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David & Kathleen Ralph
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Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
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David & Kathleen Ralph
Place of Publication:
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
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University of Florida
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PRST STD US POSTAGE PAID Permit #2438 MIAMI FL 331 Renew your subscription before the expiration date shown in the label below. The Abaconian 9945 NW 88th Ave Medley, FL 33178 Forward and Address Correction VOLUME 14, NUMBER 23 ,DECEMBER 1st, 2006 By Julian Lockhart Despite everyone gunning for him and a lot of the crowd rooting against him, Rick Sweeting in New Creation once again dominated the Big Hill Box Cart Race, winning for the sixth straight year on November 25th in Hope Town. Mr. Sweeting won the straight run with a time of 33.03 seconds and the slolam with a time of 35.80; and despite a little tougher competition from his challengers, he still did it in pretty easy fashion. The competitors came much stronger this year; but despite a number of improvements on the various carts, it wasnt enough once again. Mr. Sweeting said, It feels good to win again. Everybodys talking about they can beat me but so far they havent. First year we didnt have a canopy on the cart and the second year we put the canopy on it and that took a couple of seconds off our time. And we have been doing the same thing every year. It feels good to keep winning, but it is a18 Box Cars Compete in Hope TownRicky Sweeting Wins for Sixth Year Please see Box Car Page 18 The annual Big Hill Box Cart Derby, held the Saturday after Thanksgiving, was once again a popular and successful fund raising event for Hope Town. The organizers raise money for sports for the youth of that town and feel that this year they will see the best returns of any year. They have two groups, 14 years and under and over 14. These compete in straight down and slalom races. These two carts have just crossed the starting line. The ban on fishing for Nassau grouper goes into effect on December 1 and will continue for most of The Bahamas until the end of February. The ban this year is for three months whereas previously it was for two months. These are the months when the grouper congregate to spawn and it is important to respect the ban to allow the grouper to rebound. In many areas of the Caribbean the Nassau grouper is no longer a major fisheries resource. The Bahamas wants to preserve them for the future fishing industry. The Department of Marine Resources is placing officers throughout The Bahamas for enforcing the ban. These officers are working closely with the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and the Royal Bahamas Police Force to assist with the enforcement. Mr. Michael Braynen, Direct of Marine Resources is asking for public support to respect the ban. The public is asked to let fisheries officers know is the ban is not being observed. Grouper Ban Is in Effect Memorial Park Unveils Plaques Marsh Harbour residents constructed a Wall of Heroes at the new park on the water front from across from Regattas of Abaco. Twenty-seven people are recognized for their contributions to the development of Marsh Harbour. The Marsh Harbour Sporting Association recently acquired the land from the government and expects to make it a quiet place with landscaping and comfortable seating for the public to use. Shown here is Mrs. Yvonne Key, who has worked to acquire the land and has spearheaded the group beautifying the area.Frank Hepburn Is Honoured Long time resident of Crossing Rocks, Mr. Frank Hepburn, was honoured for his service to his community on November 19. The Hon. Alfred Sears, Minister of Education, attended the ceremony held at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Crossing Rocks. Mr. Hepburn and his wife, center, are flanked by Mr. Sears on the left and Administrator for South Abaco, Mr. Neil Campbell, on the right. Please see story on page 2.Christmas FestivalMarsh Harbour December 9


Page 2 The Abaconian December 1, 2006 BAHAMAS ADDRESS BAHAMAS ADDRESS BAHAMAS ADDRESS BAHAMAS ADDRESS BAHAMAS ADDRESS P.O. Box AB 20737 Marsh Harbour Abaco, BahamasTel : 242-367-2091 242-367-2091 242-367-2091 242-367-2091 242-367-2091 / 367-3341367-3341 367-3341367-3341 367-3341 Fax : 242-367-2235 242-367-2235 242-367-2235 242-367-2235 242-367-2235 / 367-4885367-4885 367-4885367-4885 367-4885email: unitedabacoshippingco @coralwave.com NEW U.S. DELIVERY NEW U.S. DELIVERY NEW U.S. DELIVERY NEW U.S. DELIVERY NEW U.S. DELIVERY & RECEIVING ADDRESS & RECEIVING ADDRESS & RECEIVING ADDRESS & RECEIVING ADDRESS & RECEIVING ADDRESS GULFSTREAM LINES / HEAVYLIFT SERVICES 801Avenue E Riviera Beach, Fla. 33404 Tel: 561-840-9393 561-840-9393 561-840-9393 561-840-9393 561-840-9393 Fax: 561-863-3451 561-863-3451 561-863-3451 561-863-3451 561-863-3451 Contact : Tina DiazTina Diaz Tina DiazTina Diaz Tina Diaz A Joint Venture of Marsh Harbour Shipping Co. & United Abaco Shipping Co.EXPEXP EXPEXP EXP ANDED SER ANDED SER ANDED SER ANDED SER ANDED SER VICEVICE VICEVICE VICENEW UNEW U NEW UNEW U NEW U .S..S. .S..S. .S. DELIVER DELIVER DELIVER DELIVER DELIVER Y Y Y Y Y ADDRESSADDRESS ADDRESSADDRESS ADDRESSll ll l 2 Weekly Sailings 2 Weekly Sailings 2 Weekly Sailings 2 Weekly Sailings 2 Weekly Sailings to Marsh Harbour Marsh Harbour Marsh Harbour Marsh Harbour Marsh Harbour from West Palm Beach West Palm Beach West Palm Beach West Palm Beach West Palm Beachl l l l l 2 Weekly2 Weekly 2 Weekly2 Weekly 2 Weekly Sailings to and from NassauNassau NassauNassau Nassaul l l l l 1 Weekly1 Weekly 1 Weekly1 Weekly 1 Weekly Sailing from West Palm Beach West Palm Beach West Palm Beach West Palm Beach West Palm Beach and Marsh Harbour Marsh Harbour Marsh Harbour Marsh Harbour Marsh Harbour to Spanish Wells, Eleuthera Spanish Wells, Eleuthera Spanish Wells, Eleuthera Spanish Wells, Eleuthera Spanish Wells, Eleutheral l l l l NEWNEW NEWNEW NEW Warehouse outside Port Security Area. General Cargo, 20 & 40 Dry and Refrigerated Containers, Drive-on Ramps, Special Charters Available.RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE AND PERSONALIZED SERVICE RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE AND PERSONALIZED SERVICE RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE AND PERSONALIZED SERVICE RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE AND PERSONALIZED SERVICE RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE AND PERSONALIZED SERVICEWHEN SHIPPING TO ABACO... REMEMBERABACO SHIPPING ABACO SHIPPING ABACO SHIPPING ABACO SHIPPING ABACO SHIPPING By Luzena The Crossing Rocks Primary School Library was named the Frank M. Hepburn Senior Library on November 19th in honour of Mr. Frank Hepburn. In attendance was Minister of Education, the Hon. Alfred Sears. Unveiling of the plaque took place after the appreciation ceremony. The service was held at the South Abaco Seventh Day Adventist Church under the theme Accepting the Challenge by Making a Difference and started with a motorcade from Mr. Hepburns house. Leading the motorcade was the Zion Baptist Church Band from Sandy Point. Min. Sears conveyed regrets from the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, who was unable to attend due to a funeral service in New Providence, and congratulated Mr. Hepburn for his extraordinary contributions to the Crossing Rocks community and The Bahamas at large. Minister of Housing, the Hon. Neville Wisdom, sent his regards and congratulations in a speech read by Mr. Neil Campbell. Administrator for South Abaco. Mr. Hepburn has made many contributions to the Crossing Rocks community and was honoured for his dedication and hard work in that community. According to Mr. Sears, Mr. Hepburn was the first trained teacher to set foot in the school in Crossing Rocks when he was sent there in 1972 fresh out of Teachers College.Ceremony Praises Community LeaderMr. Hepburn was a great athlete. He distinguished himself in the long jump and in track and field, but he distinguished himself more so than any other sport in the classroom, says Mr. Sears. The Minister went on to say, He is remembered today as an athlete but also as a scholar. According to Mr. Sears, you must be prepared in order to make a difference, and Frank Hepburn has made a difference as a community builder, leader and teacher in the Crossing Rocks community and has dedicated his life to helping those in need. Frank Hepburn has a long list of achievements. He has been an educator for 34 years as a teacher or principal; he is a Justice of the Peace, an Assistant Registrar, is an Advisory Sport Council Member for Abaco, the President of the Abaco Principals Association, the President of the Abaco Sport Council and much more. Mr. Hepburn was described by friends as a pillar to the Crossing Rocks community and has made significant contribution for the betterment of that community. He is an activist and is always giving of himself. They went on to say that Mr. Hepburn serves his community lovingly and tirelessly, and due to this fact, the Crossing Rocks community was compelled to honour Please see South Page 5 South Abaco NewsA parade beginning at Mr. Frank Hepburns house in Crossing Rocks marched to the Seventh Day Adventist Church for a ceremony to honour Mr. Hepburn. The parade was led by the band from Sandy Point. The Crossing Rocks School library was renamed the Frank M. Hepburn Library after a ceremony celebrating the achievements of Mr. Hepburn in the town. Mr. and Mrs. Hepburn are shown at the left with Min. Alfred Sears and Mr. Gary Sawyer.


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December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 5 Come in and check out our GREAT CHRISTMASSpecials! Mr. Frank Hepburn. In attendance were Director of Education, Mr. Cecil Thompson; Deputy Director of Education, Mr. Howard Newbold; Abaco District Superintendent, Mr. Rudolph Smith and his wife; Administrator for South Abaco, Mr. Neil Campbell as well as Mr. John Burrows, Mr. Gary Sawyer and other officials. Many persons took part in the ceremony honouring Mr. Hepburn such as his long time friend, Kenny Roberts; the Majestic Angels Praise Dance team, his daughters, former students and staff of Crossing Rocks Primary. The service was well attended.Sandy PointBy Luzena Minister of Education, Science and Technology, the Hon. Alfred Sears, visited Sandy Point on November 19. The minister and his party landed in Sandy Point airport and were taken on a tour of the J.A. Pinder Primary School to view the progress of the construction that is taking place at the school. Construction is moving along well despite the fact that construction was held up for six weeks. At present J.A. Pinder has no athletic facilities and no playground for the students to play. Mr. Sears is very concerned about that fact and wants to see someMore South Abaco Newsthing done to resolve that issue. Physical education is very important, said Mr. Sears. The minister wants to make sure that the expansion of the school goes on smoothly. We were told at the signing of the agreement that construction will be completed by the Easter break of 2007.Cherokee SoundResidents Voice Concerns at a Town MeetingCherokee held a public town meeting on November 14 with about 50 persons in attendance. The major issue appeared to be a plan submitted by Malcolm Spicer for 18 apartments in three buildings and restaurant and lounge in a fourth building. The project would be located on piece of land 100 feet on the road by 600 feet deep midway between Winding Bay and Cherokee Sound. A small portion of the property is across the road extending to Yellowwood Creek and could be used for additional parking. According to Mr. Malcolm Spicer, developer, it is his intention for the apartments to be upscale housing for Winding Bay staff and others of that caliber. The lounge will be upstairs over the restaurant and will be an upscale lounge. There will be no music or dancing, The developer already has approval from the bank for the loan. Mr. Spicer was present to answer questions put to him by town residents. He said that the restaurant and lounge are secondary to the apartments. Drinks will be high priced to discourage local traffic. When asked about the added road traffic, Mr. Spicer felt that when the project was completed, there would be decreased traffic as employees at Winding Bay must now drive daily from all over Abaco to get to work. He mentioned that it will be owned by Bahamians and Bahamians will profit from it. The lounge was particularly upsetting to some at the meeting as they felt that the owners intentions could change in the next few years. Mr. Spicer was questioned about the benefits to Cherokee Sound. One benefit will be that he will install a wirelss internet system that will benefit many in the area. Local businesses in Cherokee will benefit from more business at their grocery store, gas station, ice cream shop and other businesses. It was pointed out that if that area had been zoned residential originally, this project would not be allowed. But no zoning exists. Mr. Spicer stated that he would have ordinances that the renters would have to abide by that would control noise and other elements.Other Topics DiscussedOther complaints of the residents at the town meeting included the problem of dogs roaming the town. Dogs are supposed to be fenced or restrained but few are following the law. A resident complained that walking in town is dangerous. Another major concern was the dangerous highway situation. There are many sharp turns in the road at the head of Yellowwood Creek. Some felt that the road should be widened and straightened. Mr. Neil Campbell, Administrator for South Abaco, explained that road improvements would SouthFrom Page 2 The Hon. Afred Sears, Minister of Education, inspected construction underway at the J.A. Pinder Primary School in Sandy Point on November 19. He is second from left and next to him is Mr. Gary Sawyer. Please see South Page 6


Page 6 The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Customs Br Customs Br Customs Br Customs Br Customs Br okok okok ok erage Sererage Ser erage Sererage Ser erage Ser vicesvices vicesvices vicesAir and Sea Air and Sea Air and Sea Air and Sea Air and Sea l Import and Export Entries Import and Export Entries Import and Export Entries Import and Export Entries Import and Export Entries SerSer SerSer Ser ving all vessels from F ving all vessels from F ving all vessels from F ving all vessels from F ving all vessels from F oreign Poreign P oreign Poreign P oreign P ortsorts ortsorts orts Queen Elizabeth Dr., Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas TT TT T el: (242) 367-2333 el: (242) 367-2333 el: (242) 367-2333 el: (242) 367-2333 el: (242) 367-2333 l FF FF F ax: (242) 367-3136 ax: (242) 367-3136 ax: (242) 367-3136 ax: (242) 367-3136 ax: (242) 367-3136 Email: abacocustoms@batelnet.bs VHF 16AlburAlbur AlburAlbur Albur yy yy y s Ts T s Ts T s T rucking Ltd. T rucking Ltd. T rucking Ltd. T rucking Ltd. T rucking Ltd. T el: (242) 367-2976 el: (242) 367-2976 el: (242) 367-2976 el: (242) 367-2976 el: (242) 367-2976 Email: abacocustoms@batelnet.bs VHF 16No job too big or small!With our professional line of trucks we can truck it all.Containers 20, 40 45 Flatbeds, Flatracks, Piggyback trucks WE CAN HAUL IT ALL. WE CAN HAUL IT ALL. WE CAN HAUL IT ALL. WE CAN HAUL IT ALL. WE CAN HAUL IT ALL. ExtendsHappy Holidaysto all our valuable customers & friends.Seasons Greetingsto all our valuable customers & friends. Cherokee Sound held a town meeting on November 14 where the residents brought up their concerns about a project including 18 apartments, a restaurant and lounge that would be located between Winding Bay and Cherokee Sound. Mr. Malcolm Spicer, developer of the property, is shown speaking to the group. Standing on the left is Mr. Rex Albury, Cherokee Sound Town Committee Chairman. require capital money from central government. Michael Bethel pointed out that 12 years ago he tried to restrict traffic in town but was not successful. But if they had put restrictions in back then, they would not have some of the problems they are complaining about now. One resident thought that Winding Bay should have been required to improve the road as part of their agreement with government as the development is supported by the road that was intended to serve a settlement of less that 200 people. Construction trucks and heavy equipment driving too fast on this narrow curvy road run many cars off the road into the bush. Signs along the road are ineffective and the residents would like better speed control. The Administrator informed the group that the South Abaco District will begin cleaning the verges from the airport-roundabout south to Sandy Point. They will clean seven feet from the road edge while it will be 10 feet at curves for greater visibility. They intend to extend the seven-foot verge down each major turnoff for 100 feet. The Council may put a South Abaco gateway sign at the roundabout. A Cherokee resident asked if the program included the Cherokee road. But the Administrator said that the Cherokee road is not included in this improvement schedule, that the Cherokee Road is the responsibility of the Cherokee Town Committee. He said that this road is not a highway. The town people replied that it is their highway and the Town Committee has not been allocated funding to maintain that road. The Administrator left about 8 p.m. but the meeting continued. Someone asked the status of property near the bridge leading to the Long Dock. About 81 feet is privately owned. But an additional 31 feet of mangroves have been cleared and filled which is illegal. Town people felt that government land must be kept for public use. On a positive note, Ricky Albury keeps the road verges clean in town and has recently carried 25 loads of debris to the dump. Cherokee residents are not satisfied with the response they receive to their problems and feel that that no one will accept responsibilityTown MeetingBy Lee Pinder A well attended and quite vocal town meeting was held at the W.W. Sands Community Center to discuss the need for zoning laws and the hazard of increased traffic on the road. Residents were asked to make their complaints or wishes known to the town committee so that they can be brought before the Council Meetings in Sandy Point. It seems the longer we have the Local Government committees, the less authority they are able to exercise over our own townships.School NewsBy Lee Pinder The Cherokee Primary School held an Italian cookout to raise some needed funds to purchase a new water pump. They served lasagna, spaghetti, macaroni, stuffed pasta shells and pizza as well as some Italian desserts. The event was very SouthFrom Page 5 More South Abaco News successful and the $500 needed was raised. On November 23rd the students invited Cherokee senior citizens to a homemade turkey dinner. The children all participated in various skits, recitations and songs to express why they were thankful. They served the food and cleared away the dishes. The cool weather had warmed up and encouraged over two dozen senior citizens to come out and enjoy a meal and have some fun. The construction work on the railing along the walkway at Cherokee Primary School is progressing nicely and should definitely be completed before the Christmas break. Some of the students will enjoy a field trip next week with Friends of the Environment when they put down some new cement reef balls around Abaco. They are also invited back at some future date to see how these artificial reefs help our environment. In partnership with Friends of the Environment, the students will soon put into effect the recycling of soda cans which will definitely help with the ecology of our island and we hope all our residents will cooperate. Get Your Toys, Games, Furn iture and much more... for Christmas!!!MORE SELECTIONS.... MORE SERVICES.....Tel : 242-367-2667May all the days of Christmas be Merry & your New Year be filled with Peace and Happiness! Great new Furniture in stock... Order yours now NEW SHIPMENT!


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 7 NIPPERSBEACH BAR & GRILLon Guana Cay Serving Lunch & DinnerPig Roast Every SundayBy Samantha V. Evans The new acting Director of Urban Renewal, Mr. Shelton Beneby, and his Deputy, Ms. Jewel Major, visited Abaco on November 14th to meet with local government council members and church pastors in the North Abaco District. Mr. Beneby gave them an overview of what the Urban Renewal initiative is all about and asked for the support of the North Abaco community to make this program a success. Mr. Beneby launched the Christmas Festival Program under the theme Silence the ViolenceIncrease the Peace and asked that the theme be used throughout Abaco for all Christmas activities and celebrations. December 3rd has been designated as a day of prayer for victims of crime under the above theme and all churches throughout Abaco are asked to address this theme in their Sunday services. Mr. Beneby explained the vision of the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, for the Urban Renewal Program, which includes social revolution and dealing with physical concerns as well as finding out how best to get government machinery to come together as a team and make a difference. He asked that they all work towards getting back to the good old days when everyone treated one another like family. Mr. Beneby stressed the importance of their investing in the young people before they get into trouble. He told them that they need to create positive things for youth to do on the weekends, activities that can be sustained. This will be a challenge, but it can be done. They must be their brothers keeper and coexist with brotherly love and this can be done while still maintaining their sanity, he stated. Many from the group stressed the need for after school programs and transportation for those students who live in different settlements. They also expressed concern regarding community clean up, removal of derelict vehicles, cleaning up overgrown properties, creating programs for senior citizens and the youth. The pastors warmly received the concept of Urban Renewal and felt that this program could greatly enhance their existing outreach programs. Each pastor left the meeting with a new sense of vigor and promised to begin immediately with restructuring their church programs.Urban Renewal Officials Visit North AbacoA memorial service for Virginia M. Curry 75, of Green Turtle Cay was held on November 18 at the Miracle Church of God in Green Turtle Cay. Officiating was Bishop Johnny T. Lowe. She is survived by her husband Curtis C. Curry Sr; son Curtis C. Curry Jr.; daughter Kathy Metlinka; daughter-in-law Bobbie Jean Curry; brother Frank W. Middleton; grandchildren Jennifer, Lesley, Lindsey, Trey, Mark, Jodi, Brian and Andrea; greatgrandchildren Braxton, Connor, Shanay, Jeremy, Sammy, Sarah, Jack and Dakota; sister-in-laws Esther Darville, Barbara Weech and Beverly Curry; brothers-in-law John Edrington and Vertrum Lowe; nephews; nieces; and man other relatives and friends. The funeral service for Jeroleen Russell 86, of Cedar Harbour was held on November 17 at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Cedar Harbour. Apostle Charles Smith III officiated assisted by Bishop Terrance Strachan. Interment was in the Cedar Harbour Cemetery. She is survived by her son Michael; daughter-in-law Sandra; brothers Pastor Allen and Charlie Mills; stepdaughters Ruth and Naomi McIntosh; sisters-in-law Rebecca Russell and Monena Mills; grandchildren Michael Jr, Randy and Jaleese Russell; step-grandchildren Stafford Davis, Mary Taylor, Marbalene Stubbs, Elon Jerome, Peter, Sidney, Pheral, Dario, Dwayne, Marvin and Shenika McIntosh; nephews, Pastor Samuel and Austin Mills; nieces Linda, Joycelyn, Pearl, Cleomi, Genevieve, Kadryn, Lydia, and Monique Mills, Erma Duncombe, Igalee Pinder, Cynthia Brown, Viola Johnson, Lillian Wells, Judy Storr, Michelle McIntosh, Nicola Smith, Tamika Wells and Charlene Knowles; nephews-in-law, Loftin Mills, Joy Duncombe, Rudpolph Pinder, Redwin Johnson, Rossand Edmond Wells, Wellington McIntosh, Roland Knowles, Neville Kemp,Wil fred Curry, Jeffrey Thompson, Darnell Storr, Walter, Roland and Eric Russell; nieces-in-law, Shirley Kemp, Netterine Johnson, Edra Curry, Violet Thompson, Fredamae, Monica and Alma Mills; Roslyn, Judy and Deborah Russell and many other relatives and friends. The funeral services for Thomas Ray Albury, 75, formerly of Hope Town was held on November 25 in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Interment was on Grand Bahama. He is survived by his children Mary Parks, Thomas Albury, Gregory Albury and Karen Sands; sons-in-law Richard Parks and David Sands; daughter-in-law Dorothy Albury; grandchildren Gina and Christina Parks, Christopher and Victoria Albury, Andrew, William and Felicia Saunders; sisters Kathleen Bethel, Viola Bethel and Peggy Gates; brother Winer Malone; sisters-in-law Cynthia Hall, Beverley Roberts, Mae Roberts and Joanne Malone; brother-in-law Albert Hall; nieces Sheila Ashton, Jennie Seymour, Stephanie Treco, and Deanne Darville; nephews Stephen, Henry and Scott Roberts, John, Arnold and Wayne Hall; and many other family and friends.Obituaries ofObituaries of Obituaries ofObituaries of Obituaries of Family and Friends Family and Friends Family and Friends Family and Friends Family and Friends


Page 8 The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Dave RalphThe Editor Says Our Growing Traffic CongestionThe AbaconianDavid & Kathleen Ralph Editors & Publishers P O Box AB 20551 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Photo credit: Tuppy Weatherford for parrot & lighthouse on page 1 Graphic Artist: Kelli-Ann Sands Reporters/Writers: Jennifer Hudson, Portia Jonsson, Julian Lockhart, Luzena, Vernique Russell, Mirella Santillo Contributors: Lee Pinder Phone 242-367-2677 FAX 242-367-3677 Email: davralph@batelnet.bs Subscribe NOW Order form on Page 9Abacos most complete newspaper Inquire for advertising rates (U.S. address) 990 Old Dixie Hwy #14 Lake Park, FL 334037,500 copies Published twice monthly Free at over 100 Abaco locations from Grand Cay to Moores Is. Subscription rate $20.00 Abaco$25 other Bahamas (One Year) $45.00 USA$50 Canada airmail $95.00 UK, Europe & Caribbean surface By Stephanie Downs Jay was up to his elbows in grease when a familiar voice called across the harbour, Goin boating, doc? Not now, Not tomorrow, Not ever, I felt like enunciating. Before Jay could answer, the boater and his glistening engine purred out of the harbour. Our 16-foot Carolina Skiff had been tied up next to Captain Jacks dock for what seemed to be an eternity. A scattering of engine parts and tools was sad testimony to attempt, frustration and failure at eliciting even the tiniest murmur from its15 HP outboard engine. The four-stroke outboard Evinrude had surpassed its reputation for quietness and was totally silent. It had been that way ever since we arrived three days ago and goodness knows how long before. What a delightful homecoming after being away for six weeks. Engines, marine or otherwise, are a mystery to me. I had zero input other than slinging it and its miserable innards overboard, a suggestion I wisely kept to myself. At one point I did wax poetical about how pretty the water was. When that didnt go down too well, I slunk off to get some cold drinks. It is literally a stones throw to our house in the heart of the settlement, near enough for me to hear the first desperate moans of the Evinrude before I got to the back door. It wasnt purring like our goin boating friends boat (I bet he was having a wail of a time out on the water right now!) but it was trying to turn over, albeit pathetically. As I left the house, with cold drinks in hand, and headed down to the dock, I was greeted with a dying splutter. Did you hear the engine start, Steph? Jay enthused with a grimy grin. Er! yes, I did, I replied, anxiously awaiting the encore which never came. Another rubber necker drew up to the prow of the boat. You dont look like you are going anywhere any time soon, doc. Amazingly perceptive of him I thought. We had watched boats come and go and refrained from retorting verbally or digitally to the goin boating? and going nowhere! comments. A few people came by to say hi, to welcome us back and to ask about the problem. Some stopped to marvel at Jays optimism at re-mantling the engine. Re-mantling is just dismantling in reverse to Jays mind. He is relentless when challenged. We survived the still at it? and having fun? remarks. The day wore on. We stopped for lunch. Jay cleaned up and then went off to do some photography. I went shopping at Vernons and took the back road so I didnt have to pass the boat and its entrails. Jay returned to the house, recharged. See if you can borrow a 10 millimeter spanner from Jack, and Ill meet you back at the boat, he said as he was leaving. As always Jack, as in Captain, was helpful and found the tool. I dont understand why American motors have fittings which require metric tools, Jay seethed, shaking his head. He dug deep into his tool bag for a strange formidable looking instrument of a surgical nature. You have to be creative on the cays. I opted not to know what this one had done or where it had been in its previous life! It worked. The stubborn, erstwhile, immovable bolt started to shift. Were getting somewhere, he volunteered. Visions of an early evening cruise around the harbour floated into my mind. My daydreaming was abruptly broken by a loud and giggly, Say cheese! It came from the direction of the shore where a friend of mine was poised with a camera. She added something inane like you two lovebirds! That did it. We both echoed some matching expletives and, not surprisingly, when we turned around seconds later she was gone. At the end of the day we gathered up the guts of the engine and its attendant parts and took them home. I averted my eyes every time I passed them. The next day was much the same. Jay was contorted into a 16-foot space with the sun beating down on his head while I alternated between holding the boat steady at the ladder and passing tools from a crouched position on the dock. At one point the inevitable occurred. A bolt dropped overboard. Can we manage without it? I asked. I got a curt non-committal for a reply. We took turns in trying to locate it. The water was murky alongside the dock. Wading was cold, mushy and uncomfortable. We once more weathered passing remarks like lost something, doc? and gawking stares from passing ferries. Jay flushed out the carburetor, changed the oil and called around Marsh Harbour for a replacement fuel pump. Fortunately, one of the marinas had the exact model inThe Ups and Downs of Paradise by Stephanie DownsAs we head into the holiday season, Central Abaco will experience the worst traffic congestion of the year. The days leading to December 25 will get progressively worse as every car on the island works its way into Marsh Harbour. The economy of Abaco is healthy and strong, and one indicator of this prosperity is reflected in the increasing number of cars and trucks on our roads. Surprisingly, a significant number of these vehicles are new whereas a few years ago the bulk of the incoming vehicles were used. In any event Central Abaco will suffer a gigantic traffic jam as all the cars try to find a parking place at the various shops and grocery stores. It has been this way for years with a marked increase in road traffic each year. Even during the slow fall season, the Friday road congestion is evident to anyone in a car. Although the administration or various governing bodies on Abaco may have the authority to engage in long range planning, none has made much effort in this direction. The dilemma exists for Central Abaco of increasing road congestion with no solutions in sight or even marginal efforts at finding solutions. The highways north and south of Marsh Harbour are relatively wide, smooth and safe for 60-mile-per-hour speeds. The north and south ends of the island are approximately one hour or more away at this speed. Don MacKay Boulevard leading from Marsh Harbour to the airport is probably the best piece of highway on the island. It is a main artery leading into and out of Marsh Harbour. But over the years five schools have been built on this road or a block off it. The normal delivery and pick-up of children by parents chokes this road in the early morning and mid-afternoon. When the schools were established many years ago, traffic was much lighter and school traffic was not a burden. If the schools or authorities were to impose the standard school-zone speed limits, traffic would slow to a crawl. You would be able to hear the taxis howl all the way to Hope Town as they tried to get to the ferry dock with their passengers through school zones and traffic jams. Now add to this road mix the workmen and supply vehicles headed to the Abaco Club at Winding Bay. To a large extent, the Bakers Bay staff and workmen on Guana Cay are not as dependent on ths stretch of road. They make up for this by trying to find a parking place in downtown Marsh Harbour as they go to work on the morning ferry. Parking within 500 to 1000 feet of the Marsh Harbour ferry dock to Guana Cay will be at a premium as this project gets further underway. Roadside parking in Marsh Harbour is nearly non-existent. Parking at the Crossing Beach ferry dock for commuters to either Hope Town or ManO-War Cay has been tight for years with several schemes underway to squeeze in several more spaces. One property owner adjoining Crossing Beach has cars towed away when they park on his land. Very few businesses in town have adequate parking for their customers as noted by the common double-parking at many locations. Marsh Harbours road layout dates back to an era when a busy day saw wheelbarrows trundling freight to and from the mail boat. We are still living with those 20-foot roadways. The one-lane front street in Marsh Harbour is one of those original roads. There is no relief in sight as property owners guard their boundaries against road intrusion. The north end of Don MacKay Boulevard at the traffic light is a good example of this. The two small curb-walls on the east and west at the light define the legal roadway. Imagine if it were only that wide all the way through town. When the road to the airport was established, someone had the foresight to make a 100-foot road right-of-way allowing a wide road with good shoulders. An effort is underway to open the bypass road from the airport round-about to S.C. Bootle Highway. This is an overgrown remnant of the lumbering highway that led north from Snake Cay. Eventually, it will be a routine part of the Abaco highway system. The right-of-way for Forest Drive in Dundas Town is alleged to be wide enough for dual lanes and this may happen some day. Wide roads are a hallmark of the designers of the Central Pines Estates subdivision in Dundas Town. Contrast those roads with the narrow hilltop entrance into Sweetings Village. Adding to the potential for problems here is a church on top of the hill with an entrance drive just below the crest of the hill. This will eventually lead to a Sunday morning broadside as one car leaves church just as another car crests the hill. In local language, someone will get ramshackled there. Cherokee complains that its highway provided comfortable access to the towns 200 residents several years ago but is proving to be a hazard with the increased traffic generated by the Winding Bay project. Residents there feel that road improvements should have been included with the package of power, phone, water and other public services needed by the development. Road traffic will continue to grow in parallel with the general Abaco economy. Omitted in all of this are the several massive developments government occasionally alludes to for South Abaco. Massive development will bring more workmen, more residents and more traffic. If our memory serves us correctly, a traffic study several years ago showed that 8,000 vehicles passed daily on the road between Wallys Restaurant and the Conch Inn. Factor in the traffic to be generated by the Abaco Beach Resort condominium expansion and other growth and we will be able to shame New York or London with our traffic snarls. The Abaco community has a pretty good record at solving its own problems. However, effective solutions to road and highway problems will require studies and intervention by higher authorities. Long-range planning is badly needed now for our roadways and the need will become more acute with time. Careful use of land acquisition through eminent domain legal procedures may be required occasionally. Marsh Harbours geographical location coupled with the original settlement layout do not lend themselves to alternate routes or road improvement programs. Neither are we aware of anyone attempting to find solutions to our growing traffic congestion. Perhaps a coalition of local government and local service clubs should get together and lobby Nassau for long range planning. Our growth cannot be stopped. However, some of the problems resulting from this growth can be minimized if recognized early and meaningful solutions are implemented. Please see Ups and Downs Page 30Goin Boating?


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 9Order The Abaconian Today Apr 2006Name Address Address City St. Postal code + Country E-mail (or Fax) (for renewal) 24 issues US$ or B$ Above subscription is a gift from: $45 USA via 3 rd Class $25 Bahamas via surface $20 to Abaco US$50 Canada via Airmail US$95 UK, Europe Surface Mail to: 990 Old Dixie Hwy, #14, Lake Park, FL 33403 or: P.O. Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas If you want to renew this gift next year, please give us your address below Why subscribeReceiving the Abaconian regularly will keep you informed on issues such as: Resort & hotel development Improvements to roads, airport, docks, schools, etc. Phone and electric company changes Fishing, boating & sporting activities Immigration, taxes or duty changes Changes to laws and regulations Community events New business ventures Changes in airline service Actions by local governmentLetters to the Editor Thanks for Computer AssistanceDear Editor, Last week my laptop computer crashed completely. I was devastated I have had the machine for three years and on it was stored every photograph, file and piece of personal correspondence I had received during that time. It seemed that all this information was lost forever! The following day I called Abacom and expalined the situation. They were very helpful and told me to send in the laptop, which I did via a friend that day. All day long Abacom copied my lost files to CDs They finished by the end of the day, took all the CDs to the dock and snt them back to me that same evening all at a very reasonable cost. So I would like to say a big Thank yYou to Abacom I was really impressed by their speedy and friendly service. And I am so relieved to have my files back! Christine AlburyAppreciates Ozone Control EffectsDear Editor, In the November 15, 2006, Abaconian I was pleased to read that the Bahamas has moved to ban the importation of equipment containing ozone depleting substances. This move is in accordance with the Montreal Protocol of 1993. I just finished reading Tim Flannerys recent book The Weather Makers in which he devotes one chapter to the Montreal Protocol and in it he remarks that it represents the first-ever victory by humanity over a global pollution problem. In the rest of the book he makes a strong case for the need to reduce greenhouse gases now before it is too late and climate change becomes irreversible with its associated sea level rise. Renewable solar and wind energy sources are plentiful in The Bahamas and if developed, would reduce carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions from electrical generating stations. Speaking personally, I meet my electrical needs here with solar panels and a wind generator as do a few others I know. For cooking and refrigeration I use propane and for ablutions, etc. I collect rainwater from the roof. Regards, Dick ParsonsFeels Article about Art Show Was BiasedHi, Mr Ralph, I just finished reading the article in the latest Abaconian about the art show in Nassau at the Bahamas National Trust. First of all, there are several mistakes in the article and I felt that the article was extremely biased. Sonya Weatherford attended that show, NOT Sabrina Lightbourne. Sabrina Lighbourne is actually a Nassau artist. It was Sonyas first show outside Abaco, and it was a very big deal for her. She, too, is an up-and-coming artist from Abaco. Sonya works in acrylics on paper and pastels on paper, and this was not mentioned. As for what was written about myself, I do more than quilts. I also happen to paint on silk and had mixed media works on display there. My work happens to be sold at Java Coffee Shop. I dont think it was fair to mention only one store location. I regret having to write to you about this, but this has happened to me several times now, I have had enough and feel that it is time for me to start standing up for myself. Perhaps the person who wrote the article should have contacted the other artists to make sure their information was correct. I also realized that Dr. Hermann and Ann Schadtt were at the BNT Wine and Art Show and were left out of that article as well. Thank you for your time. Kimberly RobertsComments on the Man-O-War LetterDear Editor, I would like to say a few things about what was published in the last paper about the District Council for Man-O-War. I was very concerned after reading the article and was wondering if our Council had done anything out of line or if they broke any laws. I took my concerns to a Council member in our community, who then said I should see the Chief Councillor Jeremy Sweeting, who is also from our community of Man-O-War. I met with him and told him that I had read the article in the paper and wanted to know if any recent decisions that were made were in any way out of touch with the law. He very professionally led me through recent decisions that had been made and proved to me through different government acts and laws of the Bahamas that neither he nor the Council broke any laws and he staunchly defended his views. When I asked if he or the Council had broken any laws involving recent decisions, his response was, We havent broken laws on ANY decisions, any time, neither in times recent or times past. After my discussion with him, I felt guilty on how I had come across him at first in the discussion, almost accusing him and the Council of breaking the law based on what I had heard and seen in the paper. After talking to him and others, I have been convinced that they are within the realm of the law. With anything you cant always believe what you hear or even see. I think that they are doing a good job, and no Board of Works or Council is perfect, and it is also good to see someone so young like Jeremy getting involved in his community. It takes a lot for a young person to do what he is doing. With young people you need to encourage them, not discourage them. As encouragement I would like to tell him to keep up the good work. I would like to know if the Council hasnt broken any laws, then why the article about banning the two members. Sometimes Boards or Councils may make decisions that certain people may not agree with, but that gives no reason to ask them to resign. I personally havent agreed with everything that they have done, but their good has outweighed the bad. I didnt agree with everything that the previous Council did, but they were on the Council, and I lived with their decisions. It is sad that certain people always want to have their way; and if they dont get it, they want to have a pity party. To the Council, I say, press on,. You are in the drivers seat, and it is your day now. A lady who supports the work of the Council B & V Plaza Don MacKay BlvdTT TT T el: 36el: 36 el: 36el: 36 el: 36 77 77 7 .2.2 .2.2 .2 798 F798 F 798 F798 F 798 F ax: 36ax: 36 ax: 36ax: 36 ax: 36 77 77 7 .5098.5098 .5098.5098 .5098


Page 10 The Abaconian December 1, 2006 CC CC Come in and view our Large Selection of Sectionals and Ottomans, Living Room Sets, Baskets, Lamps, SIlk plants Quilts and Accessories.NOW OPENTelephone : (242) 367-2300Open : Tues Fri : 10am 5pm & Sat 9-2Don MacKay Blvd in old Bellas Building next to Wood YouCC CC Come in and view our Large Selection of Sectionals and Ottomans, Living Room Sets, Baskets, Lamps, SIlk plants Quilts and Accessories. Ph: 367-2222 Fax: 367-2888 Van StrattonNN NN N ASSASS ASSASS ASS AA AA A U UNDER U UNDER U UNDER U UNDER U UNDER WRITERS C WRITERS C WRITERS C WRITERS C WRITERS C OLE ALBUR OLE ALBUR OLE ALBUR OLE ALBUR OLE ALBUR Y L Y L Y L Y L Y L TD.TD. TD.TD. TD.INSURANCE AGENCY BB BB B AHAMAS FIRS AHAMAS FIRS AHAMAS FIRS AHAMAS FIRS AHAMAS FIRS TT TT TGeneral Insurance Company Limited Bahamas First General Ins. Co. Ltd.Monday Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Abaco Newstownship. Each year Mrs. Key plans to expand the wall and add the names of Marsh Harbour persons. She has endured criticism from many for this garden but said she stood strong because she thinks it is a good thing for the Marsh Harbour people.Those RememberedCapt. Ancil Leon Albury Anthony Thomas Albury George Hubert Albury George W. Albury James Cuthbert Albury Joseph Wilson Albury Mertland Frederick AlburyTwenty-Seven Heroes Are RememberedBy Portia Jonsson On November 18th family and friends gathered at the Memorial Garden in Marsh Harbour to honor and memorialize 27 of their loved ones who have passed on but played an important part in paving the way for Abaconians today. Eight years ago Mrs. Yvonne Key and Mrs. Candy Pinder felt that Marsh Harbour needed a park where persons could visit, reflect and remember loved ones. In February of this year it was the governments decision to have a Wall of Heroes in every The Progressive Labour Party held a fund raising dinner on November 18 behind the PLP headquarters in Marsh Harbour. Shown here is Richard Gibbs grilling steaks for the event. Music and a festive atmosphere entertained those coming for dinners. Capt. Garnet Austin Archer Percival Gerald Archer Captain Sherwin Archer Henry Westin Collins Dr. Evans W. Cottman Dr. Norman Harken Cove James B. Crockett Ejnar Frederik Gottlieb M.D. Owanta Gisela Gottlieb Bunyan Agustus Key Edwin Isador Lowe Reginald Cuthbert Lowe Thomas Eldred Lowe Millard Arlington Russell Charles Wilson Sawyer Morton Marcel Sawyer Thomas Wilson Pa Bill Sawyer Anderson Stewart Stratton Robert Lucien Stratton Dr. Robert Stewart StrattonNew BusinessesBy Portia JonssonIndie FurnitureLocated in the new two-storey, yellow building next to the present fire station in Marsh Harbour, Indie Furniture sells unique Indonesian furniture and accessories such as four-poster beds, floor mats, chests, dining tables and chairs and decorative bowls. Store hours are 10 a.m. 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. 3 p.m. on Saturday. Telephone 357-6903. The store is managed by Anna Bobby. Monkeys Uncle opened just in time for Christmas shoppers to enjoy the wide variety of gift items it carries. The shop, located beside Sapodillys Restaurant in Marsh Harbour, held an Open House on November 21.Shop manager Kathy OKelleher keeps changing the displays with new merchandise to show off the handicrafts and unique items. Mr. and Mrs. Edison Key are examining the interesting merchandise. Please see Central Page


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 11 is a private charter plane company providing safe, reliable transportation to and from the islands of the Bahamas and southeastern Florida.has opened its new facility at the Marsh Harbour International Airport. We are a full service FBO with Customs, Immigration, Fuel, VIP Lounge and many other five star services. We handle all your aircraft ground handling service needs the way you want. CHEROKEE AVIATION Tel.# 242-367-0525 Fax.# 242-367-0526 VHF 122.80P.O.Box AB 20485 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Email : fboinfo@cherokeeair.comCHEROKEE AIR Tel.# 242-3673450 Fax.# 242-3673451P.O.Box AB 20485 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Email : info@cherokeeair.comCherokee Air Cherokee Aviation Resort Features: Spectacular 3-mile beach Championship golf course Marina-view restaurant & bar Pool,tennis,watersports 150-slip full-service marina Diving,snorkeling & dive shop Boat rentals,charters & guides Hotel rooms,2 or 3 BR suites Treasure Cay Road (exit off Bootle Hwy) TREASURE CAYHOTEL RESORT & MARINA Hotel: 242-365-8801 Spinnaker Restaurant: 242-365-8469 Golf Course: 242-365-8045 Treasure Divers: 242-365-8465 www.treasurecay.com bahamian cuisine on Hope Town's waterfrontBar Opens Daily 10 a.m.Closed on TuesdaysHappy Hour 5 6 p.m .Lunch & Dinner DailyLunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pmAppetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m Call 366-0087 366-0292 VHF Ch 16ICE RENTAL BIKES Boats equipped with:VHF Bimini Top Cooler Anchor & Lines Compass Dive Ladder Life Jackets Paddle Flares Flashlight Fire Extinguisher First Aid Kit30 Boats to Choose From All Meticulously Maintained35% off all rentals through February 11 W eekly Rates: 26 Paramount $1295 23 Albury Bros $1015 22 Boston Whaler$ 945 20 Albury/Hydra$ 910 18 Privateer $ 665 Rates do not include gas Open 7 days 8am 5pmLocated in Hope Town & Marsh Harbour Call (242) 367-2513 Fax (242) 367-2516 www.seahorseboatrentals.com More Central Abaco NewsIt is the season for giving and in that spirit the Police Reserves of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Abaco District took this to heart by giving 25 bags of dry and canned goods to the elderly and shutins in Dundas Town and Murphy Town. Reserve Sgt. Newbold, Reserve Cpl. Bascom and Woman Reserve Const. Deaveaux headed this undertaking on November 22. The group of six Reserves also took cleaning supplies for Sybils House. This was a small way of the Reserves giving back to the community.The photo shows Sgt. Newbold delivering the supplies to Sybils House.Reserve Officers Donate to Needy Tourism Director Visits AbacoMs. Vernice Walkine, Director of Tourism, center, visited Abaco to give insights into Tourisms vision for the future. Mr. Don Cornish Manager of Abacos Tourism office, made a presentation on the Abaco tourism product and where it should be headed. Mrs. Lovely Reckley was one of about 50 persons attending the November 23 breakfast presentation at St. Andrews Methodist Church Hall in Marsh Harbour.


Page 12 The Abaconian December 1, 2006 White Sound, Elbow CayFULL SERVICE MARINA 50 Deepwater Slips Fuel/Oil/Bait/Ice Fresh Water Garbonzo Reef Bar WATERFRONT VILLAS One, two & three bedroom units On the ocean & harbour Full kitchen/air cond/sat TVFor local transporation to Sea Spray call VHF 16 or 366-0065email : seasprayres@abacoinet.com www.seasprayresort.comBoat House Boat House Boat House Boat House Boat House RR RR R eses eses es tt tt t auraur auraur aur antant antant antCome for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Bahamian Breakfast Sat. & Sun. Stew Fish Chicken Souse Cornbeef & Grits Steam Sausage & Grits Enjoy a delicious dinner with us Sea Spray will pick up from Hope TownThe solid waste landfill site south of Spring City is closer to being used. Close to the entrance a weigh station is being constructed. This huge scale will weigh every incoming and outgoing truck to assess tipping charges or fees for incoming trash. Neither the fee schedule nor the opening date has been released yet. It has been stated that all the trash on Abaco will be deposited here.Reef Balls Are Put in PlaceFriends of the Environment has begun putting reef balls in place at Mermaid Reef off Marsh Harbours Pelican Shore. This popular live reef is easily accessible and can have as many as 60-80 persons a day enjoying its sea life. The balls are being floated out to the reef with the assistance of inflated buoys inside them. Later, the reef balls will have plugs of coral attached that will grow, covering the cement within four or five years. Friends is expecting to sink about 100 balls at this site, expanding the current reef to help preserve it.Students from schools throughout Abaco are helping to make the balls which are marked so later the students can monitor their school piece of the reef. Solid Waste Fill Site Is Almost CompleteThe Internet Geeks at OII would like to wish everyone a healthy, happy and fun holiday season!! Phone: 1-242-367-3006 Fax: 1-242-367-3387 Email: wireless@abacoinet.com Out Island Inter.Net High-Speed Wireless Internet! High-Speed Wireless in your home, office or boat Internet Caf and Coffee/Tea Bar ( yum!) Book Exchange Happy Hour Daily 5 6pm


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 13 By Samantha V. Evans Decentralization of HIV and AIDS Prevention, Care, Support and Treatment was the theme for the workshop held at Abaco Beach Resort under the umbrella of the Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization. The opening ceremony was held on November 9th. Mr. Revis Rolle, Administrator for Central Abaco, stated that he was proud that Abaco was chosen to launch this HIV/AIDS program. This island is currently experiencing great population and economic growth and when this happens, other factors arise including crime and health issues, he explained. The moderator for the morning, Dr. Percival McNeil, stated that Abaco is important to the process, and decentralization is necessary to make changes necessary to the health of Bahamians. Nurses, doctors, police officers, counselors, and educators from all over Abaco, Andros and Bimini were present at this workshop. The conference was very intense with many topics being covered in a short space of time. Mrs. Rosa Mae Bain, Director of the HIV/AIDS Center in Nassau, stated that due to the location of The Bahamas with so much waster makes it unique and challenging to properly administer health care. To date, she stated that there are over 40 million persons infected with the virus worldwide with Africa having the highest number of infected, 25.8 million, and the Caribbean coming in second with 300,000 confirmed cases of AIDS (The Bahamas included). The HIV/AIDS center aims to ensure that everyone knows how to avoid HIV/AIDS, to stop the spread of the infection from mother to child, to provide treatment, to search for a vaccine and to care for those infected. It is a challenge for those who work at the HIV/AIDS Center, but they have some strategies in place to ensure that they meet their objectives. In the Bahamas there is a national commitment to treat those infected, there is political will, they have a national program, they deliver care via clinics and hospitals and they train professionals who are willing to care for those infected. Dr. Perry Gomez has been instrumental in ensuring that the HIV/AIDS program is effective in this region. It is important for the public to note that this team works closely with health agencies to ensure that patients are treated fairly. Approximately $10 million is being spent on this plan; $500,000 is being provided by the government and other money is provided from the Lyford Cay Foundation, the Clinton Foundation and Scotia Bank. If it were not for the support of all of these parties, the HIV/AIDS Center would not be as effective as it is today. It is because of all this support that medication is available to those who are infected. Most of the persons infected with HIV/ AIDS in The Bahamas are between the ages of 25-29 years of age and most of them are females and are Bahamians. Mrs. Bain stated that females are in trouble. A large number of infected females are also adolescents. Approximately 6,853 persons are still living with the virus in 2006. They are beginning to see a downward trend in statistics as they continue to educate the public. Mrs. Bain stated that these efforts are to be commended because most other countries are still seeing increases. In spite of all that is being done, the director stated that they have their challenges. She encouraged those present to care about persons who are infected because we do not know who has HIV/AIDS by looking at them. The Bahamas presently leads internationally in the fight against HIV/AIDS which is a great accomplishment for such a small country but their goal is to control it by having an AIDS-free Bahamas and to end the struggle.Certificates Were Presented to HIV/AIDS ParticipantsNovember 11th was the final day of training for the group of health care and educational professionals who attended the HIV/ AIDS Conference. A wealth of information was shared by the team from Nassau on numerous topics including Diagnosis of HIV Infection, Stigma and Discrimination, Confidentiality, Prevention of Mother-child Transmission and Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections. To climax the training, some 30 participants were presented with certificates for successfully completing the workshop. All of them have been equipped with information that they can now share with their various agencies so that the training continues. The closing ceremony was held at Abaco Beach Resort. A HIV/AIDS seminar was held in Marsh Harbour for medical personnel, counselors and educators from throughout The Bahamas. The three-day workshop covered education of the public, treatments available, current research and care for those infected. The group above completed the course and received certificates.Workshop Covered All Aspects of HIV/AIDS Hints for Helping Our Environment Compost all vegetable matter. Your garden will love it.Friends of the EnvironmentPresents


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December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 15 By Mirella Santillo As an approach to resolve the growing tension between Haitian and Bahamian residents of Abaco, a committee was formed with the aim of identifying the issues on each side of the population and thereafter proposing recommendations to be delivered to the government with the hope that they will be considered and acted upon. At the suggestion of ASP Miller, a group of approximately 20 people, mostly Haitians, met at the First Beraca Baptist Church on November 8th. The event was hosted by Pastor Sitoir Pasterain, who invited members of his congregation but included other members of the Haitian community as well as Dr. Mark Binnard, who speaks Creole and is well known in the Haitian community, Rotarian Jo-Ann Bradley, who is very disturbed by the escalating violence at that high school and Mr. John Hadden a concerned Bahamian. The discussion took place under the supervision of ASP Miller, who was there to listen to peoples suggestions and state the position of the police. Mr. Etienne Pierre voiced the first comment, stating that the lack of status was a problem encountered by many Haitians who would like to settle legally in this country, buy property, build a house and make The Bahamas their permanent home. Because most Haitians are on a year-to-year work permit, they are not able to buy property or apply for a bank loan and are afraid to invest without knowing that they will be allowed to remain here. Haitian residents of The Bahamas who qualify under Bahamian law are still unable to get permanent residency. It was agreed that Pigeon Peas and The Mud were the direct consequence of this lack of status. Mr. Miller mentioned that the Prime Minister would like a system in place to give status to persons who qualify but also prevent masses of illegal immigrants from coming in. It was suggested that an in-settlement policing system be initiated. He reminded the audience that The Bahamas is a small country that cannot support any more immigrants. The question of prejudice was brought up by Mr. Hadden, who stated that the Abaconian society is divided into four groups: second home owner, white Conchy Joes among whom he included himself, black Abaconians and Haitians. To have a more harmonious society and put a cap on the growing violence in the schools, the gap between these groups has to be lessened. Mrs. Bradley suggested that two subcommittees be created: one including members of the clergy to deal with prejudicial issues and the second with status. Advice will be sought from the head of Immigration and legal counsel. A followup meeting will be held on December 6th. A Unisex SalonOfra Cosmetics Acrylic Nails Hair Braiding Matrix, Nexus and Paul Mitchell Products and Accessories Elaine Summerville, Manager Monday Saturday 9am 5pm In Memorial Plaza 367-3623 To our valued customers, in appreciation for your patronage, for the month of December we havea special on Nexus products all 50% offHaitian Consultative Committee Formed Murphy Town Cleans ParkSeveral diligent men cleaned up Murphy Town Park on November 11. Mr. Kendris Hield, Abaco Central High principal, initiated the clean up as students use the playing fields. Mr. Troy Cornish and Stretch Morley are shown with a truck full of debris. Since only a few turned out to help, Mr. Heild will schedule another clean-up date. Support Citizens Against Crime


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Page 18 The Abaconian December 1, 2006 INDONESIAN FURNITUREExperience the beauty of Tahiti....with our exotic pieces to decorate your home...... the Far East has come to us ... the Far East has come to us...Tel : 242-357-6903Located in the new two storey yellow building next to the fire station.with EXQUISITE with EXQUISITECome In and VisitAbacos newest furniture store on Queen Elizabeth Dr. OPEN : TOPEN : T OPEN : TOPEN : T OPEN : T ues. Frid. 10am-5:30pm ues. Frid. 10am-5:30pm ues. Frid. 10am-5:30pm ues. Frid. 10am-5:30pm ues. Frid. 10am-5:30pm & Saturdays 10am-3pm & Saturdays 10am-3pm & Saturdays 10am-3pm & Saturdays 10am-3pm & Saturdays 10am-3pm For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices Serving World Famous Grilled Food and Cocktails Located in Marsh Harbour on the water OPEN 7 days 11AM until DAILY HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS!!!Tel (242) 367-2278VHF 16 SnappasFor Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Priceslot more fun when you have more competition in it. This year there were some close times to mine. They are getting close and maybe next year we will see. I wasnt quite sure this year I would win because I knew it would be some tough competition. It is better when I know they are coming after me, Sweeting added. Finishing second behind Mr. Sweeting for the last six years has been Pat McCully racing this year in Junk Yard Dog. Mr. McCully said they have tried to improve every year but each year they fall just short. This year Mr. McCully got close to Mr. Sweeting in both races but couldnt get close enough. Mr. McCully ran 34.81 in the straight race and 36.18 in the slolam. Finishing third in the slolam was Shane Cash, and Joe Thompson racing Dog House Crew finished third in the straight race. I am real tired of finishing second. Second is just the first loser. I cant say what we will do next year because we thought we improved the cart enough this year to get it done, but he is just too dominating, said McCully. His cart is pretty darn good and he must have a lot of time in that. And he has the right combination. Every year it is a little stronger but we have a ways to go yet. That is why they run the races, and we will see what happens next year, he added. Once again the organizing committee will use the proceeds garnered from the event for youth sporting activities in Hope Town. Money was also raised to help the Hope Town Primary School. This year the proceeds will go to finishing the Hope Town softball field. In past years the funding went to the community pool and basketball court. Box CartsFrom Page 1Box Cart Event Raises Funds for SportsThe three people in this heavy-duty box cart are jubilant as they cross the finish line. Organizer Patrick Stewart said they have been working on the softball field in Hope Town for a long time and they are hoping to finish it. The grass is already down and they are hoping to finish the outfield wall and the backstop. There were 18 carts competing in the 14-and-over division and six in the 9-13 division. Hundreds of people showed up to watch the races. The slalom competition showed the competence of the driver, in this case one that bullnosed his way down the course. Please see Box Cart Page 19 Ricky Sweetings winning car gets the flagas he crosses the finish line as he wins for the sixth year.. Stewart said, It is good to have this event, and we usually have a pretty good turnout with about 500 or 600 people and the community gets together. It is a group project. It has always been pretty steady and some years it has been


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 19 2,3,4&5Bedroom BeachfrontRentalsTreasure Cay, Abaco, BahamasPhone: 242-365-8500 Fax: 242-365-8501www.BahamaBeachClub.comTollFreeReservations:800-563-0014 18HoleGolf Course,Tennis,BoatRentals, Scuba,IslandTours,Shopping&More!Best Beach in the CaribbeanCaribbean Travel &Life Magazine LUXURYCONDOMINIUMS Sids Food StoreGroceries Toiletries SouvenirsServing New plymouth and the entire Green Turtle Cay Area. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables. Frozen Meat. Dry and Canned Goods. Homemade BreadsWIDE SELECTION FAST EFFICIENT SERVICE Located Near Town Dock, New Plymouth, Green Turtle CayTel: (242) 365-4055 Don MacKay Blvd. near Marsh Harbour AirportCOME INAND SEEOUR NEWSELECTIONOFCHRISTMASGIFTS & ITEMSMay all the beauty of the season be yours. Christmas Trees will be in first week of December.Monday Friday 9-5 Saturday 9-3 Ph (242) 367-2674 Fax (242) 367-4755better than others depending on hurricanes. We think it may get bigger, but we dont want it too big because we are a small island and we dont want it too big. The youth need something to do and there isnt much for them to do around here. If they dont like fishing, there isnt anything for them to do. There has to be more activities for kids and the facilities for children around here are deplorable. Government needs to step in and fund sports and youth, Stewart concluded. Everyone wasnt happy with the judging or how the categories were set up as Charles Cooke, driving Scurvy Few, was upset with everything after the races were over. Mr. Cooke also felt that someone messed with their vehicle going into the race but isnt sure who. I think I have the best vehicle in the world but the thing is you need to have everybody in a special group. Mr. Sweeting has got a cart that doesnt compete with anyone else, said Mr. Cooke. You cant do that, you cant do that. You cant put me against somebody when I have 43 seconds and they get 36 seconds. I got screwed and that is all, he added. Please see Box Cart Page 18 One relaxed driver, Dan McCully, who came in second overall, has just crossed the finish line, coming in well ahead of his competitor who can be seen in the distance. Box Cart Derby Draws Competitors from Many TownsBy Julian Lockhart Despite not knowing how to spell his last name or even speak clearly, Marco Debreus of Every Child Counts proved he was still the best by winning the 9-13 age division of the Big Hill Box Cart Derby in Hope Town on November 25th. Debreus, racing in a cart sponsored by the school and First Caribbean Bank, was surprised with his first win and then kept winning until he just barely edged Cameron McCourt in Junk Yard Dog in the final. The race was the closest of the day as Debreus won in a time of 34.53, four onehundreds of a second ahead of McCourt, who came second in a time of 34.57. This is amazing that we won. This is the first time that we ever competed. And we have two good carts and one of them is awesome. Marco is just pulling his act together and doing a great job, said ECC teacher Ellen Hardy. This is absolutely amazing and it will boost their morale. They have to be proud of themselves. I think it is just great, and it will give them confidence for the rest of their lives, Ms. Hardy added. Every Child Counts is a school for the mentally and physically challenged; and despite their obvious challenges, Debreus proved they can compete against anyone once given a chance. Also competing for ECC was Eric Maynard in the car sponsored by ECC and Bergstrom Builders in the 14-andover age division. Maynard didnt do as well as he lost his first race. Both carts were built by the students Please see Box Carts Page 20Marco Debreus Steers ECC to Win


Page 20 The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Four-year-old Lucas Kaighin of Marsh Harbour was one of the youngest competitors. He is shown here racing down Big Hill in the slalom which he won handily as he was the only entrant in the junior category. To keep him from going too fast, his father, Jim Kaighin, kept control of his speed with the rope that can be seen in the photo. with the help of Liann Kaighin. Ms. Hardy said this project brought the students together and helped them realize their potential. Despite not being able to speak because of his excitement, Debreus was all smiles as everyone was cheering for him after winning the big race. By Luzena The Junior Junkanoo Parade will take place on December 16 at 6 p.m. on Don MacKay Boulevard. This year eight schools will be participating. There are three categories in the Junior Junkanoo Parade: Primary Division, All-age Division and High School Division. The schools that are participating fall under one of the following division: Primary Division Fox Town Primary Treasure Cay Primary Amy Roberts Primary Central Abaco Primary Crossing Rocks Primary All-Age Division Wesley College Moores Island All Age High School Division Abaco Central High School The prizes for Junior Junkanoo Parade are computers. In each category first place winners will receive three computers, second place will receive two and third place one. The winners will also receive trophies. All participants in the Junior Parade will be rewarded with a party after the New Year. The Senior Parade will be held on Boxing Day, December 26 beginning at 9 p.m. The groups that are participating are as follows: Stingers, Spring City Rockers, Fancy Dancers, and Green Turtle Rockers. The prizes are $3,500 for first place, $2,000 for second place, and $1,500 for third place. Anyone wishing to attend either parade, especially the tourists, must be prepared to be there for at least three hours. According to Mr. William Davis, Chairman for the Junkanoo Committee, there are several corporate sponsors and next year there are plans for the parade to be bigger and better. Mr. Davis wants to remind all participants that rules will be reinforced and groups will be penalized for infractions of the rules. The penalties will be in the form of subtraction of points with respect to the General Rules. Some of the penalties are the following: Non Registration Disqualification Participation by individuals not enrolled in the school 20 points per person Costumes not made by school children Disqualification Lighting of fires along parade route Disqualification Suggestive gyrations in dance tending to vulgarity 200 points Failure to enter route on time 50 pointsJunkanoo Is Planned for the Holidays Box CartFrom Page 19 Ms. Hardy said, The kids built the carts themselves as they helped Mrs. Kaighin. She is our major sponsor, and she had the kids working right there beside her. These kids can do anything they set their minds to and this proves it. I think this proves Every Child Counts is a great school, and our kids are just as good as anyone else, Ms. Hardy concluded.Abaco Print ShopAbaco Shopping Center Tel: 367-3202 Fax: 367-3201 FOR ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS! Business Cards Letterheads Flyers Programs Abaco Glass Company Abaco Glass Company Abaco Glass Company Abaco Glass Company Abaco Glass CompanyWindow Glass and Mirrors Cut and Installed Screens Made and Repaired Commercial Store Fronts Installed and ReplacedYale WindowsIn Marsh Harbour on Don MacKay Blvd. 367-2442


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Page 22 The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Special Summer/Fall Air Fare for Bahamian Residents All travel on these tickets must be completed by 12/15/2006. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket counters or through the Ft Lauderdale office and must be paid in full at time of purchase. Purchaser must present valid Bahamian passport with US visa, or valid passport ofanother country with valid Bahamian work permit and valid US visa at time ofpurchase. Tickets are non-refundable. Baggage allowance of 50 lbs including carry-on. Excess baggage traveling with you is $0.70 per pound and travels on a space available basis. All freight and excess luggage checked in at departure will travel within one week at the rate of $0.45 per pound.Abaco Price $190 plus US taxes of $38.65 and Bahamian departure tax ($15)Eleuthera Price $240 plus US and Bahamian taxesSPECIAL FREIGHT RATEDeliveries Thru October 31, 2006$0.45 per pound (DIM Weight Pricing)Marsh Harbour 367-0140 Treasure Cay 365-8660 Ft. Lauderdale 954-359-8266 North Eleuthera 335-1696 Governors Harbour 332-3340 Rock Sound 334-2795 OPEN8 8AM PMtofrom December 1st 24th, 2006VARIETY STORE AND DOLLAR SHOPthrough Nov. 30 Closed 5:30 pmCorner of S.C.Bootle Highway & Don MacKay Blvd. North Abaco NewsNorth Abaco NewsBy Vernique RussellBTC Holds Town MeetingThe closure of the BTC office in Coopers Town and the poor service that residents receive were at the top of the list of concerns of residents at the BTC town meeting on November 9th. The town meeting took place at the Sherlin Bootle High School and was a part of a series of meeting hosted by BTC to listen to the voices of their consumers. Residents were extremely anxious to ask questions and voice their concerns. The closure of the office in Coopers Town some six or more years ago rang throughout the night. The telephone operator directory at the Marsh Harbour office was high among concerns also. Residents were very anxious to get answers for their questions concerning VIBE which was launched on November 8th on Abaco. Residents were also very concerned about the service that they receive from BTC such as delays in repair services and length of time one must wait to receive any kind of service. BTC has many glitches in the present cell services they provide; residents enquired about them and were assured by Mr. Leon William, BTC President, that the problem will be solved by the end of this year. On hand for the meeting were Mr. Williams; Mr. Henry Romer, who has responsibilities for the Northern Bahamas, Ms. Elaine Clarke, Acting General Manager/ Abaco, and other officers of BTC. Minor complaints were dealt with on site as technicians were equipped to address some of the problems that were of concern. The audience was treated to a skit by BTC icons, Flora and Earl, and the evening show was hosted by the Down Home Boy Picewell Forbes. There were lots of prizes and surprises for all who attended.Dock Is CompletedThe government dock in Coopers Town that suffered damages from Hurricanes Jean and Frances is now completed. Residents have access to the newly rebuilt docking facilities where they can enjoy a beautiful sunset evening on the benches that were constructed for their leisure. Residents are overjoyed that the work was finally completed and look forward to using the dock facilities.Voters Registration Is OngoingPersons who are eligible to vote in the upcoming general election are urged to register at the local facilities. The general election will be called before or on May 2nd, 2007. In order to make your presence felt and voice heard, you have to register before the register is closed. Once again, if you are eligible to vote in the next election, please register today to help make tomorrow brighter for all.Sherlin Bootle Wins AgainParticipating in the Annual District Spelling Bee competition was the 8th grade Dynamic Dolphins of Sherlin Bootle High School. Under the direction Mrs. Kawalram, an English Language teacher at the school, Charo Williams, Felicia Romer and Darien Lightbourne mowed down the competition and finished as champions. Charo Williams is the official winner. The District Spelling Bee is held annually and is sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Schools from throughout the island, both private and public, participated. On November 22nd the students representing Sherlin Bootle left the school premises with one goal in mind and that was to earn the golden trophy and be crowned the first place winners. Indeed, they finished on top, giving them bragging rights as the best spellers on the island for their grade level.Sherlin Bootle Holds Awards CeremonyHard work and dedication guarantees success With this in mind the principal, staff and teachers of Sherlin Bootle High School sought to award students who worked hard and burned the midnight candle in order to reach success. Students were awarded based on their academic, athletic and behavioral performances. Students from grades 8-12 received certificates and trophies for their outstanding performances. Those who displayed distinctive performances during the previous school year received the high flyer honors. On hand for the celebration were District Education Superintendent, Mr. Rudolph Smith, parents, friends and Ms. Paula Morley of Treasure Cay Limited. Treasure Cay is the official sponsor of this event and has faithfully contributed for the last five years. Congratulations are extended to all of the students who were awarded for their hard work. The award ceremony was held at the Sherlin Bootle School ground on November 24th.Thanksgiving Ceremony and Tribute to Leslie RolleUnder the theme taken from scripture Giving thanks to God Always for all thing s, teachers, parents, students and the guests of honor, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Rolle gathered at the Sherlin Bootle High School to give thanks for the work of Mr. Rolle, who served as principal for the last 10 years. His efforts that with the young people while they were with him can be seen in banks, schools, hospitals and other organizations. Recognizing his contribution, the PTA along with students gave tributes to Mr. Rolle in performances and gifts. The Sherlin Bootle school choir performed under the direction of Mr. Enzil Cooper, and the students of grade 12 rendered their tribute in a poem. In her address while speaking on thanksgiving, Ms. Tonneal Hanna of the Social Service Department in Coopers Town stated, We have lost our sense of unity and we need to return to the yesteryears when a meal for me was a meal for you. The keynote speaker for this event was Rev. Stafford Symonette, who delivered a short yet powerful message. The communities of North Abaco join in with the PTA and Sherlin Bootle family say thank you to Mr. Rolle for the work he did.Basketball Camp Is BackCoach Godfrey Rolle Basketball Camp is back! Calling all young men from age 7 and up come to the Don Corbett Basketball Court in Treasure Cay on Saturdays from 10 a.m.-12 noon and Sundays from 3 p.m.4 p.m. If you are interested in developing your skills, you cant afford to miss this basketball camp. There are a lot of new and exciting things happening in the camp this year.Thankful for Another OpportunityWith the spirit of thanksgiving floating high in the air, young men who were given another chance to fit into society are thankful for the ministry of Terrence McDonald. For most of these young men time spent in Please see North Page 23


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 23 Check out our large selection of fine wines & spirits in downtown Marsh Harbour... conveniently close to the water front. Check out our large selection of fine wines & spirits in downtown Marsh Harbour ... conveniently close to the water front .Queen Elizabeth Dr. Marsh Harbour & Treasure Cay Shopping Centre, Treasure CayOPEN MONDAY SATURDAY : 9AM 6PMPh : (242) 367-2180 / Fax : (242) 367-5241 Originals byLou Lihou Anne Ray Malcolm Rae William Johnson Shula Raney Fritz Keck Kim Rody Photography by TuppyLocal ArtistsBeth Sweeting Zandrick Jones Lori Thompson Dion Lewis Colyn ReesLocated Queen Elizabeth Drive, Marsh HarbourTel: 367.0579GALLERYOriginal Art lPrints lFramingBlue Sky More North Abaco Newsjail seems to have knocked them out of the race of life. The chance of being given an opportunity to fit back into society appeared to be slim. However, these young men have found hope from Terrence McDonald, whose ministry has given them another chance. Mr. McDonald was mandated by God to reach out to young men whom society has rejected and neglected. Instructed by God to go to the streets and employ young men to work for his construction company, he immediately carried out the command. He is providing hope and help for young men who have been counted out of the race. He demonstrated genuine Christian character towards them and changed their perspectives on life in general. In society there is lots of talk about Christianity from the pulpit but very little demonstration is visible. Terrences work and efforts are not going unnoticed. It is good to see him making such a big difference in the lives of these young men. While celebrating this thanksgiving season, young men throughout the island of Abaco are extremely thankful for his ministry and the call of God on his life.City of Refuge Holds RevivalCity of Refuge Ministries, located in Treasure Cay, held three nights of revival services from November 6th-8th. The guest minister for the revival was Prophetess Sharon Duncombe of New Providence. The revival services gave those attending the opportunity to be restored by the Holy Spirit. The presence of the Lord showed up in a mighty way and God manifested Himself through healing, prophecies and restoration. The revival services were a success for Gods Will was accomplished. City of Refuge Ministries doors are open on Tuesdays and Fridays weekly for intercessory prayer and host pastor Prophetess Bridgette Mills invites the general public to stop between the hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and experience the mighty power of God. City of Refuge is located in the Brent Lowe Plaza on the Sherlin Bootle Highway three blocks south of the Treasure Cay airport.Thank YouThe principal, staff, students and parents of the Fox Town Primary School would like to thank all those who supported their Steakout on November 11. It was held to raise funds to purchase much needed equipment and supplies for the school. Thanks to the public, the fund raiser was a grand success. The school looks forward to continue support in future events.Fun DayCalling all children, teens, and adults to the Don Corbett Basketball Court in Treasure Cay for a Fun Day and Grill Out. This exciting day will take place on December 2nd beginning at 12 noon. If you believe you have athletic skills, you are challenged to come out and prove yourself. There will be basketball, volleyball, old fashion bat n ball, dominoes and more. Food and drinks will also be on sale.Birth AnnouncementsThe arrival of Master Malachi Ayden Russell rang sounds of joy to residents in Treasure Cay. Master Malachi made his grand entrance into the world on November 3rd. He is the first born of proud parents Mr. and Mrs. Vito Russell. On October23 Prince Amair Jaylin Marlo McDonald was born. He is son of proud mother Arsharie McDonald of Treasure Cay. A warm welcome is to both of these new residents of Treasure Cay.Welcome to AbacoA special welcome is extended to Dr. Elfred Zantura, who is presently posted at the Coopers Town Government Clinic temporarily for Dr. Francois, who is on vacation. Warm greetings to you as you work here amongst us. We hope that your time here be a pleasant experience.Welcome HomeA warm welcome back home is extended Mr. Gordon Neely Murray. It is great to have you back in Treasure Cay. You were surely missed among us. Your miraculous healing has surely made our hearts glad and we are praying for your continued recovery.Wedding Bliss Continues in Treasure CayAs the count down for the year end is on, what started off as a season to display undying love continues. The communities of North Abaco have celebrated throughout the entire year thus far with couples who joined hearts and hands together. On December 9th Ms. Florinda Thompson and Mr. Earl Vaughn will exchange vows as they are joined in Holy Matrimony. The ceremony will be held at St. Simon by the Sea Anglican Church in Treasure Cay and will be followed by a dinner reception at Coconuts Restaurant in Treasure Cay. Congratulations are extended to Deline Timothee and Lubien Philippe who were joined together in holy matrimony on November 25th. The couple were united in Marsh Harbour and reception followed in Treasure Cay at the Full Gospel Fellowship Hall. The couple will reside at Normans Castle in Treasure Cay. Congratulations to you. NorthFrom Page 22 Baby Anair Baby Malachi Check Outwww.abaconian.comThe Abaconians New Web SiteMost Recent Issue Archive Issues Maps Business Listing Pictures


Page 24 The Abaconian December 1, 2006


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 25


Page 26 The Abaconian December 1, 2006 ARAWAK AGENCYCUSTOMS BROKERS Air & Sea Shipping Customs Clearance Freight Forwarding Transportation & Logistics Services Ship AgenciesFor More Information:Tel: (242) 367-2089 Fax: (242) 367-2530Marsh Harbour, Abaco, BahamasVisit our office on Front Street One Call Does It All Church NewsThree Methodists Honoured in NassauBy Jennifer Hudson Three members of the Methodist Churches of Abaco were recently honoured in Nassau. Mrs. Marina Moss of St. Andrews Methodist Church, Dundas Town; Mrs. Carrie Cash of St. James Methodist Church, Hope Town; and Mr. Larry Neilly of Epworth Methodist Church, Cherokee, received their awards on November 17th at the Methodist Service Award Ceremony held at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. The honorees from each of these three churches were elected by the congregations of their churches to receive the awards along with representatives from all of the other Methodist churches throughout the entire Bahamas. The Methodist Service Award is the highest award that can be given to persons working in our churches, and the men and women who will receive awards tonight are the movers and shakers of our churches throughout the Commonwealth, stated President of the Bahamas Conference, Mrs. Kenris Carey. Mrs. Moss has attended the Methodist Church for over 40 years and has been actively involved in the church for the past 11 years. She is a member of the Congregational Board, Womens Fellowship, Prayer Ministry, Prayer and Bible Study groups, is Leader of the Praise and Worship Group and is a Lay Preacher in Training. Her church minister, Rev. Dr. Stephen Hale, describes her as a person with an incredible Christian spirit; she can be found at the Church just about every time the doors are open. Mrs. Moss was accompanied to the awards banquet by her husband, Don, her mother, two daughters and several other proud family members. Honoree from Hope Town, Mrs. Carrie Cash, has been described as an integral part of the St. James Methodist Church with a contagious enthusiasm for all she does. She is the driving force behind its annual Christmas Pageant and works with a core group in the organization, recruiting and fund raising that makes the Christmas Pageant possible for people throughout the whole of Abaco to enjoy. Rev. Hale describes her as a strong advocate for youth, dedicating much time, talent and patience to her work with young people. She is an essential part of the youth programme and the 9.30 a.m. worship service. In addition to her work with the young people of the church, Carrie is active in Mission Outreach and is a member of the Congregational Board. The third honoree was Mr. Neilly, who has played a very large part in the life of that church since he joined in 1995. In the past he has acted as Assistant Youth Leader and presently serves as a member of the Congregational Board and as leader of the Praise and Worship Team in addition to regular attendance at Bible study groups and worship. Mr. Neilly is active in Church property maintenance and repair and the upgrade of the church building and manse. Also during the evening a special award was presented to Rev. Dr. Eugene Zimmerman, who has been instrumental in assisting the Methodist Churches of Abaco and elsewhere in the Bahamas in many ways since the 1960s. People who remember Rev. Carla Culmer, who served the three Methodist Churches of the Eastern Abaco Region for the past ten years and recently left to become minister of Wesley Methodist Church in Nassau, will be interested to know that her father was the honoree from his church in Eleuthera. This was the second such ceremony recognizing Methodist members for service above and beyond to their respective churches. The first was held in Nassau in 2004 at which time the honorees from Abaco were Eleanor Jorgenson from Epworth in Cherokee, Emalin Sawyer from St. Andrews and Vernon Malone from St. James.New Vision Sponsors BasketballBy Julian Lockhart Sports have always forged relationships, teach discipline and teamwork as they brings people from all backgrounds together under one common goal of competition. New Vision Ministries is using the love of sports to foster relationships and give youth on Abaco an alternative activity to participate in. This is the third year that Center Court has been running at New Vision where children of all ages gather together every other Saturday to participate in healthy competition on the basketball court. Center Court was started three years ago by Brooks Russell and now is being run by New Vision Youth Pastor, Chris Pinder, as the third season shot-off November 4th at the church basketball court. Mr. Pinder said, It was originally started just to create community and to create something for the kids to do. This is definitely a way to reach out beyond the four walls that make up this church and into the community around us. All kids love to participate in sports and the original thought is what we can do through sports. We already had the facilities and we didnt have to do too much to get it started. This program can grow a lot and it already has grown a lot and I think it will grow even more. It teaches them a lot of stuff and will continue teaching them, Mr. Pinder added. Center Court has doubled in attendance since it started three years ago and there are now two teams in three different age groups 7-9 years, 10-12 years and 13-18 years and Mr. Pinder said they could easily have at least one more team in each age group if they had more coaches. The teams play seven games during the season with three coming before the Christmas holidays and the other four starting in January. The games are played on Saturdays starting at 4 p.m. There is a lack of organized sporting activities on Abaco because of the distance most students travel to school each day. New Vision is attempting to create a viable option for young people of Central Abaco and basketball is just the start. Mr. Pinder said Abaco needs a lot more activities for young people to take part in because it keeps them out of trouble and gives them something to look forward to. He added that when they run their movie Please see Church Page 27 Mrs. Marina Moss Mrs. Carrie Cash Mr. Larry Neilly


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 27 THE OUTBOARD SHOPMarsh Harbour, Abaco Tel 242.367.2703 Fax 242.367.3709 E-mail: theoutboardshop@abacoinet.com THE OUTBOARD SHOPMarsh Harbour, Abaco Tel 242.367.2703 Fax 242.367.3709 E-mail: theoutboardshop@abacoinet.comAuthorized Distributor Now In Stock Available Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Dolphin MarineGreen Turtle Cay242.365.4262 Island MarineParrot Cay242.366.0282 Roberts MarineGreen Turtle Cay242.365.4249 Sea Horse MarineHope Town242.365.0023 Fishermans MarineLong Island242.337.6226 Minns WatersportsExuma242.336.2604 O.B.S. 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We arent exactly preaching to the kids but just leading by example with our lives. We are looking to build relationships, and through those relationships we can then let our lives be the examples, said Mr. Pinder That way the kids will feel comfortable coming to us and talking and then we can be a witness to them, Mr. Pinder concluded.St. James Has New Youth LeaderBy Jennifer Hudson St. James Methodist Church in Hope Town recently appointed a new Youth Leader after the sudden departure of previous youth workers, Tom and Jen Cunio, due to medical reasons. Ashley Yancey is a charming young lady with a very outgoing personality, much enthusiasm and energy, all attributes which will serve her well in her new position. Although she has only been on Abaco since September 14, she has, according to minister of St. James, the Rev. Dr. Stephen Hale, already made a big impact on the youth there. Ashley hails from Brunswick, Georgia, and graduated in August from the University of Georgia with a degree in English and literature. When asked how she came to find out about the position in Hope Town, Ashley stated that for the past two summers she has worked as Camp Councilor at the Mission Camp Team Effort in Georgia, a camp dedicated to helping people in need. The owner of the camp, Doug Jones, and his family had previously been in Hope Town working with the youth programme a few years ago and had kept in touch with friends there. Doug knew that St. James was looking for a youth leader and also knew that Ashley had the desire to enter the ministry in some way and so approached her about the opportunity to serve in this way. Ashley took three weeks to pray about it and make her decision and within a further three weeks she had arrived in Hope Town. Ashleys involvement with the youth of the church incorporates all ages from five ChurchFrom Page 26 to 18 years. Friday to Sunday each week is her busiest time though she does have Praise Team practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Saturday evenings she holds Youth Group meetings; Junior Crew from 6-7:30 p.m. and Senior Crew from 8 to 9:30 p.m. She organizes the 9:30 a.m. family service each Sunday and holds band practice for the young members who provide the music at that service. At the moment she attends rehearsals every night for the Christmas Play, which Mrs. Carrie Cash immediately enlisted me in, she says. The big project for Ashley next year will be a Mission Trip to Tennessee which she will be organizing for the older youth, and she expects this to take up a lot of her time once she begins fund raising in January. Recently, Ashley traveled to Nassau to attend the Central Council meetings of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church and was very excited to meet the people who were responsible for bringing her here. Attending those meetings enabled me to gain more insight into my role here and how better to serve the youth, stated Ashley. Ashley attended the Fellowship service for all three churches of the Eastern Abaco Region at Epworth, Cherokee and also to visit St. Andrews, Dundas Town, where she was guest speaker at a Youth Group meeting. The three churches are very different and interesting, she says. I love it here and keep very busy, says Ashley. She is involved with volunteer work within the community during the time she is not actively involved in church matters. She teaches reading comprehension to third graders at the school three days a week, teaches guitar on Saturdays and has helped with the swim team. It is Ashleys goal eventually to attend seminary and enter church ministry in some form. More Church News Ashley Yancey Recycle Aluminum CansBins Located at Abaco Shopping Centre & Maxwells Supermarket


Page 28 The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Second Interact Club Is FormedBy Mirella Santillo After noticing the success of the St Francis de Sales Interact Club, long-time Rotarian Jo-Ann Bradley decided to revive the Interact Club at Abaco Central High School. With the help of new the principal, Mr. Hield, and former ACH advisor, Mrs. Isobel Sherman, the ACH Interact Club was reorganized in September 2006 and the induction ceremony was conducted by the District Governor during his visit on October 30th Presently, between the two clubs over 30 young people are involved. Every Monday St Francis de Sales Club meets under the direction of Club President, Stephen Pedican. The members discuss problems of the community and decide which project to get involved in. Stephen Pedican, who has been a member of Interact for two years, said that being in the club not only helps with grades but allows him to become aware of community problems. For the last two years, he explained, they have picked up garbage from the road sides, cleaned the school grounds and cleaned Crossing Beach. As president, his goal is to give more help to the less fortunate. This year the club members will collect canned goods and distribute them to people in need. Another of his goals is to develop an Adopt a Highway program and make signs that will inform people not to litter. The Interact members will also participate in the Rotary bell ringing program at Christmas. Stephen, who is planning to go to New York to study marine engineering after graduation, said he intends to keep up with the Rotary Club. Mrs. Barbara Claridge, the clubs advisor, said that this years students are really willing to get out in the community to get involved. At ACH it is a new concept for President Dellareese Rolle and her Vice President, Rose Roberts. Although their advisor, Ms. Sherman, was involved with Interact before, new members find it is a different experience to discuss community projects, to plan fund raising and actually bring the projects to execution. Not allowed school time for meetings, the ACH club meets at lunch time. One of the few projects they discussed was repairs of the school basketball court. But permission has to be granted by Mr. Stretch Morley, the Youth Coordinator, and funds have to be raised. So the project has not been fully undertaken as yet. Another idea put forward was the school landscaping. In the meantime, they also plan to participate in the Christmas bell ringing. Dellareese said that being in Interact has made her aware of community needs that she did not realize before. She said the school is very supportive of the club efforts Club NewsThe Anchor Club took 70 meals to the children at Every Child Counts School in Marsh Harbour to commemorate Thanksgiving. ECC works with challenged children and is under the direction of Mrs. Lyn Major, standing in the back. The Anchor Club expects to work with the school on an on-going basis. In the foreground is Ms. Phillippa Farrington, Advisor for the Anchors and a member of the sponsoring Pilot Club. Please see Clubs Page 29 The Rotary Club of Abaco presented a plaque to St. Francis de Sales School which has the code of ethics of Rotarians inscribed on it. Club President Brian Thompson is shown presenting the plaque.


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 29 and the principal is very willing to listen and give advice.Rotary Presents PlaqueBy Samantha V. Evans The Rotary Club presented St. Francis de Sales School with a plaque on November 21st stating the ethics of the Rotary Club. Presenting the plaque were Rotarians Mr. Brian Thompson and Mrs. Jo-Ann Bradley and accepting the plaque was the Interact Club, the youth arm of the Rotary Club. It is hoped that the plaque will promote goodwill and camaraderie amongst students. There are two Interact Clubs in Abaco ClubFrom Page 28 and five more throughout The Bahamas. The Interact Club at St. Francis has painted the library and done landscaping to help beautify the school grounds. The aim of the Rotary Club is to present one of these plaques to all public schools in The Bahamas so that students can join Rotarians in promoting high ethical standards in the world.Anchor InstallationBy Samantha V. Evans Abaco Anchors were sworn into office at the installation ceremony held on November 11 at Abaco Youth Ministries. The Anchors being installed were from Forest Heights Academy, St. Francis de Sales and Abaco Central High School. Pilot Club members were present for the swearing in ceremony. A special thank you is extended to Pastor Emmit Archer for allowing the use of his church for the second year. A reception followed the ceremony.Rotarians Hosts VisitorsBy Mirella Santillo The Rotary Club of Abaco was busy entertaining guests during the last few weeks. The visit of the District Governor on October 30th was followed two weeks later by a large group of Rotarians from Windermere and Winter Garden, Florida, not only as a vacation, but also to inspect the projects at Every Child Counts and Abaco Central High School funded by them during the past two years. Most of the group were on Abaco for the first time and enjoyed visiting Guana Cay and attending a Rotary meeting. The Windermeres Rotary President mentioned how impressed he was with ECC and the computer lab at ACH. Its a pleasure to see the projects, rather than just send the money. We hope we can continue to provide a continued relationship with grants and other means. Mr. John Terrell of the Winter Garden Rotary Club announced the clubs intention to help the Treasure Cay School with playground equipment and books. We would like to add some of the amenities they dont have to help further their education, he said. With the Christmas season approaching, Rotary will start its bell ringing program on November 24th in front of the food stores. The proceeds are used to buy food for the needy, so give generously. More Club NewsThe 2006 hurricane season was much less active than all predictions for the year. There were only nine storms of which five developed to hurricane strength. This compares to 28 named storms in 2005 of which 15 became hurricanes. This included three, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, that caused more than $100 billion in losses. The prediction by hurricane experts had suggested that there would be 17 storms this year of which nine would develop into hurricanes. During an average year the Atlantic can be expected to spawn 10 tropical storms. Several reasons caused the forecasters to be inaccurate. The unexpected formation of El Nino, the warming of water in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, had more effect than they expected. There were high level winds that sheared off the tops of the storms that did form, not allowing them to develop into big storms. Dust from the Saraha Desert and lower-than-ususal rainfall in the tropical Atlantic all worked to keep killer storms from developing. However, forecasters warn that the years ahead will not be so calm. The trend is for more hurricane activity, not less. Forecaster expect that 2007 will be another tough year. Hurricane experts urge people not to let their guard down.2006 Hurricane Season Was Mild CentralFrom Page 10Monkeys UncleIf you have a taste of the exotic from all over the world, Monkeys Uncle has just what you are looking for. It celebrated its grand opening in a soft gathering on November 21st in the Wm H building next to Sapodillys in Marsh Harbour. Selling mainly handcrafted items, it offers glassware, soaps, Mexican linen, half-model boats, bowls and local artwork. The store is managed by Kathy OKelleher. Business hours are 10 a.m. 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Telephone 367-3223. AA and Al Anon MeetingsThe AA (Alcoholics Anomyous) group of Marsh Harbour meets Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at the Marsh Harbour Community Library. The AlAnon group of Marsh Harbour meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Marsh Harbour Community Library. The AA group in Hope Town meets Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 p.m. at the Hope Town Library. The AA group and the AlAnon group meet in the Treasure Cay Community Center on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. Please call 357-6511 for additional information. We now offer a full line of PROMOTION AND ADVERTISING SPECIALITIES Pens Caps Key chains Magnets Calendars Bottles Bags Cups NCR Forms Flyers Certificates Menus Office Stationary Raffle Tickets Brochures Business Cards Envelopes Letterheads Labels Laminations ...much more Friendly and Professional PRINTING SERVICES DEALER


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Abaco Towns) 32 effic367-2227Moores IslandMoores Is Bonefish Camp8 rm366-6334Sandy PointOeishas Resort 366-4139 Pete & Gays Resort14 rm366-4119 Rickmons Bonefishing 10 rm366-4477Spanish CaySpanish Cay Resort18 rm 6 hse365-0083Treasure CayBahama Beach Club 365-8500 Island Dreams + 45 hse365-8507 Treasure Cay Resort95 rms365-8801Wood CayTangelo Hotel 19 rm 3 villa365-2222Web Sites with Abaco Informationhttp://www.abaconian.com http://www.abacoinet.com http.//www.abacoinfo.com http://www.abacos.com http://www.go-abacos.com http://www.oii.net http://www.bahamas.com + agents with multiple cottages and houses Rev. May 06stock and put it on the ferry. Only on Abaco! By late afternoon Jay had miraculously reassembled the engine and the dulcet strains of a four stroke (like no other) filled the air. It was sweet music to the ear, As we purred gently along the west cast of Elbow Cay the orange glow of the setting sun reflected on the water. The engine glistened; its soothing sound spread across the Sea of Abaco How I love small boats. How I love four stroke engines. How I love Abaco. All was forgotten, eclipsed by sun and sea. Oh! the joys of Paradise and goin boating! By Julian Lockhart Slap! Slap! Slap! I have never slapped myself more than I did on Sunday but at the same time I was having so much fun the slapping of the mosquitoes that were harvesting on my blood became bearable. For the first time I took part in a bird monitoring project for the International Bird Association down along Road 13, where myself, Reginald Patterson, David Knowles and Mirella Santillo visited 16 different viewing stations starting in the wee hours of the morning on October 29. After a cramped drive down to the sites in Davids truck, we made our way up the bumpy road to our first look-out station in the bush. I was warned to watch out for the ever friendly poison wood and the effect it has on your body when it decides to let you know how much it cares by rubbing up against you. No one informed me that I should wear long pants and shirt to protect myself from such open love. We moved on and for the first time I trekked into the pine forest. To my amazement just by standing there you hear and see so much more than you realize is around you. Some of the most beautiful creatures in the world fluttering around us from colorful tanagers to the yellow breasted Bahamian Yellow Throat to the elegant Cuban Emerald Hummingbird. But nothing was more amazing than the sight of two Bahamian Parrots preening themselves in the branches of a pine tree mere meters from where we stood. For the first time I saw the beauty and distinction of these delightful birds in the wild. Colors of the rainbow gracing their plumage these beautiful parrots sit there like king and queen of their own domain and preening themselves like they have no other worry in the world. However, nothing prepared me for the awestruck I envisioned when they and four more of their flock took to flight and in open winged fashion cruised over our heads with their full throated ruckus noise emanating from deep within them. I even started recognizing what I was seeing and even though I had to refer to resident expert, Reginald, it felt good to learn how to identify the different subspecies of particular species. How many different types of warblers or quits are there? By station 16 the morning had slowly crept away and the afternoon was upon us. Usually by this time the birds have settled down for the day away from noon sun, but a number of them decided to come out in full force for us to enjoy their exquisiteness. I will not say that I will become an avid birder after this experience but I will pay a lot more attention to the avian life around me as I go through my daily life. They all have such quirkiness and individuality that you could never be bored just stopping and observing them for a few moments. The bird monitoring is not for everyone, but the Christmas Bird Count is something I would recommend to one and all because you will be able to take advantage of an opportunity to see the splendor of nature in its full bloom.A Birds Eye Viewpoint Ups and DownsFrom Page 8 By Samantha V. Evans With influenza or flu season upon us once again the single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated at the clinic in your local area. Vaccines for the flu season are administered each fall and Abaco clinics have the vaccines. The virus mutates or changes each year so a new flu shot is needed each year. Since very young babies cannot be given the vaccine, parents should protect them from influenza as much as possible. In order to prevent the flu, good health habits should be practiced. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. When you are sick, keep your distance from others to prevent them from getting sick, too. If possible, stay at home from work, school and errands when you are sick. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth so that you do not spread germs to others. Some studies have shown that persons who smoke are more likely to get the flu, and there is a higher mortality rate amongst smokers than non-smokers. Did you know that the correct name for the flu is influenza? Dont feel badly because you are not alone. Many of us have gotten used to saying I have the flu, so the name influenza is foreign to us. What is influenza? It is a contagious disease that is caused by a virus and is spread from one person to another through coughing or sneezing. Influenza can cause fever, sore throat, chills, fatigue, cough, headache and muscle ache. It can lead to pneumonia and sometimes death. It kills about 36,000 people each year in the United States, mostly among the elderly.Its Flu Time Again


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 31 Dive Shops Abaco Dive Adventures, Marsh Harb.........367-2963 Above & Below...........................................367-0350 Dive Abaco, Marsh Harbour...................... 367-2787 Froggies, Hope Town................................. 366-0431 Treasure Divers, Treasure Cay..................365-8465 Treasure C. Adventures............................. 365-8111 Brendals Dive, Green T. Cay.................... 365-4411 Dive Guana............................................... 365-5178 Man-O-Wa r Dive Shop...........................365-6013 Bikes & Scooters Boats Cars & Carts Rentals Marsh Harbour A & P Car Rentals..............................367-2655 Bargain Car Rentals..........................367-0500 Blue Wave Boat Rentals....................367-3910 Concept Boat Rentals.......................367-5570 Laysue Boat Rentals.........................367-4414 Pier One Boat Rentals.......................367-3587 Power Cat Boat Rentals....................367-4620 Rainbow Boat Rentals.......................367-4602 Rental Wheels Scooters, Bikes, Cars367-4643 Richs Boat Rentals...........................367-2742 Sea Horse Boat Rentals....................367-2513 Sea Star Car Rentals.........................367-4887 Wilmac Car Rentals......367-4970 or 367-4313 Green Turtle Cay Bay Street Rentals............477-5300 365-4070 C & D Cart Rental..............................365-4084 D & P Cart Rental..............................365-4655 Donnies Boat Rentals.......................365-4119 Loggerhead Boat Rental....................365-5461 New Plymouth Cart Rentals.365-4188 or 4149 Reef Boat Rentals.............................365-4145 Sea Side Carts..................................477-5497 T & A Cart Rentals.............................375-8055 Guana Cay Donna Sands Cart Rentals................365-5195 Dive Guana Boats & bikes.................365-5178 Man-O-War Conch Pearl Boat Rentals.................365-6059 Island Treasures Cart Rentals...........365-6072 Ria-mar Golf Cart Rentals.................365-6024 Water Ways Boat Rent..357-6540 & 365-6143 Hope Town Bike Shop Bicycle Rentals.................366-0292 Cats Paw Boat Rentals.....................366-0380 Hope Town Cart Rentals....................366-0064 Island Cart Rentals............................366-0448 Island Marine Boat Rentals...............366-0282 J Rs Cart Rental...............................366-0361 Sea Horse Boat Rentals....................366-0023 Sea Spray Resort Boat Rentals.........366-0065 T & N Cart Rentals............................366-0069 Treasure Cay Alison Car Rent.................................365-8193 Cass Carts........................................365-8771 Claridges Cart Rentals......................365-8248 Cornish Car Rentals..........................365-8623 JIC Boat Rentals...............................365-8465 Richs Boat Rentals...........................365-8582 Triple J Car Rentals...........................365-8761 Abaco Adventures Kayaks..............365-8749Ferry Schedule Departure times shown Daily unless notedAlburys Ferry Service Ph 367-3147 or 367-0290 VHF Ch. 16Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 20 minute trip from Crossing Beach7:15 9 am 10:30 12:15 pm 2 4 5:45 Return 8 am 9:45 11:30 1:30 pm 3 4 5 6:30 Marsh Harbour > Man-O-War 20 minute trip from Crossing Beach10:30 am 12:15 pm2:30 (M-Sat) 4 5:45 Return 8 am 11:30 1:30 pm 3:15 (M-Sat) 4:30 Marsh H. > Guana Cay (& Scotland Cay with advance notice) 40 min. from Conch Inn 6:45am 10:301:30 pm 3:30 5:45 Return 8 am 11:30 2:30 pm 4:45 6:30Same day fare Adult oneway $15 / Round Trip $20 Kids 6-11 half fare Free under 6 From Union Jack Dock Except holidays + Hope Town late trips Fri & Sat onlyGreen Turtle Ferry Phone 365-4166, 4128, 4151 VHF Ch 16Green Turtle Cay to Treasure Cay Airpor t 8 am 9 11 12:15 1:30 3 4:30 Treasure Cay Airport to Green Turtle Cay 8:30 am 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5One way adult $7 (Children $3) Round trip $12 Extra to some destinationsAbaco Adventures Ph 365-8749 VHF Ch 16Treasure Cay to Guana Cay Sunday Lv 12 & returns 4:45 p.m. $25 RT T Cay to Man-O-War/ Hope Town Wed 9:30 am, return 4:30 pm $35 RT T Cay to Guana Cay Sunset Cruise Fr $25 call for timePinders Ferry Service Between Abaco & Grand Bahama -Crown Haven, Abaco to McLeans Town, Grand Bah. -Daily 7:00 am & 2:30 pm McLeans Town to Crown Haven Daily 8:30 am & 4:30 pm Fare $45 OW / $90 RT Children half fare Call Abaco 365-2356 for information Bus between Freeport and McLeans Town Rental automobiles at both terminals.Bahamas Ferries Sandy Point to Nassau under 4 Hr. Call Sandy Point 366-4119 or Marsh Harbour 367-5250 for sailing dates Adults $95 RT, $55 OW Cars & trucksIslander Express Bus M Harbour & Sandy Point -call 366-4444 or 457-9958Enovahs Bus Service Hourly bus through Murphy Town, Dundas Town & Marsh Harbour to Ferry dock. Spring City early morning & late afternoon.The Great Abaco Express Marsh Harbour bus to N Abaco Call 367-2165 Lv Marsh H. 5 am & 12:30 pm, connect with ferry to Grand Bahama & bus to Freeport Lv Crown Haven 9:30 am & 5:30 pm bringing ferry passengers to Marsh Harbour From Freeport take cruise ship to Ft. Lauderdale or ferry to West Palm Beach Sandy Point Patrick Roberts .... 366-4286 Nicholas Roberts Derrick Gaitor Ferdinand Burrows366-4133 Vernal Burrows Kendall White Anthony Bain ....... 366-4107 Floyd Burrows ..... 366-4175 Links Adderly ....... 366-4335 Valentino Lightbourne Ricky Burrows ..... 366-4233 Marsh Harbour Jody Albury ......... 375-8068 Terrance Davis .... 367-4464 Buddy Pinder ....... 366-2163 Justin Sands ........ 367-3526 Danny Sawyer ..... 367-3577 Jay Sawyer ......... 367-3941 Man-O-War David Albury ........ 365-6059 Crossing Rocks Tony Russell ........... 366-3259Bonefish GuidesCherokee Theodore Sawyer .... 366-2111 Will Sawyer ............. 366-2177 Marty Sawyer .......... 366-2115 Noel Lowe ............... 366-2107 Randy Sawyer ......... 366-2284 Casaurina Point Junior Albury ............ 366-3058 Budy Pinder ............. 366-2165 Hope Town Maitland Lowe .......... 366-0234 North Abaco ODonald McIntosh..477-5037 Pope McKenzie ........ 477-5894 Orthnell Russell ........ 365-0125 Alexander Rolle ....... 365-0120 Edward Rolle ........... 365-0024 Green Turtle Cay Ronnie Sawyer ........ 365-4070 Jeff Survance ........... 365-4040 Ricky Sawyer ........... 365-4261Visitors GuideRestaurants Services Transportation Restaurant Guide Prices $ Low, $$ Moderate, $$$ Upper (Based on dinner entree range) + Picnic tables & restroom only Provides ride from town Marsh Harbour Anglers.........................$$$.............367-2158 Curly Tails.........................$.............367-4444 Ginos...............................$.............367-2002 Golden Grouper................$.............367-2301 Hummingbird..................$$.............367-2922 Jamies Place...................$.............367-2880 Jib Room........................$$.............367-2700 Kentucky Fried Chicken.....................367-2615 Mangoes.......................$$$.............367-2366 Pops Place.......................$.....+....367-3796 Sapodillys....................$$$.............367-3498 Sea Shells........................$.............367-4460 Snack Shack....................$.....+....367-4005 Snappas...........................$.............367-2278 Subway..............................................367-2798 Wallys...........................$$$.............367-2074 Dundas Town Mother Merles................$$ Back Street Cafe............$$ Hope Town Abaco Inn.....................$$$.............366-0133 Capn Jacks......................$.............366-0247 Harbours Edge............. $$.............366-0087 H T Harbour Lodge.......$$$.............366-0095 Munchies..........................$.....+....366-0423 Sea Spray.......................$$.........366-0065 Man-O-War Hibiscus.............................................365-6380 Island Treats Snack Bar....................365-6501 Guana Cay Blue Water Grill.............$$$.............365-5230 Guana Seaside.............$$$.............365-5106 Nippers.........................$$$.............365-5143 Orchid Bay.........................................265-5175 Treasure Cay Florences Cafe................$ Coconuts............................ Harbour Cafe....................$.............365-8635 Hudsons Delight..............$.............365-8648 Spinnaker Restaurant...$$$.............365-8469 Touch of Class..............$$$.............365-8195 Green Turtle Cay Bluff House...................$$$.............365-4200 Jolly Roger Bistro...........$$.............365-4200 Green Turtle Club.........$$$.............365-4271 Harveys Island Grill........$$.............365-4389 Lauras Kitchen...............$$.............365-4287 McIntoshs Restaurant....$$.............365-4625 Plymouth Rock Cafe..........................365-4234 Roosters Rest................$$.............365-4066 Sundowners......................................365-4060 Wrecking Tree Restaurant Harbour Caf (ferry dock).$.....+....365-8635 Sandy Point Nancys............................... Pete & Gays.................$$$.............366-4119 Rickmon Bonefish Lodge...................366-4477 Everyone reads The Abaconian Please bring errors & revisions to our attention Emergency ServicesPolice Marsh Harbour 367-2560 The following services are provided by volunteers Fire Marsh Harbour 367-2000 Fire Dundas Town 367-2935 or 4935 Fire -Hope Town VHF Ch 16 Fire Green Turtle Cay 365-4133 Fire Man-O-War 365-6911 BASRA Bah Air Sea Rescue Assoc all areas Marine VHF 16 Hope Town 366-0500 Marsh Harbou r 367-3752 Guana Cay 365-5178 Treasure Cay 365-8749 Medical Services Abaco Family Medicine Marsh Harbour.367-2295 Auskell Advanced Medical Clinic............367-0020 Marsh Harbour Medical Centre..............367-0049 Government Clinic Marsh Harbour........367-2510 Corbett Clinic Treasure Cay...................365-8288 Government Clinic Coopers Town.........365-0300 Government Clinic Green Turtle Cay......365-4028 Government Clinic Hope Town...............366-0108 Government Clinic Sandy Point..............366-4010 Government Clinic Fox Town..................................Rev 6 Novt 06Compliments of The Abaconianwww.abaconian.com Abaco Marinas Slips Fuel Phone Walkers Cay Walkers Cay -................................. Closed Green Turtle Cay Bluff House...............45......F....365-4200 Green Turtle Club.....32......F....365-4271 Black Sound Marina.15..............365-4531 Other Shore Club......12......F....365-4195 Abaco Yacht Service10......F....365-4033 Treasure Cay Treasure Cay Marina150......F....365-8250 Man-O-War Man-O-War Marina...26......F....365-6008 Marsh Harbour Boat Harbour Marina183......F....367-2736 Conch Inn.................75......F....367-4000 Harbour View Marina36......F....367-2182 Marsh Harbour Marina52 F 367 2700 Hope Town Hope Town Marina....16..............366-0003 Hope Town Hideaways.................366-0224 Lighthouse Marina......6......F....366-0154 Sea Spray.................50......F....366-0065 Spanish Cay Spanish Cay Marina.75......F....365-0083 Guana Cay Orchid Bay................32......F....365-5175Boats can clear Customs at Green Turtle Cay, Treasure Cay or Marsh Harbour Tours & Excursions Abaco Island Tours Marsh Har. 367-2936 Above & Below Marsh Harbour 367-0350 Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0024 Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0431 Airlines Serving AbacoAbaco Air Nassau, N Eleuthera, Moores Is ........367-2266 Air Florida Ft. Lauderdale ................................... 367-5599 Air Sunshine Ft. Lauderdale ...............................367-2800 American Eagle Miami....................................... 367-2231 Bahamasair Nassau,W. Palm B, Ft Laud...........367-2095 Continental Connection Miami Ft. Laud and W Palm Beach ........................367-3415 Fla Coastal Airlines Vero B & Ft Lauderdale......367-0179 Island Express Ft Lauderdale ..........................367-0169Majors Air Service Freeport ...............................367-4826 Southern Air Nassau.......................................... 367-2498 Twin Air Calypso Fort Lauderdale ......................367-0140 USAir Ft. Laud and W. Palm Bch .......................367-2231 Vintage Props & Jets New Smyrna B. ...............367-4852 Yellow Air Taxi Ft Lauderdale ...................... 954-359-0292 Local air charters serving Bahamas & S.Florida Abaco Air .............................................................. 367-2266 Cherokee Air Charters .......................................... 367-3450 Taxi Cab Fares for one or two passengers Plus extra for each passengers above two Between Marsh Harbour Airport and : Ferry Dock or Murphy Town to Ammons Dr...........$12 + $3 Bristol Cellers thru A. Beach Hotel or Govt dock thru Dundas Town....................................................$10 + $3 Dove Plaza, Stop Light or Sawyers Market........... $10 + $2 Govt Clinic thru Western Auto ................................$ 6 + $2 Gov. freight dock through Dundas Town................$10 + $3 Murphy Town to Shell Sta.......................................$14 + $4 Pelican Shores to Frankie Russel house...............$14 + $4 Eastern Shores to Peas & Rice house...................$14 + $4 Beyond Russell house or Peas & Rice house.......$16 + $5 Great Cistern ..........................................................$20 + $5 Spring City ..............................................................$15 + $5 Snake Cay ............................................................$35 + $10 Treasure Cay .......................................................$60 + $ 10 Casuarina Point ....................................................$60 + $10 Treasure Cay Airport or Bah Palm Shores..........$70 + $ 10 Little Harbour or Cherokee ...................................$80 + $10 Crossing Rocks ..................................................$100 + $10 Sandy Point ........................................................$135 + $10 Between Marsh Harbour Ferry and: Ab Beach Hotel thru Wallys & Eastern Shore .......$ 2 each Jib Room .................................................................$ 3 each Solomons Super Center ..........................................$5 + $3 Stop Light, Dove Plaza, Govt dock .........................$ 6 + $3 Government Freight Dock .......................................$ 7 + $3 Gov.Clinic, W. Auto or Nat. Insurance..................... $ 9 + $3 Mother Merle restaurant .........................................$10 + $3 Waiting time $20 per hour, $10 per half hour Children under three free Caged pets as people Luggage $1.00 each over four, Surf boards $4.00 ea. Between Treasure Cay Airport and: Effective 13 Nov 05Treasure Cay Resort ..............................................$20 + $5 Madeira Park ..........................................................$14 + $4 Green Turtle Cay ferry dock.....................................$8 + $4 Moxy .......................................................................$18 + $5 Bahamas Star farm .................................................$24 + $5 Sand Banks ............................................................$24 + $5 Joes Creek, Leisure Lee ......................................$44 + $10 Black Wood .............................................................$18 + $5 Fire Road & Cooper s Town...................................$37 + $5 Cedar Harbour ........................................................$55 + $5 Wood Cay ...............................................................$60 + $5 Mount Hope........................................................... $65 + $5 Fox Town................................................................$70 + $5 Crown Haven ..........................................................$75 + $5 Marsh Harbour Airport ..........................................$75 + $10 T Cay Hotel to Marsh Harbour............................. $65 + $10 T C Hotel to G Turtle Ferry (Blue Hole $24).......... $18 + $ 5 T C Hotel to Bonefish Marles.................................$22 + $5 T C Hotel to Joes Creek ........................................$35 + $5 T C Hotel to Moxey .................................................$16 + $5 T C Hotel to Banyan Bch Club XX............................ $6 + $3 Green Turtle Ferry to Marsh H Airport.................. $75 + $10 Points of InterestAlbert Lowe Museum...........................Green Turtle Cay Capt Roland Roberts House, reef exhibitsGreen Turtle Cay Memorial Sculpture Garden.............. Green Turtle Cay Wyannie Malone Historical Museum.............Hope Town Elbow Cay Light Station...............................Hope Town Walk to & swim onMermaid Reef off M Harb. Pelican Shore Drive to & swim in Blue Hole off Treasure Cay farm road H Cafe Open Nights OnlyTo Abaco by land and sea from Florida Take Discovery Cruise Line (954-971-7347) from Ft. Lauderdale or CloudX ferry (866-473-3779) from West Palm Beach to Freeport Bus to McLeans Town Ferry to Crown Haven Bus to Green Turtle Ferry or Marsh Harbour Taxi to Marsh Harbour ferry dock Ferry to Hope Town, Man-O-War or Guana Cay Area code 242 unless noted otherwise


Page 32 The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Quality Meats Fresh Produce Huge Variety of Frozen Foods Wide Choice of Dairy ProductsTwo Blocks behind the Post Office in Marsh HarbourPhone 367-2601 367-2602 Two Blocks from the Union Jack DockOpen Mon. Thurs. 8 a.m. 7 p.m. Fri. & Sat. 8 a.m. 7:30 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m. 3 p.m.


VOLUME 14, NUMBER 23 ,DECEMBER 1st, 2006 By Jennifer Hudson The Hope Town Harbour Lodge was once again alive with festive spirit on November 24th when a large crowd of visiBy Jennifer Hudson This time last year I attended a performance of The Nutcracker in Florida performed by the renowned Miami Civic Ballet. This year I only had to go as far as the Abaco Beach Hotel to enjoy a performance of this well loved story which has become a Christmas tradition in many parts of the world. On November 25th the Marsh Harbour School of Dance presented an afternoon matinee performance of The Nutcracker at 2 p.m. and an evening performance at 7 p.m. While the matinee was not fully attended, the evening performance played to a packed house with teachers, family and friends all turning out to support the young students. The entire audience was obviously amazed and enchanted as indeed I was myself. These young people had none of the experience of the professional dancers of the Miami Civic Ballet as most had, before this event, never danced a step in their lives. And they certainly did not have the comforts of a Performing Arts Centre with all the latest technical equipment. Instead they had to do the Please see Nutcracker Page 2 Please see Art Show Page 5The Nutcracker Is Presented in M. HarbourA Cast of 70 Captivated the Audience with the Classic BalletThe Lodge Hosts Arts FestivalDecember Activities There are many special events during the month of December. We are sure that you will be delighted to attend some of these. MH indicates the event is in Marsh Harbour. The Nutcracker Ballet is a delightful story about the gift of a nutcracker doll given to Clara. Later she dreams about the Waltz of the Flowers shown here. These colorful flowers danced their way into hearts of the audience. 1 BAIC graduation for Shell Craft course 4 GSM and Blackberries by BTC -MH 6 Abaco Insurance Open House MH 8 Hope Town School Fair 8 Christmas Block Party MH 9 Christmas Festival MH 9 Agape School musical presentation MH 14/15 Hope Town Methodist Christmas Pageant 16 Christmas bird count by Friends 16 Junior Junkanoo MH 26 Senior Junkanoo MH 27 Hope Town Chili Cook-off 28 Hope Town Abaco Rage Fund Raiser Many artists and craftsmen showed their work at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge annual art show. Here jewelry maker Linda Schleif discusses her work with Mrs. Peggy Thompson. tors and locals gathered to admire the variety of arts and crafts at the 7th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival. It was a day to not only enjoy and admire the work of the various artists but also to take the opportunity to purchase some unique and interesting Christmas gifts. The vendors reported a very good crowd and were pleased with their sales. Commenting on the jolly atmosphere, Marlee Mason, well known silver artist and long time exhibitor at the show, said, This show marks the opening of Hope Town Samantha V. Evans We have been hearing for sometime now that the Bahamas Technical Vocational Institute is coming to Abaco but until now it could be said to be just talk. However, it has been confirmed by the coordinator of BTVI for the Northern Bahamas, Mr. Fred Delancy, that it is true. Classes will begin in mid-January 2007. He stated that the plans have been drawn for the new building which is to be built next to Abaco Central High School. The building will be the technical block for the school as well as utilized by BTVI. The building that will house six workshops is being funded by the Ministry of Education. All bids are in and construction should begin on the new block shortly. Mr. Delancy stressed that classes will begin as stated whether the new block is completed or not. Initially, certificate courses will be offered in Office Administration, English and Mathematics. Other courses will come on stream at a later date. BTVI plans to offer seven programs in total. Mr. Delancy is very excited about this expansion of the program to Abaco especially since he has received overBTVI Will Begin Classes in January Please see BTVI Page 6 Memorial Plaza Hosts Open HouseBuds and Blooms and Simcoe Jewellers were popular with Christmas shoppers when they held an open house on November 24. Shoppers shown here are Mrs. Ginnie Sawyer and Mrs. Jessica Pinder, who were delighted with the decorations displayed. By Samantha Evans The open house at Buds and Blooms and Simcoes Jewelry has become a tradition on Abaco, and on November 24th they held their annual open house from 7-9 p.m. which attracted a large crowd. Many residents look Please see Open House Page 6


Page 2 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Merry Christmas from all of us at Iggy Biggy Boutiques!New Arrivals Are Here! New Arrivals Are Here! New Arrivals Are Here! New Arrivals Are Here! New Arrivals Are Here!Clothing, shoes, bags, island music, fabulous home accessories and this year, our special expanded selection of unique trendy jewelry. Visit us soon and see our new and exciting arrivals chosen with you in mind. JOIN US FOR OUR OPEN HOUSE ALL DAY!!! Hope Town, Wednesday Dec 6th, 6 9pm Marsh Harbour, Saturday, Dec 16th ALL DAY A unique Gift Store...NOWNOW NOWNOW NOW OPENOPEN OPENOPEN OPENfeaturing fine items for the home ... Handcarved wooden bowls, sailboats, platters and more. Hand blown glass Embroidered linen Local artists creationsVisit us Today!Located in the new WmH Buildingnext door to Sapodillys Restaurant Store Hours : 10am 6:pm From Sea to SkyA collection of island short stories by Capt. Leonard ThompsonJUST RELEASED!!!best they could on a makeshift stage in a pavilion made kindly available by the Abaco Beach Hotel. All involved did incredibly well and presented an absolutely delightful performance. Mrs. Elaine Pilon, Artistic Director, along with her partner from the Urban Renewal Office, Mrs. Elaine Martinborough, and all the performers and those who worked behind the scenes in any way are to be congratulated on a job extremely well done. Persons who missed the performances missed a real treat. Every member of the cast deserves credit for a job well done and, as Mrs. Pilon says, They are all stars in their own right. Each one showed such joy in their participation, though at the beginning there were a few rather nervous countenances until they relaxed and began having fun. The 19 flowers, 20 snowflakes and 20 clowns were adorable to watch and the tumbling clowns brought cheers from the crowd who began clapping along with the music. The young Arabian dancers were very elegant while the adult Arabian dancers brought the house down with their gyrations. Fourteen-year-old Sheila Martinez and sixteen-year-old Alex Forbes, who took the leads as Clara and the Prince, formed a good solid core for the story. Sheila, who had received minimal dance training in Cuba, is a natural with a lot of potential, according to Mrs. Pilon. She was so elegant with beautiful fluid movements and emotive facial expressions and was a delight to watch. Alex, as her prince, was a strong partner and together they performed some impressive lifts. They interacted well and gave a touching performance. Denton Gay as the Nutcracker wowed the audience with his mid-air splits. It was truly amazing how the more than 70 members of the cast learnt their steps and moves within the space of just 11 weeks and performed their sequences with such confidence. Mrs. Pilon has been teaching dance all her life and has taught on several islands but she says that she has never seen any group learn as quickly as the Marsh Harbour students. And she has never had such great support from any background team of helpers as she did here. While the majority of the cast comprised young people aged from 7 to 18 years, there were about a dozen adults who participated onstage and Robert Miller gave a convincing performance as Herr Drosselmeyer, the magician. Though we have never done anything like this before, we all had a lot of fun, said Molly and Chris Roberts, who, in addition to dancing onstage, assisted with obtaining sponsors to support the arts in our community through this show. The beautiful costumes added greatly to the ambience, and each scene was most impressive, whether it was the Dance of the Flowers with the little girls in their colorful pink, orange and gold tutus with bands of flowers; the white and silver tutus of the snowflakes; the whirling chiffons of the Arabian dancers; or the happy green and red stripes of the joyful clowns. The set was designed and built by Mrs. Pilons husband, Andre, who also organized the props. He single handedly, with the help of a tarp and bungee cord, made snow fall on snowflakes in Abaco! NutcrackerFrom Page 2Costumed Dancers Bring Story to Life The Snowflakes were older girls who performed a beautiful dance. The main character, Clara, travels through the Land of the Snowflakes on her way to the Land of the Sweets. Denton Gay played the part of the Nutcracker. He is seen here doing one of his acrobatic jumps. Please see Ballet Page 4


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 3 B MARSH HARBOUR #3100WW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT Ten acre peninsula perfect for a marina or small development. Deep water with a dredged canal. $2,500,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com TILLOO CAY #2723 TILLOO DREAMWW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT on the Sea of Abaco 1 bed 1 bath cottage, 1.33 acre of land, access to the Atlantic, shared dock. $597,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com TREASURE CAY #2516 CROSSWINDSSS SS SEAEA EAEA EA VV VV VIEWSIEWS IEWSIEWS IEWS 4 bed 3 bath 2,800 sq.ft. furnished family home with apartment, central A/C, generator, fresh water well. $820,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.477.5821 www.SIRbahamas.com MARSH HARBOUR #2818 HARBOUR HOUSEHH HH HARBOURFRARBOURFR ARBOURFRARBOURFR ARBOURFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT 2 acres, 200+ of protected deep water. 2,800 sq. ft. 4 bed, 3.5 bath home with excellent elevation. $1,950,000.Kerry.Sullivan@SothebysRealty.com 242.366.0163 www.SIRbahamas.com TREASURE CAY #1660 SERENITY HOUSEBB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT E E E E ESTST STST ST AA AA A TETE TETE TE 290 ft. of sandy beach, modern 2 storey, 4 bed 4.5 bath 5,600 sq.ft. home on 2 expansive lots. $5,200,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.477.5821 www.SIRbahamas.com MARSH HARBOUR #1669II II INVESTMENT NVESTMENT NVESTMENT NVESTMENT NVESTMENT O O O O OPPORPPOR PPORPPOR PPOR TUNITYTUNITY TUNITYTUNITY TUNITY 3 duplexes, each with 2 bed 2 bath and 750 sq. ft. Separate furnished 1 bed cottage. $770,000.Jane.Patterson@SothebysRealty.com 242.366.0569 www.SIRbahamas.com TREASURE CAY #3079WW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT prime development. 4 acres, four 2 bed 2 bath cottages, pool. Potential as a marina /fishing lodge. $640,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.477.5821 www.SIRbahamas.com SUGAR LOAF CAY #2817 PARROT POINTWW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT unique 4.96 acres, private marina, 2 bed 2 bath plus 1 bed 1 bath cottage. Electricity from mainland. $3,500,000.George.Damianos@SothebysRealty.com 242.362.4211 www.SIRbahamas.com TREASURE CAY #2934 SANDY SHORESBB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT well-kept 3 bed, 2.5 bath home, elevator, panoramic views, spacious verandahs, with serene ambience. $1,700,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.477.5821 www.SIRbahamas.com TREASURE CAY #3076 BEACH VILLA 715 BB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT cozy 2 bed, 2 bath villa. Magnificent beach, marina, golf and tennis near. Great vacation home or rental. $440,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.477.5821 www.SIRbahamas.comwww.SIRbahamas.com TILLOO CAY #2724 HUNKALOOSS SS SEAEA EAEA EA TT TT T OO OO O S S S S SEAEA EAEA EA with dock on the Sea of Abaco with a 2 bed 2 bath home plus guest cottage on 2+ acres. $995,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com TREASURE CAY #3073 MY ISLAND RETREATBB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT 4 bed, 3 bath retreat, cathedral ceilings, wrap-around screened-in verandahs. Great views, great price. $1,300,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.477.5821 www.SIRbahamas.com Stan Sawyer c 242.477.5821 Laurie Schreiner t 242.367.5046 Kerry Sullivan t 242.366.0163 Jane Patterson t 242.366.056912-01-06GREEN TUR GREEN TUR GREEN TUR GREEN TUR GREEN TUR TLE CA TLE CA TLE CA TLE CA TLE CA YY YY Y COCO BAY LOT #3031 $650,000. BB BB B AHAMA CAHAMA C AHAMA CAHAMA C AHAMA C OROR OROR OR AL ISLAL ISL AL ISLAL ISL AL ISL ANDAND ANDAND ANDLot 58, Block 11, Subdivision 1. #3351 $24,000.Contact Stan Sawyer: 242.477.5821 TREASURE CA TREASURE CA TREASURE CA TREASURE CA TREASURE CA YY YY YGalleon BayCanalLot #3071 $250,000. Hilltop Estates 3 bed 2 bath #2115 $600,000. Home Sweet Home #3032 $250,000. Tranquility 3 bed 3 bath #3070 $235,000. Seagrapes Estate #2887 $3,500,000.Contact Stan Sawyer: 242.477.5821 CC CC CONTINUED ONTINUED ONTINUED ONTINUED ONTINUED ININ ININ IN S S S S SECTIONECTION ECTIONECTION ECTION A,A, A,A, A, P P P P PAA AA A GEGE GEGE GE 3 3 3 3 3 LUBBERS QUARTERS #3361 SUMMER VIEWWW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT lot with dockage, 100 feet on the water w ith high elevation, eastside of Lubbers across from Tahiti Beach. $420,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com MARSH HARBOUR #3248 VILLA ESPANOLATT TT TRR RR R OPICOPIC OPICOPIC OPIC ALAL ALAL AL 4 bed, 3 bath island home. Extreme privacy, yet close to town. Spacious formal dining room and kitchen. $1,200,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com MARSH HARBOUR #3467 ABACO HOUSEBB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT VILLASVILLAS VILLASVILLAS VILLAS each with spacious fully air-conditioned 3 bed 2 bath. Great views from wide verandahs. $835,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.366.2143 www.SIRbahamas.com UNDER CONTRACT TREASURE CAY #3072 Garden Villa 675 Charming 2 bed 2 bath one minute from Treasure Cay. Great rental opportunity or family retreat. Very private $300,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.477.5821 www.SIRbahamas.com LUBBERS QUARTERS #1851 FLIP FLOPSBB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT Very private beach house on 1.19 acres of lush, tropical foliage, sleeps 4 with private dock and beach. $499,900.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com TREASURE CAY #2841 CARIBEPP PP PERFECTERFECT ERFECTERFECT ERFECT LOCLOC LOCLOC LOC AA AA A TIONTION TIONTION TION.. .. 3 bed 2 bath home with a spacious master bedroom steps from gorgeous Treasure Cay beach $215,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.477.5821 www.SIRbahamas.comUNDER CONTRACT TREASURE CAY #3028 RUBYS LOVECC CC COMFOROMFOR OMFOROMFOR OMFOR TT TT T ABLEABLE ABLEABLE ABLE 3 bed 2 bath 1600 sq.ft home, converted garage close to the beach, needs TLC, furnished. $205,000.Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.477.5821 www.SIRbahamas.com TILLOO CAY #3657 FARSIDEWW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT the most unique and desirable property in Abaco. 5 bed 6 bath, hangar and docking for 80 ft. vessel. US$6,850,000.Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com SOLD SOLD NEW LISTING UNDER OFFER


Page 4 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Abaco Real Estate Agency Abacos Oldest and Most Experienced Real Estate AgencyTelephone : (242) 367-2719 GUANA CAY GUANA BEACH FRONTLarge beach front lot 300 yards NE of Nippers $525,000 gross2 / 2 HOUSE IN SETTLEMENTGreat location 150 yards to beach next to Batelco & School, 21,000+ lot nice 2 / 2 house, $585,000 grossSEA SHORE VILLAS3 Town Houses; 2 B, 1.5 bath, Living & Dining room, full kitchen, tv, vcr, cd player, satellite, all central a/c, pool, deck & Gazebo. Fully furnished. l Gift Shop l Laundry l Storage lMarina, Exclusive Listing by Appointment only. B$2,900,000HARBOUR VIEW HAVENTop floor; 2 Bd w/ Queen Beds, 1 bath, one single room with futon,kitchen, living room, Dining room, balcony. One single unit, 1 bd, 1 bath & futon. Central A/C, T.V. Satellite, VCR, & CD Player, Ground floor; 1 bd w/ Queen bed, 1 bath, ground floor office, Cistern 48,000 gallon. SUNRISE COTTAGE 2 Bd 2 bath, fully equipped kitchen, Central A/ C., Satellite TV., CD PlayerExclusive Listing by Appointment only : B$1,500,000, 3 VACANT LOTS Located in settlement next to Batelco 1) 8251 sq. ft. 2) 7922 sq. ft. $160,000 each 3) 7593 sq. ft. HOPE TOWN / LUBBERS HOPE TOWN50 waterfront 300 deep in Hope Town Harbour on Back Creek $570,000 grossLUBBERS 2 acres 115 waterfront $600,000 gross New Abaco Ocean Club LUBBERS Lots 39 & 40 $99,000 gross each CHEROKEEWATCHING BAY, CHEROKEE New Subdivision, limited number of investor lots available. Interior lots from $50,000 Ocean view lots from $190,000 grossYELLOW WOOD CREEK 1.17 Acre Hilltop lot Winding Bay Oceanviews $300,000 Gross SOUTH ABACO OLD KERR 2 miles south of Bahama Palm Shores 10.8 acres, Great elevations $165,000 gross BAHAMA PALM SHORES 4 Interior lots from $25,000 MARSH HARBOUR COMMERCIAL LOT near Spooners Dept. Store $150,000 REGA TTAS OF ABACO 4 2/2 fully furnished Units 203, 302, & 303 $315,000 each SUNRISE BAY only 6 lots remain in this beautiful subdivision from $184,000 CROSSING BEACH AREA 3/4 acre 138 waterfront $365,000 SWEETINGS VILLAGE 6 residential lots available from $55,000 CENTRAL PINES Lot #227 $30,000 EASTERN SHORES LOOKOUT HOUSE $1,750,000Contact Bill Thompson 477-5712 Lil Bill Albury or Elaine Thompson ABACO REAL ESTATEP.O.Box AB20404, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Ph : (242) 367-2719 ll ll l Fax (242) 367-2359 www.abacobahamas.com1st December, 2006SOUTH-WIND PELICAN SHORES 34,385 sq. ft. with 175 on the road and 40 on the water (duck pond) with a very private protected dock. 1960s style 3/2 house and small guest cottage. This property has great potential in exclusive and much desired Pelican Shores.B$809,000 grossLONG BEACHLot 73 $29,500, Lot 126 $35,900 Lot 316 & 418 $50,000 each Lot 373 & 374 $79,000 each, $140,000 for both Lot 384 $79,000 Lot 408 & 409 -$102,000 each, $185,000 for both CONTACT : BILL THOMPSON : 242-367-2719Guana Cay 1 VACANT LOT NEW PRICE 10,400+ sq. ft.lot with great views, near Boat Harbour $109,000P.O.Box AB20404, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Ph : (242) 367-2719 l Fax: (242) 367-2359 l MALONE HOME 3 bedroom 3 bathroom home 50,730 sq. ft. lot with 130 ft of protected waterfront. Located on the water between the settlement & Blue W ater Grill. Generator house w/ standby generator and r/o water system. Must be seen to be appreciated. By appointment only. B$2,150,000 GUANA CAY NEW Soft Serve & Milkshakes on the menu:NEWNew store hours:Open Mon Thur 10am 7pm ll ll l Fri & Sat 10 am 9pm New store hours:Open Mon Thur 10am 7pm ll ll l Fri & Sat 10 am 9pmLori Thompson, art teacher at the Abaco Central High School, painted the backdrop. The very attractive costumes (all 113 of them!) came from Miami, California and a local business. Mrs. Pilon first began working as soon as the school term began in September at the various schools after hours teaching basic steps to interested children. Then in the middle of September Mrs. Kumar, Principal of St. Francis de Sales School, allowed the use of a room at her school so that all of the children could come together and be taught as a group several times a week. The idea soon took seed in Mrs. Pilons mind to begin working towards a performance of The Nutcracker At first I had just planned to do excerpts, she said, but when I saw how quickly the children were catching on and how good they were, I decided to do the entire thing. The performance of The Nutcracker was the result of co-operation between Mrs. Pilon and Mrs. Martinborough and was the first major project of the Departments Outreach Programme which began in 2005. The goal of the Urban Renewal Outreach Project is to get people involved in their own development and the development of clean and healthy environments in their own neighbourhoods. This programme which The Dance of the Clowns proved to be the most popular part of the Nutcracker Ballet performed in Marsh Harbour on November 25. Combining lively dance steps and acrobatics, the show with the classical music captivated the audience.Nutcracker Introduced Ballet to AbacoSheila Martinez played the role of Clara, main character in the Nutcracker. Her graceful ballet dancing was outstanding. A few adults joined with the older students to attend a Christmas party at the beginning of the Nutcracker ballet. This ballet is widely performed as it is a favorite Christmas tradition in many places around the world. Ballet From Page 2 Please see Ballet Page 27


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 5 B P O Box AB 21027 Marsh Harbour Abaco, Bahamas Ph. 242-367-4962 www.landandsearealty.com E-mail: lesliepinder@hotmail.com or leslie@landandsearealty.com Leslie Pinder Pelican Shores Lovely 3 Bedroom 3 bathroom home, 2900 sqft that sits on beautifully landscaped grounds of approx, 23,000 sq. ft. Comes completely furnished $875,000 Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed upstairs / 2 bath, fully furnished, swimming pool, tennis courts, security. $315,000 High Rock Beautiful home 3 bed / 2 bath, furnished, family room, central air, over 2,000 sq. ft. EXCLUSIVE $710,000 Pelican Shores 2 Prestigious WATERFRONT lots on Pelican shores with deep water frontage and street frontage, already cleared with high and flat elevation. Lots can be sold individually Lot 1 approx 10,000 sq. ft. $569,000 Lot 2 approx. 12000 sq. ft. This lot includes an inground swimming pool with landscaped area. $699,000 Exclusive, Call for Additional Info HIGH ROCK Beautiful waterfront home 4 bed / 4 bath on two acres of nicely landscaped property, swimming pool, fully furnished, boat house and dock, fantastic views EXCLUSIVE Price upon inquiry P O Box AB 21027 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas www.landandsearealty.com Telephone : 242-367-4962E-mail: lesliepinder@hotmail.com or leslie@landandsearealty.comIf We Dont Have It, We Will Find It!HIGH ROCK 3 bed / 3 bath home, fantastic views of Marsh Harbour, Hope Town and Lubbers Quarters, 2 car carport, central air, beautifully landscaped lot, Exclusive 1.08 acres, 50 ft. above sea level CALL for INFO EXCLUSIVE 15 October 2006Marsh Harbour 2 Bed, 1 Bath Home on large lot. Fully furnished. Old Ballpark Rd. EXCLUSIVE NEW PRICE $175,000 Don MacKay Blvd. 2 buildings on 2 1/2 acres 1.3 million Exclusive Treasure Cay Carleton Landing Condos on the canal Call for info. Pelican Shores Elevated Lot on the Harbour. Great views Exclusive, Call for Info Casurina Point Lot $80,000.00 Bahama Palm Shores Lot in Section I Price $41,000 Regattas Units Rentals Daily, Weekly, Monthly Bobbys CarpentryFrom Minor Repairs to Complete Home Renovations and Buildingl Hardwood Floors l Roofs l Renovations l Decks l Carpentry Repairs l Painting l Minor PlumbingTel : 367-2316 Cell 242-375-9978 242-454-4620e-mail: juanbobby@gmail.com for the holidays and people love it for that. Although a few of the more established artists were missing this year, there were still many familiar faces whose arts and crafts we always enjoy. Several people had utilized the beautiful glass from old wine and medicine bottles broken and pounded smooth by the waves over the years which washes up on our local beaches. Ms. Mason had also incorporated some rare antique black glass which she had been lucky to find into her silver jewelry and was showing one of her Limited Edition link bracelets of which she will only be making 50. Ginny Warner, the Bead Lady, also incorporates beach glass and shells all found on Abaco beaches into her jewelry designs. Mary Balzacs palm trees and marine life pictures all sculpted from local beach glass were innovative and very popular. This was Marys first time ever showing her pieces and she was very pleased with her success at the show. She just began her Sea Glass Art last year after she retired and says, I was inspired by a piece which my grandchildren, Aly and James Boyce, gave me as a gift. Other first timers at this show were Andy Albury, Raquel Russell, Mimi Lightbourne, Attila Feszt and Adina Dolce. Mimi Lightbournes fish scale jewelry, which is extremely light and comfortable to wear, was very popular and she was pleased with her success at the show. Raquel Russell is an up and coming talented young artist, originally from Grand Bahama but now residing in Sandy Point. Acrylic on canvas is her medium of choice but she also likes the texture of driftwood for her landscape scenes. This show was only her second show ever, her first having been a recent show in Nassau where she received enthusiastic praise from fellow exhibitor there, well known artist, Marjolein Scott. One is quite familiar with seeing the beautifully crafted Abaco boat models, half hull and half hull with sail, of Andy Albury at various shows so it was surprising to learn from this humble master craftsman that it was his first time at the Lodge show. When asked how long it takes him to make a model, he says, I cannot even calculate the amount of time that goes into crafting each model but that I just love to do it! Local woods can no longer be cut so Andy now has to import his fir, mahogany, spruce and cypress. But he was fortunate to find some local Madeira recently which had already fallen so was able to utilize this beautiful local wood into some of his models. Adina Dolce is a first timer with an amazing story. She is just 14 years old and up until a short time ago had never tried her hand at painting. The only drawing she had ever done was during art class at Central Abaco High School. Recently, while spending some time with Jo-Ann Bradley, herself an artist who displayed her oil paintings at the show, Adina was encouraged by Jo-ann to accompany her to the ferry dock to try her hand at painting. At first I was scared to try, said Adina, because I felt my painting would be bad. However, Adina was surprised that the result was much better than she thought and, tutored by her mentor, Jo Ann, she has become a budding artist. Mrs. Bradley is my inspiration, she says. Mrs. Lori Thompson, her art teacher at the school, is very limited with what she can do with the students due to a serious shortage of art materials. But when she saw what Adina had achieved, She was very excited for mem said Adina, who recently attended a three-day class in Hope Town. Adina was absolutely thrilled to sell two of her paintings at the show and is enthusiastic about continuing with her painting. Others exhibiting at the show included Brigitte Bowyer, original watercolors and giclee prints; Herman Schadt, originals and prints; Ann Schadt, Christmas decorations and one of a kind bags, spectacle cases and necklaces; Kim Rody, tropical and sea life paintings and a fun line of unique Christmas cards; Kim Tiernan, whimsical flip flops and an unusual line of bags decorated with sea shells; Virginia Williams whose straw baskets were very popular; LindaArt Show Highlights Varied Talent Art ShowFrom Page 1 Two of the artists showing their work at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge on November 24 are good friends. Ms. Adin Dolce looks to Jo-Ann Bradley as her mentor. Please see Art Show Page 6


Page 6 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006 J & J ELECTRICBILL JOHNSTONMIKE JORGENSENELECTRICAL CONTRACTORSINDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL SPECIALISTS CELL: 242-357-6674 (BILL) CELL: 242-477-5222 TEL: 242-367-5145 FAX: 242-367-5144 P.O. BOX AB 20413 MARSH HARBOUR ABACO BAHAMASE-mail: abacobill@batelnet.bs Schlieff, jewelry; Kim Le Boutillier, Cocomotion Island Art; Attila Feszt, black and white line drawings of Hope Town; and Kim Roberts, whose creative mind is always looking for something new and this year was showing a new line of amusing driftwood signs with wood cut outs. The students of Every Child Counts School enjoyed having a booth at the show. This year they were showing several new items such as ceramics, handdecorated Christmas cards, bird houses and hand-quilted cushions all made by students of the school. They, along with their adult helpers, were quite pleased with their success. Adding greatly to the festivity of the occasion was a variety of wines offered for tasting by Bristol Cellars. Patrons were able to sample both red and white wines from the U.S.A., Argentina, Australia and South Africa plus a French Champagne. Mr. Freddie Laing, wine merchant, was eager to share information on all of the wines, which are available from the Bristol Wine and Spirits outlets on Queen Elizabeth Drive and in Treasure Cay. 60 applications from members of the community alone. He wants to encourage interested persons to submit applications to Mr. Kendris Hield at Abaco Central High School or to the Urban Renewal Office in Marsh Harbour. There will be an application fee for all students. There will also be a per credit fee per class for nonBahamians. Classes for Bahamians are free with the exception of books and supplies. All fees must be paid in full before classes begin. Registration is scheduled to begin in mid-December. Persons interested in becoming instructors can also submit applications at that time. Art ShowFrom Page 5 BTVIFrom Page 1 forward to purchasing their Christmas home dcor, accessories and jewelry from these stores. Simcoe Jewellers had a great display of jewellery, watches and clocks. Their jewellery selection was popular with the shoppers. Proprietress of Buds and Blooms, Melinda, stated that they prepare for the Open HouseFrom Page 1 holidays early by making their shell ornaments over the summer. She stated that tourists purchase these as well to decorate their Christmas tree and this motivates them to have the ornaments ready. She takes pride in purchasing items for the store that are unique and different. Even though a great deal of their Christmas stock is in already, they have new stock arriving daily. They also make fresh Christmas arrangements to order that can match any color coordination for the Christmas holiday season. Shoppers enjoyed seeing all the interesting merchandise at Simcoes Jewellers. Shown here is very young shopper, Paige Russell, showing Dexter Russell what she likes. Behind them are Wynsome Ferguson and her sister Donna Lee Ferguson.Open House Draws Crowd Subscribe toThe AbaconianTo Keep up with All the News of the IslandAbaco Print ShopAbaco Shopping Center Tel: 367-3202 Fax: 367-3201 Open 9 am 5 pm Mon. Fri. Aisle of Palm Realty.com Aisle of Palm Realty P.O.Box AB 20900 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Brent Cartwright Maria Silvester Rhiannon Thomas WW WW We are a small company, e are a small company, e are a small company, e are a small company, e are a small company, BigBig BigBig Big on on on on on SERVICESERVICE SERVICESERVICE SERVICEBased on Trust and Honesty Based on Trust and Honesty Based on Trust and Honesty Based on Trust and Honesty Based on Trust and Honesty 1256 Guana Cay beachfront home with fantastic rental history Home features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Recently reduced 1283 Bahama Palm Shores interior lot directly across from the beach. Great price compared to recent sales of same lots 1180 Three bedroom home centrally located in Marsh Harbour with very spacious rooms. Large landscaped property 1208 Yellowwood Four hillside lots with great views. Close to Cherokee and The Abaco Club on Winding Bay. 1180 Jaffa Fabulous three story home in The Great Abaco Club at The Abaco Beach Resort. Dock your yacht at your back door 1272 Bahama Palm Shores beachfront lot.100 feet on spectacular beach. 1307 Great Cistern 5 acres Prime waterfront property ideal for private estate or small development Of fers a small beach and elevations of 50+. 1226 Royal Harbour lot 12. Quiet location with over 120 of waterfront on protected creek 1299 Bahama Palm Shores interior lots. All lots have beach access Currently starting at $25,000. website: www.aisleofpalmrealty.com website: www.aisleofpalmrealty.com website: www.aisleofpalmrealty.com website: www.aisleofpalmrealty.com website: www.aisleofpalmrealty.comMembers of Abaco MLS Please call us for information on these fine listings or any of our other listings throughout Abaco. Ph: 242-367-0080 Fax: 242-367-0081email: brent@aisleofpalmrealty.com website : www.aisleofpalmrealty.com Kristin Williams Its that time of year again for our ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SALE________________________________________________________________________ Ph. (242) 367-3186 Fax (242) 367-3469 E-mail: marcoac@batelnet.bs 15% OFF ALL SMALL APPLIANCES BBQ Grills Blenders Bread Makers Cooking Pots Can Openers Coffee Makers Electric Buffet Ranges Electric Kettles Electric Knives Food Processors Microwaves Espresso Maker Hand Mixers Irons Juice Extractors Rice Cookers Slow Cookers Toasters Vacuums DISHWASHERS DRYERS FREEZERS FRIDGES THIN TWIN COMBOS STOVES WASHERS 25% OFF ALL UNASSEMBLED FURNITURE WATER COOLERS RANGE HOODS


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 7 B Nassau (242) 356-5030 Eleuthera (242) 359-7660Showing Integrity Every DayOnly minutes from Marsh Harbour & Elbow Cay, there are two 80 x 125 choice lots available. Identical in size & price, both lots can boast picturesque sunsets, & views of the Sea of Abaco. There is soon to be dockage close by. Roads are in great condition, & this desirable location is walking distance from the local restaurant. Tahiti Beach is a skiff ride across. Abaco Ocean Club Lubbers Quarters #2200 & #2201 $70,0002 lots available each lot priced atCharming Bahamian Cottage sleeps 8 people. This property is a boaters delight within mins of Elbow Cay, w/ own large dock, Green Bananas is situated on a magnificant beach overlooking The fishing cut of Tilloo. It has 1 master bed, & a 10ft area that sleeps 6 & a smaller day bed in the living area. Fully furnished. Enjoy the Grand covered deck with a built in bar for entertaining. #2147 $833,000Green Bananas Cottage Lubbers Quarters14 +/acres. 330 feet of secluded beach front, 70 ft elevations, fruit trees, lush landscaping, small cottage with separate "snore box", a stones throw away from the world famous "Abaco Club". Winding roads throughout the property. Little Harbour 2 miles to the north. A developers paradise. Sits on a double lot with over 150 canal frontage. Hardy panel exterior, concrete base, Very well constructed. The interior needs to be completed to new the owners specifications. 10ft ceilings, large walk-in master closet. Decking out back, very private. 1 floor, no garage. brand new, never lived in. This is the Bone Fishing Capital of Abaco #2226 $462,000Casuarina PointThere are 6 available, 1/2 Acre lots w/ own dock slip. All of these lovely homesites come w/ full access to the facilities of Ekali Estates. This includes, magnificent oceanfront, own dock slip in brand new marina,lush landscaped grounds & pool.$220,000 Vacant Lots18th Century Historic Man O War Cottage Hilltop corner lot & is just a 2 min walk to the beach.This classic historic loyalist cottage is complete w/ modern amenities including AC & an updated kitchen. 2 bed, 1 bath & a loft that can accommodate up to 4 people or 6 kids. Excellent views of Man O War harbor. Room for further development. EXCLUSIVE LISTINGSSpectacular ocean views from this choice hilltop location. Ideal for a subdivision, on rapidly growing Lubbers Quarters, 15,190 sq. ft of lush terrain, this immense acreage will give a great return on investment. A must see, as this location is in great demand. Ocean View Subdivision White Sound #1946 $300,000 #1955 $7,500,000Little Harbour Winding BayCall for an appointment today. To view all of our Bahamas Listings go to www.grahamrealestate.com Marsh Harbour (242) 367-0100 Cell: (242) 357-6819 Fax: (242) 367-0099 june@grahamrealestate.comJune E. Russell, BRIHope Town (242) 366-0601 Cell: (242) 554-9429 Fax: (242) 366-0602 patti@grahamrealestate.comPatti Love, Realtor NOW SUBDIVIDED INTO AN OCEANFRONT COMMUNITY WITH EXISTING HOMES FOR SALEThe Main House on 2 levels is Ekali, a beautiful 3 bed, 3 bath house. The Guest Quarters boast another 2 bed, 2 bath w/ full kitchen, open dining & sitting room. Just outside the lovely French doors on the sea side is a spacious deck. The existing 60ft dock is included with this property. $1,600,000 Set back on a hill Kashmir House is a unique home that offers a view of the ocean from every room. This very attractive, well built home sits at the center of the estate & is constructed with aluminum & hurricane proof glass. $1,300,000 Alcantara I & Alcantara II are 2 identical 4 bed, 4 bath homes, built using the best craftsmanship. Alcantara I & II sit on very high, solid concrete bases, overlooking the entire estate with an excellent view of the Bay of Abaco from the wrap around porch. $1,400,000 Ekali by The Seas a magnificent commercial property consisting of 5 upscale villas & 1 cozy cottage. Ekali lies in a lush tropical setting with beautifully landscaped gardens on the Sea of Abaco Now you can be a part of this idyllic community by the sea. Call Patti Love today to find out more about this exciting investment opportunity!Ekali by The Sea Ekali by The Sea Man O War Cay #3263 $375,000


Page 8 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006Multiple Listing System What is MLS?A Multiple Listing System (MLS) allows participating Realtors to place their sellers homes on a database providing information to other licensed Realtors about these listings. This is greatly beneficial to the Seller as it is great exposure for your property. The MLS is quite important to the buyer as well. If your Realtor is a participating member of the MLS and is searching for suitable properties for you, this system is the best tool because your Realtor will have access to all properties listed by other members. Whether buying or selling make sure your Realtor is a member of the Multiple Listing Service of the Bahamas Real Estate Association, Abaco Chapter! The first MLS service in The Bahamas was launched on Abaco on October 1st and, to date, the participating members are: Ed & Cindy NewellAbaco Estate Services Bill ThompsonAbaco Real Estate Elaine ThompsonAbaco Real Estate Sandra EvansAbaco Waterfront Properties Bill ThorndycraftAbaco Waterfront Properties Brent CartwrightAisle of Palm Realty Maria SilvesterAisle of Palm Realty Chris & Molly RobertsBahamas Realty Abaco Chris FarringtonColdwell Banker Mailin SandsColdwell Banker Jane PattersonDamianos Sothebys Intl. Realty Laurie SchreinerDamianos Sothebys Intl. Realty Stan SawyerDamianos Sothebys Intl. Realty Kerry SullivanDamianos Sothebys Intl. Realty June RussellGraham Real Estate John CashJohn Cash Realty (Ruth) Anne AlburyTreasure Cay Real Estate Everett PinderTreasure Cay Real Estate Marcellus RobertsTreasure Cay Real EstateAbaco Chapter The Bahamas Real Estate Association Bahama Coral Island: 2 waterview lots $20,000@ Bahama Palm Shores: undeveloped lot $19,950. Dundas Town: sea view lot, near park $29,000. Great Cistern Cay: 3/2, waterfront w/dock $575,000. Guana Cay: hilltop, dockage SALE PENDING Guana Cay: 7 acres sea to sea SALE PENDING Guana Cay: 2/2 cottage, sea to sea access $345,000. Leisure Lee: canal property SALE PENDING Sand Bank Creek: 3/2, new build, dock $375,000. Sand Bank Creek: one acre waterfront $98,000. Treasure Cay: 100 luxury beachfrontage $349,000. Turtle Rocks: view, beach access SALE PENDING Turtle Rocks: 2 one acre beachfront $208,500@ For Rent: 3/2, central, waterfront $3,250./monthPhone: (242) 367-0365 Cell: (242) 357-6638Abaco, Bahamas A Sandra Evans CompanyBill Thorndycraft & Sandra Evans www.AbacoWaterfrontProperties.com CURRYS FOOD STORECustomer docking Homemade bread Complete line of groceries Frozen foods, fresh fruits & vegetables Block & crushed iceGreen Turtle Cay Ph. 242-365-4171 Fax 365-4072Located on the harbour frontBy Portia Jonsson Eleventh and twelfth graders from Central and North Abaco gathered at New Visions Ministries on November 14th for the fifth annual College Fair organized by Abaco Central High School. The fair, which showcased 21 colleges, technical and vocational schools from the United States, Canada, New Providence and Grand Bahama, allowed students to explore their interests and find a college that is right for them. Additionally, students were able to find out about other colleges they had not been aware of. It was a great opportunity for students to interact directly with representatives and get more information about important topics such as course offerings, current admission requirements, financial aid offerings, scholarships and college life. Mrs. Isobel Sherman, college fair chairperson, said it is her desire to see as many students as possible further their education and broaden their horizon. She wished there was more parental support because aid is available for international students who are academically qualified. It was disappointing not seeing parents there accompanying their children as they explored their options for postsecondary education. Choosing a college may be the most important decision of a students life. Abaco Central Highs principal, Mr. Kendris Hield, is extremely proud of Mrs. Sherman and the committee in getting the schools here. The representatives, he said,College Fair Brings 21 Schoolswere pleased with the students and the hospitality and added that the college fair shows what Abaco can do. Participating colleges and universities included Bahamas Baptist College, Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute, Berkley College, Bethune Cookman College, College of The Bahamas, EmbryRiddle Aeronautical University, Florida Culinary Institute, Florida Memorial UniEleventh and twelveth grade students from all Abaco high schools attended the college fair held in Marsh Harbour on November 14. Twenty-one colleges and technical schools were represented and were able to discuss courses offered, costs, housing and many other topics that the students inquired about. This is the fifth year that Mrs. Isobel Sherman has headed the committee for organizing the fair. versity, Full Sail Education, Johnson and Wales University, Methodist College, Lincoln College of Technology, Niagara College, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Savannah College of Art and Design, St. Francis Xavier, St. Marys University, St. Thomas University Florida, St. Thomas University Canada, University of Tampa and University of Waterloo. Marine ElectronicsCapt. Pat and Ann McFadenFactory authorized Sales, Service and Repair of: Web: www.merlinsmarine.com E-mail: merlin@abacoinet.com VHF CH 16 Tues Fri 8-5 F.C.C. Licensed, Factory Trained Technician At the Jib Room. Marsh Harbour Marina Tel: 242-367-2163Fax 242-367-3388 SIMRAD


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 9 B


Page 10 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Marsh Harbour Contact Ph: (242) 367-2653 367-0364 367-5642 Fax Government Dock Marsh Harbour, Abaco Palm Beach Contact Ph: (561) 844-5387 M/V Legacy c/o Palm Beach Steamship 158 B East Port Road Riviera Beach, FL 33404 Nassau Contact (242) 393-4371 393-3829 394-7529 Fax 394-0057 Western End Potters Cay Dock Nassau, New ProvidenceServing Marsh Harbour Weekly with Freight Service from Nassau and Palm BeachLEGEND Loading Monday in Palm Beach Arriving Tuesday in Marsh Harbour LEGACY Loading Tuesday in Nassau Arriving Wednesday in Marsh Harbour Leaving Thursday for Nassau Both ships serving Green Turtle Cay Charter freight stops en route on requestDeans Shipping CoDeans Shipping office at the Marsh Harbour dock M/V LEGEND M/V LEGACY School NewsSt. Francis de SalesGeography Students Visited Grand BahamaBy Samantha V. Evans The geography department at St. Francis de Sales School is committed to providing its students with many opportunities to understand the various subjects that make up the Social Sciences. Twenty geography students from grades eleven and twelve got this opportunity over the November 16-18th when they went on a field trip to Grand Bahama along with two chaperones. The purpose of this trip was to observe the layout within the industrial zone of Freeport and to observe and report different manufacturing processes. The team visited BORCO (Bahamas Oil Refinery Company International) and Polymers International and they took a ride on a glass bottom boat. The first day of the trip the team visited the caves that were the homes of the first settlers in Grand Bahama, the Lucayan Indians. Friday morning they visited BORCO where they learned that BORCO was established in 1973 and was used to refine oil. Now it is just stores and blends oils. The students visited the lab where oils are tested. They went on the tug boats to see the jetties where the large tank ships lay that deliver the oil. That afternoon they visited Polymers International where they saw the workers make Styrofoam. It was described as a very interesting process. The team went for a ride on a glass bottom boat where they saw coral reefs and the species that inhabit them. The students were amazed by the beauty of the coral reefs and how they display the wonders of Gods creation.Rotary Presents PlaqueBy Samantha V. Evans The Rotary Club presented St. Francis de Sales with a plaque stating the ethics code of the club on November 21st which is a great honor. Presenting the plaque were Rotarians Brian Thompson and Jo-Ann Bradley. Accepting the plaque was the Interact Club, the youth arm of the Rotary Club. It is hoped that the plaque will promote goodwill and camaraderie amongst students. The aim of the Rotary Club is to present one of these plaques to all public schools in the Bahamas so that they can join them in promoting high ethical standards in the world. There are two Interact Clubs on Abaco with a total of five more throughout the Bahamas. The Interact Club at St. Francis has painted the library and done landscaping to beautify the school grounds.Walk-athon Raises FundsBy Mirella Santillo The annual St Francis de Sales Catholic Schools walk-a-thon took place on November 24 on a sunny and mild day, perfect weather for the event in which approximately 325 students, from kindergarten to grade twelve, participated, accompanied by parents and teachers. The course was set between the school and the entrance road to Spring City, a three and half miles distance that had been divided into three water stops. The first one at the airport roundabout was the finish line for the younger students. The second point was the Camp Abaco road, approximately 1.3 miles from the school, manned by PTA member, Mr. Brent Brooks. The last one was the finish line. Escorted by two policemen on motorbikes, the thick line of students that left the school dwindled as the miles grew longer, and by ten oclock groups were taking breaks on the side of the road. Mr. Fredericks, grade 3 teacher, tried to take his flock as far as the entrance of Camp Abaco. But soon it was back the other way (Closed Circuit Television)ABACO ALARM SYSTEMS& CCTVWe can protect your home or business from as low asOur alarms are monitored 24 hours a day and are installed by factory trained technicians.Dont hestiate to protect your family and business!CALL : JUAN BOBBY Cell : 375-9978 or 367-2316$399.00Twenty students of St. Francis de Sales School spent three days in Freeport, Grand Bahama, to see first hand the industrial zone there. Their trip included a trip to a reef in a glassbottomed boat and a trip to the jetty where oil tankers lay to discharge their fuel. Please see School Page 11 St. Francis de Sales School held a walk-a-thon on November 24 to raise money for the school. The older children are shown here at the Spring City turn-off, the finish of the walk that began at the school. After resting most of them chose to walk back. The students participated in a mini-fair on their return to their school grounds.


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 11 B OCEAN BLUE PROPER OCEAN BLUE PROPER OCEAN BLUE PROPER OCEAN BLUE PROPER OCEAN BLUE PROPER TIESTIES TIESTIES TIES Member B.R.E.A. G.P.O. Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas Telephone 1-561-656-9708 Telephone/Fax 1-242-365-4636 E-mail: oceanblu@batelnet.bs www.oceanblueproperties.comSales, Rentals and Property ManagementON GREEN TURTLE CAY: New Listing! 9,000 sq. ft. lot with unobstructed view of Coco Bay. Direct access to beach. Close to public dock and major resorts. $550,000 with all closing costs in. Two story furnished home with outstanding views of Black Sound and Gillam Bay. 1.67 acres. Total three bedrooms; three baths; two kitchens/living/dining areas. Central A/C. Guest house with one bedroom and one bath. Two vehicles. 120 dock on hurricane sheltered Black Sound. Large porch and surrounding deck. $1.99 million, includes all closing fees. 190 water front 12,500 sq. ft. lot on Coco Bay. Dredged channel. Good elevation. $650,000 plus 7% to close. New Listing! 19,175 sq. ft. lot within walking distance of two great beaches and a major resort. $201,300 with all closing costs in. Two bedroom two bath furnished home with enclosed porch, large deck, laundry room, and generator. New free-standing carport shelter. 1/4 acre. $485,000 with all closing costs in. 15,870 sq. ft. lot with views of and access to Atlantic Ocean. $250,000 inclusive of all closing costs. 85 of beach front on Bight O Bay. One acre. Can build four homes with outlying buildings. $840,000 with all clsoing costs in. New listing! Mainland Abaco. Two deep water waterfront lots on Sea of Abaco. Approximately 18,000 sq. ft. each. Utilities available. $150,000 and $185,000 each with all closing costs in. New listing! Mainland Abaco. Ten acre parcel with 150 on Abaco Highway and water front on Angel Fish Creek. Near Fire Road. $325,000 with all closing costs in. SOLD Gillam Bay Beach Parcel SOLD Lot 5 Coco Bay Estates Frank Knowles Hope Town 242-375-8655 Donna Darville Marsh Harbour 242-367-SOLD (7653)The Abaco Real Estate Specialists!donna@paradisebahamas.com frank@paradisebahamas.comFeatured Properties Triplex in town, walking distance to restaurants, shops. Immaculate condition. All units rented. REDUCED from $465,000 to $405,000 Exclusive LOTS Long Beach minutes to beach $36,000 Gilpin Point beach access for all lots, half acre, each starting at $35,000 Bahama Coral Island Interior lot $18,000 SOLD Bahama Coral Island sea view, lot walking distance to beach $30,000 Shop our lisings online atwww.ParadiseBahamas.comHappy Holidays! Thank you for your patronage! Have a prosperous New Year Royal Palm 3 BR, 3 BA furnished $553,500 UNDER CONTRACT Steiner House, Treasure Cay Road 4 BR, 2 1/2 BA $809,000 UNDER CONTRACT Royal Palm 2 BR, 2 BA Marina front condo, fully furnished, with boat slip. Tropical decor $575,000 Helen's Point, Galleon Bay Waterfront 4 BR, 3 BA Home, Sea of Abaco views $1,388,000 Galleon Bay Road Homesite overlooking Treasure Cay Marina $405,000 UNDER CONTRACT Atlantis 2BR, 2BA Canal front condo with 14 wide boat slip. Completely redone with furnishings. $549,000 Beach Villa 685 2 BR, 2 BA, steps away from pool and beach $275,000 Razzall House, Treasure Cay Beach 4BR, 3BA Oceanfront, fully furnished with excellent rental history. $1,735,000.00 Parker Place, Galleon Bay, spacious 4BR Waterfront home with beautiful Sea of Abaco views. $995,000.000 Treasure House, Oceanfront 2 BR, 2 BA Island decor top-sider villa overlooking gigantic lagoon pool $579,000.00 Royal Palm 2 BR 2 BA on marina with beautiful furnishings and boat slip. $562,000.00 NEW LISTING Bahamas: 242-477-5056 242-365-8467 USA: 843-290-2254 843-278-0277 Fax: 242-365-8508 843-785-5528 Email:jic@oii.net ww.johncashrealty.comJohn Cash, B.R.I., C.R.S. Licensed Real Estate Broker Certified Residential SpecialistPO Box 22212 Treasure Cay, Abaco BahamasDecember 1, 2006 Guana Freight Services Regular Freight Runs to Guana & Scotland Cay Monday thru Friday Charters & Water available on request Phone or Fax Rich or Melena at 242-365-5190 477-5292 375-8833 Great Guana Cay More School Newsfor most except for a few diehards. When students reached their goal, most of them decided to walk back, refusing the offer of a car ride. However, only about 25 children and less than 10 teachers covered the entire distance. Two boys participated on their bicycles. Although sweating and puffing, most of the students enjoyed the challenge and made most of the outing which was followed by a mini fun day in the afternoon. The school grounds had the atmosphere of a fair with children running about the school grounds with their faces painted eating big puffs of cotton candy. The clown toss located in the shade gathered a good crowd. The event was organized by the school PTA, and the money raised will go to the various needs of the school.Long Bay SchoolTen Years Are CelebratedBy Samantha V. Evans The PTA of Long Bay School, under the leadership of Mrs. Lovely Reckley, held an elegant banquet to honor the leadership of this school for providing ten years of quality, Christian education to Abaco. Long Bay School opened its doors in September of 1997 with 70 students and today it has close to 300. A celebration is one way to reflect on the goodness of God and on November 16th students, staff, directors, teachers and well wishers gathered at the school to show gratitude to God for leading this school this far. Dr. John Carey, M.D., stated that this school has a strong commitment to Christian principles and stood by them when everyone else was doing his own thing. He expressed happiness for the blessings that God has bestowed upon this institution. Under the leadership of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Collie, the school has seen this school through good and bad times. He is proud that Long Bay School is making a mark on Abaco and in the Bahamas by graduating large numbers of well educated young people who leave this fine school and live productive lives. Mrs. Jacqueline Collie stated that she can still remember when the building was under construction in 1997, and now it is ten years later. She is thankful for the support of the teachers and staff of this school. They are committed and driven and have the well being of all the students at heart. Even though this team is important to her, she could not have made it this far had it not been for the love, support and backing of her husband, Mr. Collie. She described this school as an environment that is happy, caring and orderly, where a lot of learning takes place. The students are encouraged in all their endeavors especially to reach their fullest potential. Entertainment for the night was provided by J.C. Preacher Boy Burrows. Best wishes were extended to Long Bay School from various businesses in Abaco and all were collected in a booklet to commemorate this event.School Has a Week of PrayerBy Samantha V. Evans Students from grades 7-12 at Long Bay School got a special treat at school over the week of November 21-24th as Mr. Michael Kelly from Los Angeles, California, spent the week to help them develop a love for Jesus. He is the senior pastor at Palace of Peace Seventh Day Please see School Page 12 SchoolFrom Page 10 Long Bay School celebrated its 10th anniversary with a banquet held at the school. Those at the head table included Pastor Leonard Rahming, Pastor Michael Kelly, Dr. John Carey and Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Collie. The Collies are the founders of the school.


Page 12 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006Adventist Church. This is Mr. Kellys first time visiting the Bahamas and he expressed his excitement to work with the youth on Abaco. He wants to see the youth put their trust in God and depend on him to solve their problems. His talk was very interactive. He told the students that God is always thinking of them and looking for ways to bless them. He concluded by telling them his life story and how his life was messed up from but when he started to do things Gods way, God blessed him with a beautiful wife and two children. During the evening Pastor Kelly was the speaker at Marsh Harbour Seventh Day Adventist Church for their Youth Celebration.PTA Honors Staff MembersBy Samantha V. Evans Four staff members of Long Bay School were honored by the PTA for dedicated and committed service to the school over the past ten years. The first honoree, Mrs. Carla Wright, now serves as the receptionist of the school. She loves the school sand takes it to heart. The second honoree, Mr. Willard Cooper, is the handyman of the school. Anything that needs fixing around the school, Mr. Cooper can do it. He is very efficient and reliable. His wife, Mrs. Sylvy Cooper, accepted the plaque and gifts on his behalf. The third honoree, Mrs. Lisette Pubien, is the kindergarten teacher and has served in this capacity since the school opened. She loves her students and wants to see them reach for high heights from a very young age. The fourth honoree, Mrs. Clautide Dormeus, has been the cook at the school since September 1997. She cooks lunch for both the primary and high schools. All of these persons were very surprised by the recognition and expressed their heartfelt thanks to the PTA for such an honor.S.C.Bootle High SchoolSpelling Bee Winners Again!By Samantha V. Evans Twenty eighth grade students from schools across Abaco gathered at the Learning Resource Center in Marsh Harbour on November 22nd to compete to be named the best speller at their grade level. The competition was intense and Mrs. Felemease Sawyer, organizer of the Spelling Bees, stated that this has been the best bunch of spellers at this grade level for a long time. On top of that, the top three spellers were all males. That has never been seen. After 20 rounds Charo Williams from S.C.Bootle High School was declared the winner with Yonick Aaron from St. Francis de Sales coming in second and Nickles Saintil from Abaco Central High School taking home the third place trophy. All students in the competition were excellent spellers and were presented with a certificate at the end of the spelling bee for performing extremely well at the spelling bee as well as at their respective schools.Central Abaco PrimaryBoys Reading Challenge Awards WinnersSamantha V. Evans November 14th was a great day for the More School News SchoolFrom Page 11 Please see School Page 13 Three boys were the top spellers of the eighth grade, the first time that all top spellers were male. S.C. Bootle once again took the top prize when Charo Williams came in first. In second place was Yonick Aaron of St. Francis de Sale and in third place was Nicles Saintil from Abaco Central High School. Long Bay School PTA honoured four long-time staff members. Ms. Clautide Dormeus, Ms. Carla Wright, Ms. Lizette Publien all received plaques for their dedicated commitment to the school. Missing from the photo is Mr. Willard Cooper, who was also honoured. YOUR FIRST CHOICE INBAHAMIAN REAL ESTATE#10181: 3bd/2bths: $375,000 GUANA CAY #10350: 2bd/1bth: $160,000 GUANA CAY #9297: Acreage: Serious Inquires LYNARD CAY #9510: Residential Lots: $160,000 CROSSING ROCKS #562105: Acreage: $1,360,000 BAKERS HEIGHTS #562299: 3bd/2bths: $375,000 CASUARINA POINT #562031: Residential Lot: $395,000 GUANA CAY #10202: Acreage: $350,000 #562353: Residential Lot: $85,000 #9935: Residential Lot: $24,000 BAHAMA CORAL ISLAND #8928: 4bd/2bths: $422,000 BAHAMA PALM SHORES #562332: 3bd/3bths: Executive Rental PELICAN SHORES #562133: 3bd/2bths: $347,000 #562174: Acreage: $1,500,000 BUSTIC BIGHTwww.bahamasrealty.bs email : abaco@bahamasrealty.bs I Tel 242-367-3262 l Fax 242-367-3260 The BahamasOFFICES IN:Abaco Nassau Exuma Eleuthera Long Island Harbour Island TREASURE CAY BAHAMA PALM SHORES MARSH HARBOURThese offerings are subject to errors, omissions, change of price or withdrawal without noticeGreen Cay is a nature lover's paradise. Situated just 1/2 mile off the west coast of Great Abaco Island. Perfectly suited for private retreat, bonefishing resort, etc. Fully furnished, with all new appliances and cabinets. Ideally located on quiet road, but close to Marsh Harbour. Excellent investment for rental or family home. Lovely, oversized multi-family residential lot in popular Anchorage Estates. Close to beaches and all amenities the resort and community offer. Invest in the Future! Lovely homesite of approx. 10,000 sq.ft. with high elevation and views of the sea on the west of Abaco and the South side. Conveniently located just 3 miles north of Marsh Harbour. Prime development property located 11 miles north of Marsh Harbour on Queens highway. Features wooded rolling terrain with hills of up to 30 in elevation. Great potential for development. Greenland Bay. Gorgeous, unspoiled beach front, dazzling white sand, rolling grassland interior. Parcels encompass 100 to 200 ft on the beach. Only one parcel may be sold in each instance at above starting price. Spacious family home located on prestigious Pelican Shores. Long term lease only, references first, last and security required. Lease pricing on request. Secluded home, located directly across the lane from Eight Mile Bay and its gorgeous beach. Rooftop deck enjoys the best views of the area. Room to expand and add personal touch. Bright and sunny, sturdy concrete family home, just steps from the beach. 1,472 s.f. of living space, tile floors, crown molding. Perfectly suited for family or retirement home. NEW! Gorgeous Atlantic Ocean front home site. Located adjacent to the Orchid Bay development with elevated rocky shore and beach. Densely vegetated with natural coppice and native trees. Gorgeous, generously-sized home site on Eight Mile Bay beach. Approx .85 acres of nicely elevated land thickly treed with native hardwoods and coconut palms. Wonderful views, wide sugar sand beachs. Bordering the Sea of Abaco with Atlantic to the east, this expansive parcel boasts 77 fabulous acres, includes high elevations, dense native coppice, numerous coconut palms trees, and white sand beaches. Situated in the heart of the settlement, this cottage presents a multitude of opportunities for the imaginative buyer. Could transition well into a vacation or rental cottage. Steps away from ferry dock. This super home is nestled in the heart of the settlement, surrounded by lush specimen foliage a winter garden and well maintained lawns. Panoramic views are enjoyed from the widows walk and porches. NEW LISTING UNDER CONTRACT NEW LISTING NEW PRICE!!! UNDER CONTRACT EST. 1949R E A L T Y


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 13 B "Two Bedroom Mariners Cove" (Ref #454) 2 bedroom, 1 bath fully furnished, two level poolside unit within view of Treasure Cay Marina and just a 5 minute walk from the Treasure Cay Beach. Can be combined with listing #455 to make a 3 bed/2bath with open living area. Price $317,900. "Mariners Cove Unit 1401" (Ref #655) Fully furnished 2 bed, 1 bath end unit overlooking marina/harbour. Complex offers pool and tennis courts, close to beach, restaurant and shops: Price $317,000. Rock Point Waterfront Lot (Ref # 586) Located on Rock Point Dr. 90 ft on Sea of Abaco at entrance to Treasure Cay Marina. 11,818 s/f enjoys cool south-easterly summer ocean breezes & also overlooks the bonefish flats of Gun Powder Creek to the west. Price: $299,500 Waterfront Lots" (Ref #260) Four adjoining sea-walled waterfront lots on Galleon Bay Rd with spectacular views of the Sea of Abaco, cleared ready for construction, excellent value, Price $220,000 each. "One Bedroom Mariners Cove" (Ref #455) 1 bed, 1 bath fully furnished ground floor poolside unit. Mariners Cove offers pool, tennis courts, laundry facilities, on site management, good rental potential. Price $200,000. Joes Creek Vicinity Lot 15 (Ref# 567) Offering 2.139 acres with a 50 ft elevated ridge, 956ft deep from highway to Coromont Pond, ideal for private residence or small subdivision, electricity & telephone at highway, easy access to Marsh Harbour & Treasure Cay. Price: $149,700 "One Bedroom Mariners Cove" (Ref #439) Fully furnished and meticulously maintained one bedroom, one bath ground level, poolside condominium, recently completely renovated, all new appliances & furnishings, customs cabinetry, terracotta tile floor, lots of amenities. Rental potential Price $185,000. Flamingo Drive Lot 66 (Ref #558) Large residential lot situated on a quiet Flamingo Drive cul-de-sac, an ideal home building site, all utilities, including electricity, water, telephone, Cable TV & DSL access available at the lot line. Price: $46,785 Residential Inland Lot (Ref #442) Choice residential lot on paved Flamingo Drive, located just one block from Ocean Blvd.10,000 s/f & 80 on the road. All utilities are available at the property boundary, including TV & DSL. Price $45,000. Golf Course Area Corner Lot (Ref #559) Oversized corner lot # 7 offering paved street frontage on two sides, plus all utilities at lot line, enjoy the solitude & greenery of the golf course, just a few hundred feet away. Price: $35,100 LEISURE LEE: Canal Front Home" (Ref #214) 2 bedroom 2 bath single story CBS construction home, open living/kitchen on the end of a finger canal, tile floors, central A/C, low maintenance, 50 of bulkhead canal front with deep water and dock, fully furnished, includes vehicle. Close to beach access $465,000. Canal Corner Lot" (Ref #602) Cleared large corner lot 15,344 s/f with 197ft on protected canal with seawall, ready for building. $334,000. Canal Lot 206 (Ref #597) Cleared 11,242 s/f lot with 171 feet of bullheaded seawall, views of Treasure Cay and the Sea of Abaco. All utilities available. Price $265,000. LITTLE HARBOUR: Waterfront Property (Ref #347) 2.2 acres, sea to sea, total 280' water frontage, ideal for boat dockage in protected Little Harbour, large natural cave. $608,000. Reduced!!! TURTLE ROCKS: Turtles Rock (Ref #361) 3 bedroom 2.5 bath beach front home built in 2000 on 1.18 acres with 102 on the beach, very private area, fully furnished. $755,000. GUANA CAY: Two Commercial Lots (Ref#368) 2 adjoining lots, harbour front road location, across from the public dock, total frontage 161 feet, lot#8 $299,000, lot#9 $349,000.00. MARSH HARBOUR: Sea View Lot with Dockage (Ref#493) Select residential lot in Great Abaco Club, 7,750 sq. ft. in size, finger dock for 25 vessel, direct access to Sea of Abaco, gated community, all utilities available, use of all resort amenities, close to restaurants, shops, etc reduced $395,000. GREEN TURTLE CAY: Beau Soleil (Ref#662) Beautiful 4 bed 5 bath Beachfront Estate Main House, Guest House and Apt. total 3,634 s/f on 0.878 acres on White Sound with 120 dock, fresh water pool 173 beach frontage, great elevation, magnificent views, furnished. $2,975,000. Sales Team of Ed & Cindy Newell James Moir BrokerABACO ESTATE SERVICESREAL ESTATE SALES ll ll l VACATION RENTALSPrime Real Estate Listing Throughout AbacoMembers Bahamas Real Estate AssociationWe Exceed Client Expectations! www.abacoestateservices.com Please contact us for additional details on this sampling of our featured listings or for information on our other prime properties throughout Abaco.Phone: (242) 365.8752 ll ll l Cell: (242) 357.6570TREASURE CAY:"Argyll House" (Ref #483) Elegant & luxurious 4 bedroom, 5.5 bath Ocean Blvd. Estate approx. 6,900 s/f, on 1.6 acres with 153 on the beach, landscaped, fully furnished, high ceilings, marble floors, 2 car garage, includes vehicles. $4,900,000. Tradewinds (Ref # 589) Luxurious 1 acre beachfront estate 4 bedroom 3.5 bath main house on T.C. point beach plus 3 bedroom 3 bath 2 storey guest house. Spectacular views, superior architectural design and finishes throughout, fully furnished Price: $4,575,000 "Peace & Plenty" (Ref #503) Splendid 7 bedroom, 4.5 bath 2 storey, fully furnished Ocean Blvd beachfront estate, situated on 1.453 superbly landscaped acres with 163 feet of spectacular beach frontage, magnificent views, covered balconies, superior finishes, guest cottage, ideal location with privacy. $3,800,000. "Trident House" (Ref #317) Superb 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath fully furnished beach front home, 3,500 square feet, sensational beach & ocean views, many extras $2,500,000. "Final Approach" (Ref #601) Canal front 2 storey 5,500 s/f 6 bedrooms, 4.5 bath private home on large property, 100 private dock, 6 depth. Recently renovated, fully furnished, four car garage. Price $2,497,000 Oceana (Ref #498) Furnished 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath private home with open floor plan and British Colonial decor for elegant and comfortable living, located on Sandpiper Beach with magnificent views, garage, landscaped, beachside deck. $1,875,000. "Beachfront Vacant Lot" (Ref #462) 1.82 acre cleared lot with 144 of prime beach frontage, located on prestigious Ocean Blvd, all utilities available, limited beach lots available in this area. Price $1,695,000. Beach Lot (Ref # 590) Located on Leeward Beach near the T.C. Point with 136 of fabulous beach frontage, views of Green Turtle Cay, total of 28,700 s/f, ready for construction, all utilities available, quiet & secluded Cul de saq. Price: $1,330,000 Ocean Blvd. Beach Lot (Ref # 585) Prime location with 140ft on magnificent beach, total of 1.37 acres, partially cleared, all amenities at lot line. Price: $1,215,000 "Harbours Edge" (Ref #191) 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,500 s/f harbour front home, 90 of bulkhead for dock with 8+/depth, waterfront views though large glass doors, open kitchen, interior decor includes hand painted tropical mural, 2 car garage, 1/3 acre lot with privacy walls, Mediterranean style pool, fully furnished. Price: $1,265,000. Pilot House (Ref #568) Waterfront 3 bedroom 3 bath 2 storey home overlooking Sea of Abaco on narrow peninsula for superior water views, drive through carport with private boat ramp, perfect house for bone-fishing enthusiast. Price: $1,160,000 Treasure Landings (Ref #600) N ewly constructed 3 bed, 2 bath, 1,300s/ f luxury condominiums, close to beach, marina, restaurants & shops. Superior finished, fully furnished. Price: $495,000. Financing available. "Four Bedroom Mariners Cove" (Ref #454) Luxurious fully furnished 4 bedroom, 3 bath two level waterfront condominium overlooking both Treasure Cay Marina and poolside. Large kitchen for entertaining, master suite overlooks marina with sitting area and balcony. Price $462,500. "Brigantine Beach Condo" (Ref #369) 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath bath townhouse with ocean views just steps from the beach, furnished, rental history $458,000. "Beach Villa 506" (Ref #636) 2 bed, 2bath garden view villa, completely renovated in 2005, all new furnishings & appliances. 1,250 s/f. Ideal rental property. Price $492,000. #3 Marlin Drive (Ref #492) 3 bedroom 3 bath single story CBS construction home, walking distance to beach & golf course. Modern kitchen, renovated, open decking on large lot. Price: $450,000 Canal Lot (Ref #556) Well situated residential canal front parcel overlooking the wide expanse of the protected waters of Brigantine Bay. 15,306 s/f & 91 feet of bulkhead, cleared & leveled, ready for construction $363,000. Galleon Bay Canal Lot" (Ref #422) Prime Canal Front cleared lot totaling 10,295 s/f and 88+ feet of protected canal water frontage situated on the wide expanse of pictureque Galleon Bay, quick access to the Sea of Abaco. $350,000. Canal Lot on Galleon Bay (Ref #569) Protected canal lot near Galleon Bay entrance for quick access to Sea of Abaco, utilities at lot line, very well priced. Price: $331,500UNDER CONTRACT SOLD15th November 2006UNDER CONTRACT Specializing inCarpets, Vinyl, Linolium, Installation of carpets available! Patio Furniture and Accessories for the home.NOW OPEN, in the Old C&A Building beside Lowes PharmacyOpen Mon Frid: 9:30am 4:00pm Closed Sat. & Sun.Telephone : 242-367-0541COMING SOON ...Christmas Items!!! COMING SOON ...Christmas Items!!!LAY COUNSELING MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENTAre you interested in being a part of this Ministry? If so, join us!BECOME A LAY COUNSELLOR Sign Up Saturday, December 2 at Central Abaco Primary School from 10 am 11 amThe lay counselling training course will be conducted by Dr. Susan Newbold and Vicente Roberts of the Christian Counselling Center. The course will occur over three full day sessions as follows: Dates: Jan 27, Feb 10 and Mar 3, 2007 Tuition: $50, 100% refundable upon course completion Time: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm Where: New Vision Church, Marsh Harbour Lunch, beverages and snacks providedTo sign up or for more information please phone 359-6620 The Christian Counselling Center is seeking to develop and train 20 lay counsellors to help address the counselling needs of Abaco including substance abuse, marital, family and career counselling.97 male students from Central Abaco Primary School who entered the Boys Reading Challenge under the theme Courage, Respect, Integrity: Keys to Success Ms. Elaine Martinborough from the Urban Renewal Office along with Mr. Shelton Beneby and Ms. Jewel Major, both of Urban Renewal in Nassau, were on hand to present the students with their awards. Before the awards were presented, Pastor Earlyn Baillou spoke to the enter school about the importance of respect, courage, and integrity. He told that there is something unique that each of them can do. Once they learn how to do it, they can confidentially express who they are. Today, some boys are being awarded for reading well. He concluded by telling them that once they are honest, respectful, and brave that they will be successful. Following his words of encourageSchoolFrom Page 12 Please see School Page 16 More School NewsNinety-seven boys of Central Abaco Primary School received certificates for participating the Boys Reading Challenge. Those reading many books also received prizes. s s e. st t ly n g 0 0 of h e u st e d o n e d in f or


Page 14 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006 www.erabahamas.com LUBBERS QUARTERSGorgeous waterfront lot available on nice secluded island with electric/phone ready.Motivated Seller. #3899Price: $299,000www.erabahamas.com CHEROKEE SOUNDExtraordinary property boasting scenic ocean views, located in a quiet private area with 1/2 acre lots available. #3035 Price: $210,000 SAND BAR AT CHEROKEEGreat potential for expansion, 2 acres of pristine waterfront property small villa & restaurant buildings. Spectacular views. #13088$2,455,000Visit our website today! D D u u p p u u c c h h R R e e a a l l E E s s t t a a t t e e Marsh Harbour Office POBox AB 20340, Abaco, The Bahamas Tel.: (242) 367-0288 Fax: (242) 367-0289 e-mail: jamesanddonna@erabahamas.com CASUARINA POINT Canal front lot with ocean access in quiet community. Water, electricity, cable and phone ready. Price $80,000 BAHAMA PALM SHORES Beautiful seaside community interior lots available with electricity/phones. Starting from $25,000 SAND BAR Lots with spectacular views of ocean and sound. Good value lots, fantastic potential for development. Price $169,000 BAHAMA CORAL ISLAND Nice homesite in growing community just North of Marsh Harbour. Starting from $16,000 LEISURE LEE Interior lots available with great coppice growth and within easy walking distance of beautiful, peaceful beach. Price$49,950 RED BAY Over 12 acres with deepwater, shoreline, great elevation and views of the Sea of Abaco and the outer Cays. Price $495,000 01 December 06 GREEN TURTLE CAY1.5 acres on gorgeous ocean beach with 135 feet of frontage and great elevations. This is the last available peice in this area. #2809Price: $820,000 MURPHY TOWNCute 2 bed, 1 bath home sits on large parcel of land. Can be subdivded. Landscaped with room for expansion. #13475 Price: $350,000 REDUCED PRICE CASUARINA POINTNice 4 bed, 4 bath furnished on gorgeous beachfront with views of the Atlantic. Generator, cable, phone, fenced, deck, turnkey! #2818Price: $580,000 CASUARINA POINTTwo storey waterfront 4 bed, 2 bath home situated on 120 of sea walled property. Boaters dream. Boat/car storage, boat ramp. #13312Price: $590,000 SWEETINGS TRACTLocated in a very nice area of Marsh Harbour. Has access to the water with a small beach which looks over to Hope Town & Lubbers. #3963 Price: $55,000REDUCED PRICE NEW LISTING YELLOWOODExtraordinary hilltop property offering endless views of the Atlantic Ocean, creeks and the Abaco Club. Motivated Seller. #13474Price: $85,000 WATCHING BAYSituated on 8 acres offering 250 feet of beachfront. 90 foot elevations and 35 foot dunes. One of a kind. #13482 Price: $2,185,000 LITTLE HARBOURComfortable CBS 2 bed, 2 bath home situated on approximately 4 acres with 135 beachfront and 70 elevations. Nicely landscaped. #13495Price: $1,450,000 LITTLE HARBOURLovely 2 bed, 2 bath home overlooking the harbour and channel entrance. Small private dock. Walking distance to beaches, fishing and dining. #13494 Price: $870,000 BAHAMA PALM SHORESBeautiful 2 acre beachfront lots. Good elevations with gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean. Utilities available. $550,000 each. #13544 Price: $550,000 BAHAMA PALM SHORESComfortable island style 3 bed, 3 bath on one acre of property. 100 of gorgeous beachfront. Come relax and enjoy the Bahamian lifestyle at its best. #13180 Price: $580,000 BAHAMA PALM SHORESNice 3 bed, 2 bath CBS home. The property is enclosed and landscaped with a secluded garden area. #2837 Price: $350,000 BAHAMA PALM SHORESLovely 4 bed, 4 bath furnished home sitting on 1/2 an acre in a quiet safe community. #13403 Price: $435,000


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 15 B Questions? Comments? Let us know at pr@btcbahamas.com The Bahamas Telecommunications Company LimitedCALL BTC (225-5282) www.btcbahamas.comVol. Two Issue Six December 1, 2006ABACO has caught Da Vibe, in recent weeks BTC has launched its Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service on the beautiful island of Abaco. The response to the Voice Internet Bahamas Electronic (VIBE) has been overwhelming in New Providence and Abaco was no exception. The Abaco community received the product with open arms and filed in to BTCs offices to purchase the money-saving and life changing product. VIBE, which allows customers to use a standard telephone and a broadband internet connection to make and receive international phone calls at an incredibly low rate. VIBE transmits calls securely over the internet by the use of a telephone internet MTA adapter, plugged into a broadband internet connection. The Abaco community expressed great appreciation to BTC for launching the new product on their island and introducing them to a new way to make long distance calls. One customer said, I cant wait to get home and hook up my VIBE. Popular on air personality and news reporter, Silbert Mills of Radio Abaco also purchased a VIBE and encouraged his fellow Abaconians to do the same. Mr. Mills said that it was an excellent opportunity for customers to buy Bahamian and boost the economy. During the next few weeks BTC will be traveling throughout the Family of Islands launching VIBE and during this time BTC encourages all Bahamians to Catch Da Vibe BTC also held its ever popular Voice of the Customer Town Meeting in Abaco this past week and the response to the event was tremendous. The Town Meetings which were held in Marsh Harbour at the Abaco Beach Resort and in Coopers Town at the SC Bootle High School, was deemed a great success as hundreds of Abaconians attended the event. Each night was hosted by a different on air personality including Darold Miller in Marsh Harbour and Picewell Forbes in Coopers Town. During the Town Meeting customers in the Abaco community were afforded an opportunity to express their views about BTC, voice their grievances and meet the BTC Executive Management team. Mr. Leon Williams, President & CEO of BTC gave a dynamic presentation and assured the people of Abaco that GSM will be coming soon. Mr. Henry Romer, Vice President for Northern Bahamas addressed several customer issues including dropped cellular calls, installation inlocal subdivisions and the closing of one of BTCs Abaco Payment Center. Ms. Felicity Johnson, Vice President for Legal & Regulatory & Interconnect also addressed questions about privatization. The night was also filled a number of compliments including customers voicing high praises to the BTC Abaco staff especially Mr. Emalin Sawyer, Manager BTC Abaco and Ms. Arlene Clarke, Acting Senior Manager, Abaco. A number of customers also won cell phones and Blackberrys BTCs new voice and data device which enables its users to receive their email on their cellular device. The audience was also entertained by well known BTC celebrities Flora & Earl. BTCs Voice of the Customer, You Talk, We ListenAbaco Catches the ViBe and BTC Lends a Listening Ear to the Voice of Abaco Abaco Town Meeting attendees listening attentively during Mr. Williams presentation


Page 16 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006 DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST Caribbean Marine Constr Caribbean Marine Constr Caribbean Marine Constr Caribbean Marine Constr Caribbean Marine Constr uctionuction uctionuction uctionl COMMERCIAL DOCKSl BOAT LIFTSl PRIVATE DOCKSl SEA WALL CONSTRUCTIONOffice Tel: 367.4842 Cellular: 357.6564 ment, Mr. Shelton Beneby told the students to take heed to those words of wisdom spoken to them because they are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. The students who participated in the Boys Reading Challenge were presented with certificates. Those who read more than 35 books also received prizes. The top winner was Donte Lightbourne, grade four, who read 57 books. He was presented with a trophy, a game, a book and a gift certificate. Gifts presented to the students were donated by LV Construction, Mr. Fritz Bootle, Mrs. Judy Johnston, Cyber Learning Center, Clarks Cuts, Special Touch Beauty Salon, Jeffs Barber Shop, North Rock Water Company and Corner Value.Texaco Representative Speaks with StudentsBy Samantha V. Evans Students of grade three got a special treat on November 23rd, Thanksgiving Day, when Mr. Elliston Smith, Business Consultant from Texaco Bahamas in Nassau, came to Central Abaco Primary School to speak with them. Also present for the presentation was Mr. Samuel Rolle, president of the Boys Club of the Bahamas in Nassau. Both men came to Abaco to fellowship with a few churches in Northern Abaco for Thanksgiving. The students were excited that they visited with them and were on their best behavior. Mr. Smith told them that they need to respect their teacher, be well behaved and well groomed when they come to school. They must come to school ready to learn. They will not get the best out school time if they come to school to fight and to get into trouble. He stressed that they all have the potential to be leaders. However, he said, leaders lead by good example. Therefore, they must not keep bad company if they are to be a good leader. Finally, Mr. Smith spoke to them about careers. He asked the students what they wanted to become when they grow up. Some said doctors, others pastors, but a large number wanted to become police officers or firefighters. Mr. Smith told them that no matter what career they chose they will need to have a solid educational foundation to succeed at it.Forest Heights AcademyMy Eggtacular ExperienceBy Calvon Edgecombe Grade 9 Forest Heights Academy Responsibility, maturity and trust are just a few valuable qualities needed to be a great egg father and to achieve an eggtacular experience. When Ms. More School News SchoolFrom Page 13 Please see School Page 17Wednesday, December 6th, 20069:30am 12 noonJIB ROOM Marsh Harbour, Abaco, BahamasR.S.V.P. : Gentry Morris (242) 367-2549Open HouseCome and meet the newest member of our Team Star General Insurance Agents & BrokersProudly introduces I M GInternational Medical Group Inc. Plan Underwriter SIRIUS International R R The winner of the Boys Reading Challenge at Central Abaco Primary School was Donte Lightbourne, a fourth grader, who read 57 books. He is shown here with Ms. Jewel Major and Mr. Shelton Beneby, both from Urban Renewal in Nassau and Mrs. Elaine Martinborough of Urban Renewal on Abaco. Invites you toChristmas Festival SiteSaturday December 9th, 2006Bring your pet to participate in Best Trick l Most Typical Potcake l Curliest Tail Most Colors l Obedience DemonstrationAll Proceeds go toThe Abaco Humane SocietyShow Times : 1:30 3:00pmFor more information contact :Doranell Swain @ 367-3067, Molly Roberts @ 367-3262, Kim Roberts @ 367-4648


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 17 B A COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIESGreat Guana Cay, Abaco Mon Thurs 8 a.m. 5:30 p.m. Fri & Sat 8 a.m. 6 p.m. Closed Sundays & Holidays Tel: 365-5067 Fax: 365-5180 VHF ch. 16Guana Harbour Grocery Carroll, our science teacher, entrusted each of us ninth graders with an egg (in some cases twins) to care for, we had no idea what we were in for! Responsibility was without a doubt the biggest life lesson learnt throughout my experience as an egg father. I had to ensure that my egg was fed and changed five times a day, and always to have my egg by my side. As with any baby, accidents do happen, and I had to make a trip to the emergency room with Ms. Carroll as attending physician More School News SchoolFrom Page 16 when my egg was cracked in a fall. But the most traumatic was when Laquisha was kidnaped when I left her Please see School Page 18 Ninrh grade science students of Forest Heights Academy learned first hand what responsibility is like being a parent. These students had to care for an egg baby, feeding it and changing it five times daily. They had to keep the egg babies with them at all times. Accidents did happen which meant a visit to the emergency room. It was learning by experiencing. The Cyber Learning Center held its annual Thanksgiving lunch on November 17. The lunch took place at the school in Marsh Harbour and those purchasing meals had the option of picking up their lunch or have it delivered to them. The Thanksgiving dinner included turkey with all the trimmings and was a great success. The staff members at Cyber Learning want to thank those that supported the lunch and they look forward to bigger and better next year. Cyber Learning Center Serves Thanksgiving Dinners


Page 18 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Replace your old countertops with locally made tops of Marble & Granite For More Information Call 242-367-4726(Abaco Ace Hardware)Marsh Harbour, Abaco on the lunch table. It seemed like something awful happened every time I let my guard down. It was for these reasons that what I found most important was maturity. I had to be mature enough to put my friends and other interests aside and step up to the plate to be a good egg father.Stingrays Scuba ClubBy Mirella Santillo The Stingrays Scuba Club was created under the umbrella of Above and Below Abaco, a dive operation located at Abaco Beach Resort, with the purpose of teaching young Abaconians the technics of scuba diving and getting them certified in that practice. Presently, five teenage girls are enrolled in the program which started at the beginning of October. Ariel Cash from Agape Christian School, Rhianna Parks, Pamela More School News SchoolFrom Page 17 Please see School Page 19 areas of history geography social studies and religious studies Fifteen students were honoured. Smith, Alia Dielh and Ellinor Mitchell from Forest Heights Academy have been learning basic swimming, snorkeling, water comfort and safety scuba systems first in the pool of the resort and recently in the Sea of Abaco. They were taught how to handle emergency situations under water and how to work together as a team to solve possible problems. Mr. Dielh, the assistant instructor, explained how the program is devised to accommodate small groups of teenagers and teach them not only the principles of scuba diving but also about marine biology and ecology. At the end of the four-month session, the students will become certified scuba divers. But the under water activities they participated in will have taught them about a different environment: the reefs and the animal life that depends on it. The program is geared to benefit the Bahamian youth and direct them towards a marine career field. They will learn gear handling including repair and will understand how to operate a dive shop. After certification, the youngsters can continue training to become instructors. Another assistant instructor involved in the program is Lisa Kemp, who was certified in July. She is the present group leader and acts as Dive Control Specialist. She is also trained in advanced stress and rescue operation and CPR and is very proud of her achievements. The four-month course costs $390 that includes gear and is under the direction of Kay Politano. People are already in line for the next session, but Mr. Dielh is thinking of putting together a group of younger children aged 10 to 12. Contact him at 3672158 for more information.Peer Counselor TrainingIn a society where the youth are confronted with much pressure from peers to do many things to feel accepted, it is important to have students in school who can be good role models for their peers. To this end, the Adolescent Health Department on Abaco has once again hosted two days of Peer Counselor Training to train students from high schools across Abaco. The training was held on November 17th and 18th at the Learning Resource Center in Marsh Harbour. Mrs. Sandy Edwards was the Coordinator, Ms. Samantha V. Evans, Mrs. Rosalie Stubbs, and Ms. Elaine Martinborough were all committee members as well as facilitators for the training. Students from all of the major high schools in Abaco attended the sessions. The opening day was intense as students were being exposed to peer counselor training for the first time. Before the sessions began, students were asked to share their expectations for this training. They all shared similar views as they all have a desire to learn how to help their peers. The presenters for this first day were Ms. Samantha V. Evans, who spoke on Purpose and Goal Setting, and Mrs. Sandy Edwards, who spoke on Counseling, Pressure Lines and Conducted Dialogue Activities with Students The students were encouraged to always be in control of their own decisions and to not allow their peers to dictate their actions. The second day included lectures on topics such as self esteem, sexuality, life skills and drug use and abuse. The students were empowered with skills that could get them started as peer counselors at their respective schools. The students will receive an Abaco District Peer Counselor Badge and a Certificate of Completion to ensure them that they have the facilitators stamp of approval to operate as peer counselors. The group of students pictured here took the peer couseling course. In the front are the presenters: Mrs. Sandy Edwards, Ms. Samantha Evans, Ms. Elaine Martinborough and Mrs. Rosalie Stubbs. The students came from several schools and will go back to their schools with concepts to assist other students with problems.


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 19 BBRIGANTINE BAY Goombay House 2 storey canal front octagon home located on 2 lots (fenced in). Upstairs includes master bed with ensuite bath, den / optional bedroom, guest bedroom, bath, open kitchen / dining / living room, wrap around deck with screened porch. Downstairs storage, parking, workshop / utility. Dock with boat lift. $922,500 WINDWARD BEACH ROAD Darnell House REAL PACKAGE DEAL Canal front home fully furnished, vacant beach front lot, car / golf cart / 23 boat. Well planned home has 3 bedrooms / 3 bath, including master suite with 2 guest bed rooms, den, open living room, dining, kitchen, utility room, screened-in porch on canal side, large garage and covered carport/breezeway, landscaping with fenced section. MUST SEE $1,284,000 WINDWARD BEACH ESTATES Dream Point Special CBS split level home located on a corner lot near The Point with two choices of direct beach access. Upper level has master bedroom with ensuite bath plus two guest bdrooms and bath. On the split level there is the main entry into a large open living/dining area, modern well-equipped kitchen. All rooms open onto a wrap-around partially covered deck overlooking the garden. Ground level has an extra large garage/ workshop with lots of storage. $996,300 ROCK POINT Pilot House special unique location with a commanding, enviable view of the Sea of Abaco. Water front home, 2 storey, CBS/ frame. Upstairs master and guest bed, 2 baths, large living/ dinning/ open kitchen; lower level 1bed / 1 bath, 2 car garage plus 1 car/boat garage. $1,160,000 + 7.5 closing Apartment four-plex, 2 storey CBS building, each level has 2 full apartments with 2 bed, 1 bath, living/dining/kitchen. Great rental investment. MUST SEE! $400,000 Brokers Anne Albury Marcellus Roberts Sales Associate Everett Pinder(242) 365-8538 Ph (242) 365-8587 Ph/Fax Treasure Cay Properties Offered by Treasure Cay SpecialistsTreasure Cay has one of the world's best Beaches, Golf Course, Tennis, full service Marina, just naming a few amenities. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information We not only sell here, we live here and love it.For further details and pictures visit our web page at http://www.treasurecayrealestate.com Mailing address: P.O. Box AB22183, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas E-mail: info@treasurecayrealestate.comMember NEW STORAGE UNITS, centrally located in Treasure Cay town centre. Storage units come inassorted sizes for boats, cars, golf carts and stuff. Starting at $25,000 CONDOMINIUM DEVELOPMENTS 1. CARLETON LANDING Newest opportunity Canal front condo and cottage units with available boat slips Starting at $680,000 +14%closing 2. PALM BAY Townhouse units in protected harbour with boat slips Phase One SOLD OUT Phase Two COMING SOON 3. THE COTTAGES Now the newest oceanfront development on Treasure Cay beach comprising individual luxury units Starting at $725,000 + 14% closing 4. BAHAMA BEACH CLUB Luxury condominium project on Treasure Cay Beach. 3 bed / 3 bath / Den / Lanai / onsite pool and many other features Starting at $742,500 Plus 14% closing ROYAL PALM Canal Front Condos with on-site Tennis and Pool 3 bed / 3 bath upper end unit, 12 wide slip with boat lift, includes golf cart. $553,500 2 bed / 2 bath lower unit, 16 wide slip, includes golf cart and 22 boat $553,500 TREASURE HOUSE Ocean front luxury units with lagoon pool/ waterfall Unit #7 Octagonal two storey 2 bed/ 2 bath home. Good rental potential. $636,000 + 7/ 5% closing BAHAMA BEACH CLUB Resale condos available in first completed project. Ready to go. Both units never rented but definite potential. MUST SEE PROPERTIES. Upstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den / optional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully furnished. $882,000 Upstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den / optional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully furnished with many extra features including garage and Jeep Renegade. $900,000 VACANT LOTS AVAILABLE Ocean front properties Casuarina Beach/Ocean Blvd. Sand Piper Beach Sunrise Point Beginning at $1,250,000 Canal Front Beginning at $264,500 Rock Point Waterfront, bulkheaded Beginning at $267,000 Golf Course / Interior Beginning at $50,000 ATLANTIS Canal Front Condos with on-site Pool Bldg 1 Lower unit 2 bed / 2 bath, 15 wide boat slip, includes car. Newly decroated. MUST SEE $500,000 Bldg 4 Downstaris end unit 2 bed / 2 bath, totally redone, 12 wide slip $435,600 ROYAL POINCIANA Ocean Front Condos with on site pool and tennis 2 bed / 2 bath downstairs end unit with wrap-around deck. Never rented. Fully and tastefully furnished. Special must see unit. $665,500 MARINERS COVE Townhouse Condos with on-site Tennis and Pool Marina View 2 bed / 2 bath, end unit, extra features, never rented $212,000 OCEAN VILLA SUBDIVISION Special garden location near pool, 2 bed / 2 bath. Great rental unit with many repeat guests $369,000 Second row beach with direct ocean access. Great view. 2 bed / 2 bath, many special features. MUST SEE $553,500 SANDPIPER BEACH Lacey Daze Hard to beat the layout and location of this special CBS home. Ocean front with patio access are living / dining / kitchen / den (optional bedroom) / master bedroom with ensuite bath. Other rooms include guest bedroom and bath, powder room, double garage and utility / workshop area in addition to private 1 bedroom efficiency apartment. Many features. MUST SEE. $2,337,000 LEEWARD BEACH ESTATE Trident/Turquoise Seas You cannot be more on the beach than in this special home. Offering 3 bed / 3 1/2 bath in the main house with detached garage / bed / bath / attic plus storage. Vast deck oceanside with widows walk. WOW! $2,500,000 + 7.5% closing Cross Winds Split level CBS home extra large lot across from 2 beach greenways. Private. Master bed/ bath suite upstairs. Lower level 2 bed / 2 bath, cozy living room/ kitchen/ dining/ utility. Apartment annex 1bed/ 1 bed, living kitchen, enclosed patio. Plus! Plus! Plus! $868,000 + 7.5% closing SOLD UNDER CONTRACT UNDER CONTRACT More School News SchoolFrom Page 18 Please see School Page 20PowerSchool WorkshopSamantha V. Evans St. Francis de Sales and Aquinas College can boost of being the first two schools in the Catholic system to successfully complete the PowerSchool Training and to use the program to generate student report cards. St. Francis de Sales issued its first PowerSchool generated report cards on November 16th. The Catholic Board of Education has invested $175,000 in an innovative, easy-to-use student information system called Abaco Central High School held a fund raising fair on November 18. A variety of games, clown toss, hoop-la, basket toss, chance games, food and drinks were available. The school realized a substantial amount that will go toward paying for the security booth recently built, for security lights and a monitoring system. The school officials are wanting to decrease the vandalism that is now occuring.


Page 20 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Taste of Abacos Finest Cuisines Toys for Tots & Kids Games Choirs, Quartets & Soloist Royal Bahamas Police Marching & Pop Band Calypso Bands Musical & Art Competition Mask and Drumming Competition Arts & Crafts Photos with Santa Face Paintings Dog Show Christmas Tree Lighting Fire Works Display Marsh Harbour, Abaco Marsh Harbour, Abaco Marsh Harbour, Abaco Marsh Harbour, Abaco Marsh Harbour, Abaco Saturday, December 9th, 2006 Saturday, December 9th, 2006 Saturday, December 9th, 2006 Saturday, December 9th, 2006 Saturday, December 9th, 2006 12 Noon 10:00 p.m. 12 Noon 10:00 p.m. 12 Noon 10:00 p.m. 12 Noon 10:00 p.m. 12 Noon 10:00 p.m.SPONSORS The Abaco Tourist Office ll ll l Scurvy Few ll ll l Radio Abaco The Abaconian ll ll l Abaco Petroleum The Abaco Club on Winding Bay For Further information, please contace The Abaco Tourist Office 242-367-3067 For Further information, please contace The Abaco Tourist Office 242-367-3067 For Further information, please contace The Abaco Tourist Office 242-367-3067 For Further information, please contace The Abaco Tourist Office 242-367-3067 For Further information, please contace The Abaco Tourist Office 242-367-3067 SchoolFrom Page 19 More School News Please see School Page 21 Abaco Central High School held a ceremony to recognize students who had excellent academic grades. The three students making the Pincipals List at Abaco Central High School were Evelande Gedeon, Matthew Wedgewood and Shaquille Jones. With them are Stone McEwan on the left and Principal Kendris Hield and Superintendent Rudolph Smith on the right. PowerSchool. The investment included installing the program in all of the Catholic schools across the country and all teachers training. The teachers and administrators of St. Francis de Sales received training on November 7th in the school computer room, when a computer specialist from Nassau, Mr. Dannavan Morrison, came to conduct the training. PowerSchool is used to access student data and enable parents, The Bahamas Electricity Corporation made a substantial donation to Abaco Central High School for security and surveillance cameras on the school grounds. The networked cameras should cut vandalism as they will be placed in strategic points and should be installed by early December. Mr. Kendris Hield, principal, will be able to survey the school campus from his residence at all hours. The Internet connection will give the students the ability to go on line for research. Shown is Mr. Kenneth Knowles of BEC on the right presenting the check to Mr. Hield. On the left is Mr. Everette Strachan from the BEC office. teachers, and administrators to participate in increasing student achievement. They are able to access data anywhere and at anytime. This program meets the needs of teachers by having easy-to-use tools, utilities and reports that teachers can readily adapt as a part of their daily work flow. The principal stated that presently the teachers use the program only to prepare report cards and to take attendance. Once the program is fully functional, parents will be given a password so that they will be able to communicate with their childs teachers, access their childs grades, and get progress reports easily.Abaco Central HighExceptional Students Were AwardedlBy Julian Lockhard In a time where only the negative seems to reach the forefront, Abaco Central High made sure the students who worked hard and got good grades were honored on November 23rd at their Awards Day. Three students made the Principals List (3.5 Grade Point Average (GPA) or higher) and another 18 made the Honor Roll (3.0 GPA 3.4 GPA) as numerous other students were given awards for top in individual subjects, conduct, perfect attendance and effort. Receiving the Principals List awards were Evelande Gedeon, Shaquille Jones and Matthew Wedgewood. Matthew returned to Abaco Central for the Awards Day as he is now a 12th grade student at Forest Heights Academy. Wedgewood would have been the valedictorian for the current senior class at Abaco Central, but his mother, Janet Wedgewood, moved to teach at Forest Heights this year and took her son with her. Matthew received many subject awards also


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 21 B ... the battery with the lightning bolt of life!!!Automotive Batteries Gel Batteries High Reserve Capacity Batteries UPS Computer Batteries A/C Delco Marine Trojan Golf Cart 6 & 8V Truck / Tractor Diesel Marine Batteries DieselFULL ONE YEAR FULL ONE YEAR FULL ONE YEAR FULL ONE YEAR FULL ONE YEAR GUARANTEE!! GUARANTEE!! GUARANTEE!! GUARANTEE!! GUARANTEE!!(If an epic battery fails due to workmanship any time during that year, Epic would replace that battery free of charge!) DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE WE DONT PRO-RATE OUR WARRANTY Thanking You For Your Support Throughout The Year And Wishing You A Merry Christmas STANDARD HARDWARECall Us For Assistance Today! Office: 367-2660 Store: 367-2811 Fax: 367-2645Coming Soon Expanded &Renovated Store New Showroom New MerchandiseHours Mon. Fri. 7 a.m. 4 p.m. Sat. 7 12 Richs Boat RentalsAbacos Best Rental Fleet At the Head of the Harbour Rental Rates Daily 3-day Weekly 21 Paramount $170 $475 $790 26 Paramount $225 $675 $1100 Fishing & Snorkeling Gear Bait, Ice & GuidesCall 367-2742P.O. Box AB 20419, Marsh Harbour Diamante Dental ClinicDr. J. Denise Archer D.D.S. Garnett Archer Mem. Blvd., Suite #6 P.O. Box AB 20579 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Website: www.diamantedental.com (appointments can be made online) Tel: 242-367-4968 Fax: 242-367-3001 Emergency 242-554-8327 Email: dentalspecialistabaco@yahoo.com Dr. Barry L. Russell December 1 of the Bahamas Orthodontic Center Orthodontics (Braces) Dr. Kendal Major December 6 Periodontics (gum disease) Implants Dr. J. Denise Archer Mondays Saturdays General Dentistry Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) available SchoolFrom Page 20 More School NewsFour students of Abaco Central High School competed in a Religous Studies Quiz in New Providence on November 16. The students competed against New Providences District finalists and placed second in the competition. Pictured are Ms. Phillippa Farrington, left, and students Kendero Murray, Paige Swain, Latenia King and Fritz Lloyd being presented with their trophies. for his work in grade 11 last year. Guest speaker for the event was Mr. Stone McEwan, musician, who said the one message he wanted the students to take away from his speech was each of them has the potential to be a leader or an achiever. He added that they dont have to be the smartest, strongest, richest, most charming or most talkative person to play a productive role in their communities or nation. Mr. McEwan said, Think big and dream big. Achievers always see the big picture. Theye are not afraid to go out and do things that others say cannot be done. They realize that our lives correspond pretty much to the expectations we have. Have strong beliefs. Achievers have a cause. Achievers believe they can make a difference. Achievers look forward to a bright tomorrow. They believe things can get better. Winners are everyday heroes. Winners take their dreams seriously. Winners never give up and wont let you up either. Winners follow their hearts and dreams, Mr. McEwan added. Abaco Central principal, Mr. Kendris Hield said they are trying to build a positive atmosphere at the school and encouraged all the students to excel and achieve greatness in everything they do. Receiving awards for Honor Roll were Alette Orelien, Steve Remy, Nickles Saintil, McDonald Louis, Edmilderia Curry, Kendero Murray, Jonathan Simms, Tajah Deveaux, Corrine Cornish, Bethsheba Darville, Jackson Jacques, Mones Saintil, Loudwich Jean-Louis, Shannen Paul, Georgia Cornish, Shalna Blanc, Ashley Whylly and Andre Singh The Social Sciences Department of Abaco Central High School honored its students of the month for October. Students received medals and certificates in history, geography, social studies and religious studies. Fifteen students were honored. Keep up with the Happenings on AbacoSubscribe to The Abaconian Today


Page 22 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Police Crime Report October 12 November 17 House breaking and Stealing A Dundas Town woman had her house broken into sometime during the early evening on October 12. Money was stolen from her bedroom. Stealing Construction materials were stolen from a building under construction on Forest Drive in Dundas Town about sundown on October 11 Threats of Death A resident of the Mud was in fear of his life when threatened with death in mid-afternoon on October 12 by a man he identified. Assault A Murphy Town man was beaten by a group of young men at the Ocean View Park in Dundas Town about 10:30 p.m. on October 13. Rape Two Fox Town men were arrested about 8:30 a.m. on October 15 for raping a young woman of Fox Town at knife point late in the afternoon on the previous day. Assault A Sandy Point workman was repeatedly punched in the face by a coworker while on the job in Hope Town. This occurred about noon on October 21. Assault with a Deadly Weapon A resident of the Mud was assaulted while at the basketball court there about 8 p.m. on October 21. A young man held him down, punched him in the head and threatened him with a silver hand-gun, putting him in fear for his life. Resisting Arrest and Unlawfully Carrying Arms a six-foot-tall male was arrested at 2 a.m. on October 21 near Abaco Central high School after acting in a suspicious manner. A search found that he had a blackhandled silver blade in his front pants pocket. Indecent Assault & Causing Harm a Murphy Town woman reported that a man grabbed her inappropriately while she was at Club Solid Gold in Marsh Harbour on October 22 at about 2:45 a.m.. During her struggle with him, she was injured on her wrist and ankle. Causing Harm a Murphy Town man reported that a man he knew punched him in the eye while he was at Solid Gold Night Club on Don MacKay Boulevard in Marsh Harbour on October 10 at 2:45 a.m. Housebreaking and Stealing someone broke into the house of a Dundas Town woman sometime between 10:15 a.m. and 5 p.m. on October 10 through a bedroom window. A small amount of cash was stolen. House Breaking someone broke into a house through a window of a Murphy Town man between 5:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on October 27. Stolen were cash, a DVD player valued at $150, a $200 cell phone, and a hand chain valued at $1000. House Breaking A house of a second home owner in the northern section of Hope Town was broken into between October 23 and October 27. Entry was through the front door. Nothing appeared to be missing. Stolen Boat Reported A 13-foot Boston Whaler with a 15 HP Mercury outboard engine was stolen from a dock on Eastern Shores in Marsh Harbour on October 28. The name of the boat was Oh No At about 10 a.m. on October 29 the boat was discovered about two miles off shore in the area of Sweetings Track in Marsh Harbour. The boat was returned to the owner. Suspected Poisoning An anonymous caller advised the police of a lifeless woman in her vehicle at the Old Club Jam Rock in Marsh Harbour on October 29. The woman was taken to the government clinic where a blood sample was taken. Stealing from a Vehicle A Toyota truck was broken into about 9 p.m. while parked at Fourth Quarter Club in Marsh Harbour on October 29. A 20 gauge shotgun, valued at $2000, was stolen. Shop Breaking The Road Traffic Department in Marsh Harbour was broken into during the night of November 1. Stealing Case -The home of a Coopers Town woman was broken into during the day or early evening of October 30. An envelope of cash was stolen. Arrest A Cedar Harbour resident was arrested on November 2 on an outstanding Warrant of Arrest for disobeying a Magistrates order. Shop Breaking and Stealing The back Street Caf in Dundas Town was broken into during the night of November 1. Stolen were a DVD player and an assortment of restaurant items valued at nearly $2,000. Assault & Damage About 6 p.m. on November 3, the proprietor of Clarkes Cuts in Marsh Harbour was assaulted by his exgirlfriend who tore off his shirt valued at $25. House Breaking An air conditioner was pushed in at a residence in Treasure Cay during the day or evening of November 3 allowing an intruder to enter and steal a small amount of cash. Shop Breaking The Marsh Harbour airport terminal was broken into during the night of November 2. Several airline counters were ransacked and damaged with particular attention given to entering the separate Bahamasair office but nothing appeared to have been stolen. Shop Breaking The business complex housing AB Architects and Agape Family Dental Centre in Marsh Harbour was broken into during the night of November 3 causing damage estimated at $400. Shop Breaking Genos Restaurant in Marsh Harbour was broken into during the afternoon or night of November 4 and a bag of fish valued at $110 was stolen. Stealing A Coopers Town man had his 21-foot boat with a 115 HP Yahama outboard stolen from the Union Jack dock in Marsh Harbour sometime between noon on November 3 and the morning of November 6. The boat and motor were valued at $8,500. Causing Harm A 16-year-old minor from Dundas Town was arrested at Abaco Central High School in Murphy Town in mid-morning on November 6 for stabbing a student multiple times with a screwdriver. House Breaking A shotgun, cash and cell phones were stolen from a residence in Leisure Lee during the day or evening of November 6. The front door had been left unlocked. Stealing by Reason of Employment An employee of Scotia Bank was arrested on November 15 on suspicion of stealing cash on two previous occasions totaling $6,100. House Breaking A vacant house in Green Turtle Cay was broken into between November 7 and 15. House Breaking A Dundas Town residence was broken into during the day of November 15 while the owner was at work. Please see Police Page 27


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 23 B BAHAMAS HOT MIX Asphalt Products Manufacturer Civil Engineering ContractorNow Hiring for Abaco Projects NB : Personnel To Be Hired In Abaco Dump Truck Drivers Excavator Operators Dozer Operators General LabourersNassau OfficeAIRPORT INDUSTRIAL PARK P.O.Box CB 10990 NASSAU BAHAMASTel (242) 377-6351 Fax (242) 377-2193Abaco OfficeAIRPORT ROUNDABOUT P.O.Box AB 20184 MARSH HARBOUR, ABACO, BAHAMASTel (242) 367-3956 Fax (242) 367-3959By Julian Lockhart The two main concerns of the college recruiters and admissions officers at the Abaco College Fair were how many students did not know what it took to get into college and the lack of parents showing up to see what the options were for their children. Twenty-one colleges from the United States, Canada and The Bahamas were a part of the one day 5th annual College Fair at New Vision Ministries on November 15th for all the high schools in Abaco. Hundreds of students showed up and were able to ask questions, fill out application requests and get a general idea for what is out there. However, the majority of them had no clue what grades they needed, what high school credits they must have, if they need Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores or how much it really costs to go to college or university. This may be the fault of the student themselves or it could be the school and guidance counselors are not preparing the students for life beyond grade 12 or it very well could be the lack of interest from parents. Whichever one of the three, it is leading to major problems with students being able to have the necessary requirements to get into a reputable college either in The Bahamas or abroad. In order to get into most American colleges students need to take the SAT examination and have the necessary credit requirements in English, math, science, social science and a foreign language. So courses like typing, food and nutrition, carpentry, com-College: a Difficult Pathputers and religious studies are great and help round out a students portfolio, they dont help them get into college. Even the College of the Bahamas needs five Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) passes with C or above to be accepted directly into the school and two of these have to be math and English. Canadian schools also require credits in the above subjects though they do not require a student to take the SAT exam. Parents and students should not start looking at colleges in grade 12. By that time one should have already narrowed down their choices and know what they want to study. There are a number of factors in choosing a college or university. First, one should figure out what he wants to study. Then find the top 50 colleges, whether in the United States, The Bahamas, Europe, Canada or the Caribbean, offering their specialty. From there figure out if you want to go to a large or small school and how much your parents can afford to pay or what financial aid is available. This should narrow the list down considerably and then you have to look at your grades and SAT scores to see which schools you are eligible for. No sense applying to Harvard or Yale if your grades are not up to a very high level. Then there is the financial impact on a family of a student going to college. The average American college will cost $100,000 over four years. Canadian schools are cheaper with the average being $60,000 over the same period. This is a lot of money for most parents. If planning is not done very early, it could become overwhelming to pay for each child to attend college. Then there is COB, which should be a fall back plan for any student, It costs a lot less but is still not cheap. A full time student at COB is supposed to take 15 credits a term which equals $1,500 or $3,000 a year for their first two years. That is not counting books and supplies, food. If one does not have family in New Providence, rent and transportation are additional expenses. So even COB can end up being $20,000 or more for the first two years, and it gets even more expensive when the student advances into their bachelors classes where credits are $300. So parents must start planning with their children and their teachers very early if they want to go to college. Many decisions have to be made which all affect the cost of a four-year education. Civic OrganizationsKiwanis Club of Great Abaco Tuesday, 7 p.m., weekly at Mackerels Restaurant, Dundas Town, 367-5932Pilot Club of Abaco Third Tuesday, 7 p.m., Central Abaco Primary, Dundas Town, 367-3457Pilot Club of South Abaco Last Thursday. monthy, J.A. Pinder School, Sandy Point, 366-4001Rotary Club of Abaco Tuesdays, 6 p.m., weekly at Back Street Cafe It Pays toAdvertise


Page 24 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006 You can now find your favourite newspaperThe Tribuneand your favourite magazines at these great locations: MAN-O-WAR GROCERY BUDS & BLOOM THE CHEMIST SHOPPE HIT MUSIC & VIDEO ISLAND PHARMACY PRICE RIGHT GROCERY STORE SHELL MARSH HARBOUR SERVICE STATION TEXACO QUALITY STAR VERNONS GROCERY HOPE TOWN BAHAMAS FAMILY MARKET K & S AUTO SERVICE LTD SOLOMONS SUPERCENTER LOWES FOOD STORE GREEN TURTLE CAY SEA SPRAY RESORT AND MARINA Nassau and Bahama Islands Leading Newspaper ABAB ABAB AB AA AA A COCO COCO CO The dream of a vacation on a secluded beach with all the luxuries of an exclusive island retreat has been wonderfully designed into this private residence, Sea Cliff, located in Treasure Cay, Abaco. Perched on a hillside with views of the renowned 3.5 mile Treasure Cay Beach and Marina, Sea Cliff is new 2 story 3 bedroom/3 bath located within footsteps off the beach and only a short walking distance to TC Hotel and Marina. This luxury residence includes every amenity and comfort imaginable: white gourmet kitchen, panoramic views from every bedroom with queen-sized poster beds and down comforters, elegant bathrooms with granite and tumbled marble, white linen draperies, and tile floors throughout. Fashionable furnishings mixed with imported antiques and original artwork create a truly romantic island feeling. A water purification system offers crystal clear drinking water. A tiled sun deck over 900 sf adjoins the house with an outside grill and fireplace. Private garage available for storage and a car. This exclusive hideaway is available for weekly ($2,350) or monthly ($7,350) stays for a truly relaxing and private escape into paradise. Contact Peter and Donna Fayerman at 561-371-3883 or fayerman@aol.com for further info and photos via e-mail. Sea Cliff is located directly across the street from the Bahama Beach Club. Have a great vacation!Sea Cliff Treasure CayPrivate Luxury Rental By Samantha V. Evans The community of Abaco is growing and as a result more vehicles are on the streets. Drivers are asked to be mindful of other vehicles as they go about. The local police officers have been staging road blocks to ensure that all vehicles are properly licensed and so far this has been very successful. However, no one can predict when a reckless driver will go behind the wheel of a car and potentially cause an accident. Abaco has had its share of serious car accidents that have resulted in the death and near death of many. Motorists are cautioned not to allow time to be a factor or reason for speeding. Everyone should drive with care because the life they save may be their own. It is alarming to many to see how the traffic flow in Abaco has increased from September to now. Vehicular accidents (mainly due to speed) are on the rise in The Bahamas especially in Nassau and Freeport so we on Abaco must let caution be our guide so that no more of our residents become a part of the statistics. I appeal to the driving public to think of your children and others who walk the streets to school or attend schools near a busy street. Lets ease up on the gas peddle and slow down. Too many innocent people are dying because of recklessness. An innocent teacher was injured on her way to work to teach your children; our children. Remember that a cautious driver is a careful driver. The Royal Bahamas Police Force has done a great job teaching drivers about safety while driving especially by encouraging them not to drink and drive and that speed indeed kills. However, the question that many have asked is: what can the average driver do to ensure that (1) he or she is safe behind the wheel and (2) his/her passengers are in good hands? The following safety tips are recommended: Wear your seat belt at all times. Sit infants (or toddlers) in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat of the car. Obey the speed limit regardless of where you are going. Be courteous to other drivers on the road. Always signal before you attempt to turn. Ensure that your brake lights and turn signals are working properly. Look both ways before you pull out of a corner. Stop at all stop signs even if the coast is clear at other intersections. Leave home early enough so that you do not have to speed or drive with haste. Do not speed through neighborhoods or in the school zones. Use all mirrors to ensure that the coast is clear before you press gas.Abaco Drivers Are Reminded to Take Caution Behind the WheelBy Julian Lockhart Thirty to 40 years ago when our parents were in high school they were told just graduate from high school and you will be able to find a good job. If any of them decided to go to college, it was because they wanted to specialize in a field like a doctor or lawyer. When I was in high school 15 years ago, we were told you have to go to college to get ahead in life. For some jobs an associate degree was fine but for most you had to have a bachelors degree and higher. My classmates and I were told that without a degree the chances of our surviving in the changing and developing world around us were slim, and the only way to assure that we would have an edge on our fellow students was to extend our education. High school students in Abaco hopefully realized this on November 14th at the fifth annual College Fair at New Vision Ministries. But for some of us, not going to college and instead going straight into the work place was beneficial as we were able to get hands on experience and get a head start on the others who had gone off to college. Many of those went to the College of The Bahamas part time while working and were able to get their associate degree. However, when their classmates came back from college and started working in the same field, they were able to advance much quicker. We have all heard someone say, I have to train them to do their job but they are my boss. That is what a piece of paper can do and those without it have a ceiling as to how far they can advance on the job place. So now students in high school are facing some of the same decisions I faced and their parents faced as to what they want to do with their lives and what field they may want to go into in the future. However, it is not as easy as they think. Where your parents could have gotten away with a high school diploma or my graduating class with an associate or bachelors, youth today will have to get at least a bachelors and for many a masters to succeed in the hustle and bustle of this world. It is a scary future facing a number of high school students, especially with the world opening up and globalization overtaking us. Students in The Bahamas are not just competing against each other anymore but against students from everywhere. Abaco students are faced with the prospect of seeing jobs they thought would be theirs given to Bahamians from other islands or even to foreigners. One may say I only want to be a carpenter, a mason, build boats or a mechanic but these trades have developed as the tools required and equipment being worked on have advanced and one has to gain a higher level of education to compete in the work place. You may know how to work on a boat or car engine. But if you cannot use the new equipment or figure out how the new four stroke or computers in the engines work, then your job will soon become obsolete. College is not an option anymore for Abaco students, it is a must. Parents have to start realizing that for their children to have a chance of success in the future, they have to invest in their education. Children have to realize that in order to put themselves in the best position to succeed, they have to take that next step and get at least a bachelors degree and think seriously about earning a masters degree. It is time for Abaco students to realize in order to compete with the rest of The Bahamas and the world, they will have to get further education.University Not an Option AnymoreViewpoints Drill RigDock Construction Boat Lift SalesQualityBOABOA BOABOA BOA T LIFTS INC T LIFTS INC T LIFTS INC T LIFTS INC T LIFTS INC.These lifts are made of top grade aluminum and stainless steel to maintain their finish and strength in our saltwater environment .Freddy Albury 242-367-4769 Brandon Thompson 242-367-2704 Fax: 367-2704 P.O. Box AB 20872 Marsh Harbour Abaco, Bahamas Email: drillrig@coralwave.com www.drillrig.i8.comWe offer a variety of boat lifts From personal water craft lifts to lifts up to 54,000 lbs. Call for information and a quote, Well Done Drilling ServicesCall us today for a free consultation! Call us today for a free consultation! Call us today for a free consultation! Call us today for a free consultation! Call us today for a free consultation!Ph: (242) 367-4842 ll ll l Marsh Harbour, Abaco, BahamasWell Drilling: Water Wells, Drainage Wells, Septic Disposal Wells Trenching: Trenching for underground utility services Piling Holes: Piling Holes for home foundations and utility poles planted Excavator Rental: Specialized Excavator Foundation Drilling for home foundations in sand and Excavator Digging


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 25 B Beautiful Long Beach LotsFOR SALE BY OWNERl Possibly the finest beach anywhere l 1/2 to 1/3 acre lots elevations to 80 l All services installed underground l 28 miles south of Marsh HarbourBeach Lots from $200,000 Interior Lots from $69,995 Ocean view lots from $89,995JOHN E. PRATT : 242-366-3286FL 561-493-7571 1.3 Acres, 225 ft. beach front 7 bedrooms, 7.5 bath overall Guest cottage & 2 story apt. Caretaker or maids apt. Stand-by generatorFresh water pool, 50,000 gallon cistern Phone, Cable, Direct TV, High-speed Internet Color photos at: www.sher-way.com Asking $4,450,000 Email: SachetI@aol.com Will cooperate with local RealtorsSherees Way Elbow Cay Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9 Picture and 4 lines $25 Additional lines at $2 per line Display classified $18 per column inch We can take the photo within the Marsh Harbour area or use your photo. Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677 Houses and Land For Rent and For SaleClassified Advertisements PROPERTY & HOUSES FOR SALE RENTAL HOUSES AND APARTMENTS PROPERTY & HOUSES FOR SALEGuana Cay 3 bed/2 bath, 500 yards to beach, good rental history, Priced reduced $229,000. Call Danny 404-256-9626 Guana Cay 2 bdrm 2 bath w/ Jack & Jill shower. Magnificent views of Atlantic Ocean and Sea of Abaco. Incredible sunsets. $375,000 net to seller Call Danny 404-256-9626 Guana Cay, Orchid Bay Subdivision Lot for sale 75 x 100, great elevation and close to town, nicely paved road and underground utilities. All lots already sold last one available. Call 3655175 Ask for Robbie Guana Cay, Sea of Abaco, .95 acre, 450 water frontage, elevations, dock w/permit in place. $1,175,000 Ph. 970-328-7330 Lubbers Quarters, Jacks Jungle, beautiful interior, water front & hill top half acre+ lots available. Views of Tahiti Beach and Tilloo Cut. Deeded dock slip included. Roads completed. Electricity soon available. Prices starting at $125,000. Contact Sea Grape Realty @ 242-367-2749 or call 242-375-8828 Man-O-War 8 acres sea to sea, 4 cottages, will divide. 100 ft. dock, 800 ft water front. Contact 242-357-6700 or 772-321-5613 BAHAMAS VACATIONS 100+ private Out Island homes, resorts, villas for rent. Free listing. Call 1-800-462-2426 http://www.bahamasvacations.com Cherokee Sound Vacation resort. For rent by day or week. Call 242-323-4416 or 366-2075 Green Turtle Cay, White Sound. 2 bed/ 2 bath. $1200/ week. 242-365-4208 pr 352-383-3933 Hope Town Specialist. A collection of upscale homes with pools, private docks, etc., ideal for special occasions, reunions, honeymoons. Hope Town Hideaways 242-366-0224 or hopetown.com Marsh Harbour, Govt. Sub. 2 bed, 2 bath, fully furnished. Call 367-2446 Casuarina Point 3 bedrooms/2 bath, newly built within steps of one of the prettiest beaches. 1,472 sq.ft, landscaped yard, very spacious. Call 242-367-3262 Cherokee Sound, Yellowwood hilltop lot for sale by owner. Gorgeious views of Winding Bay and Atlantic Ocean. $80,000 net. Call 367-3201 Cherokee Yellowwod hilltop lot for sale by owner. Gorgeous view of Winding Bay and Atlantic Ocean. $80,000 367-3021 Dundas Town hillside lot with ocean view, 27,060 sq. ft. and 20 ft. private access from main road. Call 242-324-3916, 242-557-9282, fax 242-393-9964 Elbow Cays Best Houses and Land, rentals and sales, Hope Town Hideaways. Call 242366-0224 or fax 242-366-0434. On the internet at www.hopetown.com Elbow Cay lot, Dorros Cove deeded dock slip at Tahiti Beach. Panaramic views. $360,000 Call Steve 678-416-2213 Elbow Cay, Marnies Landing, 1/2 acre lot, private dock slip, Atlantic views, beach path access. Reduced below appraisal. $395,000. Call Rick at 305-481-0970 Great Cistern 2 lots, 90 x 250 each, w/ great elevation and views of Sea of Abaco. $65,000 each. Call 365-5175 Ask for Robbie. PROPERTY & HOUSES FOR SALE PROPERTY & HOUSES FOR SALEScotland Cay, 2 adjoining lots for sale, ocean beach on private island. Private paved runway and marina slips available. Each lot 125 on beach x 260 deep. Call 970-333-1055 Scotland Cay home on private island with paved runway. 4 building complex on 300 of beach front. Details at www.summercampabacos.com Tilloo Cay charming hideaway, 1 br/ 2 ba cottage, safe haven, tucked in cove with dock. Panoramic view of ocean in all directions from top of hill. On approx. 3.75 accres, sea to sea. Generator, battery and solar powered. Call 508-5403240 or e-mail jvlvworthington@adelphia.net Land for sale: 1 acre tracts of land on Bustick Bay located 6 miles north of Marsh Harbour next to the Abaco Highway. 130 feet on the waterfront. Electricity on site. Price: $185,000 Phone: 1-242-324-1476 Land for sale: 15 acre tract of land next to the Abaco Highway located in between Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay. Land elevations over 30 feet. Nice hilltop views. Price: $25,000 per acre. Ideal site for small subdivision or industrial park. Phone: 1-242-324-1476 Prime Corner LocationLittle Harbour Rd. & Cherokee Rd. 14+ wooded acres, 1,600 water frontage. 242-422-4496 Your Ad Could Be Here Call 367-3202 To combat the increasing number of complaints by tourists on exit surveys about stray dogs in Marsh Harbour, the Abaco Tourist Office is assisting a committee to create the Abaco Humane Society. After six months of planning and the help of Chris and Molly Roberts organization, SNIP, the committee is ready to move forward with this non-profit, donation-based organization. The Abaco Humane Society will officially wag its tail at the Christmas Festival on December 9th where educational material will be on hand as well as information on adopting pets. The committee that was formed will be the organizers of the dog and obedience shows at the festival, and the obedience show will be led by Maureen Koepp and Kim Roberts. The committee is asking everyone to bring pets out to participate in best trick, most typical potcake, curliest tail, most colors and obedience demonstrations. All proceeds will go to the Abaco Humane Society and show times are 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. For more information contact theChristmas Festival Will Include a Dog ShowAbaco Tourist Office, Molly Roberts or Kim Roberts. With the stray dog and cat problem escalating, the Abaco Tourist office realized it had to step in to ensure that it does not reach a situation where it cannot be fixed. Feral cats already pose a major problem to the Bahama parrot with their robbing of nests and stray dogs can form packs to hunt. On an island where tourism is the number one means of financial sustenance, stray dogs cannot become a problem for visiting tourists who walk around Abaco or are out sightseeing. The committees intentions are to bring awareness and education to the different communities on Abaco and schools as well as assist where possible to facilitate in spay and neuter clinics. Pet owners have to be responsible and spay or neuter their animals to help decrease the number of strays on Abaco. Also proper care for their dogs is a must by licensing dogs and keeping them in a safe and secure environment.Palm CottageOn November 16th Palm Cottage, located in the old Bellas building opened its doors for business. Specializing in furniture and home accessories, they carry a wonderful selection of quilts, baskets, wooden signs, wrought iron accessories, linen, silk plants, rugs, china, pictures and antiques. Business hours are 10am 5pm Tuesday Friday and 9am 2pm Saturday. Telephone 3672300.Bethel Books & StationersUpstairs in the B & V Plaza is Bethel Books & Stationers selling Christian books, school supplies, toys, gift sets and stationery. Store hours are 9:30am 5pm Monday Friday and 9am 12noon Saturday. They will be hosting a book fair the second week in December with giveaways and prizes. Business NewsRoad Safety Is Everyones Responsibility


Page 26 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006 Straw Baskets Shirts Hats Casual Wear Gifts SouvenirsLocated Don MacKay Blvd. and Airport Phone 367-2431 Marsh Harbour Mon Sat 7:30 5 Sun 10 5 Visa and MasterCard AcceptedTropical SouvenirsSouvenirs Cuban Cigars Casual Clothing T-Shirts Venus Swimwear Jewelry Childrens Clothing and lots more ...Located in Simmons Plaza next to Snack Shack Mon Sat 9 5 Phone: (242) 367-4822 Bs Sunrise Business Service Directory Big CaBig Ca Big CaBig Ca Big Ca t Equipment t Equipment t Equipment t Equipment t Equipment Rentals: Backhoe, D3 Tractor, Payloader, Dump Truck Services: Land clearing, Trenching Foundations Fill, rock and sand Fax: 242-367-2464 Tel: 242-367-2655 367-5250 Cell #: 477-5322 359-6839 Sick Copier?Call the Copier DoctorWe make house calls! Most brands serviced We make business quality rubber stamps: Deposit Stamps, Daters, Address Stamps Self-inking and traditional stylesCall 367-4709 BAHAMA TILELICENSED INSURED Office : 367-7072Larry LoweCell : 477-5966 Marble l Granite l Ceramic Porcelain l Mud Work l Kitchens Bathrooms l Entire Home AA AA A baco Island baco Island baco Island baco Island baco Island PharPhar PharPhar Phar macymacy macymacy macyPrescriptions Testing Beauty Supplies Vitamins Ricardo Miller, PharmacistHours 8:30 am 6 pm Sundays 9 am 12 Noon Ph. 367-2544 Cell 554-8183 Dove Plaza, Marsh Harb. Fax 367-6544 islanpharmacy@yahoo.com Green ThumbPh : 1-2Ph : 1-2 Ph : 1-2Ph : 1-2 Ph : 1-2 42-4242-42425555 5555 55 1-51-5 1-51-5 1-5 299299 299299 299Sod & Plug Installation Marvin A. RussellP.O.Box AB20591 l Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas email : gigaman793@hotmail.com abacofarmproducts@hotmail.com ABACO COMPUTER SERVICESPh : 1-2Ph : 1-2 Ph : 1-2Ph : 1-2 Ph : 1-2 42-3642-36 42-3642-36 42-36 7-46817-4681 7-46817-4681 7-4681Specializing in sales & services of DVD Movies, Play Station 2, X Box Game Cube & Consoles New Computer Sales Computer Repairs email: abacocomputerservices@hotmail.comP.O.Box AB20591 l Marsh Harbour, Abaco Church If you would like your church listed here, call 367-2677 Weekdays (Prayer Meeting) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday5:00 a.m. Monday Night7:00 p.m. Wednesday Night F.T.H.7:00 p.m. Friday Youth Night7:00 p.m. Tuesday, ThursdayFamily Night New Vision MinistriesOur Mission Turning people into devout followers of Jesus Christ Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m. Sunday Kids Korner 9:30 a.m. Tuesday Interactive Bible Study7:30 p.m. Thursday Prayer Time12:10 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Friday Youth Night (high school & up)7:30 p.m. Pastors / Leaders Derek Benjamin Ted Pearce David Lowe Youth Pastor: Chris Pinder For Directions call 242-367-3324 derekbenjamin@coralwave.com www.nvministries.com Dundas Town Church of GodWhere Everybody Is Somebody and Jesus Is Lord!Sunday Prayer Meeting6:00 a.m. Sunday School9:45 a.m. Morning Worship11:00 a.m. Evening Worship6:00 p.m. For Transportation call Rev. Jerry Cornish at 367-2457 or 367-4719 (church) or contact Bro. Val Nesbitt at 367-5565 Bishop Anthony Campbell242-367-4718 or cell phone 242-457-5565 Dtcog@coralwave.comJesus Saves We exist to: Reach, Develop, Train, Love and SendListing Rev. Dr. Stephen Hale, Minister Email revshale@yahoo.comEastern Abaco Region ofThe Methodist ChurchSt. Andrews MethodistDundas Town Sunday Services 11 a.m & 7 p.m. Office 367-3050 Manse 367-4647 Ministers Cell 466-9090St. James MethodistHope Town Sunday Services 9:30 & 11 a.m. Mission House 366-0400Epworth Chapel MethodistCherokee Sound Sunday Services 11 a.m. & 7 p.m. Mission House 366-2249Students Made the Deans ListFlorida Southern College has published its Deans List of students who have a GPS between 3.7 and 3.99. Two Abaco students are on the list. Jamie Jordan Benjamin is a senior and the daughter of Pastor and Mrs. Derek Benjamin and Ashlea Annya Archer is a freshmna and the daughter of Pastor and Mrs. Emmit Archer. Both families are from Marsh Harbour.Karate Students Wins GoldLaChelle Lightbourn performs a kata pose with her gold medal which she won on November 18th at a tournament in New Providence. Lightbourn was the only member of the Abaco Karate Academy to win a gold medal.Couple Exchanes Wedding VowsKeora Krista Brown married Omar Kyle Archer on November 4 at the Church of God in Dundas Town. The brides proud parents are Barbara and Augustine Williams and the grooms proud parents are Ruth Smith and Creswell Archer. Mr. and Mrs. Omar Archer had a beautiful wedding and the happy couple went on a week long cruise for their honeymoon. has already reached out to the children through the formation of the Dance School is teaching them discipline and providing them with an incentive to do well in school. Because of Elaines love, the children have been encouraged to try; whenever they said they could not do something, she convinced them they could, said Mrs. Martinborough who is pleased with the public and private partnership which is being forged. In January Mrs. Pilon intends to begin a Junior Ballet Company for the older girls and will enroll the younger ones in a beginning ballet programme of the Royal Academy of Dance. Mrs. Pilon comes to Marsh Harbour with a lifetime of experience in ballet. She began studying at five years in Montreal, Canada, before moving to Florida and later studied for 13 years with ethnic dancer Ibrahim Farrah in New York. She founded the National School of Dance in the Cayman Islands where BalletFrom Page 4 People in the NewsLaChelle Lightbourne she worked in dancing and nursing for 11 years, also founding an outreach programme for women in prison. Mrs. Pilon founded The Ethnic Art Association in Miami and the National School of Dance in the Turks and Caicos Islands. She is indeed a gift to the young people of Marsh Harbour. The performance was videotaped by Mr. Silbert Mills of Radio Abaco and will be aired on Radio Abaco on a date which will be announced over Radio Abaco. DVDs of the Marsh Harbour School of Dance presentation of The Nutcracker will be available for purchase at the Department of Urban Renewal in the Dove Plaza in Marsh Harbour. RememberRegister to Vote


December 1, 2006 The Abaconian Page 27 B Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9 Picture and 4 lines $25 Additional lines at $2 per line Display classified $18 per column inch We can take the photo within the Marsh Harbour area or use your photo. Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677 For all your vertical and mini-blind needs contact Sidney Albury at 367-2091 or 367-2031. Sales and Service Harbour View Grocery, Hope Town, Teller/ Stock person wanted. Must be computer literate. Call Thomas 366-0033 for appointment. COMMERCIAL SERVICES EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES VEHICLES FOR SALE BOATS & MARINE ITEMS FOR SALE BOATS & MARINE ITEMS FOR SALE Classified AdvertisementsItems for Sale, Commercial Service, Cars & Boats26 Wellcraft Scarab Must See DUTY PAID. For more info call 242-367-2089 or 367-2613. 31' Hydrocat, with twin 200 HP Evinrude engines. DUTY PAID Asking $45,000 OBO. Please contact Mark @ 242-366-0342 for futher information. 34 Catalina 1988 shoal draft sailboat, DUTY PAID, 27 HP Yanmar, 12 v. refrig, many upgrades. Lying Abacos. $41,500. Call 828-6690828 Fax 828-664-1710 35 Chris Craft Boat, A/C 6.5 Onan generator. Located in Hope Town. Great live aboard or island boat. Port engine runs fine. Starboard engine needs work $20,000. 12 Dinghy center counsol, 25HP Mercury DUTY PAID Both for $23,000.Call 366-0617 45 #1 hull, fiberglass crawfishing boat with stabilizers. Call 367-2707 or 375-3830 22 Grady White Seafarer w/200 HP Johnson, cuddy cabin. DUTY PAID. Asking $17,000. At Outboard Shop. Call 367-2703 or 781-631-0643 23 Mako w/a, 1989 w 200 Yamaha, rebuilt in 1998. Low hrs. $8000 Call Leo 802-223-2808 25 Grady White Sailfish, w/ 2 225 HP Evinrudes, cuddy cabin, depth sounder, DUTY PAID, good condition. Asking US $16,000 At Green Turtle Shipyard. Call 365-4648 or 215256-9990 or 93 Silverado Chevy. Asking $4500. Call home 366-2004 (6 or after) or work 367-2837 2000 Ford Explorer XLT Excellent condition. $12,500 OBO Call 242-359-0081 05 Hyundi, Tiscon Owner leaving island. $22,500. Call 367-2804, 242-436-5082Employment OpportunityRoad Technician Abaco Position Description: Company seeks to employ a Road Technician to assist with installation and training for Point-Of-Sale related equipment. The successful applicant should possess the following: Qualifications: Minimum of two years experience in technical field OR Pursuing A.A. Degree in Computer Science or related field Must be Computer Literate Minimum Requirements: Excellent organizational skills Ability to prioritize and multitask Ability to train and confidently communicate with customers Excellent interpersonal skills Valid drivers license Own vehicle would be an asset Applicants should submit resumes to: Attn: Human Resource Manager P.O. Box N-1004 Nassau, Bahamas Email: recruiter1004@yahoo.com SEEKING EMPLOYMENTHi! I am a well versed and experienced bookkeeper looking for full time or part time work within a creative environment. Have over 5 years experience in addition to a thorough knowledge of Quickbooks. Will commute to Hope Town. If interested, please contact me & I will be more than happy to forward my cover letter & resume. Call 367-0886 or 375-8828 RENTAL EQUIPMENTCotton Candy Are you having Christmas parties? Fun days or any special functions? Call Patt, the cotton candy lady at tel 554-4105 for more information MERCHANDISE FOR SALENew 10 thick therapedic mattress with memory foam. Full-size. Makes bed too high for owner. $1400 OBO Call 367-2677 Buying? Selling?Need Qualified Help? A low cost ad like this can bring fast resultsCall 367-3202 Fax 367-3201 Police From Page 22 Disorderly Behavior A Hope Town resident was arrested in the Pigeon Peas area of Marsh Harbour about 8 p.m. on November 15 for disorderly behavior, obscene language and resisting arrest. Shop Breaking and Stealing Corner Value in Marsh Harbour was broken into during the night of November 16 through a smashed window. Stolen were remote control toys, electronic items, housewares, bedding, clothing, jewelry, knives, cologne and many other items with a total value estimated to exceed $5,500. Two days later four youths between the ages of 13 and 15, living in the Mud, were arrested in mid-afternoon. An observant police officer saw a remote control car crossing a main street in Marsh Harbour. This led to further investigations and the arrests. Police were led to a hole in the ground lined with plastic where many of the stolen items were stashed. Most of the merchandise was recovered. This is the hole where four residents of the Mud hid stolen merchandise from Corner Value. The hole was lined with plastic and was covered with a plywood lid and palm fronds. This is some of the merchandise recovered from the Mud. Police were able to recover most of the stolen merchandise. By Julian Lockhart Agape Christian School flag football team got off to a strong start with two victories over Forest Heights Academy and Abaco Central High in a span of a week. Agape jumped on Forest Heights early and often as they cruised to an easy 30-14 victory on November 16th at the Forest Heights playing field and then had to fight back against Abaco Central on November 23rd for a 35-28 victory on the road.A Summary of the Agape Forest Heights GameAgape 30, Forest Heights 14 Agape got off to a quick start with a sack of Forest Heights quarterback in the end zone for a safety and then continued their onslaught with a quick touchdown on a long pass play to kick start the rout. The game was never in question as Agape jumped out to a 23-0 lead on a long touchdown run and interception returned for a touchdown and led 23-7 at the half. Forest Heights put up more of a fight in the second half but couldnt consistently mount an attack through the air; and with their ground game shut down, they were left with desperate heaves in an attempt to get back into the game. Without their quarterback Forest Heights was left to make it up on the run; and though they were able to move the ball a bit more in the second half, it wasnt enough against the bullish Agape defense. Both teams scored once in the second half with Forest Heights scoring on a long Hail Mary pass and Agape on a short touchdown pass after a methodical, time consuming drive. Forest Heights coach, Chris Pinder, said his team was not prepared because he was asked to help out with the team the day before the game and had only worked with them for an hour. Mr. Pinder is assured that his team will be better prepared for their next game at Agape and will be looking for revenge. The second game in the series has not been scheduled as of yet but Agape coach Ben Piper said his team still has work to do and will come out a lot more prepared to do more damage the next time around.A Summary of the Agape Abaco Central GameAgape 35, Abaco Central, 28 Agape scored two touchdowns in the final 1:15 of the game to intercept the victory from Abaco Central. Up by a touchdown, all Abaco Central had to do was run out the clock but Kingsley Cajuste threw two interceptions late that led to both of Agapes scores. Agapes Basil Hall intercepted both passes and scored the game tying touchdown and Tre Dawkins scored the winning touchdown on a last second heave into the end zone by quarterback Samuel Cornish. Abaco Centrals team speed had Agape searching for answers most of the game and Cornish almost threw the game away with costly interceptions of his own. However, his defense and big play ability of his own receivers led him and his team back from the jaws of defeat. Cajuste did have a great game until his two late interceptions catching a touchdown pass, running one in and intercepting two of his own.Agape Dominates in Flag Football


Page 28 B The Abaconian December 1, 2006