the election would be over before the first weekend of May. The festival is scheduled for May 4th 5th & 6th. Another concern was that the Primary schools renovations which were started in July had not been completed. This was a central government contract, but Mr. Grey was not aware of what caused the setback, but promised to check into the situation. Mr. Grey took the opportunity to brief the audience on the proposed National Health Insurance which he says could come into effect as early as this year. He quoted the cost of monthly payments as follows: Monthly Salary under $300 payment $8 Monthly Salary under $1000 payment $27 Representing the pioneers: COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIALFILTRATION SYSTEMSWATER SOFTENERS, REVERSE OSMOSIS, CARBON FILTERS, STAINLESS STEEL & PLASTIC PUMPS, SALT & MOREContractor Prices Available CALL/FAX365-8749oremail: ohall@aol.com ATLANTICFILTER CORP PRICES BELOW U.S. RETAIL Monthly Salary under $3000 payment $81 Monthly Salary under $5000 payment $133 Concern was voiced about the system and how it would affect ones choice of using a private doctor or going to the US for treatment. Also of concern was would this put a burden on the economy after a few years. Mr. Grey put all these concerns to rest. He said that many thought National Insurance would not work, but they now have hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank to assist Bahamians. The meeting was well attended. After all of the announcements a few people commented that they had listened to all the promises, but now expected some action! By Jennifer Hudson In a recent promotion exercise, 12 Customs Officers attached to the Abaco Division were promoted to higher ranks. The promotions are as follows: Michael Rolle, Officer in Charge at Treasure Cay, from Senior Customs Officer to Chief Customs Officer Molly Davis, Carmen Rolle and Melvin Forbes from Grade 1 Officer to Senior Customs Officer Bridgette Russell (Green Turtle Cay), Eulean Sands (Spanish Cay), Jessel Cash, Deidre Cox-Edgecombe Calvin St. Remy and Janelle Hield (Marsh Harbour) from Grade 2 Officer to Customs Officer Grade 1 Nya Simmons from Trainee Customs Officer to Grade 2 Customs Officer Donald Symonette from Customs Guard to Senior Customs Guard Promotions are retroactive from July 1, 2004. Superintendent of Customs for Abaco Mr. Gary Smith, congratulates these officers on their promotions.Customs Promotes Officers


Page 22 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 ARAWAK AGENCYCUSTOMS BROKERS Air & Sea Shipping Customs Clearance Freight Forwarding Transportation & Logistics Services Ship AgenciesFor More Information:Tel: (242) 367-2089 Fax: (242) 367-2530Marsh Harbour, Abaco, BahamasVisit our office on Front Street One Call Does It All For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices Serving World Famous Grilled Food and Cocktails Located in Marsh Harbour on the water OPEN 7 days 11AM until DAILY HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS!!!Tel (242) 367-2278VHF 16 SnappasFor Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices Abaco Outboards expands with new showroomBy Jennifer Hudson The grand opening of the new Abaco Outboards retail showroom took place on February 20 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 3 p.m. and reception from 3 to 5 p.m. The impressive new showroom at Abaco Outboard Engines, which is strikingly decorated in the blue and white official colours of Yamaha, is located on the waterfront next to the Marsh Harbour police station and provides an excellent showcase for the companys large inventory of merchandise. In addition to outboard engines, which range in size from 30 HP up to 250 Hp, there is an impressive selection of motorcycles, golf carts, jet skis, generators, boats and ATVs. According to Mr. Albury, the three-quarter of a million-dollar building took just over one year to complete and was necessary due to the expansion of the business. Service and storage will continue to be provided in the old building across the street while parts, sales and administration are now located in the new building. We feel this is a very sound investment as Abaco is growing with new ventures now here such as Bakers Bay and the Abaco Club and also many second home owners requiring this type of product. These people expect more and we are trying to raise the level of quality and provide facilities so that they can better see our product, stated Mr. Stephen Albury, who stated that Abaco Outboards will build a bonded warehouse next door to the showroom by the end of the year. This will enable them to bring in a larger inventory and increase their stock level. He was proud to state that Yamaha is always on the cutting edge of new technology and Abaco Outboard keeps close ties with the company it has been with for 20 years. One of the managers from Yamaha in Japan visits Abaco Outboard Engines twice a year, and Stephen Albury himself goes to Japan in mid-November each year. Cutting the ribbon for the occasion was Senior General Manager of the Yamaha company. Mr. Myagi who remarked on the great opportunity this expansion provides for Abaco Outboard Engines, saying, The future of Abaco is shown here today by this investment made by Mr. Albury, and I congratulate him on his foresight in making such an investment. During the reception which followed, guests were able to view the impressive line of products in the showroom and partake of refreshments which, very appropriately for By Jennifer Hudson A dozen people who are interested in the establishment of a museum in Marsh Harbour gathered at the Friends of the Environment office on March 1 for an informal meeting to begin discussions. Here from Nassau to lead the meeting were Dr Keith Tinker, Director of the Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation and Ms Kim Outten-Stubbs, Chief Curator of the National Museum who were welcomed by Nancy Albury. Dr. Tinker underscored the need for a museum in March Harbour and stated that his organization had already assisted in establishing the museum at Cherokee and Alton Lowes museum on Green Turtle Cay. We are excited about a possible merger with the proposed new library here, and we can allocate significant funds towards a museum, he stated. Ms. Outten-Stubbs showed slides of properties around the Bahamas which Antiquities has helped manage in Nassau, San Salvador, and Long Island. Each is quite different as each community has its own ideas, she said. Our main mandate is to work with the community. We do not tell the community what to do. Every island wants to tell its story which is a very good and positive thing. Dr. Tinker suggested that schoolchildren should be included right from the beginning of the project as they can be very active in work at the site. In other museum projects students have been invited to assist in the construction and this gives them a feeling of ownership. The Marsh Harbour museum should be an all-encompassing one including natural science, national heritage, marine and visual arts. Dr. Tinker suggested a minimum area of 1,000 square feet with a repository for collections. A discussion followed regarding private collection displays and Dr. Tinker suggested that a trust can be developed between collection owners and the museum to acquire items on loan. Ms. Outten-Stubbs suggested that town meetings should be held to get feedback from the community as people must not feel that this is a private facility. Encourage people to buy into it from the beginning, she said. Since museums are not a part of our experience, we must teach Bahamians how to use museums and start with the schools. Oral histories can be obtained from old people in the community. Mrs. Albury is the local coordinator for the Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation and has an office with Friends of the Environment in Marsh Harbour. Interested persons are asked to contact her.A museum is under considerationthe occasion, included sushi with Japanese condiments and chopsticks on hand for anyone wishing to be totally authentic. Abaco Outboards new showroom sets a new standard for Marsh Harbour with a broad product line in a spacious showroom. The huge new showroom for Abaco Outboards to display their wide range of Yamaha products is a first for Abaco. On display are outboard engines, golf carts, jet skis, generators, boats, motocycles and ATVs. The company has a full staff of qualified mechanics to maintain their products.


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 23 HAWKSBILL SUBDIVISION LOT NO. 124 PROPERTY SIZE: Single Storey Residence (5,400 sq. ft.) LOCATION: Abaco Drive APPRAISED VALUE: $70,000 EIGHT MILE ROCK PROPERTY SIZE: Incomplete Single Family Duplex (5,000 sq. ft.) LOCATION: Main Settlement of Eight Mile Rock APPRAISED VALUE: $145,000 YEOMAN WOOD SUBDIVISION LOT NO. 7 Block 1 Unit 1 PROPERTY SIZE: Single Storey Residence (13,660 sq. ft.) LOCATION: On a Cul-de-sac off Albatross Circle APPRAISED VALUE: $96,000 PIONEERS LOOP SUBDIVISION LOT NO. 134 PROPERTY SIZE: Single Family Residence (9,600 sq. ft.) LOCATION: Custard Apple Road APPRAISED VALUE: $70,000 LINCOLN GREEN SUBDIVISION LOT NO. 38 Block #9 Unit 2 PROPERTY SIZE: Single Family Residence (0.31 Acres) LOCATION: Eastern Side of Langton Lane APPRAISED VALUE: $204,725 BAHAMIA REEF YACHT & COUNTRY CLUB LOT NO. 14 Block 5 Section 1 PROPERTY SIZE: Multi Family Sixplex (17,010 sq. ft.) LOCATION: Indiana Lane APPRAISED VALUE: $457,000 MALIBOO REEF ESTATES SUBDIVISION LOT NO. 104 PROPERTY SIZE: Duplex Building (11,866 sq. ft.) LOCATION: Galleon Avenue & Outrigger CT APPRAISED VALUE: $360,000 GRAND BAHAMA EAST SUBDIVISION LOT NO. 27 Section 21 Block D PROPERTY SIZE: Single Storey Residence (10,446 sq. ft.) LOCATION: Linday Drive APPRAISED VALUE: $59,000 ARDENT FOREST SUBDIVISION LOT NO. 25 Block 2 Unit 1 PROPERTY SIZE: Single Family Incomplete Residence (0.34 acres) LOCATION: 250 Yards West of Midshipman Road APPRAISED VALUE: $62,842 ROYAL BAHAMIAN ESTATES LOT NO. 225 Section 28 PROPERTY SIZE: Single Family Residence 3 Beds / 2 Baths (21,250 sq. ft.) LOCATION: Inagua Avenue APPRAISED VALUE: $204,000 LINCOLN GREEN SUBDIVISION LOT NO. 52 Block 5 Unit 1 PROPERTY SIZE: Multi Family (0.28 acres) LOCATION: Western Side of Ludford Road APPRAISED VALUE: $30,000 ARDENT FOREST SUBDIVISION LOT NO. 11 Block 22 Unit 2 PROPERTY SIZE: Single Family (0.35 acres) L OCATION: South Side of Orlando Drive & Arden Forest Road APPRAISED VALUE: $30,000 SEA HORSE VILLAGE SUBDIVISION LOT NO. 31 Block 11 PROPERTY SIZE: Multi/Single Family (0.27 acres) LOCATION: Eastern Side of Bonito Street APPRAISED VALUE: $30,000 ROYAL BAHAMIAN ESTATES SUBDIVISION LOT NO. 16 block 23 PROPERTY SIZE: Single Family (0.44 acres) LOCATION: South Side of Dominica Avenue APPRAISED VALUE: $25,000 BAHAMIA SOUTH SUBDIVISION LOT NO. 10 Block 32 Section 2 PROPERTY SIZE: Multi/Single Family (0.33 acres) LOCATION: Eastern Side of Forest Lane (Less Than 150 Yards West of Santa Maria Avenue) APPRAISED VALUE: $30,000PROPERTIES FOR SALE FAMILY ISLAND LISTED PROPERTIES RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL LISTED PROPERTIES VACANT LOTS INTERESTED P ARTIES SHOULD SUBMIT OFFERS TO PURCHASE (WITH TELEPHONE CONTACT AND POSTAL ADDRESS) TO CHERRYMISSICK, THE PLAZA, MACKEYSTREET, OR CALL242-502-6221 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANYOR ALLOFFERS. CreativeRelations.net CARAVEL BEACH SUBDIVISION SECTION 1 LOT NO. 75 PROPERTY SIZE: Multi Family Sixplex Apartment Complex (19,055 sq. ft.) LOCATION: Bonita Lane & Bluefish Street APPRAISED VALUE: $420,000 Corner Value Liquid Propane Gas LPG Tanks refilled LPG Appliances by Maytag Appliances Refrigerators Household Goods Kitchenware Clothing, Shoes Stationery Hallmark CardsQueen Elizabeth Drive One Block East of the Traffic Light P O Box AB20490, Marsh harbourPhone 367-2250Wayne Hall who was your Chief Councillor since Mr. Sweeting demitted office. It is therefore with considerable appreciation that our clients have now been made aware by the posting of a Notice indicating that six permit applications have been posted on February 17, 2007 on the post office board in Hope Town (and I might add not at Great Guana Cay), indicating that there are a number of projects ranging from $600,000 to $1.6 million which applications are due to be heard this Thursday, February 22, 2007. As a general point, our clients are opposed to the scale, scope and extent of the proposed development. As you are aware, our clients complained of the extensive environmental, social, cultural damage as well as the destruction of their traditional way of life. Local government is all about local rights and taking into account the views and allowing those who are most closely affected by the proposed developments to be consulted and to have their views properly considered. The district council is statutorily supposed to be representative of the citizens, residents and landowners of the district. We are aware however that your council has some qualification and appointment challenges. We understand that many of you were actually appointed by the central government and not elected to office. Our clients reserve their rights to challenge this process as being illegal and intend to do so in due course. Our clients would like to have an opportunity to make representations with regard to those proposed applications. In that regard, our clients would like to have copies of the documents submitted by the applicants, so that they, and their advisors, can consider the same and be properly advised with regard to matters they might wish to raise which may be of concern regarding the applications. Our clients have only just been made aware that these applications are before the council and not having had the benefit of any details with respect thereto, and given the fact that the applications will be considered so soon, our clients will not be in a position to be properly informed so as to be able to make sensible, rational and constructive comments. We also understand that your council has been provided with copies of the BEST Commission reports and the current Environmental Impact studies. These have been repeatedly promised to our clients but, again, despite the fact that our clients are the ones most affected, they have not received copies thereof. May we also ask that, in the spirit of transparency, accountability and in the interest of natural justice, and having regard to our clients rights to be heard, that we be provided with copies so that we can take they into account when making representations. Our clients are prepared to pay the cost of any copLettersFrom Page 20 ies and are prepared to collect them at your convenience. In the meantime, we ask that you adjourn the consideration of these applications until such time as our clients have been provided with the information sought. Accordingly, may we please have confirmation that you will provide the information sought and adjourn the hearing of the applications. We must put you on notice that if our clients are not treated fairly and if the applications are considered and/or approved without our clients being given the proper opportunity to make representations for your consideration, our clients will bring proceedings to enforce their rights in due course. Our clients do not wish to litigate against their neighbours but must emphasise that the central government and the developers appear to be using our clients neighbours and pitting them against each other. Yours faithfully, Callenders and Co. Frederick R.M. Smith


Page 24 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 Man-O-War HardwareNon-Corrosive HardwareAn Extensive Selection ofBrass, Stainless & MonelBolts, Nails & Screws Hinges & Barrel BoltsStainless SteelHurricane Clips#1 LumberPlain & Pressure TreatedPine, Fir, Cypress Teak & MahoganyInterior, Exterior & MarinePLYWOOD For quotes or information Call Walter Sweeting ll ll l Arthur Elden Man-O-War Cay, Abaco, BahamasPh: (242) 365-6011 ll ll l Fax (242) 365-6039 The Man-O-War School is very thankful for the funds that were raised from its February 17th Flea Market. 1t was through your generosity and support that we were able to do this and we appreciate and thank you so much for your time and efforts. The school children on Man-O-War are lucky students, both in having friends like yourself and in being able to enhance their education through your benevolence. Thanking you once again, Sincerely yours, School NewsCentral Abaco PrimarySports Day Reveals Star AthletesBy Samantha Evans This year proved to be a competitive one for the four houses at Central Abaco Primary School but it was an excellent year that revealed a number of star athletes. Two days were set aside to allow the students to showcase their track and field skills. The field events were held on Marsh 1st and the track events were held on March 2nd. At the end of great performances and a few tans, Flamingo House reigned victorious with 503 points defeating the two-time winning house, Yellow Elder. In second place was Grouper House with 500 points, third place Yellow Elder with 494 points and bringing up the rear was Marlin House with 471. It was the teachers races that actually made the difference between the winning house and the others. Mr. Jeffrey Victor, head of the Physical Education Department, stated that each house has star athletes and this can be seen in the closeness in the points. Sixty star students were identified from these two days of sports activities who will represent the school at the interschool meet in April. Mr. Victor feels good about this team especially since a number of them performed in Nassau last year and did very well in their events. If he had to name a female and male star athlete from sports day, they would be Samantha Miller and Delano Davis, who are both presently in grade 6. Samantha competed in the Nationals in Nassau last May 2006 where she finished in the top five out of over 100 students. Mr. Victor stated that that accomplishment is extremely good! Samantha is a great athlete with great control who can do extremely well as a sprinter or distance runner in the future. However, her specialty is the sprint races. She won all of her races and obtained four gold medals in total. Delano already won a gold medal in the 100M at the Nationals last May and is the athlete to beat. He also won four gold medals during the recent Sports Day. Delano is a sprinter. If he continues to develop his great talent as a sprinter, Mr. Victor predicts that he will definitely go places. We are looking at another potential golden boy and girl, only this time they are coming from Abaco.Bahamian history month is observedBy Samantha V. Evans Under the theme From Whence We Came: A Celebration of Freedom, Central Abaco Primary School declared the month of March as Bahamian History Month. It is celebrating 804 years of emancipation to be exact. The committee felt the need to educate the students about their ancestry, in particular how people of color came to live in this region of the world. Students acCentral Abaco Primary School showed off its athletes at its sports meet on March 1 and 2. The students were preparing for the Abaco inter-school sports meet next month. Please see School Page 25 knowledged various forms of African singing, dancing and chanting. All of the students enjoyed the colorful African prints worn by the choir and the colorful dance wear won by the dancers and the drumming which was the main form of music used. The keynote address for the ceremony was delivered by Mr. Ken Roberts, Senior Master at Abaco Central High School. He told how 12-15 million black persons were taken from their homes to be enslaved by Europeans. They were worked in cotton, sugar or tobacco fields in a process lasted for about 300 years. He explained to the students that what happened in Africa was cruel and inhumane. These persons were ripped from their families and forces to work in the Americas. Even kings and queens were taken to become slaves. Each year on the first Monday in August, he told them, Emancipation Day is observed to remember the emancipation of slavery. He stated that he is concerned though, as to whether we as people of color are really free. He believes that a new form of slavery has emerged and is being practiced in parts of Asia, Africa, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He told the students that the persons now being used as slaves are children just like them. It has been reported by UNESCO that some 2000 child slaves are in Africa alone. They are used as cheap labor in fields and market places. He told them that if we do not acknowledge our past, it will indeed be repeated. He encouraged the youth to strive to become inventors or entrepreneurs and not just settle March was observed as Black History Month at Central Abaco Primary School to teach the students about their ancestry. A special speaker along with African dancing, singing and costumes were used to impress the students.


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 25 to become a mere laborer. Education can open the doors for them to accomplish much. Students from various grades participated in this program to educate the student body on the slave trade and the role it played in all the people of color living particularly the Bahamas. Photos of Bahamian historians and leaders past and present were posted around the school for all to see. It is hoped that parents willd talk to their children about the positive role these great Bahamians played in the development of this independent nation we know and love. Sixth grade students from Central Abaco Primary School attended the Health Fair held at the Auskell Medical Center. They learned first hand about hypertension, healthy leving and eating and weight control. Dr. Susan Fairclough is talking with them here.. More School News SchoolFrom Page 24Auskell Health Fair Attracts StudentsBy Samantha V. Evans In an era where everyone seems to be becoming more health conscious, Auskell Medical Center, under the management of Mrs. Angie Collie, has for the third year held its Health Fair to educate locals on how to live healthy lives. Residents from all over Abaco made their way to the clinic to learn more about healthy living and eating, weight control, were tested for sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and had eyes tested. The first group of persons to the fair was 26 grade six students from Central Abaco Primary School accompanied by the Guidance Counselor, Ms. Samantha Evans, and their class teacher, Mrs. Fernander. Their counselor believed that this would be Please see School Page 26 a great learning experience for the students and, indeed, it was. The students did not leave the fair until about 2 p.m. While at the fair the students had a training session with Dr. Susan Fairclough, a psychiatrist, and Dr. Idamae Hanna, a dietician. The first talk was on hypertension. Dr. Sue (as she is called) described hypertension as the silent killer. Many people with high blood pressure are unaware that they have this problem. Hypertension can affect the function of the heart, blood circulation, the brain, eyes and kidneys. She stated that it is important to protect against it. So she advised the students to exercise regularly, get annual eye tests, reduce sodium intake, eat healthy foods and get a full body physical annually. She told them that the bigger a person gets the higher chance they have of getting hypertension and diabetes. Next, Dr. Idamae Hanna talked to the students about healthy life style choices and their importance. She told them that they are what they eat. She told the pre teenagers that they must not eat much junk food because it builds poor circulation and poor cells. They should eat foods that strengthen the body such as fruits and vegetables. The body will be able to fight off diseases once they feed it the right kinds of food. She told them that they should eat five fruits and vegetables everyday to protect their body. This is true for adults as well. The entire group was shocked because by the looks on their faces, they were not meeting that quota at all. She further stated to them that they must drink a lot of water to replenish the water the body releases daily. Water can help prevent strokes and heart attacks by keeping the blood healthy and prevents constipation. Each person should consume 6-8 classes of water daily. She ended by reiterating some of the things Dr. Sue stated earlier. But one new area she spoke to the children about eating foods rich in fiber such as wheat and bran products as opposed to those products made of white flour. This was a great lesson for these students who were armed with books and pens to take notes. At the end of this presentation, Dr. Sue answered all of their questions. Once this was over, the students needing to get their eyes tested went to Dr. Duranda Ash, one of the visiting doctors from Freeport while oth-


Page 26 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 More School Newsers went to get weighed and got their body mass index checked. One of the students was fortunate to get an eye prescription written up and was interviewed by Mr. Silbert Mills for Radio Abaco. This was a great experience for these students and their teacher. The students left well educated and informed about how to better take care of their bodies.Every Child Counts Holds Open HouseBy Jennifer Hudson On the third Monday of every month the Every Child Counts School opens its doors to any persons who would like to visit the school to learn more about it and see the students at work. On February 19 I attended Open House at the school along with several other interested persons. We were given a tour by 11-year-old Andrea Risberg, a student at the school, who very competently showed us around, inviting us into the various classrooms, introducing us to the teachers and proudly explaining all about the school. After a brief meeting with Mrs. Lyn Major, Principal of the school, Andrea began our tour in the original block of the school which houses Ms. Melanies class of the youngest students. Little five-year-old Emily was the only child in the class that day since SchoolFrom Page 25 all her classmates were off with medical problems and other problems. We went from the youngest class to the to the oldest where Mr. Mars was also missing quite a few students due to illness. The students who were in class were very welcoming to the guests and happy to see the visitors and their teacher took the opportunity to give a quick geography lesson. Linda Behrendt, one of the visitors who is a second-home owner in Hope Town, hails from Iowa and the students were invited to see if they could find Iowa on the map of the United States and were told some facts about the state. We entered a newly constructed classroom block which was just completed in time for the new school year in September. A delicious smell was wafting from Ms. Amandas classroom, and we discovered the more challenged students mixing up some tasty ingredients for Granola Surprise Balls. Ms. Ellen was proud to tell us that her class of eight to 13-year-olds who did not know all of the alphabet on entering school in September are now proficient readers. Next door, Ms. Pams class of 10 to 13-year-olds are avid readers. In addition to reading they particularly enjoy science in which they have been watching National Geographic DVDs narrated by David Attenborough and were enthusiastic to tell us what they had learned about many different creatures. Upstairs in this new block is a large room furnished with a dining table, chairs and bed where the students learn life skills such as how to correctly make a bed. An assembly of the entire school in the quadrangle began with all the students joining in the singing of the national anthem and pledge of allegiance after which Principal Major spoke about the grading system at the school where each student is on one of five levels ranging from entry-level ground up to platinum and strives, through academics and good behaviour, to progress through bronze, silver and gold until they reach platinum with a grade point average of 3.5. Each level must be maintained for two or three weeks before the student is able to progress to the next level. The transition from one level to the next is not easy, for the criteria encompasses not only academics but also behaviour, attitude and responsibility, stated Ms. Major. Several students who had excelled during the previous term were recognized during the assembly and several were promoted to the next level. Some of the students spend a day each week at a business in the community gaining work experience and one student is presently at Conch Pearl Galleries being taught how to polish gold and silver jewellery by Mr. Peter Bradley. Students must be either at the platinum or gold level to be able to go out into the community for work experience, explained Ms. Major. Students are accepted at the school from age 3 to 21 years and graduate as they are ready. The first three students to graduate from ECC last June are now holding their own in the community. One young man is attending the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) in Nassau. Though he finds the academics hard, the hands-on work is a piece of cake. Shannon, a developmentally disabled young lady, assists three days a week with the young children at Wesley College while another young man has a job at Abaco Groceries. I hope to have a full-time teacher next year just to do the job placements as each student needs to be carefully placed in the community before they leave school, added Mrs. Major. There is such a happy family atmosphere throughout the school where each of the 75 young students who would not be able to make it in a regular school is loved for who he or she is. The students delight in having visitors. If you would like to learn more about the school and see the students at their work, they would be pleased to have you visit on the third Monday of each month.Fresh Start Program Will Provide TrainingBy Mirella Santillo A youth employment skill training program for approximately 20 unemployed young people between 16 to 25 years old is being implemented by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Housing. It is aimed to expose youths to job readiness and personal development training while providing them with relevant work place experience. Through a partnership with the public and private sector, the Fresh Start program will place these y oung people on work internship in areas that best match their top career choices. The training will run for eight weeks starting April 2nd and will take place at Friendship Tabernacle Church in Dundas Town. The applicants will be required to do two weeks of community serEvery Child Counts, a school for children who cannot attend a regular school, holds an open house each month that features an assembly. The students appreciate visitors and are proud to show off their school. SchoolFrom Page 27


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 27 Replace your old countertops with locally made tops of Marble & Granite For More Information Call 242-367-4726(Abaco Ace Hardware)Marsh Harbour, Abaco Boats equipped with:VHF Bimini Top Cooler Anchor & Lines Compass Dive Ladder Life Jackets Paddle Flares Flashlight Fire Extinguisher First Aid Kit30 Boats to Choose From All Meticulously MaintainedOur Customers Get Extra Attention W eekly Rates: 26 Paramount $1295 23 Albury Bros $1015 22 Boston Whaler$ 945 20 Albury/Hydra$ 910 18 Privateer $ 665Rates do not include gas Open 7 days 8am 5pmLocated in Hope Town & Marsh Harbour Call (242) 367-2513 Fax (242) 367-2516 www.seahorseboatrentals.com ABACO EXPRESS YOUR PERSONAL MAIL PLANE YOUR CHARTERED SEAT YOUR CARGO PLANE PICK UP AND COURIER SER VICEPassengers / Freight / Mail to Abaco2532 Old Okeechobee Road Ste.11 West Palm Beach / Marsh Harbour email :abacoexppbi@bellsouth.netPh: 561-689-1010 Fax: 561-689-9454 Bah: 242-367-3450contained, where will the leakage be coming from, he said? His presentation won him the first round. The match accelerated when Ms. Green, who chaired the meeting and who is Abacos environmental health officer, asked for questions. Mr. Leon Pinder expressed his concerned about the Cedar Harbour site being less than a mile away from a historical site and asked how did you do your selection? A complicated formula was used which considered population, distance, refuse generated, watertable separation and other factors. Optimum sites were than chosen. We were never told that there was a historical site there, he admitted. Mr. Charles Smith and Mr. Chris Roberts asked about water run-off and contamination from leaking containers. The containers are to be covered. However, no one seemed truly satisfied with Mr. Moxeys answer.. Mr. Stephen Pedican, Chief Councillor for Northern Abaco, was disappointed that the Cedar Harbour Transfer Station was started without local knowledge. We are offended that decisions are made in Nassau without consideration for local residents. He chastised Mr. Moxey for relying on administrators for information as they are not native persons, have limited knowledge of local issues and history or other factors which must be considered. We observed due diligence, answered Mr. Moxey. Consultants did the original reconnaissance. Town meetings were held, the administrators were informed as well as the media and the public. However, no one attending believed that public awareness had been effective attempted. We are trying to make amends and hoping that we can go back to Nassau with suggestions to improve on our projects, said Mr. Moxey. Mr. Pedican answered that administrators came and went, but local government had been put in place to empower local people. When we are not informed, we are offended, he stated amid applause. Mr. John Hedden had a few comments with the lack of consultation as a serious problem. Things have to change. The GarbageFrom Page11 people are not empowered. Central Government refuses to acknowledge that local government is here for a purpose, he said. He shared Mr. Pinders concern about the site in Cedar Harbour. That site is in a virgin pine forest, a unique environment. You are showing no concern. We have indigenous specimens here on Abaco, found nowhere else in the world. There are other sites. There is already a dump site in Cedar Harbour. Why not use it? Where is the Best Commission? Have they done an E I A? He deplored the lack of consultation between other government agencies. Biologists did some assessments, answered Mr. Moxey, but he agreed that there had not been any consultation between the various agencies. Had we known, had we had a proper dialogue, that area would not be placed there. Mr. Stone McEwan of the Abaco Club asked if the concerns presented were sufficient to relocate the sites. This prompted Mr. Hedden to also ask that the two sites be reconsidered and to stop further work. Will you widen the Cherokee Road if you go ahead with the transfer station as it is barely wide enough for two regular trucks? asked Mr. Peter Bradley of Cherokee. A big blow was handed by Mr. Chris Roberts who asked whether a building permit was obtained for the stations and to cut the trees. The work cannot be stopped, the road is not scheduled to be widened and no permits were obtained answered Mr. Moxey. Mr. Moxey used the pretext of the loan agreement which required that the project be completed within three years, which are now up, and offered to write a letter to his superiors explaining the Abaco viewpoint on the matter. Ill try to find a workable solution to the concerns you have. What workable, affordable, recommendation can you give me, he asked? What I recommend, said Mr. Hedden, is that you stop all work on both transfer sites, until we can sit down and work a solution. The second round went to the residents. It was also stated that there will be a tipping fee at the Snake Cay facility. This prompted the comment that people will probably continue to dump indiscriminately. It came out that public dumps accept up to 250 pounds of trash from individuals without charge but the problem of indiscriminate dumping was not answered.. The proximity of the Cherokee transfer station to the well fields for the Abaco Club and Cherokee Sound was again brought up. It was commented once more by a resident, that the Cherokee site could have been omitted altogether by having people drive the few extra miles to the master landfill. Your concerns are important to me, Mr. Moxey said, but I cannot say that it (the transfer station) will be moved. I do not have the authority to do so. I will do my best with your input. Garbage transfer stations have separate areas for hazardous items, batteries, yard waste, construction debris and a central ranp and tipping station for normal refuse. This is dumped into large compactor bins for transport to the central landfill.The other separated material will be handled as appropriate and perhaps sent to Nassau. vice daily from 9 to 12 and will undertake computer training. For more information, call Mr. Ishmael Stretch Morley at 367-2343 /44.Sports day for Little Angels PreschoolBy Jennifer Hudson Twelve little angels gathered on the grass beside Spooners Department Store appropriately looking quite angelic in their white shorts and T-shirts for it was sports day for the children of the Little Angels Preschool. This was their first sports day as the school only opened in September of last year and there was much excitement amongst these little preschoolers whose ages range from 3 to 5 1/2 years. Both parents of every child and several grandparents gathered to watch the little ones participate, and it was hard to tell who was more excited, the children or their proud relatives. Many different races had been organized by Ms. Barbara Johnson, Principal of the school, and her assistant Henrisia Johnson, who officiated at the event. The official blue, red and yellow ribbons were awarded to the first three finishers in each race and every child received a white ribbon for participation so nobody went home feeling disappointed. SchoolFrom Page 26


Page 28 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 Well Done Drilling ServicesCall us today for a free consultation! Call us today for a free consultation! Call us today for a free consultation! Call us today for a free consultation! Call us today for a free consultation!Ph: (242) 367-4842 ll ll l Marsh Harbour, Abaco, BahamasWell Drilling: Water Wells, Drainage Wells, Septic Disposal Wells Trenching: Trenching for underground utility services Piling Holes: Piling Holes for home foundations and utility poles planted Excavator Rental: Specialized Excavator Foundation Drilling for home foundations in sand and Excavator Digging that large foreign-owned boats, carrying small flat boats and crew, anchored in the marls while their crew went bone fishing. To that statement, he answered that flat boats should be banned completely. The ones here should be confiscated. No foreigner should be a bonefish guide fishing in The Bahamas. He announced that next year the Bill will be amended to make fishermen officers of the Ministry to enforce the law after participating in exercise training. The Defense Force cannot enforce everything. All of us have a role to play in enforcing the law. The meeting was successful for the fishermen who liked what they heard and for the Minister who said he received the feedback he was hoping to get from his trip. However, Mr. Michael Albury commented twice, We should be careful not to punish the innocents with the guilty. FisheriesFrom Page 5 Church NewsSt. James Methodist ChurchYouth AuctionBy Jennifer Hudson The young people of St James Methodist Church in Hope Town have for several weeks been busy raising funds for their summer mission trip. Every Monday and Wednesday as soon as their 3.30 p.m. ferry from Marsh Harbour deposits them at the dock in Hope Town, they hurry home, change their clothes, then hurry back to the Post Office dock where they sell baked goods until five oclock. At the end of the sale the proceeds are split between each teenager who helped and put towards the funds for their trip. At a softball game in January they raised $1200. The group will be participating in the Teameffort Mission Camp in Copper Hill, Tennessee, where they will work in construction much the same as the Habitat for Humanity group except that this venture is for young people only. Teameffort has two mission camps in Florida, two in Tennessee, one in Mississippi, one in Georgia, a new one in Washington, DC, and Arizona. Ashley Yancey, Youth Leader at St. James Methodist Church, who is organizer and leader of the mission trip, has in previous years been a councilor at Teameffort Mission Camps. Doug Jones, head of Teameffort Mission Camps, is the person responsible for actually bringing Ashley to her current position as youth leader in Hope Town. Each young person will need to raise $800 for the trip which will include their airfare, accommodation at the youth mission camp and food but will also cover building materials that they will be using to build homes for needy families. Eighteen young people aged between 12 and 18 years will be attending the mission camp from July 21-28 along with five chaperones. On March 11 at Capn Jacks Restaurant in Hope Town, the youth held a major fund-raising event for their mission trip in the form of an auction. This was an unusual auction as they did not auctioning off pictures and handicrafts as is normally the case, instead they auctioned kids for four hours minimum of work. Bidders were able to bid on a kid to baby-sit, clean a boat, clean house, do yard work other suitable tasks. The next edition of The Abaconian will have the details of this auction.St. Andrews Methodist ChurchVow Renewal ServiceBy Jennifer Hudson Valentines Day is traditionally celebrated by couples with a special dinner and/or the giving of gifts. This year, however, several people decided to honour the day with a more serious commitment. On February 14 a service was held at St. Andrews Methodist Church in Dundas Town for couples who wished to renew their marriage vows. This was a wonderful opportunity for couples to recommit to each other, and there was a beautiful spirit present in the service, stated Rev. Dr. Steven Hale, Minister of the church who led the service. The married couples present joined hands and repeated their vows again to each other while the singles who attended the service and those whose spouses were unable to be present were asked to respond in supportive ways. Most of the couples who attended had been married for several years and the longest married couple present with both spouses in attendance had been married for 31 years. The oldest couple represented at the service had actually been married far longer than that but unfortunately only the wife, Cleola Sawyer, was able to be present as her husband, Abraham, unfortunately, was not well enough to attend. Rev. Hale gave a short message from the Song of Solomon in which he reminded people of the importance of honoring the sacrament of marriage. He urged couples to Keep God in the middle. A marriage should not be just the couple but should be a threesome with God, for He is the glue that keeps a marriage together. Rev. Hale feels strongly that the church needs to support those who are married and he was pleased that several non-married persons attended the service to join in the songs and prayers in support of the married couples. It Pays toAdvertise


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 29 Tides:Pelican Harbor based on Hampton Roads (Sewells Point), Virginia (NOAA) 26 23 N 76 58 W April 2007 Average Tides Mean Range: 2.6 ft MHWS 3.1 ft Mean Tide: 1.4 ft Sunday 6 n 6 Monday 6 n 6 Tuesday 6 n 6 Wednesday 6 n 6 Thursday 6 n 6 Friday 6 n 6 Saturday 6 n 6 1 (EDT) 2 (EDT) 3 (EDT) 4 (EDT) 5 (EDT) 6 (EDT) 7 (EDT) 8 (EDT) 9 (EDT) 10 (EDT) 11 (EDT) 12 (EDT) 13 (EDT) 14 (EDT) 15 (EDT) 16 (EDT) 17 (EDT) 18 (EDT) 19 (EDT) 20 (EDT) 21 (EDT) 22 (EDT) 23 (EDT) 24 (EDT) 25 (EDT) 26 (EDT) 27 (EDT) 28 (EDT) 29 (EDT) 30 (EDT) -0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 ft 2:21a 0.1 8:28a 2.6 2:32p 0.1 8:42p 2.8 3:00a 0.1 9:02a 2.6 3:04p 0.1 9:16p 2.9 3:36a 0.1 9:35a 2.6 3:36p 0.2 9:49p 2.9 4:12a 0.1 10:08a 2.5 4:07p 0.2 10:21p 2.9 4:48a 0.2 10:42a 2.5 4:39p 0.3 10:55p 2.8 5:24a 0.3 11:16a 2.4 5:13p 0.3 11:31p 2.8 6:03a 0.4 11:54a 2.3 5:51p 0.4 -0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 ft 12:11a 2.7 6:46a 0.5 12:36p 2.2 6:35p 0.5 12:59a 2.7 7:37a 0.6 1:27p 2.2 7:29p 0.5 1:56a 2.6 8:36a 0.6 2:28p 2.2 8:33p 0.5 3:00a 2.6 9:38a 0.6 3:34p 2.3 9:44p 0.4 4:07a 2.6 10:38a 0.4 4:40p 2.5 10:54p 0.3 5:11a 2.7 11:34a 0.2 5:41p 2.7 11:59p 0.1 6:10a 2.8 12:25p 0.0 6:37p 3.0 -0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 ft 12:58a -0.1 7:05a 2.9 1:14p -0.2 7:30p 3.3 1:54a -0.3 7:57a 2.9 2:02p -0.3 8:20p 3.5 2:47a -0.4 8:48a 2.9 2:50p -0.4 9:10p 3.5 3:39a -0.4 9:38a 2.9 3:38p -0.4 10:01p 3.5 4:31a -0.4 10:27a 2.8 4:27p -0.3 10:52p 3.4 5:23a -0.2 11:19a 2.7 5:19p -0.2 11:46p 3.2 6:18a 0.0 12:12p 2.5 6:14p 0.0 -0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 ft 12:42a 3.0 7:15a 0.1 1:10p 2.4 7:13p 0.2 1:43a 2.8 8:16a 0.3 2:12p 2.3 8:18p 0.3 2:48a 2.6 9:17a 0.4 3:18p 2.3 9:26p 0.4 3:53a 2.5 10:16a 0.4 4:22p 2.3 10:33p 0.4 4:54a 2.4 11:08a 0.4 5:19p 2.4 11:33p 0.4 5:46a 2.4 11:55a 0.4 6:09p 2.6 12:26a 0.3 6:33a 2.4 12:36p 0.3 6:53p 2.7 -0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 ft 1:12a 0.3 7:14a 2.4 1:14p 0.3 7:32p 2.8 1:54a 0.2 7:52a 2.5 1:50p 0.3 8:09p 2.9 Monthly High & Low High April 17, 9:10p 3.5 ft Low April 18, 3:39a -0.4 ft Printed by Tides & Currents for Windows by Nobeltec Corporation. (503) 579-1414 www.tides.com The Moorings Yacht Charters The Best Sailing Vacations In The World! Prestige Class crewed yacht charter Sailing Sloops and cats 35 ft. 47 ft. Power catamarans 37 ft.The Conch Inn Resort Hotel rooms on the harbour front Curly Tails restaurant and bar on the waterfront See their ad Dive Abaco a complete dive facilityThe Conch Inn Resort and MarinaPO Box AB20469, Marsh Harbour, Abaco Ph 242-367-4000 Fax 367-4004 Email: themoorings@batelnet.bswww.conchinn.com Come and experience the beauty of the Bahamas. We are waiting for you.The Conch Inn Marina Full service docks with power Cable TV connections Texaco fuel station Compliments of The Moorings and The Conch Inn Hotel and Marina Tide North Bar ChannelApril 2007 Cruise the Abaco Sound in one of our new power boats 34 ft. mono-hull or 37 or 45 ft. Catamaran HistoryFrom Page 10 Crested Caracara similar, or perhaps the same, as the extinct Bahamian Caracara. Richard Franz, scientist with the Florida Museum of Natural History holds Abacos latest wonder, a tortoise sheoo almost 3,000 years old. Hole and pointed out some of the features of this crocodile which place it closer to the Cuban freshwater crocodile than the two saltwater crocodiles found in other areas of the West Indies. Mr. Morgan feels that this could even be a crocodile unique to Abaco and investigations are ongoing. No radiocarbon copy dating has been done yet but he thinks that the age of the crocodiles is probably the same as the carbon dated tortoises. Fossils of the Bahamian hutia have been found at Hole-in-the-Wall. These creatures lived on every large island of the Bahamas until the 1700s but are now only found in Mayaguana, Cuba, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. Although there are still many living bats, there are some extinct bats being found on Abaco, according to Mr. Morgan, and some bat fossils are also now coming out of the sinkholes whereas before they were only found in dry caves. Mr. Dave Steadman, scientist at the University of Florida Museum of Natural History, studied bird fossils from the Sawmill Sink. These fossils are outstanding; nowhere else in the West Indies has produced anything like it, he said. Mr. Steadman identified one dozen birds from fossils retrieved from depths of 85 feet in the sinkhole. These included the petrel, yellow crowned night heron, white ibis, osprey, Coopers hawk, pigeon, rose throated parrot, burrowing owl, eastern meadow lark and the extinct Bahamas Caracara, flightless rail, and small falcon. Project diver, Brian Kakuk, described the precarious task of retrieving these fossils. Precautions must be taken not to disturb the deposit of silt on the cave floor as this would make it even more difficult as there is almost no visibility in the Blue Hole. The fossils have to be dug out very slowly and carefully from the peat material which has been compressed over thousands of years. As the leaves decay they produce hydrogen sulphide gas which sucks oxygen out of the water. This lack of oxygen provides the best conditions for protecting the bones and that is why they are so perfectly preserved. The hydrogen sulphide layer is very thick and blocks out all light, it smells acidic and eats the equipment. We put down grids and permanent markers to mark the sites. These Blue Holes are incredibly important from a conservation standpoint. Please see History Page 30


Page 30 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007Area Code 242 unless listed otherwiseIsland-wide Abaco ListingsAbaco Vacations + 800-633-9197 Bahamas Vacations + 800-462-2426 Abaco Bound + 242-367-5576Casuarina PointDifferent of Abaco8 rm 20 cott366-2150CherokeeLee Pinder + 3 hse366-2053 Marina Albury Cottages5 cottages366-2075Grand CayRosies Place 352-5458Green Turtle CayCocobay Cottages6 cott365-5464 Island Properties +34 hse365-4047 New Plymouth Inn9 rm365-4161 Ocean Blue Properties +30365-4636 Roberts Cottages3 cott365-4105Guana CayDolphin Bch Resort4 rm 10 cott.365-5137 Donna Sands +12 hse365-5195 Guana Beach Resort6 units365-5133 Guana Seaside8 rm 7 cott365-5106 Harbour View Haven365-5028 Ocean Frontier 519-389-4846 Sea Shore Villas365-5028 Wards Landing4 units 904-982-2762Hope TownAbaco Inn 22 rm366-0133 Club Soleil 6 rm 1 cott366-0003 Crystal Villas 6 villas 321-783-4576 Elbow Cay Prop +53 hse366-0035 Hope T Harb Lodge 25 rm366 0095 Hope T Hideaways +63 hse366-0224 Hope T Villas + 3 hse366-0030 Lighthouse Rentals 4 cott366-0154 Sea Gull Cottages +3 hse366-0266 Sea Spray Resort5 villas366-0065 Tanny Key +43 hse366-0053Hotels and House Rental AgentsTurtle Hill 4 villas366-0557Lubbers QuartersSea Level Cottages4 hse366-3121 www.lubberslodging.com 7 hseMan-O-WarIsland Home Rentals +8 hse365-6048 Schooners Landing 5 condos365-6072Marsh Harbour areaAbaco Beach Resort82 rms367-2158 Abaco Real Estate +6 hse367-2719 Alesias 3 rms367-4460 Ambassador Inn6 rms367-2022 Bustick Bight Resort 8 rms367-3980 Conch Inn9 rms367-4000 Ds Guest House6 rms 3367-3980 Great Abaco Club + 12 hse367-4151 Island Breezes Motel8 rms367-3776 Lofty Fig Villas6 eff367-2681 Pelican Beach Villas6 cott367-3600 Regattas (Prev. Abaco Towns) 32 effic367-0148Moores IslandMoores Is Bonefish Camp8 rm366-6334Sandy PointOeishas Resort 366-4139 Pete & Gays Resort14 rm366-4119 Rickmons Bonefishing 10 rm366-4477Spanish CaySpanish Cay Resort18 rm 6 hse365-0083Treasure CayBahama Beach Club 365-8500 Island Dreams + 45 hse365-8507 Treasure Cay Resort95 rms365-8801Wood CayTangelo Hotel 19 rm 3 villa365-2222Web Sites with Abaco Informationhttp://www.abaconian.com http://www.abacoinet.com http.//www.abacoinfo.com http://www.abacos.com http://www.go-abacos.com http://www.oii.net http://www.bahamas.com + agents with multiple cottages and houses Rev. Dec 06Cave diving is very specialised and the divers must use re-breathers which do not release air bubbles into the water. The rebreather takes the carbon dioxide from the divers used air and re-oxygenates it enabling him to stay down at great depths for up to 8 1/2 hours. This equipment is 200 times more efficient than scuba gear, stated diver Kakuk. Following the presentation, persons in the audience had some very interesting questions for the scientists and in answer to one of the questions we learned that, in some places 110 feet down in the Blue Hole leaves are amazingly still green. Flowers, fruits and 20 species of plants have been found which is a very important find as plants are the key to assisting the scientists in their hope of reconstructing what Abaco looked like 2,500 years ago. In answer to the question regarding what impact these finds will have on the Bahamas, we learned that they will have a huge impact on the Bahamas in many ways. They will provide good exhibits for a future museum, great potential for school field trips to see complex diving and opportunities for Bahamian research students. It was stressed, however, that this is a protected site and is only open to divers with permission from the Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation. People want to see it preserved asit is so specific and unique. The Friends of the Environment group is working to promote educational opportunities and has been mandated to come up with training helps for students. This project is being overseen by Dr Keith Tinker, Director of the Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation, who wants to make sure it gets into the classroom and is not just left on the shelf to go away. HistoryFrom Page 29 Support Your Local Library


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 31 Dive Shops Above & Below, Marsh Harbour.................367-0350 Abaco Dive Adventures, Marsh Harbour....367-2963 Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour............. 367-2787 Froggies, Hope Town................................. 366-0431 Treasure Divers, Treasure Cay..................365-8465 Treasure Cay Adventures.......................... 365-8111 Brendals Dive, Green T. Cay.................... 365-4411 Dive Guana............................................... 365-5178 Man-O-War Dive Shop...............................365-6013 Bikes & Scooters Boats Cars & Carts Rentals Marsh Harbour A & P Car Rentals..............................367-2655 B & B Boat Rentals............................367-7368 Bargain Car Rentals..........................367-0500 Blue Wave Boat Rentals....................367-3910 Concept Boat Rentals.......................367-5570 Laysue Boat Rentals.........................367-4414 Pier One Boat Rentals.......................367-3587 Power Cat Boat Rentals....................367-4620 Quality Star Texaco Cars...................367-2979 Rainbow Boat Rentals.......................367-4602 Rental Wheels Scooters, Bikes, Cars367-4643 Richs Boat Rentals...........................367-2742 Sea Horse Boat Rentals....................367-2513 Sea Star Car Rentals.........................367-4887 Wilmac Car Rentals......367-4970 or 367-4313 Green Turtle Cay Bay Street Rentals............477-5300 365-4070 Brendals Dive Bikes & Kayak rental..365-4411 C & D Cart Rental..............................365-4084 D & P Cart Rental..............................365-4655 Donnies Boat Rentals.......................365-4119 Loggerhead Boat Rental....................365-5461 New Plymouth Cart Rentals.365-4188 or 4149 Reef Boat Rentals.............................365-4145 Sea Side Carts..................................477-5497 T & A Cart Rentals.............................375-8055 Guana Cay Donna Sands Cart Rentals................365-5195 Dive Guana Boats & bikes.................365-5178 Man-O-War Conch Pearl Boat Rentals.................365-6059 Island Treasures Cart Rentals...........365-6072 Ria-Mar Golf Cart Rentals.................365-6024 Water Ways Boat Rent..357-6540 & 365-6143 Hope Town Bike Shop Bicycle Rentals.................366-0292 Cats Paw Boat Rentals.....................366-0380 Hope Town Cart Rentals....................366-0064 Island Cart Rentals............................366-0448 Island Marine Boat Rentals...............366-0282 J Rs Cart Rental...............................366-0361 Sea Horse Boat Rentals....................366-0023 T & N Cart Rentals............................366-0069 Treasure Cay Alison Car Rent.................................365-8193 Cass Carts........................................365-8771 Claridges Cart Rentals......................365-8248 Cornish Car Rentals..........................365-8623 JIC Boat Rentals...............................365-8465 Richs Boat Rentals...........................365-8582 Triple J Car Rentals...........................365-8761 Abaco Adventures Kayaks..............365-8749Ferry Schedule Departure times shown Daily unless notedAlburys Ferry Service Ph 367-3147 or 367-0290 VHF Ch. 16Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 20 minute trip from Crossing Beach7:15 9 am 10:30 12:15 pm 2 4 5:45 Return 8 am 9:45 11:30 1:30 pm 3 4 5 6:30 Marsh Harbour > Man-O-War 20 minute trip from Crossing Beach10:30 am 12:15 pm2:30* (M-Sat) 4 5:45* Return 8 am 11:30 1:30 pm 3:15* (M-Sat) 4:30 Marsh H. > Guana Cay (& Scotland Cay with advance notice) 40 min. from Conch Inn 6:45am 10:301:30 pm 3:30 5:45 Return 8 am 11:30 2:30 pm 4:45 6:30Same day fare Adult prepaid oneway $16 / Round Trip $22, Onboard fare $20 & 25 (rebate available) Kids 6-11 half fare, Under 6 free From Union Jack Dock Except SundaysGreen Turtle Ferry Phone 365-4166, 4128, 4151 VHF Ch 16Green Turtle Cay to Treasure Cay Airpor t 8 am 9 11 12:15 1:30 3 4:30 Treasure Cay Airport to Green Turtle Cay 8:30 am 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5New Plymouth one way adult $10 (Children $7) Round trip $15 Extra to some G T Cay docksAbaco Adventures Ph 365-8749 VHF Ch 16Treasure Cay to Guana Cay Sunday Lv 12 & returns 4:45 p.m. $25 RT T Cay to Man-O-War/ Hope Town Wed 9:30 am, return 4:30 pm $35 RT T Cay to Guana Cay Sunset Cruise Fr $25 call for timePinders Ferry Service Between Abaco & Grand Bahama -Crown Haven, Abaco to McLeans Town, Grand Bah. -Daily 7:00 am & 2:30 pm McLeans Town to Crown Haven Daily 8:30 am & 4:30 pm Fare $45 OW / $90 RT Children half fare Call Abaco 365-2356 for information Bus between Freeport and McLeans Town Rental automobiles at both terminals.Bahamas Ferries Sandy Point to Nassau under 4 Hr. Call Sandy Point 366-4119 or Marsh Harbour 367-5250 for sailing dates Adults $95 RT, $55 OW Cars & trucksIslander Express Bus M Harbour & Sandy Point -call 366-4444 or 457-9958Enovahs Bus Service Hourly bus through Murphy Town, Dundas Town & Marsh Harbour to Ferry dock. Spring City early morning & late afternoon.The Great Abaco Express Marsh Harbour bus to N Abaco Call 367-2165 Lv Marsh H. 5 am & 12:30 pm, connect with ferry to Grand Bahama & bus to Freeport Lv Crown Haven 9:30 am & 5:30 pm bringing ferry passengers to Marsh Harbour From Freeport take cruise ship to Ft. Lauderdale or ferry to West Palm Beach Sandy Point Patrick Roberts .... 366-4286 Nicholas Roberts Derrick Gaitor Ferdinand Burrows366-4133 Vernal Burrows Kendall White Anthony Bain ....... 366-4107 Floyd Burrows ..... 366-4175 Links Adderly ....... 366-4335 Valentino Lightbourne Ricky Burrows ..... 366-4233 Marsh Harbour Jody Albury ......... 375-8068 Terrance Davis .... 367-4464 Buddy Pinder ....... 366-2163 Justin Sands ........ 367-3526 Danny Sawyer ..... 367-3577 Jay Sawyer ......... 367-3941 Man-O-War David Albury ........ 365-6059 Crossing Rocks Tony Russell ........... 366-3259Bonefish GuidesCherokee Theodore Sawyer .... 366-2111 Will Sawyer ............. 366-2177 Marty Sawyer .......... 366-2115 Noel Lowe ............... 366-2107 Randy Sawyer ......... 366-2284 Casaurina Point Junior Albury ............ 366-3058 Budy Pinder ............. 366-2165 Hope Town Maitland Lowe .......... 366-0234 North Abaco ODonald McIntosh..477-5037 Pope McKenzie ........ 477-5894 Orthnell Russell ........ 365-0125 Alexander Rolle ....... 365-0120 Edward Rolle ........... 365-0024 Green Turtle Cay Ronnie Sawyer ........ 365-4070 Jeff Survance ........... 365-4040 Ricky Sawyer ........... 365-4261Visitors GuideRestaurants Services Transportation Restaurant Guide Prices $ Low, $$ Moderate, $$$ Upper (Based on dinner entree range) + Picnic tables & restroom only Provides ride from town Marsh Harbour Anglers.........................$$$.............367-2158 Curly Tails.........................$.............367-4444 Ginos...............................$.............367-2002 Golden Grouper................$.............367-2301 Hummingbird..................$$.............367-2922 Jamies Place...................$.............367-2880 Jib Room........................$$.............367-2700 Kentucky Fried Chicken.....................367-2615 Mangoes.......................$$$.............367-2366 Pops Place.......................$.....+....367-3796 Sapodillys....................$$$.............367-3498 Sea Shells........................$.............367-4460 Snack Shack....................$.....+....367-4005 Snappas...........................$.............367-2278 Subway..............................................367-2798 Wallys...........................$$$.............367-2074 Dundas Town Mother Merles................$$ Back Street Cafe............$$ Hope Town Abaco Inn.....................$$$.............366-0133 Capn Jacks......................$.............366-0247 Harbours Edge............. $$.............366-0087 H T Harbour Lodge.......$$$.............366-0095 Munchies..........................$.....+....366-0423 Sea Spray.......................$$.........366-0065 Man-O-War Hibiscus.............................................365-6380 Island Treats Snack Bar....................365-6501 Guana Cay Blue Water Grill.............$$$.............365-5230 Guana Seaside.............$$$.............365-5106 Nippers.........................$$$.............365-5143 Orchid Bay.........................................265-5175 Treasure Cay Florences Cafe................$ Coconuts............................ Harbour Cafe....................$.............365-8635 Hudsons Delight..............$.............365-8648 Spinnaker Restaurant...$$$.............365-8469 Touch of Class..............$$$.............365-8195 Green Turtle Cay Bluff House...................$$$.............365-4200 Jolly Roger Bistro...........$$.............365-4200 Green Turtle Club.........$$$.............365-4271 Harveys Island Grill........$$.............365-4389 Lauras Kitchen...............$$.............365-4287 McIntoshs Restaurant....$$.............365-4625 Plymouth Rock Cafe..........................365-4234 Roosters Rest................$$.............365-4066 Sundowners......................................365-4060 Wrecking Tree Restaurant Harbour Caf (ferry dock).$.....+....365-8635 Sandy Point Nancys............................... Pete & Gays.................$$$.............366-4119 Rickmon Bonefish Lodge...................366-4477Everyone reads The Abaconian Please bring errors & revisions to our attention Emergency ServicesPolice Marsh Harbour 367-2560 The following services are provided by volunteers Fire Marsh Harbour 367-2000 Fire Dundas Town 367-2935 or 4935 Fire -Hope Town VHF Ch 16 Fire Green Turtle Cay 365-4133 Fire Man-O-War 365-6911 BASRA Bah Air Sea Rescue Assoc all areas Marine VHF 16 Hope Town 366-0500 Marsh Harbou r 367-3752 Guana Cay 365-5178 Treasure Cay 365-8749 Medical Services Abaco Family Medicine Marsh Harbour.367-2295 Auskell Advanced Medical Clinic............367-0020 Marsh Harbour Medical Centre..............367-0049 Government Clinic Marsh Harbour........367-2510 Corbett Clinic Treasure Cay...................365-8288 Government Clinic Coopers Town.........365-0300 Government Clinic Green Turtle Cay......365-4028 Government Clinic Hope Town...............366-0108 Government Clinic Sandy Point..............366-4010 Government Clinic Fox Town..................................Rev 15 Mar 07Compliments of The Abaconianwww.abaconian.com Abaco Marinas Slips Fuel Phone Walkers Cay Walkers Cay -................................. Closed Green Turtle Cay Bluff House...............45......F....365-4200 Green Turtle Club.....32......F....365-4271 Black Sound Marina.15..............365-4531 Other Shore Club......12......F....365-4195 Abaco Yacht Service10......F....365-4033 Treasure Cay Treasure Cay Marina150......F....365-8250 Man-O-War Man-O-War Marina...26......F....365-6008 Marsh Harbour Boat Harbour Marina183......F....367-2736 Conch Inn.................75......F....367-4000 Harbour View Marina36......F....367-2182 Marsh Harbour Marina52 F 367 2700 Hope Town Hope Town Marina....16..............366-0003 Hope Town Hideaways.................366-0224 Lighthouse Marina......6......F....366-0154 Sea Spray.................50......F....366-0065 Spanish Cay Spanish Cay Marina.75......F....365-0083 Guana Cay Orchid Bay................32......F....365-5175Boats can clear Customs at Green Turtle Cay, Treasure Cay or Marsh Harbour Tours & Excursions Abaco Island Tours Marsh Harbour 367-2936 Above & Below Marsh Harbour 367-0350 Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour 367-2787 Brendals Dive Green Turtle Cay 365-4411 Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0024 Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0431 Airlines Serving AbacoAbaco Air Nassau, N Eleuthera, Moores Is ........367-2266 Air Florida Ft. Lauderdale ................................... 367-5599 Air Sunshine Ft. Lauderdale ...............................367-2800 American Eagle Miami....................................... 367-2231 Bahamasair Nassau,W. Palm B, Ft Laud...........367-2095 Continental Connection Miami Ft. Laud and W Palm Beach ........................367-3415 Fla Coastal Airlines Vero B & Ft Lauderdale......367-0179 Island Express Ft Lauderdale..........................367-0169Majors Air Service Freeport ...............................367-4826 Southern Air Nassau.......................................... 367-2498 Twin Air Calypso Fort Lauderdale ......................367-0140 USAir Ft. Laud and W. Palm Bch .......................367-2231 Vintage Props & Jets New Smyrna B. ...............367-4852 Yellow Air Taxi Ft Lauderdale ...................... 954-359-0292 Local air charters serving Bahamas & S.Florida Abaco Air .............................................................. 367-2266 Cherokee Air Charters .......................................... 367-3450 Taxi Cab Fares for one or two passengers Plus extra for each passengers above two Between Marsh Harbour Airport and : Ferry Dock or Murphy Town to Ammons Dr...........$12 + $3 Bristol Cellers thru A. Beach Hotel or Govt dock thru Dundas Town....................................................$10 + $3 Dove Plaza, Stop Light or Sawyers Market........... $10 + $2 Govt Clinic thru Western Auto ................................$ 6 + $2 Gov. freight dock through Dundas Town................$10 + $3 Murphy Town to Shell Sta.......................................$14 + $4 Pelican Shores to Fran kie Russel house...............$14 + $4 Eastern Shores to Peas & Rice house...................$14 + $4 Beyond Russell house or Peas & Rice house.......$16 + $5 Great Cistern ..........................................................$20 + $5 Spring City ..............................................................$15 + $5 Snake Cay ............................................................$35 + $10 Treasure Cay .......................................................$60 + $ 10 Casuarina Point ....................................................$60 + $10 Treasure Cay Airport or Bah Palm Shores..........$70 + $ 10 Little Harbour or Cherokee ...................................$80 + $10 Crossing Rocks ..................................................$100 + $10 Sandy Point ........................................................$135 + $10 Between Marsh Harbour Ferry and: Ab Beach Hotel thru Wallys & Eastern Shore .......$ 2 each Jib Room .................................................................$ 3 each Solomons Super Center ..........................................$5 + $3 Stop Light, Dove Plaza, Govt dock .........................$ 6 + $3 Government Freight Dock .......................................$ 7 + $3 Gov.Clinic, W. Auto or Nat. Insurance..................... $ 9 + $3 Mother Merle restaurant .........................................$10 + $3 Waiting time $20 per hour, $10 per half hour Children under three free Caged pets as people Luggage $1.00 each over four, Surf boards $4.00 ea. Between Treasure Cay Airport and: Effective 13 Nov 05Treasure Cay Resort ..............................................$20 + $5 Madeira Park ..........................................................$14 + $4 Green Turtle Cay ferry dock.....................................$8 + $4 Moxy .......................................................................$18 + $5 Bahamas Star farm .................................................$24 + $5 Sand Banks ............................................................$24 + $5 Joes Creek, Leisure Lee ......................................$44 + $10 Black Wood .............................................................$18 + $5 Fire Road & Coope rs Town...................................$37 + $5 Cedar Harbour ........................................................$55 + $5 Wood Cay ...............................................................$60 + $5 Mount Hope........................................................... $65 + $5 Fox Town................................................................$70 + $5 Crown Haven ..........................................................$75 + $5 Marsh Harbour Airport ..........................................$75 + $10 T Cay Hotel to Marsh Harbour............................. $65 + $10 T C Hotel to G Turtle Ferry (Blue Hole $24).......... $18 + $ 5 T C Hotel to Bonefish Marles.................................$22 + $5 T C Hotel to Joes Creek ........................................$35 + $5 T C Hotel to Moxey .................................................$16 + $5 T C Hotel to Banyan Bch Club XX............................ $6 + $3 Green Turtle Ferry to Marsh H Airport.................. $75 + $10 Points of InterestAlbert Lowe Museum...........................Green Turtle Cay Capt Roland Roberts House, reef exhibitsGreen Turtle Cay Memorial Sculpture Garden.............. Green Turtle Cay Wyannie Malone Historical Museum.............Hope Town Elbow Cay Light Station...............................Hope Town Walk to & swim onMermaid Reef off M Harb. Pelican Shore Drive to & swim in Blue Hole off Treasure Cay farm road H Cafe Open Nights OnlyTo Abaco by land and sea from Florida Take Discovery Cruise Line (954-971-7347) from Ft. Lauderdale or CloudX ferry (866-473-3779) from West Palm Beach to Freeport Bus to McLeans Town Ferry to Crown Haven Bus to Green Turtle Ferry or Marsh Harbour Taxi to Marsh Harbour ferry dock Ferry to Hope Town, Man-O-War or Guana Cay Area code 242 unless noted otherwise* Not on Sundays


Page 32 The Abaconian Mid-March 2007


VOLUME 15, NUMBER 6, MID-MARCH 2007 Carnival returns to thrill AbaconiansRides, games, food provide entertainment for everyoneThe carnival brought rides suitable for every age. Games of skill and chance entertained and filled arms with stuffed toys, bal loons, glassware, dishes and knick-knacks. Especially after dark the crowds filled the carnival grounds. Samantha V. Evans It had been talked about for a long time last year but it did not come to be. So when another season came around for the Carnival to come to town, many heard the rumors but were reluctant to spend much time building up an expectation for its arrival so as to not be disappointed again. However, after much speculation: the carnival is finally here! RAC Amusement Company arrived on Abaco on February 26th with 15 rides, games and much fun for the entire family and set up on the grounds of Central Abaco Primary School on Forest Drive. The grounds had been prepared for weeks in preparation for its arrival. Becky Hitchcock, General Manager, stated that they are very excited to be on Abaco again and thanked the M/V Legacy for all of their shipments arriving in a timely fashion. In total, it took them a week to get here and three days to set up due to the fact that everything did not arrive at the same time. However, Ms. Hitchcock stated that once everything arrives on time, they can set up in one day. She is very pleased with the service they received and looks forward to using them every year. She was reluctant to talk about what occurred last year, but she did state that they had shipping problems that have now been resolved. The carnival opened to the public on Please see Carnival Page 14 Agape Christian School held its annual fund raising fair on March 3 on the school grounds. It was for raising funds for school equipment and supplies. The school offered a wide variety of food and crafts for children and adults and games and activites for youngsters. School staff, parents and students assisted with all the days activities. One of the popular activities was a baseball throw with a wining pitch that doused a teacher with water. Another favorite booth was a pie in the face where children got to mush a pie plate with shaving cream into a teachers face. By Mirella Santillo One man drowned while four others swam toward shore and were rescued by a passing boater. Unable to swim, Mr. Achille Jonasaint lost his life when he was unable to hang on to a cooler he was using as a float. The five were returning from Scotland Cay to Marsh Harbour in a 16-foot Paramount when their engine failed about one mile from Marsh Harbour. The seas were rough and the boat took on water and began to sink. The four who could swim headed toward the Dundas Town shore when the M/V Rash Decision captained by Mr. Darrell Lee of Michigan rescued them. They could not locate Mr. Jonasaint. Two of those rescued, Mr. Carl Henry St. Jacques and Mr. Anglade Gustave, were airlifted to Nassau. The captain of the Paramount, Mr. Christopher Turnquest, and Mr. Drew Albury were fine. The body of the victim was later retrieved by Mr. Troy Albury of Guana Fire and Rescue, who tried unsuccessfully to revive him. He was taken to the government clinic where he was pronounced dead.One man drowned in boating accident Agape Christian School held a popular fair Tea raised money for emergency services buildingTea by the Sea held in Treasure Cay on February 27 was well attended. The tea held near the beach included an auction of art and craft items to raise money for a building to house an ambulance, a fire engine and a humane society office. See story on page 2. By Mirella Santillo Once more the Man-O-War Fast Pitch Softball Team, the Texaco Pirates, came back victorious from a tournament in the United States. We won every single game we played, stated player Andrew Albury. We played against players from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Nicaragua, based in Miami. The team traveled to Homestead, Florida, on March 2nd where the tournament was taking place for a weekend of fast pitch softball. The Texaco Pirates started well, winning the first game on Friday evening against the Miami Venezuela. They played three games on Saturday and won these, too, entering the quarter finals. After Saturdays games, said team trainer, Mr. Haziel McDonald, the Pirates were the only team standing with a four win, zero loss record. They reached the finals after winning the first game on Sunday morning. They played against the Alter Ego team of Dominican players that afternoon, beating them 12 toMOW team wins US tournament Please see Sports Page 8


Page 2 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 P O Box AB 21027 Marsh Harbour Abaco, Bahamas Ph. 242-367-4962 www.landandsearealty.com E-mail: lesliepinder@hotmail.com or leslie@landandsearealty.com Leslie Pinder Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed upstairs / 2 bath, fully furnished, swimming pool, tennis courts, security. $320,000 EXCLUSIVE Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed / 2 bath, down stairs unit, overlooking Marsh Harbour, fully furnished, swimming pool, tennis courts, security. $320,000 EXCLUSIVE Pelican Shores 2 Prestigious WATERFRONT lots on Pelican shores with deep water frontage and street frontage, already cleared with high and flat elevation. Lots can be sold individually Lot 1 approx 10,000 sq. ft. $569,000 Lot 2 approx. 12,000 sq. ft. This lot includes an in-ground swimming pool with landscaped area. $699,000 EXCLUSIVE, Call for Additional Info HIGH ROCK Beautiful waterfront home 4 bed / 4 bath on two acres of nicely landscaped property, swimming pool, fully furnished, boat house and dock, fantastic views EXCLUSIVE Price upon inquiry P O Box AB 21027 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas www.landandsearealty.com Telephone : 242-367-4962E-mail: lesl iepinder@hotmail.com or leslie@landandsearealty.comIf We Dont Have It, We Will Find It!HIGH ROCK 3 bed / 3 bath home, fantastic views of Marsh Harbour, Hope Town and Lub-bers Quarters, 2 car carport, central air, beautifully landscaped lot, Exclusive 1.08 acres, 50 ft. above sea level CALL for INFO EXCLUSIVEMarch 15, 2007 High Rock Beautiful home 3 bed / 2 bath, furnished, family room, central air, over 2,000 sq. ft. EXCLUSIVE $710,000 Don MacKay Blvd. 2 buildings on 2 1/2 acres $1.3 million Exclusive Treasure Cay Carleton Landing Condos on the canal Call for info. Pelican Shores Elevated Lot on the Harbour. Great views Exclusive, Call for Info Bahama Palm Shores Lot in Section I Price $41,000 Regattas Units Rentals Daily, Weekly, Monthly Treasure CayTea by the SeaBy Jennifer Hudson Close to 180 people attended Treasure Cays third annual Tea by the Sea on the afternoon of February 27, making it their grandest Tea yet. Each year this event, which includes a silent auction and raffle, is held to raise funds for a building which will house the Treasure Cay Humane Society and Emergency Medical Services. This event has been held each year at the Bahama Beach Club and Barbara Hadley, originator and organiser of the event, expressed thanks to owners Beverley and Craig Roberts for their generosity and love of animals in hosting and sponsoring the event for the last three years. The location, under swaying palm trees and adjacent to the beautiful white sand beach, was perfect for this elegant occasion. Each table had been set for tea by a hostess and each table-scape was beautiful and unique with delicate china and a striking centrepiece. Forty nine cooks, under the competent and watchful eye of Norma Farenbach, had done an excellent job of producing a delicious array of finger sandwiches, English scones and mouth-watering desserts. The hostesses were kept busy refilling teacups and wineglasses while everyone thoroughly enjoyed chatting over a good old English afternoon tea. Before the refreshments were served, patrons had a chance to peruse the items to be auctioned and to sign up for whatever took their fancy. In addition to some very attractive miniature teapots befitting the occasion, there was a wide variety of other items including pictures donated by various artists, jewellery pieces, wines and decorative household items. Many businesses in Treasure Cay and Marsh Harbour generously donated items for the raffle and Colin Albury of the Crash Rescue service was asked to draw the many winning tickets. Mr. Albury said that he was honoured to have been invited and that he was looking forward to the transition of Crash Rescue to Treasure Cay. I will take two units from Marsh Harbour to Treasure Cay and the Jaws of Life will also be based in Treasure Cay. I recently helped with the fire at Royal Palm condominiums and I look forward to keeping the people of Treasure Cay safe and secure, he stated and invited anyone interested to take a tour of the new state-of-the-art ambulance which he had on site for the afternoon and which will eventually be based in Treasure Cay. Mrs. Betsy Bracey, who was described as a dynamite force in her dedication to obtaining an Emergency Services building, said that she is fully committed to having a fire station and emergency services building and is now committed to getting firefighting equipment. We must get fire protection in Treasure Cay. It already exists in Marsh Harbour, Hope Town and Green Turtle Cay but not Treasure Cay. A storage unit has been donated for storage of the equipment until such times as the building is completed, she stated. Mr. Jerry Roberts, who is involved in every aspect of the Treasure Cay community, said that an emergency services building has been on the cards for the past five or six years but has never materialized. However, a couple of years ago the plan was regenerated and was being worked on when the recent condominium fire at Royal Palm occurred which definitely gave a new impetus to move the project on. We already have a long list of volunteers, he stated. Tea by the Sea has been very successful in raising funds for this worthy cause. In order for a change Mrs. Hadley stated that next year the fund raiser will be in the form of a barbecue and silent auction at the Coca Bar in Treasure Cay. North Abaco NewsNorth AbacoBy Vernique RussellGeneral ElectionThe upcoming general election is fast approaching. This is mid-March and a date for the election has not yet been set. The old register closed on March 12th. Since some candidates have not yet been named, a lot of new and young voters will not have a fair opportunity to evaluate and screen the candidates in order to select the person whom they see is best suited to represent them and make wise and sound judgements for their best interest. We are all aware that elections must be called on or before May 2. During this election season as lets remember that after the ballots are counted and the elected party is in office, we still have to live together. Lets do our best to display brotherly love and respect for other peoples opinion. Lets not forget that we are entitled to vote for the candidate we choose and please lets abstain from violence. No matter which political party is elected to govern this nation for the next five years, we are all Bahamians. An appeal is being made to eligible persons to get registered. Abaconians, you are encouraged to go the registration stations and be registered. Election 2007 is right around the corner. If you dont register, you cant vote.School NewsSherlin Bootle participates at Hugh Campbell TournamentThe 25th Annual Hugh Campbell High Please see North Page 4 A variety of items was offered at the auction at Tea by the Sea, an event to raise funds for an emergency building to house an ambulance, fire engine and humane society center.


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 3 B MARSH HARBOUR #3100WW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT Ten acre peninsula perfect for a marina or small development. Deep water with a dredged canal. $2,500,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com TILLOO CAY #2723 TILLOO DREAMYY YY YOUOU OUOU OU CC CC C ANAN ANAN AN TT TT T DUPLICDUPLIC DUPLICDUPLIC DUPLIC AA AA A TETE TETE TE THISTHIS THISTHIS THIS AA AA A TT TT T THISTHIS THISTHIS THIS PRICEPRICE PRICEPRICE PRICE 1 bed house with dock on the Sea of Abaco and access to the Atlantic. $300,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com TREASURE CAY #2516 CROSSWINDSSS SS SEAEA EAEA EA VV VV VIEWSIEWS IEWSIEWS IEWS 4 bed 3 bath 2,800 sq.ft. furnished family home with apartment, central A/C, generator. $820,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.com TREASURE CAY #1660 SERENITY HOUSEBB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT E E E E ESTST STST ST AA AA A TETE TETE TE 290 ft. of sandy beach, modern 2 storey, 4 bed 4.5 bath 5,600 sq.ft. home on 2 expansive lots. $5,200,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.com TREASURE CAY #3079WW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT prime development. 4 acres, four 2 bed 2 bath cottages, pool. Potential as a marina /fishing lodge. $640,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.com SUGAR LOAF CAY #2817 PARROT POINTWW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT unique 4.96 acres, private marina, 2 bed 2 bath plus 1 bed 1 bath cottage. Electricity from mainland. $3,500,000.George.Damianos@SothebysRealty.com 242.362.4211 www.SIRbahamas.com www.SIRbahamas.com TILLOO CAY #2724 HUNKALOOSS SS SEAEA EAEA EA TT TT T OO OO O S S S S SEAEA EAEA EA with dock on the Sea of Abaco with a 2 bed 2 bath home plus guest cottage on 2+ acres. $995,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com TREASURE CAY #3073 MY ISLAND RETREATBB BB BEACHFRONT EACHFRONT EACHFRONT EACHFRONT EACHFRONT 4 bed, 3 bath retreat, cathedral ceilings, wraparound screened-in verandahs. Great views. $1,300,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.comLaurie Schreiner t 242.367.5046 Kerry Sullivan t 242.366.0163 Jane Patterson t 242.366.056903-15-07GREEN TUR GREEN TUR GREEN TUR GREEN TUR GREEN TUR TLE CA TLE CA TLE CA TLE CA TLE CA YY YY Y COCO BAY LOT #3031 $650,000. BAHAMA CORAL ISLAND BAHAMA CORAL ISLAND BAHAMA CORAL ISLAND BAHAMA CORAL ISLAND BAHAMA CORAL ISLANDLot 58, Block 11, Subdivision 1. #3351 $24,000.Contact Stan Sawyer: 242.577.0298 TREASURE CA TREASURE CA TREASURE CA TREASURE CA TREASURE CA YY YY YHome Sweet Home #3032 $250,000. Tranquility 3 bed 3 bath #3070 $235,000. Seagrapes Estate #2887 $3,500,000Contact Stan Sawyer: 242.577.0298. CC CC CONTINUED ONTINUED ONTINUED ONTINUED ONTINUED ININ ININ IN S S S S SECTIONECTION ECTIONECTION ECTION A, P A, P A, P A, P A, PAGEAGE AGEAGE AGE 3 3 3 3 3 MARSH HARBOUR #3467 ABACO HOUSEBB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT VILLASVILLAS VILLASVILLAS VILLAS each with spacious fully air-conditioned 3 bed 2 bath. Great views from wide verandahs. $835,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.366.2143 www.SIRbahamas.com LUBBERS QUARTERS #1851 FLIP FLOPSBB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT Very private beach house on 1.19 acres of lush, tropical foliage, sleeps 4 with p rivate dock and beach. $440,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com TILLOO CAY #3657 FARSIDEWW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT the most unique and desirable property in Abaco. 5 bed 6 bath, hangar and docking for 80 ft. vessel. US$6,850,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com NEW LISTING TREASURE CAY #2115 HILLTOP ESTATES3 bed 2 bath home on 6 acres 60 ft above sea level with views and hundreds of fruits trees and a cottage. $650,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.com GREEN TURTLE CAY #3208 TURTLES NESTHH HH HARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT estate, cottage, dock, pool, 2.7 acres. $3,800,000. HH HH HARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT 2 bed 2 bath, 100 ft. dock permit. $950,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.com ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #3546 LOT 10 OCEAN VIEWAA AA ATLANTICTLANTIC TLANTICTLANTIC TLANTIC WW WW WAA AA A TERTER TERTER TER VV VV VIEWSIEWS IEWSIEWS IEWS, beautiful elevation, beach access, fabulous surfing, perfcect location for island home. $140,000.Kerry.Sullivan@SothebysRealty.com 242.366.0163 www.SIRbahamas.com MARSH HARBOUR #3248 VILLA ESPANOLATT TT TRR RR R OPICOPIC OPICOPIC OPIC ALAL ALAL AL 4 bed, 3 bath island home. Extreme privacy, yet close to town. S pacious formal dining room and kitchen. $1,200,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.comPRICE REDUCED LUBBERS QUARTERS #3785 WILLS PLACE1 1 1 1 1 YY YY YEAREAR EAREAR EAR N N N N NEWEW EWEW EW 2 bed 2 bath home, with vaulted ceilings. Gourmet kitchen. 1,472 sq.ft. of deck and community dock. $520,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com GREEN TURTLE CAY #3031 COCO BAYHH HH HARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT 115 ft. dredged cannel, 40 ft. dock. Close proximity to resorts and beach. Perfect home site. $650,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.comGREEN TURTLE CAY #3208 TRANQUILITYHH HH HARBOURFRARBOURFR ARBOURFRARBOURFR ARBOURFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT Two storey 2 bed 2 bath home with 925 sq.ft. storage. 100 ft. dock permit. Lot 15,000 sq. ft. plus. $950,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.com NEW LISTING NEW LISTING ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #3317 AUNT PATS BAYPP PP PANORAMIC ANORAMIC ANORAMIC ANORAMIC ANORAMIC WW WW WAA AA A TERTER TERTER TER VV VV VIEWSIEWS IEWSIEWS IEWS, superb elevation, deeded dockage in White Sound Harbour, 1/3 acre building site. $495,000.Kerry.Sullivan@SothebysRealty.com 242.366.0163 www.SIRbahamas.comELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #2866 WHITE SOUNDOO OO OCEANFRCEANFR CEANFRCEANFR CEANFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT L L L L LOO OO O TT TT T 3/4 acre close to White Sound Harbour public dock and all amenities. Great surfing area. $495,000.Kerry.Sullivan@SothebysRealty.com 242.366.0163 www.SIRbahamas.com NEW LISTING Stan Sawyer t 242.577.0298


Page 4 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007Aisle of Palm Realty.com Aisle of Palm Realty P.O.Box AB 20900, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas email: brent@aisleofpalmrealty.comPh: 242-367-0080 Fax: 242-367-0081 Brent Cartwright Maria Silvester Rhiannon ThomasWe are a small company, Big on SERVICE Based on Trust and Honesty We are a small company, Big on SERVICE Based on Trust and Honesty We are a small company, Big on SERVICE Based on Trust and Honesty We are a small company, Big on SERVICE Based on Trust and Honesty We are a small company, Big on SERVICE Based on Trust and Honestywebsite: www.aisleofpalmrealty.com website: www.aisleofpalmrealty.com website: www.aisleofpalmrealty.com website: www.aisleofpalmrealty.com website: www.aisleofpalmrealty.comMembers of Abaco MLS Kristin Williams1304 New Listing Yellowwood Large oceanfront lot close to Cherokee Sound and Winding Bay Aisle of Palm announces the opening of their new branch on Guana Cay. Rhiannon Thomas is the only licensed BREA agent residing full time on the island and will be managing the office there. Call her today at 3655003 for a list of available properties or email: rhiannon@aisleofpalmrealty.com 1180 Jaffa Fabulous three story home in The Great Abaco Club at The Abaco Beach Resort. Dock your yacht at your back door 1336 New Listing Ocean view home in Little Harbour with 1/1 master suite upstairs and 2/1 self contained unit downstairs. 1335 New Listing Ocean view cottage in Little Harbour 2/2 with spacious layout and great patios. 1208 Yellowwood Four hillside lots with great views. Close to Cherokee and The Abaco Club on Winding Bay 1337 New Listing 3/2 home on Guana. Bay and ocean access. Lovely interior 1260 Royal Harbour waterfront lot with excellent views and dock permit approved. 1307 Great Cistern 5 acre Prime waterfront property ideal for private estate or small development. Of fers a small beach and elevations of 50+. 1256 Guana Cay Great new price of $999,900 on a 3/2 beach front home with fantastic rental history 1320 Guana Hilltop Fabulous all around views from 55' elevated lot. Beach access only 300' away 1312 Summerwind Great buy on a 2/ 2 home with beach access on bay and ocean side. V iews of bay and ocean. Guana Cay Office1272 Bahama Palm Shores Beachfront lot.100 feet on spectacular beach. Regattas Penthouse 1344 3/3 in over 2400 sq. ft. S[acious open interior super master bath, wonderful kitchen, double patio and much more. GREAT PRICE Under ContractSchool Senior Boys Basketball Tournament was held February 19th -26th in Nassau. This tournament is the most anticipated tournament in the lives of high school senior boys. It brings the entire islands of the Bahamas together inclusive of Turks and Caios and allows these young men to display their skills and talents for the opportunity to be crowned the kings of high school basketball. The Sherlin Bootle Senior Basketball Team joined recently participated at the tournament. Though they did not return as champions, they played to the best of their ability and made their coach very proud. While they would have rather to have won this event, they are very grateful for the experience. It has helped them develop better skills and interact with other players. Congratulations to Coach Martin and her team for a job well done!Fair TimeThe Sherlin Bootle Family will host a grand fair on March 31. The school is raising funds to purchase much needed supplies and equipment for their various departments. They are calling on the communities of North Abaco to support them in this venture. There will be lots of food, games and fun! This is really an event you cant afford to miss. Sherlin Bootle Fair 2007.Sherlin Bootle will observe Commonwealth DayMarch 12th was Commonwealth Day, is the annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations held on the second Monday in March. There is no uniform observance of More North Abaco Newsthe day worldwide. Although Commonwealth Day is not widely known, many Commonwealth countries do have at least one public holiday that celebrates the Sovereigns birthday the day which inspired Commonwealth Day. This year the staff and students of Sherlin Bootle high school held its Commonwealth Day Special Assembly. It featured all the nations that are a part of the Commonwealth and provided sample of their food, culture, religious belief and customs.EventsThe Fish Fries that were launched by the North Abaco Summer Festival and Power Boat Race Committee have been cancelled. The committee has put a pause on the event until further notice. The fish fries took place on Saturdays and served as a great evening outing for residents in the North. The committee thank everyone who supported the events and asks for your continued support in upcoming events.Plant Fair is scheduledOn March 31 Friends of the Environment will host a Native Plant Fair beginning at 10 a.m. at the Treasure Cay Community Center. Guest speakers for this event will be Mrs. Eleanor Phillips of the Nature Conservancy Program and Martha Hanna Smith, who specializes in Native Plants and Bush Medicine. A rain barrel auction will be held of barrels decorated by local artists. There will be surprises for everyone who comes out to support Friends of the Environment as they educate and inform.Showcase of the StarsThe Cay Events Committee proudly presented Showcase of the Stars. This event took place at the Treasure Cay Community Center on March 24th. This was another event by the committee in an effort to raise funds for the construction of an emergency center in Treasure Cay.Beggie Adair performsInternationally Jazz Star Beggie Adair performed at the Treasure Cay Community Center on February 17th. He with two others put on a spectacular performance and left the audience speechless and amazed. Organizers from the Cay Events Committee were extremely excited to have a performer of this caliber on the island. The committee looks forward to the continued support of the community as they seek to raise funds for the Emergency Service Building and other projects.Abundant Living Exercise Classes ResumeWalking away pounds for Jesus is the theme at the Abundant Living Walk Aerobics club at Full Gospel Assembly. Walk Aerobics is a club that meets bi-weekly to exercise and encourage each other. Exercise is an important part of keeping healthy and with this in mind kids and adults alike gather to get fit. The sessions usually last for 45 minutes to an hour. If you are looking for a fun group of people to exercise with, come to Full Gospel fellowship hall and join in the fun. Sessions are on Mondays at 7 p.m, Fridays at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday mornings at 6:30 a.m.Basketball CampGodfrey Rolle and Co. hosted a Basketball Camp on March 23th through March 25th. This camp was designed to help young men and ladies between the ages of 8-16 develop their basketball skills and was held at Camp Abaco. There were coaches and trainers from abroad on hand to help with the skill-development camp.Business NewsShipwreck is a new restaurant in Black Wood. Located in the quaint, quiet settlement of Wood Cay is a taste of Italy and The Bahamas in the newly opened restaurant and lounge Shipwreck. This trendy yet classy restaurant has afforded customers in the north the privilege of an extensive variety on their menu. Shipwreck has provided entertainment at another level since opening its door. Customers can enjoy nights of Karaoke where they get to imitate their faith singer or band while entertaining the crowd. So if youre traveling along the Sherlin Bootle Highway into the Little Abaco area, stop by Shipwreck Restaurant and Lounge.Church NewsYouth celebrate Valentines DayThe Full Gospel Youth Department held its Annual Post Valentine Day on February 17th at the Fellowship Hall. The nicely decorated hall set the atmosphere of love. The delicious meal of pork chop or baked chicken was prepared by the hard working members on the youth department and it was a treat to all who attended.Bishop Burnell Parker is ordainedDuring the celebration of 18 years of existence and services in North Abaco, the Revival Time Churches Inc. ordained PasNorthFrom Page 2 Please see North Page 6


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 5 B Nassau (242) 356-5030 Eleuthera (242) 359-7660Showing Integrity Every DayOnly minutes from Marsh Harbour & Elbow Cay, there are two 80 x 125 choice lots available. Identical in size & price, both lots can boast picturesque sunsets, & views of the Sea of Abaco. There is soon to be dockage close by. Roads are in great condition, & this desirable location is walking distance from the local restaurant. Tahiti Beach is a skiff ride across. Abaco Ocean Club Lubbers Quarters #2200 & #2201 $70,0002 lots available each lot priced atThis large lot is situated in a very nice neighbourhood and is very reasonably priced, with much to offer. Approx 9,000 sq. feet this ideal family lot backs onto the golf course. Perfect for the single family home. All utilities are already in place. Must see to appreciate value! 18th Century Historic Man O War Cottage Hilltop corner lot & is just a 2 min walk to the beach.This classic historic loyalist cottage is complete w/ modern amenities including AC & an updated kitchen. 2 bed, 1 bath & a loft that can accommodate up to 4 people or 6 kids. Excellent views of Man O War harbor. Room for further development. NEW LISTING!Dont miss this exciting new business opportunity. Part ownership for sale in the Port of Call Marina, in Marsh Harbour. Conveniently located close to downtown in a busy tourist area. Call today to find out more! #3304 $179,900Marsh Harbour$385,000#3338 Casuarina PointBeautiful located vacant lot at Abaco Ocean Club, with a magnificient view of the sea of Abaco and only steps away from the community dock. This lot is close to the water and across from the beach. In the quaint settlement of Hope Town in the lane overlooking the Hope Town Harbour in back of the famous bakery of Vernons Grocery is a 100 year old home that needs a handyman to bring it to life again. It is two floors and exterior wood is made of the Abaco Pine. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME2 bed 2 bath, one storey home with canal frontage. Hardy panel exterior, concrete base, Very well constructed. The interior needs to be completed to new the owners specifications. 10ft ceilings, large walk-in master closet. Decking out back, very private. Brand new, never lived in. This is the Bone Fishing Capital of Abaco EXCLUSIVE LISTINGSSpectacular ocean views from this choice hilltop location. Ideal for a subdivision, on rapidly growing Lubbers Quarters, 15,190 sq. ft of lush terrain, this immense acreage will give a great return on investment. A must see, as this location is in great demand. Ocean View Subdivision White Sound #1946 $300,000 #3339 $45,000Treasure Cay LotCall for an appointment today. To view all of our Bahamas Listings go to www.grahamrealestate.com Marsh Harbour (242) 367-0100 Cell: (242) 357-6819 Fax: (242) 367-0099 june@grahamrealestate.comJune E. Russell, BRIHope Town (242) 366-0601 Cell: (242) 554-9429 Fax: (242) 366-0602 patti@grahamrealestate.comPatti Love, RealtorNOW SUBDIVIDED INTO AN OCEANFRONT COMMUNITY WITH EXISTING HOMES FOR SALEThe Main House on 2 levels is Ekali a beautiful 3 bed, 3 bath house. The Guest Quarters boast another 2 bed, 2 bath w/ full kitchen, open dining & sitting room. Just outside the lovely French doors on the sea side is a spacious deck. The existing 60ft dock is included with this property. $1,300,000 Set back on a hill Cashmere House is a unique 3 bed, 2 bath home that offers a view of the ocean from every room. This very attractive, well built home sits at the center of the estate & is constructed with aluminum & hurricane proof glass. $998,000 Alcantara I & Alcantara II are 2 4 bed, 4 bath homes, built using the best craftsmanship. Elevated on very high, solid concrete bases, overlooking the entire estate with an excellent view of the Bay of Abaco from the wrap around porch. Alcantara 1 w/pool $950,000, Alcantara II $890,000Ekali by The Sea Man O War Cay #3263 $375,000Villa San Paulo is a spacious, beautiful, 3 bed, 2 bath villa w/ wide, covered decks, ideal for en tertaining just 20 ft from the sea. Includes a beautiful 27 ft sea front swimming pool edging the sea w/ a cabana at one end, stunning views. $1,600,000 Lubbers Quarters #3390$120,000 Hope Town #3391$299,000


Page 6 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 ... the battery with the lightning bolt of life!!!Automotive Batteries Gel Batteries High Reserve Capacity Batteries UPS Computer Batteries A/C Delco Marine Trojan Golf Cart 6 & 8V Truck / Tractor Diesel Marine Batteries DieselFULL ONE YEAR FULL ONE YEAR FULL ONE YEAR FULL ONE YEAR FULL ONE YEAR GUARANTEE!! GUARANTEE!! GUARANTEE!! GUARANTEE!! GUARANTEE!!(If an epic battery fails due to workmanship any time during that year, Epic would replace that battery free of charge!) DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE WE DONT PRO-RATE OUR WARRANTYtor Burnell Parker to the office of Bishop. Bishop Parker is the host pastor of Revival Time Pentecostal in Crown Haven and serves as Assistant to Bishop Henry Wright, who is the Overseer for the churches on Abaco. The ordination ceremony took place on March 25th at the closing service for the 18th Annual Convention in Coopers Town. The Executive Board members performed the installation. The North Abaco communities congratulate Bishop Parker.From Despair to HopeMs. Lynn Terez Davis, who is better known as Miss Daisy, performed on February 17 at the New Hope Baptist Church in Mount Hope. Miss Daisy is a Bahamian character whose stability and sobriety is questionable a lot of times. Her one woman show From Despair to Hope pierced the hearts of the audience forcing everyone present to examine their lives and giving hope to the broken and cast out. Portraying many unfortunate events that we are sometimes faced with in life, Miss Daisy clearly demonstrated that no matter the mess you are in, Jesus is the choice. The full sanctuary at New Hope was thankful for the opportunity to see the show and everyone looks forward to another visit by Miss Daisy.Revival Time PentecostalThe family of Revival Time Pentecostal Inc. celebrated its 18th Annual Convention at the Revival Time Church in Coopers Town where the host pastor and overseer for the Revival Time Churches Inc on Abaco is Bishop Henry Wright. The theme for this years event was Spiritual Labourers and its scripture text was found in Matthew. Each night brought new blessings as guest ministers from near and far proclaimed the Word of the Lord. On March 25 the convention climaxed with a grand service in the afternoon. The Pastoral Executive Board and members thanks all who attended their services.The New DirectionAbout 14 year ago a few men launched a gospel group after dedicating their lives to God. They called themselves the New Direction, who sought to spread the message of Christ through music. Today after 14 years they are still singing the good news. Clint, Curtis, Gary, Vernon, Lowell, Leo, Stephen, Mario, Cramston and Livingston are members of the New Direction. This group of talented men has recorded its first CD for which they wrote their own songs. These men have performed at numerous. With song such as Ive been born again and This is the day these guys are a pleasant sound on the ear. They have united various types of music to create unique songs and sounds. Outfitted with fantastic musicians, these guys will keep you on your feet. The most remarkable fact about this group is that they are sold out for Gods glory. They have kept going this long by God grace. The New Direction is a part of Full Gospel Assembly in Treasure Cay and their CDs can be purchased from members of the group.Community Outreach ServiceFull Gospel Assembly and United Baptist, both located in Treasure Cay, will be hosting outreach church services on the Don Corbett Basketball Court in Treasure Cay. These joint services are designed to remove the denomination barrier and promote the fact that Jesus sees no denomination, race, gender or sex. Services are held the first Sunday in each month and begin promptly at 7 p.m. The public is invited to be a part of the upcoming outreach service on April 1st.Mens ConferenceTwo thousand seven has been dubbed the year of completion and wholeness, supernatural blessings and miracles. With this in mind the Mens Ministry of Full Gospel Assembly will host its Annual Mens Conference on March 28th-April 1st. This year the conference will feature a dynamic group of preachers including Rev. Raymond Wells, Rev. Alex Archer, Bishop Burnell Parker and Rev. Robert Lockhart. The Conference will have services nightly beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Full Gospel Assembly of God Church in Treasure Cay.Gospel Explosion 2007The Full Gospel Assembly Ministries in Treasure Cay will host Gospel Explosion 2007. Calling the young, young at heart and the old folks of Abaco to come and be a part of this exciting event that will take place on March 31st beginning promptly at 7:30 p.m. This Gospel Explosion will feature the sounds of the Cooling Water, Nehemiah Hield, Simeon Outten, Mr. Lynx, DJ Counsellor and many more. Tickets are on sale for $10. For more information contact Full Gospel Assembly office at 365-8097.People in the NewsWedding BellsThe sounds of wedding bells have been heard throughout the communities on Abaco this year. While some ceremonies have been traditional, others have been out of sight, out of mind and completely unique. The morning of February 24th began with a bang. Relatives and guests of Ms. Eve Ethel Russell of Green Turtle Cay and Mr. Leo Terrance Williams of Treasure Cay were invited to journey back to the Garden of Eden to experience the wedding ceremony. The ceremony took place at Full Gospel Assembly of God Church in Treasure Cay that was transformed to the Garden of Eden. The service was officiated More North Abaco News bahamian cuisine on Hope Town's waterfrontBar Opens Daily 10 a.m.Closed on TuesdaysHappy Hour 5 6 p.m .Lunch & Dinner DailyLunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pmAppetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m Call 366-0087 366-0292 VHF Ch 16ICE RENTAL BIKES NCR Forms Office Stationary Flyers Certificates Tickets Brochures Photo Scanning Wedding/Funeral Programs Business Cards Envelopes Menus Labels Laminations ...MoreAbaco PAbaco P Abaco PAbaco P Abaco P rint Shoprint Shop rint Shoprint Shop rint ShopFriendly and Professional Printing Services Friendly and Professional Printing Services Friendly and Professional Printing Services Friendly and Professional Printing Services Friendly and Professional Printing ServicesLocated in the Abaco Shopping Center Located in the Abaco Shopping Center Located in the Abaco Shopping Center Located in the Abaco Shopping Center Located in the Abaco Shopping Center Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Ph : (242) 367-3202 Ph : (242) 367-3202 Ph : (242) 367-3202 Ph : (242) 367-3202 Ph : (242) 367-3202 Fax : (242) 367-3201 Fax : (242) 367-3201 Fax : (242) 367-3201 Fax : (242) 367-3201 Fax : (242) 367-3201FOR ALL YFOR ALL Y FOR ALL YFOR ALL Y FOR ALL Y OUR PRINTING NEEDS! OUR PRINTING NEEDS! OUR PRINTING NEEDS! OUR PRINTING NEEDS! OUR PRINTING NEEDS!Call us today... Call us today... Call us today... Call us today... Call us today... Monday Friday Monday Friday Monday Friday Monday Friday Monday Friday 9am 5pm9am 5pm 9am 5pm9am 5pm 9am 5pm NorthFrom Page 4 Please see North Page 18


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 7 B Green Turtle Cay, Coco Bayvacant lot, beach access, 9000 sq.ft. -$89,000.00 (NEW LISTING) Green Turtle Cay, Island Reachvacant lot,16,390 sq.ft., 106 on Sea of Abaco, Beautiful views & sunsets. $450,000.00 (NEW LISTING) *Long Beachvacant lot,1/4 acre in size, beach access, $50,000.00 (REDUCED) Casuarina Pointvacant lot in quiet community, 10,000 sq.ft and situated across from the canal.-$80,000 *Sand Banks -Canal property, small home, mature fruit trees. Very private. Lots also available Call for details. *Bahama Coral Islandvacant property in Bahama Coral Island, financing available-Call for details. March 15th, 2007 .Bahama Palm Shores -#5670 3 bed, 4,876 sq ft island home on 2 acre lot with 220 of beachfront, generator and pool. $995,000.00Call Mailin .Green Turtle Cay-#5532-2 bed/2 bath beach house on Bita Bay. Central A/C, fully equipped kitchen & much more. Great rental history Offered at $995,000.00 Call Chris Yellowwood -#5427Incomplete 1bed/1bath home comprises 24,621 sq ft. Built of wood & durable cement siding. Great starter home! $135,000.00-Call Mailin Green Turtle Cay-1.6 acre beachfront lot located on the most beautiful beach on the island. Approx. 130 on the beach and 560 deep. $820,000.00 Call Chris .ManjackCay -10 acres sea to sea. Beautiful beachfront at both sides. & protected anchorage. Great development property Offered at $2,000,000.00 Call one of our agents today. .Man-O-War Cay # 5509 3bed/ 3bath, two story home near Atlantic Ocean. Upstairs loft, 17.5 KW generator, outdoor patios, basement,manicured lawn. $750,000.00-Call Mailin Man-O-War Cay-#5451-Two cottages, both with 2 bds/2 bths, on 16,000 sq. ft. of waterfront property. 60,000 gallon cistern, and 15KW generator. $890,000.00 Call Mailin www.coldwellbankerbahamas.com Chris Farrington, BRI Sales Associate Member of the Abaco Multiple Listing Service Green Turtle Cay, Abaco Ph# 242-365-4695 chris@coldwellbankerbahamas.com Lee Pinder Cherokee Sound, Abaco Ph# 242-366-2053 lee@coldwellbankerbahamas.com .Yellowwood Creek Two waterfront parcels currently available. Both parcels are just over an acre and sit directly on the rocky shoreline of the Atlantic. Lot #3 is offered at $312,000 and lot #4 is offered at $300,000. Adjoining Lot #3 is a hilltop lot that is approx 3/4 of an acre and looks out over the Atlantic. Offered at $195,000.00 These lots are all close to Winding Bay and Cherokee Sound. Leisure Lee-#5739 A lovely 3 bed, 2 bath canal front home. Features 57 dock and over 17,000 sq.ft of property. Common Beach Access $790,000.00-Call Mailin Turtle Rocks-Multi family lot, 27,507 sq.ft., power & cable to boundary, beach access, $85,000.00 Yellowwood-2H-# 548437,368 sq.ft., featuring 184 on the Atlantic rocky shoreline, minutes away from Cherokee Sound and Winding Bay. $265,000.00 Call Mailin .Bahama Palm Shores -#5742Beachfront lot 200 x 416 Offered at US$550,000.00 Or split lot in half 100 x 416 Offered at US$300,000.00 Call Mailin .Treasure Cay-#5740 Beachfront 2 bed/2bath villa with a "Lagoon" style swimming pool. Offered at $636,000 Call Chris. Mailin Sands Sales Associate Member of the Abaco Multiple Listing Service Marsh Harbour, Abaco Ph.# 242-367-2992 mailin@coldwellbankerbahamas.comGTC Beach House #57773 bed/3 bath w/ loft. 2 bed/1bath below. Wrap around porches, generator, water maker,central A/C. 1.6 acres. $1,850,000.00 Call Chris Lubbers-#5617-Vacant lot comprises 10,094 sq.ft and is one lot in from the Sea of Abaco. Offered at $99,500.00-Call Mailin .Green Turtle Cay, Big Bluff#5878 1/2 acre + waterfront lot, ideal lot for house & dock-Offered at $476,000.00-Call Chris NEW LISTING .Leisure Lee-#5366 This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is tucked away in Leisure Lee and offers privacy and tranquility. Features about 1,600 sq.ft of li ving space. Also features his and hers closets and a spacious en suite master bath. Open floor plan makes it easy and fun for entertaining fam ily and friends. The large wrap around screened in porch adds charm and makes outdoor entert aining easy as you enjoy the gentle island breezes. Community beach access is only minutes away. Why rent when you can own your own home?! -Call Mailin Your Paradise Awaits You4.673 acre property comprises approx. 600 ft of harbour front in the prestigious Pelican Shores area and features a deep water dock. The 2-bed, 1.5-bath Pascoe House has 2,500 sq ft of living space with the living room and patio commanding gorgeous harbour views.The property includes a 2 bed/2 bath guest cottage with porch, a 1 bed/1 bath cottage, dock house, one car garage and generator house. Beautifully landscaped garden. Admired by many, but can be owned by you! US$4,500,000-Call Mailin Bahama Palm ShoresVacant lot, approx. 1/4 acre in size, two blocks from the beach. $30,000.00 Call Lee PinderNEW LISTING REDUCED NEW EXCLUSIVECasuarina PointThis CBS 3 bedroom 2 bath home features 1,600 sq.ft of living space. It was built in 1999 and very well-kept. Located across from the community boat ramp. Also features 1x 6 v.joint cypress ceilings, ceramic tiles and utility room. Being sold furnished. Priced to sell! $299,000 Call Mailin REDUCED NEW PRICE


Page 8 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 INDONESIAN FURNITUREExperience the beauty of Tahiti....with our exotic pieces to decorate your home...... the Far East has come to us ... the Far East has come to us...Tel : 242-367-0521Located in the new two storey yellow building next to the fire station.with EXQUISITE with EXQUISITECome In and VisitAbacos newest furniture store on Queen Elizabeth Dr.OPEN: Mon. Fri. 10am 5pm & Saturdays 10am 3pmStore-wide Sale March ONLY 20% OFF J & J ELECTRICBILL JOHNSTONMIKE JORGENSENELECTRICAL CONTRACTORSRESIDENTIAL/INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL SPECIALISTSCELL: 242-357-6674 (BILL) CELL: 242-477-5222 TEL: 242-367-5145 FAX: 242-367-5144 P.O. BOX AB 20413 MARSH HARBOUR ABACO BAHAMASE-mail: abacobill@batelnet.bs 3, thus winning the championship. Upon arriving in the United States, the Abaconians met with three players from Florida, a player from New York, one Canadian and two New Zealanders, mostly pitchers who joined their team. It was quite an experience playing with the Canadians and New Zealanders, said Andrew Albury. They are the best players in the world. The Man-O-War team comprised of William Weatherford, Haziel McDonald, Andrew Albury, Fred Sweeting and Grant Albury. Back home they will continue the season with three games in Spanish wells, Eleuthera, on the weekend of April 27th. On May 24th there will be a three day international tournament on Man-O-War. So far teams from Maimi and the Virgin Islands have committed themselves. Sports News SportsFrom Page 1 Some of the best fast pitch pitchers from the U.S. and Canada will be pitching in that tournament for the Virgin Islands, the Miami team and the Pirates, said Mr. McDonald. For information on participating in the Pirates fast pitch tournament of May 24th, contact Haziel McDonald at 242-3656436 or 242-359-6449.Youth in Action will compete in FreeportBy Mirella Santillo The basketball season of Youth in Action is well under way now, so Youth Coordinator Stretch Morleys preoccupation has been to get his players ready for competitions. The Abaco youth will visit Freeport for the Labour Day Classic on June 1st and 2nd. Mr. Morley plans to take four age groups: under 16, under 14, under 12 (this group comprised of boys and girls) and under 10. Tickets to finance the trip were put on sale as of March 3rd. Other groups from Abaco will accompany Youth in Action: Mr. Godfrey Rolle will take two age groups from Treasure Cay and Mr. Kirk Reckley will go with a group from Green Turtle Cay. A possible trip to Florida is in the planning for May. A group of boys from high schools on Abaco will play against schools in Florida. If Youth in Action players qualify for an all star team, they will travel to Las Vegas again this year. The trip is planned for the week of July 24th to August 2nd.New Vision basketballBy Julian Lockhart In an attempt to reach out the community and the youth of Abaco, New Vision Ministries started the Centercourt Basketball program four years ago and has seen it grow every year since. The final games for the season were on February 17th. Youth Pastor Chris Pinder started the program as an outreach to the youth in his church and the community to give them an opportunity to compete in basketball in a safe and controlled environment. Centercourt runs for eight weeks, every other weekend, at the churchs basketball court with two teams each in three different divisions. The age groups were 7-9, 10-13 and 14-18. Pastor Pinder said, I thought it was very successful because it was done to create a family atmosphere and to get the kids involved in something positive and to get the parents out to support the kids. We saw this every time we did Centercourt. I feel Centercourt will continue to grow because there is a need for it and as we do it more kids are getting involved and I feel they are looking for something to do in general. There was no overall winner as the program is used to foster relationships and give families an opportunity to come together on a Saturday afternoon for some wholesome fun. However, the games were competitive and the players got better as the weeks wore on, as coaches were able to work with their athletes and improve their skills. Mr. Pinder said if they get the coaches, which is the biggest issue, then they will consider expanding the teams next year. He added that there are a lot of children who want to play. They just need the coaches. There are not a lot of sports programs on Abaco for the youth and, it is one way to keep children off the street and helping them to become productive members of society. If Please see Sports Page 9 Ishmael Stretch Morley manages the Youth in Action sports activity. The youth expect to compete against Grand Bahama youth in June.


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 9 B Sales Team of Ed & Cindy Newell James Moir BrokerABACO ESTATE SERVICESREAL ESTATE SALES VACATION RENTALSPrime Real Estate Listing Throughout AbacoMembers Bahamas Real Estate AssociationWe Exceed Client Expectations! Please contact us for additional details on this sampling of our featured listings or for information on our other prime properties throughout Abaco.Phone: (242) 365.8752 Cell: (242) 357.6570 www.abacoestateservices.comTREASURE CAY: "Argyll House" (Ref #483) Elegant & luxurious 4 bedroom, 5.5 bath Ocean Blvd. Estate approx. 6,900 s/f, on 1.6 acres with 153 on the beach, landscaped, fully furnished, high ceilings, marble floors, 2 car garage, includes vehicles. $4,900,000. Tradewinds (Ref # 589) Luxurious 1 acre beachfront estate 4 bedroom 3.5 bath main house on T.C. point beach plus 3 bedroom 3 bath 2 storey guest house. Spectacular views, superior architectural design and finishes throughout, fully furnished Price: $4,575,000 "Peace & Plenty" (Ref #503) Splendid 7 bedroom, 4.5 bath 2 storey, fully furnished Ocean Blvd beachfront estate, situated on 1.453 superbly landscaped acres with 163 feet of spectacular beach frontage, magnificent views, covered balconies, superior finishes, guest cottage, ideal location with privacy. $3,800,000. "Trident House" (Ref #317) Superb 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath fully furnished beach front home, 3,500 square feet, sensational beach & ocean views, many extras $2,500,000. "Final Approach" (Ref #601) Canal front 2 storey 5,500 s/f 6 bedrooms, 4.5 bath private home on large property, 100 private dock, 6 depth. Recently renovated, fully furnished, four car garage. Price $2,625,000 Oceana (Ref #498) Furnished 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath private home with open floor plan and British Colonial decor for elegant and comfortable living, located on Sandpiper Beach with magnificent views, garage, landscaped, beachside deck. $1,875,000. "Beachfront Vacant Lot" (Ref #462) 1.82 acre cleared lot with 144 of prime beach frontage, located on prestigious Ocean Blvd, all utilities available, limited beach lots available in this area. Price $1,695,000. Beach Lot (Ref # 590) Located on Leeward Beach near the T.C. Point with 136 of fabulous beach frontage, views of Green Turtle Cay, total of 28,700 s/f, ready for construction, all utilities available, quiet & secluded Cul de saq. Price: $1,330,000 Ocean Blvd. Beach Lot (Ref # 585) Prime location with 140ft on magnificent beach, total of 1.37 acres, partially cleared, all amenities at lot line. Price: $1,215,000 "Harbours Edge" (Ref #191) 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,500 s/f harbour front home, 90 of bulkhead for dock with 8+/depth, waterfront views though large glass doors, open kitchen, interior decor includes hand painted tropical mural, 2 car garage, 1/3 acre lot with privacy walls, Mediterranean style pool, fully furnished. Price: $1,265,000. Treasure Landings (Ref #600) Newly constructed 3 bed, 2 bath, 1,300s/f luxury condominiums, close to beach, marina, restaurants & shops. Superior finished, fully furnished. Price: $495,000. Financing available. "Brigantine Beach Condo" (Ref #369) 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath bath townhouse with ocean views just steps from the beach, furnished, rental history $458,000. "Beach Villa 506" (Ref #636) 2 bed, 2bath garden view villa, completely renovated in 2005, all new furnishings & appliances. 1,250 s/f. Ideal rental property. Price $435,000. ReducedMarch 15, 2007No Problem (Ref #718) 2 bedroom 2 bath Villa, fully furnished, close to beach, shops, restaurants & marina, furnished, screened lanai, extra storage, central A/C. Price: $399,000 Galleon Bay Canal Lot" (Ref #422) Prime Canal Front cleared lot totaling 10,295 s/f and 88+ feet of protected canal water frontage situated on the wide expanse of pictureque Galleon Bay, quick access to the Sea of Abaco. $350,000. "Harbourfront Condo" (Ref #688) Fully furnished 2 bedroom, 2 bath ground level condominium with superb views of the Treasure Cay harbour & marina. Located in the Mariners Cove complex. Good rental history Price $345,000. Canal Lot on Galleon Bay (Ref #569) Protected canal lot near Galleon Bay entrance for quick access to Sea of Abaco, utilities at lot line, very well priced. Price: $350,000. "Two Bedroom Mariners Cove" (Ref #454) 2 bedroom, 1 bath fully furnished, two level poolside unit within view of Treasure Cay Marina and just a 5 minute walk from the Treasure Cay Beach. Can be combined with listing #455 to make a 3 bed/2bath with open living area. Price $317,900. "Mariners Cove Unit 1401" (Ref #655) Fully furnished 2 bed, 1 bath end unit overlooking marina/harbour. Complex offers pool and tennis courts, close to beach, restaurant and shops: Price $317,000. "One Bedroom Mariners Cove" (Ref #455) 1 bed, 1 bath fully furnished ground floor poolside unit. Mariners Cove offers pool, tennis courts, laundry facilities, on site management, good rental potential. Price $200,000. Flamingo Drive Lot 66 (Ref #558) Large residential lot situated on a quiet Flamingo Drive cul-de-sac, an ideal home building site, all utilities, including electricity, water, telephone, Cable TV & DSL access available at the lot line. Price: $66,000 Residential Inland Lot (Ref #442) Choice residential lot on paved Flamingo Drive, located just one block from Ocean Blvd.10,000 s/f & 80 on the road. All utilities are available at the property boundary, including TV & DSL. Price $45,000. Golf Course Area Corner Lot (Ref #559) Oversized corner lot # 7 offering paved street frontage on two sides, plus all utilities at lot line, enjoy the solitude & greenery of the golf course, just a few hundred feet away. Price: $49,500 Canal Lot (Ref # 744) 68 of protected canal frontage, enjoys both Sea of Abaco and Galleon Bay views, all utilities available, cleared, 19,256 s/f Price: $425,000 Beach Villa 504 A & B (Ref # 743) Two 1 bedroom 1 bath adjoining Garden Villas, each with full kitchen and living, excellent rental history as individual or combined units. Sold Together, furnished, turn key Price: $380,000 Galleon Bay Home (Ref # 745) 3 bedroom 2 bath single story 1,550 s/f canal front home, fully furnished, located on elevated landscaped lot, car port and garage, deep water dock with boat lift, includes Van and golf cart. Price: $1,148,000 LEISURE LEE: Canal Front Home" (Ref #124) 2 bedroom 2 bath single story CBS construction home, open living/kitchen on the end of a finger canal, tile floors, central A/C, low maintenance, 50 of bulkhead canal front with deep water and dock, fully furnished, includes vehicle. Close to beach access Reduced Price $348,000. Canal Lot 206 (Ref #597) Cleared 11,242 s/f lot with 171 feet of bullheaded seawall, views of Treasure Cay and the Sea of Abaco. All utilities available. Price $265,000 Eleavated Canal Lot (Ref #704) Located on deep water canal with 104 of protected frontage, 10,400 s/f, all utilities available, near beach access, quiet residential community. Price: $299,000 LITTLE HARBOUR Waterfront Property (Ref #347) 2.2 acres, sea to sea, total 280' water frontage, ideal for boat dockage in protected Little Harbour, large natural cave. $608,000. Reduced!!! TURTLE ROCKS Turtles Rock (Ref #361) 3 bedroom 2.5 bath beach front home built in 2000 on 1.18 acres with 102 on the beach, very private area, fully furnished. $755,000. Joes Creek Vicinity Lot 15 (Ref# 567) Offering 2.139 acres with a 50 ft elevated ridge, 956ft deep from highway to Coromont Pond, ideal for private residence or small subdivision, electricity & telephone at highway, easy access to Marsh Harbour & Treasure Cay. Price: $149,700 GUANA CAY Two Commercial Lots (Ref#368) 2 adjoining lots, harbour front road location, across from the public dock, total frontage 161 feet, lot#8 $299,000, lot#9 $349,000. MARSH HARBOUR: Sea View Lot with Dockage (Ref#493) Select residential lot in Great Abaco Club, 7,750 sq. ft. in size, finger dock for 25 vessel, direct access to Sea of Abaco, gated community, all utilities available, use of all resort amenities, close to restaurants, shops, etc reduced $395,000. GREEN TURTLE CAY: Beau Soleil (Ref#662) Beautiful 4 bed 5 bath Beachfront Estate Main House, Guest House and Apt. total 3,634 s/f on 0.878 acres on White Sound with 120 dock, fresh water pool 173 beach frontage, great elevation, magnificent views, furnished. $2,975,000. Oceanview Home (Ref#693) Newly built 4 bed, 2.5 bath, fully furnished 2 storey colonial style, 3,000 s/f + 300 s/f covered porches, residential neighborhood, beach access, large lot, ocean views. $778,000. Sea View Elevated Lot (Ref#684) Hilltop 0.405 acre parcel in planned residential community of Island Reach, perched high on White Sound Bluff, one of the highest elevations on Green Turtle Cay, overlooking the Sea of Abaco, $725,000. BAHAMA PALM SHORES: (Ref 756) Select large residential inland lot in Section Two, just a short walk from the powder white sandy Atlantic Ocean beaches. Approx. 13,600 s/f native vegetation and good road access. Price $38,000 ABACO CLUB AT WINDING BAY : (Ref#727) Spectacular 1.1 acre estate lot overlooking the 18th hole with superb elevatkon & magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean. Easy access to the clubhouse and amenities. Price $3,015,000 UNDER CONTRACT UNDER CONTRACT UNDER CONTRACT UNDER CONTRACTa player is good enough, it could lead to a future athletic scholarship to college.Abaco came second at darts tournamentBy Mirella Santillo The Abaco Darts Association, the Grand Bahama Darts Association and the Nassau Darts Association met on March 2nd and 3rd to compete in the 23rd National Gold Cup competition that took place in Freeport. As usual, Nassau came first with 193 points. Abaco placed second with 102 points and Grand Bahama finished third with 98 points. It was the best Abaco has done in 14 years, said Mr. Malcolm Spicer, President of the Association. Mr. Myron Albury and Mr. Shane Sawyer won the mens doubles tournament. Ms. Angela Russell went to the ladies final, only to be beaten by the national champion, Ms. Trudy Johnson from Nassau. Mr. Lloyd Deveaux reached the semifinals in the mens singles. The Abaco team was composed of the following women: Angela Russell, Faith Sawyer, Louise Albury, Lenora Pinder and Lakesha Lightbourne and the following men: Myron Albury, Shane Sawyer, Roscoe Thompson, Robin Albury, Mark Albury, David Hall, Kevin McDonald and Randy Pinder. The next two competitions will take place on Abaco: the Local Masters is scheduled for March 30th and 31st and will determine the best local players. The following tournament is to be held on May 4th at Hummingbirds Restaurant. That day the best players of The Bahamas will be chosen to represent the country in the worlds tournament in Holland.Abaco Insurance sponsored golf tournamentBy Julian Lockhart Art McCormick won the 12th annual Abaco Insurance Golf Tournament, also sponsored by Bahamas First General and More Sports News Please see Sports Page 10 SportsFrom Page 8


Page 10 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 Abaco Real Estate Agency Abacos Oldest and Most Experienced Real Estate Agencywww.AbacoBahamas.com GUANA CAY GUANA BEACH FRONTLarge beach front lot 300 yards NE of Nippers $525,000 gross2 / 2 HOUSE IN SETTLEMENTGreat location 150 yards to beach next to Batelco & School, 21,000+ lot nice 2 / 2 house, $585,000 grossMALONE HOME3 bedroom 3 bathroom home 50,730 sq. ft. lot with 130 ft of protected waterfront. Located on the water between the settlement & Blue Water Grill. Generator house w/ standby generator and r/o water system. Must be seen to be appreciated. By appointment only. B$2,150,000 New Exclusive Interior lots 92B & 93A side-byside 21,500 sq. ft. each, good elevation, Great views, Dock access, only 200 to Sea of Abaco $240,000 each HARB. VIEW HAVEN & SUNRISE COTTAGE Top floor; 2 Bd w/ Queen Beds, 1 bath, one single room with futon, kitchen, living room, dining room, balcony. One single unit, 1 bd, 1 bath & futon. Central A/C, T.V. Satellite, VCR, & CD Player, Ground floor; 1 bd w/ Queen bed, 1 bath, ground floor office, Cistern 48,000 gallon.SUNRISE COTTAGE1 Bd 1 bath, fully equipped kitchen, Central A/C., Satellite TV., CD Player Exclusive Listing View by appointment only : B$1,500,000 ,1 VACANT LOT NEW PRICE 10,400+ sq.ft ot with gret views, near Boat Harbour $125,000HOPE TOWN / LUBBERS LUBBERS2 acres 115 waterfront $600,000 grossNew Abaco Ocean ClubLUBBERS Lots 39 & 40 $99,000 gross eachCHEROKEE WATCHING BAY, CHEROKEENew Subdivision, limited number of investor lots available. Interior lots from $50,000 Ocean view lots from $190,000 grossYELLOW WOOD CREEK1.17 Acre Hilltop lot Winding Bay Oceanviews $300,000 GrossSOUTH ABACO OLD KERR2 miles south of Bahama Palm Shores 10.8 acres, Great elevations $165,000 grossBAHAMA PALM SHORES 4 Interior lots from $25,000 BAHAMA PALM SHORESLot just across form the beach Lot # 6 Block 16 Section 3. $150,000 grossMARSH HARBOUR REGATTAS OF ABACO3 2/2 fully furnished Units 203, 302, & 303 $315,000 eachSOUTH-WIND PELICAN SHORES34,385 sq. ft. with 175 on the road and 40 on the water (duck pond) with a very private protected dock. 1960s style 3/2 house and small guest cottage. This property has great potential in exclusive and much desired Pelican Shores. B$600,000 grossSUNRISE BAYNew Exclusive Harbour views, gated community, private marina slips available for purchase, only 4 lots remain in this beautiful subdivision from $184,000BAHAMA CORAL ISLANDNew Exclusive 5 Residential lots Priced from $10,000 to $17,000SWEETINGS VILLAGENew Exclusive Commercial with plan for 14 Town houses on 41,000 sq. ft. of corner property $198,000 4 residential lots available from $55,000LONG BEACHLots 402 & 403 $175,000 each Lot 73 $ 50,000, Lot 126 $ 50,000 Lot 316 & 418 $50,000 each Lot 408 & 409 $ 90,000 each CONTACT : BILL THOMPSON : 242-367-2719 or 477-5712 or ELAINE THOMPSONP.O.Box AB20404, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Ph : (242) 367-2719 l Fax: (242) 367-2359 GUANA CAYHOME AND APARTMENT New Exclusive Listing SEA SHORE VILLAS Guana Cay3 Town Houses; 2 B, 1.5 bath, Living & Dining room, full kitchen, tv, vcr, cd player, satellite, all central a/c, pool, deck & Gazebo. Fully furnished.l Gift Shop l Laundry l Storage l Marina, Exclusive Listing View by Appointment only. B$2,900,000MARSH HARBOUR EASTERN SHORESLOOKOUT HOUSE 4 bed 3 bath on exclusive Eastern Shores. This 1700 sq. ft. house is situated on 32,500 sq. ft. of Sea-to-Sea property, lush landscaping, wonderful views, of Man-O-War & Scotland Cay to the North & Sugar Loaf Cay / Lubbers to the South.. Private dock with boat lift, Central AC, Ceiling fans, Free standing fireplace. New Price $1,575,000 15th February, 20072 Story home, 3 Bed, 2 Bath 1200 sq.ft on 2nd floor. 2 Bed, 2 Bath apartment 900 sq.ft on 1st floorCompletely tiled, furnished & turn key. 24,000 gal cistern located on lot 46 Dolphin Beach Estates 70 x 140 Must see to appreciate. B$635,000 gross. Royal Star Insurance, at the Treasure Cay golf course on February 10, finishing with a 69 net score. Mr. McCormick said, It is always a pleasure playing here. This is the fourth time I have played and I always look forward to it. As far as the big boys, Im just a little guy who hits the ball every now and again. The tournament was a net tournament as players handicaps were subtracted from their gross scores to find their final score. A players handicap is determined by the golf club, depending on their average score. This was the largest tournament in the 12 years it has been played with 116 golfers competing. The tournament is used to raise money for chemicals, fertilizers and consultant fees for the golf course. Tournament sponsor Daron Roberts said, The event is used to raise money for the Treasure Cay golf course. The golf course is a huge part of the Treasure Cay community, and the community has a golf club that works along with Treasure Cay Ltd. We have a vested interest in the course because the Treasure Cay community is a large part of our client base, and the golf course is a large part of their community. We enjoy being able to help out in areas where our clients can see benefits to their life styles. The tournament has gotten bigger, and this year we went over the 100 mark which is exciting because a lot more people in the area are playing golf and want to play in a tournament like this, he added.Karate students bring back goldBy Julian Lockhart After a disappointing performance in November at a tournament in New Providence, the Abaco Karate Academy bounced back with a strong showing at a tournament on Grand Bahama on January 20th. The team won only six medals on New Providence, but on Grand Bahama they won 12 medals including five gold medals. Sensei Agatha Curry bounced back strong after not finishing anywhere near her potential on New Providence, as she won gold in the kata (form) and kumite (fighting). Also stepping up and surprising was Kristi Wong, who finished second in kata, third in kumite and she along with DAndra Johnson, Susan Albury and Jamie Sweeting finished first in team kata. Also winning gold medals was Lashelle Lightbourne, who matched her performance on New Providence with a first place in kata and kumite. Ms. Johnson and Ms. Sweeting won bronze medals in kata. Joshua Wong teamed up with Ms. Lightbourne to win a bronze in team kata, and Charles Pinder finished second in kata and third in kumite. Sensei Toote said they worked extra hard after New Providence and they wanted to prove to everyone how good they are and could be. The Abaco Karate Academy will be heading back to Grand Bahama on March 3rd for another competition. This is all in preparation for their own tournament on April 4th.Competitive SwimmingBy Julian Lockhart Competitive swimming on Abaco is still a novelty that is slowly catching on with a number of children who consistently swim at the Hope Town community pool and the pool at Long Bay school on a weekly basis. Coach Dominic Latella has been in Abaco for a year and has seen his program grow steadily and the swimmers become more competitive over the year. In November 2006 four swimmers competed in a meet in New Providence. Even though it was the first time for three of them to swim in a 50-metre long course pool, their times improved. However, in February 2006 at another long course meet in New Providence six Abaco swimmers competed and they all dramatically improved their times. Joshua Wong won a bronze medal in the 50-metre breaststroke. The next goal for Mr. Latella and his swimmers is to have a couple of them qualify for Nationals in New Providence this June. They have one more meet upcoming in New Providence to do so. He is happy with the improvements of his swimmers and they More Sports News Please see Sports Page 11 SportsFrom Page 9 The Abaco slow pitch softball team competed in a slow-pitch tournament in New Providence on February 23-25 and returned home with the third place trophy. This was their first year competing in the tournament. Pictured in the back row, left to right, are Dario Mills, Carl Stewart, Ervin Thompson, Dion Dean, Kevin Ellis, Thomas Kelly and Mike McIntosh; front row: Deron Douglas, Sampson Paul, Ryan Simms, Jerrod Douglas and Rocklyn Bootle.


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 11 B Frank Knowles Hope Town 242-375-8655 Donna Darville Marsh Harbour 242-367-SOLD (7653)The Abaco Real Estate Specialists!donna@paradisebahamas.com frank@paradisebahamas.comFeatured Properties Triplex in town, walking distance to restaurants, shops. Immaculate condition. All units rented. REDUCED from $465,000 to $405,000 Exclusive LOTS Long Beach minutes to beach $36,000 Gilpin Point beach access for all lots, half acre, each starting at $35,000 Bahama Coral Island Interior lot $18,000 SOLD Bahama Coral Island sea view, lot walking distance to beach $30,000 Shop our lisings online atwww.ParadiseBahamas.com NIPPERSBEACH BAR & GRILLon Guana Cay Serving Lunch & DinnerPig Roast Every Sunday White Sound, Elbow CayFULL SERVICE MARINA 60 Deepwater Slips Fuel/Oil/Bait/Ice Fresh Water Garbonzo Reef Bar WATERFRONT VILLAS One, two & three bedroom units On the ocean & harbour Full kitchen/air cond/sat TVFor local transporation to Sea Spray call VHF 16 or 366-0065email : seasprayres@abacoinet.com www.seasprayresort.comBoat House Boat House Boat House Boat House Boat House RR RR R eses eses es tt tt t auraur auraur aur antant antant antBahamian Breakfast Sat. & Sun. Enjoy a delicious dinner with usSea Spray will pick up from Hope Town Live Music by the Hope Town IslandersEvery Saturday Night 7 pm untilExtended Happy Hour on Band Nights 5 pm to 7 pmdefinitely have a dedicated group growing in Marsh Harbour. Improvements by the swimmers is proving that there is talent on Abaco. It just has to be fostered and groomed. It is also important for every child in Abaco to learn how to swim, even if it is only the basics, because they live on an island. This is where the Abaco portion of Swift Learn to Swim Program comes into play as children and adults can learn how to swim under the guidance of a professional. The current session for the Learn to Swim Program started on March 13th at the Long Bay School pool. The program runs for six weeks with 12 sessions and costs $150.Slow Pitch Softball By Mirella Santillo While two games of soccer were taking place at the Murphy Town Park, three games of slow pitch soft ball were being disputed on the adjoining field. The newly formed team, The Sluggers, from Marsh Harbour, were playing against The B & Sons Warriors from Black Wood. The Marsh Harbour Slow Pitch Softball League became official on March 17th, explained League President Kevin Ellis. But we had already competed in several games. In February we went to Man-O-War to play against the Parrots. We won the slow pitch game but we were defeated in the fast pitch. We also played against Coopers Town, Treasure Cay and Nassau. Softball games will take place at the Murphy Town Park every other week. Sgt. Dereck Ferguson, also an organizer of the newly formed team, said they were trying to put together a junior program. Boys and girls are invited to apply, he said. They are also trying to form a ladies league. For information, contact Mr. Ellis at 4752203 or 367 3437. The Manager of the Black Wood B & Sons Warriors said that it is their 15th year for fast pitch softball, but it is the first season they have played slow pitch. He mentioned that a kids team has been in existence in Coopers Town for the last four years. So far they have competed among themselves as there is no other junior team on the island yet. The Sluggers played three games on March 11th and the Marsh Harbour team won all three games.Young soccer player is sought by U.S. collegesBy Mirella Santillo Former Abacom Team soccer player, Mackinson Altidor is on the move again. After completing his final year at Northern Oklahoma College, he has accepted a scholarship at Temple University. The young Abaconian, whose abilities were noticed while playing on Abaco, was invited to Nassau for trials. To increase his chance of making the grade, he moved to Nassau where he played for three years with the mens national team. After his displays, he and another Bahamian were recruited by Northern Oklahoma University coach Michael Duroy. Mr. Altidor helped take Northern Oklahoma University to the national championships this last school year. Because of his performance he received many letters and offers of scholarships from other universities. He chose Temple University because the Business School there is one of the top in the U.S. He thanked the staff at the Bahamas Football Association who helped him while he was with the national team and the people from Abacom and the Yamaha Superstars who saw something in me that I did not see in myself.Bowling ChampBy Julian Lockhart Despite not having a bowling alley to practice in, native Abaconian Sonith Lockhart finished second at the Bahamas Bowling Championships held at the Water World Bowling Center in Freeport, Grand Bahama on February 18-25. The only bowling alley left in the Bahamas is Water World and Bahamas champion Clarence Wallace had the added bonus of being able to practice at home on a consistent basis. Mr. Wallace won the championship finishing with 160 pins in the final round and Mr. Lockhart finished with 136 pins to finish second. Mr. Lockhart said, I felt good about finishing second because of the physical position I am in, I just came out of a More Sports News Please see Sports Page 18 SportsFrom Page 10 Sonith Lockhart Mackinson Altidor


Page 12 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 13 B THE SCURVY FEWWe have made every effort to recognize the many individuals and organizations who have helped us by supporting this endeavor. However, If we have inadvertently omitted a name, we sincerely apologize. Would like to express its gratitude to all of those who helped make our9th Annual Toys-for-Tots Rallyon December 9th, 2006, a great success.MOTORCYCLE CLUB OF THE BAHAMAS ABACO CHAPTERContributions from the following were essential in making this event successful: HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 2007Toys we re di st ribu ted al all needy ch ild ren on Abaco f rom Sandy Po int to Crown Haven, including Moore s Island and Gr and Cay. Town elders l ocal c ivic o rganizations and churches we re selecte d to make t he local dist ribution and ensure th at the got to those who needed t hem most .Baer Air Scotiabank First Abaco Hardware Ministry of Tourism M.H. Volunteer Fire Dept. United Abaco Shipping Commonwealth Bank Cptn Michael Bethel Abaco Flight Services Fredericks Agency Caribbean Bank Jim Hall Mr. Gary Smith Abaco Groceries Willed Home Products Garth & Cheryl Sweeting Bo & Libby Roberts Kathleen Frederick Arthur Wadman Pops Place Jeff Collins Don Benn


Page 14 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 These offerings are subject to errors, omissions, change of price or withdrawal without noticewww.bahamasrealty.bsemail: abaco@bahamasrealty.bs I Tel 242-367-3262 I Fax 242-367-3260 YOUR FIRST CHOICE IN BAHAMIAN REAL ESTATE GUANA CAY GUANA CAY LYNARD CAYCROSSING ROCKSBAKERS HEIGHTS CASUARINA POINTGUANA CAY BAHAMA PALM SHORES TREASURE CAY BAHAMA CORAL ISLAND BAHAMA PALM SHORES PELICAN SHORESMARSH HARBOURBUSTIC BIGHT OFFICES IN OFFICES IN OFFICES IN OFFICES IN OFFICES INAbaco Nassau Exuma Eleuthera Long Island Harbour Island #10181: 3bd/2bths : $375,000This super home is nestled in the heart of the settlement, surrounded by lush specimen foliage, a winter garden and well maintained lawns. Panoramic views are enjoyed from the widows walk and porches.#10350: 2bd/1bth : $160,000Situated in the heart of the settlement, this cottage presents a multitude of opportunities for the imaginative buyer. Could transition well into a vacation or rental cottage. Steps away from ferry dock.#9297: Acreage : Serious InquiriesBordering the Sea of Abaco with Atlantic to the east, this expansive parcel boasts 77 fabulous acres, includes high elevations, dense native coppice, numerous coconut palm trees and white sand beaches.#9510: Residential Lots: $160,000Greenland Bay. Gorgeous, unspoiled beach front, dazzling white sand, rolling grassland interior. Parcels encompass 100 to 200 ft on the beach. Only one parcel may be sold in each instance at above starting price.#562105: Acreage : $1,360,000Prime development property located 11 miles north of Marsh Harbour on Queens higway. Features wooded rolling terrain with hills of up to 30 in elevation. Great potential for development.#562299: 3bd/2bths : $359,000Bright and sunny, sturdy concrete family home, just steps from the beach. 1,472 s.f. of living space, tile floors, crown molding. Perfectly suited for family or retirement home.#562031: Residential Lot : $395,000NEW! Gorgeous Atlantic Ocean front home site. Located adjacent to the Orchid Bay development with elevated rocky shore and beach. Densely vegetated with natural coppice and native trees.#10202: Acreage : $350,000Gorgeous, generously-sized home site on Eight Mile Bay beach. Approx. .85 acres of nicely elevated land thickly treed with native hardwoods and coconut palms. Wonderful views, wide sugar sand beaches.#562353: Residential Lot: $85,000Lovely, oversized multi-family residential lot in popular Anchorage Estates. Close to beaches and all amenities the resort and community offer. Invest in the future!#9935: Residential Lot: $24,000Lovely, homesite of approx. 10,000 sq.ft. with high elevation and views of the sea on the west of Abaco and the South side. Conveniently located just 3 miles north of Marsh Harbour.#562174: Acreage: $1,500,000Green Cay is a nature lovers paradise. Situated just 1/2 mile off the west coast of Great Abaco Island. Perfectly suited for private retreat, bonefishing resort, etc.#562133: 3bd/2bths: $347,000Fully furnished, with all new appliances and cabinets. Ideally located on quiet road, but close to Marsh Harbour. Excellent investment for rental or family home.#8928: 4bd/2bths : $422,000Secluded home, located directly across the lane from Eight Mile Bay and its gorgeous beach. Rooftop deck enjoys the best views of the area. Room to expand and add personal touch.#562332: 3bd/3bths : Executive RentalSpacious family home located on prestigious Pelican Shores. Long term lease only, references, first, last and security required. Lease pricing on request. UNDER CONTRACT UNDER CONTRACT NEW PRICE15 Jan 07 February 28th to scores of locals who had awaited its arrival for over a year. It was hard to miss the bright lights and the sound of music that filled the air every evening. It will be here until March 24th, the last day. The favorite rides for teens proved to be the Twisters, Flying Bobs, Kamkazee, and the Gravitron. Each year it will update its rides by adding new exciting ones to keep the patrons coming back for more! Ms. Hitchcock stated that it travels with its own fence and a staff of 50 persons who make up the team. She is thankful to two locals, Timmy Roberts and Scotty from Texaco, for assisting with the ground work. They did all of the leg work needed to get advertising done, put up fencing, clean the lot, pay phone, water and electric deposits and everything else that a business would need to successfully operate. They did a great job setting it up. She is grateful to Texaco for CarnivalFrom Page 1Thrill rides and games attract familiesproviding all of the fuel needed. They also helped to get the word out about hiring for the period that they are here. They hired a total of 45 local persons to work the carnival including security, parking attendants, food vendors and game operators. They need a lot of people for a successful venture. In Nassau, they have 300 persons working for it to run successfully. The grounds were cleared very well which made it possible for adequate parking for patrons. Once the parking lot was utilized properly, it proved to be sufficient parking even on nights when they were extremely busy. RAC Amusement is very pleased with the support it got from Abaconians and looks forward to coming back every year, especially now that they have found a shipping company that can assure them that their equipment and rides will be shipped from place to place on time. Two girls are obviously enjoying their ride in a fastmoving, pivoting car. A very popular booth was a game of skill tossing quarters into glassware. Many persons went home with boxfuls of glassware. With persistence father won a stuffed pony for his children by successfully tossing a ball into a basket. Mom with her kids had a ball in a bumper car. These self drive cars are always popular with old and young alike.


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 15 B


Page 16 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 BF225 225 hp, V6, 4-stroke outboard Exclusive Honda design offers incredibly quiet operation Smooth, powerful acceleration Best 3-Year limited outboard warranty in the industry 24-valve, SOHC VTEC design PROVENAlways wear a personal flotation device while boating and read your owner s manual. 2007 American H onda Motor Co., Inc. We offer complete service on all Honda outboards and take pride in providing the kind of customer satisfaction that you expect from Honda. The Reliabilitys Built In Master Marine & Cycle Marsh Harbour Tel: 367.4760/ 577.0232 Phone: (242) 367-0365 Cell: (242) 357-6638Abaco, Bahamas Bill Thorndycraft & Sandra Evans www.AbacoWaterfrontProperties.com A Sandra Evans Company NEW! Great Abaco Club luxury home $1.149 million NEW! Great Abaco Club luxury lot $575,000 3-acre mixed-use commercial Under Contract Bahama Coral Island: 2 water view lots $20,000@ Bahama Palm Shores: undeveloped lot $19,950. Great Cistern Cay: 3/2, water front SALE PENDING. Guana Cay: hilltop, dockage SALE PENDING Guana Cay: 7 acres sea to sea SOLD Leisure Lee: canal property SOLD Sand Bank Creek: 3/2, new build, dock $375,000. Sand Bank Creek: one acre waterfront $98,000. Treasure Cay: 100 luxury frontage SALE PENDING. Turtle Rocks: view, beach access SALE PENDING Turtle Rocks: 2 one acre beach front $208,500@ Rental: 3/2, water front $3,250./month Occupied Armed Robbery with Violence A desk clerk at the Abaco Beach Resort was held up about 2 a.m. by two gunmen wearing ski masks and gloves while she was at work on February 7. Cash was stolen. One suspect from Murphy Town was arrested later that day. Shop Breaking and Stealing The office of Sea Horse Boat Rentals at Abaco Beach Resort was broken into between February 6 and 7. Cash and a 26-foot Paramount with a 250 HP engine was taken. The boat, valued at $60,000. was recovered during the morning of February 7 off Dundas Town with extensive damage to the bow of the boat. Stealing and Damage Stolen were fifty-five gallons of diesel fuel valued at $260 and a $150 pump was damaged at a job site in Central Pines Estates on February 2. The fuel and pump belonged to Deveauxs Trucking company. Causing Harm A resident of the Mud was arrested on February 8 for causing harm. Damage A bus driver collecting students at Abaco Central High School on February 7 reported that students threw rocks at her bus breaking three rear windows. Unlawfully Carrying Arms The Principal of Abaco Central High School reported on February 8 that a ninth grade student was in possession of a blackhandled silver flip-blade knife. The Youth was arrested and will appear before the Juvenile Panel. Causing Harm A Nassau man reported that while at a night club on Don MacKay Boulevard on February 9 he was attacked by two men who knocked him with a chair, burst him with a bottle and beat him about the body. Armed Robbery The Video World business on Forest Drive was broken into on February 11 by two armed gunmen who held the proprietor at gun point and robbed him of cash. Causing Harm A Spring City resident was beaten about his body by a group of men, one of whom he knew, on February 11. The incident took place at the barber shop located in the plaza of the Old Jam Rock building on Don MacKay Boulevard. Assault with a Deadly Weapon A resident of Charlie Boo Corner in Marsh Harbour had a man he knew pull a shotgun on him on February 16. Later in the day the man was arrested and his gun and Mitsubishi vehicle were confiscated. Moving a Vehicle Without the Owners Consent A resident of the Mud, Marsh Harbour, reported on February 16 that his Honda trail motorcycle was taken from the basketball court in the area of the Mud. He was told it was taken by someone he knew. Later, the man believed to have taken the motorcycle was taken to the government clinic with serious injuries from a motorcycle crash. He had to be airlifted to the hospital in Nassau. Stealing from a Dwelling House A residence in Murphy Town was entered on February 16 and a X-Box Game, a Nintendo Game Cube and 3 X-Box Games were stolen with a total value of $1,065. Later that day two Murphy Town suspects were arrested and one game was recovered. Shop Break in A wooden stall in Dundas Town was broken into between February 10 17 and $100 worth of frozen fish, $76 worth of shrimp and $33 worth of conch were stolen. Attempted Housebreaking There was an attempted break-in on February 17 at residence in Government Subdivision in Marsh Harbour. The owner drove his vehicle around and picked up a suspect whom he took to the police station. He was a 13-year-old resident of the Pigeon Peas. Threats of Death and Assault A resident of Dundas Town reported that on February 18 her boyfriend slapped her face and verbally threatened to kill her. Assault with a Deadly Weapon A group of four men broke into a Marsh Harbour residence on February 18. On leaving, one man fired a shotgun in the air and the four then left a grey vehicle. The police have the vehicle license plate number. Attempted Armed Robbery A Mud resident was approached on February 23 by someone he knew while he was in the area of the Mud basketball court. The culprit searched him for money while another man pointed a handgun at him. He ran away before being robbed. A suspect was later arrested. Causing Harm A resident of the Mud was attacked by a group of young men who hit him with a chair and beat him about the bod with their fists and feet while he was at the soccer field in Murphy Town on February 25. Threats of Harm and Causing Harm On February 24, a Murphy Town woman was pulled into a vehicle by an ex-boyfriend. He sped off without her being properly seated resulting in her receiving injuries. He then threatened to chap her up putting her in fear of bodily harm. The man came to the police station, was arrested and later released. Assault A marsh Harbour woman was punched in the face by a young man she knew while at the Pub Bar in Sandy Point on February 24. Assault A Sandy Point resident was approached by a man he knew along with four boys who punched him in the back of his head while he walked on Owen Street, Sandy Point, on February 24. Possession of Dangerous Drugs A resident of Murphy Town was searched when he was in the area of Central Pines Estates. A marijuana cigarette was found in his pants pocket. He was charged, then released on $500 bail. Stealing About 100 gallons of gasoline valued at $365 and 50 gallons of diesel valued at $170 were stolen on February March 2 from a truck belonging to Abaco Petroleum.Police Crime Report


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 17 B OCEAN BLUE PROPER OCEAN BLUE PROPER OCEAN BLUE PROPER OCEAN BLUE PROPER OCEAN BLUE PROPER TIESTIES TIESTIES TIES Member B.R.E.A. G.P.O. Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas Telephone 1-561-656-9708 Telephone/Fax 1-242-365-4636 E-mail: oceanblu@batelnet.bs www.oceanblueproperties.comSales, Rentals and Property ManagementON GREEN TURTLE CAY: New listing! 1/3 acre oceanfront lot with 120' on sandy beach on north end of Munjack Cay. Use of private shared dock on Sea of Abaco. $295,000 plus 7% to close. New listing! New construction project. Model cottage on site already sold! Two bedrooms, two full baths. 30'x42' cottage with attached 9'x12' garage/ shed. Just steps to Coco Bay Beach. Central A/C. Reverse osmosis system. Ceiling fans throughout. Stove & side by side refrigerator included. $495,000 plus 7% to close. New listing! 12,000 sq.ft. lot with 75' on Bluff Harbour waterfront. High elevation with outstanding water views. Use of private shared dock. $650,000 plus 7% to close. New Listing! 4 acre sea-to-sea Bahamian estate with approximately 420 on the Atlantic Ocean and 300 on Black Sound, with private dock. Furnished main house has three bedrooms, two baths, fireplace, swimming pool, observation tower, gazebo and A/C in bedrooms. Attached furnished owner unit has one bedroom and one bath. Spectacular ocean views. 3 small boats, 2 all-terrain vehicles. Good elevation. Owner financing available. $4.75 million plus 7% to close. 22,000 sq. ft. inland lot within walking distance of Lagoon Beach Cove on the north end of Munjack Cay. Access roads to private shared dock on the Sea of Abaco and the beach road to the Atlantic Ocean Beach. $85,000.00 plus 7% Two story furnished home with outstanding views of Black Sound and Gillam Bay. 1.67 acres. Total three bedrooms; three baths; two kitchens/living/dining areas. Central A/C. Guest house with one bedroom and one bath. Two vehicles. 120 dock on hurricane sheltered Black Sound. Large porch and surrounding deck. $1.99 million, includes all closing fees. 190 water front 12,500 sq. ft. lot on Coco Bay. Dredged channel. Good elevation, private dock. $650,000 plus 7% to close. New Listing! 19,175 sq. ft. lot within walking distance of two great beaches and a major resort. $201,300 with all closing costs in. Two bedroom two bath furnished home with enclosed porch, large deck, laundry room, and generator. New free-standing carport shelter. 1/4 acre. $485,000 with all closing costs in. 15,870 sq. ft. lot with views of and access to Atlantic Ocean. $250,000 inclusive of all closing costs. 85 of beach front on Bight O Bay. One acre. Can build four homes with outlying buildings. $840,000 with all closing costs in. New listing! Mainland Abaco. Two deep water waterfront lots on Sea of Abaco. Approximately 18,000 sq. ft. each. Utilities available. $150,000 and $185,000 each with all closing costs in. New listing! Mainland Abaco. Ten acre parcel with 150 on Abaco Highway and water front on Angel Fish Creek. Near Fire Road. $325,000 with all closing costs in. SOLD Gillam Bay Beach Parcel SOLD Lot 5 Coco Bay Estates Out Islands Finest Vacation Homes Waterfront Properties New Marina Rentals & Sales1 Purple Porpoise Place Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas Chris & Peggy Thompson, Proprietors Phone 242-366-0224 Fax 242-366-0434 Sea Cliff, 3 BR 3 BA luxury residence, within steps of beach, professionally decorated. $1,220,000 NEW LISTING Mariners Cove 1509 Town House, 2 BR 1 1/ 2 BA, direct harbour view in desirable 1500 building. Fully furnished, includes garage. $365,000 NEW LISTING Royal Palm 3 BR, 3 BA furnished $553,500 SOLD Royal Palm 2 BR, 2 BA Marina front condo, fully furnished, with boat slip. Tropical decor $575,000 Helen's Point, Galleon Bay Waterfront 4 BR, 3 BA Home, Sea of Abaco views $1,388,000 Galleon Bay Road Homesite overlooking Treasure Cay Marina $405,000 SOLD Atlantis 2 BR, 2 BA Canal front condo with 14 wide boat slip. Completely redone with furnishings. $549,000 Beach Villa 685 2 BR, 2 BA, steps away from pool and beach $275,000 UNDER CONTRACT Razzall House, Treasure Cay Beach 4 BR, 3 BA Ocean front, fully furnished with excellent rental history. $1,735,000 Parker Place, Galleon Bay, spacious 4 BR waterfront home with beautiful Sea of Abaco views. $995,000.000 Treasure House, Ocean front 2 BR, 2 BA Island decor, top-sider villa overlooking gigantic lagoon pool $579,000 Royal Palm 2 BR 2 BA on marina with beautiful fu rnishings and boat slip. $562,000 Bahama Beach Club 3 BR, 3 BA $705,000 UNDER CONTRACT Anchorage Estates Lots 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 $834,949 UNDER CONTRACT Anchorage Estates Lots 29 and 30 $691,642 SOLD Canal Lot 8 Block 198 Galleon Bay Drive $310,000 SOLD Bahamas: 242-477-5056 USA: 843-278-0277 Fax: 242-365-8508 Email:jic@oii.net ww.johncashrealty.comJohn Cash, B.R.I., C.R.S. Licensed Real Estate Broker Certified Residential SpecialistPO Box 22212 Treasure Cay Abaco BahamasMarch 1, 2007 By Mirella Santillo The Bahamas Telecommunication Corporation held an open house on Valentines Day as a promotion for its Cyber World program and to boost the sales and give back to the community, explained BTCs Abaco Manager, Ms. Arlene Clark. The days event which was named Sweet Talk was designed to express love for the community, said Ms Clark. The shop was decorated with a multitude of red and pink balloons and hearts hanging from the ceiling. A rose was handed out to the first 100 women to walk through the door and all through the day chocolates and sweets were offered to the public. People paying a minimum of $100 on their bill or spending that amount in the products shop were eligible to enter a raffle. Prizes had been donated by local businesses which in turn were rewarded by all-day free advertising on Radio Abaco. Employees were allowed to enter as long as they followed the rules. Mr. Edward Alisch, who was paying his bill, won the first prize, a 20-inch flat screen television. Other prizes included gift baskets from John Bull, Abaco Treasures and Abaco Neem Shop, a $100 gift certificate from Bakers Bay redeemable at Wallys, wine from Burns House and Tupps, a Chocolate cell phone from BTC and a large pizza from Abaco Pizza. Ms. Clark said that she was overwhelmed by the turnout. A large crowd showed up that day. Abaconians are always looking for something to do, she commented. Husbands sent their wives with credit cards and women bought for their men. Persons turned in after hours to get their prizes. The event was the first one done by local personnel, explained Ms. Clark, and it is also the first of a series of similar events that will be held throughout the year. She announced that there will be an open house for Mothers Day and Fathers Day, a Summer Splash and, of course, special activities for Christmas.BTC holds Open House Emalin Sawyer, Batelcos Technical manager on Abaco, and Ms. Arlene Clark, Acting Senior Manager Abaco, were delighted with the reponse by the public to the Open House they had at Batelcos Marsh Harbour office on Valentines Day. By Julian Lockhart Victoria Forbes was an 18-year-old high school student at the Abaco Central High School who didnt know what her future would be until Peter Bradley stepped in and has now given her the opportunity for a bright future. Mr. Bradley is a jeweler and gemologist from England who works at the Conch Pearl Galleries in Marsh Harbour. He has taught Victoria, a 12th grade student, the art of creating jewelry from scratch and learning the trade. Mr. Bradley is one of many ex-patriots living on Abaco who has a trade or skill he can pass on to another generation. He has decided to ensure his skills are passed on. Mr. Bradley said, Part of being somebody who does this sort of thing is to pass on the knowledge to someone else. It is possible to get it from books, but it is much better if you have someone who is actually teaching you. She (Ms. Forbes) was highly recommended by her art teacher. So we tried her out, and we have come to love her and want to see her succeed. I think it is very important for an older generation to pass on their knowledge to a younger generation. This is one of the things we are trying to do because the skills will be lost and so few people in The Bahamas have the skills to pass on. This is what I think life is all about, he added. Ms. Forbes was recommended to Mr. Bradley by her art teacher, Laurie Thompson, after she showed tremendous abilities during classes. She is learning the art of creating jewelry, working with the different stones and pearls and gaining a better grasp on her painting skills. Ms. Forbes, who is part Haitian, part Bahamian, loves to paint and said she just does it for fun at this time. If she gets better, she will look into selling her art work. From here Ms. Forbes is looking into going to school in the United States to further her skills and is hoping to make a future for herself in the jewelry business. She said, To tell you the truth I dont know why I wanted to learn to make jewelry, but I just thought it was a pretty cool thing to do. I really enjoyed it at school at first and I thought it would be something nice to learn. It has been pretty good. I have learnt a lot so far. I have learnt to make stuff I never knew how to make, especially dealing with conch pearls and all of that, Ms. Forbes concluded.Student Learns Jewelry Making Victoria Forbes


Page 18 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 John Bull Ltd.is looking for people who: Know what it means to give outstanding customer service Have an interest in retail sales and management Desire to bring fun and enthusiasm to our family Truly believe the customer always comes first We offer: A great group of people to work with A competitive benefits package An outstanding employee discount policy All of the training you'll need to be highly successful Only those interested in helping us uphold our world famous reputation for customer service need apply. If you want to learn more about retail for a future career or would like to grow with us, please complete an application form (available at all locations) and attach a current resume, photo and a copy of a current police certificate and hand deliver to: The Store Manager John Bull, Marsh Harbour, Abaco Tel: (242) 367-2473We ShouldTalkexcitingcareerin retailLooking for an?The premier retailer in The Bahamas, has openings in the following area: Sales Associates Marsh Harbour,AbacoBvlgari Cartier Coach David Yurman Dooney & Bourke Gucci Guess John Bull Business Centre La Parfumerie is a private charter plane company providing safe, reliable transportation to and from the islands of the Bahamas and southeastern Florida.has opened its new facility at the Marsh Harbour International Airport. We are a full service FBO with Customs, Immigration, Fuel, VIP Lounge and many other five star services. We handle all your aircraft ground handling service needs the way you want. CHEROKEE AVIATION Tel.# 242-367-0525 Fax.# 242-367-0526 VHF 122.80P.O.Box AB 20485 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Email : fboinfo@cherokeeair.comCHEROKEE AIR Tel.# 242-3673450 Fax.# 242-3673451P.O.Box AB 20485 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Email : info@cherokeeair.comCherokee Air Cherokee AviationCongratulations to Alicia Sawyer Alicia Sawyer Alicia Sawyer Alicia Sawyer Alicia Sawyer andand andand and Shane CookShane Cook Shane CookShane Cook Shane Cook on their engagement From families Claudia, Faron, Ariel Angela and Charlie major a ccident three and a half months ago. Giving that I have some physical setback I am proud to know I finished second overall. It is very difficult to compete without a bowling alley because you need to be able to keep your coordination, your rhythm and consistency of the game. You also have to keep a strong mental focus, he added. Last year Mr. Lockhart proved he is not only one of the best bowlers in The Bahamas but also in the world as he finished second in the mens division at the 3rd Commonwealth Championships in Melbourne, Australia, in July. Mr Lockhart said, That was a huge achievement to me and I was very proud of myself.Sport facilities are neededBy Julian Lockhart Abaco has produced numerous top athletes including Olympians Savatheda Fynes and Troy McIntosh. However, since Ms. Fynes there has not been a top notch athlete to come from the Family Islands. Over the last 15 years Abaco has seen a steady decline in its athletic product because of numerous reasons, but paramount is the lack of facilities and the disrepair of the facilities that are in place. Alphaeus Hawk Finlayson, Director of the National Sports Advisory Council, was on Abaco on February 14-16 visiting the numerous communities to hear from them what their needs are in terms of facilities, coaching, lack thereof and training and what the talent level currently is. The council is looking at improving the sporting facilities in all the Family by Bishop Johnny Lowe and Rev. Stafford Symonette. A beautiful breakfast reception was held at the Full Gospel Fellowship Hall. The couple honeymooned on a seven-day Caribbean cruise and will reside in Treasure Cay. Eve is the daughter of Brian and Roberta Russell and Leo is the son of the late Mr. Moxey and Sybil Williams. The afternoon of February 24th in the quaint settlement of Crossing Rocks, Ms. Diane Bain and Mr. Edison Moss were joined in holy matrimony. The wedding took place at St. Marks Baptist Church and was officiated by Rev. Napoleon Roberts. The ceremony was followed by a festive reception at the school grounds. Ms. Diane is the daughter of Mr. Joseph and Carolyn Bain of Crossing Rocks and Edison is the son of Ms. Ismae Moss of Eleuthera. Congratulations to both couples.Thank YouThe communities of North Abaco thanks Nurse Francis, who provided dedicated services during her stay here with us. Nurse Francis worked at the Coopers Town Community Clinic where her demonstration of professionalism was evident seen in her day-to-day operations.WelcomeThe communities in North Abaco welcomes to Nurse Shamell Weech, who has been transferred here from New Providence and is a newly graduate Registered NorthFrom Page 6 Please see Sports Page 11 Nurse. Abaco is home to her as she is a resident of Sandy Point.FarewellThe community of North Abaco thanks Const. Zhivargo Hepburn for the service he rendered while stationed in the North Abaco District of the Royal Bahamas Police Force. He has worked among us and has provided unselfish, dedicated and committed services to the people of North Abaco. Our young men have developed character and became better citizens because of the example he set for them.Welcome HomeIt is with great pleasure that the community of Treasure Cay welcomes back home Const. Kenny Thompson, a native of Treasure Cay. He has been serving the public in the Royal Bahamas Police Force for almost 10 years. He has just been transferred from the island of Grand Bahama to Abaco where he will serve Abaconians and give back to his community.Get WellGet well wishes are extended to Mr. Albert Bootle of Treasure Cay. Mr. Bootle, an employee at the Government Price Control Department, was hit by a driver while carrying out his daily exercise activities. He was flown into Nassau for further observation and is now back home recovering. Islands, but Abaco was the first stop. Mr. Finlayson said, We need to get the facilities throughout the country up to par as much as possible. I think that it is a question us recommending, and government having the will to do what needs to be done. The Bahamas is not just Nassau and Grand Bahama; it is the whole country. What we have done today is to come to Moores Island that is the largest island off any island chain in population. They do have talent and we need to ensure the facilities are there and upgraded. We have to ensure the coaches in the area get upgraded as much as the athletes. So it is the facilities, athletes and organizations. Based on the means of the government, our recommendations will be strong, he added. Ishmael Stretch Morley, Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture representative on Abaco, has already gathered the necessary information as to which facilities are in need of repair in the various communities and which of them need totally new facilities. Mr. Finlayson said the government forfeited the Bahamas Games in an attempt to upgrade the facilities in the Family Islands because the athletes from the various islands are competing against New Providence and Grand Bahama and those islands have all the facilities. Abaco also faces the problem of being so spread out and only having two government high schools. Thus students have to be bussed in and out of school and cant stay behind for after school sports programs.


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 19 Bstorage. Vast deck oceanside with widows walk. WOW! MLS $2,500,000 + 7.5% closing Cross Winds Split level CBS home extra large lot across from 2 beach greenways. Private. Master bed/ bath suite upstairs. Lower level 2 bed / 2 bath, cozy living room/ kitchen/ dining/ utility. Apartment annex 1bed/ 1 bed, living kitchen, enclosed patio. Plus! Plus! Plus! MLS $820,000 + 7.5% closing OCEAN BLVD. CASUARINA BEACH Seagrapes Planned for Beach Living. This CBS ocean front home sits on 2+ acres fully landscaped. Plan includes 3 bed/ 3.5 bath with master suite and one guest bedroom facing ocean. Large open concept living/ dining/kitchen, with covered porch, all offer direct ocean views/ access. Some extra features include garage and large detached CBS garage/ workshop/boat storage. MLS $3,500,000 + 7.5% Closing WINDWARD BEACH ESTATES Dream Point Special CBS split level home located on a corner lot near The Point with two choices of direct beach access. Upper level has master bedroom with ensuite bath plus two guest bdrooms and bath. On the split level there is the main entry into a large open living/dining area, modern well-equipped kitchen. All rooms open onto a wrap-around partially covered deck overlooking the garden. Ground level has an extra large garage/ workshop with lots of storage. EXC. $996,300 FGS ROCK POINT Pilot House special unique location with a commanding, enviable view of the Sea of Abaco. Water front home, 2 storey, CBS/ frame. Upstairs master and guest bed, 2 baths, large living/ dinning/ open kitchen; lower level 1bed / 1 bath, 2 car garage plus 1 car/boat garage. MLS $1,160,000 + 7.5% closing Apartment four-plex, 2 storey CBS building, each level has 2 full apartments with 2 bed, 1 bath, living/dining/kitchen. Great rental investment. MUST SEE! EXC. $400,000 FGS Brokers Anne Albury Marcellus Roberts Sales Associate Everett Pinder(242) 365-8538 Ph (242) 365-8587 Ph/Fax Treasure Cay Properties Offered by Treasure Cay SpecialistsTreasure Cay has one of the world's best Beaches, Golf Course, Tennis, full service Marina, just naming a few amenities. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information We not only sell here, we live here and love it.Mailing address: P.O. Box AB22183, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas E-mail: info@treasurecayrealestate.comMember NEW STORAGE UNITS, centrally located in Treasure Cay town centre. Storage units come inassorted sizes for boats, cars, golf carts and stuff. EXC. Starting at $25,000 FGS CONDOMIUM DEVELOPMENTS 1. CARLETON LANDING Newest opportunity Canal front condo and cottage units with available boat slips Starting at $680,000 +14%closing 2. PALM BAY Townhouse units in protected harbour with boat slips Phase One SOLD OUT Phase Two COMING SOON 3. THE COTTAGES Now the newest oceanfront development on Treasure Cay beach com prising individual luxury units Starting at $750,000 + 14% closing 4. BAHAMA BEACH CLUB Luxury condominium project on Treasure Cay Beach. 3 bed / 3 bath / Den / Lanai / onsite pool and many other features Starting at $825,000 Plus 14% closing 5. ROYAL POINCIANA TOWNHOUSES with onsite pool and tennis, newly completed luxury townhouse units directly on Treaure Cay Beach totalling 3 bed/ 4 1/2 baths plus loft bedroom/ den Ground floor garage, 2 bed/ 2 bath with ocean front patio First floor open concept living / dining/ kitchen plus master bedrom suite, all ocean views with patio/ balcony Loft bedroom/ den with ocean view $1908,000 + 14% Closing MARINERS COVE Townhouse condos with on-site tennis and heated pool Marina view, 2 bed/ 1 1/2 bath, fully fur nished, never rented, extra feathures. MUST SEE EXC $351,000 + 7.5% closing TREASURE LANDING Unit #4 Upstairs 3 bed/2bath fully furnished, direct beach access. EXC. $514,250 FGS ROYAL PALM Canal Front Condos with on-site Tennis and Pool 2 bed / 2 bath lower unit, 16 wide slip, includes golf cart and 22 boat EXC. $553,500 FGS TREASURE HOUSE Ocean front luxury octagonal units with lagoon/ pool/waterfall. Good rental potential. Unit #7 Two storey 2 bed/ 2 bath home. MLS $636,000 + 7.5% closing Unit #9 Two storey 2 bed/ 2 bath home MLS $575,000 + 7.5% closing BAHAMA BEACH CLUB Resale condos available in first completed project. Ready to go. Both units never rented but definite potential. MUST SEE PROPERTIES. Upstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den / op tional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully furnished. EXC. $882,000 FGS Downstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den/ optional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully furnished with many extra features including garage and Ford Taurus $1,002,000 FGS ATLANTIS Canal Front Condos with on-site Pool Bldg 1 Lower unit 2 bed / 2 bath, 15 wide boat slip, includes car. Newly decroated. MUST SEE EXC. $500,000 FGS Bldg 4 Downstaris end unit 2 bed / 2 bath, totally redone, 12 wide slip EXC. $435,600 FGS SAND DOLLAR Unit #3 Ocean front, downstairs 2 bed/2 bath, fully furnished. $640,000 FGS ROYAL POINCIANA Ocean Front Condos with on site pool and tennis 2 bed / 2 bath downstairs end unit with wrap-around deck. Never rented. Fully and tastefully furnished. Special must see unit. EXC. $665,500 FGS OCEAN VILLA SUBDIVISION Special garden location near pool, 2 bed / 2 bath. Great rental unit with many repeat guests EXC.$369,000 FGS Second row beach with direct ocean access. Great view. 2 bed / 2 bath, many special features. MUST SEE EXC. $553,500 FGS SANDPIPER BEACH Lacey Daze Spectacular 4 bed/ 3 1/2 bath CBS home with panoramic ocean views and direct beach access from every room but one via decks and patios. The main house has living/ dining/ kitchen/ master bedroom suite, two guest bedrooms with bath, powder room, double garage and utility/ workshop area. Included with its own entrance is a private 1 bedroom/ 1 bath apartment with an open living/ dining/ kitchen with its own deck. Many features. MUST SEE. EXC. $2,220,000 FGS GALLEON BAY DRIVE Gramling House newly built, 2 storey home located on Galleon Bay canal with a 45 dock. Upper level has 4 bed/ 2 bath. Open living/ dining/ kitchen. Lower level has 2 bed/ 1 bath, laundry room plus covered open boat/ car storage EXC $907,500 FGS LEEWARD BEACH ESTATE Trident/Turquoise Seas You cannot be more on the beach than in this special home. Offering 3 bed / 3 1/2 bath in the main house with detached garage / bed / bath / attic plusFor details and pictures visit our web page at http://www.treasurecayrealestate.comVACANT LOTS AVAILABLE Ocean front properties Casuarina Beach/Ocean Blvd. Sand Piper Beach Sunrise Point Beginning at $1,250,000 FGS Canal Front Beginning at $290,950 FGS Rock Point Waterfront, bulkheaded Beginning at $293,225 FGS Golf Course / Interior Beginning at $60,000 FGS ABBREVIATION CODE EXC Exclusive listing FGS Full gross or all-inclusive price MLS Multiple Listing List price plus buyers closing15 March 2007Advertise in The Abaconian


Page 20 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 NOTICE IN THE ESTATE OF EVERETTE ARCHERa.k.a. RICHARD EVERETTE ARCHER a.k.a. EDWARD EVERETTE ARCHER a.k.a.EVERETTE RICHARD ARCHER late of Dundas Town, Abaco, The Bahamas, deceasedNOTICE is hereby given that all persons having any claim or demand against or interest in the above Estate should send same duly certified in writing to the undersigned on or before 30th April, 2007, after which date the Executrix will proceed to distribute the assets of the Estate having regard only to the claims, demands or interests of which she shall then have had notice AND all persons indebted to the above Estate are asked to settle such debts on or before 30th April, 2007.V.M. LIGHTBOURN & CO. Attorneys for Executrix P.O. Box AB-20365 Bay Street, Marsh Harbour Abaco The Bahamas BAHAMAS HOT MIXCivil Engineering Contractor Providing Abaco & surrounding cays with the following services for over 10 years:Site clearance Earthworks Water & Sewerage installation Road paving Car park & drive ways Airfields Asphalt related products Materials testingLarge Fleet of Heavy Equipment available for rent:D8 Dozer Excavator Trucks Loaders Low Boy Rollers Tractor Heads Graders Trenchers Marsh Harbour, Abaco Tel: (242) 367-3956 367-3957 Fax: (242) 367-3959 BAHAMAS HOT MIX For FREE estimates contact Harlin Johnson Special Summer/Fall Air Fare for Bahamian Residents All travel on these tickets must be completed by 12/15/2006. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket counters or through the Ft Lauderdale office and must be paid in full at time of purchase. Purchaser must present valid Bahamian passport with US visa, or valid passport ofanother country with valid Bahamian work permit and valid US visa at time ofpurchase. Tickets are non-refundable. Baggage allowance of 50 lbs including carry-on. Excess baggage traveling with you is $0.70 per pound and travels on a space available basis. All freight and excess luggage checked in at departure will travel within one week at the rate of $0.45 per pound.Abaco Price $190 plus US taxes of $38.65 and Bahamian departure tax ($15)Eleuthera Price $240 plus US and Bahamian taxesSPECIAL FREIGHT RATEDeliveries Thru October 31, 2006$0.45 per pound (DIM Weight Pricing)Marsh Harbour 367-0140 Treasure Cay 365-8660 Ft. Lauderdale 954-359-8266 North Eleuthera 335-1696 Governors Harbour 332-3340 Rock Sound 334-2795 Obituaries of Family and FriendsThe funeral service for Rosita Thervil, 66, of Marsh Harbour was held on March 3 at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Marsh Harbour. Father Rodger Madrazo officiated assisted by other ministers. Interment was in the Marsh Harbour Public Cemetery. She is survived by her sons Rosner, Nixton, Max, Luc and Alin Thervil; daughter Linda Thervil; brothers Anouse, George, Jean-Ronal and Fidner Louis; sisters Gerta, Astrid, Maryange and Mimose Louis; grandchildren Mike, Rahem, Britney, Shaquille, Nic, Alicia, Antoinia, Luc Jr., Shanti, Diesha and Shuna, Aleah and Lamont Thervil; nephews John, Jean Claude, Joseph, Sonn, and Wister Thervil; nieces Franc, Carmen and Carlene Timothee; brothers-in-law Roland and Mac Antoine Thervil; sisters-in-law Alzine, Genene and Bernadette; and many other relatives and friends. By Julian Lockhart The New Entry Band has taken the Abaco music scene by storm! Since hitting the market 10 months ago the seven-man band has erupted into a sought after group that is the number one draw for numerous hot spots around Abaco. Wherever this band goes, so go the patrons. A group of talented individuals have morphed into a band that has proven they can sing any form of music and do so with clarity and precision. The band is made up of vocalists Wilner Pierre, 24; Anderson Alcime, 24;and Davidson Cadet, 18; base Francois Innocent, 23; guitar Marc Philistin, 26; keyboard Wilkinson Forestale, 21; and drummer Datus Farrington, 30. Despite performing every weekend, New Entry is in the studio trying to cut a record with its own material. Mr. Pierre said they will mix a number of sounds together, music from Haiti and The Bahamas, for their new sound and hopefully will take the market by storm. Six of the seven members of New Entry are Haitian-Bahamian and all were born on Abaco. The seventh member, Mr. Farrington, is a Bahamian from New Providence and is currently with the Royal Bahamas Police Force. These seven men make up the New Entry Band that is become very popular since they began playing together ten months ago. They are very talented as they can play any music and never seem to tire. Band with Haitian roots is popularMr. Philistin said, It was difficult proving to people we can do this because of the way the Bahamian community viewed us and the type of intimidation we faced. I think we can bridge that gap between the two communities with a positive attitude. We can set a positive example for both communities since we are bi-cultural. It is very important we stay out of trouble because most of the people in the community know us and we grew up as Christian, he added. Despite being from the Haitian communities in Abaco, New Entry is proving its talent is enough to put aside any differences and they feel they can help bridge the gap between the two communities. Besides singing in the band, they all have full time jobs and completely support themselves. The group is willing to play anywhere and at any function and can fit into whatever play list is requested. They perform for up to five hours and never seem to get tired as their voices can go on and on. Everywhere they go the crowd is energized and rises to their feet. As one visitor said, it seems as if the beat and their voices have ones feet moving uncontrollably.


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 21 B All that parcel of land having an area of 14,400 sq ft, being a portion of the Dundas Town Crown Allotment. This land is rectangular in shape with dimensions of 80 ft by 180. Located on the above mentioned lot is a concrete block structure with dimensions of 27 x 40. This house is an approximate 30 yr old single family residence comprising of 3-bedrooms, 1-bathroom, living/dining area and kitchen. This house is in fairly good condition for its age with a projected future life of about 25 to 30 more years. The land rises above road level, to a height in excess of approximately 15 ft above sea level, with no likelihood of flooding in a hurricane. The grounds are sparsely landscaped. Appraised value $90,000.00Investment Opportunity (Abaco) Must SellOne two bedrooms, 1 bathroom, triplex. Approximately 9,000 sq. ft. lot no. 18B with an area for a small shop. Age-12 years the land is a portion of one of the Dundas Town Crown Allotment parcels stretching from Forest Drive to Front Street, being just under a quarter acre in size and on the lowside. A concrete block structure, with asphalt shingle roof and L-shape in design with a total length of 70 x 26 ft. Plus 50 x 22 ft. 2,920 sq. Ft. the interior walls are concrete blocks; ceiling is sheet rock and the floors of vinyl tiles. Appraised value $268,225.00 All that lot of land having an area of approximately 10,400 sq. ft. Being a portion of Lot No. 60, of the original Murphy Town Crown Allotment situated in the settlement called and known as Murphy Town Crown. The subject property presently contains a single storey wooden/concrete structure. The subject building is being utilized as a primary dwelling with approximately 900 sq. ft. of interior floor space containing 2bedrooms, 1-bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen spaces. The building appears structurally sound. However, the interior and exterior are in need of refurbishment to improve aesthetics. The building has an additional sealed floor adjourning which can accommodate construction of a duplex unit. The property landscape is not relevant at this stage. All utilities are within 100 ft of the property. Appraised value $75,660.00 All that lot of land having an area of 6,790 sq ft, being Crown Allotment No. 77, of Murphy Town, Abaco, Bahamas. Located on the subject property is a single storey single family concrete building. This house is less than 5 yr old and is in good condition with approximately 1,750 sq, ft of living space, and contains 3bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, living room, dining, kitchen, laundry, and utility spaces. There is no significant improvements or deterioration evident. The property is very well drained and not susceptible to flooding. Landscaping efforts are still in remedial stages. All major public and private utilities are situate within 100ft of the subject site. Property bounderies are clearly delineated. The subject property is situate off the Front Street, Murphy Town, Abaco and is painted light yellow trimmed dark yellow. Appraised value $167,580.005. Vacant property Dundas TownLot No. 21, Crown Allotment, this is vacant land approximately 10,810 sq. ft. situated off S.C. Bootle Drive. Appraised value: $15,890.00For more information Contact P.O. Box N-7518 Nassau, NP, Bahamas Phone 242-502-3077 or 242-326-1771 2.Murphy Town 3.Dundas Town 4.Murphy Town 1.Dundas Town


Page 22 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE The Human Resource Director Fidelity 51 Frederick Street P.O. Box N-4853 Nassau, Bahamas f: 326.3000 e-mail: careers@fidelitybahamas.comSend resume no later than March 31st, 2007 to: Fidelity is now inviting applications for: 2 Customer Service RepresentativesThe successful applicants will have the following minimum requirements: Responsibilities will include:With origins in The Bahamas since 1978 and in the Cayman Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands since 1980, Fidelity is a financial services group offering a comprehensive range of domestic and international banking, estate planning, pension and insurance services, corporate finance, and other financial products and services.5 BGCSEs with minimum of C Passes to include Math & English but preferably an Associate Degree in Banking Excellent command of Creole A professional demeanor with a good attitude and work ethic Have a responsible and honest nature Previous experience a plus The execution and processing of all money transactions; Ongoing compliance reviews to ensure adherence to K.Y.C. and anti-money laundering guidelines The knowledge and use of Bahamian Exchange control regulations; Administrative and clerical duties and daily balances; Participation in marketing campaigns and sales events COMING SOON ...Christmas Items!!! COMING SOON ...Christmas Items!!! Specializing inCarpets, Vinyl, Linolium, Installation of carpets available! Patio Furniture and Accessories for the home.NOW OPEN, in the Old C&A Building beside Lowes PharmacyOpen Mon Frid: 9:30am 4:00pm Closed Sat. & Sun.Telephone : 242-367-0541 Up to 3 daily flights between Fort Lauderdale andMarsh Harbour/Treasure Cay On twin-engine Cessna 402c aircraftFort Lauderdale International Airport Ph. 954-359-0380, Fx 954-359-7944islandexpressair@yahoo.comMarsh Harbour 242-367-3597 Treasure Cay 242-365-8741Junior AchieversBrittany Symonette Wins Speech CompetitionBy Samantha V. Evans Junior Achievement Abaco held its speech competition on February 17 at Friendship Tabernacle. Six achievers entered the competition: Davina Knowles and Brittany Symonette from BTC, Matthew Wedgewood, Shaventi Spence and Lindsay Lowe from BEC, and Molina Jeune from Water and Sewerage. The theme for Junior Achievement this year is Fulfilling the Dream The official judges for all J.A. speech competitions come from Toastmasters. Mr. Glenroy Rolle and Ms. Deborah Pratt, two Toastmasters from Freeport, were present for the judging. To prepare for this competition, the achievers attended a workshop held in Freeport on January 27th sponsored by the Toastmasters to teach them the rules of the competition including general delivery of speeches and the technical aspects including the timing system. The competition got off to a great start as the students gave their views on the theme. A few students gave some very important points that were the highlights of the speech competition. At the end of the competition, three persons were named as the top finishers: Brittany Symonette, the overall winner; Shavanti Spence, second place; Molina Jeune, third place. These three ladies received plaques and all contestants received certificates of participation. Brittany Symonette and Shavanti Spence represented Abaco in the National Speech Competition in Nassau. News of the YouthSix Junior Achievers competed in the Junior Achievement Speech Competition held on February 17.Members Worship at Friendship TabernacleOn February 18th Junior Achievers from the three Abaco companies, BEC, BTC and Water and Sewerage gathered at Friendship Tabernacle for their annual church service which kicks off JA week. Speaking to a packed church on behalf of the JA Board was Ms. Samantha V. Evans, who is the Assistant Public Relations Officer and one of the persons who was instrumental in this program being active on Abaco. Junior Achievement teaches a variety of skills that no other youth program covers including business skills, how to build rapport with others, effective communication skills and networking. Relationships are formed that become lasting, meaningful connections. Ms. Evans stated that JA Abaco is on the move and the Board has a many activities planned for the remainder of this year. Some of the events are a Sports Day, Trade Fair and the Banquet that ends the year. Ms. Evans encouraged the achievers to get the best out of their JA experience. Pastor Silbert Mills presented Ms. Evans with a check to assist the speech competitors with their travel expenses to Nassau. By Samantha V. Evans As a part of the Literacy Month Activities at Central Abaco Primary Conch Salad Kathy visited the school on February 16th to promote reading and literacy. The motto of Conch Salad Kathy is If You Want to Lead, You Have to Learn to Read Instead of watching television, she encouraged the students to read a book. She stated that there are a lot of things that can distract the young people today but they need to stay focused on their goals, listen to their teachers and get their education. She told them that many kids who did not listen yesterday are now paying for it today so they should heed the word of Conch Salad Kathy who was a high school drop out and called illiterate.How was Conch Salad Kathy created?Ms. Lynn Terez Davis, also known as Dynamite Daisy, created the character Conch Salad Kathy as she wanted a character that children could relate to. Children can identify with this character because she is a senior citizen (old) and she always enters the scene on a scooter which makes her sporty. Even though Kathy did not finish school, she encourages the children to read and write. In her regular performances at schools, she also promotes various careers as well to get the students thinking about what career they think they would be good at.Conch Salad Kathy Visited CAPConch Salad Kathy


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 23 B DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST Caribbean Marine Constr Caribbean Marine Constr Caribbean Marine Constr Caribbean Marine Constr Caribbean Marine Constr uctionuction uctionuction uctionl COMMERCIAL DOCKSl BOAT LIFTSl PRIVATE DOCKSl SEA WALL CONSTRUCTIONl DOCK DEMOLITION & REMOVALOffice Tel: 367.4842 Cellular: 357.6564P.O.Box AB-20757, Marsh Harbour Whether you need residential collection once a week, regularly scheduled daily pick up for your business or periodic disposal service on a construction site.... Bahamas Waste Bahamas Waste Bahamas Waste Bahamas Waste Bahamas Waste works with you to assess your needs and exceed your expectations! Telephone : (242) 357-6888 Telephone : (242) 357-6888 Telephone : (242) 357-6888 Telephone : (242) 357-6888 Telephone : (242) 357-6888 ll ll l 367-0830 367-0830 367-0830 367-0830 367-0830Located at the Marsh Harbour Airport Roundabout, Marsh Harbour, AbacoSamantha V. Evans Teaching students whose first language is not English is a challenge for many teachers in the public school system and for many years, teachers all over The Bahamas have had the task of finding teaching skills that would appeal to the learning needs of nonEnglish speaking students. In an effort to make this process beneficial to both teachers and the students Ms. Chervon Mackey, a teacher at Central Abaco Primary School with the approval of the District Superintendent for Abaco, arranged for training to take place on February 22 by Dr. George Iber, from Nova Southeastern University. The training session was held for all the primary school teachers of the public schools on Abaco and took place at Central Abaco Primary School. The Bahamas has often been referred to as a melting point, especially on Abaco where we see persons moving into this community everyday who do not speak English or whose first language is not English. They are required to register their children in schools in our country. The workshop was to help educators understand methods and skills needed to teach these students. Dr. Iber stated that one of the main reasons kids want to learn to speak English is so they can have friends. Adults attend an classes to learn English for employment or workrelated reasons. Even though some children entering schools for the first time can speak some English, there are others that can speak no English. Therefore, their Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills is zero or very low. Dr. Iber explained that this type of skill is learned on the street. Since very little English or no English is spoken at home or play, they never really get to enhance this skill. Research states that it takes two to three years for a child new to a culture to learn basic communication skills. Dr. Iber explained that it will take these children five to seven years to become proficient in this new language, assuming they are exposed to it at least 16 hours everyday day. If they are only exposed to it at school, they only get seven hours of exposure. He encouraged the teachers to not get discouraged but to continue exposing the students to the English language because it is probably the only exposure they are getting. He told them that even though the process may appear slow, the students are learning something. He stated that schools in Florida face similar challenges but it takes caring teachers to try to connect with the students in a way that they try to understand what the child is struggling to write or say. Once they continue to care, the child will get better and better at communicating to them in English. The teachers were extremely grateful for all of the insights Dr. Iber brought to light and pledged to conAll primary school teachers in government schools had a training session on February 22 to learn to deal with children who do not speak English or whose first language is not English. They were instructed by Dr. George Iber from Nova Southeastern University. Workshop was held on English as a second languagetinue to do their best to teach all of the children who pass through their class rooms as best they can.New Florist and Gift Shop OpensBy Mirella Santillo Bella Deal, who has been working with flowers for the past 20 years, opened her own flower and gift shop on February 12th. Located Marsh Harbour in the green building across from the Quality Star Texaco Station, Passion Flower Florist and Gift Shop, not only carries fresh and silk flowers, but also bath and body products, gift items, jewelry and accent furniture. The store carries chocolates and candies. As she showed me around the shop, Mrs. Deal explained her love of flowers and plants. When I was in high school, I chose to work at Nassau Florist for experience. I love working with flowers, she confirmed. She hopes to be making flower arrangements not only for the shop, but for weddings. You may also call Passion Flower Florist and Gift Shop for information at 3673166.


Page 24 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007Oceanfront land with high rock bluffsCoconut groves, unobstructed views to Africa Hurricane Hole dock slip included Deeded Right of Way to North Beach Cabana Club and the infamous Cannon Reef Minutes to bonefish flats, boiling holes, sea park Cannon deck on north beach Marlin, tuna, wahoo and dolphin fishing Cast your fly, then cast your fish in bronze at the Johnston Art Foundry SchoolAncient Volvo burial ground for Pirates of the Caribbean TreasureLynyard Cay 100 ft. water front lots from $95,000 242-366-3503 pete@petespub.comBy appointment only References required In-house builder only Petes Pub ClubRLHYC, 1964 Little Harbour, AbacoPeter Johnston is offering land for sale to selected members only You can now find yourThe Tribuneand your favourite magazines MAN-O-WAR GROCERY BUDS & BLOOM THE CHEMIST SHOPPE HIT MUSIC & VIDEO ISLAND PHARMACY PRICE RIGHT GROCERY STORE SHELL MARSH HARBOUR SERVICE STATION TEXACO QUALITY STAR VERNONS GROCERY HOPE TOWN BAHAMAS FAMILY MARKET K & S AUTO SERVICE LTD SOLOMONS SUPERCENTER LOWES FOOD STORE GREEN TURTLE CAY Nassau and Bahama Islands Leading Newspaper ABAB ABAB AB AA AA A COCO COCO CO Nowon Sale! AT ABACO LOCATIONSWith great features and photos on Abacos Lifestyles Environment History Wildlife Activities Artisans Resorts Or subscribe and receive AbacoLifeat home4 issues $15, 8 issues $25 (includes free map!) Name__________________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip__________________________________________Rates apply to U.S. and Bahamas. Send check or money order in U.S. or Bahamian payable to: Abaco Life, P. O. Box 37487, Raleigh, NC 27627, USA By Mirella Santillo On January 29th Mrs. DShan Maycock officially stepped into the position of Education Officer at Friends of the Environment. Interested in the environment since an early age, Mrs. Maycock graduated in Environmental Science from the University of Maryland. Upon returning to The Bahamas, she worked on environmental issues on Andros and Mayaguana. She joined the BEST Commission where she worked in the Environment Impact Assessment Department, issuing guidelines and recommendations to developers. As an Education Officer for Friends of the Environment, her immediate priority is to work with schools to involve the students in projects already underway. The tag-afish project started by Professor Craig Layman at Cross Harbour Creek has had participation by many schools on Abaco. Five schools have been invited to participate: Central Abaco Primary School, Every Child Counts, St. Francis de Sales, Abaco Central High School and Sandy Point Primary School. She explained that during these field trips the students were taught about the creeks and their ecological role in the environment. They learnt about the mangroves and were made aware of the consequences of blocking a tidal creek. The building of cement reef balls is another project that she is continuing. Students from several schools built hollow cement balls with openings that were planted with coral cuttings and deposited around Mermaid Reef. More of these balls are ready to be dropped in the same area, an event planned for April. Students will subsequently monitor the coral growth of their reef balls.Friends has new education officer DShan Maycock Remember to Buckle Up By Lindsey Delaplaine On February 10 Friends of the Environment hosted a Native Plant Fair at the St. James Methodist Church in Hope Town. The purpose of the plant fair was to encourage attendees to plant native and educate them about the dangers of invasive species. Two informative speakers, an environmental troubadour and an exciting rain barrel auction made for a lovely and informative Saturday. Tanya Ferguson with the Bahamas National Trust spoke on the dangers of invasive species. She listed some of the top invasives for the Bahamas: Hawaiian sea grape, Brazilian pepper, wedilia and casuarina. She pointed out that not all nonnative plants are invasives, like the coconut palm. It is not native, but it does not invade or kill off other plants. The reason invasives are dangerous is that they strangle native plants or make the soil unsuitable for native plants to grow. If left to their own devices, it will not be too long before invasives are the only plants in the Bahamas! Steve Kvarnberg presented his favorite 50 native plants to use in landscaping. His talk was full of slides of lovely natives, almost everyone one proclaimed his favorite. He explained that while native plants may not have as much color as some exotics, they provide lovely texture and contrast between the shades of green and the leave shapes.Hope Town hosted Native Plant Fair This is one of the hand-painted rain barrels auctioned in Hope Town at a recent Native Plant Fair.


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 25 B Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9 Picture and 4 lines $25 Additional lines at $2 per line Display classified $18 per column inch We can take the photo within the Marsh Harbour area or use your photo. Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677 Houses and Land For Rent and For SaleClassified Advertisements PROPERTY & HOUSES FOR SALE RENTAL HOUSES AND APARTMENTSMan-O-War 8 acres sea to sea, 4 cottages, will divide. 100 ft. dock, 800 ft water front. Contact 242-357-6700 or 772-321-5613 Scotland Cay, 2 adjoining lots for sale, ocean beach on private island. Private paved runway and marina slips available. Each lot 125 on beach x 260 deep. Call 970-333-1055 Scotland Cay home on private island with paved runway. 4 building complex on 300 of beach front. Boats, dock, golf carts, tennis included. Details at www.summercampabacos.com Leisue Lee, waterfront community between Treasure Cay and Marsh Harbour, 100 ft waterfront, 6ft low tide, dock and boat slip, water, telephone & elect. Ready to bill $350,000 owner financing 4 lots available. 772-288-9941 Tilloo Cay charming hideaway, 1 br/ 2 ba cottage, safe haven, tucked in cove with dock. Panoramic view of ocean in all directions from top of hill. On approx. 3.75 accres, sea to sea. Generator, battery and solar powered. Call 508-5403240 or e-mail jvlvworthington@adelphia.net Land for sale: 1 acre tracts of land on Bustick Bay located 6 miles north of Marsh Harbour next to the Abaco Highway. 130 feet on the waterfront. Electricity on site. Price: $185,000 Phone: 1-242-324-1476 BAHAMAS VACATIONS 100+ private Out Island homes, resorts, villas for rent. Free listing. Call 1-800-462-2426 http://www.bahamasvacations.com Great Cistern 3 bed 2 1/2 bath, front room, dining room, kitchen, 2-car garage and laundry, 3 story, wrap-around deck overlooking Sea of Abaco, access to beach. $3000/mo. Call 3576932 or 359-6303 Green Turtle Cay, White Sound. 2 bed/ 2 bath. $1200/ week. 242-365-4208 pr 352-360-5512 Hope Town Specialist. A collection of upscale homes with pools, private docks, etc., ideal for special occasions, reunions, honeymoons. Hope Town Hideaways 242-366-0224 or hopetown.com Cherokee Sound, Yellowwood hilltop lot for sale by owner. Gorgeious views of Winding Bay and Atlantic Ocean. $80,000 net. Call 367-3021 Elbow Cays Best Houses and Land, rentals and sales, Hope Town Hideaways. Call 242366-0224 or fax 242-366-0434. On the internet at www.hopetown.com Elbow Cay lot, Dorros Cove deeded dock slip at Tahiti Beach. Panaramic views. $360,000 Call Steve 678-416-2213 Elbow Cay, Marnies Landing, 1/2 acre lot, private dock slip, Atlantic views, beach path access. Reduced below appraisal. $395,000. Call Rick at 305-481-0970 1 acre near sea, quiet area, 20 min from Marsh Harbour. Call 367-0333 for more details. Guana Cay 3 bed/2 bath, 500 yards to beach, good rental history, Priced reduced $229,000. Call Danny 404-256-9626 Guana Cay 2 bdrm 2 bath w/ Jack & Jill shower. Magnificent views of Atlantic Ocean and Sea of Abaco. Incredible sunsets. Priced reduced to $350,000 net to seller Call Danny 404-256-9626 Guana Cay, Orchid Bay Subdivision Lot for sale 75 x 100, great elevation and close to town, nicely paved road and underground utilities. All lots already sold last one available. Call 3655175 Ask for Robbie PROPERTY & HOUSES FOR SALE PROPERTY & HOUSES FOR SALE PROPERTY & HOUSES FOR SALEGuana Cay Sea of Abaco, 400 frontage, dock w/lift poles, elevations on 1+ acre. $950,000 net. Brokers welcome. Ph 242-357-6675 or 3655149 Hope Town Settlement New ocean view 3 bed/2 bath + office, 200 feet to beach, public dock. Open plan living. $875,000. Tel 242-3660590/ 617-500-4157. Leisure Lee Water front lot, 100 ft. deep water on front canal, dock, utilities, premier location with ocean views, totally protected, $299,000. Call 904-813-5732 or murphmclean@yahoo.com Lubbers Quarters, Jacks Jungle, Beautiful Interior, waterfront & hilltop half acre + lots available. Views of Tahiti Beach and Tilloo Cut. Deeded dock slip included. Roads completed. Electricity soon available. Prices starting at $110,000. www.lubberslandforsale.com. Contact Sea Grape Realty @ (242) 367-2749 or call (242) 367-0886. Lubbers Quarters Land and/or house for sale. Please contact us at: conch@ctinternet.com Land for sale: 15 acre tract of land next to the Abaco Highway located in between Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay. Land elevations over 30 feet. Nice hilltop views. Price: $375,000. Ideal site for residential subdivision. Phone: 1-242-324-1476 Treasure Cay, brand new luxury water front condos with deep water docks. 1-800-545-0395 www.pineapplepointresort.com Dundas Town hillside lot with ocean view,150 x 150sq. ft, 20ft. private access from main road. Call 242-324-3916, 242-557-9282, Fax 242393-8864 Your Ad Could Be Here Call 367-3202By Mirella Santillo Whether emptying out a cesspit or a boat holding tank, cleaning out a well or a petroleum tank, sewerage interceptors or restaurants grease traps, Mr. Louis Schneider has the pump to do it and the truck to carry it away. The way human waste is disposed off is not a subject that usually comes into peoples minds. It has to be done; somebody else takes care of it and what happens after that is no concern to most of us, even though it plays an important part in the environment. From the Cloaca Maxima of the Romans to the street gutters of the middle ages, human waste has been disposed in many ways, some healthier than others. For most systems, waterways and oceans were the ultimate journey. Here on Abaco, apart from some resorts that have small sewerage systems, household waste ends in septic tanks which sometimes have to be emptied and serviced. Here comes Mr. Schneider, who buys tanks and converts them into vacuum systems for that purpose. He now has four trucks with two vacuum systems and two diaphragm pumping systems. Every truck, he added, has a boat suction pipe. With this versatile equipment he said, he has brought Abaco to modern day standards regarding toilets and septic tanks. The efficiency of a septic tank, he went on, depends of the size of the soak-away, as the major problem is to get rid of the water. Another problem is the mingling in the tank of human waste and kitchen waters as the grease destroys the good bacteria, creating the necessity of more frequent emptying. But what happens to the contents of the septic tanks? Where is it disposed of? Mr. Schneider explained that he had been allocated an area near the dump, locked away from the public, where he empties his trucks. Human waste is a beautiful fertilizer, he explained. It has to be broken down by a certain type of good bacteria before it goes into the ground, so no bad bacteria seeps in. Once emptied, it can be sanitized by a layer of lime. But the whole island being made of lime stone, it naturally filters the wastes before they reach the water lense, a common worry of many residents. The sun also helps to break it down, and it is absorbed by plants. A way to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs there is to cover it with a film of diesel petroleum product. Again, there is no health hazard in this process as petroleum is lighter than water. It is when metals and chemicals (as those contained in modern food) enter the ground that there is a health hazard. In many Asiatic countries, human waste is still used as fertilizer, a process which, according to Mr. Schneider, is not a health hazard if handled properly, and he cited the case of a US northern state where this process is being used. What about boaters waste? Some boats do not have holding tanks and the waste is discharged directly into the sea. Mr. Schneider again explained that the problem with that is the release of nitrogen which accelerates the growth of algae and seaweeds in the ocean, destroying the delicate sea life. All the delicate life becomes suffocated, but the fish love it, he added.If it is released away from shore, it is not so harmful as near shore, as there is more depth of water where the waste can disperse. However, more and more boats are now equipped with holding tanks which are pumped out and cleaned regularly. Many boats, mainly from the cays, Green Turtle, White Sound, Guana Cay, come to the dock to be serviced, he said. Boaters have commented to him, WMr. Schneiders Honey wagonse do not do that where we come from. Why should we do it here and destroy the beautiful sea-life? It has become mandatory in the last decades in many places in the world that new marinas be equipped with a pump-out station, a law which is now being implemented in The Bahamas. Mr. Schneider, concerned with environmental problems on the island, is also involved in recycling used engine oil. He collects the used oil from the BEC generating plant and ships it to Nassau for recycling. He is in the process of putting tanks at garages so the old motor oil can be collected and shipped to Nassau. So it seems that a few environmental hazards are now being addressed.Lou Schneider provides sanitary service Lou Schneider has a fleet of specialized tank trucks to service all types of sanitary waste products. Civic OrganizationsPilot Club of Abaco Third Tuesday, 7 p.m., Central Abaco Primary, Dundas Town, 367-3457Pilot Club of South Abaco Last Thursday. monthy, J.A. Pinder School, Sandy Point, 366-4001Rotary Club of Abaco Tuesdays, 6 p.m., weekly at Back Street Cafe, Abaco Beach Resort Remember to Buckle Up


Page 26 B The Abaconian Mid-March 2007 Straw Baskets Shirts Hats Casual Wear Gifts SouvenirsLocated Don MacKay Blvd. and Airport Phone 367-2431 Marsh Harbour Mon Sat 7:30 5 Sun 10 5 Visa and MasterCard AcceptedTropical Souvenirs Business Service Directory Big CaBig Ca Big CaBig Ca Big Ca t Equipment t Equipment t Equipment t Equipment t Equipment Rentals: Backhoe, D3 Tractor, Payloader, Dump Truck Services: Land clearing, Trenching Foundations Fill, rock and sand Fax: 242-367-2464 Tel: 242-367-2655 367-5250 Cell #: 477-5322 359-6839 Sick Copier?Call the Copier DoctorWe make house calls! Most brands serviced We make business quality rubber stamps: Deposit Stamps, Daters, Address Stamps Self-inking and traditional stylesCall 367-4709 BAHAMA TILELICENSED INSURED Office : 367-7072Larry LoweCell : 477-5966 Marble l Granite l Ceramic Porcelain l Mud Work l Kitchens Bathrooms l Entire Home AA AA A baco Island baco Island baco Island baco Island baco Island PharPhar PharPhar Phar macymacy macymacy macyPrescriptions Testing Beauty Supplies Vitamins Ricardo Miller, PharmacistHours 8:30 am 6 pm Sundays 9 am 12 Noon Ph. 367-2544 Cell 554-8183 Dove Plaza, Marsh Harb. Fax 367-6544 islanpharmacy@yahoo.com Sunshine Trucking Services For All Your Trucking Needs Dump Truck Crane Fork Lift Pay LoaderPh: 367-4061 ll ll l Fax: 367-3668 BLACKS CONSTRUCTIONConstruction Projects from Start to FinishFrom Residential to Commercial Projects with over 30 yrs Experience Assitance with Financial PreConstruction LoansPhone: 2 2 42 -4 4 75 -1 1 956 DIESEL S S OLUTIONSMarine & Diesel EquipmentAdrian Mott Certified Diesel Mechanic Trouble Shooting & Service Repairs For American & Japanese Models Ph:242-466-9093 Free Estimates Passion FlowerLocated opposite Bellevue Business Deport Ph: 367-3166 Open Mon Fri. 8:30 5:30 pm Sat 10:30 5 pmFri 4:30 5:30Happy hour on cut flowers, 15% offArrangements 10% off Your Ad Could Be Here Call 367-3202 Abaco Electric Motor & Generator RepairsRewind, Rebuild, Repair HP 200 HP All Types of Electric MotorsElectric Pumps, Generators, Power ToolsAir Compressor Repairs Sonith Lockhart559-8610 or 367-3273 Forest Drive, Dundas TownWe guarantee service, price & your satisfaction Weekdays (Prayer Meeting) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday5:00 a.m. Monday Night7:00 p.m. Wednesday Night F.T.H.7:00 p.m. Friday Youth Night7:00 p.m. Tuesday, ThursdayFamily Night New Vision MinistriesOur Mission Turning people into devout followers of Jesus Christ Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m. Sunday Kids Korner 9:30 a.m. Tuesday Interactive Bible Study7:30 p.m. Thursday Prayer Time12:10 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Friday Youth Night (high school & up)7:30 p.m. Pastors / Leaders Derek Benjamin Ted Pearce David Lowe Youth Pastor: Chris Pinder For Directions call 242-367-3324 derekbenjamin@coralwave.com www.nvministries.com Dundas Town Church of GodWhere Everybody Is Somebody and Jesus Is Lord!Sunday Prayer Meeting6:00 a.m. Sunday School9:45 a.m. Morning Worship11:00 a.m. Evening Worship6:00 p.m. For Transportation call Rev. Jerry Cornish at 367-2457 or 367-4719 (church) or contact Bro. Val Nesbitt at 367-5565 Bishop Anthony Campbell242-367-4718 or cell phone 242-457-5565 Dtcog@coralwave.comJesus Saves We exist to: Reach, Develop, Train, Love and Send Church If you would like your church listed here, call 367-Listing Eastern Abaco Region ofSt. James MethodistHope Town Sunday Services 9:30 & 11 a.m.Epworth ChapelCherokee Sound Sunday Services 11 a.m. & 7 p.m. Cell 466-9090 Email:St. Andrews MethodistDundas Town Sunday Services 11 a.m & 7 p.m. Office 367-3050All are welcome to Rev. Dr. Stephen Hale, Circuit MinisterAbaco Print ShopAbaco Shopping Center Tel: 367-3202 Fax: 367-3201 Open 9 am 5 pm Mon. Fri.Raffle Tickets Event TicketsPlain, numbered or with stubsSunday Soccer is a popular pastimeMurphy Town Park comes alive on Sunday afternoons with soccer games.


Mid-March 2007 The Abaconian Page 27 B Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9 Picture and 4 lines $25 Additional lines at $2 per line Display classified $18 per column inch We can take the photo within the Marsh Harbour area or use your photo. Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677 For all your vertical and mini-blind needs contact Sidney Albury at 367-2091 or 367-2031. Sales and Service Yacht Delivery Worldwide Sail/Power USCG licensed Captain circumnavigator Art Steffey 772 545-9829 South Florida artsteffey@yahoo.com boatdelivery.mysite.com Please note that the following positions are now available at The Abaco Club, RC Ltd. 1Transport Assistant 1Sous Chef 1Chef de Partie (PM shift) 1Pre (Pantry) Cook 2Spa Attendant 1Pay Master 1Beach Manager 1Kitchen Steward 2Guest Relations Coordinators (Sales) 5Room Attendants 3Housemen 1Linen. Room Attendant / Presser 5Housekeeping Room Attendants 1Snr. Housekeeping Manager 1Reservation Agent 1Valet driver (Housekeeping) 1Maintenance Technician 1Painter 1Air-conditioned Refrigeration Assistant 1Chief Kitchen Steward 4Kitchen Stewards (Male) Sales Agent Abaco Real Estate Agency, Ltd. is seeking a FULL time BREA licensed sales agent for the Marsh Harbour office. Must have computer knowledge, reliable transportation, willing to make sales calls to all areas of Abaco. contact Bill Thompson 367-2719. Driver / Salesperson, 25 yrs older, Chelseas Choice, courteous, responsible. Phone 3674842. Call for further information. Young outgoing lady to work in upscale cafe, apply in person at Cafe La Florence located in yellow building next to fire station in Marsh Harbour. Resume required. Damianos Sothebys International Realty, Marsh Harbour & Hope Town offices. Administrators/Receptionists required. Professional communication and organizational skills necessary, along with knowledge of MS Word/ Excel, Internet & Email. Please send resume to fax 242.362.6098 or email to Maxine.Hussey@SothebysRealty.com. COMMERCIAL SERVICES EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES VEHICLES FOR SALE BOATS & MARINE ITEMS FOR SALE BOATS & MARINE ITEMS FOR SALE Classified AdvertisementsItems for Sale, Commercial Service, Cars & Boats24 Mako with brand new (less than 10 hours) twin 150 Yamaha 4 stroke engines. Engines still under warranty. $25,000 OBO Will sell engines alone $20,000 OBO DUTY PAID Call 242-3655032 or 954-258-9644 VHF Ch. 16 Ridgehouse Great Guana Cay 28 Bertram 1976. Boat is in excellent condition. Needs motors. $12,000 O.B.O. Boat in Green Turtle ship yard. Call: 477-5991 30 Scarab with cuddy cabin, twin 150 Yamahas (great on gas), great condition. Hull completely refurbished in 2006. Hull & engines painted white awlgrip, 2 bilge pumps, sound system, VHF, new cushions, cosole cover, rocket launcher seat, new battery switch and wiring. Asking $30,000 OBO. Call Charles Pinder @ 357-6982 31 Ocean Master, open cockpit fishing boat, 2 250 HP Yamaha 2 stroke, autopilot, outriggers & fishing rods, live bait locker. DUTY PAID. US $34,000 Call 242-365-8101, 305-433-7577 34 Catalina 1988 shoal draft sailboat, DUTY PAID, 27 HP Yanmar, 12 v. refrig, many upgrades. Lying Abacos. $41,500. Call 828-6690828 Fax 828-664-1710 35 Chris Craft Boat, A/C, 6.5 Onan generator. Located in Hope Town. Great live aboard or island boat. Port engine runs fine. Starboard engine needs work. $20,000. 12 dinghy, center console, 25 HP Mercury. DUTY PAID Both for $23,000. Call 366-0617 36 Catalina 1986 Sailboat, good condition. Bahamas Duty Paid & registered. Located in Abaco extras. $39,500. Call 561-249-4282 45 #1 hull, fiberglass crawfishing boat with stabilizers. Call 367-2707 or 375-3830 04 Suzuki Ignis Excellent Condition, Only 3000 miles. Brand New Paint Job. Asking $8,500 Or Make An Offer. Contact 577-0138. 2000 GMC Sonoma PUTruck. Excellent condtion, 5 on the floor, good on gas, tool box etc. $6,750 O.N.O Call 551-7594 LAW Japanese Used Parts. Offering used auto parts directly from Japan. Sentra (B13 & B 14), Civic, Accord, Corolla, Surf, Windom, Prelude and more. We currently have engines, transmissions, body parts, etc. Call Levon Major @ 242-364-4653 shop or 242-455-3632 cell 24 hours. 1998 Mazda Millinea White $5,500. O.B.O. Leather interior, A/C working 1999 Buick Century leather interior, A.C working $6,000 O.B.O. 1998 Dodge Ram $11,000. O.B.O. Call:464-5975. 200 HP Volvo Diesel Engine, Bobtail, rebuilt 2006, excellent condition. Ph 559-8196 or VHF Ch 16 Highway ask for Junior Sands 10 Whistle Built sailing dinghy. Fiberglass, two live wells, storage, centerboard, tiller, sail, built 1985. Duty paid $1,250 Call 367-3986 17 Boston Whaler commercial 70 HP Johnson, center console, DUTY PAID, repainted low hours, located at Lighthouse Marina, HT. Asking price US $11,000 Call 307733-4009 20 Stapelton with 150HP Yamaha 4 stroke $12,000. Call for info 366-0430 18.5 Albury Bros skiff, 70 HP Yamaha, low hours, Bimini. $12,000 Call 366-0318 23 Compac $14,500. Well equipped, tough sloop is ideal for gunk holing around Abaco. Call 366-0458 23 SeaOx CC with T-Top, w/ 225 Johnson Ocean Runner, leaning post & rocket launchers, new tandem trailer, engine runs excellent. $17,900 Duty Paid. Leave Message 207226-7455, abacogatoloco@yahoo.co 24' Limestone Diesel Express Cruiser 1987, diesel engine, 9'6" beam, 400 hours, Volvo engine HP230, outdrive Duopro, Stored on a lift, DUTY PAID. $32,000 Tel: 242-365-8175 MERCHANDISECommercial stove, 6 burners, raised griddle, 2 ovens. $1200 OBO Call Greg at 366-3503 BUSINESS FOR SALERestaurant for sale on waterfront in Dundas Town. Call 367-5906 or 436-5106 for information EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES BOAT WANTEDWanted sailboat daysailer approx 25. Good condition. Pls call 242-365-8824 90 HP Honda 1997 25 Shaft, all guages & control box 950 hours. $4,000 O.B.O. Call 367-3526 Sales person needed 3 days per week plus holidays & vacation time at retail store in Hope Town. Call 366-0537 By Jennifer Hudson The Auskell Clinic has added several new staff members who had joined the clinic within the past year. Dr. Durinda Ash is an American Board Certified Ophthalmologist specialising in diseases and surgery of the eye. After completing her medical and ophthalmologist degrees, Dr. Ash, whose main office is in Freeport, Grand Bahama, specialised in state-of-the-art cataract surgery and treatment of glaucoma and diabetic-related eye problems. She is also certified in laser treatment of the eyes. Dr. Ash visits the Auskell Clinic once a month to do complete vision tests and screenings for diseases of the eye. The most common problem Dr. Ash sees on Abaco and Grand Bahama is glaucoma which, she says, is a disease more common to people of African descent and is the silent sneak thief of sight. It is painless and the progression is very slow so people are not usually aware that they have this serious disease until it is found during an ophthalmic examination. Diabetes is the second greatest problem which leads to blindness. This is totally preventable if people keep their sugar levels down. High blood pressure is also very damaging to the eyes as it causes the narrowing of the blood vessels. Dr. Ash urges people to be more involved in preventative medicine. Dr. George Charite will be scheduled on a regular basis to hold consultations in family medicine. Dr. Charite began his medical training in Florida and finished in the Dominican Republic. He now works in general medicine and surgery in Freeport. He has the added distinction of being trilingual, speaking Spanish, Creole and a little French in addition to English. He specialises in wound healing, especially in diabetics and people who have to lie on their back all time and are thus prone to ulcers. Dr. Charite stresses the need for prevention and says, Through proper screening the cost of a persons health care will be reduced since an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. He wants to help people understand their own body and challenges people to be in charge and pay attention to changes; that way they can seek treatment before a condition becomes serious. Dr. Sue Fairclough joined the Auskell Clinic last year as a Resident Primary Care Physician. Dr. Faircloth earned her medical degree at the University of Edinburgh and has practised in The Bahamas for the past 20 years, first at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, then at the Princess Margaret Hospital. She has worked mostly in family practice and mental health counseling, and the problems she sees most frequently are depression, anxiety, situational problems, behavioral problems in children and attention deficit disorder. A Family Practice Physician is available at the clinic from 9 a.m. 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Registered Nurse Susan Lill joined Nurse Davis on staff in January of this year. Nurse Lill worked for 15 years in labour and delivery in the United States before coming to Abaco where she worked at the government clinic before joining the Auskell family. Dr. Idamae Hanna, a naturopathic doctor, dietician and health educator from Nassau, assisted with blood screening and was asked this year for the first time to give a talk on nutrition. We are what we eat, said Dr. Hanna, who gave the following acronym as a way to remember the points for good health and staying in shape. N Good nutrition. Eat five fruits and veg etables every day E Exercise WWater drink more water and less other fluids, such as sodas which cause weight gain. S Get enough sunlight for Vitamin D T Temperance Abstain from alcohol and drugs A Fresh air R Rest Get 7-8 hours of rest per day T Trust in a divine power Incorporating all the above into your lifestyle will lead to total health, stressed Dr. Hanna.Auskell Clinic introduces new staff


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