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Creation Date: March 1997
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FNM Wins 34 of 40 Seats

Two Abaco House Members Re-elected

- "-.. -, "i 4..-

The Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, Prime Minister, and MP Robert Sweeting share a moment together at Moores Island the
day.before they were both re-elected by a wide margin. Moore's Island and Spring City went with Edison Key. Cedar
Harbour and Murphy Town gave Felix Sawyer the majority. Of the 2960 voters in the North, 92% voted while 95% of
the 2340 of those registered in the South went to the polls. Voting details of each polling district are inside.

57% Want More of

The Past 5 Years
The Free National Moement,. under
the leadership of the Rt. Hon. Hubert A.
Ingraham, won the national election by a
tremendous landslide. They won 34 out
of 40 seats in an unprecedented victory.
All of the 32 FNM Members of
Parliament were re-elected. Campaigning
under the slogan Two Straight. the party
won all the Family Islands seals with the
exception of South Andros which stayed
loyal to Sir Lynden 0. Pindling. the
previous prime minister.
In Nassau with a total of 24 seals, the
FNM won 19 which gives the FNM an
851i majority in the House of Assembly.
The polls were closed just three and one
half hours when the Free National
Movement was declared the w inner. The
FNM became the first party ever to hold
34 seats in the House even though the


Page 26

F A Youthful Supporter

Silbert Mills Brings Radio to Abaco

Radio Bahamas is on the air and is
being heard in the far reaches of Abaco,
from Moore's Island to Crown Haven.
The station is an FM station located at
93.5 on the dial. Mrs. Dolly Mills, with
her husband Silbert Mills, began
broadcasting on March 15th with 25
watts which was increased to full power
of 1000 watts within a few days.

The tower and studio are located in
Dundas Town across from Bayview
Restaurant. The tower is now at 140 feet
and Mr. Mills expects to raise it to 180
feet within a few days when the wind
subsides. The tower is located on a 30
foot hill which will give it additional
coverage. However, at this tima until
PLEASE SEE Radio Page35

Party Supporters

Celebrate FNM Win
The members of the Free National
Movement on Abaco were jubilant when
the news came that the FNM had won so
overwhelmingly. Abaco now has two
seats which both went to the FNM.
Robert Sweeting will represent South
Abaco and the Rt. Hon. Hubert
Ingraham, Prime Minister for his second
term, is the representative for North
Celebrations were dampened on Friday
night as the crowds gathered in down
town Marsh Harbour. A severe
rainstorm, dumping two inches of rain
and lasting well over an hour diminished
the display of enthusiasm but not the
spirit of happiness which the people felt.
During this past term, Mr. Ingraham
represented the Cooper's Town

PLEASE SEE Celebrates

Page 35

Ashley Page waves her pom-pom in
full support at an evening FNM rally.

Advance Clocks One
Hour A ril 6th

Daylight Savings Time begins 2 a.m.
April 6. Set your clocks ahead one
hour either at bedtime on the 5th or
on the morning of the 6th.

The Abaconian
7571 N.W. 78th Street
Medley FL 33166-7530
Forward and Address Correction

PERMIT #5050



By Stephanie Humblestone who
interviewed Robert Sweeting, MP for
South Abaco, the day before the General
On the eve of the 1997 general
election's Robert Sweeting graciously
agreed to a short interview at the FNM
Headquarters, where the air was
positively charged with pre-election

MP Robert Sweeting
Mr. Sweeting looked surprisingly fresh
and relaxed despite his hectic schedule
over the weeks leading up to the election.
"I've been going sixteen hours a day and
haven't been home much," he smiled. I
attributed his lighthearted manner to a
mixture of quiet confidence and relief
that the end of the election campaign was
finally in sight.

We searched, perhaps a little
unrealistically, for a corner away from
the hubbub and finally settled for a
vacant desk a bit too close to the
incessant ringing of the telephone and the
voices of the ever-growing throng of
supporters. I began with the inevitable
Stephanie: Do you anticipate winning
the seat for South Abaco?
Robert: (emphatically) Yes, I do. I am
very confident. We are celebrating
already. Even though the other side has
put in a lot of financing, we know that
the people of Abaco can not be bought.
Stephanie: If you are re-elected would
you think it was on the strength of your
personality or the politics of the party as
a whole.
Robert: I would naturally like to think
it would be a combination of both, plus
a good organisational team and solid
infrastructure here in Marsh Harbour.
All would have contributed in returning
the FNM to power.
Stephanie: What would be your
biggest fears for the Bahamas if the PLP
won the election?
Robert: I think my biggest fears would
be the flaying of foreign investment in
the country, the destruction of the
economy and the victimisation of the
Stephanie: Sir Lynden claims there has
been a "massive build-up of momentum
in favour of the PLP" since the last poll
was taken. Is this last minute political
bravado or is there real evidence for

Robert: The numbers of FNM
supporters has been continually
increasing at political rallies all through
the Bahamas and people are openly
praising the FNM. I am actually
surprised at the limited amount of
opposition propaganda.
Stephanie: In 1992 the FNM came into
power with a 56% majority. What, as a
calculated guess, would you predict this
Robert: (without hesitation) 60%.
Stephanie: One of the criticisms
levelled at the FNM by the PLP is that
people are "worse off now than they
were in 1992." You claim that the people
of Abaco are definitely better off with
improvements in such areas as roads,
docks, drainage systems. Are the people
throughout the Bahamas better off, too?
Robert: Again I think this criticism is
PLP propaganda. Certainly people are
better off. We eliminated duty on
cement. We reduced duty on plywood,
building materials and windows by 50%.
Incomes have increased. We, in the
Government, set an example of $120 per
week (minimum) and we expect private
enterprise to follow suit.
Stephanie: If re-elected, what are your
main hopes for the youth of Abaco?
Robert: We would like to dwell more
on sports. This has been very neglected
in the past. We have some very real
talent here in Abaco. In the last
Olympics a girl from Abaco received a
silver medal, and one other gentleman
from North Abaco placed fourth. There
is a lot of potential in swimming. I
personally would like to see

encouragement in this area. We have
plans for a gymnasium in Central Abaco
on the drawing board right now.
Stephanie: What do you feel were two
of your greatest contributions to the
constituency of South Abaco under the
last FNM Administration?
Robert: I was instrumental in pushing
for local government and working with
it. But my biggest accomplishment I feel
initiating the construction of the new 107
mile paved highway which links north
and south Abaco.
Stephanie: Your party slogan of
"Better Now. Better to come! What will
be amongst the best in Abaco if the FNM
is returned to power?
Robert: There will be new docking
facilities in Marsh Harbour, a new
airstrip terminal in Marsh Harbour and a
new airstrip on Moore's Island.
Stephanie: What were you unable to
complete during your last term but intend
to fulfill in the course of your next?
Robert: The road building which is in
progress in the cays, such as Hope Town
and Guana Cay, will be completed.
Stephanie: If you could change
anything in your last term what would it
Robert: I really can't think of
anything. I have been in politics for five
years. I worked steadily to achieve what
I believed in during my last term and
will continue in the same manner during
my next.
I thanked Mr. Sweeting, wished him
luck and witnessed something close to a
vanishing act. If elected, let's all hope
there is more magic in store for us!


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g2 The Abeonian March 1997

The Morning before The Night After

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March 1997

Page 4 The Abaeonlan March 1997

The Voters Have Strong Opinions

Stephanie Humblestone I
It was thumbs up in the Abacos as
thousands flocked to the polls to vote for
a government to carry their country
safely into the 21st century.
A purple thumb mark separated the
crew from the passengers, the voters
from the "don't knows" and "don't
cares," but at the same time said nothing
of their political choice.
The streets of Marsh Harbour were
unusually congested and one had to take
care driving. People stood in small
groups, chatting, exchanging ideas and
predicting the outcome of the election.
Many gathered outside their respective
party headquarters, FNM supporters
proudly sporting shirts emblazoned with
their emblem of a red torch while PLP's
played a lower profile. One forthright
lady at the PLP office did not mince her
words on this subject.
"It was different at the last election;
people were more up front about the
party they supported. We wore PLP T-
shirts and carried bumper stickers on our
cars. This time we fear victimisation or
loss of jobs."
Some people I met expressed their
feelings in no uncertain terms. "They are
both useless," said one man cynically,
"so I am voting PLP as they are only
marginally better. The FNM is selling
out my country; they are just puppets
with foreign investors pulling the strings,
and as the poor get poorer, the rich get
richer." A companion interjected with,
"Every government undoes what the last
government did. What upset me was the
fact that the FNM made laws and didn't

enforce them, for example the $10,000
fine to illegal immigrants. They never
collect it but they always enforce laws on
the poor."
I stopped a woman as she was entering
Golden Harvest Supermarket. She wore
a pristine FNM T-shirt bearing the name
of Robert Sweeting, the candidate for
South Abaco. No one could accuse her of
not being 'up front' about her political
convictions! "The FNM will get in; it's
a foregone conclusion," she said. "They
have done so much for the country and
for Abaco. We have better roads, better
services and an improved standard of
living. "Two Straight" she blasted as she
went on her way. "Good luck", I replied,
charged by her enthusiasm.
In a corner of The Golden Grouper I
spoke with two residents of Man-O-War,
an FNM stronghold, who were
surprisingly scathing about the FNM
Government. "They did nothing for the
country except place large taxes on
gasoline and food and increased the
national debt," complained one of them
while the other laughed, "Roads! Roads!
We could have built our own roads if we
could have kept more of our revenues in
the cays. Another man emphasized the
FNM's neglect on curbing the "flow of
illegal drugs."
Leaving the praises and complaints
behind me, I left Marsh Harbour and
drove north. For a while there was a lull
with virtually empty streets, a welcome
relief. As I approached Dundas Town
more people were in evidence
particularly near The Methodist Church
which was being used as a polling
station. But not all of them, it appeared,

were concerned with the future of the
country. Idling their days away on a wall
were three young men who couldn't see
the "point" in voting, explaining that it
wasn't something they would care
to"mess" with!
In sharp contrast scarcely one hundred
yards away there were three men of
about the same age. They were wearing
crisp white T-shirts bearing the message,
"Vote for Hubert Ingraham, North
Abaco". They were eager to tell me how
proud they were to be living in the
former Prime Minister's constituency.
One of them, David Henfield said, "I'm
excited about voting for Hubert


Ingraham; he's our representative and
we'll put him back into power." His
friend, Kevin Murray, echoed his words
and added, "The FNM have proved to
me that they are making provisions for
my children and for my countrymen
workwise." The third member of the
group, Owen Parks praised the FNM for
the improvements made to schools,
roads, water supplies and their lives as a
whole, "and in such a short time," he
Moving on, I travelled to Murphy
Town where, at the Government High


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March 1997

Page 6 The Abaeonlan March 1997

The 1st Captain Dean Mail Boat

By Captain Ernest Dean
This is the story of the hard work and
determination required to build a boat by
hand in the old days. Captain Ernest
Dean, who built the boat, tells us in his
own words.
Captain Dean First was built in Sandy
Point, Abaco, by Captain Ernest Dean
and was launched in January 1959. She
is 30 feet on keel with a 15 foot beam
and 42 feet on deck. Her keel was cut
out of the pine forest and all her beams
were cut out of the forest. All her frame
was native wood, dog wood and madeira,
some from Soldier Road near by Hole-in-
the-Wall lighthouse and some from Cay
Gorda, a cay 11 miles northwest of
Sandy Point.

The last pine tree cut down was the
largest one I have ever seen. When it
was cut down for her well, that tree was
the same size of a 50 gallon drum. When
it fell down, I was so disappointed. A
hole was up in the body large enough
you could have placed a gallon tin inside.
I cut off 25 feet and left that there. I
cut 14 feet off and worked that 16
inches by eight inches. I ripped that with
an eight point hand saw. I don't
remember how many days I took to cut
down that tree.
I know I took several days. I left soon
in the morning, and when the sun got hot
about 10 o'clock during the day, I would
come and work in the shipyard. It took
about one year building her. At first

Nick Key worked with me but he left in
about two months.
This is how I got my frame. I had an
eleven foot dinghy and that is how I got
the frame from Soldier Road and Gorda.
It was hard work but I had no other
choice but a sailing boat at that time. We
had no boat with an engine and all the
work was done by hand. No power tools.
But I was determined to get a little
bigger boat than the one I had, a little

schooner by the name of New Plymouth.
I sold her.
I wanted something a little bigger so I
decided to try and build me a boat. It
was hard work but I must thank God I
accomplished my desire. And that is
when I started in the mail service.
She is still running. Her name is
changed to M/V Miss Sonja. Today she
is one of the oldest wooden hull boats
built in The Bahamas.

The Net & I... I Spoke Too Soon

By Sinclair Frederick
Just as the last article on connection
problems came out claiming that just a
few things would account for 90% of our
Internet connection problems Batelnet
gave us a college education on all the
things that can go wrong. Busy signals,
every kind of sign-on problem and
connections being dropped in 30 seconds
or so. For ten days it took 'real
perseverance to get your e-mail; surfing
was simply impossible. Finally, things
have settled back to normal, except that
we now see more signs of system
overload during busy times of the day -
delays in logging on, busy signals and
slow response.
I find that leaving the modem speaker
on after you connect helps with the
frustration that can arise when the system
is slow and you can't really tell if its just
slow response, from overload or if there

are communications problems. You wind
up having to listen to some static (the
sign of proper modem operation); but if
you hear various tones or just a burst of
tone and then silence, you know there
are communications problems, not just an
overload. Without the speaker's being on
you really can't tell for several minutes if
the communications path has difficulties.
Internet Programs will wait and wait
for data and you haven't a clue as to
what's happening for several minutes
until the program just gives up. Rather
than go into the specifics here of setting
up your computer to leave the speaker
on, we've prepared a little sheet on the
technical side that you can pick up with
our compliments at Abacom in Marsh
Harbour or request by e-mail at
Ne\t month we'll look at security and
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Sisters on Dean's List
Florida Southern College is proud to
announce that Jana Albury and Joni
Albury, twin daughters of Earl and
Noreen Albury, are on the Dean's List.
This means that they have a grade point
average of at least.3.5. Florida Southern
College is one of the oldest colleges in
Florida and is located in Lakeland. It
offers four year, liberal arts degrees in
more than thirty majors and also master
degrees. The girls are now sophomores
and are majoring in accounting and
business administration.
Anne Ralph and Wesley Allen were
united in marriage on February 22nd in
Athens, Georgia. The ceremony took
place in an stately historic Southern
church which was decorated with
magnolias. The ceremony was preceded
by a recital on a pipe organ.
Anne was a radiant bride in an off-the-
shoulder cathedral length gown with a
portrait collar. The couple seemed
especially happy. The reception in an
adjacent reception room was a joyous
occasion with many friends from all
over. The couple honeymooned in the
Florida Keys.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. David Ralph of Marsh Harbour and
the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Norris Allen of Dickson, Tennessee. The
couple will reside in Athens where they
are both associated with the University of
Georgia, Anne as Assistant Admission's
Director and Wesley as a Professor of
Quantum Chemistry.
Anne and Wes expect to be in Abaco
this summer for Anne to introduce Wes
to her many friends here.

Gold Medal award winner Keith Black on
left with leader Drexel Major

Gold Award Won
Kevin Black was presented with a gold
medal in the Governor General's Award
on March 8th. He is the first Abaco
student to win this coveted gold award.
He was awarded this by Prince Edward
at Government House in Nassau. Mr.
Black is a 12th grade student at Abaco
Central High School and is the son of
Mrs. Sandra Evans of Marsh Harbour.
Fire Destroys Home
The home of Donna Lowe in Spring
City was completely burned down on
March 7th. The fire was well advanced
when Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire
Department got to the scene. Ms. Lowe
and her two daughters were not at home
when the fire occurred. They do not
know the cause of the fire.
Ms. Lowe had been making mortgage

payments on her home for the past five
years. She had also made extensive
renovations to the house.
New Baby
Maxine Ferguson and Roger Adderley
are celebrating the birth of their
daughter, Christian Annessa Adderley,
who, was born on January 15th at
Freeport. She weighed seven pounds thee

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March 1997

The Ab i P 7

Page 8 The Abaconian March 1997

South Abaco

Cherokee Sound
By Lee Pinder
A 50 pound king mackerel was caught
in the deep water off Cherokee Point on
March 4th by Ezra Wolcott. According
to one fisherman's manual, the average
size is ten pounds and the largest one
ever caught weighed in at 82 pounds and
was caught off the eastern shores of
South Florida in 1968. Ezra and his wife,
Kay, are second home residents and
along with their three children, have been
coming to Cherokee for 26 years. Ezra is
--n avid fisherman and is always looking
for the il!usive nig one. Their caotain
that day was Marty Sawyer, one of our
cal fishing guides.

Mrs. Oouna Fessendon, one of our
dedicated parent helpers, has been
spending some extra hours training
Mickey Lowe and Crystal Weatherford to
help the other students at the new
computer. I know everyone would like to
thank Mr. and Mrs. Zeth Fessendon fo:
their kind generosity in donating the
computer to the Cherokee School at the
beginning of this year. It has already
proved to be a very helpful learning tool
for the children.
On January 31st Hope Town hosted
the 5th grade spelling bee and our
entrants were Mikey Bethel and Kellie
Sawyer. On March 7th Donna Albury
and Trip Fessendon went to Guana Cay
. ..

Leabry Albury of Cherokee is showing off
the pumpkin he grew at Yellow Wood.
Photo by Ellen Sawyer

to compete for the 3rd grade. All our
students did well and we congratulate
them as we know that they worked hard
to be able to attend these competitions.
An anti-drug rally was held at Abaco
Central High School in Marsh Harbour
on March 5th and eleven of our students
attended as well as some of the parents.
Everyone enjoyed the many gues;
speakers with their messages on drug
awareness and the dangers of drug abuse.
The high point of the day was seeing the
well trained dog in action and a close-up
look at the helicopter.
The Ministry of Education is
constantly upgrading book requirements
for the schools and it is our responsibility
to obtain these books at our expense. In
addition, there are many other needs that
our school must pay for. Hence, the
reason for the various fund-raising
efforts. Since the new road is nearing
completion, it is only fitting that we do
something special to christen it and the
schoolchildren will have a bike-a-thon.
Be sure to support them when they come
knocking on your door looking for a


Page 29


Students from Cherokee proudly display the quilt that they have painstakingly made under
the direction of Peggy Albury. Mrs. Albury is helping ensure that the traditional craft of
quilting making will be continued in Cherokee, noted for its beautiful quilts completely
made by hand. This quilt will be sold or auctioned to raise funds.

and the

SWe can supply all of your
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March 1997

The Abaeonian Page 9

U.S. Ambassador Brings Drug Team to Schools

His Excellency Sidney Williams,
United States Ambassador to The
Bahamas, visited Abaco high schools on
March 5th to encourage school children
to resist the temptation of using illegal
drugs. Accompanying him were members
of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the
Bahamas Police Canine Unit, the US
Coast Guard and the US Drug
Enforcement Agency. Their theme was
Say 'no' to drugs! Let's promote healthy
lifestyles! The message that they all gave
the students was to choose a healthy
lifestyle away from all drugs including
alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.
The group first visited S.C. Bootie
High School in Cooper's Town and
repeated the program at the Abaco
Central High School. Students from other
school campuses attended the programs
and at Marsh Harbour included students
from Crossing Rocks, Cherokee, Hope
Town, Guana Cay and Dundas Town
The students listened attentively to Mr.
'Ricky C. Harris, Assistant Football

Coach at Howard University as he told
of his life as a professional football
player who ruined his life with drugs.
After he had lost everything and with the
support of friends, he gave up the drugs
and is now speaking to all types of
groups on the dangers of drug abuse. He
told them that it doesn't matter how great
you are, if you aren't happy with
yourself you won't succeed. He urged
the students to think well of themselves,
to make the choice of what they want to
do and work toward that goal.

The Bahamas Royal Police Canine Unit
brought one of their trained Labrador
Retrievers to Abaco,
Included in the program was a
demonstration given by the Bahamas
Police Canine Unit which brought one of
their trained dogs. The dog fascinated the
students as Officer Maycock No. 378
gave a demonstration of how a dog of the
Canine Unit can sniff out drugs being

carried or in luggage. A student and a
teacher were supplied with bags
containing suspicious material. The dog
quickly sniffed it out and immediately sat
beside the persons indicating to his
trainer that those people.had contraband
Students were given a chance to see

the DEA helicopter which brought some
of the group to the presentations.
Included in the group was Katherine
Stewart-Gibson of the US Embassy in
Nassau who was the Master of
Ceremonies, Sgt. Moxey of the Royal
Bahamas Defense Force and Lt. Morgan,
the helicopter pilot.

The U.S. Coast Guard helicopter is about to leave with the Defense Force and DEA agents
who gave a anti-drug presentation at Abaco Central High School with students attending
from many schools in Central and Southern Abaco. Similar presentations were made in Little
Abaco and Cooper's Town.

Abaco Air Charter Service
From Abaco to all the
Bahamas and Florida .
Twin Engine, Six Passenger Aircraft '
Call 242-367-2266, 2205, 3256, 359-6357
AvGas & FAA Certified Mechanics
P 0 Box 492, Marsh Harbour



Tuesday & Thursdays

to Marsh Harbour

Announcing our Air Freight

service to Marsh Harbour from

Opa-Locka, Florida, with two

scheduled flights each week.

Phone 305-688-6772 Fax 305-688-7076

3921 N.W. 144th Street Opa-Locka Airport Building # 66 Opa-Locka, Florida 33054

Mr. Ricky Harris


. -

d i, a "1

Page 10 The Ahaconlan March 19.97

The f dior Sa i.

Thoughts on Progress & Jobs

Recently plans were approved-in-
principle by Nassau for a ship repair
facility in the Bahamas. The developers,
who are not publicly known at this
moment, have asked for permission to
construct this facility at Snake Cay. The
Central Abaco Council was asked by
Nassau for their opinion and a majority
of the members present at February 25th
meeting were in favor of this.
A project of this nature could be a
good thing for the economy and could
affect many families on Abaco. This is a
business venture which would help to
diversify our economy. Fishing and
tourism now dominate our economy with
agriculture in third place.
A ship repair facility would be a
welcome addition to our economy. This
venture would need workers trained as
welders, carpenters, plumbers, painters,
mechanics and other craftsmen. It would
also highlight the need for a local
vocational school. Abaco can very well
absorb new ventures and expand its
economic base. The extra jobs will be
very welcome.
Abaco is close to shipping lanes and is
close to a source of repair parts and
materials. We do not have much
information about the facility except that
they are asking that it be located at
Snake Cay which has a large dock and
work area. Boats drawing 12 feet can
use Snake Cay if they use the tide to
their advantage.

The location of such a facility
requires much study by a variety of
experts. It brings into focus the
problems associated with blending
progress with conservation and eco-
We have to keep in mind that growth
and development present new challenges
which can affect our number one
industry, tourism. And the new push to
eco-tourism requires a careful balance
between nature and development.
There are several diverse opinions for
the future of Snake Cay. One is to
develop it with dry dock facilities or into
a commercial freight dock. At present it
is accommodating the freight boats
which carry produce and citrus to
markets both in The Bahamas and to the
United States. The area is big enough
for a repair yard and freight yard to co-
exist with room to spare. There are
suggestions that Snake Cay is the long
range solution to Abaco's growing
freight requirements.
Others feel that the 150 mile
protected waterway which extends from
West End, Grand Bahama, all the way to
Little Harbour, Abaco, should be
preserved for the thousands of boaters
which contribute so heavily to the
economy of the Northern Bahamas. It is
a unique area which can develop even
more as a boaters' haven because of its
close proximity to the world's boating
capital in South Florida. It is a fact that

Letters to the Editor

A Trade School in Abaco technical/vocational school here in
rAbaco. We need to all work together
Dear Sir: towards this very much needed project if
Every summer we have a new set of we are to achieve our goal.
teenagers leaving school who are faced I will be distributing questionnaires
with the task of having to find work in throughout Abaco that ask if you are
the community. Some are successful and interested in having a trade school, so
others are left with the reality of not please make it your business to sign up.
having anything to do. What will happen If you think you can contribute
to these kids? financially or with planning or in any
Will idle hands turn to mischief and way, please let me know. You can
eventually to a life of crime, or will the contact me at telephone/fax 365-8198.
cards fall in their favour and they We would also appreciate any help from
succeed? We just can't tell. We can, non-Bahamians and Residents of the
however, increase the chances of their Bahamas.
achieving their goals. You ask, "How Let us all work together to educate our
can we do this?" people and build a stronger, safer
One way is to provide them with the community.
opportunity of learning a trade. To learn Stan Sawyer
a trade now, one has to travel out of
Abaco, which ends up being an Control Your Dogs
expensive venture. We can, however, Dogs! I like them and chances are that
build our own trade school somewhere you do, too. However, owning one or
in Abaco and make it easier and cheaper more dogs carries a certain amount of
for a student to train here. I have been responsibility and this is the point that
asking around and so far everyone, really ticks me off. Too many people
whether young or old, male or female,
agrees that we should have a PLEASE SEE Letters Page 11

The Abaconian Published Monthly
David & Kathleen Ralph, Editors & Publishers Phone 809-367-2677
P 0 Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour FAX 809-367-3677
Abaco, Bahamas e-mail davralph@batelnet .bs
Reporter/Writer: Stephanie Humblestone
Contributors: M.C. Albury, Hyatali Ameeral, Annabelle Cross, Greta Culmer,
Capt. Ernest Dean, Sandra Evans, Sinclair Frederick, Candace Key, Charmair
Laroda, Chere Pinder, Lee Pinder, Simeon Pinder, Billy Roberts, Ruthmae Rolle,
Gorden Sadler, Samantha Sands, Isobel Sherman, Royanne Swain, Dan Wiltfang.
Credit: Stephan Nash for parrot sketches and Bahamas Information Service
Inquire for advertising rates 0 5,000 copies distributed
Complimentary distribution at many Abaco locations
Annual subscription rate $15.00 Abaco $20 other Bahamas
(12 Issues) $24.00 USA $25 Canada airmail
-$40.00 UK, Europe & Caribbean airmail
See Page 11 for Subscription Coupon

no other area exists this close to Florida
with a comparable protected and diverse
waterway as the Abaco Sound.
It is interesting to note that of all the
2715 commercial boat slips in the
Bahamas, Abaco has 907 or one-third.
When the 407 Grand Bahama dock slips
are included, over half the marina docks
are in the Northern Bahamas. (This
information is taken from the 1997
Yachtsman's Guide to the Bahamas.)
Another viewpoint suggests that the
Snake Cay area should be left alone with
no commercial development at all. This
would allow the fish nursery to continue
undisturbed for our children and
grandchildren to enjoy. The area behind
Snake Cay, Iron Cay and Deep Sea Cay
is a huge fish nursery and has prime
bonefish flats.'
Ships using Snake Cay will
predominately enter Abaco Sound
through North Bar Channel and pass
through the Pelican Cays National Park
and by the adjacent Sandy Cay reef. A
repair facility will, by its nature, cause
some disruption of the natural area
surrounding Snake Cay.
Careful attention will have to be paid
to pollution control to prevent damage to
the marine resources in that area.
Hopefully, studies will be made to
determine the effects this project may
cause. Scientists are realizing that
disrupting one area can adversely affect
surrounding areas.
Reefs are very delicate ecosystems
which cannot tolerate disruption. We
have to remember that the Sandy Cay
Reef is inside the Pelican Cays so it does

not get washed by the ocean to rid itself
of silt and accumulated particles which
settle out after the bottom is riled up.
Once a reef dies, it cannot successfully
be regenerated.
There are many aspects that need to
be considered before a well-thought out
plan can be developed. We hope that the
boards, commissions and councils which
approve this project will study all the
ramifications carefully. With Local
Government in place we hope that
Nassau officials will get input from
Abaconians before making decisions
which will affect the future of many
individuals and of that entire area of our
The southwest coast of Abaco east of
Sandy Point is another area that is
ideally suited for a shipyard. With
minimal work ships drawing 20 or more
feet could be handled as the deep water
comes close to the shoreline and this
exposure gets the least amount of
adverse weather. We are also told that
the coast north of Cooper's Town where
Waugh Construction unloaded barges
would be suitable for ships in the same
size range as Snake Cay.
Perhaps with due care, a commercial
maritime development can co-exist with
the environment. In the 27 years that
Snake Cay has lain fallow, nothing of any
consequence has happened there. Maybe
we should embrace this project and
watch that it operates responsibly.
Destiny may have Snake Cay reclaim its
once proud name by becoming an
outstanding maritime facility with a
variety of marine oriented businesses.

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Marsh Harbour 367-2370 Cable Beach 327-8441

. a


FROM Page 10

have dogs and do not control them. By
controlling them I mean not letting them
dig and mess in our yards or bark at all
hours of the day and night.
I live here and have a business here so
if push comes to shove, I just have to put
up with inconsiderate neighbors.
However, the tourists who visit here do
not have to come back and they do not
have to recommend Marsh Harbour to
their friends. If they cannot get a decent
night's sleep because of barking dogs or
they step in your dog's mess because you
let it run out of control, they will go
somewhere else.
Now remember without our tourists,
we have nothing, they are what keeps
our economy going. So, next time your
dog starts barking, get up and see what
the problem is and tell it to be quiet. And
if your dog comes home with a rat trap
on his nose, it just may have been
running loose on my property.
Sid Dawes
The Lofty Fig Villas

Illegal Immigrants
Dear Editor,
Considering all of the talk about
"Illegal Immigrants" lately and the fact
that many are obviously prejudiced
towards them, I feel compelled to submit
the following for publication.
Illegal Immigrant contrary to law,
one who comes into a country to settle
Prejudice an opinion formed without
due examination of the facts.
No family can claim a history longer
than 350 years in the Bahama Islands.
Whether it's the black majority
-descendants from anonymous African
slaves of the seventeenth and eighteenth
century or the white descendants of the
Eleutheran Adventurers and Loyalists.
Who, then, were the first inhabitants
of the Bahamas? And where did thy
come from?
When Columbus arrived in the
Bahamas in 1492, he met the Lucayan
and Arawak Indians who made the
southern and central Bahamas their
homes from about 600 AD
There were the Caribs which did not
last very long.
The Spaniards came in with weapons
and carried off some forty thousand
Lucayans to use at their disposal.
In 1648 came the Eleutheran

P.O. Box AB 20685
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
On the Front Street at
Trinil .1 Marina

Our 21 Ft. SEACATS are the only twin hull,
twin engine rental boats on Abaco.
A very dry, smooth & stable ride.
1 day/S90 3 days/$240 7days/$550
Call for Reservations
Phone 242-367-4414
Fax 242-367-4356
Visa & Mastercard Accepted

Adventurers for the purpose of freedom
of conscience in religious rights.
In 1670 were the Privateers and
In 1694 was the Black Beard era.
In 1717 it was Woodes Rogers.
In 1785 it was Wyannie Malone.
This is just to name a few of our
As you can see all through history the
Bahamas has been a haven for any and
everyone with a cause.
Still today we see it with the numerous
amounts of immigrants entering the
Some come for the tranquility and
friendliness of the people, others for
freedom and even some for tax write-
So the next time you say he or she
does not belong here just because of
color, nationality or whatever your
prejudice might be, STOP...and think of
your history. As Bahamians we should be
the last to point a finger.
Wendy Albury
Trauma Thanks Man-O-War

Dear Sir,
On behalf of the Response Team
Members of the Trauma One ambulance
service, I would like to express our most
heartfelt and sincerest "Thank you" to
the entire community of Man-O-War Cay
and to all who attended the fund raiser
held on the Cay on the 8th of March of
this year. Also a sincere "Thank you" to
those businesses and individuals who
provided the food including Billy's Ice
Cream that we all ate. So many helped
and so many were there to speak with us,
make contributions and to express
encouragement and support. The entire
Trauma One team is inspired and
motivated by the enthusiasm generated by
the event.
Thank you all.
Dan Wiltfang for
Trauma One

The Abaconian Page 11

More Letters

The Progressive Liberal Party held a
very large successful rally in Marsh
Harbour on March 6th at Abaco Central
High School. The key note speaker was
Sir Lynden 0. Pindling, leader of the
Opposition and Prime Minister.of The
Bahamas from 1973 to 1992, who gave
his full support to the two PLP
candidates for Abaco. Also speaking
were Mr. Edison Key, Member of
Parliament for the Marsh Harbour
Constituency and candidate for South
Abaco, and Mr. Felix Sawyer; candidate


Shipping & Freight Clearing
Imports & Exports by Air or Sea
Cruising Permits Extended
Boat Duties Handled

"One Call Does it All"

Phone 242-367-2089, FAX 367-2530, VHF 16
P 0 Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Visit our waterfront office on Front Street

_______________________________________________________________________ a

for North Abaco. Mr. Philip Davis,
candidate for Cat Island, told the crowd
of his personal experiences obtaining an
education with the help of the PLP party
which was one of his reasons for
supporting the PLP party.
The crowd appreciated the
entertainment provided by Anthony "Fat
Back" Marshall.
Sir Lynden disclosed that he planned
to name Mr. Key as Minister of
Agriculture and Mr. Davis as Attorney

Air Charter Service
To Nassau, Freeport & Other Islands
Miami, W. Palm Beach & Beyond
Captains Faron Sawyer, Marc Pelanne,
Robbie Nixon, Claude Sawyer
Call 242-367-2089 or 2613 or 2530
P 0 Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Committed to a Higher Standardin Aviation



Sir Lynden Attends Murphy T. Rally

OoARb "We Bring The Service to You"

0 n V Secure Dry Storage
w-i v v Repairs, Sales, Service
F 6V Factory Trained Technicians
V Outboard Engines

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*,',- V Mobile Service Programme

Half mile west of the Marsh Harbour traffic light
Phone 242-367-2452 Fax 367-2354
By Boat: Follow the signs through the freight boat channel

I gency

Arawak Agency I Chornkno Air

March 1997

Page 12 The Abaconian March 1997

News of the Cays

Guana Cay
By Chere Pinder '
The Seaside Gospel Chapel was
pleased to have Bernard and Jill Osborne
visiting from Wales for the month cf'
February. They had two slide
presentations of South Africa and Israel
while they were here. They also shared
morning devotion time with the pupils at
the Great Guana Cay A!! Age School
Visiting from Nassau, we have Bro.
Perry Wallace, l-e.d of the United,
Missions Department of the Brethren
Peter and Sandra Brind will arrive
from England the 29th of England. They

creations is that there is no lack of
supplies and what would normally be
burned or wasted can dress up a house in
a tropical style.
Roland on occasion writes island songs
and was recently included on Barefoot
Man's latest recording. The song is
entitled Termite and is on You
Jammaican Me Crazy. Both Mr. and
Mrs. Koenig write poetry some of which
has been published.
With spring upon us and perfect
boating weather, hop in your boat and
come over to Crossing Bay on the
western part of Great Guana Cay. Here
you can visit Guana Seaside Village. The
Abneys will greet you with true

'1 U

This bayside view shows the new Guana Seaside Village located west of the Guana Harbour

Roland Koenig shows his unusual coconut craft at Guana Cay. Photo by Chere Pinder

(Southern) Bahamian hospitality.
They are now serving hickory wood
smoked barbecue every Saturday from
noon till 8:30. The recipe for their sauce
is an old family secret, one your never
before tasted in Abaco.
You can enjoy the day at their beach
front location or on Guana's white sand
beaches on the Atlantic Ocean which
some consider unsurpassed in all the
Bahamas or the Caribbean. Ferries leave
Marsh Harbour frequently going to
Guana and to the Seaside Village. Call
365-5106 or VHF Ch. 16 Seaside Village
for more information.
The Guana Grabber Is Home
By Gordon Sadler
The Guana Grabber, Guana Cay's
ferry boat the last five years, has

Photo by Chere Pinder
returned from a total refit including a
new 375 HP engine, dive platform and a
whole lot more! The boat was out of
service for nearly two months due to the
inability of the freighters to accommodate
such a large vessel for transport to
Gordon Sadler, President of Guana
Beach Resort, welcomes the new ferry
service (Abaco Island Transportation) as
well as all the new business on Guana.
The more new business on Guana, the
better for all concerned. After running
the ferry service for five years and
providing the necessary transportation for
the education of the island's youth, we
welcome this new service. With four
daily trips Guana will now have the


wanted to do something special to
celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary
so they are returning to Guana Cay.
Welcome and happy anniversary!
People all over are celebrating spring
breaks and the Easter season. Spring
breakers, David Albury and Kristin
Pinder were home for short visits from
Diane Hodges and her family from
Missouri are also visiting for spring
break. Diane has been doing art projects
with the students at the school.
Roland Koenig, a winter resident of
great Guana Cay for the past 24 years,
locks at a coconut tree from a different
angle. In the components of the tree he
sees people in different positions,
animals, boats and birds. With clippers,
nails and a little glue he produces a form
of Haitian art with a product overlooked
by most. The wonderful thing his

Elbow Cay on the Ocean &
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Free beat docking
Scenic bar serving your
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Wonderful food served
overlooking the ocean
Breakfast, Lunch and
Dinner a la carte
Come by boat or call to be
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Reservation requested but not required
VHF 16 e Phone 366-0133

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(Near picturesque Hope Town)


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Complete line of
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Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Abaco Hardware
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Windows Doors Hardware

Lumber Gei
Is Shingles St
s ekda s 7 am -4 m F
aturday 7 am N on


Distributor for
Skil Power Tools
neral Electric Appliances
anley Tools & Hardware
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* No bank fees
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Page 25

March 1997

The Abaeonian Pane 13

Golden Harvest Market Expands Store

By Stephanie Humblestone
The Golden Harvest Supermarket in
Marsh Harbour has been renovated with
an additional 2000 square feet of space.
Two new aisles have been added making
a total of bight, six of which are now
completed. All the aisles have new
gondolas or shelving. More space has
been made between the registers in the
interest of comfort for both customer and

staff alike and one more register has been
The front of the store is now back to
normal with the scaffolding removed.
Later in the year there are plans to re-do
the parking area and to build a sidewalk
with planters.
The drug department has been
revamped and doubled in size, making it
more amenable for customers to shop in.

With the increase of area to the store
there has come a wider range of products.
This is largely due to the efforts of Mr.
George Harris, who came to the store
seven years ago. In all, Mr. Harris has 22
years experience in the supermarket
business having managed many of the
largest Super Value stores in Nassau.
For Golden Harvest he had a vision of
a clean, well stocked and well run store.
With the expansion of the store Mr.
Harris has introduced new merchandise to
bedeck his new shelves. He has added
5000 to 6000 new items, many
numbering dry goods but the majority in
the frozen food section. His store now

stocks Ordia brand which produces many
frozen potato products, frozen vegetables,
French fries and frozen dinners.
There is now'also more variety in the
diary line with a great assortment of
cheese. What Mr. Harris is most excited
about is his new deli section which has
an exotic line in cold cuts such as
pastrami and roast beef, and block
cheeses. This department will continue to
expand over the coming weeks.
All the refrigeration units are new
except in the produce department which
wilt have new units later in the year. Mr.
PLEASE SEE Golden Harvest Page 17

The new frozen food display cases at Golden Harvest Supermarket allow greatly expanded
lines of frozen food exhibited attractively and conveniently.

*r Hours 7 AM 10 PM
Live Entertainment Weekly -
Waterfront Dining at its Best
Accommodating up to 350 People
Bahamian and International Cuisine
Full Banquet, Meeting, and Wedding Packages


Reservations are Recommended Phone 242-367-2158

A & K Liquor

and Central Liquors

European & American Beer
Liquors Wines Cordials
A wide selection at attractive prices

Duty Free
A & K Liquor Queen Elizabeth Drive
One short block from the Union Jack Dock
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
VHF Channel 16 Phone 242-367-2179
Central Liquors
Don MacKay Boulevard 367-2966
Also at Boat Harbour 367-2881

Open Daily
Breakfast 8:30 10 am
Lunch & Dinner t11 am 9 pm
Bar open 8:30 am 'tit...
Happy Hour 5 6:30 pm
Restaurant & Bar Live Music Weds & Fri 8 11 pm
onthe Specializing in
Hope Town Waterfront
Phone 366-0247 or VHF 16 Bahamian Foods

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No matter how you see your future, at CIBC we're working
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Home Ownership

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Mon -Thurs. 9 30am 3 00pm &Fri. 9:30am 5:00pm
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Mon -Thurs. 9:30am 3:30pm and Fri. 9:30am 5:00pm

CIBC HOPETOWN 809-366-0296
Wed. 10-00am 2.00pm
MAN-O-WAR CAY 809-365-6098
Thurs. 10:00ary 2:00pm




Page 14 The Abaconian March 1997

School News

New School for Abaco
By Isobel Sherman
A ground breaking ceremony for the
new Long Bay School was held on the
9th of March. Participating in the
ceremony were Pastor K. Prince of the
Marsh Harbour Seventh Day Adventist
Church, Mr. I. Collie, Coordinator of
the project and other individuals of the
Seventh Day Adventist Church and
Long Bay School is being built on
three and one half acres of land on the
north side of Forest Drive in Dundas
Town. The school will be operated by
Signet Ministry, a self-supporting non-
profit ministry of the Seventh Day
Adventists, whose primary objective in
Abaco is to provide a sound Christian
education of the highest quality for all of
Abaco at very affordable prices.
The two story concrete structure will
have features that no other school in
Abaco has. The first floor will house the

whole school as well.
The primary school and the secondary
school will be separated. An enclosed
play area equipped with playground
equipment will be used by the primary
students who will have a separate lunch
area from the secondary students.
Students will have the pleasure of eating
in a cafeteria and hot lunches will be
available for the students daily.
The focus will be on quality Christian
education. The school will be
autonomous but for comparison sake it
will equal the Bahamas Academy in
Nassau for the quality of education. All
teachers will be qualified in the areas
they will teach.
Approved BJC and BGCSE
curriculums will be followed in the
secondary school and emphasis will be
on the science and technological fields.
Class size will not go above 25 students.
To help prepare the school, a needs
assessment will be sent out to every

family in Abaco, and the school is asking
that families take the time to fill out the
form and return it. Long Bay School
wants to service the needs of the
communities of Abaco and this form will
assist them in doing so.
Entrance to the school will be on the
side road from Forest Drive, thus
avoiding traffic problems on Forest
Drive. The school plans to be in
operation for September 1997. For
further information contact Mrs. J.
Stoodley at 367-2436 or write Long Bay
School, P.O. Box AB 20377, Marsh
Harbour. Abaco.

Hope Town School News
By Candace Key
Our school has certainly buzzed with
activity this past term.
We were the host school for an
exciting softball jamboree between
Crossing Rocks, Cooper's Town Primary
and Amy Roberts All Age from Green
Turtle Cay. We all won games but
Crossing Rocks emerged the clear
A special yo-yo exhibition was given

PLEASE SEE School Page 23

.-'.. ,
- .- ",,.. ;... .: -

The ground breaking for the Long Bay School in Dundas Town took place with Mr. Collie,
and Pastor and Mrs. Prince Photo by Isobel Sherman
primary portion of the school, a school
bookstore, principal's office, a
multipurpose room, cafeteria and kitchen o
as well the separate toilet facilities for
primary and secondary school students.
The second story will house the
secondary school grades 7 -12 and will TV Video *
have a fully equipped science lab where TV Video 9 S
physics, biology and chemistry for grades PhoneseCarI
10 12 will be taught as well as general
science and health science for grades 7- Air
9. A computer room and music room
will also be on the second floor along SALES
with the staff room.
All classrooms will have a computer in 367-2265 ABA (
them for students to use. There will be a

large library of books available for the

Norm Hull of Canada, former World YoYoChampion, gives the Hope Town school children a
demonstration of his skills. Photo by Candace Key

TH, "F IX T(_vf /i?,lTIOAi *
Tel 242-366-0100 E-mail malonel 11 @aoi.com
366-0060 Look for us on the Internet
Fax 366-0157 Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas


Annual Vacation Bible School
A 1JUNE 30TH JULY 4TH, 1997 8:30 3 P.M
Featuunfng Puppets, Silfnrig, Damana
S" Bible/Teachfng & Spouts Mfnfstuy
Fou Ages 4 13
S" $10 per child registration fee
$5 per child if more than one in the home
For Information & Application Forms, Contact:
Sf' i Norma Delancy, Church Administrative Office, 367-4238
S Secretary Lisa Scott, 367-4255 or 367-3630 after 5 pm
or Paula Morley, 367-2743 after 6
Hosted by: Friendship Tabernacle Church
Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville
Rosedale Park Baptist Church, Detroit
East St. Cobb Baptist Church, Atlanta
o Pastor Rev. Kenneth Knowles & Asst. Pastor Anthony Swain

satellite VHF Appliances*Stereos
Radio/Amp SpeakersVMicrowaves
Conditioners Accessories


"Abaco's Best Rental Fleet"
Beside the Sunsail charter boats
Daily 3-Day Weekly
19' Paramont
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26' Paramont
$135 $360 $800
Fishing & snorkeling gear
Bait, Ice & guides
Call 367-2742
P 0 Box 419, Marsh Harbour


The Abaeonian Page 15

Students Take a Field Trip to Andros

By Simeon Pinder
Ed. Note: Ms. Joy Chaplin, science
teacher at Forest Heights academy, was
invited by the College of The Bahamas to
assist with a Marine Field Course in
Andros from the 26th of February to the
1st cf March 1997. There she met
Abaconians Simeon Pinder and
Madeleine Joseph, who are students in
the Natural Science Division of the
. ,:g and persuaded them to write an
article about the trip to let the folks at
home know how they are doing.
Madeleine Joseph and I were part of a
twenty-four member team of the College

New License Plates
Must Be On Cars &
Trucks Aoril 1st
Road Traffic reminds the .u, ... that the
new license plates must be used on all
vehicles beginning April 1, 1997. Private
vehicle registration occurs in the month of
your birth however those with birthdays
after April are asked to purchase their
plates now. Contact Roland Swain in
Marsh Harbour or John McIntosh in North
Abaco for more information.

Our new Area Code 242
Area Code 809 will no
longer be in effect
after April 1st.
Change your stationary,
business forms,
and fax machines.

S Aosa PkiiLps and

On Valentines Day, February 14tk,
thke were 'ecd at tk St. James
Methodist Ckvrck in Hope Town.
Abaco Marmage maker and breadI
baker" Vernon Malone performed the
formal ceremony in the chuck wtitk
thke blue Bahamran seas as a
backdrop. Present were friends and
vwtnesses from their Birmingkam,
Alabama, home, Cindy and Crai.g
Abcrarnscn, Linda and Ckarles
Summeritlle. Wkat vwas supposed to
be another bonefisking trio based at
Abaco Inn became a cevy special
marriage event to stay vith them
forvee. e

The Wyannie Malone
Historical Museum Society
announces the publication of
The Genealogy of
Wyannie Malone
American Loyalist and 1785 Settler of
Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas
By Col. JJ. McAller, Jr. and
Virginia Whittemore McAleer
Ju!y 1,1997 publication, Fourth Edition,
Hardbound, (8.5" x 11"), 750 pp.
Index over 15,000 names. Orders before
1 July $40, thereafter $45. Over 7500
descendants, 12 generations. All surnames
followed. Wyannie Malone was Loyalist
Widow, fled Charleston, SC, for Bahamas.
Marriages of 22 grands and 164 great-grands
add surnames:
Adams, Albury, Allen, Bethel, Bullard,
Carey, Cash, Collins, Curry, Dillon,
Donnelly, Dorsett, Gardner, Gates,
Ingraham, Johnson, Key, Lowe, Overstreet,
Pent, Pinder, Roberts, Russell, Sands,
Saunders, Sawyer, Sibley, Sweeting, Tedder,
Thompson and Weatherford. Malone and
surnames in italics followed for as many as
ten generations. Many other surnames
followed. An important source book for
Bahamas, Key West and early Florida
research. Pre-Pub. Price: $40. Connecticut
residents add $2.10 sales tax.
Order from: Col J.J. McAleer, 1802
Lakeside Drive North, Lake Worth, FL 33460

of The Bahamas who went to Staniard
Creek, Andros, to conduct biological
research. This trip enabled the Marine
Biology, Invertebrate Zoology, Botany
and Ecology students involved to apply
some of the theory that they had learned
in the classroom.
The team travelled over to Andros via
the Department of Fisheries boat T,,,
Guanahani and spent the majority cf
their time at the Bahamas Environmental
.e-a'chr Cemnte (BERC). From the
BERC, students went into the field to
collect and classify many of the marine

To All Youth Groups
The Ministry of Youth and
Culture, Abaco Office, would like to
invite all .. uth groups and
organizations in Abaco to register
their organization with the Ministry
of Youth and Culture at the earliest
possible convenience. Please contact
'Mrs. Greta Strachan-Culmer at 367-
3195 or 367-2220 for further

flora and fauna found in the creek area.
The students also spent much of their
time mapping the creek bed and
measuring the varying salinity and
temperatures that pertained to the creek
Despite the large amount of work to
be done, students still found time tn
become familiar with the inhabitants of
the Staniard Creek community and to
have fun. On more than one occasion the

Simeon Pinder and Madeleine Joseph are
shown enjoying their field work on Andros.

There When You Need Us
Since iV .
Quality, personalized charter service for up to five
passengers and or marine equipment to and from the
Abacos and Florida. Safety equipment exceeds FAA
requirements. "Very Reasonable Fares"
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Ft. Lauderdale (954) 434-5171

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Lawn & Garden Supplies
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Sears Craftsman Tools

Don MacKay Boulevard, Marsh Harbour



group was able to enjoy ',ll.,l .l and
basketball games in the communitvyoark.
The trip to the nearby blue hole proved
both education: and .n'.'.J'nn-.,
All things accounted for, the trip was
very enjoyable as well as educational for
all the students and staff that r.'. iruL tJ.
Students were not only shown some of
the practical uses of the theory learned in
class, but the trip also provided an
(or'iru'nitn for young h ,..-. to gain
valuable insight and appreciation for
marine ecosystems in the Bahamas.
In conclusion I would like to thank
Mr. Ken Massie, Ms. Jv' c( .-,--.. Ms.
Arena Boothe and -.:r ,n.. eise who
invested both time and . into making
the trio to Staniard Creek a success.


C.D.M. 22' Boats
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VHF Radio
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and reliable
Yamaha Engines
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March 1997

Page 16J The Abaeonlan March 1997

North Abaco

Little Abaco
The Estmargeo Community in Little
Abaco will be having their fourth'annual
Gospel Concert on Good Friday, March
28th, beginning at 5 p.m. The concert
will feature the play The Old Rugged
Cross Part IV which was written by
Christine Curry. The concert will also
feature music of the New Direction
group. The concert will take place at
Estmargeo Park in Mount Hope. Food
and soft drinks will also be available.
They are asking that any church choirs
or other music groups wanting to

participate to let them know. They can
contact Leon Pinder at 365-2354.
Phone Service Extended
The communities of Cedar Harbour in
Little Abaco and Blackwood between
Treasure Cay and Cooper's Town will be
getting phone service in the next few
weeks. The government is putting in a
remote phone service which can service
up to 48 phones in each community. The
Point to Multi-Point systems will go
through the tower at Cooper's Town and
by radio to a receiver at each
community. Cables are being installed

through the town to the individual
This same type of equipment will be
installed in several other areas of Abaco
where phone service with normal phone
cables is difficult because of scattered
New Arrivals
By Charmair LaRoda
North Abaco had a lot of new babies
this month. We welcome them all.

T. Cay Hosts Local Arts & Crafts Show

Local artists are invited to display and
sell their wares free of charge at the
Local Bahamian Arts and Crafts Show in
Central Park, Treasure Cay, on May 21st
from 4 to 8 p.m. The show is being held
on the "day off" of the 14th Annual
Treasure Cay Billfish Tournament. This
event is free to the public.
The organizers are looking for a wide
variety of crafts to be displayed,
including painted shells, pottery, jewelry,
paintings, drawings, handbags, clothing,

baskets, hats, leather goods and more.
Those who wish to have a display may
call Avis Miller, Treasure Cay Resort
and Marina by May 18th at 242-365-
The arts and crafts show is a new
feature of the Treasure Cay Billfish
Tournament, an event held May 18th to
23rd that is expected to draw more than
40 boats from the United States and


Cay Gottlieb, 50, was found shot to
death in Freeport on March 2nd. The
police do not suspect foul play.
Mr. Gottlieb was a lawyer by training
but his love was music, both composing
and recording. He was the owner of the
Freeport radio station Cool 96.
Mr. Gottlieb was the son of now
deceased Dr. and Mrs. Ejnar Gottlieb,
well known throughout Abaco for their
medical services. Mr. Gottlieb will be
missed by his brother, Frederik Gottlieb,
a lawyer practicing in Marsh Harbour
and the Chairman of the Water and
Sewerage Corporation, and Frederik's
wife Mary. Also surviving are his sister
Marina and husband James Searles of
Violet Brenda Albury, 65, passed
away on March 5th and the funeral was
on March 7th. Burial was in the Marsh
Harbour Public Cemetery.
Mrs. Albury was born in Hope Town
and was married to Meredith Albury.
They lived in Hope Town, Nassau and
Spanish Wells spending the past twenty-
one years in Marsh Harbour. She was
called "Auntie" and was known for her
baked goods.
She is survived by her husband


Bike Shop
At Harbour's Edge
New Bike Sales
MBS Giant
Jamis Boss
Also Available
Cannondale Kilen Trek
Mens Womens Childrens

Meredith, son Tony, sisters Cecile and
Gaye, daughters-in-law Julie and Carol,
grand children, great-grand children and
many other relatives and friends.

"Little Miss" Prinice Valaia Bodie was
born on January 20 and weighed seven
and a half pounds. She is the daughter of
Majorie Bodie and Prince Bodie. The
"Little Miss" is residing in Cooper's
Briana Zoey Sawyer was born to Mr.
and Mrs. Bernard Sawyer on the 11th of
January. The cute little girl weighed six
pound and is living in Treasure Cay.
A precious gem was born on the 12th
of January to Ms. Bridgette Nixon an
Mr. Curtis Mills. They named their
precious gem Curtesha Mills. She and
her parents live in Treasure Cay.
On January 14th "Miss Thang" entered
the world. Miss Shenetra Alexis
McKenzie was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Stedman McKenzie. "Miss Thang
weighed five pound and is very healthy.
She lives with her parents in Treasure

The Outboard Shop *
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EVInRUDE_ Outboards
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Dry Boat Storage
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2 & 3 Bedroom Luxury Apartments, fully equipped
Beach front on a magnificent 31/2 mile beach or
On a Marina with private boat slips
All with pool and tennis privileges
Special Discounts offered September & October
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Waterfront Hotel Rooms with Cable TV & Pool
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In Central Marsh Harbour on the Water Front
S Marine Fuel, Laundry, Close to Stores
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Water Side
Dining & Bar
Serving Breakfast, Lunch
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Live Music &
Bar Snacks
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li Beachcomb
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Join us on board our specially
designed dive boat and explore
tunnels and caverns in majestic
coral mountains rising from a depth
of sixty feet to the ocean surface in
clear turquoise waters.
* Scuba & snorkeling trips daily
* NAUI & PADI certified
instructors offering resort
(beginner) courses or full
certification courses
* Underwater videos
* Swim Suits, T Shirts
* Hats, Reef Sandals, etc.
Phone 242-367-2787 Bahamas
242-367-4004 Fax
at the Conch Inn Marina

Parts for most Brands
Hope Town 366-0292

March 1997 The Abaconlan Paqe.JZ

Camp Abaco Hosts St. Andrews 49ers

by Stephanie Humblestone
Discarding Gameboys, Walkmans and
the trappings of city life, forty-nine
Grade 9 St. Andrews School students
from Nassau spent a fun-packed week in
the first week of March at Camp Abaco
three miles South of Marsh Harbour.
The youngsters were accompanied by
four teachers: Frank Coyle, head of
Grade 9; Jeff Key, the high school
librarian; Mary Dixon, learning support
specialist; and Joy Springle of the
Spanish Department.
The Camp, run by Bro. Bob Cornea,
lies three miles from the main highway
to Sandy Point at the end of a seemingly
interminable rocky track which wends
and weaves through pine forest. A light
ocean breeze and large open iron gates
announce the entrance of the Camp
which, over the past 24 years, has hosted
many schools and groups. For St.
Andrews this was the fifth year.
The students enjoyed daily excursions

New CD Released
Cayman Island's legendary Barefoot
Man is a lover of the sun, sand and
sea...and, of course, the Abacos. His
CD's and tapes have been popular items
for locals and visitors alike in the
Bahamas and his newest CD In The
Bahamas is bound to be his most
popular. It includes all those favorites
like Hope Town Ferry, Layin' Low in
Abaco and The Fig Tree Song.
A cut of this new CD that's bound to
go to the top of the charts (on Guana
Cay, anyway) is The Nippers Song, a
fun-rum drinking melody about Guana's
most famous watering hole...Nippers.
Another new cut on the album is
entitled... I've Got Abaco. The cover of
the CD is an eye catching postcard style
photo of a sailing vessel along crystal
clear waters.
Also just released is Barefoot Man's
Cd You Jammaican Me Crazy. George
"Barefoot Man" Nowak penned the
majority of this album during his last
visit to Abaco in June of 1996. Both
CD's are now available throughout the
Bahamas and are a must for anyone who
loves calypso and reggae.

Golden Harvest FROM Page 13
Harris emphasizes the need for quality
control which he intends to personally
supervise so that his customers are
assured of the best merchandise. He
would like to apologize for any
inconvenience to shoppers of Golden
Harvest for these renovations and thanks
them for their patronage.

including a visit to Hope Town, its
lighthouse and museum, Johnston's
Studio in Little Harbour, the Albert
Lowe Museum and Seafood Processing
Plant in Green Turtle Cay.
"Swimming in the Blue Hole at
Treasure Cay was definitely the highlight
of the trip," said 13 year old Geneveve
For others it was the laughter and
singing on the bus trips, the balloon
fights at night, the flashlight night
scavenger hunt along the beach and in
the woods surrounding the camp and the
softball match against Forest Heights
Inga Carey, age 13, enjoyed eating

"good and tasty food" at Bayview
Restaurant, situated on the waterfront in
Dundas Town.
For Ashley Munroe the most
important aspect of the trip was the
friendship it engendered. "It brought us
all together as a group. We don't
communicate in the same manner back at
school," said 13-year-old Ashley.
The students were divided into groups
of four and each given a project such as
jewelry making, photography, drawing
and clothes fashioning. The fruits of
these efforts will be displayed along with
photos of the trip in the main Assembly
Hall at their school. In addition each
child kept a daily journal.

. y

Nassau St. Andrewis studeTns .speni a week at Camp .baco. Phoun1, Stephanice lonbleh'on'

9 9 ~ : ~-

We're just minutes from restaurants on the
harbour & walking distance to grocery stores,
shopping and ferry docks leading to outer
islands. You will check into a spacious room
with television, air conditioning, ceiling fan,
microwave oven, small refrigerator and daily
maid service. Call 242-367-3776 or FAX 367-4179

\. MOTEL )/
P.O. Box AB 20030
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

^ Out Islands Finest Vacation Homes
"Waterfront Properties New Marina
Rentals & Sales

1 Purple Porpoise Place
Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas
Chris & Peggy Thompson, Proprietors
.Vd Phone 242-366-0224.* Fax 242-366-0434

"What it taught them was
independence," said Mr. Key, as he
marvelled at how, left to their own
devices, they entertained themselves in
the evenings playing volleyball, softball
and other games.
What it surely teaches us is that those
age-old problems of the teenage years
can be effectively addressed in a
relatively simple manner.


Island Telephones
Radio Link

Business Band Radio
VHF Marine Radio

P. 0. Box AB22136
Phone or Fax 365-8248
A Division of
Aero Marine Engineering

Automobiles Motorbikes
7 Passenger Mini vans

E7 14.

* Tour Abaco in air conditioned
comfort Economy/Full Size
All automatic & air conditioned
Also 100 cc motorbikes for
open air touring.
Serving you for 25 Years
At the Shell Gas Station
PO Box AB 20438, Marsh Harbour
Call 367-2840 or 2854, Fax 367-4887
_jf *-~ Z.K


Come visit beautiful Man-O-War Cay.
Enjoy our secluded beaches and quaint
village. Stay with us at one of the best
protected marinas in the Bahamas. We
also offer a wide variety of services.
While you're here

browse the Dive Shop which carries a
great selection of dive gear, clothing and
beach accessories and enjoy lunch or
dinner at the Pavilion restaurant. We
look forward to your visit.

Phone 242-365-6008 VHF 16




American Cars
Four Door
Air Conditioned
on Queen Elizabeth Dr.
at Abaco Towns
P.O. Box AB 20089
Marsh Harbour
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The Abaconian Page 19



,e e: (. T ", e ; ' '

BEST B AVALABLE COVE^^^^ R AGE AT^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

March 1997

Page 20 The Abaconian March 1997

Big Bird Poultry Farm Celebrates

On February 22nd Abaco Big dird
Poultry Farm had its opening ceremony
on its farm ten miles south of Marsh
Harbour. The farm was officially opened
by MP Pierre Dupuch, Minister of
Agriculture, who recognized the farm as
an example of a very successful farming
venture. He stressed the importance of
Bahamians returning to farming which
can now be economically successf-il.
Dr. Prince Bonamy, Director of
Agriculture, commended the Pinder
family for having success in both chicken
and hog production. Mr. Simeon Pinder,
the agriculture officer for Abaco who
was in consultation with the Pinder
family throughout the initial period of
building the facility and while getting
into production, was master of
ceremonies. The occasion was completed
by a luncheon which served chicken
presented in many different dishes.

The Abaco Big Bird Poultry Farm is a
successful farm which uses the best
technology and equipment available
today. They import 15,000 day-old
hicks eveprv two weeks. They keen them
about six and a half weeks before
slaughtering them.
The farm provides the local market
with chicken in all forms, whole, cut up,
specific parts and boneless breasts, even
offering chicken tenderloins. Sixty
percent is sold fresh on Abaco. The
chicken is frozen for shipping to Freeport
and Nassau. Thirty percent goes to

Freeport and about 10 percent to Nassau.
Of their total production, 60 percent is
sold whole and 40 percent is cut up.
The farm has four large chicken
houses. Each batch of new arriving
chicks goes into one of these houses.
Prior to their arrival the houses are
cleaned out very thoroughly with the old
flooring material being discarded and a
new six-inch layer of pinewood chips laid
down. The automatic feeders and
waterers and everything else in the
houses are sanitized. This emphasis on
cleanliness is to minimize disease. The
chickens are cared for by a crew of ten
full time employees.
The baby chicks must be monitored
very carefully as they require a
temperature of 88 to 94. As the
chickens mature the temperature still has
to be monitored but more to keep them
from over heating. The farm experiences
loss of about seven percent.
All feed is imported and is changed as
the chickens develop from starter to
finish feed. The feed is now being
brought to Abaco in 20 ton bulk
Their processing plant is an efficient
state-of-the-art production line which is
capable of handling many more chickens
than their currant production. However,
they are limited by the number of houses
they have. Future plans call for more
chicken houses. A crew of thirty works
during the slaughtering times. For five to
six days every two weeks this crew is
able to clean the chickens and prepare
them for market at a rate of 600 per
hour. This crew is under the management
of Sheila Martin.
The farm has been producing chicken
for eighteen months and began by being
able to process only a few birds each
hour. The farm now processes a chicken
in only ten minutes. The chicken to be
shipped off Abaco is quick frozen, then
stored in large freezers. The chicken for
the local market is chilled very quickly.
The farm is using much of the scrap
chicken for feeding a herd of pigs which

Real Estate e Property Rentals
Treasure Cay's
Most Experienced Broker
Phone/Fax 242-365-8601
P.O. Box AB 22182
Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Wm. F. Hertz Ltd.

Carib Freight Company Ltd.
Inter-Island Freight Service

Daily Service to Man-0-War Marsh Harbour & Hope Town
Tuesday & Friday to Greal Guana Cay & Scotland Cay
Other Abaco services on request Any Time, Any Place
from Little Harbour to Walker's Cay

242-365-6072' FAX 365-6285

MP Pierre Dupuch, Minister ofAgriculture and Fisheries, cut the ribbon at the Abaco Big
Bird Chicken Farm officially opening their chicken producing farm. Mr. Rudy Pinder, one
of the owners, is shown on the left.

they are raising. The food is cooked and
has to be supplemented by corn and other
grains. They began with two wild hogs
one year ago and have added a few local
pigs. Their herd now numbers 60 and

they expect to expand this area of their
operation as it complements the chicken
The Abaco Big Bird Farm is owned by
Lewis, Rudy and Buddy Pinder of Marsh

P.O. Box AB 22284
PHONE 242-365-8028 HOME, 8507 OFFICE, 8508 FAX


laco Angl,

April 17- 25

Men & Women's Divisions
Categories for All Types of Fishing
Fish from Walker's Cay to Hole-in-the-Wall
Trophies of Genuine Artwork by Peter Johnston
Awards Banquet April 26 at Abaco Inn on Elbow Cay

* Special divisions for Hand & wire line,
Bonefish, Flyrod & Shark
I.G.F.A. Rules apply in all divisions
Adults $70 juniors (under 16) $25
Weigh Stations Pete's Pub in Little Harbour
& Lighthouse Marina in Hope Town
(Other Stations may be added)
Applications at Lighthouse Marina and All Restaurants

For more information call: Craig Knowles 366-0154 or
Kelly Vernis at 242-366-0004

VHF channel 16

The Abaeonian Page 21

Award System Motivates Our Youth

Contributed by Sandra Evans
There is a Positive outlet for young
people in the Bahamas. It's called the
Governor-General's Youth Award and
there is nothing easy about it, but the
rewards for participants and the nation
are bountiful.
The programme is open to everyone
between the ages of 14 and 25 without
discrimination of sex, race, religion, or
physical capability. Participants work
toward bronze, silver or gold medals by
completing activities over one or two
years in four categories skills, physical
recreation, expeditions and community
When HRH Prince Philip founded the
Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme
in 1956, he envisioned a series of
challenging activities that would help
young people discover inner strengths. In
the more than 40 years since its

. ....

inception, the programme has expanded
to 80 nations, overriding language and
cultural barriers to promote positive
development of youth.
Recognizing its significance to the
country at a time when too many young
people sit idle and aimless with little
direction and less hope for success, the
programme gained new life in the mid-
1990s when its need seemed greater than
ever. In' 1996, it was re-named the
Governor-General's Youth Award. It is
still linked with the Duke of Edinburgh's
Award internationally, but bringing the
programme home gave it more
More than 2000 young people in the
Bahamas have or are currently taking
part in the programme. Under the
direction of a full-time administrator and
a network of dedicated volunteers,
participants all over the Bahamas are

Kalik Light Beer was introduced on Abaco at a party at Bayview Restaurant. Shown
above are, left to right, William Davis, manager of all the Burns House liquor stores on
Abaco, Willamae, manager of the main Burns House store in Marsh Harbour, and Jimmy
Williams, owner of Bayview Restaurant in Dundas Town.

Visit our new Marsh Harbour downtown store in

Memorial Plaza

Household Appliances Housewares
Light Marine Hardware Fishing Supplies
Tools & Automotive Items Sporting Goods
One Block from the Marsh Harbour waterfront
on Queen Elizabeth Drive 367-4176

Air Conditior

l1 Appliances
As BIG as you can get...

iers Central & Wall Units
for Home & Kitchen

for Ceiling, Floor, Wall & Table-top

For the Best Quality Best Prices
Best Service Call on Us
Don MacKay Boulevard
G/\ 1( Marsh Harbour
SJv Phone 367-3186

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Electrical Contracting

hiking, biking, swimming, painting
peeling houses, caring for the elderly and
learning useful skills.
The Governor-General's Youth Award
Programme is funded entirely by private
donations. In 1997, the Governor-
General's Youth Award Endowment
Fund was launched. Its goal is to raise
enough money in two years to guarantee
that every young person in the Bahamas
has the opportunity to meet adult life
head on with a sense of achievement and
Generous support from the business
community in Abaco enabled one local
participant to travel to Trinidad and
Tobago during 1996 where he qualified
for his Gold Medal. This medal was
presented to Keith Black on March 8,
1997, at Government House in Nassau in
the presence of HRH The Prince
Concerned individuals who understand
the difference the programme can make

in the future of this nation and want to
keep it alive and growing, through
financial or participatory support, may
contact Mr. Charles Nightingale or Mr.
Hugh Cottis in Marsh Harbour.
Additionally leadership is being provided
by two former gold medal winners,
Drexel Major and Roger Thompson in
Marsh Harbour. Also Starlene Nairn in is
involved with the group in Cooper's
The Governor-General's Youth Award
fosters personal development through
structured, non-competitive activities
which encourage self-responsibility and a
sense of community. The Award
Programme is building a new generation
one success story at a time. Every
donation of time, every encouragement to
join the programme, every donation of
equipment or travel funds makes a
difference. You have the power to give a
young person a better chance at life.
Excerpted with permission

Concrete Blocks
4"x 8"x 16"

0G ., v.or\ 2,e.6 6 Corner Blocks 0,7, ,,
00\ \0690 oe Regular Blocks 4 "
4 .0 oG0 Hydraulic Fittings & Hoses
Monday Friday 7 am 4 pm
P.O. Box AB 20403, Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2502

Marine Training Services
Why take a Coast Guard Exam?
S When you can take a training course &
K .^ receive your license & endorsements for
'~~-- CALL 60 I -467-8003

A Ministry Of Marsh Harbour Gospel Chapel

Is now accepting applications for enrollments for
the school year beginning September 1997
Limited space is available in grades
Kindergarten 3 Grade 7
Interested persons are asked to contact school personnel
for more information or appointments.
8:30 AM. 3:45 P.M. Telephone 367-4777


We are also accepting applications for
Kindergarten Assistants and Primary Teachers.
Must be a Born Again Christian and adhere to the
Statement of Faith of Marsh Harbour Gospel Chapel.
Teacher must also have a Bachelors Degree in Education
or Teacher's Certificate.
Qualifying persons are asked to contact the Principal at the
above time and telephone.

Agape Christian School has been established for three years on the premises of
Marsh Harbour Gospel Chapel. We have seen the Lord's blessings and are
looking forward to the 1997 / 98 school year with great expectations. We use the
A Beka Book Curriculum which emphasizes Christian values as well as a very
high standard of education, approved by the Bahamas Ministry of Education.

March 1997

Page 22 The Abaconian March 1997


- Medical Air Evacuation

The Medical Air Services Association
Bahamas Ltd is offering a new service to
Abaco for both residents and second
home owners for when they have an
illness or accident. With a membership
the ,company provides emergency air
transportation for anyone needing
medical services unavailable on the
island. They will take the person free to
either Nassau or the United States.
The plane and medical services

$240 for families. The cost for
Canadians is slightly higher. In many
cases businesses offer weekly or monthly
salary deductions.
Other services offered with the
membership include
1. Air transportation to a medical
facility near the member's hcme and
2. Air transportation for a family
member or companion if space is

5. Minor children are escorted by
plane to their home area if they are left
stranded by accident or illness.

6. A member's body is transported to
his home area if the injury or illness
results in death.

r ~ ~

provided, the type of plane, the amount available.
f medical equipment and the staff of 3 ....,,tri air ,,.r-,,,r for a 1 -
.,r:;.,..- and nurses depend on the family member if the member is
needs of the patient. hosi'talized for more than seven davs.
Membership in Medical Air Services 4 Air transoration for the member ..
s an initial registration fee of $60 and to his ho me. ...
early fees of $120 for individuals and

Man-O-War Helps Trauma One .
; ;; ...4 .....'......-... : -.". .'... ........................

By Dan ilt 1h,.1,.
On the 8th of March the community of
Man-O-War Cay sponsored a fund raiser
for the benefit of Trauma One, the
Abaco ambulance service operated by a
response team and nearly fifteen
volunteers. The people of Man-O-War
organised the event recognizing that since
the inception of Trauma One in
September of 1995 the ambulance teams
have answered over 105 calls for
Mr. Harcourt Thompson personally
motivated the community to support the
service provided by Trauma One since
the service operates on donations and
contributions for its funding. It operates
from Marsh Harbohur but has often,
assisted the residents of the Cays.
The event provided live musical

entertainment, a "take a chance." 2-1
auction, and, of course, a feast.
A special delegation from the Hope
Town Volunteer Fire Brigade attended
the event and presented Trauma One with
a check for $750. Mr. Dave Gale, known
to all in the area for his role with
BASRA, was auctioneer for the sale of
items donated by businesses and
individuals. The Man-O-War community
called on so many others for donations of
food and volunteers for cooking and
serving some 500 steak and chicken
The event proceeds of just over $8000
will be used by Trauma One for partial
payment of borrowed funds for the
acquisition, landing and duiies on tihc I~,
ambulances and to assisr in operation,
expenses equipment and training.

Brand Parts


Appliances & Appliance Parts .
Water Heaters, Lawn Mowers
,. Plumbing, Auto Accessories

In Marsh Harbour at the traffic light
Mon Fri 9 am 5 pm 367-4185 Sat 8 am Noon

On Hope Town's

bahamian cuisine

Bar Opens Daily 10 a.m.
5 pm on Tuesdays
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m.
Lunch & Dinner Daily
(Kitchen Closed Tuesdays)
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pm
Appetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m.
Call 366-0087 R
rCE 366-0292
VHF Ch. 16


The MASA plane is seen at the marsh Harbour airport with a Trama One ambulance.. This
aircraft contains a full array of medical equipment for flying injured or incapacited persons.
Thwe plane was brought to Marsh Harbour for an open-house tour.

9 National Marine
Authorized Distributor for
-Mercury & Mariner
Sales, Service & a Complete
Line of Marine Accessories MSRINER
Certified Mechanic on Duty UOTBoARD
Royce Sands, President
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2326







Contact Anne Albury or Marcellus Roberts
- (242) 365-8538 or Fax 8064 After 5 pm Call 365-8064

x. W,,lIN .k--,. v, z .

March 1997

More School News


FROM Page 14

to all participants by former world champ
Norm Hull of Canada. Children watched
spellbound as Norm showed all the tricks
that earned him his title.
Shortly after that Mrs. Ann Russell
traveled to Crossing Rocks for the 4th
G'ade Spelling Bee with students Corey
Engle, Akusza Kemp and Brandon
Sweeting. A great time was had by all.
These spelling bees are a great time to
incorporate an educational field trip into
these roving bees.
It was then time for us to act as the
host school for the 5th grade bee.
Eighteen students battled it out for 18
rounds. When the vowels and consonants
settled, the winner was Shane Cash of
Hope Town School and second place
winner was Misty Russell of Agape
School. A delicious PTA-sponsored lunch
was held afterwards for all.
Hope Town School looks forward to
the Ministry of Education's yearly Let's
Read, Bahamas reading competition. We
involve parents, community and visitors
to "Read, Read, Read!" for the required
time period. This year we had fun with
Stop, Drop, Read, writing our own
books, meeting new friends that came in
to read to us, and making a "Book
Worm" out of empty toilet paper rolls
decorated with a picture of a favorite
scene from each book the children read.
The "worm" was attached by yarn, and
when finished, it stretched over the
shoulders of all our 40 children. Joined
by parents and visitors, we paraded

A visiting science teacher from Hawaii who
also works on a scientific vessel in Antarticia
makes the world seem smaller to Hope Town
children with her talk. Photo by Candace Key
through town bragging to all about all the
books we had read. Besides reading
specialists, U.S. teachers and grand
parents, also joining us to help read was
a noted author and Mr. Jeff Key. Mr.
Key is a teacher on vacation from St.
Andrews School in Nassau and originally
from Hope Town.
Grades 1 and 2 teacher Mrs. Nancy
McDaniel celebrated 100 days in school
("We are 100 days smarter!") with a
variety of integrated subject projects. The
highlight was a picnic with parents at our
candy-striped lighthouse and then the
energetic group climbed the 101 steos of
the lighthouse.
The children also enjoyed the visits
from a science teacher from Hawaii and

Harbour View Grocery
Use our dock for convenient shopping at our store
Fresh Meats & Vegetables
Dairy Products
Canned Goods
"- - Dry Goods
on the HOPE TOWN waterfront

Frederick's Agency
Bahamas Custom Brokers
Import & Exports Land or Sea
Freight cleared at Marsh Harbour,
Treasure Cay & Green Turtle Cay
.. Agent for M. V. STATE CHALLENGE
Gurth Roberts, Manager
P.O. Box AB 20468, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 242-367-2333 or 367-2564 Fax 367-3136


Weekly freight between W. Palm Beach, Nassau & Marsh Harbour
General cargo, 20 ft. containers, 40,000 lb. refrigerated capacity
Specify M/V BIAK
Leaves W. Palm Beach Wed. arr. Nassau Thurs. & Marsh Harbour Fri.
Sails Sunday for Nassau and Florida
In Abaco Call 242-367-2091, Fax 367-2235 or call on VHF ch 16
P.O. Box AB 20737, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas.
Located above B & D Marine at the Traffic Light
in USA call Palm Beach Steamship Company at 561-844-5387
Warehouse A 2nd door, 158 E. Port Road, Riviera Beach, FL 33404


her friend who was doing research work
in Antarctica. Students had fun
comparing and contrasting The Bahamas
with the Hawaiian Islands they learned
Rounding out the schedule of visitors
to the school was Nichole Mattock with
the "Protect a Pod," a wild dolphin
research team. She visited several Abaco
schools to educate about our friends the
dolphin and how we can ensure their
habitat remains pristine by adopting
certain environmental practices. This
visit was a timely one as it kicked off an
activity-filled year for The Bahamas (and
Hope Town) celebrating the International
Year of the Reef.
Forest Heights Academy
Art Competition
By Stephanie Humblestone
A second annual art competition was
held at Forest Heights Academy on
February 28th. Susan Parotti, an art
teacher at the school, organised the
competition into categories of still life,
contour drawing, imaginative
competition, graphical design, landscape,
sculpture and papier-mache. This was an
in-house competition with active
participation from grades 7-12.
Ms. Kim Stirrup had the unenviable
task of selecting winners which Ms.

~- ,.


Susan Parotti congratulates Leanne Russell
who was the overall winner in the recent
Forest Heights annual art competition.
Photo by Stephanie llumblestone
Parotti says was very difficult as there is
so much talent in the school. Clearly the
overall winner in most categories was
Leanne Russell from Grade 11 who
excenled in figure drawing, still life and
graphical design. She skillfully
demonstrated life and realism in her
works and chose a wide variety of subject
matters. Leanne nopes to further her
talents at art school.
Jamril Hepburn was the overall winner
in imaginative competition. His works,


n Sarah O'Co
Welcome Yc
Historic Hal

"ftO IGI-

Page 27

nnor & Peter Kline
ou to Hope Town's
rbour Lodge

Excellent Snorkeling from our 2-mile Ocean Beach
Air Conditioned Accommodations, Fresh Water Pool
Reef Bar & Grill, Lunch Served Daily 11:30 2:30
Dinner Service Tues Sat 6:30 9 No Reservation Needed
Happy Hour Daily 4 5 p.m.
Sunday Continental Breakfast Buffet 8- 10 am
Plus Menu Specialties including Eggs Benedict


Complimentary Dockage
Call 366-0095 or VHF Channel 16

Visit Our Showroom
For a wide selection of household appliances
6tGINE. by Amana, Caloric, -
k Maytag & Tappan
)..E/ .O.I ..

Washers + Dryers + Refrigerators + Stoves
Freezers + Water Heaters + Air conditioners

,'\_ 'w \ \

; Small Household Appliances by I 'i
=-Hamilton Beach, Regal & Toastmaster including
Toasters, Mixers, Hair Dryers, Vacuums
Dehumidifiers, Blenders, and More
Electrical and Appliance Sales & Service
Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour Ph. 367-2663 Fax 2673



Th Ab nian Pae 23



Pae 24 The Abaconlan March 1997

Medical Forum... Diabetes Can Be Controlled

By Hyatali Ameeral, District Medicdl
Officer Abaco Central and South
Topic: Diabetes
Diabetes is the commonest of the
chronic diseases in The Bahamas with a
prevalence rate about 15% to 20% in
adults over the age of 35 years. There
are approximately 25 to 30 thousand
diabetics in The Bahamas.
Diabetes or "sugar" as it is popularly
termed is a disease characterized by
inappropriate sugars and the development
of long term damage to blood vessels and
the ne-vcus system.
The disorder is produced when there is
an absolute or relative lack of insulin in
the body. The main symptoms of sugar
are frequent thirst, frequent urination,
eating extensively, weight loss, high
blood sugar and a severe metabolic
disorder in the blood.
A patient with diabetes may have

elevated fasting blood sugar
Classification of Diabetes
Insulin-dependent diabetes Type
1 develops mostly in patients before age
30 years who have typical symptoms. It
is believed to arise from a viral or toxic
destruction of the gland that produces
Non-insulin dependent diabetes
Type 2 usually starts after 30 years of
age and is frequently associated with
obesity. Ninety-five percent cf the
Bahamian patients have this type.
Maturity-Onset Diabetes occurs in
children or adults. The clinical course is
similar to mild to moderate non-insulin
diabetes. It is usually inherited.
Malnutrition-Related Diabetes
Type 3 is caused by protein and vitamin
deficiency, eg. severe drug abuse or

Jr. Achievers Organize in Marsh Harb.

On November 16th, 1996, another
Junior Achievement company was
established in the Marsh Harbour area
and is named The Island Creators. This
company has thirty students from Abaco
Central High School in grades 10 and 11.
Students enrolled in this programme were
selected based on their GPA which is 2.5
and above.
They meet every Thursday at the high
school and their officers are Brooke
Pierce, President; Teneil Mills, Marvin
Russell, Chervain Dean, Elizabeth
Dames, all vice- presidents.
Advisors for this year's Junior
Achievement Programme are Mrs.
Marsha Stubbs, Mr. Paul Bartlett,
Lasonia Darville, Laura Anderson, Mr.
Ortneil Duncombe and Mrs. Greta
Presently the Island Creators are
engaged in manufacturing picture frames
designed out of wood. Samples of this
product will be made available to the
public. If you are interested in getting
your favourite picture framed, please
contact Mrs. Greta Strachan-Culmer at
On February 20th 23rd a group of
ten Junior Achievers from Cooper's
Town and Marsh Harbour attended a
Bahamajac Conference in Nassau. This

Motor Oil
Brake Fluid
Engine Coolant
Transmission Fluid
Distributed by:
Shepherd L. Key & Co. Ltd.
Call 242-393-0720
Fax 242-393-7630
289 Wulff Road East
PO Box N 483, Nassau, Bahamas

conference is held annually in Nassau to
bring together Junior Achievers and
prospective members from throughout the
Bahamas for a day of learning and fun.
This year's conference under the
theme Believe and Succeed focused on
the technological age as we approach the
20th century. It exposed our young
people to the Internet and how it will
assist businesses in the future. The
Achievers were accompanied by Ms.
Karen Turner, Ass't. Coordinator,
Cooper's Town, Mr. Bert Cooper,
Advisor and Mrs. Greta Strachan-
Culmer, Coordinator.
There were many new friends to meet
as over 500 students participated.
Bahamajac is a time the Achievers will
always remember. A day of fun,
education and leadership opportunity and
where net-working begins.
The Island Creators will hold a speech
competition and dinner on April 17th at
7 p.m. at Bayview Restaurant in Dundas
Town. They are inviting the public to
join them for the evening. Tickets are
$20 and the dress will be semi-formal.

chronic alcoholism. Clinically, this type
may resemble Type 1 or Type 2
Gestational Diabetes -diabetes only
during pregnancy
The Management of Diabetes
The management of diabetes involves
five distinct areas.
1. Education is the first line. Patients
should be encouraged to take control and
look after their own diabetes rather than
to rely entirely on health care workers.
Education should be given about the
nature of the disease and goals of
treatment soon after the diagnosis is
2. and 3. Diet and Exercise The
dietary advise given to patients with
diabetes is no different from that given to
patients with hypertension (high blood
pressure) or coronary heart diseases. For
more that 50% of diabetic patients,
weight reduction is necessary and
complemented by increasing physical
activity. My major challenge as the
district medical doctor here in The
Bahamas is to encourage people to make
basic changes in their diets away from a
high fat, high carbohydrate diet.
4. Medications
1. Sulphonylurias -The first generation
of medications act by stimulating the
release of insulin from the pancreas.

Second generation medications are 100
times more potent but there is no
evidence to show that they are more
effective than the older agents.
2. Glucophages -These act by slowing
the absorption of sugars. Also they may
increase the utilization of glucose in the
3 Glucosidase inhibitors -These act by
slowing the break down of starch-s and
delaying absorption of sugars in the small
4. Insulin sensitizes -These work by
improving insulin resistance. This is
currently being developed and hopefully
will become available in the next one to
two years.
5. Insulin -There are three basic types
with different physical and chemical
properties. This may be required when
diet and drug treatments fail.
Unfortunately, insulin tends to encourage
weight gain. Insulin may be combined
with drug treatments.
5. Self monitoring
1. Urine glucose monitoring, although
a useful method, does not detect low
blood sugar and is subjected to possible
drug interference such as false positive
readings with vitamins and aspirin.
2. Blood glucose monitoring is more
accurate and is advocated for patients on
intensive insulin therapy.

rN CIf W Yf( V

Sandy Point Tues. April 1st 1 3 p.m.
Murphy Town Park Wed. April 2nd 11 2 p.m.
Cooper's Town Ingraham's Park Thurs. April 3rd 11 2 p.m.
Grand Cay Thurs. April 3rd 11 2 p.m.
Mount Hope Estmargeo Park Thurs. April 3rd 3 5 p.m.
Moore's Island All Age School Fri. Apr. 4th 11:30 2 p.m.
Refreshments. Games. Entertainment, Easter Egg Hunt
For All 4 12 Year Old Children on Abaco
Sponsored by the Department of Social Services
in conjunction with the Social Advisory Board.

Gospel Express loly Land Tour '97
12 Days in Greece, Egypt 5 the ljoly Land Rovember 5 16, 1997
Twelve Days Visiting the most Interesting places in Greece, Egypt, and the Holy Land, including
Mars Hill, the Acropolis, the Pyramids, the Nile River, the Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Wailing Wall,
Jerusalem, Calvary, Gethsemene, Nazareth, the Garden Tomb and much more.
&ME, j'-w

Tour Hosts:
Lewton Neilly
PO Box EL 27409
Spanish Wells
Fax 333-4735

Tom Roberts
PO Box N 1229
Fax 322-3874

This will be our 7th tour.

Travel the Holy Land
in Safety.

Our groups are
not too large.

Our guides are the
most experienced.

Only $2,495 from Miami

$150 Deposit will hold
your place on this tour.

Gideon's Spring in Jerusalem with Lewton Neilly (left) and Tom Roberts (right) in 1996.
Included: Round Trip from Miami, First Class Hotels, Two Meals Daily, Deluxe Motor Coach, All
Entrance Fees, Tips and Taxes Included, Swimming in the Dead Sea, The Best Christian Guides,
Tour of Greece, two nights in Egypt with visits to River Nile, the Great Pyramids and more.
On Abaco contact Morgan Turnquest 367-7249 Call for information, free brochure available.

The Abaconian Page 25

More News of the Cays


FROM Page 12

easiest access of any cay. Further, not
being t'ed, to a regular schedule will
allow Guana Beach Resort to concentrate
on its primary business objective of
Colin Tozer, PADI Dive Instructor for
over 20 years and trainer for the Jean
Michel!e Cousteau environmental
programs, will be providing guided
snorkel and dive excursions as well as
trips to neighboring islands including
Man-O-War, Hope Town, Little Harbour
and Treasure Cay via the Guana
Grabber. In addition, the boat will be
available for special events or groups.
Colin, a native of the Bahamas, is
looking forward to taking guests out on
trips and sharing his knowledge with
tourists and locals alike via the Guana
All activities are available to the public
and with the A.I.T. ferry coming to
Guana from Marsh Harbour four times a
day, 9 a.m., 12 noon, 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.
we look forward to seeing guests of
Marsh Harbour take advantage of our
snorkeling, diving and island hopping
trips. Please call the Guana Beach Resort
at 365-5133 or VHF 16 for more
Hope Town
New Arrival
Karen Huff-Lowe and Robert Lowe
are thrilled with the new addition to their
family. They were blessed with a healthy
boy born the 11th of February, weighing
eight pounds five ounces. He was given

Shawn Roberts and Megan Albury
the name Elijah Jeremiah Lowe.
Livingston, A.K.A. "Stoney," is proud to
be Elijah's big brother. Proud grand-
parents are Charles and Eloise Huff.
The new arrival born to Bonnie and
Arnold Hall of Hopetown is named
Charles Albert, not Charles Alfred as we
reported in the last issue The Abaconian.
By Samantha Sands
Recently two students from Man-O-
War All Age School received awards for
the 1995-1996 Royal Commonwealth
Essay Competition. Both students are in
grade six and were commended for their
essays. We are proud of Shawn Roberts,
son of Buddy and Tiffany Roberts, and
Megan Albury, the daughter of Ralph
and Donna Albury.
We appreciate Mrs. Marie Cherry's

Channel Cay
Now you can enjoy the privacy of
S your own 25 acre island in the sun
set in the the crystal clear waters
of the Abaco's. Accommodations
for eight include a 4 bed, 3 bath
fully equipped hilltop residence,
large patios and decks overlook-
ing sparkling waters, paths to wan-
der and a crescent beach to lie on.
Located approximately 8 miles
south of Marsh Harbour.
Weekly rental $2,750.
Sales Price: $3.5 million. Colour brochure available.
Call Larry Roberts
Tel: 242-393-8618 or Fax: 242-393-0326
e-mail: lroberts@bahamas.net.bs Internet: http://www.bahamas.net.bs/real_estate

North Abaco's Finest Fleet
20' 28' Rental Boats 0
Scuba & Snorkeling Trips 0
All Levels of P.A.D.I. Instruction *
Full Equipment Rentals
(242) 365-8465
Fax 365-8508 e-mail jic@oii.net
Located at Treasure Cay Marina

help with our young writer's education.
We invite any local residents to share
their special skills with our students.
Congratulations to Batelco, Man-O-
War Cay, on being voted as "Station of
the Year 1996" and to Mrs. Winnie
Sweeting, Supervisor I, on being voted
as "Staff of the Year 1996." Mrs.
Sweeting and her station were voted in
by fellow employees of Batelco, Abaco.
Man-O-War Is Two Straight
By M. C. Albury
Man-O-War celebrated the winning of
our MP Mr. Robert Sweeting. On
Saturday morning when our MP visited
our island there were 27 vehicles in the
motorcade, just so excited about our
winning. There were young and old
involved. What a great time!
On Saturday night there was another
motorcade, this time with 30 vehicles in
the motorcade. Music playing of Two

"Selsey Cottage", Elbow Cay
Quaint chalet style two bedroom one bath cottage near White
Sound on Elbow Cay. Special features include: ceramic tile
floors on ground floor, wood floor in second floor loft, a fully
equipped galley kitchen, new refrigerator, new washing ma-
chine, a large front deck and back patio, ocean views from loft
bedroom, a 10,000 gallon rainwater cistern and a right of way
and two minute walk to the beach. List #2452

Sales Price: $195,000



^1 Triple J Marine

Full Service Marina, Laundromat & Marine Store

Visit our Marine Store
for your Boating Needs, Fishing Supplies,
Electronic Equipment and Repairs

for Pool & Beach Wear
Jewelry, Androsia
~Gifts & Souvenirs

on Marsh Harbour's waterfront
Phone 367-2163
Store Hours 8 5 Monday thru Friday Saturday 8 1

Call Larry Roberts
Bahamas Realty Limited
Tel: 242-393-8618 or Fax: 242-393-0326
Internet http://www.bahamasrealty.bs

Straight! Two Straight! Two Straight
Now! When the motorcade was finished,
there on our volleyball court we had a
celebration of sandwiches, conch salad,
conch fritters and all sorts of sweets and
Congratulations to our MP Mr. Robert
Sweeting. Two Straight! We're keeping
Green Turtle Cay
By Annabelle Cross
The topic of conversation around
Green Turtle Cay has been the same as
in any Bahamian community the general
election on March 14th. The boundary
changes placed us in the North Abaco
Constituency, as we had been prior to the
1992 changes. Our candidates were the
Hon. Hubert Ingraham representing the
FNM and newcomer to front line
PLEASE SEE Cays Page28

March 1997

Page 26 g The Ab

FNM Wins


FROM Page 1

Parliament has recently had 49 seats. In
the previous House, the FNM held 32 of
the 49 seats.
There were 129,946 voters registered
of which 119,172 voted. The voter turn-
out was 91.7 percent of the registered
voters. The FNM party received 68,791
votes which is 57.7 percent and the PLP
party received 49,907 votes which is
41.8 percent.
The Prime Minister spoke to the
country after the election and stated that
he was humbled by the overwhelming
support for the party and for himself. He
assured the country that no citizen will be
left behind, no one will be discriminated
against and that he will continue to work
on their behalf and will finish the work
begun in 1992. It was a short hard fought
battle without any disruptions with the
exception of the unkindest cut of all, the
murder of Chuck Virgill. He was
especially proud that not one of the Free
National Movement members lost a seat,
there were not incumbent casualties.
He briefly outlined his plans for the
next five years. His party will dedicate
their energies toward reducing poverty,
relieving bad housing, reducing crime
and emphasize the education of the
youth. By the end of his term in office
he wants to eradicate poverty, have full
employment and a healthy democracy.


I March 1997
The FNM will now form a
government and will be in power for a
period of up to five years. The leader of
the FNM party, the Rt. Hon. Hubert A.
Ingraham was sworn in by the Governor
General on March 18th. It is expected
that Mr. Ingraham will announce his
Cabinet members on March 18th.
Parliament will open on April 10th when
the members of the House will be sworn
Some of the constituencies which have
been PLP strongholds and which
switched over to the FNM were North
Andros, Cat Island, Exuma and West
End, Grand Bahama. George Smith, PLP
representative for Exuma, had held his
seat for the past 29 years. The leadership
of the PLP remains intact with Sir
Lynden as Chairman and Bernard
Nottage and Perry Christie Deputy
The Free National Movement has
issued their Manifesto II which outlines
its goal for the next five years. In
campaigning in 1992, Mr. Ingraham
issued a Manifesto which he followed
throughout his term of office, completing
most of his goals.
During his administration, the Prime
Minister has made great strides in
developing infrastructural improvements,
in initiating local government in the
Family Islands, in privatizing the hotel


North Abaco
Ingraham Sawyer

No. of Voters
Grand Cay 253
Fox Town 334
Cedar Harbour 111
Cooper's Town 414
Cooper's Town 174
Treasure Cay 338
Green Turtle Cay 291
Murphy Town 470
Dundas Town 288
Dundas Town 287


2960 1883
Total votes cast 2735
92% of registered voters



Guana Cay
Man-O-War Cay
Hope Town
Marsh Harbour
Marsh Harbour
Marsh Harbour
Spring City
Casuarina Point
Crossing Rocks
Sandy Point
Moore's Island


Sweeting Key
. of Voters
66 55 7
226 150 66
216 152 44
288 219 55
140 96 39
398 211 166
149 53 88
126 121 2
77 62 10
105 61 42
277 158 103
390 63 317
2458 1401 939
60% 40%

Total votes cast 2340
95% of registered voters

Certified Technician Complete Auto Re air
Electronic Ignitions Brakes
Fuel Injection A/C Service
Timing Belt C.V. Joints
Computerized Engine Controls
Call Tony at 367-2411 Forest Drive, Murphy Town
Located between Abaco Starters & Shell Tall Pines Food Store




$1850%M.-01 l

Includes oil, fully assembled Call
& ready to use 367-2077
MODEL #0BC 401-8790 ,
Don MacKay Blvd, Marsh Harbour liXt.a

South Abaco




FRI-SUN 1630 1705
FRI-SUN I 720 I 755
FRI-SUN I600 1645
FRI-SUN I 700 I 745
Call 242-352-5778 242-359-4722 242-352-5781
Fax 242-352-5778 Freeport International Airport

Page 35


Wayne Cornish, the South Abaco
Fisheries officer, reminds everyone that the
crawfishing season ends on March 31st.
This applies to commercial fishermen,
sports fishermen, Bahamians, residents and
visitors. All crawfish in storage on April
1st must be inventoried and documented
with the Fisheries officer in Marsh Harbour
or Cooper's Town.
Most commercial establishments
understand this rule and comply but it also
applies to all others. Anyone with a large
quantity of crawfish in storage is advised to
inform the Fisheries officer.
Also the bag limit of six crawfish per
person will be watched. This means that
two people on a boat or in a house may
possess 12 crawfish which they caught.
More crawfish may be kept but you should
be prepared to prove that they were
purchased legally.
On April 1st the Police, Defense Force
and the Fisheries personnel are apt to make
spot checks looking for illegal crawfish.
The fine for having undersize crawfish can
be up to $3,000 and for possessing
crawfish out of season the fine can be as
high as $5,000.

Crawfish can be legally bought from
fish houses and others all year long but the
Fisheries officers suggest you keep
receipts, invoices or other documents to
satisfy them of the origin. Boats and
commercial establishments are subject to
the most scrutiny but the rules apply
The fishing season for turtles also
closes on March 31st as it is concurrent
with the crawfish dates. It is expected the
season will re-open on the traditional
August 1st date.
Mr. Cornish, the Fisheries officer for
South Abaco, reminds everyone that
commercial fishing and netting is NOT
allowed from the low water mark cut for
100 feet. This leaves a closed fishing zone
for commercial fishermen around each
island, cay and rock. In many places this
no-fishing zone will be much greater than
100 feet from the shoreline. Recreational
fishing is allowed in this zone.
Mr. Cornish also said that it is illegal to
set nets across the entrances to harbours
and creeks or to net bonefish.
All fishermen are reminded to put their
compressors away on April 1st. Boats


found with a compressor on board will
have a hard time convincing the boarding
officers that the compressor is not being
used for fishing. Compressors are legal
only during the crawfish season. Even
then, they may be used only in depths over
30 feet and the operators must be licensed.
Compressors are allowed on yachts for
underwater maintenance but compressors
are not allowed on small boats.

Crawfishing Ends MarMarch 1997

Crawfishing Ends March 31st

Welcomes you in their branches in Abaco
Ask Barclays First

Barclays is the largest represented
international banking group in the area

Marsh Harbour
367-2152/3/4 367-2210 Fax 367-2659
New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay
We have other branches throughout the Bahamas to serve you


7 le restaurant

An invitation is extended to our
Abaco friends to join us for breakfast,
lunch or dinner at our marina patio or in
our air conditioned dining room.
Breakfast specials extend until 10:30
a.m. on weekdays and 11 am on
Sunday. Visit us for a mid-day lunch,
perhaps a fabulous pizza.
No need to drive home in the dark. Come and enjoy our
Early Bird dinner specials between 6 & 7 pm and receive a
25% discount. Entrees include Prime Rib (large or small),
fantastic Steaks, Pork Chops and Lamb Chops.
Got a sweet tooth ... our delicious cakes 47"
and pastries are prepared by chef Gary
Hudson. Or perhaps our 12 varieties of ice
cream and sorbets are more to your liking.
S A party of two presenting this ad
during April '97 will receive a free
cocktail and a party of four will receive a bottle of
.wine with dinner. This is our way of welcoming
you to a fine dining experience.
As a special bonus to our
Abaco friends only and based on
availability, you will receive a special '
room rate of $40 per night (double
occupancy) subject to availability.

Come spend the weekend with
us. Call 365-8535 for availability
and reservations.

l I I I : -

The Abaeonian Page 27

School FROM Page 23

mainly focusing on sports, are colourful
and animated. He obviously draws his
inspiration from personal experience as
Jamil is a keen basketball player. He
recently returned from Nassau where he
played in the Hugh Campbell
Competition and was awarded the title of
Most Valuable Player. He is aiming for
a college basketball scholarship.
Congratulations to the winners and to
all participants of the competition.

P.O. Box AB 20655, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Reservation Day & Night Call 242-367-3980
Or call Alpha-numeric Beeper # 2980 at 367-3463
* One Bedroom Efficiency 0 Microwave
* Private Parking Refrigerator
* Out-door Lodging 0 Air Conditioned

Electronics Service Center
formerly Television Service Center

"All We Sell Is Service"
Radio, TV, VCR & Audio Equipment
Juke Boxes & Video Games
Musical Instruments
Marine Electronics
Office Equipment
Cash Registers
FAX Machines
Electronic Organs Tommy Pinder
Medical Equipment Master Technician
Automotive & Marine Electronics Phone 367-2830
Telephone Recorders, Phones & Phone Devices
In Marsh Harbour on Queen Elizabeth Drive
between Keys Drive & Firehouse Corner

Pe 28 The Abaeonian March 1997

PM Ingraham Speaks At M.H. Rally

The Free National Movement held a
very large rally on March 7th in Marsh
Harbour which featured the Prime
Minister of The Bahamas, the Hon.
Hubert A. Ingraham. Mr. Ingraham gave
his support to Robert Sweeting, FNM
candidate for South Abaco and stressed
the goal of his government to make the
country better for the people.
The Prime Minister spoke that the area
which the government is opening up off
Forest Drive will not be a subdivision but
will be a first class township and will
include all services a community would
have. It will have at least 550 residential
lots and will designate areas for
churches, shops and all the other
amenities a town normally has.
The Prime Minister explained some
basic financing of his government. They

The Jib Room at

M s"1a-0iour

The Best Value in Town
Sunday 7 pm
World Famous Steak BBQ
Tasty N.Y. Strip, Salad & Potato
(Lobster Tail or Chicken by Res.)
Music & Dancing 7:30 pm
Wednesday 7 pm
Baby-Back Pork Rib BBQ
Finger Lickin Good, Baked Beans
Peas & Rice, Salad
(Lobster Tail or Chicken by Res.)
Music & Dancing 7:30 pm
Thursday: 5 7 pm
Special Happy Hour
FREE hors d'oeuvres
Closed Tuesdays
Available for Weddings
Private Parties
Conferences & Receptions


Under the yellow glow on
Marsh Harbour's north side
Phone 809-367-2700

borrowed a total of $283 million but it
took $126 to pay off a debt which they
inherited. The balance of $157 was spent
in improving the infrastructure
throughout The Bahamas. Abaco
benefitted greatly through this program
with improved roads, drainage systems,
schools, upgraded phone and electrical


FROM Page 25

politics, Mr. Felix Sawyer representing
the PLP.
Campaigning was relatively quiet in
our community as there were no large
rallies with numerous speeches. Mr.
Sawyer's campaigning was door to door

as he introduced himself and outlined his
party's policies. Mr. Ingraham, no
stranger to Green Turtle Cay, addressed
a crowd at the basketball court before
leaving for Andros and a large rally.
Our polling station was at the
Administraive Building and voting went
smoothly. Six o'clock found some
waiting for the local unofficial count
while others listened to ZNS for returns.
At our poll, #7, Hon. Hubert Ingraham
received 196 votes and Mr. Felix Sawyer
74 votes.
When it was announced over Radio
Bahamas that the Free National
Movement had been returned as
government (unofficial count), supporters
braved rain and thunder to celebrate in
the streets!
On Saturday evening FNM supporters
celebrated again with refreshments being
served. Then Green Turtle Cay had its
own motorcade as trucks and vans

Can you imagine yourself or a loved one
critically ill or injured and unless you are
evacuated to a Medical Facility outside of
Abaco you cannot be treated?
An Air Ambulance flight can cost $5,000.00 or
more, paid in full, in advance.
Will you be able to get to the medical treatment you
Good News!
If you are a member of Medical Air Services
Asscociation Bahamas, you fly for free!

You may join MASA Bahamas for only $120.00
(single) and $240.00 (family) per year. This breaks
down to as little as .33 cents per day.

That's not all. You will also receive SIX other
benefits besides 'Emergency Air Transportation."
Give this gift of "peace of mind" for yourself and
your family.

covered in posters and stickers rode
through town with the FNM theme song
blaring and riders shouting, Two
Even though there were persons on
opposite political sides, it's fair to say
that our community was quiet and there
wasn't the arguing and animosity that we
often see at election time.
On a sad note: Mrs. Emily Cooper
died at her daughter's home in the early
hours of March 5th. Miss Emily, as she
was affectionately called, is survived by
two sons, Michael and Anthony; four
daughters, Gay, Judy Violet and Brenda
Lee; her brother Alphonso McIntosh;
numerous grand and great grand
children, relatives and friends. Funeral
services will be held on March 22nd.
Miss Emily will be sadly missed by
many who remember her fondly as the
proprietor of the well known Emily's
Blue Bee Bar.

Francina Bodie. MASA Representative


Act at once I

Call Your MASA Representative
in Abaco: 242-367-4210
in Nassau: 242-326-6272

APRIL 26TH 1973 MARCH 23RD 1996
Tears are a language God understands,
St He will wipe away your tears with His soft hand.
You left us suddenly, your thoughts unknown.
You left us sweet memories. we're glad to own.

Anthony Darville

Tony, rest high on your mountain!
While on earth you were one of the best.
But we know that nothing that is loved is ever lost
No one who has ever touched a heart can really pass away.
There lingers some beauty on every memory of which
you have been a part.
Gone but will never be forgotten!
7A4 VCvw de u7'4.

A Tutibute to Colin ChartLes

It has been year on March 23nd, since that
dreadful Saturday night when we lost one of the
most Loving, outgoing and humorous young men
in our community.
I knew Colin just about all his life. He was
just a Little boy when I was best friends with his
Aunts Joyce and Levaughn. Being with them,
Colin was always around, with a big smile and
so many curls.
The years passed and Cofin grew into afine
young man and came to work with us at
Western Auto. He was a delight and pleasure to
work with. He Lost the curls, but not that big
smile! Colin moved many things: shooting, darts,
playing softfaff, boating, eating scorch conch
every morning. But, most of all, he loved fife!
On March 23rd, 1996, Colin Lost what I think
he loved best, his life, in a dreadfiil car accident

that can never be erased from our memories.
I have a seven year old son who misses a day
in which he does not call Colin's name or doesn't
put on a video and watch memories of him.
Colin has (eft an impression on Dustin's life that
I don't think he will ever forget, and like Dustin
says, CoLin was his good udty. I believe Colin
was a buddy to many and has (eft an impression
on many people in this community.
To Cofin's family, whom he loved dearly, my
thoughts and prayers are with you always. They
say, "Time is the greatest healer." For you aff, I
hope time wiffll heal some of the pain and grief as
you must continue with your lives. Cohin's
death has Left a void in this community that can
never be filed. His death has also left an empty
place in our hearts and lives. Colin Left many
memories we can cherish.

Lbu ry
So, for you, (his family, may you (ook
to God for answers. He is the only one
that can make us see why He gave Colin
only twenty-three short years, which for
everyone who knew him was not enough.
Our ways are not always God's way. We
should never question. But how can we
not when we have lost someone so dear?
Colin, may you rest in peace. Dustin
says I must teff you he wiff always love
you andu never forget you. He wishes you
could bfe here to go to the Carnival.

The Russell Family

Written by afriend
Shelley Russell

,Con Albury

Colin Albury



[ More South Abaco News
[___LII UI V ____I1.-I------------------

sponsor. We should be very p
youth for channeling their
;nto a positive direction and
give them all the help we car
Over the past few weeks Pi
has been teaching some of o
how to quilt. They are progre
and their handiwork is going
eye catching. Peggy assures
doing a really good job and
decided to sell or action off
raise money for the school.
sure to let you know when it
An Easter egg decorating
be held for the school child

24th of marcti. i dere are some very nice
FROM Page8 prizes for the winners and we hope
)roud of our everyone will participate. Last year's
enthusiasm entries included many beautiful hand
I we should painted and hand crafted eggs. We
n. encourage the children to be creative and
eggy Albury use whatever decorating ideas they can
our students come up with. Good luck!
essing nicely Even though last month we stated that
to be quite all the materials were in place for the
us they are basketball court, we were mistaken. It
d they have seems that everything but the cement
the quilt to blocks are there. So, we need some help
We will be to transport them from Marsh Harbour to
is finished. Cherokee. Even if you can only bring six
contest will or eight at a time, each block d.-,n\ r:-J
dren on the will help us reach the number needed for

New Restaurant Opens in Marsh H.

By Stephanie Humblestone
Flippers, a new restaurant situated in
the new Memorial Plaza in Marsh Har-
bour, is attracting business and doing
well. For its owner, Marcia Albury, this
was a new venture.
As you walk into Flippers there is a
lovely light air. The restaurant, which is
a spacious 2,000 square feet, seats 100
people, has individual booths and open
tables covered with pretty tablecloths.
The menu, essentially Bahamian, is
enjoyed by both tourists and locals alike.
Steamed wild boar, curries, stewed fish,
johnny cake are just some of the goodies
on the menu, and every Friday night
prime beef is served. No hard liquor or
beer is available but there is a modest
selection of good wines, Breezers and a

Sangria Flipper style, which is Marcia's
own menu.
Flippers is open seven days a week,
between 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. It is closed
then until 6.30 p.m. when it re-opens for
dinner. On Sundays it is open from 1:30
p.m. to 3:30 p.m. It is well worth a

iiiihnnM k15I I h Thpr >rv- it-. 1

IMf ________It~i


Operated by GULFSTREAM h4feorvd4



Call Your Travel Agent or for Reservations & Information:

Florida Destinations: 800-525-0280 Bahamas Destinations: 800-231-0856

Abaco Rebuilders
Sales & Repairs U.S. & Foreign Cars, Trucks & Marine
Starters We Stock a Complete Line of Batteries
Alternators Radiator Cores
Parallel Switches & i Service to Gasoline & Diesel
Continuous Duty Engines, Marine &
Solenoids (12, 24 & 36V) Industrial Equipment
Member Automotive Parts, Master & Visa Cards Accepted
Rebuilders Association Call 367-3465 & 367-4970

the job. Please call Peggy Albury to find
out where to pick them up in Marsh
Harbour. Thanks.
A great big "Thank you" to all the
volunteer mothers who are filling in as
substitute teachers while our principal is
on maternity leave. Ms. Sutherland and
Miss Lowe would also like to thank them
and let them know that their help will
make this school term a success. After
all, cur children are the future of
Late Breaking News !I's a boy!

Moore's Island
By Ruthmae Rolle
Ms. Daisy Key and Mr. Hubert Hield
were joined in holy matrimony on the 1st
of March at Zion Baptist Church.
Congratulations and best wishes to the
happy couple.
Congratulations to the Moore's Island
Lobsters for their victory over the Sandy
Point Royals in the first game of the
play-offs in basketball. The community
of Moore's Island saw the Lobsters in
action as a team for the first time as this
initial game was played at the basketball

court in Hard Bargain. The team players
were well supported as old and young
came with goat skin drums and cow bells
to cheer them on. We're all looking
forward to many more victories from the
Lobsters. Keep up the good work, guys!
A special prayer service for the nation
was held on the 13th of March at Greater
Bethel Baptist Church. Church leaders
and the general public came together to
offer special prayers for the nation as
thousands of Bahamians prepared to go
to the polls for the election on the
following day. The event was well

Corner Value
Liquid Propane Gas
LPG Tanks Refilled
*9 LPG Appliances

W Magic Chef

Maytag Appliances

Household Goods
Clothing, Shoes
Hallmark Cards
Queen Elizabeth Drive
One Block East of the Traffic Light
PO Box AB 20490, Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2250

The Ahaeonian Page 29

..... -' .

Ma h "1997

$ -t

Page 30 The Abaconian M

By William (Billy) Roberts
It seems that a political era has finally
come to a close. Please allow %me to
comment on a few things accordingly.
The spsll has been broken The
Bahamian people, for the first time in
many years, have the opportunity to
realize great things in their country.
However, in spite of that bit of
optimisrr, I am afraid that "things" will
never be as great as they could have been
because of the general state of
disharmony that exits around the world,
and indeed, in our own communities
Our inability to accept the next man's
opinion without wanting to kill him
obviously causes us to cease to function
as a united people. You'll excuse the
pessimism, but I'm not sure that we will
never be a united people again. Quite
honestly, that really bothers me.
There is seme concern that because
the FNM command such an
overwhelming majority of the seats in the
House, democracy is in some way
jeopardized. First of all, I think that is a
bit premature to worry about that, and
besides, the only people making a big
fuss about that is the PLP boys. So, that
sort of explains that in the past we might
have suspected the same thing about the
PLP, but it didn't happen. Therefore,
they will only be satisfied to move

Tarch 1997

Change Is Inevitable Let's Move On

forward. "The people" are more involved
with what is going on around them now
than they have ever been before.
The proof of this is the proliferation of
opinions presented to us every day, via
the editoria! columns in our newspapers.
Besides that, we are forgetting that the
Bahamian people had a choice to make.
What do you think could have caused
them to decide the way they did? Just in
case you're out of touch with reality,
allow me to explain. It's called neglect!
I am certain, come 2002, if we are
still! here, you will see a new opposition,
complete with a new name and agenda.
Either that, or we simply won't have any
opposition. The Progressive Liberal Party
will never be able to survive under their
present composition. This brings me to
another question. How is it that one man
can command such a hold over the rest
of the members of his party? One has to
wonder "dey musee make a deal wid da
debble for true."
The people's eyes have been opened.
There's no sense in sitting around and
crying about it. We must get on with the
business at hand continuing to rebuild
our country. If you just can't bring
yourself to get past the politics and make

Abaco Air Charter Service
From Abaco to all the
Bahamas and Florida
Twin Engine, Six Passenger Aircraft .400
e Call 242-367-2266, 2205, 3256, 359-6357
AvGas & FAA Certified Mechanics
P 0 Box 492, Marsh Harbour

Kurls & 1Kuts
"A Unisex Salon"
Matrix and Paul Mitchell
Products and Accessories
Elaine Summerviffe, Manager
Tues. Sat. 9 a.m. 5 p.m.
Beside Abaco Hardware a 367-3623





P.O. Box AB 20135, Marsh Harbour, Abaco Ph/Fax 809-367-3344

a useful contribution to society, then
please get out of the way because you're
only frustrating the rest of us.
Another question Who's going to pay
for all of this rebuilding? We the people
are. We are, and always were the ones
who would have to pay for it. Many of
us were once deluded into thinking that
the finance would fall out of the sky.
Well, we were simply being misled and
many times just plain lied to. That has
changed. We will see more changes take

place in this country within the next five
years than have taken place in the last
twenty years. Not all of the changes will
be popular, but they will be beneficial to
us all. Infrastructural development makes
us ail winners.
If it were possible to return to the days
when we were all respectful and
concerned about our fellow man, that
would do more to rebuild this country
than any political party could ever
accomplish in their lifetime. It is easy to
bear resentment towards others because
they gave up the fight. However, we are
all Bahamians, and it takes a decent
individual to forgive and forget.

Groceries All you need & MORE
Vegetables & Canned Goods
Fruits, Dairy Products & Frozen
tfly ^ 6 Monday Friday 7:30 am 6 pm
Saturday 7:30 am 7 pm
Phone or Fax 366-2022

K & S Auto Service

Tire Repairs
S1Oil Changed
: Full Service
SExpert Mechanics

Crockett Drive & Don MacKay Boulevard
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2655
Percy Albury, Owner/Manager


Abaco Animals
SRequire Kindnese and
o.% The Community Animal Hospital
Will 5Be Jointly Sponsoring a

50% Off Spay/Neuter Clinic*

*, e13e


a Responsible Fet Owner! You Can *
AARK Control Abaco's Population
of Stray and Homeless Animals! "
Your Community and Pet 4,
Will Appreciate It!
April 9 & 10 O
Wednesday & Thursday
For Appointment & Details *le
Call 367-4300 or 367-3647
1J lO0am to 4 pm ak.


9^^^^*$too* o'e*

March 1997 The Abaeonian Page 31

Leadership Retreat
The Assemblies of Brethren in the
Bahamas held its ninth Ministers' and
Leadership Retreat at Abaco Youth Camp
on February 28th and March 1st, 1997.
Under the Theme "Unitedly Executing
Missions Toward the Year 2000 and
Beyond, over sixty leaders from the
various Brethren Assemblies in the
Bahamas joined together for a time of
fellowship, discussions and planning.
On March 2nd those delegates who
came to Abaco for the Retreat visited the
various Brethren churches in Abaco for
their morning Services. They then
returned to Marsh Harbour for a special
Fellowship luncheon on the grounds of
the Marsh Harbour Gospel which was
hosted by the members of that assembly.
Bible Course Being Offered
The Marsh Harbour School of Biblical
Studies is offering certificate programs
and degree programs. These classes are
affiliated with the Marsh Harbour Church

of Christ on Don MacKay Boulevard.
Enrollment will be on March 25th and
classes will commence on Aoril 1st at 7
These free courses are Bible based and
non-denominational. For more
information please call Drexel Major at
367-3381 or Mrs. Greta Culmer at 367-
Concert Held in Marsh Harbour
The Chapel Choir of St. George's
School of Newport, Rhode Island
presented a concert at St. John the
Baptist Anglican Church in Marsh
Harbour on March 16th at the church.
Nineteen students under the direction of
Mr. James Wallace, choir master, sang a
variety of music from Tutor church
music and madrigal to modern, African-
American spirituals and Gospel.
St. George's School is an Episcopal
boarding high school with 325 students in
grades 9 to 12. It emphasizes academics
and athletics and is located in Newport.

The Chapel Choir from St. George's School in Newport, Rhode Island, are shown at the
concert they gave at the St. John the Baptist Anglican Church in Marsh Harbour.

Grace Baptist Pre-School and Nursery
Nursery open 8 am 5:30 pm
Pre-School open 8 am 4:30 pm
Team work is the key to any successful organization.
Our team is comprized of teachers / parents / students.
Come and tour our facilities and be impressed.
Registration ree$10 / Weekly fee $20 / Bus transportation $5 per week
P.O. Box AB20048, Dundas Town, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 367-2926

Featuring Bahamian Seafood

< Sunday Buffet Luncheon
S Sat. Night Seafood Specialty
Lunch & Dinner On The Water
Open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Daily
One mile west of the traffic light
Dundas Town 0 367-3738 VHF16

Weather and other conditions will affect the tide. The predictions This graph is generated from NOAA/NOS data via
when NOn thiOS and other agencies gathered the data. Times shown Tides Pelican Harbour software from Nautical Software, phone 503-579-1414.
will be within a few minutes for the entire eastern Abaco area. Pelican 26* 23.0' N 76 58.0' W
Harbour is just inside North Bar Channel. April 1997
SApr 1997

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6
S1:57a p306 I 339 4:14 4:44 16a 44P6:14a6:39p
2(D7 2 2.8 P 2.(E ) 1 2.8 ,8 2 3.0 3.0 3.2

0 ,ila *k'a el i_9 10 41 . 11 8 1 ,, 1 2 1 5

00 1C1 I .,I0 Ih.ill: hh.

13'T 14) 0I15- 16'T 1 (EDT) 1 (EDT) 1 (EDT)

7 6 2a5 I' 8 2:49 2.4 9.46 48a s 1 ^ 2 p
l_ _4ll2k- Ilh1 llll- It]-l"1n]Il1___-lt
3 54," "0 -D a 04 05 ni 04 05 0.. 04 0'3 0 .3

01 I 048 p D.a -40 419 440a I 1oV 4 1 3..p ne1s 2 1 64.. -0 0 3"
20EDT) 21ED 222EDT) 23 24(EDr) 25(EDT) 26(EDT)

f 6 2.8207 28 3:100 148 31 11:28a
8:07a 83 8I: 100aT 6 I1 10:441 ,4 11:34a

,Mel ".1 liL II II0 -I r I h
,u 0 ', & :' I0I 0.1- 0.0.4 "0.20

27(EDT) (EDT) 29(E,) 30(EDT1)
4 128 12508a -12p 2 213p 26 3 1 8
Sii ll I ,, I , i II i, ,

|______ 21Ern2J~n123EYou can be sure of SHELL

Page 32 The Abaconlan March 1997

Local Government at Work

Following are some of the issues
recently considered by Local Government
for CentralAbaco.
Marsh Harbour Town Committee Feb. 24
Budget: The focus of this meeting was
to make final adjustments to their budget.
Some of the capital improvements they are
asking for include repairs to the Old Ferry
Dock, paving for the parking area at the
Marsh Harbour Primary School and two
boat ramps.
Council February 25, 1997
Road marking: A group is expected
from the Works Department in Nassau to
assist and make recommendations for road
markings, turning lanes, parking, etc.
Snake Cay Ship Repair Facility: A
letter from Nassau was read granting
permission for a ship repair facility to be
constructed in the Bahamas. The group,
who were not identified, had asked if they
could place this facility at Snake Cay. The
Council was being asked if they had any
objections to this request. With minor
discussion and dissent, the Council thought
this would be an economic asset to this
Central Council March 3rd
Airport Security: Perry Sawyer
reported the concerns of many about the
lack of security at the Marsh Harbour
airport. This airport has the second highest
number of landings in the Bahamas but the
security is so poor that most visitors with
planes are reluctant to leave their planes
here overnight. The number of small
aircraft remaining overnight has decreased
during the past few years from a ramp full

to just a few.
The Police Department is short staffed
and is unable to have a policeman regularly
at the airport even during the daytime and
during the night they drive through the area
only a couple of times. The goal is to have
a police presence there around the clock.
[Other Out Island airports have police on
duty all day and night.]
Mr. Sawyer asked for the council's
help in having BEC install flood lights to
light the airplane ramp (parking area). The
lights were purchased privately sornm time
ago and given to BEC to be installed. He
also wanted the Council to ask the Aviation
Board in Nassau to install visual approach
lights at the end of the runway to insure the
safety of night flights, such as returning
after an emergency flight. These lights
were also donated and only need concrete
pads and wiring for installation.
Government Property: The Council
was informed that government properties
no long being used can be sold by tender.
Tourism Visits: The Chairman
informed the Council members that the
Ministry of Tourism is beginning one day
Family Island tours. This will give tourists
in Nassau a way to see the scenic areas of
the Family Islands and also experience
their culture and handcrafts.
School Fence: Tenders were opened for
the construction of a fence and decorative
wall enclosing the campus of Abaco
Central High School and some government
buildings. The money allocated by Nassau
for this was not enough to cover the low
Building & Health Inspectors:
Recommendations of specific contractors

will be sent to Nassau for approval.
Recommendations for a Health Inspector
and a Building Inspector will also be sent.
Town Planning March 4
Pumping Station: The chairman,
Arnold Edwards, opened with a dismal
report on the status of the water pumping
station at the airport. Pumps are burned out,
440 volt wiring is in disarray, pumps are
not grounded, motor starters or protection
devices are not used. Exposed and bare

440 volt wiring was evident. Mr. Edwards
was concerned that the potential exists for
another disaster such as happened in the
fall of 1995 when two Marsh Harbour men
were electrocuted at a well-field pump. Mr.
Edwards was also concerned that at the
time he was called to rewire a pump, the
system only had a one hour's supply of
water for the greater Marsh Harbour


Page 34

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Hope Town 366-0359 VHF 16
Full Service Marina with Fuel & Electricity

l' :2..

t **

March 1997

More Voter's Opinions

The Abaconlan Page 33

Opinions FROM Page 4
School which was serving as a polling
station, I found an animated group of
FNM supporters eagerly sharing
Kentucky Fried Chicken and equally
eager to share their feelings about the
election with me. In fact, one of them,
Jason Swain, was so vocal that he could
have filled the entire newspaper with his
"Do I have to tell you why I am
voting FNM?" he asked, raising his
voice good humourously. "Where have
YOU been?" I laughed and assured him
I had not just landed from Mars, or I
suppose I should say Venus! I told him I
wanted to hear HIS opinions. "The FNM
have supplied all the settlements with
telephone services, electricity and
improved drainage systems. They have
promised us a jet strip at the airport and
this means more foreigners will come
here, especially from Europe, and then
more foreign investment."
"But," interrupted Daniel Minns,
"most of all the Hubert Ingraham opened

the eyes of the blind PLP's."
As I went to leave, Jason tugged me
back. "Don't forget to include that the
FNM made common land available to
local people so they can get the deeds
themselves," he said.
A short distance away outside the
school office, a more subdued group of
diehard PLP supporters sat. They refused
to give their names as they explained that
names "divide" and that "we speak as a
group." One of them calmly challenged
me to show them one thing to motivate
them to vote FNM. "Come with us
through Murphy Town and you will see
what Hubert Ingraham didn't do; he has
been our representative for twenty-five
years and he's done nothing as a PLP or
an FNM. Another stated rhetorically,
"What will he do during his next term, if
elected. Prepare to retire!"
I tentatively mentioned roads and
another member of the group said, "Why
should we be grateful for roads. It is
expected that a government provide
roads. There has to be more than that."
Of their representative, Mr. Felix

B & D Marine Limited
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Filters, Pumps, Hoses, Anchors & Ropes 242-367-2622
Marine Paints, Hardware & Maintenance Items Fax 367-2395
VHF 16
P.O. Box AB 20461 Marsh Harbour, Abaco At the Traffic Light



General Freight, Construction Materials
20 ft. Containers Can be Delivered
14,000 Gal. Water Capacity
Water & Freight on same delivery
Scheduled From Marsh Harbour to Hope
Town, Man-O-War, Guana Cay & Scotland Cay
And to Other Points on Abaco by Charter
Call 367-3341 Ray Weatherford, Mgr.

SThe Craising Guide to fibaco, Bahamas:


White Sound Press
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Wholesale distribution in The Bahamas by
Solomon Brothers and Abaco Wholesale

-32 Updated charts based on hydro-
graphic research--Not Sketch Charts
-GPS Waypoints throughout Abaco--
and for Florida to Abaco--and new
chart showing crossing from Florida to
*Tide Tables for Marsh Harbour, Abaco
-Colour Aerial Photographs
yelloww Pages" for Abaco--business
directories with phone numbers
*For residents as well as visiting
Only $99

Sawyer, they spoke warmly but
complained that he was "a new kid on
the block." They credited him with
"trying." There was an air of
despondency about them. It was as if
they were voting PLP by default.
Across from the FNM gathering came
a lighthearted joke which was received
with laughter by the group I was with. It
was then that I realized how unusual the

tone of this election was. Everywhere I
had been I had met with politeness;
nowhere had I encountered any hostility.
Even at football matches in Europe,
when there is so much less at stake,
people behave like brutes but here in the
Bahamas, at such an important time,
people behaved in a civilised manner.
It made me proud to be a citizen of
the Bahamas.


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Supplemental Phone Directory
The supplemental phone directories are expected in BaTelCo's
Abaco's offices during the third week in March for distribution.
Please contact BaTelCo for availability at that time or later.
Bahamas Area Code 242 April 1, 1997
Effective April 1st, area code 24'2 must be used to access the
Bahamas. The old 809 area code will no longer be effective on
that date. Be sure Fax machine hIaders, Auto dialers and other
phone equipment are reprogralimed to reflect this change.
Stationary, business cards, invoices and statements should also
show this new 242 area code.
St. Kitts/Nevis Area Code
Effective April 1, 1997, the area code for St. Kitts/Nevis becomes
869 and the old code of 809 will no longer be used. The old and
new area code may be used until April 1st when only the new
code will be effective.

age 34 The Abaeonian March 1997


FROM Page 32

Road Repairs: Concern was also
expressed over the poor record shown by
Water and Sewerage for road restoration
where they have worked on their
underground system. This was compared
with BEC and BaTelCo who have been
quite punctual at road patches where they
have disturbed the pavement.
Land Ownership: Town Planning will
no longer be concerned with land
ownership or other rights of use by those
submitting plans. However a proper site
plan must be submitted clearly defining the
location and showing the proximity of
existing buildings on the property and
buildings on adjoining property.
Metal Housing: Sales brochures for half
cylinder metal buildings (Quonset Hut
style) were circulated to committee
members. Approval in principal was being
requested to allow these buildings to be
constructed within the Marsh Harbour

communities. The members agreed that
these buildings may have their place 'in
commercial areas or perhaps in a
subdivision solely for these metal buildings
but every member felt they should not be
allowed in communities with conventional
housing. It was pointed out that a minimal
residence of this type can be purchased for
$9,000 complete which has a definite
ap- al.
Signet Ministries High School: Signet
Ministries was given approval for their All
Age School which will have 12 grades. This
will be on a private land off Forest Drive.
The Committee approved with three minor
changes. A 40 foot setback off Forest Drive
is required rather than the 25 foot distance
originally shown. Two fire-door exits were
requested upstairs connecting the front and
back classrooms and fire-rated sheetrock
must be on the first floor ceiling to protect
the bar joists from fire damage. This last
item is a code requirement.

Forest Heights High School: The new
Forest Heights high school building was
approved in principle after the scheme was
reorganized into small phases consistent
with the Board's authority to grant
approvals. The chairman pointed out to the
Board members that they did not have the
authority to refuse permission based on
land ownership.
Movie Theater: The three screen movie
theater scheduled for the Seventeen Shop
complex was approved. A 150 foot cased
deep well for sewage disposal is required.
[Ed: We attend many committee
meetings but cannot cover them all. We
report on most of the meetings of the
CentralAbaco Council and their appointed
committees. Visits are made randomly to
various town meetings and summary
reports published. If your town debates
issues which need broader coverage or
may impact on Abaco, please bring them
to our attention.]

Dad Morn & Amos

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HOPE TOWN 82 x 204 oceanfront lot,
Asking (net) $100,000
WHITE SOUND 2 adjacent c.is. 100 x 100,
Each S20,000
BAHAMA PALM SHORES.- "- bed 2 bath
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generator, man\ eCras 9 ':375,000
ment opportunity. 56, 84-f 100 acre tracts of
land, some % aterfrots, OWNER SAYS SELL
MAN-O-WALR CAY 2 bed. 1': & 2 bath
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jacent,. central A/C. fully furnished, $200,000
TREASURE CAY interior lots starting at
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road out io sea, asking $150,000
TREASURE CAY 2 story 4000 sq ft 4 bed
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ments on beachfront, dock, 3 car garage,
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beach, electricity, adjacent to end of runway,
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Premium property throughout
Abaco & the Family Islands
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ELBOW CAY Parcel on bayside near Fry's
Mangrove, 71' x 280'. Semi protected cove,
lec. power, $98,000
LITTLE HARBOUR Two storey house with
great harbour view, private dockspace. Fully
equipped solar system. On half acre parcel with
ocean view as well. $275,000
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developed strip. Priced to move at $17,500
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Over 200 lots starting at $25,000, also acreage,
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Pinder's Cottages, 2 & 3 bedroom, $650 to
$700 weekly. A summer special of $350 per
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diving 0 One day snorkeling & island hopping
boat & guide all equipment included 6
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Great Guana Cay waterfront houses built in
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about 1000 Sq ft house with 2 bedroom, 2
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LUBBERS QUARTERS 1/4 acre beachfront,
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cart, Call 242-366-0557
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The Boathouse
Feature of the Month
On Marsh Harbour's Eastern Shores, two story
with master bed and bath, living & kitchen
upstairs, guest bedroom and bath, garage,
utility & storage on ground floor. Includes
furnishings, station wagon & dock. North
exposure. Nice beach across the street on the
south. $275,000
Call 242-367-2358 or Fax 367-2359
underground utilities, solid rock, 40' trees
Best price & location. Call 367-4077 ABACO
MAN-O-WAR Large quiet wooded lots with
private path to fine beach, all with
underground elect. Some with private path to
harbour and dock location. Harcourt
Thompson, M-O-W Cay (242) 365-6060
MAN-O-WAR Beautifully furnished
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house w/ocean view, utility bldg. & garage,
standby gen., sat. dish, golf cart, 50,000 gal,
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MAN-O-WAR 2 beautiful homes near beach
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Sweet SieteWe
Happy Birtfify
___To Lydia _


FROM Page 1

they are able to raise the tower, the
transmitting antenna is only 90 feet high.
Radio Abaco will be broadcasting
continuously from 6:30 a.m. until 11:30
p.m. Mr. Mills is taking advantage of
many local musicians and is playing
music of Raymond Campbell, Tyrone
Williams and his group, the Sensational
Rising Stars, Eston Sawyer and others.
The programming includes Bahamian,
Caribbean, Christian, country western,
and a variety of other music.
On March 15th Mr. Mills had a half
hour interview by telephone with the
newly elected Prime Minister, Mr.
Hubert Ingraham and later that same day
an interview with Mr. Robert Sweeting,
newly elected representative for South

The directors of the station are
working out their daily schedule which
will include national and local news,
weather, Christian programs and call-in
request times. They expect to have
Sunday church services live from various


March 1997



industry, in licensing private radio
stations, in revitalizing the tourist
industry and in creating 14,000 new jobs.
Mr. Ingraham has made it very clear
that he will not be running for office

The Abaconlan Page 35

after this term of office is completed but
will return to private life. Before his
term is over, he will put into place an
organization to perpetuate his goals to
carry the country forward.

FROM Page 1

constituency while Edison Key
represented the Marsh Harbour
Constituency and Robert Sweeting the
Hope Town Constituency.
In this year's election Mr. Ingraham
won in the North Abaco constituency
with a vote of 1883 against Mr. Felix
Sawyer with a vote of 852. In South
Abaco Mr. Key ran against Mr.
Sweeting. Mr. Sweeting won with 1401
votes to 939 for Mr. Key.

for Gorda Cay Project i
Heavy Equipment Operators ,
Carpenters & Labourers f..

Sandy Point Office
Telephone 366-4436


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PAINTING, Interior & Exterior Pressure
Cleaning & Mildew removal Water-proofing
0 Roofing Rotten wood replaced
Leroy Tucker, Marsh Harbour, 367-3849
CARPENTRY & PAINTING, cabinets, roof
repairs, rotten wood & shingles replaced, Call
Randy Sawyer at 367-4487 or 2187 or 4575

SProperty management
Hank & Andrea Albury, Joy Chaplin or Mike
Robus, POBox AB 22140, Treasure Cay,
Abaco. Call or Fax us at 242-365-8472

A considerable quantity of new building
materials at greatly discounted prices.
Categories include doors, hardware,
electrical and plumbing. For a complete
listing and prices, contact Kevin Albury,
Hope Town, 366-0332 (phone & Fax)
2 LAPTOP Computers for sale. Sharp 386/25
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HOTEL A.mini,tir.imc .AXi >iui SalL.pcrrson.
We are looking tor a qual.Tied person with
pre\ ious basic accounting experience to handle
all aspect of a rcort's front desk.bouniiqu
including rescr' hios, accounts recei'abl,.
billing. etc HouInC & Elec. pro' ided Call
Wanted e\pcricIIncd %%ai ir a.-i'.aires & cook
.4or resort. Minimum 1 ear cxperincCe.
lHouing and Elec.:[ri pro'.lided Li\c-in help
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* 1983 GMC Suburban. good condition, I'o
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1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme $4,500
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Cellular Phone $150, Magnavox GPS
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By appointment only, Call 367-4953 4 a
1988 DODGE V/ Ton Pick Up, low mileage,
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radio, running boards etc. Phone 366- 000,
Asking $6,300 (s = I'

S20' MAKO 140 HP Evinrude, 700 Hrs, good
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Call Richard at Abaco Outboard, Ph 367-2452
35' CRAWFISHING boat, Call Sidney Sands
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36' FISHING BOAT w/two 3208 Cats, one
Westerbeke gen., extras. Also 1986 GMC Call
365-4261 1

16' PRO SPORT Bonefish boat 40 hp Evin-
rude, elec. trim, ;ill & start. All in excellent
cond Asking $9.000 OBO. will not finance
Call 367-2142 dav. cr 3h7-3"7' ni5hi-. ?

2"' RAMBO open fisherman. 225 HP Mercur\
,outboard. 103 gal gas ian.. T-top. inrn lab,;
Birdsall seat \, rod pockets. \HF., h' draulic &
po\ter steenng, more. Tri \learI old. '~55,00 i.
Call 367-206, LA6 61.8 P.narw
28' MAKO rwo 225 HP engines all in
excellent condition. Call Keith 365-6006 trom
7 5 pm or 365-6140 after 5 pm

34' UNIFLITE Sport Sedan, twin 210HP
Cummins, 2 A/C, ice maker, 3.5 KW Onan,
outriggers, Ideal anchor windlass, Loran, swim
platform. $35,000 Call 365-6288

a .

36' MUNROE Crawfish boat, 671 GM, 4,000 I
lb. freezer, stabilizers, Call James at 365-4120

I -

39' SCHUCKER 436 Motorsailer, pilot house,
1978 Nissan diesel, great equip, perfect live
aboard or extended cruising, washer-dryer,
8KW Westerbeke, air cond. in Marsh H. Duty
Pd. $75.000 Call/Fax 242-367-3986

46' ALBATROSS Motorsailer Ketch, roomy
live-aboard, mahogany hull. 2 heads. sleeps 6
3 burner Force 10 stove. 4.5 cu ft ice box
V 12V&110V cold plate. Heart inernzr char-
ger. Garmen GPS. Harkin roller, new jib. h, -
djraulic steering, Navico autopilot, 2 steering
4iations. Scania 136 hp 6 c.l diesel wsmar
hernemator, 4 Prewailer 4Ds, Rutland wind-
.charger, Onan 3 KHV gen, $30,000 offers
entertainedd. 367-4977

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