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Publication Date: 08-01-1996
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.~ T he Volume 4, Number 7 August 1996


The News of the Island

Voters Usher in a New Era

The turn-out for the election on Abaco
was very good on July 26th for the
election of Local Government
representatives. On that day each
community elected their Town
Committees which will manage the
affairs of that town.

Hundreds at

Murphy Town

Home Coming
Murphy Town held its third annual
homecoming on July 12th through 14th
and were honoured by having the Prime
Minister, the Rt. Hon. Hubert A.
Ingraham, to give the opening address on
the night of July 12th. His address was
during their Cultural Show.
In his speech, The Prime Minister
encouraged the Murphy Town people to
show a responsible attitude and
Encourage their young people to excel.
He encouraged them to get involved as
they can influence the development of
Central Abaco. They need to think of the
future and pro, ide good opportunities for
their youth.
PLEASE SEE Homecoming Page 25

Elections in two areas were not
necessary. Guana had only two people
nominate for two seats so an election
was unnecessary. The other area was
Little Abaco where each of the five
towns held an open well-attended town
meeting to decide their choice. When two

extra people were picked, a joint meeting
of all the towns was held at which time
two men withdrew their names from the
list. Only those chosen people registered
on nomination day so they were
automatically the representatives for that
town area.

The voting was done in a very orderly
fashion throughout the island. The
atmosphere was quiet and serious from
eight in the morning until six o'clock in
the evening when the polls closed. The
preliminary counting then took place at
each polling district before the boxes
were taken to the Administrator's offices.
On July 27th an official count was taken
at each of the three administrators'
offices. This second count resolved one
problem of a tied vote and verified the
counts of others.
The Town Committees all met the
week following after the election. At this
first meeting the Island Administrator of
each District first conducted a swearing
in of the newly elected representatives.
He then helped the group elect a
Chairman and Deputy Chairman.
The Chairman of each committee will
automatically be a member of the District
Council. Larger towns will have two
representatives on the Council. This
second and, in the case of Marsh
Harbour only, a third representative were
chosen by the Town Committee. For
most towns, the Deputy Chairman will
be the second representative to the

PLEASE SEE Elections

Page 16

RTIA Winners Show their Troohies

The winners of the Regatta's first race on July 4th assembled in Green Turtle
Cay at a street party and trophy presentation on the waterfront.

70 Boats Compete

in 21st Regatta

The 23rd annual Regatta Time in
Abaco had a most unusual year as
Hurricane Bertha brushed past Abaco
during the series. The Regatta, held July
4th 12th, is a series of five sailboat
races, each race being held close to a
different town. However, much of the
schedule this year, one race and three
days of shore activities, had to be

canceled due to the storm.
The Regatta races are organized
around three classes of boats. Two of
these are racing classes while the third
class is the Mother Tub class for cruising
boats. This last class is a very popular
class because it allows any boat to race,


Page 39

Hurricane Bertha skirted Abaco on
July 10th bringing tropical storm winds
and rain to the entire island. Highest
sustained winds were estimated at 50 to
70 mph with higher gusts in squalls.
Abaco was spared any major damage,
only minor inconveniences were
experienced. Reports of wind gusts to 80
to 90 mph were reported but Abaco does
not have official anemometers.
This hurricane was forecast well in
advance and communities made adequate
plans for dealing with the emergency.
Damage was minimal as the hurricane
went past on a path parallel with Abaco
but enough off shore in the Atlantic
Ocean to keep the island from receiving
the brunt of the wind.
The people responded well to the
warnings, boarding up homes and
businesses. Boats were put ashore, trees
were trimmed and loose items picked up.
The most problems were those faced by
the many boaters visiting Abaco with no
secure place for their boats. Many power
boats left a day or two prior to the storm
white they still had time to get back to
Florida. However, several hundred
sailboats had to weather out the storm as
best they could, at marinas, at anchor in
the harbours or in various secure places.
The sailboat races of Regatta Time in
Abaco had to be rescheduled.
Abaco did sustain damage to the
beaches but this was from the ocean

surge and heavy wave action which
accompanied the hurricane. The surge
also did damage to docks, raising
decking boards, and did some damage to
sea walls.
A few boals found Ihemselves ashore
including a trawlcr in I lope 'Iowni and a
catamaran at Admiral's Yachtl laven in
Marsh Iarbour. The fishing boat XL. of
Freeport sank at the government dock
despite efforts by many to help including
a team from the Marsh Harbour
Volunteer Fire Department with a large
capacity pump. The XL was raised and
lifted ashore the next morning, patched
and re-floated.

Stories Inside
Letters to the Editor 8
Election Results 4
Regatta Pictures 20
Fishing Rples 22
Internet 2 & 30

.. 20
Jii i i ^.*

Dundas Town Casts Their Votes

The two polls at the Dundas Town Primary School stayed busy on July 26th
with voters waiting their turn to cast their ballots. A large group was at the
school at 6 p.m. and stayed until the unofficial count was released.

Hurricane Bertha

Comes Close

Page 2

Town Committees & District Councils

District Councils
After the election on July 26th, the
Town Committees were sworn in and had
their first meeting to elect their
Chairman, Deputy Chairman and in some
cases Council representatives. The next
issue of The Abaconian will have the
names of these officers as well as more
Council details.
The Councils will work closely with
Sthe Town Committees and it is these
Councils which will appoint the boards of
Town Planning, Hotel Licencing, Liquor
and Shop Licencing, Road Traffic, and
Port Authority.
It is the Councils which have the real
authority as they will be responsible for
the maintenance of our infrastructure and
will be allocating the funding. They will
be making the decisions as to what
money each community will be allocated.
This will be based on budgets which each
town has previously submitted to the
Councils and the national government.
It is expected that the yearly funding
for Abaco will exceed two million dollars
of which the Central Council will be
allocated about nine hundred thousand
The Chief Councillor, elected by the
Council, will represent the Council and
coordinate the functions of the Council.
That person will work with the Chief
Councillors of the other two Councils on
Abaco to coordinate their efforts island-
Guidelines are being developed to
determine which areas of responsibility
will be retained by the Council and

which will be allocated to the Town
Committees. Some facilities may be
considered an area responsibility such as
an airport serving an entire area and will
be managed by the Council whereas
other facililics such as cemeteries arc
primarily for use by one town and will
he maintained by that town.
Nomination Details
Those persons who registered as
candidates on Ahaco were a good cross-
section of thc commulnitics. Many
younger people came forward and
included labourers, businessmen,
ministers, a banker, contractors and a
In some communities there were
uncontested nominees, the number of
persons registering matched the number
of seats. These persons, thirty-one
throughout the Bahamas, have been
declared elected to serve as Town
Committee members.
On Abaco the two nominees from
Guana Cay were the only ones and since
their town was assigned only, two
representatives, these were automatically

BaTelCo will soon offer Internet
services throughout the Bahamas. In a
conversation with Senior Manager of
Marketing, Mr. Dudrick Edwards, he
announced that the introduction of
BaTelNet, the BaTelCo Internet service,
will be in mid-August. Two-month field
trials are now in progress using pass
words and are operational in Grand

elected unopposed and will represent
Guana Cay in the combined Guana Cay-
Man-O-War Cay town area.
The entire Town Committee for Little
Abaco were also elected unopposed as
there were seven nominees to make up a
committee of seven.
Little Abaco Chooses
Their Committee
Little Abaco has five communities
which together will form one Town
Committee. Fox Town and Crown Haven
will each be represented by two members
and Mount Hope, Wood Cay and Cedar
Harbour will each have one member.
Before July 5th, nomination day, the
voters of each community had a town
meeting to decide the people they wanted
to represent them. These were well
attended meetings with from 20 to 50
people in attendance.
The night before the nomination day,
there was a meeting open to all voters of
Little Abaco. About 60 persons attended
this meeting to make the final decision.
In Crown Haven and Fox Town three

Bahama, Exuma, Eleuthera, and Abaco
as well as Nassau.
Those using the service now dunng
the trial period are not being charged.
The Abaconian was assured that when
the program is fully operational the
charges will be very reasonable and there
PLEASE SEE Internet Page 14

people in each town came forward
wanting the nomination. In each case one
person withdrew, leaving the needed
number of two to represent each town.
"We came together and made our
decisions based not on politics but
picking the best persons in the
community," according to Mr. Leon
Pinder of Mount Hope.
When nomination day came, only
'those who were decided upon earlier
entered their nominations. They were
automatically named to be the Town


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'Te-rtbaceonian August 1996

The Internet Finally Arrives

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The Abaconian Paqe 3

The first Local Government elections in The Bahamas will be an historic event
as it brings Government nearer to the people. It is evident that there is a yearning
throughout The Bahamas for participation in the development of communities, for
the number of persons nominating for election as Councillors exceeded
Local Government represents a tremendous challenge for Abaco, allowing as it
does significant autonomy in certain matters. It will require local officials to
assume very quickly the responsibility for the provision of services and to deliver
them in a manner which reflects local knowledge of situations and local concern.
The opportunities provided by Local Government are unprecedented. Direct
involvement in decisions by person from within a community will be the platform
that will serve as a launch pad for the attainment of community objectives.
All indications are that the people of The Bahamas have fully embraced Local
Government. Following the elections what would need to be done is to turn the
initial enthusiasm into a commitment to transform communities into models of
efficiency and the ability to respond to community needs. I believe that the people
of Abaco are ready to meet the challenges.

Flag Raised Independence Eve

The Prime Minister, Hubert A.
Ingraham, in his budget presentation in
June, mentioned several items of interest
to the people of Abaco.
The problem of pollution in the
harbours at Marsh Harbour and Hope
Town will soon receive attention from
government officials. A new housing
subdivision will be developed in the
Marsh Harbour area.
The airport upgrade is complete at
Sandy Point. The Prime Minister
reported that a new terminal building will
be built at the Sandy Point airport and a
new airport will be built at Moore's
Marsh Harbour is due to have a new
international airport with a new terminal
and control tower. The cost is expected
to be $4.7 millionwhich will be provided

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by the European Union.
The Prime Minister mentioned that the
electrification of Abaco will be
completed which will provide service
from the Marsh Harbour base to Crown
Haven in the north to Crossing Rocks in
the south. Small power substations at Fox
Town, Cooper's Town, Green Turtle
Cay and Cherokee Sound are expected to
be closed. The Bahamas Electricity
Corporation is slated to acquire the
private franchises at Treasure Cay and
Moore's Island will soon have good
water. A reverse osmosis system will be
installed and operational soon and will
provide adequate amounts of good water.

Abaco had plans for celebrating the
23rd anniversary of Independence in
many ways. However, these celebrations
were disrupted by Hurricane Bertha
which blew in on July 10th. The church
service planned for the night of July 9th
went off smoothly outdoors with nearly
perfect weather, a pleasant breeze and a
comfortable temperature. The service
culminated in the raising of the flag at
midnight followed by fireworks.
Bringing the charge to the group was
Mr. Preston Cunningham, Deputy
Administratorfor South Abaco. He urged
the congregation to be good citizens, to
be good examples. He urged that we
must take seriously that we are nation-


builders and that is accomplished by each
person improving himself.
Keynote speaker was Rev. Carlton
Dorsett, President of the Abaco Christian
Council, who called on the people of
Abaco to unify particularly in view of the
advent of Local Government. He called
on the churches and their ministers to
lead the way. He emphasized that people
can accomplish what they set out to do
when they are unified. The Spirit of God
blesses those who strive toward unity.
Without unity there is no vision and
without vision the people perish.
The flag raising was included in a

PLEASE SEE Flag Page 39


Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham,
Prime Minister

August 1996

Page 4 The Abaconian August 1996

e 0 North Abaco Town Committees

Little Abaco Town Committee
Cooper's Town Polling Division 2 & 3

Wilfred Curry, Cedar Harbour

Jocelyn McIntosh, Fox Town

Burnell Parker, Fox Town
Clifford Russell, Crown Haven

Leon Pinder, Mt. Hope

Hayward Thomas, Crown Haven

John McIntosh, Wood Cay
Picture not available

Cooper's Town Town Committee
Cooper's Town Polling Divisions 4 & 5
Unofficial Count /

IL ;",




Boynell Williams

196 Starlene Nairn

. a, -

74 O'Donald McIntosh
Committee members with votes
received whose pictures were not
available are:
187 Everette August Bootle
178 Gersil Edgecombe
170 Kenneth Major
55 Edison Leon Cornish

Unsuccessful Candidates
137 Hartman Cooper
115 St. Anthony Nixon
105 Bertram Cooper
21 Euclid Baillou

PLEASE SEE Notth Abaco

Page 26

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..... ... ..

-- - -- --- -- -- -- --- ,.


August 1996



Page 6 The Abaconian August 1996
r^ " --- ~ -- - -' - 111111111111 111 11 11* " -*-- __ _

South Abaco Town Committees

Sandy Point Town Committee Cherokee Town Committee
Marsh Harbour Polling Division 7 Marsh Harbour Polling Divisions 4 & 5

185 Benjamin Pinder

172 Robert McKinney

132 James Wilfred Dean


Paul Pinder

140 Valeria Lightbourne 92 Nicholas Rober
94 Patrick Roberts
Photo not available

Unsuccessful Candidates
Walter Lightbourne
Lunsworth Lightbourne
Bruce Lightbourne
Preston Roberts

Mayricka Flowers
Ricardo Burrows
Fred Roberts
Stanley White
Christopher O'Brien

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News of the Cays --

News of the Cays

Green Turtle Cay
By Annabelle Cross
It seems strange that a hurricane is in
the headlines for July. Even though
hurricane season starts in June, we tend
to go on as usual in June and July. But
Bertha had other plans. Green Turtle Cay
was fortunate in that there was only
minimal damage. Some fruit trees were
lost to the wind but high tides caused the
most damage. A few houses in the area
of the basketball court had water inside,
damaging carpet, furniture and
appliances. The seawall in the area of
Mike's Bar was also damaged and the
dinghy dock washed almost completely
apart. The park project's retaining wall
which was still under construction was
damaged. Some people are being very
cautious and hurricane shutters are still
The annual July 4th Regatta went off
as usual with a nice breeze. There were
more than 70 boats competing in the first
race of Regatta Time in Abaco. The
annual awards party was again sponsored
by the William Brewer Company.
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs.
Victor Cooper, who were married on
June 20th in Nassau. Also
congratulations to Donnie and Pamela
Sawyer on the birth of their daughter,
Sabrina Lee, who was born on July 15th
in Florida. Justin is Sabrina's big
July 26th promises to be an exciting
day on Green Turtle Cay as well as all
over the Bahamas as we elect for the first
time the persons we want to manage the
affairs of our community. Fourteen
persons, twelve men and two women,
have nominated as candidates on Green

George Colby Cross
Son of Annabelle & George Cross

On qfy 26t1 you ahois nm a, one
of t9 msnmnbv to Ews. on tmEm
'JownAeip Comitte of tfhi gireawu;e
Cay T(tztct.
fSLank you fom youth confidLnez and
i *lide wit 0ods ,e4Z to wsee
wie aLL of my aetLy and e.sgy In
avzzyiny out my duties.
'-S# 'Lmetion wa- not t&s end Lut
zatiE tz Isliynning and tIns wozk now
itarti. %We arse aLL a padt of t&il
ploci ai we must lu/pwott eadA otfiEz.
laank you again f/oz you
confidnae In me..
JLan. you aLo to aLf of out
mEzond-Iom. ownavi and Atiidi wio
latd that the, wtiLd tLat thy could
aLso aat a c'otE fo0 "M.
^ /Inns

Turtle Cay. We can only hope that voter
turnout is the same as in general
elections and that people vote in the
interest of their community.
A new restaurant has opened in town.
"Islands" is located above Lowe's
Grocery on Parliament Street. They are
open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and
offer a lot more than the usual Bahamian
dishes. There's quite a few grilled
choices for persons wanting to stay away
from traditional fried food.
Funeral services were held on July 6th
for Miriam Murray, who died on June
21st. Mrs. Murray was 88 years old. She
was pre-deceased by her husband, Rev.
Alpheaus Murray, and is survived by
adopted children, Max Russell, Glen

. *..' ... ,--

! t -,L i mi....
r.n .

d i B'~'^- '|

PLEASE SEE Cays Page 24 The Green Turtle dinghy lock is damaged on July 10th after hurricane "Bertha".

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The Abaconian Page 7

A ..I^..s^e 1a

Page 8 The Abaconian August 1996

TAe fda p Cn Me ...

A Healthy Partnership Can Make It Work

The local elections are over. For the
first time in Bahamian history we have
elected Town Committees and our
District Councils will soon be in place.
Now we go to the next step which is
making it all work. The Committees are
eager to begin. They will start
immediately making decisions and
managing our towns. For instance,
schools open September 2nd and local
government must now see that they are
ready for the students.
There is a next step for all of us and
that is to support our new committee
In a democracy the nominees who
receive a majority of votes win. These
are the choice of the majority. However,
everyone must then work together and

support those elected to make it
Just as in national elections, we have
chosen these people and put our trust and
confidence in them that they will make
good decisions in managing our affairs.
We have given them the mandate to run
our communities. They must make their
decisions for the good of the greater
community. But just as in national
elections, some decisions they make will
not please everyone, they still must be
Many fine people hesitated being
nominated because of the criticism they
might be subjected to afterwards. This is
unfortunate. No one in office will please
everyone in all matters: however, the
council members must have reasons for

their actions, and we must accept their
One of the best ways to improve the
relationship between the Committees and
the community is for town residents to
attend the committee meetings and be
aware of the issues and proceedings.
These meetings will convert the
community goals into real projects.
Public funds will be allocated and
budgets will be made for the next year.
Observers may attend but like a court
session they cannot take part or be
disruptive. There may be issues where
the committee will invite the audience to
This is a government in the sunshine
and that means that while the committees
and boards do the business of the people,

they are open to public observation.
Most of the time the meetings are
dealing with routine and monotonous
issues. If agendas could be posted,
people would be more apt to attend when
pressing issues were debated. This is a
check to remind the committee members
who they are working for and reminds
them they are not there for their own
purposes but to serve the greater
Local Covernment is going to be
successful only as we all work together
and support the Committees and
Councils. They are working for us and
we must support them. We need to keep
in mind the slogan in the television ad,
"We won't get anywhere unless we get
there together!"

Letters to the editor

Thank You

from a Sailor
The word that Hurricane Betsy was
headed our way was not good news. Yet
it became an event of special blessings,
thanks to the extraordinary generosity of
the people of Marsh Harbour. We were
at the Admiral's Yacht Haven with our
sailboat when the preparations began for
the storm. Sails were stowed and anchors
checked, Finally, as the hurricane
approached, we pulled away from the
dock and set three anchors. We then left
the boat to fend for herself.
The first night was spent at the Pizza
Hut where Silbert Mills was an
exemplary host. There was much to do
helping other boaters get their dinghies
stowed. When morning came and the
storm drew closer with winds now
reaching fifty miles an hour, a number of
us took a taxi to a shelter. The driver
took us to the Agape Christian School.
Considering that we were all
strangers, not only to the members of the
church and school, but also mostly to
each other, it was remarkable to see the
sharing of food that took place.
Particularly, the ladies of the church
emptied their cupboards and brought us
whatever they had. This was generous to
the extreme. It was heartwarming that so
many members just came by to visit us.

The Abaconian
Published monthly
David & Kathleen Ralph
Editors & Publishers
P.O. Box AB 20551
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 809-367-2677 Fax 367-3677
E-mail dralph@batelco.bs
Mike & Anne Adair, Madeline Albury,
Fr. Hugh Chapman, Lenora Cooper,
Annabelle Cross, Ruth Flowers, Sinclair
Frederick, John Hedden, Nancy Knowles,
Dan McCully, Mike Meeson, Ken Owen,
Chere Pinder, Lee Pinder, Kirk Reckley,
Royanne Swain
Credit: Stephen Nash for parrot sketches
& Bahamas Information Service
Subscription Information on Page 9

We get to know the Abaconians who
work in boat related-services, but we
seldom meet anyone else. This
emergency gave us the privilege of
meeting so many of the people whom we
otherwise never see.
It may just be my reaction to the
hospitality and help we received, but I
feel that Abaconians are special. Perhaps
this feeling originated while I was
helping other boaters stowing their
dinghies away. A man on a bicycle came
by the Pizza Hut, stopped and helped.
After an hour or so he had to continue on
his way, but as he left he looked at me

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American Standard &
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'. Fort L-uderdale

and said, "Don't worry, we won't let
anything happen to you."
In my heart I felt he was speaking for
all the people of Abaco. Thank you.
Henry Folkersen

Hurricane Exploiter
at Leisure Lee
Dear Mr. Editor:
There are so many wonderful stories
about the Abaconian people who were so
helpful to the boaters here during
Hurricane Bertha. However, there was

Floor Tiles, Formica, Pair
Windows, Doors, Hardwa


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Great Abaco I1:


2K 2Y:

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FAA C.rrller!ir 4,r C' 3rir Full In'ure.

one exception which I feel needs to be
My husband and I sought haven from
Bertha at Leisure Lee and arrived there
Tuesday before the storm. We anchored
there with at least 20 other boats,
including five from the Moorings
An owner at the far end of the main
channel is building a house and living on
a motor cruiser called the Lady Elite. For
some unknown reason he chained off a
portion of the canal, precluding boaters


Distributor for
Skil Power Tools
General Electric Appliances
Stanley Tools & Hardware
Fencing sold & installed

Marsh Harbour /
Treasure Cay

.fn 14 Props and Jets Inc.
and I I

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4>00 852-0275
S\ 9\ 9114 42.1-1-74

For all your building needs


P O Box 488, Weekdays 7am-4pm
Marsh Harbour, Abaco Saturday 7am-Noon Phone 367-2170 FAX 367- 2928

- 'I

Page 9


... A ~

The Alsaeonian Pa e 9

More Letters to the editor

Lette rs FROM Page 8
from using that section for anchoring. He
then approached the boaters saying that
he represented the owners' association
and was assessing EACH BOAT A $30
people refused to pay, he became
verbally abusive and threatened not only
physical harm but to also cut lines and
ram boats!
Bertha came through Wednesday and
we all fared well. However, on Thursday
this same individual went racing through
the anchorages in his powerboat making
insults and threats. Rather than have a
confrontation with someone who seemed
to be getting out of control, many of the
boaters felt it was prudent to leave,
despite continued high winds and seas.
We later found out that he, in fact, did
NOT represent any of the homeowners
and that they do NOT charge for
anchoring in their canals.
Other owners at Leisure Lee opened
their doors to the boaters and offered
water and help, if needed. To these
people, I give a sincere and. grateful
"Thanks." To the owner of the Lady
Elite I say, "Shame on you for your
disgraceful behavior." In a time of
potential disaster people should reach out
their hands in giving, not to grab at and
exploit others.
Patricia Gay Cor

Pleased with
Local Government
Dear Sir/Madam,
I will count myself lucky if I can get
this letter printed in your column due to
the fact that your column has become so
popular. It seems that everybody has
something to say. To me, that's
encouraging. I must say that I am even
further encouraged b. the strides being
taken to implement local government. It
is this that I would like to comment on.
In any true democracy, local
government, in what ever form it is
presented, is or should be a natural part
of the maturing process of that
democracy. The only thing that I have
any reservations about is the petty
attitudes that many of us seem to be
unable to suppress.
Again, in any true democracy, it is the
voice of the people, by way of their vote,
which must be heard and obeyed. And in
our case the voice of the people said yes
we want local government; the voice of
the people said who they wanted to fill
the positions in their respective

Elbow Cay on White Sound
near Hope Town

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Romantic tropical rooms
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Free beot decking
ScenlI bar serving your
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Wonderful food served
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Breakfast, Lunch and
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Come by boat, or call
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Hope Town
Reservation requested
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VHF 16 Phone 366-0133

communities; and it will be voice of the
people that will either re-elect these
elected officials or boot their behinds
out! So, do you understand what I'm
trying to say? The people, not the white
folks or not the black folks, not the rich
folk or the poor folk but the PEOPLE!
Got it? If not, then there's simply no
In closing, just let me say how proud
I am of the Bahamian people. We went
out on July 26th and we "spoke.' There
were no incidents of violence that I am
aware of. So, we have smoothly moved
into yet another history-making event in
our political lives. I am sure that if this
new system is properly supported, then
all of us will enjoy the success and
benefits of it.
William (Billy) Roberts

Bahamian Ties With the
Dear Editors:
Thank you for publishing an
abbreviated copy of a letter to Deb
(D.P.) Patterson, at her request, in the
July edition of The Abaconian. I was
surprised with the number of comments
that I received following the publication,
mostly in the tone of, "I didn't know
It was not my intention to comment on
the system before Independence but
simply to indicate that the country is still
very much part of the British
Commonwealth of Nations. As I pointed
out, Queen Elizabeth II is the head of
state and she is represented in The

Arawak Agency


Shipping & Freight Clearing
Imports & Exports by Air or Sea
Cruising Permits Extended
Boat Duties Handled

"One Call Does it All"

Phone 809-367-2089, FAX 367-2530, VHF 16
P 0 Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Visit our waterfront office on Front Street

Bahamas by the Governor-General who
is selected by Bahamians but appointed
by The Queen.
It is the ties with the more than thirty
other nations of the Commonwealth that
are so important. At the annual first
ministers' meeting, The Bahamas,
represented-by the Prime Minister, holds
equal status with much larger countries
such as Canada, Australia and The
United Kingdom. The countries all share
a commonality in constitutional matters
and use persuasion rather than force to
keep the organization functioning
successfully. The Commonwealth
represents more people and nations than
any other group with the exception of the
United Nations.
Tony Bennett
PLEASE SEE Letters Page 36

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To Nassau, Freeport & other Islands
Miami, W. Palm Beach & beyond
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Committed to a Higher Standard in Aviation

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g Phone 809-367-2677 0 Fax 809-367-3677

August 1996

Page 10 The Alncoiiian August 1996

.1' Central Abaco Town Committees

Dundas Town Town Committee
Hope Town Polling Divisions 6 & 7

Greta Strachan-Culmer

76 Percy G. Archer

77 E. L. "Jimmy" Williams

100 Silbert Mills

72 Wade L. Archer

59 Kayla C. Lockhart

Unsuccessful Candidates
65 Larry Williams
51 Carlton K. Dorsett
49 George Wilson
31 Augustine Williams
5 Hugh J. Cottis
47 Rosemary Mills-Thompson
36 Cay S. Mills (Russell)
50 Laura Anderson
46 Dave R. Darville
35 Godfrey E. Ferguson
44 Sybil E. Ferguson


Soft Drinks

Supplying all of Abaco
with a complete line of


* Malts

Juices & Water
Around the corer from the Traffic Light
in Marsh Harbour on Stratton Drive

Call 367-2797

Man-O-War Town Committee
Hope Town Polling Divisions 2 & 3


98 Walter P. Sweeting 73 Richard P. Roberts

93 Mark L. Gates Anthony Roberts
f ,U..

89 Thomas J. Albury Cecil "Tom" Roberts

Unsuccessful Candidates
S70 Roy V. Russell
65 Ray C. Weatherford
56 S.1 Wallace McDonald
25 K. Harcourt Thompson

83 Brent N. Albury PLEASE SEE Central Abaco Pag32
83 Brent N. Albury PLEASE SEE Central Abaco Page 32

5he Jiouse 2That F1jAsion juilt
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Weddings & Funerals
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For a Quick Bite, Try Our Convenient
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' ~ (


I S _. *'

The Abaconian Page 11

School News

Forest Heights Has
By Mike Meeson
June 18th marked the graduation
exercises for the grade 12 students of
Forest Height Academy. This ceremony
was held at St. Francis de Sales Church.
All the students were resplendent in their
blue caps and gowns as they opened the
proceedings with their processional.
Roses were given to parents during a
stirring performance by the school choir.
The Principal, Mr. Michael Meeson,
stated in his address that the school
would be opening in September with two
grade 7 classes and increased enrollment
in all other grades, virtually doubling the
present enrollment. The school was
committed to continuing their high
academic achievement and initiatives in
the area of vocational education.
The keynote speaker was Mr. Ricky
Lowe of Nassau Motor Company and
President of the East Nassau Rotary
Club. He gave insights of his early
education at Marsh Harbour All Age
School. He challenged the graduates to
believe in themselves, continue with their
ideals and always to set high standards.
Mr. Lowe then went on to the Awards
presentation with Ian Bethell being

Congratulations to
Robert Simmons
.. .,... x.* i ".I "iaH .i IK'

On your promotion fom
Constable to Corporal
From your
Wife 2Denise &
Son Robert Jr
Darling you deserved it

Harbour View

Dockage, Laundry
Ice, Water & Fuel


Boat Rentals
21, 23 & 24 Ft Outboards
by the Day or Week
P 0 Box 457
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2182

awarded the prizes for religion,
language, history and geography. Waylon
Lowe was awarded the prizes for art,
maths, biology and combined science.

Adrian Lowe was awarded the prize for
citizenship and Most Improved Student.
Consequently, this year there were two
Valedictorians, Ian Bethell and Waylon


The graduating class of Forest Height Academy include, back row, I to r, lan Bethell,
Waylon Lowe, Adrian Lowe and front row, I to r, Natasha Sawyer, Jennifer Sattem,
Rochelle Albury, Kirsten Bootle. Photo by M. Meeson

Lowe. lan Bethell thanked the faculty
and school friends for all their help
PLEASE SEE School Page 31

S Waterfront or Hilltop
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Have Fun in the Sun
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Explore the Islands
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Back to School


The shoe place

g Jr REW Leather Belts
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HANES Hosiery
Handbags and Accessories
Socks 0

Marsh Harbour
Store Hours Mon Sat 9 5 Friday to 5:30 Phone 367-2424
REW*Leater 1elt

August 1996

Page 12 The Abaconian August 1996

South Abaco News

Cherokee Sound
By Lee Pinder
I am not now in Cherokee, as most of
you probably already know. Still, I do
not want to miss this opportunity to keep
in touch with all our friends and
neighbours back home.
Just like travellers who come to The
Bahamas for vacation to escape their
hectic work-a-day city life, Abaconians
also like to go off in search of different
surroundings during the summer while
school is out and before crawfish season
opens again.
In fact, many visitors who come to our
shores ask, "Where do you go for a
vacation?" They ask this question as if to
infer where could you possibly go. It
just doesn't get any better than this.
They're right, you know, we live in
paradise. But how many of us really
appreciate it.
July and August is definitely the best
time of the year to try to escape the heat
and find a haven for relaxation. Our stay
here in the Allegheny Mountains in New
York State is certainly a change of

scenery for us. There are lush green
countryside with many wild birds and
strange animals as well as a profusion of
lovely flowers everywhere you look. The
cool evenings make it especially nice and
we are certainly enjoying our stay here.
But we long to get back to our little
island home.
Being off the island during that first
week in July we could only watch and
wonder if we would have a home to go
back to while a hurricane bore down on
the Northern Bahamas. The weather
channel on TV predicted Bertha's course
as going straight through Abaco and we
were extremely nervous waiting for it to
pass. When we finally did hear first-hand
damage reports, we felt thankful that
Abaco was spared once more from
receiving the worst that the storm had to
In our mind's eye we can visualize all
the summer activities at the long dock
and all the picnics at point-a-spit and we
realize that it won't be long now before
we are back home again. Thank you for
all your calls.

Across from the Conch Inn in Marsh Harbour

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, 0

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on the harbour road in Hope Town

Sandy Point
By Ruth Flowers
A pre-Independence celebration was
held at the Sandy Point soft-ball field on
the 20th of July with Police Constable
Dorsett and local board members
officiating. There was free food and
drinks lots of games for the children and
fireworks in the evening.
The annual Mt. Zion Baptist Church
picnic for the August Monday holiday
will take place as usual at the public
The entire community is more excited
this week than ever before on the
elections for Local Government.
Moore's Island
By Ken Owen
On the 26th of June Moore's Island
All Age School experienced yet another
"first," namely the Commencement
Exercise and Prize Giving which took
place at the renovated school hall. At
present the school caters to students up to

In Parker's Plaza, Treasure Cay
Baked Goods, Snacks, Hamburgers
Chefs & Caesar Salads, Hot Patties
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Visit our Marine Store
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Equipment and Accessories

Ad for Pool & Beach Wear
Gifts &

on Marsh Harbour's waterfront
Phone 367-2163
Store Hours 8 5 Monday thru Friday Saturday 8 1

grade nine. Beyond that, students enroll
at high school on the mainland or in
Nassau or Freeport. The occasion was,
therefore, a historic one, much
anticipated by all.
The theme of the exercise was Shaping
Today's Youth for Tomorrow. The guest
speaker, the M.C. and even the
photographer were Moore's Islanders
who had excelled in their fields in the
wider world outside Moore's Island.
There were eleven Grade 9 students,
all of whom had recently sat their BJC
examinations. Two of them were honour
students (GPA's of 3.0 or above),
namely Miranda Davis and Patricia
Williams. The head girl, Kimberly
Williams, and head boy, Deangelo Key,
spoke on behalf of the class. Both
speeches were original and well received.
During the evening the Class of '96
rendered two songs, both received
tumultuous applause.

PLEASE SEE South Page 34

llt,' mtol'IDE LOANS FOR: -




The Abaconian Page 13



Buy Heineken from any
P_ Burns House store, and
'tt participating retailers and fill
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You could be one of
i5 winners of a Heineken
Summer Party Pack
(a case of Heineken, Heineken bar
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Each winner will then be
P entered into the GRAND
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14th at 2pm, when you could be
the winner of


S.;'' : ,,|| V ,
t *

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Winners will be posted in
participating Family Island stores

cool, fresh


August 1996


Page 14 The Abaconian August 1996


By Kirk Reckley
Abaco Softball
Association Update
The Abaco Softball Association
successfully staged the Marcel Albury
Memorial Tournament, a tournament in
memory of Marcel Albury, from July
12th -13th. Four ladies' teams and one
men's team traveled from Grand
Bahamas to compete in the tournament,
the Kaptain Kenny Rockers, Carolan

Pearls, Ting Swingers, Coca Cola
Strikettes and the Police Enforcers.
Games were played Friday night at the
Marsh Harbour ball park and Saturday
all day at the Murphy Town Park and
Marsh Harbour Park. On Saturday night
the Police Enforcers won the
championship game with the Murray
The ladies' games were not completed
but will be in Grand Bahama during
August Monday. Only Grand Bahama
ladies' teams will be competing for the

championship. The Abaco ladies' teams
were terminated. In total 19 games were
played which made the tournament a
success. The Abaco Softball Association
would also like to thank all the sponsors
who made it happen.

Marsh Harbour Sharks
M & M Mac Raiders

10 3

Internet FROM Page 2
will be a variety of programs available
which will accommodate various user
The Abaconian will have more details
of how to register, the rates and the

Walter McIntosh Constructioners 6 6
Murrays Generals 6 7
Papa Nasty Earthmovers 1 12
Ladies Standings
Charlie's Angels 10 1
Papa Nasty Falconettes 6 5
Abaco Skippers 5 5
Island Boil Aristocrats (0 9

services offered in the September issue.
If you are interested in using Internet,
you must have a computer which is a 486
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28,000 bps or more. For further
information you may call 809-328-0990.



.4; .*..

On June 30th Mr. Vernon Malone was recognized and accredited as a Lay Preacher in
the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church. Mr. Malone has served as a Lay
Preacher in St. James Methodist Church in Hope Town for 24 years. There were many
distinguished visitors present for this event. Mr. Reginald Eldon, Secretary of the
Conference was the representative of the Conference to this event. Photo by Rev. Carla Culmer

Sarah O'Connor & Peter Kline
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Historic Harbour Lodge

Excellent Snorkeling from our 2-mile Ocean Beach
Air Conditioned Accommodations, Fresh Water Pool
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Appetizers Served Poolside 2:30 7 p.m. Daily


Happy Hour Daily 4 5 p.m.
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Complimentary Dockage
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m UmI

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The Abaconian Page 15

(JThurch e.6a1

Abaco Bids Farewell
to Bishop Eldon
Rev. Fr. Hugh Chapman
The eight Anglican churches here in
Abaco joined together in the month of
June to pay tribute to retiring Anglican
Bishop Michael Hartley Eldon. This
tribute was spread over a four-day period
which saw the Bishop engaging in
various activities.
Bishop Eldon will retire come August
31st, 1996, after serving as the first
Bahamian prelate for some twenty-four
years. Prior to his being consecrated
bishop in 1971, Bishop Eldon served
here in the Northern Bahamas as
Archdeacon. During his tenure as
Archdeacon the Anglican Church's
presence increased as a number of
churches were built and dedicated to the
greater glory of God.
Abaco was to benefit similarly after he
became diocesan bishop in 1972. In fact
the very first church that he dedicated
after his consecration was the church of
St. John-the-Baptist in Marsh Harbour in

Bishop Michael Eldon
1972. Since then Bishop Eldon has never
failed to visit or lend his episcopal
presence to our island of Abaco. Hence
the tribute.
This tribute saw Bishop Eldon taking
centre stage at three different activities,
namely a gala banquet held in his honour
at the Spinnaker Restaurant in Treasure
Cay, the re-dedication of the church of
St. Saviours' in Black Wood and the
institution of Rev. Fr. Hugh Chapman as
priest-in-charge of the churches of St.

John-the-Baptist in Marsh Harbour and
St. Martin in Sandy Point.
The banquet was well attended by a.
cross-section of the Abaconian
community led by our island's
administrator Mr. Everett Hart and
Member of Parliament for the Hope
Town Constituency, Mr. Robert
Sweeting. The featured address was
presented in grand style by Circuit
Magistrate Mrs. Sharon Wilson, who
deputised for the chancellor of the
diocese and Governor-General Sir Orville
The bishop received a host of gifts and

several well wishers paid tribute to him
to complete the ceremony. In response,
Bishop Eldon thanked all for the tribute
but most of all Almighty God for
affording him the opportunity to serve as
bishop for the past twenty-four years.
This program to honour Bishop Eldon
was coordinated by a committee led by
Mrs. Royann Swain and did include
several distinguished members of our
Abaconian community.


Page 37


Customs Brokerage &
T-W t_-5 fi AnangIy

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After Hours and Weekend Problems Handled
Hudson Building, Marsh Harbour, P.O. Box AB 20253
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'( Bahamian & Foreign
Breads Fruit Cake
Weddings & Parties Catered
On the Marsh Harbour Waterfront beside Sharkee's Pizza 0 367-4233

August 1996


.... rr; -

Page 16 The Abaconian August 1996

Jeff Gale Is the Overall Regatta Winner

By Mike and Anne Adair
Jeff Gale has accomplished in yacht
racing more in his 29 young years than
most sailors hope to achieve in a
lifetime. He and the crew of his B32,
Abbey Normal, not only swept every
race in the 1996 Regatta Time in Abaco
but won some rounds by margins as high
as 18 minutes. "We almost missed the
first race," explained Gale. We had to
load the boat in Block Island, Rhode
Island, pull it all the way to Florida on a
trailer, then launch and sail it to Green
Turtle Cay, all in four days. We arrived
at 1 a.m. off New Plymouth, just a few
hours before the starting gun."
The victory of '96 wasn't exactly a
surprise. In last year's RTIA races Gale
skippered his former boat, a J-24 named
Blind Pig, to the overall class trophy.
Gale and his crew of "Pig-a-teers" have
been challenging the front runners for
numerous years on both the Florida and
Abaco circuits.
Gale learned his sailing skills while
growing up on Parrot Cay here in
Abaco. He explained, "My dad got me
started. He has sailed since he was a boy
and used to race Sunfish. I remember his
taking me out before I was big enough to
steer. I loved it. As I got older my mom
encouraged me and often helped me rig
and launch the Sunfish off Parrot Cay."
The young skipper developed his
racing tactics around the marks of the
Hope Town Sailing Club's junior
program under the leadership of Carlin
Malone. "I was only seven then and got
beat really bad for two years," he
lamented. "Finally I got big enough and
good enough to beat Monty Albury and
win the Derrick Lee Trophy. What a


"Growing up in The Bahamas has its
advantages," added the young racer.
"The water is warm, clear and we sail
year round." During his high school
years Gale gained valuable RTIA training
crewing for Clay Wilhoyte on
Tanglefoot. He elaborated, "Clay was
older, more experienced and taught me a
lot during those years."
Why is Gale so successful on the
highly competitive North American
racing scene? Gale said, "I have a core
group of three guys, Peter Kline, John
Blackford and Tom Robinson that have
sailed with me for over nine years.
They're great. I'm a pretty mellow
skipper," continued Gale. "I try to listen
to everybody and then make the best call
that I can."
Gales' B32 has had an excellent first
season, finishing third in her first race in
the Tampa Bay regatta, winning the Key
west Race Week and, more recently,
barely missing first overall by a of a
point in the prestigious Block Island Race
Week. Gale commented, "I was most
pleased with our Block Island finish.
There were more boats in the Key West
fleet, but the competition was keener at
Block Island."
Abbey Normal benefitted from the
expertise of sailmaker Doug Fisher for
her first three regattas. Gale explained,
"Doug is a master at tactics and sail
trim. He took a lot of pressure off me.
All I had to worry about was steering the
The sleek racing boat, with Gale at the
helm, will sail back to Florida for the fall
season. Jeff continued, "I could never
have done this without the support of my
parents. They have always promoted my
sailing and given me flexibility with my


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Pick-up at Royal Harbour
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Fri & Sat 11 a.m.- 11 p.m.

schedule at Island Marine, enabling me
to attend the races."
Should the Bahamas ever send an
entry to the Americas Cup, expect to see
Jeff Gale at the helm.

FROM Page 1

Council. Some Town Committees
members agreed on their Chairman and
Deputy Chairman prior to their first
meeting so they were elected
The nominees were very serious as
they campaigned. They sported flyers, T-
shirts and biographical sketches, they
visited, they had rallies, and they even
wrote out Manifestos with their ideas.
The Manifestos included forming
libraries, cleaning up dumps, cleaning
the towns and helping small
businessmen. There was an emphasis on
cleaning up the towns, public areas,
shore lines and dumps. They also were
concerned with their children, wanting
summer school, jobs and scholarships.

Mr. & Mrs. NeidaAder(ey
Jul 29th, 1995
iHoney It's been the
sweetest year of my itfe"

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O fBreakfast 8:30 10 am
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Bar open 8:30 am 'til...
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Restaurant & Bar Live Music Weds & Fri 8 11 pm
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Hope Town Waterfront
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chef Gary Hudson. Or perhaps our 12
varieties of ice cream and sorbets are
more to your liking.
A party of two
presenting this ad during August 96 will receive a
free cocktail, a party of four will receive a bottle of
wine with dinner. This is our way of welcoming
you to a fine dining experience.
As a special bonus to our Abaco friends only and
based on availability/
you will receive a special --
.room rate of $40 per night
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Come spend the weekend with us. 1
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Open 9-3 Monday Friday 365-8489
Abaco Ceramics also sold at Barefoot Qifts & Abaco Treasures Marsh Harbour
Island Gallery Hope Town Island Treasures Man-O-War Cay
P.O. Box AB 22117, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
,,, '


. -, A- p

The Abaeonian Page 17

Disney & Gorda Cay Are on Stream

The Disney project on Gorda Cay is
well underway and ahead of schedule.
The American Bridge company is the
main contractor and they have sub-
contracted some of the initial work to be
done. Two cruise ships will be using the
new facility weekly beginning in 1998.
They will be capable of bringing about


FROM Page. 18

Abaco and will begin in his new position
on August 1st. He will be replacing Mr.
Warren Albury, who is retiring. Mr.
Symonette grew up in Fox Town but has
been away for many years. He has been
with Batelco for the past 19 years.
Mr. Symonette is coming to us from
Freeport, Grand Bahama, where he was
manager of the Freeport/Lucaya
switching network. He has also had
experience as manager of the switching
and traffic engineering for Grand Bahama
and Bimini.
Mr. Symonette is very community-
minded and was a past president of the
Freeport Lion's Club. His wife, Melinda
and sons Tellis, Jr. and Tevin will be
joining him here shortly.

8000 visitors to the island weekly. The
island will be renamed Cast-Away Cay to
enhance the image which Disney will be
creating in their recreational theme park.
The blasting and dredging is being
done by the Great Lakes company which
brought in a special boat to drill the holes
for blasting which is now complete. The
blasting was necessary to deepen the
channel and turning basin for the two
cruise ships which will be using the
facility. The Great Lakes company now
has a hydraulic dredge, the Alaskan,
dredging out the area. This dredging will
be completed in about two weeks.
The dredge has moved a half million
yards of fill, creating a man-made island
and filling in the end of Gorda Cay.
During the construction time the two
islands will be joined but plans call for a
channel to be cut during the final
preparations and a bridge to be
constructed, joining the two islands.
The man-made island will be the
location of the dock for the cruise ships.
The dock area will be bulk-headed and
the rest of the island shore line will be
protected with five to eight ton boulders
which will be brought from Grand

Shoes and Footwear
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Shirts, Blouses & Shoes
SSchool Bags and Backpacks
School Supplies
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Sewing Machines, Fabrics & Notions
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Lowe's Pharmacy
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E New Engines R
S Free Oil with each engine purchase i

R Marsh Harbour R
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E The Outboard Shop E


Bahama. They anticipate having the bulk-
heading and shore line work completed
by Christmas. Also during the next
several months, they will be grading the
site of the main entertainment area and
will be building the foundations for the
27 buildings which are planned.
Hurricane Bertha did not do major
havoc at Cast-Away Cay. Some fill was
lost but has been reclaimed already.
American Bridge will be bringing to
Sandy Point some temporary housing
units which will leave when the company
has completed their work. They will be
sub-contracting with Bahamian companies
and expect to accept applications for
work during August. They are expecting

to provide a Customs office on the Cay
within a few weeks which will facilitate
the clearing of construction materials.
The supervisory staff assigned to
oversee the project are quite familiar
with the Bahamas having worked in
many locations in The Bahamas,
including Grand Bahama, Walker's Cay,
Chubb Cay and Andros.

Air Conditioners Central & Wall Units
Fans for Ceiling, Floor, Wall & Table-top
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"Original Handcracfted Jewelry"
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Shoppe is designed and manufactured
by ninth generation Abaconian artists
at historic New Plymouth on Green
Turtle Cay.
* Resort wear for men, women & children
* Unique gifts and souvenir items
*Large selection ofqualfty T-shirts and caps
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Green Turtle Cay 365-4221

As big as you can get...

I ,

August 1996

Page 18 The Abaconian August 1996

People in the News

BaTelCo Honours
Warren Albury
A retirement party was held in honour
of Mr. Warren M. Albury, Senior
Manager/Abaco, who is retiring from
Batelco after 44 years of service. The
dinner and tribute were held at the Great
Abaco Beach Hotel on July 19th. Most of
the years of his employment by Batelco
were on Abaco but he also spent time on
Long Island, Cat Cay and Freeport.

manager of the Marsh Harbour station
for almost thirty years. He gave some
details about the early days of phone
service on Abaco. The first
communications system was only a
telegraph circuit installed in Hope Town
in 1920. (At that time Hope Town was
the seat of government with the
Commissioner stationed there.)
The first telephone circuit for voice
was installed in Hope Town about 1948.
At that time there was telegraph service
in only four towns on Abaco. In 1950 a
radio system was installed connecting
four towns with Nassau and a better link
between Marsh Harbour and Nassau was
in place in 1958.
In 1964 Batelco moved to its present
location in Marsh Harbour where there
was installed a Forward Scatter System'
which greatly improved telephone service
for the entire area.
It wasn't until 1970 that Marsh
Harbour had a limited number of

customers could dial the local office.
Direct Distant Dialing came ten years
later in 1980. During the later 1980s a
major project gave nine towns on Abaco
digital and micro-wave systems. A fibre-
optic cable supplied phone service to
Spring City in 1989.
Batelco has continued to upgrade the
equipment and extended service since
then. Treasure Cay and Guana Cay now
have telephones and the network is still
being expanded to include the few areas
now without phones on Abaco.
Cellular service began in 1988 and
now many people have multiple lines for
fax machines and modems.
The number of telephones in service
throughout Abaco in 1950 was ten. Now
there are 5,134 phones in service at 13
sites on Abaco. Mr. Albury has played a
major role in the remarkable journey of
Abaco developing from being a remote,
isolated island to utilizing advanced
sophisticated technology.

BaTelCo Names Their
New Abaco Manager
Mr. Tellis Symonette has been named
General Manager of the Bahamas
Telecommunications Corporation for

Mr. Tellis Symonette
PLEASE SEE People Page 17

Warren M. Albury
Present at the dinner were several
administrators from Batelco in Nassau.
These included Mr. Michael Symonette,
General Manager; Leander Bethel,
Deputy General Manager; and Edward
Gittens, Assistant General Manager for
the Family Island. Representatives of
many of the Batelco stations throughout
Abaco were present to give tribute.
Mr. Albury spoke briefly of his years
with Batelco. He began his career by
learning Morse code from Mr. Wilson
(Uncle Wissie) Albury, who was

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Dairy Products

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Cash and Carry Display
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Free Office and Home Delivery
Water Coolers & Bottle Pumps
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DURACELL Batteries

Blue Bird Juice
Del Monte
Bake Rite Shortening



0 m m m 0 m m m 0 m m 0



Storm Shelters Were
Used and Appreciated
The shelters named by the government
for each community were active during
the passing of Hurricane Bertha. Many of
those who used the shelters were boaters
who secured their boats as best they
could and then came ashore to a safer
The visitors were quite complimentary
about the way they were treated. They
were amazed that, even during the crisis
which was also potentially damaging for
the Bahamians, our people treated them
so well. Some incidents of hospitality
included Ruth and Frank of the Bahamas
Family Market took some boaters to their
home. Some boaters took shelter at
Admiral's Yacht Haven and Silbert Mills
later took them to shelters.
In Man-O-War Nancy and Michael
had a house full of boaters, probably
about 30, and fed them all spaghetti. The
Mission House in Hope Town was full
and they all found hospitality there was
The shelters in Marsh Harbour were
well used. Those at the Catholic Church,
the Marsh Harbour Gospel Chapel and
the Anglican Parish Hall appreciated
being able to use the kitchen facilities.
Those at the Gospel Chapel were
especially appreciative and praised the
set-up there. They were able to use all
the classrooms and found the situation
there particularly comfortable. They were
quite surprised and pleased with the
hospitality of the church members as they
brought food and took care of their
needs. The thirty to forty people there
helped with hurricane preparations by
putting up shutters.

Local Weather Updated

Silbert Mills is now providing
continuous weather information for
Abaco. By calling 367-4531 you can hear
the current weather and a forecast. He
gives pertinent details of weather systems
which will affect our weather, describes
any tropical formations which may

Guana Beach
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Drink Specials
Free Munches
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Come Visit Abaco's Finest Beach
Round Trip Ferry Ride
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1 Lunch Entree
1 "Guana Grabber" or Fruit Punch
Present this coupon to Boat Captain

develop and gives local particulars such
as tides and temperatures for Abaco.
Mr. Mills also gives a detailed
weather analysis each morning on the
VHF on Channel 68 at 8:15 a.m.
Mr. Mills was very helpful during the
recent hurricane scare when Bertha
brushed past. He had updates on the
hurricane at 8 a.m., 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.
daily. His reports were greatly
appreciated by many Bahamians and
shore-based people with VFH radios as
well as our boating visitors.
It was good that Mr. Mills was so
diligent and faithful in his many weather
reports during the hours when Bertha
was a threat. Many in our area listened
to ZNS Freeport but were disappointed
that they broadcast a long Independence
Day church service from Nassau. They
did not provide any weather information
for several hours that morning for the
people of Abaco who were faced with an
unknown force which could have been
quite damaging.


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Cay. Enjoy our secluded
beaches and quaint village. Stay
with us at one of the best
protected marinas in the
Bahamas. We also offer a wide
variety of services. While you're

The Abaconian Paqe 19

-- b ------ r

Wind and wave action were at their peak during the late afternoon on July 10. The
waves were lifting dock planking at Admirals Yacht Haven in Marsh Harbour and water
was crossing the road between the marina and the government wharf in the background.
Photo by Cay Russell
I 1I




CALL 367-4732/1
FAX 367-4772


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Reasonable Rates
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Marsh Harbour
Airport Terminal
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Wilmac and
Save! Save! SAVE!
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Visa & Master Cards

here browse the Dive Shop
which carries a great selection
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accessories and enjoy lunch or
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Island Telephones
Radio Lnk

* Business Band Radio
* VHF. Marine Radio
* Telecommunications

P. O. Box AB22136
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A Division of
Aero Marine Engineering

Parts Center Phone 367-4227 Home Center Phone 367-2300
Mon Fri 8 to 5 Sat 8 to 12 Mon Fri 9 to 5 Sat 9 to 12
Home Appliance Parts & Repairs Mattresses & Linens
Lawnmowers & Garden Tools Whirlpool Appliances
Delco Remy Batteries, Tires Carpet Sold & Installed
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Lawn & Garden Supplies Housewares & Kitchenware
Bicycles, Parts & Repairs Vacuums & Sewing Machines
Sears Craftsman Tools Se4ice 4 Sale

Don MacKay Boulevard, Marsh Harbour



August 1996

Page 20 The Abaconian August 1996

Regatta Brings Spinnakers and Trophies

Photo on the right shows Jeff Gale of F lope Town accepting his overall
trophy from Miss Opal Dawkins, Abaco's Miss Talented Teen, at the
Jib Room on July 12th. Photo in the middle is Jeff Gales boat,
ABBEY NORMAL., underway with her spinnaker fl %ing. Photo on the ,
left photo shows the colorful spinnakers the boats use on the down
wind courses. Photos by Dave Gale

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So12 r f
1 Distributed by l 00U .
11 7- i *. L


8 -- Phone 367-2020 Fax 367-2242 8

5 84 83 82 81 80 79 78 77

6 7 75 74 73 72 71 70 69 6 8

August 1996

- 11






Sr -T
v-^. .. .' ,. "z .

The Abaconian Page 21




Page 22 The Abaconian August 1996

Fishing Rules Explained

In view of recent prosecutions for
fishing violations, the following
guidelines are given. The fishing rules
that apply to visitors and residents are
generally not well understood.
Sportfishing requires a permit which is
usually purchased at Customs when a
boat enters the Bahamas. The permit fee
is $20 for one trip or $150 annually. The
trip fee is typically applied to boats
coming to Bimini or West End for a
short trip. The permit is valid for all
people on board.
Bahamian boats do not need the permit
when captained by a Bahamian. A
Bahamian boat is one that has had the
duty paid and has an annual Bahamian
registration or boat license. Bahamian
boats over 20 feet in length need a
license if operated by non-Bahamians.
This would apply to 2nd home-owner and
rental boats; however, this rule is not
being enforced at this time.
Visitors fishing from a boat are
"restricted to hook and line" with a
maximum limit of five lines in the water.
Electric reels are allowed but only five
hooks per line are allowed. Six or more
hooks per line are considered long-lining
which is illegal.

There are restricted areas where
fishing is not allowed by any means by
any person. The Pelican Cay Park and
the Fowl Cay Preserve are two local
areas where this would apply. No marine
resource may be taken from the park
areas. Marine resources include
everything in the water; ie, fish, shells,
rocks and seaweed to name a few items.
Since the marine parks do not have
signs and fenceposts, it is wise to give
them extra clearance so there is no
question as to your location. The Fishery
Officers strongly suggest that you do not
combine a fishing trip with a visit to a
park. If Fishery Officers board your boat
in the park and find fish, problems will
ensue since you cannot prove where they
were caught. Conversely, if you are out
deep sea fishing and they find dive
equipment on board as well as fish,
problems will arise.
Recreational divers may not spear fish
while using an underwater air supply of
any kind. Use the air supply for looking
at the reef, not for fishing. Commercial
fishermen can get a license to fish with a
compressor but not SCUBA. Licensed
fishermen must fish by free diving to 30
feet, then are restricted to the 30 to 60

TANGELO HOTEL 809-365-2222

National Marine
Authorized Distributor for
Mercury & Mariner
Sales, Service & a Complete
Line of Marine Accessories MRRNER
Certified Mechanic on Duty UT
Royce Sands, President
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2326

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Beach front on a magnificent 31/2 mile beach or
On a Marina with private boat slips
All with pool and tennis privileges
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Island Dreams Treasure Cay,Abaco
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SNorth Abaco's
Finest Fleet


20' 28' Centre Console with T Tops or Biminis
Registered and safety equipped IB
Dive gear and fishing tackle rental DINBRS
Air fills and snorkel gear sales DAU
Resort (beginners) dive course
All levels of instruction PADI
Reef and wreck dive with our Dive Master
VHF radio Ch 16 Phone 809-365-8465 0 Fax 809-365-8508
Located at the Treasure Cay Marina

foot zone when using compressed air and
then only during the crawfish season.
Diving apparatus using compressed air
should not be on board any boat engaged

in sport fishing. Fisheries officers advise
that dive equipment should be left ashore

on the days when the boat will be
fishing. This eliminates any appearance
of fishing with the dive equipment.
All divers may spear fish while free
diving but are not allowed to use power
guns or trigger-operated guns of any
kind. The most common spear used is
the Hawaiian sling. Spear fishing is not
allowed within two hundred yards (600
ft.) of any family island.
Bang-sticks using shotgun shells for
personal protection underwater are
allowed but must have an annual firearm
license from the Police and permission
by the Minister of Agriculture and
There are fishing bag limits which
apply to all non-Bahamians, whether in a
foreign or Bahamian registered boat.
This applies when either free diving or
fishing from a boat. These limits are


Page 38

Abaco Glass Company
Window glass cut and installed
Pictures framed and matted
Screens made and repaired
Commercial store fronts
installed & replaced
We now sell Yale window
In Marsh Harbour beside Western Auto 367-2442

Concrete Blocks
4"x 8"x 16"
a 31 x 8"x8"x 16" 7e,
GoI oo -t,2 6 Corner Blocks +47, + y'
o 9 \ np Regular Blocks /
k0 0ry0" Hydraulic Fittings & Hoses
Monday Friday 7 am 4 pm
P.O. Box AB 20403, Marsh Hartour Phone 367-2502

Abaco Office Products


Photo-copiers, typewriters, fax machines, calculators,
Laser printers, cash registers and computer printers.

Regular and duplexed up to a BIG 11 x 17 inches!
Copies in black, blue, red, green or brown.

&dSt6 -mad Pre-inked business stamps,
business cards and flyers.

Wide assortment of envelopes and copy bond papers.

Next door to A & K Liquors, Marsh Harbour


Now the Work Must B

By John Hedden
The just completed local government
elections can become one of the most
significant historical aspects of modern
Bahamian society; but surely conditional,
because it revolves around the
empowerment of the common man.
These elections have given the
opportunity for community decision-
making to each and every township and
district in the Out Islands through the
committees and district councils.
Certainly the number of candidates vying
for posts should be indicative of the
realisation that local government can be
an effective tool in overcoming the
burdens of a centralised bureaucracy.

Committee members must elect their
managers, who will in turn form the
councils. Centralised government will
take an advisory and administrative role,
allowing the decision-making to occur at
the local settlement level. The
significance is astronomical, but I am not
sure that the Bahamian public has yet
fully awakened to this.
The days of the higher authority
(Commissioner and Politician ) being
totally responsible for the direction of
our lives are quickly drawing to a close
and self determination (and maturity)
become necessary ingredients of this new

August 1996

Behind all of this move toward
independence and decentralisationprocess
is a nagging irony.
Our first major responsibility is to
learn to clean up after ourselves.

Shoreline Clean-up
By Reg Patterson
On July 26th the Rotary Club of
Abaco organized a clean up along
portions of the Marsh Harbour shore-
front between Iron Point and the Public
Dock. Several Rotarians along with one
other volunteer worked most of the
morning moving assorted garbage and
trucking it to the dump.
During the project it was noted that
some businesses have been keeping their
portions of the waterfront clean while
others do not seem to be making much
effort. Rotary encourages all businesses,
especially those on or near the harbour,
to do whatever is necessary to keep the
shoreline clean. If one employee is sent
out with some garbage bags for a couple
of hours every week, it will make a
tremendous difference as long as all the
businesses contribute to this effort.

The Abaconian Pane 23

Derrick Albury and Sandra Albury representing the FNM supporters in Casuarina Point
presented a check for $200 to Randy Pinder for the Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire
Department in appreciation for their response to house and brush fires in the area.

Clothing for the
Entire Family
Queen Elizabeth Drive
Marsh Harbour
Mon Sat 8:30 am 5:30 pm

American Express


At CIBC we're working hard to get you from where you
are today to where you want to be tomorrow. If you
have a goal that you would like to see fulfilled we'd like
to help...

If you are dreaming of owning or renovating a home or
purchasing property in Abaco, we would like you to talk
to us first! We are the leading mortgage bank who will
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Our other services include financing for the
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your future, at CIBC we're working hard to help you see
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Mon -Thurs. 9:30am 3:30p and Fri. 9:30am- 5:00pm

CIBC HOPETOWN 809-366-0296
Wed. 1 00am 2:00pm
MAN-O-WAR CAY 809-365-6098
Thurs. 10:00am 2:00pm

Dear Residents and
Well Wishers,
First, 3 must give thanks to
the Almighty Cod, then to you,
the residents of Treasure C^ay,
for my victory at the poll on
Friday, July 26th, 1996. With-
out you and your confidence in
me this would not have been
J now pledge myself as your
servant, to carry out the day to
day affairs of our community.
I will endeavour to represent
you at any level to the best of
my ability with the power that
lies within me.
Again, J say thank you and
may Giod continue to bless you
Myrtis Russell
4 -

For the Family


Phone 367-2017

Page 24 The Abaconian August 1996

More News of the Cays

Cays FROM Page 7 races, distance races, sprint, ball throw, was to have a quality building where St. James' Mission House will be used
egg and spoon and diving for money in Church approved community activities for a pre-school programme operated by
Culmer, Sidney Coakley and Rose cream and water. The older guys could be held. Derek and Krissie Gape starting this fall.
Johnson as well as numerous other participated on the slippery pole. The Mission House activities serve as The benefits to our younger children
relatives and friends. Refreshments were served. another door to God's Church by preparing them for 'regular school' will
Man-O-War We would like to thank everyone who providing a good, wholesome atmosphere be a real plus for Hope Town and Elbow
The Man-O-War community is very made this day such fun! Special thanks to for adults and children to meet and enjoy Cay.
The Man-O-War community is very .,
proud that, after many years of neglect Brian and Christina Albury who took life. Surf Clinic Held
and lack of funds, they have finally been time out of their vacation to help with We all can see fantastic results of Surfing is a popular and fast growing
able to make some dramatic our Independence Celebration day! And working with children every Sunday at sport around the world. The Bahamas has
improvements to their infrastructure, many thanks for the money donated by St. James' Junior Church. These children the geographical location and potential
Over the past two years the settlement the Ministry, have been touched by God. Many parents for world class waves. We are blessed in
has managed to pave or re-pave over six Slippery Pole Winner now come to church and worship due to that we have warm and quite friendly
thousand linear feet of roads. Both public Doug Albury the strong efforts of Jacqui and Glyn
docks have also received complete The Slippery Pole is a pole roped Haines and other members. PLEASE SEE Cays Page 25
renovation, down horizontally on the end of a dock
These improvements have been with a piece of canvas nailed to the end
accomplished through great mutual effort out over the water. Whoever gets the
and cooperation between the Central canvas off first, wins! Note the pole is
Government, Local Government and the covered with Crisco! S
people of the community. Hope Town
By Madeline Albury By Dan McCully
On July 10th Hurricane Bertha hit. Mission House Has a Purpose RESTAURANT AND POOL BAR
Our Independence Day Celebration had i -
to be postponed until July 13th. We had Approximately one and a half years Hours 7 AM 10 PM
a GREAT day of fun and games. Those ago our church decided to renovate the Live Entertainment Weekly
14 years and under participated in sack Mission House. The primary purpose 0 Waterfront Dining at its Best
Accommodating up to 350 People
Bahamian and International Cuisine
7(, L ESTj7t Full Banquet, Meeting, and Wedding Packages
Tel 809-366-0100 E-mail malone11l@aol.com MARINA RESORT
366-0060 Look for us on the Internet ES RT
FAX 366-0157 Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas Reservations are Recommended 0 Phone 809-367-2158

international airlines

SS, Vl Skies
SWn 'A i
T^e aI
E ''*t*


Your $139.95


* Marsh Harbour to


Ft. Lauderdale
W. Palm Beach

- Daily
- Daily
- Fri, Sat a Sun


* Treasure Cay to Miami Daily
* $199 +tax Marsh Harbour to Tampa

$169 + ux Marsh Harbour to Orlando

A 1 UNITED AIRLINES Code Share Partner

The Abaconian Page 25

More News of the Cays


FROM Page 24

waters and no crowds.
Scott Patterson, on of Abaco's local
pioneers of surfing, was eager to share
his knowledge with the kids who attended
the first Elbow Cay Surf Clinic recently.
The "Introduction to Surfing" clinic was
held June 13th to 16th with about 15 kids
eager to learn about this fun sport.
Every afternoon consisted of two
parts: video segments of Endless Summer
II and lectures concerning safety,
equipment, weather conditions, surfing
manners and marine pests while the
second half was spent in the water on
Hope Town beach including a warm-up
swim, relays on surf boards and free surf
Volunteer instructors included Amy
Klemanns, Jan Engle, Patrick McCully,
Charlie and Robert Schoonmaker, Peter
Kline, Scott Patterson, Tim Albury and

Homecoming FROM Page 1

The Cultural Show featured a variety
of skits, musical numbers and dances.
The older women who still remembered
their days at Bluff Point sang one of the
songs which the Bluff Point people
composed after a devastating hurricane.
The people later voted to move when the
government offered them land and money
to build houses in a new location which
is now called Murphy Town.
Their week-end activities included a
variety of sporting events, a cultural
show, a church service and an abundance
of Bahamian cooking and fellowship.

To the Residents of
Dundas Town,
I want to thank all the residents
of Dundas Town who supported me
in the recent local government
election. I appreciate all of your
votes and the confidence you
demonstrated for me.
Even though I did not win a seat
on the Dundas Town Committee, I
still want to see our community a
better place.
Godfrey Ferguson

P.O. Box AB 20685
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
On the Front Street at
Arawak Aaencv Dock

Our SEACATS are the only twin hull,
twin engine rental boats on Abaco.
A very dry, smooth & stable ride.
1 day 3 days 7 days
21 Ft $ 90 $240 $550
Call for Reservations
Call 809-367-4414
Fax 809-367-4356
Visa & Mastercard Accepted

Brian Malone.
All the kids progressed rapidly and
had a great time. Scott's words of
encouragement were, "I wish there had
been someone to show us how. Instead,
we learned by paddling out and watching
visiting surfers ride the waves."
New C.D. Soon to Be Out
Gordon Wynne is in the process of
making a new C.D. which will be a
follow up of his popular "Island
Country" C.D. We'll have to wait to
hear the songs about Hope Town and
Guana Cay
By Chere Pinder
Bertha Spares Abaco
Great Guana Cay suffered no damage
from Hurricane Bertha. Everyone took
all necessary precautions to be ready for
the worst. The Guana All Age School
was open as a shelter and fifteen people
were there for safety. We are most
grateful to Batelco as we were able to
communicate during the storm with
friends and family far and near. A
special thanks goes out to ZNS for
keeping everyone informed with the
plight and path of Bertha and what was
happening in communities and
settlements throughout The Bahamas.
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs.
Edmund Pinder as they celebrated their
20th anniversary July 17th.
Best wishes to Tanya Sands and
Kristina Pinder as they are enrolled in
college in south Florida. God bless these
two young ladies in their endeavours.
They will be in our prayers to God to
keep them safe. they will be missed in

Vacation Bible School was held the
last week in July. Crafts and Bible stories
were enjoyed by all attending. A big
thanks to Sara Ann and Edith
Weatherford for this. The Brinds will
continue the Bible School and also have
Bible studies.
As the summer days are passing
quickly, many are preparing for crawfish
season which opens the first of August.
May your trips be safe and your catch

our small community. Best of luck to
David Abney as he begins college this
fall in South Carolina. David is the son
of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Abney, owners
of Guana Seaside Village.
Great Guana Cay Seaside Gospel
Chapel has had a very busy summer.
Pastor Mark Lacey from England was
here for two weeks. Pastor Lacey works
with people at the "Haven" who are
undergoing drug and alcohol
rehabilitation in Nassau. Dwayne Brown
visited the island sharing God's word
through his puppet ministry and Brother
Junior Roberts visited from Green Turtle


Mid-size American Cars
Four Door
Air Conditioned
On Queen Elizabeth Drive
at Abaco Towns
P.O. Box AB 20089
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-4234

Off-Shore Resort Lots On South End of Lubbers Quarters Cay
(Near picturesque Hope Town)


* Modest Prices Insurable Title 0 Main Dock
* New Marina Quarried Roads 0 Dredged Channel
* Good Elevation Barge Landing 0 Ocean Access
Beaches and Waterfront Accessible to all Lot Owners
Only 158 Sites Residential & Commercial Lots Available
50 Residential Lots Remain Unsold No Obligation to Build
Inside Lots From $17,000
Contact Your Bahamas Real Estate Broker or Phone/FAX (314) 721-2668


"l tl lfl-g t!at11ta

A Well

Good Textbooks

St Francis de Sales School office will open August 19th to accept
registrations for September 1996. All grades have openings except
grade 1 which has a waiting list. Six openings still exist for
Kindergarten. Call 367-2789 until August 18th then call 367-4399.

$ 25 Registration Fee if paid
before June 14th
($30 After June 14)
$140 General Fee for books,
workbooks, accident
insurance, etc
$850 Tuition per year or
or $284 per term
Monthly payments can
be arranged if needed

From her parents
Ernest & Sandra Albury
Grandparents & Family
for receiving the
Prefect Award &
Certificates in
History & Marine Biology


August 1996

< a Q

The Abaconian Auqust 1996

400 More North Abaco Committees
North Abaco FROM Page 4

180 Myrtis Geneva

IN :

168 Edward Laroda
Committee members with votes
received whose pictures were not
available are:
178 Joe Norris
128 Fred Hudson Parker
126 Earl Steve Russell

Russell 156 Ruthanne Albury


146 Lionel Evans

Unsuccessful Candidates

Susan Sawyer
Stephen Pedican
Kirk M. Reckley
Claudius Burrows

Grand Cay Town Committee
Cooper's Town Polling Division 1
167 George Russell 153 Calvin Albury
119 Roosevelt Curry 118 Tony Rolle
95 Flavert Saunders
Unsuccessful candidates were the following:
89 Eddie Cooper 60 Oliver Cooper 57 Alphonzo Rolle


Ready to serve you with any project on your agenda
Local courier service provided to ferry, airport, etc.
Benefit from our 30 years of business experience
Call us for temporary or full time employees
Need help collecting bad debts? Call us
Phone 367-3202
P.O. Box AB 20221, Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Green Turtle Cay Town Committee
Hope Town Polling Division 1

180 Michael Levarity

114 Roswell Sawyer


Treasure Cay Town Committee
Cooper's Town Polling Division 6

Page 26

g --

*8~;,~a~. ~lf

r S


Auuust 1996 The Abaconian Paae 27

IlRi l IvRI I IviI

In 1973, the year The Bahamas became an independent nation, our islands received
a total of 1.5 million visitors.
Just last year (1995), almost 3.5 million tourists visited our shores and this year, we are
already looking at increases over last year's figures, especially in room nights stayed.
There's no doubt that we are experiencing a welcome renaissance in our number one
industry. New development, improved infrastructure, greatly improved service levels,
and new.and creative marketing strategies have set the stage for the Islands of the
Bahamas to once again become the destinations of choice for warm weather
As the organization responsible for marketing The Islands of The Bahamas, The Ministry
of Tourism remains committed to ensuring that our islands stay uppermost in minds of
travellers worldwide.
On this twenty-third anniversary of our nation's independence, The
Ministry wishes to thank all of the companies, agencies and individuals
who have worked along with us to increase visitor arrivals to our shores
and create satisfying experiences for our visitors.

We also wish to encourage all Bahamians to do their part and
ensure that, for the next 23 years and beyond, The Islands
of The Bahamas will only continue to get better and better. Ministry of Tourism

The Abaconian Page 27

August 1996

Page 28 The Abaconian August 1996

.0" More South Abaco Committees

.--1 -.-

South Abaco FROM Page 6

Crossing Rocks Town Committee
Marsh Harbour Polling Divisions 6

63 Alice Williams 47 Theodore Carroll
Elected members and votes received
whose picture was not available Unsuccessful Candidates
72 Israel Williams 42 Joseph Bodie
60 Tony Leo Russell 29 Sandy Walker
49 Glen McKinney 18 Charles Walker

In Loving Memory of Yvonne Curry
-16 Februaryn 1967 2 August 1995
"you left us suddenly
.. a your thoughts unknown,
SY..ou left a me-mory
: .: :.. we are proud to own,

We can't know why the lily
has so brief a time to bloom,
in the warmth of sunlights
kiss upon its face, before it
folds its fragrance in, and
bids the world goodnight, to
rest its beauty in a quieter

Treasure herI Lord
in yoL4ur Garden of Rest,
For when on earth
she was one of the best.

Be we can know that
nothing that is loved is ever
lost, aind no one who has
ever touched a heart can
really pass away, be-cause
some beauty lingers on in
each memory of which
they've been a part.

We Love yoL and ]VAiss yoL yvonne
From parents Cieraldine & Robert Curriy 3 sisters, Wendy,
Robyn & Latoya; 10 brothers, Rodger, ohvnny Dean, Scott,
Elvis, C-ranstov, Robert, Teirrace, Richard & Bobby

Moore's Island Town Committee
Marsh Harbour Polling Divisions 8

Unsuccessful Candidates
93 Solomon Hield
73 Thomas Hield
69 Herman Walker
63 Garnett Stuart
57 Tommy Dames
45 Dornell Davis

Elected members and votes received
whose picture was not available
190 Cecil Stuart
146 Ricardo Brown
143 Alex Davis
125 Valentino Feaster
119 Esther Williams
95 Alvin Laing

202 Nixon Simms Jr.

1^ ...-1 .... .. :
, $-
',7 -

Warren Albury 44 years of Service
The management and staff of BaTelCo gave a farewell retirement party on
July 19th, 199b, at the Great Abaco Beach Hotel to pay tribute to Warren
Albury, Senior Manager Abaco, on retiring after 44 years of service with
BaTelCo. Representing Executive Management was Michael Symonette,
General Manager, Leander Bethel, DGM Family Islands, & Edward Gittens,
ACM Family Islands. BaTelCo pays homage to your years of dedicated
service and wishes you well in your retirement.

Automobile &

* Tour Abaco in air conditioned
comfort Economy/Full Size
* All automatic & air conditioned

* Also 100 cc motorbikes for
open air touring.
erv &n yyiw for 25 Ieas
At the Shell Gas Station
PO Box AB 20438
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Phone 809-367-2840 or 2854
Fax 367-4356

STo the wonderful friends of

Bill and Nathalie Hertz

For all the cheques to the

Treasure Cay Humane Society

For all the letters ard cards

For a loving and caring community

We thank you with all our hearts

Ma y God bless you all.

KUU f]eH44 4FjI,

^*. ^

I '

August 1996

liBIM.H-Wf < XiPii .~i--dfi' J 'W
g~~gSBM ~ ~,i^^rR"~f i :'3g** J 'r *^"(''wiw

* BeaunTul BeacbpFonT
OR Canal PRopeRTy

* ResdenTial oR Cowoencial PRopeRTy

* No Real PRopeRTy Tax

* DTy and Tax FRee IncenTives

-lE ". ,.A



GRan Babaoma Island Tel: (809) 352-6711


'.' < '! "<1 :''^' *~
-*~P ,-:1 ...
*-':. :.w~-
.r-.o g. ) 2! --., .

The Abaconian Page 29



* Fax: (809) 352-9864

P.O. Box F-42666, FReepoRT,

; 1 s~ii-

. A

Page 30 The Abaconian August 1996


4id I

-A Wealth of Weather

We're expecting to get access soon to
the Internet on a local phone call basis
here on Abaco. These articles explore
various ways of using the Internet
personally. Last month we looked at E-
There is a great deal of weather
information on the Internet, everything
from the satellite images to the local

weather forecast in Auckland, New
Zealand. I tend to think of weather as
being grouped two ways "normal" and
For "normal" weather, FSU in
Tallahassee has a full menu of weather
information for Florida and our part of
the Atlantic:


- -''p~n~~F~p j

The 1986 Graduating Class ofAbaco Central High School celebrated its ten year reunion
the weekend of July 5th 7th. This was the first class to graduate from the campus
located on Forest Drive and, totaling 32, was at that time the largest graduating group
in the history of Abaco Central. Today, by the grace of God, we still total 32.
The Class of 1986 began our reunion with dinner at the Great Abaco Beach Resort. We
spent Saturday together on Guana Cay and later enjoyed the talent show put on by C&R
Productions from Grand Bahama. The weekend activities gave us an opportunity to renew
old friendships and reminisce about the good times we had in high school.
Back row, I. to r. Julie Jones Russell, Bernadette Simms Hepburn, Liann Key Kaighin,
Niki Ferguson, Vanessa Lockhart, Nancy Knowles, Yvette Russell Albury, Melanie Lowe,
Marjorie Bethel Chapman and Lydia Ingraham. Front row, 1. to r. Raymond Campbell,
Lyndon Newbold, Sidney Sawyer and Carl Archer.
Story by Liann Key-Kaighin and Photo by Jim Kaighin

Treasure Cay's
Ik Most Experienced Broker

xfl FF Wm. F. Hertz Ltd.
P. O. Box AB 22182 Phone/FAX 809-365-8061
Treasure Cay, Abaco

1st and 3rd Weekend Fri 11 5 Sat 9 5 Mon 9 2
Monday thru Saturday 9 4 By Appointment Only 365-8056
For Appointment Call
365-8625 365-8425 1-800-224-6703


1 -1m...I

Weey freight between W. Palm Beach, Nassau & Marh Harbour
General cargo, 20 ft. containers, 40,000 b. refrigerated capacity
Specify M/V BIAK
Leaves W..Palm Beach Wed. err. Nassau Thurs. & Marsh Harbour Fri.
Sails Sunday for Nassau and Florida
In Abaco call 809-367-2091, Fax 367-2235 or call on VHF Ch 16
P.O. Box AB 20737, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Located above B & D Marine at the Traffic Light
In USA call Palm Beach Steamship Company at 407-844-5387
Warehouse A 2nd door, 158 E. Port Road, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

(http://www.met.fsu.edu/- nws/). Here
you can get the West Palm Beach
weather radar, satellite pictures, coastal
and offshore marine forecasts, and
current data from weather buoys moored
in the ocean north of Abaco. You can
find weather from the Freeport and
Nassau airports, our closest weather
reporting stations, along with current
wind information from an automatic
weather station at West End.
For "hurricane" weather there is the
US National Hurricane Center in Miami
(http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/). Here is
everything on hurricanes tracks,
advisories, forecasts, images. The
problem is that thousands of people are
trying to "hit" that site when we need it
most and access becomes almost
impossible very much like getting a
busy signal on the phone. Luckily the
information is duplicated or "mirrored"
on other computers throughout the
Internet. During Hurricane Bertha the
center at the University of Michigan

ical.html) was always available.
There are four types of hurricane
advisories. The first is the "public"
advisory which is what you hear on TV.
More interesting for us is the Marine
Advisory which predicts the track for the
next 72 hours and gives the predicted
wind speeds at various distances in each
quadrant around the eye. The Strike
Probabilities Advisory calculates the
probability that the eye will come within
65 miles of any point.
But my favorite advisory is the
"discussion" which is targeted to
emergency agencies and other weather
services. It reports what the hurricane
forecasters are thinking and what's
behind the forecast. You find things like
"We don't think the intensity will
change, but remember, we're notoriously
bad with intensity predictions, and my
favorite, "All our computer models say
Bertha should have turned north by now,
but it persists in heading northwest."
Next time: How to find things on the


Bahamas Area Code 242
This new area code for the Bahamas becomes effective 1st
October 1996. Until March 31st, 1997 either the new code 242
or the old code 809 may be used. On April 1st, 1997 only the
new code will access the Bahamas. Business subscribers are
advised to review their stationary and other printed matter to
reflect this change.

Florida Area Code Changes
Area Code 561 has been-.
introduced for the Florida '_-'_____
counties of Palm Beach, 904
Martin, St. Lucie & Indian
River, primarily serving the
cities of Belle Glade, Boca 352
Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray
Beach, Ft. Pierce, Hobe Sound,
Indiantown, Jensen Beach,
Jupiter, Micco, Pahokee, Port
St. Lucie, Sebastian, Stuart, '
Vero Beach, West Palm Beach. .941
This new 561 code replaces
the previous area code of 407.

Area Code 941 has been
introduced for the Florida
counties of Manatee, Sarasota,
Charlotte, Lee, Collier and Monroe primarily serving the cities of
Bradenton, Sarasota, Ft. Myers and Naples. This replaces the
previous code of 813.

Puerto Rico Area Code 787
This is effective now with a dual use period until March 1997
which allows the new code of 787 and the old code of 809 to
be used.

Barbados Area Code 246
St. Lucia Area Code 758
These two new codes replace the old area code of 809 for both
locations and becomes effective immediately.
Please ensure that you reprogramme such devices as Auto
Dialers, Speed Dialing Lists, Call Forwarding and Facsimile
machines to reflect these changes.



6~' ~Ff~)


August 1996

The Abaconian Page 31

More School News

usual, had us all laughing and kept us members of the local community and The
School FROM Page 11 Abaco Central News entertained with his own brand of Bahamas as a country.
whilst Waylon Lowe thanked parents and The end of the 1996 school year humour. The theme Tomorrow's Future The graduates were then presented
all their friends for the support they had arrived with the highlight being the Begins Today was certainly appropriate. with their high school diplomas and with
given over the last twelve years. Commencement Exercises for the "Class After encouraging works from MP trophies awarded to outstanding students.
The evening was kept at a lively pace of 1996," held at Zion Baptist Church, Robert Sweeting and Principal Cephas Special recognition was made by Mr.
by the Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Hugh Murphy Town. The evening's Cooper, the graduating class listened Cooper to the Royal Bank of Canada for
Cottis, who dispensed his own sense of programme was chaired by former DEO intently to guest speaker Mr. Jack their help and support in their adoption
humour with impeccable timing. and teacher, Mr. Hugh Cottis, who as Thompson, Deputy Island Administrator. of the school.
Speaking very eloquently and forcefully, Valedictorian for 1996, the student
iON Ow. d& Mr. Thompson left the "Class of '96"
with no doubts about the expectations he Mohan who gave an address.
has of them as future leaders and

m AObitary Friend e5 Pamily

S..Molitta W. Sawyer, 79, passed away Sawyer. She is survived by daughters
S. on July 8th in Nassau. The funeral was Alice Cash and Joan Russell; son
eld on July 11th at the Evangelistic Marcel; sisters Mary Cash, Moriah Lowe
S" Temple in Nassau and burial was also in and Martha Pinder; grandchildren; great
--- ml= :") = "= l mL Nassau. grand children and many friends and
Mrs. Sawyer was from Hope Town relatives.
1996 Graduating Class of Abaco Central High School and lived there with her husband Clifford

maaslh wiab ou lestootlnts ABACO KARATE ACADEMY

New 18" Satellite Antenna NISEI GO JU-RYU For Students of All Ages
Marsh Harbour Saturday 2:00-3:00 p.m.
$950 Installed Mon. & Wed. 5:30 6:30 p.m.
150 Channels Treasure Cay Tues. & Thurs. 6 7 p.m.
Subscription Not Included but Available Cherokee Friday 6 8 p.m.
Dish Network Also Available Sensei COhrton Toote P.O. Box AD 20274
In-house & Field Service on all Satellite Units N SEIr Mars Harbour
... a... Call 367-2894 for more information Plhoe 367-3101 Abaco, Bahama

Weather and other conditions will affect the tide. The predictions Tides Pelican Harbour This graph is generated from NOAA/NOS data via
shown on this chart are based on the normal conditions that software from Nautical Software, phone 503-579-1414.
existed when NOAA/NOS and other agencies gathered the data. 26 23.0' N 76* 58.0' W
Times shown will be within a few minutes for the entire eastern
Abaco area. Pelican Harbour is just inside North Bar Channel. August 1996

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6

1 (EDT) 2ET) 3(EDT)

c 4 2i .I '. :t ;lr,_
5 4-4 .56- 03 .0

S1233f -"". ..... 0-.--- ... ............ . .......... ... . .... .
i~a ~ i II' 1?~----- ----------- ----------

:4lllrl ll lllll) lDT|l ||"l L l 0 A

3 I ... d-. + 8 1! 51, A, 11 111 i
S01 50 I 03 "- 0, 4 0

(ED 12(EDT) 1327EDT) 14EDT) O (EDT) 123 17o(EDT)

4 ------ :f -- ------- n -- --- -------- ----- - --------- "p ~B~,1007 ~ nad1057

1s(ED 12(EDT) 2(ED 214(EDT (EDT) 30 2431DT)

A 703.r 2.o 8,1 3D 3 THIS MT T0
0 3 i 4,0, ,.t-3a, 0. 0a 06 0a o, 34 3.,, r,-
<)16()207(om) 281ED) 29DT+ 30T) 31o(EDT)
4 1 .... 4.1, .. .. ,1 :0p 1! 540 p 1 1 3, 8. I,7a ,417 10074, .. 8 ,097, ,,.,
31U3 0 30 3 . . .3.3,
. 70 2 6, .. .






Shell ... Quality Fuels That Run The Nation!


Page 32 The Abaconian August 1996

00 More Central Abaco Town Committees

Central Abaco FROM Page 10

Murphy Town Town Committee Hope Town Town Committee
Cooper's Town Polling Division 7 | I Hope Town Pollina Division 4

158 William Swain

152 Cubell B. Davis, Jr.

148 Eugene D. Dawkins
Committee member with votes
received whose picture was not
available is:
111 Wilbert F. Newbold
Unsuccessful Candidates
104 Jonathan Sinnms

137 Phillip A. Lundy
137 Phillip A. Lundy

133 Greg D. Gomez

Ronnie James Fred H. Johnson
Jason Swain
Paul T. Swain
Paul M. Curry
Basil C. Wilmore
Elgie B. Reckley
Maxwell l)cvcaux
Rlaymolld Tayvlor


A 9 I

Boathouse Restaurant
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Closed Thursdays
24 Full Service Slips

Fresh Water Pool
Curly Tail Boutique
Shell Fuel dock & road

Daily Baked Goods
Boat Rentals
Ice and Bait

Fully Staffed Office with extended summer hours 8 a.m. 8 p.m.
Office 809-366-0065 0 Restaurant 366-0359 s Fax 0383 0 VHF 16

There When You Need Us
Since 1989
SQuality, personalized charter service for up to five
passengers and or marine equipment to and from the
Abacos and Florida. Safety equipment exceeds FAA
requirements. "Very Reasonable Fares"
Toll Free 1-888-239-2929
Ft. Lauderdale (954) 434-5271


Includes Oil, fully
assembled & ready to use o i
MODEL #OBC 401-8790
DISTRIBUTORS, LTD. !1,,t;I,( ii, t , s i I IIIU
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PLEASE SEE Central Abaco Page 33

August 1996

4 A More Central Abaco

Central Abaco RO Town Committees
Central Abacomm DPage 32

The Abaeonian Page 33

Old Adages

A contributor who is concerned about the
ecology and economy of Abaco
contributed these two suggestions.
Old Habits Die Hard
While living on Andros, an old
woman, sucking on the remains of her
pipe, complained, "West wind never did
anyone good. Fish won't bite and you
can't go in the field for fear of storm.
Everyone just gets bad tempered."
Since coming to North Abaco, the
occurrence of a west wind has meant
something else. Especially early in the
morning, neatly packaged and tied
garbage bags can be spotted floating off
towards the great Atlantic. Sea gulls
perch and flutter, knowing where their
next meal is coming from.
This is probably not a case of
carelessness, but rather an old way of
tidying up before the times of garbage
collection and the Community Garbage
Dump. Most kitchen scraps were
biodegradable and did nothing more than
bait up grouper and snapper. Now there
is so much plastic and glass and the bag
But the tourists and boaters will
'You can't .teach on old dog new
tricks.' Neither can you "Put new wine
into old bottles."
Perhaps it is time for the young people
to show their elders that they have pride
and take over the cleaning up of our
towns and garbage disposal. Most young
people when asked know how they
should keep the environment healthy and
'thriving. They are just a little slow
putting it into practise.
The Fire Road Rock Hole
Just to the south of Rock Sound,
Eleuthera, there is a large rock hole. It is
sometimes call the 'Hurricane Hole' from
when people put in gray snapper and
parrot fish. You may not catch them as
:ht. are an emergency supply of food in
case of a hurricane. But tourists are
encouraged to feed them bread and watch
them from the railed concrete platform.
A tourist attraction!
Just to the southeast of Fire Road,
Abaco, there is a smaller rock hole. No
fish swim in this hole in case of an
emergency. The bush and thorns are
growing up. If you peer through the
bush, you will see this serves another
purpose. Garbage bags and derelict
vehicles are the only occupants. What a

Pizzas Tradit
* Basic Cheese Pizza
Additional toppings
Everything Pizza
* Tropicana Ham, p

* Veg-0-Matic a ve

* Big Chomp Pepper

* Calypso Chicken
* Personal Pan Pizza
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* Take & Bake we f
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ional & Special Sandwiches & More
5.75 10.75 13.75 Meat Ball Sub Sandwich
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11.50 15.50 19.50 Chic-0-Philly Sub
pineapple & Cheese Variety Coldeuts Sub
7.75 12 16.75 1675 BBQ Wings $5.00
getable special Chef Salad
7.75 12.75 16.75 Garden Salad
roni, Sausage, etc Fresh Conch Salad
9.25 16.75 19.75 Billy's Homemade lee Cream
8.75 14.75 17.75 Bahamian Pies
5.75 10.75 Tea, Coffee, Expresso & Cappucino
ix it, you bake it -- '
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Friday & Saturday until 11 p.m. '
Sunday 2 p.m. until 10 p.m. -
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I Rla af... Islad Br eee Mof g

We're just minutes from restaurants on
the harbour & walking distance to
grocery stores, shopping and ferry docks
leading to outer islands. You will check
into a spacious room with television, air
conditioning, ceiling fan, microwave
oven, small refrigerator and daily maid
service. Call 809-367-3776 or FAX 367-4179

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Marsh Harbour, Abaco

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Theone-Stop Distributors for
MarnShop SUZUKI '
Outboards, Generators and Motorcycles ,
Rods, Reels & Fishing Tackle
Filters, Pumps, Diving Gear
Assorted Hose Sizes "
Marine Paints & Hardware ----
Anchors & Ropes 84/T -J
Maintenance Products

Phone 809-367-2622
Fax 809-367-2395

VHF 16

P.O. Box AB 20461
Marsh Harbour, Abaco


-~-r--PblC _1 1111~11

Page 34

More South Abaco News


FROM Page 12

In the Principal's address, Mr.
Rahming outlined the events of the past
year and spoke optimistically of the
future of the school. Mr. Osbourne
Stuart, the guest speaker, spoke of his
own experiences and emphasized the

school's motto to strve ror excellence.
Due to pressure of work,
Commissioner Cunningham was unable
to attend. His duty of presenting
diplomas and awards was ably performed
by Mr. Robert Swain, vice-president of
the PTA.

k I

/, Jl'^^ .--^3M .

w T

Pictured above is the Moore's Island All Age School Class of '96. They are, standing 1.
to r. Deangelo Key, Bernard Davis, Mick Davis, Driscol Davis, Kimberly Williams and
Kimberlv Davis. In from I. to r. are Elmanso Davis, Patricia Williams, Chriskerry Davis
Miranda D)avis aid Teresa G(orge.

GCotdig jPoL tRe (oung and Oed

SHis and Her Jeans
Abaco Shopping Centre, Marsh Harbour 367-2011


- .. ..,,

P.O. Box AB 20184
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 809-367-3956 Fax 367-3959

The expertise of Mrs. Ruthamae Rolle
as M.C. made the rather long evening
pass by so quickly that we could have all
wished it to go on for an hour or more.
Prior to the presentation of awards to
grades 1 to 8, Mrs. Hestermae Williams,
PTA President, awarded plaques to Mr
and Mrs. Harnanden for their long and
distinguished service to the school and
community. The respective teachers of
grades 1 to 8 then presented their
awards. The principal awarded all the
Perfect Attendance Certificates with
appropriate congratulations.
The coordinator, Mrs. Cathrine Owen
wishes to express special thanks to those
who filled in at very short notice some of
the functions which the original
participants had been unable to attend.
These were Mr. Robert Swain, Mr.
Wilfred Hield and Mr. Alvin Laing.
Thanks are due also to Ms. Marjo Scott,
the artist who painted the outstanding
backdrop to the stage; Mrs. Nadine
McBride, her helpers and members of
staff who decorated the hall; Mr. Paul
Jones for chairs and decorative plants;

Page 37

P.O. Box CB 10990
Nassau, NP, Bahamas
809-377-6351 Fax 377-2193

Call 367-3166
Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour

Sales, Parts, Service
Lister, John Deere & Others
.Lima Alternators
Marine & Industrial

Prime Power & Stand-by Generators
Installations & D.C. Controls
Engine & Alternator Rebuilding

Now Open In Marsh Harbour, Abaco
In the Hudson Building on Queen Elizabeth Boulevard
Specializing in
Mien' s Casual VWear
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Seeing is Believin5

Excavation, Utilities, Base Work, Surface Treatment
Cold Mix, Hot Mix, Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer
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"We Bring the Service to You"
V Secure Dry Storage
V Repairs, Sales, Service
V Factory Trained Technicians
V Outboard Engines
below U.S. prices *
V Mobile Service Programme

Half mile west of the Marsh Harbour traffic light
Phone 809-367-2452 Fax 367-2354
By Boat: Follow the signs through the freight boat channel

General Freight, Construction Materials
20 ft. Containers Can be Delivered
14,000 Gal. Water Capacity
Water & Freight on same delivery
Scheduled From Marsh Harbour to Hope
Town, Man-O-War, Guana Cay & Scotland Cay
And to Other Points on Abaco by Charter
Call 367-3341 Ray Weatherford, Mgr.

Mr. Alex Davis for the use of his PA
.system; Mrs. Donnell Davis and Mr.
Derrick Dames of Nassau, the
photographers who were busy all through
the day.
It is not easy to convey the atmosphere
of the evening. Many of the older
members had never experienced a
graduating ceremony and were fascinated
by the processions, the dresses, the
presentation of bouquets and other
traditional ceremonies, nor had they seen
the hall so richly decorated. So there was
wonder, pride, excitement, exhilaration
and a contagious enthusiasm. The event
was a triumphant success and already
many are anticipating next year's
graduation exercise.
Wedding Bells
Two young people were united in holy
matrimony at Greater Bethel Baptist
Church on the 6th of July. They were
Miss Natasha Roberts, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Roberts of Sandy Point and
Mr. Randy Hield, son of Mr. and Mrs.


i ll...;: [; :l, 3111111111111I allll llllll!llll!l1111

The Abaconian August 1996

News Around the Island

Cooper's Town
By Lenora Cooper
The fishermen have already started
making their plans for the upcoming
crawfish season with great anticipation.
The staff of the National Insurance
Board in Cooper's Town wishes to
congratulate Sandra Saunders on the birth
of her gorgeous seven pound baby girl,
lesha Johnson, born the 12th of May and
to welcome Sandra back to work after
eleven weeks of vacation and maternity
Murphy Town
By Royann Swain
A daughter was born to Mr. Wilbert
Newbold and Mary Newbold on July

17th. the Newbolds are especially thrilled
about the baby because she is their first
daughter! She was given the name
Shanay. Congratulations, Mary and
The Murphy Town Community
Association would like to publicly thank
all the people who so generously donated
materials to assist in refurbishing the
stalls at the park. Special thanks to
several businesses and to all members of
the Murphy Town community who came
out many evenings and laboured
untiringly with building the stalls and all
others who helped. Also thanks to the
choirs that participated in the concert at
the Homecoming.
0 0 0 0 0

A Wedding
Marva Bootle and Carl Archer
exchanged wedding vows on June 22nd
at the Church of God in Dundas town.
Pastor Bishop Archilus Cooper of
Cooper's Town officiated. The reception
was held at Bayview Restaurant.
Ms. Bootle is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Fritz and Joyce Bootle and Mr.
Archer is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cyril
and Salvera Archer.

Triathion Comes August 31st

The third annual Great Abaco
Triathlon will be held August 30th to
September 2nd at the Great Abaco Beach
Resort. The Triathlon is a competition
which includes a swim, a bike ride and a
run. The organizers are expecting over
200 participants from many part of the
world as well as the Bahamas. This year
the Triathlon will be a tribute to "The
Spirit of Perry Cooke" in honour of his
interest in this event.
This year's event has many exciting
additions and are offering $5,000 in prize
money. It is part of the Gatorade
Triathlon Series again this year. The
other sponsors for the event include
American Eagle, Bud Lite and the

Ministry of Tourism. Abaco Towns by
the Sea is also making a donation of
accommodations for the production
company and press. The cost of the event
is estimated to be $37,00. They are
asking the support of Marsh Harbour
The events will begin with a beach
party at Crossing Beach on August 30th.
The Olympic and the Sprint races will be
held on August 31 beginning at 9 a.m.
with an award's ceremony that evening at
5 p.m. The Olympic race includes a one
mile swim, a 25 mile bike ride and a six
mile run. The Sprint race has a half mile
swim, a 15 mile bike ride and concludes
with a three mile run.

Turning on the SAVINGS
this summer

with LASKO

9" Osc.2 speed table $25.70
12" Osc. 3 speed table $34.70
16" Osc. 3 speed table $42.70
16" Pedestal fan $48.00
18" Pedestal fan $60.00
6" Personal 2 speed $14.15
12" Osc. Wall mount $59.30
16" Osc. Wall mounl $67.30
Ceiling Fans w,'Wood & Metal Blades


*ME.S **

Block of all sizes 4", 6", 8", 12"

Sand Cement Steel Fill
Cracker Dust Boulders
Truck Rental All sizes
Land Clearing
Delivered anywhere on Abaco
Don MacKay Boulevard Marsh Harbqur
367-3650 Fax 367-2988

Dolphins to Be Moved
Treasure Island Ltd has announced
that it will be closing its Dolphin
Encounters operation at Treasure Island
and will be shipping the three dolphins
there to its Blue Lagoon operation in
Nassau. The closing will be fairly soon
although no date has been announced.
The Dolphin Encounters has been closed
for the past several months because of
the birth of a baby dolphin.
The Blue Lagoon operation has eight
dolphins including a young dolphin and a
pregnant one. Some of these have been
in movies including the recent film
Mr. Stefan Meister made the
announcement and stated that the decision
was made in the interest of the dolphins
there. It is easier to attend to the animals
in Nassau and that operation has recently
undergone a $3 million expansion and
improvement program.
The only activity at Treasure Island
was the swim-with-the-dolphin program.
Mr. Meister also stated that the Abaco
operation was basically just for training
the dolphins.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Archer

Abaco Air Charter Service

From Abaco to all the
Bahamas and Florida
Twin Engine, Six Passenger Aircraft
Call 809-367-2266, 2205, 3256, 359-6357

AvGas & FAA Certified Mechanics
P O Box 492, Marsh Harbour


Don MacKay Blvd.
Marsh Harbour
367-2663 Fax 2673
Mon. Fri. 8 am 5 pm
Sat. 8 Noon
Closed 12 1 Daily for lunch

Hard Rock all
%", 3/8", 1/2",

3/4" Local Rock

Visit our new modern faoility
Off 9.C. Bootie Highway
Three Blocks from Don MaoKay Boulevard

Phone 367-4900


August 1996

The Abaconian Page 35

Page 36 The Abaconian August 1996

More Letter s to he editor

.... . .. . "L ... . A = .. ___ __


FROM Page 9

View Is Ruined
To the Editor,
I am presently living in Marsh
Harbour and have been for three years.
I have been visiting for the past thirty
years. Although I reside here, I am not a
Bahamian citizen and therefore try to
keep a low profile and not get mixed up
in anything controversial.
However, there is something that has
been done lately that causes me to have
to speak up. As you drive north on
Queen Elizabeth Drive and come to the
intersection of East Bay Street, there is a
lovely view of the harbour, or at least
there used to be. There is now a new
sign that has been erected that totally
destroys this "view." I have nothing
against this sign; in fact, I think even
more of them would not be a bad idea. I
applaud the local sponsors that made it

possible. It is the location of the sign that
I think needs to be reconsidered.
Whenever I used to pull up to stop at
that intersection, I would pause for a
moment and the view would help to start
my day off on the right foot. Many of
my guests have commented in the past
about how nice it was when they returned
to Marsh Harbour to pull around that
corner and have the lovely view of the
Let's remember that our number one
concern is to keep our guests (tourists)
happy, as without them we would be in
dire straits. I am sure that there are a
great number of others out there who feel
as I do and I hope that they speak up. I
also hope that the folks who put the sign
up will reconsider its location and try to
find a spot that is a little more
Sidney Dawes

The new sign at Touchton's Corner on the Marsh Harbour waterfront blocks
the visitors first panoramic view of the harbour.


Weekly service from West Palm Beach and Nassau to Marsh Harbour
Arriving in Marsh Harbour each Wednesday and Friday
Refrigerated and General Cargo 0 Full Containerized Operation with Roll-on Roll off capability

In the Bahamas Call
Great Abaco Shipping Co.
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
3*67-2721 0 367-2761
Fax 367-2774
In Nassau Call:

as .aP
19 P

U.S. Agent: Teeters Brothers
Steamship Agents & Stevedoring
Warehouse A" Port of Palm Beach
P.O. Box 10326
Riviera Bch, FL 33404
407-845-8330 or 8336
Fax 407-842-9398

I aidirsT iur support
Dear Editor,
I would like to report on behalf of
Trauma One that the fund-raising dinner
held recently in Marsh Harbour was a
success! The support from our
community was encouraging. We would
like to extend our sincere thanks to
everyone involved.
We need everyone to realize that the
ambulance service is free. And if
everyone would contribute $25 a year,
then you would be ensuring the service
of an ambulance, if ever needed.
Again we would like to thank
everyone for the enthusiasm, support and
generosity that you've shown.
Lisa Albury
for Trauma One

A nappy Visitor
The Editor
We'd like to write this message to the
Guana Cay Residents.
I returned from eight fabulous days on
your island and want to extend a heartfelt
THANK YOU to each resident for the
kindness and hospitality shown to me.
My days began with a cheerful
conversation with Tom at the T-shirt
shop and ended with a "Nipper" from
Roberts' new bar and grill. Plenty of
adventure awaited me in the hours
between! I was thrilled to prepare dinner
directly "from the sea." Diving with
spotted eagle rays and playing with seven
dolphins highlighted the afternoon hours.
One thing is certain I'll be back.
Thanks to all for a most memorable
Janet Lewis

P.O. Box AB 20745, Marsh Harbour
P.O. Box AB 22127, Treasure Cay
RENT State-of-the-Art COMMERCIAL
PURCHASE Electronic Alarm systems RESIDENTIAL
Burglary Fire Security
Local Monitoring Excellent Warranties
Contact Stan Sawyer at Phone/Fax 365-8198
Security for Peace of Mind at Home or Away

Bahamas Commonwealth College
Abaco Campus Fall Quarter

Master's Programme
Master in Education (Administration and Supervision)
Master of Business Administration
Master of Counselling Psychology
Bachelor's Programme
Bachelor of Education (Elementary, Early Childhood and Secondary)
Bachelor of Business Administration with Computer Information Systems
Bachelor of Psychology
College Prep

* English I and II
* Math I and II

* Introduction to Computers
* Computers Applications



I *' '"

K & S Auto Service

Tire Repairs
Oil Changed
Full Service
Expert Mechanies

Crockett Drive & Den MacKay Boulevard
Marsh Harbour Phene 367-2655
PerCy AlMhy, Owne/Manager

Registration begins August 5 through September 13

Bahamas Commonwealth College
Swain Plaza, Marsh Harbour
Contact: Ms. Claudette Radway at 367-4876

Electronics Service Cent'e
formerly Television Service Center
X11lle f// Sekrcev,

Repairing: Electronic Service Experts
Radio, TV, VCR & Audio Equipment
Juke Boxes & Video Games
Musical Instruments
Marine Electronics
Office Equipment
Cash Registers
Microwaves -
FAX Machines
Electronic Organs Tommy Pinder
Medical Equipment Master Technician
Automotive & Marine Electronics
Telephone Recorders, Phones & Phone Devices
In Marsh Harbour on Queen Elizabeth Drive
between Keys Drive & Firehouse Corner

Church FROM Page 15

A Place for Kids
By Nancy Knowles
During the days of July 1st to 6th the
parents of Marsh Harbour, Dundas Town
and Murphy Town were very excited to
see the bus from Friendship Tabernacle
drive off with their children each
Friendship Tabernacle, located in
Dundas Town and pastored by Rev.
Kenneth Knowles, hosted one full week
of their annual Vacation Bible School.
The children enjoyed skits, puppets,
stories, arts and crafts, food and sports.
Each day ended with an hour of fun and
music by Friendship Tabernacle's
musicians and soloists. This year's
attendance averaged more than 450
children each day. After the staff counted
up to 450, they just stopped counting.
The teachers and counselors for this
week included 24 young people from
Tennessee under the direction of Joe
Chillberg, 10 individuals from Georgia
and 10 youth leaders from Friendship
Tabernacle. Vacation Bible School is
under the direction of Paula Morley,
president of the children's ministry of the
The Tabernacle wishes to extend

thanks to the parents for allowing their
children to be a part of Vacation Bible
School this year and invites them to
participate again next year.
Kids Loved Bible School
Deacon Edison Brown and a group of
20 from the Central Baptist Church in
Nassau came to Abaco to have Vacation
Bible School in Cooper's Town and Fox
Town. The Bible School was held at the
Cooper's Town Primary School and the
children enjoyed a program of Bible
literature, games songs, crafts and a
variety of activities. The youth
departments of churches in Cooper's
Town and Fire Road assisted with the
Church services were held nightly at
the Church of God Cathedral in Cooper's
Town in conjunction with the Bible

South FROM Page 34
Locksley Hield of .Hard Bargain.
Officiating at the ceremony was Rev.
Haywood Swain and the reception was
held at the Airport Inn. We all wish the
young couple long life and happiness.
Local Government
The Town Committee for Moore's
Island will consist of seven members.
Thirteen people made the trip to Sandy

The Abaconian Pane 37

l. I.
Scotia Bank personal are shown presenting a washing machine to Mr. Williams of the
Sybil's House, a new facility for caring for the elderly. From left to right are Scotia bank
staff Fred Bowe, Manager, Mrs. Cartwright, Assistant Manager of Operations, Mrs.
Beverly Archer, Customer Service Representative, Marcus Bethel of MARCO Appliances,
Ms Fredricka Ferguson, Secretary and Mr. James Williams.

Point and have been duly nominated.
They are Ricardo Brown, Tommy
Dames, Alex Davis, Donnell Davis,
Valentino Feaster, Solomon Hield,
Thomas Hield, Alvin Laing, Nixon
Simms, Jr. Cecil Stuart, Herman Walker
and Hestermae Williams. We wish them
all the best.
On July 17th the island was visited by
Mr. Edison Key accompanied by Dr.

Nottage, Hon. Obie Wilchcombe,
Messrs. Perry Christie and Winky Isaacs.
The residents were addressed by all five
speakers on the topic of Local
Government. Important information was
given about the voting process at the
forth coming elections. The meeting was
very well attended and the visitors given
an enthusiastic welcome.

I lanmldi iarts

Appliances & Appliance Parts
Water Heaters, Lawn Mowers
Plumbing, Auto Accessories /
IValspar aints & supplies
At the Traffic Light in Marsh Harbour
Mon Fri 9 am 5 pm 367-4185 Sat 8 am Noon


Family Dental Centre
Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry
Dr. Therese M. Bonamy
Dr. J. Denise Archer
Dr. Woodley C. Thompson, Orthodontist (braces)
Ms. Sandi Lake, Dental Hygienist

Periodontal and Oral Specialty
Surgery also available
(Gums & Wisdom teeth)
"'-We ace Rexe. to sefet tRe.
eic tix gte (a- wy (r OUL 7
deedi 6 ygiee &eds." Proverbs 35-6 .
Phone 367-4355 P.O. Box AB 20676, Marsh Harbour

Carib Freight Company
Reliable Scheduled Inter-Island Freight Service
From Marsh Harbour
To Man-O-War and Hope Town Mon. Fri.
To Guana Cay & Scotland Cay Tues. & Fri.
Water Deliveries (to 10,000 Gal.) to all the Cays
4 Barges Available to charter 7 Days 24 Hours
Any Time, Any Place
From Walkers Cay to Little Harbour
Man-O-War Cay 365-6072 Fax 365-6285 VHF 16

Frederick's Agency
Bahamas Custom Brokers
Import & Exports Land or Sea
Freight cleared at Marsh Harbour,
Treasure Cay & Green Turtle Cay
Gurth Roberts, Manager
P.O. Box AB 20468, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 809-367-2333 or 367-2564 Fax 367-3136

We Export!

Lumber and Hardware

Competitive Pricing
Free Delivery to Port
Shipping to All the Bahamas
Supplying Builders for 30 Years
Your Container Filled at Our Yard
Call Eric or Brenda
Fax 407-689-8126
W & W Lumber of Palm Beach
2077 N. Military Trail
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409
On the Corner of Military Trail and Okeechobee Boulevard

Island Services
Now Serving Abaco and the Cays
Over 30 Years Experience with a Major Utility Company
Electrical Contracting Residential or Commercial
Single & Three Phase, Transformers, Underground & Overhead
Subdivisions, Generator Installations, Solar Systems
Cable TV & Telephone Conduit & Wiring
Pool, Water & Sewerage Systems & Pumps
Residential, Commercial & Subdivisions
Installation of Pool Systems & Pumps
Reverse Osmosis & Filter Systems
Sprinklers for Lawn & Garden
Engine Sales
by Caterpillar, John Deere, Perkins & Others
for Commercial, Marine & Industrial Applications
Phone or Fax 809-365-8193 VHF 16 Wayne Sands
P O Box AB 22106, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

August 1996

Page 38 The Abaconian August 1996

The Doctor Says.

by Dr. Jeff True

Last time we reviewed the traditional
immunizations used to prevent disease.
Now for some newer advances.
Hemophilus influenzae (Hib): Given as
a shot at 2, 4, 6, and 15 months. This is a
relatively new vaccine against a bacterium
responsible for severe illness in children.
It causes the worst cases of meningitis and
moves so quickly that even prompt
medical attention may not help. Children
who survive are often left with permanent
brain damage. Our distance from hospital
care makes this vaccine a must for our
Hepatitis B (HBV): Given as a shot at
birth, 2 and 6 months. This three shot
series protects against the virus that most
often causes cirrhosis and liver failure.
Hepatitis A, the one you get from
contaminated food, does not cause
permanent damage. But Hepatitis B,
transmitted via body fluids (usually sexual
contact), will lead to permanent liver
infection in at least 10%. And there is no
treatment. These individuals with chronic
hepatitis may go on to cirrhosis, liver
failure, or liver cancer. Sexual activity
among young people is largely responsible
for the growing numbers of infected
individuals, so early vaccination will help
eliminate this illness from our society.
Every child should receive this series
prior to adolescence, and adults at risk
should likewise be vaccinated. Such risks
include multiple sexual partners, infected

$7 Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue
Picture and 4 lines only $25.00
We will take the photo within the Marsh
Harbour area. Additional lines at $2.00
per line.
Display classified $16 per column inch
Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677 396

Pinder's Real Estate
Great Guana Cay, Abaco,
"The Unspoiled Island"
Over 200 lots starting at $25,000, also
acreage, oceanfront, hilltop and bayside lots
Pinder's Cottages, 2 & 3 bedroom, $650 to
$700 weekly. A summer special of $350 per
week per person includes one day fishing
& diving One day snorkeling & island
hopping boat & guide 0 all equipment
included 6 to 30 people
Great Guana Cay waterfront houses built in
under 3 mo starting at $165,000 includes lot,
about 1000 Sq ft house with 2 bedroom, 2
bath, deck, porch & 12,000 gal cistern,
Call Edmund or Chert Pinder at 367-2207 or
CHERE B on VHF Ch 16
GUANA CAY: Lot on beautiful ocean beach,
all utilities present, public dock on bay
nearby. $55,000
ELBOW CAY: Three bedroom house in
Hope Town harbour. Private dock, quiet
area, 2.5 acres of land. $470,000
LUBBERS QUARTERS: Beach front acreage
with nearby dockage. Electric power 1500 ft.
away. Only beachfront for sale on Lubbers.
TILLOO CAY: Waterfront property, one
acre approx. Deep water on Sea of Abaco
side of Tilloo. Cheapest waterfront available.
Call Victor at 809-367-2749
or Fax at 809-367-2748
TREASURE CAY 3 lots totaling 3 acres
located at SC Bootle Hwy and Treasure Cay
Road. Call 365-8127 daytime
underground utilities, solid rock, 40'trees
Best Price & Location CALL 367-4077

a a

More Shots

family members, IV drug use or work
related body fluid exposure.
. Chicken pox (Varivax): Given as a
single shot after 12 months. Though
permanent harm is rare, chicken pox is an
unpleasant and highly contagious illness
of fever and painful blisters lasting 1-2
weeks. The cost of lost parental work,
school disruption and doctor's visits may
make this vaccine desirable. Pre-pubertal
girls who have never had chicken pox
should be vaccinated; because if they
become infected while pregnant then the
fetus may be harmed.
Pneumococcal vaccine: Immunity to
the most common cause of pneumonia is
conferred by this one time shot.
Individuals for whom pneumonia would
be a serious threat should receive this,
especially those with chronic illnesses
such as lung disease, cardiac disease,
diabetes, etc. Indeed, perhaps everyone
over the age of 60 would benefit.
Influenza virus: Every winter this 2-4
week respiratory virus knocks people out
of work and puts many in the hospital.
Many elderly and chronically ill people
die. The shot is given in the early fall and
protects through the winter but must be
repeated each year. The "flu shot" is safe
and highly recommended for anyone who
just doesn't want the flu.
So get your shots and stay healthy.
And make sure your children get theirs



Enjoy the lifestyle
you deserve:
Waterfront lots with
private boat slips in a
secure gated community
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LEISURE LEE 2.4 Acre Point w/seven unit
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327-8297, 359-6023, Fax 809-325-1076
TREASURE CAY off Windward Bch, 3 bed
2 bath, furnished, large patio, Call 809-365-
LEISURE LEE New home 3300 sq.ft., 1650
sq.ft. living area, 8' covered porch, central
A/C, Beach & boating access. Reduced
$165,000 Net, Avail. for rent. Phone Laura
at 367-2811 or Jamie at 365-6086 daytime
GREAT GUANA Cay ocean front lot, 110 X
110, near new hotel/inn. 1% Miles W of
settlement $85,000, other lots nearby from
$18,500. Ph 359-6120 or SEASIDE on VHF
MAN-O-WAR Charming oceanfront 3Br
home on 3/4 acre, 2 Br. Guest house
w/ocean view, utility bldg. & garage,
standby gen., sat. dish, golf cart, 50,000 gal
cistern, ++, ready to live in, Call Nancy
section one $12,000 net call 367-4326
MARSH HARBOUR 1.8 Acres and 4.5 acres
located by Golden Harvest & Solomon Bros.
Call 365-8127 daytime
over 1 acre rolling hills, large trees,
underground utilities, unlimited fresh water,
Treasure Cay, high land, main highway
beautiful views, good soil, utilities,
telephone, water, Tom Roberts 809-322-4782
NASSAU or 367-4077 ABACO


FROM Page 22

A combined total of six fish per
person per vessel for kingfish, dolphin
and wahoo. All other migratory fish
caught, unless it is to be used, shall not
be injured unnecessarily but returned to
the sea alive.
Vessel bag limits are 20 pounds of
scalefish, 10 conch and six crawfish per
person at any time.
The possession of turtle is
Grouper and rockfish weighing less
than three pounds may not be taken.
The bag limits may be legally
exported (taken to Florida) when the
vessel leaves the Bahamas.
Note that the limits must match the
number of people on board. For instance,
four people can have 80 pounds of fish.
If one person leaves the boat, 20 pounds
of fish should accompany him, leaving
only 60 pounds for the other three still
on board. This also applies to boats
returning to Florida as the U. S.
authorities respect these limits.
All crawfish on hand should not
exceed the limit of six per person at any
time; ie, the limits are not accumulative
for successive days or for people no
longer in your group. Legal size for
crawfish is a 51 inch tail length or a 31/
inch caprice length.
The intent is to allow visitors to catch
fish for their immediate enjoyment but
not to compete with commercial
Bahamian fishermen.

Land & Sea

Homes Apts.0 Rentals Acreage
P.O. Box AB 20179
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Office phone & Fax 809-367-3276
Evenings 809-367-2789

2 Br furnished home overlooking beautiful
Coco Bay. 3/4 acre lot, $175,000 Net.
Available for rent, Call 312-635-8776 Days
WATERFRONT LOT 7 ft. depth low tide.
Also ocean front lot with private beach, over
1 acre, electricity and unlimited fresh water.
Tom Roberts 367-4077
Private SCOTLAND CAY Airstrip
Furnished 3BR/3B plus Guest Cottage
MARINA LOT 1/2 acre, 60' slip at dock
Price Reduced and Negotiable
Owner Financing Make offer
413-259-1806 Phone/Fax 809-332-2049
MAN-O-WAR Large quiet wooded lots with
private path to fine beach, all with
underground elect. Some with private path to
harbour and dock location. Harcourt
Thompson, M-O-W Cay (809) 365-6060
SCOTLAND CAY Coconut Creek Marina
Lot, 60' slip S110,000, Terms Avail. Call
Don Copeland 407-744-3206 or 546-8263
MAN-O-WAR Cay Beach front lot, Sea to
Sea, For sale by owner, Call 365-6181
MARSH HARBOUR Pelican Shores 3 bed,
2 bath for sale, Call 365-8127
w/deck & enclosed porch, 2 blocks from
beach, 100 x 150 fenced, satellite, Also
avail, for rent unfurnished. Call 367-4780

There are no limits to the amount of
fish that can be purchased. However,
questionable amounts (large quantities)
should be documented with receipts,
cancelled checks and invoices to clarify
the situation.
Any crawfish in Bahamian, 2nd home
owner or visitor freezers on April 1st,
the day the season closes, should be
documented with a letter to the Minister
of Agriculture and Fisheries. You may or
may not be inspected by a fisheries
officer to verify the quantity. The bag
limit applies to freezers ashore as well as
boats. The amount of fish must match the
people in the house for non-Bahamians.
One other rule prohibits fish resources
to be imported into the Bahamas without
the Minister's permission. This is to
avoid any misunderstanding as to whose
fish is on board. If you have fish on your
boat, they are presumed to be Bahamian
and must be within the bag limits. Any
fish within the bag limit can be given
away to friends or others but visitors
who sell or exchange their fish for
accommodations or dockage are subject
to prosecution.
There are other rules to be observed,
the most publicized one being the closed
season on crawfish from April 1st to
August 1st.
Information for this article came
from the two Fisheries Officers assigned
to Abaco, Mr. Carroll Laing in
Cooper's Town & Mr. Waine Cornish in
Marsh Harbour. They may be contacted
for further information.

2 Bed 1 Bath
One minute
from ocean in
White Sound, Elbow Cay. Contact
Land 'n Sea Brokerage 367-3276

RENT MATT LOWES Cay, one house on 50
acre island, sleeps 10, lots of porches and
decks, 5 beaches, 2 acre fruit lot, protected
boat basin, 10 minutes from Marsh Harbour
in Abaco Sound, 24 ft Boston Whaler
optional, Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-
BEACH FRONT House Scotland Cay,
3Br/3B $1100/wk 4pers +$200 wk. ea. add'l
413-259-1806 Phone/Fax 809-332-2049
HOPE TOWN Turtle Hill ocean view 4
cottages, 2 bed 2 bath, all with kitchens, air
conditioned, pool, private access to beach,
includes golf cart, Call 809-366-0053
Come Find The Treasure in
Treasure Cay
LUXURY Fully equipped 2 bed/2 bath
condo. Finest rental property in Treasure
Cay, right on the beach. Rent directly from
the owners. Phone or Fax 809-365-8514
WANTED By Airline Captain to rent 3 or 2
bdrm house or apartment within 20 miles of
Marsh Harbour or on one of the Cays. Prefer
long term, would consider lease purchase.
Reply by phone or Fax to 603-889-9071
LOOKING FOR RENTAL in Abaco 3 br/2
bath on water with boat. From 1/10/97 to
3/31/97. Contact E. Masterson, 3212 S.
Ocean Blvd. Apt. 706A, Highland Bch, FL
33487, 407-278-8444, Fax 407-274-3980
GUANA CAY COTTAGES for weekly rent,
Also rental golf carts & rental bicycles, Call
Donna at 809-365-5195
LITTLE HARBOUR Two new houses on the
water with large dock. Private. Beautiful
grounds. Weekly or long term. FAX 809-
366-225). attn "Treehouse."
WANTED 2-3 bedroom house, lease
purchase or rent in Marsh Harbour, Hope
Town or Bahama Palm Shores S150,000 to
S200,0(0. ('all 367-4551

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I'll i

Regatta FROM Page 1

handicapping them progressively during
the races allowing a large number of
boats to win a trophy.
The shore activities include hosted
parties at a variety of locations in various
towns as well as street parties. This year
the very popular Crossing Beach party in
Marsh Harbour was one of the parties
that had to be cancelled.
More than 70 boats participated and
many of these won trophies. The trophies
are coveted bronze sculptures by Peter
Johnston of Little Harbour and the
Regatta Committee makes sure that a
wide variety of sailors are able to win.
The overall trophy was won by Jeff Gale
of Hope Town who was racing a B32.
However, this year the Regatta 7Tme
in Abaco competitors experienced
turbulent weather which was very
damaging to several boats. The first
problem was a severe storm off Green
Turtle Cay during the night of July 4th.
Winds estimated at 90 to 100 mph and
lasting 20-30 minutes swept through the
anchorage of Green Turtle Cay causing
boats to drag their anchors. Several were
damaged as a result of collisions.
The worst damage was sustained by

Tuscaloosa owned by Andre Lavioletteof
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Luce Lady,
owned by Mike Luce of Stuart, Florida,
dragged its anchor and in the confusion
that followed somehow caught its bow
roller on the bow of Tuscaloosa. When
they finally cut the anchor chain, it
caused the boats to rub all along the side
wiping out the rigging, stanchions, stays
and gouging the fiberglass hull.
Estimated cost of repairs to the
Tuscaloosa will exceed $10,000. Damage
to the Luce Lady was also substantial.
Neither boat was able to compete in the
Then the major disruption was caused
by Hurricane Bertha which swept past
Abaco on July 10th. The sailors were
anxious to locate safe places for their
boats. Some went to safe anchorages as
far away as Little Harbour and Joe's
Creek. Many put out two to three
anchors and let their boats ride out the
storm in Marsh Harbour. The people
aboard stayed ashore at a variety of
rooms, shelters and with Bahamians who
opened their houses to the visitors.
The Regatta was able to conclude with
the final race and final Awards'
Ceremony at the Jib Room which did a
superb job of entertaining the participants
to help ease the bad memories of the

August 1996

The schedule for next year has already
been announced. The races will be at
Green Turtle Cay on July 4th, at Guana
on July 6th, off Man-O-War on July 8th,
at Hope Town on July 10th and will
conclude on July 12th at Marsh Harbour.
Plans are underway for next year's races
and activities.

The Abaconian Page 39

Flag FROM Page 3
march pass executed by several members
of the Royal Bahamas Police Force. The
evening ended with refreshments.
All activities celebrating Independence
planned for July 10th were cancelled.
Many communities had various sports
and family fun day activities organized
some of which were held at a later date.




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Picture and 4 lines only $25.00
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Products. It's fast & easy. Limited sales
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beach combing by Capt. Charles Jones, 30
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Valentine Snack in Coopers Town, 365-0430.
Hurricane Shutters, your connection for
protection, all styles, also heavy wind load
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773-4502 Fax 407-773-8824

SYMMETRY Health Vitamins and weight
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Grand Bahama. Will ship!

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Waiter, Bartender, Front-of-the-House Super-
visor, Maintenance, Cook, Maid. Housing
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needed for Out Island hotel development.
Ideal person will have extensive contacts,
experience in all aspects of construction and
experience in planning and supervision.
Project is one year (plus) with permanent
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Fax resume to 954-423-9733.
Yacht Technician
The Moorings (Bahamas) Ltd. has a vacancy
for a Yacht Technician to join the small team
of staff managing their charter fleet in Marsh
Harbour. Skills in some of the following
areas are required: marine diesel, electrical,
refrigeration systems, rigging, fiberglassing
and cosmetic repairs. The successful
applicant must have excellent customer
service skills and be a team player. He must
be organized, methodical and be able to work
on his own initiative. Opportunities for
promotion to Chief Technician could be
shortly forthcoming. A second vacancy for a
Technician is also expected in the near
Bahamian Captains & Cooks
Experienced cooks and sailboat captains are
periodically required by the company. Good
wages paid. Must be prepared to be
entertaining company for our guests. Great
customer service skills and a friendly
personality are essential.
Apply, giving details of experience to the
Manager, The Moorings (Bahamas) Ltd., PO
Box AB 20469, Marsh Harbour, Abaco,
Bahamas. Tel. 809-367-4000, Fax 367-4004

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A considerable quantity of new
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Call Stafford at 809-366-0023 for details
22 Ft GRADY WHITE Walk-Thru 1982,
MERCURY 4.5 hp Outboard $450 OBO,
FLY Bridge from Pacemaker, best offer,
TWO ship-to-shore power cords $50, Large
BIMINI top, Best offer, Call 365-0156
175 HP Evinrude, runs good on 5 cyl. Duty
Pd. $6,500 Can be seen at Abaco Inn, Elbow
Cay, phone 366-0133, Fax 366-0113
23' SUNSEEKER Sailboat 1989 Fiberglass
hull, motor included. Excellent condition.
Make offer. Call Joe 813-253-0491

24 FT EXCALIBUR, Excellent condition,
125 gal gas tank, carpeted cabin, 200 HP
Mercury Outboard, Hydraulic steering,
Stereo. Call William Weatherford 367-2820
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t-.. .. -
.c- *

J24 CLASS SAILBOAT, 1979, excellent
racer, day sailor or weekend cruiser. Good
condition, recent up-grades, new Lewmar
winches, new rudder, new Spectra/Tecnora
halyards, hardware in excellent condition, 4
sets of sails, excellent racing record, ready
to go. $7,400 Call Jeff Gale at 809-366-0282
25 Ft DUSKY center console, cuddy cabin,
complete walk around. Boat completely
redone w/rebuilt 225 hp Johnson, duty pd.
See Rich Rentals or call 367-2742
27 Ft ALBIN Cruising & Fishing, 100 HP
Westerbeke, outriggers & downrigger, 2'6"
draft, double V berth, table, enclosed head
w/shower, galley, 2 ice boxes, VHF, 72 gal
fuel, 40 gal water, awning, solar panel
w/charge controller, duty pd., $25,000
Contact Lighthouse Marina 366-0154
33 Ft NEWPORT, lovely sailing sloop in
great shape... great price too! Call Evans at
ABC Charters, Hope Town or call 809-947-
2192 for more information.

X .A W.

36 Ft MUNROE Crawfish boat, 671 GM, I
4,000 lb. freezer, stabilizers, Call James at
365-4120 1

63 Ft YACHT Trawler 671 GM, 12 KW
Gen, Perfect Crawfish Boat, Call Wade at
365-4305 or James at 365-4120

The flag is raised at midnight July 9th

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P S, "Se Abaconian uaust 1996

When you put your most important asset

in the hands of an Insurance Company,

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I~ ,'f.


Sun Alliance is
the oldest operating
insurance group in the
world, employing over 25,000 people in Currently, 31 staff are employed locally
55 countries with an unbroken history of and Sun Alliance is represented by 19
underwriting since 1710. Sun Alliance independent Bahamian agents and
has been represented in the Bahamas brokers.
since 1805.

Sun Alliance has investments of over
$10 million in the Bahamian economy.

Sun Alliance is also one of the world's
most progressive and financially secure
insurers with worldwide premium
income exceeding US$7.4 billion and
assets exceeding US$18 billion.

Sun Alliance's claims paying record is
second to none.
In 1995, as a result of Hurricanes Luis
and Marilyn, the group paid out claims
amounting to US$74 million 75% of
these claims were settled in under 60
In the Bahamas, Sun Alliance met claims
of over $22 million following the
devastation of Hurricane Andrew in

Call Daron, Ginnie or Cina



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', *,
J,,6 ', ,', ''

' ,, ,
I '

' '/,,,.it ,, I,,