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Elections July 26th

Candidates Declare for Local Gov't On July 5th

The election of Local Government
officials has been set for July 26th. The
polls will be open on that day from 8
a.m. until 6 p.m. This announcement

was made on June 25th by Mr. David
Thompson, MP and Minister of Local
The Local Government Act came into

effect on June 25th, 1996. When this
paper went to press it was expected that
a Writ would be issued by the Governor
General on June 27th. This Writ

- .w Coming

The Rt. Hon. Prime Minis rtiig a eiyes a gift from Raquel Mclntosh With .; tat the podium)
and Lkn Pinder erpi.4he fities ;fQiW -A*.estimated 400 mdivnd-$tiiiit theaward
,:aemortieshieflx6 All A6S.z yard f. ne, .tb. Read the full story on Page 8 by Leon Pinder.

Begin Hurricane Preparations Early

demands that an election be held in the
various constituencies. This also means
that the voter register would be closed on
that date. This election will follow the
same rules as for a general election.
It is expected that the nominating day
will be July 8th. Only from 9 a.m. until
noon will nominations be accepted.
Anyone who wants to be considered must
fill out a form which will be available in
the Island Administrators' offices in
Sandy Point, Marsh Harbour and
Cooper's Town. The nominee must be
sponsored by five people who live in the
same town as that person and are on the
voter register. There is also a $50 deposit
for registering. If that person receives the
votes of at least 1/6 of the registered
voters, the deposit is refunded.
The date was set in July to insure that
fishermen can vote before the crawfish
season opens on August 1 t.
It is expected that the governing
"Regulations" will be issued very soon.
These will explain many of the details of
local government. ThbI will gi\e the
number of members in a Town
Committee as well as which district each
town will be in. There have been minor
changes to the organization since the
local government seminars held on
Abaco in May. Another area which will
be clarified will be which government
employees will be allowed to run for

Rev. Carla Culmer
Is Ordained in

Tropical storms and hurricanes are
among nature's most powerful forces
because of their size and potential for
destruction. The dangers of the storms
are from the storm surge, powerful
winds, tornadoes and torrential rains
which can combine to be devastating.
The storm surge is a rise in sea level
near the "eye" of the hurricane. As this
nears land, it becomes a wall of water
which is the greatest threat to life and
property. Most hurrncane-related deaths
are caused by drowning.
When weather reports are given on the
radio, they use terms which we should be
familiar with. If the winds in a
disturbance are up to 38 mph, it is called
a tropical depression. When the winds
are between 39 and 73 mph, it is called
a tropical storm. Hurricanes have winds
of 74 mph or higher.
The weathermen also rate the
hurricanes in categories. A category 1

hurricane has sustained winds of 74 95
mph and damage from these will be
minor. Hurricane Erin of August 1st,
1996, was a category 1 hurricane. A
category 2 hurricane has winds of 96 -
110 mph and there will be moderate
damage. Category 3 hurricanes have
winds of 111 130 mph and this causes
major damage. Category 4 hurricanes

The 23rd anniversary of The Bahamas
will be celebrated on Abaco on July 6th
through July 20th. There will be
activities in each area of Abaco.
The highlight of the celebrations will
be on July 9th in Murphy Town with five
hours of entertainment and excitement.
Gospel music will start it off, followed
by an ecumenical church service with

have winds 131 155 mph and creates
severe damage. Catastrophic damage
occurs with a category 5 hurricane when
with winds above 155 mph.
Hurricane Andrew was a category 3
hurricane when it hit Eleuthera but it
demolished most of the buildings in the
towns of northern Eleuthera and Bimini.

Rev. Carla Culmer has made history
by being the first woman to be ordained
in the Methodist Church in The
Bahamas. She was ordained at her home
church in Savannah Sound, Eleuthera on
June 21st. She is now serving as minister
St. Andrews Methodist Church in
Dundas Town, St. James Methodist
Church in Hope Town and Epworth
Methodist Church in Cherokee Sound.
01 m nw j6,iji_ .-- TT

several guest speakers. At midnight tRe
flag will be raised with a gun salute and
a formation by the Police Department. A
fire works show will culminate the
For schedule of events
please see page 11

rLECA ao C UErdinaUton

rage II

Volume 4, Number 6 July 1996


The News of the Island

Independence Celebrations

Planned for Entire Island

Il L


Page 2 The Abaconian July 1996

The Efd/For

Three Years to Enjoy..... or Suffer..... the Consequences

July 26th, 1996, will be a day for
historians to discuss in the history books
of the Bahamas, the day of the first
elections of local government officials.
We must all get out and vote for
members of the Town Committees,
choosing those we feel will do the best
job of managing our local affairs.
The eyes of The Bahamas will be on
Abaco. Abaco has been a leader in taking
care of its own affairs, of showing
initiative, and making do under adverse
conditions. Now we have the opportunity
to once again show that we are vitally
interested in the future of our
communities and are willing to work to
manage and improve them.
What are some of the characteristics
of those persons who will do a good job?
* They must be conscientious.
* They must be willing to give time and
energy to their task.
* They need to be able to think in terms
of the community, not just friends and
family. We do not want people who think
only of themselves, who give contracts to
their family members, who give

approvals to their buddies.
* They need to be honest and truthful.
The people we will be electing will be
managing the money allocated to our
towns and we need people who will be
efficient and competent to spend wisely.
* We need people who are willing to
reconsider, are flexible in their thinking
and can learn from mistakes.
How do we know what people will be
like when they are elected? We have to
look at their lives up to this point.
* Think about their activities in the
church or civic organizations. Are they
active in the organization?
* Do they accomplish the work they
were given to do?
* Are they open to new ideas, to
different ways of looking at a problem?
* Are they flexible and are they willing
to compromise with others to find a
workable solution?
* Are they willing to change their
thinking as they study a problem?
* Are they fair?
* Do they manage their own monetary
affairs well?

* Are they successful in their personal
We need a variety of people on our
committees, men, women, people older
and wiser, some younger and bolder. We
need representatives from various
interests in the community, businesses,
tourist-oriented, ecology and others.
Let us forget political affiliations.
Party politics should not enter into this at
all. We must choose people who will do
a good job and it does not matter which
party they belong to. It is expected that
both parties will present candidates they
feel will best serve the community. But
we must look at these persons critically
and choose among those to get the very
best. It is imperative that responsible
persons serve whether they are FNM,
PLP or otherwise.
When you reduce politics to the
sidewalk level, how does the FNM view
differ from the PLP view? When the bids
are laid on the table for all to see, and
they will be, the best options presented
are going to be accepted. Friendships and
alliances may count when identical
schemes are presented but this won'te9.

happen often.
There are many fine people in both
parties who will serve their communities
well. This is the time for us to work
together, not the time to let grievances or
past differences keep us from choosing
the best.
Maybe you believe that you would do
a good job but you are hesitant at
running for the position yourself.
Consider that you have a responsibility to
your community. After all, you live there
also. Our communities are only as good
as we make them. Whom would you
rather see on the Town Committee?
Let us accept the challenge and spend
the next, few weeks working actively to
get well qualified people to commit
themselves. Let us look hard at the
candidates and on July 26th put our best
people in office.
Every town on Abaco can be improved
in some way. Your input can make it
better. Start now. You are either goingto
enjoy... or suffer... the consequences of
your elected committee members for the
next three years.

Letters to the Editor

Mlrphy/ Town Wans "Honest" epresentaein in New Local


As the time dra%\s near for Local
Governrr~nt elections, serious thought
should be given to the choice of
candidates elected to represent our
It-is important to note that there are
members of the Murphy Town
community who are on various Local
Government boards but sad to say,
residents are not even aware that they

the community.
II is also interesting to note that a
particular Murphy Town board member
uses his membership on the board as a
means to obtain personal favors from
various government departments locally
and nationally. He- has been 'vetf
decep:i\ e by leading go% ernment officials
to believe that he is a genuine
representative of the community by using
the community name. But the actual fact

represent them. This is evident in the fact
that certain board members are definitely
not in touch with the Murphy Town
Consequently, in the upcoming Local
Government elections, certain facts will
be taken into account. Residents will -not-
he interested in electing an\ candidate'
who are not regularly in touch with the
community, who do not participate in
community affairs or show concern for

is the community has no knowledge of
what he supposedly suggests to variouss
government departments on behalf of the
community. He is a very selfish resident
who simple "lives" in Murphy Town but
is totly,.Qt .,0f touf.-
Candidates like this are clearly) not the
people's choice and should not be eligible
to represent his community.
Concerned Residents

dpset W/Zt Loss of farm Job

To the Minister of Immigration
Dear Minister Smith:
I have been working at the Bahama
Star Farm in Treasure Cay, Abaco, for
the past four years. My position was
head security officer at the main entrance
gate to the farm. Would like to let you
know about a situation that has happened
to me and has me very upset as a
I was just recently fired by the
General Manager, an American from Ft.
Pierce, Florida, who I understand does
not have a Bahamian work permit. The
reason he gave me for my being let go
from my job was that I was letting too
many people on the farm by foot. This

The Abaconian
David & Kathleen Ralph, Editors & Publishers
P O Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas

was not so as there are always people
that can walk in to the farm by other
back ways. The farm covers a big area in
the pine yards forest that I or anyone else
other than God could not control.
But let me tell you the real reason I
was fired. I was not able to speak out
before now because I was afraid to lose
my job. Now I no longer work on
Bahama Star farm. Since the manager
has taken over as Farm Manager, ;Thave
seen a lot of problems come up for the
employees of this company. He has a
woman working for him who has many
times been rude to other workers at the
farm including myself. She doesn't give
anyone respect. I have found her in

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several lies on other employees as well
as myself many times.
There are two things of many which I
would like to bring to your attention. The
first one was a day when I was at the
guard gate and Prime Minister Ingraham
came to see the farm with some people
which I found out later were the same
people who bought the Breezes Hotel in
Nassau. When the woman found out that
I let the Prime Minister in without
checking with her at the office, she got
very mad. She told me if I ever let
anyone on the farm without her
permission, including the Prime Minister,
that I could lose my job. I asked the
woman how could she have a problem
with the Prime Minster % visiting our farm
and she told me that this was her
instructions from the manager.
Now Mr. Minister, you tell me how I
as a Bahamian from Cooper's Town
could stop our Prime Minister from
coming on the farm? I think we should
be happy he was taking the time to pay
us a visit.
Another time I saw the woman talk
rudely to a corporal from the Cooper's
Town Police Station. She was at the gate
when he came, and she told him that he
could not come on the farm without
permission. As long as I have been
around the farm, public officials have
been allowed to come in. I do not
understand why this has all of a sudden

changed unless the farm has something to
But the real reason I feel that I was
fired off my job is because we had a
general workers meeting a few weeks
ago. When my turn came, I asked the
manger why my weekly hours had been
cut back and my take home pay cut.
What I could not understand was that the
man I was working with at the gate told
me the company had to cut back on the
workers' salaries. But at the same time
when they cut my hours back, they hired
a new man for me to train and with the
extra hours for the new man, they were
paying out more money than they had
been paying me before.
When I questioned the manager in the
meeting why I had been cut back on my
wages he told me that if I asked too
many more questions like that in the
meeting, he would not talk to me about it
I would like to close and say that I
needed this job,1s I have a family to
feed. I was not given any warning which
would have given me some time to
maybe find some other line of work.
I thank you, Mr. Minister, for your
time to read my letter
Stanley Delancy, Sr.

- - y


Juyv 1996 The Abaeonlan Page 3

letters to the Editor ResidetIs concerned wi/h /oiiy wild chicekes

To the Editors,
My wife and I have been coming to
Marsh Harbour for the past sixteen

years. For the past four years we have
spent most of our time at our home on
Keys Drive, only returning to the United

States two or three times a year.
Our property is bordered on three
sides by heavy foliage which is filled

Letters to the Editor

4 Refp0oa to& a4 Viewpaoit
This letter is an explanation to Deb
Patterson about the relationship of The
Bahamas with England.
Dear Deb,
Firsi, let me say how much I enjoy
reading your articles in the Abaconian. It
is refreshing to get the insight that you
bring to many local situations. However,
I must say that your article in the June
edition of the paper as it refers to the
Bahamas status in the British
Commonwealth is misleading.
The Bahamas was a British Colony
and you are correct you were British
subjects and the laws of The Bahamas
were formulated and approved in
London. On July 10th, 1973, when The
Bahamas became an independent country,
it did not "disconnect the Bahamas from
England forever." At that time it retained
its ties as part of the Commonwealth of
Nations. We have not severed our ties
with the Queen and are still very much
part of the Commonwealth.
I hope this clarifies the situation for
Tony Bennett

false Recruit/ig for Beaty
Contest on Randd i Banama?
To the Grand Bahama Beauty Pageant
We, the members of the Miss
Northern Bahamas Beauty Pageant
Committee and the Miss Northern
Bahamas Talented Teen Committee were
more than a little concerned in reference
to reports being made, allegedly, by the
Grand Bahama Beauty Pageant
Committee to the media that contestants
for the Miss Grand Bahama pageant were
being solicited from Bimini, Abaco and
other island of the Northern Bahamas.
May we inform you that our concerns
are based upon two basic fundamental
PES E SEEzLeter Page-3



Regatta Time in Abaco

Julyi4 12

The Editor
Dear Sir,
Now that I and my family are finally
getting used to the "Big City" life, I take
this opportunity, on behalf of myself and
family, to thank all the customers,
friends and acquaintances for the three
wonderful years we spent in the Abacos.
Apart from the friendships that we
made over the years in Abaco, you can
be assured we were very fortunate to
have made so many good friends.
You truly live in paradise and we feel
proud and privileged to have had the
good fortune to have lived in the Abacos.
Yours faithfully,
James W.A. Poole
and Family

Welcomes you in their branches in Abaco
Ask Barclays First

Barclays is the largest International
banking group represented in the area
Marsh Harbour
367-2152/3/4 367-2210 Fax 367-2659
New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay
We have nine other branches throughout the Bahamas to serve you

with chickens. The chicken population is
increasing by leaps and bounds. At this
point in time the roosters far exceed the
hen population. From 4 a.m. until around
8 or 8:30 p.m. the constant crowing is
overwhelming -- on moon light nights,
they start at 2 a.m.
I've asked several people about this
and inquired about the ownership of these
birds. No one seems to own them and
from my conversations with them, they
are also annoyed. I know of one person
who has contacted the police about this
problem and have seen no change.
I know that nobody benefits from this
nuisance. Even the eggs can't be utilized
for they lay them in the brush where they
can't be reached. Believe me, the hens
make almost as much noise as the
I must impress you with the abundance
of these roosters. The other morning,
while riding my bike, I counted twenty-
five roosters between my house and
Queen Elizabeth Drive. There were also
several hens with six to eight chicks. It's
obvious, the problem can only get worse.
I enjoy the Abaconian. Thanks for
Ken Carrick

Page 35


Page 4 The Abacoiuan July 1996

South Abaco

Sandy Point
By Ruth Flowers
Mt. Zion Baptist Church Annual
Youth Fest will be held again this year
July 3rd to 7th. This is the sixth year for
this event. Rev. Huden Roberts from the
Chakanah Bahamas Ministry will be the
guest speaker along with Rev. Troy
Seymour from Freeport, Grand Bahama.
A Gospel Concert will be held July
6th featuring Chakanah Bahamas as well
as the S.C. McPherson Brass Band, Faith
United Missionary Baptist Church Choir,
it. Andrews Choir of Fire Road, St.
vlarks Baptist Church of Crossing
locks, Sis Judy Dawkins and Mt. Zion
3aptist Church, Sandy Point.
Mrs. Anita Pinder, a resident of Sandy
Point, took an interest in the health needs
of the residents. She has opened a fruit
stand, providing the community with
fresh fruits weekly. Thanks, Anita.

Mrs. Cynthia Bain
The Community Mourns
Mrs. Cynthia Louise Bain passed away
on June 1inh anu wa laidto rest uo Julne
22nd in the Sandy Point Public
Cemetery. Officiating at the service was
Rev. Napoleon Roberts, District Pastor
of Mt. Zion Baptist Church.
Mrs. Bain was born in Crossing
Rocks, received her early education in
Sandy Point before furthering her
education in Nassau. She began teaching
in Sandy Point in 1961 and taught there
until 1993 when ill health caused her to

leave the school. She was a member of
the Mt. Zion Baptist Church.
Left to mourn are her husband Eric,
five children, Gregory, Nadine,
Raymond, Timothy, Charles and adopted
son Eric, Jr. and a community which will
miss her.
Moore's Island
By Ken Owen
The funeral service for the late
Edward Knowles, aged 27, victim of a
lightning strike, was held at Zion Baptist
Church on the 8th of June. Officiating
was his friend and co-worker Pastor
Nixon Simms, assisted by Pastor
Haywood Swain and Pastor Herman
Walker. Interment was in the public
Many youthful friends were present on
this sad occasion. He is survived by his
stepmother, Audrey Hield; stepfather
Locksley Hield; two sons, Deleceo and
Keyano Knowles; four brothers, Tony,
Alonzo, Preston and Roland Knowles;
his grandmother, Carline Davis and
many other relatives and friends. All of
us at Moore's Island mourn his passing.
Mr. Awood Knowles passed away on
June 5th, aged 84. He had been unwell
for some time. He was hospitalized in
1984 and again in April 1996. When
discharged he returned to his native
The funeral service was held at Zion
Baptist Church. Officiating was Rev.
Nixon Simms assisted by Rev. Haywood
Swain and interment was at the public
cemetery. Many friends and relatives
from all over the Bahamas attended the
funeral. Over 60 persons came by
mailboat from Nassau including his
lodge's brass band. He is survived by his
wife, Gina Knowles; seven children,
Hilda and Randolph Knowles, Emily
Dames, Gloria Burrows, Syblene Davis,
Shirley Newton and Genevie Pinder;
forty grandchildren, 31 great-
grandchildren, 3 great-great-
grandchildren and a host of other
relatives and friends. May his soul rest in
On the 22nd of June a barge arrived

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from Nassau containing two massive
trucks. They were far too heavy to be
unleaded at the Government Dock.
Instead the barge was beached and the
bow was dropped to form a passageway
to the beach. Even so, the trucks had to
negotiate about ten yards of sea, a foot
or so deep, and the steep slope of the
sandy beach before reaching the safety of
the road. It was quite fascinating to
watch the unloading, when the double
rear wheels spun on the soft sandy floor,
a mechanical contraption lifted the rear
of the truck. Ridged steel plates were
then placed under the rear wheels. The

vehicle was lowered and behold, it had
traction. The process was repeated as
necessary until both trucks were on the
The desalination plant was inside the
container and the powerful crane was to
lift the container on to its permanent
trailer at the well fields situated near the
Bight. Any day now, when we open our
water taps, fresh, soft, drinkable water
will gush forth. Hallelujah!
Moore's Island All Age School.
The school experienced yet another
"first" on Sunday the 23rd of June. It
was the Worship Service for the 1996

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L g a

July 1996 The Abaconian Page 5

South Abaco News continued

graduating students which was held at
Greater Bethel Baptist Church as a
preparation for the Graduation Exercise
and Prize-giving to be held the following
The newly built church was filled to
capacity by eleven in the morning and
the service started punctually. The guest
speaker was Pastor Newbold, a former
principal of the school, and the sermon
was delivered by Pastor Nixon Simms.
The theme for the occasion was "Practise
Good Habits" and the-text was from
Ecclesiastes 12:1, "Remember thy
Creator in the days of your youth."
There were selections given by the choirs
of four churches in addition to a well-
received selection by the graduating
class. Teachers and students took part in
the service.
-The graduates could not fail to be
much moved by Pastor Newbold's
inspired address. The sermon, too, was
apt and instructive as well as enthralling.
Indeed, both the sermon and the address
visibly affected the congregation as the
impassioned deliveries reached their
climaxes. The hymns were sing with
spirit and enthusiasm accompanied by
Messrs. Ishmael Williams, Kendal
Stuart, Freeman Greene and our talented
drummer, Scott Hield. Dynamic and
cogent remarks were addressed to the
students by Mr. Rahming, their
Principal. The Rev. Nathaniel Hield
recounted personal experiences that had
taught him the value of reading ability
and exhorted the students to take
advantage of their opportunities.
The service was very ably moderated
by Mr. Alvin Laing and the vote of
thanks was proposed by Mrs. Lillian
Laing who thanked the coordinator, Mrs.
Cathrine Owen, the Principal and staff
- for organising the event, as well as the
principal speakers and may others who
had taken part. The service ended all too
soon with the singing of the National
Anthem and the Benediction given by
Mr. Robert Swain.
By Lee Pinder
Fire Consumes Local Landmark
Duck Cay lighthouse burned down on
June 3rd. Although there are no local
records to confirm it, it is believed that
the building was about one hundred years
old. Eric Sands, the present lighthouse
keeper, had earlier in the day cleaned
and refueled the kerosene lantern that
provided the beacon to numerous and
sundry vessels that passed by our shores
night after night. Eric inherited the job

from his older brother Gerney who, in
turn, inherited it from their father, Mr.
Leon Sands, who followed a long line of
other Cherokee lighthouse keepers. He
was also responsible for the light on
Cherokee Point and both of these are in
the process of being upgraded to solar
panels within the very near future. The
mounting poles are already in place and
the new lights only await official
installation by maritime personnel. Duck
Cay lighthouse has long been a favourite
picnicking and camping spot where you
could always get a meal of whelks. The
old familiar building is just one more
small piece of history that is gone
On June 5th and 6th the "1996
Children's Environmental Summit" was
held in Nassau. The Cherokee Sound All
Age School was represented by one of its
top students, twelve-year-old Erica
Adderley, who was accompanied by the
school principal, Ms. Michelle Lowe.
Upon their return they both reported on
the success of the meetings. The goal of
the summit was to help children learn
about their environment, to enhance their
appreciation and encourage their
acceptance of their individual role as
stewards of the future. They were made
aware of their responsibility to make

recommendations for maintaining and
improving our Bahamian environment, a
lesson we as adults could learn from our
Many family members, neighbours
and life-long friends gathered on June 9th
to help celebrate over forty years of loyal
and dedicated service to the church by

their lay-preacher, Mr. Daniel Whitney
Pinder. The Cherokee Methodist Church
was filled to capacity with community
members and various visiting dignitaries
who came to show their admiration and
appreciation for the many years of
steadfast and unwavering devotion Mr.
PLEASE SEE South Abaco Page 32

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in swirls of

14kt gold.

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I --II Irl"

onl 225

Page 6 The Abaconian July 1996

Central Abaco

Murphy Town
By Royanne Swain
The Murphy Town Community
Association is now in the process of
making final preparations for their third
annual Home Coming celebrations. The
events begin on July l1th and extend
through July 14th.
The public is invited to come out and
share in some of the fun-filled, exciting
activities. There will be a variety of
native dishes and drinks on sale.
Youth Conference Hosted
by Bethany Gospel Chapel
By Royanne Swain
Bethany Gospel Chapel in conjunction
with Blue Hills Gospel Chapel in Nassau
came together for a youth conference on
the week-end of May 24th through 27th.
The theme of the conference was
"Shine for Jesus." The guest speaker for
this event was Bro. Steven Knowles of
Nassau. The week began with a
parents/children's night. Featured choirs
were from Zion Baptist, Friendship
Tabernacle and Bethany Gospel's
children's choir.
Bro. Knowles placed emphasis on
relationships between parents and
children and reminded parents that their
children are a blessing from God. He
stated that parents should never say
derogatory remarks to their children or
say things to them to lower their self-
esteem. He gave examples of these types
of remarks such as: "If you don't stop

Waterfront or Hilltdp
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Discover our Beaches
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Between the Deep Blue Ocean
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VHF 16 Young Lovers

Bike Shop
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Cannondale Klien Trek
Mens Womens Childrens

that, I will stump your guts out," or "I
will slap your face twist." He remarked
that parents should not tell their children
that they are "no good" or "stupid!"
Children need to have a sense of self-
worth. He told parents that they should
prove to others that their child or
children are a blessing from God in the
way that they treat them.
On Saturday afternoon, there was a
march in conjunction with the Ministry
of Youth. The youth marched from the
Police Station in Dundas Town to Abaco
Central park in Murphy Town. A youth
rally was held after the march.

At the rally Bro. Knowles spoke to the
children about "Samson and Delilah. The
evening ended with refreshments donated
by Mrs. Greta Strachan Culmer of the
Ministry of Youth. M.C. for this
occasion was Mr. Julian Johnson of
On Sunday afternoon there was "Open
Sunday School where children were
challenged to say Bible verses and sing
praises to the Lord. The evening ended
with a Gospel Concert at the New
Bethany Gospel Church building. All the
children's choirs participated in this
concert which was very well attended and

Happy Birthday


Murphy Town Community Association
Third Annual Home-Coming Celebrations
Schedule of Events
All events are at the Abaco Central Park except the church service
July llth 8 p.m. Opening Ceremony
July 12th All day Food and drinks on sale
July 12th 8 p.m. Cultural Show & Awards Presentation
July 13th All day Sports Day, Games such as egg 'n' spoon, tug-a-war
July 13th 7 p.m. Softball and basketball games
July 14th 11 a.m. Church service at Zion Baptist Church
July 14th 1:30 p.m. Fellowship dinner under the tent at Abaco Central Park
July 14th 8 p.m. Gospel Concert and Closing Ceremony

Old on

July z5th/ 1996

enjoyed by all. It was certainly a time of
praise and fellowship to God for the
blessings received during the week.
The visiting group from Nassau
consisted of about 62 adults and children.


One Year

SBack to School


s Theo 4la c

JEWP Leather Belts

REW Leather Baeck-packs


Back-packs, Raincoats & Umbrellas

HANES Hosiery
Handbags and Accessories
Socks 0
Shoe-laces I

Marsh Harbour
Store Hours Mon Sat 9 5 Friday to 5:30 Phone 367-2424


Full Service
Parts for most Brands
Hope Town 366-0292

July 1996 The Abaconian Page 7

Central Abaco News

- continued

Jillian Lothian and Greg Albury
exchanged wedding vows on May 25th at
Aldersgate Methodist Church in Marsh
Harbour. Officiating was Rev. Charles
Carey. The newly weds held a reception at
their home following the ceremony. They
honeymooned in Hawaii.

Trauma One
There will be a fund-raising dinner on
July 13th across from Golden Harvest to
benefit Trauma One, the ambulance
service in Marsh Harbour. Dinners will

r =r <.
\ yy-p^

be served from 3 to 7 p.m. and a raffle
drawing will be held. Raffle items
include small appliances, gift certificates
and dinners. Tickets for the dinner will
be pre-sold and are $11 for steak and $9
for lasagna or-chicken.
Trauma One is operated by Dan
Wiltfang as a service to the people of
Abaco. Funds collected by this fund
raising will go toward expenses of
maintaining the ambulance.

Youth Month
The Ministry of Youth and Sports
sponsored a march and rally on May
25th to commemorate Youth Month. The
march which involved well over 100
persons began at the Police station and
continued to Abaco Central High School.
Leading the march was Bro. Steven
Knowles, Youth Pastor of the Blue Hills
Gospel Chapel in Nassau. The band of
the Boys Brigade also marched.
The march was followed by a rally at
the high school. The speaker was Bro.
Knowles who spoke on the theme The

July 2toh, 1996
Best Wishes and
Cod's Blessing from their
Daughter LaLeec,
Family and Friends

The Newest Port of Entry to the Abacos

Your private island retreat
Only a 45 minute flight from Palm Beach, Florida
Direct access from Florida for boaters and planes
5,000 foot jetway
60 slip full service marina, fuel, water & ice
Panoramic waterfront lots available
The ultimate in elegance, beauty and tranquility
Scuba diving, watersports, boat rentals
Sight-seeing, bonefishing
Call 809-365-0083 365-6622 Fax 809-365-0466
For reservations (USA & Canada) call 1-800-688-4752

Glory of Youth Month. Bro. Knowles was
accompanied by about 65 youth from his
church in Nassau. They had special
services at the Bethany Gospel Chapel in
Murphy Town.
Wee Care
Wee Care day care center has recently
opened in Marsh Harbour on Don
MacKay Boulevard and is providing
quality day care for children 16 months
to 12 years. The business is owned and
operated by Barbara Pelanne. They will
provide service on week days from 8
a.m. to 5:30 p.m. They have a
curriculum which will help the children
develop motor and social skills.
Senior Citizen
Home Now Open
Abaco now has a home for senior
citizens who need care. Mr. James
Williams of Dundas Town has opened
Sybil's House for caring for these
people. Sybil's House provides room and
board and gives total care as necessary.


Page 30

Best a *es 24 Hlour Approval

* Fishing Season Fishing Supplies .,.
* Boats Hurricane Preparedness ':;"
* Home Improvement
* And more!
S_ -^r^t v'.R"'1

The bank for Bahamians with pflages frgotl
BACO: Marsh Harbour -367,2370


Shanna Thompson
ist Place in 6 Subjects
znd Place in z subjects
Grade Ten
Forest Heights High School
From her parents
Mike & Joyce Thompson

Fifth Anniversary
Mr. & Mrs.
Lynden Newbold


Hours 7 AM 10 PM
Live Entertainment Weekly
Waterfront Dining at its Best
Accommodating up to 350 People
Bahamian and International Cuisine
* Full Banquet, Meeting, and Wedding Packages

ESORTReservations are Recommended Phone 809-367-2158
Reservations are Recommended 9 Phone 809-367-2158


Page 8 The Abaconian July 1996

News of the Cays

by Samantha Sands
Congratulations to Gary and Brenda
Sawyer on the birth of their bouncing
baby boy. Dylan Martin Sawyer was
born at the Miami Heart Institute on
April 30th and weighed 9 lbs 4 ounces.
There was a bridal shower held for
Beverly Roberts on June 21st at the New
Life Chapel Hall. She is marrying Shane
Sands on July 6th. Congratulations and
best wishes to them both.
In April of this year a memorial
trophy honouring the late Mr. Arthur
Hansen was presented to Man-O-War All
Age School by Mrs. Alice Walters and
Mr. Don Langley.
It is a perpetual trophy that will be
awarded each year to the student with the
highest grade point average for the year.
This year is was awarded to Beth
Albury, a second grader and daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Albury. Her
G.P.A. was 96.33 for the year. Way to
go, Beth! We are proud of you!
Earth Week Activities
During Earth Week the Man-O-War
School raised $663.28 to donate to the El
Bosque Pumalin Foundation. This
foundation is buying acres of rain forest
in Chili to create the largest park in the
world and currently has almost 800,000
The Pumalin Preserve is the dream of
Doug Tompkins, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Dylan Martin Sawyer
John Tompkins, second home own
Man-O-War. The goal is to preser
plants and animals which include
land animals as well as sea mamma
fish. Some rare trees also are in th
including the Alerce trees some of
are over 3,000 year old and 15 feet
Some of that area receives more tha
inches of rain yearly.
Hope Town
By Dan McCully
Mr. McCully publishes the Hope
Beacon and has kindly consented to
use material from it to inform our re
of Hope Town activities.
Honorary Award Is Give
Dr. Ray Heimbecker, Prof
Emeritus of Western Ontario, has
awarded the title Honorary Surgeo


let us

)n to



Boathouse Restaurant
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Closed Thursdays

24 Full Service Slips

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Curly Tail Boutique
Shell Fuel dock & road

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Fully Staffed Office with extended summer hours 8 a.m. 8 p.m.
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Abaco Ceramics also sold at Barefoot Gifts & Abaco Treasures Marsh Harbour
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Photo-copiers, typewriters, fax machines, calculators,
Laser printers, cash registers and computer printers.

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&rut -m&-ad Pre-inked business stamps,
business cards and flyers.

Wide assortment of envelopes and copy bond papers.

Next door to A & K Liquors, Marsh Harbour


SAbaco. This award was granted by the
government of The Bahamas in
recognition of many years of volunteer
service in Hope Town. Dr. Heimbecker
was formerly cardiovascular surgeon at
the University of Toronto and Toronto
General Hospital and Chief of
Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery at the
University Hospital in London, Ontario.
Town Has New Appearance
~ The Hope Town's village has new
looks everywhere. In just the last few
months a new sidewalk was installed
-*v "' along the harbour. The sidewalk-roads
were repaired, eliminating the toe
stubbing rough spots. New roads are
ers in being completed on the south end of the
ve the island and a new badly needed
many Government dock is being replaced.
Is and We have a brand new 12 slip marina
e area at Hope Town Hideaways resort and new
which construction projects all over the island.
wide. With the recent rainfall all the flower
n 220 barrels placed in the village by the Hope
Town Association are full of beautiful

The Board of Works and the Hope
Town Association have a full-time person
working in the village to keep all areas
trimmed, mowed and spiffy clean.
The village slogan "clean and serene"
could well be changed to "clean, serene,
beautiful and progressive!"
Community Center
Being Used
The St. James Methodist Church in
Hope Town decided to renovate the old
mission house for church and community
uses just one year ago. Today it is a very
busy place for many of our community
residents. Some of the uses have been for
Bible study, youth groups, arts and
crafts, karate classes, first-aid classes,
meeting rooms for organizations, church
board meetings and fellowship meals.
The support from the community has
been excellent and the long term benefits
to our children are evident.

July 1996 The Abaconian Page 9

News of the Cays continued

Hope Town Mourns Death
On May 12th Hope Town lost one of
its best known residents. Odell Bethel
shared his fishing experiences, his past
business experiences and his love of
gardening with hundreds of residents and
tourists alike.
Odell grew a wide assortment of
vegetables and herbs for his table use.
Many of us "would-be" gardeners
stopped by to admire his green thumb.
He tried new varieties and old favorites,
and usually if you stopped by to visit a
while, you would come home with some
starter plants for your own gardening
Many of us in Hope Town and outside
the village have a good selection of
pepper plants and herbs that came from
.Odell's small plot. I'm sure they will
cherish them for a long time in
remembrance of Odell Bethel who will
be missed by all of us.
Lighthouse Society
Makes Presentation
An overflow crowd enjoyed Dave and
Phoebe Gale's presentation of an
historical step into the past. It was both
entertaining and informative. The
Lighthouse Preservation Society is surely
a worthwhile project. Literally thousands
of tourists visit the lighthouse in Hope
Town every year. The structure itself is
enchanting but the fact that its
mechanical workings are over one
hundred years old and still being used is
priceless. How many places in the entire
world are so fortunate to have this unique
lighthouse in their village? None!

Many thanks to the leadership of the
Lighthouse Society and their members
for the efforts made to preserve this
"museum piece." It was almost too late!
Who wants to see an electric strobe light,
unkempt buildings and grounds? Please
support the Society by joining and
pledging your support.
Hope Town Youth Choir
By Lyn Major
The St. Francis de Sales Hope Town
Youth Choir will be joined again in
August by a group from St. Augustine's
High School in New Jersey for a week of
learning, fun and community service.
Last year we began work on the repairs
of the library during this week. This
year, with the approval of the local
Board of Works, we hope to erect two
slides donated by the Christmas Bazaar
Committee and a see-saw, build
additional small benches for the park like
those already there and plant some
flowers around the library area. We
would be extremely grateful for anyone
to donate materials or cash for buying
In an attempt to raise funds for a trip,
the choir is also planning to offer
themselves for hire for jobs such as
baby-sitting and other appropriate jobs.
The ages of the members are 11 to 15
Green Turtle Cay
By Annabelle Cross
After being away for four weeks, I'm
still trying to catch up on news-worthy
events, so I apologize if I leave anything

& 3 Bedroom Luxury Apartments, fully equipped
Beach front on a magnificent 31/2 mile beach or
On a Marina with private boat slips
All with pool and tennis privileges
Check out our July-August rates
Island Dreams Treasure Cay, Abaco
Call 809-365-8507 or 365-8777
Fax 365-8508 Email: Dreams@oii.net

Harbour View Grocery
Use our dock for convenient shopping at our store
Fresh Meats & Vegetables
Dairy Products
Canned Goods
Dry Goods
on the HOPE TOWN waterfront




Caevases, Pa4!ds, rushes,

Dyes, SevWiqg 1'oor"ns,

Crafff Books, Pencil Craqyors

In the Royal Harbour Shopping Plaza
Above Sand Dollar Shoppe
Phone 367-4648

Summer is definitely here. The
children are counting the days until
summer vacation begins. For some, this
will be a summer to make decisions for
their future. lan Bethell, Adrian Lowe,
Waylon Lowe and Jennifer Sattem
graduated from Forest Heights Academy
and Regina McIntosh, Matthew Reckley,
Nathaniel Reckley and Tina Wells
graduated from S.C. Bootle Secondary,
Rontonio Levarity,. Kira Newbold and
Eve Russell finished the ninth grade at
Amy Roberts All Age and will be
moving on to finish high school on the
mainland of Abaco.
Green Turtle Club's Annual Fishing
Tournament was held May 7th to 11th.

After three days of fishing, the overall
winner was the vessel NINETEENTH
HOLE with a 378 pound marlin. David
Bussart of the vessel NANSEABEE also
brought in a large marlin, but it wasn't
big enough to claim a prize. Sorry
Green Turtle Cay was the place for
weddings on May 18th. Congratulations
to the newlyweds: Syd and Janet Curtis,
Bruce and Janet Van Dyke and Anon and
Charlene McIntosh.
Fifteen students of Amy Roberts All
Age School travelled to their first swim
meet in Hope Town on June 6th.
Bringing home medals and/or ribbons
PLEASE SEE Cays Page 28

On Hope Town's waterfront` l bahamian cuisine

Bar Opens Daily 10 a.m.
5 pm on Tues ays
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m.
Lunch & Dinner Daily
(Kitchen Closed Tuesdays)
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pm
SAppetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m.
Call 366-0087 RENTAL
CE 366-0292 BIKES
VHF Ch. 16

^* 6. a -. a -

Page 10 The Abaconian July 1996

North Abaco

Fox Town
Four boats belonging to Daniel Parker
and his son Delgarno Parker were stolen
from Fox Town on June 16th. After a
search by plane three of the boats were
located and recovered. The fourth boat a
20 foot Sea Hawk has not been found.
The two year old Sea Hawk with a 155
HP Johnson was worth $21,000. The
other three boats stolen were Boston
Whalers. When they were found the
brand new Evinrude 65 HP engine was
missing. The engine had been on the boat
less than one week.
These boats allowed the Parkers to
earn a living by crawfishing. They are
concerned about how they will be able to
crawfish during the upcoming season.

Little Abaco
by Leon Pinder
Little Abaco held its homecoming on
Labour Day weekend, June 6th through
9th. The theme of their festivities this
was Back to the Island. The weekend
highlights included an opening statement
by the Prime Minister, Hubert Ingraham
who made his appearance at the
basketball court in Fox Town on June
7th. The threat of rain did not dampen
the spirit and the size of the crowd which
assembled for the opening and the
activities which followed. The Home

Coming was one of the activities planned
for raising fund for a community center.
The Prime Minister encouraged the
people of Little Abaco to work toward
their goal for a community center. He
assured them that the government would
help them after they have the foundation
and blocks laid. He explained that since
the land where they want to build the
center is Crown Land, it would be no
problem in securing that for their project.
The Prime Minister discussed Local
Government briefly with the audience
encouraging them to work together. He
explained that they would be electing
their Town Committee and it will consist
of one member from Cedar Harbour, one
from Wood Cay, one from Mount Hope,
two from Fox Town and two from
Crown Haven.
The week end festivities began with a
church service on June 6th. The
Thanksgiving service was at the Ebenezer
Baptist Church in Cedar Harbour. Other
activities included a Cultural
Extravaganza on June 7th. The many
talents of the area were showcased and
included a skit by Marsha Stubbs and
Company of Green Turtle Cay and a skit
by the L.P. Drama Club with Austin
Mills and students of the Fox Town
Primary School. The audience thoroughly
appreciated these shows as well as the
music and singing performed. The
outdoor stage gave the audience the


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Open Monday Thurs 10 a.m. 10 p.m. ''., )
Friday & Saturday until 11 p m.
Sunday 2 p.m. until 10 p.m.
Order Now at 367-3535
Located in Front of Abaco Towns in Marsh Harbour

necessary space to allow everyone to
enjoy the performance.
June 8th began with a Walk-a-thon
and a Run-a-thon. The course was from
the Primary School in Crown Haven to
the Primary School in Fox Town. The
winners of those contests were Moses
Robinson of Fox Town who won the
Run-a-thon and Deborah McKenzie of
Wood Cay who won the Walk-a-thon.
On June 8th and 9th they held a
basketball tournament with teams coming
from all of northern Abaco to compete
for the trophies. In the senior
championship, the team from Cedar
Harbour was finally able to win over the

other winning team from Crown Haven.
In the junior competition the team from
Mount Hope, the Chicken and the Boys
won the trophy.
The volleyball tournament was held on
June 8th and that champion team was the
team from Mount Hope, the Estmargeo
Heats. Their nearest competitor was the
team from Crown Haven.
While some were playing basketball
and others were playing volleyball, they
had a pool tournament at a club in Mount
Hope. The winner of that was Norwood
PLEASE SEE North Abaco Page 23

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CIBC HOPETOWN 80936640296
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MAN-O-WAR CAY 809656098
Thurs. 1000am 2:00pm

July 1996 The Abaconlan Page 11

Tournaments Keep Boat Harbour Busy

BBC Tournament Is a Big Success

Great Abaco Beach Resort of Marsh
Harbour hosted the fourth leg of the
Bahamas Billfish Championship
Tournament on June 10th to 14th. This
five leg series began this year at Chub
Cay, then moved on to Walker's Cay for
the second leg and Treasure Cay for the
third leg. The fifth and final competition
was in Harbour Island the third week of
A record 75 boats competed in the
Boat Harbour competition, catching a
total of 119 billfish. One hundred two

Penny Turtle's


Draws 30 Boats
The ninth annual Penny Turtle
Invitational Billfish Ball was held May
26th 31st. A total of 30 boats
competed. First place winner was
Another Mystery, second place was the
Jenny Lynn and third place was Sea N
The Penny Turtle Billfish Ball offered
the anglers a great time with nightly
entertainment and lots of beautiful
trophies and prizes. One night there was
a costume party with a cookout and
music. The entertainment also included a
Pig Roast Luau with Tiki torches and
live music.
Local sponsors include Shell Bahamas,
Little Switzerland and A & K Liquors.
There are several American sponsors
including Southern Boating Magazine and
Lewis Marine.

were tagged and released, four were
released without tags and 13 were
boated. For this section of the BBC,
Caribbean Soul finished first followed by
Therapy in second place and Ticket in
third. However, in top place overall for
the first four tournaments was Therapy.
The Bahamas Billfish Championship
began in 1968 at Bimini with a group of

anglers having an informal competition.
All the tournaments have identical rules
but the tournament locations change year
to year to suit the anglers. Through the
years the rules have changed to move
toward conservation of the species. They
have established size minimums for
billfish which have significantly increased
the number of billfish released as well as
increasing the overall average weights for
boated fish.
For the 1996 series, the sponsors

changed the point structure to give more
attention to the large number of billfish
that are tagged and released. This is
resulting in fewer sailfish and white
marlin being brought in to the dock.
It was estimated that in 1994 the
economic impact of the Bahamas Billfish
Championship was in excess of five
million dollars annually most of which
was spent in the Out Islands. These
tournaments greatly enhance the image of
boating and sport fishing in the Bahamas.

Abaco Independence Celebrations

July 6th 3 p.m.
July 9th 7 p.m.
till Midnight
July 10th 4:30 p.m.
July 13th 5:30 p.m.
July 20th 7 p.m.

Softball Jamboree, Soft Pitch, Men and Ladies Abaco Central Park, Murphy T.
Gospel Jamboree and Ecumenical Church Service & Abaco Central Park, Murphy T.
Flag Raising Ceremony, Gun Salute, Fire Works
Basketball Jamboree, Semi-finals and Finals Basketball Park, Sandy Point
Volleyball Jamboree, Semi-finals and Finals Estmargeo Park, Mount Hope
Cultural Extravaganza and Awards Ceremony Abaco Central Park, Murphy T.


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Rev. Culmer is from Savannah Sound
and grew up in the Methodist Church
there. She attended the College of the
Bahamas where she received an
Associate degree and a teaching
certificate. She taught school on
Eleuthera for three years before attending
Candler School of Theology at Emery
University in Atlanta, Georgia where she
earned a Master of Divinity degree with
Rev. Charles Sweeting, President of
The Bahamas Conference of The
Methodist Church, performed the act of
Ordination and Reginald Eldon, Secretary
of the Conference, delivered the charge.

Elbow Cay on White Sound
near Hope Town

Romantic tropical rooms
on both ocean and sound
Free boat docking
Scenic bar serving your
favorite frozen drinks
Wonderful food served
over looking the ocean
Breakfast, Lunch and
Dinner a la carte
Come by boat, or call
to be picked up in
Hope Town
Reservation requested
but not required
VHF 16 Phone 366-0133


Page 12 The Abaconian July 1996

People in the News

New Manager for

found the transition to the quieter, safer
way of life quite easy.
When he is not on the job, Mr.
Russell enjoys music and gardening,
loves animals and a good party! He is
hoping to soon enjoy the area even more
in his own boat.
Scotia Bank Boasts
New Manager

moved from North Eleuthera.
Mr. Bowe is married to Veronica and
has three children, Tyiece, Tanyann and
Triton. He is a member of the Bahamas
Chamber of Commerce and St. John the
Baptist Anglican Church.

Mr. Walter Russell Jr.

Walter Russell, Jr., is the
manager of the Barclays Bank P
Marsh Harbour. He joined Barclay
in 1975 and after attending junior
in Alabama, returned to the
service in 1979. Since that time
worked in several branches c
Barclays in Nassau, in various
including the credit card center
bank's inspection/audit team and
recently in Caribbean Directo
Bahamas Manager's office
Administration Manager.
For Mr. Russell, the appoint
Abaco is like a return trip home
Russell, whose grandparents hail
Abaco, worked at the Marsh H
branch between February 1987 ant
1989. His is happy to be back al



Mr. Fred H. Bowe

Mr. Fred H. Bowe has been named
manager of the Bank of Nova Scotia in
Marsh Harbour. He has come to us from
Eleuthera where he was manager of the
Bank of Nova Scotia, North Eleuthera
Mr. Bowe has been with Scotia Bank
since 1985. In those years he has served
in a number of positions. He is very
excited to work with the residents of
Abaco and is well acquainted with
banking in the Family Islands having just

9arah O'Connor & Peter Kline
Welcome You to Hope Town's
Historic Harbour Lodge

Excellent snorkeling from our 2-mile Ocean Beach
Air Conditioned Accommodations, Fresh Water Pool
Reef Bar & Grill, Lunch Served Daily 11:30 2:30

Happy Hour Daily 4 5 p.m.
Sunday Continental Breakfast Buffet 8 10 am
plus Menu Specialties including Eggs Benedict
Complimentary Dockage
Call 366-0095 or VHF Channel 16


Abaco Island Manager for Shell Bahamas
Limited. He was appointed to this
position on May 1st.
Mr. Bastian has been employed by
Shell for the past three years, most
recently as the lubricants sales
representative for the Bahamas and Turks
and Caicos Islands.
Mr. Bastian was trained in lubricant
technology and product sales and
marketing. He is married to Lenor and
has two sons, Quentin, Jr. and Quaid. He
is Pentecostal and attends the Church of
God in Dundas Town.
a koo .%'s
Dean's List
Florida Southern College has
announced that Jana Albury has been
named to the Dean's List. She received a
grade point average of at least 3.5. Miss
Albury is the daughter of Earl and
Noreen Albury and is a sophomore at the
school in Lakeland, Florida.

Open Daily
l Breakfast 8:30 10 am
Lunch & Dinner t1 am 9 pm
Bar open 8:30 am 'til...
Happy Hour 5 6:30 pm
Restaurant & Bar Live Music Weds & Fri 8 t1 pm
on the Specializing in
Hope Town Waterfront Baaian Food
Phone 366-0247 or VHF 16 Bahamian Foods


TMwu C restaurant
An invitation is extended to our
-- ^'. Abaco friends to join us for breakfast/
lunch or dinner at our marina patio or in
our dining room.
Breakfast specials extend until Io:3o
on weekdays and ii am on Sundays. Visit us for a mid-day
lunch, perhaps a fabulous pizza. Come and enjoy our Early
Bird dinner specials between 6 & 7 pm and receive a 25%
discount. Entrees include Prime Rib (large or small),
fantastic Steaks, Pork Chops and Lamb Chops.

Mr. Quentin Bastian

Shell Bahamas
Names New Manager
Mr. Quentin Bastian has been named


,OI North Abaco's

Finest Fleet

20' 28' Centre Console with T Tops or Biminis
Registered and safety equipped
Dive gear and fishing tackle rental DI EBRS
Air fills and snorkel gear sales
Resort (beginners) dive course
All levels of instruction PADI
Reef and wreck dive with our Dive Master
VHF radio Ch 16 0 Phone 809-365-8465 0 Fax 809-365-8508
Located at the Treasure Cay Marina

Got a sweet tooth.... our delicious
cakes and pastries are prepared by
chef Gary Hudson. Or perhaps our 12
varieties of ice cream and sorbets are
more to your iking.3

A party of two
presenting this ad during July will receive a free
cocktail, a party of four will receive a bottle of wine
with dinner. This is our way of welcoming you to
a fine dining experience.

I54r1 --

As a special bonus to our Abaco friends only and
based on availability,
you will receive a special
room rate of $40 per night
(double occupancy)
subject to availability. -

Come spend the weekend with us.
Call 365-8535 for availability and
'7-' -




I I' -r -_ --- -- II




July 1996 The Abaconian Page 13

Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park in Peril

By Chris Roberts
Pelican Cays National Park is in
jeopardy. This Abaco treasure has for 30
years sheltered the sea ecology of our
past, helped support guides and boat
liveries and attracted customers for
hotels, restaurants and peripheral tourism
employers. Now it is threatened, not by
Nature which smiles on its preservation,
but by the thoughtlessness of some
visitors and a few local residents.
The Park's population of species is
being nibbled away a few creatures at a
time by the small but persistent
percentage of guests who presume that a
sprig of coral, a few conchs, a souvenir
sea fan for decoration or an illegal
grouper for dinner will not be missed --
and by a few Abaconians engaged in
wholesale looting.
Commercial fishermen, feigning
ignorance of boundaries, have recently
again decimated the schools of fish that
bring the Park to life by hauling them
with purse nets. And Gorling Cay, within
the Park, exhibits a pink mountain of
freshly broken conch shells which should
by law have remained sanctified for
observation by visitors -- and as a
reservoir of seed stock to re-propagate
that locally endangered species.
Pelican Cays Park lies in Pelican
Harbour, an easy ten miles or so south of
our hub settlements. It comprises 2,000
undersea acres and four cays (see
accompanying chart) and features the
magnificent coral reef which surrounds
Sandy Cay. The formations have been
rated among the most beautiful of
shallow water constellations by those

who have seen the Australian Barrier
Reef and the Red Sea structures. The
reef exhibits a compact array of many
kinds of coral in all stages of
development, dramatically silhouetted
against a white sand bottom. These
imaginary castles serve as habitat for
shoals of brilliantly colored fishes.
The Park is snuggled in the sound and
protected by barrier cays and so may be
safely explored by snorkelers and divers
of limited skill and experience. As many
as twenty boats carrying perhaps sixty
people have visited the Park on days of
good weather.
Visitors are welcome ashore at the
Park's two virginal Pelican Cays which
beckon with inviting beaches and they
may also visit tiny, untouched Gorling
The Park was formally established in
1967 by former Premier Roland T.
Symonette and Crown Lands Officer
Rudy Sweetnam at the suggestion and
with the support of some 70 local
residents. It was placed nominally under
the aegis of the Bahamas National Trust.
But there has been no financial support
from Nassau for official wardens or
custodians. So the orphaned Park, which
could convey to future generations a
museum of Abaco's ecological history,
lies abandoned to the depredations of the
It is hoped that concerned individuals
will assist in passing along the official
rules below and that effective policing
will follow the new emphasis on local
government control in Abaco.

The map above from the Bahamas National Trust shows the boundaries of the Pelican
Cays Land and Sea Park. The renowned Sandy Cay Reef is along the eastern edge of
Sandy Cay and has moorings for boaters to keep anchors off the coral.

and the

.We can supply all of your
grocery needs including fresh
baked bread, pies, and rolls, fresh fruit and

vegetables, prime U S meats,
cheeses, and dairy products.

Supermarket Selection with
Country Store Convenience





VHF 16




^- Ceiuc $Cm, FVtElD CfICkEN
P441N C7&I CfWOE

Royal Harbour 367-4993
Ppen at 11 a.m. 7 Daysa Week
Sun Thurs close at 10 p.rm.
>, *Fri & Sat close at 11 .rm.



Men's, Women's &
Children's Wear


Luggage" "
Queen Elizabeth Drive
SMarsh Harbour
VASA I Mon Sat 8:30 am 5:30 pm Phone 367-2017


777 7 7 '.7-

* t i

Page 14 The Abaconian July 1996

Hurricane Preparations To Do Now

Hurricane season is once again here
and preparations must be started now to
ensure that we are prepared. After a
hurricane is predicted to come close,
there are too many things to be done in
such a short period of time and some
things are sure to be forgotten. It is good
to prepare now at the beginning of the
Last year there were 19 tropical
storms of which 11 developed into
If you wait until the last minute to
purchase supplies, the lines may be long
and store shelves may be empty, leaving
you ill-prepared. The following
suggestions are recommended. Collect all
documents which are irreplaceable or
very important such as:
* Insurance policies
* Ownership documents such as property
deeds, titles of cars and boats
* Birth certificates and passports
* Pictures you value
* Other papers important to you.
These should be kept in a plastic bag
or container which can be sealed to be
waterproof and kept with you. Make
copies and keep the copies in another
secure place. Remember to make copies
of the items in your wallet, driver's
licenses, credit cards, etc.
Buy supplies at the beginning of the
season. These should include a battery-
operated AM radio with extra batteries,
one flashlight with extra batteries for
each person in your family, candles,
kerosene lamps, water-proof matches,
first aid kit.
Be very careful with kerosene lamps
and candles during a storm. If the wind
blows something over with a flame, it
could start a fire. You do not need to
contend with a fire during a storm.
Buy enough dry, canned or preserved
food to feed your family for two weeks.
This should include canned meats, fruits,
vegetables, evaporated milk or shelf
milk. Canned baked beans, apple sauce,
peanut butter, raisins and other staples
give variety. Remember crackers and
cereal. Some cheeses and fruits keep at
room temperatures for several days.
Choose foods that can be eaten at room
temperature and do not require cooking.
Put a can opener with these supplies.
Keep on hand supplies such as paper
plates, cups and plastic utensils, can
opener, toilet per, paper towels, soap,
large garbage bags, tin foil. Plan some
way of cooking with Sterno or charcoal.
A charcoal grill can serve as an
emergency stove. Do not use a grill

P.O. Box AB 20685
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
On the Front Street at
Arawak Agency Dock

inside a building.
Have bottled water and water in clean
containers enough for one week, allowing
one gallon of water per person per day.
If you use a bath tub or other container
for water, clean thoroughly and rinse
with bleach. Caulk the drain of a tub so
it won't leak. This water can be used for
a variety of uses including flushing the
Put in a supply of drinks which can
keep such as sodas, canned or bottled
juices, instant coffee.
Keep mosquito repellent and citronella
candles handy
Use ice chests for keeping food if ice
is available
Keep with you the following items:
two weeks supply of prescription
medicines and remember other medicines
such as aspirin.
Invest in plastic blue tarpaulins and
rolls of builders plastic (Visqueen) for
covering furniture or damaged roofs,
window repair, also duct tape.
If you have a baby, remember
disposable diapers, formula, baby food
and any medicines necessary.
If you have pets, remember to get
food and supplies for them. Plan for a
safe place for them to stay during a
This is a good time to take pictures of
rooms in your house which show your
furnishings. Then have camera and film
on hand for recording damage for
insurance claims purposes. These are
excellent when dealing with insurance
adjustors as proof of what you have lost.

these emergency items. After the
hurricane season is over, you can use
most of the items. Some can be kept until
another year.
We suggest that you cut this article out
and keep it in a place where you can
refer to it for help in preparing your

Everyone hopes that a hurricane will
not affect Abaco but in the case that one
does come close or even hit, we need to
be prepared and know what we should do
before the hurricane, during the height of
the storm, and afterwards. This article
gives you some guidelines for last minute
preparations and during the storm. The
better prepared a family is, the better
they can cope both during the hurricane
and afterwards.
OMake the decision well ahead of time
as to where you plan to be during a
storm. If your house is on low land or
you feel it is not built securely, make
plans to stay with friends or family in a

house and family for the upcoming
Keep your car and boat gas tanks full.
For boaters have a supply of 50/1 oil.
This hurricane season be prepared so
a storm will not take you by surprise.
Hopefully, you will not need to use

well built home or go to a government
* Make last minute arrangements for
your boat. If you are dependent on your
boat for transportation, leave it where it
will be accessible after the storm.
* Put your car on high ground in a place
where you can get to it after the storm.
* If you have elderly relatives, make
sure they are somewhere safe and that
someone is with them who can help them
during the storm and afterwards.
* Pregnant women in the last month or
at high risk should check with their
doctors before the storm. Babies

I Pine Woods Nursery, Ltd.

Serving the Abacos for over 10 Years
* Lawn and Garden Supplies
* Fish, Birds, Hamsters and Rabbits
* Landscaping and Maintenance
* Automatic Irrigation Systems
* Chain Link Fencing Sold and Installed
* Potted Plants for all Occasions
* Silk Flowers, Baskets and Balloons
74T P ace fO P/anta

Open Monday thru Saturday
9 am to 5 pm
Phone 367-2674
FAX 367-2223
Randy & Emily Key

In Marsh Harbour by
the Airport Round-about

For all your building needs

Complete line of
American Standard &
Moen plumbing fixtures
Peterson shower doors
P O Box 488,
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Floor Tiles, Formica, Pair
Windows, Doors, Hardwa


Weekdays 7am-4pm
Saturday 7am-Noon


Distributor for
Skil Power Tools
General Electric Appliances
Stanley Tools & Hardware
Fencing sold & installed
Phone 367-2170 FAX 367- 2928

Our SEACATS are the only twin hull,
twin engine rental boats on Abaco.
A very dry, smooth & stable ride.
1 day 3 days 7 days
21 Ft $ 90 $240 $550
Call for Reservations
Call 809-367-4414
Fax 809-367-4356
Visa &. Mastercard Accepted

Off-Shore Resort Lots On South End of Lubbers Quarters Cay
(Near picturesque Hope Town)


* Modest Prices Insurable Title 0 Main Dock
* New Marina Quarried Roads 0 Dredged Channel
* Good Ele arion Barge Landing Ocean Access
Beaches and Waterfront Accessible to all Lot Owners
Only 158 Sites Residential & Commercial Lots Available
50 Residential Lots Remain Unsold No Obligation to Build
Inside Lots From $17,000
Contact Your Bahamas Real Estate Broker or Phone/FAX (314) 721-2668

Last Minute Hurricane List

1st and 3rd Weekend Fri 11 5 Sat 9 5 Mon 9 2
Monday thru Saturday 9 4 By Appointment Only 365-8056
For Appointment Call
365-8625 365-8425 1-800-224-6703


I I -


July 1996 The Abaconlan Page 15

Last Minute Hurricane List continued

frequently arrive when the barometric
pressure is low.
* Children need special reassurances. It
is good to talk with them about their
fears and answer their questions honestly.
Give lots of verbal reassurances.
* Plan for the care.of your pets. If you
stay at home, keep the animal inside the
house. If you are going to a shelter, put
the animals in a protected place out of
the storm.
* Prior to the storm, turn your
refrigerator and freezer to their coldest.
Freeze water in plastic containers to help
keep your foods cold during any power
* Gather clothing, bedding, toiletries,
and flashlights that you will need for the
duration of the storm. Have a battery-
operated radio with fresh batteries. If you
have a VHF radio, make sure it has its
own power supply.
* Make sure each person has sturdy
shoes for protection after the storm for
protection from debris.
* Make plans which room your family
will go to, preferably an inside room
with no windows.
* Prepare your tub for storing water.
Clean it, then wipe it around with a
solution of bleach and water, caulk the
drain to make it watertight and fill it with
water. This water can be used only for
washing and cleaning. A bucketful will
flush the toilet.
If you plan to go to a safer place than
your home during the storm,, vou should

-F J [RST -



-Project Managriement-

quantityy Suxrveyor
P]H(ONE I8o9-366-o5o4

Harbour View

Dockage, Laundry
Ice, Water & Fuel


Boat Rentals
21, 23 & 24 Ft Outboards
by the Day or Week
P 0 Box 457
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2182

remember to take the following with you.
* Your important papers such as
insurance policies, birth certificates,
passports, deeds, insurance policies in a
sealed plastic bag
0, Quiet games for children, playing
cards or dominoes
* Extra clothing and shoes
* Pillow and light blanket or sleeping
* Folding chair, lawn chair or cot

* Any prescription drugs you may
During the Storm
Stay in a safe place for the duration of
the storm. Do not venture out until the
storm is subsiding. If the eye of the
storm passes over your area, the wind
will lessen and there will be a lull which
can last several minutes up to an hour.
But then the storm will hit again with full
force. Leave your safe place only if you

have an emergency.
Keep listening to the radio to know
where the storm is traveling and what it
is like in your area. ZNS will be the bast
source of storm news. For those with a
VHF radio Silbert Mills of Admiral's
Yacht Haven (Pizza Hut) will give
regular advisories which can be heard
within the central part of Abaco.
However, remember that high winds may
destroy your VHF antenna, leaving you
out of touch.

What To Do After the Storm Passes

Abaco has been fortunate for many
year in that it has not been hit by a bad
hurricane since 1965. However, in the
event that a hurricane comes close to
Abaco and causes extensive damage,
there are many precautions which people
should follow after a hurricane has
0 Stay inside until the storm has sub-
sided. When you do go outdoors, be
extremely careful.


Mid-size American Cars
Four Door
Air Conditioned
On Queen Elizabeth Drive
at Abaco Towns
P.O. Box AB 20089
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-4234

* Power lines are likely to be down so
be very careful where you step.
* Stay away from disaster areas, do not
drive around sightseeing.
* Drive very carefully.
* If possible, let relatives and friends
know that you are safe but keep all
phone calls to a minimum.
* Find out if your water supply is safe
before you use it. Until then, use only
the water you have stored for the

* Let officials know if you or someone
you know is injured and needs medical
* Keep listening to your radio for
information you need to survive and for
information about people you may feel
are missing.
* Keep receipts for all items you buy
before the power is restored. Your
insurance may cover the cost of
emergency food and ice.

Conch Inn Hotel & Marina

Waterfront Hotel Rooms with
\ 75 Berth Full

Cable TV, Pool, Laundry, Marine Fuel, Close to Stores
Service Marina, Low Storage Rates

Marsh Harbour's PREMIER Marina and Hotel



Water 9ide
Dining & Bar
serving Breakfast, Lunch &
Candlelight Dinner
Happy Hour with
Live Music & Bar Onacks
Every Thursday Eve 6 9
Open 8 am till .....?
Closed for Dinner on Tuesdays
Phone 367-2319 or VHF 16

WAtw4.aed 4

" ,&-" I .. v '. ."I
-. .
The best ailing Vacations in the World
Sailboats Usually Available
for Charter on Short Notice,
with Captain or Bareboat
*Winter Discounts *
You set the pace and visit places
like Hope Town or Green Turtle Cay,
deserted beaches or lonely islands.
S* Dine out
Call Us Today
at the Conch Inn Resort
809-367-4000 Fax 367-4004

Join us on board our specially
designed dive boat and explore
tunnels and caverns in majestic
coral mountains rising from a.depth
of sixty feet to the ocean surface in
clear turquoise waters.
* Scuba & snorkeling trips daily
* NAUI & PADI certified
instructors offering resort
(beginner) courses or full
certification courses
* Underwater videos
* Swim Suits, T Shirts
* Hats, Reef Sandals, etc.
Phone 809-367-2787 Bahamas
809-367-4004 Fax
at the Conch Inn Marina



S Tune Up Repairs i
R New Engines R
v Free Oil with each engine purchase V
R IMarsh Harbour R
1 367-2703 VHF 16 I

E The Outboard Shop E


mmm l

Page 16 The Abaconlan July 1996

School Happenings

*ROa JLt L. LiJ j IJ' ^ILJ J l LI ill
SMtnIIneiI dive ojj the bloL&s hA ic cit(n,

Hope Town Hosts
School Swimmers
By Candace Key
The Abaco Interschool Swim Meet
was held on June 6th at Abaco Inn in
Hope Town. Hosted by the Abaco Swim
Club and the Hope Town P.T.A., this
year's llth annual meet was renamed the
Perry Cooke Memorial Interschool Swim
Meet. Perry Cooke was very supportive
in the development of competitive
swimming in Abaco. Candace Key,
Principal of the Hope Town School, in
rededicating the meet, said that, "This
was a small but fitting tribute to a dear
friend." Perry's wife, Cheryl Cooke,
stated that she could not think of a better
way to remember her husband.
Meet Directors Carrie Cash and Jane
Patterson added one new event this year,
the 100 metre I.M. "The swimmers'
stamina and techniques have improved
dramatically over the past ten years. It's
time to bring our meet more in line with

Guana Beach
"The Total Out-Island Experience"

Bahamian & International Cuisine
Continual Service from
7:30 AM until closing.
No Between Meal Closings.
Indoor & Poolside Dining.
*Free Dockage to Boaters Eating Dinner
Daily Ferry Service

Live Music, Dancing, Bonfire
Drink Specials. BBQ $14.50

Drink Specials
Free Muncthes
Try our famous "Guana Grabber"
GUANA CAY *VHP W1 (800735W.80

Come Visit Abaco's Finest Beach
Round Trip Ferry Ride
Departs Conch Inn at 9:30 AM; Returns 4 PM
1 Lunch Entree
1 "Guana Grabber" or Fruit Punch
Present this coupon to Boat Captain

and under and Joshua Sands in boys 8
and under.
The Agape School's Christian
Wilhoyte, boys 6 and under and Ashley
Roberts, girls 10 and under, took two
high point trophies back to their school.
Man-O-War School's Joel Sweeting,
Esther Hamme and Megan Albury took
home their share of medals.
Jessica Sawyer, girls 14 and under and
Charles Cooper, boys 15 and under,
took high point trophies in their age
groups for Abaco Central High school.
Hope Town School swimmers Devero
Smith, boys 10 and under, and Nikita
Albury, girls 6 and under, won high
point trophies for their school.
Hope Town School won the high point
trophy for the second consecutive year
with Abaco Central High coming in

Come visit beautiful Man-O-War
Cay. Enjoy our secluded
beaches and quaint village. Stay
with us at one of the best
protected marinas in the
Bahamas. We also offer a wide
variety of services. While you're

Photo by Candace Key

national competitions," explained Carrie
Eight schools competed this year with
Green Turtle Cay making its appearance
for the first time. They surprised
everyone with the abilities of their
swimmers. Outstanding swims by Sidney
and Wade Corn and Ron Levarity, who
also won the high point trophy for boys
14 and under, demoristrated that Green
Turtle Cay will be a school to watch in
the coming years.
Lonette Albury and Mamie Albury
from Forest Heights academy tied for
high point trophy in girls 15 and over.
Ashley Albury, Forest Heights, won the
girls 12 and under high point trophy. St.
Frances Primary's Celine Albury won the
high point trophy for girls 8 and under.
Guana Cay's small but always
formidable team took home two high
point trophies; Mitchell Sands in boys 12


second and Forest Heights Academy
placing third.
Abaco Swim Club president Linda
Knowles wishes to extend her deep
appreciation to all who made this year's
meet such a success. The next Perry
Cooke Memorial Interschool Swim Meet
will be held in the fall of 1997.
St Francis Notes
By Jim Hegnay
This school year has flown by. We
finished with more students that last year
and we hope to grow a more next year.
We remind you to register for next year.
This year's fund-raising activities turned
in a very creditable performance. All
credit goes to the hard-working parents
and friends to helped. The funds have
been applied to the installation of twenty-
four fans in the concrete-block building


Cfwfseds Choice

Free Office and Home Delivery
Water Coolers & Bottle Pumps
5 Gallon Bottles 6 X 1 Gallon Cases
24 X 12 oz. o 12 X 1.5 Ltre 16 X 1 Litre
Phone 367-4842 Fax 367-4841 VHF 16

here browse the Dive Shop
which carries a great selection
of dive gear, clothing and beach
accessories and enjoy lunch or
dinner at the Pavilion
restaurant. We look forward to
your visit.

Phone 809-365-6008 VIIF 16


Now Open In Marsh Harbour, Abaco
In the Hudson Building on Queen Elizabeth Boulevard

Specializing in
Men's Casual WearC
Sat Very 6Cood Prices

Seciw5 is Bc1ievin5
-- I :- --




July 1996 The Abaconian Page 17

More School Happenings

Th, vomf he
The A 'l ja i
The victorious Hope Town team with one of their coaches, Sara Pierce. Marcus

Manuel was their other coach.

housing Forest Heights Academy and the
upper grades of St. Francis. Another
project made possible by these funds are
the building of two 20 by 25 foot shed to
provide shade and shelter for students at
recess and lunch-time. These are near
Entertaining Nicolo and
Nelly This Summer
Now faced with a long vacation
period, many parents may be wondering
what they need to do to keep their
children occupied. The simplest answer
is "Not very much." Children like time
to dream as much as we do. There is no
need for a 'guilt trip' if the family does
not spend its summer days at Disney
World, Busch Gardens or Paradise
Probably the first thing to know is that
children need free time to learn how to
occupy themselves. Children have very
creative minds that help them in
imaginary play games that they design
themselves. If you do not believe this,
you should spend some time at school
during lunch or recess, sit at a table or
stand in one place to watch and listen. Or
eavesdrop when your children are
playing outside with friends.
They are very much into role-playing
as a means of enjoyment, of problem-
solving and of learning to get along with
people. There is less risk attached to
pretending to be someone else and having
your behaviour rejected than there is in
acting the same way as your own self,
with no way to soften the rejection of
people that know you.

Motor Oil
Brake Fluid
Engine Coolant
Transmission Fluid
Distributed by :
Shepherd L. Key & Co. Ltd.
Call 809-393-0720
Fax 809-393-7630
289 Wulff Road East
PO Box N 483, Nassau, Bahamas

Photo by Candace Key

Do Not Over-Organize Your
One of the difficult things I had to
learn as a teacher was to keep from
helping (interfering) too much as children
went ahead with learning by doing. It is
easy to think we speed learning by
constantly helping instead of letting
things go at the child's pace. Research
indicates that learning needs the repetitive
cycle of a little instruction followed by
some practice. Help too much and the
child will sit back and let you do it all.
Every experience is a learning one,
positive or negative. Children can learn
that if they look sufficiently helpless for
long enough, someone else will solve

their problems. That way we make a rod
for our own backs. When these children
grow up, they expect that help to
continue, from government, which
creates problems of another dimension.
Simple Pleasures
Are Best
Thus children do not need constant
close monitoring to play happily.
Occasional outings or shared activities, if
both you and they enjoy them, presented
as treats are all that is really needed. A
daughter of mine told me that the treat
she enjoyed most as a child was to go
fishing with Dad at the tail-race of a
nearly dam. I liked fishing. Apparently,
so did she. You can probably guess what
she did when she brought her two little
sons to Abaco in March! There were no
fish, but they had a great time.
Neither Mum nor Dad have to dress
up in clown costumes and put on a show

Rods, Reels & Fishing Tackle
Filters, Pumps, Diving Gear
Assorted Hose Sizes
Marine Paints & Hardware
Anchors & Ropes
Maintenance Products

Phone 809-367-2622
Fax 809-367-2395

Arawak Agency

Shipping & Freight Clearing
Imports & Exports by Air or Sea
Cruising Permits Extended
Boat Duties Handled

"One Call Does it All"

Phone 809-367-2089, FAX 367-2530, VHF 16
P O Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Visit our waterfront office on Front Street

VHF 16

for the kid's entertainment this summer
unless they enjoy that sort of thing.
Competing with Sesame Street or with
Barney puts too much strain on us all.
Your kids were great this year. Enjoy
them this summer. It's your turn!
A Graduation Ceremony
By Chere Pinder
The Abaco Central High School
graduating class of 1996 had their
commencement exercise at the Zion
Baptist Church in Murphy Town on the
25th of June. The theme was Tomorrow's
Success Begins Today. Master of
ceremony was Mr. Hugh Cottis, former
District Education Officer and teacher.
Guest speaker was Mr. Jack Thompson,
Deputy Island Administrator.
Special congratulations are in order for
the valedictorian of the class, Govini
Mohan, with a 4.0 average.

1- -

P.O. Box AB 20461
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Cherokee Air

Air Charter Service
To Nassau, Freeport & other Islands
Miami, W. Palm Beach & beyond
Captains Faron Sawyer, Marc Pelanne & Robbie Nixon
Call 809-367-2089 or 2613 or 2530
P O Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Committed to a Higher Standard in Aviation

B & D Marine Limited
Abaco's Largest and Most Complete Supply of Marine Products
TheO Stop Distributors for
marine op SUZUKI
Outboards, Generators and Motorcycles


S e Site Prep

es e

(Out Island Specialists)
Lorin & Caralee Senn
General Delivery, Hope Town, Abaco
Phone 809-366-0112or Call "Papa Nasty" VHF 16



thanks the participants and co-ordinators of the


1 9




.*. ..,,

F Brown
R Farquarson
Douglas Smiln
Cnarman Knowles
Ed Lighllourne
Sian Coakley
Sara Sronn
MaCKey Williams
Micnael Guy
Chrslopher Wilson
Brad Bethel
Gna AIDury
Patly Thompson
lola Saunders
Carol Osborne
Edward Beinel
Marcus Prart
Calvin Lockharl
Julian Nairn
Norman Caie*
Arnifony Dear
Lou Carrwrighl
Matnew Spencer
Shawn Neeley
Fred Lucius
Grant Weeks
Loxsley Bastian
Chrys Cheong
Elinor Krock
Adrienne Garner
Frances Young
Paul Martindale
Gerald Carroll
Andy Knowles
RoDen Phillips
Sluan Ballard
Allan Murray
Otto Bell
Shalton Bair .
Keith Mapc
Seae M aitan

Leanora Estakis
Andrew Eslakis
Naill Stewart
Maureen Stewart
Chris Woodward
Lisa Knowles
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Lorna Sproates
David Carter
Paul Brown
Cassandra Gittens
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Franklin King
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Troy Eneas
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Jermain Poiler
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Christopher Saunders
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Jeremy Roberts
Andrew Rolle
David Knowles
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Ryan Knowles
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Snadrach Morris

Arnold Heastie
Dudley Gilbert
Sam Brown
George Smith
Alvin Fielding
Emily Miller
Denise Mortimer
Deborah Ballard
Terrell Brown
Katie Roach
Lakia Johnson
Lesba Mulin
OWUJr Turner


Damien Miller
Jeremy Knowles
Kim Thompson
Ashiary Murray
Cameron Roach
Randy Albury
Sean Andrews
Dexter Pratt
Adrian Caner
Lorenzo Caner
Dmrnngo Duncombe
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Gordon Mills
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Kirti Joshi
Helen Baxter
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Malcolm Nicolson
Craig Massie
Matthew Harding
Rob Thomas
Mie Brindle Seile
Marie Sairsingh
Ray McGowan
Ausinn Weekes
LIakel Turnquesl
Tracey Jackson



July 1996 The Abaeonlan Page 19

, 'V .

~-wmir1~9irt ~31""~~RP~






'--a *,4


- ~,

kI I r

- A

~IY~II. I - ~-I "--l-~`;i

11111~- -~J,





C~ ~-~4,




Page 20 The Abaconian July 1996

Little Abaco Home Coming

- )

; I




Player $299

Sub-Bass Woofers


Audio Produ
For Car & Tr
"CD & Casse

Sound Tracks 20% off
T.D.K. 60 Min. Cassette $1.99

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1 9" Colour TV
Buy both for a
Package Deal of

$19.95 A f

Boom Boxes
tte" o

Located in the
Abaco Shopping Center
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-3242











Books I NAN







Carib Freight Company
Reliable Scheduled Inter-Island Freight Service
From Marsh Harbour
To Man-O-War and Hope Town Mon. Fri.
To Guana Cay & Scotland Cay Tues. & Fri.
Water Deliveries (to 10,000 Gal.) to all the Cays
4 Barges Available to charter 7 Days 24 Hours
Any Time, Any Place
From Walkers Cay to Little Harbour
Man-O-War Cay 365-6072 Fax 365-6285 VHF 16

8ight 8 Sound


ej MEOW1



_ _I oLoll

4',"'~~3f"~sf" i~j.l.~:


*~~jbLg ~~~IECE~y

-- bi



a't s


I r


July 1996 The Abaconlan Page 21

Little Abaco Home Coming

C' ,.-

Concrete Blocks Frederick' s Agency
4"x 8"x 16" Bahamas Custom Brokers
S \ 6"x8"x 16" I import & Exports Land or Sea
aJ , os eX81 .I..r.ocksb Freight cleared at Marsh Harbour,
S\40 7o9e Regular Blocks < Treasure Cay & Green Turtle Cay
|Regular Blocks
-o kocy Hydraulic Fittings & Hoses *" ro Agent for M.V. STATE CHALLENGE
QOe Gurth Roberts, Manager
Monday Friday 7 am 4 pm P.O. Box AB 20468, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
P.O. Box AB 20403, Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2502 Phone 809-367-2333 or 367-2564 Fax 367-3136

Sj' "Distributors in Abaco for:

:. ^DURACELL Batteries Gerber Baby Foods
I Blue Bird Juice Wise Chips/Doodles
S Del Monte Mahatma Rice
SBake Rite Shortening Robin Hood Flour

Of Famous Brand Names
Choice Meats
A B AML Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
A| 2/ll A(l 0 1 (10Frozen Foods
Dairy Products
A DIVISION OF ABACO MARKETS (1989) LIMITED Come in and shop at our new
Self Serve
Cash and Carry Display
T 0 Large "Frozen" Department 0

Page 22 The Ahtacenan July 1996

Our Laws The Proposed Inheritance Bill

By Mrs. Rhonda L.C. Hull
On June 20th at Abaco Central
Secondary School, there was a round
table discussion on the existing
inheritance laws in the Bahamas and the
new proposed Inheritance bill. It was
presented by the Bureau of Women's
Affairs in conjunction with the Nation's
Women's Advisory Council. The keynote

speaker was Ms. Juanita Denise Lewis,
an Attorney-at-Law with the firm
Desmond Edwards and Company in
The purpose of the discussion was to
provide information on the existing
Inheritance Laws of The Bahamas, to
discuss the proposed amendments to
these laws and to record the feedback

Bird Watching Is Promoted

The Ministry of Tourism is hoping to
develop bird-watching as an activity for
visitors. The Ministry is promoting The
Bahamas as an eco-tourism destination,
encouraging people to visit the Bahamas
because of its natural resources. These
include more than just sun, sand and sea.
Bird-watching is becoming a very
popular eco-tourism activity and people
travel all over the world just to watch
birds. There are over 200 species of
birds in the Bahamas. Bird-watching as
an organized visitor activity is untapped
in this country according to Angela
Cleare of the Ministry or Tourism. In
order for people to be satisfied, activities
must be available and the Ministry is
working to have programs in place.

To this end, the Ministry conducted a
four-day seminar in Nassau to train
potential operators of bird-watching
tours. To be fully accredited, those
person will have to complete five months
of bird-watching tours and the
Bahamahost programme.
The goals of this program are to
familiarize participants with the different
species and habitats of birds, both
resident and migratory as well as other
fauna and flora of The Bahamas.
The Ministry of Tourism is planning a
bird-watching seminar on Abaco later
this year. It will be open to tour guides
and all others interested in seeing Abaco
become a eco-tourist destination.

from participants for input into the final
draft of the bill.
Ms. Lewis explained to the group that
under the present law, if a person dies
without a will, then all of his real
property goes to the oldest male
legitimate son. Under the new bill which
was first introduced back in 1987, if a
person dies without a will, all of his
children (legitimate and illegitimate) will
inherit the real property equally.
In addition, under the new bill, there
is the possibility for dependents of a
deceased person to make an application
to the court that they continue to be
maintained out of the assets of the

deceased's estate. The proposed bill also
abolishes all dower rights and courtesy
rights and instead, a spouse will have
certain rights to possession of the
matrimonial home.
Under the proposed bill, the personal
representative of the deceased must take
an inventory of the estate and provide an
accounting to the beneficiaries. The
personal representative will be
indemnified by the deceased's estate and
compensated for his services.
More discussion concerning the
existing inheritance laws and the
proposed bill will be coming in next
month's article.

P.O. Box AB 20745, Marsh Harbour Featurivn Bahamian Seafood
P.O. Box AB 22127, Treasure Cay C M Sunday Buffet Luncheon
RENT State-of-the-Art COMMERCIAL Sat. Night Seafood Specialty
PURCHASE Electronic Alarm systems RESIDENTIAL
Burglary Fire Security Lunch & Dinner On The Water
Local Monitoring Excellent Warranties Open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Daily
Contact Stan Sawyer at Phone/Fax 365-8198 ne mile west of the traffic light
Security for Peace of Mind at Home or Away Dundas Town 0 367-3738 0 VHF16




- 35%


Air Condcitioners


Home Appliances

Don MacKay Boulevard
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Phone 367-3186
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Residential & Commercial

IBra 1, Pnrts

Appliances & Appliance Parts
Water Heaters, Lawn Mowers
Plumbing, Auto Accessories
Valspar paints & supplies
At the Traffic Light in Marsh Harbour
Mon Fri 9 am 5 pm 367-4185 Sat 8 am Noon



July 1996 The Abaeonian Page 23

The "Net" and I

- A Short Lesson

By Sinclair Frederick
This summer, the Internet will be
available on a local phone call basis on
Abaco. Over the next few issues of The
Abaconian I'll try to share some
thoughts on how you might use this
amazing resource personally.
How about sending mail anywhere on
this globe in 30 seconds, postage free.
It's on the Internet and it's called "E-
If you have a computer, a modem, and
an Internet account, you'll get a
"mailbox." For instance, I have a
mailbox sinclair@oii.net. The Post

North Abaco FROM Page 10
Little Miss Home Coming was chosen
during the Fashion Show which was held
on June 8th. Crowned that night was
Jennifer Heild of Cedar Harbour who
won the title of Little Miss Home
A Gospel Concert was held on June
9th and included many solos and choirs
from all of Little Abaco. The featured
group was Abaco's Sensational Rising
June, 8th was also the day of the
fishing tournament. The men had three
hours to see how much fish they could
bring back. It resulted in Charlie Mill of
Wood Cay winning the trophy for the
largest fish and William Saunders, also

Office is "oii.net" and my box at this
Post Office is named "sinclair." This is
exactly analogous to Sinclair Frederick,
P.O. Box 22276, Treasure Cay, Abaco,
Bahamas, except that it's On the Internet.
Right now I have to go to my mailbox
with a long distance phone call to Nassau
at 40 cents a minute, but I can get my
mail and post outgoing letters in a matter
of no more than a minute, two minutes at
the most. In a matter of weeks, we'll
have the capability to do this with a local
call to Marsh Harbour.
Now you do need a computer to do
this along with a modem to connect to
the phone. And there is a program
needed on the computer my favorite,

from Wood Cay, taking home the trophy
for the most fish. Wood Cay can
certainly boast of their good fishermen.
Booths were constructed for church
and community groups to rent for
providing food and selling t-shirts. The
Home Coming Committee is happy to
report that they raised a good amount of
money which, with money already
collected, will go toward a community
center for all of Little Abaco. They plan
to build it next to the Primary School in
Fox Town. They feel that the hard work
required for this very successful fund-
raising was worthwhile. Their dream of
having a community center is now much

although there are many, is Eudora. I
have not a clue where that name came
from. Eudora lets me collect my mail
and stores the letters on my disk file so
that I do not tie up the phone while I
read the mail. Similarly, I can prepare
outgoing mail and simply place these
letters on queue. When. I connect to my
"Post Office," Eudora unloads the queue
at the rate of hundreds of characters per
second, brings in copies of my incoming
mail at the same rate and then hangs up
the phone. At my leisure, I can then read
and enjoy each letter.

The amazing thing is that these letters
can be more than simple typed words.
They can include "attachments." For
instance, my daughter just bought a
house she sent me E-mail with a photo.
You can not only attach images, but also
film clips like videos of your
granddaughter's birthday party and audio
clips of her singing Happy Birthday.
But this is just the beginning. Next
time we will look at Weather on the
"net." How about the latest Miami radar
or winds at Settlement Point, Grand
Bahama (or Bergen, Norway?)

Treasure Cay's

SMost Experienced Broker

*aj mWm. F. Hertz Ltd.

P. 0. Box AB 22182 Phone/FAX 809-365-8061
Treasure Cay, Abaco

is pleased to announce

1996 Fal /Winter Catalog

Stop by and purchase your copy today at:

Abaco Shopping Centre
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Take advantage of over 1,400 pages of "Quality and
Value" and find out how easy it is to shop "at home"
from CC Services and the JCPenney Catalog.

Join Kirk of the Pines, Presbyterian

Vacation Bible School
Live and learn about
July 15 20, 1996
Ages 4 13 9 am 12:30 pm
Food, Crafts, Games and a free T-shirt are part of the adventure
Jesus & Zacchaeus, Mary & Elizabeth, St. Paul & Silas and more
Ages 12 18 7 pm 8:30 pm
Back by popular demand, the special evening youth program
For more Information contact:
Ms. Veronica Saunders at 809-367-3643

Meeting at St. John the Baptist Anglican Church

Page 24 The Abaconian July 1996

The Doctor Says Immunization All About Those Shots

By Dr. Jeff True, M.D.
Of all our modern medicines, vaccines
have done the most to improve our health.
Most of us have never witnessed the most
deadly and debillitating illnesses --- polio,
whooping cough, tetanus, etc. That's
because vaccines, given mostly as shots,
prevent these diseases from ever occurring.
But to work properly we must all get
these vaccines, and get them in a timely
fashion. That is, we must be immunized.
In this issue we'll review the traditional
immunizations, and next month the newer
"shots on the block."
Diptheria/Pertussis/Tetanus "DPT":
Given as one shot at 2, 4, 6, 18 months
and 4 years of age. Pertussis, or
whooping cough, is a severe respiratory
illness that can occur at any age but is
most deadly in children less than one year
of age. It is highly contagious and occurs
in epidemics in communities where
immunizations are not uniformly

provided. Diptheria is also a highly
contagious infection and can affect
virtually any part of the body, with death
resulting in over 35% of nonimmunized
people. Tetanus, or lockjaw, is an
infection of wounds and kills over half of
those infected. These three illnesses are
quite serious, yet preventable, with the
combination vaccine. Since Diptheria and
Tetanus can cause serious illness in adults,
all adults should continue with a "DT"
shot every ten years of their life.
Oral Polio Vaccine "OPV": Given by
mouth at 2, 4, 18 months and 4 years of
age. Polio was the scourge of the first
half of our century as infections led to
paralysis, permanent disability and slow
death in children and young adults. The
conquest of this illness by Jonas Salk
earned him the Nobel Prize and
introduced us all to the effectiveness of
vaccines. Don't miss this one!

Kill Fire Ants Not Our Water

By Sinclair Frederick
You may be harming our water by
using granular insecticides or other
pesticides to kill those fire ants and other
pests in your yards. And they will not
necessarily kill the colony of ants.
Killing worker ants will not get rid of the
colony because dead workers are easily
replaced. In order to achieve long-term
fire ant control, you have to kill the
queen which stops the egg production.
It is recommended that you use a fire
ant bait instead of insecticides and
pesticides which wash from our yards

into our water. Bait either kills the queen
or works as a birth control method,
preventing the queens from producing
more workers. The colony eventually
diminishes in numbers and starves.
It may take several weeks to see
results but bait products are worth the
wait since you get longer-lasting results.
Always follow the directions on the label
for applying the bait and spread the bait
out when the soil is dry. It will take from
one to several weeks to work. Usually
only one application yearly will be
enough; however, you may need a
second application..

Mumps/Measles/Rubella "MMR":
Given as a shot at 15-18 months and 4
years of age. This is the one that causes
the welt and occasional fever up to a
week later. We used to just get the first
dose but outbreaks in the 1980's among
adults led to the second dose as a booster.
Mumps affects older children in epidemics
and can lead to sterility. Measles, another
highly contagious infection of children,

can sometimes result in pneumonia, heart
and brain infections. Rubella, or German
measles, is a problem only when it occurs
during pregnancy, at which time it usually
kills the fetus. This effect on the unborn
is why we are trying to eliminate it thru
universal vaccination.
Next issue we'll review the vaccines
for Haemophilus influenza (the meningitis
bug), Hepatitis B, chicken pox, adult
influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia.


His Her

Contemporary Fashions for Men and Women
Marsh Harbour 367-2011

A4,e 7doaT
Or L 7t S fe of Be'&4'f 7,rd;
BARLEYGREEN contains at least 16 vitamins (many antioxidants), 23
minerals, 18 amino acids and numerous usable enzymes. It also has
one of the most alkaline ph factors available in a food and contains
large amounts of natural chlorophyll (the blood of the plant).
"Obviously, a substance which is as effective against obesity and
eczema as it is against heart disease and cancer, is either a miracle
drug beyond belief, or no drug at all, but something which fosters the
one true healing miracle the body's ability to cure itself."
Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara
for more information CONTACT:
Edwin & Rosalie Sands
Phone 809-367-2450 home or 367-2011 work
P.O. Box 20539, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, BAHAMAS

atta Time in Abaco

- '96

Sponsored by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
and Coca Cola

3 Race-Fleets to accommodate every sailor
PHRF Fleet Light to medium displacement
RTIA Fleet Heavier displacement w/PHRF rating
Mother Tub Fleet for Cruising Boats (We assign ratings)

* Weds 3rd Late Registration & Payments accepted for previous Fax Registrations, Initial Skipper's Meeting at
Mike's Bar, Green Turtle Cay, 4-6 PM,
* Thurs 4th Race 1 off Green Turtle Cay; Evening Street Party, Food & Awards, beer by William Brewer & Co.
* Fri 5th Lay Day, Guana Cay at Nippers on the beach, an evening beach Party, Bar hosted by A & K Liquors
* Sat 6th Race 2 off Guana Cay; Guana Beach Resort Party, Bar hosted by A & K Liquors
* Sun 7th Lay Day, Party at Conch Inn, Bar hosted by William Brewer & Co. & Tiki Hut anniversary party.
* Mon 8th Race 3 off Man-O-War; Awards & Party, at The Moorings Bar hosted by William Brewer
* Tues 9th Lay Day, Party at Admiral's Yacht Haven, Dinghy Hunt in afternoon
* Weds 10th Race 4 Round the Islands off Hope Town; Bahamas Independence Day, Party at
Harbour's Edge, Bar hosted by A & K Liquors
* Thur 11th Lay Day, Street Party at the Crossing Beach, Bahamian food vendors, Music, RTIA benefit
bar staffed by Abaco Rotary Club, Soft drinks by Coca Cola, Beer by Burns House
* Fri 12th Race 5 off Marsh Harbour; Final Awards and Party at the Jib Room,
Bar hosted by A & K Liquors

Crossing Beach FOOD VENDORS
Call 367-2677 fot July 11th Information

Abaco's 21st Regatta Series
.\ '' S 'i *^ ^B
.- .
'~~~ ~~~ ; ''- ***' '* ^ ** ** "


j :

The Abaconian Page 25

Being a Head Boy Gives Many Lessons

This is the address given by Omar
Russell, Head Boy, at the graduation
exercises of the S. C. Bootle High School
: in Cooper's Town. We thank him for
allowing us to reprint it here.
Dear Friends,
~.: As head boy for S.C. Bootle
S: Secondary School, my life has been filled
with many experiences.
The experiences I have encountered
S such as serving as a role model to
4t younger students and my peers has
-" 1 molded me into being a more responsible
and independent individual. Similarly,
being Head Boy also allowed me to
Omar Russell

Revised Building Code Underway

The Bahamas Building Code will be
revised soon. The present code was last
revised in 1987. The new code will be
more "user friendly" and will include
more illustrations and diagrams. It will
be easier to understand. It is expected
that the new code will be completed by
the end of this year.
The Ministry of Public Works is
hoping that its requirements will become
widely know and followed. The
enforcement of the code has been a
concern, particularly in the Out Islands.
People in the Ministry are hopeful that
with local government the local
authorities will ensure that code's
guidelines are followed and enforced.
This is important to ensure that homes
are able to withstand hurricane-force
The government has experts making a
study on why insurance premiums are so

I ne Jib Room at

The Best Value in Town
Sunday 7 pm
World Famous Steak BBQ $17
Tasty N.Y. Strip, Salad & Potato
(Lobster Tail or Chicken by Res.)
Music & Dancing 7:30 pm
Wednesday 7 pm
Baby-Back Pork Rib BBQ $15
Finger Likin Good, Baked Beans
Peas & Rice, Salad
(Lobster Tail or Chicken by Res.)
Music & Dancing 7:30 pm
Thursday: 5 7 pm
Special Happy Hour
FREE hors d'oeuvres
Lunches Daily 11 3
Happy Hours 5 7 pm
Closed Tuesdays
Available for Weddings
Private Parties
Conferences & Receptions

t i

Under the yellow glow on
Marsh Harbour's north side
Phone 809-367-2700

excessive. Premiums in The Bahamas are
significantly higher than in Florida which
has the same standards. Homeowners and
businesses continue to pay high home
insurance rates, rates which doubled and
tripled after Hurricane Andrew.


Fun Games
Wiener Ro
Bible Quiz
Gospel Filr

obtain many of the elements one needs to
be a successful leader such as self-
respect, determination, dedication and
respect for others. These crucial elements
will certainly benefit me throughout
college, adulthood and my encounters
with different people.
Besides my position as Head Boy and
the many experiences I have had, I have
received a well rounded secondary
education which will assist in my
preparation for college. It will also serve
as the essential element that is needed to
build a successful educational foundation
so that one may compete in today's high
tech and global world.
As a result I am grateful to have
served as Head Boy for the school term
of 1995-1996.'It was a distinguished
honour to have been awarded such an
honourable task.
Thank to the faculty for their support.
To my family and friends who have
given me inspiration and courage to
follow through, to you I say thanks. To
you students, "The education one

Softball Ban
s Basketball Awa
s Ping Pong Pup
ast Volleyball Hik
zes Crabbing Sing
ns Relaxing Tou
Inspirational Services


And best of all is our GREAT FOOD!!!

Our '96 Summer schedule is:

receives today will determine how he or
she will live tomorrow."
As a pilgrim I say vibrantly, "Choose
your destination and find within your self
the courage, strength, dedication and
commitment to achieve your goals."
As Head Boy of the '95-'96 term I
encourage you to remain steadfast,
immovable for as much as you know
your labour will not be in vain.


Abaco Youth Camp is near Marsh Harbour right on the beach.
Every July we have young people from all over the Bahamas
and the United States at Abaco Youth Camp for four fun-filled,
exciting weeks of camping life.

Abaco Youth Camp is sponsored by
the Assemblies of God in the Bahamas
Camp Director Bob Cornea

Junior Camp (Ages 7 9) July 1 5 Fee $ 75
Intermediate Camp (Ages 10 -12) July 8 12 Fee $ 75
Teen Camp (Ages 13 & up) July 15 21 Fee $120
(Note that the Camp Fee includes all meals, accommodations and insurance)
For an application form and more information contact:
Abaco Youth Camp, P.O. Box AB 20595, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas or Call 367-3752
In Nassau call 809-393-3453 / 393-3141 during the day or 393-1182 evenings 0 In Freeport call 352-7578
Pick up an application form at Lowe's Pharmacy in Marsh Harbour

Abaco Glass Company
a Window glass cut and instaHled
Pictures framed and matted
Screens made and repaired
Commercial store fronts
installed & replaced
We now sell Yale windows
In Marsh Harbour beside Western Auto 367-2442

"Abaco's Best Rental Fleet"
Beside the Sunsail charter boats
Dally 3-Day Weekly
19' Paramont
$75 $210 $450
21' Paramont
$90 $240 $550
26' Paramont
$135 $360 $800
Fishing & snorkeling gear
Bait, Ice & guides
Call 367-2742
P 0 Box 419, Marsh Harbour

Parts Center Phone 367-4227 Home Center Phone 367-2300
Mon Fri 8 to 5 e Sat 8 to 12 Mon- Fri 9 to5 Sat 9 to 12
Home Appliance Parts & Repairs Mattresses & Linens
Lawnmowers & Garden Tools Whirlpool Appliances
Delco Remy Batteries, Tires Carpet Sold & Installed
Auto Parts & Accessories Furniture, Beds, Dinettes
Lawn & Garden Supplies Housewares & Kitchenware
Bicycles, Parts & Repairs Vacuums & Sewing Machines
Sears Craftsman Tools Se c 6i~e S ks, "
Don MacKay Boulevard, Marsh Harbour

These are some of the things we do:

July 1996

Page 26 The Abaconian July 1996

Who Will Run for Local Gov't

By Deb "D.P. Patterson
In the past few months many people
have been talking about local
government, what it promises to be, how
it works, what they would like it to be.
Most of the people I have talked with
have been very positive about the advent
of this new government policy. Yet while
there are these positive feelings, there are
also lots of questions.
To be qualified to run for local
government in your town area, the
government bill states that "such person
registered as a voter in that part of the
Register relating to a polling division (or
part thereof) in the town area being
contested by such person." In other
words, if you want to run for local
government, you must be a registered
voter in the area you wish to run.
Should you decide to run, all you have
to do is go to the Commissioner's Office
with five sponsors and pay $50 to get
your name on the ballot. It sounds easy
to get on the ballot, doesn't it? This is
because it is designed to be easy, to
encourage all of us to come forward and
take an interest in our towns and
For the past four months everyone has
been asking each other, "Do you know
who is running?" "Is anyone running
yet?" "Who do you think should run?"
When these questions come up, no one
seems to have the answers as to who
might run, or even, who should run. The
government bill states that ANYONE
who is registered can run. Perhaps we

could also interpret this to mean that at
some point EACH and EVERYONE of
us SHOULD run.
The other day I stopped to talk with
someone in Hope Town, older than I and
whom I have looked up to since I was a
small child. We were talking about local
government. I asked him if he would
consider running? He said that he had
thought about it, but that he had been on
the Board before and felt that he had "put
in his time." As I walked away, I
realized that if all of us had been raised
to believe that we would be expected to
"put in our time," then there would be no
question as to who would run.
While most of us were growing up,
we saw that the majority of Board
members were on the Board because they
were supporters of the previous
government. They were not voted in by
us, the registered voters. They were
APPOINTED by the previous
government. Being on the Board of
Works pretty much meant you had voted
for that specific party. Considering the
negative image of the previous
government, it is no surprise that many
of us hesitate to run for local government
when our only reference point to the
responsibilities of Board of Works
positions is the one left by previous
I cannot say that these Boards
conducted themselves in a poor way. For
one thing, I was very young and for
another it is difficult to imagine that they
were able to accomplish much while

Abaco Air Charter Service

From Abaco to all the
Bahamas and Florida
Twin Engine, Six Passenger Aircraft
Call 809-367-2266, 2205, 3256, 359-6357

AvGas & FAA Certified Mechanics
P O Box 492, Marsh Harbour



Courses include:

Pre-College English
Pre-College Mathematics
(Courses will be offered subject to enrollment)

rr: .- i, 4j,4
W;-i OVER 500 GRADUAL rk',
The application deadline for admission for the Fall semester is
July 12th, 1996. Registration will be held on July 20th
between 10 a.m. and 12 noon at Abaco Central
Secondary, Marsh Harbour. Classes are from
September 2nd December 19th, 1996.
Call Isobel Sherman at 367-3741 (after 4 p.m.)
for further information and application materials.

/?r^lc /?

working with the previous administration.
As we understand our past we must also
take steps to embrace our present.
Presently, we have a new government,
and a government which wants to help
us. One of the ways we can turn around
the negative image left us by the past is
to realize that when we vote someone
into the new local government board, we
will be choosing to put them there. We
can completely reverse that old negative
image when we begin to see that being
on the board is an achievement worth
pride and community recognition.
I can already see this change beginning
when I look at the current Board of
Works in Hope Town. Yes, they also
were predominantly appointed by

government and not voted in. But the
current government has given this Board
(and others) more attention,
encouragement and support than any
government I have ever seen.
Although I cannot agree with every
decision made by the Hope Town Board,
I can say that the majority of their work
is good and deserves our praise and
recognition. We might consider the hours
of work that these members put in and
realize that they aren't doing it for jun.
They are doing it because they care about
Hope Town. And their work benefits all
of us in Hope Town and the entire
Bahamas. Good community work is
beneficial because it shows all of us and
others that we care about ourselves.

Abaco Rebuilders
Sales & Repairs U.S. & Foreign Cars, Trucks & Marine
We Stock a Complete Line of
Starters Batteries
Alternators Radiator Cores
Parallel Switches & Service to Gasoline & Diesel
Continuous Duty Engines; Marine &
Solenoids (12, 24 & 36V) Industrial Equipment
Member Automotive Parts, Master & Visa Cards Accepted
Rebuilders Association Call 367-3465 & 367-4970


Diesel Generator Sets

for Industrial, Commercial,
Residential, Marine and
Special Applications

O o


Diesel Engines of Every Brand for Every Application
at Wholesale Prices!
Bring Us the Competitor's Price and
We can Save You Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars
on the Identical Model!

ur d es ig n a n d Each generator is tested
engine works to meet exacting
closeJ wITTr- 3 specifications. Q.(ui2.
stomer. -torniciane will help you
From standard determine the best
applications to custom generator to fit your
modifications, we back needs. vOr-ent1geedrinqe,
you by providing technical si.a3. can assist in
support, engine and customizing your
parts back-up, application. Prices
available for Bahamian or
U.S. Ptliv-

Engines John Deere, Perkins,
Cater,.-.ar, Detroit Diesel, Jb4E'o,
Deutz & Others

3-i ;-- w F-r y-V-L-ma

? ,,c 8~9-364-6582
P.O. Box CB 1 52, ssau, Bahamas

A i nD 0

July 1996 The Abaconian Page 27

Sports Fishermen Bring Benefits

By Terry Curry
Many frown on "Tournament Season"
thinking only of the negative side, when
actually the benefits are much greater.
The yachtsmen are here to have a good
time and to be entertained, as well as fish
which means they are spending a lot of
money in almost every area. The revenue
in the entire community increases
tremendously during this period.
Great Abaco Beach Resort hires
approximately 70 additional staff for
these events (many stay on throughout
the summer months). Accommodations
are sold out well in advance including
filling other hotels and residencies in the
surrounding area. Already our whole
Resort is booked for one of the
tournaments in 1997. Many of the boats
stay here for well over six weeks. Food
and beverage items are purchased locally.
The Resort served approximately 400
people at meals during tournaments.
Local businesses have the opportunity

to advertise well in advance for these
events. Airlines and charter services are
used daily, plus taxis, rental cars,
scooters, small boats, bicycles, dive
shops and tour cars. Immigration and
Customs officers work overtime and
revenues are up on cruising and fishing
The purchases made by the Resort are
highly increased and involve many
community members (liquor, food
wholesalers, produce farmers, ice, ships'
chandlery, bait, hardware for repairs and
maintenance, boat interior and exterior
cleaners, prop repairs, etc.)
Naturally, all the restaurants and bars
benefit, the Cays are visited, as well as
boutiques and stores. Fuel for the boats
is a very major portion of our increased
revenue (enough to have a full time truck
on the premises during the events).
Entertainment is a "must" on a daily
and nightly basis. Everyone, even as far
as Freeport, share in the profits, i.e.

"Little Joe and His Calypsonians," the
Gully Roosters from Green Turtle Cay
and Gerrod from Cooper's Town.
Batelco and BEC benefit from
increased usage as well, even though one
tends to forget daily essentials.
Last but not least, these fishermen are
not here to destroy our waters, but to
benefit every facet of our community.

They are all members of the prestigious
Billfish Foundation and cooperate fully
by recording important data as well as
participating in the tag and release
program. At the end of a tournament
many will stay on and cruise the
beautiful waters of Abaco and go on to
Nassau, Eleuthera or the Exumas.
We look forward to your continued
support next year.

Auction Success Benefits AARK

Abaco Animals Require Kindness,
AARK, would like to thank the
community, for all their support at the
recent Rotary Fair auction. The funds
raised will be used to sponsor another
much needed Spay and Neuter Clinic.
Plans will be announced soon.
We wish to thank all the contributors
to the Silent Auction. Your contributions
are greatly appreciated and helped make
our fund-raising efforts a success.
For those who need financial
assistance getting their animals spayed or
neutered, please contact AARK as they

are there to help on an on-going basis,
not just during clinics.
If you are looking to adopt a kitten or
puppy, consider adopting a young adult
from AARK. They may be a little older,
but they are much better behaved, their
personalities are well known (no
surprises!), there's less training and more
fun for you. They have already been
spayed or neutered. AARK has several
loving cats and dogs in foster care just
waiting to go home with the right person.
That could be You! Please call 359-6064
or 367-4171.

Shoes and Footwear
New Arrivals now in Stock

Near the Marsh Harbour traffic light in the Hudson Bldg. Call 367-4041



General Freight, Construction Materials
20 ft. Containers Can be Delivered
14,000 Gal. Water Capacity
Water & Freight on same delivery

Scheduled From Marsh Harbour to Hope
Town, Man-O-War, Guana Cay & Scotland Cay
And to Other Points on Abaco by Charter
Call 367-3341 Ray Weatherford, Mgr.

We're just minutes from restaurants on
the harbour & walking distance to
grocery stores, shopping and ferry docks
leading to outer islands. You will check
into a spacious room with television, air
conditioning, ceiling fan, microwave
oven, small refrigerator and daily maid
service. Call 809-367-3776 or FAX 367-4179


WHOLESALE WAREHOUSE Full and half cases
. for Boat, Home or Retail Shop
Walk-thru self-serve display area Prices competitive with U.S.

.....^ -For All Your Daily Household Needs

Turkeys, Hams & Meats Candy, Cookies & Cigarettes
Specialty Hors d'oeuvres Health & Beauty Aid Products
Groceries Beverages Paper Products

Located close to the red 200 ft BATELCO tower, 1 blocks from the Marsh Harbour Waterfront

Phone 367-2601

Marsh Harbour, Abaco

I B oee zes aa"" If I

P. O. Box AB 20030
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

SI Light Impressions


A Large Selection of
Ceramic Tiles
l_ All Sizes Now on Display
Guaranteed Quality at Low Prices
Building or Remodeling?
Experience the Practical Beauty
and Long Lasting Quality of
Ceramic Tiles Today!
Call or Come By
Abaco Shopping Center
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-3242

FAX 367-2731


Page 28 The Abaconian July 1996

News of the Cays

- Continued

Cays FROM Page 9
were Sidney Corn, Jessica Higgs, Erica
Lowe, Michelle Sawyer, Claudia Outten,
Wade Corn and Rontonio Levarity.
Rontonio won the high point trophy for
boys under 14. Their teachers and
parents are pleased with the effort of all
the competitors!
-Amy Roberts All Age School was the
only Family Island school to participate
in City Market's Apples for Students
Programme. In a ceremony on June 13th
Mrs. Sara Roberts was presented with a
computer and two printers. The staff and
students of the school are especially
grateful to Mrs. Merle Key and Queen's
College for sponsoring Amy Roberts All
It might seem biased but the most
exciting event that I have to write about
is the birth of George and my first child.
George Colby Cross was born May 30th
at 4:50 p.m. at Doctor's Hospital in
Nassau. He weighed eight pounds. Colby
is the first grandchild for Walter and
Shirley Roberts. George and I are
grateful to God for our healthy baby and
also to the staff and nurses at Doctor's
Hospital, to Dr. Anthony Carey and
especially to Dr. Frank Boyce for
excellent medical attention with a
personal touch!
As the days get hotter, keep in mind
that it won't be long before we will wish
for warm days!
Great Guana Cay
By Chere Finder
June is always a very busy and special
time of year. Weddings, summer
vacations, graduations and even summer
day camp keep many of us busy.
In our community two young ladies
will graduate from high school. They've
made many ferryboat crossings and bus
rides to attain one phase of their life,
graduation from Abaco Central High
School. Congratulations to Kristina M.
Pinder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Edmond Pinder, and Tanya B. Sands,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sands.
Tanya and Kristina both plan to continue
their education aborad in the fall. These
young ladies were two of the forty-six

Kristina Pinder

Tanya Sands
graduating in the class of 1996. They
both received awards for their excellence
in some areas of their studies.
The Interschool Swim Meet was fun
and exciting for all that participated.
Congratulations to Mlirchel L. Sands
winning a high point trophy in his 12
years and under age group. His brother
Joshua Sands won the high point trophy
in his age group eight years and under.
Mitchel and Joshua are the sons of Mr.
and Mrs. Jeffrey Sands. We are proud of
you, boys. Their classmates of, Great
Guana Cay All Age School came in
fourth place in the meet. Twelve of the
fourteen pupils competed.

Congratulations to all of you for a job
well done.
We would like to extend our deepest
sympathy to Mr. Eldred Pinder and
family in the death of his son, Landford
Alonzo Pinder. He was just 38 years old.
He is survived by his father, Eldred
Pinder; brothers, Milo, Kenneth and
Edmond; two sisters, Vera and Ann;
sister-in-law Chere; brother-in-law
Geoff; nieces, Tiffany, Jessica and
Kristina; nephews, Forrest, Jay and Nick
and many others. Landford will be
missed by all.
Local government will be in effect
soon. I hope each member of the
community that is of voting age will do
his or her part to make this work.
Students of the Guana Cay School had
their end of the year Beach Party. Fun

was had

Landford Pinder
by all. Have a wonderful

Turning on the SAVINGS
this summer

with LASKO

9" Osc.2 speed table $25.70
12" Osc. 3 speed table $34.70
16" Osc. 3 speed table $42.70
16" Pedestal fan $48.00
18" Pedestal fan $60.00
6" Personal 2 speed $14.15
12" Osc. \Vall mount $59.30
16" Osc. Wall mount $67.30
Ceiling Fans w Wood & Metal Blades

Don MacKay Blvd.
Marsh Harbour
367-2663 Fax 2673
Mon. Fri. 8 am 5 pm
Sat. 8 Noon
Closed 12 1 Daily for lunch


Courses include:
Pre-College English
Pre-College Mathematics
(Courses will be offered subject to enrollment)

The application deadline for admission for the Fall semester is
July 12th, 1996. Registration will be held in August on
a date to be announced. Classes are from September
2nd December 19th, 1996.
Call Isobel Sherman at 367-3741 (after 4 p.m.)
for further information and application materials.

1997 Directory Changes to Listings
BaTelCo wishes to advise the public that the deadline for
changes to be made to the White Page listings in the 1997
Bahamas Telephone Directory is August 30, 1996.
Subscribers wishing to make changes to their listings in the
White Pages should complete the Change of Information Form
found inside the directory and bring, mail or Fax it to the
nearest Abaco BaTelCo office or send it to:
P.O. Box AB 20463, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Fax 367-3146

Area Code 242
.for dte Bahlamas
Effective October 1st, Area Code 242 may be used for all
the Bahamas as well as the present 809 code. There will be a
six month transition period where both codes may be used.
Exclusive use of the new 242 code becomes mandatory on
April 1st, 1997, when the old 809 area code will no longer
serve the Bahamas. All subscribers should review their printed
material to show the correct area code. This would include
invoices, business cards, stationery, cheques and promotional
material where a phone reference is shown. Some automated
phone systems may require a software up-grade. Customers
with PBX systems should call 809-328-4357 for advice or
BaTelCo Keeping your lines of communication open


July 1996 The Abaconian Page 29

Police Matters

Apply Now For
Abaco Police
Reserve Service
A Police Reserve unit is under
consideration for Abaco. This would be
made up of qualified and trained local
people who assist the police in fighting
crime and performing law enforcement
duties. All persons interested in
submitting an application should contact
the Inspector at the Marsh Harbour Police
Station. Further details will be given as
applications are submitted and it becomes
apparent how many may be qualified for
the training.
All applicants must be at least 21 years
old. Police reserves wear a uniform and
work part time as their schedule permits.
The following .must be submitted with
each application:
* Academic qualifications, certificates,
* One black and white passport size
* Two personal and one employer
* A current Police Character Certificate
* Finger print
* Copy of birth certificate
Applicants who are accepted will be given
two to four months training in police
procedures in evenings or weekend
classes here on Abaco.
Four Arrested with
Three men and a woman from Grand
Bahama were arrested in Blackwood on
June 22nd with 11 packages of marijuana.

They were taken to Nassau the same day
by first class helicopter. They are
expected to be arraigned in the Nassau
drug court.
Hit & Run Driver
Stephen Cooper of Cooper's Town was
caught by police after a chase through
Dundas Town and Murphy Town. The
police were responding to a phoned report
that Sharon Bastian was struck by a car
near Pizza Hut in Marsh Harbour about
11:15 p.m. on June 22nd.
Ms. Bastian was struck in the shoulder
by the car as she walked along the
roadway after leaving work. She is in
satisfactory condition but is complaining
of pains and discomfort in her shoulder.
The police are continuing with their
investigation and it is expected that Mr.
Cooper may be charged with several
Three Charged in
Hope Town Incident
A 11 p.m. fight in Hope Town on June
22nd resulted in two men from Hope
Town and one man from Murphy Town
facing a variety of charges in court. The
fight started in the vicinity of Harbour's
Edge restaurant.
Police reports indicate Jamie Bethel
took a swing at Christopher Dean with a
2 x 4. Dean hit Bethel on the head with a
wine bottle causing an injury requiring
eight stitches. (It is presumed the
individuals will discuss prior provocations
with the magistrate) At this point, Dean
and a friend got in their boat and crossed
the harbour.

Dave Malone, with Steve Gale, Neil
Malone and Ira Key, pursued them in
another boat through the harbour. The
police report shows that the fleeing party
fired one or more times with a pistol-
type flare launcher. Hope Town residents
state that three gun shots in rapid
succession were heard during this time.
The sound of gunfire spurred Dave
Malone to drive his boat across the
fleeing boat's console, causing the boat to
Christopher Dean and his companion
jumped overboard and swam ashore in the
dark. They borrowed another boat and
went to Marsh Harbour where they turned
themselves in to the police.
On Sunday morning while the police
were taking statements from Dave
Malone, a group from Murphy Town
arrived to see Mr. Malone. They left
when they saw the police.

The two boats and the flare launcher
are being held as evidence by the police.
A variety of charges are facing Jamie
Bethel, David Malone and Christopher
Dean. The police feel that the retaliation
of the boat ramming was too severe and
could have caused the loss of several
Statements were taken by the police.
However, it is understood that several
witnesses volunteered statements which
were not accepted by the police.

Magistrate Arrives to
Clear Court Back-log
Magistrate Rengin Johnson arrived
June 26th in Marsh Harbour from
Freeport for a two week stay. Ms.
Johnson hopes to reduce or eliminate the
heavy backlog of cases on the Abaco
court docket.

NISEI GO JU-RYU For Students of All Ages
Marsh Harbour Saturday 2:00 3:00 p.m.
Mon. & Wed. 5:30 6:30 p.m.
Treasure Cay Tues. & Thurs. 6 7 p.m.
Cherokee Friday 6 8 p.m.
Sensei Churton Toote P.O. Box AB 20274
GO RU 3rb Dan Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-3101 Abaco. Bahamas

Island Services
Now Serving Abaco and the Cays
Over 30 Years Experience with a Major Utility Company
Electrical Contracting Residential or Commercial
Single & Three Phase, Transformers, Underground & Overhead
Subdivisions, Generator Installations, Solar Systems
Cable TV & Telephone Conduit & Wiring
Pool, Water & Sewerage Systems & Pumps
Residential, Commercial & Subdivisions
Installation of Pool Systems & Pumps
Reverse Osmosis & Filter Systems
Sprinklers for Lawn & Garden
Engine Sales
by Caterpillar, John Deere, Perkins & Others
for Commercial, Marine & Industrial Applications
Phone or Fax 809-365-8193 VHF 16 Wayne Sands
P O Box AB 22106, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Staying Cool With

W N IsU U Air Conditioners
Energy Savings Quiet Operation
Attractive Styling Lasting Quality


5000 BTU 115V $542
6500 BTU 115V $590
8600 BTU 115V $690
10000 BTU 115V $820
11800 BTU 230V $905
17900 BTU 230V $1065
20500 BTU 230V $1160


SI Factory
p iN8A Warranty
All parts are protected for one full
year. Full five year protection covers
the sealed system components.


Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2663 Fax 2673
Mon Fri 8 am 5 pm Sat 8 Noon
Closed 12 1 pm for lunch daily


Weekly freight between W. Palm Beach, Nassau & Marsh Harbour
General cargo, 20 ft. containers, 40,000 Ib. refrigerated capacity
Specify M/V BIAK
Leaves W. Palm Beach Wed. arr. Nassau Thurs. & Marsh Harbour Fri.
Sails Sunday for Nassau and Florida
In Abaco call 809-367-2091, Fax 367-2235 or call on VHF Ch 16
P.O. Box AB 20737, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Located above B & D Marine at the Traffic Light
In USA call Palm Beach Steamship Company at 407-844-5387
Warehouse A 2nd door, 158 E. Port Road, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

9 a


Hard Rock all si

/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3

3/4" Local Rock

Block of all sizes 4", 6", 8", 12"

Sand Cement Steel Fill
Cracker Dust Boulders
Truck Rental All sizes
r Land Clearing
Delivered anywhere on Abaco
-Don MacKay Boulevard Marsh Harbour
367-3650 Fax 367-2988

I -



Page 30 The Abaconian Juvl 1996

Central Abaco News continued

Central FROM Page 7
There are two residents there now and
they will be able to accommodate several
They are appreciative that Scotia Bank
has donated a washer for the home.

Doctor Speaks on
Bone Cancers
By Hugh Cottis
The Abaco Chapter of the Cancer
Society of the Bahamas invited Dr.
David Barnett, an orthopaedic surgeon
from Nassau to speak on the subject of
bone cancer at their May 10th meeting.
Dr. Barnett pointed out that we live
with cancer every day and yet we still do
not really know what causes cancer.
Using actual X-rays from patients to
illustrate bone cancer, he described the
various types of cancer and the
treatments. The simplest and easiest to
treat and cure is the tumour that is
formed by bone tissue. He also told
about malignant tumours and lymphoma.
Breast cancer in women and prostate
cancer in men can spread to other organs
including bones. Those cancers can then
become deadly.
Dr. Barnett's message was don't
ignore unusual conditions that you don't
understand or which cause you pain. If
you wait too long you may lose your life.


Island Telephones
Radio Link

Business Band Radio
VHF Marine Radio

P. O. Box AB22136
Phone or Fax 365-8248
A Division of
Aero Marine Engineering

Corner Value
Liquid Propane Gas
LPG Tanks Refilled
*I LPG Appliances


Maytag Appliances

Household Goods
Clothing, Shoes
Hallmark Cards
Queen Elizabeth Drive
One Block East of the Traffic Light
PO Box AB 20490, Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2250

Gucci Fashion
Show Held
Burns House Ltd hosted a wine tasting
and a Gucci fashion show at Great Abaco
Beach Resort on June 22nd. Also
appearing was Miss Grand Bahama with
the second runner-up and members of the
Miss Grand Bahama Beauty Pageant
Committee. Also in attendance was Mr
Niko Grant, Member of Parliament for
Lucaya and Vice President of Burns
House Ltd.
A variety of exotic wines were offered
for tasting. The highlight of the evening
was the fashion show featuring Gucci
models wearing Gucci apparel. The
fashion show was compliments of
Hillside Investments of Grand Bahama.
Some of the judging of the Miss Grand
Bahama Beauty Pageant will take place
on Abaco on November 2nd and 3rd
when the contestants will be modeling
swimsuits and national costumes.


Gucci models from Freeport show a variety of fashions at the Burns House wine tasting
event at the Great Abaco Beach Hotel on June 22nd.

( ""
West Palm Beacn '1-*--..

Grai iBanarr, Islaind

Forl L -ji raaliP
Fr._ar Abj.aco I-'

u \.r :'- r ,I .- i- ,; -1. ," r". ,'_',1,.li
F 3 ,' rbhlil Ar C ,rr.i.r Full. Inr,,jr..I


A Wel

Good Textbooks

Buy one seat
Seat prices to
SCharters to ai
No hassles -

All" f-glly
ff J2Ojgy

or charter the entire airplane: ,*.
othe Abacos
ny island or US destination ..
- No parking fees


Props and Jets Inc.

ind ,t

1 N 4!23-1'74


St Francis de Sales School office wil' open August 19th to accept
registrations for September 1996. All grades have openings except
grade 1 which has a wiing list. Six openings still exist for
Kindergarten. Call 367-2789 until August 18th then call 367-4399.

$ 25 Registration Fee if paid
before June 14th
($30 After June 14)
$140 General Fee for books,
workbooks, accident
insurance, etc
$850 Tuition per year or
or $284 per term
Monthly payments can
be arranged if needed

I -I. I





July 1996 The Abaconlan Page 31


By Barbara Farnan
Interior Design Artist
Balance in a room is a key element in
decorating. An unbalanced room affects
our orientation. A balanced room offers
harmony and peace to the occupant.
To visually balance, imagine a seesaw.
Balanced, the seesaw is even.
Unbalanced, one end is up and the other
down. Or, draw an imaginary line
through your room. Are there equal
amounts of weight, color and size on
each side? The three types of balance are
symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial
Symmetrical balance is created by
having identical parts on either side of
the focal point or center line, a mirror
image. The use of symmetrical balance
will create a more formal and stiff
appearance. A sofa on each side of a
large window or a floral arrangement
with one candle on each side are
examples of formal balance. This is the
easiest balance to achieve since it is

Design 1
duplication of the opposite side.
Asymmetrical balance is balance
created by having different objects on
either side but having equal weight either
by color, size or proportion. A less
formal, but sometimes more interesting,
effect is created by using asymmetrical
balance. It is also a more challenging
way of balancing. A floral arrangement
with two candles to one side of the
arrangement and two figurines on the
other side is an example of asymmetrical
balance. Also a sofa facing two chairs
creates asymmetrical balance.
Radial balance is circular and gives the
feeling of flow and non-stop. A round
table that has an even number of chairs
around it is an example.
To start creating balance, think about
the largest areas of the room such as
floors, walls and ceilings. Floors are
usually in deeper tones to create stability
and grounding and not leave you with a
sense of floating. Opposite walls need to
balance each other. The next step is to
identify your focal point or center of

Weather and other conditions will affect the tide. The predictions
shown on this chart are based on the normal conditions that
existed when NOAA/NOS and other agencies gathered the data.
Times shown will be within a few minutes for the entire eastern
Abaco area. Pelican Harbour is just inside North Bar Channel.

Sunday Monday
6 n 6 6 n 6

0 .04 .0 5

'lll2?E 2 D5 -
14(ET)(EDT) 1 5(E

130 15 6 30. 3
A l 3I J J5llll a 3.llll "
9) 0I 0025
24ET 58360

"he Art of
interest. Use this as a basis of creating
balance of the furniture placement.
Larger objects may be balanced by
several smaller ones. Brighter and more
intense colors on objects will make them
seem larger. Accessories such as plants,

large decorative objects and paintings
should work into the scheme of the
If you would like your decorating
questions answered in The Abaconian,
call Barbara at 365-8800.

National Marine
Authorized Distributor for
Mercury & Mariner
Sales, Service & a Complete
Line of Marine Accessories M INER
Certified Mechanic on Duty BOARD
Royce Sands, President
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2326

"We Bring the Service to You"
SI) V Secure Dry Storage
V Repairs, Sales, Service
V*HF 16 V Factory Trained Technicians
IlV Outboard Engines
'n below U.S. prices *
!I" "fVYllIlll Mobile Service Programme
Half mile west of the Marsh Harbour traffic light
Phone 809-367-2452 Fax 367-2354
By Boat: Follow the signs through the freight boat channel

nifA A nn.n l A.'. t As .a

This graph is generated from NO
software from Nautical Software, phone 503-579-1414.

July 1996

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
S n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6
3(EDT) 4(EDT) 5(EDT) (EDT)

.0 1,. i ll 1- L ,'a I S IP 12 C
.05 .orJ5 031 .E J 2 O uO
10l(EDT) (EDT) ET.12 13(EDT)

DT) 17EDT)EDT) (EDn 1 20(EDT)
l.. ....1 1 rr. Il.\\ .... --l- -- -11 J- 3I- .....I ll
031 a 0 1 11- il u l 0 u -' I

j)T| i i^. 'A "10 111] 11 4 11
^~~. yIj*I'" " c .* -*-*-**^ *-****-**-- "*"**-***

1) 1 1 1 9a 2p 1 0 ; i 11 I 03P oI'2; 04 i' I aOi --.

21(ED) 221E 23EDT) C(24,EDT) 25('1' 26(EDT) 27EDT)
1 0 O a l p 1 ;: 'a \ 2 6 P ," :318 tr p 6 "?3 7 Vd2.
18 !' !'* 2- ?i "r 3' fl '1ff ; if
r;iilliill-i-iJll^.it,, ,
8111 l5O r8l I1B ?rrm 11Tll l-r .a 1T['1 I-r l nn h-. h-~l II 1d I-
', ', *0,- -, ,,, ,0 .... %,^ ,oa. r,6, 1, 1
03 05 I 3 1 5 403 5 0 0

28EDT) 29(EDT) 30(EDT) 031(EDT)
----- .. --- ------ -4L43r
_.o a .. ..._ ... .. ...] 125-4;2:1C 4 p1: 5 3 .1 i. .. .. 1: 0 ... ......... .. ---
12.a -5 ... ----- 15 2:41 :49 ..... .. 3;4 ..
'00 1, ll53p ------------~4(~i~ ~ ~ ~~?b:p..........

* BOAT HARBOUR MARINA GREEN TURTLE CLUB Shell . Quality Fuels That Run The Nation!

Used Cars & Trucks
Now in Stock or Ordered
to your Specifications

Call 367-4041 0 Mon Sat 9 5
Beside the Hudson Building in Marsh Harbour

Tides Pelican Harbour
26' 23.0' N 76 58.0'W

0 0 a Thic nr^nh ic nonorsitod frnmNOAAMOS data via


Page 32 The Abaconian July 1996

South Abaco News continued

year on June 22nd at the schoolhouse.
The principal congratulated the students
and handed out awards of
accomplishment. The entertainment
included a magic act, a karate exhibition,
a short skit, some singers and dancers as
well as recitations, some tongue twisters
and a piano recital, all performed by the
students. To complete the evening,
Mikey Bethel and Erica Bethel were
chosen to reign as the 1996/1997 King
and Queen of Cherdkee Sound All Age

The in-settlement roadwork continues
with three additional lengths now
completed. However, the roadway to
Marsh Harbour is mostly under water
now that the rainy season is here. We
can only hope that the rumors are true
that government will, in fact, start black-
topping this main access road around the
end of this year or the beginning of

Whitney Pinder and his wife Kathleen are shown in the Epworth Methodist Church in
Cherokee flanked by Rev Carla Culmer on the right and Rev. Charles Sweeting on the
left. Mr. Pinder was honoured in a special church service on June 9th for his 40 years
of dedicated service in the Cherokee Methodist Church.

South Abaco FROM Page 5
Whitney gave to his congregation.
The celebration service was conducted
by our own Rev. Carla Culmer. Rev.
Charles Sweeting, President of the
Bahamas Methodist Conference, gave an
inspiring and congratulatory message as
the keynote speaker. Representatives
from the four other Methodist churches
on Abaco also paid their respects. His
wife, Mrs. Kathleen, was praised for her
encouragement and strong support over
the yeais. Mr. Whitney is still very
active in the church and often conducts

two services a week and sometimes all
He gets out to fish as often as he can,
keeps a large garden of fruits and
vegetables, but his real hobby is cooking
which he also loves to share with his
Family and friends. There is no doubt in
my mind that this old world is definitely
a better place because of dedicated men
like him. Congratulations and thank you,
Mr. Whitney, for forty years of loyalty
and service.
A talent show and awards night was
held as a conclusion to the old school


Prime Power & Stand-by Generators
Installations & D.C. Controls
Engine & Alternator Rebuilding



The settlement roads in Cherokee are all being repaved, patched or repaired as
necessary. Photo by LUePinder

K & S Auto Service

Tire Repairs
Oil Changed
Full Service
Expert Mechanics

Crockett Drive & Don MacKay Boulevard
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2655
Peory Albwry, Owner/Manager

Television Service Center
"A4ll e Sfel Se^t/6'

Repairing: Electronic Service Experts
Radio, TV, VCR & Audio Equipment
Juke Boxes & Video Games
Musical Instruments
Marine Electronics
Office Equipment
Cash Registers
FAX machines
Electronic Organs Tommy Pinder
Medical Equipment Master Technician
Microwave Fireplaces Call367-2830
Automotive & Marine Electronics
Telephone recorders, Phones & Phone Devices
In Marsh Harbour on Queen Elizabeth Drive
between Keys Drive & Firehouse Corner


2r- "'~
*# '


7he Jlouse hnalt ashion ?uil

We provide Clothing for
Weddings & Funerals
Dinners &
Casual Wear for Every Day
Two Marsh Harbour
Locations to serve you better
By the Traffic Light
& Across from Royal Bank
For a Quick Bite, Try Our Convenient
Popcorn, Hotdogs, Drinks & More

'I (

Call 367-3166
___ Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour

Sales, Parts, Service
Lister, John Deere & Others ,

Lima Alternators
Marine & Industrial


1-~ -

..; .,.
c :: ~::

Michelle Mikula is congratulated by Administrator Hart for being the most outstanding
Junior Achiever in the SC Bootle Company and was presented with $200. In the
background, I to r are William Davis, Karen Turner and Greta Culmer who are advisers
to the Company. The group turned a 500% profit on their investment. Awards were given
June 19th at Bayview Restaurant in Dundas Town.


Weekly service from West Palm Beach and Nassau to Marsh Harbour
Arriving in Marsh Harbour each Wednesday and Friday
Refrigerated and General Cargo Full Containerized Operation with Roll-on Roll off capability
In the Bahamas Call U.S. Agent: Teeters Brothers
Great Abaco Shipping Co. Steamship Agents & Stevedoring
Marsh Harbour, Abaco o-rida Warehouse A" Port of Palm Beach
367-2721 367-2761 P.O. Box 10326
Fax 367-2774 Riviera Bch, FL 33404
In Nassau Call: 407-845-8330 or 8336
809-323-8716 l Fax 407-842-9398

July 1996 The Abaeonlan Page 33
Obituatry frienda & fE miy
Daniel Cooper, 61, passed away on
May 20th after an long illness. A
memorial service was held June 8th at
the Shiloh Baptist Church in Grand Cay.
Interment was in the Grand Cay Public
Mr. Cooper was born in Water Cay,
Grand Bahama, and was married to
Maud Pinder. He was a fisherman for
most of his life.
Mrs. Cooper is left to mourn as well
as four sons, Maxwell, Lawrence, Levi
and Jolly; four daughters, Nadine, Janet,
Tracy and Donna; sisters Ida Cooper and
Annis Pinder of Mount Hope; and
numerous other relatives.

Karate Academy Is On Tour Again
On June 1st members of the Abaco attending were Earnest Albury, Shane
Karate Academy attended a competition Cooke, Gavin Bethel, Jonathan Johnson
at the Walter C. Young Gymnasium in and Gary Rolle accompanied by their
Pembroke Pines, Florida. The Sensei Mr. Churton Toote. The group
competition was sponsored by the Strike did very well where they faced very stiff
Force Karate School. The students competition.

Coca Cola Distributor
S Drugs & Cosmetics
Fabrics & Linens
Sewing Notions

HOTPOINT Appliances
Furniture & Beds
Don MacKay Boulevard, Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2667


international airlines

.Yo-u $139e9.*. o Malr

Your $139.95 Marsh
+ tax



r~.~ I

i Harbour to


Ft. Lauderdale
W. Palm Beach

* Treasure Cay to
* $199 + tx Mar

* $169 +tax

- Daily
- Daily
- Fri, Sat & Sun


o aaave
0 0O

S S 9 ''

Miami Daily
sh Harbour to Tampa

Marsh Harbour to Orlando


Page 34 The Abaonian July 1996

Tourism Advertising Discussed

On May 28th the Ministry of Tourism
held a meeting in Marsh Harbour for
hoteliers and interested person of Abaco.
Several people from Nassau and
representatives of Bozell Public
Relations, the advertising agency in the
United States which has a contract with
the Ministry of Tourism, were there to
get feed-back from the people of Abaco
on how best to advertise the area. They
wanted to know the needs of the resorts
and tourist facilities and ideas for
bringing more visitors to our island.
Many tourists still think only of
Nassau and Freeport when they think of
the Bahamas. The Ministry is trying to
change that image by promoting the

islands individually. They are wanting to
interest people in coming to Abaco for
the months of September through
The market the agency is aiming for
are aged 30 to 60 with above average
incomes who want a small quaint island
experience. They are targeting couples
and families. They explained that Abaco
has much competition throughout the
Caribbean and that Abaco will have to
develop an image of an unspoiled quaint
unpopulated destination. The Abaco
group emphasized that they wanted
Abaco to be thought of as a safe, clean
place which is perfect for all water sports
such as snorkeling and boating.

Thomas Malone of the Rotary Club of Abaco prepares for the raffle of the 1996 Honda
Accord Wagon. Keith Rogers of Dive Abaco held the winning ticket. Proceeds will be
used for a combination community, Library and youth center.

Excavation, Utilities, Base Work, Surface Treatment
Cold Mix, Hot Mix, Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer
Striping & Asphalt Related Products

P.O. Box AB 20184
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 809-367-3956 Fax 367-3959

P.O. Box CB 10990
Nassau, NP, Bahamas
809-377-6351 Fax 377-2193

$7 Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue
Picture and 4 lines only $25.00
We will take the photo within the Marsh
Harbour area. Additional lines at $2.00
per line.
Display classified $16 per column inch
Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677 3/96
RENT MATT LOWES Cay, only one house
on 50 acre island, sleeps 10, lots of porches
and decks, 5 beaches, 2 acre fruit lot,
protect-ed boat basin, 10 minutes from
Marsh Harbour in Abaco Sound, 24 ft Boston
Whaler optional, Call 809-367-2677 or FAX
BEACH FRONT House Scotland Cay,
3Br/3B $1100/wk 4pers +$200 wk. ea. add'l
413-259-1806 Phone/Fax 809-332-2049
HOPE TOWN Turtle Hill ocean view 4
cottages, 2 bed 2 bath, all with kitchens, air
conditioned, pool, private access to beach,
includes golf cart, Call 809-366-0053
Come Find The Treasure in
Treasure Cay
LUXURY Fully equipped 2 bed/2 bath
condo. Finest rental property in Treasure
Cay, right on the beach. Rent directly from
the owners. Phone or Fax 809-365-8514
AIRLINE Captain wants to rent 3 or 2 bdrm
house or apartment within 20 miles of Marsh
Harbour or on one of the Cays. Prefer long
term, would consider lease purchase. Reply
by phone or Fax to 603-889-9071
LOOKING FOR RENTAL in Abaco 3 br/2
bath on water with boat. From 1/10/97 to
3/31/97. Contact E. Masterson, 3212 S.
Ocean Blvd. Apt. 706A, Highland Bch, FL
33487, 407-278-8444, Fax 407-274-3980
GUANA CAY COTTAGES for weekly rent,
Also rental golf carts & rental bicycles, Call
Donna at 809-365-5195
LITTLE HARBOUR Two new houses on the
water with large dock. Private. Beautiful
grounds. Weekly or long term. FAX 809-
366-2250, attn "Treehouse."
MAN-O-WAR Charming oceanfront 3Br
home on 3/4 acre, 2 Br. Guest house
w/ocean view, utility bldg. & garage,
standby gen., sat. dish, golf cart, 50,000 gal
cistern, + +, ready to live in, Call Nancy

Pinder's Real Estate
Great Guana Cay, Abaco,
"The Unspoiled Island"
Over 200 lots starting at $25,000, also
acreage, oceanfront, hilltop and bayside lots
Pinder's Cottages, 2 & 3 bedroom, $650 to
$700 weekly. A summer special of $350 per
week per person includes 0 one day fishing
& diving One day snorkeling & island
hopping boat & guide all equipment
included 0 6 to 30 people
Great Guana Cay waterfront houses built in
under 3 mo starting at $165,000 includes lot,
about 1000 Sq ft house with 2 bedroom, 2
bath, deck, porch & 12,000 gal cistern,
Call Edmund or Cherd Pinder at 367-2207 or
CHERE B on VHF Ch 16

GUANA CAY Acre on bayside with 200 ft +
of waterfront. Protected cove for boat. In
Dolphin Beach Subdivision with all utilities
in. $100,000
LUBBERS QUARTERS Acre and a half on
east side with deep water. Over 100 ft of
water frontage. $80,000
SUGAR LOAF CAY Two and a half acres
facing Eastern Shores. Protected from wind.
300 ft of waterfront. Highest hill on Sugar
Loaf Cay. $250,000
LITTLE HARBOUR Lots on 80 ft high hill
overlooking ocean and harbour, access to
water. $60,000.
Call Victor at 809-367-2749
or Fax at 809-367-2748
section one $12,000 net call 367-4326
MARSH HARBOUR 1.8 Acres and 1.5 acres
located by Golden Harvest & Solomon Bros.
Call 365-8127 daytime
TREASURE CAY 3 lots totaling 3 acres
located at SC Bootle Hwy and Treasure Cay
Road. Call 365-8127 daytime

Buying? Selling?
Need Qualified Help?
Want more Business?
A low cost ad like this can
bring fast results.
Call 367-2677 or Fax 3677

Land & Sea

Homes Apts.* Rentals Acreage
P.O. Box AB 20179
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Office phone & Fax 809-367-3276
Evenings 809-367-2789

LEISURE LEE New home 3300 sq.ft., 1650
sq.ft. living area, 8' covered porch, central
A/C, Beach & boating access. Reduced
$165,000 Net, Avail. for rent. Phone Laura
at 367-2811 or Jamie at 365-6086 daytime
PELICAN SHORE large lot 25,873 sq.ft. on
Fanny Bay, 186 ft. waterfront, incl. seawall
& part foundation, Lovely private location.
Call 809-367-2701 Wk or 367-3211 Hm
GREAT GUANA Cay ocean front lot, 110 X
110, near new hotel/inn. 1% Miles W of
settlement $85,000, other lots nearby from
$18,500. Ph 359-6120 or SEASIDE on VHF
WATERFRONT LOT 7 ft. depth low tide.
Also ocean front lot with private beach, over
1 acre, electricity and unlimited fresh water.
Tom Roberts 367-4077
Private SCOTLAND CAY Airstrip
Furnished 3BR/3B plus Guest Cottage
MARINA LOT 1/2 acre, 60' slip at dock
Price Reduced and Negotiable
Owner Financing Make offer
413-259-1806 Phone/Fax 809-332-2049
MAN-O-WAR Large quiet wooded lots with
private path to fine beach, all with
underground elect. Some with private path to
harbour and dock location. Harcourt
Thompson, M-O-W Cay (809) 365-6060

2 Bed 1 Bath
One minute
from ocean in
White Sound, Elbow Cay. Contact
Land 'n Sea Brokerage 367-3276


E C L U B |
Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve:
*Waterfront lots
eVacation home
*Private boat slips
*Pools/Tennis Courts
*Card access entry
*Gourmet dining
*Property management avail.
Call 809-367-4151 or Fax 4152

2.5 ACRES beyond SHELL depot in Murphy
Town. Willing to subdivide, Call 367-2553
SCOTLAND CAY Coconut Creek Marina
Lot, 60' slip $110,000, Terms Avail. Call
Don Copeland 407-744-3206 or 546-8263
LEISURE LEE 2.4 Acre Point w/seven unit
town house. Contact Florence Roberts at 809-
327-8297, 359-6023, Fax 809-325-1076
TREASURE CAY off Windward Bch, 3 bed
2 bath, furnished, large patio, Call 809-365-

Prestigious estate for sale outside
Hope Town offers world class
fishing at your doorstep. Custom
designed 6000 sq. ft. open interior
affords every luxury and amenity
with 2 firelit living rooms, marbled
dream kitchen, cathedral ceilings, 3
bedrooms, 4.5 baths with lavish
master suite having shared Jacuzzi,
covered terrace overlooking 50x20
pool, hottub & endless shimmering
waters. Exquisitely furnished with
Mexican handcarved furniture,
handworked coral stone tiles and
marble. Contact The Management,
Ltd., Tel. (809) 367-3557

i~P1-~1IIII Ll~~i~i~

~:~;~s~~:~*p~..,,?s -~LP ,. ;
- .::

Notice Property For Sale
by Barclays Bank PLC
Two Bedroom Home on a 100' x 100' parcel of land situated on a portion
of lot 36 in Dundas Town, Abaco, and offered for sale by Barclays Bank
PLC by a sealed bid under the powers contained in a Mortgage dated 3rd
January 1995.
All offers are to be sent to Barclays Bank PLC, Caribbean Director and
Bahamas Manager's Office, Risk Management Department., P.O. Box N-
3221, Nassau, Bahamas, no later than 31st August 1996. The property is
subject to a reserved price and the
Bank reserves the right to reject any
or all offers.

Classified Advertisements

Houses and Land Buy or Rent


I -



July 1996 The Abaconian Page'35

Art Gallery Opens in Hope Town

Letter FROM Page 3

criteria that would clearly indicate certain
professional parameters in our similar
venture and objectives. These are:
Contestants in the Miss Grand Bahama

Miss Grand Bahama when they reside on
another island or are not Grand
Bahamians by birth would, at the very
least, be unethical and could be said to
be unprofessional business practice.
As you may be aware, the Miss
Northern Bahamas Beauty Pageant caters
to voung ladies from the entire Northern

Pageant should be established permanent Bahamas. We
residents of Grand Bahama or proven in this respect.
Grand Bahamians by birth. These factors Y(
would eliminate any resident or native or G
another island from your pageant. T
May we respectfully suggest that to
actively solicit young ladies to become

are also legally registered

ours sincerely,
len Davis, President
he Miss Northern Bahamas
pageant Committee

The Juliette Gallery, which features
Bahamian and Abaconian art, has opened
a gallery in Hope Town in Hummingbird
Cottage just behind the Post Office. The
gallery carries originals, prints, bronze
sculptures, hand-painted ceramics and

more. The gallery hours will initially be
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 to 9 p.m. for
evening viewing of the art. An open
house and tea party is planned for the
residents and guests of Hope Town soon.

Coconuts Planted on the Highway South

Several residents on Abaco are quietly randomly along the road. Along the road
making a difference on Abaco. They are south coconut trees are being planted
improving our looks by planting coconut along a stretch on the western side of the
trees and other plants along the road road. We would like to commend these
sides. In the northern areas of Abaco silent citizens who are making our island
several properties have landscaped their look more beautiful.

property and others have planted

Classified Advertisements

Miscellaneous, Household, and Boats

$7.00 Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue
Picture and 4 lines only $25.00
We will take the photo in the Marsh
Harbour area.
Additional lines at $2.00 per line.
Display classified $16 per column inch
Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677 3/96

PAINTING, Interior & Exterior Pressure
Cleaning & Mildew removal Water-
proofing Roofing Rotten wood replaced
Leroy Tucker, Marsh Harbour, 367-3849
Pcn, caps, labels. T-shiris, calendars,
key chains, desk items, etc. Printing.
Call Miriam Sowers, Scher & Alvarez.
Phone 305-553-6202 FAX 305-553-4024

Specializing in vertical blinds, mini &
wood blinds, pleated shades. Sales &
Service. Call 367-2091 or 2031

Beautiful home and office interiors are a
combination of taste, knowledge of design
and selection of materials. For professional
on-site consultation for space planning,
selection and specifications of furniture,
fabrics, windows, floors, walls and
accessories. Call BARBARA FARNAN, 809-
365-8800. Over 15 years experience.
TUPPERWARE can be ordered through
Isobel Sherman, Phone 367-3741

\\ALK-IN Freezer $5,5010 or best otter.
Heavy duty lawn maint. trailer w/tool boxes
& ramp. $3,200 OBO Call 365-0156
WALK-IN TASCO Freezer 15,000 lb
capacity, 2 yr old, used 1 yr, asking $7500,
(Cost $12,000 new) Call 365-8078
ion for protection, all styles, also heavy wind
load designed windows and doors. Satellite
Beach FL. 407-773-4502 Fax 407-773-8824

needed for Out Island hotel development.
Ideal person will have extensive contacts,
experience in all aspects of construction and
experience in planning and supervision.
Project is one year (plus) with permanent
employment possible. Call 954-423-9788 or
Fax resume to 954-423-9733.

NEED Experienced help for the following:
Waiter, Bartender, Front-of-the-House Super-
visor, Maintenance, Cook, Maid. Housing
provided on Guana Cay. Call 367-3590.

Call Stafford at 809-366-0023 for details
MERCURY 4.5 hp Outboard $450 OBO,
FLY Bridge from Pacemaker, best offer,
TWO ship-to-shore power cords $50, Large
BIMINI top, Best offer, Call 365-0156
14 Ft HOBIE, mainsail, good trampoline,
most rigging, needs work
18 Ft Geriatric MOBJACK swift-planing, self
bailing sloop, rigging, Needs rebuilding
24 Ft Elegant MENEMSHA 1972
FRIENDSHIP sloop. Swallow-like grace in
dusky green Imron, fiberglass, 10 hp Volvo
diesel. 2'9" draft, roller furling jib & main,
4 winches. 4 foresails, 3 bunks, cushions,
galle\. enclosed head
25 Ft ALLMAND 1970 Fisherman, 120 hp
low hr. Volvo diesel outdrive, economical,
soft ride 17 kt seaboat, 2 bunks, head, VHF
All duty pd, Call Dixon Downey 359-6110
20 Ft ALBURY BROTHERS 1994 Runabout
w/1994 Mercury 125 hp, stainless Hi-Five
prop, hydraulic steering, VHF etc. $18,500
Call Willard at 809-365-6086

22 Ft BARTENDER 1990 Cabin Cruiser
with 200 hp Volvo Penta diesel, in very good
condition, $25,000. Call Truman at 366-0101
22 Ft GRADY WHITE Walk-Thru 1982,
outriggers, new seat, Bimini top and 1992
175 HP Evinrude, runs good on 5 cyl. Duty
Pd. $6,500 Can be seen at Abaco Inn, Elbow
Cay, phone 366-0133, Fax 366-0113

23' SLINSEEKER Sailboat 1989 Fiberglass
hull, motor included. Excellent condition.
Make offer. Call Joe 813-253-0491

24 FT EXCALIBUR, Excellent condition,
125 gal gas tank, carpeted cabin, 200 HP
Mercury Outboard, Hydraulic steering,
Stereo. Call William Weatherford 367-2820
8-4 or 365-6293 after 5 pm

.,.. .. ...,, -.. --,, ,."
- :" .* ,1 - ;.."""" "

J24 CLASS SAILBOAT, 1979, excellent
racer, day sailor or weekend cruiser. Boat is
in good condition and has many recent up-
grades including new Lewmar winches, new
rudder, and .new Spectra/Tecnora halyards.
All Hardware is in excellent condition. There
are 4 sets of sails including a 1994 set of
very lightly used racing sails. Bottom is
faired and epoxy coated. This boat has an
excellent racing record including first overall
1995 Regatta Time in Abaco and is
absolutely ready to go. $7,400 Call Jeff Gale
at 809-366-0282
25 Ft DUSKY center console, cuddy cabin,
complete walk around. Boat completely
redone w/rebuilt 225 hp Johnson, duty pd.
See Rich Rentals or call 367-2742
27 Ft ALBIN Cruising & Fishing, 100 HP
Westerbeke, outriggers & downrigger, 2'6"
draft, double V berth, table, enclosed head
w/shower, galley, 2 ice boxes, VHF, 72 gal
fuel, 40 gal water, awning, solar panel
w/charge controller, duty pd., $25,000
Contact Lighthouse Marina 366-0154

36 Ft MUNROE Crawfish boat, 671 GM,
4,000 lb. freezer, stabilizers, Call James at
38' OCEAN SPORTFISHING boat, 1985,
Well maintained & custom fitted for the avid
sports fisher
Furuno radar
Robertson auto pilot
Northstar GPS loran
Robertson Robchart
Furuno fish finder
Twin Cat diesel 3208's turbo charged
12V & 24V battery hookups for electric
reels & downriggers
12 KV generator
Night headlights
Cockpit freezer
Engine electric oil feed system
Electric windlass anchor system
Electric head with macerator
Complete galley with microwave
Air conditioning
Spare prop shaft
Large inventory of spare parts included
$100,000 DUTY PAID
Contact Charles or Donna Sands, 809-365-
5195 or VHF Ch. 16 Young Lovers

S* ,? ,. -

40' CUSTOM Norman Cross Design Tri-
maran, fully equipped, 4108 Perkins eng. 3.5
Westerbeke gen. A/C, two fridge, Propane
stove. Call Marsh Harb. 809-367-2269
46 Ft TRIMARAN 1980 w/4.108 Perkins 51
hp diesel engine. In good condition. $85,000,
Call Truman at 809-366-0101

.. .,

S -----.- .... .... .. ....:.... ... ..... ..

63 Ft YACHT Trawler 671 GM, 12 KW
Gen, Perfect Crawfish Boat, Call Wade at
365-4305 or James at 365-4120

Excellent Condition

T rX

I ~~ :'~.-'I

Thi. \\ hjler j lke NF \\ P.,, -''25 F Ji.%liur' ,ri .,ji.-lr
cushions, leaning post, Bimini top, full instrumentation and more. Must see to
appreciate. Priced in the 20's. Serious inquiries please contact JIMMY ROBERTS at
365-4249 or Rick Woodson at 540-366-8888 for more information or appointment.

Page 36 The Abaeonlan July 1996

When you put your most important asset

in the hands of an Insurance Company,

you'd better know something about them!
',,. '

Sun Alliance is "qj.
the oldest operating
insurance group in the
world, employing over 25,000 people in Currently, 31 staff are employed locally
55 countries with an unbroken history of and Sun Alliance is represented by 19
underwriting since 1710. Sun Alliance independent Bahamian agents and
has been represented in the Bahamas brokers.
since 1805. .. ,

Sun Alliance has investments of over
$10 million in the Bahamian economy.

Sun Alliance is also one or me worml s
most progressive and financially secure
insurers with worldwide premium
income exceeding US$7.4 billion and
assets exceeding US$18 billion.

Sun Alliance's claims paying record is
second to none.
In 1995, as a result of Hurricanes Luis
and Marilyn, the group paid out claims
amounting to US$74 million 75% of
these claims were settled in under 60
In the Bahamas, Sun Alliance met claims
of over $22 million following the
devastation of Hurricane Andrew in

Call Daron, Ginnie or Cina


Stratton Drive, Marsh Harbour
Phone 809-367-2549
Fax 367-3075
In Treasure Cay call 365-8650





Island luxury on private one acre
tip of island
Only 20 minutes from mainland
and airport
Protected dock and small beach
City electricity and telephone.

1,500 sq. ft. of deck surrounds this 2,200
sq. ft. modern well designed four
bedroom/two bath home
Completely furnished and equipped
Panoramic views
Lush tropical landscaping.

MARSH HARBOUR CALL 809-367-2719 OR FAx 367-2359

t'I' /1