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Creation Date: February 1997
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To Be March 14

The election of members to the House
of Assembly will be on March 14th. The
Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Hubert A.
Ingraham called for an early election for
the first time in 30 years. He felt that he
has accomplished what he intended to do
during his first term and wanted to begin
on his goals for the next term.
The Prime Minister has often said that
he would call the election early. He has
been urging the citizens to register before
the register was closed. The old register
closed on January 31st and the new
register was closed on February 12th.
Parliament was dissolved on February
13th and will reconvene on April 9th
with the newly. elected members. When
the House of Assembly is opened it will
consist of 40 members rather than the
present 49 members. One of the seats
eliminated was the Hope Town
Constiiuency. Abaco will now have only
two seals. North and South.
The Commissioner of Police, B.K.
Bonam., read the proclamations of the
Governor General which dissolved
Parliament. set the dale for the new
sessionn to bee.n and announced the
- election date
For many months the government has
been urging all citizens to register to
%ole. The Parliamentary RLgislrar has
said that the total number of registered
\oler% will exceed 125,0010 when the
final count is made. *-
Speaking at an FNM rally in Nassau,


Page 3

The ar val Enterta

*U.~J, 's~fl~~ ~I~MUN~' ~*dinl ~ A

tins Again
STho. Carnival
tetived on Abaco
February 6th and is
'0n co again
entertaining the
youth and adults
from all the
throughout Abaco.
With rides and skill
booths, bumper cars
and number games.
they have a variety
of activities which
pleased everyone.
Stuffed toys.
glassware. pottery.
even bicycles were
won and brightened
the lives of young
and old. Within the
first two days 12
bicycles were given
This year a new
ride, WipeOut, has
proved to be
popular, And again
'they brought the
Kamikaze sky ride

Cable Bahamas Lays TV Cable

Cable Bahamas, the company which is
offering cable television to the Bahamas,
has begun work to bring the service to
Abaco. They expect to connect Marsh
Harbour customers by early June. They
will be continuing the work throughout
the year and on into 1998. By the end of
this year the companN expects to be
offering service to residents in Marsh
Harbour, Green Turtle Cay, Hope Town,
Man-O-War, Treasure Cay and Cooper's
There are two aspects of the work
involved. One is the construction of their
main facilil% which will be located on
Don MacKay Boulevard in Marsh
Harbour at the site of the old Missile
Tracking Station on the edge of Nogis
Swamp. Poles there will have antennas
and the building will have additional
equipment. This head-end facility, as the
company calls this, collects and processes
signals to send on the cable to the

The Abaconian
7571 N.W. 781
Medley FL 33
Forward and Ac

The other aspect is the installation of
the cable which transmit the signals.
They have already begun installing a
fiber optic cable underground from
Marsh Harbour north to Cooper's Town.


Page 3

FNM Holds Rally

The Free National Movement held a
rally at Ingraham Park in Cooper's Town
on February 14th. The Prime Minister of
The Bahamas, the Rt. Hon. Hubert A.
Ingraham, was the keynote speaker and
spoke of the past as well as the future.
The Prime Minister thanked his
constituency for their support and loyalty
in electing him to four consecutive terms
in the House of Assembly. And he asked
for their vote as their representative as


Page 30

th Street US POSTAGE
166-7530 PAID
address Correctior PERMIT #5050

Vote on March 14th

- ~'~' ~PrIRwq~"w"' w~Y .,1q~uww~~ w~ ~p~a ~ ~ ~-l~.w

... I . .... ...


Pa_2 2 The Abaconian February 1997
Financing Begun 1________________________

Financing Begun The New Government Subdivision

for Freight Dock W.

Renovations --

The government has initiated the
process to borrow $3.58 million dollars
from the Caribbean Development Bank to
renovate the existing freight dock in --.
Marsh Harbour. It is estimated that the
entire project will cost about $5.1481
million dollars and will take 36 months
to complete.
The project will involve the dredging
of the turning basin, repairs to the
existing dock, construction of a new g ay s
international dock and the construction of ta" ,
various buildings for the handling of r '..'. ,,.. -
freight. There will be a provision for MARSH HARBOR, GREAT BACO. BAHAMAS
engineering and consulting services. The ....
security for the dock will be greatly The new government subdivision, shown The new 500 student primary school is area to the east is allocated for apartments
improved, above, will be located between Forest Drive expected to be the first building in this or town houses. The existing swamp beside
The project will also involve about two and S.C. Bootle highway. The plan is now project. Traffic will be limited to four access S.C. Bootle highway is portrayed as a 50
acres of land across from the dock which on display at the Local Government Office points: two on Forest Drive, one on the east acre lake.
will be used for off-site container in Marsh Harbour. The current scheme is to and one on S.C. Bootle Highway. The No time tables were released but school
storage. They plan to dredge nearly develop the entire 550 acre tract in one eastern portion will be developed as a construction is expected to be well
41,000 cubic meter to facilitate the phase instead of in two as previously stated. government complex and will extend into underway by September so initial work may
turning basin and both access channels. The roadways are established and the the new access road serving the Marsh soon begin in that area. It is understood
The existing dock, after repairs, will present plan shows about 500 lots. This. Harbour freight dock Areas are reserved there are many applications for these lots.
be for domestic freight while the new figure may change somewhat as the for churches, library, baseball and soccer This project may requirethe relocation of
dock will be designated the international subdivision takes shape. fiel4 clinic, public parks and pathways. An the town dump which is across the highway.
dock. The new facility will be
constructed by the reclamation of l-mi,_N ow-
approximately 2.1 acres of land.
The dock is in urgent need of
upgrading. The present facility was *
constructed about 35 years ago when the Happy Easter Holday
mail boat was the only freight boat
coming to Marsh Harbour on a regular
basis. The dock will greatly benefit the Sunday, March 30th
entire island of Abaco.

Cabinet Minister
,raShot to Death ".'. .4 Easter Baskets
Ready to go
On February 15th the body of MP .r everylhinr you nep
Charles W. Virgill, 'Chuck,' was found crees yur ,r
shot to death and mutilated. He was
Minister of Housing for the past three
years and was the campaign manager for
the up-coming election. He disappeared
on February 13th after a rally Beautiful Spring
announcing the date of the election. Silk Flowers Spring Flowers
Police located his car being driven by Silk Flowers
three individuals who led them to Mr. 0 Mums .
Virgill's body. The three are being Orchids
questioned. Great Selection Easter Lillies
Mr. Virgill was a prominent member SelectionLillies
of the Free National Movement party but
was not planning to seek re-election.
All official functions were cancelled Fluffy Bunnies
until after the funeral on February 19th. Easter Candles C thic~ks A Lamhbs

Elbow Cay on the Ocean &
White Sound near Hope Town

g "BarefooI
Romantic tropical rooms
on both ocean and sound
Free boat docking
Scenic bar serving your
favorite frozen drinks
Wonderful food served
overlooking the ocean
Breakfast, Lunch and
Dinner a la carte
Come by boat or call to be
picked up in Hope Town
Reservation requested but not required
VHF 16 Phone 366-0133

February 1997

The Abaconlan Pane 3

Election Boundaries Are Established

The Boundaries Comm
revised the boundaries of
constituencies. Abaco will be
by two Members in the
Assembly rather than three w
the case. The Constituenc

The machine digging the tren
the cable and covers it in one
They can lay 3000 to 4000 f
They expect to finish laying t
the end of March. Within
cables will be installed on
for delivering the video
individual subscribers. They
have more crews working
beginning in April which wi

mission has known as North Abaco and South Abaco
the Abaco with the line dividing the two
represented constituencies between Dundas Town and
House of Marsh Harbour. The cays from Whale
vhich is now Cay north will be in the North Abaco
ies will be district and south of Whale Cay will be
in South Abaco.
North Abaco Polling Divisions
FqOM Page 1 Polling Division No. 1 Grand Cay and
Walkers Cay
ch also lays Polling Division No. 2 Crown Haven,
e operation. Fox Town and Mount Hope
eet per day.
hat cable by Polling Division No. 3 Wood Cay and
each town Cedar Harbour
utility poles Polling Division No. 4 Cooper's Town
signal to Polling Division No. 5 Fire Road and

y expect to
on Abaco
ill speed up

Black Wood
Polling Division No. 6 Treasure Cay
Polling Division No. 7 Green Turtle
Polling Division No. 8 Murphy Town
Polling Division No. 9 Dundas Town,
west of Bootle Drive
Polling Division No. 10 Dundas Town,
east of Bootle Drive
South Abaco Polling Divisions
Polling Division No. 1 Great Guana
Polling Division No. 2 Man-O-War
Cay and Scotland Cay
Polling Division No. 3 Hope Town and
cays south including Lynard

Polling Div. 4 Marsh Harbour North,
east of Stede Bonnet Road and Queen
Elizabeth Drive
Polling Div. 5 Marsh Harbour East,
between Stede Bonnet Road and Don
MacKay Boulevard south to Spring
Polling Div. 6 Marsh Harbour West,
between Don MacKay Boulevard and
Dundas Town south to Spring City
Polling Division No. 7 Spring City
Polling Division No. 8 Cherokee Sound
Polling Division No. 9 Casuarina Point
Polling Division No. 10 Crossing Rock
Polling Division No. 11 Sandy Point
Polling Division No. 12 Moore's Island

Engineers are still studying the best
method of transmitting the signals to the
cays. They will then construct that
distribution system. They plan to go
south with a cable in 1998 and will be
servicing all of Abaco from their head-
end facility.
The initial subscriber package will
include 32 channels. Later the company
will offer other packages which will
include premium movie services.
The basic subscription cost is $30 per
month. This cost is government
regulated. Cable Bahamas offers free
installation of the first outlet and charges
$15 for each additional outlet. They
expect 2000 Abaco subscribers.
Cable Bahamas has already spent $40
million in installation costs in Nassau and
Grand Bahama in the past 18 months.
They will spend another $10 million in
the Family Islands during the next couple
of years. The company is now 55%
Bahamian owned and will be 60%
Bahamian owned by end of year. They
now have 3000 shareholders.


FROM Page 1

the Prime Minister has stated that he will
not seek re-election if elected to a second
term as prime minister but will return to
private life.
The candidates for Abaco for the Free
National Movement party will be the Rt.
Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham for North
Abaco and Robert Sweeting for South
Abaco. The candidates for the
Progressive Liberal Party are Felix
Sawyer for North Abaco and Edison Key
for South Abaco.


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Hope Town 366-0292

- The Abacomanm February 1997

Local Government at Work

Central Abaco
Scenic Committee January 27
This new committee met on January
27th to lay out their objectives and goals.
They hope to get the public to assist in
watching for people littering and dumping
illegally, getting the date and time, the
license number, color of car and, if
possible, the person seen littering. The new
Reserve Police Officers will be helpful in
finding law-breakers.The fine for littering
is up to $1000. The Island Administrator,
Mr. Everette Hart, feels that taking some to
court and imposing fines will send a
message to the community that littering
will not be tolerated.
A suggestion for general beautification
was for businesses to adopt and maintain
specific areas. Cherokee Air has asked to
maintain the round-about at the airport near
the area the charter air planes use. They
have landscaped it and will maintain it.
Several businesses in town have already
landscaped the road area beside their
buildings and the Committee will
encourage this.
Other topics covered were the need for
more lights, more sidewalks, more street
signs the disposal of vehicles, educational
programs in the schools dealing with
littering and the planting of trees along the
They have adopted the motto, Don't
Point a Finger, Lend a Hand.
Town Planning February 4
A new business sign at the airport has
been approved only until the airport
expansion is completed. At that time all
signs there will be standardized and only
allowed on a common billboard.
The Marsh Harbour Sport Association is
still interested in obtaining land for a sports
complex on Don MacKay Boulevard
adjacent to the present Forest Heights
School. The Water and Sewerage
Corporation had previously turned this
request down as the project is in the well
field reserve.
The Seventh Day Adventists were
granted approval in principle for a two
story all age school on private land on
Forest Drive. Included will be 12
classrooms, library, multipurpose
auditorium, science and computer labs.

It was Kevin Sweeting from Man-O-
War who is engaged to Dorinda Albury
of Cherokee. We regret misspelling his
name in last month's issue.


Island Telephones
Radio Link

Business Band Radio
VHF Marine Radio

P. O. Box AB22136
Phone or Fax 365-8248
A Division of
Aero Marine Engineering

The plans were returned for additional set-
back from the roadway and compliance
with the building code with respect to
public buildings.
Forest Heights Academy submitted
plans for phase one of a new high school
complex on Crown Land on Don MacKay
Boulevard adjacent (South) of the piece
requested by the Marsh Harbour Sports
Association. The Town Planning members
were unanimous in recommending to
government that this land not be granted
for this purpose. This was due to the group
involved having had Crown Land
previously granted for the Forest Heights
Academy then selling it.
Members of the Planning Committee
were not opposed to the construction of the
school. The plans were returned for
additional structural and building code
Port Authority February 12
The Board is disappointed in the poor
response to the annual dock registration or
renewal. It was estimated that 50% of the
Marsh Harbour area docks are current with
the annual fee of $50. It was also
mentioned that the cays, mainly Hope
Town, Man-O-War, Scotland Cay and
Guana, are near zero in compliance.
On payment of the fee, a number is
issued which must be visibly displayed on
the water side of the dock.

South Abaco
Port Authority January 21
Mr. Troy Mills, Port Officer for Abaco,
addressed the meeting in Sandy Point
instructing the Board on the duties of the
Port Department and qualifications of
various licences issued by the Port

Other topics discussed were:
1. Establishing district boundaries.
2. Questions about the licencing of the
ferry between Sandy Point and Gorda Cay.
3. The idea of dispensing fuel from a
temporary facility set up on the public dock
at Moore's Island which would include a
structure. The Board will investigate the
matter further.






ne system
bage disposal

better drainage

GUANA CAY Better roads Better docks 0 Better phoi
MAN-O-WAR Better roads Better docks Better garb
HOPE TOWN Better roads Better docks
Better side walks Better clinic
MARSH HARBOUR Better roads Better water supply Be
MOORES ISLAND Better schools Better water supply
SANDY POINT Better airport

SPRING CITY Better roads
SNAKE CAY now serve all
CHEROKEE SOUND the good people
CROSSING ROCKS previously remote 4
SANDY POINT settlements

YES, with the F.N.M. &




Groceries All gou need & MORE
Vegetables & Canned Goods
Fruits, Dairy Products & Frozen
Monday Friday 7:30 am 6 pm
saturday 7:30 am 7 pm
Phone or Fax 366-2022

February 1997 The Abaconian Page 5

New Ferry Serves Guana Cay

The Abaco Island Transportation
Company has initiated twice daily ferry
service between Guana Cay and Marsh
Harbour and between Scotland Cay and
Guana Cay. The company president is

Edmund Pinder with financial assistance
by Mr. Helmut Mayerhoffer.
The boat is a 34-foot, specially made
boat from Sebring, Florida, and is

equipped to carry 33 passengers. It is
powered by a 350 HP Caterpillar engine
and can make the trip between Marsh
Harbour and Guana Cay in 40 minutes.
It uses the dock at Conch Inn for its base
in Marsh Harbour.
The start of the new service was
celebrated by a party at Nippers in
Guana Cay on February 1st. Between
150 and 200 people accepted the
invitation to enjoy drinks, finger food
and a display of fireworks.
Shane and Beverly Sands are licensed
captains piloting the boats. They will be
joined by Anthony Roberts who is
studying for his licensing test.

A ferry service was needed because
the Guana Grabber was no longer in
service. Students commuting to Abaco
Central High School need the service to
be able to attend school on a regular
The Abaco Island Transportation ferry
now makes three round trips daily
between Marsh Harbour and Guana Cay.
On Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays
the ferries will make two additional
round trips to accommodate those
wanting to have dinner at one of the
restaurants in Guana Cay. For more
information phone 365-5046 or call AIT
on the VHF Ch. 16.

The new Guana Cay ferryn owned by Abaco Island Transportation, Ltd. (AIT) is seen tied up '-
at the Conch Inn waiting for her marine inspection. The custom made hull was made in T-shirts
Sebring Florida and is powered by a 350 HP Caterliller engine.

Harbour View Grocery Infant's
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Page g The Abaeoala February 1997

South Abaco

By Lee Pinder
The materials are all in place,
everything is ready to go so the School
Basketball Court will soon be a reality. It
just needs a few volunteers to help get
the work done. It's a good place for the
young people to gather and it will
probably get lots of use during the long
summer evenings. This is just one more
thing we have done to help ourselves and
we can be proud of it.
Trans Island Pavers have only been on
the road for a couple of weeks now and
already there is a significant
improvement. Needless to say, we are all
looking forward to being able to ride a
smooth tarred road all the way to Marsh
Harbour, after ten years of riding on the
present road. It will surely seem like
riding on a cloud.
The fuel depot has changed hands and
will be known as Cherokee Gas Station
in the future. The new owners, Jennifer
and Trevor Sawyer, plan to stock
automotive parts and fishing equipment
as well as installing a laundromat. The
old building has been torn down and a
new and larger one will take its place. In
addition, they plan to extend the hours
that they will be open. We wish them
well in this new venture.
We are also pleased to announce that
Ricky sawyer has obtained a licence to
transport propane. He will pick up your
empty tank, have it refilled in Marsh
Harbour and return it the same day,
thereby saving you a trip to town. For
the ones without transportation, this is a
very necessary service he is providing.

Thanks, Ricky for seeing a need and
filling it.
The second annual Valentine tea is
being held the 12th of February in the
garden behind the Mission House. the
Hostess, Rev. Carla Culmer, was quite
pleased with the large turn out at the Tea
last year and hopes there will be an even
larger crowd this year.
In December Students of the Month
included Becky Sawyer, Amanda
Sawyer, Elise Bethel, Erica Bethel,
Donna Albury and Cody Bethel.
In addition the students who made the
Honor Roll last term include Amanda
Sawyer, Becky Sawyer, Danielle Lowe,
Joey Albury, Samantha Sawyer, Erica
Bethel, Dana Lowe, Donna Albury,
Cody Bethel and Angus Sawyer.
Congratulations for doing such a good
job, keep up the good work.
It was a beautiful day with the sun
shining and eighty degree weather on
February 2nd when well wishers, family
members and friends gathered to witness
the commissioning of Bro. Daniel
Sawyer to the Ministry of the Assemblies
of God Church in Cherokee.
Bro Daniel Talbert Sawyer was born
in Cherokee on December 12th in 1948
to Clifton and Irene Sawyer. He has one
brother, Gene, and four sisters, Esther
Roberts of Freeport, Doreen Albury,
Hannah Lowe and Eunice Roberts, all
still residing in Cherokee. He married
Darleen Roberts on March 28th 1969,
and has worked with Shell Oil Company
in Marsh Harbour for many years. His


Page 24

Reservations are Recommended Phone 809-367-2158

Channel Cay
Now you can enjoy the privacy of
S your own 25 acre island in the sun
set in the the crystal clear waters
of the Abaco's. Accommodations
for eight include a 4 bed, 3 bath
fully equipped hilltop residence,
large patios and decks overlook-
ing sparkling waters, paths to wan-
der and a crescent beach to lie on.
Located approximately 8 miles
south of Marsh Harbour.
Weekly rental $2,750.
Sales Price: $3.5 million. Colour brochure available.
Call Larry Roberts
Tel: 242-393-8618 or Fax: 242-393-0326
e-mail: Iroberts@bahamas.net.bs Intemrnet: http:l//www.bahamas.net.bs/real_estate

Rev. Daniel Sawyer was commissioned on February 2nd. Shown above are, 1. to r., Rev.
Stafford Symonette, Superintendent, Abaco; Dr. Wayde Goodall, National Coordinator
for Ministerial Enrichment, Assemblies of God; Rev. Rick Johnson, Caribbean School of
Theology; Rev. and Mrs. Daniel Sawyer; Rev. Vernon Moses, Superintendent, Assemblies
of God for the Bahamas.

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Mon -Thurs. 9:30am 3:30pm and Fri. 9:30am 5:00pm

CIBC HOPETOWN 809-366-0296
Wed. 10:00am 2:00pm
MAN-0-WAR CAY- 809-365-6098
Thurs. 10:00am 2:00pm

Hours 7 AM 10 PM
Live Entertainment Weekly
Waterfront Dining at its Best
Accommodating up to 350 People
Bahamian and International Cuisine
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February 1997

The Abaconian Page 7

People in the News
of districts and planning. Scout or Cub Scout leader of a church, asked to contact Mr. Moss at 367-2334
Scouts Train Leaders A beautiful Scout-decorated birthday school or community sponsored group is or 4380.
cake was presented to Mr. Moss during i The public is also reminded that the
the closing ceremonies. Unfortunately, Cookie Drive of the 6th Abaco Bahamas
By Royann Swain not enough candles could be found to Scout Troop (Murphy Town) kicks off on
The Scout Association of the Bahamas coincide with his age.- February 20th. Your support is needed.
held a weekend training course in Nassau
for District and Assistant District Anyone with the desire of becoming a
Commissioners over the weekend of DONNA SANDS, AGENT FOR
February 7th, 1997. Huel Moss, Jr., .TAT
Assistant District Commissioner for ., REALESTATE
Abaco attended. The course was t ANDL T
conducted by Arthur Taylor, National RENTAL COTTAGES
Commissioner (Bahamas), and Joy j Waterfront or Hilltop
Malcolm, Field Commissioner of Scouts Homes and Lots for Sale
in Jamaica. Topics covered were the role Chief Customs Offcer Ms. Shea Have Fun in the Sun
of District Commissioners, organization McDonald was honoured at Government Go Fishing or Diving
House on the occasion of the Ninth Explore the Islands
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen International Customs Day on January Discover our Beaches
Carnival FROM Page 1 Russell on the birth of their daughter 22nd, 1997. She was presented with a Golf Cart & Bike R
Celena Danielle. She was born on January medal for 30 years of dedicated service by
which thrills its riders by holding them 9th at Good Samaritan Hospital in West His Excellency Sir Orville Turnquest, 22
upside down at the top of its circle. Palm Beach, Florida. Governor General of The Bahamas. _
The carnival is operated by the same
company that was here last year, RAC Abaco Glass Com pany O
Crown Amusements from Jupiter, Florida.
The company travels through the United Window glass cut and installed
States and even up into Canada. Before Pictures framed and matted
coming to Abaco, they spent four weeks in Screens made and repaired N \
Nassau and three weeks at Freeport. They Commercial store fronts ON GREAT GUANA CAY
were in Abaco for two and a half weeks installed & replaced Between the Deep Blue Ocean
this year. We now sell Yale windows Phone 365-5195
In Marsh Harbour beside Western Auto 367-2442 VHF 16 Young Lovers

Waterfront Property In

ul ous Free ort/Lucava

Pagg8 The Abaconlan February 1997

News of the Cays

Green Turtle Cay
By Annabelle Cross
Is it really February? The weather is
like springtime! But who is complaining?
Belated congratulations to Johnny
Lowe. December was a special month
for him. On December 8th a special
service was held at the Miracle Church

of God and Pastor Johnny was ordained
Bishop Johnny Lowe. On December 24th
Johnny and Ignazia (Tina) Pace
announced their engagement. Miss Pace
is from Boca Raton, Florida. An April
wedding is planned.
"Turtle Splash" a junkanoo extrava-
ganza that is planned for every other
weekend, got off to a roaring start on

February 7th. Island Administrator Jack
Thompson officially opened Turtle
Splash. Ms. Norma Ash sang the national
anthem and Mr. William Davis,
President of Abaco Junkanoo Committee
gave welcoming and opening remarks.
Then came the parade and what a treat!
The parade was led by the King of
Junkanoo, Percy 'Vola' Frances. The
Valley Boys from Nassau were
represented by Ronald Simms, leader of
the brass section, Jack Knowles, Ron
Woods, Shane Moncur, Jamal and
'Cheeks.' Grand Bahama Junkanoo
President Wellington Moncur was also in
the parade as were Abaco's own

Supreme Dancers led by Churton Toote.
The brass section with cowbells and
drums made music that made everyone
want to 'jump and whine!" Thanks again
to our local Junkanoo Committee. Don't
miss the next Turtle Splash on February
Our population grew by three as we
welcome our 1997 babies. Ms. Edna
Armbrister gave birth to seven pound ten
ounce Erin Wright on January 2nd. Both
mother and son are back on the island.
Ms. Armbrister is the Custom officer in
charge of Green Turtle Cay.


Page 26

Corporal Hubert Smith, on behalf of the Green Turtle Cay Junkanoo Committee, accepted
a five hundred dollar cheque for the Green Turtle Cay Foundation. Mr. David Bethell,
President of the Foundation, presented the money to Corporal Smith to help promote his
work with the Junkanoo Committee. The money went toward the cost of material used in
the making of Junkanoo costumes for the annual New Year's Day Parade. Corporal Smith
has used the fabrication of these costumes as a part of the Community Policing Project
ofAbaco in hopes of fostering better community relations. It is Corporal Smith's wish that
the involvement of the young adults in this project will instill in them a desire to continue
this Bahamian tradition. Photo supplied by David Bethell

and the
"We can supply all of your
grocery needs including fresh
baked bread, pies, and rolls, fresh fruit and
vegetables, prime U S meats, imported
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Electronics Service Center
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"All We Sell Is Service"
Radio, TV, VCR & Audio Equipment
Juke Boxes & Video Games
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Automotive & Marine Electronics Phone 367-2830
Telephone Recorders, Phones & Phone Devices
In Marsh Harbour on Queen Elizabeth Drive
between Keys Drive & Firehouse Corner

February 1997 The Abaconlan Page 9

Bahama Beach Club Is Investing $28 Million

Bahama Beach Club is a new
condominium community under
construction on the Treasure Cay beach.
The total development will be a $28 to
$30 million project. It is located on ten
acres of prime beachfront land between
Boat Builders Look
At Abaco
A group of 40 Taiwanese boat builders
visited Abaco on February 12th to tour
the boat building facilities at Man-O-
War. The group from the Taiwan Yacht
Industry Association is looking at
investment opportunities in The Bahamas
and are particularly interested in Nassau
and Abaco. This area would be desirable
for boat building from a number of
aspects. Mr. Berkley Evans, Executive
Chairman of the Bahamas Agriculture
and Industrial Corporation was hosting
Since the Taiwanese opened an
Embassy in Nassau they have been very
helpful in setting up several industrial
projects and in training Bahamians in
careers such as shrimp farming,
asparagus farming and conch shell
jewellery making.

Ocean Villas and Royal Poinciana.
There will be eighteen buildings each
having four units with a total of seventy-
two units. Each luxury unit has 1950
square feet air-conditioned with an
additional private screened porch and
carport. The units have three bedrooms
and two baths.
Bahama Beach Club condos will be
sold fully furnished with prices beginning
at $425,000. Construction is well along
on the first building and occupancy is
expected in April. Six units are pre-sold.
The next building will be started in 30 to
45 days. The development is a three-year
project. The general contractor is Oswald
Parker of Treasure Cay. There will be
two swimming pools and two recreation
Bahama Beach Club is being
developed by Signature Communities,
Ltd. which has its headquarters in
Naples, Florida. Mr. Don Arnold,
President of Signature Communities, is
overseeing the project. Signature
Communities has developed 35
condominium projects in Florida. Mr.
Arnold has had more that 30 years of
real estate development experience.

TRINIT Customs Brokerage &
Transport Agency
Bradley Reckley Owner/Manager
16 Years Experience in the Customs Service
Commercial & Personal Import/Export Documents Prepared
Cruising Permits Extended
After Hours and Weekend Problems Handled
Hudson Building, Marsh Harbour, P.O. Box AB 20253
FAX & Phone 809-367-4297 After hours 367-3442



--- I .i

Contact Anne Albury or Marcellus Roberts
(242) 365-8538 or Fax 8064 After 5 pm Call 365-8064

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Tuesday & Thursdays

to Marsh Harbour

Announcing our Air Freight

service to Marsh Harbour from

Opa-Locka, Florida, with two

scheduled flights each week.

Phone 305-688-6772 Fax 305-688-7076

3921 N.W. 144th Street Opa-Locka Airport Building # 66 Opa-Locka, Florida 33054

..." m .. ... .. -, 'I .- .

Page 10 The Abaconian February 1997

The Efdior Sio ... Planning Will Pay

Everywhere we go we hear the same
complaint. Business is terrible. Some are
even considering closing their shops
because their revenues are so poor. Last
year was bad and this season seems to be
no better.
Tourism figures seem to be steady.
Perhaps there are more merchants chasing
the same dollars. For the past two summers
our visitors were chased away by early
hurricane threats.
One complaint made by many is that our
own people do not shop locally. They all
go to Florida and this is correct. The flea
markets and malls are only an hour away

with their larger selections and lower
prices. This is coupled with the excitement
of a trip to the States, doctor appointments
and perhaps a trip to Disney World or
Busch Gardens. All this entices our people
to desert local merchants in favor of buying
abroad. And this trend will not change.
There is too much over there for our people
to change their ways. We will have to
accept this as a fact of life.
It is interesting to note that many
businessmen complaining about Abaco
people not supporting local merchants are
guilty of purchasing in Florida themselves
because they claim local suppliers are too

I Letters to the EditorI

Many Thanks
To the People of Abaco,
After months of deliberation, it is with
a heavy heart that Connie and I return to
our home in -Florida. We were very
fortunate to have an opportunity to live
and work in the islands of Abaco, islands
which had become our second home for
five years. We have had a wonderful
year here. It is our finances that drive us
Working with Drs. Boyce and Lundy
has been a pleasure. These are two fine
physicians who give Abaco a level of
health care quality that many larger
communities lack. And many thanks to
the wonderful staff of our office. Angie,
Beth, Donna, Jennifer and Peggy who
demonstrate professionalism with a
Finally, I say thank you to all the
people of Abaco who have trusted me to
assist in their health care. The practice of
medicine here has been the most
enjoyable and fulfilling of my career.
Connie and I would like to commend
St. Frances's Ms. Pyfrom and Mrs.
Toote for giving Daniel a positive
introduction to school. After one month
in his new Florida school, he still refers
to his "good school in the Bahamas."
Then Laura grabs an arm full of toys and
struts to the door saying, "I have to go to
the 'hamas." Their life here has been a
joy with lots of friends and a wholesome
environment in which to grow and play.
We hope to continue our frequent
visits and maintain the wonderful
relationships we have developed here.
Thank you, Abaco, and God bless you
Jeffrey A. True, MD
Water and Sewerage
Responds to Moore's
Island Complaint
In response to a letter appearing in the
January issue of the Abaconian with
regards to the water system at Moore's
Island, Abaco, the Water and Sewerage
Corporation wished to explain the

situation, both for the benefit of
consumers on Moore's Island, and for
the enlightenment of the general public.
Water for domestic use has always
been a problem in Moore's Island as
there is no fresh water in the vicinity of
the settlements and the residents have not
made efforts to collect rainwater as they
have in the other off shore island of
Abaco. Rainwater tanks installed by
Local Government many years ago were
never properly maintained and all of
them leaked.
The original piped water supply in the
mid-1980s exploited a very small
groundwater resource and this was
intended to be a stand-pipe only supply
which was to be used for potable
purposes only. (A stand-pipe is a
communal faucet which serves several
families.) The residents of Moore's
Island made illegal connections to the
stand-pipes and used the water for all
purposes, including flushing toilets. This
resulted in the water resource turning
brackish. /
Since late 1996 the Water and
Sewerage Corporation has installed a
brackish water reverse osmosis plant on
the island to convert the brackish water
supply into good quality potable water.
This plant is capable of producing 21,000
gallons of water a day. The plant has
been operating on a off-and-on basis
since October and has produced
approximately one million gallons to date
or an average of about 8000 gallons per
day. Several problems have affected the
operation of the plant and these have
included the following:
1. The quantity and quality of the feed
2. The failure of certain critical
components in the plant.
3. The difficulty of maintaining and
servicing a reverse osmosis plant on an
island like Moore's Island.
4. A lack of adequate back up storage.
5. Coordinating activities which have


expensive. As they say "What goes around,
comes around."
This happens all over the world. When
small communities are connected by a
good road to a larger town, the merchants
in the small community are hurt badly,
sometimes being forced to go out of
business entirely.
We will not resolve this problem by
wringing our hands and trying to change
the nature of people. Instead we will have
to find other avenues to help our economy.
And the most obvious is enticing more
visitors to come and coaxing them to spend
more. When there is more money in
circulation, the higher prices are not
Visitors are courted by many countries
which offer many of the same attractions
which we have. We have to make our
destination special with either charming
surroundings or charming people,
preferably both. One of the positive things
that we can do is improve the look of our
communities. Few would claim that our
surroundings are as attractive or clean as

Page 11


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Molly & Chris Roberts, Ruthmae Rolle, Samantha Sands, Peter Sexton, Royanne
Swain, Ted & Jennifer Varnum
Credit: Stephan Nash for parrot sketches and Bahamas Information Service

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they could be.
We need to have long range plans for
improvements (some might say
beautification). With five or ten year plans
we can have goals to work toward. People
accomplish more with goals and
communities are no different. The final
goal may seem overwhelming but by
tackling bits and pieces, the job gets done.
Goals can be later modified to suit
changing times or ambitions. Slowly we
can work toward achieving these goals.
All aspects of our local government need
to contribute toward formulating a long
range plan. There is no single group or
person with the right answer. Councils,
Town Committees, Town Planning,
Tourism Committee, Scenic Committee,
Rotary, PTA and all the other boards and
civic groups need to participate. The
Chamber of Commerce should be revived
to represent the business community.
Tourism is the main fuel for the Abaco
economy. It must be fostered properly, not
rampant tourism, probably sustainable
tourism, and certainly quality tourism.

v- l y e* Iv/ L eameu onla an gd 1

More Letters to the editor

Letters FROM Page 10
required action from Moore's Island, the
Marsh Harbour office, the Water and
Sewerage Corporation main office in
Nassau, Aqua Designs office (the local
supplier) and California (the plant
At this time the Water and Sewerage
Corporation has resolved the problem of
supplying an adequate quantity of feed
water but there are still some problems
with the quality of this feed water. The
Water and Sewerage Corporation is also
installing a 120,000 gallon storage tank
on the island and this will enable the
Corporation to maintain a daily supply to
the residents whenever the plant goes
down or needs to be turned off for
This is the first plant of this type
installed on a remote island in The
Bahamas by the Corporation and there is
a learning exercise that the Corporation
has to go through before the best "modus
operandi" can be achieved.
In the meantime the Corporation staff
on Moore's Island is also undergoing
training in reverse osmosis plant
operation and maintenance.
The Water and Sewerage Corporation
continues its mission to supply a good
clear water to all customers and makes a
special effort to augment and stay in line
with the Government's policies of
infrastructure development, especially in
remote Family Island communities. We
solicit and would welcome public
understanding and cooperation in this
vital undertaking.
We Need Help
Dear Editor,
It is no secret that a lot of retailers in
Marsh Harbour had a difficult time last
summer because of the parade of
We need someone at the helm in
tourism to help us through such times.
We need someone at the helm in tourism
period. I spent six years in international
tourism and I know one thing. Tourism
is a pie, and if you don't have someone
getting your slice of the pie, someone
else will get it. Nassau and Freeport are
full ALL the time. Why aren't we?
Maybe it's also because of the way
that Airways International 'lost' luggage
(permanently) or the way the other
airlines cancel flights indiscriminately.
How many times have I had someone
complain that they got to Fort Lauderdale
just to be told, "There is no flight today,

P.O. Box AB 20685
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
On the Front Street at
Triple J Marina

V '* '"" A

Our SEACATS are the only twin hull, twin
engine rental boats on Abaco.
A very dry, smooth & stable ride.
1 day 3 days 7 days
21 Ft $ 90 $240 $550
Call for Reservations
Call 809-367-4414
Fax 809-367-4356
Visa & Mastercard Accepted

it's tomorrow." Picture that on your
A travel agent in a big city services
10,000-20,000 people. If one of their
customers brings back such tales from
Abaco, do you think they will
recommend us to their other customers?
And where do you go here to
complain? The tourism office on Abaco
is so dark even we hardly know where it
is. So what happens is, instead of finding
out the problems and solving them, two
years later we start wondering where all
the tourists are.
Kathleen Deal Jonson
Local Input Not
To the Editor
Dear Sir:
I wish to make a few comments on the
Land Clearing presently taking place
along Don MacKay boulevard towards
the airport roundabout.
As far as I am aware this land is
bordering on the potable water well fields
area for the whole of Marsh Harbour,
Dundas Town, and Murphy Town. Also
this area (again as far as I know) has
been designated part of the Marsh
Harbour Forest reserve to be used for
forestry breeding and establishment
research. Yet again, I have been led to
understand that this area was to be


utilised for recreational purposes.
However, I now see that I was wrong on
all counts. This area is being
systematically razed and cleared,
obviously in the typical Bahamian
manner:- KILL IT.
It seems so unfortunate that in this
new age of decentralised government
(make me laugh!) this type of activity is
allowed to take place.
We obviously have no voice as a
community as to where, how, why
development should occur in a particular

Arawak Agency

Shipping & Freight Clearing
Imports & Exports by Air or Sea
Cruising Permits Extended
Boat Duties Handled

"One Call Does it All"

Phone 809-367-2089, FAX 367-2530, VHF 16
P 0 Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Visit our waterfront office on Front Street

We need to understand the concept of
proper planning, resulting in zoning. We
need to understand the meaning of
COMMITMENT, and the fact that once
taken, hard work follows (often with the
expected confrontations). It is a sad, sad
occasion to see the exact same mentality
of Do Nothing, Say Nothing that has
existed here for so many years.
Ultimately it is us (the people) who
determine a course of action and the
resulting outcome. However, it is so


Page 30

Air Charter Service
To Nassau, Freeport & other Islands
Miami, W. Palm Beach & beyond
Captains Faron Sawyer, Marc Pelanne & Robble Nixon
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Dinner Sale & Ball Game
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Jean Bethel Cates

11 a.m. Easter Monday March 31
at the Long Dock in Cherokee
Chicken or Rib Dinner $10
w/3 Side Dishes & Beverage
Tickets at Abaco Stereo in Marsh Harbour
The Pavilion in Man-O-War & Cherokee Food Fair
Use our new Interstate Highway, smooooo...th all the way!

Off-Shore Resort Lots On South End of Lubbers Quarters Cay
(Near picturesque Hope Town)


February 1997

Th Ab i Pae 11

Page 12 The Abaconian February 1997

School News

New School Planned
Forest Heights Academy will be
building a new school on a campus south
of their present site in Marsh Harbour.
At a PTA meeting on February 6th Mr.
Mike Meeson, Principal, announced to
the parents that Forest Heights would be
moving to their new location by
September 1997 to a well equipped
school. The location is on Don MacKay
Boulevard across from the Abaco Gas
Company depot.
Phase I of their grand scheme will
include a building containing eight
classrooms, a science room, art room,
music room and a computer/library
room, all completely air-conditioned.
Additionally, they plan to have a
basketball court and two tennis courts.
They will be offering music, band,
graphical communications, Spanish and
accounting and will limit the size of the
classes to 25 students.
They plan to hire six crews to insure
completion of the building by the school
opening date in September.
Phase II is to be undertaken during
1998 and will include an auditorium
gymnasium combination with a stage and
a swimming pool with bleachers.
The financing of the project is through
donations from the United States. They
will have an affiliation with a college in
the Carolinas. The school will be built on
a piece of Crown Land granted them and
they have already broken ground.
The Meesons are hoping to have one
of the best looking and best academic
schools in the country.
Abaco Central
By Peter Sexton
Mrs. Royann Swain assumed the
responsibility of Acting' Pincipal after
the departure of Mr. Cephas Cooper in
late January. Mrs. Swain, an educator on
Abaco for twenty-five years, is already
well known around the community and
the whole school wishes her well in her
new post. It is the second time in her
long career that Mrs. Swain has been in
charge of the school. She will be assisted
in administration by Mr. Oliver
Lamond Davis and Marissa Strachan
were the latest young chefs to do battle
in the annual competition sponsored by
Mahatma Rice and Robin Hood Flour.
Lamond came out a close winner and
went onto become the Abaco
representative in the national finals after
claiming first place in the competition
against Dianna Russell of S.C. Bootle.

The Interact Club, sponsored by the
Rotary Club of Abaco, is starting to
grow. With active membership now

Mrs. Royann Swain, Acting-Principal.
Congratulations to all the competitors
who took part and we wish Lamond good
luck in the finals in Nassau.
The senior basketball team traveled to
the Hugh Campbell tournament in Nassau
on February 17th with coaches Tony
Davis and Cai Russell. Watch for the
results in next month's issue.
Work experience for grades nine and
twelve took place on February 21st and
22nd. All students were placed in areas
of career interest and they spent two days
learning about the world of work.
Organizer, Mrs. Beneby would like to
thank all those people who offered their
help in placing students. More from the
students on this next month.
Visiting speakers are always welcome,
particularly when they contribute as
much as PC Johnson and WPC Meldor.
Speaking to the students on a variety of
current issues an concerns in the
community, the police officers gave
sound advice on the need for self
discipline, respect for others, the value of
education and the dangers of drugs in our

consisting of more than twenty students,
new projects are being, looked at,



The Police Department held a three-day seminar atAbaco Central High School to impress
on the young people the importance of developing into responsible adults which included
the dangers of drug abuse. These meetings were held on February 12th, 13th and 14th.

Open Daily
lotI Breakfast 8:30 10 am
Lunch & Dinner it am 9 pm
Bar open 8:30 am 'til...
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Hope Town Waterfront mi F
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Cay. Enjoy our secluded
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with us at one of the best
protected marinas in the
Bahamas. We also offer a wide
variety of services. While you're

here browse the Dive Shop
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accessories and enjoy lunch or
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0; i

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The Abaeonlan Page 13

An Update to Abaco Animals Require Kindness

By Molly & Chris Roberts
The month of January was a busy,
productive month for AARK. On January
25, after a postponement due to weather,
we held a Flea Market and Jumble Sale,
and on January 29 and 30, AARK and
The Community Animal Clinic sponsored
a spay and neuter clinic.
The Flea Market and Jumble Sale was
held at Yamaha Park and was a smashing
success. The market started earlier than
scheduled due to anxious bargain hunters
and was virtually sold out by lunch time!
There were bargains for everyone; tools,
household goods, clothing and more.
The highlight of the month was a spay
and neuter clinic held jointly with the

to Vote on
March 14th

Community Animal Clinic. For days
preceding the clinic members of AARK
canvassed settlements throughout central
Abaco, handing out flyers, making
appointments and talking to the
community. Stops were made in Spring
City, Casuarina Point, Snake Cay,
Dundas and Murphy Towns, and
Cherokee. The Haitian communities in
Marsh Harbour were visited, too. AARK
would like to thank the children in these
neighborhoods who were instrumental in
helping to locate many animals for the
AARK members donated many hours
helping in various capacities. Many
owners were unable to transport animals.
Chris Roberts, Daryl Schmidt and Mr.
No, a resident of "The Mud", went to
the various areas to pick up the animals
scheduled for surgery. Thanks to you
As a result of everyone's efforts,
AARK and the Community Animal
Clinic processed 49 animals in two days!
Since our community has many families
whose budgets cannot sustain an
expenditure of this sort, more than half

2 & 3 Bedroom Luxury Apartments, fully equipped
Beach front on a magnificent 3V2 mile beach or
On a Marina with private boat slips
All with pool and tennis privileges
Special Discounts offered September & October
island Dreams Tresurecay, Abaco
Call 809-3654507 or 365-8777
j Fax 365-8508 Email: Dreams@oil.net

received financial assistance through
AARK. A total of $1,065.00 was
contributed by the organisation to offset
these expenses! The Community Animal
Clinic responded to our community's
need through their generous reduction of
the spay and neuter fees. Heartfelt thanks
go to Dr. Hanna, Dr. Grant and Carol
Grant for their heroic efforts on the
behalf of our community and our animal
AARK will hold another clinic in the

near future. Announcements will be
made in ample time so everyone will
have an opportunity to take advantage of
this service. Visits are planned to
Crossing Rocks and Sandy Point to talk
to the residents about conducting spay
and neuter clinics in their area and assess
their needs and concerns.
AARK meetings are held the first
Thursday of each month at 5:30 at The
Travel Spot in the Memorial Plaza.
Everyone is welcome!

Frederick's Agency
Bahamas Custom Brokers
Import & Exports Land or Sea
Freight cleared at Marsh Harbour,
Treasure Cay & Green Turtle Cay
"-' Agent for M.V. STATE CHALLENGE
Gurth Roberts, Manager
P.O. Box AB 20468, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 809-367-2333 or 367-2564 Fax 367-3136


c9 and kW auwL &wia-
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you want to go and provide you with friendly and experienced service.
Our courteous, competent staff will be more than pleased
to help you with your travel needs.
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DURACELL Batteries
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Dairy Products

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Cash and Carry Display
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q pm U.U U H E E E






February 1997

..........nA .





Weddings in Treasure Cay
By Charmair LaRoda
On the 16th of January Mr. and Mrs.
Carroll Laing celebrated their second
month together. The couple married on
the 16th of November last year at the
Catholic Church in Treasure Cay. Father
Stan officiated at the service. The couple
are still strongly in love and are living in
Madeira Park in Treasure Cay.

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Laing
Fred Hudson Parker, a member of the
Local Government Committee in
Treasure Cay, got married to Nelrose
Jonna Pritchard on the seventh day of
December, 1997. Mrs. Parker is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Pritchard. The wedding was held at the
Community Centre and the service was

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hudson Parker
done by Fr. Santosh Murray. The happy
couple is residing in Dormy Villa,
Treasure Cay.
Little Abaco
By Birdie McIntosh
On February 2nd a baby girl was born
to Joycelyn and Howard Russell of
Mount Hope. She was born in Freeport's
Rand Memorial Hospital and weighed six
pounds one ounce. They named her
Kendra Starr.
On February 5th a baby girl was born
to Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal Woods. Mr.
Woods is Principal of Crown Haven
Primary School. The baby was born in
Mrs. Martha Russell, aged 59 years,

New Road Work Is Underway

The paving of Abaco roads continues
as Trans Island Pavers works in various
areas to improve our island. They are
working on several roads in Marsh
Harbour, Dundas Town and Murphy
Town. The road into Casuarina Point is
almost completed.

The Cherokee road is getting their
main attention. All low areas have been
filled, graded and rolled. Some of the
base is finished and they expect to have
the work completed soon. Already the
residents of Cherokee are pleased that
their ride into Marsh Harbour is smooth
and fast.

died at her residence in Crown Haven on
February 10th. The funeral service will
be held at St. Anne's Anglican Church in
Crown Haven on the 22nd of February.
Father Santosh Murray will officiate and
interment will be in the Crown Haven
Public Cemetery.
She is survived by three daughters,
Rose Saunders, Prescola Burrows and
Edna Gibson; three sons, Nathan, Kenny
and Solomon Russell and a host of
relatives and friends.
Boat Accident
On February 11th a boat accident in

the waters off Grand Cay, Abaco, has
left one person dead. Leslie "Goony"
King, age 35 years, a resident of Fox
Town, met his death while assisting
another boat with an engine problem
when his boat sank, He was unable to
make it to the other boat.
He is survived by his mother Muriel
Symonette; two sisters, Louise and
Brenhilda; three brothers, Wilfred,
Harrison Anthony, Clyde and Llewyn
and a host of relatives and friends
including Aunt May and Millie McIntosh
of Fox Town.

Concrete Blocks
48 4"x 8"x 16" ,
S p .A t 6"x 8"x 16" /4
8- x1--,8"x 8,x 16 7o.
0 G O \ Ado Corner Blocks teaV)
^oC~-, 90- o Regular Blocks
Hydraulic Fittings & Hoses
Monday Friday 7 am 4 pm
P.O. Box AB 20403, Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2502

Visit our new Marsh Harbour downtown store in

Memorial Plaza
Household Appliances Housewares
Light Marine Hardware Fishing Supplies
Tools & Automotive Items Sporting Goods
One Block from the Marsh Harbour waterfront
on Queen Elizabeth Drive 367-4176



North Abaco's Finest Fleet
20' 28' Rental Boats *
Scuba & Snorkeling Trips *
* All Levels of P.A.D.I. Instruction *
Full Equipment Rentals *
(242) 365-8465
Fax 365-8508 e-mail jic@oii.net
Located at Treasure Cay Marina

The Abaconian Page 15

Florida Boat Caught Long-lining

The Department of Fisheries and the
Department of Police brought charges
against the Florida-based fishing boat
Miss Melissa after it was reported that
they had been long lining off Abaco. The
boat sprang a leak while out at sea. The
Coast Guard dropped them a pump which
allowed them to limp into Green Turtle
Cay on January 12th.
The boat was boarded for breach of
regulations and the captain, Michael
Shoup, and crew of three were taken into
custody until the Magistrate's court could
hear charges. The fish on board were
confiscated which included 2500 pounds
of migratory fish, mostly tuna with a few
swordfish. The Magistrate found them
guilty and fined them $15,000. Miss
Melissa is registered in Fort Lauderdale,
The Department of Fisheries officers
acted on a tip which was given them by
local fishermen. They wish to thankall
the fishermen for their cooperation and
want the fishermen to realize that they
rely heavily on their information. The
fishermen are out on the sea all the time
and know what is going on whereas the
Fisheries officers are out only part of the

The Magistrate had the fish distributed
to non-profit organizations and the needy
here and in Nassau.

S i T

| ^ .

Miss Melissa, the boat charged with long


Robert Gordon Hudson, 64, passed
away on January 27th in Marsh Harbour.
The funeral was on February 1st at the
Aldersgate Methodist Church.
Mr. Hudson was born in Marsh
Harbour and lived there until he left to
find work in Nassau. He was married to
Evelyn Marie Clarke who passed away in
January 1996.
In 1969 Mr. Hudson returned to
Abaco where he, became involved in a
number of projects. He was a founding
member of the Abaco Rotary Club, a
member of the Abaco Businessmen's
Association and Chamber of Commerce.
He was involved in the Regatta Time in
Abaco race series.
Mr. Hudson was also involved in
politics and the Methodist Church in
Marsh Harbour.

New Area Code Is 242
Area Code 809 will no
longer be in effect
after April 1st.
Change your stationary and
business forms.

He is survived by two daughters,
Roslyn Neely and Ruby Kerr; three sons,
Rock, Richard and Robert; four
grandchildren, Racquel, Drew,
Christopher and Shay; four sisters;
Miriam, Valderine, Cynthia and Erenie;
three brothers, Dansbuary, John and
David; one daughter-in-law, Michelle;
two sons-in-law, Rev. Christopher Neely
and Dereck Kerr; and many other
relatives and friends.

The Rotary Club of Abaco had a Bike-a-thon on February 15th to raise money for several
of their service projects including Trauma One. The bikers are shown above at the start
of the race at the airport.

Abaco Air Charter Service

From Abaco to all the
Bahamas and Florida
Twin Engine, Six Passenger Aircraft
Call 809-367-2266, 2205, 3256, 359-6357

AvGas & FAA Certified Mechanics
P 0 Box 492, Marsh Harbour

Carib Freight Company Ltd.
Inter-Island Freight Service

Daily Service to Man-O-War Marsh Harbour & Hope Town
Tuesday & Friday to Great Guana Cay & Scotland Cay
Other Abaco services on request, Any Time, Any Place
from Little Harbour to Walker's Cay


FAX 365-6285

VHF channel 16

wtpw U

Complete line of
American Standard
Moen Plumbing Fixture
Peterson Shower Door
P.O. Box AB 20488
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Abaco Hardware
For All your Building Needs
Floor Tiles Formica Paints
Windows Doors Hardware

Lumber Get
s Shingles Sta

Weekdays 7 am 4 pm F
Saturday 7 am- Non p


Distributor for
Skil Power Tools
neral Electric Appliances
anley Tools & Hardware
encing Sold & Installed
hone 367-2170 Fax 2928

* Tour Abaco in air conditioned
comfort Economy/Full Size
* All automatic & air conditioned
* Also 100 cc motorbikes for
open air touring.
Serving you for 25 Years
At the Shell Gas Station
PO Box AB 20438, Marsh Harbour
Call 367-2840 or 2854, Fax 367-4887
; n -VI5A
CF71 i to

Parts Center Phone 367-4227 Home Center Phone 367-2300
Mon Fri 8 to 5 Sat 8 to 12 Mon Fri 9 to 5 Sat 9 to 12
Home Appliance Parts & Repairs Mattresses & Linens
Lawnmowers & Garden Tools Whirlpool Appliances
Delco Remy Batteries, Tires Carpet Sold & Installed
Auto Parts & Accessories Furniture, Beds, Dinettes
Lawn & Garden Supplies Heosewaroes"-Klfftrenware
Bicycles, Parts & Repairs Vacuums & SevwjnMaQkimes
Sears Craftsman Tools e4 Se. mi OU Sal4 t
Don MacKay Boulevard, Marsh Harbour

February 1997

Page The Alaeion an Ebruary 1R27L.
Enjoying the Carnival

Games, Prizes and Rides
Something for Everyone

I m

The Outboard Shop
Distributors for

EVWIfUDE Outboards
Sales and Repairs
Factory Trained Mechanics
Dry Boat Storage
Marsh Harbour 809-367-2703 VHF 16

There Ithen You Need !'s
Since 1989
Quality, personalized charter service for up to five
passengers and or marine equipment to and from the
Abacos and Florida. Safety equipment exceeds FAA
requirements. "Very Reasonable Fares"
Toll Free 1-888-239-2929
Ft. Lauderdale (954) 434-5271

Littering Can Bring a
$1,000 Fine
The maximum fine allowed for littering
is $1,000. The Central Abaco Council and
Mr. Hart have instructed the police to
watch for littering and issue court
summons to offenders. The new Police
Reserves being formed for Abaco will join
in this effort. The highway verges on theC
way to Spring City and points south are a
cway to Spring City and points south arer a Free Design Advice for Floors, Baths, Kitchens
continuous string of bottles, cans and other
trash. FLOOR 0nWe Will Arrange Easy Trarnsportatioln F L 0 R
Mike Malone, Chief Councillor for R For You to Our Showroom G RES
Central Abaco, is upset that some of the 20% 30 Below U S P ices
Council's budget must be allocated to 20% 30% Below U S Prices
cleaning up trash. There is much work to Nassau Prices Plus Freight
be done in the communities and spending
money to pick up loose trash is wasting Sand D ola_ Shopp
limited funds._________
limited funds. ERepresenting NASSAU TILE
Mr. Malone, who is also Chairman of rN A
the Marsh Harbour Town Committee. said Phone (809) 365-4221 Fax (809) 365-4046
that the Marsh Harbour Committee ,s AQUA MIX INC.
considering a full time man .towall'e TEALE
streets and bag loose trash and litter for the
Works Compound employees to pick up.

The Abaconlan Page 17



A 9.

February 1997

Pagel 8. TIhe Ahaconlan February1997

Business Briefs

Bellevue Business Depot, an associate
store of the Bellevue Depot of Freeport,
will open on March 15th in the B & L
Building in Marsh Harbour. Bellevue
Depot will carry an extensive selection of
office equipment and supplies. The shop
will be under the management of Kathy
Memorial Plaza is a new
shopping center in Marsh Harbour which
offers a wide selection of shops. This
makes it easy for the shopper to
accomplish a number of errands with just
one stop. The Plaza, built by Maurdee
Albury, has 15,000 square feet of floor
space and a total of 15 bays. The
following are some of the shops in
Memorial Plaza
Intercity Music, a branch of a music
store from Freeport will be opening very
soon. Don Martin is overseeing the
Simcoe Jewellers opened before
Christmas with a sales and repair service
shop. They can reset gems, repair
watches and clocks and restore jewellery.
They moved from Carroll Albury's
shopping center.
Travel Spot has moved to Memorial
Plaza from their previous location in
Dove Plaza. They offer complete travel
service and are also the agents for
Federal Express. It is owned and
managed by Gillian and Greg Albury.
R & B Sports shop carries a variety
of sports wear including shoes for men,
women and children. In addition to
clothes they have sports equipment for
tennis, basketball and football. The shop
is owned by Randy Davis and Bersil


Newly constructed Memorial Plaza is now open in down town Marsh Harbour

Stuart and is under the management of
Randy Davis. Their phone number is
Snazzies, which opened before
Christmas, is a new beauty salon which
offers a complete line of beauty and hair
services for both men and women.
Angela Russell is owner and manager
and is assisted by Andrea Collins. They
will have another beautician in a few
weeks and will also be having a large
stock of supplies arriving shortly. They
can do facials, manicures, pedicures,
waxing and braiding. They open a 10 on
Monday through Saturdays. Call them at
367-4781 for more information.
Marsh Harbour Electronics also
opened before Christmas when they
moved from adjacent to the Loyalist
Shoppe. They offer sales of satellite

dishes and service on a wide variety of
electronic devices.

Hn Sarah


Wilson's Quick Trip is a convenience
food store which will be opening in
Western Auto Home Center opened
late in January and is a convenient place
to get tools, kitchenware, housewares,
outdoor furniture, diving and fishing
equipment, bikes, lawn and garden items,
light marine and automotive items and a
variety of items for the home. It will be
open from 9 to 5 on week days and until
noon on Saturday. It is a satellite store of
Western Auto on Don MacKay
Boulevard. Staff and management will be
rotated from the main store.
Dolphin Auto Sales, selling used cars
and trucks, will be moving its offices to
Memorial Plaza. It is owned by Maurdee
Albury and will be opening in March.
D & C Clothing and Accessories
offers a variety of men's women's and


Page 30

O'Connor & Peter Kline
me You to Hope Town's
c Harbour Lodge

Excellent Snorkeling from our 2-mile Ocean Beach
Air Conditioned Accommodations, Fresh Water Pool
Reef Bar & Grill. Lunch Served Daily 11:30 2:30
Dinner Service Tues Sat 6:30 9 No Reservation Needed
Happy Hour Daily 4 5 p.m.
Sunday Continental Breakfast Buffet 8 10 am
plus Menu Specialties including Eggs Benedict


Complimentary Dockage
Call 366-0095 or VHF Channel 16

"Selsey Cottage", Elbow, Cay
Quaint chalet style two bedroom one bath cottage near White
Sound on Elbow Cay. Special features include: ceramic tile
floors on ground floor, wood floor in second floor loft, a fully
equipped galley kitchen, new refrigerator, new washing ma-
chine, a large front deck and back patio, ocean views from loft
bedroom, a 10,000 gallon rainwater cistern and a right of way
and two minute walk to the beach. List #2452

Sales Price: $195,000


Call Larry Roberts
Bahamas Realty Limited
Tel: 242-393-8618 or Fax: 242-393-0326
Internet http://wwwbahamasrealty.bs


The Newest Port of Entry to the Abacos

Your private island retreat
Only a 45 minute flight from Palm Beach, Florida
Direct access from Florida for boaters and planes
5,000 foot jetway
60 slip full service marina, fuel, water & ice
Panoramic waterfront lots available
The ultimate in elegance, beauty and tranquility
Scuba diving, watersports, boat rentals
Sight-seeing, bonefishing
Call 809-365-0083 365-6622 Fax 809-365-0466
For reservations (USA & Canada) call 1-800-688-4752

rood Drinfs Gi
Open Tuesday through Saturday
Lunch & Dinner
11:30 am-3 pm 6 pm 9 pm
Bar opens at 11 am (until closing)
Boutique Open 9 9
^, ffac u E stX
/ednesday ad Satryel v n~ f
On the Marsh Harbour Waterfront 0 Call 367-2074

Page 30





by Sam Hoffer
Glorious Goat Cheese
Have you seen the logs of white goat
cheese in the dairy section with fancy
names like chevre or Montrachet and
wondered what to do with them? Well,
wonder no more.
My first recollection of seeing goat
cheese featured in food magazines was
when Alice Waters of the Chez Panisse
Restaurant in Berkeley, California,
served it on a bed of assorted gourmet
greens. Coated with bread crumbs and
baked, it was the centerpiece of a
spectacular, trendy salad. Wolfgang
Puck's famous Spago's on Sunset Strip in
Hollywood features it on pizza with
proscuitto, thyme & red onions.
For the health conscious, chevre has
half the fat of cheddar, cream cheese or
Brie. Although in appearance it
resembles cream cheese, its wonderful
tang sets it far apart. Don't confuse it
with feta either, which is also made from
goat cheese. Feta, originally made in
Greece, has a sharp, salty taste because

Meetings FROM Page22
the Dundas Town Primary School
buildings could be used for this purpose
when the students are eventually
transferred to the new primary school
being planned.
Committee member Glen McDonald
was pleased with the progress underway
for the new government subdivision by
the Department of Housing in Nassau. He
was recently in Nassau where he found
over 200 applications being processed for
these lots.


Hand Carved Home Signs
& Mahogany Reef Scenes

365-4410 Fax 365-4072

it is pickled in brine.
My first recipe, Chicken Breasts
Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Rosemary,
won me the honor of representing the
state of Mississippi in the 40th Annual
National Chicken Cooking Contest. It
was a fabulous experience including an
all expense paid trip and a chance to win
the first prize of $25,000. No, I didn't
come home with the grand prize, but the
judges didn't leave one bite on their
Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Goat
Cheese and Rosemary
An elegant dish perfectly suited for an
intimate dinner party.
4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
halves (1 1/2 lbs)
4 oz. fresh goat cheese
4 whole sun dried tomatoes (not
packed in oil)
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary, chopped
or 1 1/2 teaspoons dried
1 very finely minced clove of garlic
1 egg, beaten to blend
1 cup fresh bread crumbs
2 tablespoons melted sweet butter
Mushroom sauce recipe follows
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Pound
chicken breasts between sheets of plastic
wrap to a thickness of 1/4" using mallet.
Bring 2 cups of water to boil; add sun
dried tomatoes and remove from heat.
Let soak 4 minutes until soft. Remove
from water, pat dry and finely chop.
Combine tomatoes with goat cheese,
rosemary and garlic. Spread cheese
mixture lengthwise over center of each
chicken piece. Roll chicken up and tuck
short ends in. Secure with toothpicks; dip
in egg, allowing excess to drip into bowl.


Baby & Dating Pictures
3 Camera Ceremony
Computer Special Effects


Roll in bread crumbs, shaking off excess.
Place chicken in baking dish that has
been lined with aluminum foil. Pour 2
tablespoons melted butter over chicken
and bake until cooked through, about 20
Remove toothpicks from chicken, cut
rolls crosswise into 1/2" thick rounds.
Fan chicken on plate, spoon sauce over
and serve immediately. Serves 4.
Mushroom sauce: Saute 1 cup fresh
mushrooms, thinly sliced in 1 tablespoon
olive oil over medium high heat until
tender. Add 1/2 cup dry white wine and
1/2 cup chicken broth to mushrooms and

Abaeonlan Page 19

boil down until about 1/3 cup remains.
Remove from heat and add 1 tablespoon
cold sweet butter.
Peppered Goat Cheese Log
Simple, quick and scrumptious. Serve
on a platter lined with sea grape leaves
from the garden. Garnish log with fresh
rosemary sprigs. Serve with French
baguette slices.
8 oz. fresh goat cheese
4 teaspoons freshly cracked black
1 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Roll goat cheese in pepper to coat;
drizzle with olive oil.

Treasure Cay's
Most Experienced Broker

____ Wm. F. Hertz Ltd.

P. 0. Box AB 22182 Phone/FAX 809-365-8061
Treasure Cay, Abaco

Brand Parts

- Appliances & Appliance Parts
Water Heaters, Lawn Mowers Z
Plumn ing, Auto Accessories
In Marsh Harbour at the traffic light
Mon Fri 9 am 5 pm 367-4185 Sat 8 am Noon


7 restaurant

_- An invitation is extended to our
Abaco friends to join us for breakfast,
lunch or dinner at our marina patio or in
our air conditioned dining room.
S' 4 Breakfast specials extend until 10:30
r "- a.m. on weekdays and 11 am on
Sunday. Visit us for a mid-day lunch,
perhaps a fabulous pizza.
No need to drive home in the dark. Come and enjoy our
Early Bird dinner specials between 6 & 7 pm and receive a
25% discount. Entrees include Prime Rib (large or small),
fantastic Steaks, Pork Chops and Lamb Chops.
Got a sweet tooth ... our delicious cakes
and pastries are prepared by chef Gary
Hudson. Or perhaps our 12 varieties of ice
cream and sorbets are more to your liking.
A party of two presenting this ad
SA during March '97 will receive a free
cocktail and a party of four will receive a bottle of
wine with dinner. This is our way of welcoming
you to a fine dining experience.
As a special bonus to our j
Abaco friends only and based on
availability, you will receive a special i i
room rate of $40 per night (double
occupancy) subject to availability. i

teDruary 1997 The

from the (iiche, of.. LAZ, D74LA

On Hope Town's waterfroi bahamian cuisine

Bar Opens Daily 10 a.m.
5 pm on Tuesdays
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m.
Lunch & Dinner Daily
(Kitchen Closed Tuesdays)
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pm
Appetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m.
Call 366-0087 RENTAL
366-0292 BIKES
lCE VHF Ch. 16 SK

Come spend the weekend with
us. Call 365-8535 for availability
and reservations.

Paerg20 The Abaeonlan February 1997

By John Hedden
As the season for forest fires
approaches yet again, I make attempts to
mentally prepare for the devastation that
I will see over the next few months. I
recall that in some years Abaco has lost
its total pine forest to fires (including
Little Abaco) during this dry, windy
season from January through May.
Forest fires completely destroy new
forest growth, established endemic
vegetative stands, breeding bird
populations and countless other native
wild species of plant and animal life on a
predictable annual basis, (the end of
crawfish season). These fires are
unnecessary and start mainly through
carelessness, negligence, fire bugging
and occasionally purposeful arson to
flush out the wild hogs for hunting
As Abaco grows and development
begins to spread out of the urban centres
to the surrounding countryside, the threat
of fires becomes a reality for any
business venture in the area. Farmers,
home owners, nature lovers all dread this
season of widespread devastation for the
In years gone by, threat by fire was
used as a major deterrent to, and as
retaliation for human interference in the
town areas. In fact, fire has traditionally
been an important aspect of living in the
Abacos (some even beneficial!) Yet we
are not isolated in this plague. Every
year the United States, North Africa,
Australia, Argentina and Brazil lose
millions of acres of forest and scrub land
collectively to devastation by fire.
I am convinced that the majority of
the forest fires are started by individuals
acting as arsonists ratherthan with the
intent of an ultimate purpose (eg hogs).
Therefore, I will not (and cannot) hold
the hunters totally responsible. I do,
however, believe that the hunters need to
form an association in order to air their
ideas and intent.
Unfortunately at the present time the

Fax us your
News at 367-3677

We All Lose With Forest Fires

few hotheads and loudmouths are giving
the whole hunting community a bad
name. The formation of a hunting
association will also help educate
members of the public towards hunting
values and principles and so hopefully
eliminate many unfounded concerns.
I understand also that an
environmental committee chaired by
Walter Key has been formed to examine
our relationship with our natural
surroundings and to eventually make
recommendations towards conservation
(not necessarily preservation). I know
little else about it, but should!
We already have an ongoing thrust
initiated by the local Ministry of Tourism
directed more at ecotourism and what is
referred to as sustainable development.
However, there is no reason why these
thrusts cannot become mutually
synergistic and so assist with overall
environmental use, development, and
conservation for future benefit to the
But, as usual, I am straying from the
point and need to stress that fires are
unnecessary (even if convenient).
Our forest fires are like those any
where else and essentially burn
completely out of control consuming
anything in their path. Every year we
hear of States (usually California) that
are battling fires which we imagine to be
of gigantic proportions and spending
hundreds of thousands of dollars to put
them out (as well as sacrificing lives).
Their fires (like ours) are usually works
of arson, and their fires (like ours) are
usually limited in size to some twenty
thousand acres which is about the size of
the sugar cane planting area around the
mill site. Even within the United States

where both funding and equipment are
better able to deal with these problems
than we have here in Abaco, the horror
and damage caused by fire cannot be
Here we have a totally volunteer Fire
Department which, considering the
equipment it has to work with, does an
admirable job. However, it is totally
unequipped for the likes of raging forest
fires, most of which occur miles away
from Marsh Harbour. Last year,
however, on several occasions the
Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire
Department came South to the Bahama
Palm Shores / Casuarina area because of
the threat of bush fires to the houses.

However, the best method of fire
fighting is fire prevention in the first
place. We are all too careless when we
go in the pine barren, often not putting
out a fire either started for (or because
of) another purpose.
One of the big fires last year in the
region south of Spring City was started
by sparks from a cutting torch used to
take the engine out of a derelict bus.
Many others are started by careless
farmers, allowing their field burning to
get out of control. (I must say that it is
so easy for even a controlled fire to get
away from you, only to destroy so
much). The fires that are the most
difficult to prevent are the works of
arson where purposeful, malicious,
damaging reasons are behind the act.
This means a change in mentality, and
this means education and training.
For what its worth.

Black Pepper Imit. Vanilla Crushed Red Pepper
White Pepper Garlic Powder Cajun Seasoning
Seasoned Salt Curry Powder French Dressing
Garlic Salt Hot Sauce 1000 Island Dressing
Paprika B.B.Q. Sauce Chicken Soup Base
MSG All Spice (whole) Beef Soup Base
Mustard White Vinegar Distributed by
P.O. Box N 483 Phone 809-393-0720
289 Wulff Road Fax 809-393-7630

B & D Marine Limited
I- Abaco's Largest and Most Complete Supply of Marine Products
SU UKI Outboards& & 4
SUZUKI Generators cc
Bait, Rods, Reels, Fishing Tackle & Dive Gear _.
Filters, Pumps, Hoses, Anchors & Ropes 242-367-2622
Marine Paints, Hardware & Maintenance Items Fax 367-2395
VHF 16
F1P.O. Box AB 20461 Marsh Harbour, Abaco e At the Traffic Light

Conch Inn Hotel & Marina
Waterfront Hotel Rooms with Cable TV Pool
5^ Marsh Harbour's PREMIER Marina and Hotel
In Central Marsh Harbour on the Water Front
Marine Fuel, Laundry, Close to Stores
75 Berth Full Service Marina Low Storage & Winter Ratr
Rates per foot: 350/Day: 300/Month: 25/3 Months <. I I




w teemu
^ ~

Water Side
Dining & Bar
Serving Breakfast, Lunch
Candlelight Dinner
Closed for Dinner on Tuesdays-
Happy Hour with
Live Music &
Bar Snacks
Every Thursday Eve 6 9
Open 8 am till .....?
Phone 367-2319 or VHF 16


The beet Sailing Vacations in the World
Gailboats Usually Available
for Charter on Short Notice,
with Captain or Bareboat
*Winter Discounts 9
You set the pace and visit places
like Hope Town or Green Turtle Cay,
deserted beaches or lonely islands.
Dine ouf
O Call Us Today
at the Conch Inn Resort
809-367-4000 Fax 387-4004

join us on board our specially
designed dive boat and explore
tunnels and caverns in majestic
coral mountains rising from a depth
of sixty feet to the ocean surface in
clear turquoise waters.
*.Scuba & snorkeling trips daily
* NAUI & PADI certified
instructors offering resort
(beginner) courses or full
certification courses
* Underwater videos
* Swim Suits, T Shirts
* Hats, Reef Sandals, etc.
Phone 809-367-2787 Bahamas
809-367-4004 Fax
at the Conch Inn Marina


Economy Full
Air conditioned & reliable
Reasonable Rates
Located at the
Marsh Harbour
Airport Terminal
Roam the Island with
Wilmac and
Savel Savel SAVE!
Call 809-367-4313
367-3465 Emergency
Visa & Master Cards

More School News

School FROM Page 12
including the upgrading of the library
facilities at the school. The Interacters
are waiting impatiently for the arrival of
books donated from a Rotary Club in
New York. Several members also
participated in the Rotary Bike-a-thon to
raise much needed funds for Trauma One
and other Rotary Club projects.

Soiomon uros. uives
1st School Computer
Solomon Brothers presented the first
computer to Marsh Harbour Primary
School on February 4th under their
"Computers to Schools" program. The


Page 30

Mrs. Betty Greenwood is shown at St.
Francis de Sales School where she
entertained the students with her puppets.

Solomon Bros staff are shown presenting a new Pentium computer to the Marsh Harbour
Primary school on February 4th. Students in the background are showing their enthusiasm
for the computer. Shown left to right are Mr. Malcolm Spicer, owner of Abacom, Mr.
Oswald Roberts, Manager of Solomon Bros. Wholesale in Marsh Harbour; Melissa
Roberts, Office Manager and Public Relations for Solomon Bros; students; Ms. Felamese
Sawyer, Principal of Marsh Harbour Primary; and Mr. Jackson Mcintosh, Superintendent
of Abaco Schools.

Family Dental Centre
Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Therese M. Bonamy, Proprietress
Dr. J. Denise Archer, Associate
Dr. Woodley C. Thompson, Orthodontist (braces)
Ms. Giselle Knowles, Dental Hygienist
Periodontal and Oral
Surgery Specialty
(Gums & Wisdom Teeth)
"We are here to serve the
entire family for all your
dental & hygiene needs." Proverbs 3:5-6"
Open Monday thru Saturday
Phone 367-4355 P.O. Box AB 20676, Marsh Harbour


---- SIo's GROCERY

Mrs. Greenwood is a ventriloquist who
uses her talents to present serious topics
such as conservation. The children were
entranced with the show and were
interested as she showed them how she
manipulated the puppets.

Some Population Facts
Facts from the census of 1990
Bahamas total population 269,000
Annual growth rate 1.9 percent
Under 25 years old 54% (144,261)
Under 35 years old 66%
Over 60 years old 6%
Living on New Providence 65%
Households headed by males 59%
Households headed by females 41%
In 1993 births to single females 72%


Certified Technician Complete Auto Re air
* Electronic Ignitions Brakes
* Fuel Injection A/C Service
* Timing Belt C.V. Joints -
* Computerized Engine Controls
Call Tony at 367-2411 Forest Drive, Murphy Town
Located between Abaco Starters & Shell Tall Pines Food Store

Welcomes you in their branches in Abaco
Ask Barclays First

Barclays is the largest represented
international banking group in the area

Marsh Harbour
367-2152/3/4 3670-2210 Fax 367-2659
New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay
We have other branches throughout the Bahamas to serve you

j^^"w^ 0 *-^- --^^*^^

The Abaconian Page 21

February 1997

Page 22 The Abaconian Febuary 1997

M;u Public Town Meetings

Hope Town Residents
Voice Their Concerns
Hope Town's first public town meeting
of the new year was held February 5th,
1997 in the school house. About 30
persons attended, predominately younger
Each board member gave a report on
different aspects of progress or concerns
and gave an opportunity for questions or
comments from those in attendance.
Administrator Hart spoke at the
The proposed Pavilion has been put on
hold pending an engineering study of the
seawall and investigation into the
legalities and uses related to government
Traffic continues to be a major
concern. The town roads evolved when
wheelbarrows were the main vehicle for
freight and bicycles were unknown. The
roads are narrow, frequently veer off at
sharp angles and may be tightly bordered
with fences and walls.
Nearly everyone agreed that the
tourism engine which drives the Hope
Town economy is preferable to the
gasoline engine which is competing for
space on the roads. However, the group
realizes an accommodation must be made
to changing times and the inevitable term
"progress." Clay Wilhoyte asked for
suggestions concerning vehicle size,
parking and traffic rules through the
settlement proper. Parking continues to be
a problem with the south side of the
settlement presenting the most challenges.
A request to dredge adjacent to the
north end beach for a dock access was
discussed at length. There was a
unanimous concern for the preservation
of the beaches and dock access in general
to waterfront lots. It was mentioned that
waterfront lots do not have an automatic
right to a dock.

Kevin Albury asked that all property
owners try to keep their coconut plantings
off the roadway. They may be
picturesque but one tree successfully
bombed the windshield of the garbage
truck several years ago while being driven
by Wellie Pinder.
Mr. Hart asked for volunteers to join
the Police Reserves and serve Hope Town
in a part time capacity after hours. Mr.
Hart also brought plans for the renovation
of the Post Office. This was accompanied
with the enticement that the Post Office
Department would pay for the renovations
and restore the building as presently seen
but the town had to give approval prior to
June 30th. A sticking point was that the
Post Office insisted that their facilities be
moved downstairs and the exhibits now
located on the ground be moved to the
second floor.
Those present were unable to accept
this concept during the meeting and a
subsequent meeting was scheduled to
study the options. Renovations would
include air conditioning. No one was
anxious to lose the view of the harbour
from the post office balcony on their daily
mai! trips. It was felt that this was one of
those little touches that contribute to the
Hope Town charm.
Administrator Hart was pleased with
the attendance and the participation of
those present. He felt that this was one of
the most productive town meetings he had
Dundas Town Has Meeting
A public Town Meeting for Dundas
Town was held on January 28th at the
Burial Society building. It was the second
attempt to have a meeting but they still
had a very poor turn-out. Budget matters
were discussed as well as the paving of
cross roads, signs, cemetery up-keep and
a recreational area for the town residents.

P.O. Box AB 20745, Marsh Harbour
P.O. Box AB 22127, Treasure Cay
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PURCHASE Electronic Alarm systems RESIDENTIAL
Burglary 0 Fire Security
Local Monitoring Excellent Warranties
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24 Full Service Slips
In Elbow Cay's protected White Sound
Fresh Water Pool Daily Baked Goods
Curly Tail Boutique Boat Rentals
Shell Fuel Dock & Roadside Ice & Bait
Remodeled & Air conditioned
Boathouse Restaurant
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Office 242-366-0065 Restaurant 366-0359 Fax 366-0383 VHF Ch 16

Murphy Town Has
Open Meeting
Murphy Town's second public town
meeting was held in the Burial Society
building on February 6th. Town
Committee Chairman Bill Swain opened
the meeting with less than ten residents
in attendance. However, by 8 p.m. when
church let out there were 30 people
contributing to the discussion.
A major item under consideration was
improvements to the north side boat
ramp and the addition of a cabana at
Coconut Tree Bay. Mr. Swain requested
a committee meet at the site and make
They discussed the installation of a
public bulletin board for government and
community announcements. Glen

We're just minutes from restaurants on
the harbour & walking distance to
grocery stores, shopping and ferry docks
leading to outer islands. You will check
into a spacious room with television, air
conditioning, ceiling fan, microwave
oven, small refrigerator and daily maid
service. Call 809-867-3778 or FAX 387-4179

McDonald felt that qualified Murphy
Town people were being bypassed for
government job openings. Mr. Hart
responded that the Council can only select
from those who apply and felt that a
community bulletin board would help to
alert the residents to any openings that
may occur.
Those present cheered Rex Davis when
he asked for vocational training for the
youth. He was also dismayed that the
public telephones were frequently out of
The vocational training request was
beyond the scope of the Murphy Town
Committee but they agreed this was
needed and to pass his request on to those
responsible. Glen McDonald suggested


Page 19

P. 0. Box AB 20030
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Lont's Landing

Fresh Iced Seafood Not Frozen
Check Our Fish of the Day
Free Dockage next to Triple J Marine
On the Marsh Harbour Waterfront Call 367-3079

"THf /VX T7_/7fVf P4TI-" C
Tel 809-366-0100 E-mail malone111@aol.com
366-0060 Look for us on the Internet
FAX 366-0157 Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas

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Small Household Appliances by
Hamilton Beach, Regal & Toastmaster including
Toasters, Mixers, Hair Dryers, Vacuums
Dehumidifiers, Blenders, and More
Electrical and Appliance Sales & Service
Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour Ph. 367-2663 Fax 2673

R lx a s la e s *e-

February 1997

The Abaconian Page 23

Medical Forum... Men's Prostate Cancer Is a Killer

By Dr. Hyatali Ameeral
District Medical Officer, Abaco
Central and South
The prostate doesn't normally come up
during casual conversation so you may
know little about this gland. Like many
men, you may be prompted to learn
about it because you have heard that men
over the age 50 are more likely than
younger men to have "prostate trouble."
You may also have noticed changes in
your urinary habits that have made you
wonder, "Is something wrong?" or
"Should I see my doctor?"
Only males have prostates. The
prostate is a gland located just below the
bladder, the organ that stores urine. As
shown in the diagram, the prostate
surrounds a part of the urethra, the tube
which urine and semen flows through.
As most people know, the testicles
produce sperm. But what most don't
know is that the prostate contributes to
the fluid that helps to carry the sperm.
This fluid which is ejaculated during
orgasm is also thought to supply
nourishment for the sperm, to help make
the vaginal canal less acidic, and to help
the likelihood of conception.
The prostate at the birth of a male is
about the size of an almond. It remains
that size through childhood. During
puberty the prostate begins to enlarge and
continues to grow until it is
approximately double its size. This is
normal. The prostate is preparing for its
role in sexual reproduction. At about the
same time the testicles are able to make
sperm, the prostate is sufficiently mature
to contribute to the seminal fluid that will
supply nourishment to the sperm.
At about 45 years of age the prostate
often starts growing again and in some
cases can continue to enlarge for the rest
of a man's life. It is accepted that this
growth is influenced by hormonal
changes. Many men develop an enlarged
prostate known as benign prostate
hyperplasia (BPH). More than five out of
ten men over the age 50 have an
enlarged prostate or BPH. The number
jumps to eight out of ten by the age 80.
Cancer of the prostate is the
commonest malignancy occurring in
men. The incidence is higher in some
areas such as the Caribbean and among
African Americans. There is also a
familial or genetic predisposition
associated with this cancer. Although this
cancer is common, it exhibits a wide
range of biological activity so that in
many cases its progression is slow and
significant symptoms may occur late or




American Cars
Four Door
Air Conditioned
on Queen Elizabeth Dr.
at Abaco Towns
P.O. Box AB 20089
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-4234

not at all. It is the third commonest
cancer death over fifty years of age.
With progression in its late stages it
becomes difficult to treat and causes a
significant number of deaths.
.."'. .I .:
ii:::i : .. .

Prostate cancer frequently develops
without symptoms until it reaches an
advanced stage. Most tumors are found
on a routine digital rectal examination
(DRE). Also cancer of the prostate can
be diagnosed by doing the following
blood tests.
1. Prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP)
2. Prostate specific antigen (PSA)
Over the past 14 years the PSA test has
become the most significant test. It is
suggested that any patient with family
history of prostatic cancer should have

annual PSA testing after the age of forty.
3. Cancer of the prostate can be
diagnosed by endorectal ultra sonography
with biopsy (TRUS).
For most urologists (specialists that
treat prostate problems) surgery is the
treatment of choice for organ-confined
tumors up to 70 years of age.
Radiotherapy may be used in men up to
Many drugs are also used in the
treatment of prostate cancer. These are
new and very expensive drugs. Some of
these are hormonal.
Finally, I suggest the following
practical points be highlighted
1. All men over 50 years should be
screened annually for prostate cancer
2. Screening consisting of (a) PSA
testing and (b) Digital rectal examination

(DRE). If either test is suspicious, then
more testing should be done.
3 If the biopsy is negative, then PSA
with DRE should be repeated at six
monthly intervals along with repeat
biopsy if indicated.
4 Finally, surgery is recommended for
organ-confined prostate cancers if life
expectancy indicates.

SBahamian Proverb

Bahamian Proverb

MARCH 11TH, 1973 MARCH 23RD, 1996

Lai~u#, a~/P~a'

Can you imagine yourself or a loved one
critically ill or injured and unless you are
evacuated to a Medical Facility outside of
Abaco you cannot be treated?
An Air Ambulance flight can cost $5,000.00 or
more, paid in full, in advance.
Will you be able to get to the medical treatment you
Good News!
If you are a member of Medical Air Services
Asscociation Bahamas, you fly for free!

You may join MASA Bahamas for only $120.00
(single) and $240.00 (family) per year. This breaks
down to as little as .33 cents per day.

That's not all. You will also receive SIX other
benefits besides "Emergency Air Transportation."
Give this gift of "peace of mind" for yourself and
your family.

Francina Bodie, MASA Representative


Act at once I

Call Your MASA Representative
in Abaco: 242-367-4210
in Nassau: 242-326-6272

1st and 3rd Weekend Fri 11 5 Sat 9- 5 Mon 9- 2
Monday thru Saturday 9 4 By Appointment Only 365-8056
For Appointment Call
365-8625 365-8425 1-800-224-6703

Page 24 The Abaconlan February 1997

More South Abaco News

South FROM Page 6
mother passed away in 1976 but his
father must have been extremely proud to
be there with his son and share in such a
momentous occasion.
Dr. Wayde Goodall, National
Coordinator for Ministerial enrichment
with the Assemblies in the United States,
Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands,
delivered the main address and Rev.
Vernon Moses, General Superintendent
in Abaco, officiated over the
commissioning service. It was estimated
that well over 200 persons were in
attendance, which shows the love and
respect that the newly appointed Rev.
Daniel Sawyer enjoys. There were
various groups to entertain the audience
throughout the day as well as a sit-down
dinner for all who came. This was an
important day for Bro. Daniel and we
want to add our good wishes.
Sandy Point
By Ruth Flowers
The 49th Annual Convention
celebrating the 149th year of the
founding of the Mt. Zion Native Baptist
Church in Sandy Point was held on
February 9 12. The convention began
with a service on Sunday beginning at 6
a.m. The team of guest speakers told the
good news of God's love. The service at
7:00 p.m. on February 9th was chaired
by Mr. Jack Thompson, Deputy Island
Administrator. Speaker that night was
Rev. Dr. Michael Symonette, General
Superintendent and Bishop of the St.
John Society which is over all the Native

Cherokee Sound School now has a computer and the students are becoming familiar with
how to make it work. Shown above is Stacy Lowe proudly showing off her abilities at the

Baptist Churches in The Bahamas.
The Rev. Anthony Carroll, Pastor of
the Antioch Baptist Church in Nassau,
ministered to the youth. Other speakers
included Rev. Carrington Pinder from St.
Mark's Baptist Church in Nassau and
Rev. Hilda Symonette from Nassau.
Vice-President of the convention was
Rev. Napoleon Roberts, Pastor of the
church in Sandy Point.
On the 16th of January an AIDS
seminar was held at the James A. Pinder
All Age School in Sandy Point. Speakers
for the evening were Dr. Sonja Lunn and
Nurse Bernadette Moss from the AIDS
Department in Nassau. This was well
attended by the residents who were told
about the spread, prevention and control


Weekly freight between W. Palm Beach, Nassau &Ml-arsh-fHarbour
General cargo, 20 ft. containers, 40,000 lb. refrigerated capacity
Specify M/V BIAK
Leaves W. Palm Beach Wed. arr. Nassau Thurs. & Marsh Harbour Fri.
Sails Sunday for Nassau and Florida
In Abaco call 809-367-2091, Fax 367-2235 or call on VHF Ch 16
P.O. Box AB 20737, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Located above B & D Marine at the Traffic Light
In USA call Palm Beach Steamship Company at 407-844-5387
Warehouse A 2nd door, 158 E. Port Road, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

yJ Triple J Marine

Full Service Marina, Laundromat & Marine Store

Visit our Marine Store
for your Boating Needs, Fishing Supplies,
Electronic Equipment and Repairs

for Pool & Beach Wear
Jewelry, Androsia
es Gifts & Souvenirs

on Marsh Harbour's waterfront
Phone 367-2163
Store Hours 8 5 Monday thru Friday Saturday 8 1

Photo by Una Fessenden
of AIDS and HIV infection in the
Bahamas and also how to care for loved
ones who have fallen victims to this
deadly disease.
The American Bridge Company which
is doing the construction work at Gorda
Cay, now renamed as Castaway Cay, is


Page 25



C.D.M. 22' Boats

Equipped with VHF Radio

Fresh Water Shower, and

reliable Yamaha engines

367-4602 Fax 367-4601 VHF 16.

Located west of Union Jack dock
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

* SEARCH & w
* 5, 7, 9 SEAT AIRCRAFT .


FRI-SUN 1630 1705
FRI-SUN 1720 1755
FRI-SUN I600 1 645
FRI-SUN 1700 1745
Call 242-352-5778 242-359-4722 242-352-5781
Fax 242-352-5778 Freeport International Airport

working out of Sandy Point. They are
hiring many construction workers which
has given many Sandy Point men
Moore's Island
By Ruthmae Rolle
Fresh Water
In last month's issue the current water
crisis on Moore's Island was highlighted.
Residents have been complaining of the
hard salt water that was supplied by the
Water and Sewerage Corporation and in
many instances there was no water at all.
Relief from this situation seems to be
very near. According to Mr. Rolle,
Assistant Engineer at Water and
Sewerage Corporation in Marsh Harbour,
the water problem should be solved by
the end of February, 1997.
The residents of the island will enjoy
the benefits of a reverse osmosis plant
that has already been installed by a
company out of Nassau called Aqua
Designs. It is anticipated that this plant
will deliver top quality drinking water to
all homes supplied by the Water and

February 1997

The Abaeonlan Page 25

More South Abaco News


FROM Page 24

Sewerage Corporation. The purification
plant is capable of processing up to
21,000 gallons of water per day.
Work on the plant began in August of
1996 but workers experienced some set
backs in its efficient operation because
the water that was pumped from the well
fields to the plant contained a significant
amount of iron which reacted negatively
with the membranes in the system. As a
result the plant failed for a period and
once again residents were faced with
hard salty water and for a very long
period no water at all. To alleviate this
problem and to prevent its recurrence, a
tank will be installed that will remove the
iron from the water before it is pumped
into the plant.
In addition to the new state-of-the art

water purification system, a 125,000
gallon low rate maintenance storage tank
was installed by a Florida based
Mr. Rolle also mentioned that since
Moore's Island is a hardship area where
water is relatively scarce, as in many
other Family Islands, it is illegal to use
drinking water supplied by the Water and
Sewerage Corporation for flushing
toilets. This is stated in the by-laws of
the corporation. Residents are, therefore,
advised to provide an alternative supply
of water for use with toilets in their
School News
Cooperation and determination were
the key words of the day for the 190
students of Moore's Island All Age

Students, teachers and parents were
busy on the 7th of February as they came
together with lawn mowers, rakes and
cutlasses in hand determined to make an
effort to help themselves. The teachers
with the assistance of the PTA designated
an area that would be a suitable venue
for the school's Sports Day. They all
pitched in with the excited and eager
students for a work day at the site.
Students attending the school have
never enjoyed the comforts or pleasure of
simple facilities that many of their peers
take for granted, like a simple
playground. Sports Day at the school was
usually held in unsuitable places like the
These types of arrangements did not
prove to be motivational and students
were not all enthusiastic about track and
field. Therefore, the school was never

Local Gov't Members Get Stipends

Monthly stipends are now being
distributed to those elected to local
government positions. Payments are
retroactive. However, only eleven
payments will be made for the first year.
This is due to those being elected taking
up their duties in early August and not in
July when the elections were held.
Monthly payments vary with the
position as follow:

Chief Councillor $300
Deputy Chief Councillor $ 75
Ordinary Council Member $ 50
Chairman, Town Committee $100
Deputy Chairman, Town Committee $ 75
Ordinary Committee Member $ 50
Those holding more than one position
will be paid for each position held. Travel
expenses to meetings for those living on
the cays will be reimbursed but expense
reports must be submitted.

Grace Baptist Pre-School and Nursery
Nursery open 8 am 5:30 pm
Pre-School open 8 am 4:30 pm
Team work is the key to any successful organization.
Our team is comprized of teachers / parents / students.
Come and tour our facilities and be impressed.
Registration fee$10 / Weekly fee $20 / Bus transportation $5 per week
P.O. Box AB20048, Dundas Town, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 367-2926

K & S Auto Service

Tire Repairs
Oil Changed
Full Service
Expert Mechanics

Crockett Drive & Don MacKay Boulevard
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2655
Po*y AiHury, owe/Manuagr

General Freight, Construction Materials
20 ft. Containers Can be Delivered
14,000 Gal. Water Capacity
Water & Freight on same delivery

Scheduled From Marsh Harbour to Hope
Town, Man-O-War, Guana Cay & Scotland Cay
And to Other Points on Abaco by Charter
Call 367-3341 Ray Weatherford, Mgr.

We Export!

Lumber and Hardware
Competitive Pricing
Free Delivery to Port
Shipping to All the Bahamas
Supplying Builders for 30 Years
Your Container Filled at Our Yard
Call Brenda at 561-683-2244
Fax 561-689-8126

W & W Lumber of Palm Beach
2077 N. Military Trail
Wast Palm Beach, Florida 33409
On the Corner of Military Trail and Okeechobee Boulevard

Attention Cellular Customers
All cellular phones must be reprogrammed to the new
Bahamas area code of 242 from the old 809 code. BaTelCo
cellular customers on Abaco are asked to bring their cellular
phones into the Marsh Harbour office for free reprogramming to
this new area code. This will be done free of charge through
March 15th. The fee for this service will be $50 after March 15th.
Customers must bring their cellular phone and bring a photo
identification. Phones registered to a company must be
accompanied by a letter of authorization on company letterhead
and a photo ID of the bearer. Individuals bringing, a cellular phone
for another individual must have a letter of authorization from the
account holder and present a photo ID.
On April 1, 1997, the area code 809 will be discontinued and
the 242 area code will exclusively serve The Bahamas.

represented at any track and field
competitions held in Abaco. But, with the
ever increasing amount of publicity given
to track and field and with the country's
recent success at last year's Olympics,
the attitudes of many of the students have
Teachers and parents are of the
opinion that the time is long overdue for
the students to be exposed to wholesome
and healthy athletic competitions held
throughout Abaco. It is hoped that this
year spectators will see the first team of
track and field athletes from Moore's
Island All Age School.
Congratulations to Mrs. Doris and Mr.
Charles Rahming who were joined in
Holy Matrimony on the 25th of January,
1997. The happy couple will reside in
Freeport. Best wishes for both of you as
you begin your new life together.

Pag.26_ The Abaconlan February 1997

More News of the Cays

Cays FROM Page 8
On January 10th, Angelica Bridget
Cooper was born to Veronica Cooper.
Angelica weighed four pounds 12
Jamal Ivano Johnson was born on
February 4th in Freeport. He weighed
nine pounds four ounces. Proud parents
are Hilda and Isaac.
Congratulations to the parents and
welcome to the new babies. Looks like
we'll be welcoming a lot of babies in
The PTA of Amy Roberts All Age
will sponsor their second Valentine
dinner at New Plymouth Inn on February
14th. The 1996 Valentine dinner was a
huge success and we look forward to this
Mrs. Emily Cooper celebrated her
80th birthday this month. She was the
guest of honor at a party on February
10th. Relatives and friends came out to
help her celebrate and to wish her many
more birthdays.
To end on a sad note, a memorial

service was held on February 6th for
Diane Taylor. Mrs. Taylor is survived by
her three children Pam, Elizabeth and
Christopher and many other relatives and
By Samantha Sands
Congratulations to Michelle and Greg.
The couple were engaged on October
11th, 1996. Michelle is the daughter of
Donald and Patricia Elden of Eleuthera.
Patricia is formerly from Hope Town.
Greg is the son of Bill Smith of
Amarillo, Texas, where the wedding will
take place on May 31st, 1997.
Congratulations to Nathaniel Malone
who won first place and Heather
Weatherford who won second place in
the Abaco Spelling Bee held at the
Crossing Rock School. Nathaniel and
Heather are 4th grade studentsit Man-O-
War Public School.
Man-O-War Public School would like
to give a big thanks to all our Abaco
neighbors, foreign visitors and locals


Page 27

The wishes of many Green Turtle Cay children came true when Sensei Churton Toote
began teaching them karate in November of 1996. The efforts of Mrs. Mary Stevens were
instrumental in making these classes a reality for some thirty children ranging in ages
from five to 15. Mr. Roswell Sawyer donated the space for the lessons at the old Gospel
Chapel. The parents of these children are very grateful to Sensei Toote for teaching many
valuable lessons in conjunction with the karate. Many parents also enjoy watching the
weekly classes to see the progress of their children. It is hoped that someday the children
will do well enough to compete in karate tournaments.
SEPCO SOLAR LIGHTS We recycle the Sun
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Separate power unit mounts
Fixture mounts anywhere, anywhere up or down the
up or down the pole, on another pole pole, on another pole or on
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Ideal For Marinas, Docks, Parking Lots, No Transformers
Signs, Streets & Security No Trenching
S. No Wires
Contact: Planned Promotions
P.O. Box 141541, Miami, FL 33114 Battery & Controller
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all I






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And How To Get You There.

Gulfstream knows what you want in an airline. Like the
convenience of Miami International Airport's Concourse
"F", and a Nassau City Ticket Office for easy purchasing.
We even offer the ability for United Airlines "Mileage
Plus" members to accrue mileage on all Gulfstream
flights. And finally, for the frequent traveler, we offer one
of the best multi-ticket programs, The Sun Pac+
Commuter Booklet... the no-hassle, no-restrictions way to
fly. Whether you're flying to Florida for business or
pleasure, call Gulfstream International Airlines today.
Gulfstream Airlines, the way to go!

CALL 809-367-3415
or call your local travel agent


Daytona Beach
Ft. Lauderdale
Key West

West Palm Beach
*New non-stop service
.-u "

* 'h -

February 1997

The Abaconian Page 27

More News of the Cays__

Cays FROM Page 26
who attended our annual Flea Market.
Also a special thanks to the parents who
participated in making this day a success.
With the help of everyone the school
made approximately $8,000.
A Bottle with a Note
By Ted and Jennifer Varnum
"Costa Lotta"
January 19th, 1997, proved to be an
interesting day for us. We were walking
the beach in front of our house at Man-
O-War and came across a champagne
bottle, not unusual as we pick up many
bottles on the beach. This one, however,
had a note in it. It turns out this bottle
was thrown from the cruise ship Scotia
Prince on September 15th, 1995, off
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.
The young lady who threw the bottle
over had met a young man and the note
explained they were starting a new
friendship. When we returned home, we

Michel!e and Greg

calleJ the young lady with the
information on the note. Needless to say,
she was ecstatic that it had been found.
The good news is she and her friend are
still together and even talking about
marriage. A nice ending!


Weather and other conditions will affect the tide. The predictions
shown on this chart are based on the normal conditions that existed
when NOANNOS and other agencies gathered the data. Times shown
will be within a few minutes for the entire eastern Abaco area. Pelican
Harbour Is lust inside North Bar Channel.

Page 28

The annual Man-O-War Flea Market is the major fund-raising event for the Man-0-War
School. Anyone can set up a booth to sell, giving the school committee a share. This well
attended event is anticipated and is always a great place to meet friends as well as enjoy
the bountiful food available.

National Marine
Authorized Distributor for
Mercury & Mariner
Sales, Service & a Complete
Line of Marine Accessories MRINER
Certified Mechanic on Duty UTBOARD
Royce Sands, President
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2326

Nathaniel Malone Heather Weatherford
I fliS grapn a genarassa orom NURJ4INU~ ama via

This graph Is generated from NO
software from Nautical Software, phone 503-579-1414.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6

41i2.6" : p2.344 :

S6:46a 6:52p
E ) 0 0.3 01
(EST) (ES) 4(ES)5 (EST) EST) 7(ES1) (EST)
26& 4 27. 3 7g10 3 6 3 2. 31
l lI I 2? 12:20. 3 28. 4:3 3 a 3l l l 6:3 3 . l l l l 7.2:67 7:26

": 1 1ia 5 859F ,'02006 1 2 10312012 04 15 253p 1.3p

(ES 0EST) (1EST) (EST) (ES 14(EST) 15 (EST)
178 84 3558 102 44 1 illp L 204

2(EsT ES3T) 3S )281 (ES 0 E 26 2 1 '227P(ES2 ('12

420m I I p 24oa 43?. a 51j. l 5:7a 2 i p 8268a 64 07a 70 3

8268a 832c 9298 634 1C026. '0.3p 1 117a 1125[ '2 0p I 12a l2 Ip h 2 II I8p
03 02 04 03 04 03 03 02 03 02 02 01 01
o0, -0. 7 0 8.7 -0. .. 6 0s ,

3(ES174(ESI) 5(EST) (EST) (ES7)2 (EST) (EST)

4 4 2a 3p 122 80a 1 4p6 3 0 3 2 94 0 4 0 2 44: 7:3

62 26 630p '26 6a 4 3:'25p2 4262

03 0402 02


You can be sure of SHELL

Tides Pelican Harbour
26* 23.0' N 76* 58.0' W
March 1997

Nathaniel Malone
Nathaniel Malone

Heather Weatherford


Peae 28 The Abaeonian February 1997

More News of the Cays

f G G C time for this community to have its own delight
ed to have Ken and Shirley Lewis


FROM Page 27

Guana Cay
By Chere Pinder
With the new year in full swing, many
changes are taking place. Progress and
variety are the spice of life. I'm sure
each of you feels that time is something
that we all hold on to deafly, but
regardless, the clock ticks on.

ll LI t .e communitiiUiy U JireaLt uoLiia n ay
many new homes, restaurants, motel and
a bed and breakfast establishment, rentals
of golf carts, bikes and boats are some of
the extras for both residents and visitors.
The quaintness of this island is being
discovered by more people daily.
A new ferry boat service, Abaco
Island Transportation, was started the 3rd
of February. The home port for AIT is
Great Guana Cay. This is a historical

ferry boat service. This company was
started by a simple statement of a
concerned mother wondering how her
son would get to and from Abaco Central
High School when the new school term
started the 6th of January as the Guana
Grabber was going to be out of
commission for an indefinite time. In
essence, this is how the new company
was started. A concerned citizen thinking
about the education, future and youth of
our country. Thanks to Mr. Helmut
Mayerhoffer and Edmond Pinder for
making our island more accessible,
making more jobs available and making
travel for residents more flexible.
We would like to send get well
greetings to Mr. Dick Hull, long time
winter resident of our community who
has been ill and is undergoing treatment.
We all hope to see Dick and Bea back to
their island home soon.
The Seaside Gospel Chapel was

visiting from Wales for the month of
January. During their stay we had two
evenings of slide and video tapes
showing the beautiful country of Wales
and their travels to Romania where they
took medical supplies, clothing, food and
the news of Jesus's love. For the month
of February we are fortunate to have
back with us Val and John Mitchel, also
from Wales.
On January 31st the students at Great
Guana Cay All Age School had a pizza-
movie night. This was done as a fund
raiser and to have fun and was enjoyed
by all. It was nice to have a cross section
of young and old to enjoy a movie
On the first of February students and
interested parents met to learn how to
make kites. Visiting our island were Pat
and Henry Meacham from Washington


Page 29

Guana Cay students and adults enjoy trying out their own hand-crafted kites made under
the supervision of Kite Man who recently was visiting their town.

P Marine Training Services
Why take a Coast Guard Exam?
When you can take a training course &
receive your license & endorsements for
CALL 60 1 -467-8003




Make 1997he beginning ofyoursuccess
as many already have........


Phone 367-3202

P.O. Box AB-20221, Marsh Harbour, Abaco

The Water and Sewerage Corporation's policy is that a
security deposit is held against each active account. This
security deposit determines the amount a consumer can
accumulate before they can be disconnected.
Prior to 1994, no security deposit was collected due to
gathering of data by Water and Sewerage from the Ministry of
Works. Hence, all accounts prior to 1994 require a security
deposit against each account.
Please come in a pay this amount to prevent monthly
disconnection. All future disconnections require a security
deposit in addition to the $15.00 reconnection fee before
your account is turned on.
The security deposit schedule is:
One bathroom $30.00
Two or more bathrooms $50.00
Commercial business $50.00

Prime Power & Stand-by Generators
Installations & D.C. Controls
Engine & Alternator Rebuilding

Inhumane Treatment of Animals

Someone is poisoning animals in
Leisure Lee. Deliberately. No accident.
Pets, wildlife. Six dogs in three days.
Max Scorchy Nala Bruno Scooby
- Harley. And Jasper, the cat. And a
half dozen sea gulls.
Any resident in Leisure Lee of
reasonable intellect must know who the
perpetrator is. Of all the complaints
about the dogs, these persons were the
most vociferous. Plus numerous threats.
"Something is going to happen to those
*!#* *!#* dogs." IT DID! Six times.
The poisoned food was found in front of
and within 100 yard of one person's
Not exactly a rocket scientist!
Within less than a week of these
heinous acts the Leisure Lee
homeowners had their annual
association meeting. The subject was
barely mentioned. The good people of
Leisure Lee seem to be more concerned
with people living aboard boats and
pumping human waste overboard than
with some calloused person putting
down a substance so toxic that if a child
merely touches it, it could be lethal.
Nice going, folks!
The protective covenants of Leisure
Lee state: "Provided always that dogs,
cats and horses will not be deemed
objectionable animals." Also, it is NOT
stated anywhere in the covenants that
dogs, cats and horses must be fenced,
leashed or confined.

Researching Bahamian law, I found no
statute saying dogs and cats must be
leashed, fenced in or confined.
If these animals cannot be deemed
objectionable, logic dictates one cannot
object to what they naturally do,
barking, etc.
Time for a reality check?
I, for one, believe that if these dogs
had, as a group and simultaneously,
urinated on this person, his act was not
justified. These were long agonizing
Trust me on this one!
A couple of the homeowners of
Leisure Lee have stated to me, "This
was wrong and unfortunate. However,
it was understandable under the
circumstances because the dogs were
such a nuisance." I would like to
remind these people that this is The
Bahamas. They voluntarily moved here
from other countries. I fully understand
the resentment some Bahamians may
feel when people from the United
States, Canada or other countries tell
them how to live in their country.
"When in Rome..."
If the movie titled "All Dogs Go to
Heaven" is correct, I would not like to
be the perpetrator of this vile act when
his or her time comes and the gates
open. This presumes, of course, that the
elevator will be going up and not down.
My money goes on the down button!
Daryl Schmidt

Ca//l 367-3166
Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour

Sales, Parts, Service
Lister, John Deere & Others 7

Lima Alternators
Marine & Industrial


More News of the Cay
our kites and learning why we make auction will highlight the activities. The
Cays FROMPage28 them the way we do. Then outside we fire fighters will give demonstrations of
State. "Kite Man," as he told the kids to went to fly! A super time was their equipment in action. Lots of food
call him, is a member of the American experienced by everyone, thanks to the and drinks will be available as well as
the safe building and flying of all kinds Congratulations are in order for f e se T-shirts.
of kites by all ages. He has taught classes Kristina Pinder, daughter of Edmond and Heritage Day will be on March 14th
to all ages from the elder hostels to grade Chere Pinder. Kristina is studying He and will again be raising funds for
schools with the same results. They love interior design at Palm Beach a building the new home of the Wyannie
it. The kite he used for the class is an Community College and made a 4.0 for Malone Historical Museum. There will
Eddie type about 14" wide, a small kite her first term of study. Fantastic! We are be lots a activities including a raffle, a
that is all but fool-proof to construct and so proud of you! ;treasure scavenger hunt and a special
fly. It can be made over and over again Another word of congratulations is in contest. Additional ferries will be
from cheap and readily available line for Tanya Sands who made a 4.0 on available to allow attendance by those
material. her course work in school. Tanya studied away from Hope Town.
"Kite Man" started the class by telling to be a travel agent at the Institute of Christina and Ronnie nie Hall are the proud
them a little history of kites and how Career Education in West Palm Beach. HOpe Town parents of a boy, Charles Alfred, born
they are made in different countries. It She is now finished her training and is Hope Town
The fourth Annual Hope Town February 6th and weighing in at nine
was interesting to learn that in some employed by Travel Spot. We are very Volunteer Fire Brigade Fair will be held pounds nine ounces. The baby was born
countries they have kite fights as in the proud of you! on February 22nd. It will be raising in Florida.
country of Thailand. They put glue on Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Pinder are fund for a new fire truck the group is
the string, then broken glass. The teams happy to announce the engagement of purchasing. There will be games, crafts
try to cut their opponents' kite strings their daughter, Kristina Pinder, to Ronny and many activities. A raffle and a silent
while soaring in the air and be the team Unhjem. Ronny is an architect and has
to have the most kites still in the air after his own company, Scandi Architectural
a certain time has lapsed. Design. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
After that, we worked together making Ivar Unhjem. Congratulations!

for Gorda Cay Project I
Heavy Equipment Operators
Carpenters & Labourers
Excavation, Utilities, Base Work, Surface Treatment ab
Cold Mix, Hot Mix, Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer contact /
Striping & Asphalt Related Products ., AMERICAN BRIDG
P.O. Box AB 20184 P.O. Box CB 10990 7 BAHAMAS LIMITED
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Nassau, NP, Bahamas Sandy Point Office
Phone 809-367-3956 Fax 367-3959 809-377-6351 Fax 377-2193 Telephone 366-4436


international airlines





Shopper's Fares Marsh Harbour to

139.oo, R.T.
To Miami a Ft. Lauderdale
Tuesday and Wednesday

$160+Ta R.T.
All Other Days

Ft. Lauderdale
W. Palm Beach

- Daily
- Daily
- Fri, Sat & Sun

* Treasure Cay to Miami Daily
* $199 + tx Marsh Harbour to Tampa
* $169 + tax Marsh Harbour to Orlando

The Abaconian Paae 29

A f/1 UNITED AIRLINES Code Share Partner

February 1997

Page 30 Te Abaoan February 1997


FROM Page 21

program extends into May but schools can
redeem their computer dollars at any time.
Melissa Roberts and Oswald Roberts of
Solomon Brothers made this first
presentation which was redeemed with 725
computer points. One computer point is
awarded for every $350 of purchases.
Customers of Solomon Brothers receive a
computer dollar coupon with each purchase
and these can be given to the school of
their choice for later redemption.
Mrs. Roberts explained that this is a new
program and they are refining it as they go.
She said the program allows Solomon
Brothers to give back to the community in
direct response to the community which
supports them.
Three models of computers are available
and all are assembled and provided by
Abacom in Marsh Harbour. Training is
available where necessary and programs

are pre-loaded into the computers. The
programs can be directed either to the staff
and the administration of the school or for
more educational student use.
Schools that do not get enough points
for a computer outright can apply their
accumulated points toward purchasing a
computer. Three different Pentium
computers are available for 600, 725 and
925 points. The computer given to Marsh
Harbour Primary was the middle valued
one. Solomon Brothers is projecting that 15
computers may be given under this


FROM Page 18

children's casual wear. The shop will be
open daily 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and 9
to 6 on Saturdays. It is owned and
managed by Gaylene Reitsma.

Rally FROM Page 1 Letters FROM Page 11
their 'home boy' for one last time. He much easier for us to point a finger at
promised to do even more for them in them. Because after all 'they' should be
his next term. He wants to accomplish doing something.
much more while he is still in public life. One thing I have come to realise over
This will be his last campaign. The the years is that individuals find it
Prime Minister urged them to begin extremely difficult to come together and
thinking now who will replace him in the achieve a common goal. Even our
next election, political system is based on dissent
The Prime Minister made the welcome (purely on a party basis).
announcement that a 250 room hotel will So I think that the net result is going
be built at Treasure Cay. It will create to be that we all sit in the corner and
many jobs and will be managed by a grumble and complain under our breath
world-wide hotel chain. This has the while the Marsh Harbour area develops
potential to increase tourism to the area. in a totally uncoordinated fashion, and
Also speaking at the rally were Deputy ends up being the rat hole that Nassau
Prime Minister, Hon. Frank Watson, has now become.
Hon. C.A. Smith, Hon. Algernon Allen, The only thought that I have now is.
Hon. Maurice Moore and Mr. Robert Thank God I live in the SOUTH.
Sweeting, Representative for the Hope John Hedden
Town Constituency. It was estimated that
1000 persons attended.

Classified Advertisements

Houses and Land For Sale or Rent

$7.00 Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue
$25 Picture and 4 lines
Additional lines at $2.00 per line.
We will take the photo in the Marsh
Harbour area.
Display classified $16 per column inch
Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677 3/96


The Boathouse -
Feature of the Month
On Marsh Harbour's Eastern Shores, two story
with master bed and bath, living & kitchen
upstairs, guest bedroom and bath, garage,
utility & storage on ground floor. Includes
furnishings, station wagon & dock. North
exposure. Nice beach across the street on the
south. $275,000
Call 242-367-2358 or Fax 367-2359
UANA CAY ocean front lot, 110 X 110, near
Jew hotel/inn. I': Miles W of settlement
5,000, other lots nearby from $18.500. ph..
H 9-6120 or SEASIDE on VHF
GUANA CAY 5% Acre waterfront ridge top
with 42' elevation on bluff on sound. Stunning
views, public road, electricity available, town
1 mile. $375,000 all or part, Brochure, Brian
954-942-4177 or Fax 954-942-7230
HOPE TOWN 2 bed 2 bath 2 story home
w/12,000 gal water tank, dockage rights,
hilltop view of ocean & harbour. Near HT
Harbour Lodge. Contact David in Freeport
242-351-4731 (352-5594 after 8 pm) or Fax
351-4737 Hs p
LEISURE LEE 2.4 Acre Point, w/seven unit
town house. Contact Florence Roberts at 242-
327-8297,359-6023, Fax 242-325-1076
underground utilities, solid rock, 40' trees
Best price & location. Call 367-4077 ABACO
LUBBERS QUARTERS 1/4 acre beachfront,
furnished 2 bdrm, 1 bath, complete solar
system w/backup generator, fully equipped
kitchen, washer, wrap-around deck w/screened
area, room for expansion. $275,000. Available
for rent June-Sept. $1000 p/wk or $2750 p/mo
Mark Moss, Hope Town Abaco, VHF 'Hard-
MAN-O-WAR Large quiet wooded lots with
private path to fine beach, all with
underground elect. Some with private path to
harbour and dock location. Harcourt
Thompson, M-O-W Cay (242) 365-6060
MAN-O-WAR Cay Ocean front lot includes
small house. For sale by owner, Call 242-365-

Pinder's Real Estate
Great Guana Cay, Abaco,
"The Unspoiled Island"
Over 200 lots starting at $25,000, also acreage,
oceanfront, hilltop and bayside lots
Pinder's Cottages, 2 & 3 bedroom, $650 to
$700 weekly. A summer special of $350 per
week per person includes one day fishing &
diving One day snorkeling & island hopping
* boat & guide all equipment included 6
to 30 people
Great Guana Cay waterfront houses built in
under 3 mo starting at $165,000 includes lot,
about 1000 Sq ft house with 2 bedroom, 2
bath, deck, porch & 12,000 gal cistern,
Call Edmund or Cher6 Pinder at 365-5046 or
HERE Bon V-HF Ch 16
MAN-O-WAR Beautifully furnished
oceanfront 3Br home on 3/4 acre, 2 Br. Guest
house w/ocean view, utility bldg. & garage,
standby gen., sat. dish, golf cart, 50,000 gal
cistern, ++, ready to live in, Call Nancy 365-
MAN-O-WAR 2 beautiful homes near beach
surrounded by coconut & banana palms.
Coconut Grove sleeps 7-3Br/2Ba & upstairs.
Cocobanana sleeps 4-2Br/2Ba, furnished,
ready to move in. $750,000. Will sell one
w/out other 242-365-6009 or 407-723-0547
MARSH HARBOUR 2 bd/2ba 1500 sq ft liv-
ing area, 14x40 covered porch, central AC,
satellite. Buy or rent. Call 367-2166 days
MARSH HARBOUR Eastern Shore 3
bedroom 2 story house. For information call
MARSH HARBOUR Hill-top 2bed/2bath
furnished, A/C. Call Sidney Sands 242-365-
8028 or Fax 242-365-8508
Two one acre plus lots with direct ocean
frontage on Ocean Blvd. Also 2 bedroom
beach front villa. Call 365-8137.
over 2 acres rolling hills, large trees,
underground utilities, unlimited fresh water,
Cay, high land, main highway beautiful views,
good soil, utilities, telephone, water, Tom
Roberts 242-322-4782 NASSAU or 367-4077
Unique 2 story home
overlooking beautiful
Little Harbour. Dock,
garage, tool room
and much more.
Reasonably priced.
Call 242-359-6649
Noon to 1 p.m. for
details or Fax 366-2250

ELBOW CAY Parcel on bayside near Fry's
Mangrove, 71' x 280'. Semi protected cove,
elec. power, $98,000
LITTLE HARBOUR Two storey houe with
great harbour view, private dockspace. Fully
equipped solar system. On half acre parcel with
ocean view as well. $275,000
subdivision, 160 ft. from eastern beach, along
developed strip. Priced to move at $17,500
Call Victor at 242-367-2749
or Fax at 242-367-2748


Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve...
Waterfront lots with private boat slips
in a secure gated community
starting at $75,000.
Call 242-367-4151 or Fax 367-4152

MATT LOWES Cay, Rent the only house on
50 acre private island, sleeps 12, lots of
porches and decks, beaches, 2 acre fruit lot,
protected harbour, 10 minutes from Marsh
Harbour in Abaco Sound, 24 ft Boston Whaler
optional, Call 242-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677
HOPE TOWN Turtle Hill ocean view 4
cottages, 2 bed 2 bath, all with kitchens, air
conditioned, pool, private access to beach,
includes golf cart, Call 242-366-0557
Come Find The Treasure In Treasure Cay
LUXURY Fully equipped 2 bed/2 bath condo.
Finest rental property in Treasure Cay, right on
the beach, Rent directly from the owners.
Phone or Fax 242-365-8514
ITTLE HARBOUR Two new houses on the
after with large dock. Private. Beautiful
rounds. Weekly or long term. FAX 242-366-
S250, attn "Treehouse."
GREEN TURTLE CAY Waterfront 2 bed 2
bath cottage on Bluff Harbour, New, central
air, dinghy dock. $1200/wk or $2500 per mo.
long term Call 242-365-4471
MARSH HARBOUR Hill Top Apartment for
rent, pink building, 2 bed 1V2 bath, central a/c,
satellite, $900. Call 365-6072 or 366-0347
CASUARINA Point on the beach 19 miles S.
of Marsh H. 2bd/2bth, furnished, Air cond. &
Sat. TV, linens & kitchenware, Bonefishing
available $1,200 wk., 242-367-4022 daytime
STREASURE CAY 2 bed 2 bath villa, newly
renovated & furnished. Long term rental. Two
doors from T. Cay Police Sta. Call 365-4105
BAHAMAS VACATIONS 100+ private Out
Island homes, resorts, villas for rent. Free
listing. Call 1-800-GO-BAHAMas (1-800-462-


ml e L4 hlbourne Keal Estte
HOPE TOWN 3 bed 2 bath with 2 cottages
on back creek, 70 x 232, A/C, dock, elevated
with views of harbour, good price $350,000
HOPE TOWN 82 x 204 oceanfront lot,
Asking (net) $100,000
WHITE SOUND 2 adjacent lots, 100 x 100,
Each $20,000
with 220' oceanfront, pool, solar panels,
generator, many extras $375,000
ment opportunity, 56, 84 & 100 acre tracts of
land, some waterfront, OWNER SAYS SELL
MAN-O-WAR CAY 2 bed, 1 & 2 bath
town house units on oceanfront, beach ad-
jacent, central A/C, fully furnished, $200,000
TREASURE CAY interior lots starting at
$10,500. Lots south of Treasure Cay airport
100 x 630+, $20,000. 200x1356, from main
road out to sea, asking $150,000
TREASURE CAY 2 story 4000 sq ft 4 bed
3 bath home on 80 x 150 lot, central A/C,
additional spectacular beach lot across road,
150 x 600, both for (net) $750,000
PELICAN SHORES 2 x 2 bed, 1 bath apart-
ments on beachfront, dock, 3 car garage,
covered porch, very spacious, (net) $350,000
SCOTLAND CAY % acre lot on beautiful
beach, electricity, adjacent to end of runway,
(net) $125,000
Premium property throughout
Abaco & the Family Islands
Phone 242-325-1950 or 242-322-4148
BAHAMA PALM SHORE Lot 100 ft X 125 ft
section one, $12,000 net. Call 367-4326
BAHAMA PALM SHORE Lot 80 ft X 125 ft,
$8,000 Call 365-4068
CHEROKEE SOUND 3 Bedroom 1 bath, vinyl
siding, fenced yard, furnished, $60,000 Call
Rex at 367-2601
home on the highest point of the best beach in
Abaco, 3600 views, 140' Beach front, seclud-
ed yet convenient, adjacent 70'. lot avail. Well
landscaped one-of-a-kind, Call 954-423-9788
GUANA CAY Beachfront lot 70' frontage on
highest point of best beach in Abaco, under-
ground power, 360 views. Call 954-423-9796

February 1997

The Abaeonlan Page 31

The ANet and I... Connection Problems

By Sinclair Frederick
As you know, there are times when
there are problems connecting to
If we can learn to distinguish between
various types of problems, we can help
the Technical Support people at Batelnet
in Nassau by letting them know exactly
what is happening instead of just a vague
"I can't get on." All this assumes that
you have already connected to Batelnet
so that you know your computer
programs are set up properly.
1. The line is busy. At least in my
experience from Marsh Harbour and
Treasure Cay, this happens rarely. From
the cays this may be a problem indicating
a need for more circuits between your
cay and Marsh Harbour.
2. The modems don't connect or the
rate is slow, less than 14.4. You hear a

lot of tones and squawks but no steady
rush of noise when you dial in. This
indicates noise on the phone line. The
trick here is make sure your phone line is
"clean," especially that there is no
"hum." Pick up your phone and dial "3"
to turn off the dial tone.
If you hear any kind of buzz, you've
got a connection problem, probably in
your own wiring. Clean and tighten
every connection before you call Batelco,
but you've got to have a quiet line to
connect reliably to the Internet.
From here on out you'll need to turn
off any automatic sign-on program so
that you can see what is happening in the
sign-on window. You'll need to manually
type in your user name, password, etc.
3. The window fills with trash,
nothing you can recognize. This is the
primary problem here and we're having

a hard time getting Batelnet to recognize
that we experience it so often.
Technically, here is what may be
happening. Once you begin an Internet
connection, the circuit switches from the
"English" mode where we see "user
name," "password," "happy surfing,"
etc. on our screens to a computer
language called "PPP" that only
computers understand. We actually see
the first PPP Poll Sequences on the
bottom of our screens before we hit the
Continue Button when we sign on.
When you get "trash," you've phoned
into a computer circuit that is still in the

PPP mode from the last user. If you
were real clever, you might be able to
pick up the connection and charge your
time to the previous user's account, but
none of our standard software allows us
to do that. The only thing we can do now
is disconnect and phone back in until we
connect to a computer port that has reset
properly to the "English" mode.
This isn't all, but I bet it'll cover 90%
of our connection problems. Next month
we'll look at some others.

$7.00 Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue
$25 Picture and 4 lines
Additional lines at $2.00 per line.
We will take the photo in the Marsh
Harbour area.
Display classified $16 per column inch
Call 242-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677 3se

1983 GMC Suburban, good condition, low
miles, new radiator & cooling system, new
cold A/C, new tires, nice interior, power
everything, 2 wheel drive, towing package, 8
cyl 350, runs great. $5,000, Must sell
immediately, make offer. Call Jeff 366-0282
1976 JEEP CJ7 Fiberglass body, SS
accessories, engine in good shape. $2500.
Allen Werthman 365-4462


Sqm -

PAINTING, Interior & Exterior Pressure
Cleaning & Mildew removal Water-proofing
* Roofing Rotten wood replaced
Leroy Tucker, Marsh Harbour, 367-3849
CARPENTRY & PAINTING, cabinets, roof
repairs, rotten wood & shingles replaced, Call
Randy Sawyer at 367-4487 or 2187 or 4575


Property management
Hank & Andrea Albury, Joy Chaplin or Mike
Robus, POBox AB 22140, Treasure Cay, Sail the islands with Capt. Charles Jones,
Abaco. Call or Fax us at 242-365-8472 Licensed High Seas Captain. Swim, snorkle &
si htsee.Call 242-365-0438 or write Box AB

50% PARTNERSHIP for sale in 12
apartments, (two buildings) fully rented, For
more information call Brenda Sawyer at

A considerable quantity of new building
materials at greatly discounted prices.
Categories include doors, hardware,
electrical and plumbing. For a complete
listing and prices, contact Kevin Albury,
Hope Town, 366-0332 (phone & Fax)

16' PRO SPORT Bonefish boat, 40 hp Evin-
rude, elec. trim, tilt & start. All in excellent
cond. Asking $9,000 OBO, will not finance.
Call 367-2142 days or 367-3753 nights.
20' MAN-O-WAR Runabout, excellent
condition w/200 HP Merc., windshield &
Bimiai top. Call Keith 365-6006, 7 to 5 or
365-6140 after 5 pm.

21' BOSTON WHALER Outrage, 200 hp
Evinrude, VHF, life vests, etc, Bimini Top,
Aluminum Float-on trailer, 94 gal gas capacity.
rCall Bar at 367-4893

S26' DUSKY w/cuddy cabin, twin premix 200
hp '93 Yamaha w/75 hrs on new power heads,
tower, 110 gal. fuel, $15,000 Call Perry
Thomas 367-2142 from 9-5 or 367-3753
8' MAWKO wtwo 225 HP engines, all in
tcellent condition. Call Kenth 365-6006 from
-5_ m or 365-140 after 5 pm

:- -" "

34' UNIFLITE Sport Sedan, twin 210HP
Cummins, 2 A/C, ice maker, 3.5 KW Onan,
outriggers, Ideal anchor windlass, Loran, swim
platform. $35,000 Call 365-6288
35' CRAWFISHING boat, Call Sidney Sands
at 242-365-8028 or Fax 365-8508
S M'1

** *1

S36' MUNROE Crawfish boat, 671 GM, 4,000
lb. freezer, stabilizers, Call James at 365-4120

36' FISHING BOAT w/two 3208 Cats, one
Westerbeke gen., extras. Also 1986 GMC Call



39' SCHUCKER 436 Motorsailer, pilot house,
1978 Nissan diesel, great equip, perfect live
aboard or extended cruising, washer-dryer,
8KW Westerbeke, air cond. in Marsh H. Duty
Pd. $75,000 Call/Fax 242-367-3986

41' C&C, fast & comfortable, center board,
ideal for the Bahamas, all electronics, 7 sails,
located at Man-O-War. $69,000. See Keith at
Edwin's Boatyard No 1. Phone 365-6006

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Need Qualified Help?
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can bring fast results.
Call 367-2677
Fax 367-3677

Call us for best Quality & value [[J'
Fax 305-666-4885, i
1550 SOUTH DIXIEHWY.,SUITE 208 I L .- ...I .
ItaM----^M---^----^---MB W^R^^I


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* HOTPOINT Appliances
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Don MacKay Boulevard, Marsh Harbour
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