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The News of the Islands


- ., .. Vo...e.5-.umber....e. er1997

Volume 5, Number 8 Sptember 1997


Leaders Review Local Govt.

Triathlon Hosts 133 Athletes

Triathlon athletes complete the half mile swim then do a 15 mile bike course and a three 3 mile run. Dale Hill of Rich's
Rental came in fourth in his division with an overall time of 1:25:24 or 17 minutes behind the first place finisher.

One hundred thirty-three participants
from the Untied States, South America
and the Bahamas participated in the very
successful Fourth Annual Triathlon held
August 30th at the Abaco Beach Resort
in Marsh Harbour. Clear skies and mild
August temperatures made for a perfect
setting. This year's Triathlon offered

only the Sprint course which consists of
a half-mile swim, a 15-mile bike ride and
a three-mile run. The major sponsor of
the event is the Ministry of Tourism
Six entries came from Abaco with a
further nine from other Bahamian
locations. Four entered from South
American and 114 came from the United

States. Again this year Dale Hill made a
record which Abaco can be proud of
coming in fourth in his category. Otto
Bell of Freeport completed the Triathlon
in one hour and eleven minutes, placing


Page 21

A conference, billed as Abaco's First
Annual Local Government Conference,
took place August 21st to 23rd at the
Abaco Beach Hotel in Marsh Harbour.
The theme was Local Government: One
Year Later. All elected and appointed
members of local government for all
three districts of Abaco were invited.
The conference was organized by the
three administrators on Abaco to analyze
the results of local government after one
year of existence. The conference was
well attended and helpful. Local officials
are more knowledgeable about their role
within the context of the whole system.
Various aspects of local government
were considered with officials from
Nassau attending each session to clarify,
explain and interpret. Problems were
discussed, complaints were aired and the
division of authority was outlined.
Democracy and
By Richard E. Fawkes
During the session on the roles of the
various local government bodies,
facilitated by Deputy Permanent
Secretary in the Department of Local
Government Anthony McKinney, it was
revealed that some townships were more
conscientious and successful than others
in involving their communities in the
decision-making process.
Island Administrator Everette Hart had
high praise for the manner in which he
said Hope Town and Man-O-War Cay
held regular public meetings to get public
feedback and input. He said there was a
serious lack of this on the main island in
places such as Dundas Town, Murphy


Page 3

BEC Poised to Add
Five More Megawatts
The General Manager of Bahamas
Electricity Corporation in Nassau, Mr.
Freeman Duncanson, spoke in an open
meeting on August 20th at Abaco Central
High School. He took questions from the
audience which numbered about 25.
He expects five additional megawatts of
electricity to come on line this fall and the
new lines energized to Crown Haven and
Crossing Rocks. BEC's goal is to generate
enough power at the centralized station in
Marsh Harbour to eliminate the satellite
generating plants where possible.
Mr. Duncanson. implied that the
Treasure Cay and Man-O-War Cay power
systems would be acquired by BEC soon


Page 27

INew Rotary President

Debbie Curry became the first woman
President of a Bahamian Rotary Club
in the investiture service held July 5th
at Hope Town's Club Soleil. She is
seen here with outgoing President Reg

The Abaconian
7571 N.W. 78th Street
Medley FL 33166-7530
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Page 2 The Ahaeonian September 1997

News Analysis
Local Government Conference

By Richard E. Fawkes
It was both satisfying and promising
to see dozens of elected and appointed
local government leaders from
throughout Abaco assembling in one
place to take stock of how well they
had discharged their duties during their
pioneer year in office, while grappling
with concerns for the future as
Abaconians. Regardless of what one
may think of the new local government
system, before its advent a year ago,
such a purposeful gathering with such
a demanding agenda comprised of such
a group of Abaconians taking such
obvious pride in the serious business
they were about was inconceivable.
This pride and seriousness could be
seen in the questions asked and points
raised during the various seminars that
addressed practically and educationally
areas of work such as financial
management, town planning, hotel
licensing, port administration, and road
traffic (including taxi and car rental
franchises) control. Council, town
committee and board members
earnestly pursued problem-solving
strategies and clarity on policies and
regulations. It was also a good stroke
of conference organizing to have the
duties of chairing sessions, introducing
presenters and giving votes of thanks
broadly distributed by office, district
and gender.
The meeting, billed as Abaco's first
annual local government conference
under the theme Local Government:
One Year Later took place August 21st
to 23rd at the Abaco Beach Hotel in

Marsh Harbour.
That the conference was opened by
Minister of State for Family Islands
Affairs, Vernon Symonette, and that all
the sessions were conducted by
technocrats from Nassau were reminders
that local government is, at best, a
power-sharing arrangement in which the
township committees and district councils
are junior partners with the central
government. Abaco's leaders seem to
accept that arrangement cheerfully,
except in instances where central
government gets involved in matters they
think would be best handled at the local
An example of this was the shock
expressed by certain Abaco local
government leaders when told by Port
Controller Harvey Sweeting that the
building of all docks must be approved
by Nassau. Local port authority boards
had been routinely handling applications
for the building of docks, passing on to
Nassau only the ones they considered to
be large or potentially controversial
projects. Although Mr. Sweeting assured
the conferees Nassau would process
"routine" dock applications within two
weeks, most seemed skeptical and
thought the procedure unnecessary and a
waste of time.
Local leaders even held a closed
session in which it was reported they
attempted to solve the problem of the
isolation of Grand Cay and Moore's
Island, how difficult and expensive it is


Page 34

Action like this may be common November 6th, 7th & 8th when the All Abaco Regatta
takes place in the waters between Green Turtle Cay and the Treasure Cay Airport ferry
boat landing. The most common method ofgainineg siabilit' in a sailboat is with a heavy
keel or heavy ballast in the bilge. This ballast can be augmented with careful placement of
the crew on a "pry "as utilized by the skippers of the racing workboats in Georgetown,
Exuma. Ending the race with less human ballast than at the start will disqualify the boat.
Photo used by permission of Art Payne

Fall Closings of Restaurants
Hope Town Man-O-War
Hope Town Lodge Sept. 1st Nov. 1st Ena's Place Month of October
Sea Spray Resort, Sept. 3rd Nov.6th Pavilion Month of October
Abaco Inn Sept. 2nd Oct. 8th Marsh Harbour
Captain Jack's Aug. 22nd Sept. 22nd Wally's Month of September
Club Soleil Aug. 25th Sept. 25th Resorts and restaurants in other
Rudy's Place Aug. 30th Nov. 5th communities on Abaco will be opened
Harbour's Edge Sept. 27th Oct. 12th for the entire fall period.

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....... .......................... ..................... September 1997 The Abaconian Page 3

Conference Held After One Year Experience

Democracy Is Chief Yardstick of Good Local Govt.

Seminar FROM Page 1
Town and Marsh Harbour. Mr. Hart said
it seemed those townships got people out
only when there was a crisis, when a
"mistake" was made.
Mr. Bill Swain, Murphy Town
Chairman, told the seminar his
committee tried its best, especially during
the budget-planning period, to involve
the community but got little response. He
asked Mr. McKinney what to do about
this. Mr. McKinney said that since the
essence of local government is
democratic involvement, townships must
try harder and be more creative, even if
it meant knocking on doors to find out
why residents are not responding. Mr.
Hart said notices must be given
sufficiently in advance and often enough
to make sure people hear about the
Mrs. Suzanne Bethel, Hopetown
Chairman, said that the other side of the
democracy equation was that when
townships did get sufficient public input
on issues, they were overruled by other
governing bodies up the line. Mrs. Bethel
was referring to a controversy a few
months ago concerning an application for
dredging a channel and boat basin on
Lubbers Quarters by Mr. Roger Hale.
Hope Town residents, through their
Township Committee, vigorously
opposed the dredging on the grounds that
it was environmentally detrimental. But
the Central District Council in Marsh
Harbour still voted to recommend to
Nassau that Mr. Hale's application be

Mr. McKinney responded that you win
some and you lose some, but that local
leaders must not give up on consulting
their communities.
Dundas Town Committee member Mr.
Silbert Mills raised the issue of what he
called slipping important agenda items
like the budget under Other Business
rather than publicizing those items on the
agenda in advance. Mr. Mills said such
"maneuvers" prevent committee members
from being present or being prepared to
participate in the deliberations on such

important matters. Mr. McKinney said
that while that would not be the proper
manner in which to handle such matters,
Committee members had a responsibility
to attend all meetings and not just
selectively when something on the agenda
suited them.
Some local government officials from
North Abaco pointed out that because
they had to rely on the Deputy


Page 30

Mr. Vernon Symonette


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Page 4 The Abaconlan September 1997

School News

Teacher Shortage Gives
Some A Late Start
By Richard E. Fawkes
Abaco Central High School's
Principal, Mrs. Royanne Swain,
postponed the start of classes for seventh
through ninth graders from September
3rd to 8th because she did not have
enough teachers on board. Only 10th
through 12th graders were to begin
classes as scheduled.
Mrs. Swain told The Abaconian she
made the decision because, with five
teachers short, too many classes would
be left unsupervised on those first three
days. The school still requires a teacher
each for computer science and
agricultural science, two math teachers
and a physical education teacher.
Mr. Jackson McIntosh, District
Education Superintendent, said he
expects all of the teachers except physical
education to be in place next week. At
press time on September 2nd, in what
appears to be a slight disagreement with
Mrs. Swain's decision, Mr. McIntosh
told The Abaconian he was going to the
school to discuss alternatives with Mrs.
Swain and her staff to see if they could
avoid having the students stay home
those first three days.
Abaco Central High School took in an
enrollment of just over 500 this school
year. The six new classrooms being built
to accommodate the increase are not
ready, forcing the school to use the east
campus building again for the first few
weeks of classes.
Mr. McIntosh said three of the
classrooms will be ready by the end of

September and the remaining three by
late October. The reason all are not
being completed at the same time, Mr.
McIntosh said, was that windows and
doors were ordered for only three
S.C. Bootle High in Cooper's Town,
whose enrollment is up to 330 from 301
last year, is also opening with a teacher
shortage, mainly in science. Principal
Mr. Leslie Rolle said all classes will
begin on time, however. He is expecting
a full complement of teachers in the next
few weeks.
MH Primary Might Not
Be Ready Till Sept. 1998
By Richard E. Fawkes
District Superintendent of Education,
Mr. Jackson McIntosh, said he hopes the
close to 600 students who enrolled in the
combined Marsh Harbour/Dundas Town
Primary this school year can move into
the new campus in January. But, he said,
both phases one and two of the new
school on Forest Drive would have to be
completed for such a move to take place.
It is not clear at this point even if phase
one will be completed by October as
originally anticipated, making it more
realistic to expect the new school to open
for the 1998 school year.
In the meantime, the combined schools
are opening with a split campus, using
the old buildings. Grades one through
three are being schooled at the Marsh
Harbour facility and grades four through
six at the Dundas Town campus. The
school's new principal is Ms. Eunice
Mills, an Abaconian, who was brought
from Freeport. She replaces former

principals Ms. Felamease Sawyer and
Mr. Rodney Smith, who received in-
service training awards to further their
Local Govt. Spends Big
on Last-minute School
By Richard E. Fawkes
Many windows were smashed and the
air conditioner from the principal's office
stolen at Marsh Harbour Primary just a
week before school was scheduled to
open. This pushed the Central District
Council in a mad scramble to repair the
windows in time for school The air
conditioner has not yet been replaced.
Chief Councillor Mike Malone said his
office found out only Friday before
school opened that the toilets at Marsh
Harbour Primary were not working.
They are now in operation.

Mr. Malone told The Abaconian that
the Council has spent about $50,000,
mostly on Abaco Central High School,
getting schools repaired and grounds in
order for the school year. Most of the
work, replacement of louvres and
removal of graffiti, is necessitated by
vandalism, Mr. Malone said.
District Superintendent Jackson
McIntosh said the recurring vandalism at
Abaco Central causes him great distress.
Students at the high school will be sitting
in classrooms without louvres for a while
as the more than 150 ordered by the
Council will not arrive for a few weeks.
Mr. Malone said $2500 was spent to
repair a classroom that was damaged by
smoke. There was also a rush to get the
bathrooms in working order and clean up
the grounds which were shabby up to a

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Page 33

September 1997 The Abaconian Page 5

South Abaco News
encouraged them to take advantage of the government's chief officer on a Family
By Richard Fawkes The conventioneers arrived on August more than one hundred miles of paved' Island, is no longer absolutely in charge
Sandy Point scored two important 20th and departed on August 25th. road to see as much of the island as they but shares power with local elected
firsts with one stroke last month. It Delegates represented member lodges in could. Island Administrator Everette Hart, officials.
hosted the Bahamas District Convention New Providence, Exuma, Eleuthera and the featured speaker at the session, Mr. Hart also praised Sandy Point as
of the Odd Fellows and Sisters of Ruth, Grand Bahama. At least 75 Odd Fellows explained to the delegates the changed "God's country," telling the delegates
and it welcomed at its newly expanded and Ruth Sisters made their way to Sandy role of the Family Island commissioner, they were fortunate to be there as
airport a Bahamasair Dash-8 aircraft Point for the 104thConvention ofDistrict now administrator, under the year-old "...Sandy Point people only know one
which transported the convention 29 of the Grand International Fraternity local government system. Mr. Hart said thing; how to treat you well." He recalled
delegates there from Nassau and back. of Odd Fellows and the 90th Convention the administrator, the central
will of District Household No. 30 of the PLEASE SEE South Page,26
Whether the inaugural touchdown will Household of Ruth. The 104th
encourage Bahamasair to make Sandy Convention of District 29 is the oldest
Point a scheduled stop on its Abaco a o f i __ 2 teo s
oin a sheled St n ints Aac lodge fraternity in the Bahamas, founded
service or whether Sandy Point has i 86
proved that it is ready to capture its share in 1865
of the tourist market remains to be seen. Although the male and female
But outgoing District Grandmaster of the organizations have their own identities
Odd Fellows, Mr. Hartwell Higgs, said and held their own respective business BARCLAYS BANK PLC
meetings, they shared several workshops
that he was quite pleased that his group and a public session on August 20th at Welcomes you in their branches in Abac
was responsible for bringing Bahamasair nd a public session on August 20th atelcomes you ineir ncs in
to Sandy Point for the first time. He Oeisha's Guest house. Ask Barclays First
added that he was impressed by the At the public session South Abaco
hospitality Abaco's most southern Member of Parliament Robert Sweeting
settlement provided, welcomed the group to Abaco and

Barclays is the largest represented
international banking group in the area
Marsh Harbour
367-2152/3/4 367-2210 Fax 367-2659
New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay
Members ofthe Odd Fellows and the Household ofRuth are seen at their recent convention We have other branches throughout the Bahamas to serve you
in Sandy Point. They came from Eleuthera, New Providence, Grand Bahama and Exuma.



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Page 6 The Abaconian September 1997

News of the Cays

Hope Town
By Stephanie Humblestone
Fire and Rescue Learn
New Procedures
The volunteer officers of the Hope
Town Fire and Rescue had a truck

control training and operation procedure
at the fire station of August 17th. This is
going to be a regular Monday night
meeting so that the members can
familiarise themselves with the new fire
All operation procedures were labelled


for greater clarity in the event of a fire
and the firemen inspected every part of
the new truck to better acquaint
themselves with the new vehicle. Fire
Chief, Brian Malone, said they are now
an aggressive fire fighting company
whereas previously they operated in a
more defensive manner.
As they carry 600 gallons of water
aboard, they no longer have to set up
water pumps. This means that the time to
put water on a fire is reduced from
approximately eight minutes to 30
seconds. You can't beat that!
Summer Surf Camp
On August 20th, 21st and 22nd the

youth of Elbow Cay met for Surf Camp
1997. Each morning the group met at 9
a.m. under the shade of a tree to talk
about waves, where they come from and
the art of riding them. By 10:30
everyone was ready to get wet and eager
to show off their ability to ride waves.
The full moon pushed in a steady flow
of high tide waves for the surfers to
catch and ride. The sound of laughter
filled the air as they took their share of
wipe-outs, only to paddle out and try
again. The turquoise waves crested and
frothed as smiling faces hung on to feel
the momentum of water rushing freely


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Scott Patterson explains how to read Isobars (low and high pressure systems) on a
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September 1997 The Abaconman Page 7

Central Abaco

Goombay Fever, held every Friday
night at Crossing Beach in Marsh
Harbour, draws crowds to enjoy music
and dancing at a street party. Junkanoo
bands add to the entertainment. The
Ministry of Tourism in conjunction with
Burns House sponsor the parties from
August 8th through September 26th.
Shown above is Wynsome Ferguson of the
Ministry of Tourism talking with visitors
who were enjoying the party.

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^W ^ /aw ^-.1

Wedding Bells in August
By April Dawkins
Beauthlyn Rolle and Emmry Curry
were joined in Holy Matrimony on
August 9th at Friendship Tabernacle
Church in Dundas Town. The couple
went on their honeymoon and now reside
here in Abaco.
More Wedding Bells
The Royal Wedding of Abaco was how
many described the wedding of Don
Cornish to Ceila Green on August 16th at
St. Andrews Methodist Church in
Dundas Town. The bride, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. James Green and the
groom, son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor
Cornish, exchanged their vows in a
ceremony long to be remembered for its
beauty. Rev. Carla Culmer officiated and
special music completed the fairy tale
The bride was radiant in a specially
made gown of satin and lace with an
exquisitely decorated bodice and a very
long train. Her attendants wore orange

Noted local artist Anne W. Ray is shown in front of her latest work. The brightly hued
mural, measuring six feet by six feet, has been installed on an outside wall of the Royal
Harbour Village Building. Mrs. Ray is known for her colourful interpretation of
traditional island life, especially market days. Her original paintings and prints are
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Mr. and Mrs. Don Cornish
satin gowns. The well organized event
proceeded flawlessly.
The event moved to the Pavilion at
Great Abaco Beach Resort for a gala
reception and delicious lunch amid
speeches and toasts making for a festive
send off for the newly weds.


Page 8 TheAbaconian September 199

INLTIj4urrJ^ 'N e u e

Creole Gospel Chapel Guest speaker and performing the Act of
Holds Bible School Dedication was the president of Zion
United Baptist Convention, Rev. Samuel
By Lydia Weatherford Greene. The District Moderator Rev.
During the week of July 21st through Allan J. Mills was also present at the
25th a Vacation Bible School was held at Service.
the Creole Gospel Chapel in Marsh Ordination Service Held
Harbour. A youth group of about twenty Soul Saving Ministry of Dundas Town
travelled from North Carolina to be with held an Ordination Service on August
the kids at the chapel for this, their held an sor Lawrence Arvce onf Soul
17th. Pastor Lawrence Arnette of Soul
second year. Saving Ministry officiated, assisted by
The Bible School was open for kids Overseer Godfrey Williams of Freeport.
from nursery through high school. The Rev. brister and Rev.
average attendance for the week was
average attendance for the week was A Dean were ordained as Ministers, Ms.
about one hundred twenty. Many of the A Deanwere Emmanuel and Ms. Pleasant
kids enjoyed singing, crafts, games and Jacqueins we Emmanuel and Ms. Pleasant
Bible stories. It was definitely a fun time DwkMr.ins we orDawkins aned as Evangehlists
for everyoneand Mr. Mike Dawkins and Mr. Stephen
When the week ended a lot were sad Mitchell were ordained as Deacons. Also
to see the group leave. New friends were in attendance was Rev. Reginald
made and the group helped lead over Williams, Pastor of Friendship Mission
thirty youth to the Lord. in Nassau.
Even though they have gone, the kids Back to School
still remember them and some are Prayer Service
praying that the group will return again Paulette Nesbitt
next year for more fun and fellowship.By P re reri
A Back to School Prayer Service was
New Church Is Dedicated held at St. Andrew's Methodist Church
By April Dawkins on August 31st. The guest speaker for
On August 10th the Baptist family the evening was Mr. Jack Thompson,
along with other church families gathered Deputy Administrator for North Abaco.
in Mount Hope for the dedication of the A large crowd of people took time out to
New Hope Baptist Church, which is the share in the service along with their
first church in that little settlement. New children.
Hope Baptist Church will be pastored by Many people took part in the service
Rev. John McIntosh of Mount Hope. from many different churches in the


2 & 3 Bedroom Luxury Apartments, fully equipped
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Drinks available with meals
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Full Service Marina with Fuel & Electricity

Marsh Harbour, Dundas Town and
Murphy Town area. The Soul Saving
Ministries Children's Choir blessed the
hearts of the congregation through song.
You could see the proud parents as they
gave a standing ovation. St. Andrews
Dance Troupe ministered a dance to Kirk
Franklyn's latest song Stump.
In his message, Mr. Thompson
encouraged the children to take advantage
of their education for it is the light to
their future. He told them to be obedient
to their teachers and take what the
teacher has to offer because that is what
they need. He spoke to the teachers
telling them to take time with the
children, to love the children and give




them the best that they can.
But he spoke to the parents most
sternly about teaching their children self
respect, manners, taking out time to see
their children's teachers, training their
young men to be young men and their
young girls to be ladies. He admonished
them not to just get the kids out of the
house so they could have some rest and
not to think of school as a baby-sitting
club. The congregation supported Mr.
Thompson in everything he said.
The service concluded with prayers for
the students, the teachers and the parents
each given by a minister of a different
church. The service was dynamic as well
as it was spirit-filled.


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Bahamian and International Cuisine
* Full Banquet, Meeting, and Wedding Packages

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The Abaconian Page 9

Abaco & U.S. Scouts Team-up for Sailing

By Huel Moss
On a warm morning with sunny blue
skies 26 Abaco Scouts and Cub Scouts
set sail from Marsh Harbour. Their
destination was a few hours of carefree
sailing aboard the WILLIAM H.
ALBURY, an 83 foot ketch. Captain Bob
and his crew displayed great patience and
knowledge in their imparting of
information on the history and proper
sailing of the sail craft.
One of the boys from the 6th Abaco
Scout Troop, determined not to miss this
experience, boarded the ketch from a
speed boat while it was underway a few
miles out. The boys and girls learned
basic boat handling, sailing techniques,
sailing terms and some navigation. In
fact, a few of the boys manned the tiller
as they sailed. A light lunch with drinks
was served which quickly disappeared.

Several leaders also enjoyed the day's
sailing including Huel Moss, Drexel
Major and Charmica Moss.
This summer was the first time the
Florida High Adventure Sea Base and the
Abaco Scouting body have come together
for such activities. More are being
planned for next year. The Crossing
Beach clean-up, the donation of
snorkeling gear and the sailing excursion
are a good start.
Next year two scholarships are being
offered to an Abaco scout and a leader to
attend a week-long Sea Base High
Adventure Camp in New Mexico. This is
a clear indication of Sea Base's goodwill
to work with the youth of Abaco.
Much thanks go out to Capt. Richard
Canfield and Cap. Bob for their co-
operation and kindness in working with
the Scouts of Abaco.

e '.-.

- .- .. --

Abaco Scouts joined with their U.S. counterparts for a day ofsailing in the Abaco Sound on
the Man-0-War built William H. Albury.

1- "

on Guana Cay
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Committed to a Higher Standard in Aviation

William Simcox passed away in
Virginia on August 12th after a long
illness. He was buried in Arlington
Cemetery on August 20th with full
military honours.
Mr. Simcox had attained the rank of
Captain in the United States Navy and
served on a variety of ships during his
long naval career. He had been a visitor
to Abaco for many years and will be
missed by all his friends here. He is
survived by his wife Irene.
Robert E. Carey, 80, passed away on
August 25th in Spanish Wells where he
was staying with his son. He had been ill
for some time. The funeral was in
Nassau on August 30th and burial was in
Nassau. He was originally from Hope
Town and live there for many years.
Mr. Carey is survived by sons Bert,
Donnie and Michael; daughters-in-law
Eva, Bridget and Patty; grandchildren;
great-grandchildren; sisters; brothers and
many friends.

Peter Bethell, 81, passed away while
vacationing in England. He was on
Abaco frequently and owned a home on
Pelican Shores, Marsh Harbour. His son,
Simon, is manager of Abaco Outboards
in Marsh Harbour. Surviving brothers
include John, Philip and Charlie Bethell.

Arawak Agency
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)ifON BOUL\'ARD 325-8-'6 FREEPORT 3

06ituatries ceiz~t ~ ricit~'s


September 1997

Page 10 The Abaconian September 1997

The af dior 'as

Children Need Parents Help

l --

Schools are now open and our children
are headed back to the classrooms. For
many working parents this is a relief to
know that our children are back in the
classroom and we do not have to worry
about finding adequate child care. But let
me suggest that being a parent is a very
serious business. When we have children,
we are taking on a tremendous
responsibility for which we alone are
If we are to provide our children with
a good upbringing, we must work
diligently so that our children will develop
into the best persons they can be.
Children need guidance and instruction;
they need a good example; they need
supervision. Their schooling is vitally

important to give them a good foundation
for later life. These years are critical for
developing attitudes and habits which will
go with them through life. It is our
responsibility to see that they do their best
in school and make the most of this
Parents can do much to help their
children in this developing process. Many
parents feel that they do not have enough
education themselves to be able to help
their children. But let me say that is not
the case. There is much that you can do.
You do not have to know all the detals of
what is being taught or the system that
particular school uses to be able to help
your child.
The first thing the child needs is
encouragement. They need to know that
you are interested in them, that you care
about them and want them to do their
best. They need to know that you will
support them if they do their best even
though they may not be one of the top
students in their class. They must be
accepted the way they are.
Parents can encourage them in their
studies by making changes in the home
which will be conducive to studying.
They should have a specific place to do
their homework. The basic need is to
have quiet time with no radios on, no
television, no people causing distractions.
They need a table or desk with good

lighting. And students need to have a
specific time to work. This could be
immediately after they get home from
school or later if parents are working.
The important thing is that the family
schedule needs to be altered so that the
child has a regular place and time to do
their work.
Parents should examine the work the
child is doing. Maybe they do not
understand what the child is doing but
parents can tell if it is neat and tidy and
can see if the work makes sense. Parents
need to be familiar with the lessons the
child is studying, not just occasionally
when the child is having troubles but
constantly, taking time to look at text
books and assignments which are
completed in school. Let the child explain
what they are learning. Many times as the
child explains their lessons, they will
understand the work themselves much
Parents need to know their children's
teachers. Make an appointment to visit the
school before or after school hours. Work
with these teachers on a continual basis,
when the child is doing. satisfactorily as
well has when there are problems.
Parents should visit schools during the
school day, to sit in the room observing
the students and classroom atmosphere. If
parents are on busy schedules, sometimes
a phone call to the teacher is in order, not

Letters to the Uditor

Princess Diana
The Queen of Hearts
Those words are the Lady summed
up in a nut shell. However, I'll add my
Now that she has left us,
Our hearts are full of pain.
We know we'll never see her smile
In this world e'er again.
She's gone to be with Jesus
In His eternal love
And be with Him forever
In those mansions up above.
So long for now, our Princess,
We'll meet you some sweet day
And live in peace forever
In that land so far away.
Jim Hall

Visitors, Please Assist Us
Dear Editor,
As a tourist destination we in Hope
Town endeavour to provide and upkeep
an attractive and clean resort to which we
welcome people from all over the world.

Of late I have become progressively
concerned about visitors who appear,
although perhaps unwittingly, to thwart
our efforts by leaving garbage around the
We make arrangements for refuse to
be picked up three times a week which
we feel is often enough. We would
greatly appreciate that visitors take
advantage of this service and help to
preserve the feeling which attracts them
here in the first place.,
One other request is that they do not
pick the flowers and fruit from our
gardens. They belong to their owners and
are there for everyone to enjoy.
We have a beautiful island and we
appreciate the assistance of all who visit
us in keeping it that way.
Yours in friendship
Vernon Malone

As Our Visitors
See Abaco
Dear Editor,
According to the report of Dr. James
Hepple and Ms. Antoinette Davis in The
Abaconian from June, 1997, we agree

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Reporter/Writer: Stephanie Humblestone, Richard E. Fawkes
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with the requirements for future tourism
development on your islands. As
Europeans from Switzerland, we
represent a minority of today's visitors,
but we belong to the group of second
home owners on Abaco. Therefore, we
are a kind of opinion leaders for your
beautiful country when we're back home.
In the spring of 1995 we arrived in
Treasure Cay for the first time and
within a few days we decided to stay
here. Four months later we had already
bought a nice villa, and since then we're
coming back to Treasure Cay up to four
times a year. It is a perfect place to relax
and to spend time with the kids. Since
the very first beginning we have attracted
many of our friends and business
partners to share your paradise with us.
Without exception, they all were excited,
some have already come back, others
will do it for sure.
For your marketing issues it is
important to know what arguments attract
foreign people (e.g. Europeans) to visit a
Bahamian Island like Abaco. One of the
most important reasons is the
combination of your weather conditions
with the quiet and pure nature of
beaches. Almost of the same importance
is your low developed tourism industry.
It provides just the essential needs and
All our friends in the United States
and in Europe do not focus on perfect
400-room hotels, souvenir shops, plenty
of restaurants, etc, within a tourist
resort. Much more they appreciate the
nature of a basic infrastructure along
with friendly service. Further offerings in
infrastructure and tourist attractions have
to follow the requirements of
environmental protection. This should be
considered for any further development
of tourism.
With fear we take notice about the
influence of jet skiing on the beach at
Treasure Cay. What might be the
pleasure for some brainless jet ski pilots

is a horror for all the other tourists along
the waterfront. Imagine you have visitors
who spend a lot of money and time to
visit your beautiful country. These guests
are welcomed with the noise of an
average workday in the forests in Alaska.
The worst thing about all is that they will
not be able to move because of a big
investment in a second home. Of course,
jet skiing tourists are guests as well, but
the rate of jet ski pilots to all other
tourists makes a really bad result.
For the development of tourism we
Europeans wish your country does not
make the same mistakes as we notice
today in Southern Europe and the Mid-
East. With heavy investments the huge
resorts grow out of nothing. In the worst
case most of them are already dead
before any operations become possible.
In the best case you will find a nice
resort for one or two years.
From the very first beginning [of these
huge resorts] it is important to bring in
masses of people with some kind of low
price strategy and shortly after two years
there is not enough profit for
shareholders and maintenance of
infrastructure. As a result the resort will
start to die within a few years. What is
left are some major problems with the
environment, disappointed local people
and, last but not least, just ruins of a
short tourism development at the expense
of the country, population and
Our personal vision of a Bahamian
tourism development would be controlled
growth of small nice hotels over the
islands, operated by well educated staff
of local people with some marketing
support from Government. Any offers
-for leisure activities should include all
kinds of activities which fulfill the
requirements of the environment. It
includes boating, fishing, scuba diving,
windsurfing, beach ball sports and maybe

PLEASE SEE Letters Page 11

just when there is a problem but just to
check the progress you child is making.
Teachers should know that you as a parert
are working with them to provide tihe best
for your child.
Parents sometimes feel that their main
duty in the schooling process is to help
with fund raising through the PTA or
maybe even classroom parties or field
trips. That help is important and teachers
appreciate help then but parents should
not limit themselves to these activities.
Parents can be a partner with the
school by volunteering to help in school.
Many parents feel that because their
education is not advanced that they camot
help. Particularly at primary school level
there are many way that any parent can
help. They can work with small groups of
students helping them learn some of the
lessons which need to be memorized such
as addition or multiplication facts. They
can read to students, they can help young
children with forming letters or supervise
classroom work for students who need
extra help.
This all takes time but time spent with
our children is necessary to help them
develop into mature, responsible adults.
Our children's future depends to a good
extent to the time we invest in them
during these early formative years. We
must take this responsibility seriously and
do whatever it takes to help our children
develop into the best they can be.

September 1997 The Abaconian Page 11

More Letters


FROM Page 10

some traditional handicrafts like painting
and ceramic pottering.
Even these activities should be offered
by local people with corresponding
education. All these should be available
for a reasonable price. First of all, the
local people would take advantage of the
growth, they improve the quality of
service by learning by doing. At the
same time the labour is spread out over
all the island and you do not get any
concentrated tourism centers.
Please save your Bahamian Islands
how they are and do not try to copy any
United States or European tourism resort.
By copying them, you would give up
your only and true asset, a paradise of
Beat and Liliane Bouquet
Wants Speed Limit
Dear Mr. Editor,
We hope that you publish this letter.
"Our roads" in Cherokee are really only
sidewalks and should not be driven on at
all. There are several visible 10 MPH
signs posted throughout the settlement to
attempt to slow drivers down if they do
wander onto our roads.
Over the years Batelco truck drivers
have been reported and even yelled at by
some of our residents but nothing seems
to work.
Batelco servicemen are not the only
ones who speed on our roads, but we do
seem to see them more often than other
offenders and we hope that more may see
this letter and also obey the speed signs.
Thank you.
Very truly yours,
Lee Pinder
To the General Manager of Bahamas
Telecommunications Corp.
Dear Sir:
First, I would like to say that the
people of Cherokee Sound appreciate
Batelco's servicemen and their very fast
and efficient answers to our calls
whenever there is a problem to be fixed.
However, what we do not appreciate is
the way they speed through our
settlement The few more minutes it might
take for them to slow down surely can't
make that much difference to their work,
and it may mean the difference between
life and death.
Please, we beg you to ask your drivers
to slow down before someone is
seriously injured. Our concern is for our
loved ones, our children, our old folks
and our pets.
Thank you for your kind attention to
this request.
Very truly yours,
A Cherokee Sound
Concerned Citizen,
Lee Pinder

More Letters

Town Should See Plans
Dear Editor,
I would like to comment on one aspect
of local government in the Central
District of Abaco which I feel is not
working according to the basic principle
that local government was to bring
decision making to the people's level.
Local government was set in place to
give the people of the local communities
more say in the affairs of their town.
This is the way it is supposed to be in a
democracy, that people's wishes must be
accommodated. If the majority of town
people are in agreement, then local
government should abide by their wishes.
I feel that the Town Committees

should be given more power. Their
decisions are not being respected. They
represent the people and they know how
the people feel about various policies in
their town. The Town Committee should
be able to make decisions and carry out
the people's wishes.
One suggestion which has been made
seems to make a lot of sense. The Town
Committees on the cays have always
reviewed building plans before they are
presented to Town Planning. This seems
like a good idea. It would mean that each
of the Town Committees of Marsh
Harbour, Spring City, Dundas Town and
Murphy Town would review plans for
their town for suitability. Many problems
could be resolved at the town level and

not allowed to develop into the problem
that Marsh Harbour is faced with now.
When a decision is appealed to the
Council, the Council should abide by the
wishes of the majority of the people. If
the town is divided in their opinion, then
the Council should hear all arguments on
both sides and make their decision based
on those facts.
The most recent problem to arise in
Marsh Harbour is the proposed
construction of a hotel in the area of the
castle. The neighboring residents and
property owners are united in their
objection to this construction. Many who
live in that vicinity have signed a petition
PLEASE SEE Letters Page 29

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leading to the
conviction of the
person who broke
into the Conch Inn
on August 24th.
Contact Marsh
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Page 12 The Abaconian September 1997

Encourages Self Help in N. Abaco

By Richard E. Fawkes
Sixty persons came to S.C. Bootle
High School in Cooper's Town on
August 18th at the invitation of the
newly-formed North Abaco District
Council's Economic Advisory Committee
to hear Mr. Berkley Evans. Mr. Evans is
the Executive Chairman of the Hotel
Corporation of The Bahamas and
discussed prospects for economic
development through self-help for North
Abaco. In addition to local government
officials, North Abaconians of diverse
backgrounds including business and
professional persons from Crown Haven
to Treasure Cay attended.
"It gives me cause to be really happy
knowing that North Abaco is finally
understanding that they are the masters of
their own fate," Mr. Evans said after
acknowledging what he called a very
good turn out. "The only way you are
going to accomplish anything," he
continued, "is to do it yourself."
Mr. Evans, who has had a long
relationship with the people of North
Abaco dating back to his 18 years as
manager and president of Treasure Cay
Limited between the late 60s and mid-
80s said bluntly, "The people in North
Abaco have always sat back and
depended basically on something
happening for them. They have got to
take the time out to make things happen
for themselves."
Explaining that the upturn in the world
economy is being reflected in The
Bahamas in building booms in Nassau,
Freeport and even the Marsh Harbour
area, Mr. Evans said he was saddened to
see North Abaco taxi drivers at the
bustling Marsh Harbour airport seeking
work because nothing is happening in
Treasure Cay or the rest of North Abaco
He explained that the Bahamas
government has put in place vehicles to
help ordinary Bahamians establish
themselves in business. His job, he said,
was to help people like the inhabitants of
North Abaco become aware of those
services so that they may use them to
take advantage of opportunities to
develop enterprises. Among those
vehicles of assistance that the government
has established are the following:
* The Bahamas Development Bank
which makes loans for small and medium
* The Bahamas Agricultural Industrial
Corporation (BAIC) which gives
technical assistance in the form of
feasibility studies, obtaining financing,
marketing, and management


Economy Full
Air conditioned & reliable
Reasonable Rates
Located at the
Marsh Harbour
Airport Terminal
Roam the Island with
Wilmac and
Save! Save! SAVE!
Call 242-367-4313
367-3465 Emergency
Visa & Master Cards Accepted

dependent upon people such as
yourselves in this room."
He urged his audience to be creative in
choosing their area of enterprise, not to
just follow one another or Marsh

Mr. Berkley Evans
* The Hotel Corporation of The
Bahamas% which assist; in the
development ot small and medium sized
hotels in the Farrul', lands, o %ns land
on which entrepreneurs ma, build and
which the ,o'ernment is seeking through
legislation to grant mone\ lor funding
such projects
* The Indu.trial EnLouragement Act
which grants dut\ e\empil.ns on goods
and mjchiner, brought in tor eaidblishing
* The Tarit .Act lhich also pro, ides
duty exemptions on items designed to aid
in entrepreneurial acm' cities
* The Hotel Eincouragement Act which
provides dut\ exemptions on material
related to the construction and operadllin
of ho:els
Mr Eg.uit said the uoternmnent i.
trying to -treamiline tile bureauc'raci, it
agencie.. lil.c the [Dc.lopment Bank 1.,
make iihem miore recponsie 0to people
trying t,: getr inim bu",ines.. Referring to
the a areness ot the go ernment of the
need to encouirace more BalMmianns to 0o
into business. Mr E'ans said. "You
have a group oi people. '. ho undcrsmand.s
that thL. saiin ess ol this Lountr\ is hea, il.

"Don't look for big, huge enterprises
that will take lots of money and talent,"


Page 32



of a GOAL

I" [] li []151 Kil I Im .11&

Ii.. l -, r .. , i I -. r .i,. .. r-,.j .. -.,r j., ,.., ,
.'- j,.. ,1 I i ,, . ,,_ r .1 ,'.r-

pr r I ,.,





For Entire Month of September
Buy Now & Save..Save..Save.. T.r r
Don MacKay Blvd. Marsh Harbour

September 1997 The Abaconian Page 13

Sugarland Farms Is Selling Locally

Sugarland Farms is a very successful
operation which specializes in several
products; pig farming, cattle farming and
banana production. It is located south of
Marsh Harbour off the old Crockett Road
and has its main office and store a half
mile south of Spring City. It is owned by
Jimmy Albury of Man-O-War and
employs ten persons in addition to family
members and supervisory staff. Mr.
Albury's son Chris works in the
processing part of the operation and
nephew Randy is taking an active role in
the field with the animals. The farm is
now producing a sufficient quantity to
impact appreciably on the Abaco market.
2000 Happy Pigs
Sugarland Farms began with just a few
pigs and they now have over 2,000 pigs
including 320 sows producing better than
6000 piglets yearly. They expect to
increase the number of sows to 500 each
producing just over two litters of eight to
13 piglets per litter each year. It takes
five months from birth until the pigs are
ready for market averaging 235 pounds.
They are raising Yorkshire, Duroc and
Landrace pigs, all three breeds doing
very well in this climate.
Sugarland Farms has quite a large
acreage in alfalfa, a forage plant which is
very high in protein. The farm allows the
pigs to forage in these fields but at this
time most of their feed has to be
imported from the United States. It
comes in large 20 foot containers each
holding 21 tons of feed each. The pigs'
entire diet is vegetarian with no animal-
based products or "strange" materials of
any kind.
Most of the pigs are kept in small
groups of about 25 in large enclosures
each with its own watering hole. Native
plants pro% ide shade and protection from
winter winds. The sows give birth in the
fields where the young are also raised.
The farm began its operation keeping
the pigs penned off by age in a large
building with an automatic feeding and
watering system. However, the staff are
discovering that the pigs are much
happier and do better when kept in the
field. Gradually all the pigs will be free
in the field.
The slaughtering facilities are out in
the farming area. After slaughter, the
carcasses are brought in a refrigerated
truck to the processing plant near Spring
City for butchering and processing.
The farm is processing 20 pigs
weekly. By September it will be
processing 30 and by November expects
to be processing 50 weekly.

Contented Cows
Chew Their Cud
In addition to raising pigs, Sugarland
Farms has the beginnings of both beef
cattle and dairy cattle farming. At present
the farm has 200 Black Angus cows, all
doing very well. The first Black Angus
arrived four years ago and the herd is
thriving well. The cows forage in fields
of alfalfa, which satisfies their protein
requirements, and need only a mineral
and salt supplement.
The farm has enough cows to allow it
to begin slaughtering within a few
months. The cows are in large fields also
divided by windows or rows of native
bush and trees which give protection
from sun and wind. Watering holes
complete the very comfortable
surroundings these cows enjoy.
According to Jimmy Albury, owner of
Sugarland Farms, they all need "loving
tender care."
Sugarland Farms has just begun a herd
of dairy cattle with 22 animals which
came to them in very bad shape, having
been mistreated in Grand Bahama. Some
were so weak from starvation that they
were not able to stand. The staff cared
for them lovingly and pulled 20 of them
through. The herd now numbers 40.
The farm finds that their animals are
very healthy and that healthy animals do
not need veterinarian services often. That
is fortunate since there is no resident vet

PLEASE SEE Sugarland Page 22

A mother pig leads her young to greener grass in the open pasture. The pigs eat natural food
and roam free in the fenced fields.

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Also on wheels or with sound attenuated enclosures

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Fishing & snorkling gear
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Page 14 The Abaconian September 1997

Treasure Artifacts Are Worth Millions

In 1989 Michael Malone from Marsh
Harbour found the first signs of
shipwreck material on Lynyard Cay, an
island about ten miles south of Elbow
Cay. He was not surprised because his
grandparents owned land there and as a
small child his grandmother had shown
him gold coins that the Spaniards had
buried in that area. He knew, too, that
there had been many Spanish wrecks in
the waters around the cay. These finds
stimulated an interest which led him to
apply for a salvaging license.
Three years later whilst searching with
a dredger and metal detector, he found
ingots, bullets and ballast stones and his
best discovery of all a platinum
carronade. He believes it is from the
Scottish vessel IRMELINDA, which is
recorded as. lost in the vicinity of Abaco
on November 11, 1811. She left Clyde,
Scotland, bound for Nassau.
The carronade is 67 percent platinum
and one of the cannon balls found is 50
percent platinum. The cannon weighs
2900 pounds, is four feet in length and
the barrel tip extension is six inches
long. None of the artifacts has any sign
of rust or seems to have suffered from
more than a century of immersion in salt
water and over six years of exposure to
air without treatment. This alone, Mr.
Malone points out, is testimony to their
validity. Were they not genuine, they
would be a pile of disintegrating rust by
Carronades are short guns, invented
by Charles Gascoigne of Scotland in the
late 1770s. They were named after the
Carron Ironworks in Sterling, Scotland,
which believed that canons made of
platinum were stronger. Tests performed
by the British Government at the time
substantiated this claim. Those made of
iron and copper had, on occasions,
blown up and injured soldiers.
The carronades were lighter than
ordinary guns and had a chamber for
powder like mortars. The barrel was
mounted on a carriage of four wooden
wheels. It was turned or "trained" by a
tackle of ropes and pulleys but precise
aiming was unnecessary in naval warfare
as bombardment was at close quarters.
The carronade was a most destructive
weapon and could tear up a ship very
effectively. For this reason it was used
by both the Royal Navy and the U.S.
Platinum, often referred to as the
miracle metal or the "Prince of Metals,"
has a reputation which has long been
overshadowed by gold. Some people


Mid-Sized Cars
& Seven Seat
Station Wagons
All are 4 Door
Air Conditioned
American Vehicles
at Abaco Towns
P.O. Box AB 20089
-. Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-4234 vI

think of it as a modern metal but this is
untrue. Traces of it were found in
Ancient Egyptian inlays. Pre-Columbian
Indians forged jewelry from platinum
alloys, but it was the Spanish who
reported its discovery in the sixteenth
century. It became known as Platina, or
little silver, but its value was not
Gold-seeking conquistadors picked the
material out of pans and tossed it back
into the river, believing there it would
ripen into gold. It was thought to be
useless because it could not be melted or
fired. Only in the nineteenth century was
it discovered that platinum was not one
but six separate elements including
palladium, iridium, osmium and
ruthenium. All six have a high melting
point and resistance to most acids. In the
early years of this century it graced
elegant ladies in the form of exotic

Platinum is used in the manufacture of
four out of five modern products. It is
used in high-flying jetliners, fighter
planes, missiles and spacecraft. It makes
wood stoves burn efficiently. When you
ride in your car, platinum works for you.
It is a coating in the catalytic converter
in the exhaust system and stops the flow
of noxious gases. In the world of modern
medicine it is used in many areas

including the fight against cancer.
Three different metallurgy laboratories
have written Mr. Malone documenting
that the metal in this cannon is worth
thirteen million dollars. Certainly Mr.
Malone realizes the value of what he has
and, having verified his treasure with
many reputable sources, he now awaits



w **-

Abaco Animals k 1,
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.g. The Community Animal Hospital
Will be Jointly Sponsoring a


50% Off Spay/Neuter Clinic,

** Help

Page 34



a Responsible Pet Owner! You Can
AARK Control Abaco's Population*.
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Sept. 26 & 27
Friday & Saturday
For Appointment & Details
Call 367-4500 or 367-2817
10 am 4 pm

Michael Malone shows a cannon ball,
one of many artifacts he has recovered
from a wreck off Lynyard Cay.

Bahamas Electricity (Abaco) Corporation
~ R/, congratulates the CRico
C 1997 Abaco Winners C

BEC Math and Science Prizes N
N ofth


Pictured above is Mr. John Hudson, Manager, BEC Abaco, con-
gratulating Moore's Island winner, Jill McKenzie. Standing beside
Miss McKenzie is Mr. Herbert Seers, Assistant Manager of Genera-
tion in Abaco and Mr. Christopher Rahming, Principal of the
Moore's Island All Age School. Thirty five top students throughout
the Bahamas received this award given by BEC in recognition of
their high marks in math and science.

BEC Prize

in Abaco

Central High School
Juanyette Stuart

Grand Cay
All-Age School
Deority Mcintosh
Daneeia Cooper

Moore's Island
All-Age School
Jill McKenzie

S.C. Bootle
High School
Rondinearo Edgecombe
Jewel Mcintosh



.%Poo*******^ *

September 1997 The Abaconian Page 15

Dr. Lui

This is first of a series which
showcases the medical doctors on Abaco.
We have a total of five. Dr. Elaine Lundy
and Dr. Frank Boyce in Marsh Harbour
and Dr. Ronald Wilson in Treasure Cay
have private practices. Dr. Hyatali
Ameeral in Marsh Harbour and Dr.
Francis Biney in Cooper's Town are
government doctors who attend to patients
at government clinics in various
Dr. Elaine Lundy
By Stephanie Humblestone
Who are the people inside the white
coats who are there when we most need
them, and what do their facilities offer to
the community? We are fortunate to have
several well qualified private doctors on
Abaco who relate well to their patients
and to each other.
Dr. Lundy has a medical practice on
Don MacKay Boulevard which she opened
five years ago.
She has a medical degree from the
University of California at Irvine, and her
speciality was Family Medicine. Before
settling with her lawyer husband, Mr.
Philip Lundy in Abaco, she worked for
four years in Nassau where she gained
much experience working in Dr. Mary
Ritchie's Clinic and in The Princess
Margaret Hospital clinics.
She works a five day week in theory,
that is, and sees about twenty to thirty
patients a day. Saturday she alternates
with Dr. Frank Boyce. Patients come to
her clinic from all over Abaco including
the cay's. In addition to this she sees many
tourists, some straight from the plane.
According to Dr. Lundy many tourist
accidents are boating-related and happen

ndy One of Five Caring for Us
former are read in Nassau and the latter in all areas of Famil'
Miami. She has plans to purchase a special liking for pr
defibrillator, a pulse oximeter, which enjoy delivering bal
reads the level of oxygen in the blood, do, as I love seeing
1I and a Holter Monitor which records the new life," she said.
heart rate over a period of twenty four knowledge, Dr. Lur
hour period. a computer course

Dr. Elaine Lundy
on the first, second or last day of their
vacation. Dr Lundy sees a large cross
section of ailments and accidents from the
common cold to fatal electrocutions.
Most of them she is able to deal with in
her office but some require being airlifted
to either Nassau or Florida. The choice of
place is dependent upon three factors the
patient's request, the time factor and
weather conditions. She works in close
conjunction with Trauma 1 which she
finds of great assistance, as she does the
people of Abaco who she says are"very
good about bringing people in need to
Dr. Lundy's clinic is clean and brightly
adorned and has an uplifting atmosphere.
It is well equipped with state-of-the-art
medical machinery. She has an x-ray
machine for chest, back and limbs, an
EKG machine (which measures heart rate
-and records abnormalities), facilities for
urinalysis and a centrifuge for blood
work. Both her mammogram and
ultrasound machines, which she installed
in 1995, are operated by a visiting
technician once a month. Results of the

To assist in her busy clinic Dr. Lundy
has a staff three, two of whom are
medical assistants and one is a secretary.
She would like very much to train another
nurse so that she could have more time to
expand her practice. She is especially
interested in encouraging people to help
themselves and in preventative medicine.
She is presently installing Cable TV and
a VCR machine in her waiting area,
where she hopes to show educational
videos on such topics as diabetes,
hypertension and pregnancy. She also has
plans to create a library of books on
health-related subjects in her clinic.
A mother of two, Dr Lundy enjoys

y Medicine but has a
re-natal care. "I used to
bies, which I no longer
ig the beginning of a
To further her medical
idy recently completed
and passed a one day

exam in Orlando. As a family practitioner,
certified by the American Board of
Family Practice, she has to be re-certified
every seven years and complete 600 hours
of continuing medical credits. To
accomplish this she goes to many
conferences and seminars. She also reads
current medical publications and makes
frequent visits to the United States.
Dr. Elaine Lundy is a neatly dressed,
personable lady. Although extremely
capable, she has the good grace to defer
and refer when she is unsure about
something and is willing to learn from her
colleagues and even at times from her

Toll Free 1 ti "
(888) 625$3O -"
US Phone (561) 62533060 US Fax (61)62S4301
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Page 16 The Abaconian September 1997
~%0 -L 0 9

Local Government

- at Work

Following are some of the issues
recently considered by Local Government
for Central Abaco.
Town Planning 5 August 1997
TIKI Hut: The owners of TIKI Hut
were present to answer to concerns of the
Committee. Board members questioned an
unlicensed dance floor with roof not built
to code, a second unlicensed bar, kitchen
sewerage being dumped into the harbour
and no rest rooms on the premises. They
had not built toilet facilities and a holding
tank across the street as they had agreed to.
After the owners made their presentation
and left, the meeting was closed for 20 30
minutes. The meeting re-opened without
public discussion on this subject.
Six Unit Commercial Building
Rejected: Proposed commercial complex
across from Roderick's Convenience Store
on Crockett Drive in Dundas Town
allowed only five parking spaces for a six
unit commercial complex. The septic tank
was located on an adjoining lot and there
was no area for trash and garbage. Board
members felt the owner was to cramming
too much onto a small space.
Texaco Five Star gas station and
convenience store approved: A 185-foot
long steel building was approved on Don
MacKay Boulevard in Marsh Harbour
adjacent to Lawrence Engineering. A four
bay garage, a convenience store and gas
pumps are planned. Lonnie Albury is the
Mermaid Reef Hotel Resort -
approved in principle: A $1.784 million
project on the hill in Pelican Shores, Marsh
Harbour will contain a restaurant, snack
bar, tennis court, administration building,
13 two bedroom villas and four villas with
three bedrooms. Floyd Sawyer is the
Wholesale/Retail Liquor Store
approved in principal: William Brewer
will construct an 8,000 square foot building
opposite Admiral's Yacht Haven. William
Brewer operated a facility there years ago.
Eight Unit Hotel passed in principle:
A project estimated at $475,000 located on
one-third acre between the Little Orchard
and High Rock subdivisions in Marsh
Harbour will include two three-story
buildings each containing four rental suites
and an administration building. Septic tank
disposal is deep well injection. The
owner/developer is Air Boat Inc. owned by
Gary Knowles.

Marsh Harbour Town Meeting 11 Aug. 97

Air Boat Ltd. Development: A special
public meeting was called about the


Bike Shop
At Harbour's Edge
New Bike Sales
MBS Giant
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Mens Womens Childrens

hotel/apartment complex recently approved
by Town Planning. This is a sixteen unit
complex on a one-third acre under the
Cottman Castle. Over twenty residents
attended, primarily from the Little Orchard
and High Rock in Marsh Harbour, the two
residential areas encompassing and
providing access to this site. Also present
were members from Central Abaco
Council, Marsh Harbour Town Committee,
Town Planning, Port Authority and
Administrator Hart.
The plans had been deferred two
months earlier when residents objected to a
hotel project on this site. Residents had
been told by Town Planning that they
would be advised if the project was
submitted again so they could voice their
The project was passed without the
residents being notified. The Marsh
Harbour Town Committee held an urgent
meeting on August 7 followed up with this
public meeting to hear the concerns of
resident and property owners of the area.
Objections by residents included:
One ten-foot wide access road is not
suitable for a commercial facility.
The eight parking spaces are
Children unsafe with extra traffic.
Unsuitable site between two
residential subdivisions.
The sewerage disposal inadequate.
Emergency vehicle access inadequate.
Project density is too high for one
third acre.
Plan not posted, residents not advised
of the meeting.
A petition signed by 60 70 residents
was given to the Council Chairman.
Town Planning 12 August 1997
Air Boat Ltd. Hotel: Town Planning
members visited the site of the proposed
hotel and had discussions with Gary
Knowles. They later suspended the permit
since the access road is only ten feet wide.

Port Authority 13 August 1997
AIT Abaco Island Transportation:
Given permission to provide charter service
to Hope Town and Man-O-War Cay, to
be based at Triple J Marine in Marsh

Guana Grabber: Permitted to resume
ferry service between Marsh Harbour and
the Guana Beach Resort.
Central Abaco Council 26 Aug. 97
Traffic light requested: Murphy Town
wants a traffic light at Forest Drive and
South Side Road.
Automobile Crusher: Approval given
to Pat Smith to temporarily store junk
automobiles at Snake Cay preparatory to
his bringing in an auto crusher. Crushing
will take place at Snake Cay and Kipco
Building Inspector: Bishop Clifford
Henfield, suggested that the three Abaco
councils collectively hire hire a building

inspector immediately for the larger
projects or problems throughout Abaco.
The Council will persue this.
Two resign Town Planning: Bill
Johnston and Hilland Albury of Town
Planning resigned. Perry Sawyer and Chris
Roberts were replace them.
Members to visit towns: The Central
Council will tour each town in the area so
members can understand problems better.
Wants Council to oversee the
appointed boards: Glen McDonald wants
the Council to review the actions of the
various boards for a final decision. He feels
the Act requires that the Council makes the

PLEASE SEE Local Gov. Page 34

The Outboard Shop
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EWVIMRIDEF-- Outboards
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September 1997 The Abaconian Page 17

Nov. 6- 8 Work Boat Regatta Plans on Track

A meeting of committee members for
the All Abaco Regatta of Bahamian work
boats was held on August 28th at the
Treasure Cay Primary School. Committee
chairmen reported on the status of their
individual responsibilities for the
November 6th through 8th event.
For this initial Regatta, entrants will be
only large "A" class and smaller "B" class
work boats. Entertainment will include
limbo dancers and a name band, even the
possibility of the Royal Bahamas Police
Band. The Ministry of Youth is scheduling
a National Junkanoo competition to be held
on Abaco during that time frame.
Mr. Hart brought out the economic
benefits which the annual regattas bring to
the southern islands and mentioned how
these communities are anxious to stage the
event. As many as 7,000 visitors and guests
have been estimated to attend some of
these events. "Regattas are a big domestic
money maker," according to Mr. Hart.

Financial benefits include:
* Restaurant and food booth sales
* Beverage sales
* Taxi and rental car income
* Hotel and guest house accommodations
* Individuals renting spare bedrooms
* Charter and commercial air fares
* Marina dockage
* T-shirt and souvenir sales
The committee is estimating that perhaps
half of the 13,000 people living on Abaco
may attend. This does not include all the
visitors coming from elsewhere.
At this time the committee feels that the
festivities will be both on Green Turtle Cay
and at the ferry dock at the Treasure Cay
With the primary "village" site being
planned for the ferry landing, the major
responsibility will fall on Treasure Cay to
get the site "up and running." Myrtis
Russell will be mobilizing support from the
people in Treasure Cay. Mr. Hart explained

The committee managing the All Abaco Regatta for Bahamian work boats met August 28 in
the Treasure Cay Primary School. They discussed the village site beside the Green Turtle
Cay ferry dock landing, financing, and the sharing of responsibilities.

R x .a E O "- -" e -"

We',e just minutes from restaurants on the
harbor 9 walking distance to grocery stores,
shopping end ferry docks leading to outer
islands. You will check into a spacious room
with television, air conditioning, ceiling fan,
microwave oven, small refrigerator and daily
maid service. Call 242-367-3776 or FAX 367-4179

P. O. Box AB 20030
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

that this improved site can be a focal point
for future social events and fund raising.
Veronica Saunders reported that the
printed program is well underway and will
be 36 pages. All ads have been sold and
paid for.
Finance is under Greta Strachen-
Culmer's guidance. She reported that a
cook-out would be held at Marsh Harbour
Crossing Beach on August 30th to co-
coincide with the Triathlon awards
presentation. North and South Abaco are
scheduled to stage cook-outs as well. A
beauty pageant or fashion show is being
planned for October 11th.
Lionel Evans is planning stalls for
vendors and is reviewing a tentative layout
for the village.
Publicity is being handled by Frank

Hepburn who promised that everyone in
the Bahamas will know about the All
Abaco Regatta. Mr. Hepburn's enthusiasm
was only exceeded by Mr. Hart's for this
Man-O-War will probably not enter a
work boat. Some in Green Turtle Cay are
hesitant at hosting an event with the
potential of bringing an estimated 4,000 to
7,000 people to town. Since Green Turtle
Cay cannot handled the crowd, the site at
the ferry dock will accommodate the large
In the next sixty days, a site must be
cleared adjacent to the parking lot at the
Green Turtle ferry dock, an adequate toilet
block, stalls for the sale of food, beverages,


Page 34

V t *.



SEPT. 5 OCT. 13

School Uniform Fabric
Drugs & Cosmetics
Fabrics & Linens <
Sewing Notions
Clothing V

Furniture & Beds
HOTPOINT Appliances
Coca Cola Soda Distributor
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We see what you see:

Please contact our Marsh Harbour Branch at
367-2166 for more information.
Ask about our other services too.

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The Back-To-School Centre
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ritem.nrs .C)

-. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . . .-* . .' .' .' .-'. .'2<' ..1 .'' .ht^''*"' ^*^ y ^^'e t

Page 18 The Abaeonlan September 1997

September 1997 The Abaeonian Page 19

UI Ur.I_ r L rlI I ,~L_ ,I ~.._ ____

Good intentions?

Insure with Insurance Management.

TEL: (242) 325-2831

TEL: (242) 352-7421

: 1 I S I \ % I % I II %. % R N

TEL: (242) 332-2862

TEL: (242) 367-4204

.1....... . .....-..

Page 20 The Abaconlan September 1997

"El Nino" Wrecks Havoc Worldwide

By Stephanie Humblestone
Behind many a mighty force there
often quietly lurks another.
While "El Nifio" is forming in the
Pacific Ocean, hurricanes in the Atlantic
will be threatening our shores. Although
they are oceans apart, studies now show
that the two weather systems may well be
climatically linked.
Many of us have first hand knowledge
of hurricanes but most of us know little
about "El Niflo," other than it is a
mysterious weather phenomenon,
ostensibly too far away to impact upon
our lives. This misconception lulls us
into a feeling of complacency.
Fortunately, meteorologists are now
placing more emphasis on climatic than
weather research. Here in the Bahamas
the Department of Meteorology is
carefully monitoring the formation and
progress of "El Niflo."
Its name, Spanish for "Christ Child,"
was originally coined by a nineteenth
century Peruvian fisherman who
observed that the seas off the coast of
Peru got warmer around Christmas time.
In more recent times "El Niflo" has come
to signify a tepid current in the Pacific
Ocean which begins in the summer, lasts
approximately twenty two months, and
occurs every four to seven years.
Under normal conditions the trade
winds from the Pacific blow east to west
along the equator, pushing warm waters
away from the ocean's eastern shores
where cold water surfaces, bringing with
it vital nutrients to feed plankton and
fish. The surface water in the west is

thus several degrees warmer than its
eastern counterpart. In Northern
Australia clouds form above the warm
water, causing summer rains while in
South America the weather remains dry.
An "El Niflo" forms when the trade
winds decrease in speed and reverse
direction, hence blowing west to east.
Rather than opposing this change, the
forces of nature perpetuate it. The
eastern ocean becomes warmer and
warmer, the air lighter and similar in
pressure to the western coast. Without a
significant difference in pressure, which
causes the winds to blow, the easterly
trade winds become increasingly weaker,
thereby encouraging the warm water on
it easterly course.
The final outcome is a reversal not
only of winds but weather. It is as if the
western Pacific and its weather system is
moved a distance of 4000 miles to the
east while the rest of the world remains
static. The rains which usually inundate
the Philippines, Indonesia and Northern
Australia drench the western edge of
South America, killing off crops, ruining
the fishing industry and causing heavy
flooding. Meanwhile Australia
experiences droughts and bush fires.
It would be enough if it stopped right
there. But scientists now believe that "El
Niflo," essentially an interaction of wind
and ocean currents, alters global climate.
It is little wonder that the image of the
Holy Infant has been supplanted with
"the unruly South American child" as it
is often dubbed.
Mild weather comes to the Pacific

TTRINITY Customs Brokerage &
Transport Agency
Bradley Reckley Owner/Manager
16 Years Experience in the Customs Service
Commercial & Personal Import/Export Documents Prepared
Cruising Permits Extended
After Hours and Weekend Problems Handled
Hudson Building, Marsh Harbour, P.O. Box AB 20253
FAX & Phone 809-367-4297 After hours 367-3442

National Marine
Authorized Distributor for
Mercury & Mariner
Sales, Service & a Complete
Line of Marine Accessories MARINER
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Royce Sands, President
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Love it!

It's Great!
I Marsh Harbour

North West where bathers luxuriate in
warmer seas. Sports fishing is enjoyed
off Southern California while off the
coast of Peru fishermen are bemoaning
their loss of revenue. Drought-related
fires and famine can occur as far away as
East Africa and Borneo while we, here in
the Bahamas, have peaks in rainfall and
are affected by storm fronts forming in
the Pacific Ocean hitting farther down
the North American coast.
However, on a brighter note, experts
now believe that the jet-stream winds of
a raging "El Niflo" lessen the likelihood
of severe hurricanes.
The strongest "El Nifio" this century
was in 1982-1983 when it peaked in

Triple I Marine
P.O. Box AB 20285
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Ph: 242-367-2163

winter. It came as a shock to South
America and caused in excess of $13
billion worth of damage. Both the fishing
and agricultural industries in Peru
suffered terribly and took over a decade
to recover.
Only very recently have scientists
discovered that "El Nifio" occurs in part
as a result of a relationship between
atmosphere and sea. Thus, over the past
decade research programs have been set
up to monitor water temperatures and
wind speeds.
At present an "El Niflo" of significant


Page 32

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September 1997 The Abaconian Page 21

Fourth Triathlon Brings Several Hundred

'i *i sa. --- ^ LfiH rI ii.MiitM-

Dale Hill of Riches
Rentals receives a
glass of water at the
Pelican Shores water
station. Dale came in
4th in his age group.

:~ 'E

- us



Two cyclists come out of the bike staging
area and begin the 15 mile bike run.

Triathlon FROM Page 1
third in the Elite Division.
Registration was held at Abaco Towns
on August 29th and was followed by
Abaco's Best Tasting Meal Contest with
four restaurants offering special meals to
the visitors. Kalik Beer, one of the major
sponsors of the Triathlon, offered Kalik
at $2 at all events.
The swim course took place off the
beach at Abaco Beach Resort. The bike
course went out past Spring City and the
running course utilized Pelican Shores
and the Ferry Dock areas. The race was
organized by Exclusive Sports Marketing
of Boca Raton, Florida. After the race,
Abaco Beach Resort entertained the
participants with a beach party.
Awards were presented that same
night at a party at Crossing Beach
sponsored by Kalik Beer. Live music and
street dancing entertained the group.
Sunday activities included a variety of
water sports and a suggested jaunt to the
pig roast at Nipper's on Guana Cay.
Those participating individually from
Abaco included Dale Hill, Dwight
McDonald, Chip Jones and Peter Sexton.
Two relay teams from Abaco, Pete's Pub
and Team Hope Town, competed and


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Located west of the
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in Marsh Harbour

Little Harbour resident Sandy
DeShazier crosses the finish line in
the Triathlon relay where she ran for
the Pete's Pub Crawler's team.

were captained by Mac deShazier and
Christine McCully. They came in second
and fourth.
The organizers of the event were very
pleased with the area and were impressed
with the hospitality shown by the Abaco
people. The courses are comfortable and
the participants are very happy to come
to this area.
Those responsible for the event include
the Ministry of Tourism, Brenda Mitchell
of Sapodilly's and William Davis of
Bums House.

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Page 22 The Abaonian September 1997

Sugarland FROM Page 13
on Abaco. They must use the services of
vets from other islands.

Pork Processing Now
a Reality on Abaco
Sugarland Farms has recently begun
processing and selling pork and pork
products, the first such facility anywhere
in the Bahamas. They can process up to
100 animals weekly. They now offer a
wide variety of tasty products at very
reasonable prices available to both
merchants and individuals. Their
processing plant and outlet is just south
of Spring City. Their hours are 9 to 5:30
Monday through Fridays and 9 to 12 on
Saturday. They have one price for
everyone, and it is all on a cash and
carry basis. Their products are also
carried in shops in several settlements.
Mr. Albury bought a complete
established processing plant in Canada,
brought it down and set it up just south
of Spring City. The plant has all the
equipment necessary to make any kind of
meat product sold in stores. There are
grinders, a brine injector, .mixers,
slicers, stuffers, and even a vacuum
machine for vacuum packaging their cold
cuts and sausages. One vacuum tumbling
machine forms hams from chunks of
muscle meat.
Their state-of-the-art smoker steam
cooks, smokes and cooks such items as
delicious bacon, bologna, salami, several
sausages, and tasty hams in timed cycles
which produce the best tasting meat
products. The cycling can be set to
accommodate any normal type of
processed meat.
The farm even has its own spice room
where the staff mix their spices to make
their own unique flavorings for the
various pork products. They are hoping
to develop recipes for spiced meat which
will be distinctly Bahamian. Every batch
of the various meats is taste-tested in the
processing room to make sure it is
perfect before the customer purchases it.
Their freezer blows out cold air with
temperatures of 200 below zero which
quick freezes products. Their cold
storage keeps products at 340 to 35.
Most of the meat is never frozen but sold
to stores or individuals fresh.
The Sugarland Farms' processing plant
has been in operation for just three
weeks. Production is now being
smoothed out. One of their goals is to
become a processor for pigs raised by
other farmers both on Abaco and
elsewhere in the Bahamas. They are
encouraging farmers on Abaco by

Elbow Cay on the Ocean &
White Sound near Hope Town

"Z aSrefool
Romantle trepleal rooms
on both ocean d second
Free beat docking
Seenle bar serving your
favorite frozen drinks
Wonderful food served
overlooking the ocean
Breakfast, Lunch and
Dinner a a garte
Come by boat or call to be
picked up in Hope Town
Reservation requested but not required
VHF 16 Phone 366-0133

Cured and smoked Sugarland Farms hams hang in the cooler rack
ready for sale. They process their own pork cuts as well as bacon
and a variety of breakfast and lunch sausages.

providing them with piglets, feed and
advice as they believe that farming has a
very promising future here as well as
elsewhere in the Bahamas.
Sugarland Farms expects to build a
state-of-the-art slaughterhouse which will
provide service for farmers throughout
the country. They are working hard to
show that farming can be very successful
and should be encouraged to help the
Bahamas become more self sufficient.
Beautiful Bountiful
Sugarland Farms, just south of Spring
City, is fast becoming a major producer
of quality bananas. Mr. Jimmy Albury,
owner of Sugarland Farms, was able to
secure some Grand Dean banana plants
'and has been successful in growing
hundreds more himself as well as
providing plants to other farmers.
*. The Grand Dean is a banana
developed for Chiquita brand grown in
Central and South America. They are a
very tasty banana. They have'a thicker,
'tougher skin and stay yellow for a longer
. period. This quality allows them to arrive
on grocers' shelves without blemishes
when they are cut and shipped green but
-full. At present the farm is producing 30
cases weekly and expects this to increase
dramatically soon. These delicious
bananas are available for sale at the farm

The owner of Sugarland Farms, Jimmy Albury, and Don Martin,
Manager of the processing plant, hold one of their smoked hams.
The pigs and the processing were all done locally.

Excavation, Utilities, Base Work, Surface Treatment
Cold Mix, Hot Mix, Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer
Striping & Asphalt Related Products

P.O. Box AB 20184
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 242-367-3956 Fax 367-3959

P.O. Box CB 10990
Nassau, NP, Bahamas
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Page 23


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September 1997 The Ahbaeonian Page 23

Sugarland Pork Now Available

Sugarland FROM Page 22
When the reporters for The Abaconian
were shown the field of bananas, there
had been a recent wind which downed
quite a number of stalks with bananas in
various stages of development. We were
told that those stalks as well as any
which ripened in the field were special
treats for their pigs. The Grand Dean
bananas produce very large stalks
averaging 70 to 90 pounds with some
weighing over 100 pounds. They are
watered with a successful drip system
and are fertilized with the manure from
their other operations. They are sharing
these plants with other farmers so others
in the area can have bananas which ship

Sugarland Farms has had to struggle to
get where it is today. But it is a success
story which they hope will be a model
for others to follow that animal
husbandry can be very successful in the
Bahamas. Mr. Albury, owner of
Sugarland Farms, wants to acknowledge
that his success is only because of the
many people who have helped him in
many ways. He emphasized that the
people of Marsh Harbour have been very
understanding and supportive of him,
even when the future looked bleak. He
said they stuck by him and he is very
appreciative for their being friends in
good and in bad times. He added that
farming is hard work, long hours but
very rewarding.

By Ruth Flowers and Stephanie
Two ninth graders from Abaco Central
High School have been awarded full three
year scholarships to attend St. Andrews
School in Nassau. Donald Pinder Jr. and
Charles Pinder, both fourteen years old,
are first cousins. Donald, who had the
highest score nationwide on the
placement test, is from Sandy Point and
has a special interest in computer science.
Charles, who also excelled in the test, is
a keen scout from Casuarina Point.
Donald is the son of Donald and
Estelle Pinder and received his education
at the James A. Pinder All Age School in
,W1M .+, '

Donald Pinder

Unaries finaer

Sandy Point where he won many
trophies. After completing grade 6, he
entered Abaco Central High School
where he maintained a high GPA.
Charles is the son of Assistant Deputy
Director of Agriculture Simeon Pinder
and Theresa Pinder. He received his early
education at St. Francis de Sales School
in Marsh Harbour and later went to
Abaco Central High School.
We wish the boys well in their new

A Black Angus heifer on Sugarland Farms pasture eyes the camera while her calf rests in
the grass behind.

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Page 24 The Abaconian September 1997


By Richard E. Fawkes
If you thought the settlement of
Crossing Rocks with its fine white beach
and offshore string of rocks standing
bravely against the mighty Atlantic was
beautiful, you should have seen it August
16th. Especially on the park where the
food stalls, bar and stage were erected as
part of the settlement's second home
coming celebrations.
Set against a ridge crested by rushes
swaying lazily in a gentle breeze wafting
off a sea that sparkled like a garden of
moonshine babies, the park played host
to a crowd, warm with friendliness and
almost mystical in its satisfaction at the
culinary and liquid delights proffered at
stalls thatched in the style of traditional
Bahamian artisanship, using fresh-cut
green palms over resinous pine
The stage, upon which mostly girls
and young women of Crossing Rocks
carried off an unpretentious cultural show
that harkened back to pre-electricity Out
Island days, would have been the envy of
any minimalist set designer with its
green-thatched back wall perpendicular to
a floor of plain planking.

And the lighting? The moon burst
magnificently through dark rain clouds,
shooing the sprinkles to the edges of its
ever widening circle of romantic
Another light present on the park that
night was the beam of Crossing Rocks
pride across the faces of residents and
homecoming sons, daughters and
descendants of that lovely settlement on
the Atlantic Ocean. And nowhere was
that pride more evident than in the eyes
and voice of Janet Sands, secretary of the
Crossing Rocks Development Association
in Nassau. The Association spearheaded
the organization of the homecoming
under the theme Development Today for
a Better Tomorrow.
"I remember growing up here as a girl
and having to go by boat to Cherokee
Sound and spending the night to catch the
mailboat to Nassau the following
morning," Ms. Sands said, her face a
portrait of marvel, "but now, you can fly
into Marsh Harbour and drive down here
or take a boat into Sandy Point and drive
up here."
The association brought about sixty
persons of all ages from Nassau on the

mailboat Champion H to Sandy Point.
They were transported to Crossing Rocks
by bus. About twenty persons came from
Freeport where there's another branch of
the association. And there were those
coming home from throughout Abaco
like George Bain, who lives in Sandy
Ms. Sands, who is an accountant at
the Treasury Department and chairperson
of the newly formed School Board at
R.M. Bailey High School, said she was
impressed with the improvements in
Crossing Rocks and hoped more folks
who had left to seek a better life would
come back to invest in the development
of their home town.
The president of the association in
Nassau is Mr. Floyd Walker, an
accountant at the Bahamas Electricity
Corporation. Mr. Walker had high praise
for the local organizers of the home-
coming such as township committee
member, Ms. Alice Williams and school
teacher, Ms. Sandy Walker. Mr. Walker
also singled out for praise young Alvin
Walker, who designed the home-

PLEASE SEE Crossing R.

Senovia gives the
Page 29 solo number.





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homecoming crowd a

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September 1997 The Ahaeonian Page 25


By April Dawkins, 10th Grade Student
Abaco Central High School
To most people M_'e's Island is just
a little cay c '" Wue rain la A' with nothing
to offer, but to Moore's landers tfis
little cay is home. It's a place whe,: ti.'y
gain their pride and joy. Among all the
other accomplishments and goals 'tha'
were achieved on the island, the island s
are filled with pride to know that the
hottest Bahamian singer, Eugene Stagger
Lee Davis, was born and grew up on
Moore's Island. Although those things
made them proud, their pride was
nowhere more apparent than in their
recent Homecoming which was held from
August 1st leading on to August Monday.
For the Moore's Island community the
weekend was hectic but also fun-filled.
Their theme was Back to the Island,
Back to Good Old Days. Activities such
as conch cracking, a dance contest from
the song Stagger Lee, fishing, beaching
and boat riding were most famous of all.
Boats like the MORNING STAR, the
JOYETTE and the Mail Boat which is
now called the CHAMPION traveled to
Sandy Point, Grand Bahama and Nassau
to pick up bundles of people. The
CHAMPION was an excursion boat from
Nassau. All charters for air craft were
booked full the whole weekend.
On the first night a crowd of
i- -.l i.'. .

approximately 400 wandered around in
both settlements of Moore's Island, Hard
Bargain and The Bight just reminiscing
about the good old days. This celebration
brought back long gone family members
and friends who were away for some
time. After all, this is what Homecoming
is all about. After everybody settled in
and got acquainted again, DJ Bobby
Jones from the Berry Islands entertained
the crowd with up-to-the-minute strictly
Bahamian songs while the stalls fed them
with mouth watering sweet pots and ice
cold drinks to quench all that thirst.
On Saturday night a Cultural Show


Page 32

No homecoming is complete without fresh
conch. Here it goes down in the classic
quick style. Photo by April Dawkinms

Homecoming in Moore's Island brought visitors and residents together to talk about family
and old times. Photo by April Dawkins

1st and 3rd Weekend
Fri 11 5 Sat 9 5 Mon 9 2
365-8625 0 365-8425
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SOpen Daily
Breakfast 8:30 10 am
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Bar open 8:30 am 'til...
Happy Hour 5 6:30 pm
Restaurant & Bar Live Music Weds & Fri 8 11 pm
onthe Specializing in
Hope Town Waterfront
Phone 366-0247 or VHF 16 Bahamian Foods

Youngsters on Moore's Island joined in
with the adults for the August 16th weekend
events. Photo by April Dawkins

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Page 26 The Abaconian September 1997

South FROM Page 5
fondly that he fell in love "big time" with
Sandy Point when he was posted there
twenty years ago as a rookie
Sandy Point Man Is District
Deputy Grand Master
By Richard E. Fawkes
Mr. Bruce Lightbourn was elected
District Deputy Grand Master of District
29 The Bahamas of the Grand United
Order of Odd Fellows at the Lodge's
convention held in Sandy Point last
month. Mr. Lightbourn, a native of
Sandy Point, has served as permanent
secretary of his home town affiliate,
Goodwill Lodge No. 11688, since joining
the fraternity in 1992.
Mr. Lightbourn was elected as District
Grand Director at the Lodge's convention
in Freeport two years ago. It was at that
convention that he suggested Sandy Point
as the host site for this past convention.
Although Goodwill is one of the oldest
Odd Fellows Lodges in the Family
Islands, this was the first time Sandy
Point had hosted the District's convention
and the first time a member of the local
Lodge had been elected to such a high
position in the organization.
Mr. Lightbourn told The Abaconian
that he was pleased with the success of
the convention and thought the Sandy
Point economy received a good boost as
a result of the varied number of
businesses patronized by the delegates of
the Odd Fellows and their sister
organization, the Grand Household of
Ruth, during their stay in the settlement
for the week of August 19th through
Mr. Harold Miller, former District
Deputy Grand Master, was elected to
replace the retiring Mr. Hartwell Higgs
as District Grand Master. District Grand
and Noble Governor of the Grand
Household of Ruth, Ms. Joan Saunders,
and her leadership team were re-elected
unopposed. Mr. Fred Roberts leads
Goodwill Lodge as Grand Noble.
Mr. Lightbourn is the husband of
South Abaco District Councillor Valeria
Lightbourn. The couple has one son. Mr.
Lightbourn was educated at the James A.
Pinder All Age School in Sandy Point,
the Western Secondary School and
Queen's College in Nassau and at Florida
Memorial College in the United States,
where he studied accounting. He is a
member of the South Abaco District's
Road Traffic Board, President of the
PTA at J.A. Pinder School and organist
at St. Martin's Anglican Church.

Mr. Bruce Lightbourn
Where Are Our Sportsmen?
By Ruth Flowers
Sandy Point made,.history again on the
19th of August when the National Flag
Carrier, BahamasAir landed at the Sandy
Point airport. Capt. Valentine
Farquharson and First Officer Neville
Rolle touched down at the airport at 8:20
a.m. On board the carrier were 38
passengers for the Add Fellows Lodge
Convention held for the first time in

Sandy Point.
It was only a short time ago, but I can
still remember the loud noise coming
through my window from the Sandy
Point Ball Park. The noise was the crowd
cheering their basketball team on. The
Sandy Point Kalik Royals, one of the
best basketball teams in Abaco, winning
at least 70% of the Championship games,
three time National Champions.
Times have changed; the players have
moved on to other things. Normally,
young players would say "Please stay
back on the side and give us a chance,"
but where are the young players.
Are there any young basketball players
in Sandy Point? What about volleyball?
How about softball? Soccer? Any sport?
Perhaps, there's no more sportsmen in
Sandy Point!

Cherokee Sound
By Lee Pinder
Cherokee has a second Justice of the
Peace and a new Chairman of the Local
Government Committee with the election
of Eleanor Jorgensen, who chaired a
town meeting on the 20th of August.
Besides reporting on our financial
standings for the year, it was agreed the
town's two main problems stem from
persons who speed through the
community and those who continue to
pump their cess-pits into the creek. the

An Extensive Selection of
Brass, Stainless & Monel
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For Quotes or Information Call
Walter Sweeting or George Phillpot

Shown above are Mr. and Mrs. Jason
Roberts of Sandy Point, who were recently
married. Jason is the son of Rev. and Mrs.
Napoleon Roberts and Oeisha is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Flowers.
The couple are residing in Sandy Point.
committee says they will check into both
these complaints and try to rectify them
as soon as possible.
The school's new computers are set up
in time for the new school year and Mr.
Clint Higgs of Nassau has been giving
special lessons to give some of the
students and their parents some basic
training and head start on classes that
will begin on September 2nd
The Methodist Church's annual
Missionary Meeting will be held on the
27th and 28th of September on the
church grounds. Rev. Culmer is hoping
for a good turnout.
Someone is needed to weed the
cemetery. The job pays $150 per month
and all applications should be turned into
a member of the Town Committee.

Deliveries Arranged
from Green Turtle Cay
to Little Harbour

We monitor VHF Ch 69

South Abaco

Plain & Pressure Treated

Pine, Fir, Cypress
Teak & Mahogany

Interior, Exterior
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Man-O-War Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 242-365-6011 Fax 365-6039



. .gw _
^ ^ .._..... ,i,,

I Nt11..tJI

A Well
Library ,, ,

St. Francis de Sales School office is accepting
registrations for pre-school and Grades 1 7 for the
1997 fall term. Call 367-4399 for information.

si'- N


Mrs. Katie Bethel in Cherokee Sound
recently celebrated her 85th birthday.
Friendly and a favorite of everyone, she
still remains active. She is famous for her
"thumbs, "a hand craft which is the basis
for placements and other items. She still
quilts and sews, all without a pattern.
Many brides have worn her beautiful
wedding dresses and friends and relatives
have enjoyed her lovely hand crafted
creations. Photo by Lee Pinder

If you know someone who is on the
Internet, you can let them know that
Cherokee is also there. Just enter
oii.net/Abaco/Cherokee Sound
Some old friends have returned to
Cherokee. Once again you can hear them
scrambling through the undergrowth and
see them lumbering across the grass, our
old friends, the Soldier Crabs. For a long
time I thought they were gone for good,
but they have returned. It's good to know
they are still with us.


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September 1997 The Abaconlan Page 27

Night Thief Robs Conch Inn

On August 24th Conch Inn had a
break-in in which someone broke open a
safe in their office taking a substantial
amount of cash, checks and travelers
checks which was the total of their week
end sales for the marina, the inn and
Moorings. Additionally, all the keys
were stolen, causing the Conch Inn to
have to replace all locks on offices,
inventory rooms, hotel rooms and gas
Police are actively investigating but no
one has been is charged. The break in

John Hudson, Manager of BEC on Abaco, and Freeman Duncanson, General Manager
of Bahamas Electricity Corporation, are shown above at the meeting they had in Marsh

but gave no specific date for
The Abaco transmission sy
stepped up to 13,200 volts fr
4,160 volt system. This wil
more efficient system without
loss, Mr. Duncanson explained
"Supplying power to Abac
challenge," Mr. Duncansc
Abaco is the fastest growing c
the country on a per capital bi
He and his staff allude
changes which will happe
October of 1998. One is
billing system. Another may b
the way the demand rate is fig

electrical consumers. In a move to new
FROM Page 7 technology, meter readers are now
recording the monthly meter data on hand
this. held computers which saves hours when
stem is being the bills are figured.
om the older Mr. Duncanson said that lightning is
1 be a much their worst enemy. It damages the BEC
as much line equipment as well as customer equipment.
ed. He recommended everyone use surge and
co has been a voltage protectors to reduce damage from
on said, "as lightning strikes. He also recommended
communityy in that residential and business consumers
basis turn off any equipment when the power
d to several goes off for any reason. When the power
n on or by resumes, wait a minute or two for the
an improved power to stabilize before turning on
be a change in refrigerators, air conditioners and other
ured for large large or sensitive equipment.

was accomplished by climbing an
adjoining roof, entering through a
window and breaking into a closet where
the safe was located.
The Conch Inn has suffered from
multiple thefts for the past two weeks
losing a small refrigerator, a roll-away
bed, linens, tools, even $450 from the
gas dock.
The Conch Inn is offering a reward of
$1000 for information leading the
conviction of the person found guilty.

Weatherandotherconditionswill affectthetide.Thepredictions Tides Pelican Harbour This graph is generated from NOAA/NOS
shown on this chart are based on the normal conditions that existed i I data via software from Nautical Software,
whenNOAA/NOSandotheragenciesgatheredthedata.Timesshown oW 11- n, "* -,o no ,A
willbewithinafewminutesfortheentireeasternAbacoarea.Pelican Septem ber 1 9 7 phone 503-579-1414.
Harbour isjust inside North Bar Channel. et em 1 9

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 66 6 n 6 6 n 6
il /7 i i -- l 'S- . .I$VP"V P

R o(EDT) DoT,) -(EDT) Cl 11 (EOT) 2--6<,,>
-- - -"- - - - - -- - - - --- - - - -- - - - - - - .- -- - -_- -.- - -. .. - -

a f2 3A. 4j3
- - - -- . 3- - - -L- - - - L _- . - - - - - - -

This Monthly Tide Chart Compliments of Shell Bahamas, Limited
---------------- ------- -- can-be-sre I------- -

You can be sure of Shell

I r



& Re-hub

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Aluminum, Brass or Stainless
Right here in
Marsh Harbour

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Page 28 The Abaconian September 1997

Crown Haven's Bahasea Hosts

the Governor General

By Snephanie Humblestone
Bahasea Products Company Limited,
operated by Jean-Pierre Filios and his
wife Monika. hosted the Governor
General, Sir Orville and his wife, Lady
Turnquest, on the 5th of August. The
plant is unique in that it processes whole
spiny lobster as opposed to just the tails,
for export to the Asian and European
The Governor General and his wife,
who were staying in Treasure Cay, were
given a guided tour of the factory with an
explanation en route at each stage of the
processing. They were accompanied by
an entourage of local dignitaries. They all
watched with interest as a young woman
efficiently packed whole crawfish as they
came off the conveyor belt.
"It's really marvelous," Lady
Turnquest commented as she gazed at a
wall lined with achievement certificates
of staff who recently attended training
courses in Nassau and Treasure Cay.
The company opened three years ago,
the brainchild of Jean-Pierre. With a
background as an inventor and many
patents behind him, he and Monika
transformed an already existing fish
house into a high-tech plant which
employs thirty people in a three hundred
strong community. Smiling staff and
immaculate conditions greet the visitor to
what initially seems to be an odd choice
for such an operation. Crown Haven is
the last stop north on the main Abaco

A relatively young settlement, its
residents re-located from Cave Cay seven
miles away after the devastating hurricane
of 1932. With one bar, one restaurant and
a modest grocery store, one is tempted to
ask, "Why here?" Jean-Pierre quickly
answers this by pointing to a map on the
wall of his office. "These are the best
fishing grounds in Abaco," he says as he
runs his fingers over Little Abaco. "With
excellent fishermen," he adds.
Bahasea is a lucrative business and has
provided employment for a community
which has made its living from fishing
for generations. Jean-Pierre is constantly
educating his staff, especially on
environmental issues. His most recent
achievement was stopping the bleaching
in the reefs. In the long term he would
like to spread his processing methods,
which he describes as "a completely new
technology," throughout the Bahamas.
Both Jean-Pierre and Monika relate
well to the residents of Crown Haven.
People smile and wave as they drive
through the streets. As people of vision,
they plan to expand their premises to a
twenty-three acre piece of Crown Land
which they have leased. "I would love to
have a day-care centre and a library on
it," says Monika "And see more people
coming for outings to Crown Haven."
With the couple's innovative ideas, the
future of the crawfishing industry looks
very favourable as does the future of this
once isolated settlement.

04 .


The Governor General, Sir Orville Turnquest and Lady Turnquest listen to Jean Pierre
Filios explain the process they use for whole crawfish. Shown above are Sir Orville
Turnquest, Jean Pierre Filios, Administrator Jack Thompson and Lady Turnquest.

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Crossing R.

From Page 24

coming's tee shirt with the rocks and
channel of Crossing Rocks as
background. The Association presented
Mr. Walker with an artist's kit in
appreciation of his work.
The homecoming events were
officially kicked off on August 15th by
Minister of Transport James Knowles, at
a ceremony attended by Bimini and West
End MP David Wallace, Island
Administrator Everette Hart, Deputy
Administrator Preston Cunningham, and
South Abaco Chief District Councillor
Benjamin Pinder. Festivities included a
volleyball match with an out-of-town
squad, which Crossing Rocks won, and
a culminating ecumenical service on
In a town where names like
McKinney, Burrows, Walker and Bain
resonate, there was not-so-young Emma
Bain sitting on the porch of a house a
few steps from the park where delicious
guava duff was sold. Her family had
moved from Crossing Rocks to Sandy
Point in the 1930s and she had married a
Pinder from neighboring Cherokee. She
now lives in Nassau but had come over
for the homecoming, in spite of her bad
And speaking of neighboring
Cherokee, Sen. Michael Bethel and his
family came down for a little fraternity
along with Pat Bethel, whose father used
to ferry Ms. Sands to catch the mailboat.
I left Crossing Rocks that enchanting
Saturday evening with the image and
echo of eight-year-old Senovia Bain, the
star of the cultural show on whom MC
and School Principal Frank Hepburn
called again and again to thrill the crowd
with the honesty of her voice, singing I
Believe I Can Fly, a fitting anthem... for
Crossing Rocks, beautiful hamlet on the
Atlantic Ocean.


FROM Page 11

stating their objection. The people have
even offered an alternative suggestion. If
the developer would consider building
triplex apartments for long term
occupancy, then the town people would
withdraw their objection.
If the Council allows that hotel to be
built, then it is acting as a dictator by not
listening to the people. This is no better
than when Nassau made all our decision.
Local government should be for the
people. This was emphasized recently in
the local government seminar.
The Town Committees, Council and
Boards act too hastily at times. They
should not make decisions without
listening first, they should not push for
decisions at the llth hour and ram
through decisions which are contrary to
the people's wishes.
I would like suggest to the Council

Shavante delivers on the Crossing Rocks

The Abaconian Page 29

Subscribe to

The Abaconian

September 1997
that they not allow any contractors or
architects on Town Planning unless one
was selected as chairman. This would
mean there would be no conflict of
What is local government for? It's for
the people to manage their own affairs.
Yet the boards are not listening.
Sidney Albury

up with
in Abaco

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To Keep

vn -v ;

Page 30 The Abaconian September 1997

Local Govt. Examined After One Year

Seminar FROM Page 3 public and the press and which may not
Administrator to be present as secretary be. Mr. Mills said he had been excluded
at Town Committee, Council and Board from a Town Planning meeting and had
meetings, many meetings did not take had problems with the Central District
place because he could not always be Council over the issue of when' the press
available to attend given his many other may be barred from certain meetings.
duties. This gave rise to a discussion on Mr. McKinney said the Local
the role of the administrators as secretary Government Act does allow for certain
and the desirability of Councils to hire closed meetings depending on the nature
their own secretaries, of the matter being discussed. Mr.
Mr. McKinney pointed out that under McKinney made an analogy to the House
the 1996 Local Government Act, of Assembly and the Cabinet. The press
"secretary" was not simply a clerical but and the public, he said, attend the House
an executive position, one that also but do not sit in on Cabinet meetings.
carried financial responsibilities that were But, he said, the press should be briefed
reserved only to the administrator. He following closed meetings. He also said
suggested this may be an area for local government leaders should be
clarification by way of an amendment to conscientious about holding some
the Act. But in the interim, Councils meetings at regular intervals at which the
need to make arrangements to hire public and the press will feel welcome to
someone who can work closely with the attend.
administrator in carrying out the Whatever the limitations at this point,
functions of recording secretary so that the fact is the press has emerged as an
meetings may be conducted in a timely active engine in the democratic process
fashion. in Abaco that is helping local government
What About the Press? advance in the area of the public's right
to know. The discussion of the issue at
The conference highlighted another the conference also made clear that the
area reflective of the maturing political press and local government officials need
process that was brought to the fore by to work out a relationship of informal
the development of local government protocols in which each side understands
the role of the press. Abaco now has a and appreciates the rights and duties of
radio station, Radio Abaco, in addition to the other in serving p ic. Amicable
ZNS, The Abaconian and the Abaco relations are always preferred to
Journal, as well as local coverage for antagonistic ones.
Nassau Guardian. .
Dundas Town Committee member Mr. The Tail Wagging the Dog
Silbert Mills, in his capacity as reporter Finally, another significant area of
for Radio Abaco, wanted clarification on weakness in Abaco local government that
how a local government body decides surfaced at the conference was the
which meetings may be closed to the relationship between the Council and its
1. -;


y Rand"4 eurf


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Baby & Dating Pictures
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Boards. This discussion arose during the
Hotel Licensing session. Town Planning
in Central Abaco had approved an
application for a hotel construction in the
Little Orchard area of Marsh Harbour to
which residents of that community
vociferously objected. The final decision
was made at a meeting of which the
residents were not informed as promised
by the Board.
Mr. Hart said the problem arose from
lack of proper consultation between the
Board and the Council. Mr. McKinney
pointed out that the Boards are appointed
by the Councils to carry out their policies
and not to act autonomously. "This
incident," he said, "is a case of the tail
wagging the dog."

Mr. Hart said the Councils will have
to find time for regular consultations with
Boards so that such errors are not made
in the future.

Mr. Anthony McKinney

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say that Mrs. Pinder hurt her knee
Cays FROM Page 6 severely on June 13th when she slipped
in a mud puddle. She has spent the
by. The sessions ended at lunch time summer recuperating in a cast and is only
with appetites for more fun. now able to hobble on it briefly. She is
A special thanks to those volunteers under doctor's care in Pensacola,
who shared their surf knowledge with the Florida, and will probably be there
campers. another month before the knee will have
Guana Cay healed enough to return home.
We miss your column, Ch6re, and we
We Miss You, Ch6re Pinder are sure that the school children miss
Perhaps you have missed the news that their principal and teacher at the Guana
we have from Guana Cay each month Cay School. We wish you a complete
provided by Ch6re Pinder. We regret to recovery to allow you to return soon.

Don and Bonnie Albury of Man-O- War announce the adoption
of Savannah Leigh, age 3, and Zackery Domonic, Age 2, on June
7, 1997. The children are from India.

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September 1997 The Abaconian Page 31

r *e9

Hope Town children stand in Taylor Park behind their maintenance -free vinyl fencing. The
initial 66 feet of fencing was donated by Colonial Fencing in Marsh Harbour and 530 feet
was provided at cost. Installation was by Hope Town volunteers. The solid vinyl material
is expected to give many years of maintenance free service.

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I mmmmini

age 32 The Ahacoulan September 1997

El Nifo

FROM Page 20

severity is forming in the Pacific Ocean.
Several indications support this. Earlier
this year two powerful Madden-Julian
waves travelled eastward from the Indian
Ocean. These are knots of wind and rain
which have been shown to weaken trade
winds. In addition the sea surface of
South America is four degrees warmer
than normal and last month the trade
winds reversed from a west to east
direction. As a result meteorologists,
oceanographers and scientists are all on
their toes.
Undoubtedly research and time will
combine to unveil more about this bizarre
global phenomenon, but for the moment
we can no more second guess its
movements than we can the "unruly
El Nifio in 1997
The El Niflo which is forming now is
expected t.o be a very severe one,
probably the worst one since studies
began about 150 years ago. It is building
up to be even more disastrous than the
bad one of 1982-1983. Already the
fishermen of Peru are realizing that fish
supplies have already dwindled. The
western coast of the United States is
making preparations now for severe
weather disturbances. This winter rainfall
in some areas, including the western
coast of the United States, will be triple
the normal amount while droughts are
expected elsewhere. It is affecting the
rainfall on the Korean peninsula,
worsening the drought. Many North
Koreans are facing starvation as a result.
More knowledge of El Nifio is
accumulating and many nations are
studying the effects. Recently 70 buoys
were placed along the Equator in the
Pacific Ocean with sensing instruments
reaching down one-third of a mile. The
data from these instruments is transmitted
to a satellite for relaying to a weather
research facility giving scientists even
more information for analysis.

One benefit which we can appreciate is
that hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean and
Caribbean area are less severe during the
time when El Nifio is strong. This year's
record seems to bear this out.

Moores Is. FROM Page 25
and Fashion Extravaganza was held at
Lobster Park in Hard Bargain. This
setting gathered over 450 people. At the
show they hosted items such as skits,
dances, poets and songs that gave the
crowd animation and laughter. And the
Extravaganza was strictly the old days.
They modeled clothes from the early
1940s and late 1980s. Assisting with
these activities was Millie Dawkins and
the Murphy Town Community Dancers.
Later on that night Mr. Eugene Staggerly
Davis held a concert at the Airport Inn.
Mr. Davis is also a home comer who
ways he really enjoys the home coming.
On August 3rd a church service was
held at the Greater Bethel Baptist Church
in Hard Bargain. The speaker for this
occasion was the Rev. Clifford Greene,
who is the Pastor of the Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Church in Nassau. His text came
from Genesis 1 where he spoke about the
beginning which he referred to the Home
Coming since it was the beginning for
the Moore's Islanders. On Sunday night
a Grand Gospel Concert was held. A
group from Nassau was invited who sang
their hearts out. The Zion Baptist Praise
Dancers and Choir were also invited and
willingly blessed the hearts of the crowd.
On the closing day which was August
Monday there was a conch cracking
contest. The winner of this contest was
Mrs. Annie Darville and placing last was
Mrs. Rozena Swain. These activities
were held on Long Bay in Hard Bargain.
Later that night all roads led to the Sand
Bar where Mr. Eugene held his last
concert. His assistant DJ Bobby also
gave the crowd the best of the latest hits.
The community of Moore's Island along

with their visiting friends and relatives
closed the Homecoming with an "All
Night Celebration".

Evans FROM Page 12
he cautioned. "Start small and good."
Mr. Evans said he would like to see
more linkages, as more hotels are built,
in crafts and agriculture. Growing
peppers and making pepper sauce for the
hotels should be easy and profitable, he
advised. He said people in North Abaco
should also be able to produce sheets and
pillow cases to supply hotels. He urged
the group to be supportive of one another
and to be community minded, especially
in patronizing their own local businesses.

Abaco Air Charter Service
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Bahamas and Florida
* Twin Engine, Six & Nine Passenger Aircraft
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SNew Area Code 649

The area code for Turks and Caicos Islands has been changed
from 809 to 649. A permissive dialing period until May 1998
allows the use of either area code. However, BaTelCo encour-
ages you to begin using the new 649 area code immediately.
Remember to reprogramme Facsimile machines and other elec-
tronic communications devices to reflect this change.



Sof Fisheries

Permit to Construct

an Artificial reef

The Department of Fisheries wishes to inform the general public
that the sinking of decommissioned vessels within the Exclusive
Fishery Zone to create an artificial reef requires the approval of
the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.
According to the Fisheries Resources (Jurisdiction &
Conservation) Regulations it is an offense to construct any
artificial reef within the Exclusive Fishery Zone without the
written approval of the Minister.
This stipulation is necessary so as to ensure that the artificial reef
does not pose a navigational hazard to sea-going vessels and
does not negatively impact the marine environment and fisheries

Possession and Sale Prohibited of

Coral of any form or Juvenile Conch Shells

The Department of Fisheries reminds the general public that
possession and sale of coral of any form or juvenile conch shells
constitute an offence against the Fisheries Regulations. Persons
exempted are those who are either in possession of valid Shop
Licences or have obtained written authorization from the Minister
of Agriculture & Fisheries.

Fisheries Inspectors will be on the alert to ensure compliance
with the regulations. Violators can expect to be prosecuted to
the fullest extent of the law.
The Department of Fisheries requests the cooperation of all
persons concerned.
Director of Fisheries

Turks & Caicos Islands

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As to Treasure Cay's future, Mr.
Evans said he is involved in some
promising negotiations with prospective
developers, but he cannot make any
positive announcements yet, as much as
he would like to.
District Chief Councillor Joe Norris,
in his welcoming remarks, said the talk
by Mr. Evans was the first in a series of
lectures and discussions sponsored by the
Economic Advisory Committee to help
put North Abaconians in a position to
benefit from what's happening in the
country economically. The meeting was
chaired by Deputy Chief Councillor
Gersil Edgecombe, who is chairman of
the committee.




September 1997 The Abaconian Page 33

FROM Page Ministry to Give an Eco-Tourism Course

week before school opened.
Under the new local government
system, the District Council is
responsible for school repairs and
maintenance. Mr. Malone said there has
to be a concerted effort among school
personnel, parents and community to put
a check on the destruction.
As for the Council, Mr. Malone said
they are juggling staff to see if they
could get someone to double as grounds
keeper and caretaker for each school.
Having someone present at all times
might act as a deterrent.
Forest Heights Academy
Mr. Mike Meeson, Principal of Forest
Heights Academy in Marsh Harbour, is
happy to announce that there will be new
teaching staff joining the school in
Ms Lesley Kennedy will be teaching
lower school subjects, Mr. David Cole
language and physical education, Mr.
Paul Vernal computing and business
studies and Mr. Homer Spencer religious
knowledge. (He is a Presbyterian
There are few changes in the
curriculum, except there will be extra
assistance for children experiencing
difficulties in maths and English. Every
student will be doing some computing.
So far there has been a 15% increase in
enrollment but this could rise higher
closer to school opening.
The new school is under construction
on Don MacKay Boulevard across from
Abaco Trucking. Presently, the students
and staff are in temporary
accommodation on the campus of St.
Francis School.
"But," said Mr. Meeson, "the staff and
children are excited about the move
which we are confident will be during the
school year."
Agape School -
By Stephanie Himnble-'one.
Agape School in Marsh Harbour is
going into its fourth year. This year
Grades 7 will be added and every year
another grade will he added. Principal
Cecile Albury foresee i high schooll
with grades up to 12 and students going
directly to college from there
There has been an increase in the
student body this year trom a registered
80 students last year to 126 this coming
winter term. There will be a total of 11
staff members, four of whom are new
assistants and one ne" teacher.
Grades 5, 6 and 7 will be learning
about computers. French will be
introduced into the school for Grade 7.
This year there are plans to include
softball and track and field. Tennis is
also planned for the future.
Mrs. Albury said, "We do our best to
provide a good and solid education and
teach them God's word."
St. Francis de Sales
St. Francis is adding several new staff
members. For the first time Mrs. Betty
Hegney will be teaching for the first time
on Abaco and will work with grade 7
students. Also joining the staff are Mr.
Victor, grade 5; Miss Salandy, grade 1
and Mrs. Thompson teaching Spanish for
grades 3 through 7. Six of their ten staff
members have bachelor and master
degrees. The others have all 'been
certified abroad.
They are looking forward to an
exciting school year. They are adding
several new programs to their curriculum
and expanding their current programs
including Spanish, home economics,
computer science, music; art, physical
education and inter/intra-scholastic

The Ministry of Tourism will host a
workshop on eco-tourism on Abaco on
September 15th to 18th. The workshop
will be open to all private and public
residents and will present the preparation
of green product development and
marketing. This workshop is for all those
interested in improving the environmental
excellence of their company or
"The basis of our tourism product is
the environment and the future of our
tourism industry is closely linked to the
plans we put in place now to ensure its
sustainability," according to Mr. Earlston
McPhee, manager of Marketing,
Planning and Research in the Ministry of
Tourism. With this concept in mind, the
Ministry is developing a training program
for all who are interested in establishing
eco-tourism product or "greening" their
The workshop will introduce
participants to each phase of the tourism
planning process from the initial concept
to marketing their product. They will be
provided with practical techniques for

"going green" and will work in small
groups to assess and solve planning
The workshop will be conducted by
James MacGregor, well known eco-
tourism planner and educator, assisted by
Mr. McPhee.

The Bahamas has been awarded
several prestigious awards for their
efforts in developing eco-tourism.
The charge for this seminar is $50.
For more information contact the Abaco
Ministry of Tourism office in Marsh
Harbour at 367-3067.

Imperial Life Financial was pleased to assist Trauma One, an ambulance service in Marsh
Harbour. Mr. Dashwell A. Flowers, Branch Manager, Northern Bahamas, is shown above
presenting a contribution to Mrs. Linda Wiltfang representing Trauma One. Imperial Life
Financial was pleased to able to assist in defraying some of the operational expenses of
Trauma One.







Call Your Travel Agent or for Reservations & Information:

Florida Destinations: 800-525-0280

Bahamas Destinations: 800-231-0856


....... ........ ....... ..................... ........ .. .... ............. I........................ ..... .......................... ........................... .................................. .. ..... ............... ............... .. ..............

'rae 34 The Abaconian September 1997

Local Gov.

From Page 16

final approval on the recommendation of
a particular board.
Mr. McDonald wants all contact with
Central Government in Nassau to be
through the Council, prohibiting any
contact with Nassau by other local
government members.
Airport: The septic tank and the deep
disposal wells are not working. Local
engineers will be contacted for ideas.
It was noted that 41,019 international
passengers arrived in Marsh Harbour
through the terminal in the first seven
months of 1997. Arriving aircraft totaled
4447 for the same period excluding
domestic passengers or flights.
Look to the future: Administrator Hart
asked the Council to becoming more pro-
active and be less reactive. He wants the
Council to be more involved with future
plans for the area.


FROM Page 14

government approval under the terms of
his license to sell it for a 'bona-fide'
offer. According to the salvaging laws of
the Bahamas and his license agreement,
Mr. Malone must first get permission to
sell the artifacts, then is entitled to three
quarters ofthe price offered with the
remainder going to the Bahamian

Special Meeting 29 August 1997
Air Boat Ltd Hotel: The chairmen of
Town Planning and the Marsh Harbour
Committee met with Mr. Knowles, the
developer, and several residents of the two
subdivisions which border the proposed
hotel site. The group hoped to agree
on a compromise. After an hour they
concluded without reaching a consensus.
Mr. Knowles said the matter was now in
the hands of his lawyer, Mr. Obie Pindling.


FROM Page 2

for those two townships to participate
meaningfully in the work of their
respective districts. One solution
reportedly put forward was to
recommend to central government that

Regatta FROM Page 17
T-shirts and souvenirs, a lounge for VIP's
and the press and at least one phone line for
sending the race results to Nassau.
Electricity will have to be provided for
musicians and e' eniini lights.
Mr. Hart thought the event could be
scheduled if $60,000 were raised. He is
now in contact with one Nassau firm over
a potential sponsorship of $10,000.
David Philips of the Bluff House and
Mrs. Brendal Stevens of Brendal's Dive
Shop thought the Regatta concept was a
good idea and believed that the resorts
would support the project. Commodore
Smith of Green Turtle Cay felt that the
project was well on track.

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Houses and Land For Sale or Rent

Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue $7
Picture and 4 lines $25.00
Additional lines at $2.00 per line.
Display classified $18 per column inch
We can take the photo within the
Marsh Harbour area or use your photo.
Call 242-367-2677, FAX 3677 3/97

line Lighibourne Kea C lalete
CASUARINA POINT Large home on three
canal lots, 240' canal frontage, across from
beach, ideal for conversion to diving/fishing
resort $400,000
LITTLE HARBOUR 6 acres elevated land,
runs sea to sea, beautiful frontage in harbour,
2 bed 2 bath home, full A/C, 100 ft dock with
dockhouse, a luxury property $790,000
TREASURE CAY interior residential lot on
golf course $8,000 Canal lot $80,000
SANDY POINT 50 acres, over 2,000 ft.
waterfront, beach, next to airstrip, ideal for
marina Call for details
SCOTLAND CAY N. end, 5.6 acres, beautiful
beach, protected on lee side Call for details
PRIVATE ISLAND close to Hope Town, 5
acres, tropical vegetation, dock, little harbour,
incomplete home Call for details
GUANA CAY 2.2 acres, sea to sea, beach on
ocean side $175,000
GREEN TURTLE CAY large multi-family
lot on 60' hilltop, minute walk from beach,
great views $150,000
MAN-O-WAR main house & guest house on
1/4 acre, crow's nest, new roof, furnished,
mooring in harbour $250,000
ELBOW CAY 3 bed 2 bath with 2 cottges and
dock on back creek, good views of lighthouse
and harbour $350,000
MARSH HARBOUR lot 55x1 10 across from
Solomon Brothers $72,000
MARSH HARBOUR commercial lot across
from Conch Inn 100 x 255 $350,000
COOPER'S TOWN 2.5+ acre waterfront lots,
road to sea $25,000
PRINCE CAY 9 acre island, good beach and
vegetation, elevations $335,000
ACREAGE between Treasure Cay and the
airport, road to sea, good elevation & depth of
water, approx. 7 acres $79,500
Lubber's Quarters interior lot with financing
From $19,750
Call or come in and see us
Tel 242-325-1950 or 242-322-4148
Dundas Town 3V2 acres seafront property.
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Waterfront lots with private boat slips
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Pinder's Real Estate
Great Guana Cay, Abaco,
"The Unspoiled Island"
Over 200 lots starting at $25,000, also acreage,
oceanfront, hilltop and bayside lots
Pinder's Cottages, 2 & 3 bedroom, $650 to
$700 weekly. A summer special or $350 per
week per person includes 0 one day fishing &
diving 0 One day snorkeling & island hopping
* boat & guide 0 all equipment included 0 6
to 30 people ,
Great Guana Cay waterfront houses built in
under 3 mo starting at $165,000 includes lot,
about 1000 Sq ft house with 2 bedroom, 2
bath, deck, porch & 12,000 gal cistern,
Call Edmund or Cher6 Pinder at 365-5046 or
CHERE B on VHF Ch 16
Guana Cay 5% Acre waterfront ridge top with
47' elevation on bluff on sound. Stunning
views, public road, electricity available, town
1 mile. $375,000 all or part, Brochure, Brian
954-942-4177, Fax 954-942-7230 or Edmund
Pinder in Guana Cay 242-365-5046
Hope Town 2 bed 2 bath 2 story home with
12,000 gallon water tank, dockage rights,
hilltop view of ocean and harbour. Near HT
Harbour Lodge. Contact David in Freeport
242-351-4731 (352-5594 after 8 p.m.) or Fax
Leisure Lee 11,726 Sq. Ft. Cleared Lot w/80
ft seawall & 40 ft dock, water & elec. avail.
$50,000 Call Reg Sands 367-2741
:~ 'TlL

Man-O-War beautiful property "Sea-to-Sea"
with ocean view/frontage and harbor frontage,
with boat dock, approx. 2 acres @ $575,000
Phone Haziel Albury 242-365-6178, Fax 242-
Man-O-War Large quiet wooded lots with
private path to fine beach; all with
underground elect. Some with private path to
harbour and dock location. Harcourt
Thompson, M-O-W Cay (242) 365-6060
Man-O-War Sea to sea large beach front lot
Call 242-365-6181

Land & Sea


Commercial & Residential
Homes 0 Apts. Rentals Acreage
P.O. Box AB 20179
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Office phone & Fax 242-367-3276
Evenings 242-367-2789

ELBOW CAY Parcel on bayside near Fry's
Mangrove, 71' x 280' Semi protected cove,
elec. power, $98,000
LITTLE HARBOUR Two storey house with
great harbour view, private dockspace. Fully
equipped solar system. On half acre parceTfwith
ocean view as well. $275,000
subdivision, 160 ft. from eastern beach, along
developed strip Priced to move at $17,500
Call Victor at 242-367-2749
or Fax at 242-367-2748
Haziel L Albury, J.P., Man-O-War's most
experienced real estate broker, Lots from
$45,000, Vacation homes from $175,000. Call
242-365-6178 or 365-6090, Fax 365-6159
Man-O-War WANTED Land or modest
house. Jim Greig, P.O.Box 1600, Bernalillo,
NM 87004 USA or call 505-867-6629
Man-O-War Beautifully furnished oceanfront
3Br home on 3/4 acre, 2 Br. Guest house
w/ocean view, utility bldg. & garage, standby
gen., sat. dish, golf cart, 50,000 gal cistern, ++,
ready to live in, Call Nancy 365-6329
Marsh Harbour 2 b/2b 2300 sq ft on 30,000
sq ft lot (Keys Track Grant K-145). Fully
furnished, central AC, C-band & DSS, Kristi
Wong 367-2166 days.
Marsh Harbour Two vacant lots in Great
Abaco Club gated community with seawall,
facing the Hope Town lighthouse. Dedicated
harbour side dock. $170,000 each or $320,000
both. Real Estate Exchange in Freeport 242-
351-4731, Fax 351-4736, Ask for David
Marsh Harbour Pelican Shore 3 bedroom, 2
bath. Buy or rent. Call 367-2661 after 6 p.m.
Marsh Harbour Govt Subdivision, 3 bed 2
bath, 2143 sq. ft., 3,000 gal. cistern, garage,
satellite. Call Kevin 367-3033 at work or 367-
2333 after 5.
Scotland Cay Blue Crab Cottage, beautiful
ocean and bay view on 1.5 lots, 2 bedrooms
plus loft, large cistern, satellite, new furniture
appliances & more. $265,000 Call Hills at 242-
357-6617 or 512-261-6029
Scotland Cay Bay front lot over V2 acre
landscaped and cleared for a home. $165,000.
Call 242-357-6617 or 512-261-6029
Treasure Cay 2350 sq. ft. house on 90' x 177'
lot w/80' dock on canal. Call 365-8028 or Fax


Real Estate
-- Agency Ltd.

Helping people find their dream
spot since 1978. Beachfront,
Hilltop, Acreage, Residential,
Commercial, & Investment
Properties. We also have rental
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Wml Exchange lots in FL (6), NC (1), MO
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island or land. Stanley 561-287-9294

Casuarina Point on the beach 19 miles S. of
Marsh H. 2bd/2bth, furnished, Air cond. & Sat.
TV, linens & kitchenware, Bonefishing
available, 242-367-4022 daytime
Cooper's Town
Weekly Apartment Rental
Bonefish Guides Available
S 2 Bedroom
Full Kitchen
Air Conditioned
Satellite TV
Jedco Inn & Apartments Ltd.
Call 242-367-4008 evenings
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Hope Town Turtle Hill ocean view 4 cottages,
2 bed 2 bath, all with kitchens, air conditioned,
pool, private access to beach, includes golf
cart, Call 242-366-0557
Marsh Harbour, Hill Top Apartment for rent,
pink building, 2 bed 1 V/ bath, central a/c,
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Marsh Harbour Spacious waterfront
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Matt Lowe's Cay, Rent the only house on 50
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Come Find The Treasure in Treasure Cay
LUXURY Fully equipped 2 bed/2 bath condo.
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BAHAMAS VACATIONS 100+ private Out
Island homes, resorts, villas for rent Free listing.
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each of the two cays become separate

The local government leaders in Abaco
left the conference with much to mull
over, much to correct, and much to be
proud of. Certainly a sense of
"Abaconess," regardless of location, age,
race, gender, occupation or party
affiliation was shown to be emerging
from the existence and practice of local
government. The conference also made
clear that only people who are serious
about leading in the interests of the entire
community, should run for office.

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The Abaconian

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Business Briefs

Abaco Bahamas Charters in Hope propeller repair in Alabama. Mr. Albury
Town is now under the management of can rehub and recondition outboard
Chris Prewitt. The business which has engine propellers and can handle most
primarily chartered bareboat sailboats inboard propellers. He can work with
expects to expand into chartering trawlers aluminum, stainless or brass. The
and multi-hull boats. Mr. Prewitt is a business is located on Don MacKay
long time visitor and a second home Boulevard by Western Auto in Marsh
owner. The business is the oldest Harbour.
continuously operating charter boat fleet Solomon Brothers Ltd has been
in Abaco, having been started in the bought by Abaco Markets and will
1960s by Bert Russell. change its business name to Solomons
Abaco Marine Props specializes in all Abaco Ltd. The new owners do not
types of propeller repairs. The business expect to make any changes in personnel
is owned and operated by Jason Albury, or policies. Abaco Markets has many
who did an 18-month apprenticeship in owners both on Abaco and in Nassau.

Green Turtle Man FNM Wins Seat
Killed in Accident in South Andros
On August 29th Christopher The Free National Movement won a
Hodgkins of Green Turtle Cay was
killed instantly when a pre-fabricated bye-election held in South Andros on
on him during September 5th. Mr. Ronald Bosfield is
wall collapsed on him during
construction at the Bluff House. The winning candidate, defeating the
tragedy happened when a wall Progressive Liberal Party candidate, Mr.
tragedy happened when a wall Neville Adderley. The FNM now holds
collapsed on him while a crew was
attempting to put another two-ton slab 35 seats out of 40 in the House ofsembly.
into place. The construction is part of Assembly.
an expansion program under way to The seat was vacated when the former
be called Marina Village. prime minister, Sir Lynden Pindling,
resigned his seat.

Students Away at School

Photographs wanted

Our next issue will feature students away at school. If you
know students attending a college, technical or vocational
school, call us at 367-2677 so we can include them.

Minimum for 3 Lines in one Issue $7
Picture and 4 lines $25.00
Additional lines at $2.00 per line.
Display classified $18 per column inch
We can take the photo within the
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PAINTING, Interior & Exterior Pressure
Cleaning & Mildew removal 0 Water-proofing
* Roofing 0 Rotten wood replaced
Leroy Tucker, Marsh Harbour, 367-3849

wanted for up-scale out-island resort. Captains
license necessary. Couple will be considered.
Phone 365-4360

OLD EYE GLASSES or cases for mission
trip for the needy. Can be dropped off at New
Plymouth Hardware or Abaco Treasures.

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$1,100;Trumpet Antique German Silver
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12 KW Lister generator, water cooled, low
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Enclosed trailer 14 ft long, 7 ft wide & 6 ft
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Peavy 16 channel mixing sound board, 2
monitor & 2 effects sends per channel, very
good condition. $1,500
Peavy CS 800 Power Amp. with road case,
very good condition. $1,500
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1976 JEEP CJ7 Fiberglass body, SS
accessories, engine in good shape. $2500.
Allen Werthman 365-4462
1988 Oldsmobile very good condition.
Must sell immediately $4,500
7.5 KW Quicksilver gas generator $ 800
1994 Honda scooter, elite 80cc $1,000
Computer NEC Multimedia Pentium 75 with
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1991 FORD TEMPO, good condition,
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1988 Buick Skyhawk, $4,000. Call 366-0041
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September 1997 The Abaconian Page 35

Drama in Hope Town

By Tara Hingle, 10th Grade Student
Forest Heights School
Andrew Russell, aged 25, is a resident
of Hope Town whose wife was in the
States at the time of the incident giving
birth to the couple's first child. Andrew
does construction for a living, and is in
the process of building a house in White
"Always expect the unexpected!" were
the words that Nurse Letty had just
uttered to a visiting nurse right before
Andrew Russell stumbled up to the clinic,
wide eyed, shaking and holding his head,
blood gushing down his head and arms.
Standing in the doorway, he slowly
muttered, "Nurse Letty, I have been
struck by lightning."
After a thorough examination Nurse
Lefty was bewildered, "We all know that
what enters must exit." There was no exit
mark. The only thing that they found

Last month The Abaconian had an
article about the mailboat, the MIA
DEAN. The schedule of the MIA DEAN
is quite erratic. She is scheduled to leave
Nassau on Tuesday evenings arriving in
Marsh Harbour on Wednesday mornings.
However, many weeks that schedule is
not adhered to and it seems that it can
come any day including Fridays and
The only way for anyone to know that
week's schedule is to listen to ZNS on
AM radio, 810 on the dial on Tuesdays
at Noon or 6 p.m. for departure times
from Nassau.

19' Aquasport 1978, w/1989 Johnson 150
HP, low hrs., includes trailer. $3000 obo See
at Rich's Rental, call Leo 802-748-8324
22'3" ETAP 22i unsinkable Danish sailboat,
draft 1'4" 4'1" w/adjustable keel, custom
sails, 1988, fun weekend racer, 15 h.p.
Yamaha, Duty Pd., priced to sell at $25,000.
May be seen at Edwin's Boat Yard #2, call
359-6064 or WILD ONION on VHF 16

27' Hunter sailboat 1979, duty paid,
Bahamian Registery, 8 hp diesel inboard,
depth finder, auto helmhn, stove, Bimini &
more. Was $15,000 now reduced to $12,500
ono. Available for viewing at The Abaco Inn,
Call 366-0133
34' Wood Hull Sport Fisherman, 1986
Ford Diesels, 1,000 hours, stainless fuel
tanks, many accessories, duty pd. $19,500
ono. Contact Keith at Edwin's Boat Yard
365-6006 or P.O. Box AB20357 Marsh

wrong was a four-inch laceration in the
back of his head.
Within minutes the clinic had filled up
with concerned relatives who had "heard
it through the grape vine."
One of them decided to venture up to
the house and investigate. Arriving there,
he discovered that the lightning had not
hit Andrew, but all of the wiring in the
house, causing a piece of wood to hit
Andrew in the head. His head required
only five stitches and Nurse Letty did the
Dramatic was not the word that I
would choose to describe this day. After
Andrew's sister left the clinic, reassured
that he would "live," she went home to
discover that lightning had struck a wire
hanging above her house. There was no
major fire and everyone was all right.
Drama has 'struck' once again in



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34' SEARAY Sundancer, twin 1996 454,
FWC, A/C, generator, ice maker, radar, Chart
Link, color fish, depth, windlass, outriggers,
VCR, head w/shower, sleeps 6, new interior,
carpet & cockpit vinyl, very nice boat.
$49,500 Call 367-3234

36' BOTEL houseboat, fully equipped, A/C,
stove, frige, etc. Engine needs some work,
asking $10,000. Call Nassau 242-324-1147
after 5 P.M.
36' Fishing Boat w/two 3208 Cats, one
Westerbeke gen., extras. Call 365-4261
40' x 17' Houseboat 9 ceilings, open and
airy, loft, front & rear porch, air conditioned,
fridge & microwave. Duty Pd. A gem.
$20,000 Call 561-329-0782 work, 471-7214

52' Houseboat 1988 custom aluminum hull,
2 Volvo turbo 130 HP dual prop 1/0, 10 KW
gen. set, 2 Cruisaire AC, fully furnished &
equipped. 320 gal diesel, 700 gal water, sleeps
8, full galley, 3 staterooms, $110,000 Firm
Call 367-2043

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Page 36 The Ahaeonlan September 1997



A promise to pay when things
go wrong or when disaster strikes.

For an insurance company that
means having the long-term stability
to be here when our policyholders
need us and having the financial
strength to meet our claims.

In 1992, after Hurricane Andrew, _________________
Sun Alliance in The Bahamas paid out
over twenty two million dollars in property
and marine insurance claims.

Sun Alliance promises its policyholders
a superior financial security and claims
paying ability.

We're ready to serve you and ready to see
that we deliver on our promises.

Call us today!

Daron Roberts & Ginnie Sawyer
Stratton Drive, P. O. Box AB-20404, Marsh Harbour
TEL (242) 367-2549
FAX (242) 367-3075

Sun Alliance Insurance (Bahamas) Limited
is a subsidiary of Royal & Sun Alliance Group plc one of the world's top 10 quoted insurance companies