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Local Government Expected to Begin July 1st

Prime Minister Details Benefits and Responsibilities

The Right Honourable Hubert A.
Ingraham gave an overview of local
government which he expects will become
law early this year and will then be
implemented by July 1st. The Prime
Minister was the guest speaker at a
meeting for statutory board members


Rare Event
On January 20th Abaconians work up
to the strange sight of dense fog
blanketing land and sea. It was an
atmospheric rarity, a broad band of fog
about 100 feet thick. It still obscured
visibility across the harbour of Marsh
Harbour at 8:45 a.m. but the warming
sun chased it off a few minutes after 9
It was an especially weird sensation
for those who had to venture out in
boats. All the familiar landmarks were
- wiped out of sight. Guided by intuition
and hunches proved to be ineffectual in
reaching their destination. They had to
use compass readings, an unfarmidi iool,
ofiwait to see what land loomed up in
front of them. Many skippers came back
to their home port after realizing they
were not prepared for this.
"It was a little hairy out there,".
related Mark Gates, one of the Albury's
Ferry captains. I ended up down the
creek instead of the ferry dock," He
continued, "It was pretty bad, really
tense." He went on to say that he had to
use compass readings, a list of which he
always keeps with him in his log. On his
firsqtrip to Hope Town the first land he
saw,was Anna's Cay. If the fog had not
dissipated, he would not have wanted to
continue making ferry runs.
The\residents of Casuarina Point made
their morning commute to Marsh
Harbour with visibility limited to only
one electric pole at a time along the
The fog was formed by a temperature
PLEASE SEE Fog Page 14

The mail boat MIA DEAN, owned by Jame
bAknc r immi nifipr nn a wppklv hbii arri

throughout Abaco, government workers,
and the general public. The meeting was
held in Treasure Cay on January 7th.
Mr. Ingraham explained that this was a
historic opportunity. Governments like to
run peoples lives, they like to control
people, they want power over people.

Now the Bahamian government is
returning power to the people. The goal is
to involve a large group of people and
make the population more knowledgeable.
Then the people will be more satisfied
with government.
Local government has been under

The Green Turtle JUNKANOO parade "rushing" through New Plymouth on New
Year's Day with a crowd behind. More on page 14.Photo by Jeffrey Cooper, IJ I Photo Co.

Commercial Dock Expansion

Begins In Mid-1996
Plus Improvements to Many Other Communities
The Right Honourable Hubert A.
Ingraham spoke at a meeting in Treasure
Cay on January 7th. At that time he
detailed the government plans for Abaco.
He announced that Marsh Harbour will
0 N be getting a new commercial dock facility
very soon. Tenders will soon be put out
and construction is expected to begin
:, -during the first half of 1996. This will be
constructed adjacent to the present dock.
It will be a four million dollar expansion. ,
The contract for the Sandy Point
airport was signed and construction is
now underway to lengthen and pave that
airport. It will have a 4500 foot runway.
Moore's Island can expect work to be
done on their airport which will be
completed next year.
The Grand Cay telephone system is
as Dean of Sandy Point, began serving the completed. Guana Cay can expect phones
rivi nnah Wednesda from Nassau She very soon, perhaps as early as March. He

A aco commutes on a wee y ass arr g y
returns to Nassau on Thursday. More information on page 13. Photo by James Dean


,-'age 14

considerationon for more than one year.
During this time citizens throughout the
Family Islands have offered suggestions
and ideas. Many changes have been made
to the original draft and was presented to
the House on January 8th.
Abaco will have three districts.
North Abaco will include Grand Cay
through Little Abaco, Cooper's Town,
Green Turtle Cay, Treasure Cay and Joe's
Central Abaco will consist of Murphy
Town, Dundas Town, Marsh Harbour,
Guana Cay, Man-O-War, Hope Town and
will extend south through Spring City.
South Abaco will include Cherokee and
Casuarina Point to Crossing Rock, Sandy
Point and Moore's Island.
Most of the communities in these
districts will elect a Town Committee
which will manage the local affairs of that
town, the road sides, maintenance of
government buildings including schools
and cemeteries. Some smaller towns will
be grouped together such as those in Little
Abaco. Crown Haven, Fox Town, Mount
Hope, Wood Cay and Cedar Harbour will
have one Town Committee. The
Committee will elect a chairman and that
chairman will be the representative to the
District Council.

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham
The Town Committee will be given
monies from the central government and
will have to develop a budget and show
responsibility in allocating the monies.
The funds they receive will be the full
amount of the boat registrations, liquor
licenses, building permits, business
licenses, music and dancing licenses and
shop licenses which were issued for that
Abaco will have three District
Councils, one for each of the districts.
Each Town Committee will have one
representative to the District Council, the
Chairman of their committee, and larger
PLEASE SEE Local Government Page 13

Stories Inside Page

Disney for Abaco? 24
Viewpoint -
Opinions of others 16
16 Regatta '96 24
Guana Phones 18

Page 74


Page 2 The Abaconian January 1996

S.... ........................

Beautification Stumps

Ministry of Works

What has happened to all the trees on
Don MacKay Boulevard? They have been
cut so severely that they are just stumps,
just scrawny trunks left. A few stumps
have straggly leaves at the top. Many
Marsh Harbour residents are indignant
and appalled that the trees have been so
butchered. We cannot imagine why
anyone would want to cut down trees that
have graced our road for the past 25
Many people are working toward
making our community more beautiful.
Businesses and individuals are
encouraged to plant trees and shrubs to
make our community more attractive.
Now the efforts which were just now
growing to a acceptable size have been
wiped out by a crew with a chain saw.
Besides, the way they trimmed the trees,
they have left stumps of the trunks which
are vulnerable to disease and rot. If some
of the trees do manage to survive this
first onslaught, they might easily
succumb to disease later on.
The crew then threw the tree limbs
and debris over to the edge of the road,
never bothering to clean up the mess they
made. Is this any way to keep our road
sides clean? We are trying to get
individuals to keep the yards clean, to
clean up empty lots, to take trash to the
dump. Are we going to allow this crew
to mutilate our trees, then just toss the
branches out into the bush?

Back in the early 1970s Don MacKay
was asked by the Abaco Chamber of
Commerce if he would draw up some
plans to make the stretch of road from
Government Subdivision out to the
round-about more attractive. Don
MacKay was a resident of Abaco for
many years. He was from Canada and
was an early developer of Scotland Cay.
Within a few days Mr. MacKay was

out working with a crew of two men
clearing, staking out sites, then digging
holes for plants. Silbert Sawyer set up a
misting bed and began rooting cuttings,
particularly oleanders which seem to
grow well here. They were careful to
pick plants that would grow attractively
without much maintenance. They picked
almond trees and mahoe (sometimes
called salt hibiscus) as they are both
hardy and vigorous.

Mr. MacKay worKeu personally qunie
a few hours on the project which took
many months. Many others in the
community helped by donating plants or
time. When the work was completed, the
Rotary Club asked government for
permission to name the road after Mr.
MacKay. At a testimonial dinner given to
honour Mr. MacKay, he was thanked for
his efforts and it was announced then that
the road was being named after him.
In the early 1970s Mr. Edison Key did
further work on the project. With farm
equipment he flattened out the roadside
beyond the row of trees and plants. The
plants have had no attention except for an
occasional trimming. Someone feels
obligated to cut the oleanders back to
short stumps periodically but the plants
have been allowed to grow until now.
It seems that government corporations
can do whatever they want in our
communities. We all recognize that they
must keep tree limbs away from power
lines and phone lines. But they frequently
cut indiscriminately, without regard to
the beauty of the plants or surroundings.
Some months ago Batelco hired a
contractor who sent a man with a
machete out to trim any tree limbs which
would be in the way of the phone lines.
Instead, he chopped everything down to
within six to twelve inches of the ground.
He nor anyone else from Batelco cleaned
up the mess for many weeks that was left
Bahamas Electricity Corporation
regularly sends a crew to cut down
offending trees. They leave big trees
felled along the roadside to be an

eyesore. How long did we have to look
at the dead casuarinas that were
alongside the road next to the
Government Clinic in Marsh Harbour.
The government corporations can post
notices at the Commissioner's office
advising at public of impending tree-
trimming. In that way, property owners
would have time to remedy the situation
themselves. The companies might get out
of some of their trimming work that way
if the property owners would trim their
own trees. We should add that home
owners should not attempt to trim any
trees or tree limbs close to power lines.
If the property owners were given
sufficient notice but failed to do

anything, then no one could object to the
companies doing the work to their own
standards. But they should be required to
clean up the mess they make.
We may be speaking prematurely.
Perhaps the Ministry of Works is
planning to replace those trees with some
even better ones. They surely keep in
mind that we are all striving for a more
beautiful environment. It's interesting to
realize that they will be employed by
local government boards in about six
months if all goes as planned. They
undoubtedly will try to make a good
impression on the community.
Let's watch to see what they do next.

Abaco Market's 1996 Calendar Features

Local Scenes in Watercolors
The entire staff of The Abaconian David Hamilton-Jones and are beautifully
would like to recognize Abaco Markets done. We are pleased that Abaco Market
on their calendar for 1996. For those of went to the trouble and expense of
you who have not seen one, it has promoting Abaco in such a splendid way.
attractive scenes of Abaco towns for each Congratulations on a very fine product.
month. The watercolours are by Dr.

WorksEmployees Demonsrae Their Skill

Works Employees Demonstrate Their Skills

Dear Sir;
I personally do appreciate the efforts
that our local members (or are they
employees?) of the Ministry of Works
have been making towards the Bahamian
commitment to international leadership in
the field of ecotourism.
Both Bahamian and tourist alike have
been provided a first hand opportunity of
observing the effectiveness of the public
sector in developing a locally oriented
strategy to efficiently deal with some of
our more pressing problems here on
Utilising Don MacKay Boulevard as a
venue over recent months, we have been
given demonstrations on using a highly
motivated team of public employees and
minimum equipment investments:
On how to .......
* Pulverize large rocks and glass bottles.
* Efficiently employ numerous bodies to
collect and bag roadside garbage, leaving
it all strategically placed to .......
* Turn bags of garbage into effective
and scenic shredded plastic mulches.

* Utilise the grassed verges for
automotive shows, with many discussion
groups and seminars as side attractions,
at the same time leaving residues as fuel
for the mulching operation.
* And most recently to demonstrate the
effectiveness of removing unsightly and
ugly objects of nature such as Mahoe
trees, Almonds and others. Thereafter
leaving attractive residues in their place,
again to be used as .......
I can only think that for an exciting
finale to this spectacular combination of
environmental and personnel management
that our public funds may be used to
encase the whole thing in concrete so as
to eliminate the need for future
expenditure of taxpayers contributions in
one area at least.
Again, we have proved that the
Bahamas and Bahamians, and more
specifically Abaco, are world leaders of
no small renown. I can only hope that
the rest of the world is watching closely.
Thank you for your space.
J.F. HEDDEN, M. Harbour

Parent Unhappy With School Administration

Dear Editor,
In your December issue under the
Green Turtle Cay news by Annabelle
Cross, it was reported that the students
passed 95% of their BJCs. The column
continues by saying, "This is a very
positive impression on the system at the
school." Yes, that is a very positive
impression of the school, but there is
another side that if left unreported would
leave a very unbalanced and inaccurate
impression of the educational system on
Green Turtle Cay.
The teacher, Mr. Econopouly, who
spent the last two years preparing his
students for the BJCs, was fired,
("unable to offer continued employment"
is the way the Ministry of Education put
it!) on the recommendation of the
principal of the Amy Roberts All Age
School. Mr. Econopouly had the verbal
support of over 90% of the parents of his
students and over 80% were willing to
sign a petition in support of him.
Mr. Econopouly not only prepared his
students (my daughter was in his class)
through a high level of education (as his
BJC results prove) but also was involved
in many extra-curricular activities -
construction of school furniture,
formation of an agricultural club,
producing a tape with local children
singing Christmas songs to the

accompaniment of local musicians and
after school softball for the school
children. In this case the government was
getting excellent value for its dollar!
The Ministry's reason for terminating
Mr. Econopouly? No reason. According
to the Ministry, as a temporary
government employee, Mr. Econopouly
can be terminated on 30 days notice
without giving a reason. With the
Ministry of Education making such
random and ill-advised decisions, is it
any wdoder that the public education
system is in the state of disarray it is in?
As a result of this decision and numerous
others made by a principal who has very
little support in the community, the
community has virtually withdrawn their
support of the PTA and what was once a
productive, enthusiastic, financially
secure body is now a mere shell of its
former self.
It is my opinion that education on
Green Turtle Cay is not in such a
positive state. The excellent test results
that were being flaunted are merely a
half-hearted attempt to mask a very
negative situation. Is it not odd that the
students who passed the exams were
congratulated but the teacher who spent
two years of his life preparing them was
not even mentioned?
Percival A. Roberts, Jr.

The Abaconian Published Monthly
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Abaco, Bahamas
Contributors: Annabelle Cross, John Hedden, Candice Key,
Charmair Laroda, Jinny & Mac McAteer, Meoshi Newbold,
Charles Nightingale, Deb Patterson, Ann & Leon Pinder, Kristina Pinder,
Lee Pinder, Peter & Tracy Sexton, Isobel Sherman,
Credit: Stephen Nash for parrot sketches & Bahamas Information Service
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January 1996

Pat Bethel Retiree as
Elder Spokesman
Dear Editor,
My friends have convinced me that
because of my high profile during the
past ten years or so, I should share with
your readers a decision I made over the
holidays and that is, as of January 1st,
1996, I will discontinue all my quasi
political-social activities with the
exception of church and school.
I sincerely hope that during the past
eighteen years I have resided in Abaco I
have made a small contribution in
helping to build a better Bahamas, but
history will make that decision at a later
Best wishes to you all for 1996.
Yours, etc.
Patrick J. Bethel

1: Abaco Tourism Needs a
Local Manager
2: Works Needs Equipment
Dear Sir/Madame,
Tourism is our bread and butter!
Yesterday it was 77* below zero in
Minnesota (considering the wind chill
factor). All of the Caribbean is
competing for tourist dollars, and CNN
is filled with commercials for Jamaica
and Puerto Rico. Who is competing for
tourist dollars for Abaco? We need to
have the new head of tourism appointed
here to continue the work that was
initiated by our wonderful Mr. Perry
Tourism is our bread and butter! Mr.
Woodside at Ministry of Works is
swamped with the work of cleaning the

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roads, patching, cleaning litter and
generally keeping us clean and pretty. He
is doing this with one old truck that
keeps breaking down, a small crew and
hardly any budget. There is litter all
along the road from the airport and
through the marina district. He needs
more support from the Ministry of
Works in Nassau, more trucks, crew and
money to do his job.
Comments of a Concerned Citizen

TRcR C L-f/ a/ ivG

-g I- LI
' ^ o^Tiy" )





The Abaeonlan Page 3

Boaters' Tips
from The Moorings
If you have been motoring to your
anchorage due to lack of wind, it is
tempting when the anchor is down to turn
the motor off immediately and enjoy the
silence. We advise our guests to leave
the engine on for a further ten minutes or
so at idle speed to allow it to cool, thus
helping to keep the cabin cool also.
A prudent yachtsman should always
keep a weather eye open, especially
when planning an off-shore passage.
There are many old proverbs and sayings
that are still just as valid today:
Concerning barometric pressure
remember, "A quick rise after a low,
sure sign of another blow." Another one
is, "Soon foretold, soon past; long
foretold, long last."
Sayings about wind include, "When
the wind comes before the rain, soon you
will be making sail again. When the rain
comes before the wind, braces, sheets
and halyards mind!"
This particular saying is especially
valid during squalls. Buys Ballots law
states, "With your back to the wind, low
pressure is always on your left hand
A strange but true fact concerning
temperature is known as Dolbears Law.
It states, "If you count the amount of
chirps a cricket makes in fourteen
seconds, add forty, the result is your
surrounding temperature." It is usually
exact but can vary a degree or so
depending on whether the cricket is out
in the open or under a rock! I often
wonder who provided the funds for the

Page 4 The Abaeonian January 1996

News of the Cays,

Hope Town
Fire Brigade
The Volunteer Fire Brigade of Hope
Town will have its Third Annual Fund
Raising Fair on February 24th. It will
feature demonstrations of their equipment
and their techniques. There will also be
a silent auction, a raffle as well as crafts
and games. The fair will be from 11
a.m. to 3 p.m. and a variety of food will
be offered.
Fire extinguishers and fire alarms for
home use will be offered for sale. The
proceeds of the fund raising will go for
upgrading, new equipment, training and
public fire prevention.
Sailing Club Announces Deaths
The Hope Town Sailing Club informed
their members that during this past year
several long-time residents of Hope
Town passed away. In addition to those
listed in previous months in the
Obituaries of The Abaconian, there are
the following: John Peace, Val
Worthington and Nancy Osborne. They
all had moved back to the United States
after having lived in Hope Town for
many years but were well known in the
Hope Town Celebrates New Years
with Junkanoo
By Candace Key
The New Year was ushered in at Hope
Town with much merry making. The
quaint streets were filled with sound of
locals and guests dancing to the Junkanoo
beat. The beautiful, brightly coloured-
crepe paper costumes adorned the
dancers as they led the crowds through
Hope Town streets "rushing" to the beat
of a goat skin drum, cow bells and
horns. Rushing is the term used to
describe the dancing parades behind the
Junkanoo drummers.
Although Junkanoo is over in less than
an hour, the preparation precedes the
parade for many months. The brightly
coloured costumes are the product of
series of rows of intricately cut, fringed
and pasted crepe paper.
The Hope Town School also
participated in the Caribbean holiday
tradition by designing and making fish
headdresses and fringing skirts and pants
to complete their Junkanoo costumes.
Local resident, Darrell Cole, himself a
talented Junkanoo designer, helped the
students make their headdresses along
with teacher Ginny Carrisiglia. Months
of after school time was spent by the
students to complete their costumes.
Community member Junior Maynard

Junkanoo Merry Makers in Hope Town are (I to r) Junior Maynard, Carlerton LeBrun,
and Milo Knowles lead the procession through the streets on New Years Eve.
Photo by Candace Key
practiced the rushing technique with the Photo by Candace Key
students and was their drummer on the
night of the school's Christmas play '
where the students displayed their finery. ROLEX
Churton Toote donated his drums for the niou
evening performance. NRIXS MUTMAW
As the new year is well underway, the Establi
gorgeous headdresses and costumes have Watches, Jewellery, Perfum
been stored away until the next P.O. BOXAB-204
Christmas holiday season. However the MARSH HARBOUR,ABACO
organizers, Milo Knowles, Junior .Next to MangoeRestaurant
Maynard and Darrell Cole, have plans on the harbour)
for their committee to begin new


costumes soon, to be even bigger,
brighter and more exciting than this year!
Green Turtle Cay
By Annabelle Cross
Happy New Year!
The 1995 holidays are now just
memories as Green Turtle Cay settles
into the routine of a new year.
The holiday festivities started with the
Abaco Cultural Society's "Concert under
the Stars." Joy Martone, Jim Mastin,
T.L. Brown and Steve Thomas were
back again this year and entertained the
crowd with songs from "South Pacific"
as well as Christmas Carols. A group of
students (girls!) from Amy Roberts All
Age School performed songs from the
Lion King" and a few carols. They did a
fine job and hopefully are practicing for
1996! Bryan Thompson of Nassau made
his first appearance on Green Turtle Cay,
joining the group in songs from "South
Pacific" as well as solo performances.
Bryan's performance was a wonderful
addition and hopefully he'll be back!
The second annual boat parade was a
lovely sight with the boats all lit up and

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I -

Hope lown's Junkanoo dancer Milo
Knowles heats the drum over a fire to
tighten the goatskin head.
Photo by Candace Key
carols playing as they cruised up and
down "The Sounds."
The Amy Roberts All Age School's
mini fair was a success and $2290 was
raised for the students. Persons attending
the fair were entertained by the students
singing carols. Another fund raiser is
planned for February and raffle tickets
are already on sale. Raffle prizes include
vacations, appliances, a bicycle, jewelry,
ten pounds of crawfish and dinners.
December was an especially happy
month for those who welcomed new
additions to their families. Della Jones'
first child, Deion Schuyler, was born on
December 6th. Michael and Lisa Roberts
welcomed a baby girl, Michaela Colomae
on December 20th. And Richard and
Susan Jones' first daughter, Abigail
Susanne, was born on December 28th.
Abigail has three big brothers!
Congratulations to the proud parents,
grandparents and brothers!
The annual Junkanoo parade drew a
large crowd again this year. The efforts
of the Junkanoo Committee paid off ab
the costumes were beautiful and the
parade well organized.
The fishing boats are out, hoping for
a few nice days between cold fronts. Can
we really call this weather "relief" from
the heat of this past summer? I'm already
dreaming of 90* days!
Guana Cay
By Kristina Pinder
Happy New Year to one and all! Trust
each of you had a blessed holiday and
have plans for a healthy, happy,
prosperous 1996! Perhaps you have
thought of a new year's resolution. If not
give this some contemplating. Whether
you are in school, out of school, just
getting a job, or starting some new
adventure, always put your best foot
forward. Go for the highest goal and do
your very best in all undertakings. We
must make our future exciting and


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successful, not look back on the past with
regrets. If you want something in life, go
out, prosper, achieve, and don't stop
until you attain your goal. Remember,
it's your life, your future, in your hands.
We started this new year with unusual
cold temperatures and rough seas. This is
a great time of year, when the seas are
so rough, to comb the beaches and find
all sorts of treasures from the sea,
anything from unique rare shells and
glass balls to bottles with notes in them.
One young man over the holidays found
a bottle with a note and he is anxiously
awaiting a reply from a new found
friend. We will give you an up date
The Sea Side Gospel Chapel has Rev.
Ken Lewis and his wife Shirley visiting
for the month of January. They are from
Wales and seem to be enjoying even the
cold days on our island paradise since it
is so bitterly cold back in their home
town. It's great to have them here with
us. In their ministry they often travel to
the country of Romania. When they
make these trips they usually have three
huge lorries (trucks) filled with clothes,
medical supplies, food, and most
anything that you can imagine. For the
people are in great need of so many
things that we often take for granted. The
community is truly enjoying their visit.
For the first two weeks of February,
Bro. Kevin Knowles will be visiting from
Freeport. We look forward to meeting
this brother from our neighboring island.
Valentine's Day is right around the
corner. Let Cupid smile on you this
happy Valentine's Day. Remember, love
is the greatest gift God gives us. Love is
"...the master key that opens the gates of
The Guana Beach Resort is having
D.J. Mark play Friday nights and special
occasions. Come join them for the Friday
evening barbecue dinner and jammin'
Mr. Horace Sands of Great Guana
Cay has been very sick recently. Our
prayers and thoughts are with him and
his family.
This island is expanding in the eastern
section with the Guana Cay Development

Arawak Agency

Shipping & Freight Clearing
Imports & Exports by Air or Sea
Cruising Permits Extended
Boat Duties Handled

"One Call Does it All"

Phone 809-367-2089, FAX 367-2530, VHF 16
P O Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Visit our waterfront office on Front Street

aThe Abaconlan, Page 5

Shown is an artists rendition of the new Seaside Village cottage and hotel scheduled
to be built west of the Guana Cay settlement.

Company, a 217 acre project. In the
western part of the island known as
Crossing Beach, the Guana Seaside
Village Ltd is being built. Within the
immediate community, many changes are
taking place. If you have not been to visit
Guana recently, the Guana Grabber
departs from the Conch Inn daily at 9:30

a.m. and returns to Marsh Harbour at
3:30 p.m. from Guana Beach Resort
dock. Come visit our island.
[Ed. note: We are pleased to have
Kristina as a new contributor this month.
Kristina is a student at Abaco Central
High School who commutes daily from
Guana. Thanks, Kristina.]


Typewriters, Copiers, Calculators
Sales & Service
Philip Hall
Opposite Royal Bank
in Marsh Harbour

Long's Landing

Fresh Iced Seafood Not Frozen
Call for our "Fish of the Day"
Free Dockage next to Triple J Marine
On the Marsh Harbour Waterfront Phone 367-3079

Cherokee Air

Air Charter Service
To Nassau, Freeport & other Islands
Miami, W. Palm Beach & beyond
Captains Faron Sawyer, Marc Pelanne & Robble Nixon
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Committed to a Higher Standard in Aviation





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Nassau Prices Plus Freight to Abaco
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Free Design Advice for Floors, Baths, Kitchens
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Sand Dollar Shoppe
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January 1996


Page 6 The Abaeonian January 1996

Central Abaco

Mr. and Mrs. Perkins Collie are proud
to announce the birth of Perkell Vyrona.
She arrived in West Palm Beach, Florida
on November 13th.
Mr. Brant M. and Mrs. Judy J.
Albury of Casuarina Point are pleased to
announce the birth of their firstborn, a
daughter, Kirstie Taren, on December
15th in Nassau. Mother and daughter are
doing well.
Dundas Town and
Murphy Town
By Charles Nightingale
This correspondent is now in his
fourth month and is having to envision
his job as more of a reporter ferreting
out the news because so little is brought
to our attention. Thankfully there is my
colleague, Mrs. Swain, and my wife,
Mrs. Nightingale, to provide information
and encouragement. But again I would
like to remind our readership from
Dundas and Murphy Town that if you
have any newsworthy events to please let
us know (367-2340, voice and fax) more
specifically we would like to know about
any events that have taken place like
engagements, marriages, funerals, church
and civic happenings, that are open to the
public. The ABACONIAN provides a
vital function in our community and
needs our support. With a potential
audience of some 5,000 readers, your
news will be widely seen and
The dog population increased by one
as the Charles Nightingale family adopted
an A.A.R.K. (Abaco Animals Require
Kindness) nine month old, beautifully
cared for and spayed puppy. This pretty
black pup had been abandoned at Abaco
Towns when one nice visitor turned the
helpless animal into Just for Pets, the pet
supply shop in Marsh Harbour, with a
check for $40 in her mouth. Laura
Albury of Standard Hardware (A.A.R.K.
treasurer) added Lydia to her pet
population in Leisure Lee until the
adoption took place. We are told that
there are many other well cared for
animals that could be adopted for the
I observed with pleasure how broad
and support was for the Annual
Christmas Bazaar on December 9th. Held
with ideal, somewhat cloudy weather,
there seemed to be a tremendous turn
out. I especially noted the Abaco Cancer
Society's Jumbo Sale and Raffle as being
well patronized. Much credit has to go to
their executive committee consisting of
Vince McQueenie, Marjo Scott, Alice
Nightingale, Hugh and Sylvia Cottis and
Sivdas Arangil.

Harbour View

Dockage, Laundry
Ice, Water & Fuel


Boat Rentals
21, 23 & 24 Ft Outboards
by the Day or Week

P O Box 457
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2182

The tidiness in preparation for the
Governor General's visit in November
seems to have worn thin, particularly
with the unauthorized household and
commercial dumping on the Murphy
Town back road on the way to Great
December 23rd witnessed Father Hugh
Chapman performing the wedding of
Josefina Adderley to Lynden Curry at the
Anglican Church. A reception followed
at the Airport Restaurant. The couple are
presently living in Murphy Town.
Traditional Junkanoo rushing for
Boxing Day and New Year's Day was
somewhat disappointing. Although a
fairly decent crowd assembled at Dove
Plaza, only the steadfast, stalwart
"Supreme Dancers" headed by Churton
Toote and Kirk Thompson materialized
Boxing Day for the evening festivities.
The sole group admirably jammed some
two solid, unbroken hours.
New Year's morning, 4:00 a.m., saw
a strong showing from Spring City,
especially their young dancers, but they
needed the Supreme Dancers to sustain
their beat. What happened to the other
groups in the area? If we fail to support
our culture locally, we will have no one
to blame if next year people are inclined
to stay at home in front of the proposed
Abaco Cable T.V. and the soon to be
installed Internet.
A long time, faithful member of the
Murphy Town Burial Society, Matilda
Jane Davis, age 92, passed away
December llth. Funeral service was held
at Bethany Gospel Chapel on December
17th with Evangelist David Cartwright
and Elder Livingston Williams
officiating. Internment was made in the
Murphy Town Public Cemetery.
Incidentally, the Burial Society is getting
ready to hold its Annual Meeting.
The Baha'i community of Central
Abaco held a reception to welcome Afro-
Canadian Shirley Smith to the Bahamas
on December 12th. Highly versatile as a
musician and articulate spokesperson for
the physically challenged, she addressed
the public at Abaco Central Secondary
School on December 14th. Her topic was
"Accepting Multi-Cultural Diversity in
the Workplace."

Casuarina Point
The road into Casuarina has been in
terrible shape for a long time and for the
past several months has gotten almost
impassable. Recently the residents have
done something about it. With the urging
of Derrick Albury and Bob Cornea,
enough money has been donated to pay
for 16 loads of quarry fill. They have
received eight loads of fill which have
been graded by the government grader
and they hope to get the rest soon. As
more donations come in they will be able
to do further work.
The response from the residents has
been very encouraging. More than 70%
of the residents have contributed. Other
would like to but are financially unable.
The Ministry of Works has let their
equipment grade the fill.
The government has promised to pave
the access road from the Great Abaco
Highway into Casuarina Point. But they
cannot do this work until a water line is
put in. In the meantime, those residents
are going to appreciate the temporary
work that is being done.

y February 14
Chocolates V Silk Flowers
SGif Baskets V Floweri

SPinewoods Nui
SFree Delivery Call 367-2

St. Andrews Methodist
By Meoshi Newbold
St. Andrews Methodist Church in
Dundas Town held its first Youth
Conference on December 1st and 2nd
and had as its theme Developing Leaders
for the Kingdom. A culminating church
service was held on December 3rd.
Guest speakers were Miss Cheryl Carey,
Director of Counseling at the College of
the Bahamas, and Mr. Reginald Eldon,
Secretary of the Conference of the
Methodist Churches of the Bahamas.
The participants found the weekend to
be truly encouraging and enlightening,
realizing they had unrecognized gifts and
skills. They were all motivated by the
variety and depth of topics covered.

We regret that we gave misinformation
in the caption below the picture showing
Mr. Van Darville receiving a donation
after his house burned down in Spring
City. The donation from the Batelco
Union was made by Mrs. Idena Burrows,
President of the Batelco Union. Also
pictured was Mr. Ricky Smith who is the
area Vice President, Abaco, of the
Batelco Union.



s Balloons
ng Plants



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RESORT on Man-O-War Cay
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Reliable Scheduled Freight Service
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Marsh Harbour, Hope Town & Man-O-War
Any Thu, Any Plc,
From WaWk's Cay to UsL Harbour
Water Deliveries to 10,000 Gallons per load

Man-O-War 365-6072, Fax 365-6285 VHF 16


Hours 7 AM 10 PM
SLive Entertainment Weekly
Waterfront Dining at its Best
Accommodating up to 350 People
Bahamian and International Cuisine
Full Banquet, Meeting, and Wedding Packages


Reservations are Recommended e Phone 809-367-2158

January 1996 The Abaeonian PaMe 7

Local Government Report for Central Abaco

The local Boards of Works are the
only boards which have money at their
disposal. There -are three Boards of
Works on Abaco, one in Cooper's Town,
Marsh Harbour and Sandy Point. This is
part the report of the Marsh Harbour
Board of Works.
By Percival Archer
Report from the Chairman's Desk
The local Board of Works entered the
year 1995-1996 with great anticipation,
realizing that this may well be the last
year that the Statutory Boards function in
the manner that they do presently. The
exciting possibility of a concept of Local
Government was well in mind.
Board Composition and
The Board was comprised of Larry
Williams, Lowell Albury, Sybil
Ferguson, Van Stratton, Gordon Hudson,
Chris Roberts, Elgie Reckley, Courtney

Strachan, Sherman Swain, Perry Cooke,
Deputy Chairman (Deceased), Augustine
Williams, Felamease Sawyer (New
Member), Ronnalee Ferguson (New
Operating Budget 1995
The total amount $111,294.28 was
allocated for the following major Board
Marsh H. dump site $9,075.00
(First six months Jan. to Jun. 1995)
Spring City dump site $1,140.00
Union Jack dock repair $1,526.59
Dundas Town boat ramp $7,757.75
Marsh H. district road signs $8,544.08
Spring City park bathrooms $8,160.00
Murphy Town park lights $3,366.00
Murphy Town boat ramp $1,200.00
The fiscal period July 1st to December
31st, 1995, has proven to be a most
difficult one due to a budget cut of

Special Projects
Hurricane Relief $2,567.50
Monthly contract commitments of the
Board are presently in the amount of
$10,433.40. These contracts cover the
majority of the road verges and
cemeteries in the Marsh Harbour
The Board suffered the loss of its
Deputy Chairman, Mr. Perry Cooke,
during the month of August, 1995. We
extended our support and comfort to the
Cooke family. The Board has
recommended that Mr. Sherman Swain
be appointed to fill this void.
The Board has further recommended
that three of the following persons be
appointed to fill the void left by the loss

of Mr. Cooke and the delinquency of
Mr. Gordon Hudson and Ms. Courtney
Bradley Reckley, Willamae Edgecombe
Monica Adderley, Patrick Smith, Basil
Wilmore, Walter Key, Arnold Edwards
The local Board of Works is pleased
to highlight the accomplishments of the
past year.
On behalf of the local Board of
Works, I extend Seasons Greetings to the
residents of Casuarina Point, Snake Cay,
Murphy Town, Marsh Harbour, Spring
City, Murphy Town and Dundas Town.
Best wishes and God's richest blessings
for the year 1996.
It has been a pleasure to serve you as
chairman this past year.

One of the many animated Christmas dioramas in the yard of Ross and janice Pinder
in Marsh Harbour, the outstanding house in the residential category.

Decorations Add To
The Christmas decorations in Marsh
Harbour were much more extensive and
attractive than we have had before. The
Abaconian took an informal survey of
about 20 people asking which they felt
were most attractive, both for homes and
for businesses. It was almost unanimous
that Ross and Janice Pinder's home in
Government Subdivision was the most
attractive. They had several scenes, each
in its own booth, with animated dolls and
Christmas music playing. It was a display
which could not be appreciated by just

Clhristmas Spirit
driving by but had to be viewed it up
The businesses places brought a
variety of responses. The favorites
included Mangoes, Insurance
Management, Spooners, and the three
buildings together on Stratton Drive,
Sawyer's Soft Drinks, Abaco Insurance,
and Alexiou Knowles and Company.
These businesses along with many others
went to great effort to make the town
attractive for the holiday season.


1 14 -

LOW DOWN PAYMENT for residential lots in exclusive Royal
Harbour, East of the Conch Inn. All lots have utilities & paved
roads. Water front on the harbour or interior lots. Walking
distance to shops & stores. Financing available, low monthly
payments. See plot plan above.
For details on these lots and many other listings, call:

Abaco Real Estate Agency
Marsh Harbour 809-367-2719, 367-2358 or Fax 367-2359


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for you. Whether it's long or short, we
can show you how to realize your goals.
Personal Vision Banking includes
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No matter how you see your future, at
CIBC we're working hard to help you see
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For details, please contact a CIBC
Personal Banker today.


We see what you see.

CIBC is a 6 sponsor of The Bahamas Games


Page 8 The Abaconian January 1996

North Abaco
t W -I

^ _N ^ ':;.. ,

Honoree Agartha Russell receives her plaque for Outstanding Service from
the Prime Minister. M.C. Jackson Mclntosh is in the background.

Eleven Are
Honoured at

The Northern Abaco Community
Awareness Committee held its annual
honorary banquet on December 16th.
The banquet was under the patronage of
The Prime Minister, Hubert A. Ingraham
and was held at the Spinnaker Restaurant
at Treasure Cay. The Prime Minister
spoke briefly at the dinner.
The dinner was a fund raising to help
the athletes from Northern Abaco who
are hoping to compete in the Olympics to
be held in Atlanta, Georgia, this coming
summer. They will be competing in the
Track and Field areas.
Eleven residents of northern Abaco
were honoured that night for their
involvement in their communities. They
included Mrs. Louise Cephas from Grand
Cay, Mr. Stafford James Cooper of
Green Turtle Cay, Mr. Vernal Cornish
of Mount Hope, Mrs. Aramintha Curry
of Wood Cay, Mrs. Netherine Johnson
of Cedar Harbour, Rev. Eulin McIntosh
of Fire Road, Mr. Elijah Mills of Fox
Town, Mr. Alfred William Murray of
Cooper's Town, Mr. Jonathan A.
Reckley of Black Wood, Mrs. Agatha
Russell of Crown Haven and Mr.
Christopher "Burner" Russell of Treasure

Cars & Scooters

ooe cc 1994 Motorbikes

Marsh Harbour
Service Station
Automobile Repairs
Shell Fuels & Lubricants
& Tires

One block south of the Traffic Light
Phone 367-2854

Mount Hope
by Ann & Leon Pinder
Children from all the communities in
Little Abaco were invited to a party on
December 21st at Estmargeo Park in
Mount Hope. The first children to
receive gifts were those accompanied by
their fathers. Gifts were given to about
55 children with Jack Thompson,
Commissioner for the northern district of
Abaco, acting as Santa Claus.
The afternoon included Christmas
carol singing and Christmas tree lighting.
This was followed by food provided by
the residents of Mount Hope. Those not

1 *or. I4 -

/ MT.i I I
Savetheda Fynes, a top athlete
of North Abaco, is seated at the
head table at the Treasure Cay
Recognition Dinner.
aMe to ar & IIM=" 0 m4id e se nMu6"

receiving gifts were given bags of
goodies and candy.
The gifts were donated by Steve
Russell of Treasure Cay and the candy
was donated by Charlie. The leftover
candy was given out on New Year's

Crown Haven
A Christmas Day party for the
community was held at the Chill Bar. A
band and lots of good food made the
holiday a very special one. Bahasea
provided all the food. Bahasea is the
crawfish plant in Crown Haven which
processes whole crawfish both cooked
and uncooked, shipping to markets in

M4 id t& A uiP u C m~ f g


An Or al Collection of Unique Bahamian Creations
Dolls, 3ams, Quits, Stahined lass, Anique Sraw Work,
Sculljpure, 3ewellery, Tea, Androsia, Batn Products
4 Valentine iift Baskets W
S0New Arrivals in Feb. & }\arck\
SUnique Hand-crafted Valentine JI+ems

P.O. Box AB 20247
Marsh Harbour
Tel 809-367-4648
Fax 809-367-4442

Mon- Sat
9.30 500

Located in the
Royal Harbour
Shopping VIlloge
on the Second Floor

ime& nw ido eme& aei doAwm o" deme *.do mmd em n i0M db dF fAsmu

Paris Center Phone 367-4227 Hoem Center Phone 367-2300
Mon Fri 8 to 5 Sat 8 to 12 Mon Fri 9 to 5 Sat 9 to 12
Home Appliance Parts & Repairs 0 Mattresses & Lnens
Lawnmowers & Garden Tools Whirlpool Appliances
Delco Remy Batteries, Tires Carpet Sold & Installed
Auto Parts & Accessories 0 Furniture, Beds, Dinettes
Lawn & Garden Supplies Housewares & Kitchenware
Bicycles, Parts & Repairs Vacuums & Sewing Machines
Sears Craftsman Tools / Se4 Ce Oi Sale
Don MacKay Boulevard, Marsh Harbour

Third Classroom Is Promised For

The Crown
At a town meeting in Crown Haven on
January 13th Prime Minister Hubert
Ingraham announced that the government
will build a new- classroom for the
Crown Haven Primary School.
Construction should begin in a couple of
weeks. The school is overcrowded now
with 51 students, two teachers and a
principal occupying two rooms and a
small library. The new building will
consist of an all-purpose room and a
Mr. Ingraham urged them to consider
consolidating their school with the one in
Fox Town. He promised that he would
build a new, well-equipped school for all

The Abaconian Page 9

Haven School
the primary students of Little Abaco if
they will agree to combine. It would be
an excellent facility providing a first
class education for their children. He has
built similar schools for many
communities in the Family Islands.
There are five communities in Little
Abaco and at present students from four
of the towns attend the school in Fox
Town. The government provides bus
service for the students from Cedar
Harbour, Wood Cay and Mount Hope to
go the primary school in Fox Town
while a second school serves only the
children of Crown Haven about a mile

Crown Haven stages a Christmas Day party for the Children of Little Abaco.
Photo by Monika Filios

Television Service Center
"AllW& eK fell OSit /O
Repairing: Electronic Service Experts
Radio, TV, VCR & Audio Equipment
Juke Boxes & Video Games
Musical Instruments
Marine Electronics
Office Equipment
Cash Registers
FAX machines
Electronic Organs Tommy Pinder
Medical Equipment Master Technician
Microwave Fireplaces Call 367-2830
Automotive & Marine Electronics
Telephone recorders, Phones & Phone Devices
In Marsh Harbour on Queen Elizabeth Drive
between Keys Drive & Firehouse Corner

Crown Haven residents listen carefully to the Prime Minister's list of those who are
eligible to receive deeds on payment of 20 per square foot for the land they have
occupied and improved. They were also required to pay the recording fee of $20.
Government surveyors had earlier measured each person's lot.

Sea Spray Resort and Marina
Sea Side Villas
One & Two Bedroom Villas,, Boat Rentals
Informal Restaurant. Catering Service, Daly Baked Goods
Full Service Marina
20 Slips with Electricity, Water and Shell Fuels
White Sound, Elbow Cay
Call 809-366-0065 or FAX 366-0383 for Brochure or Information

Groceries All you need & more
Fruits, Vegetables & Canned Goods
Dairy Products & Frozen Foods
Monday Friday 7:30 am 6 pm
Saturday 7:30 am 7 pm
Phone or FAX 366-2022
The Place to be is Cherokee

Royal Bank Salutes

Abaco Top Performer

Marsh Harbour branch employee Thelesia Scott was among five top-
performers who were recognized and rewarded for their commitment
to service excellence and superior sales achievements in 1995.

These award-winning employees took part in a week-long Royal Per-
formance convention cruise with 495 other top employees from the
bank's worldwide operations.

Thelesia Scott (left) was presented with her Royal Performance award for sales by
David Gale, vice president, Bahamas & Cayman Islands.


January 1996

Page 10 The Abaeonian January 1996

School News

Abaco Central
High School
With students only recently returning
from their Christmas holidays, activities
at the high school are just getting back
into full swing. One notable change
already in place has been the
restructuring of the school day. A later
lunch now means students have only one
class in the afternoon, with the heavier
workload now taking place in the
February and March are busy months.
The school's track team kick off their
season with a trip to Exuma to take part
in the L.H. Coakley High School
Invitational in Georgetown, Exuma. With
the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium under
reconstruction, competition in the capital
is restricted and strong squads from the
top Nassau schools are expected to make
the trip, giving the Abaco athletes a
chance to test their skills against the
country's best. Later in the month is the
annual Inter House Track Meet closely
followed on March 8th by the Inter
Island Meet. Both events take place on
the track at Murphy Town Central Park
and spectators are very welcome.
The school's basketball teams continue
to practice for upcoming events both
locally and in New Providence. The
senior boys in particular are gearing
themselves up for the Hugh Campbell
tournament which is held every year in
Young Chef Competition
Angela Russell, a graduate of 1995,
sees her reign as National Young chef
approach its end as the competition to
find her successor begins shortly. Chefs
from Abaco Central meet in competition
on January 31st to decide who will
represent the school in the all-island
competition in February.
The school welcomes the newest
member of staff, Mr. Steve
Schwartzentruber, who has replaced Mr.
Cotton in the science department. Mr.
Schwartzentruber, a Canadian, previously
taught at S.C. McPherson in Nassau.
January also saw the welcome return of

A group of girls from Sandy Point All
Age School are distressed that they were
not recognized by The Abaconian last
month. We got the wrong school name
under the picture of girls performing at
the Cooper's Town Cultural
Extravaganza. We regret the error.

Ms. Butler, back from maternity leave.
Finally a big thank you to all those
who supported the school fair in
November. Over $10,000 was raised to
help improve the education of all students
at the school.
S.C. Bootle High School
By Charmair Laroda
It's back to school again! I'm sure we
had a good holiday. It's time for ninth
and twelfth grades to get ready for their
examination coming up in May.
We are preparing for track and field.
Last year Cougars came first, Lions
came second, Tigers came third and
Panthers came last. Strive for your goals!
Over the holidays one of our fellow
friends got sick. Her name is Donnell
Cornish. She is sixteen years old and is
in the twelfth grade. She has cancer. We
will continue praying for her so that she
would be well. If anyone would like to
sponsor for Donell's medical expenses,
please contact the S.C. Bootle Secondary
School at 365-0065.
We had one of the teacher leave us.
Her name is Darlene Lewis. She teaches
maths. She went back to Harbour Island
to teach. We have two other teachers to
replace Miss Lewis. We have Mr.
Kenneth Roberts and Mrs. Tina Roberts
from Nassau. Mr. Roberts teaches
history and social studies and Mrs.
Roberts teaches maths. We would like to
say "Welcome to Abaco! We hope you
enjoy teaching at our school."

A group of teachers and administrators attended the Environmental Health Education
Workshop on vector control.

Educators Attend Workshop on

Vector Control for Health

A workshop was held in Marsh
Harbour on January 18th for school
officials, teachers and the interested
public on vector control. The Ministry of
Education and The Ministry of Health in
conjunction with the Pan American
Health Organization are holding these
workshops throughout the Bahamas to
educate the public about control of
mosquitoes, rodents and other insects.
The leaders of the workshop are
wanting to work with the teachers so they
in turn can develop awareness within

each community about the health dangers
which these creatures can cause. They
presented much material which the
teachers can use directly in their
Control of these infestations by
chemicals is expensive and not very
effective. The aim of this program is to
bring about control by sustainable
methods which each community can put
in place and by encouraging the
communities to eliminate breeding sites.

For all your building needs

Complete line of
American Standard &
Moen plumbing fixtures
Peterson shower doors
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Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Floor Tiles, Formica, Pair
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Weekdays 7am-4pm
Saturday 7am-Noon


Distributor for
Skil Power Tools
General Electric Appliances
Stanley Tools & Hardware
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The Abacouoian Page 11

College Courses Are Being Offered

Special Interests

By Isobel Sherman
Since September the College of St.
Benedicts/St. John's University, Bahamas
Campus, has been offering courses on
weekends at Abaco Central Secondary
School. The Bahamas campus has been
in operation for twenty years in Nassau
and over 400 Bahamians have graduated
from the programme. The school offers
numerous majors and minors, the most
popular being Education and
A small number of students took
courses the first semester in Abaco. It is
hoped that more students will enroll for
the second semester and for the
September term. St. Benedicts/St. Johns
is a fully accredited university in
Minnesota and is recognized throughout
the world. Highly qualified faculty,
which are 90% Bahamian, teach the
courses in the Bahamas. The Bahamian
staff must be approved by the college in
Minnesota. The lowest degree a staff
member can have is a Master of Arts in
the discipline they are teaching. Most of
the faculty have PhD's.
Credits earned are readily transferrable
to any other college or university in

North America. General courses common
to all degrees are transferrable. Naturally
the Ministry of Education as well as
other government ministries recognize
the St. Bens/St. John's degree.
When a student is accepted into the
programme in the Bahamas, they become
a member of the student body of the
parent university. Summer courses are
offered at the campus in Nassau located
on the grounds of St. Augustine's
College. A library and computer room
are available to students at the Nassau
Qualified staff is available to guide
students and tutorial help could be
available in Marsh Harbour once local
qualified faculty is found. Anyone living
in Abaco who has a Master's degree and
is interested in teaching is asked to
contact Mrs. Isobel Sherman at 367-3741
in the evenings or Ms. Anna Baillou at
367-2342 during the day. Once a local
faculty can be put in place, then classes
will be offered during the week.
Anyone interested in enrolling in the
programme for February or the fall
semester is asked to contact the same two
persons listed above.

Fashion Show Planned
The Cancer Society of Abaco is
planning their Third Annual Fashion
Show and Luncheon for February 11th.
It will be held at the Pavilion at Great
Abaco Beach Hotel and will begin at
12:30 p.m. They invite the public to
support the Abaco Cancer Society by
buying tickets to it for $25.00 per
person. Tickets are available at The Shoe
Place, Brass and Leather and Little
Tropical Fruit & Garden
The next meeting of the Tropical Fruit
and Garden Society will be on February
22nd. Guest speaker will be Chris

informal group who enjoys plants. You
do not need to have any knowledge to
enjoy their meetings.
At their last meeting on January 18th,
Mr. Charles A. Gamble, a bonsai
enthusiast from Nassau, spoke to the
group. Mr. Gamble specializes in the
miniaturization of native Bahamian trees
and demonstrated on a juniper and a
bougainvillea plant. He created quite an
interest in his bonsai techniques.
Rollins, who is the head of the Fruit and
Spice Park at Homestead, Florida. He is
an expert who will be helpful for anyone
who has a special plant or gardening
The Fruit and Garden Society is an

-N Restaurant, Marina & Boutique
Our Dining Room
has been Redecorated
for your pleasure
SOn the Marsh Harbour Waterfront
AA Patio Bar on the Water 11:30 am until...
A Lunch 11:30 2:30 Dinner 6:30 9 pm
Phone 367-2366 VHF Channel 16



January 1996

Page 12 The Abasonlan January7 1996

SPeople in the News

Nurse Barbara Hepburn Reckley is
retiring after a long successful nursing
career. Many of those years were devoted
to caring for the people of Abaco.
Nurse Barbara, originally from Nassau,
received her general nursing training in
Nassau at Princess Margaret Hospital
where she earned her R.N., her R.M.
and her H.V. and a diploma in teaching
methods. She took additional courses in
London in Clinical Instruction at the
Royal College of Nursing. When she
returned to Nassau, she taught at Princess
Margaret for one year. She is a
Registered Nurse, a Registered Midwife
and a Home Visitor.
Her Out Island experiences began in
Governor's Harbour, Eleuthera, but in
1972 she was transferred to Cooper's
Town where she stayed for ten weeks.
She then was in charge of the Dundas
Town Clinic for ten months before she
was named to supervise the Marsh
Harbour Government Clinic.
When Percy Archer asked how long
she was going to be staying in Marsh
Harbour, she replied, "I've come to
stay." How fortunate for us that she did
stay on.
Nurse Barbara has been in Marsh
Harbour for 22 years where she has
served the residents of all the towns of
the central and southern parts of Abaco,
the communities on the cays and as far

Nurse Barbara Hepburn Reckley
away as the farm at Treasure Cay. Being
the only midwife for most of that time
has meant that she has traveled
extensively, delivering many babies which
total well over 2,000. In addition she had
to cope with all emergencies and illnesses
which came along, diagnosing and
treating everyone.
Nurse Barbara has five children and
seven grandchildren. In December 1984
she married George Reckley of Green
Turtle Cay.
Abaco has enjoyed competent efficient
medical care for many years because of
the faithfulness of Nurse Barbara. She
will be greatly missed. But her retirement
is well earned.

I Business Briefs...I

Albury's Locksmithing is a new
locksmith service located in Treasure
Cay. The business is managed by Ronnie
Albury who can be reached by calling
367-4734. They do installation and
repairs on doors, windows, screens and
safes as well as lock and key service.
Island Services, a business owned by
Wayne Sands, does electrical contracting
including solar systems. He is well
qualified in generator installations and
electrical systems for developments. He
does water and sewerage systems and
pump installations. The business is based
in Treasure Cay. Mr. Sands has over 30
years experience in the electrical field.
K and W Refrigeration and Air
Conditioning is a new business which
opened this year. Will Bethel, formerly
of Lawrence Engineering, is a qualified
technician for all brands of refrigeration
and air conditioning equipment. He is
also a licensed electrician. He can be
contacted by calling 367-4949.
Tiko's Men's Fashions is the newest
clothing store in Marsh Harbour and is
located in the Hudson Building. It is

Abaco wIn
Elbow Cay on W ite Sound
near Hope Town

Romantic tropical rooms on
both ocean and sound
Free boat docking
Scenic bar serving your
favorite frozen drinks
Wonderful food served
over looking the ocean
Breakfast, Lunch &
Dinner a la cart
Come by boat, or call
to be picked up in
Hope Town
Reservation requested
but not required
VHF 16 Phone 366-0133

owned by Louis Clark of Freeport and is
managed locally by Bernadette Major. It
carries a complete line of casual and
dress wear.
Abaco Nail Studio, located in the
Hudson Building. is the place to receive
complete care of your nails. They offer
manicures, pedicures and special in
sculptured nails. The shop is managed by
Jackie Russell. They can be contacted by
calling 367-4767.

Dr. Hyatali Ameeral is now on the
staff at the Government Clinic in Marsh
Harbour. He replaces Dr. Donald
Astwood who left after many years in
Marsh Harbour. Dr. Ameeral is from
Trinidad where he practiced for eight
years before leaving last year to spend a
year practicing in Wales.
Dr. Ameeral received his medical
training at the University of the West
Indies at the Kingston, Jamaica, campus.
Dr. Ameeral is accompanied by his wife,
Noorun Sabrina who is teaching
mathematics at Abaco Central High
School. They have three children, Felisse,
Richard and Dafydd. Dr. Ameeral is the
Government doctor for the central part of
Abaco, the cays and the southern area
including Moore's Island.
John H. Hudson has recently been
appointed by Bahamas Electricity
Corporation as Manager, BEC (Abaco).
He began his new duties on December
18, 1995.


Mr. Hudson has rejoined the BEC after
serving from 1953 to 1970. During his
period he held the post of Charge
Engineer and Systems Control Engineer.
He received his diploma in Engineering
at the Los Angeles Correspondence
Mr. Hudson is married to Jennifer
Hudson and the couple has two children,
Kim and Mark. Mark Hudson is the
Assistant Engineer Planning and
Engineering at BEC headquarters in
Terrence Roberts has just graduated
with honours from Factory Yamaha
Technical Training. He has returned to
Abaco Outboard Engines after
successfully obtaining a one year
certificate of training in Marine Diesel
Mechanics at the Geis Marine Center in
Jacksonville, Florida. Abaco Outboards
now offers out of town mobile service
from Sandy Point to Crown Haven.

Corner Value

Liquid Propane Gas
LPG Tanks Refilled
SLPG Appliances

Magic Chef

Maytag Appliances

Household Goods,
Clothing, Shoes
Hallmark Cards

Queen Elizabeth Drive
One block East of the Traffic Ught
P O Box 490, Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2250

Conch Inn Hotel & Marina
Waterfront Hotel Rooms with Cable TV, Pool, Laundry, Marine Feel, Close to Stores
75 Berth Full Service Maria, Low Storage & Winter Rates

Marsh Harbour's PREMIER Marina and Hotel
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f^-f l*



Water Side
Dining & Bar
Serving Breakfast, Luneh &
Candlelight Dinner
Happy Hour with
Live Music & Bar Snacks
Every Thursday Eve 6 9
Open 8 am till .....?
Cloud for Dinner on Tuesdays
Phone 367-2319 or VHF 16

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With two nights dockage, get one night free
Limited to one free night per month
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Dthe out
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designed dive boat and explore
tunnels and caverns in majestic
coral mountains rising from a
depth of sixty feet to the ocean
surface in clear turquoise waters.
* Scuba & snorkeling trips daily
* NAUI & PADI certified
instructors offering resort
(beginner) courses or full
certification courses
* Underwater videos
* Swim Suits, T Shirts
* Hats, Reef Sandals, etc.
Phone 809-367-2787 Bahamas
809-367-4004 Fax
at the Conch Inn Marina

Island Telephones
Radio Lnk

* Business Band Radio
* VHF Marine Radio
* Telecommunications

P. O. Box AB22136
Phone or Fax 365-8248
A Division of
Aero Marine Engineering

Local Gov't FROM Page 1
towns may have two. Each Council will
elect a Chief Councilor. They will also
have to manage their affairs in a
responsible manner. The District Councils
will have monies given them from central
government. It will be half the amount of
car licenses, driver's licenses, as well as
half the amount non-Bahamians pay in
property tax.
The Councils will be responsible for
maintenance and upkeep of public
buildings, such as schools and clinics,
road and road side maintenance.
Additionally they will be given more
authority, such as authorizing taxi and bus
franchises and working with the
government corporations for
improvements they feel necessary in their
The Councils will be able to set up
boards or sub-committees like te ones in
effect now, such as Town Planning, Port
and Licensing boards. These would be
comprised of persons knowledgeable in
their fields, not elected members.
The Councils will be able to approve
building plans for buildings having less
than 6,000 square feet and these plans will
not require the services of a registered
architect. Any buildings over 6,000 square
feet will require the approval of a
registered architect and the approval of a
public works committee.
The Councils will be given the
authority for hotel licencing so long as the
hotels comply with specific standards.
They will be asked for advice by Crown
Lands and Tourism. The District Councils
will have nine persons or less.

P.O. Box AB 20184
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 809-367-3956 Fax 367-3959

Phone 809-367-2622
Fax 809-367-2395

Many persons now working for the
government will be transferred over to
local government. This does not include
permanent employees such as teachers,
doctors, nurses, police but would be the
temporary employees.
The districts will have adequate
funding. If there are areas which do not
have generate adequate funding, the
central government will see that their
funds are augmented.
Those who want to be nominated must
pay a $50 deposit. This deposit is
refunded to the person if they received 1/6
of the votes.
Local government will be given the

Ministry of Works compounds, both staff
and equipment. These will be managed by
the Councils and the Councils will have to
co-operate among themselves, sharing
equipment and managing their affairs
The Prime Minister emphasized that the
Committees and the Councils must be
accountable. There are safe guards built
into the Local Government legislation
which can dismiss individuals,
Committees or Councils which are not
acting for the good of their areas.
The Bahamian government can
dissolve councils if they are not acting in
best interest of the community. In that
event the government would appoint a

The MIA DEAN is Our Mailboat
Freight & Mail Contract Is Awarded to James Dean

The M/V Mia Dean began regular
weekly mailboat service between Nassau
and Abaco the beginning of January
1996. After many months of no regular
mailboat service Abaco now has regular
dependable service.
The M/V Mia Dean is owned by
Jimmy Dean of Sandy Point and
captained by Willie Knowles of Nassau.
It will take freight all day Monday and
Tuesday at Potter's Cay, leaving for
Abaco at 8 p.m. It will arrive in Marsh
Harbour on Wednesday around 6 a.m.
weather being agreeable.
The Mia Dean will make the trip to
Green Turtle Cay Wednesday afternoons
and return to Nassau on Thursdays. It

will not be able to go to Cooper's Town
until work is completed on the dock
The Mia Dean is 130 feet long with a
draft (fully laden) of seven feet six
inches. There are six fully equipped
passenger cabins which include air
It has a freezer capacity of 1,900 cubic
feet and a cooler capacity of 336 cubic
feet. The decks can accommodate ten
vehicles. Below deck cargo can be up to
150 tons with on deck capacity of 54
tons. It has its own 15 ton crane and
This replaces the Deborah K II which
has been in service for many years.

VHF 16

P.O. Box CB 10990
Nassau, NP, Bahamas
809-327-6351 Fax 327-8948


P.O. Box AB 20461
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

January 1996
new board until another election could be
held. He stressed that communities must
work together for common good in
common interest.
There will be no commissioners after
Local Government is in effect. The senior
commissioners will become Island
Administrators which will be the
representatives of central government. The
Island Administrator for Abaco will be
Mr. Everett Hart, presently Commissioner
in Marsh Harbour. His office will be in
Marsh Harbour.
The Island Administrator will have
many of the same functions and

responsibilities that commissioners now
have. They will have additional duties and
functions. One of these is the ability to
issue passports. They will co-sign all
checks as he will be an employee of the
Bahamian government. Additionally there
will be a deputy administrator for the
southern area and another one for the
Local Government will begin in the
Family Islands throughout the Bahamas.
The Prime Minister is anticipating setting
in place a similar system on New
Providence during his second term.
Mr. Ingraham emphasized the challenge
to the communities to put in place
competent committed citizens who are


Enjoy our original recipe or hot-n-spicy
chicken, hot wings, honey barbecue wings
c Icken sandwich, fluffy buttermilk
b.scuits, creamy cole slaw, corn-on-the-
cob, and other fixin's.
Abaco Shopping Center, Marsh Harbour
Don MacKay Blvd e 367-2615

The Abaconian Page 13
good and decent. He is confident that
local government can be successful. He
expects that there will be problems but
they can be resolved.
The system will involve many people.
Most of the towns will have up to seven
members. The Councils can appoint five
to seven boards, finding those persons best
qualified and knowledgeable to make
At present many within the community
will excluded from running for a seat on
the Town Committees. These include all
civil servants. This may be modified later.
All Committee members will be JP's.
This function will be in effect only so
long as they are in the elected position.
Meeting of both the Committees and the
Councils will be held monthly.
There must be public meetings at least
monthly. If the community or the district
has a request for addition funds, there
must be a public meeting to explain why
extra money is needed so the public can
understand the reason for the request.
Mr. Ingraham expects the bill to be
passed by both houses of Parliament by
the end of January and it to be signed into
law soon after that. Elections will follow
soon and local government will hopefully
be in place by July 1st.

P.O. Box AB 20685
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
On the Front Street near
Union Jack dock

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.Aft Wm. F. Hertz Ltd.

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Page 14 The Abaeonian January 1996

Project FROM Page 1
has promised phones for Cedar Harbour
but was not sure just when they would
get them. He would not give a time
schedule but hoped that it would be later
this year. Phones to that community will
be very expensive to install. Work on the
electrical system of Abaco is progressing
well. Electric lines will extend from
Marsh Harbour as far south as Crossing
Rocks and will be connecting north as far
as Crown Haven with a loop to Green
Turtle Cay.
The Prime Minister assured the
residents of Moore's Island that they will
have potable water soon. The government
will be spending $34 million in water
projects for the Bahamas. That will
include systems for good water in
Treasure Cay, Casuarina Point, Crossing
Rocks, Cherokee and Green Turtle Cay.

L 4 .
Seen above is one of the ornate JUNKANOO costumes seen in Marsh Harbour on
Boxing Day. Below are the drummers which give the Junkanoo dancers the
rlictintivie heat tn rlanre h, All Phntn nn this nao hv Churton Toote

A young spectator joins in nme
Junkanoo "Rush" but seems awed by the
costumed adult in front of her.

The government has spent $1.2 million
on the roads and water system in Marsh
Harbour during the past two years..
Much work on roads has been
completed over the past couple of years.
Still to come are good roads for Grand
There will be a school extension at
Cooper's Town similar to the one at
Abaco Central High School. Also in the
plans is a primary school in Marsh
Harbour, a first class, state-of-the-art
school. The present primary schools in
Marsh Harbour and Dundas Town will be
Mr. Ingraham would like very much to
build a state-of-the-art primary school in
Little Abaco if they can agree to one
school for the entire area. It would be a
first class educational system. He feels
that it makes sense to bus students to a
better, well-equipped school now that we
have better roads.
Moore's Island is already getting a
first class primary school. Government is
spending $300,000 on the school facility
which suffered extensive damage from
Hurricane Erin.
The Prime Minister emphasized that
the infrastructural improvements are
being put in place over the entire
Bahamas without regard to politics. The
facilities will be in every community in
the Bahamas to provide the essentials of
life, not because of politics but because
people are entitled to these things.

inversion extending about 100 feet above
the surface in the pre-dawn hours. A
band of warm moist air was trapped
under a higher layer of cool air. The
trapped moisture condensed into a cloud
which is known as fog when on the

bahamian cuisine

Bar opens Daily 10 am (5 pm on Tuesdays)
Happy Hour Daily 5 6pm
Lunch & Dinner Daily (except Tuesdays Kitchen closed)
Lunch 11:30am 2:30pm Dinner 6pm 8:30pm

Ice for Sale

Hope Town
VHF 16

Bikes for Rent

100% Juice .

$6.55 Half Case

Available in a Variety of Fruit Juices
We also carry a complete line of other
beverages such as:

Pepsi Cola Junkanoo Punch 7-Up
Lipton Iced Tea Snapple YooHoo
Abaco Drinking Water Ting

Weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday until 1 p.m.
Stratton Drive, Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2797


Januav 1996 Ilie Abaconian Page 15


* 9 A.M. 5 P.M.



Welcomes You to Our New Abaco Office

Insurance Brokers & Agents

Personal & Commercial
including Life & Health

Your One


Shop For

All Your Insurance Needs

Nobody Does It Better

n. P'ir

Branch Manager

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The Abaconian Page 15

January 1996





Page 16 The Abaeonlan January 1996


By Deb "D.P. Patterson
I would like to thank Mary Beth Curry
for her excellent and most thought pro-
voking article. Mary Beth's article has
motivated me to express the following.
Thank you for space in your paper.
I was born in Nassau in March of
1963. In 1968 my family moved to Hope
Town. I am a direct descendant of Wy-
annie Malone (Hope Town's original
settler) and both of my grandparents on
my mother's side were born in Hope
Town. They were Reggie and Beulah
When I turned 25, I decided to leave
Hope Town because I could not go to
college here and because I was certain I
was missing "something." I spent five
years in the United States going to school
and experiencing life in three different
states: Florida, Maine and Massachusetts.
After five years I chose to return home
to Hope Town. My time away from the
island has helped me to develop a sense
of appreciation for what we have here.
Before I went away and saw other
places, I did not value my island at all.
In fact, I found it most confining, geo-
graphically. What I now appreciate about
Hope Town is the strong sense of com-
munity that I feel part of. It feels great to

walk through streets where everyone
knows your name and says hello. Every-
day I am reminded that people in Hope
Town actually care about each other.
My experience of living in large cities
has taught me to appreciate the commu-
nity we have here. I have also learned

how rare this sense of community is in a
world that is geared toward "rush, rush,
let's make a lot of money and forget
about everyone else." I have returned
home because I do not wish to "rush,
rush" over everyone else. Naturally I
want to make money but not at the ex-
pense of losing myself or my community.
I have a history here and have a re-
sponsibility to myself and my ancestors

before me to work hard at making my
community a nice place to live. I am
proud of my island and my ancestors and
I want to work just as hard as they did to
encourage healthy development on this
I am concerned about many aspects of
community life but I cannot address them
all at one time. So for the purposes of
this article I will try to concentrate on
what I see to be key issues. I am con-
cerned for the future development of
Hope Town. I believe that the success of
our community will depend on how we
organize this future development.
One of the ways we can plan for the
future is by asking ourselves some ques-
tions. Questions such as how many visi-
tors do we feel we can accommodate at
one time? How many vehicles can run
around at the same time? These questions
prompt other questions and unless we
take the time now to address some of
these questions and establish some guide-
lines we could be in for quite a surprise.
Please understand that it is not my
desire to stop development. But more
importantly, I would like to encourage
healthy development by establishing some
guidelines. Establishing these guidelines

4J and MW Travwl &evice
"Travel is Our Business"

P O Box AB 20283 809-367-2806
Marsh Harbour 367-2755
Beside Scotia bank FAX 367-3219

A painstakingly restored colonial inn in the storybook village of
New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay.
Bougainvillea and oleander abound in quiet surroundings that take
you back to the 18th century, a setting of colonial charm and Loyalist
history. The New Plymouth Inn is an intimate island hotel with a
patio, pool, restaurant and bar with superb Bahamian dishes served
by candlelight by congenial hosts.
Located across from the Sculpture Gardens
Sunday Brunch Occasionally Afternoon Tea
Phone 809-365-4161 In Miami call 305-665-5309

Quaintness Is It Worth The Effort?

Hope Town Thinks So

is a large undertaking and I cannot do it
all by myself. I am offering my time and
asking for help from anyone who is
interested in putting these ideas on paper.
These ideas can become the guidelines
that we will all benefit from both now
and later.
One of the most pressing situations
that I would like to address is the "traffic
in town" issue. In the 1950s there were
no cars on the island. However, by the
late 1960s and early 1970s our tourist
economy had begun and with this came
the increase in annual incomes. With
more money to spend the residents of
Hope Town began buying vehicles. Any-
one who could afford a car was able to
'drive through town to pick up groceries,
go to church or visit friends. It seemed
okay at first but then the community

Win a Free

." ; -*M


initiate a new column of called
We begin this column with a
commentary by Deb Patterson of
Hope Town and a discussion of the
agricultural problems facing the
Bahamas contributed by John Hedden.
We hope others of you will be
prompted to put your thoughts on
paper our readers to consider.
It is the goal of The Abaconian to
help build a better Abaco. One way to
accomplish this is to provide a
sounding board where a variety of
citizens can express themselves and
where we all can benefit from
comments on issues pertinent to our

began to notice certain problems. They
all realized that driving cars through the
settlement was dangerous to children and
threatening the "quaint charm" of Hope
For the purposes of this article I will
look at this situation from the "quaint
charm" angle. The "quaint charm" of
Hope Town was that the buildings and
streets of Hope Town looked like those
of a town from the 1800s. This was
because many of the buildings were built
during the 1800s or fashioned after archi-
tectural designs of that period. Tourists
were coming to Hope Town to see the
buildings and experience what it must
have felt like to live during the 1800s.
In the 1970s it was obvious to the

E SAEEI SIF Usaint Hope Town


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;a-- tw:;C?~IBBPP

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FAX Messages Sent and Received
Abaco Shopping Center, P.O. Box AB 20056, Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2722 Fax 367-3207

The Abaconian frequently includes
articles written by various people
which gives their viewpoint. They
express their ideas, their concerns,
their philosophies. We appreciate
those who take the time and effort to
write and the feedback from our
readers indicates that they also enjoy
these articles. This gives new ideas
and insights for us to consider or
bring out concepts which stimulate us
to think and ponder.
John Hedden has provided several
thought-provoking articles. In the last
issue, Mary Beth Curry reflected on
one of the basic causes for crime on
our island. We value all those who
have written in and feel it is time to

Viewpoint A New Feature


The Abaonian Page 17

Our Agriculture Where Is It Going?

By John Hedden
Lately the subject of Bananas has
stimulated healthy discussion in the
various communities around the Bahamas
and has led to letters to the papers from
varied sources and comments from press
writers and editors alike.
The majority of opinions seem to
condemn the ban on importation of
bananas into the country because the
question of personal freedoms arises.
The Minister of Agriculture has stated
emphatically that the ban will not be
lifted (at least for 12 months), thus
giving Bahamian farmers the edge and
time to put a production programme
together. If after the 12 months is up, no
local supplies are available, then the ban
will be lifted.
Wholesalers are agitating for a change
because supplies are not available to
them in the condition they require. Major
hotels continue to import because of the
value of the tourist dollar. Local
Bahamian consumers rant and rave about
having to degrade their palette in the
consumption of "Hog Bananas", (which
by the way have a delicious flavour).
Others stare with disbelief at the
apparitions on the supermarket shelves,
and the winter residents remain wisely
aloof. Jokes are made and comments
freely aired by all who feel their rights
are being jaundiced with this issue.
The action taken seems simply one in
which the Department of Agriculture is

busy forcing the marketing and
production enterprise into an uneasy
marriage while the consumer is looking
for a non-existent ring.
However, deeper implications exist
and these revolve around the status of
farming in this country today and what
actions are being taken to improve this
FACT Apart from three large
operations in this country, the
agricultural production base is practically
non-existent. Obviously, as a result, no
processing and distribution system exists
FACT Over 300,000 acres of good
quality agricultural land exists in the
three largest islands of the Northern
Bahamas and very little of this land is
being exploited.
FACT Foreign operations farming
this country to date have not proved
themselves to be Bahamian oriented.
Rather they are exploiters and pillagers.
FACT Small Bahamian
farmers have not been able to pull
together because of the petty "GIMME
GIMME" attitude which has been
healthily encouraged in the past (No red
herrings, please).
FACT The Agricultural Co-Operative
movement in this country has been a
dismal failure to the present.
FACT The Bahamian Department of
Agriculture is seriously lacking in terms
of technical expertise, extension and

educational expertise, managerial
expertise, and logistical support
capability to farming enterprises.
FACT The vitals signs of farming in
this country remain moribund at best.
FACT The Bahamas is BROKE,
(pockets full of empty), funding and
assistance for projects will therefore be
minimal, if at all.
Having painted this portrait of
Bahamian Agriculture, am I to believe
that the Minister is going to turn the
production base around within 12 months
(3 of which have already passed)?

We are a nation of merchants (and
those of us who purchase from the
merchants are dreamers at best). We are
not now and never have been producers.
We are, according to some sources, in
Alvin Toffler's 3rd wave (or is it waive),
having never passed through the 1st and
2nd of primary and secondary
production. But that is philosophy and I
must try and stay on track; (so many
other influences come to mind).

In principle I must agree with the
minister over this issue because I know
that he is trying his utmost to stimulate
agricultural growth in this country.
However, I do question his methodology
and wonder if serious thought has been
given to the how's and why's involved
with agriculture and its development
before taking such drastic measures. One
thing is certain, farmers have this one
chance to show motivation and ability;
otherwise, their champion will look for
other horizons.
However the larger question
remains.... Where is agricultural
production in this country going? and
How? and Why?
The Bahamian Government and public
service has failed pretty miserably in
stimulating agricultural production over
the years and now at last the Department
of Agriculture is actively withdrawing
from the produce marketplace. The idea
is that the Co-Operative movement will
move into the arena as private business
and so streamline a cumbersome and
inefficient marketing system. However,
where are the functional agricultural
Where are the extension services to
assist the farming community with basic
farm design, requirements for grow out,
production techniques, crop and varietal
selection, maintenance programmes,
harvesting and marketing skills, to name
a few? With bananas, the production area
seems to be moving to the Northern
Bahamas, but is this feasible for year

PLEASE SEE Agriculture

Page 26

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January 1996

^& ew&oo~n

Page 18 The Abaconian January 1996

South Abaco

Cherokee Sound
By Lee Pinder
Softball is alive and well in Cherokee
again after some long and hard work by
a group of volunteers cleaning off the
playing field adjacent to the long dock.
This is where The Beagles used to play
years ago. Over the recent holidays there
was a game most every afternoon. Even
the gals got into the act by selling conch
salad and crawfish salad one Saturday to
help raise needed funds. Equipment has
to be replaced when balls are lost in the
mangroves whenever a home run is hit.
It's good to see the crowds come out for
a community get-together.
Some of our annual second-home
visitors were not with us this holiday
season and they were sorely missed.
With some of the coolest weather we've

Update On Phones
Mr. Warren Albury, Manager of
Batelco, Abaco, has told The Abaconian
that some of the equipment for the Guana
Cay phone system is being sent from
Nassau this week and work will begin
shortly on the installation. He hopes that
the system will be completed and
operational by the end of March. The
Guana Cay phone system will be point to
point radio from the tower at Treasure
Phones for other communities on
Abaco will be put in place more slowly.
Batelco expects that Black Wood will
have phones by the end of the year. A
phone line will be run from Cooper's
The Prime Minister has promised
phones for Cedar Harbour. The phones
will come from Fox Town but they have
not decided whether to put in a fibre
optic cable or a microwave system.
Either system will be expensive. Wood
Cay has a telephone line from Fox Town
but there are not enough lines to service
Cedar Harbour.

Guana Beach
"The Total Out-Island Experience"

Bahamian & International Cuisine
Continual Service from
7:30 AM- until closing.
No Between Meal Closings.
Indoor & Poolside Dining.
*Free D a er Eating Dinner
;rB yjrd~ t Senrice

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Round Trip Feny Ride
Depats Conch Inn at 9:30 AM; Returns 4 PM
1 Lunch Entree
1 "Guana Grabber" or Fruit Punch

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Present this coupon to Boat Captain

Crown Haven Residents May Now

Receive Their Property Deeds

experienced in ten years or more, it has
kept a lot of people indoors. However,
maybe because of the change in weather,
there has been some record-setting
fishing being done in and around
Cherokee waters by those who were
brave enough to go out.
On December 30th, six Guys were
burnt in effigy at The Spit with such
notable names as Conchslop and
Fiddlestix, plus an impressive array of
fireworks which everyone enjoyed.
Then 1996 came in with a resounding
BANG. The annual cannon blast at
midnight on New Years was loud enough
to shake a good sound sleeper from his
In addition, the usual mischief makers
or pranksters were out and about in
force. Propane gas supplies were turned
off, garbage cans were placed on the
roof, boats were brought from the shore
and blocked the roadways and building
material and various junk littered some of
the streets. Nothing really harmful or
destructive just laughable innocent fun.
All in all Cherokee finished off the old
year and started a brand new one in
traditional manner, and we look forward
to healthy and prosperous new year. We
wish all our fellow Abaconians the same.

The Right Honourable Hubert
Ingraham had a meeting with his
constituents of Crown Haven on January
13th. He discussed with them the new
deeds which the government is issuing to
those who have built on Crown Land.
Since there was no private land available
in Crown Haven, over the years many
built homes on Crown Land without a
The government has surveyed to
establish how much land each family was
occupying. The government is now
prepared to issue deeds to these people.
The cost of the property will be $.02 per
square foot which makes a moderate
sized house lot 100 foot by 100 foot cost
$200.00. The government will also
record the deeds for the people. It will
take approximately eight weeks for the
deeds to be processed and recorded after
the payment is received.
At the meeting on January 13th, the
Prime Minister gave out letters stating
the government's proposal for each
family. These will be returned with the
money to the Commissioner's office in
Cooper's Town to be forwarded on to
The Prime Minister emphasized,
"Once the government gives papers to
everyone who is occupying Crown Land,

nobody can go on any piece of land
belonging to the government and build. If
they do, the government will knock it
down." Land will be made available if
someone will apply in the proper way.
They can now get property without a
long hassle or wait.
There are many communities
throughout the Bahamas which have
similar problems to the one in Crown
Haven and it is the goal of the present
administration to clear up all these
problems within the next 12 months. The
people building homes and other
structures on the property without proper
deeds are not able to get mortgages and
loans from banks without proper deeds.
Similar problems on Grand Cay were the
first to be resolved.
The Prime Minister strongly urged
those just acquiring the deeds not to use
banks for financing satellite systems,
cars, or even for their houses. Over the
years the residents have built their houses
slowly as money became available and he
recommended that they continue that
same way.
He stressed how important it was for
them to have the deeds to their property.
They needed to regard the papers as very
valuable and safe guard them carefully.
He also urged them not to sell their

'il ~


. ,

. I


'''. ; 7.


.. l ~ FTC-~C ~C~Ii ")I IIf

:1c C ',

The Director of Fisheries, Mr. Colin
Higgs, gave the position his department
is taking in enforcing the fisheries
regulations. He feels that the Bahamas
has healthy fisheries resources, a healthy
marine environment and the public and
political support to ensure that these
resources are managed on a sustainable
basis for the benefit of the Bahamian
Mr. Higgs would like to see improved
enforcement of the Fisheries Act and
more regulations to protect the country's
fishing industry. The industry is faced
with two kinds of violations, poaching by
foreign vessels and violations of
regulations by domestic fishermen.
However, he realizes that paroling an
area such as the Bahamas is a very
difficult job.
Fishing contributes greatly to the
economy of The Bahamas. During 1994
Bahamian owners and operators earned
$65 million and more than $63 million in
fishery resources and products were
exported. The catch of both crawfish and
other species has increased greatly in the
past 20 years.
The Fishery Department estimates that
there are in The Bahamas 650,000

"condos" or habitats for crawfish,
105.000 crawfish traps, 11,300 fish traps
and 25,000 stone crab traps. They also
estimate that there are 4,000 commercial
fishing vessels of which 650 are larger
than 20 feet. About 7,600 persons
employed in the commercial fishing
sector of which 7,100 are fishermen.
Mr. Higgs noted that the world fish
supply is dwindling and that the catches
are exceeding the limits of sustainability.
The size of the world fishing fleet has
doubled in the past 25 years.
Additionally the fishing fleets worldwide
are operating at a deficit. Governments
are subsidizing the fishing industry.
Mr. Higgs acknowledged that there are
local areas near population centers in the
Bahamas where over-fishing is a
problem. But this threat is not great
enough to keep the fishing industry from
expanding and diversifying.
Mr. Higgs emphasized that mariculture
shows great promise for the country.
Mariculture is growing worldwide at the
rate of 5% to 7% and that the Bahamas
is ideal for several reasons.
* The country has much shallow
unpolluted sea area.
* It has easily available relatively flat


Kurls & Kuts
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Dive gear and fishing tackle rental
Reef and wreck dive with our Dive Master
Air fills and snorkel gear sales
Resort (beginners) dive course
All levels of instruction
VHF radio Ch 16 Phone 809-365-8465 Fax 809-365-8508
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Call 367-3166
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Sales, Parts, Service
Lister, John Deere & Others ,

Lma Alternators
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Prime Power & Stand-by Generators
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January 1996

Fisheries Report Is Encouraging

* It could provide employment
* It could generate foreign exchange
through the export of fishery products.
* Conserve foreign exchange by not
purchasing overseas.
He also pointed out that the
government would have to develop
guidelines for the mariculture because of
the threat it could present for destroying
natural habitats, by the nutrients and
antibiotics in the waste products, by
transmitting diseases to wild stock and by
the release of alien species.

The Ahaeonian Page 19

Mr. Brant M. and Mrs. Judy J.
Albuy of Cauarin Point Abaco.
are pleased to announce the birth
of their firtborn a dachter. Kiratie
Taren. on December 15th at
Doctor' Hospitl in Namau.
Sincere tanks go out to Dr.
Anthony W.D. Carey. Dr. Frank
Boyce, the entire stai of Doctor's
Hospitl and al our famly and
friends. Mother and cdaiiler are
doing veil.

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Page 20 The Abaconman January 1996

"i '
** **I~

U ll '

-W m N A
The Police and all uniformed personnel were in full dress uniform. The Police
carried the colours and marched to and from the service.
---- -

a- 1 iij

M.P. Robert Sweeting, Senior Commissioner Everett Hart and Senior Commissioner
Jack Thompson attended the Dedication Service in Cooper's Town along with an
estimated 150 other government employees and Statutory Board Chairpersons.

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Pool, Water & Sewerage Systems & Pumps
Residential, Commercial & Subdivisions
Installation of Pool Systems & Pumps
Reverse Osmosis & Filter Systems
Sprinklers for Lawn & Garden
Engine Sales
by Caterpillar, John Deere, Perkins & Others
for Commercial, Marine & Industrial Applications
Phone or Fax 809-365-8193 for Wayne Sands
P 0 Box AB 22106, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Gov't Employees & Statutory Boards Attend
A Dedication Service in Coopers Town

Members of the statutory boards, the
civil servants and other government
officials held a Public Officers' Service
on January 7th. The Church of God
Cathedral in Cooper's Town was filled to
capacity as choirs sang and various
officials took part. Bishop Archilus
Cooper delivered the sermon. The theme
of the service was Commissioned to Serve
God and Community.
Bishop Cooper admonished the
congregation to administer justice, to do
what was just or right. He counseled that
they show mercy, reminding them that
"we are our brothers keepers." He then
reminded them that they should walk
humbly and show compassion.
"God has chosen you to carry out the

law of the country. You must help one
another as God would have us to do.
Remember that you are serving God and
your country."
Following the church service, the
group had lunch at Touch of Class
Restaurant in Treasure Cay. More than
250 dinners were served in a very
efficient manner. Several of the civil
servants showed their true spirit of
helpfulness by voluntarily helping with
serving. These Girls from Brazil, as
Commissioner Everette Hart referred to
them, included Lee Wilson, Nicole
Ferguson, Stephanie Ferguson, Greta
Culmer, Valerie Dean, Kendi McPhee,
and Mrytis Russell. They are to be
thanked for their willingness to be

and the
We can supply all of your grocery needs including fresh baked bread,
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Hope Town
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"Island Fever"
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All new Calypso's and Reggae's like
O.K...OJ. My Bahamian Girl Calypso
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Barefoot Records, P.O. Box 1249, Cayman Islands




Night Accident Victim Is Flown To Hospital

On December 24th, Christmas Eve, a
few minutes after midnight, a van
smashed through the fence into the yard


Weather and other conditions will affect the tide. The predictions
shown on this chart are based on the normal conditions that
existed when NOAA/NOS and other agencies gathered the data.
Times shown will be within a few minutes for the entire eastern
Abaco area. Pelican Harbour is just inside North Bar Channel.

of Robert Higgs, crashing into his
bedroom wall where he and his wife
were sleeping. The driver, Gwen Martin
of Spring City, had to be freed from the
vehicle since her foot was pinned by
crushed sheet metal from the collision
with the concrete block house. Ms.
Martin was treated locally by Dr. Lundy,
then flown on a night emergency medical
flight into Nassau.
The mini-van went through a chain
link fence and crossed 85 feet through
the yard before slamming into the house.
A passenger, Eustice Penn of Spring
City, was not injured.
Mr. Higgs has subsequently placed a
heavy steel barrier at the edge of his
property to keep vehicles from reaching
his house. This is one of 12 accidents
that have occurred at this location and the
fourth vehicle to go completely through
the fence. One of the accidents smashed
into a pick-up truck parked adjacent to
the fence.
The cause of this accident is under
investigation by the police.

The Abaconian Page 21

Manatees Are Seen in the Bahamas

There have been several sightings of They could have migrated from Florida
manatees in the Bahamas during the past where they are an endangered species.
three months. The first sighting was at Their greatest threat is from boat
Cat Island in October. Since then one propellers, but they can also be killed by
was seen in Inagua but it apparently died. a collision with a boat hull or from
However, one or perhaps two at Cat getting tangled in fishing lines.
Island have been seen frequently. Manatees are large mammals which
Nick Cripps, formerly of Marsh look like seals and can grow up to 13
Harbour Marina, is pleased that the feet in length and weigh several tons.
manatee is there and feels it will be a These are friendly and gentle animals
great tourist attraction if it stays. Mr. which live in the coastal areas of South
Cripps is building a marina there. That America, the West Indies and in Florida.
manatee is about seven feet long and the The Florida population is estimated to be
estimated weight is 300 to 400 pounds, about 2,000 where they are protected
No one knows where the manatee or because they are an endangered species.
manatees came from but they are Manatees eat water plants and are
believed to be West Indian Manatees. sometimes called sea cows.

SARD' "We Bring the Service to You"


Ut V Secure Dry Storage
7y B Repairs, Sales, Service
Si/ Factory Trained Technicians
S /V Outboard Engines
below U.S. prices *
ICJIIM~~M VW Mobile Service Programme

Half mile west of the Marsh Harbour traffic light
Phone 809-367-2452 Fax 367-2354
By Boat: Follow the signs through the freight boat channel

Tides Pelican Harbour
26* 23.0' N 76* 58.0' W
February 1996

This graph is generated from NOAA/NOS data via
software from Nautical Software, phone 503-579-1414.

Suday Moday Tusday Wedaesday Thurday Friday Saturday
6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6
1<(EST) (Esn (ET)
6A03 t 724a

2 2w-12 f. A I BoAa. 1 .

2 ,k A]IIII I I,,,, ,,11 1 L|A.

1282212 22' s 21 2S6p 2 15I Z2p 3 3. 4 02p 4 1 4 1p S5ow 5 l4p a DIP
01 .-01 .,01 .1 -01 .-01 -1 .0 1 0 0 -1 01 01.
t11 12EST) 13(E14 154(EM I(Sn 16,(EM M7UM

1 '2I. g8 6-3 Is a 35i 5 7 ..
25, 24w 26 142 202;? 27 3570 2 504:p 2 5 30 70l,
6434 053 747 0 0 4 .03 5"001V
,lI +lul jr_,^I. l j ll Ai ., A, l ,

01 ^ .014102611SG1- 1 111 11 I 1 2"1121 10
-01 .0.10 -C 3 .0.0 -07i4:~


.......-.....^...7 -1 ... ................. ... ..
............. ... !.+ ........ ................L.. ..-..-.


1 .. ...... ..... ... t o4

. . I-. ..ii 1,, -.

.. ........ _.........
Ijm .I.-- .'.........-- i 4 Itflth, U^ !

21 FE
::::.L:" ^zo ::::::::::[

............ ... ..........C- --

.1...... ....p
.... ........ ..........2,S ..... ........ ..-, .

........... ..... ,1 .... ..

........ ......... ............. ..- ... --. .. .........-.......... ....7.. ... .......... ..--.......-

.5 9 4. 4

26< C


L im..


- .................. ........ ......

' I S-
42b .. *~"...4..

int litL-. I -A mililiN k -.--lw IIInImii-..:-"--IHlHifI -.... IHI-IIa .-.~ i Hll . ll llli Ull ... Hl ll

........ .................

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I i





I j

la mll ~ mn ln ~ nm l~, ~ w Ad

,Itf~Ullft~ad#UUTIIW#tlhi ~~ltnlUUfflrfBHmmcnlUlfnlllnfinhsrllftlln


January 1996



......................... i ..: -.-. ........ ..... .. ..-.......i...

3 ..... .... 0( m .......... .g .

Page 22

The Abaeonlan

Quaint H.T. FROM Page 16
community that four door cars did not
belong in a town representing the 1800s.
Consequently, if Hope Town was attract-
ing tourists because of its "quaint charm"
and its "quaint charm" was lost because
of vehicles running through town, then
the decision makers of the 1970s had to
choose between tourism or cars in town.
They chose tourism because it was tour-
ism that was feeding their families and it
was tourism that was providing them the
money to buy the cars in the first place.
So rather than destroy their tourist indus-
try and go back to outhouses and fishing,
the community pulled together and had
Parliament pass a law that reads:
"Whereas section 9 of the Road Traf-
fic and Speed Limit (Abaco) regulations
section 43(2) of CH 204 of the Subsid-
iary Laws of the Bahamas 1987 states
that: No motor vehicle shall be allowed
North of the Methodist Church in any
part of the settlement of Hope Town in
the district of Marsh Harbour."
For years everyone abided by this law
because they wanted to.
In the late 1980s and early 1990s our
tourist industry began to develop more
rapidly. It because clear that if we were
going to supply support services for our
increased population, changes would
have to be made with our "never drive

January 1996
through town" policy. Realizing that
certain business people simply must drive
through town, the Hope Town Board of
Works typed up a form and requested the
participation of those individuals who had
a legitimate reason to drive through
town. They would approve the form
based on the needs of each business and
its relation to the support of our tourism
industry. Businesses that were approved
were approved only for a certain number
of trips per day (usually two). I must
congratulate the Board on their many
long and hard hours of work. I under-
stand that forming a unified opinion on
this matter was very difficult.
For most of 1995 traffic in town was
not a problem. Most everyone who had
been approved drove their vehicle for
only the number of times they were
approved. However, by the end of the
year it appeared that things were getting
out of control, again. The Board of
Works met on January llth, 1996, with
the Road Traffic Department and have
decided that in an effort to protect of
safety of children and the "quaint charm"
of Hope Town, some enforcement tactics
must take place.
Two things are happening. One, any-
one who has a need to drive through
town must fill out a new form for 1996
approval. And two, everyone must stick
to his approved number of trips or he
will face a serious fine. Anyone seen

violating these rules after February 1st,
1996, will face these fines. I hope that no
one has to be fined because this will only
create anger and bad feelings amongst
us. So I hope that anyone who does drive
through town will remember to be con-
siderate of our children and our "quaint
charm." We should all try to remember
that without the "quaint charm," we
could lose many of our visitors. We must
also remember that if we lose our visi-
tors, we will lose more than most people
realize, including our cars.

P.O. Box AB 20254
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Boat Parade
A third annual Christmas parade of
decorated boats was held in Marsh
Harbour on December 21st. A total of 18
decorated boats participated. They circled
the harbour several times allowing ample
time to enjoy the decorative lights.
Afterwards the community was treated to
a display of fireworks purchased with
part of the money raised from the entry
fees and donations.
The Christmas boat parade is a fund-
raising event to benefit the Marsh
Harbour Fire Brigade.

Phone 809-367-2910

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Bahamas and Florida
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T Comas uta one

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National Marine
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Mercury & Mariner
Certified Mechanic on Duty
Royce Sands, President
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Additional Area Code for Chicago
BaTelCo wishes to notify the public that effective January 1,
1996, the area code 847 will be introduced to complement
the existing 708 area code in the American city of Chicago.
Subscribers in the north and northwest suburbs will be
serviced by this new 847 area code while customers in
south suburban Cook County and most of the near-west
Cook County suburbs will retain the existing 708 area code.
Please ensure that you re-programme such services as Auto
Dialers, Speed Dialing Lists, Call Forwarding and facsimile
machines to reflect this change.

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The Abaconian Page 23

Local Gov't Resolves Local Problem

A recent problem developed within
Local Government. Building plans which
are approved by the local community
Boards of the central part of Abaco are
referred for final approval to the Town
Planning Board in Marsh Harbour. But
there have been incidents where Marsh
Harbour approved plans which were not
previously approved by the first board.
The Boards of Works in the various
communities were not notified that these
plans were approved. This caused bad
feelings and distress.
A joint meeting between the Hope
Town Board and Town Planning in
Marsh Harbour resulted in an

understanding that Marsh Harbour must
not pass any plans which do not have the
signatures of the lower board. The
boards must work together to function
effectively, it was also decided that the
boards must exchange notes summarizing
their meetings to keep misunderstandings
to a minimum.
It was also brought out that plans
which are passed in principle must not be
assigned a building permit number. The
board should merely pass it, allowing the
builder to continue with design work and
then submit detailed plans of his project
for approval.

Alton Lowe's Shells Are Featured on Stamps
The Post Office is releasing a new on Bahamian birds.

definitive issue of stamps which will
feature sea shells of The Bahamas. A
definitive set is one which remains on sale
for five years. The current definitive set is

There are sixteen stamps in a definitive
issue. The new stamps are based on the
paintings of Alton Lowe of Green Turtle
Cay and will be released in July.

The Outboard Shop
A full line of Evinrude Motors and
Parts in Stock
Marsh Harbour 809-367-2703 VHF 16

SDonuts, Danish & Bagels
Cakes, Pies & Pastries
/ Bahamian & Foreign
-y Breads Fruit Cake-
Weddings & Parties Catered
On the Marsh Harbour Waterfront beside Sharkee's Pizza 0 367-4233

TRIN Y Customs Brokerage &
Transport Agency
/ Bradley Reckley Owner/Manager
16 Years Experience in the Customs Service
Commercial & Personal ImportExport Documents Prepared
Cruising Permits Extended
After Hours and Weekend Problems Handled
Hudson Building, Marsh Harbour, P.O. Box AB 20253
FAX & Phone 809-367-4297 After hours 367-3442


Obituary Frienda 9 Family
Evelyn Marie Hudson, 64, passed Anglican cemetery in Fox Town.
away on January 11th in Nassau and the She is survived by her husband, Rev.
funeral was held on January 17th in Haywood Swain; sons Daniel Sr.,
Nassau. Oswald Sr., Cedric, Fred, Eric, Calman,
She is survived by her husband, Elvern, Elton and Wayne; daughters
Gordon Hudson; daughters, Rosilyn Maryjane and Doris; three sisters
Hudson Neely and Ruby Hudson Kerr; Miriam, Naomi and Leah; brother Elder
sons, Rock G, Richard D. and Robert K Hartman Coopers Sr. and many many
Hudson. other relatives and friends.
Joanna McIntosh, 48, who had been Edith Strachan, 84, formerly of
living in Nassau passed away and was Sandy Point, passed away in Nassau. The
buried in Nassau. She was from Wood funeral was in Nassau. She is survived
Cay and has many relatives on Abaco. by many relatives and friends on Abaco.
Rosana Parker-Swain, 77, passed Frances Dorsett, 79, formerly of
away on December 4th. The funeral was Abaco, passed away in Nassau and was
on December 9th at the Zion Baptist buried there. She had many relatives on
Church in Fox Town. Burial was in the Abaco.

Dr. Spencer Full Dental Service Lets Keep
Offers: Open 1st & 3rd Going:
Cosmetics Friday thru Monday Extractions
Crowns Dentures
Brids of Each Month Parals
Root Canals Family & Cosmetic Dentistry and Fillings
A Graduate of Tufts University Boston, Massachusetts

Bahamas Custom Brokers
Imports & Exports Land or Sea
Freight cleared at Marsh Harbour,
Treasure Cay, and Green Turtle Cay
Agents for M. V. State Challenge
Gurth Roberts, Manager
P O Box 468, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 809-367-2333 or 367-2564, FAX 367-3136

Dedicated to the Abaco Communities
from the children of
Aldersgate Methodist Church
Marsh Hiarbour, Abaco, Bahamas

New Year
end aquael
Seek out a forgotten
friend. Dismss suspicion,
and replace itwh rust...
write a love letter. Share some
treasure. Give a soft answer En-
Couoge youth, Manifest your loyalty in
word and deed. Keep promise. Fnd the
time, Forgoa gudge. Forge an enemy. listen.
Apoogze iyou were wrong. Tryto undetand.
Floutenvy.Examineyou dem on others.Tnk
fistofsomeone else. pprecate. Be nd; begentle.
Lughaill, Laughaltlemore. Deseveconfidence.
ke up arm t Dec complacency. press your
grude, Gotochurch ome a strange Gddentheheart
oachild, Tke wese in thebeutynd wnd er ofthe eah,
your love Speak
it again. Speak
it still once

Joy Archer; Ashley Archer, Jackie Clarke, Laurin Edwards,
Racquel Smith, Brittney Archer, Kastico Nabbie, Stacy Roberts,
Patrick Roberts, Rashad Smith, Edward Roberts, Whitley Russell,
Grade Roberts, Chino Clarke, Charles Carey III, Conrad Riviera,
Justin McDonald, Jamal Mdntosh, Dine Edwards, Ayanna Archer,

Notice to Consumers in Spring City,
Snake Cay & Casuarina Point
The Water and Sewerage Corporation will begin installing
meters in Spring City, Snake Cay and Casuarina Point
beginning in February. Consumers in these areas are
requested to contact Water and Sewerage about their
requirements prior to work commencing. Failure to do so may
result in some inconvenience. Consumers may contact us at
Emergency Service
The Corporation provides emergency service on weekends by
use of telephone number 367-2995 which is checked twice
daily. Consumers are asked to make use of this number
should problems occur on weekends.
Water and Sewerage Corporation
Abaco Office Marsh Harbour


January 1996


Page 24 The Abaconiam January 1996

Summer Regatta Is On Schedule
The annual Regatta Time in Abaco Stuart, Florida, not just to enjoy the
(RTIA) race series, celebrating its 21st races, but to enjoy Abaco's tranquil
year, has announced the official dates for waters, the best parties of the year and
the 1996 race series as follows: the hospitable Abaconians who create the
July 4th Green Turtle Cay Race atmosphere that Regatta Time is famous
July 6th Great Guana Cay Race for.
July 8th Man-O-War Cay race The 21st Annual Regatta Time in
July 10th Hope Town Race Abaco early registration fees for the
July 12th Marsh Harbour Race entire five-race RTIA series is $180. The
According to James Sarles, Marketing single race fee for Green Turtle Cay is
Consultant and newest member of the $60 with each of the other two series
Regatta Time in Abaco Committee, being $80 for those unable to participate
"This year's event promises to attract in the entire series.
many new racers and spectators based on Regatta Time in Abaco fleets will be
our marketing efforts in the United broken down into RTIA and PHRF fleets
States." Mr. Sarles went on to say, carrying full sails and spinnakers,
"With the support we have been cruising boat fleets traditionally called
receiving from the Out Island Promotion "Mother Tub Fleet" and Multi-hull fleets.
Board, The Ministry of Tourism, and our Anyone wishing more information, or
direct communication with Sailors and to register can contact Regatta Time in
Yacht Clubs in the Florida area, the Abaco Committee. In the U.S. RITA,
excitement for this year's event is already c/o Ken Batzer, 2410 N.E. 34th Court,
building." Lighthouse Point, Florida 33064, 305-
Regatta Time in Abaco is an annual 946-3467, Fax 305-785-9030 and in
sailing festival that brings sailors and Abaco, RTIA, P.O. Box AB 20551,
spectators to the Abacos to enjoy this Marsh Harbour, Abaco, 809-367-2677,
annual event now celebrating its 21st Fax 809-367-3677.
year of existence. The event has become Regatta Time in Abaco Committee has
an annual ritual for many sailboats not finalized the party locations or lay
ranging from sleek racing machines to day activities, but promises to
comfy cruisers who have come from as communicate this calendar of events as
far away as South Africa and as close as soon as it is available.


His Her

Contemporary Fashions for Men and Women
Marsh Harbour 367-2011

0,- &Trt oi &4,p rhd?
BARLEYGREEN contains at least 16 vitamins (many antioxidants), 23
minerals, 18 amino acids and numerous usable enzymes. It also has
one of the most alkaline ph factors available in a food and contains
large amounts of natural chlorophyll (the blood of the plant).
"Obviously, a substance which is as effective against obesity and
eczema as it is against heart disease and cancer, is either a miracle
drug beyond belief, or no drug at all, but something which fosters the
one true healing miracle the body's ability to cure itself."
Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara
for more information CONTACT:
Edwin & Rosalie Sands
Phone 809-367-2450 home or 367-2011 work
P.O. Box 20539, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, BAHAMAS

For Sale
by Bank of Nova Scotia

Single storey wooden structure approx. 7,200 sq. ft. building comprised
of two bedrooms, one bathroom, living/dining room, TV room & kitchen,
Dimensions of building 26 ft. by 36 ft. Also on property is a building
utilized as a shop /storage with dimensions of 18 ft. by 20 ft. and a
wooden deck 64 ft by 9 ft. Repairs needed to same.
HOUSE Sandy Point, Abaco
Single storey wooden structure comprised of six bedrooms, three
bathrooms, kitchen/dining room, living room, TV room, laundry and
garage. Building approximately 2,723 sq. ft.
HOUSE Cherokee Sound, Abaco
Single storey wooden structure 1,414 sq. ft. comprised of three bedrooms,
two bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry/storage room,
and pantry. Also on property is a wooden generator house/storage shed 16
ft. by 8 ft.
DUPLEX Dundas Town, Abaco
Single storey wooden structure with dimensions of 60 ft. by 30 ft. One
unit 90% complete, other unit 70% complete. Both units comprised of
two bedrooms, one bathroom and large living/dining/kitchen area.
Covered porch 32 ft. by 7 ft.
For more details, please contact Manager, Bank of Nova Scotia,
Marsh Harbour, Abaco. Phone 809-367-2141 or Fax 367-2565

Disney Is Coming to Gorda Cay

The Prime Minister announced that
negotiations are almost complete between
Disney and the government which would
make an Adventure Island on Gorda Cay.
This would be the destination of two
85,000 ton cruise ships presently under
construction by the Disney company.
Each ship will accommodate 2300
passengers and each ship will make two
trips weekly to Gorda Cay. That means a
total of 8,000 persons weekly may be
visiting the Cay.
The facility will have a large major
permanent dock attached to the land and

many water and land attractions for the
passengers. The Disney company expects
to employ 300 workers during the one
year construction period. The Prime
Minister expected that negotiations would
be concluded by mid-January and that
construction would begin later this year.
They expect to finish the facility by the
end of 1997 or beginning of 1998. This is
an excellent employment opportunity for
Abaco. And it will provide constant
employment on a continuing basis.
Gorda Cay is approximately eight
miles northwest of Sandy Point and
twelve miles south of Moore's Island.

Businessman Questioned About Smuggled Beer

On January 20th the Marsh Harbour
Police and Customs officials received a
tip about irregular activities at the Conch
Inn. Upon investigation they searched a
power boat, a Trumpy named Windrush
and Customs seized 20 cases of beer and
two cases of white and red wine. A
prominent Marsh Harbour business man

and one of his employees are being
questioned in connection with this
smuggling operation. At the time this
paper went to press, no formal charges
had been made.
Due to misinformation the wrong boat,
the Sharilyn, was unfortunately searched

Quality Seafood & Native Meat Market
at Dormy Villa, Treasure Cay
Conch Dog distributors for Abaco 0 5 & 10 Ib Family Packages
Restaurant & Food Vendor Specials Seafood of All Kinds
Specializing in Native Meats
Wild Boar 0 Stew Beef 0 Mutton Sheep Tongue
Pig Feet Fresh Pork 0 Pork Chops Chicken Wings
Ham 0 Spare Ribs 0 Turkeys Whole Chickens
Specials Every Week Free Delivery in the Treasure Cay Area
Sun Card, Visa & Master Card accepted Call 3658078

Island Freigh I
Island Freight and Supply Co.

Eqmpped Io handle &0 lands of general treight
We also soe lurwindudg meraials deL veed to on t on

Karen Albury Methode ALLoseph
i.'I.r r 1.fl HIop. 7m t-LM SV.O.-d C..a & C.,a CV.,
lsie Albury Roland , C osephequ
A licaeur Alcenat Ally Lafaite 7
S Fl,:bo.r Armo brist B. e rnad Lo


The following persons are asked to contact the National
Insurance Board in Dundas Town as soon as possible:

Karen Albury Methode Joseph
Elsie Albury Roland Joseph
Elicaeur AIcenat Ally Lafaite
Garnet Archer Duveran Lebrun
Flora Armbrister Bernard Lowe
Lloyd Butler Javares McIntosh
Fabian Cash Sean McKinney
Jenny Cash Leroy McPhee
Exzulia Charles Olive Miller
Dominique Cox Frances Pinder
Donna Darville Gillian Precey
Isabella Deal Leonard Precey
Norman Fox Gurney Roberts
Gary Guerrier Theron Thompson
Betty Hedden Joseph Tilus
William Hutton Clebert Verdil
Leon Joseph Lenora Williams

Dundas Town, Abaco Phone 367-2550


Marsh H. Board of Works...at Work

We attend most Board meetings in
Marsh Harbour lookingfor information of
general interest. Two to three hours will
pass with mundane issues being
discussed. We atteript to report some of
the larger issues the boards are debating.
The following were brought to the Board
of Works attention in Marsh Harbour on
December 14th, 1995.
Board of Works members questioned
whether they were getting value for the
money being spent on the roadway
cleaning contracts. For example, one
contractor fulfills his obligation by
spraying weed killer along the road sides,
exchanging green weeds for dead weeds.
The Board did not have this in mind
when they issued the contract for
cleaning the road verges.
The Board members constantly single
out Lernish Cornish as being the most
conscientious and diligent person with
regard to his contract obligations.
The members debated better ways to
award contracts, how to monitor the
work, and whether all contracts should
be awarded on a yearly basis since some
of the work is more of a seasonal nature.
Cemetery maintenance, for instance,
requires more maintenance in the rainy
season and may not require any work at
all during prolonged droughts. No
definite conclusions were reached.
The Board was asked (by letter from

government) for their opinion on the land
being leased by Albury's Ferry for the
ferry office & dock. Albury's Ferry
wants to purchase this land to secure
their investment in docks and buildings.
The Board was neutral with some
concern that it should remain as a ferry
landing to serve Hope Town and Man-O-
War and not be converted at some future
date to another venture.
Taxi drivers wrote asking for one or
more security lights at the airport. There
is a fair amount of activity there after
dark with late flights in the winter.
Lights for security and convenience
would be a big asset. The Board made
note of the request.
They also noted that an earlier request
to BEC about malfunctioning street lights
has not been given any attention. The
placement of street lights will be a
specific board function under the new
local government bill although members
wondered how they are to get BEC to
Several months ago Lowell Albury
gave the BEC management a
comprehensive list of all bad lights in
town, even including pole identification
numbers. To date no repairs have been
made. The Board will make another
request to BEC. The members noted that
the new BEC manager has Abaco roots
and may be more inclined to pay
attention to these details.

New 18" Satellite Antenna
Best Price in the Bahamas
150 Channels
SI C Subscription Not Included
S Inhouse & Field Service
an all Satellite Units
.-. '- all 367-2894 for more information

Abaco Glass Company
S' Widowglass .cut and installed
PicturM fraamed"Iad. alted
Screens made and repaired
Commercial sta rea toU
Installed & replied
We mw sedl Yale whuind
In Marsh HaBtur beside Waetern Anto 367-2442

Iraindl IParts

Appliances & Appliance Parts
Water Heaters, Lawn Mowers
Plumbing, Auto Accessories
Valspar paints & supplQes:
At the Traffic Light in Marsh Harbour
Mon Fri 9am -5 pm 367-4185 Sat 8 am Noon

K & S Auto Service


'* Tires

SOil Chauned
Full Sevhaes
Expert M Iem esu

Credet kDrive & Doew .mKay Beu ewd
M Iaru a beur Pitne 364726f
peq *wy5, One/amI a

The Abaeonian Peqe 25

January 1996
BEC Is Reviewing The
The Moorings is having discussions
with Bahamas Electricity Corporation
concerning the demand charge which The
Moorings pays monthly. The Moorings is
the charter boat company which is
located at Conch Inn Marina. The
electric demand charge has recently been
raised for them to an unacceptable
amount. BEC was charging $2,600
monthly but increased it to $7,000
monthly in October. This charge is in
addition to their normal electric bill. The
Moorings felt this was an excessive
amount and has asked BEC to
reconsider. At this moment BEC is
investigating the charge.
The demand charge is a common
practice of electric companies which
penalizes heavy users of electricity. A
special meter records the highest
consumption throughout the year. BEC
then uses this information to levy a
demand charge on the user for the entire
year. Their reasoning is that they are
required to generate sufficient power to


Since 1958
A Twin Commander is just a phone call away.
Building 1500-C, Palm Beach Intl. Airport

We're just minutes from restaurants on
the harbour & walking deitance to
grocery stores, shopping and fery docks LE
leading to outer islands. You will check A
into a spacious room with television, air E
conditioning, cling fan, microwaveOTEL
oven, small refrigerator and daly maid P. O. Box AB 20030
service. Call 809-387-3776 or FAX 367-4179 Marsh Harbour, Abaco


Coca Cola Distributor
Drugs & Cosmetics
Fabrics & Lnens
Sewing Notions

HOTPOINT Appliances
Furniture & Beds
Don MacKay Boulevard, Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2667


wneeky eiht between n W. Pan Bemch, NasrA & Masef Haraou
Gwwer cwpo, 20 ft. contahm s 40,000 Ib. r#wfgevated ciacMy
Specify M/V BIAK
Leaves W. Palm Beach Wed. a. Nassau Thurm. & Marsh Hbour Fri.
Sall Sunday for Nasau and Florida
In Abaco call 809-367-2091, Fax 367-2235 or call on VHF Ch 16
P.O. Box AB 20737, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Located above B & D Marine at the Traffic Light
In USA call Palm Beach Steamship Company at 407-844-5387
Warehouse A 2nd door, 158 E. Port Road, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Moorings Demand Fee
provide that much electricity. They then
charge the heavy users for that all year
long when in reality the high
consumption may only be for a small
proportion of the year.
The Moorings has charter boat
operations world-wide and has only
recently put one of their facilities on
Abaco. They were at Treasure Cay for a
year before moving their operation to
Marsh Harbour. They now have 15
charter boats here and hope to increase
their fleet. Additionally they manage the
Conch Inn Marina and Hotel. The
charters bring to this area more than
1,600 people annually. These people sail
the waters of Abaco, visiting various
town and enjoying the protected water
which Abaco offers.
If the BEC review upholds the
decision to charge The Moorings the
$7,000 monthly, The Moorings will be
forced to move their operation to another
location as they feel they cannot pay an
additional $84,000 annually for power.

4. 4 '

Page 26 The Abacomlan January 1996

Raffle Winners

Are Anounced

The Cancer Society of the Bahamas,
Abaco Branch is proud to announce the
winners of their Christmas Raffle. The
drawing was held at the Christmas
Bazaar in Marsh Harbour on December

Gold watch
$200 Savings Accou
Two Night Stay
Pap/Prostate Exam
$500 Gift Certificate
$100 Gift Certificate
Radio/Tape Player
Popcorn Machine
Toaster Oven
Black & Decker Dril
Kabana Jewelry
14 kt Gold Charm
Silver Jewelry
$50 Gift Certificate
$50 Gift Certificate
$50 Gift Certificate
Lunch for Two
Dinner for Two
Lunch for Two

Amanda Sawyer
nt "Sunset"
Dana Albury
Chris Bethel
S. Cooke
Jack Albury
Sara Pearce
Angie Roberts
Christopher Albury
Tavia Dean
1 Mindy Sands
Judy Key
Joan Pinder
Inez Knowles
Haley Albury
Curtis Edgecombe
Cecil Forbes
Barbara Smith
Lynden Farrington
Andrea Albury
Jade Thompson

Agriculture FROM Page 17

round production? The Southern islands
lack fresh water but they are warm all
year and they tend to have hills to act as
wind barriers.
What is being done to encourage
Bahamians to actively take up
agricultural enterprises? Land, which is
always an issue, still seems to be a
stumbling block. Banks will not award
loans on leased Crown Land (lack of
title). Why won't the Bahamas initiate an
Homesteading equivalent to allow
Bahamians access to real wealth? All
wealth ultimately derives from Primary
The Department of Agriculture has no
money. So why don't we alter present
methods of public disbursement to allow
for example The Department of
Agriculture direct access to funds derived
from agricultural excises, to be used for
extension and educational services. Also
allow for a true floating tariff to exist on
value of food imports against local
production levels.
Where is the system of standards for
quality, sizing, freshness and value on
agricultural commodities? Where is the
systematic use of crop scouting in the
islands for crop forecasting and
pest/disease information? These are areas
in which the Department of Agriculture

should be. most aggressive.
I could go on and on and on. But these
examples have only been put forward to
demonstrate how much needs to be done
in this country before we can even begin
to think about self sufficiency and pride
from the soil. In a nutshell the banana
issue only demonstrates the problems
inherent in agricultural development in
this country; VIZ
We need
* Extension services and educational
* Technical assistance from the
Department of Agriculture
* A well defined production base
* A well defined distribution and

processing base
* A well defined marketing base
* A strong FIXED system of standards
and Controls
* Access to arable crown land viz. pine
yard land systems
We don't need
* Continued idle rhetoric
* More promises and grandiose pie-in-
the-sky projects
* Continued overload of red tape and
bottle necks.
* An ineffective bureaucracy
The way I see this seemingly
undemocratic decision by the Minister of
Agriculture is that he has opened
Pandora's Box (albeit unwittingly) and
now will have to deal with the horde of
demons thus unleashed. I hope his farm
boots are in good condition, because he
will be needing them.

Classified Advertisements

Houses and Land Buy or Rent



Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve:
*Waterfront lots
*Vacation home
*Private boat slips
*Pools/Tennis Courts
*Card access entry
oGourmet dining
oProperty management avail.
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BOATER'S DREAM house, 3 bed, 3 bath,
completely renovated, new roof & panoramic
sea views, lovely tropical gardens, anxious to
sell or rent. Call Ritchie or Wendy Sawyer
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Land & Sea


"Serving the Abacos with your Real
Estate Needs"
Homes Apts. 0 Rentals 0 Acreage
Patricia & Simon Bethell, P.O.Box
AB 20179, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Office & Fax phone 809-367-3276
Evenings 809-367-2789

GUANA CAY Acre on bayside with 200 ft +
of waterfront. Protected cove for boat. In
Dolphin Beach Subdivision with all utilities
in. $100,000
LUBBERS QUARTERS Acre and a half on
east side with deep water. Over 100 ft of
water frontage. $80,000
SUGAR LOAF CAY Two and a half acres
facing Eastern Shores. Protected from wind.
300 ft of waterfront. Highest hill on Sugar
Loaf Cay. $250,000
LITTLE HARBOUR Lots on 80 ft high hill
overlooking ocean and harbour, access to
water. $60,000.
Call Victor at 809-367-2749
or Fax at 809-367-2748

New Land Realty
P O Box AB 20162
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
M. Harbour 2 bed/2bath furnished$285,000
Hilltop Marsh Harbour 2 bed/2 bath plus
apt. on 1 acre land, great view $610,000
Marsh Harbour inland 2 lots both $150,000
Hope Town near ocean, 1 lot $57,000
Sand Banks near Treasure Cay
10 acres waterfront $250,000
Offering personalized service Call Anna
367-3287 Fax 809-367-3043
70 ACRES for SALE off Turtle Rocks, 1800
ft waterfront. For information call 367-4117
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Come Find The Treasure in
Treasure Cay
LUXURY Fully equipped 2 bed/2 bath
condo. Finest rental property in Treasure
Cay, right on the beach. Rent directly from
the owners. Phone or Fax 809-365-8514
Man-O-War Real Estate
SMALL LOTS and large tracts of land
available. Some with houses and docks.
Contact Haziel L. Albury, J.P., Man-O-War
Cay, Abaco. Tel. 809-365-6178, 809-365-
6090 or Fax 809-365-6159
LEISURE LEE 2.4 Acre Point w/seven unit
town house. Contact Florence Roberts at 809-
327-8297, 359-6023, Fax 809-325-1076
HOUSE 1 bed/I bath, living & kitchen area,
front deck, screened back porch, approx 2
acres, 1 % mi. from Cherokee, 4 kw gener-
ator, cistern & well. 367-4597 or 2472
SAND BANKS 10 Acres 500' waterfront x
900' deep. Road cleared, 30 x 34 ware-
house, coconut & fruit trees. 809-365-8198
LARGE FURNISHED 4/4 house on Treasure
Cay canal, Buy or rent, Call 407-495-5443

JOE BOOKIE'S BAY Waterfront Lot
4.5 acres, financing possible $30,000
interior lot $25,000
CASUARINA POINT canal lot $20,000
close to the sea $35,000
LEISURE LEE 3 canal lots -Specia$75,000
GUANA CAY Southern end, sea to sea
4 acres $360,000
Phone 809-325-1950 or 328-8927

Pinder's Real Estate
Great Guana Cay, Abaco,
"The Unspoiled Island"
Over 200 lots starting at $25,000, also
acreage, oceanfront, hilltop and bayside lots
Pinder's Cottages, 2 & 3 bedroom, $650 to
$700 weekly. A summer special of $350 per
week per person includes 0 one day fishing
& diving 0 One day snorkeling & island
hopping boat & guide 0 all equipment
included 0 6 to 30 people
Great Guana Cay waterfront houses built in
under 3 mo starting at $165,000 includes lot,
about 1000 sq ft house with 2 bedroom, 2
bath, deck, porch & 12,000 gal cistern,
Call Edmund or Chore Pinder at 367-2207 or
CHERE B on VHF Ch 16
FREE OCEAN FRONT Lots, % acre, paved
road, electric & water, telephone, large trees.
Complete home (1000 sq ft) within 12
months, receive complimentary deed. Owner
will subordinate land for bridging loan. Tom
Roberts 809-322-4782 or Abaco 367-4077
2.5 ACRES beyond SHELL depot in Murphy
Town. Willing to subdivide, Call 367-2553
MAN-O-WAR 3 bed 1 bath block house,
furnished, porch, close to ocean, large cis-
tern, $90,000. 367-3650 days, 367-2446 ev.
SCOTLAND CAY Coconut Creek Marina
Lot, 60' slip $110,000, Terms Avail. Call
Don Copeland 407-244-3206 or 546-8263
BOOKIES BEACH House I mile south of
Little Harbour, 2 bed with loft, cement block
const, partially furnished, very private,
beautiful beach, panoramic ocean view over
the renown boilers, known for fishing and
diving. Tastefully landscaped, 2+acres to the
beach. Price $295,000 net U.S. Contact VHF
16 'Palm Ridge' or 'Cherokee Radio.' Ph.
809-366-2001, Fax 809-366-2250
TREASURE CAY off Windward Bch, 3 bed
2 bath, furnished, large patio, Call 809-365-

unique 2 bed/2 bath
home located in
beautiful Little Harbour
-an Artists Community-
$230,000 US
Call 809-359-6649
12 Noon 1 p.m.

BAHAMA PALM SHORES 1 bed/i bath,
liveable, needs finish work, 7 KW generator,
good elevation, short walk to beach. $55,000
Call 367-3728
WATERFRONT LOT 7 ft. depth low tide.
Also ocean front lot with private beach, over
1 acre, electricity and unlimited fresh water.
Tom Roberts 367-4077
Private SCOTLAND CAY Airstrip
Furnished 3BR/3B plus Guest Cottage
MARINA LOT 1/2 acre, 60' slip at dock
Price Reduced and Negotable
Owner Financing Make offer
413-259-1806 Phone/Fax 809-332-2049
MAN-O-WAR Large quiet wooded lots with
private path to fine beach, all with
underground elect. Some with private path to
harbour and dock location. Harcourt
Thompson, M-O-W Cay (809) 365-6060
WATERFRONT LOT 10 minutes from
Treasure Cay airport, Elec & water, covered
with large trees, $35,000. House and ocean
front lot under $100,000, Call 367-4077

RENT MATT LOWES Cay, only one house,
sleeps 10, lots of porches and decks, 50 acre
island, 5 beaches, 2 acre fruit lot, protected
boat basin, 10 minutes from Marsh Harbour
in Abaco Sound, 24 ft Boston Whaler op-
tional, Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677
RENT or BUY 2 bed/2 bath, air cond. on
canal lot at Leisure Lee, beach access, Call
Clean, bright, two bedroom, one bath, w/
central A/C, Laundry room adjacent,
Tastefully furnished, ceramic kitchen, must
see. Call Brenda at 365-6072
BEACH FRONT House Scotland Cay,
3Br/3B $1100/wk 4pers +$200 wk. ea. add'l
413-259-1806 Phone/Fax 809-332-2049
HOPE TOWN Turtle Hill ocean view 4
cottages, 2 bed 2 bath, all with kitchens, air
conditioned, pool, private access to beach,
includes golf cart, Call 809-366-0053

Security/Messenger Needed

Commercial bank requires the service of a gentleman
between the ages of 40 55 to fill the position of
Security/Messenger. The starting salary offered is $12,000 per
Address all replies to: The Manager
P.O. Box AB 20582
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . ..-

- - --. -. --I

- ------------------------

w- as _.. I
iLu; r

Jinny & Mac McAleer
Genealogists for the
Wyannie Malone Historical Museum
The Wyannie Malone Museum is
recording the descendants of the early
Loyalist settlers of Hope Town, which in
fact means the early settlers of Abaco.
Wyannie Malone, for example, was
reportedly in the Little Harbour area
before she arrived in Hope Town. Pappie
Ben Albury of Harbour Island who first
settled Man-O-War was possibly the son
of Old John Albury of Harbour Island, an
early settler of Hope Town.
Ridley Pinder was an American
Loyalist and his name appears twice in the

list of Loyalists in Bethell's Early Settlers
of the Bahamas. Cherokee Sound tradition
has a Ridley Pinder among the first
settlers there. He was granted land there
for his services during the American
A Ridley Pinder who was born before
1764 married the widow Deborah Pratt on
the 31st of May 1784 in Christ Church,
Nassau. Another Ridley Pinder who was
born before 1786 married an unknown
Sarah about 1800. A third Ridley Pinder
who was born before 1790 married a
Sarah Higgs.
One of these Ridley's was probably
among the first settlers of Cherokee

Roots, Branches and Twigs

January 1996
Between 1803 and 1871 twelve Ridley
Pinders were born to Cherokee Sound
parents, but to date we have not been able
to make the connections to known
ancestors of the many Cherokee families
who know they descended from the first
Can anyone help us make the
Museum Notes
The museum is now open from 10:30 -
12:30 Monday through Friday. Saturday
and Sunday are by appointment. Call 366-
Heritage Day 1996 will be Friday the
8th of March 1996, not Saturday as
previously announced.
Readers' Inquiries


For Students of All Ages
Classes Saturday 1:00 2:00 pm
A \Monday & Wednesday 5:30 6:30 pm

Sensi Churton Toote
3rd Don
Phone 367-3101

P.O. Box AB 20274
Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas

Concrete Blocks
in many popular sizes & shapes



Crushed Rock, Sand, Quarry & Cracker Dust
Hoses & Hydraulic Fittings
We hamv been serinm Abe fo r ovr 30 years
Monday Friday 7 am 4 pm
East of the airport roundabout at the foot of the quarry hill
/ PO Box AB 20403, Marsh Harbour Call 367-2502


Classified Advertisements

Miscellaneous, Household, and Boats

Minimum 3 Lines for $5.00
Picture and 4 lines only $25.00
We will take the photo in the Marsh
Harbour area. Additional lines at $1.50
per line.
Display classified $12 per column inch
Call 809-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677 was

PAINTING, Interior & Exterior Pressure
Cleaning & Mildew removal Water-
proofing Roofing Rotten wood
replaced Leroy Tucker, Marsh Harbour,
Pens, caps, labels, T-shirts, calendars,
key chains, desk items, etc. Printing.
Call Miriam Sowers, Scher & Alvarez.
Phone 305-553-6202 FAX 305-553-4024

Specializing in vertical blinds, mini &
wood blinds, pleated shades. Sales &
Service. Call 367-2091 or 2031

If you need fast and reliable service for all
your architectural needs, give Paul Curry
a call at 367-3380 or 367-2488. He's one
of the best in the business. If you can't
get to him, he wil come to you.
NEED Experienced help for the following:
waiter/waitress, Cook, Maid. Housing
provided on Guana Cay. Call 367-3590.
45 KW GE GENERATOR with 3-53 Detroit
Diesel, Low hours, needs control panel.
$2500 OBO, Call 367-2700

Buying? Selling?
Need Qualified Help?
Want more Business?
A low cost ad like this can
bring fast results.
Call 367-2677 or Fax 3677

3 PERSON ACHILLES Dinghy with 2.2
Mercury outboard, oars & storage bag,
excellent condition, Treasure Cay 365-8264
AMF FORCE FIVE (racing class Sunfish),
hardly used, $500 Treasure Cay, Call

17 Ft STARCRAFT fiberglass, 65HP second.
Mercury, trailer, storage cover, new uphol.
carpet & steering cables, Excel. cond. $3490
or best reasonable offer, T Cay 365-8053
.IWC _- .*'t!".,-:*,*I.iss

20 Ft AQUASPORT CCP, Center Console,
Deep V model, 70 Gal gas tank, 140 HP
Evinrude engiqp, $6,000 or boat only $4,500.
Call 809-366-0282 or Fax 366-0281

Hull, New paint, Draws 2'6" w/Swing keel
up, New Suzuki 9.9 outboard, 2 six gal. gas
cans, New sun cover, Anchor, chain & 100
ft. line, nav. & anchor lights, ladder. Duty
Pd, $3,500 ONO, See at Abaco Outboard
Engines or call 367-2503 from 5 9 pm
23 Ft SLOOP, Sharp, fiberglass day-sailer,
double ender, roller jib, keel/centerboard
combination, 18" draft min., large cockpit,
small cuddy, fully equipped, 6 HP Yamaha
outboard in well, Duty Pd, $15,000, See
Craig at Lighthouse Marina, Hope Town or
-call 366-0154
25 FT FIBERGLASS Boat, 160 HP turbo
diesel, Bimini top w/stainless frame, 80 gal
fuel tank, Trim tabs, Call 366-0090 from 7-
8am or evenings best
33 Ft NEWPORT, lovely sailing sloop in
great shape.. great price too! Call Evans at
ABC Charters, Hope Town or call 809-947-
2192 for more information.
35 Ft MORGAN sloop, center board, fridge,
diesel, sleeps 6, Avon dinghy, new rigging,
good canvas, 2 Biminis, duty pd, $22,000
150 HP Evinrude, terrific power, $800 obo
Call Toad Hall, Hope Town, 366-0291

42 Ft ALUMINUM Fishing/Crawfishing
boat, 5000 lb freezer, New twin 3208 Cat
engines, 250 Hrs, 8 KW Northern Lights
gen, stabilizers, Call 367-3036 or 367-3234

,1.., .. I, .,fC""" .r ,

43 Ft PEARSON Trawler, Fiberglass,
w/bridge & dual controls, twin 165 HP
Perkins Turbos, 8KW Onan generator, fully
equipped w/radar, 2 depth finders, VHF,
Fully air conditioned w/3 separate zones,
Sleeps 8 in 4 separate cabins, 2 heads, 1
w/shower, Galley has range w/oven, refrig,
5 cu ft freezer, Ideally equipped for cruising
and live aboard, including kitchenware &
linens. Avon dinghy w/3.3HP Johnson.
registered in US and Bahamas, Duty Paid.
Owner selling extremely well maintained
SOUTHERN PRINCESS due to age and
health, a real bargain at $65,000. Call G.W.
Mapp at 804-787-2424 to see boat at Abaco
Yacht Services at Green Turtle Cay.
Call Stafford at 809-365-0023 for details
Boats for Charter

"BUGS", a fully equipped, 1995, 23 foot
Parker Marine, deep vee, walk around,
pocket sport fishing boat, powered by a
Johnson 225 HP OceanRunner outboard
motor. Owned and operated by The ABC
Boat Company, Inc., Aspen, Colorado.
Available for bareboat charter and approved
for offshore use in the Hope Town area of
the Bahamas. For information and application
call (303) 925-9236. Local agent Sea Horse
Rnat Rentals (8091 367-2513. 366-0023

The Abaeonian Page 27
If you have questions about your
ancestors, send them with a self addressed
#10 (legal size) envelope to the Wyannie
Malone Museum, Hope Town. There is no
charge for this service, and we will
publish questions and answers of general
Question: I once heard that a Ben Tink
was my ancestor. Was he a Malone?
Answer: "Ben Tink" was Benjamin
Roberts born about 1836. He was the
father of your GGGGrandmother
Susannah Roberts who married Obadiah
Malone. Obadiah was one of Wyannie
Malone's GGGrandchildren. You are a
ninth generation descendant of the widow

Cai & Trucs for S.1e
1986 GRAND AM Excellent condition, Call
MITSUBSHI 1986 Mighty Max Pickup,
manual, good condition, economical, duty pd
licensed to Aug, $5900 o.b.o. Call 366-2053
1986 Toyota Cressida, A/C, P/W, P/S, sun-
roof. Must sell. $3.000. 367-4732. 367-4380


1993 E-Z GO Big foot conversion golf carts
totally reconditioned, gas or elec, delivered
to Marsh Harbour, Duty Pd. $5,995 Call
Tommy Roberts 367-2207 or VHF Seafood

1993 CLUB CAR New condition, Gas or
Elec. Delivered in Marsh Harbour, Duty Pd.
$4,995. Call Tommy Roberts 367-2207 or
Guana Cay on VHF SEAFOOD


Page 28 The Abaconian January 1996

Insurance is a Promise
With a commitment to pay when disaster strikes. For an insurance
company that means having the long-term stability to be here when our
policy holders need us and having the strength to meet your claims.



was here in August 1992 when Hurricane Andrew wreaked
havoc throughout The Bahamas and we paid out over $20 million in property
and marine insurance claims. In fact, the ,,, ,,,,,,lt. b .4,I .
S has been around since 1710 and has been represented in The
Bahamas for almost 200 years. With a world wide premium income of over $6
billion and financial assets under their management of over $37 billiori,
L promises its Abaco policy holders superior financial security, and
claims paying ability.
Through their EXCLUSIVE AGENT in Abaco

Abaco Insurance Agency has been committed EXCL USIVEL Y to
Abaco since 1984. Our knowledgeable staff has over 31 years
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Abaco Insurance Agency
Stratton Drive P.O. Box AB 20404, Marsh Harbour, Abaco