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Title: Abaconian
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: David & Kathleen Ralph
Place of Publication: Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Publication Date: 03-01-1996
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The William Brewer Co. of Nassau is
making plans to build a bottling plant and
a distillery in Marsh Harbour. They
received preliminary approval on March
7th from the Licencing Board of Marsh
Harbour. They will draw plans and
organize other details within the next few
months to be presented to Town Planning
for final approval. They hope to begin
construction within six to eight months
and be operational in about one year.
The plant will be constructed adjacent
to the freight dock in Marsh Harbour
between the dock and the Western
Cemetery across the street from Pizza
Hut. The initial phase will cost
approximately one million dollars. Phase
two will be a two story shopping center
costing another million and will be
undertaken after phase one is completed.
Mr. Jim Malone, representing William
Brewer Co., said that the company

E SAELP SEE Distillery

Page z2

Abaco Girl

SCrowned Miss

Talented Teen
.. ...E,.--F-:. .. I .

E SAELP SEE lieauty

Page 25

Magistrate Swears In 18

New Justices of the Peace

On March 1st eighteen new justices of
the peace were sworn in at the Anglican
Parish Hall in Marsh Harbour. Mrs.

Ayse Rengin Johnson, Circuit Magistrate
for the Northern Bahamas, administered
the oath to the new justices which was

witness by approximately 150 people.
After the ceremony the Prime Minister
addressed them admonishing them to
carry out their duties in a fitting suitable,
appropriate becoming manner.
Mr. Everette Hart, Island
Administrator commented that this
ceremony was a first for Abaco in
several ways. It was the first time so
many had been sworn in at one time, it
was the first occasion that a Circuit
Magistrate administered the oath and it
was the first time for the Prime Minister
to attend the swearing-in.
The Prime Minister spoke of their
responsibilities which includes peace
keeping within the community.
Additionally they can give permission for
search warrants, sign affidavits and
administer oaths. Another duty of justices
is that of acting as lay magistrates for
assault cases, fighting, trespassing,
stealing, gambling traffic offenses and
abusive language.
The Prime Minister admonished them
to set a good example, to set the pace for
the community and to help improve the
quality of life by delivering justice.
He also mentioned that additional
justices will be named for Moore's
Island, Cherokee and Guana Cay.
The group included two from Sandy
Point, Mr. Benjamin Pinder and Mr.
Erskine Wells; one from Hope Town,
Mr. Vernon Malone; two from Man-O-
War, Mr. Arthur Elden and Mr. Scott
Weatherford; one from Green Turtle
Cay, Mr. Roswell Sawyer; four from
Little Abaco, Rev. Ezekiel McIntosh,
Mrs. Millie McIntosh, Mr. Samuel
Mills, and Mrs. Agatha Russell; one
from Cooper's Town, Mr. Everette
Bootle; two from Fire Road, Rev. Eulin
McIntosh and Mrs. Rosemae McIntosh,
one from Black Wood, Mr. Euclid
Baillou; two from Treasure Cay, Mr.
Edward Laroda and Rev. Stafford
Symonette; one from Marsh Harbour,
Mrs. Elaine Thompson and one from
Dundas Town, Rev. Copeland Morley.

Night Accident Kills Two

Colin Albury and Anthony
Darville were killed on the
night of March 23rd when their
car went off the road. It
sideswiped a power pole, then
alternately tumbled, bounced
and was airborne for another
360 feet. Also in the car was
Charles Burnside who was
wearing a seatbelt and sustained
injuries. The accident happened
on the Great Abaco Highway
close to the Cherokee turn off.
The car, a 1996 Chevrolet
Camero, landed in a thicket but
left no obvious path or trampled
trees which indicates that it was
bouncing well off the ground.
Colin Albury, the driver, was
thrown out of the car. Anthony

"Tony" Darville was in the
back seat and was crushed when
the trunk was smashed in.
Charles Burnside was asleep at
the time of the crash but was
not injured seriously. He was
able to climb out through the
window and get to the road to
get help. He was flown to
Nassau during the night but was
discharged the next day.
The car left a long skid mark
on the road before hitting the
pole. The impact of the car on
the pole was so great that the
pole snapped at the top from
whip lash. Debris from the car
was thrown off in a wide path
and included the hood, fenders,
PLEASE SEE Accident Page 31

Advance Clocks One
Hour on April 7th

Daylight Savings Time is in effect
at 2 a.m. April 7th. Set your clocks
ahead one hour at bedtime on the 6th
or early on the morning of the 7th.

Rosemae Mclntosh, from Fire Road, holds the Bible
and listens carefully to the oath being administered by
Magistrate Rengin Johnson

The Volume 4, Number 3 March 1996


The News of the Island
II _*

Heritage Day Celebrated in Hope

Town with Parade, Children & Music

Tlhe lighthouse was one or many uecorateu gut, ica ws vu .ra=.. .---,.,
awards, games & food were on the program. Story & photos, Pg 16

------n___ .1c-

Page 2 The AAbaconian March 1996

77% ftro Xaes. cSd#*o w"/""ae"f C # 6r m"P lo11

We often talk about improving our
communities and our island. We would
like to suggest one way many of us can
contribute to a better place and that is by
supporting our schools and libraries.
Every school on Abaco has a shortage
of books. The schools need general
reading books appropriate for all levels
of proficiency geared to all ages and
reading levels. Appropriate magazines
are also welcome as they tend to get the
students attention and get them interested
in reading.
In general, the schools and libraries in
Hope Town, Man-O-War, Guana Cay
and Green Turtle Cay get more support
than the other schools. This is a result of
their relatively large second homeowner
populations which are very supportive.
The schools further from the central
part of Abaco do not fare so well.
Reading books and text books are really
scarce in the schools in Little Abaco and
those to the south.
Here are several examples of groups
and individuals already involved. Mr.
Phillippe Berman, of Spanish Cay, has
recently "adopted" the S.C. Bootle High
School in Cooper's Town to provide
some help. Spanish Cay has opened a
fund for donations to help maintain the
physical structures at the school. They
have donated a microscope to the science
department and are getting up-to-date
programming for the school computers.
The developers are asking residents to
give talks on various careers and other
subjects they are conversant in.
Individuals in Green Turtle Cay
provided a number of computers, both
for the Amy Roberts All Age School and
the S.C. Bootle High School in Cooper's
We understand that the residential
development outside Crossing Rocks has
made contributions to the school there.
The new Bahasea processing plant in
Crown Haven has plans for assisting the
educational system in their area.
Moore's Island recently received
sewing machines from Barclays Bank
which were facilitated by Nettica
Symonette. She has also adopted this
school and brought students to her
Casuarina Point Difference of Abaco
facility for work experience and exposure
to outside ideas. Hopefully Grand Cay
receives some degree of assistance from
neighboring Walkers Cay.
These projects are all very
commendable and maybe give others
ideas of how they can help. One simple
way for those who have access to sources
is to donate books.
Local libraries are frequently used by
students for homework and for doing
research work. They are always grateful
for any appropriate books, both for
children and adults, reference books and
magazines. Books with lots of pictures
and reader appeal would be most

The Abaconian
David & Kathleen Ralph, Editors & Publishers
P O Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas

Donating books is a helpful exercise
that is generally cost free. School
systems in the States discard books by
the ton and these books are usually
available with a minor amount of
inquiry. Usually someone must pick them
out, pack them in boxes, and arrange to
get them to the docks in West Palm
Beach. Ocean freight will frequently be
donated by the shipping firms if prior
contact is made.

Consider giving a magazine
subscription to the school or library of
your choice. Also pass on your current
magazines for others to enjoy. Popular
magazines include National Geographic,
World (the National Geographic
Magazine for youth) and for younger
children Ranger Rick.
If anyone wants to donate computers,
we ask that they be new enough to accept
programs available today and that they
are operational. We do not have adequate
technicians to service and repair old

If you would consider helping any of
the schools or libraries on Abaco, see a
local official who knows the need. Or
contact us if you want more information
for donating books or school items.
The future of Abaco will be directly
affected by the children that are being
educated now. We need to interest young
people in reading and the pleasures of the
printed page. People who read are people
who are learning no matter what their

le tn.o t roet : .

ff OpePaf/OK Fotefed100 ropth

Dear Editor:
I would like to comment on a few of
the items in Steve Dodge's letter
published last month concerning the
Owens-Illinois logging operation on
Abaco during the 1960s.
The Haitian labour used by 0-I was
not recruited and brought to Abaco.
Most were remnants of the S & M Farm
which predates the Owens Illinois
operation and was a continuation of the
farm project started by Mr. Crockett.
The Haitians employed were found
here and hired at prevailing wages after
completing all Immigration requirements.
They worked hard but were well paid for
their efforts. At the conclusion of the
cutting operation on Andros, they were
returned to Haiti at the company's
Mr. Dodge "presumes" they were paid
at the lowest rate. They were paid a piece
rate based on the cords of wood cut. This
gave the top cutters very good pay and
even the less motivated made real wages.
The Haitians did not have a separate pay
As a native of Abaco, I also take
exception to his remark that "a valuable
Abaco" resource (the pine forest) was
damaged with profits going to the States
and not benefitting Abaco.
Regular jobs that paid wages were
scarce on Abaco in the 1950s. My first
job in 1958 paid $.70 per hour for part
time work at the Crockett Shipyard in
Marsh Harbour. There were few boats to
be worked on. It was common to see only
one boat anchored in the harbour. In fact
there were so few houses and boats that it
was acceptable to hunt ducks in the
harbour without upsetting anyone.
I later went to work at the S & M farm
for $.56/hour which was less per hour but
the work was steady. In 1961 I began
working for 0-1 as a mechanic trainee for
$.70/hour. The wages paid were within
the Abaco pay scale for that time.
The pay increases and promotions were
all good and I stayed with them for 18

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years. My memory of their motto was
"Their biggest asset is their employees."
In terms of exploiting Abaco, I think
we got a fair share. The road was
constructed from Marsh Harbour to
Blackwood in the north. Cooper's Town
already had a "tract" road to Blackwood
and this gave the northern residents
access to Marsh Harbour.
Owens Illinois built the road to Sandy
Point which connected them and Crossing
Rocks to the rest of Abaco.
It took government 25 years to pave
these roads after Owens Illinois left. I
would ask Mr. Dodge, without O-I, when
does he think the Abaco economy would
have required government to make the 80
plus miles of major roads necessary to
connect these remote settlements?
Marsh Harbour has grown from a
sleepy out-island settlement to the third
largest town in the Bahamas and I believe
this road network contributed greatly to
this growth.
I think we got a fair swap, trees for
roads with other benefits thrown in.

Perhaps the trees are not growing back as
fast as predicted but they are growing
back. What would we have done with full
forests ten years ago? Or what will we do
with the trees when the forests are full in
ten more years?
Some of the prime forest land has been
converted to agriculture which is a legacy
of the Owens-Illinois sugar operation.
They cleared 20,000 acres which is now
being converted to farm lands. No one
seems to mourn the loss of these trees in
exchange for job and crops. Many
secondary logging roads have been
improved and have allowed access for
residential development and investment.
Even bird and parrot watching is now an
option made available on the old logging
Even before the closing of the sugar
project, Owens Illinois had helped
prepare Abaco to hold its own in the
modern world.
I am satisfied that Abaco is better off
for their having been here.
Hubert Bethel

Do k't B/ the /6/a 7That Fned 4

Recently we hired a local prominent
taxi driver to take us on a trip to the
south end of Abaco to see the lovely
beaches and wild life. This taxi driver is
well known for taking tourists to see the
On our journey the driver tossed his
soda can out the window onto the side of
the newly paved Abaco highway.
We were all silently appalled but as
visitors to your country, we hesitated to
make him stop so that we could retrieve
"his" trash.

We are surprised that anyone who
makes a living taking visitors to enjoy
Abaco's natural environment would be so
uncaring of that beauty.
Needless to say his tip went out the
window with the soda can.
Sir, Who is expected to clean up after
you? And how long will you be able to
get people to pay to travel along a
highway to gaze at trash?
Duane Slaugh

SKathy M. O'KeUleer
ROLEX aju t t I Manager

BAHMASEstashed 1929
Watches, Jewellery, Perfumes, Cameras, & Leather Goods

P.O. BOX AB-20084 TEL: (809) 367-2473
Next to Mangoes Restaurant Hour 900 a.m. 500 p.m.
on the harbour) Monday Saturday

MaFLh Hlbptou Mg lecatronala

New 18" Satellite Antenna
/ Best Price in the Bahamas
150 Channels
Subscription Not Included
SIn-house & Field Service
on all Satellite Units
-Call 367-2894 for more information

March 1996

The AhaAmmninm Paoa &

TA cete6 q f ei"t r
Mr. Editor,
I write this letter to the Christian
church leaders: bishops, priests and
pastors of all denominations. Please note,
my words are not to discourage anyone
from attending church or putting in their
I write this letter because there are
many in various denominations like me
who have expressed their feelings
concerning the collection being in the
middle of the service.
Often I've heard Christian brothers
and sisters tell of wonderful services
their church has been experiencing and
they spoke about the anointing of the
Holy Spirit through praise and worship.
But lo and behold, someone stands to the
podium and says,"It is now time for the
collection." Suddenly that anointing is no
longer there. Next, it is expected that the
preacher will inspire the congregation
with his or her message or sermon. First
Thessalonians 5:16 tells us not to quench
the Holy Spirit. Often we do just that
with the collection.
It appears to me that services are
programmed with the collection as the
center of the attraction and the service
will not go any further until the
collection is taken and put away.
I ask the question why is it that the
collection has to interrupt the anointing
of the Holy Spirit? Why can't it be at the
end of the service? Are the leaders afraid
that people will walk out and not leave
their monies?
I strongly believe if an individual's
heart is right with God, he or she will
give gladly to the work of God.
The spiritual needs should be at the
center of one's heart and worship and not
the material things. May God bless.
Bradley Reckley

7/ a'7k to te Pastoe
The Man-O-War Church of God
would like to thank Bro. and Sis.
DuBose and family for the wonderful
seven years of pastoring our church. We
wish you all the best as you seek to do
God's Will. You will be a big miss to
our church as well as to our community.
Our love and prayers will go with you
Church of God Congregation
In the last issue of the Abaconian,
mention was made of a number of
unsightly properties. One of the pieces
mentioned was the property opposite
Spooners that belongs to Maurdee
Albury. In reality, this property was
being cleared to make way for a new
shopping area which is now underway.
The letter-writer regrets the mistake.

Elbow Cay on White Sound
near Hope Town

if "awe
Romeutil trelical reems
o* both *es* eld sound
Free beat deskian
Seule bar serving your
favorite frozen drinks
Wonderful fed served
over looking the eel**
Breakfast, Luak and
Dinner a sl earte
Corre by boat, or call
to be picked up in
Hope Town
Reservation requested
but not required
VHF 16 Phone 366-0133

On March 13th a man was hanged in
Nassau and two others are scheduled to
hang within the month. These death
sentences have created a great deal of
reaction, among ordinary Bahamian
people, human rights groups, churches
and foreign countries. This was the first
execution in the Bahamas in 12 years and
the people of the country are quite
divided about it.
In Abaco we have had three heinous
murders which have shocked all of us.
The Hennings were stabbed to death in
their home at Treasure Cay in 1994 and
Yvonne Curry was strangled in Marsh
Harbour in August 1995 in Marsh
Harbour. The perpetrator of the Henning
murders was convicted of the crime and
has been sentenced to die. He is on death
row at this time. The suspect of Miss
Curry's murder is awaiting trial.
Many in Abaco knew the victims and

many know the accused. The families of
both the victims and the accused are also
well known..
The Abaconian has asked a few of our
readers for their opinions of the death
sentence. We feel that this is a topic
which should be considered very
seriously. We would like to hear from
many more. Let us hear from you. Either
write us and mail it to P.O. Box AB
20551, Marsh Harbour or take it to the
Print Shop in Marsh Harbour Shopping
Center or phone us at 367-2677. We will
want to know who you are and what
town you live in. However, if you want,
we will keep your name in strict
A Resident of Marsh Harbour, a
Public Officer for Many Years
I feel that capital punishment is very
un-Christian, it's barbaric and it has been
proved that it is not a deterrent. I would

P/55Ev T w ORL L


I :.Qo l

Yoi Jcs Too,

cfKvl3~ r, 1~E3 (

like to think that it is unconstitutional but
that would be difficult to prove. And I've
felt this way for 30 years. Bahamians
have not thought this through, they are
reacting from a purely emotional
viewpoint. They need to think it through
philosophically. But I also feel that the
criminals should be made to work and
the money given to the victims' families.
This money could go for education or
any purpose.
A Businessman in Treasure Cay
I believe in capital punishment. If you
commit a crime you should know the
punishment for that crime before you
commit it. If you commit the crime, then
you need to pay your dues. However, I
do have mixed emotions. 1 have feelings
of sympathy for the families of both the
victims and the accused. I was a friend


SrChelseds Cfioice


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,A4 4

OMII 1A 1 111 1,1 Pm m iAmi


S/3 C(0o / N


Page 30



Page 4 The Abaeonian March 1996

South Abaco

Cherokee Sound
By Lee Pinder
The Cherokee All-Age Primary
School is getting ready to participate in
the annual Banner Day Parade in Marsh
Harbour at the end of this month. The
parents are encouraged to come out and
support your children and their school.
Easter is right around the corner and
besides the regular church services on
Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter
Sunday, we are expecting to have an
Easter egg competition at the school.
There will also be an Easter egg hunt for
the small children after the Easter service
at the Methodist Church.
It seems Batelco left out the listing for
Cherokee Food Fair in their new
directory for 1996....Shame on them! In
case you don't have an old directory and
need to call them, the number is 366-
2022 (or Channel 16 on the VHF).
Softball fans will be happy to see that
the Tiki Hut has been moved away from
the first base line and has actually been
rebuilt off the third base line where it
will come in handy as a food stall during
the games or just a nice place to have a
picnic any other time. I'm sure everyone
will want to thank Greg and Troy and
others who worked so hard to move the
Hut...Thanks a lot, you guys.
The ancient art of Karate has come to
Cherokee. Although a few young people
have previously gone into Marsh Harbour
for instructions, classes moved to the
Cherokee schoolhouse on Friday
evenings. Both boys and girls alike
ranging in age from eight years old to
seventeen participated. There was a lot of
excitement and plenty of enthusiasm.
Who knows, we may have another Chuck
Norris in our midst, but only time will
Recently the Assemblies of God
Church in Cherokee received a new coat
of paint and it certainly looks nice. And
we understand the Methodist Church is
also in the process of doing some
sprucing up. They too are getting a new
paint job that will return the building
colour back to pink, as it was in the old
former times. In addition, they have just
installed a microphone and loud speaker
system which will certainly be a help to
the "hard-of hearing" as well as the
"back-benchers." It is something that has
been needed for a long time.
The Little Harbour road has finally
been graded and we understand the road
is better than it has ever been. Also,
barring any heavy rainfalls within the
near future, the Cherokee road is in very

There is a store
Sat the
Sunsail Marina & Resort
in Marsh Harbour


Easy access for boaters (right
by Sunsail's dinghy dock)

Open to the public seven days
a week (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
Phone 36 7-3889
Gourmet selection

good condition after recently being
graded. Residents and visitors alike are
happy to have the nice road to travel on.
Sandy Point
By Ruth Flowers
Easter weekend will be a busy one in
Sandy Point. On April 7 they plan a
Musical Night at Mt. Zion Baptist
Church at 7:00 p.m. This is expected to
be an entertaining evening.
Sandy Point is expecting many guests
from Nassau, most of them will be
coming just for Easter Monday. The
activities for that day will include
bonefishing, boating, and maybe trips to
Gorda Cay, the location of a future
Disney project.
A group from North Carolina headed
by Rev. Gittons and Bro. Capp are
holding a seminar for Sunday School
teachers at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church.
They met through the week and had a
worship service there on Sunday.
Evangelist Ricardo Grant of Freeport
had revival services at the Sandy Point
Assembly of God.
Sandy Point is very proud of their
basketball team, the Sandy Point Kalik
Royals, which are in top position going
into the final games in the basketball
The Sandy Point airstrip is almost
finished. It lacks the final coat of paving.
We are very thankful to now have a good
airstrip. The land is measured out for a
building to make it more comfortable for
those waiting for flights.

Moore' s Island News
By Kenneth Owen
All three Baptist churches on Moore's
Island have been in the process of
building new churches over the past three
years or so. St. Matthew's new building
should be ready for occupation by next
Christmas. Zion is going to take a little
longer but will not be far behind.
Greater Bethel, pastored by Rev.
Haywood Swain, held their first service
in their new building on Sunday, the 10th
of March. Dedication of the church is

planned for August of this year.
All three churches are bigger and
roomier than the old structures which had
become too small to accommodate all
their respective members. Materials and
labour were supplied by the members -
no outside contractors at all. This speaks
volumes for the spiritual condition of
Moore's Islanders as well as for their
spirit of independence. The church here is
The Moore's Island Lobsters are still
performing well this season They won
their two last games so they do not need
to play a third one but now move on to
the semi-finals to be held at Dundas
Town on the 15th of March. They will be
playing against Treasure Cay or Cooper's
Town. If, or rather, when they win the
semi-finals, they will be against Sandy
Point. That should be a game well worth
watching as the Sandy Point team are
eminently worthy opponents. May the
better team win.
School News
Despite all the building and renovating
going on around the school, it was
decided to have a Fun Day on Friday, the

8th of March to swell much needed
school funds. It may be recalled that
successive cold fronts were passing over
the Bahamas at this time and on the
morning of the 8th, it was raining and
cold. Nature, however, smiled on us. By
noon the sun was out and Fun Day was
only half an hour late starting. It was
very well supported by the business
community and by the parent. Everyone
had an enjoyable time and the financial
returns went beyond expectations.

E SAELP SEE South Aleco


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SprIng Art Festival
April 26th

Mw'arsh yfawbowu

eo-bacs Cer"atiaics

-- -
Bahamian Handmade Ceramic Qifts, Souvenirs & Jewelry
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Abaco Ceramics also sold at Barefoot Qifts & Abaco Treasures Marsh Harbour
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The Abaeonlan Page 5

Airline News

American Eagle Quits
Treasure Cay Service
American Eagle Airline has announced
that it will discontinue service to
Treasure Cay beginning May 1st. The
reason for the cancellation is that the
Treasure Cay flight was not profitable. It
was not because of the lack of a tower or
other equipment at that facility.
Amprican Eagle flights will continue
into Marsh Harbour. They have one daily
flight to Miami and upgraded the service
on March 2nd by using a Saab 340
aircraft which hold 34 passengers.

Gulfstream Begins
Flight to Palm Beach
Gulfstream has announced that it will
begin service from Marsh Harbour into
West Palm Beach. Initially on April 13th
and 20th there will be one flight daily.
After that, there will be flights on
Friday, Saturdays and Sundays and they
plan to use a Beech 1900 which is a
pressurized 19-passenger plane. Flights
on Friday and Sundays will depart at 2
p.m. Flights on Saturdays will depart at
11 a.m.

Canadian artist Don Barnes made a new sign in his Marsh Harbour studio welcoming
everyone to Sandy Point. The original art work adds a pleasant touch to a scenic town.

South Abaco FROM Page 4

tMention should be made of the
outstanding contributions given by Mr.
and Mrs. Laing of Sunlight Food Store of
the Plantation Mall, Ms."Queenie" Rolle
of Queenie's Store, Lowe's Pharmacy of
Marsh Harbour, Abaco Central High of
Murphy Town, Mrs. Symonette of "The
Different of Abaco", Mr. and Mrs. Jones
of "Come-See-Me" Groceries, Mrs. Vera
Davis and Rebecca of Davis Variety
Store, Mrs. Ettamae Swain of Swain's
Take-Away, Mr. Rolle of J&J Seafoods
and the massive support of the parents
and guardians.
On the week ending the 2nd of March
one of the gable end walls of the old
school building was found to have cracks
that would need steel reinforcements to
make it safe. As a result grades 1 to 3
-1 ""-1at ay home for two days. They are
now accommodated in the new
administration building and in what used
to be the Principal's office cum Staff
room. The teachers and their little
charges have adjusted well to their new
quarters. They will be moved to the three
new classrooms as soon as they are
This setback means that considerably
more work will need to be done on the
old building which could mean, sotpe
delay in completing the whole project.
The gale force winds experienced from
the 9th to the 11th of March brought
downa some of the scaffolding
unrounding the old building and, like the
rest of-Abaco, there was no school on the
Monday. All is now back on track,
however, and plans are being made to
send a party of 20 students to Green
Turtle Cay to experience CASH 3 on the
17th bf March.,.

r,.I '. ifto/^. <,, ,.

. w y i.., .it la

(V. 2a5vi, & M4<. ,I R -ioffeL
TOUT 4:;4U) 2& 6Un&L
'2ou <=uf Tn

Today, the 13th of March, the little 4th
graders will be given a puzzle to decode
in their Religious Knowledge lesson. If
they solve it correctly, it will be a
quotation from Matthew 6:14.' "For if
you forgive men when they sin against
you, your heavenly Father will also
forgive you." On this same day a map
will be executed and buried at the Old
Trail Cemetery in Nassau:


Main Street Grill

Sandwich Shop

Royal Harbour Village, Marsh Harbour

March 1996

Page 6 The Abaconian March 1996

North Abaco

Treasure Cay
Humane Society
On January 31st we had our first Pet
Clinic at Jerry Robert's garage on
Galleon Bay Road with Dr. Hanna and
his invaluable assistant Carole from
Freeport. Enough dogs and cats arrived
for spaying, neutering or examination
and shots to make it a successful day for
the vet as well as a social event for all
those involved.
We expect to have a second clinic
within 60 days, and you will be notified
at the Community Center, Post Office
and shopping center bulletin boards. It
should be to your advantage to come as
Dr. Hanna gives the Humane Society a
50% discount for spaying and neutering.
Our next project is the dogs at the
dump, most of whom are diseased. With
your help we can solve this very serious
problem. We need donations in order to
do this and will appreciate any help you
can give.
We are small in number and welcome
more volunteers to help with the task of
picking up cats and dogs in your
neighborhood or from owners who have
requested this service for the next clinic.
If you have a particular problem with
animals in your neighborhood, please let
us know Jerry Roberts, Galleon Bay
Road, VHF channel 80 or Anne Brerton,
Beach Villa #526, Phone 365-8978.
Address your donations and/or comments
to Jerry Roberts, P.O. Box AB 22175,
Treasure Cay.
Fire Destroys Home
A fire swept through the home of Don

and Shirley Wilson of Treasure Cay on
the morning of March llth. The couple
were asleep in the home when passersby
noticed smoke coming from the roof.
The house was completely burned down
despite the efforts of two fire trucks from
Marsh Harbour. They were joined by the
truck from the Treasure Cay airport.
The fire is believed to have begun
from a fire in the fireplace the night
Medical Centre Will Open
The new medical clinic at Treasure,
the Corbett Medical Centre, will
officially open on April 13th. The clinic
is located just behind the Community
Centre and will be available for everyone
in the Treasure Cay area.
The clinic was built on land donated
by the owner of Treasure Cay, Mr.
Alfred Meister. It was financed by
donations by Treasure Cay property
Dr. Ron Wilson is the resident doctor
for Treasure Cay and is assisted by
visiting specialists.
The Corbett Medical Centre will have
an Open House on April 13th from 4 to
6 p.m. to observe this significant

Fire Road
By Jeffery Cooper
The Fire Road community and the
youth of St. Andrews Baptist Church
take this opportunity to congratulate Mr.
Kenneth Strachan for his outstanding
achievement in the Bahama Host 13th
Abaco Session held in Cooper's Town.
May God continue to bless you.

Mrs. Cassandra Rolle of Fire Road is
pleased to announce the engagement of
her daughter, Janet Louise Nelson, to
Steven Albert Johnson, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Johnson of Nassau.
The couple are planning for a summer
wedding on July 27th at the Full Gospel
Assembly of God in Treasure Cay.

Cooper's Town
By Kenneth Romer
A Deacon's Conference is being held
at St. Andrews Church in Fire Road.
There will be an Cultural
Extravaganza in Mount Hope on Labour
Day, June 7th. They are asking for

PLEASE SEE North Abaco

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Janet Louise Nelson and Steven Albert Johnson announce their engagement.


Typewriters, Copiers, Calculators
Sales & Service
SPhilip Hall
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Locaed.a th Entanc to re Abao Bach ote




Participants of the Bahamahost programme held recently in Cooper's Town proud
at their graduation. They are joined by their Ministry of Tourism officials a.
dignitaries. Photo by Jeffer

North Abaco FROM Page 6
anyone interested in participating to
contact them.
Mr. Green, Principal of S.C. Bootle
High School, is heading the Community
Develop Activity Committee for
Northern Abaco. They are trying to get
interested persons to register to be part
of the committee.
Bahamahost Programme
By Jeffery Cooper
The Ministry of Tourism offered their
Bahamahost course at Cooper's Town
during February and held their
graduation ceremony on March 3rd. This
was their 13th session on Abaco.
Mrs. Beverley Saunders, from the
Tourism office was the guest speaker and
also presented the awards.
Twenty-seven participants completed
the course. This included six students. It
was one of the students, Kenneth
Strachan, who had the highest grade for
the course. The participants included

'a~ s~ 9 d
I uu LSI ~5r ~_

I- On March 14th approximately 70
public officers from the entire island of
Abaco attended a meeting in Marsh
YHarbour intended to be a get-acquainted
time as well as a meeting to set goals and
form committees for the public officers.
Commissioner Hart addressed the
group stressing that public officers were
to be leaders, working together to leave
something in the community. The
Commissioner stressed that on Abaco
there is much talent, money and people
but the island needs leadership to
accomplish long-term goals. Mr. Hart
idly pose spoke of how the public officers had
nd other already formed a choir which has sung at
y Cooper several events.
A number of committees were formed
which will target various projects. These
included sports, travel, a. multi-purpose
auditorium, a cultural committee and a
garden committee. The Commissioner is
expecting the public officers to take the
lead in achieving the goals.
Commissioner Jack Thompson of
North Abaco and Commissioner Preston
Cunningham of South Abaco also spoke
to the group.
The group expressed their sympathy
for Mr. Newbold of Immigration in the
recent loss of his son and took up a

some from government, some
professional business persons and taxi

and the
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The bank for Bahamlans
OABACO: Marsh Harbour6

March 1996 The Abaco
Public Officers Meet

nian Page 7



, -i

collection totaling more than $120 to be
given to him to show their concern.

Jfappy -zir/dauy
/0 my oarnq a wire

YOycefyn CIXC DlnOS4
cefleraled Aer 29/ 6ir/dafy on
/ie 25/1 of 'fKarc. 9 ope / al
9od granIs you a fong, lony qife
because you are soooo.... special
/o me and you made my ufe
7,rom your husband JNO7(C18r5

Page 8 The Abhaonian March 1996

Central Abaco
Dundas Town and
Murphy Town
By Royann Swain
Fourteen-month-old Ashay Brice died I
at the Princess Margaret Hospital in I
Nassau on Saturday, February 24th.
Little Ashay suddenly -took ill on
Saturday evening and had to be flown to,
Nassau to seek medical attention. She
died while waiting in the emergency
room. A funeral service was held on
March 2nd at Zion Baptist Church,
Murphy Town. Rev. Christopher Dean
and Elder Lernis Cornish officiated and Marriage
interment was made in the Murphy Town The wedding of Mr. Huel Frederick
Public Cemetery. Moss and Ms. Charmica Banette Kelly
Ashay is survived by her parents Israel took place on February 23rd at the
Brice and Rochelle (Shelly) Dawkins Church of God in Dundas Town. The
Brice; grandparents Benjamin and wedding ceremony began at 7:30 a.m.
Willamae Dawkins; grandfather Buddy and Pastor Keith Russell and Elder
Armstrong; two brothers, Traz Nixon Lernis Cornish officiated. Soloist at the The Sixth Abaco Bahamas Scout Troop would like to send a grateful Thank You to all
and Tre Dawkins; one sister, Asia Brice, church was Master Takio Moss. Father those who supported them during their Cookie Drive. Special thanks goes to Solomon's
many aunts, uncles and other relatives. Giver was Mr. Philip Johnson of Nassau, Wholesale of Marsh Harbour and Mr. Oswald Roberts for being gracious sponsors and
We would like to extend our sincere Matron of Honour was Mrs. Christine for having confidence in the boys. The picture shows in uniform Scout Leader Huel Moss,
heart-felt sympathy to the Brice and Bostwick, Best Man was Mr. Willard Jr. Denero McIntosh, Nisheroan Newbold and Chevano Cooper taking delivery of some
Dawkins family. PLEASE SEE Central Abaco Page 9 of the cookies at Solomon's. Also shown are Mr. Roberts and other employees of Solomon
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March 1996

The Abaconan Page 9

Human Bones Discovered on Guana Cay

By Christina Pinder
With all of the development taking
place on Great Guana Cay, many things
are changing. New buildings are being
constructed, roads are being made and
with' this progress there has been
uprooting of trees and the soil is being
turned.j Recently Mrs. Nancy Meister
made a discovery. This is the way it
"As I was walking home one day from
the .settlement on Guana Cay, I looked

Central Abaco FROM Page 8
Moxey of Nassau and Flower Girl and
Ring bearer were Little Miss Latonya
Moss and Master Latario Moss.
A breakfast reception followed at the
scenic Bayview Restaurant. Master of
Ceremonies was Mr. Cephas Cooper.
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Huel
By Charles Nightingale
It seems like we just wrote out the last
Abaconian "News Notes" but that is only
a sign that time does fly when we are
busy and happy.
Is anyone interested in a local Chess
Club or a Family Board Game Night.
Probably there is a business that would
welcome our patronage where we could
meet weekly.
The Annual Rotary Road Race was
well patronized by the surrounding
settlements. Our own local favourite,
Dundas Town's Kipling Armbrister, lost
the coveted "fastest man on Abaco" lan
Ward Trophy to Abaco Central's 10th
grader, Fedner Baptiste. We all thought
that Rotary's Peter Sexton did an
excellent organizing job. That race
brought back memories going back to
1981 when Perry Cooke and I used to
pace each other to the Airport Round-
The Murphy Town Burial Society met
the 13th of February for a well supported
annual meeting called by President
William Swain. Secretary Alice
Nightingale, attending the doctor in
Nassau was recognized with two
bouquets of flowers from her society's
brothers and sisters.
The Baha'i Community celebrated
their Intercalary Days with a children's
party and an adult party at Myrtle
Murray's house. They invite the public to
join them to celebrate their New Year on
March the 21st.
We have a sparkling new Esso gas
station just outside Murphy Town on the
Treasure Cay Highway, Lucky Three.
They are Glen McDonald, Eugene
Dawkins and Henley Dawkins.




-Project Manag'ement-
~ Inspections-

(Qantity Surveyor

PHONE 809-366-o504

down and thought I had found a lovely
piece of driftwood. With curiosity I
picked up the artifact and found it to be
a human femur, which was most
surprising! With this I looked more.
closely and there was a round piece of
bone sticking out of the dirt. Picking it
up, I gently brushed away the dirt and
found it was a human skull. I returned
home and told my husband Jim what I
had come upon. We went back to the site
and found another skull and two sets of
teeth. Two skeletons were close together
and then about twenty yards away we
found other bones."
There have been stories told that long
ago there was a shipwreck off Guana
Cay. This is thought to have taken place
on the north side off High Rocks. This is
about two miles east of Great Guana Cay
settlement. According to Mr. Victor

Bethel, he remembers his grandparents
talking about the wreck off High Rocks.
The day after Mrs. Meister's
discovery, she went to Marsh Harbour
and talked with the police. They came
over to visit the site. They removed the
skeletons and sent them to Nassau to the
archives for Dr. Gail Saunders to do
some in-depth studies and tests.
This week Ms. Kim Outten and Ms.
Olivia Turner visited Great Guana and
went to the site. No other artifacts were
found as to date. It's thought that the
bones are too big to be those of the
Lucayans since they were a smaller
framed people. There are many options
and speculations but nothing can be
determined definitely until the bones can
be sent away and examined more closely
and studied in depth.

The Abaconian contacted Mrs. Turner
at the Department of Archives who had a
report on the bones. They are definitely
not Lucayan but probably are at least
100 years old. They could have been
from early settlers or survivors from a
At the request of the owners of the
property, a group of three from that
Department went to Guana to study the
area. The area had been bulldozed and
disturbed to the extent that they did not
find any more bones nor could they find
indications or artifacts which would give
them any better knowledge of the
circumstances of the burial or of the
date. They determined that it was not a
sacred burial ground.
Mrs. Turner said that carbon dating
would not be reliable for these bones
because they are so recent.

Smuggling Law Tougher

The Bahamas' immigration laws are
being amended to give stiffer fines and
jail terms to Bahamians found guilty of
smuggling illegal immigrants.
The amendment which passed the
House of Assembly in mid-February will
mean that smugglers will face fines of

$5,000 per person smuggled, up to two
years in prison and may include the
confiscation of the aircraft or boats used
in the smuggling operation. This applies
to those smuggling illegal immigrants
into the Bahamas as well as those
smuggling illegal immigrants out of The

Abaco is one of the islands which is
involved in smuggling operations. The
amendment will also apply to anyone
who assists in the illegal arrival or
departure of illegal immigrants.



Page 10 The Abaconlan March 1996

School Happenings

S.C. Bootle
High School
By Kenneth Romer
The S.C. Bootle High School has its
computer lab operational. They have
eight computers functional and are
offering instruction to all 10th and 11th
grade students. After school hours
instructions will be offered to community
persons and they will tailor the
instruction to specific groups as
government offices and businesses
upgrade to using computers. National
Insurance is hoping to soon become
The high school has a new club, the
Young Christians Jamz. It' purpose is to
be a positive influence in the young
peoples' lives. It has spiritual overtones
and it is hoped will be an influence
against negative peer pressure. They are
undertaking several beautification
projects. They are beginning by painting
garbage cans and cleaning along the
shoreline. The students are quite excited
about this club and are enthusiastic about
their projects. The advisor for it is Mr.
The high school now has a security
booth. They have suffered vandalism
lately and will soon be posting a guard
there. The booth will make his job more
At the end of the month the high
school will hold its Mr. and Mrs. S.C.
Bootle Pageant which will include a
talent and beauty contest.
Several S.C. Bootle students will be
leaving for Nassau for the Carifta trials.

Two years ago their student, Mallorie
McIntosh won 2nd place at the Carifta

Guana Cay School
Let's Read Bahamas
The Guana Cay All Age School is
celebrating the Second Annual Let's Read
Bahamas project. The goal for this
project is to have a literate Bahamas.
Many schools had book reading contests
locally and a contest was sponsored by
the Ministry of Education. In this school
of fourteen pupils, one hundred twenty
books were read. The Bookworm Contest
winners were Blake Sands and Mindy
Sands. The winners of the contest
sponsored by the Ministry of Education
were Caralee Bethel, Matthew Bethel and
Shannon L. Roberts. Congratulations,
kids, for a job well done. The winners
will receive special prizes. Since all of
the students really applied themselves,
we celebrated with a Pizza Hut Pizza
Party which everyone enjoyed.
We had the unveiling of a bulletin
board that is posted on the southwest side
of the school. The students drew pictures
and made up slogans which were put on
display. This was done hoping that
people in the community and passers-by
would be encouraged to read.
We also had a visitor, Mrs. Margaret
Glasscock, do some choral speaking of
the poem the Highwayman by Alfred
Noyes. Fifty nine years ago, as a senior
in high school, she competed and won a
trip to Auburn University. This
encouraged the kids to read and several
students are competing in the National

Arts Festival. Mindy Sands, Heather
Sands and Blake Sands are reciting two
poems each, while Natasha Bethel, Lynn
Roberts and Caralee Bethel are
competing in the music competition.

Lynn will play two pieces on the piano.
Good luck students! Set your goals high
and don't stop till you attain your goal!
The All Age School had a dinner sale
on the 23rd of March. Funds are in aid

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More Scho-ol Happenings

of air conditioning units and books for
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Abaco Central
Secondary School

VIP Year -25th Anniversary
By Royann Swain
This year marks the 25th anniversary
of the Abaco Central Secondary School!
Since this is such a special year for the
school, numerous activities are being
planned to celebrate this special
anniversary. Originally, the week of
celebrations was scheduled to commence
on March 17th through March 22nd.
However, due to circumstances beyond
our control, we had to postpone the
celebrations. The new dates will be
announced later.
We are presently in the process of
beautifying the school grounds in
preparation for our festive week. We
anticipate having the yard beautifully
landscaped and all the driveways paved.
While we will be celebrating our 25th
anniversary, we also hope to celebrate a
school reunion at the same time. We
would, therefore, like to use this
opportunity to invite all the past students
of Abaco Central High School to come
back and celebrate this special week with
us. There are many students who now
reside in Nassau and Freeport who
attended the school when it first started in
Spring City, 1971. We would certainly
like to have those students join in the
In addition to reuniting with former
students, we also have plans to invite all
Former principals and teachers of Abaco
Central High to come back during thai
week. We would like to make this a
grand event.
Some of the activities planned for the
week include a church service to begin
the celebrations, an evening of sports, fun
and games, a social evening reminiscing
and card games, fashion and talent show
and the highlight of the celebrations a
banquet at the Great Abaco Beach Hotel.
The official opening of the new school
building will be on the final day of the
week and will culminate the celebrations.
The new school building will be
opened by Prime Minister Hubert
Ingraham, who will be accompanied by
the Minister of Education, Dame Dr. Ivy
Dumont, the Director of Education Mrs.

I^ ?' IRTrlI

Zelma Dean, and other officials from the
Ministry of Education.
We will also be selling Tshirts and
souvenir booklets (at a small cost) during
that week. Your support will be greatly
appreciated. We will have an up-date on
the anniversary celebrations in the next
issue of The Abaconian.
Finally, the school sends it very best
wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Huel Moss on
their recent marriage. Mr. Moss is our
resident marine biologist and leader of the
Abaco Central Scout Troop.
Hope Town
School News
Hope Town School student, Olivia
Patterson, aged 12, recently received
word from London, England, that her
entry in the Commonwealth Essay Contest
had received a Commendation. Olivia's
entry followed the theme "Is There an
Animal in Your Country on the
Endangered List? If so, can it be saved
from extinction and what can you do
personally to achieve this?"
Olivia wrote about the Bahama Parrot
and how she had taken part in the Abaco
Census for the Parrot and how her class
had written to the Prime Minister about
developing a National Park to ensure it
survived and thrived. She told of the skit
she had taken part in during a recent
Earth Day that explained the parrot's
plight to the audience. She also included


...T t*-

From I. to r. Asst. Dir. of Fisheries, Earl Deleveaux, Candace Key, Gislaine Joseph, Cha
Boyce, Crystal Malone, Minister Dupuch, Olivia Patterson, M.P. Robert Sweeting and
Dave Helmecki, pose with with the prestigious "50 Communities Award" presented to

Friends of the Environment by the United
a poem the class had written about the
beautiful green bird.
The annual essay contest received
5,700 entries from 1,175 schools
throughout the Commonwealth countries
of the world. This recent contest was
entered by ten schools from the Bahamas.
Congratulations, Olivia!
St. Francis de Sales
St. Francis' Annual School Fair on the
16th of March was a great success. The

Nations (jointly) with Clean Islands

Harbour View

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Ice, Water & Fuel


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March 1996

The Abaeonian Pa e 11



' , *

Page 12 The Abaeonlan March 1996

Sports Reports

Abaco Central
High School
As promised in last month's
Abaconian, it has been a very busy
month for the high school's sports
enthusiasts with a number of very big
fixtures taking place in February and
ACH Mighty Marlins Basketball
A fourteen member basketball team
coached by Mr. Pat Smith and Mr.
Claudius Henshell travelled to New
Providence to participate in the 14th
Annual JLH ugh Campll Tournament. IThe
Marlins started the tournament in superb
form, defeating the L.N. Coakley
Panthers from Exuma 79-66 and
Hawksbill High 75-71, with Yacasta
Woodside, Emmerson Henchell and John
Dawkins leading the points scoring.
In the play offs, the Marlins met the
Big Red Machine of St. Augustine
College. In a closely contested game
which required two overtime periods, the
Marlins were narrowly defeated 51-47.
In their final game against L.W. Young,
the Marlins found themselves trailing

Jamal McDonald, ACH's most 4
outstanding performance, ist in Students at the track meet run in their lane
Intermediate Boys 100m, 1st (by a long on the newly marked pavement at Abaco
way!) in 200m, anchor leg of winning 4 x central igh School.
100m relay team.

early on and despite a brave fight back,
they finally went down 84-71 with Stan
Kemp contributing 21 points.
Coach Smith was very pleased with
the team's overall performance and their
final ranking of 6th out of the 36
participating schools.
Track and Field
The annual Inter-House Track and

Field meet took place on February 22nd
and was even more closely contested than
in the previous years. All day the lead
changed hands between the three houses.
Just as the Caribs seemed to be stretching
their lead, along came an Arawak or
Lucayan to peg them back. Eventually,
however, Caribs ran out victors by the
narrow margin of 46 points, giving them

Berkley Williams, ACH's most outstanding
athlete, 1st in SeniorBoys 200m, 1st in
800m, Ist in 4 x lOOm, 1st in 4 x 400m.

the championship for the first time in
several years.
Several individual performances stood
out, particularly Aran Juniors, Alexandra
Green, Velma Strachan, Darryl Mills and
Condell Delancy; Taryn Russell and
Edward Roberts in the Intermediate
Division and from Seniors Carlos
Dawkins, Tarrah McBride, Berkley

You Will Find Six Smiling Ones
at Imperial Life, Marsh Harbour



Dove Plaza, Marsh Harbour, Abaco,
Telephone (809) 367-3432
Fax (809) 367-3299

Dashwell A. Flowers
Branch Manager

Judy Taylor
Marketing Assistant

A Charter Member of The AIDS Foundation

Kathryn Adderley
Sales Representative

Mark Gates
Sales Representative

Gleander Knowles
Sales Representative

Beryl Norris
Sales Representative

The Outboard Shop
A full line of Evinrude Motors and
Parts in Stock

Marsh Harbour 0 809-367-2703 VHF 16

Sea Spray Resort and Marina
Sea Side Villas
One & Two Bedroom Villas,, Boat Rentals
Informal Restaurant. Catering Service, Daily Baked Goods
Full Service Marina
20 Slips with Electricity, Water and Shell Fuels
White Sound, Elbow Cay
Call 809-366-0065 or FAX 366-0383 for Brochure or Information



Sports Reports continued

Williams, Fedner Baptiste and Demitrius
Inter School Track and Field
The close rivalry between S.C. Bootle
and Abaco Central resumed on Murphy
Town track on the 8th of March in the
Annual Inter-School Track and Field
For the first time, the track athletes
were given the luxury of being able to
run in correctly marked and measured
lanes, thanks to the hard work of Foster
Dorsett, Vice-President of the Bahamas
Amateur Athletic Association, who along
with Mr. Sexton, spent the entire
previous day marking out the lanes.
Special thanks should also go to Trans
Island Pavers, which surveyed the 400m.
track the previous weekend and to
Caribbean Constructors, which for the
second year running, donated materials to
help improve facilities for the field
The day began in gloomy conditions
and it appeared for a while as though the
meet would need rescheduling. However,
after a brief delay, all events were able
to continue with the exception of the
High Jump which, due to the dangerous
conditions of the take off area, had to be
It was clear from the start that Abaco
Central was clearly not going to release
their grip on the victor's trophy won last
year in emphatic style. Clear superiority
on the track was illustrated by a
sweeping performance in the relays,
where Abaco Central crossed the line
first in seven of the eight races.
Competition for places on the track team
is increasing, along with the realisation
amongst the students of the enjoyment
they can get from participating, and this
dominance of the relays clearly shows
strength in depth and a bright future for
the Marlins.
There were some outstanding
individual performances and some
"firsts" for Abaco Central, most notably
in the senior boys division where ACH
won every track event and were often
second as well. Encouragingly many of
these boys will still be around next year!
Unfortunately not Berkley Williams, who
in his final year went home with four
gold medals, including victory in the
200m and 800m. Intermediate sprinter
Jamal McDonald also deserves a special
mention as he demolished all opposition
in the 100m. and 200m. and snatched
victory in the last few yards of the 4 x
100m. relay. Our Junior girls, too, look

very good for the future showing a very
positive attitude and most importantly
clearly enjoy competing. Talking of girls'
performances, mum and dad must have
been proud of Chikera's victory in the
Senior Girls 200m. A nice way for
Chikera to complete her grade 12.

All the staff were very proud of our
teams and continue to encourage all
students in every aspect of their extra
curricular activities.
One member of our track team was
missing. Miss Opal Dawkins of Grade 9
was in Grand Bahama where she was

being crowned Miss Talented Teen.
Opal, who was second in the Exuma
Talent Show in February, went one
better in Grand Bahama after showing off
her wide variety of talents. Our
congratulations go to Opal.

Obituaries Residents and friends

Nathalie W. Hertz, 75, passed away
at her home in Treasure Cay on March
13th. She is survived by her husband,
William F. Hertz, step daughters Patricia
Shepard and Bonnie Joe Hertz, stepsons
William Hertz, Jr. and Sidney Eline, Sr.,
and many other relatives.
Nathalie contributed so much of
herself to the Treasure Cay community in
which she lived for more than 30 years.
She enjoyed her work and loved animals.
She was renowned for her beautiful rose
garden. Nathalie will be sorely missed by
her many friends in Treasure Cay, the
Abacos and throughout the Bahamas.
Memorial tributes may be sent to the
Treasure Cay Humane Society, P.O. Box
AB22182, Treasure Cay, Abaco,
Bahamas or to a beneficiary of the

Daytona Beach / New Smyrr

,?'fr Ni .

West Pail



donor's choice. A memorial service was
held in Treasure Cay on March 16th.
Her ashes will be scattered in the
Treasure Cay area.
Betty K. Shepard passed away at her
home in Holland, Michigan, on February
10th after a long illness. For the past 17
years she resided each winter at her
home in Marsh Harbour. She is survived
by her husband Montgomery Shepard;
children Nancy, Pat and Mike. She will
be greatly missed by all her friends in
Edna Winniemae Albury, 82, passed
away at her home in Marsh Harbour
after a very long illness. Her death was
December 30th and the funeral was
December 31st in Man-O-War. Burial
was in the Man-O-War cemetery, next to

ta Beach

n Beach --. .

Grand Bahama Island

Great Abaco In;l

Your schedule is our schedule
FAA Certified Air Carrier- Fully Insured

her husband. Pastor David Cartwright
officiated assisted by Eddie Albury and
Haziel Albury.
Mrs. Albury is survived by her
children Kathryn Albury, Janet Rose and
Thomas Albury; sons-in-law and
daughter-in-law; grandchildren Charles,
Kyle and Andrea, great grandchild Clint.
Mary Ruth Fuqua passed away on
March 15th in Tullahoma, Kentucky,
after a long illness. Her funeral was on
March 18th. She and her husband were
regular visitors to Abaco and have a
home in Marsh Harbour.
She is survived by her husband James,
son James, Jr., daughter-in-law Sena and
2 granddaughters all of whom are
frequent visitors to Abaco.


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TIae Abaconian Pa e 13

March 1996

Pane 14 The Abaeonlan March 1996


The Disney Cruise Line has acquired
Gorda Cay, a 1,000 acre island off
Sandy Point, to be used as a day-long
stop for two cruise ships which are under
construction. Gorda Cay was chosen
because of its natural beauty and its
proximity to Florida. The island is
virtually undeveloped and is three miles
long by just over two miles wide.
Since it is home to many transient
seabirds and rich marine life, Disney
Cruise Line is working with the
Bahamian government to protect all its

Impact to be F

natural assets by creating an
environmentally-sensitiveplan which will
protect the resources there, including its
secluded beaches and lagoons. The
Disney company has done an
environmental impact study and the
agreement with the government provides
the environmentally sensitive lands to be
Construction is scheduled to begin this
summer. Preliminary plans include using
a half-mile long beach for a variety of

water sports for guests and a secluded
mile-long white sand beach for adult rest
and relaxation. The company plans to
build a dock which will allow easy and
safe access between the island and ship.
Some dredging will have to be done to
accommodate the ships.
The plans are being developed but the
Disney concept is to leave most of the
island as it is. They will offer water
sports with board sailers, Sunfish type
boats and perhaps charter fishing boats.
Construction will probably begin this
summer. There will be limited housing
for staff. They have no plans for a hotel
or for a theme park.
The 85,000 ton cruise ships will be

Disney Magic, to begin cruises in
January, 1998, and Disney Wonder,
which will begin service in November,
1998. The company will offer week-long
experiences which will include three or
four days at Walt Disney World followed
by a three or four day cruise to the
Bahamas. The boats will sail from Port
Canaveral, Florida and will include both
Gorda Cay and Nassau in their itinerary.
Both ships will feature Disney characters
and Disney shows and will be designed
specifically for families, honeymooners,
adults without children and seniors.
This project is expected to have a very
big impact on Sandy Point and will affect
the rest of Abaco also.

Crawfish season will close on April 1st
after an eight month season which began
on August 1st. This season the Cabinet
allowed a minimum crawfish tail
discretion of five and one-half inches.
The season has not been a good one
due to much bad weather. Hurricane Erin
blew through the islands on August 1st
delaying the start of the crawfish season.
Much windy weather has hampered the
men throughout the season.
Also closing on March 31st is the

season for catching green and loggerhead
turtle. The capture or possession of
hawksbill turtle is prohibited year round.
The use of air compressors for fishing
purposes is restricted to the August 1st to
March 31st season and also requires a
permit issued by the Department of
The Department of Fisheries is setting
out regulations which will protect the
fishing resources as well as provide a
good return to commercial fishermen.

Open Daily
Breakfast 8:30 10:00
Lunch and Dinner 11 am 9 pm
Bar Open 8:30 am 'til...
HAPPY HOUR 5 6:30 pm
Live Music Weds & Fri 8-11 pm
Restaurant and Bar Specializing in
on the Hope Town Water-front Bahamian Foods
Phone 366-0247 or VHF 16

Abaco Air Charter Service

From Abaco to all the
Bahamas and Florida
Twin Engine, Six Passenger Aircraft
Call 809-367-2266, 2205, 3256, 359-6357

AvGas & FAA Certified Mechanics
P O Box 492, Marsh Harbour

Crawfish Season Ends

1st and 3rd Weekend Fri 11 5 Sat 9 5 Mon 9 2
Monday thru Saturday 9 4 By Appointment Only
For Appointment Call
365-8625 365-8425 1-800-224-6703

March 1996 The Abaconian Page 15

Calendar of Events
Mar 25 Marsh H. Abaco Central celebrates 25th anniversary w/Police Band
Mar 29 Marsh H. Banner Day
Mar 29 Marsh H. Shell Service Station Open House
Mar 30 Marsh H. Pre-Easter Concert at Pavilion Great Abaco Resort
Mar 31 Last day of crawfish season
.April 4 Marsh H. Gene Joyner to talk to Garden Club
t April 7 Sandy P. Musical Night
April 12 Cooper's T. First softball game of the season
April 12-13 Marsh H. Dance workshop
SApril 13 Treas. Cay Opening of new Medical Center
April 14-18 Marsh H. Boat Harbour Marina All Fish Tournament
j April 15 Marsh H. Inheritance Laws discussed
April 16 Speech Competition
April 19 Marsh H. Health Seminar discussing women's issues
April 20 Marsh H. Walk-a-thon to promote women's awareness
The dog pictured above was the victim of brutal cruelty. He was hit on the head several April 2 Marsh H Organ recital at Anglican Church
times with a weapon which punctured his skull and brain. The dog was left unconscious April 21 Marsh H. Horseshoe Competition
but many hours later regained consciousness and staggered home. He is in the hospital April 27 Marsh H. Rotary Fair and Raffle Drawing for new car
in Freeport with I.V.s dripping fluids and medicine and is being monitored 24 hours a Hope T. Fi meets eahy at a at p.m.
day. He has less than a 50% chance of recovering and it will be some time before anyone Marsh H. Yacht Club each third Monday at the Jib Room.
knows what brain damage was done. Marsh H. AA every Monday and Thursday at Faith Chapel
The dog's owner was led to believe that the dog was purposely injured by a night Marsh H. Rotary Club each Monday night at Bayview Restaurant
watchman at Abaco Towns in Marsh Harbour who was paid $200 to kill him. It is
watchman at Abaco Towns in Marsh Harbour who was paid $200 to kill him. It is If you would like to have the activities of your church, club or organization listed in
understood that the wrong dog was injured; however, one or two other dogs were said this calendar, call us with the details. There is no charge for this service.
this calendar, call us with the details. There is no charge for this service.
to be killed at the same time. Apparently someone was irritated that a dog had snapped
at him while cycling and he arranged to have the dog killed.
Marsh Harbour has an active animal rescue group named A.A.R.K. Anyone wanting
assistance with a bothersome dog or cat should contact them to have the animal removed.
Humans have many options for dealing with bothersome animals. It's shocking to know
that people exist who could be so cruel to innocent animals.

Leap ean. ijtdt ag DOUG'S PLACE
February 29th brought special celebrated his 20th birthday although in CD's & Tapes
birthdays to at least four people on reality he is now 80 years old. Also RCA & GE Televisions
Abaco. These four celebrate birthdays celebrating special birthdays were Morris VCR's 0 Portable Audios
only once every four years because they Albury celebrating his 18th birthday, 'R I U Satellite Systems, Descramblers
were born on February 29th which Earnest Albury, celebrating his 10th
occurs every four years during Leap birthday and Thurmond Sawyer of Man- D & S Shopping Plaza
Year. Mr. Ben Curry of Murphy Town O-War celebrating his fifth birthday. n
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2672
Bahamas Custom Brokers
Imports & Exports 0 Land or Sea
Freight cleared at Marsh Harbour, STANDARD HARDWARE
Treasure Cay, and Green Turtle Cay
Agents for M. V. State Challenge Pre-Inventory
Gurth Roberts, Manager
P O Box 468, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas CL IP N
Phone 809-367-2333 or 367-2564, FAX 367-3136 CC

Groceries All you need & more STARTS IMMEDIA TEL
Fruits, Vegetables & Canned Goods A
40 Dairy Products & Frozen Foods
Monday Friday 7:30 am 6 pm GREAT VALUES
Saturday 7:30 am 7 pm
Phone or FAX 366-2022 0/ 0/
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Harbours Edge Hardware Coolers
Marine Items
Big Ben Alarm Clocks

On Hope Town' aterfro baharan cuisine Monday Friday 7 a.m. 5 p.m.
On Hope Tow s patron b in ciine Saturday 7 a.m. 1 p.m.
Bar Opens Daily 10 a.m. In Down Town Marsh Harbour
5 pm on Tuesdays
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m. Lumber Cement Sacrete
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(Kitchen Closed Tuesdays) Plumbing Electrical Items
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pm
Appetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m. Housewares
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Pafe 16 The Abaeonlan March 1996

News of the Cays

Hope Town
Heritage Day
By Candace Key
The Wyannie Malone Historical
Museum in Hope Town held their annual
-i ,

Suzanne Bethel andJacqui Haynes dressed
in their "Sunday Best" as early Hope
Town settlers on Heritage Day.

&MjLa94 J

Heritage Day recently. For the past two
years Heritage Day has been a fund-
raiser of the association for building their
much needed museum. The museum has
been housed in two different quaint
cottages in the community since its
conception in 1976, neither of which was
fireproof. The association has been
promised many priceless, irreplaceable
articles if the facilities were more
protective. Plans have been drawn up
that will enable this new structure to be
fireproof and secure, yet retain the quaint
and picturesque style Hope Town is
known for.
The Museum Society is fortunate to
have the dedicated volunteer services of
Col. and Mrs. J.J. McAleer, winter
residents of Hope Town and genealogists
by hobby. They have prepared and
published carefully researched volumes
of Hope Town ancestors dating back to
the Loyalist widow Wyannie Malone's
arrival in Hope Town in 1785. Each year
at Heritage Day people arrive from all
over the Bahamas and the United States
to rekindle friendships and kinships.
Heritage Day 1996 featured a unique
beginning. The Hope Town Sailing Club
a .-.0nirefmf LFHS

Hope Town's fire truck is sized and equipped to fit the town lanes and narrow street or
run to the end of the island. It entered the parade with its normal compliment of pumps,

hoses, and other related gear.

sponsored a parade of decorated golf
carts and invited the Hope Town children
to be the decorators. Some children
decorated their bikes or themselves as
well. Many first and second graders
paraded as dinosaurs (quite historic!) The
school's Junkanoo group also gave the
parade a cheerful tone despite the cold
front which threatened! Various ci\ic
groups sponsored golf carts and several
played music of their choice as theN went
along the route. Mr. Eric Kunzel.
Director of Ihe Cincinnati Pops Orchestra
and a Hope Town resident, rode in the
cart playing the marching music followed
by the carl with the Grand Marshal of
the parade. Mr Asiel Ke,. at 87 the
oldest Hope Town resident. Mr. Asiel
looked quite proud as he surveyed the

passing parade. All "floats" passed
before a judges' stand and were judged
in several categories.
After the parade the crowds strolled to
the Library Park where the Hope Town
School sang songs about Hope Town's
history, and trophies were awarded. This
was followed b% games, a raffle, a silent
auction, and dinners to complete the da\
of history and fun.
St. James Methodist Church in Hope
Tow n k ill hate special sern ces
commemorating Easter. The% w ill have a
Good Frida\ sen ice at 11:00 a.m. and a
Sunrlse Serx ice to be held on the beach
on Easter morning. These are in addition


Page -1

Stafford Patterson reanacts an element from an earlier erea. This activity predates Hope
Town's earliest permanent settlers although the economy relied on wrecked ships which
were were humanely salvaged, crews rescued and tax collectors evaded.


c4 and CW 9autSwo sEL
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you want to go and provide you with friendly and experienced service.
Our courteous, competent staff will be more than pleased
to help you with your travel needs.
In Hope Town 366-0100 In Man-O-War 365-6002
n In Green Turtle Cay 365-4140
Marsh Harbour, Abaco T
r' Iuhone 8u09-3 67-280 or 367-27551" Fax 809-3S73219

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the -

SvaTue Cay restaurant
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SHarbour friends to join us for breakfast,
lunch or dinner at our marina patio or in
our dining room.
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cakes and pastries are prepared by chef
Gary Hudson. Or perhaps our i2
varieties of ice cream and sorbets are more .. "
to your liking.

A party of two presenting this ad
during April will receive free cocktails/ a party of
four will receive a bottle of wine with dinner. This
is our way of welcoming you to a fine dining

As a special bonus to our Marsh Harbour friends
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you will receive a special
room rate of $40 per night
(double occupancy)
subject to availability.

Come spend the weekend with us.
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n. I IU v w av Iawo F %- i m iMNin I INO - . I..



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|iInuI0 I6 UA I IV*UI rWl V*,- ........W



M ME a r% 0% 0 A r%

March 1996

The Abaeonian


Pae18 'i "iie Aacoilan Marchi 1996"

News of the Cays continued

to their regular Sunday services at 9:30
and 11:00 a.m.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Vernon Malone of
Hope Town have the pleasure of
announcing the marriage of their
daughter Bonnie to Mr. Arnold Hall.
The wedding took place on January
27th at St. James Methodist Church,
Hope Town, with a reception following
at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge. The
ceremony was conducted by Rev.
Charles Sweeting, assisted by Rev. Carla
The couple was escorted to the
reception by the Hope Town Volunteer
Fire Brigade of which the bride is a
member. The groom is Head Chef at the
Harbour Lodge.
Mr. and Mrs. Hall honeymooned in
Edinburgh, Scotland, and will reside in
Hope Town.

Green Turtle Cay
By Annabelle Cross
The weather over the past weeks
makes it hard to decide which season
we're in. We had beautiful, sunny and
warm days that seemed like early
summer, then winter returned. On March
10th and 11th we experienced gale force
winds and rain that seemed like a tropical
storm, causing tree damage, leaving the
ocean really churning and causing beach
Green Turtle Cay now has a dental
office. Dr. Vincent McWeeney holds
clinic one day each week. This is a first
for Green Turtle and should make it
especially convenient for children to have
regular check-ups. Appointments can be
made by telephoning 367-4070 or 365-
The New Plymouth Historical Society
held a fund raiser on February 24th.
Approximately 200 steak dinners were
served. Marie Sawyer was the lucky


Mid-size American Cars
Four Door
Air Conditioned
On Queen Elizabeth Drive
at Abaco Towns
P.O. Box AB 20089
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-4234

winner of the "Boom Box" and Michelle
Lowe the lucky winner of a silk floral
arrangement. The weather co-operated
and a good time was had by all.
Mr. Roswell Sawyer was sworn in as
Justice of the Peace at a ceremony in
Marsh Harbour on March 1st. The Prime
Minister, Honourable Hubert Ingraham,
M.P. Robert Sweeting and the District
Commissioners were in attendance. Mr.
Sawyer is active in our community,
serving on the Town Planning Committee
and as President of the New Plymouth
Historical Society. Congratulations, Mr.
Funeral services were held on
February 27th for Captain Walter Scott
Roberts who died at Doctor's Hospital,
Nassau. He is survived by his wife,
Margaret; three daughters, Leslie
Sawyer, Kim Del Giorno and Stephanie
Sands; three sons-in-law, Reggie Sawyer,
Steven Del Giorno and Randy Sands;
three grandchildren; three brothers; two
sisters; mother-in-law, Alta Labno, and
many other relatives and friends. "Mr.
Scotty" was always in a cheerful, happy-

go-lucky mood and he will be missed by
all who knew him!
Guana Cay
By Kristina Pinder
Phones Are Anticipated
Spring always brings changes and here
on Great Guana Cay, we all anxiously
await the installations of our new phones!
We are on the countdown as we were
advised that the system would probably
be ready by the end of March. A big
vote of thanks goes out to our dedicated
operators Mrs. Cathy Sands for her many
years of devotion and her willingness to
help and Mrs. Tina Sands. These ladies
are always so diligent with their efforts.
The Gospel Chapel is pleased to have
Bro. Kevin Knowles visiting from
Freeport. They would also like to
welcome Rev. and Mrs. John Mitchel
visiting from Wales. They arrive on the
31st of March. Bro. and Mrs. Curry will
be arriving the first week in April,
coming from Spanish Wells
The Guana Beach Resort is making a
special offer so you can visit Guana,

Arawak Agency

Shipping & Freight Clearing
Imports & Exports by Air or Sea
Cruising Permits Extended
Boat Duties Handled

"One Call Does it All"

Phone 809-367-2089, FAX 367-2530, VHF 16
P O Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Visit our waterfront office on Front Street


Unwind & Relax at our
RESORT on Man-O-War Cay
One Night or One Week
Boats, Beaches & Quaint Island charm
Two Bedroom, Two Bath, Central A/C
On the Ocean, Beach adjoining
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catching the Guana Grabber at the Conch
Inn at 9:30 a.m. and return to Marsh
Harbour at 3:30 p.m. The cost of $25.00
includes a delicious lunch and drink.
Come on over and have fun in the sun at

A Tribute to Mr. Horace Sands by
his daughter Donna faul4 Sands:
To my dearest Dad, you yow I
loved you more than words can say.
But most of a(, to our greatest dad,
grand dad and great grand dad,
you're alf we have had since our
beloved mother passed away ten
years ago.
'we remember the things you adi
for us when we needed you the most.
'We yow you are in a better place
now and you're with the one you
fove the most. As we sit here today,
you both 1oofng down at us,
flowing that we are mourning for
But we aso know you are where
the streets are pure as goldD Dad;,
[ng to see your smiling face again
and for you to sing along with us
I'd 'ltu Away and adso askus if we
fove you. We always answered back2
yes, (ove you more than words can
say, and I' meet you again on one
sweet day.
Always remember, we love you,
and we wit meet you on the other
side, some sweet day.
Love, your daughter,
Donna andtatlhe kids

Cherokee Air

Air Charter Service
To Nassau, Freeport & other Islands
Miami, W. Palm Beach & beyond
Captains Faron Sawyer, Marc Pelanne & Robble Nixon
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Committed to a Higher Standard in Aviation

Carib Freight Company, Ltd
Reliable Scheduled Freight Service
Each Monday, Wednesday, & Friday between
Marsh Harbour, Hope Town & Man-O-War
Any Time, Any Place,
From Walker's Cay to Little Harbour
Water Deliveries to 10,000 Gallons per load

Man-O-War 365-6072, Fax 365-6285 VHF 16

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Complete line of
American Standard &
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Abaco Communications Systems


-- -- -


r1996 The
,.d "

SNews of the Cays continued

Mrs. Veola Roberts, wife of Randy
Roberts hosted a surprise baby shower
for Mrs. Birdina Sands, wife of Bruce
Sands on the 16th of March.
Approximately 55 ladies attended and fun
was had by all. Good luck to this young
couple and Baby Sands.
Mr. Reuben Roberts, recently returned
home after being away for radiation
treatment. Nice to have you back home.
You are in all of our prayers.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hull will be
celebrating their 59th anniversary on the
2nd of April. A party was given in their
honour by Mrs. Lorraine Townley. We
wish you two many more beautiful years
Easter break for school children will
be the 3rd to 15th of April. This is
always a nice break to enjoy the warm
weather of spring. Many people will be
traveling and vacationing. I do hope you
will think of the real meaning of Easter,
the time when Jesus arose from the grave
to gave us life.
In 1992 three students from Great
Guana Cay traveled to the Global Youth
Forum at the United Nations. Because of
the enthusiasm of Tanya Sands, Sally
Sands, Kristina Pinder, teachers, students
and members of this community under
the direction of Gordon Sadler and
Randy Brown, an environmental program
and awareness was started on this island.
After many years of waiting to hear the

outcome, we were informed that our
community as well as others in the area
received an award through the United
Nations. Only fifty communities were
awarded this honour and Great Guana
Cay was one of the recipients of the "50
Communities Award" This was
sponsored by the United Nations.
Thanks go to the originators of the
environmental program in this area,
Guana Beach Resort and to Randy Brown
and his wife Patricia Hopkins, who
vacationed here. They met with the
pupils and members of this community
and shared our interest in becoming
aware of our environment and protecting
it. What I have learned over the years
has followed me and I am more aware of
our earth and surroundings.
Happy Easter and may God bless you
Death Saddens Guana
The settlement of Great Guana was
saddened to lose a long time member of
the settlement. Mr. Horace Sands was
born on Guana in 1921 and died here on
February 21st at the age of 74. His
funeral was on February 22nd and
interment was in the Great Guana Cay
He is survived by his children Theresa
Sands, Thalia Pinder, Jenny Lou Caron,
Leroy Sands, Yancy Sands, Debra Lowe,
Nancy Sands, Troy Sands, Donna Faulk.
He also left behind 15 grandchildren and
six great grandchildren.

Mr. Horace Sands

By Samantha Sands
Man-O-War All Age School student,
Kristen DuBose, was one of two students
from the Bahamas to receive a "Highly
Commended Award" for an essay she
entered in the 1995 Royal
Commonwealth Society. She competed
against students from all Commonwealth
countries. Congratulations, Kristen.
We're proud of you.

Birthday Greetings
Junea Vashti Sweeting
Celebratin her
9th irday
on the 25th March 1996
lhave a Great dDay
Love, Mom, aDad & & Tred

Harbour View Grocery
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Dairy Products
Canned Goods
Dry Goods
on the HOPE TOWN waterfront

National Marine
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Certified Mechanic on Duty
Royce Sands, President
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Deposits are required on ALL bottles.
Oas for your

eds offer is oJVcy good thru A4AeGO WAE'KR SfySCEIMS, WD

Kristen DuBose

Enjoy our original recipe or hot-n-spicy
chicken, hot wings, honey barbeque
wings, chicken sandwich, fluffy
buttermilk biscuits, creamy cole slaw,
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Page 20 The Abaconian March 1996

Schools FROM Page 11
smoothness with which the PTA
organizers put things together and the
willingness of others to help says much
for the calibre of our community They
can be justly proud of their achievement.
The Fair sold 308 dinners and with the
raffle and games the school grossed over
$9,000. Even after expenses, the school
will realize a good profit. They were
pleased as there are major projects for
which this money is needed. One older
building needs a new roof, one building
need to be tented for termites and they
are hoping to build two cabanas to make
the campus more comfortable to the
Principal Hegney relates, "When you
have gifted people working together, the
best thing a school l principal can do, is
let those who know best get on with it.
Many thanks to everyone involved."
Wesley College
A special fund, to be known as the
Charles A. Carey Educational Fund, has
been established to help needy students.
Financial assistance is also offered by
Friends of Wesley college, headed by Dr.
Colin Archer.
Additionally Wesley College is offering
the Prime Minister's Scholarship which is

<*, -


teacher Shnawn O'Donnell gets i
the St Francis de Sales school fi
awarded annually to a deserving
entering Grade 7. The first reci
this scholarship were Neja R
Clarissa Charlton who shared thi
for the 1995\1996 school ye
Independence Scholarship,
scholarship, is being offered to a
student entering Grade 10. There
partial scholarships being offered
Wesley College has made the

to emphasize the development of
academically inclined students and is
discontinuing their vocational training
p Bahamas
Commonwealth College
I* Bahamas Commonwealth College
began classes in Marsh Harbour in
S January. They are now accepting
applications for classes beginning April
I1st, 1996. They will be offering courses
with credits that can be applied to a
variety of majors. The school will be
offering Associate and Bachelor degrees.
The school is affiliated with three
schools in the United States, Alfred Adler
Institute of Minnesota, the University of
Findlay in Ohio and Horry George
Technical College of South Carolina.
SFor further information contact Ms.
Claudette Radway at 367-4876. Their
dunked at office is located in the B & L Plaza.
i. College of St. Benedicts
g student By Isobel Sherman
ipients of Applications are being accepted for
olle and new students to enroll in classes for the
is honour Fall semester at the College of St.
ear. The Benedict/St. John's University, Abaco
a full Campus. This is the 21st year for these
qualified schools in the Bahamas and September
are also 1996 will mark the first full year of the
d. Abaco and Eleuthera campuses.
decision The College of St. Benedict and St.

John's University are two fully
accredited institutions, each with a long
history of academic excellence. As a
result, credits earned at the Bahamas
campuses are readily transferable.
Although Management and Education are
the most popular majors in this program,
a total of 40 majors are offered. Students
have access to the facilities on the
Nassau and Minnesota campuses.
Students interested in enrolling for
summer classes in Nassau should contact
Mrs. Sherman as soon as possible.
Applications are available from Isobel
Sherman, Acting Coordinator for Abaco,
who can be reached at 367-3741 after
4:00 p.m. Interested persons may also
contact Anna Baillou at 367-2342 from
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Applications should be accompanied
by relevant certificates such as BJC's,
BGCSE's or rGCE's, official transcript
from high school or college, a recent
photograph and a $25.00 non-refundable
application fee. All applicants are
required to sit the proficiency exams in
math and English. Exams can be
completed in Abaco.
Local lecturers are also being
recruited. Interested persons must possess
at least a Master's degree. Applications
and additional information are available
from Mrs. Sherman.


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Cruising Permits Extended
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~p s

The Abaeonian Page 21

Fires Rage from Bahama Palm Shores to Casuarina Pt.

By Louise Blank
On Wednesday, February 28th, in the
afternoon a fire was discovered in a
wooded area of Bahama Palm Shores.
The fire quickly advanced in the
subdivision until it became out of control
directly behind the homes of Albert
Albury and Chris Cash.
A call was placed to the Marsh
Harbour Volunteer Fire Department and
they responded within 15 minutes. The
Fire Department personnel handled the
fire with a professional tough and
tenacious attitude. They finally had to
backfire to keep it from jumping the road
where it would endanger the other
homes. The firemen stayed for
approximately 3/2 hours at which time
the course of the fire could be
The residents of Bahama Palm Shores
are extremely grateful for their assistance
and the timely matter in which their fire
fighting skills were executed. These
people are bonded together as fire
volunteers and perform their
responsibilities well. They are to be
congratulated for their efforts and know
that they are truly appreciated by the
residents of Bahama Palm Shores.

Abaco continues to benefit from infra-
structural improvements. The tender is
out for a new dock for Hope Town. Mr.
Robert Sweeting, Member of Parliament
for the Hope Town Constituency, told
The Abaconian that the present dock will
be demolished and a new one
constructed. Hope Town is also slated for
road improvements expected to cost
$38,000. The paving will begin at Center
Line Road and continue to Dorros Cove.

We, therefore, wish to support them
with a donation of more than $900 for
their untiring efforts to help this
community in a time of great need.
Thank you people for a job well done.
[Ed. note: The Marsh Harbour
Volunteer Fire Department also
responded to a call for help at Casuarina
Point when the same fire extended there
from Bahama Palm Shores. The
department had two trucks there and
backfired to keep the fire from damaging
the structures at Different of Abaco.
Eight men worked about four hours also
using about 1,000 gallons of water. They
were under the direction of Asst Fire
Chief John Hall. As a result of their
work, Nettica Symonette's resort was not
On March 10th the Marsh Harbour
Volunteer Fire Department ;, also
responded to a house fire at Treasure
Cay. The home of Don Wilson was
completely destroyed by the early
morning fire which is thought to have
started in the fireplace area. Two trucks
with a total of five men responded.
Treasure Cay has the advantage of
having a fire hydrant at the round about
which allowed the trucks to refill several

The beach road north from White Sound
will also be paved.
It is expected that Man-O-War will
also have additional paving work done.
The first coat of paving has now been
laid on the Sandy Point airstrip. The
paving is expected to be completed
within the next few weeks. This airport
will become very important as the Disney
project on Gorda Cay gets underway.

times. It is fortunate that the fittings on
the hydrant and the trucks were
The Fire Department also responded to
two other fires on March 15th. Two
vehicles caught fire within three hours on
the same road, S.C. Bootle Highway. A

mini-van was completely destroyed but a
truck belonging to Abaco Wholesale had
minimal damage to the tires and body of
their truck.
The Fire Department was also
monitoring several of brush fires within
Marsh Harbour.

ALbert Albury presents Fireman Claude Saywer a check for the Fire Department from
the residents of Bahama Palm Shores in gratitude for the department's response to the
recent woods fires there.

Treasure e Cay's
S1 Most Experienced Broker

AfR iWmi. F. Hertz Ltd.

P. O. Box AB 22182 Phone/FAX 809-365-8061
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Pool, Water & Sewerage Systems & Pumps
Residential, Commercial & Subdivisions
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Reverse Osmosis & Filter Systems
Sprinklers for Lawn & Garden

Engine Sales
by Caterpillar, John Deere, Perkins & Others
for Commercial, Marine & Industrial Applications
Phone or Fax 809-365-8193 VHF 16 Wayne Sands
P 0 Box AB 22106, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

March 1996

Page 22 The Abaconian March 1996





APRIL 27, 1996
Abaco Youth Centre
ity service projects.

1000 tickets)
on: $5000

The Abaconian Page 23

Ancient Crocodile Skeleton Found by Cave Divers

In 1993 the skeleton of a fossil
crocodile was found inside a small water-
filled cave at the bottom of a blue hole.
The discovery was in south central
Abaco near Bahama Palm Shores and
was made by Nancy Albury, George
Irvine and Bill Mee. They were there to
explore, map and photograph the cave. A
second skeleton was later found but this
one was not collected. The bones of the
first one were collected very carefully
and kept in a container in original salt

Rotary Raffles

For Youth
The Rotary Club of Abaco is selling
1000 tickets, one of which will win a
$30,000 1996 Honda Accord Wagon.
Each ticket will cost $50.00. The
drawing will be on April 27th at the
Rotary Fair in Marsh Harbour. The
proceeds from the Raffle will launch a
fund-raising drive for building a
Community Youth Center. Funds will be
held in an audited account until a
building site has been secured.
The Rotary's plans for the Youth
Center will include a study room, a
library, a game room and a recreational
area for indoor sports. Eventually it will
include a swimming pool and playground
The Rotary will be calling on churches

Organ Recital
The Anglican Church in Marsh
Harbour will sponsor an organ recital on
April 20th at 7:30 p.m. The guest
organist will be Irvin R. Dohner from
South Carolina. The program is entitled
Music of the Life of Our Lord and will
include selections of many composers
including Handel and Bach.
Mr. Dohner is a renowned musician
and is a Certified Associate in Ministry
with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in
America. He served as Director of Music
and Organist at Lutheran churches in
Pennsylvania, North Carolina and South
Carolina. He serves as a resource person
in worship and music for Lutheran,
Presbyterian, Methodist and Roman
Catholic denominations.
During the interlude, the Abaco Men's
Chorale will perform. This is a recently-
formed group who enjoy harmonizing.
They anticipate the evening to be one
of great enjoyment and invite the public
to join them. The charge for admission
will be $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for


Island Telephones
Radio Link

Business Band Radio
VHF Marine Radio

P. O. Box AB22136
Phone or Fax 365-8248
A Division of
Aero Marine Engineering

With the encouragement of Pericles
Maillis of the Bahamas National Trust,
and with the permission of the
Department of Archives, the bones were
carried to the Florida Museum of Natural
History at the University of Florida in
Gainesville. The bones were preserved
and studied there by Dick Franz and
Gary Morgan. The fossils included a
skull, mandibles, teeth, limb bones,
vertebrae and osteoderms from a single

$30,000 Car

and individuals to help with supervising
the Youth Center. People will be needed
who will tutor, coach and oversee the
The Youth Center will hopefully give
our young people a place to go, activities
to get involved in and will develop
wholesome attitudes and interests.
The Rotary Club will be appealing to
businesses, second home owners,
churches and those concerned with the
youth of Abaco for support both in
raising funds and in supervising the
Center after it is operational.


Economy Full
Air conditioned & reliable
Reasonable Rates
Located at the
Marsh Harbour
Airport Terminal
Roam the Island with
Wilmac and
Savel Save! SAVE!
Call 809-367-4313
367-3465 Emergency
Visa & Master Cards

It was a long careful process to leach
all salt from the bones. They were then
dried slowly. As they were dried, the
bones became brittle and had to be
hardened chemically.
After comparing this specimen with
recent and fossil crocodile species, the
Abaco crocodile was found to be most
similar to the Cuban freshwater crocodile
(Crocodvlus Rhombifer) which today is
only known from a few spots in western
Cuba. The Cuban freshwater crocodile
was also recently recorded as a fossil
from Grand Cayman. A bone collagen
radio carbon analysis gave a date of 2780
years for the post-cranial bones of the
Abaco crocodile.
There are other reports of fossil
crocodilians from the Bahamas but this is

the first time that they were positively
identified as the Cuban freshwater
crocodile. The presence of the Cuban
freshwater crocodile here corresponds to
a time when sea levels were close to
their present levels and before human
beings had moved into the Bahamas
Islands. Researchers speculate that the
Cuban crocodile may have had a much
wider distribution in the western
Bahamas in the past.
The skeleton is permanently housed in
the Department of Archives in Nassau. A
cast of the skull was made and is at the
Florida Museum of Natural History in
Gainesville, Florida.
Funding for this project was provided
by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kearns, the
parents of Nancy Albury, who have a
second home on Man-O-War.

P.O. Box AB 20745, Marsh Harbour
P.O. Box AB 22127, Treasure Cay
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Burglary Fire Security
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Security for Peace of Mind at Home or Away

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Dive gear and fishing tackle rental
Reef and wreck dive with our Dive Master
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Resort (beginners) dive course
All levels of instruction
VHF radio Ch 16 0 Phone 809-365-8465 0 Fax 809-365-8508

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Off-Shore Resort Lots On South End of Lubbers Quarters Cay
(Near picturesque Hope Town)



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Bicycles, Parts & Repairs Vacuums & Sewing Machines
Sears Craftsman Tools *J T 4 4Wc 0U4 Sc T69

Don MacKay Boulevard, Marsh Harbour

March 1996

Page 24 The Abaeonian March 1996

32 Years Ago

The Abaco Account was as. Abaco
newspaper in the mid-1960s. It was edited
and published by Maurice Thompson who
suffered a fatal heart attack when the
paper was barely two years old. Abaco
was very proud of the paper and regretted
both his death and the demise of the,
Dixon and Virginia Downey kindly'
loaned us their copies which provided
items that might be of interest to our
readers today. We are reproducing one
column of The Abaco Account of January
31st, 1964.
VIIIIIICommerce Grow
Rapidly in Abaco
Situated on the border between Dundas
and Murphy Town, Bill Thorndycraft and
his wife, Yvonne, daughter of Capt. and
Mrs. Ancil Albury, gave to this area the
Abaco Shopping Center, Abaco's nearest
answer to the well known American
discount houses. The vast space is well
stocked with furniture, Philco appliances,
lumber, toys, hardware, and a complete
haberdashery. One can obtain from this
establishment anything BUT soup and
On the edge of Dundas Town is a
modern native stone and redwood
structure called Archer's Super Market,
Abaco's first self-service grocery store,
managed by Delvin Moss . Owned by
Capt. the Hon. Sherwin Archer and his
nephew. Percy Archer, who designed and
built the building.


Bike Shop
At Harbour's Edge
New Bike Sales
MBS Giant
Jamis Boss
Also Available
Cannondale Klien Trek
Mens Womens Childrens

Full Service
Parts for most Brands
Hope Town 366-0292

Another welcome addition is the Abaco
Drive-in in Murphy Town. A first-class
restaurant serving American and
Bahamian dishes at Abaco prices, owned
by Sherlin Bootle, J.P.

It is understood that a clothing
department store is occupying the recent
addition to Roberts Food Supply Store,
owned and operated by Junior and Jennie
Mae Roberts

Work has begun in Dundas Town on a
new clinic and nurses' quarters which is
owned and will be operated by Dr. Ejnar
Gottlieb. This, indeed, is a welcome
service to the residents of this area.
Much thanks is due Bert L. Roberts,
who fought so hard and set the machinery
in motion for the citizen band (radio) sets
thoroughly enjoyed throughout the
Abacos. How we lived without this
intercommunication hithertofore is indeed
difficult to understand.
The Great Abaco Construction Co.,
having completed the Loyalist Shop, is
now busily engaged in erecting the
addition to Barclay's Bank.
Carroll Albury's garage, destroyed by
fire last year, has been replaced by a
much larger concrete block building with
additional office rental space.

Sea Breezes Ltd is well underway with

"We'll Beat Anybody's Deal"
You Call It We Haul It
Anywhere throughout Abaco

Tractor Trailer Heads
35 & 40 ft. Flatbed Chassis
20 & 40 ft. Chassis Trailers
20 & 25 ft. Flatbed Trucks
Fork Lift with Trailer
Dumpster, same as dump truck
Standard Size Trucks
Call 367-2976 VHF 16
Or find us at the Freight Dock
PO Box AB20068, Marsh Harbour

- hie Aacv Account

the Board of Education's three-classroom
school building, under the guidance of
Contractor Kenneth Moss.
Late in 1963 our new Premier, Sir
Roland Symonette, along with our
representative, the Hon. John Bethell,
were present when the light switch was
thrown supplying electricity to Dundas
and Murphy Town Districts. This
commodity is proof of our steady

Opening the palatial, multi-million-
dollar Treasure Cay Club and Marina
marks another mile-stone in our constant
Footnote: In 1953 the population of
Abaco was 3,407 and in 1963, 6,514, an
increase of 91%, slightly higher than that
of New Providence for the same period.

"Albury's Ferry Servic in Man-i-
War moved on February 1st to new
facilities east of their previous location,
closer to the entrance of the harbour.
The new docks accommodate their fleet
of seven ferries. They have an office and
storage area as well as a workshop and
repair facility. The business is owned by
Marcell Albury and Ralph Albury.
Albury's Ferry Service provides safe
dependable service for the entire central
part of Abaco.
Man-O-War Marina has new owners
as of March 1st. Tommy Albury
purchased the majority of shares and is
managing the 26 slip marina. Besides a

full service marina with Shell fuels, it
also includes a gift shop, dive shop and
the pavilion. Mr. Albury looks forward
to providing better service and is
developing plans for the future.
The Office, owned and managed by
Thomas Malone, is now affiliated with
the Nassau auditing firm of Touche and
Deloite. They will be offering complete
accounting, auditing and consulting
services for businesses. This will include
the accounting certification needed by
businesses with an annual gross sales
above $250,000 for their Business

Business Up-dates

Area Code Changes

Gainsville, Florida
Area code 352 has been introduced to service telephone
subscribers in the city of Gainsville, Florida. This new area
code replaces the previous code of 904.

Area code 423 will be introduced to supplement the
existing area code of 615 effective February 26, 1996. The
city of Nashville will retain the existing 615 area code
while subscribers in eastern Tennessee will be seviced by
the new 423 area code. Some cities within the new 423
area code are:
Oak Ridge Knoxville Bristol
Chattanooga Cleveland Newport
Maryville Morristown Maryville
Johnson city Greeneville

Washington State
Effective February 29, 1996 area code 360 will be
introduced to complement the existing area code of 206 in
the eastern half of Washington State. The cities of Seattle
and Tacoma will retain the existing area code of 206 while
suburbs of these cities will switch to the new 360 area
code. Some cities in the new 360 code are:
Bellingham Mt. Vernon Oak Harbour
Everett Bremerton Olympia
Lacey Aberdeen Hoquiam
Port Angeles

Tel-Aviv, Israel
The Israeli Telecommunications Corportion has
announced a new numbering range for the Yad Elijahu, Tel-
Aviv area as follows:
Country Code Area Code Subscriber Number
972 + 3 + 730XXXX
Please ensure that you re-programme such devices as Auto Dialers,
Speed Dialing Lists, Call Forwarding and Facsimile machines to reflect
these changes

BaTelCo- Keeping Your Lines of CommunicationsOpen





Includes Oil, fully
assembled & ready to use
MODEL #OBC 401-8790

Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour 367-2077

lllllll l ,- Ii

I f g t -

Distillery FROM Page 1
expects to employ about 12 to 15
employees when operational and will
have two bottling lines. It will also
provide additional indirect employment.
They expect to produce gin, vodka, rum
and liquor as well as bottle soft drinks
and perhaps local fruit beverages. They
will also have a wholesale liquor shop on
the premises and hope to get a general
liquor license.
Marsh Harbour is an ideal location for
several reasons. Shipping in raw
materials from the United Sates as well
as shipping out the finished product is
convenient. Shipping will all be
containerized and they expect to export to
the United States as well as ship to
Nassau and the rest of the Bahamas.


FROM Page 1

By Royann Swain
Fifteen-year-old Opal Dawkins, a ninth
grade student at Abaco Central High
School, captured the crown at the annual
Miss Talented Teen competition held on
March 10th. The event took place in the
Lucayan Beach Resort and Casino in
Freeport. Thirteen students from various
islands in the Northern Bahamas
participated and Opal won the crown
with her rousing and captivating rendition
of the song Imagine The participants also
had to give a short speech that evening,
and Opal gave quite an outstanding
speech on the ignorance of prejudice and

Another factor in Abaco's favor is the
good water available as the processing
will require considerable amounts of
water. Additionally their location is very
convenient to the new shipping facility.
They are looking forward to being in
A suitable brand name which would be
for all their products has not been
decided yet. They want to have one that
is catchy and will provide a good
identification for their products. Their
plans at present are for using bottles
only, no cans. The beer and soda bottles
will be recyclable. In Nassau at present
a case of 24 empty bottles is worth
The William Brewer Co. is distributor
for many brands of liquor and they are
completing arrangement for promoting
Caribe Beer, a product of Trinidad.

racism. Opal was clearly the crown-
pleaser of the evening.
Opal now has the opportunity to enter
the Miss Hal Jackson's Talented Teen
Competition later this year. One of
Opal's prizes will afford her the
opportunity to travel to the United States
and tour various sites in Florida.
Congratulations, Opal! She has certainly
represented the Island of Abaco very
well. Opal is the daughter of Mrs. Gwen
Younnique McDonald also did well in
a beauty contest in Freeport.
Congratulations are also in order for
Younnique who placed second in the


Page 30

A bad winter storm passed through the
Bahamas hitting Abaco hard. Winds were
high for several days culminating on the
night of March 10th with winds of gale
force strength. High winds,
thunderstorms, hail in several areas from
Tilloo to Guana, along with cold
temperatures made it very miserable. The
hail in one community was the size of a
quarter, in other areas the size of a
Minimal damage occurred however as
boaters in the area had enough warning
to secure their boats. One 38 foot boat in
Marsh Harbour, the Out Islander,
actually went the length of the harbour
barely touching one boat and snagging
only one anchor line, dragging its anchor
until it beached itself. Some sails were
ripped, satellite dishes suffered damage
and occasional roof shingles were peeled
Electrical outages were common in all
areas of Abaco. But the service crews

worked hard to restore power quite
quickly to most areas. Many individuals
offered help to those needing it.
Moorings, the charter boat company
based at Conch Inn, offered help on the
VHF radio to boaters needing assistance.
Air service and ferry service was
suspended for a few hour on the morning
of March 11th. All schools on Abaco
were closed for the day.

High Tuna Value
A recent fishing magazine had an
article which gave the value that some
fish bring in the marketplace. A
longlining fishing boat off New Zealand
caught a 720 pound bluefin tuna. The
crew took over four hours to land the
fish. When the boat got it to shore, it
was packed in ice and was flown to
Japan. There is was wholesaled for $115
per pound or $80,000! Imagine the cost
by the time it was served!

Ch rter


Since 1958

A Twin Commander is just a phone call away.
Building 1500-C, Palm Beach Intl. Airport


i,-.i~ " .. -*; 4 ...

Weekly freight between W. Palm Beach, Nassau & Marsh Harbour
General cargo, 20 ft. containers, 40,000 lb. refrigerated capacity
Specify M/V BIAK
Leaves W. Palm Beach Wed. arr. Nassau Thurs. & Marsh Harbour Fri.
Sails Sunday for Nassau and Florida
In Abaco call 809-367-2091, Fax 367-2235 or call on VHF Ch 16
P.O. Box AB 20737, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Located above B & D Marine at the Traffic Light
In USA call Palm Beach Steamship Company at 407-844-5387
Warehouse A 2nd door, 158 E. Port Road, Riviera Beach, FL 33404


Pizzas Traditional & Special
* Basic Cheese Pizza 5.75 10.75 13.75
Additional toppings at $1, $1.50 & $2
* Everything Pizza 11.50 15.50 19.50
* Tropicana Ham, pineapple & Cheese
7.75 12.75 16.75
* Vcg-0-Matic a vegetable special
7.75 12.75 16.75
* Big Chomp Pepperoni, Sausage, etc
9.25 16.75 19.75
* Calypso Chicken 8.75 14.75 17.75
* Personal Pan Pizza 5.75 10.75
* Kids Pizza 3.50
* Take & Bake we fix it, you bake it

Sandwiches & More
Meat Ball Sub Sandwich $5.50
Philly Sub 6.50
Chic-0-Philly Sub 6.50
Variety Coldcuts Sub 5.50
BBQ Wings $5.00 9.50
Chef Salad 7.50
Garden Salad 4.50
Fresh Conch Salad
Billy's Homemade Ice Cream
Bahamian Pies
Tea, Coffee, Expresso & Cappucino

K & S Auto Service

Tire Repairs
Oil Changed
Full Service
Expert Mechanics

Crockett Drive & Don MacKay Boulevard
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2655
Percy Albury, Owner/Manager

Visit Our Showroom
For a wide selection of household appliances

~GlNE ~==


Washers, Dryers, Stoves
Refrigerators, Freezers
Water Heaters, Airconditioners


Caleori, Tappan

Small Appliances by
Hamilton Beach, Regal & Toastmaster
Electrical and Appliance Sales & Service
Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour Ph 367-2663 Fax 2673

The Abaeonlan Page 25

Last Winter Storm Hits Hard

Open Monday Thurs 10 a.m. 10 p.m. / .'-,
Friday & Saturday until 11 p.m.
Sunday 2 p.m. until 10 p.m.
Order Now at 367-3535
Located in Front of Abaco Towns in Marsh Harbour


March 1996

Page 26 The Abaconian March 1996

Clubs & Special Interests

Joyner To Speak
Gene Joyner will be returning to
Abaco to speak to the Tropical Fruit and
Garden Society on April 4th at the
Anglican Parish Hall at 7 p.m. Mr.
Joyner is the Palm Beach County Urban
Horticulturist and is well known in the
tropical fruit world. He has a radio
program weekly on Saturdays at 2 p.m.
on WJNO (12.30). He was a very
popular speaker last spring and will
present a new program this year.
A plant auction is held at all meetings.
The proceeds from the auction help
defray expenses of bringing the guest
speakers to Abaco.
For details call Joe Kern at 367-3986.
Dance Workshop
A Dance Workshop will be held in
Marsh Harbour on April 12th. The
workshop will be sponsored by the
Syntex Children's Workshop Theater of
Freeport and will be held at Abaco
Central High School. They will be
teaching dance drama, interpretive dance
to gospel music, Bahamian type dance
and ballet.
The Syntex Children's Workshop
Theater will also offer special shows to
the public on April 12th at 10 a.m. and
2 p.m. and again on the night of April
13th. These shows will be at the
Anglican Parish Hall.
For more information contact Mr. Ike
Williams, coordinator and instructor at
373-3700 or the D.E.O.'s office in
Marsh Harbour.

Inheritance Law
The Bureau of Women's Affairs in
conjunction with the National Women's
Advisory Council will be having two
public meetings in Abaco, one in Marsh
Harbour, the other in Cooper's Town.
The meeting in Marsh Harbour will be
on April 15th at 6:30 p.m. at the high
school The purpose of these meetings
will be to explain current inheritance
laws and the proposed amendments. The
meeting will provide a time for
participants to speak out on their opinions
and concerns. For more information, call
Greta Culmer at 267-2220,
Women's Walk-a-thon
The Zonta Women's Club of Nassau
in conjunction with the P.T.A. of Abaco
Central High School will sponsor a
Walk-o-thon on April 20th. at 9 a.m. It
is scheduled to begin at the traffic light
and will conclude at the high school in
Murphy Town.
The Zonta Club is also organizing a
seminar in Marsh Harbour for women on
April 19th at 6:30 p.m. at the high
school. This seminar will be about
important health issues which affect
women such as cancer, breast
examinations, family planning and AIDS

P.O. Box AB 20685
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
On the Front Street near
Union Jack dock


Our SEACATS are the only twin hull,
twin engine rental boats on Abaco.
A very dry, smooth & stable ride.
1 day 3 days 7 days
21 Ft $ 90 $240 $550
25 Ft 100 280 650
Includes VHF Radio
Call 809-367-4414
Fax 809-367-4356
Visa & Mastercard Accepted

among women. Dr. Mildred Hall Watson
and Dr. Madeline Sawyer will be in
Abaco for this seminar. Contact Greta
Culmer at 367-2220 for further details.
"Friends" Have Program
By Candace Key
The Hope Town based environmental
education group Friends of the
Environment recently held a community
program that drew acclaim from all who
Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries
Pierre Dupuch was the guest speaker. He
spoke about the importance of respecting
students' opinions in making decisions
that will affect their future. He was
recently influenced on making a very
important decision by a Hope Town
School student and his own daughter! He
shared his feelings on many
environmental issues with the attentive
audience and his remarks drew loud
applause on many occasions.
Dr. Ken Balcomb and wife, Diane
Claridge showed a video of sperm whales
off Abaco which they filmed the day
before the meeting. They spoke about

their work photo identifying dolphins in
Abaco. In the past two years they have
sighted whales in Abaco no one has ever
known were in our waters!
Assistant Director of Fisheries Mr.
Earl Deveaux was also present and met
with the Bahamas Association of
Fishermen before the evening function
where he heard their concerns for the
At the end of the meeting Friends was
presented with the prestigious "50
Communities Award" by Clean Islands
International Board Member, Dave
Helmecki. Friends received the award for
their environmental partnership effort
that spanned many years. Friends and
Clean Islands International have jointly
sponsored many activities between
schools here and schools in Canada and
The United Nations spent several years
reviewing environmental organizations
and presented the "50 Communities
Award" to 50 organizations from around
the world that displayed the qualities they
were looking for. It was a proud moment
when members accepted the award.


His Her

Contemporary Fashions for Men and Women
Marsh Harbour 367-2011

&r J st Si #j Seu'f rt-d?
BARLEYGREEN contains at least 16 vitamins (many antioxidants), 23
minerals, 18 amino acids and numerous usable enzymes. It also has
one of the most alkaline ph factors available in a food and contains
large amounts of natural chlorophyll (the blood of the plant).
"Obviously, a substance which is as effective against obesity and
eczema as it is against heart disease and cancer, is either a miracle
drug beyond belief, or no drug at all, but something which fosters the
one true healing miracle the body's ability to cure itself."
Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara
for more information CONTACT:
Edwin & Rosalie Sands
Phone 809-367-2450 home or 367-2011 work
P.O. Box 20539, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, BAHAMAS

Quality Gifts at
Great Prices

T-Shirts Hats
Short Sets Cups
Towels Books
Across the street from

0rlA -- '-- AI.-----
IItlCC aLC:UULt:rb
Cars & Scooters

too cc 1994 Motorbikes

Marsh Harbour
Service Station
Automobile Repairs
Shell Fuels & Lubricants
& Tires

One block south of the Traffic Light
Phone 367-2854


Site Prep

(Out Island Specialists)
Lorin & Caralee Senn
General Delivery, Hope Town, Abaco
Phone 809-366-0112 or Call "Papa Nasty" VHF 16

March 1996

The Abaconian Page 27

New T Cay Amenities

Program Presented

A recent meeting called by the
Treasure Cay management presented the
homeowners with a new maintenance
program for their consideration. Seventy
five to one hundred people attended the
March 5th, 1996 meeting. Mr. Konsten
conducted the meeting and explained the
newly suggested program.
He proposed that the resort be divided
into areas by major streets with
homeowner volunteers supervising each
respective area. Each area would be given
a cash budget based on the assessments
collected within that area. Experience
may require that some streets be
subsidized from the amenities fund.
Supervisors will determine the order of
priorities for their area and use the
budgeted funds accordingly. Treasure
management would look after the

Customs searched two boats in late
January for undeclared beer. The first
boat contacted The Abaconian because
they felt they had been badly treated
during the procedure. This was
commented on in the last issue of The
Subsequently, we received a first hand
report from the Captain of the second

common areas with a similar budget.
As an example Ocean Boulevard would
receive $11,000 which could rise to
$17,000 if all fees are collected.
A suggested allocation of funds was
presented for the different areas. These
ranged from an annual high of $11,000
for Ocean Boulevard to $236 for one of
the smaller roads.
Homeowners in the villa area
contribute as little as $21 annually while
some larger property owners pay over
$2,000 annually.
Last year the assessments raised
approximately $75,000 with the potential
going to $85,000 or $90,000 this year.
Treasure Cay's contribution for 1996 is
expected to be approximately $70,000
more which will be applied against any
labour, equipment or materials used on a

boat whose owner lost ship's stores for
committing a customs' infraction. The
Captain wanted us to know that the
Customs personnel "treated them fairly
and probably much better than they would
have been treated in the United States
given the same circumstances. There was
no abusive language or undue

Weather and other conditions will affect the tide. The predictions
shown on this chart are based on the normal conditions that
existed when NOAA/NOS and other agencies gathered the data.
Times shown will be within a few minutes for the entire eastern
Abaco area. Pelican Harbour is just inside North Bar Channel.

cost basis.
Future budgets appear to yield about
$80,000 for maintenance with a similar
amount available for either capital
improvements or further maintenance as
circumstances warrant.
Treasure Cay Ltd. will share the use of
their equipment for a nominal fee,
perhaps as low as $50 per day. The
different area mangers will have to share

in the scheduling of this equipment.
Treasure Cay management will provide
a monthly accounting of funds spent on
labour, equipment and materials.
The one and a half hour meeting broke
up with a sense of relief and a small
degree of skepticism. Home owners
seemed to agree that this suggested
maintenance plan had merit if
implemented as laid out.

Appliances & Appliance Parts
Water Heaters, Lawn Mowers ..
Plumbing, Auto Accessories
IValspar paints & supplies

At the Traffic Light in Marsh Harbour
Mon Fri 9 am 5 pm 367-4185 Sat 8 am Noon

NNIEI O JU-RYU For Students of All Ages
Marsh Harbour Saturday 2:00 3:00 p.m.
Mon. & Wed. 5:30 6:30 p.m.
Treasure Cay Tues. & Thurs. 6 7 p.m.
Cherokee Friday 6 8 p.m.
Se sei Churton Toote P.O. Box AB 20274
GO SJ.YU 3r Da Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-3101 Abaco, Bah3amas

This graph is generated from NUAA/NUO data via
software from Nautical Software, phone 503-579-1414.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6

1(EDT) 2(EDT) 3SEDT) I4(EDT)s1 5EoT SoEI
87 25.Pi.14 ---,-- t-L --- 3.2l l -l lli- is ----

2 ... ................................_
1 105, i l27..p . 1:50 2:06p 2:33, 1 244p 3 1.5 3.23p 3:58a 4:13p 4.42 445p
.2 0 .2 0 .... 0. .... .. .0.1 ......01

T7(EDT) I(EDT) 9(EDT) 1 O]EDT C (EEDT) 1(EDT) 13SET)

11:2 3..... .: .n. : 2na n : t-

. 10..... ..... ............ -0.

14(EDT) 15(sO 16(ET) 17ED ) s(EDT) 1 9(EDT) 20(EDT)
......----- --- --- -- ---- P -- ------ ------ - -- -- --- 4p --- - ------ ---- -ta. 25 ----- I t m
3? -724 1 -- -- -- 3.23210733.0
.. ...8. -- -- -- 2
.-- -- --w -- --- -
4 .-------- ...-- .. .. 3 p .. ..-...--- -----. ..--.- p .. .. .. --.. .. .. . ;. . .. ..-. -- -----.---p fc p . .. .. . ----.. .-.-.. ...-. .. .. ..z.o25 ; . . -. ^ ** M

.L .-..12


-1 I ..:47a
.J.0 2.. ...... ... .... -g3 . .

21 (EDT) 22Eo) 23ED 24(EDT) 25EDT )26(EDT) EDT)
I--------- ---- ------ -------- i -- - -- -- -- ---- -- -- -- -- -- .... .. .. .. .. . .. -- -- -- .. .. .. -- -- - -- . .. - -- --
------ ----- ---- ...... ------ -------- ----------
I:41 290) 12110
1. __p -5 ----------
S12:J,8---,-61 2- ;-- a 6 5S-p 7 1:14a |, 2:04a 3 2:5)8 a 3 32 3:55...--- 4-- 8 p
-------.- .d- --------.--.----- -- ------ -- ----- ---- ----- 2 2- -- ----- -...... ..... --A- --k----------- -.5---------------- ---i "----- ---- ----Z --- ..... .... 24 ------ --- --------

2;0p i 2:36a 2 32
.J..; ...... -..~...W... .---......- -. .

-3:27p 4:07la

. 0.........2....... 0. 05 :8 0.............-- --- ..-.. .. ....... ... ............... 6

9288E) 29(ED o30(

2..--I-- -----

* BOAT HARBOUR MARINA 0 GREEN TURTLE CLUB Shell ... Quality Fuels That Run The Nation!

Customs Acted Appropriately

Tides Pelican Harbour
26 23.0' N 76" 58.0' W

April 1996


o. p ill I'llh o fT il; .tliq -..mn .. ... . !. . .I = : 1 I :........... I- ,,I






.-f' ......i.. ...6..4 1

6t20a 6.4!

;:1oa .: .....
-- t- --- L--.- -- 01- -

.... ........... ... o
.0,2--- ----------:- O -- -


| 5:2Ba 5:3 2p
.. . 0a .---------- I..-.. ....c~ I .



Page 28 The Abaconlan March 1996


Attention Community of Hope Town

By Deb Patterson
There are noticeable changes on our
island in the size of our population, the
number of homes and vehicles. With
changes it is very important that we keep
in touch with what is happening because
every one of these changes eventually
affect all of us.
On February 16th a public towp
meeting was held in the Hope Town
School House. The meeting was attended
by just over thirty concerned citizens, the
Hope Town Board of Works and
Commissioner Everett Hart.
At the meeting several main points
were publicly debated.
1. Traffic Congestion and Speeding:
The community is experiencing major
problems with speeding all over the
island, particularly by the Hope Town
School and outside of town where manyi
types of vehicles are competing for roadI
Apparently many citizens are'
disregarding the 15 mph sign and are
continuing to speed past the school, even
when children are loading and off-
loading. Three suggestions were made.
Install speed bumps by the school.
Have adult "crossing guards" to stop
traffic at morning and afternoon school
Start issuing tickets and court
summons to speeders.
it was feared by everyone that if traffic
regulations are not soon put into place,
our island will be run over with large
vehicles and our serene life-style lost to
mun-away traffic. Several suggestions
were made., .
Limit the number of vehicles, the size
of vehicles, and the age of the vehicles.

Perhaps require individuals.to show how
they disposed of their old vehicle before
they would be eligible for another.
* Pass regulations stating that everyone
drive a golf-cart. Trucks would be
permitted for business use only.
* Put a grandfather clause in for those
people who already legally have cars
here. All newcomers, whether Bahamian
or foreign, will fall under the golf-cart
only regulation.
* Find'out what regulations apply to golf
carts to make them street legal.
Many of the expatriates at the meeting
pointed out that one of the main reasons
they come here is because they want to
get away from traffic. They
acknowledged that many of their own
countries'have been ruined by run-away
Many Bahamians\felt strongly that we
do not want highways and freeways on
our island and want to move quickly to'
limnit the number of vehicles, etc.
2. Board of Works Policy on Passing
Plans: Distance of Construction from
Boundary Lines
A number of citizens questioned the
Board about a plan that was approved for
two rain water tanks. The Board had
approved the plan on February 12th.
They objected to this approval because
one of the tanks was to be built within
four feet of the boundary line. Several
citizens were upset that the Board had
informed them that the set back law out
of town is fifteen feet from the boundary.
Everyone in the meeting requested that
the plan for the rain water tanks be
revoked. The Board said they would look
into this.


Weekly service from West Palm Beach and Nassau to Marsh Harbour
Arriving in Marsh Harbour each Wednesday and Friday
Refrigerated and General Cargo 0* FulCantaineried Operation with Roll-on Roll off capability
In the Bahamas 011i U.S. Agent Teeters Brothers
Great Abaco Shipping Co. Steamship Agents & Stevedoring
hMarsh Harbour, Abaco Wahose *, A Port of Palm Beach
367-2721 36'-2761 PO Box 10326
Fax 367-2774 Riviera Bch, FL 33404
S4017-845-8330 or 8336
In Nassau Call. ; *
Fax 407-842-9398
809-323-8716 *.
* 'W .; .*. i ,' and-

'. 'I


3. The Need for a Policeman
Everyone talked about the need for a
policeman to help us with the speeding,
crime and lack of driver's licenses and
registered vehicles. The Commissioner
told us that there is a shortage of
policemen for the entire Bahamas.
He explained that when the
government sent us a policeman,
everyone starting behaving and the
policeman didn't have anything to do.
So....the policeman went fishing. Then
some of us reported that the policeman
was fishing instead of working. As a
result, the Police Chief in Nassau
decided that if our policeman didn't have
enough work to keep him busy in Hope
Town, then he should return to Nassau
where he could be put to work in a
community that has let crime get out of
Two suggestions were presented.
0 We could police ourselves by talking

to each other when we see laws being
* We could deputize the members who
will be voted in for Local Government.
4. Health Issues and Immigration
Much concern was expressed in
relation to the number of illegal Haitians
currently working and residing on the
island. Along with most of these people
being here illegally, concern was
expressed as to where they are living and
the conditions in which they live.
The Haitians do not own property so
are most reluctant to build anything
worthwhile. They build make-shift
shacks, figuring they may have to leave.
Most Haitians are on "the run" from
the horrible living conditions which they
have created for themselves in Haiti. And
they have come here to Hope Town to

PLEASE SEE Patterson

Page 31

I Relax af ....I a r z s

We're just minutes from restaurants on
the harbour & walking distance to
grocery stores, shopping and ferry docks
leading to outer islands. You will check
info a spacious room with television, air
conditioning, ceiling fan, microwave
oven, small refrigerator and daily maid
service. Call 809-387-877 or FAX 887-4179

P. O. Bax AB 20030
Marsh Harbour, Abaco


C ,

White Sound Press
Phone 217-423-0511
Wholesale distribution in The Bahamas by -
Solomon Brothers and Abaco Wholesale l

The Water a rw i r Corporation wishes to advise
consumers that 'y. service is now available after
normal office hI via the Abaco "beeper" system. The
Corporation's number is 2020. To report a night or
weekend emer iat 367-7243, then enter the
Corporation's of 2020. Enter your phone
number when in megency personnel will contact
The Corporati E be disconnecting all deliquent
consumer accour~ to non-payment in routes 541, 543
and 544 during the' last two weeks of March 1996.
Consumers who have not already done so are asked to pay
promptly to safeguard their water service.

For Sale
by Bank of Nova Scotia

Single storey wooden structure approx. 7,200 sq. ft. building comprised
of two bedrooms, one bathroom, living/dining room, TV room & kitchen,
Dimensions of building 26 ft. by 36 ft. Also.on property is a building
utilized as a shop /storage with dimensions of 18 ft., by 20 ft. and a
wooden deck 64 ft by 9 ft. Repairs needed to same.
HOUSE Sandy Point, Abaco
Single storey wooden structure comprised of six bedrooms, three
bathrooms, 'kitchen/dining room; living room, TV room, laundry and
garage. Building appr6xirnitely 2,723 sq. ft.

For more details, lease contact:
Manager, Bank of Nova Scotia,
Marsh Harbour, Abaco.
Phore 809-367-2141 or Fax 367-2565





ow wf

The Abaconian Page 29

By John Hedden
As I see the Abaco community
growing and rapidly expanding, I sense
trends similar to those which, over the
years, have created a hot stifled
environment in the Nassau capital. The
razing of high land and hills, the
unimaginative and faceless buildings
being erected, the expanding concreted
and tarred enclosures and the destruction
of trees, and shrubbery, (replaced by
boring vistas of crabgrass and aralia).
This new Abaco community is cutting
down beautiful wooded property in the
name of quarry fill and modern
(Bahamian?) landscaping ideas. Over the
years we have seen areas such as Little
Orchard completely bared, constructed
on and then planted out to crab grass,
crotons, and hibiscus. Similar
occurrences now happen along Forest
The beautiful drive along Don
MacKay Boulevard to the airport is
slowly being denuded of its attractive
hillsides, substituted by level areas of
bare limestone rock leaving the
impression of an industrial wasteland.
However, I can appreciate the demolition
of the hill in the area of the eastern end
of the airport because this location must
interfere with the lines of the new
runway expansions at the airport. Abaco
being a new destination for the "green"
ecotourist MUST make environmental
concessions for them.
S Increasingly we see areas along the
highways where fill has been excavated
and removed, leaving gaping sores in the
pristine scenery we are so proud of.
Some of these are road construction
residue and others are ongoing pirating
activities. However, none should be
allowed to appear, and once present,
need to be dealt with expeditiously and
We indiscriminately dump garbage
along the road sides and verges. We

destroy lovely woods and greenery while
clearing land and then render it totally
useless by burning it. We all talk about
the environment, organise ecotourism
packages and make plenty of money by
exploiting both, and yet do nothing to
nurture and maintain the natural
resources this country has been blessed
The wooded hillsides serve the
multiple purposes of aesthetics, biological
renovation, as well as providing a
practical barrier of protection from high
winds, tides and storm swells.
Modern Bahamian living has dictated
that people must create a totally artificial
environment for existence, comprising
full air conditioning (house, business and
car), synthetic lighting because large
clear window areas defeat the air
conditioning psyche. Unfortunately with
these artificial environments come the
accompanying high utility (energy)
Architecture can and should be used to
reflect, enhance, and ponder upon (NOT
destroy) the natural surroundings. The
new Catholic church is a beautiful
example of blending a functional building
with its natural environment. Other
examples include the Lighthouse
Keepers' cottages at Hole in the Wall,
where an hexagonal (or is it octagonal?)
shape provides little wind resistance to
gale and hurricane force winds, a unique
rafter marrying configuration allows
porches to blow away without loss of the
complete roof, and an under-floor cistern
provides adequate storage of potable
water. In addition, porch, cistern and
roof maintain a cool comfortable
atmosphere inside the structures. All this
designed and constructed some 150 years
We need to return to the thought,
ideas, imagination, planning and designs
of years gone by when Bahamians
constructed in harmony with the

Excavation, Utilities, Base Work, Surface Treatment
Cold Mix, Hot Mix, Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer
Striping & Asphalt Related Products

P.O. Box AB 20184
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 809-367-3956 Fax 367-3959

P.O. Box CB 10990
Nassau, NP, Bahamas
809-377-6351 Fax 377-2193

Call 367-3166
Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour

Sales, Parts, Service
Lister, John Deere & Others ,

Lima Alternators
Marine & Industrial

Prime Power & Stand-by Generators
Installations & D.C. Controls
Engine & Alternator Rebuilding


Greater Harmony Needed in

Future Planning

environment, not working against it.
Natural landscaping is environmentally
conscious because it does not need to
overextend natural resources such as
water supply and soil tilth. Neither does
one end up with a landscaping system
requiring large investments in fertility
and pest and disease corrections (toxic
spraying and chemicals). Oddly enough,
the only individuals who take advantage
of this natural and minimal maintenance
landscaping are the expatriate winter and
summer residents who maintain only
part-time living quarters here on Abaco.
Why don't we Bahamians take advantage
of these blessings and follow the
expatriate example.
Hope Town seems to be making a
concerted effort to retain the quaint
fishing village appearance which
therefore, maintains the overall character
of the settlement and at the same time
attracts tourists and residents. Their town
planning committee and population
deserve full credit for preserving the
picturesque building code established
several generations ago. (I always find
Hope Town to be comfortable and
relaxing when I go there)
It seems as if we have become
influenced by the open landscape design
offered in the more developed industrial
countries where accommodation must be

Concrete Blocks
in many popular sizes & shapes
Crushed Rock, Sand, Quarry & Cracker Dust
Hoses & Hydraulic Fittings
SWe have ben serving Abaeo for over 30 years
Monday Friday 7 am 4 pm
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marine shop SUZUKI
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Z8 Marine Paints & Hardware
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Maintenance Products
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Television Service Center
Serv, A1 cf etawv (? "

Repairing: Electronic Service Experts
Radio, TV, VCR & Audio Equipment
Juke Boxes & Video Games
Musical Instruments
Marine Electronics
Office Equipment
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FAX machines
Electronic Organs Tommy Pinder
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Automotive & Marine Electronics
Telephone recorders, Phones & Phone Devices
In Marsh Harbour on Queen Elizabeth Drive
... between Keys.Drive & Firehouse Corner

maximised in a limited spacial area.
However, we are not space restricted
here, so why destroy the greenery and
replace it by synthetic and unnatural
We must re-learn to blend with our
surroundings and utilise our environment
to full advantage without destroying it.
After all, if we are to maintain our lead
in ecotourism (a most uncomfortable
word), we need to set an example.
So when clearing for construction we
need to selectively clean property and not
leave a barren wasteland to be eventually
planted to crabgrass, hibiscus and
crotons. More imaginative and definite
statements with native vegetation and
plantings need to be done in order to lead
the imagination and soothe the ego.
The Bahamian architects (ARCHIE
TEX) have been agitating and passing
bills through parliament recently. So now
let them put a good example forward by
presenting us (the consumer) with some
well thought out designs instead of the
copies of foreign engineering we have
had to suffer with in recent years. Set an
example by becoming more ecologically
minded in your ideas, drafting and plans.
Make designs imaginative and thought
provoking as well as practical and useful.

Page 3J


March 1996



Paee 30 The Abaclnian March 1996

Church News

United Sisters Fellowship
The women of the Brethren
Assemblies held an area conference at
the Bethany Gospel Chapel in Murphy
Town on March 8th and 9th. Forty
women attended coming from churches
in Nassau, Andros, Long Island and
several communities in Abaco. Ladies
participated from Zion Baptist Church,
Friendship Tabernacle and Marsh
Harbour Gospel Chapel.
Bishop Elden Visits
Bishop Michael Elden held
confirmation services on February 25th
at both St John the Baptist Anglican
Church in Marsh Harbour and St.
Martins Anglican Church in Sandy Point.
Receptions were held following each of
the services. This is probably the last
confirmation services he will have on

Abaco as he will be retiring soon. He is
expected to visit Abaco in his official
position again for the introduction service
for Father Hugh Chapman.
A new Bishop was elected by the
Anglican Church of The Bahamas and
Turks and Caicos at their last Synod held
in January 1996. He will be Father
Drexel Gomez. Bishop Gomez, a
Bahamian, spent 20 years in Barbados
before being asked to return to The
Bahamas in 1992 as the Chairman of the
Public Service Commission.
Concert Planned
A Pre-Easter concert is planned for
7:30 p.m. on March 30th at the Pavilion
at Great Abaco Beach Resort. A choir
group will entertain. This is being
sponsored by New Visions Ministries.
Admission is free; an offering will be


FROM Page 3


of one of the families (of the man who
was hanged) and it is very hard on them.
I also wonder if it accomplishes what
it is supposed to. I read that it is not a
deterrent to murder. I feel that we need
to find a more humane way. I strongly
object to the method. I think it should be
a swift method, maybe an injection.
I don't feel that government should
have to keep the person for the rest of
his life.
An Female Employee of a Bank and
Friend of One of the Victims
When there is no doubt at all or when
they confess, then they should be
executed. When someone kills someone
deliberately, then I feel execution is
right. An eye for an eye. But you have to
be sure that's the one who did it.
Businessman in Hope Town
It's a horrible thing that we have

FROM Page 25

Miss Northern Bahamas Pageant held
March 10th in the Bahamas Princess
Casino. Younnique also walked away
with the trophy awarded for Miss Amity.
Younnique is the daughter of Mr. Glen
McDonald and Mrs. Owenta McDonald
of Murphy Town.

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Also ocean front lot with private beach, over
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allowed crime to get to the point that we
need to consider capital punishment. It's
a very sad thing. But we do need a
deterrent. I don't see any way to deal
with it except with capital punishment.
These people (the victims) are gone. No
matter what you do, you can't bring
them back.
I would hope that society could find a
way to deal with these problems before it
comes to this. But these people (the
accused) have put us in a position where
we have to do it. They have taken value
from life. When there's no reasonable
doubt, then I think it has to be.


Patterson FROM Page 28
work and we have hired them. We are
doing it to ourselves, we are allowing
them to "rent" or "squat" on our land.
The problems that Haitians bring us
are mostly health related. Haiti has the
highest rate of AIDS and tuberculosis of
any country in our corner of the world.
And yet, these are the people we are
encouraging to live amongst us? Yes, we
all agreed that everyone of us is guilty of
hiring Haitians.
The children of the original Haitians
are waiting on tables, cooking in
restaurants, pumping gas and going to
college. These Haitian descendants are
taking jobs from our own children. Many
of these Haitian children are illegal
One of the most noticeable things
about the Haitian population is their
complete disregard for Bahamian law.
They behave as if the laws of the
Bahamas do not apply to them.
Everyone at the meeting realized that
this is a very complicated issue that will
require the strength and unity of the
entire community if solutions are to be
found. We, the citizens of Hope Town,
must decide how we are going to deal

with this delicate and very complicated
The meeting ended on a positive note
with everyone encouraged by being able
to voice his concern to a Board that was
listening and to an Island Administrator,.
Commissioner Hart, who was also


March 1996

The Abaconian Page 31


FROM Page 29

Town planning needs to become more
conscious, decisive and forceful in terms
of zoning and aesthetic design and
The public (that means ydu) needs to
become more involved through the
influence on local government boards,
(Ah! the rewards will soon be here), by
speaking out and becoming concerned for
future Bahamians if not yourself.
WON'T that be the day; when
Bahamians actually are prepared to stand
up and air views and ideas instead of "sip
sipping" over in the corner!


FROM Page 1

trunk, door panels and various other
Colin and Anthony were from Marsh
Harbour and Charles lived in Spring City.

Only the front seat compartment remained intact on the wrecked Comero which ended up
in the bushes and was not readily visible from the highway.

BAIC Offers Conch Shell Jewelry Course
The skills necessary to make jewelry for a five month session. The Chinese are
and souvenir items from conch shells are planning to have four sessions. Anyone
now being taught in a cooperative pro- on Abaco who is interested can contact
gram with the Chinese government if BAIC. The students also receive instruc-
Taiwan. They teach 15 persons at a time tion the maintenance of the machines and

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Picture and 4 lines only $25.00
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Harbour area.
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Cook, Maid. Housing provided on Guana
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someone to do cosmetic repairs to our
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gelcoat repairs, varnishing veneered
yacht interiors and fibreglass work.
Please no applications from unqualified
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trained in maintenance of yacht rigging,
deck and interior fittings.
THE yacht charter industry is a customer
oriented business which requires
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A flexible attitude and good customer
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Please apply giving details of experience
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Moorings (Bahamas) Ltd., PO Box AB
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C>pa ?7rc~i~~lblt~


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*g" 1 *
**- \

:~i~ f:'^U^Mutt.'&8..

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Elec. Delivered in Marsh Harbour, Duty Pd.
$4,995. Call Tommy Roberts 367-2207 or
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Hull, New paint, Draws 2'6" w/Swing keel
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cans, New sun cover, Anchor, chain & line,
nav. & anchor lights, ladder. Duty Pd,
$3,850 ONO, call 367-2503 9 am 5 pm
23 Ft SLOOP, Sharp, fiberglass day-sailer,
double ender, roller jib, keel/centerboard
combination, 18" draft min., large cockpit,
small cuddy, fully equipped, 6 HP Yamaha
outboard in well, Duty Pd, $15,000, See
Craig at Lighthouse Marina, Hope Town or
-call 366-0154
25 FT FIBERGLASS Boat, 160 HP turbo
diesel, Bimini top w/stainless frame, 80 gal
fuel tank, Trim tabs, Call 366-0090 from 7-
8am or evenings best
25 Ft BERTRAM with 200 HP Outboard
engine, Call Sidney Sands 365-8028
30 Ft BERTRAM First Class Condition,
Call 809-324-1239, 809-324-5839
33 Ft NEWPORT, lovely sailing sloop in
great shape... great price too! Call Evans at
ABC Charters, Hope Town or call 809-947-
2192 for more information.

L A.
34 Ft HOUSEBOAT, A/C, stove, fridge,
freezer, plus more, plug-in elec. battery for
lights & pumps, engine not included,Great
liveaboard $9500 (ono) Call 365-6177

Call Stafford at 809-365-0023 for details
.. -Id dmb.- -

; '7- .--
42 Ft ALUMINUM Fishing/Crawfishing
boat, 5000 lb freezer, New twin 3208 Cat
engines, 250 Hrs, 8 KW Northern Lights
gen, stabilizers, Call 367-3036 or 367-3234

r. -.

43 Ft PEARSON Trawler, Fiberglass,
w/bridge & dual controls, twin 165 HP
Perkins Turbos, 8KW Onan generator, fully
equipped w/radar, 2 depth finders, VHF,
Fully air conditioned w/3 separate zones,
Sleeps 8 in 4 separate cabins, 2 heads, 1
w/shower, Galley has range w/oven, refrig,
5 cu ft freezer, Ideally equipped for cruising
and live aboard, including kitchenware &
linens. Avon dinghy w/3.3HP Johnson.
registered in US and Bahamas, Duty Paid.
Owner selling extremely well maintained
SOUTHERN PRINCESS due to age and
health, a real bargain at $65,000. Call G.W.
Mapp at 804-787-2424 to see boat at Abaco
Yacht Services at Green Turtle Cay.
Boats for Charter

"BUGS", a fully equipped, 1995, 23 foot
Parker Marine, deep vee, walk around,
pocket sport fishing boat, powered by a
Johnson 225 HP OceanRunner outboard
motor. Owned and operated by The ABC
Boat Company, Inc., Aspen, Colorado.
Available for bareboat charter and approved
for offshore use in the Hope Town area of
the Bahamas. For information and
application call (303) 925-9236. Local agent
Sea Horse Boat Rentals
(809) 367-2513 or 366-0023

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AMF Force Five (Racing class Sunfish)
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.. '-^ s

An Agency Piat Cares

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Business Life Health

To Protect your Investment
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as important, nut so is

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1111 1 I I_ I I

', Ea