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Publication Date: 10-01-1996
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School Enrollments I

75 Min. Ride For Sandy Point Students

Sandy Point and Crossing Rocks children leave their school bus to begin their school day in Marsh Harbour. They pick
up a group from Crossing Rocks on their way to school. Parents from Bahama Palm Shore and Casuarina Point now
bring their own children. When the road to Cherokee .i paved, it is expected that an additional bus will bring those
children. It is anticipated that Abaco Central High will expand its classrooms and curriculum to accommodate the
growing needs of the central and south Abaco communities.

PM Addresses Committees & Councils

The Prime Minister of The Bahamas,
the Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham, made
an official visit to Abaco on September
14th and 15th, meeting with the District
Councils, Town Committees and citizens
in all three districts on Abaco. His visit
included a gala dinner at the Great Abaco
Beach Hotel on September 15th. In each
district there was opportunity for anyone
to ask questions or bring up problems and
Mr. Ingraham was pleased with the
results of the election of July 26th when
the citizens voted for Town Committees
to manage their local affairs. He felt that

in most places the voting was non-
partisan, that the people picked those they
felt would do the best job. In the past
there was political favoritism and
victimization. But that was not evident for
most areas. All over The Bahamas there is
evidence that local government is working
very well.
The Prime Minister spoke that the
event of local government would probably
be one of the greatest events in our
He explained that he is proud to be a
creator of local government. He has a
vested interest in seeing that it succeeds.

Four Storms Threatened

The hurricane season began in earnest
quite early this year with the first storm
threatening Abaco in early July, driving
many of our boaters back to Florida.


FRAN left the POLAR STAR aground.

August was calm until the end of the
month when four depressions were being
tracked across the Atlantic Ocean all at
the same time.
During the month of September Abaco
was threatened by three of those
depressions when as they formed into
hurricanes and came very close to Abaco.
Hurricane Edouard was the first to brush
past causing many nervous moments as it
appeared headed straight toward Abaco
for several days. It finally veered more
northerly and blew past Abaco the
beginning of September keeping about 40
miles offshore. It finally hit Nova Scotia
after threatening the entire east coast of
the United States. Winds on Abaco were
PLEASE SEE Storms Pae 13

Our failure would mean a failure for
central government.
The Prime Minister emphasized to all
the groups that the members of local
government must act responsibly and
fairly. Their decisions must be good for
all the people, not based on friendship or
family. They must make decisions on
what is right and what is best for the
community which will not please
everyone. They must have reasons to
support their decisions.
He assured the various groups that
central government will provide necessary
support and guidance as necessary. Major
improvements such as airport terminals
and major road work will still be entirely
the responsibility of central government.
However, there is money available for
capital expenditures that will be made
available to communities and districts for
doing work such as dock repairs.
The funding for all the districts was
based on budgets which were submitted to
central government last spring. However,
since there were no guide lines, no past
records in a consolidated form to know
PLEASE SEE Prime Minister PagS 3Z

tre Up

The 1996-1997 school year got off to
a great start throughout Abaco. Most of
the schools have their full complement of
teachers and students returned to school
in a very orderly manner.
In an interview with Mr. Jackson
McIntosh, District Superintendent of
Education for Abaco, he was pleased that
all the schools were functionally well.
The biggest problem was the
overcrowding situation at both Marsh
Harbour Primary and Dundas Town
Primary schools. This was solved when
the District Council of Central Abaco
leased part of the Sawyer's Market
building and converted it into three
classrooms and a toilet facility.
Mr. McIntosh was pleased that he had
few staffing vacancies. The high schools
are hoping to get staff in specific subject
areas but most of those subjects are
elective courses.
Abaco Central High School in Marsh
Harbour now has over 500 students and
S.C. Bootle High School in Cooper's
Town has 326. The primary school with
the highest enrollment is Marsh Harbour

PLEASE SEE Enrollment

Page 31

Triathlon Hosted

Here for 3rd Time
The Third Annual Great Abaco
Triathlon was held on August 31st at the
Great Abaco Beach Resort. Sixty-seven
persons participated in both the Olympic
and the Sprint competitions. All the
entrants found the weather very hot and
debilitating. Last year at the time of the
Triathlon there were severe thunder
showers which were risky, but they kept
the temperatures more moderate.
The Olympic competition consists of a
one-mile swim, a 25-mile bicycle ride
and a six-mile run. The Sprint
competition is a half-mile swim, a 15-
mile bicycle ride and three-mile run.
PLEASE SEETriathlon Page 18

Set Clocks Back One
Hour October 27

: 2

Daylight Savings Time ends 2 a.m.
October 27th. Move clocks back
one hour either at night on the 26th
or on the morning of the 27th.

The Abaconian
7571 N.W. 78th Street
Medley FL 33166-7530
Forward and Address Correction
Bahamas Area Code 242 is in effect now.
Notify friends and businesses, up-date
printed material & automated equip.

PERMIT #5050

Page 2 The Abaconilan October 1996

Appointed Abaco Board Members

This is a listing of the boards which
have been appointed by the Councils.
The chairmen have been ratified by
Nassau and most of them have already
met and begun their work. Each Council
appointed a Town Planning, Hotel
Licensing, Licensing and Port Authority.
All three Councils collectively appointed
the single island-wide Road Traffic
The Central Council additionally
appointed a Tourism Advisory Board
which is an extra board not mandated by
The boards will be making most of the
decisions but are subject to being
appealed to the Councils. The boards do
not have any funding. The Councils are
the bodies which have the responsibility
of dispersing the funds either directly or
through the Town Committees.
At the time we received the lising of
board members for the Southern District
of Abaco, the deputy chairmen had not
been named.



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North Abaco District
Town Planning
Michael Levarity, Chairman
Anne Albury, Deputy Chairman
Bertram Cooper
Kenneth Major
Tyronne Mills
Toney S. Rolle
Wayne Sands

Hotel Licensing
Edward Laroda, Chairman
Floyd Poitier, Deputy Chairman
Anne Bootle
Eddie Cooper
Vernel Cornish
Lincoln Jones
Burnell "Chubby" Williams

Everette Bootle, Chairman
Edison Cornish, Deputy Chairman
Clint Laroda
Maxwell McIntosh
Ossie Parker
George Russell
Clifford Russell

Port Authority
Roswell Sawyer, Chairman
Charlie Mills, Deputy Chairman
Calvin Albury
Gregg Curry
Garnett Edgecombe
Shelton Gardiner
Steve Russell

South Abaco District
Town Planning
Paul Pinder, Chairman
Joseph Bodie
Solomon Heild
Robert McKinney
Patrick Smith
Herman Walker
Anthony Williams

Hotel Licensing
Sandra Albury, Chairman
Michelle Lowe
Isodore Pinder
Nicholas Roberts
Tony Russell
Robert Swain
Israel Williams

Valeria Lightbourne, Chairman
Donnell Davis
Annie Green
Alvin Laing
Patrick Roberts
Veronica Saunders
Alice Williams

Port Authority
John Hedden, Chairman
William Adderley
Theodore Carroll
Alex Davis
Bruce Lightbourne
Eric Sands
Cecil Stuart

Central Abaco District
Town Planning
Arnold Edwards, Chairman
Bill Swain, Deputy Chairman
Hilland Albury
Ryan Archer
Bill Johnston
Roy Russell
Clay Wilhoyte

Hotel Licensing
Robert Pinder, Chairman
Monica Adderley, Deputy Chairman
Karen Butler
Eugene Dawkins
Paula Morley
Greta Strachan
Jimmy Williams

Frankie Russell, Chairman
Phillip Lundy, Deputy Chairman
Wayde Archer
Thomas Malone
Copeland Morley
Wilbert Newbold
Chris Thompson

Port Authority
Allan Lowe, Chairman
Ellis Stuart, Deputy Chairman
Charles Cooke
Cubell Davis, Jr.
Royce Sands
Scott Weatherford
Larry Williams

Tourism Advisory Board
Roosevelt McIntosh, Chairman
Monty Albury, Deputy Chairman
Kendi McPhee
Brenda Mitchell
Thomas Roberts
Sherman Swain
Morgan Turnquest

Road Traffic
Percy Archer, Chairman
Archelus Cooper, Deputy Chairman
Lowell Albury
Ricardo Brown
Greg Gomez
Bruce Lightbourne
Stafford Symonette


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Page 4 Thle Abacoaian October 1996

School News

Sherlin C. Bootle School
By Miss Charmair LaRoda
Back to School!
It was back to school for children on
the 2nd of September. Everyone was
dressed in their proper uniform for the
first day of school. I really hope this
continues throughout the school year.
When school reopened, the students of
my school were quite happy because Mr.
Green left and they thought they would
have a very slack year. But Mr. Leslie
Rolle walked into their lives. He is a
very strict man and doesn't consider
jokes in class. He believes that you come
to school to learn and not to play. You
had to get a GPA of 2.0 or better to get
into a higher grade and still some people
couldn't get that average.
We would like to welcome all of the
old teachers back to school! we have
some new members on the staff.
Namely, Mrs. Cynthia James, who
teaches English, Miss Iris Johnson, who
teaches math; Mr. Ken Hepburn, who
teaches math; Ms. Prudence Wellington,
who teaches English; Mr. Sing, who
teaches technical drawing and Mr.
Franco Moncur, who teaches art.
Welcome to our school and I hope'you
enjoy it!
Two members of staff who left us
returned back to school for the children's
sake. The two teachers are Mr. Marcel
Pratt and Mr. Kenneth Romer. Welcome
back! The Senior Mistress this year is
Miss Katherina Turner and the Senior
Master is Mr. Kenneth Romer.
Congratulations on your new jobs.
On the 16th of September our lives
changed. We put all bad things behind. It
was a brand new day. Mr. Romer set
down a rule at our school that there will
be no cursing in school or in school
buses. If anyone is found doing this by a
teacher or prefect, they will be sent to a
cursing school for a month. You would
be along with parents, teachers and the
pastor of the church which you attend.
When they feel that you have learned
your lesson, you would be graduated on
assembly line with the sensible students.
My advice for my fellow students is to
work hard, keep out of trouble, don't use
bad words and be obedient to teachers
and prefects. Work hard and strive to do
the best you can and don't let anyone
make you do what is wrong.
Ed. Miss LaRoda is a student at S.C.
Bootle and we appreciate her telling us
about her school this year.

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The New S.C. Bootle Secondary
by Starlene L. Nairn
Senior Clerk/Councilor
Students returned to the classroom on
September 2nd and found a new
environment, the school building looked
new as they were freshly painted and
repaired by the new Local Government
Town Committee who encouraged
students to help keep the buildings clean
and reminded them of future generations.
The majority of the teachers at S.C.
Bootle were transferred with
replacements including the Principal. The
new principal is Mr. Leslie Rolle, a
native of Grand Bahama.
Mr. Rolle has made his presence felt
by referring the students to "the few bad
apples that spoil the whole lot." He said
that he intends to develop and maintain
high goals and standards, focusing on
discipline, academics and vocation
programs at the school.
One of his top goals is to ensure that
the students of S.C. Bootle receive top
quality education through the help of the
Ministry of Education and Training, in
cooperation with the teachers and parents
alike, all working together to achieve the

At the Marsh Harbour and
Green Turtle Cay stores

common good of this nation, that is
healthy minds and bodies.
The students quickly sensed the new
change and have developed good working
habits and attitudes as they stressed their
new slogan, "A New Day Has Dawned."
The new head boy and girl, Chadwell
Wallace and Dianna Russell, have taken
their position and are in charge of the
prefect body among other
To complete their new change, as
highly emphasized, the Principal said that
he anticipates a new change in the
school's results come June 1996.
Abaco Central News
Our term began early in September
with some new arrivals and also some
departures. We were able to welcome
many new faces from Sandy Point and
Crossing Rocks, with the new students
taking full advantage of the new bus
service operating to the south.
New to the teaching staff are Ms.
Caval McDonnell, who has arrived from
Canada to teach art and Mrs. Sabrina
Ameeral, who will be working in the
science department. Mrs. Ameeral
replaces long serving Patrick smith, who


has moved with his family to Oklahoma.
Mr. Smith has taken an appointment at a
university where he has responsibility for
organising student activities.
Also departed are the Class of 96 who
achieved some excellent results in the
national BGCSE examinations. Many are
already furthering their education at
colleges in New Providence, Grand
Bahama, the United states and Canada.
Others have taken jobs in the Marsh
Harbour community.
Grade 12 student Keith Black had a
busy summer, travelling to Trinidad as
part of his Silver Award in the Governor
General's programme. Well done, Keith.
A date for the future. Careers Day
for Grades 11 and 12 will take place at
school on October 19th.
Hope Town School
By Candace Key
Hope Town School Stages Open House
Showcase, 1996 was presented on
September 23rd at Hope Town School.
The open house was a chance for parents
to meet the school's new grade 1 and 2
teacher, Mrs. Nancy McDaniel, as well
as to view the repairs, instructional
PLEASE SEE Schools Page 38

October 1 31

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The Abaconlan Page 5


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October 1996

Page 6 The Abaeonian October 1996

South Abaco

Sandy Point
By Ruth Flowers
Back to the Island Singers visited Mr.
Zion Baptist Church in Sandy Point on
September 7th. The group was made up
of people from St. John's Native Baptist
Church in Freeport under the direction of
Rev. Godfrey Williams and St. John's
Baptist Cathedral in Nassau. They were
accompanied by Rev. Campbell.
A dinner to honour Deacon Fred
Roberts and Deacon Morris Bain was
held on September 27th at the Mt. Zion
Baptist Church hall. The dinner was
sponsored by Pastor Rev. Napoleon
Roberts, officers, members and friends.
Congratulation to Bro. Roberts and Bro.
Bain for their dedicated service to Mt.
Zion Baptist Church.
Great Golden Anniversary
Leonard and Carnetta Lightbourne
celebrated 50 years of weded bliss at
Sandy Point, Abaco, on August 31st.
On August 30th a family barbecue was
held at their residence and on August
31st, renewal of vows and a reception
followed at the home of their oldest son,
Bruce Lightbourne. Sunday morning
mass was celebrated at St. Martin's
Anglican Church.
Mr. Lightbourne, "Jim" as he is
affectionately called, is a fisherman and
Carnetta is a housewife. The happily
married couple are the parents of eight
children, 13 grand children and two
great-grand children.
The Parish of St. John the Baptist,
Marsh Harbour, and St. Martin, Sandy
Point, held a youth retreat in Sandy Point
on September 13th to 15th. Mr. and
Mrs. Rodney Williams from the Church
of the Good Shepherd, Pinder's Point,
Grand Bahama, conducted the sessions.
They were assisted by Mr. John Michael
Clarke from Nassau and Kelly from
Freeport along with Fr. Hugh Chapman
and youth advisors from Marsh Harbour
and Sandy Point. Youth from as far as
Crown Haven joined us along with
Marsh Harbour and Sandy Point youth.
It was a spirit-filled weekend enjoyed by
all who attended.
Mrs. Lottie Pinder celebrated her 71st
birthday on August 31st and all ten of
her children visited her. Three sons and
seven daughters, some with spouses and
grand-children, came from Abaco,
Nassau and Florida for the occasion.
Mrs. Pinder, known as Nurse Lottie,
served Sandy Point as mid-wife for many

Elbow Cay on White Sound
near Hope Town

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Breakfast, Luch and
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By Lee Pinder
Cherokee would like to include our
congratulations to the Olympic athletes
for so proudly representing The Bahamas
and for their achievements at the games
in Atlanta. Well done!
A belated congratulations to Evelyn
and Terry Albury on the birth of their
second son, Terrence George. He
weighed in at seven pounds eight ounces
and was born in Freeport on the 2nd of

Terrence George Albury
A big welcome to Eleanor and
Michael Jorgensen, who now make their
home in Cherokee. As the youngest
daughter of Percival and Evelyn Pinder,
they have vacationed here often. Michael
is a qualified electrician and is presently
working in Treasure Cay. His wife has
quickly picked up on a need in the
community and has established a choir in
the Methodist Church. We can see that
this young couple is going to make a
difference in our settlement and we are
glad to have them.
Next, we wish to welcome back
Cherokee-born, Pete Lowe and his nine-
year-old adopted daughter, Leshawnique
Nesbit. Pete returns to us after many
years in Nassau and West End, Grand
Bahama, and is the new chef at the
Conch Inn. We hear he is a very good
cook. Leshawnique is just getting settled
in school. We are happy to now include
them in our number and wish them both
the best of luck.
Last, but not least, we also have a new

Miss Katie, Salley Colebrooks, daughter of Mrs, Eva Bain, and Mrs. Bain at te
birthday celebration in Cherokee. Miss Katie and Mrs. Bain were honored for their
distinction as two of the three oldest residents of Cherokee. Photo by Patrick Bethel
schoolteacher, Diane Sutherland, who young, Mrs. Katie Bethel, 84 and Mr.
will be teaching the primary grades. She Whitney Pinder, 80. All three are still in
is Canadian-born but comes to us after remarkably good health and prove it to
three years in other Bahamian schools, the rest of us daily in their every day
Already Diane seems to fit right in and lifestyles. We believe we will be
we hope she will decide to stay with us celebrating many more such special
for a long time. Their loss is our gain. birthdays with these amazing individuals.
Welcome to Cherokee, Ms. Sutherland. Good News! The new mosquito fogger
After elections in July we were told has been spoken for and we hope to be
there was a huge celebration party at the able to have it in the settlement within
long dock and it is a certainty that the very near future. These foggers have
everyone had a very good time. I'm only proven their worth and this time of year
sorry I missed it. Vashti Albury assures is when it is needed the most. It is
me that every voter should be registered something Cherokee has needed for a
by the end of September. Good work, long time.
Madame Deputy Chairman. The second Town Meeting under the
A special birthday celebration was put new local government was held at the

together on August 27th for three of our
senior citizens, Mrs. Eva Bain, 87 years


Page 35

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October 1996

The Abaconlan Page 7


Page 8 The Abacmulan October 1996

News of the Cays

Green Turtle Cay
By Annabelle Cross
School started on September 2nd but
instead of a "snow day" there was a
"hurricane day" on September 4th as
Fran passed by. We were again spared
any real damage or loss. A lot of people
had left most of their shutters up since
Bertha, so everyone was prepared. We
welcomed the rain as July and August
had been really dry months and cisterns
were getting low.
During the storm my family sat and
talked. We realized that it had been a day
short of 31 years since Hurricane Betsy
and 64 years since the Hurricane of '32.
Green Turtle Cay had been devastated in
1932 and my great grandmother was
crushed to death by a large beam when
the hotel was destroyed. My father was
three months old at the time the same
age as my son is now my father had a
close call when he blew from my
grandmother's arms as they moved to a
more secure place. She risked her lifeto
save him and they both survived the
Hurricane of '32. All of the older
residents have stories of loss and
devastation from 1932.
The Amy Roberts All Age School
reopened on September 2nd with a staff
of six. Mr. Andrew Curry is Principal
with Mrs. Sara Roberts as Assistant
Principal. Ms. Lillian Darville, Ms.
Sherry Thompson and Mrs. Alex Sawyer
are assistant teachers. Mrs. Winnie Bodie
completes the staff as janitress. More
than 70 students attend Amy Roberts All
Age, grades 1 9.
Tiny Turtles Preschool also reopened
on September 2nd with 22 "Tiny
Turtles." Ms. Denise and Ms. Annabelle
are turtles in charge.
The Historical Society will hold its
annual Discovery Day fund-raiser on
October 12th. This year will be Italian
Night (Columbus was born in Italy!) with
spaghetti and meatballs, chicken
cacciatore and crawfish lasagna -- O.K.,
the crawfish makes it Bahamian-Italian.
Tickets will be sold at the fund-raiser.
Our summer is over and I'm sure
there are those who will welcome the
first cold front!
Great Guana Cay
By Chere Pinder
During the month of October we will
take part in the Eco-Tourism program by
planting trees as part of the Tree Planting
exercise. This is to take place on the 19th
of October in our community. The school

and moving on to a new age. This will
be a learning experience to expose our
students to basic music from the time of
Columbus' discovery of the Bahamas to
di our modern day. As a start our students
received books and recorders, Soprano
Recorders, which are most like a human
voice. These were a gift so the students
could become familiar with the
instruments. In art class pupils have
made instruments such as shakers from
PLEASE SEE Cays Page 18

SHappy Birth day

Students who planned the "See You at the
are Mitchel, Lynn, Whitney and Natasha
Roberts & Mrs. Chere Pinder.
children will be planting hibiscus and
crotons around the school grounds to
beautify their island. We hope the adults
of the community will also help beautify
by planting trees and shrubs.
To add another light of rebirth and
learning, our students will have a
workshop with a group called the "Wee
Recorders." (A recorder is a type of flute
which has eight holes and is blown at the
end and is an simple instrument for
children to learn.) These five students


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Peterson shower doors
P 0 Box 488,
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

* Pole" program, are pictured above. They
along with Guana Cay teachers Mrs. Lisa
Photo by Chere Pinder
and adults will be visiting from Deerfield
Beach, Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Brian
Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Everett
are coordinating the workshop with the
Great Guana All Age School.
The "Wee Recorders" play music
dating back to the Renaissance period
and perform in costume at local musical
festivals in the States. They will have
concerts here on Great Guana Cay, Man-
O-War and Hope Town.
The Renaissance was a time of rebirth

For all your building needs

Floor Tiles, Formica, Pair
Windows, Doors, Hardwa




Distributor for
Skil Power Tools
General Electric Appliances
Stanley Tools & Hardware
Fencing sold & Installed

weeKaays z7am-pm
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American Cars
Four Door
Air Conditioned
on Queen Elizabeth Dr.
atAbaco Towns
P.O. Box AB 20089
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-4234



,'D_-_A -

The Abaeonlan Page 9

Imperial Life

Assurance Company of Canada
Offers the following financial services
at our Marsh Harbour office:
Group Life + Group Medical + Savings
Educational & Retirement Funds

S T Dove Plaza, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Telephone (809) 367-3432
"Fax (809) 367-3299
A Charter Member of The AIDS Foundation
Dashwell A. Flowers, Branch Manager
Northern Bahamas, Grand Bahama / Abaco

We know how important
your children's education is
to you, also how important
it is for you to provide a
quality retirement plan for
those golden years.
At Imperial Life we do just
that, meet all of your needs.
Call an Imperial Life agent
I ...J-.A C TODAY! -

Mark Gates, Sales Representative Gleander Knowles, Sales Representative Beryl Norris, Sales Representative
At Imperial Life we are more than just Insurance, we are ordinary people
with extraordinary determination who will make it happen for you.
Dove Plaza, Marsh Harbour + Phone 809-367-3432 Fax 367-3299

October 1996

Pa1e 10 The Abaconlan October 1996

fd To...

Education Is a Prime Factor

It's so easy to be involved in the day-
to-day affairs of our life that we do not
think of the days ahead. We are absorbed
in earning a living, in paying our bills, in
our friendships, in our recreation that we
overlook the big picture of our lives.
When we are young, we need to think
of our future. With the world changing
so rapidly, we need to be prepared for
whatever life has ahead. The lives of our
parents and our grandparents were so
different from what we now face. No
longer is it the simple life of getting the
day's dinner from the sea.
Our standards of living have changed.
We want all the luxury items, a satellite
television, a microwave oven, a new
automobile, a large home, a vacation
which takes us to far-away places.
However, these things are not available
without good jobs paying good wages
which require trained skills.
Many of us are parents. This carries

an awesome responsibility. We must help
our youngsters prepare themselves for a
future that is a completely different world
from what we grew up in.
In 35 years Abaco has come from a
subsistence economy to one which ranks
with the best. We have, in those few
years, caught up with other developed
areas. Our businesses are computerized.
We have the latest technologies in our
homes. We probably have as many
satellite dishes per capital as anywhere in
the world. We have done well. Now we
must prepare our youth for this new
Last spring the Abaco schools held a
"Banner Day" and representative groups
from each school met at a rally in Marsh
Harbour. Seeing the exuberant mass of
youth was exciting and yet depressing
when wondering how or where they
would all get jobs.

As our society becomes more
complicated, those without skills are left
behind. In order to survive, many of
those will turn to crime. Studies have
shown that in other places in the world
where children have not received the
educational basics, they find their own
way of coping which is frequently crime,
victimizingtheir own community, turning
against society.
Suspending or expelling a student for
conduct or violence may solve a school
problem. However, that action increases
the problems in the community.
At a recent meeting Bernis Pinder
brought out the fact that 65% of the
inmates in the United States function at
grade 3 or lower. Another statistic shows
that 90% of death-row inmates in the
United States are illiterate. Most of the
problem students in our schools are
academically poor achievers. Somehow
we must help our school system reach all

the students.
We as a community must have more
than a passive interest in seeing that our
youth are educated. If we want safe and
secure towns where our children can
grow up in caring communities, then we
must educate everyone and see that they
have useful skills.
We must acquaint ourselves with what
is happening in our schools and help
them to better train our students. The
business community, parents and the
schools must work together to provide
the foundation the students require for a
productive future.
The direction our communities take is
up to us. We can sit back and complain
or we can set goals and standards then
work to achieve them. In a few years, it
will be these youth who run the show
and they will need the skills and
knowledge to make it work.

Letters to the editor

Recalling the PLP
Dear Editor,
Being constantly reminded by your
paper of all of the wonderful things that
our FNM government has "given" us
over the past four and one half years, I
thought it would only be fair to recall for
our good citizens the many improvements
that were made in the Abacos under the
PLP government. Mind you, we must
remember that, in fact, it is our hard
earned tax dollars plus borrowed money
that make these improvements possible
under any government, and thus it would
be fitting to dispense of the thinking that
a government is 'giving" us anything.
Yes, much has been done around
Abaco, from Green Turtle Cay through

The Abaconian
David & Kathleen Ralph, Editors & Publishers
P O Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas

Marsh Harbour and the various
settlements. I understand that airport and
port improvements are coming up just
prior to election time next year. This
sounds good and the current
administration should be commended for
it. But as I recall, some things were
accomplished from 1967 through 1992
under the PLP. Here are some
New schools were built in
settlements across the length and breadth
of Abaco, and vast improvements were
made by the government in its
commitment to educating a nation and
raising the standards of the Bahamian
Many of the small communities that
previously had no running water prior to
1967 had pipes and wells installed and
fresh water was piped into homes for the

Published Monthly
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FAX 809-367-3677
e-mail davralph@cob.edu.bs

Contributors: Hugh Cotis, Annabelle Cross, Barbara Farnan, Ruth Flowers,
John Hedden, Sam Hoffer, Candice Key, Charmair LaRoda, Ken Owen,
Deb Patterson, Chere Pinder, Lee Pinder, Jeff True
Credit: Stephen Nash for parrot sketches & Bahamas Information Service
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first time.
If memory serves me correctly,
much of our community were up in arms
about the power company when it was
run by Phil Ferrar. The PLP government
then purchased the power house from
Mr. Ferrar and delivered it into the
hands of the people. They subsequently
constructed a modem, multi-million
dollar power plant in the Marsh Harbour
area, in addition to upgrading many of
the power lines, poles and transformers.
Approximately $20 to $25 million in

A large airport was constructed in
Treasure Cay. This was built in support
of the Treasure Cay and northern Abaco
area. Additionally, a new terminal
building was built. This multi-million
dollar project was built under the PLP by
Waugh Construction.
A new multi-million dollar
upgrading process took place at the
Marsh Harbour airport. Many of us can
still remember those two small buildings
that existed before the new one was built.
Remember when the PA system was
PLEASE SEE Letters Page 20


Wally's Studio

The Professionals in Portraits One Hour Photo Lab
Specializing in Weddings Parties School Photos
Custom Picture Framing IB&W or Color Passport Photos & ID's
in minutes. Film, Batteries and a Variety of Toys and Gifts.

Wally's Classic Photos by Jeffrey Cooper
1 8x10 1 11x14
15x7 2 5x 7
5 4x6 6 4x 6
2 Wallet size 6 Wallet size
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Next Day Delivery by 10:30 a.m. to All Major U.S. Cities
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Abaco Shopping Centre, P O Box AB 20056, Marsh Harbour
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The Abaconian Page 11

TheA MD' Adve..
Dr. Jeff True
Regardless of our temperate climate in
Abaco, we share one malady of winter
with our friends to the north: influenza,
commonly called "the flu." This illness is
caused by a variety of related viruses
which have the habit of mutating on a
yearly basis to outsmart our immune
systems. In other words, you can get the
flu over and over. It usually occurs in
epidemics during December, January and
February, thus these months have been
called "flu season."
Influenza begins suddenly with high
fever, chills and sweats and headache.
Body aches, weakness and misery can be
debilitating. In most people, a dry cough
and sore throat worsens the illness. Most
of the symptoms fade within a week, but
the cough may last a month. In the
elderly and those with chronic illness,
influenza can lead to hospitalization and
even death, usually from pneumonia.
Since ordinary influenza is caused by
a virus, antibiotics are of no benefit.
However, a medicine named Amantadine
can shorten the duration and lessen the
severity if started within the first day or
two of the illness. Otherwise, those
afflicted can only wait it out with
medicines to ease the aches and cough.
For many such an illness is not only
miserable, but costly in terms of lost
work and medical expenses.
Influenza can be avoided with the flu
vaccine offered every October by your
doctor. Due to the constantly changing
virus, the vaccine varies each year and is
effective only for the following flu
season. As protection is dependent on

"Abaco's Best Rental Fleet
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Waterfront or Hilltop
Homes and Lots for Sale
Have Fun in the Sun
Go Fishing or Diving
Explore the Islands
Discover our Beaches
Golf Cart & Bike Rentals

Between the Deep Blue Ocean
and the Turquoise Sea of Abaco
Phone 365-5195
VHF 16 Young Lovers

Its Flu Season!

your body's production of antibodies to
the vaccine, it is best given 4-6 weeks
before flu season but can provide some
protection if given just two weeks before
the virus attacks. So the shot should be
given as early as possible, certainly
before the end of November. Despite
common misconceptions about this
vaccine, it is safe for everyone who can
tolerate eggs.
Who needs the vaccine? Certainly
those who are prone to develop serious
illness from influenza. This would
include all those over the age of 65 and
individuals suffering from chronic lung
disease (emphysema, asthma), poor
immunity or body defense (those with
AIDS or on chemotherapy), and other
chronic illnesses that can weaken the
body (diabetes, sickle cell, alcoholism,
and heart/liver/kidney problems). Some
otherwise healthy people may desire the
vaccine in order to avoid the misery and
expense of the illness. But remember,
those who wish to be protected must get
the shot every year. This is for everyone
who can tolerate eggs.


On September 12th the fuel truck of the Esso Distributors had a mishap on the highway
to Sandy Point. The truck had one of its front tires blow out which caused the truck to
leave the road and roll over. Mr. Earnest Albury was driving but sustained only minor
injuries. The truck was loaded with diesel fuel headed to Sandy Point.
Mr. Albury gave full credit to his seat and shoulder belt for letting him walk away from
the truck relatively unharmed. The truck was damaged but it is not known at this time
whether it will be repaired or should be junked.

New 18" Satellite Antenna
Dish Network also Available

Program Subscriptions Available
\ up to 150 Channels
SuInhouse & Field Service on all Satellite Units
S...... Call 367-2894 for more information

Brand Parts

Appliances & Appliance Parts
Water Heaters, Lawn Mowers
Plumt ing, Auto Accessories
In Marsh Harbour at the traffic light
Mon Fri 9 am 5 pm 367-4185 Sat 8 am Noon

Beaches and W'aterfront Accessible to all Lot Owners
Only 158 Sites Residential &d Commercial Lots Available
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Off-Shore Resort Lots On South End of Lubbers Quarters Cay
(Near picturesque Hope Town)
Modest Prices Insurable Tide Main Dock
New Marina Quarried Roads Dredged Channel
Good Elevation Barge Landina Ocean Access





October 1996

Page 12 The Abaonn October 1996

The Neem Tree And Its Potential

The first shipment of dried Neem
leaves were shipped from Abaco on
September 10th. Mr. Nick Miaoulis is
growing the Neem trees on a farm south
of Marsh Harbour and is anticipating
shipping out an additional half ton of
dried leaves by the end of this year.
Mr. Maioulis planted the first trees on
October 4th, 1994, and has watched as
they have been growing six to nine feet
per year. He has 4000 trees planted now
and 17,000 more saplings in the nursery.
After an initial irrigation when the trees
are planted, no further irrigation is
The Neem tree is native to India
where is grows in a similar climate to
The Bahamas. It is now being grown in
tropical countries throughout the world,
but it cannot be grown any further north
than South Florida or southern
The leaves of the Neem are harvested
and then dried for 24 to 48 hours. They
are bailed in cotton bags and sent away
for processing. After being dried, they
can be stored in a cool dry place for up
to six months. The shipments from
Abaco go first to Iowa to be processed
where an organic mill grinds the leaves
to a powder. It is then shipped to Denver
to be made into capsules and bottled. It
then returns to Abaco for sale here.
Mr. Maioulis expects to build a drying
plant on Abaco in the near future which
would be capable of drying 500 pounds
of leaves a week. At this time the leaves
bring $8 per pound so a shipment of 500
pounds sells for $4,000. Next year he
anticipates harvesting 500 pounds per
week for five months.
Neem trees are valued for many
different attributes. It has medicinal
properties treating a variety of diseases
and also acts as a pesticide repelling
more than 250 species of insects
including termites. It can be used for
lumber as it is a very hard wood of the
mahogany family. It is used in the
manufacturing of cosmetics and has
excellent lubricating qualities.
Mr. Maioulis is growing Neem to, help
give good health to Bahamians. He wants
to, "help create in our society an
inexpensive health care system which we
can make available to all Bahamians at
an inexpensive price. We already know
there are a lot of Bahamian families and
others that are without health insurance."
Mr. Maioulis continued, "Neem is a
miracle health product that has been in
use for more than 400 years. It has
recently been found in the tombs of the

Automobile &

Tour Abaco in air conditioned
comfort Economy/Full Size
All automatic & air conditioned

Also 100 cc motorbikes for
open air touring.
Srwig yfou for 25 uVrs
At the Shell Gas Station
PO Box AB 20438
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Phone 809-367-2840 or 2854
Fax 367-4356
--E:p -- Ms"
_E w ^ _2!!

Egyptian pyramids. Neem has health
powers for treating skin conditions such
as psoriasis, eczema, acne and
dermatitis. It is excellent for treating high
blood pressure, sugar diabetes and
arthritis." It can be taken as a tea or in
capsule form. However, the tea is quite
"If it weren't for Albert and Leslie
we would not be where we are today,"
Mr. Maioulis continued. Mr. Albert
Albury is the nursery manager and Mr.
Leslie (Bookie) Albury is a field
manager. The three men together manage
the farm. They have a total of five
employees and will be hiring an
additional four persons during harvesting.
Mr. Maioulis is wanting a Bahamian
investor. He feels that this project is the
type of diversification which is beneficial
to The Bahamas as it will be exporting
its product when production increases.
There are also potential industries in
lumber, cosmetics, fertilizer and
pesticides which will result as the trees
At present the farm has three species
of Neem trees which are fully mature in
seven years. The farm is presently selling
trees for $15 to $35 and all the money
goes back into the farm. The trees make
a well shaped beautiful shade tree and
they give the additional benefit of having



Island Telephones
Radio Lnk

Business Band Radio
VHF Marine Radio

P. O. Box AB22136
Phone or Fax 365-8248
A Division of
Aero Marine Engineering

Nick Miaoulis takes his first neem
organic pesticidal properties. The range
of sizes of all the many species varies
from 12 feet to 160 feet when they have
reached maturity.
The trees being grown on the farm are
a species which normally grow to 60 feet

harvest to Florida for processing.
but they are keeping them pruned to 20
to 25 feet. The tree bears edible fruit the
size of an olive which are very bitter but
act as a detoxifier and blood purifier.
Neem products are now available at
the Seventeen Shop in Marsh Harbour.

2 & 3 Bedroom Luxury Apartments, fully equipped
Beach front on a magnificent 312 mile beach or
On a Marina with private boat slips
All with pool and tennis privileges
Special Discounts offered September & October
clsland ODreams Treasure cay, Abaco
Call 809-365-8507 or 365-8777
Fax 365-8508 Email: Dreams@oli.net

.e.ae rat ic

.E? :. 'fI'' ~., *^,',_B ..r.,K.


Bahamian Handmade Ceramic Qifts, Souvenirs & Jewelry
Open 9-3 Monday Friday 365-8489
Abaco Ceramics also sold at Barefoot Qifts & Abaco Treasures Marsh Harbour
Island Qallery Hope Town Island Treasures Man-O-War Cay
P.O. Box AB 22117, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas



A Well

C" Good Textbooks

St. Francis de Sales School office is accepting registrations for
pre-school and Grades 2 6 for the 1997 January term.
Kindergarten and Grade 1 are filled. Call 367-4399 for
enrollment information.

$ 25 Registration Fee if paid
before June 14th
($30 After June 14)
$140 General Fee for books,
workbooks, accident
insurance, etc
$850 Tuition per year or
or $284 per term
Monthly payments can
be arranged if needed

By Barbara Farnan
We are going to remodel our kitchen
and need some help getting started. We
both enjoy cooking and entertaining

Storms FROM Page 1
mostly a steady 40 to 50 mph with
heavier gusts not inflicting any damage.
Hurricane Fran followed a few days
later on September 4th passing about 110
miles off-shore giving Abaco steady
winds of 40 mph with gusts in the
As the storm passed a small waterspout
formed in the harbour about 4:30 p.m.
and came ashore near Triple J Marina in
Marsh Harbour. It snapped a power pole
at Sandy's Corner which BEC replaced
within hours. The twister also moved a
large garbage container from Harbour
View Marina into Sapodilly's parking
area across the street.
Hubert Bethel at Harbour View Marine
watched the "spout" form and come
across the harbour. It was raining heavily
at the mouth of the harbour and Silbert
Mills at Admiral's Yacht Haven lost
visibility during the rain and was unaware
of the water spout.
The floating Tiki Hut Restaurant lost a
portion of their roof during their brush
with Hurricane Bertha on July tenth.
This time the facility was towed across
the harbour to reduce its exposure and
came through fine.
The steel hulled 80-foot trawler
POLAR STAR with a 10-foot draft
anchored outside Marsh Harbour on
September 3rd. The high tide and squall
winds drove it aground the next day on
the 4th. It had just been refloated after
spending many months ashore off the Key
Tract on Marsh Harbour's east side. It
went aground then in a winter storm after
crossing the Atlantic Ocean and taking
refuge in the Abaco Sound.
Hurricane Fran gave school children a
day home and almost all businesses were
closed as well.
On September 12th Hurricane Hortence
passed Abaco while staying about 350
miles to sea. It did not look very
encouraging for Abaco as it left the
Puerto Rico area on a northwest course
with predictions that it would strengthen.
However, it swung more northerly and
stayed out to sea.
Hurricane Bertha, Abaco's first hurri-
cane of the season, passed on July 10th
staying about 60 miles to sea.
Mr. Silbert Mills of Admiral's Yacht
Haven gives a local weather summary and
forecast every morning on the marine


Economy Full
Air conditioned & reliable
Reasonable Rates
Located at the
Marsh Harbour
Airport Terminal
Roam the Island with
Wilmac and
Save! Save! SAVE!
Call 809-367-4313
367-3465 Emergency
Visa & Master Cards

frequently so we want plenty of elbow
space. How should we start?
Margaret and Davie Bates

VHF Cruiser's Net. Most of the area's
boaters and many houses with a VHF
radio rely on this local weather service
which is broadcast daily at 8:15 a.m. on
channel 68. Mr. Mills would like to
express his thanks to Cindy and Art on
the boat Gypsy Jean for providing storm
data from their computer system which
augmented his information.
The residents of Abaco took these
hurricane threats very seriously and made
adequate preparations. Businesses and
homes were boarded up. They filled their
cars with gasoline and put in supplies
from stores which remained opened late
to accommodate the shoppers.

It's great to remodel your kitchen. The
kitchen is one of the most expensive areas
to remodel in your home so careful
consideration of the basic planning first
makes for a good work area.
The three basic kitchen shapes are a
galley (walk-through), U-shaped (three
sides) and L-shaped. Any one of these
may include an island for additional
counter space. Your present walls may
determine the type of shape you select.
The next basic in kitchen planning is
the work triangle. This is the triangular
walking path that connects the cook-top,
refrigerator and sink. The guideline is four
to six feet between cook-top and sink,
four to seven feet between sink and
refrigerator and four to nine feet between
refrigerator and cook-top with a total of
the three sides to equal between 12 to 22
feet. Smaller than 12 feet would make the

October 1996

T-e Decorator Advises o0..K itc h e n P a

; :



. -~p]i


i r

:: :5:r
- iit
;- .J::L~

.. i.


J MB-P ..... ::

If you are looking to


Commonwealth Bank has a mortgage for you.






f. H
: 44 L L

arsh Harbour 367-23
EAD OFFICE 394-737
he Mall Drive 352-830

73/4 Mortgage Department 328-1854
Bay & Christie Sts 322-1154
The Plaza, MacKey SL 393-0421
1718 Town Centre Mail 322-4107
S' OaKes Field Roundabout 322-3474

The bank for Bahamians with places to go!

The Abaconlan Page 13

kitchen cramped and larger than 22 feet
makes the cook walk too much. Using
these guidelines provides a basis for a
well spaced and efficient kitchen.
Providing for two cooks requires more
space and appliances. Add another sink in
the kitchen and provide a secondary work
triangle from cook-top to refrigerator.
Also allow a minimum clearance between
cabinets of 48 inches instead of the
regular 40 inches for room to pass each
After you've settled on your kitchen
plan, you should have great fun studying
and selecting from all of the many colors
and styles now available in appliances,
cabinets, counter-tops, plumbing fixtures,
For your decorating questions
answered, contact Barbara Farnan, 809-

JhhJ1 }rJiAi

,^.o ,. (r,
~ q, p ,, fi,, R il/


r-, : L

;' ~:.


Page 14 The Abaconlan October 1996

North Abaco

Grand Cay Town Committee Little Abaco Th doctorshave gen the fami
lecost of $30,000 for the heart surgery
The people of Little Abaco are going which is considerably less than a similar
to have a fund-raising for Stephen operation would cost in the United States.
Thompson on October 5th at Estmargeo Some of the expense will be paid by the
Park in Mount Hope. They are planning Sassoon Heart Foundation in Nassau
an all day fair and a gospel concert that which is dependent on donations by the
night which will feature the Sensational public. But the family must raise money
Rising Stars of Murphy Town. to pay the balance and the pay for the
Stephen, aged nine months will be hernia surgery.
undergoing two operations, the first one
for a hernia and the second one to
correct several malformations in his heart
that he was born with. The family will
have to pay a large share of the expense.
Roosevelt Curry, Chairman Calvin Albury The heart operation will cost $30,000.
The heart operation will cost $30,000.

Baby Needs Surgery
Steven William Thompson is a nine-
month-old baby with very serious health
problems. He has a congenital heart
problem which will require surgery very Steven William Thompson
soon in order to prevent further heart Steven is under the primary care of Dr.
damage from occurring. He was born with Jerome Lightbourne, who is a Pediatric
r severe malformations in his heart and a Cardiologist at the Children's Heart
very bad hernia. Doctors will probably Center of the Bahamas in Nassau.
operate on his hernia next month and are Steen first shoe sins of r
Eddie Cooper scGeorge Russell schedulingSteven first showed signs of problems
Eddie Cooper scheduling the heart surgery for January
1997 if the family can raise enough funds. PLEASE SEE North Page 15

Abaco Air Charter Service
From Abaco to all the
Bahamas and Florida
The pictures of the members of the Twin Engine, Six Passenger Aircraft
Grand Cay Town Committee were not
available for the August issue of The Call 809-367-2266, 2205, 3256, 359-6357
Abaconian. We are pleased to present
Stem now. AvGas & FAA Certified Miechanics
Toney Rolle P Box 492, Marsh Harbour

3... t ow B j,
OWN,^^R ^^,B f^ 1'*

Congratulations!! To the three happy
winners of a Cool $1000 cash prize!
Plus Congratulations to all the winners who won
Heineken Summer Party Packs!
Our Three Cool 1 winners are:
(Top) Gully Wallace of New Providence. Presenting the $1000 cash prize money
is Sean D. Moore, Heineken Brand Manager. Gully knew that he would win as
he is a firm believer in-the powers of positive thinking. Well done Gully!
(Middle) Eric Pedican of Grand Bahama. CBL Brand Manager
Steve Burrows presented the $1000 to Eric. Congratulations Eric!

(Bottom) Andrew Morley of Abaco, the Family Islan'
winner. The $1000 cash was presented to Andrew ,
by Burns House Representative William Davis.
Well done Andrew!

cool, fresh


-.- 4
- t .,
.... ,- ...


October 1996 The Abaeonian Pag

Marsh Harbour Celebrates the Elections

On September 21st the Marsh
Harbour/Spring City Town Committee
had a reception for all residents of that
area. At that time Island Administrator
Everette Hart presented certificates to the
Committee members recognizing that
they were the first to be elected in local
government. Mr. Hart reminded the
Committee that each town must know
where it is going, they must have a
master plan for the next three years. He
exhorted them to do a good job as Marsh
Harbour is growing and will be a model
for towns throughout The Bahamas.
Several of the Committee members
spoke of what they were hoping the
Committee would accomplish. Mrs.
Yvonne Key announced that the
Committee will be cleaning the Crossing


Beach area on October 12th and asked
for volunteers to help. The E & D Waste
Services will maintain a container there
for waste and the area will be cleaned on
a regular basis. The Committee has
already picked up four dump loads of
Since there will be expense in
maintaining the beach area, there will be
a fee of $100 payable to the Town
Committee office for using the area.
Fifty dollars of that amount will be
refunded if the group leaves the beach
area clean. Anyone wanting to use
Crossing Beach will have to register the
date and pay the fee. Only one group
will be allowed per day. They will be
granted a permit by the Town Committee
Office which is located upstairs in Dove
Plaza. Any group using the area without
a permit will be asked to leave.

FROM Page 14

The members pointed out that they had
already begun their work. One problem
they helped solve was finding three
additional classrooms for Marsh harbour
Primary School. They have leased an

area of Sawyer's Market which relieves
the overcrowding.
The reception was held outdoors at St.
Francis School and a light meal was

SAT Exams to be Given Locally

The SAT examinations are given to
students in high schools throughout the
United States who are interested in
furthering their education. Colleges and
universities depend on these results as
part of their criteria for admission. The
same SAT exams are given locally on
Abaco at Forest Heights Academy in
Marsh Harbour.
Any high school student considering
attending a college or university in the
United States or Canada should take this
exam. This school year the SAT will be

given on December 7th and May 3rd at
Forest Heights. If you are interested, you
should contact Forest Heights for an
application form which has to be filled
out and sent in well before the exam is
taken. Forest Heights will also provide
information you may want about the
The exam should be taken during the
11th and 12th grades and it is advised
that students plan to take it more than
one time. Scores usually improve the
second time it is taken.

when he was only a few weeks old. Mrs.
Thompson consulted doctors in Freeport
where the baby was born and they
referred the family to specialists in
Nassau. He is now an active child but will
suddenly scream out when a sudden pain
overtakes him.
Steven's heart problem is complicated.
There is a hole between the bottom two
chambers of the heart. This allows
oxygenated blood to mix with the
unoxygenated blood and it must be closed.
Also there is an abnormal membrane
below one of the heart valves which has
to be removed. At present it is causing
one of the heart valves to leak and there is
a danger that will cause the valve to be
pull down into the heart.
The third problem is the valve which is
leaking but this will probably correct itself
when the membrane is removed. His heart
is enlarged now but the doctors feel that
after the surgery the heart will return to a
normal size. The surgery will be done by
a pediatric cardiologist.
Little Steven is the son of Steven and
Andrea Thompson of Mount Hope in
Little Abaco. Steven crawfishes for a
living and Andrea takes care of little
Steven along with his 14-year-old brother
Elvis and five-year-old sister Stevonya.
The family has opened a bank account
in Scotia Bank and is appealing to the
entire community of Abaco for help in
saving the life of their baby boy. The
account number is 9514 and it will be
administered by Deputy Administrator
Jack Thompson, who will oversee all
payments made from the account.
The family will appreciate any help that
the community of Abaco can provide.


Bike Shop
At Harbour's Edge
New Bike Sales
MBS Giant
Jamis Boss
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Cannondale Klien Trek
Mens Womens Childrens

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W A sub-branch is open
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Hope Town 366-0292

Page 16 The Abaeonlan October 1996

C~flurcd Nefus

Concert Is Held
The Old Ship of Zion was the theme of
a concert held September 21st at the
Pavilion at Great Abaco Beach Hotel. A
choir of 25 voices combined the talents
of Nassau and Abaco vocalists to bring
the audience solos, duets and trios in
addition to the choir pieces. These were
accompanied by five members from
Abaco on instruments. A crowd of more
than 300 enjoyed the nautical theme
which portrayed life as a journey aboard
a large ship moving from one port to
another, life from beginning to the final
The narration for the production of
The Old Ship of Zion was written many
years ago by Mrs. Violet Weech and has
been produced 29 times throughout the
Bahamas as well as in the United States.
The production in Abaco served as a
fund-raising for New Visions building
New Visions Ministries of Marsh
Harbour organized the concert in
conjunction with the Calvary Bible
Church in Nassau. The program was
under the direction of Mrs. Weech who
recently celebrated her 80th birthday.

" 1:

r -

)~*~ .

t, | i ^V

The Old Ship of Zion were brought to Marsh Harbour by the New Visions Ministries
on September 21 at the Great Abaco Beach Pavilion. Photo by Rhonda Pearce

Ted Pearce and David Lowe were the
local coordinators.
Church Fair Planned
St. Andrew's Methodist Church will
be having their annual Discovery Day
Fair in aid of church funds.

Cancer Detection Tests Are Offered

By Hugh Cottis
October is to be observed as Cancer
Awareness Month and in this regard the
Cancer Society of the Bahamas, Abaco
Branch, has a number of activities
Throughout the month an exhibition of
art work from various schools will be on
display at Dove Plaza. These pieces
represent entries made to the Society's
Christmas card competition. This
competition was open to all school
children in Abaco with prizes being
sponsored by Commonwealth Bank. The
Society hopes to have the winning entries
printed as cards for sale prior to
On the 5th of October another in the
series of popular jumble sale will be held
outside the Greater Abaco Dental Clinic.
Anyone wishing to donate items to this
fund raiser may deliver them to the sale
site or contact Dr. Vince McWeeney or
Hugh Cottis (367-3477) for collection.
Friday and Saturday, October 18th and
19th, are to be T-shirt days. Society
shirts will be on sale at various locations
prior to these dates. It is hoped that
businesses will again cooperate by
allowing their staff to be "dressed down"

on these days, thus showing their support
for the work of the Society.
A public lecture on a cancer-related
topic will be given on the evening of
October 18th. The speaker and venue
will be announced later.
Free pap smear and prostate
examinations will be made available at
both the Marsh Harbour and Cooper's
Town government clinics on Saturday,
the 19th of October. These examinations
will be conducted with the utmost
confidentiality by a team of visiting
physicians. It is the Society's hope that
the public will make full use of this
service as the early detection of cancer is
paramount to the successful treatment of
the disease.
The Society wishes to thank the public
for its most generous support of its
efforts. During the past year it has been
possible to provide an air fare to those
receiving treatment either in Nassau or
Florida, conduct a number of evening
talks and provide literature throughout
Abaco covering various aspects of
cancer. Fund-raising activities have
included a well patronised fashion show,
raffle and jumble sales.

This will be held on October 14th at
11 a.m. on the church grounds, Dundas
Town, Abaco. Lunches and dinners will
be available. The menu will include fried
and barbecued chicken and fish. Dinner
tickets are being sold for $7.00. See any
member of the church to get your tickets.
Crusade Will Be Held
Friendship Tabernacle Church of
Dundas Town is having it Annual
Crusade on October 7th to 13th. The
focus will be on Family Life using the
theme of As for Me and My House We
Will Serve the Lord. On October 7th, 8th
and 9th they will have as guest speaker
Pastor Cardinal McIntosh of the Bahamas
Christian Center of Freeport, Grand


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* A...


SUntil October 26th

; Next to the Royal Bank in Marsh Harbour
*U Phone 367-2667
o* *m**b ee*ao m***o *a,*o N o & eo A ** .e*o

Abaco Glass Company
Window glass cut and installed
Pictures. framed and matted
Screens made and repaired
Commercial store fronts
installed & replaced
We now sell Yale window
In Marsh Harbour beside Western Auto 367-2442

Bahama. For October 10th, 11th and
12th they will have Rev. Dr. Simeon B.
Hall. They invite everyone to attend.
Celebration Was Held
A special service was held at the
Methodist Church in Green Turtle Cay to
commemorate the 181st anniversary of
Methodism in Abaco. The first
congregation of Methodists was
established in Green Turtle Cay in June,
1815 with Rev. Joseph Ward as minister.
Rev. Charles Carey officiated assisted by
Mrs. Jenny Reckley and Mr. Gordon
Hudson. A love offering was taken for
Rev. Dr. Colin Archer, Founding
President of the Methodist Church of The

Internet Is Delayed
The launch of Internet services for the
Family Islands has been delayed. Batelco
had set dates in September for this launch
which included a seminar to acquaint the
public of the system including its
applications and its operation. But this
date was cancelled and a new date has
not been named.
On inquiry local and Nassau Batelco
personnel admit that they are
disappointed and could not give a reason.
They assured The Abaconian that they
do intend to give this area Internet
service. They are having to submit a
budget for the expense of starting up the
system in the Family Islands and then the
executive management will have to make
the decision as to when to initiate

The Abaeenmlan Page 17

New Nursing Supervisor
Ms. Peggy Cooper has been named
the new Nursing Supervisor for Abaco
and took up her post on July 1st. She
comes to Abaco with excellent
credentials and ambitious plans for
several programmes to improve the
health of Abaconians.
Ms. Cooper received her Registered
Nurse, Mid-Wife, Public Health and
Community Health Nursing training at
the School of Nursing in Nassau. She has
recently complete her Nurse Practitioner
Training in Jamaica at the University of
the West Indies. She has served in
School Health Services as well as
working in several Family Islands with
the Ministry of Health and Environment.

Nurse Peggy Cooper
Ms. Cooper will initiate a Family
Planning and Reproductive Health
Programme which is a pilot study. This
programme will be launched later in
October. Cooper's Town has already
launched a similar programme in August.
The purpose of the clinics will be to
provide information on family planning
for a nominal fee and to provide

contraceptives, also inexpensively. The
clinics will provide counseling and
demonstrate cancer-screening techniques
as well as screening for sexually
transmitted diseases and HIV.
Those interested in the Family
Planning Programme will be given a Pap
smear test, instruction on breast self-
examination, screening for sexually
transmitted diseases and be familiarized
with a variety of birth control methods.
All these services will be offered for
nominal fees. Representative cost for a
Pap smear will be for $2.50 or one cycle
supply of birth control pills for $2.50 or
a birth control shot lasting for 12 weeks
for $10.00.
Five family-planning clinics will be
opened in various parts of The Bahamas
at this time including the one in Abaco.
These clinics are the first phase of a
national programme to be launched in
early 1997 to provide information to both
men and women to help them develop
healthier lifestyles.
They will also make the public aware
of the importance of proper spacing of
children. This helps parents reduce
emotional stress of having to cope with
too many young children. It is also
helpful in managing their financial
resources to provide a caring
environment. The project coordinator,
Mrs. Philaberta Carter, says spacing
children results in having "children by
choice instead of by chance."
Ms. Cooper also serves on the
National AIDS Education Committee and
will be developing AIDS education
programmes throughout Abaco. Abaco
has a high rate of infection making it one

of the top five islands in The Bahamas
with AIDS. The programme will stress
abstinence and healthy life styles.
Open House to Be Held
The Government Clinic in Marsh
Harbour will hold an Open House on
October 29th to launch their new Family
Planning and Reproductive Health
Programme. The Clinic will be open
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and they welcome
all to come. There will informative
displays and posters as well as a staff
which can explain and answer questions.
Cancer Screening
The Cancer Society of the Bahamas,
Abaco Branch, will be offering free Pap
smears which can detect cancer of the
cervix in women and prostate exams
which can detect prostate cancer in men.
These exams will be offered in the
government Clinics both in Marsh
Harbour and in Cooper's Town on
October 19th. This information will be
kept strictly confidential and will be done
by doctors being brought up from
Nassau. These tests are very important
for detecting cancer early when it can

most easily be controlled and cured. Both
these cancers are very prevalent
throughout The Bahamas.
Health Inspector
On July 1st the Ministry of Health and
Environment named Mr. Everette Bootle
as Health Inspector for Abaco. One of
his duties is to check hotels, restaurants
and all establishments which serve
cooked food. He is making these checks
on a random basis.
Mr. Bootle is also in charge of the bug
spraying machine that was recently
brought to Abaco. Mr. Bootle is a
resident of Cooper's Town.

Everette Bootle

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Mon -Thurs. 9:30am -3:30pm and Fri. 9:30am 5:00pm

CIBC HOPETOWN 809-366-0296
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October 1996

Paue 18 The Abaconian October 1996

Local Elected Officers to Attend Seminar

They are urging all these person to
arrange to attend as they will receive
necessary training to carry out their


FROM Page 8

the royal poinciana seed pods, drums,
sandpaper blocks and will make maracas
from coconuts. These instruments will be
used during the workshop.
On the 18th of September the student
body and members of the community
gathered to take part in the vision of
"See You at the Pole." The older pupils,
Lynn Roberts, Natasha Bethel, Whitney
Wilson and Mitchel Sands, planned the
program. Our guest speaker was Bro.
Bill Davis. Everyone joined in songs of
praise and gave prayers of thanks for
their school, friends, family, nation and
the opportunity to join as one in Jesus'
"Like the pieces of a puzzle are fitly
joined together as one...Like the colours
of the painter's palette blend together to
create a masterpiece...Like the voices of
a choir joining together in harmonious
sound...The unity of the Bahamian Spirit
joins in oneness of mind, body and soul
to praise Jesus Christ, our Lord and
Saviour...being thankful for the many
blessings we have received." Our
program was opened with these words
quoted by Whitney Wilson.
We would like to welcome Whitney
and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brad
Wilson, to our island family. They will
soon be opening a Bed and Breakfast on
Great Guana Cay. Best of luck and
The Seaside Gospel Chapel was
blessed to have Bro. Bill Davis with us
in September. Thanks, Bro. Bill.

Harbour View

Dockage, Laundry
Ice, Water & Fuel


Boat Rentals
21, 23 & 24 Ft Outboards
by the Day or Week
P 0 Box 457
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2182

A training seminar will be held in
Nassau during October for the chairmen
of Town Committees and for Chief
Councillors and Deputy Chief Councillors.

Welcome to Bro. Kevin Knowles visiting
from Freeport.
We are grateful to Pam Sands, who is
donating one and a half days per week to
work with school students on the
computers. We have two computers and
are expecting a third shortly. All our
students are working on these and we
have a colour printer which does a great
job of reproducing the children's art
work. It's truly amazing what they can
do. The kids can draw a cup, decorate it,
print it out, cut it out, fold it and drink
out of it.
Pam has also re-keyed the National
Anthem so the students can learn to play
it on the recorders. We are pleased that
Irene and Bryant Bennett are helping in
the school in the music area.

0c 0


Triathlon FROM Page 1
This year the winners of the Olympic
Division were David Picciano and Linda
Neary, both of the United States. David
Bell of Freeport came in third and an
Hope Town resident, Pat McCully came
in 17th.
In the Sprint Division Paul Marmaro
and May-Li Cuypers, both from the
United States, came in first. Dale Hill of
Marsh Harbour came in third. Other
Bahamians in the competition were
Shawn Neely of Nassau who placed
fourth and Ronnie Thompson of Hope
Town who placed 21st.
This year's race was dedicated to
Perry Cooke who worked hard to
establish the Triathlon in Abaco. Mr.
Cooke passed away just before the

Triathlon last year.
This year $5,000 was given out in
prize money. Several specialty prizes
were also awarded.
Relay teams of Abaconians also
competed. The Pete's Pub entrants,
Allison Ball, Mac Deshazier and Sandy
Deshazier, won against the Marsh
Harbour Rats, Brenda Mitchell, Sid
Dawes and Donna Long.
The Great Abaco Triathlon is one of
the Gatorade series of triathlons which
are all held in the United States with this
one Abaco exception. The awards
ceremony was pool-side at the Great
Abaco Beach Resort.
Hurricane Edouard was threatening at
the time of the Triathlon. Otherwise
there may have been more entrants.

Calendar of Events
Oct 5 Marsh Harb Cancer Society Jumble Sale at Dr. McWeeney's office
Oct 5 Marsh Harb Sale of merchandise on waterfront by Golden Harvest
Oct 12 Green T.C. Historical Society sponsors a fund-raising fair
Oct 14 Dundas T. St. Andrew's Methodist Church Fair
Oct 14 Cooper's T. Government Clinic Free Pap Smears and Prostate exams
Oct 19 Guana Cay Tree-planting ceremony in conjunction with Eco-Tourism
Oct 19 Marsh Harb Government Clinic Free Pap Smears and Prostate exams
Oct 25 28 Mid-term break for government schools
Oct 25 28 Cooper's T. Softball invitation to attend a sports event at Long Island
Oct 29 Marsh Harb Open House at Government Clinic
Marsh Harb Family Planning Clinic at Government Clinic 2 5 p.m.
Hope T. AA meets each Monday at St. James Church at 7 p.m.
Hope T. Fire Brigade meets every Sat at 1 p.m.
Marsh H. AA every Monday and Thursday at Faith Chapel
Marsh H. Rotary Club each Monday night at Bayview Restaurant
If you would like to have the activities of your church, club or organization listed in
this calendar, call us with the details. There is no charge for this service.


Cieseds Choice

Free Office and Home Delivery
Water Coolers & Bottle Pumps

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National Marine
Authorized Distributor for
Mercury & Mariner
Sales, Service & a Complete
Line of Marine Accessories MRRINR
Certified Mechanic on Duty UTBOAR
Royce Sands, President
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BiRA L1n lrlmH

I .k A iM I 3! H

The Abaeonian Page 19

from tke K/che'i of 'LAZf DA

Pot Luck 'Dishes

Fi ;.. : "
rr r .r

w m
Un \ ... : .. y I

Andrew Morley was the Grand Prize winner of the drawing by Heineken on August 31st.
The raffle was sponsored by Burns House Ltd. and was for the Family Islands only. Mr.
Morley won 1000 dollar bills. He is seen above with the bundles of cash. Other
Abaconians who won prizes included Cubell Davis, Bill Williams, Tony Adderley and
Dean Moultrie. They received Heineken Summer Packs which included a case of
Heineken, a bar towel, key-chain, sunglass strap, wallet, t-shirt and cap.

Obituaries Residents and Friends

Joseph Wilson Albury, 83, passed
away at his home in Marsh Harbour on
September 14th. The funeral on
September 15th was at the Marsh
Harbour Gospel Chapel with Rev.
Kenneth Touchton and Pastor David
Cartwright officiating. Burial was in the
Marsh Harbour Cemetery.
Mr. Albury, known affectionately as
Uncle Wissie, was born in Marsh
Harbour and lived his life there. He was
Chief Operator at Batelco for many years
and also taught school and helped to
build boats. He was married to Flossie
Albury of Marsh Harbour.
Those left to mourn are is wife,
Flossie; sons, Maurdee, Andre, Lowell;

daughters, Eleanor, Sherilyn, Janice,
Bonnie; grandchildren, Marcia, Myron,
Sonia, Heather, Ryan, Margo, Ashley,
Sabrina, Lisa, John Ross; sons-in-law,
Kenneth, Luis, Ross; daughters-in-law,
Alice, Eleanor, Cindy; and many other
relatives and friends.
Jennifer Phillips passed away in
Nassau after a long illness. The funeral
service was held at St. Andrews
Presbyterian Kirk on September 7th and
burial was in the Hope Town Cemetery
on September 8th.
She is survived by her husband,
children, Mr. and Mrs. Chester
Thompson, relatives in The Bahamas and
Canada as well as~many friends.

Plans Approved for a Movie Theater

Town Planning in Central Abaco has
given Nick Miaoulis of the Seventeen Shop
an approval in principal for a movie theater
near the Seventeen Shop site at the Marsh
Harbour airport.
The building will contain three theaters.
Two theaters will have 110 seats each
while the third will have 152 seats. The

larger hall will also have a stage where
plays, musicals and other performances can
be presented.
The plans are being forwarded to Nassau
as there are technical aspects that must be
reviewed by professional people.
Construction could start later this year.

P.O. Box AB 20745, Marsh Harbour
P.O. Box AB 22127, Treasure Cay
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inT ~f TI'T TITIIr"F11 TTIT771 *,rTT ryi iiri iii iiI IIIIT m' r y'ttTTIil~ y,'

By Sam Hoffer
Pot Lucks and
Covered Dish Suppers
No matter where you live, sooner or
later you will be invited to a 'bring a
dish' type dinner. I always consider these
occasions a challenge because I want my
dish to be unusual, attractive, travel well
and be able to be served at room
temperature. Tropical, spicy and
flavorful usually come to mind when I
search for new ideas. It's fun to find
recipes for something different from the
"same old same old." Let someone else
bring those tired old three-bean
concoctions and pale pasta salads. A
sturdy straw basket lined with a bright
towel makes the perfect transportation
vehicle. A loaf of crusty French bread
could peak out of the side of the basket.
For a pretty presentation, pull clear
plastic wrap tightly over the serving bowl
until it is almost invisible. Let either of
these colorful creations be your signature
dish at the next pot luck dinner. You
may just redefine the phrase "and all the
Black Beans & Corn Confetti
This recipe was given to me by a
prominent Florida food shop. If you have
time, cook the beans from the dried state
and use fresh or frozen corn. Double or
triple for a large crowd.
1 15 oz can black beans, drained, rinsed
1 7 oz can whole kernel corn, drained,
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro or 1 1/2
teaspoons ground coriander
3 tablespoons fresh lime juice
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 tablespoons minced red onion
2 tablespoons minced green onions,
including tops
2 teaspoons ground cumin
1/2 cup chopped tomato

Combine black beans and corn in a
mixing bowl. Put all remaining
ingredients except tomato into a screw
top jar and shake well. Add to bean and
corn along with salt and freshly ground
black pepper to taste and stir gently.
Cover and refrigerate until cold. Add
tomatoes to mixture at last minute and
serve. Serves 4.
Spicy Sweet Potatoes
This is quite unusual, very colorful
and definitely not sweet. Use red sweet
potatoes. The native ones don't give you
the punch of color you want. A real hit.
Take a copy of the recipe with you -
someone always asks. Easily doubled.
4 medium red sweet potatoes (2 Ibs),
peeled and cut into uniform large pieces
1/2 large red onion, diced small
1/2 red bell pepper, seeded, diced small
1/2 green bell pepper, seeded, diced
4 tablespoons finely chopped fresh
1 1/2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
1 1/2 tablespoons ketchup
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
3 ounces olive oil
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
1 1/2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
Salt and freshly cracked black pepper to
In boiling salted water cook the sweet
potatoes until just done, about 10
minutes. Do not overcook or they will be
mushy. Allow to cool slightly, put in a
bowl and add the diced peppers, onion
and parsley. In a screw top jar combine
the mustard, ketchup, garlic, oil,
vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice
and salt and pepper and shake well. Pour
over the potato mixture and toss gently.
Serves 6.

Brewed in The Bahamas by Commonwealth Brewery Limited

October 1996

* f *

Page 20 The Abaconian October 1996

Letters FROM Page10
either Ethelyn, Yvonne or Larry Albury
yelling out, "All Aboard" and old
rickety, oil guzzling DC-3's being the
only mode of air transport. The runway
and taxi-ways were resurfaced and lights
were also installed. We came a long way
from way back then, but many of us
have short memories.
Roads were completed from Crown
Haven to Marsh Harbour under the ]PLP.
The Marsh Harbour roads were repaved
a number of times, some new roads were
created, and I think our first stop light
was installed. Road works were engaged
in a number of settlements throughout the
Abacos during those 25 years.
Let us also remember that under the
PLP we moved from raising the Union
Jack flag to become an infant
independent nation. Even though it was
tough for many in the white community
to accept, it finally dawned upon some
that national pride and moving upward
together was more than just words in our
anthem. Like it or not, the PLP has to be
given much credit for the birth of our
Before 1967 just about all anyone
around here knew about communications
was da da, dit, dit. Ask Maurdee or
Warren, they can tell you. During; this
period Abaco was propelled into the 20th
century high-tech world of modern
telephones, facsimile, modem cellular
and data communications. The blocks
that were laid in Abaco in this area have
paved the way for "little old Marsh
Harbour" to be on the World Wide Web.
The upgrading done at Batelco in the
Abaco area during the PLPs time would
be approximately $20 to $25 million.
A $1.5 million dollar upgrade was
made by the construction of a new health
clinic on the Don MacKay Boulevard in
Marsh Harbour. A much needed

improvement compared to the old
government clinic on Stede Bonnet Road.
And I'm sure that there are a number of
smaller projects that I cannot recall at
this time.
Anyway, I guess by now most of you
have given up on me and moved on to
the next page. But if you're still here, at
least let us move on from the statement
that "the PLP didn't do nothing' for
Abaco." It's just not true! Could they
have done better? Yes. But at least let's
give them the credit where it's due.
Randy Key
Why Is Internet Delayed?
Dear Editor,
I would appreciate it if you would
print the following letter.
To: Mr. Michael Symonette,
General Manager, Batelco
We are very disappointed in Abaco to
have the Interqet service terminated, and
we were wondering if you could give us
an explanation for this as well as a date
when we will be able to-go online.
High school children here who are
headed for college do not have, as you
may or may not be aware, a reference
library in Marsh Harbour. Whenever
they need reference material, we, and
everyone else, must call Nassau.
This is a great handicap for their
preparation for university, and Internet
would have solved this problem along
with its myriad of other benefits.
We would appreciate hearing back
from you on this subject, and remain,
Kathleen Deal Jonson

Thanks for Support
A message from Brenda Mitchell: the
organizers and the Ministry of Tourism
would like to extend their sincerest
thanks to all the many sponsors who

((^ btfL f A~jPh. 407-779-3865
4091w& SL N Fax 407-779-3390
WINDOWS & SHUTTERS, Inc. satellite Beach, Fla

Your connection for protection all styles.
Also, heavy wind load designated windows
and doors.
Dade County approved products
e-mail harp@iu.net http://www.iu.net.morewin

Harbour View Grocery
Use our dock for convenient shopping at our store
Fresh Meats & Vegetables
SDairy Products
-- Canned Goods
Dry Goods
on the HOPE TOWN waterfront

supported the Great Abaco Triathlon. It
would have been an even bigger event
without the threat of Hurricane Edouard.
We thank those who gave money,
loaned a container, car, golf cart, motor
bike, air time or boat, helped with the
paperwork, assisted on the route and
refreshment stations and provided
accoinmodation for executives of
Exclusive Sports Network, their crews
and the press. Thanks to Robert
Sweeting, MP and Island Administrator
Everette Hart for getting the event
officially under way. We thank all the
Postal Service for Guana
Dear Editor,
We the concerned citizens of Great
Guana Cay, are inquiring about a daily
postal service to our island. Most of the
other cays in Abaco receive daily mail
and have an outgoing mail bag every day
besides us. We get mail only once a
week when the mailboat comes and
sometimes, due to bad weather, it goes
longer than that. If you are expecting
important bills or mail, this can create
There is no reason why our daily ferry
boat could not carry a mail bag. It is safe
enough for school children to ride and
the mail should not be any more
We thank you for your help.
Citizens of
Great Guana Cay

On Hope Town's


Flat $50 Customs
Fee to Bring a Boat
as Deck Cargo

A new customs regulation allows boats
of 23 feet and longer to obtain a cruising
permit to temporarily enter the Bahamas
as cargo on a freighter for a flat $50 fee.
This is in lieu of the cumbersome bond
previously required. The services of a
custom broker are still required and there
are other fees, namely ocean freight and
broker's fees. The main benefit is to
small boats by eliminating a gulfstream
crossing. The boat can come as cargo
with the owner enjoying his boat in the
Bahamas for six or more months. The fee
and permit may also include an
accompanying boat trailer.
Another rule allows parts to be
brought in duty free for boats in the
Bahamas under a "cruising permit." This
applies only to parts involved in the
"propulsion of the vessel" and may be
interpreted as main engine, drive shaft
and propeller parts.
Boat owners and crew members
expecting to import parts under this rule
should check with customs or a customs
broker to determine the status of their

bahamian cuisine

Bar Opens Daiy 10 a.m.
5 pm on Tuesdays
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m.

Lunch & Dinner Daily
(Kitchen Closed Tuesdays)
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pm
Appetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m.
Call 366-0087 RENTAL
366-0292 BIKES

S Bakery & Catering Service
Breakfast & Lunch Specials
Bread Baked Daily i
Everything Baked Daily on our Premises
Inquire about our Caterin5 Services
7 am-7 pm on Queen Elizabeth Drive, Marsh Harbour

vHr Cn. 1I

The Abaconlan Page 21

. -... -



IU ii

October 1996

Page 22 The Abaeonian October 1996

A Directory of Students Away at School

One these pages we showcase the
students who are away, furthering their
education after high school. They are in a
variety of colleges, universities,
vocational and trade schools both in The
Bahamas and in several foreign countries.
The Abaconian is proud of these young
people and their parents and families who
are working to make their futures
There are more that we are needing
more information about. If you will let us
know the details about them, we will
include them next month.

Dwaine Adderley is a second year
student at Abilene Christian College in
Abilene, Texas where he is majoring in
business. He has received three awards
for basketball tournaments and is
maintaining a GPA of 3.4. Dwaine is the
son of Marina and Clifford Adderley of
Dundas Town and a graduate of Abaco
Central High School.

ism w j -Mrs
Jana Albury is in her second year at
Florida Southern College in Lakeland,
Florida. She hopes to pursue a career in
law. Her high SAT score earned her an
Academic Merit Award from Florida
Southern College. She also received a
four year scholarship from Borco in
Freeport which will remain in effect so
long as she maintains at least a B
average. Her BGCSE grades were the
second highest in the entire Bahamas. She
is the daughter of Earl and Noreen
Albury of Marsh Harbour.


LoAT R.-.

Joni Albury is in her second year at
Florida Southern College at Lakeland,
Florida and is majoring in accounting.
Joni received an Academic Merit Award
from the college based on her SAT score.
Joni is a graduate of Abaco Central High
School and is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Albury of Marsh Harbour.

Heather Albury is in her second year
at Palm Beach Atlantic College in West
Palm Beach. She is studying business
management for one more year in Florida
before transferring to a school in
Toronto, Canada next fall. She is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Albury
of Marsh Harbour and is a graduate of
Forest Heights Academy -in Marsh

Matthew and Nancy Albury with
their two sons are living in Port St.
Lucie, Florida, to pursue their education.
All four are attending school. Matthew
has completed a course of small engine
repair and welding and is now taking
architectural drafting and auto cad. Nancy
has completed her GED and a civil
litigation course to become a paralegal
and is now studying to be a legal
secretary. She is also studying Medical
Assistance. They are from Man-O-War.

Lefaite Alcime is attending Bethune
Cookman College in Florida. He is the
son of Charlie Alcime of Hope Town.

PLEASE SEE Students Page 23

Call 367-3166
Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour

Sales, Parts, Service
Lister, John Deere & Others

Lima Alternators
Marine & Industrial

Prime Power & Stand-by Generators
Installations & D.C. Controls
Engine 8& Alternator Rebuilding

..Jai.j.sI C aPABlIT

Ivan Alcime is attending Howard
University in Washington, D.C. He is
studying physical therapy on a scholarship
there. He is the son of Charlie (LeBout)
Alcime of Hope Town.

i North Abaco's

T Finest Fleet


* 20' 28' Centre Console with T Tops or Biminis
* Registered and safety equipped
* Dive gear and fishing tackle rental lIH
* Air fills and snorkel gear sales I
* Resort (beginners) dive course
* All levels of instruction PADI
* Reef and wreck dive with our Dive Master




VHF radio Ch 16 0 Phone 809-365-8465 0 Fax 809-365-8508
Located at the Treasure Cay Marina

Va clununica frprscna

Usy wit yo mr by =wpat wo maw

Also official Aon Repraentitiv. Call for current cataliop.fce ddivery)



The Abaconian Page 23

More Students Away at School

Students FROM Page 22
Kamala Archer will complete her
studies for a Bachelor's degree in
December 1996 and will begin her
Master's program in January. She is
attending Oklahoma Christian College in
Oklahoma City and is majoring in
computer programming and business. She
maintains high grades, GPA of 3.29,
which keep her on the Dean's List. She is
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Percy
Archer of Dundas Town and graduated
from Abaco Central High School.

Renee Archer is in her second year of
studies toward receiving a Master's
degree from Sam Houston University in
Houston, Texas. She is pursuing a degree
in counseling in psychology. She received
her Bachelor's degree from the University
of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida.
She is the daughter of Capt. and Mrs.
Garnett Archer of Marsh Harbour.
Sherrise Bain is in her second year at
Bahamas Baptist College in Nassau where
she is majoring in economics. She
graduated from A.F. Adderley High
School in Nassau and is the daughter of
Fred and Pleasant Bain of Sandy Point.

Timothy Bain is a second year student
at Lubbock Christian University in
Lubbock, Texas. He is on a full
basketball scholarship and is studying
accounting. He is the son of Eric Bain
and the late Cynthia Bain of Sandy Point
and is a graduate of A.F. Adderley High
School in Nassau.

Marvin Bethel is attending North
Technical Institute in North Palm Beach,
Florida. He is taking a two- year course
in automobile mechanics.
Marvin graduated from Abaco Central
High School and is the son of Cheryl
Bethel of Marsh Harbour.

Courtnee Benjamin is in her second
year at College of the Bahamas. She is
studying journalism and is active in that
field already. She was an honour student
last year. She is a very active student
including playing the piano at church. She
graduated from Kingsway Academy in
Nassau and is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Derrick Benjamin of Marsh
Harbour. Mr. Benjamin is the newly
appointed manager of CIBC Bank.

Robin Black is starting his second year
at Brock University in St. Catherines,

Ontario. He is majoring in psychology.
He is the recipient of a Bronze Duke of
Edinborough Award and is working on
his Silver award in Canada. Robin is the
son of Sandra Evans of Marsh Harbour.

Kirsten Bootle is in her first year at
the College of the Bahamas in Nassau.
She is working toward a Bachelor's
degree in hotel management. She
graduated from Forest Heights Academy
and is the daughter of Mrs. Anne Bootle
of Treasure Cay and the late Mr. Clifton

Micheala Cornish is beginning her
fourth year at College of the Bahamas in

hLtAbt Stt Students

Page 24


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Bake Rite Shortening





October 1996

Page 24 The Ahmcmam Ocla r 9

More Students Away at School


FROM Page 23

S rin Cit She rad m

Central High School earlier this year.

Nassau. A certificate of Achievement was
awarded to her for being listed on the
Dean's Honour Roll for Outstanding
Academic Attainment. She is majoring in
education. She is the daughter of Ruth
and Leslie Cornish of Coopers Town and
is a graduate of S.C. Bootle High School.

Pamela Curry is an honour student at
Palm Beach Community College. She is
in her second year and is working toward
becoming a legal assistant. She graduated
from Cooper's Town High School and is
the daughter of Birdie McIntosh and
Jonathan Curry of Mount Hope.

Jewel Davis is in her fourth year at
Oklahoma Christian College where she is
majoring in business administration. She
is the daughter of Tom and Angela Davis
of Murphy Town and graduated from
Abaco Central High School.

Indira Edwards is completing her
studies at Northwest Missouri State
University at Maryville, Missouri. She
expects to graduate in June with a degree
in broadcast journalism. She is the
daughter of Arnold Edwards.

Savatheda Fynes is in her fourth year
at Michigan State University at East
Lansing, Michigan, studying secondary
education. She brought great honour to
the. Bahamas by being part of the relay
team which won the silver medals in track
at the Olympics held in Atlanta this past
summer. She is on a Track and Field
scholarship and will continue to compete
in college meets.
Savatheda is the daughter of Pearl
Lewis of Fire Road and graduated from
C.R. Walker High School in Nassau. She
is looking forward to returning to Abaco
when her studies are completed.

Gregory Gomez has completed his
studies at Langston University at
Langston, Oklahoma and received his
Bachelor's degree in Business
Administration and Management. He
received a Student Leadership award for
being Chief Justice of the Student
Government Association, was on the
Dean's List and was a member of Phi
Beta Sigma including treasurer for two
Gregory is now a trainee in Nassau to
become a customs officer. He is the son
of Venable and Eulamae Gomez of
Murphy Town. He finished his high
school education at Abaco Central High

Harriet Gomez is in her third year at
the University of Central Oklahoma at
Edmund, Oklahoma. She is on a four
year government loan scholarship and is
majoring in biochemistry. She attained a
4.0 GPA last semester and is a member
of the International Student Association.
She is the daughter of Venable and
Eulamae Gomez of Murphy Town. She is
a graduate of Abaco Central High School.

"PW In"I

Celia Green is in her final year of the
nursing program at College of the

'Lt/Ib tt fStutdents

Page 25

Steve Davis is in his third year at
Langston University in Langston,
Oklahoma. He is majoring in accounting.
He is very active at school and belongs to
the National Association of Black
Accountants, the International Students
Association and is a tutor for student
support services as well as maintaining
grades which keep him on the Dean's List
every semester. He is the son of Melvese
Davis and Prince Davis of Murphy Town.
He is a graduate of Abaco Central High

Leslie "Pinky" Delancy is attending
the Hotel Training School in Nassau and
is studying to be a chef. This is her first
year at the school. She is the daughter of
Burrows Delancy and Mavis McQueen of

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certification courses
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Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour 367-3186

;14 ~' t 'e

SThe Abaconian Page 25

More Students Away at School

Students FROM Page 24
Bahamas. She is a graduate of Prince
William High School in Nassau and is the
daughter of James and Annie Green of
Sandy Point.


Ramona Green is in her second year
at the College of the Bahamas in Nassau.
She is working toward a degree in
primary education. She attended the
Freeport Anglican High School and is the
daughter of James and Annie Green of


Family Dental Centre
Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry
Dr. Therese M. Bonamy, Proprietress
Dr. J. Denise Archer, Associate
Dr. Woodley C. Thompson, Orthodontist (braces)
Ms. Sandi Lake, Dental Hygienist
Periodontal and Oral
Surgery Specialty
(Gums & Wisdom Teeth)
kfe, ame. ekle to sekal tde.
emtixe Qoiwty box ael yoU i
dev&ta 6 R ygie.i e.e.ds." Proverbs 3:5-6
Open Monday thru Saturday
Phone 367-4355 P.O. Box AB 20676, Marsh Harbour

Pine Woods Nursery


50% Off

Selected Baskets

1 Toys, Seed Kits

ai Plants & Cactus *

Phone 367-2674 Open 9- 5 In Marsh Harbour by
Fax 367-4755 Mon Sat the Airport Round-about

Tammy Ingraham is attending Bowey
State University in Bethesda, Maryland.
She received a Bachelor's degree in May
with a 3.5 GPA and is now working to be
a C.P.A.
Tammy is the daughter of Cecil and
Ona Ingraham of Dundas Town. She
attended Abaco Central High School.

Sandy Point.
Irene Veana Hepburn is in her first
year at West Indies College in
Mandeville, Jamaica. She is majoring in
secondary education. Miss Hepburn is a
leading player on the school's volleyball
and softball teams. She attended the
Crossing Rocks All Age School in
Crossing Rocks and is the daughter of
Frank and Learlean Hepburn.

Shantell Hepburn is now attending
Bahamas Vocational and Technical
College in Nassau. She is studying
electronics. Shantell graduated from
Abaco Central High School in 1996 and is
the daughter of Christine and Peter
Dawkins of Murphy Town.

William Johnson is in his fifth year at
Arkansas State University. He is majoring
in civil engineering. He is the son of
Marjorie Johnson of Marsh Harbour.

Jarrod Jones is now attending the
College of Charleston in Charleston,
South Carolina on a four-year full
scholarship. Jarrod, who graduated from
Wesley College in 1994 as Head Boy and
Valedictorian, plans to major in business
and consumer ethics.
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Jones of Green Turtle Cay.

Madeline Joseph is in her second year
at the College of the Bahamas. She is
majoring in business. She is a graduate of
Abaco Central High School. She is from
Hope Town.


Page Z5


An invitation is extended to our
SAbaco friends to join us for breakfast,
lunch or dinner at our marina patio or in
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October 1996 will receive a free cocktail and a
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dinner. This is our way of welcoming you to a fine
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As a special bonus to our
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availability, you will receive a special
room rate of $40 per night (double
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Come spend the weekend with
us. Call 365-8535 for availability
and reservations.


Akintunda Johnson is in his second
year at the Bahamas Vocational and
Technical Institute in Nassau studying
electronics. He spent this past summer in
job training with Batelco. He is the son of
Ms. Lavern Maynard of Dundas Town.

Dorie Green is in her third year at
College of the Bahamas in Nassau and is
majoring in business. She is the daughter
of Kathleen Green of Hard Bargain,
Moore's Island.


Twaww Cay

October 1996

Page 26 The Abaconlan October 1996

More Students Away at School

FROM Page 25

Delon Kemp is in his third year of
studies at Miami Dade Community
College. He is preparing for a degree in
civil engineering. He is the son of Barry
and Agnes Kemp of Dundas Town.


Kareem Knowles is in his second year H p
at Prospect Hall School of Business in E I
U_ a -_ ^_

Hours 7 AM -10 PM
Live Entertainment Weekly
Waterfront Dining at its Best
Accommodating up to 350 People
Bahamian and International Cuisine
Full Banquet, Meeting, and Wedding Packages

Reservations are Recommended Phone 809-367-2158


Area code 242 is effective now with a six month transition
period where both the new 242 and the old 809 codes may be
used. You are encouraged to use the new code immediately. On
April 1st, 1997, only the new code will access the Bahamas.
Subscribers are advised to review their stationery and other
printed matter to reflect this change. Please ensure that you
reprogramme such devices as Auto Dialers, Speed Dialing Lists,
Call Forwarding and Facsimile machines to reflect appropriate
area code changes. Advise your foreign correspondents,
suppliers, family members and friends of this new 242 area code.

Justin McDonald has begun his
college studies at the College of the
Bahamas where he is majoring in banking
and accounting. He graduated from
Wesley College where he was the Head
Boy and Valedictorian. He is the son of
Sheila McDonald of Marsh Harbour.

Hollywood, Florida. He is studying
computer science. He is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Kenneth Knowles of Dundas

Nancy Knowles i in her fifth year at
Pensacola Christian College of Pensacola,
Florida and will graduate in May 1997
with two bachelor degrees in medical and
law administration. She has recently
maintained a GPA of 4.0. She is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Knowles of Dundas Town.

Jevon McIntosh completed his college
work at the College of the Bahamas and
will be transferring to Florida Institute of
Technology in January. He is studying
computer engineering.
Javon is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Jackson McIntosh of Dundas Town. Mr.
McIntosh is the District Superintendent
for Abaco.

Troy McIntosh has received his
Bachelor's degree from Morgan State
University in Baltimore, Maryland. He
hopes to continue with his education there
and is interning for the City of Baltimore.
This will allow him to train under the
same coach who helped him prepare for
the Olympics.
Troy competed very successfully at the
1996 Olympics and was able to get to the
finals in the 4 x 400m race. A Track and
Field scholarship has enable him to
pursue his studies in civil engineering.
Troy is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
O'Donald McIntosh of Fire Road and is
a graduate of Cooper's Town High
nlrcACnC r r. ..

rage z/

and the
.'. We can supply all of your
Grocery needs including fresh
baked bread, pies, and rolls, fresh fruit and

vegetables, prime U S meats,
cheeses, and dairy products.

Supermarket Selection with
Country Store Convenience




VHF 16


Watch This Ad...
For the answer to your need for a specific employee
without the time involved in locating who you need, just
give us a call. Every month we will be publishing a list of
people available for your convenience...
Cashiers Secretaries
Sales Clerks Receptionists
Bartenders Domestic Help
Waitresses Gardeners
Bookkeepers Babysitters
All of the above are available either Full or Part Time
On the BUSINESS end, don't forget, we are here
to provide any service you may require.


P.O. Box AB 20221
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-3202


E SAELP SEE Students



The Abaconian Page 27

More Students Away at School

FROM Page 26

Bertram Mills (B.J.) is in his final
year at College of the Bahamas and will
graduate next spring. He is majoring in
natural science. He is the son of Bertram
and the late Violet Mills of Dundas Town
and is a graduate of Abaco Central High

Govini Mohan is in her first year at
Hunter College in Manhattan, New York.
She is studying biology in preparation for
going to medical school.
Govini was Head Girl and
Valedictorian at Abaco Central High
School last year where she graduated with
a 4.0 GPA. She has the distinction of

passing ten BGCSE exams receiving
seven A's. She received the BEC Award
for Math and Science and the Principal's
Award. She is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Kripanand Mohan of Dundas Town.

Nishal Mohan is in his third year at
Hunter College in Manhattan, New York.
He is in their pre-med course of study
and is on the Dean's list. He graduated in
1994 from Abaco Central High School.
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kripanand
Mohan of Dundas Town.

psychology. She is now pursuing a
Master's degree in counseling at the
University of Texas in San Antonio. She
is the daughter of Donald and Marina
Moss of Dundas Town and is a graduate
of Abaco Central High School.

Hooshmand Nightingale is in his
fourth year of pre-med studies at
Michigan State University in East
Lansing, Michigan and is majoring in
physiology. He stays on the Honor Roll
with a GPA of 3.5. He is working to get
a grant to attend-medical school next
year. Hooshmand is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Nightingale of Dundas

Melissa Moss graduated Magna Cum
Laude with a 3.89 GPA from Midwestern
State University in Wichita Falls, Texas
in May 1996. She received a Bachelor of
Arts in English with a minor in


Llewellyn Owen is beginning his final
year at the College of the Bahamas in






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And How To Get You There.

Godftream knows what you want in an airline. Like the
convueniete of Miami International Airport's Concourse
"F", and a Nassau City Ticket Office for easy purchasing.
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flights. And finally, for the frequent traveler, we offer one
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Razul Nightingale is doing advanced
studies at the Brigham Young High
School in Salt Lake City, Utah
preparatory to beginning college. He has
the distinction of getting a score of 1400
on his SAT exam which is a perfect
score. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Nightingale of Dundas Town.

Trevor Nightingale is attending the
University of North Carolina at
Greensboro, North Carolina. He is in his
third year studying elementary education.
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles



Page 28

October 1996


Page 28 The Abaconlan October 1996

More Students Away at School

Students FROM Page 27
Nassau and expects to receive an
Associate degree in marketing and
business studies. He works at CIBC
during summer holidays. Llewellyn is a
graduate of Abaco Central High School
and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ken
Owen of Moore's Island.

Adeline Pasterin is in her first year at
Maranatha Bible College in Water Town,
Wisconsin and is studying nursing. She
graduated from Abaco Central High
School and is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Sitoior Pasterin of Marsh Harbour.
"t lllll

Palm Beach, Florida. He was awarded a
Lyford Cay Scholarship to further his
studies in automotive mechanics. He is
enjoying the challenge of higher education
and is looking forward to bringing his
new skills back to Marsh Harbour.
Randy is the son of Leslie Pinder and
Linda Pinder of Marsh Harbour and is a
graduate of Forest Heights Academy.

Simeon Pinder has begun his second
year of college work at Beloit College in
Beloit, Wisconsin. He is majoring in
biotechnology. Last year he attended the
College of the Bahamas where is was on
the Dean's list. He graduated from Abaco
Central High School and is the son of
Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Pinder of
Casuarina Point.

Christopher is the son of Annie and
Fred Roberts of Sandy Point and
graduated from Hawkesbill High School
in Freeport.

Charlyn Russell will begin her college
studies at St. Mary's University in
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in January.
She is a graduate of Forest Heights
Academy where she was Valedictorian.
She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Steve Russell of Treasure Cay.

Kimberley Russell is in her second
year of college and is attending Collin
County Community College in Plano,
Texas. She is majoring in music
production and music marketing. She is
working toward a Master's degree in
music business marketing. She is the
daughter of Kent and Diane Russell of
Marsh Harbour and is a graduate of
Abaco Central High School.

Nicole Russell is in her second year at
Florida Southern University in Lakeland,
Florida where she is majoring in
business. She is the daughter of Frankie
and Ivy Russell of Marsh Harbour and
completed her high school work at Abaco
Central High School.


Christina Pinder has begun classes at
Palm Beach Community College in Lake
Worth, Florida. She is studying interior
design. She graduated in 1996 from
Abaco Central High School and received
several honours including certificates of
outstanding achievement and a trophy for
being a prefect for two years. She is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Pinder
of Guana Cay.

Randy Pinder is attending the North
Technical Education Center in North


Geneen Riviere is in her fourth year
of studying accounting at Arcadia
University in Nova Scotia, Canada. She
will receive a Bachelor's degree in
Business Administration next June. She is
the daughter of George Riviere of Dundas
Town and is an honour student. She is the
treasurer of Carcom Student Committee
and is the Assistant Treasurer of the
African Club.
Christopher Roberts received his
Bachelor's degree in biology and
chemistry from the University of the West
Indies in Barbados. He is now being
tutored privately in medicine by a doctor
in Nassau while he waits to be accepted
by a medical school in either the West
Indies or the United States. He is working
for the Department of Environmental
Health in Nassau.

The Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church has noted with deep
concern the recent Press Releases from a private foundation set up to
operateWesley College, relating to the continuation of Wesley College
under a new framework. This is promoted as being under the aegis of the
Methodist Churches in Abaco.
It should be noted that the Bahamas Conference of The Methodist
Church has no knowledge of, nor does it support the proposed activity.
The only information available to the Bahamas Conference of the
Methodist Churches is that contained in the newspapers.
After an investigation by an impartial mediation team, and following on
a recommendation by that team, The Bahamas Conference of the
Methodist Church made a decision that Wesley College should be
closed. There has been no evidence provided to suggest that this
decision should not be implemented.
In the circumstances, The Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church
will accept no responsibility for any obligations incurred by or on behalf
of Wesley College.

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The Abaconlan Page 29

More Students Away at School

FROM Page 28

Tanya Sands is attending the Institute
of Career and Education in West Palm
Beach. She is training in all facets of the
travel industry including accounting and
microcomputer. She has completed three
months of training and expects to finish in
another three months. She is the daughter
of Charles and Donna Sands of Guana
Cay and graduated from Abaco Central
High School.

Clare Sawyer is in her fourth year at
Clearwater Christian College in
Clearwater, Florida. She is majoring in
elementary education with a minor in
special education. She is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sawyer of Marsh
Harbour. Clare graduated from Abaco
Central High School.

7i~ JOB-4

Thurman Spurgeon Sawyer has
started his second year at the Murray
State University in Murray, Kentucky and
is doing an outstanding job in his studies.
During his first year, he maintained a
4.0 average which put him on the Dean's
list. He is hoping for financial help so he
can remain at school. He is majoring in
radio and television broadcasting.
Thurman is the son of Molly and
Spurgeon Sawyer of Man-O-War.
Thurman received his high school
diploma in Man-O-War through
correspondence courses from the
American School.

Bianca "Kim" Simms is in her 1st
year at Bahamas Baptist College in
Nassau where she is studying computer
science. She graduated from Abaco
Central High School and received a
trophy for being a prefect. She is the
daughter of Jonathan and Agatha Simms
of Murphy Town.

Scott Smith is attending Texas
Southern University in Houston, Texas.
He is working toward his Bachelor's


Weather and other conditions will affect the tide. The predictions
shown on this chart are based on the normal conditions that
existed when NOAA/NOS and other agencies gathered the data.
Times shown will be within a few minutes for the entire eastern
Abaco area. Pelican Harbour is just inside North Bar Channel.

Tides Pelican Harbour
26 23.0' N 76 58.0' W

October 1996

This graph is generated from NOAA/NOS data via
software from Nautical Software, phone 503-579-1414.

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degree in psychology, even attending
summer school to complete his work
sooner. He expects to continue his
education until he receives his Master's
degree. He is the son of Modesto and
Mary Smith of Marsh Harbour and is a
graduate of Abaco Central High School.

Travis Spicer is in his second year at
Valdosta State University in Valdosta,
Georgia. He is majoring in computer
science with a minor in engineering. He
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm
Spicer of Casuarina Point.

*: jPiU^W^^^^HSK *'

PLEASE SEE Students Page 30

I I I _~_~_~I A

October 1996

Page 30 The Abaeomnlan October 1996

More Students Away at School

Students FROM Page 29
Mandy Stratton will complete her
second year at Valdosta State University
in Valdosta, Georgia in December and
will begin her third year in January.. She
is pursuing a major of special education
and is maintaining a 3.8 GPA. She is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Stratton
of Marsh Harbour and is a graduate of
Abaco Central High School.


Annastasia P. Sweeting Storr is
continuing her studies at the College of
the Bahamas and is majoring in banking.
She is now married and has a baby girl.
She is the daughter of Lenora Bootle of
Cooper's Town and is a graduate of S.C.
Bootle High School.
Lavardo Thompson is in his third
year at the College of the Bahamas and is
majoring in natural science anticipating a
medical career. He is the son of Lou Ann
and Leslie Thompson of Spring City and
is a graduate of Wesley College.

Ellsworth Watkins is attending
Vincennes University in Vincennes,
Indiana. He is majoring in conservation
law enforcement. Ellsworth received his

high school diploma through
correspondence courses from American
School. Vincennes University is a feeder
school for Purdue University which is the
school Ellsworth is hoping to switch to.
Ellsworth is the son of Errington
Watkins of Nassau and Arelia Albury of
Man-O-War. He is keenly interested in
conservation and law enforcement. He
would like to see our national parks
protected and our natural resources

daughter of Lillian Williams of Spring

Lemelle Wilson is in her third year at
Florida Southern University in Lakeland,
Florida and is studying pre-dentistry. She
is the daughter of Livingston and Ethelee
Wilson of Spring City and is a graduate
of St. Anne's School in Nassau.

Tabitha Weatherford is beginning her
first year at Pensacola Christian College
in Pensacola, Florida. She is expecting to
major in elementary education. She is a
graduate of the American School which is
by correspondence. Tabitha is from
Marsh Harbour and is the daughter of
Pastor and Mrs. Robinson Weatherford.

Yocasta Woodside is attending the
West Indies College in Mandeville,
Jamaica and is studying criminal law. He
is the son of Sgt. and Mrs. Ansel
Woodside of Marsh Harbour. He
graduated from Abaco Central High

LaToya Williams is in her third and
final year at the College of the Bahamas
in Nassau and will graduate in May 1997.
She will get a degree in nursing and
health services and will then do a one-
year internship at Princess Margaret
Hospital. After internship she will sit the
Counsel Exam for nurses. She is the

Jamiel Burrows is in his first year at
the John A. Logan College in Caterville,
Illinois, and is majoring in psychology.
He is the son of Gelita Sawyer of Dundas
Town and is a graduate of Abaco Cetnral
High School.
The next issue of The Abaconian will
feature some of the students who have
finished their advanced training and tell
where they are and what they are doing.
We will also conclude our listing of
students who are away.

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Jacqui and Ferdie Lightbour, who have begun a new life in Australia, are now settled
in their new home in Perth, Western Australia. Ferdie is enrolled at Perth Technical
College and is studying drafting and mechanical drawing. Jacqui, former grade 1 teacher
at St. Francis, has gained employment whilst waiting until January to begin her studies
at the University to further her teaching qualifications. Both have adapted well to life
'down under' even though it is winter there now and they feel the chill, especially at
night times. Photo by M. Meeson

Abaco Central Gives BGCSE Results

Berkley Williams: Eng. Lang. D, Math B, Geo. B,
Music B
Bianca Simms: Lit. D, Comm. D, Math C, RK B
Carlington Stuart: Eng. Lang. D, Bio. D, Math C,
Geo. C, RK-B
Carlos Dawkins: Eng. Lang. C, Bio. C, Math C,
Geo. B, RK C
Catherine Butler: Eng. Lang. D, Typ. C, Bio. C,
Math D
Chevano Cooper: Eng. Lang. C, Typ. C, Bio. C,
Math C, Hist. D, RK A
Chikera Cooper: Eg. Lang C, Bookkeeping/
Accounts B, Office Proc. C, Typ. A, Comm. C,
Math B, RK A
D'Lamar Williams: Bio. C, Math D, Geo. D,
Demetrius Rolle: Bio. C, Math C, RK C
Etienne Larhue: Eng. Lang. B, Bookkeeping/Ace.
C, Office Proc. D, Comm D, Bio. C, Math C,
Hist. B, RK A
Eugene MacKenzie: Math D, Food & Nut. C,
Evar McIntosh: Typ. B, Math D, Geo. D, RK C
Evince Joseph: Lit. C, Eng. Lang. D, Typ. D,
Math C, RK B
GioU ml Mohan: Eng. Lang. C, Bookkeeping/Acc.
A, Typ. A, Bio. B, Math A, Hist. A, Food &
Nut. A, Geo. A, RK A, Span. B
Heidi Albury: Typ. C, Bio. D, Math C, Geo. D
John Dam: Eng. Lang. D, Bookkeeping/Acc. A,
Bio. C, Math A, Graphical Comm. B, Geo. A,
Music C
Ketiva Stuart: Food & Nut. D, RK C
Khia Fawkes: Lit. C, Bio. D, Math D, Graphical
Comm. D, Typ. B, RK C, Lit. D, Typ. B,
Lakeisha Burrows: Typ. C

Lawanda Bootle: Food & Nut. D, RK- C
Lynell Bethel: Lit. D, Eng. Lang. D, Office Proc.
D, Typ. A, Bio. D, RK B, Geo. D, Math D
MaryJane Albury: Typ. D, Math D, Food & Nut.
B, Geo. D, RK B
Melissa Davis: Food & Nut. D
Melissa Thompson: Eng. Lang. D, Bio. D, Math
D, Hist. D, Geo. D
Michael Dawkins: RK- D
Michael Roberts: Bio. D, Math C, Geo. B
Monique Albury: Eng. Lang. D, Bio. C, Math B,
Graphical Comm. C, Hist. D, RK A
Muhammad Rahim: Eng. Lang. B, Bookkeep
ing/Acc. A, Bio. C, Math A, Graphical Comm.
C, Geo. A, Music C
Nakia Williams: Math D, RK C
Rhonda Sands: Eng. Lang. D, Office Proc. D, RK
B, Bio. C, Math B, Geo. B
Rubilee Stuart: Eng. Lang. D, Clothing D, Food &
Nut. C, RK A, Art C
Shadell Munnings: Eng. Lang. D, Food & Nut. B,
Shantell Bro nT p p. C, Bio. D, Math C, K B
Shantell Hepburn: Bio. D, Food & Nut. B,
Music D
Shavon Whitfield: Food & Nut. D
Sherry Albury: RK D
Tanya Sands: Typ. D, Eng. Lang. D, RK C
Tarrah McBride: Bio. C, Math D, Food & Nut. C,
Travis Edgecombe: Bio. D, Math C, RK C
Vanessa Cornish: RK B
Yocasta Woodside: Eng. Lang. D, Math D, Geo.
D, RK- C

October 1996

Enrollment FROM Page 1
with 299 followed by Dundas Town and
Moore's Island both with 201 and
Cooper's Town with 200. The smallest
school is the all-age school at Guana Cay
with only 15 pupils. The total enrollment
on all of Abaco is more than 2,340
students with staff numbering 134. That
is an overall pupil teacher ratio of 17 to
The schools of the Marsh Harbour
area experienced the greatest growth.
More than 100 new students entered
Marsh Harbour Primary and Dundas
Town Primary. Most of these were grade
one children while others were children
of families who have moved to Abaco.
Abaco Central experienced an explosion
of growth also. More than 500 new
students are attending Abaco schools this
The Abaco school district is committed
to the improvement of the academic

The Abaconlan Page 31

achievement of the students. This year
they have some very specific goals. They
are going to insist that all 9th graders
pass five BJC subjects with a C or above
before they can be advanced to the 10th
grade. These BJC's must include English
and mathematics. High school students
must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in
order to graduate. If they do not have
this minimum, they will have to repeat
12th grade.
Emphasis will be placed on students
achieving good academic levels before
they can advance to the next grade
throughout the system. There are also
goals of establishing a comprehensive
library in each of the districts and the
development of district exams at various
grade levels in addition to the national
exams given now.

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Par 32 The Abaeonllan October 1996

Prime Minister Visits Three Towns

Prime Minister FROM Page 1

what funding was required, they have
allocated funding which they feel will be
adequate. If more funding is required, it
wll be made available. By next spring
they will be better able to know the
necessary requirements.
Mr. Ingraham reminded the groups that
they will never be able to satisfy the
demands of the people, they will not be
able to make decisions which will please
all the people. But if they always do their
best, the people will realize that they are
doing what is best for the community.
Mr. Ingraham reminded the groups that
the Town Committees and the Councils
must keep their communities aware of
what they are doing. Committees must
have public meetings quarterly and must
normally have open meetings unless they
vote to close a specific meeting.

Mr. Ingraham: "Local
government is one of the
biggest events in your
lifetime. During this process
we will hold your hand and
give you support. However,
at the end of the day, the
decision is yours."

He suggested that if the three districts
on Abaco work closely together, they can
maintain the road system very well. They
can share equipment and crews and
improve the efficiency of work. He
expressed the hope that the verges of the
road down to Sandy Point can someday be
as attractive as the verges of the road
from Treasure Cay to the bridge. He
acknowledged that this project will take
time but should be a goal of the districts.
The Prime Minister chided school
officials and parents in both areas of

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Abaco for allowing high school students
to be so destructive to school buildings
and school property. He is disappointed
that the students are not better disciplined
and urged parents to be more concerned
with the education of their children.
Local government is now responsible
for the maintenance and upkeep of all
schools and school yards as well as all the
non-teaching staff and will work closely
with school principals. However, the
Councils are expected to continue
employing the same individuals. He
brought out that central government is
raising the pay of all janitors and casual
labourers to $175 per week.
He hopes to initiate school boards in
the Family Islands during his next term of
office. The school boards would not be
responsible for school policy or staffing.
They could affect the curriculum which
may be relevant to their area.
Town Committee members and Council
members will receive token payments to
recognize the time which they spend in
service to their communities and to pay
toward their travel expenses. These
payments will be retro-active to the first
of August.
The Prime Minister answered questions
at all his meetings and many of them
were relevant to problems in our area.
One concerned visitors fishing and
depleting our waters. Mr. Ingraham
explained that the fishing regulations are
going reviewed and changes would be
made which would protect our waters. At
present the catch which visitors are
allowed is based on the quantity of fish
per person. This will be changed to be
based on quantity of fish per boat which
will be easier to enforce.
Green Turtle Cay
The Prime Minister discussed
improving the roads in Green Turtle Cay.

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Cay. Enjoy our secluded
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with us at one of the best
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That work has not begun because the
government is expecting to put a water
system though town and they want to lay
the water pipes before resurfacing the
He has given the Town Committee the
opportunity to become involved in this
project. The government will be providing
all the materials and the labour to do the
work but is offering the supervision of the
work to the Town Committee. He felt that
the town would be able to do a more
efficient job than contracting out the

Mr. Ingraham: "You are
doing the people's business;
therefore, they are interested
in and entitled to know what
you are doing."

The completion of the water system
will not be completed immediately
because the well field and supply system
is not in place yet.
Cooper's Town
The Prime Minister discussed the
necessity of additional buildings for the
high school for the North Abaco District.
The decision has not been made yet as to
expanding the present facilities or of
leaving the present facility as a junior
high school and building a separate senior
high school. If they choose to have two
schools, they might even be able to have
a track and other sports facilities. This
decision will be made soon as they expect
to go to tender no later than January.
The Prime Minister was very pleased
with the repairs and maintenance done to
prepare S.C. Bootle for the new school
The Cooper's Town Primary School
needs more space and the Prime Minister

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would like to see a really good primary
school there. If a new facility is built, it
will accommodate children from the age
of four years and will begin foreign
language studies at that age. It would also
have special rooms for arts and crafts,
computers and science.
Little Abaco
Mr. Ingraham reiterated his promise
that when all the communities of Little
Abaco can agree to having one primary
school, he will build a state-of-the-art
school there. He feels strongly that more
education is needed now than in any
previous generation and he would like to
see Little Abaco with a really good
The government plans to build a dock
PLEASE SEE Prime Minister Page 33

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The Abaeonlan Page 33

Questions Answered by PM Ingraham

Prime Minister FROM Page 32
in Mount Hope and Fox Town will get a
greatly improved clinic.
South Abaco District
The Prime Minister told the people that
they are going to have tremendous
opportunities available to them when the
Disney project is operational. Many
people will visit their community and will
want to go bonefishing, deep sea fishing,
whale-watching, will want to visit Hole-in
the Wall. They need to develop their own
ideas and plans to take advantage of these

Mr. Ingraham: "Being in
politics never ends. The more
you lift the standard, the more
they want."

The Prime Minister told the people of
Sandy Point that they will be getting an
airport terminal building. He will also see
that the trees on the approach to and along
the sides of the runway will be cut to
make the runway safer.
Sandy Point can expect to have a new
administration building. This would house
the Administrator's office, the Post
Office, social services and be a meeting
place for the Town Committee and the
District Council.
He discussed the bussing of Sandy
Point and Crossing Rocks students to
Abaco Central High School and felt it is
a positive move toward a quality
education. Even though the drive is a very

long one, it is an opportunity for these
students to be in one of the best
government high schools in the Family
The people of Cherokee were very
pleased to hear that the road into their
community is scheduled to be paved
within a few months. The tender will go
out very soon. The electricity from the
central power plant in Marsh Harbour will
soon be extended to Cherokee Sound and
Crossing Rocks.
Casuarina Point residents were relieved
to know that the government has set the
prices on the houses and land there and
they should be able to buy their houses by
the end of October.
Many Crossing Rocks residents have
received deeds to their land and others are
in process. Sandy Point deeds are also
being processed.
Moore's Island residents are eagerly
awaiting the finish of their reverse
osmosis water system which will give
them excellent quality water. The plant is
in place and will soon be operational.
Moore's Island is also scheduled to
have a new airport. Mr. Ingraham hopes it
will go to tender and be constructed early
next year. It will have to be redesigned as
the present airstrip does not meet the
standards for safety. It is expected that the
European Union will be funding this and
another airstrip at Rum Cay. However, the
construction has been delayed by a
question as to the ownership of some of
the land. Some residents feel that the
land is private and that they need to be
reimbursed by the government. Until that
problem is resolved the government


Benjamin Pinder, Chief Councilor for South Abaco, and Michael Bethel, Deputy
Councilor for South Abaco, take a moment with Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham
.during the Prime Minister's visit to Sandy Point on September 13th.
cannot begin construction. Marsh Harbour
Some of those attending the meeting Contracts will soon be awarded for the
asked if other work could be done while
ased if oher wk cud be one le work of putting roads and utilities into an
the heavy equipment was on Moore's area of the new government subdivision
Island. Mr. Ingraham thought that these which will have about 700 to 800 lots on
requests were in order and should be completion. These lots will only be for
considered by the Town Committee. __________P___
PLEASE SEE Prime Minister Page 34

Concrete Blocks
d 41"x 8"x 16"
9s, 06 #ll 64"x 8"x 16" 5041.
S1 6"1 o 8 e,, "x8"x16" e '
C^- V' o 1Od Corner Blocks q / 7
`1oC; \ \0po0 Regular Blocks eQ
0 ko \ Hydraulic Fittings & Hoses
V Monday Friday 7 am 4 pm
P.O. Box AB 20403, Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2502

Carib Freight Company
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From Marsh Harbour
To Man-O-War and Hope Town Mon. Fri.
To Guana Cay & Scotland Cay Tues. & Fri.
Water Deliveries (to 10,000 Gal.) to all the Cays
4 Barges Available to charter 7 Days 24 Hours
Any Time, Any Place
From Walkers Cay to Little Harbour
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Includes O11, fully
assembled & ready to use
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October 1996

Page 34 The Abaconian October 1996

Town Meetings Host The Prime Minister

Prime Minister FROM Page 33
Bahamians who can show that they have
made the banking arrangements so that
they can begin building immediately.
The planning of the new commercial
dock is well on track. It will be an
extension of the present dock and will
require a new access road which will
connect to S.C. Bootle Highway.

Mr. Ingraham: "Remember
that no one forced you to
run, all of you elected
persons volunteered your

Marsh Harbour Primary and Dundas
Town Primary schools are both seriously
overcrowded. The Central District
arranged the use of space in Sawyer's
Market which accommodates three
classrooms and a bathroom. The Prime
Minister felt that they has resolved the
problem much better than Nassau people
could have done. Tenders will go out for
the building of a new primary school to
service the entire Marsh Harbour area.
Construction will be completed in time for
the 1997 school year.
The school will have a preschool which

will begin children at four years and will
begin foreign language studies in these
early grades. The school will have special
room for computer, science and arts and
crafts studies. Tenders will be put out next
month and construction may begin as
early as November.
There are still some cross roads in the
Marsh Harbour area which are scheduled
to be paved. Road work will be finished
in several towns.
The problem of illegal immigrants and
bad conditions of the Mud were discussed.
The Prime Minister was adamant that
there will be illegal immigrants as long as
the people of Abaco give them
employment. Jobs are the inducement
which draws them and which keeps them
living here. The immigrants who have
received Bahamian citizenship will be
eligible to buy lots in the new subdivision
to build homes just as native-born
Bahamians can.
Central government will be constructing
a sports complex for Abaco. The location
has not been decided as yet but it will
probably be in the greater Marsh Harbour
area as being central for all Abaco people
to use. There will be gymnasium, track
and baseball facilities.
Has Not Forgotten His Roots
The Prime Minister discussed his goals

Tourism Teaches Bird Watching

The Ministry of Tourism and the
Bahamas National Trust have teamed up
to offer a special bird-watching course to
be held October 14th through 18th on
Abaco. It is designed for those who wish
to become professional Bird Tour Guides
and also for those who wish to pursue
bird-watching as a hobby. The course
will be conducted by Mr. Alexander
Sprunt IV, Past Vice President of
Research for the Audubon Society; Mr.
Paul Dean, noted Bahamian ornithologist
and Mrs. Lynn Gape, Public Relations
and Education Officer for the Bahamas
National Trust

The course will require participants to
spend the first day in a classroom setting
with the next three day spent in the field
birding. Friday will be used for
evaluation with the afternoon session
being conducted by Bahamahost on
proper tour guiding techniques.
The cost will be $50.00 and the group
will meet at the Great Abaco Beach
Resort. Participants should try to bring
binoculars if possible. A number of
binoculars will be available for a small
daily rental fee.
For more information contact
Winsome Ferguson at the Ministry of
Tourism office, phone 367-3067.

'7T7A ND/f X TfA/f 4T/O/V"
Tel 809-366-0100 E-mail malone11l@aol.com
366-0060 Look for us on the Internet
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Thi Newest Port of Entry to the Abacos

Your private island retreat
Only a 45 minute flight from Palm Beach, Florida
Direct access from Florida for boaters and planes
5,000 foot jetway
60 slip full service marina, fuel, water & ice
Panoramic waterfront lots available
The ultimate in elegance, beauty and tranquility
Scuba diving, watersports, boat rentals
Sight-seeing, bonefishing
Call 809-365-0083 365-6622 Fax 809-365-0466
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for his office and why his commitment
was so strong.
The Prime Minister takes his office
very seriously and explained why to a
group of Abaconians. He grew up on
Abaco very poor. It was not until he was
nine years old that he had his first pair of
tennis shoes which he wore to school. Up
until that time he went to school barefoot.
He realizes the impact of his office on
people and he hopes that he can give the
opportunity to ordinary citizens to rise to
the top, limited only by their own abilities

and ambition.
He tries each day to do all he can to
make opportunities available in every
community. He is driven by the desire to
do well by all the people of the Bahamas.
He feels that a good education is a
prerequisite to a good life after school so
he wants to have an educational system
which will prepare the youth for life after
school. He wants to have in place a health
system and he wants to give everyone the
opportunity to make a good decent living.

Compressors Need Permits

The Department of Fisheries and the
Defence Force are working together to
control the unauthorized use of air
compressors. They have arrested
fishermen using them illegally and have
confiscated crawfish and compressors.
Fines have ranged from $600 to $2000.
Licensed air compressors are allowed
only from August 1st to March 31st and
a permit must be obtained each year for
further use. The cost of the permit is
$10. The use of the compressors is
restricted to depths of 30 feet to 50 feet.
This restriction is to protect the shallow

water resources and brood stock.
Mr. Edison Deleveaux, Deputy
Director of Fisheries, spoke about the
reports that crawfish grounds are being
depleted. He felt that the fleets are
growing and we are having diminishing
returns because more people are fishing.
Mr. Deleveaux feels that the Department
of Fisheries is monitoring the crawfish
availability and they do have the power
to protect areas to allow stocks to
replenish if there is a problem area.
Last year's catch totaled 4.9 million
pounds and was worth $56 million.

Frederick's Agency
Bahamas Custom Brokers
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Freight cleared at Marsh Harbour,
Treasure Cay & Green Turtle Cay
Gurth Roberts, Manager
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Jh d me dyIM/4 "k

In foiving memory from wife, Myrtle; daughter, Julia;
son-in-law, Stan; son, Timinmy; and daughter-in-lta, Melissa


SoFried Chicken Main Street Style
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The Abaconlan Page 35

More South Abaco News

South FROM Page 6
schoolhouse on September 13th but was
not very well attended. The central
government has been requested to
reconsider our budget. At the time the
budget was submitted, we did not allow
for the needs of Casuarina Point and
Bahama Palm Shores which are now
included in our district.
Administrator Cunningham reminded
us that our monies will not "come down"
in one lump sum but will be deposited in
the bank account proportionately with an
initial payment of one-sixth of the total
amount, then six additional deposits of
one-twelfth each. The Administrator also
advised that since official notice of the
age for leaving school has been raised to
16 years in the Family Islands, the
busing of eligible students to the high
school in Marsh Harbour will be taken
into consideration.
Administrator Cunningham stated that
our local chairman, Michael Bethel,
would be sworn in as a Justice of the
Peace as soon as possible so that he may
handle all local issues.
Cherokee is famous for our handmade
quilts. Geraldine or Mable nearly always
has "one in the frame," and our quilters
are seen going to and fro with their

favourite needle and thimble in place.
This is a very necessary skill that has
been carried on from mother to daughter
for generations, but it seems like the
young girls today are not interested. We
cannot let this craft die out. Something
homemade is always so much more
special than something machine-made.
Our settlement has received some
international recognition in the
September/October issue of Islands
magazine. Lucretia Bingham, the author,
and her family spent four years in
Cherokee when she was young girl. By
the sound of her article, Look to the Sea,
a Bahama Homecoming, those four years
left life-long memories that Lucy, as she
was known then, wished to recapture.
She reminisces with old friend and
retraces old footsteps to remember
another time long ago (something we all
yearn to accomplish.) I, personally, have
always thought that Cherokee is only for
very special people, and surely Lucy is
one of those. If you can find a copy of
the magazine, be sure to read this article.
It's twelve pages of free advertising that
the Tourism Board should be proud of.
Moore's Island
By Ken Owen

Moore's Island All Age School
The new school year opened with a
flourish on the 2nd of September. No
more was heard the whine of electric
saws or the thump of hammer blows. No
more dust or the sound of noisy trucks.
The new buildings, three classrooms, an
administration block, a toilet block and
the refurbished and renovated classrooms
were resplendent in their fresh paint.
The school yard is sanded and sown
with grass. The work carried out over
the past few months has transformed the
school environment. The staffing
situation is improved and the school's
morale is considerably enhanced. This
bodes well for the future.
The school welcomed a new member
of staff, Mrs. Ruthmae Rolle, who will
be teaching in the Primary section. She is
a Moore's Islander who, after gaining
valuable experience on the mainland of
Abaco and in Nassau, has returned to her
home island and settlement of Hard
Bargain. She is most welcome.
The wedding of Mr. Bersil Stuart and
Miss Verna Davis took place on
September 14th. A detailed report will be
given in our next issue.

A Tragic Accident
The twelve-month-old baby son of Mr.
and Mrs. Novie Stuart accidentally
drowned on the afternoon of the 17th of
September. The baby was staying at his
grandmother's house whilst his mother
had gone to Miami. He had been put to
bed on the afternoon in question. When
school was out, a number of young
children entered the bedroom to change
their clothes. The door was left open and
the baby wandered out unnoticed. He
crossed the backyard and reached a
disused cesspit that contained less than
two feet of springwater and rainwater.
Minutes later his grandmother noted
his absence and discovered him in the
water. He was rushed to the nearby
clinic but the nurse was in the next
settlement, The Bight. Artificial
respiration was attempted to no avail.
Our deepest sympathy is extended to
his parents and especially to his
grandmother who is noted for the care
she has given to generations of babies
over the years.
Student News
Llewellyn Owen has returned to
C.O.B. to complete his Associate degree
in marketing and banking.

Cable Bahamas, the company
.providing cable television service to The
Bahamas, has nearly completed the
underground in Nassau. They estimate
they will finish there in three or four
months. And by the end of the year the
installation system on Grand Bahama will
be 80% finished. The news for Abaco is
that when they complete the underground

work in Nassau they will begin working
in Abaco. That should be the beginning
of 1997.
The monthly subscription service for
Grand Bahama begins at about $30 per
month which provides 40 basic television
channels. An additional 60 channels are
available in premium packages.

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Cable Bahamas Update

October 1996


Page 36 The Abaconlan October 1996


This letter is included as a Viewpoint
because readers have expressed their
views and their reasons on a particular
subject. This is what this column is
designed for.
Mr. Allan Lowe, Chairman
Marsh Harbour Port Authority
Dear Mr. Lowe:
We are writing this letter to provide
the Port Authority with information we
have obtained through our experience as
the first business in Abaco to be granted
a jet ski rental license. This information
may be useful in the future management
of the Abaco Tourism Industry.
In June of 1994 Sea Horse !Boat
Rentals was granted a license to rent two
jet skis from our location at ]Boat
Harbour. After much discussion with the
previous Chairman, we were granted a
license based on three things:
We had 15 years experience in the
boat rental business.
We would operate from a raft
floating off the Boat Harbour Beach and
we would install buoys to rope off the
beach area from the jet skiers. Our
operation was set up so that renters
would operate the craft away from the
beach and marina area. We were to point
renters out into the bay where they would
have more open space to race around in.
We would comply with all
Bahamian laws and really enforce the age
limit of 16.
We went to great expense to set up

Jet Ski Rentals Are Unsafe

this business in a professional and safe
manner. We rented jet skis from June of
1994 to March of 1995. Most of our
business occurred during June, July and
August 1994. Many tourists had a great
time on the jet skis. They were careful,
considerate of others and generally
behaved quite well.
However, we did experience
A tourist jumped a wave from the
wake of a large sport-fisherman and
badly bruised his chest by banging the
handlebars when coming off the wake.
The handle bar bent from the impact.
A 16-year-old Bahamian boy from
Man-O-War had his Dad sign up for him
so he could take the jet ski out. He
rented the jet ski for the day and took it
over to Man-O-War. Sometime that
morning he lost control of the jet ski and
ran into a dock at a very high speed.
Fortunately he jumped off before impact
and was not injured, only badly "shaken
up." The jet ski suffered considerable
Two tourists were "playing chicken"
and crashed into each other. Again,
fortunately, they jumped clear but both
jet skis were damaged.
We wondered, why were these
accidents occurring? After all, we had

followed all the recommended
precautions. We spent at least 15 minutes
educating our renters on the use of the
machine, where the boundaries were, etc.
What was going wrong? We finally
realized that no matter what the renter
signed or was told, once they got on the
jet ski we had no control over their
behaviour. It was literally impossible to
control them. As the accidents escalated
we knew we would have to make a
We made the decision to stop renting
jet skis based on the above information.
We also realized that based on the
escalating number of accidents, it would
only be "a matter of time" before
someone was seriously injured or even
killed. We felt strongly that serious
injuries and/or a death of a tourist on
rental jet skis would create a negative
tourism image for Abaco and the entire
We are sending along a copy of an
article from Boat/U.S. May 1995, which
talks about some of the trouble

We're just minutes from restaurants on
the harbour & walking distance to
grocery stores, shopping and ferry docks
leading to outer islands. You will check
into a spacious room with television, air
conditioning, ceiling fan, microwave
oven, small refrigerator and daily maid
service. Call 809-887-3776 or FAX 367-4179


P. 0. Box AB 20080
Marsh Harbour, Abaco



-M ~I lp m i IN

General Freight, Construction Materials
20 ft. Containers Can be Delivered
14,000 Gal. Water Capacity
Water & Freight on same delivery

Scheduled From Marsh Harbour to Hope
Town, Man-O-War, Guana Cay & Scotland Cay
And to Other Points on Abaco by Charter

Call 367-3341 Ray Weatherford, Mgr.

Connecticut has had with jet skis. Please
note the last paragraph:
"There were 23 accidents, but no
fatalities, involving personal watercraft
last year (1994). Of those 22 involved
rentals and the new class requirement has
virtually eliminated the PWC (jet ski)
rental business in Connecticut."
We cannot emphasize how adamantly
opposed we are to rental jet skis in
Abaco. We would also recommend that
until legislation can be passed to regulate
all jet ski use that the Port Authority be
cautious when considering the issuing of
any jet ski license. We are sure that the
Port Authority is familiar with the many
accidents, even including deaths, which
have occurred in Nassau.
We have every confidence that you,
the Marsh Harbour Port Authority, will
consider all of this information and use it
to the best of your ability to regulate the
future use and population of jet skis in
Stafford, Scott and
Deborah Patterson
Sea Horse Boat Rentals

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By John Hedden
The Bahamas' one single claim to
international recognition must only be
due to its inherent beauty, and this has
not failed the country in the recent
development of the ecological tourism
sector of our economy (ecotourism).
Our country is rated the highest in the
Caribbean for impact on the international
ecotourism sector. This rating must have
a lot to do with the fact that our
geography allows for large areas of
undeveloped wilderness on the larger
islands and areas of bush and limited
agricultural development on the smaller
islands. Undoubtedly the relative low
population pressure on the surrounding
environment also has an effect. I have
not mentioned the marine environment
for obvious reasons.
Unfortunately, the Bahamian
population has come to accept this
providence as a right which will continue
to exist without any consideration or care
for protection
The Marls of the Abacos are a fine
example in point. This large area
bordering the west and south of the solid
Abaco mainland goes by various names,
including the obvious Southside and
Westside, and runs the entire length of
the lee side of the island. Ecologically
this area is still an unspoiled haven
(spelled heaven). It is here that we find
the source of the majority of Northern
Bahamian marine life, for it provides a
breeding ground and a nursery area for
almost all of the commercially exploited
marine products so important to the
Bahamian and export palette today.
With the development of ecotourism,

SOctober 1996

Our Marls Need Review

this area is also showing unlimited
potential for development and
exploitation. Already bonefish resorts
have abounded and now Walt Disney
enterprises are developing Gorda Cay as
an unspoiled touristic area. So along with
the commercial (and leisure) fishing, this
area, once considered to be nothing more
than a barren wasteland, is rapidly
becoming recognized (and exploited) as
an ecological gold mine.
Unfortunately this area is also very
sensitive to the effects of human
predation, and this due to its natural
structuring. The shallow waters are
especially susceptible to marine
movement through its areas, and both the
air boat and the conventional craft have
left their scars and channels crisscrossed
over its surface. Detractors claim damage
while the operators claim improvement
due to increased water flow. However,
the fact is that NOBODY knows for
sure, and no biological studies have ever
been performed.
But now another threat is looming on
the horizon for this area of such natural
beauty. The development for full scale
commercial ventures related to its
ecological diversification are already
starting. How much eco-touristic related
development can occur in an area before
the ecosystem of that area becomes
permanently and irreversibly damaged?
Any form of development and alteration
is bound to have an ecological impact,
and people trundling in and out of an
area 'ad infinitum' will also have the


r, '4

expected negative effects.
We, the now indigenous population of
the area, also add our share to the
environmental degradation because we
throw all of the garbage from our boats
as we travel through. Oil containers,
plastic wrappings and bags, plastic six
pack rings, soda cans, bottles, fibreglass
hulls, all have their own special effects
on the wildlife of the area.
The eco-tourist comes to our country
to get away from the vision of pollution
he has all around him at home in his own
country. He comes to see and enjoy
surroundings populated with wild birds,
and native trees and mangroves, to
challenge the temerity of the now famous
bonefish, (which incidentally he returns
alive to the habitat once landed).
It is now becoming more and more
important that we as the guardians of our
country begin to take care of our natural
environment and the wildlife that exists
here with us. We need more educational
impact on both our young people and the

There A

older hard-headed ones. We need to
know what are the environmental
consequences every time we go hauling
with nets and destroy so many young and
immature marine animals. We need to
know the importance of the mangrove
stands for the breeding and rearing of
young marine life. Not only this, but we
need to know what effect that little bit of
oil residue left in the container will do to
that same mangrove ecological
Once we begin to understand these
things and our guides and commercial
operators take pride in their knowledge
of our own UNIQUE ecosystem, then
maybe we will be able to be better
guardians of our environment.
The new tourist isn't going to continue
to come here to see garbage everywhere,
destroyed coral heads, lifeless pine
barrens littered with shotgun shells and
hawk and buzzard carcasses. He isn't
going to come here to see developed
shorelines populated with resorts and
huge marinas everywhere.


Page aS.

"' -"'h, .... "-... .

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- Monday thru Saturday 9 4 By Appointment Only 365-8056
L For Appointment Call
365-8625 365-8425 1-800-224-6703

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Page 38 The Abaconian October 1996

More School News

Schools FROM Page 4
materials, musical instruments and
additional 15 computers, all made
possible by the school's active P.T.A.
Proud students showed their parents their
,t'E .. .

4 ..l
S I S r @
.* i~ ~t

desks and work as the crowd strolled
from room to room and thronged the new
computer center, awed by the changes
that took place over the summer.
Mr. Robert Sweeting, MP, and Mr.
Jackson McIntosh, DEO, were on hand

Mr. Gordon Wynn enjoys playing his new CD for the Hope Town school children. He
returns a portion of the sales of this CD to the school for their music department..

Excavation, Utilities, Base Work, Surface Treatment
Cold Mix, Hot Mix, Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer
Striping & Asphalt Related Products

P.O. Box AB 20184
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 809-367-3956 Fax 367-3959

P.O. Box CB 10990
Nassau, NP, Bahamas
809-377-6351 Fax 377-2193

to chat with parents and later met with
the PTA executives and Town Committee
members. Former Hope Town School
Principal, Ms. Felamease Sawyer, now
at Marsh Harbour Primary and Principal
Rodney Smith of Dundas Town Primary

were also in attendance.
Our newly acquired computers were
acquired through the generosity of Dr.
and Mrs. Larry Beachy, second-home
owners and long time school supporters
PLEASE SEE Schools Page 39

$7 Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue
Picture and 4 lines only $25.00
We will take the photo within the Marsh
Harbour area. Additional lines at $'2.00
per line.
Display classified $16 per column inch
Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677 3/96
f j * : 0

Pinder's Real Estate
Great Guana Cay, Abaco,
"The Unspoiled Island"
Over 200 lots starting at $25,000, also
acreage, oceanfront, hilltop and bayside lots
Pinder's Cottages, 2 & 3 bedroom, $650 to
$700 weekly. A summer special of $350 per
week per person includes one day fishing
& diving 0 One day snorkeling & island
hopping boat & guide 0 all equipment
included 0 6 to 30 people
Great Guana Cay waterfront houses built in
under 3 mo starting at $165,000 includes lot,
about 1000 Sq ft house with 2 bedroom, 2
bath, deck, porch & 12,000 gal cistern,
Call Edmund or Cher6 Pinder at 365-5046 or
CHERE B on VHF Ch 16
GUANA CAY: Lot on beautiful ocean beach,
all utilities present, public dock on bay
nearby. $55,000
ELBOW CAY: Three bedroom house in
Hope Town harbour. Private dock, quiet
area, 2.5 acres of land. $470,000
LUBBERS QUARTERS: Beach front acreage
with nearby dockage. Electric power 1500 ft.
away. Only beachfront for sale on Lubbers.
TILLOO CAY: Waterfront property, one
acre approx. Deep water on Sea of Abaco
side of Tilloo. Cheapest waterfront available.
Call Victor at 809-367-2749
or Fax at 809-367-2748
MARSH HARBOUR 1.8 Acres and 4.5 acres
located by Golden Harvest & Solomon Bros.
Call 367-2661 evenings


[ C L U B
Enjoy the lifestyle
you deserve
Waterfront lots with private
boat slips in a secure gated
Call 809-367-4151 or Fax 4152

WATERFRONT LOT 7 ft. depth low tide.
Also ocean front lot with private beach, over
1 acre, electricity and unlimited fresh water.
Tom Roberts 367-4077
MAN-O-WAR Large quiet wooded lots with
private path to fine beach, all with
underground elect. Some with private path to
harbour and dock location. Harcourt
Thompson, M-O-W Cay (809) 365-6060
SCOTLAND CAY Large Coconut Creek
Marina Lot, w/60' slip $110K, also res. lots
$75K w/terms, Don Copeland 561-546-8263
or 561-575-5960.
LEISURE LEE 2.4 Acre Point, w/seven unit
town house. Contact Florence Roberts at 809-
327-8297, 359-6023, Fax 809-325-1076
LEISURE LEE New home 3300 sq.ft., 1650
sq.ft. living area, 8' covered porch, central
A/C, Beach & boating access. Reduced
$165,000 Net, Avail. for rent. Phone Laura
at 367-2811 or Jamie at 365-6086 daytime
GREAT GUANA Cay ocean front lot, 110 X
110, near new hotel/inn. 1% Miles W of
settlement $85,000, other lots nearby from
$18,500. Ph 359-6120 or SEASIDE on VHF
MAN-O-WAR Beautifully furnished
oceanfront 3Br home on 3/4 acre, 2 Br.
Guest house w/ocean view, utility bldg. &
garage, standby gen., sat. dish, golf cart,
50,000 gal cistern, ++, ready to live in,
Call Nancy 365-6329
TREASURE CAY 3 lots totaling 3 acres
located at SC Bootle Hwy and Treasure Cay
Road. Call 367-2661 evenings

Land & Sea

Homes 0 Apts.0 Rentals 0 Acreage
P.O. Box AB 20179
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Office phone & Fax 809-367-3276
Evenings 809-367-2789

W,,L --A
2 Br furnished home overlooking beautiful
Coco Bay. 3/4 acre lot, $175,000 Net.
Available for rent, Call 312-635-8776 Days
MARSH HARBOUR Pelican Shores 3 bed,
2 bath for sale, Call 367-2661 evenings
underground utilities, solid rock, 40' trees
Best Price & Location CALL 367-41077
over 1 acre rolling hills, large trees,
underground utilities, unlimited fresh water,
Treasure Cay, high land, main highway
beautiful views, good soil, utilities,
telephone, water, Tom Roberts 809-322-4782
NASSAU or 367-4077 ABACO
TREASURE CAY, A rare find, two 100 ft.
x 500 ft. beach-front lots on Ocean Blvd.
Call 365-8137
MAN-O-WAR 2 beautiful homes near beach
surrounded by coconut & banana palms.
Coconut Grove sleeps 7-3Br/2Ba & upstairs.
Cocobanana sleeps 4-2Br/2Ba, furnished,
ready to move in. $750,000. Will sell one
w/out other 809-365-6009 or 407-723-0547

MARSH HARBOUR 2 bd/2b 1500 sq ft liv-
ing area, 14x40 covered porch, central AC,
satellite. Buy or rent. Call 367-2166 days
MAN-O-WAR Cay Beach front lot, Sea to
Sea, For sale by owner, Call 809-365-6181
home on the highest point of the best beach
in Abaco, 3600 views, 140' Beach front,
seclud-ed yet convenient, adjacent 70'. lot
avail. Well landscaped one-of-a-kind, Call
GUANA CAY Beachfront lot 70' frontage on
highest point of best beach in Abaco, under-
ground power, 360* views. Call 954-423-

RENT MATT LOWES Cay, one house on 50
acre private island, sleeps 12, lots of porches
and decks, beaches, 2 acre fruit lot, protected
harbour, 10 minutes from Marsh Harbour in
Abaco Sound, 24 ft Boston Whaler optional,
Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677
HOPE TOWN Turtle Hill ocean view 4
cottages, 2 bed 2 bath, all with kitchens, air
conditioned, pool, private access to beach,
includes golf cart, Call 809-366-0053
Come Find The Treasure in
Treasure Cay
LUXURY Fully equipped 2 bed/2 bath
condo. Finest rental property in Treasure
Cay, right on the beach. Rent directly from
the owners. Phone or Fax 809-365-8514
LOOKING FOR RENTAL in Abaco 3 br/2
bath on water with boat. From 1/10/97 to
3/31/97. Contact E. Masterson, 3212 S.
Ocean Blvd. Apt. 706A, Highland Bch, FL
33487, 407-278-8444, Fax 407-274-3980
LITTLE HARBOUR Two new houses on the
water with large dock. Private. Beautiful
grounds. Weekly or long term. FAX 809-
366-2250, attn "Treehouse."
GREEN TURTLE CAY Waterfront 2 bed 2
bath cottage on Bluff Harbour, New, central
air, dinghy dock. $1200/wk or $2500 per
mo. long term Call 809-365-4471
FULLY FURNISHED 2 bed 1 bath house
A/C, wash/dry, Satellite, Forest Dr, Dundas
Town, Call 367-2129 days, 367-2086 eve.


Financial Controller
The MOORINGS BAHAMAS invites applications from suitably qualified
persons for the above position. Applicants should possess the following:
Qualifications and Experience:
* Formal training in accounting
* Three years of practical experience
* Be proficient in computer spreadsheet programs such as Lotus or Excel
* Be capable of general ledger maintenance
* A working knowledge of hotel computerized accounting is preferred
Successful applicants will be expected to:
* Assume overall responsibility for the accounting department
* Supervise the processing of daily accounting tasks, such as
cash receipts, disbursements and payroll
* Prepare financial statements, implement control systems and annual budgets
* Prepare monthly management accounts
* Manage effectively within the department
Remuneration Package
Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. The
MOORINGS offers attractive benefits to employees including the use of
Moorings yachts for leisure sailing.
This position is an excellent opportunity for a young Bahamian willing to
move to Marsh Harbour in order to offer, a professional service to the
hospitality industry in the Bahamas.
A typed application accompanied by a resume/c.v. should be sent to: The
Manager, The MOORINGS (Bahamas) Ltd., P.O. Box AB 20469, Marsh
Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas or Fax 809-367-4004

Classified Advertisements

Houses and Land For Sale or Rent

~---------- =

Schools FROM Page 38
and volunteers.
Music Program Receives Funds
Hope Town School recently received
donations from Mr. Gordon Wynn to
benefit their music program. The
donations represent a percentage of
proceeds from the sale of Mr. Wynn's
CD Island Country. The popular CD is a
blend of island songs featuring local
happenings, people and events set to a
country-type beat.
Mr. Wynn recently released a second
CD Island County, Too! which features
the many daughters of a local lighthouse
keeper, potcake dogs, pirates, wreckers
and the fabled Ya-Hoos of Lubbers
Quarters. The songs were even recorded
live at Harbour's Edge in Hope Town.
He captures not only the unique island
heritage and culture but sets these yarns
to native rhythms and harmonies which
have evolved over the centuries.
Mr. Wynn recently visited school to

present them with a copy of the new CD.
Five students who are children of the
lighthouse keepers daughters listened in
glee as the song named their mothers.
The students used their new musical
instruments (purchased with the donation)
to add their own individual medleys
while Mr. Wynn played the CD.
Mr. and Mrs. Wynn are long time
community and school supporters who
have a home in Hope Town as well as in
Texas. The products of Phyllis' artistic
talents and Gordon's musical talents are
often seen at school plays and fund-
raisers. The school is deeply appreciative
of these two dedicated supporters. We
think you'll enjoy Island Country, Too!
as much as we dol
Competition Planned
On the 11th of October there will be a
Softball Jamboree for all schools in
Abaco. The Primary Division will
compete at the Marsh Harbour softball

October 1996
field beginning at 10 a.m. The
competition will be officially opened by
the District Superintendent of Schools,
Mr. Jackson McIntosh. They expect nine
school to compete. The defending
champions are from Crossing Rocks.
The Senior and Junior Divisions will
compete at the Murphy Town Park
beginning at 10 a.m. also to be opened
by Mr. Mclntosh. They are expecting
three schools in the Senior Division and
five schools in the Junior Division.
In November the All Star Primary
Team, the best picked from all the
teams, will travel to Grand Bahama for
the next step of the series.
The Jamboree is under the direction of
Mr. Frank Hepburn from Crossing
Rocks. Mr. Hepburn also reminds all
Primary school students that Spelling
Bees for grades 1 through 6 will begin

The Abaconian Page 39
this school term so students need to study
in preparation.

Marls FROM Page 37
We need to consider all of these things
now before the onslaught of the Marls
begins in earnest. Here is where local
government can begin to play an
important role, regulating and
supervising this area development in an
responsible and considerate manner,
especially as all three districts are to
benefit. We have to accept development
in these areas, but it is our responsibility
to make sure that it exists as much in
harmony with the ecosystem as possible.
Otherwise we will kill the (tourism)
goose before the golden egg is laid!
Incidentally cut up your six pack rings
before you throw them away (out of your
boat) so that they don't become deadly
necklaces for both marine and land living


Qualified Heavy Equipment Operators
Carpenters & Labourers
Interested persons should contact


R 'Sandy Point Office
(. Telephone 366-4436

$7.00 Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue
Picture and 4 lines only $25.00
We will take the photo in the Marstv
Harbour area.
Additional lines at $2.00 per line.
Display classified $16 per column inch
Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677 3/96

PAINTING, Interior & Exterior 0 Pressure
Cleaning & Mildew removal 0 Water-
proofing Roofing 0 Rotten wood replaced
Leroy Tucker, Marsh Harbour, 367-3849
Beautiful home and office interiors are a
combination of taste, knowledge of design
and selection of materials. For professional
on-site consultation for space planning,
selection and specifications of furniture,
fabrics, windows, floors, walls and
accessories. Call BARBARA FARNAN, 809-
365-8800. Over 15 years experience.
LOOKING FOR AVON products but don't
know where to buy them? Call 367-4380.
Avon Independent Sales Representative.
Hurricane Shutters, your connection for
protection, all styles, also heavy wind load
designed windows & doors. Island Windows
& Shutters, Inc., Satellite Beach FL. 407-
773-4502 Fax 407-773-8824
SYMMETRY Health Vitamins and weight
management. Full inventory available. Call
809-373-5720 after 8 p.m. daily, Freeport,
Grand Bahama. Will ship!

NEED Expegrieced help for the following:
\\ aier, Bartender, Front-of-the-House Super-
visor. Maintenance, Cook, Maid. Housing_
provided on Guana Cay. Call 367-3590.
needed for Out Island hotel development.
Ideal person will have extensive contacts,
experience in all aspects of construction and
experience in planning and supervision.
Project is one year (plus) with permanent
employment possible. Call 954-423-9788 or
Fax resume to 954-423-9733.

The Moorings (Bahamas) Ltd. has a vacancy
for a Yacht Technician to join the small team
of staff managing their charter fleet in Marsh
Harbour. Skills in some of the following
areas are required: marine diesel, electrical,
refrigeration systems, rigging, fiberglassing
and cosmetic repairs. The successful
applicant must have excellent customer
service skills and be a team player. He must
be organized, methodical and be able to work
on his own initiative. Opportunities for
promotion to Chief Technician could be
shortly forthcoming. A second vacancy for a
Technician is also expected in the near
Experienced cooks and sailboat captains are
periodically required by the company. Good
wages paid. Must be prepared to be
entertaining company for our guests. Great
customer service skills and a friendly
personality are essential.
Apply, giving details of experience to the
Manager, The Moorings (Bahamas) Ltd., PO
Box AB 20469, Marsh Harbour, Abaco,
Bahamas. Tel. 809-367-4000, Fax 367-4004

It Pays to Advertise
Cal 367-2677 or a 367-3677 or ihlmutiu

Cars for Sale
1984 Mercury Cougar Auto, A/C, low miles $5,000
1986 Cutlass Callas Auto, A/C, Sporty, 2 Dr $4,750
1987 Ford Squire Wagon Auto, A/C, Nice family car $5,500
1988 Chevrolet Spectrum 5 Speed, A/C, 4 Dr. Economy $5,500
1988 Ford Mustang Auto, Ride in style $10,500
See These At Shell Marsh Harbour Gas Station

Wide Variety. Contact Gail Cottman in
Marsh HarbourTPlhoe 809-367-2315

A considerable quantity of new
building materials at greatly
discounted prices. Categories include
doors, hardware, electrical and
plumbing. For a complete listing and
prices, contact Kevin Albury, Hope
Town, 366-0332 (phone & Fax)

Keep the passion in your
relationship! Sexually
stunning lingerie and under-
wear. Call Intimate
Seductions at 367-4380 for personal delivery
to your home or office. Sizes to 4X! "Say
what you want by what you wear!"
FIVE STRING BANJO by Framus Nashville
in excellent condition, Phone/Fax 809-352-

DODGE Van camper equipped, A/C, fridge,
stove, chemical toilet, must sell $2800 Call

13' WHALER 40 HP Johnson, elec start, full
controls, bilge pump, etc. All newly
overhauled & painted. Final price $4000.
Contact Warren Knowles at Lighthouse
Marina. 366-0154

17' M-O-W Boat bill in 1978 w,2 like new
50HP Johnson auto tilt engines $7,000 obo
Call 365-4120 or 315-649-2623
22 ft. AQUASPORT with 140 HP Evinrude.
$5000 OBO. Other boats available. Call 809-
366-0023 for details.
22' GRADY WHITE Walk-Thru 1982,
outriggers, new seat, Bimini top, 1992 175
HP Evinrude, runs good on 5 cyl. duty pd.
$5500. Can be seen at Abaco Inn, Elbow Cay,
Call 366-0133, Fax 366-0113

23' ROBALLO Center console twin 94
Evinrude 150 hp, mint condition, includes
VHF radio, CG equipment, Bimini top, dry
docked in T. Cay, Asking $24,000, Contact
Michael Strassel 954-462-5527
23' SUNSEEKER Sailboat 1989 Fiberglass
hull, motor included. Excellent condition.
Make offer. Call Joe 813-253-0491
27' HUNTER 1983 shoal draft, 4 berth,
diesel, duty pd, licensed in Fla. $14,500. Call
Ken 367-4261 or James 242-394-3768
31' SPORTFISHERMAN, Diesel powered
235 Volvo, Duty pd, outriggers, aircondition-
ed, liveable. Call Rudy or Benjie 366-0003

07' .AUwAi

- "

. -

1U -

36' MUNROE Crawfish boat, 671 GM, 4,000
lb. freezer, stabilizers, Call James at 365-4120

39' SCHUCKER 436 Motorsailer, pilot
house, 1978 Nissan diesel, great equip, per-
fect live aboard or extended cruising, washer-
dryer, 8KW Westerbeke, air cond. in Marsh
Harbour. $75,000 Call/Fax 242-367-3986

42 FT. ALUMINUM fishing/crawfishing
boat, 5000 lb. freezer, New twin 3208 Cat
engines, 250 hrs. 8 KW Northern Lights gen.
stabilizers. Call 367-3036 or 367-3234


Notice Property For Sale
by Barclays Bank PLC
Two Bedroom Home on a 100' x 100' parcel of land situated on a portion
of lot 36 in Dundas Town, Abaco, and offered for sale by Barclays Bank
PLC by a sealed bid under the powers contained in a Mortgage dated 3rd
January 1995.
All offers are to be sent to Barclays Bank PLC, Caribbean Director and
Bahamas Manager's Office, Risk Management Department., P.O. Box
N-3221, Nassau, Bahamas. The property is subject to a reserved price
and the Bank reserves the right to -
reject any or all offers. I.


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Items for Sale, Commercial Services, Cars & Boats





Page 40 The Abaconian October 1996

Got Ibsnurance?

Stratton Drive, Marsh Harbour, Abtac- ..
Phone 809-367-2549 & Fax 809-367-3075
In Treasure Cay Call 365-8650




$99 Special
Includes Motorola Renegade Beeper with Activation
and ONE Month Free Calls and Service
For 550 per day (annual plan) you can be reached by
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Three easy steps will contact your beeper
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