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Publication Date: 06-01-1996
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Volume 4, Number 5

Two House

Seats for

Ahaco in1997
The Prime Minister Hubert A.
Ingraham has announced that Abaco will
have only two seats after the House of
Assembly is reorganized. The total
number of seats in the House will be
reduced from 49 to 40.
Currently the three Abaco seats are
held by the Prime Minister representing
the North Abaco constituency, Edison NM.
Key representing the Marsh Harbour
constituencN and Robert Sweeting
representing the Hope Town
Under the Bahamian constitution the
election is called by the Prime Minister
but cannot extend more than file years.
The last election was August 20th, 1992.
It is expected that the legislation to
decrease the number of seats in the
House will be passed before the next
election is called.

^ Hurricane

3 Information
June 1st marked the beginning of
hurricane season and predictions are that
Sit will not be as active 1995. Last year
there iWere 19 named tropical storms of
Shich 11 developed into hurricanes. Five
of these became major hurricanes.
The terms tropical storm refers to
storms which have a steady wind of 39 to
74 mph while hurricane winds are stead\
at 74 mph and higher. Storms are named
when they reach the intensity ot 39 mph.
The hurricane season for the Atlantic is
from June Ist until Nolember 30th.
The month of June is not usually an
active hurricane month. Storms during
this month usually originate in the far
western Caribbean and in the southern
Gulf of Mexico.
The active hurricane months are
August. September and October w while the
peak of activities centers around
September 10th. There are more
hurricanes in September than all other
months combined. Many on Abaco can
remember that Hurricane BetsN. Abaco's
last se ere storm, occurred on September
6th in 1965.

AELP SE SEE Hurric e

01CACC -M....;. ... D.-- Ln




Gov't Seminars

By Richard Fawkes
Under the theme Community
Empowerment -- a New Beginning, the
people of Abaco engaged in a week-long
series of seminars on the transition to
local government. The Prime Minister,

the Rt. Honourable Hubert A. Ingraham,
was the featured speaker at the opening
seminar in Marsh Harbour on May 23rd.
Minister of State for Grand Bahama and
Local Government, the Honourable
David C. Thompson, was the main

1030 Lb. Blue Marlin

At Treasure Cay's BBC Tournament

By Robert Meister blue marlin to win the tournament for the
On the first day of the Treasure Cay WEEKEND HOOKER. The 'grander' is
Championship, May 19th to 24th, the the first taken off the Abacos and the
third leg of the Bahamas Billfish second largest blue marlin ever caught in
Championship, angler Rick Smith of_______
Titusville, Florida, caught a 1030 pound PLEASE SEE Billfish Page 33

speaker at the closing seminar in Sandy
Point on May 31st.
While the opening and closing events
gave residents from all over the island an
opportunity to come together under the
guidance of the Prime Minister and the
Minister respectively, local seminars
tailored to each community or groups of
communities were also conducted during
the week. Mr. Everette Hart,
Administrator for Abaco in Marsh
Harbour, Commissioner Jack Thompson
of North Abaco and Commissioner
Preston Cunningham of South Abaco
coordinated the seminars.
The coordinators invited Mr. Archie
Nairn, Acting Permanent Secretary in the
Department of Local Government, Mr.
Livingston Smith, Acting Administrator
for Freeport, Mr. Newton McDonald,
Under-secretary in the Department of
Local Government and Mr. Harrison L.
Thompson, Administrator for North
Andros, to join Mr. Hart as local
seminar facilitators.
The three main areas explored in the
seminars were the townships and
districts, finances and elections. Issues
such as the structure and responsibilities
of township committees and districts and
the relationship between the two bodies
were addressed. Seminar discussions also
centered on the role of public boards in
the new system as well as the
relationship between local governments
and the central government. The vital
areas of raising and spending revenues,
revenue sharing with the central
government, qualifications of candidacy,
local government elections and
installation in office of township
committees and district councils were
also on the seminars' agendas.
"These seminars were an opportunity
for Abaco residents to engage in face-to-
face dialogue with the Prime Minister
and the Minister of Local Government,"
said Mr. Hart, "on how this transition to
local government will affect them and
their communities.' That is why we
organized the special opening and closing
PLEASE SEE Seminars Page 4

Budget Tells of Lower Duties

The proposed national budget for
1996-1997 which was presented to the
House of Assembly will lower the duty
on many items and contained no new or
increased taxes. The duty decreases were
on construction material, electronic
equipment and household appliances.
* No duty on cement and nails from 15%
OSheetrock and roofing tiles down from
35 to 15 percent
* Plywood from 15 and 35 to 15 percent
* Building materials, plumbing fittings,

PVC pipe, vinyl tiles, ceramic bath
fixtures, door hardware, electric light
fixtures, etc. from 35 to 25 percent
* Electric water heaters and washing
machines from 40 and 45 to 35 percent
* Personal computers from 25 to 15
percent and computer parts from 50 to 15
* Musical instruments from 45 to 25
* Refrigerators from 15-35 to 15 percent
* Eye glasses and contact lenses, no duty

* Home entertainment equipment
including televisions, radios and CD
players reduced from a variety of rates to
25 percent
* Satellite systems from 65 to 35 percent
* Reproductions of Bahamian art work
will not be charged any duty
* Sewing machines no duty
The government assured the country
that they will continue to be a tax haven
I ---- ag___ .11


More Local Gov't Information
Pages 4, 5, 6 & 7
Business Names Act Page 6
Abaco Regatta Page 16
"Shoot-Out" Tournament at
Boat Harbour Page 18




The News of the Island

L --


I -- --

-- - -- - -

rage zu

Page 35


June 1996

Page 2 The Abaeonlan June 1996

The Ediors View .... it All Beins With a Good Town Committee

The advent of local government brings promoting. Normal human nature does many instances they have spent less, yet and less. The funds are not handed over
a new level of political maturity to the not want to give up power. gotten more value than under the in a big pail. Neither are they given
country. The changeover to local The Prime Minister has faith in the previous system, funds freely just because an area may
government in the Family Islands is a common people that they will do a good This is a tremendous opportunity for have above average tax revenues.
major step in the development of job of governing themselves. Everyone us all. But along with the opportunity Funds are allocated based on a budget
democracy. recognizes that there will be problems comes the reality that we must first elect submitted months earlier. The future
This is a unique situation, a major and some will try to take advantage of an a decent group to manage the town. needs of the town or district must be
opportunity and challenge for the people opportunity. But Prime Minister These elected people are the ones who reviewed and future costs projected
of the Bahamas. Central governments are Ingraham feels that the problems can be will manage the affairs of our carefully.
not inclined to turn power and control overcome, communities and it is important that we Getting good committees in each
over to the people they-govern. But it is The concept is that local people of a choose people who are conscientious, town is the first step for getting a good
happening here and, like a marriage, for community will do a better job of committed and knowledgeable. We need Island Council.
better or worse, we are going to go managing their own affairs than the to be assured that they will attend This will be a great opportunity to
through the exercise. politicians in Nassau. The past two years meetings and see that the work is done. make changes in our communities which
The Prime Minister explained that have seen much more responsibility It will behoove us to elect those who will make them more attractive and more
there is resistance in the Ministries and given to the local boards. The way these will budget and spend carefully and accommodating to our present and future
upper government levels to the concept boards have conducted their business has wisely. Tnose areas that use their money needs.
of local government which he is ranged from ordinary to outstanding. In foolishly are apt to find that they get less

Letters to the Editor

To the Residents of Hope Town,
We would like to say a very big thank
you to the many members of the Hope
Town Volunteer Fire Brigade and
everyone else who gave assistance on the
night of May 28th at Campbells Reef on
the ocean side of Hope Town. Also

thanks to those who gave us assistance on
the following day.
We share your view that it was no
unfortunate accident but one of gross
negligence which put the catamaran
GLADIATOR onto the reef. The behavior
of the guests also left much to be

desired. Thankfully, as many of you
know, the majority of our guests are not
like this.
On Wednesday morning when we
arrived at the boat at 6 a.m. after picking
our way through the reef, we found that
the port hull was wedged and so
damaged that it was impossible to patch
it in order to float on the next high tide.

Snake Cay is an Industrial Junkyard

Dear Editor,
On a recent trip to Snake Creek, we
enjoyed exploring the delicate eco-system
where sea life and bird life abound.
However, in close proximity on land at
Snake Cay we discovered a huge fuel
tank that was abandoned 20 to 30 years
ago (presumably by Owens Illinois) that
is still leaking oil poisoning the earth and
giving off a putrid odor. Also tons and

In the book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3
we read about a time for everything
including a time to mourn. Well, May
15th was my time to mourn. You see,
that was the day that my son Micheal
was killed. I loved him as much as any
mother could love her child. So I wept as
any mother would on the 26th of May as
we held his funeral service.
Toward the ending part of the service
while the sermon was being preached by
Bro. Brian Rolle, my eldest son, an
outcry was made that our house was on
fire. For a moment I thought I couldn't
take this one, too, but God quickly spoke
peace to me and assured me that He is
still with me. Within moments all we had
laboured for during the 34 years we lived
in that house was in ashes. So there we
were, no more of our beloved son we
called Mikey or Mike, no more home to

The Abaconian
David & Kathleen Ralph, Editors & Publishers
P O Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas

tons of scrap iron, heavy equipment and
rail road cars have been left to rust and
In my opinion, the wealthy foreign
companies that come into a country for
the purpose of making more money
should be required to remove or at least
clean up after they leave a project.
Perhaps the government should impose a

call our own. Just the clothes on our
But I want to say here that the people
of Sandy Point stood by our side from
the beginning of our great tragedies.
They stood with their prayers, with their
support, with every thing they had, even
their hard earned money. I want to say
thanks to a beautiful bunch of people
who showed love when it was needed.
Not only Sandy Point there were people
from Nassau, Freeport who called and
prayed or expressed their sympathy. God
bless you so much.
Many thanks to Mr. Edison Key,
Liann Key. the Anglican Church, Mount
Zion Baptist, the Assemblies of God and
many, many more. Thanks and may
God's richest blessings continue to be
with you.
Mrs. Marion Rolle

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Contributors: Sylvia Bethel, Jeffery Cooper, Don Cornish, Ruth Flowers, Jim
Hegney, Rhonda Hull, Candice Key, Maureen Koepp, Robert Meister, Miike
Messon, Ken Owen, Deb Patterson, Kristina Pinder, Lee Pinder, Kenneth
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large fine to discourage this sort of thing
from happening again in the future.
Don't let this beautiful little third
world country be raped and left in
disgrace for the sake of a commercial
Midge Shaw on Harm's Way
[Ed. note: The Owens Illinois
lumbering operation on Abaco ceased in
1967 when their sugar cane project was
being developed. For a variety of reasons
the sugar cane was not successful and
closed in 1970. The sugar mill and all
related items were subsequently
purchased by the Bahamas government.
Later the mill was sold to a South
American group which disassembled it
and shipped it to South America. The
lank you refer to is probably the
molasses tank on the Snake Cay dock.
Snake Cay may be a mess, but it is
debatable as to whose mess it is.
Cleaning up when the mill was sold
and dismantled should have been done
either by the purchaser or by the
government. Benefitting from the
proceeds, but leaving us the undesirable
does not exhibit good stewardship.]

Greater expertise being needed to get the
boat off the reef, our insurance company
arranged for an expert salvor to fly in.
We acquired airbags and a barge and
tug to stand by ready for his arrival. By
the time the experts arrived, our crew
had already floated her off the reef.
On Thursday morning they had found
that her position had shifted to enable
them to put airbags in position to float it
out. It was a long and slow tow, not
much more than a knot of speed and with
the decks awash, drawing around nine
I offer a very big thank you to my
employees, Alan, Johnny, Dwight and
Timmy and also George, Desmond and
David for the many hours spent in
burning sun, thundershowers and big
swells. Congratulations on bringing the
boat back to Marsh Harbour.
As I write this, we plan to return to
the reef tomorrow to clean up .he debris
left behind. We are sad about the damage
to the reef. Luckily, this appears to be a
single coral head.
The Moorings

Thanks sire Volunters
The Marsh Harbour Fire Department
would like to thank several men of
Dundas Town for helping so ably while
they were fighting a fire off .Forest
Drive. The fire threatened quite a few
houses and required four trucks and
seven firemen. They were on the scene
for six hours.
Special thanks are extended to Mr.
John Curry, Mr. Erskine Curry, Mr.
Paul Curry and Mr. Wilton Sawyer.

Appreciates Hope Town's Help to Save Boat

Thanks Town for Help after Funeral & Fire

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Dear Editor,
The March issue of The Abaconian
has come and there is so much good and
interesting stuff in it I've just got to write
and tell you so!
This issue awakens me vividly to the
steady and astonishing economic growth
of Abaco. ;The new distillery and the
Disney project will both have
considerable impact. Your paper is chock
full of advertisements indicating a lively
Disney's concern for the ecology is
heartening. Folks in Hopetown also show
'"il'corce'nM. I am glad the tourist wrote
the letter complaining about the taxi
driver and his littering the road with a
soda can. This sort of thing will awaken

Snorkeling Program
is Being Promoted
The Jean-Michel Cousteau Out Island
Snorkeling Adventure Program is now
offering snorkeling trips to 15 islands in
The Bahamas at 26 dive sites. The
program is supported by the government
and the Out Island Promotion Board.
The program targets families and has
a goal of teaching respect and
appreciation of reefs. Mr. Cousteau feels
that young people must be taught early
how to take on the responsibility of
preserving our environment. The
program offers four- or five-day
vacations and has trained fifteen
Bahamian dive instructors specifically for
the program.
For many years Jean-Michel Cousteau
has felt that snorkelers, who are by far
the most numerous visitors to the
underwater world, should be much more
actively involved in helping protect and
wisely manage marine resources. Coral
reefs are facing threats from pollution,
sedimentation, harvest of corals, fish and
shellfish and diver abuse. He believes
that a better informed public is the key to
more sustainable management of the
ocean's resources.
There are about three million active
divers around the world. They can be
watch-dogs of the ocean, calling attention
to ecological events and environmental
threats. But to protect the environment,
people need to know how it works and
what action to take when problems arise.

the consciousness of citizens to greater
civic pride and neatness. I have often
been dismayed at the litter along your
streets. Soon youth groups, church or
schools will conduct clean-up dayS,
separating trash for the dump from glass
and aluminum for recycling.
Under your present government,
political maturity is developing in The
Bahamas with local people having a say
and taking responsibility.
Your editorial on schools, books and
libraries is good. I liked Hubert Bethel's
defense of the 01 operation.
I always look for Hope Town news
and anything written by Deb Patterson
One of her paragraphs struck me as
extremely funny, on why the Nassau
government set a policeman and why it
took him away.
You are doing a wonderful job.
Robbins Ralph




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June 1996 The Abaconian Page 3
Hotels Practise
The Nassau Marriott Resort is making
changes in its policies which will benefit
the environment. One modification is the
changing of sheets. Usually hotels change
sheets on their beds daily but now
Mariott will change sheets only every
other day for guests staying more than
one day. If guests want them changed
daily, they can make this request to the
Many hotels in the United States
change sheets only every three days. This
is referred to as "greening" in the hotel
industry. This change will result in less
fresh water used and less harmful
chemicals getting into the land and
6 eventually the ocean.
Some hotels are using flow restrictors
fE r which cut the use of water in half. In
other parts of the world companies talk
about sustainable development and
5 recycling. Many hotels have signs asking
guests to use towels for more than one
day also. The hotels give their guests the
choice but the guests are usually pleased
to help in the conservation effort.
Studies show that guests are willing to
pay more if they feel the hotels and
resorts are making an effort to conserve.


74 ?4tw"a96

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Page 4 The Abaeonian June 1996

Functions & Duties of Local Gov't f*

'nC Committees

Provide for general health and
* Provide street and drain cleaning
* Maintain road verges and ditches

* Collect and remove all refuse on
private property
* Collect and remove refuse in public
* Maintain cleanliness
* Maintain all public waste receptacles
* Maintain monuments, parks, play-

* Maintain cemeteries, beaches and road
* Maintain sport and cultural centers
* Maintain public wells and water tanks
* Provide road signs and road markings
* Provide pedestrian and parking areas

Local Government Organization for Central Abaco

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

Town Committee
7 Elected Members



Appointed by District Council

SHotel icencing Board
Appointed by District Council

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

Town Committee
S 7 Elected Members

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

Town Planning Board
Appointed by District Council

I Licencing Board I
Appointed by District Council

Road Traffic Board
Appointed by District Council
Only one Road Traffic Board
for all Abaco

Local Gov't Town Committees

The Town Committees will meet
within a month of being elected and will
elect a Chairman and a Deputy Chairman
from among themselves. The Chairman
will co-ordinate the work of the Town
Committee. The Chairman will be; the
person who represents the town at the
District Council. The Committees will
meet monthly and other meetings cam be
The meetings of a Town Committee
will be held in public unless the
Committee votes that a particular meeting
should be in private. The Committee
must have public meetings at least



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Air Conditioned
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work to be done. They are required to
post a notice of contracts wanted, giving
specifics. The tenders will be opened at
a meeting which is open to the public.
The Committees of various towns may
work together to share equipment or

The Town Committee will have a
Town Area Meeting at least yearly
primarily to discuss budget items for the
following year and they must post the
time and place.
The Town Committee may contract


Arawak Agency
Shipping & Freight Clearing'
Imports & Exports by Air or Sea
Cruising Permits Extended
Boat Duties Handled

"One Call Does it All"

Phone 809-367-2089, FAX 367-2530, VHF 16
P O Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Visit our waterfront office on Front Street

________________________________________________________________________ I

* Protect school children in vicinity of
* Name or rename streets
* Issue guidelines for buildings visible
from the street (includes lighting,
advertising and shop fronts)
* Maintain streets, footpaths or settle-
ment roads
* Arrange delivery of postal packets
* Maintain public buildings, ports, docks
and harbours
H.N t District
Appoint Boards
Road Traffic Authority
Port Authority
Town Planning
Hotel Licensing Board
Liquor Licencing Board
Shop Licencing Board
Have the power of a Buildings Control
Have the power of a Controller of
Road Traffic
Have the power to issue Business
Plan traffic layouts (strategies,
schemes, procedures)
Town planning including zoning
Make provision for public transpor-
Maintain public buildings
Maintain government owned airport
terminals, hospitals, clinics and environs
Boat registrations
Street lighting
Public water supplies
Telephone system for public and pri-
vate use
Maintain school buildings and environs
Make recommendations to Crown
Make recommendations to Ministry of


FROM Page 1

with the Prime Minister and the Minister,
as well as local seminars in settlements
from Grand Cay to Moore's Island. The
seminars were structured to provide in-
depth information and extensive exchange
of ideas on this challenging new

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Central Abaco
District Council
9 Members
Made up of Chairmen of the
Town Committees
The most populated town
has two representatives


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I a






June 1996 The Abaonilan Page 5

Funding & Revenue Where From

Financing will be provided by
central government to run the affairs
the three Abaco District Counc
Funding will come from taxes collec

s of

in the districts as well as additional
monies as needed from the central
government. It is expected that Abaco
will have more that $2 million to be

spent on services and upkeep.
Up to 100 percent of the following
fees will be returned to Abaco:
* Building permits

Local Government Organization for Northern Abaco

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

Port Authority Board
Appointed by District Council

I Hotel Licencing Board
Appointed by District Council I

Road Traffic Board
Appointed by District Council
Only one Road Traffic Board
for all Abaco

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

* Gun licences
* Dock and wharf fees
* Boat registrations
* Business licences
* Liquor licences
* Music and dancing licences
* Shop licences
Up to 50 percent of the following will
be returned:
* Car registrations and drivers licences
* Landing and parking fees at the
* Hotel guest taxes
* Real property tax (this is the property
tax paid only by expatriates here on
Each year the Town Committees and
the District Councils will have to make a
budget which will be estimate the
expenditures of the next financial year.
These will be presented to the central
government which will allocate the
necessary funding back to Abaco.
The Town Committees and the District
Councils will have to maintain proper
financial books and will have account for
the spending they have done. There will
be local government auditors which will
check the accounting. All checks written
by the District Councils will have to have
two signatures, the Island Administrator
and the Chief Councillor.
The Administrators are taking a course
in financial administration and each
administrator's office will be give a
computer to allow a more efficient
The central government will continue
to be responsible for the salaries of
teachers, police, customs officers,
immigration, social services and others.

e-1baco C~-ar~tiei

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Northern Abaco
District Council
9 Members
Made up of Chairmen of the
Town Committees
Larger towns may have
two representatives

\ Town Planning Board
Appointed by District Council

Licencing Board
r Appointed by District Council


Page 6 The Abaconian June 1996

SVoter's Registration & Elections

The election of committee members in
each town will take place soon and those
elected will serve a term of three years.
To be nominated the person must
* Be a registered voter in that town
* Be nominated by five registered voters

* Pay a $50 deposit (refundable if he or
she receives 1/6 of the votes)
The elected committee members will
be paid a stipend for the meetings he or
she attends. The members can run for re-
election when their term of office is

finished. Members can resign at any time
by writing the Secretary of the
The committee member will be taken
off the committee if he or she misses
three consecutive meetings without cause.

Local Government Organization for Southern Abaco

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

Town Committee
7 Elected Members

Town Committee
7 Elected Members



Town Planning Board
SAppointed by District Council

Port Authority Board
Appointed by District Council j

Hotel Licencing Board
Appointed by District Council

Licencing Board
Appointed by District Council

\ Road Traffic Board
Appointed by District Council
Only one Road Traffic Board
for all Abaco

A person is disqualified to run for
election if he or she
* Is a Senator or member of the House
of Assembly
* Is a justice or magistrate of the court
* Is an Administrator or holds a similar
* Is a member of the police or defence
* Has any position involved with
elections or the Register
* Is bankrupt
* Is insane
* Is sentenced to death or is serving a
sentence of imprisonment by a Bahamian
* Their name is not in the Register
Regulations for administering this new
system are being formulated. These
regulations will also spell out who in the
civil service may run for a local
government office.

Phone: 809 -367-4551 Fax: 809-367-4152
Locatowin Above theSc dVCDoUar Shop iL RZoyal f arbIou VVlager

TheJuicUette' GaUery
P O Bo0AB 20155
Macvi Harbour, AAbaco-






Southern Abaco
District Council
9 Members
Made up of Chairmen of the
Town Committees
Each town will have
additional representatives



Caovaksesq IPa u-)Js, rusb~es,

Tyesp sewiuqg T )ionorS

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Above Sand Dollar Shoppe
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June 1996 _

Island Administrators I

Local government committees and
councils will have advisors to guide the
Town Committees and District Councils.
These are the Family Island

Administrators who represent the central
government. They will have many of the
responsibilities of the present
Commissioners. They will help with

accounting and auditing. Abaco has three
administrators. Mr. Everette Hart is the
Island Administrator for Central Abaco,
Mr. Jack Thompson is Deputy
Administrator for Northern Abaco and
Mr. Preston Cunningham is Deputy
Administrator for Southern Abaco.
These men will collect revenue, be
responsible for the accounting, function
as Passport and Visa Officers, will have
functions of Environmental Health, the
Fisheries Resources and Port Authorities
as specified.
Each Town Committee, District
Council and appointed Boards will have
a Secretary. This Secretary will be either
an administrator or someone whom they

P.M.Hon. Hubert Ingraham opened the
Local Government Seminars on May
23rd to a packed Anglican Hall.
Questions were answered freely by Mr.

The closing seminar May 31st in Sandy Point filled the schoolroom as seen above.
David Thompson addressed the group and answered the final questions. Attending
were the three Island Administrators and persons from Marsh Harbour, Cherokee,
Casauina Point, Bahama Palm Shore Crossing Rocks, Cooper's Town and of course
Sandy Point. Visiting Administrators and guests were treated at Enza's Place to a late
night dinner with traditional foods. This was. a true Bahamian feast from the fabled
land of milk, honey and coconut water.

Open Daily
k Breakfast 8:30 10 am
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Happy Hour 5 6:30 pm
Restaurant & Bar Live Music Weds & Fri 8 11 pm
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Hope Town Waterfrontian F
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Our courteous, competent staff will be more than pleased
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24 Full Service Slips

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Fri & Sat close at 11 p.m.


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Page 8 The Abaconlan June 1996

South Abaco

Cherokee Sound
By Lee Pinder
Speeders be warned! You will be
reported! After a lively discussion at the
last town meeting on March 30th, it was
agreed that the 10 mph speed limit within
the settlement would be enforced,
starting immediately. All offenders are to
be reported to the Marsh Harbour Police
Department with a recommendation that
they be held accountable for their actions
and duly fined. The fine, we are told, is
$250. No matter whether you are going
one mile over the speed limit or twenty,
the fine is the same. However, there can
be an additional fine for reckless driving


for the same amount. Because pedestrians
and vehicles must both share the
roadways, the local Board trusts drivers
will be more considerate of people
walking, but most especially care of the
children at play, so s-l-o-w d-o-w-n.
Also brought out at this meeting was a
warning to persons removing sand from
our beaches. According to the Ministry
of Public Works' area engineer, Samuel
Woodside, as well as Administrator Hart,
it Is against the law for persons to take
sand from the beaches anywhere in the
Bahamas. Therefore, these persons may
also find themselves being reported and
subject to a fine.

Cherokee took the public course in Local Government on May 28th. Ine mla-aay
session included some of the students as it was held during school hours. At that
time Cherokee was believed to be included with the South Abaco Island Council. At
the final session in Sandy Point it was reveled that Cherokee will be included with
the Council for Central Abaco. This change coincides with district budget allocations
which were made months earlier. Photo by Richard Fawkes

Sarah O'Connor & Peter Kline
Welcome You to Hope Town's
Historic Harbour Lodge

Excellent snorkeling from our 2-mile Ocean Beach
Air Conditioned Accommodations, Fresh Water Pool
Reef Bar & Grill, Lunch served Mon Sat 11:30 2:30
Happy Hour Daily 4 5 p.m.
Gourmet Dining Mon Tues Wed Fri Sat 7 9 pm


Dinner and Brunch Reservations Required
Complimentary Dockage for Dining Guests
Call 366-0095 or VHF Channel 16


?A North Abaco's

Finest Fleet

20' 28' Centre Console with T Tops or Biminis

Registered and safety equipped
Dive gear and fishing tackle rental
Air fills and snorkel gear sales
Resort (beginners) dive course
All levels of instruction PADI



* Reef and wreck dive with our Dive Master
VHF radio Ch 16 Phone 809-365-8465 Fax 809-365-8508
Located at the Treasure Cay Marina

Very, very special services were held
at both our churches on May 12th
recognizing and honoring all mothers.
A community-wide summer camp is
being planned for the youth of Cherokee.
Rev. Carla Culmer will be bringing
together the children for Bible study, arts
and crafts, recreation and games during
this summer camp. Her aim is to have
activities for every age group and to get
everyone involved. She will need some
help from the parents and is looking for
volunteers to teach, participate and
chaperon the various activities. So come
on out, join in, accept the challenge and
go away feeling rewarded.
Electricitv and telephone service has
been extended to the residents of
Cherokee Point hilltop. Congratulations.
Sandy Point
By Ruth Flowers
Marion Rolle, one of Sandy Point's

role models, met with tragedy this past
month. First she suffered the loss of her
son, Mike, who died on May 15th in a
plane crash and was laid to rest on the
26th after a funeral at the Assemblies of
God Church. The sermon was preached
by Brian Rolle, brother of the deceased.
During the funeral Mrs. Rolle's home
was destroyed by fire.
Mr. and Mrs. Rolle are being
surrounded by family who love them and
by a community of people who came
through again. The Rolles are coping
well. The community of Sandy Point
wishes to express to the Rolle family that
they love them and intend to stand by
them in their time of need.
The residents of Sandy Point,
especially the church people from the
Assemblies of God, came together on
May 27th and raised funds in support of
the family. This first effort raised several
thousand dollars. The Sandy Point

On Hope Town's waterfrotn4ef bahamian cuisine
Bar Opens DaiF 10 a.m.
5 pm on Tues ays
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m.
Lunch & Dinner Daily
(Kitchen Closed Tuesdays)
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pm
SAppetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m.
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Abaco Office Products

S050 O


Photo-copiers, typewriters, fax machines, calculators,
Laser printers, cash registers and computer printers.

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&tom-wmade Pre-inked business stamps,
business cards and flyers.

Wide assortment of envelopes and copy bond papers.

Next door to A & K Liquors, Marsh Harbour





. ee


Improvement Association will also raise
funds for the Rolle family during their
annual Labour Day activities.
This year's activities will commence
on June 7th with the arrival of the
Labour Day Excursion Boat bringing
visitors from Nassau. They also expect
people from throughout Abaco. The
partying will begin at the picnic ground
on June 7th and will go on through the
night. On June 8 there will be a conch
cracking contest, power boat races and a

fishing tournament during the day.
Julie Alberta Curry and Alvin David
Greene were united in matrimony on
May 25th at the Assembly of God
Church in Sandy Point. Officiating was
the Rev. Jerome Burrows assisted by
Rev. Stafford Symonette of Treasure
Cay. The reception followed at the Beach
Inn Club.
More Sandy Point News
By Brian Rolle
Mother and Father's House

Bums Down While Burying Son
Tragedy hit the island of Abaco once
again and claimed the life of 27-year-old
Michael Angelo Rolle who was killed in
an aeroplane crash at the Treasure Cay
Airport. This unexpected tragedy was a
devastating blow to the Rolle Family of
Sandy Point, Abaco.
Michael was the fourth of the five
children born to Herklyn and Marion
Rolle. He was predominantly called
"Mikey" by his family and friends and
was unquestionably loved by them
May 26th will be a day that the Rolle
Family will never forget, even if we live


Marian and Herklyn Rolle of Sandy Point suffered a double tragedy when their house
was discovered on fire during the funeral service they were attending for their son
Michael on May 30thl. While the service continued, many left and worked to save
the house. They were unsuccessful but did save the Rolle's next door drygoods shop.

Treasure Cay's
Most Experienced Broker

fl Wm. F. Hertz Ltd.

P. O. Box AB 22182 Phone/FAX 809-365-8061
Treasure Cay, Abaco

Page 30

Michael Rolle

SOut Islands Finest Vacation Homes
Waterfront Properties
Rentals & Sales

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Mon -Thurs. 9:30am 3:30pm and Fri. 9:30am 5:00pm

CIBC HOPETOWN 809-366-0296
Wed. 10:00am 2:00pm
MAN-O-WAR CAY 809-365-6098
Thurs. 10:00am- 2:00pm



Page 10 The Abaconlan June 1996

North Abaco

Little Abaco
By Kenneth Romer
All the Zion Baptist Churches of
Abaco had their annual week-long
convention on May 13th to 19th at the
Zion Baptist Church in Fox Town. Guest
speakers included Rev. Solomon Smith of
the United States and Rev. Samuel
Green, General Superintendent and
President of the Zion Baptist Churches.
He is from the Yamacraw Baptist Church
in Nassau. Rev. Dr. Alan Mills, District
Moderator was the moderator for the
One of the highlights of the convention
was on May 16th when Sis. Ena Mae
Parker was commissioned as Evangelist.
Sis. Parker is with the Zion Baptist
Church of Murphy Town.
The theme of the convention was The
Church in the Midst of Warfare.
Little Abaco will be holding its annual
Homecoming June 6th through June 8th,
over the Labour Day holiday weekend.
They have many fabulous events planned
and invite the residents of all
communities in Abaco to join them in
their celebrations. See the schedule of
events for the location, times, and more
A Special Honour
An Outstanding Youth Award was
presented to Kenneth Romer of Cooper's
Town for his outstanding work among
the youth. This youth recognition award
is given by the Ministry of Youth and
Culture to recognize notable
achievements in several areas of youth
work. The awards were presented in the
ballroom of Governor's House and was
under the patronage of the Governor
General, the Hon. Orville Turnquest and
his wife, Mrs. Turnquest.
The formal presentation was followed
by a reception. There were five
categories of awards. Mr. Romer was
awarded the Most Distinguished, the
highest level because of his youth work
in Nassau as well as his work in North

Cooper's Town
By Kenneth Romer
There will be a singles seminar in
Marsh Harbour later this month. It will
be coordinated by Ms. Greta Strachan of
the Ministry of Youth and Culture along
with Kenneth Romer, Raymond
Campbell and Shanitique Williams.
Some of the topics which will be
discussed will be No Ring, No Ting,

When Susie Looks Juicy, Words that
Win, How to Get a Girl and How to Get
a Guy. The organizers are hoping to
coordinate with all youth organizations in
the area. For more information call Mr.
Romer at 365-0065 during the day.
Fire Road
by Jeffery F. Cooper
Troy D. Mclntosh
Troy has completed four years at

Little Abaco Homecoming

Jun 6th 8 p.n


All following act
Jun 7th 6 8 a.m.
8 to 12 N
12 N 5 p.m.
5 p.m.
7 9 p.m.
Jun 8th 10 a.m.
12 N
7 9 p.m.
Jun 9th 10 a.m.
1 p.m.
5 p.m.
7 p.m.

Schedule of Events
Thanksgiving Service at Ebenezar Baptist in Cedar Harbour

ivities will be at the School Grounds in Fox Town
Walk-a-thon, Run-a-thon
Junkanoo Music, Food & Drinks
Basketball, Volleyball, Dominoes, Conch Cracking
Opening by Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham
Cultural and Talent Show
Music, Food and Drinks
Basketball, Volleyball, Pool Tournament, Dominoes, Raffle
Fashion Show Little Miss Home-coming
Attend the Church of Your Choice
Awards Presentation
Old Fashioned Gospel Concert


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Store Hours Mon Sat 9 5 Friday to 5:30

Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2424

Morgan State University. He majored in
civil engineering and graduated on May
19th at Morgan State University,
Baltimore, Maryland. In September, by

Troy Mclntosh
Photo by J.J. Photo


Bike Shop
At Harbour's Edge
New Bike Sales
MBS Giant
Jamis e Boss
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Cannondale Klien Trek
Mens Womens Childrens

Full Service
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Guana Beach
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Bahamian & International Cuisine
Continual Service from
7:30 AM until closing.
No Between Meal Closings.
Indoor & Poolside Dining.
"Free Dockage to Boaters Eating Dinner
Daily Ferry Service

Iive Music, Dnrinn Rnnfire
Drink Specialte BBO $14.50


Free Mun~es
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U m


June 1996 The Abacoulan Page 11

More News from North Abaco

God's blessing, Troy will be going to
Georgia Tech for two years for his
master's degree. Troy is the proud son of
Mr. and Mrs. O'Donald McIntosh of
Fire Road.
Troy is a member of St. Andrews
Baptist Church and his hobbies are
reading, traveling, sports and meeting
All of his family and friend wish him
all the best. May God continue to bless
you as you reach your goal. We all love
you. Mr. Archie Nairn
Photo by Richard Fawkes

Fire Road Church Honours Women


Ladies honoured were Hortence Bootle, Ethel Lewis and Erril Lewis
Photo by I.I. Photo

Lightning Only One Strike and You Are Out

The Bahamas is an area with a lot of
lightning storms. Late spring and
summer are times when these stormsare
particularly prevalent. Many people in
the Bahamas have been killed and many
more have received serious injury from
Kenneth Lightbourne of the
Meteorological Department in Nassau
gave us some rules to lessen the threat of
a strike.
*Get out of the water.
*Get out of small boats if possible.
eGet inside a building if possible and
stay there until the storm is over.
*Stay in your car as a car offers
excellent lightning protection.
*Don't use your telephone as lightning
may strike the phone lines outside.
*Don't use plug-in electrical equipment
like hair dryers.
*Stay away from open doors and
windows, metal pipes, sinks and
electrical appliances.
elf you are outdoors, stay away from
open spaces or anything metal such as
wire fences.
*Don't work on phone or electrical
lines, fences or steel buildings.

*Don't use metal objects such as fishing
rods and golf clubs.
*If there is no shelter, stay away from
tall objects such as trees. Crouch or stay
low in the open.
elf you feel an electrical charge (your
hair stands on end or your skin tingles),
drop to the ground immediately as light-
ning is about to strike you.
You can judge the distance a storm is
away from you by the time lapse between
when you see the lightning and when you
hear the thunder. Each second that the
thunder is delayed is 1/5 of a mile So a
storm is about one mile away if the dif-
ference is five seconds.
Persons who have been struck by
lightning receive a severe electrical shock
and may be burned but they do not carry
an electrical charge. They can be handled
safely. A person "killed" by lightning can
often be revived by mouth-to-mouth
resuscitation, cardiac massage and pro-
longed artificial respiration. If a person
show vital signs, he will probably re-
cover spontaneously but burns or other
injuries may require treatment. Recovery
from lightning strikes is usually complete
except for possible impairment or loss of
sight or hearing.

Grand Cay residents listen to Livingston Smith on May 29th give the details on
Local Government. Photo by Richard Fawkes

By Jeffery Cooper
Mothers' Day Service at the New St.
Andrews Baptist Church in Fire Road
was a very special event. Gifts were
given to some of the mothers, the

youngest, the oldest, the mother with the
most children. Three special mothers
were crowned for their faithfulness in the
church: Hortence Bootle, Ethel Lewis
and Erril McIntosh.

(iau'Mh HaP wbour UlZot lonas

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you will receive a special
room rate of $40 per night
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subject to availability.

Come spend the weekend with us.
Call 365-8535 for availability and '
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Page 12 The Abaconian June 1996

News of the Cays

By Samantha Sands

Mr. and Mrs. David Albury
On April 13th David Samuel Albury,
Jr. (Dave), son of David and Sharon
Albury, and Madeline Constance
McDonald, daughter of Wallace and
Denise McDonald, exchanged wedding
vows with each other along with family
and friends at the Man-O-War Gospel
Chapel. Reception immediately followed
at the Gospel Chapel Hall. The honey-
moon was spent in Orlando, Florida. The
couple are residing on their new home in
Man-O-War Cay.
On April 12th June Albury, resident of
Man-O-War Cay and Wesley Russell,
resident of Hope Town, exchanged
wedding vows at a relative's home in
Marsh Harbour. They are now residing


in Hope Town. Congratulations to you

p j. ru
r ; '

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Russell
Guana Cay
By Kristina Pinder
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs.
Bruce Sands on the birth of their baby
girl, Paige Courtney Sands. She was
born on May 9th in Nassau. Welcome to
the youngest new member of our
The Interschool Swim-meet is to be
held in White Sound at the Abaco Inn on
June 6th. Good luck to all the swimmers.
The newest business place in town is
the Kids Cove Boat Rentals. Anyone
interested in boat rentals, Guana Cay
now has a rental fleet, boats ranging
from 17 feet to 21 feet. The business is
located in the harbour of Guana Cay by
the little yellow shop. Call 365-5046 for
more information.


We can supply al( of your grocery
needs including fresh baked bread,
pies, muffins, fresh fits,
vegetables, meats, imported
cheeses and dairy products.

Supermarket Selection with
Country Store Convenience
Open Mnon Fri 8 M 6 PM
Saturday 8 AM- 7'PM
Closed Sundays
Hope Town 366-0037

Pizzas Traditional & Special
* Basic Cheese Pizza 5.75 10.75 13.75
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* Everything Pizza 11.50 15.50 19.50
* Tropicana Ham, pineapple & Cheese
7.75 12.75 16.75
* Veg-0-Matic a vegetable special
7.75 12.75 16.75
* Big Chomp Pepperoni, Sausage, etc
9.25 16.75 19.75
* Calypso Chicken 8.75 14.75 17.75
* Personal Pan Pizza 5.75 10.75
* Kids Pizza 3.50
* Take & Bake we fix it, you bake it

VHF 16

Sandwiches & More
Meat Ball Sub Sandwich $5.50
Philly Sub 6.50
Chic-0-Philly Sub 6.50
Variety Coldeuts Sub 5.50
BBQ Wings $5.00 9.50
Chef Salad 7.50
Garden Salad 4.50
Fresh Conch Salad
Billy's Homemade Ice Cream
Bahamian Pies
Tea, Coffee, Expresso & Cappucino

Open Monday Thurs 10 a.m. 10 p.m. / ci* "
Friday & Saturday until 11 p.m. B-" -- ,I
Sunday 2 p.m. until 10 p.m.
Order Now at 367-3535 -- -
Located in Front of Abaco Towns in Marsh Harbour

The community of Guana Cay was
saddened by the death of Mr. Reuben
Roberts, husband of Anajean Roberts and
father of Beverly and John. His radiant
smile, cheerful personality and
willingness to always help will be greatly
missed by all.
Welcome back to Mr. and Mrs.
Tommy Sands with their baby who is six
months old. It's nice to have you back in
the community.
We would also like to welcome Mr.
Sands home after being away for several

The College of the
The College of The Bahamas offers
many Certificates, Diplomas, Associate
and Bachelor degrees. Beginning in
September there will be six programs
leading to Bachelor degrees. These are
Nursing, Banking and Finance,
Management, Accounting, Computer
Information Services and Primary
The President of the College has
announced that there will be no increase
in tuition this coming school year. They
have campuses in Nassau and Grand
Bahamas and offer educational
opportunities at much less expense than
going overseas to a college or university.

Full Office & Financial Management Services
Bookkeeping Receivable Management
Inventory Control Cash Flow Management
Twmas TMatone
P.O. Box AB 20254 Phone 809-367-2910
Marsh Harbour, Abaco Bahamas


June 1996 The Abaconlan Page 13


.I ..i-^v
....... ....... ....... ....... ............... ........ ...
d .1 ... ,

J 4
.. .. .., .. o~ .r
; ,
I I I. I I 'i I i 1 1 I ; I ' .* I I

:__ h .. .. :- ,
1 t I
; i c ;

'~ ~

An Artist rendering shows one of the 37 new buildings scheduled for the $7 million
expansion of the Guana Beach Resort. Work is scheduled to begin immediately and
is expected to be finished by early 1998.

Chris and Laura Shepard, Christian Hearn and Gil Miranda recently repainted the
lighthouse in exchange for accommodations. They are professional bridge painters out
of Florida. They are treating rust, undercoating, filling cracks then applying the final
coat. Many people and businesses donated food, boats, equipment, lodgings and other
items to make this project possible. Pratt Whitney and the Coleman Company are
fabricating scarce critical parts. Coronado Paint Co, owned by Hope Town resident
Ken May, donated the paint.


MEN 's CLorHiN G
Until Father's Day June 16th
Contemporary Fashions for Men &e Women
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2011

ril raluI Palrts
Appliances & Appliance Parts
Water Heaters, Lawn Mowers
Plumbing, Auto Accessories A
Valspar paints & supplies
At the Traffic Light in Marsh Harbour
Mon Fri 9 am 5 pm 367-4185 Sat 8 am Noon

Harbour View Grocery
Use our dock for convenient shopping at our store
Fresh Meats & Vegetables
Dairy Products
Canned Goods
Dry Goods
on fhe HOPE TOWN waterfront

Triple J Marine

Full Service Marina, Laundromat & Marine Store
Visit our Marine Store
for your Boating Needs, Fishing Supplies,
Equipment and Accessories
A for Pool & Beach Wear
BoO Jewelry
/r\ Gifts &
on Marsh Harbour's waterfront
Phone 367-2163
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K & S Auto Service

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4's .r


Page 14 The AbacorF';m June 1996

School Happenings

St. Francis de Sales comes to baseball or even throwing a
By Principal Hegney baseball, Lyle Sawyer is unbeatable. Lyle
By Principal Hegney
took home the "gold" in the Category B
April 19th was a proud day for thegold" in the Category B
students and teachers of F de boys' softball throw with an incredible
students and teachers of St. Francis de
s P y S l wn te s s 155 foot throw. And Dario Mills showed
Sales Primary School when the school's p r i
a threatening performance in both
track and field athletes showed an
t years Category C track and field events. Dario,
outstanding performance at this year's
outandng performa nce at ths with his 119 foot throw took the "silver"
annual Abaco Primary School Track and
Field Event. in the softball throw just inches off first
Shamir Arbrister, St. Francis de place and the "silver" in the 100m race.
Shamir Armbrister, St. Francis de
The day was a complete success -
Sales' most outstanding athlete, went The da as a o ete s ess
thanks to the organizers and many
home with three "gold" medals and one
volunteers of the event.
"silver." Shamir dominated in the
Category B girls' track events with Mr. O'Donnell, St. Francis de Sales'
sweeping victories in the 200m and 400m track and field coach, would like to thank
races, running 3rd leg of the winning 4 x everyone of his athletes who participated
100m relay team and placing a very close at this year's event. The perseverance
second in the 200m race. and spirit of each athlete was inspiring.
Yvette Louis, in addition to her Congratulations!
successful performance in both Category Forest Heights
A track and field events, showed Academy
astounding spirit. While running the
800m race, Yvette had fainted on the By Mike Messon
track entering into the final lap of the May has always been a very busy
race. But to no avail, she was at the month at school. The grade 12 students
starting line of the next race -- 100m are busy sitting their BGCSE
where she placed an awesome second, examinations and the grade 9 students are
taking home the "silver" medal. Yvette preparing for the BJC exams. The SAT
won the girls' long jump with an examination was held at the school on
unsurpassable 13.1 foot jump and ran May 4th, which will be the last SAT test
anchor for the winning 4 x 100m relay until the next academic year.
team. The grade 12 students received their
The girls' 4 x 100m relay team was annual important lesson in Real Life.
indeed impressive. The girls' finesse in They all had to apply for a fictitious job
the baton pass-off clearly gave St. and then very nervously attend the
Francis de Sales the winning advantage, interview. This was again well received
Congratulations, Tavia Mitchell, Sierra by the students and they gained a
Mills, Shamir Armbrister and Yvette tremendous amount from the experience.
Louis. We are grateful to Mr. Nick Miaoulis
The boys' track and field athletes did and the Seventeen Shop for their help in
not go home empty handed either one the culmination of this grade 12 unit.
"gold" and two "silver" medals. When it Guest speakers have been welcomed at

W .I.


Shown above are the outstanding performers of St. Francis de Sales School. Front row
1. to r. Dario Mills, Sierra Mills and Shamir Armbrister. Back row I. to r. Yvette Louis,
Tavia Mitchell and Lyle Sawyer.

Shown above is the group of students from Dundas Town Primary School who paid a
courtesy call on the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham on May 20th at
his office in Nassau. They were accompanied by teachers Eleanor Hield and Enza Gibson.

the school again this month. We have
had a variety of speakers including
representatives of the colleges that are
presently conducting evening institutes in
the Marsh Harbour District, a group of
visiting Rotarians from India, Col. and
Mrs. McAleer, who spoke about the
genealogy of our area, and finally, Boots
from the firm of 'Boots and Coots' who
were responsible for extinguishing many
of the oil fires that were set in the wake
of "Desert Storm."
The planning for next year is well
underway. New students are applying for
admission on a regular basis, so much so
that we have to increase our faculty and
number of rooms. We are considering

instituting a grade 13. This grade will be
a Pre-College year. It will afford students
the opportunity for upgrading their
BGCSE results and sitting the SAT II:
Subject Tests. If you wish to enroll for
any grade 7 through 13, please call
Forest Heights Academy as soon as
possible at 367-3539.
The biggest preparations at the
moment are, of course, for the
Graduation and Awards Ceremonies. The
Awards for grades 7 to 11 will be
presented at school on the 20th of June at
1:30 p.m. We are pleased that Mrs.
Rhonda Hull will be the keynote speaker
for this ceremony. The year 12
graduation will be at St. Francis de Sales

SRestaurant, Marina & Boutique
Our Dining Room
21 has been Redecorated
E^ for your pleasure
A On the Marsh Harbour Waterfront
Patio Bar on the Water 11:30 am until...
). Lunch 11:30 2:30 Dinner 6:30 9 pm
BA- MAS Phone 367-2366 VHF Channel 16

1st and 3rd Weekend Fri 11 5 Sat 9 5 Mon 9 2
Monday thru Saturday 9 4 By Appointment Only
For Appointment Call
365-8625 365-8425 1-800-224-6703


here browse the Dive Shop
which carries a great selection
of dive gear, clothing and beach
accessories and enjoy lunch or
dinner at the Pavilion
restaurant. We look forward to
your visit.

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Romantic tropical rooms
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Free boat docking
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Wonderful food served
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June 1996 The Abaconian Page 15

Hope Town swimmers wear their trophies and rosettes on returning from the Freeport
Aquatics meet. Proudly Ashley Knowles holds her 3rd place high point trophy for all

oU tse.
Church at 7 p.m. on the 18th of June.
We are pleased to welcome back Mr.
Ricky Lowe, executive of Nassau Motor
Co. and President of East Nassau Rotary
Club, as the keynote speaker.
Hope Town School
By Candace Key
It's been a very exciting and busy
month at Hope Town School with the
students made many new friends with
visitors who came to our school to share
their many and varied talents with us.
Hope Town homeowner Mr. Erich
Kunzel, conductor of the Cincinnati Pops
Orchestra, spent an exciting morning of
music with our students. The children
watched his children's video
"Symphanatasy" before he arrived. Mr.
Kunzel made music come alive to the
students as he let them practice
conducting after they had learned some
basic music theory.
Mr. Gordon Wynn has pledged a
percentage of the proceeds from the sale
of his popular new CD "Island Country"
to the Hope Town School music
program. The teachers are excitedly
planning what to purchase for the
enhancement of students musical
All students have enjoyed the use of
our newly completed Learning Center
this year. Our fund raiser this year was
targeted at replacing and upgrading our
old computers. We are fortunate to
receive computers from friends and most
recently a new Compaq computer and
printer from Mr. William Maxion and
Mr. Mike Underwood so that we may
enjoy Internet services. Fifteen McIntosh
computers and several printers will also
be arriving this summer to be installed
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Beachy are helping
the school out with this venue.
Dr. Beachy is a dentist and comes to
the school once a year to give the
children dental hygiene talks and pass out
toothbrushes and toothpaste. His wife,
Carol, is one of our Valuable School

Cars & Scooters

100 CC 1994 Motorbikes

Marsh Harbour
Service Station

:Fes L bricais

Photo by Candice Key
The PTA recently honoured our
school's community volunteers at a
dinner held during Teachers'
Appreciation Week. We are very
fortunate and appreciative to have the
pool of local residents and winter
residents here who have skills they are
willing to impart to our children.
Talented community volunteers include
Mac McAleer, Dee Hausheer, Elaine
Bennett, Carol Beachy, Jacqui Haines,
Glyn Haines and Bill Owen. These
people add immensely to our total
Mr. David McPhail, an author of over
60 children's books, gave the Hope
Town School his newest book. He talked
to the children about a career in writing
and drawing (he illustrates his own
Swimming Team
Fifteen Hope Town students traveled
to Freeport to compete in the Freeport
Aquatics Club Meet last weekend. The
group returned victorious with a high
point trophy won by Ashley Knowles.

Several students performed creditably
in the school speech competition.
Terrinique Pennerman came fourth in the
Junior age group and Larhue Etienne
second in the Senior age group. Success
also for three girls in grade 12 who all
excelled in the National AIDS Awareness
Week Essay competition. Giovini
Mohan, Chikera Cooper and Lawanda
Bootle were all invited to the awards
ceremony in Nassau but were unable to
attend as it clashed with their BGCSE
exam schedule. Valencia Edgecombe,
Alexia Curry and Gerrad McDonald
were our top three competitors in the
Adopt-A-School competition and are
awaiting their prizes.
Many gold, silver and bronze medals and
rosettes were won by our swimmers.
Junior coaches Miss Sara Pearce and
Marcus Manuel should feel very proud of
their talented team.
Hope Town Student Victorious in
Adopt-A-School Competition
Olivia Patterson, 12-year-old student
of grade 8 at Hope Town School, won
first place in the Bahama Hotel
Association's Adopt-A-School essay
competition. The purpose of the contest
is to bring a closer working relationship
between schools and hotels. Hotels are
paired up with schools to develop a
bond. Students experience the working
climate at that hotel and write an essay
about their experience or draw a picture
depicting a typical hotel scene.
Awards were presented at a banquet in
Nassau. Olivia's awards included $300 in
Travelers Checks from American
Express, an electric typewriter,
backpack, watch, T-shirt and plaque. The
participating school, coordinating teacher
and the partner hotel received several
gifts and certificates.

Hope Town School's partner hotel is
Abaco Inn. The school and resort have
enjoyed a quality working relationship
for many years. Owner John Goodloe has
been very supportive of school activities
including sponsoring an art contest to use
as menu covers.
In addition the Bahamas Hotel
Association generously sponsored flights
to Nassau and the hotel stay for Olivia
and teacher Mrs. Candace Key.
Abaco Central High
The final term is often the one many
students look forward to least, as
examinations are waiting just around the
corner. Already our grade 12 students
are in the middle of their BGCSE exams
while preparations are being made to
send them off into the world of work or
higher education at their commencement
exercise on June 25th.
Grade nine students are beginning
their national BJC examinations while the
rest of the school prepares for their end
of year school assessment.
All this activity has meant many of the
more fun activities will not resume until
September, although the Scouts, the
Duke of Edinburgh and Interact students
are continuing with their established

People In the News
Dr. J. Denise Archer is now a
member of the Agape Family Dental
Center located in the Jenco Plaza in
Marsh Harbour. She is practicing here
after having worked for a short time in
Freeport. Dr. Archer received her
D.D.S. from the Louisiana State
University Medical Center School of
Dentistry. She had previously received
her Bachelor's degree from Louisiana
College. Dr. Archer is the daughter of
Capt. and Mrs. Garnet Archer.

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I 0

Page 16 The Abaconian June 1996

21st Regatta on Schedule for July 4th 12th

The 21st Annual Regatta Time in
Abaco is all set for racing and fun July
2nd through 13th. The fleet of racing
boats will move through Abaco as they

race, beginning with their first race on
July 4th in Green Turtle Cay and
finishing with the last race on July 12th
in Marsh Harbour.

Plane Crash Claims Two

Two bodies were recovered from the
crash of an airplane on May 15th on the
farm about one and one half miles from
the Treasure Cay airport. The crash
which happened about 2 a.m. was
reported by Mr. Brian Long, a chemical
contractor at the farm who witnessed the
crash. Mr. Long had heard the plane
flying quite low and from the sound of
the engines thought that the aircraft was
having a problem. He then heard an
explosion and saw towering flames in the
sky. He went to the site but found no
The police took two badly mutilated
bodies from the wreckage and had them
flown to Nassau. The one was identified
as the body of Mike Rolle of Sandy
Point. Identification was made by a

family member by a scar on his hand and
was verified by fingerprint.
The other body, a Caucasian, has not
been identified yet. The police hope to
identify it by fingerprints or by a tip
from the public.
The plane was a 1983 Beechcraft King
Air. The wreckage of the plane was
scattered over an area of about 700 to
800 feet.
The plane had been stolen from the
Treasure Cay Airport. It belonged to Mr.
William Miller of Atlanta, Georgia, and
was piloted by Mr. Ron Domonique. Mr.
Miller had fueled the plane the previous
day intending to leave the Bahamas the
morning of the 15th when he discovered
that his plane was missing.

This year for the first time the pre-
race activities will begin at Spanish Cay
on July 2nd with a pig roast and party.
The fleet will then be in Green Turtle
Cay on July 3rd for the Skippers'
Meeting and the first race on July 4th.
The community will have a street party
to welcome the sailors.
July 5th will be a lay day to enable the
fleet to move to Guana Cay. July 6th will
be the second race. Two nights of
entertainment are planned in Guana. July
8th will be the next race off Man-O-War.
with a party at Conch Inn. Admiral's
Yacht Haven will again be arranging a
treasure hunt on July 9th. Last year's
game was so successful that the boaters

want a repeat again this year. The sailors
will celebrate there that night. The July
10th race will finish off Hope Town.
That night the skippers and crews will be
entertained at Harbour's Edge.
The popular Crossing Beach picnic is
planned for the 11th with vendors
offering a variety of food and games.
Live music makes the evening complete.
The final race on July 12th will be off
Marsh Harbour. The Jib Room will be
the location for the festivities that night
which include the final awards party.
Regatta Time is eagerly anticipated
both by the visitors on their boats and the
locals as being a time of fun and parties.
This year shows promise of being the
best year yet.





"-; .," .'." ... "

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'" E~l~

i~"~~ "~;~~
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~ti~ui '

-- Q

June 1996 The Abacnlan Page 17

Hurricane Season Began June 1st Prepare Early

Hurricane season began on June 1st
and early preparedness will reduce or
minimize storm damage. And proper
preparations cannot be done thoroughly
at the last minute.
Severe storms in the past few years
have caused tremendous damage in
several countries. From this damage
many recommendations have been made
which can make our lives a lot safer if
we follow them.
The most important fact is that you do
not want to let the wind into your house.
Shutters and bracing will greatly enhance
your chance of coming through the storm
with minimum damage. If the wind
breaks into house, then damage will
escalate quickly. The wind that forced
itself inside the house has to get out and
may blow out windows, doors walls or
the roof. Even a small opening such as a
broken window can cause a pressure
building up within the house and cause
the same damage.
The original construction of the house
is crucial. It is most important that the
walls be securely fastened to the
foundation with bolts. Nails will pull out.
The other critical fastening is the bolting
of the roof to the walls. Much damage
has occurred in past storms because
although the walls themselves or the roof
itself was constructed well, the parts
were not fastened together securely.
Examine these areas in your house to
the best of your ability. There are ways
that braces and straps can be added after
the house is constructed which will help.

Gable roofs are particularly
vulnerable. These are roofs which have a
triangular wall at the ends of your house.
Gable ends made of cement block are
much stronger than wood. If you have
wooden gable ends, have a carpenter
crawl into your attic to put in bracing
and make sure the gable is fastened
securely to the rest of the house. A hip
roof withstands high winds much better.
Roofs are particularly vulnerable to
wind damage. The edges of the shingles
are protected by flashing which is nailed
along the exposed edge of shingles. If
this flashing gets ripped off, it allows the
wind to get to the exposed edges. Many
homes have shingle roofs and these
shingles tend to blow up. Once one or
two of the shingles begin peel back, it is
a chain reaction which can clear larger
patches of roof exposing the black
roofing felt. This felt which waterproofs
the roof is not designed to withstand
wind and also rips off.
Windows and doors need to be heavy
and strong enough to withstand high
winds. They need to be framed into your
house very thoroughly and with heavier
lumber than is sometimes used. These
frames need to be securely fastened to
the wall.
All windows and doors need to be
shuttered. These can be metal ones of
various kinds and the expense varies
greatly. The most common shutters are
plywood. These need to be made of at
least half inch plywood and they need to
be made prior to the storm warnings.
Many people buy plywood at the last
minute, then nail it across the windows.
In high winds nails tend to pull out
leaving the windows without protection.
Plywood shutters need to fit the
windows and overlap the windows by at
least four inches on all sides. They need
to be fastened by lags or anchors rather
than nails. If more than one sheet of
plywood is needed to cover the opening,
a frame should be made to secure the
plywood. These shutters need to be made
now before they are needed.
Garage doors are particularly
vulnerable. They blow in if they are not
well braced on the inside. And once the
wind gains access to the inside of the
house, damage occurs rapidly.
Another area which needs attention
now are the trees in our yards. It is very
important that we have trees as these
serve as a buffer which takes the force of
the wind reducing the damage to the
house. After Hurricane Andrew hit South
Florida, the authorities encouraged
homeowners to replace trees that were
downed by the storm. Trees can fall
across roofs damaging them but the total
damage would probably have been
greater if the trees had not absorbed the
worst fury of the storm.
Some trees are more resistant to wind

than others. Two common trees are very
dangerous as they topple very easily.
These are casuarinas, sometimes called
cedar trees and Florida holly or Brazilian
pepper. Both of these are trees
introduced to our island and both have

very shallow roots. They blow over
easily and since they grow to very large
tall trees, they are very damaging to both

PLEASE SEE Hurricane

Hurricane Deaths are Declining

For most of this century hurricanes
were deadliest when they initially struck.
They killed many people by drowning in
the tidal surges or flash floods which
occurred at the time of the hurricane.
However, in the past couple of
decades that has changed. More of the
deaths occur after the height of the
storm. And because of better forecasting
the number of deaths overall is dropping.
As late as 1969, most of the victims of
severe Hurricane Camille were drowned
and the number of deaths then from
storms numbered in the hundreds. Now
fewer than 50 people die each year from
hurricanes. Last year the worst storm,
Hurricane Marilyn which struck in the
Caribbean, killed 37 people. The main
reason for the decline in deaths is that

meteorologists can put out detailed
warnings which allow people to prepare
or evacuate.
However, the public is not aware that
the dangers after the hurricanes can be
deadly. These deaths result from falling
trees, chain-saw mishaps and traffic
accidents. Hurricane Hugo, a bad
hurricane of 1989, caused 35 deaths of
which 22 occurred after the storm had
passed. This was also the case with
Hurricane Andrew when 18 of the 32
deaths occurred after the 1992 storm.
It was also brought out that most of
the deaths which happen during the
hurricane are boat oriented because
people stay aboard their boats during the
storm or try to ride out the storm at sea.

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Page 24


Page 18 The Abaeonlan June 1996

70 Boats Hosted for "Shoot Out" Tournament

Great Abaco Beach Resort and Boat
Harbour Marina hosted the 17th annual
Bertram Hatteras Shootout on May 15th
to 19th. The shootout draws some of the
best anglers and top crews in the world.
This year supplied some of the closest
competition that had been seen in their
This competition is between two of the
major makers of large sports fishing
boats. It is by invitation only and 35
Bertram and 35 Hatteras sport fishing
boats compete in this world renown
competition. The first two competitions
in 1980 and 1981 were held in Bimini.
For the next 13 years the tournament was
hosted by Walker's Cay. However, the
competition outgrew their facilities and
last year Great Abaco Resort was chosen
as offering more slips, more rooms, good
restaurants and lots of shops. And the
fishing off the central part of Abaco is up
there with the best anywhere.
The first day provided a 605 pound
blue marlin on the Hatteras BUMPERS
and a 548 pound blue on the Bertram
CARIBBEAN SOUL. That first day 17
were also released.
On the second day the excitement
continues with a 405 pound blue landed
by the Hatteras WON BUY LAND. That
same day the Bertram PALAWAN took
five hours 46 minutes to bring in a blue
weighing 533 pounds. The second day
ten were released. The third day of the
competition the largest was a 226
pounder brought in on RUM BUM.
The overall winning team of the
Shootout was Bertram although Hatteras
released a greater number. The totals for
the tournament included five fish boated
and 44 released. Tournament rules

Charles Patterson on the Hatteras WON BY LAND Tom Watson's Bertram PALAWAN brought in a 533
brought in a 405 pound blue marlin on day two of the pound blue marlin on the second day of the Bertram
"SHOOT OUT" tournament. Pictured above, the fish is Hatteras "SHOOT-OUT"fishing tournament. This was the
being hoisted to the weigh-in gantry at Boat Harbour 17th tournament in this series and Boat Harbour's
Marina. second.

require all fish under 200 pounds must be
released or the boat is penalized.
The Shootout is speculating that a new
record will be made one of these days -
that of pulling in a "grander." Maybe
next year!

Hope Town's Reef Sinks One More

Late in the evening of May 28th the
Gladiator hit the reef behind Hope Town
and was extensively damaged. The boat,
a 42 foot Jeanneau catamaran, is part of
the Moorings charter fleet based at
Conch Inn in Marsh Harbour. Members
of the Hope Town Volunteer Fire
Brigade responded to the emergency,
rescuing the eight people aboard and
pumping it out in a vain effort to save
the vessel.
The charter crew had left Little
Harbour late in the afternoon and were
sailing north on the outside of the
islands. They hit the reef at dark and the

boat got wedged along one side under the
coral which made it impossible to re-float
that night. The salvage crew was not able
to arrive until two days later. At that
time the boat was raised with air bags
and taken to Marsh Harbour.
The boat will have to be patched
temporarily and taken to the United
States for repairs as it is too wide for the
Abaco railways. The boat is valued at

P.O. Box AB 20685
nhriw k lirklnllr Ak~mn
IVIarsh Harbour, Abaco
On the Front Street at
Arawak Agency Dock

Our SEACATS are the only twin hull,
twin engine rental boats on Abaco.
A very dry, smooth & stable ride.
1 day 3 days 7 days
21 Ft $ 90 $240 $550
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Abaco Drinking Water Ting

Weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday until 1 p.m.
Stratton Drive, Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2797

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June 1996 Thie Abacondan Pacae 19




Page 20 The Abaedilan June 1996

Casuarina Trees Are Slowly Taking Over

Provided by Friends of the
Friends of the Environment and Hope
Town Association are beginning a
campaign to alert residents and property
owners of the terrible damage to our
surroundings being caused by Casuarina
trees. The threat that these trees can
cause has been realized in Florida where
the Casuarina or Australian Pine
(commonly called cedar trees) is on the
list of the worst invasive non-native
plant. The tree is forbidden for
commercial use in Florida.
The Casuarina, originally from
Australia and Malaysia, is a highly salt-
tolerant tree which grows in coastal
areas, especially along beaches and in
wetland areas. It destroys native plants
and grasses, de-stabilizes beaches and
interferes with sea turtle nesting areas.
The Casuarina also grows well in
disturbed areas.
The plants were first brought to South
Florida in the late 1800s and from there
soon came to the Bahamas. The
Ephemeral Islands, a natural history of
the Bahamas by David G. Campbell,
explains it this way. Most people stroll
under the singing boughs of Australian
pines oblivious to their destructive
nature. Yet, Australian pines denude
Bahamian landscapes of all native flora
and replace it with a monochrome of
smothering needles. Close inspection of
Casuarina 'needles' will reveal that they
are not needles at all but photo-synthetic

stems. The true leaves are minute
colourless scales that surround the
numerous stem joints. These stems, which
behave like leaves, accumulate in mats of
brown 'needles' which kill off competing
plants. The result of this enormous
accumulation of material is a virtual
absence of under-story plants wherever
Australian pines have become firmly

by the action of the wind and sea. It is
all held together by such plants as sea
oats, white lily, bay cedar, bay
geranium, ink berry and the all-important
sea grape. The Casuarina itself has a
very shallow root system and does
nothing to protect the dune. The wind
blows the sand away from the roots and
the tree falls down with the first serious
gust of wind. The beach dunes are
inexorably driven inland by the wind
without the plants that colonize the sand
and hold it down.
It is not just the dune that suffers,
however. Large areas, particularly those
that have been disturbed, are covered by
Casuarinas to the detriment of native
plants, trees and wildlife. Nothing
prospers in the foul mat of needles and
cone-like fruit that cover the ground. Our
beautiful landscape is turning from a
tropical paradise with waving palms and
tropical plants to an unsightly waste of
pine barrens.
The recommendation is that property

owners destroy any Casuarinas on their
property and be vigilant in removing any
new growth that occurs. Once the major
job of removing the large trees is done,
it does not take much effort to pull out
the little saplings. Initially, even keeping
the badly affected areas raked and clear
of the needle mat will give other plants a
chance to grow.
There are some Casuarina hedges that
are fine as long as they are not in the
vicinity of the dunes and they are kept
well trimmed and not allowed to
proliferate. Friends of the Environment is
also urging volunteers, to remove the
predatory tress from public areas.
Freshly cut Casuarina stumps can be
killed with a paint-brush application of
Brush-B-Gon or Round-up.
The problem has developed over a
long stretch of time. It will take a long
time to improve our situation but
immediate action is needed to keep the
problem from developing into a

Everywhere on Abaco are areas which
have large stands of these trees. Those
areas have no native grasses or plants as
they have been buried and eradicated by
the mat of Casuarina needles. The
problem is especially serious along the
protecting dune of the cays. The dune
has been built up over thousands of years

Rotary Club Announces Raffle Winners

The Rotary Club of Abaco is pleased
to announce the winners of their raffle
drawing held on April 27th.
Jan Cartwright Miami Weekend-A&W
Drayson Murray 2 nights-Cable Beach
Chief $200 savings-Barclays Bank
Van Stratton $200 savings-Scotia Bank
James Owen $200 Savings-CIBC
Colin & Jerry $200 Abaco Dental
Glenn Laing $100 Gift Victor's
Camille Newry Dinner at Wally's
Deon Nesbitt Lunch at Abaco Inn
Charlotte Malone Lunch at Bayview
William Saunders Lunch at Club Soleil
Kenneth Allen Lunch at Conch
Robt. Adderley Lunch at Green T.Club
Sophia Penn Lunch at Mangoes
Katherine $50.00-George Riviere
Helen Russell Walkman-Sight & Sound
B.S. $25 by A.I.D.
Deandrea Nesbitt $25 by Mr. Mister
Brent Key $25 by Seventeen

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Boat Rentals
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by the Day or Week

P 0 Box 457
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Alexander Roberts Chain by His & Her
Congratulations to all our lucky
winners. Please contact Mr. Milo Butler
III at 367-2231 to collect your prizes.


FROM Page 1

Silbert Mills of Admiral's Yacht
Haven in Marsh Harbour is the best
source of local information about storms.
He gives a comprehensive weather report
daily on the VHF Channel 68 at 8:15
a.m. during the Cruisers' Net. During
times when Abaco is threatened by a
storm, he gives reports throughout the
day and will post an updated position
chart on the bulletin board at the
Commissioner's office in Marsh

Daytona Beach / New Smyrna Beach

Sean Albury got a surprise while he was working to remove the bed from his pick-up
truck behind Marsh Harbour Auto Parts garage. A spark from the cutting torch set the
truck on fire. Three trucks from the Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire & Rescue were on
the scene in minutes but the truck was totaled.

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Bahamas Custom Brokers
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Treasure Cay & Green Turtle Cay
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June 1996 The Abaconlan Page 21

Beat the Heat





Whirl ol
Air Conditioners
5,000 BTU Window Unit $ 5
8,000 BTU Wall Unit $ 6
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Page 22 The Abaconian June 1996

1996/97 Budget Highlights Concerning Abaco

Several items of interest have been
culled from the recent budget speech of
May 22nd in the House of Assembly in
Nassau by Finance Minister William
It was emphasized that this budget
contains no new taxes and no increases in
existing taxes. Customs rates will be
rationalized and made more uniform.
Rates will be standardized to the lowest
rate within a category. A simple example
given was spark plugs which have a
variety of rates depending on their final

One Million dollars has been allocated
for two gymnasium, one on Eleuthera and
one on Abaco. These will be smaller than
but patterned after the Kendal Isaac's
gymnasium in Nassau.
A new primary school will be built in
Marsh Harbour to replace the present
Marsh Harbour Primary and Dundas
Town Primary.
Abaco farmers should benefit from the
Disney project on Cast-away (ex Gorda)
Cay since it is anticipated that selected
produce may be used in their food

Free Trade Agreement in Brief

service. Princess Cruise Line made
arrangements recently to purchase
selected produce from Eleuthera farmers.
Abaco farmers were mentioned as
being involved in the production of high
quality papayas for the hotels and the
general public.
Training will begin in June for local
government staff with particular emphasis
on accounting and financial
administration. Each Island Administrator
will be given a computer for preparing
financial statements and compiling
statistics. A handbook is being prepared
for local government guidance. A similar

handbook is being prepared to assist in
the financial affairs of the schools.
A Government-wide computer area
network is being developed to enable
Ministries and Departments to transfer
data and information more speedily. The
Family Islands will be included in this
It was brought out that while local
government is being implemented in the
Family Islands, local school boards are
being instituted in Nassau. Within a year
or two, local school boards will be
implemented in the Family Islands and
local government will put in place in

Mr. Reginald Lobosky, nCamber of
Commerce president for The Bahamas,
was guest speaker at a dinner of the
Rotary Club of Abaco and at a breakfast
for those interested in reviving the
Chamber on Abaco. He spoke
extensively of the FTAA agreement
which the Bahamas is part of.
The Free Trade Area of the Americas
or FTAA is a trade agreement, signed by
The Bahamas, which would create a free
trade association between all the
countries of the Western Hemisphere
with the exception of Cuba. This has
important implications for our country.
Free trade means that tariff barriers will
have to be reduced or eliminated. The
declared aim is for this agreement to
come into effect is the year 2005.
Mr. Lobosky explained that for The
Bahamas government, the main source of
income is customs duties which account
for approximately 50 percent of the
country's revenue. The government
would have to find alternate systems of

taxation. A sales tax is one of the
Mr. Lobosky emphasized that The
Bahamas must be flexible and
accommodate new ideas and concepts if
we want to continue to develop.
Manufacturing is being encouraged and
exporting these goods as well as our
marine products is crucial to the
economic well-being of the country. We
need systems in place which will protect
these interests.
It is vitally necessary that the private
sector of The Bahamas be involved with
the government in this process, according
to Mr. Lobosky because it is the
privately owned businesses which will be
affected and which need the protection of
good governmental support. The
government is working to privatize the
public corporations and let them be run
on sound business principles. The
government is committed to work toward
fostering conditions that the business
community can build on.

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mmmmmmMmm W M 0SAR E-"MWWW

June 1996 The Abaeolnan Page 23

Orcas (Killer Whales) Discovered Off Abaco

By Lois Schwartz
It all started when I looked up to see
my neighbors jumping in a boat. As they
approached our dock, I saw that the
passengers were my neighbor Bobbie
Werner, Todd Pusser of the National
Marine Fishery Service and two
teenagers from Hope Town, Olivia
Patterson and Crystal Malone.
They started shouting something about
an Orca sighting near Channel Cay. Did
we want to go with them to verify? I was
in the boat before concluding that whales
near Channel Cay would be very
unlikely. However, anytime was a good
time for a boat ride.
A brief reconnaissance around Channel
Cay confirmed that there were no whales
there. We then went out North Bar
Channel headed east to the sport
fisherman on the horizon which had first
alerted us.
Suddenly we saw fins breaking the
water. As we approached, we saw the
definite white markings of Orcas. We
were so excited, it's a wonder we didn't
fall overboard.
Within a few minutes we verified six
fins. Four large and two small. As we
edged our parallel course in closer, we
saw the pod consisted of two cows with
calves and two other adults. The pod was
milling around.
A cow and calf to starboard began to
take notice of us although they were
feeding. We spotted what appeared to be
the fin of a spotted dolphin in the calf's
mouth. The cow had something in her
mouth that she either dropped or
swallowed when she decided to come and
investigate MOBYDICK. She swam to us
alongside the boat and then under it. She

did this several times, each time coming
closer and closer to the boat. She was
longer than the boat. My initial reaction
was to jump in and swim with her. On
second thought, Junior would probably
be just as happy with an arm in his
mouth as he was with a dolphin fin.
Then Mama began to make passes
along the length of the boat, exposing her
white belly to us. I wondered why she
was showing signs of submission. The
gracefulness of her movement in the
water was astonishing. She swam more
like a dolphin than the larger, lugubrious
Humpbacks we had seen. The most
remarkable thing was the shades of blue
her white parts acquired depending on-
the depth of the water above her.
Todd was taking photographs to use
for identification purposes and to record
the sighting. The identification shots are
primarily of fins. Fins are like finger
prints. Every fin is different, some bent,
others with pieces bitten or broken off.
Each has its own unique signature.
Meanwhile, Junior finished lunch and
began spyhopping. You have probably
seen pictures of whales with their upper
torso out of the water, peering at things
with one eye. That is spyhopping.
Mama made at least six passes along
the boat, exposing her vulnerable parts
on each pass and getting closer and
closer to the boat. I quietly told the girls
they had best hang on as she might bump
the boat. Bobby and I were in a
quandary. How could we engage the
motor and move away without the risk of
hurting Mama? She already had scars
down her side from a previous encounter
of some type. Junior, at least, was
keeping his distance perhaps 100 feet.

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Finally, Mama made a pass so close
that we could have stroked her belly.
Then she circled to the bow of the boat
and blew an enormous bubble. It was
about six feet in diameter and looked like
the upwelling of a spring. The
accompanying sound was between a roar
and a boom. That was a definite sign of
aggression and certainly settled our
quandary. We reversed away from her as
carefully and quickly as possible.
After we had eased back a few
hundred feet, the remainder of the pod
which had been hanging off to port at
some distance swam toward us, then
veered off in front of us. They appeared
to be trying to lure us away from Mama
and Junior. They showed no signs of
aggression and we decided to follow
them. They were like birds luring you
away from a nest. Gradually they put

We're just minutes from restaurants on
the harbour & walking distance to
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leading to outer islands. You will check
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conditioning, ceiling fan, microwave
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service. CaH 809-387-3778 or FAX 867-4179

more and more distance between
themselves and the boat. We spent about
an hour with the Orcas, before they sped
off, leaving us in their wake.
Our Orca encounter was unforgettable.
It was the first confirmed Orca sighting
in Abaco. There are a few local tales of
sightings but there were no photographs
to confirm the sighting.
Our brief encounter was not only an
eyeopener, it opened our minds as well.
Todd explained to us that Orcas hunt as
a group, frightening and herding their
prey by flashing their white undersides.
(So much for submission.) We also
learned that they are dolphins. (No
wonder they are so graceful.) Later I
read that researchers believe resident
Orca Pods tend to consume fish, whereas


Page 26

P. 0. Box AB 20030
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Page 24 The Ahaconlian June 1996

Licensing Says NO to Liquor Applications

An extra-ordinary licensing meeting
was held May 29th in Marsh Harbour to
deal with pending liquor license
applications, a revoked license and to
consider the petition to revoke the
distillery license. Since liquor licenses are
constantly being applied for and since
they are one of the more controversial
items to be dealt with concerning
community welfare, the Chairman prefers


that these be considered by the full been submitted for a new license.

Attorney Philip Lundy represented
Sapodilly's concerning their revoked
music and dancing license. The Board felt
that the repetitious complaints and lack of
adherence to Board requests over the past
two years overrode any present
consideration for reinstating this license.
It is understood that an application has

Colyn Curry's request for a wholesale
liquor license in Spring City was rejected.
The population was estimated at 300 -
400 and it was felt that a second outlet
giving access to liquor was not warranted.
Glen McDonald's application for a
liquor license was rejected. This was for
his proposed restaurant (now under

- The Art of Growing Miniature Trees

By Maureen Koepp
Bonsai is the art of dwarfing and
shaping trees and bushes.
Mr. Charles Gamble of Nassau
demonstrated Bahamian Bonsai at a
meeting of the Tropical Fruit and Garden
Society. Mr. Gamble was both
informative and entertaining.
Is Bahamian bonsai different? Yes! In
Oriental bonsai you plant a small plant in
two to three inches of soil in a very
shallow container. You prune and trim
and shape the branches as well as very
carefully trim the roots as you patiently

Hurricane FROM Page 17
houses and power and phone lines. These
trees need to be replaced with native
trees which withstand winds much better.
Many varieties of palm trees are wind
resistant. However, coconut palms need
to have the coconuts removed. Other
trees which did well in previous
hurricanes were trees with open limbs
such as gumelemi, madeira and royal
poincianas. These trees are very open,

wait up to thirty years to have a beautiful
miniature tree.
I know Bahamians are a patient people
but Mr. Gamble's method makes bonsai
in the Bahamas much easier and faster.
First of all, you can start with a larger
plant that is already forming an
interesting trunk with a twist or graceful
Mr. Gamble demonstrated using a
juniper and a bougainvillea that were
growing in three-gallon pots. He took the
plants out of their pots, pulled away the
soil, washing the roots with a garden
hose to remove all dirt. Enough roots

allowing the wind to blow through, not
dense, thickly compacted tops which will
resist the wind. If these same trees are
trimmed poorly, then their natural
patterns are changed and they can
develop dense areas which the wind
cannot penetrate.
Some trees may need trimming before
the storm season gets underway. But this
needs to done in such a way that the tree
will not spring with new growth that will
be dense.

were trimmed away so the plant could
comfortably fit into an eight inch wide,
two inch high drip tray with a two inch
drain hole which had been cut in the
The second difference is that the plant
was then repotted in sphagnum moss
instead of soil. In the Bahamas it would
be almost impossible to retain moisture
in a pot with only two to three inches of
soil with our hot July-August sun.
Mr. Gamble then proceeded to prune
the branches and right before our eyes a
bonsai appeared. This brings us to the
third difference of having a beautiful
miniature tree in a short amount of time.
Mr. Gamble brought along a wonderful
specimen which he had made into a
bonsai only four months before. He also
displayed photos of some of his 50
bonsai plants many of which are
Bahamian trees such as seagrape,
jumbay, Key lime, and woman's tongue.
Anyone interested in a copy of Mr.
Gamble's detailed instructions can
contact Maureen Koepp at Pine Woods
Nursery, phone 367-2674 from 9 a.m. to
2 p.m.

construction) adjacent to his gas station at
the South Side Road and S.C. Bootle
Highway. Mr. McDonald gave the board
members a lecture on their responsibility
to their people to allow them to go into
businesses of this sort. Among other
reasons for the rejection was the feeling
that a liquor outlet at a gas station was
not acting in the community's best
Edward Malone's application for a
wholesale liquor outlet in White Sound on
Elbow Cay was rejected. The location
was in a residential area and it was noted
that the 400 500 Hope Town residents
are now served by eight licensed outlets
or one facility for each 50 60 residents.
The general mood of the Board is of
restraint toward additional liquor licenses.
Silbert Mills presented more names to
add to a petition objecting to the license
granted in principle to the William
Brewer Company to build a distillery.
This made over 400 names objecting. A
final decision was postponed until the next
meeting since two members did not
receive a packet of all relevant letters and
documents. One member noted that he
voted for the distillery before the plans
for the expansion of the Admiral's Yacht
Haven across the street were made public.
When asked, Mr. Mills stated that a
majority of those signing the petition were
objecting to the distillery's proposed
location in downtown Marsh Harbour and
not against the plant itself.
[This echoes the need for an industrial
park for the Greater Marsh Harbour area.
This has been discussed by various Boards
for several years. Perhaps with the advent
of Local Government, the concept of an
industrial area may be revived.]


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~~a~B~SS~V ~h

rT~ r

bPlt '


June 1996 The Abaconian Page 25



A Plan of
on the Great Abaco Highway
between Treasure Cay and
the Green Turtle Airport

Half Acre Tracts



'"F (O 010SUDJS "SU 600D SOIL

So4&1.IOTJ Aslco
OR Pio 8 6 0 1

., Taxi I
I '*

CAY >:

Thle Abaeonlan June 1996

Virtually All Business Names Must be Registered

By Rhonda L. C. Hull
of Callenders & Co.
On July 1, 1995, the new Registration
of Business Names Act, 1989 came into
force in The Bahamas. Under this Act
every individual or company having a
place of business in The Bahamas must
now register its business name. The main
exceptions to this rule are that companies
which use their true corporate name need
not register and individuals who use only
their given names and surnames need not
For example, if John Doe carries on
business as John Doe's, then he need not
register that name. However, if John Doe
uses the name John Doe's Bicycle Shop,

then he must register the name because
he is using more than just his personal
The general rule is that in order to be
registered, a business name must not be
identical with the name of any other
individual, firm or corporation and may
not so nearly resemble another name as
to deceive or cause confusion.
The procedure for registering a
business name is relatively simple. The
Government has prepared various forms
which need to be completed and signed
either by the individual business owner
or by the directors of the company.
These forms are available at the law

offices of Callenders & Co., directly
above the Post Office in Marsh Harbour.
The business name must be registered
every year together with an annual fee of
$50. Whenever there is a change to the
business name, the Registrar General
must be notified and a fee of $10 paid to
register such change.
Once a business name is registered, a
certificate will be issued. The certificate
must be displayed in a conspicuous place
in the business. Otherwise, the directors
or owners of the business can be liable
for a $1,000 fine or up to three months
in jail.
The law provides that all business
names must be registered within 14 days

of the commencement of business.
Presumably this applies if the business
started after the Act came into effect. If
the business already existed, then the
name must be registered now. If the
name is not registered, the owner or
directors are liable on summary
conviction to a fine of $200 for every
day the default continues.
Under the new law there is also a duty
to notify the Company Registrar when a
company ceases to carry on business or
an individual proprietor dies so that the
business name can be removed from
register. Failure to do this can also result
in a fine.

BAIC Helps and Encourages Small Businesses

The Bahamas Agricultural and
Industrial Corporation is a branch of the
government which is set up to assist
small entrepreneurs. It is headed by
Berkley Evans, who has claimed
Treasure Cay as home since the 1960s.
He is structuring the BAIC to advise in
practical ways to yield a higher
proportion of successes among. new
businesses. BAIC helps them get started
and resolves problems before they
become disastrous.
Berkley Evans, Chairman of BAIC In the past many persons have had

Karate Team Competes in Fla.

By Sylvia Bethel
Barry University Gymnasium,
Pembroke Pines, Florida, was the setting
for a Florida Sports Karate Association
Tournament on May llth. Several
students of the Abaco Karate Academy
attended with their Sensei, Churton
Toote. Sensei Toote was awarded for his
continued support.
Ms. Nettica Symonette of Different of
Abaco made a difference for this event as
she sponsored Gavin Bethel for the trip.
She did this for Gavin because, as a
Junior Fire Fighter, he had helped Ms.
Symonette save one of her huts at her
resort. Thank you, Ms. Symonette.
Trophies brought home from this event
were the following. Green Belt Division:
Earnest Albury, Fighting 2nd, Kata 5th;
Jonathan Johnson, Fighting 5th, Kata 4th,
Weapons 1st, Self-defense 3rd. Purple
Belt Division: Gavin Bethel, Fighting
3rd, Kata 4th.
If anyone is interested in sponsorship,
there is a program, Adopt-a-Kid, in
which the public can get involved for the
helping the youth of Abaco.

IA aMu I


Island Telephones
Radio Unk

Business Band Radio
VHF Marine Radio

P. O. Box AB22136
Phone or Fax 365-8248
A Division of
Aero Marine Engineering

ideas of businesses they would like to
open but have had no knowledge of
business principles or had any continuing
BAIC studies the new enterprise and
works with the prospective business
people so they understand what is
entailed. They train that person,
sometimes here in the Bahamas,
sometimes away, so he has a good
working knowledge of the business. They
develop a plan with him and help him get
a loan from the Bahamas Development
Bank or the Caribbean Development
Bank. They provide technical assistance
in all areas including record keeping and
bookkeeping. They also assist with
finding markets for the products
The United Nations and several
individual countries have been very
helpful in providing some of this
assistance. Taiwan has advisors working
here in several areas including teaching
groups to make jewelry from conch


Karate students show their awards
brought home from their Florida

FROM Page 23

transient pods eat marine mammals.
Perhaps the most important part of the
encounter was our desire to protect and
learn more about these beautiful
creatures. We need more research and
sighting to be able to better understand
them and their niche in the scheme of

BAIC also prepares feasibility studies
to determine new industries which would
be appropriate here. These projects
include growing potatoes for making
frozen French fries for distribution
throughout the country. Another is the
cultivation of the cascarilla tree in the
southern Bahamas. The bark of this tree
is used in the making of Campari and
perfume. The cultivation of aloe is also a
viable idea. They want to utilize the
agricultural lands of Grand Bahama,
Abaco and Andros to best advantage.
One project which is soon to begin is
the making of T-shirts. The Bahamas
imports millions of T-shirts yearly and
BAIC hopes to produce quality shirts
locally. Their goal is to begin in Nassau
but then have several factories throughout
the Out Islands.
BAIC is encouraging fish farming
which the Bahamas is ideally suited for.
Large areas of shallow water, an ideal
climate, good tidal currents, and a huge
market nearby make mariculture an
extremely suitable business. They are
looking now for a suitable area to raise
striped bass and red fish. These would be
raised from fingerling size to marketable
size within six months.
Another area which BAIC is
investigating is canvassing expatriate
residents for expertise they would like to
share. These people are a very valuable
asset which is available now within the
Bahamas and BAIC would like to take
advantage of this resource.


Site Prep


(Out Island Specialists)
Lorin & Caralee Senn
General Delivery, Hope Town, Abaco
Phone 809-366-0112 or Call "Papa Nasty" VHF 16

Page 26

June 1996 The Abaconlan Page 27


You Will Find Six Smiling Ones at
Imperial Life, Marsh Harbour

Dashwell A. Flowers
Branch Manager


Dove Plaza, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Telephone (809) 367-3432
Fax (809) 367-3299

A Charter Member of The AIDS Foundation

Judy Taylor
Marketing Assistant

Mark Gates
Sales Representative

Kathryn Adderley
Sales Representative

Gleander Knowles Beryl Norris
Sales Representative Sales Representative




PamI 28 Tle Abaeoin June 1996

By Don G. Cornish
Every so often, one is brought to
consider the state of affairs in his or her
locale. I am so inclined to share a short
list of observations that are outgrowths of
such contemplations. The order in no
way reveals the degree of priority, place
on any particular topic.
Crime: The average person (except
the criminals of course), craves a society
free of the ravages of crime. Abaco is
emerging from the "Comfort Zone" of
petty thefts and misdemeanor items to
indictable offenses of the extreme nature.
The dream of a close-knit society as once
there was, is exactly and increasingly a
dream. As we progress in modern
society, we regress. Our neighbour is
such only by geography, someone we
seldom see. We romanticize about the
"days gone by" when we cared enough to
ensure that children were properly raised
and corrective behaviour was a
collective, not parental, concern and
Welcome to the decade of the nineties.
In what I deem the Automatic and
Instantaneous Age. The quest for
community is lost in the dream of the
individual. We all dream but for
ourselves. Responsibility is someone
else's problem. "Dat ain my chile".
Modern conveniences have served to
hold us captive within our homes and
within ourselves.
Religion: The proliferation of
churches in the Bahamas is equaled only
by the upward spiral of crime. Crime,
which has become increasingly more
violent with the passage of time. This
"Christian Nation" must allow itself a
Reality Check and examine the effect our
beliefs and practices within the confines
of our walled cathedrals are having on
the lack of civility on our open streets.


Enjoy our original recipe or hot-n-spicy
chicken, hot wings, honey barbeque
wings, chicken sandwich, fluffy
buttermilk biscuits, creamy cole slaw,
corn-on-the-cob and other fixin's.
Abaco Shopping Center Marsh Harbour
Don MacKay Blvd 367-2615


Economy Full
Air conditioned & reliable
Reasonable Rates
Located at the
Marsh Harbour
Airport Terminal
Roam the Island with
Wilmac and
Save! Savel SAVE!
Call 809-367-4313
367-3465 Emergency
Visa & Master Cards

One is left to consider whether the
buildings that house these religions are
themselves retreats from the "Real
World". Perhaps the religion is exactly
the problem. We spend so much time and
energy preserving our traditions that we
neglect to live the "Christian Life" we
Economics: The service oriented
economy of the Bahamas is as fragile as
our coral reefs. One has to wonder with
the per capital crime rate rivaling that in
major cities in the world, how long it
will take for the international press to
share our plight with the world. We are
yet to begin the process of systematically
diversifying our vulnerable economy.
Tourism and Banking are purely
industries of confidence. When the
negatives such as civil instability and
crime rise, investment is a victim. Hasten
the day when our production of and
export of consumable goods outweigh our
consumption and importation of the
Social Ills . continued: While a
student at Florida International University
two years ago, an African American
(Black) Medical Doctor visited FIU and
offered a stunning theory on the origin

]F R R S ir



-Project Management-

Quantity Surveyor

PHONE 809-366-0504

and intent of the Acquired Immuno-
Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). His basic
understanding was that AIDS was created
in the laboratory with the sole intent of
destroying certain segments of American
Society. In particular, he ventured that
the African American Community, the
Homosexual Community, certain other

minority groups and Prostitutes, were the
To support his treatise he went so far
as to offer what he regarded as
documented proof of his assertions,
particularly where his theory related to
African Americans. No matter what one


Page 34

BEC Crews Begin Cutting Trees

To protect the power lines from tree
damage during high winds, BEC crews
are removing hazardous trees and tree
limbs. Nearly all the damage to the power
and phone lines during storms is from
fallen trees and limbs.
Home owners are asked to assist by not
allowing large trees to grow under or
adjacent to power lines. Casaurina and
coconut trees cause the most trouble for
You can trim your own trees but this
must be done with care. Limbs and trees

close to the high voltage wires on the top
section of poles should be left for the
BEC staff. Homeowners needing
assistance with trees and limbs may
contact BEC for help.
BEC's general manager, John Hudson,
states that his workmen do not trim trees.
"We annihilate them, he says. If you
value your trees, take care of them now.
BEC will be upset if you fell a tree
across their wires and your survivors will
be upset too, if you get involved with the
high voltage lines.

July 10th Celebrations Planned

Independence Day celebrations are
being planned for the central part of
Abaco and will be held on July 8th
through 10th. Several committees are
organizing activities. An essay
competition is being held for school
children to participate in. Other
committees are planning cultural

activities, sports and church services.
Mr. Don Cornish has been named
Steering Committee Chairman.
Murphy Town Homecoming will be
delayed this year and will be held July
12th through 14th. Their activities are
usually on the Independence holiday.


Si / Sca do (e S S4 et \c
,lSW., n 0..4 '

_3r~k ow 44krClw<

^pa~ IS ^
tty1 !I!__- ^ m

A Well

Good Textbooks

Community Concerns

Island Services
Now Serving Abaco and the Cays
Over 30 Years Experience with a Major Utility Company

Electrical Contracting Residential or Commercial
Single & Three Phase, Transformers, Underground & Overhead
Subdivisions, Generator Installations, Solar Systems
Cable TV & Telephone Conduit & Wiring
Pool, Water & Sewerage Systems & Pumps
Residential, Commercial & Subdivisions
Installation of Pool Systems & Pumps
Reverse Osmosis & Filter Systems
Sprinklers for Lawn & Garden

Engine Sales
by Caterpillar, John Deere, Perkins & Others
for Commercial, Marine & Industrial Applications
Phone or Fax 809-365-8193 VHF 16 Wayne Sands
P O Box AB 22106, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

St Francis de Sales School is now accepting registrations for
September 1996. All grades have openings except grade 1 (a waiting
list exists). Six openings still exist for Kindergarten. Registration fees
for grade 1 must be paid by June 12 to hold a student's place. After
June 12, a replacement may be chosen from the waiting list. Call Jim
Hegney to register, 367-4399.

$ 25 Registration Fee if paid
before June 14th
($30 After June 14)
$140 General Fee for books,
workbooks, accident
insurance, etc
$850 Tuition per year or
or $284 per term
Monthly payments can
be arranged if needed




_ r a

June 1996 The Abaconlan Page 29

Developing National Pride

By Deb "D.P." Patterson
This is a true story. I was born in
Nassau in 1963 to Bahamian parents. In
my early childhood the Bahamas
experienced many political and social
changes. In 1967 the white, male-
dominated United Bahamian Party (UBP)
which had ruled the country for many
years lost control of the government
when a strong Progressive Liberal Party
(PLP) leader, Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling
led his black, male-dominated party into
the House of Parliament. This change in
political parties affected every aspect of
my future and the future of all
It is only now, as an adult that I can
begin to understand what happened to me
and my country from 1963 to the
present. In the 1960s our country was a
British Commonwealth, which means that
although we were Bahamians, we
actually were British subjects and had
British passports. When I was four years
old, I remember standing proudly with
other Bahamians waving our Union Jack
flags while our Queen Elizabeth II
paraded through the streets of Nassau.
I remember every May when we
celebrated Commonwealth Day. On this
day we celebrated our connection with
England and the rest of the British
Empire. It was always a great day of
swimming races, running races, sack
races, three-legged races, wash-tub races,
a full day of fun to celebrate national
pride. I can recall how after all of us
kids were finished racing, then our
parents would race each other. Through
their enthusiasm those parents showed
me how much fun it can be to celebrate
the love you feel for your country.
In 1973 when I was ten, the ruling
PLP party chose to disconnect the
Bahamas from England forever. In this
way we would become a "new and
independent country." In Abaco this
change was particularly hard to accept
because the majority of us were Loyalist
descendants. Our ancestors had chosen to
live in the Bahamas specifically because
it was a British Commonwealth.
Consequently, a large part of our
heritage was based on our love for
England, often referred to as "the Mother
Country." The idea of losing our
connection with England was
overwhelming because in turn it meant
we would lose our identity, our flag, our
national anthem, and our sense of
national pride.
The proposal for independence was so
scary and serious that a group of
Abaconians formed the Abaco
Independence Movement (AIM). A small
delegation of Abaconians went to

Motor Oil
Brake Fluid
Engine Coolant
Transmission Fluid
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Shepherd L Key & Co. Ltd.
Call 809-393-0720
Fax 809-393-7630
289 WuIff Road East
PO Box N 483, Nassau, Bahamas

England to ask the Queen to please keep
Abaco on as a part of the British Empire.
The queen listened and understood but
she decided that it was not a good idea to
accept our proposal.
So, on July 19th, 1973, we officially
became an independent country. Many
Bahamians celebrated their new found
national pride on that day but most
Abaconians did not. With Independence
came a new flag, a new national anthem
and a new direction. But for most
Abaconians there was no pride in this
new flag, anthem or direction. We
weren't really open to a new direction as
we were still in love with our English
flag, anthem and heritage.
Over time Abaconians did make an
effort to join our new country in this new
direction but the ruling PLP did not
welcome us. In fact, the PLP made it
their business to discourage Abaconians.
They purposely cut or with-held our
rightfully due government funds for
years. We managed because we were
strong and we took car of our own
But is was a hard time for us. Many
of us became discouraged and apathetic
as the PLP wave of corruption and
shame covered our islands and our
hearts. We watched helplessly as the PLP
took Abaco and the entire country in a
new direction. We saw our country fall
into economic and social disorder.
Tourism dropped, foreign investment
dropped, unemployment soared and

Neu[on Otter Albury
1940 1995


Fun Games
Wiener Ro
Bible Quiz
Gospel Filr

crime went out of control.
In 1992 the black and white, male and
female, Free National Movement (FNM)
party took the government away from the
dysfunctional PLP. Now the current
Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Hubert
Ingraham, an Abaconian, has done what
the PLP never could. His modern and
innovative government policies are
turning this country around and we are,
at last, truly being lead in a new
direction. Tourism and foreign
investment are going up and
unemployment and crime are coming

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s Basketball Aw.
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And best of all is our GREAT FOOD!!!

Our '96 Summer schedule is:

down. As a result of Ingraham's actions,
all Bahamians can finally feel a sense of
national pride.
Let us thank God for the great future
we can see looming on our horizon. Let
us celebrate our country with our Prime
Minister, our flag, our national anthem,
and let's take the time to rekindle that
glorious national pride. Let's give our
children what our parents set out to give
us, a national identity. I. am very proud
to finally feel Bahamian. I love my
country and will work for its success
every day of my life.

In Loving Memory
Our hearts still ache with sadness
And secret tears still flow
But what it means to lose you
Others will never know.
To some you may be forgotten
To others you are a part of the past
But to us who have always loved you and lost you
Your memories will always last
Wife Elizabeth; Children, Tammy &- Jamie; Grandchildren -
Alaura & Allysent; Son-in-Law Peter; Sisters Patricia &
Vashti; Brothers-in-Law Vernon, Harcourt & Willie; Sisters-in-
Law Vivian & Molly, and many other relatives.

Abaco Youth Camp is near Marsh Harbour right on the beach.
Every July we have young people from all over the Bahamas
and the United States at Abaco Youth Camp for four fun-filled,
exciting weeks of camping life.

Abaco Youth Camp is sponsored by
the Assemblies of God in the Bahamas
Camp Director Bob Cornea

Junior Camp (Ages 7 9) July 1 5 Fee $ 75
Intermediate Camp (Ages 10 -12) July 8 -12 Fee $ 75
Teen Camp (Ages 13 & up) July 15 21 Fee $120
(Note that the Camp Fee includes all meals, accommodations and insurance)
For an application form and more information contact:
Abaco Youth Camp, P.O. Box AB 20595, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas or Call 367-3752
In Nassau call 809-393-3453 / 393-3141 during the day or 393-1182 evenings 0 In Freeport call 352-7578
Pick up an application form at Lowe's Pharmacy in Marsh Harbour





$208 19
Includes Oil, fully
assembled & ready to use
MODEL #OBC 401-8790

DISTRIBUTORS, LTD. 4,1 f~, III im i ( i4',"" "
Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour 367-2077

These are some of the things we do:



Page 30 The Abaconiian June 1996

South FROM Page 9
to be 1,000 years old. This was the day
of Michael's funeral service which was
held at the Sandy Point Assemblies of
God Church. Officiating in the funeral
service were Rev. Stafford Symonette,

Rev. Robert Cornea, Rev. Jerome
Burrows (uncle of the deceased) and
Min. Erskine Wells, Jr. Preaching the
sermon was Min. E. Brian Rolle, brother
of the deceased.
At approximately 3:30 p.m. there was
a scream followed by other cries of

terror, pain and despair. Someone
reluctantly and tearfully said, "Marion's
house is on fire."
The funeral congregation went from
being very attentive to a state of unbelief
and sympathy for the Rolle Family.
Their thoughts were, "This is not
happening." Within minutes the order of
the funeral changed from preaching to
prayer and intersession for the already
grieving family who were trying to
accept and deal with the loss of Michael.
This was indeed a nightmare, a
devastating blow for the entire family.
Within minutes Vaughn and E. Brian
Rolle, brothers of Michael Rolle were on
the fire scene which was approximately
250 feet away from the church where the
funeral service was being held.
Men of the Sandy Point community
and other neighboring communities
fought the blaze to exhaustion and
without any hesitation. This gesture and
effort of comradery was indeed an

unlimited and undying act of compassion
and neighbourly love displayed during
this terrible ordeal.
Within an hour's time where the four
bedroom two bath house once stood was
now smoke and ashes. Both brothers
stood looking at the hot smoking ashes.
The house was now a memory, a thing
of the past! The first thoughts to come to
their minds were, "How are mommy and
daddy going to take this? Mr. and Mrs.
Rolle were already at the graveyard
about to commit their son's body to the
ground. Not only did they lose their son,
now the home with precious memories,
good times and bad. Their home is
nothing but ashes and burnt debris.
Vaughn and Brian, drenched in smoke
and water, stood there mixed with
emotions of confusion, despair and grief.
They now had to face the dreadful facts
while going to the graveyard where the
. . . i-

Stanley White tends the grill at the Sandy Point fund raising on May 31 in aid of the
Rolle family who lost their house to fire the previous day. The community

responded immediately with a fund raising
Traffic problems, re-routing hazardous
intersections and school crossings were
the main topics at the recent Board of
Works meeting. Some members were not
sure they had the power or authority to
make changes or wondered if they had to
wait until July 1st when the Local
Government Act comes into effect.
Road Traffic Officer Roland Swain was
in attendance and assured the Board that
they did have the authority to make these
traffic changes now. Arnold Edwards,
Chairman of Town Planning who was in
attendance, explained that various laws
are now on the books and available for
the various Boards and committees to act
on. The Local Government Act does not
alter the use of available legislation.
The two road situations that drew the
most comment were
Changing the traffic flow at the
Triple J Marine block to effectively
makes this block act as a round-about
with traffic flowing clockwise around the
*. Painting lane designation lines at the
K & S corner at Crocket Drive and Don
MacKay Boulevard.

Additional traffic lights, painted lane
markers, school crossing lights or guards
were also discussed.
Concern was expressed over the large
water bills generated by several public
restrooms due to the number of cars that
are washed there. Someone installed a
hose outlet at one of the restrooms to
make car washing more convenient.
Vandalism has nearly destroyed the
public toilet at the Crossing Beach and the
Board wonders if this old wooden
building should be demolished. The
building is full of "Mud Dogs" graffiti.
The 1996/97 budget submitted by the
Marsh Harbour Board of Works requested
funds to replace this building with a
concrete facility. Details of the approved
budget were not available although the
Board had been advised that it was not
approved in its entirety. It is not known at
this moment if a replacement restroom
can be scheduled.
This public rest-room serves one of the
busiest recreational spots for greater
Marsh Harbour. The area's very popular
and closest public beach is located here.

Fire Destroys Fishing Boat at Sea

Concrete Blocks
4"x 8"x 16"
gc> o ol 6"x 8"x 16" /
,dL'" -O31Z 6,o 8"x 8"x 16" 79 q,
QGC VOeA O Corner Blocks / .A / %+ %
gOOW. \I9o p o Regular Blocks A7 %
o 000oV H Hydraulic Fittings & Hoses
Monday Friday 7 am 4 pm
P.O. Box AB 20403, Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2502


^ ..,4 .

Weekly freight between W. Palm Beach, Nassau & Marsh Harbour
General cargo, 20 ft. containers, 40,000 1b. refrigerated capacity
Specify M/V BIAK
Leaves W. Palm Beach Wed. arr. Nassau Thurs. & Marsh Harbour Fri.
Sails Sunday for Nassau and Florida
In Abaco call 809-367-2091, Fax 367-2235 or call on VHF Ch 16
P.O. Box AB 20737, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Located above B & D Marine at the Traffic Light
In USA call Palm Beach Steamship Company at 407-844-5387
Warehouse A 2nd door, 158 E. Port Road, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

The sport fishing boat LIMITED was
deep sea fishing off Hope Town on May
4th when a fire suddenly developed and
quickly engulfed the boat. The guests
aboard had to quickly switch to two other
boats which were in the vicinity. The
LIMITED was owned by Armin Ewald
and was being captained by Anthony
Edgecomb when the accident happened.

Three boats had gone out for a
morning's fishing with a group of 25
French tourists aboard.. Some of the
tourists lost some personal belongings
including passports but no one was
The Hope Town Volunteer Fire
Brigade responded to the fire but was
unable to quench the fire.

A Ministry Of Marsh Harbour Gospel Chapel

Is now accepting applications for enrollments for
the school year beginning September 1996
Limited space is available in grades
Kindergarten 3 -- .Grade 6t
Interested persons are asked to contact school personnel
for more information or appointments.
8:30 AM. 3:45 P.M. Telephone 367-4777

We are also accepting applications for a PRIMARY TEACHER
Must be a Born Again Christian and have a
Bachelors Degree in Education or Teacher's Certificate
Qualifying persons are asked to contact the Principal
at the above time and telephone.

Agape Christian School has been established for two years on the premises of
Marsh Harbour Gospel Chapel. We have seen the Lord's blessings and are
looking forward to the 1996 / 97 school year with great expectations. We use the
A Beka Book Curriculum which emphasizes Christian values as well as a very
high standard of education, approved by the Bahamas Ministry of Education.

df W fo :f16


The Moorings, the world's largest yacht charter company, manages 625
sailing yachts from 25 locations in the Caribbean, South Pacific and
Mediterranean. The Bahamas base will be expanding its fleet from 15 to 22
yachts during the coming year. In addition to the charter fleet in Marsh Harbour,
Abaco, The Moorings also manages The Conch Inn Hotel and Marina.
The successful applicant would be responsible for managing all day to day
operations of the charter business. Responsibilities would include maintenance
of the yacht charter fleet, purchasing of parts for repair, stock control and
charter administration. Applicants must have proven organisational and
leadership skills, and a very strong Customer Service background. All around
technical skills and maritime knowledge are required, preferably with an in
depth knowledge of Beneteau yachts. Ability to work under pressure to meet
deadlines is a prerequisite. Extensive sailing experience would befit the
successful applicant. Must have an understanding of financial reports and be
capable of meeting budgetary requirements.
Please apply in writing, submitting a detailed resume to: Sarah Dallas-Ross,
The Moorings (Bahamas) Limited, P.O. Box 20469, Marsh Harbour, Abaco,
Interested persons are welcomed to telephone and discuss the requirements
of the position beforehand. Telephone 809-367-4000, Fax 367-4004.

Page 31


FROM Page 30

remains of their brother's body was
being committed to the ground.
Upon arriving at the graveyard our
parents faces looked like God had placed
a special cloud of protection over them
and had told Satan that He would not
touch their bodies, souls nor spirit. It
reminded me of Job of the Bible.
Now they are left to mourn the loss of
their beloved son and to rebuild their
home, left with only the clothes on their
backs. Already the communities of
Abaco (especially Sandy Point) have
started giving to this need, unhesitently
and generously.
A Fire Relief Fund has been set up at
CIBC Bank in Marsh Harbour. For
further information you can contact Rev.
Stafford Symonette, Treasure Cay, Irish
Hanchell of CIBC, or Sis. Phyllis Cornea
of Casuarina Point.
Any donations will be most
appreciated. May God bless you as you
give and an extended thank you from the
Rolle Family.


Page 32

June 1996 The Abaconlan Page 31

I .
I g i ,..

Moore's Island
By Kenneth Owen
Moore's Island All Age School
experienced another first during
Teachers' Appreciation Week. The PTA
invited the teachers to a formal banquet
at the refurbished old school, now
converted to a school hall. The banquet
was a surprise; the teachers were
unaware of the preparations until the day
they were invited and told to dress to
kill. The food was worthy of a cordon
bleu, complete with candles, soft
inspirational background music and
cooling ceiling fans.
However, it was the numerous
speeches of thanks and appreciation that
made the evening memorable. These
were not formal tokens that are all too
familiar at such functions, but very
obviously sincere and heartfelt. The
teachers responded in kind and the
evening ended with hugs and kisses all
round. As we all turned homewards,
plans for next year were being discussed.
Thus are born social customs that will

on May 15th. The funeral service was on
May 26th at the Sandy Point Assembly
of God and burial was in the Sandy Point
Public Cemetery. Officiating were Rev.
Jerome Burrows, Rev. Robert Cornea,
Rev. Stafford Symonette, Brian Rolle and
Erskine Wells.
He is survived by his parents, Herklyn
and Marion Rolle; daughter Raven,
brothers Brian and Vaughn; sisters
Angela Johnson and Rose Marie Roberts;
sister-in-law Maria Rolle; brothers-in-
law, Ernst Johnson and Patrick Roberts;
nephews, nieces and many other relatives
and friends.

Weather and other conditions will affect the tide. The predictions
shown on this chart are based on the normal conditions that
existed when NOAA/NOS and other agencies gathered the 'data.
Times shown will be within a few minutes for the entire eastern
Abaco area. Pelican Harbour is just inside North Bar Channel.

Tides Pelican Harbour
26* 23.0' N 76 58.0'W

June 1996

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6

4 ..........110----24
.2.+-2 ...225 . . 7..4,............

(EDT) 10(ET 11(ED 12` 13(ED, 14(DED 15(EDT)

2 3...
3A EDT)1 DT). E... 1 .:3 .. 101 .T . 0 ..(E.T) .20 1.ED. SEDT) . 2..

- - - - - --________ . . . . .i . . . 4

2 *^------- ~1o---- 3----'F1"?'----'--?! W SOT} --- 6----' 7i---- 1--- -
S.I ::..... ....... ...... .......... :-.- -0. ....... a .....""..... p
3.... .---...i--.-.....---.........-.........--- .-..... .. ...
: 0 ;2.4; .....1...................2 1 .... .2 ..... ..'^ f*. ........3DIo' I0 --I.- -.. . .. .

BOAT HARBO.. UR MARINA G EE TURTLE CLUB Shell ... Quality Fuels That Run The Nation!
--- ....... 01+0 ............ ...... 2 .7 . . . .. "-34 1 -.. ............
169 C 17`C M11 (EDn2 1(E9 20T 1 21, 22(EDT) 29E

.... .. ..... ...... ............ ... .. ".. ..... ".. -- -I... .... ... .:......... i.... 0 '........ .............l0-..... ..-............. .......... .I..... ... ........ ... ...." .... ...... ....... .. ...... -......... 3.... ........ .

......... ...........-.... ..........- -- -

----- --- TIDE4 ..... ....COMPJ12:IMENT OF Shell B LIMITED

MARINA GREEN TURTLECLUB Shell .. Quality Fuels That Run The Nation!


CD's & Tapes
RCA & GE Televisions
VCR's Portable Audios

R1 3 Satellite Systems, Descramblers
D & S Shopping Plaza
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2672

This graph is generated from NOAA/NOS data via -
software from Nautical Software, phone 503-579-1414.

Shown above is Jonathan W. Stuart asking Island Administrator Everette Hart a question.
The citizens of Moore's Island assembled to hear the details of Local Government. Mr.
Hart explained the new system and what it would mean for Moore's Island.

Obitary Friemdfg @ 9 aIff y


Rev Hubert Saunders, 87, known as
Uncle Bill, passed away in Cooper's
Town. The funeral was at the Church of
God in Cooper's Town on May 25th and
burial was in the Cooper's Town Public
Cemetery. Officiating was Bishop
Archilus Cooper assisted by Layton
McIntosh and Jackson McIntosh.
He is survived by his wife Edith; sons,
Dencil and Lerman McIntosh and Henry
Cooper, daughter Eunice Lowe; sister
Roselyn Saunders; brother Robert
Saunders and many other relatives and
Michael Angelo Rolle, 27, died in a
plane crash in the Norman's Castle area

Page 32 The Abaconian June 1996


FROM Page 31

grow into traditions.
On the 27th of May Moore's Island
was treated to a seminar on Local
Government. Mr. Everette Hart,
accompanied by Commissioners Preston
Cunningham and Jack Thompson,
together with other members of the
secretariat staff and Mr. Robert
Sweeting, M.P. for Hopetown, came to
Moore's Island by speedboat from Sandy
Point. They very wisely preferred the sea
trip to attempting a landing on that
rugged stretch of land we call an airstrip.
Some of the residents of Moore's
Island chose to go to the traditional Whit
Holiday Picnic on the beach. They were
the unlucky ones. They missed a treat.
The Ministry of Education lost a truly
professional teacher in Mr. Hart. His
presentation was entertaining as well as
informative. Two hours seemed to pass
in a flash. Points were illustrated by
amusing anecdotes; mysteries were
clarified by telling analogies. It was
educational entertainment at its best. It
transformed what might have been
considered a rather dry subject into an
adventure into the future. Those fortunate
ones who attended the meeting were
visibly inspired, which bodes well for
Local Government on Moore's Island.
Mr. Sweeting, M.P., had good news
for us -- the airstrip is to be renovated
and paved in the near future.
Fortunately, this is being taken care of
by the Central Government. It will be up
to the locals to maintain it. If bulldozers
are to be used, it would be nice if they

could carve out a playing field for the
school and maybe help with town's
landscaping. That big swamp looks to be
too much for us locals and it is not every
day that we have bulldozers on Moore's
Island. However, time will tell. We'll
soon have a Town Council to fight our
Birthday Greetings
Congratulations and best wishes go to
Mr. Leon Swain (Mr. West) on the
occasion of his birthday on the 31st of
May. Greetings from his sisters, Virginia
Curry, Mavis McQueen, Cathy Owen
and his brother Alan Swain, brother-in-
law Ken Owen and others. Mr. West is
the Best.
Lightning Claims Life of
Young Fisherman
A young man, Mr. Edward Knowles,
27, of Hard Bargain, was fatally struck
by lightning on the afternoon of the 28th
of May.
Edward and his friend Mr. Joey Hield,
20, also of Hard Bargain, had set out on
a fishing trip in a 15 foot fibreglass Sea
Craft equipped with a 40 HP Mercury.
They had already shelled their catch of
about 400 conch and were on their way
home about three miles from land when
tragedy struck at approximately 3:45
Joey was seated in the stern, steering
whilst Edward was standing near the
bow, leaning back and holding onto the
rope. The sea was not very rough but the
sky was dark and squally, and it was
raining hard when the lightning struck. In

Green Turtle to Have a Concert

Music from the 1950s will be
performed on the newly constructed open
air stage of the Garden Theatre located
on the grounds of the Lowe Art Gallery,
Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay. This
concert will take place on June 22nd at
4:30 p.m. The audience will be able to
travel back in time with James Mastin,
Steve Thomas and T.L. Brown as they
perform "Golden Oldies" from the days
when Elvis was the King of Rock 'n
Roll, when gas was 25 cents a gallon and
Cherry Coke was everyone's favorite

Tickets are on sale at the Albert Lowe
Museum at $10 for adults and $5 for
children under twelve. Refreshments
from an old time 'lemonade stand' are
included in the price of the tickets. The
musical afternoon is under the auspices
of the Abaco Cultural Society, Green
Turtle Cay Chapter. For more
information contact Pat Robertshaw 809-
365-4252, Ivy Roberts 809-365-4094 or
Veronica Saunders 809-367-3642.In case
of rain the show will be held in the Lowe
Art Gallery.

Administrators Everette Hart and Jack Thompson return to the boat for the 45 minute
trip to Sandy Point after conducting the Local Government Seminar at Moore's Island.

Joey's own words, Edward's whole body
was brightly lit up in that fatal instant.
Joey sprang forward and caught his
friend before he fell down. He carried
him to the stern and continued to steer
the boat.
It must have been a terrifying
experience for the young man. He was
covered with blood which had gushed

forth from Edward's mouth and nose. It
was not easy to hold on to his friend and
steer the boat at the same time. To make
matters worse, the boat was taking on
water and seemed to be sinking. He
began bailing furiously and in the process
washed much of the blood off. At the


Page 34


Used Cars & Trucks
Now in Stock or Ordered
to your Specifications

Call 367-4041 0 Mon Sat 9 5
Beside the Hudson Building in Marsh Harbour

Area Code Changes

Florida Counties of Palm Beach,
Martin, St. Lucie & Indian River
Area code 561 has been introduced to service telephone
subscribers in the above counties primarily serving the
cities of W. Palm Beach, Ft. Pierce and Vero Beach,
Florida. This new area code replaces the previous code of
407. Both codes may be used until April 13, 1997 when
the 561 code must be used exclusively.

Florida Counties of Manatee, Sarasota,
Charlotte, Lee, Collier and Monroe
Area code 941 was introduced on May 3rd to service
subscribers in the above counties primarily serving the
cities of Bradenton, Sarasota, Ft. Myers and Naples. This
new code replaces the previous code of 813

Please ensure thai you re- ------
programme such de\ ices as \uto 904
Dialers. Speed Dialing Lists. Call .
Forwarding and Facsimile '.
machines to reflect these changes. :352 \
Bahamas Area L_
Code 242 3
Begins Oct. 1it. 19%6 sith the
present 809 code also etiectie
through March 31st, 199". M11 '941
business subscribers should allow -
for changes to stationery, business i
cards. Inoices and related items.
Some automated phone s, stems
ma, require a software up-grade.
Phone customers \\ith PBX
systems should call 328-4357.
We Keep Your Lines of Communications Open



Courses include:

Pre-College English
Pre-College Mathematics
(Courses will be offered subject to enrollment)
The application deadline for admission for the Fall semester is
July 12th, 1996. Registration will be held on July 20th
between 10 a.m. and 12 noon at Abaco Central
Secondary, Marsh Harbour. Classes are from
September 2nd December 19th, 1996.
Call Isobel Sherman at 367-3471 (after 4 p.m.) or
Anna Baillou at 367-2342 for further information and
application materials.

June 1996 The Abaeonlan Page 33

Treasure Cay's 13th Annual Bah Billfish Tournament

By Robert Meister
Thirty-two contenders competed for
awards at the 13th Annual Treasure Cay
International Billfish Tournament held
May 12th to 17th. Felicity, a 44 foot
Ocean owned by Raymond Long from
Islamorada, Florida, took an early lead,
tagging two blue marlin on the first day
of the tournament. Next in contention


FROM Page 1

the Bahamas. The Bahamas record is a
1,060 pounder dating back to the 1079
Bahamas Billfish Championship leg in
1994 World Billfish Series Champion
Myrtice Peacock of Ponce Inlet, Florida,
fishing on the BAIL OUT, a 50 foot
Viking, finished in second place
repeating last year's performance,
highlighted by a 537 pound blue marlin.
Ed Hardin of Birmingham, Alabama,
fishing on his 46 foot Bertram
ABRACADABRA came in third and won
Top Release Angler.
Rick Smith, angler who brought in the
blue monster, fought the fish for one
hour 22 minutes on 80-pound
conventional tackle aboard the
WEEKEND HOOKER, a 46 foot Post
owned by friend Ralph Eckler and
captained by Allen Unwin, all of
Titusville. The marlin measured 131%
inches from the lower jaw to the fork of
the tail.
"There was a big explosion 50 feet
behind the boat when the fish hit, but we
.didn't know what we had hooked until
five minutes into the fight when the fish

was Angie Marcino of Prime Time, a 42
foot Bertram from Pensacola, Florida,
who boated a 375 pound blue in 27
minutes, her first blue marlin ever.
Felicity increased their lead on the
second day of fishing with a third blue
marlin tagged and released by Joe
The "lay day" saw the team of the

came up and started tail-walking and
jumping," Smith explained. The 1030
pound blue took approximately 300 to
400 yards of line off the spool before it
slowed down. "It (the reel) looked like a
diesel engine starting up. I've never seen
a reel smoke that way," Smith said.
The Captain had spotted the huge blue
cruising beneath a flock of diving
seabirds about 26 miles east of Treasure
According to the boat owner, it took
30 minutes and all five men on board to
drag the huge fish into the boat. "We
couldn't do any more fishing because the
fish took up all the space in the cockpit
and rendered the fighting chair
inoperable," Smith added as his team was
anxiously waiting for the weigh-in.
Another Abaco record was broken on
the same day when Scott Morrison, Jr.
of Boca Raton, Florida, fishing on his 60
foot Jim Smith, brought a 115 pound
white marlin to the scale.
The Bahamas Billfish Championship is
a series of five tournaments held
throughout the Bahamas. The Treasure
Cay leg of the series finished on May

Police Reserves Considered

The Bahamas has provision for a police
reserve force consisting of volunteers
assisting the police in many of their
duties. Nassau and Freeport have active
reserve members. Volunteers who are
accepted into the program are given
approximately ten weeks of evening
classes in police procedures. Those
making the grade are paid for their part-
time work and wear a uniform when on
Consideration is being given for an
Abaco Reserve Unit with the possibility
of offering the necessary training here on
Abaco. Training for reserves in the

Family Islands may be tailored to their
community needs and be a shortened
Anyone interested in this type of
community service should contact ASP
Christopher McCoy at the Marsh Harbour
Police Station for more information.
Although this scheme is being considered
by Nassau for Abaco, working details
have not been released and a final
decision has not been made. It would be
helpful for interested persons to contact
ASP McCoy as sufficient interest might
help establish the program on Abaco.

National Awards to be Given

The Bahamas Government is setting up
a Bahamian National Award and the first
people will be given the award on
Independence Day 1996. A committee
has been named which will select the
recipients for this year's awards. The

awards will be given in 13 categories and
will be given for achievement, a
significant contribution to their
community, a positive impact and the
advancement of goals of that particular

Call 367-3166
Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour

Sales, Parts, Service
Lister, John Deere & Others

Lima Alternators
Marine & Industrial

Prime Power & Stand-by Generators
Installations & D.C. Controls
Engine & Alternator Rebuilding


Shark Bait of St. Augustine, Florida, win
a fiercely competitive volleyball
tournament in a tie-breaker.
On the tournament's third day, the
Alleycat of Jupiter, Florida, fishing on
one engine for the entire tournament,
boated a 469 pound blue with angler
Phillip Landry reporting a 4 hour fight
with a tail-wrapped fish. Even with
Alleycat's impressive catch, Felicity still
held a commanding lead with 900 points.
The final day of fishing brought a
surprise finish from Prime Time, whose
two blue marlin releases within 2 hours
moved them into the number one position
and bumped a stunned Felicity team,
which had been leading for 3h days,
into second place. "It felt incredible the
tension finally ended when lines out was
announced," said Jarrod Cyprow or
Houston, Texas, an angler on the
winning boat. The Lady B, from Ponte

Vedra, Florida, took third place with two
blue marlin and one sailfish tagged and
The top angler and top release angler
awards went to Jerry Powers of Let's Do
It II from Jacksonville, Florida. Second
place angler was Phillip Landry of Pen
Argyl, Pennsylvania, fishing on Tom
Arthur's Alleycat. Angie Marcino of
Prime Time won top lady angler as well
as third place overall. Second and third
place release finishers were Ray Long of
Felicity and Al Bernetti of Lady B,
During the tournament, 33 billfish
were tagged and/or released including
eight white marlin and five sailfish.
In this year's new non-billfish
division, Salee of Vero Beach, Florida,


Page 34

National Marine
Authorized Distributor for
Mercury & Mariner
Sales, Service & a Complete
Line of Maine Accessories
Certified Mechanic on Duty
Royce Sands, President
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2326


Carib Freight Company
Reliable Scheduled Inter-Island Freight Service
From Marsh Harbour
To Man-0-War and Hope Town 0 Mon. Fri.
To Guana Cay & Scotland Cay Tues. & Fri.
Water Deliveries (to 10,000 Gal. to all the Cays
4 Barges Available to charter 7 Days 24 Hours
Any Time, Any Place
From Walkers Cay to Little Harbour
Man-O-War Cay 365-6072 Fax 365-6285 VHF 16

Staying Cool With

' i a aUN Air Conditioners
Energy Savings Quiet Operation
Attractive Styling Lasting Quality


BTU 115V $542,
BTU 115V $590
BTU 115V $690

10000 BTU 115V $820
11800 BTU 230V $905
17900 BTU 230V $1065
20500 BTU 230V $1160

I Factory
n@aga | Warranty
I Coverage
All parts are protected for one full
year. Full five year protection covers
the sealed system components.


ra am .

ILC"- ~ L ~ ~ae

Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2663 Fax 2673
Mon Fri 8 am 5 pm Sat 8 Noon
Closed 12 1 pm for lunch daily


Page 34

The Abaconlan June 1996

Fishing FROM Page 33
won largest dolphin with a 33.6 pound
fish, Flea Flicker with Cathy Hunter of
Hendersonville North Carolina, brought
in the largest wahoo of 48.2 pounds and
Outside Chance of Jacksonville, Florida,
weighed in the largest tuna, a 89.8
The tournament concluded with an
awards banquet and raffle where anglers
donated more than $2,000 to provide
water coolers and books for the Treasure
Cay School.
The Annual Treasure Cay International
Billfish Tournament is a modified tag and
release tournament which includes a full
package of meals, parties and souvenirs
for the participants. A total of 35 billfish
were caught. Of this number 33 were
tagged and/or released while only two
were boated.


FROM Page 28

is led to believe about the origins and
intent of AIDS, the impact on the wider
world is the most urgent concern to date.
AIDS is moving from Epidemic to
Pandemic very silently.
The reality of its danger seems distant
from the minds of those who continue in
the notion that "I ain go get it cause I
does only go wit decent people." The
physical appearance does not guarantee a
disease free body. A sad trap to fall into.
We all err, unfortunately, from time to
time. There is no substitute for
awareness and education about the risk
factors inherent in a promiscuous life
style. We must continue this process and
pray for success. God is indeed able, but
the condition is that we take the
necessary steps to limit the danger.

Groceries All you need & MORE
Vegetables & Canned Goods
Fruits, Dairy Products & Frozen
IffyG Monday Friday 7:30 am 6 pm
Saturday 7:30 am 7 pm
Phone or Fax 366-2022



Kurls & (Kuts
"A Unisex Salon"
Matrix and Paul Mitchell
Products and Accessories
Elaine Summerville, Manager
Tues. Sat. 9 a.m. 5 p.m.
Beside Abaco Hardware 367-3623


FROM Page 32

Government Clinic where he was
formally pronounced dead. Crowds
gathered outside the clinic to express
their silent sympathy. The body was later
transported by air to Nassau.
When the police examined the boat
later, two small holes were found near
the bow but there was more serious
damage found where a seam between the
keel and gunwale bad been opened for
about 16 inches amidship.
same time he put the engine at full
throttle to keep the bow up as much as
possible. Joey said that he felt very alone
on that journey home. The boat reached
shore alongside the "We Eight Sea Food
Company" dock. Edward had been a
member of that company for the past 3 1
Edward was quickly taken to the

$7 Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue
Picture and 4 lines only $25.00
We will take the photo within the Marsh
Harbour area. Additional lines at $2.00
per line.
Display classified $16 per column inch
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Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve:
*Waterfront lots
*Vacation home
*Private boat slips
*Pools/Tennis Courts
*Card access entry
eGourmet dining
*Property management avail.
Call 809-367-4151 or Fax 4152

TREASURE CAY off Windward Bch, 3 bed
2 bath, furnished, large patio, Call 809-365-
Private SCOTLAND CAY Airstrip
Furnished 3BR/3B plus Guest Cottage
MARINA LOT 1/2 acre, 60' slip at dock
Price Reduced and Negotiable
Owner Financing Make offer
413-259-1806 Phone/Fax 809-332-2049
MAN-O-WAR Large quiet wooded lots with
private path to fine beach, all with
underground elect. Some with private path to
harbour and dock location. Harcourt
Thompson, M-O-W Cay (809) 365-6060

Pinder's Real Estate
Great Guana Cay, Abaco,
"The Unspoiled Island"
Over 200 lots starting at $25,000, also
acreage, oceanfront, hilltop and bayside lots
Pinder's Cottages, 2 & 3 bedroom, $650 to
$700 weekly. A summer special of $350 per
week per person includes one day fishing
& diving 0 One day snorkeling & island
hopping 6 boat & guide 0 all equipment
included 0 6 to 30 people
Great Guana Cay waterfront houses built in
under 3 mo starting at $165,000 includes lot,
about 1000 Sq ft house with 2 bedroom, 2
bath, deck, porch & 12,000 gal cistern,
Call Edmund or Cher6 Pinder at 367-2207 or
CHERE B on VHF Ch 16

GUANA CAY Acre on bayside with 200 ft+
of waterfront. Protected cove for boat. In
Dolphin Beach Subdivision with all utilities
in. $100,000
LUBBERS QUARTERS Acre and a half on
east side with deep water. Over 100 ft of
water frontage. $80,000
SUGAR LOAF CAY Two and a half acres
facing Eastern Shores. Protected from wind.
300 ft of waterfront. Highest hill on Sugar
Loaf Cay. $250,000
LITTLE HARBOUR Lots on 80 ft high hill
overlooking ocean and harbour, access to
water. $60,000.
Call Victor at 809-367-2749
or Fax at 809-367-2748
LARGE FURNISHED 4/4 house on Treasure
Cay canal, Buy or rent, Call 407-495-5443
2.5 ACRES beyond SHELL depot in Murphy
Town. Willing to subdivide, Call 367-2553
SCOTLAND CAY Coconut Creek Marina
Lot, 60' slip $110,000, Terms Avail. Call
Don Copeland 407-744-3206 or 546-8263
LEISURE LEE 2.4 Acre Point w/seven unit
town house. Contact Florence Roberts at 809-
327-8297, 359-6023, Fax 809-325-1076

DUNDAS TOWN Allotment Lot 8E, off
Forest Dr. 89.97 x 100 Ft $10,500 or
nearest offer, Call 367-2308
MAN-O-WAR Charming oceanfront 3Br
home on 3/4 acre, 2 Br. Guest house
w/ocean view, utility bldg. & garage,
standby gen., sat. dish, golf cart, 50,000 gal
cistern, + +, ready to live in, Call Nancy
RENT MATT LOWES Cay, only one house,
sleeps 10, lots of porches and decks, 50 acre
island, 5 beaches, 2 acre fruit lot, protected
boat basin, 10 minutes from Marsh Harbour
in Abaco Sound, 24 ft Boston Whaler
optional, Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-
Clean, bright, two bedroom, one bath, w/
central A/C, Laundry room adjacent,
Tastefully furnished, ceramic kitchen, must
see. Call Brenda at 365-6072
BEACH FRONT House Scotland Cay,
3Br/3B $1100/wk 4pers +$200 wk. ea. add'l
413-259-1806 Phone/Fax 809-332-2049
HOPE TOWN Turtle Hill ocean view 4
cottages, 2 bed 2 bath, all with kitchens, air
conditioned, pool, private access to beach,
includes golf cart, Call 809-366-0053
Come Find The Treasure in
Treasure Cay
LUXURY Fully equipped 2 bed/2 bath
condo. Finest rental property in Treasure
Cay, right on the beach. Rent directly from
the owners. Phone or Fax 809-365-8514
AIRLINE Captain wants to rent 3 or 2 bdrm
house or apartment within 20 miles of Marsh
Harbour or on one of the Cays. Prefer long
term, would consider lease purchase. Reply
by phone or Fax to 603-889-9071
GUANA CAY COTTAGES for weekly rent,
Also rental golf carts & rental bicycles, Call
Donna at 809-365-5195

NISEI GO JU-RYU For Students of All Ages
Marsh Harbour Saturday 2:00 3:00 p.m.
Mon. & Wed. 5:30 6:30 p.m.
Treasure Cay Tues. & Thurs. 6 7 p.m.
Cherokee Friday 6 8 p.m.
Sensei Churton Toote P.O. Box AD 20274
GO SEYU I rb Dan Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-3101 Abaco, Bahamas

Excavation, Utilities, Base Work, Surface Treatment
Cold Mix, Hot Mix, Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer
Striping & Asphalt Related Products

P.O. Box AB 20184 P.O. Box CB 10990
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Nassau, NP, Bahamas
Phone 809-367-3956 Fax 367-3959 809-377-6351 Fax 377-2193

Classified Advertisements

Houses and Land Buy or Rent

Homes Apts.0 Rentals Acreage
P.O. Box AB 20179
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Office phone & Fax 809-367-3276
Evenings 809-367-2789

2 Bed 1 Bath
One minute
from ocean in
White Sound, Elbow Cay. Contact
Land 'n Sea Brokerage 367-3276

WATERFRONT LOT 7 ft. depth low tide.
Also ocean front lot with private beach, over
1 acre, electricity and unlimited fresh water.
Tom Roberts 367-4077
LEISURE LEE New home 3300 sq.ft., 1650
sq.ft. living area, 8' covered porch, central
A/C, Beach & boating access. Reduced
$165,000 Net, Avail. for rent. Phone Laura
at 367-2811 or Jamie at 365-6086 daytime
PELICAN SHORE large lot 25,873 sq.ft. on
Fanny Bay, 186 ft. waterfront, incl. seawall
& part foundation, Lovely private location.
Call 809-367-2701 Wk or 367-3211 Hm
GREAT GUANA Cay ocean front lot, 110 X
110, near new hotel/inn. 1V2 Miles W of
settlement $85,000, other lots nearby from
$18,500. Ph 359-6120 or SEASIDE on VHF

The actions taken by Joey are truly
heroic. He did not allow himself to
panic. He reacted swiftly and intelligently
to the emergency and risked his life in
trying to help his friend.
All of Moore's Island is mourning the
death of a young man in the prime of
life. Our deepest had heartfelt sympathy
go to his sister, Mrs. Enid Hield, his
four brothers, Junior, Alonzo, Preston
and Roland Knowles. Edward's parents
had both pre-deceased him.
[Ed. Note: The same day that Mr.
Edward Knowles was electrocuted in
Moore's Island, Mr. Alfred Bain,
nicknamed Junior, had the phone receiver
knocked out of his hand by lightning. He
was in his home in Crossing Rocks when
the lightning struck, giving him a shock
but fortunately not hurting him.]




June 1996 The Abaeonlan Page 35

News Brdefs .

On May 25th the Cancer Society of Abaco held a successful Jumble Sale, raising over
$400 from the sale of clothing, books and household items. This money is used to help
cancer victims and their programs to educate the public with various aspects of the
problems of cancer, its symptoms and treatments as well as preventive measures.

Internet Update
The Internet will be coming to Abaco
through BaTelCo perhaps as soon as this
July. Pricing and other details have not
yet been finalized. Several BaTelCo staff
from Marsh Harbour have been to Nassau
and received training. An Internet
connection is now in the BaTelCo office
in Marsh Harbour and one staff member
is becoming familiar with this new
communication concept.
Malcolm Spicer, of ABACOM, is
working on an Abaco Internet Site
http://www.oii.net/ and is preparing to
offer assistance with this new media.
Note that oii stands for Out Island

Yacht Found w/Crawfish
On May 31st the Royal Bahamas
Police Force and the Fisheries
Department of Marsh Harbour conducted
a search of a pleasure boat in area of the

Great Abaco Beach Resort. They
confiscated 60 pounds of crawfish which
is suspected of being harvested during
the closed season. The Police charged
three persons, two male and one female.
They were released until they make their
appearance in court at a later date.

Duty FROM Page 1
and will not put into effect any legislation
which would jeopardise this. The
Minister of Finance Bill Allen felt that
the present taxation system is adequate
and an income tax system was not
The system of collecting duties will be
simplified. The number of separate duty
rates is now 129 and these will be
reduced to 29. The present system has
been in effect since 1971 and is outdated
and too complex. The new system was
developed internationally and is
successfully in effect in other countries.

Classified Advertisements

Miscellaneous, Household, and Boats

$7.00 Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue
Picture and 4 lines only $25.00
We will take the photo in the Marsh
Harbour area.
Additional lines at $2.00 per line.
Display classified $16 per column inch
Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677 3.96

$300 Reward for 14 Ft Hobie Cat lost about
April 6th from Scotland Cay. Reply to 367-
2677 or 367-3757 w/information.

PAINTING, Interior & Exterior Pressure
Cleaning & Mildew removal 0 Water-
proofing Roofing 0 Rotten wood replaced
Leroy Tucker, Marsh Harbour, 367-3849
Pens, caps, labels, T-shirts, calendars,
key chains, desk items, etc. Printing.
Call Miriam Sowers, Scher & Alvarez.
Phone 305-553-6202 FAX 305-553-4024

Specializing in vertical blinds, mini &
wood blinds, pleated shades. Sales &
Service. Call 367-2091 or 2031

Beautiful home and office interiors are a
combination of taste, knowledge of design
and selection of materials. For professional
on-site consultation for space planning,
selection and specifications of furniture,
fabrics, windows, floors, walls and
accessories. Call BARBARA FARNAN, 809-
365-8800. Over 15 years experience.
TUPPERWARE can be ordered through
Isobel Sherman, Phone 367-3741
ATTENTION Distributorship Available
for Rainbow Cleaning System. High earning
potential, very small investment necessary.
Please contact Mark Eckert 367-3084
VALENTINE'S 36 Ft. Day Sailing Charter,
includes snorkeling & bch combing. Charles
Jones, Licensed High Seas Capt. 365-9438
DO YOU NEED A MAID for cleaning?
Call 367-4420 evenings only

Buying? Selling?
Need Qualified Help?
Want more Business?
A low cost ad like this can
bring fast results.
Call 367-2677 or Fax 3677

10 Ft AVON middle aged, serviceable
14 Ft HOBIE, mainsail, good trampoline,
most rigging, needs work
18 Ft Geriatric MOBJACK swift-planing, self
bailing sloop, rigging, Needs rebuilding
24 Ft Elegant MENEMSHA 1972
FRIENDSHIP sloop. Swallow-like grace in
dusky green Imron, fiberglass, 10 hp Volvo
diesel, 2'9" draft,. roller furling jib & main,
4 winches, 4 foresails, 3 bunks, cushions,
galley, enclosed head
25 Ft ALLMAND 1970 Fisherman, 120 hp
low hr. Volvo diesel outdrive, economical,
soft ride 17 kt seaboat, 2 bunks, head, VHF
All duty pd, Call Dixon Downey 359-6110
21 Ft 1994 STAPLETON boat with 1994
Mariner 100 hp motor, cerier console &
Loran, Bimini top, hydraulic steering, 70 gal.
gas tank. Excellent crawfishing boat. Phone
365-6072 from 9-5 or after 5:30 call
365-6143 or 365-6392

22 Ft BARTENDER 1990 Cabin Cruiser
with 200 hp Volvo Penta diesel, in very good
condition. $25,000. Call Truman at 366-0101

25 Ft. STEIGER CRAFT Pilothouse Run-
about w/175 hp Evinrude Ocean Pro
outboard, registered 1994. Duty pd. Less
than 200 hours, V-berth, Porta-Potti, fixed
Bimini, VHF, excellent condition, many
extras, $29,500 Paul Gooding 809-366-0204

---- -

This Whaler is like NEW Powerewith a lo hour 225P.ohnson. Coolers,
cushions, leaning post, Bimini top, full instrumentation and more. Must see to
appreciate. Priced in the 20's. Serious inquiries please contact JIMMY ROBERTS at
365-4249 or Rick Woodson at 540-366-8888 for more information or appointment

Call Stafford at 809-366-0023 for details
27 Ft ALBIN Cruising & Fishing, 100 HP
Westerbeke, outriggers & downrigger, 2'6"
draft, double V berth, table, enclosed head
w/shower, galley, 2 ice boxes, VHF, 72 gal
fuel, 40 gal water, awning, solar panel
w/charge controller, duty pd., $25,000
Contact Lighthouse Marina 366-0154
33 Ft NEWPORT, lovely sailing sloop in
great shape... great price too! Call Evans at
ABC Charters, Hope Town or call 809-947-
2192 for more information.
38' OCEAN SPORTFISHING boat, 1985,
Well maintained & custom fitted for the avid
sports fisher
Furuno radar
Robertson auto pilot
Northstar GPS loran
Robertson Robchart
Furuno fish finder
Twin Cat diesel 3208's turbo charged
12V & 24V battery hookups for electric
reels & downriggers
12 KV generator
Night headlights
Cockpit freezer
Engine electric oil feed system
Electric windlass anchor system
Electric head with macerator
Complete galley with microwave
Air conditioning
Spare prop shaft
Large inventory of spare parts included
$100,000 DUTY PAID
Contact Charles or Donna Sands, 809-365-
5195 or VHF Ch. 16 Young Lovers


40' CUSTOM Norman Cross Design Tri-
maran, fully equipped, 4108 Perkins eng. 3.5
Westerbeke gen. A/C, two fridge, Propane
stove. Call Marsh Harb. 809-367-2269
46 Ft TRIMARAN 1980 w/4.108 Perkins 51
hp diesel engine. In good condition. $85,000,
Call Truman at 809-366-0101


63 Ft YACHT Trawler 671 GM, 12KW Gen,
Perfect Crawfish Boat, Call Wade at 365-
4305 or James at 365-4120


NEED Experienced help for the following:
Wailer. Banender, Front-of-the-House Super-
visor. Maintenance. Cook, Maid. Housing
provided on Guana Cay. Call 367-3590.
needed for Out Island hotel development.
Ideal person will have extensive contacts,
experience in all aspects of construction and
experience in planning and supervision.
Project is one year (plus) with permanent
employment possible. Call 954-423-9788 or
Fax resume to 954-423-9733.
WALK-IN Freezer $5,500 or. best offer,
Heavy duty lawn maint. trailer w/tool boxes
& ramp. $3,200 OBO Call 365-0156
WALK-IN TASCO Freezer 15,000 lb
capacity, 2 yr old, used 1 yr, asking $7500,
(Cost $12,000 new) Call 365-8078

Cars & Trucks for Sale
1988 CHEVY S10 Pickup, A/C, tape deck,
excellent cond. $7500 Call 365-8078

MERCURY 4.5 hp Outboard $450 OBO,
FLY Bridge from Pacemaker, best offer,
TWO ship-to-shore power cords $50, Large
BIMINI top, Best offer, Call 365-0156

Pane 36 The Abaconian June 1996

When you put your most important asset

in the hands of an Insurance Company,

you'd better know something about them!
'Y .,.! .!'/,.,,. I ,



Sun Alliance is
the oldest operating
insurance group in the
world, employing over 25,000 people in Currently, 31 staff are employed locally
55 countries with an unbroken history of and Sun Alliance is represented by 19
underwriting since 1710. Sun Alliance independent Bahamian agents and
has been represented in the Bahamas brokers.
since 1805 ...

Sun Alliance has investments of over
$10 million in the Bahamian economy.

Sun Alliance is also one of the world's
most progressive and financially secure
insurers with worldwide premium
income exceeding US$7.4 billion and
assets exceeding US$18 billion.

Sun Alliance's claims paying record is
second to none.
In 1995, as a result of Hurricanes Luis
and Marilyn, the group paid out claims
amounting to US$74 million 75% of
these claims were settled in under 60
In the Bahamas, Sun Alliance met claims
of over $22 million following the
devastation of Hurricane Andrew in

Call Daron, Ginnie or Cina


A M A ^r IIdfI II' A kII4r

Stratton Drive, Marsh Harbour
Phone 809-367-2549
Fax 367-3075
In Treasure Cay call 365-8650



3.51 Acres running from the
beach on the Atlantic Ocean to
the protected Abaco Sound. Steps
over dune line to a fabulous
white sandy beach, with
numerous reefs just offshore, and
the most beautiful turquoise
waters anywhere.

This custom designed furnished home
SBis approximately 12 years old, has 3
bedrooms and 2 baths upstairs with an
efficiency apartment and storage area on
the ground floor. Approximately 1,500
Sq. ft. of decks encircle this home. A
large dock provides a sheltered area for
keeping your boat.

MARSH HARBOUR CALL 809-367-2719 OR FAX 367-2359