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Publication Date: 02-01-1996
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' -k....J I z

Volume 4, Number 2

February 1996


The News of the Island

Treasure Cay

Lot Owners

Want Control

of Amenities
A petition is circulating among the
property owners of Treasure Cay to
replace the present Treasure Cay
Amenities Management Limited
(TCAML) with a new group called The
Local Improvement Association of the
Subdivision of Treasure Cay (LIASTC).
The purpose of the petition is stated in
the covering letter to "....look to the
future. Treasure Cay is at the stage where
all property owners need and want a'
controlling interest in the development,
management and administration of our
destiny. This can be accomplished
through .... the incorporation of Treasure
Cay as a residential community."
To further quote the petition'scovering
letter, "TCPOA will continue to exist and
,, will continue to serve the same functions
L- as at the present representation of all
Treasure Cay Property Owner members."
The letter further states that 60% of the
Treasure Cay property owners must sign
the petition in order to be valid and that
66% of the property is now privately
owned versus less that 33% owned by
Treasur4Cay Limited.
The petition acknowledges the right of
Treasure Cay Limited to collect
assessments for road repairs, walkways,
beach reserves and street lighting, etc.
The petition further declares that Treasure
Cay Limited has received sufficient funds
but has "failed" in its responsibility to
provide the necessary level of
For these reasons, the petitioners ask to
be incorporated as a Local Improvement
Association. A proposed Certificate of
Incorporation declares the general nature
S of the Association .... to establish,
maintain and operate for the benefit of all
lot owners within the subdivision with


Page 24

Abaco Track Team Heads for Long Island

The members of the Abaco Central High track team gather for a group photo before
going to Long Island. They brought back gold, silver & bronze. More on page 97

BaTelCo Assigned
New 242 Area Code
Area Code 242 will be assigned to
the Bahamas effective January 1st
1997. There will be a "dual" cut-over
period from October 1st, 1996 to
March 31st, 1997 during which both
numbers may be used. After this
period the new area code must be
used exclusively.
Available numbers for the
Bahamas within the present code of
809 are expected to be depleted later
this year. The actual assignment for
the Bahamas is presently 809-300-
0000 which gives a useful range of
approximately 500,000 phone
numbers. The 809 code is presently
shared with Caribbean countries and
The new 242 area code will be
assigned exclusively to the Bahamas
and will allow over ten million

Three Men

Arraigned for

Robbery, Rape

& Kidnapping
A Preliminary Inquiry was held in
Marsh Harbour on February 21, 1996,
for Daniel Woodside, Elridge John and
Delano Cash of Nassau, charged with the
armed robbery of the Scotia Bank on
October 22, 1995. Magistrate Rengan
Johnson from Freeport conducted the
court session. Seven charges were made
against them including robbery,
possession of a firearm, endangering the
life of a police officer, resisting arrest
with use of a firearm and possession of
live ammunition. Testimony was heard
for two days and the hearing was
adjourned until June.
On the second day of the court session
the three men were also charged with an
additional six counts including rape,
kidnapping and armed robbery. This
second group of charges was adjourned to
a further court session. Seventeen
witnesses are scheduled to testify.
The accused petitioned the court with
regard to the violation of their rights
under Article 22 of the Constitution. The
Magistrate made note of their petition and
advised that this court did not have
jurisdiction over that issue. That will have
to be presented to the Supreme Court and
resolved there.
Also during the session on February
22nd, Colin Curry and Roger Delancy
were arraigned and pleaded innocent to
robbery charges stemming from an
incident at the Golden Harvest
Supermarket. The case was adjourned
until June 24th, 1996.

Awards Given

to Top Taxi

The First Annual Taxi Drivers'
Awards Banquet for Abaco was held on
January 27th at the Spinnaker Restaurant
in Treasure Cay. It was sponsored jointly
by the Road Traffic Department and the
Ministry of Tourism.
Guest speaker for the evening was Mr.
Wellington Bullard, the Controller of
Road Traffic Department. Awards were
presented by Mrs. Antoinette David of
the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Wellington
Bullard of the Road Traffic Department
and Mr. Everette Hart, Island
Administrator for Abaco. Music was
provided by the taxi drivers.
PLEASE SEE Taxi Awards Page 5

Stories Inside Page
Calendar of Events 5
MH Board Meetings 20
Taxi Meeting 11
Treasure Cay Refutes
Property Owners 24


-- -

4400%-- 1 W.-

Sdig li / ki-


Page 22

.,' .~.--'
' '.~ N.!'*

Page 2 The Abasolan February 1996

Recruitment of Haitian Labour Refuted

Disagreement Does Not Mean Conflict February 4, 1996

This issue of The Abaconian has
details of conflict in several communities
on Abaco. Hope Town is upset with
their Haitian situation. Letters to the
editor have a complaint about speed
bumps recently installed in Marsh
Harbour. Some Treasure Cay
homeowners are working hard to get
control of their own affairs. Are we
becoming an island of discontents?
On the contrary, we are beginning to
realize that we as individuals and we as
groups are able to express ourselves and
eventually we can bring about changes in
our communities.
A democracy is a government by the
majority of the people. The word itself
means rule by the people. In most
democracies today the people elect
representatives who form a government
which has a democratic spirit, in that the
will of the people eventually prevails.
These representatives work within the
framework of a constitution or guidelines
which safeguards against the oppression
of citizens and includes the rights of
All the people do not agree on a
certain political issue but a democracy
requires that the majority of the people
will ultimately decide. The truest form of
democracy is a system in which citizens
directly make the decisions themselves.
This is not practical in large
communities. But the concept of local
government which is soon to be
implemented will bring the decision
making to the community level.
The people of The Bahamas have not
been able to effectively shape local issues
until now with the advent of local
government. We are not accustomed to
being able to change policy.
Speaking out on issues is healthy.
People are realizing that they can make
their communities what they want. By
working together they can make changes.
Education is most crucial in a
democracy. Not necessarily academics in
a classroom but the education of
broadening our minds, of considering
new concepts, of thinking about issues in
a new way or from a different
perspective. This must include respecting

other people's differing views.
Government should not be like a
guardian parent who knows what is best
for the child and makes all the decisions.
We are now at the stage in our
development where we will be making
our own decisions. This is not always
easy. We will make mistakes and then
we will have no one to blame but
ourselves. As individuals or as
communities we may make the wrong
decisions. We may put ineffective people
on our town committees. But this is the
way we will learn.
This is a challenging time. We are
finally able to directly affect and change
the course of our towns. It is going to
take time for all of us to realize that our
destiny is in our own hands. But what is
happening now on Abaco is the
beginning of that process. Hope Town is
faced with several problems. They will
have to debate, to consider alternate
plans. They will have to study the
problems and the ramifications of
suggested solutions. They will eventually
compromise in areas where their ideas
are incompatible if they are to succeed.
Several concepts have to remain
foremost if democracy is to work. Even
though the majority decides, they have to
make their decisions remembering the
rights of the individual. And after any
decision is made, all the people must
work together to make it function.
Elections are a good example when
some people may be unhappy about the
results. But to have effective government
there must be cooperation. Those of the
minority will be unhappy but they have
to accept it realizing that the majority,
even if by only one vote, is what counts.
And remember that no political
decision is irrevocable. Sometimes
experience, education, persuasion or
changing technology can change the
minds of enough to reverse or alter the
original decision.
Let us approach this new Local
Government challenge with enthusiasm,
seriousness and dedication. We can make
it work well if we are determined and

Touchtons Receive Community Praise

Many, many thanks to all who planned love gifts.
and attended our Testimonial Dinner. It May the Lord continue to bless our
was a night we will remember for years many students in their walks of life.
to come. The stories told brought much Love to all,
joy and many laughs. Kenneth and Joyce Touchton
Our deep appreciation, also, for the Calvary Christian Academy

The Abaconian
David & Kathleen Ralph, Editors & Publishers
P O Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas

Published Monthly
Phone 809-367-2677
FAX 809-367-3677

Contributors: Donald Bugala, Jeffery Cooper, Hugh Cottis, Annabelle
Cross, Jim Kaighin, Liann Key Kaighin, Candice Key, John Lacey, Mac
McAleer, Oliver McKeag, Charles Nightingale, Ken Owen, Lee Pinder,
Kirk Reclkey, Kenneth Roamer, Samantha Sands, Marjolein Scott, Peter &
Tracy Sexton, Larry Stovich
Credit: Stephen Nash for parrot sketches & Bahamas Information Service
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Dear Mr. Ralph,
I'm writing in regard to the December
1995 issue of your newspaper.
The article on "Haitian Immigration"
by your contributor Steve Dodge has me
rather upset to say the least. He writes,
"Haitian labourers were first brought to
Abaco by Owens-Illinois in 1962."
Let me help you out with the
The first Haitians to show up on
Abaco were brought in by S & M Farms.
Owens-Illinois never, never re-
cruited one single Haitian.
Our first Haitian employees were

either ex-employees of S & M Farms or
Haitians that showed up on Abaco by
boat from either Nassau or direct from
Furthermore, we didn't hire the
Haitians because they were willing to
work for minimal wages such as Dodge
reports. We needed these men to expand
the operation and paid them on a wage
scale comparable to what we paid the
Turks Islanders.
As I stated at the beginning of this
note, I'm very disturbed over the
comments your Steve Dodge has made in
reference to our O-I Logging Operation
on Abaco.
C.P. Nielsen

Historian Feels Early Use of Haitians
Contributed to Present Problems

Dear Mr. Ralph,
I have read the letter from Mr. C.P.
Nielsen, and he may well be correct that
the first Haitians were brought to Abaco
by S & M Farms rather than byOwens-
Illinois. My source for attributing this to
Owens-Illinois was an old
Commissioner's report, which may have
been in error. I am also willing to
concede (because I have no evidence to
the contrary) that "Owens-Illinois never,
never recruited one single Haitian." By
this, I assume that Mr. Nielsen means
that Owens-Illinois did not go to Haiti to
encourage Haitians to migrate to Abaco.
But I think Mr. Nielsen's strong
emphasis on this point tends to distract
significantly to the early influx of
Haitians to Abaco, which was my main
Mr. Nielsen also stresses that the
Haitians were not paid minimal wages,
but that they were paid at the same rate
as Turks Islanders. I assume this was the
lowest regular rate, and therefore stand
by my statement that Owens-Illinois was
pleased to find cheap labour.
In conclusion, let me say that I am

sorry that Mr. Nielsen is so disturbed by
my observations. I believe that the
Owens-Illinois operation brought many
benefits to Abaco, but there were costs
as well. The benefits--influx of money,
employment opportunities, more contact
with the outside world, construction of
roads--were very important in Abaco's
But there were some serious social and
environmental costs of Owens-Illinois'
involvement in Abaco. Their willingness
to employ Haitians encouraged migration
and thus was part of the beginnings of a
process which presents a social challenge
to Abaco and The Bahamas today.
Owens-Illinois helped to create, the
problem, but will not help to solve it.
Furthermore, the Abaco Pine forest
which they cut has not recovered nearly
as fast as was predicted at that time. It
seems that a valuable Abaco .Psourc.
was damaged and that most of the profits
from the operation found their way to
Owens-Illinois stockholders rather than to
the people of Abaco.
Steve Dodge

Commissioner's Support Is Appreciated

Dear Commissioner Hart,
On behalf of the entire community of
Hope Town, I would like to thank you
for your presence and support at our
public Board of Works meeting last night
(February 15th). I am also thankful to
God for giving you the strength and
determination to work twelve hour days.
I, like many others, was very
encouraged by last night's meeting and

recognize that this is just a taste of what
Local Government can be, if we, the
people, work together. Hope Town is
ready to go and we thank you,
Commissioner Hart, the Prime Minister,
Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham and the
Lord our God for bringing peace and
hope once again to the Bahamian people.
Thanks again,
Deborah A. Patterson "DP"

* KathyM. O'KeUller


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The Abaconlan PaeM 3

Letters to t E. itor

Teacher Replies to Complaint

Dear Editor,
This is in response to Mr. Percival
Roberts, Jr's letter of January 1996 and
the accusations of biased writing and "a
half-hearted attempt to mask a negative
situation." Because Mr. Roberts and I
are friends, have been involved in
numerous community projects and
because I taught all of his children, I
found it shocking that he was indirectly
calling me a liar for all to read. I
honestly don't think Mr. Roberts acted
on his own or truly feels this way about
me but I feel I should defend myself
and my "column" to those who do not
know me.
1 work at two jobs each day neither
of which is "investigative reporter." My
column each month is to share with
others the news-worthy events from our
community. I have to stick to facts not
hearsay and opinions. (Hearsay could fill
the entire paper and rival the most
popular tabloid!)
I do not have any children at the Amy
Roberts All Age School; therefore, I do
not attend P.T.A. meetings. 1 do not
have access to private and confidential
government communications or the
details of "school politics." I believe that
parents realize that the P.T.A. is meant
to benefit their children, not pay
teacher's salaries or provide the Ministry
of Education with information on the
teachers' conduct. It is common
knowledge and fact that the P.T.A.-
sponsored fund-raisers earn impressive
Maybe I am biased when it comes to
the Amy Roberts All Age School. It was
named in honour of my grandmother who
.Wgaht there for 56 years. (She was not
on contract, but worked on a monthly
basis an agreement that could be
terminated by herself or the Ministry of
Education with one month's notice. She,
too, received official, notice of her
retirement in June (the end of the school
I can honestly say that my short
paragraph was meant as no more than to
let readers know that the local school and
students are doing well. But, was the
letter meant to attack one small comment
or did my column provide a long-awaited
opportunity to tell "the story?" With this
in mind I end this letter by saying
"You're quite welcome!"
Thanking you for your valuable space.
Annabelle Cross

P.O. Box AB 20685
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
On the Front Street near
Union Jack dock

Dear Mr. Editor,
Over the many years those who drove
around in Abaco suffered for a very long
time because of the pot holes that we fell
into that sometimes damaged our vehicles.
Many of us are very grateful and would like
to thank the government of the day for the
paving that was done throughout the island
of Abaco and the rest of the Bahamas.
A few days ago as I drove around, I was
caught by surprise. Speed bumps across the
main street which was recently done since
the pavmg of the road. Later I found out that
there are many unhappy people because of
these bumps in the street.

MANY THANKS to the people who
have the house across from Harbour
View Marina for the satellite dish that
they just put up in the front yard.
MANY THANKS to those people who
put that beautiful chain link fence next to
Golden Harvest. They must want to
protect all the beautiful flowers and
plants on the property.
MANY THANKS to the owner of the
building housing The Chemist Shop for
the insulation dripping from the top of
his building downtown.
MANY THANKS to the people who
own the land opposite Spooners and the
people who own the land between Golden

Later I contacted those who would be
responsible for this action. No one knew
anything about this. I hope when the Board
meets, they will look into this matter. I
would like to inform those responsible that
this is not the Midwest in the times of Jesse
James and the lawless groups that did as
they wished. The Bahamas is a very
civilized country that has laws. We all need
to respect them and those that carry out the
laws of the land.
If some good citizens are looking for a
place to put speed bumps, why not try in the
area of Abaco Central High School or

Harvest and Batelco for bulldozing their
land and leaving it like a desert.
Marsh Harbour seems to be on self-
destruct. I don't want to hear about a
mandate from the Board of Works to
clean properties. They said CLEAN, not
strip naked. And I don't want to hear
that it's my property so I can do anything
I like to it. Would you take a bulldozer
to your own front yard? NO. Then why
are you bulldozing the front yard of the
community? Ground cover is not
Starting to Regret Buying
a House in Marsh Harbour


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Dundas Town Primary School to protect our
precious jewels from those that seem to
have no respect for school areas?
The Bahamas has always been a country
of law and order and I would like to know it
will remain that way.
Godfrey Ferguson

T Jib Room aI

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SLetters to the fbitor

Restrictive Speed Bumps Should Not Be Allowed

Marsh Harbour is Still An Eyesore

Pae 4 Tlhe" AhlreiWnibl Februarl 7996

South Abaco

Moore's Island
By Ken Owen
Beyond the Call of Duty
The original school house on Moore's
Island was built by the local residents in
1926, the land on which it stands being
donated for this purpose. It now houses
grades 1, 2 and 3 until such time as the
new classrooms are completed. On
Friday, the 2nd of February, work began
on renovating the old building and the
northern half of the roof was torn off.
Shortly afterwards torrential rain brought
work to an abrupt halt. The rain
continued unabated all day Saturday.
Undaunted, the workmen began work
on the new roof on Sunday. When
darkness fell at about 5:45 p.m. they
rigged up a powerful floodlight and work
continued. At 6:00 p.m. ZNS 3,
responding to urgent calls, gave an extra
weather update. The temperature was 55
degrees and the wind chill factor was 35
degrees with winds up to 32 mph.
The men on the roof had to contend
with the full force of the wind, not to
mention the chill factor, and handling the
heavy plywood was no easy task.
Nevertheless, the scream of the electric
saws and the pounding of the hammers
continued until the last section had been
completed, around twelve that night. The
desks and chairs were then carried in and
placed neatly in their respective
classrooms. The floors were swept and
the shutters secured. The children could
now come to school on Monday
Yet another occasion for
commendation arises. The school's
P.T.A., headed by Mrs. Hestermae
Williams, had decided that they would
donate one or two sets of "Hooked on
Phonics" to help the school with its Let's
Read Bahamas programme. The local
cost of one of these sets is $500. They
discovered that by getting them direct
from California, they could buy three
sets for less that the cost of two,
including customs duty. The three sets,
destined for grades 1 to 3, arrived at the
school on the 31st of January, having
been held up at the Post Office in Marsh
Harbour for six weeks in the vain hope
of a waiver of customs duty by the
Ministry of Finance.
Work on the new classrooms,
administration block and toilets continues
apace. Due partly to weather conditions
holding up materials from Nassau and the
States and partly to delays in payments to
the contractor, the work had been slowed
down somewhat. However, the new
completion date is set for March 31st
when Moore's Island All Age School will
come to its apotheosis (hopefully).
Because of the presence of the
contractors refurbishing the school and
the workmen building the new
classrooms, we have had to cancel or
postpone some of our annual school
functions. However, we are planning a
Valentine Fun Day foi the 16th of
February when we hope to replenish
school funds. Parents and guardians have
already generously pledged their
contributions to the event. Members of
the business community on Moore's
Island and in Marsh Harbour have also
been asked to support this worthy cause.
The day promises to be an enjoyable one.
Sports News
The local basketball team, the Moore's
Island Lobsters, are having an
outstanding season this year as their
record to date testifies. In every game
that they have played they've scored over
100 points, thus gaining first place in the
league. They have won six games and

lost one.
In the last two games they beat Mount
Hope by 38 points and Cooper's Town
by 42 points. At present Moore's Island
and Sandy Point are considered to be the
top two teams in the league.
The Lobsters will be playing against
Murphy Town on Friday, the 9th of
February and Sandy Point on Saturday,
the 10th of February. We look forward
to a triumphant week-end.
The news that the airstrip at Moore's
Island is to be levelled and paved this
year was welcomed by all, especially by
the pilots that use the strip daily. It is
hoped that the tattered and torn wind
socket will be replaced and that a small
shelter be built for protection against sun
and rain. A toilet facility would not come
amiss either.
One of the pilots remarked that if the
bushes that have overgrown both ends of
the strip were cleared, then there would
be a gain of at least 150 yards in its
length, making life easier and safer for
all concerned.
It has been suggested that we, the
residents, could do this now without
waiting for government to act. It has
been said that God helps those that help
themselves. It's certain that this is true of

Sandy Point

Mt. Zion Baptist Church had their
48th Annual District Convention on
February 11th to 14th. Several guest
speakers addressed the. Convention.
On February 17th Ferona Burrows and
Ivan Curry exchanged wedding vows at
the Assembly of God Church. The
reception was held afterwards in the
Church Hall. Bro. Bob Cornea officiated
assisted by Mr. Jerome Burrows, father
of the bride.
A Youth Rally will be held at the Ball




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* W

Valentine's Day Tea Party in Cherokee
Park on February 24th. This is sponsored
by the Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Youth
from the Soul Saving Ministries of Marsh
Harbour will be there led by their leader,
Rev. Lawrence Arnette. Seven speakers
are planned. Ms. Carmeta Roker is the
Youth Leader coordinating the rally.
On February 25th Bishop Michael
Elden will be celebrating the sacrament
of Holy Confirmation at St. Martin's
Anglican Church. He will also be
celebrating the Lenten Season.
The Anglican Church Men (ACM) and
the Anglican Church Women (ACW)
jointly held a steak out on the 16th of
February which was very successful.

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By Lee Pinder
On February 2nd the teachers and
parents organized a Sports and Fun Day
for the children of the Cherokee All Age
School. There were many and varied
competitions such as the long-jump, the
100 yard dash and egg and spoon races
and included lots of shouting and
enthusiasm. Hot dogs and hamburgers
were prepared on the grill and realized a
profit of $100 to add to the school's
funds. Everyone enjoyed the fun and the
children enjoyed the holiday from school
PLEASE SEE Cherokee Page 25

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Cay as we stated in our last issue.
Island Freight has been sold to Carib
Freight and will continue operations from
Man-O-War. Carib Freight is owned by
Gary Sawyer. They will soon be
providing daily freight service to Hope
Town and Man-O-War. They also have
regular service to Guana. They will
charter to any location.

Abaco's best taxi drivers are honoured with a Treasure Cay banquet and awards by
Road Traffic Authority and the Ministry of Tourism.

Taxi Awards

FROM Page 1

Several taxi drivers were awarded for
being professional and giving exceptional
service. These included George Cornish
.from Central Abaco and Lowell
Edgecombe from North Abaco both of

whom received plaques from the
Ministry of Tourism and Drexel "Jackie"
Bootle who received the Road Traffic
Award. Several others were singled out
as being Taxi Driver of the Month and
received a certificates.


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Abaco Communications Systems

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Abaco Real Estate Agency

12 Lots & 1326 Feet on Treasure Cay Canal

Entire Peninsula with 12 Contiguous lots
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The Aba~,oni a Pape 5

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no cash for the holidcays---"'
*Open a Christmas Club account any time of the year. (
* Withdraw between Nov.lst and Dec.31st each year. G
* Pavs tn tn 4.5/ intemest.



I'm so glad I saved for
Christmas he whole
year through with C
Chrishas Club!




Calendar of Events
Feb 24 Hope T. Fire Brigade Fund Raising
Feb 24 GTC Steak Out Benefit for Historical Society
Mar 2 Treas Cay Annual Yard Sale near Little Switzerland
Mar 2 Marsh H Police Ball at Great Abaco Beach Hotel
Mar 3 Sandy P. Final Game of Basketball Season
Mar 8 Hope T. Heritage Day with parade, music, games
Mar 16-17 GTC Grand Bahama Players to benefit P.T.A.
Mar 23 Marsh H Gospel Concert at St. Francis de Sales
Mar 25 Marsh H. Abaco Central celebrates 25th anniversary w/Police Band
Hope T. AA meets each Monday at St. James Church at 7 p.m.
Hope T. Fire Brigade meets every Sat at 1 p.m.
Marsh H. Yacht Club each third Monday at the Jib Room.
Marsh H. AA every Monday and Thursday at Faith Chapel
Marsh H. Rotary Club each Monday night at Bayview Restaurant
If you would like to have the activities of your church, club or organization listed in
this calendar, call us with the details. There is no charge for this service.

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'February 1996

Page 6 The Abaeoian February 1996

News of the Cays

Hope Town
Hope Town Sailing Club
By Oliver McKeag
The Annual meeting of our 150
members was held at the Club House on
February 6th. Some 20 members from
Man-O-War came down by ferry to
ensure that they would not miss the
The high light was the election of a
new slate of officers. These included
Commodore Dr. Ray Heimbecker, Vice-
Commodore Mrs. Dorothy Shrier and
Rear Commodores Oliver McKeag and
Evans Wilhoyte. The other matter of
importance was the decision to give
financial support to local organizations as
a means of saying thank you for making
us welcome in a very special community.
These include BASRA ABACO, Hope
Town Volunteer Fire Department, the
Swim Team, the school P.T.A., Wyannie
Malone Museum, the Hope Town
association and Jim Laughlin's children's
summer camp.
Parade Music Fair Food
By Col. J.J. McAleer, Jr.
The 13th Annual Hope Town Heritage
Day will be held on Friday, the 8th of
March 1996 at Jarred Park.
The program will start with a
Children's Parade sponsored by the Hope
Town Sailing Club. All children and
Elbow Cay residents are invited to
The parade will feature decorated golf
carts and some special surprises. Mr.
Haziel Key, now Hope Town's oldest
resident will lead the parade as Grand
Marshall. He just celebrated his 89th
Everyone loves a parade
A special ferry will leave Marsh
Harbour at 12:30 p.m. and return at 4:45
p.m. There are lots of good locations to
watch the parade.
The Sailing Club will award trophies
for many categories including decorated
golf carts and bicycles, individuals and
groups in costumes and others.
The parade will start at 1 p.m. at the
school and proceed to the ball park, then
past CIBC and south along Bat Street to
the Jib, ending at the Post Office.
Overall planning is under the direction
of the Wyannie Malone Historical
Museum. It is time to start preparing for
this big event. If you live along the
parade route, why not invite friends over
to watch the parade before going on to
Jarred Park for the Heritage Day

Cars & Scooters

too cc 1994 Motorbikes

Marsh Harbour
Service Station
Automobile Repairs
Shell Fuels & Lubricants
& Tires

One block south of the Traffic Light
Phone 367-2854

Music Music Music
Music-makers will be interspersed
among the marchers and riders and will
play after the Hope Town School
children open the program with the
National Anthem and their own very
special songs. The 1965 Hope Town
School Choir, which won first place in
the Bahamas Music Festival of 1965, will
be on hand for a rendition of a few of
their award winning songs.
The fun and games will begin: crab
races, darts, auctions and a raffle
drawing at 4:00 p.m. and other
traditional activities. Food and drinks
will be sold and the Museum Board will
be on hand to welcome visitors from far
and near. For information call 366-0107.
Brothers Win Art Contest
By Candace Key
Corey and Morgan Engle have been
chosen top winners in the Ministry of
Education National Art Contest
sponsored by BREEF (Bahamas Reef
Environmental Education Foundation).
1997 has been declared "Year of the
Reef" and to coincide with the topic,
BREEF sponsored the student art contest
to design stamps for the Bahamas. The
three top winners in three age categories
will have their reef protection designs

On Hope Two's


Morgan Engle, (
Engle, Grade 3

raue 3, ien ana Lorey
Photo by Candace Key

made into stamps providing their
drawings can be successfully reduced to
stamp size. The top winners will also
have their reef protection design on the
1997 BREEF "Year of the Reef"
Calendar and will have be honoured by
having their art work displayed at an art
Corey won $75 for First Place in his
age group and Morgan won $75 for his
Second Place win in an older age
category. The boys' pictures displayed
their knowledge of reef life, the

bahamia e1isia

Bar Opens Daily 10 a.m.
5 pm on Tusdbys
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m.
Lunch & Dinner Daily
(Kihen osed Tuesdays)
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pm
SAppetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m.
Call 366-0087 R
VHF Ch. 16


importance of our protection of this
unique eco system and their artistic talent
in portraying their feelings.

Green Turtle Cay
By Annabelle Cross
February has been a fairly quiet
month, with cold windy weather keeping
the fishing boats at home. We are seeing
quite a few second-home owners and
other visitors arrive to escape the snow
storms in North America.
The P.T.A. of Amy Roberts All Age
School sponsored a Valentine Dinner at
New Plymouth Inn on February 14th.
Because of the response, there had to be
two seatings to accommodate everyone.
Mr. Donald Glass of Freeport entertained
the diners with love songs. Several lucky
diners won door prizes. The P.T.A.
officers and teachers are to be
congratulated for organizing a successful,
enjoyable evening. A special thank you
to Mr. Wally Davies, Chef Vernal and
the New Plymouth Inn staff for a
delicious meal and great service.
The next P.T.A. sponsored event will
be on March 16th and 17th when the
Grand Bahama Players come to town for
two evenings and one matinee
performances of Ca$h 3. The drawing of

Harbour View

Dockage, Laundry
Ice, Water & Fuel


Boat Rentals
21, 23 & 24 Ft Outboards
by the Day or Week

P 0 Box 457
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2182


Man-O-War Cay 365-6008 VHF 16

February 1996 The Abaconlan Page 7

News of the Cays

the Grand Raffle will be on March 16th.
Refreshments will be on sale. Anyone
who saw the Grand Bahama Players at
their last Green Turtle Cay performance
will advise you not to miss this show.
Tickets will be sold in advance and at the
New Plymouth Historical Society will
sponsor a Steak-Out on February 24th. A
Magnavox "Boom Box" (CD, cassette,
radio) will be the raffle prize. Raffle and
dinner tickets will be sold in advance as
well as at the event. All proceeds will
help fund the Community Park Project.
The newest member of our community
is Dreson Paul Levarity who was born in
Nassau on January 20th. Congratulations
to his parents Bridget and Willis. Dreson
is the first grandchild for Mr. and Mrs.
Mervin Reckley.
Green Turtle Cay Library
By Larry Stovich
The Green Turtle Cay Library has
undergone a much needed face lift. A
new vinyl tile floor was installed, three
florescent ceiling light fixtures and most
important, four custom-built seven-shelf
wood bookcases commissioned which
will double the Library's capacity for
new books.
The Green Turtle Cay Library shares
its small space (10 feet x 18 feet) with
the Post Office private mailboxes, is
open 24 hours daily, seven days a week
and had fallen into a sorry condition over
the years from neglect. Thanks to wide-
spread community support and generous
donations, a complete renovation of the
Library was accomplished.
The GTC Library functions as a "one
for one" paperback exchange and hard

L Ue ieiuing racilly, mucn usea Dy
local residents and visitors equally. It is
surprisingly well-stocked with a wide
selection of fiction and non-fiction
novels, magazines, reference books, etc.
The books have now been catalogued
into sections of interest, ie history,
science fiction, classics, religion, youth,
sports, biography, etc. and filed by
author to make it a user-friendly library.
Many books had to be discarded due
to age and moisture. We hope to remedy
this in the future by adding a window air
conditioning unit if and when funds
become available.
Our reference encyclopedias are
somewhat dated and need replacement. A
complete set of the classics would also be
welcomed in addition to recently
published "best sellers" on all subjects.
A special mention is due those who
made the GTC Library renovation
possible by giving generously of their
time, talents and dedication to this
community effort. Walter Sands and
Maxwell Macintosh did the work, New
Plymouth Hardware provided materials.
Mr. Floyd Lowe gave us a place to
store the books while the Library was
under renovation. Sand Dollar Shoppe
donated labour that sanded and stained
the new bookcases, also moving them
into the Library no easy task with less
than one-half inch to maneuver.
Sally and Russell Anstey off the
sailing vessel "Grenada" were always
there to help from start to finish. Sherry
Thompson did a great job of computer
printing and laminating the GTC Library
category section signs. She was also
there helping to lift those very heavy

boxes of books back into the Library,
putting us all to shame. Audrey and Paul
Sattem were also there huffing and
Friends of the GTC Library who
helped with the planning and execution of
this community project include Kathy and
David Bethell, Percy Pinder and Roswell
The Commissioner and Lincoln Jones,
Chairman of the GTC Board of Works,
were, of course, consulted and gave
government consent to the renovation.
Many who donated did not wish to be
identified publicly. Suffice it to say
community support was wide spread
which is what makes GTC a very special
By Samantha Sands
On February 2nd a wedding shower
was held for Madeline, daughter of
Wallace and Denise McDonald.
Friends and family came from Marsh
Harbour, Hope Town, Cherokee as well
as Freeport and Nassau to celebrated the
happy occasion.
The wedding for Madeline and Dave

will be held at the Man-O-War Gospel
Chapel on April 13th of this year.
We would like to congratulate Mom
and Dad George and Melissa Phillpot
and big sister Adrianna on the birth of
their new baby Alexzandra Mary. The
little bundle of joy was born on February
7th, weighing seven pounds seven

Alexzandra Mary Phillpot
A baby shower was held for Brenda
Sawyer, wife of Gary sawyer on January
27th. The baby is expected to arrive on
April 23rd. Hope you have a safe
delivery and a healthy baby.
On February 16th a baby shower was


iage 22

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Sea Side Villas
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Informal Restaurant. Catering Service, Daily Baked Goods
Full Service Marina
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you have a goal that you would like to see fulfilled
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From saving for the things you Prsonalvision'
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for retirement....

From owning a home, Personalvision'
renovating, to purchasing Homewership

Let a CIBC Personal Banker show you how to
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No matter how you see your future, at CIBC we're
working hard to help you see it come true.


We see what you see:

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Don Mackey Boulevard 809-365-6098
Thurs. 10:00am 2:00pm



and the
We can supply all of your grocery needs including fresh baked bread,
pies, and rolls, fresh fruit and vegetables, prime U S meats, imported
cheeses, and dairy products.
Supermarket Selection with
Country Store Convenience
"Let Them Eat
Key Lime Pie"
Hope Town
366-0037 VHF 16



Hours 7 AM 10 PM
Live Entertainment Weekly
Waterfront Dining at its Best
Accommodating up to 350 People
Bahamian and International Cuisine
Full Banquet, Meeting, and Wedding Packages


Reservations are Recommended 0 Phone 809-367-2158

Page 8 The Abaeonlan February 1996

North Abaco

Treasure Cay
Yard Sale
The annual Yard Sale held in Treasure
Cay will be on March 2nd at the Treasure
Cay Park. This is the grassy area between
Little Switzerland and the parking lot. The
Treasure Cay residents have many varied
items for sale. There will be a $2.00 fee
for those selling. Anyone can set up a
table to offer items for sale. Everyone is
welcome to come and browse. The Yard
Sale will go on all day.
~3~-: :

Couple plan wedding for August

Engagement Announced
Mr. Raymond Moss of Hong Kong and
Mrs. Susan Mohl of Parkland, Florida,
announce the engagement of their only
daughter Antoinette Elizabeth Rachael to
Christopher George Harris, son of George
and Janet Harris of Treasure Cay. The
couple are presently planning a wedding
for August 1996 in Coral Springs, Florida.
Mr. Harris the manager of the Golden
Harvest Supermarket in Marsh Harbour.
Basketball Court Opened
By Kirk "Juice" Reckley
On February 17th the basketball court
at Treasure Cay was officially re-opened.
They celebrated with double-header
basketball games. Mr. Gladstone McPhee
officially renamed the court.
The court is named the Don Corbett
Court in memory of Mr. Don Corbett, a
resident of Treasure Cay who was the first
sponsor of the Treasure Cay team. He also
donated generously toward the expense of
making the court.

Sand Bank Yacht Club
Changes Watch
By John Lacey
Eighty members of the Sand Bank
Yacht Club celebrated its annual Change
of Watch dinner at the Spinnaker
Restaurant in Treasure Cay on January
24th. The 1995 Past Commodore Dave
Buchanan stepped down in favor of
Andrew Colson, the 1995 Commodore.
The Commodore, Vice Commodore and
Rear Commodore for 1996 are Jerry
Metzer, Dairell Snapp and Brian Sheehe,
all of whom moved up from the 1995
officer positions. The Incoming Fleet
Captain is John Lacey. Peter Plumb
continues his eleven-year tenure as
Following cocktails on the Spinnaker
patio, members enjoyed a fine champagne
dinner, prepared and served by Elliot
Sawyer and his capable crew.
In his farewell remarks Andy Colson
reviewed the highlights of the 1995
program, oversaw the passing of the flags
from last year's to this year's officers and
turned his watch over to Jerry Melzer.
Jerry recounted Andy's many
contributions to the Club during his tenure
as an officer.
At Jerry's invitation, John Lacey
sketched the tentative social program for
1996, which includes dinner on St.
Valentine's Day at one of Abaco's finest
restaurants, ladies' night cocktails on
Sadle Hawkin's Day (February 29th),
brunch on St. Patrick's Day, an excursion
to Manjack Cay on April 9th and an
evening beach party on April 23rd.
Little Abaco
The Zion Baptist Churches of Abaco
are having convention and revival
services. These began in Crown Haven.
Romeo Rolle and Nicole Olive
Gardiner exchanged wedding vows at St.
Ann's Anglican Church in Crown Haven
on January 27th. There were married by
Father Santosh Murray. The reception
was at Golden Gates in Crown Haven.
The couple are residing in Mount Hope.

Cooper's Town
Interviews by Jeffrey Cooper
On February 17th several churches of
Northern Abaco held a Valentine Singles
Seminar at the S.C. Bootle High School.
It was an alternative event for young
people to attend for a good time instead
of a disco or dance. It combined singing,
musical numbers, talks, discussions and a
dinner buffet and was coordinated by Mr.
Kenneth Roamer.
The room was decorated as a Magical
Ballroom and the evening was a great
success with 53 young people from 14 to
28 years attending. This was the first in a
series of seminars planned.
Several counselors spoke to them about
a variety of subjects, such as dating,
relationships and getting along with
parents They also viewed a video on
AIDS and STD's. The seminar was trying
to sensitize the young people to some of
the pitfalls facing them and making them
aware of their responsibilities as they
grow up.

I ------


North Abaco's

Finest Fleet

20' 28' Centre Console
All Boats have T Tops or Biminis
Registered and safety equipped
Dive gear and fishing tackle rental
Reef and wreck dive with our Dive Master
Air fills and snorkel gear sales
Resort (beginners) dive course
All levels of instruction
VHF radio Ch 16 Phone 809-365-8465 Fax 809-365-8508

Located at the Treasure Cay Marina

Open Daily
Breakfast 8:30 10:00
Lunch and Dinner 11 am 9 pm
Bar Open 8:30 am 'til...
HAPPY HOUR 5 6:30 pm
Live Music Weds & Fri 8-11 pm
Restaurant and Bar Specializing in
on the Hope Town Water-front Bahamian Foods
Phone 366-0247 or VHF 16



Located in the
Hudson Building on Queen Elizabeth Blvd.

Specializing in

Men's Casual Wear

at Very Good Prices

Seeis Bekiwvin/


Commissioner Jack Thompson was very
encouraged as he feels that the young
people of Abaco are trying to focus, they
are taking themselves seriously and he
feels that 1996 will be a great year for
The young people also heard from
Raymond Campbell from Dundas Town,
Mrs. McIntosh who teaches at the Primary
School in Cooper's Town, Tiara Burrows
of St. Andrews Baptist Church in Crown
Haven, Felon Pritchard who is the youth
leader at St. Ann's Baptist Church in Fire
Road and Daniel Curry of the Mt. Zion
Baptist Church in Fox Town. Their
general advice to young people was to
live a Christian life putting Christ first
and stay in school to get a good
Bahama Host Seminar
The Bahama Host Programme is having
a seminar in Cooper's Town for the
residents of North Abaco. Mr. Scott Bowe
is leading the seminar.



I North Abaco

February 1996 The Ahaeoln

Architects Act Is Amended

lan Page 9

Fire Road
The St. Andrew's Baptist Church of
Fire Road held the Ninth Anniversary of
its Lady's Ministry on February 9th to
18th. The culminating service was on
February 18th with Mrs. Dawkins of
Murphy Town as guest speaker. Mrs.
Dawkins is associated with Faith Temple

Mrs. Adelina Mclntosh, Moderator
Photo Credit Jeffery Cooper
Black Wood
The residents of Wood Cay were
greatly saddened by the death of Darnell
Cornish, just 16 years old. She took ill in
November, was diagnosed with cancer in
December and passed away on February
12th. The funeral was on February 17th at
the St. Saviour's Anglican Church in

Jury Declares Albury
The jury at the Marsh Harbour
Coroners Court on February 1st, 1996,
ruled that the deaths of Marcel and
Antoine Albury on September 27th, 1995,
was accidental due to electrocution. The
verdict was read by Andrew Cartwright
and accepted by the Coroner's magistrate,
Winston Saunders, who presided over the
session. There were no witnesses to the
incident and the jury formed their verdict
based on the evidence submitted.
- The jury believed this accident was
preventable and made several
recommendations to the court as a result
of the evidence and testimony as follows:
The pumps should be fenced with
signs advising of high voltage.
Signs should be displayed to advise
that the airport and wellfield area is
Signs should be displayed giving an
emergency phone number and the name
of a person to contact.

People in the News
Nettica Symonette, owner and propri-
etor of Different of Abaco, was honoured
with a prestigious Cacique Award. These
are given by the Ministry of Tourism and
Bahamas Hotel Association to honour the
best in the industry. She received it for
her contribution in eco-tourism.

Elbow Cay on White Sound
near Hope Town

Romantic tropical rooms
on both oealn and iound
Free hat docking
Seonic bar serving year
favorite frozen drinks
SWonderful feed served
ever looking the eeasn
Breakfast, Leunh and
Dinner a I sarte

Damell Cornish
Black Wood. Rev Santosh Murray
officiated and burial was in the Black
Wood Cemetery.
Miss Cornish was an outstanding
athlete who enjoyed playing softball and
basketball. She was'one of the athletes
representing Abaco at he Bahama Games
this past July. She attended S.C. Bootle
High School
She is survived by her parents Jennelle
and Lonnie Cornish; sister Ravonne;
brothers Steve Cooper, Andilino, Giovanni
and Travis Cornish, Shaquille and Nigel
Bootle Jr; stepmother Michelle Cornish;
grandparents Vidian and Benjamin
Cornish; aunts, uncles and many other

Deaths Accidental
Pumps should be mounted on
acceptable platforms with protective
Ground Fault Interruption (GFI) devices
in the electric circuit.
They further recommended that all
well fields in the Bahamas be inspected
and be brought up to an acceptable
standard as found necessary.
This court session is believed to be the
first in Marsh Harbour with a court
stenographer recording the testimony. The
collection of evidence and testimony of
the witnesses and experts called flowed at
a remarkably swift pace in comparison to
the previous system of recording
testimony by long-hand.

from Bahamas Information Services
An amendment of the recently passed
Local Government Act has reduced the
size of buildings that citizens and
permanent residents may design to 3,000
square feet from the previous figure of
6,000 square feet. The new regulation
applies to any one story dwelling unit,
restaurant or shop.
Architectural technicians may provide
design services to the larger 6,000 square
feet size. In either case, ie 3,000 or 6,000
square feet, the plans must comply with
the building code requirements. There
are no provisions for any Town Planning
Committee to grant waivers or ignore the
building code.
In presenting the amended bill to the
House on January 25th, Prime Minister
Hubert Ingraham said, "We did not intend
to hurt as many people who ended up
getting hurt by the (original) bill. We
have decided that a Bahamian citizen or a

legal resident of the Bahamas who is
building a house, shop or restaurant.....up
to 3,000 square feet may do so without
having to hire a single architect or
technician anywhere at anytime."
Furthermore he added, "Those plans will
have to be acceptable for approval for
construction in accordance with the laws
of the land."
Mr. Ingraham said the government
does not find it acceptable to add high
architectural fees to construction costs for
small structures of less than 3,000 square
feet when building code compliance and
standards may be achieved otherwise.
The Prime Minister said that the
various Town Planning Committees are
going to receive technical advice from
qualified persons, ie, architects,
architectural assistants and perhaps
engineers and planners just like the Town
Planning in Nassau now receives such

Groceries All you need & more
Fruits, Vegetables & Canned Goods
Dairy Products & Frozen Foods
Monday Friday 7:30 am 6 pm
Saturday 7:30 am 7 pm
Phone or FAX 366-2022
The Place to be is Cherokee

S T A F F Mr. James D.Cockwel, President and
Managing Director of Commonwealth Bank
Ltd, is pleased to announce the following
appointment at its Marsh Harbour Branch,
which became effective February 1st, 1996.

appointed Branch Manager Marsh Harbour Branch.

Mr. Jones is a graduate of the Eight Mile Rock High School,
and has successfully completed numerous management courses.
He has been employed with Commonwealth Bank Limited for
fourteen years having served as Credit & Collections Supervisor
and Assistant Branch Manager, a position he held for the last
eight years.

Mr. Jones is married to the former Pandora Forbes, and they
are proud parents of three children, Madison, Rikaino and

The Mail Drive*P352=307/8 Bay & Christie Sts 322-1154
The Mall Drive 352-8307/8 The Plaza, Mackey St. 393-0421
ABACO: Town Centre Mall 322-4107
Marsh Harbour 367-2370 Oakes Field Roundabout 322-3474
SCable Beach 327-8441

The bank for Bahamians with places to go!

Come by boat, or call
to be picked up in
Hope Town
Reservation requested
but not required
VHF 16 Phone 366-0133

Let's Read, Bahamas
The national literacy project, Let's
Rea, Bahamas marked its second
anniversary with a series of activities.
The project, spearheaded by the Ministry
of Education has heightened national
awareness about the importance of
literacy skills. On Abaco each school had
programs and activities to mark this day.
It has now become apparent that there
is a parallel problem, that of numeracy.
Many Bahamians have not mastered basic
mathematical functions. The Let's Read,
Bahamas program will now include the
teaching of number skills.
Abaco Central High
School News
It is always a pleasure to let readers
know about the continued success of
students attending Abaco Central High
School and this month we seem to have
even more good news to report. February
and March always seem to be very busy
months and this year would appear to be
no exception.
National Arts Festival
The National Arts Festival offers the
opportunity for students to demonstrate
their skills and talents in the fields of
music, drama and dance. With the 1996
competition beginning very shortly, the
school received a tremendous boost with
the news of great success in last year's
Young Chef Competition
Teneil Mills deserves our
congratulations as the winner of the 1996

Young Chef Competition. Teneil's
culinary skills have earned her the right
to represent Abaco in the National
Competition and we all wish her well in
the finals.
"Let's Read, Bahamas"
With the objectives being improved
literacy and a greater interest in reading,
the Language Department organised a
special assembly to mark the second
anniversary of the "Let's Read,
Bahamas" programme. After hearing a
special choral reading by Seventh Grade
girls, Malisha Swain, Stacey Feaster,
Lateisha Roberts and Fallacy Henfield
and joining in a theme song, the school
listened with interest to presentations by
Ms. Astrid Stratton and Mr. Richard
Fox. The highlight of the programme
was the unveiling of the "Let's Read,
Bahamas" sign to be displayed' at the
front of the school. The winning slogan,
"Do yourself a good deed, Read!" was
the idea of Shazarah Bootle in Grade
Nine and was painted clearly on the sign
by students. Coincidentally, the long
awaited donation from St. Ben's College
to the school library arrived the same day
-- a brand new Webster's Unabridged
Dictionary and Children's Britannica as
well as an almost new Britannica
Duke of Edinburgh
Award Scheme
The programme is still very much
alive at Abaco Central with meetings
every Tuesday when Constable
Thompson and Drexel Major, both
holders of gold awards, come in and give

training and encouragement to around 12
students who are in various stages of
achievement ranging from bronze and
silver to gold awards. The "Dukes" hope
that an expedition will take place on.
Abaco before the Easter holidays.
Hope Town School
By Candace Key
Let's Read Bahamas
Celebrated Second Anniversary
The Ministry of Education's four year
literary promotion project, "Let's Read
Bahamas" recently celebrated its second
anniversary. During the first half of its
project the Let's Read Bahamas
Secretariat donated Scholastic books,

Scott Foresman Reading Series books
and much other reading material to the
schools throughout the Bahamas.
They promoted a nation-wide reading
contest among Primary schools to foster
an increased interest in reading. The
Hope Town School won the Abaco
section of the contest last year. The
school was presented with a trophy and
books for the school library. The reading
contest was held again last month with
results soon to be announced.
"Let's Read Bahamas" is also
promoting adult literacy programs
through both churches and community.


Page i1

um i SadamiM to ds &SiU & aMdaa n6o ad sldoe Sk* made e d1 S6 dAsfea


An Original Collection of Unique Bahamian Creations
Dolls, 3ams, Qu\ils, Stained 6 lass,
a Unique Sfraw Wo k, Sculptrfe,
3ewellery, -Tea, FAndrosia,
Bdaf Products & Mooe. *

P.O. Box ADB 20247
AMrtark Nrbour
Abaco, Bahamas
Tel 809-367-4648
Fax 809-367-4442

aon Sat
9o30 5:00

Located in the
'Royal florbour
Shoppong Village
on ike Second Floor


Typewriters, Copiers, Calculators
Sales & Service
Philip Hall
Opposite Royal Bank
in Marsh Harbour

Treasure Cay's
SMost Experienced Broker

F Winm. F. Hertz Ltd.

P. O. Box AB 22182 Phone/FAX 809-365-8061
Treasure Cay, Abaco

Ner fih-mm"aft J mnn

A painstakingly restored colonial inn in the storybook village of
New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay.
Bougainvillea and oleander abound in quiet surroundings that take
you back to the 18th century, a setting of colonial charm and Loyalist
history. The New Plymouth Inn is an intimate island hotel with a
patio, pool, restaurant and bar with superb Bahamian dishes served
by candlelight by congenial hosts.
Located across from the Sculpture Gardens
Sunday Brunch Occasionally Afternoon Tea
Phone 809-365-4161 In Miami call 305-665-5309

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*g d SO)
0 '6 0 -. B~iR S. 0 3S iBE^.

"Original Handcrafted Jewelry"

ABACO GOLD at the Sand Dollar
Shoppe is designed and manufactured
by ninth generation Abaconian artists
at historic New Plymouth on Green
Turtle Cay.
* Resort wear for men, women & children
* Unique gifts and souvenir items
* Large selection ofquality T-shirts and caps
Marsh Harbour 809-367-4405 o1bb
Green Turtle Cay 365-4221

February 1996

The Abaconlan Page 11

Comm. Hart & Road Traffic Officer Swain Meet with Taxi Drivers

A meeting was called on February 13th
by Road Traffic Authority in Marsh
Harbour to discuss taxi issues. Road
Traffic Officer Roland Swain and Senior
Commissioner Everett Hart spoke to the


FROM Page 10

To celebrate the second anniversary of
this important project, many schools
decided to display this program's
message on boards outside their school.
Hope Town School parent Mr. Ron
Engle, designed a bulletin board to be
mounted on the school's new Learning
Center. The school held a special
assembly to dedicate the board and
honour the students who read the most
books during the recent contest. The
students decorated the board with
pictures depicting a reading theme.
Later on in the day Cherokee School
students, their teacher and parents visited
Hope Town School as their reward for
high achievement during the reading
contest. A pizza lunch was held and the
Hope Town students who were the top
achievers were rewarded with free pizza.
S.C. Bootle
High School
By Kenneth Roamer
Young Chefs Competition
The S.C. Bootle High School held its
Young Chef competition. The three top
winners were Omar Russell, first place;
Diana Russell, second place; Latera
Saunders, third place. The first place
winner then competed with the top chef
from Abaco Central High School on
February 12th. Omar Russell came in
second place but did not loose by many
he "Yoiing Chefs competition is
sponsored by Mahatma Rice and Robin
Hood Flour. The winner from Abaco
will compete in Nassau next month.
Junior Achievers
S.C. Bootle has as active company of
Junior Achievers named the Diamond
Explorers. Seven of them will be going
into Nassau to the Bahajac for several
days. Bahajac is the national gathering of
Junior Achievers from all over the
Fun Day
S.C. Bootle held a Fun Day on
Valentine's Day, February 14th.
Basketball and other sports were enjoyed.
Unfortunately one student, Rodney
Curry of Green Turtle Cay, was injured
and had to be flown to Nassau with a
broken leg and internal bleeding.



Island Telephones
Radio Unk

Business Band Radio
VHF Marine Radio

P. 0. Box AB22136
Phone or Fax 365-8248
A Division of
Aero Marine Engineering

estimated 30 or more taxi drivers
attending the meeting. Mr. Hart and Mr.
Swain listened to various drivers voice
their complaints before addressing the
Marsh Harbour drivers complained that
at the ferry dock a few taxis get many
fares while some cabs do not get any
business. This led to a discussion of pre-
arranged fares which are proper only
when made the previous day or earlier.
At the end of the evening, the drivers
voted to re-instate the validation system
whereby a driver has a slip stamped by
Road Traffic Authority for each pre-
arranged trip. This confirms the pick-up
to other drivers and avoids any
confrontations. Without a pre-arranged
ticket, the first-in-line rule will prevail at
the ferry dock, airport and other taxi
A cab waiting in line cannot make use
of a pre-arranged ticket. Those with a
pre-arranged fare must wait outside the
line for their specific fare and not attempt
to be eligible for the next-in-line.
Mr. Swain asked the drivers to observe
the rules and cooperate among themselves
as Road Traffic has the authority to
remove taxi plates from cabs not
complying or operating to acceptable
standards. The removal of taxi plates is
done with police assistance when
The law does not allow taxi drivers to
solicit business or enter hotel lobbies.

Drivers were dismayed that they were
prohibited from asking for repeat business
from their riders. Commissioner Hart
clarified this concern by telling the
drivers their actions and helpful
conversations can properly solicit repeat
business without being blunt or forceful.
Mr. Swain confirmed that the drivers can
build up a clientele of satisfied customers
and the Act supports repeat business by
allowing pre-arranged fares.
Mr. Hart said the drivers should give
such satisfactory service to the visitors on
their arrival that they ask for the same
driver to pick them up on their departure.
"The better drivers are selling the area
and building up their fares. That effort is
repaid by honest fares for doing honest
work. Those that work harder get more
jobs." said Mr. Hart.
Commissioner Hart also mentioned that
it is only human nature for people to have
preferences and the law cannot provide an
equitable answer for every situation. The
taxi profession must do much of its own
regulating. Mr. Hart said there is no law
to force people to ride in a sloppy cab.
Neither is there any law to make the
visitors come to Abaco.
Mr. Swain told how various rules have
been implemented and tried locally
without much success and therefore the
drivers must adhere to the rules laid out
by Nassau.
Senior Commissioner Everett Hart
gave a lesson in etiquette, courtesy and

acceptable business methods to the taxi
drivers. Mr. Hart asked the drivers who
complain about not getting fares to
examine their style, performance and
method of operation against those getting
more fares as they may not be giving the
service they think they are rendering.
"Some people," Mr Hart said, "do not
belong in the taxi business. The taxi
profession nation-wide is going down, not
up." He said this is definitely true on
Commissioner Hart told the drivers he
is working to have outside lights installed
at the Marsh Harbour airport building and
parking lot. He also alluded to efforts to
have power extended to their building but
that will have to be after the other
lighting is completed and other details
have been worked out.
Mr. Swain mentioned that this area will
see the introduction of taxi meters to
better standardize the fare system.

New Maritime
Authority Formed
The Bahamas has formed a new
Bahamas Maritime Authority. This body
will manage a Ships' Registry which now
has more than 1,500 ocean-going boats,
one of the largest registries in the world.
The Bahamas is now one of the most
influential countries in international
maritime affairs.

ood Drin s i
Open Tuesday through Saturday
Lunch & Dinner
11:30 am-3 pm 6 pm 9 pm
Bar opens at 11 am (until closing)
Boutique Open 9 9

On Mars/ ad Satawerfront Call 3
On the Marsh Harbour Waterfront Call 367-2074.

"Abaco's Best Rental Fleet"
Beside the Sunsall charter boats
Daily 3-Day Weekly
19' Paramont
$75 $210 $450
21' Paramont
$90 $240 $550
26' Paramont
$135 $360 $800
Fishing & snorlding gear
Bait, Ice & guides
Call 367-2742
P 0 Box 419, Marsh Harbour



Page 12 The Abaeoan Februarv 1996

Central Abaco

Dundas Town and
Murphy Town
By Charles Nightingale
Abaco's Winter is rapidly waning into
Spring with most of the cold snaps
behind us. After I made a rush trip in the
"Blizzard of '96" to visit with my mother
in Connecticut, I returned home saying
"How sweet it is."
There has been a vast increase in
people speaking to me about this column
but very little hard news. So this month's
space will be mostly human interest type
features. Or has the Carnival now in its
third week with supposedly new rides so
dominated our lives that all our energies
and talents have been siphoned into
Marsh Harbour?
Scout Leader Huel Moss and the boys
of the 6th Abaco Bahamas Scout Troop
worshipped at Friendship Tabernacle

, IMr-I dbk

Church in Dundas Town on the 21st of
January. As part of their spiritual
development, the Scouts attend a place of
worship as a troop every month. Pictured
with some of the Scouts is Assistant
Pastor Rev. Anthony Swain.
The second anniversary of "Let's Read
Bahamas" was well publicized in all our
schools February 12th. There are also
notable endeavors to consistently
encourage individual and family literacy
in our settlement, one of which has been
the Laubach Literacy International
movement that has encircled the globe
beginning fifty years ago with a
missionary in Africa teaching some
villagers to read the Bible. More is
expected to be publicized locally through
the District Education Officer.
Now that my Jeep is back on the road,
I feel qualified to comment on the several

Central Abeco
^ 1i

Page I6



The 6th Abaco Bahamas Scout Troop worshipped at Friendship Tabernacle Church
in Dundas Town. Some of them are pictured with Assistant Pastor, Rev. Anthony

On January 16th the Abaco Dance School held its yearly dance recital. Two dances
were performed by sixteen of the school's Baby Ballerinas class. Over fifty interested
parents, grandparents and friends, many armed with camcorders, attended the recital
at the Anglican Church Hall.
Classes are held Tuesdays at 3:15 at the Hall. January 1996 marks the third
anniversary of the school which is staffed by volunteers. For information please call
the Ministry of Youth or 359-6606.

Harbour View Grocery
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Fresh Meats & Vegetables
Dairy Products
Canned Goods
Dry Goods
on the HOPE TOWN waterfront

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Del Monte
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Frozen Foods
Dairy Products

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mmmm- rN

Tiae Abaeonlan Page 13

Fashion Show at GAB Hotel Benefits Cancer Society

By Marjolein Scott
The Abaco Branch of the Cancer
Society of the Bahamas held its Third
Annual Fashion Show and Luncheon on
February 11th. The event was held in the
Pavilion at the Great Abaco Beach Hotel
and was very well attended.
Twelve local stores participated in the
Fashion Show as well as twelve of the
most beautiful models on Abaco. Five
different categories of clothing were
shown: sportswear, swim wear, career,
casual evening and the grand finale, the
A make-up artist and hairstylist from
Nassau donated her time and energies to
making sure the models looked even
more lovely on the run-way. The Hotel
did an outstanding job on the lunch
which was served buffet style.
The Cancer Society wishes to extend a
big thank you to the many businesses and
the general public for their generous


support in making this annual event a
success. Some of the money raised will
help local cancer patients travel to their
treatment locations in Nassau or Florida.

Cancer Society Assists and Educates

The models line up at
GAB Hotel Pavilion.

By Hugh Cottis
The Abaco Branch of the Cancer
Society of the Bahamas, on the occasion
of its third annual Fashion Show, was
pleased to report another successful year.
With commendable support from the
business community and the general
public, the Society was able to further
both its educational objectives and
provide direct support to cancer patients.
During the past year three evening
talks have been arranged covering
diverse cancer related topics: Dr. Rashad
on oral cancer, Dr. Barrett on the
ps chological ramifications of cancer for
the patient and family members, and our
own Dr. Elaine Lundy on breast cancer.
All of the talks were well received by
appreciative audiences.
Working within the confines of a
limited budget the Society has been able
to make some financial help available to
cancer patients. At this time it has been
in the form of an air-fare for the patient
getting treatment off the island.
Donations of sodas or food have also
been made towards the fund raising
efforts of others engaged in meeting
medical costs for cancer patients.
In October 1995 the Society had a
team of doctors flown in from Nassau to
give free pap smear and prostate
examinations at the government clinics.
The response was less than we had hoped
for, mainly due to the fact that ZNS
failed to air the paid announcements.

Corner Value
Liquid Propane Gas
LPG Tanks Refilled
^ LPG Appliances

Magic Chef
Maytag Appliances

Household Goods,
Clothing, Shoes
Hallmark Cards

Queen Elizabeth Drive
One block East of the Traffic Light
P O Box 490, Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2250

Even at this, some thirty women took
advantage of the clinics. Happily, no
cancer related problems were found. The
Society wishes to thank Andrew Kelly of
Abaco Air for donating his aircraft and
services to this cause.
Throughout the year a number of fund
raising activities have been very well
supported by the community. Particular
thanks go out to the business community
who so freely gave to our Christmas
Raffle. Jumble sales have also brought in
much needed funds and could not have
been possible but for the support of the
public both in terms of donating "goods"
and/or purchasing them.
The Society exists to serve. Help at
Fairs and our activities is always needed.
Giving just an hour or two of one's time
is a very valuable, appreciated
contribution. Finally, if you or someone
you know is a cancer patient, the Society
would like to know.
Thanks and God bless you!



Complete line of
American Standard &
Moen plumbing fixture
Peterson shower doors
P O Box 488,
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

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the harbour & walking distance to
grocery stores, shopping and ferry docks
leading to outer islands. You will check
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0 1st time visitor, 0 Repeat visitor, 0 2nd home or condo owner
O Time share owner, O Live-aboard boater
Mail to: PO Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
S Phone 809-367-2677 Fax 809-367-3677

For Students of AII Ages
Classes Saturday 1:00 2:00 pm
Monday & Wednesday 5:30 6:30 pm
Sensi Churton Toote P.O. Box AB 20274
M JU.Rvu 3rd Don Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-3101 Abaco, Bahamas


February 1996


Page 14 The Abaeeonan February 1996

Carnival Fun in Pictures and Words Refresh The Experience

Keith and Kevin Cartwright try their luck at the glass-ware toss.

The "Kamikaze" sky ride leaves Priscilla Russell and Adelle McDonald awe struck.

The bumper cars were constantly in action with kids of all ages at the wheel.

Effie Schneider and great grand-daughter

li.-.I.,lhih ride the Choo Choo train.

, .... .


Chefseds Choice

Free Office and Home Delivery
Water Coolers & Bottle Pumps
5 Gallon Bottles 6 X 1 Gallon Cases
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Phone 367-4842 Fax 367-4841 VHF 16

Anasthasia Simms with her trophies
on the carnival's opening night.
February 2nd to February 18th were
big days for Abaco. A traveling carnival
brought rides and games and a real
carnival atmosphere to entertain children
as well as adults. Screams of happiness
and stuffed toys, glassware, and other
prizes were won. Children's eyes were
full of wonder while parents I.u ;i-d them
to enjoy the merr) .L'-r. und and the
colorful train.
Crown Amusements, the company
which brought the carnival to Abaco, had
just completed weeks in Nassau and
Freeport. There were more attractions at
Nassau and Freeport. Carnival manager
Joe Staton said he hoped that bringing the
Carnival to Abaco would bring in enough

PLEASE SEE Carnival Page 27



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m I

Euha~M flae Aba.ouaiau Page 15


* 9 A.M. 5 P.M.




Welcomes You to Our New Abaco Office

Insurance Brokers & Agents

Personal & Commercial

including Life & Health





All Your Insurance Needs

Nobody Does It Better

I& ter


Branch Manager

Queen Elizabeth Drive (Beside Spooner's) Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
P.O. Box AB 20866 Phone 809-367-4204 Fax 809-387-4206







The UAbaNeman Paae 15

~~--- --------- ------- -----


February 1996






Pa&g 16 The Abaneman Feibrarv 1996

Central Abaco FROM pa 12
fine body/mechanic shops in our area:
the biggest is Mr. Wilfred Gay's lot
where Don Adderley and Ed Armbrister
are often found painting, Livingston
Edwards, on the bend by the
Ambassador Inn, provides excellent
service at a most reasonable price. There
is also Ziggie's Place and Basil
Wilmore's Shop in Murphy Town. We
can't forget about Kipco's New Frontier
Junk Yard.
Richard Cox's Gym in Murphy Town
seems to be an active place for serious
young people to workout. Recently two
of my sons on Winter Break worked out
together for a very reasonable fee of
$35.00 per month.
The Baha'is of Central Abaco had a
series of public meetings featuring
Canadian international travel teacher,
Catherine McMillan. Varied topics were
addressed and one night was exclusively
for young people.
My newly adopted A.A.R.K. puppy
Lydia and I were walking around the
Crossing Beach area, sorely missing the
spruced up look that was afforded by the
periodic clean-ups sponsored by the
Abaco Cancer Society. This area is a
spectacular attraction with universal
appeal and must be better cared for.
:g. -
." .

jY *

Approximately 100 property 'and
condominium owners met in the Treasure
Cay Community Center on February
19th. The topic was the petition being
circulated to form an association to
control the amenities and maintenance of
the public areas in Treasure Cay. Joe
Norris chaired the meeting with
comments by Berkley Evans, Bruce Barth
and Jerry Roberts.
The momentum for this petition is
based in a little known law, the 1965
Subdivision Act. This provides that 60%
of the owners in a subdivision may
petition the government for the right to
control their own maintenance as opposed
to letting the developer continue to do
this. The Act was apparently written for
circumstances such as this to allow the lot
owners to assume control if necessary or
when desired.
Treasure Cay lot ownership is now
about 65% privately owned with 35%
still retained by the developer.
Undeveloped tracts apparently count as
one entity whereas each lot counts
separately when subdivided. The act was
written into law before condominiums
were popular and this ownership is not
specifically covered in the Act.
Knowledgeable persons at the meeting
believed that the courts would rule
favorably allowing condominium
ownership to be equated with lot
ownership. If this is correct the private
ownership rises to approximately 78%.
The Bahamian property owners present
were concerned that they had not been
properly appraised of the benefits and
hazards involved if a new association

gains control. They wondered if they had
been intentionally omitted in the early
The organizers admitted that the
Bahamians were not contacted initially
since most of them are employees of
Treasure Cay Ltd. Those proposing this
petition did not want the Treasure Cay
Ltd. owners to subdivide any tracts to
dilute the present ownership status. This
ownership ratio is now frozen while the
petition process runs its course.
The proposers said the process of
notifying all 744 property owners and
getting the 60% signatures may take a
year to complete. During this time, all
owners, Bahamian and foreign, will be
contacted and questions will be answered.
Concern was expressed that the present
assessment of one, two and three cents
per square foot, respectively on single
family lots, multiple family lots and
commercial lots, could rise to exorbitant
and prohibitive amounts. The organizers
stated that the present fee schedule would
prevail. Although the new association
would have the power to increase or

decrease the assessment, it cannot do this
arbitrarily. The Act provides that 75% of
the owners must approve of any change.
A further clause requires that the
association be non-profit and make
assessments only to the extent of their
budgeted expenditures including
administrative expenses.
A further meeting is scheduled in the
near future to specifically address the
concerns of the Bahamian property
owners. It was apparent at this first public
meeting that the concerns of the
Bahamian and foreign owners are not
entirely the same.
Treasure Cay is different from most
subdivisions where the developer leaves
after all the property is sold. In Treasure
Cay's case the parent company will still
own one of the largest marinas in the
Bahamas, commercial condominiums,
restaurants, a hotel which is presently
closed and recreational facilities including
a golf course and tennis courts. They are
also one of the largest employers in the
region. Their interest may be diminished
when the lots are all sold but they cannot
be ruled out as an interested party.

Patrice Swain and Jimmy Pierre
Dundas Town Primary School
A coronation was held on Valentine's
Day. The King and Queen are Jimmy
Pierre from Grade 4 and Patrice Swain
from Grade 2N. The reigning students
were presented with crowns, sashes and
prizes including a round trip ticket to
Nassau along with Valentine baskets.
King Jimmy and Queen Patrice will reign
for 1995-1996 representing the school
whenever the need arises. The school
thanks Nix 'n Nax for the donated items
for the prize baskets. Miss Eleanor Hield
was the coordinator of this very
successful event.
Mr. Milo Butler was the guest speaker
to unveil the "Let's Read Bahamas"
billboard February 12th at the Dundas
Town Primary School. The sign reminds
us, "Discover Your World...Reading is
the foundation for all learning...Enrich
your life." Much gratitude goes to Mrs.
Marjolein Scott and Ms. Laura Shane
who live in Great Cistern for swiftly
donating their talents to painting the

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Marsh Harbour, Hope Town & Man-O-War
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Treasure Cay Lot Owners Discuss Petition

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Abaco Shopping Center Marsh Harbour
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The Marsh Harbour Sailing Club

would like to take this opportunity to extend a big THANK YOU to all those people whose hard
work and support made the 1995 Sunfish World Championship such a great success. An
undertaking of this size could not have occurred without extensive monetary support. The
business community of Abaco and Nassau certainly contributed every requirement necessary to
help the Marsh Harbour Sailing Club run this event successfully.

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Thanks To Our Major Sponsors

* The Travel Spot Banner Abaco Insurance Agency Ltd. & Sun Alliance (Bahamas) Ltd 1st Place Trophy
* Abaco Wholesale Programme Marsh Harbour Exporters & Importers Ltd. Daily Trophies, Races 1 & 2
* Pinewoods Nursery Tee Shirts Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 5th and 6th Place Trophies, Flags
* Abaco Market 2nd Place Trophy 0 Nassau Underwriters Agency Ltd Participation Awards & Programme
* Abaco Water Systems Ltd. Posters Abaco Outboard Engines Ltd. Banners at the Airport and in Town
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C9"4 &Www4Mlw 4ka qo" tQlda t7/w&7 0& cM-#o426-

Economics aside, the real heart and soul of
this week-long regatta was the dedicated
efforts of the people involved. The Marsh
Harbour Sailing Club would like to extend a
tremendous thank you to all the members of
the Hope Town Sailing Club, whose long
hours on the race course manning chase
boats and running the races was greatly
appreciated. In particular, Mr. Skip Shaw
deserves mention for conducting eight
flawless races, with perfect starting lines and
exacting precision on the race lengths. Dr.
Paul Gooding of the Hope Town Sailing Club
did a wonderful job of coordinating the
numerous chase boats.
The sailors especially enjoyed the dinner at
Harbour's Edge, which was organized and
sponsored by the Hope Town Sailing Club.
The Royal Nassau Sailing Club, represented
by Mr. Craig Symonette and Mr. Terry

McCoy, also gave unselfishly of their time,
serving as members of the race committee.
The Nassau Yacht Club was well represented
by Mr. Percy Knowles, who assisted Mr. Skip
Shaw in running the races. This regatta was
truly a team effort
The Marsh Harbour Sailing Club would
like to take this opportunity to thank the Chief
International Judge of the Championship, Gay
Stirling Lynn, of Scotland Cay, Abaco for her
determination and hard work throughout the
week, ensuring that all the competitors stayed
within the rules. Thanks to Emily Key, Lynn
Key and Matthew Janes for their action
photographs of competition during races five
and six. Thanks to Mr. Robert Sweeting, M.P.
and Dale Hill of Rich's Rentals for their
donation of a free boat for the week. Thanks
to Mr. Dave Gale of Island Marine for his
donation of a free boat for the week. Thanks

to Sherrie Roberts of Abaco Custom Signs for
the complimentary lettering on the race
course marks.
To the rest of the community at large and
to anyone we may have overlooked, thank you
as well. The hospitality at the Great Abaco
Beach Resort was tremendous, and the
visitors from eight countries around the world
all went home with a new viewpoint of how it
really is better in the Bahamas, but especially
how unique it is in Abaco. The Ministry of
Tourism should be pleased with the exposure
Abaco received from this event We would like
to thank Mr. Craig Woods, General Manager
for Out Island Marketing, for the Ministry of
Tourism's sponsorship of the championship.
It was an honour to be involved with this
event, and the members of the Marsh
Harbour sailing Club say, THANK YOU.

Maash #4a,%" Shadiing "61s Memtw A$* and Si9i4a Godta f4e Qale P/iup. JaA
i4m Kai*it2 4Liaunn e Kaih n Vd4icow Pa9e16 4 o Qa 2u' RuO e0 QdAut P*u4de
A4nc Shadht &Keitl Shaftho V'an S hat~oa a e, 7 p anw4 la y m WiUd/te

'The AleMo ian Page 17


February 1996

Page 18 The Abaeoim an February 1996


Track Team Does Well
The Abaco Central Track Team
returned from a successful trip to the
L.N. Coakley Invitational Track Meet in
Exuma. The team placed a very
creditable Fifth Place out of 16
competing schools and returned to Abaco
with a number of individual medals.
Carlos Dawkins claimed a bronze medal
in the Senior Boys triple jump. Silver
medalists included Meoshi Reckley in the
Senior Girls 100 m; Jamal McDonald in
the Intermediate Boys 100 m and 200 m
and the Senior Boys 4 x 100 m relay
team. Three athletes won gold medals.
Opal Dawkins in the Intermediate Girls
long jump, Julniere Baptiste in the
Intermediate Boys 800 m and Fedner
Baptiste in the 5000 m open event.
As well as these outstanding efforts,
many of the team performed
exceptionally well against very strong
competition and were well placed in their
respective finals, earning valuable team
points. Tarryn Russell and Edward
Roberts received special awards for
effort and most improved performances
while Opal Dawkins placed second in the
Pageant and Talent Show held on the
opening night.
The boys basketball team is scheduled
to compete in the Hugh Campbell
Tournament. The results will be in the
next month's issue.
Basketball Is Active
By Kirk "Juice" Reckley
Basketball games continue to dominate
the sports in Abaco. The teams are
preparing for the final games. There are
now eight teams, down from the a high
of twelve.
On February 17th there was a double
header at Treasure Cay on the occasion
of the official opening of the basketball
court. At that time the Moore's Island
Lobsters won their game against the
Walter Mclntosh Constructors from

Guana Beach
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7:30 AM until closing.
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Cooper's Town. The Sandy Point Kalik
Royals won their game against the Full
Gospel Crusaders of Treasure Cay.
The final game of the season will be
played in Sandy Point on March 3rd. At
this time the Sandy Point Kalik Royals
are in first place the Moore's Island
Lobsters in second. The games were
broadcast live on ZNS3.

M H Sailing Club
Schedules Events
By Liann Key Kaighin
The first series of races for 1996'of
the Marsh Harbour Sailing Club was
begun on February 10th, 1996. Four
sailors competed in extremely light winds
off Pond Bay Beach on Pelican Shores.
Jim Kaighin, Van Stratton, Astrid
Stratton and Liann Key Kaighin were
vying with each other for top boat of the
day. Five'races were sailed with Jim
winning with four firsts. Van came in a
close second with a win in one race and
three second place finishes.
The second day of competition is
scheduled for February 17th and a final
day on February 24th will complete the
series. This is a practice series with club
members making plans for the upcoming
Bahamas Sunfish National to be held in
Nassau on May 2nd and 3rd. This regatta
will be the qualifying venue for the
Sunfish World Championship to be held
in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, in
October of this year. Marsh Harbour
Sailing Club members are hoping to
qualify for the Bahamian team.
The purpose of the MHSC is to race.
So if you are interested in learning to
sail, we will be more than welcoming. I
was a beginner just a few years ago and
I can say with all honesty that I could not

- o. U-i.: o ." ,, "- "... ,-' ".

"- -- '- -' 't "

a "-. r .- r -- .

Two sunfish from the Marsh Harbour Sailing Club fleet are caught getting ready for
their Saturday afternoon races. Jim Kaighin leads with Van Stratton close behind.

have reached the competency level that I
have without the guidance and direction
of mentors within the MHSC. Come on
out and join the racing fun and
competition, and the experienced sailors
will be more than glad to give you any
pointers you might need. Give us a call
at 367-3593 to join in the sailing

Lures Golfers
By Jim Kaighin
The Bahamas Golf Federation (BGF)
has extended its reach to Abaco and the
Treasure Cay golf course. Many locals
as well as winter residents have enjoyed
the rejuvenation of the Treasure Cay golf
course. A schedule of events has
expanded interest in golf tournaments and
a more enjoyable social environment.
Most players, like Liann Key Kaighin
and Steve Pedican, are serious

Arawak Agency

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Visit our waterfront office on Front Street

competitors and have a great time on the
course. Liann won the long drive contest
and Steve won the low net score during
the last tournament. Darren Roberts won
the low gross during the same
tournament. Other local players include
Ossie Parker, Jim Kaighin, George
Friesen as well as many winter residents.
Most tournaments are "handicapped"
so you don't have to be a pro to enter the

rape 25

There is a store
Sunsail Marina & Resort
in Marsh Harbour

Easy access for boaters (right
by Sunsail's dinghy dock)

Open to the public seven days
a week (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
Phone 36 7-3889
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Miami, W. Palm Beach & beyond
Captains Faron Sawyer, Marc Pelanne & Robble Nixon
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IThe Ablaemlan Pane 19

Our Winter "Norther's" Brought Unusually Cold Temperatures

By Donald Bugala, Aboard Dija Va
Retired Meteorologist
The northern Bahamas weather during
the winter months is strongly influenced
by the weather systems moving across
the United States. During the winter
months the islands are in a zone between
the temperate and the trade-wind tropics.
Every major cold outbreak or storm in
the United States directly or indirectly
affects the weather in the Bahamas. Even
the circulation around a major low off
Iceland has been known to influence
Bahamian temperatures.

Abaco Saw Brief Snow Flurries in 1977

January 19th, 1977, was a historic day
many on Abaco will never forget. A
storm blew through the Bahamas which
brought severe cold and harsh winds
causing much havoc, destroying many
boats and property. But the biggest news
was that it snowed here on Abaco,
granular flurries which melted on
contact. It was the first time anyone had
ever seen snow in the Abacos.
The wind blew so hard all that day
that the tides did not ebb as normal. The
temperature in Nassau reached a high of
only 50 degrees with a low of 44
degrees. Freeport recorded a high of 36
degrees with the temperature dropping to
the mid-twenties that night. Unfortunately
no official temperatures were recorded
on Abaco. Winds were 40 miles per hour
all day long.
The Bahamas Air Sea Rescue and the
U.S. Coast Guard were kept extremely

busy as there were so many boats
wrecked and sinking. Two mailboats, the
Airswift and the Miss Beverley, were
among the boats which sank in Nassau.
Besides damage to boats, many trees
suffered damage, electric lines were
blown down, schools were closed and
airline flights were grounded. Visitors to
the Bahamas and Bahamians alike
complained about the cold with
insufficient warm clothes to keep
Abaco harbours were no exception to
the damage and confusion. Boats broke
from their moorings and some smaller
boats sank. Fish in shallow areas did not
fare any better as hundreds died from the
cold water.
[Ed. note: We would like to thank Mr.
and Mrs. James Bacon for loaning us
their copy of the Nassau Guardian which
provided the basic information given

Half mile west of the Marsh Harbour traffic light
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Television Service Center
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Repairing: Electronic Service Experts
Radio, TV, VCR & Audio Equipment
Juke Boxes & Video Games
Musical Instruments
Marine Electronics
Office Equipment
Cash Registers
FAX machines
Electronic Organs Tommy Pinder
Medical Equipment Master Technician
Microwave Fireplaces Call 367-2830
Automotive & Marine Electronics
Telephone recorders, Phones & Phone Devices
In Marsh Harbour on Queen Elizabeth Drive
between Keys Drive & Firehouse Corner

Major cold outbreaks from the Arctic
have reached as far south as Brazil. In
1977 the northern Bahamas experienced
its first snowfall ever recorded. The day
it snowed here, Miami had a morning
low temperature of 29, while the
northern Bahamas dipped to the low
Cold fronts move across the islands in
a pattern of every five or six days. In
January of this year seven cold fronts
moved across the Abacos, compared to
five last January.

There are different kinds of cold
fronts. A cold front that moves ahead of
a high pressure area originating over the
Pacific Ocean is rather benign when it
reaches the Bahamas. Temperatures will
fall five degrees and quickly rebound, as
Pacific Highs are not very cold. Highs
originating over the continent in the
northern reaches of Canada and Alaska
are bone-chilling and will drop
temperatures across the islands by fifteen
to twenty degrees. They are also slow to
rebound, so that temperatures over the
islands can remain below normal
sometimes for a week. So far this winter,
practically all the cold fronts moving
over the islands have had their origin
over northern Canada and the Arctic
regions. Our temperatures this winter are
two to three degrees below normal,
which climatologically speaking, is
Our precipitation has been sparse this
winter. Even though the incidents of
measurable rain appear to be the same as
last winter, the amounts that fell per
incident have been small compared to last

The public is hereby notified that under the Plant
Protection Act, Chapter 231, NO citrus plants or fruits
originating from Florida in the United States of America will
be permitted into the Bahamas. This prohibition is effective
immediately and will remain in force until further notice.
Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries

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year. The heaviest rainfall amount at
Man-O-War Cay has been 1.52 inches,
while last year we had several days of
rain where three to four inches fell.
The scarcity of rain is directly related
to the lack of moisture in the atmosphere
over the islands. The highs that have
been moving over us have been very dry,
and cold fronts passing through dry air
can only wring out so much moisture.
Mother Nature has a way o evening
things out. The weather patterns in the
future will shift, and warm air and
normal precipitation will return.
[Ed. note: We would like to thank Mr.
Bugala for his contribution. He gives a
helpful weather report nightly at 7:30 on
Ch. 9 on the VHF. His statistics show
that our lowest temperatures this winter
were 570 twice in December, 450 in
January and 50* in February. Some of
our daytime high temperatures were also
cold. One day in December the high was
only 64, while January had a day with
a high of 60* and February a day with
only 63*. His statistics are based on his
observations at Man-O-War.]

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%l,,.:::sir;:: ::11I II#IIAM(llllllellr

7' 'I$


February 1996

Page 20 The Abaconian February 1996

Rules Loosening as Local Gov't Nears

MH Board of Works

Members of the Board of Works in
Marsh Harbour at their February 6th
meeting discussed many issues including
known and unknown aspects of the forth-
coming local government.
The Commissioner, Mr. Everett Hart,
asked the Board to add the budget for
fiscal 1996/97 to the next meeting's
agenda. Nassau is requiring all Boards of
Works to submit budget figures for next
year. The members were concerned that
they will be arriving at figures for use by
the new Board which may not include
themselves. However, they concluded this
is normal as the final budget of an elected
government has the possibility of being
administered by a different group.
The members were also concerned with
how to allow for costs that are unknown
at this moment. Examples are hired staff
and rent requirements for office space as
these two items are presently being
discussed in vague terms.
Surprise items also were a concern. A
recent example was the One Bahamas
Celebration and the dinner for Statutory
Board Chairpersons and Civil Servants in
January. The Ministry of Youth in Nassau
set up the program, then reneged on
providing financial assistance. Abaco's
three Commissioners were put in the
awkward spot of having to scrap up the
money to pay the bills. They, in turn,
asked each Board for money, sharing the
financial burden of these two events. The
Board members were concerned about
their ability to budget for unknown events
such as this.
The Board expressed concern about its
authority to set policy, in this instance,
setting the cap for issuing local contracts
at 60 years old. The Commissioner
admonished the members to start making
decisions for the community good which

they could justify. They may make
mistakes but their decisions will hold as
long as they have reasons to justify their
actions. Further discussion brought out
that the Attorney General's office in
Nassau will assist the Boards in legal
matters when necessary.
Within the two weeks of this meeting,
John Corrigan, a waste disposal expert,
should be visiting Abaco on behalf of
government to make recommendations.
The Board will meet with him concerning
the dump and its relocation. It is felt that
the present dump is too close to the
planned government subdivision. It also
came out that the sewage disposal plant at
Spring City is capable of accepting the
sewage pumped from septic tanks and
now carried by tank truck to the dump.
This sewage plant is part of the legacy
left by the Owens Illinois Sugar
Operation. The Board is to meet with
Water and Sewerage personnel who
manage this facility. This has possibilities
for sewage disposal as pumping stations
lhecome available at the public dock and
The chairman mentioned a new sign is
ready to be erected at the dump and noted
that the dump will be closed on Sundays.
Some members were upset that they had
not been consulted on the Sunday closing.
They felt it must be available on Sunday
as closing it on that day would only cause
indiscriminate dumping on the roadsides.
It was further brought out that the dump
is one of the most expensive items in the
local budget and proper management can
save money.
The dump discussion then centered on
the dump guardian who just retired and
the need for a small shelter for his
Five letters were read asking for the
Board's recommendations, action or
approval on the following:

Crown Lands wanted comments on
Raymond Russell's request for land
between the BEC power station and the
Kipco Corner. This is for a 40 X 120 ft
warehouse and department store complex.
The members had no objection as long as
that area is slated for commercial
Crown Lands asked for comments
on E & B Waste Disposal's request to
regularize their ten acres used for waste
disposal which is nearly adjacent to the
town dump. This site is so well managed
that many members were not aware of its
presence. The members did not object.
Godfrey Ferguson asked the Board
for approval in principle to use the
waterfront land immediately west of the
Methodist Church in Dundas Town for a
Goombay Park development scheme. The
Board members approved the scheme in
principle but had reservations concerning
the best ultimate use of the small amount
of government land still available on the

waterfront. They asked for more
information from Mr. Ferguson.
Erin Lowe of Hope Town asked for
approval in principle for a proposed
recycling facility in the Marsh Harbour
area. His scheme titilizes the expertise of
David Helmecki, a frequent Hope Town
visitor and recycling expert from the
Pennsylvania area. The Board did not
Rev. Carl Campbell asked to have
the commercial dock area in Marsh
Harbour named NOGI POINT in keeping
with its historical name. The naming of
streets, parks and local landmarks is a
function of local government under the
new act and the board agreed with this
Commercial Vehicle
Licenses Expire March 31st
Businesses with commercial vehicles
are reminded that the licenses and vehicle
inspections expire on March 31st and
must be renewed prior to that date.

Bahamas Custom Brokers
Imports & Exports Land or Sea
Freight cleared at Marsh Harbour,
Treasure Cay, and Green Turtle Cay
Agents for M. V. State Challenge
Gur h Roberts, Manager
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Phone 809-367-2333 or 367-2564, FAX 367-3136

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Maintenance Products
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Vacancy in the Abaco Tourist Office
A vacancy exists in the Abaco Tourist Office for an
administrative assistant. Interested persons should possess
the following qualifications:
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Must be computer literate.
Must be knowledgeable about Abaco and the entire
tourism product.
Must be well organized and a team player.
Must be community minded and personable.
Must be willing to work on weekends and holidays.
Must have good secretarial skills.
The successful candidate must be responsible with a high
degree of self-motivation.
According to qualifications and experience.
Interested persons should apply in writing
not later than February 29th, 1996, to the:
Director of Human Resources
Ministry of Tourism
P.O. Box N-3701
Nassau, Bahamas


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* HOTPOINT Appliances
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The Abaconlan Page 21

A Peek Inside the Marsh Harbour Boards

Licensing Board
The Licensing Board met February 1st
and after much discussion severely
rebuked two license holders. The
Licensing Act under which the Board
operates gives them the authority to
regulate restaurants and bars with closing
hours, license revocation and other
conditions when necessary.
Michael Roberts, operating a bar and
restaurant in Guana Cay, was told to
"cease operation" for a variety of reasons
* An incomplete building with only
one restroom
* Incomplete electrical wiring which
had not passed inspection yet
* No health inspection
The Music and Dancing License for
Sapodilly's was revoked for repeatedly
not adhering to the music cut-off time and
due to the many complaints received
concerning loud music. It is understood
the owners have appealed to Nassau to
have this license re-instated.
[Editor's note: The various Boards in
different towns are beginning to assert
their .authority with more confidence.
Decisions in the past were tempered in
moderation as the members were
uncertain whether they had the
"authority" to be assertive or if their
decision would be overturned by Nassau.
With local government becoming a reality,
the Boards are operating with much more

confidence and a feeling that their
decisions are binding.]

Town Planning
Town Planning met February 13th,
1996, in Marsh Harbour. Philip Lundy
was welcomed and Silbert Mills rejoined
the Board. Arnold Edwards chaired the
meeting in his new capacity as chairman.
Philip Lundy asked why construction
values on applications seem unrealistic.
Members agreed that the values shown
are frequently out of touch with reality
but the fee is based on square footage.
Golden Harvest store expansion plans
were passed pending an acceptable facade
on the front exposure instead of the
metal front as shown. A stucco finish is
under consideration.
A question was asked as to why the
Marco building extension was allowed to
have a metal front and the members
agreed that slipped past them and should
not have been accepted.
Nassau sent a second application for a
FM radio license for Abaco for Board
comments. The application was submitted
by David Mackey of Freeport with Peter
Sweeting and James Sarles being
principals in the venture. Some of the
Board members felt that Nassau was not
being honest in the information being
submitted. The Board is aware that Mr.
Silbert Mills's has a letter from Nassau
turning down his application for a similar

radio station. However, the present letter
from Nassau refers to a previous
application (assumed to be that submitted
by Mr. Mills) still under consideration.
The Board asked Nassau for the status of
the previous application.
[Ed: Our notes show the earlier
application from Silbert Mills was passed
locally in principle by an overwhelming
majority. This approval was based on the
process being open to all interested
parties and not an exclusive franchise. If
this was to be an exclusive franchise, they
wanted more information from Nassau on
the selection process and criteria,
applicable fees and other details.]
Moving on, members were concerned
and upset that many plans are passed but
the subsequent construction does not
follow the plans. This does not relate to
minor changes within the building but to
the site placement, building shape and
completed size.

Instances were given where buildings
are too close to the road and a recent
building that encroaches four feet onto the
neighboring property. In all cases the
original plans were approved with proper
set-back and side clearances.
A two story house on Forest Drive and
Amon's Drive was given as an example
of a building recently constructed on the
road right-of-way.
To eliminate this, Silbert Mills
requested a committee be assigned to
make a site inspection when foundations
are laid out. Further construction would
not take place until this inspection has
been made. This was approved and the
.policy will be forwarded to the other
town Boards reporting to the Marsh
Harbour Board.
Among the routine plans passed was a
small motel to be built north-west of the
Guana Cay settlement.

Dr. Sncer Full Dental Service Let's Keep
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Root Canals Family & Cosmetic Dentistry and Fillings

A Graduate of Tufts University Boston, Massachusetts
TreS~r Ca sext oo *tePstOfc
Phn 16-62 he fic scledcal36-82

Weather and other conditions will affect the tide. The predictions
shown on this chart are based on the normal conditions that
existed when NOAA/NOS and other agencies gathered the data.
Times shown will be within a few minutes for the entire eastern
Abaco area. Pelican Harbour is just inside North Bar Channel.

HM s a I N AA/NOSdah

Tides Pelican Harbour
26 23.0' N 76* 58.0' W

March 1996

software from Nautical Software, phone 503-579-1414.

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BOAT HARBOUR MARINA GREEN TURTLE CLUB Shell . Quality Fuels That Run The Nation!

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February 1996


FROM Page 1

numbers. BaTelCo is estimating this
change will allow sufficient phone
numbers for the next twenty years.
The Bahamas is experiencing
phenomenal growth in phone demand as
are many other countries. Fax machines
and computer modems are contributing

Paa 22 Thl Abaeoan February 1996

Guana Phones On-Line in 3 Weeks

The BaTelCo phone system for Guana
Cay is on schedule with all settlement
cables in place. The electronic and
switching gear is on site ready for
installation. The system should be
operational by late March. The Guana
Cay numbers will be prefaced with 365-

Man-O-War musicians Spurgeon Sawyer and Wallace McDonald are joined by
visiting musicians Pete and Dot Lund to entertain at the annual M-O-W Flea Market.

Cays FROM Page 7
held for Denise Holm, wife of Ron
Holm, the pastor of New Life Bible
Church. She is expecting her little one to
arrive some time in March. Hope you
have a safe delivery.
The wedding of Thomas James Albury
to Gina Marie Croft was a private garden
wedding in Man-O-War on December
2nd. A buffet reception followed. Mr.
Albury is the son of Jimmy and Melanie
Albury of Man-O-War and Mrs. Albury
is the daughter of Vicki Croft of Marsh
The Annual Flea Market held in Man-
O-War on February 10th was well
attended and was a great success. It was
a fundraiser for the Man-O-War School

and the school realized a profit of
$7,700. They wish to thank all those who
helped make it such a big success.

ldiitB a

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Albury

Island Services
Now Serving Abaco and the Cays
Over 30 Years Experience with a Major Utility Company
Electrical Contracting Residential or Commercial
Single & Three Phase, Transformers, Underground & Overhead
Subdivisions, Generator Installations, Solar Systems
Cable TV & Telephone Conduit & Wiring
Pool, Water & Sewerage Systems & Pumps
Residential, Commercial & Subdivisions
Installation of Pool Systems & Pumps
Reverse Osmosis & Filter Systems
Sprinklers for Lawn & Garden
Engine Sales
by Caterpillar, John Deere, Perkins & Others
for Commercial, Marine & Industrial Applications
Phone or Fax 809-365-8193 for Wayne Sands
P O Box AB 22106, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas





Includes Oil, fully
assembled & ready to use
MODEL #OBC 401-8790 -

Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour 367-2077

A similar system is under consideration
for installation in Cherokee to serve
Casuarina Point and Bahama Palm
Shores. Also Marsh Harbour may
receive an installation to serve Lubbers
Quarters, Tilloo Cay and similar out-
lying areas.

S Concrete Blocks
in many popular sizes & shapes



Crushed Rock, Sand, Quarry & Cracker Dust
Hoses & Hydraulic Fittings
We have be. aserviug Abaco for over 30 years
Monday Friday 7 am 4 pm
East of the airport roundabout at the foot of the quarry hi
S POBox AB 20403, Marsh Harbour Cal 367-2502

National Marine
Authorized Distributor for
Mercury & Mariner
Sales, Service & a Complete
Line of Marine Accessories M iR
Certified Mechanic on Duty
Royce Sands, President
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2326

Bahamas Area Code 809 Changes to
Area 242 in Eight Months
BaTelCo wishes to notify the public that a new area code
242 will be effective for the Bahamas beginning October
1st, 1996. There will be a six month dual cut-over period
during which the new 242 code and the present 809 code
will both be accepted. Beginning on April 1st, 1997 the
new code must be used exclusively. This new number will
be exclusively assigned to the Bahamas. Businesses are
advised to plan for this change with appropriate changes to
stationery, invoices, business cards promotional material,

Additional Area Code for South Carolina
Area Code 864 has been introduced in South Carolina to
serve the Greenville area. The existing area code of 803
will continue to serve Augusta, Charlotte, Charleston,
Columbia, Florence and Savannah.

Swiss Dialing change
Swiss Telecom has introduced a new numbering range to
accommodate the Lausanne region in Switzerland. The new
dialing pattern for this region is as follows:
Country Code Area Code Subscriber Number
41 + 21 + 2XX XX XX
Please ensure that you re-programme such devices as Auto
Dialers, Speed Dialing Lists, Call Forwarding and Facsimile
machines to reflect these changes

BaTelCo Keeping you informed on Communications


heavily to this increase in demand for
phone numbers.
BaTelCo advises businesses to plan
accordingly so the new number appears
on stationery, invoices, business cards
and promotional material.
A software upgrade may be necessary
for some phone equipment. BaTelCo
customers with PABX systems or having
concerns may call 809-328-4357 to help
determine their needs.



Feb-ary 1996
Februa"v 1996

The Aa.eonla Page 23
The Abaconlan Pape 23

Separate Rules & Etiquette For Customs

Around midnight on January 20th,
Customs and Police boarded the power
boat SHARI LYNN berthed at the Conch
Inn Marina looking for smuggled beer.
Apparently the officers boarded the wrong
boat. The hapless boat owners were left
with a poor impression of the Customs
personnel. During the boarding, the
SHARI LYNN's documents were taken
by Customs and kept until the next day.
The boat owners, Eva and Frank
Horn, were most grateful to Police
Officer Woodside who explained what
was happening and apologized for the
mistake, the rude manners and. the foul

However, the owners were upset to
the point of writing The Abaconian, two
Nassau newspapers and several
government officials.
The officers did find the smuggled beer
on a nearby boat. [The Conch Inn was not
implicated in this episode.]
Experienced travelers have many tales
to tell about encounters with Customs.
This seems to be universally true for the
Bahamas, the United States and many
other countries.
Boats and aircraft present many

opportunities for those looking for
"loopholes" when crossing borders.
Customs officers may show their worst
dispositions when they sincerely believe
they are onto a major "find." Police and
other law enforcement personnel probably
exhibit this same characteristic when
under stress.
The Bahamas Customs service must
walk a narrow line while welcoming and
clearing foreign visitors by air and sea
and at the same time attempting to control
duty collection.
Customs has the authority to assess

Issues Debated at Hope Town Meeting

On February 16th a public town
meeting was held in Hope Town to
discuss several problems facing the
residents. The Hope Town Board of
Works and Commissioner Everette Hart
were in attendance.
The meeting was called because the
Board of Works at their meeting on
February 12th approved a building plan
for two fresh water cisterns to be built
within fifteen feet of the boundary line
with the adjoining property. The cisterns
would provide fresh water for those
living in a group of shacks occupied by
Haitians. The buildings were built
without building permits and are without
water, plumbing facilities, electricity or
sanitary facilities.
Some of the citizens of Hope Town
were upset that permission was granted
for the Haitians to build cisterns too

close to the property boundary, not
abiding by set back restrictions.
Everyone else is required to follow the
law and Board members physically check
to make sure that the buildings are laid
out correctly. After much discussion, the
meeting concluded that the earlier
decision be revoked.
Other topics were discussed which
concern the residents. Traffic is creating
unsafe conditions on the roads with many
varied-sized vehicles and many vehicles
not maintaining safe speeds.
Many in Hope Town feel that the
community needs a policeman. For many
years they had a Constable but he
recently retired. Government stationed
one there recently but he had nothing to
do so was transferred to Nassau.
Another major concern is the number
of Haitians living on Elbow Cay. The

residents are concerned for several
reasons. Disease and other health
problems including AIDS and
tuberculosis are a concern. The Haitians
are beginning to take jobs from
Bahamians and they are sometimes not as
law-abiding as Bahamians. Two incidents
in recent months in Hope Town have
given the residents concern because there
has been physical violence.
Another area of discussion was the
status of roads in several areas, whether
they are public or private and whether or
not public access can be barred.
The residents of Hope Town are
looking into various solutions to these
problems. Further details of this meeting
will be in the next issue of The

penalties when an offense is discovered
and to request police assistance. The
offense is usually resolved on the spot
with a fine assessed and paid. Once
settled there is no further record against
the offender and the details of the
settlement are confidential.
During this process, Customs is
negotiating from a strong position and the
alleged offender is negotiating from a
weak position. In the event the person is
not satisfied with the "deal," he may
refuse to accept it and have the situation
resolved in the courts where the situation
and settlement become public information.


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Phone 367-2601 SOLOMON BROTHERS LIMITED FAX 367-2731
367-2602 Marsh Harbour, Abaco

EPaae 24 TThe AhbAonlar Februarv 1996

Treasure Cay Ltd. Asks For support In Amenities Control

Summarized below is a letter from the successful on-going nature of Treasure
Treasure Cay Limited asking for the Cay in comparison with other
support of the property owners and refutes developments in the Bahamas which are
many of the charges made by the group currently bankrupt or standing still.
wanting autonomy regarding local Treasure Cay Amenities Management
maintenance. The unsigned letter Ltd. (TCAML) admits to not being
originated in the Ft. Lauderdale office of aggressive enough during the early years
Treasure Cay Ltd in collecting the maintenance fees but to
Treasure Cay Ltd. states that the contributing their own equipment and
residential development has increased resources to make up for this deficiency.
from 250 to 750 under their While the property owners representatives
administration. They claim this was to TCAML changed over the years, the
largely due to their $10 million Treasure Cay management remained
infrastructure investment. They mention committed even without all the funds due

Treasure Cay Lot Owners Want Control

FROM Page 1

Provision is made for a maximum debt
limit but this amount had not been
determined or declared on the copy given
The Abaconian.
The by-laws give the Board the power
to assess an annual maintenance charge to
each lot to make up the total operating
budget for the coming year. This is to be
divided evenly among the lot owners in
proportion to the size of their lot. Any
costs of maintaining the waterways and
seawalls is to be apportioned only to those
lots on the waterways in proportion to the
size of their lot. Assessments in arrears
will accrue interest at the rate of 8% per
The Certificate of Incorporation
declares the association to be a non-profit
making body. The Bye-Laws further state
that the average annual income of the
association is not to exceed the annual

operating costs including any
administrative costs.
specific responsibilities as follows:
* To maintain the roads, walkways,
parks, recreational areas, beaches,
drainage and other community facilities.
* Provide and maintain street lighting
* Provide for watchmen if necessary
* Maintain waterways and seawalls
* Recover through assessments the costs
of the above from property owners
Also proposed is the right to enter into
debt to carry out the above duties.
There is nothing in the papers
furnished to The Abaconian to indicate
what the annual budget might be or what
the assessment is estimated to be. Single
family lots presently pay one cent per
square foot per year to Treasure Cay
In addition to the annual assessment,
foreign (non-Bahamian) property owners
pay an annual Bahamian property tax.


"--- -^r -^ -
Weekly freight between W. Palm Beach, Nassau & Marsh Harbour
General cargo, 20 ft. containers, 40,000 lb. refrigerated capacity
Specify M/V BIAK
Leaves W. Palm Beach Wed. arr. Nassau Thurs. & Marsh Harbour Fri.
Sails Sunday for Nassau and Florida
In Abaco call 809-367-2091, Fax 367-2235 or call on VHF Ch 16
P.O. Box AB 20737, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Located above B & D Marine at the Traffic Light
In USA call Palm Beach Steamship Company at 407-844-5387
Warehouse A 2nd door, 158 E. Port Road, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

For Sale
by Bank of Nova Scotia

Single storey wooden structure approx. 7,200 sq. ft. building comprised
of two bedrooms, one bathroom, living/dining room, TV room & kitchen,
Dimensions of building 26 ft. by 36 ft. Also on property is a building
utilized as a shop /storage with dimensions of 18 ft. by 20 ft. and a
wooden deck 64 ft by 9 ft. Repairs needed to same.
HOUSE Sandy Point, Abaco
Single storey wooden structure comprised of six bedrooms, three
bathrooms, kitchen/dining room, living room, TV room, laundry and
garage. Building approximately 2,723 sq. ft.

for this work. They profess that perhaps
more should have been done in those
early years.
With current maintenance income on
the rise due to their being more
aggressive, the management is about to
embark on a "full blown" expansion
program. They are concerned over giving
"full control" to the lot owners after they
had "ample opportunity to take charge"
while sitting on the TCAML board.
The maintenance work Treasure Cay
performs far exceeds the amount charged
to the Contra Account. Materials are
frequently donated and equipment charges
are as much as 50% below actual cost.
Treasure Cay Ltd. has been told that
no will be exempted from paying the fees
imposed by the new association and they
are concerned that the new fee schedule
could go "sky high" due to a group of
inexperienced individuals. (Presumably
this "exemption" refers to those with
older deeds which do not require a
maintenance charge.)
The management gives an example of
their negotiation leverage with

P.O. Box AB 20184
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 809-367-3956 Fax 367-3959

government in the recent BaTelCo
expansion into Treasure Cay. Home
owner costs for a phone connection were
originally to be $1500. However, that was
drastically reduced for all residents after
Treasure Cay asserted their influence.
They allude to the interference-by one
individual which has delayed the phones
into one area of the development.
Treasure Cay Ltd. is the largest
property owner and cannot afford to let
another entity control its destiny, neither
does it believe that the property owners
can afford this change. The future of a
successful corporation and of working
people is at stake.
In conclusion, Treasure Cay asks the
property owners to compare this
development with others in the Bahamas.
The steadily increasing property values
are a result of the trust by the property
owners in the management's development
team. They suggest this "battle" should
have been presented through normal
democratic manners which would have
eliminated the confusion and division that
presently exists.

P.O. Box CB 10990
Nassau, NP, Bahamas
809-377-6351 Fax 377-2193


Deliuerg to ALL points between MARSH HARBOUR V COOPERS TOWN.
Deposits are required on ALL bottles.
on for your

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Excavation, Utilities, Base Work, Surface Treatment
Cold Mix, Hot Mix, Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer
Striping & Asphalt Related Products

For more details, please contact:
Manager, Bank of Nova Scotia,
Marsh Harbour, Abaco.
Phone 809-367-2141 or Fax 367-2565




Gospel Concert
Coming Soon

Vocalist Meezanne Hanna

The "Stars" will shine on Abaco on
Saturday, March 23rd, when a number of
first-rate Bahamian performers will
showcase their talents in song, dance and
mime in a Star Studded Blowout Gospel
Concert at St. Francis de Sales Church,
Marsh Harbour.
Featured today is Meezanne Hanna, who
is fast becoming known for her amazing
vocal ability. Meezanne, who has sung
backup for Diana Ross and Patti Labelle, is
currently enrolled at the Berklee College of
Music in Boston on a full scholarship.
In addition to Meezanne and other
outstanding adults, the show will feature two
very talented juvenile performers, Latetia
Symonette and the remarkable Jevan
Tickets, which are selling briskly, may be
purchased from St. Francis de Sales School,
Bayview Restaurant, the Jib Room, Sandra
Albury at Myers Rum Company and the
Juliette Gallery

Honoured For
Community Service
A testimonial dinner was held
honouring Rev. and Mrs. Ken Touchton
of Marsh Harbour. The dinner and the
program following was held at the Jib
Room on February 10th and highlighted
the work which "Mr. Ken" and "Miss
Joyce" have done in this area since 1964.
The Touchtons influenced many of our
youth through the Calvary Christian
Academy which they have kept open all
these years. Rev. Touchton has also been
the Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church
in Marsh Harbour.
It was brought out very distinctly that
they have contributed greatly to this
community and the country by providing
good academics and good Christian ethics
and morals. They have been a friend to
many, being with them and helping in
times of need as well as in better times.
Mr. Touchton has also helped with
juveniles in trouble with the law,
counseling them and being a probation
The banquet and many comments
made testified to the depth that the Marsh
Harbour people have appreciated their
work and life in the community.

"Fd'rua l96 Tlhe Abacbnilan 'PaO 25


FROM Page. 18

tournament. Other events will be held in
Grand Bahama and Nassau.
The Treasure Cay golf course offers
yearly memberships and packages to
make playing golf more affordable. The
Bahamas Golf Federation invites new
members to join by contacting
Wellington "Doc" Stewart at 809-352-
The Bahamas Golf Federation has
scheduled several tournaments for Abaco.
These include the Inter-Regional
Friendship Golf Classic to be held March

Cherokee FROM Page 4
Leroy and Susan Lowe of Nassau have
recently broken ground on their vacation
home on the eastern end of the creek-side
road in Cherokee. It will be a two story
structure, enabling them to have a lovely
view of Riding Cay. The Lowes have
lots of family here and are frequent
visitors to little Cherokee. We hope to
see a lot more of them once the house is
Rev. Carla Culmer and the Methodist
Church hosted a "Day of Love" for
Valentine's Day on February 14th with a

international airlines

. .. . .

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Fo rsevainscal -0099 -8 3

8th 10th, sponsored by Butler and
Sands and the Treasure Cay Resorts. The
Abaco Open will be held August 10th
and 11th and is sponsored by the
Bahamas Golf Federation. November
30th December 1st will be the Campari
Golf Classic sponsored by Butler and
Sands. The last tournament for the year
will be the Goodwill Tournament on
December 28th 29th, sponsored by
Butler and Sands.
The Inter-Regional Friendship
Matchplay of March 1996 will feature a
Junior Clinic and Golfing Program, an
art exhibit and an art auction as well as
parties and awards.

lovely tea party for the ladies of
Cherokee. Some verses about "love"
were read from the Bible as well as a
beautiful poem. And of course, there
were some delicious cookies and cakes
served with the tea which included
Hibiscus Tea, a Cherokee original.
Carla, who has only recently taken up
her post as Minister in the settlement,
hopes to have additional tea parties
become a regular happening in Cherokee.
There was a good turnout on this almost
perfect day of good weather, good
refreshments and a gathering of good


Page 26 The Abaconlan February 1996

Indirect Changes From Local Gov't

During the debate of the bill creating
Local Government, several concepts
were brought out which will dramatically
change central government.
The Prime Minister, Hubert Ingraham,
acknowledged, "It is very difficult
oftentimes to let go, to accept change
even when change bring along progress.
It is particularly difficult when change
removes power and influence from those
who had grown accustomed to wielding
power without an accountability to an
electorate. It will demand accountability
and it will impact against old habits of

political patronage which had so long
affected and afflicted our communities."
The Prime Minister emphasized that
the power and influence of the Members
of Parliament will be lessened. The
people will be taking care of themselves
in a much greater way, doing for
themselves what their Member of
Parliament has done for them for so
Another result will be the reduction of
the size of the national government,
particularly the public service
establishment. As local government takes

over the responsibilities formerly held by
the central government there will no
longer be a need for hundreds of
government employees. The Prime
Minister singled out the Public Woks as
an area which will see many changes.
The number of seats in the House of
Assembly will be reduced. There will no
longer be a need for the Members to take
care of their constituents the way they
have in the past. The present number of
Members is 49.
The Prime Minister is convinced that
the elected local boards will bring about

Internet Possible In 3 Months Via BaTelCo

The Nassau Tribune has reported that
Deputy Prime Minister Frank Watson
announced that arrangements for BaTelCo
to begin offering Internet service will be
in place in the next three months.
Internet connections are presently
available in Nassau through Internet
Online which is a subsidiary of Tribune
Radio Ltd. This is the parent company of
the FM radio station 100 JAMZ in
Nassau and Freeport.

$7 Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue
Picture and 4 lines only $25.00
We will take the photo within the Marsh
Harbour area. Additional lines at $2.00
per line.
Display classified $12 per column inch
Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677 am


L C L U B i
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*Waterfront lots
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*Private boat slips
*Pools/Tennis Courts
*Card access entry
*Gourmet dining
*Property management avail.
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GUANA CAY Acre on bayside with 200 ft+
of waterfront. Protected cove for boat. In
Dolphin Beach Subdivision with all utilities
in. $100,000
LUBBERS QUARTERS Acre and a half on
east side with deep water. Over 100 ft of
water frontage. $80,000
SUGAR LOAF CAY Two and a half acres
facing Eastern Shores. Protected from wind.
300 ft of waterfront. Highest hill on Sugar
Loaf Cay. $250,000
LITTLE HARBOUR Lots on 80 ft high hill
overlooking ocean and harbour, access to
water. $60,000.
Call Victor at 809-367-2749
or Fax at 809-367-2748

New Land Realty
P O Box AB 20162
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Homes, Apartment Complex, Buildings
Acreage, Residential & Commercia
Land and Rentals
Offering personalized service 0 Call Anna
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LARGE F U RN ISHED 4/4 house on Treasure
Cay canal, Buy or rent, Call 407-495-5443
LEISURE LEE 2.4 Acre Point w/seven unit
town house. Contact Florence Roberts at 809-
327-8297. 359-6023. Fax 809-325-1076

United States and the Bahamas. They
indicate the monthly access fee for an
individual can be as low as $20 per
All Internet access from Abaco at this
moment is by long distance phone call to
either Nassau of the United States. The
cheapest calls to Nassau from Abaco are
presently thirty cents a minute after 8
p.m. and on Sundays.
Limited E-mail service is now available

ml ,e bourne Rea t Cate
JOE BOOKIE'S BAY Waterfront Lot
4.5 acres, financing possible $30,000
interior lot $25,000
CASUARINA POINT canal lot $20,000
close to the sea $35,000
LEISURE LEE 3 canal lots -Specia$75,000
GUANA CAY Southern end, sea to sea
4 acres $360,000
Phone 809-325-1950 or 328-8927

IllF_-/ .
BOATER'S DREAM House in Pelican
Shores, 3 bed/3 bath, nicely furnished,
panoramic sea views, dock & boathouse on 1
acre of hilltop property. Short term holiday
rental avail. Call Wendy Sawyer 367-2013 or
office 367-2991
BOOKIES BEACH House 1 mile south of
Little Harbour, 2 bed with loft, cement block
const, partially furnished, very private,
beautiful beach, panoramic ocean view over
the renown boilers, known for fishing and
diving. Tastefully landscaped, 2+ acres to the
beach. Price $295,000 net U.S. Contact V-
16 'Palm Ridge' or 'Cherokee Radio.'
809-366-2001, Fax 809-366-2250
Pinder's Real Estate
Great Guana Cay, Abaco,
"The Unspoiled Island"
Over 200 lots starting at $25,000, also
acreage, oceanfront, hilltop and bayside lots
Pinder's Cottages, 2 & 3 bedroom, $650 to
$700 weekly. A summer special of $350 per
week per person includes 0 one day fishing
& diving 0 One day snorkeling & island
hopping boat & guide 0 all equipment
included 0 6 to 30 people
Great Guana Cay waterfront houses built in
under 3 mo starting at $165,000 includes lot,
about 1000 Sq ft house with 2 bedroom, 2
bath, deck, porch & 12,000 gal cistern,
Call Edmund or Cher6 Pinder at 367-2207 or
CHERE B on VHF Ch 16

through the College of the Bahamas in
Nassau and is accessed from Abaco by a
long distance phone call. The College
does not have a dedicated line for this and
batches all incoming and outgoing E-mail
once a day to their gateway in Puerto
Rico. This E-mail service extends world-
wide. The monthly fee for individuals is
presently $5 per month.
Internet Online uses the 100 JAMZ
satellite uplink to provide two way,
dedicated Internet access between the

Land & Sea

"Serving the Abacos with your
Real Estate Needs"
Homes Apts. Rentals Acreage
P.O. Box AB 20179
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Office & Fax phone 809-367-3276
Evenings 809-367-2789

TREASURE CAY two lots, 80 X 120 one
mile west on Great Abaco Highway, Phone
327-2138 or 367-2263664JLA Se4
2.5 ACRES beyond SHELL depot in Murphy
Town. Willing to subdivide, Call 367-2553
MAN-O-WAR 3 bed 1 bath block house,
furnished, porch, close to ocean, large cis-
tern, $90,000. 367-3650 days, 367-2446 ev.
SCOTLAND CAY Coconut Creek Marina
Lot, 60' slip $110,000, Terms Avail. Call
Don Copeland 407-744-3206 or 546-8263
WATERFRONT LOT 7 ft. depth low tide.
Also ocean front lot with private beach, over
a, electricity and unlimited fresh water.
om oberts 367-4077
Private SCOTLAND CAY Airstrip
Furnished 3BR/3B plus Guest Cottage
MARINA LOT 1/2 acre, 60' slip at dock
Price Reduced and Neotiable
Owner Financing Make offer
413-259-1806 Phone/Fax 809-332-2049
MAN-O-WAR Large quiet wooded lots with
private path to fine beach, all with
underground elect. Some with private path to
harbour and dock location. Harcourt
Thompson, M-O-W Cay (809) 365-6060
WATERFRONT LOT 10 minutes from
Treasure Cay airport, Elec & water, covered
with large trees, $35,000. House and ocean
front lot under $100,000, Call 367-407

a fairness that was not possible under the
present system of appointing the boards.
All local government representatives will
be directly accountable to the voting
public in their towns and districts.
The Prime Minister feels, "This
deepening of democracy, this widening
of democracy is going to augur well for
our Bahamaland"
The Prime Minister noted that Local
Government has been talked about in The
Bahamas for the past 30 years; and
although politicians have given the
concept lip service each election time,
they have never been able to deliver it.
He said it is difficult because Members
of Parliament and others who are
exercising power on behalf of the
community, do not want to give up some
of that power.
"The politicians up to now have been
very fond of exercising that power and
have not been ready to delegate or return
some of it to you," he said. The Prime-
Minister said his Free national Movement
government believes that the best kind of
democracy is the one where the people
participate to the greatest possible extent.
That government which is nearest the
people is best.

Abaco Real Estate
Agency Limited

Listing of the Month
Eastern Shores Peninsula
3 Bed/3Bath, 1,380 sq.ft. of living space plus
wrap-around deck. Completely furnished and
equipped. Many extras incl. boats, motors,
truck, boat lift. Large hilltop lot, sea to sea.
Two docks. Magnificent views. Excellent
rental property. Brochure on request.
Call 809-367-2719 or Pax 809-367-2359
liveable, needs finish work, 7 KW generator,
good elevation, short walk to beach. $55,000
Call 367-3728

TREASURE CAY off Windward Bch. 3 bed
2 bath, furnished, large patio, Call 809-365-
2nd Level 175 Sq. ft ideal for shipping or
customs brokerage, located over Bahamas
Customs Office, Marsh H. Only serious
inquiries. Ph. 367-2263, 323-4873 &"p
RENT MATT LOWES Cay, only one house,
sleeps 10, lots of porches and decks, 50 acre
island, 5 beaches, 2 acre fruit lot, protected
boat basin, 10 minutes from Marsh Harbour
in Abaco Sound, 24 ft Boston Whaler
optional, Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-
RENT or BUY 2 bed/2 bath, air cond. on
canal lot at Leisure Lee, beach access, Call
Clean, bright, two bedroom, one bath, w/
central A/C, Laundry room adjacent,
Tastefully furnished, ceramic kitchen, must
see. Call Brenda at 365-6072
BEACH FRONT House Scotland Cay,
3Br/3B $1100/wk 4pers +$200 wk. ea. add'l
413-259-1806 Phone/Fax 809-332-2049
HOPE TOWN Turtle Hill ocean view 4
cottages, 2 bed 2 bath, all with kitchens, air
conditioned, pool, private access to beach,
includes olf cart. Call 809-366-0053

Come Find The Treasure in
Treasure Cay rfrk*
LUXL RY Fulls equipped 2 bed 2 hath
S.:,nJo Finest rental property in frai.iure
SCa\ righl -n the beach Rrent Jli.'l', Irom
l-h .,., ,, rs Pho n._- .r Fr n -i m -'1 r'*1 I-

Classified Advertisements

Houses and Land Buy or Rent

unique 2 bed/2 bath
home located in
beautiful Little Harbour
-an Artists Community-
$230,000 US
Call 809-359-6649
S 12 Noon 1 p.m.


February 1996

The Abaeoulan Page 27

Carnival FROMPage 14
money to break even.
Crown Amusements from Jupiter,
Florida, brought what the industry calls
one trailer rides. Each ride folds down
into one trailer for transportation. They
travel throughout the Unites States,
Canada and several locations in the
The Carnival employed about 75 local
people. The carnival staff patronized
local business for hotel rooms, rental
cars, food, soda and ice. One of their
trailers contained a 300 kilowatt
generator as the rides require large
amounts of electricity.
The Carnival goers seemed very happy
and spoke highly of the courteous helpful
attendants in the various booths. They
assisted, they demonstrated and they
were particularly attentive to children.

There were nine rides, eight booths
giving prizes for skills, two coin
machines and two tables which required
money on numbers.
The atmosphere was clean and
wholesome. Even the predicted traffic
problems did not develop. The hours of
the Carnival did not conflict with the
hours of most businesses so parking was
not a problem.
The weather was not conducive to a
good turn out of Carnival-goers. Two of
the three weekends were either very
cold, windy or rainy. These conditions
kept the numbers lower than anticipated.
Edwin "Vikee" Brown, Deputy
Chairman of the FNM party,
accompanied the carnival. The FNM
sponsored the carnival and was using it
as a fund-raiser.

Royal Bank Adopts Abaco Central High

Over the years Royal Bank of Canada
in the Bahamas has provided financial
assistance to private and public schools to
help with their various projects.
Here in Marsh Harbour they are
beginning a new program called
"Business-Education Partnership" where
the Bank not only contributes financially
but also by staff volunteering time.
Management has decided to adopt the
Abaco Central Secondary School here in

Marsh Harbour. The objective is to
develop a relationship with the. school,
assisting with ongoing and special
projects, honour student program, job
training and branch tours.
This is the first time that Royal Bank
in Marsh Harbour has adopted a school
and management and staff are very
excited about the program and look
forward to a strong, lasting relationship.

Classified Advertisements

Miscellaneous, Household, and Boats

$7.00 Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue
Picture and 4 lines only $25.00
We will take the photo in the Marsh
Harbour area. Additional lines at $2.00
per line.
Display classified $12 per column inch
Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677 i~e

-- Vau EMildew Removal

PAINTING, Interior & Exterior Pressure
Cleaning & Mildew removal Water-
proofing Roofing Rotten wood
replaced Leroy Tucker, Marsh Harbour,
Pens, caps, labels, T-shirts, calendars,
key chains, desk items, etc. Printing.
Call Miriam Sowers, Scher & Alvarez.
Phone 305-553-6202 FAX 305-553-4024

If you need fast and reliable service for all
your architectural needs, give Paul Curry
a call at 367-3380 or 367-2488. He's one
of the best in the business. If you can't
get to him, he will come to you.
NEED Experienced help for the following
Cook. Maid. Housing provided on Guana
Cay. Call 367-3590.

45 KW GE GENERATOR with 3-53 Detroit
Diesel, Low hours, needs control panel.
$2500 OBO. Call 36'7-.270(
Cars & Trucks for Sale

1993 E-Z GO Big foot conversion golf carts
totally reconditioned, gas or elec, delivered
to Marsh Harbour, Duty Pd. $5,995 Call
Tommy Roberts 367-2207 or VHF Seafood

1993 CLUB CAI~ New condition, Gas or
Elec. Delivered in Marsh Harbour, Duty Pd.
$4,995. Call Tommy Roberts 367-2207 or
Guana Cay on VHF SEAFOOD

17 Ft STARCRAFT fiberglass. 65HP second.
Mercury, trailer, storage cover, new uphol
carpel & steering cables. Excel. cond. $3490
($ best reasonable offer, T Cay 365-8053

4- 11 Fr FW Z Ftfp !51, -J '

Call Stafford at 809-365-0023 for details

Hull, New paint, Draws 2'6" w/Swing keel
up, New Suzuki 9.9 outboard, 2 six gal. gas
cans, New sun cover, Anchor, chain & line,
nav. & anchor lights, ladder. Duty Pd,
$3,150 ONO,
Engimnegcall 367-2503 from 5 9 A
23 Ft SLOOP, Sharp, fiberglaty-sli r,
double ender, roller jib, keel/centerboard
combination, 18" draft min., large cockpit,
small cuddy, fully equipped, 6 HP Yamaha
outboard in well, Duty Pd, $15,000, See
Craig at Lighthouse Marina, Hope Town or
-call 366-0154
25 FT FIBERGLASS Boat, 160 HP turbo
diesel, Bimini top w/stainless frame, 80 gal
fuel tank, Trim tabs, Call 366-0090 from 7-
8am or evenings best
25 Ft 1972 LUHR F t potfisher,
fiberglass, sleeps, head, new Bimini & depth
finder. Very nice cabin cruiser w/VHF,
Loran & new batteries, needs new engine,
$3,900 Call 365-8523, after 4 pm is best.
30 Ft BERTRAM First Class Con ti,
Call 809-324-1239, 809-324-5839
33 Ft NEWPORT, lovely sailing sloop in
great shape... great price too! Call Evans at
ABC Charters, Hope Town or call 809-947-
2192 for more information. HIe0ctjt

42 Ft ALUMINUM Fishing/Crawfishing
boat, 5000 lb freezer, New twin 3208 Cat
engines, 250 Hrs, 8 KW Northern Lights
gen, stabilizers, Call 367-3036 or 367-3234

a -

43 Ft PEARSON Trawler, Fiberglass,
w/bridge &.dual controls, twin 165 HP
Perkins Turbos, 8KW Onan generator, fully
equipped w/radar, 2 depth finders, VHF,
Fully air conditioned w/3 separate zones,
Sleeps 8 in 4 separate cabins, 2 heads, 1
w/shower, Galley has range w/oven, refrig,
5 cu ft freezer, Ideally equipped for cruising
and live aboard, including kitchenware &
linens. Avon dinghy w/3.3HP Johnson.
registered in US and Bahamas, Duty Paid.
Owner selling extremely well maintained
SOUTHERN PRINCESS due to age and
health, a real bargain at $65,000. Call G.W.
Mapp at 804-787-2424 to see boat at Abaco
Yacht Services at Green Turtle Cay.

"BUGS", a fully equipped, 1995, 23 foot
Parker Marine, deep vee, walk around,
pocket sport fishing boat, powered by a
Johnson 225 HP OceanRunner outboard
motor. Owned and operated by The ABC
Boat Company, Inc., Aspen, Colorado.
Available for bareboat charter and approved
for offshore use in the Hope Town area of
the Bahamas. For information and application
call (303) 925-9236. Local agent Sea Horse
Boat Rentals (809) 367-2513, 366-0023

Buying? Selling?
Need Qualified Help?
Want more Business?
A low cost ad like this can
bring fast results.
Call 367-2677 or Fax 3677

Abaco Air Charter Service

* From Abaco to all the
Bahamas and Florida
* Twin Engine, Six Passenger Aircraft
* Call 809-367-2266, 2205, 3256, 359-6357

AvGas & FAA Certified Mechanics
P O Box 492, Marsh Harbour

Carib Freight and Island Freight
On January 24th, 1996, Carib Freight assumed the operations of
Island Freight and is operated by Carib Freight in Man-O-War.
We would like to assure all customers that the freight rates you have
been used to over the past six years will continue. We do not intend
to increase the rates, and we will strive to provide a more efficient and
improved service to you, our valued customer.
On March 4th we will provide daily freight service to Hope Town
and Man-O-War Monday through Friday. We are considering a second
freight day to Guana Cay and Scotland Cay if there is demand in
addition to the scheduled Friday service.
We welcome all suggestions. Call us at 365-6072, Fax 365-6285 or
VHF Ch. 16 from 9 5, Mon Fri
Carib Freight and Island Freight have appreciated your business over
the past six years and want to continue to serve you, the customer.
Thank you from the Management of Carib Freight

4, j._.
4 2-Ora

I mmmmw

Page 28 ThIe Abaodiad Februar 1996

Abaco Insurance Agency has been committed EXCLUSIVELY to
Abaco since 1984. Our knowledgeable staff has over 31 years
experience in all types of insurance, including general, life and
health. We can provide you with the best security and service
under all of the following policies:

Commercial Motor
Commercial Fire & Theft
Liability & Loss of Profits
Marine Hull & Liability
Marine Cargo

* Permanent Life
* Term Life
* Individual Health
* Family Health
* Group Health
* Disability
* Personal Accident

Insurance is a Promise
With a commitment to pay when disaster strikes. For an insurance
company that means having the long-term stability to be here when our
policy holders need us and having the strength to meet your claims.

was here in August 1992 when Hurricane Andrew
wreaked havoc throughout The Bahamas and we paid out over $20
million in property and marine insurance claims. In fact, the
I 1 Hi has been around since 1710
and has been represented in The Bahamas for almost 200 years. With a
world wide premium income of over $6 billion and financial assets under
their management of over $37 billion, I promises its
Abaco policy holders superior financial security and claims paying ability.
Through their EXCLUSIVE AGENT in Abaco
For a free quote on all your insurance coverages contact:
Ginnie, Daron or Cina at 809-367-2549 or Fax 367-3075
Abaco Insurance Agncy
Stratton Drive 0 P.O. Box AB 20404, Marsh Harbour, Abaco